Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 31, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 31, 1842 Page 1
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TH Vol. VIII.?-Ho. lOV -* W??wl? Wo. 3(HW. ""watering pieces. &C. SH A ROtrsP R 1 HMIE PAVtLMON-Thi. new ^ ?4l <>f , s,K?.^, < N? pure water ?rih? .pnj?. ?^y thnec "f the white anlphnr "P"'*! 11L4.,I^ ( ut'ni. .n?. Billpmved to be highly ? fr'.j,, ,,f Knjni- lii. WOami Dvapeptif cobiJ*"**.' fl i.y?.. ..Ij truniO Ability, i Salt rheum, Sorolula, Liver < /'^..Vrlitir^ by ?oin?of the and in many .thev reaped.. <V'Sreie.Vmed.ri- ! inoal eminent medical profra?ore lull l.?liei rd to be un<nal and Idling pwertiaa uu?ury?u?ed, and belies en to tie qUvEd,h,.Thi; tto vicinity, nurnerou. villagee, I Added to the**, th Xvr. and marantic acenery are among the nrany'nllractiona ofiAed to the.e seeking in the heat , ? f.o?, S.rotora, Troy. Albany ?d mi antraaahlr fiyna Caiiajohant <p the. Alba- , nvantfbtici railroad, where carriage. dai v await the arrival ? Oic mornTng can from Schenectady and Utica to carry am I torVtoTli/soriiuiv. adUt.alice of about fight nnle. arriving in U^ordini^rS^bv the Albany and Cherry Valley turnpile by-daily atages, bmu* about forty-five milea wm of the j C"^ari^'cold and alio war Batlu furniahed at all tnnvi, either of I. .mineral or freah" water, and every attention guru to reu dei'the atav of viaifore agreeable. An atmndance of the pureat mouutain a^nt^ Ice rertorciHor thTHK PRlNOS HOTEL.?TUia Hotel will'be opened at the above village of Sharon Springs, for the reception ol vui tore, and combining all the advantage, of tbu delightful .urnmei reiidciive^ JUlilN V. K1 1M..N, -^ATSKILL mountain"HoOsk; AT THE PINE PRC HARD.-1M2. rpHlS romantic and fashionable resort will be conducted durA ing the present season uuder the dirt ctioii aud superiutendance of the subscriber, it has uudergone a complete and thorough repair, and is new open for the reception of visitors. No effort will be spaiwd to maintain the deservedly high character which it has heretofore acooired. As heretofore, its tables will be furnished with every delicacy that the New York market can afford; 4iid tury possitde ?r teution that cau promote the convenience and em oy merit of its patron; will be promptly bestowed. The road leading to this establishment and especially that part of it ou the mountain, has been rendered perfectly smooth and safe. Messrs. A. b. Beach At Co.'s excellent line of stages will run as heretofore regularly between the landiug and the Mountaiu House, on the arrival of the boats. C. L. BEACH, FropnetoJ. June 13th, Hit. jt II Jmr RATH H3USE, LONG ISLAND.?Thi. lung sud wrll " known boarding and lea bathing establishment, having recently undergone numerous improvements, among which is the erection of several elegant summer hosues u|wn the margin of the ocean, is now open foe the reception ol company during the season. The great extent of private beach on this shore?the perfect seenrity in bathing, even for ladies and children, (rhe bathing houses being within a stone's throw of the mansion)? the shady, cool and delightful locust grove adjoining the house ?Use pleasant rides in the surrounding countrr?the excellent fishing grounds and other sources of nealthful recreation and amusement?the benntiful view of the Atlantic ocean and the lower bay, almost constantly enlivened by numerous vessels arriving or outward bound, rendei tin* situation in tYerv respect unequalled by any in the vicinity. Its accommodations are ample, the rooms airy and the temperature, even in the warmest daya of summer, anything but oppressive. The convenience ol communication and distance, (being but nine milt i Ironi Brooklyn.) the access by stages at hours accommodated to business render it |>eculiarly well adapted as a residence for gentlemen of buslr. as in New York. jel? ?m*r WILLIAM BROWN, Proprietor. M NORTH CANAAN. (Conu.) July 11. 18U.-J 75 BcMfKTT :?Dsar Sir.?For several days past I noticed JmHLiu your daily, (which'by the way I receive regular) your discription of baahionable Watering places, and I looked them all over but did not find auv mention made of OUR HOUSE. Now very likely you have never heard of this (place, as 1 built it last autumn just in time to take a small snrinkle of the winter travel from New York to Albany, and by the way several gentlemen from your place, thought iliey would call this summer and spend a lew weeks, but as I generally satisfy a man that calls one* that he caiiuot do better than to call again, 1 doubt whether I will see one of them oulil next winter, then 1 am sure of tliem. as this will be about as good a route ?< they cap lake, as the rail road w ill be completed froin Our House to West Stockbridge, and that perfects the chain of rail road from Oreenbush to Bridgeport. Now, sir, I w ish you to understand something of the particulars of our location. We are within one mile of the north line of the State of Qomieciicut, surrounded by the tallest kind of mountains, and On the top of one of them is a spit mini lake, that abounds in flsli almost as tall as the mountain itself; we have other very fine lakes. The Housatuuic River one half mile from ns, and the tributary streams of which 1 bastard nothing in saying lor Trout and Pike fishing. are not fecund to any in New England, if in the world. Thru there 11 no arbitrary law about Lmls in our adjoining town* in Massachusetts |>erh?i>s a few could be caught, and put a few of them with plenty of fish, and we will hare a tolerable dinner. _ The way to get from your place to this, is lUst to diiva to Catliariue Market slip and take the steamer mm rod, (which by the way is a craft hard to beat) and on your airivalat.Bridgeport take the carson the Hnusatonic rail road, which will let you off at our house at precisely f o'clock. P. M. Suppose you rail up yousself, Mid ask your friends to come. There are the falls too, some fifty feet perpelidiculai, more or less, Ihst might be named, but I am net disposed to tell you all about tin < section, as I had rather people should look it over for themselves. By the way, pay your fare ou board the boat through, as you save half a dollar in the fare, it tlieu being only ftJO from New York to here. The cars leave Our House daily, and passengers breakfast here and dine in New York. Yours, with respect, j 14 2w?c JOHN frARSTOW. BOARDING. AT DEAL, MONMOUTH. CO. N. J. I EWIS K. HANKINSON respectfully informs bis friends U and the public that he has fitted up iu the best style the house '.ormerly occupied by Jacob Curies, at the above the most heathful situation on the sea coast, about 7 miles from Red Bank, and fourteen from Higstowu. Stages pas* through and fro to meet Ihe Philadelphia cars. The terms of hoard will be found very moderate. Also, stabling, lie, for horses, on very reasonable terms. L. F. H. pledges himself that no effort of his will be wanting to render those who |>atronise him comfortable, and that his house will be found equal to any along the coast. je30 Im r DEDFOHDMINERAL SPRINGS ?Thia well known D watering place, situated in Bedford County, Pennsylvania, is now open for the reception of visitor*. To those who have never visited the Springs, it inay be aeces iiv to say that they are situated near the great Western Turnpike, which passe* through Pennsylvania from Philadelphia to Pitlsbuigh, a few miles east of the chief elevation of the Alleghany Mountains. 