Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 2, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 2, 1842 Page 1
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TH Vol. VIII.?No. *411 ?Wholi Wo. ??l. REGULAR PACKETS, sew rare or ltvkktj>ol farrzti T<? aiKK'tn New York on thr Itth ? ?! Liverpool on lb* 13th of each month. m M. M. tfk. mmmm "TlwS Nt*TUKK. HI,,,. 8HEBIDAN. r?,,uin F. A. I>. j*y.rer. 2itl, May. Hlii|> OARKICK, C?j mill Wm. Skitidy. tSlh June. Hhi|. KOSMllH, C?|?l?HiJ?t,iiC.i"iiu.*h July. HI,ii. SIUDON8. I'aptaiu lb. B. Cobb, iilh Anifiiit. Krom I.iviHmoi.. Sin,, SIODONS, C-iiilaiii K. B. Cobb, I3lli June. Shin HI! V.HI DA N. Caput uP. A. Dcm-yitrr, lltli July. Hliii. OARIIH K, t iptain Win. HknlJy, UtliAu^Uit. siiii. ROHCIUS. CviUio John Collitu, 13th September. Thrw >ln|" arc all ul tlir first claw, n|,wanl? of IINKI mm, built iu Ui? city >! N? w York, will, ?uch imimivrinriii* a> combine with unusual cotiHort mr jHuwucri*. r.very care Iweu taken in tin- amusement or their accommodation*. |M?. |iui-f of puaax* bt-nrf is $HH>, I'm which ample itwrs vv ill be provided. The.e ?hi|? are coin mandril l>y experienced niaatera, who will make every exertion to give geuenil utitfactiun Neither tlir capuin? or owutn or (lir aln|>s will be nipmiiiMr lor any letter., |urcel< or pucka?.'t? Hill b> theiu, uulcsi regular b lis of lading are tietird therefor. 'fhri flip. ..r tlii* line will hereafter u j ara.ed, and I he ir |>eculiar conjunction given tliein security not poueued by any other but veiweU nl war. tor freight 01 nainge. apply to K. K. COLLINS tt CO.,i6 Snnthtt., New York, or to WM. 4i JAS. BROWN k CO., Li?er|.ool. Letleri by the packets will lie tliargcd US Cents prr.iuglt* aheet; SO rent* i? r ounce, and newtpajw rm I ceitt each. in* NKVV YORK AND HAVRETAt KETH. {SECOND LINK.) jfSThniiiiioif this huI^vSlheragftl^TiTve New^ufl^ii the 1*1 ami Havre nn the 16th ?>l" each month, is follow. : From Nriv York. Prom Havre. The new nhip ONEIDA, 4 l?t March i loth April Captain < lit July < 16th Auixuat Jame. Knock, f lit November ( 16th December Slop BALTIMORK, I Ut April ( Ifith May Captain < l?t Aiigu.t < Itiili September Kdwaril Kunck, t l?t Deccem'rf 16th Jauuary ShipUTICA, (1st May i 16tli June Ciptam s 1st Septemb'rj 16th October : Frederick Hewitt, ( l?t January t 16th February NewihtpST.NICOLAS, I 1st June i 16th July Captain < 1st October < I'>?4i November. J. B. Pell, ( l?t Februaryl liitn March The accommodation* of these ?hip? are not surptased, combining all that may be renuired I'or comfort. The price of cabin passage is $11X1. Passenger* will be vtipplied with every requisite, with the exception of w ines iinl liipiors. Qiood* intended for llieiie Vessel* will be forwarded hv the tibscribers, free from any other than the ex|>eii*** actually iueurred oil them. For freight or nauage, apply t? BOYD I* H1N? KEN, Agent*, a8 9 TontineItuilJiuo. FOR NKVv"(TitI.E ANs. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINK OF PACKETS. JS&. Kor thf t>?Mlrraccotnn?o?lation ?>l <*liip|M-r^ it is intended to luptfth ship from tin-. port on the Ut, ?tl?% rot 11, 15th. 90th, md tMkol jMfk moiitli, ooaunr-Miag the lOth October ana cobtinuink until May, when regulardays will !? appointed for tin remainder of tint year, whereby great delay* and|?oin''n? nt.t will l?? prevented darinc the qptmmer month* Tne following lii|M will commence thin urran^t incut : Ship VA/OO. Capt iin ( oruell. Ship (><ONKK, ( aptain Jaeksmi. Ship MISSISSIPPI. < iptaiu Milliard. Kiiii> LOUISVIIXR.CanUiii Hunt. Hlup SHAKSPKARK, Captaiu Mi tier Ship OASTl) N x ('.iplain I ?atham. Slim I ft U NTS V 1LLK. Uaptain Aliimlord Ship OCMULOKK, i aptain Lt-avitt. Ship NASHVILLK, Captain Dickiusou. Ship MEMTHIS, Capum Knight. Ship LOUISA, Captain Multoi'l. Thew *hi|* were oil built in the city of New York, evpiess>for pAt'kfis, ar?* of h^hr draft <>i wtfcr, hue recntl|been S wly cd>|?crcd ami put in *plendid order,with accommodations lor |?assesgers unc?|iiulK*d lor comfort. They an* command*d by experienced m.i?t< is. who will make ev? ry exertion 10 give Sencral snlisfacrion. 1 Vy will at nil times be towv J up ami own.the Mississippi by steamboats. Neither the owners or capt tins o|" these ships will resftousible for jewelry, bullion, precious stones, silver or plated ware, or any It Iter*, Parcel or jtackage, sent by put <>n 1m?.? ?I .. 1 them, unless regular hills of lading are ukeu for the same. Qui the value thereon expressed. Kor freight or passage, apply K. K. COLLINS & CO., % South sr.. or HULLIN ItwOOOHUFF, Agent in New Oilcans, who will promptly forw aid all goods tottieii iddrest. Tlur snips of this line are warr mt< <1 tOSttU |?umtuill> <s \?l fertised, and great care will be taken to have die goods correctly nStSBTSd* iii4 OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. rPHK K MLiverpool will lieprtfh r be A despatched in the follow ing order, excepting that when the dsy of sailing fills on Sunday, the shi|vs will sail on the succeeding dsy. Kor <-w York. K ,ivcr|M>ol. T1>? SOUTH AMR1MCA, (June 1 July 10 filCtoni. <0.t 1 Nov IS I). < 1. Bnil.-y, ( Kfli I Mar 19 The ENGLAND, t June 19 Au* 7 710 ton., \ Oct 19 7 B. L. Waite. ( Keb I!> April 7 The OXFORD, I July I AuW 19 800 torn, < Not 1 !>? <' If J. Rathboue, f March I April 19 The EUROPE, {July 19 Sept 7 610 loin, < Nil* 19 J ?i 1 K. < < Marshall ( Mar 19 Mav 7 The NORTH AMERICA, (Auk I Sept 19 ?18 toll*. < Dec I J in 19 A. B. Lowlier.f April 1 May 19 The NEW YORK. I Au* 19 Oct 7 900 ton*, < Dec 19 I* eli 7 '1*. p. Cropper.f April 19 June 7 TIm CAMBRIDGE, (Sept I Oct 19 KiO tons, < Jan 1 reb 19 W.C Bamtow.r May I Jnne 19 The COLUMBUS, {Sept 19 Nov 7 700 tow, < Jan 19 Mar 7 (J. A. Cole. ( May 19 July 7 Punctuality, u regards the ilay of sailing, w ill lie oWrvrd is heretofore. The price of passage outwaro is now fixed at One Hundred Dollar*. for which ample stores d'eTfrv deicrijitioii will l>t- provided, v. itli the exceptioa of wiuei and liquors, winch Will be furnished by the stewards. < CO.. 61 South ,t? C. II. MARSHAI.LttBiirliiiK-ilip.N. Y. jell lyh BARINO BHOTIlftltS fc CO.. I.'pool. STEAM NAVIoi^^^BJ^WEEN ANTWERP AND NEW YORK, I'M- SOUTHAMPTON. BELGIAN STEAMER BRITISH QUEEN, M. M. Kkank, Commandkk. The days of dt parlor* of tills well-known Steamship, have keen fixed a* follows : Froin Antwerp, From Sontliampton, From Ni w York, Ou 4th Mav, 1812, On 7th May, 1X12, Oil 7th June, IRtil /tiw-.. 1 (X11 July, " 7lb Aug., " 7th S< pt. " lOili Sept. " 711* Oct., " Price of WHLT, meals not included, to Souli aniploii oi Antwerp, 570?StewanTs ftes, $2 62Ji. The miali will be rived on board, hii the plan of a continental hotel, in llie b. <1 manner, and at lijcd and moderate price*, |cu<eii!