Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 28, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 28, 1842 Page 1
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I III || M|| | TH Vol. VIII.?Ho. xoe ?WhoU > . 30st. "watering places","&c7~ sharon spk1ngs. rpHK PAVILLION?This nyw commodious Hotsl will bt ojHfu for the reception of visitors on aud J1**** the nrst ol June Drit. at the Village ol Sharon Spnufs, Schoham County, New York. . ... The clear pure water of the sprnuis, Sn^stiy rrwmbliRH those of the white sulphur springs of Virginia, have been |>ioved to be highly efficacious in Rheumatic. Cutaneous, Bill* lous and Dyspeptic complaints; and in the cure ol KrysipelM, Sdllrheum, Scrofula, Liver Complaint, and ueiieral ueblllty, and in many other respects, possess (as certified by aoine of the mo.t eminent medical luruleuor. ill the I nitrd Stales) medicinal and lie,.ling properties uu*ur|>as?ed, and believed 10 be unequalled hy any in lhi? country. .... ... Ad.M to these, the ndes in the vicinity, numerous village., extensive view., neighboring c.vr. aud romantic scenery are among the many attraction, ofiered to these seeking ill the heal of summer,either health or pleasure. The.e spring. are but a few hour, ride froi.i Sarotog., Troy, Albany, ke., and arc acccable from Canajoliane on flit Albany and I'tiea railroad, where carriages daily await the arrival of the Iiiorni'iz car. from Schenectady and Utica. to carry visitors to the Springs, a distance of about eight miles, arriving in time for dinner; also by the Albany and Cherry Valley turnpike bv duly slazes, being aboot forty-live mile, west of the citv ol Albany. Warm, colli ami vhower Baths funililted at all times, either of .h . or fresh water, ami every a'.teutiou given to render the Slav of visitors agreeable. An auuml&nce of the pureat mountain spring Ice it stored for the season- G. W. B. UEDNKY. THK 8PBINOB HOTEL.?This Hotel will he opened at the above village of Bharou Springs, for the reception ol visitors, and combining all the advantages of this delightful summer resident.. JOHN V. ETTEN. a2? JOwltawT C ATSK1 LtTMOUNTAIN HOUSE, AT THE PINE ORCHARD.?1J42. tpius romantic and faahionable resort will be conducted dur-? ing the present season under the direction and superintendance of the subscriber. It has undergone a complete and thorough repair, and is now 0|>en for the reception of visitors. No effort will be spared to maintain the deservedly high character which it has heretofore acouirrd. As heretofore, its tables will be furnished with every delicacy that the New York mirket can afford; and every jiossible atteutiou that can promote the convenience and eiuoyment of its iwtrons will be promptly bestowed. The road leading to this establishment and especially that part of it on the mountain, has been rendered perfectly smooth and safe. Mes-rs. A. b. Beach k Co.'s excellent line of stages will run as heretofore regularly betweeu the landing and the Mountain House, on the arrival of the boata. C. L. BEACH, Proprietor June IJih, 184'?. je 14 3mr BATH HOUSE, LONG ISLAND.?This long and well known lux ding and sea bathing establishment, having reC' litl) undergone niiinernus iiuprovements, among which is the erection of sev ral elcgaut summer hosuee upon the margin ol the ocean, is now o|ien foT the reception of company during the easou Tin-great extent of private beach on this shore?ihe Kerfeet security iti bething, even for ladies and children, ('he athitre houses being within a stone's threw of the mansion)? the -ha ly. cool nd delightful locust grove adjoining the house ?'lie pleasain lides iu tne surrounding countrr?the excellent fishing .rounds and otliei sources of healthful recreation and auiusetni in?ih- beautiful riew of the Ail ntic ocean and the lower bay, almost constantly enlivened by numerous vessels arriving or ou'ward bound, render this situation in eviry re 1^*-' ui*?-i|U4iicu uy auy in uic vicinity. iu iccuiuuiutMUwiu are ample, the rooms airy and the temperature. e?en iu the warmest days of summer, anything but oppressive. The convenience ofcommunication and distance, (being but nine miles from Brooklyn.) the access by staves at hours accommodated to business render it peculiarly well adapted aa a residence for genth men of husin sa in New York. jel2 7m?r WILLIAM BROWN, Proprietor. BATH BUILDINGS, "FORMERLY RENSHAW'8, at Long Branch.-This ex1 tensive and delightful Sea Bathing Establishment will be opeued hv the subscriber on the 27th June, instant. He hega resp- ctfully to inform Its former patrons and the public, that considerable additions and alterations, encreasing the comforts, hare neen made since last year, and will be in complete readiness for their accommodation. Wishing'to be as reasonable aa the times will afford, the board will be seven dollars per week as last year, instead of ten dollars as formerly. Children ofa certain age and arrranta half price. Hones full fed, 83,50. He hopes he may say without imputation, that liis table aud accommodations will be equal to any on Loiig Branch. Young people not requiring too much room,will uud accommodating lermi. . J1 22 lm'r JAME3 OREEN. t NORTH CANAAN, (Conn.) July It, 1812.?J. O Bennett :?Dear Sir.?Fur several daya past I noticed in your daily, (which by the way 1 receive regular) iscriptiou of Fashionable Watering places, and I looked thein all over but did not find anv mention made of OUR HOUSE. Now very likely you have never heard of thia place, as I built it last autumn just in time to take a small aurinkle of the winter travel from New York to Albany, and by the way several gentlemen from your place, thought they would call this summer and spend a tew weeks, but as I generally satisfy a man that calls once that he cannot do better than to call again, J doubt wlwther I will see one of them until next wiuter, ihen I am sure of them, as tins will be about aa good a route ea they can take, as the railroad will be competed from Our House to West Stockbridge, and that perfects the chain of rail road from Greenhush to Bridgeport. Now, sir, 1 wish you to understand aomt-thing of the particulars of our location. We are within one inde uf the north line of the State of (Connecticut, surrounded by the tallest kind of mountains, and on the top of one of thi m is a splendid lake, that abounds iu Ash almost as tall as the mountain itself; wc have other very fine lakes. The Hou-at'<uic River one half mile from us, and the tributary streams ol which 1 haxxard nothing in sayiug for Trout and Pik- fishing, are not second to any in New England, if in the worjd. Then there is no arbitrary law about birds in our adjoining tow lis in Massachusetts, perhaps a few could be caught, aud put a few of them with plenty of fish, aud we will have tolerable dinner. The way to get from your place to this, is iuit to drive to Catharine Market slip and take the steamei Nimro-I, (which hy th? way is a craft hard to beat) and on ynui arri val at Bridgeport take the carson the Housatonic rail road whirh will let you off at our house at precisely 4 o'clock. P. M Suppose you call up yous>elf, and ask your friends to come There are the fills too, some fifty feet perpendiculst, more oi less, th it might be named, but I am net diir,s)fed to tell you all ahollL this section, as I had rather ncmilc ahonM lonlt ir over fin themselves. By the way, pny your fare 011 board the boil tiiron<!i, as you sare half a dollar in the fare, it then being only 12.50 from New York to here. The rara leave Our House daily, and passengers breakfast here and diue in New York. Yours, with restart jll 2?"c JOHN BAR8TOW. BOARDING. AT DEAL, MONMOUTH, CO. N. J. T EW18 F. HANKfNSON resnectfufly informs his friends La and the public that he has fitted up in the best style the house '.ortnerly occupied by Jacob Corles, at the above place,in the m st h.'dilifut situation on the see coast, about 7 utiles from Red Bulk, and fourteen from Higstown. Stages pats through and fro to meet the Philadelphia cars. The terms of board will be found very moderate. Also, stabling, lie, for horses, 011 erv reasonable terms. L. F. H. pledge , himself that no effort of his will be wanting to rentier tho e who patronise him comfortable, aud that hu house will be found equal to any along the coast. jeM In r tTeDFuKD MINERAL SPRINGS-This well known JJ watering place, situated in Bedford County, Pennsylvania is now open for the reception of visitors. To those who have never visited the Springs, it may be necessity to say that they are situated near the great Western Turnpike, which pass-s through Pennsylvania from Philadelphia tc Pittsburgh, a few miles east of tilt chief elevatiou of the Alleghany Mountains. Every thing has been provided at this watering place to rendet a sojourn pleasant to those who are seeking healt" or enjoyment Amusement will be found suited to all tastes, and a good baud of music will be in attendance. t u,11 i,... . ii. a. ...1 ariive ?' the sprints thr same evening, or if persons prefer the lUltiinoie and Ohio Hoi Rosa to Htncock, will hoe daily coiiVey men* from there to 'he spriues. The liberal patronage extended to the subscriber the two lasl ifuooi, will i'tutire the renewed exertion* the coming season lor t e loiuxeineDt and comfort of hi? guests. WILLIAM REYNOLDS. je29rod Ira'r Pro|>rietor. DRY GOODS, &c. TO THE LADIES. "FASHIONABLE MILLINERY OOOD9.