Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 13, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 13, 1842 Page 3
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To tli? Travelling Public. LOOK AT THIS !?COMBINATION"! Orrica or Bosto* s*o Pbotideiic k Rah.ho?i> t o. \ Boston, Aug. 3d, 1H-M. j Pie? Annexed you have a copy of tlie arrangement enteral into thii day, to put the fare between Me v York and Bottom for the summer, at $ft, kc. At it it important that all the liuct should unite in this more, we shall w ait for youi reply until Monday next ; wb'it, it you do lie*, atteul to it, we snail consider that you decline ; and on and alter that day shall charge your passenger* our local fare, cease to tell tickets for your line, anal to grant it extra trains. I hope yoa will acAileto the propriety of charging $.1, as it is only a reineratiug price. With much respect, kc., JOS. (JR1NNKLL, President. Please address me at Boston by mail. C. VstsDCHaiLT, Ksq. Cop y of rftrtemtnl aunt J til to ike abort it! I trt. It is agreed that the fare between Boston and New York, by all the lines, shall Iw fft in summer, and fii in winter, lor first class passengers, of which the Boston and I'roridenco Railroad Company shall receive oue lourtli ; and between New York ami Newport and Providence $3.00. In case either liue shall charge less than the above rates, the Boston and Providence Railroad Company will charge such line its local fare of $1.50,nnd cease to sell tickets for such line, or to give it extra trains. If it should be necessary on the part of the other lines to reduce the fare to compete with such underbidden, the KrtatAH nsl Prnviilt?nr.ft lliiilroail Comnanv will nn hatinur consulted and satisfied o! such lact, take 1-4 part of the reduced fare, it being understood that the Committee of that Road are at liberty to refuse to receive less than 75 cents lor their share. The above arrangement to continue in force until November 11th next, until which time the rates of freight will Mb, per the Independent line, the local rates of the Boston and Providence Railroad Company, and per agreement to the Stonington Line. Bostox, Aug. 3d, 134-.2. New VoRk, AugustHth, 134.2. Sir? Your communication of the 3d instant, annexing a copy of an agreement entered into on that day, is received. You do not name the parties to the agreement, but leave me to infer that they are tho Norwich Steamboat Companies, the Norwich and Worcester Railroad Company ; the Boston and Worcester Railroad Company, the New Jersey Steam Navigation Company, the New York, Providence and Boston Railroad Company, and the Boston and Providence Railroad Company, and as you knew of my being aware of a meeting of those Companies for that object, you did not consider it necessary in your communication to nametbem. Yon express a desire thut I should comply with the terms of tie agreement al.udcd to ; this 1 cannot consent te, for the reasons which I will state. Previous to my arrangement for the establishment of the "Independent Lino'' between Boston and New York, 1 had every assurance from you and your Board of Directors, that you would, at all times convey my passengers over your road, and ticket it them through, ujion as favorable terms as those of any other line?that you had decided to pursue a perfectly independent course towards all lines that might be run between Boston and New York via Providence. This was all I asked?and relying upon those assurances, I started the Independent line in December last. You now determina that if I do not assent to raise the fare to 5 and $0, 1 must be excluded ; or what is tantamount to an exclusion, I must pay you $1.50 lor each |>as. senger, while all other lines pay you but one tout th of th? through fare, which would be 66\ cents, at the present rutcs. This will give to anv other line opposing me, so great an advantage, that it "may prove destructive? notwithstanding which, I feel hound to reject the proposition, rather than be a party to a contract which is sought to be driven upon me, in derogation of my rights, and as tending to a combination against the rights of the public, to which I cannot consent to lend myself, so long as that public is disposed to lend its helping hand in its patronage of my fair and opua enterpri/es. I am at a loss to conceive, by what authority your companies undertake to dictate to me the price or passage between New York and Newport and Providence. I do therefore most solemnly protest against the whole proceedings. Very respectfully, your obedient serv't, C. VANDEIIBILT. Jos. Grisosell, Esq., President Boston and Providence Railroad Co.?Boston, Mass. Tiekets through and berths in the steamers to bo procured in Boston, at No.8 State street, No. 76 Water street, and at the new Ticket office of the Independent Line, adjacent to the B- and P. Railroad Depot. Also in New York at No. 39 Peck Slip, and on board the Boats. On and alter Saturday, Aug. 13th, the fare will be by Independent Line, through between Boston and NewYork?Cabin Passage, $ ->, Deck Passage, $1.60. Between New York, Neport and Providence?Cabin Passage, $1; Deck Passage, 75 cents. ft?- BARK TEXIDOR-?This beautiful bark loft our tort yesterday, bound to the Mediterranean. She was uilt in Beltimore, and is Intended on her return for one of Messrs. Skelding and Ferris'g line of packets between this port and Porto Prince. Her model is one of the most perfect we ever witnessed, and her commander is one of the most skilful navigators that ever crossed the Atlantic, and as for her accommodations for passengers, they are equal to any of the European packets. ft?- DAY PERFORMANCES RARE ATTRACTIONS ?The inimitable^'ankee delinent trWinchfll.M'it Rosalie, Celeste and others give a splendid performance at the American Museum this afternoon at four o'clook. The Gipsy Girl will also astonish the visitor' with her wonderful revelations This is nwnrf,liv tiw tact sav nftl.j, nv. hibition of the Mo<!el of Dublin, a work or art never equalled in America. Balloon ascensions at Ave o'clock this afternoon and ten in the evening. ClT-LAST DAY OK THE MERMAID : -The exhibition ol this extraordinary animal, at Concert Hall, Broadway, closea to-night. The crowds of*ladics and gentlemen this week hare neon immense, and no doubt still larger numbers will embrace this last opportunity of viewing the most extraordinary natural curiosity in the known world. ThousandsVho before deemed this a fabulous animal have had their scepticism entirely removed upon visiting this exhibition. Among the first naturalists in the city none have been found, who after examining this creature, have for a moment doubted its genuineness. Marine Pavilion. Rocxaway, 3d August, 1842. 0FAMILIES CAN OBTAIN PLEASANT ROOMS at this delightful watering place, by addressing the subscriber at McCoun & Clark's, 53 Wall street. a3 lot HIRAM CRANSTON. U. S. Shiv North Carolina, ) July 25, 1642. { {&?- THE NAVAL GENERAL COURT MARTIAL, now in session on board this ship, here y order all the witnesses in the cases to be investigated, and the accused, to lie punctual in their attendance, doily, at 10 o'clock? Sunday's ex^pted. A boat will he in waiting at the Battery bridg^lK half past 9 A. M. daily. CH. H. WINDER, Judge Advocate. Herald Bulletin of Flews. The Herald Bulletin of News is kept at the north-west corner of Fulton and Nassau streets. On the arrival of the morning mails, at eight o'clock, A. M.?and also of the evening mails, at four o'clock, T. M-, the latest intelligence Rom all parts of the world, may bo found on the Herald Bulletin Board, at this corner. Let every wayfarer stop and read. Advertisements of all kinds taken at the office. Herald General Printing Oilier. The General Printing Office, capable of doing all sorts of printing, such as books, pamphlets, bills, cards of all descriptions, is now open at the Herald Buildings, entrance from Nassau street?Joseph Elliott, Printer. The Flew Yorlt Lancet. (flf- A few copies of the Arst volume of this work, handsomely bound, may now be had at the publication affice.?Price $2. n?<? ns.a?a*s>h Dsxad 46 William Street. Principal OrricK.?Letters deposited before half-pa*! H, half-past II, anil hall pant .1 o'clock, will be sent out for delivery at 9, 1, aud 4 o'clock. Branch OrriCEs.?Letter* deposited before 7,11, and ) o'clock, will be sent out for delivery at 9, 1, and 4 o'clock. AT.F.X. M. GRF.IG, Agent. MONKY HAHKIT, Krtclny, August 14?