Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 8, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 8, 1842 Page 1
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i , ,111 i i ??=aMnae= TH Vol. VIII.?Ho. ?I7 - Wliol* Ho. 3069. RAILROADS & STEAMBOATS. POMEROY C OAS ALBANY, BUFFALO AND CHICAGO EXTRESS. ilA imsm Th.- rTb? nl^M .in7M..W running ?<*rul?r Eiprrss <""*r the Railroads to mi.l (rom Albany in J Buflalo, and the intermediate places, for FORWARDING, ?t low rate, with the utm.wt speed, regularity and safety. choice Goods, Bpecie, Bank Notes, Important f'ajiers and Valuable Packwt?Will attend t* the negoti ?ion, transfer, collection or |i.tyinent of Bills ol Exchauge, Nott s, Dibits, Acceptances, Acooouts, See., at reasonable per ccnlatf*?eiecute orders for the purchase or sale ! Merchandise, Produce and Mannfactared Articles of every description. i" isonallv, in the tswns on their route, through <l,Mrs. HX.RNDEN k CO'S EXPRESS to New York and Boatpn.and Mcisrs. IIAWLEY k CO.'S EXPRESS to au<l from Buffalo to Cleveland, Detroit and (jhlcago and intermediate places?forming at onre the most direct, ?i? edy and peifsct communication to am) from the eastern and western cities, for the negotiation and transaction of all mercantile and |ii ifcsaional basilicas, remittances, exchanges. kc. Reference*?Eraatas Corning, Thomas W. Olcott, Watts Sherman, A. D. I'atchiu, Noah L?e, James Taylor, 1 hrodore Olcott, Albany. Agencies?Bennett, Backus Ik Hawley.Utica : T. A. Smith, Syracuse ; A. G. Smith, Auburn ; J. Fargo, Geueva ; J. G. SLeplierd, Canaudaigua ; David Hayt, Rochester; John Me Kensitr, L*ocnpori ; j.;uk, oanvn ; i nomas ttioMom. Buffalo. , TOMEROV U CO, No. 5 (Cxchange Buildings, Albany. al 1 3 Wall itrret, N#w York. SCHOOLEY'S?UMOUNTAIN, E AS^!h ^Tn LK H KJ^AnT^A^ENTOWN, PENN. Daily, (Sundays excepted,) via?Elixahethtown and Somerville Railroad. Leave pier ] North River, at 8>g o'clock, A M, by steamboat to Elizabethport, or leave the foot of Liberty street at 9 o'clock A M, take the PliiladeInhia train to Elir.abettitown, there to conuect with the car? for Somerville; coaches from tli.uce arming at Schooley's Mountain early the saune afternoon, at KUton by 6 o'clock, Betl lehem at 7>? o'clack, and Alleiitown at 8't o'clock the tame evi niuif. For seats or further information, apply to A D HOPE, Merchant*' HotrJ, 41 Courtlandt stret, at the Railroad Oifiec, foot of Liberty street, or on board the boatFare through to Schooley's Mountain, $2.25 " Eiston, S2.00 " Beihelem, (2,75 " Allentown, $3,00 N B?Extras provided at the shortest notice. P S?This route ou account of the ahort distance by coach ('a commends itself to the public patronage aa being by far the most pleasant and expeditions. jy6 Im'c FKKXGHT AXU PAS8AUK~TO PITTBBURG. bi The proprietors of Biniihiin'a Transportation Line to Pittsburg, give notice to the Merchant* of New York, and all other persona shipping to the West, that their line is now in active opt rati or Goods consigned to them (or scut to go in line,) will he forwarded with despatch. Owners or shippers of goods, destined for that Western States, who have no agent or consignee at Pittsburg, will please consign their roods ta William Bingham, Pittsburg, who will attend to snipping all such conaiguments without iWday. All goods should he marked distinctly on eacn package BINGHAM'S LINE. For ate* of freight, which are as low as anv other IIuk, apply o WM. TYSON, Agent. No. 8 West street, op|K>site Pier No. 2, N. R. N. B. Passengers forwarded to Pittsburg and Potlsville,every day, Sundays excepted. Refer to U. Crooks, American Fnr Co.; S. T. Nicoil, {front street; Phelps, Dodge It Co., Kultou street j Suydain. Sage Si ('o ; Wm. Rankin, Durvee St Co, Newark. mt> 3m RAIL ROAD?ALBANY AND SARATOGA. ~nJWJ Travellers to Saratoga Springs, Lake Get rgc, Whitehall and Lower Canada, are informed that they will insure to themselves an expeditious and pleasant conveyance to the Springs bv t iking the Rail Roa I cars at A|)auy. HOURS OF DEPARTURE. From Albany. From Saratoga. At 6 o clock, A. 1*1. At 7 o clock, A. M " 9 " " " " " " 3 " P. M. | " 3K " P M. There is no change of Coaches or Baggage Wagons, or shift111k' ol'Bavgage from one Steamboat to another on llili route. Passengers on their arrival at Saratoga, will find stage cnarhes in readint ss to convey tnem to Lake George and Whitehall on Lake Ch>mplain; connecting with all the principal Northern and Eastern Stage routes. A Stage (foi tlie convenience of passengers who arrive by the afte<noou tram from Albany,) leaves Saratoga at 5 o'clock A. M. arrives at Whitehall in time for the departure of the Ch tm|.l*in steamboat of s> ime day, and brings eastern trav Hers to Ilutlaii 1, Vt early in the evening. N. U. There arc hazirage wagons always in readiness, at Albany, on the arrival of ttie steamboats and rail road cars, to carry tlie biggage of passengers direct to and from the de|>ot mid steamboat at t'ie rate of r,cents per trunk or package, or 12% Cents forordinaiy travelling baggage. The denirtures for the west are filed for the season at 1% o'clock, A. M. and 7 P. M. JOHN COSTIGAN, Superintendent. Albany, June 27th, 1812. jt27 3m r RAILROAD NOTICE. MARKET AND FREIGHT LINK. Baa NR\V IJIUJNhWICK ANI> NE# ToiFk. rPHE NF.W JERSEY Railroad and Transportation Com1 i>any have established a Freight Line between New^ Brunswick and New York, which they intend to run permanently. Lei-ving New Brunswick at i){ A. M. daily, (Sundays eicented) and the foot o( Liber tyntreft. New York, at 2>? P. M. To country dealers aud merchants the al>ove line is very desirable for tlie s|u-edy and cneap conveyance ol merchandise of evury description, and more particularly to Drovers and Dealers in Live Stock, wlm can have 150 bead of cattle conveyed between New Brunswick aud New York, the same day whenever required. Tin* rates for the transportation of cattle, horses, mules, sheep, hogs, fkc. and all other kinds of merchandise are very low, never exceeding steamboat prices. Merchandise sent by this linn is not subject to any extra charge in crossing the North River. The Company Wave fitted up a large storehouse at New Brunswick, adjoining tile Railroad Depot, which will always keopen for the reception of merchandise. Paumgera purchasing their tickets at the ticket offices, will receive f?rry tickets gratis. IT/"" Freight fur Newark. Elixabethtown, Railway, Westfield, Pl.-.inneld, Scotch Plains, Boundhrook wd Somen ille, is conveyed by the above lines, and delivered the same day when received. , mH 3m* _ STATEN ISLAND FERRY. H oot of Whitehall street. Tlie steamers STATEN ISLANDER and SAMSON will leave New York aud rfcitcn Island ever)'hour, from 8 A M to 1 T M. All goods are re<|uircd to be |>articularly marked, and ate at the risk of the owners thereof. jyl OPPOSITION LINE FOR ALBANY. KARE REDUCED ! '. CABIN PASSAGE $1 00 DECK PASSAGE ? 76 FREIGHT TAKEN AT REDUCED PRiCES. commodious Steamboat WAHHINGfi" - Captain J. M. Brown, liaving made xr - "\1 MT arrangements to change her days of leaving New Vork, will hereafter leave the loot of Robinson street, New York, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sa'orday afternoon, at 5 oxlock, and Albany, every Monday, We dries clay, and Krilay afternoon, at 5 o'clock, landing on her pa&sage each way at the foot of Hammond street, Newburgh, Poughkeepaie, Kingston Pfiint, Cattskill and Hudson. Kor fr< i-'ht or postage. anply to the Captain on board, or to D. RANDOLPH MARTIN. No. IK2 Weststreet. j>13 lm*c EVENING LINE FOR ALBANY DIRECT, ,?ra At seven o'clock, P. M., from the steam boat *?' . -JP pier between Courtlandt and Liberty streets. - ag- -J T|,? ,te,rabo?i SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. L. W Urauittid, leaves the above pier Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at seven o'clock. T. M. Th-steamboat ROCHESTER, Capt. A.St. John, leaves the aboie pier Tuesday, Ttv'rsday and Saturday afternoon, at semu o'clock. Th<- ^bove boats are new and substantial are ftiinished with elegant state rooms, and in every lespectareu nsurpassed among me nudtoti Hirer steamers. For passage or might, apply on board, or to V. C. SCHULTZ, At the office on the wharf, or on board. Passengers taking thii line of boat*, will at all time* arrive at Albany in time for the first train of cars for the east and we?t. iy? OCEAN HOUSE. Long Brauch, Romson, VT*) Drown' Doek, Midi' town, Eatontown Dock Ti ML^L-hhI Red Bank, Shri wsbury.?The steamboat IOLAS, Captain Allaire, will leave New York from Kolton Market Slip, East River, every morning at 8 o'clock for Red Bank. (egceiit Thursday, on wnicli day the boat goes to Eatonto*n Dork.) Returning, will leave at I o'clock each day. The loin will run ax above, navigation and weather permitting, until Inrther notice. ? " freight and baggage at th? rink of the owners ihe-eof. ' >*. 