Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 30, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 30, 1842 Page 1
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TH Vol. VIII.?Ho. ?Wholt Ho. 305U. WATERING PLACES. &C. SHARON Sl'KlNUS. 'THE PAV ILL I ON.?This uew commodious Hotel will be open for the rt*c*-i?liou of ruitors on and Jul** the first oi June ueit. \l the Village of Sharon Sprites, Scholuurie County, New Yorl. , The clear pure water of the springs* ffsstly resembling those of the white sulphur sprimjs of Virginia, have becu proved to be highly efficacious in Rheumatic. Cutaneous, Uiliious and Dyspeptic compUiuU; and in the cure o( Limyielas, Saltrtitutn, Scrufula, Liver Complaint, and k'enrral debility, and in many other respects, possess (as certified by some of (he most eminent rnednvl prolessora in the C lilted States) tnedicinal and heuluivr properties unsurpassed, and believed to be unequailed by any iu this country. Added to there, tin ride, in tlo vicinity, numeroua villages, extensive views, neighboring #vcs and romantic scenery are anionic the many attrartion.1 ofi*ed to these seeking iu the neat of summer, either health or phawm These springs are but a tew hours ride from Marotoca, Troy, Albany, fcc., and are accesaable from Canaioharie on the Albany anu Utioa railroad, where carriages daily await the arrival of the moriiimc cars from Schenectady and l.tira. to carry visitors to the Si'iings. a distance of about eight miles, arriving iu time for dinner; also by the Albany and Cherry Valley turnpike bv daily stages, being about forty-five miles west of llie city or Albany. ... Warm, cold and shower Baths furnished at all times, either of .h . mineral or fresh water, and every attention given to ren Oer the tuv ol v*tior? agreewoie. Ail aotinuauce of the purest mountain spring Ice is stored for the vuou. . G. Vr. B. OEDN EY. THE STRINGS HOTEL.?This Hotel will be opeued at the above village of Sharon Springs, for the reception ol visitort, and combining all the advantages of tint ileliarlitfiil summer reHdence. JOHN V. ETTEN. a29 10w2taw*r catSKTLl MOUNTAIN house, AT TIIE PINE OR( HAUD.-I8I2. vpHlS romantic and fashionable resort will be conducted dur iuft the pretent si asoq under the direction and su|>eriutendance of the subscriber. It hu undergone a complete mid thorourb repair, and ia now open for the reception ol visitors. No effort will lie spared to maintain the deservedly high character which it has heretofore acuuired. As heretofore, its tables will be furnished with every delicacy that the New York mirket can atford; and every i>os?ible attention that can promote the rouvrnienre and enjoyment of iu patrons will be promptly bestowed. The road leading to this establishment and especially that part of it on the mountain, has beeu rendered perfectly smooth and safe. Messrs. A. F. Beach & Co.'s excellent line of stages will rnn as heretofore regularly between the landing and the Mountain House, on the arrival of the boats. C. L. BEACH, Proprietor. June 13th, 1113. jrU 3mr "DATH HftUsETLONG ISLAND.-Tliis long and well T) known boaidmg ai d sea bathing establishment, having recently undergone numerous improvements, among which is the erection of several elegant summer hosues upon the margin of the ocean, is now open for lite reception ot company during the season The great extent of private beach on tilts shore?the perfect security in bathing, even for ladies and children, (the bathing houses being within a stone's throw of the maii'toi.)? the shady, coot and delightfhl locust grove adjoining the house ?the pleasant tides in the surrounding country?the excellent fishing grounds and othei sources of healthful recreation and amusement?the beautiful view of the All mic ocean and the lower bay, almost constantly enlivened by numerous vessels arriving or outward bound, render this situation in every respect unequalled by any in the vicinity. Its accommodations are ample, the rooms airy and the temperature, even in the warmest days of summer, anything but oppressive. The convenience of communication and distance, (being but nine aulas from Brooklyn.) the access by stages at hours accommodated to business render it peculiarly well adapted ox a residence for gentlemen of basic *s in New York. JeU2m*r WILLIAM BROWN, Proprietor. t NORTH CANAAN, (Conn.) July 11, 1S42.-J O BciqiVETT Dear Sir,?For several days past 1 noticed in your daily, (which by the way I receive regular! itcriptioo of Fashionable Watering places, and I looked them all over but did not find any mention made of OUR HOUSE. Now very likely you have never heard of this place, as 1 built it last autumn just in time to take a small snrinkle of the winter travel from \New York to Albany, and by tlie way several gentlemen from your place, thought they would call this summer and spcwl a lew weeks, hut as I generally satisfy a man tint calls once that lie cannot do better than to oall again, | doubt whether I will sec one of them until next winter, then . .... .... u. I.1C..IL. tins mil ur . ..Kill as *ouu a mine as nicy can lake, astlir rail road will be romp etrd from Our House to We?t Stock bridge, and that nerfect* the chain of rail road from Greenbush to Biidgeport. Now, sir, 1 wish you to understand something of the particulars of our location. We are within one mile of the north line of the State of Oonnecticut, surrounded by the tallest kind of mountains, and ou the top of one of them is a splendid lake, that abounds in fish almost as tall as S"e mountain itself; we have other very fine lakes. The ousatouic Riser one half mile from tu, and the tributary streams ol which I iiazzard nothing iu saying for Trout and Pik* fishing, are uot second to any in New Eusland,if in the world. Then there is no arbitrary law about Birds in our adjoining towns in Massachusetts, perhaps a few could be caught, and put a few of them with plenty of fish, and we will hare a tolerable dinner. The way to get from your place to this, is just to drive to Catharine Market slip and take the Itrliwrt Nimrod, (which by the way is a craft hard to beat) aud ou your arrival at Bridgeport take the cars ou the Hrmsatoliic rail road, which will let you off at our house at precisely 4 o'clock. P. M. Suppose you call Up yonsself, and ask your friends to come, There are the falls too, some fifty feet perpendiculei, more or lesr, tint might be named, but I am net disposed to tell yon all about this section, as I had rather people should look it over for themselves. By the way, pay your fare on board the Lit through, as you save half a dollar iu the fare, it then being only $2J0 from New York to here. The cars leave Our House daily, aud passengers breakfast here and dine in New York. Yonrs, w ith respect, jU 2Wc JOHN BAK8TOW. BOARDING. AT DEAL, MONMOUTH, CO. N. J. . T EWI8 F. HANKlNSON respectfully informs his friend* Lt anil the public that he has fitted up iu the best style the house '.ormerly occupied by Jacob Corlra, at the above place.ia fcmott hrathful situation on the sea coast, about 7 miles from J Bank, and fourteen from Higstown. Stages pass through and