Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 29, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 29, 1842 Page 1
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THJ Vol. VIII.?No. H07 Whole ? . 3t'5?. ^WATERING PLACES. &0. SHARON SPRINGS. j '"THE PA VILLION.?This new commodious Hotel will he 1 open for the reception of visitors on and i?? the first of dune ur x t, at the Village of Sharon Springs, Schoharie County, i N-* York. I Tlx dear pure water of the eprinfs.STcatly resembling i tho.e of the white mlphur springs of V ugima, have b*CJ> proved to be highly efficacious in Rheumatic, ( utaneous, Billions awl Dysnriiuc complaint*; and in the cure ot Erysipelas, 8a It rheum, Scroliila, Lner Complaint, and general de In Illy, and in many ether respects, posse.. (as certified by nine ol (he ino.t eminent mrJitlf professors in tne United State.) medicinal and healing properties unsurpassed, aud believed to be uneipiallrd by any in this country. Added to throe, the ride, in the vicinity, nnmeroui villages, cxtenaive riewa, neighboring cave a and romantic scenery are among the many attractiona ofiered to these seeking in the boat i of summer,either health or pleasure. The.e spring! are but a few hours ride frm.l Sarotogs, Troy, Albany, hie., and are accessible from Canajoharir on tin. Albaui and Utica railroad, where carriages daily await the arrival of the morning cars from Schenectady aud Utica. to carry visitor. In the Springs, a distance of about eight miles, arriving in time for dinner; also by the Albany and Cherry Valley turnpike by daily stages, being about forty-five miles west of the city of Albany. Warm, cold and shower Baths furnished at all times, either of J, - mineral or fresh water, and every attention given to ren- ; d?r the stav of visitors agreeable. An nuuu'Unce of the piuest mountain spring Ice is stored for the ieusou. G. W. B. OKDNEY. Tilt SPRINGS HOTEL.?This Hotel will be ojiened at the above village of Sharon Springs, for the reception ol visitors, aud combining all the advantages of this delightful snmuiei residence. JOHN V. ETTEN. aM I0wttaw*r CATSK1LL MOUNTAIN riOUSE, " 1 AT THE PINE OKU HARD.?1112. rP!IlS romantic and fashionable resort will be conducted durin# the prc&MUt st dsou under the direction and sii|K?rinttffinance of the subscriber. It has undergone a coinnlete and I Lhorouf h repair, aud is Udw oinrn for the reception of visitors. No effort Will be snared to maintain rh*> il?wi-r\ .-illv hiirh rh&iMR> ' tcr which it ha* heretofore acquired. As heretofore, its tables will be furnished with every delicacy i thai the New York inirket can afford; and every possihlc attetiliou tliat can promote the convenience and enjoyment of iu patrons will be promptly bestowed. The road leading to this Mtabli?hmeut.aud especially that part of it on the mountain, ha* been reuderrd perfectly smooth and safe. Messrs. A. k. Beach St Co.'s eieclleut line of stages will ran as heretofore regularly between the landing and the Mountain Mouse, on the arrival of the boats. C. L. BEACH, Proprietor June 13th, 1811. Jell 3mr BATH HOUSE, LONG ISLAND.?This long and well know n boarding and sea bathing establishment, having recently undergone numerous improvements, among which is the erection of several elegant summer hosues upon the margin of the ocean, is now open for the reception of company duriug the season. The great extent of private beach on this shore?the perfect security iu bathing, even for ladles and children, (fhe bathing houses being within a stone's throw of the mansion)? I the shady, cool and delightful locust grove adjoining the house ?the pleasant rides in the surrounding countr r?the excellent fehing grounds and other sources of healthful recreation and [ I amusement?the beautiful view of the All n,ic ocean and the j i lower bay, almost constantly enlivened by numerous vessels 1 arriving or outward bound, render thi* situation iu every respect unequalled by any in the vicinity. It* accommodations I are ample, the rooms airy and the temperature, even in the I warmest OUT* of summer, anything hut oppressive. The con- I veuience of commuuioation and distance, (beiug but nine miles from Brooklyn.) the access by stages at hours accommodated < to business rt-ndcf it peculiarly well adapted as a residence fur gentlemen of busic ?? in New York. 1 jeK'2m?r WILLIAM BROWN, Proprietor. t BATH BUILDINGS, i FORMERLY RENSHAW'S, at Long Brauch.-This exr tensive and delightful Sea Bathing Estabf shuient will be opeued by the subscriber on the 27ih June, instant. He begs respectfully to inform its former patrons and the public, that considerable additions and alterations, endearing the comforts, hare been msde since last year, and will be in complete read!- I ucss for their accommodation. Wishiug-to be as reasonable as the times will afford, the board j will be seven dollars iier week as last year, instead of ten dol- j . Ursa* formerly. Children ofa certain age and servants half price. ! Horses full fed, $3,50. He hojais he may v<y wiiliont iinputa- ! . tmn, rhat his table and accommodations will lie equal to any on | j Long Branch. Young people not requiring (00 much room, w ill , find accommodating terms. J 28 lm*r JAMES GREEN. t NORTH CANAAN. (Conn.) July 11, 1818.-J. O 1 Bxnxxtt :?Dear Sir,?For several day* )<avt 1 noticed | its your dailj\ (which bv the way I receive regular) | t itcriptiou of Fasliiouable Watering places, and 1 looked , j them alt over but did uot hud anv mention made of OUR HOUSE. Now very' likely you have never heard of this place, a* I j built it last autumn just iu time lo take a small sprinkle of the winter travel from New Vork to Albany, and by the way | scleral gentlemen from your plsee. thought they would call this summer aed s|>eutl a few weeks, but as 1 generally satisfy I i a man thst calls once that he cannot do brttrrtnan to call again, I doubt whether I will see otie of them nntil next winter, "lien 1 nru sure of them, as this will he about a* good a route as they j " an lake, as the rail road will b" comp eted fo.m Our House lo | West Stockbridge, aud that perfects tne chain of rail road from I Greenbosh to Bridgeport. Now. sir. I wish v.m in nmlentjnil ! c-omelhing of the particular* of our location We are within | , one mile uf the uoiih line of the State uf Connecticut, surrun ailed by the talleit kind of bmutitaius, and un the top of our , uf them it a splendid lake, that abound* in fish almost a* tall a* the mountain itself; we have other very line lake*. The , Housatnuic Rirer oue half utile from us, and the tributary , strestns ol which I hv/z.ird nothing in saying for Trout and Pile ti?Inn;,', are not second to any in New England. if in the | world. Tlie u tlie re u no arbitrary law about binN in our ail- | mining towns in Massacha-.etl>, peihap" a few ruuld la- caught, { Old put a few of them with plenty of lull, and we will have a \ t olerable dinner. The way to get from your place to this, i* lust to drivu to Catharine Market ?liu and lake the steamer Nimrod, (which by the way is a craft hard to heat) and on your arrival at Bridgeport take the cars on the Honsatonic rail road, which will let \ou olfat our bouse at precisely 4 o'clock. P. M. Suppose you eaC| up yousself, and ask your friends to come. There are the fslls too, some fifty feet pcrpeiidiculai, more or less, that might be uamcd, but 1 ain not disposed to tell you all abr'ut this section, as I had rather people should look it over for themselves. By the way, pay your fare on hoard the boat through, as you save half a dollar hi the fare, it thru being only S2.Vi from New York to here. The ears leave Our House daily, and passengers breakfast here and dine in New York. J Yours, with resjiect, , JU 2wJ*e JOHN BAR3TOW. J BOARDING. ; AT DEAL. MONMOUTH. CO. N. J, i T EWIS F. HANKfNSON respectfufly informs his friends < Li and the public that lie has fitted up in the best style the ' house iormerlv occupied by Jacob Corles, at the above the most hcatlil'ul situation on the sea coast, about 7 miles from < Red Bank, and fourteen from Hi^stown. ols,'-s ps >* through ' and fro to meet the Pliiladelpiiia cars. The terms of board will I be found very moderate. Also, stabling, Htc, lor horsos, on ( very reasonable terms. L. f. H. pledges himaelf that no effort of his will be wanting ro render tho-c who patronise him comfortable, and that bis house w ill be found equal to any along tha coast. jeffl )m r c nF.DKORD MINERAL SPRlN08^1hii wall knowo J wateiiug pla"e, situated in Bedford County, 1'eunsylvania, ' i* now open (or the reception of visitors. To those who have never visited tlie Springs, it may be ueces- ' pry to say that they are situated near the great Wcst'rn Turnpike, which passes through Pennsylvania from Philadelphia to ! Pittsburgh, a few miles east of tlie chief elet ation of the Alleghsny Mountains. Every ihiug has been provided at this watering placa to render ? iqjouru pleasant to those who are seeking health or enjoyment. j Amusement will be fonnd suited to all lastes, and a good hand 1 of music will be in attendance. { ^.diily stage will leave Cliinibtrsburg in tlie morning, and .inrn at I lis- springs the same evening, or if persons prefer the J Balti no.e ami Ohio ltiil Road to Hincock, will have daily ' >1.refiner* from there to rh' springs. The liberal patronage extended to the subscriber the two last 1 seasons, will ensure the reuewed exertions tile coming season, ' lor t c amusement and comfort of bis guests. WILLIAM REYNOLDS. JeJSeod lm*r Proprietor. | DRY GOODS, &c. ' TO THE LADIES. i 17 A SHI ON ABLE MILLINERY OOODS.