Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 28, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 28, 1842 Page 3
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i?*l acme of perfection. The diacoveriea in the ience* of Phrenology and Animal Magnetism, die< made >a our ow a day and generation, for the an , ere too stupid or lazy to carry out the few htnt> d received, and left it for us to acquire all the glory ll?hing the sublime principles of these sciences nigh to adorn the reputation of any age, and t< tus in putting faith in Mr. Miller's prediction* th" ;ie s of humanity has got to the end of its read no: Id iabsulto wind up In a catastrophe of fin ;jti it discovery yet made has still to se announced ?!' 'or us t . make the fact public. We have aeei >?i l I 'vtart not and curl your lips in scorn concerning a fish. It Is not a fish starv. We hav. j tangible evidence exhibited to our senses, or tin re of that monster, hitherto deemed fabulous hi earned, though religiously believed by every sal laturalist that ever crossed the Gulf Stream. A I we have seen, n?t in the alluring gaiband seform represented in the picture books, with ai II u Inch the Naiad beauty herself enamored ol ;hilullv ga/ing at In a looking glass mads ic tiihinariuu mechanic, probably by hei he merinaid we saw has none of these uttrac Ut is as ugly ,i little monster as was over seen, re gin ap)MMiance about the upper part of thu bod; uified monkey than an angelic fish. Stillthe moi | ne of ihe grea'est curiosities of the day. It near the Fejee Islands; taken to Pernambuco,wln.r. I.ctn- d hy ail English gentleman, named Giiflis making a collection oi' rare and curious thing- < British Tusvm, or aome other cabinet of curiosi i 'his animal, fish, flesh, or whatever it may be, is i lirea feet long, and the lower part of its body is a I tnrmed fish, but from the breast upwards thie er i i lost, and it then approaches the human form? i- that of the monkey. It has a pair of perfectly i hi easts, arma and hands ; the latter resembling nnn hand more than the monkey's, with white the finger ends. The head is also larger than the . '.i head, though shaped someivhiit like it, the top is it the sides are covered with boir, which oxtendven upon the neck, like the well trained ringlets ^ fair rliiTisel. The cheek*, eyes and lips all hearl a ice to humanity, except the chin, which is dcfiThe animal is now in charge of a gentleman el Hotel, who was about to leave for New York yet afternoon. It is worthy ol the notice of the natural his oitv, though the owner has refused to exhibit it i v.?Philadelphia Ledger. u. S. Circuit Court. Before Judge Betts. 27 ? The Grand Jury found the following Bills:? i ' Mark W. Powell, for stealing a watch on board the etumpkn, at sea. u?t Silas Loud and Elihu Loud, 1st and *2il mates of k Caspian, for an assault with a dangerous weapon person of lacob S. Mayo. list Jacob S. Mayo, Augustus 'Goodridge, and Hen. uden, for endeavoring to commit a revolt on board spian. H lls against Henry Graves, and H.M'Kenney, and :amen of the ship Hudson, were thrown out. U. 8. Suir Noiith Cabolixa, ) July *25, 1842. { THE NAVAL GENERAL COURT MARTIAL, session on board this ship, here y order all the irs in the coses to be investigated, and the accused, inctual in their attendance, daily, at 10 o'clock? 's excepted. A boat will he in waiting at the Batridge, at half past 9 A. M. daily. ch. h. WINDER, Judge Advocate. E THE PERSON WHO PICKED MY POCKET 'allet and Papers, in Chatham street, on the 37th ill return me the papers in the wallet, through the lice, directed to the Northern Hotel, he is welcome money contained in the wallet, and no questions K. J. FENN. RHEUMATISM I RHEUMATISM ! ! ? READ owing :?This certifies that I have had theChronic la'.ism for ubout throe years, and at times so bad, rave been laid up for six or eight months. It chieftrd my back, hips and shoulders, but more or less, ole system. I was in this state, and getting cony worse, when I tried Dr. Henry's Rheumatic Syom 230 Bowery, and before I had used ono bottle alf, I was perfectly well, and have remained so to \. Although my business continually exposes mi worst kinds of weather. 1 have also recommended nip to a large number of my friends, all of whom, t exception, have been immediately and perfectly led) MOSES RYER, cor. Third Avenue It 7th st. "ork, July 1, 1812. us of certificates similar, and more surprising than ill be shown at the office to anv one. Above forty ? will there be referred to, all having been cured the past five weeks. Call and see ; and remember, rup is for sale, only, at 286 Bowery, corner of in street. WE refer our readers to the adment in this day's paper of an elegant House and if about five ncres, with a beautiful Garden, to let. cation is very desirable, situated in the Sixth Aveimmm ing an extensive view of Long lslund Sound e country around. THE MOST MELANCHOLY ACCOUNTS OF posture of heartless and unfeeling quacks, are daily mu vuwcfit; ui .urAUtiue biiu i narmucy, iront s who apply for advice and Medicine, which are ed by 'he College for one dollar. Ten, twenty, and fifty dollars are often paid to unprincipled tans, who not only plunder the jiockets of their hut entail on them the most obstinate and danger ction< Irorn maltreatment anil neglect. The ColMedicine and Pharmacy is a responsible body, and C nsulting Physicians will, in all cases, be gentleexperience and character, a sure guarantee is af'o patients. The Consulting Physician is in attcudaily. By order, W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent, pal Ollice of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, 97 Nassau street. CAUTION.?Having given up our old wareNo. -J Fletcher street, it has been let to some perpersons, who are trying to palm off counterfeits of if our articles. Th'- public are warned to get tht if Columbia for the Hair, and Hay's Liniment for th' !tc , oxer at 71 Maideu Lane, as some, supposing we me connection with Fletcher street, have got a nasi on or r itinterfeit from that place. Remember then ly place for the true articles is nt 71 Maiden Lone. COMSTOCK Jc CO. PLENTV OF AIR?A grand desideratum this w eather is to find plenty of air. The great objec attending places of amusement at this hot season of ar is tho closeness of the rooms used for exhibitions, is evil is completely obviated at the American MuThif establishment is ventilated throughout by - on" hundred windows, and in the Lecture Room tew windows have been out and ten patent sail ventilators have been placed, reaching above the I the Museum. Then a delightful promenade in irden on the roof of the Museum, is cool and airy at ?a a liirnrv iin<>niinll??ri nt nnv otkpr ulnrn in tk<> The attractions put forth at this time are unusually j* will he seen by the advertisement, and anothei tant fact, these hard time*, is, that twenty-five cents dl the expense. KOLMSTOCK'S VERMIFUGE?Several chiln a highly respectable family in Broadway had ! to a frightful extent, and were all cured rapidly liis Vermifuge. omc of the best families in the neighborhood of St. j I'xrk, it has been extensively used, fiom theciranco of having eradicated a large quantity of s, afti rail other remedies had failed, which was very lively known in that part of the city, proceed at 71 n lane, at 25 cents per bottle. A FLARE UP AT THE A9TOR HOUSE?A fer," called Jim, lately locked himself in one of the used for dressing "White Niggers." One continual yah, yah, was heard in the room, and O Iar,?8epersons peeped through the key hole?there was cfore the glass, lathering himself with soap and .ling extravagantly?He finished, come out, looked and pale?He was altered, all saw it?Thoy in1 of him?All they could hear was, by Oar, liini e somethin to do it. At last they found that he had luyinga cake of the Italian Chemical Soap.?Josside, some say they think it changed the color of in?Certain it is this is one of the mast wonderful s for clearing discolored skin and curing eruptions | nvi'iupu. ii clears tne smn neautiiuiiy. UN MM r. Jones, of Hi Chatham atreet, who says it is all it is tented. Agents 139 Fulton street, Brooklyn j 8 street, Boston ; 37 Dock stract, Philadelphia. . VAUXHALL GARDEN.?To-night there will be id galo\y of talent in aid of the Prince of Cnmej. S. Browne. Mrs. G Jones, Miss Ayres, Kate Mr. C. Howard, Mr. O. Graham, and the great orihimseli in his best parts. The Comedies of Simpson an i Nalnilifornn Hour, arc the pieces. Vauxhnll hufore caine forth in such array. The prices are it the same rate, 2-> cents. At the end of the Saloon .nances, a Grand Ball will be given. Browne need areven if he has his usual run of luck as regards eather, that Vauxlrall Garden will bo jammed to its t rxtcnt. . CHATHAM THEATRE ?The display of Araetalent at this theatre nightly, draw s crow ded anJ ms'di: audiences. The tragedy of