{.-r* being only InrKed when jiartakinv of the aaif. The price oi postage to either of llie above poit* call al?o be rngared if preferred, ? nil meal* and utewmrd'a lee* included fni $ 7 6i'li cent*, exclusive of wine*. An exiierienced Surgeon accompanies the ship. r?lvhl nr lOHUr. or ?nv I'urlliiT aimlv In IH. W. T. h M. MALI, Agents, ?22 6m*f 41 Bc??ntifrt. Nf |: \V JERSEY R AILK OA L) A KFl7 TK A Nfv PORTATION COMPANY. NKVV YORK AND NliWAKK. ?4$?. Karr rrilncril to n iil?. From the foot of Coujrtlandt rtreet, New Vork. (Every day?Sunday n*<*pted.) Leavrs New York Luavei Newark At I A. M. At I P. M. At 7>, A. M. Ai l? P. M, 9 do. 4 do. 9 do. 3% do. 11 4X do. 10H do. V. do. 6 do. 7 do 8 do 11 do. ON SUNDAYS. Fiom the foot of Liberty street. Leave New York, Leave Ni ?mk. Jit 9 A. M. and tP. M. At 13 Noon md 10 P. M. NKw VOHK, ELIZABETH TOWN, WF.STFIF.LD, PLAINFIKLD, BOUNDBKOOK, SOMEHVILLE, fco. Daily. Le;ve New York. Leave Elizabeth Town. 9 A. M. 7 A. M. i*i P. M. IS A.M. i " II M. P. M 5 P.M. 9>? ' The trainsol the Somerville Railroad Co. connect with then line* each way daily, Sundays earepted. Passeiniers are requested to imrehaae ticket* at the office, fool of Liberty street. Fare between New Yoik and Klizaheth To?vn2.'i ccnts. Fare hfl*?i'ii do and Somerville, 7J cents. MEW YOKK. RAH WAT AM) NEW BRUNSWICK Kare rcduced. KI<ti!t the foot of Liberty street, dally. Leave New Vork. Leave New Brunswick. Ai ? A. M. At 7* A. M. <5* P. M. II A. M. 9 P. M. 'are between New Yoik ami New Bmnsw ck, "*5 relit* R*hway, , ,. ? r M 50 cent* Tlie fire hi llie 7*4 A. M. train from New Dnituwiek, anil i\ P. M. train lorn New Vork, ha* bftn rednc^il l>? tween New Vork and New Bruiuwtek, to .VD cenU. ami Railway to 77^ On Sunday# the 7H A. M. trips ff?in New Bruniwicii ii Omtttefl. all . Pa*?cnfen who |?rocnre their ticket* at the ticket office, rr rrive a ferry ticket term*. Tickets are received hy the con rfvelor only on the ilay when |Mireha?etl in?f? In.* KAM-; AND KKKIdlT REDUCED. "3*mail BOSTON, via STONINOTON AND NEWPORT, com posed ot the following ?H|>enor steamers, rimmim in e naier lion with the Stoniiiuton and Providence, and Bo*on and Pro videnci' Asilrnwla? MASSACHUSETTS, Captain Comatock. RHODE ISLAND Captain Thayer. NAKMAHANSKTT, Captain Woolaey. MOHEOAN, Ca|4ain V.iuderbilt. One of which will leave New fork daily, (Suntliya e? rented) from Pier No. I, North River, Ban. ry Place, at fivi o?o? Is, P. MARRaNnr.MKNT. The NARRAUANHET, on Monday, for Stoningloo, am Thursday, for Stouiniton, N< w port ami Providence. The MASSACHUSETTS, on Tuesday, lor Htoninftnn Newport ami Pl-ovidence, and Friday for Stoniiittton. The rHODF. ISLANl), oil Wednesday, for Mouinilloll, am Saturday, for Stnmnvton, Newport, and Piovideuce. Passengers on the arrival of the steamers at Stoninstoti may take the Can and proceed immediv lv to Provi di nee and Rostov. v'iuiuht tsVen a< the following reduced rales *'o ITosi^n, <>u t>?'ds wi mhiii.' forty |miuid?nriip*irniti he euKie foot, al tr> M per ton, and on measurement goods 1 rents per fool To Providence, on measurement goods 'i rinfs per cnbir foot, and s|N-ettie articles as |wr tarif to be obtain* d at olhce 21 toadwav ni l 11,mi E NE NK RAILROADS & STEAMBOATS] l'' fMEROY (' <? > AI.BANY. BUFFALO AND l HH A(iO KXPRKSH. arr no* rniiuitiu'a rcnalar ntcr lli?* Kaiii?M?U lit ami Ir< in Alkgiv anil UuH.?l??( .iutl tin* iiit?-nn?diitf |?Um, for FOIiXVAKDINU, .?t lw%* with ilie utmost regularity ami **ft*iy. rlioict Good*, Surcir, Boik Notes, lm|wirr?iit Pi|icn abd Vnluahle Packaft ??will attend to th* negotiation, trmufrr, collection or |wiymei?t of BilU ol Kirimiur, Notes, DruAi, Acceptances, Accounts, lie., at reas<>11 tl>lc |m*r rt-uta^'i?? *? ? nt?* orders for the |?urrliase or ?tle??l Mrrclliitliw, IVihIiu'c ami Manufactured Articlr* of every i!escri|>tiou, jh r?ouaHv, in i)m* I win on llieir route, through Mturs. HARNDKN fc ( O S KXTHKSS to New York ami Boston, and \1 II vw I KV Si ( O.'K KXPHKSS to 411(1 from Buffalo l? CUteland, Detroit ami Chicago ami intermediate places?forming .n ??> ? e the most direct, speedy ami jteifvct com in u iiira li? hi t?> ami from the rasiern ami western ciiie;, for ill*- negotiation and transaction of ill mercantile ami profession 11 huHHirM, remittances, ficliaugri.lir. References? F.raMn* Corning, Thomas W . Olcott. Watts Sliermau, A. D. Patt'hin, Noah I w, Jamas Taylor, Theodore Olcott, Albany. ... ... * Agencies?Bennett, Backua k Ilnwley. Utica: I. A. Smith, Syracuse; A. (i. Smith, Aubuni ; J. l*argo, Geneva; J. (J. $bt pherd, Caimidaigua : David Hoyt, Roimestcr ; John McKeii*ter, Locki?orl ; J. A. Clark, Batav 1.1 ; Thomas Blossom, Buftalo. , POMEHOV k CO', No. 6 Kichange Buildings. Albany. ail I WallitiMtf Naw Yorl iok SCHOOLEY'S MOUNTAIN, JpuppffeflBi EASl'oN . Hi'.'milEHHlsT. A N I* A LLKNTOWN, l'K.VN. Daily, (Sundays ncfpted,) via?Rlizahethtown ami ftomerville Hail road. Leave pier I North River, it 8>? o'clock, A M, by steamboat to Elizaoethport, or leave the foot of Liberty Afreet at 9 o'clock A M, take th?* Philadelphia train to Kli/.abetntown, tin re to connect with the cars for Sonierville; coaches from th*uce arriving at Schoolev's Moiiiirain early the same afternoon, at K iAtoii by tt o'clock, B? i' lehr m at o'clock, and Alletitowu at 8lj o'clock the same eveiling* For seats onr further information, apply to A I) HOPK, Mi r chants' i!<>t?i|t 41 Courtlamlt stret, at the Railroad OflW-c, foot of Lilierty street, orou ho ird the boat. Fare through to Hchoole y'* Mountain, $2,2 ? Ktston, Be the Inn, " A llentov* t?, $:t,no N B? Kxtras provided at the shortest notice. PS?This route on accouut of the short distance by coaclirs commends itself to the public patronage as beim; by far the limit pit unit an J eipeditions. i\?. i ?? ? PR RIGHT WO PAVSAOB TO im i' I sBllUUt The proprietors of Bullion's 'IVansiMirtaiioii Line tr t'lfislitrg, gitc notice te the Merch <nts of New York, ami al? other persons shiprini: to the \YYnt, that their line is no* inactive >|h Mtior It oils ot nsiune.l to tin in (oi >1111 to go iuili<ir lie. ,1 will be |orw nded with desp.tleh. Owners or shippers of goods, destined for the Western States, who Imte no agent or consignee .it Pittsburg, will ple.ise eousiuu their L'oods to William Buuham, Pittsburg, who will aiit-iid to snipping til Kin h eoii.iuiiment'* witliOut delay. All goods should he marked distinctly on eacn package BINGHAM'S LINK. For ales of freight, whicn are as low as any other flne, apply o WM. TYSON, Agent. No. 8 West street, opptttite Pl? r No. 2, N. it. N. B. Passengers forward* d tt> Pittsburg and Pottsville,evary day, Sundays cveepted. Refer to R. (''rooks, American Fur Co.; S. T. Nicoll, Front street ; IMielns, Dodg* & Co., Fulton street; Snydatr Si*? M ; Win. itaiikin, Duryee 61 Co, Newark. iwSni KAIL ROAD ALBANY AND SA UATfrti A. Travellers to Saratoga Springs, Like l? *<rqe, Whit* nail am) Lower Canada, aie informed that they will insure to them Springs by taking the H til Roa t ears at Alliii. y. HOURS OF DKI'AitTUKK. From Albany. From Saratoga. At 0 o'clock, A.M. I AI 7 o'clock, A- M ?. ?,??.. .. .. ?. 