fro to meet the Philadelphia cars. The terms of board w iLI be found verv moderate. Also, stabling, lie, for horses, on very reasonable terms. L. F. H. pledges himself that no effort of his will be wanting to render those who patronise him comfortable, and that his house will be found equal to auy along the const. je30 Im r _ Bedford mineral springs -This weii kuowu watering plaoe, situated iu Bedford County, Pennsylvania, is now uiwii for the reception of visitors. To those who have never visited the Springs, it may be necesss.y to say that they are situated ii'-ar the great Western Turnpike, Which passes tiirsagji Bcnnsyjranfl goal Philadelphia 10 Pittsburgh, a few miles east of the chief deration of ;he Alle ghany Mountain!. Every thing has been provided at this watering place to render a sojourn pleasant to those who are seeking health or enjoyment. Amusement will be found suited to all tastes, and a good hand of music will be in attendance. A daily stage will leave Chambersburg in the morning, and ajriive at the springs the same evening, or if persons prefer the Baltimore and Ohio Ktil Road to Iltucock, will have daily conveyances from there 10 'he springs. The liberal patronage extended to the subscriber the two last seasons, will ensure the renewed exertions the coming season, for t e amusement and comfort of his guests. WILLIAM REYNOLDS. _ DRY GOODS, TO THE LADIES. r?A*H!ONABLE MILLINERY OOODS.-The pronrie" tress, Misc S KI NO, daughter of the'cefcbratrd Carl King, offtrs lor sale a most select and choice assortment of Millinery Goods, for the spring trade never as yet presented to the pubIk, both as regards the quality and cheapness of the artkles The assortment consists of the following . The celebrated SiLK HAT, CALLED CAPOTTE D'ORLKA.No, as worn by La Duchessr D'Orleans, of France, SHED SILK, ENTIRELY NEW AN'P ORIGINAL STYLE?And Lawn Hats do do?An entire new style o *UO<a" MODINE CAPOTTES, ELSSLER COTTAGE.'1 Fnrisianand English FANCY STRAWS, of the finest texture, in great variety. Tne Proprietress res|?ectfullv solicits the ladies to favor her with a call, and examine li-r elegant and varied stock of Millinery for themselves, before they purchase ekewhsre, as it will he a great saving to tle-m in price and a great advantage as regards the variety and quality of the gtvwls. MISS 9. KING, Magaaine do Modes, jy22 lm*r 293H Broadway. SHIRTS, SHIRTS. ~ UNITED STATES SHIRT MANLTFA?TORY,77 Williain street, corner of Liberty, N. Y Nonet is lierdby gj re is .o Meichants anil traitors in general, I hit the proprietors of the ahbve establishment have adopted a new method of inauufkcturing which enables tlirm to sell their shirts at a the.,per rei e than any other house In this city. This statement will be affirmed by the list of prices as follows:? Per Dox. Fine Muslin Shirts, with Linen Bosoms and Collars,(,,.70 po stitched in the Cosom and Collar 0,00 1>0 Colored one patents, large sixes 7,00 Also, a Urge quaulity of Bosoms and Collars constantly on band, which will be offered cheap for cash. jyl lm*t SUMMER STOCKS, SCARFS, CRAVATS AND O LOVES. TU8T RKCI V?D, * ri*S Bunpljr of th* above articles, con ? stating of a very light and el.uric stock, expressly tor, the snrnm^r months. Also?Scurf* and Cravat*, in great variety. A laryc auorim?nt of b Ik, Thread, Cotton ami Horskiu jtloves? U the old establishment,.24 I Broadway, between Paik riiicr aim iTinrniy itreet. PARSKLLS, Airent for J. AOATE. N. B. Constantly on han I, an ciiemive axortment of Lim n and Mu.lin Slum, Linen Drt-ja Front,, Lim n Collara, Under Oirmenti, jy 12 lm*c IMPORTANT TO TH E PUBLIC. ALL who wish to economize ran obtain Clothing of the best quality remarkably cheap, at 205 Canal street, one door west ?i" Hudson. Also, a large assnrtmert ol C!ntr.t,, Vcs lints end Summer uoods, (rum which Clothing of nil kiudb are triade t<* order in the best manner at very reduced prices, 205 ('anal street, jeI9 3m*r SHIRTS. ~~ OHIRTS mail* to order, after the moat approved French m faahion,. Oentlrrni'i 1 (nrmrnii of all drirnptioui made to order at the ?horte?t notice. (lento men'. Fnrnuhiotr Store S7 and 6* Maiden lane, corner of William street. jrW lm* W1U.1AM rPI,l,l\'?i. CHF.Arl'rilOLSTHV-U'". IIFFD, MS II ro.rlw.iy, |?etween While and Walker .street.?( arrets of every dpscript ion made ami altered to fit the most intricate rooms -Curtains made and altered to the latest *t> le. Matrasses, sofaa, and easy chairs, made to order to match any description of furniture. The Subscriber not basing eapensei of a store to pay. i* enabled to make any of the abore articles at such prices to suit ^ Potions purchasing Carpets and Ofl Cloths can have a word of ldvice, hy calling as shove. Patter H inging. Carjiets cleaned <Jr?*as?-spots airicied. Vr. ivtilm*e.c GUNS AND PISTOLS. io i:xcLusrvEL. -f$ BJ08F.nL ' Maiden lane, up atijr?, jmiKirting ai;etit for the mI' of EnrlMli German *t>d Kreneh double mill .in^le barrel Fowling mil DuekiiiK (Inn,, from the lowest to the nneit qualitie, ; Pi.toli of every dc.crii>tion,. b;r thi, and other market*, embracing one hundred different kind* all of w hich he i? now prepared to offer lit the trannfaetme-.', p'ice., being eri-oi" fed "rent for the !.ir^c?t home, in that line in Europe, wnieH enable, loin to ?rtUt n.. emailloyr prkea. A lirge aaaorted itock of the above Alway, on hand. City and country merchant. are particularly roque.ted to call, previous to making their purchases. jy27 3m*r ^JOS8-? bale. M?|, for^IN8 fc jy II, M South afreet. E NE If] furniture! = george w. dawson, Wholesale and Retail Furniture and General Furnishing Warehouse, No. 67 Chatham street, corner of Duane street, New York. WHERE he keeps for sale a lartp* assortment of the follow. I ""leboarils. Burt an-., bedsteads, CoW, Tabli'i, tluui, Offict and Portable Desk>, Glass Casi *. Book C 'ses, Looking Olaiwes, Dining, Centre. Te.i and Pier Tablet, Pianos, Solas, Sola lied steads, B eds, Bedding, PaleaHers, Slattresses, Can*U. Oil,Cloth, Matting aud Fire Irons, Wash Btafioa, Toilet Tables, caudle Stands, Bureau Bedsteads Dressing Bureaus, Bales, 6lc. Alio, a large assortineut of men and women's Wearing Ai>parel, new and second lauded. Ali the above articles are offered to the public ai Very low prices. Persons in want of said articles wuald find it to their advantage to make an early call at the above tuuolishmut. Shipping orders punctually attended to and lacked en the shortest nonce, auu on reasonable terms. Mattresses, Bedding, lk? for fitting out vessels, constantly on hand. All orders to the above establishment will be punctually attended to and thaukfully received. N. B.?The hitches: prices will be given for Seooud Hand Furniture, and Gentlemen** and Ladies'cast off Clothing. a22 6m > ___ CHEAP HARDWARE STORE. TUIE Subscriber is now up unit: his Spring supply of 1 HARDWARE AND CUTLERY, received per late arl rivals from Biriniii.'lAui and Sheffield. Pogether with a general assortment of Domestic oomi*. *iiicii lie is lucparcd to oflur 1 *!te very LOWEST CASW PRICES. r ntteuiion of Country Merchants, Builders, Cabinet . s ike., is solieited to a" examination of his stock and rthc is confident they will iiud it to their interest r him with & call. , . Ah, EH ED K. LAORAVE, 210 Greenwich. corner Barclay, Now York. I ,A regular supply of FALL RIVER CUT NAILS, and | vnoiier s vjiutr. nno?a cuunM'ie fusoruiieur Ol iVlf rhaniCJ' Toolt, James' Screws, See. m2 !lm* i refined sugar, wines,&c. WELLINGTON A CARTER, Wine and Join mission Merchant, No. 5 New street, one door from Wall street, ha* just r cei ed from the refinery a ijuantity of superior double *nd *in lc refined Sugar, in small loaves, which he will sUll .