Newspaper of The New York Herald, 11 Ağustos 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 11 Ağustos 1842 Page 3
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BY I HE SOUTHERN MAIL. I Baltimore. [Correspondence of tin Herald.] Uii.TiHoar. Aug. 10, 1943. Mr. Editor : A* I predicted, wo had the roto message yesterday afternoon. Though it waa generally anticipated, yet the en. citenient waa rery great. Many loud and long drawn-out Ideating!, in the ironical rente of the term, lell upon the head ol Capteiu John Tyler, Esq. Krom reading the document, it can be teen with half an eye, that no tariff bill will will be acceptable to him if coupled with land-dutributton .or one that goct much over twenty per cent, ad vuloruin. Our country much needa romelhing to protect Iter iuteroaU and restore business uiul confidence. The President of course can esercise hi* couatitutional prerogative,but under present aaigeucet.he should give u little, take a little, vnd allow Congress the tame privilege. Itather a heavv shower of rain patted over our city yetterdsy afternoon'. It was accompanied with a very sharp lightning, which in the course or its evolutions, struck a locust tree in the Hunker burial ground, corner of Paca und Lombard streets. Tiio Junior and Eagle artillery companies that went down the bay yesterday as Uu' a* Stewart's landing to have h target shooting, retnfced last night about l'J o'clock. The Eagle was victorious. They made some, not only hard, hot excellent hits. A very large meeting of the Irish repealers was held at the Assembly room* last night. .Mr. Mooney uddrestcd the audience in amoil eloquent strain. Such thunders of applause are seldom to be heard as he received at the closing of some beautiful sentiments. Kami) Kitiwilliani takes her hcuellt to-night. She has published a card, requesting that the stockholders to refrain Iroin selling their tickets at reduced rates. She is right in this, lor it has always, and so long as persisted in will continue to kill the lloflidny street. We hare a delightful morning. Yours, RODERICK. Philadelphia. (Correspondence of the Hciaid.) Pfin.SDci.rm ?, Aug. 10, 194-1. President Tyler's veto was received here early this morning, and was soon after laid before our citizens. As was to be expected, the Clay whigs nre outrageously indignunt at what they term John Tyler's contumacy, and fret and fume at a terrible rate. The moderate of all parties, and the thinking |>ortion of the community generally higlily applaud the tone and temper of the document, even where they cannot so far overcome their prejudices as to yield the alone objectionable feature of distribution. But the great mass of the community will not foil to see from this message that to distribute the revenues of government, w hile the Treasury is half a million in debt would be the rankest injustice, nnd subject the country to the necessity of direct taxation. An issue of this character John Tyler need not fear to submit to the decision of an intelligent people. The whole document is in all respects the best, soundest in principle and most logical that has yet emanated from him. If Congress would damn itself, let it resolve to disregard the rights of the President by adjourning without providing revenue to carry on the Government. Hurra for " Veto and ditto"?but esjieciallv fnr " diMn " Amusements here promise to 1?e very numerous. In addition to three theatres it is said thet a new Equestrian company has tieen formed under the management of La Forest. Among the company are Wells, Williams, Davis, George Stone, San ford, and others of equal note in their several linos. The first performance will he given early next week, either McArann's Garden, or on Broad street. A last rumor is that Burton, Porter and Pratt, have formed h co-partnership and mean to lease the Arch street Theatre. In aonsequenoe of the death of Brittain White, an aged ami respectable member of the Board of Brokers, the board adjourned to-day immediately, after passing a resolution to hit memory, without transacting auy business. Burton and Richings are playing at the Arch street theatre. No other place of amusement open. It has been showery to-day again, though quite warm. News from the west is that the Democrats have carried Indiana. Alabama, and probably North Garolinin. Hurra for "ditto.'' Theodore A. Pinck.ney has been recognized by the President, Vies Consul of iJelgitim, for the port of Key West, in the territory of Florida. ArroiHTMF.vTi bt the PfniBKNT.?Giles R. Hallam, Collector of the Customs at Stouington, Ct. Land Orncr.tu?Rr-citivxas.?Thomas McKnight, Du Buquu, Iowa, re-appointed; J. W. Mitchell. Fayette, Mo., vice 17rid Schree, whose commission has expired. The (elections. Kkktdcky.?The result from this State so far, is seventeen whigs and three locofocos to the Assembly from thirteen counties, and two whigs to the Senate. Indiana?Returns from nine counties have elected ten locofocos and eight wl\igs. North Cahoi/na.?Last year the majority in joint ballot ?f the whigs was thirty-eight ; three in the Senate uud thirty-five in the House. At present the rote tor Henry, the democratic candidate tor < >overnor, is30U over Morehead. Iutlie Legislature the locofoao? have gained nine in eight counties. Alabama.?Mobile and Perry counties have returned whigs. Naval.?The U.S. brig Soniers arrived at this port last evening,from a cruise, and last from Porto Rico. At Porto Rico the natives are in daily expectation of a hurricane, nnd all the government crnizers were moored safely in a neighboring creek, with their masts out. The following is a list of the officers on board the Somcrs:?Alexander Slidell Mackenzie, Commander; Guert Gansevoort, Lieutenant; M.C. Perry, Acting Master; II. M. Heiskill, Purser; Richard W. Lt-ccock, Passed Assistant Surgeon; N. C. Stoughton, Teacher; J. M. Wainwright, Midshipman; Charles W. Hays, Midshipman ; Adrian IVslonde, Acting Midshipman; Oliver II. Perry, Commander's Clerk ; .Tames \V. Wale?, Purser's Clerk. The United States.' ship Falmouth, Commander Mcintosh, arrived at Pensacola on the 28th ult.? .She sailed from Norfolk 18th June and arrived at St. Thomas 1st July, left on the 4th of July, and arrived at Laguyra on th? 9th ; left on the lltli and arrived at Puerto Cubello on the 12th, departed the same day, arrived at Curacoa on the 13th; left on the 13th, arrived at Santa Martha on the 16th nnd left the same day for Pensacola. Immigrants.?aDoui emigrants have arrived in Canada and the United States this season f rom Kurope. {Ky- LIFE AND TIMES OF LOUIS PHILIPPE?A worn having a narrative intere?t of the most captivating character, has just appeared in the shape of three extra numbers of the New \N orld. It is very attractive in form as well as matter, for Portraits not only of the King of the French, but of the late lamented Duke of Orleans and the Duchess, appear in its columns. This, we understand, is an authentic memoir of I.ouis Philippe, written in a style both simple and elegant. It relates the man) interesting ail vent tires of the constitutional monarch in a'mannerthat is worth) of the subject. The price of this volume is onl) .3 cents. For sale at 30 Ann street?Srw York F.rpress. (67- rtRAND SPORT ANTICIPATED ON THF. FISHING BANKS?To-morrow (Friday) morning, the jiuptilar steamboat Superior leaves on her regular Excursion. A good opportunity for families and others who are desirous of spending a pleasant day. &/-KOR THE SUM OF ONF, DOLLAR, Medical ad vice and medicine are furnished by the College of Medicine and Pharmacy. The high character of the Consulting ph) sieian oi the College, affords the surest guarantee oi the efficacy ol his prescriptions. Latters for n tvicc, containing one dollar, and post paid, duly attended to. W. H. RICHARDSON, Agent. Olfice, 97 Nassnn street. (67-I SAY TO ALL. THE HUMAN HAIR CAN be restored, if proper and scientific remedies are used. If proofs are shown you cannot doubt ifjyon are a reasonable person, because ) ou have been cheated by i|uacks. Why would vou throw aside a