Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 22, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 22, 1842 Page 1
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TH Vol. VIII.-No. 400 -* Whole No. <051 E^0Ai5^fEAMl^m POMEROY C <0.*S ALBANY, BUFFALO AND CiilCAOO EXPRESS. Tn* wnlcrlBfriirr now rsiuning * rerular Lxpreu aser the Railroads 10 ami Iroin Albany and Buffalo, ami the intcrmedia'r places, for FOR WARDING, at low rates.with tin- utmoil speed, regularity ami safety, choice Goods, Spjcie, Bank Not.-., Iinixirtaiit Pal* rs and Valuable Packages?Will a tieud to the negotiation, tr.iu.fer, colleetiou or payment of Bill, ol Exchange, Notes, Drafts, Acceptances, Accounts, fcc., at reasonable |>er rentage?execute orders for the purchase or sale ( Merchandise, Produce and Manufactured Articles of every description, ia rsonally, in the tawns on tlmir mute, through Messrs. HA UN DEN k GO'S EXPRESS to New York and Boston and Messrs. HAWLEY k CO.'S EXPRESS to aud from Buffalo to Cleveland, Detroit ami Chicago and intermediate places?forming at once the most direct, s|ieedy and peifert communication to and from the eastern and Western cities, for the negotiation and transaction of all mercantile and professional business, remittances, exchanges (lie. References?F.rastos Corning, Thomas \V. Olcott, Watts Sherman, A. D. l'atchin, Noah L?a, James Taylor, Theodore Olcott, Albany. Agencies?Bennett, Backus fc Hawley Utica : T. A. Smith, Syracuse ; A. G. Smith, Auburn ; J. Fargo, Geneva ; J. (}, Shepherd, Canandaigrta: David Hoyt, Rochester ; John McKen.ter, Lockjiojt; J.A.Clark, Bktavia: Blossom, Buffalo. POM ERG Y k CO", No. 5 Exchange Buildings, Albany. 11 3 Wall street, New York. RAILROAD LINE TO MORRISTOWN, SCHOOLF.Y'S MOUNTAIN, EA3T0N, OWEOO, ITIIICA AND GENEVA ^ ? < 'Iiniin-Ii'-Mi.- July 21, 1812. Leave Morristow n *ut G1* A.M., and 2 P.M. Leave Newark at 9 A.M. and 5 P.M. Leave New York at t A.M. and 4 P. M Fare between New York and Morristown, $1 00. Passengers by the morninit train will be in Newark m time for the 9 o'clock train to New York, and also in time for the mrniiig and afternoon trains for Philadelphia. Office in New York, New Jrrary Railroad Office, foot of Courtlandt street, where the Agent, E. E. Jackaon, will be found to take chance of the bagrace. Passengers leaving New York by the 8 o'clock train will always reach Morristown In time for any of the stages going north or west. Stages will be in readiness at the Depot on the arrival of the Cars, to convey passengers to either of tile above named places. The strictest punctuality will be observed in the hours of departure an1' arrival. jyl9 1w*c IRA DODD, Supeiiut< ndent. FOR SCHOOLEY'S MOUNTAIN, EASl N, H TQWN^ pEJNNAl A EX Daily, (Sundays excepted,) via?Elizahelhtovrn and Somervitle Hail road. Leave pier 1 North River, at 8% o'clock, A M, by steamboat to Elir..sbrth|iort, or leave the foot, of Liberty street at 9 o'clock A M, take the Philadelphia train to Elizabetntown, there to conned with the cars for Somerville; coaches front thence arriving at Schoolev's Mountain early the same afternoon, at Eastonby 6 o'c'ock, Beth-hern at 1>? o'clock, and Alleutown at 8^ o'clock the same evening. For scats iw turther information, apply to A D HOPE, Merchants' Hot.*, 41 Couitliindt strut, at the Railroad Office, foot of Liberty street, oriu board the boat. Fare through to Sehooley's Mountain, $2,25 E is ton, 82.00 Bclhelem, $2,75 " _ Allentown, $3,00 N B?Extras provided at the shortest notice. P rt?This route on account of the short di?t tnce by coaches commends itself to the public patronage as being by Car the most nleauuit and expeditious. ivK lin*c FKKIGHT AND PASSAGE TO PITTSBURG. ^BBxssmK binphJKJ^S li^IF The proprietor! of Bingham's Transportation Line to Pittsburg, give notice to tin- Merchant* of New York, anil alt other persons shipping to the West, their line is now ill active o|k ratior (loods onnsigneil to them (or tent to go in tlitir line,i will l>e forwarded with despatrh. Owner* or *hip|>ers of goods, destiued for the Writrrn States, who have no agent or consignee at Pittsburg, will please consign their roods to William Bingham, Pittsburg, who will alteud to snipping all such consignments without delav. All roods should be marked distinct!/ on eacn package BINGHAM'S LINE. For ales of freight, which are aa low at anv other line, apply 0 WM. TYSON, Agent, No. S West street, opposite Pier No. 2, N. it. N. B. Passengers forwarded to Pittsburg and Pottsville,every day, Sundays excepted. Rifer to R. Cro. ks, American Fur Co.; S. T. Nicoll, Front street : Phelps, Dodge St Co., Fulton street; Suyilatr Sage St Co ; Wm. Rankin, Duryee a Co, Newark. inG 3in "llAIL feOAD?ALBANY AND SA1LV1 JBXI Travellers to Saratoga Sprimr.w, Lak?- (J < ry\ V\ !-.>n\!l and Lower Canada, are informed that they will insure to themselves an expeditious and pleasant rouvryaiice to the Springs hv riking the Kiil Rot I cars at ABuny. HOURS OF DEPARTURE. From Albany. From Saratoga. At 6 o'clock. A. M. I At 7 o'clock. A. M 3 * p. m. I jh " n m. There ia tio change of Coaches or Baggage Wagons, or shifting of Baygige from one Steamboat to another on tliia route. Psss> tigers on their arrival at Saratoga, will find stage roaehra in readiness to convey tnein to Lake George and Whitehall on Laki Chmi.lain; connecting with all the priucipal Northern and Eastern Stage toutea. A Stage (for the convenience of passengers who arrive bv the afteiiioon train fnim Albany,) leavea Saratoga at 5 o'elork A. M. arrives at Wlnlehali in tune for the departure of the Chainplain alramboat of aime day, and brings eastern trav lien to Rutland, Vl early in the evening. N. 1). There are baggage wagons always in readiness, at Albany. on the arrival of the steamboats and rail road cars, to carry tin- baggage of paMHtn direct to and from the de|>ot and steamboat at the rate of fi'a rents |a-r trunk or jvackage, or 125k Cents for ordinary travelling baggage. The den irtures for the west are filed for the season at 7H o'clock, A. M. and 7 P. M. JOHN COSTIOAN, Superintendent. Albany, June 27th, 1812. je27 3mr RAILROAD NOTICE. M A ItK KT A II KHKK.I rPHE NEW JERSEY Railroad and Transportation ComA patty have established a Freight Line Between New. Brunswick and New York, which they intend to run permanently. Leaving New Brunswick at i)i A. Nt. daily, (Sundays excepted) and tha foot ol Liber tT greet. New York, at 2*g P. M. To couutry dealer* and meiiiwsnts the above line is very desirable for the speedy and coeap conveyance ot merchandise of every description, and more partienlarlr to Drovers and Dealers in Live Stock, who can have 150 hood of cattle cuavey d between New Bruniwick and New York, the same day whenever requited. The rates for the transportation of cattle, horses, mules, sheep, hogs, Ac. and all other kinds of merchandise are very low, never ricerdiitg steamboat prices. Merchandise sent by- this littc is uot subject to any extra charge in crossing the North River. The Company have fitted np a large storehouse at New Brunswick, adjoining the Rail.-oad Depot, which will always beopen fot the rareptinn of metchandite. rasseaup-rs purchasing their tickets at the ticket offices, will * teeeive lerry tickets gratis. (T/~ Freight for Newark, Elixabethtown, Rah way. Westfield, Plsinfteld, Scotch Plains, Bonndhrook and Somen tile, is conveyed by the above lines, and delivered the aatne day when received. mil 3m* MA OCEAN HOUSE, Long Branch, Hum-on, fy -,. uJ? Brown's Dock, Middh town. Katontown Dock ZK?_96?E?and lleil Bank, Shrew ?bury.?The steamboat lULft.i, I.ipuiii Allaire, will leave New York I rum Kriltnn Marsei Slip, Kiver, every morning at 8 o'clock for lied Bank. Incept Thursday, on wnich day the boat goes to Ealoutown Dork.) Returning, will leave at 1 o'clock rach day. The loin will run as aboie, navigation and weather permittins. until further notice. All frrighi and baggage at the riik of the owners lhe*eof. June 21, 1812. ji29 3inc KENNEBEC AND BOSTON. ... 4Mf| fiOA The now and spleudul stearnnr J. W. RICH^?-N"l.'