-The proprie- ' ? trea.s, Miss 8 KINO, daughter of tlie celebrated Carl King, iffi rs for sale a most select and chciee assortment of Millinery Goods,for the spring trade, never a* yet presented to the panic, both as regarsls the qnality and clieapneaa of the articles fl.r assortment consists of the following :? The celebrated SILK HAT, CALLED CAPOTTF. D'ORLEANS, as worn by La Duchtsse D'Orlram, nf France, -11K D SILK, ENTIRELY NEW AND ORIGINAL < STYLE And Lawn Hats do do?A? entire new style o lists called " MODINE CAPOTTES, ELSSLER COTTAGE. Parisian and English FANCY STRAWS, of tlie Boast textile in great variety. I The Proprietress respectfully solicits the ladies to favor her villi a call, and examine her elegant and varied stoc k of Mil- ] in'rv for themselves, befoTO they purehsse elsewbere, a* it gill be a great saving to thepi in price and a great advantage as s . ? . r.! . f V i. - i,i ' , n i,.l ,, a 111 %t ..C ? L .. ....... ' ' 7fl!5T7lflrlo,"Marine de Mode., _h H >m*f __ *?K Broadway. SHIRTS, SHIRTS! fT.VITKD 8TATB8 81-fVRT MAN! FA6TORY,77 Willy Imuii street, i irnv ,,f Liberty, 'J. V Notice it hereby ! ] it en to MerchinU end tradcra hi general, that the proprietor* of | U. above eetabliahmeiithan ad pi 'It n< a*ethiod of nuv> , c tonne which enableeUfa to sell thab *l?irts at cheaper j | rail any other Howe la thU erty. TUia statement h ill be , !, I by the list of priees m follows:? Per Dor. I in. Mailil Shirts, with Linen Botomi and Collars, $7,30 | , Do stitched in the Bosom and Collar 9.00 : Do Colored ime pat ems, la nre lizn 7,00 . Also, aUrne QManiHy of Boaoma an-l Collars constantly on ihI. ^ I.' '> wiil ' ' ?mI cheap for cash. jyl lir?r SUMMER STOCKS, Vf AKFS, CK WATS AND OLOVK8. IfST KK.I IVKI). .1 ilA MIPI'I? of |I? ?b'?r article, runI ,i,tilu i<f ? ?erv li*lu i "I I*"",' /''"A, e?|ireaalv loi ihr 1 ,1. r m I -ill". \t? >?Hcirli ?uil Cravar., it, great laiicty. i 1 11-" ??.nrmeiit of 8'lk,, I-o'ti.n ami Hor>km )!u?tn I Up olJ nabli.lin phi,. Ill B i . ad way, bctwei n I'.ri Ivr ami Mm 11 ?lri'i. M PAR8KLLS. Agent for J. AOATK. \. B. Cou'Sautlv on lian l, au eitciuive aamrtinrnt of Linen n,| M'l.lin SUiils, Linen Drc.a Kronta, Linen Collar., Under mrm'-nt?, Ikr.Jtr. J V H lm?c IMPORTANT TO THE > PUBLIC. i VI,t, wlm w i.h to enmninn.'ran cUmin lothing of |li? li*.t 1(ii !i ) remarkably cheap, at 205 final atreat.onc do.* ' ,.!.>! Alto, .1 lar^- aa.ortm.iit of Clotna, C.iaai. ,rn ?, V' .urn,', ami Summer IKnnlt, frnn ivhirli Clothing of ! I ki-nla ir.- m nl* to order iu the brat manner at vere redneed rirri, tO5 Canal atr'et. _je 19 3m?r SHIRTS. 'IjIKTS made to order, after the inoat armored French i ' ' la.lii iii.'. Uentlnn. n't Uanncnu of all desenptiona made to rdor at the .kortaat notice. ({. i ii, men's Kuruinhmtf Store IT aud 89 Maiden lane, corner ' f William itreet. i J j,?M lm* WILLIAM COLI.INH. IIP. VP ' I'llolaMTlfV?w. nKKD. ?M Bm.dway, be- ' White and Walkei street -4 r'? "( every fieri pt ion m <h md tlten Itflitthf moil iitwin ronnu Ct? J I filtered to Uie latest style. Matraaees, sofa, and made t< ption of |?mi 1 The Sub friber nni IttTint ctpcnaci of .1 store to pay. 1* h 1 to n the any of the ilxit r articl i I ttnl ' I 1 " 1 1 railing t .h tvr. P?|>er Vfin?inr. Carpet* clean- 1 , . 1 v |y f ti E NE ] 7_ FURNITURE. GEORGE W. DAWSON, lYholcnatr atid Rctcff Furniture or>\ Grnrral AVrnixliihg l)rarehouse, \o. 07 (Jhaihutn street, ror?f JJuaue Street, Xew York. WHKRK ?** ?!e i I ? %:?. ifrmi.t of the fnllow-n V,in?r?trl,.clr,\vi*-! 3ideboar?l>. Bim- tu>. BmUfr.'.iU, C??U, Tnblci, Chairs, Oflic* and For'-Me Deak*. (jkn < u? *. Hook L-?fce*, Looking GU.??es, Dintn'.', Centre. 'I e? am! I'ier 'I ablet, Piauoi, Sofia, Sofa Btdit?*<l<.Ut-<h. Bedding r*h-a*i??r?, Maigtstet, Carvxtt, Oil Cloth. .oil Fire lnm*. W^h stands Tollt't Tablet, i aihli" burnt-, Onrvtu B? ? o a* It Dretsfflg Bureaus, Safe*, Ur. A!:o, a Uryc aa<(?rcm<*iit of nit ?? wi mfii'i Wi tring Apparel uu\\ him! second hninn d. All the above articleh *rc olft r?d to e' e public I very Ion; price*. r?r?iji io wakt of itkl article* n.-uM fad it to their advaj.irtgtt to make an eerl^ call .u the ilv*? o*uol?*hmt nt. Shipping order* pa net o ally itHiilrd to *?.,! i ??.k*d # nthe shortest nonce, aan on reason tble teiim. M *ttr?--?.%?#, Bedding, Sic for litliiu; out ve&*iLi, constantly on liaud. All onli'ri to the alhivt- e*Ubli*Kin?nt will be j u.ietually at? Un) to and tli inkrail > r? coiri d. N. B.?Th? highest prices will be given for Second Haud Furniture, and Gentle men's and Ladies east o/f Ckliuufe. *22 6ra*r _ CHEAP HARDWARE STORE. T'HE Subscriber is now ojv-tiitiK his Siniiuc rnpply -of 1 1IAHDWAHE AM) CUTLERY reeeised |? r Warrirals from Bbminirltun and Sheffield. Courtlier w ill. i gentrel assortmentof Iromestie wh?: twitch he is prepared !o oft?r* Splie very LOWEST CASll PRICES. e attentiou ol" Country Mt reliant*. Builders, Cabinet , ? ate., is solicited to ? > elimination ol bis stock and I the ia confident they will linil it to tbeir inn rest r him will) a call. ALFRED F. LAO RAVE, 210 Greenwich. corner Barclay. N?w York. A reynlnr supply of FALL RIVER CUT NAILS, and Coopers Glue. Also?a complete assortment of Mechanics' Tools, James' Screws. Sic. in? :tinREFINED SUGAR, WINEST&T: \XTELLINGTON A. CARTER,'WW ami 'o.n mission ** Merchant, No. 5 Nevr ativei, ono door from Wall ?rreti, oat just r^ceired from the refinery ? (juantiu of superior doiible nnd siiule refined Sugar, inn nail loaves, which In: w ill m'll it lii? usual low rates, in parcel* to suit havers. W. A. Carter's assortment of superior Wine* cannot fail to pjease. The old Loinelino Madeira of 1812, In bottles an. J in pipes,hnoa. njqr.Mun of ^ inens tg< 1 in sgni. 1 ? ? t so 1 other light Wines of the choicest orand*, always on *ale ac low price*. Order* for any kind shall be laithfully executed. JyT Im*r good summer wink. F B. STOUVENEL. Iminjrter ol French Wine* ol d the most approved brands, Bordeaux Claret awl other Wines. He has removed from his old stand, 61 Nassau street, to No. 21 Ann street, (mar Nassau) basement. Always on land, the best, tnd most rtchtfche Wines, St. Julian, Montferraut, St. Eateve, Lafitte, Medoc, See. in Imrrt-ls, n%lf casks and cases. Also, Champagne, various brands; tfurrnadvi Hermitage, k.c.; superior Cognac Brandy; best quality Oiii, Port Wine, Portugal *nd Spanish Wine*. J. B. S. will also sell by the urxen bottled Wine for piivate ramilics, which will be sent to any part of the city, also by the tallon or otherwise, to those who may favor him with their panan?? No Wine* are impure sold by hitn, as he import* tlicm Inert. IE?