Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 3, 1842, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 3, 1842 Page 2
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NEW YORK HKIULI) ' WrdllM Ut, Au^u-I "1, t* ? *. The \: .vs prv.i I'i u.orn ? Ttte iatrUig<*M br<"i ;'it froi.i E irope yes> -r I ?j by the Columbia, it in ' mi foru Wi.i i!i .t huvi* h;t fi>r i I<in,' ,)-n?i!. L st lit* ..i irl'iiiv in En; 1""?H U more wretch? . thin it hi<h? n within th>- iii^u ?ry ? !" Tl < h >rri> e oru 1 i?, )> ic't : * J i??li cM'i i * -i'i " rnS: 1 : ? 1.11 {'?. ?!? .a i " . ri'i 'h* li?c >v it ; it! > it'>- \\ i>u m ?<r rh-> c <l'i " *?ri > >rtt i)l H? ktif^om ; h ! I**'! '* * e th'MW 'i! .I'M, 'sail. . ?'l no?t>TJ in ^t ft '.Nil i? -i'i' co r* i ! t e:,. . in -it \(an"'i rt-r t i r.mifi' v n ! > . t r- ?<"i 'tirvi g an.'. ..." I n.v\ ,1JM . - ! . -I ,:i 'l.i an I l! e I v,>! i i t'' -i i.inj Ji- I 'M of \'o.":*h're? all b - i * II _ au? ;.! <:,,r :rl:' U'ld WS^fV, C'Ttauily wit' .? i . ...J*' n !h?'!' V'!* of' Inland. .n ! . to ' \ u ih- dii'y meim r. ' p ? j- U"i!u, if m?M n the Ilrir" jh I'ar ' -Lr u * . tt j. !i"f that Eng!*ad i* on t'? eve '>f 8 f . volu on ; an'l w of the mont infl \ i i hi i is o! the Ifnuc ot Cotain^rs i > ' T" th ih it th- t'mif ? n -lis in. *% i-M .1 e'" of govrnoMnl m'i?t t:i! e l>! t > . I'i- d"Mn; M-nt? in thf currency?tl < 'r i >!t; lh>' n;'iv coinnaje??nd the ftvqn nt l i "i Vivv vi r in'i"* i'? i v i, d'llv K'tvc 'o .,ii .i ? . < 'II ' >H i.'. t le -.11! f li i . I -v i i 11- f 11" i tT t ? i 'r;;'i lul p\t . I i F. i!i \ ''i ?? it * of i'tinx* i hut little, if -t y b rr-r W nl-t th ir mn it tctnre-i ar- l?--- i, an I th"ir revenues have slis(htly in? cr'to' l. th" pditicil a?ttition tnore thin co' titer'.) il hi ". ? their tem*>r?trv quiet ?n i pr?sner;y. Tn oriii -il -i it" ot t!l iir-t pro Inced hv th<? Mil ! n ; ti'i 1 lidi-ifroM-; d'lthoftli- D'i!f of Orleans, mo c i th i l c i I lt-rb i! iiivm nil ?!?* t- n :>ora'V prosperity til it !i i-( r it v icrrted to th it -i i^.il irlv Cite-J cn i itry I 'ii-? S?-n d ? i -d 'v incni! tiir C 11 n'i r T iiHtmrl/, *n i th *v met on the 1 ii'.i it ill.- T i q't?4tioa of m^m-nt to I < li. m it ? n : i it of the it n"-. i . ; the I ? of Ocl" i is ? i < .i'it c >l'l iii 1 i bef <re th>-elem-us of i iv?; ci M'l! '? > "'. * >i war were set in ?cti? * ? ' ii, : 'i will - f>-|y l?-f.?re th v h-i'K > i' 11 * Till! .I'll buto.i revolution,to wh rh t i? / }'< i'ttr will he b'tt i-t !r>;i ii th * h'ick't. T i* C irl'-'s 3"..m i.Mru.sti, L-jptiini-w, ll**p*i.'-!i o n-?, u*i I '-v-rv other I'ncord mt rn i-? of elenvn'*, ar it >v >r'v t > t i'i tli (htn>\ and God only knows wii -r * it will end. ii ili * pr - '..I h > ( : of ifl.tir-;, i revolution may b' sufelv pr*di I in than live years; and with tint ^v-Mit c i n's t terrible stirrin? up of the e!o* of strif-in ii ul m I. if not a revolution! The next n v* from Europe will he looked for with grrat interest. CVvti.vTii>\ 'if MK'.vspai'BSs ? There are more tiii : ?'o " i l.iil" pip"M puhli-dvid i i this city, and tn >ra stirtiii ?*v "ry month, hnt only three or four hive any r-{tlar, steady, or useful circulation.? 1 Here i? a Ii*' : ? ?-v.Y >rU H'-nliJ hn? an #f~rejj"?te circulation of 29,l*in 'I'll" H.n <lo do Q1.0' n? ' Coif ier & Knqniier, do do 7,-Wl T ihime, (to Jo l?nm J >Mra*! t?f<' m nerce, do do (1,0*1 T>. >? t'i iti.i ijid morni i^ pliers?the other1 of tiii el ? h ive a limite I md i decreaMii? ti" i ev niiif p? ""-a e?ii?Tilly have .i x--,. nil i it ion, ml ? im" ot" them will not ! lust hti l-i i,' tli? !ii >s? co.iihwh^usive linuI ;ti i i "I i iv |> t.> *r, i-s h >t of t'i" lb-r il I Ii eiro'tl'i't*-. mv?tj it 11 p?rti*\s?u!! claswes?.ill see's? i all s? \es. Tli' circ illation of' the Sun is priuci- ( i>ill*" i' > i i i * 1 t > fli - lo.v r an) goes litI i !i-v : I t!i-' city. T ic "Courier" and " TriI h iif" are m T'* party print*, and art* confined to politici id-', o li '-s-ekers, or office-holders Since our r mi?.?v il into our new building, our circnlatinn Ii is every d iv become inore nettled, fixed, | nn I resul tr, in its increase. In a short time we *!i .'I prob iti!y h iv- to incr-dw our size, to nocoinno'lit'* all o'ir advertisers. The business peason will lie 'n on u? iti six w.'<ks, and then we .in ili haw to adU nio'her o^l'vnn to our sheet. Tue w i tuK'ictii. Vdvk :n^ei. ?The "Coinmerti ti A lvi rti-?*r"ij rapidly I cooming one of the mojt tr.ibii , low, vi! i . ! r..l d sheets that ever disgraced <nv "oni'n'.i.uty >f Clinicians or gentlemen. ! ti;ad?-t> a", liu.-t the Cnief Magistrate are \rorihr I contemptible creatures who conduct it. If tii Rieat vi i, r, eating Stone, or his piriful Condiu'o's, "ould ha i received s<?me choice upooi '"rom the !*. -i.lent, th"V might have 1 tdi'-'u the cr-i nh-j ?id -hut their mouth. Hut be- | cause the;ravarice luvenot been glutted, they make ' tV.-" o > v.irdly attacks on the President?attacks i "v . it .ii'.1 midlines* or the dignity of nv.tre o,?m foes l'ortunat?ly, the " C >mmercial Advertiser" is in th "wirinJ yellow leaf"?and its de. gr 11 I jirincijil'-sand morals will soon consign ii to 1 o'divion. Inman, a sm ill beer p iragraphist, in one i>f it; miserable hirelings. He is not worth s'U p T week in any newspaper. , Mr-ucu.IrrtM.ioBve ?Signor X.ig?l returned t<> ' this city th-- day before yesterday, after h very ext *n I- I ill 1 1 :me ! tour in the South and West.? Since hi- 1 variure Iro n Sew York, he h is travelled over iiii thousand miles, ail vi-iied H^v.mi. | N* x 1 1 l''Ati?, L miaville, St. C ticionati, and 1 tu M, >?' tti ic's -elected ' v Lp?o \1 >rp*th und Mr. V.,n ?1 ir*n for a visit He '.i ? ;s remarkably well if' ii, to ir, a ad is m i - t improve I in health, an f si ;.. ? We h i ( m f 'ha' h d.n-s not intend c I to 'i v . ly rone Tts at pr"s>*iii on his 11 vorne instrument ; '>ui tliaf he pur,?ows ("penning a few weeks at the principal fashionable watering places, such as j Rock iw iv, Saratoga, iVrc , in a ijuiet und private t m inner 1 a the I all he any probably visit Cm ida pre- ( vious to hi.- return to Stockholm It will be remcm- t bered that his visa to this country was made prin- t ci(>ally on acc >unt of his health, of which he ha* t lai I iu a 8ub?tmtial stock; sufficient, we trust, to | l ist hiru many \e.irs. Ui.wtau ai ?itw >11 ire at Cincinnati, drawing v cr>?.v led ha lads, a indeed they do wherever the) go. l!t~ SrTr > ;i doing the sam-in all the prinet- . I .! ty?' u ii \ .jJa; and celighting ull who hem ber. l.1t"?:.s:\ i C :*IK* lit Ar ril? C M'n.:r>? U. TJ-I>AV ? 1 \ tit* ,.ii ?lin mt lL.|m....;?>. I - -i - J - ' .it ;tu, ii wan v iiolvi.ii tiie ! rencli rfw iciilii w tlu.i city shou u ' at' -aJ the ^r.? ?<1 cilebr ition to-duy at ilie t'athol Ga'h )< i , t > lie i^rforimnl in cnn-eijuence of tlif de m df ih" DAeol Orle*n?. Tnis will prob*h'> t><- of tiie .uo't im(a>?inx reli.ji.iu* ceremonies c\ ' t(' ? I? i 'his o;tv, hiv ted it will bf.with ai > i,> a id erc n-'iiy 01 the Cath"iic Church Tii-* ". '.(j '! ? and ?re>v of the Cioin r and other ship o' .v.i' v II .vilk hi (?r."?e-?i(iu from tiir bitter) t? tit: tit i 1' il 'it 9 ?'cl >CK A . Fn . : ivi t.rjrsi riiinriN?Wed. n>?t > ii ". t i*ti? are any two cities in the wide woi i w.i! i uv< -? in my routes pinning from one ti the i.h . i * V.iru asd BiMto.'i. Ta<?re are ut le >-t tall i do/.'n with steam on each. We r< ? ?vf i the I >r iiewi over four of tlietn yeMer d.iy. HtrJ?nN Kipreas came over three anri Ad- ' am-'* iver oat. Harden r?ai-lied the city by ih< i w.iy ot 11 irttor.l, .it f<?.?r o' -lock, and the o'liei 1 hues arrived at six W ; nrt? much indebted to b<t? .! i I tr ! 