Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 31, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 31, 1842 Page 3
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Portsmouth, If, M. (CojTMiH>n]?uie of lUc Herald.) PoKTSjiorTM, N. H. July 27,184'J. Launch of the S trata /a? The La ltct PtukiU. lajt Benxctt;? As old Time, iu lus onward inarch, put hi; linger the dial plate of 11A.M., the beautiful corvette ratoga left her dark lead in the new ship house at niatuouth, X.H , lor her destined element, to brave the battle and the bieeze" amidst the cau>n's roar and the shouts of a happy multitude, tie sudden plunge, and the graeeful form of the Warrior's lioute," rose iu grandeur, antl rested t the trnnquil bosom of the waters, while the sylphte lorm of the ('oininodore's daughter, unsurssed by the marble warmed into hie by the eaijt's of the impamoned artist, bid success to the oil shin Saratoga in " tiectarthat the 1 iod's might J." Tnat black-eyed beauty Mrs. B , and c fun loving Aire. C , played the d?| with e hearts "of the rustic beaux as they aided in the >vel ceremony of the ship christening. I wish, my ar Bennett, that you would come this way, your crald is in such high repute with the ladies, that e are all anxious to sec you, and will show you auy a verdant spot, suited to love or combat. Sckv. Boston. [ Correspondence of tli? Herald.] Boston, July 28?I o'clock 1'. M. ont itgton Route?Chrltea Regatta?Stock Sale? Exchange*, etc. An arrangement hu been made with Stoning ton ailrond, and hereafter the mail, and Harden ?fc o.'a express will traverse this route as usual. The Chelsea regatta this afternoon is in every >dy's mouth, and almost every body, at any rate 1 who can raws a quarter of a dollar to pay the rriage and gel a drink or two, will witness the afir. There will be four pulls?one at I o'clock, one 5, one at 6, and one at 7?the last with boats row1 by a single oarsman, "cross-handed." The In pendence's gig, the Ohio's, und one front the earner Acadia, are among the boats entered. It ould be a joke if the John Bulls should take the g pitcher. 1 shall give you the result to morrow. The following arc the latest sales at the stock exchange : shares Tremont Theatre, $17', 1 do. Boston Exchange ?363; 14 do Railroad Bank at Lowell $93 j; 30 do estern Railroad, $60a6l; 0 do Butfelk Insurance Co., 94j; do Boston and Providence Railroad, 86} ? 87 per cent; 0 do Bo ton and Worcester Railroad, 9 a 91 per cent ivance; 6 do Boston aud Lowell Railroad, 17 a 17j per :nt advance; 3 do Merchants' Bank } per cent advance; do Eastern Railroad, 0l^a91} por cent. Exchakues.? Bills on London, 60 days, 0V a 7 percent eminm; on France 5t 46; Holland 39 per gilder; Haniirg 31s perm, b.; X. York, par a advance; Philadelphia, ir a j discount; Baltimore, do do; Charleston 1$ 8 M dismnt; New Orleans, 3 a 7 discount; Savaunah.'ia'Ado.; Arrived?Ship Cumberland, Moody, fin days from adi.'. Yours, respectfully, B. (Ky- THE CROTON WATER AT THE ARCADE ath, 39 Chamber Street. The proprietor of this fashnable and elegantly litted up resort, with much pleasure quaints the patrons of frequent ablution, that he has at mBiderabls additional outlay completed his arrangeents, and has now the Croton Water and no other used the establishment. To those who value health and ho would secure to themselves the easy and delightful eans of maintaining the verdure of youth even in the inter of age?no earthly medicine to'this end possesses tythe of the virtue of the Bath ; giving us it does to the ind a calm, temperate and happy buoyancy, and to the )dy strength, elasticity and a carte blanche against disise. Its frequent use will render our citizens the hcalth.? ,1,.?.C|,I ... li ,l,.illn?a In ho nnn nftl.a iMulieit. The Ladies' Saloon Is open from six A, M., to ten o'clk., M.; the Oentlemen's Saloon in open from live A. M., to oven o'clock, P. M. Both 8aloou? extend from Cham, irs to Reade street, a distance of one hundred aud fifty at, causing a free circulation of air, and a ventillatlon iroughout such as 110 other establishment in the citv eu ys. The bathing rooms are spacious, possessing all the iquisites for the bath toilet: the attendants are experiicedand attentive: the refreshments of the first order ad quality ; aad the whole establishment conducted in a auner which the proprietor trusts will continue to it the icreasiug patronage of the public. 0&- THOMAS' BATH, CASTLE GARDEN.-The rowds of citizens and visitors who eujoyed this luxurious itablishment during the past week, exceeds all preceent; and such must be the case when favorable weather, ure water and kind attentiou from Mr. Thomas, and his eputies, are the chief inducements. Oo it then, hi this inamatory season to the Franklin. (IQ~ TO THE DEBILITATED AND NERVOUS, ic maltyrs of ennui, lassitude, low spirits, melancholy, rthe unhappy dyspeptic, the victims oi indigestion, aiid 1 those worn and wasted sufferers from prostrating maMies, the College or Medicine and Pharmacy ofter ic means of permanent relief iu their grateful and elegant reparation?the Tonic Mixture. This invaluable medi n c is now meeting the most extraordinary sale. Atrial . its rare restorative virtues is invited. Sold at the prinpal office of the College, 97 Nassau street, New York, at e stores of the sub-agents, aud atf> Treinout ro w .Boston, le principal office for the England States. AV. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent. Princpa I office of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy J Nassau street. U. 8. Sfiir North Carolina, > July 25, 1B42. J OOhTHE NAVAL GENERAL COURT MARTIAL, ow in session on board this ship, here'y order all the itnesses in the cases to be investigated, and the accused, ) be punctual in their attendance, daily, at 10 o'clock? unday's excepted. A boat will be in waiting ut the Bat-rv bridge, at half past 9 A. M. daily. CH. H. WINDER, Judge Advocate. Herald Bulletin of New*. The Herald Bulletin of News is kept at the north-west oruer of Fulton and Nassau streets. On the arrival of the lorning mails, at eight o'clock, A. M.?and also of the veniug mails, at four o'clock, P. M., the latest intelligence am all parts of the world, may be found on the lieruld ulletin Board, at this corner. Li t everv wayfarer stop nd read. Advertisements of all kinds taken at the office. Herald General Printing Office. The General Printing Office, capable of doing all sorts 1 printing, such as books, pamphlets, bills, cards of all eecriptioas, is now open at the Herald Buildings, entrance om Nassau street?Joseph Elliott. Printer. The New York Lancet. (!(> A few copies of the first volume of this work, auasomely bound, may now be hail at the publication ffice.?Price $2. City Despatch Post, 46 Street. l'Ati?(.irsL Office.?Letters deposited befoia halt-past , ball-past 12, and half past 3 o'clock, will be sent out for ellvery at 9,1, aud 4 o'clock. Branch Offices.?Letters deposited belotc 7,11, and 2 'clock, will ha sent out for delivery at 9, 1, and 4 o'clock. A LEV. M. (JREIG, Aeent. MONET MARKET. Saturday, July 30?6 P. M. We have by the Great Western, a few days later from England. It does not appear, however, that any imjior ant chang* had taken place in commercial affair* during h* six day* that elapsed subsequent to the departure ol he British Queen, whose advice* have already hern reeived. The accounts from Washington leav e no doubt but that he present tariff bill will b? defeated, un event which vlll be gratifying to the friend* of the general welfare o( he country. The bill itself is ona of the most iniquitous n point ot oppressive taxes ever itnjxv:ed upon ? people 11 any country. Takiug'into consideration the stale ol omuwrce throughout the world, mid the low prices which oust govern mercantile Intercourse for a long (time to ome, the provisions of the hill on most articles are enirely prohibitive, ami a? such would uot oulv he ruinous o the revenue and credit of the Federal Government, but could destroy the truJe. of the country. ICveu under th? -resent state of things, when an undeseriminatiiig duty oi 0 percent, only is levied upon imports, ui low are prices lere that specie is the best remittance from abroad, and aost of the sales of bills for this packet are as wc stated esterday, for the pur|>oxc of draw ing specie from abroad f this Isthe state of thimrs undei a dntv ot on ner rent iow can the impost of goods Increase under the proposed verags imposts of 36 per cent ? The influx of ipecii roni abroad will very hood raise prices here no that gnodi nay he imported at|low duties,hut it through the new tarif in additional 16 per ct. of duty is intei jiosed to prat out fo eigu good' fr?m entering,it it very clear that the tetni u o ommercial activity must in the same degree Ui irtarded or these reason* It ia that the agricultural and commer ial cl???es look with satisfaction loi the rejection of tin rift bill now before Congress. The present mcthod.of cntering'goods under protest t( ht the duly of'JO per tent is persevered in, not, bowav er vith much ho|>e of obtaining .1 remission of the duties I'he present duties are all that goods will heai. and th< hance of getting the duties removed is too small to in luce large imports in that view Hence it ia that praseni ntric* ut the Custom-house are small notwithstanding he low duty. If the high duties were to he passed, mer antile men are well aw are that the lanlities foi smug (ling are so greut that regular importers can no more eon end against the free goods of the smuggle!. than can th< hort-sighted manufacturers w ho are exerting themselvei o procure the imposition of the duties. If the tariff does not paaa, the law distributing thi pub ic lands among the Mtatos takes effect, but the Oovarn must Ian row the money to pay the States. Tin .mount due is 00, which will not pay the expensai f the commissioners from Jff Slates appointed to n-ee.n e i' 'he Government has jiegociutc.l but $1 of the loai uthori/el at the last session. The agent, Mr. Robinson ant to Europe to negotiate the balance, u 111, in all pro .ability, not get enough to pay hisnu n expenses Thl nission is looked u)Hinas n> >.Hearty ? .po ingtlu ?... in nent to discredit. Hawking ahont its six per c tit stock 11 Europe w ithout getting bids, is. to--ay the least, injudi clcffi*- A Urgt amount oi buiio?"