<t Ul ncml l??w rate . n piNllftt) Mill bill in* W.A.Carter's assortment of superior Wines cannot fail to please. The old Lome It no Madeira of 1812, in bottles anJ in pines,hhdv avd qr. ca.sks of various aget; chami?%gne,claret and other light Wines ol the choicest ortnds, always on sale at low prices. Orders for any kind shall be faithfully executed. jy7 lm*r good summertwinet j T B. 8TOUVRNRL, Importer of French Wines of | J. the nio,t gpprorrd brand., Bonn-ana t'l.iret and other ' Wines. He hu removed from his old stand, HI Nassau street, I to No. 21 Ann street, (n. ar Nassau) basement. I Always on hand, the lirst and most rechtrche Wines, St. Juj lian, Montferraut, St. E.trve, Lafitte, Medoc, ike. in barrels, ! half casks and cases. Also, Champagne, variou, brands; BurEiiaih , Hermitage, lie.; superior Cognac Bruuly; lest quality Gin, Poit Wine, Portugal and Spanish Wines. .1. B. 9. will also sell by the dozen bottled Wine for srints families, which will be sent to any part of the city, also by the gallon or otherwise, to those who may favor him w ith their patronage. No Witiea are impure sold by him, as he importa them direct. . D]" J. 3 t has opened a boarding house at Hobokeu, oppositoVansha.l arden, on the main road, w heir ia kept an assortment of , . ' ett Wines. Private |>nrties supplied with good dinners ami-. . .invents. jvl2 lm*c ^ (iats. HATS! HATS! HATS !! T3ROWN fk CO'8 One Price Hat Store, wholesale and re! Jj tail, 179 Chatham Square, corner of Alott street, where fashion, beauty, durability and economy are combined to a.loru the head. The proprietors Itave the pleasure now to offer in addition to their recently unproved short napped Hat, a new style, the imitation of heaverr, which so closely rrseniDles that of all furs the moat costly and beautiful, that the difference is not easily perceived. Trice three dollars. We strictly adhere to the one Sice cash system, which enables us to furnish a very sujrerior at for the price charged. In presenting these Hats to the public the proprietors think they (rave reached the ultimatum of beauty, durability, cheapness and comfort. ml 3m* tailoring. removal. PHILLIPS' CASH TAILORING ESTABLISH] MKNT, Is removed from 145 Broadway to No. 7 Astor House. economy in gentlemen's dress. Garments of a most .legant and KashienaUe Uiud ft a saving of 60 per cent for cash. "TMIK advertiser d. ms it unnecessary to resoit tj the hack1 ue>ed system ol giving a list of nominal prices, presuming the length of time he has been established, together with ine extensive patronage bestowed on nun, win prove * sum eient voucher for hi* cailabilities. Possessing the advanrage ot being connected with an extensive cloth establishment in Kurope he confidently assets that he can furnish clothes which, on comparison, will pc found lower than any enher house making up the best descriptions of gentlemen's dress. my 13m 8. PHILLIPS, 7 Astor House, Broadway LOOK OUT. He who steals my purse steals trash. But lie who Anhe* from me of my good same K"bs me of that which not enriches him, Bui mak's me poor indeed.?[ Hhakspeare. MARSHALL, AT HISOSLY TROY SHIRT DEPOT. No. 90 Chatham street, makes the above quotation, because others endeavor to filch I'roin him his go id n irne, I vine, and reputation. We have more than once made public the many on* practised on dealers, strangers and others, in pursuit of our highly reputed Tray Shirts, Bosoms, and Collars. But now that impositions are on tile increase, therefore, we shall keep these facts before the public, which will espose iinposrers, and may cut olf their wicked designs. Make no mistakes therefore. " Marshall's only Troy Shirt Depot" is painted on our awning and window. Be |iarticular, however, to see the name " Marshall's" on our window and about our store. No. 90, ouronly Trov Shirt Depot, is situated about 16 doors from the corner of Pearl and Cliatnam streets, and on the right hind side in Chatham street, ill passing to the City Hall. Seethe name (D?- Marshall's _/5-an t von arc correct. CATALOGUE OF PRIl'ES. Strong made Cotton Shirts, with lini-n bosom*, collars and wrist bands, warranted, at |ier dozen. S7?7 AO?8?8 '0?9?loin JO?II?12?12 "10?15?16?16 50?17?18-20?21?22 5(5-21-25 26 50?27?28. AH Linen Shirts, rerdoz. $20- 211 50?2.5?77 50? 30?32 50?3(i?38. Plain Cotton Oniric. p? r d z. $5 5(??C?7?7 50 ?8?9. Colored Siml,, pei dot. %[>?5 50?6?7?8?9?10-11. Collars just received?In addition to our form, r I irge stock of collars of every description, 1000 dozen, all Linen eollars, at 50 vents |>er dozen, 62c?75c?37c?SI?I 25?I 50?I 75?2?2 25 ?2 50?2 75?3?3 25?3 50 and 400, including our .ew stile. Marshall'* Byron Collars, which have been m highly apiirored of. These goods, with our plain and ruffle bosoms, can lie found .1 mi'iy of 'tie principle readyma e lineu stores InrougV out trie city, nodht the maiiufirtun rs, l^'M*rs'>all'a ' / ' only Troy Shiit Depot, No. 90 Chatham s'reet, Ne-jr Yoik. We camion ih ah rs and others against the many mistakes lhal have been made of ate, in consequence of teeing ticketed prices in s,.me of the windows. Recollect, no marked ot ticketed prices arc to be seen in ou-window. But remember this the cut of onrstore, with the prices attached, will be circe,la(ed for the benrlit ol all. These circular* only maybe seen in our window : and, furthermore, we advise aga u, see the name and number, Sta stall's, No. 90." No patronage .asked of those who beat down. jyl5lm*c. MISCELLANEOUS. . SUPPRESSION OF QUACKERY QCJ-IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT-?0 the college of MEDICINE & PHARMACY Respectfully wm jb# nlmi of n.w York tint t' ey have appaiuted the following Si-r-Aoknt* in this city 3? J. W. Bassr.TT, Cll Broadway. Dr. K. M. Gum*, 127 Bowery. 1)h Ktnn, 287 Hudson street. Ki.ias L l'lir.ALL, 518 ('rand s, Du. NrwMtv 132 Cherry street. The Preparations u? the vsoliege may now be lad of those geutleuen. Principal Off cvs of the College for 5 Trtmont Row, Boston. Principal Office of the College for New Y'orn, at 97 N*s**n streer. By order of the Colleve, iv21c UT u oirunnonw . " ECONOMY, ELEGANCErANu'GOOD" LIVING. rPHE undcrnignrd h?, at * gTc.'t rxp+rjc, fi.tcd up one of the A larei'?t anil most spltn liij Coffee >nd Eating Houses in New Yorfc. in which one hundred oersons at least ean sit down i to an raeelfent mid substantial breakfast, dinner, and tea, [from I the choicest supplies of the markets, aitha lull of fare notesrelied either as r-sards quality or number of dish ?] by any hotel in the United States, and vary itiK in , rires from sis cents to | one shilling and eighteen pence per dish. The purest Java and Mock*coffee and the very best teas, and served at only three i oents per cup. And all other refreshments in propoitimi. The : waiters are uniformly civil and polite, and etery visitor may be I assured of feeling in this establishment quite at hone." In I fact, every department of the bnsin-? is under the snperinteti| denca of competent overseers, whose sole care and attention are directed to the comfort and cons tin ners of eustomrrs and ! guests. HENRY (TS^INu. Proprietor of the Fretrh and Amoncnn ('.kilnir House, I?os v< and tut Nasssfu at', between J?hn st and Maiden Lsne. P.'g.?Open Suudavs lor breakfast, ilinrs.