physicians remedy f Now we do really believe, that certain chemicals will 'if properly prepared) make the hair grow in any part where nature " mi- iic'i.i. h iom what a celebrated chemist in this city tolls u?, wi-believe Jone's OH Coral (ircaasia will forco hair to grow, ami consequently stay it falling out by strengthening the root*- Ita properties also aru to make light, rej, or gray hair, grow naturally daik Irom the root*, and cure 'curl or dandruff. Of thia, Mr. Jones will shoa von proof* in the sha|>e of certificate* and diploma* from diffen cnt persons, and scientific societies. At the sign of the American Eagle,81 Chatham street, New York ; 8 State street, Boston ; S7 Dock street, Philadelphia. The price is quite reasonable indeed, cheap in order that rich and |>oor may te?t it. (SJ- THE PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIXTURE of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy is daily effecting remarkable cures of a distressing class of maladies the r?sultwf vicious indulgences or improper treatment. This is a newly discovered remedy and is rapidly gaining the highest approbation ol the medical profession. W. A. RICHARDSON, Agent. Principal office ollhe College of Medicine and Pharmacy 97 Nassau street. Otf-TWE PILES AND ALL HOREft?Hay's Liniment is known now to thousands, ts a most extraordinary remedy for these afflictions. I' is impossible to tell in a newspap. i in such a mannri is ti obtain full en lenoc. the effects nnd benefits of this article, so general is the practice ol a l\etUsers of cNtolling articles of no merit. Such personal relervnco* will lie given, as to bring conviction to tbe mimlsof the most nnle-lieving. Will (sufferers only ask among their frirlnl*, il tliey have not hearilof or known if cfleets, nnd if they do net hear it more nnrmly praised than any other salve, let them not get it. All fancy or exaggeration is positively excln-iol imrn these statements, am! it is determined to say novhiiigofIts meritl, but what could be fully proved by a host of witin .\ in any court ol justice Will you look at the thing and the proo'a at 71 Maiden Lana, where g may bo had. {&- NO LAMil AOK BUT THE LANGUAGE OK THE HEART.?<is sis:?I have lor the la?t fourteen \ ears been atdicte*! with sickness. My symptom* were ?liortn**ssof breath and a distressing cough, lightness of the chest. low of appetite. I'll) siciaus pronounced it decided consumption. and said they coulil not do an) thing to relirv e mr. I audi* useof various remedies, all to no effect, and found no relief until I used your invaluable Yoitr't respectfully, Pease's Iloarhound Candy. You can make any use you please of this certificate. NANCY AI'PI.EBY, III Elm st. To Messrs. Pease & Snv, 45 Division St. Gs.xrs?I hnvebeun troubled with a severe cough.accompanied with a pain in the chest, for eighteen months, which pain w as first occasioned hy having caught cold, but after using a small quantity of your Extruct of Hoarhound Candy. I found immediate relief, and choerfullv recommend it to those similarly afflicted. 1 have also used It in my family with good success, and consider it an article no lumily should be w ithout. W. P1UDIIAM, 481 Division st. To Mescrs. I'kasi: ?t So*, 45 Division st. Sol 1 at III Avtor House, 110 Broadway, and 86 William street; Kiersted, Sti'.i Broadway, Hays, 139 Kulton street, Brooklyn, and Handle)', 15 High street,do. Ct?- THE FRENCH ANTIPHLOGISTIC MIXTURE of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy is meeting the most unprecedented sale. And this is not strange wlicu it . . considered it effects a speedy and effectual cure ul unpleasant discharges. Let all thus affected try it immediately, and avoid the impositions ami extortions of ignorant quacks. W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent. inncipai uincc 01 ine uonege : ( ;xni??u iura. no- A 8ION OK THE TIMES MAY DE SEEN AT Dll. SHERMAN'S, 106 NASSAU STREET?While every body else i?crying htril times, we should think the Doctor knew but Utile of them. Every body takes his Lozenges, and they cure so quick that it is rather a pleasure to be dosed. Just look in at his warehouse and see a sign, executed by Ackerman Si Miller, a little ahead of every thing of the kind, and if you have a headache or diarrhoea, get a box of Lozenges, and they will cure you in a few minutes. &7-GIN AND BITTERS, AND BRANDY AND SARsaparilla Syrup are the " tonics'' ottered by the nostrum venders, hut the public are awaking to a sense of the danger of such pernicious preparations. The fact that habits of the grossest intemperance, and even that horrible m lady delirium tremeus, has been produced by them, is enough to sweep away those poisoned compounds. The "Tonic Mixture ' of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy i6 no spiritous stimulant, but a scientific com|iound of the most potent restoratives. Sold in $1 bottles. W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent. Office 97 Nassau street, N. Y. (ft?- THEFKJEE MERMAID?A committee ofscientific gentlemen yesterday examined the mermaid brought to this country by Mr. Griffin, and now exhibiting at Concert Hal), No. 404 Broadway, and reported that notwithstanding they had hitherto regarded the existence of this animal as fabulous, and as an anatomical impossibility, they were now convinced to the contrary, and could plainly discover that the formation and anatomical construction of this creature would allow its being under water a great length of time, but that it evidently remained, for the most part, with its head out of water. Nearly two thousand persons visited the mermaid yesterday and last evening, Hiid the crowd dailv increases, from the fact that it will positively not be exhibited after Saturday ol this week. No person should for a moment delay viewing this curious monster oftlie mighty deep. ft?- AMERICAN MUSEUM?Notwithstanding the dullness of the times lias closed most of the places of amusement in the city, this establishment is going ahead with the speed of a locomotive. The place is crowded day and night, and the endless variety of entertainments and attractions offered here by the indefatigable Barnum, delight the visitors beyond measure. For a list of attractions, soe the advertisement. Tho Model of Dublin will positively close after this week. (JQ^VAUXHALL GARDEN.?This Garden is now in the lull tide of success; the maaagcr does not stop at any expense in presenting talent of the very first order to his patrons, w. II. Williams, known better as Billy Wilf i n m a j n l.,^.,tl,..r ...Ul. I.i. ,.1.1 (V;,-! ?...! ??11. ?-i*~?* ** *" V*"-"S,"C J. S. Browne, in their best characters to-night, ihe whole talent of thccompany, with such stars as Browne and Williams for '25 cents, is a treat not to l>emet with at any other establishment. The Vauxhall Garden may now he'ranked as the only vaudeville concern in the* city. The manager presents stronger casts of characters, better bills, and at a less price than ever before was known; success must and will attend his enterprise. (0J- CHATHAM THEATRE.?The n?w decorations are nearly completed, aad when finished, will present a coup fid at once novel and imposing. The designs are strictly National, and with tho American manager, Amelican actors, and dramas from popular native dramatists, this theatre is destined to maintain its extraordinary popularity. Marine Pavilion. Hoc a a way, 3d August, 18-IJ. (S7- FAMILIES CAN OBTAIN PLEASANT ROOMS at this dclglitful watering place, by addressing the subscriber at McCoun & Clark's, S3 Wall street. u3 lot HIRAM CRANSTON. U. S. Ship North Cakolixa, ) July Jo, 184J. S {&?