1XIV j?2T)mc KEISNEBEC~AND BOSTON. " ?XlT ,irw splendid steamer J. W. RICH* Mi-jtirtf MO\D, Nathaniel Kimball, matter, will , ?r. '""'h ?id? of T. wharf, Boston, every Tuesday and F> iilay evening at 7 o'clock, for Oardimr an,I llallowelliaiid refoming will leave Halloweli on Monday* and 1 hurtdaj at 1 , r. M., i incline each way at Bath. 1" re from Boston to Halloweli, $1 00 " Bath, 2 Ml Stages will be in readiness on the arrival of the boat at Hallow, II, fo convey passe^ers to Auginta, Waterville, B.rigor, Belfast tnd Quebec. fTtsnni travelling for pleasure will find few) ideasan'er rontes than this one to Quebec, a? it mm through a eotintrr abonndiiu in beautiful scenery?the roads re good, and the hotels well kept?the distance 210 miles. 10 ID l!in*c j /x'A CHE A I' KXl/UltHION to .the Khhum C~ Banks, > very day, excent Tuesday* and Fri' *-*-" ?'cents aacn way?The steamer NAPOLEON, ('apt. II i-acos, will run regularly to the above pi ice every fair day, and ivc as follows?Foot of Hammand street at 9 o'clock, Canal street quarter iwst 9, Market street half pant 9. Catharine ferry Brooklyn 91*, pier No. 1 North river at 10 o'clock. On Tri'sdiy* and Fridays the Napoleon will make afternoon etciirsion to Cmey Island, I tmlin{ at Fort Hamilton and Bath?(the steamboat Jackson will continue to run to the place every other day in the week)?and leave n? >1lowt?Foot of Hammond street at 2 o'clock, Canal street a q.iarter pMt 2, Pike street UV. pier No I at I o'clock?F .. 23 Cents each way. The .boat will remain at Coney Island one hour and a lull, and arrive iu New York by 7 o'clock. lH lm*c PEaR:iAL1."* 'Alt UDTAILIRHMKNT, loutii'ed in I'j3H, at 102 Water afreet, live doors above Catharine mu ket.'-he onl> establishment of the kind in the United States, continues to supply the Navy, the American, Russian, and Vpanish war iteaniera?has vpplted all the r.ioe boat* and club boats lor the last t'onf yearn?and lias now the largest assortment Di"oars, sWis-!?, and sculls ever collected in one place. ,N. I! ?The Bnuich Oar Store on the North River side, w shut up, anil removed to Ifi2 Water street; and as I save all the ctrensas ol one store, I will sell enough cheaper to those who come from ihe .Vnrtli River side to pay them for their trouble. Race hnara. club boats, oars and sculls told M per cent let* titan Iaet year. Jm*c E NE IfE OCULISTS. DOC T O H J. FRAN CIS, OCULIST, ]\TO. 10 BAllC. V STRKKT, within two door, of the ^ Astor tin preparations art- a jwrfect cure for ail , iurtammatory? ?aseofthe eye. weakness of aiulit, lie., j never fail in rci 1 ring nebulas or the longest Handing, without any surgical operation . CERTIFICATES. 1 certify that Jacob Valentine, a youth of about Aftern years of age, waa brought to my house last fall, apparently blind. H? ? called on ine to-uav, and states that he has been the j>atient ol . l)r. J. Francis, wlioae treatnieut has been the means, under God, ofiestoring hi* *ight. JAMES MILN01\, . Rector of St. Oeonre'i Church, Beekinan at. . This is to certify tliat two of my cnildreu were alflicted with diseased eyes for a length of time, one of them was almost blind with nebulas, coretiftg the sight. Every reniedy was resorted lo without any good effect, and despaired of them ever hems recovered. Titty are now perfectly restored to sight by Dr. J. J Francis1 celebrated ^reparation. _ DANIEL S. JONF.*, 499 IVarl street. i I wis Almost Miud for twelve years, ami in five weeks, under t the skilful treatment of Dr. J. Francis, my sight is now per > fcctly good niil?r^RTHA BROWN) m Ko?yth ,truet. | I certify to the .bore *^ ^ej,n$EDICTi Pasto of the Stanton street Church. I I was nearly blinil for tw? ity years with a cataract in each a eye and from the use of Dr. Francis' wonderful pre|>aratiou lor I that disease, my eyes are now perfectly recovered. HESTER JOHNSTON, 41 Eldndge nreet. < We, the undersigued, ha\ inn witnessed the astonishing efficacy ol Dr. Francis' preparations lor diseases of the aye, i unhesit itiiiifly recommend thein to the noticn of the public, as < vaduabl remedies. Duncan Dunbar, Fastor of McDoiagal st. Church. S. H. Cone, Pastor of the Fijst Baptist Church. John Feck, Agent of the Home Mission Society. Jacob Biouner, Pastor of the North Bai tut Church. I Joseph Andreade, Rum ill Catholic Priest of St. Peter'a Cni*ch. Numeral* certificates can be seen at the office. Prepared and sold only by Dr. J. Francis, 10 Baiclay street. New York. Artificial Eyes inserted, which caunot be distinguished from the natural, without Kiving the slightest pain. Dr. J. Francis respectfully informs his friends and the jiub'ic, that in consequence of the incroase of his business, Dr. Glenny, Member uf the College of SMrKeoas, London, and of llie New York Medical Society, his joined him, and every confidence can be placed in his professional skill as au Oculist. Office hours from 9 A. M., until 6P. M. jylll Jin*c DISEASED~EYES I AND INFL.AMJJI ATION OF THIC KYK LIUS. 1 ANY disease or weakness of the eve, or inflammation of the eye-lids, can be quickly and safely removed, by the use of the KOMAN EYE BALSAM. , Mrs. D iris, No. 77 Esse* treet, has been cured of inflammation of the eyr-lids and weak eyei, of years duration, by using only out'jar of the Eye Btlsain. Miss Fit* Gerald, No. 2 Market street, had for two or three years been so much afflicted with weak and inllammed eyes, that at times she could scarcely see to read. Her eyes have been completely restored by this Balm, after all other means had failed. Hundreds have by its healing virtues, been restored Co light, where almost total blindness, caused by excessive in- i tlammations, had existed for years. The " Woman Eye Balsam" has been a long time used in private practice by the most eminent oculists in this and ferei^n coi^itrits, and iu astonishing efficacy in removing all disease and inllammation from the eye, has established lor it a repuflhou far be yond the reach of any other preparation. IN DIMNESS OF SIGHT, caused by fixed attention to minute objects, or by along exjKisure to a strong light, and in the weakness or partial loss of snjht from sickness or old a?;e, it is a sure restorer, and should be used by all who find theirsiglit failing without any apparent tli<ease. Put up in small jars with full directions for use. Price 37k cents. Prepared and sold, wholesale and retail, by DAVID SANDS St CO., No. 77 East Broadway, corner Market st, N.Y. Bold also by A B Si D Sauds, 79 and 100 Fultou street, and by A B Sands and Co., 273 Broadway, corner Chamber street. jv 14 lm r rPHE SOLID EXTRACT OF SARSAPARILLA, pmjA pared by Dr. Otto Rotton. has proved itself a very valuable specific in cases of Scrofula, Salt Rheum, and cutaneous diseases fane rally, particularly thoM arising from impurity of bm blood. The Syrup, prejiared from the Extract also, is far suj>erior to any other Syrup of Sarsaparilla ever before prepared. Both may be obtained of Wm.H. Miluor, 19? Broadway, comer of John street; T. R De Forest, 42 Greenwich, cor. Morris street \ W. M. Thurman, Variek, corner of Canal street; J. St J. CoddinKlon, cor. SiiriiiK ltosrumiller, 311 Bleecker, cor Chriitopher street ; J. \V.Btu ?otl, 644 Broadway, and of P. BOWNE CO. Wholnal* DmcKiHtji, 83 Jolrn strcut, and MEDICINES. SAND'S SARSAPARILLA. IN offering to the public a new preparation of Sarsaparilla, it il with much pit* asure the subscribers ire ible to slate that altar wtodic years lo laborious ehcsjeil eqwrinefeti, tbev have succeeded in extracting the essential principles on wnicn the active virtues of SarMparidadepend; by the construction Off MV| scientific, and iutfliou apparatus, invented expressly for this purj?ose? the successful operation of which in extracting the virtues of the true Sarsajmrilla, renders it one of the greatest?' overiesof the age; and after aitaiu combining this extract \ i odicr irdclet wWcted from the Mateiia Med; ca, it is farmed into a compound that has been proved by practi^ 1 vncrience to i>ossess the iini>ortant power of immediately arecst n? tne progress of disease and restoring the patient to perfect health. All diseases arising from an impure state of the blood, or habit of the system, such as Scrofula, obstinate Cutaneous Eruptions, Pimples, ('limine S?u?