Ji'lius Closer is rmed to night, Scott appearing as Marc Antony, ,r at Julius C*?ar, llield as Brutus, Thome as Octa nd Mrs. Hiel l as Calphurnia. J. H. Kirhval'oapinthe p .thetic drama ol the Vagrant and' his FuGrontl American Tom-nit incut. XUQl IER WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, VA - a Tourdament will come off at the Fauquier, e Sulphur Springs,on Friday, the 3th of August. B champions who have already entered the lists,chalcompetition from all the world to cross a lance or t the ring, promising to all courteous knights w ho omo, a fail Held and presence of ladies. m,r.sT<ix Bransus, Vs., July Jd. j)263t Herald Itiilletln of Srw s. ? Herald Bulletin of News is kept at the north-west r of pollen nod Nassau stre'ts. On the arrival of the rig mails, at eight o'clock, A. M. and also of the ng mails, at fooro'clock, P. M., the latest intelligence all pacta of the world, may be found on the Herald tin Board, at this corner. Let every wayfarer stop eaJ. Advertisements of all kinds taken at the office. Hern Id General Printing Olllca. e Gmeral Printing Office, capable of doing all sort" inting. s'teh as books, pamphlets, bills, cards of all teiows, Is now open at the Herald Buildings, entrance Nassau street?Joseph F.Iliott, Printer. The New York Lancet, A few copies of the first volume of this work, omcly bound, may now be had at the publication .?Price $J. City Dmpatrh Post, M WH.liam Stsef.t. s? irsi. OmcF.?Letters deposited before hatt-pn?i ll-pait 12, snd half past 3 o'clock, will be sent out for cry at 9, 1, and 4 o'clock. Ai?r h Oi ricc?Letters deposited leforo 7,11, and 2 k, Will I'e sent out for d? livery at 9, I, and 4 o'clock. ALEX. M. GREIO, Agent. MOJTKY MARKET. Wedncidar, Juljr ?*?? P. JL The ?ale? at tl*? Stock Board have been very mall,with very little change in rate*. Harlem fell 2; Illinois rt's ^ Statu Stocks were generally worse. The defalcation of Mr. Pentz, the Cashier of the Atlantic Insurance Company, turn* out to be near $#.000, mostly absorbed in personal expenses. He was a very tentUmanl* cashier, and among defaulters it what pence are among coin ofthe smallest possible description. At a numerous meeting of tho citizeus of East Florida hull on the l?t July instant, to nominate candidates for the senatorial representation el East Florida, tho following ticket was nominated JAMES B. COLES, Esq.Chairman. Asri-Biss, A.sti-Bowd S?.xitobial Ticket roa 134o. JAMES G. COOPEH. of Ni?au. FRANCIS L. D.ANCY. of St. Johns. JOH N C. PECO I', of Columbia. GABRIEL PRIEST,o! Duval. These nominations were supported by a series of rfiolulions, one of which in relation to tho territorial bonds, wat as follows :? R--solved, That thji couv.-ntiou denies that tho people >f B lorida are in any w ise liable for the payment of principal or interest on Bonds sold for the benefit of private corporations ; and the St nit org to be elected on tho above ticket, it it hertby announcrtl, are to consider themselves oltdged to oppose every measure which may give validity to such Bonds, heretofore issued in the name of the Territory of FloriJa. Florida is thus (airly in the field in tho wake of Miisle sippi, and the anti-bond or repudiating flag is nailed to the mast. An immense meeting was hold at Mobile on the lath in slant, on the subject of the currency. It was addressed by Messrs. Campbell and Holntus, the democratic candidate! to represent the county. The whole body was unanimous for the immediate resumption or immediato liquidation of all the banks, and in favor of taxation sufficient tc support the government and amply to ineet all Its obliga lions. This is indeed cheering from that quarter, and il gives assurunce that Alabama will take a front rank among the States of the Union. There is little confidence here in the Alabama Banks. Their funds are at 40 per cent dis. count, although by no means plenty. By the late accounts from England we had advices that the utmost consternation had been created among the linen spinners of England by the announcement that the French government had levied upon linen yarns, a duty of 20 per cent advalorum ! This was considered so ruinously high as to threaten a stoppage of the trade. The duties imposed in this country upon imported manufactures vary front 140 per cent advalorem to 30 percent.? This enormous imposition is concealed under the minimum system. Thus on white cottons the duty levied is 30 percent, and whatever the cost of the goods may ac'ttally have boon, if less than 20 c-.-nts per yard, it is mssumed to have cost 20 cents, and tho dut\ levied accordingly,On printed cmtons the minimum cost is 3i?cents per yard, There is also an article of niton importd, nod used ev tensively for clothing among working people railed " moleskins, cords, fustians, &c., being colored cotton goods manufactured by " napping or raising, cutting oi shearing." These by the new tariff will t e prohibited? the minimum is fixed at 50 cents the square yard, and under the old tiirifl' was 35 ceuts. The real advalorem duty paid on those three articles according to their cost, will be as follows. Table showing the duty per cent paid on white cottons 38 inches wide, prints 24 inches wide, moleskins, Ac. 27 inches w ide Eqi ivalkxt of the Miximi m Svjrr.m ok Di nes on Cot ton in an An Valori-M Ditv on Actial Cost. IVhitt co'tons, Prints, 2I Muleskius M in. wide. in. wide. ?7 in. wide Cost l>r Duty pr cent Duty pr cent Dutyprcen yard. Duty. on east. Duty, on cost. Duty, on cost CU. cts. 6 6 100 ? ? ? ? 8 6 75 ? ? ? ? 9 ? ? 9 M0 ? ? 10 6 CO ? ? 15 1403s 12 6 50 9 75 ? ? It 6 47 ? ? ? ? 16 6 37t< ? ? 15 94 !8 6 33! | 9 50 ? ? 20 6 30 ? ? ? ? 21 7W 35?A ? ? ? ? 13 7>2 32,4 ? ? ? ? 21 ? ? 9 VX 15 62 25 7}? 20 ? ? ? ? 29 ? ? ? ? 15 51 21 ? ? ? ? 15 13 Here the tax upon cheap cottons, on those which cntei into the consumption of the jioorer classes, rauges as higt as 100 per cent, and on those coarse cotton cloths, whicl form the clothing of working men on account of their du rability, range from 43 to 140} per cent !! On whom is this enormous tax imposed upon the rich? Do gentle men of wealth wear moleskin pantaloons or low price! cotton shirts 1 Not so; none of these articles on whicl such enormous burdens are imposed are worn by them; or the contrary what do tliev consume? the linen enmbrirs the silk stockings, gloves, and goods which have hereto fore been imported free ! and on which a simple duty of 3i per cent is now proposed. The dear people do not under stand that these impositions are to extend the home mnrkt for their produce. ?or instance, the richer the manufac turers l>ecome through the medium of these high taxe paid to them by the working men of their own country the more means will these manufacturers have to seu their families on the tour of Europe, and luxuriate in Pari and London. Thus it i9 with the landed interest of Eng land; the means wrungfromthe starving populace by pro tective duties are dissipa'cd in Italy and the continent. In the families of the oppressors. The following is a table of the quantity, value, and ave rage cost per yard of prints not exceeding 35 cents pel yard, and white cotton not over 30 cents per yard, for sii years, from official documents Imports or Cotto* Goods isto the Uvitf.d "tatks. Priiis. Hrh if r. I'rict Per Yards. Cost, per yard. Yards. Cost, yard cts. ct? f35 36,691,043 8,715,979 21.9 14,213,'>29 2,351,192 18h 3f. tt,577,811 9,394,133 21 12,311 921 2.114,328 17h 1837 23 519,575 5,124,788 21.3 5,119,40,1 931,482 18 1838 15,605,733 3,133,875 20 4 631,309 7*9,366 17', 1839 32.559,271 6,612,315 20.3 9,859.151 1,728,751 17 1810 15,618,092 2,968,719 12 6 4,393,341 698,088 13*i It will be observed that the duty on the prints being ! cents per square yurd, amounted in 1S36 to a duty of 4! percent, and owing to the fall in the price of the goodi amounted to 69 per centIn 19-10, on the white goods the duty w as 56 per cent on the avciagc cost, and in 19K u wuii near w per ceiu :. unaer uiese circumstance* j is not to be wondered at that such an immense lulling of in the imports is manifest. The people of this country de rive no benefit from the reduced price in England, becausi the minimum system operating like a "sliding scale" in creasesthe percentage of duty in the same proportion tha the price falls abroad. The average quantity imported, i appears, was as follows during the past three years, ai compared with the first three years :? Avi.ra?.e Qi-svTiTr hironTr.n. Prints. H'hitt Yds. 183.5 '6' 7 til,500 000 10,500 OM inja'a'io 2i,fro,ooo G,tno,oo< Decresse, 1:1,300,000 4,300,001 This gives a vast decrease, and was brought about bv the actually increased adralorem duty, notwithstanding that it was apparently decreasing by biennial rcduc tions. Wale* at tile Stock Rtrhaoge. 3000 N York 6's, 136?, 01 or H irlrm Hit i.P. 3000 Illinois 6's, 1370, lo? .00 di 1','. 