-The pronrie" tre.. , Mis S KINO, uawffhter of tlie celebrated Carl King, effe n for tile a molt select and choice assortment of Millinery Goods, for the spring trade, never aa yet presented to the pate lie, both aa regard* the quality and cheapness of the arttclea The assortment consist* of the following The celebrated SILK HAT, CALLED CAPOTTE D'ORLEANS, i. worn by La Duchessc D'Orleans, of France, hOED MLK, ENTIRELY NEW AND ORIGINAL 8TYL And Lawu Hau do do?An entire new style o Hau called " MODINE CAPOTTES, ELSSLER COTTAGE.'Parisian uid English EANCY STRAWS, of the finest teitnre, in great variety. Tnr I mprietrese respectfully aolicita the lailiei to favor het with a call, and examine her elegant and varied stock of Milliner} for themaelvca, before lliey |>urchaae elaewhere, aa il will lie a great saving to them in ptice and a (Teat advantage aa regard* 'he variety and guality of the good*. MISS 8. KING, Magatine de Mode*, jy22 Im't 293X Broadway. SHIRTS, SHIRTS. TT siTED STATES SHIRT MANUFACTORY.77 Wil \J nam street, corner of Liberty, N. Y Nonce i* hereby given to Merchant* and traders in general, that the proprietor* o! thr above establishment have nd"pted a new method of maim lecturing which enable* them to sell their ahirt* atachrape rx - than any other house In thia city. Thi* lUt-ment will hr uffimed by the list of pricea as follow*:? .. . .... P" Dot F in-Muslin Shirts, with Linen Bosoms aud Collars, - $7,5( Do stitched in the Bosom and Collar 9,<M Do Colored tine patrrns, large sixes 7 Oi Also, a 'ante quantity of Bovoms and foliar* ennnsnilr m hand, which will he offered cheap for m?h. jyl lm'*r SUMMER STOCKS, SCAKFS CRAVATS AND GLOVES. lt'ST RELIVED. a rub 'nnply of the above article, coil O listing I'f a "T> li*ni <n<J elastic stock, cijiresaly lor (h? iunini?-r monthi. Alio?Scarfs and Cravats, in great vaiirty A large *aa->riiwent of 8 lk, 1 bread, Gorton anil Horakir Olorea? >t tli? old establishment,|2tl Broadway, betwein Park Place and .Murray street. TARSKLLS. Age.i for J. AOATE. N. B. Con?tanflvou hand, an erten.ive assortment of Linen and Muslin Shuts, Linen Dresa Kronta, Linen Collar., L'ndei Garments. fcc.fcc. iy H lm?c_ IMPORTANT TO THE PUBLIC. ALL who with to economiTe can ohlain ( lothing of the hi si quality remarkably cheap, at 205 Canal tfrtitilM dooi well o| llucl. in. Alio, a largi aaaortmeut of Cloths, Caaai meres, Veiling., and Summer Oooila, from which Clothing ol all ki'ida ire tn.tde to order in the beat manner at ?ery redun i pHfit, 2t> Canal atr-et. jr "jr S H Tr T s T(JIMRTS nude to oriler, after the moat approrrd Erenel l> faahiniia. Gentlemen's Garments of all descriptions made u order at (lie aborteit notice. fie nr., men'a Furnishing Store ?7 and <1 Maiden lane, corn# of William street. jein l.n* WILLIAM COLLINS. r* I It- A r I' PI fo L S;r RV-W HE K.I). im ro .d way,"to " : .v I \V ,I . tn-l y-V s v. ripli n m idc and alter< ! to fit (Id- moat intricate room*- < ar taint made tnd ilteftd to the lateat atylc. Matraatct, an< thus chain, made to ordc? to match any ditfiptkn or form him '1 ho Subscriber not having rxpoiiao* of a More to pay. it Oiblcd fo mako any ol" the above article* a( nch priret to toil !' r oik mirrhnnnji r?irp*'ts and Oil CliftStt barf & wowl ; o% '' r - ?im. if.I. jv C Im^r.c E NE1 ne " "FURNITURE." I GEORGE W. DAWSON, \ / Yhotesate and llrtatl Fumiturt an-.l (lata at Furnithinf IVartkoiitt, Xo. 67 Chatham *trrrt, ror. ncr of Ihianr ttrtrt, Xrtr York. 1 WHBRt. lie ki t for h.?Ii' a I .?rgi* t?*oumwul of tor follow- ' JA. ,ns?.r,ic,eV ll-; Sideboards. Bart'it it.. Bed.tra.ts, Cots T .bin. Chairs, Office and BartaMv Desks. Ola?? C tsca. Book . O iei, Looking (rlasaet, Dining, Centre. Tea and Tier Tables, Pianos, Sofas, Sola Brd*teails, Bros, Beudiiu. Pali .Wers, MatI Uwsaet, Cann U, Oil Cloth, Matting attd Fire Irons. Wa Ji , Stanus, Toiit-1 Tiblri, o an die Srari.hi, Buieau B? ilstrads < I Dressing bureaus, Bales, file. Also, a Urge assortment of mrn and women"* Wiarin? Apperel, new and second haiuled. Ail the above articles arc offered to the i *blio *i very 1 lpw prices. Per*..ii in warn of s tid articles would find it to I their advantage to make au earlv c.iU * the above e*a.olishm *nt; I Shipping orders punctually arm led to and f. rkt I? n die 1 shortcut nonce, ana 011 reasonable lenn*. M*lt/ **-*, Bedding, i Itc. for tin iu< out teasels, con it ant 1y on hand. All orders to the above establuhmeut will be i *?.ictua!l>' attrudrd to .\?iil (funklolly n ct ivi ii. N. B.?The highest prices will b* given for 8?coi?d Hind Furniture, and Gentlemeu's and Ladies' cast of! Clothing. a22 6m *r i cheap hardware store. > T'HE 8uWrib.T ii now oi? i.nnr hi* Spring supply of 1 HARDWARE AND Ct/TLEIU jvcrii. dp. r lair ar1 rivals from Bit iniugltoin and Slirtfifld. Tnguthi. r w itli a (?uenl isiotuatui of laimruic uisan, woicii lie is prepaicd to of lera ?ne wry vt r.o j i r attention of Country Merchants, Builders, Cabinet I . i &e., is solicited lo an examination of his slock and j ulie is confident liny will lind it to their interest r him with a call. .ALFRED K. LAGRAVE, 210 Greenwich, corner Barclay, New York. 1 i A regular supply of FALL RIVER CU I NAILS, and j Cooper's Glue. Also?? complete assortment of Mechanics' t I Tools, James' Screws, lie. rn2 3in* I j REFINED SUGAR, WINES,&r. WELLINGTON A CARTER, Wine and 'ommission Merchant, No. i New street, one door from Wtil street, | I has just r cei cd from the lefinerv a quantity of superior douI ble and sin le refined Sugar, in small loaves, which he will sell I at his usual low rates, in parcels to suit buyers. I W. A. CarterV assortment of superior Wines cannot fail to 1 I please. The old Loriclino Madeira of 1312, In bottles and in , 1 I piiies.hhds. and qr. casks of various ages; champagne,claret and | other light Wine? of the choicest oratids, always on sale at , low prices. Orders foranykiud shall be faithfully executed. jy7 lm*r ; GOOD SUMMER WINET" T B. 8TOUVENEL, lm|?orter of French Wines of 1 I the most approved brands, Bordeaux Claret and other Wines. He has removed from his old stand, CI Nassau street, to No. 21 Ann afreet, (m ar Nassau) basement. Always on hind, the best and most rtchtrcht Wines, St. Julian, Montferraet, St. E.teve, Lafitte, Medoc, Sic. in barrels, half casks and cases. Also, Champagne, various brands; Bur- , gundy. Hermitage, fcc.; superior Cognac Brandy; best quality Gin, Poit Wine, Portugal and Spanish Wines. J. B. 8. will also sell by the uoxen bottled Wine for private families, whicli will be sent to auy part of the city, alio by the gallon or oliierwiae, lo tlioae who may favor him with their patronage. No Winca are impure sold by him, as he imports them direct. IC7" J- B. 8. has opened a boarding Itouse at Ilobokeu, opposite Vauxh.ill Oirtlen. on the main road, whete is kept an assortment of the best Wines. Private parties supplied with good dinners and refreshments jV12 Itti'c g- hats"" HATS! HATS! HATS!! BROWN k CO'S One Price Hat Store, wholesale and re{ tail, 179 Chatham Square, corner of Molt street, where fashion, beauty, durability and economy are combined to adorn the head. The proprietors have the pleasure now to offer in addition to their recently improved short nap|>ed Hat, a new style, the imitation of bcaverr, which so closely resemolcs that of all furs the most costly and beautiful, that the difference is not easily perceived. Price three doliars. We strictly adhere to the one price cash system, which enables ua to fiiruiah a very superior Hat for the price charged. In presenting these Hats lo the public the proprietors think they nave reached the ultimatum of beauty, durability, cheapness and comfort. ml 3m* TAILORING. REMOVAL. PHILLIPS' CASH TAILORING ESTABLISH: MENT, la removed from MS Broadway to No. 7 Axtor House. ECONOMY IN GENTLEMEN'S DRESS. Garments of a most .Icgant and Fashieiiable kind ft a saving of to per cent for cash. qntEadvertixerd. ms it unnecessary lo resort to the hackJ neytd system of giving a list of nominal prices, presuming that the length of time lie has been established, togeiher with the extensive patronage liestowen on turn, wilt prove a sum I dent voucher for his capabilities. Possessing the advantage ol being connected with an extensive cloth establishment iu K.uiuj>e he confidently assets tlmt he call furnish clothes which, on com, wrison, will be found lower tlsen any cither house making up i 'he best descriptions of gentlemen's dress. inyl 3in 8, PHILLIPS, v Astor House. Broadway LOOK OUT. He who steals my purse steals trash, j?ti( he who fnahen liom inc ol my name H"bt ine or thai which not enrich** him, [ But maJcet mepoor in?le?