(1 P. HI. The transactions at the Stock Board did not materially vary thia morning in their general feature*. Kentucky 6 percent ro?e J; DelawareSc Hudson J; Farmers Loan J ; Harlem fell j. The interest payable in New York which hm accrued to let ultimo, upon itock issued under the last United State* Loan, will bo paid at the Bank of Commerce. Meter*. Boorman, Johnston St Co., to use a mild cxpres*ion, are possessed of a great deal of modest assurance, and look upon the public of New York as a very good natured, gullible kind of an animal. In a long statement published by them this morning, the following paragraph occurs : A cony of our stutement to the arbitrators, was delivered to1 Mr. Little, in Mr. King's presence, prior to their meeting, and if any thing advanced by us has been controverted or disputed by Messrs. Littlo'St Co., it has barn without any such intim ition to us. We find it is understoo I Dy some, that Messrs. Little & Co. made n tender of delivery to us, on the arrival of the period specified in the oo. tiac.t. Such is not the fact. On the contrary we called on them seven days alter the expi. ration of the first contract, nnd made n formal demand for the purpose of giving thein notice that our priucipal con. idered the contract void. First, in relation to the statement made to the arbitrators at the meeting: Mr. King introduced Mr. Little to Mr Boorman, and for the first time they became known to each other. Mr. King then said: "Mr. Boorman, tlir statement of Mr. Little is before tho arbitrators, wi should be glad to receive yours.'' Mr. Doorman made an swor, " Mr. King, do you think I will submit my state, ment before I hart read Mr. Jjillle'tr" Mr. Little thor said, " mine is but a simple statement, and every body may read it." Mr. King then said, " do you wish me to gin you back your statement, Mr. Little?" Mr. Little madr answer, " you will obligo me by so doing." Mr. King thengavethe statement to Mr. Little, who immediately handed it to Mr. Boorman. That gentleman road it, aui said, " it will do.'- Ho then Uok out of his pocket a printer pamphlet of 47 pag-s, gave one to Mr. Little, and one U each of the arbitrators, and then went out into the street and gave away a great many. This was the manner in which the statement " was delivered to Mr. Little, in Mr King's presence." The next statement is, that Mr. Little made no tender of the stock at maturity. This is a very singular state ment for gentlemen to put their names to. On the I At! of January, Ave days before maturity, Mr. Sampson, of the itrm of Boorman Johnston k to., called upon Jacob Little k Co., and offered to receive Ike ilork, knowing the hooks to be thou closed, providing that the stock was genuine, and not the spurious stock said to be afloat; the stock was to have been reoei\ed4y a'loi isey. Since then the bank hafncknowle'ge.1 all tha stock, rot. -efjuently there was no spu 'ious stock. '1 here were the r? asoi., that no formal offer ci lclivcry wat male precisely on the day of msturity. Seven days alter, vir.. ou the 07th, Mr. Sampson demanded the stock, and it was promptly tendered; the pica of refusal was, however, changed. It was no longer spurious stock, hut the manner 0/delivery. They refusing to receive by jx) v. er of attorney, although that manner of delivery is expressly provided for on tho face ol the stock; and yet tho publication of Messrs. Roorman, Johnston k Co. is such as to leave the public to infer that nothing whatever had passed between them and Little k Co. on the subject. This does not show an anxiety to do that which is nght, but merely to subserve a fancied interest. In domestic exchanges there is very little doing. On those points where specie currencies have been attained there are hut few hills sold, and the disposition is evidently to send specie from this ]>oint. As the new crops oome forward, and the bills.comu iuto this market for sale, the proceeds will go u est ami south in the shape ol specie. The Canada agents are active in the wi itern markets purehnsing produce, which goes down' the St. Lawrence to Kngland. The bills drawn against this produce are sold in New York mostly, au?l the specie goes to Canada, whence it finds its way to the western States. The same process is going on to New Orl-ans, and will strengthen and deepen as the new crops are ready for market) until the producing sections having supplied themselves with a sound currency, will be in a condition to recommence their purchases of goods. The following is a table of present rates of bills. Ratfs of Bank Notfs and Domsric Bills. bank Xolrs. Exchangt. Safety Fiuid Ua 1 July 1S42. Security Banks- ;k i I New KimUud Boston ? iSsdis U. 8. Bank ? a? Pr.usylvuiia Pliil??lfl|ihia- -par " New Jersey ?is 1 Maryland B.ilr inure pars *' Virginia. _ .... 3 a 3>, Kiclimoud- . 2V?.? v\ North Carolina.* ? a 4 North Carolina*. ?y a (norma ? a .1 Savannah '*?.v? Augusta 1*48 IK South Carolina.. 3!,a Cliarlsstun 1,'aa IS h londa ? a? Ajialacliicola .? a? Alabama CO aCS Mobile 27 atO Louisiana CO aio New Orltaus--- para.S m Kentucky I a? Louisville. 2,'ia 3 Tennessee .. I8^f a? Nashville C a? Mississippi -60 a!K) Natchex ? a? Missouri 7 a 8 Sr. Lonis 2 a 3 Ohio 6 alO Cincinnati' 4 a Of Indiana (i a 7 7 a 8 Illinois -,'jO a70 60 aCA Michigan* 6 a40 Detroit .--2>f*5 With the exception of Alabama,these rates are lower aud more unitorm than ever existed under the United States Bank in its best days, and the exchanges of the country arc in a more healthy condition, because there being now 110 kiting machines in existence, tho proportion of kites alloat is very small, and the bills drawn represent actual values. Alabama, of course, is an exception. One great reason of the eaormous rates current upon that quarter, is folly and favoritism exercised by tho bonks in the purchase of hills. The losses ot the Alabama hanks, particularly the Mobile branch, from this source, are immense. It is notorious at Mobile, that bills ol so bad a character as not to bo available out of doors, arc readily dis|>oscd of , at the bank. Hence the ruin and discredit tha'. involves the institutions. What the result of the present elections will be, is problematical. The democratic party will undoubtedly be in the ascendancy, and that party as a whole are bitterly opposed to|the banks,but unfortunately some of the Legislative members are within the corrupt influence ofthe wretched institutions, or, in few words, banking has produced the same results in Alabama us it does everywhere it is recognised by the Government. No party and no set of men can escape its evil influence. The democratic chiel magistrate of Pennsylvania is an instance that party principles are not proof against the temptation1 of a wiley mouster, when there is nothing but taxation to fall back upon. The necessities of the State and the dread of taxation induced Governor Porter to coquette with the late National Bank, until both State and Banks were ruined. Alabama is in the same condition. If the present State bank system is abolished, the democratic legislation must levy atax upon the people to|pay the expenses of the Slate Government, and the interest on the State debt, composing the capitals of the banks. This requires no little moral courage at the moment when the means of the people will be oppressed by the transition from a high paper system to a sound currency. This danger is, however, temporary; its good effects will soon restore the popularity of the actors. That party, and those men, however, who dare to attempt to sustain the present state of things, will shortly and speedily be crushed for ever in the fall of the banks, which are utterly insolvent, and cannot stand 30 days, if the poople carry out their present purpose of taking nothing but specie for their crops. Those legislators who have involved themselves with the banks will find that either their political or their pecuniary interests must be sacrificed. At New Orleans, the specie basis is acted upon altogether. The following is tho condition of the currency mere:? Bank of Louisiana 1'uys specie lias Bank Pays specie Mechanics' and Traders' Bank, 7 a 9 per cent discount. Union Bank 02 a 25 do do City 29 a 32 do do Louisiana State, do 25 a 30 do do Citizens Bank, 46 a 62 do do Consolidated, 46 a 50 do do Canal, 42 a 46 do do Commereial, 30 a 33 do do Carrollton, 25 a 30 do do Exchange Bank, X. Orleans, 65 a 70 do do Atchafalaya Bank, 76 a 90 do do Improvement Bank, 65 a 70 do do Bank of Orleans, 73 a 75 do do Checks of Commercial, Natchez, ) 35 a37 p.c. on Merchents'Bank, New Orleans, J discount. Municipality, No. 1 6a 8 per cent discount. do 2 6 a 9 do do do 3 34 a 45 do do The operation, in making sales, is to demand a certain amount of hard dollars, the balance in bank bills, at whatever the specie rate may be at the time of the actual payment. These rates are tested by the buying rates of the brokers, consequently all funds, of whatever description, are worth only the specie value in tho purchase of goods. Many descriptions of the bills of banks, particularly those ol the banks in the hands of the Attorney General, have arrived at so high a rate of discount that they are no longer available at all. The probability is, that they will, by a process of law, all cease to exist in November next. The sooner that event is brought aliout the better will it be for the best interests of all concerned. Sales at the Stock Exchange. ?G,IKI0 Illinois 6'?, 1870 I7W 10 Mohtwk R R VH 4.1)00 Kt Murky 6'?, 1871 "i1* 300 Harlem R R l.'jjJ IV) Mrch Bli'c Asi'u 54 51) do do 11", 150 Del k Hiidaou sttl af 2no I, IsUsi'l R R V) 25 do do >30 fl.'iSj 10.) do do l.r.u jo'.i 111 Farm<*r?' Loan ll' i 100 do do bOT .''O1* 23 do do 13'J 100 do do >3 .30 26 Mutual Fire Co On 100 do do b3o 5o'? 