* Kves, Hh?-u.u itum, Umv worm, enlargement and pain of the Bones and Joints, stubborn Ulctgs. Sypilitic symptoms, and all diseases arising from au injiiilicious use of mercury, are si>eedilv cured by its use. The patient, therefore, who uses tliis ^reparation, has all roinbined that can be tiseftil for the removal of his complaint. Tli? atllirfril Art* invi'..?l In Irv if nl, am.r.M.r ?Im tn themselves the benefits this invaluable medicine can bestow. Prr pared and sold by A. B. Sands & Co., 273 Broadway, cor. f'ha*ibersst. Sold also by A. B. 81 D. Sands, 79 Fullou si. cor. Owld, and by D. Sands, 77 East Broadway, cor. Market street. Price $l._ . jy 17 Im'c RKWARO.-'HIOSS- SPECIFIC MIXTIRE jpvW f or the Cure of Oonnorrh? a, Gleets, Strictures ann analogous coMfiia.tti 0 fltie otgan se fgenerataon. Of aU remedies yet discovered for tfin above complaints, thi? ii the moat certain. ft makes a speedy and permanent cure, withoict he least restriction to diet, 4nnk, exposure, or change in application to brj sineaa. We give no lon? nnackish recommendations to *di-ci?e the public, ft" the medicine does not not speak for itself, no one shall speak fur it. Our object is to notify where it can he had, and the proprietor challenges a single case of reoent Gonnorrhcea to oe Drought, in which the mixtuie will not tlit ct a rapid cure, under a forfeiture of 0. This is a disease that unfortunately pwades all rinks of so cietv?high, low, rich and poor, and single. They are here presented with a remedy by which they can core themselves wffliout the least exposure in the shortiM tun" possible. Further, the disease cannot he contracted if a dose of the mixture is taken at night on going to bed when ex|>oscd. It is put up in botrtes with full directions accompanying it, at SI a bottle- One bottle lasts a week, which generally curesmany are cured in t wo days. For sale only at Wm. H. Mflior'i, 192 Broadway, corner of John street, opposite Franklin House, New York; J Jones, corner of Chestnut and Seventh streets, Philadelphia; and at J M. Smith's 138 Washington stre-t Boston. ivl Im* TIIK NEW YORK COLLEGE OF MEDICINE AND PHARMACY. . ESTABLISHED FOR THE SUPPRESSION OF QUACKERY, HAS met with the most unprecedented success since its com mencement, particularly fr<,in the unfortunate victims of Unprincipled pretenders, who are now daily gaining strength ma rigor under the judicious treatment of the College. The following preparations hare already obtained a releoricy unparalelleu in the annals of medicine. THE UiNRlVAULTED TONIC MIXTURE. A ceitain cure for all forma ofdyspepsia. I' w spin's, loss of appetite, lassitude, cutaneous eruptions, general debility, predisposition to consumption, and all complaints arising from a disarrangement of the nervioui system. It inay lie also used with great success in cases of fever and aztie, and as a preventative t? yellow ferer. Sold in hottles'at $t ind $2 each. THE PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIXTURE. For the cure of all cases o( a delicate disease, or for pains in the bones, eruptions, sore throat, or any other distressing syinje t<'ins, produced by an injudicious use of mercury, or by quackery. BoM in bottles at $1 and $2 each. # THE ANODYNE LINIMENT. For the cure of rheumatic pains, culic bruises, aprons, spinal,disease, nervous headache, pains iu the joints, and immediate and permanent relief- gu irantecd. Sold in bottles, Ti cts each. THE FRENCH ANTIPHLOGISTIC MIXTURE. Guaranteed to i ure gonorrlinia, glo t. and all mucopurulent discharges from the urethra. Sold in Dottles at AO dent* and ft each. THE AMERICA V ANTinil.niTM fATHAHTIIPlf.I. For the cure of ali derangements of the liver, panning the lood, exciting t he whole ilimentary rami to ksalthy action, d giving new rigor in the vital powers. Thu im-dicinc ii iilirvljr super ctding the drastic purgatives ol? the noatrum enders. THF. FEMALE RESTORATIVE TILL. For the pare of thote complaints peculiar to the female sex, and to restore and pres-rve the regular action of the female organs, with lull directions and cautions as to use, and aold in boxes at $1, 50 cents, and 25 cents each. SIR ASTLEY COOPER'S PILL. For the cure of eutanrons ernrtions, goijt, chronic iheumatism, and to improve the tone ol the diet-stive or,'am. Tlir, PAPILLARY HEALING POWDER, Forthecnreof ?orr nipples, and superficial excoriations of the skin. Sold in closely stopt phials at 50 cents eick. Tlie.ab've preparation* inay also be hid of the following sub-agents in this ci'y:? J. w. Basset, on Broadway. Dr. E. M. <?u; m. IT Bowery. Dr. King, 2K7 Hudson street. Elias L. Theall, 518 G.anJ street. Dr. Newmtn, 132 < her.-y street. I Win. Armstrong, 1M Fultonstreet,Brooklyn. Principal office of Uie College for New York, at 97 Nassau street. _ , I By order, ?jr \V. S. RICHARDSON, Agent. , MEDIC AI. CAUTION,?Patients seeking MeJir?l ai!i should be exceedingly cautious in tlw selection of a Doctor, for it is Kscriom fuctalli! too trap, thit ol the whole horde ftf advertmny Doctors (so cal'ed) in thi? d? voted city, not more than one in six pOMr?i any If ' runt to mlminist'r medicine, nor an they by nature or cdu*.< . by ?iy me ini qu alified to administer to the s^ck . . * It i< to be drnlored that turh haae imposition u ... I tolerated in d' fi.iiice of the law which makes ?t a highly |h uai \ offence to practice ni?.. iicine or surgery without a legal di- \ ploma. i . Dr. Carpenter, however, has no |*rBOm1 reason to coin; I tin in the premises, for sooth to say, from the I ale rapid increase o I Muicks, and Uieir miserable al?oi(ive operations on the credulous invalid, he haa received more solid bent lU than while the practice confined to more legitimate hinds. I othe suffering and d< lnd? d patient, or victim, howevsr, the consequences are all importaat, as the issoe of life and deatn too often depend* on the first m? diciiAiivirc. Ur. t ?r|?? nter, although an advertising Doctor, came into the Pjoresslon throttBh the front door of the tetnise?iiiKiadnste ol I tuoti College, a licentiate ol the New Yofc ?*tati Medical Society, anil for tvrty yesraa practitioner of Uns 3tts and his only reason for advertising forbiMiness, so much contemned by the oyer *e nature on the snltj*ct, is to obtaiu money and cure the sick. . * i ' P,rl1 .fi^'ie""' r*"'1< Charge, reasonable. Office open nntil half past 9 P.M. allm'r NEW YOU# INVALIDS.?Dr. JOHN T1IO MSMN 1 of Albany, son of the Founder of the Thoawoiilan Sv,t,:,n of Practice will, by particular request I., at No. 31] Broome at for a f. w days, where he may be consulted by such patients as are afflicted with chronic disease, from which they e?n And no relief from other sources, especially dvspeptiea, fonr-fiftha of which he thinks may be cured undtr fifty years ofa>e. aa7 Irn-r 1 1 mmmmmmmmmm I W YC W YORK, MONDAY M( ~WATERIN cT PLACEST&.C. oatskiLl mountain house, AT Tilt: PINE OHCHARD.?IB12. r!U8 romantic ana fashionable retort will be conducted duriiilt the present s? asou under the direction and sui*riutenlance of the subscriber. It has undergone a complete aud horourh repair, and is n?w oj>eu for the reception of visitors. N'o effort will be siurrd to iiitiiiUm the deservedly high characer which it has heretofore acquired. As heretofore, its tables will be furnished with every delicacy hat the New York in irk* t cau afford; and every possible ateutiou that cau promote the convenience and enj o>niest of its matrons will be promptly bestowed. The road leading to this *tabli*hmeiit and especially that part of ii ou the mountain, has >een rendered Perfectly smooth aud safe. Messrs. A. b. Beach (Jo.'s excellent line of stages will run is heretofore regularly between the landing and the Mountain louse, ou the arrival of the boats. C. L. BKACH, Proprietor. June 13th, 1842 jell Smr BATH HOL'SE, LONG ISLAND.?This long and w?ll known boarding and sea bathing establishment, having revntly underxone numerous improvem* uts, amon* which is the -recUouof several elegant suuiui* r hosu? s upon the margin of he now open f?