Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 14, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 14, 1842 Page 1
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TH Vol. VIII.?Mo. 993 ?Wiiol* Mo. 307 I. REGULAR PACKETS. ~~NEWTrSTETOF TTVETfToOL packet*. " ii]from New York on the 25th and Liven,ool ou Ih? 13th of ?ach month. a m ^ ? ^KrTm New TMIt Ship SIDDONS. Cantaiu E. B. Colib, aith August Slup SHERIDAN. C*|.uio F. A. Dei*?w?r. tfth SppwmV 8hi|> UARKICK. Captain VVm. Bkiddy. Hth October. Ship ROSCIl'S, Captain Jehu Collin., tith Novrmb r. KHUN Lll KRPonL. Ship OAUHICK, Captain Wm. Ski.ldy, 13th August. Ship KOSCIUS. Captain John Collins, 13lli S*|4embe r. Ship SIDDONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, I3tli Octobeti. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain K. A. De|wy?ter. 13th Novam's These .hip? are all of the lirst claaa, upwards ol 1000 Inns, built in tliv city ol' New York, with such imia-ovrmeuta as comkinr great s|ieed with unusual comfort for jwsseugera. Every car* ha. Iiern taken in ttie arrangement of their accommodations. The pcioe of |**sag? hence is SUM, for which ample stores w ill be provided. These ships are commanded by experienced masters, who will make every exertion to give geneial satiafactorn Neither the captains or own. ra of the shi|>s will be responsible for any letters, jiarcels <>r iwckages aeut by them, unless regular b lis of lading are signed therefor. Thes nips of this line will hereafter gj am.ed, and their pecuUMconstrnrtion gives them security not possessed by any other W0Kt vessels of war. For freight oi passage, apply Id E. K. COLLINS It CO., 56 South at., New York, or to WM. It JAS. BROWN It CO., Liverpool. SLetters by the packets will he charged I2I? ceiila per single sheet; 50 cento per ounce, and newsiiapers 1 cent ildk _?ait Jr_ NEW YORK AND HAVRE PACKETS, (SHCOiVD LINE.) M. The ahi|>a of this Tiiirwin herealte^eave NcwnKtuu the Island Havre on tlie 16th of each month, as follow a : Front Nrw York. From Havre. The new ship ONEIDA, ( 1st March I 16th April Captain < 1st July < 16th August James Knock, r 1st November? 16th December Ship BALTIMORE, i 1st April i 16th May Captain v 1st August \ 16th September Edwar<l Kunck, f 1st Deccem'rf 16th January ShipUTICA, list May i 16th June Captain < 1st Septemb'r< 16th October! Frederick Hewitt, ' 1st January f 16th February New shipST.NICOLAS, I 1st June t 16th July Captain < 1st October < 16ih November. J. B. Pell, ( 1st February ( 16tn March The accommodations of these shi|ia are not surpassed, combilling all that may l>e required for comfort. The price of cabin passage is $100. Passengers will be supplied with every requisite. with the reception of wines and liquors. Goods intended for these vessels will be forwarded by the subscribers, free froin any other than the eapenses actually incurred on them. For freight or passage, apply to BOYD It rilNCKKN, Agents, all 9 Tontine Buildings. FOR NEW ORLEANS. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS. m sk Sh For the better accommodation of shippers it is intended to desimtch a ship froin this port oiathe 1st, 5th, loth, 15th. 20lh, aud 25th ot each month, commmcingthe 10th October and continuing until May, when regular days will be appointed for the remainder of the year, whereby great delays and disappointments will he prevented dunug the gummer mon>li*. The following ihip? will commence this arrangement : Shui YAZOO. Captain Cornell. shl]1! inMH|>pia,l^i"J^''woShip LOUI8VILI V Hilliard. Ship hhakspkarJJ**111.Hum. Ship OA8TON ' < wl-?,,ta^11 ship huntsvILI t r ^*w Ship OCMULOEE r.^1!Ulf Mumfiwd. h'inp NASHVILI y Leavitt. Ship MEMPHIS - &- v.*, ^ 'SSfehgsjai*"ffirrass ixSggr"d """" -Si i?13S.? WiCSSsl'iS "i Tk. " "Vtf**" & ,,' ? s >& r fS" > ?opk^'? &j H S E A M k..lNo* ? J?* 7 Th.NO?THEA&&!f" (XS ? ?" 7 a'h r k. 1D? } ?*pt 19 I The NEW YORK.1"""*' ! *1 M" J99 * 19 Oct 7 900 ions, < Dec 19 Feb 7 T. B. Cropper. (April 19 June 7 The CAMBRIDGE, I Sept 1 Oct 17 810 tons, {Jin 1 Heb 17 W.C Barstow.f May 1 June 19 The COLUMBUS, I Sept 19 Nov 9 700 tons, < Jan 19 Mar 9 O. A. Cole. ( May 19 Jn|y 7 runrtaality, as regards the day of sailing, will be observed as heretofore. The price of passage outward is now fixed at One Hundred Dollars, for which ample stores of ever" descriimon will he provided, with the exception of wines and liquors, which will be furnished by the stewards. GOODHUE k CO ,61 Smith St., C. H. MARSHALL, 38 Burlinu-slip, N.Y. je24 lyh BARING BROTHERS At CO.. L'pool. STEAM NAVIGATION BETWEEN ANTWERP AND NEW VORK, VlJi?SOUTHAMPTON. BELGIAN STEAMER BRITISH QUEEN, F. EYCIHOI T, Comscandki. The days of departure of this weil-knowu Steamship, have been fixed as follows : From Antwerp, From Southampton, From New York, On 4th May. 1818. On 7th May, 1842, On 7th June, 1842 nft*- 10th July, " 7tb Aug., " 7th Sept. " ltlth Sept. " 7tb Oct., " Price of passage, meals not includrd, to Southampton or Antwerp, *70?Steward's fees, $2 62J?. The meals will be served on board, an the plau of a continental hotel, iu the best Biiniier, and at tiled and moderate prices, passengers being only -hatged when partaking of the same. The price of |<assage to either of the above ports can also be engaged if preferred, with meals and steward's Tees included for $97 tax ents, exclusive of wines. An experienced Surgeon accompanies the ship. For freight or passage, further ^information, apply to a22 6m*r 41 Beaver street. NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. -BBEISto-jHtslil From the foot of Ceiytlaodt ftreet, New York. (Every day?Sunday narupted.) Leaves New York Leaves Newark At I A. M. At I P. M. At 7X A- M. At IK P. M. 9 do. 4 do. 9 do. 3>? do. 11 4X do. 10X do. IX do. ? do. 1 do. | do 10 do. ON SUNDAYS. From the foot of Liberty street. Leave New York, Leave Newark. . _^t 9 A. M. and 4X P. M. At 12 Noon and 10 I\M. NEW YORK, ELIZABETH TOWN, WESTFIF.LD. FLA INFIELD, BOUNDBROOK, SOMERVILLE, kc. . -r ? a . m. 7 a. m. 2* p. m. i* a.m. 4 " 12 M. 4X r. m. 5 p. m. . - - SX " Tl?* train* of the Somerville Railroad Co. connect with there liner each way daily, Sundays excepted. Passengers are requested to purchase tickets at the office, foot of Liberty street. Krre between New York and Elizabeth Town 25 cents. Kare between do and Somerville, 75 cents. NEW YORK. RAHWAY AND Nfctf BRUNSWICK. Fare reduced. From the foot of Liberty afreet, daily. Leave Net* York. Leave New Brunawiek. At ? A. M. At 7X A. M. 4x p. M. II A. M. 9 P. M. Kare between New York and New Brunswick. 75 cenU. Rahway, ...... , JO cents The fare in the TH a. M. train from New Brnnawiek, and (n P. M. train Irom New York, has been reduced between New York and New Brunswick, to 5* cents. " and Rahway to J7X " On Snndays the 7X A. M. trips from New Brnnswick is omitted. . , . . . ?. Passengers who procure their tickets at the Ugt^t office, retsne a ferry ticket gratia. Tickjls are receivffil ?v the conductor only on the day when pnrchased. mM In,* FA fife ANt) PftfeltfBT REDUCED. MAIL LINT.Ru p" RnSWRnB boston, via 8toninoton ani) newport, com gigrd of llie following sn|N-rior steamers, running in cormectftm with the Slouington and Pn>vidence, and Burton and Providence Railroads? MASSACHUSETTS, Captain Comstock. RHODE ISLAND. Captain Thayer. NARRAUANSETT, Captain Woolsey. MOHKOAN. Captain VanderbiK. One of which will leave New York daily, (Snndays exrented) from Pier No. 1, North River, Battery Place, at five Wock. p. m- . ARR*ltrtr?l*7T. The NARHAOANSET, on Monday, for Stoninxton, and Thntvday, for Stotnngton Newport ami Providence. The MASSACHUSETTS on Tuesday, (or StnuMiglon, Newport and Providence, and Friday Tor Stonington. The RHODE ISLAND, on Wednesday, for Stomngtrm, and Saturday, for Stoniugton, Newport, and Providence. Passengers on the arrival of the steamers at Stonington, may take the Railroad Cars and proceed immediately to Pruvi deuce asd Boston. , . , Freight taken at the following much rednced rates To Boston, on goods weighing forty pomidi or upwards to he cnbic foot, at ?5 50 |>erton, and on measurement