Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 24, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 24, 1842 Page 1
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THJ Vol. VIII.?No. IOI - < Whol* Wo. 30M. REGULAR PACKETS. of each month. . __ m m Nrw iSiul shin SHERIDAN, < apiaiu F. A. D. jieyater, 2ith May. Ship OaKKm K, t" aptain Win. Bktdrfy, tttli Juue. Mi id ROBOLS. CapUur JwhaCoUllw, tilli July. Slur HIRDON8. Cantain E. B. Cohb, 2illi AiigiitL Know Lintnroot.. Ship SIDPONS, < antaiu E. B. Cobb. 13th Junr. Sl.ip SHERIDAN, Captain K. A. Drueyairr, 13th July. tUiip (JARHICK, Captain Win. SliidJy, 13th Augtiil. Ship ROSCIUS. Captain J0I111 Colliiu, 13lh September. Th? ?hil? <" 01 'hr first data, upward* of ImiOlona. built in lb. i-itv or Sirw York, with auch im|irovemetita u combine great a|tml with tiuiiaual conH'oil lor jaiueiiKera. Every eare lib br. ii taikeu ill the arrangement ol their aceuininnd.itioii*. Tip parr of paaaagu lie tier it $UiO, for which ample tlorrt ?ill br pro* iilnl. Thrtr ijiipn nrr coinmainlril by experienced laairrt, who will make rvrry exertion to give geiirial aatiafac" Si ith'r thr captains or owurrt of the ships will l?r rcspviisibl, for any letters, parrel* ..r |arkagra sent by thrill, nulesa regulni b lit of I .tiling art- signed therefor. Tin .ii|* of lliia liur will hereafter gu aru.ed, and their prruliar cow.iiiii U. il gitra tin in security not |*>*eeued by auy othrr bin vrttrlaof war. For fieight Ol passage, apply Wi E. K. COLL I SB V CO., iti South tl., New York.or to WM. v J AS. BROWS it CO., Liverpool. Lrltrra by the |i?ckrta will he rplrgrif I2.S cents per tingle heel 'A rrata |ier ounce, and newspaper* I crnt each. in? _ NEW YORK AND HAVRE PACKETS. {SECOND I.INE.) iBt, && M M. fi- irf^!?Tfl,.,r.fTriS?,e New^or^m the Ill itul iuVIT I'll til" l?'li III' oath month, as fcftnWI : From V-w work. From Havre. The new aliip ONEIDA, v III Mirth I 16th April ('sprain < 1st July y I6th August I m i Krnirk f l?' Novembcrr Ifitli December Ktup BALTIMORE. v i ? April ( Ittiti May i ilium lit August < lliili September h'unth, ( l?i Decicm'rf I6lh January Ship I'TirA, ? Hi May ? 16th June i 4,.inn ? lii Hi i<?-inl>'r< loili October! Krederuk llewitt, ( Li Jauuary ( 16(h February N#w?lii| ST.M?'OI.AA. ? l>i Juiip i ICih July I ij.tiin < l?l October t ibili November. I II. I'ell, I lit February? loin March The ?| inni'i'l nun* of these villi* are mil surpassed, coinbunuK ill Ihil may lie required fur comfort. The price of cabin |'ms.i.'i i? $ltai. Pa-.. iwerv will he supplied wiiii every requisite, vvltli the exception of wtuev mil Ii.jmvra. Goods intended for these vessels will he forwarded hv the (nbvcrilx rv, free from any other than the evpenves actually iueitned mi tlietn. Fur freight or passage, apply to BOYD k I1INI KEN. Agents, a! 1 Toutiue Buildinici. kok new oki.ean*. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS. >?rs- ttfo #ss- M Mr b t* r aoconmiotTilioi^H shipper^ it iTtntt*iid**d to dmpatch a ship from this port onrtlic 1st, 5th, rOth, 15th. 20th, ami ?>th ol Piirli mouth, coiiiih* nriiivf the lOfh October and continu* in#; omil May, wht-n rrttular da\ * will b** appoint**d lor the re* umuij.'T of lit* yrir, vrhcrvby Krt*at drUyt and diftappointinetits will ht pruventrd during tht* \utuiiu*r moiuha. The following ship) will commence tint irrantfi'ineiit : Ship YAZOO. Captain Cornell. Hhip U( O.NKK, Captain Jackson. Ship MISSlSSlrPI, Captain Milliard. Ship LOUISVILLE, Captain Hunt. Ship SIIAKSPfcAliK, Cai?taii? Miner. Ship OA8TON. Captain Latham. Ship HUNTSVlLLE. Captain Muinford. Ship OCMULttKE, Captain Leavitt. Ship NASHVILLE, Captain Dickinson. Ship SlKMmiS, Cap'tin Knight. Ship LOUISA, Captain Mulfonl. Their ihi|w were all built in lh? city of New York, evpreaaV u ptdu in of lifht draft of w^tur, have recently been 4 wl > - a i1 1 5 ukI put in splendid oruerSnth accommodations lor panetU' i* uni' quailed for comfort, riiey are commanded I by enrcricneed mutci.. who will make cri ry exerti.n to give satisfaction. l'Wey will at all tunc, be towed up and own the Miaaiaaippi by steamboats. Neither lite owners or captain, of theae vhi|* will be rraponvible for jewelry, bullion prerioua alonra, silver or plated ware, or Mi any h ton. parcel or package, vent by in put on board ol lilt in, tiniest regular bills of lading are taken for the name, anil the value thereon expressed. Kor freight or p usage, apply E K. 1 OLL1NS k CO.. 56 South at.,or lit LI.IN k WOODRUFF, Agent in New Orleans, who wil) promptly forward all good, lo their address. The snips of this lure are warrant* d to aail nunctually as advertised, and great cart w ill be takeu to bare lite goods correctly measured. m4 OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. &??> '"THE ULI^TTnE of Tsin^^^jTLiver|MH^w^^ereaft**r be T despatched in the following order, etcepting tiiat when liie day of sailinK fall* "ft Sunday, the ships will stil out he succeeding day. k'or New York. Kor Liierpoul. The SOUTH AMERICA, i June I July 10 C16 ton*, \ Oct 1 No** 19 D. It. Bailey, ( hVI. I Mar lis The ENGLAND, t lime I's Aug 7 Tjti Ions, < Oct I'l Der 7 B. L. VVaite. f Kcb II April 7 Tim OXKOIU), L July l Aug lb WW tons, < Nov I Dec 19 J. Ititlibone, f Match I April 19 Tht EUROPE. ( July 19 Hept 7 610 ions, { Nov 10 Jin 7 E (J. Mmhill | M<i l*? M?f 7 The NORTH A MERITA, i Ann l Sept 19 616 Mm. < Dr. I Jau IV A B. Low birr April I May 19 The NK.VV YORK, i Auk 19 "ft 1 ' 00 lorn. < Dec 19 Feb 7 T. B. t 'ropoer.l April 19 June 7 The CAMBRIDGE, l! Sept I Ore 19 600 ton*, . Jin I Kelt 19 W. C Barstow.l Miy I June 19 The COLUMBI'B, i,Hep4 19 Nov 7 1 700 Mtii, Jin 19 Mir 7 G. A. Cole. May 19 Ju(y 7 1 PuneMllity, aa regard- the day of iiiluiK, will be obieri .-il II lieri'Mlore. The price of lianase outward u now liieil il One ' Hundred Dollar*. Tor w hich ainplr tMret of everv den rumou will he provided, v illi the exception of wiihi in.I lijuort, wliicli will be furnished bv the su m aids. GOOD H UK kCO,6i *-nth st? C. H. MARSHALL. }s Burl.nwwlip, N, Y. je?l lyh BARING BROTH M<? fc 4*0 I I STEAM NAVIO>^^^^^^KKN ANTWERP AND NEW YORK, rid?s ntrriL 1 mp ton. BELGIAN STEAMER BRITISH QUEEN, M. M. Kr.iiti, ( oMMUDri. The days of di parluru of this weil-knuwu Steamship, lute been lived as follows : From Antwerp, From Southampton, From New York. On 4ih May. 1R12. On 7tli Slay, I047, On 7th J one, II42 /ti*r * 10th July, " 7th Ai|., " 7tli Brpt. " lOrh Sept. " ?|h Oct., " Price of passage, meals not included, to S.mti ,oii|K ui or Antwerp, 170?Steward's fees, $2 62#. The meali will be served on board, un the plan of continental botil, in the best 1 manner, ami at filed and moderate prices, passenger* being only -hargeil ? In ll pait ikinc of the lame. The price of passage to either of the above pom can also be engaged if prefrned, with meals and steward's fees inclndrd for 1 $97 6i# cents, exclusive of wines. An experienced Surgeon accompanies the ship. For freight or passage, or ?uy fnrther information, sp|>ly to 1 H. W. T. It H. MALI, X|tHi, a22 6tn^r__ _ 41 Beaver street. NEW IERSE1 RAILROAD AND TRANis POKTATION COMPANY. NKW YORK AND NKWARK. Kr'MnlM' of t'nnrtl.uult itieet. New Ikoik. J ( Every day?Sunday tlfe< vpted.) Leave. New York .^Y'ts T".kLy p v, Al I A. M. At i P. M. At 7* A. M. At IS f. M. 9 do. 4 do. 9 jl>. 3S do. j II 4* do. 10* do. 3 <h 6 do. 7 do | 8 do ' *? ON SUNDAYS. From the foot of Liberty street. I Leave New York, Leave Newark. At 9 A. M. and 4S P. M. At 12 Noon and 10 P. M. t NEVv YORK, ELIZABETH TOWNL WE9TFIELD, P1.AIN FIELD, BOUNDBROOK, SOMERVILLE, Ike. Daily. Leave New York. Leave Elizabeth Town. 9 A. M. A. M. 2H p. M. U M. I 4&P. M. J P. M. The tr?iin? of tin- Somcrrillc Railroad Co. connect with these |im*? each way daily, Sunday* excepted. ' Passrng'm are requested to purchase tickets at the office, foot of Liberty street. Fare between N? w York and Klizahelh Town 25 cents. Fare between do and Somerville. 