20 HrecnwKli " a') Second Honrsl 100 ilins L Island R R 50V 10 Del St Hudson R H (*>'.! 100 do do 10 do do 0?.'r Stole of Tmde. There are very few strangers in the city now and but little business doing generally. Cotton?The market haabcen dull, sale* about 600 balm a day at uniform prices Hales as follows 2600 Florida and Uplands, 6 a 9; 000 Mobiles, 6} a 10; .300 New Orleans. 6 a 10. Collet*?A few lots have been taken for neighboring cities, but the market is still very dull. Sales of the w eik ? 2100, 7 u9} ; 1500 bags Maracaibo.H: 1100 bags Laguira, 8} a !>}; 300bags Cuba, 9 a 9; 100 bags Sumatra, H ; 100 bags Porto Rico, 9} ; .300 bags Java. II a 12} ; 500bags St Domingo, 6} a7j. Besides 1300 bags Brazil at auction at 84 a 9}. Copper?Sales of aliout 3000 lbs. old at 23} cents: new Sheathing atOlCts. Pros isioni? Some di mand for I'ork nt $8 for mess, anil 6.50 for Trime, citv inspection. Lower County is held at $0.50 for Mens find $6.50 for I'rime. Mess Beef steady al $7.60 a s, and Prime at $3. Lard, llams, kc in good demand at former rates. Butter and Cheese dull. Salt?Sales of Ashton have been made at $1 63, four months. Sugars?Sales of the week.?400 lit.ds Porta Rico, a_, a 8}; 100 do Cuba and Muscovado, I a 1}, 30 do St I ruii .i ' 74: 190 do Cuba brown, 5ja0]; lOOJo do white, 7} a ; 300 bbls Brazil, 6} a 6J. State of the CrofM. ' ViaoiaiAe?The Richmond Compiler of Tuesday, says i that the present season has boon very unpropitious lor the ( growth of Tobacco, to which is to bo added the serious injury nail destruction from tho great quantity ol rain, and I the heavy freshets in the principal tobacco growing regions of the State. The cold weather has caused the leaves ( to come up uncommonly narrow, and destitute of their wonted rich and luxurious appearance. Pro-rlalon Market. : V irst rate Butter has gone up to twenty cents the pound , since our last, for whitf reason we cannot tell, as it is as plenty as ever. This article pays the farmer a better profit than any other in market. I 1 he of meals lias nlso been raised a trifle, perhaps [ In consequence of the passage of the big tin ill" bill w hirl: has be*': i vetoed, or something else equally ns likely to af' foct till pt ICC. The butchers grind their en .turners out ol 1 one hundred per cent profit. This is rather too much it> , tin* pr. sent depressed state of affair*. Vegetables are so plentv that the markets are overrun ' w ith them; green Corn, Tomatoes, Beets, Cabbages, Egg Plant, and fruit of all kinds are abundant and cheap,'with tho exception of reaches, which are just getting plenty. We noticed a few Sweet Potatoes for sale ; quite early for them. i Oysters will be permitted in market in three weeks. L The question in regard to free liccncta to tell meat, which we hate ditcuaeJ for two year*, still remain* unsettled. We truit that fOinelhinl ?ill toon be done to ellect a change in the present odious system. It is demanded t>) the people. married. At St Luke's Church on Monday aftemoon.the s:h nut., by the Her. John M. Kor> < *, Mr. Johi T. Lvotsto Mi?v KmM rs, second daughter of the late Wm. Stuart, all ol this city. *r Dl?d. On the 12th instant,, daughter of the lato John Van Orden, aged 44 j ears. The friends of the family are invited to attend her funeral this afternoon, at 5 o'clock, Irura ItiB K<at BroadwayLatest Advices RECEIVED AT THE NEW YOBK HERALD OFFICE. Africa June 13 Mar so March 31 AtttCayes July 22 Mail Apiil 3 Aiiliaiu July I Manilla March ? Bombay May 21 Montevideo May 16 Balai Marrti j Maraiiliain June 26 Bermuda July 16 Mauuaas July 27 Bonaire April ? Mayaun * July 16 Sileum Avrra June I Maracaibo July 16 abia June 8 Matnnioraa June 3 Beli/.c, July 2 Neurits* May 28 Barbadoes July II Nassau, N. P. June I Botroia May 1 Oaiiu, S. I. March II Berbile Keb. 2(1 Paris July 18 I .ij>e Hay lieu July 11 rurtau Tiiiire July 6 vurarna June 23 Ponce, P. K. July 16 Cleufuecoe July 22 Para June 4 Carthaynia May I IVruiinbuco July I Caraccaa May 17 Panama Keb. 2u Cli.i*res July I Itio ile Janeiro June 21 C'allao Jan. 22 SuiL.M|iori April l!l Calcutta May 13 Sydney, N. 8. W. Atnr. II Deutarara June 2 St. Helena June 2fl Kayal July *3 St. Thomas July 27 Gibraltar 19 St. Burts Jan. 3 uuayaqmi I-?*i>. i i f?t. .iico de I iiba- July 9 Guayauta, I*. 11. July IS St. Joffhs, P. R. July 14 Qonaires May 21 St. Croix April 16 (Hlveston July 23 St. Martha May 4 Havre July 17 St. Jolin, N. B. Aug. 4 Havana July 19 Surinam June 26 Halilav Aug. 2 Tampico June 19 Jetrmi* May 19 Tobasro Juue 27 J >cmel July II Turkslsland July 20 Kingston, Ja. July 9 Trinidad ile Cuba July 13 I.oudon July 19 Vera Cruz July 12 Liverpool July 19 Valparaiso April IS La Guayra July 17 Yucs.tan June 13 Lima Mareh20 Zanzibar March 11 Pdsuenyera Sailed. Lopor?racket ship Toronto?Elias Simons, of London, (incorrectly itiven yesterday.) foreign Importations. " Oottevruru?B .ik Clarissa?200 ions iron Boormin, John 'on it co. MARITIME HERALD. Mailing Day* of the St en in Ship*. ritOM enolaisd. from america. Columbia, JndUiiis Aug. 16 RriUimia, Hewitt Aug. 4 Sept. 1 Caledonia, Lott Aug. 19 Sept. 16 IJ. Western, Hosken Sept. 3 Sept. 29 Br. Quern, Eyckholc Sept. 10 Oct. 10 Packets to Arrive, i Packet* to Sail. from liverpool. for liverpool. Stephen Whitney, July I I Virginian, Allen, Aug. 13 Columbus, Cole, July 7 New Yoik, Cropper, Aug. 19 from portsmouth. for portsmouth. Gladiator, Brit:onv July 12 | Westminster, Moore, Aug. 20 Mediator, Clittnpliu, July 20 I St. Janus, Selrnr, Sept. 1 from havre. for havre. Albany, WaUou, June 27 | V. de Lyon, Stoddaid, Aug. 16 To Ship Blaster*. We shall esteem it a (avor^ if captains of vessels arriving ! re, win give io i^ommonore \v. A. Uuii tt, or our news Ht et, a rrport of th? iliippiiKr lull at the jxirt whence they sailed, the vessels spoken on their (vusake, a list of their canto, ami any foreign newspapers they mav have. Commodore U.taseit w ill board them immediately on their arrival. We will reciprocate the faror in any w ay. To Correspondent* Abroad. Our correspondents ill forriitn ports are respectfully requested to send by every vessel all the marine intelligence they can obtain. Nautical information of any kind, from any one residing at home or abroad, will be thankfully received. POHT OK NEW YORK, AUGUST 13, 1S4?. ?uw 5 b i moon,'sets 10 55 lUrr sets- 7 52 i hiom with |1 6 Cleared. Shin Virginian, A'.len, I.iverpool, R Kermit.?Brigs Ocean, (Br) Lidille. Uuebec, O B More wood St Co; Alius, (Br) MrCatlnm, Windsor, NS. Sonle, Whitney Si Co; Ahoy Baker, N< rfolk, Nesmith, Leeds St Co.?Sclir D C Wilson, Benjamin, Baltimore. Arrived. Bark Clarissa, Lunt, 54 days from Oottenburg, with iron, t > B< orman, John .Ion St Co?96 passengers. June 23d oil' the Oikney Isl. nds, passed bark (ranges, of Boiton, standing cast. 6th ul'. 1st 43 53, Ion 24 It, spoke ship (Jermany, of Boston, from Mataiizas for St. Petersburg. 8th inst. off South Shoals of Nantucket, at 2 r. M., saw Uelirian steam ship Britidi Queen, hence for Antwerp. S,w a great number of Icebergs on the passage. Brig Belle, Myers, from Wilmington, NC. with rice and naval stores, to E. E. Powell. Sehr Boundary, Shackfurd, 8 days from Halifax, w iih fish, Ac. to P. I. Nevius & Son. Sclir l.'uiou, Ballaure, from Williamston, NC. and 3 days fm the bar, with naval stores, to order. Sclir Delaware, Kales, from Harlloid, NC. and 3 days from bar, with wheat, to E. 'l'redwell A Sou. Bailed in co. with sehr Mary Aim, for N York. Sclir Select, Johnson, from Baltimore, arith ind.e, to Johnson A Lowden. Brluw, Two brigs, unknown. Sailed. Belgian brrk Zephyr, Antwerp; Hudson, Bremen; brigs An,-nsta, Savannah; (Ihio, Kiciuriond; Canton, Jamaica; Spy, West Indies; sclir Erie, do, aud others. General Kecoru. Packet ?inr ViBOifriAW, for Liverpool, will (ail to-day at 1! o'clock. Her letter bafs close at Gilpin's, in the Kxcliange, at lialf-|>aat II, Packet (Mir Toronto, for London, u at anchor at the 9WSpit?detained on eccouut of head winds and thick fog. Ashore.?A large topsail aclir, naintcd black, is ashore nu the Hook. It ia supposed she was bound our. Sciir Chike Sachem.?