Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 23, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 23, 1842 Page 3
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m i ii in ii ?????? BVTHK SOUTHERN MAIL. M'Mhlngtun. ft^irxjiondeuar of thr Hera M.J W.\sm v(; roN, Thursday evening. Rejection of Mr. Caldwell?DlaUngatafced Visitors. The Senate held a -hurt executive session this afternoon, and rejected, unanimously, Mr. Caldwell who had been ru-nominted as Treasurer of the Mint at Xew Orleans. It is said that the President was induced to send in his name a second time by the most ample and satisfactory testimonials of his fitness for the office, and by the belief ihat his first rejection was the result of a misapprehension of his qualifications and character on the part ol the Senate ; but the animosity with which he was thrown out would indicate some counter testimony respecting him. , .. Several of the officers of the French steam Irujute, the Goiner, now in your waters, und two ot the commissioners sent out by the French government, have been in this city for a day or two, examining every thing worthy of notice. The names of the gentlemen are Mr Lawrencier, commander of the frigate ; Mr Godd, a commissioner from the department of the interior; Mr. Molle, from the same department; Mr. Durourier, 1st. Lieut, of the steamer; Mr. N'otigarade, 2d Lieut ; Mr. Jules ^aladin, from the department of finance; Mr. Le Clerk, from the war department; Mr. Gautier, son of a Peer of France, travelling for information and pleasure. _ They visited the Executive mansion, the Capitol, the several departments, and three of them made a trip to Mount Vernon on Wednesday. They were all gratified with what they saw and heard, arid they leave to-morrow favorably impressed with the stat in uuvciii1iic1ii anu nn rt|>|iuileiiailCtTB. Baltimore. [Correspondence of the Herald.] Baltimore, July 22, 1342. ill. Editor? I leurn that tho special messenger, bearing despatches from Washington, for the United States government, to Mexico, reached Wheeling by tho railroad and Stockton It Falls'mail coaches, on Monday cvenirg before live o'clock, having performed the trip through from Baltimore to Wheeling, nearly 300 miles,in about thirty-three hours. This is undoubtedly quick travelling, and does great credit to the intrepidity and perseverence of those who conduct the liaes. Mr. Henry Elliott, the husband of Madame Celeste, so distinguished in the theatrical worid, died yesterday afternoon, at the residence of his friend, in Howard street, after a protracted and painful illness of more than two years. T had the pleasure recently of having a ride in Shriver's celebrated patent bow-spring stage coach, used on the route between Cumberland and Wheeling by the Oood lnti-nt stage company. It is unquestionably the easiest riding establishment I ever entered, and ought to be universally adopted. Messrs. Downing k Abbott,Concord, New Hampshire, are tho Builders, to whose mechanical skill the workmanship dees great credit. The First Presbyterian church oi this city was robbed a day or two since, and by a girl, too, of several valuable articles. The concert last evening at the Assembly Rooms was another brilliant affair. Capt. Deems has done himself great credit. Everything comes off in super-excellent stvle. Those who undertake to beat the " Cadet Glee Club," who volunteered a few admirable glees, will have to rise early in the morning. The audience was very crowded, and the bright eyes charming. There is no new feature in business. The weather has grown cooler, and is very pleasant. Tours, RODERICK. Philadelphia. [Correspondence of the Herald.] Philadelphia, July 22, 184'.'. Yesterday a juror in the Criminal Sessions was fined $30 for getting drunk, and turned out of court The Apportionment Bill, which my letter stated yesterday it was thought might become a law, ha3 been defeated by a tie vote In the Senate. A small boy was raised yesterday in fifteen feet water, at one of the Kensington wharves, by a person diving for him, and although he had been some time in the water, was resuscitated. r luiir tiuu gram are up a mile in consequence 01 Uie lightness of the stock in marketAt the stock hoard to-day, not a sale was made. Othello's occupation is nearly gone. After board, ten shares of Wilmng on Riilroad sold at lOj. The H-rald with the foreign news reached hereabout one o'olock, the only New York paper that contained the foreign news. A staule in Kensington, and another at Roxhorough, a short distance from the city, containing much hay and grain, were destroyed by fire yesterday. Fanny Fitz Williams takes a benefit to-morrow night, at the Walnut street theatre, playing the " Ladies Club,' and " The Belle of the Hotel." On Monday night the house will close for the season, having been open eleven months of the past twelve. And what is m(*e important ever) person engaged in and about it has received full compensation for his services. Marshall, the present meuager, will open again in August, with many promised improvements. The Arch is still open to fair houses, nud I learn w ill not close for the weather, however hot it r iy become. Nothing is positively known of the Chesnut, though it is believed May wood will open it early in the foil. Somebody says Tom Flynn will open the defunct National. Yesterday, in the Court of General Soasio.:*, Jumps Kemp, a foreigner, (porting an imperial and moustache, was eonvietod ol committing an assault and battery upon a lady in the street, on Monday afternoon, abouf*scven o'clock, by pulling her vail as she passed him, and sen teneed to pay a fine and imprisonment for tnrcedays. Tin defendant xvas ably defended by Colonel Lee, who, in the course of his speeoh to th jury, said, with great emphasis, that his client was incapable of so iore-faced an act. The jury, it seems, thought otherwise, and settled, by their verdict, that a man with a great deal of hair on his face may be guilty of a barefaced act. Stoem ns North Carolina.?The report! from the coast of North Carolina ol the effects of the gale of the 1 -2th nre, that 14 sail of veasela were stranded along the beach from Ocracock to New Inlet. We hcaronly the names of a few of them as follows: achrs. Brilliant, Sarah Jane, and Anacon<la(f<om New York, the first bound to Newborn, and the oilier two toWaahington, N.C., Time, of Washington, N.ts., Virginia Hodges, Rollins, and an English schooner from Philadelphia, on board of which were one of the owners and his daughter. The Elizabeth City " Old North State," received by the evening mail, furnishes the following additional accounts. Two vessels were capsized and boat to pieces on Cape Hatteras shoal, and their crews entirely lost. A great part ol the wreck* have drifted aahore, and seven men were reported to have been drowned in attempting to save goods from them. On the inside of Ocracock fourteen vessels were ashore ; among them schooners Paragou, Waughap W. H. Harrison, Mydalt, and Mary Caroline Nichols. Six vessels were driven out to sea, and not heard of. William Howard's store on Ocracock was blown down, and fioatrd away. Tihnan Ferrar's atore was also destroyed. Caj t. Ethredge, who came from Chickamacomico on Thursday, states that hexaw a large number of cattle, horses, he drif ing down the Sound. Only one house was seen standing at Portsmouth, opposite Ocracock, the day after the gale.?Norfolk Herald, July '20. SwrNDLiNU the Ladies.?Some rascal has been p-rpetrating upon the Fair of Alabama. At a fair given by the ladies of the Presbyterian Sewing Society, cf Wetumpka, Ala., on the 4th instant, a $5 bill of the Wetumpka Trading Company, a #2 bill of the Commercial llank of Florida, and a #2 bill of the old Macon Bank of Georgia, were paid for goods Bold on the occasion. Surgical.?A child living in Maryland, recently swallowed a grain of corn, which lodged ia its windpipe. After an operation of eighteen hours the windpiee was removed, and the grain extracted. Sistkii or Kino, the Pihate.?Margaret Hall, otherwise Kidd, a sister of Robert Kidd, the noted freebooter, is now living at Terragneevey Loughgall, in Ireland. Special Sessions. Before Judge Noah and Aldermen Leonard and Oedney. Jvlt 'li.?John Dee, an Englishman, in the country hut si* weeks, was tried for stealing a jacket from John Warne, 60 Hoosevelt street; butitVing proved that he had borrow ed the article, the Court discharged him. Michael Keegan, for heating hia wife, was sent up for si* months. I'hilip McKenna, for stealing silver spoons from Juhn Cluffy, was s?nt to the city prison for thirty days. Michael Byrnes, a poor soap lock, for stealing iron pulleys, old lead, kc. was convicted, but discharged on promise to behave himself. James Welch was charged by John White with attempting to steal a pair of goiter hoofs ?but it being hi* first offence, he was let off. Joseph Smith, a young bla k rogue, wa? charged hy Thomas O'Brien with obtaining $6 from him by representing that Mr. Buttle had sent him for the money. Ho had been previously in the employ of the latter person, but was discharged for misconduct. The Court seut liirn tothecity primn for one month. Patrick Water* waa charged by Mary Emmett with assaulting and beating lier mother, who is the wife of prisoner, but the Court let him run on promises to let her alone. John Murray was charged by" Peter (J. Stamp, with stealing a new coat, which was found where he had left it. On promising to go to sen he was allow ed to travel. Charley Williams, one of thorolling eyed Five Point snntchers, was sent up for si* months for stealing two hams from Samuel O. Baker. The Court adjourned to Tuesday next. Circuit Court. Before Judge Kant. Jvlt 30.