1 Every thing lias bet u provided at tins watering place to render a iqjouru pleasant to those who arc seeking health or enjoyment. Amusement will be found suited to all tastes, and a good baud of uiuaic will be in attendance. A daily stage will leave Chambersburg in the morning, and ariive at the spring* the same evening, or if persons prefer the Baltimoie and Ohio Rail Road to Hincock, will have daily conveyances from there to the spriugs. The liberal patronage eitemled to the subscriber the two last seasons, will ensure the renewefeiertions the coming season, far t' ? amusement and comfort of his guests. WILLIAM REYNOLDS. jeZDeod Im*r Proprietor. tad v ennno e. J-7XVI WV/WL/O, OC(;. TO THE LADIES. PASHIONABLE MILLINERY GQQDS -The pre * r ti(M, Mi?s 8 KING, daughter of tlw*celeorated Carl King, offers for sale a moat aeleet ana choice assortment of Millinery Goods .for the spring trade, never as yet presented to the pahIk, both as regards the quality and cheapness of the articles The assortment entrusts of the following The eelebraieaSILK HAT. C ALLED CAPOTTE D'ORLEANS, as worn by La Duchesse D'Orleans, of France , I SHED SILK. ENTIRELY NEW AND ORIGINAL STYLE?And Lawn Hals do do?An intirr new style o Hdtt called " MODINE CAPOTTES. ELSSLEH COTTAGE ?' Pansmntnd English FANCY STRAWS, of the finest texture, in gieat vaiiaty. The Proprietress ir specUnllv solicits the ladies to favor has with a call, and examine her elegant and varied atock of Millinery for themaelves, before they purchase alsewhare, as it will be a great saving to them in price and a great advantage as regmida the variety and quality of the goods. MISS S. KING. >Tucaeiue dc Modes, JV22 lm*r W.ihi Broadway, SHIRTS. SHIRTS UNITED STATES SHIRT MANUFACTORY, 77 William street, corner of Liberty, N. Y Notice 11 hereby given to Merchants aud traders hi general, thai the proprietors of the above establishment have adopted a new method of manufsc Airing which enables the in to m II their shirts at a cheaper at e than any other house in ihis city. This statement ? ill be affirmed by the list of prices as follows:? I Per Dot. Fine Muslin Slurta, with Linen Bosoms and Collais, $7,50 Do stitched in the Bosom and Collar 0,00 Do Colored line patriot, large sues 7,00 Also, a laige iiiianlity of Bosoms and ( otl.ns constantly on hand, which will be offered cheap for sash. jyl |m*r SUMMER "STOCKS, SCARFS. CRAVATS AN It OLOVES. f UST RRC1V&D, i ri?h mrplp of the abo?? article*. con v lilting of a iery lightdnd eliuiif stork, eiprei'sly lor th? tumrarr tnoutli* AU<w? Scarfs and Cravat*, in great taiirty. A nffe iiyniinnif of Silk. Thread, Cotton and Honkin 8 toWkhfcrnt, 24! Bmndway, between Paik " _ '"TaEBEULS, IfeatforJ AGATJC N B.J oiwumlvon hand, tndhnin< ? .. tune lit of Lin ti and Muslin Shuts, Linen Dress Fronts, Linen Collars. Under Garments. mt.Ac. jy 13 lm*r_ IMPORTANT TO THE PUBLIC. ALL who wish to rconumiie can ohuiu Clothing nf the best quality remarkably cheap, at 205 Canal Mrett.nn* door H'l'L. u AI???. Iuk# of Cloth . ' in* in, Veatings, .M Summer Goods, from which Clothing of all kinUare ina?l* to order in the heat manner at *ery reduced price*, TfoCansI strict. jrl<l Sm*r SillRTS." OHIRTR made to order. aft" the moat apyiorrd Krv uch 17 favhien*. Gentlemen'* Garment* of *11 dcacnptiona made to older *t the akortrat poller. Qjnticnci^ raraiiKia, fkore 17 and M Maiden lane, ronwi 0f)SWILLIAM liOLMW. (<HEAP"UrHC?i.8TRY-W. Hi.Kl7.IM Broadway, he" ' tween While and Walker vtreel.?I .ir|?elv of r*ri> deacriptiou made end altered to fit llie most intricate roomi?' intaiiu made and alteied to the late-it ?tyl*. Malnuiei, vofns, and ruy chain, made to order to mat en any description of fnmi- i Inre. The Siibvenhet not baring ipeiwev of a alorr to (vn. ia , added ip make any of the aboee arttclr* at vurh prtera to aait thelime*. Hereon* imieha ring I 'ar|*l* and Oil Clollia can hate a word i I advice, by calling a* above. r*per Hanging. t'arprts clean- , ,0 U reave spot' ealracleil. Sc. iv 6 Im'e.e GUNS "AND PISTOLS. vlri- EXCLUSIVELY.-CO i HJO^KHH, II Maiden l*l?e, np ?tyir*, importing agent f?r the .ale of Kinili?b. (irrniaii and Krrneh double and .main 1 barrel Fowling and Ducking Ifoni, from ihe limr.t to the fin Ml Iinalitira ; Pivt.da of every doacription, lor this and other market*,embracing one hundred diuerrnl kind*, all ol which i h* i? now prrpuedio offer at the manufacturer v pneea, being 1 appointed igent for the large,! hnrne* in rhat line in F.ornpe, I ivhieh enable* him to tell at ealremely low pneea. A large aaaorted vtoek of the above always on hairn. City ami country merchant, ire partteiilarly repifin I i > rall.prev.ouv r,. li.ak.iig Hi , jyff Tin* i { M""8a co. jy 13 e * Son til itrect. . ' . e jJI I. E NE i KIJRNITURE. n?/Minn nr m iirnAtr WAmuL W . 1FAW 5UIN, IPltbltsale and Ketnl! h'wmtxu t ami (imtral AWninbinif IVarehoxmt, No. h7 Chatham utreet, cornet of lluanr tlx ert, New Vork. wI'KHF. he keeps fur sale a larjr. asnortmont of ihr follower V . itig attlcles.vit.: Sideboard.. Bureaus, Bedstead., <JoU, \1 ablet. C n? !?;?, Oflier and Portable Drski. Glais Pait*. Book f.?i*e*, L< Hiking GUmcs, Dining, Cvntu.. Tti aud Pier Table*, runt*, nof??( Sofa BtdkUids.DetL, Boldiiw. PaleaHt rj.Mat* titsus, ( atp?U, Oil Cloth, Milling aud rue Iron*, Wash Brands, Toilet Tabic*, Candle Btifcid*. Bureau Bwitetdi I) lusting Bureau*, Safes, Utr. Also, a large assortment of men and women's Wearing Appaiel, new and second handed All the tbpve article* die offend to the public at very low price*. Person* in want of said article* wunld And U to tlieir ads antogc to make an early call at the above esUOliahmenr. Shipping order* punctually attended to and m<bed an the shortest notice, and on reasonable terms. Mattirsaes, Bedding, lie for fitting ??ut vessel*, constantly on hand. All orden to the above establishment will be punctually attended to and thankfully received. <N. B.?The highest price* will be give a for Second Hand Furniture, aud Gentlemen's and Ladies'cast off Clothing. a 22 6m?t CHEAP HARDWARE STORE. THE Subscriber n now opening hit Spring supply of 1 HARDWARE AND CUTLERY .received pur Tale arrivals from Btrminglhm .mil Sin (field. Fogether with a general aascranmt of Domestic iwmn, winch he is prepared to ofI ri-fche very LOWEST CASW PRICES. f attention of Country MerchanU, Builder*, Cabinet r , Sc., is solicited to an elimination of his stock and I the IS confident they mil find it to then lutrivst r him with a call. ALFRED V. LAORAVE, 210 Urctnwick. corner Barclay , New York. A regular aupply of FALL RIVER CUT NAILS, and Cooper's Olue. Also?a complete assortment of Mechantca' Tools, James'Screws, Sc. m2 3m* REFINED SUGAR, WlNES, kc. WELLINGTON A. CARTER. Wtue and ;.>m mission ** ^Merchant, No. jNew street. one door from Wall street, has just received front the refinery a quantity of superior double'end siie.-lr refined Sugar, in small loaves, which he will sell W.A.Carter's assortment of supeiior Wiuii cannot fail to please. The old Lomelino Madeira of 181?, In bottles ami in pipes,hhds. ami <jr casks of variaus ages; champagne,claret and other light Wines of the choicest biauds, always on sale at low prices. Orders for any kind shall he faithfully executed. jy7 lm*r good summerwlnk 1 B 8TOUVENEL. Importer of French Wince of the most approved brands, Bordeaux CLnst and other Wines. He has removed from his old stand, 61 Nasssu street, to No. 21 Ann stsett, (near Nassau) basement. Alarays on hand, the best and unit recAercAc Wines, St. Julian, Montferraul, St. Esteve, L.ifitte, Medoe, kc. in barrels, half casks and cases. Also, Champagne, various brands; Burgundy, Hermitage, kc.; superior Cognac Brandy; best quality Gin. roit Wine, Toitugal Mid 8oanish Wines. J. B. 8. will also sell by the diweii bottled Wine for pi irate families, which will be sent lo any part of the city, also by the gallon or otherwise, to those who may faror him with their patronage. No Wines are impure sold by him. as he imports them direct. (?7~ J. D has opened a boarding home at Hobokeu, opposite Vaurhad aidi n.rm the main road, yvheie is kept an aa ortmcutof . |. I eat Wines. Private parties supplied with good dinnersandoh^^iAenu^^^^^^^^^^^^^jvlMn^c ~hats. hats! hats! hats !! BROWN k CO'S One Puce Hat 8true, wholesale and re] tail, 179 Chatham Square, coiner of Mott street, where fashion, beauty, durability and economy are combined to