-THE NAVAL GENERAL COURT MARTIAL, now in session oo board (his ship, hereby order all the witnesses in the cases to be investigated, and the accused, to lie punctual in their attendance, daily, at 10 o'clockSunday's exrapted. A boat will be in waiting at the Battery bridged half past 9 A. M. daily. CH. II. WINDER, Judge Advocate. Herald Bulletin of News, The Herald Bulletin of News is kept at the north-wcet . orner of Kulton and Nassau streets. On the arrival of the morning mails, at eight o'clock, A. M.?and also of the evening mails, at fouro'clock, P. M., the latest intelligence from all parts of the world, may be found on tho Herald r.uuevui noara, at tnis corner. Let every wayfarer ftop and read. Advertisements of all kinds taken at the office. Hernltl General Printing Office. Tlte General Printing Office, capable of doing all sorts jf printing,such as books, pamphlets, bills, cards of all descriptions, is now open attne Herald Buildings, entrance from Nassau street?Joseph Elliott, Printer. The Sew York Lancet. (fcrJ- A few copies of the first volume of this work, handsomely bound, may now bo had at the publication office.?rrice fid. City Despatch Post, 48 Wh.i.iam Strict. PeincipaL Orricr. Letters deposited before half-past 9, half-past Id, and half past 3 o'clock, tvill be sent out for delivery at 9, 1, and 4 o'clock. Branch Orriccs.?Letters deposited before 7, II, and 2 o'clock, will be sent out (or delivery at 9, 1, and 4 o'clock. ALEX. M. OltEIG, Agent MONKY MARKET. Wednesday, Ang, 10?(I P. M. We annex to-day the opinion of James (J. King, Esq. one of the referees in the caac of Little & Co. and Boorman, Johnston A Co. The opinion of Mr. King is very clear, and does him much credit. When he was appointed a leferee we did not augur well from it; but in this case he has shown himself the advocate of strict commercial integrity and Ihe supporter ol commercial honor. The correspondence will speak for itself:? Nr.w Yobk, Aug. 9, 194d. James G. King, Esq. : Dear Sir: We have received from G. Newbold and Daniel Lord. Ksqs., arbitrators^ the rase between ourselves and Boorman, Johnston k Co. ol which you were one, their written opinion on the same, in which they say " Mr. James O. King does not concur with us in opinion.'' Such being tho case, if it is agreeable to you, you will oblige, by giving u* your wi itten opinion for dissenting,as soon as it may suit your convenience. Yours, respectfully, JACOB LITTLE k CO. ^ Statement and Opinion. Aiaani*. nourmm, jonmion k Co. made contract# for Mock with Messrs. Jacob Little fc Co. member! of the Board of Brokers, ami employed ai Mr agents another of iti member!, at a regular meeting of the Board, when the bargain! were duly recorded, according to usage, in its lawks, and conformably to its rules, they gave n formal guarantee in writing of the brokers' acta. These contract! were void at law, and whenever subjected to that they mint have been annulled, but as their validity, up to a certain period, ii admitted and claimed by the parties, respectively, the mere law of the case cannot lie considered as having been submitted to the referees ; end some other sanction for these contracts, must haT? been relied upon by the parties. Vnder the circumstances of the case that other \avclion, can alone be ionnd in the rules of the Board of Brokers? which must therefore be considered as having been adopted by mutual consent as applicable to the contracts wheu made. Afterwards, and upon the happening of a contingency which could not have lieen foreseen, which arose from no fault of either",party? butwhich barred for a long | oriod the regular execution of the contracts, the parties on one side claim to be discharged from their engagement* for ri aeonsfeunrleil in law, and not relating in any manner to the rules of the Board of Brokers. My opinion hi? 1 ?That reatont of law cannot be allowed to govern n?w?for at no time before were they applied to the case by either party?-but 011 the contrary,they must be considered ?s having, by mutual agreement, been excluded?otherwise the contracts being agairut law would at any moment have fallen to the ground. . - -That the case, with this opinion, shonld he remanded jor final adjudication to the Board of Brokers, whose member* made, and whose rule* alone gave existenee,sustained, and hare already by both parties been applied, to those contracts?and 1 1 3?That such final adjudication, when made, should stand as the award of the refsreea. v . ? . . . JAMES O. KINO. New Vork, ti August, 1H41. A very moderate amount of business w as done at the Stock Board to-day. Farmera' Loan fell Delaware it Hudson rose j. We yesterday mentioned the talcs at auction of some Mate stocks, by order of the Comptroller. They were on aecount of the New York Hanking Co. one of the free Banks, to ritleem tli? bills outstanding, amounting to *11,310. The results were as follows :? Price. Realiitil. * in.noo Illinois ft percent, l^TO, HI 1,1.00 10,00ft " " ? i;j |,7M 6,000 Michigan 0 per cent. ? 17 1,090 Total realized, 4,370 00 Expense of sale, 30 01 Net realized, *4,330 i_ Hills id luiuda of Peoplus Bunk of I'uin son, N. J., 10,BOO IlilU in .Yew York Bunking Co. unjoined, 1,000 Bills afloat. 340 Total bilU, $ 11,3 to This gives an average value to the hill* of 34 -H per cent. Thu Veto of tho President has been rcoeived on the tariff bill, hut its effect* have been anticipated. Indeed the operations in atiK'ks have been very small for investment. The rates are as follows :? Pbicks or Leadiku Stocks it tiie New Yoke Manner Hrdtrmytatr. able. slug. 30.1 SI I July lit. .'linj.10. United States, l,1, 1DII Hal alliO1, M a 91 96 * f,8 6 IK3 ? OOlsalOO 98 *100 New York, 7 1818 ? I00',a ?WO.Via Mil, New York Slate, 6 I860 100 alOOta ?>?a ? !I9>?> 90 " " its ? 91 ^S at 83 a 82>s " " i 1845 9.7 a 95 '* a 91 90 a 91 " " " i 11116 93 * 95 !mi a 91 87 a 90 i 1*17 97 a 95 '*1 a 91 87 a 90 " " 5 1*50 91 a 93 8l'.ia 85 87 a 90 5 1*V, or, a 87 lll'aa 85 *0 a 83 " i 1858 *6 a H6'u 81'4a 85 80V?x 80 ^s 4>i 1819 75 a 77 78 a 82 75 a 83 " City 5 fire lll>4a 85l, ?a ? 5 Water ?ltia 85>i 91 a 88 82 a 87 " 7 1857 ? a ? 105 ?I0? 101 al?6 " 1 . " b'ds6 I year ? ainn 99tfja 1*0 ? a ? Brooklyn City, 6 30 vrs loo al(V5 95 a ?? 85 a 90 Pennsylvania, 5 ? 79 aWl ? a 13 36 a 10 Ohio, 6 18.50 91 a 95 ? a 113 TO a 80 f? IM.S4L *U ? ??. ?a .. m Til a 74 " li IK5.I 91 a 95 7<j a 81 70 * 75 6 luifl 01 a 96 ? a 111 70 a 75 " 5 1850 81 Sia 85 G3S a /HI 60 a 85 Kentucky, ? ? 81 a 85 ? aHI'i 75 a 76 6 b\l? l'a ? a ? JO a 50 ? a Alabama, dollar, 5 1865 ? a? ? a 58 50 a 60 A rkannaa, 6 25 yr? 59 a 67 III a 50 Indiana sterling, ? 56 a 57 23 U.1 V 20 a 21 . ' dollar, 5 ? 55 a 55'4' 23l,a23?i 20M? 22 lllinoia, sterling, 6 I860 ? a ? ? a ? " doll, bit loan, 6 1860 56 a 56>? 20 a20,H ? a ? "0e<-rliug 6 1870 ? a ? ? a ? " dollar, 6 1870 55 a 55V 2ft 5* a 21 17 a 17,S Drl & Hud. bonds 6 4 >ra, 108 al08V 90 a 93 ? a ? B*k ofrontj. N.V. ? a 98 87 a H8 77>ia 78 N.Y.L. k Trust Co, 150 al60 110 a 150 125 aMO By the last packet for Europe we sketched forth those indications ia the market which we conceive to point to" wards that steady improvement in the business of the country which we have long considered as the inevitable result of the successful industry of 19,000,000 of people who, struggling through the enormous wreck of paper credits and insolvent banks, have discharged their com. mercial debts at home and abroad, and are now beginning to accumulate profits by the sale of actual surplus cropsAt this season last year foreign bills were above par, and every packet carried out a sum in specie, which swelled with each succeeding vessel, until it accumulated to near $ 1,006,000 in November. At that time the banks came forward, and by supplying the market checked the drain.? The new crop then coming forward, discharged the remaining balance due Rurope, and exchanges gradually, fell. The debts due abroad by the sea lioard being discharged the same process of liquidation continued between the interior and the Atlantic cities. The conse. quence was, that specie in the New York Banks accumu lilted from 1 to $3,000,000 in November,to $7,000,oooinJnly This large sum of $.1,000,000 all camo from t he interiorThey paid every thing and purchased nothing^ therefore, although specie accumulated in the hanks, foreign hills continued to fall. The commercial balance due from the interior to the atlantic cities is now settled in the same way that the foreign indebtedness of those citi cs were paid last November. The consequence is that the s.pecie is now flowing back to the interior in the purchase of that produce Ht low prices, which, going to Europe, will restore to the hanks the specie they lost last year. The purchases of foreign bills arc even now made by the institutions for that purpose, and rastes arc ns follows. The amount done has been fair, but the supply is not large, consequently the rates closed very firm. Hates of Forekim Bili.s is New Yoak. June 15. July I. hie. 10. London, 7 7 a 6k a f>% nij a 7 France, 5 37>f a 40 5 37 V 5 38 5 37Ka6 4SW 5 37)5 a? Amslrid, 39 a 39'* 3flV 39 3n V 39 3R* s3B"i Hamburg, 33 * 3o 3tV 33 3lV 35 3I\ s3'? Bremen, 75V 7# 75V 755t? 73V 70 75 ?75ii This operation of trade is much facilitrited by the progress of specie payments, all business west, south-west and west being mostly conducto if in paper, on thu specie value of that paper, the specie principle having obtained a-'cendcncy. The following is the stateof the banks west, south, andsouth-wait Michigan, There are only 3 banks these paying specieOhio, " " 99 Indiana, " is 1 and ."