<Capt. Longford, of the Chief Sachem, before reported as bavins been run into by the Narragtnsett, states that he was going at the rate of one and a half knots an hour, but the steamer having a lo ad of strum on, struck the schr with great lorce across the bows, carrying away the bowsprit, stose in the night heads, ripping up the deck, and doing other damage, causing the schr to leak considerably. The C. S. had a cargo of llour and corn, part of which is damaged. The cargo will have to be landsd to ascertain the extent of damage sustained. She has been tow ed to the city. Vessel and cargo insured. Schr Ktneline will take from her w hat cargo may he in good condition. Bark Due D'Oni.kans,, from Leghorn, June 1st, for Philadelphia, is asiiore between Delaware City and Newcastle. Kitir Leonidas, which lift I been aground for 17 diys at the SW. Pass, New Orleans, wa< lightened and towed over the bar by steamer Pbenix. ->n the 1st iust. Sciir Ps.quoT.?A letter from Key West, dated Julv 27, lias the following notice of the wreck of the Pequot, of Warren, HI. before reported:?" Schr Pequot, I'hinney, was wrecked a lew days ago on the reef, under very suspicious circumstances. She was from Ne w Orleans for Charleston, cargo beef, |mrk, oa'a, tobacco,Sit. Sire stopped here rcvvral data, ami when she sailed two Teasels followed her. They returned on the 23tl?, with her cargo, having wrecked her in due form. It ap|>rar* to hire been publicly talked of here, and her b-ing wrecked astonished no one." The case w as to have been settled by arbitration. Serro or our Packets.?The editor ol the Savannah Kenublicin says:?" We sailed from New Vork on the 22d June last, ill the brig I'liiliira, for this port, in com|>aiiy with the ship Russell Glover, for Liverpool. By the accounts |>er Great Western, received yeati rday, we observe that the latter vessel arrived at her nori of destination the same day that we did, viz on the 11th Jnly." Short Passaoe.?Ship Horatio. Howland, arrived at Macao in I06H days from New York, said to be the shortest passage on record. She did not reef topsails daring the passage. Whalemen. Arrat Nvw Bedford lflth iust. Milo, Pacific Ocean, with 3t)fl0 bbls sp oil. lleaid Irom Jan IS, Foster, Natit. I V) sp; Rum II, NB. 400; Feb I, Geo Champlin, Newimrt, lttitl; Roseoe, NB. 1730: Pciuvian, Nant. I000; Zone, do, IttJO; Sarah, do, PMKi. On the 31st March, the Mount Vernon, of New Bedford, while endeavoring to get into Tahiti harbor, very narrowly escaped ahipw rerk, and had it not been for the limely a<sis">ncc from the shipping End re odetits on shore, her loss ayonld Inve been inevitable. The reason assigned by the pilot for this accident, was thsr a long seru s of westerly winds had tamdacrd as unusual swiftue a in the current, and the w ind falling off, the accident was unavoidable. Tin anchor was immediately dropped, which cheeked the ship from forcing on the reef, ki*.ithe chain was slipped a> soon As a sufficient numbe r nf boats arrived to tow the ship from the ahoic. The anchor .was not recovered, but no difficulty was apprehended in obtaining it. On the fob I wing day, the Cambria, in attempting to enter Tahiti through the we itbvr passage, was set ashore in a small reel' just within tin s ntrancr, bnt was speedily relieved from that situation h> assistance of the vessels in the harbor. The was .-.ground about an hoar, with her stern afloat the whole time and nearly on her keel; the water was quite, and consequently the received Du apparent u*m*gr, made no water, ami ??i lowed tife into harbor. She hail about I'OflA bids sperm oil. Letter* from lli? Com Morris, of Falmouth, report her avith ru bills sp oil. Report having spoken March 30, of] M itsafuero, Virginia, NB. 160(1 ap. Spoken. Trenton, from New York for New Orleans, Aug 3, lat 31 50, Ion 74 30. Argu, 31 (lays from Rio ils Janeiro for Baltimore, July 38, lat 37 33, Ion 64 10. Orafton, 110 days from Boston for Macao. April 10, in Anjier R 'ails. Yhigail Richmond, of H ngoi, 20 Java from Charleston for M lotserat, no date, lat 21 27, Ion 26. Viola of ami 21 days from Boston, July 23, lot 26 40 N, Ion CO W. Heel*, ft day* from Branit> wine for St Kitts, July 39, lat 31 IC Jon Hi 20. Trinidad, of and 16 days from New Haven, July 22, lat 26 10, loll CO. Alpine, 15 day* from Bo.ti n, July 3ft, lat 31 6, Ion CI 30. Forrlgn I'nrta. Sr John, NB. Aug 2?Arr J ones Clark, Boston; Scotia, do; lib, Finn,do. fid 4th.<iov Rihbin., Philadelphia. 4^i t.ncc, Aug ft?Arr Jane, Cuba; Amaranth, do; Ilowena, Trfn ty. I Id 6th, Hhelmi ri , Aberyatwith; Ocean Uurrn, Newry; Bachelor. London; Bridgetown, Cork; Indus, l.iveipool; M eteor, Hull; ftth. Northern Conference, London; A ;nc* Jane, Kingston, Ja; Ciicassian, Liverpool; Shi rbrook , Cork; Bilfour, Whit'liaven. NssiaU. NP. July IB? Arr Jas Power, Baltimore; loth. Sarah Ann. 8l Tlioinw. 4'lit 23d, Margaret, An 2ith, Jam's, lit Jehu NB; F.rmini, NYork. St Tiiom S.I, July 77?1.11 rt, Cora, from Philadelphia for Mararaiho, next day; D'l)?" .from D imarara for Areeiho, in i few days, to load for Phila ' phis; Wampanoag, from New Vork, iti?g; Orleans, from II liimorc, do; Water Witch, do do; m Boston, inat arr; Viola, do do. Sid llith, Larch, fr. m Port Spain, Trim for U i ward; He i Bird, do for Baltimore; Helen Mar, do fir North Y armouth; Rienzi, Boston for Mara1 ,1111; Aurora.for F.llsworth, Me. Potsrs:, Pit. Jul) 29?No American vessel* in port. BeftHADTM, July II?Arr Del nv ire, I'hilaui Ipln I nits il SlalfH Forts. F.ssiroxT, Aug ft? Arr (Jerm, Halifax. Cbl lib, Warren, Alexandria; fttli, Oread, do; nth. Challenge, NYork. Poan asp, Aug ID? N' aruvsl or clearance smeooor last.? The wheather, whieh h el been thick and ramf for i number l' lay*. conii liiiK tli tv b.und ??t n* and tbound iti out, gw iv yrilerday morning, and a number *Rilcd, but it eatne in thick toward* flight, ind they returned. Thl? morning, wind S4K. and trry ri>trv: y? Nr.wat arroAT, Aug'>?< un?' up.Cg?araii|Cette. Boitoi*. Aua II?Arr Cotuit, Amandi.Owtnc, Norwich, (Janxe*, and Unci*. Albany; KlixabetH, NYork. Below, B*-| id*re, from Manilla. Telegraphed, Grand Turk; bnrrl ? ftiicnal for 2 bark* and 3 brig*. ('Id Caroline fc Miry, At IV tar a* burg; Henry, Cgiw Hay lien; Ell* worth, Matania*; Harriet, Albany; Bcnj Oigelow, NYork; Mail, do. Arr 10th, Henry Cuiiia, Albany. . N*w Bedford, Aug JO?ArrCoparnic ' *>' N V ? ..... Providf.*ck, Aug lB-B?low, MuurV4, from Wilmington, Nr. with damage. Ntw Hirr.i. Auk 3?Arr Chancellor, from Ht Ki?U ma Se ; Thomas. I Pm iladp.lphI a , Aug 12?Arr Washington, Sands Heads March 14, and Madras Apiil 3; ('lira, Port an rl tit: Des|?atch. ft 'Pliojmai; Will, Ponce, Pit; Ann Eliza L. Maracaibo; J Brick, Providence: Harriet Porter, NBedford; Comet, NYoiU; Dolphin, do. Below, Due d'Orhv.ns, I'm Leghorn, coming up. Cld l)elo? VV.ii Indies; Porto Rico, Boston: Cygnet, do; ill (I Kii>i, NV I'lmi i, do. C, in the Sei'.ux Will, Statirs, I PictoviAltamah , V aehatn, Mas ; \ Marsh If, Boston; Bci* ', Hioghi m, Mass; Areniamenai, Harwich. I Norfolk, Auk 8?Arr Gladiator, Boston. Sid V A Seward, T II Charli I . A \ O - i NYoifc. Savannah, Aug R?A (IB Lamar, NYork; Thoosa, V w Orleans; Jane, (Br) Nassau, NP. C!d Robert B Bel nnt . \ T1 CITY DESPATCH POST. POST OFFICE, NEW YORK.?The Post Mnt. r GeneC ml heing desirous that ill <"icy Letters, commonly known h> the name of Penny Letters, shout 1 lute thy adv.nitnfct* of th<' mo,t r ii'id dnliveiy, h t? icd? red that a I'NITKP STATES CITY DESPATCH POST should be established with three deiii i each day: with a view, theretort, to put the same into immediate o; eration, the Post Master of this city In* made tii arrt'iK' incut with Mr. Alkxamhh M. Gavin, the prop ietoi of the City D-.*?|taich Po?t, liy which he discontinues u? < . ind i i ' the proper! a I u , g< ituu now in i him i t OAs Depart i it The rost Master lias secured the ?ei vices of Mr. Gretg, in con ueiioQ with Mr. William Bivmouk, who will auiwriuund this Department An additional number of awoin eariiers litre he. ii employed to carri the City Letters, wholly iudt n ndent of Leltemree. iv. d l.v \1 .;i- V...: - - ? ? given, that *!| Lrtii r* placed in the boxes attheva.ii, aHull*, together with ,11 t'? Cm I,. iters dep., ted eillu.iii the Pot! Office or in tin U licit Pint Office, will lie under the I eh .Hue of the D-iutnu-ut, and will lie rccciv, J t" .r r.ijiiil ih livery at the hours mentioned lie-low. Letters addressed to parlies renting Boxes at the U|i|ier and Lowe.' Post Offices, will be d< |Hisitad in them *s heretofore, unless a rr.jUest is luadu that lhe\ be seut by the City D# oat eh Post. STATIONS. 1 Letter bene are placed at one hundred st in various i mi is of the City, and all letters dep sited therein, will he ; line tually Jelivi red three times .t day (Sundays excepted), at three cents each; optc-n being given, tirhcr to free the leiter in the in.. nown in the followiiut regulation*. orleave the poaa- ' age to lie collected ofth- part" t? ? "otn the letter is cddr*; sed. 1 POST-PAII) LETTERS. Letters whi?h the writers deiire to send IVer, must have a 1 free stamp affixed to them. \ o . tamp has been prepared foi that purpose, and may b procured at itln r if th Fostolfice* ami all tin- stations. The charge w ill he 3> cents i er dozen, or $?.M per hniuln <1; the reduction of price forthe . lar-.'