Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 14, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 14, 1842 Page 3
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To the Travelling Public. LOOK AT THIS !?COMBINATION! Orricc or Boston and Providen< Railroad Co. ) Bo?ton, Aug. 3d, 1812. \ Bib? Annexed you have a copy of the arrangement entered into thia day, to put the fare between New York and Boaton, for the summer, at * >, ike. As it is imj?rtant that all the lines should unite in thia move, we shall wait for your reply until Monday next ; when, if you do not assent to it, w e shall consider that you decline . and on and alter that day all all charge your passengers our local fare, cease to sell tickets for your line, and to grant it extra trains. I hope you will accede to the propriety of charging ">, as It is only a rvmerating price. With much respect, itc., JOS. GRIN NELL, President. Please address me at Boston hy mail. C. Vanderbilt, Esq. Copy of Agreement annexed to the above letters. It it agreed that the fare between Boston and New Y orlc, by all the lines, shall be $6 in summer and in water, lor first class passengers, .?! wluokthe BortW MM 1 ro\ idence Railroad ( 'ompunv shall WC^TI OB6 flHUXn ; and between New York and .Newport and Providence $3.60. In case either line shall charge less than the above rates, the Boston and Providence Railroad Company will charge such line it? local faro of $1.50,awl cease to soli tickets for such line, or to give it extra trains. If it should be necessary on the part of the other lines to reduce the fare to compote with such underbidden tlw Boston and Providence Railroad Company will, on being consulted and satisfied ol such fact, take 1-4 part of the reduced fare, it being understood that the Committee of that Road are at liberty to refuse to receive less than 76 cents lor their share. The above arrangement to continue in force until November 11th next, until which time the rates of freight will be, per the Independent line, the local rates of the Boston and Providence Railroad Company, and per agreement to the Btonington Line. Boston, Aug. 3d, 1842. New York, AugustCth, 1S4L Sir? Your communication of the 3d instant, annexing a copy of an agreement entered into on that day, is received. You do not name the parties to the agreement, but leave me to infer that they are the Norwich Steamlioat Companies, the Norwich and Worcester Railroad Company the Boston and Worcester Railroad Company, the New Jersey Steam Navigation Company, the New York, Providence and Boston Railroad Company, and the Boiton and Providence Railroad Company, and as you knew of my being aware of a meeting of those Companies for that object, you did not consider it necessary in your communication to name them. Yon express a desire that I should comply with the terms ?ffco agreement alluded to ; this I cannot consont te, for the reasons which 1 will state. Previous to my arrangement for the establishment of the " Ind? pendent Line" between Boston and New York, I hail every assurance from you and your Board of Directors, that you would, at all times convey my passengers over your road, and ticket it them through, upon as favorable terms as those of any other line?that you had decided to pursue a perfectly independent course towards all lines that might be run between Boston and New York via Providence. This was all I asked?and relying upon those assurances, I started the Independent line in December last. You now determine that if I do not assent to raise the tare to 5 and $fi, I must be excluded t or what is tantamount to an exclusion, I must pay you $1.60 lor each nas. sengcr, while all other lines pay you hut one fourth of the through fare, which would ne'ftflf cents, at the present rates. This will give to any other line opposing me, so great an advantage, that it may prove destructive? notwithstanding which, 1 feel bound to reject theprojiosition, rather than be a party to a contract which is sought to be driven upon me, in derogation of my rights, and as tending to a combination against the rights of the public, to which I cannot consent to lend myself, so long as that public is disposed to lend its helping nand in its patronage of my fair and open 1 am at a loss to conceive, by what authority your companies undertake to dictate to me the price of passage between New York and Newport and Providence. I do therefore most solemnly protest against the whole proceedings. Very respectfully, your obedient scrv't, C, VANDEllBILT. Jos. Gsixkell, Esq., President Boston and Providence Railroad Co.?Boston, Mass. Tickets through and berths in the steamers to be procured in Boston, at No. 8 State street, No. 76 Water street, and at the new Ticket office of the Independent Lino, adjacent to the B. and P. Railroad Depot. Also in New York at No. 39 Peck Slip, and on board the Boats. On and after Saturday, Aug. 13th, the fare will be by Independent Line, through between Boston and NewYork?Cabin Passage, $2, Deck Passage, $1.60. Between New York, Neport and Providence?Cabin Passage, $1; Deck Passage, 76 cents. (W- KOLM9TOCK'S VERMIFUGE?This remedy for Worms is one of the most eitraordinary ever used, ft cflectually eradicates worms of all sorts, from children and adults. Thousands perish by worms without the real cause being known. Some other reason is assigned for their sickness, until too late to cure the real cause. What immense responsibility thea rests upon the parent who does not know, and the doctor who does not understand, the complaint which is destroying those precious flowers of life?children. What should be done 1 The answer is plain. Give this Vermifuge, which will be sure to do yood, if they havo no worms, and if they have, it willdustroy and eradicate them with a certainty and precision truly astonishing. u cannot nartn tne smallest infant or the strongest adult. There i? no mercury or mineral in it Mercury if the ba if of moft worm remedies ; and the remedy ia sometime* worse than the disease. So never uie lozenges, hut rely upon this. Every person will be convinced on one trial, that it if the moft perfect cur* ever invented. To li* found only at 71 Maiden Lane. {?