> branches " Illinois, " are 3 banks bk'n and bills at 60 per cent dis. Tennessee, " " 4 " these paying specie. Kentucky, " " 3 " " " Missouri. is i paying specie. Virginia, " are fi " to res'me 15 inst.bills 3 per cent di?. Alabama, " " 7 " insolv't, bills 05 per cent (lis. Louisiana, " is 1 " pays specie,11 insolvent, 10 to 70 pr ct dis. Arkansas, " are i " insolv't, bills 73 dis, Mississippi, " " H " " " lJa55dJi| At all these places thero is more or less depreciated paper afloat, and thero are two prices for all commodities, one for a|>ecie and tha other for paper. For instance, at Mobile Kcntacky bagging is 1 i cents for specie and -Jfi for bank bills. Bale rope is H cents for specie and 11 for bank bills. In such a state of is of course inevitable that the depreciated paper will soon be purged from the market. At the specie rates produce is lower than purha]>sever before. The following is a table of rates of certain articles at Mobile, New Orleans, Cincinnati, and New York. The Mobile rates are for paper :? .higutt I. Mnhilr. KOrl'nt. Cinn. Work Kentucky bawring, pr yd SO *21 12 al3 ? lj al7 " Ro|w per lb., 9 alOSf 5 a 73< ? ? Bacon sides per lb., 5 il.'i ? a 3}? 2 a2,'a ? " shoulders, pr lb 1 a? 2Wa 1 aljJ ? Pork, mess, per bbl, in all 6%a 7 5 ai.ii) 8 a9AO Midnisrs, per gallon, 21 a28 II all ? 16 a20 N. O. Sugar, |>er lb, 6 a R 2'4* 5 ? 3 a i l.ard, |>erlb, 10 al2 0 a 1 a i 61 ?a 7 tVesn-rn.siip tlour, i> bill 8 Si a 9 I al.25 2.75*2.87 5.50a? Whiskey, per gallon, 25 .i27 15la?tn ? al3 2n all Cotton?Oood fair. none 10ts*lI ? 5 a 9 Fair. none 9)iaW ? ? Middling fair, lOUa? 8'aa Rij ? ? Middling, flltat0 b'.ja 7 ? ? Ordinary, 7>?a S^i 5 a t; ? ? Bills na F.nglatid. 60 ds. 52 .i50 2 a 3 pr ? r, a "X France, 60 ds. 3.51) f5.50 ? 5.42 N. Fork,60 ds. 50 a5l 0 a 7 dis. ? ? Sight. 58 3 a 4 " 4 dis. ? New Orleans, sight 60 afil ? ? Hfdis. Specie, tk) atit par. par. par. This table gives but miserably low prices it is true, but it must be remembered that alter prices, have gone unnaturally high under the operation of paper credits, they always fall unnaturally low during the transition,until the country recovers the specie which was driven out by the paper circulation. Snlcn at the Stock Rxchingc. t',000 N York 7's, IR40 !00>, ill ilo do bGO II', 3,000 N York G's, 18G2 90 100 do do llV 1,000 N York 5k. 188I 13 100 L Island RR trfkl 19tl 680 S Y City 7 a. 1052 100k 100 do do I ok 25 siias Url & At 25 Monington II R 10 50 do do s3fl 81 111 do do 16V 50 Farmers' Trust IG'i 35 do do s3 ll'a 7 Bk Kentucky 10 25 do do 1>90 17,'s .5 Utiei & S.diencc'y 112 25 do do 16k 50 Mohawk R R 37k 50 do do bflO 18 50 Harlem R R II.1, Seconal Board. $2.BOO Stale 7'a, 1818 look 50 do do s3 117; 100 slias L Island R R liGO 50 50 do do It'; 10 Mohnwk R R b6fl 3.1 .50 do do ||C 25 do do 37 V 25 do do I if? 11II Harlem RR 1)30 Ilk ill do do slO II '4 50 do do 1 Ik State of Trade. Tint principal transaction to-day was a sale of Teas, which with a good attendance was mostly withdrawn. The results were as follows :? Terms?Notes at six months, payable in this city, to he made satisfactory to sellers. Hrso*. cli. elt. 83 chests 81 29 do 59} 15 do 67 J '21 do fit <)3 do fid 28 do 46 1.5 do 61} 50 do 48 14 do 60 50 do 42 Youiso Hvsow. 40 hf chests 73} 1.70 do 51 42 do 73 AO do 10 10 do 07} 18 do 46} 15 do 67 2fi do 43 27 do 62} 10 do 42} 23 do 60 15 do 42 10 do 50} 10 do 41 53 do 58} 121 do 10} 15 do AS 29 do St 19 chests 10 14 chests 57 50 do 20 10 do 56 14 do 10 20 do k 38 hi do 51} 40 do 12lh boxes .>7} 81) hf chest* .531 1370 hf chests withdrawn 12 do 5-i} 500 131b boxes wlthd'n Hyson Bans. 12 chests 46 10 do 12 16 do 39 423 do withdrawn 74 do 37} (R'xrowtint. 137 liib boxes 40 Isir at 1.. 15 hf chests 63} 16 13lb boxes 42} 100 nib botes 51 '..JO do withdrawn 50 do 62} 8oi mom). I* chests AS 212 do 29 10 hf chests 30 33 do withdrawn lit no Mt'r.v. 157 hf chests 24 Cassis, 2100 mats 20 A?hes? 200 barrels Tnls at 5.50. and perhaps .50 barrels Pearls at 5.76 have been readily dispose ! of at the same rates, at w hich the) closed firmly. Psnvmont.?The anlet hare not Wn large, but there i a fair demand for Pork at >8 for Mess, and >5, 37} a $5,0 b.r Prime, city inspection ; Lower County i< Ik hi "at j.0,50 lor Mesa, and $6,50 for Prime. Mesa Benfis steaily at $7,40, * F*, and Prime at >3. Lard, Hams, fcc, arc in good demand. Rick. There is some export inquiry for prime, hill there is none of this description on toe market at present, t oilee?There has been an Increased uwui?v.K?i umm are without change. Sale* 1 tmn? bugs Brusil, lo go out ol the market, at 7 ufl) c?it>. (am Marcaibo, supposed alaiut 8; ?!? I.agnay ra part prim<-, to arrive coastwise, Hj.a'ij. itX) Cuba Sa!'; lOtt Sumatra, 8; 71 I'orto llico, Wj ; J40 Java II a 111. all on tin-usual time . ami 2,S common to prime St. Domingo 0) a 7} cents, cu?h. Molasses?Sales of idO lihds Mutanzas, in lota at 14) a 10 conta ; ami a small lot I'orto llico, 17, 4 mm. By auction 147 hhils Neuvitus sold at 10) u -M cents, I mo*. Naval atorea?Sales of & a 000 barrels North County Turpentine, lor export, at $ }.&> ; and 4 a 6<K) North Comity Tar, f 1.43, both cash. Cotton Trade. The extent and condition ol the crop is as usual at this season a matter of interest. Thus lar the accounts from all suctions are of the most favorable character. At New Orleans n bale of new crop has been received, valued at l .'Jcts. Ill Alabama the crop premises thus far to be lietter thau ever. It may be here remarked that there is less complaint than usual at this season, and that the accounts gelid ally may be hotter depended upon. This grows out of tlie fact that prices are exceedingly low for cash, and will lie governed by the demand. There is very little* speculation in the article; all the old speculating bank pa|ier machines are broken down; there is no holding of cotton for better prices, consequently we hear nothing of the usual countless rumours put ailout on one hand to influence holders, in order that speculators may buy cheap; nor on the othvr hand of wet or draught, or worms, or the other numerous reasons lor a short crop, to induce speculators to pay high. Ail the business is to tie done lorcash, and the effective demand, cash in hand, goverm il by the actual supply, will regulate prices in spito of all the rumnr! inthi* uffirlil. T!>< ntuxr, ill K4...11? 1? ? because peeple have discovered the necessity of industry, and thsre ha* occurred nothing to draw operatives off the main business of the country m developing its agrictiltural resources. Tho actuol transactions in Cotton are now very limited, scarcely sufficient to establish regular <|tiotations. At New Orleans the operations were mostly on French account, with a cargo of 1700 bales consigned to Liverpool on factors account. Receipts, Stocks Kiroms or Cottoi* from tiie U. btatis. 11141. 1812. Increase. Decrease Receipts, 1,617,343 1,667,134 19,791 ? F.sports to G. B. 638,009 935.063 H7,05i ? France, 333,723 3110,227 65,504 ? "ether count's ?? 160 117,449 18,209 ? Stocks, 107,296 55.593 ? 51,705 Corn Trade. We never knew the trade in Breadstuff's so dull as at present. It seems as if Flour and (irain were to be had ior