-r anil tea. le'lt) Jm_r rpO GUN DEALERS (Juns, Pistols, and Sporting A articles too Sin^l Barrel Fowling Pieces 100 Double G?na,imitation twisted 300 do do real twisted <nd patent Breech. tOOO Pairs of Pistols?assorted?lOOdifferi nt varieties. Rules and Rule B i ?ej*?Locks ml trimmings Oaine Bags?Powder Flisks and Pereu*sion ( spa SlHirling articles grtierally. Tin above articles will be sold at unheard of low pueea, by A. W. SPIES .V ( (). ivld 1m* r Via Pearl 'treet. f'EOROK UOLYEH, and THOMAS DLGARJ),sure**C* sorn to Lev i* B. Griffin & Co., would n spectfully inform their friend* tml the publi , thu tlieyirr ppirrd to furnish timber of every descrfpti o. at a* short notice, and on as reasonable terms as sny establishment in tie ci*y, aiiheir N? w oieam Saw Mill, fool of fourteenth street, Nforin Rifer. jvll lm * r OPLK.NuiD plHCOVKKV fqE LEARN to 0 PAINT AND DRAW FROM NATURE.?Am ate ura may see, at No. 211 Br??.?<lw-y, next door to the American Hotel, a number ol samples of paintirg on wood, velvet, silk, imixiin, paper, tke. 8t.c, by a process for which the inventor has received a premium of two thousand dollars from in* French government. The imitation* of oil paintings arc so perfect that no paint, r f in??t ? ? them without learning the process. By this method, any a,list or ofh? r person may learn, in a v5 rV w lessons, to paint with nil, \ynler color, miniature, and also many new and handsome inventions, to a j erftcti.?ii dllneult to-understand without set*inn the samples or taking a tingle lesaon of Mr. VICTOR ERNETTE! painter to th? c?nrt* off ranee. Ru??.ia Sir The Artiste will remain only till the 15th of neit inonth. when he intends r?turning to K.ancc. Specimens may he seen st the above address. |V11 )m*r QPANI8H DOUBLOONS for sale 011 favorable TTnrwT'^r" 8. J. SYLVESTER'S, jylS r w Wall street and 1M Broadway. W YO EW YORK. SATURDAY J MISCELLANEOUS. Wiin I n'. Uhii i, > Old Alms-Hoiise, July 8, 1841. ) NOTICE is hereby mim, that the Croton Aqueduct Committer of the Corporation hive requested the V\ ater Comimissmuert, for the present, to rent the Croton Water, and arrange lor making the necessary count1 lions to supply the cilizeni of New York with water. I The following are the rates at which the water ia at present ' (tarnished \? Anni'sl Charges. Dwellings of two stories $10 0(1 more than two stories 12 no " ou tile rearoflots 5 00 " with workshop or store 12 to 20 Privilege of washing pave nenls 2 00 bath (where there arc futures) 5 00 Warehouse 15 00 Boarding house 10 to 20 Stable, private pei stall 5 00 " livery " 2 00 Payment to be made in advance lor the supply from August 1 to May 1, n''it?subsequently seuii-iiiuually. Large boarding houses, stables, breweries, tanneries, public barns, packing or salting houses, and all other consumers, shipping, \C., will be charged in proportion to the quantity of water used, ou agreement with the commissioners. Office hours from 9 o'clock A M until I P M, in the old Alms House. F.ntrnuce by centre door. SAMUEL STEVENS, JOHN I). WARD, ZEIPD lllNO II BIRD8AL1 iy]0 >wt ___ Water 1 'uinmis doners. SILK BANNERS, be. 1 nivvniornv ,. /-?> t. '> , V w. V/V.'., 4 M uroadVI . .. IKtaU ftireel, *} Kt-spt'Ctlully inform the OrJerof I. O t*0. K.. and their fricn<U generally, thatrtiev are no# prepare o execute orders foi Flags ind Banners n t h ra iop< t le for beauty f I durability, andeconoixiYihating Silks m I ch .\. etfoccasion thai will in.ike the largest banners witbout disfiguring it with a seam. Soecinv its and Designs can b*? seen at th? ir Establishment, 203 Broadway, or sent to any part of the Uni< For style, design, and execution of works of the kind, we refer to the Getty's Banner, No. II, I, O. of O. F., as also to (Greenwich, No. 40, Harmony, 44, Covenant, S5, Terscverance 17, aisO iMilit try Coinpauies and Minday School Banuers, and the societies St. Nicholas, New England, St. George, St Andieivs, St David, Ike 6cc. Window Shades in great variety, frein $1 each to the richeit antl best, painted by the most eminent artists. Stain-d Ohst, after the manner of the ancients, warranted never to change color, with many recent improvements for church windows and other public and private building*, steamboats, packet ships,store windows, &.C See. Imitations of Staiued Glass, paiuted on tnuslin for church windows,very close imitation of the real gla>i,nt a very trilling expense, or the glass obscured and painted in brilliant colors, very durable and cheap. iy 17 r WATCHES AND JEWELRY VERY LOW.?Theaub scriber is selling all descriptions of gold and silver Watches, gold and silver pencils, gold chains, keys, Sir., at retail, lower than at anv other place in the city. Gold Watches ? as low as 25 to 30 dollars each. Watches and Jowelry exchan- | gcd or bought. All Watches are w arranted to keep good time, or the money returned. Watches and Clocks repaired in the best manner, and warranted, at much less than the usual price?, by one of the finest w orkmen in the city. G. C. 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All letters deposited in the Post Office of this city for the 7 o'clock Mail, direct -d to Albany and Trov, ami to Buffalo and inform* diate places, will be forwarded from Albtuy by the Esprea* Mail, under < b^rgc i.f the same messengers. Public notice i* I ere lorn hereby given of the above arrangement, and all persons concerned may rely unon the unceasing diliuence with v Inch all mail matter Will he lorn mh-d as above in the shortest possible spnr* of time, and with the greatest security. E JEROME HUMPHREY, O* neral Mall Agent. New York, July l?lth, 1842. jvl7iw r HOT AND C< HLD SALT WAl'KH IIATHS. RABINEAU'S S< w Hot .oil Cold Halt VTatei li.itI,,. ?i the font of DnHimn ?trcet, UhirJ |>ivr tooth of (i?n>\ t. North If ivt r,) ire now < )< o for Itie m-.r.ommtxlation nl both I,idie. atni .(.uileinrn. Open from .uuriie until M o'rlocl at night. ... N. B. 