. MOND, Nath-.niel Knnball. matter, will jEwJiUL leara the north aide of T. wharf, Boston, every Tuesday and Friday evening at 7 o'clock, for (lardiner and Hallow ell; and re'uming will leave llallowell on Mondaya and 'i'hurwlayi at 2)4 P. M,, landing each way at Bath. Fare fmin Boston to llalhiwell, $1 00 ." " " Bath, 2 SO Btasra will he in readineaa on the arrival of the boat at llallowell, to convey passenger* to Augusta, Waterville, Bangor. Belfast ml Quebec. (W?ons travelling for pleasure will find l"ew| tdeaunter roulva than this one to Quebec, a* it rum through a country abounding in beautiful scenery?the roadi are g<">d, anil the hotels well kept?the distance 210 milea. _jy 10 2in*c CHEAP EXCURSION to ilie Fishmg ft Banks. every day, eacent Tueadaya and Fn-d a ya?F a re 25 cents each way?The ateamer N AI'OLfcON, (.apt. Hancog, will run regularly to the above place every fair day, and leave as follows? Foot of Hainmend street at 9 o'clock, Canal street quarter past 9, Market street half past 9y Catharine ferry Brooklyn 9)i, pier No. 1 North river at 10 o'clock. On Tuesdays ?nd hridays thc Napoleon will make afternoon excursions to Coney Island, landing at Fort Hamilton and Bath? (the steamlioat (general Jarkson will continue to run to the aatnc place every other day in the week)?and h ave as follows?Foot of Hammond street at 2 o'clock, Canal street at a quarter past 2, Pike street Pier No I at 3 o'clock?Fare 25 cents each way. The lioat will remain at Coney Island one hour and a half, and arrive in New York hy 7 o'clock. jU Jm*c STATEN ISLAND t'ERRY. araa Foot of Whitehall street. The steamers STATEN ISLANDER and SAMSON will leave New York and Stiten Island every hour, from 8 A M to 7 P M. All go ids are required to be particularly marked, and are at the risk of the owners thereof. jy I X*g- PASSAOE FOR LIVERPOOL?SaiU on Mon MtWrVday neit 2Jth July.?The well knoisn nry fast sail ,;iP Bri "T ?Hip CHESTER, Captain Jonn Doyle, will sail iiositiv ly on Mo iday n- at the 25th i->?tvif Having handsome fiirnisf ed state rooms for fourteen cabin p .senders, is hich will b" taken very low, and tlie between decks if tins shin for steerage psssengrrs is over right feet high, n-.-y airy and spacious, therefore it is by far the nwst comforti !e I d ?ir.i dc convevance for t iose who are about visi ing ih- .-.Id . ointry. For pass ge, which will be veiy moderate, ippl) oihiar'.at Tier No. 13 Ess: River, or to ROCHE. BROTHERS k CO, 35 Fulton st, nrjt door to the Full, n B >nk. Cabin passage S'in. j> 19 c H' ANOINO PAPER. -29,000 ponnsls low priced pa|u>r, tor sale by ilJr I I RSSE fc BROOKS i.l 7.,l? ? MOSS?ih u.ii Mark Moss, lit sale by E. K. COLLINS St CO. Jl lie 54 South irerf. E NE I MISCELLANEOUS. r,' T-V'Ks. KXI'XI.SS MAIL KROM NEW \ ukk to bOS TON?h ii!i a ti.-w tu Kin tin- an aieii |KM?ibl?* con\>i?i*-iH!r, ur*p*tcb ami * . Ui if > to In- i;,. ?i:i, communication I* twcrii ?ikJ iii.? cny, thr |\m Mi<i-r OfMrw 1 . ublMhetJ recuUrly iwoiu Nlrtiennvri rituchfd to tin* Dcpiitinrnt fr in tins city to B >?toa ntuh-r tlir im?? ?? ili.ite >ui>rriuiciiileiice ui the untlcr?i|tiHil, lu ^niniliK'ace i-ii the 20lh iiutaut. ^ To carry oat t<> the fallow poaaible rit nr. llie'e vir w? of the I Fo?tMuter Ocllerel, letten liir Boilou, Providence nnd New Beuforn will br rfCi-ivrd ou board tli?* regular 5 Vlock Mail i BviaC, (and if desired can Ik |*aiti) from h -.l; |?aii four ? n Li- U*' drpvlure lor B ?^U?o. Public uoiicr ic therefore hereby 41 ten of thr lrraQtft- ] merit, anil all ik-isi'im may irK limn the iiirrrMint diligence W illi which all nml matter w ill I* furwanicd ? taore in the ahorttit poaaible ?|nce of time, anil with the -,r< ate?t aeruilty. HAIINDEN V CO. (j. lieral Mall Avriita. New Yorh, July 18th, IIH. iv 10 wr United States express mail ki?om new York ^ bos ton.?iw office yna, july it, 1812.?The Pn?t M inter General, with a fit w to the ar imiinn dation of the |iiiMic, ami to in -reair I det|iil h ami aecu it| .h in enlahlinhrd an Eti'i'rna mail.t i rtpcilite whirh .Ihoi-iui rn will be rm|>lnypil iimirr the iinmdiite iii|v Tuion au I direction nl Messrs. Hirudin & Co., far c urying f !? Mail* t*tw?nthu city and B 'Ston, and the important i ler?iu <liv< places, with directions to cause the delivery at tht tarliest possible time. Letters will he received oh loaid the Sioniugtnn Line of Steamboiu w hich cania* the Mail via Slnuingt a ?<l Pioti* deuce to Boston, from h df-p<tsc I o'clock until the fi nc of d? oarture, during w hich time postage can he Lt tiers will be received it this office up to I o'clo k l\ M. This arrangement will go into one ration on th" 2ft?h in*\ jy!9*wr JOHN LOK1MKK GRAHAM. P. M. POST OFFl< E. N. w York. Julv 14, lar.'.-CMTKD STATES E.XHIESS MAIL b. twvcu NEW YOHK, ALBA.NV, AND BUFFALO.?Thr, with a view to the accommodation of the public, ami to increased despatch and security, has established on Exprt ss Mail, to ex| edite which messengers will he employed under the immediate superintendence of Mr. E. Jjcromk Hiwi'HHky, I<?r carrying the Mails between this city Albany Uutfalo, ami the intermediate places, (including Troy) with direction* to cause the de livery' at the earliest possible time. Letteis will be received on board the S o'clock steamboats, which carry the Mails to Albany, Troy, ami intermediate places, from half-past 1 o'clock,P M, until the time of departure, during which time |H>*tagccan be paid. Letters will also be received ou hoard the boat curving the Mail direct to Alhauv, w hich leaves at 7 o'clock P. M., fiom half-past 6 o'clock P M, until the time of departure a letter box bt irg placed ou board said boat, under the lock of the department. The Messengers will so through to Buffalo, and are instructed to exert the greatest diligence iu the performance of their duties. The arrangement will commence on the 20th nibt. After the 20th inst. letters by the 'j o'clock steamboat will be received at this office up to 4 o'clock, P. M., and letter* for the 7 o'clock boat nutil 6 o'clock, P. M. jy it tw . JOHN LORIMER GRAHAM, P. M. TTNITED STATES EXPRESS MAIL FOR ALBANY ' AND BrFKALO.?With a view to give the greatest |m?>sibfa convenience. despatch anil security to the increasing communication on the great Wes'ern Route froin this city, the Postmaster General his established, regularly, saorn messeii5era attached to the department, from this city to Buffalo, finer tht immediate superintendence of the undersigned, to commence on the 20th inst. To carry out to the fullest possible extent these views of the Postmaster General, letters will kg? rrceived ou board the regular 5 o'clock mail bo at, (and, il desired, postage can oc paid) from haClNut I o'clock, P M, unto the time of its departure,for Albany^T/oy, and the iutermediafe points; also on Iniard tin- 7 o'clock uoat, for Albany and all places West,and for Troy, from letters deposited in the Poat Office of this city foi the 7 o'clock Mail, directed to Albany and Troy, and to Buffalo and interim dia'.e places, will Ire forwarded from Albany by the Express Mail, under charge of the same messengers. I'ulilic notice is therefore hereby given of the above arrangement, and all |>er>nn> concerned may rely uoou the unceasing diliguiiee with which all mail matter will b forwarded a? above in the ahortest larsaible siwcr of time, and w ith the greateataecurity. E. JEROME HUMPHREY, General Mail Agent. New York, July Lith, 1M2. jv 17 2w r SILK BANNERS, he. I TJANNINGTON h CO., 293 Broadway, near Read street, 11 Respectfully inform the Order of I. O. of O. F., and their friends generally, that they are now prepared to execute ordera for Flags and Banners in the moat superior style for beauty, durability, and economy, having Silks made for the express occasion that will make the largest banners without dishguring it with a seam. Specimens and Designs can be seen at their Establishment, 293 Broadway, or scut to auy part of the Union. For style, design, and execution of works of the kind, we refer to the Getty's Banner, No. II, I, O. of O. F., as also to Greenwich, No. to, Harmony, It, Covenant, 3d, Perseverance. 