*d.?[ShaV*'<,are. I MARSHALL, AT MIS ONLY TROY SHIRT DEPOT, No. 00 Chatham _ str?cL makes the above ^notation, because others endeavor to filch firnii liim his good name, lame, sud reputation. We h?ve more than once made public the many im|iotit ohs practised on dealers, strangers and others, in pursuit of our highly reputed Troy Shirts, Bosoms, and Collars. But now that impositions are on the increase, therefore, we sba'l keep these facts before the public, which will espose impoeters, aud may , cut off their wicked designs. Make no mistakes therefore. " Marshall's only Troy Shirt" is painted on our swtiing , and window. Be paiticular, however, to see the name " Mar, shell's" on our window anil about our store. No. 90, ourouly Troy Shirt I)e)H>t, is situated about 16 doors from the comer of [ Pearl and Chatham streets, and nit the right hand side in , Chatham street, iu nusing to the City Ilall. Seethe name tH/"* MARSHALL s -jH; and you an correct. CATALOOUE OF PRICES. [ Strong made Cotton Shirts, with linen bosoms, collars and wristbands, warranted, at perdoM*. $7?7 50?8?a 50?o? M? 10 50?11?12?12 50?14?16?16 50?17?16?20-21?22 50?21?25 ' 26 50?27?28. All Linen Shirts, iierdoz. $20-20 50?25-27 50? : 30?32 50?36?38. Plain Cotton Shirts, pt r dor. $5 50?6?7?7 50 I ?8?9. Colored Shirt", pel dor.. $5?5 50?I)?7?8?9?10-11. ( Collars just received?In addition to our former large stock of i collars of every description, 1000 doren, all Linen rollers, at ' 50 cents |>er dozen, 62c?75c?S7c?$1?I 25^?I 50?I 75?2?2 25 ?2 50?2 75?3?3 25?3 50 and 400, including our new stjlr. ' Marshall's Byron Collars, which have been so highly approved I r of. Theae goods, with our plain aud ruffle bosoms, call he r.?i,,d .! m??v of X. ,.r,I- r.sdv.,,, ? lin... .lor.. tKr.?,..|,. ' out the city .andiat the manufacturers, iJ^-Siarsnall'a [(V only . Troy Shirt Depot, No. 90 (Chatham street, New York. We 1 caution dealers and other* against the many mistakes dial have bi en made of late, inconsequence of seeing ticketed puces in tome of the windowa. Recollect, no marked or ticketed price* are (O% HN in ou" window, lint n-mmbtr MM the cut of ourstore, with the prices attached, will be circulated for , i the beurht of all. Three circulate only may be seen in our | window : and, furthermore, we advise agam, see the namr and number, Ma shall'a, No. 90." No patronage asked of those 1 who down jvl.5 1in*c MIS C EL L A N E 0 US~ S( FPRESSION OF QUACKERY {^IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT.- 0 THE COLLEGE OF MEDICINE & PHARMACY TJ E3PECTFULI.Y inform the citizens of New York that TV they have appointed the following Sm-AucvTs in thia city :? J. W. Basiett, 641 Broadway. Dr. E. M. Guion, 127 Bowery. Dr Kttso, 287 Hudson street. Kliii L Theall. 518 Grand st. Dr. Newman 132 Cherry strret. The rre|?rations of the Collect may now be liail of those gentlemen. Principal Offices of the College for NewEnitland,at 5 Tremont Row, Boston. Principal Office of the College for New York, at 97 Nassau ! atree'. By order of the College, jV21c W. 9. RICHRDSON. Agent. EC^OMY,~ ELktU tfCE, and GOOD? LIVING. 'T'HE undersigned has, at afreet ripe use, fitted up one of the a largest and moat splendid Coffee and Eating Houses in New York, in which oue hundred is rsons at least ran sit down ' to an excelleut and siibstanti >1 bre akfast, dinner,ami tea, [from f the choicest supplies oflhe markets, with a bill of fare not eicelled either as r?gsrils quality or number of diah"sl by any ho- < ...I Iiell.iitn.llatsl... Rwrl sr... ;... i. t ! one shillinif and eighteen penre |vr dish. The purest Java anil i Mock* coffee anil the very lK?t teaa, and served at only three 3enl? per cup. And all other rrfrohmriiti in proportion. The I waiter" are uniformly cia il and polite, and every visitor may be ) assured of feeling in this establishment quite at home." In f ) fact, every depart mi nt of the busin'is ia under the aaperinten- I I dt uce of cnmiwtent overseer*, whose sole care and attention are ' directed to the comfort and convenieucea of cuatomera end j| guests. HENRY GOsLlNf. Proprietor of the French and American Katin* Mouse, . Noa 6t .and 86 Nassau at, between Jehn at ami Maiden Lane. P. 8.?Open Sunday! for breakfast, dinner ami tea, jeJO wit IRON,CAST ll?)N,ANJJ ' STEEL ; RENDERED : RUST PROOF, 1 FOR ONK t CUT PER POUND ONLY III . THE WHOLE IMPORTANT ART AND MYSTERY | OF QALVAA18INQ. i t Otherwise sinking Iron, Cast Iron, and Steel, kc? made plain ' t and easy la every one, [ with an t ngraving of the Toola r necessary in this new business;] By OKOttOE JOHNSON, . ! ' ?. . , _ Formerly free Merchant ef Laicutta. ; ) I put hook ia for sale at all the Booksellers. Pnce 28 cents | only?or address per letter, post paid, Mr. (J.-o*te Johnson, caie Messrs Butleri, No 8 Gold at. je* lin*c | 1 T^arricVeN DEALERS Quna, Pistols, and Sporting j . i J00 jisuli Barrel Fowling Pieces I ICO Double Guns, imitation twisted 252 W 'k' cwd" . r"' l*i?ted and patent Breech. I ' wn2? P'1,T,"^^ i"l* A'l''*T'"S|-|00,1|fvrent varietiea. Rifles and Kifb' ?Locks and trimmings Game B ???Powder F tasks and Prrcnaaion Cape Sporting articles generally. The above articles will be sold at unheard oflow in ices I by A. W. SPIK.S h CO. . j ivt? tm* c _ 2J* Pearl -treer GEfTROK COLYF.H, and~TliOMA?T)LOAR0, swcceT- i tors to Lewi* B. Oritfin It C o., v\ouM rc?prrtfnlly inform ' I their frirn.U %rni the jttiblic, that \\,rv ??.? j?t. |*rrd to furnish 1 timher of fwry dr^nptlm. *t ai short notW, ami ?.n as rr.v , 1 I 4?'iiah|?* iprrnt as rniy t*ubli>hm?nt in the fit)*, .it their N*w Ktp?iiii SUw Mill, font of F'Wteen'h street, North River. JyIf lm*r ? W YO W YORK. THURSDAY IV \avnl Uencral Court Martial on bonrsl of t thr 17. H. Ship North Carolina. WnnntsuAV, July 37. < Tim miimtan of yeslcrda) '? ptocei'dings were read. Passed Midshipman May was called' on. and aaid ha was ready for trial, and lin.l no objection* to ary af the , a Hirer* present sitting as members of the Court on his Iriul. 1 The charges upon which the aroused was to he tried | were then read to him, and were as fellows : ] Charges and ?|>ecilication* of charges preferred by the I Secretary of the Navy u|>on information ol Lieutenant Charles Wilkes, of the United States Navy, against Passed ; Midshipman William Msj , of said Navy." Ckarob lat. i Insubordination anil mutinous conduct. I Sl'KCIFIl .ITIOV ! In that the said Passed Midshipman William May, then seising on board the United States ship Ylucelinea, of the Exuloriug Sipiadron, did, on the eleventh day of May, eighteen hundrul and thirty-nine, enter the cabin of said ' ship, an i in a ru le and disrespectful muuiier attempt to , thrust into the baud of Lieutenant Charles Wilkes, his 1 Commanding OtHcer, a paper purporting to he an appli- ' cution to lie ordered fro.n the Vincennes to some other vessel ol the squadron. The said Pa .ml Midshipman William May was ordered to leave the C&bin of his Commander, hut did nut do so until lie had inade use of \ arious insubordinate and mutinous expressions, Such us, thai he "was disgusted with the service, did not cure a damn lor it, felt disgraced, and would ' be reveugi d on the uuthor of it, that he defied him, the 1 said Commander to his utmost, and he would let him 1 know how he ordered him, the said William May, or his friends," or words to that effect ; and that the said Wil- j ' hum May did not leave the cabin lu obedience to theorder ' lie received from hia comm in ling officer, until he was told that the Sergeant of Marines would be ordered to I take charge of him. ' I CHAKUX 'til. Disrespect to his superior in the execution ol his of- I lice. SrrriKir vtion I. In this, that the sai l Passed Midshipman William May, acting Master ol the United states ship Vinceunes, did,on the twonty-third ol Mas, eighteen hundred and forty-two, cause a box to be marked by one ol the cress ol the said ship, as follows?"Purchased at public sale after the Commandant of the Exploring Expedition hal refused them," which box was placed with its marked side up, on tiie gun leek, abreast of the capstan, on board United States ship Vinceunes, exposed to the officers and crew of the said ship, thereby reflecting U|>on the otlicial act ol hi: Commanding Officer, which is hereunto nnntxe", entitled? 