1000 d'> do loS If) do 10 V 5000 do dn sl5 IRl* 100 dr. 1,'A 30*10 do ilo stj 10 50 do ?nw I'-S 2000 Ohio 6'? ICiO 751*' 50 do inw ISS 7 City Bsi.k 75 50 do booh 'Ok 5 W SB nk 3'i 50 do nw ir,"i 7 Blc of America 75 150 d,, |,g< 17 20 M'-ch Bk A-Vtion 52 50 do nw 16k 10 \ Jervev 11R 01 Ifl ?lo ill Xtroml Board. I.W H.irl-m RR liX MOO Urrt's, 1*42 lun), 49 do 11 24 Moliawlt RR 3*h S? iit ? of Trsule. The markets generally preserve the same distinguish nig ftaturef. Cotton?The daily sslea are 400 hales, and theadvan tage has been in favor ol the buyer. The sales for threi (lavs, partly for home use, embrace 1900 bales Upland anc Florida, at 6 a 8}c; 940 Mobile, 6j a 9; and 100 New Or 1 nns, ejalO}, together 1410 bales. Fair Upland 8} a 91 cents. Tobacco?The market is quit* dull, and do sales wortl reporting H'halchont?27,000 lbs have been sold at 93c, 19,080 llu at 931, and 9.000 lbs at 93} #11 rath. Naval Stores?The delay in the receipts of tnrpenlint has induced more activity, and tales havabcen made of 5 a 8000 Mils North County at fJ 40, and 1000 or more Wil mington at $9 80, both cash, and for export. Oils?Whale?000 bhls have been sold for export at 3. cents cash. Mate of the ('rope. Nf.w Yoax.?Never before was there such a uniformly good crop of wheat through the Ocnnesee valley, and in deed through all Western New York. The berry is gen r rally plump, and the quantity of land covered with whea of this flee character is greater that ever before bore I wheat crop in this famous wheat growing region. Thi yield of nearly nil other products promises totie equally remarkable. The crop of hay is extraordinarily good Barley, oats and potatoes, never looked better, and corn i nourishing vigorously under the present hot w eather. Ixnuxs.?The wheat harveat will be very large?mucl larger than ever before. Ohio.?Farmers, at the last accounts, were in theheightl of their harvest The crops stand well on the ground, th< straw is clean nnd bright, and the grain plump, and thi next matter of anxiety is, w hat will be the price after har vest? In Chilacotli. >1. a of new wheat were made or the lMh, at 60 a 89} cents. Virginia ? Since the river lias receded to itsregulai ntsfjc, and the farmers have summed up more accurate)! their loss, it i" ascertained that it Is not so extensive as wa< at first supposed. Fiom the reportsofthe large farmers o lames River, It is ascertained that the loes or wheat doe' not much, if at nil, exceed 100 000 bush. We understand that the injury to the corn is partial, but little has beer, washed up by ths roots, an 1 except where it is so destroy e l, the injury has been slight. The tobacco haa suffered more. Reiimi On the Eastern shore of Mary lad, tavern Virginia, part of Indiana, and part of Kentucky, it is said thr crop i< in many place* rutted. To know what effect 1 this lia*, if true, let the reader observe that the countiea , ia Maryland and Virginia, where the complaint is mad:, raise so small on amount of wheat, that if the whole were destroyed it would not sensibly aKect the crop. In Indiana nnd Kentucky, thtugh 'here are complaurs, they are partial, mi l probably pervaJa but a small district ofcouu, try. Ohio, K-ansv 1'vani i and Western New York, raise nearly half the wheat of the Union, and from them there is but one voice of prosperous and abundant harvests. Ktxrccsr ?'i he crops everywhere are very promis* Irg?every o: e'ayt they trill bo much larger this year than last. Fore I-ii Market*. IIava.xa, July 18 ? With the presence of several cargoes afloat, there tins been but little doing in rice since our lest leceipts. The cargo of the Spunisn brig Ca<iopea sold at 91, and 05 casks, from New York, at 10} is ottered, but declined, and going into store. Kor the Louisa's cargo 10 rials is ottered, and 9 rials for the Warrior's. The Catheiitie'* and Noland's cargoes have not yet been put up. The Calhoun's cargo went to Matanzus, w here 9 rials, 46 days, only was offered, refusud and stored. The ilaynehas not yet arrived. The demand for sugars is reduced, w ith low stocks, and no change iu prices. Exports of coffee have ceased, and verv little doing in molasses. Exchange on Loudon 10 a 10} premium ; New York par a I advance. i Mataisx is, July 15.?business of every kind is in a most depressed state. The rice per J. C. Calhoun is ia store here, 9 rials on credit only having been offered, and our dealers have a large stock besides. At llavanii the cargo ofthe Cadopea, for which 11 rials had been offered, was sold at 9j rials. The cargo per Louisa hus since been dis1 ]>oscd of at 10}, and there wore lour cargoes unsold yesterday, and the Hayue hourly exj>ected. The trade iscompletely overdone, and you "are fortunate in not having had any tiling to do with it recently. There are two or three English vessels to load with Mttsoovado Sugar for iimiiuv miii uuer inry art" gone I do not think there will remain in town and country a slock to exceed 300hh<U, and that of [>oor quality generally. Coffey ? stock sniull but in no demand. Married. On Tuesday, the 2tkh instant, at the Transfiguration Church, by the very Rev. Mr. Verella, Mr. Joii.s I. Utimom to Alias Mart Jane Melvin, both ol'this city. Wednesday, 27th instant, by the Rev. James II. Terry, Jamki M. Read to Miss Catharine, daughter ol Thouios Gamiss, all of this city. Ulcd, On Wednesday, July 27th, Catharine, wife of Robert King. Tho friendsand relations of Mr. and Mrs. King are requested to attend her funeral, from his residence, corner of-Crosbv and Grand streets, this afternoon, at 6 o'clock* At Williamsburg, L., I., on Monday evening, July 2.1, Ellen, daughter of ticorge and Emcline Kitching, aged 1 year and 1 mouth. On Wednesday, 27th inst., after a lingering illness of six weeks, Mrs. Hmeiti Somkhimitke, wife of James Somerindyke, aged S3 year. The friends of the family and her acquaintances are invited to attend her funeral, this afternoon, from the house of her father, Joaeph Russell, 307 Broome street. On Tucaday, 2*th instant, Lafayette Hammond, aged CO years. I Passengers Arrived. Antwerp and Solthaaitton?Steain shin British Queen? Mess is ska It, two McCullough, Wolfe, Clark, Parket\ Beck b utnn, h?h?ou, Kimhall, Morris, Keyser, Bh v two Eaussiii' dcrage. Toplin, Williams, two Kcrselherg, Chassaigne, me Moran, lb-all, Hatlcv, Riley, i'ink, Blackburn, Jenkins aim servant, Johutou, Pooling and two servants, Hosier, Mrs jt n kins anil servant, Mrs Maynier, Mrs Pink, Maj. r McQueen Major Liudon. I Liverpool?Ship Memphis?Lieut R Walsh. British Army H Whittell, W A Cook, D Knight, Miss M Trary, Miss J i Tracy, Miss D Tricy, Miss K C Latham, Mr Sherman, Mn Hewitt and three children?308 ill the steerage. Rio or. Janeiro? Schr Ohio?Capt J Adams. neuvitas?Schr Chas. l. Vose?Don Jose Ruiz. Henry c Matscll, Bcnj Slocuin, Edward mn'lony, Francis Stuart, Petei Pherin, John Datis, James Dermoui. New Orleans?Schr Swallow?(jspt Cnrtis, Messrs Wheel er, Cro-by, and Smith?J in the steerage. Foreign Importation*. Liverpool?Sh:p Memphis?""ood bars iron o w Shields?21 cks o b Brown?22 ca 111 hales it l Lee?ii trusses w w Red ley?12 bxi j Culleson?'j2t> bars 21mi bdls iron Warner, Hart & ( Seeley?17 crates 1 cask t Lee?11 r* Hunt St Brothers?24 ile Stone, Swau Siro?10 asks o mc Bride?3893 bars si bdls iror Ncwboldlc Crtift?10 bales Sands, Fox it co?250 tons coal Jnr Herdman?2 cs H Wiulerboltom?3 bales J Watson?21 casei Thompson St Wethereil?2 hairs 1 case J Comiali?10(h) sks sail Woodtuill St Minturu?1 bx t Holgate?5 bales Tooker, Meat St c"?,c bales Dow st Al'en?7 bales J Robinson it co?2 cks t cs W Wlii'tel?20 cs 20 cks to order. Rio or Janeiro?Schr Ohio?OAS seal skins 46 goat do <: Clusi?lf!fl bags coffer Dnwley St Demaresl?I2J A Kendall S co?12 i Rising St Harris?2 bxs insects to order. St Jago?Brig Buenos Ay res?(Hi hbds sugar 45 bales tobaccc f 349 bags coffer Thompson St Adams?175 do J B Lasala?101 lihds sugai J Wall is, jr?II biles tobacco P A de Aguera. v,1 a mini \??oviu lull i .run??viij ihues yu cetooils lud.iccc . 3 do indigo Aymar &. co?16 tun* licutim vita: to master. Neuvitas?Sclir Chas L Vnwi-190 Idids molasses 22 caski sugar Holt Si Owen?25 cj scgar? 000 bills palm leaf to order. Matanzas?Sclir Agnes?350 bis sugar .Meyer & Stucken? 322 D Curtis. I Domestic Importations. New Orleans?Sclir Swallow?1007 sacks 321 hbls si heat 1.' 