Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 11, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 11, 1842 Page 1
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TH] Vol. VIII.?No. Wliolf Mo. 3071. ~ oculists.' i doctor j. pttsttf| CELEBRATED EYE WATER. ! ' NO. Itt BAU< 1 V tfTKKUT. wilkiu tw? door. oC the A.tor ii? > Hi. preparation. are a perfect cure for all ? niil umn ttory u .ae of the rye. weakneM of nuhf, Ac,, ? * ^ never fail in rev ring nebula* or die longest stanuitiKi without ^ 1CAm I certify that Jacob Valentin*, a youth of about fgUnI year, of age, was brought to my house l*?t fall, apparently blind. He called oil run to-day, and .late. that he Ira. li eu the |*aUrnt of ? l)i. J. Krancift. wfioae treatment ha. be*n the ihmiu, under f UuU, ofiauoriiut hi, light. JAMR8 MILNOA. h ?? - C a, RKnirk Riiubn?-?ii ?r Tin* ii to certify that two of my children were afflicted with I * dvrunl eyes for a length of time, one of lliein was almost blind | 1 with nebulas, coveting the s if I it. Every remedy was resorted j g> without any good effect, and despaired of them ever In ill* j . recovered. 'Iliey ate now perfectly restored to sight by Dr. J. . 1 Kraut is' celebrated preparation. DANIEL 9. JONES, 499 Pearl street. | c I w is almost blind for twelve years, and iu five weeks, under I * the skilful trentineiil of Dr. J. Francis, my sight is now per j ll fectl y food and strong. I ' MARTHA BKOWN, 1T7 Forsyth street. rI Certify to the above being* true statement. I b OEOROE BENEDICT. tl Pasto of the Stanton street Church. I was nearly blind fur twi ity years with a cataract iu each n eye anil from the use of Dr. Francis' w onderful | migration for a tluvt disease, my eyes are now perfectly recovered. " IIK.STF.R Jf HINBTON, 41 Kldridgr street. a We, the undersigned, having witnessed the astonishing ffi- 'I cacy ot Dr. Frauds' |>ic|iarations lor diseases of the eye, a uiihesititiugly recommend them to the notice of the tublio, as * valuald remedits. J Dun an Dituhar, Pastor of McDongal at. Church. ' H. H. Cone, Pastor of the Filst Baptist Church. John IVck, Agent of the Home Mission Society. < Jacob Brouner, Pastor of the North Bat list Church. Joseph Andrc.ule, Komtu Catholic Priest of St. Peter s a ChWcli. Nnmereus certificates can be seen at the office. Prepared and sold only oy Dr. J. Francis, 10 Baiclay street, New York. Artificial Eyes inserted, which cannot be distinguished from the uatural, without giving the slightest pain. Dr. J. Francis respectfully informs hit friends anil the pub.ic, that in couse<|uence of the increase of Ills business, Dr. ( Jleimy, J Menilier of the Royal College of Surgeons, Loudon, and of the New York Medical Society, has joined him, and every confidence can be placed in*his professional skill as an Oculist. Office hours from 9 A. M.. until 6 P. M. jylO 3m*c ] DISEASES OFTHE EYE. ? U. K. DK1SSY, f OPHTHALMIC SURGEON, " No. 297 BROADWAY, , Entrance in Fulton Street, opposite St. Paul's Church. ATTENDS TO DISEASES OF THE EYE, AND ALL ? THE NECESSARY OPERATIONS THEREON. p OFFICE HOURS FROM 9 TO (i O'CLOCK. 1, Having completed his stndies of 5 years with DIt. ELLIOTT, il Oculist, and been suhseipiently engaged as his assistant, R. K n Diossyr is enabled to unilertake the treatment of all diseases affecting ihe organs of vision. Terths moderate and graduated to si tin-nature andextciit of the ilisrat-. & Permission is given to refer to his late instructor, and also to some of the must eminent Professors of the Medical Faculty in ?, New York. N.B. The poor trtated gratuitously au4 lm?r f C.'LTTNGEUSOLL'S BOAT ESTABLISHMENT. ] BOATS, Dinkey sail boats and hot boats, pleasure hosts, Ike. \ Ike. The immense Boat Building Establishment of ( . L. Ingersoll, t?6 Water st, near Catharine Market, is one of tire 1 most extensive iu the Uuited States. Here were built tnc most b beautiful pleasure barges and club boats that have Boated on a the rivers and I ikes ol America. Also the barge for the Autocrat of all the Russia*, several racefboat for Asiatic Monarch*; p lilt- fancy txvat called the John Smith of Arkansas, and the fast p sailing boat (or Mr. O. K. Batjnuigs. He lias recently completed o a life boat on a n#w plan, which has been pronounced by some Ii of our most experienced nautical iqeu superior to any ever hefore built. At this establishment any kind of boat will be furnished with reversed bottom, from a mould, in any way to suit the taste of the latrchascv, of whatever form they may be. Tnc materials are all of the best quality, pine hoards being no Part thereof. A large assortment of boatsof all kinds, including * life boats, gigs, long, quarter, pleasure, Whitehall, and race v boats, may be always found at the mauufact >ry, at prices much ti below what ptircliasr rs have heretofore raid, and a liberal discount on the nsttal rates will be made to those who w ish to sell ll again. Please call before purchasing elsewhere; you can then h judge of n?y work?References. K Jas. W. Hale, Sol Ageut, 68 Wall st. For advertisement of C boats, &c.. see Con: er St Enquirer and New York Commercial Advertiser. jy22 lm*r f FEVER AND AGUE. 5 T3U9IITON & ASPINWALL'8 TONIC MIXTURE d TV has now been used lor many years wilh great success, and the increasing demand for it affords ample ptoof of the efficacy s ol the preparation ; it has been used in the vicinity of Harlem, s and the western pkrt of this State, where fever and ague live- d vail to a great extent, and in scarcely an instance has failed to give the desired re ief. It is for sale wholesale and retail at the pnvprie tar's stores F.C William street, 110 Broadway, and 10 Avtor House ; and alio by of the druggists throughout the country. an 2w*r _STTT,Tj KURTHKR"PROOFS /~\K the efficacy of Dr. Moffat's Life .Medicines in curing Li ] " ver Complaint*, Dyspeysia and Fere rand Ague. Tlie follow ing letter from Dr. Caleb Carpenter apeak* for itself, and is therefore submitted without further remark :? * Bristol, July 1st, 1812. D*ct W. B. MorpaT? . . ' I am a regular bred |ihysician, admitted aud licensed and li.iv,, like the rc?t of iny professional brethren, been prejudiced ' in ln*??r of regular practice, so very peculiar to the (ihysicians f of the present day; but haviug been an eye witness of the cur- . I ing of serersl inveterate diseases by the Life Pills anil litems * Bitters, ill inv own family and in my |iractiee, 1 am constrained J to recommend thein to the use ol every family, as a whole 0 some, easy and powerful medicine?easy, as they produce no griping, as is common for cathartics?wholesome, as it is purely vegetable?powerful, as it may be seen by t common observer that it in a powerful minner cleanup* the blood from all impuri- ties, which is necessary in every disease. And I would also recommend tin Life Tills and Phcuii Bitter* to every unprejudiced physician, as I am confident that after a thorough know* I e.lge ot the medicine, physicians will use