* hitman doatto di] in e\ihinge, ami puce. hire close very firm * follow.:fctth-. XySS, .... i i The movement of the banks alluded to yesterday drov thu largest supply from the market, and the trade comii>| in thu morning, found the quantity of choioe hills limit e.f, and the price, oouaequently asaumod an upward ten deticv. Sale. of .mall .urns were inede at rates bette tbs.i those put dowu, hut not in a degree that should effec quotations. A failure occurred of out* of the largest houses connect u.1 w iih domestic. pro<luce. It is u house of 10 year, stand ing. and ha. prewired an undoubted rharacter until late ly. Ic lias gone down under the oH'ects of the decline o produce?whiskey particularly, which has fallen 50 pc cent in. a lew weeks?leaving largi'Jaccejitauce. uncover cd. '1 his with liubilitio. lor another house w liich stoppct some weeks since, has been the immediate eau?e of thi disaster. The absolute stagnation of business connects with hatakiug operations, has, as w e explained yesterday deprived, the soundest banks of their profit., and csiua their stocks to droop. State stocks are also very heavy the feati ires having changed in no material degree. Thi defalcation ot the Statu of Pennsylvania is an additlona blow to conlidcuce in stock, of doubtlul character; am those of Undoubted reputatiou,like the Statu of Now York are liatn |>ured by the disastrous positional thu $10,MJ0,iHX of United States Government stock yet to be sold. Tin following u a table of prices;? 1'rh ks >sr Ludiso Stocks i* no N?.w Yoss Maksi.i KcdrrmRatr. ahle. Aug. 30. 1811 July 1st. Jul?/5>8. United State., 4l, 1811 I'm al00>~ 92 ? 91 % ? 07 " ' ? 1862 ? 99^,al00 08 al00> New York, 7 ,I8U - I00k,a -IftO V.. I0U New York Stat. , 6 I860 100 3lH0'4 92>Ja ? <Si a 97. .Vi; ? 91V 92 ?>j;a 81 " ' " 4 1814 93 a 94 90 a 91 90Sa 91 i 1816 93 a 9.1 90 a 91 9f>V 91 " " " ,i 1817 93 a 94 90 a 91 90S* 91 .4 1840 91 a 92 81l.fa 84 80 a 82 " " " .4 1844 86 a 87 01V 84 80 a 82 4 1848 86 a 8t>'i 84,V 84 75 a 80 4>? 181'J 74 a 77 78 a 82 80 a 82 ' " City bre 8l\?a 86?a a 80 5 water 81,'aa B5l, 81 a 88 79}** 80 " " " 7 1867 ? a ? 105 allKI 103?al0*i " " " b\l*6 1 vear ? all*) 99}ja 100 ? a ? Brooklj? City, 8 20 yre ion *103 95 a 07 90 a 97 Pennsylvania, 5 ? 79 *RO ? a 12 33 a 37 Ohio. > law 91 a 95 ? a 82 75 a 80 6 law 91 a 95 7 9 ir 81 74}* a7b " 6 1858 91 a 95 19 ill 71>*a 78 " 8 1880 91 a 9a ? a 81 71 Ha 78 " 5 1850 8t},'a 8a 62}* a 68 60 a 65 I Keiituck), 6?81 ill ? *81 St 77 Ha 78) 6 b'ds 4'a ? a? JO am- I Alabama, dollar, 5 1867 ? a? ? a 58 50 a Arkansas, 6 25 yra 59 a 63 30 a 15 Indiana striliru, |? 78 a ,77 33 *23" j 31 a 23 p*r dollar, 5 - 11 a 55'? 23Sa23si K * 23,' Illinois, sterling, 6 I860 ? a ? ? a ? " doll, b'k loan, 6 1880 ,78 a 56'j '0 a20},'? a ? " sterling 8 1870 ? a ? ? a ? " dollar, 8 1870 5. a 55V 20}, a 21 17V*a 18 Llrl &. Iliid. bonds 6 1 yrs, 108 a!081., 90 a 93 ? a ? B'k of Conn. N.Y. ? a 98 87 a 88 75 a 79 N.V.L. & Trust Co, 150 a!60 110 a 150 120 al50 The currency of the Western country may be dimmer as follows : ? Michigan, only three Bunks that pay specie. Ohio, 59 Banks, 26 expire next year, pay specie Indiana, 1 Bank, 7 branches " " Illinois, 'J Banks " insolvent, bills 60 per ct. di-. Tennessee 1 Banks, to resume 15th August. Kentucky, 5 Banks, paying specie. Louisiana, 1 Bank paying specie, 11 iusolreut, bills 10 t< 60 discount. Alabama, 7 Banks, insolvent, bills 63 discount All those Insolvent and suspended Banks initlie naxt 61 days will undoubtedly wind up or pay specie. Tha cur rency of the Union will then be purified. Sales sit the Stock Kxcltnnge. $2000 Kentucky bds 77}-, 25 Farm', Trnai 18} 3205 N V City 7', 100X* 50 N. J. Railroad 60} 2000 III. Bonds 17)i 350 Hrrlrin ftll 16 25 Del. & 11. ,90(1* 82 700 do 16} 50 do do i90J? 82H 400 do b60 16} ju *i" ? i;> iuu no iu in 25 (to do 94 Sj VM do bJO 16 V Second Board. 2>Hirletii I i'fi 150 do IV, 25 do 15*? 50 do 15* Cotton Trade. The markets ara heavy as usual at this season ot thi year, and at the extreme South the transition from i worthless paper currency to a specie standard, produce! so great a confusion in prices as to retard operations. Thi new crop, that is, the growing crop, about to be picked is generally considered to be in excess of that already forwarded, probably to the extent of '200,000 bales. S< much however, depends upon the state of the weathei up to September, that a just estimate cannot bo made now All the transactions growing out of the new crop, will however, be conducted on a specie basis, and although tbt prices w ill rule Corn at home, the amount realised on th< crop will ol' course depend upon the foreign markets, ant the business w ill he healthy. The following is a comparative table of the stock, receipts and exports, thus fur:? IIkckipts ami Stocks or Cottox in rm LSntn Stttri Jlthl 1811. Julu 1812. Iiirrtntr. Decrease llecci|iU, 1,513,992 I 6i,!MI ? Exports In O. B. 825,197 911,330 80,133 ? " France, 321,915 380,713 58,798 ? Total exjiorts, 1,213,510 1,105,895 >163,355 ? Stocks. 134.953 61,170 - 73,47 Corn Trade. We have no change to notice iu this market. Thi stocks of breadstutl's are light, and the demand is abou equal to the supply. Gcnnesse sails at "M>, and Ohio a >6.76. New wheat and new flour have been received at set era of the western markets. Sales of the former are firm, 1, to "Scents. As the hart est progresses through the United States the accounts from nearly every section git e assurance o superabundant crops of superior quality. A dis|>ositioi prevails to bring the wheat promptly to market, undei the impression that the earliest sales will be the best. Thi contract prices offered at Rochester, by the millers, art 97} cents in the early part of next month", to 80 cents MM its close, and 76cents for the month of September. Dealers from Lake Michigan have contracted to deliver wheat at Black Rock iu the early part of September at 70 cents and contracts ha\ e been made deliverable at this place before the close of August at 76 cents. Whether these price1 can be supported for current sales at the times named will depend altogether upon the extent of receipts, no' contracted for, during those months. The demand foi Canada is not likely to give any higher prices than thi markets on our own seaboard. The quantity of wheat raised this season probably ex coeds that of any other season by nearly 33 pin- cent. The surplus in Ohio alone,will not tall short of twelve millions of bushels,or a million and u'|uarter barrels of flour Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin will have at least an equal amount, and the great grain-growing re gious of Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania and New York w ill far exceed it. With this immense surplus i on hand, axd the present scarcity of money, prices must fall very low, and the downward tendency is already ex hihitud. At Rochester on Saturdav last good old wheal i was sold for $1, and it is understood that i^e price of new wheat will be only 7j cents to start with- A contract has been made there to deliver flour on the lirst ol' Septembei at $1 ,'15, a high figure, and one that cannot be sustained At Portsmouth on the Ohio, new wheat was sold On tin 15th at 40 cents, at C'hilicothe on the 13th at 60,-and at Zanesville at the same time at 50 cents. At Cleveland and Sandusky dealers have agreed to pay from 75 to 90 foi f small parcels of new. It should be remembered that bul few days have elapsed since the completion of the har\es< in that region?in this state it is not over yet?and pricri always range higher for a few weeks succeeding harvest than they do in the fall month* when the bulk of the crop* is pushed forward. Cast year at this time we put the average price of floui for the succeeding twelve months at (5, corn at from 4to 50, and potatoes at from '10 to 16 cents a bushel, ant other products in proportion. From the best informatioi . we can now obtain, we think that if'10 or 15 per cent., ii deducted from last year's prices, with the possible excep tion of corn, we shall hit alnnit right for the year tc come. Philadelphia Cattle Market, Sales of Beef Cattle this week at from $4 to 54, all sold there were 146 Pennsylvania grass cattle went to N. York 173 head were from Virginia ; 200 head county cattle soli in the market; total in market 610 head. Cows ami r Calves?316 in market; sales from 19 to $25 ; extra $30.Springers $14 to 17. Dry cows sold at $6 to 9. Calves, ir the drove yards $1 a $1 79. extra $3 ; by weight on tli< I Delaware, from Jersey $3 a 3}, live w eight. Hogs?Onlj I 70 at market, all sold at $4) a 4j. Sheep?960 at market sales at $1 a $1 75, extra $3 25. Married. At Fort Crawford, Prairie du Chien. W. T., on the 7tl in?t. Lieut. B- II. Astiu s, lirst U. is. Inlautry, to Miss llr i tics 8., daughter of the late Win. Tippet t*, Esq., of Gene , va, N- V. On Monday, the 11th inst. ?t St. Geergo'a church, llano ver square, London, by the Very Itev. Robert llolgson f Dean of C arlisle, Wm. B. IIoduso*, Esq., of the State m Virginia, to M.sao.taKT, daughter ol the late Kdw ard Tel fair, Esq., of the state of Georgia. i Died. On the Jflth in?t., after a iliort illues*, A<?