75 cents. JfF.W YORK. RAHWAY AND NE\fr BRUNSWICK. Fare reduced. From the foot of Liberty street, daily. Leave New York. Leave New Bruiiiwick. At 9 A. M. At A. M. .. . M. , II A. M. k are between New York and New Bruuswlck, ">i cents. H-diwsy, 5g centi The lare in the 7Vi A. M. tram from New Brunswick, and 4\ P. M. train from New York, ha. heen reduced between New York and New Brunswick, to 60 cents. " and Rahway to 37V " The Philadelphia mail line losses through New Bruiuwick I for New York < very evening al 9 o'clock. On Sundays the 7)i A. M. trips from New Brunswick is omitted. , . Passengers who procure their tickets at the ticket office, re- , r?n r n iciry Timrr KrAiin. ? rrrnrpu oy flip condartor omy oB the day when purchased. m26 3ni# KAK I ANIi I* i: KM HIT li KlilM Kl>'. MMM, BOSTON, vn STONINOTON AND NEWPORT, rwmpoied of the following superior uti imfr?, running in connection ? ith ihe St .nirigtoii xml Pro*idcnca, and Bolton ^nd Provid< i? i i: i MASS \l HUSETT8, Captain Comstnck. RHODE ISLAND. (antel! Thayer. NARKAOANSEfT. Captain Woolly. MOHEOAN, Captain Vanderbilt. One ol winch will leara New Tork daily, (Sunday* e*- ' cep'ed) from Pitr No. I, North River, Battery Hire, at five 'clock, P M. ARR*!?orMitfrT. Tit* NARRAOANSET. on Monday, for Stnainglon, and Tfeuntdav. for Sfnningtnn. Newport and Prornlonce. The MASSACHUSETTS, on Tuesday, ior Stonington, Newport o:nl Proaidenie. and Eriday for Stoiiingtoti. Thr RHODE ISLAND,on Wednesday, for stoaingtnn, and Ssturjay, for Stoniiigton, Newpqit, and Providence. Pnarngers on the arrival of tne steamers at Stuiiiuctoii, m?', rake the Railroad t'.ara and proceed immediately to Provi i d, nee and Krawhr uiken ? the following inni lr redneed rafe? Jo Boeton, on annilt w el ilium foity poundr or npwarita to I the ruliie lool, at $S SO per ton, and on measurement goods 7 I MM I* I foot To Prnndrnee, on measiirein nf goods Srintt per enbie |M, ami ?P*I Ilic article* aa per tanf to be obtained at ollire Ti ' . ^roadway. mil 5n?i IS NE" ' IN KAILROADS & STEAMBOATS. POMEROY C O ALBANY, BUFFALO AND CH1< AGO EXPRESS. the subscriber* are now running a regular Kl|>(n> ?v?r In* itailrnails (o ami from Albuiv ami Buffalo, ami the intermediate placet, for FORWARIMNG, at low rates, witlilheut.iiiit peril, regularity ami safety, device Good*. Specie, llauk Notes, lmp.irt.iut Px|ier? and Valuable Packages?Will atteud to the nritotiation, transfer, colleetion or payment of Bills of Exchange, Note*, Drafts, Acceptances, Accounts, Ike., at reaiiable per eentage?execute oraert for tlir purchase or aalr ul Merch-eidise, Produce xud Manufactured Articles ot every de. liptioli, IN isnually, in tin- tewnsOt) their route, through Messrs. HARNDEN Ik CO'S EXPRESS 10 New York and boston, and . Mraara. llAWl.EY t CO.'S EXPRESS to and front Buffalo to Cleveland, Detroit and Chicago and intermediate places?forming at once llie inoal direct, speedy and l-erfed communication to and from the eastern aud western iliea, for the negotiation and transaction of all mercantile and pioleasioiial business, remittances, exchanges Sic. References?Eraxtns Coming, Thomas W. Olcott, Watts Sherman, A. D. Palchiu, Noah Lee, James Taylor, Theodore Olcott, Albany. Agencies?Bennett, Backus !t Hawley.Utira ; T. A. Smith, Syracuse ; A. G. Smith, Auburn; J. Kargn, Oeneva ; J. O. shepherd, Caiiandaigua ; David Hoy t, Rochester; John McIvenster, Lockivort; J. A. Claik, Batavia ; Thomas Blossom, Buffalo. POMEROY 4t CO", No. 5 Exchange Buildings, Albany, til :f Wall street. New V rk. RAILROAD LI Mr. TO MOKRISTOWN, SCHOOLEY'S MOUNTAIN, F.ASTON, OWEOO, ITHICA AND GENEVASMj Sigg s AND KSSEY RAILROAD?New arrangr-men ? Oominglicing July 2d, 1812. Leave Morris town at 6*4 A.M., and 2 I'.M. Leave Newark at 9 A.M. and 5 P.M. Leave New York at 8 A.M. and I P. M Pare between New York and Morristown, $1 00. Passengers by the moniiug train will be in Newark in time lor the 9 o'clock train to New York, and alto in time for the in Tiling and afternoon trains for Philadelphia. Office in Ne<v York, Ni w Jersey Railroad Office, foot of f'ourtlandt street, where the Agent, E. E. Jackson, will be found to take charge of the baggage. I'sMeiiaers leaving New York by the 8 o'clock train will always reach Morriatown In time for any of the stages going north or West. Stages will be in readiness at the Depot 011 the arrival of the firs, to convey passengers to either of the above named 1>! ices. The strictest punctuality will be observed in the hours of depirture and arrival. jyH Iw'c IRA DODD, Superintendent. FOR SCHOOLEY'S MOUNTAIN, i:.\ST(W HKTTiiIKI I E.\f TOWN, PENN. 1) lily, (Sundays excepted,) via?Elizalvetiilown and Somerville Railroad. Leave pier 1 North River, at 8)s o'clock, A M, by steamboat IJ Elizaheth|>ort, or leave the foot of Lilierty street at 9 o'clock V M, take the Philadelphia train to Elizabethtown, there to connect with the cars for Somerville; coaches from theuce alia tug at Schooley's Momitaiii early the same afternoon, at Kniton by 6 o'clock, Beclelumat I.N o'clock, and Allrntown 11 o'clock the same evening, For seats or further information, apply to A I) HOPE, Merchants' Hot eg;, 41 Courtlandt slrat, at the Railroad Office, foot oi Liberty street, orou board the boat. Fare through to Schooley's Mountain, $2,2.0 F is ton, $2.00 JBethelein, $2,70 " Allentown, $9,00 N B?Extras provided at the shortest notice. PS?This route 011 account of the short distance by coaches commends itself to the public patronage as being by fin the most pleasant and expeditious. jyG lm*c FUK1UHT AND PA88AUK TO~I?ITTHBURti. fflT*-v nT\ 'ifglBaa RvyM&aJ TrBox ciMK The proprietors of Bingham's Transportation Line to Pitts'ii'Tfi give notice to the Merchants of New York, and aJi other p-raoiis shipping to the West, that their line is now inactive jpcratiol' Goods oonsigned to lliein (or sent to go in the ir line,) will be forwarded witli despatch. Owners or shippers of goods, destined for the Westrm -a OC> wli/l 1,1V.. IkO l.,?t or Co.,. I..,..? 1, o .11 i?h ane* fonsigti their roods to William Bingham, Pittsburg, who will at if ml to snipping all such consilium nts without A ft good* should be marked distinctly ou eacn package BINGHAM'S LINK. For ?tes off reighl, which are as low as any other line, apply 0 WM. TYSON, Agent. No. 8 West street, opposite Pit r No. *l} N. H. N. B. Pass* tigers forwarded to Pittsburg aud PotUVille,every lay, Sundays excepted. Refer to R. Crooks. American Fur Co.; S. T. Nicoll, Front stivet Phelps, Dodge Ik '*o., Fulton street ; Snydair, * i|vIt Co; Win. VUinkin, Durye* k( >, Newark. me 3m RAII. ROAD ALBANY AND SARATOGA". Travellers^ to Saratoga Springs, Lake Get nutc, Whitehall and Lower Canada, are informed that they will insure to themselves an expeditious aud pleasant conveyance to the Springs b\* taking the Hail Ro.i I cars at Albany. HOURS OF DKPARTURK. From Albany. From Saratoga. At 0 o'clock, A. M. I At 7 o'clock, A. M " 3 ,# P. M. I ,# .IJf M P M. There is no change of Coaches or Baggage Wagons, or shiftu?_: of Baggage from one Steamboat to another^ on this route. Pissengers on their arrival at Saratoga, will find stage coaches in readini u to convey tnern to L tke George and Whitehall on Lake Champlain; connecting with ail the principal Northern mid F.<ufern Stage routes. \ Bug* (for the convenience of ptsaenffen >v 1 <> arrive by 1 afternoon train from Albany.) leaves Saratoga at 5 o'clock A. M. arrives at Whitehall in time for the departure of the t Itamplain steamboat of same day , and brings eastern trav Hers lo Rutland, Vt early in the evening. N. B. There are baggage wagons always in readiness, at AlI. ?nj\ on the arrival of the steamboats and rail road cars, to car . .... ... |W..||||. min i HI JII.I H.IIII llir urjn'l mill iriMMt II thf ntr nt('? rrMi p?T trunk or p?ckai:r, or 12)? i. on for onlin.iry travelling baggiiffr. i'lir ilrlitnum for |W writ arc liird fur the K-iunn al 7,l? uVWk, A. M. and 7 I'. M. JOI1N COSTKJAN, Saperintendrnt. Albany, Junr ?7tli, 1812. je27 5mr RAILROAD NOTICE! MARKKT AN1) KREIUHT LINK. Nmf'iuTi'N'^fc^ anlTNI^^TRK. MHE NKWJERHKV Railroad ami Traiunortation Com pany have established a Freight Line between NewJ Brunswick and New York, which they intend to run pertnau> ntlj'. Leasing New Brunswick at A. M. daily, (Sundays elected) and the foot oi Liber tyiltreet. New York, al 2% P. M. To country dealers and me. fl. Ants the above line is very deniable for the spegdy and cneap conveyance ol merchsndise f every description, and more particularly to Drovers and Dealers ill Live Stock, wlto can h*ve 1A0 head of cattle conveyr I between New Bmnswick and New York, the same day whenever required. Tlie rates f??r the transportation of cattle, horses, mules, -beep, hogs, lie. and all other kinds of merchandise are very l--w, never exceeding steamboat prices. Merchandise sen: by tliia line is not subject to any extra i ug? iii rosliug (lie North Ris ?