* J. B. 8. has opened a boarding house at lloboketi, oppolite Vauxhall Gardeu. on the main road, vvhete is kept an aslortmrntof the best wines. Private parties supplied with good iinners and refreshments. jvl2 lm*c ~ hats. hats! hats! hats !! HKOWN Jt t'O'S One Price Hat Store, wholesale and re! O tail, 179 Chatham Square, corner of Motl ,treet, where fashion, beauty, durability and economy are combined to adern head. The proprietor, hare the pleasure now to offer in addition .0 their rtcenlly unproved abort napped Hat, a new style, the mitation of beaverr, which so> resemiiles that of all fura :he most costly and beautiful, that the difference is not easily erceived. Price thiee dollars. We strictlyadhere lo the one arice rash system, which enables us to furnish a very- su|ierior Hat for the price chanted, in presenting these llats to the >ublic the proprietors think they (rave reached the ultimatum j|" beauty, durability, cheapness and comfort. ml 3m* tailoring. removal. PHILLIPS* CASH TAILORING ESTABLISH MENT, Is removed from 111 Broadway to No. 7 Aator House. economy in gentlemen's dress. .iarinrin. of a luo.1 Jertanl ami Kashiembte kiud ft a saving of 00 per cent for cash. FIE advertiser di iris it unuece.sary to rnKiit to the hackneyed system of xiviinr a li.t of uoimual puces, preaamiiK hat the length of time lie lias been established, together with he extensive patroiMgr bestowed on lum, will piova . -uin :ieiil voucher for his ca|iahililies. 1' the advantage ol vein* connected w ilhati exten.ive cloth establishment in Europe ae confidently MM I that he can furnish clothes which, ou comIMnaou, will be found lower tlnu any wher hou?? making up die beat descriptions of gentlemen's divas, my 13m S. PHILLIPS, T Astor House, Broadway ""look out. He who steals iny purse steals trash. Bui lie who fnshes fiom me of my good name Robs me ol that which u it enriches him. But makes mepoor indeed.?[Mhakspeare. MARSHALL, \ T MIS ONLY TROY SHIRT DEPOT. No. 90 < hathsm sir-ei, ranite* U)e aiiove quotation, Deuatise others endeavor o filch from him hit go ><i inm", Mine, and reputation. We live more than once made public the uiauy luiposit ons prac- : iaed on tiealert, sfringers and othcru, in punuit of our highly tptited Troy Shirts, nosotns, ami Collars. But now that iirtositious Arc on the increase. therefore, we shall keep fh*ae acts before the public, which will estate importers, ami may nit off their wicked designs. Make no mistakes theicfore. * Marsh ill's only Troy Shirt Depot" is painted on our awniuK md window. Be paiticular, however, to tec the name M Mai dial Fa" on onr window and about our store. No. 90, our only Froy Shirt Depot, is situated about 16 doors from the corner of IV.irl and Ch attain streets, ami on the right hand side in Chatham street, in pissing to the City Hall. Seethe name tT" MARSHALL'S andyou are correct. CATALOGUE OF PRICKS. Strong made Cotton Shirts, with linen bosoms, collars and HrriMt bauds, warianted, at |?er dozen. $7?7 50?R?8 50?9? !< ? 10 50?11?12?12 50?15? If?16 50?17?18-20?21?22 50-21?25 Ni 50?27?28. All Linen Shirts, perdo*. $20?20 50?25?27 54)? 10?32 50?36?38. Plain Cotton Shirts, per d"z. $5 50?6?7?7 5" ?8?0. Colored Shirts, pei do*. $5?5 50?6?7?3 0 10-11. Dollars just received?In addition to our former Urge stock o* collars of every description, 1000 dozen, all Linen <ollars, at W) cents j?er dozen. 62c?'7jc?.T7c?$1?1 2WI 50?1 75?2?2 25 ?2 50?2 75?3?3 25?3 50 and 400, including our nest style. Marshall's Byron Collars, which have been so highly approved if. These goods, with our plain and ruffle bosoms, cau bund at many of ine principle ready ina e linen stores Thmtiftbwt the city. audtst the iiianufscturers, (?7" Mar* nail'a (C7* only rroj? Shirt Depot. No. 90 Chatham street. New York. We faution dealers and others against the many mistakes that have teen made of late, in consequence of seeing ticketed prices in tome of the windows. Recollect, no marked or ticketed -i r?. I... in n.?- mwin.l.itar Tt.if ,..,nv.nLr ft,.-. t\... cut of onritore, with the prices attached, will be circulated for | the beuefit of all. These circulars only maybe seen in our window ; and, furthermore, we advise again, see the name aud 1 lumber, Ma shall'*, No. 90." No patrouaga asked of tlsose who beat down. jytSlm*c M1 SOE L I A \ KOITS SI1P PR ESS I ON OF Q lT A C K K R V IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT.-CQ THE COLLEGE OK MEDICINE & PHARMACY DEsrECTFl'LLY infurm th? citizen, of New York that ft tliey lw?e appointed the following Sl-b-Aokxts In this ity J. W. Bassftt, 6tt Broadway. On. E. M. Uvnii, 127 Bowery. Dr Kino. 287 Hudson st-eet. Elia. L. fnr.Ai.L. jift (irand at. Dh. Newman 122 Cherry street. The Preparations of the Colli gt may now he bud of tho?e lentlemeu. Principal Office, of tlie College (or New England,at i Tretnoot How, Boatoiu Principal Offico ol the College for New York, at 07 Na?s.u treet. By order of the Cnllerr, JV2lc W. S. RICHRD*ON. Agent. ECfttfOMY, ELEGANCE, AN'I) ftOoI) LIVING. T'HE undersigned li-u, at a ^re -1 e*i?u?e, fitted up one of the 1 Urgent an.T most .plrndid Coffee .nd Eating Hou.r. in New York, in which one hundri d persons at lea.! ean sit down Lii an i loellent and .ubstatitul breakfast, dinner, an! tea, [from the choio it supplies oftlie mirk its, with a bill of fare not eirelled either as r-gards quality or number of dish's] hy any hole! in th? United State., and tarying in price, from six cenla t<> ane shilling and f ighteeii p-tice |*r dish. The purest Java and Mocka coffee and the very best tea., and .erred at only three Jen! I per cup. And all other refrr.iiment. in proiaiition. Tinwaiters are uniformly eiv il and polite, ail I evcrv visitor may he assured of feeling in this establishment quite "at hotre." In fact, every depuriim nt of the busiipss is tinder the -uj-erintruh ncv of competent overseer-, whose sole care aud attention are : lireeted to tin- comfort and convenience* of ensfomer. and ,nests. HENRY GOSLING. Proprietor of the Frtnehand American Eatnut House, No. CI and to Nassau st, U tw< en J dm ,! and M uden Lane. P. *.?Open Sundays for breakfast, dinnei vnd h ' jeHO 3mr 'pO GUN DEALERS Gun., riitoi., nd S| m i a a article* 100 Singl-Btrrel Fowling Piece. 110 Double Uuua, imitation twisted 300 do do real twisted *nd patent Breerli. JilOO Paint of Pi ,tola?ass-wed?100 different variebee. Jlirtes and Rifle Bi rela?Locks ?nd triintning. < ....... n. ? __ i> i-_ fi.i is- i* Sportioi irticln cttifrilly. The abore irt?cl. ? will he aold ?l nnlwaril of low pncei, by A. W. SPIES it ( O. ivlfl lm* c 218 Frail >lrret. n f ono -. C01, v k h7 n.i -r no Statd i hard. ,u<-ce.. ^ *nr* tn lifnii H. r^rifTin At Co., would respectfully infopn , their frirmU ?nd the public, that they air prepared to Ci1 ruisli | of eittf Jmcrlpfi m. it it short notice, and on a? rcn? jOMiw term* aa any establishment in the city. at their New Strain Haw Mill, foot of Fourteenth street, North Hiver. j\ II lw*r IJ IT'ENDlb DisryvhK V ~ K?lit LEAH MMi ft) o PAIN T AM) DRAW FROM NATURE.?Amat.-ur, nay 231 Brosdwi), nut door to the American Hotel, a nninner of sample* of painting on wood, velvet, , oil;, muslin, iwper, Ac. Ice, by * process for which the it.rentor luw received a premium of two thousand Hollars from the trench irover irncnt. The imitations of oil painting* ire so perfect thai no pointer can imitate them without learning the proems. B>* liiu method, any artist or other person may earn, in a very few lesaons, to paint with oil. water color, nimature, and also many new and handsomr inventions, to a , erfertion difTienlt to nn lerstatnl without seem* the sample*, >? taking a single lesson of Mr. VICTOR F.RNKTTK, winter to the eonrta of France. Kuofl.fce. The Artiste will remain only till the l.ith of netf month, alien be intend* returning to Fiance. S|H rmv 1,1 ' ' M ^TANfHH IVOCBI-OONW for sale on ^K ' ** jy|g r ri Will street ami 130 Broadway. W YO NEW YORK. FRIDAY M< "miscellaneous. Watcb Comoussioncu's Or net, i Old AlmaHou.e, July 8. 