Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 27, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 27, 1842 Page 1
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TH Vol. VIII.?No. 903 - .-Whol# Wo. 3030. RAILRaAM&^I^A^O^ ~~ POME ROY C 0.?S " ALBANY, BUFFALO AND CHICAGO EXPRESS. Ttutsuhsciibers are now running a regular Express over tit Railroad. to and Irom Albany and Buffalo, and tlie iutrrmt dial* places, for FORWARDING, at low rales.with the nl mo?l ?i? d, regularity aud safety. choice Good*, Specie, Baul Note, Important Papers and \ aJuable Package.?Will atleui to the negotiation, transfer, collection or payment ol" Bills o Exchange, Note., Drafts, Acceptances, Accounts, lie., at res aouahlepcr cetitage?execute orders lor the purchase or sale u Merchandise, Produce and Manufactured Articles of erery du ecrinliou. personally, iu the t.wus on their mute, through Messrs. 11ARNDEN It CO'S EXPRESS to New York end Boston, ami Messrs. HAWLF.Y It CO.'S EXrRF.SS to and from Buffalo to CleTelaud, Detroit and Chicago and in termedi.ile places?forming at once the most direct, speedy am perfect communication to aud from the eastern and westert cities, for the negotiation and transaction of all mercantile ant professional business, remittances, exchanges, lie. References? Erestas Coming, Thomas W. Olcott. Watti Sherman, A. D. Patchm, Noah Lee, James Taylor, Theodon Olcott, Albany. Agencier?Bennett, Backus It Hawley, Utica ; T. A. Smith Syracusr ; A. (i. bimth, Auburn ; J. Farco, Ovuwa ; J. G Sbt jiht-rd. C.uir.ndai^ua : Da\iUHoyt, Rochester; John Mo henster, Lsockport; J. A. Clark, Bktari.i Thomas Blossom Buffalo. PONfEROY It CO*. No. 5 Exchange Buildings. Albany. 11 3 Wall street, New York. hOR SCHOOLEY'S MOUNTAIN, EAS N, ll*TfflGH^ EN Daily, (Sundays ciceirted.) via?Elizabethtown and SomervilU Railroad. Leave pier I North River, at 8X o'clock, A M, by ateamboai to Elizabelhport, or leave the foot of Liberty atreet at 9 o'clock A M, tike the Philadelphia train to Elizabetntown, there tc connect with the cars for Somarville; coaches from thtnee ar riving at S-lioolcy's Mountain early the aama afternoon, al Luton by 6 o'clock, Betrlehem at 7K o'clock, and Allentown at o'clock the Mine evening. l'or aeata uv furtuer information, apply to A D HOPE, Merchants' H.t-L 41 Conrtlaudt stret, at the Railroad Office, foot of Liberty street, or on board the boat. Fare through to Schooley's Mountain, $2,25 " Emion, $2.00 " Bethelem, $2,7i " Allentown, $3,00 N B?Extras provided it the shortest notice. P S?This route on account of the short distance by coaches commands itself to the public patrouaga as being by far the most pleasant fold expeditions. jy6lm*c FltUlUllT ANJLi PA88ACJK TO PITT8BUKO. Tlie proprietor* ?f Bingham's Transportation Line to Pittshutt, give notice to the Merchants of New York, and all other peraons shipping to the West, that their line is now in active ojitratior Goods onaigned to them (or aent to go in line,; will be loryrarded with despatch. Owners or shippers of goods, destined for the Western Stati M, who have no agent or consignee al Pittsburg, will please consign their roods to William Bingham, Pittsburg, who wilt attend to snipping all audi consignments without WOT. All goods should be marked distinctly on eacn package BINGHAM'S LINE. For ales ol freight, which are as low as any other line, apply o WM. TYSON, Agent, No. 8 West street, opimsile Pie r No. 2, N. R. N. B. Passengers forwarded to Pittsburg and Pottsi tile,every day, Sundays excepted. Refer to R. Crooks, American Fur Co.; 8. T. Nicoll, Front streyt ; Phelps, Dodge It Co., Fulton street; Suydaiu. Sage k. Co ; Wm. Rankin, Duryec & Co, Newark. m6 3m RAIL ROAD?ALBANY ANTTSARATOOA. Travrltess to Saratoga Springs, Lake (J'i nje, Whitehall and Lower Cauiuia, are informed thai they will insure to themselves an expeditious ami picassnt conveyance to the Springs hy taking the Riil Rot I can at Albany. HOURS OF DEPARTURE. From Albany. From Saratoga. At 6 o'clock, A. M. | At 7 o'clock, A. M " 3 " P. M. I " 3* " P. M. There is no chinge ol Coaches or Baggage Wagons, or shifting of Bit-gage from one Steamboat to another on this route. Passengers on their airival at Saratoga, will find stage coaches in readine ts to convey tnein to Lake George and Whitehall on Lake Ch mpl iiii; connecting with all the princi|>al Northern and Eastern Stage routes. A Stage (for the convenience of passengers who arrive by the afte-noon train from Albany,) leaves Saratoga at 5 o'clock A. M. arrives at Whitehall in time for the departure of the Chamylain steamboat of s me day, and brings eastern trav Hers to Rutland, Vt early iu the evening. N. B. There are baggage wagons always in readiness, at Albany, on the arrival of the steainboats and rail road cars, to carry the b?ggage of passengers direct to and from the depot end steamboat at the rale of lil* cents |*r trunk or package, or I2>J cents lor ordinary travelling baggage. The dep otures for the west are fixed for the season at 1% o'clock, A. M. and 7 P. M. JOHN COSTIQAN, Superintendent. Albany, June 77th, 1813. jc27 3m r KAILKOAD NOTICE. MARKET AND FREIGHT LINE. THE NEW JERSEY Railroad and Transportation Company hare established a Freight Line between News Brunswick and New York, whick they intend to run pe.rmahentlr Lcaving New Brunswick at A. M. daily, (Sundays eieei.ted) and tlie foot ol Liber tvr.reet. New York, at 2\ P. M. To country dealers and raen.Viants the above line is very desirable for tin speedy and cneap conveyance ol merchandise oi evgsy artcnpciou, ar?i more particularly 10 Urovers and Dealrii in Lnt Stock, wliocau have 150 head of cattle coivey il hi'twrrii New Brunswick and New York, the mine day win never re'inired. The raiei for the trau?)>orla;ioii of cattle, horses, main, sheep, hogs, i.r. and all other kinds of merchandise are Ten low, never exceeding steamboat prices. Merchandise sent by this line is not snbjeet to any extra charge ill ihe North River. The. Company have fitted np a large storehouse at New Brunswick, adjoining the Railroad Depot, which will always kenjien for t!i reception of merchandise. Pnssiaiiti rs purchasing their tickets at the ticket offices, will receive lerry tickets gratis. Kreijht fur Newark, Elisabeth town, Railway, Westfielu, TUiuiield, Scorch Plains, Boundbrook and Somen ille, is conveyed by the. above lines, and delivered the same day when received. mil Sm* staten island ferry. *<K>t Whitehall street, TVie steamers STATF.N ISLANDER and SAMSON will leave New York and Staten Island every hour, from J A M to 7 P %AII go ids are required to be particularly marked, sud agp sr^knsk of the owners thereofi. jyl O^SITION LINE FOR ALBANY" FARE RF.DUCED ! ! CABIN PASSAGE $1 00 DECK PASSAGE-- . 0 50 FREIGHT TAKEN AT REDUCED PRtCES. eja The commodious Steamboat WASH1NGg^rrrr -jH^TON', Captain J. M. Brown, having made Tr Jffi 1 to change her days of leaving New York, will hereafter leave the loot of Robinson street, New York, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday afternoon, at 5 o clock, aid Albany, every Monday,Wednesday, and Friday afternoon, at 5 o'clock, landing on her passage each way at the foot of Hamc)Oiid street, Newburgn, Ponghkeepaie, Kingston Point, Cattskill and Hudson. For freight Or |Misssge, apply to the Captain on board. Or to D. RANDOLPH .MARTIN. No. 1B2 West street. jyI3 lm?c Evening line For albany direct, At seveu o'clock, P. M., from the steamboat .7^--J**-,'.cd*I'll r between Courtlaurlt and Liberty streets. tT, M Tg- The Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. L. W. bran..,oi, leaves the above pier Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at seven o'clock, P. M. The steamboat ROCHESTER, Capt. A. St. John, leaves the above pier TaesiUy, Tliurjd vy and Saturday afternoon, at seven o'clock. The above boats are new and substantial are fttrniahed with elegant state rootnv. and in every rcspcctareu nsur|iaased among the Hudson River steam' is. For passage ur freight, a|iply on board,or to V. C. SCHULTZ, At the office on the wliari, or on hoaot, Pr.sseuxers taktr.v this Itns nf ??rtl .11 ........ ...i-. it Albany iu tirae fur the ft rut train of can for the east and west. jyt ? T7 ^01 OCRAN HOt.BB. l ong Branch, Kumson, Car?w-TSt-jlm* Brawn's Dock. Middletnwn, Eatontown Duck *'? '"ft "ad Vfla. fihrawslmry.?The steamboat 10LA3, ? ac'ju Allans, will In't New York from Fnlton Mir'ri (slip, Lift River, erarv mumirr; at I o'clock for lied B,nk C set at Tliursuay, an which J.ty the boat goes to Katoat .