Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 9, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 9, 1842 Page 1
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?? . 11 L TH Vol. VIU.?-No. '41M - WtiaU No. 3U6U. "regular packets^ glWlINE OP LIVERPOOL JACKET*. r| " 5.V v% York on thr &tli "?d Li* cr|MmTOii the IjUi of tach month. , __ jfjy 1 huMNcwlmT Ship RHEBTDAN, Captain K. A. Drjwystrr.Jith May8hij? (iAHRII K, Captain Win. SkidJy. 2Jih Juue. Ship ROSC IL'S, Captaiu Jahu Collins, ttth July, 9hi* S1DDONS. Cauwm K. B. Cobb, ?th August. Krom Livkrpool. Ship SinnONS, Captain K. B. Cobb. 13th June. Ship BHKR1DAN. CairtaiuF. A. DeiwyaUi, 13th July. Sluo tJARHH'K, Cupturn wm. Skuldy. 13th August. Sln|. RO8CIU8, C i|iU?u John Collins, 13th Septi-inbt r. IVv jhips art ail ol tlir tint class, upwards of lUOOtous, built lu the nty of N'rn York, with such imrrorem uu as combine (rrtt with unusual comfort tor jMuwimrrs. Kvcry car* has b*< n taken in ffie arrntiKenn lit ol tlu ir arr<imino<htious. Tli* price ?f plienor u $loo, for wkuch ample storrs * ill I Ix |.roviib'il. These aliip* w I I n^rii nci-J lion Neither the eapta'n* or own? i* of the stiif* will be responsible for toy lettere, ptircels T packages seut by the ui, unless regulai b 'Is of lading arc signed therefor. Thr? .*i? of this line will hereafter <j iru-d, and their peculiar construction gives theui security not possessed by any other bur tcurli of war. For freight ot passage, apply ID E. K. COLLINS h CO., 66 South st? New York, or to WM. k JA8. BROWN k CO.. Liverpool. Letters by the packet* will l>e cl trged 13^ rents ptrsinrle iheet ; 10 cents per ounce, anil newspaper* I cent each. nil NEW YORK AND HAVRE PACKETS. " (SECOND LINE.) dl^ The ?lnp? of this UuewInhercattcrliMVe Nev^^^ntou tile Island Havre ou tlie 16th of each month, as follows : From Nrw York. From Havre. The new ship ONEIDA, t 1st March ( 16th April Captain < 1st July < 16th August James Kuiitk, f 1st November/ 16th December Ship BALTIMORE, i 1st April ( 16th May Captain < 1st August < 16th September Edward Kunck, ( 1st Deccen'rf 16th January ShipUTICA, v let May 1 16th June Captain ( 1st Septemb'r< 16th October . Frederick Hewitt, { 1st January ( 16th February New shipST.SlCOL.A3, I 1st June I 16th July Captain < 1st October < 16th November. J. B. Pell, ( 1st February? lfitn March The accommodations of these ships are not mirpassed, combining all that may be required for comfort. The price of cabin passage is SIUO- Passenger* will lie supplied wiui every requisite, with the exception of wiues.uid li<|in>rs. Goods intended fir these vessels will be forwarded by the subscribers, free from any other than the expenses actually incurred ou thetn. Kor freight or passage, apply lu BOYD k HINCKEN, Agents, al 9 Tontine Building*. ~ 70K NEW ORLEANS." LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OK PACKETS. jijjy For tile ueitcr accommodation ol' shippers it is intended to despatch a ship from this port on the 1st, 6th, Nth, lltli. 20th, and 2jtli ol each month, commrucin* the 10th October ami continuing until May, when regular days will be appointed for the remainder oi* the year, whereby great delays and disappointment* will b< prevented during the \ummtt months. The following hipjjpl commence this arrangement : YAZOO. Captain Cornell. Amp OGONEE, Captain Jacksoo. Ship MISSISSIPPI. Captain Hillianl. Ship LOUISVILLE, tamain Hunt. Ship 8HAK8PEARE, Captain Minor. Ship OA8TON, Captain Latham. Ship HUNT8VILLE, Captain Mumford. Ship OCMULOEE. Captain Lcavitt. Ship NASHVILLE, Captain Dickinson. Ship MEM rill 8. Captain Kuight. Ship LOUISA, Captain Mulford. These ?hi|M were all bnilt in the city of New York, eipiessjfor |*ckets, are of light draft of water, have recently been i wly c4>|iered and i>ut m splendid onier-with accommodations or passeagers iint'HkRilled lor comfort. They are commanded oy eiprriencmi urisit'is, win; win mw ? ?*.!> rinu-u i? Bbvi i neral satisfaction. Tiicy will at all times be towed up and own the Mississippi by steamboats. Neither Uie ownrri or captain* of these slitja will be responsible fyir jewelry, bullion. |>recioua atones, silver or plated ware, or Hi any letten, parcel or jackage, vnt l>y of put ou board 01 tnem, unless regular bills of lading arc Ukeu for tlie same, aid tile value thereon expressed. Tor freight or jwnsige, apply E. K. COLLINS Si CO., 56 South St.. or HULLIN h WOODRUFF, Agent in New Orleans, who will proudly forward all goods to thvir addiess. Tli* ship* of tiiis line ire warranted to Mil punctually as advertised, and great cart will M taken Jo have tlie goods correctly measured. ml OLD LINETjIVEKPOOL PACKETS. m M. Mt. rPHE OUTLINE of PacEel^iir Liverpool will Hereafter lie I despatched iu the foll.iwina order. e*cepiin; that when the day of sailiutffalls ou Sunday, the ships will sail ou llie succeeding day. For ew York. For Liverpool. I The SOUTH AMERICA, I luue 1 July 19 616 tons. < Oct 1 Nov 19 D. (J. Bailey, (Feb 1 Mar 19 The ENGLAND, I June 19 Aug 7 750 tons, < Oct 19 Dec 7 B. L. Waite. f Feb 19 April 7 The OXFORD, I July 1 Aug 19 #00 tons, < Nor I Dec 19 J.Hathbone, t March 1 April 19 The EUROPE, {July 19 Sept 7 610 tons, < Nov 19 Jan 7 E. G. Marshall r Mar 19 May 7 The NORTH AMERICA, i Aug 1 Sept 19 618 tons. < Dec 1 Jan 19 A. B. Lowber.f Aoril 1 May 19 The NEW YORK. t Aug 19 Oct 7 1 r? " lvi. 1 ")W tons, < uec i'.i rt-v I T. B. Cropper, f April IJ June 7 The CAMBRIDGE, < Sept I Oct 17 JAO l<>n?, < J:<n 1 Feb 17 W.C Barstow.f M*y I June 19 The COLUMBUS, S 8, i* 19 Nov 9 700 tons, \ Jan 19 Mar 9 G. A. Cole. ( May 19 July T Panetaality, as regards the day of sailing, will be ohs*n nl as heretofore. The price of iNuaage out w trd is now tiled at Oue Hundred Dollars, for whictt ample store a of aver* description will He provided, with the ttcrptton of win<s and liijuors, which will be furnished bv tlir stewauls. GOODHUE k CO . 61 South st? C. H. MARSHALL. M Bmliiw-ilip.N.Y. je? lyti BAR!.NO BROTHfeR? k CO.. L'tK>ol. STEAM NAVlG.f^ON^B^f^EEN ANTWERr AND NEW YORK, VIA?SOIJTUAMP TON. BELGIAN STEAMER BRITISH QUEEN, F. EvaiHOl.T, C0MM4MDRR. The dart of (k|*riur? of tins waril-kuowu Steamship, Ware been Axed as follows : From Antwerp. From Southampton, From New York, On 4th Mav. ISO. On 7th May, 1812, On 7tli June, 1812 (tirf- 10th July, " 7th Aug., " 7th Sept. " tOrh Sept. " 71 ) Oct., " Price of passage, meals not inclnded, to Southampton or Antwerp, $70?Steward's fees, $2 62^. Tlw meals will be jerred on board, on the plan of a continental hotel, in the best minorr, and at tixed and moderate prices, passengeti being only -barged when ptrtaking ol the same. The prce of passage to eithei of the above jioits cau also be engaged if preferreil, with meal* and steward1* fees included for 197 S2S? cents, exclusive of wines. An eiperienced Surgeon arcoinpanies the ship. For freight or passage, or <Aj' further luforuHCDn, iaply to H/w. T. k H. MALT, Agents, a22 (m'r _ M Beaver street. NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. eaaaa gssei Fart r?-?lure<l to 15 em I a. From the foot of CouAl/udt rtreet. New Work. (Everyday?Sunday >.? >pted.) Leaves New York Leaves Newark At ? -V M. At I P. M. At 7X A. M. At IK P. M. 1 do. i do. 9 do. do. u do. ioh do. v'i dc. I do. 7 do. I do 10 do. v ONSUNDAYS. .NVw York, Leare Newark. ^41 9 A. M. anil IH P. M. Al 12 Noon and 10 P. M. NEW YORK. ELIZABETH TOWN, WESTKIELD, ftlAlNKieTprbot NDBROOK, SOMERVILLE, fcc. Daily. Lnv? New TorJi. Leave Elizabeth Town. # A. M. 7 A. M. 2li P. M. ?S' A. M. 4 " U M. P. M 5 P. M. 0% " The trainaof the Somerrille Railroad Co. connect wirti thvtr Iniei each way daily, Sunday* eacepted. Pasaentfrn ?rr r> i|UMlcil to purchaae ticket! al the office, foot of Liberty itrret. fare lie wren N -w York and Elizabeth Town?) cent*. H'are between (In itwl Soraerrille, 7i centa. ilCVT YORK. RAFIWAY A!\D \EVfr BRUNSWICK. Fan- reduced. Krntn the foot of Liberty atreet, dally. Leave New York. Leave New Brunawick. Al 51- At 7* A- N!0? r. M. 11 A. M. ? P. M. Fare between New Yoek and New Bmaawlek, '5 cent*. Rah way. , Ml oenn The fare in the 7S A. M. tram from New Brunawick, and l? P. y train koni New York, ha* been reduced between N**v York acd New Brunawick, to VI cent*. " aim Railway to 37% " (in Sunilay* tke 7Si A. M. trip* from New Brunswick ia untitled. . . * Punengen who procure their ticket* at the tirket office, ree?i?e a ferey ticket imtia. Tickrti are received by the condnctor only on the day when | aire hated. niTfi Jo.