Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 26, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 26, 1842 Page 3
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(fij- AMERICAN MUBEUM AND GARDEN il persons who ipeud a few hours at this iratnenae establish ment, are astonished at the almost endless variety ut anius. m-nts produced here for twenty-Ave ceula. Certainly n place of report in the city Die.?eiiUoue quarter part of th attractions touml here, and this accouuu for the crowd* houses which daily are found here. Besides live larg halls crowded with curiosities of every discretion, w have the elegant model of Dublin, Grand Cosmorama, th performances of the inimitable Winchell, Whit lock, Die mend, Albino Lady, fortune telling Gipsey Girl, Mis Hosalie, kc., besides Auimal Magnetism, Balloon Ascen aions, Fancy Glass Blowing, and lots of other attraction too numerous to mention. C?7- VAUXHALL GARDEN?This Garden is mi king rapid strides in the favor of our cititens ; uightlv it t be seen the most respectable of our citizens enjoying then, selves with the luxuries to he obtained at this delighlfv retreat. Browne, the inimitable comedian, outstrips him self, and never do we remember him to have acted to sucl advantage; the lively Kate Horn has made a most decide hit in the characters she has enacted?she looks lovely am acts with more than ordinary spirit. To-night we havthe vaudeville of Perfection?Kate O'Brien by Mis* hat, Horn ; the inimitable Browne as Charles Paragon and llo bert Macaire ; then follow the Promenade and Cotillon on the festival floor. This whole entertainment is pre sented for 04 cents. (SO- CASTLE GARDEN. ?The nroprietors of thi well know n place intend to give such an exhibition thi evening as will draw every body to it. They have like leal public spirited men, increased the amount o enjoyment, and at the same time reduced the price of ud miss, i one half. Among many other things of great in tcrest, the Bombardment of St. Juan D'Ulloa is advertis < to come ott. A rich entertainment, aud one. that no peraoi should fail of witnessing. Grand American Tournament. AT FAUQUIER, WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS VA (SO' A Tourdament will come off" at the Fauquier White Sulphur Springs, ou Friday, the 6th ol August. iUGlUH<ll)'>vu- nuv .l??B uitvauj CUICIUUIUC iJllS^llHl lenge competition from all the world to ?ro*? a lance c. run at the ring:, promuing to all courteoui k lights whc may come, a fair Held and presence of ladic*. \Vabhe."ito.v Sratftat, V*., July -JO. jj 'JflfH llrrnld Itulletln of News. The Herald Bulletin of New* i* kept at the north-wc*t corner of Fulton and Nassau streets. On the arrival of the morning mails, at eight o'clock, A. M.?and also of the evening mails, at fottro'clock, P. M., the latest intclligenc< front all parts of the world, may he found on the Herald Bulletin Board, at this corner. Let every wayfarer stot and read. Advertisements of aH kinds taken at the office Herald General Printing Office. The Oeneral Printing Office, capable of doing all sort1 of printing, such as books, pamphlets, bills, cards of al descriptions, is now open at the Herald Buildings, entrance from Nassau street?Joseph Elliott, Printer. The New Yorlc Lancet. (j&- A few copies of the first volume of this work handsomely bound, may now be had at the publication office.?Price $3. City Despatch Post, 46 William Street. Phi. cir*l Orricr..?Letters deposited before half-pas1 8, half-past 13, and half past 3 o'clock, will be sent out fo1 delivery at 9, 1, and 4 o'clock. Bratch Ovules?Letters deposited before 7,11, and o'clock, will he sent out for delivery at 9,1, and 4 o'clock ALEX. M. GREIO, Agent. MONKY MARKET. Sunday, July >14?G P.M. The sales at the stock board have been limited, withou' much change in rates, although the feeling is decidedly good, and if the finances of the federal government wen suitably arranged, no doubt a rapid improvement would take place; but as long as the loan is undisposed of, nc confidence in the stock market can be acquired. It is rumored on high authority, that a certain individual was despatched by the last packet for London, with credential* for the negotiation of the loan abroad; but his name was not included in those of the passengers by the last steamer, therefore there is probably some mistake about it. The nnDointment wnutil Kuva h... m.uji?.i. ,1 aad calculated to defeat the object of the department in obtaining the money at a reasonable rate. Mohawk Railroad improved 1 percent; Indiana 5's, i; Illinois 6's, J; Farmers' Loan and Trust, J. The following were the leading features of the bank) of New Hampshire for June, as compared with former returns:? Darks or New Hampshire. Junr 1810 Junt 18(2. Incrtan. Dtertate. Loam, 4,09(1,612 3,4(7.333 ? 462.279 Specie, 193,349 181,874 ? 8,48.' Circulation, 1,088,740 1,0111,328 ? 78,422 Deposit-*, 420,800 497,879 177,179 ? Some time since, a sale of securities, held by MorrisoD Si Sons, of Lon Ion, as pledges for part of the London debts of the United States Bank, was made at Philadelphia, at auction, but through some mismanagement on their part, the object of the sale was defeated. On Saturday last, a further sale was advertised, consisting of Ha/leton ( oal Company stock and also Trust certificates of the Farmers' Loan Company of New York, The sale was apparently directed by Mr. C. H. Foster, a young lawyer, the two younger Messrs. Morrisons, and Mr. J. A. Brown, with a view to obtain a title, or if pricoa sufficiently high could bo obtained, to sell. The company in attendance was large and respectable, and the sales were made with the following results:? 260,000 bonds of the Hazleton Coal Company, redeemable in 1946, bearing interest at 6 per cent per annum, payable semi-annually in London. Scoured by mortgage of the company's works; executed to A. Larduer, H. Cope, am. T. S. Taylor, trustees. Sold to C- H. Fisher at 30 per cent on the par value. 214,?00 Farmers' Loan and Trust Company of the city of New York, in bonds of $1000 each, interest payable semi-annually, redeemable in 1667. Sold ioC H. fisher at 40 per cent on the par value. With a numerous attendance, not an oiler was made from any other parties, and they were all struck oil to Fisher, the representative of the Morrisoue, at h.s own bid. These were portions of the ehoicut assets of the late redoubtable National Bank. The Trust certificates were a part of the pledges tor the loans of Mr. Jaudoa, who displayed a vast ability in stemming the tide of ruin which was overwhelming the bank in consequence of the mismanagement at home. The Haxleton Coal Company stock was sent out in the hands of R. Alaop and J. A. Brown, as special agents of the bank, and were by them added to the former securities held by Morrisons, in order to procure a renewal of the debentures which fell due. They were estimated at their par value, and have realised an average of 3d per cent,a fact which proves them to have been among the best of the assets, for th e bulk of them ar< valueless, especially th tt 000,000 of suspended debt !! which the committee stated was " not mercantile paper.'' After the developments of fraud and corruption contained in the legislative report of Mr. Sharswood, it is fair to con' elude that the whole sum was spent in corruption, and yet the people of Philadelphia allow the festering mass to stink under their nostrils, to the eternal disgrace of their city and State. Why are not the frauds laid open, and the perpetrator* punished ? In our article of Sunday, we endeavored to point out the enormous imposition the public will suffer from the nsw lami, ny iur continuance 01 me same rate or ipecitic duties as were imposed in 1933. In consequence of the fell of prices, the same specific duty now will be equal to an ad valorem duty of at least M per cent higher. One of ths worst features of ti?e new tariff appears, however, hitherto to have escaped notice. We allude to the sixteenth section, which empowers the appraisers to place their own value upon all gaods imported, and to cast the duties upon that value, without appeal. The passage is as follows:? Sac. 16. And be it further enacted, That in all cases w here tnere is imposed any ad valorem rate of duty on any goods imported Into the United States, and in all rases where the duty imposed shall by law lie regulated by, or directed to be estimated or based upon, the value ot the square yard, or of any specified quantity or parrel of such goods, wares, or merchandise; it shall be the duty of the collector within whose district the same shall be imported or entered, to cause the actual market value or wholesale price thereof, at the time when purchased, in the principal markets of the country from w hich the same shall have been imported into the United Ktates, to be appraised, estimated, and ascertained, and to such value or price shall be added all costs and charges except insurance, as the true value upon w hich duties shall be assessed. And it shall, in every such case, be the duty of the appraisers of the United States, and every of them, and every person who shall act as such appraiser, or