*11 Dock.) R'tinning, wt I leave at I o'clock each day. The Iotas will run as shore, navigtrion old weather permittine, until iuilier notiee. All freight and baggage at the risk of the owners the-eof. Jnne2t,l?lf. ir?lme XENNKBKC AND BOSTON. e?PL The new^l splendid steamer J.W.RICHdfir :r? MOND, Nath tniel Knnlwll. master, will T ? ? I'W J1"' n"rth ?r T. wharf, Boston, ever\ T.icil i -lid F riday evt tunc at 7 o'clock, for (iardinrr end Hallowell; and re inning will leare ritllowell on Mondays ami Thuisday s at 2>? P. M., landing each way at Bath. F-re from Boston to Hal'owell, fl 00 " " Bath, 2 JO Stares will be in readinrse on the arrival of the boat at HalI nvcll, to <: ore v passengers n Auve.ts, Watervllle, Bangor. Brlfi-l ndH'i.oec. Wsons travelling for plrasnre will find fewt uh u.inlvr ronles than this one to toucher, as it runs tbr u..11 a country .. .iindoi: in hcvatiful scenery?the roads in good, and the hutela wrll ke| t?tlir distance 210 miles, j j 10 2ni*o ,??> pc\ I HEAP EXCURSION to Fulling f_. <Jp 3niV?, every day, rtcetit Tuesiliva and Frtlay<?Fare 25 cents each way?The steamer NAPOLEON, r.ipt. II niroi. Will run regularly to the above j.lac - evert fair day. anil leave aa follows?Foot of II immetid ,ii,- ( at 0 o'clock, (.'anal street quarter jtasl 9, Market slrert nil |."f n, Catharine feiry Brooklyn 9??, pier No. 1 North river at 10 o'clock. On I uesdays and Fridays the Napoleon will make afternoon vc'ir-ions to Coney Island, landing at F'ort Hamilton and B I til?(toe a' mi boat < truer 11 Jackson will continue to run to I a same | l ier every other day in tlie week)?and leave .as (VIowi?Fo t of Hinunond ?f.eet at'f o'clock, Canal street at a piarter pvst 2. Pike erect 2\. Pier No | at 1 o'clock?Fare 2J eiita r.ieh way. The boat will remain at Coney Island "tie .our ami a half, and arriia in New Vrvrk by 7 o'clock. J14 lm*e l?k-. FOR I.HMIllN?Regit! tr picker of iV le \ng. hN5N?V?Tie ?|.l u !"l fa u ailing packer ship ONTARIO, SjlsisKgV'.vptiin B adish, will sail as shove. Iter regular day. Clvis : ill's .rc.iminiHlations for cabin, 2d cabin and steerage .i pii'.'f r*, are fitted up in mm1 superior style, and berths ran >ri curd on moderate terms, by applying on board foot of .Iaidcn lane, or to GLOVER tk McMURKAY I (HI Tine street, comer ot Snnth. y> -J?Per ms w .shieg t?. send for tln-iv friend*. ivi tint I ' i ii li-l -'oi Outario, or any of the I ne, In.old make |.,'lii 'im. '? by I. tier, post paid. jv2?l s O - S - -i bale- Idark Most, for -alt- by >1 ,v7r F.. K. COLUMNS fc CO. '* South ?t. ]E NE NE r WATERING .PLACES, &C.'H SHl.RON SI'RINGST" rPHE PA VII,LIO.V~-Thi* ueW cormaiodiou* Hotel \ri'1 *e A opeu fbr the reoei?tioif iT visitQi* on and nt*i? r ni?- tii i o! ? June iuf it. at the V ilLx* uf^l.uoa &pstor:?, Si !? . i. ir < u tty, N< W York. i a The clear pure vf*Mr of the- a/uritu; , >*re?;Iy rrseinbRiix c tlmie of the white tulpotty rpntitf < o 1 have ?JYU [ proved to he highly efficacious Ifi Kf?4 u,n* *Jr- CuUneoua, IVlii p>u> aial Dy?j*epiic cuiiijd.nut*; ahil Iff *hc cure ol tv,?ip?l.u, d Salt rheum, Scrtdula, Liver CompluNff an?. tf^neral debility, i aiul iu many ether resjwets, poisess (a* c\' '!*< vl by some <>i the i- most emitirut inedivaf professorj in tin* 0 vd? ti ?*un-? iej- 1 I n-ii and Irenlm^ properties unsurpassed, a?1* b?fn >? ? to .'? unc- ir quailed by any in this country. n * Added to these, the rides in the vicinity, in ?crous viiiajprs, extensive views, neikhjxning caves and pouv 'idic scenery tec. anions? the many attractions o fie red to these see iU1? lu he *t of summer,either health or pleasure. # ,r These sprint's are but a few hours ri l?- lYo?J Sr rotoi^, I r by, I Albany, &c., and are accestable from Catiaioliarie l)" l'lc A .Ira- j i ny ana L'tic* railroad, where carnage* daily awa. T-fno arrival ( I of the morning cars from Schenectady and iTtica. U carry \ isi- j tors to the Hprmys, a distance of about ei|fht miles. arriving in I time for dinner; also by the Albany and Cherry Vk 'ley turnl pike by daily stages, buing about forty-live miles wv 41 ?l 'die city or Albany. , Warm, cold and shower Baths furnished at all trove. ?, einter of .h *mineral or fresh water, and every attention give* to r tniut thi lUY of vtsjioim ifraiibli. . An abundance of Lhe pui est mountain sronff Ice is store d tpr the seasou. G W. B. <JKDNB\V- i THK SPRINGS HOTKL.?This Hotel will be opened ru the above v iU*gC of Sharon Spring*, lor liic rwsiilion ol ri*i , lor*, and combining aJl the ariraui.rci'S of 'bit 'lcllgblfn' ui, , mci residence. JOHN V- ETTEN. a29 I0w2uw?r I cat'stat.l mountain h<>u 3ej AT THE PINE OIK'HAHD ?lUi . rT^tIIS romantic and I'uhiou-tlde resort will !> - cos ducted duj - I a in# the present season under the direction <um! supuriutut- > dance of the subscriber. It has undergone a en itlplete and i lliornut h repair, and is now ,.|>en for the reception of visitors. No effort will be spared to maintain (he deservedly In, th character which it hu heretofore acquired. t As heretofore, ita tablet will be furnished with every delicacfy t that the New York market can afford; and every poax iKual, tentioo that can promote the couteuiencc and eujov met 1 ?l ijt patrons will be promptly bestowed. The road lvading , o thu establiahmeiit anil especially that part of it on the motrmah ' k.u J been rendered perfectly smooth and tale. Messrs. A. h . Orach St Co.'s excellent line of st ijti vrsll run ax heretofore regularly between the landing and the iL.mal. uu House, on thearriral of the boats. C. L. BKACH, Pro/wfe^O. June 13th, 1812. jililaiiT f)ATfi HOUbL, LONU ISLAND.?T Ins lonit and a e il sJ known bonding and sea bathing establishment, hav iag recently nnJergone mimeroux improrcmcntx, among w hlch is the erection of seres! elegant summer hosuaa ii|>oii the inanrii of the ocean, is now o;ieii lur the reception ol company during t!w> caxon. The great mteiit of private beach on tins shore? iV Eerfect security in bathing, even for ladies and children, t ?lle | athing houses being within a stone's throw of the mansion )? t tlinshady, cool and delightful locust grove adjoining the htw '*e ?the pleasant rides in the surrounding country?theexcelH nt tithing grounds and other sources of healthful recreation a 'id amusement?the beautiful view of the All- nlic ocean and t i* lower bay, almost constantly enlivened by numerous vtaai Is arriving or outward bound, render this situation in every: respect unequalled by any in the vicinity. Its accommodatioi is 1 are ample, the rooms airy and the temparature. even in th e w armest days of summer, anything but oppressive. The roi ivenience ofcommunication and distance, (beiug but nine milt from Brooklyn.) the accrss bp* stages at hours accommodate 1 to business render it peculiarly well adapted as a residence fa r gentlemen of busic su in New York, jc12 2ui*r WILLIAM BROWN. Proprietor. BATH BUILDINGS, ! "PORMKRLY RKNSHAW'S, at Long Branch.?This e?- I J tensive and delightful Sea Bathing F'.atabl'iliment will hi* , opened by tlie subscriber on the 27th June, instant. He bejirespectfully to inform its former patrons and the public, thai, j considerable addiflons and alterations, mrrcasiug the comforts, < have been made aince last year, aud will be in complete reatli- J ueis for llieir accommodation. J Wishing to be as reasonable as the times will afford, the board \ I will be seven dollars per week as last year, instead of ten dol- J lain as formerly. Children ofa certain age and servants half price. Horses full fed. $3,JO. He ho|<?s he may say without itnputa- t tion, that his table and accommodations will be equal to any on 1 Long Branch. Young people not requiring too much room, will I find accommodating terms. I j. 22 lm*r JAMES GREEN. j M NORTH CANAAN, (Conn.) July 11, 1812,-J. O ]...