Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 2, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 2, 1842 Page 3
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(fc?- TO THE EDITOR OK THE HHKALI) In your Yesterday'? paper is an article headed "Rowdies in LimUi," in which >ou ??y a haul wi? made from the Hose (.'art House in Henry stieet, near Cathaune. As (here are t? o com|Mtniei adjoining cach other, will you do in the favor to Mate that the net was sprung in the house of Hose Co. No. 3d. If there is any disgrace attached to the atlair it is no more thun justice to us that the Company in w hose house they were found should b?ar all the odium. By order of H*se Co. No. 21. 8. O. HINSDALE, Sec'y. U. S. Smii- North Carolina, J July ii, lHli. $ fcy-THE NAVAL GENERAL < <>l KT MARTIAL now in st' .muii on boar I this ship, here y order all the w itiietses iu the cases to be investigated, 'in.I the accused, to be punctual in their attendance, daily. at 10 o'clockSunday'? eM-tpted A boat will t>e in waiting at the Battery bridg<f%t half past 9 A. M.daily. CH. H. WINDER. Judge Advocate. Ilt-i-nlal Bulletin of M*wi. The Herald Bulletin of Naws is kept at the north-west corner of Kulton and Nassau streets. On the arrival of the morning mails, nt eight o'clock, A. M.?and also of the evening mails, at fouro'clock, P. M., the latest intelligence from all parts of the world, may be found on the Herald Bulletin Board, at this corner. Let every wayfarer stop and read. Advertisements of all kinds taken at the office. Herald General Printing Office. The <Jeneral Printing Office, capable of doing all sorts of printing, such as books, nam phlets, bills, cards of all descriptions, is now open at the Herald Buildings, entrance from Nassau street?Joseph Elliott, Printer. Tile New York Lancct. (W- A few copies of the lirst volume of this work, handsomely bound, may now be had at the publication office.?Price $2City Despatcll ('oat, 46 William Street. ThiscirAL Orricc.?Letters deposited before half-pa.^ fl, half-past I-J, and half past 3 o'clock, will be sent out for delivery at 9, 1, and 4 o'clock. Bk?s< h Okkicks?Letters deposited before 7,11, and 2 o'clock, will be sent out for delivery at 9, 1, and t o'clock. ALEX. M. GREIU, Agent. MONKY >1.1 ItKKT. Monday, Augnit 1?0 P. N. The sales at the stock board hare been Its* than even the small average of the past few weeks. Harlem fell j per cent, and Kenkucky rose J. At auction, 6 certificates of deposit of the Southern Life Insurance 3c Trust Co., for $1000 etch, with interest at the rate of 6 per cent per annum, from October -J7, 1330, principal and interest payable in New York, sold at 19 percent. The New York and Albany Hail Koad have called for an instalment of 5 per cent, payable Sept 5. St. Louis, July IS.?The undersigned having (at the request of Messrs. L. A. Benoist it Co.) examined into their pecuniary situation, are clearly of the opinion, that all their liabilities will be met, without availing themselves of their resources from their real estate. BERNARD PRATTE, JAMES H. LUCAS, GA'L TAUL. The following is a comparative statement of three banks of Pennsylvania, on the 1st of May, as compared w ith Nov. 1841 :? November. May. Loans. Specie. Loans. Specie. Bk. of Pcnn Township, 895,282 65 574 219,856 11.323 Moyauit'itsinir, 386,133 48,760 282,107 22,149 Mech's Bk. of Phila. 1,061,770 40,139 431,526 46,758 2,342,191 164,473 1,035,789 80,230 Cir. Dep. Cir. Dep. Bk of Pi mi Township, 18,320 472,550 36,615 35,223 Moyamrnaing, 168,800 122,106 97,265 32,853 Mech's Bk. ol'Philad., 233,200 523,678 98,415 106,638 420,410 1,118,334 222,295 171,711 The news from abroad, in relation to the state of alt'oirs in England, is by no means encouraging. A little itart of business grew out of the settlement of the tariff, but there is no hope of permanent prosperity. The broad question to be looked steadily in the face, by statesmen and commercial men of all countries, is, what is to be the result of the present mercantile embarrassments of Great Britain, which grew uudisguisedly out of her altered i>osition in relation to the rest of the world, brought about by twenty-five y earn of universal peace ? The vast debt of Great Britain, the legacy of Napoleon, is now crushing her in the Just. In all the vast wars of the Emperor, no extravagant debt was created in France ; on the contrary, the short-sighted rulers of England, to check the cause of human liberty, loaded the English aubjects with enormous debt. At the return of peace, England was the great manufacturing shop for the world ; the markets of all countries were before her; she raised within herself all articles of food in su tticient abundance; and her vast sales of manufactured goods brought all countries in debt to her, and supi>orted her paper system, which, alone, rendered her taxation tolerable to the people. The countries of Europe maintained a sound specie currency, which ena" bled them successfully to pursue their manufacturing until they have superceded those ol England in the markets of the world. The population of that country has, during her season of manufacturing prosperity, growm beyond the capacity of the land to feed them, and at the moment when large imports of produce have become necessary, her foreign markets have fallen into decay. The weight of the debt is every moment becoming more burdensome, and Napoleon, as it were, reaching from the grave, is pressing her to destruction. It has been with th? utmost difficulty that the Bank of England, during the last four years, has been enabled to maintain its specie average. The circulation now is very limited, with every prospect of a short harvest. Tho foreign ex changes are nearly balanced, and a demand for specie, from the United States, is now on its way to Europe. Probably, during the coming year, $5,000,000 will lie drawn to this market, while the sales of English goods 011 the continent will continue to decrease, owing to the increased tariffs of France, Kiusia and Prussia, as well] as their restricted currencies. The cirmauu lor coin lor me American market was one of the alledged causcsof the difficulties of the Dank of Eng. lanil in 1S37. Tlic currency of the United States from a Illicitly inflated paper currency, has now become and will continue to be a specie currency on the level of that of Krance and the Continent. Under thrsa circumstances a paper currency in F.ngland under her restricted trade, cannot be maintained, and without a paper currency her debt ranuot be sustained. The present state of the popu lace is proof that it will not long be suffered to exist. In relation to the comparative state of manufactures in England and on the Continent, we annex the following tables, from official sources, commencing with the exports of four leading articles of manufacture from France. The special commerce is the sole product of Krance. Th# general commerce represents that of Krance,,as well as the transit trade, that is across from Switzerland and other countries, Krance. Valrk or t?ir Exporti or Foi h Lf.adixo Artici.f.? FROM FhaKCF. FOR a SFRIFl OF vkar9, IHIT IN(i I I?IIIM; tmf. Product ?f Kranck from hik Uroi? Export. Silk. Cotton. General or Sj irrial. total. S;<rcia/. General. 1(127 /.I IS, 300,000 /.tl?,600,000 46,000,000 44,000,000 in?n i is, 400,000 lis, 000,000 4i,?oo,uoo 43,600,000 IB2<t 111,100,0011 115,400,000 62,100,000 57,100.000 mm 111.100,000 110,000,000 66.000,000 51,000,000 mil " * 119,31 >0,000 112.600,0011 5t,f>oo,ooo 62,noo,ooo 183'J 10*1,800.000 127,300,000 31,400,000 76,800.000 1833 138,900,000 161,100,000 56,300.000 73,500,000 I8J4 112,100,000 113,100,000 63.IOO.OOII 65.300.000 183.') 111,10(1.00(1 1W>,:MI0,(H?I 01,600,000 90,500,000 I WW 110,100.1100 206,400,000 64, MM). IHiO 106 000,00* IB37 90,300,000 121,000,000 64,400,000 01,1*6,000 mm iw, 170,600,000 114,000.000 18J9 HO,R00 000 203,300,000 84,800,000 119,800,000 1840 111,900,000 192,700,000 108.400,(MM) 119,200,0110 Woollens Linent tperial. General. tperial. General. 1827 20,900,000 24,700,000 44,000,000 42,800,000 lie.". 29,400,000 24,700,000 38,700,000 41,000,000 18*9 30,000,000 30,200,000 34,100,000 39,700,000 1830 2 >,600,000 36,000,000 32.9O0.n<KI 34,000,01)0 1831 27,000,000 31,600,000 31,700,000 44,400,000 1832 34,700,000 44,100,000 32.600.01KI 41,000.000 1833 36,600,000 42,300.0181 27,000,000 46,600,000 1831 39,400,000 53,600,000 26,700.000 40,200.000 1834 30,3011,000 41,1,00,1.011 .10,700,0181 44,800.000 1136 49 100,000 64,(00 000 31,100,000 4 7,000,000 1837 43,100,000 59,900,oOO 21,400.000 V7,700,000 IS38 U, 100,000 79,700,000 38,300,000 4 7 200,000 1831 '',600,000 77,2041,000 30,200,000 47,600,000 1340 61,160,000 73,11KI,IH)0 28,900,000 44,600,00-1 This tabic gives an mormon* increase in the manufacture ; ol these articlea. more particularly cotton land woolen.? Tlie export of the latter ha* increased 300 per cent in 13 years ! We may now compare tli.c export* of Oreat Britain for Ihe tamo period :? Kxpoiiti or Cotton*, Woolllni, ami Linens, itom (>*?.at Britain. ( ,'ollon foods. Woollens. linens. CoVnvnrn. 1ST i. 12,948,014 6,823,824 2.047,341 3,444,578 1828 12,483,219 6.834,774 2,120,776 3,405 404 1829 12,416,247 6, !74,647 1,953,607 3,07i>.