1813. s M'OTK'K i< liarrby uiseu, that the ( 'rut in Aqueduct Com* aN tniltei of llui Corporation have re<|Ue*ted the \\ ntur Com* loissrouurs, for the present, to reutilte Crolon Water, and arunite for inakiuijtlie necessary counciioui to supply ihecititeus of New York with wau r. Ths follow ill,- are tliu inter at which lh<- water i> at pre mil furnished A .a ml' vl CnaituKs. Dwelling* of two stories $10 on more stories 11 w oil the rear of lots SOU " with work.Iii pstore 12 to 20 I'ritil- ^e "1 waihitic pavrnetiU 2 00 " bath (where l itre are hxturrr) 5 00 15 00 Hoarding house 10to20 Stable, private per stall 5 00 i " liwry " 2 00 Pay men' in lie mule in advance for the supply from August 1 to May I, ne\i-?nil .i .pieutly - ini- iniiuatl) . Large bunding ii 'Ii-is, stables, breweiies, tanneries, public ! b itn., packlliq or tiling houses, .mil nil other consumers, shite pins, 6o:., u ill he rhirgtd in proportion to the quiutiiy of water used, no 1 tree in i u! with the couimissiouerr. om. e hours from 9o'cloek A M until I I' M, in the old Alms How-1. Eulrauce hy c< litre door. SAMUEL STEVENS. JOHN II. WAUI) Z?B'D 11! N(>" ' i\. B1KDSALL. i . SI tvi Water i'ommliiloney. SILK BANNERS, HANNINGTON ^ CO., 29'J Broadway, ue ir Road street, K? hpertfully inform the Order of I. (). of O. K . and their | fri? hdsgfii rally , t!? ?f the y arc no at pr? piled to execute order? . for Flag* and Banner* in the most supc ior atv ic for beauty, : durability, and economy, having Silki made for the ? xpress occ.toou that will luaku the largest banner> without di?liguriitg it witti a seam. Sivciut ns and Designs can b*> ?cen at their Establishment, | 293 Broadway, or s? nt to any pirt of the Union, i For style, design, and execution of w ork? of the kind, w? rc- | ' fer to the O.niy'i Banner, No. 11, I, (). of (). F , a* hLo to i Greenwich,_ No. hi, Harmony, 11, Coveuai;t, 35, Perseverance, j 17, ?Un Militiry ComiHnthB ami Sunday Scho. I Banners, and i ; the societies St. Nicholas, New England, St. thoii{c, St An1 drews, St 1) ty id, &e See. 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Watches and Clock* repaired in the ; best manner, and warran'ed, at much less than tin usualI nri< ew, by one of the finest workmen in the city. G. C. ALLEN, Importer of Wdtchcsaud Jewelry, wholesale and reta l. ki Wall street, np stairs. i v M Im+r DR. MOIJRISO s. \JOATll RIVER DISPENSA ^ 20IH? IN i.street wear kN Gre.enwich.?-Dr. Morrinoti, do in. i ? 111 i oval College ! of Surgi ons, Londou, and formerly Sim _ i in "Ihitish Na, W i (wiliiim'* i.? !<? ! *.?! <1 .,i. .11 .? . ?-. . - I nature, ltd all tnnte distressing symptom* oil* | ? i.foil ii\juI dicious treatment, .nm the imprudent, um ? Ic]ti % * 4 nrdiciue*. 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Ingersoll, 40f> Water st, near C'.tthariue Muk'-t. is one of tin most extensive in the 1 nitcd Stat, . If m v.vr buil; in- nios: beautiful pleasure baru't s cinb ! tit'nt In ye floated on the livers nml lakes of America. Also th- b ae for fin Autocrat of all the Russia* m vcral r icejfboat lor Asiatic Mnuvrchs; the fancy boat called the John Smith of At ban- is, and lh" fast sailing boat lor Mr. O. F. Burnings. He his recent! v corni ltte I a life boat on a new plan, whicb has been pronounced by sum* of our most experienced nautical nu n sunt rior t > ;my ever before built. \i this cstsblisliment ?ui\ Kin ! of boat will be furnished with reversed bottom, from 1 -tumid, in any way to suit the taste of the purchaser, of wh ?i? \rc firm they may be. The material# are all of the best ipialit y, pine b??arJs< being no part thereof. A large assortment? fboat-ot all kinds including lifeboats, gigs," long, quarter t<h?-un . Whitehall, and VUC* boats, maybe a ways found at use in tn?'fact >0 . 1 : riyes much b?4ow whit purchaser* have herein)- ;e paid, uvl .1 liberal ?!??cunt on the usual rate# will be m-nle to tkgM' who w i*U to sell again. Please call before purchasing elsewhere; you can then judge of mv work?Re fere wet 1. Jan. .Hale. Sol ? Agent, SO Wall st. For adte rttsrmeut of boats 1 Ice., see Com er St En-purer and New York Commercial Advertiser. jy22 Im'r HAVANA AND PRINCIPE SEGARS. MRADKII, 10 Cli*ili*m mr-H, offer, for ?)?, . 180,0,10 L* Noima S. ?srs. .W,?W Noval Principe. i'< 000 Wooilvillc. 2.'i 00'J Jl'nuilii. Entitle.) ,0 ilrbi-ulur.. 1: jm)<m * full stock of tlio choicest U-muUof H-ivnna ?nd Priui'ii," H.far,. j><0 I n owl-c ITJAoor- nnuui\r% 61 LIBERTY 8TKKKT, hftw?m Broadway and Vy Nassau street, offer lor for sale 101 Blocks Iiish Mack marble. 100 Casks refined basket salt. 300 < asks Boyd's bleachim; pnwder. 30 Torn superfine soda sues. 2 Cases pat* til leather. 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I To carry oot to tlir fullest possible extent, Ihwr views of the Post Mester General, letters for Boston, Providence .ml New Bedford wijl lie received on board the regular i 1'clock Mail Boat, (and if desired iHtstage can In paid) from half-past four o'clock up to the time of its departure for Boston. i Public notice it therefore hereby given of the above vrrangeiiu-nt, and all twrsoiia may lelv uron the lucreaaitig dili^pefce 1 with which all mail matter will be forwarded as above in the ' shorts it possible space of time, and with the greatest security. HARNDKN k CO. I General Mali Agents. New York, July IDtli, ISI?. iylliwr | TTNITED STATES EXPRESS MATiTKKOM NEW 1 YORK St BOSTON.?Pq?t Office New York, July 17, i HI!.?The Poet Master Oem ral, Willi a view to the aceommo datiou of the public, and to inertia ,t J desp itch and security .has established an Express mail,to expedite which Messengers will be emploved under the immediate supervision and direction of Messrs. Harndvu k Co., lor carrying the Mails between this city aud Boston, and the important u termediate pi sees, with 1 directions to cause the delivery at the earliest possible time. Letters will be received on hoaid the BtoniiiKtou Line of Steamboat, which carries she Mail via Stonington ?ml Prow deuee to Boston, from lull'past 4 o'clock nnfil the time of departure, during which time postage can ha paid.?Letters will be received at this office up r,>4 oVIn k P. M. This arrangement w ill go into niieration on the 20th inst. Jy 10 Jwr JOHN LORIMER GRAHAM. P. M. DOST OFKKli, New York. lj, I8t2.?UNITED X STATES EXPRESS MAIL between NEW YORK, ALBANV, AND BUFFALO.?The Postmaster General, with a view to tlie accommodatmu of the public, an') to increased despttch tud security, ha.n established .mi Etprcss Mail, to rsptdite which megnenvcra will b" employed under the immediate [ snpTint-nnrnce *?i w. t,. jkrome iicmfhrkt. lor carrying the Mails between fhis city Albany Bnffilo, and th? inlermedivte pine-. (including Troy) with directionsto cause ilia de livf-ry at th i arlie?t |Hivit)le time. Letters witl l>? received on board the .7 o'clock steamboats, which carry flic Mails to Albany, Troy, ami intermediate iihfM, I...,1' lalf-past I o'clock,P M, until flit tune of departure, during which time postagrcan 1** i>aid. L^ten will also hi* received rjn board the host earning tht >1 lil direct to Albany, which b-aves it 7 o'clock P. M., from kali i"-1* 1 cloth r M ' i. i' i! the time of dt|iMtii(V I letter bo* bt ing placed ou board said boat, ubder the lock of the depari etpj. The M#'4<enKcr* willgo through to Buli'do, and are instructed to eiert the grestest diligrnoe i.i the |H-rformanc* of their duties. The arrangement w ill commence on the 20th inst. Alter the 20th Mat. letters hy the o'clock steamboat wilU>? received at this office up to t o'clock, P. M., and letters for the 7 o'clock l>oat until 6 o'clock, P. M, JOHN LOR I IKK OR \T! V M, P. M. fTNITBD 8TATKS KXPRKHS V!AIL FOR ALBANY V AND BUFFALO.?With a \iew to aire the greatest l">*sibl? convenience, despatch and security to the increasing commiinicfttion on the great Wts'ern liont** from this city, the Postmaster General has established, regularly, sworn nies?et?? gers attached to the department, from thi* city to Buffalo, under th* immediate superintendence of the undersigned, to commence on the 20th iuat. To carry out fotha fullest possible client these view * of the Postmaster Oeneral. letter- w ill he received Oil board the re^n lar rj o'clock mail lent, (and, iT desired, po?tage ran oft paid) from halfjpasl t o'clock; P M, upUi the lime of its departure, for Albany. Tioy.and the lutermruliate |H)!nti; also on hoard the 7 o'clock boat, for Albany and all places Weal,and for Troy, from i half-pa t f> o'clock, I'M, opto the timeof its departure. All letters deimsi.ed in the Post Office of this city for tlie 7 o'clock Mail, directed to Albany and Troy, and To Buffalo and interim i diate places, will be forwarded from Albany by the V.\press I Stall, under charge of the same messengers. ' Pnblic notice is therefore hereby given of the above arrange. inenf.uud all persons concerned may rely noon the unceasing diligence with which all mail matter will m* forwarded as al? JVC in The shortest possible s|*.<*e of time, and with the great! est security. K. JKROMK IIUMPHUKy, General Mall Agent. N.-W York, July latli. 