'General Order." Si-i.cikicatiox II. In this that the aforesaid Passed Midshipman William j May, Acting Master of the said ship, when sent for by ' his commanding ofticor to ask for his reasons lor hav iug the aforesaid box marked n? quoted, did enter the cabin in ' a rude and boisterous manner, and on being n?ke.l the 1 nest ion, what were his reasons for having the hex thus ' marked, and if he intended it as disrespectful, he rudely replied to "state a tact," mill, furthermore, on being asked by his commanding officer, if he the said comnauder had ever refused to purchase any shells, replied In in impertinent manner, " Not you, but your agent or igents on hoard the Currency Lass at Ouvelou." And igain when t rid that he was mistaken, and was requested f there was no disrespect meant in thus marking his box, ;o have it erased to prevent that impression on the o'licers ind crow, he answered, " I will do no such thing," iu a eighty disrespectful manner and tone, when he was orlered by the aforesaid Lieutenant Charles Wilkes, his commanding otliccr, to leave the cabin and consider him- ' icll under suspension, all of which being against the rules ind regulations of the service, and in violation of the la w. A. P. UPSHUR. Witnesses, Charles Wilkes, William L. Hudson, all the Ward Hoom, oiticurs of the Vincennes, ami Frederick W. Stewart. (Copy.) Gxmxhal Oroi.k. Agreeable to the inti ructions from the Hon. Secretary ol this Navy, Cant. Win. Hudson, Charles Ticket ing,Esq. Nu- ' turalist, axd Lieutenant George F. Emmons, are appointed to recuivu from all persons under my command in this ihip, on or before the twenty-fifth day of May, eighteen hundred and torty-two, all journals, rough notes, writings, memorandums, drawings, sketches, paintings, us well as 1 all specimens of every kind collected or prepared since leaving the United States, August the eighteenth, eighteen hundred and thirty-eight, of all which they will cause correct inventories to he made, and carefully put up, giving the officers or persons fiom whom they are received , receipts therefor. The above order is to be construed in its spirit as well is literal conatruction, and they will particularly inquire >f each person, if he has given up ail and every thing connected with the expedition, or that ma,'be iui|>ortuiit :o it in the illustration of uuy part of it, or of facts relu:ivo to it, whether gathered by liimscll or derived from ' Athers, all of which they will report to me in writing, en- 1 dosing therewith the list of every thing thut may be re. eeiveo. United States Ship Vincennes, at Sea, May nth. ISti. (Signed) CHARLES WILKES, Commanding Exploring Expedition. the consideration of the Court n protest prepared by his counsel against being tried on these charges, and respectfully desired that his counsel, Mr. Henry May, might be permitted to read it. Tlio Court was cleared and re-opened in aliout half an hour, when the accused's counsel was informed that they were prepared to receive the protest. The accused's counsel then proceeded to read a portest, which he had drawn out, the first reason being that the rrime, as it appeared on the charges, had been committed >n the 11th May, 1839, and, therefore, was bared by the itatuta of limitations; the second that he ought to have t>een tried by a Court Martial, assembled by Lieutenant Wilkes in October, 1840; and the last, that the charges iad heon extinguished, so far as Lieut. Wilkes was con;erued, and were merely prepared by him as a menace to 1 he accused, in support of which the following letter | \"om Lieut. Wilkes to Midshipman May was read. A true copy ef the original. W. M ir. / 1 U. S. Smr Vinckxxbs, At 8>:s. May dltta, 184i. ) 1 Si* :? 1 Your letter of to-day has been received. Your apology is far as'rcipccts myself is sufficient, but it furnishes none ( or your grois violation of the law s, rules and regulations >f the service, and I extremely regret the necessity you lave placed me under to prefer charges against you. < I was in hopes that the guaranty I neld would have prevented any further infringement by you of the laws,rules ' md regulations of the navy. I trusted that your behaviour would have been such to the end of the cruise, that the charges lornially made out 1 against you would have been cancelled. You w ere made acquainted that they would be held against you as a warranty for y our good behaviour du<ing its duration. ' You will see by a reference to your charges, on your ' 111* offence, how great my forbearance has been ; and the ' desire I have had to place you as you formerly stood, has ' been evinced in my restoring you to the same stations, ami ihrowing no impediments in the way of your promotion. 1 Although I am disposed to make great allowances for 1 any officers acting as you have done, on a lirst offence,yet 1 a repetitionjplacca it beyond my power to withhold actions ' consistent with the duty and obligations I owe to the ser- 1 vice, and the respect that is ducto the station I occupy. ' I am, ' I Very respectfully, your obedient servant, ' (signed) CHARLES WILKES, 1 Commanding Exploring Expedition. 1 To Acting Master Wm. May, U. S. Ship Vinccnnes. ' The protest then proceeded to argue upon the fore- t going reasons, citing many authorities, both English nnd American, in support of the positions which were assum- | ed, aad referring to the English statute, which precludes any trial upon any charge for a crime (except that of murder) committed more than three years previous to the , making of the charge*. It also argued against the practice of holding charges in ferrurum to be preferred on a : contingency, which practice had been severely reprobated by writers on martial law; and also that the charges bad evidently been cancelled, as the accused had been l>romoted to tie master of tho Vincennes subsequent to ' :heae alleged offences, and concluded by expressing a con* Idont hope that the Court would not call on the accused o answer tbe charge complained of. The Court was then cleared, and on being re-opend. j he Judge Advocate informed the accused that the c ourt iustnliiu.1 the protest, and the first charge we* iborefore ( piashed. . In reply to the usual question, If*- -May pleaded Not , 3vilty to the remaining chanv*?The rruTO^t was then ^tsctrd to cull Lieut. Wilkes, sho v/as awom by tfc- President, and the lint -i|w?o i fir- at ion if the charge r'-*'k"" ''y ">e Judge Advocate, who ,! iskssl him -?nl he knew respecting which he re- 11 died. ' *"ow that the ho* wan marked, air ; I raw it i~id]ng abreast the capstan, and after having seen it, I " irerted my clerk to takedown the worda exactly. That i all I know a ho nt it. ' c The Judge Advocate read the aernnd specification an<l '' ,ieut. Wilkes said: (know that theae facta, air, to the " icat of my belief, are true. Judoi Advocate?Just atate, air, what occurred exacty, when Mr. May entered your cabin. Wirrm?Mr. May enteied tnv cabin in a boisterous (( ind hurried manner, and I put tno question to him con- . ained in the specification. I asked him hia reasons for , narking the box, and he aaid it at ited the fact. I asked lim hia reaaona for marking it to, and told him he waa niatakcn about it, for I had never refuted to purchaie my shells; I asked him if 1 had ever refused to purchase ' iny shells of him, to which he replied, not you, hut your >gav'> or agenta, have. Hi* manner of doing thia was xceedingly rude. I remarked to him, then, that he wa* " nistaken, and if he meant no disrespect, lie would erase he mark ; he replied, lie would do no such thing. !?' !j nanner waa ao disrespectful that I it my duty * J er lim out of the cabin, and suspend him from duty. ?' Jl'Duk Aikocate?Captain Wilkes, did you order your igenta not to purchase the shells in question 1 A 1 had no agent or agenta, and gave no orders about ?