- A QUEER FISH CAUGHT WITH A U1CH BAIT!?Barnttm of the American Museum has finally caught the Fejee Mermaid, for one week, hut it took a valuable bait to entice her ladyship, it being nothing less than a thousand dollars. Some ten thousand persons paid their respects to this Princess of the Ocean, while at Concert Hall last week, and doubtless fifty thousand visitor* will be near the mark this week. There is no mistake about this being the greatest curiosity we ever sav^ and the most curious thing of all is that naturalists, who before disputed the existence of this animal, now have all scepticism removed on the subject. 09-QIN AND BITTERS, AND BRANDY AND 8ARsaparilla Syrup are the " tonics" offered by the nostrum venders, but the public are awaking to a sense of the danger of such pernicious preparations. The fact thut habits of the grossest intemperance, and even that horrible malady delirium trcmeus, has been produced by them, is enough to sweep away those poisoned compound*. The 'Tonic Mixture" of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy is no spiritous stimulant, but a scientific compound of the most potunt restoratives. Sold in $1 bottles. W. 9. R1CHARD90N, Agent. Office 97 Nassau street, N. Y. Marine Pavilion. Rockawav, 3d August, 1842. FAMILIES CAN OBTAIN PLEASANT ROOMS st this delightful watering place, by addressing the subscriber at McCoun &. Clark's, 63 Wall street. *3 lOt HIRAM CRANSTON. U. 8. Ship North Carolina, ) July 26, 1942. i 09-THE NAVAL GENERAL COURT MARTIAL, now in session on hoard this ship, hereby order all the witnesses in the cases to be iaveUigatcd, and the accused, to be punctual in their attendance, daily, at 10 o'clock? Sunday's excepted. A boat will be in waiting at the Battery bridg(V*t half past 9 A. M. daily. CH. H. WINDER, Judge Advocate. Herald Bulletin of New*. The Herald Bulletin of News is kept at the north-west corner of Fulton and Nassau streets. On the arrival of the morning mails, at eight o'clock, A. M.?and also of the ovmuuk iiioiu, at muru ciuvit, r. m., ino laxw iniRUlienCA from all parta of the world, may be found on the Herald Bulletin Board, at thia corner. Let every wayfarer atop and read. Ailvnrtieements of all kinda taken at the office. Herald General Printing Office. The General Printing Office, capable of doing all aorta oi printing, auch aa hooka, pamphlets, billa, carda of all descriptions, ia now open at tne Herald Buildinga, entrance from Nassau street?Joseph Elliott, Printer. The New York Lancet. 0f>- A few copies of the first volume of this work, handsomely bound, may now be hail at the publication zlftco.?Price $3. Cltjr Deepatch Poet, 40 William Htiif.t. PantciriL Orrict.?Letters deposited before half-pa?t p, half-past lti, and half past S o'clock, will be aent out for delivery at 9, 1, and 4 o'clock. Bksisch Orricaa.?Letters deposited before 7,11, and 3 o'clock, will be sent oat tor delivery at 9, I, and 4 o'clock. ALEX. M. GRKIG, Agent. MONKY MARKET. Saturday, Aug. 13?O P. M. The stock market has been very heavy to-day, and most stocks have fallen, particularly Ohio stocks. The State 0 per cents fell 3} per cent, and Ohio Life and Trust 7 per cent. This wns caused by the passage in the Lower House of the State Legislature of the bill authorizing a loan at 10 per cent interest, to the eatcnt of $800,000, to pay arrearages to contractors. Farmers'Loan fell 1) Delaware and Hudson f; Harlem 1 per cent; Stonfngton 1 per cent; Long Island rose, J percent. The singularly precarious condition of State credits is manifest in the fact that the simple announcement, that the Senate of Ohio has entertained a project to put the remainder of the Miami Extension Canal nailer contract, provided it can be done by State 0 per cent bends, pay able t the State Treasury, and made receivable in payment of canal lands, and that a bill has passod the lower house, authorizing the commissioners of the Canal funds to sell nt par $400,000 of the bonds of the State at a rate ot interest not exceeding 10 per cent,for the purpose of paying off contractors and laborers on the public works, caused a fall in the State stocks, and in the stock of the Ohio Life an I Trust Company, which holds largely of the State stocks. Last winter the Ohio Stock fell to SO cents on the dollar, but recovered itself to SO, un ler the supposition that no more stock would be Issued, but that some permsnent provision woul I be made so as to avoid loanv for the future. The announcement of a new loan has therefore knoeked the stock down to 70, and should itbeoome a law, the stock of the State of Ohio will lie no better than that of Pennsylvania. The sovereign State ol Ohio oilers to pay 10 per oent for money. One of two things ie very eytfent; either she dees not mean to pay, or that she never will be able to pay. She aaanot employ the money, ao T that it will be worth 10 per cent to her, and if ?he promieei euch cnormoue ratea to rains money to pay her home creditor* rather than to lery tax**, it ii pretty evident T that thoae taxei will never be laid to pay olTthe stock pro- T posed to be created. Law year ahe borrowed of broken banka *1,400,000 to pay her debta. The inaolveucy of the banks waa the profit they reaped from the transaction. The State haa now no resource but taxation, and is clearly T afraid to resort to that eren when her own citizens are creditor*, and clamoreua for the money they have ?am*d by their hard labor. Will taxation become more easy or JJ more advisable when th* aluims are transferred from the O citizen of Ohio to the foreign bondholder > The rich and populoui State of Ohio, the credit of K< which a short time since stood highest in the market, and Si its stock was one of the three which w as selected by the J? administration of Paris for introduction upen the Bourse, < uuiui us n>?u maim ivr, uiiu ia now, vj mu mere influence of the borrowing policy of iti ruler*, who chose last year rather to sell the