|| BxttistTT :?Dear Sir,?For several days jiast I noticed J^jJLiu your dailv, (which by the way I receive regular) youruiscription of Fashionable Watering places, and I looked them all over but did not find any mention made of OUR HOUSE. Now very likely you have never heard of this place, as I bailt it last autumn just ill time to take a small stiriukle of tlix wiuter travel frem New York to Albany, and by the way syeral gentlemen from four place, thought they would calf 1 this summer and spend a few weeks, but as I generally satisdy . a man that calls once that he cannot do better than to cull again, I doubt whether 1 will see one of them nntil neit winter, ih?n I am sure of them, as thu will be about as good a route gsthsy can take, as the rail road wilt be comp eted from Our House l . j West Btodtbridft, and that perfects the chain of rail road from* I (Jreenbiish to Biidgeport. Now, sir, I wish you to understand [ something of the |iariiculars of our location. We are within < <'uc mm' ui me norm line 01 me buu oi I oiiueeuoui, ?ur- , rouaded by the tallest kind of mountains, anil on the top of one ? ' of them is a splendid lake, that abounds in fish almost as tall as ' the mountain itself; we have other very* fine lakes. The < llou.atonic River one half mile from as, and the tributary I streams of which 1 hezrard nothing in saying for Trout and rilte fishing, are ltot second to any to New F.ngland, if in the , ' world. Then there is no arbitrary law about birds in our ad- I joining towns in Massachusetts, perhaps a few could be caught, I and put a lew of them with plenty of fish, and we will have a ' tolerable dinner. The way to get from yonr place to this, is just to drirv to Catharine Market slip and take the steamer Nimre.d, (which by the way is a craft hard to beat) and on your arrival at Bridgeport take the cars on the Housatonic rail road, which will let you ofT at our Hanse at precisely 4 o'clock. P.M. Suppose you call up youssslf, and ask your friends to come. Thi re are the fails too, some fifty feet perpendicular, more or less, that might be named, but I am not di.iyiosvd to tell you all about this section, as I had rather people should look it over for themselves. By the way, pay your fare on board the boat through, as you sarehalf a dollar in the fare, it then being only $2.60 from New York to here. The ears leave Our House daily, anJ passengers breakfast here and dine in New York. '' Yours, with redirect, " jit 2w?c JOHN BAKSTOW. " BOARDING. ~ I AT DF.A1,, MONMOUTH. CO. N. J. .c T EW1S K. HANKlNSON respectfully informs his friends and the public that he Iras fitted up in the best stvle the house formerly occupied by Jacob Corles, at the above place,in the most hcathfnl situation on the sea coast, about 7 miles from ] Red Bank, and fourteen from Hivstown. Stages pass through j slid fro to Met the Philadelphia cars. The terms of hoard will ^ be found very moderate. Also, stabling, bee, for horses, on s_rcry reasonable terms. L. F. H. pledges himself thst do effort of his will be wanting to render lho?e who patrnnisr him comfortable, and that his -v home will Be found equal to any alongtheroasi.Jew ins r ;j Bedford mineral springs?Tim w?n known ? watering place, situated in Bedford County, Pennsylvania, is now open (or the reception of visitors. ~ To tho?e who hate never visited the Springs, it may be neces- * >ry to wiv tliat they are situated near the great Western TurnKite, which passes through Pennsylvania from Philadelphia to ' * tlsburvh, a few miles east of the chief elevation of the Alle- *T ghany .Mountains. * Every thing has been provided at this watering place to render ?> a sojourn pleasant to those who are seeking health or enjoyment. Amusement will be found snited to all tastes, and a good band *1 of music will be in attendance. ' A daily stage will leave Chamliersburg .in tire morning, and J ariive at the sprint's the same evening, or if persons jireler the *> Baltimore and Ohio Rail Road to Htncock, will have daily tv conveyances from there to the sprints. 2< The liberal patronage extended to the subscriber the two last f seasons, will ensure the renewed exertions the coming season, " for t' e amusement and comfort of his gueats. "v WILLIAM REYNOLDS, ti je29eod lm*r Proprietor. v DRY GOODS, " TO THE LADIES. S FASHIONABLE MILLINERY OOODS.-The propriety trees, Miss 8 KINO, daughter of the celebrated Carl King, offers for tale a most select and choice assortment of Millin"ry Goods, for the spring trade, never as yet presented to the public, bom as regards the quality and cheapness of the articles The assortment consist* of the following ? The celebrated SILK HAT, CALLED CAPOTTE D'OR- J LEANS, as worn by La Ducliesse D'Orleans. of France, SHED SILK, ENTIRELY NEW AND ORIGINAL) * STYLE And Lawn Hats do do?An entire new style o Hats called " MOWNE CAPOTTES, ELSSLER COTTAGE.'* Pariiianand Eugliah FANCY STRAWS, of the (inett texture in great variety. The Proprietress respectfully solicits the ladies to favor her J with a rail, and examine her elegant and varied stock of Mil- " linery for lliemselves, before they purchase elsewhere, as it win nr a treat twins to inein in price ami a yreat Adrnnttye at regard* tlie vnriety arnl quality of (lie good*. MISS 8. KINO, Magwrinr ?le Model, jyM ltn^r Broadway. ~ SHIRTS. SHIRTS. 1 U.NiTF.D STATES SHIRT MANUFACTORY, 77 Wil- N liam atreet, corner of Liberty, N. Y Notice m hereby t? * ire n to Merchanti and trader* in general, that the pro|<netori of lc the abore eatablishment hare adopted a ne w method of manu- c* factoring which enable* them to *ell their ihirta m a cheaper re rat c than any other hottae hi thi* city. Thia atagement will be ot affirmed by the list of price* aa follow*:? M Par Dor.. ?r Fine Mmlin Shim, wi:h Linen Boanirt and Collar*, $7,50 w Do ititchod in the Bo*nm and Collar 1,00 a* Do Colored one patent*, large ?i*e?- 7,00 fa Alio, a large quantity of Boioina and Collar* constantly on d? hand, which will he offered cheap for ca*h. jyl lm*r di SUMMER STOCKS, SCARFS, CRAVATS AN!) OLOVE9. TT'ST RECIVED, ?ri*h rnnply of the ahore article*, eon- -j ' dating of a rery light and clastic ?tock, e*pre*?ly lor the I ummcr month*. AUo?SrrWl* and Cravat*, in yreat variety. A large aaaoriment of Silk, Thread, Cotton and Horskin (Hove*?at the old establishment,1211 Broadway, between Park Place and Murray afreet. PARRF.LLS, Agent for J. AOATE. i J/nn,t*m'von hand, an extensive aaanrtnient of Linen ami Mualin Shirt*, Lioen Dre** Front*, Linen Collar*, Under I 'yment*, Ac. Ac, jy 12 1m?e IMPORT A NT T 0 TH E T rf , , PUBLIC. o A w'*'1 economize can obtain Clothing of the beat riuvlily remarkably cheap, at 203 Canal atreet, one door "!!!' v ^ u?* * Ur?* *aaortmeut of Cloth., Caa.iHfW' r Oooda, from which ClothinK of all kimla are made to order in the be?t manner at *rry reduced 1 price*. 203 Canal *tr?-rt. jel5 3m*r SHIRTS? 1 order at the *hortrit notice. I Oejjticmen'a Furnishing Store F7 and ( Maiden lane corner 1 of William street. | j?70 lm? WILLIAM COLLINS. fHIF.AP ITIIOLHI'U\~\V. IIF.KIi, 1M~im..tway, irea' tween White and Walker ?treet.?Ciirpet* of every de1 wription m*<|e and altered tofit the moat intrieate mom*? Cur- 1 1 taia* made and altered to the late-1 .tyle, Vlatraatea, *nfha, and _ j raay cLaira, made to order to niateh any deacription of furni- ( ture. The Suhvcriber not having expense*of a .tore to pay. 1* | enabled 10 make any e,f the ahore article* at am h price* to anil 1 til ; tin' Hsu, ih Person* ntirchaatng Carpet* and Oil Cloth* can hare a word I an of advice, by calling aa ahore. Paper Hanirinit. Carpet* clean- | St rd. Oreaaespot* extracted, Ac, jvnlm'e.r ' W YO ?* ' ' 1 - ? :? 1 1 W YORK. WEDNESDAY i "" FURNITURE. GEORGE W. DAWSON, ll'holcsale and Retail *\i failure ami General l\rnixhing lYarehoiuse, No. 67 Chatham street, corner of Duane tirett, New York. TXTH'SUF! he keeps for sale n large a**oitm?ul of the fodlow?? in?; articles, vii.r Si<lrh<?trd>. Bureaus, Bedsteads, Cots, *T- hies, Chairs, Oflict an.I PuiUbir Desks Glass Cases, Book C ncs, Looking Glaiwes, Dinkm, CenUr. 'I ea ami Pier 'ITables, Piauos, Sofas, Sofa Bedsteada. Beds, Betiding. Pa I ea?ter*. Mattresses. Carpets, Oil Clotk, Malting ami hire Irons, Wash Stands, Toiitt Tables, Caudle SULda, Bureau Beds trads Dressing Bureaus, Safes, ftcc. Also, a Urge assortment ?*f ineu and women's Wviriug Apparel, new and second handm1. All the above articles are offered to the pohlic a! very low prices. Terso.u iu w i?l of s >?d articles would tiuik it to their advantage to make an early call at the above est* Olishm t. ?lipping orders punctually attended to and racked 0 it the shortest iioiiec, anu ou reaiouable terms. Mattresses, Budding, ko. for fitting out Vessels, constantly ou liand. All orders to the above establishment will be p*jetiillhf tended to and thankfully received. _ .V. B.?The hi';lu *t prices will be given for Second Ifand Furniture, sad Geotlemeu's and Ladies'csat oii' Clothing. aJS bm?r CHEAP HARDWARE STORE. rT*HK Subscriber is now oiwuimr his Spring sopnly* of 1 UARDVyAJGC AND CUTLRKY. received t*w lat t arrivals from Biruiiugltun and Shrtfinld. lAogether with a k vneral assortment of Domestic oimmik. tvfiiciihe is prepared t?S ofIrrry LOWEST CASlt PRICKS. e attention of Country Mrrrhaigt-, Builders, Cabinet r * .