* PARK AND FREIGHT li I-.Wl.'CI,! BOSTON, via STONINUTON AND NEWPORT, comnoted of the following superior lUatnen, riiiiHiuij iu cuitei ction with the StoninKton and Providence, and Burton and Providence Railmada? M ASSACHUSETTS, Captain Comatock. RHODE ISLAND, Captain Thayer. NARRAUANSETT, t.'aptain Woolaey. M OH CO AN. Captain Vauderhilt. One of which will leave New York daily, ( umUyt execi'rd) from Pier No. I, North River, Battery Place, at fire Wock. P. M. AiiinMWKT. Tlw NARRAOANSET, on Monday, for StnmiiKton, and Tlinnday, for Stniiinfton, Newport and Prutidehce. The MABSACHUSE TTH. on Taeaday, l?r Stomncton, Newport 111.1 rrovi.lrnre and Kridny for Btoniiitfton. The ItHODE ISLAND, on W' dnmday, for iMoninxfcm, and ftUurday, for StoniuKtont Newixjut, and Providence. Paatentfev* on the arrival of tiie ate amen at Htonintfon, may fake the Railroad Can and proceed immediately to Provi dene* and B??u>n. JVmjfhi laken ?t the followini much rednced rate* To Bo*ton, on pood* weightily forty |M>uiid* or upwarda to he cubic loot, at 'jo perron, and on meaanremeni (fooda 7 ceuta per foot. To ProvMene*, on me?anren<ent food* 5 trnli fir cubic fbot. and apecific article* aa per ten! in be obtan?.d at office 23 r iadway. mJI Smr E NE ... " 1 NJ < X3ULISTS. DOC TO K J. FRANC IS, OCULIST, \JO. 10 BARC, V STRKKT, within two doort of the * * Astor Hf ? tii* |ire]>ar.t(ioiii are a perfect cure for all inrltinmatory u ?sr of the eye. wr*kuess of tight, fcc., ?>. never fail in ret ring nebulas' of die lotufest itanding, without any surgical operation CERTIFICATES. 1 ccrlify that J*cob Valentine, a youth of about firf\een years of ?jj:e, W4i brought to my house l?st f*ll, apparently blind. He c tiled on nit-to-d tv, and ?tares that he has been the patient ol l)r. J. Francis, wliow* treatment hat been the menu*, under God, ofi el tori nj?r his sight. JAMLS M1LNOK. Rr Ctur of St. Geonre's Church. Beekinan st. Thfi is lo certify thai two of my children welt almcted with diseased? yes for a l< iik'th of tune, one ol them "was almost blind with nebulas, cot mm; the sight. Every remedy was resorted k> without <tnv good effect, and despaired of them ever being recovered. They are now |* rfectly restored to sight by Dr. J. Francis' celebrated preparation. DANIEL 8. JONES. 499 Pearl street. I wis almost blind (or twelve veil*, and in five weeks, under the skilful treatment of Dr. J. Francis, my sight is now per fcctly good and strong. ? . ? MARTHA BKOWN. 177 Forsyth street. I certify to the above beiug a true statement. '2EOKGE BENEDICT, Pasto of the Stanton street Church. I was nearly blind fur tw% ?ty years with a cataract i< * ? h eye and ffom the use of Dr. Frauci?' wonderful preparation loi that disease, my eyes are now perfectly recovered. HESTER JOHNSTON, 41 Eh.r.dge ?Uei t. We, the undersigned, haviugwimessed the astonishing cacy ol Dr. Francis* preparations for diseases of the eye, uniiesit itipgly recoinmeud litem to the notice of the , ublio, as VcJunbi remedii s. l)un?an Dunbar, Pastor of McD"*fal *t Church. S. H. Cone, Pastor of the Fi?st Bqtist Chuich. Jol il Peck, Agent of the Home Mission Society. J i'- ?b Brouer, Paai f the North Bartisti hm h. Jose;>k Audreade, Kuin tu Catholic Priest of Si I. Pater's Church. Numeidns certificates can b- ^en at the office. Pre|?red and sold only try Dr. J Francis, 10 Baiclay street. New York. Artificial Eyes inserted, which canuot be distinguished from the natural, without gmiu' the slightest twin. Dr. J. Francis respectfully iuf??nn* his friends and the nub'ic, that in consequence of the increase of his business, Dr. Ctleimy, Member of the Royal College of Snrjgcons, Loudon, and of the New York Medical Society, has joined him, and every confidence can he placed in his professional skill as in Oculist. Office hours from 9 A. M., until 6 P. M. j y 10 Jin * c DISEASED EYES AND INFLAMMATION OP'THK EYE LIDS. ANYdicua oc %v< Ucim - of die , av inlfampitioB the eye-lids, can be quickly and safely removed, by the use of the ROMAN EVE BALSAM. Mrs. Davis, No. 77 Essex treet, ha* been cureil of inflammation of tht eye-lids and weak eyes, of years duration, by using only our jar of the Eve B?l-?am. Miss Fit/. Gerald, No. 2 Market street, had for two ??r three years bet a so much afflicted with weak and inflammed eyes, that at times she could *circ?ly see lo read. Her eyes have beeu coimdetely restored by this Balm, after all other inem* had failed. Hundreds have by it* healing * ittues, been restored to light, Where a'nio*t total blindness, caused by excessive inflammations, had existed for years. The M Roman Eye Balsam" his been a long time u<ed in private pntctice by the most eiiiiueul ocnli'U in this and IVreign countries; and it* astonishing eflicacy in eieoviu^ all d?sease, ami inflammation from the e> e, has established lor it a reputation far bt-yond the reach of any other Preparation. IN DIMNESS OF SIGHT, caused t>y tixed ittention \o minute objects, or by a long exposure to a strong liuhr. and in the weakness or |?ariial loss of sight from sicklies* or old age, it is a sure KHtorer, and should lie used by all who find their liifht failing w About any uipinutili ease. Put np in small jar* with fun directions for me. Price 37>4 coins. Prepared and sold wholesale and ret til, by DAVID SANDS Si CO., No. 77 East Brotdaar, comer >larUet sr, N. V. Hold alio by A B &. D Sands. 79 and 100 Knlton street, and by A B S tuds and (Jo., 27.1 Broidway, corner Chamber street. nMlV'sfjLID EXTRACT Of SARSAPARILLA, prtpare J by Dr. Otto Rotton, has proved itself, t very valuable specific iu cases of Scrofula, Salt Rheum, and cutineous iliaeases gerierally, particularly those arising from impurity of the blood. The Syrup, prepared fioin the Extract also, is far superior to aijy oilier Syrup of Sann|>arilU erer before prepaied. Both may be obtained of Win. It, Milnoi, 192 Broadway, corner of John street; T. R De Fores), 12 Oreenwich, cor. Morn* str> et ; W. M. Thurmnn Vari'k, corner of Canal street; J. St J. Coddiiwt<>n, cor. Sprint and Hudson street* ; A. McLeod, 309 Hudson street; L. A RosenmiMer, 311 Bltecker, cor Christopher street ; J. W. B is sett,641 Broadway, and of P. BOWNE fa CO. Wholesale Druugists, 83 John street, and jylO lm* t Ajents for IihIm <^i.ola--"i*n DISEASES OK THE EYE. R. K. OIOSSY, OPHTHALMIC SURGEON, No. 2117 BROADWAY, Entrance in Fulton Slr?et, opposite St. Paul's Cnurch. ATTENDS TO D1SKASKS OK THE EYE, AND ALL THE NECf.SSARY OPERATIONS THEREON. OFFICE HOURS FROM 9 TO 6 o'cUJTK. Having com leted his studies of five years wiih i>r. Elliott, Oculiti, and tieeu subsequently engaged as his assistant, R. K Dio s isjpnabled to undertake the '.rcatmeut of all disea-es affecting tl|e organs of vision. Terms moderate and graduated to the nature and extent of the diseas-*. Permission is niveii to refer to hi* late instructor. Md alio t<i some of tfie m?st eminent Professon of the Medical Faculty in New Yofk. N B t'" poor (rratrd gratuitously *ul lm?r ! MEDICINES. "SAND'S SARSAPARILLA. IN offering to the public a new preparation of Sarsaparilla, il it wir!? much pleMIN flit sul^r: il.'-rs *19 able tO - Ut? ths I after devptinjc years to laborious chemical experiment.*, the \ have succeeded in eitractin* the essential principles on wilic* the actite Tirturs of 8*r*npr%rilU de|?en<l; by the construction or a newy scientific, and imjrmoiM apparatus, invented nprenly for thii purj*>se?lite successful 0|<er-ri'>ii of which in extracting die virtue* of the thuc Sarsaparilla, rrnderi it one ol the greatest discoveries of the age; and after again combining this extract with other articles selected from the .Materia Medi ia, it is lermi il into ? < inpound that has been provsd by j'ractiI-\Tirlence to possess the important power of immediately arr?.t n. the progress of disease and restoring the patient to perfect health. All diseases arising from an impure state of the blood, or habit of the system, such as Scrofula, obstinate Cutaneous Eruptioi*, Pimples, Chronic Sore Eyes, Rheumatism, Kingworm, enlargement and pain of the Bones and Joints, s.ubborn UIcmu. Sypilitic symptoms, ind all diseases arising Irom an injiicSciotn use of mercury, are speedily cured by its use. The patient, therefore, who uses this preparation, has all combintj that can be useful for the removal of his complaint. The afflicted are invited to try it at once, aud appropriate to thcmsel?