right of suspension to the banks ^ for the means of paying the State debt, than honestly to I* confine its expenditures within legitimate means, and le- ,1(. Tying taxes for the amount, selling at 30 per cent discount. In order to show the actual resource of that StBte we give the tabic of the appraised value of certain descriptions of l, property within the State returned in IStl, appraised for 'V taxation. It may b* remarked that the valuations ^11 far short, generally, of the true one. This is particularly the case in reference to real estate, which is returned often at w one fourth its true value y Rr.touncus or Ohio. $1 Taxable Property. Taxis Received. Bi Value of 21,011,701 Slate and Canal tas, 612,153 cr acres of land,includ- County and School Ci ing houses, kc. 00,796,323 tlx, 502,019 Value of lots, build- Road tat, 150,lire su ing, 20,055,511 Township and poor a, 350,920 horses, three lax, 191.121 years old, 13,951,930 Corporation, 111,300 609,196 cattle, three Phi sician and lawyears old, 1,076,191 sera. urn ? Merchants' capital r or school houses, 10.935 aad money at inte- Ocliispiuiicii s, 113,195 rest, 0,150,971 7.005 olensure car- u.. ria(rs, 513,82.0 a . $128,353,657 Total us, $1,890,405 Here|is a revenue from taxation of near $2,000,000 an- 1)0 nually to sustain a debt of $15,000,000 only, and yet that debt is sailing at 70 cents on thedollar. This is the result of an illicit intercourse between the State government and insolvont banks, and such must ever be the Inevitable resuit. New York may take warning by Pennsylvania and '? Ohio, and stop while yet her expenditures are within her ~~ legitimate means. '' Sales at the Stock Eicliange, ,c $1,000 Ohio G's, ltwo, 71 15 do Mohawk, 3750 3,1100 do ?60 70 'a 50 do Lous Islan I, 50Vj ? 3,500 do 70 50 do 50S 4,000 do 70'i 50 do 50j? 2,000 N Y City G's, twij loo do b30 51 _ 1,520 do 7's, 1852, lOOlZ 25 do 51 si 5,000 Indiana 5's, 21U 150 do 51 hi ft, 75 shas Mechanic's Bk, 53 10 do New Jersey, 01 fj 50 do Del 8t Hud, *60 85 200 do Harlem, 15 c| 25 do DtlK 250 do U% |j, 25 do 8fi>4 185 do II1, 25 do 100 85 100 do 11K ( , 25 Farmers'Loan, 15K 100 do ?3 14V, ff 50 do 15>4 50 do lO, 5 do Ohio L 8c T, 56 150 do sl5 14 V 5 do 53 50 do Stoningtnn, 17.V? 27 do Bank Kentucky, 42 75 do b90 18 50 do Bank Pror, s90 85 50 do 17 P' 45 do 85 50 do 165a Second Board. p, 25 shas Harlem R R, 11 200 shas I, Island 11 It, 51V, P< 125 do 14 50 do 51V 100 do L Island RR, 5ll? 50 do 511s 50 do 5I,l4 su N State of Trade. A Sales at auction were madu as follow* j?Sugars?80 to hhds P. R. sugar, 41 a j, 4 mos; 50 hhds Cuba do, 3J a 1J. Tobacco? 65 bales Xibara tobacco, 12 a 15, cash; 10 bales " Baracoado, 141, cash; 4 bales Yarado, 17 cents, cash. St- >a ...... Id VI k a 71 Flour?This day the market ii again lower, and several to sales have been made from store at $6,-25, and some transactions are reported at less. Fresh flour, though held ge- ,0 nerally at $ > .)7 J, can be bought at $5,35. Ohio flour is also $6,-26, but we have heard of no transactions of moment to-day. Southern flour is nominal at $6,60?nothing doing in it. There is no prime wheat in market. Two cargoes u from North Carolina are reported, but wc have not yet at seen the samples. Sales at new rye have been made at 63 cents. Corn is scarce, and none here. Canal oats are worth 31 a 32 cents. U Tobacco?The market remains very quiet, and until ye*- t0 terday there was nothing dona; sales were then made of 24 60 a 100 hhds Kentucky, for export, at 3} a 4$ cent*. B< H'balebont?The market is nearly bare, aad no sales " for export have come to our knowledge. , H'inei?Remain extremely dull. 13 Freight*?To London, the packet of the30th inst. is nl- it ready engaged full of flour, oil and naval stores, at our A quotations. To Liverpool fd a 3-16d per lb. for cotton, and Is 3d per bbl for flour, are new the rates. To Havre there " is no change. q Molants?Porto Riso, 20 a 31 cents; New Orleans, 20 cents. d< Nacal Stores?We notice sales of 1000 bbl* here, at $3 50, the former price. Spirits turpentine remains as previ- A ously quoted. ,, O*I- Since our last, 34,000 gallons English linseed have re arrived, 18,000 of which were disposed of some time ago, and was then reported; 1600 gallons F.nglish here sold at m 83$ cents; and best American in lots at 82, both cash.? Refined whale commands 43 ; and lard oil is steady at 65 cents. Philadelphia Cattle Market. Beef Cattle?674 at market, offered and sold at $6,60; 400 "I head went to New York. Cows and Calves?337 at market; sales from $16 to $-23; extra sold at $30 to $36. Springers $11 to $14. Dry Cows sold at $6 to $9. Calves, in th* R drove yards, $1 26 a $2, extra $3; live weight on tha T)elaware, $2 75 a $3. Ilogs?130 at market, sales at $176 n , $3. Sheep?Sales at $1 a $1 25, extra $-2 75. V State of the Crops. ^ lis Tevxessef..?The Nashville Whig of the 4th inst. A says ;?The accounts from the country in regard to the crops are as flattering as the most anxious expectant of Jj " better times" could desire. The experienced tobacco c[ planters who were successful last year, have in many in- vi stances doubled their crops this season; others, who from lack of skill or some other cause, received discouraging " prices for last year's crop, have quit the business. In the OI main, the crop of good tobacco will be largely increased, unless we have an untoward fall. The amount of cotton planted this rear is larger than usual, both in Middle Tennessee and the Western District. The grain crop, we believe, is every where abundant. Georgia.?The crops in this region are the themes on which the travellers and others vvno come among us bestow unmeasured praise. The prospect now before us will _ bring great relict, should tha planters receive a moderate (;| price for their cotton. |\ Wucossis.