>??, wife o Stydien D. Skidmore, in the 'Mth year of her age. 1 The relative! and friends of the family are respectfully . invited to attend her funeral thi* afternoon, at 4 o'clock froinhcrlate residence, No. Ill Stanton- treet, vvitheul ( Iurther invitation. On her passage from Ualvestou, Texas, ou tioard tin brig Galveston, on theStk init., Mrs. Mean N. Caiscv; t wife of Capt. w. L. Cazneau, tormerly ol Boston. Passengers AiTlred. rol;? ?!r,'n 'bin Great Western.?Mr. sod Mr*. Jsffrsj Mr tarrsdi , Mrs Ksrcade, Mr Eyre. Mr Mures awl, Mr Mor n''j i i Vt" "R?""l 1 Lime, Mrs l)av i?, Mrs Krusson. Di Randolph, Mrs FUudolpl, Mr Randolph, Jr., Miss Randolph Mr* I In. VI*,id, Mr Lay, Mr Wsiow right, Mr Rogers, XV V LV%r'?\orr- L'vr?*nurf,Cai?t Bouaii. Mr >(i Mr fslKrt, nurse and oiiild; J W Paul, Mrs Paul, Mr Wad, worth. Mi ( ole. Mr | ainrodu.*, Mr Helil, Mr Dursnd, Mr Dr Civ. H Wreaks, Mr J llcnili Ml Whitewriabl, Mr I Woelltaer, Mr Tor , jr.. Ml Hcnard Mr Julio n, Mr Gourd, Mr J Gourd Mr Brant, Mrs IVu tr M? uli',,r 1>,1Vrl Sb Kirtli. Mr Morris, M Mr Pearinc. Sir* Tearing, M W H 1 JeiikiiM, Mi k'rr, Miss Kerr, Mr ft ,rd<>n. Mi Cain* run, Mrs I unrron and servant, Mr Mackhn, Mr Paton Mr C o jus. and one servant. I Hsai.Es ros?Brig Kdvvard?Rev John F l?oine,iu aid lolv Mr V W Ki'liltter, lady . servant and child; N M f'orti r and l i dy. K L Tr< nholm lady, servant and child; PV Dibble la,p and two children; Miss Mary Elder, MtssMsrirsn r KM. , .Mivs M Ashntaad, Mri Cobb Mrs I ope land vie .s, fc i rsnr, It II Wilson. W Nvpir I Mcvr,. \ Peirin I lleani'V. I A I laik.Lhas \llcn. i V \I Until. It lloohcr, John Woolly I II Lssssrd, J E Gelser, T L GMser, I i Benl and Mr Rose. New Oai-EASV?8hi| i Vicksburg?Jaines Pinnsjer, Esq. and ? in the .tecraffe. 8ava!S!?ah?-Brig Hokomok?Rir Jabci, Jr.; Judge A Preu j-i -L , . ggeag"*ffg f ticc, Col E. Beckham, Com. D P. If nil Hon D Adams. Dr J B Hawaii. J Foreign Importations. M aeslh t r??Brut A<U F.lira?2uo bits oil p A A Ronauld Ato? ll . Is uidsc 6 do corks 11W b?< Iruioiu >1 Ho oran*?a J Mitchell. S Bl JsOo Dr. CrRa?Bri< Rar let? !CC bis anfa H7rWv'- t-0 bgs 11 tihtl Coffee Uuiucuuib St Beck with. Domestic importations. r New Om Fans.?Ship Vlcksburg.?39 hhdt Tobacco J it H I M? .icncci ?17 ilo 64 lilt do Thompson and A'laini?13 d. H Mackey?6 do Masters ami Maekoe?3 do It Senddrrand Co.? 9.1 do Boormau. John.ton and Co?111 dnllobsrl 8 Mail laud ami Co?13 do Hoodlum and Co?J? do Hanson and Co?23 do Slum llui u and Co?66 do Wui Bamwell?18 bales Cotton N 0 Carlisle aud Co?3018 Put l.rad Charles H Rodger? and I'll?r?ld'>< jone. Kti|?118 do Slate, tiirileuei and Howell? 2?j do Win Mc.Calloiuh?n B iv? nnlz Allnu, Osithwaite f and Co?330 do r.'ter Hwniona and Co?13 Packs Buffalo Kobe* II Crooks, Em?100 Pkgs and Bone. inds to oider. r Chari Ktio.x?Bus Edward?80 casks rice to Sprairur, Ilo. riliaon St ro?163 do M.uter Maekoe St co, .a) whole .ml 30 half tieee. to Htckemath St VaiiDanie? 7'i do to (ieo 1 hales cotton to order?ll u bale. do. to tieo Bulkly?In do to or, dcr?23 to Crr aish 8t Heydecker?23000 feet of Cumber to J. & J B Witherby?Sundries. | MARITIME HERALD. Mailing Day* ?>f the Sti-um Ships. > tdiM taauso. moat America. j U. Western, Hosknll - Ant. II Columbia, Judkiiu Jnly 13 Aug. 10 I Britannia, Hewitt Aug. i Sept. 1 j Caledonia, Lott AtU. It Sept. 16 (J, Western, Hosken Sept. J Sept. 39 i Bi. Mueru, Eycklioldt Aiu. lu e Packets to Arrive, i Packets to Depart. from liverpool. _ for liverpool. Cambridite. Bsrstow, June 31 En o|ie. Marshall, Ami. 1 Rosco", Huttltson, June 28 j Independence, Nye, Auf. 7 from portsmouth. for portsmouth. St. James, Seboi, June 211 | Ontario, Bradish. Ant;. I Montreal, Tinker, July 1 I Toronto, Uriswold, Aug. 10 . from havre. for havre. t'tica, Hewitt, June ltj II iliimore, Knock, Auit- I Albany, Watson, June 27 ( Emerald, Howe, Auk. 8 To Ship Masters. We s'i.iII i-?tnrn it a favor, if captains of vessels arriving here, will j|i ve to JL'oiniuodore XV. A. Basset I, of our news fli-t-t, I repoit of the shipping left it lite port wheuce tlirj' sailed, tlie vessels spoken on their passage, a list of their cargo, and auv foreign nrws|>i|im they may have. Commodore Ba,.-ett will board tliein immediately ou their arrival. Wi w ill reciprocate I bo faior in any way. To CorreKpoiKtent* Abroad. Oor correspondents in foreign porta are rrapoc*<*ully requested to ai ml by every teasel all the marine intelligence they call obtain. Nautical information of auv kind, from any one reaiding at home or abroad, will be thankfully received. | PORT OP NEW YORK, JVLY 31, 18?3. \ Itnv RIIBI 4 I 1 MOO!* Rllt.S 1131 I aim 7 6 I watsr I 19 Cleared. Ships Rurnpe, Mar.hall, Liverpool, (' H Marahall; Calhoun, Myers, Charleston. G Sutton; Jane & Barbara, ( Br) Coleman, Liverpool, J Winslow, Jr.; 8ir Isaac Newton, (Hamb) Menlioltz, Hamburg, Schmidt it Balclien?Norw'n bark Two Brothers, Baker Antwerp. Schmidt tk Balclien?Brig* Snphij.(Bi) fkacobbe, Naples. Pi u lie r ton be Hart; St Lawrence. Beutley, I VTaldoboro, Nesniith, Leeds & co; Splendid, MoKciuie. Bangor, R T Buck; Selim, Perrit, Raatport; Oxxelle, (Br) Hurst, Dcuieiara, via Liverpool, N8; (.front'v I) igjrett, Rio Janeiro, Dunham tk Dimon: Nlozart. (Brcini Washer. Bremen, Oalrich & Krnger?ScVrs Lnipire, rowel I, Norfolk; Mail, Lormg, Bo*ton; Samuel, (Br) IV alters, St Julius, NF., Stokes & Anthony; Julietta, Woglom, Pelertburg; 8 A Appleton, NirkeJjon, Boston; Traffic, Webster, Baltimore; Meguuticook, Trim, Boatou Doric, Coffin, Tatnpico, M Mange; Farmer, Tittle, Wilmington. Arrived, Steamship Great Western, Captain Hosketi, R. N.. from Li) ver)>oo| July ltitli, to K. Irvm. July 2J, at 3 p III, exriiaoxed eolors with Br brig Pomona, running to tlie eastward, lat 49 00, Ion 41 III. 26th, at 1 p m, spoke Br brig Iris, of Greenock, from ilistigoiiche to Plymouth, lat 16 00, .on AA 30. 2fitli, at 6 am, ex. changed colors with an Anieiicaii ship, standing to the westward, with Iniglit laniidied sides, showing pri* ate signal white lilue anil white pendant, witli white ground and him s stri|>e in ceutre horizontal, lat 14 00, Ion 61 20: at 10 a in, exchanged colors with Aineiican ship Athens, becalmed with head to S VV lat 12 AO. Ion 61 00. 29th, at II 30 am, showed colors to American ship Gaspar,standing toeaslward, lat 40 36, Ion 69 10. 4 Ship Loudon, of Salein, Bruce, 96 days fiom Trieste, with s IA93 bales of rags 638 boxes Steele, to order. Shin Vickshurg, Berr>\ from New Oilcan*. July 12, anil 16 i da\ s from 8 W Pass, to W Nelson. i Norwegian brig Washington, Lourdie, j7 days from Norway, with nidze to Schmidt Si Balclien. ? flru; Muder, Flitter, 19 rlr\s from St Jagu de I uba, with sugar, Sec to master. Ve-sels left before reported. Brig Newcastle, Adams, 13 day froin Gaxyanilla, PH.. with \ sugar, to Brett k Vose. I Biig Ada Eliza, Lombard. 52 -lays from Marseilles.w itli fruit he. to J Mitchell. Biill Hokouiok, Harris, 3 dot s from Saaanmh, to master, cotton to Ci Collins and A C Miller. Bris; Edward. Bulkley, 4 dava from Cliarlrston. with cotton and rtcr, to G Bulkley. Sid in co with brig Orxay Tafl, for Prov idenee. Br'g Etnina W.iit,l4d<y? fioni Maracaibo. with coffee, to B urhaud k Thebaic); 1286 bags coffee J Holl'ord h co; 676 liidei M De Page? 32 Mti coffee 1 old bell bouchard & Thebaud;2 ca oil to order. Lett brigs Ann Eliza, Weden. of and for Tliilad, soon; M Mav, Brewer, of Boslon, just ai-riacd. fit St Thomas, to go uji the Lake to load ; achooticr* Foam, Vernack, of Mystic, for NYoik, aoon ; Br bark Helen Hamilton, NiehoU, of and for Liverpool, soon. Spok- June 21, on the outward lausage, whslu.g brig Sarah. Swain, of Routliport, from tl the " La Ha C for the We-teni islands, 12 tnoi ihs I out, 30U bhls oil. July 20, lat 30. Ion 71 30, ?i>?ke hark Adilinr h Eliza, from Boatou for New Orleans. Brig .Madison, Junes, 6 da) s from Savannah, to Sturge* tk Cleatinun; 163 Iwlrs cotton to I'armler, Kilburn k Rogers ; 37 t ieo Collins: 69 do Barstoas k l'oi?e; 2t> do Silas Bronsttn; 9 Hy Coit h co; 12 Buoiman. Johnston k co: 1 I) Uester: merchandize to Messrs. Jams, Gould. C*r?y, ll?ul? w <-.o, B-llis, and agent of Clinton line: 02 casks rice J I,aliens k co. 20th, otf the Delaware, saw 1.' S steam ship Mississippi, hence for Pi usacola. Brig Smyrna, Cuiniiiiugs,02 days from Marseilles, with wine 7 to the master; 207 pipes wine, 9 tons barilla, H. L. Ruth. 0th June, off Cape de fiat, spoke brig Mohawk, front Smyrna, for Hamburg. Brig Homer, Watts, 20 daas fin NOileaut, with 376 lihds su" ttar, to C. P. Leaerch; 193 tugs lead, Gardner St How land; 330 t dob.ll Field; 102 balea buffalo robes. W. S. Campbell, t Brig Lawrence, Ladieu. t! da) s from Charleston, with lumber, to O. Bulkley. 