-r. i ! ?* Company luv?- fitted up a hrge storehouse at New Uiaiuwick, adjoining the Railroad Depot, which will always veopen for the rvre|Hi,>n of metrhandise. P.t?*usurers purchasing their tickets at the tickrt offices, will r< eeivr teny tickets gratis. 17" Freight IW Newark, Kliaahethfown, Rahway, WestPeld, Pit iune Id, Scotch Plains, Bound brook wnl Sotncrville, is onveycd by the above lines, and delivered the same day when ? ccivrdL mil ll* ? U( LAN HOl'81 i mg Brat l Ku J* Df wn\ D"ck, Middlt-towu, K ?f- Blown Dock !9Cwi9Cj|^vnd Red B?nk, Shrewsbury.?The steamboat IOLAB, Capriiu Allaire, will le*%?> New York lYom Fulton VI Ml... L-?. L? - - - -- - ? . - ?- r nii|>, r.111 nnrr.ririj innnnni( Tin II ripri mr rvcil It ink. (eicent ThiiraUay, on which d*v 'he boat goe a lo Eatou'*[' Dwk.) Reluming, will leave at I o'clock each day. Hie lulu will tan aa above, iuii?iIiuii and w.athrr permitHitf. until further notice. All freight and baggage at tli? n?k of the owners thr-eof. Jan* ?l, IM. MBtkW KENNEBEC ANU BOSTON. fi&k The "t w ami i|i|*i>did 4MIMI J, W. Kit II- I flw~i MONO. Natli.niel Klin hall, matter, wilk JC_JK-jK_ leaee thi- north aid* of T. wharf, Boston, very T#*aday ami Friday evening at T o'clock, for Otrdnier and H vllowell; and re'unung will leave Hall..well an Mondays and Thursdays at Ih I'. M.,landing rarli way at Bath. Kara ftvvm Boston to Hallowed, f t (mi Bath, I M Stagra will be in readiness on th* arrival of thr boat at llal- 1 lowed, lo ronvrv i?a*utm to Augusta, Waterside, lltngor < Brlfatl and Quebec. [wi travelling lor pleaauri will timi 1 few] tileaaanlct routes than tlna our to toucher, aa it ruiia 1 through a conutry atmiliiding in beautiful scenery?th# roaala * arc Rood, and thr hut*la wr'.l kr|d?the dialanr* JIO milra. jylOtm'c 1 .MV) -51 ( Hh \ r h \ ' I lt~l"N, . II rfcA-C^Biiika, - ict fiaeaibya awd KnM-W .1 L-? 1,.Ita rarh way-rti* atram. r . NAPOLEON, < aid. Hoicoa, will run regularly In the above place every lair day, andlravr ?? follows?Fool of Hammawd alrrrt at 9 o'clock, I alul atrrrl rpiartrr iwat k, Market atrert half paat 9, Catharine ferry Brooklyn i\, pier No. I North river at 10 o'clock. ... . On Tuesdays and Kridaya ihr Nap 'Iron will IBil' afternoon rtciiraioti* to Coney Itlaml, landing at r"rt Hamilton and ( B.ith?(the sir imbout tbneral Jackson will rniitiuni to run to thr lamr place every otlirr day in thr week)?and leave aa Tot- ( lowi?Foot of Hammond atrert at i o clock, t iMl street at a j I]uarter paat I, Pike atrert nirr No I at I o clock?k air >, rrntaearh way The boat will remain at < OWry Island one lionr and a half, ami arrive in New V?*k hy J o'clock. _ STATEN ISLAND KKKKV Foot nf Whitehall atrert. The Mteainera RTATEN ISLANDER and SAMSON m S?u W Vork ami fltiten Ulaml i-rrr)* hour, from 8 A f? 7 * All goods are reiitnred lo lw uUrly marked, Mid.wy t! wi nak <>f fh,. nor? tlwrgoj I ' A**- PASS VflF." Ftlit 1.1 \ k. It I I)(H,?S ilia on Mon fffy ^ neat ?,h.J"|y-The w< II known very fast sail . SatrNNha'ng ship CHESTER. Ciptam John Doyle, w iil a?il I aitlv iv on Monday neat the jjth inaiant II mug handeomr I'lrma'ed state rooma for fonrteen calnn passengers, winch will he taken very low, an.l the between derka n| Hoa ship for slerr ;e pisicngeia la over eightIcet high, very airy and spacious, therefore It it by far the mot comforta'dc and desirable com e--anre for Cioae who are about rial jug the old omntr\ For paaa ge, which will he very anode rate, apply on board at I irr No. 13 Kti! Hiyer. or to ROCHK, BROTHER* la ( o, 35 Fulton at, neat door lo the Fulton Bulk. O-.vhin pt ,ttse $<10. jy pi r || \ \ i I \ i. I' \ I I II w imced paper, |Tii Iin'r * 1 PI ERRE * BROOKS. ?t Liberty at. \f OSS "hi I"I s I.I.I) 1 M .. |" T >h hi H K. K COLLINS k t O jylJe 5ti South street w ro B\V YORK. SUNDAY M< WATERING PLACES. &C. SHARONSPRINGS. ' PHK PAVILLION.?This new commodious Hotel will We *- open for tlie reception of \ i*itors on ami alter the first ol' iune lieit. at the Village of Hharon Springs, Srholwirie County, New York. The clear pure water of the springs, greatly resembling those ot the white sulphur spring* of V irgima, have been proved to be highly effieirious in Rheumatic, Cutaneous, Bilitousaud Dyspeptic complaints; and in the cure of Krvamelas, Sallrheuui, Scrofula, Liver i'omplaiut, and general uemlity, and in many ether respects, possess (as certified by souitfof the most eminent medical professors in (he United States) medicinal and lo-aling properties unsurpassed, and believed to be unequalled by any in this country. Added to these, the rides in the vicinity, numerous villages, niriiKKr ii'iu, ni-iuiio-'miit cavcj and roinanUC .emery arr imoiw llir many attractions ofurvti to tln-se scrkiiiti in tin- heat ol" tumincr, cither health or pleasure. These springs are hut a few hours ride froto Sarotoca, Troy, Alhanv. ice., and are acceasahh- from Cauajoharie on tne Albany and Utica railroad, where carriaaes daily await the arrival of tin morning cars from Schenectady ami I tica. to carry visitors to the Springs, a distance of about eight miles, arriving in time for dinner; also by the Albany and Cherry Valley turnpike by daily stages, being about forty-five miles West of the city ol Albany. Warm, cold and shower Baths furnished at all times, either of .h .mineral or fresh water, and every attention given to reutier the stay of visitors agreeable. All abundance of the puicsl mountain spring Ice is stored for the seiisou. (i W. B. UfcUNKY. THE SPRINGS HOTEL.?This Hotel will be opened at the ab<>vi- village of Sharon Springs, for the reception ol visitors, and combiuiug all the advantages of this delightful summer residence. JOHN V. ETTEN. *29 lOwitaw'r CATSKILL MOUNTAIN HOUSE, AT THE PINE ORCHARD.?UU2. 'PHIS romantic and fashionable resort will be conducted durI inftlu pn lent m won nneey tie direction umI uperlnten* dance of the subscriber. It has undergone a coimilwle and | thorough repair, and is now open for the reception ol visitors, i No effort will be spared to maintain the deservedly high cliarae- I ler which it has heretofore acouired. As heretofore, its tables will he furnished with t very delicacy I ili.u the New York ourktl can afford; andnyefj PoaaiMeet* tent ion that can promote i lie convenience and einoyinent of its patrons will be promptly bestowed. The road (wading to this establishment and especially that part of it on the mountain, has been rendered perfectly smooth and safe. Messrs. A. h . Beach it Co.'* excellent line of stages will run I as heretofore regularly betweeu the landing and the Mountain j House, on the arrival ol the boats. C. L. BKACH, Proprietor June 13th, 1812. jeM 3mr BATH HOUSE, LONG ISLAND.?This long and welt known boarding and sea bathing establishment, having recently undergone numerous improvements, among which is the erection of several elegant summer hosues ujmmi the margin of the oceaii, is now open fi* the reception of company during the season. The great extent of private beach on this shore?ihe jxrfect security in batlung, even for ladies and children, (the bathing houses being within a stone's throw of the mansion)? the shady, cool and delightful locust grove adjoining the house ?the pleasant rides in tin surrounding countr/?dwewslkai fishing grounds and other sources of healthful recreation and tin use ment?I he beautiful view of the Atl. niic ocean and the lower bay, almost constantly enliv< n.-d by iiiim- nun v?