goods 7 rents |>*r foot. To Providence, on measurement goods 5 cents per runic foot, and s|iecillc articles as per tarif to be obtained at office a oaAway. ?? ?' L IT NE NI RAILROADS& STEAMBOATS. " KUEIOHT AM) PASSiACiE TO Pfm- j III'ICG. I 'tCRB^*T| SS5SR8ISbH JSBBk The proprietor* of Binghnu'a TrauaiiorUtiou Liue to PitU- a burg, jive notice tw thr Merchanta of New York, and all other persona shipping to the Writ, that their liue is now marti?e ojh ration (ioocs onnsigned to them (or aeiit lo go in their c line,) will be forwarded with de*|>atrh. r Ounen or shippers of goods, deatiued for the Western ] States, who have no agent or consignee at Pittsburg, will ( (ileiae consign their goods to William Biugham, Pittsburg, who will attend to aaiignug all auch consignments without All goods should be marked distinctly oil eaen package , BIN(iflAM'S LINE. . t For iu>s of freight, which are as low as any other lin*, apply t o WM. TYSON, Agent, ] No. S West street, opposite Pier No. 2, N. R. N. B Passengers forwarded to Pittsburg and Pottsville,every dav, Sunday* excepted. . m ? I Refer to II. Crook*. American Fur Co.; S. T. Nicol), j Front ?trert ; Phelps, Dodgt it Co., Fulton street ; Suydam. Sage it Co ; Win. Rankin, Durye* R Co, Newark. in6 im RAIL ROAD?ALBANY AND SABATOOX Travellers to Smatui; > .Spring l. ikr t *.- rgi , Wloiin iM ami Lower Canada, are informed that they will insure to them- i self e? an expeditious and pleaaant r onreyaiir. to the r Spring* by takius the It ol Rot I car* at Albany. > HOCUS OF DEPAilTUltE. From Albany. From Saratoga. At 6 o'clock, A. M. I At 7 o'clock, A. M " 9 " " " " 3 " P. M. I " 3X " P M. There is no change of Coaches or Burgage Wagon*, or shifting ofBaggage from one Steamboat to another on thii route. Passenger* on their arrival at Saratoga, will find stage coaches * iu readiness to convey tnem to Lake George and Whitehall on Lake Clismplain; connecting with all tin piiuci|>al Northern t and Eastern Stage route.1. A Stage (for the convenience of passenger* who arrive by t the after noon train from Albany,) leaves Saratoga at 5 o'clock A. M. arrives at Whitehall in tune for the departure of the 1 Chimplain steamboat of snne day, and brings eastern trav ller* t to Rutland, Vt. early in the evening. N. B. There are baggage wagons always in readiness, at Albany, on the arrival of the steamboats and rail road cars, to carry the baggage of passengers direct to and fnnn tin- de|Hit *n,| steamboat at the rate of 6 V* cents per trunk or trackage, or 12,4 cents for ordinary travelling baggage. The departures for the w est are lilted for the season at 7>* o'clock, A. M. and 7 P. M. JOHN COSTIGAN, Superintendent. Albany, June 27lh, 1812. je27 'tin r ~ KAI LK.OAI) NOTICE. MARKET AND FREIGHT LINE. THE NEW JERSEY Railroad and Transportation Company have established a Freight Line between New, Brunswick and New York, wrhich they intend to rain permanently. Leaving New Brunswick at b% A. M. daily, (Sundays excepted) and the foot o( Liber tystreet. New York, at 2P. M. To country dealers and me, tire above line is very desirable for the speedy and cne.ip conveyance ol merchandise of every description, and more pHitieuUrly to Drovers and i Healers m Love stock, who can have ISO head ol cattle conveyed between New Brunswick and New York, the same day whenever required. The rates Tor the transportation or cattle, horses, mules, , sheep, hogs, he. aud all other kinds of merchandise are very low, never exceeding steamboat prices. Merchandise sent by this line is not subject to any extra i charge in crossing (lie North River. The Company have fitted up a large storehouse at New | Brunswick, adjoining the Railroad Depot, which will always keoiien for the reception of meichandise. Passengers purchasing their tickets at the ticket offices, will receive ferry tickets gratis. (O Freight fur Newark, Klivabethtown, Rahway, Westfield, Plainheld, Scotch Plains, Boundbrook arid Sotnerville, is conveyed by the above lines, and delivered the same day when received. mil 3m* NEW YORK. ALBANY. TROY AND BUFFALO I EXPRESS OFFICE, 2 Wall Xrret, New York. The subscribers have estaolished their Express Line through to and from New York, Albany, Troy and Buffalo, and the intermediate places u|u)ii the route, leaving eacli place every evening (Sundays excepted) for the spesdy and safe transport- , ation ol specie, bank notes, valuable parcels, jiackages, bundles aud cases of goods, the collection and inytnent of bills, notes, drafts, acceptances, he., purchase and sale of goods and produce by sample, and will attend promptly to such othe, transient business as may be entrusted to their care. Arrangements have been made with the steamboats upon the Hudson River and Railroad Comiwnies west if Albany, for se- ] urate apartments and cars, thereby affording the greatest possible dispatch with unusual safety and regularity. au9 r POMKRPY Ik CO. _ STATEN ISLAND FERRY. Foot of Whitehall street. j The steamers STATEN ISLANDER and SAMSON will leave New York and Strten Island every hour, from 8 A M to 7 P M. All goods are required to be particularly marked, and axe at the risk of the owners thereof. jyl OPPOSITION LINE FOR ALBANY. FARE REDUCED! ! CABIN PASSAGE SI no BERTHS. t 75 FREIGHT TAKEN AT REDUCED PRiCES. /ttf The commodious Steamboat WASHINGJ*TON. Captain J. M. Brown, having made arrange menu to change her days of leaving New York, will hereafter leave the foot of Robinson street, New York, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday afternoon. at 5 o clock, aad Alhanv. everv Momlav W? ilneiiLi v ami Friday afternoon, at 3 o'clock, landing ou her iiaas.vge each way at the foot of Hammond street, Newbnrgh, Poughkeepsie, Kingston Point, Catukill and Hudson. For freight or lxwsage, aiaily to the Captain on board, Or to d. randolph martin/No. 182 West street, jy 13 lm*c EVENING LINE FOll ALBANY DIRECT, jjz* At seven o'clock, P. M., from tlie steamboat I Om?" dp nier between Courtlandt and Liberty streets. H W W- The steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. i L. W. Bramard. leaves the above pier Monday, Wednesday, | and Friday at seven o'clock, P. M. The steamboat ROCHESTER. Capt. A.St. John, leaves the above pier Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon, at seven o'clock. The above boats are new and substantial are furtRshed with i elegant state roams, and in every res|>ectareu nsurpassed among the Hudson River steamers. For passage or freight, apply on board, or to V. C. SCHULTZ, | At the office on the wharf, or ou board, Passengers taking this line of boats, will at all times arrive at Albany in time for the first train of cars for the east and west. iyl | HEALTHY EXCURSION TO THE flttamlc3? fishino banks off sandy hook ?The fast and substutial steamer UTICA, ( Captain J. W. Haucox, will commence making daily excursions to the above place, on Monday, July 2Mb, and continue to run every Mouday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, and leave as follies Foot of Hammond street at a quarter past 8 o'clock?Canal street at half past 8?Pike street, E. R., at ' 9?Pier No. 1. N. R., at half past 9. A Band of Mniic is en- , gaged. Dinner and all kinds of refreshments will he furnished ( onboard. On the return the Utic* will remain at Fort Hamilton hall an hoar. , Fare 83 rents each way. , The UTICA will make an Afternoon Excursion around Statin Island on Sunday, July 24th, and continue evury Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday, and leave as follows Foot of Hammond street at 1J4 o'clock?Canal street at 2?Pike street, E.R. et hall' past 8?Pier No. 1, at 234 o'clock. p. m., and arrive in the city at 7 o'clock. . Fare 83 cents each way. jy83 2m r ^ aJ OCEAN HOUSE, Long Branch, Rumson, '?