-? Siitoni t$. Trtittr.?This was the' forwarding e ?se allude 1 to yesterday The Jury found for drfiiitant. CAu'?;in?y vs. Pu'mir?This wns mi action to recover damages against the defendant (owner of line of onambu-ses) lor injuries sustained by a little daughiernf plaintiff in being run over at the corner of Wavurly Mace and Sixth Avenue, in Oct. last. The child, which war about seven years of age, w as considerably injured; one of her ancles, also ene of her hands being seriously wounded, and her head much hurt. The jury found a verdict in favor of plaintiff for % I'M. j Lxtkaordimaby Expedition .?The steamer Co- , ' uuibia h<ts made the quickest run over the Atlantic j Vews by her went from lis Li fax to London in lesi ban ten day"' '.cfrt'K of lite Mul lentiil Vapor Rat ha In Ctivin ? r ' i. , an:! Fever. In 18V> I .v.-; : ' -i in in 1827 lad a severe ulLieit of fever und ague, which con- j I :inued to return each succeeding year?last (all i re- | turned to the city of New ^ ork.and in May last was ittacked with chills und fever again. Alter taking 1 : two baths at Mrs. Carroll's, 25 Courtlandt street, I 1 was cured, and have had no return either of ague i 1 or lever since. Samukl Phillips, 20 Courtlandt street, N. V. June 17, 1?12. Drcadpul Menu IK?Alerander Cusselin, an Italian, ! murdered his wife, at Mobile, on the 41th inst. Her body was found in the house, severely mangled. There were several deep cuts as ot tome sharp inttrumoni upon her ; head and lace. Some of the branches of the temporal arte- i j I rv were severed, though there was no fracture of the j ( I skull. A rope was tied around hur nuck, which had evi- j t ; dently been cut. It had been fastened to a nail or spike in : I the wall above, no deubt to complete the wark of death, j j , after the wretch had deprived her of sense by blows.? | ; When he left the house, he placed a card upon toe door, i , with the 5 ords " gone in the country for a few day a." . I Mr hi ion mc st for Dskt.?The supplement to the law a'olishing imprisonmeut for debt, in this State, repeals the -tion requiring a residence of 20 days, and extends the | I lefits of the law to all persons?strangers as well as residents. This amendment was necessary for the business part of the community.?Phil. Chronirlei Julyii. Court Calendar?This Day. Circuit COURT?NOS. 110, 234. 141, 158,238,172,191, 199,200,208,241,342, 243, 244, to 252 inclusive, 254,258, 260. Cf7- SHAMEFUL CONDUCT IN A STEAMBOAT CAPTAIN.?The sloop New York, whilst on her passage from thiscity to the Sawpits, near Hell Gale, within twenty leet of the shore with tide against her, was ovartaken by the steamer Comet, Captain W. H Peck, (which plies between here and Manhassett, I,. I.) and not having time to get "out of the way, the helmsman of the sloop sungo' t i to the pilot or the steamer to keep to the leeward, hut he obstinately refused to do so, ami in passing struck into her quarters, cut away the lanyard*, and when past about u length she was run back about forty rods or so, and Cap- I tain Peck in a passion ordered the steamer put about, and clearing away the forward deck and taking in his flagstaff, slih was run wilfully iato the stern of the sloop, cutting her boat into pieces, saying "damn you, I'll learn 1 you to keep away from steamboats," and but for that ' would have run into the cabin. The damage done was 1 considerable, besides endangering the lives of the crew ' and passengers on both steamer and sloop, which had 1 twenty passengers on board with a valuable cargo. Such conduct is to be held in scorn by all good citizens, who I will not patronize a man who would thus willfully jeo- J pardize the lives and property of his passengers. (Signed,) GILBERT LYON, Captain of sloop New York. 3(7-THE FOLLOWING FROM THE BOSTON ' American Traveller, is not one of the many advertisements prepare 1 lor a special paper, and afterwards inserted in others, as editorial from said paper ; but a bona fidt, spontaneous tribute from the honest and talented rditorof the extensively circulated Traveller, to the virtues and never failing efficacy of Dr. Gouraud's popular Cosmetics. In proof, we refer to the Traveller ef the 19th instant :? To the Ladif? ?We suppose one actual result of what has been a'- omplished by a popular cosmetic, is worth a thousand promises of tho vender as to the won. ders that mav lie wrought. We, therefore, proceed to state, in the plainest manner possible, that a female, who works in one of the mills at Lowell, was induced by the advertisement in the Traveller, to send to A. 8. Jordan, Vlilk street, the only agent in Boston, for specimens of Dr. Gouraud's preparations for tho ladies. She was not he most eU'eminatc creature in tho world, her upper lip and chin being almost ripe for the professor of the tonsorian art, and her face was otherwise strongly marked by pimples, freckles, Sec. Before she had used half a bottle of the 'Toudrei Subtiles," the superfluous hair was permanently eradicated, and in a single week's application ol the "Water of Beauty "her skin became quite clear and free from former blemishes ; so that w ith a slight touch ol the " Vegetable Rouge" on each check, and a new dress and bonnet, she was not recognized by her companions, on her return to Concord last week. She is so much delighted with the magical change in her complexion and features, that she has authorized her brother to furnish the substance ot this statement for publication. To be had only at the original office 67 Walker street, one door from Broadway. (fc^NEW AMERICAN NOVEL.?ABEL PARSONS, or The Brother's Revenge, a Tale of the Present Times.? Such is the title of an original novel which will be published at the office of the New World, No. 30 Anu street, New York,on Monday, the ddth inst. We can confidently assure the public, that it is one of the most deeply interesting and beautifully written stories we have read for inanv veari. It is the nroduclion of nn Uve writer, and a man of distingnished abilities. The . scenes are laid in the city of New York, and the characters drawn from rcnl life; and they cannot fail to elicit mu:.h excitement and attention. The time ol thenairative la ia the autumn and winter of the year 183.1, when the great fir# took place, by which a large portion of the business part of the city was reduced to ashes. We are tcquainted with nothing in the works of modern novelists more vivid or more impressive than the description o' this splendid conflagration, in the,concluding chapters ol " Abel Parsons." Terms?The work will be issued in a double number of the New World, handsomely printed on fine paper, at 10} cents for a single cony; eight copies for $1; seventeen copies for $0; and one hundred copies for $3. QQ- THE MOST MELANCHOLY ACCOUNTS OK the imposture of heartless and unfeeling quarks, arc daily received bv the College of Medicine ami Pharntacy, Iron patients who apply for advice and Medicine, which are I rendered by the "College for ono dollar. Ten, twenty | thirty and fifty dollars are often paid to unprincipled charlatans, w ho not only plunder the pockets of theii lupes, hut entail on them the most obstinate and dangerous affections trom maltreatment and neglect. The Col' t'c of Medicine and Pharmacy is a responsible body, am' ,e C usulting Physicians will, in all rases, be gentle men of experience and character, a sure guarantee is afforded to patients. The Consulting Physician is inattenlance daily. By order, W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent. Principal Office of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, 97 Nassau street. Q(J- MR. VALENTINE EVER1TT, Leather Merchant, 3'} Ferry street, reports that a Lady w ho had saltt rheum to a terrible extent, covering the foot and ankle and <nviiiiig iugcijl?uiliai II WB5 ini|IV?M(>IU IU WPHT H fenOC Finally, after trying many other remedies in vain, abon' a month since Mr. E. procured a box of West's Cosmetii and Pills from Comstock, 71 Maiden lane, and the lady i now cured by it. A most remarkable case. Mr. Ever it had too much sense to entertain any false delicacy abon lieing referred to when he could thereby aid in alleviating human suffering. We wish there were more like him. Q&- WE DO NOT KNOW THAT WE ARE IRE pared to commend the application of any cosmotic what ever to the skin. But so long as the ladies will make u?