(74 1810 14,119,770 6,26l,6>i 2,017,776 4,133,711 1831 12.I6I.4U 6.743,968 2,400,043 3,974 019 1832 II,'(00,630 6,913,981 1,716,084 4,722.749 1813 12,441,060 8.069,389 2,097,273 4,7*4 024 1834 14,127.342 7,333,195 2,347,991 4,211>I5 1834 15,181,431 8,838. It < 2,893,130 5,706,486 1838 17,183,167 9 881,4.1." 3.-"38,031 6,120,366 1840 16,'209 241 4,.l27j8j3 3,300,088 7,101,308 1811 16.4fl0.220 4,737,411 3,346,030 7,t02 440 Woollens, the export ?1 whichjhat *o largely increased in France, havefducrcased immensely in Great Britain, bc ingf>0 per cent since Wd. Cotton goods have increased 33 per cent in F.ngland and have increaied -200 per cent in France. The French linen trade has fallen oil" and ha* led to the imposition of the late torill' in France on F.nglish linens. Tha increased exports of cotton yorn from F.agland, havebean to supply the increaied manufacture of goods in Germany and Belgium, w hich ninnufacture j has iucreased fiuter than the spinning of yarn. This latter is now, however, in rapid progress ol increase on the Continent, where great advances linve, during the last year,bean made in spinning the finer numbers. Of woollen goods, in which Kngland has held the lead almost since the time of Ihe PlantageneU the decay is evidunt in (ireat Britain n* well as iti prosperity on the Continent. This being the state of commerce the only hope of the fund mongers ^and paper men ol F.ngliitid to maintain their |>o(ition for time longer, it to promote a paper expanaion in th? United State* ami other great marketi for the ?ale of manufacture*, in order not only to retain in England sufficient coin to rapport the paper fabric, hut to I drive hack to Europe the specie now snd on ita w ay. It was with thi? view that the Eugliah hank -ui 'rintended the proj.-ctiou of ti?oal agents at Wukhingtiu uuring the extra session, and it i? for this that their agent* are uow endeavoring to disseminate the idea that nothing but an issue of irredeemable government paper will save thin country. TUey will be mistaken, however-, no p?j>er currency can get footing in this country for a score of year* to oome; at least. The drafts upon Europe foi gold for a currency for the United States will be constant and heavy. That fact will prevent an cxpantion in Europe and will causea double drain upon England, before which her paper system cannot sustaiu itself. Salts at the Stock Kxrliange, siooo Kectackr t's 77': 7i do 38 ISM d.. do 77?: 2i .3 M M Firmer* Loan 18^ 37HUfl. ni lilt ISK ?>. d? lifio n>2 jo do baous 5 Ohio Life k I nut Wl M do >11 IV4 2J Mahawk KK jti 23 N Jersey UK til Second Hoard. No sales at the Second Board. State of Trade. I The news from abroad has had no material effect upon the markets generally, although merchants look forward to an improved export to Great Britain, now that the Tariff is there settled. Corner?The sales are of small parcels and extend in the whole to 800 bags Brazil at 7J i!?} cents ; 400 Cuba at 7^a0> ; 800 Laguayra at !)a9J ; 270 Java at Hal2 cents, all on time ; 1000 bags St. Domingo for export ut o} cts. ; and 300 in lots at 7 cts. cash. C.mtnt?The murket has been dull until Saturday. when an improved demand lor export sprung up. Prices have been rather feeble. Sales for the week JUOO bale* Upland ami Florida at t> a cents. 800 bales Mobile tiJalO MO bale* New Orleans 0 aloj 3950 bales. Molasses.?Verv little is doing. 100 hhds good Torto Rico Molasses sold at 19J cents ; 350 Matan/as sweet at 15} cents , some Nuovitas at 19 cents ; and prime New Orleans at 30 cents. Nival Storks North County Turpentine sells at <ii,50, without much activity. Sales common and j>oor Rosin have keen made at 87] cents. Spirits of Turpentine sell at 30a.3Q cents for Soutnarn. Cattle Market. There were pleuty of sheep ami lambs in market, but not many beeves, cows and calves. Sales to day reached 3500 sheep and lambs, 100 beeves, and 50 cows and calves. Prices radged from $4 50 to 7 50 for beeves, $1 50 to 4 00 for sheen, $1 00 to 3 75 for lambs, and $-20 00 to >38 00 for Cows and calves. Both quality ami demand were equally good. Died, On Sunday morning, at 10 o'clock, Mrs. Sarah Court, widow of the late Capt. J. Coles, deceased aged 69 years, 4 months ami 7 days, of consumption, which she bore with christian fortitude and pious resignation. Cincinnati papers will pleasecopy. On Saturday evening, 30th ultimo, Mrs. Marcaret Rvlkv, aged 84. On Sunday morning, 31st nit. after ashort illness, Mad. Beroes, late of France. On Sunday, 31st ttIt. Thomas Wood. On Sunday, 31st ult., Kosamia Oeeeers, wileofVVm. Nash, aged 2S years. On Sunday, 31st ult. Ei'oehk Armitake, son of Daniel P. Bacon, aged 18 months and 4 days. Weekly Report of Interments lu the City and County of New York, from the 23d day ol July to the 30th d*y of July. 184S. f 12 Men ; 37 W?men ; 79 Boys ; 59 UirU. Total, 017. dm eases. Abscess 1; Apoplexy, 3; Burned or Scalded, 1; Bleeding 1 :?; Cancer, 1; Cholera Infantum 44 ; Cholie, 0 ; Congestion of the BraiuO; Consumption.29; Casualties,3; Cholera Moiliu 3 Convulsions, 22; Croopor Hives, 0: Delirium Tremens, 1; Diarrhoea, 3; Dropsy, fi; do in ihe head. 8; do in the chest, 2; Drowned, 3; Dysentery, 3; Debility, 3; Diabetes 0 : Krysijn'las, 0; Epilepsy 0; Fever, 2; do Puerperal, 2.; do Remittent I ; do Bilious, 0(j do Scarlet, 4; do Tvphoid, 2 ; Fracture, 0; Hooping Cough, 3; Inflammation, 0; of kidneys, l; of Braiu. 3 ; do of Bowels, 8; do of Chest, l;doof Heait, 1; do of Lungs, 7; da of Liver, 2; do of Throat, 1 ; do of Stomach, 3; <lo of Womb, 0; Inanition, 1; Intemperance. 0; Jaundice, 0; Killed or Murdered, 0; Lues Venerea, 0; Malformation, I; Marasmus, 12; Malformation of Heart,0; Measles, 4; Old Aire, 0; Orgatlir niu.'HKP l?f Hpart il' P?!?V I* Ulinnmificm II- lln..t.>ru 41 Small Pol, 0; Scrofula, 2; S| Disease, X: Sprue, I ; Suicide, I; Teething, 6; Tumor, 0; Ulcere, 0; Ulceration of tlie Throat, I; Unknown, I ; Worms, I. AOE. Under 1 year, 78; I to 2 ye.'ra, 3fr 2 to 5, 10; 5 to 10, C; 10 to 20, 8; 20 to 30, 22; 3ft to 40, 22; 4# to jo, 10; 50 to 60, 4; go to 70, 4; 70 to DO, 4; 80 to 90, 2 100 and upw >rd, 0 ; unknown, 5. Total 217. FLACK! Or NATIVITY United States,1171; Ireland, 27; England, 5; Scotland, 0; Germany, S; Kranee, 2; 9w.r/-erland, I; Spain, 0: Prussia, 0; British Possessions ill Nnrtli America, I; We?t Indies, 0; Wales 0; MadeiraO; Unknown, 4. Of the above, there were from the Almshouse, Bellevue. 6; Hospital, Bellevue, 4; Penitentiary Hospital, Black will's Island. 2, Small Poi, do, 0; City Prison, 0; City Hospital, 6; New Jersey, 2; Long Island, 2. Westchester 2 Colored Persons 11. J NO. H GRI9COM, City Inspector. City Inspector's Office. Auk. 1. 1842. N(ith.?Mortality for the lour weeks corresponding to those just past, for the years? 1837/ 662 1840 723 1838 699 1841 fi'18 10:? 708 1842 7!W PtMengers Stalled. LlTEIIFOOL?Packet ship Kuro|?>?C?|.t Hinrork. 70th Uei;t B A, Lieut K F Edwards, 74th Ileitt B A, T S L ine, British Army, H W Mackerhnie, do, of Canada; W Holmes, England, Miss E Laiirn, K S Morrow, Mr Moulte, New York? 13ft in the "maritime herald. Sailing Day* of the Steam Ship*. FROM tROLlBD. FROM INCIICi. Br. ttueen, Kyckholt Auk. 7 O. Western, Hosken An*. II Columbia, Judkins July 19 An*. Ift Britannia, Hewitt Aiik. I Sept. 1 Caledonia, Lott Auj, 19 Sept. 10 (i. Western, Hosken Sept. 3 Srpt. 29 Packet* to Arrive. Packet* to Snli. from i.ivkri'ooi.. fo!l liverpool. Cambridge, Baratow, June 21 Independence. Nye, Am,'. 7 Ho?co?, Huttleson, June 28 Virginian, Alien, Aiik. 13 from fort*mouth, for portsmouth. St. James, Sebor, Julie 20 Ontario, Hrailisli. Alls;. 2 Montreal, Tinker, July I Toronto, Gri?woid, Aiik. 10 FROM HAVRF.. FOR HAVRE. UtiiM, Hewitt, Jiine 16 Baltimore, Kimck, Aiik. 2 Albany, Watson, June 27 Kmerald, Howe, Aim. II To Ship Master*. We shall esteem it a favor, if captain of vessels arriving here, will give toCommodore W. A. Bass> rt, of our news tleet, a re|K>rt of tile shipping left it tlie ]>ort whence they sailed, the vessels spoken on their passage, a lilt of their careo, and anv foreign uewspspers they may have. Commodore Basiett will board them immediately on their arrival. We will reciprocate the favor in any wav. To Correspondent* Abroad. Our correspondents in foreign |?rts are reapec'lully requested to send by every Vessel all the marine intelligence tliey can obtain. Nautical inforina'ion of any kind, fioin any one residing at home or abroad, will be thankfully received. PORT OK NKW YORK, AUGUST ?, 184?. iuk risks 4 il I Moon risks 12 lit tun 6 I Hn;H WATER 4 13 OMMfWb Ship Baltimore, Funk, Havre, Boyd St Hincken.?D irks <J.ittenburg, (Sw) Nahorkday, Cadiz, Schmidt Btlclien; Caroline, (Brem) Volckmann, Bremtn.E Noltcuiusk Pavenstedt; Habart. CoflhWi South America; La Orufi, Pbfttr, Savannail, John Ogden.?Brig <? B Lamar, S mm nmin, Sar^nnah, Sturgei Ik Clearman.?Sclirs Johann, (Dan) Clansnu. Hotter limn, scnnnai ? naicnen; iinjrnni, .riciiuyrr, i rui. j 11 Rmwr; Expeditions. Mann. Fredericksburg, A B Cooley V Co; United States, York. Philadelphia, Ncsmith, Lrrdi U Co. On Saturday?Bremen bark Anna, Kortlaug, Bremen, O & F Schumacher. Arrived. Ship Sea, Delano, (ol Baltimore) from Liverpool, June It, with mdie, io M. Si J. B. Murray. The S. anchored on Ihe bu last evening. Ship Sation, Ellery, 7 dayt from Charleston, with cotton and rice, to Oeo. Sutton. British bark Huron, from Liverpool, 11a Mali far, ill ballast, to order. British bng Buffalo, McBerncy to days from Windsor, NS. with IBfl tons plaster, to Soule, Whitney (k Co. Brig