^eBrown's Dock, Middlrtown, Eatontown Dock SCaaaMa^^Lsnd Ri d Bank. Shrewsbury.?The steamboat IOLAS. Captain Allaire, will leave New York from Felton Market Slip, East River, every morning at 8 o'clock for Red Bank, f except Thursilay, on which day the boat goea to Eaton- < town Dork.) Rrturunig, will leavr at 1 o'clock each day. ' . The tolas will run aa above, navigation and weather iiermit- ! ting, until further notice. All freight and baggage at the risk of the owners the-eof. . June 24, 1842. je29Jmc ] KEN NEBEC AND BOSTON. aWIQ SBI The new and splendid steatner j. W. RICH- I jgsaud' MOND, Nathaniel Kimhall, master, will l'aTe the north side of T. wharf, Boston, every Tuesday and Friday evening at 7 o'clock, for Oardiner and Hallowell; and reluming will leave Hallowell on Mondays and Thursdays at 2)4 P. M., landing each way at Bath. I P are from Boston to Hallowell, $3 00 Bath, 2 30 J Stages will he in readiness on the arrival of the boat at Hal- ' lowefl, to convey passengers to Augusta, Wxtervillr. 1) inuur. 1 Belfast and Quebec. frrsons travelling for pleasure will find 1 few! pleasauler routes than this one to Quebec, as it runs through a country abounding in beautiful scenery?the roads are good, and the hotels well kept?the distance 210 miles, jy 10 2m*c - linn ML '"HEAP EXCURSION to the Banks. every day, except Tuesdays and Frt SCaaJK^K-dsys? Fare 23 cents each way?The steamer NAPOLEON, Capt. H incoi, will run regularly to the above . place every fair day, and leave aa follows?Foot of Hammaiul i street at 9 (/clock. Canal street qnarter past 9, Market street r half past 9, Catharine ferry Brooklyn 9X, pier No. I North ri- s On Tueadaya and Friday* the Napoleon will make afternoon eicuieion* to Coney Itland, landing at Fort Hamilton anil Bath?(the Ueamboat General Jarluon will continue to ran to the tame place every other day in the week)?anil leave am ful- < lowi?Foot of Hammond afreet at 2 o'clock. Canal atreet at a k quarter paat 2, Pike atreet 2X>. I'ier No I at 3 o'clock?b are ? 0 cent* each way. The boat will remain at Coney laland one hour and a half, and arrive in New York by 7 o'clock. i jId - lm*c BLACK I) ALL .OR OLD LINK OK LIVER M*Jyi'OOL PACKETS?The only regular Packet of \ JRWMKi the 19th A'lgnvt.?The new and rleijant regular fine Paiket Ship "NEW YORK," burthen 1100 tona, Capt. J Thomaa B. Crupper, will aail poaitively on Monday, the 1 l*th inatant, her rcgplarday. r r ? * Accommoilationa of the Old, or Black Line of Packeti, i lor (.abin, aecond cabin, and Steerage paaaengera, are well i known to be unequalled by any other line or *nip now load- I Of for the above jiJm. I Peraona proceeding to the old country', will find it to their * comlort anil advantage to chooae thia favorite packet for their < conveyance ; and aa a nnmlier ofher hrrths are now engaged, I early application requisite. For I?iia*e apiily on biiurd foot of Beekman ilrett, or to ROCHE, BROTHERS It CO. il Knlton at. ? Neat door to the Fulton Bank. i ^ Line ?-ReguTa Aim nit?The anlendnl |>acket ?hip .WllfllfinHIDDONS. Ca,?ain E B Cobb. oi 1(100 tona, will po itively aail aa above, her regular nay. |,_,ght ornaaaage I raving accommodation, unequalled lor aplea.dor rr e Jflbrl a^ i ply on boa id, at Orleans wharf foot of'w.ll atreet, ?3P?T 1 | _ . , 5* COLLINS It CO. M South atreet. Price of passage $100. The packet shin SHERIDAN,C o tain A. Depeyiter of 1(100 tona, will succeed the SlDDONS, ami aail 2ith September her ' regular day. Paaeenger* may rely on the abipe of thia line Bailing punctually aa advertised. aullr FOR Nft WT)Ttt.ftA NH?With quick de?,i.,rh- > kfVIVThe elegant well known packet ahip QUEEN VIC- < akiwaKmTORIA. (lapuin Mallat, will aail aa above. She naaaaperier accommodations for caoin, aecond cabin and steerage |daaengera, which will be taken at the loweat rates,if par ly application u made on board the ship, at pi r U E. R. or to iyM JOHN HERbMAN, 61 South at. W YO iW YORK. SUNDAY MO , OCULISTS. DOCTOR J. FRANllS' CELEBRATED EYE WATER. ' \TO. 10 BAKC. V STREET, within two doort of the - ' Aslor Hr. ' ? nil pre|ura(ions arc a perfect cure for all J mi immatoryC ur of the eye, weakness of sight, tic., * ... ' icvcr fail 111 r?i nug nebulas of tin- lougi st standing, without operation CERTIFICATES. 1 certify that J.vob Valentine, a youth of ihont fifteen vctrt 1 if age, wit brought to my house last Ml, apparently blind. He tailed on me to-day, and states that he hat been the iwtient ol I Dr. J. Francis, whose trratmi ut hat been the meant, under f Jod, ofieatoriuu hi. tight. J AMES MILNOlt, 1 Rector of St. George's Church, Beck man it. This it to certify that two of my children were afflicted with ' titrated eyes for a h uglh of time, one of them waa almoat blind 1 aith nehulas, coveiiug the tight, Every remedy wat retorted a without any good effect, and detpairrd of them ever being ecovtrcd. They are now y.erfectly rettored to tight by Dr. J. | Francis' celebrated prc|*ration. DANIEL 8. JONES, <99 Pearl ttreet. < I wat almost blind for twelve years, and ill five weeks, under < h< skilful Ireatinriit of Dr. J. kiancis, my tight it now per t ectly good and strong. a MARTHA BROWN, 177 Fortyth street. i 1 certify to the above being a true statement. ' '1K.ORGE BENEDICT, t Patto of the Suntoii street Church. I w.u marly blind fir tws ity yean with a cataract in each I ye an l from the use nflDr. Francis' wonderful pre|>aratioU fur a hit di e.,sc, my eyes arc n w perfectly recovered. I ii i r. u .iiiti 1 uin, 41 E.iiriugr *irrci. Wc, llw undo, suae d, having witnessed the a?tniiishitiK efli k y o! Dr. Frauci*' prt|iAraliim* lor diseases of the eye, inherit ltiiiglyrscoauTu.ud them to thr notice of the public, at .ilu.ihl remedies. Du'ican Dunbar, P.istov of McDou^&l it. Church. S. H. Cone, Pastor of the Fiist Baptist Chinch. Jul n Pock, Aueuf >?f the Homo Mission Society. Jd'* ib Brouner, Pastor of the North B ti tist Church. Jos^p}; Andrt ith, Ko.uiu Catholic Priest of St. Peter's i Church. Niinnisns certificates c*n he scon tit the office. Prepared and old only ?v Dr. J. Francis. 10 Baiclay stru t. New York. Altifunal Kyes inserted, which cauiioi h- distinguished from he r.aiurd, without giving the slightest piin. Dr. J. Francis respectfully informs his mends and the tmbiic, h it in consequence of the increase ol his business. Dr. Gleiiny, Member of the Roval College of Suipeons, London, and of the Yew York Medical Society, has joined him, and every conuletice can be placed in*his professional skill as an Oculist. Office hours from 9 A. M., until ti P. M. jy 10 3m*c 1 diseases Ok thkOve. n. k. mossy, OPHTHALMIC SHIM IEON, , No. 2ii7 BROADWAY, K* trance in Fulton Street, opposite St. Paul's Church ATTKNDS TO DISK ASKS OF TI1K KYK, ANI) ALL TIIK NKCKSSAHY Of'KHATIONS THKHKON. OFFICK HOURS FROM 9 TO 6 O'CLOCK. Having completed his studies of rj years with DR. KLLIOTT, Oculist, and been subsequently engaged as his assistant, R. K Dio?sy is enabled to undertake the treatment of all diseases affecting the organs of vision* Terms mode rate and graduated to the nature and eftent of the disease. Permission is glv? n to refer to his late instructor, and also to ionic of the ir.ost eminent Professors of the Medical Faculty in New York. N.B. The poor tri afed gratuitously au4 lm*r DISEASED EYES~ ANI) INFI.ANIMATION OF'TIIIO EYK-I.IDS. ANY di?MW or weakness of the eye, or inflammation of the eye-lnl., rati be ipiickly aud salt ly removed, by the uae of the IIOMAN KYK BALSAM. . Mr*. Davis, No. 77 ICssex treet, ha* been cured of inflammation of the eye-lid* and weak rye*, of year* duration, by usinK only one jar of the Kye BaUam. Mi** Fit* Gerald, No. 2 Market (treet, had for two or three year* been *o much afflicted with weak and intlamiiicd eye*, that at time* *he could scarcely *e. to read. Iter eye* have been completely restored by tins Balm, after all other mean* had failed, Hundreds have ny it* healniK virtues, been restored to light, where almost total blindness, caused byexcessive in flarnmatioiM, had rxwteu for years. Thi14 Roman Eye BlMflr hl0 bffl i KpM time inml in private practice by the most eminent oculists in this and fcrrign countries, and iu astonishing efficacy in removing all di*ease, and inflammation from the eye, has established for it a reputation far beyond the reach of any other preimntiou. IN DIMNESS OK SIGHT, caused by fixed attention to ' miunte objects, or by a long