-The farmers in that territory are in the J* midst of a beautiful harvest. The wheat crop will be }*j more than an average one. An intelligent traveller passing through Walworth county, informed hs that the crops dr were very fine; that a farmer in'Troy said that his wheat crop would not turn out quite as much as last year?that w he had only lis acresto harvest! y ?????s Married. t, su At Caldenham, Orange county, on Thursday, the 11th inst. by the Rev. Robert H. Wallis, Rorert Blake, Esq. " to Miss Sarah Van Dvck, daughter of the late James Van Dyck, of this city. P On the 13th inst. by the Rev. Michael Curren, Mr. Jxo. CoaaiGAK to Miss Maria Cassidv, daughterof the late rit Andrew Cassidy. ??** 1. On Saturday, 13th inst. in the 47th year of his age, Dr. Johiv Pati em F.mmet, son of the late Thomas Addis Emmet, and lor the last seventeen years Professor of Chemietry and Materia Medica in the University of Virginia. His friends, and those of his brothers, are respectfully V invited to attend his funeral from the house of his brother. * Robert Emmet, Esq. fll Eighth afreet (Clinton Place,) on ,t' Monday, 16th inat. at 10 o'clock A. M. J"' On the 13th inat. Mr. Damn. O'Maaaa, in the Olat year ,j, .of hia age. Ilia frienda. and thoaeof the family, are reapectfully in- 5 vitcd to attend hia fanaral, thia afternoon at 4 o'clock, C from hia late reaidence, 90 Eaat Broadway. On the 13th inat. of apoplexy, Mr. Janata McCaiilakd, _ Sr., a native of Ireland, aged 71 yea re. p On the 12th inat. after a aerere and protracted illneaa, r, l uiKi ia IIixm iid, youngeat child of Dr. Daniel Whit- |n ney, in the 3d year of hia age. p, Funeral thia afternoon at 2 o'clock, from 00 Clarkaon at. kr eorncr of Waahington. Li On the 12th inat. after a few daya illneaa, MaaoAaiT, l* wife of Mr. Jonea Eger, in the fWth year of her age. * On the lat inat. at hia reaidence in Romeraet county, N. to J., Mr. Joiiy 0?aar.Ttoa, fatherof the Rer. John Garretaon.of Belleville, in the 80th year of hia age. On the 3d inat. at the atme place, of bilioua remittent 1,1 fever, hia daughter, Pmer. An* OaaarTioy, in the 17th year of her age. fiv At Boaton, Aug. 10th, l<M3, Rniwr.1.1. O. Kimmkl, aged Slimmer Mull Arrangement. .4rrirr?. Clotet. t? Great South Mail, daily 3 r. M. a. M. fh An eatra South Mail, dailv, conveya mat- rai trr for Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington City II M. l)i f. * ah The South Way-Mail,daily,conveya matter for New Jersey 1 r. M. 1H 1. ?. tri An eitra South Way-Mail, for the prtnei- In -e.P*1 lowna on the Railroad to Phila ibia -10 A. M. 3H r. M. In The Great North Mail, including all mat- fo let in thia Stale, Nerth and Weal of Albany?that part of the State of Vermont vi"1* "f the Green ?i Mountains?all Canada, the whole of Michigan, Ihose fonr counties in Penn- to tylvania lying on the borders of Lake Erie?that part <>( Ohio lying on anil ad- 01 mrenf to the shores of, and rhe a ? .I'.'-'."ririoi ISSf "W.W'Acnnain- ? a. m. 1)? r. M Mill, daily, except SunThe \\ ay-Mail to Albany, including) fi a. M. L, all the principal towns on the Hudson >? 1 at k Rivci S 1W e M The Great Eastern Mail, via Stonington, M Providence anil Boston, including New Hampshire, Maine, part of Maasarhn- "5 setts, part o( Vermont, the Kaalem British Provinces, daily, tier pi Sundays*- 7 a. m. 1W r ? The Mail by steamboat to New Haven, r* and by railroad from thence to Hartford, including those offices adjacent thereto, aJ dailv, eierpt Sundays. 1 p. m. ? am I? The Mail by the Norwalk and Bridgeport th Steamboats, connected with Honsatonic . Railroad, snpplying offices in that sec- ln tion of Connecticut adjacent to the line, j daily 3 r. m. I Tha Mail via Yonkws and Sing Sing to , Pasktkill, dajly, stoapt Bunday Ilk I *. M { j lie Mail via East Clieatei, White Plains, T\ M Bedford. III Duiburv, Ct. dall., exce|ii Sunday 6 r. M. A A. M. S8 A. M. 7 A. M. 'C it It ' I r. m. IK ' M- ?J lie vtail torTmnpkinsvillr, daily,eicrpt Sunday t A.M. he Wiv-Mail supplying officra on the Kaat tide of the Minium River, liet ween " this anil AI Inn)-, Monday, Wednesday. and Friday a.m. >? he Way-Mail on the West aide of the Hudson Hirer, to Albany, Monday, Wednesday , and Friday I r. M. w The Mailt on Lour Island arc rinsed as follows:? tl u tin .North aide, Tuesday and Fiiday 6 A. M. |>; utile South aide, Monday, Wedue.dt\ and Friday -6 A. ai. lithe Middle route, Tuesday and F'riday 6 a. m. maira, daily, except Sunday C a. m. u uahing, daily, except Sunday. 7 a. M. ut Hamilton, Klalbush.ite. daily, except Sunday - I r. M. a( The Great Eastern Mail, via Stomngton. fcc. is closed on ? itunlay < vrniiiga at 9 o'i lock, and forwaided at I o'clock Suny morning by land. Time of arrival Sunday evening, 9 p a Pasarngrra Arrived. BbliXK, Hond?Brig Florida Blauca?Auguatc Makelin, n reuch Consul General in Central Ami nca; Juan F' t'ianrros. v, Central America; J J I'riia I'enalu, Bra/.il; Misa J J Suthei- j ml. Belize. ? Bzi.kast?Ship John Bull?Mrs Little, and I3fi in the steer- n e. PusaeiiKt-ra to Arrive. V SaTAUtxvu?Shin Newark?Mrs Derry, Mies Corwin. J B uril, C Bruno, OTa; lor, W H Tiaon, L W Bates, W 0 Dcr?'I 111 tl\P *!.>* "T" P Foreign Importation*. ci B?:i.I7.k. Hond?Brig Florida Blanra?$1103 specie III Ions lineood B Blanco?22 bales sarsai>arilla 97 bides 2 nbls 3 basts torisc six-11 and hoofs 10 |>ea rosrwoud $1010 F All xandcr?$100 4i J Laurie?40 bales sarsa|>arilla 1 box tortoise shell 67 hides ? 330 J J L ihoiiisM?1 box md?o Masters. Marline co?$100 J iichanan?I |iarccl tortoise shell 73 hides W B Warriner?77 ? roons indiu'o H Si D Cotheal Sc co?10 bales ursainrilla K offin?1 box old cornier 6 sea turtles to captain. . Naouann, Pit?Sclir Grandee?97 lihds 5 tcs molasses 136 lids jar Maillatid, Kennedy & co. p MARITIME HERALD. " ai ' ' ? M To Ship slliutfi'i. tii shalle?t*em V ? favor. if reptaiit* i?f vessels Arriving re, will vivc to Commodore W. A. H asset t, of our news fleet, e| ort of tin* shipping left 't the port *iietiCe they nailed, the sue Is sp??k? n on their p.vsaur, \ Ii.