Freeman, Killman, 7 days from Bucksport, with spars, to It. I'. Buck. Brig J*mes Pmmmond, Young, 10 days from Lubec, with [ pi later, to master. Schr Chief Sachem, 7 day* from Eastport, with lath and plaster, to msstar. Schr Ruth, Chase, fiotp Norfolk, with wheat, to Bryant & Maitland. Schr Anlhracopia, Parker, from Virginia, with wood, to the mister. Schr Spring Bird, Nickcrjon, fioiu Boatou, with fiah, lo the muter. Below. Ship Harve?t, Barstow, from Liverpool, with mdie and |w?scuuers. _ ... . , . , Bark Weskeag, Smith, from Bordeaux, with brandy, Sec. to Lazarus h Co. ... > One ship, with loss of bowsprit, and a brn unknown. Sailed. Sliip Europe, Marsliall, for Liverpool, and other.. Wind NNW. Murine Correapondenec. N.aorano, Pit. July Id. B) the nailing of the Llewellyn, for your |>ort, I bet leave to give yon the following information, our i??rt not b. tug much known. We have now in i>ort, the following veascla:?Brigs Mill, Hopkins, disg. lo mail for New \ ork in SO days; Woodstock, Bake r, of Savannah, disc. to sail for New Y ork in 25 dayt. Sugars plenty at 2c. a i}( per lb; Molasses, do, fie. |*T gall; Hum, without price or demand. Aineiican lumber anil provisions at follow*:?W. P. lumber in demand at $10 a 1? |ier V ; P. P. lumber, no demand, $tl; cypress and cedar ahiiules, S6 ? S91"'' M; sugar shook*, with their headings, $2H each; tn.all codfish, l)?c.; butter, 18; lard, 17; hams, 18; rice, J 1-2 aG; No. 3 mackerel, $0 |*r bid; mm pork, $18 a (211; flour, $15; mould c.-ndles, 20c. |M-r lb. V*V,!*t".11"' f"! ??r port, steering NW. by W. from the W ' "ii ?J\ . Elands, will come direct without any danger. II. ?) Stavaa are milch wanted, and the lirst cargo will bring i 1 i 7"?. above payable in our produce. 11 ^ l.,PVrV Humaeoa, schr Grander, Cottens, of Salem, Idg for NY ork, to sail in 5 or 7 days. Oeinrnl Keeord. || oRKinn Lr.TTr* Officii.?The I.ondnn and Havre i ackets are detained until to-day. Their lett 'i loin remain at Oilpin1"* in the Exchange. Asitoar..?A fore and aft schr, deeply load 4, was seen aslio. e on Joe h logger, below Philadelphia, on Sunday morning. She was apparently fasi aground. Korelffii Porta. Ql'iar.r, July 28?Cld Lord Si aton. Arcturus, and Hector, Liverpool; Vansittart, Pembroke; Caliotia, Hio Janeiro; Mes- I si nger, Limi nek; Iodine, Bridi^ewator; Venture, Newport Moitrarsi., July 29?('Id Itnulxiw, Olavgow. Fai moihi, J*. July IJ?In poii, Vtsptr, |o Mil iu 2 days for TiuuiUd dt Cuba. United Mult* Port*. l.i Bcc, Jul) 23?Sid Deposit, Ruseoe, and Audromeda. Baltimore. Camdo, July 26?Arr Danube, Alicant. SM Lucy Blnke, NYork. Hahtkoud, July 30?Arr F.lchaugc, l|>UU. Cld Ironfin 'i,di-. P ''ki phu, Aiu 1?Arr A??n Ik L? ?h, Film?'iith, J??n; Kuut In, boston, Wm IViiii, 'to; I.od* mil k ^liw, Bfilf rd: C? ! '.?&, Alb-.n>: Su?|*)i?u K !'hilli|?, 8*l?-?n. < -In < ad, Al< 4 indria, IX , Piini, Atlu. J*?; J 1 NY oik; ('?<niel% do. Arr in tli?* Srku> TU*II. Anu'iiin* . B???ioii; \ i u 11. \ > ' i Newbui ,? ; I. K 11 n mi Hiveo; KHm B Mm :' Finite 1 i *" v - H s ' York. t . Ai v XANDRlv, July 37?Arr tJw Prvblr, Ettlport. Sid Hutu*. Bojtou. Richmond, July Hi?SM D**bortli Ann. NYork; Ann hliza, do. A l? % Aii'l?* i, or Biliimoit, U the mouth of the riven <>??*r, of Kit-htnond, at Turkey MmuI; Hu?au Ludwitf, ol '1 lioiua* do; Uikiu, <>l' do, it Curl's Nrck. NoiroiK, July 2ft?Tin? Al? nudcr, from Biltiinore, ami |m Gray, from N**h bur> in?rf, ba*?* vonr up Janu s Hiv^r. * Id AIiItImiau, Ntmii, NP; Abigail,>V?'*t Indus. I'rmacol a, Julv 14?Arr llra/.n, NVrtik. New ORLF4KB, July 2'J?C111 N?'W York, (s) NYork. WAITF.R. YITANTF1) by a youiur inaii, a liluatiou as Waiter iu a re'* spectable family. Tha best recommendations in e?ery rcs|?ct will be gi?eu. Kii.|uin- at No. 80 Front straet. a?3t*r Ornci or Jtmiioi* lit*. Coufant. New York, August I, IS 12. THK Board o( Directors oflhis imtitutiou have tin* <1 ay <1 flared a semi-annual Dividend of seven percent, payable to the stoltlioldin, or their Ii ^al representatives, ou and after tlif inth instant. a?8tr OEO. T. HOPE, Secret try. ( (ink AND U'ASIIK.HWOUAN-Waitu a situation, a ' respectable youni: woman, who understands rooming, and is a lir.l-ralr w jiberwoman?lias tilled ti vrnl situation. ui the al>ov? capacities iu this city. Apply at 172 Midison street. I a2 3t r I ?fl_ NOTK K TO WAOON B!' iLDKllS?Tin- ?uh- ! T ai scriber, Proprietor of New Vork Tattersalls. will IpQja naki 'i'1 nu idnact in ? i -i! v w Llpt Wagons st*lit to hist* stalduhineiit for sate. Builders in the country can rely upon having every at trillion paid to their orders. For further particulars, a* to term*, &.?. applv to OKO. W. MILLKR, ;i2 i- r r*r >; n? T.?r ?!' V \ . '1' r>.ilU. ! I*? Bro idw ?v. TXTRITING TU uiiT FOfi II.?ME DOLBEAR, On * ? request) will rite 20 lesson* for One dollar, to gentlemen who apply this week. A bo'd and rapid business ImiiiI is tsught. Rooms in St. Lake's School Building, corner Hud?on and (trove ?t reels. Open from 8 to 10 A. M., and from 5 to 7 I1. M. , a2 11 r GRAND REGATTA-Tottk.-nUc ?t Hailcm, Monday, i August 3, 1842, at I a If past 3 o'clock, P. M. < All Boats of the description of Sculls, fom* tared, and six* oared, wishing to enter, will "mske application at Andrew Howe's. Harlem, or fo H. Mall in, 321 Bioadwav. (L7~ Ail entries to be made by Tuesday at I o'clock, P. M. The Furse for Si?*oared Boats, $73 The Purse for Four-oared Boats, -... $:w 1 The Purse for Sculls, $20 This v\ ilI be one of the most beautiful Rt gattas of the sea- I son. The muuher of boat* already entered, and the know n < prowess of the rowers, will afford to the lovers of this manly s|?ort an opportunity never offered before. a33t r i PATENTS?AM EIIU AN AM) KOllKltiV OKKH'K, * and Agency of the Uuiled States Patent Office, No. 22 State street, Boston. 1 This office has beeu established in Doston #for the past ten years, and iuventors are informed that all business relative to the preparation of caveats, specifications and drawings, assigni ne nt * ami otli* r p ?.; ? . . uid pro. -iiiing |. it ruts, in h< r? trans ieted with accuracy and despatch ; and all pei*onal trouble, as well as ex)??nses of a journey to Washington, and delay there, iife4lothfm. Attendan Im is Utogethei unnecessary?a model, which may he sent by Haruden's Express, and a snort i eiplanaton letter, being MUucienl Piu nti m cured in Ibriifi countries, anJ advice g.venonall legal and scientific matters resecting them. The facilities of tne subscriber, by his *ery extensive library ol hook* oil patent laws, and raie mechanical 1 works, lie,, tuaSlet him to afford evidence and opinions for 1 suita it law, i?>i uts, lie., which W( uld bediAcatt m other res|>ects for parties to obtain. All model', itc., forwarded to the Patent Office, Washington, free nfexi* use. H H. EDDY. Civil Engineer. ' The following is extracted from Utters of the Commissioner I of Patents in 1839 :? To H. II. Ki?dv, Esq.? Sim " I have to renew the assurance of the high resiiect I entertain ot your agency for pateii t ?;*. So far as 1 l.a\e In ard, thev have expressed themselves satisfied with your services; and justice to yourself compels rue to say, the basiuess of your office, so far as it is connected with this department, evinces much skill and great assiduity. Yours, respectfully, H. L. KLLSWORTH. For all fuithvr information, apply to DAVID GAIIDINKH, Ageut of Patent Office, No. 21 Pine street. New York. a2 lm* r KOR SALEiAT PI DLIC AllCTipN on thr I.VI; "? August, lliU'.? f or sale or to lease, a House situated 1','P at Far Rockaway, Long Island, within a short distance of the Marine Pavilion, ami beach and ocean, and fronting on the main Kockaway road. It is well adapted as a public boardnig house, being ca|>able ?'t' MCOWMdttini: one liuml ?-<! or more boarders. It contains from three to lour acres of land, cultivated as a garden. On the premises i* a new barn, hovel, and?idler oat buildings, together with i well 01 first rate water. The whole enclosed in by a new picket, itale and hoard fence. It has a beautiful and extended view of tne ocean ?nd the surrounding country. This place is a jjreat resort during the summer season. It is ^considered perfectly healthy. The stages run to and from this place to tin Jamaica Railroad twice a day. For farther particulars aimlj to 8AML. H. B. NORTON, on the premjsea. If it AmU :>"i <ii ip I of before the 19th of August, it will iheu be offered at public auction on the premises at 12 o'clock. Terms made known on the day of sale. ^PHTSIOLOGICAL MYSTERIES AND REVELATIONS IN LOVE, Courtship and Marri'^r?*n infallible Guide-Book for Married and Single Person*, in matters of the utmost importance to the I In man Race. By Eufine Becklad, M. D. Among the things duly considered in this work are matters Of Mlfoas importance to single ml voting mirrifd persons ? Th canaeaor tad cure* foi sterility?The art of Beanty and Courtship?The danger of solitary practices, and how the habit may be removed?The causes of L >ve and Jealousy, with a remedy for eradicating froin the system the seeds ol a hope lens or an unhappy passion?Offspring, including modes for tne propitiation or prevention thereof?i ests lor knowing the sexes of uuboru chilcreu?Intermarriage?Persons who ought and ought not to marry?The roost auspicious season for wedlock, Sic. Price 75 cents. For sale at 02 Nassau street, cor. of Fulton. (S I ni * r _ MINERAL WATER, I?ROM THE CELEBRATED ROYAL BAVARIAN r STRINGS AT K1SSINUEN. KAKOCZY WATER on the Euri>|x-an continent, lias the reputation ofbcinathe mo?t <:hal> l?at<- muriatic uliiu- water known to tlie Meuifal Faculty* Tin- IUkoczy ha? an acidulou. saline flavor, ami liriin: I ..Ar. llnx . ......IV.., . strong solvent, and a' the tame time streugtheuing without heating ; it acta like Wiesbaden aud Karlsbad (witlioul injuring the stomach) as a potent diuretic, specifically upon the liftr,tht>yitiMvtMf. pwtmditinac system. and <!i ?