adorn the head. PIThe proprietors have the pleasure nowto offer in addition to their iccently unproved snort napped Hat, a new style, the imitation of beaverr, which ao closely resemfttes that of all furs the most costly and beautiful, thxt the difference is uot easily perceived. Ptice three dollars. We strictly adhere to the one price cash system, which enables us to furnish a very superior Hat for the price charged. In pietenlinK these Hats to the public the proprietors think they nave reached the ultimatum of beauty, durability, cheapness and comfort. inf 3m* "tailoring; removal. PUIIIIBM* TATTODfVM ls'<T A Ul Kill & j liuuiA vnvii iniuviiuv u>. j ii MENT, It removed fiom 146 Broadway to No. 7 Aator Hotiso. ECONOMY IN GENTLEMEN'S DRESS. Garments of a moat Jrganl and Kashmuatde kiud rt a saving of 60 per cent for cash. ""PHE advertiser di ms it unnecessary to rrsoit tJ the beckI neyed system of giving a li-vt of nominal prices, presuming 'bat the length of time he lias been established, together with the extensive patronage bestowed on Inm, will prove a sum eient voucher for his capabilities. Possessing the advantage of being connected with an extensive cloth establishmant in Kuro|ir he confidently assets that he can furnish clothes which, on comparison, w ill he found lower tlgui any rgher liouse making up the best descriptions of gentlemen's dress, myl3m fL_PHILLIP8, 7 Astor House, Broadway LOOK OUT. He wIki steals my purse steals trash, But he who filsries from ate of my^ooil name Hobs me of thai which not enriches him. But makes me poor indeed.?[ Sliaksnoarc. MARSHALL, AT HIS ONLY TROY SHIRT DEPOT, No. 90 Chatham street, makes the above quotation, beoauae othera endeavor to filch from him his good name, fame, and reputation. We have more than once made public the many impositions practised on dealers, strangers and others, in pursuit of our highly reputed Troy Shirts, Bosom-, and Collars. But now that impositions are on the increase, therefore, we .hall keep thcae facts before the public, which will expose imposters, and may ent off their wicked designs. Make no mistakes therefore. " Marshall's only Troy Shirt Depot" is imnted on our awning and Window. Be paitu, however, to see the name " Mai shall'** 00 our window and about No 90, our only Troy Shirt Depot, is situated about Iff doors from the comer of Pearl and Chatham streets, and on the tight hand side in Chatham street, in passing to the City Hall. Seethe name IT" MARSHALL s . VJj and yon are correct. C ATALOGUE.OF PRICES Strong made Cotton Shirts, with linen bosoms, collars and w rist bauds, warranted, at per dozen. $7?7 SO?8?8 50? 9? lb? 10 50?11 ? 12?12 50-15?10-16 50-17?18-20-21-22 50?21?25 26 50-27?28. All Linen Shirts. per doz. $20-20 50-25?27 50? 30?32 50?36?38. Plain Cotton Shuts, per doz. $5 50-6?7?7 50 ?8?9. Colored Shirts, i>ei doz. $5?5 50?6?7?8?9?10?11. Collars just received?In addition to our former large stock of collars of evety description, 1000 dozen, all Liuen collars, at 50 ceiil? |*r dozen, 62c?75c? 87c?$1?1 25?I 50?1 75?2?2 25 ?2 50?2 75?J?3 25?3 50 and 4 00, including our new style. Marshall's Byron Collars, which have been so highly approved of These goods, with our plain and ruffle bovoms. can tie found at many of rlie principle reads ma jfl linen stores through out the city, and(at the manufacturers, it/^Marsball's [C7" only Troy Shirt Depot, No- 90 Chatham street, New Yoik. We eautiou dealers and others against the many mistakes that have heen made of lale. in cmtieoiiciirc nf serins ticketed nrire. in some of the windows. Recollect, no marked 01 ticketed prices are to be seen in ou'window. But remember this the cut of our store, with the prices attached, will be circulated for the benefit ol all. These circulars only maybe seen in our window : and, furthermore, we adrise again, see the name and number, Maisliall's, No. 90." No patrouage asked of those who beat down. jyUlm'e MISCELLANEOUS. SIP PRESS ION OFQUACKERY ftf-IMPOR TA.XT A SNOUNCEMEST -O) THE COLLFOF, OF MEDICINE & PHARMACY D ESPFCTFl'LLY inform the cituen. of New Yeik thst Tv they hare appointed the following 9rn Aiintsrs hi this sity J. W., 6tt Bioadway. Dr. E. M. wiojt, 127 Bowery. cm. mnri. m nnusotistreet. Ecias L. I'mm . M8 Grand st 1)r. Newman. 132 Cherry street The Preparations of the C'.'llei.. may now be h*d of thoea [eutlemen Principal Offices of the ColLjt ("i New England,at S Tremont Row, Boston Principal Officii ol the College toi New York, at *7 Nassau itieet. By ord? of the C'nllrcc. j\"lr W S. RltllRDSON. Agent economy, elkganoe, and good living. ' I'lIK niiih mailed lias, at a great euaui, lilted up one of the ' laiarft alio most aplendid Coffee and Esting Houaea in N> w Yoik, in which one hiimlrrd persona at laaat can ait down to au eicellcut and suh-.tanlial breakfast, dinner.ami tea, [from the thmci A. auptdie ofthe inaikeU, with a hill of fare not eicelleil either aa retard* guality or numhri of dish"a] by any hotel in the United State*, and varying in prices from ai* cents to one shilling and eighteen|>enee per dish The ptarest Java and Mocka colli e and the very beat teaa, and -.erred at only three Jenla per cop And all oilier refreshments in proportion. The waiters are nnifotmlv civil and polite, and emy visitor may be savored of feeling in this establishment unite "at honn." In fact, eveiy dtpiitmeut of the huvin'ai is under the superintendence of competent oveiseera, whose sole care and attention are liirerti d to the comfort and conveniences of customers and S HENRY GOSLING. Proprietor of the Krt nch and American Eatiac House. Nos M and tit; Nassau st. between Jabu st aud Maiden Lane, p. S ?flp. il Sundays for breakfast, dinner and tea. jeM 1mi rpo (ilJN DEALERS?Guns, Pistols, I aiticles inn Single Barrel Fowling ru-cea 100 Douhle Guns, imitation twisted DM) do do real twisted and |?taal Hiecch. won Pair, ol Pi .lids?assorted?lltlditVereiit varieties. Hides anil Rille Bineis?Locks and trimmings tiann Bags?Fowdei Fla.ks and FeiCusaietl Caps Spurting articles generally. The above articles will be told at unheard of low ptices, by A. W. SPIES fc CO. j v ley lm * r SIR Pearl street. / ' KORUh. I tll.VKH. sad ffio.MAS in <ATu> tlCCL'A- I ?ors D. Onffin k I'o., wonM rpsppclfnll? inform infiir fri?>rttlt aiiH the public, tint thry ait? pr?p?r??l to fnriii-li timber of every dr??:ripti ?n if slmrt imtif p. ml "ii** r? i joiiAhlf' t'rnvi m any ? ?tAl?liahin?Tt in (lie city. at their New 9v?*am Riiw Mill, fool of Fourteenth *trrct, Nortn River. Jy 11 lm?t S1','sK, v'l"". v(|is' '.n ERV KOR LEAHNINO TO fA,NV AND DRAW KKOM NATURE.?Amateurs may are, at Mo. 211 Broadway, nesl door to the American Motel, a number ol samples of painting on wood, velvet, nlk, mii- lin. i"|wr, kr. Is.e, by a process (hr which the in>. nlni III. recen, d a premium of two thousand dollars from lb. French government, rhe, of oil paintings lie so |ierfect that no iwuitrr ran imitate them without learning Ihr process. By this mrthosl, any artist or oilier person may learn, in a very lew lessons, to paint w ith oil, water color immature, ami also mauy new and handsome int. minus to a perfection difficult to understand wuhoui srruiK the aainnles vr taking a single lea?tn ol Mr. VICTOR ERNETTe' [winter to the courts of V ranee. Russia, Ac. The Artiste will remviu only rill the tlth of ne*t month alien he intends returning In Kiincr Specimens miv ho seen at the shove sddraas. jylt |,n?r S~ PANISH DOUBLOONS i- r .sic ..II Isr.irahle terms ,i H. J. SYLVESTER'*, jylt i 22 W?ll sueet and IJO Brosuiway. | W YO VEW YORK. SUNDAY Mi MISCELLANEOUS. VV'l : l g < ..MMI.