1 do tlour J Harper?600 sacks oats 3 bids mdse Churchman & , Roberts. MARITIME HERALD. * To Ship Blngtera, t We shall estrrin It a favor, if captains of vessels arrivini here, will give to I 'ominndore W. A. Bassclt, of our news tleet a report oi the sliippinc left ?t the port whence they sailrd, tin s vessels spoken on their passage, a list of their cargo, and am foreign nrws|iapcrs they inay have. Commodore Bassctt wil ' board tliein immediately on their arrival. We will reciprocal d the favor in any wav. To Correapondents Abroad. Our correspondents in foreign |iortA arc reipec'.fally requrstei to send by every vessel all the marine intelligence they cai . obtain. Nautical information of any kind, from any one re sidiug at home or abroad, will be thankfully received. POUT OK SEW YOltK, JULY ?S, Ikl2. c sun rise! t 51 | moon rises 9 5. Cleared. Shin Trenton, Bennett, New Orleans. Johnson St Lowden.British briars Harmony, Messervy. ha Poilt, NF. Goodhue & Co; Alain, dr. B.artletr, Foyo, NF; Sarah Barn-, Corrii.Mll Quebec, Barclay it Livincston; Ann it Mary, Jackson, Sletis i Canada, O B Morewood it Co.?Schis British Quern, (Br| I Simmons, Tobago and a market, A Hubbard it Co; Rejailus Porter, Wilmington, NC; Faule, Qmnthen, Jacksonville, Fla > Victor, Ilallett, B ston. , Arrived. 1 H B. .M. steam ship British Queen, Lieut. Kyckhnlt, from Antwerp. July 7, and Southampton 10th, with lndsc, to the , Belgian Consul Passed 7th, in tin river, lurk Sarah, ,,f Bos ton; 18th, lal 43 I'J, Ion til It, spoke bark F.uro|ie, for Nantes I 20th. 1st 12 1, Ion 40 70, s|M>ke ship Craton, of Boston; 22d, lat ti 1, Ion 70 3 , snoke ship Averon. > Ship Memphis, Knight, from Liverpool, June It, with rndse, ) to Scott it Mnrrell. Saw I rite quantities of irr on the passage 2tth inst, off Nantucket Shoals, spoke birk Turbo, from New ' Orleans for Boston. r Brie Bu nos Avres, Lake. 16 days from St JagodeCuh* with sugar, Sir. to Thompson St Adams. Sailed in co. with bric H?id?e, for N York. Left no American vessels. . Brig Ohio, D; vis (of Waldnborn) from Baltimore, and 2 dayt from the Capes, in nalla?t, to master. B in Clarion, PeUinsill, 7 dais from Darien, w ith timlier, to , Badger & Peck. Sent Ohio, Sim ley, (of Newport, Kl.) from Rio de Janeiro t June 21, witneoffee. tic. to the muur, S|Mike the Aineiirai squ id on oil' Cap- h no. 2?d lib. and the Commodore supplied us w ith a mam boom. 30th ult. lat It S, Ion 1730, < xrhaaxei sign ils wills U. S. shin Potomac, bound home. Lal I!) 1.7 S, lor 32 .70. supplied a Brazilian brig with wood and water, having hai her decks swept previously. Schr Charles L. Vose, Mayliew, from N'euviias, Cuba, July , It. with molasses. Ire. to, Holt St Owen. Left brigs Citizen , Clay, for NYork, 13 days; Portland, Ciough, do, 10; New Or Ie uis, do, 20?they all arrived 3d. : Srhr Port Leon,Little, (of Bath) II days from St. Thomas with hides,'o R. P. Buck. Left bri;< Motto, Forbes, of New i HaveII. for Turks Island, same day; schr Robin Hood, Berry r for Bath, 16th. ? St lir Agues, Gray, II days from Mntanza*, with sugar. It ma.te . Left hark Roman, of Boston, for Kurope. next day only American. -chr Swallow Vountr. 1ft,lavs from New Oi-leana .Old ft jfc y West, with wliea', to the mister. Sailed inco.lrnmKea W. with brigi Emelin-, Sawvrr, from NOrleans for New York; Republic, .Morgan, from Mobile for NYmk. 20th inst off Cspe Cirnrrvil, spoke schr Stark, from Mobile for New York. ' Schr Jersey Oak, Sh'w, 9 daya from Plymouth. NC. wit! 5 cotton, Jtc. to Bryant St Maitlaua. 2lth inst. ofT Ilat'er**, saw ? a brig showing a white signal with red borders and a red O in it i standing south. Schr Coaster, Dyrrickson, 3 days from Virginia, with wood L to maatcr. ' Srhr Susan, Rollins, 3 ilays from Virginia, ?vith wood, to the master. ' Selir Copper, Wcakes, 3 dnys from York Jtis er, with wood J to niaater. Srhr Miry Ann, Godfrey, 3 days from Virginia, with wood fo mister. Schr Swallow, Robinson, 3 days from Virginia, with wood, to master. Schr Sarah St Augusta, Tilton, Irom Virginia, with wood, tr master. [ Schr Elmira Rogers, Crane, from Viiigiui . w ith wood, tn 1 ma ter. Schr John T. Crouch, T. mliD, from Philadelphia, with coal f to master. Schr Deborah, Spooner, 3days from Philadelphia, w ith coal, , to msst-r, Schr Lorena, Widmin, 3 daya from Norfolk, in ballast, to the master. Marine Correepniiticnre. , Rio nc J sveiro, June 21,1912. American vessels iu port:?Ships Louisiana, Wolfe, from 1 NYork, line' Electra, J wb) Ward, in t arrived fromariuise, with 1100 bbls wh oil: barks Mary, Clark, fi m Montevideo for Coiat of Africa ai d China; Sagamore, Thomas, from Coast ol j Africa for NYork; brigs Aigo, Rr id, Irom B diia for Baltimore; Pedang, Howard, Bucros Aires, line; sclir Mentor, Little, from Montevideo, do. General Itecoril. L sraciirn?A new brig yes'enhiv after anon, from tbe slop yard of Mr. Teese, near th Old E'm Tree, in Kensington.? The vessel is considered one of suiwrinr model, arid was built fr, r Mr. Patt'.n. It is intended fir the pleasure or service of the Governor of Bermuda, and his lady, srith a large number of her lashionable frienJs ia Philadelphia, were on board during the launching. . Whalemen, Spoken, March 28,1a' 23 S, Ion 108 E, Condor, of NB.oil not Sailed from New Bedford July 25, Lu :a.?, Indian Orran. Spoken. Huron, Liverpool for NYork, Juuo I2,lat 12, I n 5J?it?>rt of provisions, was supplied. _ W snuoord, from ihe Clydi f r N Yors, no ilate, Sic. Athens, from NYork, July I, I at 18 Ion 18. , Tlmmis II Bi lit1 in, froin Ponce, PR. lor Baltimore, lat 21 15, Ion 68 58. Foreign Ports, Livi rpooi, In! 8?\rr Tarquin, NOrleans; George, Mobil . SlJ I hicoru, MiirVstoo. Arr off, Lady Rowcna, do 7ih?Arr Caai indts. NOrleans; Virginia, Mobile. Cld Co'umbos, NYor ; M Si Satin, Portsmouth, NH. Sid Walter, Philadelphia; St. ,hen Whitney. NYork. fitli?Arr Or onrs, NOrleans; Nonantum, do. ^ _ 5th?Arr Oiotimbo,; Mersey, Apalarhieola: Delia Walker, Matanaas. Ldg Sheridan, for N'W York. Cld Palmvra. do. Lo*uoi?, July 7?Ent out, Wellington, for New York. Cld ' Gladiator, do. 1 Cowr.i, July #?An Bashaw, New Orleans, and silled for Antwerp. MMMaMWVWMBMMHMMMMNIWMBMI* *4 HmielD*, Joly 7??? ? IVtrr Halirtck, NYork. Penzance, July >-rart of the bottom of a vessel, about to fret in leuitth, apparently of a atcamer, of American wood, ? with birch flooring ot about lb inches, pine 3 kelsous of 13 f I 19 iurhes, and fiiter.etl partly with iron and copper, WU1 washed t.hop- near here on the.Mtb ult. IIklvoet, June W? Arr NYork; July 2, Seaman, N OH ana. 11 a at at BO. jnly 3?Ait Grandee, N York. Tcril., July 2?Arr liarmonie, NYmk; Afties, Jo. AsTwtnr, Inly??Arr Neptune. NYorli II avitf, July 5?Arr St Leon, NOrleair; Panthea, do; North 11 Carolina, do: Chatham. Charleston; Cores, do: Fsxmoas, Analiehicol i; tth, Dochrsse il'Orlcana, N Ymk; 2d,Tnsi?.iii?, Mo- " bile. Sid Ch, Siliie tie Uraste, New York; Levant. Bo.ton; Grand Contle, Teas". Gl lui c. July 21?Art Robcil t Cieoi?r, Cadiz; Nestoi' Dublin; 22d. Henry Bli?t. NYork; Barlow, do; Sutfolk, Hull; Sovvreitru. Savaumh; Nicer, B udrstiz; 231. Liddl; Coil*- ( brook, Liverpool' Core, Hul'; Nei tune, NYork; Shclmali do: Sir Francis Rood Head. B iatol; Marion, Antwerp; Fred, ricli Y"uu*, Newcastle. Cld 22d. Carrir.ks.Whitehaven; Hit- j riet, Limerick; John White, do; lb.sgilli F dinouth; Harvey, Woolwich; Buadicea, Liverpool;Caunleu, l.oudou; Xeuophoit, . Newct'lle. ? Mort I*ir*L, July 22?A r Cestui. Ltierpool. Cld lo, do; t Feronia, O! riow; 2 Id, Urania,Cork. St Thomas, July M?lo port, M.tto, from NYork for Turka , I-land, on the 17th. to load (or NYork; Betsey A J .nr. from , Barbanoea, nue. juat trr; Midaa, froni B.ltimore, disit; Wi> dslock, fo to Trinida I for Porto Hi, o, aid aauie day; Osceola, fin | Drn ar-ra for Tuika Island, do; Cszen 'Ve, fioni B ob.idoea for t Tuiks Ialaiia. aid dav before; Port Lron, lor NYork, aid 2 or 3 days belbre; thhin Huod, hn Bath, dlsit. Mavautcz, July 13?iu port, Siduey, frmn Uuayania dim; Lvenryu, for NYotk, 3 days; Girard, from St Johna, PH. not l sold, unr. United State* I'orta. roBTbaaiD, July 22?Arr Thnnea, Tuika Island; Minima, N York. 23d?No arrival or clearance. S'twai ZTfUT, July 23?Arr Lucy Noith, riiiladt Ipliia; Acnes, NYo:tr; 21th. Mary, Baltimore. Boston, Jolt 26?Arr Compliance, NYoik. Cld Tieraout, Funer. Arr 2im, Eliza Matilda, Albany. New Behkoko, July 23? Ait Eliza Nicoll, Philadelphia; Out co, do; S.aekein. NYork. EooartowN, July 23?Arr ! Canad; New bero. a 8I?I 21th, Burner Cherry field. Providence, July 25?Cld Gaspee, Ht Petersburg. Bristol, July 25?Arr Volant, Albluy fur Pa is tucket; 25th, Sally, N York. Nr.we oRT, Julv 25?Arr Convert,Virgiui*. Hartford, Julv23?Arr Laura. NYoik; Favorite, do; Plie- v nix, Albany; V lit. it un srhr ironsides, Philadelphia. Cld , 2tlli, Two Brothers, Milfurd, L)rl; 25ih. Christiana, NYork. i PiiiLAOELrHiA, July 27?Ait John W Cater, St Thomas; Tririd Duffel, Palm, and Win Wilson, Boston; Palestine, New J York; Ivanhoe, Newboryport. Cld Red Rover, Montevideo; Powliallan, Greenwich; Mnu.tor, New Bedford; G-rman, Bontun; Cinderella, do; New Jersey, Albany; J Brick, NHasen; Planet, NYork. Air in tbe Schuylkill. Hudson^ Warren HI; ' Siuire ii Brother*, Boston; Surveyor, John Harding, and I' 1 ' Causev, New H iven; Augusta, Nantucket; Baud Ingham, do; Delaware, Portland; J T Hatlirhl, lla'tford; Ni< liolas Biddle, H Newbury; Vesta, John Clark. Win Penn, and V Barkalew, N , York; Brazilian, Southunnlon, NY. Baltixiorx, July 2)?Cld Princess, NYork. Alexandria, July 23?Arr Columbia, Boston; Lincoln, uo; ; Sabine, NYork. Richmond, July''3?Arr Olhia Brickie, NYork; Edwin. i Boatou. Arr>, Weymouth, NYork; Ann Klita, do. Sid " Leroy, do; Adrian, Boston. At City Point, Hannah Spragtie, , Baltimore; Jamea Caskie, Newburyport. Below, J.une* I Gray, from do. 1 Noreoi.k, July 2t?Arr Holly Bush, Thomastou. t Savannah, July 23?Arr Newark, NYork; Wanderer, do.? ? Below, a ship. ... I Mobile, Juli I'J?Cld Reform, New Yoik; Koaato, Boston; > Amazon, ilo; Mary Kimball Pciisneola. 