-i(tating any existing obstruction. The disorders and diseases iu which this water has manifested the most decidedly salubrious ?-fleet*, are the following: a) affections of the mucous membianes and obstructions in the digestive organs, arising from local debility, combined w th inactivity of the intestinal tiactos, w ant of appetite, llaiuleucy, worms, bloitedness, ami obstructions In the liver and system a nortartim hemorrhoidal affections, against which it has iiroved a most sovereign rtmedy, 11 if v. i-MHi.i b) hi poehoMi m an spleen, whan b isad a pan _ ibm inaction . <) disorders "i ? cfcart and loop, ,t thn ?tic attacks, from phlegm and sim ci c morbid de|>osiis, such as gouty, herpetic mid psoiic ; ) derangement of the uterine systern, i n ruUurity in menstraatfon, too scant] or too copious menstruation, sterility, anomalous hemorrhoids, f I nor albus, in so farastliase disorders 01 initiate from local weakness, obstructions and plethora abdominals ; e) obstinate rheumatic and gouty affections, especially when at the same time obstructions in the lower legion or the body, above all in the ut ri'ie system are discovered ; f) chronic diseases of tlie urinary organs, Blenorrhee, hemorrhoids, on the bladder, seisms of the bladd* r, st >ne ; g) plethora and obesity ; h) chronic cutaneous disorders, debility of the skin, which manifests itself in a disposition to profuse perspiration, extreme susceptibility, a t? ndency to colds; i) pUndular swellings, indurations from scrophula and other causes. Regular shipments consuutly received. A fresh supply just lauded per Venelia, via Rotterdam. Printed circulars and directions for use, can be had grati*. KLOKIAN STRAUSS,,M3 Pearl stm t, Sole Agent in the United State*. To l>e had also of Mr. Fcrtenbach, comor of R?adeand Hudson street. _ _ a2 tm?r ^ 1 (W|( \ RKWARD?Stolen from on board the Steam jplV/V/v/ |M)at Swallow, iu coining from Albany to this city, on July 31st, a niir of Pantaloons containing $:>ooo in Oolu, Doubloons, Kiglci and Sovereigns, $200 iu Safety Fund Bank notes of Oswego, Jefferson Co. Bank, and Utica. The above reward will je given for the recovery of the thief and money, or $600 for th* lliief alone, by addressing a note to a lt*i SOLOMON WOLKSON it this Otlu , . nkw lork&t ai.11a ?y kaii koad < ompaittt 2 Park Place, New York. N OTIC ? is hereby ffiren to th* fctockholders of the New Vork and Albany Hiil Koad Com ;mny, that the President and Directors have directed a call tor an instalment of five |>er cent ou th? Capital stock of the Company, payable on the fifth day of September nul. August I, 1812. By order of th* Board, att ?ep b r JOS. B. BLOOMKIKLD, Secretary. If or THE HERALD?In reporting a decision of Judge " I'IshotrlTei, iua case pending between Adolphus H. Lissak and myself, the assertions of the former wtrt set for.h a* the actual facts of the matter. I deem it my duty to inform the public, that the case has yet to undergo judicial investigation-? that no nroof whatever has been given against me?and 1 hold myijelf fully prepared to vindicate my character from the aspersions cast upon it, and to show the utter absence of pretest for the prosecution commenced against me. The statements contained in the newspaper reports,to which I refer, are utterly incorrect in all eisenrial particulars, and the public will h -satisfied of this when I institute against Mr. Liasak an action for malicious proa^cution-T-the bringing of which is only delaved until the final adjudication of the proceeding now landing? wtiich must result in iny favor. ' A'l H*r nuimna -in. \ CAHD T(1 TlIK CADIEa?Pari* Dre???makin!r Kid* Mi*nni"iil, No. 77^ Ki?t Iini;nlw* door I'roni Market ireet.?MKS. W. H. JKKKKRS, late Mi?* H. Pn <er of Broadway, nipfft'ully informs her former cnatomer* ami the Ladies Kciifi illy, that the ha* rc-conimrneed th?- Dreaa-makintr at (Im h MbliiWnt,whenih< willdevoir her attention to their aerviee. and confidently aunrcii tho*e ladira who may favor Iter *ifh their pa'romire, tint Drt;;aei, Cloak', II ibiti, Si \, eutr is ted to htr ?kt!l, aha 11 Im deliv red ao perfect in itylc, fit, and ftnitli of worm hi.hip, a* not to he excelled :?t any of the mo#t approved ettabliahm* 11U in Broadwav, ami for tniirh more moderate price*, i MHS. W. H. JKKKKi H, 77S, Ka?t Broadway. N B.?Maate ra, Mi .ic* and Children'drev.* < made to order at ir.c ahorteat notice. at Im?^ 1 \AOt KHREOtyrK.?Opcratorain ti b vi A i ' rited to call at No. M% Broadway, where tiaey will find a 1 ir^e anAOitmelit of every article requited in tlu* IiuhIik-u, and at very reasonable rates. Pull iiutriactioua in this heiutiful Art, imparted in a very hort time. Warranted |?erfoct likenesses, taken is any weather. C. WV.LLS *IMON0, _^2jt*r No. lyj Broadway, ( Ut Kloor.) NO. 4 PECK I,I P. DOCTOR CARPF.NTF.K continue,u mtui to de\ot.hi. entire periontl attention to the treatment of all delicate anil private diirun, Thiwe who have been -o unfortunate uin brcomo thetictima ofnnmalifled ami nii(>riiicii>led charlataua with which this city abounfla, in eon*e<ju. nee of the laiitv of our law. regulating the medic i| prif???lon,ai? rc?iectfullv noliciu d to call at hi* oldeitabli.hed Diapenatry, No. 4 Peek Slip, where many thousand. bate been made to iejoice at a happy deliveranc* from their manifidd diaeaar*. To .trang'ra, Dr. CarpenUr b' Si leave to add tint he it a native b un citizen, thai Im u a graduate of Union College, and received bit diploma in till. city; [claims no <i|tiivocal royal iionorj] n > licentiate of the New } ork State Mi ilieal Soeii tir, and ha. had n arly thirty \car? practice ami i iparicncc in i|hi city ; and what i? moat important, he ajiei dil> aud i HectuaPy ciirca bi< patienti. "/" S. pir-.ti office and cntrancci for the pri\ >. > of pa ticiita, who can i ever coma in co: tact. Cliargca rc.uonablc. a2L'l i?*r WANTED?By an American woman, a amall room In ill, lower part of the city, in lomc large building, on which term* alic will keep the building clean. Addrena i note to M, ?, , Jtim office, stating all about it. The bent of city rec.omtin ir di imna givell. JTW t I'OKTl fOUE i . FEMALE l'll,L.-v 'PIIK8K far-famed and celebrated Pilla, from Portugal, are, * we |M rcei*e, to be obuined ill thia ciHintry. See advertiseinrat on the laat coluinn of fcmrtli page, ml la STILL FURTHER PROOFS ilit* t Acary of Dr. Moffat** Lift* Medicine* la cuiiiu Li vy ver CompUiuts, D, ^pevnt m i Kevt r lad A|16. The follow11in letter fn tn Dr. ( -ilfb Car|tenter ?|?-alu ft r itself, and is therefore submitted w ithout further remark *? Bristol, July 1st, 1C12. Dot t W. B. MorrAT? 1 ?m a regular br? d phyntiin, idiuitted and licenst d. ami ha^e likt* the rest of my professional brethren, been prejudiced in favor of icgular practice, so %?ry peculiar to the i hytkiut* of the present day; but turnup berii m e>?- v%ittic-?* of the curing of ?eveiit iuvetewt* diseases by tht Lilt: I'lll? and Bitti ri, iu my own fatuity aiul m in\ practice, I ?ui ? oiistraiued to recommend hem to the use of ?vtry family, a* a whole *ome, easy ami powerful medicine -easy, i? ?h? y prounce no t!ripi;uf, am i* common for calh*rlics-~wht>letoine, at it i? purely vegetable?i>owcrfuI, a* it may b?- seen bv t common ohirrvt r that it in i powerful manner cleanses the blood from *.11 impurities. which h necessary in every Jim ?*? . And 1 Would aUo recommend Um l ii PilUand Phemt Bitu i ti i . upn Iiced phyticiao, as I am confident that after a thorough knowledge or the medicine, physician* w ill use it without prejudice. Under my prescription I have Witnessed the cure of one liver complaint, two of fever and ague, my wife of a setere coutch. one child of worms, and ner-mus too numerous to be m< utioued hIio have Ik t u benefitted by thin medicine . I have >o lo.'h au esteem lor the medicine that I ask you to seud me a hundred dollar b * as soou as practicable. Yours with respect, (Sigued) CALEB CARPKNTKK, I'hysit ian and Hur^con, Michigan. Kor sale by Dr. W. B. MOh KAT, 37} Broadway, and by his i?eut* in the cit\ and country jy 12 lmis#c c L Fngersoll^ 130AT ESTABLISHMENT. DOAT8. Dinkey sail Imats aud race boats, nlrasurt boaNjStc. 