of the collector and naval olficer. as the case may be, by all the reasonable ways and means in hisortheir iiower, to ascertain, estimate, and appraise the true and actual market value and wholesale price, arty invoice or affidavit thereto to the contrary notwithstanding. Section seventeen provides that the owner of the goods may be summoned on oath to produce invoices accounts, letters, fco., under a penalty of onp hundred dollars, and that the decision of the Collector or Appraiser shall lie final and conclusive. If the importer objects to ti e appraisment, the Collector may select two citizen to app aise the goo Is, and if they disagree, the Collector is to da. i V between them, and his decision shail he final, "?ns -etui Congress to the contrary notwithstanding." IV as ever greater iniquity planned upon paper than th . f The collector of every port is to be sole ju Ige, and to levy such duties as he thinks proper, an 1 may pro' i'ut goo's at pleasure without appeal. The atrociouswickedn ssof such a proposition is only to be cqualle 1 by the apathy of the public that has thus far endured it in silence. What would l>e the practical operation under this law ? Let us pioject n case. 1 he Middlesex factory, at Lowell, ,M;.ssaci usetts, has a capital of $1,000,000. Its principal owner wew ill call A. L., who may ha e a correspondent at Liverpool. That correspondent may ascertain at the custom houses in Liverpoo' that a quantity ?f woollens have been cleat cd for New 'ork on board of a packet ship. He w ill then transnil a t.r?forma invoice to A. L. of a similar lot of goods W ???? ' -y the steamer to Boston. This will a"ive, say thre? | . eeks before the goods, at N?* York. A. L. eall. at the uturn house, .how ? the iuroice. and .uecuds in crtah. j *hiug in the mind, of Ike apyraiter,, that the good, to | rrive cost uy M l*" >?< <' The rood, arrive, and ure j ntered at *3 per > aid. as the *w arn coat. The apprauei ( eject. tl>i' < it. en I ?' i'? t! it ! n undoubted author ^ I .Hmeie. t!. 'nh.i ,al i !. . k>\ waa $4, and upon J hat he levies the outy ithou' ujp?' A" The account j t if the importer will then stand thin f rue coat S3 00 Appraised coat Side | 7 oat and charges 10 |>r ct 30 to j ro bear duty $3 30 >uty 40 |wr rent 40 |wr cent it.ialiMnc duty 10 pr ct. 40 pre t I 65 HI pr cl, 50 pr ct 3 20 Coat with duty $4 34 So 00 The mere will of the appraiser, prompted by the manufacturer, hi. railed tho coat of the goods $1 OS per yard, or 13 1-3 per cent.aud he may with impunity increase it to 100 jt-r ceyt, or any amount. The importer will have uo reIre. hut to pay the duty and re-e*]>ort the foods in order \ ? to get the drawback. Thi. will be the practical operation of the present moat abominable bill if allowed to hccome a , law. Are the people ready to submit to this oppression 7 j We hare received the returns of the hank, of Ohio to ( July, 1942. They arc, as compared with the return of Jan- j _ nary, as follows :? Ohio Bam>?. 1812. I January. Jam. i Note' 4' Bill, .Num. v ill Hunk,. Ih,counted. Specie. Loam. Specie. ' K anklin Bknf Cin'i MWhoTV M.44'1 1,011,393 81,947 ba Fayetli- Bk of Cill'i l,38l,<47 100,140 946 821 46,044 ' id'in. h Trust Co. 714,247 8.813 139 146 44,119 Bank of Hamiltoa, 213,424 33,399 ? ? i Bank of Xeuia, 149,029 41,700 129,431 33, XXI t ink of Uaytou. 181.906 18.349 90,327 40,441, 'rbana B inkinv < n. 183.473 18,646 ? ? Franklin Bk ?f I ulumblis 271,362 43,827 ? ? riinten IIL nfi' .lra.vaW... dtQOt.: 'al Sat* VJOO'MX 4 1 a". I I I Bank ofCirclev Jle 340,019 25.81# 266,6.70 19,318 Lanraatcr Bsnk 892,322 41,28? ? ? I Bank of Chilicothe 114,092 ? ? ? Com. Bank of Scioto 388,395 28,162 353,196 11,897 Bank of Marietta, 229.293 2!,3!1 ? ? Bank of Muskingum 166,'97 4,389 121,9V6 2,611 I 6 ink of Z uirsville 238.192 3,517 201,811 3,137 Hank of St. Claim ill*, 226.837 19,181 196,139 49,916, '1 ink of Mount Pleasant 116,333 1,831 31,710 6,139 F k M Bk of Blenbonyllle 287,131 39,773 183,913 60,301 Colombian Bk of N Lisbon 132,389 22,116 95,191 17,711 I Western Krsetve Bank 161,083 26,766 161,696 29,061 'look of 1 102'.'II 16.761 113,173 10.67.7 Baukof M Million 2l7,'iR7 2*1,082 23.),531 3) 'ft) , Bank of Wooater 318,137 36,79, 311,391 32,226 'om Bank of F.iic 330,639 12,98 > ? -B ink of Norwalk 190,287 II,'22 179,696 131,366 1 Biuk of Saudtisky, 220.137 23 617 221,871 31,720 ! Com Bank of Cincinnati 1,387,318 113,230 916,077 47,132 ' Bank i f Cleveland 416,147 13,343 ? ? ITotal, 1812, 11,477,166 1,018,611 6,376,930 823,010 ! " 1811, 10,362,827 1,122,391 " 1810, 10,132,713 1,016,097 Cirr. Dept. Circ. Vert. 1 Frank!in|Bank of Ciu'i 183,976 339,740 20,063 331,312 La Fayette Bauk of C ill"' 121,004 118,363 49,930 70,136 Life Ins & Trmt C(. 18.195 1847,743 156,260 206,576 II.nk oniamiltan 164,730 19.923 ? ? Bank of Xenia 140,331 73,78,1 31,618 30,161 lank of Dayton 32.396 93,781 21,106 39,348 (Trbana Banking Co. 413,633 36,333 ? ? Franklin Bk of Columbus 38.5,037 69,593 ? ? Clinton Bk of Columbus 120,308 67,1127 127,0'"6 20,611 Bank ol Cirrlevillc 119,925 53,397 87,042 31,383 Lancaster Bank 244 642 62,346 ? ? iluik of Cliillico'ho 157,603 ? ? ? Com B ink of Scioto 162,25 1 36,112 77,081 41,221 Bank <>( Marietta 8.1,831 20,519 ? ? Bank of Miiskimuim 8,126 30,706 6,760 29,175 Bank ofZansavill* 11,491 69,337 12,815 16,737 Bank of Sr. Clairavillr 12,475 61,125 9,021 21,423 Bank of Mount Pleaaant 12 308 22.507 11,039 15,1.11 Fit M Bank of Steubenville 21,665 99.123 17,202 70,617 Columbian Bk of N Lisbon 38,433 40.293 25,079 18,68.7 WraternK serve Bank 24,218 43,011 20,958 15,074 Bank of Oram;a 39,0M 43,703 20,670 20,752 Bank of vlassiilon 68,336 44,616 130,218 29.838 Bank nfWooster 295,180 102,206 200,271 .71,676 Com B nk of Lake Erie 160,073 73,781 ? ? Bank of Noras alk 12,434 27.932 16.366 167,839 B??k of Sanilu ky 122,017 31,981 141,920 39,505 Com Bank of Cincinnati 339,609 237,415 101,340 234,708 Bank of Cleveland 210,646 69,710 ? ? Total, 1812, 4,168.5113,879,657 1,314,633 1,605.633 " lull, 3,023,198 2,082,200 " 1840 , 3,327,032 1,597,303 The aggregate of these returns for several periods are as follows :? Spirit. Cirr. Dtps. lune, 1842, 0,576,950 821,010 1,311,633 1,605,633 Jan., 1812, 11,477,106 1,018,611 1,588,511 3,879,617 " 1811, 10 562,827 1,122,591 3,923 198 2,082,200 " 1810, 10,132,713 1,016,097 3,327,032 1,597,303 June, 1839, 16,029,510 2,360,739 7,421 014 2,103,169 " 1838, 15,380,908 2,991,953 6,885,263 3,709,869 Jan., 1837, 18,178,699 3,153,334 8,326,974 7,590,933 " 1836, 17,079,714 2 921,906 9,673,611 6,125,911 The population of Ohio, in 1836, was about 1,200,000, and is now probably 1,600,000 How the business of Ohio has been affected by this great fluctuation of the paper currently, is indicated in the amount of tolls received on all the canal* tor several years, as follow* :? Toots oft the Ohio (. anal*. 1138, SI 18,mm 1840, $622.3.) , 1819, 178,483 1841, 481,7.8 From 1838 to 1840 the banking business fell off 50 per i cent, but the real business of the State, as indicated b} the , rade on its canals, increased 15 per cent in the same period. This is a fact which should dispel the idle notion , from the minds of the people that hanks are necessary to ' the devclopement of agricultural wealth. , Sales at the Stock Exchange, toon Illinois Bonds 18 lOOHnrlrmRR I:,1, 2000 do 18>i 600 do ?C0 15 1000 ludisna'Bomlt 22>? 100 do in 1 5000 do bGO 23 150 do II,'. 25 Fainter* Tinst 18 75 da Hi do I7ji 50 New Jersey RR l?00b:t I 50 Mohawk RR 38'? Second Board. 50HarlrinKR 10 25 Harlem RIt 15 J? 50 do ton 15'4 50 do l>60 If, 50 do sOO 15'a 50 do bin Ifi I 50 do 10 50 do sOO J5 I State of Trade. In a small retail way business seems to be a little better, , and the aspect of affairs is such as to induce the hope that during the coming autumn a good business will be done. Mttah.? Swedes iron has told at $75. ton, long time. \ English bar, 555; pig of first qualitr at 523, ton; New Sable iron at 5*0. Sales pig It ad at 3jaj cts. lb. Cut nails 8 4}a4cts. lb. Molaisft.?Sweet Havana sold at 16 cents. Some Porto ' Rico at 19 ct*., and good New Orleans at 20 cents. Oils.?Whale seld at 32 Cts. for export. Linseed oil i ' steady at 82Ct*. cash, and SS. 8 mos.. with n <mru< .Oman.i i and a'decreasing itock. Sweet oil at $3.25a.1.60 per case. | Teat?Are with aome demand. Country Young Hyson ' wan fold for export, at 4la46 eta., 0 moa. I i! Tobacco 60 bales new crop St. Jago sold at 19 cU., and 90 balea old crop at 15 ct*. for export, 4 moa. Saleaby auction of 4 balea Vara, at 19 eta.; 33 deBaracoaat 16fa 17J; 31ibda old crop Kentucky at 3afl); 3 do do at 53a7, ( average 6J; 4 new crop do at 2ia4j, average 3j, all ca*h; JO hhda new crop Kentucky, part unmerchantable, at 2 in ' 6, average 3,00; 9 old crop do do at 3|a8}, average 6.17, i both 4 moa. ; Wool ?6000 lbs fleece at 26 cents, on time, with interest, and another lot at 30cta. Tlio general range ef prices I in thecountry is 20a35 cts. 120 bales Peruvian, subject to ' debenture, are tieing shipped. Cattle Market. ! In market, eight hundred beeves, two thousand sheep and lambs, and fifty cows and calves. Of these there are 1 left one hundred and fiftv beef cattle, two hundred sheep L and lambs, and ten cows and calves. There has been no great change in prices. Sheep fetch $1 50 to (4; lambs >1 to $2 75; cows and calves from J J in to $38 a head; and beeves from $4 50 to $7, and a few I up to $7 75. -j The qunlity of the cnttlc is not the best. We have seen ^ better. It is said byihosewho have recently travelled j through this State and Pennsylvania, that beeves look re- ? markahlv thin this year. No reason was given therefore. 