1B^2-_ iyl7?w r HOT AND COLD" SALT WATCH BATHS. I TJ ABINBACJ'B Niw Hot .ml Uol<l H*lt Water B?th?, at V th. foot of DeabnmM. rtrr.t, ?thiol pier aoalli of ('an4 I ilnrti North Ritrr.lue now opcu for tlie aecoiiimo<!?tion o( both latlim and gentlemen. Open from kunriar until 11 o clock at nii^it. . .... N. B. Tlie water where the btuh. are .rationed ha. been deepened, w hich remlemil a* pure .ja any other .itnafion in the ricinitv nf New York. On Tueailay". the Bath i*-tent.irely devoted to ladies in til 3 P. M.( A baud of music w ill he in illTendance every pi* want evening, i'ricr of a fold hath 12h? eta, i mi hatha tt jel 2m ?r , pSLLVCTfONii on all parts of Tlie United States, made on most favorable terms* Forr ign (fold and Silver purchased, and for sale at the b?**t ?"s, by 8. J. HYLVK9TEH, IVW r 27 Wall ?r, and 13# Broadway. RK I JRNING, JULY 29, 1842 II*tU General Court Martial on board ol lb* V. H, ship North Carolina. Thiwoit, July *>. The Court wet pursuant to adjournment to proceed with tho trial of Passed Midshipman William May, and yesterday' proceedings w ere read. All witnesses concerned in tho tiial of Mr. Muy were then directed to retire from the cahiu. Mr. Drayton, the draughtsman, was recalled and i|tiestionedby accused's counsel. Q?You hare stated in your testimony that you nei er received any other instructions to purchase shells than the other oftieers. Will you statu ? hether at thu time Mr. Couthouy,the naturalist,left the ship on thu tick list, you received any written or other instructions Iroui Captain Wilkes, stating it would be more particularly your duly to attend to the collections of shells, tec., and constituting you special ageut for that purpose! A ?I never receive.! any w ritten instructions to uct as special agent. I received some verbal instructions at thu same time, understanding from the commander that he had given the same to others. As well us I can iecollect these instructions were, "that, as I \\ as Zoological Draughtsman and I had drawn a large number ol shells,and theConchologist was was expected of me to do as much as I l.OSSllllv COUld ill the Collection of shells in all nnisil.h. way*." 1 would state I felt it my duty to do so, being n member ofthe Scientific Corps. Lieutauaut Wilkes recalled and questioned by the Court. H ?Under vv'i ?t circumstances were olticers and oilier persons attached-o the squadron allowed to purchase shells on their own account > A.?None,sir, The instructions to the officers were thai ail private or selfish views in the collection of shells should be laid aside, and all their exertions he devoted to the objects of the expedition and to ell'ect the pur|>oses of the government. If any specimens remained after the selections had becu made by the agents, they were lobe forwai led to the Department and subject to their disposal. a-By accused's counsel. Did the accused refuse or decline to give up the box of shells alluded to, or ever refuse to give up any shells in obedience to youroders? A. ?Captain Hudson, who collected the shells, can answer that. Juihtic Auvoesrr.?So far as you know. YYivaass? Not to niv know ledge. 1 do not remember that It vvas ever so reported to rue. f ordered that Tin prirate collection whatever, of a single shell, or any other article whatever should he made, and did not countenance such in anu instance, for private ate. (j. Did not the accused in his interview with you, w hen n-hed tv kether lie meant any disrespect by markiug the box, reply that he bid not?that he only intended it ns a security, as he intended to prefer h claim to the department for it' A ?Jfo Sir. WiTsm?1 have tlio letter called for by the Court vests! lay. i Hande! ts the Court.] Q.?YVhet w as the character and deportment of Lieut. Walker M an officer. while under your command 1 'I his question, preferred by a member of the Court, was of., tctsri ?o by others, RHd by the nccUNed'srouiiFel, who sav 1 that Ii it was permitted th'o Court must allow Lieut. Wclker, si bii charactvr was impeached, to bring evidei orla su ;f i vvlilch would i ai e a collateral issue that might' e ii n; i--Inable. Vfter ionic discussion the ii cation Vv- w it'i 1 The/ollow iuft le'.i' i 11 ici Mr. May to Lieu!. Wilkes, was thyn ri a l by the Judge \dvnc?te :? L . S. St. VlNCItNNKS, AT IK.l, 1 May 34, 1343, ] srs -1 jam mature relief .i?.n U| on the unpleasant incident nli It occurred in the cabin yesterday, I consider it my vbr to iepeat iu u deliberate -uid lormal manner, the us. sin Biice 1 ave you then, vix. that in marking the box o( shells as I fid, I only intendrd to establish toy personal chum to them ; that I really believed yon hud refused to purchosj them, on occount of their exorbitant price, ar. that 1 Ji t not doubt bn' under the circumstances, the government would feel iHiund lo relinquish all claim to them. Kuifuei I declare, upon my honor, thutl studiously avoided, and indeed did not let I the disrespect of which you accused me, and 1 am sure I could have convinced you so ua the spot if you had been less excited. Respectfully. WM. MAV, Acting Ma?to-. To ( UikLEi V\ n.RK-i, Esij., Com. Ex. E\. Lieut. Wilkes'answer to 'his which wegat e \ rsturdut, was nm-1 again, #nt tho following rej?l v from" Mr. Mai, \\ as 'JJ vy read :? I'. S. Siiif Vixri axes, i Mat 36, IHI-J. ij Sir?1 respectfully r> quest that tin- etielusi it cmumunicutioa way ho forwarded to tin- lion. Secretary of th< Navj ,olong ? ilh the charges against inc. 1 embrace this opportunity to correct a misappreheusion of yours ill regard to my last letter, which y on inistook lor an "apology." I am quite intistied with my condnut during our last interview , and have no apologies to make for it. I only addressed you that letter lorthe purpose of recording u material part of our conversation .is a prdcautlon wlucli experience had taught me it w :i? lierwiary to take. Very rei|iectfuliy , \ our*, W. MAV, Acting Master. To CMtai.cs Wilcm, Esq., Comd'g, kc. So . Puraar Waldkok w as then called, and being sworn, waa questioned by the accused's counsel, us follow s : Q.?Bid you not as agent of the Exploring Expedition go on shore at Ouvelou with M*\ Drayton, to purchase shells tielongingto thu vessel called the Currency l.nss anil did you not refuse to purchase them with .Mr. Drayton, on account of their exorbitant price! A I did. I had an appointment from the Secretary ol the Navy as special agent for disbursing articles of trade under thu direction of the cominaudei, and liawalwavs availed myself of every opportunity ol purchasing shells but if 1 met anything rare that I could not purchase except with motley, I should have haj to apply to Captain Wilkes. Captain Wilkes always recognised my autnori ty, and w aa glad to have inc do it. Q Was it ust a notorious fact in the squadron that the shells hgd been refused on account of their exorbitant price, and did you not mention it to Captain Wilkes I A?1 know I mentioned the fact on board the Vinceuues, which was the only vessel there belonging to tho squadron. hut I cannot say w hether I had mentioned It |m'p-o)ially to Capt. Wilkes. I may have done so, hut I canmt call It So mind. Lieut-K.xos was ci lied, and being sworn, was qne=iionsdae follows by the accused's counsel. (J.?Were you present when the accused came out of Uaptalu Wilkes' cabin after the interview on the 33d May, 18137 If yes, what did the accused sev relative to the interview,and what waa his tone and maiintr 1 Objected to by Commodore Joxxt, but allowed. A I waa present?He came into the ward room where n e were after dinner. There was soma conversation gong on. Commodore Jones here said that the usual w ay e/ prertiding ?J Courts Martial whs to read over the charges to tho witness**, and ask them what they knew in relation to them. Tho Ji our. AcoiiTr. and the arc used'* counsel suggested that this would he making the witness one for the prosecution, although ho w as called lor tho defence. The Commodore said nevertheless it was the usual way, and it must las so done. It was so donu accordingly, and the following questions put:? Do you know any thing in relation to this charge, ortheqieciflcationsl A.?I know nothing ahont the charge. With reaped to the specification, I know than the box was marked, hut il was aut ax nosed on deck to mv knowledge. The question above was then again put, mid the following answer given :? I was present on that occasion, nnd the accused's manner vu vary calm and collected; more so than I ever saw him nmler such circumstance*, lie Miid he hail been lent for by Captain Wilkes, in relation to the box being marke l, and on hit entering the cabin, Captain Wiikea a*ke>l him " why he ha<l had the box marked In that mannerV He replied to him, " To ?tate a fact," or something to that purport. 