44 J 44 P. M. I 44 :<S 41 P M. There in no change of Coaches or Baggage Wagon*, or shifting of Bivtctg* from one Steamboat to another oa this rout**. PuicnRrn on their arrival at Saratoga, will fui?l stage coaches in readiness to convey traein to Lake George oud Whitehall on Lake Ch'mnlain; connecting with all the principal Northern and Kastem Stage tomes. A Stage (for the convenience of passenger* who arrive by the afternoon train from Albany,) leaves Saratoga at 5 o'clock A. M. arrives at Whitehall in time for the departure of the Cham].lain steamboat of s one day, and brings eastern trav ller* to HniUml, Vt early in the evening. N. li. There are baggage wagons always in readiness, at Albany, on the arrival of the steamboats anu rail road ears, to carry the baggage of pauengers direct to and from the depot ami steamboat at the rate of oU Cents |?er trunk or package, or I2*? cents for ordinary travelling baggie. TIm- deinrtures for the west are fixed for the seaaon at 7}? o'clock, A. M. and 7 P. M. JOHN COSTIOAN, Superintendent. Albany, .lune 27th, 1812. je2? 3m r RAILROAD NOTICE. MARKKT AND FREIGHT LINK. fttfsea jTLTL rpHE NEW J ICRS El Railroad iftd TnuNpntHiot luiny hlfp established a Freight Line between New-. Brunswick and New York, which tin y intend to ruu perina* im^r. Leaving New Biunswirk at 5lg A.M. daily, ( Sundays fiMPtcd) im the f?ot ol Liber tviUvft. Non \ . il P. Hi i'.? ? miiiti \ ?l?tit is .tu?l in* . fV.inu the .?l?.\e 11?i' U ??f| ?l? simhle for tin* speedy and cneapconveyance o( merchandise of evtjry description. ami more |?arti ulailv to Drovers arid Dealers in Live Stork, who can have 160 heauof cattle conveyed l?etween New Brunswick ami New York, the lauie day whenever required. The rate* for the transportation of cattle, horses, mules, iheep, Iioks, kc. and nil oilier kinds of merchandise are very low, never exceeding steamboat prices. Merchandise sent hv this line is not subject to any evtrt dam in mating tin North River. The Com|Miiiy have lifted up a large storehouse at New Brunswick, adjoining the Kaiho:?d Depot, which will always fee open foi the reception of merchandise. Pa*.4?*ii<crs purchasing their tickets at the ticket offices, will receive ferry tickets gratis. ? f * Freight for Newark, Elizahethtnwn, R.ihway, West* f.eld, Plaintield, Scorch Plain*, Bottndhrook aod Somen ille, is conveyed by the above lines, and delivered the same day when received. mil 3m* statun ISLAND KCKIIV Koot of Whitehall ttreet. The steamers STATEN ISLANDER and SAMSON will leave New York and Staten Island every hour, from 8 A M to 7 T M. All go^d* are required to he particularly marked, anil m it the risk of th?-o\Mi?-i!? tin n .if. ivl opposition Line pok albany FARE REDUCED! ! CABIN PAS SAUK Si no DECK PASSAUE 0 AO FREIGHT TAKEN AT REDUCED PKiCES. 4The commodious Steamboat WASHINGbL i j*TON. Captain J. M. Brown, having mad# arrange me tiM to change her oiys of leaving New York, will hereafter leave the fiM>t of Kobinson street, K?W \ ?i h. even Tm li I nd Sa'nrda liter* noon, at 5 o'clock, and Alltuiy, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoon, at 5 o'clock, bmlin,' on her i^tsa/nce each n ay at the foot of Hammond street, Newburgn, Poughkeepsie, Kingston Point, Cattskill and Hudson. For freight <?r imMngf. apply to the <'i|4ain on board, or to D. RANDOLPH MARTIN. No. IWWe,t street. jy!31m?c 1 svkring ljnb por albany direct, ys*a At seveu o'clock, P. M., from the ?teatnl>oat J?ritr between Courtlandt and Liberty streeu. | jLmBLJL The steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. L. W bramard, leaves the above pier Monday, Wednesday, I >nd Friday at seven o'clock, P. M. I Tli* *feamboai ROt HKSTKK, Cape. A. St. John, leaves the above pier Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternnou, at I seven o'clock. The above boats ar? new aud substantial arc furnished with elegant tate rooms, and in every (riiwctarea nsur passed among the Hudson River steamers. For passage or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. SCHULTZ, At the office on the wharf, or on board, I *K 11?- this 11 n. of boats, Will :it ill tun* fit Albany in time for the first train of rati for the east and west. _ i y 4 f'jA Of KAN HOI St, Long Branch, Ruimon, Ck . -si* Brown's Pock, Middfetown. Katontown Dock Trm'm W1 " r old Hert B ink, Shrewsbury.?The steamboat t IOLAM, I (plain Allaire, will leave New Vork from Fulton i Market Slip, K?st River, every mornim* ?(? fl o'elock for lied H oik (fleet* Thursday, on which day the l?o<tf goes to Kiion* lown iWk.) R# turning, will leave at I o'clock ach day. The lolas will run as above, navigation and weather |?ermit* I tiiu. until further notice. ! Ail freight and Itaigag* it the risk of llie owners the*e .f. June 24, IB I J. felUmC IS TON 'I'll, ii -w oh I splendid W# anier J. VV. Hit M-^3* MONO, Nath.niel Ki in ball, master, will ^ a^_."rr the north side of T. whirl, Boston, , i ? t r\ J'.i day ind Friday evening at 7 o'clock, for Oardiner I Slid II illowi il; and r. o n.,,^ will lea*. llalloW. il on Mondays ?nd Thursdays at fW ?' vl , landing each way at Bath. Fare from Bu?io.i to llaliowell, $t no Bath, 2 Ml 1 Stages will be- in readiness on the arrival of the boat at M illowell, to convey i?a.iseiigers to A a, Water* illc, Bin^or. Belfast ind Quebec, Arsons travelling for pleasure will find few! fdeaeanler routes than this one to C^ii'-bec, as il runs through a country abounding in beautiful scenery?the roads are good, and the hotels well kept?the distance 210 miles. Jyl0 2m*c /J* CHEAP KXCIIRSION to ihe l*i.mug &? (jTr every day, e*cci?t Tucolays and Fn ?**\yi?Fare ?,* cents e.tch w.iy? Tin sle om-r i NAPOLKON, Capt. Ilincov, will rnu regularly tothealiove place every fair day. and leave as follows?Foot of Hammand ttff t at 9 o'clook, r^ml ulrt # t qu irter j?ast 9, Market street half put !l, < atharin* ferry Diooklvu 9pier No. I North river at 10 o cloek. On J nesdiytand Friday* the Napoleon w ill make afternoon excursions to ( oney isUn<l, landing at Fort Hamilton and llath (lliesteam boat < general Jaekson will coiitiiiue to run to the same pi ire . very other day in the week)?and leave as fol. Iowa?root Of Ilammoml street at 2 o'clock, < anal strect at a P quarter past 2, I ike street pier No | at 1 o'clock-Fare V> cents each way. I he boat w ill remain ?f f 'oney Mnnd one hour and a half, and arrive mi New York by 7 o'clock. I i H I m c M"1 l-ONDON?R?i<iiiv |mrk"i of lh? Nt AlIK HlTlV7:rl" ONTAHIO, ,lh IJ.ailnli, w ill Mil .? abo.r, h?? rrgulm i|?y. Vim .ni|>'< Mt"'tnmod?lion? for c.ihin, lit cabin ?n<l it.rrMe r?, *rr filt.'il up in inn.t xyiwrinr it) !