* it sir. 1 may state that all the officers of the expedition th w ere empowered to purchase shells by general orders dated at Orange Harbour, and on producing vouchers * they would be paid by my order on the purser. This A extended to all officers. The shells were principally purchased from the natives, by a littletobacco or none v heads givan by the officers. Questional ny th^ Cotinwl of th** htcuio I, through tio ^ Judge AdvooiUe , , i J VI-- Fori have stated the box of shells was marked do , ? you know who marked it I v A.--1 do not knew 1 presume it w af the imintepbut I pi Jid not sec It marked, and candot, therefore, tell d' VI. -Was not a ships' painter detailed to mark ? " A.?I do not know whether one was aetuall' "'tailed 1' for that ]>iir|>ofe, or not, hut it was a *tanding/ril''>' that I RE E 4 IORNING, JULY 28, 184 ill boxes should be marked, and it would be the esecuth u ifficcrs duty to see that it was done. Q.?Do you kuow who placed the ltox abreast the ausfan 1 A.?No, sir. <4.?Was it not the usual place where all such boxes s ere placed ' A.?The deck, between the main mast und the cabiu >ulk heads, was assigned for that purpose, at those hours, jut that was not the identical spot where this box was placed ; it includes, however, tho spot designated as ibrcail the capstan. Q.?Was tlif marked side of the box uppermost, u hen pou first saw it 7 A.?Partly, sir ; it was cock built?(we understood this ;erm meant that it w as placed on one end) ?It was leaning igainst something else. <4-?Did you not turn the marked side up with your ?oot I A.?I may have done so, but 1 have no recollection of it. <41?Did you not leuvc it turned up, exposed to the view if the ships company .' A 1 rather think not. 1 don't think I did. It is my impression I did not. My impression is derived from the iuUseijuent conv ersation with Mr. May. 14 ?You say that the othrers had orders to purchase hells and other curiosities, und upon the production of rouuliers, the mouey paid by them w as refunded. Did you ever refuse, upon tho production of such vouchers, to refund the money pHid I A.?There were general instructions to such a purport; [hat it to and collect such articles whenever ipportunity offered. It might, however, have been foundered as in order. The Judge Advocate re-rend the first part of the ques lion, and Mr. Wilkes stated that there were not orders to the effect stated, but merely general instructions. Ill reply to lust part of the questions, he said until the touchers were complete to law. This is in regard to the officers. I never refuse 1 w lieu the vouchers ? tut ...... LUKMiiNi; lu law . ({.? Did you not know that various kindsof shells and natural curiosities were lor sale oil Itoard theCurreucy l.uss, at Oiiverlon. one of the Sandwich lilandi.and that a very e\horhitunt price was demanded for them ? A.? I did not, sir. (i-?You have stated that the manner of the accused w at rude, hoiaterous, and inipertiiient, in Ilia interview with you; is this a mutter of your opinion? A.?It w us a fact in my opinion. Q.- Be pleased to state the particulars of his manner A.?It would be difficult to do that. Jcdor Advocate?As near as you can, sir. A-?It was a very unusual manner for him. He w as unusually loud in his expressions, whiuli were made in a firm, rude voice, and with corresponding motions and figures. ({.?What was your manner towards the accused? Was i*. culm and collected? A -1 think it w as?unusually so. That is a matter of opinion too, sir. Witness?Docs the question go to my ordering him out of the cabin I Ji ix.e Advocate?Through the whole of the interview. Witness?Until 1 ordered him out of the cabin, then.? That w as don* in a voice stronger than my usually commanding voice, and louder and rougher than I had spoken before. ({.?Did yon receive a letter from the accused atxMit six hours before < 011 i.riested him? If so, produce it. This refers to the Utter w hit h you term iu y our letter nn n|>ology. A.?I did receive a letter fiom him, but I don't know how many hours previous to his nrrc.t. I have that letter on shore, andean bring it. ({.?Is the paper here submitted a copy of that letter ? (Paper handed to witness for examination.) A.? I cannot say that it is an exact copy, hot it seems to me to contain the substance. I think, to the best of my belief, it is a copy. I believe I have the letter on shore. The witness was directed to bring the letter with him to-morrow. Witness?It is my impression, sir, on examination, that it is a copy. Q?Have you ever stated, since you preferred the charges against this accused, that sou would break the officers whom you had preferred ohn-T*ri, inul that they should stay broke, or words to that ellect ? A.?I have no recollection of having said no. I don't remember it. 1 may stntethut my feelings have not been lucb. ({.?Did your orders requiring all shells and other ouriasitiev to he delivered up, refer to all officers, including yourself; and have all the officers delivered up nil such specimens, and have you yourself delivered up all those in sou possession for the use of the government, or have rou retained ,1 large box of shells ami curiosities, dirccttxl !o Mrs. Wilkes .' The Court objected to thi? question; Mr. Wilkes stating that he should wish to answer it, but the Court decided that it should not be put. The cross-esaniinatiou b\ the aroused'* counsel here losed, and the following ifsinstions were put hv o??K:i >f the Court:? Q.?Did Mr. May go to the cabin by your order or repiircment ! A?1 sent for him, sir. Q?Was the box marked and placed there by the order or direction of Mr. May / A.?I don't know, sir. This closed the ex'mination of Mr. Wilkes for the present, but Mr. Wilkes asked to be allowed to answer the last question of the prisoner's counsel, as it would Income a record to the public through the newspapers, and he wished it to be answered, as it was important to the whole proceedings. He stated that he wished to say it was entirely unfounded in every respect. Frederick Stewart, who had acted as clerk to one o' the otticers of the Exploring Expedition, having been taken from before the mast, was culled and sworn.?I w as in the forward cabin of the Vincennes on the -?td May, 1S4J. Q.?Was you present in the cabin ol the Vinceunes 011 the -?id May, at an interview between Captain Wilkes and Midshipman Mav. (The Pr- sideut of the Court wished the specifications to lie read to the witness, when the Judge Advocate said that though it was a practice much used at Courts Mania I, he thought it would lie more honored in the hruach than the observance, as it was a leading examination. The Court decided that it should be read, and the tirst specification having been read, the usual queations put were Q.?What do you know with respect to that specification ? A?1 did not see the box sir. The second specification was then read and the same -juration asked. Witness.? 1 was iu the forward cabin of the Vinceunes when Captain Wilkes, who stood at the door, sent for Mr. Mav. Mr. May entered iu a few moments and t upturn Wilkes stated as near us I can recollect what is charge I in he specification. Q-?-By Coi-rt.?What did Mr. Wilkes state, f A.?Captain Wilkes asked Mr. May if he had marked he box referred to. Mr. Mav answered, yes sir. He asked lim "why P' Mr. May made the reply, "It is a state of act." I did not understand what was then said; Mr. May pjHike so hurriedly that I could not make it out at all. The next I understood from Mr. Miiy ws<. that he had mrchasad those shells from the Currency Cass,after Cspt. Wilkes, or his agents, or words to that effect, had refused o purchase them. Captain Wilkes spoke to him then in a nnn ul.inl, 1 isaiiLI not .... Am ? .. .1 I .lld l.?ne U ... it x-as not loud enough, and Mr. May made the same reply, >r nearly to. < attain Wilkes told him that he was mintaicn, and that if he meant no diareapect, why not have the nark removed,01 something to that effect. 