-I.IM R? ( If Ml I , < Old Alms-Houtr, July I, 1842. s NOTICE i> hrubvgivtu, that the Crotou Aijarauet Com* iniuec of die I orporation hwi nfmltdw WllttCoih mission* r?, Tut the present, to relit the C rot on Water, aud nruuge foi making the necessary couutnoits to supply the citizens ol New York with watir. Tli< following are the rates at which the water i* at present furnished Annval CIIIMU. Dwelling* oftwo stones $10 Oil more than two stories U DO " on the rear of lots J o? " with workshop or store 12 to 20 Pill liege of washiug pavements 2 (Kl bath (when- there are futures) J IK) Wairlmusr IKI Boardinit house ID to 20 Stable, private pel stall 1 00 " livery " 2 Oil Payment to he made hi advance for the supply from August 1 to May 1, neat;?subsequently semi-annually. I,urge hoarding hollars, stables, brcwriit-s, tauueiies, public baths, packing or salting houses, and all other consumers, slopping. tic., will be rha|grd in piojairtion to the <|Uatitiiy of water used, on agieeiuent with the commissioners. Office hours from 9 o'clock A M until I P M. til the old Alms Ilomc. Kiitiantti by centre (loot. samuel stevens. JOHN D. WAltD, ZEB'D RING, b. birdsalL, iy2fl 2w r Water Conitiii. .louen. Bilk BANNERS, kc. HANNINGTON k CO., 293 Broadway, mar Read .trcet. Respectfully inform the Order of I. O. of O. F., and their friends generally, tliat thev are now pre pared to execute orders for Flags and Banners in the most superior style for be?ity, durability, and economy. hat in* Silk . made I'm the ipr^B occasion that will make the largest banners without disligi^ng it with a seam. Specimr us and Design, can be seen at their Eslahlishmt ut, 2*>3 Broadway, or sent to any part of the Union. For style, design, and execution of works of the kind, we refer to the Getty'a Banner, No. II, I, O. of O. F , a. aim to Greenwich, No. (ft. Harmony, 41, Covenant, Si, Perseteranct, 17, also Military Companies and Sunday School Banners, and the societies 8t. Nicholas, Now England, 8t. George, St Andrews, St David, kc kc. Window Shades in great variety, from (I each to the richest and best, painted by the most eminent artists. Staiuvd Ol'xs, after the manner of the ancients, wai ranted never to change color, with many recent imprort menu for church windows and olhcr public and private building', steam boats, packet ships, store windows, kckc. Imitations of Stained Glass, painted on muslin foi church windows, verr close imitation of the real a very trilling expt use, or the class obscured and tminted in brilliant colors, very durable and cheap. ly 17 r WATCHES ANJ? JEWELRY VERY LOW-The tub *' senber is selling all descriptions of gold and silver Watches, gold and silver pencils, gold chains, keys, kc., at retail, lower thou at any other place in the city. Gold Watches as low as 23 to 30 dollars eucn. Watches and Jewelry exchanged or bought. All Watches are warranted to keep goodtiioc, oi the money returned. Watches aud Clocks repaired in the bast manner, and warranted, at much less than the usual prices, by oue of the finest workmen in the city. O. c. ALLEN, Importer of Watchesand Jewelry, wholesale and rata l, 30 Wall streetLu{< stairs. jytl lm*r DR. MORRISON. ^ORTH K1VEK DISPBNSAU 1 ri street near AN* Greenwich.?Di. Morrison, Mem *i ofth Loyal College of Burgeons, Loudon, aud formerly Misr;* '"u I British Navy, contiutiei to be consulted dally on all Indelicate nature, and all those distressing symptoms consej ii^ liiyudiciouri treatment, and the imprudent use < I'iy c < medicines. Dr. M. has hrd an experience of twenty I wo yea.* n- treating delicate diseases in all thoir various ami: implicated forms, anil uses a mild, safe and iufalHble substitute I -r mercury, eiadicatingthe venereal virus with ceilainty, witliout subjecting the liatirnt to any risk or restricting hiinuil isusual diets or purimt* wlnlv hi* medicines are agreeabU in taste and smell, reriniiient obstructions in the urethra, t ich as strictures and enIvrgement of tluapioatrete gland, .i.yi mpaiut-d with much irritation and dull paiu about these are some of the consequences of Dr. Xi. tisstsslriptures ill a scientific inaiins r, promoting alwori no of the thickest circalsr I meinhraue without any pain, CONSTITUTIONAL I EBILITY.?Thousands of young men arc suffering from t' ic consequence* of indulgence ill a secret destructive habit, u d whose nerves are further injured from the use of d pretended specifics, which stimulate only to induce gyoater depression. Di. M. treats such cases on purely pathological principles, a/id never fails in establishing a cure?(he strictest honor and ctnilidc nee is nhserved. Letters |sisf paid, and containing a suitable fee, will ensure t'te correspondent full advice, and intdiciig- to any |iart of llie Union, by his giving a history of his case in detail. 20l>? Fulon street near Greenwich. jy22 1m*r C. L. INGEltSOLL'S BOAT ESTABLISHMENT. BOATS. Dinkey sail bMU aud race boat*. nletiurt boats. &c. 8c?*. 1 h' iniim iist' Boat BmMinir KatAbliahmMir of ( I.. Ingersnll, 406 Water at, near Catharine .Market, if one of the moat extensive in the Uuiteil Slates. Here were built tlie moat beautifbl pleasure barge* anil club boata that hav? floated on tilt rivers and lakeaof America. Alio the BUM for the Autocrat of all the Russia*. several raceflxiat for Aaiatic Monarrlu; thr fancy boat called tire John Smith of Arkansas. and the faat sailing boat lor Mr. (I. K. Bamiiuk's. lie lias recently completed a life boat on a uaw plan, which has been pronounced by aoine of r.ur moat experienced nautical luen superior to any ever hefore built. At this establishment any kind of boat will be furmslied with reversed bottom, ftom a mould, in any way to suit the taste of the purchaser, of whatever form they may be. I Tlie materials are all of the best <|isalaty, pine hoards brunt no part thereof. A largo assortment of boats of all kinds, including lib bouts, Rigs,* long. quarter, pleasure, Whitehall, and race boats, mas be always found at tlie inauufael try, at prices much below wli it purchasers have heretofore Mid, and a liberal discount ?I1 the usual rates will be made to those who wish to sell again. I'leaic call before purchasing elsewhere; you can then judge of iny work?References. Jas. W. Male, Sol Agent, M Wall st. For adrutiseinenl of boats, Ike., see Com er A Enquirer and New York Commercial Advertiser. jy22 lm?r HAVANA AND PRINCIPE SEGARS. MKADEIt, III Chatham street, offers fin sals 160,(100 La Norma Segars. Ml,000 Noral Principe. 20.000 Woods ill*. 25.006 Rionda. Entitled to debenture. Besides a full stock ol the choicest bl inds of Havana and Triuciiie Segars. jv20 ?od#c PER8SE Jt BROOKS, * MM SI LIBERTY STREET. bftwc?R Brutdwiy aud 11 \J. Ntesau street, offer foi for *ale 101 Block* Iriah black marble. 1(H) Cask* r<Tine<1 basket salt. .100 Casks Boyd's bleaching lender. 30 Ton* lunerfiiifl soda ashen. 2 Cases |>at?iit leather. ill Bait** Chesterfield factory brown sheetings. 7000 German patent tire brick. 20 Casks 3 and t K K blue smalts. 2 Bales cotton carpeting three and fnnr yards wide. J Bales Machine blankets All of which will he sold at low e?i market pricaa, jy 17e iTNITCD STATES EXFRlfsfc MAIL FROM NEW YORK TO BOSTON?With a slew to give the greatest possible cons enience. despali li and security lo the increasing coinnuinicatiou be tween Boston and this city, the Tost Master Oeneral has established regularly sworn Messengers attached to the Department from litis city to Boston under Hie imise diate superintendence of the undersigned, to commence on the 40th uutant. To cairy out to the fullest possible slleill, I Imse \ lews of the Tost Master Oeneral, letters for Boston. Pros id? nee and New Bedford ? lU b. received on board llic regular lo'clock Mail Boat, (and if desired postage can b> paid) from half-past four o'clock up to the lime of its de|iartnre for Boston. Public notice it therefore hereby given of the above arran gainful, and all persons may lelv upon the increasing diligence with which all mail mallei still lie forwarded as anovr tilths thortist possible space of lime, and with die gsralest security. IIARNDKN fc CO. Oeneral Mail Agents. Nnr Y>ak. lull I fir I.. 1 St V lyft IWt UNITED STATE~S~EXP REStfTdAII. FROM NEW YORK k BOHTON.-P<?t Office New York, Inly 17, lltfs-Thr Host Mastei Oeneral, With a stew to the accommo- I i dattoti of the public, aud to increased deipatch and security,has establishedau F.spreia mail,to etiiedite which Messengers will be employed under the immediate supervision snd direction of Messrs. Ilsrudsn A Co., for carrying the Mails between this sitv snd Boston, and the important intermedial* places, with directions to cau.e the delivery at the earliest possible tim*.