-r-|USIltlt\ In ini; mailt w ith a v it w to the rtccoinmod oitni i of those parlies s ti ling a coasi Jeraldo number of circulars, I accounts. St '. , All letters intended to he S'lit forward to the General Post Oilier forthe inland mails, uiunhavca free stamp affitidlo them. UNPAID LETTERS. Letters not having a free stamp, will bechanced three cents, | payable by the l>arty to whom they arc addressed, on delivery. Letters anil newspapers addressed to the Editors of the pahic Piess, will be dativercd free. REGISTRY. No Money su it he pi t into tiie Bosks, aniens registered at tin- Upper Post Office, where a Registry will be kept for Letters, which parties may wish to place under siwciaf charge. Free Stamp* must be iffiscd to such Letters for the ordinary postage, ami an additional Free Stamp must be affiled for the registration; but all such Letters must be specially deposited at th? principal office. Tiie advantage* offered by this (Jan are? Pirtt?The secure and prompt transmission of nil regi. terrd Letters containing any special notice or matter by which means legal evidence may lie obtained of the due delivery of the same ; and the immediate despatch of any Letter or small package requiring instant delivery. Secondly. The certain and expeditious delivery of Mercantile Letters and Circulars, of Invitation* and Replies, (either under Free Stamp or unpaid,) ami every description of Commercial, Professional and Social Correspondent ; thus hiineing the most distant marts oftli" city, in effect near to ca h other, and providing the mean* of coikUiii intercourse at a v? ly moderate rate. II0UR8 0F DELIVERY, AT THE miKCirtL unun Upper Post Office, Park, and Lower Post Office, Mrrrhanl.' Lxchuige, every dav except Sundays. Letters deposited before 11% o'clock, A. M. will be sen! out for [delivery at 9 A- M. " 12*< " M., " I P. M. ? i. j p_ 4 AT THE STATIONS. Letters deposited before 7 o'clock, A. M. will be sent out fi r delivery at 9 A. M. " " It " t P. M. " " 2 " 4 " Limits of the U" S. City Despatch jPoxti will extend to Twenty-Second st. ail IT Iw r JOHN LORIMER OKA HAM. Po t Ms-t.-r. CLUB BOAT WAVE 1 FOR SALE. THE CELEBRATED six-oared Race Boat WAVE, victo-! torious in several closelv contested races, built oy Ctolius on tlie most approved model, and iti the host manner?in first rate order, and will be sold complete, at the low price of $126? can be seen at CKQUUS'8,400 Water st. _ an 13 e<?d'J:*r OIL! OIl! OIL! OIL!! EKFINED LAMP OIL.?A m? and splendid article is ' just received by the subscribers, and is now offered to the inibfic at a reduced price. It bums with a brilliancy surprised Df aoranr kind, ud being free from oaor andneithei emitting smoke nor forming a crust on thejwick?it will be found not ohlV h pleasant but an economical oil for all purposes Grocers ami Hotel proprietors are particularly invited to try it. The only depot in the city, and whrre :t is sold in any <i isnf:?ty to suit purchasers, is at 8AMANOS & BROTHERS, an 13 2m*r A<e?ts, 1 Wall street. "TWTNF^ yorK COLLEGE OF MEDICINE AND PHARMACY. ESTABLISHED FOR THE SUPPRESSION OF QUACKERY, IT AS met with the most unprecedented success since its com mencemeut, particularly from the nnfortnnatc victim* of unprincipled pretender*, who arc now daiIy gaining strength and eigoi uuner the judicious treatment of the C'oll?":e. The following preparations hav- already obtained u lelchruy uut aralrlfed in the aninl* of medicine. THE UNHIVALLTED TONIC MIXTURE. A certain cure fur all forms ofdysjtfpiia, low sptri's, loss ol apj' ;ir? , lassitude, cutaneous eruptions, sen ral debility, \ disposition to consumption, and all complaints arising from a disarrangem(Hit of the nervious system. It may he uUo used with great success in cases of fever and ague, and ns a preTentative f? vellow fever. Snld in bottle* \t SI and $2 each. THE PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIXTURE.. For the cure of all cases ol a delicate disease, or for pains in the hones, eruptions, sore throat, or any other distressing syin|?? toins, produced by an injudicious use of mercury, ?r by quackery. Hold in bottles at $1 and $! each. THE ANOPYNE LINIMENT. For the cure of rheumatic pains, colic, bruises, sprains, spinal Jdisease, nervous headache, pains in the joint*, and immediate and permaneut relief guai uiteed. Hold in bottles, ?j ct; 1 n;HE FRENCH ANTIPHLOGISTIC MIXTURE. Guaranteed to * are gonorrhoea, slret. and all mucopurulent discharges from the urethra. Sold iti bottles at 50 cents and ^HE AMERICAN ANT1BILOU.S CATHARTIC TILL. For the cure ot'all derangements of the liver, purifying the lood, excitiug t hp whole alimentary canal to Wealthy action, nd wivitK new vigor to the vital powers. This medicine is ntirely super ceding the drastic purgatives of the nostrum r'"!< THE FEMALE RESTORATIVE TILL. For the cure of those complaints peculiar to the female sis, and to restore and preserve the regular action of the female organs, Willi lull direction* and cautious as louse, and sold in boxes at $1, 50 cents, slid 15 rents each. SIR ASTLKY COOPER'S PILL. For the cure of cutaneous eruptions, gout, chronic rheumatism, and to improve the tone of the digestive organs. THE PA IILLAKY HKALINO POWDER, For the cure of sore miiples, nud superficial excoriations of the skin. Sold in closely etopt phi lis at 50 cents each. The,above preparations may also be had of the following suh-ageiirt ill tlii. ci'a:? J. W. I! usei, 'It I Broadway. Dr. K. M. Onion, 1*7 Bowery. Dr. King, 207 Hudson street. F.iias L. Thrall, 540 Orai.d street. Dr. Newman, 132 Cher?y atreet. Wm. Armstrong, KM Fulton street, Brooklyn. Principal olHce of the College for New York, at 07 Nassau street. By order, s3r W. H. HICHA RDBOW, Agent. SANDS' SA RS A P A RILL A. rPHE proprietors submit to the public the following certlfi* d- catev from a highly r.xpectaMr source, of a cttre made by using tin ir preparation of S.irs.unrill i. which i 'onnoi but have th'; effect of placing beyond all doubt the tur.tivu powers of this mrdiciiii' " NcwiYong, An.- I, ISI2. 1 M ?ir?. Smil ? (tfiitl* men : Under a t> * lin^ sens*?"?( gratitude inherent to a* .ill when suddenly relieved from sutf? r i?ic lid disease, 1 now, is in .ict ofjusticr due r?? y.?v; wi(h n view of r? li?- vini; the afflicted, in?l:e kn- w ?to fhe world the inestimable brm-flr f hi ? receive* ,.uifh? in** of your Raraap;*iHn. Iu the year JK32 I tailvd from Kngtand in a vrsse I b? uin. <?>r Quebec, end win!*- on th j .*?- ig?* jlrst di mViTi d the d incase which "*fu?r prou d to he .\ Mfr> nfHiciioo; and truly I em sa> " fr--ni ihc crown of n?\ bend to the sole of mv loot then- was no >i:niiieii in me.*' Fioin the time first in? ntioiy <1 d ?w?i until the present, a period of inore thin ten years, I li.ivemifi red ill that human n.t*nre was eafiibl if bearing ; 11 f1 I < n an* der the care of the most distinguished physicians bolh in this country ad<I Enitluid, visited Bith, Clu Itcnlnm, Bristol and Gloucester, tried van as specifics. unon* other itarii quantity of Swum's Panacea, used sulphur bitlis, &r. ike. As a last report I was induced t? wrap myself no in tar ointment, keep myself secluded, slimmed by all, myself also shu.iuing I was induced to believe my case a hopeless one. In August last, by th'* advice of friends, I went to the New York City float ital, but wai tliere told that my case was incurable. The disease new enveloped my whole oody, rendering me almost lu-1pl# ss; the skin thickened and cracked, and blood and inVter ran. and life became almost a burden. A few weeks since I was induced to n ? your Sarsaparilli by hearing it so highly recommended, having spent $'>000 without nhuiniiur but little relief. After n?ing if a short lime I found myself better, ami now by using six or eight bo'ties, costing me lews titan ten dollars, I am well ! Yes, I certify and declare to the world, that after spending ne-ir $3000 in travelling and doctorind mm* rim m r than can be told, I was perfectly enrad by using your i ivaluablc i reparation of Sars* par ilia; and 1 now recommend it to all similarly afflicted. Tho?e widling to ku >w Ai.ther jnttimUrs wiil And moat my residence, No. 27 Warren st. N. Y. where 1 shall he h ippy t?> communicue anv tbi ig in mixtion to tin above run . PAUL BURDOCK." Prepared and sold, wholesale and r< tail, and for x,notation, b ' A. B. Sfids & ('<>. 27 t Br iadw ay, corner of Clumbers ?r.? S ild also by A. B & D. funis, V) Fulton, corns rofG dd, and 77 Rost Broadway, ooroer Market rdrs $t ml3 It+r THIS DAY PUBLiSilKD-The Westminster llevh w, for I i Uo^ti:nts: 1. fnbscription* at th Univer Jtics 2. Roman Poets 2. Frederick the Great I. Amcririii Geology 5. Protacnon of ('bitdren?Mie* sand Collieries tt. Th<? Gueci ' Ball, '.d the Oxford Convocation 7. Part Hinging? 