-sv? ls arriving or outward bound, render this situation in every re?pcct uus <]ualled by auy in the vicinity. Its accommodations \re ainpTe, the rooms airy and the tem|K*r<ilure. even in the warmest days of summer, anything but oppressive. The convenience ofcommunication and distance, (being but nine miles fiom Brooklyn,) the access by stages at hours accommodated to business render it peculiarly well adapted as a residence for gentlemen of basic *ss in New York. jcl29ut+r WILLIAM BROWN, Proprietor. BATH BUILDINGS, ~ 1JORMERLY RRNSHAW'S, at Long Branch.?Ttus etI tensive and delightful Sea Bathing LstabPshmeut will be opened by the subscriber on the 27th June, instant. lie hegs respectfully to lufiorin its former patrons ami the public, that considerable additions and alterations, encreasing the comforts, have been made since last year, and will be ill complete readiness foi their accommodation. Wishing to he as reasonable as the limes will afford, the board will be seven dollars per week as last year, instead of ten dolI ys as formerly. Children of a certain age and servants half price. Iliu*i ? lull ini, lit lii>|?s hr may .ay wiilionl unpiualion, (hat table anil accoiiiinodatious will be ec,ual to any mi Loin; Branch. Young people nut riiiuiring too imuh room, will liml accommodating terms. jr22 Im'r JAMKS ORKKN. BOARDING. AT DEAL. MONMOUTH, CO. N. J, I" EWIS F. HANK INSON respectfully informs his friends ami the public that he has fitted up in the host style the house tormerly occupied by Jacob Corles, at the above place,in the most heathful situation on the sea coast, about 7 iniles from Ked Bank, and fourteen from Higitown. Stages pass through and fro to meet the Philadelphia cars. The terms of board will lie found very moderate. Also, stabling, file, for horses, on i ry rtMoosble km i. L. F. If. pledge* hi rose If that no effort of his will he wanting 10 render those who patnmist him Comfortable, and that his house will he found equal to any along the coast. je30 1 in r M NORTH CANAAN, (Conn.) July n, ISO.?J <. piW Dear Sir.?For several days past I noticed , J-^JLin your daily(which by the way I receive regular) \ our description of Fashionable Watering places, and I looked i 'hem all over hut did not find any mention made of OUR HOUSE. Now very likely you have never heard of this place, as 1 built it hist autumn just in time to take a small snrinkle of the winter travel from New York to Albany, and by the way s veral gentlemen from your place, thought they would call this summeraad spend a few weeks, hut as I generally satisfy a man that calls once that he cannot do better than to call again, I doubt whether I will see one of them uutilfnext w inter, then I am sure of them, as tins will he about as good a route as they . ... f.L.. ??th*. rail r.iail will lit* fr..... M.. .11 . West Stockbridge, and that perfects tW chain of rail mad from tireenlmsh lo Bridgeport. Now, sir, I wish you to understand something of the particulars of our locatiou. We are within one mile of the north litie of the State of Connecticut, surroiisilcil by tlie tallest kind of mountain*, and on the top of one of them is a splendid lake, that abound* in fish almost as tall as the mountain itself; we hare other very line lakes. The Housatonic River one half mile from us, and the trihutary streams of which I hazzard nothing in saying for Trout and 1 I'ike fulling, are not second lo any in New England, if in the world. Tneii there is no arbitrary law about bird* in our adjoining towns in Massachusetts, perhaps a few could be caught, and put a few of tlicin with plenty of fish, and We will have a tolerable dinner. The way to get from your place to this, is { i ii >t to 11 i \ v to Catharine Market slip and take the stsaiweir Nimrol, (which by the way is a rraft hard to beat) and on your arrival at Bridgeport take thr cars on the Hoiisatonic rail road, which will let you otf at ourhouaeat precisely i o'clock. P. M. Suppose you call up yousselj*, and ask your friends to none. Tin re are the fills too, soine fifty feet per|iendicu!e.i, more or less, that might be named, hut I am net Hisimsed to tell you all about this section, as I had rather people should look it over for lliruiselvrs. By the way, pay your fare on board the boat i through, as you savehalf a dollar in the fare, it then being only S2.30 from New York to here. The cam leave Our House daily, and passengers breakfast here and dine in New York. Yours, with resjiect, j 14 2w*c JOHN BAK8TOW. llEDFORD MINERAL, 8PKINO8?This well known IJ watering place, situated in Bedford County, Feiuisj lvania, is now open for the reception of visitors. i To those who have never visited thr Springs, it may be neces< -ry to say that they arc situated near the great Western Turnpike, which passes through Pennsylvania from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh, a few inilei east of the chief elevation of the Alleghany Mountains. Every thing lias been provided at this watering place to render a sojourn pleasant to those who arc seeking health or enjoyment. Amusement will he found suited to all tastes, and a good baud of inusic will be in attendance. , A daily stage will leave Chainbersburg in the morning, and 1 arrive at the springs the same evening, or if persons prefer the ' Baltimore and Ohio Rail Road to Ilincock, will have daily ' conveyances from there lo the springs. The liberal |ustrouage eittnded to the subscriber the two last ' seasons, will ensure the renewed exertions the coming season, ', f ir t1 e amusement and comfort of his guests. WILLIAM REYNOLDS. ! jeffleod lm*r Proprietor. | DRV GOODS, &c. ! TO THE LADIES. I' FASHIONABLE MILLINERY GOODS.-Thr prnprie" trrsg, Miss S Kl NO, <1 augliter of the celebrated Csrl King, ' offers f?>r sale a most select and choice aaaortmcnt of Millinery | . Goods, for the spring trade, never as yet presented to the pale j lie, both aa regards the quality and cheapneaa of the article* | i The aaaortmcnt consists of the following :? I The celebrateiTSILK HAT, CALLED OAPOTTE D'OR- , LEANS, aa worn by La Dachrtae D'Orleana, of Franca, i SlIED SILK, ENTIRELY NEW AND ORIGINAL STYLE And Lawn Hats do do?An cutire new style o ? data called , " MOD1NE CAPOTTES. ELSSLER , COTTAGE.'5 Parisianand English FANCY STRAWS, of the finest tea- ! tore, in great variety. Tin* Proprietress reapectfullv solicits the ladies to favor her 1 wilh aesll, and examine her elegant and varied stock of Mil- ' liner) for themselves, before tin y purchase elsewhere, as it will lie a great saving to them in price and a great ad vantage as I regards the variety and quality of the goods. I MISS S. KINO, Magazine do Modes, i jeW lm*r _ Broadway. c vSHIRTS, SHIRTS. i I TNITED STATES SHIRT MANUFACTORY,77 Wil- r I ism sticet, corner of Liberty, N. Y Notice is hereby liven to Merrlnnts and traders in general, that the proprietors of ilir shove establishment have adopted a new method of maunfactoring which enablea them to sell their shirts at a cheaper rat e than am other lioaae In this city. This statement will be iflfn nird b\ the list of prices as follows:? Per Doz. Fine Muslin Shirts, with Linen Bosoms and Collars, $7, V) Do stitched in the Bosom and Collar 9,00 Do Color d line palerns, large sizes 7,00 b Also, a Urge quantity of Bosoms and Collars constantly on land, which will be offered cheap for cash, jyl lm*r . SUMiMER STOCKS, J SCARFS. CRAVATS AND GLOVES. II ST RECIVED, a rish supply of the above articles, ron'' sisting of a very light and elastic stock, expressly lor the niimiirr mouths. Also?So*f. and Cravats, in great variety. \ large astoriment of Silk, Thread, Cotton and Hortkin I ilovi .? it the old establishment ,{211 Broadway, liet ween I'ark Place and Murray street. PARSKLL9. Agent for J. AGATE. q N. B. ComUntlvon hand, an extensive assortment otLinen ind Muslin Bliirta, Linen Dress Fronts, Linen Collars, Under . Garments,Itc.Ac, Jy 12 lm"c L I MPORTA NT TO THE PUBLIC. \LI. who w ish to ccotiomixe can obtain Clothing of the best n qudity remarkably cheap, at M Canal street, one door V .veil of Hudson. Also, a large assortment of Cloths, Casslmeres Vestings, and Summer Goods, from which Clothing of . ,11 kinds ire mole to order in the best manner at very reduced [ Hires, air Canal street. je!9 3m*r ^ SII I R T S . sJlllKTA mule to order, after the most approved French ,| ' fsshions. (Jenllemen's (larmi nu of all deacnpliona made to v irder at the shortest notice. , ,1 Genii, men's Furnishing Store t7 and (? Maiden lane, corner ? "L^'im's" "tr" '' WILLI AM COLLINS. " lllLLIARftS^TlTr aiil>*rrilM-r havinif lea*i d the ?parioti? ( I * LuiMifitf No. 119 Broadway. corner Liberty t'rttt, hti fitted it >ihi *1 aikfjd ?toriei for Biniard8.ilnmi%wm? five tables. The . ha?e Bern newly pointed and tnrnuhed throughout. A l?ilronv live tret wide rttfinls all armtnd the building. making ( if mi anv and delightful resort lor llwur Rmd of tni* nnsltny ? nu pni<-ill. II* fi #1? r?infid? nt that hi i friend* and the W>llf f i?? rd ttnly call on hun |o bfCuinr i&liifii'd that hr it entitled to pKltlni'i JOSEPH J. BLA' Ki,lN, RK K !)RNING, JULY 24, 1849 FURNITURE. ! GEORGE W. DAWSON, I Yholeeale and Retail Furniture and General Pur- 1 nnhing IVurehoust, A'o. 1)7 Chatham street, corner ?