exjaisiire to a strong light, and iu the weakness or partial loss of tight bom sickness or old age, it Is a sure restorer, and should be used by all who find tloirsight failing without atiy apparent di'ease. l ut up iu small jars witli Pull directions for nse. Priee 77 V6 rruls. Prepared and sold, I wholesale and retail, by DAVID SANDS i. CO., No. 77 East i Broadway, corner Market st, N. Y. Sold also by A B Ik D Sands, 79 and 100 Fulton street, and by i A B Sandaand Co., 273 Broadway, corner Chamber street. i jyU 1m r TAILORING. REMOVAL. PHILLIPS' CASH TAILORING ESTABLISH MENT, Is removed from US Broadway to No. 7 Astor House. ECONOMY IN GENTLEMEN'S DRESS. Garments of a most .legant and Fashionable kind rt a sari on of 60 per cent for cash. '"PHE advertiser dt ins it unnecessary to retort tj the hacks neyed system of giving a list of nominal prices, presenting lhat the length of time he has been established, together with the extensive iiatroiiage bestowed on mm, will prove a sum eient voucher for his capabilities. Possessing the advantage ol being connected with an extensive cloth establishment in Europe he confidently assets lhat he can furnish clothes which, oil comparison, will he found lower than any Other house making up the best descriptions of gentlemen's dress, myltm S. PHILLIPS, 7 Astor House. Broadway T nrw rnTT UV/V/1V UV X Hi- who steals my purse steals trash. But he who Irishes from me of iny-good nam* Robs me of that which not enriches him. But makes me poor iuileed.?tHhaksm-arr. MARSHALL. AT HIS ONLY TKOY SHIRT DEPOT. No. 90 Chatham slrset, makes the above quotation, because others endeavor to filch from him hin food hw,Imi, and reputation. We have more than once made public the many impositions practised on dealers, strangers and others, in pursuit of our highly reputed Troy Shirts, Bosoms, and Collars. But now that impositions arc ou the increase, therefore, we shall keep these facts before the public, which will es|iose unposters, and may cut off their wicked designs, Make no mistakes therefore. " Marshall's only Troy Shirt Oepot" is painted on our awning Slid window. Be particular, however, to see the name " Marshall's" on otir window and about our store. No. 90, ouronly Troy Shirt Depot, is situated about 16 doors from the comer of Pearl and Chatham streets, and on the right hand side in Chatham street, in passing to the City Hall. Seethe name MARSHALL s andyou art correct. CATALOGUE OF PRICES. Strong made Cotton Shirts, with linen bosoms, collars and wrist bauds, warranted, at per dozen, $7?7 id?8?6 IB?9?Id? 10 50?11?11?12 %? IS?16? 16 50?17-18?20?21? 50?24?25 26 50?27?28. All Linen Shirts, per doz. $20?20 50?25?27 50X4-J2 50?36?38. Plain Cotton Shirts, per doz. $5 50-6?7?7 50 ?8?3. Colored Shirts, |iei doz. $5?5 50?6?7 0 0 10*11, Collars jnst received?In addition to our former large stock of Collars of every description, 1000 dozen, all Linen collars, at 10 cents per dozeu, 62c?75c??7c?$1-1 25?1 50?1 75?2?2 25 ?2 50?2 75?3?3 25?3 50 and 4 00, including, our new style. Marshall's Byron Collars, which have hem so highly approved if. These goods, with our plain and rnffle bosoms, can be found at many of the principle ready ma le linen stores throughmt the city, and$>t the manufacturers, (?7*"Marshall's IC?" only froy Shirt Depot, No. 98 Chatham street. New York. We taution dealers and others against the many mistakes that have lern made of late, inconsequence of seeing ticketed puces in tome of the windows. Recollect, no inarkvd or ticketed .rices are to be seen in on'window. But remember this the rut 01 oar store, with the prices attached, will be circulated for the benefit ol all. These circulars only may be seen in our window : and, furthermore, we advise again, tee the same and lumber, Maishall's, No. 90." No patronage asked of those who beat down. jyUlm^c TO THE LADIES. PASHIONABLE MILLINERY GOODS?The prorrie" trey, Mica 8 KING, daughter of ihtrcelebrated Carl Kin*, >ff? ra for tale a moat select ana choice assortment of Millinery Goods, for the spring trade, never as yet presented to the pubic, both aa regards the quality ami cheapnraaof the articlea The aaaortment consists of the following :? The Celebrated SILK HAT, CALLED CAPOTTE D'OKLEAN8, aa worn by La Dncheaae P*Orleans, of France , SHED SILK, ENTIRELY NEW AND ORIGINAL 1 STYLE And Lawn Hata do do?An entire new atyle o Rata called ?? MOWNE CAPOTTE8, ELS8LER COTTAGE.' Pariaiauand English FANCY STRAWS, of the finest tea- . hire, injfreat variety. Tin I'r iprircresa respectfully solicits the ladiea to favor her with aeall, anil eaamine her elegant and varied atock of Milinery for theinaelvea, before they purchase elsewhere, aa it will be a great saving to them in price and a great advantage as egarda the variety and quality of the goods. MISS S. KING, Magazine de Modes, jyW lm*r 201)^ Broadway. IMPORTANT TO THE PUBLIC. A LL who wish to economize can obtain Clothing of the best (a. quality remarkably cheap, at 205 Canal street, one door nest of Hudson. Also, a large assortment of Cloths, Cassineres, Vestings, and Summer Goods, from which Clothing of ill kinds are made to order in the beat manner at very reduced >ricea, 205 Canal street. jell 1m* r SHIRTS" SHIRTS made to order, after the moot approved Kreneb ' faahiona. Gentlemen** Garment* of all dearrintioni Made to irder at the shortest notice. Fumiahim; Store IT and (9 Maiden lane, corner if William street. 1 ? ? WIM.IAM COLLIN* A CARD TO THE LADIES. PARIS DRESS-MAKING ESTABLISHMENT?No. ' l TtX East Broadway, one door from Market atreet.? VIRS. >V. II. JKKKERS, late Miaa 8. forver of 293 Broadway, ! eipectfnlly inform* her former customers and the Ladira J. rein rally, that ahe ha* re-commenced the Dress-making huai- ]. ie?? at the above-named establishment, where she will devote < ler attention to their ?rrrice, and confidently anearrr thoae a.lira who may favor |her with tlieirpatronage, that Drnin, ; Cloaks, Hahita, kc., 'entrusted to her skill, ahall he deliver j d to perfect in atyle, fit, and finish of workmainihi|>, aa not { [o be eicelleil at an7 of the I moat approved establishim-uts ' Broadway, and for much more moderate prices. MRS. W.H.JfcKKERS.HK Eaat Broaa. ! N. B ? Maatera, Miaaea and Childrens' dresses made to order . "VI lrn*e I STRAW GOODS. ; T BENNETT, 39 John and lllif William atrevta, im- y porter and manufacturer of Italian and English Straw b goods, respectfully informa hia cuatomera and the public in ? [entral, that he has on hand a splendid and extensive assortment m ladies fashionable straw goods, which he ofTera for ( ale at very much reduced price#, vir..: French and English ? Dnnatahlea, Italian Rutland*, Fancy Srhell and Imperial (a c > ery fashionable and beautiful article) tine Tnacana, Albert | Strawa, Itc. kc. t Alao, an entirely aew article, the White Siberian Hair , Bonn, i, which for ihe summer wear mr|?taaea all the at> lea as latrodnred, b< ingeatreinely light,durable, white and l? an:ifwl, and will clean aa well aa a tuacan. *5 lm*c f AblES" NURSE.?The widow of an eminent physician .oilers her aei vicea to the Ladiea ) I this city, being fully ca weitatsd by long eiperirnce. Teatimt mala from the (Wat phyf'WnncMfiynn. Apply, 3(A Greenwich atreet I jyu imeod r RK I: RNING, AUGUST 14, 184 WATERING PLACES. &CT~ 0AT8KILL MOUNTAIN H( >USK, AT THE PINK OK< HAHl).-l?:2. rlltS romantic aud fashionable rnort will be conducted dnriiiy iht present intuii umlrr the direction aud sii|ierinlen* line, ''I the subacid" r. Ii has iiudcrL'oiic i complete ami hnrourh repair, Mid it nuw ?