17, also Military Companies and Sunday School Banners, and the societies St. Nicholas, New England, St. Geoige, St Andrews, St David, he he. Window Shades in great variety, from $1 each to the richest and I lest, imiiAcd by the most eminent artists. Staiiwd Glass, after the manlier of (he ancients, warranted never to change color, with many recent improve menu for church windows and other public and private buildings, steamboats, |iacket ships,store wiudows, he he. Imitations of Stained Glass, painted on muslin for church windows,very close imitation of the real glass,at a very tritling ..r ..K?,.r..l .?,l ..J.?,?.l I.. I...Ill . ?I ?. I very curable ainf cheap. iy 17 r Watkr Commissioner's Orrics, { Old Alms-House, July 8, 1812. ) NOTICE is hereby given, that tin- I,'ruton Aqurdurt Commutes of the Corporation Im? ? requested the W alrr Commissioners, for the preaeur, to rent the Croton Water, and arrange for making the necessary tOtlietiMI to supply the citilrns of New York with water. The followiug are the rates at which the water is at present furnished :? Annual. Cnvm. is. Dwellings oftwosti ries _ $10 00 more than two stories 12 uo " on the rear of lots 5 00 " with workshop or slore 12 to 20 Privilege of washing pavements 2 00 " hath (where there are fixtures) 5 00 Warehouse 15 00 Boarding house 10 to 20 Stable, private per stall 5 00 " livery " 2 00 Paytncnr to lie made in advance for the su; ply from Auttust 1 to May 1, next?subsequently semi-vniiualty. Large hoarding houses, stables, breweries, tanneries, public baths, packing or salting houses, and all other consumers, shipping, lie., will be charged in proportion to the quantity of water used, on agreement with the commissioners. Office hours from 9 o'clock A M until I P M, in the old Alms House. Entrance by centre door. SAMUEL STEVENS, JOHN D. WAIID, ZEB'D RINO. B. BIKDSALL, iy20 2vvr Water Uomminioncrs. BILLIARDS.?The subscriber having leased the spacious building No. 119 Broadway. corner Liberty s'reet, haa lifted up the 2d an I 3d stories for Billiard Saloon >, with five tables. The rooms have bi cn newly painted md luruished throughout. A balcony five lert wide rxtendsall around the building, nuking it an airy and delightful resort for those loml of this healthy amusement. He mm confident that Inn fririids and the puhlic need only call on mm to become satisfied that he is entitled to their support. jyt06tim?r JOSEPH J. BLACKLIN. HAVANA AND PRINCIPE SEGARS. MR ADER, t<S Chatham street, offers for sal* ? 180,000 La Norma Segars. 50,100 Noval Principe. 25 000 Woodville. 25 000 Rinnda. Entitled to debenture. Besides a full stock of the choicest brands of Havana and Principe Segars. jy20 l.m eud'c I NKOHMATION WANTED of Andrew Walker, who em* barked from the |>arish of Osksford and County of Koxbourghshire, Scotland, on the 10th May, 1335, for Canada, and wl.en last heard of was in New York, in 1810. Anv information respecting him vv ill be thaukfully received by nil brother*. Address A. L. Walker, Rob Roy Hotel, New Market, Mn-.trral. Montreal, Jnly 1, 1842. iytO 3t"r PKKS8K $ BROOKS, VJf ) f.l LIBERTY STREET, between Broadway and 1 x v ' . Nassau street, offer for for sale 101 Blocks Irish black marble. Kill Casks refined basket salt. 300 Casks Boyd's bleaching powder. 30 Tons superfine soda ashes. 2 Cases patent leather. 50 Bales Chesterfield factory brown sheetings. go Cask. 3 and 4 K E blur ?m?lt?. 2 B tlet cotton carpeting thro and four yarda wide. 5 Bale* Machine blankets All of w hich will be anlilat loweat mnrltet pricea, jy 17c A BOAT HACK will take place at the Klyaian Kit-Ida, Hoboken, on Wedneaday, July 27, IRI2. A prize of too will be given to four oared race boita. Entrance $10each, which will lie added to the prir.e, and givrn to the winning boat. Alan, a prize of $26 will be (Wen tor a nice between 19 foot working boat. ; this prize will be free I'or all working hoata not exceeding '20 font in It nglh. All boata wilhing to cuter forthii race, will pluaar to enter on or before Saturday, the 23d iriataut, aa no boata will be allowed to enter after thia date. (i- iitleuien wiahing to enter their boata, will pleaae to apply to W. SlcCARTY, at the Klyaiau Kiebla, Holrokrn jv 17 lw"c Clio TON WATER BATHS, No. 008 BmadwiTy.-Tiw proprietor of the Broadway Batha h a the pleaanre to announce to the public that he it now prepared to lurniah Batha from the aoll and pure Water of theCroton Ui*er. Warm, Cold, Hulphur, Shower Vajor, and variola Medicated Batha. alwaya ready. The bid-r.1d-partm- nt ia now I-re pa red for their reception j with auitable attendiutt. jy II iw ia*rc HENRY DURELL. j GYMNASIUM. FENCING AND SHOOTING GALI.ERY, 333 Broathray, (corner of Anthcmy-et.) PMOUKVIUIN haa the honor ol informing hi* friend* and the public in general. that hi* new Gymnasium is now in ojH*ration. It is the lugcit and th" best which haa been yet offered to the American public. The khau are large and well ventilated, which gives them the advantage of being alwaya cool. Parenla, Professora. and Gentlemen, are invited to visit ] thia est.ibli*:irn? iit, to which, as aoon a* the Croton Water Works will be in oj?eratinn, will he added a shower bath, for the convenience of the Subscribers to the Gymnasium. The Shooting Gillery being entirely independent of the G> muasitim, |?ersons wishing to practice pistol firing Can uO i so w ith iut being subscribers to the Gymnasium | Fencing lessons given as tnu'l on*moderate terms, j Open at day break, and close at half past uiue at night. jet2 l?n*r A YOUNG MAN AND A HOV were drowned by the upsett ii.g of a row boat off Governor's Island, on Sunday, 11th 1 inst. and have not been found since. The vouii? man was 20 years old, rather thick set, about 5 feet 3 inches in height?had on a pair nfhght grey Scambronn pantaloons, a yellow Test, and was at the Mi.e without a cost. The boy was i years of age, ha?l a srraw hat tied under his chin, aud a gambroon frock coat and pantaloons. W'P *** to any person giving infor 5W P to ?he recovery of their bodies by their at| fluted relation, atlift Williamst. jvlOlw'c i WA.TJ?^K5 AN?" JKWK.L11V VERYToW,-Tbe tub 1 Wmckc ??ii , 1 -!u* all dc?/ii,tion? of gold *nd .iivcr I W*,cir,t gold and ulirr pencil., gold <, kcy? Ac at reid or hnoVr Allw'V! atchra and J-wclry crl.n, beat minner, and warranted, at inurh I.-.. ik.1 J ?. ..i . by out of the finest workmen in the city. G r ' ALI F V'lmporttrof Witchr.and Jewelry, w hotel, Mid reulW <V?B .trrrt, op .tatra, |\%i?m-, Vf lis COWAN rcipcclfblly inform, the I,dir.of NcwYrrk .Oil lU ricmity. th.l .be continn*. gi>,,r? le. r.n. Puno Eortc, Hup, ijuitar ??d in Si,?i?e, ,?d will he luppy ,n receive her pupH *T N... ;v, While, or attend the re.p. etiv. linn,"* . ( thnv lldic, who prrfrr r<-c icing l< ; ,,,,, ? ,| ejr uwii, II.rp >nd Piano Kortc. for rale mid mi h're A I i-28lin?r ' W YO ^EW YORK. FRIDAY Mi ~waterin(Tplaces,~&c7~ SHARON SPRINGS. fPHK J(lVILLION.?Thi? new coiniii.x'ion* Hotel will be i opt fl'or the r?vc';iition < i v uitorc oil and alier the fir*t of Juur ??ut. at the V iilogv of Sharon Spruit*, Scholuuiu County, New YML The clear pure w.iter of the springs. tfftstly rrsemblin* tlm?e of the white sulphur ipritu. ? ! Yirw-imi, have heeu proved to bt rthca?'iiMi< ill Kheiinialic, Cutsiifous, Bill* ioiis md Dyspeptic complaint*; ami iu the cure of Kr\*tpe!?a, S iltrheum, Sciotula, Liver Complaint, an 1 neral debility, ami in many ?thur resiwcfs^ po?srss (aa c? rtitiid by some of the moat cmiiirtit niedual professors in the United State*) medicinal ami Ileal i iu properties miaurpaa&ed, ami believed to be unequalled by any in this c n?utry. Added to, the rule* in the vicinity, numerous village*, catciuivr view*, neighboring cares .11,1 romantic scenery arc among llie in any attractions n fie red to these ae< king in the heat of milliner,either health or pleasure. These springs are but i few hour* rule from Saratoga, Troy, Albany. far., atnl arr ?cc> stable from C uiaioharie on ilir Albany ami 1 ilea railroad, where carriigci daily await the arrival of the morning ears lio n 8" hen-etady <nd lilies, to carry viali tors to >h S,,.;ng?, a distance of shout right in,narriving in lima for dinner; dsn by ih Albouy ami Cherry Valley turnpike by daily stag.*, U-mg about forty-lire iniiea weal of llie | city of Albany. W i Mi. col I ami ?'iowrr Bulla furnished at all timet, either of J, .mineral or fioah water, and every atteutiun given to render the it ,v of visitor* a,uialili An auutiutucr ol tin puieaf mountain *t'i<uv lee is stored lot the aniuti. ti w. B. UKDSKY. THfc StTRIN'OS HOTEL.?This Ho.el will be openml at : the above vi'lagc of Sharon Springs, for the rvr< iitiovi ol rui! ton. and combining all llie adranligea of ih.a delight Ail ?nmi mrr residence. lulls. V I'TTI'M I *29 tOwtUW*! " CATSK11.1. M'f >lT NTA IN 1H >l)8E, AT TUB PINK OUCH\l!i) -I?l2. " pills romantic ami fuliioii ilil.- retort will !