Letters will he received on boaid the Stoamgtnn Line of Steamboats which carries Ale Mail via Stonington aud Provi dener to Bovti-n, li on hall pi.i I o'dotl until the nine "f de- | parture, during which time |w?.lagc can he paid.?Letters will be received at tins office up to 4 o clock P. M. This arrangement will go into op*ration on the Jntli nisi. jy 19 2wr JOHN LORlMEH ORAHAM. r. M. POST OVKlllEl New York. July IS, 1141.?UNITED , STATES EXPRESS MAIL between NEW IDIIK ALBA.NV. AND BUFFALO.?The F'oatmaater General with a view to the accommodation of the public, and to increased despatch ind security, established in F.apress Mnil, In cape- . dil* which mensnigei, will be employed under the immediate ' iiperintendeiice of Mr. E. JuinMr. Ilrsirnas s, for carrying I the Malls between this City Albany Buffalo, aim the interior- | iliate places, (laeludiru; Troy) with direction, lo raase the del III IV at the carlo st. |H?aaible time. Leitcia will be received on board the J o'clock steamboats, I which carry the Mails to Albany, Troy, and intermediate | places, I'rciin half-past t o'clock,P >1, until iha lime ofde|airtiira, dining which I line |*ntageran be paid. Letters will alio he received on board the boat earning tile I Map direct to Albany, which leavea at 7 o'rloek P.M.. from f half past (I o'clock r >1. until the tune of departure, a letter boT being placed oti board aaid boat,under the lock of tha department, t The Mea engcra will go through to Buffalo, and are instructed | to exert the greatest diligence in the performance of their duties. The ariangeioent will continence OB the 10th mat. After the Itlth met. Inters by the J o'clock steamboat will be received at this offtc< up to t o'clock, P. M.. and letters for the ' 7 o'clock Imat until IS o'clock, P. M. | Irfflltt It)IIN liRAHAM P M 1 UNITED if ATM V XI'RKSS MAIL Kilt AI.BANt AND Bt rFALOa?With a tmw tocIm gvMleft pnr j sibU coiMPiimncr, <l?**p*frh An<i?#>ctmf v to thr inrrciuinR communication on tm great mtrrn Rnuie Iron thk city, the ? ro?tivitit?r Ocnrrt) l>\* ?**ublisn<?rl, regularly, avvorn iriei*?*nger* attached to the detriment, from tliia city to Buffalo, under the. immediate ?u)M-rintei?deiice of th? iinocmgued, to com- * mence "n the 20th nut. To carry'Mit totliv I'm I lent pnMlble client fhe*e vi#?w? of thr E tma ti |?ttcu wilt bp r?f cIthI on boird tlic ren lai 5 o'clock mail boat, (?rid, il desired, |*>stAge ran oe paid) r from halfiwurt I o'clock, P M, uoto tlir tirnr of Ifa departure, for j Albany. 1 roy.atul thr intermediate points; also on board the 7 p or lock boat, lor Albany ami all places VVrst,and for Troy, from half-past 6 o'clock, P M, up to the time of its departure. All <j letter* deposited in the Tost Office of this city for the 7 o'clock y Mail, directed to Albany and Troy, and to Buffalo and intermediate |dar?'>. will be forwarded from Albany by the Express f Mall, under charge of the saint* messengers. t Public noti< r f, therefore hereby given of the above arrange- f in rut, ami ill |ki-.oiu coucermd may rely ui>on the nnceaaing . dilige itcc with which all mail matter will be forwarded as I '] abovs III the shortest pnmible space of time, ami with the great- tl ?st security. E. JEROME HUMPHREY, ? General Mail Agent. , N,w York, Inl) IMh. lM. jyl71wr " HOT AND COLO SALT WATER HATHS. OABINRAl"H New Hot and fold Salt Water Baths, at a IV the foot .'f Desbi'asr, -trcet, (tliinl pier south of fand H street, North River.) ate now o|ien foi the accommodation ol || both ladies and gentlemen. Open from sunrise until II o'clock j-( N. B. The water where the baths are stationed has been h derpened.whioh rcnder?.it as pure as any other situation in the | vicinity of Nesr York. On Tuesday's ilia Bath is eschuivcly devoted to ladies ui til 3 P. M. A baud or music will be in attendance every pie want evening. Prtee of a cold bath UK eta, " warm baths I.V jel 7m*r | r tOl.l.K.l ?ToIT? on all partsof the United States, made on H V/ the most favorable lerms" H Kortign Gold and Silver pnrehasad, and ftrr sale at the best i. rate., by B. J. 8YLVESTKR, 1 jylO > ti Wall at, and 1W Broadway. k iRK I ORNIN.G, JULY 31, 1842 SIX DAYS LATER FROM EUROPE. ARRIVAL OF THE OREAt1 WESTERN. HIUHLV IMPORTANT. I>eetl? of the Duke of Orleans?Run on the Hank of KnglaiHt? Death of the Bishop of Mrath?Bxcltniietit about the Tariff ?-Market*, <ke. The ?|<le lid id ship Great Western, Capt. Hoekm, was telegraphed yesletday inomiiig at > o'clock, and reached the dock at 9 o'clock. The Great Western brings 70 passengers The Great Western sailed from Bristol on the 14>th inst. She has only been 1<H days out. All the Members of the French Cabinet have been returned at the late elections. The Duke d*Orleana,heirto the thrwns of France, has been killed. The England has arrived out. The Quebec arrived out. The llibernis has arrived out French funds have fallen SJ per cent. In England money is plenty, hut the funds have fallen. The Queen snd babie.? were in hue health Craven Burkely and Captain Baldero fought a duel, neither killed. The Bishop of Meath is dead Her Majesty, Arc ?Veaterdav morning the Queen and Prince Albert, her Royal Highness the Duchest of Kent, and their Serene Highnesses the Hereditary Prince and Princess of SaxeCoburgGotha, walked in tbe gardens and grounds of Claremont. Her Royal Highness the Princess Royal was taken out on a pony in the forenoon, and Ins Royal Highness the Prince of Wales was also taking an airing. Hovsv: of Loans, Ji lt I I ?la the House ofLordt Lord Ashley's bill was read a second time, after h long debate, in which the various modifications of the measure were canvassed,but its principle resisted by none except Lord Radnor and the Marquis of Londonderry. Lord Radnor, wisely assuming that children of tne most tender age are f ree agents, objected to interfere with an unboitided liberty on their part. Lord Londonderry scarcely offered any reasons for his opposition. Lord WharnclifTe.while voting for the bill as altered, complained that the House of Commons hud earned (he measure through from an impulse of humanity. Hocsf. of Commons July 12.?In the House of Commons, Sir Robert Peel moved for leave to bring in a bill for the better security and protection of her majesty's person. He stated the objects contemplated by the bill, winch is intended to dispense, when deemed necessary, with the formalities observed in the examination and trial of persons charged with high treason, snd to inflict the punishment of transportation and /vrw/in/ dwuttitmrnt on persons guilty of the wanton and,cruel modes of alarm and annoyance practised recently. Lord John Russell seconded the motion; and after some observations from Mr. Hume and Mr. O'Connell, leave was given to bring in the bill; and it was forthwith brought in, and went through the two stages of being read a first and second time, and ordered to be committed to-marrow (this day.) Parliamentary Summary.?In the Commons, on the oth, Sir Henry Hardinge intimated that Colonel Henry Dunefas was dismissed from his official appointment. and from the command of the H3d regi rnent, ana is to retire on half pay, for having used msrespcciiui terms in spcaaing 01 ner majesty. On (lie 8lh, Viscount llowickgave notice that, on Thursday, fie should move for a Commute of die whole House, to consider the following resolution : "That it is inex|>edient that foreign wheat should be admitted into this country, until the 1st of March, 1813, at a duty not exceeding six shilling