*c.f is unucueu i.? >?n vxatuowii ?ii ol tux slock and fihe is confident they will kml it to their inti rest r liiai with a coil. AZ-KKKD \T. LAG RAVE, 210 Groan w if U. comer BaxaUy, N?-w lurk. ^A reiculnr -ripply of SAM. RIVER CUT SAILH, and Cootiers Glut*. Also?a complete assortment of Media* ?c?P Toot*, James' Screws, Ur. m2 3n * DEFINED SUGAR, WINKS,??. (I7KLLIN [?V A CABfKR, Ifiui and Co? mi ton '' Men h.tnf, No. 5New sir et, one door front Wtllsiriet, bi? in?t r* cei cd from tlir r? a ?m vniity of *u|*rinr tin#bio nid jin-U reftn <! Su,;v, in sin ill linvn, which he will f <11 at hb- usual low rate;, in parcels to sub buyers. W. A# C*rt? rV? ;?rirtiTic??T of s.ifieror ^vin-s carnot fiil to please. Tin? old LimmcIiko Madeira of 1811', In botth s an?T in !pii>ci,hhd?. .in 1 qr.caaks of v.uious Akcs; chumn*i;na?cltr?ft ajnd other .light Wine* of the choicest or.?ud.?, .1 w <yf on sale at low prices. Orders for any kind *nall be faithfully executed, j j)*7 lm*r " GOOD SUMMER WINE. T B. 8TOUVENEL, Importer of French Wine* ?of i be most approved iiran.U, Bordeaux Ch?ret othfer Wines. H?- haa removed from bit old stand, Gl N uhiu aire it, to No. 21 Ann irtTett, (n-ar Nas^tui) Imitnieiif. Always on hind, the b st and most rechtrcAe Wines, St. Jki- i I tail. Montferrant, St. Kitve, LatUle, Mr-doe, Sic. in liarrcas, hill casks and fUf.?. Also, rinmp ,;iv. v uiiuit brands; ' cutidy, Hermitage, Ikr.; vnpe.ior Co-m-ie B.uuly; bestquali'} Gin, roil Wine, Portugal. lid Snani*h Wires. J. B. 8. will also sell bv the d? bottled Wrin'.; for pi i vat? families, which will he sent to any put of the city,/!. by til * gallon or otherwise, to those who i. <y favor him with their pi - 1 tron ge. No Wines are impure sold by birr, n he <npor*d then J direct. iL/~ J- B. S. has opt nrd a boarding houie st Haiiokei!, opposite Vauxhdi Garden, on the main road, whrie is kept an assortment of the best Wines. Private parlies suppi ieti with k* ? dinner* and refreshments. jvl2 lm*ic ? ?* '?ttawpoHwqa<!jr rackiwii i mi <q? KMnmrn t!ATS. , HATS! HATS! HATS!! ! DROWN & CO'9 One Price Hat Store, wholesale and ri 1 " tail, no Chatham Sqttan. corner of Mott street, wber lash ion, beauty, durability and economy arc combined to adors ? iw- bancL The proprietors iiave the ileasure now to offer in addition O t' leir recently improved af*;rt napped Hat, a new style, th j matatiou of beaverr, which so closely resembles tint of all furl j tits most costly ar.d beautiful, that the difference is not easily ; Mreeired. Price three dollars. We strictly adhere to the oinl orice cadi system, which enables us to furnish ?. vrrv ?tiperio.; ; Hat for flu* ??rir? ? ! In nrMP?nti?u? ?V-..j^ ll?? ?l. .* i public tbe proprietor* think tin y li??'e reached th?i uluiiiamuij 9t beauty, durability, cheapties.t and comfort. ml 3in* _ ^TAILORING. I ~ REMOVAL. " I PHILLIPS' CASH TAILORING ESTAHI.1SH) ! ME NT, Is removed from 14i Broadway to .No, 7 A at or Home. I ECONOMY IN GENTLEMEN'S DRESS. Garments of a moat Ji-g&nt anil Ka-hi?uulle kind /t a ?Mving of 60 per cent for ca?h. FIK advertiser d? l&i It UlUfte6< (Mr) to raoit t' tho htfkueyed system ol giving a list of noiniim! pure., pic* am in* bat the leugth of time he has beeu estibliMhcd. tostellacr ;he extensive patrou&ge bestowed on nun, win prov- a KUin henl voucher for his capabilities. Posses >nij the advantage ot f ?eing connected with an extensive cloth establuhim-nt in Kurwpt. le confidently assets that he can furnish clothe* which, ou comtajison, will nc found lower tlyui any inker house making up he beat descriptions of urntlertn n's dress, tny 1 3m 8. PHILLIPS, t Astor House. BreadwAy LOOK OUT. He who steals my purse steals trash. Bat he who fiisnes from ine of iny*ood name R 'ki me of that which not enriches him. But makes me poor indeed.?[Shakspeare. MARSHALL. A T HIS ONLY TROY SHIRT DEPOT. No. 90 Chatham street, makes the above quotation, because otliuis endeavor , 0 lilch from imn his go-id mine, tune, and refutation. We ?ve snore than once made public the in.nv oil. prac* ised on dealer., strangers and others, in pursuit of our highly -pi tted Troy Shiru, Bosoms, ami Collars. Hut now that imovitioaa arc uu the increase, therefore, we shall keep these icts helore the public, which will ei|>ose imposters, and may Kt olf tin ir wicked designs. M ike no mistakes therefore. Marshall's only Troy Shirt Dep it" i? paiuted on o?r awninf nd window. Be particular, howeier, to see the name " Mar ball's" on our window and ahout our store. No. 90, our only 1'roy Shirt Depot, is iltttartd about 16 doors from tile corner of 'earl a:J Chatham stre.U, and on the right hand side sin 'huliain street, ill nir.sing to the City Hall. Seethe name "jf MARSHA I.i/s '"1 in>l vou ar. correct. CATALOGUE OE PRICES. Strong made Cotton Shirts, with liucu bosoms, collars anil rrisl bands, warranted, at per ilor-rn $7?7 SO?8?8 iO?0?lb? 8 SO? II?12?12 iO? IS?16?16 SO?17?18? :0?21?25 S50?27?28. Alt Linen Shirts, i .riloz. $20?20 SO--25?27 Soil?XISO?30? 33. I'laiii Cotton hhirts, per doz. $ > 00--^?7?7 SO -8?0. Colorr <1 Sliiru, pei dor. $V?S SO?6?7?0 ? 10- II. dollars jaal received?In addition to our former lance Mock of oil ?ra of e eery description, 1000 doxen, all Linen oil art, at D cents pee dozen, 62c?7Sc?87c?$1?1 25?I SO?I 7S?*?2 25 ,, < -2 SO?2 7S?3?3 2S?3 SO anil 100, including our new iljle. . larah all's Byron Collars, which have been *o highly approved f. These goods. with our plain and ntflle botnms, cm he >und at tnatiy of ine principle ready ma >e linen stores trvoeglc ut the city^aodlat the tnantifictnrera, iT"7""Mar?2all's iO* only ' 'roy Shirt Depot, No. 90 Chatham street, New York. We i antion dralirs and otherr acainst the many mistakes have ' MMMOlM*, inMWMMMI of llllNQ lit klUll |lflfH il nme of the windows, Recollect, no marked or ticketed i -rices are to be seen in ou-window. Rut remember this the ut of ouritore, with the prices attached, will he circulated for I he henent of all. These circulars onlv may be aeen in our rindow : and, furthermore, we advise agin, are the name and umber, Ma shall's, No. 90." No patrol.age asked of thoae ho beat down. jyMlm'c MISCELLANEOUS. I Suppression of quackery ! oXf-IMPOR TANT A NNO UNCEMENT. -CO TMF, COLLKGK OF MEDICINE & PHARMACY a 1 ESFECTFULLY inform the citizens of New York that they have ai pointed the following Sib-Aoshts in this t ity J. W. Bassktt, 611 Broadway. , IIR. K. M (Ji ms 127 It .wen. Dr. Kikij, 287 Hudsonstreet. Eliai L TMCALI., 'lid Grand At. I)h. Nkivmai U'i Cherry street. The Pre para mods of tha College mAy now lie had of those j -i riitlemen. 'nncipal Office* of the College for New England, At i Tremont i ,ow, Boiiiiii. riiueipal Office oI the Colleire for New York, at 97 Nuuo . I raet. By order of the Colleire, JrJIc W S. KICHRDRON, Agent. | ' ECONOMY, ELEGANCE, AND GOOD < LIVING. ! PHE ni?<Jcr,'**>cdbi*, at a ^r?"t e\|ienae, fitted up one of the i I |?xgr.?t and most splendid Coffer and Kiting Houses in : p ew YotH. in which one hundred pcrvom it l-ast can sit down | ,1 1 an excellent nnd substantial breakfast, dinner, and tea, [from le choicest uipjlie* ofthe markets, with bill of fare not ex- ?j lied either as >-gar?L quality or number of dish"s] by any ho- | : I in the United States, and varying in prices from six cents to 1 |j le shilling and eighteen police |**r diali. The pureat Java and ^ [o< ka coffee ami the very beat tea*, and aervrd at only three 1. nt? perenp. And all other.refre ihments in proportion. The , _ aifer* are uniformly eivil and polite, and every visitor may be ' sured of feeling in thia establishment quite at home." In "* ct, ?*very department of the busin'** is under the superinten- jJ nee of competent overseers, whose *ole care and atteution are ^ reeted to tho comfort and conveniences of customers and 4 leata. HKaNKV GOSLING, I Proprietor of the French and American Katinjr House, Not 64 and 06 Nassau at, brtween Jahn st ami .Maiden Lane. I P. 8.?Open Sunda\s for breakfast, dinner and tea. je3(l 3mr RON, CAST IRON, AND! t STEEL 1 RENDERED ? RUST PROOF, h FOR OWK t CUT PER POl'JTD OITLT II! < HE WHOLE IMPORTANT ART AND MYSTERY I OF GALVAMS1XO therwue linking Iron, Cast Iron,and AmI, fccM inul?phia and cuy 10 every oue, [with an tngraving of the Toola neceaaaryin thia new bu?inr?? ;J By OKOKOE JOHNSON, Formerly frre Mercliaot of Calcutta. Thia book i? for aale at all the Bookarllrri. Price 25 eeuta