97,000 feet lumber, G. G. St E. Green. Sclir Lyeurgus Leeds, 13 days from May agucz, PR, w Ith ' sugar, to Nesmith tt Leeds; 33 nhds sugar, Meyer St Stueken; * :*> do A. < Rossiere; 13 do Maitlaiid, Kenned) St Coj 29 do .1. F< ulke St Son; 33 do 17 do molasses, Avmai St Co; 11 do Chsstelain St Ponsert. Let';- Br shin Woodstock, for London I nest day. Brig Sidney, for Norfolk, discharging; Girard, of Saro, Jo; and Magnet, just arrived?the only American vessels in port. " Schr Jew, Morris, 20 day * from Ne w Oi leair , w ith 20 hhds ! 17 tierces 102 bhls molasses, to Depeyster St Whitmarsh. 22d ) instant, lat '<0 14, Ion 78 43, spoke Br. brig Elizabeth Jackson, from Truxillo, for London. j Sclir J C Mitchell, ( hadwick, 3 days from Ocracoke. Selir Doctor, , 2 days from Virginia, with wood. Schr W C Cooper, Farr; 3 days Iroin York Riser, with i woodR. hr Sarah Elizabeth, Bngbee, from Virginia, wood. I Sclir Dream, Smith, 21 days from Tampa Ba), with copper and iron to master?3 passenger*. [ Schr Merchant. Hichmaii, 2 das s from Folly Laudin-'t, w ith w ood Schr Byron, Pi arsall, 50 your* from SwanJhoro, NC., aa ith ' naval stores. Schr Halcyon, Patterson, Georgetown, with jooo felt lumber th Badger & Peck. 26ih 2ust, 33 6, Ion 75. spoke I lint boat I Comet, of Ba|t,out6(l ds on a cruise. Br schr Ariel, Dnnscombe, Bermuda, g days 111 ballast, to 00 dcr. Left no Am Vessel., ' Schr E'linburg, Decker* Virginia. Schr Alaric, Furnell, Wilmington, NC., with naval storea, to J Ogden. | Schr Margaret Ann, Curb )-, Virginia. , Sclir Samuel El well; Fluhurt, Norfolk, shingles Schr Eliza Messerole, Hammond, from Virginia Sclir S Higbee, High-e, York River, with wood Sclir D Van Nam''. Wilson, Virginia, with fruit, t Schr Globe, Gukif, Plymouth, slungl. s. > Sclir Plrehe Eliza, Oaborn, Alexandria, Hour. 1 Sclir Exchange Mason, Suffojk, shingles. Sckr Emma Cole, Baltimore, iron [dp**Sctrr E P Hoi on. T-uinan. V'ork River, wood. Schr Martin Vtn Buren, Piiilh|is. Folly Lauding, corn. 1 Sclir J Elw ell, Stuart, Suffolk, shiuib-s. Sclir Valiant, Farrow, Wilmington, NC., naval .tore -, I Selir Sophia, Fountain, Lnbec, with plaster, hound to Newark. , Sclit T C Mitchell, < bad wick, Newbern, Nt nsval -lore, to Mitchell A Co. Bcloxv. 1 Two brigs, I General Iter oral. ' Liirria Bans.?The Europe for Liverpool, Baltimore to, Havre, arid Ontario for Loudon will tail to-morrow. Their letI ter hag* arc at Oil pill's iu the Fxcliange, 1 Natal ?The Pensacola OlMtteof ihe 16th instant, lava i The frigate Macedonian ?ill tail ill a ilay or two for the United i States of North America. The brig Dolphin is now absent on a cruise, the sloop of war Ontario is at anchor oil'the Navy " Yard, and two French sloops of war, the Brilliants aud the Dun cis, are to remain here during the summer months. Brig Alpvdh\a, of Waldoboro'; from New York for Na*- I sail, NP. which put into Norfolk, in distress, had been dis- ' charged in part, was reloading on the 2ttli and wouhl probably ! J contirue her voyage eve of 27th. All the sails saved out of I j what she had bent when the gale caught her, were the jib, gaff , ' topsail and steering -ails, part of foresail, and a small part of I mainsail. Whalemen. A letter received at the Whaling In*. Office iu this town. ' froin Acting Vice Consul of the U. ft. at Callao, dated April *l(h, rr|>orts hasiug touched at Callao, Feb 2Cth, Nassau, N B. , 6 mos out, 300 bis sp oil; March Oth, Cora, do. 6 mos, 00 bis ?p; llth. Orion, Nantucket 8 moa, 250 _*p; 15th, Benj Rush, Warren, 7*4 mos,200sp; lOtli, Marcus, Fairhaseu, 10 mos. 700 bbls; ' 22d. United States, Westport. 16j{ mos, 300 his sp; Kluabeth , Htsrhurk, Nantncket, 7 mos, I8<i sp; A|>ril 8th, Lafayette, N B- dford, 17 moa, 050 sp; Saml Robertson, do, 5 inos, "HI sp: ! 10th, Pocahontas, Hohnes H.le, 18*-; mos, 1100 his. Cap! 8 had his leg broken at sea a slior' time prt s lous, hut by the assistance of the surgeon of the U. 8. ship Yorktow u. at Callao, had nearly recovered, and sld 22-1 on a cruise, A Inter from on hoard Pleiades, of Wsreliain, remits* her off Banks ol Peninsular, March 12th, wanting 60 brl* to fill? w hales plents?had spoken the day previous, Clems is, New London, 1500 hrl*, leaky. A letts-r from onboard 8ilas Richards, of Sagharbns. date' Feb. I3fh,re|i0rt? her with 1000 hrls wh and 150 sp oil. Report* 1 Jail 28lh, Thpiles, Sagharbor, 1000 wh; Aun, do, 800; Coluin- , hi i, do, 1200 wh 150 sp. I Holmes' Hole, July 2g?Arr, Virginian, fm Boston foi N York; Flizabctli, fm Doigor for New York. 8 poked. , t ounte.s of Am, 58 days frein Donegal for N York, sod wa* t - implied with provisions, in lat 1(1 01 Ion 59 15. Jills 8ih, pass'-dthe Isle o Wight, America, fm Bsltimore for ' , Bremen, all well. Jtiue 19th, a ship fill New Orleans lor Lirorpool. could not ' a ceitaili her name, out 21 days, lar 40 55 N, Ion .'16 13 W June 20th Pacha. I'm NOrlean* for Cowe?, out?l ila>s, m lat I II M N, Ion .Viffl YV. July I, llnberl Alexander, Parker, On Saienuah for Liv-ipn.d out 19 day*, i? '** '7 n N, ion 31 10 W. i (Iff Cark, "ill inrtant, Lochinvar, Weatcott, fm NOrleans for ' Liverpool. Foreign Port*. ' Losnox, Jalv U.?Arr Soat reign. NYork; Unrbrr, In. lJtli lil*. Meaieiiger, for Buxton; Gibraltar, NYork; Mediator, do. 12th?Art Astnrean, NOrlea w,. . Liverpool. July h.?Arr, Hiberntau, NYork; <o?mo, do, . Kdtnund Perkins, NCMi'iuu; Bnliab Kiug.'rtos Georgia, do: Kortitnde, Mobile; Albion, do; Shenandoah, Phon-I. Hid, She ridan, NYork; Harriet llockwell, Lit;. Point. In Ihc naer. ( ruikitoil Castle, for Savannah; I ranees Depart, Mobile. ( |,l, Joliu Barinrr. Philad. I.ltli?Sid Southern* r, N YmI, \,i lOtli, Y.agle, Aprlaehirola; llu-iell (llover, NYork. Sid, Palmyra, do; Columbus, do; Leila, Bait; M JkSusan, Portsmouth, Gazelle, Savannah. Lnt. for loailinf?Hope, NOrleini: North Amerira, NYork ' ffrnnklyn, do. bill Yul.-idy llnwfn.1, ('Latlitou: nth, OondwivN'i w () leans Lneliiurar ,)<v llriuT I.ecdj, Mobile; J" li Shephard. , .to; H. orlind, , rl ICtli, K l. -rt Hour. Apalaehimla, I n rI.iImI, N York: Wellington, Ch.arleiton, Itohert \ Parker, Sa- | 'Riinah; Affgfian, Mobile; Tame tend, NOrlearta. K.nt'd for loading, Hindoo, Boston; S America, NYork. Arr 8th, Tarquin, NUrleans; George. Mobile; eld, T P Cope. Philad Oa- , Mile. Savannah. Bid. I'Mcora, Charle.tou DeaX. July It.-Kiuil by, Binue;, Havana for Hamburg; I LIiaa. Au'?n|i. Do*?R, July IL?layoff. Colchis, from NOrleain for Ant" l?th?Passed, Clitut, NYork f,? Amsterdam. Po?t<mol-tm. JaK lt.?did Oladiator, NYork. Co*Kt> July 10.?Sid Scotland, Rotterdam. ,, Nottl Shields, July 10.?Air Mammae. Hamburgh. hid l?th, SwIm Boy. Boston; 7th. M. dora, NYork. OoTi. Core, July 10.?8pokru by the Trv Again, On tlie 29th nil.. a Bremen ship, from Bremen lor NYork, villi emigrant;. W days out. let 45 N, Ion 48 \V: could not ascertain her name. Belfast, July 11?Spoken by the Plotua, Irom St Andrews, a ship from Rotterdam for Fhilad, with passenger*. but could not hear her name, aa it w a? bloating 'trout at the time. Or?" Cape Clear, July It.?Queen <>f the Ocean, Mobile foi Liverpool. Glasgow, July 8.?An Lady of the Lake. NYork. (Jactvort. July 10.?Arr Maria. Mobile; Duucalion, Jo. Dt NDicr.. July 8.?Sid Fortnua, NYork Havre, July 12.?Arr llapp?hnnuock. NOrlfMU; luth, Piatt* ua, Mobile, hid lltli, Sully, NYork; Berwick, L' Stales. Arr Htli, Marion, Charleston; 9th, Iluiover, NOrleans; John llol. laud, Jo; Lluabelh Bruce, Mobile; 7th, Olyni|dc, Charlestonflih, Atalanta. NOrlean?; Iowa, NVork; Norvvall, Mobile. Sid I 7lli, Xylon, NYork; Forester, 17 St tie*. Arr 5th, Trouton, Mobile; Core*, Charleston. Hvimi:, July 7.?Arr. UlyiaiUA, Charleston; lows. New | York; Atalaute. New Orleans; Normau, Mobile; 8 h, Marion, Chadevtou; 9th, John li'dlaud, Hanover. New Orleans; Lib zabetli Bruce Mobile; luth, ma, Mobile; 12th. Rappahannock, New Orlean*. Sid Till, Xyloll, Net. York; Forrester, United States; llrh, Arrabella, Celled Stater; Stilly, New York; Berwick, Hardini, New Orleans; 13th, Moselle, Boston, Burlington, United States. BorpEai a. July 7.?Arr, Tecuiuseh end Ceronne, New Orleans. Sid 1th, F.inilir, Philadelphia. M .vRvt iLLtt, July j ?Arr. Diligent, New Orleans. Lv KuciHlLLI'., July 9.?Sid, Audrouut, New York. Hclvoet, July S.?Arr Abairaii, Uiehmoud; Iflth, John Caskie, do. Sid 11th, Wallace, NYnrk; Celeste, Button. Arr 4th Cilatrasa, NYork; nth,, Bal'. Ti:iei . July 8.?An Arab, Uaiana; Camern, Bait;7tli,Wolfv ill**, NOrleajis. Antwerp, July 12.?Arr Colchis, NOtleaus; BAshawr, Jo; hill Saxon, Boston. Arr 9th, Natchex, llaraua; Alexandria, N Orleans; tith, Union. Havana; Tiger. NOrletna: 9th. Sarah. Matamta*. Sid lull, Kspelete. Vmerica. Ahimmah, July 'i.?An* Mayltower, NOi leans; lltli, Sol'l?''. v ii*""*; Clli, Thorn Peter, NYork; Haruionie, <lo. Bordeaux, July 7.?Ait Teciitnsah, New Orleans, Garonne, do. Tarragona, June 25.?Arr Margaretta, NVork; Angola,Vir ginia.