/ J inane street. New York. WHKKK In* keeps for sale a I argr aaaor Intent of tlir followill utldei. vii,: Siili hoards, Bureau*, Bedsteads, Cot*. Tables, Chairs, Office ami Portable Desks, Olass Cases, Book C srs, Looking Ulaaii, Dining, Centre. Tea ami Pier 'I ahlrs, Pianos, Solas, Sola Bedslcads.Brds, Ufuiliiu, l>?li*<eti>Nl Mil* tresses, Carpel*, Oil Cloth, Malting and hire Irona, WmIi Stand*, Toilet Tables, candle St.-gr.U, Bureau ll< ad* Dressing Bureau*, Safes, itc. Also, a large assortment of men aud woinru'a Wvariug Apparel, new and tecond banded. All the above article* are offered to the public at very ' low price*, Persons in want of said articles w.uild find it to I llteir advantage to make an early call at the above esutdishin-nt. Shipping order* punctually attended to and p .eked ta the shortest notice, auO ou reasonabU' term*. Mattresst*, Bedding, 4ic for tittiuit out re?sels, constantly ou hand. All order* to the above establishment will be pa.utunll/ at- I tended to and thankfully received. I PI. B.?The highest price* will be given for Second Hand Kuruiture, and UcuUcmeu'. and Ladies' cast off Clothing. a22 dm * r _ CHINA, CLASS, AN!) EARTHENWARE. 8 ASTOR HOUSE. N' H PORCELAIN dinner srrvictrj, M5|?-?, t'l'i IHt 1 Wnitr Otuiltp " " IU " 1.1 u? t'leoeHor Knifliih P.rr.Uiu TV. Hell, 31 " 4 UU Dinner I'lale* Kreneli I'nrceUm |m-i do/.eii t 91 " " Grairitr. blue, or wliitu I oil SOUP I ?<> ' Kreneh ixirceUin, do* 2 (XI Tea ciifa and s.iHccra, 24 piece] " 1 Ml Em cupa U7 aun. Cut wiue?, |>er dozen, from 1 50 ' Tumbleri, " " ihi Lemonade] handled " 2 25 TABI.k CUTI.rRr, Of the tiuf at description, in sets or do/e ns, at the low iiriea of $12 (Ml the set. Just o|>ened a liaudsoiue auortment of Toilet ware, R. KIMI'SON. N. B. Aiteut for the sale of Sim|nou'? Ear Oometi, lor the relief ol d> afnesi. j, 22 |m*c CHEAP HA ED WARE STORK fPHK Subscriber is now opening Ins Spring supply of 1 HARDWARE AND CUTLERY, received |? r Wearrivals trom Birmiiitrlfctii) and Sb**ffirM. (together w ith a gviieml assortment, of Domestic * toons Wnich lie is prepared to offer a ^!.e very LOWEST CASH PHI (EH. e atteutiou ol" Country Merchants, Buihh-rs, Cabinet > Ate., is solicited it) au examination of bis stock and iihe is confident tliey will liud it to their interest r liiin with a call. ALFRED K. f.AtiRAVE, i 210 Greenwich. corner Barclay. .Now York. i A regular supply of FALL RIVFIR CUT NAILS, and Coouer * (tine. Also?a complete assortment of Mechanics' I Tools, James' Screws. &c. ui2 3m* ? pHEAt TiFTTSLSTHV- \C! HEED. 328 Broedway, be- 1 tweto While und Walker strOet.?Carpels of every de- , script ion inade am) altered to fit the most intricate moms?Curtains made and altered to the latent sfyh*. Matrasses, sofas, and e;isy chairs, made to order to match any description of luriii- ' lure. The Subscriber not having expenses of a store to pay. is ' enabled to make any of the above articles at such prices to suit ! the times. ' Persons purchasing CarpeU and Oil Cloths can have a word of udvicr, uy calling as above. Pajwr Hanging. Car|>ets clean- , ed. (jrc.'UM spot* ? \? rai led. Jkc. j y (. I in * c.e j REFINED SUGAR, WINES,? IITELLlNOTON A. CARTER, Wine and [om mission ,i Y* Merchant, No. i New street, one door from Wall street, a has just received liom the refinery a quantity of superior dou- ? hie and aim le reliued Sugar, insinall loaves, which he will sell at his usual low rates, in parcels to suit buyers. W. A. Carter** assortment of superior Wiuc* cannot fail to please. The old Lmncliuo Madeira of 1812, in bottles and in . pines,hhds. and ijr. ca^ks of various ages; cliaimtignt,claret and | other light Wines of the choicest oramls, always on sale at low prices. Orders for any kind shall be faithfully executed. Iy7 lni*r "GOOD SUMMER WINE. T B. 8TOVVENEL. Importer of Kreneh Wines of d the most approved brands,, Bordeaux Claret and other Wines. He has removed from his old stand, til Nassau street, to No. 21 Ann street, (mar Nassau) basement. Always on hand, the best and moist rr.cktrrhe Wines, St. Jtili tm Montlermit, St. EsteVe, Laiitte, Medoc, ike. in barrels, h ill c.uks and cases. Also, Champagne, various brands; Bur- t gundy. Hermitage, Itc.; superior Cognac Brandy; best quality (Jin, Port Wine, Portugal and Spanish Wines. J. B. 8. will also sell by the dozen bottled Wine for private families, which will lie sent to any part of the city, alio by the gallon or otherwise, to those who may favor him w ith their patronage. c No Wines are impure sold by him, as he imports them direct. .(L/ :* J- B. 8. has opened a boarding house at Ifobnketi, op|?osite Van shall Garden, on the main road, wheie is kept an assortment of t|iH best Wines. Private parties supplied with good "HATS. 1 HATS! HATS! HATS!! BROWN Si CO'S One Price Ilat Store, wholesale anil rej tail, 179 Chatham Sqnare, corner of Slolt street, where |" faaliioti, beauty, ilurability anil economy are combined to adorti tbe bead. _ | The proprietor* liare the pleasure now to offer in addition to their recently unproved snort napped Hat, a new style, the imitation of beorerr, which so closely resemules that of all furs the most costly ami beautiful, that the difference Is not easily [ perceived. Price three dollars. We strictly adhere to the one price cash system, which enables us to furnish a very su|ieriar V Hat for the price charged, lu nrescnting these Hat* to the I public the proprietors think they nave reached the ultimatum v of beauty, durability, cheapness and comfort. m4 Sm* MISCELLANEOUS." ~ J SUPPRESSION OF QUACKERY * (&.IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEM^NT.-CSS H THE COLLEGE OK MEDICINE & PHARMACY QE8PE0TKULLV inlorm the citizens of New York that they have appointed the following Si b-AriKrsTt m this city J. W. Bassktt, OH Broadway. . Dk. E. M. Ut'toif, 127 Bowery. p Or. Kttto, 287 Hudson street. Ei,ias L. Thrall. S48 Grand St. Or. Nrw waji. 132 Cherry street. The Preparations of the College may now be Had of those 'j Principal Offices of the College lor New England,af Treinont , Row, Boston. Principal Office ol the College for New York, at fl7 Nassau '? itreet. By order of the College, 11 jy21c W S. HICHKDSON. Agent. ECONOMY, ELEGANCE, AND GOOD p LIVING. 1 "pHE undcrtigncd lias, at a ^reat expanse, fitted n|> one of the A largcit anu moat aplendid Coffee and Eating Hontea in t, Vew V (irk. in which one hundred persons at least tan ait down lr ii an excellent and substantial breakfast, dinner,ai|d tea, [from lie choicest supplies of the markets, with a bill of fare not es- ,, ellcd either as regards quality or number of dishes) by any ho- Cl el in the United Stale., and varyinit in prices front six cents to t| me shilling and eighteen pence |irr dish. The purest Java and nl Vlocka coffee and the very best teas, and served xt only three .)( lenU |iercup. And all oilier refreshments in pronpition. The J,, eaiters are uniformly civil anil polite, and every visitor may be issurrd of feeling ill this establishment quite at home." In act, every de|iarlmelit of the business is under th? sii|icrinteii- y lence of comiietent overseers, whose solr care and attention are 0 lirected to the comfort and conveniences of customers and ? ruests. % HENRY GOSLING, Proprietor of the French and American Eating House, Nos CI and GG Nassau st, between Jelui st and Maiden I.ane, P. H.?Open Sunday* for breakfast, dinner and tea. jeltO 3inr A-UNANuTTOF AIR AND OF SCENE is not only I J\ msfittial to health, but * great source of enjoyment in the 4uinm< r season to (lie resident* of a crowded city. For this, uniting can compare with a JAUNT TO HOlOKKN, to hose who can leave New York only for a few hours. It* ihady and diversified walks along the river?the invigorating r. ) from the water?the picturesque beauty of its scenery hi -the inanv fine and com minding views presented from the rnmvnit of Point, and other point* in these enchanting ? [rounds?the romant ic site of the Sybil's Cave? tke delight fu) p reninr? of the Ely?ian Fields, ei liv? ued iu the alltfrnoon t>y au icellent band of music, all conspire to render llf* by far the nost favorite place of Slimmer resort. Access is rendered easy >y the Birclay, ('anal, and Christopher street Ferry Boats, shich ply constantly during tin da slid w mug 1 ? fw po A M ATfc I IIS OF THE H,l I K Mr BARTON, -1 pupil of the late celebrated Flaiittst, Charles NiclmUon, living recently arrived from Europe, begs to inform the public hat it is his intention to devote a portion of his time in giving nstniction on the Flute, according to the syhteiri of the above elebrated master. For terms, apply at 77 Chambers-street, Broadway, from the PO (JUN DKALKR8 Onus, Pit toll, afed Spirting J?