the gathering thereof. No business ot consequence is doing in this nor in any other market, Wo may look upon the prices, therefore, as merely nominal every where. We will give them, however, (or the benefit of whom they may concern Thices of BllKADSTt'ffs Market*. Hkls. Flour. liu. Il'/ieaf. Bu. Corn. New York, Aug. 10. $4.50 $1,10a 1.34 54a60 Alexandria, Aug. h, 5.50 1.00 a 1.OH 55 a 60 Oeorgetow n,Awg. 8, 5.50 1.10 a 1.15 ?a? Baltimore, Aug. s, 4.37 l.OOal.lH A3 a 55 Cleaveland, Aug. 5, ? HO a 80 ?a? Boston, Aug. 6, 6.00 ?a? 47 a 58 Charleston, Aug. 6, S.a7 ?a? ? a 58 Zanesville, July 31, 4.00 60 a ? a ? These are on the decline. In this city, since the sailing of the British Queen, llour has fallen oil from three to four shillings. In the other markets there has also been a decline. H is to be expected that flour and grain will run dow n to n very low point. There must be almost a daily decline for the remainder of the season, and it is impossible to predict the average price on the first of next vear. Appearances show that the crops in America, and in the greater part of F.urope, of wheat, cotton, corn, fruits, rye, and oats, will be a full ave-sge, and even more than an average in America. What the result of this w ill be, must be plain to every one. It is needless thcrelore to predict? to an ticipatc tho price. v State of the Manufacture*. It appears I ruin all our accounts that manufactures in this country were never in abetter condition than at this moment. This may ap]>ear paradoxical, hut it is true, nevertheless. Every thing relating to them is in a healthy state, and the tendency is decidedly on the improvement Materials of all sorts and wages are low, and goods can be turned off never so cheaply. Most of the cry of distress which has hern ringing through the nation was manufactured lor the purpose of operating in favor of a high tarilt, and may therefore he considered moonshine. As trade has twgu'11 to improve by the actual wants of the consumers, who have nearly worn out all their old supplies, we may anticipate a good and healthy business this (all and next spring. We now start afresh. Married. On the evening of the 9th instant,by the Rev. 8. U. Cone Mr.CH.inti R. Kiisn, son of hit Excellency Samuel W. King, of Rhode Island, to Miss I'iliiti A. P*tti?, daughter of James M. Pettis, Esq., both of Johnston, R. I. Died. On the morniog of the 10th instant, Mr. Elizabeth Phillips, wife of Mr. John Barr, aged 33 years. The friends and acquaintances of the family are respectfully incited to attend her funeral, this afternoon at 4 o'clock, from her late residence No. \!4$ Eldridgc street, without fnvitation. Ontlie 10th instant, after a short hut severe illness, Elizabeth, wife of Peter Mclntyre, in the 57th s ear ol her age. The relatives and friends of the family are invited to attend the funeral, this (Thursday) morning, at 10 o'clock, from her late residence 05 Barclay street. On the loth instant, Harriet Olivia, infant daughter of Harriet and Edw ard It. Pvo. aired H weeks and -3 d*\ i Th? funeral will take place this (Thursday) afternoon, at 6 o'clock, from No. 40 Burtau street. Passengers Arrived. Lojiiion?Packet ship Montreal?J Roberta Dunn and aervant, Miaaea M A Dunn, Charlotte D Dunn, John Day, I) Hairs of Canada; Joa Limit rand lady, Brooklyn; Rev Mr Brerkeuridge, lady and child, New York; Cap! F I)e Baton fez, Brilieh Array; Misses L Cortliiurley. M Cotdingley, E Coruiugler, Th>n Mutonc ami lady, r'reilk L llillcr, England; R Howe. H Nelmes and lady, Philadelphia?'76 in steerage. Palermo?Brig Napoleon?Mr Sartora. Pnaaenjjer* Mailed. Liverpool?Packet ship ludepcndettei?Rev D Pise, NewYork; Miss Pollock, Scotland; O S Driabury, and R (1 (Jeir.Mlrll. foreign Importations. Losdos?Shin Montreal?91 pkgs G B More wood tk co?16 R Ketllewell?12 E F Siudersoii?15 Jasiti & Gnddard?fi Henry Jesanp?5 Huntington Ik co?12 Wm Vys??50 O Mevei 4; son ?*0 pigs type metal J Horsey?It pkgs Mawson Itrotle r?3 C Gunther?1 J D 1-3 Wiley A Putnam?t (J S Snven A co?3 (i C Thorbnrn?2 Wilson A Brown?2 I) Appletan A ro? 2 Habersham A Jones?T? Post A Main?2 C Richards, Itissett A Wiyhf, Stnrges A Shaw?in AtUios, Petiie A co?3D Dodge, Cumiiung A CO?I C S Chamberlain?I P Gordon? I F W Schmidt A CO?I Settles A Grant ?I Baitlett A Welford? I T Brown?I Wm Turrill?I Bail I y A Ward. Palermo?is.irc Napoleon?150 hales rags 589 has lemons 3.15 do orat.g* s Fitch A co?1 boa Missionary of Greece?1157 bays linseed lit bales rays to or,It' r, Cadiz?Brig Stlsbre?70 bales co.ks T Stalker?hi do J P Lecar.t?P.t casks wine II Ilezaldo?30 lasts salt G A Brad brook? 130 t|r cks wiue 20 l.luls oil te onler. Jonos, PR?Brig Win Piirriuffton?75 eask* molasses 20 l.luls sugar Aytnar A co?26 Peter Harmony A co?15 do Meyer A Stnckeu. MARITIME HERALD. To Ship Bloat era. We shall esteem it a favor, if captains of vessels arriving here, will give to Commodore W. A. Bassctt, of our news fleet, a rejiorl of the shipping left -t 'lie port v* Iore they sailed, 'he vessels spoken on their passage, a list of their canro, and any foreign inwspapets they may have. Commodore Bassett wifl board them immediately on tnrir arrival. We will reciprocate the favor in auv way. To Correspondents Abroad. Our correspondents in foreign |>orts are respectfully resjnetted to send bv every veaael all the marine intelligence they can obtain. Nanticaf information of any kind, frotn any oue retiding at home or abroad, will be thankfully received. POUT OK \ K \V YORK. AfUfhT 11, ISf2. sua risks 5 61 asooi* sirs 9 35 St'!* SETS 7 51 I Hlt.H WATKS 12 0 Cleared. Steam ship Great Western, (Br) lloskcn, Liverpool, It Irwin.?Ships Oiston, F.ldridge. New Orleans, E K Collins A Co; Richmond, Cheyney, Charleston, John T Eatish.?Barks Zephyr, (Belgian) Witlrvcn, Antwerp, E A T Poppe; Hudson, (Bremen) Hohorst, Bremen, do do.?Brigs Soleil U'Austerlitr (KrencIt) l.s Marchaud, Borthatis, E II Lacomliei George M Bottle, Mam., Twillvt.gah , N'K. HilTkiti, Ironsides A Co; New Castle, Adam*. Bangor, Brett A Vose; ( latino, I'ettingill, St Marys, < it. Badger A Peck.?Scbrs Alaric, Win eler, \Vtimington, NC; Ariel (Br) Dunscoinh, Liverpool, Ns. W M Godet; A M Hale, chase, Boston; Oscar, Baker, do; Woleott. Ryder, do. Arrived. Pack' t ship Montreal. Tinker, from London and Portsmouth, July 2, with mdse, to John (nuitolil. 21th nil. lat II, Ion 17, saw several large iceberg. British fark Jane, Taylor, from Newcastle, ?is Halifax 1 di)>, willi rods-, to On'. D More wood It C.< Left at H. brig Cyrus, from Bordeaux for N York, 2 da, U. fa. brie Homers, Lieut. Comdg. Rlidell MacKenzie. from a cru-ae sun last from Porto liieo, duly 31. Ollircrs ami crew all well. L-IImi C ndnr,of and lor New York, Aug J; hwgi Oenl Piiirkn'y.of ami for Baltimore, lOtli; Water Witch, do, litili Mohican, of NYork. lor Plulatlrli hia, Iflth; Gardner H. Wright, for do, do; Isabella, for Mavagnez, in 10 days; Delaware, for Arecibo, Ifttli, to load for Phil idelphia. Brig Napoleon, Cheeseborough, (of Haitimon ) M ilava from Palermo, witbfrun, Ac-, to master. Loll ship Courier, Duggan, for NYork, H da. !.'ark B> aver was at Messina June jr. June II, lat 3-1 10, Ion 3140, s|Kike ship Venice, from ( adir. for Torts mouth; mme !ime, saw ship Hochi iter, do for do. Brig \Vm. Pnrrington, Higgiiu,2(l days from Jolios, PH. with sugar, to order. Cell no Teasels in port. Brig Magnolia, for Portland. sai!?d 2 days before. Brig Silihae, Boehuer, III days from Cadi/, with salt, to (J. A. Ht.idbrook. Jib inst. lat T>, Ion 71, *|K>ke while sli p Ilaunibui, Iroin Maghsrbor. On Sunday night last, saw the Belgian steam ship British (dm n, hence for Antwerp?lat 10, ton 72. Brig Appliia, Rweetzcr, 1 days from Norfolk, with wood, to mister?2.'i passengers. Hehr Mary Jane, Brooks. H days Irom Washington, NC. with naval allies, to Mitchell IkCo. Hclir Thaddeiis, Willis, 6 days from Baltimore, with Siurgoa Si Cleartnan. . . , Hehr Caroline, Treadwell, 1 days from Norfolk, wi,h mdse, to Blitrges Ik Clearmau?II iMisseugers. Bchr .losenhina, Knhniser., 0 days from Hii hmond, with J. Hunter. , . Hehr Boston, Bradley, J days from Virginia, with wood, to mtfefir Danl Webster, Lawrence, I days from II appaliatiiuiik. The I). W. has th' sails, rigging, kc. of the sehr h men. Tryon, hence, bound to Virginia, which was exst awai on Cliluco1 ih'hr'Ann Lliza, Homers, 1 days from Riehm ml, with coal, '"tlchr Paragon, Cherry, 3 days from Philadelphia, wilh coal, to m?Mir S iml McDowell, Hkrins, from Philade||.liia, with coal, to masti tieiicrtal Recnril, PscgrT siiir Tonovro, for London, will -ail to-<lay ai l? o'clock. Th-left, r b.y.ra,w ill h | ikon from Ollpin'r at It o'clock. WhkltMcn, A letter from the Hotlth Caiolina, of NB. reports her July 13. lat IN N, Ion 13 W, with .',0 bhls of sperm oil, 13 day? out?ill Well. Hailed (pirn Nantuckit 6th nut. Maty Mitchell, Outer Ho?ds, to complete fitting for Pacific. N ??