1 i.e (' cb*f fl. Prospects of the Fine Arts 0. Historical data of tha French Revolution 10. Wood F.ntrxving among Female Artists Critical and Miscellaneous Notices. Price $3 a vc-ar, or Ti rents a nnmber. JOifTH MA HON, Publisher, 102 Broadway, un stairs. LoA< to let. l.x| inr as above. anil It * re MEDICAL AID. I III. IIRKUOKV of No. 31 Molt atrrct. probably hu the * ' mnitrat-naive prerlire (Willi one or Iwo rireptiotia) <f any other phyairian in the city. Hia plan of treatment ha, b-com. v?fy po,mlar, ami In, advice ia much sought for, ei(?c* < ially hy a certain elaas of nnfortnoate victim . who m aftBoti'd with maladiea of a pr uiirr nature. We hue o(>, ti heard it ,h|rd lb,* " r-cent raiea admit of apac ly Wtfr," MM 1),. ror O. nature, n>thnt it i nothing But" mmon I'm him t ' IxTforiti perfect cu r o| ,nch caac, to a very IV w day., arid tint brinf the caac, how im|airtanl then that application ahoultl be mail, in tin early ataitc of th. diirv., ami, what i, very 'OOVcnicBt for m. cli mitt or Imainciv men, the Doctor iloc not limit hi, attendance to a few bourn, hut i> at home and may be eon.iilteii at any hour of the day or niyht. Mott atreet, No. 31, i, not a druit atote, althotnth it la near one, it heinii neatly opposite the church maltea it very eaay to find in the evening, miII lt-r ^OTlt'K..?Shtppeia |>er British Ban,ne Connteaa of Arran, for Liverpool, will |dene clear their good, at the Cu.torn House l'hu Day, aul3 Itr AUCTION SALES. in THOMAS BKLi. (flkru Jfottt ami Hi FuUon ilrerl.) SATl'HDAY. . Splendid S*li- of EIi iimi Kunnturr, of all d"*cripth'tii, at ' 10'. o'clork, ui the -al.?i.' in. MONDAY AMOS',o'clock, at C? rner ol ( llff md Knlten at. DiU7$t Chemicmt, Ffnuinf rv. ki -Th? lock if r1 .*I\ a.ti.!.- in 1:1 .rr, c-Tiier ui ? iff and K'llt. n ?tr. .will Ik , SOl'l WTlthllUt lYhTTP, i Alio, hlurri, ahelvea tclaaa caavi, fancy anicica, fcr. ( < m;*i?iin; .in um wnmoiilychoice iuhI |mir annul i f the Itstdru.i, i limniiuli,perfumery and faiir) ..rticlra, and K. m ml ik.ii i\ i>f Hip inoit ;.i?rri..i u imli in tin tin.-, A! .. . ill . In h i .I.n a , mi ... drawi is, paiuiiuvs, J ... in.n J chuts, e.aiiiters, kc. Sale positive. ' Tl KSDAY, Ai 10X nVliick, al 'Ik 4-u'tiiiB auiiim, ^ Extensive S lie < f Dry (II >od>. I lolaiii, (na , and i - d ?d article., li.pior*. tfroeeri. -, perfumery, k.c. BY lllKLL V MH I'LAllIl b, SATURDAY. At 10^ o'clock, at aalea room. Pianos, with an assortment of new and >< ootid liaml Ktirtii- . lure. TUESDAY. At lo?4 o'clork, al tin* auction room. Witip?, Liquora, Sr?rar?, k<\?Coii.iatiiu of very choice aoiith aide Madeira, Dutf Ucninu's pile and hrown alierrv. Tort and St JiiIipii claret, ehainparne of favorite li.audu; l)ni uy brandy in bond, cordials, >| tiin ran.l'ea, Hivaui and 1'iiiu ?e.-ara, brand's, wilh oilier articles in the li u . to which | ihe attcntioiiof piivate families n invited?to be aold in Iota to suit | urctuaera. .Also, bollinirr rhanijiaitne, anchor brand, iusl la.idcd, su|ttior m any wine in trail.. I Alio, 10,WKI imported Principe Sctfiu,' 10,000 Uuba do, 12,0(U , li'ili" Speiii ,h do. Al Ml, brandy, shriy and Madeira witlea iu demijohns of five Kalloiii each. K. II. T1MPBON. Aiifii. r. I ACOB S. l'LATT'S first rritular Kali tr.ulf a tle of Ilirilw*riji coll]l,r'*W ;t ,, >n 111 take i-lacr^T ?l 1*1 Alt , prise <1 fuM and extensive assortment of Birmingham heavy and J i he If hardware. t Also?SIk-jTh Id table aud pocket cutlery, well assorted, by ? um MckiKi uid from the il i I Also?German silver ware andjapaned ware, &< , &.C., nearly the wM< i whit I I l importation, nid the ittention of country as well of city, hard ware dialer* are solicited, a* flu . rauhicuo will embrace i early #v..-r article in the line. Cataloguej, will be n. ly fur delivery at ISo'elock ? n tlil^tli inatinb nil K+l M. WARD, Auctioneer. e QENKRAL AUCTION MART. 1 ill Broadway, enmrof Liberty sir* et.? Fashionable Furniture Furnishing Ajrti- I ides, < hina, Ac.?A. C. Humbert & Co. w.ll s? II this morning r if 10^? o'clock, an elegant assortment of l?.-!*t made fashionable furniture. including splendid tnah??eany wardrobes, b^??k r cies, v ilressing bureaus, centre, pit r. and card table*; S and liil' French chairs; mahogany rockers, wire safes; mahogany, j ainfed, aud enclosed washstands; mahogany French betlsteain, looking glasses; rich bronze and ormolu girandoles; german *il\? r w are; eh:gHit dinner, tea, ami toilet set* of Kr? nch and Ellu11 h china; mantel ornament*, Ac. Al ) ? afresh iuvoic* ofgenuine imported French toilet pet- '1 fumei y; several framed oil paiutinu* of merit, with other articlcs f onmnrt and tut, a in it*r MM> sQl TAK K NC)TIC'E ?At o'clock prienut Ccr*-?^-Srr?-jd>lv. This Afternoon. Saturday, Augu t lath, i rT? i dir the ;.tearner CLEOPATRA. leaves from I'n k slip. F t re through to Boston redact I to $2 cabin passage, $1 bo , deck do. Fare to Newport ;ind Providence $1 cabin, 76 cents deck. uil3 lt+i tu2\ for. ' \ i "oim1 < m. Us. s r anDRKWS A ST. JOHNS.-Bnamer HUNT" 'r-'s ,i,ir I'?p 11 l'.isseivers will leave Boston e*ery Friday, r;t 10l.t M. in . the Cars of the Kar.tcru Railroad for Portsmouth, from which pi ice they vsill he conveyed by the well known s ten Hit r Hunt- ! ress to the above places. Returning, the Huntress will leave Sr. Johns, every Tuesday, at 7 A. M. and Krsstport at j? P. M. and arrive in Portsmouth on Wednesday in time for the I o'clock train for Boston. Fare fo Kastport, SO I Calais and Sf. Andrews, $6 60 i ; ; 81 (Meals extra.) This route ofl'ers to persons seeking enjoyment, many inducement.?a country iboQQdjni in fine lakes and thfeipp f choice fishing ; also game of oil kinds, with other attractions interesting to sportsmen. n72m*r ? Va KOR ALBANY, TKOY and lut.rmi- < wit*mediate places.?The splendid low pressure * HE frfg'Tgr ?w..f SWALLOW, Captain A. M'Lean, ( will leave the foot of Courtlandl st. Wednesday after- r noon,''August 10th at 5 o'clock, and Saturday 13th, M 6 o'clock. 1 2T/* The above is a substantial Boat, fitted up with elegant ji S'atc Rooms, and for accommodation ih unrivalled on the y Hvdion. M f For nissage or freight apply on board, or to S. M. DllKW, at I the office on the wharf ft? c fURSJON TO HARLEM, on Sub* I fls-?iy afternoon, 14th August?Fare 12,** cents? ! "" rh" new steamboat JACOB BF.LL, Captain Richard Vales,will leave the pier foot of Goiiverireur St. a' two o'clock?lhlte st. L4 past 2, Rooscvi It st. > past 2 and Di lancy i st. at 3 o'clock?Returning, will leave Harlem at half-pa*t five. j The above trip wdl afford to the citizens of New York a fine vi. w ofju East Rivt p, Hitrlgate, and the % iriousinibHc build ingi, 11 ni.icKwrii * isimiu, iLcmg manu r <rin% ?. . Mils lf*M- ? an cheap excursion To THE sea feT=3fc^BAS9 BANKS, OFF SANDY HOOK.? t . umZTm^mA-Vfr'' 12 1-2 cti;nts each way.?The snlnuntial itfimer NAPOLEON. Captain Peacock, on Sunday next, U* Kii*t Mtb. \ ill l^ave for the above place an follows Amos st. J 8*4, Canal 8 1-2, Piki# 9, Delancy 9 1-1, Pier No. I North River ? f*| .'r!<?c!{. This boat caught 500 sea bass anil 1000 paugieson Wednesday ' and great success npy he expected this trip. Tho-e w ho have never witnessed the capture of a sea po-? poiiw w ill find th?s a (rood opportunity, as Captain Peacock in prepared w ith his harpoons. All kind* of Refreshments at the Bar. Bait furnished at cost. eul3 lt*r ! xX-^ - h t) K I ((? N I) (> \ ? U? ^ 111 11 I i !; t ?if t h' '." Ih A?* i The first class fast r.ailiiu packet skip WEST- i !** i i wTs^11 v<tTFU ' \ \ Moore, will * iil an above, heiug her re^uUrday. . . i Having superior accommodations f<?r cabin, 2d cabin and i steerage pass: u<ers, persons intending to embark should make immediate application on board, or to the subscribers. * GLOVER & Mc MURRAY, 100 Pine st. aul3 r corner of South st. ~ I'ASSA(iE V()ll L O NDON? Paeltet tuth Aug. WHwVThc splendid fait fast sailing paektt ship WESTf rf ila vu'i'i' ii Captain Moore, w ill sail punctually on Saturday, Attjr, 20,her regular clay, and has {splendid accommod '' ms I 1 snip, -vl ibta, md steerage pa leogers, who will be tiken at low rates,? trly application be niadr nn board, or to W. Ik J. T. TAPSCOTT, 43%ck slip, or 52 South si. corner Jones' 1 me. Drafts for any amount, payable on demand without di-count in all the principal towns o! England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, c an at all times be had on application as above. an1)r xAtfT FOR LI VERB'K.JL?to sail on the 15th instant?the A.I.British Bar |?.e COUNTESS OK ARRAM. JSbmJSa^ Captain O'Bryeii, ? < w loading at pier I'J E It., will positively be despatched as above, wind and weather |>crmitting. Fur balance of freight or pi^sajre. having excellent Accommodations for Cabin, Second Cabin and Steerage, passengers, all of which will he taken at the lowest rates, apply on board, or to aul3ftr JOHN HERPMAN,6f Booth street sj x - Ki)K \ EW ()'|ILE.\N -I' i .. ', ' i only bffvSrV Regular Parkct?Louisiana and New York Line.? Sk&MmTh* very, fast sailing j acket shin LOUISVILLE, Caj't. M Hunt, having a largo portion of iter cargv on boaid, w ill sai' as abeve. I For freight or nassage, having superior furnished accommodations, apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot of W;?ll st. or to E. K. COLLINS & CO. 56 South st Great care w ill be takeu to have the goods by thi* line cor Agents in New Orleans, Hullin St Woodruff, who will prompt!