< A articles:? ^ 'r 100 Sindu Barrel Fowling: Pieces 100 Double CIiius, imitation twisted t 300 do do real twisted and patent Brrech. 4000 Pairs of Pi.tols?assorted?Ilifldifferent vprieties. w Rifle* and Rifle RwrcU?Locks and trimmings (Mine Baits?Powder Flasks and Percussion Cftps Sporting articles generally. The above articles will be sold at unheard of low puces, y A. W. HPIKS Ac CO. i V Iri I in c _ 318 K arl st reet. [RON,CAST IRON,AND I STEEL RENDERED ? RUST PROOF, FOR ONK t. f.lMT PKK IHMINI) ONI.V til " Mir. WHOI.K IMPORTANT ART AND MYSTERY "" OF (iAI.VAMSING itherwisf/inking Iron, t'ast Iron, and Steel, Are., made plain and easy to every one, [with an ? ngraving of the Tools . necessary in this new business.) /I Ky (JKOkUE JOHNSON, Formerly fr?e Merchant of Calcutta. H" This bonk is for sale at all the Booksellers. Price 3i cents P' uly?or addreiis per letter, post paid, Mr. (Jeorge Johnson,.c.ue 1 lessrs Butlers, No 8 Clold st. je?. Im'r * HOT AND COlTl) SALT V^ATEII BATIIS~ 3 AUINKAU'S New Hot and Cold Salt YYater Batha, ?t v tli, foot of Dnbroiw* strict, (third picraoothof CauA in. r..-t, North Hirer.)art- now open for the accommodation ol fit alii liilici mil imlnmtn. Open from aunria. until II o'clock it t niirht. .... ' N. B. The water wlicir til. batlu are italiom d has b..n fciieui d, which a. pure aa any other situation in the til. icmitv or Nrw York. On Tii.aday'a the Bath ia riclnaivrly i iolrd to ladiea in til J P. M. A hand of mtiair will b. in nt- ',r ndance rtr.ry [di lannt riming. Price of a cold hath 1?^ cla, 1|r nrm hath. SV Jr,K' . h. KIM, AVI.OAT? 'AW laaa nayriior quality Scotch Coal |,, VK.k h MrMIIRRAY, luo Pin. at. cot. of South. \ IV Mr _ a iONSIONK.ES | * i BiilisK ti ir.|iir < Oimtoaa 1,1 Arran from > l.ivrrponl, will pl.aae awml ilwir inmita on hoard. pier ij Pi II, or to the offic of tl?. subscriber w ilhont delay. All goods ' ii permitted in lite Jayi must nnan idablv b. ?.nt to i,nhlic h. or... JOHN HERD,MAN, > jy6c il South it A [ERA MISCELLANEOUS. J fTMTKl) STATKS KXPRK8S M All FROM NKVV U YORK TO BOSTON?With a view to gin* the greatest }M>s?iblf convenience, deiiMloh and lerurily to the* nu n * in,; communication between Boston and this city, the Post Master Of in-nil lia? established ifi;iiUrly aworti !\lr?-.?oixeis attached to ilit* Df p.ntinciit from this iitylo Boston utide r tlif initiodiatr supe rintendeiice of the undewum I to commence on the JOtli instant. To carry out to the fullest possible extent, these views of the Pott Master (tciiera!, letters for Boitiiii, Pro\idcnce ami N?*w Bedford w ill be resets ed oil board tin regular 6 ? 'clock Mail Boat, (and if desired postage ran Ik1 paid) from balf*past four >Ylock up to tin* time of its departure for Boston. Public notice U therefor* hereby {given of the above irrange .... ..v, nnu ou iTMyiM ma) iriv Hi I'll ini' increasing Mlligciice willi winch all mail mailer w ill I** forwarded as above in tin shortest possible space of time, and with tin* greatest security. HAKNDEN it CO. General Mail Agents. N? w Yi.*k. July Uih )y I'.i 2w i itnTted States express mail from new YORK it BOSTON.?Post Office N'tw York, July 17, 1112 ?The Post Master General, with a view to the accommodation of the public, and to increased despatch and security,has established an Express mail,to expedite which Messengers w ill be employed under the immediate supervision and direction of Me* >rs. Haitideu &c Co., for carryiujf the Mails between this i it> and Boston, and the important intermediate places, with directions to cause the delivery at tlie earliest possible time. Letters will he received on hoard the Stouiuglon Line of Steamboats which carries the Mail via Stoningtoii and Providence to Boston, from half past 1 o'clock until the time of deMrtiui.darif whichtiiwpoUiiv can Im paid.? Letters will be received at tills office up to 4 o'clo. k P. M. This airaugemeut w ill go into operatiou on the 20ch iiutf. jy 19 2wr JOHN LORIMEli GRAHAM, P. M. nOHT OKKK K, N.-w Ymk, Jul. U, 1HH!.-I NITKD 1 STATES EXPRESS MAIL belwrtu NEW YORK, AI.BANV, AND BUFFALO.?The PoUmiul.r Oracrul, w ith a view to the accommodation of the public, and to increased h spatch and security, has established an Exprt ss Mail, to rxpelite which messenger* w ill be employed under the i hi mediate iiiperiiitt ndence of Mr. K. Jkkom*. Hi mpiirky. for carrying lie Mails between this city Albany Buffalo, and the interimliate places, (including Troy) with directions to cause the de ivery at the earliest possible time. Letters will he received on hoard the '> o'clock steamboats, which carry the Mails to Albanv, Troy, and intermediate daces, from half-past 4 o'clock,PM, until the time ofdeparture, luring which time postagecan be paid. Letters will also be received on board the boat carrying the Mail direct to Albany , which leave* at 7 o'clock P. M., fioin lalf-past G o'clock I' M, until tlietiineof departure, a letter hu In ing placed oil hoard said boat,under the lock of the department. The Messengers will go through to Buffalo, and are instructed 0 exert the greatest diligence in the performance of their duics. The arrangement w ill commence on tin 20th inM. After the 20 th I list. letters by the o'clock steamboat will he received at this office up to -I o'clock, P. M., and letters for the 1 o'clock boat until Co'clock, P. M. 8w . john lor1mer graham. p. m. U~ nited states express mail f5s albany AND BU FKALO.?With a view to give the greatest posvible convenience, despatch and security to the increasing communication on the great Western Iloute from this city, the Postmaster General has established, regularly, sworn messengers attached to the department, from this city to Buffalo, unJer the immediate superintendence of the undersigned, to commence on the 20th inst. To carry out to the fullest possible extent these views of the Postmaster General, letters will be received on board the regu ar 5 o'clock mail boat, (and, if desired, postage can be juiid) rom hat" past 1 o'clock , I' M, up to the time of its departure,for \lbany, Tioy.aiid the intermediate points; also on hoard the 7 Pclock boat, for Albany and all places West,and for Troy, from ialf-pa*t 0 o'clock, P M, up to the time of it* departure. All etters deposi'ed in the Post Office of fliia city fui the 7 o'clock dail, directed to Albany and Troy, and to Buffalo and infertileliate places, will he forwarded from Albany by the Express dail, under charge of the same messengers. Public notice is therefore hereby given of the above arrangement, and all persons concerned may rely upon the unceasing iligetice w ith w Inch all mail matter w ill W forw arded as ho vi* in the shortest possible space of time, and with the greattt security. E. JEROME HUMPHREY, i i neral M all Agent. Ncw York, July 13th. 1812. jy 17 2w r SILK BANNERS, ?tc. [JANN1NGTON k CO., 291 Broadway, near Read street, I I Resnectfullv inform the Order nf I O nf fl f1 *? ?.! t??..;? i lends generally, 'hit they are now pre pared to execute orders or Plais and Biooen in the moat superior style for beuty, I nubility, and economy, hating Hi Ik . made for tin ex press ocanion that will make the largest banners without disfiguring it tithaseam. Kneciiti?ti* aud Designs can b** seen at their Kstablishmenf, 93 Broadway, or sent to any part of the Union. Kor At\ le, design, ami execution of works of the kind, we rei r to the Getty's Burner, No. II, I, O. of (>. K., as also to sreenwieh, No. 10, Harmony, 11, ( 'ovemnt, 3'), Perseverance. 