it withouti prejudice. * I'lnler my prejciijitiou l have witnessed the cure of one liver II niplaint. two ol fever and ague, my wife of a severe cough, one child of worms, and persons too numerous to be mentioned who have been benefit'eu by this mediciue. I have so high an esteem for (lit medicine that I ask you to send me a hundred dollar hoi as soon as practicable. Yours with respect, f (Signed) CALEB CARPENTER, Physician and Burgeon, Michigan. r Kor sale by r. W. B MOFFAT, 375 Broadway, and Dy In* a-'eata in the city and country jyl2 lints'c tl \1MWDERKUL DIsCO VERY.?Striker's Turkish Sola d ?V (,nn for tlie Ilair, which will change grey Hair to its ori- f gmal color in a few minutes. This Hnliitivn is different from P nut vet offered, and cannot fail of superceding alTothers. It " is highly elRcaeouis, and possesses the great advantage of R hesutifj nig the Han without injuring its growth. Those who 11 (lottbl its virtues arc requested t* have their hair chanced hefore they pay their money. If humbugs wouid adopts this mrtho l, there would be no reason to complain. One trial will prove the fact. Sold wholesale and retail, .and applied at Chatham ?t, opposite tlie Hall of Recant, New Ysrk. an III 81* BOARDING KOft GENTLEMEN, ?t one of th? plea; santrst hiuJ most desirable situations in this citv, with ptrre country air. The rooms are c1' ?n and comfortable and handsomely furnished. Apply at 107 Third Aveuue. Tlie st*grs l?ass every 16 minutes. auiO 2w*r 1 EUREOTYPE APPAJLATL 8 AND INBTRUC TION, in the mo*l approved proeevs, for making splendid . 'iHirtraits and views, by f. A. ARtAULT It co. 168)1 Fulton " strert, who hare tnsde arrargemmts to opeu aclassfor thi " reception of priuils, to eommenee on Monday, July, llth. P The class will be open fortwo hours esrh day, from eighl " o'clock a. M. to ten o'clock A. M. and the pupils may eonti fune in the class uatil perfectly satisfied. Terms?Mi in advance. *' F. A. ARTAULT It Co. have jnst received by the packet !J Rlioue, from Paris, 1,000 very superior Plates; also, 25 improv- i ed Daguerreotype ap|i*ratuaei, as well ss an riteluivcaupply J, of the best ( hemicals manufactured in Paris. _ jyO Iin'r C " new yokk. ai.bany. troy andTUffalo" 11 hAl urriOL, z vr ai? iimri, new ion. F,*rrc ? Linr through ^ to ami fruin New York, Albany, Troy and Buffalo, an<l thr in- Q terincdutr places upon the route, leaving cacli place every Cl evening (Sund o a , *c. pied) for the *|>e?dy ami safe tran.jiorl- % ation ol iprrie, hank note., valuable parcel., p.ekage. bundle. _ nud c .?e? of good... the collection ami payment of bill., note., jy draff., acceptance., So-., pnrrha.c ana .'le of good, and pro- ?j dnce by .ample, aud a* ill ntltnd promptly to >ucli othe. Iran- f, .ieiic buiitiia. may be ent'U.tetl to their care. o. Arrangement* have bren made with the .teamboat. upon the j llud.on River arid Kailrnad Compunie. weal of Albany, for >e- ri prate apartment, and car., thereby affording the great eat pout- bi Lie di.palch with nnu.ual safety and regularity. ? aui I'OMEROY h CO. p, A& K () II E AST I'O H T, C A L AIS, 8 T A N cj fc^t-^l'KKWs Si ST. JOHNS.-8 earner IIUNT- ^ 56?, (apt. T.U.J. Witt. " PMscugen will !? % # B.??'on nvrrv FrM*y, *t lO1* A. M. in 1,1 tlit C*ri of the Kssrrrn Railroad for Portsmouth, from which * place I hey will be conveyed by the well known ilvaurr Huntress to the above place*. Returning. thr Huntf** will |? nve Ht. Johns every Tuesday, ?t " A. M. find Kutpnrt lit 2 r. M. ami arrive in PorUrnoutli I on Weuneiday in ti^e for ihc 4 o'clock train for B >ston. Keiv to kasfport $f, I f!.il.iii nnd Sr. Andrews, $f> SO ? ' . ? I (Meal, rain.) C fliis route often to |?*rsna* str-kinc enjoyment, many in* [} ihiccinrni i counti il undine in tta* lakes and thr tnoit 1 choice fishing ; also game of all kinds, with other attractions interesting to sportsmen. a7?m*r L ^Wtsi MEALTIIV K.\t LRgioN in nit 5 Fi?n!NO BANKS OFF SANDY HOOK S TT "r ,v ?Tt? f-? .nhatvuial .learner OTICA, I ipt.iiii J. W. Mam nt, will eoirmenre making daily i v nrlion. to the above place, on Monday, July tsah, and continue ?nin evary Monday, Wadneaday, Tharaday and Satnrday, Hid leave u follow. :?root of tlammoud atrret at a quarter tt aut I o'clock?<janal atrret at hilf piat ft?Pike atrret, E. K., at I?PirrNo I .N- R.. ar half iwnt ?i. A Band ol Mti.ic ia rn? ? [aged. Dinner and all kindt of refreahmcnta will b. fumi.hed )j ,n board. On tli" retnrn thu Htica will remain at Fort Hanoi- ? on ball an hour. n Fare 2) cent, each way. The UTICA will make an Afternoon Mammon around tuo n on Sunday, July 211li, and continue ereiy Tnealay, Friday, and Sunday, and leave at follow. :?Foot of Flammoid .treet at 1?^ o'clock?Canal .treet at I?Pik- .treet, K.R. it half pa at J? Pier No. 1, at o'clock, P. M , and arrive in he city at 7 o'clock Fare *6 eent.cach way. jyiS 2m r J T^?8AOK FOR NEW ORI.EANS-Holme.'. ? JjWPV Line?Fir?t Packet?The tplcmlid fa.t .ailing well l^jy|?gkniiwii packet .hip ALABAMA, Captain D. M Bun a| r r. will .ail |ioaitively a. above, her reJular day. p, lining .plendid aeronmodaliona for cabin, .econd cabin,and ? teera.-e ima.engera, for jwrnage. early application iliould bo lade ou boird, or to VV. k J. T. TAPHCOTT, ^ Mllr tl Peek Slip. L FOR LIVERPOOL?Regular I'arket ol 13.h it 01 AMMFV Anfi?i.?The well known fa?t .ailing packet .hip WjrSnYlflGIMlAN. Captain Allen, will .ail po.itively al ii lip I lih of Aiigu.t, it being her regular day. _ Thi. tliip ha* ittperior accommodation, for cabin. .econd I ahin an I .teenge pi-.engera, who will taken on mrvlerale ' nn.. For Ihrtlier particular*, plca.e a|>ply on lH?nl, foot of V 1 iden lane, or to fa UI.OVF.R k McMURRAY, loa Pipe ?rr.ef, ? auS r < n rner Sonih at. g, Uo KOIl SALE, j-HKIOII I", OR < II MltMi-The ' .uim rior, fmt -ailing, coppen d, and cop|ier faatened {> Aiui un.-lnp CIIA It I. F, S < ARROl.i., Iiinthi n per iegi*ler, k 2 loin, huifr in l?/a l?v Mr *r., Ih rgli St Co. of live oik, lo I" l.t, anu Cedar for a Havre parket. Sin- i* in |irime ord?r, and " ay he *enl to ?ea at a trifling evpen.e. For Irrm. apply to f aptain Lee on hoard at .ireei wharf, oi to V j>21 BOYD A M1NCKEN, 9 Tonune Building*. E NE ne1 "watering" places'&c. CATSKI U71vt(>rfNTA!N HOUSE, AT TliK PINE OKI 'HARD.?lilt. "PHIS romantic am] fashionable retort will be conducted dur^ in* the prearul season under the direction and tuperiutrnlancr of the subscriber. It hu undntpiur a comidcte and hnrourh repair, and it new ?|k-u for the recaption of visitors. <o i ff.xt wtll be ?pared to maintain the Jrtirixlly hiuli chancer which It hat heretofore acquired. As heretofore_, lU tablet will be fnraithed with erery delicacy hat the New York mtrket can afford; and every |?oasibde ?tIttioa tint can promote the CfWtiNIM anil aUOywHal ot ita nitrons will be promptly bestowed. The road lead lint to tills stablishmeut and especially that part of it ou the mountain, hat een renderedIpcrfcclly smooth and safe. Mrttrs. A. r. B'-acli it Co.'t etcellent line of tftget will rnn heretofore regularly between the landing and the Mountain louse, ou the arrival of the boata. _ C. L. BEACH, Proprietor. June ISth, 1SI2. jeUSmr 3 A'l'H HOlfHE, LONtl ISLAND.?This lou? and well J known boirdiir;; and *t*a bathing establishment, hiving re nthr tiiiJc rgout- iiuntrrpu* improve menu, among wnicn ?