,fy or ad'lri'.. per 'otter, post paid, Mr. George J .Imann, eate Igasra Butlers, No 8 Gold ?' jaM liu-c [*0 OUN DEALERS? Ouni, Piatol., and Spurting L article. ton Stnele Barrel Fowling Pieeea Kit) Donble Giina, imitation twialed 1 100 do do real twi?teil and patent Breech. 1 toon Pairs of Pi .nda?a.aorted?lOOdifferent varietiea. ?t Rifles and Rifle Barrels?Locks and triinrningi h< Game Baga?Powder Klatka and Perousaion Caps at Sporting articles generally. Tin above arlietrs will be sold ai iitiltcard of low pticea, d< r A. W SPIES St DO. vi iyl4lm-c 218 P- arl street. dt V.ORoV. ( < >T vTlT, a'nd f HUM A 8 Fit OAR ?, succes- f* jLw* to Lewis B. Griffin Ik Co., would respectfully inform eir friends and the j>nhlie, tint they aie iir? pared to furnish C ?f every description, at as short notice, and on is res- ^ name term* a* any establishment in the city, st their New e?m Saw Mill, foot of Fourteenth street., North River. r* If It 1m*r ?RK f ' MORNING, JULY 27, 1! "miscellaneous. "" UNITED STATES EXPRESS MAIL FROM NEW YORK TO BOSTON?With a view to give the greatest pouible convenience, despatch ami security to the increasing communication between Boston an J this city, the Poet Muter General ha* established irgularly aworu Messengers attached to the De|?utmcnt from this city to Boston under the itnnte diate suia-iiiiteudeuca of the undersigned, to commence on tlie 20th instant. To carry out to the fullest possible eitent, these views of the Post M istcr General, letters lor Boston, Provideuce and New Bedford will be received on board the regular i i 'clock Mail Boat, (and if desired postage can be paid) from half-past four o'clock up to the time of its departure for Boston. Public notice is therefore hereby given of the above arrangeinput, and all ueraens may lelv upon the increasing diligence Willi wiiicb all in ail matter will be forwarded as above in the shorttst possible space of time, and with the greatest security. HAKNDKN & CO. Ornoml Mail Agents. New Yuvk, July lCth. 1842. Iyl9 2wi UNITED" STATES EXPR KSi MAIL FKOM NEW YORK it BOS rON.-IW Office Nt? York, July 17. 1812.?Tlit Port Muter Oriieral, with a view to the arcommo* (laiioti of the imhlir, aud to iuireasrd dr.pitch and security,Ins ratablulird an Etpr.'ts evpedit. which Messenger! will be employed under the immediate supervision and direction of Messrs. Maniden St Co., for carrying the Mails between this city and Boston, ami the important intermediate places, with directions to cause the delivery at the earliest possihls time. Letters will be received on Iniard the SloHiagtou Line of Hteamhoata w hich carries the Mail ria Stouingion and Providence to Boston, from half past I o'clock until the time of drI usrture, during which time postage can be paid.?Letters w ill bcf received at this office up to I o'clock P. M. This arrangcin :it will go into operation on the 2flth ins', i j>l9 2wr JOHN LOKIMKK (IRAHAM, P. M. POST OKKtf'K, New York, Julv 15, isil.-l'NITED STATES EM'REBM MAIL between NEW YORK, | ALDANV, AND BUFFALO.?Tl?e Postmaster General. I %% it h & view to the cooininodatiop of the public, and to increased j de-pitch \ud security, ha* established on Exprt ss Mail, to ei|iediie which iii? a?i*n^crs will be employed under the immediate *up? rint ndence ?>f \lr. E. Jkromk 111 mpiirkt. I'or carrying the .Mails between this city Albauy Buffalo, au4 the interimdUte places, (including Troy) with direct urns to cause the de I liv?ry it th'* earliest possible time. Letteis will he received on board the 3 o'clock steamboats, I which carry the Mails to Alhtuv, Troy, and intermediate | place*, from half-pant 4 o'clock,P M, until the tune of departure, during which time iHMtagt-caii be paid. !. iters will also be received on board the boat carrying the .Mail direct 10 Albany, which leaves at 7 o'clock P. Si., from loUf-pd-U 6 o'clock P M. until tlietimeof departure, a letter box b? ing placed on board said boat.uuder the lock of the dci linent. > I The Mesiengers will go through to Buffalo, and are instructed to exert the greatest diligence in the performance of their du; ties. The arrangement will commence on the 20tl? lint. I After the 20th lnst. letter* by the 5 o'clock steamboat will he received at this office up to 4 o'clock, P. M., and letters for the 7 o'clock boat until 6 o'clock, P. M. jy 17 2w r JOHN LORIMER GRAHAM, P. M. J ] NITEDSTATKS EXPRESS MAIL KOII ALBANY L AND BUFFALO.?With a view to ivet ;reatest possibly convenience, despatch and security the increasing comnuiiii nation on the great Western K from this city, the ' 1'asr giaster General has establish- i. , sworn in esse n? ?n ?uttaclied to tin* departn Buffal dec thf immediate saperiiit< i tin undersigned, to commence on toe 20th in*t. To carry? at to the ful it these views of the T lasttfi* General, lettc . \\ > i 1 on board the refu 1 o'clock mail bo it, (and, il desii |>o?ta?e call or paid) ulfpost 1 o'clock, P M, up to th? tii of it* de- arture.for ?ny. T ' .and the iuternu i ite po uts; also on hoard the 7 I "k bo ' ?r Albany and II ; lace* West,and for Troy, from i time 11 indeparture. All < rti v dej j >\ in !io Post < MLiei; of l is city for the 7 o'clock M *it, direct \'.Mn> an ' v. mi to Buffalo and interimi.i.itc places. vri.i f. -V , Vlhuiy by the Express j Si I. under t. j.?. ' ?engi Public uoticte * ( ;ivcn of t' ? above arrangein* ut, and all per*' ' unoo i ?e unceasing m'.igence with win. ' he lor warded ?*> above in the shortc ml witii the greatest security. ' MPHRV.v ! Mall Agent. No a Y? k. July Ik jvi7 fw r Watj n < ->kn't Orrici, > Old Alms-House, July a. 1812. ) N'Oll II i* hereby given, that lh<* Croton Aqueduct Coini i.i ? < oi the Corporation h tv? requested tlu- Y\ ater Cmttmissioucrs, lor the present, to rent the Crotou Water, and arrange lor rmkinj^thu necessary couuekious to supply the citizens of New York with water. The following are the rate* at which th? water Is at present furnished Annual Chiroei. Dwellings of two stories $in 00 more than two stories 12 00 44 on the rear of lots 00 44 with workuhopor store 12 l ? 20 Privilege of washiug paverm-iils 2 IK) 44 bath {where there are futures) ft 00 Warehouse l '? 00 Boar'ing house lot" 50 Stable, private per st ill j 00 44 livery 44 # 2 00 Payment to be made in advance for the supply from August 1 to May 1, w*t?subsequently semi-mnuill). Large boarding houses, stables, breweries, tanneries, public hittis, pocking or salting hou?es, and nil other consumers, ship- : pine, flic., will be charge d iu proportion to the quantity of wat?*r j used, on agreement with the c minis doner;. Office hour* from ^o'clock A M until I P M,in the old ! House, klntrnnce by Ceutre door. 8AMUF.L STKVKN8. JOHN U. WAHD, ZKU'D HINU. D. BIIUKSALL, *i>20 2wr _ Water Coinmi-? doners. j silk banners, Sic. TJANNINGTON it CO., iOJ Broadway, near Read atreet, ; * Respectfully inform the Order of I. O. of O. F., anil ihrii friends generally, tint lire? are now pre (tared to earcute orders for and Banners in the most superior stjle lor beauty, durability, and economy, has in* Millu made for rhe * press or- I casion that will make tnr largest banners without dirligurih< it , with a seam. Specimens and Designs can be aeen at their Establishment, I ?:t Broadway, or sent to any pirl of the Union. Kor atyle, design, and execution of w orks of the kind, we refer to the Oet'y's Banner, No. 11, I. O. of f). F.. as also to ! Greenwich, No. UK Harmony, 14, Coveiimt, Si, Perseverance, 17, also Milit iry Com|wnir# ami Sunday School Bannrrs, ?n<l j the societies St. Nicholas, New England, St. Geoige, 8t An- ; i drew#, 8t David, Sic Sic. Window Shade# in grrxt variety, frem SI each to the richrit and heat, painted by the moil eminent artists. Stained Glut, after the manner of the ancient#, warranted never to change color, with many recent itnprovt ments for . church window# and oilier public and private buildiugs, sleamboat#, packet #hi|>i,#tore windows, Sic &c. Imitation# of Stained (Has#, painted oil muslin for church window#,very cloie imitation of the real glass,at a very trilling j expense, or the alms obscured and painted in brilliant color#, ; ( very durable and cheap. ____ iy!7r I ( WATCHES AND JEWELRY VERY LOW.