>< coiiiluclad 'luring the present m aion under the directum otd ui?crintc!iI dni'.fe of th?, subscriber, It his undergone a complete ami i thorough repair, ami i* ic+w open for fhe rt-r< pt ??n ol visitors. No effort w .11 In spared to m nntiin tin* deservedly high cliaxac! ter which if h N heretofore acquited. A.i heretofore, it* tables Will he fnruifhed with every delicacy : that the New Vork mirkct can ifford; aid < vcr)' |ioiiilie %t* I teutioii that can promote the convenience and enjoyment of its i?atn>ti& will In* promptly hc?tow?d. The road leading to this I estah!i*hmt nt ande*p< t i dly tl,..t put of it on the tnouutaiu, has ' been render* d perfectly smooth and safe. Mes;rs. \. I?. Bach \ Co.'s excellent lint* of stages will run ; a* he i e to fore regularly bofw-eu the landing and toe .Mountain ! Ilousc, on the arrival of the boau. C. L. BEACH, riopmtoh June 13t!i, HM2. _ j? 14 3mr PATH HO I >*.. LONG I BLAND.?Tbis long tid wall " known booduig and <ca bathing e*t ahlishment, having recently undergone uuinenns improvements, amcu;' which utile crectum of several elegant summer hosucs upon the margin of tlie ocean, ?3 u ov open fur the receptio-i of company (hiring the season The great extent ?T private beach on this shoie?ihe perfect security in bathiug, even for Indie* and children, ('he bathiug houses being within.\ stone's throw of the miiisim.)? the shady, cool did delightful loemf ,rove atjjoiiiing the house ?'hi* plea , uit rides in tlie surroundiii. countr .?the excellent fishing grounds and othci scarce* of heilthful recreation and aiiuisemt nt?th beautiful view ofthe A'l mic and the lower bay, almost constantly cnliv* >ied hy nuiucnxis vessels arriving or on ward bound, under thi. situation ine\ ry re* | si* cr nur^n ailed by any in the viciuitv. It* accommodation* are ample, the r.^mi iry and the temperature, even in the I warmest d*ys of jtimm' r, anything but oppressive. The conrcuiciiC' of communication md distance, (in ing but nine miles from Brooklyn.) the acc?-*s bv states at lionrs accoinoiodrted to business render it peculiarly well adapted as a resilience for gt'uth'uien of husit ** in New York. WILLIAM BROWN, Proprietor. BATH BUILDINGS, I FORMERLY RENrtHAW'S, at Long Rranrh.?This ei T tensive and delightful be;i Bailiin; K-.iald *htneiit will be opened b\ the subscriber on the 271li June, instant. He begs , respectfully to inform its former patrons and flu* public. ;tbat i considerable additions m 1 alteiutinu*, cncrcasiug the comforts, | have been made since la?t year, and will be iu complete readiness for their accommodation. Wishing to he as reasonable as the times will afford, the board will be seven dollars per week as last year, instead of ten dolly* as formerly. Children of a certain age and servants half price. Horses lull fed, $ J.5A. He ho|*s he may say without imputation, that his table and accominoditions will be equil to any on Long Branch. Young ; eoplc not requiring too much room,will find accommodating terms. j*22 Itn?r JAMES GREEN. BOARDING. AT BBAU, MONMOUTH CO. N. J. T KWIS V I.i. and tin* imblir thai lie I itntfed ii|> in the heal style the house '.ormerly occupied by Jacob Corles, at the above idace.iu the most healliltiI situation oil thr- set rout, about 7 miles from Red Bank, anil fourteen from Hi^stowu. Su^ra pa is through and fro to meet the PhiUdtl; hit can. The terms of board will be found vexv moderate. Also, stabling, fcc, lor horses, on very reasonable terms. L. F. H. pledge* himself th.t no effort of his sa ill he wanting to render tho?e who patrouist him ei.niforUble, and that his house will he found equal to any aloiu the coast. ie!{0 I ns r M NORTH CANAA N, (Conn.) July II, 1812.?J tj ffsS BrjmcTT :?Dear Sir,?Fotscvrral day. |>a?t I noticed JnJLin your daily. (which by tin- way I receive rgularj your di.criiitiou of Fashionable Watering place., and I looked them all oyer but did uot fuel any mention made of OUR HOUSE. Now Tery likely you have never heard of thi. place, a. I built it last autumn ju.t in time to lake a imall si>rinkl< of the winter travel from New Fork to Albany, anJ by the way several gentlemen from your place, thought they would call thi. tunimer and .|<eml a few week., hut a.. I eeuenlh latilfy a m ai that call, once that he cannot do better than to call again, I doubt whether I will ?ce one of thein untiljnczt winter, hen I am sure of them. a. tin. will lie about a. good a route a. they can take, ?* the railroad will be competed from Our House to Writ Stockhridge, and that perfect, the ch tin of rail road from to Bridgeport. Now, .ir, I you to undrratand something of the |*"ticulara of our location. We are within one mile of the north line of the State of Connecticut, nirrouaded hy the tallest kiinl of mountains, cud ou the top of one of them i? a splendid lake, that abound, in iialt almost aa tall a. the mountain itself; wc have other very fine lakes. The Hnusatnnic River one half mile from lis, and the tributary stream, of whirli I hazzard nothing in saying for Trout and I'ike fulling, are not second to any in New England, if in the world. Then there is no arbitrary law about niril. Iu eur adjoining towns in Massachusetts, peiha|i. a few could be raiiglit, and put a few of them with plenty of fiah, and we will have a tolerable dinner. The way M get from your place to tliia, is iu.t to drive to Catharine Market slip and tali*' the steamer Nimrod, (which by the way ia a craft hard to beat) and on your arrival at Bridgeimrt take the cars on the Housatnnic rail ro.ul, which will let yon off at ourhnuaeat precisely! o'clock. P. M. Suppose you call up you.self, and ask your friend, to come. Tin re are the falls too, some fifty feet perpendiculr.i, more or leas, that might be named, hut I am net di.jiosrd to tell von all about this section, aa I had rather |ieople should look it over for themselves. By the way, pay your fare on board the boat through, as you save half a dollar in the fare, it then being only $2^(1 from New York to here. The cars leave Our House daily, an I passengers breakf>st here and dine in New York. Yours, with resjieet, jU 2w?c JOHN BAUSTOW. BEDFORD MINERAL SPRINOS-This well known watering place, situated in Bedford County, Pennsylvania, is now open tor the reception of visitors. To those who have lierer visited the Springs, ir may he necessvry to say that they are viuialed near the great Western Turnpike, which through Pennsylvania from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh, a few miles east of tin chief elevation of ;he Alleghany Mountains. Every thing has been provided at this watering place-to render a sojourn pleasant to those who are seeking health or enjoyment. Amusement will be found snited to all tastes, and a good hand of music will be in attend nice. A daily stage will leave Chambtrsbnrg in the morning, and arrive at the springs the same evening, or if persons prefer the Baltimore and Ohio Kill Road to Hsiicock, will hare daily convey snccs from there to the springs. Tile liberal patronage eztrnded to the subscriber the two last seasons, will us lire the renewed ezertions the coming season, for t' e amusement and comfort of hi. guest.. WILLIAM REYNOLDS. je29eod Im*r Proprietor. I DRY GOODS, &c NOTICK?Third Ward Meeting?The dealers in dry goods ffrocrries, hardware, boot* and shoes, hat*, crockery., glass, wooden ware and tin ware, stationers, clothiers, confectioners, watch and cabinet makers, and all others who feel themselves a*riered by the oppression and unwarrantable manner in which tho city authoiitics permit a nurn rous herd of foreign nedlert to coDgn ffate throughout the ward in the streets and on tne side. I who |?y rrnt and t&ies of oar prmlififfp as citizens of miking : in honest living to support oorxrlves ?ml f*mili'*,xrr particularI ly requested to meet st tl5 Qreenwich street, up start, on Thursday Ej eiiinx next, at ft o'clock. jy!9 3t#r TO THE LADIES. E*A8HIONABLE MILLINERY GOODS.-Thr prorne" trp?R, Mia; 8 KINO, daughter of the celebrated Csrl King, off. rj for sale a moat select and choice assortment of Millinery tioixh.for the spring trade, never a. yet presented to the p'tblie, both a. the nullity and ehcaj iirsa of the article. The aa.ortrnent consists of the follow hut :? The celebrateJSILK HAT, CALLED CATOTTE D'ORLEANS, as wnm bv La Duchesne D'Orleans, of Kranre , SHED SILK, ENTIRELY NEW AND ORIGINAL STYLE And Lawn Hata do do?An t ntire new atyle o Hats called " MODINE CAPOTTES, ELSSLER COTTAGE.'1 Pari.innand English FANCY STRAWS, of the finest leitnre in great Tariety. Trie Pi-Muietress respectfully solicits Ihr ladiaa to faeor her with ar.'.n, iwl etamine her elegant and van. d stock of Millinery for the in elect, before iney turcln > elaewhare, as it will be a great saving to them in price and a greatadvantag.- aa regards the variety and quality of the good v. MISS 8. KINO. Magar.ine de Mode., Jc22 lin-r 297,^ Broadway. SHIRTS, SHIRTS. UNITED STATES SHIRT MANUFACTORY,77 William