* toe rcctionof MTeril eknnt nmmer ho??? upon the margin of fie ocean. i? now open fur the reception ol compativ during the rasou. The great c&lcul of private beach on thi* shore?the erfect security in bathing, even for ladies and children, ('he athing houses being wifhiu a atom's throw of the Hiauatoi.)? tie shady, coot and delightful locust Krove alining the house -the pleasant rides in the surrounding conntrr?the exrelh til thing grounds and other aonrcra of healthful recreation .ind musemrui?the beauuful vu w of the All luic ocean ind ti?a >wcr bay, almost constantly eulircued b^ numerous roast It [riving or outward bound, render this situation in toiy rc* pect nyqmllnit by any in the vicinity. Its itions re amine, the rooms airy and the temperature, even hi the rarmeat days of summer, anything hut opprrssire. The coneiiience orcoimnutiioni ion and distance, (being hut nine mtVt rom Brooklyn.) the access by stages at hours accommodated [i business render it peculiarly well adapted .is a residence for entlemen of basic *ss in New York. je 12 2m*r WILLIAM BROWN, Proprietor. FURNITURE. GEORGE W. DAWSON, 'Vhoteiale and Retatl J"\trntturt and General Furnishing Warehouse, Aro. fi7 Chatham street, coi nrr of Ihtane street, iVw York. ilTHERE he keeps fur s do t larje assortment ?>f the loHow ' ing Articles, vi/.: Sideboards, Bureau., Bedsteads, Cots, rabies, Chairs, Other and Portable Desks, Cilan Cuca. Book )ases,_Loolting (liaises, Dining, Cdutn . 'I ev and Pier Tables, 'ianos. Sofas, Sofa Bed.ti- ids, Beds, Bedding, PaleaUers, Matresses, Carpels, Oil Cloth, Mailing and hire Irons, W.udi Itanus, Toilet Tables, 0 unite Sl.Jhic, Bureau Bedsteads iressmg Bureaus, Sales, Sic. Also, a large assortment of men ami women's Wearing Aparel, new and second handed All tlse above articles are^ ottered to the public at very 3W prices. Per.ous in want of said article* wonld find it to tieir advantage to inak : an e"riy call at the above MUOlwhieut. Shipping orders punctually attended cr> ami e.tla d m the hortest notice, ana on reasonable terms. Mattrrmses, Redding, tc. for fitting out vessels, constantly on hand. All orders to the above establishment will be punctually atrnileil to and thankfully received. N. B.?The highest prices will be given for Second Hand i*l. r > il > r?. .,,.1 I t. ..,.', I ...? ..IT rt^lKt... a22 6 m "r REFINED SIJG AR, WINES, & c. lITKLLINCiTON A. CAUTKlt, Win. and bimmission v* t Merchant, No. 5 Nupv ?(.. < i, on. door iVnin Wall street, it* just rrceired from Ilk rrlmery ? quantity of superior doitiU nml tin. le refilled Sugar, inamall loaves, winch lie w ill sell ,l his usual low rates, iu parcels to suil buyers. W. A. Carter's assortment of superior Wines cannot fail to ilease. The old Lomeliuo Madeira of 1812, in bottles ami in lines,hhds. and qr. casks of various ages; champagne,claret and tner light Wines of the choicest erands, always on sale at aw prices. Orders for any kind shall be faithfully eirriited, jy7 lm*r GOOD SUMMER WINET" I B. 8TOUVKNEL. Importer of Krench Wines of ' the most approved brands, Bordeaux CUret and other Vines. He has removed from his old stand, Gi Nassau street, i No. 21 Ann street, (near Nassau) basement. Always on hand, the best and moat rrchtrche Wines, St., Montlerraut, 8t. Ksteve, Lafttte, Medoc, kr. in barrels, islf casks aud cases. Also, Chamiwgne, various brands; Burundy. Hermitage, kc.\ superior Cognac Brandy; best quality hip, Port Wiue, Portugal and Siouisli Wines. J. B. S. will also sell by the (Wen bottled Wine for piivate smiliet, which will he sent to any |?rt of tlie city, also by the allon or otluwwise, to those who may favor him with their parotiage. No Wines are impure sold by him, as be imports them reset. R'y"* J. B. S has opened a boarding house at Hobokeu, oppoite Vauihail Carden, on the main road, wheie is ke|d an asnrrmen toft's" I est Wines. Private parties supplied with good inaem aadrsf." sfments. jv 12 !m*c h." " " HATS. " HATS! HATS! HATS M [JROWN k CO'8 One Price Hat Store, wholesale and rr, tail, I7S Chatham Hqnare, corner of Mntt street, where ashion, beauty, durability and economy are combined to adorn hr head. The proprietors have the pleasure now to offer in addition o their recently improved short napped flat, a new style, the mitation of beaverr, which so closely resembles that of all furs he moil costly and beautiful, that the difference is not easily irrceived. Price three dollars. We strictly adhere to the one irice cash system, which enables ua to furnish a very superior {at for tlie price charged. In presenting these Hats to the mblic the proprietors think they have reached tlie ultimatum >f beauty, durability, cheapness and comfort. mi 2m* _ _ 1 AILiUKJ IN IT. REMOVAL. 'H1LLIPS' CASH TAILORING ESTABLISH MENT, Ii removed from 14.1 Broadway to No. 7 Astor Home. ECONOMY IN GENTLEMEN'S DRESS. larmrnta of a moat .legant and Kashieiikble kiod rt a saving of 60 per cent for cask. pHE advertiaer d? m? it unnecessary to resort t > the hc.ckk neyed system of giviug a list of nominal price*, ptrsanfing sat the length of time he luts been established. together Willi ie eztensive patronage bestowed on him, will prove a sum . ient voucher for his capabilities.{ tlie ads antage ol eing connected with an extensive cloth establishment in Europu e confidently assets ttial he can furnish clothes which, on coinaruon, will be found tower tlwn any OTher bouse making up >? best descriptions of gentlemen's dress. myl3m S. PHILLIPS, 7 Astor House. Broadway LOOK OUT. He who steals my purse steals trash. But he who fil?ties from me of my good name Hobs me of that which n 't enriches him, Bui makes inepoor indeed.?[Shshspearr. MARSHALL. A T HIS ONLY TItOY SHIRT DEPOT. No.90 Chatham a. street, makes the above quotation, because others endeavor ) filch from him his good name, fame, and reputation. W? ave more than once made public the many imposit-ons prr.csed on dealers, strangers ami others, in pursuit of our highly rputed Troy Shirts, Bosoms, and Collars. Bnt now that itnosilions are on the iucre.tse, therefore, We shall k/eep these lets before Ihe 1'iiblic, which will espose impostors, and may lit ofT their wicked designs. Make no mistakes therefore. Marshall's only Troy Shirt Pep it" is painted on our awning nil window. Be particular, however, to see ihe " Mjrlall's" on our window and about our store. No. 90, our only 'rov Sliirt Depot, is situated about If. doors fmm the corner of earl and Chatham streets, and on the right hand side in Chatham street, in passing to the City Hall. Seethe name MARSHALL s _/~li anil vou art correct. CATALOGUE Of PRICES. Strong made Cotton Shirts, with linen bosoms, collars and rrut bands, wairauled, at |>er dozen. $7?7 50?8?8 50?9?I"? ? 