1 dent exactly recollect what. Mr. Wilkes aid he considered it disrespectful, and if he did not intend It us disrespeetfttl to hii commanding officer, he inuit ei ase it: and at the same timo told him that lie had never reftis. r>d to purchase sheila, or something to that effect. He llkowl?c stated that Mr. Wilkes's manner w a? very hurried, nod hs appeared to be in i paction, and that w hlle orlerir.? him from the cabia, he did not give him an oppor:unify to refuse or to signify hi* willingness to take the marks cl the box. I believe that ii tho substance of the lonrrmation which took place. Anntherqnestion was handed by the accuseil's counsel othe Judge Advocate, w hen Commodore Jones objected lo this evidence being received at all, and the court was ;le?red for deltbernikin. On lis ra-opening, the quectioB w as read, w hlch was as follow* Q.?Did Mr. May not say that lie intended no disrespect o I.ieut. Wilkes, and he should not hav a objected to erase lie marks, had he been asked to do so 1 Thejroox AnrorsTr objected to it as a leading que*, ion ; eud the counsel stated that he knew it w as so,' and itibmittod it to the court whothar they would put it or not, is Hie accused was precluded from doing to. The court V - lined to do ?o q.?What w#i the aiieof the box I A. ?I think it ww about a foot in length anil nine inches n depth. q.?From your knowledge of Lieut. Wilkes'* general hai Meter,what i? hi* general tone and miinner when e\. ited or offended?i* he quickly excited or offended, ?nd vhat la hit general conduct toward* the oflierr* tinder lis command) Comatodora fowl? u?nin oljected, bul the question wa* uatainM. A.?Hia manner and to,.e of roice when excited w a* rnher ineohcrent, and rnde withal. Mela quickly excited, ind offended, and hla g? nerul conduct toward* the officers s overbearing. I By J ri>?a Ati'oc nr.?What wa* Passed Midshipnan May'* character a* to subordination in the squad on 1 A.- A*to the squadron generally, I know nothing nhout t. Ifahnliieen under mv orrlet? on several decisions, duIng which lime hi*conduct, a* regard*snltordination.wa* rery correct. q. ?From your knowledge of Mr. May's general eha aeter, what 1* hi* general tone and manner when exriel, and I* he M'll] evelted > \ lie i* easily excited, and w hen ?o hi* manner is raher violent, and his tone rather louder than common. q.?l)o yon know whether the l?ox in question was narked lit order of Mr. Vtayl This wa* withdrawn. q.?Have you and Mr. Wilkes ever had any serious dif. lenity of ?n official character ' LB. Pl'l< f 'I'M ll < III w, ( karlu Oakley?Sis* schedule allowed, on j>a^ mcnt ol cons lor opening decision of baiikiuptcy. S'nmtl L Dan/ieU? Order of leave to amend, on payment of io>t? of brst opposition, fcri Dai d II Huhtrloan.?Objection i* made to the petition, ar hliving adeereeof hunkruptt y on the ground ol fraud. J It is a?s?rit?i that while deeply in debt he purchased a house on thu'M avenue, paid StMlOO down, and immediateIv made it ovei to his mother. He also coulesaed judgment for filD.tXXi to his mother, and under it caused Ills Lou-ehohl furniture, three horses, his carnage, and other personal property to he sold, all of which was bid in loi hie mother?at the same time it w as known that the tno'lier bad no property, .tit was dependaut upon her ton, and tin family have continued in the house. The Court, afti r r< mark, held that the transection having heeli m ls89, could not bo considered in anticipation of baiikruptcj Tho ptopcrty having passed trnm bini he rouhi uot palely take an oath that ith'hiin .toliim. 1 his, hew ever, tots uot affect his creditoi lithe jurigmeut was without Igal and fair consideration it U mere w astc paper as ngnirst his creditors or or aeainst his av?i<.n.... ... ? - IEIIA I ' A?None very serious. Q.?Have you over complained to the Hon. Secretary , that Lieut. ilkes wh rude, overbearing and npprrasive 7 A?I have not. U-?Were y ou acquainted with the circumstances w lieu Passed Midshipman May cumcout of the cabin 7 A.?Not until ho had related them to me. H-?The answer implied that you have teen him uudei similar circumstances. What aro those circumstances 7 A.?I can't call any particulars to mind, but I rot'er to circumstances which occurred among ourselves, as I have known him tor a long time. The accused's counsel here stated that in consequence o( the continued absence of their three most important witnessi a, they wecu compelled to derange the orderoi the evidence. Lieut. Jos. Aldkn was then called, an>1 being sworn, and lh? charges read to him, was questioned us follows :? 14?Do you know any thing in relation to these charges 1 A.?I know nothing uhout them. The question put to the last witness relativcto the conduct and manner of I ieiit. Wilkes, was put to this witness. A. 1 have seen him very kind and retentive, and I have seen him to the contrary, just as much the one as the other, during the five years lhuvesailed with hint, llels easily'excited und offended, and his general conduct to. wards the otliccra in command is to some very kind and attentive, ami to others quite the contrary; when excited his tone of voice is loud and his manuer exceedingly Overbearing ami olfensivc to gentlemen. Q.?By Commodore Jo-ir.s?Is not his excitability oeca sioned by disobedience, or the officers refusing or neglecting to do their duty I A.?No sir, in most cases directly the contrary ; I have noticed that those the most attentive to their duty would tall under his displeasure the soonest; those that tried the hardest to do their best?I could inentiou instances. 11-?Krom your knowledge of Passed Midshipman May ' generaIJchar'arter: is not his manner when excited and angry eminently c ilculatel to excite the auger, particularly of i superior officer I After some discussion this question was withdrawn. Bv accused's Copxsel?What Is the accused's general character for subordination and respect to his superior officers .' A.?flood. Mr. foutbouy, thn naturalist, who accompanied the expedition, was next called and sworn, ami the charges read to him,of which he knew nothing whatever, not having been in the ship at tho time. H-?What was your duty as a member of the scientific corps attached to the exploring squadron? A.?1 hail to attend to tho shell and zoophyte depaitmunt Q.?Did Lieut. Wilkes over refuse to refund expenses which you had been at iu the purchase of specimens upon the production of pro|>or vouchers. A _1 drvnX #l.o. l.? ....? f I - .11- u-i paid for specimens,but he refused lo allow mo my expenses incurred 111 making collections. The same question relativo to Liatit. Wilkes's general character ami his excitability, was put to this witness,who said that so far as it had come under his observation his manner when excited was very abrupt aud violent; tone of voice very loud mid harsh; bin language w as usually strong, frequently very coarto, and offensive iu the highest degree ; such as no person could submit to without its ling self-degradation in the highest degree ; I think he was t! a vorv irritable temperament, and have seen him very much excited lrom what I thought very trifling causes. His general character w hen not uxriteil was correct, but w hen excited it was such as 1 can scarcely conceive of any olttcer or gentlemun submitting to. ({,?-By Commodore Jnves?How and to what umount were the expenses iacurred which l.ieut. Wilkes refused to pay vou I A.?'llie nmouut I can't tell w ithout my vouchers or journal-, which sre not to he found. The; were Incurred lit making the collections in travelling from ono point'c another, and transporting specimens?one case was at Madeiiannd another at Itio. Thogeneral orders from the Senr'art Wi.etil make tho Colleetion as extensive, Olid toll!,.- in as large a compass as possible, ami I had not thought 'I tiecen ir; to obtain a special older to get tlitst etpimsr . ij \\Vro ; oil not pr,I.I by the government for your services in ih . XJM- illinu ? A.?Certainly, but not foreur e.xprnsvx in inakingtlie collections, unit we did net understand wu woretomake collect ions at our ow n . xpeun. ij.?