atre?t, corner of Li'ierty, N. Y Notice is herebygiven to Merchants and trailers in general, that the proprietors of | the above establishment have adopted a new method of maou| factoring which enables them to sell their shirts at a cheaper ra< r than any other hunar in this city. This statement will he affirmed by the list of prices as follows:? Per Dog. Fine Muslin Shirts, with Linen Bosoms and Collars, $7,50 Do stirched in the Bosom and Collar 9,00 Do Color,'d line interns, large sives 7,no I Also, a Urge quantity of Bosoms and Collars constamly on hand, which will he offered cheap for cash. jyl lm*r SUMMER STOCKS, SCARFS, CRAVATS AND GOOVES. JUST RECIVED. a rish sunply* of ih? above articles, eons' sistingnf a very light and els.tic stock, expressly lor ihc summer months. Also?Scarfs and Cravat*, in great variety. A large aasorimcnt of 9 Ik, Thread, Cotton and Hor.kin Gloves?at the old establishment, 211 Broadway, between Park Place and Murray street. PAR9ELL9. Agent for J. AGATE. N. B. Constantly on hand, an eitensive as ortment of Linen and Muslin Shirt., Linen Dress Fronts, Linen Collars, Under Garments, kr. Itc. jy 12 lm-r_ I M PORTTNT T O TH E PUBLIC. ALL who wish to rronomite ran obtain Clothing of the best quality remarkably cheap, at 20i Canal door west of Hudson. Also, a large assortment of Cloths, Cassimeres, V. stings, and Summer Goods, fr.rm which Clothing of all kinds are made to ord. r in the best manner at very reduced i'ik, KI9 Canalstr-et. jell >m*r SHIRTS. OMIRT8 made to order, after the most approved French C fashions. < Gentlemen's Garments of all descriptions made to order at the shortest notice. Genu men's Fnrnisbit.g Store 67 and 69 Vaiden lane, corner of William street, jeio lm- WILLIAM COLLINS. 1 1 'RK I ORNING, JULY 22, 1842 FURNITURE. GEORGE W7 DAWSON, Wholesale and Retail Furniture and General Furni*hin% Warehouse, No. 67 Chatham strut, cot ' nrr of Dunne street, New York. TITHERK he keeps ft#r ssle a lar^e assortment of the folio wiiivt articles, via.: Bidehoards. Bureaus, Bedsteads, Cots, 'lVbles, ('hair*, Oftice and Portable I)? sks Glass Cases, Book Cases, Lookinv (Classes, Diniug, Centre. 1 ea ami Pier Tables, Pianos, Softs, Sofa Bedsteads, Beds, Bedding, Palea*ters, Mattresses, Can* u, Oil Cloth, Matluu and Fire Irons, Wash Stands, Toilet Tables, Caudle Suitds, Bureau Bedsteads Dressing Bureaus, Safes, fee. Also, a Ur*e assortment of men and women's Wearing Apparel, new and .^Ccond handed. All the above articles are offered to the public at very low prices. Persons in want of said articles would lind it to their ad vantage to uiake au early call at the above esuol iahm i i. Shipping orders punctually attended to and eked in the shortest nonce, ana on reasonable rerms. Mattresses, Beddir g, fee for lining out vessels, constantly on hand. All ordeis to tlx ahn\e establishment will be punctually attended to and thankfully received. B.?The hiahe.*: prices will be tfiveti for Second Hand Kuruiiure, and Ututieiueu's and Ladies'cast oil* Clothing. &22 6in*? CHINA. GLASS. AND EAR THEN WARE. 8 ASTOR HOUSE. I?HENCH PORCELAIN dinnerservice*, 115 pes, $26 ftO * White Granite 44 41 \w. 44 1 3 00 r icuch or Euxlt.h Perce lain Tea Sett, 32 44 400 Dinner Plates French Pore<'lain |ier ilozeD 1 tM M M G* unite. blue, or wrhitu 1 00 Soun 44 44 a 1 00 4 French porcelain, doz 2 00 Tea cups nut) saucers, 24 piece* 44 1 60 Eg,' cu** 44 37 OLAil. Cot wine*, per dozen, from 1 60 *' Tumblers, 44 44 2 (HI Lemonades handled 44 2 26 rIUJ ? i ri.rKv, Of the fiuest description, iu seU or dozens, at the low price of $17 00 I he set. Just opened a haudaome assoitment of Toilet ware, H. SIMPSON. N. B. Ageut for llie sale of SiinptoiCi Ear Cornets, for the vutiefof deifhcis. jefl h;i*c CHEAP HARDWARE STORK THE Subscriber is now oneumi: his Spiiim supply of * HARDWARE AND CUTLERY, received per late ar? rivals from Birminirlvim a* I Shi (field. Pogether with a general ?sv>r?ine*Ji of Domestic ivimmim which he is prepared to oftert ^' e wry. LOWEST CASK PRICES. of Country Merchants, Builder*, Cabinet .. ? &c., is solicited to au examination of his stock and i fhe in coufident they will find it to their interest r hnn with a call. ALFRED F. LAORAVK, 210 Greenwich corner Barclay. Now York. A regular supply of FALL RIVER CUT NAILS, and Cooper s Glue. Also?a conudt te assortment of Mechanics' Tools, James4 Screw s, See. tn2 3m* pMK.VP rCIIOLS TUV?W. "RETTl). Mil Bio ilw.iy, 1)1V-/ tween Whito and Walker street.?Carpets of every dcicr jj'.ion in ule and al; red to lit the ui<?-t intricate rooms?Curtain*; made and altered to the lut .f style. Matrasses, sofas, and ca>y chairs, mad.'to orde. to nutcli any description of furni* tine. The S?il>-cribtr n H having expense* of a store to pay. i* enabled to make any of the shore article* at such prices to suit the limes. Persons itiir??lu -i:?- C irpets *: I Oil Cloths r in have a w ord of advice, by calling 4* above. Paper H uiging. Carpet* cleaned. CiroasesjHit* e*trjcted, 6tc. j\ 6 lm#e.c BEFIN E D SUg A R, WINES,&& LITELLINGTON A CARPER, Winn and Commission Merchant, No. 6 New srr*?t, one door from Wall street, ha* ju t r- cei ed Ironi the reiinerv a quantity of superior double nl ?in le relined Sugar, in small loaves, which he will sell at hi* u<u d I >w rates, in parcels to suit buyers. W. A. Carter's assortment of s.iperior Wiues cannot fail to please. The old Lomelmo Madeira of 1812, in bottles and in piiN's.hhds. and qr. casks of various ages; champagne,claret and other light Wine* of the choicest orinds, alw tv* on sale at low prices. Order* for any kind shavl be faithfully executed. j) / mr r GOOD SUMMER WINE. ~ I B. 8TOUVKNKL. JrniHirter of French Wines of ? the moo approvtd bramfx, Borne m* Claret and other Wines. He Ii.i* removed fioiu his oltl stand, 01 Nassau street, to No. 21 Ann street, (ii- ar Nassau) basement. Always on Innd, the best ami most recherche Wines, St. Julian, Moutferraut. St. K<te\e, Lilitte, Medoc, ike. in barrels, half casks and cases. Also, Champagne, various brands; Burgundy, Hermitage, fcr.; su|K*rinr Covtnsr Brandy; best quality Oin, roit Wine, l*oitu?:al nd Spanish Wiuea. J. B. S. will also sell by the a? ten bottled Wine for private families, which will be sent to any part of the city, alio by the gallon or otherwise, to those who may fator him with their patrnnaqe. No Wines are impure sold by him, as he iui|H)rts them dirert. |f7* J- B. S. has oj?eiied a boarding bouse at Holioketi, op|H>site Vauihall Garden, on die main road, whete is kept an assortmi nt of tin best Wines. Private par tics supplied with good dinners and refreshments. jy 12 lnt*c HATS. HATS! HATS! HATS 11 OHOWN &. CO'8 One Price Hat Store, whoUsale and rr? sJ tail, 179 Chatham Square, corner of Mott street, where fashion, beauty, Uunbility and economy are combined to ?dern the head. The proprietors have the oleaanre nov. to offer in addition to their recently improved stunt napped Hat, a new style, the imitation of beaTCrr, which so closely resemnlcs that of all furs the most costly and beautiful, that the difference is uot easily perceived. Price three dollars. We strictly adhere to the oue nrice cash system, which enables us to furnish a verv superior rial for the price charged. In i resenting these I fats to the public the proprietors think they nave reached the ultimatum of beauty, durability, cheapness and comfort. ml Jin? MISCELLANEOUS. SI PPRESSION OF QUACKERY CW-IMPOKTA NT ANNOUNCEMENT.-CO THE COLLEGE OV MEDICINE & PHARMACY nKHI'ECTKULLY inform thn citizen, of NVw York llmt ? tii.y hate appointed tliu following Si B-A'ir.MT. in t) is city :? J. W. DAAtr.TT, 611 oroa'iway. Dr. K. M. Ot'io*, 127 Bowery. I)k Kino. 287 lluds,wiafreet. Klias L I'm: all. .718 Grand At. Dr. Nrwma*. 