< , mid bvrth. cab ' Sr rrhrrn oA m;>?1cr?tr t< rms, by ftpplyiiur on botnl lout of \txtil< n Inn , or to GLOVER .V McML RIIAY, 100 Pine *trc? t, cormr nf South. ! P. S?IVnoin wi.limg to ?cucl fur tln ir ftirpd^, jxt th? ri.njtil ?ht|i Outirin, or snv of thi rreulir liar, .ht iita mulir , .|i|>lirntion n. uln.vr, il bv b in r. |wwt jv*K I OHH?tat b ile* bUrk Mimi. tor ?hIi by lVI jyTr K. K. ttU.USs k CO. % S. nth M w vo W YORK. TUESDAY MOI WATERING I'l.ACKS. &('. _!? CATSKlLl/.MOl N TAIN HOl'SK, AT TllK PINK OIK HARD.?184J. TMIIB romantic unl fashionable retort will be conducted dur* iug the preseut atason under the directum and superinten- A dance ot' the subscriber. It has undergone * complete and . thorouf h repair, aud i> n?w ?|?*n tor the reception ol visitors. No effort w ill he span-d to maintain the deservedly high etiarac- e ter which It Iim heretofore acquired. Aj heretofore, lis tables w ill l?e furnished with every delicacy that the New York m ullet can afford; md every po??ihle at- r, teution tint call promote the convenience and eiiio> nieiil of its |*lrons W ill he promptly bestow ed. The road leading to this ' establishineiit and especially that paitof it uu the moiintaiu, lias ? been rendered perfectly smooth and sale. Messrs. A. t. Beach \ Co.'s excellent line of >.tagc* will rnn as heretofore regularly between the landing and the Mountain 0 House, on the arrival of the boats. L. BKAt'H, Proprietor c June 13th, 1812. ieIt Imr BATH HOI'SK. I.ONli INI.AM>.-Thi<. long and Weil s known boiuIiiil- unl >. i holnno . vt .Iui.hui l?.?\ih-j rt- ?. cently undergone numerous impiotiments, among which is the erection of Ht*vi ral elegant Minim* r hosue* it|?oii tht> inaiyiu of ' lht??>cean, ih uow open for lit*1 rei-*i>tiou ?'l company during the season The great extent of privat*- beach on thia shore?the Mrfret ircnrit) ill bitkiiijf, eveu loi ladu ludchildren, ( '?? J bathing houses being within a siom'i throw of the buiwioii)? w the thaly,cool and delightful locust gro\ r ai^oining the house ?ihe plraaaiit lides in tne surronudiir.: coiintr.-?the excel lent li-liiug ground* *ud other soujees of l?l*uI recreation and 11 amuseim lit?the beautiful view of the Ail ntic ocean ami the it lower bay, almost constantly enlivened l?J* iiiimrmiu vmeli u arriving or out war J h mini, render this situation in ev*rv reside! unequalled by any iu the vicinity. Iu accommodatt..n? jj are * Triple, the rooms airy ami ?ht- u tr?p? ralUre, even in the . w&rmeit dnn of summer, anything hut o|ij.resine. The convenience orcoinmutiir\tiou and distant , (h?*iug hut nine inilet 1' from Brooklyn.) the access by it?;i'i at hours accommodated to business rentier it |*cuharlv well ada;>tcil a* a residence for r gemleBMB of bii u it in Nt m York. t, je122in*r NVlLLIVM BROWV, Proprietor. r FURNITURE! T 3 GEORGE W. DAWSON, IflioicsaJt and IteLitl rtirniturt and iJeneraJ AVnts/itng IVarehount, No. t?7 Chatham at reft t ror? , nrr of Ihmne street, AY.v Vork. t T^THKIir. lie keeps fill site I large i .? ; too .tt .1 tin follow* * iug article-., \ i/.: fiidt hoard ?. . Bedsteads, . Tables, 4 haii*, Olfict and Portable I leaks. (II? s (, Ho. k ' Cases, Looking Gl u. ca, lliniii:;, ('entic'i < a and Pi<t'i ables, 1 Pianos, Solas, S.?f? Bed tcid*. feeds, Beudiut*. l'aliM*UTS, Mat- * trevse*. ('.?nwis, Oil Cloth. Matting ml Fire Irons, <1 Htanos, Toilet Tables, t audit* Stand*. Bu>t?n Bedsteads j Dressing bureaus, Sales, file. ? Also, a Urge assortment id'm- u onl Women's Wvanng Aje parel, new and second hauricd * All the above articles are offered to tin labile at veiy low price*. Per in w.iMt ol s tid articles . is I I Hud it to | their advantage to maki* au early call at the above c*!* olishiii nr. ^hippiii;* orders punctual!/ attembd to and forked c.n ti e shortr <\ Douce, inn on n u n bh ti rma. M litre i, Beddlf, fcc for fitting out ves ?cla, constantly on IikiuI. All orders to the above establishment will be factually actended to and thuikfully received. B.?The highest prices will he git en for Second lUid Furniture, and Geutle men's and Ladies'cast off Clothing. altt6m*r REKlNKI) SUGAR; WINES, WKLLINGTON A CARTER, Wine and Commission Merchant, No. 5 New street, one door from Wall street, lit* just r cei ed from the refiner* a quantity id' Mii*eitor don Me Riiil in. U- refined Huxar, in small loaves, which he ? ill,k?*II .il liia usual low rates, in parcels to suit lui\?*rs. W. A. Carter's assortment of superior Wines cannot fill to please. The old Lomelino M uleiri of 1812, in bottles an.I in pit>es,hhds. and qr. casks of various ajjes; champagne,claret and other light Wiues of the choicest orauds, always on *al<\ at low prices. - Order* for any kind .shall he faithfully executed. i\7 jm+f (t(K)D SUMMER "WINE." I B. STOUVENRL. InijM.rt^r of French Wines of ' lite most approved brands, Bordeaux Claret and other Wines. He has removed from hi* old stand, f?l Na>nau street, to No. 21 Ann street, (nt ar Nassau) basement. Always on hand, the best and most irchtrche Wines, St. Julian, Montfcrraut, St. Ksteve, Lafttte, Mr doc, &c. in biriels, half casks and cases. Also, Champagne, various brands; Hnrffiandt , Hermitage, Ike.; superior Cognac Brandy; best quality (nn, Pott Wine, Portuuil *.nd Spanish Wines. J. U. 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shirts. OIITIITA made to ordi r. afUr the most spproved French U fashion*. t*entlemen,s Clarmenu of all descriptions made to or l? i at 1 h? ikorti <? notu ({<'iitiemeii*s Kurni*hn*< S^ore Otui Maiden lane, corner or William street. *' I"'* WILLIAM COLLINH. RR H INING, AUGUST 2, 1842. invnl Court Martini on Itonrd tli?* I", H. to: Mll|i Not tli t iii-oll.ut. Monday, August 1. vj< The I 'ourt met pursuant to adjournment, anil the Judge1 wo idvooatedirected the l'rovoit to call l.ieutonat Robert ohnton, who uiade his appearance, accompanied l>y hi* ajv ouuiel, Mr. Farley CJray, of this city. > The precept ordering the assembling ot the court, was j K ead by tlie Judge Advocate, and tin- accu?ed w as asked if (^J.[ b had any objections to any of the officers present sitting ?t pon his trial, to which he replied in the negative. "al The ceremony of swearing the court wan then performd,jnd Lieutenant J(dni-<'ii wan arrainiredon the followunr < barges :? 