} forwa <1 all goods to the! i dd tiff KOH LIVKIU'OOL?HrguUr Packet of I3?h of WfjrSV Au-?. fTinwell known fa^t sailing packet ship ?fe?Jg?iV' lilt* I NI AN, Captain Allen, will sail positively on tl?? I J'li ot August, it being her regular day. This ship his superior accommodations lor cabin, second cabin ami steerage passengers, who will be taken on numerate terms. For further particulars, please apply on board, foot of Maiden I m *, or to ULOVER & McMUKKAY, loo Pine street, auJl r corner Aouth ?t. <1 " HOlt-K. AT AUCTION.?The reVW .1 m<ldl? Jirr>lloi>e JOHN TVLKR w ill be sold at T tl. sill'. . II - Monday Aug. 15th. He is seven years old has been used I at-.* I y as ?. lady's saddle bote, will stand without tying, nnd of endurance?has travelled in harness 102 miles in a day and a half and 27 miles in 2 hours and 55 minutes, w ith ease nnd' v th sudJb ? warranted perfectly sound. an 12 2tis*re 'PU THOSE INTERESTED.?Deeming it iocuinbcut lip A ou eveiy person, alter having derived benefit from theuse of a medicine, and been raised as it were from the verge of . i, re, to | i Mtsk l lad ; i'lniLs to all suffering ts I w s, for none could be, to all appearance, so near death and he raised to the enjoyment of health, as myself. In the foil of 1811 I was taken w ith a couch. However incredible it may upi? r. I r nart of mattei in twenty- ur hou ed blood at sundry limi s, pain tnrourh my chea*, left side and shoulder, regular hectic and nifilPswea s, mv bowels became loose, feet and legs swelled, and to e\i ry aopcaran c beyond re. nvery. It was impossible for lite to lay. I was obheed t-be propfw d up in bt d to obtain my re t; coughed almost ineessan'h. I w.? it;r nved t? th? country, thinking to revive or- b'Mn fir from tin- ufoice of a very eminent physician,who after trj hi utmost skillpr< jounced in. beyond cure. V, ;. fomilv \s ii 1? grr .t difficulty orou . f f me li mkfo the citv, being v muc v . O it ivgl, 1 mtlj thinking I was dying,sent for my former physician; his opinion !? ing solimited, lu* - ;*!, as 1 was tola, he would not b?- surprised if I did not live two hours,am! I believe he thought 1 was tlietiuying; he told ??- m> lungs were pretty much gone. \W then I <r tH flnt tunc In i:d of tl.?- many womb rfu! <u e* effected bythcuv .?f the T imin vntia. Among those wa-i the r* storafion of Mr. F. W. Willi ins, ni ?t?r writer, upon whom my wtie called; hi* app annce rorrc->i ending with his wir?ls,gnve us encourAg'-itu ut. Having given up all horn s *f recovery, 1 thought 1 could fry, it, as no harm would he realised in mj state from the ui? of \b<* me die iris, 1 then commenced taking the above mvdiciue, arid received great benefit from the first bo'tlc; after taking tour or five bott es, I v. as enabled to walk half a md? sud return with a firm step; my appetite became good; could eat roast beef or anything my appe ite ciavrd; before taking this article, 1 could not keepsny thing on my stomach, however simple m\ diet. I now weigh nearly mv usual weight, and feel w ell. 1 hope every person ofllicten as I have described, will use the remedv. Th re is no doubt in my iniud but there will bt? a cure effected. I will be very hipp to rtr Ave all those that wi I rill on rnp At mv re mul will endrnmr t<. fft ve armfisfo* tion ihoitld thi? not prove ?*ti?f*ctory. Yoiirv, w illi r?*i>eci, . .11 MI'S ( SMITH, 21 Bedford ?f. To Or. H. C. Tiioup, 13! Or- , nwieli l ine, e .r. nil' ?' npcpaitc lli 3th aveiiHe, N. Y. City, ("i n ry and State ,,| New York, i?. Jolim Smif'i, of Ik* ??iil "If ikni named, brine duly iwoip. ??i'li (i. ii lli-- lad i. ?!? < 'I "i t'. above comm intention tinned i,i* end dedicated to Dr. H. J|' |'| '?'r'' "'vVl'T11 Svv,,-n l>- f,"b me, lli* H?I day J'i'jJS'- , . mi l ZtSsYI*r W. I,. SlORRIH, Com. of l).*da. l^NOMSIl MAIL \OTICK?l<?lter ha** for Liverpool I j per |l onl >lni St. atner C timbiv. from lloitnn, will clove at Harnden'a i.vpreaa and Yoreinn Letter Ollice, 3 Wall atroet, on donday, Ainruat Sith, at }\ to S o'clock, P. M. aaUtilth r HAR.NDF.N it CO. (JSOC liK.H MID -Twenty-liveDollar* Reward will to i no p&O for auch informaiion ;?v wilt load to tin- conviction ol in* thief who dn. up oi.I car it -1 away from the Court Yard of ih* dwelling of the underrined.on the night of ihe lltii in it -nt, tr, o BtUcin i f Kir Tn ?. aiilTt3f ri _ M'lSM MAYNARD. Jr. 44 Union Tlar*. VOTIfE.-IIEKBKRT ATKINS, (or many year* conis nected with the old Tcriann I.uncli, aunonncta, with pleaanre, that ha will on Monday n*?t, the ISth in*', i.pc n the llol- l, 157 Brotdway, at which lint* an.I place lie will be mo,r happy (to receive liia IrieiuL ami i n terrain them in the go -I old faaluonedatylo. aall ?od?t?r BANK NOTE PAPRHi-yo.iwt aheet* Bank Note Taper, of < iraon manufacture, a very anne-ior article, jiul received, and fir tale by PEKSSE St BROOKS, an 13 r fil Liheftv afreet. A NJYfHfcit MCTi-ll Rack cHALLtxiH At KP7 ? KD.?Dorlon not satisfi*-I with th last r.ic?> whi'h pl;'C? it Castle Gardm, August hth, h.? rhsllrn.: d Holwrt* agiin, to row th" aaine wont iiul the same In in Mi* aim* place, which ha* bron accept* and it will coin oft this aftern at 1 o'clock. Ad much ? *c Knw n' is c? ? 'in* between the puiit s, great sport ma> be rxpt'iU'd. li'LUiSc, dMsil liOl'BLnoNS, Knji-h w. ,|k ^ I'u land Notes, bought and told af ..,a S. I. MYLVKSTKiCS, au!3 r Mil Broad war an-1 w ?ir-e_i. _ lYli.LS III- I'M II \ M.K on ,1' part* 'I ' ' Irelmd Y and Scotland, vnmv in <>f fi, ?'^ _*- JS n".'l r -vLvkmLKv yjg r WESTPHALIA II K MS?-About WO Wewnhalia llama, of w rcrv superior niiilirv, wholesale anftr^Uit, imported and for salt by J. C. .MULLLR, 79 Pearl st. aa)J It r ^ aml\sements. hikura oarhicw. : * to- VAUf ?l-:VI I.LE NIC; I IT -tL) V1ISS AVIIks. Mils. PBIT< HABE? MM. ( III[M'F NI' A I K, Mil. T PL AC IDF mil j hhhfck. MM. <xa kk SECOND NIGHT Of BORROWED FEATHER S. I< ir?( Ni.'ht the,,. f.'tir yean of Slid MM. K\ t'ATh. rms>, a?tiu.i llith, the in-rt rmaucea coniniiucu eaaolly -t 8 o'cl< th. witli A GUANO OVKHTUKK. To be artreeediil In ibe | V unlet ille of the BOHItOWKD i KATHKH8. irr Meredith Merrj weaihtr, Kiahi . | Tom Tray, T Placid* In Frank Milb.uik, W Clark I Koaauioud, Mr* Prilehard La vender, MiaaAyria luar'rrol an hoar's intermission will be allowed lor Krfie-h menu in the Grand Saloon. After whit It, Au OVEllTUKK, combininjt moat of the beautiful Mrlodira of Ireland. Arranged einrraaly for this establishment. 'I n he ucceeded by r SHOCKING EVENTS. h111 enlioof, I I ('apt Hpolf, Clarke >lr I'ujiiis, Kialier | Dorothy, >!ra I'm haul Kl?y. Miaa Ayr. a 1 M" whole to conclude* with THE PROMENADE MUSICALE. L 1 le proprietor reaiectlally informs the publie, that in soinpliatice will. Che wishes ,.f numerous tiaitora, thia much totimed | rt ol the ciiiertwiiimenu, w ill be (,'ivcn after the performances III the Hah u are over. Aetiu;' Maiiauer, Mr rhippc'inlah. Mil,,, ,1 l.eftu, r 'ui.l Director. Mr K Wool ft I li ked.?4b eiuCa - ' rn o riuc'u, Knlr i t.uiin.inte to cornineure CHATHAM TItKATHB," rf> " The public i? re?|a-ctfullv intormeil that this ever fa'"nte place of entertaiiim. hi w ill re*, p.,, lor the aeaaon on Monday mailt m it, Aumat IJth. Dunn* the reeeaa it will unlertto a tlmrouvh renovation, such aa will render it the moat -1 Bint m the United Stales?lirat rate Arliata hare been employ d lor a h iieili ot Mine m earculin.' denmi. ol .a in nn ure, which, U>Kelher with the novelty and latent m he d, will increase the t me of this Theatre, ami eau*e it to stand ilnne and unrivalled for theatrical representation, which u ha litherto done. The designs on the Tiers are as follow* 1st Tier?American Battles and Victories, achieved at ss ?anted by P. Ui. in. ? n. and J. H. Smith. 2d Tier?The Likenesses of the Pieaident* of the Timed !ut< ?, by P. Grain, jr. '.id T'er?Glorious American Achievements on Land. paintd by J. R. Smith. To these sileudid designs will he added, a beautiful ATT )ROP, displaying the eng*gemeut b? tweu 44 The (Joiutituinn* an "The Uue?r.t re,*and a New Curtain. Both of,which have been painted by P. Grain, sen. nude ihose immediate direction the decorations will take place, aul Gtr VAUXHA LL GAR OUR, B E N KFIT OF MR. JACK SON. MR. BKOWNK'8 hist Appearance. MR. W. II. WILLIAMS'S Last Appearance. .'HIS EVENING, August 13th?To commence at 8 o'clock, with the comedy of the TURNPIKE GATE. Crack, . (Mr W H Williams (with Songfof 44 Humming is all the Fashion.") Comic Song?" The Steam Arm," Mr Wiiliauis To conclude with THE LADY AM) THE DEVIL. Vildlovc, Mr J. S. Browne | Jen my, W H. Williams Tickets 26 cents. 