1' fcc. Iheiiuineiise Boat Bmldiiiy Establishment of (,. L. liiKersoll, 40t? Water at, near Catharine Market, is oue of the most eitcusive intlie United States. Here were built trie most I betutilul pleasure barges aud club boats that have float* d ou I the rivers and lake* of America. AUo the binte for the Autocrat of alf the Russian. several raceiboat for Asiatic Monuclis; the fancy boil called the John Smith of Arkansas, and the fast tailing boat lor Mr. G. K. Uaiuilligs. lie has recently comi leted ? life boat on a mw plan, which has been pronouueed by some if our most e*p* rienced nautical men superior to any ever beton built. \t tills establishment any kind of boat will be luniMi' ti \%i'n reversed hottoin, Irani a mould, in any way to ?uit the l ante of the mirclidior, of whatever form they m <y be. | The materials are all of the best quality, pin** boanli beim; no ! part thereof. A I arse assortment of boats of all Winds, including lifr boats, Kiits,1 long, quarter, pleasure, Whitehall, and race boats, may be always found at the tnaiiufact >ry, at prices much below what purchasers have lit retofore paid, ami a liberal discount on the usual rates will be made to those who *iah to sell lgain. Pit a*e call Iwlore pureha?iu^ tlsewhere; you can then jmlfcce of inv work?lieferences. Jy. V\ . HilCi Sol Asi " . > W II Foi idti rliMMBtoj boats, Ice., see Com er Ac Enquirer and New York Commercial Advertiser. ' im*r SILK BANNERS, lie. HANNINOTON & CO., 293 Broadway, near Read street, Kespectfull> inform the Order of I. O. of O. F., and their friends neutrally, that thev are no* prepared to execute orders for KU;? and Banners in the most superior style for beauty, durability, and economy, hating Silki made for the express occasion tint will inake the largest banner* without dishuui iutf it with a seam. Speciin* ns aud Designs can be seen at their Establishment, 20!l Broadway, or sent to any part of the Union. K^r st\ le, dc-ticu, and execution of works of the kind, we refer to the Getty's Banner, No. II, 1, O. of O. K., as also to Greenwich^ No. in, Harmony, 41, Covenant, 35, Perseverance. 17, also Military Companies and Sunday School Banueit, and the societies St. Nicholas, New England, St. George, St Andrews, St David, lie lie. Window Shades in ?: re at variety, frwm $1 each to the richest and best, painted by the most eminent artists. Siaiiivd Ul '.ss, after the manner of the ancients, warranted never to change color, with many recent improvements for rhuich window* and other public ami private building", steamI... ti., , .. k. i ihipa,itoi windows, jkclie. Imitations of Sta.ued Glass, painted on muslin for church windows,verv close imitation of the real glass,at a very tritliutf expense, or the glass obscuied aud painted in brilliant colors, rery durable and ehe ip. IV 17 i DK. JAMES ALEXANDER HOUSTON hm remove! hit CortiULTiifo Ofkick, to No. 3 Herald Bmldino corner of Nassau and Fulton streets. j?2 3m msj: MR. MEMMIXGER, son it lhtMWurtemberger fVtfimrnt* Quartier Mtister Goitfiied .iltinminjjer. will t^ to live notice of his residence, as u s relations ki Hi <a>.\ c particular desire to know it. a I *- direct his le tie* H ?i 956 Brtmh Po?iOttice, New York. . ? n mA r , UOR DR. FEUCIITW ANGER'S Compound Chemical " Whale Oil Soap, infallible Poison for Bedbugs,Sloths,liats. (JocUroaclies, Flies, Ants. Moacfietoes, (or his Fly Paper, and for his uumerous chemical preparations, see last page. jv7 Inw+e _______ HKAI.ING MINK. HA I. VVATKR8.?Sharon 8pnn*? White Sulpher Water may b<* had ol th<- Audita, Dicky hi Si Co., 1211 Broadway, Dn'inent Rooms.?For their uiirit died ttficacy ill all Hlu iiinalic, (/utnnroua and D)'a|>eptic Complaints, ?ore eyea, debility,erysipalu, scrofula, liver complaint, affection of the ki-lney, Sic., reference (by their permission) la made to the following medical itentlcmeii : HUOH McLKAN, Si. r>? 4 Warren-at. Dr.,BKJ)FORD..Prof. Uiiive.raity, Med. Dep rrol. I A I I EK?un, Metl. Dep. Dr. WHITE,Cherry Valley, N. Y. Prof. HADLEY, Ex-tWt Med. College, N. Y. Dr. DELAKIELD, Bleecker-.t. N. Y. Kroin a certificate of a recent analysis made for tlie Proprietor of the Springs, by one of the most eminent chemist* in this country, (Dr. Chilton of New-York) the following result* have been obtained from one gallon of water : Sulphate of Magnesia 42 10 Sulphate of Lime Ill f>2 Chloride of Sodium 2 24 Chloride of Magnesium 2 40 llydiosiilphuret of Sodium ) liydrosulphuret of Calcium 2 28 Vegetable Extractive Matter. ) 160 94 Sulphuretted Hydrogea Oa*. IG cub. ins. Kor sale by Messrs. Rushton 8c A?|>inwall, at their stores, Broadway, Astor House, and William street ; J. Milhaa, Broadway ; O. H. Milnor, Broadway ; A. B. Sands It Co., Broadway ami Chambers st. ; Dr. J. K. Chilton, Broadway ; H. P. Leeds, Kulton street, Brooklyn. je24 3mc VTOTICE TO CLERKS, tod all other perton* whose bad* '^ nesicauses thein to be constantly on their feet.?Bv calling at the old exclusive B ?ot Store, III Ch itham street they can be accommodated w ithth* invaluable article, ROGERS MKTALIC ELASTIC HEEL BOOTS, warranted in every parlicular, and at the same price MUM ' p'nim DOOL 'l'lie following are some of the many advantage* tlie Elastic Heels have over every other kind :? Kirst?The elasticity adds greatly to the durability of the Boot. fcecoudly?They uiake no noise in walking ui?>n the pavement. Thirdly?i hey prevent Boot* fioin running down to the h?el. Fourthly?They enable the wearer to walk with much less fatigue. Fifthly?They do not cut or tear carpet* as do iron or nailed heel*. Sixthly?They can be worn with comfort by those having tender feet. A* usual, constantly on havl all kind* of Boots at whelesale and retail, st manufacturer's ilrices, jy I2en|i?* aspha'ltum and mixkhaiT tar. JOHN LOYVITZ, No. 2 Wall-Street, O AS constantly on hand natural Asphaltum Hock and Miuen r.lT.r ?I.|A >r. Hue,I for ft.#. litllfiwiiiif Gardens ami sidewalks. klorinif of Buildings ?ud Ctllara, where the exclusion of moisture 11 required Canals mid Bridges. Pier*, Wliarls ami Docks. Vaults. Baths, Aqueducts,Reservoirs, Sewers. Terraces, Rooting. Coating of iron w< ik, t? prevent its oxidation by airan water. Coating of timber woik, used at railroads, he. Markets, slaughter ho ises, and Bonding warehouses, where he ( K'lusion of vermin is reDMIreit i\I 1m eoi|?r COLLECTIONS.?Th? SnUcriban will collect Note I)rati 1, Acceptances, ('ertifirati s of Deposites, lie. (lliroii^h Mes'nt Barudeii St Co. from New York to Albany) ii|n>;i anvil the loll.iwing places, and guarantee retunu to the city ol New Vork, in from sir lu tight dayt. Utica, Canaudaigua, Syracuse, Rochester, Auburn, Bawvia, (Jeiieta, Bufialo. Rni>rs:ii : Erasmus Corning, 1 Koruij vV. Olrott, Alnany. I'OMIi/lOYkOI), S Wall street, New York, fl ('.inter S:?' and Market rtiwls, Alhanv. CROLiUS' BOAT ESTABLISHMENT. 4<)0 WATER STREET, FOUR DOOf-Jt KAST OP CATIIARINK MARKETrpHE Subscribe having in hit manufactory! a,,d under hi? A own immrdiat itiprrintnidencci tome of the oldvst and iiioht experienced t lilder* in this citv ; and the best of materials for building every description of boat*, *hich enables riini to ffniinh, ?ttli? shortrU notice, Boat* of the ino*t approved moth I and workmmuihip, on the moul liberal terini. isuiLi'lMt hi Hi#- nuitan 01 ;viiucal s ncuiire liarge, rne Wave, Gazelle, Victoria, Atlantic, Wakona, &c. Also, the Ann, of Peekskill, Washington, of Poughkeej?xi?, Duche**, of Hyde Park, Sylph ami Wave, of Mobile, Geo HtfWVt, of Louisville, Madame Celeste. of New OrlvftLS. ke. Alsn;? The * til Iwats VV11 Crolius, Fashion, Zanonl, mar, ami K?lwin Forrest, Ike., I i., fitc. jv?meod*C TO SECURE THE ENJOYMENT OF THE HEALTH, F'HKK from I he numerous complaints with which ii is assailed during the summer months, no discovery ?ver yet made in medicine has attained the celebrity?the unparalleled success, and so established itself in the confidence of the public both in the United Htntes, West Indies, and South America, as has Dr. Wheeler's Balsam of Moscatello. as a mild an#l safe ivnedi forthoctre of r|t. virioM tad duterou diseases, caused by and arising from a disordered state of the digestive organs, io wit: d>sp<fttia, cholera morbus, colic, spasms, diarrhosa, convulsions, nervousness, and pain* in the how?ls^ the effects of drinking cold water, the summer cotnjdaint of children, fitc. Jcc. These are s|*>cdily removed by this invaluable rnedi? ine??ts elfi -i?-lit and certain action has secured for it [}.? frit ge of even daa? in soeictjr, imsniek that l)r Wheeli r doe* not withhold the secret from any mercenary mo tives, but that he rather 1 booses to prepare it himself, Certain tint \ ears of eiperiene* in doing so must make it more |>erfect linn if he trusted it to be prepared by inesiieriere# d jiersons. Certificates of influential oeroni, alit ady published, are t.ufi'k 1 -jfl; convii inf, wki n Mm f are volantai ? flfi < , oftni ir testimonies in faior of its great merits. Dr. VV. has the notification to add the following eminent persons as re!#* re nces M I'm- i'..\!.|? sl'.S A.; Gen. Ward, >1. C.. Westchester Co.; I Jen. O. P. Morris, W. P. Ha!lettlK <|., C. Ketchuro. K?j. J. B. Dodd, K<?|., and m mv others ol equal gliding. This n is foi i'! t Dr. W. a Greenwich street, vyho is soli proprietor. It wax ?iso !>? hadattlie following as nci M r. J. Milhan, Messrs. Rushtmi Jv. ? o.. M. 1'. Dickie, Mr. J. II. Dodd. druggists, all in Broadway: |)r. II.of, Hudsonst., Messrs I addi?igtoii?,'<M7 Hudson st.; Dr. Cotton, 2113 Bleeckerst. ami at Mr. Isra?-I Post, book-seller, Rfl B owery: Mr. J. C. Welford, I Oram! *t.; I)"*, Z* brisk ie, Jersey City; I)r. W. P. Ulagrove, Atlantic *t. and Mr. Ira Low Fulton st. Brook!