'Mr. May aaiil ic would do no tuch thing. I did not understand the con. ,-ersation after that. It w an loud and confused. Mr. May eft the cabin then. Jvdoe Advocate?What wa? Mr. May's mannerdtiring hia interview? A.?I did not see Mr. May only when he entered the cairn and left it. .Ii'oui Advocate?What was hii appearance? A?When he came into the cabin he came in a burred, luick way, and left much the lame. Jt'puc Advocate?What was the tone of his voice? was t loud and angry, or otherwise' A.?1 should call it loud and angry. Questioned by the accused's counsel, through the Judge \dvocat?. Q.?In what oapacity did you embark in the exploring !*|>edition? As a yeoman. H-?What part of the forward rabin were you working n when Lieut. Wilkes sent for the accused! A.?About the middle of It. I was working at a tab'e in be centre of the cabin. (< ?Did you tee Lieut. Wilks during the interview btwecn him and the accused! A.?No sir. U.?You have stated that Lieut. Wilks was standing car the door. How do you know that he was standing kercif von did not see him! A?I did not say he was standing at the door d"-; " 1 iterriew; that was when he sent for Nl1- *-/' , !?". ""i'HRSswJSS.t? rTUnr 'aJ2Z?U'K? charts, and that all you hoard r iheooiversation was that Mr- May said, " Because I ' [insider it proper, sir,''and that w as all you heard, and lat the tone or Mr. May, and also that of Captain Wilkes ;as loud and angiy ! I A. ?1 may have stated that I thought Mr. May w as eu- ? ring the cabin to work on the charts ; because I did not now what Captain Wilkes had sent for him alsjul ; hut I never said that Captain Wilkes was as loud as Mr. Stay, r have I ever stated that the remark mentioned " Be- t suae I consider it proper, sir," wh.> all I Intd heard ol the ' anversation referred to in the specifications. The counsel put " further questions, nor did the court. ? The Judge sovocstc stated that this was all the case lor re piw?ton. e Tke accused's counsel then state.)- that the then most aportant witnesses for the defence had not arrived, but iat if the court they could proceed with the ex- I1 nination of l.ient. Walker, although his evidence would ore properly come in nnotherform. w The court enquire! if the witness had Ireen summon- n I, which was repl.-d to in the affirmative, and ordered it e examination of Lieut. Walker to be proceeded w ith. C Lieut. Walker was then called, and being duly sworn, si ?s questionerl by counsel as follow s, through the Judge w dvocate; | d Q?What was yon rank and position on lioard the p incennes, onthe'jlih May, 194-2 ? ol A.?I was senior Lieutenant. n (J.?Was, or was sot the gun deck, abreast the Cans tan. n e usual place where all boxes containing specimens h ere put ! el A-?The half decs w as the usual place uf deposit a|>- fc 'oprlnted previous to their being stowed away, but it P pcn.lcd somewhat on the quantity and on the duties of .1 e ship. It was a very eommnn or usual place for such o trposr, however. (| 4 Was the ship's parntei deluded lor marking all p [ERA 2. . boxes delivered up under the ordn requiring Much dell* I ry A.?He wu, nr. H.?Did vou notice that the accused, on obsei \ ing thru the marked side of the box ir. question was exposed, turned it with the marked side tow aids the hulk head, ko w to plice tire marked aide out of tight ' A.?I did, sir ; I presumed his object w us to screen it from public observation. 'J.- Was the marked side of the box paitly iu view after the accused had turucd it against the bulk head I A?I ?iw Mr. May turn it carelully towards the hulk h. ad, hut w kclJicr it laid fair and square against the bulkhead, 1 can't say. I presume-1 think I did. t{?Did you uot see Lieut. Wilkos turn tire marked side, of the box up with his loot, so us to bring the label in view , uud did lie not leuru it so e.:po?cd to public oesei vatiou I A.?I did l?? Lieut. Wilkes turn it up w ith his loot, so as to tir ing the label in view, but I can't say w hctlier lie left it so. The marked side of the box was so well concealed by Mr. May, that I am convinced Cant. Wikea eould not have discovered it had lie not hod inlonnation of it from some source. Q.?From your knowledge of Lieut Wilkes' general rl.1,,0,-I..,- ...f,,.i 1.;- 1 ? ~..-i - ? ? " ^?,,<>oi II<<U4II<I ?l?ll IOUC U, when excited or offended I?and it he quickly excited or offended ' A.?In reply to the first part of the questiou. I would say , that, under such circumstances, his manner in violent, overbearing, insulting, tiwing your forbearance to the last degree to endure it. As to the second part, lie is capricious and often easily excited. ({?What is the general character of the accused us an ollicer and n geutleaiau, and is he, or not, respectful to his superiors I A.?ilis character as a gentleman has never been questioned. Whilst under my orders he has been respectful uud obedient, and while he was on the Yincuuncs he appeared to be industrious and hard working, generally passing hi* time in the cabin, working at the charts from early in the morning till dusk in the evening. I don't pretend to conceal that it w as a tact w ell known to the squadron, that on the occasion for which the tirst charge was preferred (which has been quashed) he was violent aud disres|iectlul, and it was regretted through the squadron that he hud been so. l{?How did you receive the impression that the manner of the accused was violent and disrespectful on the occasion referred to. This question was objected to by the Judge Advocate, as the last remark of the witness had not been recorded, and referred to a charge which had been quashed. It was rilled out, the accused's counsel not pressing it, as theforuier remurk was not considered in evidence. The following questions were put by the Court: ? ({.?What was the general conduct of the accused for suliordinatlon whilst belonging to the squadron ' A.?1 know of but one occasion which 1 have already referred to on which he displayed any insubordination.? His conduct 011 all other occasions has been good. (I?You hnvv said that I.ieut. Wilkes is violent, overbearing, insulting, capricious, and so foith; haveyouhad any serious misunderstandings between him and y oursell so as to excite his serious displeasure. A.?There have been misunderstandings between Lieut. Wilkes and myself, but I don't think I aver gave him just cause for displeasure. I would, however, ask what I am to understand by the torm misunderstanding ' By the Cocht?Differences as to points of duty, Stc \\vitnes??Lieut. Wilkes hns misunderstood me. ({.?Did you or did yon not hear Mr. May, when asked by Lieut. Wilkes to erase the marks on the box say, "I u ill do 110 such thing." A. I did not, sir. ({. --Were you present at that interview in the cabin ? A. I was not. t{. -Wen- von present when the conversation took 1.1,?... 1,1 lour-... 1 M- \i?... ? mirks on the box I A. -1 v an not. The Hi'\t witness culled was Mr. Dbiytos, who was nn iilist, cmplovwd on the squadron, being sworn, ho was questioned bv the accused's counsel, os follows: ? H Wire vou, or ivrrf you not, employed asconchologi-t on hoard tin- i xploring souadron, HtiJ were you, or not, in the habit ol buying shells when the squadron was st Onvet lon. mid a vessel called the Currency I.ass was there, and did you refuse to purchase a ho\ ottered for sale, on the account ol theii exorbitant price A.?I was there, and in the habit of purchasing sheila, and did refuse to buy those teferred p. on account ol their exorbitant prieo. I w .1 '/.nnhiga d Draughtsman?the ( ouchologist |was tied in :! hip, nn I I was employed in purchasing shells, w lum-vei I cniihl get them. ({.?Was it not n matter ef notoriety in the squadron, that tin* sin IU were lor sale o I ait) I'd the Currency Lass, and that the) hud been refused by the purchasing agents of the squadron, on account of their exorbitant price I A.?The shells belonged to the Currency Cass, and were lor tale on shore, where I went to see them, and it was a matter of notoriety, that they wi re thr sale. I bud no special orders to purchase them,hut there w ere general instructions to ull the otiireri to purchase shells, and it w as under that I acted. In this instance, however, I went at the suggestion of Purser Waldron, and of uiy ow n accord. ({. Acting as I ouchologist at that time did you not think it was peculiarly yonr duty to purchase shells, and had you not orders from Captain Wilkes to do so I A.?I never was acting as Coucholugist, hut in my case it may be mentioned that I w as di augh small, and it w as considered I was more particularly expected to purchase them as I hud to make drawings ol them, and it was expected that I was to get ?? many as I could. H. Yon say Purw r Waldron went with you to purchase the shells, aid you expect him to pay fortliem out of (io. Veminent money, and did Lieutenant Wilkis generally recogui-e v Cur authority utter you had purchased shells f A.