1 We think it very strange, when grain and grass are so abundant. j! Married. i On Tuesday morning, 19th inst., at St. Bartholomew's j Church, by the Rev. Mr. Balch, Mr. Dtsm Ransom to to Miss Esther A. Jones, daughter of Alanson Nash, all T of this city. 1 At St. Louis, Mo., 12th instant, by the Rev. Mr. Potts, Thomas Allen, Esq., of Washington City, to Miss Ann ' C. Russell, only daughter of Colonel Wm". Russell, of St. Louis county. r On Saturday, July 23d, by Rev. Mr. Potts, I.athrop Wells Chapin and Julia, daughter of Wm. C. Carl, Esq., ? all of this city. " Died. , On Monday, 26th inst, Jane Mechin, daughter of James v Mechin, aged 8 years. The friends of her father are requested to attend her * funeral, at 3o'clock, this afternoon, from the residence of , her fa'her, No. 90 Cross street. 1 d On Sunday, after a short illness, Mrs. Catherine Ha ! ' or.n, wife of Daniel Hagen, in the 48th year ofher age. I b Her friends an 1 acquaintances, and those of her nephew, ' o James llagen, are respectfully invited to attend her func- 1 _ ral, frem her late residence, corner of 1Mb street, and 3<1 j avenue, this afternoon, at 4 o'clock. | Passengers Arrived. ! f, Hamburg?Shin Rtcpham?Mrs..Knight ami daughter. from a Altona; Vlr ?bd Nfr? M>'7vr from Rostorfc; F. Wandell f >m 1 Berlin; M Block, LF^ciilebeti. M and A Lowenbarh, fr?m !!# hcmi<; F D.ivignnn, from Pari*; L A Jacobsnn, from Sv V- ,, holm; Mr ami Mm Sclorlidmur, from Stockholm; Halle A * L'chlcnham, N w York; D. E. Li'Menhaw, from Kooigtlarg; ;} Randolph UlinfrHoff, from Him burg, and 112 |".?rao*i* in the* 9f B*R>iim-?SliipEmniB?Mim T Mry r, Mis* M Christie F 0 Srhlerhaa?1? in the ?t*erag*. r Darik."*?9cl?r I mi* rial?T ft Martha!!, T Clinton, Mi * ^ 8t Marks?Sehr Meguuticook?Wi i E ?, R Cook. Pnvieiigers Sailed Liverpool? Ship Roscitis?H W Hilli* ;\l, 1 barge d'Affa ? Belgium; W Davison, lady, child ml servant, S" Rob d. , I Henry* Smyth, of N York; Dune an K* nn?*dy, Win'Holrnes, O : ., B UuniMti. Now Orlt ni?; John Littlejohn, Mobile; J Sh. r* 1 * well, B.ooklvn; Kog? r k Adams, lady, two children imI servant, Trinidad; Marcel In s Stanley, Georgia; Mr* Homah 1 Lake and three children, Utica; Lieut (J o Htuddvrt, 93d Highlanders, B A; John Slutter, lady and two servant*, London; Win Foster, Wm HyJon, Kington, Jam; Wm I'mc, P in v i; rl Cai?t K Simmons, fi,Irish Armv. I'. pt C II (J 'r.lon, 9.ld Huh- . -1 'jnders; Frr Jiaand Strach. BM.ia; John Fe:gnson, Inverness, ! ci Scotland; Miguel Corrcvt. (hiataintU. I VI Havre?Packet shin Rhone?Mi and Mm Huddh stoii, Ion I r 5ri? *n Canada; Mr and Miss Urnnhirt NYork: | L Terr row, Mr and Mrs (fud<|uiii, Master (Jodquui, Franre?5 I c in the steerage. . Kor.-ign Importations. HaMHUPO?Ship J ind/p Mp->t It Stuck' n? ' 1 cm. will'iw ?triu*. I'lour, k co?421 | l?tr? Ki-rlti r 2 nun i'Ur k W S. I>ini-lt. fc co-1 c*.r inudriri Th Uleni.t?I parcel book, 9 c?ir? m.l/r 100 lunr, cherry brandy Mum.ii-, fto.krr a k CO?I t A . .undri.a Schulla k Bleydaru?1 aula* K It Rhork . i k CO?0 J C Hoij. fc co. Boston?I bale drum C N Schneider 0 -iciin ludr.e Henry Wiliirr, I'liiUd?27 do hdwr | t*n>nlr> A .1 Sollan?1 dried plant. Meyer, ochuut fc Co?5 mdac Matt k h Pollili? 1 mdxe 1 rniutnf water J Grourachal k co?9 woodl ( W Liliemtahl?5 iMuseogei* g' ode C Kiuger?1 pkg? goods Astronomical S.?cit i>? 2<? cum Lo>s 3 coxes g)A*s 4 cases "lu%I,c*i ui-trtimruu I case perfumery Charles Ahrenfeldt?2 nv llueuheiwer A co?1 Grv.htim fit Schrcit* i? Oeo B Dari?7 H?le? H cases mdze SelUy & 9< venin , Phili3-4 rases uid*e b**rdiuaiid Karck?1 boi natural history anecioiep* Profeifr \Vi Inter?2 bil?*? do J"? Warren?1 cawe maze M U IVyress? I ikircet hooks Wilev It Putnam? I cask gin Jno D I utuain? 12 cases looking glasses, 1 case toys, 1 case metal goods, \ rasa looking glftstrs <Miller?t pare I patterns J D'WtyVstfftir Son?1 h ile t ools S it H Kohnstainm?1 rase furs J H Skill I ease* mdz? fc Hemim-rliu^?2 C 14 Gunther?3 ? t n* It l?l Stone, Swan it co? I bale mdze 8 ca*a* KkJ Warburg, PhiUdc!|>hia?23 cases manJfcctures I pkg A Ik E W arburg, uo ? I trunk t Wearing apparel A 1 Becker?J rases mdze 1 parcel Edward Lep|?old?1 rase mdze Emanuel Hoflmau?10 ca**? P A Breithmpt it Chuir?77 cases mdxe 2 case* buttons WolII & H'nrichs?1 case A Rolker Ik co?1 case mdze rneod des Arlt?5casks G A Ik II Witre?S8 rases manufactures 4 cases woollen yarn 1 case mdze Warburg Ik D-inne?10 rases mdze 1 Hinner?I box Erilest Fiedler?1 b ile Sieginundlk Rosenblatt? I l?ales *)2 cs mdse 103 bales rags 10 pes iwsewood 2 parcels 1 c?*k mdse 220 lulls w illow 800rmpty d -mijohns 57 cascs mdse 3 bales yarn to order. BsrMF>?Ship Emma?4 pkgs Grosheim it Schnber?23 do H as Ik Gotz?2 C Ernenpuiach?1 P Ahrenfeldt?15 G T Meyer?2 C H Band?11 Heiiscbeti it Unkart?6 Wichelhauxcn it Achelis?9 A Rolker It co?5 D RulKel?5 II Will?1 M L ltiiidskoff?210 do 100 tons iron 15 pijicx gin Nolteiiius Ik Paveusted!?15 bts to order. Newcastle?Bug Oce^n?73 cbaldrons coal 17 bxt 125 casks painters colors 13 Idids 10 tcs lampblack (? B More wood it co? fib chains 3 cables chains Squirts it Brothers?133 casks indsc to older. Doinefltlr Import nt Ionh. Ht Marks?Srhr M'guniicook?32 hairs cotton MaitUnd, Kennedy 5t co?11 Hollnook, Cartel it co, Boston?11 J Fairbanks, tfo?10 Bernard, Adams itro do?1G E Townsend, do? 10 E Reuniugton, do?3 bote* R VV Lord, do?5 bales cotton to or2er. MARITIME HEKALl). Mailing Days of the Stenm Ships. KXOM list; LA FID. FROM AMERICA. Acadia, Ryiie Aug. 1 O. Western. July |fi Aug. 11 Columbia, Judkin* Ju|\ p? Aiiu. Hi Hr'tannia, Hewitt- Aug. 4 Sept. I Caledoiiii, Loll Aug. 10 Sept. IG O. Western, Hotken Sept. 3 Sept. 29 I!. It. M. S. S. British Uue< n, 4 apt. M. M. Keanr, will leave Antwerp on the 7tli of July, In New York, to louch at Southampton. Eng. on the 10th 1'ackcti to Arrive, , Packet a to Depart, from urtiraei. I for livi hi oul. t 'anibridgr, Birstow, June 2 I Europe, Marshall, Aug. I Roscoe, Huttleson, Juuet, , Independent", N>e, Aug. 7 from rogrvMOUTii. I for roiiTsuuuTH. St. Joined, Sehoi', June 2ii , Ontario, Bradtsli, Aug. 1 Montreal. Tinker, July I | Toronto, Griswdd, Aug. It) from hrtrk. for Hiiai:. Utiea, Hewitt, Jnn- IG I Baltimore, Ftut.-k, Aug. I Albaii), Watson, June 27 j Emerald. llowe, Aug. M To Ship fflaatera. We shall esteem it a favor, if captains of vessels arriving hese, will give to Commodore W. A. Basartt, of our news Beet, a report of the shipping left it the jiort whence they sailed, the vessels spoken on their passage, a list of their cargo, and a?y foreign newspapers they may have. I'orr.rnoilore Bassett will hoard them immediately on their arrival. We will reciprocate the favor in any wav. To Corrc?i>ontleiita Abroad. Our corresiioiidents in foreign |KirM are reapec'lilly rei|uested to send by evt ry vessel all the marine intelligence tlrey ran obtain. Nautical information of .any kind, from any one residing at lioine or abroad, will be thankfully received. PORT OK NEW YOUR, JULY ?0, 18*3. SUN 4 40 I MOON RISKS 0 9 SUN 21 | HIOH W.TEK 11 10 Cleared. Ships Chester, (Br) Doyle, Livcr)>ool, Roche Brothers ik Co; O.eol,, Barstow, Newcastle, Grinnell, Vliiiturti <k Co.?Barks Eugenia, Blsce, Vera Crnr, Hi.gout Brothers St Co; Isabella, (Br) Dsllon, Ri-iigourhe. Hicks & Co.?Brigs Adele, (Belgian) Cornrrlesason, Antwerp, Schmidt St Bale hen; Cliaire , Chapman, Santa .Martha and Carthagena, Everett Ik Bat telle; New Jersey, Brown, Darien, Ga; Angler, (B ) Hally, St Johns, NF. D'lnscou.h )k Back with.?Sclir Mary Jane, McMath, Nor. folk, Va. Arrived. Hambun; ship Srerdiani, Flor, 48 days from Hamburg, with md*e,to schnudt & Balrken. Bremen shin Emma, Teckleuhorg, from Bremen, June 5, with milse. to E. Nolteuius Sc I'avenstedt. 23,1 ins'. \eh?ngrd signals with one of the Havre packets, with a bla< k cross in the fore topsail. From the 30th June to the 4th July, from lat 41 to 12 and Ion IK to 61, the F.. passed several large icebergs. British brie Ocean, Liddle, 62 days from Newcastle, with inilse.roG. B. MorewoodikCo?Spas- tigers. British brig Emerald, 16 daysfmin Windsor, N'S. with plaster, to master. Sclir Megunticook, Trrw, (of Camden, Me.) 15 days from St. Marks, with cotton, to master. Sehr Imperial, Read, 6 days from Darien, with 33 hales cotton to Gorton St Oiaves; * quantity of wood R M Demill. Sehr Teazcr, Oresnlaw, 7 days from Eastport, with plaster, to P. I. Nevius St Sou?28 passengers. Sclir Isaac Townacnd, Oram, from Richmond, w ith coal, to master. Schr Trimmer, Conklin, 3 days from Virginia, with wood, master. Schr Mary Jane, Collins, 3 days from Virginia, with wood, to master. Schr Harriet, Chandler, 3 days from Virginia, with wood, to master. Sclir Native, lYiilleld. 