>rt. > (> i 11 I. ' I 1 Balsam ol M 11 < iteIlo is m th kis urn article unless accompanied with a pamphlet containing numerous testimonials, as also directions how it should be rsed, as also the liottle* being stimped (G^Wheilcr's D.iliim of Moscitello. , , , hn#c NOTICE. WK, the undersigned, actuated alone for the 1 ublic benefit ** most earnestly caution the public from being itnjtosed n|K?n by a pretender calling hnnst-lf Doctor, advertising uid tindert iking to cure certain diseases, by which many |?tr*uii* have been (as we are credibly informed) deceived, ami their money taken from them, arid th# ir lives jeopardised. We know individually that there is but one orrson in the city ami county who is a regulaily admitted memlii \ u[ the Medical Society by the name of HKINK, and lie rssioes aTNo. 37 Head* street, and is the same Dr. Solomon Heine who formerly lived at No. 17) Hudson street, s person who has, lo our individual knowledge, performed a great number of eitraordinary and miraculous cures. We have 110 desire to injure any individual, but we cousiderjitaii incumbent duty 011 us as citi/.eus, to pievent the pnhlia froin being impost ?I upon. jHKNHY V. VULTfcE, THOMAS KOIMJKKS, JAMKS 11 VONK. SUMMER COMPLAINT. T\1 A It KINK V, DYSRNTKK V, orloo.<-n?a? of the Bowli, Ls enr-'d i#i a f?-w minutes b7 Shermans Restorative Loxettife?. Tliry are remarkably pleaaaiit, ?*nd fleel immediate r?II rf?i), vrr .in in.ttncftbrfn known "I ilinr lAiliirt'. KKVKH AM) AOtfK?Sh.r??n'? LoMnfti (or thii tcdi001 .ml ilmtrrwiny romi>liiin(, mr, without ncrption, thr only article known mtiilril to ih<-nmne of ?|*cific; for theyalwayi curr, in?l tlio rhill? "lo not rrtiim. WOilMS?In horh rliihlrrii nn<l ?l>ilt., ?rr infillibly dr trny.ll ami rcmofril by Sherman'* Wonn Loxfiifra?a million of boi?*< told yearly, and nc?rr known to f.?l. Warchon*. IDfi Na?an ?trert. A?pnt??IRH Bowery; V K*.t llioxdway, 227 Hudson street; 110 and 273 Uioadway, and 119 Kultim atreet, Broohlv'B. jyW r AUCTION SALES. BV THUMASSfcLL {lUorrt Snt. 77 Jinn and til Fulton tfrret.) "" f I KSDAV. At lu'i o'clock, in il:i i*lr? room*. Lure ^Lr of ti-i^uuiblf dry (trndi, clslluiui. liardwAn', cul?i ' I''wIk?-'I <rticli*., jewelry, Mllche*, liuii?, K<\ Alv>,??-irar?, win.,, li,|Ui>r?, Ktocerii'*, \ ? ? ? ? . . WKONKSDAY. ,, AUOkj oVIocil It the aurlioB rood. *'*tr,USIVw. Hl."? ?ale of choic< i\d elegant furniture, of *11 descriptions. Alio, an entire stock of wmani'd city mad? cabinet furniture. Also, 400 \ar? vtlj*r \\ < -t ot l.ii;Un?l cloths and ca?siineies ill lengths to *?ii*. h 111I)A \ . At I0lj o'clock, 10 the h*lr* rduin, Valuable and Kitensive Hal#* of snlendid ami f.s?lia<?u^bl?Jewelry, Watcli makers' Tools and Materials?Will he told without reserve, an entire md splandld slock of til#. above articles, cnmpiisioar a fine variety of tin- most beautiful aiticUs in the jewelry line, in.ule ol the b? -?t matt rials and lit the m itest style. It would occupy too much room to Ktve a detail, as the assortment is too ?tteusiv?. The watch makers miterials ink tool*, Sir, are not e*reeded by any in the mark* t. The sal* will be poaitivc for cash F r particulars enquire at tin (MM PMflfc 8 ATI' ItDAV. At Hi1* o'clock in the sale room*. Splendid Sil? of elegant Furniture of all desciiptioiis, both lie* and second hand, by catalotrue, including the entire elegant furniture from No. ? D oadway, aud another family giving up housekeeping. BY "ill JOT ?jTA1U ILARllS. Tlll?~DAVr~ At In1* o'clock, at the Auction Room. Wines. Lim<i>, S? t,rars, lie?consisting of very choice Malmsey stnl South Si l< M - leira; Duff Gordon pale sht rry; bmwu do, nort, St. Jiilit-n cl irif, champagne of f.ivo.iie biands; L)upuy Dmnd Mai , rm um patent ilab itei t indies II I Print - ? i i 11 i 1 ndsand nne, wil ctht aiti< l? ? in tl??- line?to he sold in lots to stilt purchaser*. Also, Bollinger chami airne, auchor brand,just landtd, nu|?enor to mi\ * ine in in t'io !. Also, Otard, Dupu\ 4*, Co. brandy, in bond. Also, * noinlxT of U. 8. muskets, r??\% i use pieces, &c. for ac * o 1111 of whom n n n c mo i n. Also, a large i|u u;nh ol supctior perfumery. Also, a quantity oi'turuiture, heduiug, &?*., removed forjeonVellielive of *ale. Also, out* superior gold watch, anchor cscaiH iinnt. W KDNKSDA Y. At lf)lj o'ch>ck, At the sale* room. Elegant Furniture and Piano?A large ;s sortinent of the b*?i in i !. fashion ibla Ibrailvrv, Including lull and half Franch mahogany chairs, >ier, ilininic. fei and centre table*: w aidmhes, bureaus, toilet tables, looking gl.iss? <, tnIt*d hiiiI spring sear sofas Uonians, divans, rockers. dressing bvirms, niadiri beds, mattrtiieK and pillows, office ilesk, &r. Also, one manogair* extensian diuiiig t\l)1e. AUo, several splendid china dinner seta. AUo, 100 boxes Parisian perfumery. Piano Fortes?Alsa several splendid piano foiles, by erle* bi it< I makers, combining all the modern improvements* al r h H P DMiw, AuiSon VALUABLE PUOPKRTY AT HOBOKEN, N. J.-K. H? LUDLOW will Mil It taction on ?!? premises, ton I Monday, August 8th, st 3 o'clock. P #l.?Proi>eity belonging to the late J.imes Sweeney, at Hobokeu, and known as the Washiiigtou House. This justly celebrated Immiiicis stand, consisting of two lots of ground. 25 by 100 feet each, with the llott I thcrcoil, will he sold to the highest bidder. The I lot*-1 t isl.uge uul commodious, ami In iiiK within one minute's w.tlk * of tin Ferry, situated upon tlw main nraat, kid possi sing I gicatadvant igts as a hnu*e of public accommodation This I Hotel is so well known, that the owner thoik* it unnecessary to i nlsrgi opon ?-\t. ntofl iisim do? Iw ri linct h \> is opened, as it is well known to the thousands who hive made it a resort lor several y? ars rsst. K?.i tiaitieuUc. an t<> title, 1 terms,fee , ipplj to k* R. l> Wright Esqr*, Mar? Bweet*e\ i on the premises, or to F*. H. LUDLOW, Auctioneer, No. 11 Bo street. j>3l lwia*m ] \V \1 W. MUIU.KY, Aucttoni AUCTION NOTICE?To Geuileinen's Fuinishiu? Store Keepers?Wednesday August 3d. at 10 o'clock, at No, 1*2 Fultfni street, without reserve, lore<uth, to pay advances?An invoice of Gentlemen's nilk handkerchiefs, neck searfs, varioas kinds, linen collars, bosoms and shirts, cravats, suspenders . blsdt silk MMkerchUfii, (Urnred btmbakine. elegant figured silk wadded shawls, fringed. Also boots, shoes and slippers, and a variety of other goods now receiving, can be e\*inin* d on Tuesday. ^ IL^? r p H K NKWUl 'lKiH K KG ATT A. owing to cirenmstaaci -I will not coma off this ynr, .?>. advartjsed. but that tba great Match Hace for six-oared boats?the Hudson Hiyer watermen against the New York waterman?will come ? ft at Poughheapaia or Patkakill? soma time la Aaftui >1 ft*i F(Ml GIIIRALTAU \MH ONSTAN sffi&wW*' TINOPLE, touching at Fayal and Malta ? 1 /frThe suin'rior fast iiiuuitig steamship HAN- i * Vj GOK, 500 tons huithen. will sail for the J -AlSZSXmmabove ports on Saturday, f?ih August, from I Boston. This steamer was built by Drown St Bell, of New York, ex* < nresslyfora sea route. 81ie is now fitted up in superior tvle for the above voyage, anil h is accommodations f? r pisst tigers ? unsurpassed In an) steamship crossing the Atlantic* The priee of pn sage. \\ ithont v* in >. ill hi IS I<>11. W -To Fayal. ?50 I To Malta, $100 41 Gibraltar, 80.1 44 Constantinople, 125 For passage only, apply toi ? r.. w mini i , jh., i wnari, iimnm. Lel'er Bills arc at Halt 's Kurt-inn Lt-IU r Officii, 58 Wall ?f., ami ? ill rlii-. ai li ill |>m I I". M . Auk. Jill. jy2!l lw*r NKW KXl'RKSS LINK. FROM NF.W VOKK TO NKW IIAVKN, HARTFORD AND SI'RINOFHCLD?DAILY. I MKSSKS. IIARNDEN & ( O. I?.i% injr purchased of Hurlbuit &i Ce. the former proprietors of the New Haven iii<) | II irtford Express Line. their rifcht and interest ill said line, mid ( having arranged with the steatnno ?t and companit s on , the said route for the eiclu ive privilege of lunniiiK ei press em thereon, would respectAilly inform the imbitc that they are now prepared to receive nud forward daily (Sunday* ? xctptcd) parcels, packages, I) ink notes, s|iecie, fee.; to collect notes, drafts, bills, and to transact all business in each of said places, of a liU?* nature to tint which is now done by their establishment. A social messenger will accompauy the cars, whieh contain iron safe*. All parcels to be forwarded by the above line must be marked M ('are of llamdeu ik (Jo.M and sent to their offices, as the proprietors of the steamboat and railroad corporations assume no li abilities therefor, Messrs. Harnden be Co. being alone resinmBible. All parcels intended f? r the above uained places, inu*t We left ai No. 3 Wall street, at half pant J o'clock, l\ M. HARNDEN * CO. 3 Wallst. New Yurk. Offices J. M. Thompson, General Agent, 1ft State st. Springfield. O. A. Hamilton, State street, Ilartlord. , W. Webb, 5G State st. New Haven. jy29r I ISSjS /jS FOR ALBANY, TROY and iuicrmeAtr~?mediate places.?The splendid low pressure SWALLOW. Captain A. M'Lean, will leave the foot of Courtlandt st. tins (Monday) afternoon, August 1st at 5 o'clock, and Thursday 4th at 5 o'clock. OC/*" The above is a substantial Boat, fitted up with elegant State Kooins, and for accommodation is uniivalled on the 11 IMIsou. For passage or freight apply on board, or to 8. M. DREW, at the office on the wharf. a I '.MS** K X< I ICS I ON TO THE KIsll'lNd BANKS, off far ROC'KAW A Y?The new XmJsIhZ.aud substantial steam boat JACOB BELL, Captain Richard Yates, will make a trip to the Fishing Banks, on Wednesday ne*t, August 3d, leaving the Tier foot of Oouverueur street at a uuarter before 8 o'clock A.M.?Delancy nt. st 8?Pike sirert at naif nast *? Roosevelt street st a (juarter liefore 0, and Pier No, I, North river, at a quarter past 0 o'clock Lines and bait furnished on boaid, and a cold collation provided, and every en rtion made uweuder the trip agreeable. Fare for the whole eicursion?Fifty Cents. jySl 3t*m UK \ LTIIY KM I HSION I'm Mil.. FISHING BANKS OFF SANDY HOOK i ?The fist and siibvta-.tial steamer. UTICA, Captain J. W. Hancos, will commence making daily exclusions to the above place, on Monday, Jtily&rh, and continue to run every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, and leave as follows -.? Foot of Hammond street at a quarter i?a.