< of washes of some hind for the face and neck, we will name one which we should prefer to any othe*- kindrei preparation that wc know of. The " Beautifying Lotion' to which wc allude is the Oriental Water of Gold ; an ar | ticlc that is beautiful and rich in its appeal ance, contain no pernicious ingre lients.and is a most grateful and lasting perfume.?Ktir Era. To be found at No. 3 Aster House and 71 Maiden Lane. ' 0(7- MEL ANCHOLY~I)EAT!L?Died, last evening, about nine o'clock, at the Arcade Bath, 39 Chambers st. an old and respectable gentleman called Manhattan. Hi remains were plugged up and ran off*, ere time could b< given to invite his friends to view his singular exit. Though long known, no one will regret him,as his place has been well supplied by an immense favorite, Croton Water?a friend to all who love health, cleanliness and , comfort. Ladies and gentlemen \ isit him at this long , known superior establishment, and if you do not leave lelighted with both, then is the proprietor a Dutchman We tried one last night, and such a treat wc have not t enjoyed these twenty rears. The rooms, too, are airy? well ventilated and sv.cious, and all the necessary appurtenances are in plen:^-ami in order. Altogether, it !s th< best conducted bathing establishment we have ever been i in, and heartily do we wish its enterprising proprietor that success which his attention deservedly merits. ft?- THE SUNDAY MERCURY OK TO-MORROW will contain, among other things not to be mentioned here, a Tale of Horror; The Man of Leisure; Something about Literature and Literary Men; The American an'! ' English Prize Ring?the latest anil fullest particular*, | (Me to Columby by Tone*, Annual Commencement ol the University of New York?rich report, l>y Wasp Rhymes w ithout Uh> thm, by S|K>on*; a rich Sermon b* 1 Dow, Jr.; Transcendentalism; The Finical; more Dome* < tic French; the Fashion*, Ice. fcc. by Ladle: What* to hi ( done with Colt I Chitchat; Editorials on all sorts of" sub Jccts; the latest, hest and general news. Office 1.1 Beei-. ' man street. Trice 3 cents a single copy. *1 for eight < months. .... I Advertisements received till 10 this evening. An axtra, containing a re-publication of Dow, Jr.'s Sermons, will be issued shortly?$1 per hundrod to aganU, | who must send their orders immediately. QQ- DYSENTERY, OR SUMMER COMPLAINT, j relieved hy Sherman's Restorative Lozengas, without fail. Experience has fully tested their grest virtues, and th* thousands wha have taken them uniformly express theii 1 unqualified approbation oftnese pleasant medicines, as in fact do all who use any of Dr. Sherman's famous Lozenges , 106 Nassau st. is the Dr.'s w arehouse. (MS- THE FRENCH ANTIPHLOGISTIC MIXTURE of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, Is a sate, siieedy. agreeable, and effectual cure for unpleasant discharge from the urinary organs. Its rapid and most extensive sale is a satisfactory proof of its value. Sold at 40 cent per bottle. W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent. Principal nflWof the College of Medicine Ik Pharmacy, 07 Nassau St. . THE "TONIC MIXTURE" INVIGORATE? tie whole system, restores and improve* the appetite, in parts cheerfulness to the mind and vigor to the body. Pri [ are.l and sold by tho College of Medicine and Pharmari . ? , m r , w. S. RICHARDSON, Agent. Principal office of the College of Medicine k Pharmncj 07Nn?saust. ' {*/" THE PAR .SIAN ALTERATIVE MIXTURE oxerrisoa the most salutary and effectual power in expo ling from the system a certnin morhifir pobion.nnd unlike the nostrums of the quacks, whether in tho profession o out of it, it does not induce a diseased state of the system more dangerous than tho evil they are Intended to eradicate. Prepared and sold by the Ctfllege of Medicine aurt Pharmacy. W S. RR WARDSON, Agent. Principal office of the College of Medicine tc Phai mar v, 17 Nassau st. t u/- MLHt HAM'S' kXCHAMJE, BOSTON-We were yesterday g rati tied by a viaw of the Interior of the Exchange Room in Uw sew and splendid building now in course of completion in State street. We were much struck with the magnificence, strength and beauty of tin whole design. Th>'room is atwut HO feet long anil *0 feet In width; the height of the roof about dfi leet Irom the door, supported by 1? beautiful columns of acagliola, in imitation of Cieiuta marble, with Corinthian capitals do<u in plaislfr of Paris, of the moat heautilul and chast. workmanship, l>oth of which are the production ol Sig- ; nor (Jori, and reflect the highest credit ou hia artiatica! >kili- From the floor to the lop ol the dome is about A. jroOfeet. and the crowning beauty ol the w hole loom it- i the magnificent domed sky-light. It la 10 f *et in diame- | ler, composed of stained glass, the patten beautilnlly j rnd elegantly wrought. In the centre of .10 design is ihc seal of the city . formed of two hundred 1. Tcrent piec seof glass, fiom w hich radiatu to the collar the dome liguresof different patteins, of the most beaut. >u? and ?>rirgated colors. The whole work is cornja/M 1 of eight hundred and thirty-nine distinct nieces of g lavs, so eoi rectly and tastefully matched as to form one w hole of surpassing beauty.'/The skylight is the production of Mr. fhoma*, of New York, and renders him deserving of th< highest commendation. All the colors used in this aplenlid picture are burnt iu the glass, which process adds greatly to their natural brightness, and renders them impervious to all atmospheric changes; they u ill not fade in !he brightest sunshine, but retain their hist perfection loi ;ige?. For many centuries the art of producing these splendid pictures in stained glass w as lost to the woi Id,but within the last century it has beea extensively revived, and the productions ol'the present day surpass, it is said, those of lormet ugea. The floor of thu room, w hich is not yet laid, is to be of Itaiiau marble tiles, two feet square, alternate dovecolored an.t w hite The whole building is planned and built w ith rellued and correct taste, and with the greatest regard to strength and durabilitt, and will reflect ou Mr. Rogers, the architect, undying fame. When finished, it will be the most splendid building in the country. thu. Till' UDI PWO/IU or ,.? en A k'T. yfy *? *' <-' < xjr < im r? ttitAitf Oallerv of Fashion it only excelled by the elegance of hi* style of cutting and arranging .lie hair, and lioth are surpassed by his inimitable Gossamer and perpetual fitting Wigs and Scalps. By a m< thud peculiar only to himself, they cannot be disarranged ; thev are warranted not to slit ink; they are flupcd exactly as the natural hair grows, and accommodate themselves to the head us a silk stocking to the limb. They are strong without being heavy, and elastic .without being loose ; thus avoiding all w eight and disagreeable pressure. All that can enhnnco u beautiful head is concentrated in these inestimable works of art. Grand Gallery of fashion ,205 Broadway, corner of Fulton. {to- ADV1CF. AND MEDICINE FOR ONE DOLLAR? The College of Medicine and Pharmacy, anxious to adopt every measure calculated to preserve those suffering under disease and ill health, from the imposition and depredation of ignorant quacks, have made arrangements, By which all who desire to avail tbemselveaof the singular advantage, may obtain medical advice and appropriate medicine for the trifling sum of one dollar. A medical gentleman,of distinguished professional reputation, will hereafter lie dailey in attendance at the omce of the College. The hours of attendance are specified in this day's paper. By order, W. 8. RICHARDSON. Agent. Princ pal Office oftfie College of Mcdicinu and Pharmacy, 97 Nassau street. (to- RHEUMATISM.?NO STRONGER PROOFS cauTie orought forw ard of the value of a Medicine than the fact of persons daily calling and saving it has cured them. So it is with Dr. Henry '1 Vegetable Rheumatic Syrup. Not one person has used it and found it to fail. So confident is the proprietor of its certain efficacy, that he hereby guarantees to return the money in any case wharu