1t*r iiim/s RF.u YOHiC SfCBSuHT" A CARD.?Tlu- public is respectfully informed the New fa York Museum will he clo ed'in the evening till ?he evens! ve alteration* and improvements are finished. It i* the inentionof the subscriber * o re-open on or about \l?e 21Uh of An* funt, and pledges himself at that time to show the public one of lie most magnificent and rt lined places oi aiuus-unrtc to l>* Sound in the United States. G. 11 1ULL. ai?!2 lm*r AMKHICAIV Ml/SUtfN AM> <JAUDKJiN riORNKH OK BROADWAY AND ANN STKK ^ opposite St. Paul's ( hurcli. P. T. BARNUM, MANAGER. INCREASED NOVELTIES!! Mr. Winchell, the unrivalled comic drollrrist. W Hid Diamond in their Banjo Evtravagan/is. The ?ip?eyOirl can he privatfely consulted throuihovt the d vithout extra charge. The Model of the City of Dublin Tul and Young Nick, in which Mr. Winchell sustains sixehaactera. A splendid Dron Curtain, representing 44 Byron'i )ream," painted by RL\ Oscar F. Almy, a native artist. Ei icrimrut? in Animal Magnetism ; Miss Rosalie, the potmla r ocalist; tin Albino Lady ; Fancy Gloss Blowing, and Gran yosmorama ! Balloon Ascensions every night at ten o'clock. )ay performances Wednesday and Saturday afternoons at >'clock. Day visiters idmitted fret in the evening. Admission to the whole Museum, GawJcn and Entertain m nt* 26 cent*?Ghildri .. half price. jy?tr A MI KHAN 'I HEAT RE, Wllnt street PHilsMphi !.? Ladies ami gentlemen desirous of entering into engage* mui ; unuiuiiilli'lll lur me rustling StaSOII, Will ,ileas< addn ss tin ir cGnuiiuiiiciitsnus (post iwiil) to CHARLOTTE J. Cl'SHMAN, m aitw r E. A. MARSHALL, lm.e. TMIK MERMAID, anil other wonderful specimens ot the Animal Ciraiion. Tilt- public arc resjicctfully informed that in accordance with lumerons and urgent solicitation* Irani scientific Gentlemen in Ilia city, Mr. J. GRIFFIN, Proprietor of the Meimaid, recsut y ariivrd tram IVriiainhm o, S. A. haa consented to exhibit it o the Public. positively FOR ONE WEEK ONLY! For this purpose he haa procured the Siiaciom Saloon, known as CONCERT HALL, 104 Bioadway. Which w ill open on MONDAY, August 8th, 1812, And positively close on Saturday. the 13th inat. Tbia Animal was l iken ma; the Kejee Islands, and purchased for a large sum by the present proprietor, for the Lyceum ot' Natural History, in London, and ia exhibited lor this short period more for the gratification of public curiosity than for the [iiiriiose of g"in. 'i he 1'ropiietor having been enjtaced for several years in ra rious parts of the world in collecting the most wonderful s|? c imens in Natural History, has ill his possession and will at the ante time submit to public inspection. THE OHNITHORHINCHUS. From New Holland, being the connecting link between tho Seal and Duck. THE FLYING FISH, Two distinct species, one from the Gulf Stream and one from the West Indies. This animal evideutly couuvru tte Bird with the Fish. The fasdille Tail Snake, from South Aineiica. Thai till en, or Mud l<|uan i, an intermediate animal be twee u * tin' IM^Ieaiidthe Fish. The"Wote us Sangiiilius, a subterraneous Animal from a grot to in Austria, w ith various other animals, forming cai.necting links in the irreat chain of animated nature. Hours of Exhibition from 9 o'clock, A. M. to 10 o'clock, P. M. Tickets ot'admission 25 cents each. a7 Otis* MAGNIFICENT ATTRACTION. SEA MONSTER ; SEA DEVIL. t-JMIK GREATEST NATURAL CURIOSITY IN J- AMERICA.?Tim rrniiriflnr of lliia timrimMi begs laave to announce t<> the pnblir. that he has for Kxhihi rion, at the Bowery Amphitheatre, the 8ea Devil, which wai captured on the Apnf, 1812, in the Harbor of (.'harlestou, S.U? aft'-i a desperate struggle with 2G men in 7 Boat*. The proprietor of this DU)D?trr feels confident that the lover* of the curious and the scientific will be highly gratified iu viewing this inarvi Hour production of the mighty Jeep A i"alf, which wis born .after her capture, will also he ex hihited. They tnsy he visited by both sexes, as they are not at all offensive, slid every effort will be made to reudrrthe ex hibitiou agreeable and satisfactory. j% 17 1?n*c f~ToiTLKC jf lONS on .dl part's of the United States, made on ^ the ino^t I'tvorahl ' terms, hv 8. J. 8YLVILSTKR, 22 Wall st mI3 r __ __ ai,d__130 Broadway. STII.t KCRTlIKR PROOFS Oh the ?ffica y of D'. Moffat's LifeaMedirines in curing Li ver Complaints, Dyspeysiaand Fcvtr and Ague. Tlie following letter from Dr. Caleb Carpenter siksIcs for itself, and is therefore submitted without further remark Bristol, July 1st, IJH2. Doct W. B. Moffat? 1 .sin a regular bred physician, admitted and licensed, and have like the rest of my professional brethren, been prejudiced in favor of regular practice, so very pe culiar to the physicians of the present day; but haying been ail eye witness of the curing of sevtrrl inveterate diseaa t by the Life fills and Phenix Bitti my own family and hi my |?r.ictice, I am constrained to recommend them to the use of every I nnily, aa s whole some, easy and powerful medicine?easy, as they produce no griping, as is common for cathartics?wholesome, as it is purely vegetable?powerful, as it may be seen by a common observer that it in . powerful matin *r cleanse* the blood from all imparities, which i? rierevt-inr ill evr ry disease. And I would also recommend the Life rills and Hieuix Bitters to every uupreju.lired physici m, as I am confident that after a thorough knowledge of the medicine, physicians will nse it without prejudice. Under iny prescription I *i?ve w,tm rssrd the cure of one liver omplaiiit, two of ever uid igmi my w ife of ear ma cough one child of worms, and person* too numerous to be mentioned who have been benefit ed by this medicine . I have so high an esteem lor the medicine that I ask you to send me a hn wired dolbrb* x is ac?#ari as practicable. Yoori Willi ri>s|iect. (Signed) CALF.B CARPKNTKR, Physician and eurycon, Michiran. b or sale by r. W. B. MdKFAT, 37j Br uiwav. and by his a- . v* in thecitv .od conn try yv 13 lmis#c FOR THK HAIR. ROW L A ND'S M A C A SS AR OIL rpHK extraordinary effic.vry, and happy an**lgamatic i of its purely vegetable ingredients, lun . n ;?h d u triumphantly to |mss through every medical and physi logic ?l test, until it ha.; m i w become justly renowned throughout tin* world fur its remark ih'e viitue* in nourithing, preserving, and beautifying the human hair. To enter here into anything like a full detail of its several transcernUfit pro|ieriies, would be in act of shim n rogation of the proprietors, who have alr<*?ly more fully irtaieu on pi?*aniyeci in * uuie jmimimiei hiiwii accompanies each bottle' <?f their Macassar Oil,and wherein useful hint* and advice will be found subjects of baldness, grey hair, and on the early culuire of children's hair, Itc. fcc. At present, it will be merely *ufTieieiit to brielly notice some of its principal virtues, as a mild stimulative, corrective, aud preservative agen to the hair. Ft is the only article that produces and restores hair; also w hiskers, musUchiua, ami eye brows; prevent* hair from falling off, or turning trey to the latest period of life; changes grey hair to iis original color?frees it from scurf. and makes it beau* rifu'ly sofr, curly and glo?sy. In dressing keeps it firm in the curl, numpired by damp w? ather, crowded assemblies, the dance, or in the cv icjse or riding. To children it is invaluable, a* it lays a foundation foi a beautiful head of hair. TESTIMONIAL. To Messrs. Rowland St Hon, ?f? Hattcn (hnlen. London. 21 .Mason *t, Old Kent Road, London. Gentlemen? About August, law, my hair Iwgan t fall off, and m so r*pid a man in r, that in the space of a mouth my head was ai moat divested of hrtii 1 tried several preparations for tts recover) without thesli.V<st benefit, wlien one day yourcircular, in Ml/olliiis' Min ?>f d caught rny eve; I ventured in the purchase of a small ..tile of "Rowlaid's .Macs*- ar Oil.* * after usiii'r which I found mv hair was beginning to re appear, arid accordingly I purchased s largerbottle, which, when tmi-btd If? It satisfied that I had pmved in my own person ill you profess as to its restorative quapiies: in short, afrer tw*? months Steady purse.vcxancf in lis u*e I had got as good a head of hair as at any time in my life, for which permit me ?n offer my thanks I h?ve delayed writing to you for si* month* (from the time oflcaving .fftbe Oil) wishing to test the permanence of its r?*i>f<'ran>n. I find it continue* as fiim and thick as btfora it began to fall off, with every prospect of its continuance. I am, gentlemen, I our * obediently. JO US FOSTKK. CAUTION. On purchasing (1* ware of counterfeit*!) nee that a small label is . (fixed to * sell i>vVvi i v/if ..V1". ' her* (hi*. " MKHSRS. DODOh, ( LMMING k CO., lie., only'agi uts. New York,** without which none aru genuine. je I MtiwJldr . . . ,'X SOTl< h m w \HON Hl'ILDKRB?Th? sub i p, scribcr. Proprietor of New York Tattersalls, will f ] / )_ make liberal advances in ('ash, ou all New Light VP i*mi* weist to his*- itablishmcllt for sale. Bunders in the country can rely ajnin having every attention paid to their orders. For fui titer particulars, as to terms, k". apply fo <sko. w. tiLi.V.R, au6 Prnpriefo-"*4* v v '"-"-*? *>?*. n* Broadway. fl" _ A PA.MILV FTOHlO;.?A K.rnfly H< me .ml * .a IVy-m n nit ilt lor which c..h will h, pita. Tl.e jLL2JL-**?o.i mil.t be in 11'oJordcr iort tl.? hour u-mlr mil nui.t. Addr??? by I.iter, E, H>r?ld office. null 3tr PtjitTUOVESE FEMALE PILLo. rpUKSK. f.r-f.mcil ?nd celebrated Till., from Portngwl, are, I we in rrciTc, to be nht.inrrl in fhn country. See'i.ement on thi. U.t column "r'"" **~ """ rn.t i? nK. JAMKR ALKXANDBR HOUSTON ha. removed hi. Corr.uLTIniJ 0??' - , Hkralp Bt ii nrwu corner of Nuho ?nd F' j?3toiin.c I

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