3 days from Virginia, w ith wood, to master, Schr R L Dirigo, Davis, 3 days from Virginia, with wood, to master. Sehr Oneida, Loper, 3 days from Virginia, with wood, to master. Sehr Alice, Coaraen, 3 days fioin Virginia, with wood, to tinmaster. Schr Mary Ellen, N'iles, 3 days from Virginia, w ith fruit, to master. Sehr Two Pollies, Fountain, 3 days from Havre de Grasse, arirli iron. Sloop Spray, Russell, 3 days from Virginia, with fruit, to the master. Schr Samuel, from St. John, NB. with plaster, to mast, r. Below* A ship reported to be the Jolin Mint urn, 2] day* from New Orleuu. General Record. Mom: Yr.t.?Bee newt columns for further particulars of the late storm. Wld'i ok * Ki.oor.?Tile Frances, at Charleston, saw on. tile 11th inat. off Nrw lulrf, in 14 fathoms water, the wrrck of 1 small sloop dismasted and on her beam ends, imiuted black with a while streak. ... Mom. Wstcii.?Capt Pnmell. of the Ala k, at Wilmraxton, Nth 16th mat. returns that on the Itth, in lat 36 5i, he encountered a tremendous ttale from the NE. which continued ibout It-' hours. Oil the 10th, staiidini; close in, counted 10 ?e?lels on shore, some of which had stone to nieces. Between 6 md 13 mih s north of Hatteias, discovered three vessels bo'.otn up. Whaleutcn* l etters foun Geo Champlin, Newport, report her Feb I, lat I i, Ion Hi W, 28 inos, 1700 sp. A letter fiom Pa>ta repoiU the Nantucket. Nant. S tnos out, .00 (p. . I Spoken, June 16. lat IH0, I"!! 6 30, Louisa, Proriucttown, 3 bids. Hpokcn. 1 Splendid, 18 days fiom NYork for Buenos Ayrcj, June 29* at 3i it, lou 30 30. Foreign Porte. Tunas Island, July 9?lu port, Mentor, for Poium?uth, in 2 'is; Thames, Portland, do. United St ;it?< Porta. t a?TINK, July IS?Arr (' I, Balthnnr. ?ia Thomastull. Portland, July 22? Art li', NYork; Little Man-, do; 23d, Jxford, Turks Island. Portsmouth, July 20?A.' Gtti Warren, Philadelphia. Sid 1st, llriUwh, do. Glocckstk.k, July 20?SI ' : nlain, Philacelphia. Su.i si. July 22?Arr Oiatii'e, Cayenne. Sid Gambia, for <ew Ze .lanil. Bust on. July 21?Arr Willlnin, Philadelphia; President, do; Jetruir, Albany. Below, ship, a hark, and 2 bri^s.. A'r 2Jd, June, and Onl'oo. Philadelphis; Despatch, in Bloom, i.d Leaner, NYork. Chi i. NOr'caus; Ida, Biltimore; Villiun. Rotterdam; Wm IVan, Phil*erlphia; Saul, Savannah; ?utle, (of this port, late of N-wbm > port) Fredericksburg; jueen Baltimore; Rces de, and Jasper, NYoik. N iNTLCticT. July 21?Arr Smith It D irling, Kingston, NY; 7li*.K. !. ,UI,.hi* sil l Hi.I. a - -1-. Fall.River, July 20? Arr Wankinrn, Baltimore; Danl Baer, Philadelphia; Independence, do; Horatio Ames, do for rann'on. Philadelphia, Inly 25?Art Wm M Rogers, Boston; John lay, Providence: Victoria, NYork; Challenge, Prospect, M> ; 'Isn' t, Bath. Cld Madonna, Montevideo and Buenos Ayrea; loshua Sears, Halifax; Sylph, Barlinc, Calcutta, Miller, A L lohnaon, and Independence. Bolton; Patmoa, New Haven; fictoria, do: J F Crouch. Albany; Harriet Porter, N Bedford. Irr in the Schuylkill, Canary, Dennis; March, do; Louisa, dHavrn: German, do; Cornelia, New Vorlt; North America, [W, NY. Norfolk, July 22?Ait Carolinian, NYork; Louisa. Baltinore for Nantucket?nut in on account headwinds. Tlic Jefersnn, form Liverpool, and James Caskie, from Nevvburyport, vine iu from s-a \ e.sterday and proceeded up Jamri Hirer.? lid Lout; Island. Wi st Indies. Wilmi.xr;Tors, NC. Julv II?Arr Androscoggin, New York; k'arrc, do. Cld Washington, Azores. ChaHLESTOIV, Julv 2??Arr Frances, Fall River; Damascus, 'ortlaud; Nauvoo, Frankfort, Me. 8ld Slat, Lawrence, New fork; Comrt, Tnrka Island; Thames, Havana. SavaismaII. Julv 20?Arr Exact, NYork. Old Clifton, Liverool. Sid Wm I Watson, Philadelphia; Albion, NYork. T'HE GREAT BOAT RACE will cor IT at llm Elyr.ian 1 Fields, Hobokeu, on Wednesday, the 27th July The First Ra< e bet ween 19 feel working boa:,?distance four ailes. This race will come off at half past 3 o'clock, for a rize of awrnty-five dollars. Eight boats have been entered or this race. The Second Race, distance live miles, will he for a prize of ixiy dollar), irn d'-ilars entrance, w hich will bo added lo the nrse and given lo the winning hoaf. The following Boats have been entered for : >ia race?Veto, "xreriment. Sain Slick, arid Kphraim Smooth. This will lie the grcAtest race that ever took place in the viinily of New York, as all the above boats are the fastest in i if world , and arc entered under fictitious names. Those persons who are fond of witnessin; surh manly exhi- I itiona, should not miss the present opportnnitv, as it wi.l be lie of the fairest and greatest races that ever took place. iy2fi 2t*r a card! ? JOWERY THEATRE-MR. < HAPMAN'S BENEFIT' J ?First aoeearsuce of Mrs. (C Jones. Miss Avies. .Mr' Iiipprndsle, and Mr. Abbott. The ahovr distin?niihed per <rioers harp kindly > oliim-ercd their lllaiUt services. Funrt'omic Songs?Thr-e new Pieces. 'UE8DAY EVENING, Jnlv 2G'h, will be presented, the new petit Comedy of THE VALET L>E SHAM, i'i^ler, Mr Chapman I Clipper, Miss Avres Ir ", McCu'chron I Miss Msrchmont, Clarke 'rivet, Foster | Thomas, Mr Bunts Comic Hour?'" Sm-.ll Potatoes"?Mr Chapman. !"o be followed h\ the Fin e of A DAY AFTER THE WEDDING olFreelort. Mr Abbott I Lady Freelove, Mrs O Jones I on! Rivets, Foster I Mrs Datis, Stu kney I avis, N Johnson I Servant, Mr Burns > Com.c long?' The News Bov"?Mr Chapman. Duett?" Miller of Mill ham"?Mrs Hern anil MrOatci. To eooeluih with the new Burlet ? of the NEW FOOTMAN. |r CapsieuRi, Mi N Johnson I Bobby, Mr Chapman nry Gordon, Bamlford Polly Picnic, Mi s Clatke I Sourcrout, McCntcheon | Miss Sourcrout, Siicltm y I'oors 111' n at 7 o'clock?Performance to comnn le o st a taiter to R, precisely. Prices?1st tier 7J rents; 2d and 3d tiers M cents; pit 2.7 rents; tilery 12'a c. tits. jy2H lie f HE MERMAID,new nhibiling sr the National .vtiisrum. I corner of Bowery snd Division siresi, is really a s|iieinliil eain e,audthe Slalne of the Skeleton is a perfect model. ! fc advise all to go and see the in. jy2g Its ] ' EKCIIE*LEECH El 5 sin ill 111 IS 111 i t > ol fresh hejl-i thy Bwrdish Leeches, of large and middling sine, just r- j iveuper brig R 'bcrt & Lonoa, from Hamburg, for sale in ay Utsniitv hi A H W|TTK |31 Wi|,Um f> N. B ? Another lot daily etprctcd by ship Htephani, Capt. lor, fr in Hsrnlmig. )v2r. Im'r MUSIC. i/Th. ( HAIlLEh REI'S respectfully announcts to the am.v *A lenrs of Music, thatjie continues to give instructions upII the Piano Forte. Guitar, Violin, and Flute, either at his redtnci, \o. 17 Broadway, or if preferied, st the residence of is pupils, Jy2fi6t*r f PO CAPITALISTS.?Wauted, a |x;nuu having at kiu com* I moid a i ash ;ip?t a! of $lo - ' ' ?K' t ,rl< in *> sale cash business Umi will weld * net laofit of 60 to : ? |*r rriu i?r *nnum. To one harms the tbou amount it his command, a more desirable opportunity fo a afe and good iitvoatmeut r nnot offer. Communications aJdrestcd to 3. T 1 P. left at the lower Post Office, will meet v iili ati-ntim and '??* ht lil nfideiitiaL i In ? GREEN n HTI E"roup"?l"f '11 pIn 8ti ik 8 up a very ?U|wiior Green 8ea Tuill*. I ahall take pniiu to have it in n very ?u|>erior style. It may be had at the Branch. No 245 Broadway, or at the old aland, No. 5 Broad street. 1 particularly invite sUmger* and my customers to call and try it. THUS DOWNING, 5 Broad street, or ?46 Broadway, opposite the City Hall. I hai < 1 , ... . tini | Us. SHIP NOH 1 II t CroI IN \ : > ?Th? Naval General Court Martial, ucvv in session on board this ship, hen hy order all the witnesses in the cases to be investigated, and the accused to he punctual in their attendance, daily, at 10 o'clock, Sundays etcept*-d. A boat will he iu waiting at the Battery Bridge, athaD pas' 9 A. M. d oly. jy? (wr CH. H. WINDER, Judge Advocate. fpHF. LETTER BAGS i the ?ln^. ( HI s i BR, for LiA verpool, w?ll c ose at half paat Id orclock this day, Tuesday the 20 h inst. at the office of the suh.cnIters. ROCHE, BROTHERS \ CO. 35 Fulton street I jy26c lie it do >r to the Fulton Bank. NOTICE.?Cabin and steerage passengers going out in th? ship CHKSTF.R, for Liverpool, are rcquestedto be on bo?rd the shin, at pier II, East River, piecisely at 11 o'clock, at which time the ship will go to aea. | j>20 I4OCHE, BROTHERS k CO. 3i Fulton at. nOOM8.-i suite of Rooms, mi the second floor, w ith punas' tries attached, can be obtained with board; also, ' ingle looms to let. Transient pc-sons c.11 be accommodated. Apply at :u De\ street Rtfrnjice retpiired. 1 >35 1 w * C SITUATION WANTED?By a young married innn ?s O coachminoi woter. He understands hia business perfectly, and vv uld othe-wise make himself useful. Good references will he given. Phase apply *t 41 Peck slip. j>2G2tr A N IN'FANT TO BK ?.l\ KN'AWAV A...1.1A hie married couple, without children, who f? <1 desirous of adonti' g au interesting infant, to bring up as their own. will hear of an opportunity by addressing B. C. E-, nppt r Pest Office As the infpnt is without father or mother, it is hoped that those adopting it will prove such towards it. jv26 3t*r BURGALKW, No. 45 Beavei street, at the Merchants' Colfe House, br gs leave to inform his customers and the public that his house is open a* u.