'ha Charges uml iticutionh of charge* preferred by the ecretary of the Nuv v iijkjii information of I.n ut Charlea 11 Wilkes, of the t . s. Navv, against Lieutenant K. K. John- . on, of said N av y. . Charge 1st Disobedience of orders. Hpecitirution.? In tins, tln?t the said Lit ntenunt It. K. ' ohnson, then serving oil board the I . S. ship Vincenncs , ttachcd to the Kxpioring Kxpeditmn, did, on the ltith day 1 I July, 1*11, refuse to obey the w nttcn order of hi* coin- r 'J landing otlicer, Charles Wilkes, then Lieutenant Com- , landing, dated 17tli July, ItML A i opy of said order is at- u. ' ic lied to and a j?art of these charges. c'? Charge -d.? iVaiting the public property in his custody , . i violation of thuAct ot Congress entitled "an act for the uttergovernment of the Navy ot the I nited States, ap- I'" io?h April 33,1600, .. npei'im ation -In this, that the said Li>*ut It. K.John- " on did, on or about the lath day of June ItMl, whilst on a , i>ur iu the interior of the country ol the Oregon Torrito- 'I*!'' y, of his own authority, give away to some person or per- . ous with who.n he met, a Howie Unite aad pistol, the property of lite L'niled Stales, and lor the tune bring the side ' rmsol Dr. Pickering, one of the partv under coiiimaud ol 1 aid Johnson. K?! A. I'. UPSHUR. * 1 Navy Depurtment, July 14, It!'j. The Ijllow ing is an extract from the order referred to 0 n the 1st charge, and is the clause out ol which has arisen ' he present Court Martial: " Vuur party are provided with the necessary arms to ^ irotect tlu .nselv cs. None ol these must be disposed of, lor anything else not given you for trade, and you will " ake particular care and use e\ > i > economy in the expenlituve of every tiling belonging to the government, and , ( lot abandon ain thing except it is nnougli absolute neccs- ^ Iity.iu irhirh decition the officer who (ic'for/ljxlllff* you must . oincidt." tin 1 lie iisitu ({uestion was then put to the accused, w ho draded Not (iuilty. ' Lieut. Wn ki i was then called and sworn, and the first .pecilication being read to him, lie said ; I Ui o>\ that I ^ fave him the order, sir. (A copy ol the order handed to mi.) 1 his is a copy of that order. Lieut. Johnson re- (.1| used to oUey it, when he had the written order in his | laud, while standing at the capstan, on the spar deck. I ( lirected him, if he decliued to obey the ord r, to give it tu ne, and held my hand out and received st from him, anu old htm io consider hiiii^elt suspended: I immediately sent | j ur Mr. Harrison, iny clerk, uml ordered him to insert the lame ol Passed .Midshipman Kid in the place of Mr. Johnioii, and that of Mr. Colvocaress is in the place ot Midship. u nan Kid. and irave onleis to i li.?i?n <>iii. ? i,, l. u,... .v..v?Uv |a hi|> immediately, i he anchor at thin time wan atrip ami |rJ ire were getting tinder weigh*, alter a lew words to Mr. ^ld with re*j>ect to whether he wan prepared, he lelt the (II 'hip- i j he second charge was then read, ami he said, it was a m, wwio knife and pistol combined ; all I know ol those cir- ' 'timstanccs are, Mr. Johnson admitted he had given a |,r tuwic knife pistol away ; u repuited likewise to me to >y the Ut Lieutenant, and it had been in possession ul ,d, Dr. Pickering, and likewise by the gunner. When liesta- ? cd that lit* had given it away, i expressed my surprise; he mid ht) could not help it, und informed me he liail given u 0 o a Mr. McDonald or Mr. McUougal, 1 um not sure which. y? > said I deeply regretted his ha\ nig done so. Krom his limner I understood he was undn pel soual obligations to .lie gentleman, but it was not stated what; I think at the mj lame time lie said lie felt il was wrong, but bis feelings were anch he could not help doing it. I would state that tiis conduct alwa\ - appeared highly fuvoruhleto himself, but it was wrong foi luin to give awi) the public prop'.r- i ly. I would stati- that these weapons were alwajs in to much request, being highly esteemed for bushing, and iimch sought alter. It was a bowie knile pistol ; it was qU for services rendered to himself and party. (,e. t^iestioncl by prisoner's counsel through Judge Ail vorutr. ni, -Did I nut go to j on three several times tn gi t the vrdera changtil, so tkat I could obey them consistently with what I thought due to my rank. pr A.?He came to me, I think, twice, tie \\ as in some temper the lirst time, and I was getting the ship under weigh. 1 ad? iseii hi in to go below, and come again in live 9f mlnuti , u 1 m? ha ftai un li i iu mi at, aid told hhn bo. i mink me woriia were" You nie excited, and had better go lielow, and think of it (or five minutes." Before |y ho made his appearance the second time, I told the first IU lieutenant to send r message for Lieut. Johnson to leave (U the ship on that duty. The ship was then urnler weigh, and 1 wished to ?ave time. The 1st Lieutenant sent a tli Quartermaster, and I afterwards told him to send .in officer, wnil tell liiiu to come on deck and |uit the idiip imm< diote- s| ly. lie came up the second time wi'.li the orders in Inn ,,, hand; I was walking the deck, the capstan bars heing un- 0, whipped, and the uiichor hove up. I think they were catting the anchor. He came to the capstan w ith his orders in his hand, and I w as w alking the deck backwards and tu torwards. I am not iiiiv whether any words passed. A v, <piestion may have been put, hut 1 was aware, from hi? appearance and manner, that lie iiiteudc.l to lel'nse, and I | | considered that he had refused on the fust interview , oitd re there had been l.'i minute* elapsed, as w hen he w ent down w lie anchor was only atrip, and we had hove it up from >h 30 fathoms, and were catting it. 4?IJi.l I not tell you that the orders made me subject tei to tlic control ol an inferior officer, ami I could not obey in such an order. C.i A.?I think not. It he did, I did not hear it, ax there was in a great noise on deck. te H-?Did I not leanest time to consider, and go below lor pu that purjiose! w A.?No, I advised him to consider it, an<! gave him live tIt minutes. I'a li- Did I not say it w as too important a matter to lie ,)j decided upon hastily. an A.?I answer positively, " No." ct Q.? Did yon not then order me to prepare to leave the ,ii vessel in five minutes t A.?I have no recollection of his returning to the deck twice, I had no further conversation tli in what I have tes- tli titled to, and he was then suspended. I ai H.?Did I not seek your presence, and tell you that the I tli orders were peculiar and I was ready to oliey them,except I di so far an makini? me subiert tn 11,,. ?i" .. ? ..