|ien f?r the reception of visitors. i Vo effort ? ill he spared to maintain the deservodly liith clurac- 1 er ? liicli it has heretofore si-out red. h At heretofore, its tallies will I* furnished with . very delicacy ,, hal tlie New York inuket ran afford; and every possihle ateiitioti that can promote the convetiieiice and enjoyment of its I, watrmis will be promptly bestowed. The road leading to this | suhluhuieut and espn i >11\ that paitof it ou the tnomilaiu. has it-en rendered perfectly smooth and safe. p Messrs. A. k . Beach is Co.'s excellent line of stages will rnn is heretofore repularly between the landing and the Mountain a louse, ou the arrival of tin- boils. C. L. BKA' II, Proprietoi. o June !3th, 18(2. IrH 3mr BATii HOUSE, LONG ISLAND.?This long and wrfl known boaiding and tea bulling establishment, having reirutly undergone numerous improvements, am.mi; which is the irrctionof aercnl elegant summer hosues upon the margin of he ocean, is now open l.w the reception of company during the leason. The ureal eateut of private beach on tliia ahore?the lerfrct security in bathing, even lor ladies and children, ('lie lathing house* beiug wilhin a atone'a throw of the mansion)? he shady, cool and di Inihtfnl locust ?ro? < adjoining the house -the pleasant rides in the surrouudiug country?the excellent I idling a rounds and other sources of healthful recreation old I Linuaeineiit?the beautiful view of the Atl.nltc ocean and the otter hay, almost constantly enlivened by numerous vessels mixing or outward bound, render tins situation in every re- n ipcct uuetiuidlrd by any in the vicinity. Its* ire ample, the ro.-nis airy and the tem|?-ralure, etren in tlo a armest days of summer, anything but ojmressjve. The eonrnnience of eommunination mid distance, (being hut niue miles ioin Brooklyn.) the access by staves at hours accommodated o business render it |ieculisrly well adapted as a residence for v gentlemen of busitt as in New York. ieU2m?r WILLIAM BROWN, Proprietor. FURNITURE. ' ! GEORGE W. DAWSON, 3 IVholtsale and Retatl Furniture and General Fur- ' nivhing IVarthouse, No. b7 Chatham street, cor- I ner of Duane street, New York. (X7HERR lie lsee|? for sale a large assortment of the follow- [ rv ing articles, via.: Sideboards. Bureaus. Bedsteads, Cobs, . Tildes, Chairs, Office and Portable Desks, Glass < 'a*< s^ Book Justs, Looking Glasses, Dining, Centre. 'I ea ami Pier Tables, pianos, Sofas, Sofa Bedsteads, Beds, Bedding. Palea'ters, Mat- ' resaes, Cana-ti, Oil Cloth, Matting and hire Irons, Wash Stamis, Toilet Tallies, Candle Rt.fnd.., Burt,.u Bedsteads Dressing Bureaus, Sales, tkc. Also, a large assortment of men and women's Wearing Apaarel, new and second handed All the above articles are offered to the public at very nw prices. Persians in waul of said articles Would Hud it to heir advantage to make an early call at lire above establiilinent. Sliiiiping orders pnnctnally attended to anJ packed to the ihortest notice, anil on reasonable terms. Mattresses, Bedding, lie for fitting out vessels, constantly on hand. All orders to the above establishment will be punctually atrmli'd to and thankfully received. N. B.?The highest prices will be given fiy Second Hand Furniture, and Gentlemen's and Ladies' cast of! Clothing. a22 6m *r GOOD SUMMER WINE. T B. STOUVENEL, Importer of French Wines of ' the most approved brands, Bordeaux <lar?t and other Wines. He hat removed from hit old stand, 61 Nassau street, lo No, 21 Ann afreet, (near Nattau) basement. Always on hand, the best and mostrecherche Wines, St. Julian, Montl'erraut, St. Estevc, Lalitte, Medoc, die. in barrels, iiilf casks and cases. Also, Champagne, various brands; Jdurruiiilv'i Hermitatre, lie.; superior (Joanne Braudy; best <iuality (tin, I'ort Wine, Portugal and Spanish Wines. J. B. S. will also sell by the doxen bottled Wine forpiivate amilies, which will be sent lo any part of die city, also by the tallon or otherwise, to those who may favor him with their parouasse. No Wmca are impure sold by him, as he im|iorts them lirect. iTT-J. D S has opened a boarding house at Hobokeu, oppolite Vauthail <_ arden, on the main road, where is kept an aslortment of.a , I est Wines. Private parties supplied with good liuuers andralrs sl ments. jv!2 lm*c PARSELLS & AGATE MANUFACTURERS OF STOCKS, Suspenders, Linen o' Drapers, Ike. have just received a very light and beautiful itock, expressly fur summer wear. Also, a rich ami saried as ortnirntof Summer Scnrfa, Cravats, Silk, Liliru Thread, and Knl Gloves, with a large assortment of Suspenders,ready in.nie Linen and Muslin Shirts, Linen Collars, Dress Fronts, gentlemen's under garments, (fee., at the old establishment,211 BroadWay, between Park place aud Murray- st. jvl2 lin-c PERSSE & HROOKS, 'M'/") 61 LIBERTY STREET, between Broadway and La V/. Nassau street, offer for for sale 101 Blocks Irish black marble. 100 ('asks refiued basket salt. 300 Casks Boyd's blexching.pawder. 30 Tons superfine soda ashes. 2 Cases patent leather, id Bales Chesterfield factory brown sheetings. 70UU German patent tire brick. 20 Casks 3 and 4 F E blue smalts. 2 Bales cotton carpeting thtei aud four yards wide. 5 Bales Machine blaukets All of wlin U w ill h- snlil si lowest market prices, _jy 17c NOTICE TO EXPORTE p S OF COTTON. '"PHE CONSUL GENERAL of France hereby notifies the -f Shi|>|KTK of Cotton lo France, that in order to obviate all difficulties,with the French Custom Houses, and in compliance with instructions he has received, a certificate will Ik? required at his office, from the Collector of this port, when vessels are cleared for France, stating the place of growth of Cot roil u?im on Doartl sua vcurK any iwr ~~ ECONOMY, ELEGANCE, AND GOOD LIVING. 'T'HK undersigned has. at i^treat mymr. fitted np one of the A largest and moat spTenuld Coffee and Eating Houses in New York, in which one hundred persons at leaat can ait down , to an escrlleiit and anhstantial breakfast, dinner,and tea, [from i the choicest su|<plies of the markets, with a hill of fare not ex i celled either aa regards ipiality or number of dishes] by any hotel in the United States, and varying in prices from six crnta to , one shilling and eighteen pence i>er dish. The purest Jars and , Mocka coffee and the very best teas, and served at only three , oenti |>ercnp. And all other refiwahments in proportion. The , waiters are uniformly civil and polite, and every visitor may lie , assured of feeling ill this establishment quite "at home." In , fact, every department of the business is under the su|ierintriiileiicM of comiietrnl overseers, whose sole care and attention are , directed to the comfort and conveniences of customers ami , guests. HENRY GOSLING, , Proprietor of the French and Amrrican Eating House, Nos 64 and fifi Nassau st, between Jslin tl and Maiden Lane, P. 8.?Open Sundays fur breakfast, dinner and tea. jeltO 3mr , GUNS AND PISTOLS. 0?-EXCLUSIVELY.-<30 B JOSEPH, 14 Maidrn lane, up stairs, im|>orting agent fur i the sale of English. (Jerman and French double and single i barrel Fowling and Ducking Onus, from the lowest to the fin i est qualities ; Pistols of every description, for this and other markets, embracing one hundred different kinds, all o( which he is now pre|>ared to offer at the manufacturer's prices, being appointed agent for the largest houses in that line in Europe, which rnables him to sell at extremely low prices. A large assorted stock of the above always on hand. City and country merchants are particularly requested to call, previous to making their purchases. jy27 3in*r TO GUN DEALERS Guns, Pistols, -I articles 400 Single Barrel Fowling Pieces 100 Double Gnns, imitation twisted 300 do do real twisted and patent Breech. 4000 Pairs of Pi,toll?assorted?100 different varieties. Ititles and Kiflr Barrels?Locks snd trimmings (fame Bags?Powder Flasks and Percussion Caps Sporting articles generally. The above articles will be sold at unheard of low piices, by A. W. SPIES Ik CO. jyl6 lm* c 210 Pearl street. HAVANA AND PRINCIPE : SEGARS. MUADER, 40 I '.hatham street, offers for sals 180,000 La Norma Segnrs. 1 50,000 Novil Principe. 