50?11?12?12 'al?15?16?16 50?17?18?20?21?22 50?24?25 .50?27?28. All Linen Shirts, perdoz. $20?20 50?25?27 50? >?32 50?36?38. Plain Cotton Shirts, per doz. $5 50?6?7?7 50 8?9. Colored Shirts, per doz. $>?5 50?6?7?8?9-10- 11. ollars just received?In addition to nor former large stock of liars of every desrnpt ion, 1000 dozen, nil Linen collars, at I rents per dozen, 62c?75c?g7c?$1?I 25?1 50?1 75?2?2 25 2 50?2 75?3?3 25?3 50 ami 4 00, including our new style, lorihall's Byron Colitis, which have been so highly aiqirovtd f. These goods, with our plain and mfllc bosoms, can he lunil at many of ilie principle ready tna'e linen stores throughat the eity^andlal the inanufteturera, Marshall's 'C7~ only roy Shirt De|nit. No. !I0 Chatham street. New Yor*. Wc ration dealers aud others against the many mistakes that have en made of late, in consequence of a. ring ticketed pure* in >me of the windows. Recollect, no marked or ticketrd rices are to be seen in on-window. Bnt remember this the lit of our store, with Ihe prices attached, will he circulated for 10 be lie lit of all. These circulars only maybe seen in our riudow : and, furthermore, we advise again, see the name and umber, Ma shall-!. No. 58." No patronage asked of thos? ho heat dowu. jvl51m?r TO THE LADIES. FASHIONABLE MILLINERY GOODS.-Thr pvonnetreys, Misa S KI NO. daughter of thwcelehrated Carl King, fft rs for aale a moat selerl una choice assortment of Millinery foods, for the spring trade, never aa yet presented to the pubc, both as regards the quality and cheapness of the articles 'he assortment consists of the following:? The celebrates! SILK HAT. CALLED CAPOTTE IVOR,EANS, as wism by La Duehesse (^Orleans, of Fruiicr , HED SILK, ENTIRELY NEW AND ORIGINAL TYLE?? And Lawn Hats tin d??An eutire new style a la's called 44 M01HNE CAPOTTES, ELSSLER m Wtt A nir Parisian nnd English FANCY STRAWS, of the finest teiirc, in great variety. .... r ? The Proprietress respectfully solicits the ladies t? f**PrA,#,lf ith tcell, and examine herelegsnt and varied stock of Miluery for themselves, before they pnrr.hsse elsewhere, as it ill Be a treat saviuk to the in in price and a treat advantage as 'fards th# tariety and quality of the foods. .... MISS S. KING, Ma#aiine de Modes, Jy23 lm*r mX Broadway. IMPORTANT TO THE PUBLIC. I LL who wish to economize ran obtain Clothing of the best 'l^'jjy wmstksbly ch^ap, at SIS Canal street, one door est or Hudson. Also, a large assortment of Cloths, CassiVesting!, and Summer Goods, from which Clothing of I kinds art made to order iu the best manner at *?ry minced tecs, MS Canal street. jelO lm*r SHIRTS. JHIRTS made to order, efter the mo?t approved French * fashions. Gentlemen s Garments of all descriptions made to der st the shortest notice. Urnurmcn'i Kurni.himt Store ft ?nd M Maiden lane, coruer r William meet. al I in * r WU.MaM COII.IN* XTATCHES AND JRWKLRV VKHY LOW.-Theanb '? ifriber i? .ellina all dcirriiunwu ol *<>1,1 ,,,,1 ,j|rer f.lrhi., gold and .ilter pencil., ,?ld chain., kc\?, Jic m rail, lower than al any other place in llie city, fh.lil Warrhr. i low u r> to 30 dollar, each. Watrln * ami Jewelry emlim?d or h Iiiifht. 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Jy23 2w r . / tokporat I O N Wot It Public Notice i? hereby giV ' veil, that a ssla ol | ropeiiy for unpaid tases will take i lace at Public Auction, at^se f'ity M ill ol the City of New Yurk, on \V< durstlay, the agt i Lay ol flrptemhrr next, at 12 o'clock, noon, and lie continued!11 m day to day until the whole of said property shall he sold, an I that the detailed statement of the taxes, and property to He 111 ihi* published in the New Kia, a newspaper printed andpu'ilt si,erf in the city of New York. ALF 1 KD A. SMITH, Comptroller. Oomptrollsr's Office, MaylC .l?42. je2J lawtSeptM c iRK i ORNING, AUGUST 11, IS WMhlnKtoii, ( [Corrct|<oiidriic? of ihc IlrraM.] a Washington, Tuesday?3 P. M. ' The Vito?t'uii)(rc?li)iiBl Proceeding*. The President fro tem. laid before the Senate a ( communication from the President of the United v States, stating that in his reply to a resolution of ' the Senate transmitted on the 15th of June,some J reflections were cast upon the Prussian Minister, li who was the umpire in the Mexican claims. The s object of the communication w as to disclaim any in- "J1 tention of imputing any wrong conduct or purpose. | The* othi?r mnrninnr Imuin^oo o quenee. 1 The hill to reimbuive the Pension Fund was or- j dered ton third reading. The bill regulating Naval s Schools was then taken up, und is now under die- c cushion. " In the House, n resolution was adopted calling j upon the Secretary el the Treasury lor the amount s of duties collected since the 30th of June last. Mr. PnoFi'ix concluded his speech in defence of ^ the administration in the controversy between the h House and the Secretary of Wai, and he was fol- v lowed by Mr. Gushing,who replied to theunprovokcd attack of Mr. Adams with extraordinary power r and effect. While he was speaking, the veto mee- p sage was presented, and at the expiration of the | morning hour it was read by the Clerk ol the House. [| It is a very able document, as you will see for your- ,| self?well reasoned, covering the whole ground.und ti admirably calculated to conciliate the popular favor. l' The consideration was postponed until to-morrow, j, und the House then went into Commitee of the r Whole and took up the report of the committee ol J reference on the Army Ilill. ^ The whig* are in a state of the highest exasperation, and openly avow their determination to ad- 'J journ without attempting to do any thing. The de- 1 inocruts, on the other hand, are in fine spirits, pre- (( pared to Jo their best to provide a revenue for the ? Government. The following bill will be oflered in t the House by a democrat on the first opportunity. ' We shall we whether the whigs will tuke the re- [ sponsibility of defeating it. A bill to provide revenue front imports. Section I?Provides that front and after the paB- " sage of this net the same duties upon ini|>orts ! shall be levied, collected and paid, under the same laws, rules and regulations, which were collected and paid, between June 1st, 18:18, and the last day of IVeetnber, 1839, under the provi- ! sions of the uct of 1838?that is, the compromise act. t i Sec. 2. Provides that on the importation of all i the articles made subject to a duty of twenty |>er t cent ad valorem, under the provisions of the act of i 1811, entitled "Anact relating to duties and draw- * backs," there shall hereafter be levied,and collected " and paid a duly of thirty per cent nil valorem, except upon railrond iron, which shall be subject to J same rate of duty as bar or bolt iron of similar mu- ; nufacture, under the first section of this net; but t nothing herein contained shall bepo construed as to j deprive any State or incorporated company which ( shall have iinjiorlcd iron prior to the a 1 day of t March next, of the benefit and advantages secured 1 to tliem by the ptovieionsof the said net of Sept. f 1M1. r VETO MESSAGE. n TO THE HOI'S/: OF REPRESENTATIVES ], 'I'm.' # ' V/'/'!.