- B? theL a.l\ Aifilutn?, of Londou. ? !! imvwuuh to April 7, Corinthian, Nil. 1900 bbb oil; SUtira, J N-wl WOO. By the Com Mortis,of Falmouth, previous to April 29, Martin. Num. too tp. B> the Hector, of NB. OlT Shore, in Feb. Lciingtou, Nmt. I2i>0 hbls. 4 July 7, lat 35, |||27, A-rouant, My stn i *p * hlift* Spoken* Emily, from New York for Charh stou, Aug I, lat 31 50 N, Ion 7'. 30 \V. Gentleman, fwia New York for River Gambia, Juno 10, lat 37. Ion 31 10. Mary Kingslaud, of N York, from NOrleans for llavrr, Jul? 17, lat 42 35, Ion y\. Rochester, frotn Cadiz for Bath, Aug C, about 4 mil-* ENK of Boon Island. ( .ahafine, from the Wr.-t Indi-s for Button, Aug 7, off t iny Head. Foreign Porta. Qifhcc, Aug I? Arr Bel in nt, Hoi* K< rr, and Countev* of London, Liverpool; Caroline, Ltitli; TagU*, ll.irth pool, Loiiisa, Porto Rico; .5th, Mariner, Waleiford; Gtli, Spiiuglml, Doing.?l. ( Icl n!i. Bl.'ii I. , i iidsgow; 5th, CoiifttitHiioii, i > < ! t ?.; , Greenock, Liverpool. Moitkeal, Aug 5?Arr Caroline, Lcith. Cld Cooloek, Li* veruool. Thinitt, Mart. July is? In port, John Croaby, fir Hampden. !5d?; Maria, of Elizabeth City. disg. St Helena, June IS? Bid Belvidere, (Irom Manilla, Mch If) foi DOltOD. Port Adelaide, New Holland, about April 12?Iii |H?rt, Orotiua, for Button, Id*. Manilla, March 17?In pott, Charlotte, from Boaton, arr 2d, only Amciuan. lulled State* Porta. 11 tIMOK, Al| ( lil ( nana, Fayal. Haluvul, Abi 9?An Patriot, and Edi Fnnkltn, Philadelphia. Bath, Aug 5?Arr Baltic, Tiinity, Mart. Chi ltli. Samuel, St Darts; 5th, Denmark, Martinico. Portland, Aug 7?Arr Delaware, Philadelphia. PortsMOI'th, Aug 8?The vessel* reported 4th remain iu harbor. Salem, Aug 8?Arr St Paul, Manilla. Bosi oi. Aug 9?Arr Catharine. Smyrna. Telegraphed, Oak. frn Rorhelle. Cld Token, Baltimore. Arr 8th, India, Prince of Wales Muni. Geo Henrv . Tranaiti: R ehuioiid. Palermo. Hoi.Met Hole, Ant t??Ait Susan, fioin Wilmington, NC. for Boston. KnoitTowt, Auk I?Arr Win Hrnry, from Iloinlout for Botiou. Newport, Aiik <>?Arr Hirli?r<l Rush, Philadelphia; Naisoy, <lo for Manchester?Mill nil. in a Hair, lout deck load, ti too*? has heen 9 day* between Block Island ami (Jay Head. Pa' soil up, a brig dreply loaded, supposed from Pict?u, Nil. for Ka'l ium. 11a nr r ant, Aug El?Arr Swan, NYork. Cld Eunice ltose, Diilaili l| lu.i, Janr Maria, Albany. Philadelphia, Auk 10?Below, Lion, Si Johns, PK; ivlto. a foreign liriK,au|>|Huril the Ferdinand, from Bremen. ('Id Anna Reynolds, ( aniline, <'oii(rris, Retrieve, and William. Boston; Pocassrr, IliiiKliam; Columbia, 8t Jolin. Nil; Gold Huntress, It rth; Star, NBerlfonl; Grampus, NYork. Arr ill the Sttliuylkill, Magnolia, Si John, NB. Bsltisiore, Aiik 0? Arr Sophie, Bremen. Below, a ?lii|>, and Potomac. ('Id Paia|tsco, Boston; Mary Wilks, Peruarnbuco. Clu Rib, Agnes, (Brem) Rotterdam. Alexandria, Aiik i?Clu Firm, Jamaica. Richmond, Aiik 7?Below, Caledonia Brander; White; German briK, name unknown, all otr Jamestown. Norfolk, Aiik t>?A light ship anchored in Hampton Roads I hi. i(l> riu'on. Arr 7th, Spy, \ York. Savannah, Alt*6?Arr Excel. NYork. New Ohi eans, Aiik i?Cld Swntara, Liverpool; Roger Sherman, do; Loretta, NY'ork. Arr Ontario, Liverpool; Don Quixote, Havana. AUCTION SALES. BY THOMAS BELL. (Slui es .No*. 22 .Ann and IIS h^ilton ifrttl.) THURSDAY, At 10>i o'clock, at the sales room. Sile of Piano Fortes, PaintiuKs, Works of Art. itc.?Will be sold Ksplendid piano fortes, a collection of choice paintings, some valuable furniture, and various other choice articles. SAT I HDAY. Splendid Sale of Kleiiaiit Furniture, of all descriptions, at lll.'a o'clock, in the sales rooms. MONDAY, A.' IOJs o'clock, at corner of Cliff and Fulton st. ijiuk*, I uemicnls, 1'riluinery, Kc.?The stock of the above siticles in the store, corner of ClifT sad Kulton streets, will be old ? Itboiit reserve. Also, fixtures, shelve'i, rain, fancy articles, JtC. TUESDAY, At \0H o'clock, at .'lie auction aooms. Extensive Male of Dry Goods, ('bulling, fancy ami pledged articled, liquors, groceries, iierfumery, lite. NOTK'E,? Sir. lleiiiTicns anil Mr. Joseph are requested to call immediately, if tint aootier, i?y for and take away the article! they (illreinjed at the sale of Jewelry, 8tc. on Saturday, 6lh inst, at 17i Broadway. aulOr BY RIKLL St ARUULARIUb. THURSDAY, At 10>a o'clock in the soles room. Oil Paintings?A am ill but valuable <||illection of paintings, by old and modern masters, iuxt imported. Catalogues on the day of sal*?m>w on the wall, ready for eiamiuation. SATURDAY. At I0>? o'clock, at sales room, Pianos, with an assortment of new and second hand Furniture. ASSIGNEE'S SALE.?The coutenti nfthr Drue Store, including fixtures lately belonging to 0, II. RING, corner of Kulton and Cliff streets, w ill be sold at public auction on Monday, th* lilli nut. at 10 o'clock. Tlii - will be an opportunity for any person w idling to commence the drug business rarely met with. ROBERT SINCLAIR, Assignee. Tin premises call be seeu on Friday previous to the sale. nu I ft 3t*r Doll SALE?HOO feet superior Florida Live Oak, 1200 do C Yellow Pine, selected for masts. Sic.; 67 logs lied Cedar, forshippinit. Inquire of JAMES EDHALL, 5t Weststreet, or JOHN ADAIR, ati7lw *r 2111 Marshall slieet, Brooklyn. LP OR SALE?Pleasure Sail Boat ZAMPA, 20 feet long by 9 " beam, false keel, and complete in every tespect, warranted fast sailer. For Pirtner particulars, inquire of U. P. sSllTH, 28 Cedar street, auftftt*r upstairs. LP OR SALE CHEAP?A Judirmeut acainst Doctor Benja' mill B. Coit, No. 28fi Fourth street, for $38 16-100, f?r bill of carpeting, Ike. Enquire of aft lu'r N. FERRIS U CO. 25$ Pearl st. MEDICAL AID. TO those afflicted with on? disease, it is of the.utmost iin'DorlMCS to obtsu till tdvicc tad Mnrjesi of .1 physician viho has h.ui practical ipsricnee m th?