25.000 Woodville. ' 25,000 Rinnda. . r.miura 10 at rx-niure. Di'iiues n inn hock 01 mt? nimmi brand* of Haranit and Prinfipr Sugars. jy20 1m #-od*c crm NOE ItSOLL'S 1 BOAT ESTABLISHMENT. BOATS, Dinkey tail boats anil race boats, pleasure boats, kc. kr. The immense Butt Building Establishment of C. L. Ingenoll, 100 Water at, near Catharine Market, it our of the > moat eitenaive in the United Stale*. Here were built the mo*i o-autiftil pleasure barges and elub boat* that hare floated on t he rircra and lake* of America. Alio the barge for the Auto- t irat of all the Huiaiaa. tcveral raee'boal for Asiatic Motiarelis; ill fancy boat called the John Smith of Arkansas, and the fast mini* hoal lor Mr. O. F. Banning*. He lias recently completed i lifeboat on a new plan, which has heen pronounced by aomr if our moat experienced nautical m?n superior to any ever be'ore built. At this establishment any kind of boat will be 'urniahed with reversed bottom, from a mould, in any way to in it the taste of the purchaser, of whatever fonn they may be. rhe materials are all of the beat quality, pine boards being no art thereof. A large assortment of boats of all kinds, including ife boats, gigs, long, quarter, pleasure, Whitehafl, and race mats, may be always found at the mauulact try, at prices much lelow what purchasers have heretofore iiaid, and a liberal distraint on the usual rates will be made to those who wish to sstl igain. Please call before |sirrhasing elsewhere; you can then udge of my work?References. Jas. W. Hale. Sol Agent, 58 Wall st. For advertisement of mats, ke., see Com er k Enquirer and New York Commercial Advertiser. jv22 lm?r " CROLIUB* BOAT ESTABLISHMENT. 1 400 WATKR STREET, ' point nooPA east ok cathartmi market. PIE Snhacrihet having in hn manufactory, and under his i own immedist i superintendence, some of the oldest and * nost experienced k hlders in this citv; and the heat of materials a or building every description of b >aU, which enables nun to c uriiish, at the shortest notice. Boats of the most approved mo u el and workmanship, on the moat liberal terms. r BUILDER of the Sultan of Muscat's Pleasure Barge, the ti Vave, Oaaelle, Victoria, Atlantic, Waknna, kc. Also, the n Inn, of Peekskill, Washington, of Pnnghkeepsic, Duchess, of lyile Park, Sylph snd Wave, of Mobile, Geo. Httvut, of .oaiaville, Madame Celeste, of New Orleans, kc. Also.? rhc sail boats Wit. Crolius, Fashion, Zanonl, Star, and Mrin Forrest, fcc.,1 I., kc. jv23m cod'e ^ [)F. ARSAI.I.'S OAR ESTABLISHMENT, foonded in }l ' ITJ8. at 401 Water street, five iloors above I'aithanne mar 11 et, the only establishment of the kind In the United Slates. ' onlinurs to supply the Nary, the American, Rusaiau, and " Ipaniab war steamers?has supplied all the mse boats and r.lnh J oats for the last four years?and bss now the largest assortment ' f oars, swneps^nd sculls ever collected in one place. , l N. B ?The Branch Oar Store on the North River side, is ' hut op, and removed to 402 Water street; and as I save all the I1 tpenses of one stare, I will sell enough cheaper to those who iome from ihe Norvh River side to (>ay them for their trouhle. face hosts, club boats, oars snd senlls sold 50 per cent less r ban last year mi >m*e ll/KlTIN't; I'APElfS 1000 reams ruled and plain Letter o * V P.tper; 7.50 do do do Foolscap f Don irams fine and sii|ierfine Flat Cap * 500 do English Copying Paper r ISO do fine superfine medinm bine and w lita a 2*11 do do do demy Ho d ) Also, a large assortment of Envelope Paper, for tale at Very I ow pries* by PEKBBE k BROOKS, [ j y 30 01 Liberty street [ERA 2. MISCELLANEOUS. FRENCH, ENGLISH AND CLASSICAL ACADEMY. So. 7 Dlvlulon-utrcet. N eatisci|Ucure of the entreaty of * iiumtwr of |?atrona whose rliililri ii frcijurut this school, the undersigned ? ill continue it instructions duiinx tl?* cumins racations. and by lhm< if int (liven an avenue to those who prefer school to vacation. Tin i nip lit of (Ilia institute it a thnmuith knowledge f ihe French .liid English lan mages, Malhrmatict, Natural Inlosnphy, ke. The student of tin- Latin and Greek will, in a short lime, be rt j'.iWfil to i liter Colli it. 1 he French being 'lie predominant branch, witl of court* he pokcti ill the clastes. The teaaiou eomnieuret on the 1st of August, yet pupils may blain admission any time parent* can inake it couveiurat to end I hem. Theterintare moderate, at will be teen in the circular!. I' I t'V Prior,oil N. P.?The KrcniiiR School nopcn for young men only. jyfa 3w *r ASP 11ALTUM AND MINERAL TAR JOHN LOWITZ, No. 2 Wall-Street, 'J AS constantly on hand natural Asphaltum Hock and Mine1 ral Tar, which art* used for the billowing purposes Garden* and sidt-wulks. Florin*! of Building* and Cellars, where the exclusion of noisture is required Canal* and Bridge*. Piers, Wharf a and Docki. Vaults. Baths, Aqueduct s .Reservoirs, Sew en. Terraces, Roofing. Coating of iron w< )k, to prevent its oxidation by air an rater. Coating of timber work, used at railroads, 8cc. Markets, slaughter ho ises, and Bonding waiehmses, where he exclusion of vermin it remred, ivRlme<Ml*r foHN (MBK1EL VERKEN or WKKREN.a Native of 1 Swiuerland.?Any one who has ever known or heard of his or of a person of a similar name, will please 'ominuuicate the fact to me, as this information u of importance to some of hi* family. His real name was John Uahriel , iferren ; but in a foreign land it may, like many other names, wve been changed, or become corrupted in it* spelling. He caino to the United States in the year 1783, and he i* su|>XMed to have resided in the State of Pennsylvania, and to have lied there ; but as no trace of him a* yet ha* been discovered, die information received by me upon the subject is probably incorrect, and 1 now take this means of making a general iniitiry throughout the Union. ileod ImV P. F. STA1QER, Philadelphia, !'a. I N PRESS. -I qder the care of PROFESSOR WEBSTER A of Harvard University.?Cambridge edition ot.LlEBIU'S in n work nn Organic t Mciniitry in it* applications in lliyniilocv and Pathology. Edited from the Author's Mainisoripts, by William Gregory, M. D.. Sic. The only correct and authorized edition w ill be I bat now printing at Cambridge. For this edition the author and editor have not only mipplird alt the correction* and alteration*, but new and additional matter tint contained in the London edition. To the Cambridge edition will at?o be prefixed a biographical sketch of Protestor Lieliirg, ami ail account of his other works. The delay in the appearance of the work hen' has been caused In the non- rrival ol the laat paxes ; these have now been received, and the work will lie out in a few dajs. Persons desirous of obtaining the correct and perfect work w ill address the publishers, Messrs. James .Monroe and Co I'll Washington street, Boston. BoITOIV, July 36, 1843. a.1 Haw 3t r SILK BANNERS, ?tc. LTANNINGTON it CO., 2V:i Broadway, near Head street, I ' Respectfully inform the Order of 1. O. of O. F., and their riends itenerally, that they are now pre|iared to execute orders or Flags aud Banners in the most su|ierior style for beauty, (inability, and economy, having Silks made for the express oc asion that will make the largest banners without disfiguring it with a seam. Biieciincus and Designs can be seen at their Establishment, ?t Broadway, or sent to any part of the Uuiou. For style, design, and execution of works of the kind, we recr to the Getty's Banner, No. II, 1, O. of O. F., as also to Greenwich, No. 40, Harmony, 44, Covenant, Si, Perseverance. 17, also Military Com|>*nir* and Sunday School Batiueis, and the societies St. Nicholas, Now England, St. George, St Andrews, St David, Ike tie. Window Shailes in great variety, fium $1 each to the richest sml best, painted by the most eminent artists. Stained Glass, alder the manner of the ancients, warranted never to cringe color, with many recent improvements for church winnows and ether public and private building*, sleamo.-an, imcket ships,store windows, tic tic. Imitations of Stained Glass, painted on mnslin for church winnows,very close imitation of the real glass,at a very trifling, or the glass obscured and painted in brilliant colors, vrrv utirable and cheap. iy 17 r IITATCHE8~AND JEWELRY;VERY LOW.