* It KT'4'I'?.-V g II in with unfeigned regret that I find myself nnd**r the necessity of returning to the House of Repre- ? scntatives, with my objections, a toll entitled " An '' acttto provide revenue from imports, and to change and modify existing laws imposing duties on irn- p ports, and for other purposes." Nothing can be more painful to any individual called U|K>n to ih r- | form the chief Executive duties under our limited Constitution, than to be constrained to withhold '1 his assent from an important measure adopted by the Legislature; yet he would neither fulfil the 1 high puriKises ol his station, nor ron.-nit the true interests, or the solemn will of the People, the common constituents of both branches of ( the < iovernment, by yielding his well considered, most deeply fixed, and repeatedly declared ^ opinions on nutters of great public concernment, to those of a co-ordinate l)ct>*riiiient, without ? requesting that Department seriously to re-examine the subject ?if their ditferenee. The exercise of ? some independence ef judgment in regurd to all j1 acts of legislation, is plainly implied in the rcsponsi- " hility of approving thetn. At all times a duty?it 0 becomes a peculiarly solemn and imperative one, n when the subjects [wssed upon by Congress, happen r to involve, as in the present instance, (lie most ino- o mentous issues, t? affect variously the various parts rr of a great country, and to have given rise in all b gnarteiv to snclt a conflict of opinion, as to render it (j impossible to conjecture, with any certainty, on " which side the majority really is Surely, if the pause for reflection, intended by the wise authors <; of the Constitution, by referring the subject back ], to Congress for re-consideration be ever expedient r and necessary, it is precisely such a case as the pre- tt sent. tl On the subject of distributing the proceeds of P the sales ot the public lands, in the existing state of *' the finances, it has been my duty to make known '' tny settled convictions on various occasions during the present session of Congress. At the opening of the extra sescion, upwards of twelve months ago, p sharing fully in the general ho|>e of returning pros- n perty and credit, I recommended such a distribti- <1 lion; but that recommendation was even then ex- 11 pressly coui?led with the condition that the duties 11 on imports should not exceed the rute of twenty percent, provided by the Compromise act of 183:> These hopes were not a little encouraged, and these j, views strengthened by the report ol Mr. Ewing, i, then Secretary of the Treasury, which was shortly o thereafter laid before Congress, in which he re- f< commended the imposition of duties at the rate of '' 20per cent. a<l valotem on all free articles, with spe- " cifted exceptions, and stated, "if this mensure be J! adopted, there will be received in the Treasury from customs, in the last quarter of the present year, (1841,) $0,300,000; in till of the year 1812, ?i about .922,500,000; and in the year 1843, after the m liiiHlfreduction under the act of March 2, 1888, g about 9*20.800,000;" and adds, "it is believed that ?< after the heavy ex|>enditure8 required by the public C( ?#?rvinn in th#? nr?'tn>nf venr ?hnll Iiuvp hf?#?n nrnvirlprl * for, the revenue which will accrue from that or a )l( nearly proximate rate of duty, will be sufficient to H defray the expenses of the Government, and leave r) a surplus to be annually applied to the gradual pay- tt menf of the nationald'bt, leaving the proceeds of tt the public lands to be disrated of a* Congfe* shall m see fit." I was most happy that Congress at the tune, seemed entirely to concur in the reeominendations of the Executive, and anticipating the correct- ~ ness of the Secretary's conclusions, an<! in view of jt] an actual surplus, passed the Distribution act of the ,r 4th .September last, wisely limiting its operation by k two conditions, having reference,both of them, to a <H possible state of the Treasury, different from that ?n which had been anticipated by the Secretary of the In Treasury, and to the paramount necessities of the public service. It ordained that, "if nt any time dn- '' rmq the existence of that act, there should lie an im position of duties on imports inconsistent with the p, provision of the act of tne 2d March, 1KUJ, and be- tii yond the rate of duties fixed by that act, to wit, 20 or l>er cent on the value of such imports or any of cf them, then the distribution should lie suspended and th should continue so su?ie:ndcd until that cause should "" he removed." By a previous clause it had, in alike S1 spirit of wise and cautious patriotism, provided lor ,m mother case in which all arc even i,ow agreed that Ihe proceeds of the sales of the public lands should o, tie used for the defence of the country. It was en- lai acted that the act should continue and be in force re until otlierwise provided bylaw, nnle<*< the Ignited an "bates should become involved in war with any foreign power, in which event, from the commence- "l| nent of hostilities, the act should be suspended un- VJ! til the cessation of hostilities. M Not long after the opening of the present bps- (? <ion of Congress, the unprecedented and extraor- ,\? Jinnry difficulties that have recently embarrassed rfv ihe finances of the country, began to assume a 1st "erious aspect It soon became rpiitp evident that of> the hopes under which the art of 4th of Septem- J'1 ber was passed, and which alone lustified it in the [,>c yes either <>f Convress wlio imposed. or of ihe Executive who a^iroved, the first ol th<* two con- w| Jitions just recited, were not d< -tinned to be fulfill- n,, rd Under the pressure, therefore, of the e.mbar- ?u rasameats which had thus unexpectedly arisen, it th ippe.ared to me that the course to fie pursued had an icen clearly marked out for the Government by that ict itself The condition contemplated in it, as re- ar' pnring u suspension ol its oj>erHtion hid occurred. ?r It became necessary, in the opinions of ull, to raise Jl] IERA 42. ~ he rale of duties ii|H>n imports above 20 |>er cent, mil with a view both to provide available means to neet present exigencies, and to lay (lie foundation or a successful negotiation of a loan, 1 felt it mcumicnt upon me to urge upon Congress to raise the duies accordingly, imposing them in a spirit of n vise discrimination, for the two-fold object ol afordiug ample revenue for the Government, and inidentnl protection to the various branches of domesic industry I also pressed, in the most emphatic ml respectful language 1 could employ, the necesity ot making the land sales available to the Treaury as the basis of public credit. 