172 Cherry street. The Frcparatioiu of the College may now be bad of those gentlemen. Principal Offices of the College for i Tremont How, Boston Piincipal Office of the Colleire for New York, at 'ft Nassau atreet. By order of the Collrre, jy2lc W H. RICHKDSON. Aitent. ECONOMY, ELEGANCE, AN!) GOOl) LIVING. rIK undersigned has, at a frrat t*j?en*e, fitted op one of the lanrest ana most splendid Coffee and Kiting Houses in New York, in which one hundred persons at least can sit down to an excellent and substantial breakfast, dinner,and tea, [from the choicest supplies ofihe markets, with a bill of fare not excelled either it regards quality or ainnber of dt*h>*sj bv any hotel in the United States, and varying in prices from six rents to one shilling and eighteen pence |*r dish. The purest Java ao-1 Mocka coffee and the very best teas, and served at only three 3enl? per cup. And all other refreshments in proportion. The waiters are uniformly civil and polite, and every visitor may be assured of feeling in this establishment quite "at hone." Iii fact, every departm* lit of the business is under the superintendence of roTniH'tent overseers, whose sole care and attention are directed lo tlie comfort and conveniences of customer* and guests. HKNKY GOSLING, Proprietor of the Fre nch and American Faring House, Nos G4 and fif> Nassau *t, between Jehu tl and Maiden Lane. P. S.?Open Sundays for breakfast, dinner and tea. je30 3mr A CHANGE OF AIR AND OF ttCENE is not only essential to health, but a great source of enjoyment in the Summer season to the residents of a crowded city. For this, nothing can compare with a JAUNT TO HOBOKEN, to those who can leave New York only for a few hours. Iu shady and diversified walks along the river?the i ivigorating bre? aes from the water?the picturesque beauty of its scenery ?the nianv fine and commanding views presented foin the summit of Ca tie Point, and other points in these enchanting grounds?the romantic site of tl e Sjbil's Cave?the delightful verdure of the Ely>ian Fields, e livened in the afternoon b an excellent bam) of music, all conspire to render (his by tar the t>y the B relay, Csoal, and Christopher street Ferry Boats, which p'y con-tantly during lite day snd evening. jy!5 2?v* r 'I'd A MATEtTRfl Of THE FLUTE -Mr. Ba RTON, A pnpil of the late celebrated FwilM, < KariM Nicholson, holing recently arrived from Europe, brgs to informthe public dial il is his intention M derore a poition of liia time in giving ins>ruction on the Flair, according to the system of the above celebrated maalrr. For terms, apply at 77 Chambers-street, Broadway, from tha houra of B till 2. je2l lmend*rc rPO GUN DEALERS?Unns, Pistols, and Sportmg A articles ion Sine I- Barrel Fowling Pirces I BO Double Guns, imitation twisted S00 do do real twisted and patant Brereh. <000 Paira of Pistols?assorted?indifferent varietiea. Rillea and Kille Barrels? Loclta and trimmings Game Baga?Powder Flasks and Percussion Cap# S|Mirtinc articles generally. The above articles will be sold at unheard of low pticea, by A. W. SPIES it CO. jylfi im* e : in p. iri .tre<t. IRON, CAST I RON, AND STEEL RENDERED RUST PROOF, FOR OWE L EST PER POUWD ONLY I I! THE WHOLE IMPORTANT ART AND MYSTERY OF GAL V A A IS I NO. Otherwise unking Iron, Cut Iron, and Steel, he., made plain and easy to every one, [with an > tagraring of the Tools necessary in 'It * new business:! By GEO itGE JOHNSON, Formerly free Merchant of Calcutta. Tliia book is for tale at all the Bookseller*. Price 23 crnfs only?or address per 'elter, post paid, Mr. George Johnson, care Messrs Butler,, No R (Td>l St. je28 lm*c HOT ANI) COLD SALT WATER BATHS OABINKAU'S Nets- Hot and Cold Salt Water Baths, at I*' the foot of Drahrnaae* street, (third pier tooth of Cm4 tlret t, Norto Kiv?>r,)ai<> now open for the accommodation o( both UcJift and jcentleinvn. Oi*-n from funri*e until II o'clock 4t night. N. B. The wafer where the b<?ihf are stationed has been deepened, which rcndcrifit a? rarr a* any other filiation in the vicinity of New York. On T?i?sday's the Bath w eicloaively ilefoiw to lad?e? in til 1l\ M. A hand of music* will be in attendance every plf until tTitniflf. Trice of a cold both 12)% eta, fMRMM ? "VilP*r_ f Kl \l. AFLOAT?21*1 fei.i f 1 " Mi Coal <)I.OVkI< St McMI'ltRA V, IW P.r.e <t. cor of Booth. jy lie _ . /So.NSIGNEKH per ILitish Inmm ("unless of Arran from * J Liverpool, will pleas" send llptr permits on board, pier It K II, or to the office of the snbseiih. r v. ithont delay. A I romL nor permitted in five (lavs must noa?oi lahlv he sent In public sine. JOHN IIEHDMAN, jyfic tl South at IERA Wnshlingloii. [From a transient Correspondent.] U'a'UIXuids, July 30, lHt2. MR. BE.nnet* :? It is probable Congress will now go to work in earnest, because the money heretofore appropriated for the pay of the members, was expended to the last dollar on Saturday. The appropriation hills for the army and navy are sleeping?no interest is manifested by the majority of Congress to pay the officers, soldiers, or sailors. As every body reads your paper, do, my deur Mr. llennetl, say a word or two on the necessity of Congress making at once the appropriations for the army and navy, as well as to pay off the public creditors, who are treated with neglect and scorn by the maiorilvof our utile niiri- hIIH minrrnmCnn. grcss. I wondtr if tin' revolutionary Congress had hall the wisdom and patriotism that is to be found now in our national councils ? I hope (Captain Tyler, notwithstanding all the praise and flattery he has received from the whig majority in Congress, will not he induced to sign another appropriation bill far the per diem of Concress, until that body shall Rive some certain pledge that other creditois, and the army and navy should be p lid. Let the President reject any bill which shall puss Congress tor their own pay, and it will meet the approval of every honest man in the nation Why should Congress be paid before oilier creditors, but oil the ground thev have done more for their country than others? \*ow, what benefits they have conferred on the people, no man living ean tell better than yourself. I want you to tell the people one thing, and 1 am confident you know it, for your enemies all suy you are in the confidence of Captain Tyler, and therefore it must he true. Is not Mr. Botis and Captain Tyler in partnership? I am inclined to this opinion for several reasons Mr Botts has no iHipnlarity of his own, and, while the ultra whigs consider him as their fire-eater, he can play into Captain TyUVs hands, and render bun aopnlar with the iieople by bis violent denunciations. It Mr. Potts hud praised him it would have ruined ' the Captain with the people. The pretended impeachment of the President, was no doubt proclaimed by Mr Botts, to carry out the scheme he had concerted with Captain Tyler, to r-nder him the most popular candidate as the next Preident, and so jar the project is advancing rapidly to the accomplishment of this great plan. What is Mr. 15otts to receive for the important service he i- rendering Capt. Tyler? l)o you not think it probable (feneral Cass will be re-called and Mr. ISotlS ?eilt il? ftlir Mini-tcr !<? Fmnno * 1hu?fi? . 7 iiiaimiioiigr suspicions about Captain Tyler and Mr. Holts, though nis whig friends do not believe he is working againM them?yet they think he has run the string "into the ground'' when the impeachment was announced. As Captain Tyler is an honest man, it would be hard to condemn him on suspicion in these tiin"s When such men are somewhat few, and therefore I will write to you, as you must know all about it.? Mr. Bennett, how tinder heaven do you know every thing that happens in the far Mast, Kuro|ieand America. 