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Q.?Have you in your posses&ion a certain memo ran- | durn made by ) our clerk relative to tho marks on the box r(ll of shells ' if yea, produce it; and if not, stute w hat has jie become of it. ' w. A.?1 have it not in my possession, and dou't know ^ where it is. My clerk keeps jiojsession of such papers. tj.? How did you know that the l>o\ was niarkud as quo- 1 ted 1 Were you told so, and by whom I J,)f A.?It was mentioned to me by Lieut. Hudson, that the an box was exposed with that mark. ou Lieut. I'saav was called, and being sworn, and tho charges read to him, stated : 1 know that on the day be- 1 | foro Mr. May was urrested, he showed me a paper upon nu which he had written a label for his liox of shells. We had some conversation about the matter, and I told him I thought it would make his claim moru definite if he mark- s((' edit" refused by the (' mwander of tho Exploring Expedition," instead of " bj the Exploring Expedition," as ha j had the label marked at the time. Nothing further took on place at that time. 1 meant no disrespect by the proposi- -y tion. I saw nothing disrespectlul in Mr. .May's manner, nor did I suspect him of disrespect. 1 thought nothing more ol it until the next da) , when Mr. May sal down b) me iu the ward room and told me, to my surprise, that he was arrested. Mr. May related the conversation which ( nil noil I.I.I, imu II .III 111(11. ?? IIM-H. Ill-ill is ail IKIIOW . about it ; 1 ito not know w ho mark oil the liox. 4.?Were you present when Mr. May came out of the cabin alter the interview with Capt. Wilkes on the 'WJ May, ami what did he say, and what was his tone und e' manner? P , A.?I was in the ward room of the Vincennct, but 1 don't f remember now what lie said; he told me Lieut. Wilkes's : . manner was violent in the extreme; that he struck the , table with hij fist, anil ordered him out of the cabin. Mr. May's manner was agitated, but in no w ays violent or P1' angry. H Q.?What did the accused ut that time say his manner , was to Lieut. Wilkes in his interview? A.?Kxcited, but not disrespectful. Q.?Din he say anything 1.1 relation to his intentions in marking the box, urn hi, willingness to take the mark til off; if he did, what did he ,?y f of A.?I don't^einembcr. y( (In relation to Lieut. Wilkos' character and manner to- w wards his officers, the witness gave similar testimony to w that of all the other oHirers who have been examined.| . ( t?.?Have you ever had any misunderstanding willi Lt. Wilkes. Q We have had differences respecting my position in ill the squadron, and iny claim as first lieutenant of the Ore- hi gon. di [The witness stated that the accusod's character lor sub- m ordination and rrspect was unquestionably good.) Midshipman Elliott was called, and b tug sworn, was questioned: Q.?Have you at anytime had any conversation with Mr. Stewart the clerk to Lieut. Hudson in relation to the c.' interview of Mr. May with Lieut. Wilkes? If yea, when 81( did you hear it. and please state it I ' of A.?I had a conversation with Mr. Stewart about mid- pii day of the day of the interview. He told me he was sit- .?o ting in the forward cabin at the time Mr. May same in, and he thought he was going into work as usual nt the chaits in the cabin; he said in a few moments be heard ' Mr. May and Lieut. WilVi-s talking in rather an elevated s ' tone, and heard Mr. May say, " because he thought it was nu perfectly proper, Sir.'' He said he was unable to inake Ju^ out anything else to understand it; he could only hear a word here nad there, and that he saw Mr. May leave the til cabin, and that was all he had heard. I had a ronvorsa- wi tion with Mr. Stewart at two separate times, at both of lln which he repeated as above, giving the same version of Q.?What induced this conversation on the part of [P Stewart? A.?It was at Mr. May's request I asked hl'm these ques- J" tions. T1 Q?Did the accused say any thing to you at the time the an box whs marked, ns to his intentions in marking it ! it de y' a, what did he say A?He told me his reason for marking it, sir, was that ho ]\j might be more certain of getting his shells again. w| Mr. Stewart recalled by the Court. H?You have stated in your i videncethat you hail a con- ? *' venation in relation to the interview between Mr. May ,>e and Lieut. Wilkes?state clearly and concisely what that conversation was. A?On the afternoon of the day on w hich it occurred, (lit Mr. Elliott came to me. and in a very round about way, to wished to know w hat I knew about the conversation be- |n tween Lieut. Wilkes and Mr. May. I told him 1 had not heard the whole ot the conversation, hut stated it w as noisv. I don't recollect the exact words, however?it was to that amount Mr. Elliott asked me if 1 thought Mr. .c May was disrespectful?that I told him 1 would not an- 'l!i aver, and several other inquiries of hit in the same way 1 ni either diil not answer or evade.' them. They were most m of them to the effect if I knew what Mr. May had said, and in what the captain had said. 1 can t recollect what the particulara were. Mr. Elliott had several interviews with me on that subject. 1 don't recollect whut answars 1 'vvt: to Air. Elliott, but they wen- nothing to thu purpose. I did not feel inclined to tell Mr. Elliott w hut I knew, for I had made up my mind as to what had occurred, and had put it on paper. * a Q- Did you state to Mr. Elliott that all you had heard ol the conversation wore the words, "Because I think it proper, sir," used by Mr. May? [), A? No, sir?that Is not part of the conversation which I heard. ?By accused's counsel.?You liavo stated' that you cit had several conversations with Mr. Elliott on this subject, , slate how many. A.?I should think three at any rate. On one of these ou occasions Mr. Elliott wished me to make a note, and 1 would unt as I did not consider him a proper person to re- ' port to. bu Q.?You have stated that you made a written memoran- jju dumof the conversation ; produce it. A Paper produced by witness, which differed little from in his testimony. ,,rf Q.?When did you write that memorandum? A.?In the ev uning of that day. nit Q.?In your memorandum you state that Captain Wilkes eul told him not to speak to him in his cabin. Why did you tut not state this in your examination in chief, being sworn to ho tell the whole truth? ; p,, A ?1 did not n collect that. It certainly was not iutcn- ,.n it was a part I thought necessary to tell the court '.l or I should not have noted it. Q. Relate all you know in connection with thai inter- y* view between Lieutenant Wilkes and Mr. May? A. I wish to state to tho Courtkhat this note was merely thi meant a? a memorandum to keep the conversation in my hti mind, and diil not contain the whole of it First place, I to' mentioned Mr. May entered the cabin, und when lis mode ac the remark "to state a fact," he made it in a very disrespectfttl niannor; the w itness went on to state that it w as j so with all the rest of the conversation, which w as very loud and disrespectful on the part of the accused, while . Captain Wilkes was unusually mild, and I was surprised t'j1 ai it as 1 never knew him so mild under such circuiwstan- Oj res beluro, and wondered that hedid not turn Mr. May out wi of theedbin. [ot H.?You represent that Mr. May gesticulated by moving Hr your arms, did his gestures correspondend with his tone of voice? A.?I nm not aware that I stntod so. ({.?You said just now hat you bad put down the w hole conversation on paper an you now state thnt the paper does not contain all?account for this ? n A.?1 have stated that I did not hear all, and that paper contains the leading facts. Q?Statu as whose reqacst you made that memorun- jA dum ? A.? Mr. Elliott requested me to make a memorandum but if uti k.. l-.