* the reception of com|?any dunug the eason. The treat extent of private beach on this shore?ihe erfect security in bathing, eveu for ladles and children, ('he )athiug houses being within a stone's throw of the maiiMftu)? lie shad), cool and delightful lo< grow adjoining tin house ?the pleasant rides iu the surroumhug countr/?the excellent ishing grounds aud other sources of In- llthlui recreation and ower bay, almost constantly enliveiied bfr numerous vessels trrivmg or outward bound, render this situation in every reipect uy^(ju tiled by any in the vicinity. Its accommodation* I a UI|Ni thfl |MM lin 1 " tHIPIlHiWitf| u? the Aamiftt dkvs or summef, my thine but oromiiTe. The convenience ofcommunication and distance, (being but nine miles om Brooklyn.) the access by stiffes at hours accommodated > business render it |?eculiarly we!) ad ipted us a resideLce for ;eiulemen ofbusic *ss iu New York. tel22m?r WILLIAM BROWN, Proprietor. FURNITURE. GEORGK W. DAWSON, IVholtncUr and Rttatl Jpumiture ami General Furrushing IVarehouse, No. 67 Chatham street, corner of Dunne street, Sew York. WHERE he keep* for sale i lari;e .uaorlm.nt of the followin# articles, viz.: Sideboards. Bureaus, Bedsteads, Coio, 1' tbles, Chairs, Office and Portable Desks. Glass Cases^ Book Cases, Looking Glioses, Dining, Centre, '1 ea and Pier '1 ables, Pianos, Sofas, Sola Bedste \dk, Beds, Bedding, Palea?lera, Matresses, Can?ets, Oil Cloth, Matting and hire Irons, Wash Stands, Toilet Tabies, Candle Stands, Bureau Bedsteads Dressing Bureaus, Sales, itc. Also, a Wu*ge assortment of men and women's Wearing App'-uel, new and second handed All the above articles are offered to the public at very low prices. Persous in waul of said articles would find it to their advantage to make an early call at the above establishment. Shipping orders punctually atteuded to and ticked mi the liiortest notice, ana ou reasonable terms. Mattresses, Bedding, kc. for titling out vessels, constantly ou hand. All orders to the above establishment will be ptuctually atknled to lad thankfully reeaivi N. B.?The highest prices will be fiven for Second Hand Kumilure, and Gentle men's and Ladies'cist olf Clothing. a22 6m?r REFINED SUGAR, WINES,&c WELLINGTON A. CARTEIl, Wiua and Commission . Merchant, No. 5 New street, on? door from Wall Street, liu just rf ceiled from the refinery a quantity of superior duulile ?,nil iiii: le refined Suuar, ill .mail loaves, which he will sell at hi. usual low rates, in parcels to anil buyers. W.A.Carter's assortment of superior VViues cannot fail to I 'ease. The old Loinelmo Madeira of 1812, In bottles and in j iiies.hhds. and ijr. casks of vatiom use; eh .claret and i tlier light Wines of the choicest orands, always on sale at low prices. Orders for any kind shall be faithfully tiecuted. jy7 lm*r GOOD SUMMERWIFET" T B. 8T0UVENEL. Importer of French Wines of ihe most IpytOfSi DfttQl, BoiiMKS ( Ur?.t ?r?(l <>th? r Wines. He has removed from his old stand, 61 Nassau street, t.? No. 21 Ann street, (near Nassau) ba.s? im ut. A)wasi on hand, tin- bet! and moat / # - linli Wines, St. Julian, Montferraut, St. Esteve, Lafitte, Medoc, kc. in barrels, hilt casks and cases. Also, Champagne, various brands; Burgundy, Hermitage, kc.; iu|?erior Cognac Brandy; best quality Gin, Port Wine, Portugal and Spanish Wines. J. B. 8. will also sell by the aocen bottled Wine for private families, which will be sent to any part of lite city, also by the gallon or otherwise, to those who may favor him with tfceir patrooagfi No W:nes are impure sold by him, as he imports them direct. . (C/* J- B. S has opened a boarding house at Hobokeu, opposite V'auiha.l ( ardeu. on the main road, vsheie is kept an assortment of"i. I est Wines. Private parties supplied with good dinners and- *fr ?l men Is. j v 12 lm*c hats! " H A Tfi t H A TS f 11 A T'C t I X kj I llil 1 U 11X1 M. KJ i i |>ROWN 4 CO'S One Price Hat Store, wholesale and rrj U tail, 179 Chatham Square, corner of .Niott street, whers fashion, beauty, durability and eoouoiay air combined to adorn the head. The proprietor* hare the pleasnre now to offer iu addition to their recently improved s(k>rt napped Hat, a iu>w style, the imitation of beaverr, which ?o closely resembles that of all fun the most costly and beautiful, that the difference is not easily perceived. Price three dollars. We strictly adhere to the one price cash system, which enables us to furnish a very suin rior 11 it for the price charged. In Ml?ttUM these I (.its to tlie public the proprietors think they nave reached the ulumatum of beauty, durability, cheapness and comfort. ml 3m* TAILORING. REMOVAL. PHILLIPS' CASH TAILORING ESTABLISH MENT, If removed from 1 15 Broadway to No. 7 Aitor House. ECONOMY IN GENTLEMEN'S DRESS. Garments of a moat .legant and Kashisnable kind /t a saviug of 60 cent for cask. THE advertiser d< ms it unnecessary te retort tj the tackA neyed system ol giving a list of nominal prices, presanfinK f'?at the length of time he has been established. together witji the extensive patr<?na*r bestowed on him, win prnv? * sum eieut voucher for his c<i|>abi!ities. Possessing the advantage ot being connected with an extensive cloth establishment in Kurope he confidently asset* that he can furnish clothes which, on coin(orison, w ill be found lower tlkin ui>* (Alter house making up the beat description! of gentlemen's dress. nr. 13m S. I'lilLLU'S, 7 Astor 11. iL;t*, Brnidw \y LOOK OUT. He who steals my |>urae st-als trash. But he who fiistiej from uie of my^ood i&me K'?b% me of thit which not enriches him, But mak*-s me poor indeed.?[Shakspearc. MARSHALL, AT HIS ONLY TKOY SHIRT DKPOT. No. 90 Chatham street, makes the ikorlqaotatiou, because nth* end. aior to filcli fn?m him hi* good lumr, fune, ami repu[a;ion. We hive more than once mail* public the many im|?xit'Ont jiractiled on dealers, strangers and others, in pursuit of our higjily reputed Troy Shirts, Bosoms, and Collars. But now that impositions are 'ni tIn- increase, therefore, we shall keep these facts before the public, which will eiiiose un|>osiers, and may cut off their wicked design*. Make no mistakes therefore. " Marshall's only Troy Stiirl Depot" is p unted on our awning a id window. Be |<aiticolai, however, to see the name " Marshall's''on our window and about our store. No. 90, oar only Troy Shirt Depot, is situated about Id doors from the corner of Pearl and Chatham streets, and ou thr right hand side in Chatham street, in pissing to the City Half. Seethe name 17* MARSHALL s i and you are correct. CATALOGUE OK PRICES. Strong made Cotton Shirts, with linen bosoms, colliri and wrist bands, warranted, at per dozen. $7?7 50?R?3 '.0?9?I'1? 10 JO?II ?12?12 '<0?15?16?15 50?17?18?2??21?22 50?21?25 20 50?27?2*. All Linen Shirts, i>er doi. $20?20 '>0?25?27 50? 30?32 50?36?38. Plain Cotton slurts, pe r doz. $'t 50?6?7?7 50 ?8?9. Colored Shirts, pei dot. $5?5 50?9?7?8?9?10-11. Collars jnst received?In addition to our former large stock of collars of every description, 1000 dozen, all Linen collars, at 50 cents per doxen, 62c?75c?87c?$1?1 25?I 50?1 75?2?2 25 ?2 JO?2 75?3?3 25?350 and 4DO, including our new st>le. Marshall's Byron Collars, which have been so highly approved of. These goods. Willi our plain and rulfle Ixxotns. can be found .t many of ihe principle ready ma e linen stores throujeoiit the city, andfcu the manufacturers, Marshall's C7"" only Troy Shirt Depot. No. 90 Chatham slreet, New York. We caution d? .iters and others anainst the many mistakes that have been made of late, in consequence of seeing ticketed price* in some of the windows. 'Recollect, no marked or ticketed prices are to be seen in on-window. But remember this the cut of our store, with the prices attached, will be circulated for the b lie tit of all. These circulars only maybe seen in our window : and, furthermore, we advise again, see the name and number, Marshall's, No. 90." No patronage asked of those who beat down. jylJ lm*e to the ladies. FASHIONABLE MILLINERY OOQDS.-The pronrie" trey, Miaa 8 KINO, daughter ?f thrcelibrated ("nrl King, offers lor sale a most select and choice assortment of Millinery Ooods, for the spring trade, never ax yi-t presented to th.- |.?blic, both as regards the quality and cheapness of the article! Th?