-TheTiTb ' tcriher is selling all descriptions ol gold and silver Watches, gold aud silver |ieiicils, gold chains, keys, he at rcail, lower than at any other place in the city. Gold Watches is low as 26 lo )u dollars each. Wstchcs and Jewelry exchan;ed or bought. All Watches are warranted lo keep good time rr the money returned. Watches and Clocks rr|iaired in lh? beat manner, and warranted, at much lets than the lanal mice*, by one of the finest woskmen in the city. O. C. ALLEN, Itn;xirter of Wateheaand Jewelry, wholesale aud r?tal, 30 Wall itrcet, up stairs. iv2l lm*r oplf.ndid d'ihcoV ehy Foh learning to ^ PAINT AND DRAW FROM N A T U HE.?Amateurs may arc, at No. 231 Bro4*dway, next door to the American Hotel, a number ol sanudc.i of painting on wood, velvet, silk, muslin, |?|wr, Sic. ai.e, hy t process for which the inveutnr ha* received a premium of t wo t lion sand dollars from the French irovenimcnt. The imitatitfci* of oil paintiucs are so perfect that no imintercan imitate them without learning the process. By fin* method, any artist or oilier i*rson may learn, in a very few Icsloiii, to paint with oil. water color, mini ituu-, and also many new and liamUoini* iuv? ntious, to a |i(*rr?-<'ti<iii difficult to uiitlt-rornmfl without -ciiuc rhe samplei, or Lakuu a mugle lesion of Mr. VICTOK KRNETi^, painter to tin courts of France. Huuia. Ur. The Arti?te wifl remain only till the 15th of licit month, when he intends returning to Funcc. Hperimrn* miv he seen at the abore address. jvll lm?C PA I'KNTS?AMERICAN A N I) H )KET(7\ OKKICKi ami Agency of the United Slates Patent Office, No. 22 Stale street, Button. This office has been established in Boston for the put ten >'i'sr>, And inventors are informed that all business relative to III" preparation of caveats, s|>eciflrations and drawings, assignmenu and other |M|icrs. and procurinit patents, is here transicled with accuracy and despatch ; ana all iwrsonal trouble, ? well as ex|?'nses ofajourney to Washington, and delay there, laved to tie in. Attendance here is altogether unnecessary?a model, which may be acnl by Harnden's Express, and a short FXplauatory letter, hung sufficient. Pafcuu secured in foreign countries, an I advice given on all legal and scientific matters res|? cting tin in. The facilities of the sulisrriber, by his very extensive library ot honks on patent laws, and rare mechanical works, kc,, (nables him to afford evid.nce and opinions for oiiu at law, for infringements, tec., which would be difficult in ther respcrti for parties to obtain. All models, 8ie., forward I'd to the Patent Office, Washington, free of expense. R H. EDDY, Civil Engineer. The following is extracted from letters of the Commissioner af Patents in 1839 :? To II. II. Ktiuv, Esij.? Sir " i have to renew the assurance of the high respect i entertain of your agency for paten eea. So far as 1 have htard, they have expressed themselves satisfied with your services; md justice to yourself compels me to say, the business of your office, so far as it la connected with this deiiartinent, evinces much skill and great assiduity. Yours, respectfully, H I. ELLSWORTH For all further information, apply to DAVID GARDINER, Agent of Patent Office, No. 21 Pine atreet, New York. a2 lm*r M'OTfCE TO CREDITORS.?The Assignees of Decasae. i' Mierge V Co. being ready to make a lirat payment, the leditors of the said firm, are requested to call on Monday next, 13th inst. at 3tl3K Broadway, to receive their proportion. F. G. bERTEAU. ) AUG. JUROSSUV, $ Assignees. 12th August, 1842. auH Iw'c M'OTICE TO CLERKS, and all other persona whose bnaii-' nets causes them to be constantly on their feet.?By culling it the old exclusive Boot Store, 144 Chatham street, they ran ae accommodated w ith the invaluable article, ROGERS MErALIC ELASTIC HEEL BOOTS, warranted in every |>arlicular, and at the same price of the ordinary Boot. The following are some of the_ many advantages tlie Elastic Heels iave over every other kind :? First?The elasticity addi greatly to the durability of the Boot. Secondly?They make no noise in walking npon the pavement. Thirdly?l'hey prevent Boots from runuing down to the lecl. Fourthly?'They enable the wearer to walk with much leas atigilc. Fifthly?They do not cut or tear carpeta aa do iron or nailed seals. Sixthly?They can he worn with comfort by thoxe having lender feet. A. usual, constantly on hand all kinds of Boou at whclesale ind retail, at manufacturer'srtriees, Jy Hcolm* orricr. of Jrs-rMsote as. t, New York, August I, 1812. TSIIE Hoard of Director, of (his institution have this dav d" 1 clared a semi-annual Dividupd of seven |wr crnt, payable I) the stockholders, or their legal representatives, on and alter he 10th inatant. Transfer hooka closed from 611) to 9th inatant inclusive. ,2 81 r OEO. T. HOPE, Secretary 'NOI.LECTIONff.?TSe Subscribers will collect Note Drafts, Acceptances, Certificates of Dri*>sites, kc. (through Vlesrrs Harndcn it Co. from New York to Albany) upon any il ttie truljwing places, and guarantee returns to the city of Sew York, in /mas lix to tight dayt. Utica, Canandaigns, Syracuse, Rochester, Auburn, Bvtnvia, Geneva, Bufialo. Rtriincfa : [Erasmus Corning, 1 bouts W. Olcott. Albany. POMEROY It CO. S Wall street, New York. 1 fl CornerJjMt,- ami Market streets. Albany^ Rrw *oua it At.Bsnr TTiii.TToan CoMrartT, 2 Park Place, New York. I MOTirEisherebygir. il 10 the Stockholders of the New Lo York and Albany Rail Road Company, that the President ind Directori have directed a call lor an instalment of live per j rem on the Capital stock of the Company, payable on the ifth day of September nest. August I lilt?. By order of the Board, at I Sep J r JOS. E. BLOOMFIELD. geeretaty. CORPORATION NOTICE?Public Notice ta hereby~gi^ Ten, that a tale ol | roperty for unpaid taaes will take idare t Public Auction, at:1 ie City Hall of the City of New York, in Wednesday, the Mt!> ?-ay ol September neat, at I? o'clock, toon, and he continued 11 m day to day until the wltqle of said ,roperty shall lie 1 ihit (lie detailed statement of the saes, and property to bet il published in the New Era, a lewsp i>cr printed andpuhlt sin d ill the city of New York. ALV 4 ED A. SMITH. Comptroller. Comptroller's OIRcr, Mayt' ml. ie26 lawtSeptM c rilltEK DOLLARS?Doctor J. PROVOST would in1 form those who are so unfortunate as to contract any form f a certain delicate diswue, that he has reduced his price to m> amall'siim of three dollars Having recently purchased a trge aasortmcnl of the very best medicines, h? can afford the sine without extra charge. Thus, gentlemen, yon perceive hat no eatortion will he made It would he nselra* to eipati. te upon the many wondnfui cures performed within the last ?w years, they are well known. The object for reducing the rice, is to bring it within the means of every young man to ree hamu li from this dreadful malady, aa well as moderate ersonal gain. Office No. 91 Broad street, corner of Stone, 'rivate entrance in Stone atreet. J. PROVOST, M D hrW lw*t I'll NEW YORK IN V \LIDS.?|)r. JOHN THOMSON, a of Albany, son of the Founder of the Tnofnsouian System if Praetiee will, hv particular request he at No. I#t Br.xime at. I or a lew days, where ,bc may be consulted by such patients aa t re afflicted with chronic discaae, from which they can nnl no eliiffrom otliei sources, esiwcially dyspeptim, four-films ol vhich he thinks may he cured under fifty ysars of age. a?7 lm*r , , . -?[??- 0 "sOAL-IOO tons Liverpool Cannel .Cosh fot wle wi '<>? ' a ^.u.t P-h^now !&?? LD. Price Two Cents, Miajrtiatown, Ky. [C?iT*?