- particular braiien - f his profession. and who is capable of deriding between a slight in* f? ction,iM * dt aim. rive coasritatiotiilduofder# To tveh ttnfoifunately need medical aid nfrhis description the advertiser would address himself, and besides a lonff and successful practice in this city (havincured thousands) he is the author of a small treatise on these complaints, which should be read by ever; one so afflicted, and especially female* who Are rmuMwl I w itli a debility, attended with a pain across thr back, itc. The price of Um book is 30 cents. Sold bv the author at his private dwelling home, 31 Mott street, near Chatham sipiare. an 11 lt*rc PARLOR BOOK.?The subscribers have a few of the firsl Volume of the Boston Miscellany, elegantly hoitnil, containing I2splrudid steel engravings, 38 pages of popular music, the fashion* from January to July inclusive?the whole making one of tin most desirable and interesting Books that can be found, cheap forcaah. BRADBURY, SODEN 8c CO. 127 Nassau at. N Y. aull fit*r and 10 School at Boston. ^OTICK OK ASSIGNMENT.? Notice it herrbv liven, hr that Hr.ttnr l)? iubt, of the Townahip of Sonih Brunswick, County of Middlesex arid State of New Jersey, hath tl.ia day made an A-?igiiinent to the subscriber nl hia {'.state, for the eipial beneht of hia Creditor* ; and that the aanl creditors mint exhibit their reapective claima under oath, or affirmation, within the term of aix months. I> sti ll thia twenty-third d.tyof July,one thousand eight hundred and forty.two. WM. HUTCHISON. anil 3tw*r _ aft A FAMILY HORSE.?A Family florae and -LawS^Wagoii wanted, for which caah will be paiil. The ' J -> a wai-on inuat be in good order and tlis horse gentle and '|illel. Address by letter, K, Herald ortice. anil 3tr SIIII* SKA, Delano, master, from Liverpool,"-Consigners o^ (ioodahy this ship will please, without delay, send their permits on board, 8t Pier!) East Hirer, or to tlie office of ROCHE, BROTHERS It CO. atillr 33Fulton street. IOST?On the 9lh instant, Fifty Dollars. A liberal reward * will be given for the money by addressing L. M. at this office._ aull If rc IF THIS should meet the eye of GKOROK BRKMNF.H, a A seaman by is earnestlyrequcsteri to write to his mother, >1AROARET BREMNER, csieofMrs. J Cooper, N. Caroline street Baltimore. The last time she saw him was in Baltimore, in May 1811, when lie promised to write to lisr. Any tidings of him addressedaa above will be gratefully accepted. The Boston, anil Bangor, Me. |ia|irrx will confei a great fas or by giv ing this an insertion, sulS 3tr I 'i t 11 I I'til I : K FK.V1ALK IMLL.-,. cpHF.SE far-famed and celebrated Pills, from Portugal, are, A we perceive, to be obtained in this country. See advertisement on the last column " ""** m3 is / ' F.KMAN QWARTETTO?Tlie German Quaiteito takes AT much pleasure t > iefonn the public most respectfully, that they are now preimred F.vcmng Serenades in the English or German language, on the most reasonable terms. For particulars, plra'c empiire at Mr. 11. THOKBECKK, 121 Hestsr street, up stairs. a'i lw*c wMM FOR ALBANY, TROY and inirrmeflL **?,', alsin, <|| it.- places.?The splendid Ion pr, sail re jC__kSLajC_steaiiil>oat SWALLOW. Captain A. M'l.ean, w ill leave the foot of Courtlandt St. Wednesday afteriioon.tAugusi Willi at S o'clock, and Saturday 13th, at S o'clock. J The above ta a substantial Boat, fitted up with elegant State Unions, and for accommodation is unrivalled on the Hudson. Knrpassagc or Height apply on board, orto S. M. DREW, at the officc op the wharf at) PASSAGE FOR LONDON? Park-t nth a.. . The aplendld well known fast nailing |>arkct ahlp rf ii?T,""'v'''" Grttwold, tails positively aa above her regular 'lay. Having splendid accommodations fnr caliin, aecntid caliin, ami steerage pKisengera, ear|y application should be made on board, or to W. St J. T. TAPSCOTT. anil r 41 reck alip, below South at. KOR LON DON?Packet of the IHh August fcJjTWTIp splendid fait railing jacket ship TORONTO, JPn * Oriawold, will sailpositively aa above, itbting her regular day. Tliia ship Inui an|>erior accommodations f r i?s. niters, in | caliin, M cahin and Itinue, and those aboiii embarking tor the above port ahoald make immciliata ai>plicatma on board, ' foot of Pine ?t. or to i OLOVKRt McMURRAA, ? ,,il | r 100 Pine atrrrh corner of South. ***- FOR LIVERPOOL?N?w Urn?Ropjn nfVVWpackct of 2Vh August?The splendid |>aekct ahip >>fiA2t,BIDDONS, t ai^ain k. II <-ol)b, i lOOf tona, will jh, aitivrly aail aa above, her regular <Jay. p?rItmghl or paaaage, having accommodation. unequalled lor jmlfiidnr trc, infort, t|nlv on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, Or to " v.. K COLLINS it CO. tt Soutn ireet. Price of juiiifv $100. | Th? t -nip HilKIUpANat i! Uii A. Uppfyiter, of 100$ loim, will nipccoil the SlDDONS, aiul ?.til 26th Scjittmber, her reuuUr <ta)r. . Panicngcni may rely on the ?oips or lliit line mimihc punctually m *?lyrrtji?ccl _____ i k'OK Nk.W (Mil.KAN . .. ,.|ar P'.eV. t-l.otiWTTjPWiauua and ,\.w \ ork Line.?1The faat sailing pocket ' AUUt??ship LOUISVILLE, Cnpt. M limit, now I jading, will receive rarlv deapat. h. 1 For freight or paaaage .having ?0|>erior furnished accominc- ' dvions, apply on board, Orleans wharf, foot of Wall at. or to 1 K. K. COLLINS It CO. W'h at. Oieatcare will be taken to have the govnU hy thi i line cor- 1 rectly neiiirtd. Agents in New Orleans, llnllin it Woodruff, who will promptly fow anl all (mill to their address antlr AA/. I CO It I.! \ V.HP'tOI.?T.. aoi . . kMfV Attinat-The apl. nilid fa?t aailiiig Bitisli barque OA NTKSS OK A K1! A \ , I apt. O Bryan. will a nl po uively aa advertised, having wry comfortable accommodations for rahin, second cabin and r.l'-ering paaacngeia, which will he l iken it the low. rales iT early application be on board, or to W. St J. T. TAPSCOTT. an 11 2t r t:t I'eck Blip. ACC Kf IR LIV I lil'O'II.?to anil on tne itm ni-t.oit- ihe KIT TV A. I. Ilrni.h R||U. COUNTM* OK A II RAN, tSftmm Captain O'Hryen, now loading at pier n K. II., will positively be .h'siatlch. .1 aa above, wind and weather |ier- , milting. Kor balance of freight or paaaage. having cvcellent aceommodationa for Cabin. Second Cabin and Steerage, paaaengcra, all of which will he taken at the lowcat rstea, apply on board, or to auilJti JOHN HfcRDMAN.O South atreet. I AMUSEMENTS, RlBIiOm OABDCII. TKIUMPHANT MCCKS8! 'lilt (iornrotis Comic I'onluniltnt oj THE NIGHT OWI In which (liu whole force of the RAVEL FAMILY aid COMI'ANY ?? brought iutu action, is mainly rece led ly crowded Kahn n?, w itli enthusiastic approbation. FEATS ON THE TIOIIT ROIE, by the Ravels. THIS EVENINO, August I lib. Ihe inrrformancrs < 0111111. lit Willi A ORAM) OVERTURE. After whirli. the roinir Pantomime i?f LK KETE CHAMPETHE ! Or,?The Aged Dancers. ('!? ?!itr Lnindoii, Gabriel Ravel Notary of the Tillaj*. Jerome Hovel Oi rout, LeonJaielli 4'olin, Frtuicoia Ravel J or obi, Autoine Ravel Annette, M'ine Antoiur Hovel Duicu, M'me Jerome Ravel Quartet ot HII hour's iMroinniuii will In allowed lor Helreah tiictita in tlie Grand Saloon. Alter w Inch, ttli tin.' will be irndnrrd a magnificent Comie I oiiti'in 1 in*' eolle.l MAZl'LME, (Ht THE NIGHT OWL' Mazttlini , il?c Night Owl, Mr Wefts On volitr llarino, Jernuie Ba*el Kinilc. Uah-iel Revel 1 Moi Ioh, Asinine Ravel Bahamapi, Mnua Dauvergue Ma riaua, a 11001 Peasant, M'me Jerome Ravel Julie, tier daughter, M'lle D.utrcvlllc Ziilinyi. a Cirrusioii SiaVe, Mits Wells Tocoiiclailc with a vi> ? of ilie Magnificent I'olaca of mazulme: The whole to Conclude with <l'U e iajooL'o,io, ? ??r. I i>ViilE,I1AUr. HUSK ALE. tl/"* The prop-iet or resneclfhlly ii.lV.rm> tin public, tint in compliance with tint wishes of numerous ?niton. this miirli admired part ed the entertainments. will be given alter the performancea is the Saloon are over. Actinx Manager, Mr. Chippendale. Muaical Leader aud Director, Mr E Woolf. Tickets?io centa Doora open at seven o'clock, Entertainment* to commence at eight. VAl'IHAt.l, GARDEN, THIS EVENING, August lltli?To commence all o'clock with the comedy of the BEE HIVE! Minnie, (with songs) Mr W II. William* Italian, J. S. Browne \ Comic Song?" The Steam Arm," Mr Williams. To conclude w ith SUDDEN THOUGHTS. Impulse, J. S. Browne Jack Cabbage, W. II. Williams Irish Song?Boya of Kilkenny, Mr Moisop. Tickets 23 cents. 