'ii i ! Vju ns for their attention to us. H it- <' tva hiy hi* motto u " through bvdayl'ifht." ' i' i?t: vvr.j l> ?fN j. ?Our ,>aek U ure taking b;i.\ .n if I t- .: *r??n- k > recently b ought ovei ? Tue [. r-i'i-, for Li\*.T?'a I, which failed on Mon d i t'ii i ? ne hi ulred in! tiiiry, nnd t| i/ii. :.i . r I in ion, ;r-i Haiti.nor*, fur Ihv oi'k n nil y .<vVink in cities in not t? Ii 'i ' 'i r, nii.-r.. its w.>uld (TO v I !ir u .i l i id i |vr. c' F!1 Dorado of corn and <> f tn.-i"-! at tf'i < nt? a bushel, ind in some plucea ) 1 b? b rJ toi* die digging taereof. W- advise every r taigriuii to push to ih? west immediately. J -? Ilk:, .... IYbi.ic Dihtres*?Tin*re i* M ureal noi?e mai * ill England about the distre*# ci 'h** working cla* *s?and no doubt there is pl?my of return tot th ? outcry?for iit thjt eoi.itry th* lower cIkkic^ utt* 1i a nvwt d??v- rale condition. There i? alw? a con It rahle outcry among us about dutrew?iuhI a puli- j ic mi I'Muij of til w rking cluwes ha* been held ill 'tn u I-1, iiiu to in<; rt mio the causes of such usi.i'.s f tlii'i* 1'iir tii-ir-wn ol ) t nt,?? kyai tiuwv' r, ry limited, in coinj ri-on in tho?e of I. i:in?- 1.1 i-pro?!'ici'?n flips' aje in th* itre ite-t di^'re**? ii in '..a-" queiic< there< f, they wil hiveto be >ine producer*. We there tuny I' ve thi>11.-41 nd per-oii- in e ivh of the tour lir\j? .VUtic Cltie>, lit o! ">1 >\ tiient. ; u poi tiny v>'ie sc lit -red ov *r thia wiuc cuunUv, among tin rniers. how ex-- i' woul'' lie t t flr*ia all to proB ire work and a g'-oil living. T!te cheapne** and tbundance ol p- ion-", throughout 1 he land, utid 'mrtieu! r! :r> *t 0 wsl, never were no great hs ut inoiiVMit. It 1-. - want of n proper distribution f the working cl.v-"' ti. ' aiiBe* any of em!'iyn ,'nt. or di'irettt. Money n:v be scarce, ttt tood is abund ut, and tnor? than enough for the ?>i>ulation Wmk titty b<? scarce in large town*, 'nit there are million* of acres ol line lands standing die mid lnvi'iu? the laborer. It i- ili t .lly ol mm?!u? iui? nevous system* ii > ink ", c 1 iTi'uf ^ - r ll itiou-. \'i have eioi-ed >ll ilic dis-tri-A* in hi-ii ?>v ?* ? ? itrjr. Si-!\s . ^t*r* i? - V i> ltrii hi 'fin ?vaN h ?ve been nil'- .it 'h Cuh-uii 11 >a in lliBcitv, prepirutor; to ii ? n'r.Uwi'i'p Wr al?o we, th.?t in con*" pieace of ill'- noise ui tde in Albiny, tin- I'o-t office idverti'ing has been taken from the ultra-Chv pa er anJ given to the Argus. This is correct an4 itropr. An 1 it shows that Captain Tyler will not ib iiil any longer to be callrd a " wretch" an<l a " scoundrel" by those who are holding office under liin. This is all correct and proper, and we hopvill be carried out in every branch of the Governnent Irom top to bottom. It is one of the most n?'onishing things of the age, and one winch we -honl I like to see ex,i! lined u,ion true p nhnloxical principles by Dr Motl, or any other celebrated pro. fesror, how a mm <>t go >d sense and sound p'.ii eip' ? like C"., -t =iin Tyl-r, could submit to the msoleiu-e and ilnwe of ih-se papers from day to day, tnd i lot take the-e measures before. He has heguu iir | lie right plan; let him go on. The reptiles wil | ' imcr, and hiss and yell, of course, like serpents and wild be istst; no matt?r, go on. T ike ofT their headb aiul put an end to their groaning, out of charity. Rvu/v>\' V>ckvsion.? Mr. Lauciat made a splendid ascension !a;-t evening from Castle Garden. lie rose about tflKM feet,and descended with tremendous velocity in th? neighborhood of Red Hook. Ilis balloon fell 2l> > feet in 1? tuiiintes. As seen from the city, he speared to fall in the water round the point of tue Hook If he fell on land, we should think he must have been hurt 9 o'clock, P M.?Since writing the above, M . Lauriat has walked into our editorial room, alive md hearty, after his 44th a&cent. He ascended about 4000 feet, was in the air about half an hour, tnd descended in tiie water close to the Yellow Hook in safety. A gentleman in a pleasure boat with som I adieu seized Mr L.'s grappling irons, made it fast to the boat, and towed liiin to Yellow Hook Here fli-> bilionrt w n secured, and folded, ind by thi' time a barge from Governor's Island, iccom.ianied bv some officers, reached Yelh w Hook, took Mr. Lifuriat and hi* balloon onboard, and landed himi.i safety at Castle Garden, at aqutr ? ~--i k. < -> - , u< iui< uk'li, u wwa uriuuiiii accent, Dill ihe air was loo lig'it for a splendid el 'V ition S ill j h? clearness of tin* atmosphere and the gradu il iscension, made n a ul ?ixlit; th- balloon ! >eing in lull view fr m the city till it descended. Life Boats ?Th steam ship British Queen is to l?e supplied with Francis' Life Boats immediately. Arrival of tuk Potomac ?The United State* fritrate Potomac, Cnpt Gt*o. \V. Storer, artived a1 Hoston lasi M..n 'av. from i!io Janeiro. She le(t that port on the JU'.h, an 1 Dahia on the 25ih n!'. OiTict*rs and crow .11 well. Capt H. W Ogde , late of U. S ship D.-aatur, his returned in her on acconut of ill health. Following m a list of officers on board of th- P G?"'>r<?i! W. Sto r. Captain ; John A. Marshall, LI'"UtciiHii! ; ilobert D Thorfcurn, do.; John De Camp, <lo. ; i Simiiel 8?v?rnvinlt, do.; H-nry T. Wing-iite, d<>.; >1. O. D lancy. Surgeon ; K.lward N. ('ox, Puraer; J^mcn F. Aitn"tri>ng, A- tin? Al.ntrtr : Thomai A. Bradv, Lien en?nt of Marin?-? ; O-orge W. Pi?'w, P<i?inl AiM?t*ut Sar?"on ; J'V 1 (i'-ant. rrofe*?or of M ithem.vien ; H.'nrj P. lUitx-rlKun. Pa*- .1 vliil hi|i*n tn Ci;irle< Di' Sel ling, Ae? nig Warrant M '"hurl'** C. 8iinm>, Mi.l?hij>mnn ; Bevt-rly Randolph, no.; D R. Lambert, do. - N. B. Unrr . mil, ilo . ( hurlt'K I". Ciwht, <1o. ; J.M.8|wlt', 'o; E. < . l-ii.-v, do. : It. H. Wym'isi. do. ; It. II. CI,do. ; U. K. j B "sell, do.; P. SptMCer, Acting v'i Uhipmsti ; I stircr, i' ipi.iin'- <-1 rk ; Kl>vnrl Cro-kur, B Mt*wii < ; \reli. s. Low j?, <}i'in?r ; Joicph Co*, Carpenter ; Holt. , D. Rodman, saiim ik?r. ( Drmociiatic Yvchtimo.?The Columbin Club ich<>ouer Splendid, Captain Neil, arrived here at 4 >'?:look yesterday afternoon, on an excursion ol dcai- ire. r*he ha" twenty-three republican gentle n< u on board. They carry on yachting on !ir*t nuclides', which cannot be *ur passed by the floya' V icht ."?<)? idron of ( Pnt tin. Saiunu of nik Acadia.? i'tie fteamship Ac ad. , ~"apt. Kyrie, left Boston on Monday afternoon, tor Halifax iii'l Liverpool. .' 'he carried out 40 |.j?*en rent for Liverpool, and 18 f>r Halifax. Prolesoor Moore Ins been chosen President )f Columbia College. Nibijo's ?Two capital bnrlettas this eveniwr ? >oth well written, and from the cast, we are > .re hey will be well acted. The new pantomime has c Tetted quite a sensation?the extreme beauty of * it" scen><-y?the drollery of the incidents and siiuaioiis, and t'ir j;>-n- ral cure bestowed on its produc- v ion, rend'-r-" it by fur the most effective piece the tavels h- ye yet been seen in. The mummy dance s quite uui |'"\ ind Miss Wells has a gracefal' * vhicli she ex it wit'i h>*r Hccil.Momed skill. ClATIAtl . I HATE*.?J U. Scott t ike* a benefit I this ptyular r*i i!iIl?!i item lo-n.ght, and we an it?.ite it crow led home, lie h.ia choocii for >re- T pntHlion Bulwrr'* most excellent pity ol Richelu j. fl uri ttie arduous character ol Richelieu, t hieh all acknowledge lie enact* in a masterly [ i inner. Resides Richelieu, he jv rform tlir cliur- ? cter of Walter, 111 the druna ifihe " Children in ' ie Worn! " The perforin aices conclude with t The Carpenter of Rouen." Uo early and secure I luces. Cnin of Comm it* i'lr(|, D*cisi ny%? F.'iat Ximpttn y?. Jminiak Ptry ?I'i 18*', >hn >1*1 I c , Pr- ol the fommeieiai Bnnk of Flo *. soi.l >ii hi; stock to H. St.' hen?.