Marseilles, July Sill Solomon Saltus, NOrlcan.. Bremen, July 7.?Arr Amethyst. NBedl'ord; Giutsv, Ball; Inez, V irginia. Sr. Michael's. June 16.?Arr Mazeppa, NVork slil for Madeira. Sid loth, Edvv Black, Boston. GorTENBURi;. JnlyS.?Arr Eiitcrpiize, XYoik; St Btrthuletuevv, Charleston; F.lsinure, July'j.?Arr David, NYork for Stettin. Cld 5th, Falmouth. St Petershurgh for Boston; E Celestiana, St Petersburg for NYork; Omen, Stockholm for do; Pico, 8t Petersburg lor B?stall; D Webster. for St Petersburg. Nantz, July 5? Arr Saratov", NYork. Gibraltar, June 23.?Arr Choctaw, Smyrna anil sill for Bos ton; 27th, Cambridge, NOrleaus; 28th, Pilot, Leghorn and slit for Boston. Sid 3tlih, Bohemia, Boston. Cadiz June 21.?A>r Keiinebeck, NYor?; 25tli, Kussia, Norfolk; 26th. Neas Hampshire. Ilivre; Mazeppa, NYork. Sid 28th, Stlabiu, NYork; 27'.li, M Kimball, Marblenead. Fatal, June 27.?Arr Harbinger, Boston; Garonne, New Orleans, Macoa March I?In larrt, Olof Wyk, to load at M. for N. York. Pic'Toi', 16th int.?Iu port, Harriet, for I'hildelpliia, the next day. Halifvx. 2tnli lust?Ar St Lawrence, Le Blatie, Bostr.u, 21st Boundarv, NYork, 23d, Germ, Philadelphia. Cl'il 2?1 Charles Pieton. _8i John, N B. 2Jth iu-taiit?Arr, Siroc, and Napoleon, Philadelphia. Bermuda, Jnlv 16?Arr, Saunu I Henry, Norfolk. 15th, cl'd John Hincock, Phi I a. The Co<|aette, from Baltimore for Demerara, passed Bermuda on the llth inat. Mo.HRr.AL, July 27.?Cld Cluronoineter, Liverpool. United States Ports. Kastport, July 22?Arr Olive, St John, NB; Poeasset, Philad. Sld25th, Chief Sachem, NYork; Enveline,do. Bath, Me.. July 23?Arr New Enctanu, Havre via N York Charles; St Croix; Franees Ellen, NYoik. Thomaston, July 26?Cld Ludwig, NYork. Piir rlaid, Julv 28?No arrival or clearance. 27th, arr Joseph, Plulad; Neptune, NYoik; F. jual, Thomaston; 26th, Oor dun, Bait; Brilliant, do. Gloucester, July 27?Arr Washington, Philad; Balance. N York. lIoLMKEs'i Hole,. July 28?Arr Barfine, Philad for Boston; Calcutta, do for do. _ Salem, July 2C?Shi sloop katrheld, Nkork; sclir hsirfield, do. ArrAjax. New Bedford, Jul) 28?Arr Harriet Porter, Pnilad. Boston. July 29? Arr Oneco, L'|iool; Locliiel, St Jago; Ore von. Philad; Helen Gray, do. Signal for 1 hark and 1 brig. Cld Emma Isadora, Smyrna; Susan Jane, do; Prtceiosa, Montevideo via Savannah; Adelaide" Dnnarara and a market: Porto Hico, Bath; Gladiator. Norfolk; Susan, Philad. Arr 28lli, Tio ga, alalia; oyipii, i 1111.111, r i tnves.uv. Providence, July 28?A-tr Charleston Packet, I'liilnl; An. glisla, do. Bristol, July 28?Arr Hope, Norfolk, with tin- sails, rigging rabtra and anchor*, saved from the wreck of L.arah Lte, o| this port, stranded on Lynnhaven Beach. Tlia hull of the bark was sold mi beacli and afterwards burned. . Philadelphia, Jl'ly 30.?Arr St Louis, NOrleans; Erneline, St ,1 igo de Cuba: Harriet. Richmond; Sophia, Turks Lland; -Fountain, Rochester, Me; Franklin, Machiaa. Cld Violet, Kingston, Jam; Win M Rogers, Boston; Ann Elita, Maracaibo; Factor, New Yoik. Baltimore, Julj 28?Arr Star, Proi idruce. Sid, Chieh.isaw and Colombo, for Boston. Richmond. July 27?Arr Ann Homers, Providence. Sid Tus carora, NYork. Arr 26th, Superb, NYork; Seadrifl, Boston, Sid Mary Maria, NYork. Alexandria, July 20?Arr Caxennve, Turk's Island. Wilmington, SC., July 2C?Arr Columbia, Boston; Minerva, NYork. Cld Alrric, NYork ; Su'aii (it Bcnjainiu, Tnik s Island; Susan, Boston. Charleston, July ?fi.?Arr. Sullivan, New Toils. 18th iuslant at tj, 7(1 a. m., in lat. 30 VI. lull. 71 20, passed a green hottouted ve>at I. bottom up. about I7U tons, apparently new, with two pieces of her mast* near her. lSlh instant, exi banged signals with a lort-and-aft schr.,with a white flag and blue cen're. 2flth iiut. saw a lore-and-aft >ehr. on shore near New Inlet. 21st iust. saw a top-sail sclir. ashore ncarWimble Shoals. 2?d inst. about 20 miles S. W. of Cape ilnteras, pused a large frame or hull of a vessel, floating with the water's edge. Derail, Savannah. Cld. Col. T. Sheppard, St. Jagudc CiibaSavannah, Julv 23.?Arr Robert Isaac, Liverpool. Went to ?ea. Mvti.on, NYork; Harriet, St. Domingo. Sailed, Hokouiok, NYork. MoBII.e, Jnly 23?Cld, Mar 'aret Forbes, New York. > lis Orleans, July 23? Cld, North B nk, Cowes nod a rmikal Liverpool, New York; Ocmulaee, New York;Tim?- | Iron, London; Powhattau. Bordeaux; Fancy, Kingston. Ja. Arr, Augusta, Harm. DELAWARE COUNTY" LANDS FOR SALE. ? FELLOW CITIZENS, now is the time'.?A new settlement is now forming on the Bearer Kill River, only 130 iniles from New Vork?5430 Acres of warranted goosi Lauds, of superior quality. The certificates of residents, and several purchasers, will give every satisfaction. The New York aad Erie Rail Road runs but u short distance from'he settlement. Several families base moved on this last week. There is one mill iu operation, and another building. This is the best chance for enterprising men, with Itttla means, iu the United States, In the first place, it is in a healthy < ountry, with a population of 38,00n souls, where mechanics of every description are wanted. It/*" Take cam of the " f. r oft' sickly West." Stay at home iuthe State of New York?any -|U?ntity will b? sold. Call at No. 3 Broad street, secnhil floor, from 9 to 4, and from 7 to 10 o'clock, and at 58 North Moore street. Also, for sale, a Farm of 200 Acrea. for $000 only?35 acres ch ared, w ith hodst, barn, Ac,, directly -in the Delaware river. AI?o, for sale. 100 improied Kanns Irom $500 and upwards. jyJI 4t?r WII.DKR'8 PATENT SALAMANDER SAFES Their *a(Y? arr a pprfrct iiou-conductor of heat, and cannot be destroyed, not tiirir contents inJU'cd by any ordinary fire, an umnerous trials hare- proved, and arr aNo proof against s.#?s.e?<! liu rl??s miwi rulrbfAtrd oarent luck* now in uu. A largo assortment, "f variona sire*, con(tantly on hand, and lor sale by SILAS C. HERRING. Agent, No. 139 Water ?t. Also,as ahore, an assortineut of second land Iron Chests, (made by different manufacturers) with good loess, suitable to protect plate, jewelry, ami other valuables against thies es, far sale at fiom jf> tc tr< |>si cent below the first, coat. jy3l6tr C?*7 X RKWARD.-Lost liy the subscriber between No. 800 SP ? 'J Kulton street and 'he United States Court, in the Park, a roll of Bills, mostly of Ranks In this city, amounting to between three and four hundred dollars. Any person who shall return the same will receiie the above reward, and the thanks of the owner jyjl It r K. PARSONS, Fulton st, X. Y. tPHE SUBSCRIBERS hive this day entered into CoparlJ nership, for the purirose of transacting the Etching* Brokerage business, tinder the firm of WILLIAM ANI) JOHN O'BRIEN. WILLIAM O'BRIEN, Jun. JOHN O'BRIEN. New York. August I, 181:8. 13 Wall street. _ | y31 lw r \RRIVED by the Belgian Steamer, British ({ueen, a sirlendid co'lecticu of BIRDS, among whicn are thrre Nightingales. Goldfinches, Ac. Ac. Enquire at 123 Greenwich street, opposite Albany street. jy.H It*r JOHN B. RAADE WIDE. PARSELLS & AGATE Manufacturers of stocks, susiH-nden.,Lmen Drapers, Ac. hare just received a very light and beautiful ?tock, espressly for summer wear. Also, a rich and varied assortment of Sri mint 1 Scarfs, Crusts, Silk, Linen Thread, and Kid <?|nit s, w itli a large ssortinent of Suspenders,read) made Linen and Muslin Shirts, Linen Collars, Ureas Fronts, gentle-, men's under garments, Ac., at the old establishment,3d I Broad w * i , Is ' ?fi n I'aik place and Mm n\ -t. jyl2 lm*c rI'OXl T EHAims KNTIE MEN.- T he advertiser, who ; A bu long been ?nt(axf*d in im-paring manntcripu for the Isai itsLr ?/lifts* loiatiri' tint/' ,, fft- r? tl i 8 SP M 1CHS tO glltll All- I tlior* as may wish to have their productions prepared lor publication, or supervision during their progress through the press. Hit terms are reasonable, either by the hundred worda or page, or in any way suitable to the w ish of his employers. Address to C. M. R., Post Office, Brooklyn. jy30 3t*c ^OTlClT?MTiiisti rs, ^Mayors, Magistrates, or iiersous actitig under audi capacity, or whe undertake to unite parties, ate requested and notified not to marry my daughter H etty | Leontine Crnmelteti to Raphael Mayer, as the same is contrary to the wishes of her parent, she bring, also, under age, as the same will be prosecuted to tin- end of the law. RAWLAND CROMELIEN, 819 Broadway. P. 8.?Editors of adjoining city paia-rs, wrlio inay hsva feelings of interest mid ofhnmauity for aggrieved parents, in similar cast s. are at liberty to copy the above. j>30 31 *k LOST BOOK of the Bank for Havings, No. 21121. The tinder is requested to leave it at the Baak, No. It Chambers atrect. jy3?2t*e gM'ANISfl DOL'BLOONS lor sale on the most favorable O teims, by S. J. SYLVESTER, r, K I Mi Rro.nlwav nid ? Wall stiet t. 11 N(.'r,'RRF.NT MIiNKV, of all kinds, purchased at the E best m vrket rates, by S. J. .IYLVESTER, 22 Wall Street. 