|*)ii<lruce of the HrnUd.] Hardstown, Kr , July .'V), 1KI2. S't. Jnujih't Collrgr?Nazureth Aradttny?Annuo! Extrcitrt?Grand Ball, fyr. Tins small city is situated in the interior of the Stnte, about Ml miles distant front Louisville, and might very appropriately be styled the fountain head of classic education for both sexea. Within the precincts of the city the proud walls of t?t. Joseph's College rears its lofty head on high, towering over all the other buildings as if conscious of its supremacy; to the left, as you enter the town, in front of the College, is the Catholic Cathedral whose lofty and majestic pinnacle has w ithstood the battling blasts of wintry storms for nearly tw enty yearn ?as you approach the city these two buildings present themselves most conspicuously to your view? te the right of theColIcae extends ? larn.. o?.i fu! enclosure, in the rear of which isa large grove of poplar und bench trees; this field is used for the play ground of the boys. At this season of the year the examination takes place and continues tor a week. Numerous visitors sojourn here during that period, from various parts, a great number are from tho Southern States,and equally as great u number from the Stales adjoining. About two miles and a half from the city is situated the Nazareth Academy. The finest institution in the State lor young lauies; their examination transpires nearly a week previous to that of the college. The large number of misses at this institute bear ample testimony to its reputation; shows with wliHt approbation nnd high esteem it is held both at home and abroad The day of the exhibition a very large audience collected in the study room to witness the distribution of premiums, and hear the composition of the graduates. The pupils, to the number of about two hundred, clad in simple white, with a blue ribbon fastened around their waist, the ends of which were suffered to drop loosely at their side ; simple in their attire, docile in their dejKirtment, without affectation ar constraint they looked nnd acted during the ceremonies as if fully" appreciating the interest, inspired less by their personal charms than their mental accomplishments.? Young, innocent, graceful and handsome, they seemed creatures that had lived and moved in the sphere of pure domestic and social kindness, with an ignorance of evil, which is the gieut blessing of their sex and years. " With mannurs, graceful, ewy and refined, A fit costume and richly stored mind, Can woman fail, whoe'er she will, to please,'* ({nick as her voice he hears, or form he sees I" The exhibition of St. Joseph's took place on the 28th inst., and occupied two days, owing to the number pf graduates being twelve, the greatest number since the erection of its classic walls. Owing to the sultriness and heat of the weather, a platform was erected in the yard on the left of the Cathedral. This was the most agreeable spot that could have been selected ; a delightful shade was cast by tht wide spreading branches of the trees over the whole assemblage of youth and beauty there congregated to witness the ceremonies of this intellectual day. At the conclusion of each speech. the band struck up some lively nnil spirit stirring tune. At the close of the speeches, the distribution of the nrizes took place ; the graduates were not entitled to contend for these, ns their diplomas were conferring on them u far more noble distinction than otherwise could be done. This was by far the most impressive portion of doings of the day. First in order came the minor branches, composed principally of the little ones. How their eyes sparkled and their cheeks crimsoned, as they received the prizes with a low bow, returning quickly to their places. After these came others of a more advanced age ; and so on till the higher departments were reached. At the close of this part of tha business of the day, the graduates were called forward to receive from the hands of Bishop Flaggett, the idol of their literary pursuits?the loadstone of their ambition?the diplomas. After the discharge of this profound duty, which was performed in the most impressive manner, the Right Rev. Bishop addressed the audience and the young graduates. In the course of fiis remarks he alluded to the vile, base and malignant aspersions that had been east ui>on the clergy and professors of the Institute, by N. L. Rice, of this city. No opportunity for two or more years, has this good had man failed to cast the most oppronious epithets upon the members of the Faculty of St. Joseph's. The vile slanders promulgated by the ribaldry of his loose tongue, hus no doubt sullied the fair fame of this splendid institute. He is the editor of a newspaper tnat is published here, by which means he is allowed to circulate his slanderous charges through the dirty columns of his filthy sheet. As depraved at heart as he must be, he cannot soon forget the sound threshing given hini by the Luroddphian Society of the College. On the night of the 2Sth the graduates celebrate their release from classic pursuits and their notice into the world by a grand ball, styled Commence ?nent Hall. The room selected tor this occasion, wan Sweetes and Wooda'.aahort distance from the city, situated in quite a romantic place, on the side of a large hill. Overhanging trees around seem togive'a coolness and freshness to the atmosphere. The room is large and capacious, but rather too low a ceiling. As we approached the spot, the lights along the causeway leading to the room, sparkled lik? stars in the dark expanse of Heaven : trie distant flashes of lightning, breakingforth from the clouds,lent beauty to the scene. As we drew nigh the festive board? " The sound of distant music was heard Which ever louder, clearer, merrier grow, And we heheld?oh ! glorious sight, in sooth. A thousand glorious forma heroic ryes, erst dim Resume their ancient lustre? Up springs the dance?in mazy cirques they swim round each column tall and fluted shaft, Swift as revolving octaves, which rushing whirlwinds waft." At least five hundred must have been assembled at this delightful ball?my paper will not admit of a description of the bright eves, angelic forms and brilliant beauties of the nignt. In adherence with the strictest candor, I may be at liberty to say, and without exaggeration, that there never was congregated in one hall room, so great an assemblage of wit, beauty, grace, and cheerfulness. The ball continued unti 1 a late hour, and many were reluctant to leave even then ; the fear of too much fatigue constrained many to depart, as they were well aware, that should they remain longer, they would be unfit for travelling on the morrow. Yours, respectfully, Adrf.nd. White Mountains, N. If. (Correspondence of the Herald.] Fabian's Hoisk, > White Mopntains, N. H. Aug. 1,1K12. J Life and Scenery amons; the White Mountain*?An Aicent, and the Seneation* produced by it. James Goroon Bennett, Ksq.:? Dear Sir? ah ... . %r v^.i iL. L si. _ - J: _r n. _ Allow a .sew i nurr, iiimmi^u mc meuiiim 01 uie ubiquitous Herald, to direct those in search of pleasure this way. The acenery about here is of the grandest character. Those in search of the picturesque may here be gratified to their heart's content?the streams are alivs with trout, and all kinds of game do here abound. Fabian's House is situated upon a beautiful plain, four miles above the Notch ; the mountains tower above us in solemn grandeur. The ascent to Mount Washington is easy from this house. Early Saturday morning, [a party of us set out on horseback to make the ascent, preceded by our guide, (young Fabian) and oardinnew stuffed away in his saddle-bags. We had a merry ride, passing through the thick woods, and fording noisy streams to the foot of the mountain, seven miles: then began the ascent, which occupied a couple of hours. The horses are sure-footed, and never slip?they pass over chasms, and leap upon crags in a manner perfectly their own?all one has to do is to sit fast in the saddle and steady their nerves. We reached the summit safely, where we found a perfect hurricane blowing. The view amply compensated us for all the trouble we had endured. We felt particularly lofty, and gave vent to our enthusiastic feelings in a loud cheer. We partook of our'tinner with a relish?our guide enlivened us with stories of mountain life, lie is a fine fellow, and does every thing to please those under his care. We reached trie house in safety, getting a ducking ?n the way down, a heavy shower having overlaken us 1 cannot ton highly recommend this louse. The landlord is obliging?the house is spa;ious?the table most excellent, arid last, not lenst, he comimny is of the most agreeable character ,Ve had a delightful little hall last eve, and no small lisplay of beautv. We have room for a lew more, inn a welcome for New Yorkers. ) ours, lvAMUL.SK SOWN EAST.

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