*es ihe benefit* this invaluable mediriue can bestow. Prepartdand sold by A. B. Sands St Co., 273 Broadway, cor Chambers st. Sold also by A. B. St I). Sands, 79 Fulton st.cor. O dd, and by D. Sands,77 East Broadway, cor. Market street. I'rice SI. jy!7 Im't ifcCflfl REWARD.-OROSS' SPECIFIC MIXTURE.? pUV/V far tS? Cure of Gonnorrhoa, Gleets, Strictures auo anal igona complaints .i f i>e oigaa in (generation. Of aU t> medies yet discorered for tfi- above complaiuU, this is the mast certain. k makes a speedy and permanent cure, withomt lie least restriction to diet, drink, exposure, or change in application to b'j lines*. We giie no long Quackish recommendations to "deceive the public. H the mcuirine does not not speak for itself, no on* shall speak f?r it. Our object is to notify where it can be had, and the rironrietor challenges a single case of reoent Oonnorrhcea to ?e brought, in which the miitoie will not effect a rupiit cure, under a forfeiture of (VM>. This u a disease that unfortunately pert ades all ranks uf so ciety?high, low, rich and poor, matrimonial and single. The> are here presented with a remedy by which they can cure themselves without the least exjiosure in the short* time possible Further, the disease cannot be contracted if adoseoftht mixture Is taken at night on going to bed when exiiosed. It is put up ill bottles with full directions accompanying it, ai SI a bottle- Oi\e bottle lasts a week, which generally curesmany aracurrd in two days. For saje only a? Wm. II. Mllnor's, 118 Broadway, corner ot John stteet, opposite Franklin House, New York; J .Jones corner of Chestnnt and Seventh streets, Philadelphia; and at J M. Smith's US Washington street Boston. >"? J THH NKW YUKK COLLEGE OF MEDICINE PHARMA C Y. ?*TABL!SHED FOB THE SUPPRESSION OF QUACKERY, U A 8 rtiet with the most unprecedented succet* since iu com IA m* iffm-nt, particularly fr >m the unfortunatr victims of ttniiriMci|iled pretenders, who an? now daily siininic strength *111 vigi under the judicious treatment of trie College. '1 h? following preparations liatr- already obtained a celebrity uni?r*lell"l in tli* annals of medicine. THE UNRIVALLTKD TONIC MIXTURE. A ee Win cure for all forms of ily.jicp.ia, low spirit, loss ol appt titeJ Isssitdde, cutaneous eruptions, rrn ral debility, i>rei1ik|?<i(if>n t" consumption, and nil romp!\ rif9 arising Horn a disarran<'mot of the uervious ?v?t? m ll may be j1?o used with grwit tucri-M in cuei of fever mid a_'ur ami as i rtvcntati'r ' yellow feser. Sold in hottles'at ft anil t2 eai:h. TIIE PARISIAN ALTKIlA'l IVE MIXTURE. For Ihr cnre of all cases ol a d. licilr diseaa**, or for latins in the bon?, eruption., sore t'iroat, or any other distressing symptoms, iTiductd by an injudicious me of mercury, or by un irkery. t*o'd in bottles at $1 and %! e ich. 1 THE ANODYNE LINIMENT. For the cure ol rheumatic pans, ci.Hc bnii;es, sprains, mi?s|.<llsr Me, perrons headache, paint ill the joints, and immediate and permanent relief gutrtnteed. Sold in bottle*, 75 rti "C?THK FRENCH ANTIPHLOGISTIC MIXTURE. Ouar-ilteed to ure gonorr'o>a, ulcet, and all mucopurulent iHschnrgta from the urethra. Sold in boMes at 'Ocentt and VilK AMERICAN ANTIBILOUi CATHARTIC PILL. Forth# cure of all tW?ngei?fni? of the liv#*r, purify inic .th? lood. rvoititK t he whole allmenUry canal to healthy action, nditivinf new aig r to fhe vital poweit. Thia medicine is ntirely w|*r ceding the driittic purgative* of the n Jitrnm THE KK\1 ALF, RESTORATIVE TILL. For thr cure of those compl-tints peculiar to the female ?eg, and to restore find pre*erre the regnlar action of the frmale organ*, with hill direction* ami caution* .ts to tine, and aold in ho?t*s*t f 1, 60 cants, and 23 cents each. SIR AH'l'LKY COOPER'S PILL. . For the cur** of cutaneous ??rui?ttous, gout, chronic vheumaturn, and to improve the tone of the <lig<*?tive qnrans. THE PA?'ILLART HEALING POWDER,t For the cure of sore nioples, and superficial icoriafions of W M"i 'n closely ttopt phials at .V) cent-* e<sch. 1he apoye |>re|MMtiona may aUo he lia?l of the following uVazeMf in tnii ci*r:? J- , Hi| Bnn'lw u'. or. E. M. Oiiim. 1*7Bowery. Dr. Kthg, 2#7 Hii<l?ott street. Kaiia I. Th?all, Sift CI rand street. Dr. Newm.ii fti < h* r y street. Wm. Armstrong |?t Fulton street, Brooklyn. Principal office of the OotUge for New York, at <>7 Nassau street. By order, _ ,, ? W.g.RICHARnanv Agent. to the ladies: MADAME CQSTELLO, Female Physician, Still continnej to treat, wtih astonishing lucres*, all diseases iiernliar tt females. Suppression, irregularity, nhstnuuon. fce, by wWever raus? ifrixluced. cm be lemovnl by M ulame C. in a very soit time Madame C.'s medical fsiaMishim nt havim; nml. njotie thnroinrti n pairs and alterations for the lietter ar<-?mm*ua'i<in of hi i namerour piti. nt?, ?he i? now prepared to reei ifi- l.idies on ihr tHiuit of ruiitiiieiiient, or those who with to be ticated for ?.!> stmctioa ol 'lisir monthly permd. Madam-' C. cm i? consnltrd tt her rrsidi'tie# No. 31 Liipen I ard ?t, at all times, and with the strirtest rrrard to nerrtiy, I AH roDimiinicatioiisand letters mint be pott-paidiyll ln*r W YO 5W YORK. TUESDAY M I WATERING PLACES. &C. CATSlULh M( I NTAIN ih >l!SE, AT Tttfc IM.\K OKCHAHp.?IM. rPH18 romantic and faahiouabh* resort will be conducted dur1 in* the present s? ason under the direction and suj>erintcn.1 Mr** ni the subscriber. It has nndergona ? comnlvto and lho;ouh rrj?fiir, and is new open for the reception or visitors. No fT<?rt will bt spared to maintain the deters sdly high chaiacter which it ho heretofore acounvd. A* l4ff(oU>rv, iu Libitn will t>e furnished with every delicacy ihdt the New York m irket can iffnrd; \nd every poeaihie attention fl.?! i in | romote th? ouveuien < uid etyoj meut of it* i^irmn will b- prompt Ir be?towe?l. The roa?t leading to this establishment audesp* cially th.U part of it ou the mouutain, has been rendered |?erleetly smooth and sale. Mess is. v. r. U u ^ ' act ui lini of stages wi&l nui a* heretofore regularly between the lauding and the Mountaiu ilutut-, ou the arrival of the boats. C. L. BEACH, Proprietor June 13th, fill. jell 3mr Bath hoi *k. lon?. isi.amv-n>? i...u. ,?.i well known hoarding and bavhitiff **?t ablishment, hating recently nnJeifOiK numerous in pro ?e mints, amonit which is the erection of sen r*l elegant suiuin* r hosues upon I lie margin of the ocean, is now open fur the reception of company duritn; the season Th'-great eitent of private beach on this short?ihe perfect security in bathing, even for ladies and children, (Hie bathinghouses being within a stoned throw of the mansion)? the ?hady, eool and delightf*n| locust grove adjoining the house ?ilu pie u?ut rides iu the surrounding couutr i?the excelleut ij recn uion and unu^tMio n??.?? i.i a*i iu. vi? w of the All luic ocean and the i h /, aim. .1 . .t!> e nlivened by numerous vessels u ? .* i i a 1 I 111 i, filler thw situation in ev-ry reject uii# .pt.Jied 1 y my in >l.e ticiuity. Its accoinmodatiwns ire il e r ni y n?l lhe_ te mperature, efen iu the %? ! v i rump i , 4i?yt' ir>ir Mif oppressive. *1 he conVf.'?iic? of r. rnimini .? ?*? ".A d is tan , (bring but nine inilea i . i4 lainod 1 -I to butidf-A r? iiui r ii |)fculi/.rly well at'apU Jaa residence for it ntl< inea of busii *iin NV w York. i*122m*r WILLIAM BROWN, Proprietor. '"FURN'riTK E. GEORGE W. DAWSON, ll'fi'jlmalr and ilrtatl t*\imiture and General Furnishing Warehouse, Xj. f?7 Chatham xtreet% corner of Du&nc sh eet, Xe:n York. nfHRRK lie keeps for sde a ! ir;* aviortmvut of the foNow*' iuv articles, vii.: $idebo.\rd?, Core ms, Bedsteads, Col\% T Mes, ('baits, Office and f'orl .!?!?* l)?-sk'?. Glass Cases, Book ! 