- If we had purchasej them they would have been paid for bv IJovernint ut money. Lieutenant Wrlkes recognised my ."uthoiity upon my showing proper vouched. Ti e court then adjourned till to morrow in irunig at ten o'cloca. City Intelligence. Tin t a'sroy WsTra Wum.?Several of the daily papers hav t attempted to give the points of an ordinunci that passed the Board of Aldci men on Monday night, re giilating the Croton Water Works, and iu so doing have igunrantly inistatcd the facts, which are as follows :?Bv this ordinance, which r, vet to nasi the Board of l.sist. ants, the water commissioners arc entrusted with full powoi te construct the aqueduct from the Croton river, or already finished, to the distributing reservoir, by virtue of the pow urs vested in them by the State legislature. All other executive duties are to be invested in the Croton Aqueduct Department, which is to consist of u Board o! Commissioners of five citizen*, to be appointed by the Common Council, juJ hold their ofticu during its pleasure. Olio oi these commissioners shall be designated tbe President of the Board, who shall give bonds in the sum of $-.'0,000 for ihc full and faithful performance of his duties, for which he shall receive a salary of $2000 |>er annum. He is hound to account weekly for all moneys received by him, pay the same into the tieasury, and present a quarterly statement to the Common Council oi all receipts and expenditures. Incase of his temporary absence by sickness or othcrw ise, his place is to be filled temporarily by such member of the Croton Aqueduct Hoard, as shall lie designated for that purpose by the joint Croton aqueduct committee The other commissioners are to receive no compensation, lint their aetual and necessary expenses while visiting the workv, are to be paid by the Common Council. This Board, so constituted, is empowered with the general care and supervision of the ( roton Aqueduct and its appurtenance*, ami the employment of agents, workmen, fce.; hut are not allowed to ex|>end any money over the ?um of fdOO, unless previously authorised hy the Joint (roton Aqueduct Committee. The rate op rent* for the um of the w ater I* also fixed by thi* committee, *ubject to the approval of the joint ( roton aqueduct committee of the two Board*, who consist of the following gentlemen: Aldermen Davie*, We*t anil Hmith ; Assist ants, Neshltt, Wm. Dodge and Ward. The following are the rate* at whir1, w#,?r at present fnrniahed Cm sr.i s Divi llines"''"? ,lopiM *?0 00 wauling more than two stories li 00 " on the rear of lot* 5 00 with workshop or atore I-J to 30 Pi ivit* go ot washing pavement* -j on , " hath (where there are fixtures) A 00 j Warehouse 15 00 , Boarding house In to .'0 ttnhle, private |ier stall A 00 ' " livery " 1 00 Payment to he made in wlv ance lor the supply from Au;u?t I to Mav l, neat?-subsequently annually on the 1st >f May. I.arge boat ding houses, stables, breweries, tanneries, i vtiblie. bntbs, packing or salting houses, and all other con- ' ittmerf, 'hipping, he., will he charged in proportion to he quantity of water used, on agreement with the com- ' ninlonvrs. (Mice hour* from 9 o'clock A. M. until IP. M., in the dd Alms House. Entrance hy centre door. The joint committee of both Board* have the power to soiiltruct all public fountain*, at*o to erect station house* nd to lay main and distributing pipe* in the city, and em lov agents, workmen, Sic., to effect said objects. A chief engineer, a superintendent of t te aqueduct iork?. a water purveyor, and a register of rent* are to be ppointed by the Common Council, and to he under the umcdiatedirection ol the ( roton aqueduct Board. The hid Engineer is to have the general executive care and upeiintcmloucc Of the works. The superintendent and atcr purv c yor to laj down all dirtributing pipe*, hyrant*, he., ami the latte' to attend all fire* that may hapen in the city , to prov ide against all unnccissarv waste T w ater, ami see that all hydrants are closed at the termiatiou ol otich contUgi ation. All work to lie done und all laterial* purchased for the w ater works, exceeding one undred dollars, are to be advertised on eontract to he ntereirinto hy the ' ommnn Council. Tlnfapplicatioris >r water must lie in writing, directed to the resident of the Croton Aqueduct Board, and all iscontinuanrrs also. The supply of water will he cut li in all cases where the rent Is behind ai d unpaid ft" ten ?y?. No plumbers are to licensed to tap 'h< vv*tci i|ie*, a* is erroneously stated in the city prints," ho have I??IP???? . I 1 LD. Price Two Cento, ntto'in j>tf l to publish the ordmarc., but certain person* are to be selected to perform that duty, throw uur the iutroductiou of the water and consesuncea to builu :igs cntirels into the bauds of plumbers, who un.y t ecu re ti. patronage of those who desire the use ol the" titer. No contracts lor the u aler to be considered binding for a ton gcr (a-rind than uutil the aecond succeeding first day of Mas alter stirh contract was entered into. All rents and other emoluments which mas acoi ue ti.<m the use and application ol the ssaltr. shall, m th? tilst in* applied to meet tli current erpenn s and r? .airs ol the Croton Aqueduct Wi rks; neat, to the payment of the interest on the WVet St.* h; and la .tIs to the ledum, lion ol said stoch Aus person who 'hull bathe, or into the Crtftuti Water, at cithei ol the Kercrsoira, or ans pail ol tlie i roton Aquctuct, 01 shall threw ans atones, chips, or dirt, or any oth< r material, substance, or bus* tbit C ss hdtcver, into the reservoir. ...... .1 hou-es, or into the ventilators, or aquc duct, or fon&ibin basins, or shall in liny* timnni i niuie 01 i^]iw tit * any part of the Croton Aqueduct Woiks ot tin hvilrsnts, stop-cocks, ot ony of the jets. or lountitiin i ok? to said Croton Aqueduct Works, hall U-?ul un. a tine not to exceed $00.(0 be imposed by any I'ollci Justice, 01 auy Magistrate. And iu default of payment oi un\ in. 10 imposed, such I'olice Justice or Magistral* huli commit such offender to the city prison for ;i period not exce l thirty days. In case any person shall trespass 011 any par. ..1 the embankment oi the Croton Aqueduct Reservon . . .. . , remain on the same, without permission ot the piopp.! o-is has mg chin ge ot the same, or in case any 11does not comply with the regulations of the Cn ton Amiduct Boanl as to the times they shall leave the eint .1 monts ofjiaid Kcsert oirs, or the ((rounds or building ; tached to said Reservoirs, such person shall be nibji ct tn a fine of $45, and 111 default of payment, imprisoned uot <-< exceed twenty days, in the city prison. No pump in any street of the City of New Yoi k,? l,,. cent to which the conduit pipes of the Croton uatei p shall be repaired or kept in order by the officers 01 the Corporation, or ut public expense, from and alter tin firs', day of May next; hut nothing shall prevent the pei wnt residing iu the neighborhood of any such pump front keeping the sumc in repair ut their own expense, except when such well* are ordered to be filled up by th<' (cmmon Council. CoxTBstuc "i iox?c|k)it further investigation of the | at ticularsof the charge made against Abraham Levy, by a Mrs. Tryon, we feel satisfied that the complaint n its unfounded iu all its essential points. Caxvi.e Uakdkn ox Fiat.?Lnst ceiling |.is the Director of the Fire Works, at Ctustle Garden, was engaged i.i stinting rockets usually sent up, one of them accidentally exploded, and the fiery fragments scattered over the roof of the upper saloon, setting it on fire, but causing little damage to the premises. New Counterfeit#?A new counterfeit bus been issued on the Seventh Ward Bank of this city,'of the denomination of $5. The notes tire drawn payable to H. Clay; letter A., No. 3591, signed D. Lawrence, Ibesidcnt, and H. Hanson, Cashier. They are w ell executed, and difficult to detect from the genuine notes. A Child killed mv * I)aor or Laidancm.?A colored woman mimed Sarah Ann Williams, who tesides lit 174 Barrow-street, deprived her infant, about a week old, ul lifeon Tuesday evening, by giving it, as she says, u single drop of laudanum. Time A colored woman tiamed Maria lfey nolds was caught in the act of secreting a gold hreast-pin lielonging to Louts Fisher, corner of Bayard and Mott streets, and another named Amelia Thompson, for steuling a watch worth $10 front Jacob Abrecht, 41 Mott street, were committed to prison. Georgetown, S. C, [Corrntpondence oi the Herald.] Georgetown, S. C., July 21. 