>n, mi l re-iiTns-l. 1 i? caMiitir il?o te'igie I, |?a> ji ff Stephenson |ri 'nil - ion. * ho ??mtni i, though wi.iiou* legal ; pr intmi u , i > at ?? prnsi I. n- .Hte^hfinsoii . ijbs?vni?ntlv ;athered I ^ethi r th.' i <o,.ertr h.-l.| b) the bana, amounting to i h .in $i 16,.oo in hiiu, not*, lie., an I Hh?cnn.l?H ith it. A noii^ the no'.os w as one Ira wn hv de idnnt, J Uleh af.erwnr Is r.iaie Into ]*i>?.*?sion of idaim ff, who < ne.1 and recoverwl a aeidi't for $'1,194, bung principal t nil intere-t. A inotioi ii nvule to set (Uc ver liet aik)e on i te ground tlut Stop? n?oii having feloniously acquirud f liil iio'e, anil passed away, the plaimlffconM not reco r. Ver lict fur j la' itiff ?et aside. and nonsuit inbaiited, with cost*. c Htfey Isicktenod ??. Monmouth /?. Hart.?The defen- I ant h? sherd). levied upon a valuable pianoforte at t! e ouse of plaintiff, No. 44 lln l-on street, for adebtduel.) c i'ne? L. Lockwood, ion of plain'iff, to whom it waacon md?l the ins rument Vlo.iged. H? a??*rt? that he at 1 r?t Imug it it fir hia . ist r, bu* subsequently mortgaged to hi? ni ithnr lor tioar.l. A ver. lict was fiven Irt favor of ie iherilt'. Mo .on is oma 'a to the verdict aside.? ew trial geanvd, costs *o <bi t?. the <*ve'it. Wm. //. Sititb,' *. tnhn Itirniy ?The .Vend*nt atrre d purcha-e ol plaint Ifeertain n?iliiii"ry for eitting lain , id maki g bu 'onr; hi i i to cuplnv him lor *ia months h , ! a .lav for tli" > i *"e of learning )>lsintilf'? eon ao , hoahow tomtn> V'tureiheirMcle. Dr'etidaat refoa. d .rn .loy plaint "on 'he gmitivl of mi?: . pres. ntatlo'i 'tion v . it I h" q'i?)*t:ori #f 'tonlit iww rnli l 1 ' a r."ni>.i nry.?Vfrlii't for plaintiff* ta?il , i t n>.<\ tn I r '.in 1,? W* to 'f,l 'e the event. ffar?j?n C. r.i'l*i'in va. ' rtl-ni J,. //< /<*.? Motion to n'olirti'e two suit*. Mo* ion (tenia.*, aUIi ro>t?. Rohtrt .4mi. rr<. Pvdy.?H'lativ- allowa-irir room hire l?? ??'ting of eommi?akmara fcr aa?ea?m< Hts i Cherry "treet Report of r??loreea?et aside, unless plain d will remit a carttiu potiion aa mentioned, fcc. N?v?I bcnrral Couit Martini on buard tf I i the t). 8h|p North Carolina. Acquit 9, 1M"J. j , Tht> Court met p'it*u-int to adjournment, aii't the r:> ; e?W-,r.lay'? pnicinHiii.ff- were nmd by the Jiu'.e Alvor i>. I. i.i r Wi Ki t, i cal!''1 b desireof member to e.\pli in fuini- o lni ie- ,"ju_ (j "u y caividay, anil vt )ih h ? th^y iii-l not Muditv .1*1. i ?< - Von ha\?- > i 'el in yo"r est. , tn?n in chief, thut ' yoa Li \ Ilia L e a lotr. n< inteli eJ to ;i>o'm } lli?*<jr.|i r trom ins maimer. litrv di.* > on know that tt-interned to b' lir ..r.ler I loin hi? manner, if i.e !i* I not in-n* ly jlvru you som* idivul (or lelu-ii ^ uiiJ how dul \ u kuu* that the eicit-nient OKI noi miim. iroiii otui-r . 'u?e I A.? Hi- umnota wai d'Omr from what it uvitally ww, a* a.- ??u i ' |ir'm;>t ill oli>yiut{ ?' ur-. I Jid ui?t knoiv llOIII A >1. . ih* lli'Mllll' |*l <e*UiUul Ht Uktt ( " i th it 'lie a "omrd ha.i twe mtiii-iiii vitli you uusi diiii( receive i hi? a lcr*, an. iL. t ' ii-? >>y ' in . to thetit. sjtatu v\ hat s-.i i ii' ii. e inti * . ? A ?I lia ' tio i ollection what it wai. 1 did not bear 1 him ijs a ijtln _ about theordern. 1 Q Wlii' iutiu'fl >*u to niy " You had l.ette. go below (Iii'< x ol ii t ?r live uiiuu > >?' A ? I ?* . I' w.i? under rxciti-nent. W trt - I have (' t piper h' the Court 1 was ordered tot It'-. ' J c Ad*.?Th.* .ic. ''! juiis thin "I Ttiiy tha* .cMithi* i. .i trua copy oft paragraph o( n Ii ..-r ' Ureaaed tr me by Jnuii K. Paul ling, date l \Viikh'.i{.ua, 1 i'.Ii Uitr?mlM<r, I soy. tli-- ?wd Jauiea K. t'auldiiig thru being tin" Siecretaiy ol tlie Navy of the I'niieil utcs. Marked (i rivuti*.) CH ARLES WILKES, ! Li?m. 1.8. Navy." 1 understood th V. it wa? to certify th it it wa? all relating j to thii matter, hut I oo not mind noic. 1'he extract wan then re 11 a* lollowa :? , Extra t from u piivate lstter fiom J.une-- K. Paulding. t Seer?ln < ol ne \ m \. to L!< ut. Chnrlci \Vi1..l-?. 4 niti- I . v. in liu ' 'h K.? coring Expeditiou, iltti'J VV?<hll)|poii, ] I t) December. 13!) " ?'oii <re engagul in a grant tin lertaking u hirh ha* j cxcited the luteren'. of the civilized world, and I* looked | ipoiihy Mil yj'irou atry inen wrh greai wlici'udu a* one 1 > Inch, il succesilul mi it* ulj<cu, will ledoiiud tu he credit ot the United Stales. Kor Mat ?ucces* jouareina .treat 'In me personally re*|?oii*ible. am) are, in m; oj?inmil, fully jamilied in < 111. rc111^ those inea lire* w hich ynu believe be?t ^uallfie4 to ensure the attainment ol 'he great object* of the expedition. Cabal* of di-contt nt? J officers uiii?t be promptly arres'ed.and their leader* eithiT kept in ?ubjaetionnr i'itaehed from tin- *.|uadn>ti, u* it i? < n>t to be endure'th?- the purpo*e? j ou arr cent to attar ire to be di-feitU'. by 'he fan', at tic claims of rank. vv hich I t *hall ouvcr recos lize to tli'i extent o preventing *ny , commanding offiocr from selecting such a* he deems best ( juiliSedlora particular and special duty, having i.o con- , ucCtion with ihu internal jrgan'/a'iou or iii* o>vn <hip." , Thkiha* W. Wilchon, Captain's Clerk, culled and , *worn I iccnmnanied Mr. J.'hnsnri in m expedition in , the Oregon Territory, and Mr. Mhxw II, of the Hu laun , B i\ Company, rendered important services to him in'he t te 'nlion of hi* ditty, as commander of the expedition. , lie a)( eared ioli.'itoiu to have one ot the bo? ie knife pistol-. I hink Mr. Iohn<on gave the liowie knile pistol to M . Mmvell, in return lor servlc" rendered to him as (' in. n.knder of the expedition. I don't kno .v ol Mr. J ihn?on' h iving received anv pmonal cotisidera'ions Irom Mr. Maxwell. If he h id received any presents from .Mr. M xwell, I think I should nave know n it. The te? imony having l>een brought to a clo?", Mr. the accused's counsel, proceeded to rood the tie ice It commenced by regrctu ig tha' he sUould nave i :> appear before the Court to ausw er such -erious charges j is lienn prof ried against him. Ill relation to tliu (ii ft elmrge he sai I that hu was totally uninfluenced by any ] considerations ot in*uhur lina'ion, but w?i actuated purely , by motive* o( u liat he considered due to (lis rank and the t iervice, in hi.* refu-al to oliev the order complained of. It t argued thai tlieri' was a limit to the |Kiwer ot superior oltloers, aud the simple fact ol an order hat ing been given by n superior officer, did not ju?tif> an inferior in obey injj i ii if it should be illegal, an instance f which had been decided, when tt wa^ determined 'hat the order* of the 1'rosi. len'of the United State*, which were i legal, were not any tu tui.ation to tho-e who perfonne 1 them, but that the parties were personally re?|>on?ible; thUH showing that it ( i'm neccaary tor officers to exercise their judgment in obe; ing illegal orders. It then procoetled to comment ii|>on ill. order complained of, arguing tliut it wa* derogn'o- | ry to h in and an illegal order on the part of Lieut. Wilke-, t aud, In: .umrh if it whi illegal, Lieat. Wilkes could In , ounished for giving tint order, it followed a* a matte.-of t course that if it was illegal it was not binding upon him, , and he could not be punished for refusing t<* obey an or. 