1 and 1:10 Broadway . HILLS or EX< HANGE on all parte of fc?lead, Ireland and Scotland, in sums of XI to ?lj and ?20, to any amount for sale by S. J. SYLVESTER, 22 Wall street, a' and 1 ta Broadw ? JJRINTINO PAPER?200(1 reams of medium Printing IV ' per, of lerious (|nalities, forsale by PKR88E Ik BROOKS, Paper Warelioust ; j > 30c 61 Liberty street. tfOOI.SCA P A N DTETTER PAPER?woe reams Ames' ^ ruled Letter Foolscap Paper, at low prices, for sale by Jy *t PERS8K k BROOKS. 61 Liberty st. VjTRAW WRAPPING PAPER?t.noo reams of Crown and k ' double f town Straw Wrapping Paiu-r, for sale by I j 20 TERSME k BROtSKS. 61 Liberty st. / kjFFlemen ami ladies riding out of town will Ami a 1 pleasantstopping place in Flat Bnsh, I |, ilwai hall .\ i) t<> Htth ami 1 \ I I ?d. ?' tbt It Cnam establishment, i ; '-if. th? hwmitil'ul park of M. ( larknon, K -i. jj W lm*i IM )RTU(*UESE FEMALE PILLo. rPHKRK fkp?fained and relebrnici! Pills, from PorfucAl, arc, * we perceirc, to be obtained in thia country. Her idrcrti** n tli* 11 t ,iinn11 i fourth |myc. * '* rvTf. TAMES ALEXANDER llOL'STOM ha. removed 1/ Ilia Const i Orru ?, to No. 3 H??ist " Bcit-ono f Nu in ind Kultnti tf - n, ''1 l"'4 r PilOI 3 I ON, M I>. I) K \ TlflT - 11 rrmotfd to 243 Bm;idw*\ , between Park Place a?d .Nlnrra> street. if20 rod lm*r - . l/tilt |i|L KKi'l IITMANOKICS Compound Chemical r W inle Oil Soap, infallible for Bedbugs.Mollis,Rata. Cockrvli. S, Klies. Ants Mmrbetoes, (or Ins My I aper, and lor hi numerous chemical preparations, see lest page. Jv7 lmis?c .. _ S< WfJANEHE- > ton- blsrg Oitd. .if Manganese for ,|JV1 PERSSE A BROOKS, jy 29 61 Liberty street, " "auction sales. BY THOMAS BELL. ' " . ( Hartl .Ytff. 22 .In" and 115 h\iltan itrttt I Tl t BDAT. i At I0>; o'clock, in tli.' ??lc? i?oin?. Large ??lc of ltauiuabU dr good-, clothinc. MrdW*trv outI?)'| Uhcy ?ud [dcdjed krticli , jcwcliy, Wd:chr?. gUIn, AC. Al?<>, wirou, winn, liquor*. ? roc r tic, IfcC. AI*o, 2ii,000 prime soar. WEDNESDAY. At lotjj o'clock at the auction room, Eilcuaive and -limbic aak of choice aoil cltganl ftjiuiluir, of all description*. Alao, an entire ttock of warranted city made cabinet furuiture. t:ii. li'di.ow, auc VfALUABLfc PROPERTY AT HOBOKLN, N. J.-E. * H. LUDLOW will **-11 at auction on the premises, on M >inUy, August gth, at 1 o'clock. 1' ?t.?Prot eity belonging to tlu- late J <bh- ? Swatiiey, at tloboken, and kuown a* tlm Washington House. This justly celebrated business stand, consisting of two lots of ground, 25 b> 100 Irct each, with the Holt 1 thereon, will he sold to the highlit bidder. The l!.?tel is large and commodious, Mid benr* within om minute's walk of the Ferry, situated u|?ou the main si reel, and greatadvautdges as a house-of public iccoiiiuiodauou Thu Hotel it so well know n, that the owner thoiks it uuuec< i*ai> fo enlarge U|K>t) the etteut of tiUiiuess d-?nc their since it wai opeued, as it is well known to the thousands who have uncle n a resort for several Tears past. For particulars as to title terms, ko , apply to L. R. D Wright, rUqr., Miry Sweet e\ on Uie premises, or to E. H. LUDLOW, Auctioneer, No. I 1 street. _____ J\tl lw is*m - _ FOR GIBRALTAR AND ( ONBTAN TINOFLE, touching al Fayal and Malta : superior fast tunning st-amBAN IOK, J00 tons buitheu. will nail r<tlx ! above ports ou Saturday, 61I1 Augixt, frou , Boston. Tim steamer was built by Brown & Bell, cf New York, ex prcssly lor a sea route. She is now fitted up in superior ktyh i for the above voyage, and liaa accommodations f' r |uut inter unsurpassed by any steamship crossing the Atlantic. 1 The price of passage. without winea, will be a? follow* I To Fayal. < 50 I To Malta, > 810 | " Gibraltar, 80 | " Constantinople, 12, for passage only, apply to E. WRIGHT, J*., T wharf, Boston Letter Bags are at Hale's Foreign Lette r Office, 38 Wall at. anil will clone al half pa*i t I'. M . Aug. i h. jylW lw*r NEW EX PRESS LINE. FROM NEW YORK TO NEW HAVEN, HAUTFORt AND SPRINGFIELD?DAILY. I. IIA R.N DEN St I O. having plllcha eil of Me vara Hurlburt 8t Ce. the former proprietor* of the New Hweu am Hartford Express Li- then right and interest in said hue, am having arranged w itli tlie strainfio t and railroad coiiipantt? oi the said route for the exclu ite privilege of tunning expres cars thereon, would reapectfillly ttifortn the tmbl.c that the\ arc now prepared to receive and forward daily (Sundays ex cepted) parcels, package*, bank notes, apcrie, Stc.; to cdlrc notes, drafts, hills, ami to transact all business in each of tail (daces, of a like nature to tint which is now done by thcii e? tabltslimeiit. A special messenger will accompany the cais w hich contain iron safes. All parcels to be forwarded by the above hue must be market " Can-of llarudeti it Go."and sent to their offices, a. the pro pile tors of the steamboat and railroad corporations assume u> liabilities therefor, Messrs. Harndrn Ik Co. leiug alone tes|>ou stble. llARNDEN * CO 3AVallst. New York. Ol vices J. M. Thompson, General Agent. 10 Stale at. Springfield. G. A. Hamilton, State street. Hartlord. AY. Webb, jtl Stale St. New Haven. JVWf - rtST>a3l EXCURSION TO THE FISHINC BANKS. off far ROI KA W A Y-The new Jfc?aTi f and s.bstan ial steam boat JACOB BELL Captain Richard Yates, w ill make a trip to the Fishing Banks on Wednesday next, August 3d, leaving the Pie' foot of Oou verncur sheet at a quarter before 8 o'clock A.M.?Delancy st at 8?Pike s'reet at half past 8?Roosevelt street at a quarte before 9, and Pier No, 1, North river, at a quarter past 9 o'clocl Lines and bait furnished ou boaid, and a cold collation pro viilril. and every in itiou made tu render the trig, agreeable Fare for the whole excursion?Fifty Ceuu. j)3l Jtfctn EXCURSION DAY AND NIGHT TC -fr'niE FISHING BANKS. The fast am jC^L3d^C_suhsrantial steamer UT1CA, Capt. J. Hancox will make an excursion a* above on MouiUv, August 1. Th< Utiry on this trip will remain ou the Banks all night, ami unti 1! o'clock next day, tinh sjt (he weather should Ire rough ; it that case she wilt anchor iusidv, and gil e those who may wish an opportunity to laud at Coney liland. 1 Ins will be a delight Ail excursion, and a successful one at catching fish, as the boat will lie on the ground at the right time, viz : day break. The Ulica can accommodate 230 passengers w ith berths, and lias also Private stale rooms for families. A hand of moiic will be on board, that those who wish m?y enjoy themselves by forming a cotillion party. Captain Peacock w ill be on board, and .mm e the passengers bv cat- lung porpoises As the number of tickets is limited, early application is necessary for bertha. Apply on board, or at the office, fool of Courtlandt s'reel. She will leave as follows Foot of Hammond street, 8*?; Canal, 3Jt-, Pike, 9; Pier No. 1, at 9% o clock. Fare, 50 cents each W ay. Ref.e.hments mi le.aril. jy28 Hr aUM a* healthy e.\< i csion r*? the FISHING BANKS OFF SANDY,HOOK * **; * ?The fast and substantial steamer UTICA, Captain J. W. Haneos, will comineuee making daily excursions to the abov e place, on Monday, July 2jth, and continue to run every Monday, Wednesday, Thursdty and Satuiday, and leave aa fallows :?Foot of Hammond street at a quarter past 8 o'clock?Canal street at half p<it 8?Pike street, IC. H., at 9?Pier No. I NT. K., at half past 9. A Baud of Music is engaged. Dinner and all kinds of refreshments will be furnished on hoard. On the return the Utiea will remain at Foil Hamilton hall ail hour. Fare 23 cents each way. The UTICA will make an Afternoon Excursion around St lien Island on SiunUy, Julv 21th, and continue every Tuesday, Friday, slid Sunday, and leave as follows Foot of Hammond street at Pa o'clock?Canal street at 2?Pike street, E.H. at half past 8?Pier No. I, at 2J? o'clock, P. M., and arrive in the city at 7 o'clock. Fare 23 cents each way. j y23 2m r FOR NEW ORLEANS?I.nuisiana md New fcjMMPW York Line.?Positively first Regular Packet?The fast ASaUllmsailiiig picket ship GASTON CaptO. EMri.lgv.hav. ing ihr greater part of her cargo engaged, w ill positively sail as smivu. For freight or pauacc .having handsome furnished accommodations, apply ou board, at Oilcans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS 8c CO> 3f> South at. Oieat care w ill be takeu tu have the goods by litis line corI m i I v measured. I Agents iu New Orleans, Ilullir. it Woodruff, who Mil j promptly forward all goods to their vddress. )>'30 r ! III.At K liALE, nil < >1.1) LINE OF LIVER \ W'jWj'WPpOL PACKETS?Being the only regular line ! .HHNlHEasailing on the 1st of August?The splendid Wei known vers last sailing Packet Ship EUROPE. Capt. Edw'i U Marshall, will sail |H>silively on Monday next, the 1st o August, lo r regular day. Tlie accommodations of this Lino for Cabin, second cabii and Steerage iwsscngers, are well known to be Mipcior t< any other. Pirlies proceeding will lind it to their comfort t( select this conveyance. '1 he terms of paasageare very low, for w Inch apply on board or to ROCHE, BROTHERS & CO. 33 Fulton st. j29 Next door to the Fulton Bank. OLD LINE FOR LIVERPOL? Firat ILgnlai Packet Ship EUROPE. Capt. E. O. Marcholl, will despatched as above, her regular day. The accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, by the Old, or Black Ball Line, are unsprpassed. For passage, wbicli will be at the lowest rates, apply to JOHN HKRD.MAN, 61 South st. N. B.?Passage from Great Britain and Ireland, via Liverpool, can as usual be secured by any of the line of packets, and drafts furnished for any amouiii, payable throughout the Unit ed Kingdom, by applying a? above. j> 28 FOR LIVERPOOL, the first class British Barque WflMfW COUNTESS OF ARRAN. Captain O'Bryen, JWMwAm only two yeais old, 330 tons burthen, will he drtpatrhed for the above port on Friday, Jth August. For freight or iia-sape, liav ing comfortable accommodations in Cabin, Second Cabin and Steerage, all of which w ill be taken at the lowest rates, apply to the Captain ou board the ship at pier 12 E. II., or to jrffi JOHN HERDMAN, fit Smith street. iJBv UNITED LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS WWMrW?Packet of the 1st of Aiirnst?The superb fast sailJwHKaing Packet Ship ADIRONDACK, 1100 tons burthen, Capt. Haekstaff, will sail jiosHivrly as above, her regular d ty. The accommodations ol this ship for cahin second cabin and steerage passengers cannot lie surpassed. Her between decks arr very spacious, and titled up with every convenience, and with strict attention to the comfort of HQMld cabin and steerage igera, and persons about to embark tot the above port, wishing to combine comfort with economy, ahould loaf no time in selecti-g berth' in thin splendid ship, as the price ol passage is unusualfv h?