#? , * 1 "j"'""' ? ?cer r A I have no recollection of hi* stating that to inr ut J* any time. Q.?Did yon not admitthat tin-orders were peculiar,and ti insist on their being obeyed just as they were > h A.?I told him the order* mint be obeyed. Ho attempted to say something about the order*, but I stopped liim and Ik tol 1 him lie must obey them, I gave him five minuter. I k did no' admit that the orders were peculiar to him. t? Q.?Did you to any one else, and t] whom A.?I don't recollect having admitted they were pecn- fi liar to any body. Q.- Was not my disobedience unaccompanied by any | appearance of a spirit of insubordination, A?I have stated he was under excitement, much more (c to the lirst time than on hi* last appearance on deck. It was not unaccompanied by the appearance af a spirit of ^ insubordination (I -Did not my manner and language express that I . acted under a con viction that my oliedieoce to the order would detract from the dignity of my rank and station I A.?I did not understand it so. I did not know from what cause he refined to obey it. There was a great noise o( on deck and a great many things might have been said that (i, I did not hear. , Q -We re you not convinced that my sole objection to ' the order w hs the clause ending, " and in tin* decision the J officer accompanying you must coincide." , A.?I understood so a.trrwards. not at the time. Q?Was I not officer of the Porpoise when (>i I was detached for special duty 1 A-Yes, sir. V q.?Was nut passed midshipman KM the officer who was ordered to accompany me, one ol the youngest of that grade wit'i the squadron t A?There were only two on board the ship. He win I1 next to th'' youngest with the squadron. The one younger was Mr. Calcovoressis. " <4 Hue you during your experience in the service known of an instance of an officer receiving an order containing u cluse similar in character to the one referred " to I * A.?I have never lieen on such duty before. I have f known but one Exploring Expedition. I have known of " no such inslanci- in the Naval service. By mv private in- '' strnctious, rank ? as not to be regarded on special duties * on llie Exploring Expedition. I was empowered to place officers as I thought proper, without regard to rank. I " would state that I did not consider Mr. Johnron to be subject to any inferior, and I believe I slated that to Mr. John- h son at the same time. ai (i.?Did yon communicate the fact of your having re- si ceiving such in-tructions to the officers under your com- H mnnd on the Exploring Expedition? w A.?No sir, nor did 1 deem it necessary. c Q.?Will you produce to the Court, it it is proper to do c, so, the orders referred to, or else state the language as tc near as you can I tli A .?I can produce an extract from the orders. j ti liy the .Irnor Advocate. -Have you those instruc- a' lions ? th WlTxrss.?I have. th Jrunr. Adv.?You must produce them. rc Wtiir.f*.?They are private instructions; must 1 pro- w liuce them 1 m Ji mir. Adv.?Yes, sir. I J"' Witness.- The} are on shore. w Jt-Diir. Anv. Bring them to-morrow, fir. Commodore Jnn . II these instructions have not been ve communicated to the officer*, they can't apply to this rase. The accused's counsel requested the opinion of the pr r.ourt on this point, and the Conrt being cleared it w as re- tit ripened in ;ifeis minutes, and l.t. Wilkes informed that by a vote of the Court, he must produce those order* tomor- in row morning. I" Lt. Wii.kfi here slated thatthere were portions of these \v instructions relating entirely to private matters between ' of himself and Mr- Paulding, and he understood fromM'. Paulding's friends that ho w as not at liberty to disclose Is ihctn, and wished to he excused producing that part. After some conversation it wns decided that Mr. Willos of must pro luce those instructions to-morrow. I K< y?Did you not explicitly state to several officers aliout I w fERA arcompaiiy tilts Expedition that r?nk should always tie juried \.?I did not. I stated that it should always be obseri in regard to promotion, except when their conduct is not deserving it. There was an order issued to a lilar purport at (frunge Harbor. 4?Did you not stateto inc and lank should i ay k be observed in the ap[>ointmciits to vessels ' L.- 1 did uol. sir. I did not act so with Mr. Johnson.? uve to Mr. Johnson himself the command ol' a little ger schooner thun I did to Mr. Walker. That was in angc llarlior I believe, and Mr. Walker remonstrated the time. The olhcers of the Expedition wereorigil_, assigned to the vessel*according to lank. (.?Did y oil not after looking at your watch, say that time was elapsed for me to leave the ship I L.?I recollect saying to Mr. Carr, the first Lieutenant, t the time had elapsed. I may have done so to Mr. inson. I recollect distinctly saying so to Lieutenant rr. i. To what time did you allude ,in this remark to utennnt Carr ? I.?After the lirst interview . There was more than minutes had elapsed, probably fifteen minutes. J Do you mean to be understood that up to the time ny refusing to leave the ship, you were ignorant of my sons for so doing I at it was. I am now not aware that there is any sulliat reason, after mature deliberation. [ Diil I ;not finally statu that I would sacrifice an) ug, except my rank, and was not my manner restful I l.?He did not state, to the best ol' my recollection, anyag. His manner was constrained. J.?Did I not, in obedience to your vt rbal orders, make iiarations for the execution of the duties, until I rcceivIhe written orders. L.?The party was on shore encamped, and he had been ;aged on that duty. I.?Did I, on my return from the expedition in the Ore1 territory, promptly re|>ort to yotl having given away rowie knife pistol to an officer of the Hudson Bay comi>. in return for facilities afforded me in the execution rour orders I ?He did not, promptly. i.?Did 1 report to)ou at all I ?Hedid : my impression is that it w as u couple of i s after his return. I was riding on hoiseback at the ie. II,; itated it to me , 1 did not consider it a report. I-?Were you not aliseut from the ship these tw o daj a ' ?No, sir. 1 was either at the ship or the observatory, vas living at the observatory, within hail ot the ship, lere all reports Were made to me. H? Were you not away on n boat expedition, at the iip of my return I A.