-l.l- XMt lib... ? |w>vuiai?; ? u>o i^uoni. vaj/vaiu alto told roe to mako a memorandum of what had occurred. P? Q.- Did 1 undo stand you to say that you mnde this me so tnorandum before you left the cabin 1 . A.?1 did not say* so. q.?Did you give a copy of the note to Lieutenant tar Wilkes, and" why did you not give one to Mr. Elliott t A.?1 ilid not give one to Lieutenant Wilkes, and 1 have , said why 1 did not give one to Mr. Elliott. lie (This witness finding his testimony had been impooehod r seemed moat especially desirous of saying everything he could that would tie at all unfavorable to the accused, mc -training a poin' on set-oral occasions forthat pur|ioso,and (( git ing very curious testimony Indeed, explaining tima alter time portions ot his evidence, tvhieh as originally cal given contradicted other portions. jm Lieut. IIi-diox called and sworn, and was examined ns to Captain Wilkes'character, and said Captain Wilkes is of an excitable temper perhaps, and he wishes every otti- s?,l cer to move, when he gives him an order. Hi? manner is wi like that of all active olliccrs?he wishes things done pro- tve perly. As to hi* general eonduct to his officers, so far as I mr hate seen,he ha made them do promptly all orders lie has (for given tliern?and in cases where there was necessity for rX( prompt action, and if the olticers delayed ho w as excited ? , and hurried.) f.(" q?Was or was not his manner under such oirrum- '' stances rude, overhearing and insulting. In8 A.?I don't recollect n solitary act of rudeness or insult ant on his part that 1 have seen or has t ome to my know - ing ledge. (lie In relation to the chararter of Mr. May, for rpspect am aad subordination, hn stated that be never knew any ,,[lf hing about his character, as he had never been on duty ,] , with him. {l,il la reply to other questions he said he saw the box in , ' question with the marked side upwards. Did not know by whose orders the box was placed ahrrast the cap. |?ir? stan, and I informed Mr. Wilkes that the box was lying ttir! there. me In reply to questions as to whether Lieutenant Wilkes snlt had been oppressive, fcc.towards officers under his com- wj( mand during the late expedition, hu said he hail never y seen him so. he had never seen bim undignified or hurried r' unless it was during some duty aliont the deck, getting of boat* on an expedition, kc. I ? vs on hoard the Vincenm s ' w ?| seven months, which I lliink long enough to ascertain the and character of any man ommanaiug a ship, messing with apu >; r. Wilks, ruid w itnessing much of the duties going on rqu aboard the 'hip. fen q. Bv I's C.ovajri ?Have you not while on the ,|,j, leek of the V'incenr.i's heard Lieutenant V: ilkea address :. v the officers of the deck in an improper manner, and have you notieft the dock more than once to avoid witnessing his rudeness ? ora A.?No' Ihavenot. I have often left the deck when he trtt I had been on deck, hut not for that purpose. aw q?Have you not heard Lieut. Wilkes while on deck Bu L D ? . w.uw*. Prlc? Two Cent*. uleur dt rott, in sweet forgetfulness < f rates of exisnge, mercantile distress, ilnmburgh fires, and -Meters in India, (for why should we attempt to aw her mind from the beautiful, but uusiib?tanil ideal, to a contemplation ot the grot>s. t.nd no mm unsubstantial real ) I must take the licet ty cf isabusing the mind* of your Cocknets of ihetrunlundcd prejudices, by informing them that in all ur streets and by-ways there is entire safety of lite nd limb, nobody offering to cut their throats with ut first obtaining liberty to do so ; thtit in the tnott eiired places there would be 110 necessity of boldig 011 to their pockets?ihat by rbiy or night they rould be as -.,fe from all physical ill as in their owu ivorite Ilr-adwMv, or'n the sober citv of parnlelloraius and br<>, d brims it-. II The only loam they otlltl possibly receive, would be from the dark eyes I beautiful women, who lo> k from window bitd loony?no tit loua rIm-m or veil between ? and ainsuch showers ? f amorous Huns i.n..r>? ERA] ke uw of profane and violent language in the presence ro .he officers and crew ? 1.?1 think 1 have. . Meut. Rirooold vailed and sw oru?1 think I.t. Wilkes '' is vety prompt and energetic and very derided m his '' inner. He w as generally veiy courteous and very much a gentleman. The general character of the accused fur l?* liordiuation and respect, was, 1 believe, very lair ; he (1 d a very high reputation among his brother officers, ft sing heard him spoken of frequently in a fuvorable man r; he never served underlay command ; I have never veil under Lieut. Wilkes on his vessel. Lieut. Ca a a being sworn, said that Lieut. Wilkes's gene- ? teputation union g the oificers of the squadron was, that r' was harsh, overbearing and insulting. Personally Lt. 11 ilkes has'runted me alwuy s gentlemanly ; 1 have never v ,1 any difficulties with him. Captain Wilkes's general L jutaiioo is that he is quickly excited. The general re- z tatiou of the uccused ? hile he served In the ship with c i for two v ears, was, that he wasruiher over-sensitive ,, d quick w lieu he thought his rights w ere infringed up- p he was generally respectful and suboiiliuatu to his su. riors. r i'urser Waldron being recalled, said the general man- 1 r of Lieut. Wilkes w as that of nn officer and o gentle- v in : Mr. Waldron was going on to sure that Lt. Wilkes s is easily excited and subject to Ats of passion, but was v qiped by the Court. I Midshipman Elliott recalled. CL?How many interviews hud you with Mr. Stewart the luMtfll ol III.. iMsn ..... .,t \l" Usx 1 I I?? iikes / ii ?Two. ? T?Art* you positiveyou had only two ' K?I am. I Mr. ItAHRisOk: recalled. I}.? Did you give a memorandum to Lieut Wilkes, a;. 1 11 it show or not whetherThe marked side of the box ls upwards I ?I did, and it will show. There were two tides markdifferent from each other, it was on a small piece of par. rhe accused's Cocnsll here stated that he requested till morrow to prepare his defence, and in the meantime it cut. Gillis, who had been summoned, arrived, he should t permission of the Court to examine him to-morrow trning, t-tiehing the declaration of Lieut. Wilkes, that would break the officers of the squadron. The Court acceded to the request and adjourned till 10 Iock to-morrow morning. Latkr from Mexico?Wc have received further es from Mexico to the 19th instant Some thirty the released Texian prisoners had arrived at era Cruz, and several of them had already died ith the vomito or yellow lever. Among those ho have died, are the names?David Landers, o! !iio, and Thomas II. Spooner, of Virginia. Several hers were down with the vomito, but it was ought that they would recover. Colonel Cook id anothtr officer attached to the Santa Fe expetion, arrived at Vera Cruz on the lllli instant, to ake arrangements for the transpprtation of the en out of the country. "The 13th of June, the birth-day of Santa