- assortment consists of the follow mik The celebrated SI I, K HAT. CALLED CAPOTTK D'ORLKANS. n worn by Li Dnehesse D*Orl< na, of I SUED SILK, ENTIRELY NEW AM) ORIGINAL iTYLE^?And Lawn HaU do do?Au entire u?w ?tyle o Hati called " MODINE CAPOTTKS, ELSSLER COTTAGE/ Parisian-ind English KANC'Y STRAWS, of the finest texture, in treat variety. The Proprietress < spectfull, solicits the ladies to favor her M itii aeall, and eaamiiir her elegant ami varied stm k of Millincrv lor themselves, before thty purchase elsttwhure, ax it will f'e a great saving to them in prict and a greatadvautage u regards the variety and finality of the roods. MISS S. KINO, Magaxinedo Modes, JyJ3lm*r Broadway. shirts. shirts. UNITE!) STATES SHIRT MANUFACTORY,7? W ! Iiam street, corner of Liberty, N. Y Notice is h? reSy (iven to Merchants and traders in general, that the pripnet rs f [he shove establishment have adopted a new metho<l of r an >l?c?i? n which enables them to sell their shirts at a ch> ap r rete man a, . other home In this city. This statement w II -e itfirmed by the list of price's as follows:? Per Do I. Fin? Muslin Shirts, with Linen Bo ,ms and Collars,-- ?7 10 Do stitched in the Boiom and Collar 9,no Do Colored line patems, large sixes 7,00 Alto, a lame liiaiiUly of Bosoms and Collars constantly on hind, which will be offered cheap for cash jyl Ini'r Important to the public. A LL who wish to econoin'Xe can obtain Clothing of the best r)n.ility remarkably cheap, at 201 Canal street, one door west o| llnds Mi Also, a hrge aasottm<-nt of Cloths, ('assiftn-res, Vestinks, and Suinmi-r Ooods, fnrm which Clothing of all kinds ate made to i?rd? r m the best manner at ?err reduced t?ic?s, 20^ ("anal ?tr??t. j?l9 lm*r SH 1 RTS. GHIRTS made to order, after the inost approved Krench k ' fashions. Oentlegien's (Mrments of all description! made to order at the shortest notice. Oentirmen's kurnishintt Store ft and M Maiden lane, corner of William Mreat. allw?r WILLIAM COLLINS. IRK I )RNING, AUGUST 8, 184 miscellaneous." cheap hardware stork rPHK 8ui*?rriber u now oim-tiniK hi? Bnrinir ?uI'l'ly of I IIAnDVVAHk'. A^b Cl'TLF.IW .received |?r Warrival* from Biniiiiiirtain .mil Sl? ifir-ld. Together with a g?ueial asiortir.eui of boinettlc ui?mi?, wnirh he ia tireuartd to of^ * ?l>e very LOWEST CASH PRICES. , e attention of Country Merchants, Builder*, Cabinrt . t ie., is aoliciu-d to an elimination of liia ?tock and , title ii confident they will lind it to their interest r hiin witii a call. ALFRED F. LAURAVE, 210 Greenwich. corner Barrlay. New York. A regular apply of KALI. RlvER Cl!T NAII.8, and CoonerT? Ulue. Alio?a cotnulrte aatortineut of Mechanics' Tool*. Jamea' Screws, Itc. mt 3in* corns, (Turns, corns. (I Murray atrrct. MON8, AND MADAME RERHARD, Corn Ik*tort, from Paris, BEG LKAVE to iuforin tlie inhabitants of New York, that ihry will be hippy to wait ii|iou all who may desire their ?rri ices. .nulls. ami Mid. Ucrliaril hurt- been practicing iu the United States tut fr ? mouths, anil in tlut short (line have received testimonials froin tome of tlir most eiiiiuent cnullemeii mill others, as to the benefit and comfort which they have reciirrd since th?*v have iMen .attended by them. They have the honor to inform tbe public that by a new and peculiar method Uu'V \i , ,ii<- 11 ird anil Soft Corn., Bullions, Callosities, he. witli - - it' I'littniK. Moua and Made. U, do not attempt to oner a noil mi in reqairias MUM* or Uith to Mwitwinawy; # ! coii'idrtitiy assure those wlw may suffer froin troublesome and painful Corns, that tin y may have the satisfaction of carryiug away their torimentoi,Uw( orn. ill tlirir hands. Moll*. and Made. U. have in their |>ouriiioii ujiwnnls of two thousand certificates from those who have e?|ierienreRelief at tjieir hands. .Mons. aud Made. B. have pranced their profession for several years in < ierinany, France anil England, and have aci|Uireil gri-at skill ill.I inutli pi .n i ?pi ru ni i?i t <rt attest! d by numerous certificates from the most celebrated Euirlish, French and German iihvsiciaiis, as well as from several ol the nobility and gentry ol those countries, delivered to them after (our years cure. The operation will not occupy more than ti-u minutes, and the reliet is so instantaneous that the i>erson. thus treated cau immediately put on their slioes and walk without the least inconvenience. I.nlu^s and gentlemen will be waited on at their own residence, if they ilesire it. At home in the morning from I till II, and in the afternoon from 2 till 6 o'clock. Office at Boston, 151 Court st- jyi 3m*r GUNS AND PISTOLS. (&- EXCLUSIVELY.7OO B JOSEPH, 14 Maiden lane, up stairs, importing agent for the sab; of KnKlish. German and French double and *imgle barrel Fowling and Ducking Gun*, from the lowext'to the nn est qualities ;ristols of every dyrriptiou, lor this and other markets, embracing one hundred different kind*, alt oi which lie is now prepareato offer at the manufacture.'* prices, being appointed agent for the largest houses iu that line iu Europe, which enables him to sell at eitreinely low prices. A large assorted stock of the above always on hand. City and country merchants are ivuticularly requested to cull, previous to making their purchases. )\27 Im'r HAVANA AND PRINCIPE SEGARS. MRADER, IS Chatham street, oflens for sal* 180,0011 La Norma Segars. 50,000 Noval Principe. 2S 000 Woodvillc. 2.V000 ltionda. Entitled to dtbenturr. Besides a full stock of the choicest brands of Havana mnl Principe Siuars. jv80 la eoil'c PKKS.SK V IIKOO'KS, vrr\ 61 LIBERTY 8TRKET, between Broadway aud IN \J Nassau street, otfer foi for sale 101 Blocks 11 uli black marble. 100 Casks relined basket salt. 300 Casks Boyd's bleaching powder. 30 Tons sii|ierfine soda ashes. 2 Cases patent leather. VI Biles Chesterfield factory brown sheetings. 700U (iennan patent fire brick. 20 Casks 3 and 4 F E blue smalts. 2 Biles cotton carpeting thret and four yards wide. 1 Bales Machine blankets All of which w ill be sold at lowest market prices, jy 17c PARSELLS & AGATE * i VITl'Al TITHl'UU OTnrira -? 1 -M- Drai*ra, &c. hare just received n very litfht and beautiful stock, expressly lor summer wear. Also. a rich and varied assortment of Summer Scarfs, Cravats, Hills, Linen Thread, and Kid Gloves, with a large assortment of Suspenders,ready made Limn and Muslin Shirts, Linen Collars, Dress Fronts, gentlemen's under g irmeuts, at the old establishment,211 Broadway, between Park place and Murray st. iv 12 1m*c FRENCH, ENGLISH AND CLASSICA L ACADEMY. No. 7 DIvltloii-fltreet, TN consequence of the entreaty of a number of patrons whose 1- children frequent this ichool, the undersigned w ill continue Ms I?fririioin daring tin coming vacations. tndbj tnaaa means open an avenue to those who prefer school to vacation. The intent of this institute is a rapid and thorough knowledge of the French and Euglish languages, Mathematics, Natural Philosophy, lie. The student of the Latin and Grevk will, in a short time, be pr ft tared to enter College. Trie French h*-iug he predominant branch, witl of courie be spokeu iu the classes. The session commence* on the 1st of August, yet pupils may obtain admission any time parents cau make it couveuieat to send them. The terms are moderate, as will be teen in the circulars. P. LUX, Principal. N. B.?The Evening School is open for young men only. jy?2w*r 1 A CARD TO THE LADIES. pAHIS^ DRESS-MAKING ESTABLISHMENT?No. A 77E ?st Broadway, one door from Market street.?MRS. W. H. JEKFERS, late Miss 8. Purser of TJ3 Broadway, respectfully informs her former customers and the Ladies generally, that she has re-cemmenced the Dress-making bust new* the above-named establishment, where she will devolt her attention to their 'ervice, and confidently uinn ' those lipilH mo unv favor |her Willi their pafronage, that llrriin, Omits, Habit*. &ie., lent rusted I" her -kill. ^Ii ill he deliver ed to perfect ill style, fit. and finish of workmanship, uuul to be excelled at an/of the (most approved establishment* Broadway, and for much more moderate price*. MRH \V. II. Jfc'.FFKKS, 77t< East Broa.. r N- B ?Muter*, Misses and Children*' (Irene* made to order at the *horte>t notice. at lm* STRAW GOODS. BKNNETT, 39 John and 111^ William ctretts, imA porter aud manufacturer of Italian and English Straw goods, respectfully informs hii customers and the public in geueral. tha'he has on hind a splendid and extensive assort* inmt of ladies fashionable (straw goods, which he offers for sale at very much reduced prices, via.: French and kliiglish Dun*tables, Italian Rutland*, Fancy 8chell and Imperial (a *ery fashionable and beautiful article) fiue Tuscans, Albert St i.w*, Slc. kc. Also, an entirely new article, the White Siberian Hair Bonner, which for the ?ummer wear surpasses all the styles as yrt introduced, being eitre nely light,dur.ible, white and beautiful, and will He in as well isatuscan. CROTON AQUEDUCT. OPLENDID MASOVAKV WOKK-Jette of Water ^ thrown from o|ie hundred to one hundred and fifteen feet high, to be seen in ojk ration e reiv afternoon. Ladies and gentlemen wishing to visit the high bridge, tlisuld (o by the way of Micomb'* Dain and *ee this iplendnl sight. Person* who