'ei . for the git i-u ol w hich the per?o i v. ho gave it was iiaiticto punishm nt, and as he conscientiously believed that the os-der whs illegal, and Lieut. Wilkc* gave hrm no ilternative bHt to obey the oroer as it was, he contended f *h it tie was |iis'ified in hi* refusal, which he believed le t og itorv to his runk and sta'iou in the Navy. I Vith reference toihe second charge, lie said that heliaJ t given away the bowieknife pistol alter repeated sot.v .u- n ii in* in return i.?r service1 rendered to his government; h bi hud report*t the citv.'Mtrance to Captain Wilke* im- u riediu'elt on his return foi hi- approval, and had rt i| it st. < f.l Hint it might b-- placed to hi* j>r.'voteaccount,and ('apt j Wilkes had directed the ptrsnrto cLaige it tj him, rod ,i had n >> thought that it should be made a charge against , him until it became neces*arv to swell the lint of tniscon- c Jnrt <g iiu*t him. Whether it wai a crime deserving ol tj i>un'!?hment, the Court would deci le. c This defence was a most a'sle document, and reflect* credit on Mr. Gray, its author. We heard experienced ti officers itatu that they had never hu.ird a better during * their e\t?' ience. Thei.uurt was then cleared for deliberation and remain-'d in *uc ret w-ion about three quarters of an hour, rhen it wil re-opened, and the Judge. Adiocate directed r the Prtvo't to call Dr. Ouillou. f In reply to the usual question from th? Judge A lv.?catcDoctor Giillou replied that he was teidyto proceed to t rinl. The Ii-nna Auvocati: read the precept ordering: the a?senibling of the Comt, and the accused in answer to ? q-.K^cinn t -on the Judge Advocate, replied that lie had no objection-' t<> 'my member* oftn? Court. The Court ujn th-n sworn, and the accused, Assistant Sni-geou Ciuhi it? h . B. O'. n.Lot!, waa arraigned on the C following ohT<jei;? ,j Chsrg. k a' u Specifications of Charges preferred hr the Secrtta. v of the N'avy u|?on information of Lieu- r ten*-/ CharlesWukes, of the Unite I S'a'es Nary, |. as' inot Aiwitant Surg.-on Charles F. B Ouilloti, of tin n said N'avy. L Chakgc 1?Disobedience of Order*. ^ SrtcirtCATtoN I. '< In this, that the ?aid A-sbtant Surg'-on Charles F. B. 1 Giillou. then serving on board the United Bta'es 1-rin V "orp like, then attached to the Exploring 8qu idron, hav- tv ng on the fl-*t December, eighteen hundred and tliiriy..ine, p'epn e I a requisition for medicine* and ho*t>i'ai tores for iheat'o'esai I brig I'orpoise, sent it through his :?m-nsnling officer Lieuteuant CadwalUder Kn.rg.iid, commanding th>- brir af >re?ai I, to Lieutenant Charle- 01 Wilkes, tnecommanding officer of the aqua Iron afoie- W sell, tor his approval; and the said Lieutenant Charles di i'?r* niivmi;- nt tni-a:orc?ai.l rt<qui*itiivi bacW to the 111 <ai I Aisiitant Sn.i;oa < harles K. B Ouillon, 'hton^h st Kin rommind n!! o!'i i*r, the *ai.l CilIwhII ider Rinffol ', ? villi cartain inquire.-* i.i relation lo tli*> aaid requisition, < ritten 'h r mi,inu ,.i i<- icil h i I ?ij.i .! C W, the imtiiU c if ?*id I.ieutinnt I'hatle* Wilkes' name; the mid C l?i??4teni?nt Ca.i^ allx'ler Kingbolt, is?mu to said As- 1,1 . emit S irg'-on Ch irk'* K B Ouillou, h written order, ?1 la'ed on the fiii'th iliy of December, eightet n hun Irtni ?n 1 thirtv-niiu* I'l'-rcto n tnph'vl. m.i'knl A, and ii triad* 'Hrt of tliix *ji"ctli Vimo requiring bim, the aaul Assistant m Su.K?)a Charlw |i" B G lilloi <o return the requisition ?fore*aid, and to furnish :he information require I by ihi ni l I. nuten in* t'.'iarl. * WilUet. 'I he sai 1 A*?iM*nt 8nr> ie on Ch irles K b. O.iilloi Mil refuse to obey the ?nid .l? order of hit commanding otlicer, or to t/1\ r the informs- C ion require '. -i The following it the oriler alluded to : I'm A. .41 U. S. Bm<; l*oarnit*, > to Harbor of 9ydue\, Deo. 4, I *39. J th Sm :? You will, without further del iy, enclose to me the rel'i iiition which I returned to \ o i on the 31 imt., in e m ilianca with din-ctiona from the commander of thetxix- C( lition, asking information in reUtiou to some ol the item th You will ?lao furnish the informa'ion required, and *> rhich waa repeat*] to von by Mr. Waldron. ot Rcnuectfullv, Sir. &c., tr CAR. KINOOOLD, Lt. Ciimm' lt. I". 8. N tei "or A??'t Snr*eon Cms. F.B. Ouillou, Lt. S. Br. Porj>oise. A true ropy of the original : g T. W. WaLuao*. flrrciriCATiow II. In ihV.ontheflfth d iv of D'-c mber, el^h'een htm Irei' rii n I thHt-nine, Ihe saiJ A?i*tant SnrjT"on Chirlen F B. qi t'ullou, then ?er* i iir on i?>ard the b ie l ore- ai!, huvme k Itmthm|hlittnn RotwtB Jakmaa. tin Ini lb let ?mnt of the i 1'n i f, mi ord- i from M? com-n l.idi ir III ilar r, Li'ii'rr.aiii t'.i I vnli ider Ttnggoll. coin nmi'ini; IV heb^ tg nfirmaid, to vit : ?To return 'in- afiivail re.,tii hi ;ion of 'hi fimt D ceinber, ? i?tmu? <1 In ; In*, the aai.l 0 ha !"?F. B Oiilllnn.ill'l rff "ttn ohfv > ii lonlfP, ifp!;- C rtgthi?; he "h? I i ?n h requisition." Kurlner, tint on be evi >ing of thoafne la< in ntdr-?.?id, the vail A??ik- io] ant Sti.geon Charle* K. B (Miillotii'id di??.be? an order to th be a >me eflect delivered in perron by hi* ?ai I (;h?rlw K. I'm ft O.u:!on'? commanding ottiorr. thu *ai i Lieulet.aut Ca t- be vullader Itmfit"'-'- jnl ThefoUowiug ll Ihti fourdnion of the abort? ipeciQej. on :? n r f- ..n U. Bain Poarotur, > .if Tlitiradnj, D'-c. ft, I83P. ) b% *ia? wi I have J??t r*ee|?e|, throngb L:en? l-ihn?nn, ? coirr ,ilicat'on from you 'fated P-c. ih, o~dering m? wi-li"u .p V-Mvr de'tv to em lour to yon the :a pitition which )ou in; re'icoel me on'he Sd nit. j,,, tVbatever paper I -nay b ive reeei?e 1 on that day, t wi* . 1 iota are of ita ro.ninj. from yon. bn? mii>pn?iiig ro>ir *e| .ication to allude to a reqni'ition ?it'i m\ e|. nre appended, which I did reti-Wo frr.m Mr. T W. wal- a I iron, on <he 3d in?t. without envelope or a l.lrem.l rmpect- lii, reply That the pap*r in (jnn-tion hn no longer mv igntture ?h -t!i?t it iad'faced, and that I cannot return it a? an olli* ?ri document. I have not the paper b\ me. Ifiny i ? <-? Ii-ctfon aerre me, the lea.l-|n?neil no'o benea'h my tigm. ?ri ;>-e and ?igned W., a?ki information beyond my olli- iri ial eapac'tT ?o give. i?n Mr. Waldron did not i*|>oet to me the information re an nirod. Reapectfullv, of r. f. B. OUSLLOl*. ?ia C*?. Ki'com ?. F.?q. hn ?paciri( ?rtoa III. mP In that, the ??id A??i?'ant Surg.-nn rtnrlea F.B.O'iillon, a\ ing oi 'lie nxlh and irrenth ilayi of December, icli'i't a I .ndrr m t rhirtt nine, re? eii i-d f-oni hi" com- I'" landing .i fi r, aaid Lieutenant Cadualla'cr Ringgold, m'ten or -ra, 'id r.'ne to obe\ them in >vri 'en nn- rp' wer- h" {?, l?'.nn l',, i-ifhlh and v'nth oi I) i-mlier, el/hteen hu.i.lred nrd th' .y Inr T'-e <Mi>! ov. o'i r" P r|tVM iini'i er? briir hcrr .i a ti-rlieil, mark- \ .1 ' Jl1 "'iii (? nil > pn* i f th uHviflcaiion. T. li ming " '* b ''era alln,l?sl to ? noi V. Imn Pimp nan, H*ha"t a or H?p*rT, t fit December 5'h, IW s m Bin : IIjr wr?i?r to you ia rogtr4iotU? roqitniuoa rowtrno4 ok oe hfl 1.1 infant, and handed bv Lieut. Johnson. w a* ol in:oriuct ilvr. 1' -.hor.M tv-nri'atc tba.'iih December instead of the 4th, ind h um writ'en ? |r? moment* before being handed you. Respectfully, kc., ko., C. RINGGOLD, Ueirnimit Oniumi <tin?, L'. S. N. A??i?ti lit c!irn?on Chji? K. B. (K il >v. t'. s?\i ithout rtt U) you will turn vri li a copy <! the ii|tn?il*ou returned tojou, nu_ j.i sa\ i? !e(a> ,111 ordei iha-1 may be enabled to u . ..." muih* ;oni| l.e^ hiUjiii piojei linu. Risi-ecttullv, C. R A'niecop) tin irigiuals T. VV. V V A I D R O . L). U. S. B 10 ''orpoiik. t Dec inbei 6 b, Ic>r;0 > ' It : ? y i ill wl'Vout rfelay hand Int i> i a lequbltlon f?i < huh H<>s|,i'al ?tor??, neJ' mi. lov iUi* vessel for t s t> niouilm. 