Anna, aseelebrated with great pomp and splendor at th? ty of Mexico. A Mexican made u great ascen on in a balloon on the occasion; a grand parade military, consisting of 6000 men with sixteen ?ces of ennnon, were out, and the Texian priners confined in the Convent of Santiago and the torduda were paraded and addressed by Santa ina in person on giving them their liberty. Hi tted that they now had proof that the Mexican , tion was as magnanimous and as ready to rendei itice as it was brave on the field of battle. " The Iliario says that the Texians acknowledged is act of generosity on the part of Santa Anne th repeated acclamations to the Mexican nation id to the dignified President. "At 8 o'clock in the evening, a table with fifty vers was set, tit which were present the President, e /trcnm^nop, irit* uiiirrrni cHomei omcrrp, an' e foreign ministers?among them were Genera s, hompson and the Hon. Mr Packenhnni. Speeches ^ id congratulatory addresses to the President were livered on the occasion. " The Great Congress is in session at the city ot ' exico, and almost a dead silence reigns as regardmt is going on in it. One of our corresponded lies the general belief to be, that the session will allowed to go on as long as the members do not 1 mmit any act which may differ from the opinion ?r Santa Anna, and incase they do nm counter to ; wishes of the provisional President they will gtheir homes quieker than they came trom them the meantime every thing was quiet; hut it is al- ' ist impossible that this quiet could last, forth- ! nple reason that a majority of the members ot ingress are Federals. As Santa Anna will no' 1 ten to any thing like a federal form of govern 1 ent,without materially changing his views, as: atter of course the two interests must clash. We list wait patiently for the next news from tin exican capital. Ounymiia. [Corrcspondi iicb cf the Herald.] Gt'AYAMA, July 15, 1R|2. head of the Mail?f)ri/ Time* and the Crop*?Shippinsr InteUigene c?Death. 5AII SIK :? Our last dates by newspapers front your ,, y, are by the New York Weekly Herald ot p IRth ult. You may therefore ligure to yonrseli ^ r indebtedness for your promptness in forwarding ur paper ahead of ull others. The Franklin leaves r tone American vessel in these waters, brig Wil I m Purrington,Capt. Higgins,bound to New York " ten days. Neither of these vessels go full, om , >duce being so nearly all shipped, and the croi > ving entirely finished. We are in this moment J lie ring front excessive drougth, though not si tclt as in some other points of the Island. W< 1 |H-, however, to get rain soon, and in case we d<> ensuing crop tor 1?l3|>romi-ept<? hf a good one 1 d all we shall require wtil be better prices in ^ fjtUtes for our prodnce than has ranged (hiar. . ' A Mr. Stciger, front your city, died suddenly on 1 evening of lite ftolt instant, having fallen from his 11 rsein a supposed fit of apoplexy, coming front tin ivn to the port. Mr. S. was much esteemed here, fl d was acting for the mercantile house ol A njor, Esq. of yourrity. His sudden death, was ' eply lamented by all who knew him. V Brig Magnolia, Beekman, of Portland, sailed tlii- , y from Johns for New York. Brig General . over < I Philadelphia, that ran on the rock t< ndward of the harbor, night of the 7th, is a total f s; some of the salted provisions, sltooks and sails, e all that has been saved from her. Ilnvniin. I [Correspondence of tin. Herald.] Havana, July 12, 1842. i, itinett?Trade?lialloon.*? Governor- General? Market*, ff' MVS Oorixiv Bknnett, Esq.t? < Pear Sir? 1 observe that you have an occasional corresndent from our sun-scorch'd isle, but I think not frequent, nor so voluminous as our importune / serves. Here is a great city of 200,000 inhubi t| its, with extended commercial relations with al- a >st all parts of the world, and I don't really be- I ve that three quarters of the fashionable readers q the Herald?who it is unnecessary to add are the h >?t intelligent portion of the community? have |c iuch better idea of it than they have of Samar- \ rid or Ispoban. They, no douht, have a vague ij, pression that n certain personage, facetious!, lied Yellow Jack, who visits lis at certain sea- "I is of the year, is in the habit of hurrying people. th most unbecoming precipitancy to the other ?v irld, willing or not ; and, also, that certain othei ire . tangible gentlemen, vnjgarly called cut oats and thieves, (a genus of financiers) make it ,, 'eedinaly unsafe to walk abroad after dark, in f iseqiience of certain fantastic trieks in whir1 y are in the habit of indulging?such as abetract gold ounces and watches from people's pockets. Vl I sometimes, by way of a slunt, skilfully introduea knife between tin- ribs, or drawing it through corotoid urtery, infinitlv more to their own 'i nsement than to that of the individuals acted " >11./"And, moreover, that in our iroets and public ces are to be seen numbers of dark-browed ruf- i? is, the unhung scoundrels of every nation under vi iven, who have been "traitors on the land, and lies on the sea," whose midnight dreams are His- | >ed by vi?ions of burning ships, nnd murdered ' a. and other horrid deeds that have made th?tnn ocean groan from his utmost depths nt tin ikedness ol man. '' itch is, no doubt, the vision that floats through mind' of thousands as their eyes fall upon th< 1 rrls Havana or Cuba iu ?h- eolnmnsof the Herald: 11 I if the beautiful girl, reclining in some gorgecm rtmcnt uiion a sofa, whose tolntr dt toje -.rare< als the blush upon her own glowing diet k, suf i her mind to wander to the more brnntifd "" rigs ol thi- fair land, it is to think how delightful p vould be to wander 'neath the majestic palms Jt( h some youth or kindred soul, or in fragrant > nge bovvers, soothed by the murmur of foun- ^ as and the music of bright-winged birds, pass ay the lazy hours in voluptuous dreams of love. f-j[ t leaving tne beauty to innulgc in her dream a in ^ ent passer by. as the bion.l hhitld d A-x itself, vitht's seven-fold thickness of tough bull hide could carce have warded off: hut such wounds as these ve are all willing to receive, and the kind-hearted dabanores ure ever ready to heal the wound > they lave unconsciously made. A few weekssiuce, the city was thrown intoqtiite ,n excitement, by the adveitisemeiit ifo ^ r. hirker, that he would make his eighih pi,uul baliHtn ascension ftom the PIiiz.i < To'. . .1 ihe t' gla, (opposite the city) at 0 P M < i. M .-h n d y >f course every body w ent to see i ?t It Inf.; a quite new heie but, uutortiinat>"y, m body saw t, for the excellent rrason that lit t . n would int go up So Mr Parker was walked < to . r'soii, iltd every body else wet t home. Y?