have seen Niagara Falls and thii beautiful fountain of water. say that the Fall* are not to be compared to thi* chef-d'ceuvrc. ai |w?c CHEAP UPHOL.STKV?W. HEED. 3tt Broadway, between White an<l Walker street.?CarpeU of every description made and altered to fit the mo*t intricate room*?Cortain* made and altered to the lateit *tyle. Matrasses, *ofas, and easy chairs, made to ordej-to match any description of furniture The Subscriber not having ei|?n*es of a store to pay. i* enabled to make any of the above articles at *uch prist* to suit the time*. Person* purchasing Carpet* and Oil ('loth* can have a word of advice, by calling a* above. Paper Hanging. Carpets cleaned. Urease*pots emlr.cied. kc. jyfilm'e.c EC< >N< >MY, ELEGANCE, AND GOOD LIVING. rpilC undersigned has, at igrent eipense, fitted up one of the largest and most spTenoid Coffee and Hating Houses in New York, in which one hundred persons at least can #it down to an excellent and substantial breakfast, dinner, and tea, [from the choicest supplies ofthe markets, with a bill of fare not el celled either as regard* quality ornumber of dish? sj by any hotel in the Unitwil ttr*ce*, and varying in prices from si? cent* to oiip shilling anil eighteen pence |>er dish. I he purest Java and Mocka coffee and the very best teas, and served at only three aenls p?r cup. And all other refreshments iu proportion. The waiters are uniformly civil and ^>lite, and every visitor may be assured of feeling in this establishment quite at home." In fact, ev ery department Of the bWlaiM is under the sii|>crintend* nre of i'< iniiH'ient overseers, whose sol,- t HI IM IttCDtlOl ire directed to the comfort and conveniences of customers and guest*. , HENRY fiOSLINO, Proprietor of the French and American Eating Home, Noa 64 and CA Nassau st, between Jalin at and Maiden Lane. P. 8.?Open Sundays for breakfast, dinner and tea. jr'.tn Smr JOHN OABIIIkTTVERREN or WERREN.a Native of " Switzerland.?Any one who ha? ever known or heard of thi? individual, or of %perso? of a similar name, will please communicate the fact to me, as this information u of imiiortauce to some of his family. His real name was John Ganricl Verren ; but in a foreiini land it may, like many other names, h ?Te been changed, or become corrupted in its spelling. He cainc to the United States in the year 1715, and he is supposed to hare resided in the Stite of Pennsylvania, and to have died ther* ; but as no tnce.of him as yet has b'en discovered, the information received by ine upon the subject is probably incorrect, and I now take this mean* of making a general inquiry throughout the Union. al cod Im'r P. F. STAIOER, Philadelphia Pa. DISTRESS IN IMKLA.NI> ? An adiuiirned meeting for raising Subscriptions to alleviate the (distress at present existing in the South and West of Ireland, will l?e held at W? hington Hotel, corner of Reade street and Broadway, mi Monday evening the Ith instant, at d o'clock. ?6fcfl*t*r THOMAS O CONN KM TH ?ilN IlK.M.KMS loins, 1'lstols, A articles 400 Sincln Barrel Fowling Pieces 100 Double Gnus, imitation tvvi. lt d 300 do do real twisted and (latent Breech. iMKJ Pairs of Pr.tols?assorted?lOOdifferent varieties. lies and Rifle Bariels?Locks and trimmings Oain,- Bigs?Powder Fl'isks and Percussion Cat* Sporting articles generally. The above articles will be sold at unheard of low puces, by A. W. SPIES & CO. iyH lm* c tl8 Pearl street. PIANO FOR i I- S Kdt sale, i few elegant r..s, w I >1l low corner French grand action piano fortes, with all the late improvements, wsrranted, and kept in time rir 12 months, st 10:1 walker street, up stairs. They are to b|iosed of in c mseqnence of the owner leaving for Enrope in the month of jytotwre (' EOROK CULVER ?nd rHOMAS Dt'OAHU, tucces tors to Lewis U. OritTin (k Co., would respectfully inform their friends ind the juihlic, that they are pre|iared to furnish timber of every description. at at short uotlre, and on as reasonable t rms as any establishment in the city, at their New Strain Saw Mill, foot of Fourteenth street, Nortn River, jy 11 lm*r pllGMIUMS REDUCED.?The North American Fire in A surance Comisiny hsve reduced then rates of insurance on all stores dwellings, and merchandize contained therein. Office No. M Wall street, opposite the Merchants' Eiclunge. New York, July 21st, 1S42. ROBERT AIN9LEE, Preaideut JOHN MrBRAIR. Secretary. jyltilwr COAL AFLOAT?Jim tons superior quality Scotch Coal for sale by GLOVER k McMURRAY, in* P cor. of Sonth. jy llr 1ER A 2. ? IISC E L L ANEOl'S. Orricc ok Jtnr.aso* i??. Co?ir?:?T, Nr? York, Auxuftt I, 1812 THK Board ol Directors of this iuilitution have this da) d < lared * semi-imiual Dividi ml of seven iwrc-nr, iiayablc to the stockholders, or their legal lepresc nlalives, ou ami after , tbe 10th instant. Transfer hooka closed from 6th ?<? yih instant iiiolusivr. a2 8t i (iill). T. liOI'K, Si'cri t ir \ OI'LKMIIU !>!>< OVKKY KOK LluAKMMi 111 o PAINT AND DRAW KROM NAITRK.?Amateurs nay arc, at No. 231 Broadway, nest door to the American Hotel, a ntttnber of samples of painting on wood, velvet, ailk, inualin, |?aper, he. k.c, hy a process for whiel, the lie vetitor has rrceired a premium of two thotiaand from the Krrnch Koverumriit. The imitation of oil |?inlimra .ire ao |>vrfecl that no painter can imitate them without learning the process. By tliia method, any art lit or other ptnou mi| learn, in a very lew lessons, to |>aint with oil, watsr color, in i in at u re, and alio many new and handsome inventions, to a perfection difficult to understand without aeeins the iimides, or taking a single lesson of Mr. VICTOR KRNE'ITK, [winter to tht courts of Kranca. Russia. Stc. The Aitiste w ill rrmaia only till ihc Ulh of n. it mouth, wheu he intends rt turning to P'oiiice. Specimens inav b? aeen at the above addreaa. jytl lin'c LTKNT8?AMKRICAN AND FOREIGN OFFICE, and AgO?j of the UnitM Statu I'.itcnt Office, No. 22 This office has been established in Boiton fur the past ten yeara, and inventors uc informed that all business relative ti> the preparation of caveats, specifications anil druwiugs, assignments and i>tli< r papi r?. and procuring patents, is I le re tiansaeted with accuracy aud despatch : ami .ill jieraonal trouble, ai well as expenses of? journey to Waihiiigtuu, and del.iv there, saved to th?m. Attendance here is altogether unnecessary?a model, which inny be sent bv Harnden'* Express, ainl a short explanatory letter. being sufficient. Patenta secured in foreign countries, amJ ad> ice g .ven.on all legal and scientific matters resiiecting them. The facilities of llie subscriber, by his ?rp extrusive library ol hooks on patent laws, aud rare ineehann al works, Sic,, enables hiin to afford evid nee anil opinions lor suits at law, for infringements, tic., which would lie difficult in otlu r res|?ects for parties to obtain. All model', Sic., forward ed to the I'atent Office, Washington, free oft six-use. K H.EDDY, Civil Engineer. 'I'll following ii extracted from letters of the Commissions r of Patents iu 1839 To It. H. Kddt, Esi<.? Sih " I haveto renew the as<iirancr of the high respect I entertain of your agency for paten res. So far as I hare hiard, they have expressed themselves satisfied with your services; and justice to yourself compels me to say, the business of your office, so far aa it is connected with this department, evinces much skill aud great assiduity. Yours, reapectfully, H. L. ELLSWORTH. For all further information, apply to DAVID OAKDINEK, Agent of Pateut Office, No. 21 Pine street. New York. a2 I m" r C. L. INGEKSOLL'S BOAT ESTABLISHMENT. BOATS, Dinkey sail boats aud rare boats, rdeAaurt boats, Sic. Sir. Thu imiuetise Boat Building Establishment of (y. L. Ingersoll, t06 Water st, near Catharine Market, is one of the most exteuaive in the United States. Here were built the most In autil\il pleasure barges and clnli boats tint have lloati d on the rivers and lakes oi America. Also the barge for the Autocrat of all the, several race boat for Asiatic Monarch*; tlir fancy boat called the John Smith of Arkansas, and the fast sailing boat lor Mr. O. F. Bantlings. He has recently completed a life boat on a u?w plan, which has been pronounced b some of our most experienced nautical men superior to any ever before built. \t this establishment any kind of (mat will be furnished with reversed bottom, from a mould, 111 any way to suit the taste of the purchaser, of whatever form they may be. The materials are all of the best quality, pine boards being no hart thereof. A large assortment of boats of all kinds, including life boats, gigs, long, quarter, pleasure, Whitehall, aud race boats, may be always found at the manufact >ry, it priors much below whit purchasers have heretofore paid, and a liberal discount on the usual rates will be made to those who w lib to sell again. I'lease call liefore purchasing elsewhere; you can then jud;r of my w ork?Reference!. Jas. \V . Hale. Sol Agent, 58 Wall st. For .advertisement of boots, he., see Coot er & Enquirer aud New York Commercial Advertiser. Jyitt lin'r SILK BANNERS, he. tTANNINGTON Si CO., 293 Broadway, near Read street, Ii Respectfully inform the Order of I. O- of O. K., aud their friends generally, that they are now prepared to execute orders for Klags and Banners in the most superior style for beauty, durability, and economy,having Silks made for the express occasion that will make the largest banners without disfiguring it with a seam. Specimens and Designs can be seen at their Establishment, 29.1 Bioadway, or sent to any part of the Union. Kor style, design, and rxecutiou of works of the kiud, we refer to the (Jetty's Banner, No. II, I, O. of O. K., as also to (Jrernwich, No. ip, Harmony, <4, Covenant, Si, Perseverance. 