7, also Mi lit ary < 'ornp.tnies and Sunday School Banners, and lie societies St. Nicholas, New Kngland, St. UetirRC, St Anrews, St David, fkr Ike. Window Shades in threat xariety, from $1 each to the richest lid best, painted hy the most eminent artists. Staiiud (?l .ss, alter the maiiiier of the ancients, warranted ever to eh wige color, with many recent imnrovt merits lor liureli windows and other public and private building*, steamuats, packet ships,store windows, Ike Ike. Imitation* of Stained (ilass, painted on muslin for church iudnws,very close imitation of the real glass,at a very trilling iptuse, or the glass obscured aud painted in brilliant colors, . i \ durable a id chi ip. iy 17 r w'a i vh CoMMlMlOKRd'B dlhi i , ( (>'; t Aluis-Hou ?, Jul| i<: 12. S ^TOTICF. i-' heitirv given, that the C-rotoii Alpleduct ( ??m^ inittei of the ( orporttio|i have ivqinMed the Water I 'omlissioiiers, lor the pn sent, to rent the < -rotoii Water, and arange for making the necessary connexions to supply tin* citizens f New York with water. Th.? following are the rates at which the water is at present uruished Annual f iurukl )wellinga of two stories # $ltl (Mi more than two stories 12 (Ml M tin the rear of lots 00 " with workshop or store 12 to 20 Vivilege of washing pavements 2 (Ml hath (w lie re there are fixtures) .'i 00 Warehouse 16 00 loarditig house 10to 20 (table, private per stall * m M livery S H Payment f?> !? * made in advance fur the supply from August 1 ? May i, nest?isubsequently semi-innuaUy. Large boarding houses. stables, breweries, tanneries, public sths, packing or sailing: bouses, and all other consumers, sliipinjf, kr., will Ik* charged in pro|>oition to the quantity of water ted, on agreement with the commissioners. Office hours from 9 o'clock A M until I I' M, in tlie old Alms louse. Entrance by centre door. SAMUEL STEVENS. JOHN I). WARD, ZEB'D RING B. BIRDSAI.L, iy20 twr _ _ Water Commis doners. DR. MORRISON. JORTH RIVER DISI'FVNSAK>[ JOiM ll< ititreet near ^ (Greenwich.? Dr. Morrison, 01 viiLh r oft'i; l.oyal Colleye Surg is, London, and foi met ly mVj jceonin 1 (British PTt? < . modulo s to Im* consulted daily on ill iferease . ? I 1 delicate tiore,and ill listresung symptoms const) 111 mninjuicious treatment, and the impnident use < l<|iia?* c medicines, r. M. has had an cxnerienre of twenty ^ wo yea** 1* treating rlicate diseases in all th?^r various and? jjnplicated lorm^and it 1 \ mild, safr ami infallible substitute fr? mtrcni \, craoctt* ?K t he \e lie real vims with certainty, w ithout subjecting the atient to any risk or restricting him in I misual dirts or puriif, while (ns rut die im-? an- .^ire.tbU 11. t-i^t and 110 II. I' ruiKntobstructions in the urethra. 4 jjrh as strictures and enirgementof the prostrate gland, a .ci inpanied with much irritdou ami dull pain about lluse |?yjls,are some of the roimeuences of mal-lreatmeul. Dr. M. tisitsstrictures in a scit-n!ir maiuit r, promoting absori r.<> of the thiekc&ft t.rcvlsr lembrane without any pahfe CONBTITUTIONAL I EBILITY.-Thousands ofyoang 1. 11 are sii tiering fr un t ' ronsequeiK rs of indulgence 111 a ser?-t (lest ruct ivc h ?hit. d whose n? rvrs ire further injured from m 1 n d pretended speciAea, which itimilati ill> to imluf c great * r depression. Dr. M. treats such cases 011 avail patholofit ii principle#, mid never Ails in ?tahlishwgi lire?the strictesr honor and oniluence is observed. Letters post pad. ind containing# suitable fee, w01 ensure ie correspondent rail id vice, ind medicirip to uif part of the hucn, hy his giving a history of his case in detail. 204^ Fuln st rret rear Greenwich. jy22 lm*r HAVANA AND PRINCIPE SEGARS. Jf RADER, tfi Chatham street, offers for sals 'A. 180,000 La Norma Segart. 50(4)00 <1 Piilt< H" 25 ooo Wood villi*. 25.IKK) Kionria. milled lo d? brntur?. Besides .i full stock of the choice*! iixl?of 111* ii?i? oid Prinripf Hfg ir* n mi i.n * ..<1 * r PI J. L ,v Bill M >K . J ( ) CI LIBKRTV STRKKT, between Broadway and ^ * * Nassau street, olfer for for sale lot Blocks Irish black marble. IIKI I asks refined basket salt. 300 ('uks Boyd'* bleaching powder, in Tons superfine soda ftshe-i. 2 Dases natviit leather. 50 Bales ( besterfu ld factory brown "hcetincs. 7000 (b rman patent fire brick 20 Casks 3 and I F K blue smalts. 2 Biles cotton carpeting tbrei anil four yards wide. 5 Bales Machine blankets A I I ' f W lm I) will be sold .If low f .1 m-irkef pici 1 ' IKOTON WATKIt BATHS. No. ?,..<> B,..adva re ,-Ti.e J proprietor of the Broadway Baths ha the pleasure to an>unce to the public that he is now prepared to Tarnish Baths om tin* soft and pure Water of theCroton River. Warm, Cold, Sulphur, Bhower Vajor, and rarioiu Medica* d Baths, always ready. The ladies' departmctit is now prepared for their reception ith suitable attendants. H iw is* HKNHV DURKKL. GYMNASIUM. FENCING AND SHOOTING GALI.KKY, 333 lirnailwity, (< turner of Avfhcmy-rt.) ) MOl 'MQI J|N has tin- honor ol informing hi. friend. and the public hi general, that lit. new Gymna.iem u now in wraluin. Il i:? tic- large* and the lie.t wlnrli haa born yet ofred lo the American public. Thr eou-ms are largo and writ imlalod, which give. thriu the advantage ol being alway. ml. Parent., ProTrndn. and Gentlemen, are ilifilro to viail lit establishment, to whirh, a* aoon aa the C rot on Wafer oika will be in operation, will be added a sho ?er buth, for e ranrrnitarr of the Subscriber. to tire Gymnasium. The Shooting Gallery being entirely indr|>rndeut of the i mnasiam, person. wi4niig lo practice pistol firing ran do without being subscriber. to the Gymnasium Fencing leaaoni given a. usual on*inoderate term.. Open at day break, and clove at half past nine at iiighf.1 jeK lm?r VOI NG MAN xnIi A BOH weredmwMdkrtherd. I .ettjng ill'a row I mat oil' Governor'. Uland. on Sunday, I.tli It. and have not been found .inee. The young man was 211 ara old, rather llnek .el, aboiil i feel I turtle* iii height?had a pair of light grey Scambroon pantaloon., a yellow vet, and the time without a coat. The boy waa t yean of age, i| a straw hit tied under hre chin, and .1 gamlnoon fr >rk c? at d pantaloon.. A handsome reward will Ire paid to any itevsoii giving infor n ion thai will lead to the recovery of their bodies bv their 111 rted relations, at 2111 William ?t._ jyl9 lw*? DAT< HPS AND JKWKl.ttY VKHY LOW-The.i.b .criber i. telling all description. of gold and silver atchrt, gold and .ilvegpencila, ({old chain., kev?, Ike., at reil, lower than al any other |daee 111 the city. Gold Wafehe. low aa 26 to 30 dollar, each, Watelie. and Jewelry e.clrend or bought. All Watehea are warranted to keep good lime, the money relumed. Watches and Clock. retired in the ?t manlier, and warranted, al much lea. than the u.ual price", t one of the line.t workmen 111 the city. G. C. AI.I.K.N Inn artcr of Watches and Jewelry, wholesale and rela I, * Wall eet, up .tain, IT" l*el 1ISS I OWAN re.|ierlfnlly inform. rh< ladie.oi New York 1 and it. vieiuily, that .he continue, giving '"V*1? "" . ano Forte, Harp, Guitar and in Singing, and wi I Iw happy to ceire her pupil. al No. N White, or attend the rr.pectlVe one. o| those ladle, who prefer receiving lesson, at their vn residence. Hsrp and Piano Forte, for sale and on hire, H very .plendid Piano Fort* for ? !*. )*? lm*t \ LD. 0 1*1 li r 'I'lVU (.'tnll, AI ban 3'. [Corrrnpoudewe of ilit* Htriald.) Ai.banv, July 13, 1842 hit rutting Extrcituat the Albany fYnmU Academy MR. BK.NNETT!? The lin*t annual meeting ot the "Association ol Alumni ?! the Albany Femnle Academy," wan held last evening in the chu|>el of the Academy. I Hiring the week quite a sensation wnn created ut the anllnuili'elliciil I.I -....I ' ' - raui nil Cirui, II miwm Oil"heard ol in this country?perhu|Nt in the world. In ili?