1 did not think hut I could stand excused, much less justified, lietl,,|.? 1 rn,t..,l alnlaa n,,r ... ,,1.1 I eeoncile it to myself to recommend the imposiion ol additional taxes upon them, without, nt he same time, urging the employment of all tlie egitimate means of the government towards utisiying its wants. These opinions were onununieated in advance of nny definitive ictionof Congress on tlie suhiect either of the tarilf >r land sales, under a high sense ol public duty, and n compliance with an express injunction of theContitution so that if a collision, extremely to be defecated as such collisions always are, has sccmingv arisen between the Executive and Legislative ranches of the Government, it has assuredly not >een owing to nny capricious interference, or to any t'uiit ol a plain and trunk declaration of opinion on !i'- pan of the former. Congress diliercd in its views yith those of the Executive us it had undobtedly a isht to do, and passed a hill virtually for a lime reealing the proviso ol the act of the 4th September, HU. The bill was relumed to the House in which I originated, vviili my objections to its becoming a iw. With n view to prevent, it possible, an open isagreement of opinion on a point so important, 1 [>ok Occasion to declare that 1 regarded it at an inlispensable pre-requisite to an increase of duties hove 20 per cent., that the act of the 4th Scptein* >er should remain unrepealed in its provisions. My easons for that opinion were elaborately set forth in lie message which accompanied the return of the 'ill?which no Constitutional majority appears to lave been found lor passing into a law. The hi), which is now before me proposes, in its 7th section, the total repeal of sue of the provisos n the act of September, and while it increases the Inties above 20 per cent, directs an unconditional listribution ot the land proceeds. I nni therefore ub,ected a second time, in the period of a few duys, o the neces-ity of either giving my approval to a neaaure which, in my deliberate judgement, is in onlliet with great public interests, or of returning t toi the House in which it originated, witlimyohections. With all my anxiety for the passage of a aw which would replenish un exhausted Treasury, ind furnish a sound and liealthy encouragement to Mechanical industry, 1 cannot consent to do so at he sacrifice of the peace and harmony of the couiiry, and the clearest convictions ofpublic duty. For some of the reasons which nave brought me o this conclusion, ! refer to my previous Messages o Congress, and briefly subjoin the following:? 1. The tall unites two subjects, which, >o tar Irom havng any atlinity to one another, are wholly incongruous n their character. It is both a revenue and an appropriaion bill. It thus imi>oscs on the Executive, in the liist ilacc, the necessity ol either approving that which he voubl reject, or rejecting that which he might otherwise ipprove. 'f bis is a species ol constraint to which thejudgnent of the Executive ought not, in my opinion, to be salioctad. But that is not my only objection to the net in its iresent form. The union of subjects ?holly dissimilar n their character in the same bill, if it grew'into a pracice, would not fail to lead to consequences destructive of ill wise and conscientious legislation. Various ineasares, lach agreeable only to a small minority, might, by being bus united, on I the more the greater chance of success, cud to (be passing of laws, of which no single provision otild, if standbier alone, command a majority in its lavor. a. While the Treasury is inn state of extreme embor assinent, requiring every dollar which it can muke avail. Me, ?.id when the Government has not only to lay addiionul taxes, but to borrow money to meet pressing dolands, the bill proposes to givi away a fruitful source ol evenue?which is the same thing us i aising money by ran and taxation?not to meet the wants of the governlent, but for distribution, a proceeding u hicli 1 must icard as highly impolitic, if not unconstitutional. A brief review of the present condition ol the public fiances will serve to illustrate the true condition of the 'le.wirv. and exhibits its actual necessities;? (hi the the 6th of August, (Friday ln-il.t theri! was in he Treasury, in round numbers, $3, 150,000 Jeocssary to be retained to mnt tru-t funds, $360,n;*> ntorest on public debt duo in October, 80,001) r*o redeem Treasury notes aid pay the interest, 100,000 ..nuil Distribution, under the act of the 4th September, MM!, 610,000 $I,1S0,0C0 -caving an available amount of $070,000 The Navy Department had drawn requisitions on the treasury, at that time, to meet debts actually due, amon;' i hich nre bills under protest for $1,11 1,000, thus leaving n actual deficit of $114,000. There was on hand about $100,000 of unissued Treasury ot?s, assisted by the accruing revenue, amounting to tiont $150,000 per week, exclusive of receipts on unpaid onds, to meet requisition* for the army, and the demands f the civil list. The withdrawal of the sum of $040,000 to he distribute,! mong too States, so soon as the statements and accounts an lie made up nod completed, by virtue of the provisions fthenctoftho tth September last, of which nearly n loiety goea to a few States and only about $383,000 is to e divided among ail the States, while it adds materially >tlie embarrassments of the Treasury, alfords to the tales no derided relief. No immediate relief Irom this state of things is anticiated, unless, what would most deeply be deplored, the tovernmuut could be reconciled to tho negotiations id inns already authorized by law, at a rate of discount uinotis in itself, and calculated most seriously to allert jo public credit. So great is the depression of trade, hat even if the present bill were to become a law, and rove to be productive, some time would elnpso before uHicient supplies would (low into the Treasury, while, i the meantime, its embarrassments would be continually ugmented by the semi-annual distribution of the land rorei 4r. Indeed, there is but too much ground to apprehend lint even if this bill were permitted to become a law, alioating as it does the proceeds of the laud sales, an actual elicit in the Treasury would occur, which would more lian probatily involve the necessity of a resort to direct a\ation. Let it he also remarked, that $5,500,000 of the public elit becomes redeemable in about two years and a hall, i-bich, at any sacrifice, must be met, while the Treasury i always liable to demands for the payment of outstand rig Treasury notes. Such is the gloomy picture which ur financial department now presents, and which calls jr the exercise of a rigid economy in the public expendiiires, and the rendering available of all the means within lie control of the Government. I most respectfully sub lit whether this is a time to give away the proceeds of lie land sales, when the