-for terms OV which, apply OB board at Burling slip, w est side, or to J. T. TAPSCOTT, tJ Peck Hlh>, cor. South street. Persons wishing to send for the r friends can hate thern brought out in this ship, or any of the regular line, on favorahie terms. j>J9 "FOR MARSEILLES?Packet of 1st Angost?The JrdMpW. very superior brig ISAAC MEAD, Capt. D. Studlev Has very superior furnished accommodations for pesseiigers, and equal iu all respecis to th-nc of the other European packets from heiu-e. For freight or passage apply to BOYD fc HINCKEN, Agents. 9 Tontine Buildings. jjKy FOR NEW ORLEANS?With quick despatch? kWrafV-The elegant well known packet ship QUEEN VICA^NMmTORIA, Captain Mullet, will sail as above. She has superior accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, ssInch will be taken at the lowest rates, if parly application is made on board the ship, at pi r It E. R. or to jy24 JOHN HERDMA.V 61 South it. ~^de3E^ FOR SALE, FREIGHT. OR CHARTElt-The MfWrVsuperior, last sailing, coppered, and copiier fastened ???iLslunCHARLES CARROLL, burthen tier a gister, 4Dtons, built in I8M by nSSUS, Bt rgli In- oak. In cusl, aud cedar for a Has re packet. She is in prime order, and may be sent to sea at a tritliug expense. For terms apply to Captain Lee on board at Rector street wharf, oi to J>91 BOYDk HINCKEN, 9 Tontine Buildings. PARR'S LIFE PILLS 'T'O THE TUBLIC.?The proprietors ol the esi-aordtuarv A medicine known by the name of PARR'S LIFE PILLS base established a wholesale branch of their house in New York, at the Clarendon House, comer of Dttane street and Broadway. The value of this medicine in bilious complaints, blotches on ilie skin, ( bob ra morbus, dysentery, feinting*, bail brt >tb, heart barn,headache, inflammation, indigestion, laiigour, liver complaints, piles, scrofula, and numerous other diseases, may be indued win nit is known that the sale in Europe has Increased to the enormous amount of Sti.OfO boxes weekly, to more than a million and a half yearly. From its great celebrity it is now sold in almost all warts of the globe. No J- edicts* ever yet offered to the world, lias no rapid)\ obtained such distinguished notoriety, and it is so gentle in lis naiuie [list it , may be taken by the invalid, however weakly, neing rompura of the moit innocent herb*. For particulars of thin astonishing medicine,e together with the account of its remarkable and renowned discoverer, Tho! man Parr, wlio lived to the extraordinaiy age of ]>0 yeait ace the book of bit life, which mav be had gratis t?f all the agents in New Voik and other parts of the L* tilted Stales. The following arc the duly appointed agents ,,]^JLJTltYor*"" Rushmn Si A.pinwall, druggist- and chemist-. ? William it. 110 Broadway, and 10 Atfor House I Abraham Sands k Co. druggists and chemists, gr?nir. buildma*. f?3 Broadway, corner of Chambers f T. Dickie. Ill Broadway, corner of Lupemrd *t. John B Dodd druggist, Broadway . corner of Bit eckrr st, A. W. Badeau, Bowery Medicine Store, fto Bower). J. h J. Coddington, apothecaries, 2F IIndfon street, corner of Spring street. L. L. Cotton, chemist and apothecary, Bteerker street, corner of Jones street. J. Wendover, druggist and apothecary. 111 Eighth aftnue. Brook I y ii?W m. Armstrong, seed, dru,; and | ateiit medicine warr-houst I8f Fit I ton vt A MIRACLK ! A MIKACLU! A VLRV WONDER TO CLEAIl THE SKIN?THE A ITALIAN CHEMICAL SOAP-K< no mber, without murepifientation, these are its positive qualities, for which H has received th* highest encomiums of tin. facn1t),and the unsolicited approval of flit; medical society of Paris. It ha* cured thousands in the United States of every disfigurement i . WI^'00 <jf tb? -kin. toch as Pimples, Kr ekles. Blotches Bait Rheum, Scurvy, Heat Hi?ots, Tan. Sun Burn, Morphew *<;. So*, ft will chtnge the color of nark >e11ow. oj Mfhhnrnl skin, to henitinil healthy cleanups. To prove to the public the excellence of thin, read the following diploma awarded tc R. V apviui, the inventor, bv the Medical Boeiety of Pans:? M Wr coiiyith r Yl. Ves|?r?nithe greatest philant' ropisf of the nd his Italian f h< mil tl 8 niracli n curt in erui tioua or disfigurement <?f the akin ?f will prove a blessing to | future agei/' 9 dd b) lbs n? ml unt in the I lited Htaf i ' ? S|B of thu American Kvgle, B2 Chatham street, NewV-rfc. pni?' Ml cents a cakt gODA AMI-J. 'g-jfafc AMUSEMENTS. N mi.o'?~GAHP?ii. Extraordinary Havel Family. Rail ft Xifrhtty with Sh'mtt oj Laughter and Ap. ]:i(lute, in their vaiumn SPLENDID COW"' PANTOMIMES, Ac. MONDAY EVENING, An,u i iji i ,i ?rioicju"'.t AiU commence at V o'clock. with A GRAND OVERTURE, A'irr whit h FEATS ON* THE TIGHT BO'E, by tilt- KlveD. Quarter of mi boon ialttmuiiou will be allow! for Pefrerh melita iu the Giand Saloon. After which will be produced * magi>i!ccut Comic Pautomimo MAZL'LME. OR?THE NItiHT OWL ' Maaulmc, the Night Owl, J*' b IJa < lie *alicr Bafiiuo, JT'C"1* Entile Gabriel R'Vel Marlon, Anloine Hat el 1 B >liaiH-.ui, Moot UMiitijat Mniaua, a poor Peaiant, M'ine J mine Havel Julie, Iter d.iughler, M'l't Doutievillc , Zuluru a lircjaain Sieve, Mie? W.ll? 1 none, in if with ei??- tf the Magtuhcent rilace of MAZULMEt The whole to c-o'Ciude with THE.PROMENADE MUSICALS. r i >ie proprietor r??i*i ilully i.forme the public, tha' in compliance with the wi?iir?"l numri in vieitora, ibre much a*,timed pert ol the eutrrtaiuineut*, will be givea alter tue pertoiinanrra ui ihe Saloon air ovir. Ai ling Managet, Mr. Chippi udale. Muiical Leader and Director. Mr ? Wooll' Ticketa?M centa > L'oora open at aeveu o'clock, Eutertniiiuiei.ta to cinntkce > at (lull', CHATHAM TlilAl KE. MONDAY EVENING, w II hr performed. firat tunc , THE HOSE OF AKRAOON , fir, The Hi art of a Father. Ruphiuo, Mr J K Sejd I, J 11 Kirby 5 Alinagro, Mr Proc'or I King oi Arrapon t-ttvrna 5 Olivia, Ruphino't Daughter, >lr? H,e d Alter which will In prevented firvt lime, the Prize Drama of DEMETRIUS. THE HK.NEOADE OK Mt- CIN V ' Dcmetriua, Mr J II Kiiby I Al .amor, N i i >'>ottor Theodore, Hiel'l | Pacomio, Stescua Eudociu, daughter of King Theodore Mrs Hit Id ) Janet a her Attendant Mra Thoiue Dooia will open in luture at 7 o'clock, and tin curtain will rite at a quarter before tt o'clock punctually. Dreaacircle, at) centa? Boaea. ? I'll. uy,?V so- P.. -? ' j A JIKHK'AJ1MISEI M AXI? GAl?l>' N " /tOKNF.R OF BROADWAY AND ANN STREET i v.' oopo.ite St. Paul's t lunch. J P. T. XIARNUM, MANAGER. I INCREASED NOVELTIES!! i .Mr. Winch* II, tin* uuiivall**d c??mic drolUriti. WliitlocV / and Duinotid in rlicir Banjo ExtrasagAini*. The *oudrrful Ui|?*eyGirl can br privaUely consulted^ ihrou^bovt jth?* day. i wiinout extra charge. i tie Model ot the ?_ity ol Uuhlin. 1 Olil and Young Nii'k , in svhii h Mr. Wiuchell sustains n>ch<racier*. A .phndid Uiop Cuitain, nivitu nj "Bviou'j > , Dream," painted by Mr. Oscar F. Alniy, a native artiit. F.s perimcnta in Animal Magnetism ; Miaa Rosa) r, lite |opular 1 vocalist; the Albino Lady ; Fancy Glass Blowing. and Grand Cosmoianta ! Balloon Ascensions every night ai ten o'clock i Day performances Wednesday .imi Saturday afternoons at ; o'clock. Day visiters admitted free in the cseuitig. | Admission Lo the whole Museum, Garden and jlnux in ments 25 cents?CInMren half price. lv2 r j 'I'HIC .NEW ROCHESTER THEATRE i? m.w o. ?. lor A the suniini r seasuii, ladies ?nd geuib men of establisliud , i professional reputation,who di situ visiting Buffalo or Muit'ir al and wish to take Rochester in their w.y, will pleate address r the anbscriber. r . EDWIN DEAN. , Rochester, July 1, 1842. jy6luiins*r 1 MAGNIFICENT ATTRACTION. ** I SEA MONSTER ; SEA DEVIL. rl'HE GREATEST NATURAL CURIOSITY IN k AMERICA?The proprietor of ihis immense pe-in ip ; Legs ierve to announce to the pnblic. that he has f r Eslnhi I lion, at the Bowery Ampliitheatie, tne Sea Devil, which was captured on the 26ih April, 18-12, in Ihe Harbor of Char esion, I B.C., alter a desperate sti iigglr with 26 me n Hi 7 Boats. 