-ht?i he w,?s o make another trial, and again every body muunt d upon the house-tops, the walls and surrounding lills. After waiting h long time with unpitrab lied patience, the balloon was seen fifing from the Pluza le Toro. Ui>, up?u|i it went majestically fur iro lie blue empyrean, watched by thousands ol eves, ill it pat-sod beyond all mortal ken. Livery body van delighted, und the ladies were expresp-iig a zorld of anxiety as to how the poor man wou'd get lown again, when an arrivul from the Kegla bjought lie news that the balloon had gone up without any luman aecompaniment Again Mr Pinker was valked off to prison tor humbugging the public; ant', or aught I know his balloon is yet traversing ihs ealnts <>f space, happily unconscious of the woes of la owner. _ There is nothing new or important here at present ; business is quite at u stand-still; nearly ill the strangers have lelt the city, and things ars putting on their summer aspect. Since witnessing the agitation cl the divina Funny's legs, the Habaneros have lost all relish tot nher theatricals, and a company of comedians ara low playing to empty houses. By the way, an accident happened at the theatre he other evening, which under oihercircumstacea night have been accompanied with serious confluences. The immense chandelier of the Tacon heHtre.fell with a tremendous crush into the pit,and lontrlt no one wn* injured, a few were most dreadtilly frightened. Hud it fallen during the crowded ottses of last winter, the consequence* would have een terrible 1 am told the Governor General is rt subscriber sub rosa) to the Heruld, and immediately tn its rrivnl, has the most interesting portions translated iito Spanish; they say lie was found the other norning ovt-r his coflee langhmg h'uiiily at yoor ccount of the duel between the Colonel <1 the egular army and Mr. Marshall. I think, should ou conclude to visit us next vintpr, you will La ire of on invitation to dine Ht theCarcel de Punto, Governor's house) nnd such otlr r attentions a.- are sually bestowed upon distinguished strangers like ourself, perhaps a decoiation of tome kind, and a le of soldiers to attend you in yjur promenades ud protect y.>u (ront any Wall street absconders tat might have tuken refuge among us. 1 observe in your correspondence front various irtaof the United States, frequent mention nine's f an extraordinary attention to the subject of reliion. 1 ant sorry to say that such matters are ut a ery low ebb here, and 1 would advise you to sug est to your Mormon friends the propriety of senotg a mission t? thi.-island J am Mire they would nd no dillieulty in obtaining an introduction trough your influence, nnd the public mind is erniently fitted at the present moment for the tecepion of a new dispensation. I agree with you in the opinion, that the Mormon aith will finally predominate in the U States, and erhaps in the world. The beauty, sublimity and urity of its doctrines, and the transrendunt genius if itsTounder, are sufficient elements of succc ?. In ddition'to this, there is a straight forwardness in action, and a contempt for every thing extraneous that N'tii peculiarly recommend them to the decided nnd nergetic inhabitants ot the north. What can ie more laconic, more bruutilnlly simple, than he name of their prophet, Joe Smith! The Joeph, stripped of all uselers ornament, becomes imply Jo There is h Doric severity about it, that s quite impressive and unique The public mind here ia still divided on the reaectivc merits of the two distinguished financiers, 'irk Diddle and Col Edwards; but I am inclined > cede the pulm to the Colonel, in having effected 1 spite of popular di;favor, little Irs* than the other id with the cordial support of the public Of purse, the sentence of Edwards is a mrr? f rm, iha eople of the United States will not show them Ives s?> fickle ns to pass so s.oon from presents of late and resolutions of thanks, to state prison and tinging; but whatever may be the fate of the. Jolonel, we may presume ihnt the cclat eiv. n to lat distinguished individual through the columns of our invaluable Herald, will not h il to arouse the inbiiion of other aspirants for distinction in the Ime line. I would suggest that n few teachen cf the Enpli'h tnguage would do well here at the present moment? n incre ised desire of the ladies to read thp Herald i t!ie original, nas occasioned a demand for inmiction beyond the preecut c pab.litie; of the city 5 supply. I. a u I beg leave to refer yon to thr state of our larket, and have the honor to subsetibe mvself our obedient servant, T. G. P. Freights.? Sugar?Baltic, nominal, ?2 10 to ? ; Ilitnir:t and Ifi-etneii, do, ?2 to ?2 10 ; Mediterranean, ? t> ii ?3 ; England, ?i 6 to ?'J 10 ; Fiance, HO toPO'rar ; nitciii State*. (Molasses nr no) fS nominal ; Hugar, ft to II perhox : Coffer 4 rial* per hag. Insurance? To England, France and Germany, 9$ to > c cent; United States, lj to 2. Exchange.?London. 10*o 11 premium : Paris. 11 tns iscount; Spain, 4 to 0 premium ; New York, per Boston, discount. Pi ires Current.?Sugar, brown, 3 to !ty rials per arroba ; alf and balf brown white, 3J to C ot JSdo ; whl'e, 3 to , do do j Molasses, for the price of hhd. 81 rentf f er gal ; blfno, first, 8 cents . second, 7 cents, the qnalltv usually liipped to the States , third, 6 cents. Honey, 3 rials per ah: white wax, $9 tier arroba ; yellow, 7. All imports from the States selling at very low price*. Review of New Books, Ladiks Companion for Atot sx ?Snowcfm, 109 ?uitonrtrrit ?Thi-is a very superb number, with tree plates. One is "Wilt thou think of mel" lovely face, nrfminibly illustrated by Robert rnntikon. The other "Annh and Abolihnnah," the ato daughters of Noah, are glorious faces, hut their nibs are too riidt; they arc waiting for their angel>vere. The plate of the fashions is capital. Mary nne Rrnvvne, Mrs. Sigourney, Mrs. Krnbury, Wilsnnd Hamilton have all capital pieces. Mm".'* MrSEt M?Bradbury f, Co . 127 -Vhwou rrft?Too good to need praise. The August num. ?r before us sustains tne putt reputation of the ork. Ptx Ni'iint vviTttTtiK WA?\TAvs? Currv, >r> BnwrftrfJ*?The present number content a thniig tal", the DrunkardV Wife. Bacox's WiiRux, N'n 3fi?Pntt, US Timrtrv?T'-i? iterpi ising publisher lias i.early brought this very tillable work lo a close. Lady's MpsicaD Library, Curry, 15." Ffmid'r y. The mwl handsome mid cheap musical puhliea* on of the day Here are five Quadrilles tid ten other pieces of music for 5l cent*. Pkopi.k's T.ihrar v. No. \\?Pnrt, 88 Jtouvy?Thn > a cheap and useful work H?re is nearly all Vinn (Trey and u fine plate for 2") cent". YoTj'Ni; Peoti.e's Hook?Post, 81* Rmrtry ? A valuble iieriodiril, with very nne illustrations, and lould he in the h inds of every ynnng person. Life <<f Howard the Bi.acr Prtnce?Cany fr fart? H'ih y <V Pn'nam ?Thi" is one ot th? ino^t iterestind tindv loihlr works that h ive been puh. -hed for sorri fimr hi" hv .Tmner : here fie is neter of his "'t'eerr. and he his ransacke,; Froir rt, Hvmer, Wdsinfcliam, Barnes, and all the old lroniclers, end Riven us the cream of then writings. i? a rem of ? hook. 1 . i[ \ SO FORTF.'4',"Kf?r ml?, i fr w r< twwi'! boJ? low corner French jrr ?nd Tt-nri piano for e? w b ?I? r?t^ f 11U. WTrnnkd mwlkrp in tiro# for I' ninth , 103 VVf,ilk. r ?rrfft Up Th j re to b dwfw-H of in i?' que nee of the owner teannu for Enrui c in the month of jpisf. jyl97w-re ANOINO rATT.R -?,(**) ponn^l' lew ericnl e?i*f, fftt sale by oc rtRsst fc onooK.s, ?t Liti?rtr?. V

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