-The sub I vv sen tier i? selling all description# of gold and silver Wstches, gold and silver pencils, gold chains, keys, Sir. at re- t tail, lower than at any other place in the city. Gold Watches as low as 2d to 30 dollars rarh. Watches ami Jewelry exchanged or bought. All Watches are warranted to keep goodtime, 1 or the tnoury returned. Watches and Clocks re|?airetl in the best manner, and warranted, at much leu than the usual nriee#, ' by one of the finest workmen in the city. G. C. ALLEN, lm- ( porter of Watchesand Jewelry, wholesale and rata l, SO Wall Itreet, up stain. jy2l 1 ni'r I DR. MORRISO ! ATORTH RIVER DISPBNKAIi ? MIX*, lie nsfreet near a-' Greenwich.?Dr. Morrison, .VieuLel oft'i l-oval College of Surgeons, London, and formerly oWxe' I Navy, rnntiuues to he consulted daily on all <k?ras-s 11 a delicate nature, nnd all those distressing symptoms conse 1 UMlUa- 1 dicious treatment, and llie impnident use 1 lijuaci tlSwnBtl, Dr. M. has had an experience of twenty t wo yea.# p treating ' delicate diseases in all their various and: implicated lor in#, and 1 uses a mild, safe and infallible substitute I r mercury, eradicating the 1 SOrPSll virns With ceitainty, Witliout subjecting the I patient to any risk or restricting himinl nnsiul dirts or pur- , inits while his medicines are agreeabla 111 taste and smell. Permanent obstructions in the nrethra. 1 jrh as strictures and r 11I irgcinentof the proat-ate gland, 4 .c< mpanied with much irritation and dull pain about th' se p,its,are some of the conse- ( picnees of riial-treitineiit. Dr. .V . tiMtsstrictures in a scientific manner, promoting absori 10 of the thicken* (LrexLsr membrane with out any psiu. 1 CON9TITT TIONAL t EBILITY.?Thousand# of vonnc inn an- suffering fromt'ir ronse<|nencea of indulgence in a secret destructive liabu.ami whose nerves are further injured from [lir use of nrstrumt. n d pretended specifics, which stimulate anly to induce greater depression. Dr. M. treats such raaei on J purely pathologic al pnneipti t, apd never fails in establishing a car.'?the strictest nonor and confidence is obscrvt d. c Letters post |aiid, and containing* suitable fee, will ensure , 'ie correspondent lull advice, and medicine to any part of the Jnicn, by his giving a history of his case iu detail. 201Kill- r ?n slreet rear Greenwich. jy22 lm*r j C. L. IXGERSOLL'S h BOAT ESTABLISHMENT. * 3 0AT.S, Dinkey tail boats and race boats, ideaiun boats, Jcr. C ' Sec. The immense Boat Building Kst.inlishinerit of C. I,, ngtrsoll, tOC Water at, near Catharine Market, is one of the lost esteiisire in the United States. Here were huilt tne moat d - liltif ul pletsnre hirers and club boats that have floated on c i# tisera nnd lake* of AineHce. Also the barge for the Auto ,, rat of all the Russia*. several rarejhoat for Asiatic Monarch*; .. he fancy boat callod the John Smith of Arkansas, and the fast riling boat lor Mr. O. K. Banning*. He has recently completed ? lifeboat on a Daw plan, which nai been pronounced hj some a f onr moat atperienccd nantiral men superior to any ever be>re bhilt. At this ratahlishmetit any kind of boat w ill be iruiihed v|!h reversed bottom, from a mould, in any way to " nt the Ui?'e of the purchaser, of whatever form they may be. ti lie materials are all ol the best .ptality, pine hoards being no tl irt thereof. A large assortment of boats of all kind- inclndimr o fe boats, gigs,' long, quarter, plraaure, Whitehall, and race u iats, msy be always found at tne manulact >ry, .it prices much . elow wh t pnrrhaaers have heretofore paid, and a liberal dis^iini on the usual rates w-ll he made 10 those who wish to sell rain. IMesae call b> fine purch.iMint elsewhere; j on ran then dge of my work?Referenct a. fl Jas. H'. Hale. Sol Airent, S4 Wall st. For adseiMsement of iats, Sir., see Com er Ik tn>|uirer and New York Commercial r' dvertiser, jy22lm*r tl HAVANA AND PRINCIPE ? SEGARS. .< iff RADF.R, ft Chatham street, offer* for sal* w "A. lan.nnfl La Nnims Hcgars. h .V>,i.|*) Noval Principe. T Vt 000 Woodville. .r Z> 000 Rionda. I Entitled to drhenturr. Besides a full stock of the choicest i randiof Havana mill Principe Scgars. jyfO l.n eod*c *" im;k-sk a- bI(ooks, ? JO LIBERTY REET, betwvru Broadway and . ' *'/. Nmm street, offer for for salt tOI Blocks Irish black marble. 100 Casks refined bask't salt. i t|| 300 Casks Boyd's bleaching pawder. 30 Tons superfine soda ashes. 2 Cases paunt leather. T VI Bales Chesterfield factory brown aheatlnc*. I Hi 7000 (Jrrman patent fire brick. ; IP 20 Casks 3 and 4 K K. blue smalt*. |w 2 B ilea cotton carpeting thrc and four yards wide. j .1 .1 Bales Machine blankets All or which will be sold at loweit market pure*, jy17c 1IOT AND COLD SALT WATEIOIATHS. ' . > A BIN F.AC'S New Hot and Cold Halt Water Baiha, at J V the font of Deahroaaea street, Mhird pier south of Can* 1? Sect, North River.)are now o|ien for the arcommodation ol 10 nil ladi. a and gentlemen. Open front sunrise until II o'clock f* The water where the hatha are stationed has been Wns neil, whwh rendersrit as |>ure aa any other aituation in rbe Surliy ol New Fork. Oil Tnesday's the Bath is egrlnaively at Voted fo ladi*a ui til 3 P. M. A hand ol puttie will lie in at- th udi'.n I Very | l, v int < iron*. Prioe of a cold balli eta, ,, frmhsilw K ie3 3m*r vOI.I.KCTlbNS onell parts of the I'nited Him. s, ingih on hi > the tno*i favorable terms' \ For. ign field and Silver purchased, and for sale at the best I us. by 8. J. SYLV1C8TER, " jylfi r 72 Wall tl, and IN Broadway, I ' lERAi 342. Superior Court. Jci.r 96?Drome*.?Jottph IV. Cor lie t vs. H*. ('. HIVatidcll.?Two or three year* ago, w hile Mr. Waddell w a* U. 8. Marshal, a man named Bottomley wu at ratted on charges of lraud and perjury at the Custom House. The plaintill became hia huil in the Hum of $400*. Bottom ley ran off. and Mr. Corlies paid the money. The hail had been taken by Mr. Rapelye, ua U. S. Commissioner. It wassithserjaently ascertained that tho Commissioners had no authority to tako hail, although they have been empowered to do ho since. The Custom House sued Mr. Waddell for the $4090, hut was defeated, riaintiff after' w ards sued Mr. Waddell (he having left the ottice) in the Superior Couit, and recovered. Motion is now made to set the verdict aside. Motion for new trial allowed. V. S. Circuit Court. Before Judge Betts. .U i.t M.?The following gentlemen answered to their named, and were empanelled us Grand Jurors :?', Jona. Thompson, foreman ; Thomas McElralh, Albert A. Dihhlec, Thomas Cummings, Lew is Doty, Charles D. Held, Aruest Kink, John H. Kiulay, Thomas K. Kellinger, David Sutton, Jacob M. Vreeland, William Wells, Nehemiah Waterbury. Robert Waterhouse, William W. Wetmore, Anthony J. Bluecker, Uouverueur 8. Bibby, John Htlllwell, (fid eon Tucker, Robert C. Townscnd, Seabury Brew ster. After a short nddress from Judge Betts, in which tho number of criminals, and the description of crime with w hich they arc charged was stated, the Grand Jury retired lor deliberation. Mr. Prick made a motion that the trial of Suydam, charge I w ith assaulting the young Argentine secretary imgnor d'Alvear) should be put olf lor tho term. The Court refused the request, aud it was nut down for Saturday next. Tho Grand Jury, we understand, found a true hill ! ?gai nst Demyer, the Greene Co. postmaster, for robbing a | 1 letter, which had been put into hisoflice of $200. Circuit Court. i Before Judge Kent. , Jt'LV 2(5.?.Vyndert f>'an Schaii k vs. Jnhn |Q. JontM.? , Rvery one knows the worthy and wealthy Alderman, the plaintiff? and aieeipially well acquainted'with his highly esteemed, but less lortunate tenant, John Riker, Jr., the ' lute etticient and much-thought-of Chief Engineer. John 1 hired extensive premises, which ho occupied as a carriage depot, the great rent of w hich, it is asserted, greatly con- i tributed to overwhelm him. He was considerably in arrears for rent, and agreed with plaintiff* to make a very j superior carriage for him,on the plan lumished, and for the use of a ludy, the Alderman's daughter. When the carriage had become nearly finished, Mr. Hiker found notes coming due for about $600 which hud been en dorsed for liiin by .Mr. lloffinire, and others, and dis- I counted at the Chemical Bank. Thinking that the lady ' w ould be less injured hy the loss of her new curriage than [ hi- friends would be by having to tako up his paper, he \ sold the carriage (which was worth about $H00) to defend- ' dant ior the purpose of paying his note*. This coming to , M leruian Van bchaick's ears, he strongly remonstrated j, with Mr. Riker, who, it was said on the trial, even shod tears at the situation