*t 8 o'clock?Canal strert if half pist 8?Pike street, E. R., at 9*-IVr No. I . N. li., rff hill i ;* ?t 0. A Band of \lu?oc is engaged. Dinner and all kind.s of refreshments will l?? furnish* H in board* OntharatandM uon willg?tia at F<>rt Hamilton hall an hour. Fan* 25 cents each way. The UTICA will make an Afternoon Excursion around Sf.itfii Island on Suiid*)*, Julv 21th, and continue erery Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday, and leave ;is follows :?Font of Hammond street at \% o'clock?C*nal street al 2?Pike street, E.R. at hall past 2?Pier No. I, at 2^4 o'clock. I\ M., and arrive iu th city at 7 o'clock. Fare 25 cent* each way. j> Z'i 2m r FOR NKW .ORLEANS?Louisiana nid New WRJvjfV York Line.?T'otitively first Regular Park't or freight affiflMifr Th fnt nilinr packet ship GASTON, f'apt. O. KJdrnlge^ having the greater part of her car^o engaged, will |Miiitiv? Iy sail as .move. For freight or |>a*sai.'e,having handsome furnished accommodations, apply on bourd, al Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, E. K. COLLINS & COj 56 South it. Greatcare will be taken to hare the goods by this line correctly measured. Agent* in New Orleaus, Hullin 4*, Woodruff, who will promptly forward all goods to their address. al r OLD LINE FOR LI VERPOL-First Regulai WfSyP^kctShip EUROPE. ('apt. E. O. Marcholl, will ' pTan '' despstchsd as above, her regular day. '1 lie accoin* modations for cabin, second cabin and steerage pasaengera, b> the Old, or Black Ball Line, are nnsprpissed. For passage, w l ich w ill be at the lowest rates, apply to JOHN HERD MAN, 6! South st. N. B.?Passage from Great Brit-tin and Ireland, via Liveri !. < in M asaai be aecved b| \u. "i iImiIm i , ?? U. : ?. ind drafts furnished for any amount, payable throughout the Unit ed Kingdom, b) ippl itn as ibore. Jyft FOR LIVERPOOL, the first !? British Barque KTTTV ("OUNTESS OF ARRAN. Captain O'Bryen, Jfvw j?m only two years old, ItMl tons burthen, will he despatched lor the above port on Friday, '?fn August. For freight or i*-sage, having coutl'oruhle accommodations it. r.ahni -s.'miul i .ihin and Mteeraire. "?1| of which will he taken at the lowest ratu, apply to the Captain on boird Ihc hip it pier 12 E. H., or to jytr f JOHN IIF.HHNiAN. 1,1 strre*. a Apr- UNITED LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS WT Iv?Packet of To-M Th' snp?*rb fist saillimi**! n''U Packet Ship V! >1 U < >.N 1) At' K, I lui ton* burthen, ' pi. ILicl. t.ifT, will nil" snivel'. is above, her rc.-nlir tliy. The ncc- mmoilationsof this ship for cab'n second calim and tteerag* |.a*seii:;er? cannot be Burp-used. Her between deck* irr rrrr/iiiciiim, tmi littsd tip with every convenience. and ' with ?trii t attention to th? comfort of second cabin anil steerar p.iwi i it r?. uitd |mt^oih about to iinhark lor the abot |h rt, wi-Inm' to combine comfort with economy, should Ioh iiotinn in u leclr)* berth- in thissph mli<l ihip, <* the price of pa?saif ii UMiiinlly I'h ?for Icttni of * hich, apply on buaid, at llurlingalip, west liile. or to W.fc J. T. TAPSCOTT, 1 13 Peck Slip, cor. Notiilt *trccf. Persons wishing to setid for th< r friend* canhiiethcm bioii^ht out in this ?hip, or any of the regular line, on fivoraiile term*. ^ 1 i !*'>? FOR NEW ('H LEANS?With quick*}' sna'ch? I MrTrVToe elegant well ki.' wn packet aliip ULr.1 . >. MMmSKbTORIA . Captain Mallet, will ?ail assbo,.. m? In. iiiperitir accommodation* for cabin, second cubiii ami steera?n ptasengcrs which will b?taken at the low rat rates if parly application i? m.iiie on bosril tb* ship, at III r ll h.. II. or to iv3*4 JOHN HERDMAN, fil Month st. sbf~p5b ~vli rtit(thi,ok< mahtkii?Th*JrVtfVsiiis-rior. fast sailing, cmipereil, and coppi-r fastened MSl&hfj. CHARLES CAllKOLL, hu it hi ii i>er tegister, ^^onTTiiiiil' in I?8 by Messr*. Hi rgli 8? Co. of live oak, lo cnat, and cedar for a Havre packet. She in in prime order, and may b? sent to??a at a trifling etpenae. Kor term* apply to Captain on boaol it It. cti.r streei wharf, oi to ? n BOYD bHINCKEN, 9 Tontine Building*. nKOROi ( OLYER and THOMAS Di OA ED, men "T ?(,ra lo Lew is R. Oiillin St Co., would respectfully inform their friend* and the public, that they ate prepared to furnish tlmbrr of every di scripiin. at a* *hort notice, and on a* re.v tollable term* a* any eitihlishmci.t in the city, at their New Stum Siw Mill, foot of Fourteenth ?trcet, North Kirer. jy 11 Im'r OPLF.NDID DIBCOVEHT FOK LKAP.NIN'O 111 I'AINT AN'n DRAW FROM NATUHE.?Amateur* mo, *ec,nt No. 211 Broadway, neat door to the American Ilot-I, a number ol sample* of painting on wood, velvet, silk, minim, piper, Ike. (k.c, by a price** for which the inventor ha* received a premium of two thousand dollar" from the French government. The imi -imnof oil paintinae aie ao perfect that no painter can imitate them without learain* the proce**. By this method, any arti*t or other per*on ma) learn, in a very lew leaaon*, to riaint with oil, wafer col?r, miniature, and al*o many new and handsome invention*, to s I erfei tioti difficult lo understand without Mailt* tb'' JKIK?' or taking a (ingle Icaaon oI Mr. VICTOR ERNK1 it., painter to the court* of Fiance. Russia, fcc. . The Arti.t*. wifl remain only till the IMh of ne.t month, when he intend* returning to Fiance. . Specimen* may b? *een at the above addre?. J) % AM US KM K NTS. NtHLO'H UAHUBN. * RxIrMrdlimry Hnv. l Foully, Rrreittil Ntqhtlv ifitli Shouti oj Jjtujhlrr a* AyimuM. in thrir ration* 8PLKNDID COMIC PANTOMIV1K8, ke. THIS EVKNlNG, Aumut td. ii,r . ,m*urt? w.ll eotunrnr** at 8 with A OlIAND OV K MTU UK. Af'u r which KKAT8 ON THK TIGHT HDPK. by tin- ltaveli. Quaitrr of an hour* iril'ruii'uou will br allowed lor Kefreth nit lit* in l]i < irand Kulnnii. Altrr which, ?ecoud tiuir.will tw |<r?dnrril a inat:uifie?nl Comic I'aiiUxiiiti., oallril MAZL'LMK, OH THE NIGHT OWL ! Maxulme, ihr Nifhl Owl, Mr WvlU ( lieroller Mariano, Jrrome Ka<d Kmilr, Oabrirl Ravel Marlon, AnUiiue- lUvrl Bahanuun, . Mou? Dau**nwi? M iriana, a poor PcaalMi M J?-romr Kav?l lulif, her daughter, P1 **villc / lima, a Cimiiiui 9la??, Miaa \\ t lU To r. ij.*iu?l?* with a view of the Magnificent ? alaoe ol MAXULME! The whole to a , t* THK PROMENADE MUSIC ALE. (T^ The |irii|inriiii rvtlwclAilly in forma iht |?ublif, that n coni|>liaiiCi with the w uliri of numeroua viaiiora.thisi ranch aoimrt (I |?rt <>t thr ??iitr rtaitimrtita, will be given aJler the j?#cformancei in the Saloon arr owgr. Actum Manager, Mr. < hip|keiiri<tle. Mutual L? k1? r iml Director, Mr E Woolf. Ticket*?jO cent* I) >or* ojh u dt ac vrn o'clock, fcnurtwuinenU to commence Ht ritfht. _ _ * 11 .VI 11A A1 TllKATHK. VIM. I i1 JNI"s< J. will he |?-r(.irmrd i J'n -i. u "r'*? H- ro of 8w iii-rl*nd. William IVII, Mr J H Kir by 5lb"?. 7 ' > Mrm Tliornr hmn.a, -l. ! ? Wif., Mj? Blakr Atlrr v? l.i.J., ?h?- N d Drama of llie BOATSWAIN. DruBowliiiK, Mi. J. Jt. 8<otl| H.-., SuinrttoD, Mr*. Hit.I Alter whiih will l)? (irtst iittd, Irmul mm-, tlir Print' Drama of DKMKTRIl S THK HKNKOADEOK MK8SINA. Deinrlriui, Mr J II Kuby I Allnaiiior, Mr Procto Theodore, Hit-lil I Pacoiiiio, Htrvcu Kudocia. daughter of King dorr Mr* III. Id J.untU li. r Alltndaut Mn Thorur Doort will ojit ii in lulurt' at 7 'clock, autl ih? curtain will ri>t< al a ijuarlri liefore ( o'clock punctually Drr??circle, JOcenu?Bo?r>, 24?Pit. IZH?P"vat> RmM.f V AIMIAM. (iAUKKV. MR. J. S HHOWNK8 LAST NlOHT BUT THRKK. K*r*t .ipi-earance of .Mist Mestayer. TO-NIGHT AiiL- 'M, 1842, '.ommrncc with the DUMB BELLE. Vivi&n, ^ J H Bn>wue I hliza, Mr*. J?ckso The wiole Co uoiieliide with Farc? of NO SONG. NO SL'PPILR. Itnhin, J H Browne Mar^aretta, with SniiK?* Mist Mestayer. a2 lt#c Tickets 15 cents CASTLE GAHDIOIV. I A. LAUKIAT'S nTIl GRAND BALLOON ASCENSIO.N ?Mr. L. A. Lanriat acnounces to the public hat lie has mn<le all suitablej?repariitions for * irrai?d Balloon iMceiitiou, with his splemhd Balloon STAR OF THE EAHT roin Cattle Garden, on Tuesday. August 2d, 1842, mnkiiiK hi 4(li At rial eicuriiou in this an?l nth* r countries. At 2 u'doca, P. M.t the gates of flic Goden will he thrown >p?*n, slid be announce*! hy a di*char,c? of Artillerv. At 1 o'clock. Mr. LnurUt will commenee to innste his Balooii with Hydrogen Gas, a very interesting eheinical process, aronliy the attention of <\v scu-ntinc and curious. JLhnincite inflation, * he.uttiful miniature B tlloon, far sirnil >f the rstar of die East, will he set off, a ear attached, with a living animal. At inteivals, small Pioneer Balloons will b? d*<t|?alchr<1, to Ascertain the various curients of air above. At half past precisely, a discharge of Artillery* ; after which, Mr. Laimat will enter his Car, hid adieu to the spectators, and ascend majestically, amid the sound of maitial mu?ie and roar of artillery. 