1 . U <11(1 |'|?T Tables, lYui/.?, Solas, Sol\ Ced>te ols, Bfi!?, li? !?li;ur, I'Jcixteri, Mat* cresses, CuriM-li, Oil ("loth, \laitin4 aud fcire Iron*, Wa?li Sunes, Tot it-L Tabu**, t aid; SusnU, Bu t-au bedsteads Die ir?ii Bureaus, Salts, . AU >, a Inri:* assortment of men and women's Wearing Apparel, new and second handed All the above article* are oir? red to the public at very low price*. lYrsoui in want of g.tid articles \%??cild lind it to :htir .mU .ihtaffe to make ui early call it the above esunlish.i Shipping order* punctually trended to and |*?cked til the ihoni rt 1 grosses, Bedding, etc. for fitting out vr *els, constantly on hand. All or>ie?* to tia above r5*.ibl?^hr:? nt will be pthuctuall? ati-!mI?*(I to a<t?l thvpklull > ret t i\? d. iN. B.?The highest prices will he given for Second Hand Knrniture, ?nd *J? ntlf men's and Ladies'c.^l off Clothiu*. a>2 6m*? ________ PEFINKU NUGAR, WINES, &<. WKLLINO I'ON A * VlU'Uil, Wine and .ominissiou Merchant, '? N? \\ ajr? 't, lie doc <>m Wnllstreet, In* just r ? i i ed front l)?e rtfiuery a <juantilv of superior double *ud aim: 1? mined Su-ar, in sin ill loavr*. which he will sell at his usuhI low rates, in parcels lo suit buv< s. W. A.(!irt?T'i assortiiieiit of sai*erior V iues cannot fail to pleasa. The old Lomeliuo Madeira of 181'.. in bottles and in pipes,hhds. and <jr. casks of various ages; cl unfile,claret and other light Wine* oi the choicest emd*.. always on sale at low pijccs. Orders foranykiud shall In- Uithfully executed. jy7 !m*r GOOD SUMMER WINE. I B. 8TOUVUNKL. Importer of French Wines ol J the most approved brands, Bordeaux Claret and other Wines. He has removed from his old stuid, G1 Nassau street, to No. 21 Ann street, (ti? ar Nassau) basement. lian, Montferraut, St. Ksteve, Lafitte, Med or, &te. in barrel*, half cask* and case*. Also, Chami>agne, various brands; Burgundy , Hermitage, fcc.; superior Cognac Brand>; beat quality Ciin, roi t Wine, Portugal nd Spanish Willi's. J. B. S. will also seil by the <l<sten bottled Wine for private families, which will be sent lo any part of the city, alio by the gallon or othtVwise, to those who may favor him with then patronage. No W.ucs are impure sold by hiin, as he imi>orts them direct. mu~/^ J. B - has opened a boarding house at Hobokeii, opposite Vauxhail arden. on the main road, whete is kept au assortment of i ? t est Wines. IVirite parties supplied with good dinners and* <l ments. jv 12 lm*c rats. hats! hats! hats!! DROWN fc CO'S One Trie? Hat fttore, wholesale and re? tail, 179 Chatham Square, corner of Mott slieet, where fashion, beauty, durability and ccouomy are combiued to adorn the head. The proprietors have the pleasure now to offer in addition to their recently unproved short napped TTat, a new style, the imitation of beaverr, which so closely resemt>les that of ail furs the most costly and beautiful, thnt the difference is not easily perceived. Price three dollars. We strictly adhere lo the oue price cash system, which enable* us to furnish a very superior r!at for the price diftf|M* In Iheee Hats tothe public the proprietors thiuk they nave readied the ultimatum oi r?eauty, durability, cheapness and comfort. mi 3in# TAILORING. REMOVAL. PHILLIPS' CASH TAILORING ESTABLISH MENT, U retnrrrd from US Broadway to No. 7 A?:or Home. lconOm\ in gentlemen's dress. Garments of a most Jegant and Kashienable kind ft a saving of 60 per cent for cash. rPHK advertiser d? tns it unnecessary to resort tJ the hackA neyed system of givimxalist of uomina! prices, presenting fh*t the length of time he lias been esubluhed. tou? ther with -he extensive patronage bestowed on mm, will pmv* ? suin ?ieni voucher for his capabilities. Possessing the advantage ot Being connected with an ? xteiisivr cloth establishment in fiurefte ae confidently assets that he can furnish C.othes which, on com (he brtt deacription* ofeeutlemt-n'* dress. myl3in S. PHILLIPS, 7 Astor House, Broadway LOOK OUT: He whosteajsmy purse steals trash, Bui he who tiniies from me of my i;ood same Robs me of that which enriches him, Bnt inaks me poor indeed.?[Shaksiware. MARSHALL. AT HIS ONLY TROV Sinur DKPOT. No. 90 Chatham str?et, make* the above quotation, because others endeavor to filch from him his ro mI name, tame, and reputation We hive more tliau once made public the many impoiit out practised on dealer*, strangers and others, in pursuit of our highly reputed Troy Shirts, Bosoms, and Collars. Bui now that imKnitions are on the increase, thfrrfore, we *ha|l keep these ,cta brlore the public, which will et|io?e im|M>aIer?, rtiHl may cut olf their w icked designs. Make no mistakes flmtel'ore. " Marshall's only Troy Hhirt Pep it" is painted nn our awning and window. Be particular, luweier, to see llie name " Marshall's" oii our w indow and about our store. No. 10, our only Troy Sliirt Depot, is situated abont 16 doors from 'lie corner of Pearl and Chatham street*, and on the right hand side in Chatham street, iu ousing to the City Hall. Seethe name IE?" MARSHALL s and ran are correct. CATALOOUK OK PRICES. Strong made Cotton Shirts, -.vith linen bosoms, collan and wrist bands, warranted, at per doz.-n. $7?7 50?8?8 SO?1?1"? 1? 50?11?12?12 50?15?16?16 SO?17?18?20?21?22 50?24?25 26 JO?27?28. All Linen Shirts, perdoz. $20?20 50?23?27 50? 30?J250?Jft?38. Plain Cottou Shins, pt r do*. $5 50?6?7?7 .'iO ?8?9. Colored Shirts, jit, dpi. $i?5 50?a?7-8?9?10-11. Collars just received?In addition to our former large stock of collars of every description, lono dozen, all Linen < ollars, at 50 .ems per dozen. 62c?75c?87c?$1?1 25?1 50?1 75?2?2 25 ?2 50?2 75?J?3 25?3 50 and <00, locludiiig our i.ew style. Marshall's Bvron Collars, which have been so highly approved of. These goods, with our plain and ruffle bosoms, can he found t many of ihe principle ready ma e linen stores triroujbout the city, andlat the manufacturers, ujrMtmill'i IQ**- only Troy Shirt Depot, No. 90 Chatham street. New Yom. We Cannon d< ah rs and others against the many mistakes that have been madi-of atr, in consequence of set ing tu keted pu-ns in some of the window*. Recollect, no m. iked or ticketed price* are to be *een in ou~ window. But remember this the cut of our store, with the prices attached, wi' ' ' circulated for the benetit of all. These circulars olilv r / > seen tn onr window and, furthermore, we advise agan ?ee the name and number, Ma sliall's, No. HO." No patiot e asked of those who beat down. jyl5lm*c TO THE LAI)IKST" FASHIONABLE MILLINERY OOO '9.?The prorrier trnx, Mill S KI Ml. daughter of tin? c. lirated C.irl Kin*, ifft r* for Mle a moit select aim choice m.v. 'ntut of Millinery (Joo.Ii, fur ihr ipmm trule^i{Mtllilfrtpim IIM to the p?Slie, both ai regardi the ijuality and cheapneai of the article! Thf aaiortment couiiiti of the following The celebrated SILK HAT. CALLED CAPOTTE D'ORLEANS, aa worn by La Diiehetae IFOrl.mi, of France. SHED BILK, ENTIRELY NEW AND ORIGINAL STYLE?And Lawn Hau do do?An tulire new style o Hats called " MODIME CAPOTTE8, ELSSLER COTTAGE.' farnian oul Ermliih FANCY STRAWS, of the lineal lettore, in great variety. The Priprietreai rr.pectfullr solicit* the ladiei to favor lur with acall, and examine her elegant and virieo itoek of Millinery for themaelvei, before they pn rebate eltewharr, a* it will !>e a great iaa tug to litem in price and a great advantage aa regard* the variety and ijunluy of the gooda. MISS S. KINO, M.itfaxrne de Model, jy22 lm*r J03)i Broadway. shirts, shirts. United states shirt manufactory,?* w?liam atreet, corner of Liberty, N. V Notice ill. rcty <ive ii to Merchanta ami trader! in gi neraj, that the pnifiriei is f the above . aiablultment have adc?|ited a new method of < u < faa fcririu which eiiablci lliein to aell (heir ihirti at a cl if > rat i than any other home In thia city. Tnii lUtcinent ? If r affirmed by the list of pricci aa followi:? rei Dor.. Fine MiiiIiii Shirt!, with Linen Bosomi md Collar!, 17 M Do ttitclraa in the Boiom and Collar K,00 Do Colored une pate rni, awe!-- 7,0fl Alio, i '^rge iinanlity of Boaoma ami Collar! couitanily on I hand, which will be offered cle ap f.