from adverse circumstances, in ' which he found himself placed. The carriage was replevined by plaintiff1 he claiming to have f received possession of it, and action is now brought. The 8 nearest (point to |>osses*ion appeared to have been thiit v Mr. KiUer said if the carriage was not done at a certain h time, which was named, Mr. Van Schaick might have it. B The Court charged that a delivery must have been made B before the plaintiff'could be entitled to the property. The > various points of the evidence were reviewed, and the Jury retired. After being out some time, and finding it impossible for them to agree, they we e directed to come into a court. The case was then, by consent, given to two of 0 them, with another gentleman sdded, viz : Messrs. George 1 F. Arnold, Asaph Stone, and Aaron Arnold, as referees, ii and the remainder were discharged. \ For plaintiff, Messrs. M'Vean and Reynold*. For de- -j fondant, Messrs. M'Coun and Clark. a Special Session*. j-' Before Judge Noah and Aldermen Leonard and Croliu*. Jolt 28 Robert Bainber for beating his wife, and Thomas J iik'-on. was ,ent to the Penitentiary for 6 month*.? e A brute named (Jirr-f Fi'zimmons for exposing hit peraon in au indecent maimer was packed oil" for two mouths? ' Charles Tllonipton, Charles John'i ii, anil John Freeze, " -barged with assaulting Mr< I olfee, on Saturday night, n w ere discharged, it having been pro\ ed that two of them tl were not present at the s"?uilt, and the parties not appear- tc ing against the third. II my WinMow, charges! with f,, beating hi w ife Alice, was anjmlged guilty, but nllowetl j-( to depurt, the Com 11 lliug him that lor the future "he must not | tit his hand on her." Winslow objected to the decision, und hintel that the Court isissibly intended to su) Hint he should not put his hand upon her in anger, ts w hicli Judge Noah assented, and off he went. Petur Mc rtiu. y u lit marked with assaulting \lr?. Ellen Wallace n an 1 a watchman, named John <?. Murdoch, and with kicking up a muss on the premises of the former, w as dischar^ivl an s promise la evacua'e the city. Joseph Riley fur kiokingii|i a rum puss and striking a watchman named Win. Speight with hi* wooden fist,which he handled with all the science of a Sullivan, wa* ?cnt up lor a mouth.? ft John Cunningham charged with stealing two $1 note* Irom Alexander M. Matthews. He admitted hi* guilt, and v at the time lie wan arrested was found in the lining of w his cap, which he say* he found ill Walker street. It he. ing his first oU'ence the Court commuted hi* sentence to ' two months in the city prison. James Thompson, black, hi lor lieoting his wife Amelia,was allowed to run on faithful ,: promises to do hotter. Kli/aheth Hope, a wasn woman, cliarged with stealing a watch from Frederick. Garvey, re wliile selecting his clothes tor the w ash, w as sent to the |,[ city prison for one month. m City Intelligence. sti Mas. Stka nos ix the I.cxatic Astlcm?On applies- ul ;ion ol D. E. Wheeler, Esq., counsel for this unfortunate. j*' woman who destroyed the life of her infant child, a few OJ weeks since, in n most unnatural manner, she was sent to lie Lunatic Asylum yesterday, by the Police Justices. An gc itlidavit fiom Drs. Brush and McComb, confirming her lunacy, was presented to justify such s course on the pert >f the magistrate*. A Rkoatts at Honoacx comes ofl thi? dsy, opposite the Klvsian Fields. A purse of $60, and one for 526, are gj (a he contended for, the first by four oared race boats, and m the second by twenty lcet working or sail boats. A visit it*' to Hoboken and its adjacent grounds is delightful at all jjj times, hut more particularly so when such a scene is to be presented, in addition to the usual attractions. T>ir Fbckoom of rut Citv.?The rood natured wags le who liavc been removed from ollice by the new whip at Common Council,claim that they have been tendered the el freedom of the city, but without the uaual appendage of a -j. old snutf 1k?x, which has always been given on such im|k)rtant ores ions. Some claim a suspension from office th inly till the spring election. m Mod: New Coiisticrffits.?Look out for a new issue JjJ if counterfeits on the Merchants'JBank of Norwich, Conlecticut, letter C., dated July Mh, 1841, and signed Wm. tit iVilliams, president. M*. Barry's Chii.d.?In accordance with the decision if the Supreme Court, an order was served on Mr. T. R. rj, Herceln on Monday, by deputy sheriff, Vultce, ami the up; ihild demanded by him. But Mr. Mercein did not com- nr >ly with the order, intormiug the deputy sherillthat "he no mild not," inasmuch as Mrs. Barry had left his house last 'riday on a visit to hei sister, and taken the child with icr. Mr. Barry, we understand, intends to apply to the iupremeCourt for a Writ of Attachment against Mr. Mer- cu ein. Polick?Nothing but petty business transacted ) esteray at the A laiy named William Day, was ommitted for stealing four dollars from thu money drawr of the store of W. E. Masterton, 96 Sullivan street.? TJ "his young rogue has been arraigned before on a similar harjre, and was then allowed to eseapo on a promise to bstanijfrom his evil deeds. Daowrsr.n HtxsKLr.?A man named Dnnean A. Oraham, W ged 26 years, a native of this city, committed suicide yes- infli -rday morning, by deliberately jumping over board at a" 10 foot of Amos street, north river. He has a wife and *">' ne child on a vi?it to Orange county in thi? state. He I as recently resided with his father in thi? oity. He was nf , iken from the water in five minute* after he funk, hut rill ould not be restore! to life. Dr. Correct ion.?In an article published yesterday rela- (,l)< ve to a fine lifting imposed upon Abraham Levy, on com- y of a Mrs. Try on, who occnpiea the tipper part of dh, to premise! No. .1.">5 Broome street,some particulars were witl mitted that would have given a different view of tha ?o s i?e it published at the time. Mr. Levy, we understand, r'r' ad rented a front parlor and adjoining bed room on the cond fioor from Mrs. Tyron, and the. door of the room j hich it is alleged lie entered by f rcing open, led from the is bed room. The transaction alluded to took place on feet hursilav last, and was not considered a* worthy of nore until Saturday, when from mate sudden pique or no- ' on, she entered the complaint charging him with an nsinltand breaking open the door as ahove mentioned. | 'e ate confident that had all the fact* been presented to eys e Tolice Justice, the fine ol *95 and co*t? w ould not tha iva been imposed upou him. Mimtart.?The company or Albany Republican Ar fir llery" arrived yesterday morning from Boaton, a* pre- mil oualy noticed, and were reviewed br the Mayor and mutton Council In front of the City Hall, after which ey visited tho Governor'* room and parteok of refresh ents proffered by the Corporation, the punch for w hich as manufactured by Downing. Thev leave tha city is afternoon for Albany. - 7 N Reaction or Rs.rcDiATi.ia,?The Detroit Advertiser ""Jy ates, that the State of Michigan la in pressing want for th-.ilroad iron to comnlale thirty or forty miles of railroad Di enable her to use her public works, hut her credit has d"1' lien s0 low iliat nobody will trust the State unless soma dividual will guarantee payment. ,ir,,r BAturas. Hi *ut.?A young man, by the name ott'ia- JH >ns, 17 or lb vi arsold, w as drowned In the ranal (near e lock,) on Tuesday evening last at Savannah. He was J fecipitatad beyond hisdepth liefore he waa aware oT it, ,,f yj id when lie cried out for help, the Tioya bathing around tbcii *n, atippbaed it was in s|>ort. Ilis body was recovered in ' ;sj ' out twenty five minutes, and that he might have been suacitatrd'had the e been an apparatus for that pnrpose WI(h hand. iy> LD. Price Two Cents. Key West. ( Coneepondvoce of thf Herald. J Key West, July 15, 1HM2. H'rtck <y the Alaeco?Large Satvagi?Spoiad,? cufte of Yellow Fever only?Indian* and the JSavul Squadron. Hear Sir :? The barque Alaaco, Haskell, from Havan.i, two uavs oui, uound to Boston, with twenty-two hundred boxes ol white sugar, ran ashore on Conch Reef, southwest of ln lian Key, ut twelve o'clock at night on the 3d instant. She was under doublereefed topsails at the time she struck, and as the sea was high, she soon beat over one tecf, and w as thrown upon another. Her master used every exertion in his |>ower to gel her off, and, finally, begau to throw his cargo overboard. Wreckers, however, came to his assistance on the following day, and after lightening the barque, by taking out about 700 boxes, got her off, and brought her to this port 011 the 0th instant. She has been libelled for salvage; and the decree of the Admiralty Court in the case, will, in all probability, be made in the course of n few days. A survey, composed of sliip-car|*-ntcts, masters, and port Wardens, has been held on the ship?her bottom on both sides has been carefully examined, and from the serious nature ol the injuries she has sustained, she will, doubtless, be declared unseaworthy. Her cargo in this port, niter paying the duty of 20 per cent, is worth about 9-0,000, and the ship will not, probably, be app a 1 tied ut more than $'2500. Aggregate value of ship iiitl cargo $44,600. We may form a tolerably accurate opinion ol the amount of salvage this court will decree in the case, from thu adjudication of many similar ones heretofore ; and this judging, 1 Joubt not it will decree about 28 per cent upon ine above amount, or !