-*t of tlieir cargo, and any reign new .?papeiJi they may hav*?. Commodore Hassert will ard them immediately on tlieir We will reciprocate ny e favor in wiv war. ? To Cori*t'Si>oiiil?n(s Abroad. Our correspondents in foreign ;?orU are respectfully reqaetted send by every vessel all the marine intelligence they can tain. Nautical information of anv kind, from any one reling at home or abroad, will be thankfully received. j OUT OF NEW YORK, AVOBST 14, !)' Lee . - 8 N RISE* 5 9. Moon SETS II 41 * 7 51 ! hioh wa r?:n I 56 f1 hi i'leareil. tl Ship Wandsworth, (Br) Singer, St Jolm. NB. A Knox. Jr. ra Bi ijs Mart hiH uri.sou, ( Br) Pir-vms. Ijwiwmr Hrace, NF. T fTIciii, Ironsides i*. ! ? ; (Jlide, (Br) I'ike, do, Diihicomb & u< sckwith; Isaac Mead. Studley, Mar**illes, Boyd & lliuckiu; tl ninii, (Br) ('ottrad, llalif \. B-rhe McRver*; a Hazard, (Br) l? uurchw ml. Newfou dUiiil, (ik J Lniiic: Union, (Br) Mc- of Ltrnie, B uuadoe* via Yarmouth, (SS. '1 Wimiiett.?Schra pi mt>a, U'olc, Baltimore; Coimiu-ri c, King, do, A B ('ixilry & ti a; Two I'ollirs, Fountain, do; Virginian, Walpolt*, Norfolk; ti omcr, Kt nt, Boston. ' cl Airlvetl. vi British ship John Bull, Roger*, from Belfast, in b<illast, to . fctbcrald Robinson. 24 in til', la! 47 15, Ion 43 42, spoke ship )cahonf is, from Newcastle, Km*, for Hampton Roads. 'A Brig Florida Blanca, Pederson, from Belize:, Hond. July 24, * ith logwood, &<\ to B. Blanco. Lelt no American vessels.? i.ved 11li ilist. lat '.It li- lou 7H '*n W'li?oka.fK IT-itU ..r vrttmomh; 711?, lit 32, foil 7fi 5, p ?sed l/rig Damascus, of New P orb. . ' " Hclir Grandee, Cozzens, 16 daya from Naguabo, PK. with r Badger Si Peck. Left brigs Millinoket, Hopkins, for " ew York, ill 2(1 days; Woodstock, Baker, do, 18?the only a; mirican vessels, Schr Pamplico, Puyli, from New hem, NC. with naval stores, , Mitchell St Co. f' Schr Wolcolt, Owens from Swansboro, SC. with naval [J ores, to De pey?ter St Whitmnrah. Schr Smith, Davis, from Washington, NC. with naval stores, I' Woodhull St Minium. Schr C. Slover, Ellis, from Newbern, NC. with naval stores, ?' m isier. * Schr Mary Ann, 6 days from Newbern, NC.with naval starts, .. master. V Below. 1,1 One brig, unknown. General Record. la Packet ship Vntoiwuw. for Liverpool, sails on Monday at Vl o'clock. Her letter bigs close at Gilpin's, in the Exchange, jc half-past II. Whalemen. ? Arr at New London 9th Inst. Trnedos, Indian Ocean, with ? 00 wh and 200 sp oil. Spoke March 1(1, Caledonia, Stoning- ,)( n, 11)00 bbls; 16th, South Boston, Eairhaven, 2700; China, NB. |( 00; 20th. Xcnophou, 811. 2200; Pacific, Fairfiareii, 2000 ; 28lh, ? osuvn, NL. 1300; April l, Noble, Gr. e.nia.rt, 100(1; 3d, Eme- p, Id, Salem, 1200; Philetus, Siomngton. K80; Tybee, do, 1000; opia, NB. 2000; Panama, SH. 1200; Thomas Dixon, do, 1800; oncordia. do, 1100; Columbia, do. 1780; Silas Richards, do, l 00; Franklin, do, 1600; Fanny, do, 1100; 8lh, Neptuue, do, |, 00; Anu, do, 1200; Vermont, roughkiepsic, 110(1 Heard fin, ? pril 16, Clematis, NL. 1C0O. ,,, Sailed from New Bvdfoid 1 It it inst. Herald, for the ludian can. I, Sailed from Hulinea Hole 10th inat. Macon, for the Indian ? cean. ? Hrsril from April 17, Martha, Xaut. 380 sp; no date, Ganges, M >, 100 sp,GO wh. o A letter fiom ili? Moctexnma, of NB. reports her at Tahiti ,, pril 3, with 680 bbls oil, to sail for N W. Coast in 3 days. At Rio de Janeiro June 23, Electra, from Indian Ocean, arr ilh, with 1100 bbla wh oil and 7000 lbs bone?all well; would ( emit and proceed on Iter voyage. At St Helens June 20, Cadmus, of Saghxrbor, for Rio de Ja- J tiro to sell Iter oil. Spoken. Annawan, from Martiui<|iie for Boatou, Aug 10. Catharine, Cieufucgos for Boston, Aug 10. _ [ Rapid, Curacoa for Portland, Aug 10, off Cai* Cod. A -hiii with black main royal yard, siipimsed the Cincinnati, r Baltimore A uril 7 ..ear A?.!t. ,.t ( Foreign Porta. r| Ntini', NP. July 31?In |H>rt, Margaret Hugg, of ami for ahimore, in a few davs. TtmiDtD, July 21?In port, F.llen, from Kingston, Jam. jnit t; Mart' Peas-, lor Portlaud, Idg; Madrid, Philadelphia, 26th; r caper, no, 28th; Caroline, do, 10 da. I'orto I'lti Lto, July 23?In i?rt, Wm Allen, one. Rio Dr. Janfiro, June 23?In port, Louisiana, from and for , ov York, one; Mary, Irnm Montevideo for East Coaat of I friea anil China; Sagamore, from Coaat of Africa for NYork, * on; Padang, from Buenos Ayrrs, unc; Mentor, from Monte- r deo, do. No American veaaela of war in port?the ships v elaware, John Adams, Concord, and Decatur, aailed 23d, to 'J uiae on the station. The U S aciir Enterprise Was at Montedeo at lateat dates. GaMris, Africa, July 13?In |<ort, Malaga, from Bissau, arr th, for Salem, unc. Kathleen, of Philadi Iphia, for Sierra Leie, Ailed 6th. Blisau, July 4?In pmt, Hamilton, for Rio Nunez, 9th; Ualie, from Cape de Verdaand Salem, 20tli. United States Ports. j Ba!?oor, Ang 9?Arr Brilliant, Baltimore. Bath, Auk 9?Arr Caspian, NYork. Below, Rochester, fm adiz. ' Portsmouth, Auk 18?Arr Venice, Cadiz. !j Salem, Aug II?Arr Naumkeag, Gambia, Africa. Bostoji, Aug 12?Arr Alliorh, St IThea; Anita, La Uuayra *' id Porto Cabello; Triton, Goltenhiirg; Cordelia, Trinidad; hickasaw, Baltimore; Susan, WilmiriKton, NC; Starch, Phi- , delpliia; Jas[ier, New York; Saganaw, Albany, Wm Henry, ondoiit. Came un, Belvidere, from .Vlainlla. Cld Nile, Phi- *' delpliia; Victor. New York. Arr 11th, Laurel, Sydney, CB; |J inderella, Philadelphia; Ahbott Lawrence, NYork. New Bedford, Aug II?Arr Helen, New York; Amethyst, P New Haver, Aug 11?Arr Atlantic, Trinidad. Sid Leon, " rindsor, Nl; UMnat, Troy. PntLADEi.rHiA, Aug 13?Arr Runner, Mntanzas; Venus, N ork. Cld Sterue, Hamburg; Danl Parker, Albany; Lodemia c F.liza, New Bedford; Charles, Boston; Atlantic, New York; . anet, do. Arr in the Schuylkill, Sea Flower, Delaware [' le; Oceana, do; Henry, NBedfbrd. , Baltimore, Aug II?Arr Parthenon, Newport, Wales; He- ? Id, Deinarara; A|xillo, Bremen; Tapiwiiooly, Trinidad; Argo, a io de Janeiro; Jlmes Power, Nassau, Nl'. Cld ( has Wirg- ' en. West Indies. Sid John A Robb. Trieste; Mary Wilks, lr mambueo; Nonpareil, West Indira; Marv, Proridenee. Alfzardris, Aug 10?Arr Fleta, Turks Island. Sid Faro- K' e, Bermuda. ], RicitMom, Aug 11?Arr Paetolus, Lnbec. Sid Superb, Jer- t1 y City; Susan Lndwig, to load for NYork. 