1 never saw you, sir, but your paper is just such as 1 should think was made up by some fust flying news angels from the four quartern of the worl I, or else you have given your nond, and sealed it with your blood, for all tins service, one day to nrrender yourself up to your mortal enemies?Sai in well knowing they will show you less mercy than himself. Let the people licartrom you early.' Your \*i:w Corkksi-o.ndent. X. I). If you can bestow u tew compliments on Mr. may be < I service. It is quite immateri-.'l to him whether you abuse or praise him, as he is us much delighted with one as the other, provided he can obtain notoriety lie lives for fame, and the news(ri[iers of the day are his temples. Louisville, Ky, f CorrejpoiKlelic of tile It- mM.J Lonsvti.i.E July 14, 1842. Fight t utul ({wtnch?Brnhain atul L it Conartt. Mu. Bemnktt? i The quiei of our peaceful city has heen disturbed by frequent broils, fights, quarrels, Ace., within the last week. 1 say our peaceful city has been disturbed, bec.usH such occurrences arc both rare and unlrequent here. The cause of this, in pirt.was awing to the owning of the White Mansion, a ne w coffee house, fitted up in splendid style, and after the fashion of the French caff it The day that this house ojiened the bar was free, and many seized the opportunity to get "gloriously drunk," the temperance pledge to tlie contrary. Another cause originated from a merchant, on the corner of Fourth and Market streets, having pinned upon u bale of goods, placed on some boxen outside the door, a placurd with, "No gentleman will lay on these goods." Captain O. chanced to lean upon the goods at the time this card was placed behind him, and ashe leaned further back he ex|>erienced several severe and sudden pricks from some sharp instrument therein secreted, evidently to "woitna hisfeelings." On turning round he beheld the placard, lie rushed into the store to demand an explanation : angry words ensued, and finally Captain O. called Mr. 8., the merchant, a :| .1 liar, a rascal, Arc. Arc. Mr. S. immediately struck the Captain a severe blow in the fare with his fist. Several persons and the police put an end to the sport. Mr. S lately wrote an apology to Captain O , and asked him if it would satisfy linn. The Capfain said "Yes; it will satisfy me so much that I shall lick you like the tirst tune 1 can catch you out." Will lie accomplish his threat 1 Time idoife can answer. _ lite last concert ol the tiraliama was given last evening?was well attended?the house was crowded. There was beatify and fashion?wealth and aristocracy?taste and accomplishment*?all gathered there with the one tell purpose of listening to the warblings of the monarch of song, whose name has been sounded by the trum|iet of Fume of both hemispheres as being the greatest vocalist of the age. "To listen to him is to seem to wander In some enchanted labyrinth of romance, Whence nothing hut the magic songster's will, Who wove the spell, ran extricate the w anderer." To be a subscriber of your paper, and let your neighbors be aware of the fact, is the cause of great iucnpiveni mcr and trouble; for every pereoa here who is a subscriber is plagued and bothered continually by some one or other constantly running in to borrow it. The mails are scarcely open, and the papers delivered, before some one is at your elbow tobsrrow the Herald. There ire a certain set of picay une fe|low.? who make it a regular business to sponge on their friends or neighbors to lead the daily llenalJ, and these same chaps will ana'heniatizeyou in the strongest possible language. I'll send you their names by and by. Asothf.b Rtkfsibost AceinswT.?On Monday last an accident occurrad nt the dnm near the month of Simm'a creek, between Zanesville and Dresden, which endangered the lives of a number ot persons, though only one life am lod. The steamboat Tuscarawas, which carried the mail daily from Zcmrsvillc to Dresden, was attempting to enter the lock at the dam, the river being swelled by recent rains, when a strong current crossing its track, carried it into rough water, which tipped the boat, and the boilers were thrown from their bed". carrying nwny the upper works of the boat. The eatan floated off, but the p;iss(*igera, principally ladies, were rescued from It ; and the mail and passengers' baggage were saved. The man lqft w as a colored fireman w ho Jumped overlioard to sw im out?Zantttillt Gazt'lt e 'itor accompanied by a female teacher of the same school of philosophy, went to the theatre to ae? Fanny Ellsler. During one of her astonishing pirouette*, he turned to his I companion and said?"Margaret, thia if muatt," Another and a more liticral pirouette following.the young lady laid : her hand upon her friend*'* arm and *ai I, trembling with I emotion?"Ralph! liitidtuiuos !" ! Dnowsi n A icov, in which were two men, a woman, and hor?e, was accidentally tipped over in the Hudson, near Ft. Edward, on Tuesday last, and one of the party, John Morgan,of Moreau, Saratoga counts , drowned. Mr. Morgnn was a good i* iminer, but probably lost his life in rendering assistance to the female?he w as a respectable farmer; and formerly well known to the travelling com. munity as the keeper of a hotel at Lake George SnnHu Hi, I Herald. ? 3 llnnkrnpta. SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF NF.W VORK. Ji i.r 10 ?Edward A. Lambert, (late firm of Coolhlge fc Lrmhcrt) mot chant, N. Y Sept. 2. Rufns White, saddler and harness maker, .Milan Dutches* Co.- Sept. 2. Nath'l Telham, Slilan, shot maker?Sept. 2. Andrew Smith, builder, N. Y. P. T. Winslow. merchant, N. Y. Richard H. Bndd, veterinary surgeon, N. Y. Charle* llerwick, tailor, N. Y.?S?>pt. 2. Thg number of bankrupts in this district, thus far, 1174 of which about 300 have receirid their certificat vs of discharge. S^hip Ilnttingner, Bnrsley, sailed yesterday lur Liverpool with over time hundred at crave pn* I sen rera. LD. Pi'li e Two CciiU, LaTK ami) iMfOHTAKT raoSI Mlliro?illLtilt or ALL thlSaxta I'i r>liu.iim ? By the ichr Lours Virginia, Capt. Filetti, seren day ? from 'lampico to New Orleans, Mexican dotee to the isth ultimo have been received. The moit interesting mwi isthr release of all the Santa Ke Prisoners. It seems President Santa Anna celebrated hia Birth Day with thi? act of grace. The Aniericuua in Mexico will no ilohut aid their destitute fellow men to otitaui the means ot tianrpoitution to their awn country. Business ot Tumpico is represented as in quite a dull state. . The Lnura Virginia brought up at>out f5000 in specie. The follow i ng announcements 011 the occasion of the re lease of the prisoners arc copied fiom the Government Journal v,cn. v umco > aaquez, commanding the Poit of Jalapa, reports thus to the Minuter ol War and Marina on tha 13th of June: In compliance w ith your Excellency ' order, sent to ma by express under dute ot the 10th inatunt, I bare so arranged that on the 13th instant, in prrseuce of tha troope of thecuntonment, 1 have arranged,that w hile solemnizing the birth day parade of his Excellency the President, the Texian prisoners shall be sw-oru and set at liberty, that they may return to the United States, but under the consideration that il they be apprehended again with arms in their hands, they shall sutler deuth. On the conclusion of this ceremony I shall give them corresponding passports, and shall advise the commanding (ieneral at Vera Cruz not to impede their embarkation. Gen. Jose Dubain, commanding the fort at Parote, rer-*'s thui on the 13th, to the Minister of War and Martna. In compliance with the sui'erior order of your Excellency of tha IOth initt. received by express a't 10 o'clock on the night of the 11th, 1 made such disposition that all of the Texian prisoners in this fortress were put ujou their march for Xalapa. Forty-seven of these prisoners left, escorted by sijuadioB ol Atlixco. Three prisoner* remain in the hospital sick, who w ill be moved forward as the state of their health shall permit. Mssico.?The Commandant at the Capital writes to the Minister on the 14th, as follows Excellent Sir?1 have the honor to submit to your Excellency a list of the Texian prisoners, w ho, by older of his Excellency the Piesident, weie set at liberty yeater, lay, remarking at the same i me, that ol the nine who uie in the hospitals, one is in St. La/.?'us, -cti ii in 1 Jago, and one o her died this nioinu g,?i the sn ail pox. (Jen. Hsiao Quastskj of .Ms xicu.?List of Trxiun prisoners who have this day b. en set at liberty by oi I- : of his Excellency the Provisional Piesident :? ('.nnimtuinnsre fnl W... fl o? If?.