it fails to cure.?This certifies that I have been troubled with the Chronic Rheumatism for 6 years in my legs and ancles principally, but also in my shoulders. The winter previous to the last, I was laid up all winter, and though I have been able since to hobble nliout; yet upon the least i-x]>osure I was sure to be crippled for some day s or weeks. Under these circumstauces, 1 bought a bottle of Dr. Henry's Rheumatic Syrup, which immediately relieved me, and in one week's time I was perfectly well, and have never sinceliad the least retarn of it. New-York, Julv 3, 1942. Signed, Mary Roberts, corner of 7th street anif 3d Avenue. The following persons have all been cured within the past 4 weeks : Mr. Marshall, 197 Uivington St.; dr. Washington, 33J Elm-street; Mrs. Briggs, 90 Avenue D ; Mrs. Murphy, 99 Cannon-street ; Mr. Ryers, corner 3 I Avenue and 17th street ; Mrs. Streeter, do ; Mr. Birdsail, 203 Houston street : Mr. Whitney, 51 Whitehall st.; Mrs. Laurence, 69 Nortn More street; Mr. White, 95 6;h Avenue ; Mrs. Cofl'ey, 18th street, two doors west from 6'h Avenue ; and many more will be mentioned at the office, which is No. 296 Bowery, corner of Houston street.? (Remember the number, 280.) OCT- WTO WEARERS GO AND BEHOLD THE astonishing improvement! lately introduced by the enterprising and skilful Wig-m.iker," Joseph Cris'adoro, of No. f? Astor House, and judge for yourselves. These improvements comprehend the Patent Enamelled Skin Tartings tnd Crowns, and the never-shrinking Gossamer Net. J. C. defies one and all in the trade to turn out as perfect specimens of the art as his Patent Imperial Wigs and Scalps, made on the never-failing and philosophical principles, of imitating Nature's own design. Q&- SPLENDID DAI PERFORMANCES.?Our readers should not forget the great variety of performances which take place atlthu American'Museum this ifternoon at four o'clock- Winchell, the most comical iellow in America, Diamond and Whitlock, It Petite Celeste, Miss Rosalie, the Gipsey Girl, and othi rs perform This is the last week of the great anil magr . cent model if Dublin. No such attractions can be foun ' in thu cityis are put forth here for 26 cents. Balloon a ccnsions at rive ana ten o'clock. {O- CHATHAM THEATRE?The engagement of Yankee Hill is fast drawing to a close, this being the last night but two of hit engagemen'. He appears to-night as Solomon Swop, in the comedy of " Who wants a Guinea I* nil as Wuazle Wide-awake, in the farce of " Love and starvation." In addition to which J. n. Scott appears as Daran, in the drama of the " Desert of Siberia," which is produced to-night, with every advantage of scenery and strength of cast. II< raid Hill let 111 of Hews. The Hprald Bulletin of News is kept at the north-west orner of Eulton and Nassau sk-eets. On the arrival of the uorning mails, 8t eight o'clock, A. M.?and also of the evening mails, at fouro'clock, P. M., the latest intelligence rnm ail parts of the world, may be found on the Herald dulletin Board, at this corner. Let every wayfarer (top ind read. Advertisements of ali kinds taken at the office. Herald General Printing Ofllce. The General Printing Office, capable of doing all aorta >f printing, luch aa books, pamphlets, billa, cakls of all 'eicrintioai, it now open at the Herald Buildings, entrance torn Nassau street?Joseph Elliott, Printer. The New York Lancet. A few ropiei of the first volume of thin work, handsomely bound, may now bo had at the publication ntftce.?Price $5. City U<t|iatcli t*oHt, 4ft William strf.kt. PnntcirAL Orricr.?Letter* deposited hefora half-psit t, half-past 1-2, and half past 3 o'clock, will be tent out tor ielivery at 0, I, and 4 o'clock. BttscH Orncts.?Lettersd-posited b? fore 7,11, and 9 'clock, will be lent out for delivery at 9, I, and 4 o'clock. ALEV. M. GHEIO, Agent. MONEY MARKET. Friday, .Inly a'4?rt P.M. By the Acadia our advicea from England come down to Ike fit It of J ily. The tariff laws had-hecn passed, and the uncer ainty depending upon that matter had been put at res', but the state of business did not improve, on the contrary, the universal distress was, it possible, more intense than before, according to all accounts) hut the facts whidh transpire do not seem to warrant the wholesale sssertion. In the cotton manufacturing districts it is represented that never In fore were there so many idle people, or the distress so great, and jot the consumption of rawcotton is greater than last year, averaging for the last ihree weeks, ending July 1, Si,000 bales. Sir Robert Tecl explains the anomaly by stating that it is machine labor taking the place of manual employment. The fart, remains, however, that a larger amount ol cotton is workid up for market than before, which we presume would not be the case were it not profitable. The distress, no iouht, is very great, but it is also greatly exaggeiated. 1 he increase of the continental tai ills enures great uneasiness among the English manufacturers. Krnncohaa imposed a duty of "20 per cent ail valortn on linen yarn), which i? considered exorbitant, and the Prussian government wa? about to impose an increase of .50 per cent on the luty on woollens and cotton goods. These changes tend3d to retard the return of activity. In the money market )f London the rate of discount w as failing, and good bills were done at 3Ja8J. The return of the Bank of England o the 18th June presented the following result:? Bask or Enulaxd. ? . Mal' SI. June IR. Itwreatt. Decrtittt. Circulation, 17,436,00 17,7*4,000 A240,0(H) ? Deposits!, 8,04.').000 8.00',non ? 84,000 -J'CUritIM, 21,386.000 21,0111.000 ? 184,000 Bullion, 7,032,000 7.320.000 28R.000 ? Rest, 2,817,000 MSI,000 ? 122,000 Msny failures bal t?ken placo in London, and the Bankers' Circular stated as follows :? ' The commercial world is still full of trouble, and we ire sorry to give the following account of failures. First, Messrs. Oppenhoinu r & Co., of Hamburg, have stopped, rwing, wc believe, about 80,0001. This was formerly one if the highest and most honored names in the commercial world; whether thoso at Hamburg are of the same family we do not know, but wo think they are. Second, Messrs. Wilson, Harvey & Co., Russia merchants, of tins city. Third, Messrs. Nevin, Kerr, Black Sc Co., whose letter, luted yesterday, expressing deep regret, says, the failure of a house at CLasgow, largely indebted to ? md the non-receipt of expected remittance* from Cot antinople render it necessary for us, a* a mensuro of i caution, to suspend our payments for the present.' T are drtlo ablc evidences of undiminished perplexi >, djfli. illy," The house of OppenheimerSiLo failed for 1,20 KKfm?rk? banco, and ha a branch in this city. In England the Mlitre was severely felt in the manufacturing districts, a* he house was large y concerned a* purchasers of goods for co i u option in he Hanscatlc towns. The house of Vt. P. Uhls.nhofT also (ailed for 40,000 marks. This atfords in indication that low as the goads have been sold in Manchester, the dealers in them hare not profited by their operations. The excitement in relation to the gold currency appears o hive subsided in a groat measure. The following | ar. lamentary return shows the quantity of light gold ten. erod end rejected at the Bank of England during the ear 1341. J R? turn to nn order of the Honorable the House of Com.lone, dated June 10, 1H42, for a Matenn n' of the amount fgold coin tendered at the Bonk <n England audits iraucheain the year ending the Slat day of Deoeuibei -. II; together \* ith the amount rejected ,is light: ? ,, TmdertJ. Rcjrcltd e utidon, ?12,2;*'973 drauehrs, IhsSt} 7,463,789 l,W)7, I ? 11.094,761 4,171,Mf .! On the , money was apparently very plant) 1'he Ruasian goseiuuieut had been euabled to reduce th g utereat on their 4 par aentt to 3J. The United Siates jj j) the same moment are refused money at d per cent. A 3 ear years since the United States stock V the same rate ( <vould have been taken in preference. Thequarterly returns oflhe Bank of Ki. jc to the 25th y tune, show the receipts of specie to have been? Receipts of ?i*cie 101,1*2.300 Inc. on hand. ^ 'aymeuts of specie, 92,933,000 < fill,239,300 Receipt* ill notes, 473,218,001) 1 iSUt'S of IK t?a, 467,7 tR,300 [) Decrease of circulation Ci,319,.'i0(i p In relation to American securities, no improvement had (' aken pluce. Tlie London Times remarked us lollows:? j,The late ailvicea from the United States announce an K idvance in almost all the American State Stocks, and the * bonds ot railroads in active operation are likewise in more ^ lemand there, unit higher prices obtained for them. But r there it no enrraponding improreiaaiit here. (in the con- (' 'rary, we think it w ould be mure difficult now than three C months ago to make any considerable sale of State stock, 1) we will not say at rates equal to the New Vork prices, ' but at rates at all approaching those prices. In 'eed, w J !o not see any good grcunds for improvement. Maryland ' .in., nftli.- ?fl?S .n3 "At- * ' ibIt to provide/or the half yearly intereet d .e here on her |, stork on the I it inet- All the banks in New Orluans.cxccpt s live, liuve tailed in their endeavors to maintain specie pai - p tho great injury of the immense trade in the west and south-west,of which that city is the em|>oiiiiRi. Above til, repudiation is not put down by a strong and genera1 expression of public feeling. The consequence is, that New York, being precluded from negotiations of her tock fit Europe, has been borrowing at7 per cent. This delineates the stu'e of affairs on that head. The si only transactions had been a few Louisiana sterling 5's at 62; New York 5's, 1865, 75; Ohio 6's, 1830, 75. B The London papers continne to speculate on the mission t< of Messrs. 1'almer and Ricardo to this country. One of o them asserts as follows:?