-.unl, that his Refr tory ia supplied with the cu-tomar\ variety of viands, and that lie will he nappy to we it 011 those who favor him with a visit, with the same attention oid desire to please as hitherto. He will, Th's Day, dress ami serve una fine GREEN TITR. 1 L<ft, lor which lit* solicits orders and calls. j 25 'II*e Nt)T:?.K T() TUK AKKiTICTKU^?WATtltMAN 8WKK1 , the Natural Boueseilcr, lias returned to this city for a week. Any one desirous of cumui'ting him, may have opportunity by bavin- an address at Howard's Hotel or J. Minor *, 21 l Kniton street, who sells tny Liniment and Embrocation to relieve contracted ligaments, or at Mr. T. Whittle lcrs, corner ol Chambers *nd Greenwich streets, if in lime; after, ai ins residence in Fl??ridi, Montgouit ry county, New , York, near A rush id im. jyd5 3t*r I REWARD.?Stolen Irom th?- College premise* on V'4"^ Thursday the I It It of July, a Gold Watch of the following description?(iold Patent Lever, thick, nirrow, double backed, with gold dial, of the hack and pinion Escapement, | pal-tt wheel of donnsiic manufacture, boies of the lever slide. The rbove reward will be given lor the recovery of the watch, by the subscriber. I . . , HENRY MOORE. 1 ri!:c? !on. Julv - J. I,if. j\) ;>tr Eupi L I ION?Ladies 1 liroiiaof nciiviiki lteeoiiiiu the above elegant and useful accomplishment. iu which p oi uuuciatiou is cor e( ted, articulation perfected, and action suit ed to the word, c.u. learn lartirtilarly from Mis. SAMUEL BUTLER, i 13 &t* Joint's Park, Now York* >>.?i:>tr SELF BirwINU GENTLEMENTl^ssessiiig a A strong beard aud tender face, the "Wtalic Tablet and Strop j of Q. Saunders is the only article now iu use that will obviate their difficulties. A most convincing proof of thei* utilitv is, that the first cutlers iu London, si/.: Colman, l lltymirket; I Milikin, 301 8;rand; Lowcock, 38 Coruliill; Thomtiull, 114 i New Bond street, have them lor sile, and recommend them with the use of their own cutlery. ! jy21 lm*c G. SAUNDERS, 163 Broadway. , TJOBBEHIEs PREVENTED at tritium eipenae.?Tht no* I AY merouH burglaries committed in this city of late should warn housekeepers and others to secure their p)ate,jewelry and j other valuables as much as possible against thieves. The sub scr'ber has o ImikI an as?o.tmrut of Mvnud-hand Iron < hest-* and Boxes, with good and subttan ial locks, whiclic ?nnoi be I easily forced or picked, which he will sell at less than one half I their original cost, having re-eived them at their real Value in i payment for Wilder'* Patent Salamander Safes, which are now I geneially aduvtti d to be the only Safes which can successfully resist incrn ? heat. | For Wilder'# Silamander Safe, or cheat* second-hand Iron Chests, iu*iuire at the Salamander Safe and iron Ch st Store ol S C. HERRING, jy23 Iwr No. 139 Water st. NOTILK ?All persous l&aviug jirolessiouil Imsine.s with tile late firm of SMITH & RICHARDSON, Atic ruies at Law, are informed that the business of the concern will be carried on and conducted under the direction of the undersigned by authority from th surviving I ooiartaer, until definite irnngs ments are made for its future conduct. Clients are requested to call at d give any necessary instructions, and correspondents mty rely on having their orders attended to ts heretofore. BENJ FANEUrL HUNT, ALEX H. BROWN. Attorneys. F. D. RICHARDSON. Survivor of Smi h k Richardson. The New York Herald and Commercial Advertiser iu New York, and the South Carolinian, in Columbia, will please insert the above three timet each, and send th ir bills to the offic? of the Charleston Courier. jy23 3tr CORPORATION NOTICE?Publn N eke b hereby given, that a sale ol | roperty for unpaid tales w ill take place at Public Auction, at- ?r City Hall of the City of New Y?rk, on Wednesday, the tllt'i uay ol Septenribei neat, at 12 o'clock, noon, and be continoedfi i m day to day until the whole of said property shall be sold, tu 1 that the detailed statement of the taxes, and property to be i > i i ,is published iu the New Era, a ne wsp per printed and ni ? i si.coin the city of New York. ALE '% f I) A. SMITH, Comjitrollrr. Comptroller's Office, May' 1842. je25 lawtSepf28 c NOTICE TO MARSHA~LS.-Thc MarshaLof Ol New York are directed to band in the warrants held by them,on or befo e the 2'.)tl? instant, in order that the Mayor may mine uui ma ni | >|'i# 11 in lie ii' ^ mi me > en r. All Marshals neglecting to do so, will be considered as Laving resigned their commissions. By ordered tlu* Mavor. JAMES H. WARD, First Marshal. Mayor's Office, New Voik, July 22, 1842. j>2:i lwr TO THE AFFLICTED. UAVK you yet tried MOFFAT'S LIFE MEDICINES 7 lA That you have not, is sufficiently evident in the fact that you are still j suflft p i. , Be your disease what it may, be its stages ever so confirmed, dint-mi lagiuu, or ilmpe rale, deapeir not of a sine and rapid cure before you hive tested Moffat's Life Pills and tlioenix Bitters. When rHEY fail of restoring Um tick to Wealth, the weak to strength,and the wretched to happiness as far as personal he iltlr fulness is coucertied, will then, and not till then,be indeed time to abandon hop*-. "There is no such word as FAIL" in the whole history of these inestimable Medicines; while every succeeding day add* scores to the innumerable multitude of cures they have effected. Try them. For sale by Dr. W. B. Mo (fait, "17 > Broadway, New York. JyW i iv * c " D O C T O R B E L L". r\OCTOH BELL devotes hi, personal attention (daily, s-? until S P. M.) to the removal of prirat. diseases in every stage. All suffering under protracted tun, aggravated nr unsuccessfully treated by inciperieuced nr pr? tended practitioner.?these laboring under the destructive effects of mercury or 7[tt.vck nostrums, and all who suspect the remains of disease urkiiv in the system, may consult Dr. B. always with a guar antre of a cure. (O* Persons contemplating mairiage, wnn have been the snltf jects of delicate diseases, may consult Dr. bell with honorable confidence. Postpaid letters, deserting the casa ol'|iersoPi at a distance, have las prompt attention. l)r. B.'s treatment never nooses to suspicion, and ia well known to be safe and permanent. IT5- I'-ieste offices I Cfl URTL A NUT HTHKKT. ivrr. I door. from Broadway. Jyli lm*c ~ tomarklkf) ladies. Madame uestell's preventive powders. ?These If luibl< Powdershav< been unit rsalh ted in Europe, but France in particular, for upwards of thirty years, a- uvil m bv thoiuatidsin this country, 'i b< in- tin* only mild, safe, xud efficacious r?-medy for married ladies, whoso health forbids i (' o ripid in< n eol ( mil]. Madame Rest* II, a* is w* 11 know u, ws for 'bitty years Vein a I Physician in the two orilicipa1 Female H unit iU in Europe?those of Vienna and raria?w here favored o> her meat exi?eri?'iice nd opportunities, ..he attained chat celebrity in those great dncoveries in medical science 10 rpecially adapt* d to the female frainex for which her medicine* now stand unrivalled. as well in this country as in Europe. Her acquaintance with tne physiology and anatomy of the female frame, cnd?h d her?by tracing tin* decline and ill h.althof married females, scarce in the meridian of life, and the consequent rapid and often apoiretitly inexplicable causes which consign many a fond mother to a premature grave?to their true source?to arri\e at a kiiowb-ih f fit*; primal y * of final*- iudi <po?jtiont?especially oi narrifd I' miles-which, in 1MI? led t?> tin* Cisco Very of her celebrated M Preventive Powders." Their adoption has been the means of preserving not only the health, but e??n the life of many an affectionate wife and fond mother. Tne advertiser feeling the importance of this subject, and estimating the vast benefit* resulting to thousands by fheii adoption, would most respectfully iroaie die attention of the mar* rie i, by all that they hold near and d? ar, to their considered n. N it not w ise and virtuous to prevent evils to which we ar?* sub! ' t. by sun pi. md healthi m ana within oui nti !. Ei i? disna ?iou?tc, virtaouv, and eulightened mind wi'l unh sitatiugly answer in the affirmative. This is all that Madam - Retell recommends or ever recommended. Price five dollars a package, accom auied with full and particular dinctions. Thev can be forwarded bv mail to any part of the United States. All letteis must be post paid, and addr ssed t ? MADAME RKSTfc.LL.F-un e Physician. Principal offi-e, I to (Lmiwoh street, N w York. Office hours from 9 A.M. to 9 o clock P.M. Bo ton office ^o, 7 Kurt jyffl ltn*r the teeth: '"PHE TEETH?A reduction of 20 per cen??Upper and -* lower sets of teeth inserted on suction or atmospheric j?r?*saur?, to as to be worn with ease and tirmm ?t, from a single tooth to an entire set; ail can he supplied with ihe best mineral teeth; toothache cured. For extracting tooth. 