1 New Orleans, July 17?Cld Orient, Alieuite via Cora una t : Elizabeth Frith, Cette and n mkt; Havre, Bordeaux: Prentire, , London; Actmon, Liverpool; Mary Pennell, Leghorn Arr i Shannon, Havre. r ' 1 1 1 1 ' F1KTY DOLLARS REWARD -Robbery ofthe Post Office.?Numbers of til- New York Herald, addressed to the ( undersigned, and of Other New York IWK rs directed to Judge 1 Morris, having been frequently stolen from the mail, and the Department bavins avowed its inability to detect tbe offender* or pre lent the offence, a reward of Kitty Dollars will lie paid for snclr information as will lead to tbe detection and punishment of the Postmaster by whose incapacity or crime the pa- 1 pers so directed are prevented from reaching their destination. KOBvRT H. MORRIS. Butternmi, Otsego county, N. Y.. July 22, 11H2. )v23 1 w?rc RNOLJSH MAIL NOTICE.?L iter bags for Liverpool, , lu-r royal mail steamer ACADIA, from B.wton.w ill chase at Harndeti's Express and Foreign Letter Office No. 3 Wall street, on Saturday, July 30th, at to 5 o'clock P. M. jy28 3t HARNDEN St CO. /T OAL?Peach Orchard, from the Diamond vein, tills day and I VV to-tnorrow, free of cartage, from the barge America, bro- i ken and screened, at $5iier ton, from the foot of Market slip, jyjs 21 *m i NURAVINOS. DRAWINGS, OIL PAINTINGS, Ike. 1 at Auction this afternoon, commencing at 5 o'clock. A LEVY will sell, at 151 Broadway, as ?bove, a large collection of Engravings, Drawings, Oil Paintings, framed and unframed, many of which are calculated fur patlor portfolios, with vari- | otti articles of faucy, kc. Sale positive, to close various concerns. _ jv23 lt*in TVAOST EXTRAORDINARY CURE.?D' any have bao < . * J doubts, tin- v may now dismiss them, and the most incrrdu- 1 Inns may consider deafness as curable. Numerous cases of , ... ...i ....... ,,r ,i..n, ...... ...... .,l ,i.t.. t... ,1.. ..... ?c i , " Scarpa's Oil,'1 have hern published, hu' this caps the climax. 1 t Young or old, you may vet recover your hearing. | A lady in Sniithfield, Pennsylvania, and now about J!0 years ; of age, had been gradually getting deaf for more than JO years, 1 so that it was next to impossitile to m<ke her hear couvera&lion ; ill the h'ldest tones of voire.' winter she was induced to ' t try " Scarpa's Oil for De :fness." It is only necessary to add, that she has used two bottles, and that her hearing is perfectly | > restored?she is cured. Any information in relation to the I case, may be obtained at the store of Dr. JAYNE, 20 South Third street, Philadelphia, at which place also the medicine is , for sale. Sold in New York by the agents, A B St D Sands, druggists, , 79 Fulton street, comer of G dd, and '00 Fulton stceet, w holesale and retail; also told by David Sands U (Jo. 77 Fast Broadway, comer of Market street; Abraham B Sands it Co, 273 Broadway, corner of Chambers street. | Price >2. jvl? Imr RHEUMATIC PERSONS.?It is now just four weeks J i J- since Dr. Henry's Vegetable Rheumatic Syrup was first t I offered to the public. V i'liiu that lime above thirty persous ;l have been i>eifectly cured of this heretofore discouraging dis- | i ease. Th# ingredients of which it u composed have never be- .j fore been used in medicine. They aie ei tirrly vegetable, and | perfectly harmless, improving and strengthi ning the system , generally. For tlieae farts we do not auk you to take our word t alone, but refer you to stronger proofs. Here they are. Copy anv sr all ol them, ami call upon the persons, aud you will want no stronger proofs. T hear are a lew only?others will he ; , given at the office. J Mr W.H.White, (li Sixth avenue; Mrs. , Coffey, 18th street, two doors from Sixth avenue; Mr, Law- , I rrnee,69 North Moore street; Mrs Murphy, 99 Cannon street; lr Mrs Byers, comer of Thiid avenue and Seventh street; Mr | | Birdsall, 203 Houston street; Mr Whi'Dey, 51 Whitehall st,ert; ? Mr. Briggs, 96 avenue D; Mr Walkingtou. 33)? Elm street; Mrs Strca ter, corner ?f Sev< nth stn et and Third a* eniic. To all avlmm it may concern?This certifies, that last spring I was taken with a violent rheumatism in all my limbs arm head, and so great was the pain thai I was unable to turn over 1 j in bed without htlp, and at one time the pain was so severe 1 9 that I did not sleep for nearly a week. I employed live or six physicians, who could nor relieve me in lli" least, when, hearing of Dr. Heury's Vegetable Rheum ilic Syrup, I seui fore ' bottle on Thursday, and on Saturdvv I walked nearly two miles. I kept steadily improving, and in two weeks I was per- 1 fectly cur. d, and arn now entirely free from the disease. HENRY MARSHALL, 127 Riviuglou street, < near Attorney street. 1 For sals at No. 286 Bowery, comer of Houston street?remember, 286. iM't !*? BEACON TROTTING COURSE. j I ^SfJ| I p REAT STAKE FOR >2,000.?Monday, August 1st, at I J "-T o'clock P. M. s D. Biyaut namesgr. m. Lady Suffolk Win. Wheelau names by. g. Confidence II. Woodruff names by . g. Ripton ?for a purse of $V)fl, w ith an inside stake of $500 each, half \ 1 forfeit. $200 to go to the second best liorss, three miles and re- i peat, in Harness. jy2B ll*r < RED HOUSE TROTTING COURSE. , I't KSk, best three in hvr. mile heats, will cotnr d!T tJpOU thi* <Uv at l.hj P. M. Entries 1 II. Woodruff enters t>. h. Ooo.-^e Washington 1 II. Join ? enters b. m. Little Western Ynk. Sullivan enter* li. h. Sw.artwout A. Conblin enters g. m. Ladv Clinton. jy'id 11 r ' NOTICE TO TEETOTALLERS ?Oentlemcn t We upplead the noble mine in which you ere engaged, anil the j correct principle* which you uphold. Cold water, taken inwarilh, is a certfcin remedy for thirat, and |>osseeses amonic a | host of others, this one decided advantage over brsndy?it doei not create a new thirst, after illsying the old. Oeullemen, we wish to dir.-. t your attention now to warm water, applied out- , wardly?not fre?h water, either?aalt, ? dt as the hrinv ocean. Yon will find inch an appliance a? gte?t a lusury as your cold ' at beverage on the warmest day, and it will rid you of as ma- ' nv physical ills as the teetotal rdedge mse liaee done of moral oner Try it ai R A dl \ E\LT'S, foot of Deahroases street, in the shape of a llot Bath. iv27 lw*e T'f) C VPITALI'iTS.?Partner wanted, active or silent, in a I highly respectable manufacturing business, of good profit ] : and increasing demano. in the city of New York. To a party 1 haviu-.' from ten to twenty thousand dollars, a safe investment h ; and large income can be guaranteed. References of the first * chn,ncter will be given. For further particulars apply to I W. A. WOODWARi). Negotiator, j jy 27 Ur 1!) William street. LOST?A leather Wallet marked R H 3 on the outside. It J con'ained f ur $? bills on the Merchants' B'lik. Boston; five $50 bills on the Shoe and Leather Dealers' Bank. II wton. 4 ! besides three notes, to the amount of eight hundred c i d slsty-four and ua lflO dollars. Please leave it at this office J1 and the finder shall b' liberally rewarded. jv27 3t*rc ' I 1VJ ?,V by 'J. B. WAK8TELL, J I jy273t*rc 78 Hnd.on itreet. y rT,0 CAPITALISTS.?W?nte3, ? prrmu hoeing ?t hi? com- (| ! 1 mind * i ?ih capital of $10,000 to $12,(KM), to embark i? a | perfectly tafe caili buiinrM Out will yield a net profit of iO to , I" i 7#i<rr cent per annum. To one having the above amount at J hia command, .1 more dcairable opportunity for a ?afe and good . investment c innot offer. Commmiicationa addreised to 8. T. i P. left at thf lower Post Office, will meet with attention and be lie Id atiirtly confidential. jy'Tti In i?n rpo HLC SHAVING GENTLEMEN, poaaaath* a J i ?trnng b' .inl and tender fare, the Metalic Tablet and Strop ,{ of G. Aanndcra ii the only artiele now in oae that will obviate 0 their difftcnltirn. A moat convincing proof of their utility ia, n that ihe firrt riiilera in London, via: Cnlman, 4 lliy.n irln I; ? Milikin, I'll Strand; Low rock, 3d Oomhill; Tbonihull, 114 New Bond atrvet, hive them for aalr, and recommend them f, with I lie n?e of tUeir i wn rntlrry. j>21 lm*r O. SaUNDERS, 161 Broadway GENTLEMEN and ladiea riding out of town will find a 1 pleaaant itopping place in Flat Biuh, L. I., about half I way to Bith and Coney lalanil, at the [(e Cream entahlishment, k oppoaite tin beautiful park "f M. I 'lark.on. K.?