*r caah. jVI tin*r important to the public. A LL Who With to economize can obtain Clothing of the beit 1 A ifii.tlity r*ma?l??bly cheap, at 2?5 Canal afreet, one door 1 weit of (liitUm. Alao, a large aaiortmenl nfClnthi, Cainmerei, V?ttiiit?, and Hummer floods, fnrm whieh (. Inthmg "( ill[ hi'id! are maie to orler in the belt manner at **iy reduced iriaei, Canal atr i t tellJmV HH I RTS. QHIHT& ma?tf to ortfev, afar tb* tioat French ^,'MhioM. Gcntlemen'i Ganacnta of all iletcriptioni mad* to /fr borteat notice. F*mi*hfTHr Stnnt 7 *n?t69 MaiHf n lane, corner of WHIiim mrttt. al WILLIAM COLLINS. R K I ORNIJVG, AUGUST 9, 184 MISCELLANEOUS." CHEAP HARDWARE STORE. TIIE Subscriber it now oiwiiinL- hit 8|>rilll mii'iiiy of HARDWARE A."S(P CUTLERY. trcrivrJ |>?r lilr urivalt (Vuni BixmmirttPt;> kmO Shi (field. Together with a Kene,.il (Miirlinrat 01* bin ;tu- ir?Ki?, ttnicti he it iu?l>ared to ofr * whe v. ry LOWEST CA8IC PRICES. i' i\tt>'Dti?u < ! Country Mtichanu, Buildcrt, Cabinet ? t ic., i< solicited 'o t? vt.itnim.hoii of hit block and . it hi- it coulidi ut they will fmd it to their iuurett t him with a call. ALFRED F. LAOKAVE, 210 Orrrnuich. corner Barclay, New York. A retfulai tu|.|.ly of i'ALL RIVER CUT NAILS, and Cooi't-rt (Jloe. Alto?a couii'li te utortnieui of Meclianict' Toolt, JamiV ScrtWt, gtc. rn3 3m* CORNS, CORNS. CORNS. II iUurrny tlrcrl. MONS. AN'li M A !>AM K 15E H II A 111), C\>r>i Itoctori. from 1'itrig, nl,'r: I 1'lVk' i? o.r..,. , >l... . ...rV v i. >i... 15M Lh*y will be h pnv u> wmit span ?tIi who may desire tneir I rvicea. Motis. anu Mnii. ttfrhard have been practicing in the United 8tatc? hut a few mouth*, anil iu that ?hort time have received testimonials from some of tl?? mo?t rniinviit ^autleiueii find others, a* to the benefit and comfort which they have received since they hate been attended by them. They h ive the honor to inform the public that by a new and peculiar method tnev extricate Hard and Soft Com*, Bunion*, Callosities, 4kc. .. itiu in ntting, Moos uid Made. B, do tti si t lool i. tram .requiring tecretv or I i to ensure its i fn< icy ; bet contidentiy assure thus** who may stiller from troublesome .ind i 11 it i orna, that they mayhsvi the satisfaction of carrying aw iy their tormentor, the Corn, in their hand*. M< ns. aud M ide. B. have iu their|H*?c*sion upwards of two thousand certificate a from those who have esjterience^telief at their bauds. Mona. and Made. B. have pra in ed their profes* iion for several years iu Germany, K ranee and RtiKlanU, and bave acquired great *kill and much practical eii>erience?a fact attested by numcn us certiticateH from the most celebrated Kuclish, Kreiich and German physician*, as well as from several ot tin lobility ind gantry ol ui > as U i, delivered to tkem after (our years cure. The migration will not occupy more titan ten minutes, and the relief .. so instantaneous that the persons thus fread d can immi di Italy i at on theii iImn ^ um n ?lk w ithout the least inconvenience. Ladies and Keiitlrmeu will be Waited uu at thei/own residenct, tf they desire it. At home in tiie morning from 8 till II, and in the afternoon from 2 till 6 o'clock. Office at Boston, 131 Court it? _ jyt 3m*r GUNS AM) PISTOLS. to- EXCLUSIVELY.-CO BJOSKPII. II Maiden lane, up st lira, importing awent for th?^ sal*; ol Kn J:?h. German and Kreie h double and single barrel Fowling ami Uiiekin^ Guns, from the lowest to the tin eat qualities; Pistols i very da i ipciou, I > this ind thei markets, embracing one hundred dilfereiit kinds, all ot which | lie u now prepared to offer al the mmufactuie/s price*, heink ?PI?oiureu infill lorine largest iidmm-s iii in.u line lit r.uropf, which enables turn to tell at extremely low price*. A large assorted ntnek of tne above alw *y* on hand. City <uul country merchants are partieularly requested t<call, pre\ious to making their |>urcha<e?. i ,r> '< *r HAVANA AND PRINCIPE SEGARS. MIUUKIv, Ifi Chatham street, offers lor sale 180.000 La Norma Srif&ri. 10,000 No?al Principe. 23 nno Woodsillt. 23.000 ItiouHn. Entitled to il( briilurt'. Besides a full stock of the choice,' l>r wuli of .in i Mpl Prim 11" Si -j n i. it2(1 I n t<od*c l'Kli.-'SK vV HH ()?>KS, " 61 LIBERTY 8TKEET, between Broadway am! V / . Nassau smet, offfr lor for sale 101 Works hl.tck marble. 100 l'a*ks retiiii il basket salt. 300 ( tsks. Boyil's bleaching pnwder. 30 Tons superfine s<>da ashes. 2 Case* patent leather. VI Bales Chesterfield factory brow u'lici-tingi. 70011 (it-rman patent fire brick. 20 ( a>ks 3 and I f K blue smalts. 2 B iU i cotton carpeting thrc- and four yards w ide. 5 Biles Machine blankets All of W [licli wilt be sold at lowest marliet prices, jy 17c PARSELLS & AGATE" Manufacturers of stocks, Suspenders. Linen Drapers, tec. be * just ? ceired a veryliifht and beautiful nock, eipresaly for sunim> ? wear. Also. a rich ami v tried 14 sortmentof bumm< r S?arfs, Cravats, Silk, Lineu Tlurad, ami Kid Olovt s, with a large Assortment of Suspenders,ready in id. Li neu and Muslin IHlijrT?. Linen t ollara, uress Fronts, g'litli- I meiiN miller icirtn?'uf Ike., at the old establishment,VII H"*a?lway, be 1 wee 11 Pa ik pi act \nd Murray st i< tg im*e FRENCH, ENGLISH AiNJL/ CLASSIC A L ACADEMY. No. 7 DIvI*Io?i-a#rrt>t. IN consequence of the entreaty of .i number of patrun* whose children fre-pient this school, the underpinned will continu* I. , inatnicti mi dudtic thfc ci mlitg rtcntions. ma b the means oiieri an arrnue to those who-prefer school 1 vacation. The intent of this institute is a rapid and thorough kuowli do of the Fffpurh and JmikIuIi lau*uaxes, M lUieniatlcs, Natura1 l*hih>?oi'h}, I(c. Tin- student <>! fh? Laiin and<I?e?k will, in a short timc,b? prepared to ent^r College* '1 he French heinic he predominant branch, will of course b? spoken in tlic cla??en. The itituou commences ??n the lit of Au :mt, yet pupiU hi \> obtain admission any time pareut* can make it convenient t< i tend iheHl. The term? are modi at will be ?een in the circtil tri. I'. LUX, Principal. N. B.?Th" Kvcniutf School is open for youiu; men old v. J" S9 |fl r a card" to the ladies. TJAltlS DRESS-M AKINfJ KSTAHLISIiMKNT?\' 77!J K?i Broadivi> , <>ne dour from \1 irket street.?MRS W. II. J KKFK!!S, Ute .Min S. I'urstr of 293 Broadway, respectfully informs li'r former ru?foinim and tr.e I.idi ? Kuier*lly, lint ?or lus ir-ceiliini th * Urext-iiukiini husinmi at tli** kboTcntincd establishment, where ibe will devot* her attention to their service, and confidently usure* thos. ladies who mav favor her with theirpatmuasr, that I) reus. >, Cloaks, Habits, kc., entrtated to In r rkill, aliall h>-delirer ed ?o perfect in aijrle, fit. n?d fmiah of workmanship, as uot to be excelled at an/of the mint approved slsblishments Broadwa- , and lor tmirli more moderate prices. MRS. W. H. JEKFEll?, 7iii E?t Broai N. B.?Masters, M isv?s and Children*' dresses inadetoordet at the shortest notice. 'T" * straw goods. T BENNETT, 3") John and 111^ William itreeL*. inv |>ortrr ?nd maiiu'artiirer of Italian and Knir'ish Srraw goods, reajwctfnlly informs his customers and 'he public in Kent ml, tlia'he has oil hind'1 splendid and e?l*ii?ire assortin> nt of Udiea fashionable strivv goods, which he offers foi sale at vrry much reduced prices, vi/..: Krench and Kitln-1. Duustahlrs, Italian Rutland*, Kancy Scliell nod Imperial (n *t y fashioi.aide and beautif ! article) flue Tuacans, Albert Stnvvs, ice. kc. Alv\ an entirely new article, the Wliite Siberian Hair Bonne', whirli for 'he ?uminer we vr all the styles aa yet introduced, beiinc cure nely light, durable, white and beautiful, and will clean at well as a Hue mi. a3 lm*e CROTON AQUEDUCT. OPLKNDIU MASONARV WORK?Juit of Water 0 thrown from one hundred to one hundred uiii fifteen feel high, to be seen in qperation ivery afternoon. Ladies and gentlemen wishing to visit the higll bridge, should go by tlx way of Mieomb'11 Dun and ?ee this splendid Ai^ht. Person* who have ?een Niagara Kills anil this benntiful foouMin o< water, (ay that the Kalla are uoi. to be compared to thin chef-d'cBiivre. aS tw*e CI IK Al'TfPH OLSTKV?W. KKKD. SM Broadway, between White and Walker street.?Carpet* of every description made and altered to fit the most intricate rooms?Curtain* mule and altered to the latest style. Matra*?es, sofas, ami easy c!. lira, made to order lu match any description of fmuitorr. The