50 ceuts. Children's, naif price. J. Buskey, Burgeon Dentist, 27 Murray street. n**x? door to the church, west of Broadway. jy23 rod 1m * r "medical notice. JUST PUBLISHED, PRiCE FIFTY CENTB-B> Dr. Fawcett of 196 Fulton street, New York?The creat Consoler for the Mind in Distress?a ropnlar nquirv info the conceal causes that destroy the physical energy ami the ability of manhood, with observation* Oil the tuneful < ffecta of solitary indulgence, local #r constiiutional weakness,nervous irritation, consumption, and on the parti*' or total extinction of the re-produrtir. powers. .The Dr. isalso a Jthorofa uew treatise which 1st Itlanrdl written ^>r the sensitive f-male, who, while she shrinks abashed at the idea of revealing her sufferings, may find in its pages a confidential and ca|iahle sdriaer. Doctor F. continne* to direct his Miration to the entire eradicatian of gnnnorhnr.a, gleets, tinctures, nocturnal emission, syphilis in its worst forma, Hereon I irritation, const ituiioual tie hilit', and all diseases hroiiitht on by solitary habits. Femalr diseasrs tre1 led seientilically. jy23 lm*c Odes It, Fulton street. IMPORTANT W V'I V . I.\ r. rPHE New Vnrk College ol Medicine alio irmacv, respect1 fully inl'crm the public that Tin (.' osst i.tttro Pnran uts will hcreafti r he in all o 'slice daily at the f'nnci|ial Office of the Colltdi in < rdei to afford Medical advice, and prescribe for patient*. This arrangement has been made in cnnae-iur nee of the immense numbers who have applied at the Colli ye and who Wish to incr t the (annulling Physician iu person. Tv.rm*. On payment of One Dollar each patient w ill receive advice and Oar Ddli.aR's worth or Mi.oit ttrr. , as prescribed by the Medical Attendant, /fmi i t of JllHnilanrr. ' From 1ft till 4 o'rlock, P. M. By order of the College, W. s HJtHARDSON, Agent. Principal Olficr of the College, <17 Na.g.n ?t, |y2'2 iwr p F.NTLF.MEN and ladies riding out of town sv.ll nnda "-T pleasant atop ping place in Flat Bu-h, L. I., aloat half way to Bslh and Coney Island, at !h< Ice Cream estahl'sh m nt, pp. its I ie hi n t it'll I , in ..fM.I larkson, Est). i v '< lm*r PORTUtiUKriK l-'KMAIsh I'ii.i.tpHME far-famed and relebratcd Pills, frrm Portugal, are, i. we perceive, to be obtained in this country. See advertise- : inent on the last column of fourth page. ^ m3 is PjK JAMES ALEXANDER HOI STCIN h*. removed U hi* ConsrLTWO Orricr, to No. 3 Hirald BviLt>irat> t corner of Nassau and Fulton itreets. ie2 3in ms c ] I70R DR. FECCHTWANOER'H t om|?inticl Chemical " Whale Oil Soap, infallible Poison for Bedim as, Moths, lists. Cockroaches, Flirt, Asits, Mo*chetoe?, for hit Fly P.spi r, and . for his numerous chemical preparations, see last page. iy7 Imii'e AUCTION SALES. BY THOMAS BELL. \ Stm ts A'ot 22 .1hh jnd II.'i F\Uton itrtel ) TUESDAY. Ai la !>2 o'.loo, in iIk sales ruoui. Lira* bait ol' OimcIi by order of a Krceivar? k umiture. clothing, cettery, bird ware, gulls, jewelry , *1,000 sek'irr.w lne?. groceries, like. lo l'rolce?iohil Gentlemen?Also, a lirge solid oak !>> ?! rae with stands, ihrlvi, doors, c< rnices and v srlou. apiarlin nts m, ,t sluvble for iu ei cum e library, 14 feel hulk < > I' j hleli, coat (260, Also, a large In* of store fixtures, shelving, glass doors, show 1 cases. in Iible top* I,,, cn.iuli rs, See All entire inioiee nf el< gsnt II.>inbaaiii fiock , ,>atr slid pallia "I. made fur men of irgulsr rite t> Alio, 2 splendid writcl.c . WEDNESDAY, .. . Atl(ll, o clock in ihc sales room, furniture, gtc.?All assortment of new and second liand furniiure, consisting ofcryets looking glasses, chair-, lalral atnpa, plain and diessmg bu.esus, aofa, hedstcsds feather j bed*, inalraatra, See. Al.o, the entire liaudaomr furiulnrr of a family gititig u* housekeeping. ' Alto, a splendid piano forte, 2 elegant c?n>pv bedalaaila So 1 Al.o, III I/. - I'll mini Sill Hi I'1 .I'll I'llM l , V p.,,, BY El ELL Se Mil I I. A 111 I s, { Tuesday, ~ i ; At 10)^ o'clock, at the unlet room. .. . ",c,i Lnpiora sreari. See.?Consisting of very ehoicr Malmsey anil South aide Madeira; Dulf Gordon |>ale aln-rry ; brown do, port. Hi. Julicii claret, ehainp sue of lav.nil. brand*, Dupuy brandy, cordials, tj-erni and alvbasiet , eandlea, Havaua aid Prioei|ie .rear* of t lrinu. brands ami un*. willi other ariiclea in the line? to lie told in Iota lo suit jiUrchaiera. Al.o, Bolliiiiecr champagne, anchor brand, juat lauded, suprior to anv wine in market. ! I Also, Olard, Dili uy Se Co. brandy, in bund. wednesday. At 10,^ o'clock at the auction room. Elegant Furniture and Pianoa?A I 'rge aaaortment of the best and most fashionable city made furniture, including ma* iiogauy cliaira, pier, dining, tea and centre tables, wardrobes. j nureaus, loiiei table*, lookiug gla**?*, tufted and lining scat *o| fan, ottoman*, divaiu, rocker*, dretnihg bureau*, leather bed*, , iiiat!re*se* and pillows, office desk. Sir. ; AUo, one txiinogUuv eitrticion dusiug table. 1 Also, one l.-ul)'* gold watch, for-?aleioi the benefit ol whom ; it may concern Also, a splendid assortment of piano*, combining all the modern improvements. | AUo, 'j gold and 2 silver watbhes; 1 diamond ring; with a i mall .jo uit n y of jew elrj . BY THOMAS ELDER it I O , Store No. (li Maiden Lane. ~ TUESDAY75ST { I At 11 o'clock, nt llii' Ancti n Kooni. Under Warden's inspection, for account of whom it map con- ' ' 12 < i s of t i-l, l ini ui 'l oil ill" \ oy?ge of impotu ion. i j \ I ("HON NOT 11 E.-Sah . f Dr> (i 'I,. thin* Kmat cy atttcles, Jewelry, *tc.?Tuu?dav, at 10S o'clock 111 the l?i?c rooms 22 Ann and Hi Kill too streets. 1 Al?u. Lihrar), Book fuses, Store Fixtures, Glass Doors. Show fans. Counters, 4te. . jy212t TH08. BELL, Auctioneer. VINE OLD. LINE ENGRAVINGS, ?tc. at Anction.-A. A LEVY will sell, on Tuesday morning, at II o'clock, a( 111 Broad whv, a tine collection of old Lute Engravings, bv the inost ce'ebrateil imuiers; Drawings, Oil Paintings, ? '. This collection has <u?t In en received from II dlanJ, and if well adapted for artists aud gentlemen of taste. Also, some finely 1 colored French F.ngiav ing.s, suitalde for drawing room |a>rtfelios, w illi other work, of art worthy attention. i> 21 2l*r ^?1 K<)R ALBANY. TROY aud intertne- , fg-i ,*Vmediate places.?The splendid low pressure i T" arii steamboat SWALLOW'. Captain A. M'Lesn, ! will le.tte the foot of f OUrtlainlt st. this (Tuesd iy) afternoon, July 26th, at 7 o'clock, and Friday, 2*;tli, at 1 o'clock. The above is i substantial boat*, titled up with elegant State I . Ro>>tns, aud for accommodation is unrivalled on the lludsan. iy 2ft ? OPPOSITION LINE FOR ALI5ANY. !, FARE REDUCED ' ! CABIN PASSAGE. .. $1 00 DECK PASSAGE-- . IK FREIGHT TAKEN AT REDUCED PHtCES. fiC* The commodious Steamboat WASHINGfl?. ?'jj- j'TON. Captain J. M. Brown, having made *r Mr r arrangements to change Iter davi of leaving New York, w ill hereafter leave the foot of Robinson street, New York, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sa ttrday aller- ! noon, al 1 o'clock, and Albany, every Monday,Wednesday, and Friday afternoon, al 1 o'clock, lauding on Iter passage each way it 'lie foot of Hammond street, Nt vvburgh, Poiighkeepsie, ' Kingston Point, C.itt,kill and Hudson. For freight or postage, apply to the Captain on board, or to D. RANDOLPH MARTIN. No. 182 West street. jyl.Hin?c /^l FOR ALBANY, TKOY,andliutermediate d.-?Tnj^^r-Jsplaces?Thr splendid low pressure steamboat | -E??-J8L_JcLh\YA l.LOU', (apt. A. McLean, will leave the foot of Cortlaudl street, Wednesday afternoon, July 20tli, ?t 5 o'clock. ^ The Swallow will leave as above, on Saturday, 23d at 1 o'clock, !i 'I'lu above is a substantial boat, fitted up with elegant State Rooms, and for accommodations is unrivalled on the Hudson. i vjflr ~jt HEALTHY EXCURSION TO THE FIvHINU BANKS OFF SANDY HOOK ?The fast and steamer UTICA, I .plain J. W. Haticnx, will commence making daily exciti.ions to the above place, on Monday, July 21th, and continue to run every Monday, Wednesday. Thursday and Saturday, * | and'eave as follows Foot of Hammond street at a quarter pti'l 8 o'clock?Canal street at half p st 8?Pike street, E. M., at 0 l-Pier No. 1 N. H., at half pa-l 9. A Baud of Music is engaged Dinner and all kinds of relreshmeiits will In fititiished * on board. On the return the Utica will ictiuin at FortHtiinl- c ion hall an hour. Fire 25 cents each way. _ D '1 hr UTICA will make an Afternoon Excursion around t Statrli Iilatnl on Sunday, July 2lih, ami enminue et ery Tuesday, Friday, and Snip! iy, and leave as follows :?Ko'?t of H immoiid street at I?, o'clock?C'tial sln'el at 2?Pike street, E.K. r< at half past 2?I'n r No. I, at o'clock, P. M., and .irrive in ll, cif e ?i 7 o'clock Fin tt centoe cfa wiy. jy25tw r ? Fori LONDON?Regular packet of the Is* Aug. ItmT'KV'TTlf,splendid fast ailing packet ship ONTARIO, ( ',i( t >111 B adish, will sril a*above, her rrgular day. vThis ship's accommodations for c&bivi, 2d cabin and steerage >a*sengers, arc fitted up in most superior style, and berths can be secured on moderate terms, by applying on board foot of M liden lane, i? J GLOVER & McMURRAY, C 100 Tine ?tree t, corner of South. r. S?Persons wishing to synd for their friends, t?er the G splendid ship Ontario, or any of the regular I.lie, should make r Application .is above, it hy letter, post paid. j\2b [] KOR LIVERPOOL?New Line?Reguu fl TOE3FTVlmc,<rt 2blii August?The splendid packet shii < j^U&fs^lDDONS, Captain E D Cobb. ? llKHi tout, will po p sitivtly sail as ahoyc, her regular uay. P . r Height or iwissage, , having accommodations uin <pialled lor splendor ( r c. mfort, aj ply on board, at Orienii* wharf, foot of Wall street, or to n E. K. COLLINS It CO. 56 Soutn irtet. Price of passage $rW0. * The |?ac!n tTliin SHERIDAN,!' u I nn A. Depeyster, of 1000 tons, will succeed the StDDONS, and sail 25th September, hci f1 14 il ti d If, .... 