public lands constitute a fund rhich, of all others, may be made most useful in sustainig the public credit. Can the Government he generous nd munificent to others when every dollar it can comland is necessary to supply its own w ants I And if Cnnress would not hesitate to suffer the provisions of the :t of 4th September last to remain unrepealed in case the luntry was involved in war, is not the necessity for such course now lust as imperative as it would be then I 8. A third objection remain* to be urged, which wool! 8 sufficient, in itself,to induce mc to return the bill to the. onso with my objections. By uniting two subjects so in ingruons as Tariff and Distribution, it inevitably makes ic fit te of the one dependent upon that of the other in fuiro contests of party. Can any thing be more fatal to the i.i eh:nil or rrtumilnelllrvr ItiAo sort* nn allinnre I U'linl ley mosi of all require i* a system of moderate duties, no ranged at to withdraw the I'ariiTquestion, a? far a* poshlc, completely from the arena of political contention heir chief wniit is permanancy and liability. Such an icrense of the Tariff, I believe to be necessary, in order meet the economical expenditure* of (k>Terriment.nch an increase, made in the spirit of moderation an.'jueiom discrimination, would, I have no doubt, beentirely ill?fac'ory to the great majority of the American |?eople, i the way of acromplMiuig a measure so salutary and i imperatively demanded by every public interest, the egislative Department will meet with a cordial co-opeitlon on the purtof the Kxecutive. This it all that the annfac.tnrer can desire, and it would he a burden readily irne by the |>eop|p. But I eannot too earnestly repeat, at in order to be beneficial it must lie permanent, and in der to be permanent, it mnjt command general acnuicamoe. But can such |iernuinenrji be justly hojved for if e Tariff question he coupled with that of Distribution, to which a serious conflict of opinion exists among the ate* and the people, which enlists in its support a hare ajority, If indeed there be a majority, ol the two houses of intfiess I What permanency or stability can attach a measure which, warring upon itself, gives away a titfnl source of revenue at tnc moment it proposes a rge increase of taxes on the people? Is the manufartur prepared to stake himself and his interests upon such issue.' [know that it is urged, but most ettoneou*ly,'in my inion, that i irtabtlit* la just as npt to be produced by rening the public land* a* a source of revenue at from any ler cause, and thia is ascribed to a constant Ituctuatior, it la Mid, in the amount of sale*. It there were sin thing this objection it equally applies to every imposition ol tieson import*. The amount ol revenue annually deed from duties is constantly liable to change. The reguinns of foreign governments,the varying productlvenea* cither countries,periods of excitement in trade and a great riety ol other circumstances are constantly arising to af t the state of commerce,foreign and domestic,and of coninenee the revenue levied ii|>on it. The sales of the put 1 domain in ordinary times are regulated by fixed law , ' lich have their basis in a demand increasing only in ] i-ratio of the increase of imjnilation. In recurring to tl e itiatic* connected w ith this ttibjtx 1, it will be perceived ^ at furs period of t<m years preceding 1834, the average ( piWlt or land sales did not exceed f),000,000. For the increase which took place in IX34-4 and6, a e e to look to that peculiar condition of the country w hn h ( nw out of onent the most extraordinary excitements in sincss and (peculation tt-at ha* ever occurred inIba 'lory of commerce isi currency. It was the liuitol a LD. Price Two Cent a, wild spirit ot adventure engendered by vicious i\ stem id credits, under the evila of which the country is mill laWing, isii> 1 u Inc h it is fondly hoped is ill not soon recur. Considering the rust iimount oliuvestmenU made liyprivate individuals in the public lands, during those 3 jean, and w liich equalled $43 (StiO.000, equsl to more than JO years purchase, taking tlie oiarsge of sales ol the ten preceding years, it may he safely asserted that the result of the public land tales run bold out nothing to alarm the manufacture! vwth the idea ot instability in the revenues, and consequently in the course of the Government. t'nder what appears to me, therefore, the proper conliderations of public |>olicy, and in y lew of the interests el avery branch of domestic industry, 1 return you the bill with these my objections to its la-coming a law. I take occasion rmiibslic all) to repeat my anxious de- * sire to co-operate with Congress, in the passing ofalsw, which, while it shall assist in supplying the wants of the Treasury and re-establish public credit, shall allord to the manufacturing interests of the countiy ull the incidental protection they require. After all, the effect of what I do is suhstantiallv to rail 011 Congress to re-consider the subject. If, on such reconsideration, < majority of two-thirds ol lioth houses should he in fuver of this measure, it w ill become * law notwithstanding iny objections. In a case of clear und manliest error on the pint of the President, the presutnptioii of the Constitution is thnt such majorities will he found. Should they be so found in this ease, having conscicntiously discharged my own duty, I >-litill cheerfully ncquiescc in the result. * JOHN TYLER. WasMiKiiTon, August 9th, I8WIloartt of (juiienriiMi's, At'oi'sr 10.?Alderman Balis in the chair. Dills of tlir following persons were ordered to be paid:? John Lynch, M. Powell, Jonathan Hull, Mary Key, Mr. Hiiring, D. Berrien, Mr. Howard, Mr. Barton, several officers ol Jiolice, J. 11. Scnniol, Mr. Stewart, John l)av..s, .Mr. Helms. Sereial others were presented and referred. RttaluLiont.?By the .Mayor, in telation to lunatics, enquiring into the situation of the Asylum. The Mayor, and Aldermen Woodhull and Jones were appointed a committee. Also, to enquire into the various expenses of iiiecii>, solar as to distinguish what should be charged to the Board ol Supervisors, and what to the Cor]<oration. Referred to same committee. By Aid. Visum wood, in favor of paying Judge Satidford his salary as a Judge of the Sessions. Adopted. The Comptroller made a communication relative to raising taxes, ike., which was referred, us was also a report respecting sundry accounts of otlicers, Sic. On motiou of Aid. Choiii/i, tlio Board adjourned to tlii* afternoon at 4 o'clock. Ueneral Session*. Belote hi* Honor the Recorder, Judge Lynch, and Aldermen I'urdy and Hatfield. James U. Whiting, Esq., District Attorney. A en. 10.?Plcaukd iti'iltv.?A black lellow named John Dickson, entered a plea ofguilly for stealing a ouautity of female clothiag from a colored w oman named Ljrilia Hampton, of 173 Heude street,und was rent to the Penitentiary for four months. That flOOO Not*.?The District Attorney