- 1 think I was. At the time he reported to me I is staying at the observatory. U?Did you return lrom mis boating expedition in a ut ter time than two nays after my return ' A.?I did not know the tune ol his icuirn, and do not tow whether it was twodays alter Ins lelurn or not,that ame back. ti?llo w do you, then, come to the conclusion that f did t pioinptly report to you f ii.?Because I had certainly been back some hours to i vessel. Promptness consists in quickness in my esti itlon. Office) s usually reported to lue livlore going dow n low. I now recall to my recollection that I got hack ai iidown, and tliu report wasmude to me the lolloumg y between 12 and i o'clock, so that probably IShouix d elapsed, which is what 1 callej not being prompt, ie service required promptness in all its departments? all its reports. H?Had I not just been talking to you on the subject ol ; duties, andoft'ered )ou onoul my horses to ride? A.?He di<l not report it to me at the lor?. Not at tin st interview. It was at some distance from the tort. 1 n't recollect, however, his having any previous convcrlion with me; he ru her told meol the circumstance than ported it. It w as incidental conversation. ij.?Did 1 not, after furnishing j ou with ti horse to ride theob-ervatory, report the circumstance to you belou II l. f> till! foil? A.?No, Sir. Q?Dm 1 'lot, at the time I made the report, request it ghl be charged to my account/ A?Not to mv recollection. y.?l>id you not mean to charge it te me' A? I never did to mv recollection. I}. - Did j ou alter war,Is order that it should be chargcd me/ A?I do not recollect ordering it. 1 may have enired whether it was charged w hen the accounts were ing made lip. Q. Did you on the Id October 1H41, arrest me and fur>h me with a charge ami specification > A.? i es, sir, about that time, but not about the pistol. Q.?llad not the oHence charged an "waste of public operty" been committed previous to that date ? A?Yen, ?ir. ?Was the charge of "wasting public property" part those furnished on the id October I A.?No, nr. Q?By the Court?Had you arranged officer* previouslor scientific duly without reference to relative rank, wl w as such your practice and was it readily conformed A.?I made no arrangement about it; 1 took them as ley came to me. ti l)j ) ou mean to -ay that you felt authorized on any leeial service to order a Lieutenant under an inferior or nior officer, and that such Lieutenant should obey his ders ? A.?No, sir. What notice was taken by you of the offence conined in the Nei ond charge, w hen it w as rejiorted to in 1 A. None, sir. I told him I regretted tho circumstance, lie only official action I took was the order to prevent a I'lirrenceol it. That was three da} s afterwards, and :i< the order referred to in the specification. No furer notice was taken till the charges w ere preferred. I.iciit \Vii.k??h here stated that there were piivate matrs of Mr. Paulding's contained in the instructions which was ordered to produce, and made a request to the inrt that it might be prevented from being made public the re|torters. Me stated that there were private mat: is between himself mi l Mr. Paulding, anil on his own irl he had no objections to its being made public. There as one part of the letter which referred to his duties on e e.\pedition, anil which he had permission from Mr. milling's friends to disclose, but he hatl no authority to sclosc the remainder of them, and he should not feel ithori/.cd to make it public, unless the Court should impel its production. He was perfectly w illing to proice a certified copy of such part as related to his inructions. Alter Rome discussion by the Court, it was ordered by iem that there should he produced the certified extract, i they did not want to interfere w ith private matter*, hut le Judge Advocate Dialed that he should call for its promotion entire on Lieut. Wilkes'trial A question woa here put to Lieut. Wilkes to enquire hether the objectionable clause in the order WM invited i consequence of Lieut. Johnson having given away the }wie knife ami pistol, to which he replied in the attirmave. He did not, however, consider that Lieut. Johnson ad abandoned arms, he considered it as given away. It was admitted by the accused that he had given a ?wle knife pistol away, nut not two articles " a bowie nife and pistol," as lai. in the oharge, to which had it Ken worded correctly he should have pleaded guilty. Da. Picucmnn was called by the accused, butwM"non 11 inventus." Dh. Foi was called, and being sworn, and the first liarge read to him, said, I know Lieutenant Johnson was rdered to proceed on a land expedition which he refilled i obey, on account of their illegality. He called on me nd some other officer* for advice, stating that he was in ItHcully with regard to some of the orders, hut was ex emely anxious to go u|*>n theexpe lition, and he eeeme< -sirutis ol going ii|ioii it if he could consistently with hiink. I was convinced that his disobedience w bs occasionI by the clause w hit h he considered deiogatoi y to he ink. His disobedience was unaccompanied tiy any -pin ' insiiburditia'ioii, but he expressed anxiety to go on 11. ?pedition an i bis approbation of the orders g. neraliv id wiu surprised a the libeial lime allowed tor the comletion of the duly. '1 he only excitement under which b latiored was thai arising from mortification. I lecollec i. ii i>-n a hi Johnson going on deck t? Ice to get his order llcred, but I tiiink In-had teen Lieutenant Wilkes once ffoie. I think I saw him at lis liist interview with it uten n Wilke* but I did not know that there w as i111 nil) between them, his manner as quite calm .mi ithoiit xeitcmeiit. Hi- relat d tonic a conversation hi ?i hail with Lieutenant \Vilke?,biil I don't know uhvth r ?! went twice. alter thai or not. Ill-told me that he mHided to tell Lieutenant Wilke? it win a matter of ton inch im|>ortaii< < to hr decided on haitily, and immeiitely alter told me he ha l *ai>l ?o to Liiutenoiit k'ilWm. I lii a d Mr. t olcovores-i- deliver a mr ige to Mr. John-on; it ??? that Mr. Johnion a to leave the *lnp toithwith, or decline g*ing on Ik ipedition. I hat ? ?lhe amount ul it. I recollect he i. iif the remark made, that Lieut. tVilke* had inserted this aiticular clause with nn int< ntion to in'iilt Lieut. John. >n, hut I don't remember at ? hat tinie, nor by ? hum, and recollect heorinu l.ieiit. John?on acquit him of any *uch itention. Lieut. Bi do railed nn I *worn, and the chargw read to nn : laid, Lieut. lohn?on showed me the order, and i?k**d my opinion re pectn if it ; I told him it 11 a? rather a uvular order, and that then- wa* probably a mistake in ie wording ol it; he expreoeil h m vlf pei f -ctl j nati tb d rlth the remaining poition ol In order, all excepting tntt I nine, an l a1- he Con si ! re ' til it |>l..ciiiu h mi under the '? Mon of hi" Junior it u i* an ll< |jr?l or Vr.and he ? onkl go I Lit lit Wilke* and try to Ret it altered, a* he could not link of acting un erlt; h? let i th atate room foravhott me, and 011 his return he kai I tlini he could not get them tercd ; that Lieut. Wilki refined to alter them or tomeing of that kind, and he could not think of going und. r em ; I think Lieut. JohiiM?n diaobeved the ordei troni a inncientioua conviction that he could 11. t do otherwise ith a due regard to hia rank and dignity a* in officer; the aimer of Lieut. Wilkea wri reanectful, *1 lai a* I can dge in nn interview which took place on -ek, hut I an not nearenough to hear what pa?