1 Norfolk, Aug 10?Chi Mary Silsby, West Imlies. Sid Pal- " ?, Jamaica. In Hampton Roads, Sidney, from Porto Rico. jh Chrrlestofv. Aug 10?Chi Belvidere, Liverpool. Savannah, Aug 9?Cld Newark, New Yora. Arr Casket, aston. )OST OFFICE, NEW YOKK, Augnat 13th. IM?-CO- "i LUMBIA STEAMER?Letter bags for Liverpool, per p?mri Columbia, fiom Boston on the ISth August mat, will hi ose at the nijier and lower Poat Olrel 011 Monday, the lith ti at, at l)? P. M. The overland postage ol 1|J^ cent* ou 1 aeh ai ogle 'etier mint bf paid. ran|4 ltr .'JOHNfLORIMEK GRAHAM. P. M. J [UOAR?200 hhds prime New Orleana Sugais, in atore and ui ' for sale in tola to suit purchasers, by tl an 12 r E. k. COLLINS U CO. M South ?t. w IY THE PRESIDENT Oe THE UNITED STATES. II ? ?In pnrananee of the proviaiona of a Treat)- made and con- |* oiled between the United Stales and the Ottawa tribe of ei dianson the 31st day of Angnst, 1831, I, JOHN TYLER, ni -esinent of the United States, do hereby declare and malm lc town, Ihnt a public aale will be held at the Land Office at rr ima, in the State of Ohio, commencing on Monday, the hi renty-ninth day of August neit, for the diapoaal of the landa s.i ithin the limita of the former Indian Reaervea of ait and three ai ilea square, situated on the north aide of the Maumee rirer, al witfi North of the base line and east of the meridian. v< Fractional (actions one and two, in township five of ranee w rht. Ii Fractional sections one, eleven, twelve,thirteen, twenty-fonr, di rentyfive, twenty-six, twenty-seven, thirty-four,and thirty- in w, and section thirty-sit, in townshipsit of range eight. fi; Fractional sections four, five, and sit, in fractional township h' e of range nine. ij Fractional township sit, including (lie siiteenth section of w Mill Ml. 111 Section thirty-fonr, and fractional sections twenty-two, ih ranty-sit, twenty-seven, twenty-eight, thirty-one, thirty-two, at irty-three, thirty-five, and thirty-til, in township seven of ih life nine. i* Fractional sections seven, eighteen, and nineteen, in town- In ip si* of range ten. ? Also, at the same time and place, will he offered for sale the |M icta of land hereinafter deacrihed, forming portions of former at dun Reaervea, .01,1 pin, h, under treaty atipnlationa Willi the duns by whom 'ha were respectively ceded, are to be sold ju r their benefit, to VST:? North of the base line and east of the meridian. r<j Fractional section ailteen, within the Reserve at Ocijuanoias )n ! lag'-, in township two of range four. tl, Section sixteen, in the Reserve on Blanchard's Creek, wnshiponeof range seven. Section sixteen, in the Big Spring Reservation, in township f le of range thirteen. South of the base line and east of Ihe meridian. C, Section sixteen,(in the Hog Crtek Rasarve, in township four 'ringeai*. ., . , . . . . an Sections sixteen in townships five and six, in the Wapauph kj, vnnella Reserve, of ranges six and seven. Section sixteen, in the Lewistown Reserve, in township ven of range eight. Also, at tne same time and place, will be offered at public ? le the lar.ds belonging to the United Slates within the limits y 'the southrnat fraction of section eighteen, on the eaat side of vnduaky river, in township two north, of range fifteen iar. The sale will he kept open for two weeks, (unless the lands J e sooner disposed or,) and no longer: and no private entries T land in the townships so offered will be admitted nntil after I e expiration of the two weeks its I liven under my hand, at the City of Washington, this twenty m ud day of May, anno Domini, 1(42. _ In JOHN TYLER. 7. By the rresident: (_ Acung^C.omn^sjV'iir of^jhs Osastal Land O files >R7rOO! ET'8 WORK? -THE AMERICAN IN" !\ (rOYPT?Jn?t liutill.lirct, The Americm in Kjjyiit, wiili Hemblee thron|h Ar?bi? rrand Holv Land, during the yean 1139and 40?by James Cooley?with numerous sterl engravings, etchings andd?gns. bv Johnson, Iic. One handsome 8vo volume, 610 page*, rice $2.*. , No other volume extant can give the reader so true a Picture T what h*' would be likely to see and meet in Lgypt. No otl? hook ii mare practical and plain in it* picture of preciseIy hat the traveller Innuelf will meet. Other traveller* nave one count to give of their journey on p?i?er, and another to relate l couveraatiou. Mr. Cooley ha* but one Itory for the fi result acla and the printed price.?Breiker JamlAia. Of all the volumes on K^ypt that have yet appeared, this ork of Mr. 1'ooley*s is by lar the moat attractive. The alitor has giveU the ino&t graphic and amusing picture of life in gypl. a* it presents itself to the American traveller.?Haitiion Patriot. We predict, withont hesitation, that the work will have an liprecedelited sale.? Hoston Pima. It is a lively, amusing aud piquant narrative of the author's j*future* in Egypt. The book will undoubtedly be popular. U. S. (iazrflt. The writer has varied so much the plan of his work from his redtfcessurs, and added so m.tii) new fat*. together with luminal ad venture*, that his volUn e lias ail tlic interest of not el, .? Hoston villa*. It oversows Willi wit, saiiru and iuciuerit. Kgypt is no new rnuiul, hut the author It in view? d it unlike his predecessor*, 'ith American eyes, and they give it terfrct freshness and nopity. He gives some hard hits to the affected English dallies whom ho encounters ; b it so good iiatured is liift satire, rithall its keenness, thateveu the subject must Is amused by Suva. We have not for many a day been ?o much amused, interestI and instruct! d, as in the perusal of this remarkable work, behave never read from tlie pen of an American traveller ay thing more fresh, graphic. or aiual, lacy, idouant, and cliting, than this same book of Mr Cooley.?AT. Y. Mirror. It is rich hi incidents of trav? i. We are willing to risk our 'i'lliniM'U I'll iii*" lil'llll'ill iii ii II Will i'HllllliAllll .1 K*If i'ijimI 111 a?t to Stephens' Travels iu Central America.?