1 ?i to know wht'Uer you havi 1 r.-to re kept coplrt >i > rei*iit?, t.i|ui i'ion and papi-:t it at.nj; io joui iu.ii . ' Asm-tain Surgeon. Respectfully, ' C. RINliGOLD, Lieutenant ?'omm!ii)d:n;;, U. S. N. A?i??ant ~<uriroti i . t u. ui'illoi-, i . ? urig I'orpoite i true co; y nt thV i igiual : 'f. W. VVjLumn. K, c. S. Bum Pnnroisr., stdisk* haih.h, i Friday, Dec. 6, 1639. ? m :? I hf?vo just receive I a letter from you dated December > h.ttatiiig the incur, ettiiess o Jute of j our order ot > erda) Ti tliiw letter i* attached H P. 9. in which you order mr a it limit delay, to furuUh you ? ith acopj of tha rrquisilon returned to me. I Ie?|>ccf Uy r? that 1 have not he requisition in question. Respectfully, CHA?. F B GUI (.LOU, A'-'i. > u genu, U. .Navy. I'o Cad. Uimooold. Esq., Lf., L'. rt. N. 17. S. Briif Parpuise. K true copy of the original: t. w. wsldmo*. A U, Brno Poi>ron?, tdsif Hahbor, i December 6 h, ltO:?. ) Sta? In reply to to*' let'er of tliii date, i respectfully reply hut it It i>i \oil'' r o rtriul capacity to assume therespoiililiiiity ol ju tg' ut hr. required for marine a requisition if all the m> iicinei. ami hospital stores, vtcistary lor tlm n-si-el. lor in lean ns nonthR. 1 liave not one read\ made, vhich I can ' htnd in" to you. 1 reapoctfuliy decline an wering that part ot? jo'ii question referring to copies ot eports and requisition*, and merely state that 1 hare k?-pt ill fpiiM'is neces-ii \ to-me to keep, in accordance will he rules and regulations of the Navy,as an Assistant 8urreon. Resj^rilnlly, CHA*. F. B. QUILLOU, A*?'t. Surgeon, U. S. X. ro Cad. Rinoi.old, K*q l.t Com't, U. S. N. 17. S. B i ig 1'orpoiie A true rnpx of 'he original : T. W. Wsuiaos. O. U. 8. Brig Poarnisa, j December 7 ih, IS39. $ Sir? You are h rehy directed to furnish me wi h as little dea* as possible, n return ot all medicines, stores, instrulients, and all articles in the medical department, as well is their condition and quantit) ?together with a return of he articles ot the scientific department under a our charge. Respectfully, C. RINGGOLD, Lieut. Comd't, L*. b. N. liMstmit Surgeon C. K- B. Guillvu, U. S. N. A true cop> of the original : t. w. waldbo.i. Charuc 1 ? Scandalous conduct, tending to the deitruction of good merats. In that, the said A??in?nt Auigeon Charles F. B. Gailoil did, on or about the third day ot December, eighteen lUndrnl an t thirty.nine, destroy, conceal and erase hir lame from the requisition referred to in the firat t.|>? < itiaton of these charges, the nun! requisition being an otliciai locument. Chaxii 3. Neglect of duty. "PS CiriCATIOI 1. In t. a*, the said Aotstmit I'harle* K. B. Gtlillnu h- ik Serving on Nia.lthe I'llited States brig alorea.iid, living 011 the 8d day of December eighteen hundred ?!? ' hnt\ -liiiu, ri cei\< l thrc'tch Mr T. . Waltlton, Clerk o said .ieutenaiu Il.ucrgull a requisition; lor medicines md hotiii'ul stores feu the brig aforeaaid, u liiih requisition tad bet n previously submi'tud to the i omniandmg otli ei f the aqua Iron for hti approval, did refu-e to re'urn tin aid r- i|uisiriori when required to do *<> b\ hi- Commandrigo iiecron the fourth (lay of December eighteen han red 'lid thirt j-nine, und did also refuse to nniwer certain nqulries m li Wed in pencil on sa .1 requisition, and signed !. W., bein : information asked in relation to raid requi-ion by Litutenaut Charles Wilkes, the commanding other aforesaid. The said Assistant Surgeon Charle? F. B. Guillou there v negle ting bin duty and dela) ing the outftL ot the afoieiid t>i igA. P. UPSHUR. Nav\ Department, July 13'h 1841. 'Vit lenes?Onicem ol the Exploring Squadron geneally. 1 litional charges anil specification* of charge* preferi 1 l.y the Secretary of the Na\ y, u|x>n information ol Li .i*ein,nt fhatle- Wilkes of the L uiluJ state* Navj , against A.xistant Surgeon Charlei (V . I}. Guillou ol said Narv. charok 1. Disrespect to his Commanding O'ficrr. Sri:ctrirAiiox. In this, 'hat the said A?sis<ant Surgeon Charles K. B imlluu, then serving in the exploring expedition, on the thdav of October 1SI0, during an interview with Lieuteaiit Charles Wilkes, then.commanding the sai<i Expiring Expedition, on shot e at Honolulu, in the Sandw ch Hands, did in a h ?hl\ disrespectful manner declare thr e would not he tried b* a C un t convened by him, said .ieutenant Charles Wilkes, in the Squadron, ai d the aid ssisiaut Surgeon Char leu K u. (< tiilou, did in-ultingl> mttih tic; his commander a: the time .in.I on the orciistur tmniibi ??rtliii 'h it he, said Mmmnl Clwrla Milken, hail made certain pion lacs w hi< h lie, said L eu < ant CIjmIos Wilkes hail just i.-> luimed having made. Chakgk Disobe lieace of Orders. Specification. That, whereas, theS. cn tf?r> {of the Navy had issitrd'an rder dated Uth August 1S3H, to Lieutenant Churhs 'ilke?, r quiring nil the ottir.ers of the Kxploing Sqna. non, of uliirh "did Li< u enant Charles Wilkes was coman er, to keep a journal ol the cruize, and wln/i ea?,,the ml L'< utennet Charles Wilkes, in roulormity ?ith the ort aforesaid,did is?ue a written order to the officers of the ijnidron aforesaid, r<quiring 'hem to keep a full and inplete j<>u n-i! <>l ?he cruize, the said A -istai.t Surgeon harle? F. B. ti lilloit did fail to keep the journal requiri!.' r the order of rh Serritary .if'he Ntvj ,in disobedience ' the orders of s commanding otticer. Ciiakgk 3. Scandalous r duet tending to the destruction of good orals. Specification. I i this, that th- snld A--is.aU Surgeon Chnrles F. B. m.Km was with the other otli . rs <>l the Sqn'idivii, or!'ed by his commanding officer, the ?a!d Lieutenant Nnrles Wilkes. <> send in his journal, he'hesaid Assistant urgeon Ohai le> F. B Oui Ion did send in a very Imperci, mutilated journal w itli many ol the leaves torn out i I abstracted, and ? lien called upon to surrender them his commander, did refuse to do so, under the pretence lat'.hcy contained private mutter. A. P. UPSHUR. Navy Department, July 17th, l?4-i. The accused then reqiie ted that he might be allowed liinsel, and stated his bruther. Mr. Constaut Uuillou, of ie Phil idelphia B ir, would, by permission of the Court. t as uch, 'iid stated at the same time that he intended to ter a i rotest. which he hoped would save the Court the onble of invest igntine these chn-ges. The Court thon adjourned till 10 o'clock to-morrow, to if e the accused time to prepare his protest. Ot'lie I Mi ISr<sluns, efore (he Recorder, ludge Lynch, and Aldermen Pur.'y a id H ttlield. A' ot sT 2.? A' ih" "p niug of the Court, the following r .. . on. .I...I ?...! niial.TiAl ao ?.-..I I.. . H. a,,., ml lor the t? rm :? ' John R. Pet?n>, K?q., foreman ; Hi-nry A. Bench, Wilim l)nl*on, Villiam Howell, R"t>ert McOai), Wiiii?m ' rtiwi k, Jew* V?'i Sunt rand. Samuel L- vt-n-t, Hi. hmd ii Euk Gilbert llelticrt, J.ime* 8m?ll, William M. 1 on-, Jul in- llrrhrocl?, Thoma? P. Walworth, Dariua ' rli j?. loxepli O'Connei, John Mori in, ami Patrick Mc- l .rt-ry ? IV. 1 I he Hn'omun briefly charged the juror* on theseveral l>im hi illrcrtr in the atutute, nlvlml them to attend to 1 echHPfe' (gainst tlioie confine 1 in prl??n tint, and in- ' -ined them with regret that the calendar wai much avier tli hi i >liouln l>e .-it Ihi? seanoa of "he yaar. The ' rv then retired to attend to husine**. ' Tr'it'ftr F ir^li y ? John \le> ers. a CicrtMn, wa* put ' mn hi'trial mr bulgier in the 'hir.l decree, for ha>tug tin- morniig ol tne l8-h of June ent- red the grocerj ire ol I'Mo Sh dwell. cot ner ol Mott and Walker atieeti r !o-clng the 'oor. About 4 o'clock on Sunday morning " I'i'tllM'i J liii L. Mott KM on hi' urn home from th< ?' hiv e ?il 'i?.i -p-rd'h.' 