|)i,| you ever ref-.-i 'opiu.. m duties assigned to \ ( u In l.ieut. Will;. V? I di I r p, i to.'m duti-s w hicli w ere not assigned tu u. in the paniculai department lo which 1 was appointed hv tin- }..- ; ( tury. | (;id not consider mvsell authorised to go in whs' direction. 1 pleased, without rijii ; unca to l.ieuteni.tit Wilkes'directions ; but if Ihear.l that specimens we e to be bud at certain places, 1 would set oil : perhaps hint a native to go with me, hut not in tippo-upou to l.ieutenont Wilkes' older'. I don't den; that I ,.!!CM iolll- l.ieut. Willi, k' ntlllwilCt tni.,,1-.,- ......... u surveying expedition, wain 1 ?:u specifically appointed to art h* naturalist to the expedition. <L?Hav v on ?'v<t prtev iousiy been iu tin: Nav al 'ervioe oftliu Uultra State* ? A.?I am not aware that I have ever belonged to tin NmvuI set vice. We vvrr> told w e were appointed a* a scientific corps. I hate never been on a man-of-war but ai a passenger before. H-?From jour lobaervation in tho Hqtiudrou, was tin maimer of Lieut. Wilkes different from that of the commanding officers of other vessels in the -quudron I A.?I wis* only a lew day* ia the other vessels?the Peacock and tho Vorj-olie?ami there certainly was a verj great contrast, very marked (nilei*1, so far as "my observaHon extended. 1 can't conceive a stronger contrast. I.ieut. Wilke." conduct war proverbial. Lieut. Nolitii railed and sworn, ami the charges read to liini, of u Iik h be km w nothing at all. lu aimvcr to tho i|uesiiou relating to Captain Wilkes character and manner, he said:?Hi* manner is quick and tin:: h, fi-eijneatly uuofficer-like. I think he is very easili offended. His'general rouduct towards his oliiceis ilaitvli ami unotticer-like. In reply to the question lulative to the general character of accused for subordination, he replied it was generally good. Incut. Bmvilui said, in relation to Lieut. Wilkes' tone and voice ,w lieu excited, tliat it was very pustiuiiati. huisli, unodiccr-like, and insulting. He is easily offend cd, and his general manner to Ilia oiticera is extrcnicij harsh and disagreeable. As to the general character ot the accused for respect and subordination, ho said In thought it very good. TwoLieutenants.a Passed Midshipman,and tho Captain'' ( lerk, testified to the same effect ns to Captain Wilkiteni|ier and manner. The Clerk also stated that imrr-. diately utter tin interview batvvcen Lieut. Wilkes and Mr. May, Lieut. Wilkes told me to write an order revoking Mr. Slav's appointment as acting master of the Vinci nne.-, but while I M l writing the ordor, ho directed nic not to do ro. Hit mmner wa? a little oxeited. In reply to ane | tlier question, ho said so for as he knew, Mr. Msy's general I cliara tet for HutMirdinstion was good ; he had never hoard : of any other instances. His testimony was also con I tirniatory ns to Mr. Wilkes'treatment of the officers w hen under excitement. Tho Court then adjourned till to-morrow morning ?t I" o'clock. I'. 9. Dlatalrt Court. Before Judge Belts. i July Jtt.?Decisions Tho following highly Important i <!ei islonx were rendered this forenoon:? i John IV. Hull anil t1hraham H. Smith.?This w as an sp! plication fot compulsory hankmptcy. Objections were . raised to the right of creditors in declaring them such. I 1 he petition states that Hull and timith were merchants ; ami i o-partncis. In the four months from August to Noi vctnber last, they purchased fiom petitioners, nml others, i goods to the amount of *40,000, professedly with a view of selling sucli again in New lork, instead of which it has boen asccitaiiuil they shipped them off v.ith a view of liefrnuding their creditors. In the early part of December,they failed, not having paid auy part of said fto.noo, and declared themselves insolvent litill absconded from the city, ami is still away, and Smith sold the remnant of property (list had been left. Tho Court, after giving its views in relation to involuntary bankruptcy, concluded as follows:?"Considering these debtors is continuing indebted, and partners, up te the time the petition w as nasi, I shall hold that their mere Insolvency, without evidence of fraudulent acts, would not be sum| cieut to sustain tho pi-oceedings, but they arc liable to hi ' dictated bankrupt* upon the act* of fraud committed by their partnership anterior to the passing of the bankrupt art, as ret lorth in the petition. The parties may therei fore be proceeded against to bankruptcy." Jnhn Railty?Objection* ha* l>ecn ma le to petitioner on the ground of fraud, in receiving at various time* large mm* of money during the course of hi* husine**, and not par ing hi*"creditor*. A eon>,.ii**ion had been allowed, and hi* affair* gone Into for the la?t 30 year* He went to Ooahen in l*J0. and commenced bu?lne?? on a 1 capital of foQQ. mid ntf>ef*lng about f900 worth of houao hold furniture. He mm ?ince that kept a (tore, a tavern, ' been keeper of the rounty jail, a butcher, clerk, Ac. V.vevy thing vs a* subsequently awept Irom him, and he , retnove 1 to Mlddletown. Hissons-In-law bought in sumo j ot hi* propei t\ . and it I*contended that the sale wis not bona fide, bum* of money have al?o been In hi* |?i??e*j *ion, Ac. The Court held that a man heing ?oru w i'.h a thou iniid dollnr* in January, could not, a* a matter of i on! sequence, be declarwt to have been |K>?*rs*ed of it in Maivh. Although carlti*?ne?s in keeping iii* t ook* was evinced, hi* itxolvency can readily be accounted for hy 1 hit uagainful adventure*, land apeculation*. he. |t was *how n lie had nei er possessed any i laiin to the real estate I sinie hi* son-in-law nought it, uoi had lie for a year pre. v iouato his petition to the personal. Objections disallowed, and petitioner permitted to proceed to decree. Ilmirn h'inf.?Tlii* ca*e had been referred to a commissioner, objection* having been raised by I'latt Kogera. F.xreytlnn was token hy the petitioner on the ground that the creditor had not proved hi* debt. This wni sustained by the oo:cmi*?loner, and the ipiestion referred to this Court. One of the charges is for making a false assignment -also that he ha* not made out a lull lUtol hi* creditor*. The t !oui1, during it* remark*, in alluding to a petitioner In hank ruptcy, hold* the following emphatic language. " After he has come in, and given up all hi* effect*. auew relationship commence* between him and hi* cieditor?one in which the ulterior hazard* are all hi*, and the ails antagaa, if any can exist, fall to the side of hi* creditor*. The decree can never be revoked, and hi* property cannot lie restored?that I* now nllotteil* absolutely to hi* creditor* ; and he will, further, lie deprived of the benefit of a discharge (the expectation of w hlcli wiw hi* inducement for seeking x decree ot bankruptcy) under i certain circunutrnce* pointed out by the art." The rotirf decided n*follow* : My opinion i* that the creditor can- j not rightfully file objection*, and make opposition to the discharge of tthe hank nip' for want of having properly t proved hi* debt. ' ? n ' '?' uonxrupir \ , OPjrctions to a decree disallowed, but they V m?? filed at a bar to final discharge. U, i. intuit fouit. Before Judge Belts. Jt tr 29. ? B?n). Demy er, Charged with robbing a letfr placed In the oince at Oreette county , vheiuhe hm ^oit. master, was arraigned. He plead not guilty, and bit tiial was set down for Tuesday next. City Intelligence. Jt not Wilet Scaai nneard.?I ho Supreme Court at U tic a huving confirmed the decision of the Oyer ami Terminer of this eity, iu the verdict against Judge Wiley, charged with compromising a iclony , his sureties, Al< er. man Smithcf the Oth ward.uud Alderman TurUer ot tbo Bib, who are his hietheri-iu law, surrendered Itlm, and he was committed !0 the city prison on \V. duesday evening. An application w 111 ho m :He to Judge K-n', under a writ ofhcbrss corpus, to adm.t hint to hail, and a number of gentlemen stand ready to enter the suiety required. The previous bail w as fixed at flO.Ow. An a) plic'u'ion, we understand, will be made to the Court of Ertoi*. u hicli will stay all further proceedings, as well as the execution of the Judgement ot the Court of Operand Terminer that meets in September next. Otis Allen fait aOain? 