//mil't Mtrmnt'm Magazine. We recommend tliia book, without anv Imitation, to the adt:.g |iiihlic, premising I he in no little pleasure in iMexauiiation-?Hostan Transcript. Thin will certainlj lie ilie book of the season; it i? truly nciiran in in character ami apiti', ami will be heartily wef>med by all hut tlioae wiiimc absurdities it , v|x>srs, or whose ithers it wrings.?Standard. It is really one of the moat curious anil interesting hooks that s? inailc its appearance for some time.? ('mirier ,y Enquirer. Ill point of interest it far exceeds anv volume of Oriental ravels we have ever read. ? Huston Daily Mail. The iierusi! of this work has alTonlcd in high gratification.? 'rooklyn News. The author seems to have struck out an entirely iiew|ia'h iii pursued it successfully, imbued with a rich vein ofhuinor id |K>uesaed of keen satirical powers; m American al heart; i -re is a frc?h> ess of style, an easy similarity of manner, and item independence in Ins writing. whirh cannot fail to please i wel I as to instruct ? Urnoklyn Eagle. It it one of the most amusing and entertaining hooks we hare id in our hands some time?we predict for it a large sale rough numerous editions.?JIT. Y. Ih tuhl Mr. Cooley's hook is eminently leidablc, anil we owe our lligations to it for sundry hearty hursts of laughter.?.V. Y. 'am. Jlilr. D. A1TLETON St CO. Publisher. anll3tr 20<i Broadway. UNITED STATUS CITY DESPATCH POST. )OST OFFICE, NEW YORK.?The Post M trier General being desirous that all City Letters, commonly known f the name of Penny Letters, should have the advantage of ic most rapid delivery, has ordered lint a UNITED TAT EH CITY. DESPATCH POST should be established itli three deliveries each day : with a view, therefore, to put ic sunn into immediate operation, the Post Master of iliis city is made an arrangement with Mr. Ai.kxandku M. Oukig, ip prop ietornf the City Despatch Post, by whirli he disConuues the same and surrenders the property, boxes anil ariigements now in use by him to die Post Office Department, he Post Ma,ter has secured the services of Mr. Orrig, in con" xioti with Mr. Wili.iaM S>:vmoi-r, who will superintend lis Department. An additional number of sworn carriers have en employed to carry the City Letters, wholly independent r Letters received by the Mails. Notiee is therefore hereby veil, that all Letters placed ill the hoxea at the various sl.aons, together with all the City Letters depos ted either in le Post Office or in the Branch Post Office, will be under tlie narge of tlie De|mrtinent, ami will be received for rapid dcliery at the hours mentioned below. Letters addressed to parties renting Boxe? at the Upper anil ow e." Post Offices, will be deposited in tnem as heretofore, nless a reipiest is made that they be sent by the City Despatch ost. STATIONS. Letter boxes are placed at onr hundred stations in various ails of tlie city, and all letters deposited therein, will be puncislly delivered three times a day (Sundays excepted), al three ents each; option being given, eltlo r to free tlie lelter in the lanuer showu iu the following regulations, or leave the postre to be collected of the iiartv to whom the letter is addressed. POST-PAID LETTERS. Letters winch the writers desire to semi free, must have a ee si.niin a (fixed to tlieni. AO ornamental stamp liai been repared lor that purpose, and may bo procured at either of the ostoffic. s and all the statioiif. The charge will be 36 cetita -r do/ni, or $'2.70 per hundred; the reduction of price loi the rg? r quantity being madr with a Tie w to the accommodation r those panics tending a considerable number of circulars, counts, &c. All letters intruded to be s?nt forward to the General I'ost 'dice for the inland mailt, imuit have a free stamp affixed to irm. UNPAID LETTERS. Letters not having a free tiam|>, will he charged three cents, lyable by the parly to whom they are addressed, on drli-ry. Letters and newspapers addressed to the Kditors of the putPress, will be delivered free. REGISTRY. No Moncv mi st iip. put into the Boxks, nlcss registered at the Upper Post Office, where a Registry ill be kept for Letters, which parties may wish to place liner special charge. Fire Stainps must he affixed to lack Loirs for the ordinary postage, and an additional Free St nop ins! he affiitd for the registration; but all such Letters must e sin cially deposited at the principal office. Tne advantages offered by this |dau arc? Fir it?The secure and proin|>t transmission of all regi, tered .otters containing any s|>ecial notice ormatter by which means gal evidence may tie obtained of the uue delivery of the tine ; and the immediate despatch of any Letter or small ackagc requiring instant delivery. Secondly. The certain and ex]>edilious delivery of MercanIc Letters uid Circulars, of Invitations and ll-plies, (either nder Free Stamp or unpaid,) and every descripti >n of domic reial, Professionil and Serial Oorrespondenr-; thus liiincig the most distant parts of tint city, in effect near to ea li ther, and providing the means of constant intercourse at a very iode rate rate. HOURS OF DELIVERY, At the Principal, Ohics.s Jpt>er Post Office, Park, and Lower Post Office, Merchants' Exchange, everyday except Sundays, .i ttl rs deposited before u/i o'clock, A. M. will he sent out for [delivery at 9 A' .M. " " M.. " r P.M. ' 9 " P. M. " 4 AT THE STATIONS. -elters deposited before 7 o'clock, A. M. will be sent out for delivery at 9 A. M. " " II " I ?'. M. " 2 4 Limits of the U' S. 4'ity Despatch ^Posts will extend to rVenty-Second st. an It m JOHN LORIMER GR A HAM, Pot Master. 1) ECEPTION PRKV ENTED. PHOSK who w i ll to know ? ho Dr. Ilriuc, of New York, is, I as many eures are published under that name, by those i ho have no right so to do, will phase first call at the County llerk's office, examine ita medical records, and see if any D. Irinehtit Solatium Heine is authoriued to practice; 2d, if he hargrs for neither medicine or attendance till you are satisfied rith yonr improvement, lie is the Doctor; 3d, if he is a Oeraan who speaks but little English, -and will promise to cure on. no mailer whit your disease you are right. BUkunyn iir-icvr., vi.u., 67 Hea'le street, op|K>site the Marshall House. an 14 lm#r MEDICAL AID7" A LL thoar in nerd of uwd*e?l aid of a ctitain JnpHwion. 