#12,dti4. The master and crew would have found it impossible to have saved a single box of the cargo, and 111 all probability would have lost the ship also. So noon as the decree shall be made, I will send it to you. A report has spread abroad that the yellow fever prevails here. This is unfounded. A small echr irom Cuba touched here five or six w eeks since, to irocure medical aid for the master and one seaman, who had the yellow fever. They were at once >laced on shore, and the disease being far advanced, died in the course of a few days. These are the only cases of fever (all terers here appear to be yeljow fever) that lave yet occurred, and there is but one sick enson now upon the inland. It ia perfectly healthy. The squadron recently under the command o< .lieut. Mc.Laughlin, with the exception ol the two mall echoonere, Wave and Phoenix, has been withdrawn frotn this coast, the "Indian War" >eing, by authority, considered at an end. It is a natter ol general regret here, that this force haa lot been continued 011 the coast. Lieut. Mc.Laughin is an energetic, sterling officer, a bright Ft a r in he navy ; and the force tinder his command, by ctivity and a perseverance which left no swamp, r corner of a swamp or camping ground among the ndians in South Florida unexplored, has had an nportant bearing upon the tucceires of Col. Forth, and the clese of the " Florida troubles." 'he Indians have acknowledged this, and that they re no longer safe in the glades and swamps which ley have for yeare considered as for ever hidden om the eye of white men. In the opinion of tnauy in this part cf the country, ?? number of Indi-.ns still in South Florida, is sutciently great to prevent the stub merit 11 the ceun7 ; and it is highly probable that had Lieut M. een permitted to pursue his operations here lor nother year, they would have been kept back Iron, le coast, and protection would have been afforded ) the families who are anxious to return to their omea in South Flerida; but at. their is no military >rce or post there, fear, as yet, to do 60. Boston. I Correspondence of tlx Herald.] Boston, July 25?4o'clock P M. hinder Storm and Tornado? Tentt of tie sii y Artrliery strut I: inihout their lave? Death of J.^tule M. IVolter, Es/?Thtatrira.'?Museum, tic. iriMcruuy uuernoon we were regaieu Willi a reashing thunder storm, which wus preceded by a iolent and destructive tornado. Much damage 'as done, in the blowing down of chimnies and the [isetting o( boats in the harbor, although I have card of no loesoflife. The tents of the Albany Arllerv on the Common, were "struck" by old Boas, in less than no time ; and a large limb was own off the " Big Tree." In Wayland, about IS iles from this city, a large three etoryhouee was ruck by lightning and much injured. There were tout forty iiersons in the house, who had assented to attend a funeral, and every one was more or ss nttected by the shock, but no one was killed dangerously iniured. A voung lady was the most trt?her boav andgone of her limbs being badly orched and blistered. The Albany Artillery attended church yesterday, corted by the Columbian Artillery of this city, aicimpanied by the full brass brand, whose eloquent rains and martial airs, disturbed the equanimity, id puritanical notions of some of our over relious, over zealous citizens But they should reember the old, if it is not altogether a trite aphor in, which runs?" The better the day the better tha eel " One of our daily jKipera of this morning reiked the Albany Company for thisofTence very unstly, us it was the Columbian Artillery that emoyed the brass band. The Kepublicun Artillery ave for liotnc this afternoon, viu New York City, id will arrive there at the same time with this >iatle. Lynda M. Walter, Esq., editor of the Evening ransenpt of this city, died this morning at 5 o'clock, r. Walter had been confined to his room for more an two years, and his decease is but a release from uch suffering and pain. I)r. Palmer, the geuflean who has attended to the editorial department of c Transcript, since the commencement of the ill's* of Mr. W. will probably continue in that stain. Mr. II. Eaton, commences an engagement t<>ght at the Eagle Theatre, in the character ofHaml. It is hoped the acting at this establishment du iK me ensuing ween, win noi ue qunr ?n Hmrntirited as it wan last week, Love and Iie-nipster e performing in conjunction at Amory I Tall. Sig. ir Hlitz Hnd the Brigade Hand are at the Morton nseum, where crowds of the gay and fashionable w nightly resort. The public garden, or Arcade loon, ia getting stale, and thoae who go there gerally get their clothes well oiled, and come away rsingtlie proprietor. More to-morrow. Youra, B OCULISTS. 0 C T O R J F It A N C I S , OCULIST, 0. If) BARCLAY STRF.ET, within two doors of the Aalor Motor.?Hii preparation. are a perfect cure for all minatory tint aae of the eye, weahneaa of a?bt, fce. ? ... er fail in removing nebulas of the long* ! standing, without euriticel operation CF.RTIFtCATF.S. rwtify that Jaeob Valentine, a ynutli of BP. en rears ge, vv at brought to my house l>?t fall, apparently blind. He ed on meto-diy, and states that he Ins b". n the pan rut o( J. Francis, whose treatment h?t I., en tbe, under 1, ofieuorinc hit sight. JAVF.S MILNOR, Il-rtor of St. Oeorge'a f.'hur h, B-rkni >n ?t. hit ia to certify that two of iny e .ildr. n *ec fflicted with aaed ever for a length of time, on- of tin in w ? aim at blind h nebulas, coreting the aiitht. Keen rem-dy was resorted rithollt any good effect, and dearaiir ) < f tji. n, II I b'HH leered. Tney are now perfectly restored to ught by Dr. J. incia' celebrated preparation. DANIEL S. JONER.mrrarlatr.eb wu almost blind for twelve ye ra and In Ave weeks, nodwr skilfnl treatment of Dr. J. Franci", my sight ia n< a i?r tly good and strong. MARTHA BROWN IP Foravth street, certify to the aboei b. iue .a tru- - t OEoRfJK. PENEDI' r. Pa?tOr of th Stanton afreet t hn.t was nearly blind for twenty years with a cataract In etch end from the aee of Dr. Fraocid wonderful pre per t ulor t (linraar, m\ fVfi if now |?rf? rth rrr *?r' ? . HESTER JOHN-TON. 41 LldridM street Ye, the niidi-rai/ned, hainia d "is " .loiiuhtg eflly ol Dr. Francis* preiwrafh'iia 'Ti'r>T' loaititiiik'ly recommou'l tlictn U? l ?<? ?.oLct of be , ub.ic, aa nabl remedies. . ,k , . /M . Duncan Dm,bar. Paato.rofih pnigal .1 batch. H. H. Cone, raatorofthe Buti.t (.hutch. Jol n reck. Agent of tb? H"me Ml.aton Society Jtcoh Browner, Pastor of the IS ?rth Ra nat C'lnrciL Wph A^rcaV Romm Catholic p ie?t of *t. P.ferN Oinrch. , itmerrms rertinretes c*n h" see.* at fh?? om ?-. P re only hv Or. J Frrtr?, WBm'Uy ?i.r?r,N'v ^ r. rtifWbl Evea itl'er?e.|, vhich Ca -u rr,^n' nnfnril, without yiMnc 1 *'? ;!i h? t p< n. J. Francis rwprrtfalfv tnf ?rmi Mr ' i nds v. fine on ill rf>?ae(|urnre of the itirre ol'fn- hiMMje ?. Ui ? ilmr of the Hovit Cotle^e of Borvona, Loiid'T, "nl ??i r ^ York Medical H??e?<ty, hua join d h??n. i??d ev-ry ron r ran be placed in bin prof-iamim! -kill ? lfl 1 ficc honra from ^ A. M.. antIIt r 1 atLF n 1AVIN.I ciEJTLEMr.N. ? itMir.-h ardand i.nd.rfac, th' a.etalo Teol. < d-r. p H uindeia la i he only artielc now In fje that will , b? i t difRcnltiet, A mo|t cneinrio* of Chei nfiHtj ?, ?,# f.i r ii.fh m iu L.m^n, lit: < nlman, t H \y market |.| 4 ?- r nl, I.owrock, -W ( -'rnbilj 1 net ri'iu 11. IM R.'-n.l ?' ?f.l? %? rh? in for and rec?rnm? n?! >rn? iho-ii ic of their own cntlery. ? ^ i lm*c I*. RAUMDEHi, i?9 Bm4way