p Should that negotiation terminate favorably, we believe m their main proposition will be the establishment of s bank on a basis which w ill govern the internal exchanges between tho different states, and also form the mtdium of remittance to Europe. The 'inundation of the proposed * plan will be a subscribed capital by the existing banks, f each oi which will have a proportionate credit w ith the g great central institution. It is not contemplated that the government shall have any connection with the iusti- 1 tntion. c What authority existed for this statement, we do not p know. If any such prqject was entertained, the gentle- ^ men referred to have had the good sense carefully to con- I ceal the matter here. The object of all banks in all ! countries is to ell'ect sales of British manufactures, and 1 "remit the proceeds to England." The people of this J country have, however, had quite enough of such an I - easy modeof remittance." When we arc actually in want of foreign goods there is never any difficulty in remitting tho means of purchase. A National Bank, which is a great stuffing machine by which goods are forced into j the oountry, and i's specie forced out, will not speedily J again find favor with the American people. , An arrival at the Hague from Java with dates to the 10th March, brought satisfactory accounts. The government produce lor 1811 had been estimated as follow s:? JAVA Oovsismkst I'RODl'CC FUR 11)12. Coffee, piculs, *188,210 Bugar, piruls, 1)29,485 Indigo, lbs, 2,850 l#fl T.?, lbs, JHR.OIK1 [ Cinnamon, lbs, I'jy.liOO Cochins >1, lbs, 18,000 ? The stock market was but little affected to-day. Bales were small. Delaware A Hudson rose J ; Kentucky 6's 1 s por cent; Ohio S's J percent; Harlem Railroad stock fell 3) since yesterday. A good deal of excitement was created in London by s stock speculator, who pretended to have received a letttei from this city, announcing the failure of Lirardi A Co., ol ' New Orleans. The fraud was promptly exposed, how ever. The Bank Commissioners are endeavoring to exculpate 1 themselves from any blame in relation to the numerous i and fraudulent failures among the safety fund banks. ^ They state the fraudulent banks have been repeatedly "thoroughly examined, and that two of thcni had frandu. lent issues to the extent of $387,000." If the commissioueis- 1 statement is true, of what possible use can they be' The simple matter of the fraud would have occasioned no | loss to the public, if the bank capital had not been utterly .1 dissipated previously, and yet even that fact the commit- J sioners were utterly ignorant of,notwithstanding their fie r quent " thorougii examinations." They are evidently a c useless tax upon the sound banks. There are three insurance companies 'hat have been Ave years in the hnnds of receivers, viz. lue Eagle, Con- < tributionship and Howard. The secretaries of these com- [ panies have in oil that time been allowed enormous sums by the receivers as salaries, at the same time th?y have drawn their regular pay from the stockholders. The allowances have been as follows :? , Jillawcd hy Total pay nf Un til rrt. hy Ci n.piuiy. Sear a u F.wlr Insurance Co., $0,000 $2,.V)0 $11,Mm ('..uitiihiitionsliip, 7,000 2.000 9.006 r Howard. 7,Oon 2,(Hi0 9,000 j These enormous sums comeout of the (rockets of the in- j sured, who are the creditors of the insolvent companies, j The officers who pretend to he engaged in w indiug them J1 in cret full salaries from the new eomnanirs fortbeir dis. r "I'l B~- ? ? ? ? charge of their otticial duties. Who nie the receivers ? They probably have not received more than 16 per era , and it is high time that this extravagant rate of compensation was inquired into. In domestic exchanges there is very little doing. The rates arc as follows :? Cdiiisi Raves ok Dank Notts ?sd Domestic Bills. Hi ink Note*. Exchange. Safety Fund K* 1 June 1342. Security Banks- 5.a l New England- *?i.'s Boston ? al^ U. S. Bank ? a? Prnsylvania Pl<iladel|iliia -par a'-udis New Jersey }Ja 1 Maryland- .. )ii'? Baltimore para H Virginia .. 3/ta 4 Richmond 2J?.? 3 North Carolina.- ? a 4 Nor'li Carolina- - 3 a 3!a Georgia ? a 3 Savannah Mia t Augusta !}?* 2 Sooth Carolina.- 3)?a Charleston I'ia 1% Florida ? a? Ajmlachicola- - .? a? Alabama 33 aid Mohilc 3} a.* Louisiana 10 *30 New Orleans--- )aS3J Kentucky 4 a? Louisville. 2>ia 3 Tennessee -lfl%*? Nashville 9 altl Mississippi- . 80 a90 Natchez .? a? Missouri 7 i 1 St. Louis .9 a 9?? Ohio r? altl Cincinnati 4Wa 5 Indiana .--fi a 7 JSa 6 III in us .--30 *7(1 ? a? Michiptn 8 a til Detroit a? The rates on Now Orleans is J for bank of Louisiana, and -JSalii for other banks. New Okleani Oas LtruiT arte liisKtsr, Co. \ July nth, 1SI-J. S At a ueeting of the stockholders held this day at the banking house, in pursuance of tho resolution of the board ol directors ol the 19th Mar las', James Saul was called to the chair, and Richard Richardson npiiointrd SecretaryThe following resolution was pio|>osed by Mr. Thomas C. Magoffin, and unanimously adopted:? Resolved, That this meeting approve of the arrange, meut made liy tint Board of Dirrctors of the Gas Bank with S- Jaudon, Esq., agent of the MeSars. Morrison, SonsfcCo., j of London, for the settlement of the debt due by the hank. On motion the meeting adjourned. r Signed, JAS. SAUL, Chairman. R. Rtciurmos, Secretary . By advicds received |ier Boston stqpmer, we learn that s the last Inatalment of Neapolitan indemnity was punctually ,, paid at Naplea on June S, by tho Neapolitan Government; ' and that the whole proceeds of it are on board the " Al- 1 | bany," packet ship, of the 'Jttli ult., from Havre for New r Vn-l TI,.. ,.,,,1.1, ,.f ,h .. f.,i- I I... m->,orr.,mI W. M I1B -g< ....... .... ..........fl of this affair, were Messrs. Greene fc Co. of Taris. r Sales at the Stock Exchange. 2980 Kentucky B udi 75 25 Mohawk RR 37?i 11 ?00(i III.noi* Bowl* 10 127 do 37l4 4000 do ili I7N 75 Harlem RR 17 4000 do 17jJ 50 do n?r 18t< 50 Del x Hmlaon >15 90 2> do 10 25 do sfidi 00 .50 do nw 10 25 do >1 50 do I5\' 5 Anhnrn k Koch 23v* 50 Patersun RR liCO 48 Second Board. ? 25 HarUm HR 15>i 50 Har|arn RR >10 15^ 1 State of Trade. 1 The new* from F.ngland ha* hod no immediate effect upon the market* to-day, which are generally exceeding- f| ly <1**11. There are very few stranger* now in thecily. n Tho follow ing sales of real estate were made:? 1 4-2 Carmine street?In Chancery, lot'2.5 by HO feet, with 1 dwelling house, at f>,600. '' lit Allen street?In Chancery, lot 20 by 87$ feet on the K.ast side, 00 feet from Delancy street, w nh factory building, he., at $2,.500. P iJroooklyn Property?In Chancery, 10 lot*, each 20 by * 100 feet, on the cornet of Columbia and Mill streets, at fMH) ! for the whole. Cotton?Tin-re ha* been no animation in the market for ,| ths lost luiv days, and price" have gradually receded.? ,1 Hold- r* have excepted offnll <ptar"or per -e it krwer ra'e* 1 I he sales have been light, Tlx: I MM Florb'n and Uplands, 83 j; 700 Mobiles, 64 a 9; f>00 New Drle, -.flal); Cojfee?There in no ,!?niund for Coffee fi the rountrv aiul tlie prospect of an increased dnty 1. no influent". j who, er on the market. 400 a MM) bags ', 94 a 0 : C .100 1 ,uir?, 0a 9); 300 Cuba,7 a f?; 100 J iv I.KXJSn ' mstiu, 8} a 9J; .700 rtt. Domingo. 6 j a 7. 