'imr of th fture had''ern s en l.i% d .v.vinn the aple'nf the hingi*, and on en'e. - J' t ho found th" prisoner lying under he counter pretend* 0 t ?h ep,hi t on hi'injt nrou'nd h" aUemi'te 11 > collar Mot', lo brought him to the Polk e, Where In told ln?ti e ?li t II he hud lieen off of Blackwell's I'land ever in 'o tl.e clion. He likrtwine told Mott Se thought -he irtore wi.? i?ir?e nalile, an t he merely went in to lodge for the <ht. 9 The prisoner offered no defence, and til* jury after ort amence returned a xerdict of guiltv. The Court n'enced him tti the State Prison for three veais. lin'Af.?Th'imaa Wrav, alia' Fitzgerald, implead'd * h lame* (".. Burnt and John Ta? lor, was put upon hi? s I for burglary in the thir : degree, in having on the th of June cntpred the prrmi?ef< \o. 34 Sixth Avenue, a 1 stolen pronertv con?l?tin{ of saddl'-ry, harnm, kh" v-<|iic of$m*M, belonging'o little an 1 fonea. '' he ^ V * in 'ow \va' found to l>e broken rp?-n.and the no?ing d I en forced from the lock of the loor. Mr. Little ^ cr\r Mi diwntDrnl hi' property in a'tore in Houston eet, neir C lumbia, which win occupied hy ?UI7,,'I ?>eol 'lie property w a* found -in Hie n-isoner, and tne 1 << n'ion failed to connect him ?i h th# bnrflary. and t jim found him notgoilti. The piiefner was th' n n:<ndi ' f'?r trial on other cfcarge?. " ' he f'onrt then a 1 journrd till W' dnraday mo-ning, 11 d lock. Hapit.*!. I' k t.r ? Tliere is* i ever nn c\ i witliottt , ne good. The present h?rd titn'*f have had or e t od ellect. They have driven hundreds out cd (, ie^? on to farms to produce splendid crops, help i i?e fine healthy rhildrrn, and good fal catfle. N'o ^ >t ne*d etarve in thfM United fun?. r illy Intelligence. The Habeas Coun t It will be recollected that ?'? reported two or three day sshice, the arrest of Jack Cherry an.I Carol nr Alder, on the ohjrge of robbing a greenhorn name. 1 William Bellows, of >16), at a bouse of illiainr. Justice Stevens .'ummiueJ tue previous p.ili to prison in default of procuring good and l>-?il in the mm o! > ?(Wi euch, lor their appearance h' S- s* sious to kn*\*cr thecuatge. Venter ay, how heir eorn-el, A I) lli'Mel, brougut thetu b. lore J'lnge lieu .111 k ? iit ot n Jt*at iuifi it, who adinitu ' tlieui to t>uil in ibefum ot $ jUu i nch. Caroline Al er ? a? bailed bj :he notorious Mo.l buu.i lci'i, the Keeper ol u bro'hel at 37 i'i.oiims stivwlio made utti'avil thai <h( w t v o h tlitH) over ad del ? and liabilities, l*u Ji1 no* u oj wiiut her pro ??rty consisted, or where it a- locate< not hr> ?lie requirei to <lo so by hi? Horn Ju-ljjo 1 ich. J ok Cherry ? ?* bailed by hi? brother I aac S ( rry, of :rt Thompson stree , an1' William D ngler, nf 3! 1 "roadway, wholio.iud themselves in lie su *of };J0 cru h for ln? appeal aucc at Court. Thus the pm jus cha g-d witu the robbery are at large, while the un ./ruinate Bellows, in addition to being stripped of bis money, is confinr I iu the Tombs as a witness against tliein, in cor sequence o:" Uis inabil.ty to procure bail for tiis to testify. That $1000 Nsik.?We o'.u'od a few 'ays tins tint an owuer w a.> wanted lor * fdOf'O note oi the Union Rank taken from the notorious Charles Stone 'litis French Jack, by direction of Justice Parker. O. don :ay ev>mng Mr. John J. < 'lay ton, ol Augusta, Georgia, nn? hoarding at IliwardV Hotel, came u> the Police and made itlidavit that on the joili of July he drew some money ( from .the Union Bank, among which were thiPe$>|(i*' no .iu I that oil Saturd i\ Iuxt lie discovered that he hi1 I been robbed of oii?of the uute?, which lie presumed w a. j t ik?'ii out of his pocket hook after hrl. nl retired fo'' the I night, and from certain ciri um-tances he was led 10 be- j lieve thai the note obtained Irnm Stone w*> the one ol vhich he ha 1 been robbed. Other evidence wai adduced which poiuted out French Jack at the tlii f, and yeaterday, after examination, he wai committed to answer the charge. Ciusr.r. or EtToano*.?Yesterday two young men named Walter Lamb nnd David Orilfen, were arrested ou complaint of James U. Gregory, of Jer?ej ( ity, Well known a*the Manager ol the J?rsey Hiid several of the Southern Ltttiriek, who cha ged them with attempting to extort money from him by mean1 of anou> moui letters, threatening to expose a connection, which thev asserted existed between liim and the lottery render* of this city, Vl'>aii\ and Philadelphia, in violat ng the laws of this S ato J?d Pennsylvania against th sale of lotlerv ticket*, unless he piiid them u ftim of money. The lirii of these let'em contained a handbill directed to his Honor he Max or. and pur |>orted t?i be a list of 'he places of I 11 in< ss of fifty-six persons in this city engaged in the ki|< if lottery tickets, which handbills it wa? sta'ed would he i'ost?'d thtouifhoiit the str. ets. Several other letters follow ed, all signed X. V. / except the la?f, I'eq ictlng n interview with Gregor) :it Pine's Coffee- H"U?e,whifh * as igued S S. Williams. Mr. Gregory having obtained information that the letters were sent bv O ilten Si Lamb, made affidavit against them nnd procured their arrekt as ahove stated. 'I hey w ere examined ami committed, although they denied all know ledge of the letters received by Oregory. "The Section of fhe Revised Statues, on which this arre*t was made, declares the sending of anonymous or forged iutters to ?ii) person, "threatening therein to accuse any person of any ciime, with a view or intent to extort or gain aav money or anv proper y of any description, helvnging to another, shall, ti|>oii conviction, beadjudge 1 guilt) of an attempt to rob, and .'h ill be punished by imprisonment in a Slata Prison not exceeding five years. Financirriko.?One of the numerous clnrs, known in Wall street as street-brokers, wasyestcrdav arrested by officer J. L. Smith, on thechargeof carrying oft $7a 37 ents, from the oltii e of John 'I homp'on, Nt. jO Wall street, on the 30th of Jul), under the fellowing circumstances On the day in question, Thomas J.Oolcmnn, clerk to Mr. Thompson, wai alone in theotlice, when the street bioker, who e name it John K. Palmer, -anie in tm1 a-ked him to give him $7.*>uncurrent nn?a?v for bankable, jnd alio a* the difference. I he clerk counted out $7.5 tin.t three shillings, and laid it on the counter, when Pair, e' "ooliv picked it up and walked out ef the office, sax ing lie would hand in the current when convenient. Hi was commit'* I for examination on the charge. Thk Staihuxo Cask?Justice Steven.;, accompanied bv the Coroner, ye?terda> called on Charles McGivem, w hois still (outiued at the City If>spital, from the eff. cts it the wound initiated on him on boanl the steam Ik ml Wave on Sunday night, by Thom-ts Malum. Justice Ste venstook his atli lavit in relation to th-matier,where:u he states that Vidian insul'eil lii- friend Meaoham and himselt at Staten Island, by refusing to| rink with them, that hey afterwards hail a clinch ou board th" bout. n I were separated by the passengers, that th-j went at it again whin ho struck, who returned the compliment by planting a few inches of co'd fn lis abdomen. Mohan it in prison, the magi?tra:es refu* sing to admit him tu bail so long as .McOivern remain* in his prevent precarious state. Tup Lr?h Gimk?On Monday evening Jam' u Ke!h of 140J Norfolk it reet, got gloriously fud led and broii^ lit up at 11 grog shop No. 159 Anthony street, where ho repaired till morning, when hedl?eovcre.l tliat he wa* ndiiit his |?