9 Passenger* niav rely on the ship* of this line sailing punch:ally ta advertised. jy2f? ? S1 TKITLT.NK OK iriVKHFoGL PA'rKKTS iH^^Ptekrtof i(h Lt of Auaust?Tt* superb fast *ailM Mfibaing Packet Hhip A DERONDACK lino tons burthen, Giuit. Ilackst ttf, w ill nail positively as above, her regular day. The accommodations ol thi? ship for cabin secoud cabin and steerage passengers c iunot be surpassed, Her between deckare very spacious, and lifted up with every convenience, and r w ith strict attention to the comfort of second cabin and steer- j age passengers, and person* about to i-mbark lor the above . port, wishing to combine comfort with economy, should lose . no time in sfdectr'g berth ill this splendid ship, a* the price of '' passage is unusually I . w?for terms of which, apply on hoard, V ai Burling slip, west side, or to W.fc J.T. TArSCOTT, 43 Peck Slip, cor. South street. Persons wishing to send for their iriendi rsn kwr them brought out in this ship, or anv of the regular line, on favora hie terms. j>2(, 'j "4?. KOU LIVERPOOL?Sail. This r>av (Tuesday) 1> Julv?Tiiy fast tailing ship CHESTER, Capt. JW-koAkLl)'1/. "T,l tail positive)* thu day, Tuesday, Mth 1 u -7!A fcw more 1 abiu, second ea'j,; and steerage |)UKDi[t rs * ran b handsomely accurnii 1.dated, 'f application ia made to j, the subscribe r? h W o'clock. .1 ltOCHE, BROTHERS k CO., 3.'> Fulton st, , jy?r, Next door to tip- Fulton B ink. ri XJ&t PASSAGE FOR LI VERrOOE?First Packet t WriMfV?'1 In- superior tir^t class packet ahip JANE k BA11 - tl iKatllfciBAKA. ('apt. Coleman, having been unavoidably N 1 t.imi'ij, will |ioiiti>rly clear on Tuesday, Kill, or pasaagi 1 free. ' 1 Having tplrndid accommodation* for cabin. arcoud cabin and steeiage passengers. Tor passage, early application should b< >1 made on board, fool of Dover street, or to si W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT, 43 reck slip, jy-21 corner "I" South street. AA/t FOR LIV FRPOOL, the first class Britiah Bari|ur ' fcrjKjfV COUNTESS OF AKRAN. Captain O'Bryen. MU?' ?ni only tveo years old, 3.1ft tons burthen, w ill meet with quick despatch for the shore port. For freight or pa*take, having comfortable accommodations in Cabin, Second Cabin and Steerage, all of which wiil lx taken at the lowest rates, apply to the Ca|it.iin on board the ship at pier 12 E. R., or to I jjtt r JOHN HERDMAN.l,I Smith street. 1 rAi- FOR NEW OR LEANS?Louisiana and New r WTOrjfVVork Line.? Positiveli lir t Regular Picket?The fas' v, CMSLT 1: ... ,,Hrk<.t ,hip GASTON Cunt Oliver Eldridge, is now loading at Orleans wliarf foot of Wall at. For freight or passage,having haiidsouie furnished aecornmo* \> dations, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, | E. K. COLLINS k CO 56 South st. u Great care will be taken to hare the goods by this line coo ( rectly measured. Age lid in New Origin*, Hitllen fc Woodruff, who wil 1 ??r >mpd. forward ?ll good* to their addfen. jytl r FOIl vlAKs/JLLKS-PuKc A.i*ns'-Tl.. ?fry i*ii|iriini in k i ia/i< . ,?, i i|n. i/. .-hut i4nm!h lev. llu vety au|u-rioi iiirtiiaherf accommodation- a for paaaa-iiffera, and in all rrapvcielo lli?ee of thv othet i< Kuro|?'aii ["carta from hence. I For frr- ijfht or paaaage apnlv I" il BOYD k HINCKEN, Amenta, hi !i Tontine Building*. ? ASif FOR N?.W 0RLEANS-Witiw^clTdcaTioeh- *" WY*4^.Tnc elegant well known packet ihip QUEEN VIC- *' js4>#4 i'OUIA, Captain Mallet, will *ail ia above. She ' ha? ?uj erior accommodations for cabin, taeond cabin and steerage p sarngers which will bp taken at the lowest ratea. if parI) application ia made on bovd the?hin. at pi rtt E. K. or to jy2? JOHN HEHDMAN. CI South ?t. ? McKIVsuperior, faat sailing, coppered, ami copper fattened . Jwmwwm-Iih'CIIAHI.ES CARROLL, burthen penegister. a, 41'i toua. Inn It in 1328 by Messrs. Bcr|h k Co. of live oak, lo coat, and cedar for a Havre nack-t. She ia in prime order, and may be aenl to tea at a trifling etprnae. For tertna apply lo Oaptain Laeon hoard at Rector trert wharf, Oi to [ n2l BftYD It MENCKEN, ? Tontine Bnildmga. LDACKET"Ship Siddon* from Llvrr|iOol?Consignees by thi I1? * ahip will pie ite aend their pertnita on board at Orleana " whirf, foot ol Wall afreet. All goods not permitted in tin ,rJ lay. w ill be -"lit to publ c afore. , Julv 23. 1*12. t v23r ?? PACKET SHIP SiDDONS, from Liver|?iol.?Consignees "" by this ship will |,b-a.P scud thairperinits onboard at O leana W' irf. pm' of Wall atrcet, wttnniit d-lay. All good ni u.'f i>'*rrr.r red i fire days will lie acnt to the ptthlic -tore, jy 2t, j WII.SHVS PATENT LKUKR LOCK AND LATCH f ?Tliiaiaan w end important invention, possessing ma- f ny advantage a oi r every oilier kind of Lock and L<tch whirl. '. haa ev. r liern in uae, either in thi'c mntiy or in Europe. It i at constructed <? itigcniova but true mechanical principals, and w r-oinhtnealhe mos' perfect simplicity with very great die "bill- .a ty. Il ia made w ifhnnt springs of any kind, an'I ia nor !i able to get ont of order. The-.' Dock a anil Lvtrlies have been ream- r'n iued and rived by many scientific men, who highly appreciat ;b> ir worth. Builders and ow n> ra oi houses sre invit) <1 to ?;! indev^aon, (or thema Ives, For aale, wholesale and retell, ai a No. Ill Fulton arreel, up ataira. t r22lw?r SAMUEL NOYER. . DREMII MS REDUt ED -Tbt No th Ami ... Fi , J t Miraneef ompauy Itave ledttrtd |l>ei. rati a ol' iirattrani v oi 1'' *' e? dwelli'.ga, and merehandile eo tained therein. e Offie** No. Id Wall atf et, op|x ?tte the M. rehanta'F.a< hang. < New koik, July ?l?t, 181?. v KOI KRT AINSLKE, Pr-.tdent IOHN Mt BR A IK, Been tar,, _ jyBtw r ( Vf R. MEMMINOER, aon > lh?" Wurtemhenret Regiment - *Quarticr Meiater (Ivttl'.ie l Memmiager " will pleaae to rc ,ive notice of his residence,as tt a relatioua in Oertnany haw t articular deaire to 1-uow it, a i i ditect (lis letter to Bo* 9.V "I Flranch I'oat Office, New Yoilt. jyJO fit eod'c I I ADIES' NI'RSF.?The widow < ( an sininenf phyaieis I v J offera her teivicea to the |, adiea > lliia city, being fdl> ca I meitated hv long eaiwrienee. Teatiro niala from the fu.t I'l" I yj tciana, and relereucai given. Applyt 324 Greenwich attest | jylllmeodr ? mTHtmT , ?. ? 1* . J. WBUWI UJlRDIM. Extraordinary Itnv. I Family, .'Incited Nightly icith .V'.. ,,/ lM\ighttr ami Aj j'laust, in flair i"aton* SPLENDID COMM- PANTOMIMES, kc. Tl E SI > A k KVENINO, Julv /> (. tiwrfottnancea will commi i.r>- ii H uYI.. u ?ii.i A OR AND OVERT! ltK, Alter vtlncli \1. DECHALUMKAl'. Uv llit ll.-.It I K mil , . k Alter winch. Mdu? M i . in ? ll ? li., i-.i.i.,,t.,t. COVfUl i I ..Vv Af t i v?i.i<- i Ml.. WrlL *i .!.irift li t I ritrct ,(.i of An liotiri intt-rinii.lii I wi'l 11' ?..U It,I lUffc .1 menu iii Hit-( nil .In it. A M i v. Iiicti A ORAM) 0\ Kill I RK. To be follow' In ill ctintif f n't ni'ini called THE INVI8 BLK HAhLKULTN. By ilic R v,!,, at. To conclude win THE PROMENADE MUSIC ALE. T7" Tlie |. Olinrtor rr?|iecllull> i .I.trm? On , uli|ic, hi niit|i|i.nire with die wiahraitf uuiiirr n?*, tlni notch . iniit*t| |m11 til ilw vntrrt^ininriiU. will be given aller lit- |?itimivni'i t hi the Saloon arc o*er. Acting Manage', Mr. (Aii|'|irud*le. _ Mu?ic?l Leant mid Director, Mr E Woolf. '1 ickru?M cents Dunn o|tcn at trvcu o'clock, Entertr-intnetiU to commence it eijit. I'll AT HAN THHATNIC, THIS El KMNH, w II I" neriorineH ill* KMI1HT UK Till GOLDEN FLEECE. Sy Sico, Mr Hill | Britt dicta, Mrv Hleld To lie Colli Weil In THE MANIAC LOVER. Midi tfl Eric, Mr Kirby I J'.i ii w .ling, Mr? Tho;.i?i Ami w A if i M -It. * .... ^ ,rri ? rV| I licit! After which v . ,n A W!F*. ton A DAY. Vithim r?cker. t Mr H II | Ai.grIW, Mrs Bhku r.) bv follow by LNWELCOME VISITOR. Pomiiey, Mr Hie*11 Julia Ledger, Mr. Marsden J it conclude w if ki TI1K 1 YI'WOUTK. Mtwworm. Mr H'M | Charlotte, Mrs Blake Doors will open in fu'uri- i 7 o'clock. in,! tl.? curtain will rise at ti>. * rlel 1,1'tore u o'clock punctually Dress circle. .10 cents?Move 15?l*ii. 11^?I'rivn, Rnvev. fi VAVXHAJiL OAROBSi MONDAY EVl'MM). Jul) :'v-( llf, wjt). KAIH1NO THE WIND. Jeremy Diddler, Mr J 8 Browne ( Peggy, Mini Kate llurn Alter which. FORTY AM) FIFTY'. Mr. Lillvwlii'e. Mr J Browne TUEBDAZ EVKNIMI, Ju'v ?