-m-e-' , -? -- ? ? ,. .. wiu uniwi lucnuru F. Breiiham ; Captain J. H. Sullen ; Theodore Sevey, adjutant; Ira Munsou, John W. Hann, L. H. Brown, Lieutenant* ; {'. J. Barquess, Burgeon; J. A. W'hi'.nkrr; Com miasary H. L- Gruah; Quarter Master, Valentine Bmnclt; Musicians, A. F. Kenilall, W. 11. Beaut; Soldiers, W. W. Alsbury, J. Alexander, J. M. Adam, James M. Edgar, L. Bolter, I'. Rickford, J. M'Lauchan, II. A. Allen, J. Bedler.Levi Payne,George Bampel, George Barnard, 8. P. Hunter, L. C. Blake, J. L. Mabrv, M. P. Brady, J. M. Allen, Julm M. Miller, A. Story, H. Chamberlain,John Cumrnings, G. D. Miller, L. Ji nkinf, B. W are, J. L. Walker, B. N. Oilmore, (Jeorge Cirover, J. Hughe*, Thomas E- Jenka P. Scarborcugh, t harle* White, P White, William Stegee. James Ward, John Talk, J. H. Roger*, K. Kudge, J. Hudson, H.A. Kuyk'Oidall, John .Morgan. William Rosen bun', A- Baker, E. Kellet, Honigan P. I.iddy, L. Freeman, S. Ralph, J. W. Norton, P. Murphy. M. Campbell, T. D. Coyle, P. L. F. , E. Judin P. Hanson, G. Khan, TLoman M. Hunt, C. Manly, J. David, B. Palmer, B. Lorkhart J. 0. Hiet, P. S. Ward, P. Newman, O. N. Gibson, K. K Perkins, 8. G. Well*, E. Hall. E. Bluckwell, Gen. Ayrea* W.J. Bell. B. M. Owen, A. ( . BM' r, J. Nonian*, B Pin* ilar, J. 8. Estund, E. Slrouu,W. \ oung, J. McGuire, B. R' Fleming, John Brown, 8. 8. 1 liomas, B. Cottell, J. Eushcrland, J. Pratt, William Ro?ier, E. MrDonnld, K. Bui-' lard, Jame* Boyd, B. Korilill, George 8 ,8. Denni*, B- Y- Tunler, J. Jemiion, J. Gago, B. 8troud,N. Flore*,W. Modo*?110. In the Hospital?William James, J- P. Gilmour, N. O. Hudson, T. Hancock, Jactici, J. 8. Eaorder, V. Covington, J. Lewi*, 8. M. Bowin?Total UP. Mexico, June 14, 184J.-? (Copy) JOSE MARIA DIAH NONEOA. We have a copy of Snntu Anna's speech on the opening of the Constituent Congress of Mexico, June 10,1S4'J. We have time to translate onlv a few ?r isi. ?l?'Och:? " ]n America particularly, the masses (of the people) have received an impulse that it may lie proper and possible to guide, but impossible to check, because its tendency is to create and improve. The institution* of 1934 had placed the nation in an extreme to that from which it was driven in lishti. The seductive example of felicity, up to that time always on the increase in the United States of America, led us to the compromising adoption of a system of Government that suited only that singular people. Transldental as w as the error, we imagined that the United States ow ed their prosperity to their institutions, ami not to the churactcr of their |>eopln. "We imagined thut, by writiug down tor ourselves the mine laws, anil by adopting the same forms, we could ef fee tunic a complete revolution in the habits and customs, and national spirit ot the Mexicans. Debility and disunion were the consequences, because the action of the govern merit every w here proved a nullity. Events have plainly indicated the risks the country ran, and showed that its independence and existence as a nation w as threatened. A colossus ha* set one foot on Texas, nor can its advances be diet, e l but by an energetic government, one and indivisible "'1 lie Mexican Republic has proudly raised itselffrom its late prostrate po-iuon. The strength and numbere ot the army have been trebled, and the colors of the nation are about to be unfurled on i oard of its ships of war. Relorms and improvements have been adopted in our revenue system, and care has been taken to make the Mexican people share!* in the progress that distinguishes the age, "The must frank end cordial relations have been sustained with the [iow ers friendly to Mexico. Should it ap|iear that any nation has invaded our rights, or practically violated the good faiihof which we have set an example, it will be found that my government has acted with a dignity becoming the country over which it preaidef. " My attention has hcen principally Axed on the Territory of Texas, w hich has been usurped hut as a preliminary to further usurpation*. The struggle now going on must be a v ital one lor the Mexican republic, and if we wish to preserve an honorable name smong civilized nations, it is necessary that we should employ all our energies and resources in combating w ithout ceasing, and at uny sacrifice, and all hn/ards, until our arms and our pretensions shall finally triumph." The constituent Congress of Mrxico w as just assembled, and as it vvas possible that his power would soon come to an end, Santa Anna w ished ]M>rhapt to distinguish the close of hi* Presidential career by ail act of clemency. Nothing has as yet transpired indicating what will he the result of the political movement* now going on in Mexico. During the present session of Congress an attempt will 1 o made to rcorguni/e the government upon a nlan differing in imjiortant particulars from any system hitherto adopted in that country. From the opening speech of President Santa Anna, very little can be gleaned giv ing satisfactory information upon subject* about w hich the greatest curiosity is felt. It is evidently opposed to the institutions of the United onus, hit Kip against mem id strong language, and denouncing them aa altogether unfit for the Mexican nation. In the latter particular, his opinion is no doubt a correct one. The population of Mexico are altorethcr unfit lor freedom, and a century of education and gradual amelioration, will tie requited to pri j ate sai h a nation for a republican governmi nt like that ol the United States. Upon the question of recognising the fn'ri ent'ence of '1'uxns the President doc? not relax in the least from his former stubbornness. It is manifest how ever, that the chimera of the re-conquest of Texas, about to be abandoned. The relense of the Santa Fc prisoners is a favorable omen, and we should not be surprised to learn that ncgociationsjliad eommeaced, oontemplaUngtihr settlement of existing difficulties, and the restoration of peace between the two governments. U. M. District Court. Before Judge Betts. July 91.-? William lionell vs. Skip Htnry (,7?y.?The plaintiff had been stew ard on hoard ol the ship, and libelled her for about f JOilof il for wages asse rted to be due -nnd $960 for me dical advice and attendance in hia sickness, which had been acquired on hoaul tbe ahip.? will be recollected, obtained heavy damages in the Marine Court forcniel usage toward* him on the part of the captain and mate. He left the vessel at < mnstadt, but sues for the whole voyage. By n Inw of the United States a vessel is holdrn for expense* incurred byr either of the officers or crew lor medical advice, lie. where the illnes* took place w hile they were engaged on board Bonell bad been steward on 1 onid the Ville dr Uy on on her dnforounatc winter trip two ar three years ago from Havre to Bermuda, and the tc.dimonv in reiraid to hi* ren. ! duct considerably varied. A decision will probably soon | he rendered by the Court. For plain1 iff, Messrs ffurr k Benedict. For defendant, Mr. Anthon ami Mr. Nichol. Court of Common Pleas. Before Judge Ingraliam. Ji UV '21.? Conrad VI, M. I.. Htira,?'The plwn[ tiff being desirous ol treating hitnaell to " ? nice gold watch," or fascinated with the great bargain" that were offered, strayed into the auction Mm - o't defendant in Broadway, near Pine, on the Wlh April la>t, an I gave >71 for an article which ho could not hav e Wight probably for a quarter of that mm at Marquand's or Tenny V A w ritten wnrrontee was given that the watch w as in pritno order. It appeared afterwards that the watch would keep pretty good time if laid in a particular position, but not otherwise, and a watchmakar next day in langhing at plaintiff for the 11 bargain" he had made", told him that it was a jewelled watch,hut the jewel happened to be broke. Plaintiff carried it back and demanded his money, but it was refused on the ground that ths watch had been in good order when it was taken away. Action ia now brought. It appeared from the testimony of watchmaker! that the jewel could lie repaired at a cost of about tw o or three dollars, and this th counsel for defer ant contendI ed w as all the damage that could Itc allow ed. The Ceurt, however, charged that the plaintiff was at liberty (a war. rantee having been given) to demand his moeey bark or to sue for damages 7fe has selected the former. If the jury considered the watch to have been injured at the time of delivers. tliev would find for plaintiff otherwise for defendant The jury found in favnrof plaintiff for >71. For plaintiff, Mr. 8. T. Ma'on, late Governor of Michi- gan. For defendant, Mr. C.Nagle. V'kl.t.nw Fkvkr?The French brig Dunoie, nailed rom Havana for Pennncola on the let met , with a ,.irt ?>( her crew sick with the yellow lever. Ihtt.tiiitTPft..?The weather has been very fin* lor iwo days. .May its hide never grow lew'