>rUet book and some $40. IIt* accused Thomas Hardy, the bar tender,|of knowing*fomething about the lost rn?h, when tha* worth) returned him a rover gn, i. wod.dlar no'e an-t half dollar. Not Iteinp willing ti ettlein this way, Kelly complained against (luilr & ih? Police, and he wa? arretted and committed on charge ot perpeirating the robbery . *teali*o Fi"irRv.?Margaret Davis, >rho is n;>ithe> * ouug nor handsome, yesterday laid violent hands o i the iiew Sun'av tionnet and apairof wold etr-rings wor h >11" in-longing to Mrs. Maigaret Mather of IX Centre street. Margaret was stripped of the spoil* and gallanted to the tombs. DnowNF.n?On Monday evening, Jacob Lilliford, ane jrn, tiired a boat nt Peck Slip from E 'ward McOwin, lor he purpose of going on board the Pilot floa Klv, 1\ing at Brooklyn, he l>eiiig the steward of tha* vessel". In ?iep ning on board the boat, he lost his balance aud fell over, board, and al'hough his lnxly recovere<l in nlnjut twenty minutes, 1 fe was extinct. An iaquest was held o-i thel)oiy by the Coroner, and a verdict of occul utal lrownii.g rendered. Hprclal SfMlnns, Before Judge Lvtieh and Alderman Purdy and Hitfleld. At*o. *.?win. i n? jnr w a? men i>ir uuni quantity of carver'- chisels fix>m Oeorge H. B'ick. It appearing ihr.tthe tools belonged to prisoner, and Buck ou'y h-l the n a- collateral security for $6 loaned, the Cou t a.juilg*! )t tin not guilty. J uie Kenton, a neat tidv looking young won*a, v. as Tied foi dealing a shawl from the store of John Hannah. It appeared that n filter of the prisoner mole thelhaw 1, iid on liei arrest, ?he prisoner cl'iimed it as Uer propeiti. Evid< nee of 'j;oo<l i h.uaeter was introduced, anil n per'on swoir that the shawl had been the property of prisoner tor two year*. The Court a ju Ige ! her n t guilty. The s-ini'1 prisoner w as 'hen tried for tealing a shawl from Heath'* store in Chatham street, and co..vieted. The same prisoner was tried on a third cha ge for atoaling a shaw 1 from the store of Robert J. H nnah, and adjudged guilty. The Court remanded her to prison Tin'sda* for sen' m e. John Bio\vn,< f ih?' genus loafer, was convicted of steal ing n eoat trom the-tore ot John P. O il l-mltli, in FUiton itrn-t, and was sent to the island for three month*. P avid Couian, an Irish laborc, was tried tor giving hi' wile Mar^ a ?ovcre flogg'ng. The prisoner said his l i* n as lealoiis of hitn, and took every occaMon to annoy a id fret him, hut if the Court would let him ofF, he would li tea y, and keep the pare towards her. This fellow w ,s discharged by 'lie Co:trt, only a fortnight since en the ?ame promi'e. The Court found him guilty, and sent him to the Penitentiary for 90 days. The prisoner made alow how to the Court, and "thanked his Honor that it was no worse." Jane Fitzgerall, an elderly Irish matron, was tried for 1 beat in / and scratching her neam< ighl>or, Jane McBri ", while under the influence of liquor. The prisoner she "done w hat (.he did to preserve her own life, when Mrs. McBride spit in her tace, and that was alL" Found guilty, and ?ent to the Cltj Prison for five dav?. Peter Francis, a negro loafer, was tried for stealing a ' piece of cusnimere Irotn the store ot Ilapelyea k Lockwood. The prisoner was caught in the act by acartm m, 1'iit the nrlwner pi rdsted in ?a> it g tl eelot'b v. as glvci him A'ju lged guilty and sent up lor s:* months. JehnHinev. a dandy negro, was tri?*d for steal-ng n jiinntity of minU skins frnm the sto-e of (Jilt V Co n M?j leu lane, M hich lie "old to a Mr. I. >'d to Whom h" :epr aented hi hid brought them from Jam aRiver. H. af erwar'itoM several different stories in relation to the iroperty. Found guilty and sent to get ou atone for six nonths. Anthony Lewis, a negro, for beatlnghi* v.ffor at'er.d g a "nigger meeting" w ithout hiscon-'-rt, v. as adjudged {'illy and sent to the Tomb* tor 'hirty lays. James Smith alius Campbell, a red hea I In ' r, w ith a leautiful suit of deep mourning encircling hia grey leepera, w.i? tried for an assault and bhiiery on J' hn Iradv, in whose store he kicked up a considerable ol a hin^v, de?tro> ed hi? groct rie?, Jtc.., Iiecmise he tefuaed to elt him a glass of brandy . On being arrest ad by watchnan William Floeker. he made fight, knocked the do a n several times, bit him. See. He was finally ?e tired in the watch house, and on the n?or morning he ruck the captain of the watch and several othenrAdadged guilty and sent to the penitentiary o * "Adjourned till Fridav morning ne\t.Jt 0 o'clock. Bm iihrniits. ItOrTHRTlN DISTRICT OF NF.W YORK Robert Swaitwout, ma??uier, ^Edmund Arnou*. tailor, N. York. } Oifden F-. FaIwuhIk, leather ilenler, K?p. S. William O I.yon and Nnth'l Line, ffirtrn of Lyon fc " m* A. Ii W. O. Lyon, and in their individual capacities) t "k*!? CoWi'ork, formerly ?hip-,'Uilder, New York. ' Hamnel H. Foster, (late "firm of Foi-ti r & fca?ton,).V. V. " ^fi?iri?m M. CUifce. (! * Staple* It Clarke,) New \nrk, t, >p. s. Cornel'ua Lnnainr, (la?e firm Lan*in?( & Tarkcr.) firm- 1 llle, HI r.o ,) Sep' I* b Of?- YAt'XIIALL 'iARnF.V OIVF.* A ORKAT FA- ' crtainn'e t to-ninh'. J. S. B~n?n, tii" treat r.iiriPilv, < n lMf* er in new rhrcn it?, nlje., hv n !<0"t n s r the Park rompanr. Mf? M< taj er r id' s m< t d? < i- ? M M? on Tneidar evening ail thoae v v> ha\ e ' ?! w Mod hrMine'n *ri Hon ,?'kn.Hvlt d" tha never a:nc i'? apjji aia>'.e > '|i' u"' T\ he, ne tea wih iin 1: B plrlt. Pe?l? <if laitshlir nnl u|ipl"t?.'ThIIow r TJ 11 > nre he u t> r- and th" heart? w "liyme h< ? 'CeU ? hi n ie *ippe<r? ra, h rv i ing, fIioiiM ron?lnee him of t!ie I.i(f' stn-ni in which he in hel I by the Nf? York atidience - ' J phi? i? 'he la?t week of hi? en(fn!?ement ; thoae who u i'h b n ?ee him before hi* departnro ?howld ?ni7e the present pportunitv. He appears t<.-iii?ht in oneof hi? heat eh artera. fh? pretty ViiM Uaatayar atao | " BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. \\ lahlll^luil, [Cori?*|>?tMleucr of the Hirald.] Washington, Monday, 3 P. M. Coiigrisw'1'hr Thui > ? l'lii- l\c\: Sitnalr^ 1 he \V hi- I'nily In t'i-Senate tint rnormng Mr. K\ vom the Finmet Ct'iumiskr, r itiiKil llii Ann) A|vropn<J .< u i?i.l, j j:i w lii-.-.i luc* and i'im^rtvJ. on *ome ni it? details. The C< UinHUee recommend ili.ii the Senate in?ist on ;?li the amend* ni'-niH which the Senate hud engr-died upomlie bill, iud the House had reused to coiicur in, with the exception ut u tingle i n'1, and u'mj u committee ot conltr ncc Thtawaa accepted by the Senate. The Naturalization Bill introduced by Mr VV.ilk?r, proposing to reduce the term of probation trout five to two year-, was called up, but it was I.'id on the table by a t-mall majority. Some morning bu-ir.etm was transacted, when the Taritl Hill was taken up. The queatli u being on the motion to strike out the distribution feature, Mr. Huchauan took the floor in support o! the motion. In referring to the veto ni.'HBage on the little taiiff bill, Mr. bttchanan called to order by the President. Some conitii ;i and explanation occurred, when it .tp tkred that there was no difference between Mr. 1'liclian; 'i uii'J 111" Chair, and the gentieii an pu Ctt drd wita ius^xech. He made a very strong d. 'nik'i;! r'ltliiliuiioii, ami whs followed on the oth> r i-i< v.