*ed betWi.n them. Gunner WilliaMsoi ?u called, hut w?* " non nt innlm." Li-ut. Wii.ur.t recalled. I Q.?By accu*c<|?lla* it not been the custom to make I Mttl of carbine*, part of the *hip'? *torc?, to the na- I re?? A.?No. It ha* been done to chiefs, who dinlred them I exchange for the mtuket* w hich had tieen furnished for I ent* ; 1 don't however recollect more than one; th?t a* to the Chief Pomare of New Zealand, chiefo( the n*y t'land*, who wa* a groat judge of fire arm* H?Had it been done in two inatance* ?l the Fejee land*, betide*! . A.?Not to my recollection Mr. Waldron had charge that department. I ri'collcct it wH once done at the pjee Islands to the Kirg Panoa ; Ibey were patent rifle* hich loaded at the breech i, LI). Prlre Two Ccnta. q. !?1J you not direct Lieut. Johnson to give to the lludaon Bay Company twelve horses I A. I .li>t not. There were not twelve horses in the expedition ; there were some broken down hordes ol the < *|>i'ilitioii valued at three or four *ollars each, which were accounted for. U What dis|>ositiou did ) ou direct the accused to make ol home horses winch had been brought back by an expedition 1 A. ?1 Wlicve 1 directed the person to dispose of them. H Were not horse* offered to the Hudson Bay fompaii) 1 A. They were stated m the accounts. The Company would not receive presents . they would give them. I would have sold them by public auction, if they had not taken them. Did you not tell me, when 1 asked you about the ilispoiution of the horses, that the company had been very civil mil van unnlH not ? i?? 'J ... , ? .... wl? guim, uui wyuiu turn them over ' A.?1 ilut nut say so. The hoitei were charged in the account. The Counsel of the acctMed here slated that they wished to havo Dr. Pickering to testify ns to the service* which had been rendered by Mr. Maxwell, to whom the howie knife pistol wan given, ami that lie should then lie ready to proceed w ith nil defence. The Court then adjourned till 10 o'clock to morrow morning. SUPPRESSION OF QUACKERY r&.IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT-CD THE COLLEGE OK MEDICINE & PHARMACY KEsrELCT FULLY inform th? citizrnii of St w York that they have appointed llit* following ScB-AofcHTt in this city J. W. baihktt, 611 Broadway. Dr. k. m. (?t,-ion, 127 Bowery. Dh KinO|J287 Huds?>nit'ftt. Km as L viifall. 518 Grand \t. Dk. Nkwma* i Chriry *trr?*t. The Prepantiom oi' thf Colli ki may now be had of thoar iteutlenirn. Princii*' Offices of the College for New 5 Tramont How, boston. <i?r. .1 i .vii r... k!? v? - ?"? vt ?tree?. By order of the C^llrur, j\2lr _AV_S HHHRDSQN, Agejit. 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City and country merchants are |?artirularly requested to call, previous to making their purchase*. hi I watkr < omsmmiom.itb own ( Old Aims-House, July 8, 18l?;$ NOTICE is hereby ftiveu, that the Crototi Aqueduct Committei ol tin Corporation have requested th? U ater Commission* m, for the preaenr, to rent ih* Croton Water, and arniurc for making the neceasary connexions tosnppljrthe cititens of New York with WHt?r. Tin follow nut are the rates at which the water is at preseut furnished A*P?ITAL CHsucks. Dwt llings of two stories > S10 00 more than two stories IS 00 " on the rear of lots 5 00 M with workshop or store 12 to 20 Privilege of washing pavements 2 00 " h.tth (where there are futures) 3 <?0 Warehouse 00 B arming house 10 to 20 Stable, private i* r stall 5 60 ' livety 2 00 Payw?enr to be made in advance for the supply fr> in Auttuat I May l,iK*it? ftb tquently aeiiii-?nBnally. 1. ru lKMriliru l> u-< . taDDt, i>i>w<nc>, mnnrn* ?, |iui"ic > i,a. i ?etini! nr ?altii.K h. n?r?, ?i,il I <>'h> i c,ii?i>mt-r-, ?hipiik *i'? ? mi (? rh*r(i <1 in i it.| nrtinn in thr v ufw-.ii i on _ r?-? ti i * will It- <->.|Miii>.io'irr . Offi. hnui'i lii'm iiV'wk.A.M mil ? P M, iu itif , Id A' i. H"?e. Kntmiii i-l>) crntn <l" r SAMUELSTEVEN* JOHN I) WAhU, ZKB'O KiMi, B BIHDSALi , iv'ti W^frr l on. ij? mti? HAVAAA AM) PRINCIPE SEGA KS. MBADER, ri.nfti*iii ?trr?-r, <>ff. rt for aal? Iftfl (KM) I,A N'oirPA ^*-;<afi. ;#< nm \d??| I rtmii>e. 21MWIU .1% lie. J.'? ooo Hio lid. Kntitlrd to B* * * Cull ?tock of , j >!>l f W-'T ? ?nd Pri . j p .>r*. j ?i< j n , PKKSM-; .V HHO< US. W) ?' LIHLRTY HJHKKI, Utw*,? B * > v/. ,u ,, .|t, ,,|t. lot 111. . k I i-h hi K marblr. 1< 0 Ca?k<? icliiu ?l In .k? t *a!t. 300 C'lftka hlr;ichitiK i mwiIpi, jo T? ?i* tui>erlin( ? ?-?hra. 2 paum It ?thn. *?o Dilfi Chfiffrrtt-M factory hrown 'hfrtinn 70?m) Iff nun lutein fire brick. 20 I i<k* 3 and I h' K blur armlt*. 2 B ? cotrooran ? * ? 'hrr f|.l four yard* widf ft B.ilr? Mncliim- blank* u All o?w liich w ill be ?. Iu m |,.w? ?r n.* kt f | ic? j> " UMTM) *?TATK* KXPHKS- MAIL FROM VM YORK TO ROSTO.VWiilmnrH ?**?. 'he ? ??rrat "viibl?? fmiv. iiieiM f, il?-4|>*fr,i 4ml ? u ii> io ?m m?*. ' mmtintrartofi t>* tween B<??mu ?n I'hi* city, fhr Pm' VI .r# Gtnrml lift* eatahlchrd i< Kul rl\ arncera **tach? d o ihr D? partmcitf lr? m ihii city I? Bo?<fn inwf ! ?? im>?'# ' t- u i erintrmlettct of thr ui?d?* r?iUn><'d? commence ?>n*he 20th inatant. . To carry onl fo thr fnllrat f?o??rMe eitrnf, iheae firw? of thr I'owl >1 aater Oriit Ml. Irftrf* lor 0<>?ioo. rr-udrocf and \rw Brdford wJlhr rrern^d on bon/d fhr rrgultr 5 clock M?i| Bn j'ttnil ifrirtirrfi c?? !? |??nl) lYoin l?al|.j,a*t four O'clock up to thr nmr of iirnhmrluir for BmWn. Puhlir norK' i* rhrrrftm hrrrby *ir?H of fh.? ^hovr %rrnnfrmerit, and <tll P* '%' "" way 1 ',y {" 'ln "" dilicmcc with which iilf mail matter * "I '?T forwtrdrd *n abort in thr fthortc?t |HMH?l?lr ?f?acr of umr, and purity. (irnrr*l Mail AcnU. X* w York l'il\ Ifri,. 1811. i\l'r.'wf ifNITkl) HTAT'KH v.X PRKHA MAIL KHOM NKW V VORK ^ BOH TON.?Pott Office N. w York, tulv 17, IJMf.?Thr r.*t Ma?trr Urnrml, with * ri* \f to thr ?ci,ommodfttioii of thr public, .itid to inrrriMrd dr?|^fli and irciirity.hM uah'i^hrd au Eti>rr?a m?il,t<> rttwditr which M^?aeu*rr% will f>r rm|?lovrd under th?- ?mm? diitr *?|?r vn?i<?n *nd dirreii?ui ;f \fr?*r?. Il?rnd? n It C'o., f. r carryiiur 'H? Mail* h??w n tho ity and B( atnu. and thr im|?ortauf i ttrwfrfia'f placra, w???i l?faction* to C-^aar thr drh?er> at thr ??hr?t !?? *? b'r 'ima. Lrttrra will be rccr-rr/l on **oaru th Bion??*a?o? Li r f Strimhoata which carri?,? lb** Mai' na 9t'>Mflit n no Pr<>?i! lice to Beacon, from half |>a?t 4 o'clock n?ilI the tim# jmrturr. duHnic whi< h limr |?mtarr can be i?aid.?Lrttera will t?r rfCtived at thia olUcr np to I o do k P. M Thi* ai r.iinf* m?'iif will <o into nitrraiion r? thr 2mli inat. j> 19 fwr JOHN LOHIMLK GRAHAM. P. M.