<|. ji tit tm*r o POKTfjTiUESli FKMALfc PILLiS. THEBR far-famed and celebrated PiMf. from Portug*l, wre, J JL we |?crceivc, to be obtained in thin ennnfrv. Pee toVertisem? nt o the 1 nr? ?f 1 ml i? j I\H. fAMKP \l K v \ N DKK HOI - I ON has n mors I i-' his Coxsui.Tiito Office, to No. 3 Herai.D Biii.imwo r< corner of NaMan ind Fulton streets. je? 1m ins c It M HOUSTON,' M. D. DENTIST?II?? removed to 143 'y -a e Broadway, between Park rlace and Murray street. ^ jefftend lm*r ... FT)H f >R7~FK U CI1TTV~ANO K K1 * C.rotund < nsroirst >1 Whale Oil S<mp, infallible Poison for Bcdburs, Moths, HAtt. Cockroaches, Kliea. Ants. Mosc, for bis Fly Paper, and 1 for f.ia numerous chemical preparations, see last pa?;e. * iv7 Imis^e __ " MO?9-?b.,o'Hitk.W^17^j(C - 0 jy IS e i* South itrett. _A I iCT! () N_SA L E S. DV THOMAS BK.LL ' SUnrri A'uj 22 ?-?un anil 115 }\lton tlrtel.t W K.UN tSUAY, A' 1?H o'clock in the mom. r nriuiurr. be.?Au uiortmeui of utw mil stfouii liainl lurilturu, con.l.U.ig of c>n*u. looking tlutn, cliaua. astruJ iui|*, | Uin ?ii'i di casing liuiesui, sol's, bedatesfla, faalhcr ?<l<, mslraascs, be. AI..O, the cmiit handsome furniture of a family giving uj amsekeeiing. Also, a splendid piano frrtr, i! elegant eiaapy be.Lt. adv. be. AUo, 10 aeu splendid Sheffield '?hle cutlery, 11 piocn. kill DAY. A' o'clock, in the sales room. Sale of Ui> goods, clothing, fancy good., pledged ;rti:!e?, UtleVV. Sir Ai_ 1IX o'clock precisely, in the Ful'on at >1010, Piano Fortes, Paiutiuga, be.?Sspl ndiil second hand am' u- tv imo fortea; a u'iuiIki ii' e'.oi : i siniinya, Works of a,t be. HAT I'HD AY. Sale of valuable furniture of all descriptions, at private sale, 1 it auction prtc-.a, to commence at ill "'clock, and continue all | lac, 1111' e auction looini. Kumiiurc Hili ?-At 1 x o'clock. Milt baaod. t|,e rnl'r' fornturc eonboaeil in ihi house 12 M<>rton?l. not lar ft in Hud011. The kitchen utensils arc serlh ut. tin bed room, p.r'' 1 ud drawing room furniture of the be t deerriiit.nn. and all ia lie beat oroir. It ia of importance that evciv article be remoid the day of tale. TUESDAY, At I0X o'clock, in the talea pynnv. Large sale of seasonable dry gooila, clothing. hardware, ruler". fancy ami pledged articles, jewelry, watchea, guua, be, Alao, aegars, wines, liquors, groceiira, be. Alao, 20,000 prime severs. BY RIE f, L h AIU ULAjUUS, FKlf>AY. At 10X o'clock at the auction room. Engravings, be.?Can be entnined on Thursday. SATUKDAY, At 10X o'clock, at the sales room. l l.".?,o T.i.?,i:.i ?I .......1? var\ in every variety, with pianos of the he-t manufacture. FY~THOMA9 ELDER, k CO., Store No. 85 Maiden Lane. SATURDAY. 30th, At lo){ o'clock, at th* Auction Room. Large Sale of (irocrriek-?CoiuittiUK of ?UKar?, lea-*, coffee, vines, brandy, coidials, iin|K>rted segttr*, Hlc. iu lots to suit >urchasera? Sale p leinptory. _____ Jus w: IIAVK NsC Auctioneer. OV THOMAS ELDER* CO.?Store 85 Maiden lan.?On " Saturday, iKJlli instant, at 10S o'clock, at No. 2 Avenue A, nnitr of lloiiitwi itrrrt, the rutin, atock and Fixtures of a Jiocrry Store, comprising green ami black Tea,: loaf, crushd, white and brown Havaui Sugars; New Orleans do: Sit natra. Laguay ra. Java, and St. Domingo Coffee; Spermatid vlould Candles; White and Brown Soap; Castile and Varierated do; Cocoa, Mu'lard, Raisins, Figa. Spices, Sus-arhmtsr ilolassr., Tamarinds, Klour, Oil Cans, Hucrm Oil, Scales and iVi iglits, Coffee Mill, a c oil grocer's Wagon and Harness; Havana S.gars, Brandy, Wines, tic. jy 28r .V*') ^ EXCURSION DAY AND NIOHT TO ^jr^rTHK FISHI NO HANKS. The (a.t and T steamer I'TIC Y, ('apt. J. Hancos, till make an excursion as above on Monday, August I. The Jiica on this trip witl remain on the II inks all night, and until 2 oVIock next day, unless the weather alrouMbe rough ; in hat case xhe will anchor itialde, and give those who inav wish in opportunity to land at Coney Island. ThU will be a delightul excunion, and a successful one at catching fish, as the boat will be oil the ground at t' e right time, sir : day break. Tiei'lica can accommodate 250 pssseiigers srilh berths, and h is alio private state rooms for families. A band of mil.ic will be m board, that those who wi-h inny enjoy themaelvis hy fortnng a cotillion jiarty. Captain I'cacock will be on boaol, and imum the passengers by cat' hlng porpoises As the numberof ickets is limited, early application Is nscesairy for berths. Apply on board, or at the "(fir. fool of Court land I s' reel. She nail leave as follows Foot of II immnnd street, 8\; Canal, Pike,'J; Pier No. I. at 9^ o'clock. Fare, 50 c. nts .acli tray. Refeshments on board. i\2Rttr .^ses~?ji CHEAP AND PLEASANT F.XCUR djle Jp S10N to Statcn Island, the L> wrr Rav, and t"" Hamilton.?The ateaa boat WAV!', will m and after July 19th, recommence her excursion trips to the i Lower Bay, uud running between New York and Stated Island as follows :?Leave New York, from the end of pier No. 1 North River, at 10 o'clock A M, 2, < and half-past6 P- M. Leave St.ilen Island at 8 o'clock, A M, I, 3 end 6 r M. Fare each way 6rents. Oil the I o'clock trip the Wave will make her pleasant excursion to the Lower Bay, a healthy excursion during the summer months. Fare for the excursion twelve aud , h iTeuMs Toe Wase being furnished with new boilers, lias proved lierself to be very fast, and is commanded by an old and esjielicnced captain, and has no connection with the Marine Ho.pilal patients <>r baggage, so tlist passengers may re'y in being in no danger of infectious diseases from iinareutin- establishments. N. B.?Th" Wave will land at Fort Hamilton even* afterroot?. Fare 25 cents. jv27 3i"nr saSI EXCURSION TO THE FISHING ?T-?BANKS, on Thursday, July 28th, by parlicu*Y* ' il'j i " 1 - re.jur >t?The new and s-bstan ial steamer UU 1'llAL SAFETY, Cant T J Davis, will make a trip to he Fishing Banks, off far Roekawav, leaving Dry Dork, at 8 /clock A M .touching at the foot of Market at. at half-past 8 .'clock, foot ol Canal street, N R, at 9 o'clock, and foot of MarItetfu Id street, at half-past 9 o'clock?proceeding to the Fishing (Jaok, and remain there from 3 to 4 hours. Fare for the whole excursion?Fifty Cents. A person will be in attendance with lilies, fcc. Bait furnished ill, grans. P. S.?'Till- passengers on the last tii|> to the Banks in this trial raughi Iriun 3i)(iii t.i toon full. jy27 2t*r l*'QH ALBANY, TROY and interineCL Pf*.? a*?mrilialf places.?The splendid low pressure V r steamboat SWALLOW, Captain A. M'Lean, will leave the foot of Courflandt at. tins (Tuesday) afternoon, July 2Cth, at 7 o'clock, and Friday, 2'itli. at 5 o'clock. 1 he above is a substantial boats, fitted U|> with elegant State Kooms. and for accommodation is unrivalled on the Hudsan. iy?i sael HEALTHY EXCLUSION TO THE FlsHINO BANKS OFF SANDY HOOK 3?The fait and substa.tial steamer UTICA, Japlain J. W. Hancox, will commence making daily exeurions to the above place, on Monday, July 25th, and continue o run every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, nil leave as fallows :?Font of Hammond street at a quarter iast 8 o'clock?Canal street at half |iist 8?Pike street, ?. K., at ? Pier No. 1 N. K., at half past ?l. A Band of Music is enlaced. Dinner and all kinds of refreshments will lie furnished >ti Umrd. On the return the Utica will remain at Fort Hamilon hall an hour. Fare 25 cents each way. The UTICA will make an Afternoon Excursion around dtalen Island on Sunday, Julv 2-lth, and cominue e. cry Tues11v, Friday, and Sundiy, and leave as follows Fo >t of II ininonil street at l?? o'clock?C nal street at 2?P>ke street, E.H. >l half |>ast 2?Pier No. 1, at 2% o'clock, P. M., and arrive): [he city at 7 o'clock. Fare 25 cents each way. jy25 2tn r ?/?$ BLACK BALL. OR OLD LINK OF LIVEROT'Wfy.POOL PACKt'.TS?B-iug the only regular liu", svM^Mm>ii:iu?' on the 1st of Alien f?The splendid wel' known \erx fast sailing Pa ket Ship EUROPE. Capt. Edw'u Marshall, wiil sail imsitively on Monday next, the 1st ol August, her regular day. Ilir accommodations of this Line for Cabin, second cabin ind Steerage passengers, are well known to be supoior to my other. P rtiea proceeding will find it to their comfort to isTrct this convey aucc. The terms of passageare very low, for which apply on board, ROCHE, BROTHERS fcCO. 35 Fulton st. i''8 Next door to the Fulton Bank. OLD LINE FOfc LTVER POL?First" Regular afWVPacket Sh.p EUROPE. Ca|>t. E. G. Marcholl, will yyKlfjbsbr detpatch-d as above, her regular day. J lie accoinno,l ,ti,.us for cabin, second cabin and steerage pa.singers, by be Old, or Black Ball Line, are nnsprpasseil. For passage, fbich w ill be at the lowest rates, apply to JOHN HKRDMAN, 61 South st. N. B.?Passage from Great Britain and Ireland, via LiveriooI, can as usnal he secured by any of the line of packets and Irsfts furnished for any amciun', payable throughout the Unit 1 Kingdom, by applying as above. jj 28 FOR LIVERPOOL, the first class British Barque afjMPk. COUNTESS OF ARIIAN. Captain O'Bryen, Vstasjjtsf only two years old, 350 tons burthen, will be deslaiebed for the above |?irt on Friday. 