1 Pro i inns?Pork ia in demun I. Bale* of Ohio at f6 i-' . for prime, and $7 87 for meaa. There ia n steady husintwi > doing in beef; me** at $7 .50, and prime at $3. Prime Went- (; cm I.ard atdj, and city rendered at 7Jr.. u Sugars?The prOapoCt of an increaiingtaritfhaa had no e influence on sugar*. The market is very dull. Porto Rico 1} a 6J; Cuba, H; New Orleans, 3} a tj; Brazil,6$c. Sa'rt a/ .htelion? Cotton 0 liale* at 2 a Ofc; II do 4 a f Ijc; 8 do Aj; 3 do 3J, cash?damaged. Flour?I t hi* Kit h- ( I mond, poor, fi 87. Sugar?10 hhd* New Qrlean*, 4jc. li I' upagnc?ubakti, ? ft T?: lOtakttdo H Bay Rum cmm, U *7 i ?? 40. Salmon?3'W kit* pickled, at Claret?lo caeca at $1- Paper?100 bdie at iac?all ah. Provision Market. U e hare changes in \ cgetahle* only to notice tlii* week lean art the sam.- now is two weeks a^o. reaches uri -outing plenty, an I sales r < made at four dollar' a b?? et. 'oin in.1 toiiiat e. ,?iu a<| ant. The former is to p Purchased at one dollar a L ndrad, and the lalti r at ou? id sixpence a quart, uhnli .< too hi<U, althoUKh tlll? lows u decline of one hun md percent in one week. e(felelile? of all kinds are plenty . Phicii or Paovisroas etf. I?t lb I a It Cabbaasi ? ? t Ort'r Houie Stakes U a ? Be. u, bunch ? a 3 irloin, lb 12 a lit Honey, lb ? a is etf. |>er cwi $4-10 a bo Pork, |?n i v?i -- 'tl'lafc luttou S a a Veal 4 a 7 atnb, iwrlb b a ID Fresh Cod ? a bV ua. per Ih 4 a ? Ccilery, hunch t * 12k lackfiak, " 6 a 8 Hickory Nutu ? a 1 'blunders'* ? a 1 Wstercresars, qt ? a 8 lalilmt, " ? a (> Old Potatoes, Imihel? a T, ty slmon lb ? a 21 Turnips, " 21 ? Ki tripril Bt*<, lb - 12'?a ? Anplrs, " . 7l a$l ?lie Cod Lobsters- 8 ?? (lams, 100 2.1 a 37V8 rabs, dor I?'i* ? ( rsubeiri. < ql .. a 8 els 8 a 10 Kc?-, II for ? a I2'y luck 12 a 21 Dried Appl-a, bill a$\ Poodcock, pair-*-3( a I Dried Pe aches, lb-? a I!! owls Jt a 37 Plus, roasters ? a $1 hickeiu 37},a 711 PickJi , 100 . 10 a U2's urkies SI a$! Pitfeons,dot. ? i fl'i resh Buller, Hi IS a :u Green Peas, hf )ieck? a IHJ? irkiu 12 a ? New Potatoes, bush.? a 10 autaites ? a 10 Ct ooseberries, <ll.? * b aUd.qt ? a 6 Rasberriea qt 12'., a 13 jtdisiies. bunch a 2 Muikmellou 21 a 32h 1.. ..... II. in II . - ? urutnben, dnz a 37 Blackberries <it - - 1?? a ? urrants,qt|. ? a 3 Tomsts.qt -ll ? . I. Waieriuelloiugi a TO Ore u Corn, |?er loai $!* ? 'ripe, lu ? a 6 Married, At Burger's Chapel, Tort Chen or, ?n Wednesday morn. iX, Juno 15, by Rev. Peter S. Chauneey, Mr. Rem M. titers to Miss Baraii B. Bi, o( the lute 'avid I. Burger, of thin oitv. Died, Yesterday afternoon, Thomas, only son of Peter L. and Ji/.a Feirty, aged 11 months. The ft iends of the family are requested to attend the fiterol, this afternoon, at half past 1 o'clock, from It I Orange treet. On Friday morning, 23d inst.,of consumption, Ass F. raoforo, aged 24 year*. ller friends and acquaintances arc respectfully invited ) her funeral, this afternoon, from 218 Walker street, at 4 'clock. The Detriot Free Press and Ann Arbor Journal will lease copy. Passengers Arrived. St Caoit?Ship Eruflv?Miss L Parsons, A J Hill, William lnnrr, N C Miller, I i O'Reilly, F P Stiibln, W Houghton, A L Riisa, O F R'rrn, (' M logical. New Orlears?Baik Stafford?B Adams, Mr Cook, and Mr itone. Liverpool and Halifax?Steamer Ae?dia, at Boston?Foi lilifsi: Ladv Bigot, Mis, Bou'ot, Miss U Bi ot, MistF B ior, Miss 8 ,<11 r, Miis No< th, Mis* Bdki r, Mm Dumi, W T 'age, Capt Bigge, S 11 lloldcrness, Wetr-i Smith, C.ipl Clawty, HE., Mr Marrow aipI son, J I) Oihb. For Boston?Mi Intlmiamll dv Mrs Jetikin* .1 R Gnillev, ChBrles W\, Di Vyinan, W H Boedman, Mr Oriswidd, Mr Little, J Monroe, iugh Ma'sun, vlr L rgi , (} A Kendall, Dr tlrintriel, .1 S Ah en, M Allen, F.J 4.llehurv, Captain Hmiiionil, Mr Paul ami on, I (' Mnl'eti, J P B Cjnolhert, M Motli.m, Mr Ituhhai'k, li J Child, J 8 Lowering, S O Shaw, John Whitehead, V1r ('net veil, Capt John L Oilvin and son, M Botto'nly, Thes < liris' ian and servant, Mrs Jenkins and servant F ont Halifax? Mi .oppiag, Mr Hulchiiis, W D P Frith, Win Mulsou, lady and i laughters. Pauengrrt to Arrive. Savarrah?Brig L Baldwin?Mrs Ward and two children, lira M F' MrAllisti r, child and servant, Miss Lewis, Mis? Anlerxon, two Misses Pheliw, H W Mercer and lady, Mr R"in? rirt, child arid servant, Miss Call nsler, O W Walthour, B M Viand, Mr riieljis, Masters R O Cole and Phelp,?and 0 in the tee rage. Foreign I m port ni lotus. S r Croix?Shit' Emily?IB lthds tRgsr 3B puns rnin II I)e Fo* rst k co?III) hhilx 20 hhls niga* Aytmr k ro?>' lids do Alsop tChsnnce* ?II do 27 putts rtitn to order. ''orce?Brig Bt LawtetiCS?91 hint* sugar 108 do molasses lowlaud k A.triiis\ all?5 casks do 40 lilids sugar 2D pans rum to rsler. Rotterdam?Onlliot Vi?nilia?2 ckt 10 pps riu '!* Victor & )>i<akwiij^?26 do Botcart flt Kneel and?2 bis 8 jirs 1 pt*. ^chra(r? t Koop?80 at* 111 stones M<-('rackuu St Livimrsrnu?I T i|??yer?1 case Koi. rau u Ruscb?1 ck G DBildwii ?10 lifhoM?ne? J Lee & co?fOcs wine 3 ck* mineral wale; K Lodnan, of Boston?] case niiut'r?l? I do plants 10 do colo^u** Booi'.'n Graves U ro?2 rs minerals F C Himtiiitfion?100 tons coal 0 ck* madder 1 bx to order. Oracoa?*?*br rur'ew?400 bbls salt 16-1 bales ?oat skins 4 o logwood J Foulk Ik son. Bomfitic Importations. Nfw Orlkams?Bark SrafTord?I.'iI hhds tob-tcc* J H Howsue?2791 mcIu corn Trowbndff>- & Nichol?74 bales cotton Irown Brotners St co?52 do Roberts St Williams?1^ tnink J B 4<tsaL?j bbls sugar 1 bag coffee 2 bbls pork 5do 5 hf do to ck* laid to order. MARITIME HERALD. To Mhl|i Mraster*. We shall esteem it a favor, if c.apiain. of vessels arriving el*-, will give to Commodore W. A. Bas.ett, of our news fleet, re|H>rt of the .hipping left .t the purl whence they suited, the easel, spoke n on their passage, ? In' of their cargo, ami ant oreign iletvspu|vers they may have. Commodore Bluett w l" oanl them immediately on their arrival. We will reciprocal, he favor in any wav. To Correspondent* Abroad. Our correspondents in foreign porta are r?s|mc,.riilly> :o send hy every vewl all the marine intelligence they cat ibuiu. Nautical information of anv kind, from any one re lidiug at home or abroad, will he thankfully received. PORT OF NEW VORK, JtfLY 93. 1949. IITW RISKS 4 47 I MOO" BISS.S B IU1S SETS 7 13 - MlftH W'TfcB 9 3 Cleared. Ships Manhattan, Wetherrll, Amrterdasn, Pfriffcr Sc Win mnn: Saliids, Towiiseml,Gibraltar, 11 M (Join- r.?Bark Sarul Inn. (Bij F-rtun-, Vnehec, Glover & McMnrrav.?liti-it ,otii?c, (S? ) Haltman, Hamburg, W Wcisscr; Utile, (Sw) linsnn, Rotterdam via James River, Bnmnian, Johnson & Co; iciiri'lis, Wil.ion, Nenvitas. Brctr v Vw; Oce.n, (Br) Lcie 'inn, Wind. or. NS; Dew Dion, (Br) Fo ler, Newfoundland, ) fg J L'.nric; Kinrn , Smith, Portsmouth, Nil. S 11 Sir -? I Irmugal to-Jean Delnqo-nahirn, Peltiers, Antwerp,Schmidt i B 'Ichrn.?Schr Sisters, Eidridge, l,a Uuayra, George Wliitker. AiTh'rd. Ship Emily, Cratm, from St. Croix and St. Thorn's, Julv li, rtth rum and sngsr. to C. Morgon Left no Arncriem Ti in I t St. ('. At St. Tliomas, hark John W. lei. I)avi?, in 2 or: ,yi; brigs Motto, Forbes, for Turk* 111 ind. in a few day-; Wir . Watson. White, do, a one day; Woodstock, Maker, Sir tnnah or 4; Clinton, Snow, Bsn'-'or, same day; sehrs Port I,eon, Lii le, NVork, Bor ID; Robin Hood, B rry, Just ?rr, dtsg. Sctu lstrieh. Bikei, from Fran fort fir Writ Indira, tailed da, be ore. lT. S. ship Falmouth sailed on tlir morning of the 4tb? II well on h >a*d. Bark Stafford, Brewer, from New Orleans, June 26, witl lotton, to C. Biratow It Pmie. 3d itiaf. lat 21 3d, Ion Hi, stout lark Mary !t lane, ftom NOrleans for Philadeli+ina. Brig St. Lawrence, B nt'ey 1.3 days from Ponce, PR. witl ns'ar, kc. to Nesmith, Leed? fc Co. Left brigs D los, of am "or Philaib Iphia,2 days; Thos H Benton, Biliiniorr, :t; New 'astir,of B mgor, ttnr; sehrs La Grange, of B,>slon, for Cha'on, 3; Caroline, for Philadelphia, 5. Br g Pi draza, Hutchison, 10 day. from Mayamtez, PR. witl 32 lilid.t 10 bbls sugar to P. Harmony k Co. Left brigs Foiesl .'Newlur ;ort. next day, Sidney, disir: sehrs Lycurgus, fu Work 3; Oirard, cargo unsold. S| IJtlj inat. lat 21, Ion t,'l ,rhr Ellen IVrkiiia, from MayagUeg for New Harens lflth, la ;i \o, ion 71 20, brig Frances Ann, for ttavsiuieh. Brig Eliza, Lochwood, 11 days fnon St. Croiz, with 1*6 hhd 47 d. Him to B. 1) For- it k 1 >. Li ,t n > A mericmi re. els. 2flth in?4. off Cape May, spoke brig St. Andrew, Iran 'once for NYork. British brig Gazelle, Hnrst, IB days from Demarara, in hal asr, to J. Bsrclay. Left no American vessels. Brig Am Smith, M utters, of New Haven, for Turks Island, sailed flu lay he''or, . I.'itli inst. lat 26 24, loll 67 40, s|ioke hrig Dispatch 9 oH>s from Philaib Iphin for St. Thotnas. Dutch galliot Venifie, M>'ppelderf irt days from Rotterdam with gin, kc. t > Boonen Graves & Lo. Schr Charh tie, Best, 20 days from Mansanilla, wiili 2B log nahoeany 40 slicks cedsr 2t bblt honey 110 bills palm leaf V mis fustic to J. B. L.isala. Left hrig Angora, of and for Bn on, |dg. Si I r Axis, B"ker, 13 days from Bnraco*, with 4000 nlantain 10 Mils ginger 20(1 bunches bananas 1200 dozen pine Apples 20,M? oco.i mils to Cropsea k Gilmartiu: I20i|r hxs sugars to order.