'This notorious deap r in coun ttrfeit money was arrested again last evening by otticers A.M. C. and James L. Smith, for parsing a counterfeit uo:o upon the bartender of the Knlckirbockcr Hall,on < the Hay of hit previous arrest, aa alio at Clark's I'alter House, corner of Broad way and Reede street. The evidence against him is positive. JB.tHnv r*. Mraccm.?Application has been made to the Supreme Court for libsity to oarry this case up to the Court of Errors. The r. quest was granted, and further proceedings ordered to be staid. The child will thceiore not be delivered up until after the decision in the last court of resort. Am Ow.ftaWs.MTEC for a $1000 bank note. Apply to Justice Parker, at the Lower rolioe. The bill Is supposed to bavo been stolen. A FsiTHrvL Maoiitrste.?The following particulars of the am-stof Capt. Webb we give, as promlsed,on l ues day t? On the morning of the 19th day of June last, at the discharging of the Watch, there appt areo on the Return ui the Fifth Distiict Watch, sipntrt by William O. V ebb, svhuse company was ou duty the ni*ht prvvious, the names of three persons, tw o i I whom w ete ebrrged ? hh minor offences, and the third with Burglary, jhetwo first having been ohnostd ol, the third was railed for, but did not answer ; and upon examining the Return it waa ascertained that the name of the man rhatged w ith hav ing committed Butglary had been erased, ami Col. Mountfort, Clerk of the I'ppct Police, noted the fact* on the Re turn. Justice Gilbert, however, not fcclirg inclined to petmit so palpable a violation cl law and deieiicticn of duty on the part of Capt. \V?hb to j ass onaoticed, detei. mined to exumine into the mailt t, nnd ascertain if posiil la u)>on what grounds ? pilsouer put in custody ol a Captain ol tha City Watch, on a charge o( felony, i.liould hove been permitted to escape, end the Return of iritCajtain sent to the notice office with the name of both the complainant and prisoner erased. An inquiry havu g 1 ecu Instituted, the residence of I'hel e Allen, the ccn pltunatit, which had Iteen emitted ou the Watch Re'urn, v as mfci imined ; and she w as tumiroiitil befrle Jutice G lbt rt to testify to tltc facts in the rase, and ttpon he ng w ot tt, Mis. Allen stated in substauce, iha1 on t| * morning ol tl 19>li June last, site w as aw oke by the noi?< ol n n en in ' I i try of her house?that sb* pot up and lit a m?-< I , at < 11 i discovered a man standii g in Im ii pit. tallied entrance in'0 the lit un hi fo i It y ti| h I .. I i thereby unlastenii g the tloot?"I ar "hi ifllti > ? man who took the mini in nn'ttli tin ft'tieiK1 lit o the I Filth District Watch House bequest l.t-t tin ii m o'clock iu the morning? that the was ex.n it... 1 y tl e Assistant Captain ol the Watch at the w atvo-hoi fe, in it hitiou to the charge, and the w as iheter.i on it fii'itd, and shortly aftrrwatda put in cuitody of a watchman to be convey cd to the upper police ottice?that w hen they had proceeds d as far ??the cottier of fiber II and Second itres ts, on their way tothe police offi.e, tlisy viete met by Capt. Webb, w ho "told the prisoner to go about lila business, and directed the complainant to go home After the altidavit of Mr*. Allen bad been taken, which w as on the Mth July inst., Justice Gilbert addressed a note to ( apt. Webb, informing him of the substance ofMrs. Allen's ntt-davit, and requiring ol Cart. Webb au explanation of his conduct in disi barging the prisoner at stated , but Capt. Webb made no reply thereto, and hit conduct rcacainii g unexplained on the till inst., Justice Gilbert summoned before him Margaret Stewart, a witness in the case, who accompanied Mrs. Allen to the w atch house on the morning the above mnntionid buiglary was committed, and who was also preiet't when Capt. Webb discharged thn prisoner ; and the statement maJe in the affidavit of Mrs. Stewart lully corroborate g that of Mrr. AUfrlt. Jus'ica tsnuert issued nts warrant for the arrest of ex-Capt Webb lor a inMemt-Hiior under tbe statute, in having wilfully permitted said pruo . er to escapi ?and the warrant havh g been put In the handa of officer g. f m'tb, he orrrs. trdex-f apt. Webb about daylight on the morning i f the .'3d inst. and took him before Ju?tlce Gilbert at rha up;? r police office, who committed Webb for examination, aid in default of bail. Webb was iub*erjtirntlT failtd ir 'ho aunt of >3P0 to ar.tWfr at tho next eotut of General Beaton* of the Peace to the charge of tnl'dimeanor In w IIfuily permitting a prisoner charged with havir g committed a felony to escape from custody. Tittt Thijivh?Three lot a named Thomas O'Prien, Michael McBride Thomas Dil-col, were entombed yetterday by officer McOiaili, on a cbsrge of stealing eight vast patterns, for which owners are wanted. AaacsT or raisosem ? James Jones, a hlaeV conr'cf who escaped ftorn Blarkwi IIV I-lsml a few ifays since.and Hamuel Freeman, w ere art i sted by the latadr|iiitt kcejer Ruckal, antl tafely ra'urned to the place to ? 1 Jcb t| sy werciantenced. Mr. Ruckel deierve'mnch credit ft hi energy and activity in securing theee d. Sperata rogues. Roaanav ors 6nir Boean ?A seaman belnng'ng on board the ship John Mlnturn, racently arrlyed ftom \< W Orlear.-i at thli port, wa* arrested yesterday and fttllv commi'tdd for stealing f J43 from a da- k belong |ng to Pant Paiterron, ? ho had intiu-ted the same w ith thi- mate of the vessel for safe hooping on the \Oy ape. Officer* Colvin and Sweet found $87 of the money where it had la en hid by Lewi* In one of the berths. He confe?-ed the thef>, but contended that the money found w?? all that he had taken from the desk. Moat. I*TaMrtaAKCE-?A colored woman named Hannah Jones was found dead yesterday, and upon investu ation by the coroner it wi< asci-rteined that h> r deah u as occasioned by hemerrhaire of the lung*, produced from excessive intemperate habit*. A Csss; or Villaixv ? A little girl named Mary Hsrrl on aged 14 years, was found In'he Battery l*at evening after It] o'clock by one of ihe cap'aln* of the City Watch, mid upon being artaigned before the police y t ferday, hyr Judge Steven*, ata'ed that about a ?'i ek sirre she was induced to go into a boat tin the F.a't Hiver at night, by tw o yonng men, who succeeded in their Infamous dr?:gr>? upon her, and then put h> r ashore near the Prv Dock She al*o stated that sinco then she ha* hi en wandering about the streets at Bight. being afraid to return to the place where she had Cvod. Having neither fa'her nor mo-her living. Judge Stereaa very properly sent her to the house of Refuge. Bankrupts. SOl'TllFRN DISTRICT OK NEW YORK. John L. Brewster, (laie merchant of N Tork now of Brooklyn,) Hept. a. J*?eph T. White, (Ann of White A R chard*,) m*r. chant, N. York, Sep!. 3. Thonia* T. Richarria, Sept. 3, JonntllRIl Dxrifortti mnrVinnt V V. rL More* Q. Woo.i, merchant, N. York. RnVtl. Burgalcw, victualler, N.York. P.O. Merrill, victualler. N. York. Jame* M. Bnrurr, N. York,(into Aim nl Bute. k R'a. vena, Detroit.) p N. C. H. E. Hanson, home painter Hrook li it Kaow Muica?Vr?? Tat Jul, l|, |on _ tfe.xi. can* frum this |>ort have or.-. > # ?' ?I- > n.-r-rr ' gio-r to-lay, having surprised an,I e.o "in d ci)' f n it the heat vessel the Cltiipcarhti :t ? ! I, nr..I' : nvI. her safe in horn. |t I* a brig pircbnreil ) f .in:' Corn 'h i> kpv nisb merchantman, mounts I4giur .m ! J '<>n n pivot; lta.l 70 men on Iward, nn.l was taken ' 70 We expect hourly to learn thn'the samolhfe lm ht|.|*#el to part of the Texan navy, who. prohebl" aaareoi the dan? K< r they run, have not show n tin i' nt>?c far a 1"hr time on our coust, so inuch mi that wo i**' p'rleet securitx , and thank Ood, our COfting '* has seldom been morn active. SURG I OA I A Si f) ri K V T A I. INSTRUMENTS \fAWl/FACTIeRKD h> VVV1 R OO? * o * i?l ?tr?eL?A t?^r *^ iftunrfnionv r\f rh? %?? ?%. fn rti???s-#?f? k#*pf on lifMii ini?l m-vife Oflft, of fhr m?>%* ipiiMfptl t?. THr mediml prolworn in ml, *tvl 4ri?or? roll *r>H before ftltrcbimtncrf !?#whr x. Mynncrt Mnmacl* nn*[ cnpptntf prtnp?. ?plHit? and fMTtiw? ipjMi ?f r?%? fiiftirni t,,r .t <n t? l"? i f i?xrt?l xn?l mHe to o iff. Cull ry iiol 8iir^ic\l liinrrtimifttM in b* l?*it t **\ lie manm r, .tut! r m t?rmt.n ?*?fru. 1\ lei V'xlr-i.f II). a!, |\ ; OpntrilJ^ p, I' \| it. Alfrri i ",*% ^ f> , * "' 1 r I I o .rin , H. I)

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