1812. Curiam Journal at Sea?Galen?IVrcrkt?Cutth, avil othir Thingt. Dear Sir:? Herewith I give you a short abstract from the Journal of the brig Sea flower. We started front Xew York on the 2d July. Nothing occurred until the 12th,which commenced with brisk breezes from the north,with fine rain. At 3 P. M. the wind increa rtfd to a Rule; nt 51'. M broached too (white tcudding) with the head to the east; through the night the wind shifted to the south, and increased to a hurricane. 18th, sea account begins w ith moderate brei zea; by (> I'. M. had all drawing sail set,through the night line weather; in the morning stood in 10 th" land. Latitude 35 25. saw seven schooners upon the beach; some of which were striping; saw several vessels injured more or lew; whs in ri mpany with a large shin painted lend colored bends, black upper work and painted ports, with lesa of main topgallant must, una main topmast head Thursday, 14th, at ti A. M.,saw a wreck ahead, undent ncuiuc up with and passed it, in order to ascertain it more particularly; tacked ship and sailed a round it; had rv ry opportunity of examining it well; it whs a complete wreck, witn a quantity of hay ill the centre, and a large galley painteddark green; also dead rattle, such its horses, cows and sln i p. Abont In yards rom this mass was the fh or timbers of a\<-sec! conlined together by a put t of the bottom iilank an I the ceiling; a large boat stove, and u .-mull one bottom up: ascertained ton certainly that there was no living being attached to any part thereof We then proceeded on our course with the full conviction the vessel had wrecked, stove, or went to pieces iu 'he previous gale, and that she was a horse jock' y. We passed so near the dead animals as to rub 'hem, both to windward and to leeward, and not the kafct disagreeable smell came front them. Yours, F. B. X. rTNITKU STATUS "cfxl'KKSS MAIL KROMNF.W U YORK TO BOSTON?With a view to give ihr nreatr.t. sitsible convenience, despatch and ac<uiity to 'hi- ii.cis vng oinmuiiication ktwn'U Boston ami ihncity, thr T .1 Master (Jenvral liu eiulill*liril l>-tlUttv sworn Merit ug< i? *'- mil o the Department front this city to Boston under the i HI roe lisle runeriiilrndcnce of the undersigned, to commence rntlio 2tltti instant. Tocarry out to the fulle.t |*ouublc client, these views ol the Post Mister (irlleis), tetters lor Bosion, Providence and New Bedford wilt be received on board the legular i > 'clock Mail Boat, (and if drvircd postage can bt paid) from half-past fetii o'clock up to the tune of its departure for Boston. Public notice is therefore hereby irieen of tlie above arret? mint, and all iicisciis tnav lelv nron the increasing dihgece with teliieliall mail mailer vvill tie forwarded na above intlie -liorttsi possible siiece of lime, and with the greatest ai, urlly HARNDKN Si CO. Oeneral Mail Agents. New York, July IKili, 1842. iyl9 2?i 11NIT K. I) ~?T A TV. S KXPRF. 8 S ATL~" FROM NEW v YORK Si BOSTON.?Post Office New York. Joly 17. 1842.?Th* Tom Master Geiirrdl, with a tirw to the acrnnmnjrlatioiii of the public, anil to iricreaftrd despatch ami s?cu'ity.ha? published *u Y.mail,to esiwdite which .Me??enRer.i \* all be employed under the Immediate suj>crvisioti and direction if Meun. Marnden k ( ?>., for carryiuij the Mailt between thia <icy and Boston, i)i*l tU<- important Ktermediafe pi tees, with direction* to cause the delivery at the earliest |>o**ibl" Orne Letters will be received ou hoard the Hlomnitioti Litof Sirs in boars which carries the Mail via StouiiiKfon i?d Providence to Bosiou, Irom half past 4 o'clock until the time of departure, during which time postage can be paid.?Letters will h?- received atthlf office up to 4 o'clock P. M. This arr iiiceineiit w ill go info operation on the 20th in- \ jy 19 2wr JOHN LORIMKK QUAMAM I M POST OKKU'E. New Y ork, July "ii, 1.112.-1 NITLD 1 STATES EXPRESS MAIL bMvmi NEW VOKK. A1.I1ANV, AND BUKKALO.-Thr Pn.ttn<i?.< r ' . ral. with a view to the accommodation of the public, and to im r? osed detpttch and security, has established cu Ksprt s M til, to cape* dite w hich messengers will he employed under the immi 'hale superintendence of Mr, E. JlROMC IliMCHRi r. i?r airying th? Mails between this city Albany Buffalo, and the intermediate places, (including Troy) with directions to cause the dc livery at th earliest jnwsible time. Letters will he received nn board the J o clock uteainbo -ta, which carry the Mails to Albany, Troy, ami intermedial* places, from half-past 4 o'clock,P.M. until the time of departure, during which time postaicrcuii he pud. Ls'iters will a|?o be received on boaid the bo;u r irrvinir th** Mail direct to Allssuy, which leave* at 7 o'c!o?). 1'. M., honi half-past G o'clock r VI, until the tim? of <1 ? ai-lire / Ii t ? r bot h< ioff placed on board said boat, ui.dcr the lock of th. department. The M? ??eii#rers will go through to BnfT lo, and are instructed to exert th** ffreate .t dillifeuce in the p-rfbriiiaiiCc of their duties. The Arrangement will commence c i? tin 20th Allcr the SKh inst. letters by the o'clock steamboat w ill be received at tnia office up to 4 o'clock, P. M., and letters for tin 7 o'clock boat until finVlock, P. M. fw JOHN LOKIMKR OR VII \ M r M j \\ITM> STATIC KXPRKHH M ML KOK ALBANY * AND Bt V A I.O.? With a a i?\v to give th. r? nest possible convenience, de*|Mtch and scmrlt, to the meowing ? ommnnication on the great Wea'crn Rnntc from this city, thr Postinaater Ocnrral has established, regularly, ? eorn m? a*? nfrr* attaclu-d to the department, fiom I his ? it to under tin immediate superintendence of the under iyti. d. ? - <-mme nee on the 20th inst. To c irry not to the fullest pwtsihb ? xl t?t t!v? . y ?? w of ! Postmaster (ietierml. letters will he received ou board I. . lar 5 o clock mail boat, (and, if d? sired, po t i. paid) Loin half past I o'clock, I* M, unto the tim of in !? aitu Albany.'Tioy,and the intermediate po'ut <; *| a. >?u h i.<j rhe 7 o'clock liost, for Albam and all ? \V. i.nud I'm Tro>, f?oui hslt-pa*t fi o'clock, P M, up to the time of its departure . AM letters deitosi'ed in the Post Office of lliis city lot rhe 7 loch Mail, directed li? Albany and Trot. and to Uutf.ii > ui mi. in iliat* place*. will be forwarded iVoin AI ban > b> t),v ll\tv d Lr charge of th* muk nteii??!ijreni. I nolle notiri it therefore ht'i?b> /ivt-uol lb* abow driinv in*nt,jinil nil person* rom t int-d im> r. I\ h-miiiI ii?tea.?iri* nlllKcl)c?' Hitll W bit h all ina'l nHlti r > !i b?' lorn irdrd *iH)\e in the shortest possible si*ce oft'iiN*. and with the erestest security. K JEHOMK HLMPHREr. U neral Mall Ak'f nt. New York, July 1Mb. 1X2. _ j>l7 2wi H< IT AND C( >l.l> s tLT w\Th n CTih p ABINEAIJ'H New Hot mmJ Cold Half VT ?trr Bath*, at ^ the foot of Drsbrottes ?fr?ef, #,binl |*er i??nfn of Can A treat, North River.)are now o|?'ti l??r ti e aocomm?M|ation of both Initio, mill Ri'iitlrin) n. 0|?n (mm ?niin?* tmiil II o'clock atnirht. , , , N. B. The water " the hi''1" ' ' 'V 1 ! . ti (kcnencil. winch r> udi r it " r?" **, olh< r situation lit t'nc eiciiiit> or V ? V'oik. On f ?i?o?> > tl" B?th is icjiimte), till t' " A haad "I miMIC wi'l b< in at IfmUnrr rici) j?h mint aiening. Price ol a "iii!il bath i2V. ctr. warinhmh* W. _ ie.11m*t pOUK'TIONS on all | irt. of (hi- 1!intnl slVt. inmiTon V-t th. mo-' favorable term,' fun f?r? ftoM and Silver porrhaacil, anil f i - I fh??t Mire, bv S. J. SYLVK?TKH, jvlii vf VV ill .1. in.I m l'io?ili?air. A.Wl < M.I to t\, Tie'.ml Snrreun- ?.o. 1 Mi.rre) .ffeet, ' rr?j?i*rfnlly .n'ortn, hi* IVutnh in.l ;nbli' '.1 ii'rally, .t hit .1-' r n IrniTi t\nr..(f, .nd rr now r-adr I" tee *11 wli" may .to? ii?m * ,.?if petr., All operation, (n-rfoi'iiraat 14 0I1'. . w .11 ho iion on th- l*ti 4' and mnat approved P! ivi. JJ9 lmv c

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