Subscriber not having expenses of a store to pay. i* enabled to make any of the above articles at tuch prices to soil the times. Persons rnircVtaaing Carpeta and Oil f'lotln can have a word of advice, by calling as above. Paper Hanging. Carpets cleaned. Orease spots eBtMCled. Sic. iv6lm*e.c ECONOMY, ELI'MANCE, AND GOOD LIVING. rPIIIC ilnderslguiil haa, at ?re;-t ei(>elisc, fitted up one of the 1 largest and moat sideiitlid Co(T?e and Rating Mouses iii New Vork. in which one hundred nereons at leaat can rit dowi to an eicellent and substantial breakfast, dinner, and tea, [fron the choiceit supplies of the marketa, with a hill of fare not ei celled either as regards quality or nnmberof dishes] by any hotel in th* United States, and varying in prices from six cents f> one shilling and eighteen pence |ier dish. The |Hirtst Java and Mocka coffee and the very beat tea*, and served at only tliret Jenls percuik And all other refreahm* nta in propoition. Tin waiters are uniformly civil and {iolite, and every visitor may bi assured of feeling ill tliia establishment quite at home." It fact, every department of tl?e business is unJer the sn|>erintetidence of comiietent overseers, whose sole care and attention art directed to the comfort and conveniences of rnstomers anil gueau. HENRY tiOSLINO. Proprietor of the French and American K iting House, No? 64 ail1! <6 N issan st, between Jahn at and Maiden I^ne P. M.?Open Sundv. s for breakfast, dinner and tea. iein 1m1 ()HN o <BRIeITVKRREN or W ERRfcVTiT N uive ~ ' Switzerland.?Aiiv one who ha* ever known or heard ol (Ins, or III * jiersoa or i similar nime, will pleas, communicate t'ic fact Co me, is this information is of importance to some of his family. Hit real name was John Oabriel Verreo ; but in a foreign land it may, I ke many other names, have been changed or become eoimptea in in spelling. Ml- Cam" to the Unite.l S'atcs in fh? \ear 1781. and he Is supposed to In*' milled in the St ite of Pennsylvania, and to hav. died tbert; but at no trace of him a* yrt him b-en discovered the infonna'ion received by me upon thfranhiect u probably incorrect, and I now take this means of making a general inquiry throughout tUe Union, 1 ai end fm*r P. F. STAIOKK. Phlladi IpWa, Pa. rpO < IL' M DEALERS Unas, hauls, 1 articles 400 Sinele Barrel Fowlinif Pie Ce? IK) Double (Juris, imitari'-n twilled 3?0 do do real misled and (>atent Breech. Pains of Piatel*? inttr4? IMI.IitTerrnt varieties. IVllts and Kill. Bic . ? Locke ?nd trimmings Oam. Bigs?Powd.-i -fks aud Percussion Cat* Spotting articles getu i >l|y. The ?Wtf articles will h? sold at nhfard of low piicea, by A. W. SPIES fc CO. iVlA 1 m* c aid Pearl atrvet. DIANO FORTES?For sale, a lew r!<?.it rise wood hoiI low corner Frrnch grand action piano for e*, with all the late imppiT#tn< nts; w wranled. and kei>t in time for U months, at 103 Walker street, up s'aira. Th y are to b- disposed of in const ijuence of the owner leaving for Kttrupe in the month of August. jylMWrc GEOKOK i f?I. \ EH, 4 ml THOMAS HI i. A It I >. since, sot. tu Levi is B. (Jnifin k Co., would respectfully inform their friends .u l the jnibli , that they an- prepared to furnish timber of every ilescripti n. at as short notice, SI oil on as reasonable t'-rma aa any establishment in the city, at fheir New Steam Saw Mill, foot of Fourteenth street, North Rive*. jyll ltn"r PREMIUMS REDUCED.?The North Amencan Fire in t airraDce Company have reduced then ntea of insurance on all stores dwellings, aim inerchandiie coi tamed tlicieia. Office No. 3f) Wail ?tr- !, oppoaita the Merchants' En huwe. New York, July 2'.t, 18 f. ROBERT ATNSLER, President JOHN M'BRAIR, Secretary. I jytJJwr I (fSORPORATlON Sofii f ' Notice ta hereby p. I vrI)t (hat a sal* of ( roperty for unpaid Uvea Will tike nlaea at Public Auction, at; ir ? ity Hall ol the City of New Vaik, | on WsHlneaJay, thieJBVt ?-?y of September ne^t, at 12 o'clock. ! noon, and l>e continued . i m day to day until the whole of said property ahall be sold, sn I that the detailed statement of th< nrica. ami fropci-ty te he i al it is nnhlijlied in the New K.ra, a newspipi prinfci andpu i I sl.cilin the cifv of NewTork. ALV . KD A. SMITH, iliev. I Comptroller's Office, May I. ,1812. jeti lawisapul c IERA 2. Common Council. Uo*i,i> 01 Ali>*.km? *, August dth. -Present, ^ Wo*dhull, PmMaat of tka Bovd, ndAUwMBliUi, Underwood, .Varun, June*, Ciolnis, Smith, Uediie), ' uard, Purdy, llmiield, ( arman, iioniicll, Stewart, Danes, West and Leo. A message wits received from the Mayor returning his ' objections to the passage of the ordinance regulating thi ' Croton \y i?i?t ? oiks. he lUtm tint (hi- Druul |k>wii' en. muted to the hand* of the Croton H *ter ( ommittics ol the Common t ouncil, is indirect violation ol the amend- 1 ments of the Citj Cliuiter, uliich invests no executive 1 power in such conimittkca ; ami recommends that the con- 1 trol and management ol there w orks be eutruated to geutie men selected lioni the people,w hoae acta could be ov nr- j looked by the Common Council and us committee*. '1 he 1 veto was ordered to be placed ou the minutes of tlicBoard, . I and published in one paper. ! A petition w as teceived from Moiea Y.Beach and otln in, to huve Fulton and .Nassau stiet ts paved w ith wood ut the expense ol the persona u? nuig property in the vicinity. 1 A petition signed by a number of genilumcti resiling in the vicinity of Se\ enth streut and Tompkins squnic, ' was rccuived, complaining against the manner m which ' the sew er in thai neighborhood is being coustiucted, which, alter considerable argument, wa? referred to the ' Street Committee. A remonstrance against John McCabe's package waggon wus received from a number ol porters, caitmcn, 6?-. Several petitions were received from contractors complaining ol tlic manner in which contracts lor laying down pipe* for the Croton Water work, had been let l>y the Croton Aqueduct Committees. They state that contracts have been let at twent) -live per cent mure than piopositions made by them. They w ere referred to the Croton Aqueduct Committee by a party vote. A priiUuu lrum persons residing near Kulton market, to have the Kish market removed, wus presented and referred. An invitation lrom the commander of the German Horse Guards,to revieW them on Thursday at 11 o'clock, in trout ol the City Hall, was received and accepted. Alderman IIaui liiuoduced u resolution that both Boards meet in joint ballot this evening, which was seconded by Alderman I'urdy, and, at his request, immediately sent to the other liourd. An ordinance calling lor the paving of Bloomingdale road, between second and third avenues, wo* adopted, as also to (lag a spact^lour leet wide. The coinmiuec to whom ? as referred the subject of paving Ibih street, betw een Bloomingdale road and third avenue, re|N>rted in luver of the measure, w hich report was adopted. The committee of linance, to whom was referred the su ject o! reducing the lent of Howard, Peaisoll, and others, of Kulton market,rej>oru>dadversely, and were dis charged The committee to whom was relerred the application ol Jonathan U. Stevenson, recently collector ol unpaid taxes ol the 13th, 11th, and l.r>th w aids, liom payment of lets loi the collection ol moneys made by the person api>ouitcd in his place, reported adversely. He claimed a certain amoiiut,|lioin the tact of his having given previous notice to those in arrears previous to the resignation ol his office It will be remembered tliat Stevenson is a defaulter in the sum ol several thousand dollars, and therefore the modestv of the request is unparalleled. Unites debate ensued, in which Aldcrineu Leonard, DtTMlUd I roll US took part.Alderman (Violins stated that he should sup- | port the opinion of the report on the giound that the prison removed to make room lor Mr. stoenson hail doubled 1 the claim m equity for fees, and he therelore hoped the < report would be adopted. It was ttnully adopted by a reporter 10 to 7. A communication from the Comptroller was received l stating that he had commenced suit* against Thomas K Kellinger ami J. P. Truesdell, hold over collectoisof unpaid taxes; as also James Ryder and Jonathan Nash, col- 1 lectors ol dock ami slip rents, and their sureties. Joivr Uti.i.or.?The members of the Doird of Assistn.its having assembled, the Common Couucil proceeded to Joint Ballot. The annual report of the Chief Engineer of the Fire Department w as received and rend. He slates that there are new 11,500 feet of hose attached to the depaitmeut, -la engines, 38 bos, carriages, 7 hook and ladder appuratus. ami 3 hydrant carts. The number of men is 1,741. lb' recommends that the district system be so amended us to leave it optional with the companies to do duty bc)ond their own di?:l ifts, lie returns his thanks to the etliciem I ni.l .a Mm*,.11 in diai.Mr^imr nnuils at tires, of which'he f?ay? there were ltfl (hiring the past j car, up to ili > 1 <t ol Jiiin', the lusiol which was "r>:itiJ,HT.i, ol winch $IJa,000 was at the lai^e fires in the 6th ami loth warm, in March i?rt. Alderman Balis nominated Hevo C. Hanre as Alms Hou.'i' Commissioner, in plan' of Ellis Potter, resigned. A Merman Pnanv nominated Alexander Stewart. t)n ballot the result was, for Kevo C. Ilanre, 19 Alexander Stewart, 14 Al lei man then nominated J.ii. Mewlioaw for As?j?tant Jutticuof the 9th, 11th, 15th < ! 