reque*ted an oliicer to tiring up Charles Stone, alias French Jack, chuigeil with stealing a filtxxj note liuin John J. Clavtnn on the 20th of Iait mouth. A. D. Russell, Esq., counsel lor prisourr, objected to go to trial, us the indictment had just keen found, and hy consent of parties, the affidavit of Mr. Clayton was taken it tmne ttst, and that {>1000 note then returned to his possession hy an order of the Court. Stone will he tried at the next term of the Court, and the althlavit of Clayton then used on the part of the prosecution. Much credit is due officers Janu s L. Smith and Slokely for their activity in securing this rogue Stone, ami thus aiding in furthering the ends ul justice. Bimilary ami Grand Larceny.? James C. Hums, harness maker, was trie<l on the third Indictment against him for the uhovc crimes. The property stolen under this indictment w as harness, &.c., valued at $-hs?, ftom the harness store of T. O. Buckmastcr, of 217 Hudson street. As the particulars have been reported before, it is unnecessary to report them a second time. The defence conducted by W'm. Khali*, Esq., proved tlrat prisoner was engaged to work as h harness maker hy two men named John Taylor ami Thomas Wray, in a shop where the goods stolen were found. He also proved u good character. The jury after n short absence returned a vetdict of guilty. Theuther indictments against him were bunded over to the Court, and punishmeut indieted upon him hy n sentence of three years in the state prison. Thomas Wray alias Fitzgerald, who had been impleaded with Burns in the indictment on which he was found guilty, and w ho had been convicted of an attempt to commit a burglary, was then sentenced to two years in the State prison. He hits served a previous apprenticeship, and sav a he is u first rate stone cutler, 'llie Court staled that lie was a fugiUvo from justice in Dutchess county, where he would he removed when his term of service has expired. IMtckargtd.?Thomas Wheeler, the hank note pedlar, charged with stealing notes and money v alucd at $179 26, f rom John J. Burden, on the-JMth of June, wus discharged hy the prosecution. "Peter Van Noatrand.tbc Mack fellow who stole a \ alisu and clothing from Simeon B. Chittenden, of 119 Pearl street, on the doth ultimo, while onboard the steamboat Independence, and also clothing from Abigail UulstcaJ of New burgh, was also discharged. Mary Khoadns, who stole twenty-four pieces of gold, sovereigns, and half eagles, from John Gage, ol 2M Water street, while in bed with her. w as also ullowed to go, complainant not appearing in court to testify. Fifteen gold pieces wrrs recovered hy-oftiter Stephens. (triorSo Blvthft l reflMihir uiatilni-L- cti?i<r,?l illi !? !. ing a trunk, clothing nmoney, front Oh en Mitchell, 13 Kot street, on the J4th of May Iaxt, and of which theft ho no doubt wai guilty, was (Uncharged because the witnesses did not it|>]>ear to teitify against him. The Court tin n ?dj turned for the term, an<I the Grand Jury received the thank* of the Oonrt for the faithful performance of their duties. liniikrupt List. SOUTHERN DISTRICT OK NEW YORK. E/ekiel Shaler, [(late firm of Arnold h Shaler,) Neve York. James Wood, William Wood, and Samuel Wood, (firm of Jatne* Wood it Co.) Mount Pleasant, Westchester co. Marks Senior, dry goodsdealer, N. York, Sept. 10. Solomon Wolfson l.yehenhim, (oommonly called Solomon Wolfson,) N. York, Sept 10. Peter Cannon, innkeeper, Salisbury, Orange county, Sept. 10. Saratoga Springs. [Correspondence of the Herald.] Height oj the Season?Fan?Dolls?Humbug?Fashion? IVealth, and Beauty. Saratoga, Aug. 7, 1842. L)Kr.R nPNNKTT:? Tin- season commenced later than usual at this focus of high life. On Friday night was the first grand hall at the T'niied States ; the immense dining hall was crowded with the elite of the beau mondr ; the waltz and quadrille alternated the evening, enlivened by Snider's celebrated Oerinnn Hand, engaged by the spirited proprietors, at an im mense exjiense. This magnificent hotel was never in better condition. The belle of the hall was the beautiful Medora O., from New Orleans ; her costume and elegance of manner enraptured till heads. Miss .1. of ilnhimore and Miss O'D. ot the same city?Wish t>. of Albany, and Miss I., of Mississippi were the bright particular stars of the night. The ball glided awav to the delight of all, and jocund dsy sat tip-toe on the mountain top ere the scene of gaiety closed. Tuesday and Friday nights are the ball evenings; on other evenings tn?*rf is music nrm wnitzing, hi wnm is culled a " hop" in th>* large parlors. About the llhli the grand affair is to come off"; s? look out then, arid until then wait for n full account ol this fashionable Babel. There never has been at Saratoga hs much wealth ns this season. There are seven young ladies here worth over #100,000 each, the majority from the f?outh?two worth half a million. There are also several Captain Schinleys hereabout. Funds now a days pive n person a box ticket to society?your thread and needle inan, or apple vender, ol ten years since, stalks the lion oi the drawin;? room, while the tailor's daughter gives a finish to society. So we go. The nwtrricl of society is a perfect oil* podridn?a mystery?worse thus Kourierisin. The most extraordinary occurrence ol the sca-on is the fact that wc get the Herald here at 10 at night ol the day it is printed, and when the hoy arrives from Troy, which he does regularly, the rush is a caution to tender toes; fifty cents was paid lust night for a copy. Knnvnnt. The days arc passed here in delightful eomvrw/r/one*, or visiting some humbug like animal magnetism, or the learned dog. We bad a rich subject operated on here on Friday : Ladies and gentlemen, said the operator, von may tickle Maria to so* if she has any feeling, Defore you have communion tion with her. Maria, on being put '<> sleep, cut up all kinds of capers, and finally,concluded the performance hv magnetizing a distinguished gentleman from Baltimore. Your arrival isdaily "Pef' - 1,1(" nouses are all full. Board at Congress ilall per week, and I have never been better accommodated. Yours, Cato. Gi-hsiiii Itni. Koii'i.?The Vlacon (Georgia) Messongrr of the - nth ultimo state* that the Monroe Railroad Company hare consummated a contrnct with a company of gentlemen o( tli?t place and rolumhu*, to complete the ro?.I from Grillin to trie junction of the Stale road. They ire to lay the superstructure, Iron, kr. and are expected o commence immediate operation*. That link being ompleted, the State Toad finished, the filty-two mile* conraeted for, and tho Central road to Maron all portions iO\v under contract -ensure* the earls completion of a outinunu* Railroad from Savannah, via Macon, Forsyth, Iriffin, and Marietta, to two mile* Iwyond the Ktnwmh, in - as* county, near the centre oi the ( hernkec country, a istancu of thres hundred and flfly-twomilc*

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