* literary institutions ol every clime, it lias ever been ilie custom lor graduates to lorni themselves into u society lor the purpose ol perpetuating the bonds of friendship, correspondence, Jcc. At no time has woman deemed it advisable to do so, even if ever thought of. At the close of the last academic year, the graduates formed theinselvesinto a society anil resolved to hold a meeting at the close of the term in July.? About the middle of June they were called together and though scarely more than three weeks were led, yet they agreed to celebrate the lirsl event in an appropriate manner. Two pieces were given lor coinposition. In that short time, though overwhelmed with the cures of study und preparation lor examination, yet they had been prepared and were now offeted for our hearing. The hour of meeting was ushered in by an awful peal of thunder und pouring down from the clouds of a terrible storm. Yet the chapel was crowded with youth and loveliness The Honorable board ol Trustees were seated on the stage with Ins excellen cy Gov. Reward, Col. Young and Clergy The graduates of the previous year first entered, dressed In white und weuring en their necks the evidences of superiority in studies?in the sha|>e of medals; nearly every lady having one. Afterthein came the graduates at the present commencement. Opposite them were old graduates. The Throne of Grace was addressed by the very lie v. President Dr. < 'ampbell in a brief but eloquent prayer. After the ladies composing the society sang a piece prepared for the occasion; but being without a leader it did notaucceedus happily as we could have wished The President stated the object of our assembling there? spoke of the Institution?its designs and expectations. The gentlemanly and highly intellectual Professor, Mr. Ofos d then read the essay on "Female Education." It was replete with moral sentiment, and was designed to show wherein consisted the grent aim of human existence and happiness. The relations of parent and child, of instruc lor and pupil. The audience listened to it with great attention und on Us close made some demonstrations of applauding, but not being resjtonded to by others it did not succeed We hope never to hear of an enlightened assemblage countenancing such a proceeding. It may answer at the theatre and o|?-ra, but not in society. When Hilly I) read the declaration of lodc|?endencp on the Itli, a claiming und stamping succeeded, whether through enthusiasm, or rewarding his success as a reader, I do not attempt to decide, perhai>s the latter. The learned and accomplished counsellor, Mr 11 s, read the poem. It was a beautiful thing, just what we expected from the author. Too much cannot be said in extolling jl llw.lKfll t.-~lin<r .1 t-o ... D.. - ?. u.xopi'viuuMirui naff ie|l wiien he drew lo the close. We were loo wrapped up in its beauty to attempt any manifestation of approval ?our silence was eloquent in itself. The essay was by Miss H 1, ut present at Os o, and |ioeni by Miss G r, of Shelter Island. We expect great things from her hereafter, mid hope she will not cause the laurels to lade upon her brow. The Academy will never tail ol encouragement, so long as it gives to the world ?|>eoimens equal to the two ladies above mentioned. Dr. 0 stated that at the next annual meeting in July, lour gold medals would be given, one for n prose composition?one in Poetry?one in French, all to have education for a subject; also one for the best moral tale. The Inst might be competed forbv any of the old graduates of tin1 academy. He then called upon some gentlemen present to give an expression ot the feelings of the audience, to thank the society tor their courtesy in inviting us upon the occasion. Col. Y , Dr. W , Rev. 1 >r. W -f, and some others were requested to speak, but dc clined. Gov. Seward arose and delivered one ol the finest impromptus ever made : although laboring under the effects of a severe cold, yet lie entranced tliein all lor the few moments he s|K>ke. It was replete with imagery and sentiment, and full of feeling. He returned his sincere thanks to the graduates for being invited to this, their first publie meeting?spoke of its eflects upon the future, and A its example to the world. A*c. We fell nninp.t to [ have him close, but it was more than could have been expected, though emanating from so talented and accomplished an individual. Should unother year open upon us, we hope to see you present at the next commencement. It will repay any one for trouble of attending, and as more time and a great amount of tulent will he offered in competition, we expect a glorious result. It would be invidious to mention the loveliest present, lor it'..was truly a galaxy of stars. Mits Wal n, Misses W e, Gu y, W n, 11 1,11 g, II ?,Tre y, ("Oh,the world hath not so sweet a creature!") and a host of others. All were charming, not a face hut breathed forth beauty. This afternoon the commencement takes place. We hope to tell you of great and happy results great for the prosperity, and long continuance ol our institution,?happy for the success of its pupils in the literary field. Yours, truly, If v. Ai.bant, July 18, 1842 Refutation of a Slumirr. i .tamks G. Rknnrtt, Es<(.? Sir:? Your Albany correspondent, in a communication of July 12, is guilty of uttering a grors falsehood lie says:?"Among those who have taken the Sabine shnle, are to be mentioned the celebrated I,. I.. It., F. IS. S , I), n.. Are. cYc. Dr. G. C..M.D." etc. Now, this is a libel ii|>on the character of an estimable man, which your correspondent must have known to he gratuitous; and if ne did noi, he is the more culpable for giving publicityfto n mere hearsay as a fact. The gentlemnn, to whom lie has paid such complimentary reference, left this country on a short visit to his native land, and toatfendupon a sick father, and will return in the same, or the next ship, when his libeller will bear of his arrival, and be suffered to make his charge good before quite a different tribunal than that of a loo credulous public. lir.C.'s Hospital is still under hisown auspices, in the care of a physician. Respectfully, your obedient servant, John S. Cameron r mi Aiiiom An inuuen was held on the Uth instant. at Oaten 'a tavern, in the township of Rcarhorougb, on the body of the Kev. Alexander Kiernan, a Roman I atholir priest It appeared in evidence that, a* he wan travelling the day before to Toronto, he stopped at Oatea a to w .iter hia horae - he did not get otlt of hi* gig- aaid he w on Id give the oat ler a glass of beer for hia trouble. It appear* he had a very apirited horae. On hi* way to tow n, about a mile and a half thiaaideof (late*'a. on deacending the hilk he drove very taut ; there wete two lumber w agona coming up the hill in a walk the drivera aaw the gig approaching very fast, and allowed two-third* of the road lor the gig, no that it might pass w ithout danger. The gig passed the firat w agon, and by some means the horae turned toward the other wagon one of the wheels of the gig came in contact with the fore wheel of the wagon, by which Mr. Kiernan waa thrown out of the gig, falling on hia head. He died ulxmt tw elve o'clock the same night. Toronto llrralH. Tnot't Kismixo F.ititoidtsiit. We took a turn on K.xchnn^e w harf last evening, where actirioiia acene presented it?elf. The ship Medorn liea on the South ?rn aide of the wharf, leaving a very narrow passage for the [tide. A rrowd of people w ere collected here, full of eager intereit - there was shouting and laughing, and scattered about were heaps of line large trout some kick nig, aome dead. Looking down between the ship and the w harf, there w ere a row of men with little nets, baskets, boxes, what-not, catching the fish which appeared to be pouring in great tiumhcii through this narrow passage. We understand they base been running through there for two days -coming in on the northern side of the wharf, passing under and going out on the southern and that many ware caught with the hand tnerelv Who ever heard of great skoals ot trout before I Charlriton Mercury. _ Ntksi-risn Liw < ? At Orwigahurgh, I'a., on (he JOth inst the ruseof Klihu ( hnuncey, etal. tuortgageet, in 11nit, to secure the re-paj ment of a loan of f(W,00i> gainst the North Atneiran f'oul < ompany was called tot 11 The town is full of witnesses from I'hiladelphie, eh.i have been lubpoinacd in Uiia Intel eating cMe. The uaount in conlruvcray is alaiut The general creditor* and stockholders seek to invalidate the mortgage on which the suit has been brought, on various grounds Die validity of the probate and execution of the inatriinoitt arc questioned, and the authority of the |>ersonse*e tiling the instrument is denied. Kittcf* or I.IUHTMSO.?On the nth instant, four tieroes and one white man, the overseer, wet e struck by lightning on the fatm of W. W Western, about two miles rom Hopkinsville. Three of the negroes were killed on he. spot, and the other negro and the white man were e*pee'ed to die Louintllt Journal.

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