the quarter." In the Peers,on Monday,the 11th,Lord Brougham moved for a select committee to consider the distress of the country. Negutived by sixteen to fourteen. Tariff.?The activity that has prevailed at the Custom House ever since the new tariff has come into operation is considered to be without precedent, the total amount of entries for import on Monday naving been 90B6, on Tuesday 2395, Hnd on Wednesday 21)01, while the usual average ot a day's entries is only from lit*) to 12t*). Nor do these numbers alone show the whole increase, for not only is the number of entries great beyond precedent, but the quantity ot goods, which the chief part ot the entries represents, is more than usually large, on account of the. reduction ol ths duties. i*o large in particular have been the quantities ot cabinet woods and dye-stuffs entered lor home consuiii|>tion, that there is every reason to ho|>e that at least two important kinds oi British manufacture will receive a material impulse. Proposed Alterations in the Law of Copyright.?A meeting was held at Freemasons' Tavern,London, 011 Thursday, ol booksellers, authors, and others interested in the book-trade, " lor the purnose ol taking into consideration the enormous ana increasing evil of the foreign piracy of British literary works, and tor adopting such measures as may seem e*|>edient for nutting a stop to the suote." Mr. Longman took the chair. Mr. <?. P. R James made a statement of the losses to which authors are iable by the piracy of their works abroad: he said lhat the chiel booksellers of France and Germany ire anxious to see an international copyright established ; and a bill for the purpose is before the American Congress. Mr. Horace Smith seconded the resolution moved by Mr. James, " That a right ol property in literary productions ought to be recognised ny nil civilized nations." Lord William Lennox moved, and Sir Charles Morgan seconded the next resolution, declaring that the disregard to that right had tended greatly to discourage and degress the hook-trade of Great Britain thher resolutions were moved and seconded, by Mr. Dickenson. Mr. Colburn, Mr. T. Longman, Mr. Blackwood, Dr. Thompson. Mr. J. Simpton, Mr. Sjwittiswoode, Mr. Britain, Mr. Buckingham, Mr. Poole, and Mr. Hood. A memorial to the Board of Trade was adopted; and lhanks having been voted to the chairman, the meeting separated. Morocco and tiif. United States.?A letter froin Gibraltar, dated June 22d, tit the Madrid journals, saysAn officer of the American squadron having solicited an nudience of the Emperor of Morocco, for the purpose of representing to him the mrnpiaints 01 two Hgents 01 me united cnates, whs efused, although, it must be admitted, in terms of xquisite politeness. The re|)resentative of ?ngand, however, had an audience on the same day, lie motive of which is not known. The American rtficer immediately embarked onboard a Spanish ( esseI, to report the result of his mission to Comnodure Morgan." Ma. Evnurrr at xnk Royal Auriculttral I ?in<ku.?A grand agricultural meeting look place in Bristol, July 13th ;'and the mayor gave a dinner to he Duke of Cambridge, at which the Hon. Edward Everett, the Duke of Richmond, and many other listinguished characters were preaent. The Mayor, in an appropriate s|?eech, promised ' The health of the Hon. Edward Everett, Envoy if the United States." The Hon. E. E\ rrktt said he felt grateful for the uinner in which hianame had been proposed, and he kind mode in which it hsd been received. He elt gratified in being present on an occasion so leeply interesting to him, lieeanse he observed there vas a great similitude in the mode in which such neetings were conducted here and in his own counry. Tne fundamental principle in his country, as hey all knew, was equality and he confessed that ie had thought?he now found erroneously?that here was a diflerence in the mode of conducting uch meetings in the mother country, for last week ie had met nis Royal Highness the Duke of Cam ridge wearing a Doctor's frock of the University nd mingling equally with his fellow Doctors; ana tow again he met His R oyal Highness mixing with he tanners of England, and lie was proud to coness how erroneous hail been his impression; and iv must say that the example thus set by His Royal lighness was calculated to have the most salutary aflaenee. (Cheers.) There were many aseoriaions between the ancient city of Bristol and the "nited States, and he felt satisfaction, being at such distance from his home, at being in a city which -om the earliest times had been connected more or >ss with his own country. Perhaps it was not nown to every one present that the great Colum IERA 1 bus hum*If had at one period ot his life engaged hi t! carrying on the trade of a common pilot between v Bristol and Ireland. In later times other associa- w tions had sprung up bat ween this country and Aiii?- ti rica, which he hoped had been advantageous to both u countries. Steam navigation had still more closely c cemented their intimacy, ami he could not forget that Bristol had set the example of steam navigation ? across the Atlantic, and he could assure them that H the arrival of their noble Great Western in the wa- ) ters of America was considered as an era in the history of their country, which lie hoped would prove but the harbinger of closer union, and that the steam navies of both countries would only be used to assist each other. (Cheers.) The steam-engine had arrived at a degree of perfection in this country under 1 ' Bolton and Watt, but it had not been used on the waters in this country until his countryman, Fulton, I took the engine from the hands of Bolton and Watt, 1 and put it in locomotion on the American waters; ' L?k.j .l: CI. _ i u - ?i lima uau uuciKitrni result ueeil urougui iiuvui uy (lie united sagacity ol both countries, lie assured them he felt at home in this, the home of hi* fathers ; and 1 on coming from London to Bristol thin day, every 1 name and every s|H>ton the map appeared familiar to him. ThiH arose from the circumstance that some | of tin-earliest settlers in America came from this ' part of England, and they in the United States had their Bristol, their Bath, their Wells, their Exeter, their Gloucester. Every name in this neighborhood 1 seemed to remind him of the home of his heart, and it made him, a pilgrim in a strange land, lee) at home. 1 The lion, gentleman concluded by expressing a hope ' that the communication between the two countries 1 would bestill more frequent, and their union more cordial than ever. Run on the Bank or E.noland.?a fact of an j alarming nature watt staled on Monday night in (InHouse of Commons, by Mr. Joseph flume. That ( extravagant individual?we do not speak in a |k>litical sense?informed the house that lie had that day J made a run upon the Bunk of England with a real ( half-sovereign?a golden Joey, in his hand, and that "as a matter of favor lie had got ten shillings in sil- j ver." The Chancellor of the Exchequer, without . pausing to ask Mr. flume what lie intended to do , with so much cash, quieted the fears of the House ' by stating that the Mint was hard at work upon sil- 1 ver coin?and that if the honourable member were , i in a few days to venture a whole was not impossible he might get cliaugc enough to last , him the rest of his life.?Morning Herald. ( The cornmerchants are playing their old game i again ol raising prices, in order to lower the duty on i i foreign gram, and we hear they calculate on getting the duty down to tis. |K-r quarter in a few weeks? | ! which we have no doubt tlu-v will effect. This ( plainly shows the absurdity of the present corn-laws; i a fixed duty would be far preferable.?Exeter fVet- s fern Timet. t Skipper, the celebrated Norwich veteran |>edes- c trian, has nearly accomplished the arduous task of I walking fifty miles a day for twenty successive d days, and to the present time he is going