>- Comuiii wnh I'kll FEUTIOrN. Kite O'Bricu, Miu Kate Horn I Clraa Paragon, J S Brum 'Jo e. litlndr w itll ROBK.RT MAt AIRE. Robert Ma,'aire, J S Browne Tickets '5 rents. jy-itt'e CASTLE GARDEN. Tliinl Rt indentation of the (traml Kihihition of tin Jimiiliariltmnt of the Citunf Vera Cruz, 3y the Flench Fleet under Admiral Ball Jin, wliicn w a? jtreet ej with unbounded applause on the .til anil 181 It ol Jii'v Ki mines. ADMITTANCE <5 CENTS. PHE Pri|irielor? of tin. well known resort, respectfully in A iii, iii the public thai (loir m il vbihitiuu ol KIRK WORKS, Will t-k? place on TUESDAY EVENING, July M. The New Yoili 11 ra- llmd will, under their leader Mr. Lnhian, perforin some of the most | c | tilar, patriotic and national ire during Hie evening. Hie evening's elite rtuunp nt. w ill t toe nit'nee at 8 o'clock with SIGNAL KOLKETs. iVhich will he lit d at intervals until ft o'elock, when the cviiihitiou will commence with a new and superb botanic il t iter called CHAPLET OF FLORA. A new and lif?utiful pie ;e called THK STAR OF INDEPENDENCE. Alter which a s< h tli.l piece e lied THK SI AH OF INDEPENDENCE To be followed by im Iiii id piece called llie BOWER OF AKM1DA. A new and beautiful piece, rilled Dip TEX IAN STANDARD. To conclude willi the Cliel D'Kuvrc of Fire Works, which teas received with universal approbation on the Fourth of July evening, ralleil BOMBARDMENT OF VlIE CASTLE OF ST. JUAN D'ULLOA & CITY OF VERA URUS, fit the French Fbet, under Admiral Baudin. B ind commences at half past seven o'clock. An efficient police is engaged to preserve order, and to iinroper persons w ill he admitted, on any pretence w hatever. Should the weather prove unfavorable, it will be posti oin d mil In rt Ik r notice. .Iji! 2t COldOi VDK (1 ARBKN. GRAND PROMENADE BALL. Promenade 20(1 f el in h iigiln FIREIVORh'S, RALLOONS, fc. ere. *r. FOR FIT H'- l A-'i tiKNENlT. O.I TUESDn. . E . t..,i.,i,. ?ulv 2f.ili, 1812. 1st?The B 'lid will commence lilt) nig at liall past 7 o'clock, . I if u tlir gates v.. I be opt tied 2d?Rockets will be fired occasionally, until half past eight 'clock, when two larrr MONTGOLFIER BALLOONS, >ith Kiri works, w ill lie let off aa a signal for the Cotillion* to lllllllirlice. 3d?At II) o'clock precisely,*., exhibition of Kir* work* will .ke place. which lias generously volunteered by Lane dire, Jr. E,.j, ? fler wInch, Dancing will he continued tin il a late hour. Tick. "* admitting a gentleman and h.? ladies, or family, JO nr*. Single tickets, ?'i nts. K.iltoi. ferry boats w ill run all night. should the ssea.tier pur c UuUvorable, w 111 be pott(ioticd tilt ic first fait evening. it* AMKRK AH NLiiEVN AMI UAllU' RfH. tOKNK 11 OK BROADWAY AND ANN STREET. J opposite St. Paul's ( I.inch. I*. T. BARNUM, MANAGER. INCH EASED NOVELTIES!! Mr. Wincliell, the unrisailed comic dmllcnst. Whitlork nd Diamond in their Batiio Extravaganzas. The wonderfitl lipsey Oirl can he prtvattely consulted thron l.ovt the day, ithuut extra chsrgr. The Model of the City of Dublin. I d and Y uug Nick, in which Mr. W inclitll sustains <ii chsirleri. A splendid Droit Curtain, representing " Byron's Ir-im." painted l.y Mr. Oscar Alrny, a u.tife artist. Ex . rn..ruts in Animal Magnetism ; Miss ltosal c, tile lingular ocatixt; the Albino Lady ; Ksncy Glass Blowing, and ( loamoiania ! Billoon A-ct nsion* every night a. tin o'clock, lay performances Wednesday and Haturdny afternoons al 'clock. Day visiters admitted free in the evening. Admission to the whole Museum, Garden and intertainae\it? 2J cents?Children half price. jy21r I'HE NEW ROCHESTER THEATRE is now oi*n for A- the suininst season, ladies and gentle mm of established rofestional renuration,who design visiting Buffalo nr M..u'ir*l nil iv'sh in take Rochester in their w.y, will | lease atldiess be subscriber. EDWIN DEAN. Rochester, July 1, 1812. j)6 Im ins*r MAGNIFICENT -\'l J l ACTION. SEA MONSTER ; SEA DEVIL. I'HK OHEATEBT NATURAL CURIOSITY IN f AMERICA?The proprietor of this fpe?'imeu I?4?e to annonnce to the public, that he hw fnr Eihibi jii, at the Bowery Ainphtthra'.ie, the Sea Devil, which wan iptari-d on ihe 26th April, 1812, in the Harbor ol' on, . < ., aflcr adtfprmti >tn? ?h with 26 men in 7 Boat*. The proprietor of this mi.enter feel* cot (blent that the lover* fthe curious and tin- sen inific will he h'gldy gratified 111 ewniL is mam lion* prediction ol the mi|litv deep \ I* I!', which was h >riiafter her captnre, w ill also he <i i hi ted. They may he vi*ife*d by both seven, as they are not at ll pfTr naive, and every elfort will be made to render the ihi. nmi illand s ! i- i ?pmr\ ?*, 17 lmt a card. " i/j R. DISBKOW, Proprietor ol the Equestrian Eirhangr Vanahail (terrier!*, and Lafayette Place, having fitted up ?at specious arena for the i.urjmsfj of a Riding Academy, and tade arr iDCemeiifs with Mr. W. D*vi?, gentleman high y re"unmended as a proirssor and teacher of thai healthy and ust il accomplishment, ihc art of If Grsemanship, to take chaste of le same, l**g* leave to inform the Udies and yeiuit men of few York who may fiv-r the establishment w i.h their pat route th*t eveiy esertion hall be used to merit a coniiuuait of lose favors so liberally bestowed heret* fore. The Academy,which is?ituafed in one of the most delightful id healthy locations in tl.e city, will be fitted aip w ith every itidy to the comfort of pupils, and the most rigid observance f respectability ^ ill be adhered to. Terms and particulars may he ascertained on application at le office, No. SOU Bow r\\ where the stages and cars a'e pis*il very five minutes during the diy. jy24 3t*r gYmnXsTum7 FENCING AND SHOOTING GALI.ERY, 333 liroathrajy. (rortirr of Anthnm/-rt) ) MOUtcQUIN has the honor ol infotininff his friends and tlic public iu ucueral, that hi. now Oymuasium i* now in Iteration. Il is the largest and thr hest which ha. hern y> i i,frrd to the American public. The n>. tn* art- l?ri(i ami wi ll rntilaled, which gi>'es the 111 the advantage ol brine always >ol. Parents, Mucn. and Gentlemen, air inviied n v.?it lis establishment, to which, _a? soon as the Croton Watrr I'ur'kS will he ill operation, will lie added a alio cr bath, for ir eoiir. ninnce of the Hub.cribrrs to the (I J'tun as mm. The BhiKitiiiK Gallery brum entirely independent of the Ij mutsium, persons wishing to piactiee pistol firing can do > without l? in. subscribers to the Gvtniitsiiiin Fencing lessons given as usual on moderate terms. Open at day break, and cloae at half past nine at nipht. ', 97 Irn-s I CHANGE OK AlK ANI) OK Hi E Mi is nm only * ess. utial to health, but a great sourer ol enjoyment iu tbe mum. r s. ason to th- residents of a .crowded on . Ftin-, athiiiu riu compare with a JALNT lO HOBOKI.N, to lose wh.1 ran leave New York on'y for a tew l < urs. |t? ndy and djv-rsified walks al.intt the river?ike i vicr. .? a freIHII tlis. u-alrr-lhf trtCtfirHRnU* h#aMfV of ifa ?r?tn. ii' the many *1x1 commanding virws presented fiom fh?itnin11 ol labile Point, Uid oibfr j oint* in the?e rfichfiiilit;g otind*?th romantic ?it? of thn f})bil'* Ctfe*]hf (JrluhUul injure of tlo* Elv-ian Kicbh, c- li*? tied in the afternoon b* in icrlb-nt bind or mn?ic, all ro injure to render tlu? by Ur the .i>.f (jvnritn |?Jace of Summer retoit. Acr??s i* rendt-it d e*?y the A rc!*), Oi?nl, ami Chmtopher afreet K rr\ Bo*?u, hirh p[r constantly during the day *nd evening. y, 15 2w r 'HA.WCnriSALT U'A'J'til fiAl'H-(F?ot of M in. ry *treoi.)?Th<* Franklin Salt Water Tl.vh, at the ! >': Moniacomrry atrert, la now op< n from 5 A. M. to 11 I'. ... lower hatha upon *ti improved plan, Swimming school, . 1 prrior public and private hatha for ladies and (tenth mm. je25 Itniae )AdVERR?OT I PF. APPAJIATUS AN'DTNSTKI't the most approved preer's, for making sph mini rtraita and views, by F. A. AUTAl'LT It CO. 11# Vnl. o e.t.vaho haac made arrangement* to open acini lor 'he -eplii n of pupils, to commence on Monday, July, 11' h. rhr claaa will be own for two hours earn dar, from e lit look A. M. to ten o clock A. M. and the pupil* may conn e in the cl*?? until perfectly aatiafi. d. Term? in advance. V. A All I'ALLT k Co. bare in*! received by the packet heme, from P^ri*. 1.000 verv annerinr Plefrt: al*n 2> ri i.rnv* D ??nerrrr'typ<' .ipiroiiii. ?, j< w!l *? AU rtirluir. hij plv tn n>?l<> numfifHi'nl in P?ri?. jjSlm'r l?KNK^>'s Mi"' I Hi OAOt'KUHKOTVrK PKOJ I KSH irr ("Urn :it ll.r rrv'n'i, 11 vimjl -< ' J"H:i r?rl,i||ii ii|?-rior Mylr, w ill. ?l' tin iiiulni itr pn ifiil- ii ?, nnj* n ynri! In tNp writh'-r, ih<? .... It twin* ilw > -i'"i Itlr. Imtioctimi* in thr *t><.ri. hr.iutifnl *rt uivin, tnl ?pi-ir?tm nii'hn! ?l tnriV r?ie pri'-?. N. B.?All l!i>' \| pir ' <1 in th Wo , fi >?' ':i 'i!*tll>? uIkU. j'lir- ; ili'.rvi.v il' . , i ! ! l?'li i I lli II11 .If wt, Iriu.i, fc' Sjnniimin'n M I" ?'*" r'''' "inn Mvlimc duriiw l)ir ihy _ _ . i> t l.n? r<s COTVAN I'nllv i-./i r'.? tl,r I III. ?I>f N. K yri'l it* virmily. lli il ?! ? r"1'1 '? u - Fnrtr, Hin . Ounw ?" ''? Siuiiiiik, nn?l ?il! I'.; l.iptT. in Clip hi r pupil. ? N II U .III', or _h ' I ,-nrl the r>sl ,fliv* Hin. nl tl... .> 11 - ?l." I'.'l" "<"'i'ii 1^ l-.-nni n tf.-.r m ri-?i.l.iir.. Hup I'll r.i. i?|p ti:,.l .ill , Trrv iiJ.n ll'i P"'" K'""> 'or iiln. if ' O ' ?. IHOT"M M'/t IT M t ATM - N.i. m.i. Uri .1 w ?t - I l.r> ' i.m, ri*l'?rl',r Hm-ul* ituli* I,; , i|?. pin. . an. ufir. M I In- pltWi.' tint In- I in w in, par. .1 l<> turn *h B III* on flic ?"ft I""* 'V Wof il.. dmron Ni?or. iVirf, r.tld, Sul, l.ur, Sli .wn V*iur, urt.l ?*rinn? Mclie?p ith' *lw?y* li-ii'./. r? I ?tioi''l'T?i!in"i'ii dm if fir* i * ro.l for lh? r .wopti. n h itiir*l.|?. *ltrn<|ii,tji, ,-:ilwii*rr HRNRV IHHMI. OSS?20 bil.? III... ii M.i ..i < ' K.K ("'LMN'4 Be * Southeiftrt.

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