'I n k? is '.u r? in-*?Children hall price. i -'t ambrical svikum am) OAROKNH. CORNKR OK BUOADWAY AND ANN STRKKT oiipo?i(e Sr. Paul's Church. P. T. BAKNUM, MANAGER. INCH KASED NOVELTIES!! Mr. Winchrll, tin- unrivalled comic drolleriat. Wliiilorl" mill Di'iinnnd ill llieir Banjo Kltrala^au/.as. Tin- wonderful Gi|>?ey(iirl can lit- |irivariely rouaullrd throuuhovl tl?' day, without e,tr? f liartfe. The Model of flu- City of Duliliu. Did and Y'Unif Nick. in wliirli Mr. Wiiichcll ?ml.iins siiclm Meters. A splendid Droit Curtain, representing " Byron'i Dream," painted by Mr. Oscar K. Almy, a uatiye artist. K* ;?< riincnts in Animal Maoist tisin ; Miss Rosalie, the poi'tilar rocaliat; the Albino Lady ; Fancy Ula>s Blowing; am) <?rand L^osmoratna ! Balloon Ascensions every night ar ten o'clock. Day nerformanccs WrduesdHV ami Saturday afternoon* at j'clock. Day visiter* admitted free in the evening. Admission to the whole Museum, Garden and Zntertainmeuts 2j cent*?Children half price. jy21 r rpilK NEW HOCHEHTEK THEATRE ia now onrii'lor A 111?- summer season, ladies and K'Htlnnen ol established profcsional reputation,who d? smn visiting Buffalo or Montreal and wish tc take Rochester in their w.y, will please addies* the subscriber. EDWIN DEAN. Rochester, July I, 1842. jy6 lin in?#r MAGNIFICENT ATTRACTION^ SEA MONSTER ; SEA DEVIL. rPHE (JRKATF.ST NATURAL CURIOSITY IN -* AMERICA?The proprietor of this immense ipecimeu begs tear? toaunounce to the public, that he has for Eihibi rion, at the Bowery Amphithea'.ie, the Sea Devil, which wan raptured on the 2Gth April, 1812, in the Harbor of Charleston, B.C., after a deapcTate snuggle with 2C men in 7 Boats. The proprietor of this monster feels coofirient that the Inveva of the curious and the scientific will be highly gratified in viewiug this marvellous production o( the mighty <l?ep A Calf, which was born after her capture, ill also be ei hibited. They may We visited by both sexes, as they are not at all oflvnsne, and every effort will Ih made to renderthe e\ hihi'iou ii'iffahlc and .satisfactory. J> 17 1 u. ? iVn n stai r ii \rri r ifii i a via r Kr-jiN vJil, i!iINljrL.10n AL\JL,f CLASSICAL ACADEMY. No, 7 Dlvluftoiintrect. IN consequence of the entreaty of a number of patron* whoso cl?ildr?*ti frequent this school, the undersigned Hill continue hi* instructions during thr coming vacations, and by those means open an avenue to those who prefer school to vacation. The intent of this institute is a rapid and thorough knowledge of the French and ?njelish languages, Mathematics, Natural Philosophy, Ike. The student of the Latin and Greek will, in a short time, he pre pan d to enter College. rl lie French being the predominant branch, witl of course be spokeu in tin* classes. The session commences on the 1st of August, yet pupils may obtain admission any time |>arcnts can make it convenient to send then. The terms are moderate, as will be seen in the circulars. P. LUX, I'rincipsl. N. B.?The Evening School iao|>cn for young men only. jy?2w?r A CHANGE OF AIR AND OK SCfeiNE is not only crseiitial to health, but a great source of enjoyment in the Summer season to the residents of a crowded city. For this, nothing can compare with a JAUNT TO HOBOKKN, to those who can leave New York only for a few hours. la* shady and diversified walks along the river?the invigorating from the water?the picturesque beauty of its scenery ?the tnanv fine nd commanding Views presented from the summit of ('a tie Point, and other points in these enchautiug grounds?the romantic sit- ??f the Sybil'* Cave?the delightful verdure of t 1ms Fields, e livened i i the afternoon by an excellent hand <1 inusic, all conspire to render this by far fb~ mostfavoiite place of hammer resoit. Access in reiidcreii easy by the B relay, ("o*al, and Christopher street Ferry Uoah?, whi ''i i donnf thed - ?nd ev? ting. jyli2w*i DAUl'KltKVotiPK Ari'A.I(A~T"i;S AND INSTIUC TION, in the most approved process, for making splendid |M)rtmits and views, by F. A. ARTAULT It CO. 108% p'tilton strert, who have made arrangements to open a class for the reception of piinils, to commence on Monday, July, I lib. The class will be oiieu for two hours each dav, from eight o'clock A. M.lO top OXlodi A. M. and (he pupils may conn line in the class until perfectly satisfied. Terms?$25 in advance. F. A. ARTAULT & Co. have just received by the packet Rhone, from Paris, 1,000 very superior Plates; also, 25 improved Daguerreotyjie -eparaiuses, as well as an evtensivcaupply i,l in- hi -! ( \>> n.i'iU i? i .i n fact it red in Paris. T*i#i 1 IaKNKSSKS BY '1*11K I)A t HTRRREOT YPE PRO a-* CKSH 3re taken at the rooms, comer Broadway and John street, in a kuperior ityle, with all the modern improvements, without any regard to the weather, the result being always th* same. Iiistinctioiis in the above beautiful art given, end apparatus furnished at a moderate price. N. B.?All the apparatus nsed in the business may be obtained at the above place; also, every description >( miniature caaea, jenst s, plates, nc r*j.ecimen<> tuny Dt* bi tn at u?e rornr ntmy fimi- during fht day. j>3 lv>? IJMKTY DOLLAH8 UPWARD-Robbery of the Poit"<V " fief.?Numben of the Nrw York !!<<l,*<ldre??ed to the umlrriintd, ami??l other New York paprra directed to Jtidi?r Morris, liaving Been frequently auden from tlx* mail, ?m) the Department having avowed it* inability to detect the offender* or prevent th? oflf? nee, a reward of Fifty Dollars will be paid for such information as will lead to the detection and puuiili* meiit oi" the Postmaster bv who-.e incapacity or crime the imi**ra so directed are prevented from reaching their riei'inatiou. HOBKHT H. MOMIIlb Hiilt<-1m?Tg, Olu'Q comity, N. Y.t July 22, 1842. )\ 28 It* rc IJlkAUHALL'H OAK K ST AUI.lHli.MKM. lonuded m I 1:18, at 102 Watei street, live doors above Catharine roar krt, tiie only e.talili.him til of Ike kind in the United 8ut< *. loiitinnes io supply flu- Nary, the American, Riiasian, and Spaniali w ar atramera?lias ??pplied all the race boats and club boat* for the la*t four year*?and ha* now the la meat assortment m oars, ?wee|n, and sculls ever collected in one place. N. B ?The Branch Oar Store on the North River aide, 1a hut up, mid removed to 40? Walrr street; and u I save all the ripen*.* ol one store, I will aell enough cheaper to those who come front the North Rivrr aide to pny them tor their trouble. Race boat*, club bonta, oar* anil aculla auld 50 per cell less , than last year. ^ ml 3m*e DR. MOURISO Nonrn RtVKU DISPK.NSAKV 2IM^I< h atreet near <; #i nvvirh.?Dr. .Vlorriaon, Mem ??r ol th? l.oyal College of Suri;eotiv, London, and formerly Sn#ir< inn I i British Navy, continue* to he consulted daily on all d. tease i < I a delicate nature, >11(1 all those diatrt aaiu# symptoms ronae i ii i ityndici-nia treatim nt, and the imprudent use < Iquact medicines. Or. M. ha* had an cvoerience of twenty wo yeai* i< treating ile|i< ati Iki tsea in all their various ami implicated I .ttna, anil iiaei a mild, aife and infallible substitute I r mercury, r indie Un.* tile venereal vims with certainty, without auhiecting 'be liatient toanvriait or restricting him in I iiusual diets or tnirluit while lua tin domes are auieeabl* mtaate and smell. I' rm i|:i nt obatructiona ill the urethra, i i< li as strictures and enIrnrement of the | roat'ate gland, a A' f mpanied with in u ill irrit;>tion and dull jiniii-^utt tt ic p ill, are some i f the cme.qaencea of mal-treat) ut. Dr. > . tieitaetrifturea in a aciennfic maimer, promoting absorj i o of the thicke >e ai/eu'sr m. inbr* ie without any pain. CONHTlTl TIONAL I KBILITY.?Thonsand* of young men are suffering from t'.ic consequences of indulgence in a seen t destructive tlwhose nerve* arc firrther injured from the use of n at Hint ft pretended fpccijics, which stiroulati' only to induce gfear t depression, ut. M. trrat* audi cases on pnrely |>atlioli>i(iral principles, and navrr fails in eatablishitn: a enre?ttie Mncleat minor andermfidence e ;erved. Letters poat |*id, anil containing a jiiii .u e fee, will enanre t'tc coireapondeu(lull advice, and nitdicim to any j"r' Vnicn, be hi* giving a hiatory of his case ia detail. J"1' on atreet i ear Greenwich. JV22 Im r C'7r* REWARD.?Lost hy the aulwcrilwr between No. JW) V * Kuiton street and the United Statea Court, in the I ark, a roll of Bill*, mostly of Banks in tUa ?,,v-^ .''V. tween three and four hundred dollars. Anv peiion who rrtum the aame will reeeive Uie above reward, and the thank* "Vntv"" _ ? f* WHONW, No. rn Fnlton ?t. N. Y. PRFMll MS HF.nUCKD.-The North American Kire .n Company h ive reduced their rates ol insurance on m . " ,|Hr|ji?K?, and merehandiie contained therein. Oifire Vo. "Mt U'nil'?tr? et, opfx^aite the Merchanta* F.tchanffe. v. w York Inly 2lit, l#ttvork, > ROBERT AIN8LER, Preaide, t JOIIV Ml BRAIR, Secretary. I\tl 1w r WAT( HE8 AND JEWELRY VERY LO'V-The jub acriber is aelling all descriutions of gold slid ailver Watchea, gold and silver pencila, (jold chaina, keys, kc^, at retail, lower than at any other place in the city. Oold Watchea a* low a* 2i to 30 dollars eacli. Watchea and Jewelry eichan* Bed or bought. All Watche* are warranted to keep goou.time, or the money retained. Watche* and Clocks repaired in lha beat manner, and warranted, at much lea* tMn the usaal pnee*, ky oue of the finest workmen in theory. '? Imimiter of Wateheaaud Jewelry, wholesale and rata l, *) Wall street, up ttairi. ?" " '

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