-. ,cfr no American vessels. Schr Cmlew, Eldridge, 16 days from Curacna, with salt, ti I.W.Lewis. Left no American Teasels. Brig Nancy Jane or Amsterdam, tailed 4th inst. S hrWm E. B'rd, Coursen, from Att ikapas, and 3 days f,on 'ortMtionth, with live oak, to W. Deal. Schr Lynr.hbnrt, Matthews, 3 days from Richmond, will nils , to Allen k Paas'tl Bnttsh acbr Satnnel Walters, 19 days frotn St. Johni, NF. ii mllnst, to blokes k Anthony. Bchr M. B. Robinson, Pew, from Newbern, NC. with nava tort s, to Mitchell k Co. Bchr H. Walker, Terry, 4 days from Virginia, with apples, Ii n aster. Schr Julia k Olivia, Whitehead, from Virginia, with wood o master. S lir Abraham, Osboro, 3 days from Virginia, with v,ood, ti nasi or. Schr Knickerbocker, Wearer, from Viiginl i, nth wood, tr nsstcr. Schr Robert 8. Cook, Smith, fiom Virgin) i, w ith nsster. KehrJ. B. Moreau, Voorhes, ftom Virginia, with wood, tn naster. Below. One brig, unknown. Sailed. From the lowci baa, 17 S frigate Coluinbn, Uraxil. Marina Carrmpondrnrc, Cowcs, July 2, lit?. 'I lie following ii a last of American rnseji now in tlias jioif, II aaaaiting orders:?Arab, Crosby, (Vnm Cuba; Marat Smith, *e * i*. do, with loss of Imwiprit; A*ida White, from ilo; fl.a?h, boater, do; Nat r ho I, I, i Hilary, do; Agonoria, Aridroa, do. The\ liars all arrited nn'e my la?t of 'ho 17th Juno. Notice to Mariner*. A Irtter rereived at Mojd'a from llielr sgrnt at <'oik, atatet Int Capt Hill, of the Ouixiia, which arrived theie I'n.m Moid tein, rrportanat in* fonnd annicnine in Oie Birrier Reef,v 'orres' Strait", two mile, w i '", in lal 11 12 8. The niieiiiiii; ppeared quit" free frrxtn I) inci, and is a near paiaaagr. In rum IK through, Capt II II alao atate? he aaw the wreck of the Ker u.on, loaf ?ome month" aiari; on the Orrat Barrier, avhieh bnr> IW by 8. ili"taiieo ihnot S Itlllttl Th? following has been communicated in a letter from Mi told, of the Swn | Howie, of A' erdei n, dated Rio Oi.itide larch It. 1*1?. The reaael on ner my*ge from Liver, oil |. at poit, atruek on a shnxl in I t II :t S, md Inn 10 17 W, a i?t 7(1 miles off t!i? Braziliancn?at Lnehil) tin ermgi II, and the wind war Nk". by L, which i sallied her to el ir 'In mal immediately, m iking but little water. After hi" nrrir* ' Rio (i'ande, th m later of th Swr, i Home a*.', rtaineX ... 11 rax 'l ih athr lied gi model on the .nine f i ahovl nno !i r. The reef or d oil admit h to h*a no h en I i ! iloav ii av eligrt, and lira knmcdiaUlv in tin track of tan I* bound it irI lHirt. A bright ri tolling light la noar , vliib 'etl on the (1 eat I'et mr, eoaatof Por'nxal, indna i of the light formcrli >n( ,| arroeiro, cnmmOMv Ln >V" I. lay tli li me of tire IVniehe light i< wen nil round the enrn|m. -, ami at a diatauce ol'"it league* 1 clea* w? allv r; revolve* evert three minutes. I.u.iit Hoi sk ot* Point* to: Ch auri ?i , Tst-g nr. Hr tO, r the 1*1 nf March next fi erl light aa ill I c p! if' 1 o " ' hthua* recr nt'.y con tinned on the roek? of the 'hunt <h Ihaiiicau, at the extremity ol the Ide of Re la'itttde 4 ; deg i: tin 2 a*C, longitude Idcg JJ rain Ware The I it tern aaill lie 2 metres above huh w ater m irk. The light can lie seen in elear weather Hot l.i miles, snd mm eqiienilv at the entrance of tin Pcrtem d Antinche. Tin* new light e.arnnar ?.e mistaken lot tiotl th' p"r' lochr lie, s:ne, ilist e in never he .ren from th" a. rxeiof rli Ihanrenu light is at the same rime risible,and because ipr mi truce of the hghlj x t?*il) duungui.hable, f?SI I . . J J L" It i? proper to mention ion*, mniin,, . ? r tighfltoru* M Rochelle, that it it ?o ?itu J third < , id !, a. well u On .... ich ruanntr that iho lighthouse be not hidden Y> tin lantern itwer. 1: may Ve oWnti! al?o thit i!? 01 Lv. *.;-uiu i? indie d lor a yea; i?ut. by ? lower t > u'<- l white, which iu*k u-u ru trr* above the highest ?< ?" ? ? piuiuii . 'c. Cmo'.ii in th Li ; . n tot (is xw/ and Point d'\i rfti< ?.?(I)i1 ? . nt? .. uc r ?? w\.. tl? :. .1 f .it . next Mr l? How m xx i 11 (...k ;>1 ?- ? iu tin . , ?.i ('xji'" (? i ?*"i and J'' oil i k :? Caft i'Ki.xti.?Ine f?i t 1 il.i t .-if cla?? ?! ,? o nice the 1st Nor, 1637, < u (i in /. ! it.lude 50 d"g ,,u 0 S*C, loiwitvd. Udrtf *5 1MM? 13 see, will he ?u,.r, ib 1 i * evolving iitfht at interna]? -consod tic . . ?? kill* light tstall uhed u *1 li? |.i .< ipal J?ht in , will \ iliijKOiml with lu clear waath#r the new light nn! Lw es*.l> nceu at In tu 21 miles disunf. . It must alto h" obs#rvvd tint lt?e rcsolxivj light of (inner u li?uni?i?h?^ Irum tint of Ciin?? 1,1?Hv the difference ol inters.?l? ill the respective molu Iiioiw, ilnt o| Calais bairnr Warendx and ol (Inner. 30 second* 2.1? B, thee rcn matinees of tlie Calais 1ia:Hi being totally hid. Irh hi n? revolution. while that of Grioea during it* rev I u lion* 1h?s a small liird light, which is always visible, and in clear v ath* r at a di tance of >0 or 12 mile*. Point d'Ai p..Kr Th filed liti'itof Alpreck , lat 50 41 57, on pi ?ec. 28 inin, will he superseded by a wl lie light, alterua ed every two minute* by a r? ?l 1 istti , which will he seen tine? seconds preceded and followed by ?uu/t eclipses. Iu clear weather it ean be seen at 12 miles dist nice. \V t: ule nit-ru ^ Arr at Nantucket July 18, President, Pacific Ocean, with a full cargo of oil. Spoken. Pratwonu, Iky.' fu NY ark, June 2u. Ul 47, Ion 15. Jan**, Newcastle lor New York, with lo?? of main and rniicu inuta, June 19, 1 u 39, lou "^orflgn Porta. Livgarooi., Junv. ID?Arr H- uih.n. . \ York; I >l< .ihu do; Tliot P ('ope, Philadelphia; Ca'hrnuc, M bile- Harm. llookwell, do; 20th, John B utst. NOih-ans; Alh.. n. Mobile; Mv yr do; AureIius, Savannah: May Suv.u. A,--' .huol*; 2lM, S .erid'Xn, New York; Sr Lawrence, NO.hau . A ii S' i.ih ; Kliiahetli Bruce, Apalachicola; 22d, ti !iii , \')rhoo. . ? tone. Mobile; Kudu4 do; Chimin t l-.r-k'ton; 2*j i hlnropo, NOileans; 21th, South America, NYork; l. ii? . N, w 0;?v ,... Speed, Mobile; No th America, t hxih 4t. n, t i I n.* \p.ila.-lncola; 25th, Brooklyn, NYo.k; Mi .. r, \ \% i) ; /. ,s; l!iudoo, do; (lazelle, Havx piah; Daunth s i d chi.. . Hoht Watt, do; 16?h, Hero of V r, ! ?ru* i, VN'i'. Jt K o-Ih h, o. 1 Atlantie, New Orle nix; John Mm i, ' onodaio . t' \1 u.t.x n } Ex^le, Savannah; 28t't, ih.'-unhin. (?) B - n; .\*. J, 29th, t.H o Wa?hi?nrti.)?, N u; T k? n bihim . , Jnii ?, Wes'Chester, ( lian- ion; Id. K!oi ^Varwick, I liarlexton. Pi, kenhead, Snx n K H w Ii, and Iluh.? ly, New 0>leans; 1 h, I il?ella,do; Rlto lr IslnnJ. I ..rmnah; ^o aalnrr, do; Heetor, Chailrston; Harriet U J. d ?. Bailed June 19, Mttokn, NYork; 2ki, [ tnbii?Ue,do; (hi. Iluiiibeision*, Hxvaua; Athens, do; 2i '. Kcho, N York; Bi.txrini i, do; Dainiucux, Boston; Ccledonia Biwuder, Citv Point, Vs . Rockiti^hain, N York; 3thh, Olive &l Kir/.*. Boston; North Star. Philadi Iphia; Julv I, Denmark. NYork; 3d, Oudiak ?, do; ol, Midilnn n........ IM :i .a. Entered lor liltf June 'JO, Aiuvliu*. Boston; 30th, John Hiring Philadelphia; St Lawrence, NYoik; Southerner, do; July 1, ColumblM. N York; Thoa P Cope Philadelphia; 2d, Neptnrt", Boston; Harriet Rockwell, City roiut, V?; 4th, Earo|w, Nrv York; CJaielle, Savannah. Cld July 1.1 reinon'. N York; 8fe|4?tn Whitney, do. Advertised July 4, Walpoie, lor Boston, Ath; Loo Choo, do; Columbia, (s| do, 19th; Cahnouit, lor NYoik, do: Kui ?pe, do do; Stephen Whiliiey, do, 4th; Palmyra, do, 7th; Columbia, do do; St Lawrcuce, do 10th; Brooklyn, doI9ili; Sheridan, do 13 h; Chicor.i, Chaih-tton, 4th: Lela, Baltimore, JOth; T P Cope, Phi liidelphia, 8ih; Hope, NO?l?un*, l.'ith. HULL, June 3U?Ait Delaware,N Yoik. Losuon June 30?Air Mediator, New York; 2lst, Gladiator, do; Hualco, do. UitAVKhK-Nn, June 2?? A?r MeaaeiiyMr. Boston; 30th, Uri*uh Que u, Ne^York. Fid lHtli, Sr James, New York; 2#th, Mon trenl, uo. L)r al. June 22?Ar. Ida, New tfrtliord for Amsterdam. Off UoviH. Juuc 17?Klliilt, Gottt iibunj tor N\oik. 20th, Adrian, N York. | Off Salcombf, Juuc 23?Fianklin, N York; 27th, Lion, Ma* | unzaa foi Hamburg. Off Portland, June 27?Harmonic, NYork. Southampton, Julie 23?Arr Medway, ( ) Havana. f t owks, June 20?Arr T.eitus, M tauzas; 21th, Huntress, { lhvi*<a; 27th, Honduras, T? haaco; WoMville, NOr!? aiii. Falmouth, June 27?A r Delia Walker, Matanzas, and thl 1st i st. lor Liverpool. Off Dartmouth, Jane 30? Man; Francca, from Havana Am Cr? ustadt. Bristol, June 2!