17, also Slilitary Companies aud Sunday School Banners, aud the societies St. Nicholas, New England, St. Ueorge, St Andre ? ?, Si David, tie tic. Window Shades in great variety, fr? in $1 racli to tlir richrit and best, |tainted by the most eminent artists. Stailiod Uhss, after the manner of lite ancients, warranted never to change color, witli many recent improve mruts for church window? and other public ami private building*, strain uMia, |*cket ships, store windows, Stc he. Imitatlom of Stained Ulats, painted on muslin for church wimiows.very close imitation of the real a very tritliug ei,.rnse, or tue ulass obicured and painted in brilliant colon, verv durable and chea|i. iy 17 r HEALING MINKHAL WATLHH?Sluiron Springs Wlult Sulplit-r Water may be liail ol the Audit*, Dickwn V I'o., 12s Broadway, Bisement Rooms.?For tneir unri?-illed <iliracy in all Rheumatic, Cutaneous and Dys|ieptic Coin,iUinU, sore eye*, debility,erysipalas, scrofula, liver complaint, affection of the kidney, tee., reference (by their permission) is made to tlx- following medical gentlemen : HUGH McLKAN, Si. 0., 4 Warren-st. Dr. BfcDFORIX Prof. University, Med. Dep Prof. I'ATTKRSON. Med. Dep. Dr. WHITE. Cherry Valley.N. Y. Prof. HADLKY, Es-Pres't Med. College, N. Y. Dr. DELAF1KLD, Bleecke r-st. N. Y. From a certificate of a recent analysis made for the Proprietor of the Spring*. hy one of the most eminent chemists in this conn try, (Dr. Chilton of New-York) the follow inn results have bien obtained from one gallon of water : Sulphate of Magnesia 41 40 Sulphate of Lime Ill 62 I'hloride of Sodium 2 24 Chloride of Magnesium 2 40 Hydiosulphuret of Sodium ) Hydrosulphuret of Calcium > 2 28 Vegetable Extractive Matter. ) 160 94 Sulphuretted Hydrogen (iaa. 16 oub. ins. For sale by Messrs. Ruahlon k Aspinwsll, at their stores, Broadway, Astor House, and William street : J. Milhaa, Broadway ; G. H. Miluor, Broadway ; A. B. Sands Ik Co., Broadway and Chambers st. ; Dr. J. K. Chillou, Broadway ; H. P. Leeds. Fnl tonstreet.B rook I vn. je24 lmc_ ^OfTLECTIONS.?The Subscribers will collect Not* ^ Drills, Acceptances, Certificates <>f l)e|Misile*. Ike. (through Vlewr* llarndeii St Co. from New York to Albany) upon any >1 me Uriljwing places, and guarantee returns to the city of New York, in from six to light day*. Utica, fanandaigua, Syracuse, Rochester, Auburn, Batavia, Geneva, Bulialo. RircttKcti: Erasmus Corning, 'X honinj W. Olcott, Albany. POMEROY It CO. 3 Wall street, New York. fS Comer {jtAtiaiid Market strveta. Albany. NOTICE TO CLERltS, and all other persons whose bu?i" ne*s cauaes them to be constantly on llwir feet.?By calling at the old eaclii'ive Boot Store, 111 Chatham street, tliey ran be accommod ited with the invaluable article, ROGERS METALIC ELASTIC HEEL BOO'l'S, wairanted in every |?rticular, and at the same price of the ordinary Bool. The follow ing are some of the many advantages tne Elastic Heels have over every other kind Fir?t?The elasticity adds greatly to the durability of the Boot. Hecoudlj?They make no noise in walking u|??u (lie pavematt. Thirdly?.'hey prevent Boots from ranuing down to the heel. ... Fourthly?They enable the wearer to walk with murh less fatiifne. Fifthly?They do not rut or tear car|>ets as do iron or nailed heels. Siithly?They can be worn with comfort by those having tender feet. As nsual, constantly on hand all kinds of Boots at whelesale and retail, it mmnfarturer's d rices, iy II eolm* ASPHALTUM AND MINKKAL TAR. JOHN LOWITZ, No. 2 vVal! Sfrrrt, HAS constant I v on hand natural Asnhalttim Ilock and Mineral Tar, whicvt ar* used for the following purines Garden* and ?id> -walks. Floring <>l Uiiil<lniifa and Cellars, where the icltiuon of mnmtnre la required Canals and Bridge*. fieri, Whart* anil Dock*. Vault*. Bath*, Aqueduct*,Reiervoir*, Sewer*. Terrace*, Roofing. CoatuiK of iron wt rk, to prevent ita 011<UM<<11 l?v bran water. Coating o( urn her work, naril at railroad*, he. Marketa, slaughter ho i*ea, and Bonding warehouse*, where he rarluaion of vermin 11 required. MtaM*r CROLIUS' BOAT ESTABLISHMENT. too WATER STREKT, FOUR DOOf*4 EAST OK CATIIARI.NF. MARKET THE Subscribe! having in his manufactory, and under his A own imnu-diat RnpennlcndeiKf, wmr of the <d<l?sl and mott etneriencedk lilders in thi* eitv; and the Hps! of inatrnaU for building every description of bouts, whirh enables him to furnmh, ?t th* fhortf?t notice, Boats of thr most approved molt I <ltd W'ukm mship, on the most liberal trrins. BUILT) KK of the Saltan of Muscat'? rie*sure Barge, thr Ware, Oalellr, Victoria, Atlantic, Wakona, Ate. Also, thr Ann, of (Vekftkil1, Washington, of rmighkeepste, Ditcwb, ol Hyde Park, Sylph and Ware, of Mobile, Geo. Ht-wvt, of Louisville, Madame Celeate. of New Orlvaxw. kc. ANo,?The sail lv>?li Wn Croliua, Faaliiun, Zanonl, Star, and r.ilia* in Korrt at. Si<-., S l, Ice. _ JV?m "d?c CtORPORATl<)N NOTK K-I'uhln Nom e i? h. r. I.y gi' ?en, that a .*le >1 1 mi"-rtjr l"r unpaid laie, will tak>' pIm e at Piililic Auction, at^sc City Hall of the City of New i?rk, on W. '.nesday, th?2flt'i ?.?) of September n?*t, at 12 o'clock, noon, and be continued 11 in day to day until the wh^le ot said property shall be aold,an I that t?e detailed statement of th* taies, and property llbiiI il.ia publish, d in the New En, ? newspaper printed andpu 1 1 abediin the city of New York. ALK t ED A. SMITH, Comptroller. Comptroller's Office, May! tft 12. je2S law tfteptao c Mil MEM Ml N(JER, ami 1' ilu'Wurte inhergri fUxinm rills Qu irtn r Mei?.ter (fottfiie.l Oem-ni'iuer " will 1* ?* ra give notice ofhi* residence,a* 11 * relations ai Ov'fWiir i?>c particular de?ire li> know it. vH direct hi* teller y B >t 9i6 Branch Post Office, New Yorfc. _ < 2" a r I ADIE8' NURHK.?The wid? w tl an eminent p^ncian J offera her aei ?i< ea to the Ladiea > Ithia city, heme fully ca pacitated by long e?|ierienc?. Testiini mats froin the flMt physicians, and reference* given. Apply 1 :?1 (Jreenwich afreet jy 13 Imeod r WATCH EI AN DJE WKLKVVKHY LuW.-j he ,?b '? aenber la selling all deacrii.tiona of gold ami silver W iiches, gold and ailrer pencils, gold chains, kevs, kc.. at retail, lowrer than at any other pi ice 111 the city. Gold Watehra aa low as to 30 dollar* each. Watches and Jewelry exchanged or bought. All Watchci are warranted to keep good time, or the money retained. Watehea and Clock* repaired in the I h*'*t maniK r, and warranted, at innch lea* than the lIBl price*, I hy one of the fmeat workmen in the city. <i. C. A1 Sr.N, Jm(virter of W.itcheaand Jewelry, wholeaale ami rela I, JO Wall 1 *freet, up ?t*ir*. jy21 lm*r I Ntw t OKI ? Ai.nair Ran. Ro*d CoMr?wT, . 2 Park Place, New ?o NOTICE ia hereby given t? the Mockholdera of the New York and Albany Rail Road f ompanv, rhat the Pre'idaw and Director* have directed a call tor an iiintalment of five p ceirt on the Capital atock of the Company, payable on fifth day of Seuirmbcr nett. , , ? , Auamt 1, IU2. Bv order of fbe poarn, i21 i?p > r J08- ? BlOOMrltlD, ???r??