on all r right, and has not yet failed in any one of the days in finishing the stated distance. Sunday will be the 1 last day ol the match, therefore on the Monday he ti intends walking an extra fifty miles, being for his c benefit.?Norfolk Chronicle. C r kmakkahlk circumstance.?About eight days ago a swarm of young bees, from the stock of Mrs. c Elizabeth Stephenson, of Dalton-in-Furness, left the \ par(*ht hive in saareli of I new habitation; and after f flying about for some time, alighted upon a small , bird, which was perched upon the bough of a pear tree, and which, strange as it may apjtear, allowed ! itself to be hived along with the bees, and after re- J m.lining with them a short time, Hew out of the hive, . appaiently quite delighted with its novel adventure. *. Ijaneatter Guardian. ^ Wonderful Filtration.?An invention has been recently brought forward which is calculated to have a vast beneficial effect in filtering, and so purifying all the water for domestic and other purposes in the n kingdom. Lord Brougham, with many other em- t] inent nivalin, has been surprised and delighted at the g effects produced. A machine only five feet square has been made to filter the enormous quantity of K two millions five hundred thousand gallons every J twenty-four hours; and that, too, so thoroughly and Si effectually that water charged with mud, animal- j. culm, and decomposed vegetable matter has been p produced as bright and pure, and sweet, as it ongi- a nally issued front the spring The merit of this va- _ luable invention belongs to a Russian merchant of the name of Stuckey, and the water filtered J>v it r has been examined and certified by Professor I'hili|?. ?Sun. Alleged Seduction, Adultery, and Murder in 1 Liverpool.?The following strange story is told by some one who came in the Western A shoemaker, named Greely, and who had resided , in the upper end of Jonn street, Liverpool, several vears, and become much respected by his neighbors ? for (his sobriety and industry, on unexpectedly re- t( turning home front making some purchases, detected a iKtliceman and hiswife in a position calculated to arouse his fiercest rage He reached the bed on which they lay without being discovered by fhent, and with one blow with his hammer he dashed in |, the skull of hts wife'sparantour, killing htm instant- w ly. To his degraded wife he offered no violence. ^ fie had raised his arm to deal a death blow upon her q also, and send her to her long aceount in company p, with her |>aramour, but the thought of his children ? of which he had thrae?and of his ardent affection r.._ ,1 : .1 .... ii- ui:_i.,?i j i_?_ m i??i men HKMiiti urnniy imikiimii, unnerved 11i8 ^ ?rm,and she escaped unharmed. (trecley did not at- y tempt to escape, but remained in the room till he was ,. secured hy persons attracted to the scene. Abduction Extraordinary.?The Irish peasantry Ij have been long addicted to the practice of running away with young ladies reputed to be |>ossossod ol < large fortunes; but we have been told this week, for ri the first time, of the abduction of a very old man, it not, indeed, for the purpose of making him happy in e the bonds of wedlock, nut from much the same motive as that from which the fair heiresses are spirited away, namely, to obtain possession of his fortune. The venerable abducted was a military pensioner, who was in the receipt of ?3t> 10s per annum, and two nephews disputed the advantage of having him to reside. The youngerf for they were brothers) determined to take him from the elder by force : mustering his faction by night at Abbeyleix, in the c Queen's County, he proceeded thence to Castle- v comer, in the couniy of Kilkenny, to execute the in- t| tent; and the fete was successfully performed. Old f< Corcoran was carried ofi, and has not since been |f heard of. His life, however, is in no danger, and at r quarter day there is little doubt but that, so far as d dej>ends on his dutiful nephew, he will be forth- a coming. o Scan da i. in Manchester.?The levers of scandal have been fully gratified, since Sunday evening, by f< the discovery of an awkward affair in the neighbor- f' hood of the town. The (<arty accused is a Mr. J. o A , of the respectable firm of Messrs. \V. h A , and Co , general merchants, High street: si and the suflerer is Mr. J. M., of a resiieetable firm of c calico printers, in Church street. The latter inhahi- ? ted a cottage at Wilton terrace, Cheetham road, at " which Mr. A ?, who is n single man, about 0 h years ol age, resided hs a lodger. The aggrieved a husband having some suspicion ol the infidelity of p his wife, made an excuBe on Sunday that he was i< going to London, and went as far as Park side, at c the junction of the North TTnion Railway. Tie re- T turned home, however, late in the evening, accom- v nanied by two friends,and having got into the house, "I broke open the bed room door, where he found the di guilty pair in lied together. The husband and his 'j1 friends immediately indicted severe |<ersonal chas- 'h useinent on the interloper, whom they ejected info the street "in purisnnniralihiis." in which condition, m amidst a storm of rain, he had to find his best way Li to the house of a Irirnd, at the distance ol hall a fe mile. The wife, who is about twenty-five, is |k?s- se sensed of some personal attractions and accom- a plishments, and tlie affair has attracted much atten- n< tion, on account of the high resjM-ctability of the et parties. Proceedings have already been taken, fn which will aflord some employment for the gentlemen of the lung robe. w, Saturday.?This week some o|>eralivr weavers returned to Paisley, Irotn the United Slates . who but a short time ago left this country for Atncrica. Another painful circumstance has come to our knowledge, of an industrious workman who 'f lately went out to that country the better to |irovide ri for his family. When a short time landed, he wrote c( to his wife to sell off everything and come out. She obeyed the summona.and sailed about ten days ago, ,r and this week notice has come to hand that the hus band is on his way back to Paisley.?Glanpotr *1' Chronirlf. |>1 Father Mathew.?This distinguished champion of teetotalism will visit (flasgow on Monday, the nj 15th af August. Arrangements are about to be made ||, by the teetotal committees to testify their admira* u tion and respect for this illustrious advocate of their principles, and to make his visit as profitable as pos- (l|, sihle to all classes of the community. We understand that a public procession will take place on the oces- rrj sion.?Gtmgmr Chwmirlf. *n Proorksr op Tkmpkrani k?An iiii|s?snig demon- tor strnlion took place in the parishes of Murroc and nlil Ahington on Sunday last, when iiersons, to the mini- hai ber of fiity thousand, assembled to hail the arrival ( ol LD. Fill* Two Cent*, iere of of Father Mathew, where he had been tnited to adrninibler the pledge. Deviations from -veral societies presented htm with addp'STea. Atit the greater part of the day had been e|>eni in aditinUtering the pledge to jiostulaii's, thin immenae uncouple quietly broke up. LtTEBATt BK ?The following new work* are out: 'The Manoeuvring Mother," Try Mrs Gove; Mao untcllo"by Horace Smith; "Travels to the Eaat" >v Marquis Londonderry London. f< 'on*>|?D<lence of the Herald.J l)i ith of the Ihikr nj Orftang. Lomdoh, July 15. Dear Sik Public attention within the l?i i? > >v .? via TO lias uccu >rincip*lly arrested by the intelligence of the accidenial and t*udden death of the Duke d'Orleans, the ttldesi win <>! I j?uim Philippe, wnd consequently heir lo the French throne. It apjiears that Ilia Royal Highness had been taking a larewcllot his parents anil on hi* return the home* became restive and unmanageable, and upon their running away with the postillion, the I >uke attempted to spring out ol the chariot, out hi* sword, belt or sours entangled him. He tell to the ground, and nis head being very severely injured, he died in a very lew hours utter the accident, in the presence ot the royal family, who had been summoned to the spot The Duke s death has caused a feeling ot uneasiness in ihe political world, both here and in France, and the lunds have been much depreciated, but arc re covering. Among the recent deaths in our country, are the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Meath. This Rev prelate died yesterday, of fever, after a few daya illness. Mm Fox, the venerable widow o! the late Right Hon. C. J. Fox, expired a few daya ago, at Chertsey, in her 97th year. Lieut. Gen. the Hon Foltn Ramsay, brother of the late Lord Dalhousic, lied la.