11 r coi.on.vdi-: garden. BROOKLYN. On WEDNESDAY. bll'ltSUAV, and KHIDAV EVENINGS, KliH, lltli and I2tli, the prrlormances will commence with a selection of DOUBLE JINUJENT STJiTVAHV. Miss Wells will appear in her admired and highly applauded ( KACL V1ENNE ! As Danced by Mad. El.ssi.KR. Mr, It. Williams will introduce hi t celebrated learned ST.1H DOCS, BUKKKK AND JACK, Who ate allowed to have uo tqual in (!?iiine sagacity. Dining the above comic performance, Mr. Williams will give correct imitation of the celebrated Michael Boa, the Chin Melodist. ( rand Scotch Pas Seul by Miss L. Wells. Messrs Davis, Wells, Needham, and Williams, (the Hungarian Cousins) will appear in the gymnastic sceue of Gladiatmial Groupings. I>ti*i wnsi ore. The performances in tee (jtrden coticlude wftli the Comic Pamomime of L'AMOUK ! Or, Wine no Poison ! Antoine, Mr Davis I.ubin, Wells Old Crahtree, Williams IJaine Crabtree, Needham (The Hungeriau Cousins.) Annette, Miss Wells Prices of Admission?'Tickets, admitting the bidder to the Saloon Performance and Ball, U cents ; to the Saloon Per forinence alone, 12Vs cents. Doors open ,it half-past 7 o'clock?Performances commences at quarter past 8, prerifely. anlO 'Jt"r Chatham thuathk. (t7" The public is respectfully informed that this ever favorite plaee of entertainment svill re-open lor the season on Monday night next, August 16th. Dunne the recess it will undergo a thorough renovation, such as will render it the inosl el cgaiil in the United States?first rate Artists have been employ en for a length of time in executing designs of la peculiar na Hire, which, together with the novelty and talent to be present i n, win mcivari' nit* Mtnr ol till* Thralrt, *ml rau*? it to*t*u<l alone and unrivalled for theatrical rr|irr*cnlation, which it ha hitherto done. The drug!)* on the Tier* are a* follow* l?t Tier?American Battles ami Victories, achieved at ? painted by P. Grain, *rn. and J. R. Smith. Zd Tier?The Llkeue.saei of the Pit'.ideiit* of the I'nited State*, by P. Gram, jr. Id Tier?Glorious American Achievement* on Land, painted by J. H. Smith. To these (tilendid deiigut will he added, a beautiful ACT DROP, displavimr the engagement between "The Constitution" and The Otierriere,' and a New Curtain. Both of iwliich have been imiutedhy P. Giain. *en. iinde whose immediate direction the decorations w ill talte place. au9 Utr AMiCHICAN miKlIM AND OAKDKRt) pORNER OK BROADWAY AND ANN ST HE a-' opposite St. Paul's Church. P. T. BARNUM, MANAGER. INCREASED NOVELTIES!! Mr. Winchell, the unrivalled comic drollerist. W ami Diamond in their Banjo Fxtra\agan***. The * ?> Gipsey Girl can I** privattely consulted throughout the d without extra charge. Tin* Model of the City of Diihliu . Old and Young Nick, in which .Mr. Winchell sustains six characters. A splendid Drop Curtain, representing "Hymn's Dream," painted by Mr. Oscar F. Almy, s native artist. F.x pcriments in Animal Magnetism; Miss Rosalie, the popular vocalist; Um Albino Lady ; Fancy Glass Blowing; *'??) Gran Costnofama ! Balloon Ascensions every night at ten o'clock. Day nerfomuuee* Wednesday and Saturday afternoons at o'ciocn. Day visiters admitted free in the evening. Admission to the whole Museum, (Jasdeu and &utertain ments 26 cents?Children half price. jytlr MER1CAN THEATRE, Walnut straet Philadelphia.? Ladies and gentlemen desirous of entering into engagements with this establishment for the ensuing season, will please address their communications fi*>st paid) to CHARLOTTE J.t 'USHMAN, or ?5 2w r K A. MARSHALL, Lesser. Til K M F. IIMA ID. and other wonderful |>ecim< is of thn Animal Creation. The public are respectfully informed that in accordance with numerous and urgent solicitations frcm scientific Gentlemen in this city, Mr. J. GRIFFIN, Proprietor of the Mermaid, recently arrived from Peiuamhuco, S. A. has consented to exhibit it to the Public, |>ositively FOR ONE WEEK ONLY' For this purpose he ha? procured the Spacious Saloon, known as CONCERT HALL, 401 Broadway, Which will open on MONDAY, August8th, 1842, Anu positively dote on Saturday, the 13th inst. This Animal was taken neat tlx Frjec Islands, and | uidiuril for n 1,1115* sum hv the present proprietor, for tin-Lyceum of Natural History, in London, and is eiliibited for this short puriod more for the gratification of public curiosity than for the pn11iosc of gain. The Propiietor havinsf been engaged for screral years in p riou* parts of the world in collet-ling the most wonderful specimens in Natural History, has in his possession and will at the same time submit to public inspection. THE 0RN1TH0IIHINCHUS. Kroin New Holland, being the connecting link between the Seal and Duck. THE FI.YIN (i FISH, Two distinct species, one from the Gulf Stream and one from the West Indies. This animal evidently connects tte Bud with the FisK The Paddle Tail Snake, froin South America. The Siren, or Mud li|iiana, an intermediate animal between the Reptile and the Fish. The Proteus Banguihua, a subterraneous Animal from a grot to in Austria, w ith various oilier animals, forming connecting links in the great chain of animated nature. llnuis of Eihibitipn from 9 o'clock, A. M. to 10 o'clock, P. M. Tickets of admission 2.0 cents each. a7 filis* magnificent attraction. SEA MONSTER ; sea devil. THE GREATEST NATURAL CURIOSITY IN AMERICA.?The proprietor of this immense specimen begs leave to announce to the public, that he has for Eshihi tion, at the Bowery Amphitheatre, the Sea Devil, which was captured on the 26th April, 1812, in the Harbor of Charleston, 8.C., afters desperate struggle with 26men in 7 Boats. The proprietor of this monster feels confident that the lover* of the curious and the scientific will he highly gratified iu viewing this marvellous production of the mighty deep A Calf, which was born after her capture, will also lie ei hibircd. They may be visit-d by both tries, as they are not at all offensive, and every effort will be insde to render the ea hibit ion agreeable and satisfactory. jy 17 lm?c W A. KING S LAST GRAND ( A NT\ISIK, fo, the Pianoforte?Just published by KJ RTH it HALL, No. I Franklin Rouare, and may be had of all music sellers, the much Admired bautasie, arranged from the opera of Zanipu bv Mr. VV. A. Km,'. < 1 Iti r< frAZO FNEI MATICS. rPHE subscriber is prepared toeiecute orders for the Gsr.o 1 Piienmatic Hydraulic Machine, for raising water aur height ?Wquantity, Irom mines, or (or water works, by meant of vacuum ; slid the simplicity of the machine gives it n groat advantage over any othci now iu use. sill lm*r E. ABLGN, Patentee, 22 Pine it. mr.NTK.HVII.I.F. ( OURVK-TKOTTINO-A much for tWt?between the celebrated florae* Awful end Hec or, w ill enme off over the above Coinve Thi* Day, Thuraday, Vucn?t llth, et 3 o'clock,P. M.?mile heite?-beet three in live, 0 Sulkn ?. H?mc day, it 4 o'clock, a puree, mile In ate, beet 3 in J, under lei'dle, the following H< reeeere entered.:? II. Woodruff entrrj t>.g. George Widiington. John ('??, en ten nr. tn. Alice (Jrev. Mr. [indue > ent. rev. K. K.phmim Hmo. Ith anl I It* MNBWKoIiNDLAND ublis?Thi ?ubierib7r mm for aale eeverel I'ujipie* of ihie breed of doge. They are thorough hred, end nre one of ihe beet, if not the t. race in the country. reintrkaMe for iagaeity and lieirrneea, JAVfKH HOOO, ad lw*c 71th etieet, i < I ofJ?l Aienue. LOOK-AT" THIH-Wanted to" HelTor kirUange . The atlhrcriber, wiihilHC lOi|iiit tt e retail limine,,, wanta to eell or ctchangi hia etore for a entail fanti, front II to Id acr ?, near wtier >.r railroad eominnnication, ant over thirty inih-e from tliie cit|. The etoie coneieta of a 1 eiii ifnl etoclr of cut and plain gla,a Cliraiidnlea, Aatral lid llall Lamjre of ev? ry deecripl on. Kor a pereon having the time, or wnhing to enter into a vety profitable hueincae, thn "fforrlv n o]ip rtnuity erldom offered, ? the etoie ia litualcd in one of the heel part* of the city, and the gooda can he remov. id. if i|e i red. Ilent moderate, and ha* a very e*ten?ir? runof rinfoio, n l elofk >?n veleable. Ii will be e I changed for a farm, or lot in lowei part of thia citr. , Apr ly at thi ?tore, 1> John itrei t., or at J. 8TOUYF.NKL, Olaa. Cutler, 23 Gold afreet, New V'orh. The reaaon of telling it mannfar ttiring. an 11 3t*r Jpl I li I KT ? A Blkri f?^?miii,t. \p il\ to Mi. KK.HLl.KY, on the premi***, or IOIIN I,. Morton, 30 K.?tt llrondway. raid 9t*r I tK. JWHS AI.K.X ANOKH IKH 'STON h? removed I ' hi* t oNeiit.Tiwn Otm i , to No. 3 llrnai.D ttrn.nivw orn.'f of N?* >,i 1?,I Vulton *?reel* ,(.* tin in* r ft.-,-, MlTUT. TO W\OON III II.IIKHH- I he ,,t. -LiaC^ scriher, rmiirietor of New Vork Tmi. r,all*. will N.f ' ' ? make III., ral advance* in <a*h,on all New Light Wagon* tent to hiae atabliahment for tale. Builder* in the country can rely upon having every attention paid to their ordeit. Fot further particular*, at to term*, ke apply to OftO.W. MILLER. auO Proprittot of N. V. Tauattalla, tag Bioadwgy