5th August. For freight or iwssajte, having comforfc-ble accommodations n Cabin, Oeconil Cabin and Steerage, all of which w ill lie ak n at the lowest rates, apply to the Captain on board the hip al pier 12 E. R., or to _jy27jr JOHN HERD-MAN, 61 South atreet UNITED LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS IC-JrT^?packet of th? 1st of Aurnsi?The su|ierb fast sailpjEMKa'ng Packet Ship ADIRONDACK, 1100 toils burthen, lapt. HackstnfT, will sail positively as above, her regular diy. The accommodations of this ship for cabin, second cabin and teerage passengers cannot be surpassed. Her between deckire very sjiacious, and titled np with every convenience, and with slri"t attention to the comfort of second cabin aud steer>ge passengers, and persons about to embark lor the above yort, wishing to combine comfort with economy, should lose jo time in selecting berth in this splendid ship, as the price i f ia**age is uniisualfy hw?for terms of which, apply on board, st Burling slip, west side, or to aV. k J. T. TAPSCOTT. i3 Perk Sin), cor. South atreet. Persons wisiimtf 'o send for the r friends c*n hive them knmiht nut In thi< slop. or ;?ny nl the regular line, OD laroraile terms. jy26 &ES- FOR NEW ORLEANS?Louisiana and New MHMfV. V?rk Line.?Positively first Regular Picket?The fiat fi?M)Ev><iiIiug parkrt shin OASTON Cant Oliver EldriJgc, s now loading it Orleans wharf foot of Wall st. For freight or passage,having handsome furoitheil accommolations, apply on bosra, at Orleans wharf, foot ol Wall street, E. K. COLLINS 8t CO V. South st. Ureal care will he taken to have the Roods try this line corrctly measured. Agents in New Orleans, Hullen Si Woodruff, who will tromptly forward all goods to their address. jy96 r XSXr F<?U MAKSr'.ILl.KS-l'.irk. t ,.t i.t Angus'?'Th. rfVlHfV. very superior liriit ISAAC MEAD, ('apt. D. StudVMlifita lev- H i-i very superior furnished aeeomniodatious or iiatsriigrrt, and equal in all res|iectsto thuae of the oihrr European packets from hence. For freight or passage apply to BOYD St H1NCKEN, Agents, 9 Tontine Building*. fi-Svt f'1R N r.w ORLEANS?With quick desrmtchStFSVT"' legant well kuowu packetahi|> QUEEN VI*'MmKbTOHIA, Captain Shilli t. will sail as above Sin ias superior accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerge p sscnRers. which will he taken at the lowest rttesjf psr y application it ma le on bo'rd ihe ship, at pi r II E. ft. or to jv2( JOHN HEROMAN. 61 South st. ~for sale, Freight, or charter?The inf?JrV "! "rior, fast saillluf. coppered, and copper fattened yi&Afashii C'H\RLES CARROLL, hurthen ner icgistcr, 12 tout, built in l?2# by Messrs. Bergh it Co. of live oak. lo u it, and cedar for a Havre iiack'I. She it in prime order, aud nay lie sent to tea at a trifling expeme. For terms apply to 'aptviu Lee on board at Rec'or ?tr*et wlvrf, Oi to jy21 BOYD k UINCREN, 9 Tontiur Building'. DACSTIjT Ship Si'ldnns from I. i,,i I ?( sn< t>ii? ' ship will pie ?se send their permits on board at Orleans rbtirf, foot of Will street. All goods not permitted in five avs will he tent to ptthl c store. J it I c 21. Ut2. __ _ iv29* [JACKET SHIP SIDDOSs, from Lirrrp^.-Cwui.rrt ^ by tbi? iMd will please fend iheir i>ermiu on bo*rd Orcan* w< arf, loot of Wall street, without delay. All goods otpermitted i? five days will br sent t"> tli" public ?t<>rjvW> a TO IsKfl)ri~LTTAHK? K higcr unin-'di ll<?u?c with on# or the hsndsomcsc (iirdciis on the island, and about five acres of laud, well caltiiiat* d for a p ivatc reulcnce or a hotel, b ing silii it *d on he Sub av. nue, <li,? ctly ppositr tht large reservoir, between Aid ami PHh ptrrMs.comlanding a very eiti ntive view of Long Island Sound and the diacent country. N. B.?None need apply unless they can five the licit of re* ?r?nce and first ra'e security, tnqiurc of WM. K. NEWTON, 20 Chamber* street, I i ill*' I'^vl TT lit JEARSALI.'S OAR ESTABLISHMENT, for mini n I93t, at 1u2 Water street, five doors above Catharine mm et 'he only establishment of the kind in the United Statu, inlinurs to supply the Navy, the American, Russian, and pauish war steamers?has supplied all the race hosts and club isti for the Isst fonr years?and has now the largest assortm?m f ours. *vs cc|>s, snd senlls ever collected in one place N. B ?The Braneh Oar Store on the North River side, it lut up, and removed to 402 Wait r street; end as I save all the toen-es nl one store, I will sell enough cheaper to those who line from the North River side to pay them for their trouble are boats, club boats, oar* and trull* told W tier rent lest ISO Istt l eaf. ^ O I I( E ? Office ol tli- N w Ymk end A ail rot It Company, No.2 Paik Pltc* ? ' he "rci nd nirwetor, I 'lie N- w Vo<It and Alhnny Railroad C.oOii ?nv will bren round on the line of their rovd, in Dnteh"?t rounrv 0?, th" I of August next, n"ir Quaker l|ill,iu the tosrn of Pawling*. ' the snutce of the Croton river; in Rensselaer county on the h of August, near the city of Trov; aud in WisPhcter inntynntbe fi'S of Angus', iu the town of Newcastle, on le land of David Moger. By ottler, _ jy272tr JOS. I. BLOOMFIfcLD, Secret***. AMBtfEMENTH. m hep's oarpeii. Kxtrnorrilnary K?ve* Family, li/ ntvcJ Night!ft Ufith Shout l of laughter and AftiV/i ya - in thrir twiug arLKNPIU COMIC I'ANTO^MES, lie. THI9 EVENING. Julyp/lh. the perforruaucea will r >n> metier at 8 o'clock. Willi A GRAND OVERTURE. To be follow ed by FEATS ON THE TIGHT ROPE. Bribe Ravel Fan'ly After which, a French Vaudeville, oiled HOHTENHE. After which Mim Well* will dance the < .racovieiiu' Quarter of an lioura iuleriuiaaion will ba allowed lor Kefreah mi nt? ill the Orvud S-ilnnn. A GRAND OVERTURE. A tier wbiah I'Hfc MILLINERS. VaiDl.h, V. Jiii. D intrigue I M'lle arniah, EUout.tT.llr Other characters by the Uavcla, tu. To conclude with THE PROMENADE Ml RlrALE. /"* 1 he |> epnrioi oiiTxtlull v i .forma the public, lr.t/ id coiupluuit with the IIIilin ?t miner u? f laitora, ihia mncti ?en.ued part ol iheeutertiiumruts, will be giren arter the p? rlonnamea iu'he Haloou n* over. Acting \laiiaaer, Mr. ChipiM-uilale. -vliiMcttl Leader and Director, Mr E Wool? 11 keBi?40 centa Doore open at acveu o'clock. Entertain uianta to oommence at eight. chatham thicatiik. THIS L\ ENINU, w'll h? nrrforinuil thu tragedy of JULIUS CESAR. Marc Antony, Mr J It Scott I Laaaint, Mr Knb? Julius Cerai, Pioctnr I HrulUt, lllrld Dctat ina Ceaar, Thorns I Portia, Mia Blake To Conclude with ' HE VAGRANT Pierre Millard, Mr Kirov I Thereat, Mi? liield Clrrnrnt, Hall | Margaretta, Judab Doore will open lnlutnrv at 7 o'clock, and the curtain will rite at a quartet before 8 o'clock punctually. ?n ?* " :? - Wl \ll,VU GARDEN. BENF.HT OK MK. J. 8. BROWNE. TO-NIGHT. July 23>Ik, will caittniiiic4 whb alMHHON \ ' o. In which Mi J N Browur, Mr C liowaril. Mil G Jont.. Mi?. Kin- Horn, nut Mii? Ayri i will ?pp?*r To doni-loilr wilh NABOB KOR AN HOUR. Ill Mr .1 H Browne. Mr Giih.ui, and Mm? A vren .ppMi Alar wbi ti A GRAND BAM.. Ticket* 2.'i cent*. iy2fi lt"i AAlKltiCAN MtMKl'N ANU UAKDKNa. ' pORNER OK BROADWAY AND ANN STREET, opposite St. Paul's Church. P. T. BARNUM, MANAGER. INCREASED NOVELTIES!! Mr. Wiucht ll, the unrivalled comic drollomt. Whitlock and Diamond iu their Banjo Extravaganzas. The wonderful Gipsey Girl can l>e privately consulted thiou.hovi the day, without extra charge. The Model of the City of Dublin. Old and Young Nick, in which Sir. Winehell sustains six chancier*. A splendid Drop Curtain, representing " Byron* 1 Dream." painted by Mr. Oscar K. Almy, a uative artist. Ex l?crim?ntN in Animal Magnetism ; Miss Rosal r, the popular vocalist; the Albino Lady ; Fancy Gla*s Blowing, and Grand Cnsiuoraina ! B illoon Ascension* every night ai ten o'clock. Day performances Wedi.esd?v and Huuruay aOeincous ai o'clock. Day visiters admitted free in the v\filing. Admission lo the whole Museum, Garden and wLutertaium* i'ts 2.') cenu?Ofcildn nhvif price. jyBr f Piikl n'lW HOCliKS j'Lh THEATRE is iiow open lor A the sumim r season, ladit * md gentlemen of established professional reputation, who d? sign visiting Buffalo or Montreal nnd w?sh to take Rochester in their w?y, will please address the subscriber. EDWIN DEAN. Rochester, July 1, 1842. j>6 Iiu ins*r umm ~ SEA MONSTER ; SEA DEVIL rPHE GREATEST NATUR.vL CURIOSITY IN v AMERICA ?The proprietor of lliii iminetMe iperime. heRr 'e?ve lo nuiiounre to the public. h? In. for Elhibi lion, ?t the Bowny Aiiiplutliciie, trie Sea Devil, which wee raptured on ihe Tlilh Apiil, 1842, in the H.rlor of t linr.titoii, B.C., after a ileiperate stiuititlu with 2tj in. n in 7 Boat*. The proprietoi of this moil: t.