>? Arr Great Western, (s) NVork. Shields, Jun 29? Arr Pocahontas, United Sratea. Sid 18fh; Lima, Do?t? n; .'9th. Otk, do; 2'M. Osnmy, do; Puwh ttm, N York; Merchant, Havan ; 23 , John Hale. Boston; 2t>th, Rig*, H ivana; 27th, M uiro, NYork; Cmuaiadt, Boatou. Newport June 23?Sid Thetis. Havana. Studwcll Roads, June 2<?? S'd Owen train, NYork. Belfast, Jul) 1?Arr John B' II, vYork. Mortrosk, June 23?Arr Union, from Charleston for Lubee, leaky. Clyde. July 21?Arr Edw Thome. NOrh \n?; Sophia, vanirdi; 23d, Snali Mark*, Mobile; 27'h, Ami v New 0 leans; 28th, Ladv of th L Ue, NYork; 3(lih ( uit.aici', Mohie. Sid 24lh, New Bruiitwiek, NYork. Arr Ifith, Romulua, Halifax. St pftkrsbuno, June 12?Arr Carthage, Gliarleiton; I3ui, Rousseau, do; H mover, do; Minerva, do; /?infT, Mat'inzaa; Patriot Minifi, H ivnn.T, l?tli, Rouble, do; ISth, Mason,, do; Enken Charleston; Na'hl Hooper, Havana; lhlh, Julie, N \ork. Uo rTEriBURO, Juue '3?Arr, NYoik. Copknhaufn, Jun* 8?Arr Fortuna, Charleston Stor.KHoi at. June 9?Arr Solide, ( parlesten; Carl Petef, <h>; Iflih, F'ithiof, do; Irt h, Sophie, do. chktsriaksand, Julie i?Ait Enigheden, Charleston. Swinejuunda, June 12?Arr Ada, Havana; 13 h, Jaincs Calder, do. iravEMi'FtDK, June 6?Arr Ann, Charleatot; 11th, Bell", do; 20th, Commodore, on; 2l?r, Mary, and Forth, do. IIambuho, June 22?Arr Wtraaw, MaUJizos; 24th, York, Havana; 25th, AUcto. do; 11. nrtcrte, Charleston; Abo, N*?w Orleaua; Nu??ar>. "ik; 27th, Nimrod, Havana;28th,Bou n , Hiihdelphia. . .. l v ikl. jiiuf it??aor wce.v im, Havana; inn,, in< vr Y tk;20tiw Loiii I! u. ; Slug, do: ?3d, Tacitus, M. mngtsQ 2tr.h, Thor I>*,ir?*, NYork. Bremen. J tin* i ?Air ' /?bt\h Hal!, 'hu^is; 2*1, Clementine, NOdenm: 'll i in n<, do; ll'uu do; I ;abr|la, N York; 21th, How rNOrlrmn.,: 26th, .Mount V rnon, do; 27th. Philadelphia, Pliihcl- Ipl.ia. BdiKK, J ilie 26? Arr T* ' r t. h, NYork. Hklvoet, June 16?An B -ri:n"on, NOrlea"*; Ito'lander, Boston; 2ifh, Toulon, NV ik; 27th, Clajsina Qvertruida, do; tfi;h, Aflrino, Ho. Cuihavfn, Jun? ?t?Arr Ptejdiet. Lunnan, NO Inn - , Henrietta, Clnrle .ton; 2flih, Clinton, >nd Condor, I{:vau , 29'h, Hull, and Pi iiilha, do June 27?The Florence, of B ith, Irorn Milan/.*.", has bi en as-isfed into thin harbor iu a unking state, h viinr struck on the Sehaaihorn. Bn luwr.k shaven, June 16?Arr Corinth, Ma tan/.is; 27th, t Charla* Havana. Flu sh in a, June 24?Arr Leonid**, .and Monument, New Yorl ; 30th, Maria, Navigator, and Albrre, do. Ghent, June 26?Arr LnoChiistl, Charleston. Antwerp, June 16?Ar Fli7.a, Mat Mii.*?i;?0th. Ainot Patten, Hirnni 23d, B.ltic, NOrle.n*; 2i:h, British V^it^n,Ji) New York; 26th. Monument, do; Sarah Di-oring, do, Saton, N Oil. ins; 1 wo Sister*, Tohaacn; 27th. ?<i*rl?ta, Havana. ? Dunkirk, Inn* 20?Arr Angun. NYork. ? Havre, June 16? Air Xylon, Charleston; Ceres, Savannah; 17th. Nashville, Nfn()rleiQf; IB'h, Hector, Mobil* ; 8}!vi*mi t rr a rc, NYork; 10th, F-ueiv, N- vv OiL-an*; T>ror?< , (hi; *!0th, Arabella, do; L< vant, Charleston* 21 *f, Forr* st* r, d ?; Bt.rlinvr??n. Mobile; 2tUi, T'g'ioni, NOiifRim; Moselle, Char'*** ?i:; i Sully NYork; 26th. St Nicolas, do; Berwick, NOrl<*,.n; Cabot. i harleaton; 26lb, 8ii| rrior, an' Thti,*-*, Mohii. . Villi. I Talleyrand, do. ShJ 27 h. Albany, New Y m\ Vi-relah i, New Orleans; Cerrs, Sidney; 2tth, Nilr, Ci irhnion. Ve?sfU np'tylvie de Onuse, for NYork, July 1; Xylon, do,too--; S Clair, do do; Sultv, do Ctli; S1 Nicolas, ?..? 16th; Hectoi, "'o, *oou; Augusta, NOrleans, do; Mom lie Boston. lOtii. Rouen. June 26?Arr Plough, Charleston. Kocvielle, June 23?Arr Audrodti., NtwY.ok; PP., HVe, Bo ton Boonrart, June 22?Arr F1 >ra, NOdesru; Ij'.h, Nat hex, N Y'ork. Marseilles, June 11?An IsaWle. NYork; 'VI. C rvmites, I Boston; Albert, NYork) Solomon Ha'- ?, Nev, Ciitai * * . , Mar. fill. C|?*rlr ton: T. ^nad , Oilv. sUn !*??>% O.h-*ns. 81d 19te, Kujinrete*. NOrleun , 20th, L- GiuuRe, do; . lYt? r Demill. NY'oik. r Cap:i,Ju'c 1?A r Ilciniitasr, NOil".?n?; 10th, N York; 161'., Neptune, an ' 'ostow.Nrw Otl -'U ; lelli, Ja ;ob IV'kina, do. (iiHHAi i an, June i?Arr Carolir.? NYork; Hth, Bohe*oij, , NOrlein*; I At!.. Amb itia^do. (fKNoA.Jun- 13?Arr (Jtlotr l, Boston, " fh, Cotton I'lanter, VV..rL- l?(li n I. fSiuv., . U l.n i. if. n> , TniKflTF., Jun* II?Arr Frank I ill, N York; liih, TaNalixwr, I Ajialm hicoii: 12ih, Hon , I'hiUd*Iplim. Mamlla, M*n b 3?-Arr <'harlottr, Boston. Sid Htb.ILIvidc*e, U State*; St Paul, do. H \i iFAt, Jillv UH-Af Calrdcmi*. (a) Boston; flu 1m, ?w i Oilcans; lith, GratiiUf, C<tttin?*a Cld 18th, Burltntff >n, Nf*.e , Orient*. ? Qrritr.r, July 17?Arr Eiilr, ?; Jo-rph Ore? n, Thnr o; i. 'Htn. Livt-rpooL NY??rk; Castas. Liverpool. Cld 18th, S ' , t Bridtfc *af*ar; Dependent, do; Standard, Lame; Marquis i Huntley, Plymouth. * MoiTtr.AL, July !*>?Cld Juliet, London J United Statcf Fort*. ' BANtioa, July 18?Arr Cassins, Wiln?iii_'toiif NC; Mary*. N Vork. , Bath. July I.J?Arr Gen Marlon, fc'York; 19th, London, and ' DrUwuv, do; box, liivent. Portland, July 20? Tto arrival or clr.vanco. Rid Muazrn, ' C.%y<riin?-; L^nrrl, Sydney. Arr 10 h, Oratr?ru?. Rt Tl om* ; I) Pratt, N#'W York;, dot AhhatUuU, Philadelphia; Caro* line, do. K Owi.'s HfaD, July 13?Arr K uilton, Banip'i for M irtiiiique; R Bctil tli, do for ?. Nkwbvsvfort. July '.'0?Arr Columbia. l hdnle!ph?*. Sai.f.m, July 23? Sid Northuinln i find, Ro> Grand* aim! a - market. j, Boitoi, J iIv 21?Air Tloe, Havre de (Ire- Md; Kohnrd Thorn {won. Phila^djihiAldnitt L*wremc, >? \ or!.; II mct, do. Hi rnaf lor a hi'k an<l * brig. Cld Hiram, Ito'teijain hi, , City Point; Miacoitiin-s Palermo and Na,de?; Augn.t., Mont video; Nf wm. M.n??ni|l?; Mail, 8 A Applrtun, and 8i,l i;d, ' NYotk. Arr JHt'l*. Aodii. (?) Liverpool, 4th im>t a p in,, (w lierr .tie arr II |> n., I*ln) i9th, P m?haa h 'd a ve>\ riaah miMgr for tip' M'uan. Arr Ci fnrlt MeA.inoi Olive Chnmberlain, 8 tin" v, t'B. smtl< I'. L. it no Am re ?.-l. S.iiU'd in a,. w.lh Ski-rrr, for 'i'homaaton tttrf a market, and ,?* her put bark i imr d.y;nndi-raron.l from a eouatrr that ?ne had >i rumt i leak. S|?>ki-'?tli in?! off Hilil'n, flordeaav, 3naya bene* for Sty uev.CB. Hraian I'o*t. Jnlv I#? At P??|iiot. anil Kenowrn, E.? i.m for N \ ork; Vp "I r, H > for Alh viv. Pnovior.rJul, 70?Arr IIirrrrt N York; Mrwe, E l<lv, do; Kim.'. All) Al Qtinai Ine, Wis k J.tnea, N ivawi on. Slrl Stir, Philad' Iphij; A>ir<ra, N > orl; Vigilant, do;*Cha.e, , J do. i rim.*ori.fMH, Joly Bf?Art Sarah. llvtM; Lola, do; E i I rilwli'.S hm. 11-low, R-'xlolyl.. Cjd Go, IT. .bin , Nt Joi n j N B; Po to Riro, Aiitrrra, II imilto'i, Plinr t.Vi Irn, A *.u it, , ; Conitrea., ).<! A''amalia, B",ton; riii-b kMoi. irt. M - n/ _?; ' Amrriy,, New Bedlo'd. Arr in tip Schuylkill, Lydia Adeline, , B .ton; Amity. K .11 Rivrr. ! 15 ii.TiMoR,., jnlv 21?Arr Com W;mtiiton, L i (intj ra I W.nttiwoTon. NC. July 7?Cld O.i.dp, M,ra< ill ; srli, Rnllianl New York; lOth.Conaul, New B.un.wirk. NJ; 13ll , Olohe, Newark. CiiARi.ctTon. July IB? In tip offiipr. Buttou, from NY'.rl:.? CI I Superior, Havre; Orotidec, Oeontctown. SC; Cornet, Tura, I.I.nd. Sid Ajar, S.lein. S*ratr?iAl<, July 1#?Cld L Baldwin, NYork, Huko.nok, do. , Arr Cere., Buth. pr?PTITIllTt.,?r.. pPMAf k t'll.l..< HT far-famed and call ? I Pilh frtn Portiflil, ate, ** l*tceive, to be obf<\i:i'd i.i tins Cut?lt!/y. ?e*? "OFerM* menc on the la*t rolnmn of t'oiu.b rape. m3 i* DR.. JAMf.U AI.KA* HOUSTON W rim ?.) n>" Cowtri.TiHo -i. 10 No. 3 Herald Ri'ildi"h I , Dof* r of <fl Villi. rorli. trjjrnn-a |> Houston w . i kn i is r i low A Biovlmy, btltwo P * I l.c kiwi Murray ar.rrt. . | jrjl ro I lm*r POR l)H. VKIM Iti'tf \>?<V,'i*6 < n-, oniri truncal r I W'nalo (>i'H'.Mvini'illM'l.j'.i.on fo-' , , Cockroachu, V e? An'v M " ?. 1 ' I'" '' "1PI ' *"? > ! tifr hit ii?ni?ioiu cKomica'f" *"*('>n*< >,a '*?*' r Jn 7 l">'a *c ' ..k??UT*S: ! HO AT i-aSTA W..I5SH MENT. watyjl : p {? ! t, f,I r ihXJ?"a (Ul.* <>P CNlHABimC M\KKVf. T*Tr: f* iWril? !?"?? % i?* b? MBpilfMt^y, uiii nn^rh't j: imrwcJi.'l yt* ""it :*entWn>- , toinr .?f ib? . Matt ami M1 eaiVneiicnli '? ? ? ?n uuaeitv, ami t *: '* ?t of*nat?rtii . riuiM'ii<r * *? r> <i* *eii|>uou of b?)?ra, wh<fh enable* nitr to nti'tb, *i fl?e ?Wfe#t untie . U. m / the root aj.; lottd nv>I nil ?orlrm in hip, <?i> ? moM I ,,? ! i ??rn?. HI TJ<i)iU of n;?-Suliau rn' Miitc.ii'a Hnm/f *' *,(% tbr vVarr, tMrrlh , V'irj,?n% Atlantv. . K. Sir A ???. the Vim, of Pafk*kill, W nh n? ;on, ?r Pfwubken?tl e?, of tly<h Pant, jvJpn ??>d Wmt, of \t,(i-o fl't* vt, ?>f fionintiilr, Madame C?leste <>( N? r * <*. AlowI he?ail IkaUs W n 1 lo'in , Fl-linn, Z.i icid, S'ir, and Kdn In F m r -f v. * \ i d liA< KK P si?.| s111 i ?. ifr i < - * in fb ' I bip will pi ANr o ml tm**r n?ftnift on lot 1 *t Orlni. | nhail. I c of WAil irm f. All ^ .!? n?>' per iMIed m Aar. I diva >% ill br una to PtlW C itore. I Wv 93,1IIS. jfttf *

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