-t weeK, at Edinburgh, aged (if He was Colonel of the 79th Foot. Mr. Justice Foster, late Baron of Exchequer in reland, and Judge of the Common Please, died his day week, very suddenly, at Cowan The olicitor General, it is said, will have tha vacant lost, and Mr. Sergeant Gieene will be the new Soicitor General. His elevation will create a vacancy of the representation of Dublin University. Dr. Longfield and Mr. G. P.. Hamilton will take the held as candidates. That gallant veteran Lieut General ^ir W. Parker Carroll, K. C H. is also lead. Sismonde, the historian, died on the 28th alt., in Geneva. He was in his70th year It is now strongly denied, as it was formerly afirmed.thal Earlde Grey resigns the Lord Lieutenincy of Ireland, hut it is admitted that Lord Elliott nay probably be superceded as Secretary. In eonlequence of some insulting and derogatory expres lions need in reference to her Majesty, at a uublic linner, over which the Earl of Errol preside a, Col d. ihindas, aid-de-camp to her Majesty, has been lismissed Irom his appointment, and compelled to ctire from the army. Rawson W. Rawson, Esq., of the Board of "rade, Editer of the Quarterly Journal of the Statical Society, has, it is stated, been appointed hief Secretary to Sir Charles Bagot, Governor of Canada. Archdeacon Robert Wilberforce, a Pueeyite, u onfidcntly spoken of as the new Professor of Modrn History. at Oxford, in the room of the lateDr trnold, A Professor of Engineering is about to >e appointed, at Trinity College, Dublin. Sir F. 'illew has beun appointed one of |the Queen'a laval aid-de-camps, in the place of Capt. Lord J fownsend, deceased. A public dinner is to be given at the Thatched fouse, this evening, by the Colonial Society and le friends of Britiaii North America, to Sir Allan lcNab, who returns to Canada by the steamer rhieh sails on Tuesday for Halifax. The Duke f Richmond presides on this occasion. The Iris West India Mail Steamer arrived at Ftllouth on the 9th. and the City of Glasgow, one of te branch in the colonial steamers, arrived at 'outhnmpton on the 12th, from Barbadoes, having lade the voyage in about a month, witn one enine, having come home to repair damages which be sustained at Demerara. The Great Western tils from Bristol to-morrow lor New York, and the lalifax steamer on Tuesday from Liverpool. Ths Iritish North American mail packet is due to-day, nd her despatches are hourly looked for from Liverool. General Bustauiente, Ex-President of Mexico u iow in Dublin. The new tariff has come into ooeration and much ncreased the official duties at the dockH, custom louse, \.c. The revenue uccounts which huve bsen published ire as favorable as could have been expected under he circumstances of the vexatious delay in pasuna he corn law hill, tariff, <fec. Sir Charles Metcalfe ex-governor of Jamtucu has rrived home, and addresses have been presented o him by the colonial society, anti-slavery society, nd several other public bodies in approval of hie overnment of the Island. In Parliament there has been no question of ltnortance discussed. The business of the Session is eing got through as fast as possible, and another reek or two will see Parliament prorogued. The oy, Bears, the last who presented a pistol at the [wen, has been admitted to bail to take his tjial >r the misdemeanor. The Privy Council having idiciouslv abandoned the capital charge of hign eaaon which involves the necessity of a State ial, in order to prevent that parade and solemnity, hich seem to he the chief inducements to the onunission ot the crime. A good Hogging which as been recommended, and which he will certatni have, will he the best punishment he can receive The elections in France as far as they have proceeded have resulted in the return ol 210 inimstea lists, and 14S op|>ositioii members There is some ilk of a dispute and probable war with the Ottoman rnpire in lavor of Syria. There is nothing else to advise you of. Yours truly, P. S. S, Theatrical. The *t. tames Theatre is closed. The follow ing r* mi will give some idea of what is going on theatrical world in London:? icossim's < >i?kka or Stabat Matkr ?This fine imposition, the lirst which, after a pause of many ears, the genius of the great maestro has given to he world, was perfoAned yesterday morning, beorea numerous and admiring audience, at her Ma sty's Theatre. This remarkable production is in very way worthy of Koasini. In treating it he ha* iviaed the hymn into ten pieces of diflerent eharcter, thus giving full scope to the vigor and variety f his |?owers. The first verse, given by lotir voices and a chorus, jrnis the introduction ; and, as its mingled mournjjness and grandeur swelled on the ear, we felt urselves in the presence of the master-spirit who ad years ago prndueed " M??r in EffHto," and its uperb hymn " Pal fuo Siellato S.gho." The seond piece, an air, "Cujos animam gementem," ibs, (wrhans, the gem of the whole. It was inusird to Kunini, who did full justice to its beau/ and tenderness, and gave the closing verse with pathos we have neter heard surpassed. It was an tnbodiment ot some grand picture of the crunfixin?n tablrau mtuiraie of the deep agonies of the rosM_nnd was one of the highest triumphs ol art. 'I I ..II,? I i. II f it'll I rl... t Vr?a lollini and ttraziani. By the way, why was the f>hielei?le, with it* sharp and sudden blash, introm-rd when it was ho much out of character ? a fie solemn Hir, " Pro peccatis sutr gentis," was en given by Ronroni with his usual lelicitv The first part of the hymn (for it was divided o*t unnaturally) concluded with a recitative by ahlache and the chorus, of a very grand and efctive character. In the second part we were prented with a quartett, "Sancta mater istud agas," sweet and touching < avadna. by ?iraziant ; and a hie and animated air Hnd chorus, " Inflammatns accensus," the solor parts of which were beautilly given by Persiani. I his is, perhaps, one of the best efforts of the hole work, It* grand and harmonious swell seem i to he fully felt, and it was deservedly encored fter it came a auartett by Lablache, Rubini, Perani, and (irimalgiH, in which the plaintive meloy which forms the burden of it was finely conasled with the exulting bu^t of "Paradiar Glo* a." The finale was a grand chorus by ihe whole lupany ; its subject, a fugue, was, unlike the pre ding pieces, of the severer character of church uisic. On the whole, we cannot but consider this oduction with Us wide range of beauties, its soulibduing pathos, its tender and delicate touches oi ninYivpfiphh, it* iMikinn ^rsnn^nr, hiki its Dursttt ol iblimity, equal to any previous creation of this eat master. Some may prefer the gTcater Stubnt Pergolese, and others inay, as we have heard cm, assert that the style of the music is not slays' strictlv in character with the words For irselves, with the rich hurmouy and the lender untivenpss of this composition yet full upon our r*, we cannot bring ourselves down to minute ncisni ; we can only rejoice to hail the tire of mi* ns bright and glowing as in the earlier efts of this celebrated master, and congratulate ie the lessee on the stvle in which the Stahat II wen produced, and the isiblie on the rich feast harmony which it spreada betore them.; y