7'he proprietor of this monster feels co. fident that the lovers of the curious and the scientific will be h'ghly radiied in viewing this mars t Uous production of tile miglitr deep A Calf, which was bom after her capture, will also re ex ' ' hibited. They may be visited by both sexes, asthty aie my at all ofl'ensirc, and every effort will be made to nndrr tlie rx I hibition agieeahle and satisfactory- j 17 Itn'c FRENCH, ENGLISH AND CLASSICAL ACADEMY. No. 7 Dlvlilonitrtet. IN consequence of the entreaty of a number of patrons whoee children Irfquenuhis school, the undersigned will coii'inue h's instructions dming the coming vacations, and ny them | means opeu an avenue to those who prefer school t vacation. The intent of this institute is a rapid and thorough liunw'I dgs i of ihe French and F.uglish languages, Mathematics, Nstuial I Philosonliv. Ike. | Tlit studeut of the Lai in and Grevk will, in a short time, bo prepared to enter College. The French being he predominant branch, will of conrse bo spoken in the classes. | The session commences on the 1st of August, yet pupils miy ; obiaiu admission any time parents can make it convenient to ; seudiliem. * The terms are moderate, as will be seen in the circulars. P. LUX. Principal. N. B.?The Evening School is open for young men only, i jy?a?*r A CHANGE OF AIR AND OF btKNt is not oul/ essential to health, but a great source ol enjoy mem in the ; Bummer season to the residents of a crowded r ty. Fj'thi?, I nothini! can compare with a JAUNT TO HOBOKEN, to those who can have New V'oik on y for a 'cw leu-. Its , shady and diversified walks along the wver?the ivignratinu from the water-thc picturesque hceuty of its .iceue.y | ?tile many fine ?nJ commanding eirws pros-nted f om ihe i summit of Ca. tie Point, and other points iu these enchatitng j grounds?the romantic sit? of tie Sibil's C>ee? the delisnpul verdure of the Elysian Fields, e li-ened in the a'tunuiiih uu ' excellent band ol music, all conspire to render tins hy tar ihmostfavniite place of hummer resoit. Acce-s is rendereu easy by the 1) .relay, Canal, and Christopher stieet Firry Boats, . which ply constantly dering the day -nd evening. j>iS2w*r DAGU F.KRh OTTTF. APPAItA I IS AND IN SI HI C TION, in the most approved process, f,u makio.' splendid ' portiaits and views, by F. A. ARTAULT &t CO. I6SS Fulton ' street,.who have made arrangements to open aclitslor the leceplionof pupils,to commence on Monday, July, IPh. i : The class w ill he open for two hours eacn dsv, 'rom eight I o'clock A. M. to ten o'clock A. M. and the pupils may conn I ' nue in the class until perfectly satisfied. 1 j Terms?#25 in advance. F. A. ARTAULT It Co. have just received by the packet i Rhone, from Paris, 1,000 eery superior Plates; alto 25 improv* i I cd Dagucrreotyjie apparatuses, as well as an extensive supply > of ih best f hemiciu manufactured in Paris. jyetm'r , flsTFrNlJssES BFTHiTDAGUERBEOTYPE PRO, D CESS are taken at the rooms, orner Bioadway ami John ! street, in a superior style, with all the modem improvements, without any regard to tre weather, the result being always tho I same. lustructioiu iu the above beantlfnl art given, iud apparatus I I furnished at a moderate price, j N. B.?All the appararus used in the business may be nblaji* I ed at the above (dace; also, every description }l miniature I cases, lenses, plates, tic Speuuieus may be seen at tiic lOonta I at any time din ing the day jyilm* 1 AyllaS CCnVAN' re?i>ectfully informs the ladies of New York ; and its vieiuity, that she continues giving leious on ihe Piano Forte, Harp, Ouiiar and in Siuging, and will be happy to receive her pupils at No. K White, or attend the respective I houses of those ladies who prefer receiving lessons at ilietx I own residence. Hani and Piano Fortes for sale and on hire, ! All very splendid FurUrforsale. i. 29 In."! MUSIC. Mlv. CHARLES REPS resprctlully announcesto ihe amateurs of Music, that he continues to give instructions np011 th? Piano Forte. Guitar, Violin, and Fluie, either at hie le [ si deuce, No. 17 Broadway, or if preferred, st the residence of ; | nis p"|nm. jyw 01 r 171FTY DOLLARS REWARD.?Robbery of the P^TTofA fice .? Numbora of the New York Herald, add> esaed the unde nigned, and ol oilier New York pupen directed to Judge ; Morris, having b< en frequently sio'cn Irom ihe mail, and the ; Depurtmvnl bavinf avowed its inability to detect the offender* j or prevent the offence, a re ward of Fifty Dollars will be pud I for inch information aa will lead to the detection and t unshment of the IVtmaster by who?t incapacitv or crime th. pa peri so directed are prevented from rrachiue their de?i nation r RO^RT H. MORRIS. , | Bnttiriiuta, Otsego county, N. Y.. July 23, 18-12, jy 28 |w?rc (J;SA REWARD.?Sly coal locket wai cut off with the S? vktrt laat iitvtlit, at Cattle Garden, during the tiin>- of , lire, and a larae leather pocket book atolen, containing (1J in note* of the Farmers' Bank of Reading; two fie# du'lar gold pieces, one with a cut in the eagle; (311 on the Geneva, Bmeca County, and Auburn Banks: pioniisaory note gieeo bv John Isaacs, at Seneca Falls, Seneca Co.. N. Y ; Henry Perry'# commission note for (13 7 J, and some other papers The above reward will be |iaid for the detection of the thief and 'lie recovery of the money, or $3i for the dtseoeery of tha thief. J. L. SAVAOK, jyI9 3tr Tenn Yan. Yates County, N. Y. rPHKEF. DOLLARS?Doctor J. PROVOST wou'd itv i l form those who are so nnfortanate as to contra-' any foint ' of a certain delicate disease, that he has reduced his price to j the small sum of three dollars. Hivins: purchased a laige assortment of the very beat medicines he can ifford the I Mine without catia charge. Thus, gentlemen, vou peiceive ! that no eitoriton will be made It would be useless to eapati. ' ate utoii the many wondeifui cures performed within the lasC few years, ihev are well known. The object for reducing ihu I price", fa to bring it within the meant of every i ourg roan 10 1 free himiell from this dreadful malady, as me.f as mr>d?nte personal gain Offf No. 91 Broad meet, en-ne of Stone. Private entrance in Stone street. J. PROVOST, M D. jy3nlw?c UKAKSALL'S -JAM Ls'i AUCI?Hi?lt A I 8 1938, at 102 Water street, fire doors above Catharine mar ket, die ouly establishment of tke kind in the United Sutea, continues to sii|>|dy the Nary, tji .- American, Russian, .'ml Spanish war steamer*?-has s-pplied all the race boats and club boats for the last four years?and has now the lantnat assortment of oars, iseria, and trulls ever collected in one place. N. B ?The Branch Oar Store on the North River aide, it ! thnt np, and removed to t02 \V ate r street; and as I save all I ho . torrues ol one store, I will sell enough cheaper to thoee mho l come from the North River aide to pay them lor their trouble. Race boats, elob boats, oars and senile sold yo per cent less I than last veae rnS a,n?e VI/ANTfcD?A sitit vtios, by a\< ting man, a naiivr of O, r?v many, as clerk in a wholesale dry roods or hipping m r. ; chsnt He is well acquainted with the Europe ?n m rket , rid | vpeski hoih tlio French and German languaaes. H mill ? ? williug to engage on low terms, as salary is not so much h otm ect as emnloyinent. Address L J H, st this office. j>3n 3i*c \ITAN'I ED?By an America* woman, a small room in .he i vv lower part of the city, in some large holloing, on whoh terms she will keep the building clean. Ador'-a > n-t< to M. : C , Sun office, stating all about it. The. best of city reeomm, n\ dations given. >y.3 c , vdfANTED?A respectable middle aged woman wishes to v* have a sitnaiion in a family going to Germany. Apply - at 229 Grand at, _ j j }fl 3t*c 1 DOOMtt.?suite of Rooms, >n the second Boot,' with pan* 8* Irirs attached, can be obtained with hoardt also, single room* to let. Transient pe'soua can be accommodated. dpply I at 3-t Hey street Re ference teiiiiired. iy?82w?c i /CORPORATION NOTICE?Puhlo Notice it hereby ~ ^ *en, that a *ale ol | roperty for unpaid tares will fake places at I'uhli, Auction, at: n City 11*11 ol the City ol'Nsm Vera, on Wednesday, the 28t'i < ay ol Hcpt. mber nest, at 12 n cloelc. noon, and In* continued i - m day to day until the whole of said property shall be told, tn I thai the detailed statement ol tM tase*. and pro|>erty ta l>e? 11 i .it published m the >.w tit, a newspaper printed andpttvi ^/d'V'sMlVn. cTmPtrolle,. Comptroller * Office. May I 1842. je2J lswiSept28 e 0Rt MI I'M REDUCED?Thr North Arncncan Fire .n 8 anranri-Company have reduced their rate* ol in urjnc on all ,t,,re, dwelling* and men handi* '? Offire No. 19 Wslf street, lh? M? rehen" Exchange New Vork. Julv list. l8,?OBfci{ r AINSLEE, Prestdnnr ! JOHN M< BHAIH fvrretary. iv212wr i \ f K ME MM INOK )t, son i > tht"Wnrlembeige? Rtgnn-ila I .VjOqirtier \l. ni. r G ' lf.ied > emmi'iger " will nlt .se to i?e notice of lose vd-n r,.?. relation* in f.. imsdj c i ..fiienltr .It aire to know if. ii? direct his letl-t T> ? ">14 It rKm Office, New Vort. ,v 20 < r -d 'Uf IjlTI>G PATERS H Oil reanuv ruled and plain J.etic r I' pert ') ,|o do do I ' >o|?e?p t"*i icams fin, and suparlinc Klat Cap Vii d i English Copying Paper cm do fine superfine medinm blue ami tsnitr W ilo do d,s demy* do do Also, a large assortment of Knvelojw C"' T?T lot* price. In PEKH1E U BROOKS. ,,*n a| Libtr.y