17th wards, in place of William II. Bell, whose term u ollici hus expired. Alderman fVm>v nominated Bell, and the n- nit was for NewlioO-e, IT; for Bell, I t: blank,:! Alderman Balis nominated Joseph Uoxie : i Assistoi.l Justice ol the ?th. HHh, and 11th War.!*, in place ol Tlio. mas S. Brads,deceased. Assistant Alderman Nt?n nominate 1 l.di'Assistant Alderman Wim I). Mnrphjr,which was suit lined by Aafistai t Alderman Watkhma.h in a neat eii!ogi?tic speech, am) painting out his talents and capability foi iheollice. The result of the ballot was, lioxie jO, Murphy 10, and .1 blanks. John Hutching* and Peter M. Otinjfnon were appointed day officers of the 3d Ward. James Nek bit was nominated as messenger to th< Mayor, in place of Oeorge W. Hinchmaii, removed. Alderman l'i riiv and Muted that Mr. Hinehman hail been shot while in the performance of his duty an a watchm in tome years since, which has incapacitated him from Assistant AMrrrnnn C. J. Donor nominated Mr. Hiuchman, and tin- ballot resulted on follows :?James Nesbit. 19, <ieorge W. llinchmun, 14. The Joint Meeting then adjourvtcd. The ordinance placing the power of the removal and appointment ot the city watch w ithin the control ot the Committee on Watch, Police and Prison, instead of the Mayor, aa formerly, was reconsidered, with the objec'ions of the Mayor, and paved hy a party vote. The ordinance was then sent to the Board of Assistants. The report of .he Comptroller relative to the refusal of John P. Truesdell and T. K. Kellinger, late Collectors of arrears of taxes, to pay over funds in their possession, was laid upon the table atUr considerable argument and an attempt to nave it published. AldcrmanC'rolius presented a petition signed by a number of citizens ot the Fourth and Seventh wards to remove the nuisance of furniture, &c., in the street op|>oside the side walk during business hours. It was referred to the Alderman and Assistant ol the at>ove named wards, with the addition of the Hirer* Commissioner. A resolution was presented authorising the appointment of a Day Police Otlicer for the Twelfth Ward; nnd al.-o allowing John Helm, who has been employed to |>erform that service since Slay Jlst, 18KJ, the sum of $1 oOper day. The nssolution was passed, giving the power ot such appointment to the Alderman anil Assistant of the Ward, and making the salary at $1 30 per day. Alderman Uisdkkwood submitted a resolution that it lie referred to a special committee of live, consisting of the Committee ot Police, Watch and Prisons, with two other members of the Board, to report a plan tor the reorganization of the Police Department, which shall embrace a system for the prevention as well as the detection anil punishment of crime. The President appointed Aldermen Underwood, Purdy, C'rolltis, Stewart snd Bunnell. We nn.lerstttnd that the Police i ommitcee have had this subject before them for sevefal weeks, and that the above committee ill be prspared with a full report and plan to be adopted in the course of a few weeks. The Board then adjourned to the first Monday in Septemlier next. Board ok Assistant Aldkhmkn, August H.?Sjitcial Reeling?The President, Assistant Alderman Adams, in the chair. Among the petitions presented and referred, were the following For a reduction of rent on public docks and slips in District No. 4?remonstrance of the Hudson Towboat Company against grouting the exclusive uso of Celar street pier to L. K. Mel leu k. Co. To have Kngine House in lath street removed on the ground of its causing noise, &c. From several persons complaining of the Croton Acqueduct Committee iu not giving contracts for excavating to the lowest bidder. A protest of owners of property on thn line of excavation on the same subject. Of Samuel Young, constable of l.Mh w ard, to be paid feecollected by Jamus H KoDinger, lute Clerk of Ward Court. To nave the north side of 18th street, from the 3d to tho lib avenue, and the west side of Irving Place, from 14th to 16th 'trect, digged with brick. Reports f>f CommitterIn relation to the application forade-k in tho City Hall lor the u?e of the Board of Kdueatioii. The Committee say that they are unable to grant the petition, and ask to be discharged?Adopted. In favor of repairing the rooms occupied by the Vice Chancellor nod Court of Comtnen Pleas?Adopted. From the Croton Aqueduct Committee, to whom was referred the communication of th?* vinjor demurring to the order for pa> ing certain demand* of Water Commia?io ier*. The report declan a that the Mayor (In pur?nancu to the ordinance ol Aug. n, 1*10.) Itboand to*ign the warrant" that linvo been approved by the committee. A resolution In appended directing Hie Chamberlain to pay the warrant* in favor of the Water f'ommiaaioncr* on their being aigned h* the Comptroller and the t'lerk ot ihe Common Council, Iherdttaal of the Major notwithstanding. Auiatint Aid. W*ai> moved that the report of the ma. Joritj be Inid on the table, and a minority report on the un iobject, which had been prepared by him na one of the committee, be retail. The motion elicited eonalderable debate, which w:?? participated in by Me*ar?. Neablt, Waril, W. Dodge, C J. UoJge, Sci>lc?, Waterman, and oth? r*. It Anally prevailed, und the minority rej<ort ? M read. It auntainathe jataitiun of the Major, a.nlconclude* by a reaolntion thatno portion of the expe.ntua incurred by the Water Conmnin loners, aa objected to by (ho iMayor, bo paid from the Treaaiirv except th?t for the celebration of the introduc tion of the Croton Water, when duly audited, fee. The flerjeaut-at-aini" from the other Br>anl (the veteran Jacob Haya) oeme in and announced the Board of AlderBMS ;is MM ready to meet this in joint btHMOn motion ol Aaat. Aid. Srnir.a a rnceaa wm taken for purpoae, and the member* proceeded to the Boatd nl Aldermen'a room. At 0o'clock, the Hoard (having got through it* decrpi I tation buainvta and also enjoyed a hearty tuppor) re-?? emhledThe majority and minority report*, n? to hf ' roton I rommiwionnm, were laid upoh t'ie table. ' Ji'pnri, nj Ctmmitt'" In favor of paying ilI iama --Adopteil. ' LD. 1 Z.'f-mmi Price Two Cents, la lavor of fencing vacant Jot* in the Tenth Ward.? Ld> >j>t e J. In fat or of concurring w ith old Board of Aldermen, re ativc to x encli w ith loose hay .? Adopted. t In lavor of eni|iiirincr u to the expediency of ai>]>l> ii>K o the legiklaturi- lur u law, rendering jt o mi?d? nieauor or haulieri mi l pillars to encumber the sidewalk*.? Adopted. In fav or of amending sundry ordinance* from the Street "ommUsioner lor th> regulating and lupatiiug ol ?undry streets, the am ointment ui A>m *?oii, &c., bj urikil g out he nanus ol Mesarv Smith und Ilall tor latter, and ?ub*titltilig those ot llnir iucce?oit AJt>|Ked. A communication wan received lion the May or dissentng to the resolution empowering (he Counsel of the Hoard, under the direction ol the Finance Committee, to iroceed tgaiiut receiver* ol phldic monies w ho have not naile It gral return, Stc. Ilti thought it alluded to Mr. kVard, Inst marshal, v\ ho l.n.1 una y.