*. LD. Price Two Cent*. High* ate Spring*. [Corn>?pood?ice of the Herald.] HjaHQATKSrRlNOS Aug. 1, 1K12. Ih^hgatc S/ii?gs?Their Situation? Their (Qualities. J. G. Bennett, ISeq? Sir?In tending your valuable and amusing paper, which is sure to find its way into every popular place <>t public resort, 1 bee you have noticed quite a number of fashionable watering place*?hence I take tin- liberty to write you a word respecting Highgate Springs, and hope you will give them apaning notice in your paper. Iliqliitute Springs are situated in Vermont, about two miles south of Canada line, near Missiajue Hay, and ten miles from St. Albans. For the lieulthlulness ut climate, the medicinal qualities of the mineral waters, (he beauty of location and surrounding scenery. These springs, being situated on one of those delightful and enchanting bays on Luke Chaiuplairi, are not surpassed by any public l-lace ot resort in th?? Union n-u.. l-?*' ? III ?lllUKlin IKIUSf, kept by Messrs. Durley &r Culling, is elegant, large and commodious, and no pains tin their part is spared which can in the least contribute to the comfort or happiness ot theirguest; and in short, every thing connected with the place contributes to render it a desirable place ot report for ?* in quest of health or pleasure. We have a great number of fashionables here at present Respectfully. yours. A:c. W \V. W West Point. [CorreiiKJUiJcDCc or the Herald. J New Yohk, Aug. 5,1842, lVest Point?And the nbuu * of the Porteri there. To t1ik Ehitok or tiik I1ekali> : ? Having frequently noticed in your amusing pa|>er, notices of places ot public resort, aud believing that you are willing to do any thing that lies in your power to publibh, and thereby rectify abuses, 1 would call your attention, and that of Capt. Kyder, who keejethe Hotel in such excellent style at West Point, to the impudence and cheHtery ot the men who appear to have the monopoly of conveying passengers and baggage irom the lauding place. It a|>pears they are independent ot the hotel, and do not enter it to bring out the baggage. Thus articles are frequently lett behind, when, taking advantage of the almost momentary stoppage of the boat, they refuse lo leturn for the missing article, and if any demur be made to the extravagant charge of half a dollar for bringing down the baggage so short a distance, they cooly and impudently tell you if you do* not pay they will keep it Back. &o that there is no choice between submission and losing your passage. If they are not checked, no doubt, in a short lime, they will double their exactions.? Captain Ryder may easily rectify this abuse by employing die iH>rters ot the hotel, and then 1 would advise all who have lehire to pass a few days at this really beautiful spot. Your obedient serv't, "JrsTiCK." Long Branch. [Corrri|K>ndence of the Herald.] Long Branch, Kadi Buildings, Aug. 4, 1842. Life at Long Branch. Mn. Bennett? Dear Sir? I addressed you a few lines from this place some weeks since;' iny first visit proved so exceedingly pleasant, thai, throwing my cares and troubles to the dogs, L have returned, again to breath an atmosphere not compounded exclusively of dead cats, rats, and " such small deer." The blue-devils, are riding me down to day like a " main tack," and the cause is, 1 suppose, although there is a vast deal of apparently pleasant company around me, yet I cannot but remember the friend* with whom I made my first visit, and the happy hours I then passed. Every thing the eye rests upon, even the trees und stones, remind me of the absent, and although associated with the memory of past pleasure, the sense of the present loss far outweighs it all. Perha|<s the wisest coursv is, to bury the dead from out your sight; neither remember nor grieve for the jmst; and yet, I am inclined to think, sad thoughts make better men ; for we have the word of the wisest of men, that " sorrow is better than laughter, for by the sadness of the countenance the heart is made better." 1 began with the serious intent of writing vou a very amusing letter, but in looking it over, 1 find it bears h stronger resemblance to a penitential psalm. Banish from my brain ye "black spirits and white, blue spirits and grey," and be the seas upon you?ya disgust my soul within me. Long Branch, at this my present writing, is indent but one remove from the gates of Heaven; while you,in the great city, ure half (used with heat, stifled with air, redolent of butcher's stalls and pntrid vegetables. I am sitting, with a breeze blowing through my window, requiring my most constant care to keep my writing materials upon my table, und almost the hair upon my head, (1 wear a wig you know); 'and the air I now breathe ia no common one, for it comes from the sweet south, bearing U|>on its wings, tribute from every new mown field, and even blossom and flower, which it kissed, as thev bloomed in its nath. Enuiiim?nt ! nninnn. fined to the day alone, for wlirn the night conies on. my friends, (1 nave one misty, tried and tnie,) and he gland* " hijrh in mouth* ot wisest censure," and myself, equip our.-^lves with some real Havana'**, and betHke us to the sea beach.and there we smoke, and hold high converse of other flays, when we were boys together, and when our chief delight, was in chasing those will-o-the-wism, railed women; but though sunken into the vale ot years, we encourage each other with the reflection, that if for us the war is over, we yet, to the boys of the present day, could? " Shoulder our crutch, Ami show how fields w?re won." Towards the small hours, we turn in, not to be "sweltering in our own heat," but to pleasant dreams, the consolation of a day w?ll spent, and the certainty of a gloriou* appetite for our breaklant, on the morrow: and such breakfast*, as my friend Captain Green, gives us, " eye hatfi not seen nor ear heard." llis tuble, like the land of Goshen, "flows with m Ik and honey." l)o not take my word for it, but come and see with your own eyes, and not anothers. With the exception of my friend, 1 have not an acquaintance here. The |>eople appear pleasant enough. Among the ladies, none transcenaantly beautiful, but many laces "comely to be looked upon," and to gain whose smiles, would well repay a reasonable degree of trouble, with me, the clorv has departed, and I can almost say with Hamlet, "Man delight* me not? Nor womm either." As we grow old, nnd our powers of pleasiag failwhen we remember the time was, that th? young the beautiful and gay. hung upon our lipa, to find them listening now, calm as a summer's morning, when we are literally "spreading ourselves," (to borrow the favorite figure of my friend) is it wonderful that we should grow cynical, and in our despair sneer at the luscious gni;?8, which to us henceforth and forever, will be sour Mv friend who threading my epistle near my elbow," just exclaimed >h ! 1 wish vou had'nt said that." About that lime,ihe iron entered his soul. I forgot nearly to tell you, that on Sunday last, we hail a visit from the great American Sea Senx-nt. I saw him with my own eyes?h mps and all ? he loomed up against the horizon, like Bearhy Head in a fog. Oh,* if that fellow could be fallen?the rover of a thousand sens?what a tale, of the wonders of the deep he could spread before us. Yours, Rc.vovattj". IN PRK.SS.?l nder ihe care ofPROFCMOR W.Mi?TSB * of Harvard Llniveraii*.?Cambridge edition ,of?LIEoIU 8 new work on Organic ( hemiitrv in it? application^ to ivaiolocy and Pathology. Kilted from the Anlhoi ? Manuacript-, by William Oreffniy, M. D., fcc. . Th* only eorrect and aiithorileil edition will n* that now iirintuiKat (' unlwidvr. Kor thu edition in* 'J' *"*' editor have not only inpplied all th* correction a?d illrnnoH, ?nt new and addilional matter not contained in the London edition. To III. Cambridge tdiliou will al?" I" profited * biographical ketch of Profeaaor Liehint, and an account of hia other WThe delay inth* appearance of the work hereh*. been c?ua edb\ 'It* lion- rn?al..l <l? lut pure , Ui?a* have now been received, and the work will be out in * few day? Peraont deairooa of obtaining the correct and perfect work w ill addrrM ihc I'iibli*hera, Meafrs. Jamea Monroe and tio I.H Waahingt >n ?tr*?t. Boaton. W, UU. _ a] I taw it r "FKVER AND AGUERUHIITON k AHTI.N WALL'S TONIC MIXTURE hu now b**n uimmI lor many p??r? wifh freit ?o<*rr??, au<I rhr incr*a?in? driuAiNi for it ampl* ptoofof thj rmcary ofthf prf|?r?lion ; it h%a hrtn nmd in thr vicinity of HirUm, awl th* w??*u?Tn i??it of thu flfat*. wh?* ftrtr inn agny nrr\ nl tf> a grrit fitent, ind in iriffflf *n laitiDCt h*? failed to give the iieairrd r* let It i? f"r aale ?hnlr?al* and ri tail at th? propnrtar'a itorea K William alrMt, IM Brwidway. and Id Aator II nu?? ; and alao by * of the dmwiaU throoghont the country. * ***J

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