-r feels co. fid'lit that the lorera of the curious and ti>e scirliiilif will be highly gratified in viewing tliis mam llou* proiluctiou oI the might}' deep A Calf, which wai !?orn afier her capture, will lino he eaj hihitrd. They may be visiia'd b} both trie., a.thi y are not at all ullVuaive, and every .Hurt will t-u made lo rt titlcr the r> hihituni agie. ?hle and satisfactory j 17 lm?c A CHANGE OK AIK AND OK SCENE ? mn. only essential to health, but a great source of enjoyment in the Summer season to the residents of a crowded city. Fur this, nothing can compare with a JAUNT TO HOBOKEN, to thoae who can leave New York only for a few hours. Its shady and diversified walks along the river?the iovigoratiug breezes frost the water? the picturesque beauty of its scenery ?the many fine ?nd commanding flews presented fit>m the summit of Cattle Point, and other points its these enchanting grounds?the romantic site of the Sybil's C?ive?the delighUvfi verdure of the Elysiao Fields, e 11% t tied in the alternonnb} an excellent band of music, all conspire to render this by tar the most favorite place of Summer resort. Access is rendered easy bv the Barclay, Onal, and Christopher street F? rr> BoaCfc, vvnich ply constantly during the day <nd evening. jy!5 2w#r PyAGUEHRKOTiPE APPARATUS AND INSTRUG U TION. in the most appfOverTprocess. for making splendid portraits and views, by K. A. ARTAULT CO. 168)$ Fulton strett, w ho have iriaue arrangements to open a class lor the reception of pupils, to commence ou Monday, July, 11th. The class w ill be opeu for two hours each day, from eight o'clock A. M. to ten o'clock A. M. and the pupil* may conn nue in the cbn until perfectly satisfii d. Terms?%4'j m advance. F. A. ARTAULT 8c Co. have just received by the packet Rhone, from Paril. 1 .flOfl v?*rv iin*?rinr I'IrIpu _ also 24 imr-rov ed Daguerreotype nip.inttn.ri, as well *-* an ertemivr supply of tin- ben ( hrmicals manufactured in f'arin. j>9 lui*r T IKKNK8SK8 BY THFTDAGUERREOTYPF. PROJ-' CESS art* taken at the room*, corner Broadway and John street,baiuperfor>If. wtthaHike modatrn unprm?mi nts, without any regard to the weather, the result being alw ays the same. Instructions in the above beautiful art given, rnd aj paratus furnished at a mo?lerate price. N. B.?All the apparatus used in the business may be obtained at the above place; also, every description of miniaturt eases, lenses, plates, 8tc Specimens may be seen at the r??oiiui t any time during the day. jyl lm* Vjlss COW.A N respectfully informs the ladies of Ne w Vork ^ and its vicinity, that she continues giving les oua ou the Piano Forte, Harp, Guitar and id Siugiug, and w ill be happy to receive her pupils at No. 86 White, or at teud the rt *i>eetive houses ol those ladies who j?refer receivlug lessons at thair own resilience. Harp and Piano Fortes for tale and on hire, A )i very splendid Piano Forte for vale ieS# lm*r npO AMATEURS UF THE h LUTE.-Mr. b A KT()N", A pupil of the late celebrated FUiitist, Charles Nicholson, having recently arrived from Europe.,!* g* to inform the public that it is his intention i<? devote a portion of his time iu ylviiir instruction on the Flute, according to Lhe system of the above celebrated master. Forterrrs, apply at 77 Chambers-street, Brordway, from the hours of 8 fill 2. jeM lmeod*rc MUSIC. Mh. CHAKLKN HEPS respectAilly announces to the ams teurs of Music, that he continues to give instructions upon the Piano Forte. Guitar, Violin, and Flute, either at his residence, No. 17 Broadway, or if preferred, at the residence of Ids pupils. jy26 6t# r HARPS. r\OL'BLb ACTION II ARBS.?Amalcuri and profriaon ol I' llm delightful imtrurncnt ate invited to rivmiiie the Terr beautiful specimen! on view at 38J Broadway, dccilr<ily one of tiie nio.t elegant and tin- toned initio menu ever publi.hej. f. K. BROWN & CO. L<>udon and New York. Hirjii repiired, cachinged and for Iiire; Siring., Hw.?OlBe.r LluinIn i.i street. jy28 ill- r "guns and pistolsT" 03- EXCLUSIVELY.^ BJOSEPIL I, Maiden lane, up .tiiri, importing agent for the tale of Enulish, Oerman and French double and ?ingl< barrel Fowling and Ducking fttirw, frotn the lowe-r to the tin eat qnalitiei ; riitols of every description, l"r tbii and otber inaiketi, embracing one hundred different kiudi. all of which be ia now prepared to offei at the manulactuie.'i prices, being ppointed agent for the largeat hou?e? in that line in Enr?|>e, which enable* him to sell at eatromely low prices. A large aiaorted ?tnrlt of the above always on hand. City and country merchants see particularly reqnested t" call, pre*ious to making their purchases. jy27 3m-i A RARE CHA.NC ; C'OR A PHYSICIAN or an Apothecary. is offered, ii iuiF mediate application be made for it?The *lo? k of genuine Drugs and Chemicals, Fancy Articles, Perfumery and fixture* of a Retail Drug Store will he sold the first opportunity, i believe the location to be an rscellcnt one for the retail drug business, or for a physician, The reason that the proprietor hau for offering to sell out, is that he being ahout to embark into the wholesale drug hii Jness, therefore if any person should st present wish to commence th?* retail drug business, will nrd this a very desirable stand. Please to address A M Herald office, stating w lie re an interview can be had. )y2< If r FRANCIS (i. BOYLE, IT A I R C ITT T h 11 AND WIG MAKER. 7** ciiuthniii-Htreet, DESPCCTFULLY infoims friends an-< hair cutting rne Av totneri in particular, that he ha? >eturned to U?e citv. and ijmlngisos for the di apnoiutvr rnt hi* absence has occasioned. Can hp found on hand daily from 6 A M.t ? 10 P. M. 'J h- vrt* cent Pariti *n style of hair cutfmr, and all ether styles, for ItH srnts per cot jy2fl 2t*r "DOOMS.?A mite of Rooms, mi tl.e second floor, with pan* AV fries attached, can he obtlined *?ith hoard; also, Mac la rooms to let. Transient persons can be accommodated. Apply at It Dev street. Re ference required. ivEfi lw?c ROBBERIES PREVENTED atuiflins -ipctwc.?The nuAv merous burglaries committed in this ci'y of lata shoald warn housekeepers and others to secure their nl %te,jewelry and other valuables as much as possible avainst thieves. The sub sc.ribnr has <> hand an assortment of second-hand Iron Cheats and Boxes, with rood and .substantia! locks, which c unot be easily forced or picked, which he will sell at less than one half their original rmt, h<vintr re-eived them at their real faltie in pavmevx for Wilder'* Patent Salamander Safes, which are now jpiicially adm tied to b?* the only Safes which can successfully resist intense heat. t'rtr WilihtN Safe, or chean soc.ond-Kand tmn CheiU, itvjuirc it the Salamander &af? and frou f"h-at Store of 8. C. HERR1NO, ;> ?Jlwr _ No. IW Water at. WOTIt E TO M A RS M A 1.8.?The SUnhaji of the ttty of * ' New York are directed to hanil in the warrant! held by them,on or b'-fo-e the ?th iua'ant, in order that the Mayor may make out hi? appointment* for the yetf. All Mar luila neglecting to do ?o, will be considered aa barmy resigned their commissions. By onler o| the Mavor. , JANTE8 H. WARD, Kirat Marahal. Mayor's Offirt, New > ork, July 22, 1HI2. |y?1 |wr pOUl'ORA'I ION NOTlCE?PubDt Notice ta hereby giv-y reiy, that a aale ol | roiwrly for unpaid laiea will lake place ?' PoMlC Auetion, al!*?e City Hall of llir Oily ofN'ew Y?ik. on Wediiead-iy, th. 28t i pay ol September neit, at 12 o'clock, noon, ami he continued . m day to a .y until the whole of said property shall be sold, an I that the detailrJ < of toe taiea, and ptopertv lobe t 11 i .i? published in the New Era, a newspaper printe d and m'i ' lien ill the city of New York. ALV > D A. SMITH. Comptroller. Comptroller1! Office, MayIM2. je2J lawiSepiM c DRE MIITVl S "11F.DUCED -The North American Fire lie a rnranee Company have reduced their rates of insurance on all arorea dwellings, and merehandire contained iheiein. Office No. 11) Wall ifr. et, opposite the Merchant"' r.schange, New Yoik, July ?l?t, Kit?. _ , . ROBERT AINSLEF, Prcndent JOHN MtBRAIR, Secretary. jim2wr _ M"~1C.MEM MINOF.R, ton 11 ih/'tYnrtembkrrer Regiments quarlier MeiaterOonfricI Memmingcr will pleat, to aire notice of hit residence, a? 11 * "j!",onJ ?. ;* "*'*'}}' "'.'.t particular desire to know if. 11 direct hn letter to Bot9S6 Branch Post Offirc, New ^ ork IV? ? rod'e _ f ADIVI NlTTlSKl?The widow of an eminent phvaicinn IJ Olf. re eer acnccs to the Ladies ) thin eity. heme fully eg aeimted hi 1 nt e?periencc, Tcstimt tdalafVom the 6n?t pby. pian^ end refrw-neea Cieen. Applri t?e Oreeiiwich Itreet 1*11 ?mri?? r_ Ti | | Jrf4W;HE^ ! Id?-CCU?0J?A smallquantity of frcth m-ftlJ thr Jtfrfrfish of targt in<5 midline jar ?? rf\rf"\prr brig R/>b?rt k Lioisii, from Hambiif. A>r ?aia iu ,ny r(na?iii, hy ^ ^ WITTE UlW-lliam at. N. B.?A)?<>iher lot dtU? ipictvd ?r Bttyham, Car t Flor, from Himtmnr * i

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