-i.liti ol ih< monev which hail conic into his hands lor the purpose ol rlran- < ng streets. Air. S<:oi.?? replied. Ho s#id the resolution had patted inan;mon?l> . and it u u* not even know n to the trailer of r at the time that Mr. ard was adeiaulter. lie thought ho communication indecorous, and moved that it la\ on he table. Alter remarks from .Mr. Unt., particularly in avor of Mr. Ward, the motion of Mr. Scoles u as adopted. The semi-annual report ol the Wliter Commissionitsnai received and laid uinm the table, to be printed. A report from the Commissioners of School money \v?ut presented and took the same course. In fuvor of paring lour fret on the northeily Side of l*tU street, between Bloomingdule rood and 3d Avenue. Concurred in. lu favor of concurring wi h the other Board in the appointment of a committee for making an angenit iits to lave tho street* ai d piers cleaned by rontract. Adopted, mil Meurs. Brady, Mead and Ksquirol appointed such :ommittie f<i;irr? from Iht Hoard of hlrrmm.?A communication rom the .Mayor stating objections to the resolution relaive to the city \vatch, u as laid upon the tuble. In favor of pa) ing John Hilly er *4* lor service* as street nspector of the 1st Ward. Concuried in. In favor of granting leases to purchasers of property old for the pa) meat ol astesMiients ill June, 1840, and not adeemed. Concuired in. Adverse to relieving Francis Bluir from hiscoutract for milding asewer in Seventh street. Concurred in. Se\ ei al papers were referred. The resolution relative to the Canal street tew er, w us referred back to the committee. The Board adjourned to this (Tin sday) alternoon, at >'cl*ck. Seu Orlenita. [Correspondence of the Uersld.] Nkw Oki.f.ans, .Itily 30, 1842. Hurtling of the American Theatre in New Orleans? The Currency atul the Bank*?Mexico and Butineu, fyc. James Uobuo.n Bennett, E*n.:? Dear Sir :? It is un <>l<l saying that troubles, or iniuiortuneH lever oonte single, and we have it proved here to a yast extent; wr have a had currency, no specie ol" consequence, and unprecedented hard times; but our cup it seems was not quite full yet, the element* must ltiive a share. This tnotning, ubont 5 o'clock^ M'*ssra. Ludlow fc Smith's American Theatre was discovered to be on fire, and in five minutes, so rapid did the devouring flames spread, that it was one entire Maze, and in twentv minutes from the time the alarm was aiv en, it was totally destroyed, leaving but one email comer standing for the owls to come and roost in, as they liave done in the ruins of the .Sin Carlos ? late. We are now left with hut one tinall 1 heatre, ihe Orleans (French Theatre) down in the French district, which is of but little use to the un-towa Yankees. The lire is supposed to be the work of an incendiary It was injured?a part here and a small amount in Mine Northern ollice, probably in your city. Our currency is working out its own salvation, no one thinks of taking any of the broken bank notes, mid they are daily becoming scarcer, not because they are improving in value but because the discount is so very great that they will not bring enough to pay one tor selling, with the exception of the Mechanic and Traders', which is only 5 to 7 |ier cent discount. The Attorney General hat* commencad suits against four of them, viz : Citizens, Canal, Commercial and Consolidated, lor neglectin? to comply after twenty days' notice with the provision of the law, that requires each l)Hnk to have one dollar in specie for ever three in circulation: some of ihese four banks have of late kept special deposits well locked up,so much so that a number have been disappointed in getting them when called for, or, in other words, they have robbed Peter to pay 1'aul. The Attorney General has alto given the city notice that unless she is in the sitimtion required by law within twenty days, that he will immediately commence suits against her also. I have not time to expose the course that some of our cotton lactors have taken of late, viz. selling for specie and then bringing depreciated paper to pay the drafts that the planter draws on them, and say, take that or nothing; thereby making twenty to thirty per ..nnl nrnhl. lliiu ia u fi/'f l. nr I mi ii.i.Ii.L.. unit tliu planters will do well to lo.>k to it. So lute news from Mexico. War with that country is looked upon her>\ if it comes, as a prat treat. Business is very dull, but weather extremely pleapan' and city healthy. Loafers at the north from here can return with perfect salety and attend to their bnsiuessand pay their debts, live economically, dress j>lain, and spend little, when in a tew years this will be a prosperous city aeain. Yours, in haste, Le B. Justice at Last.?The State of Massachusetts is about to make recompense for the burning of the convent at (harlestown. Boston. [Corre?iw)iiJnicc ol the Herald.] Boston, August 6, I o'clock, 1*. M. Maryland Cadet*?Third Grnntl Regatta?Tht Frigate Potomar?Market*? Exchange*, tic. The Maryland Cadets, Captain Archer Ko|>es, returned this forenoon from a visit to Salem, where they were sumptuously entertained by the Divisionary Cor|>s of Independent Cadets of that place. They were met at the Boston Depot by the Cadets of thin city, and escorted to the Common. They dine with the Hancock Light Infantry this after n<>on, at the Maverick House, in Kast lloston, and will attend the P.oston Museum, this evening, on the invitation of the gentlemanly manager. Tomorrow they will attvnd divine service at the Braltle afreet Church, (Hev. Dr. Lathrop's) and on Monday will leave lor borne. The attention shown this corps here, both by citizen* and soldiers, must be highly grateful to their feelings, although they richly deserve all the kindnett they have receive*, in consideration of their high state of military discipline, and strictly gentlemanly deportment. The fet/> given the Cadets by Mr. Winchester, at his residence, on Thursday evening, is represented to have been a brilliant ail'air. He is a wealthy fellow, and don't stop to reckon on cost The next, or third Grand Regatta at Chelsea, will coine off on Thursday next Quite a number of boats are already upon the list-, among which are one from Providence and one from Portland. The weather for the last few days has been very disngrreable?wuid north east, and a drisslv rain. Marshall's Theatre last night wus well tilled. A latge number of seamen from the Potomac frigat" were present, and one of them more uneasy than the rent, placed himself upon the sta*?e two sever: I times, in order to ?ive the audience n si>eeiruen < I I ,i .u. II. 1 I i ... .... ? **' m* Keiuim 1" uir lucaiiu lien i-jru iw. Hie ww of this innate arc to be paid oft (becoming week. Cotton market in an dull, h* nt any other |?eriod tnitt M'tifon. Codlir-h, few in th?' market. Grand Hank, scarce, letch $2.23 a S2.:{7 ; Hay of l-'undy, do; email Hay Cod, ,*k2. Mackerel are dull nnu low. N*o 1, stand No. 2. 'IN. Flour, stock i* light, but sufficient lorpresent wnntw. (icppser, common, Maudsnt #8; Iancy, JW.12; Philadelphia, #o,S7 a ?t>; Fredericksburg^ extra Eagle, for baker's use, bring* <?rain? Market for all kind* U dull New Orb-ana Corn, brings I7J a 02 cent*; Northern <>ai*. nre ditll nnd low, bringing only 3t a 30j cents per bushel, ca*li. TV following arc the present rate? r>t exchange :? Hills on London, (Wdntn, 3.1 a ?4 percent, pre. mium; France, 31 45: Holland, 3KJ a '.W per udder; Hamburg,83 a 83k per M. R ; New York, par a I advance j Philadelphia, do a 1 discount: HaJtimore, do a i discount; Charleston, Sj a 2 discount: New Orleans. uncertain; fa?a?nah. In 2J discount. Yours, Asc. - P. p*o* xii.k m' Si.ia.?Three ?ailor? have been nrnxtM in' on ?u?piotoii of hr.v insf murdered f'apt. Thfima# Tuer, of the lighter *?hooner Charloa W. tireer* ood, on Fridav la?t. Their men, in a ?t ite of intoxication, and ivlnriny a ?pirit of in?tihordinntion, left in the xhooner, n fake the captain to the *hip Msnfnret Forbes, lving In he bay. When the schooner returned the captain v.-a* oi??inft. Tlir erew (thowed frreat alarm, and stntad that n a hi'li wind he vena blown overboard and drowned They htave not yet been examined

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