^ir Critt nden.aiid Mr Buchanan i i.ow .n i lie it 'st of ri r",'!y The expectation is ui ii tlie Ini* will on Thursday. In iliut tvent, Coi.j'esb m?.y be ready to udjourn on the fifteenth instant. The House thi-? morning took up the Contingent Appropriation Bill, and concurred in the action of tue committee of the whole and ordered the bill to be engrossed. There wa? then a struggle for priority of business, but eventually the Senate bill for the re-organization of the army wad taken, and is under discussion. The great treaty is nearly completed, and the expectation is that it will be communicated to the Senate on Wednesday. The debate may be protracted lor several dtys, perhaps,but the re is no reawh for de tailing the House after the legislative business is fini hed J in' subsi-ting hostile relations between the Presilent ami the whig party, and the certainty thnt the vigor of feeling in not likely to be relaxed during the Presidential term, render the political complexton of the Senate in the next Congress a inaitrr of considerable inteie&t The decirive roatioi of the which the whig# have enjoyed Unci the accession ot Mr. Tyler,has enabled them to thwart and embarrass the administration, and never since the organization of the government lias the power of a majority been so desjaitically exercised. Unexceptionable nominations have been rejected, ini|>eitinent enquiries addressed to the executive aud the heads ot departments, the Executive functions iutertered with?in shoit, every thing possible hat been done, and many inipossibiiiiitsattempted, to annoy the Chief Magi.-trate and di grade Hie Presidential office. If the whigs maintain the ascendancy in the S"nate, these practice** will be continued, and an Uie Presidential canvass proceeds, with additional mean?and incentives to annoyance, ind under circumstances ot aggravated in.-oience and overbearing intolerance. U is of much ini| ort, therefore, to Uie harmony of the Government, mid to the peaceful adininistiatiou ot its afl.iirs, no l>--w than the welfare of the country, that there should t>e a republican majority in the Senate, alter the recent Congres.-. A little analysis of the matter, and a glance at ihe probabilities, is all thai tan lie attempted now. The term of f-'venteen Senators expires on the 1th of March next. Of these, ten are democrats, aud seven whigs. The democrats are? William*, ol Maine; Wilcox. N. H.; Smith, Conn.; Wright, N.V ; Buchanan, IVni;.; Cullilieit, G?u.; Ba^tiy , Ala ; Allen, Olno; Young, llliuuu; Linn, i Tile Doliticiil condition of th??*f ?u-v?r?l It..i?= Mich (hit! there is no probability of a demociutic 1> a* in either. '1 he following are the Whigs who go out:? Crafts, ot Vermont ; Kerr, Marylmi.l; Graham, N. C. Pn?tuD, S. C.; Conrad. Lou.; Crilteu<leu, Ken.; h.i iili, Indiana. The Whiz* will elect Senaiorsin Vermont and Kentucky; Louisiana doubtful, hut probably Whig. The d<m<craW will most lik< 1> gain in May lard, N'orih Carolina, Souih Carolina, ami The Senate now consists ol ihiriy Wings and wenty democrats, nud two vacancies in T nnetfee. There is a Senator lo be chosen in New Jeiaey. in tin* place ol Mr. Southard The democrats will jirob.tblv elect in Tennessee anil peihn|*- 111 New lerser The Senate, after the 4th of March, then, may unfairly estimated to sund 88 follows:? Democrats ... 25 Whins ... .21 And New Jersey, Norih Carolina, and Louisiana, liiubtlnl. Mr. Hives is embraced in the twmtv four whig"-, but he has no sympathy wiih them rior any -it their ultra measures, and will ne\er op)**'- a factious residence to the iiolicv ol the admini-tia ion lu view of all these things >m<l taking into cwid ration the fact that a large majority r t the people have become di gu-ted with the wretched policy ?*n<! btokeit promises of the whus, ami we tiunk it trite to calculate in?on ihe control |<a-*ing frcim me whi^s in the Senate as well as the llou.-e, nil also uprni u rood understanding and a cordt I coopt ration between the ex-ruti\e and Irgi I ti\e lr*ntrh>'H nf th- ^ovrrninent furtne last two years of Mr. Tyler's pr sent presidential term The wni'^s e.r ruined for the present pg a party. I ruitr no Mate i?I thing* cnuM they have n<aint. in? d 'tie ascendaucy which ih< y had inquired hv a turtuitouf concurrence < ( fivoraMe circumstances. They mule a fundamental and fa al error in the .land contest of I8*i, when th?y promised inlinediale and Mii^faniiol Huf ?o the people from the action o| Congre;* It wns u blunder? worce, in po.ilical tactics, according to the French ttaterin-ui, than a crime. Promiree of this i-ori may-do their wotk in the canvass, but when the time tor fulfil ruent arrives, the iini>oaition is*xposed;in pro|K>rtion to the disappointment of ihr people isihe reaction igainst the party which praciist-d the cheat. Baltimore. [Correspondence of the Herald.] Baltimore, Auguft i, 1H4J. Ma. F.niTOR ? The Vnrj l?nd Cadet* left y tmterday afternoon a* agreed upon, for Boston. An inmcniv body ot citizen*, probably not le?s tuan three thotunnd, accompanied them to the boit j and when the (teanier commenced moving off, cmclly separating for a time, the " loving and the loved," the band * uck up ita myelitic note*, which were re*punded to with three enthusiastic cheers. The priu flag w aved aver them in l>erotning elegance?every thing looked m it should? each countenance ?ai lit up with f nd antici. l>atiom, etch heart biat with d? light, and aionnd ea< h I) ow there were rich wreath* of well earned laurel* which grow greener wi'h age. 1 lie weather *tHl continue* tirligh'fullv corl. 'I he mercury did not rise higher yesterisy than 7ti deg.?It is HOW 70 'deg. B'i?inr?* for the priient week'Ita* far, set mt 'o hava rtow-n a little more active. Thi?, how eve* , maj h. domewhat owing to a changi in Hie ainoxphere. The otf. r. ng*of Beet Cattle y.?'inlay counted 't-it he*d, and 131 IidoiI were sold at f-i a $1 ao per 1(x) lb?, w hi< h i? an adranee. Near 'JOO hea I have pw-I on 'o the North ?tn< e Sunday. Howard *'ree* Flour has declined i? ? , f<71 from "tore*. Ct> Mill* i* in d-n.and hi f?; lav. fni. of *ii*<iuehannah Kiour were made at f6. >ale? of prime Yfar\ land Wheat have taken niur.. ?? ? ..... roro *1 tft a $1 .0, aad ol White do at ? a <,| ft. tVhi?k?-y In in demand at -i5 i < lit* (or lilulo ami M do lo:" jbl?. Tb< re * w ?n ?larm of fin* thi* morning, hut I think It ?i> fa We. Your*, RODERICK. Philadelphia, [Com*>|iinii> nrr of tlir Hrmld.] Phii ton rim. Aiiftn-t a, isiq. nrraifiil Rint$, anil O baKtt?T>.t M>bi fill en fen'.? THr Skiriff'i /' *?# hraltn hnck?Tkt Military oriirrrti a'. I j eeterder fcn* von information that a diitnrbmire ha 1 irokm out et ween the whiten and black*. AfW I closed [i) letter the Moody collision grew more denperate mid he ron?Pi|iirn((M more nrrioun than they had hitherto n. I taw tay*elfone man mo*' wantonly aet uinn nnd a'en by fifty or mom white*, wh) dit not de*i?t until hey ?nppo?ed he wm dead. Romeaix or eifcht hlaeki ? a* -eated in thi* way, and all molt dreadfully mangled.? bree or four white per*on* were alao wounded !>y the lack*. Thi? momlnpr I viti'ed the ncene of ve*terda> * outreak. The *|>irit of dlaorder th?t prevailed yitiemay itoughmit the lower section of the ci'y react ed tlie hu\lki I. a id r anifeitivl it?eli" by a??emblm--* i?f men the < veia! come ? ol th? 'trrCn, m?ny of 'Item armed rl h hilelah* an1 oluh?. Soon after two black m> n b e' tln-Tr ? Ivi "., ivhich # i? th' tibial fur :?i? attn k. I 'liwce'ot 1 p ti In 'he molt in the hmhA furioo* n, er, ar.db rely i ?. nped with tlndr live*. 1 lie* war horibh be iten n> 1 cut, and lint for the interferem e ol Mr. ewe*, at 'he foot of Walnut ?tre?t, u h i rut th m n'o I- M?rehon*e and locked them np, would donhtle** have MB killed. In ro?<.oqiience of thi? outbreak, and the spirit mnni>?ted by ?li<* increnin*; crowd, a mtitenger ? M tent to le ?b?titf toe id. About half pat eleven o'clock th* . ?J

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