1 ill.mill without tail obtain a ropy of a little book i utitled be Rubicon, with engravings. This little work waa written id published by Dr. Gregory in 1X19. In 1811 be published a econd edition, with many valuable improvement* and alteraions; and in 1812 it ha* been still more improved and enlarited. 'lie e ngravmgs are beautirnlly done,and are accompanied with uitable explanatory remarki. The author ia now in extensive Ity i iM tire at 11 \1ott srreet. nearly opposite the stone rhiireli. I is having been constantly engaged in combatliny disease* of via rharacter for many vrars |>ast, enables him to treat his iibjert not only theoretically hut practically correct. The paeiit is here guided in the selection of remedies according to ie res|iective cirrumsiancet and condition of the case. The Ian shows to tt>e reader the ordinary symptoms occurriiiK in ommon cases, with the best method of cure. It then shows rliat other symptoms may *M do frequently happen, Willi a] ropriale treatment a lid remedies, to lie adopted in ease these ad symptoms should occur. Tim ptice of thr hook is fifty ents. Dr. Gregory lakes this opportunity to remsrk that he is rery eouenlly applied to under cirrumstances indicating some tile remains of the complaint still b it, which slmv* . on If slyoccasionally. Much cases as this ftMNMh pnw to be itended witli stricture; of this fact ss well a? the nature of a ricturc, the patient had no idea, notwithatamlinz the symptom lay have existed a lonir time, and a stricture had hem 111 prorest several months. It is in such rases as these that Dr. Oreiry has been successful H MM MlkiM iichenrd of. Ill iskiiir this assertion, it may lead some to ask, why should ir. G. accomplish readily that which others have failed to do? 'he answer i*. that having hid the advantage of a irry extenilI inrtire, he has had opportunities seldom enjoyed to investiite the causes or which these symptoms are tin- elfecla, and isth* has discovered snd brought to his sid a remedy never -fore used; and besides this he hss s greater variety tf nistrun-nts for the treatment of stnrnire thau is to be found in any ther collection, embracing 20 different species, and liumbc ig over 100 valuable instruments, including all the old. and laay new and original inventions. Dr. Gregory's residence is not t drug st irr?if is a pri*ate ?use, and is amply provided with tepcratc rooms for coiisulteon. He may be found at home during the whole of the ilay id evening. an 14 If r PO THG8K INTERESTED.?Deeming it iocumhent up' on every person, after having derive J henrfit from the ir 01 a medicine, anu ?rrn mini an it were irom rIIr re rye 01 le crave, to propagate the find tidings to all suffering as I as, for none could be, to nil appearance, ?<> n?ar death and he ii?ed to the enjoyment of hualtlt, as myself. In the lall of 111 I was taken with a conch. However incredible it tnayaj* rar, 1 raised over a quart of matter in twenty-four hoars, rstvI blood at sundry times, pain through my cheat, left side and loulder, regular hectic and night sweats, my bowels became mse, feet and legs swelled, and to every appearance beyond icovery. It was impossible for me to lay. I was obliged to c propped up tn bed to obtain my reit; couched almost inceaintly. I was removed to the country, thinking to receive >me benefit from the advice of a very eminent physician,who I IT try US bis utmosl skill MMMMN mc hey and cur, . My imily with great difficulty brought me back to the citv, being try much exhausted. On my arrival, my family thinking 1 as dying, sent for my former physician; his opinion being socio d. he said, as I was told, he would not be surprised if I id not live two hours, ami I believe lie thought I was then ayIg; lie told me my lungs were pretty much gone. We then ir the first time heard of the many wonderful cures effected y the use of the Carminvntia. Among those was the ristoraon of Mr. F. W. Williams, master writer, upon whom my lie called; his appearance corresponding with his words,gave i encouragement. Having given up all hopes of recovery, I Oi|kl I could try it, as no MM MM be realised in my ate from the use of the medicine. I then commenced taking ia above medicine, and received great benefit from the first title; after taking four or Ave bottles, 1 was enabled to walk sir aimUand return with a lirm step; my appetite became >od;couldeat rogst beef or anything my appr ite cisved; fore taking this article, 1 could not krrpany thing on my omach, however simple mv diet. I now weigh nearly mr inal Wright, and feel well. ] hope every |>ersoii afflicted as I ivr described, will use the same remedy. Tlr re is no doubt in my iniuil but there will he a core effeetI. I will be very happy to receive all those that will call on e at my residence, and will endeavor to give ample satiafae >n should this not prove satisfactory. Yours, with respect, JITLlOs SMITH, II Bedford st. 0 Ur. H. C. Thorp, 132 Greenwich lane, cor. I'.fth st. opposite the nth avanne, N. Y. ity, County and State of New York, is. Julius C. Smith, of the said city above named, beinf duly mm, saitli tnat the facta as stated in t.,e ihove communication (ned by me and dedicated Ui Dr. H. (' Thorp, are line. Vfc JULird C. 8MITH. Sworn before me, the 21st day of July, iW2. iul3 3tBfcM*r W. 1,. MORRIS, Com, of Deeds. IT AN TED IMMEDIATELY?One or two Clerki-none V need apply hut those qualified fur I lint villi >0,ill. a, sale,1 n in the retail dry peeda business. Inquire at 2*7 Greenwich after one o'clock in the afternoon. ,u 12 3J?r A. B. CLEMENTE. OST?A Silver Pencil Case, old-fashioned, heavy, and rirh* ly chased, with the initials " O. S." on the seal. Double i intrinsic value will he given, with thanks, on its rest.,ration the owner at the office of the Democratic Review. J7 Chatm at. anl33t*rt sftl.LEf TIONS f.ii ,11 pari" of the l.'niled Stale., mad, on ' the most favorable terms, by I J. YLV JL#TER. 32 Wall ataall l and IK Broadway AUCTION SALES. nv THOMAS BELL. iSUves Afns 22 . ?rin and 11} Fnltvn ftrttt.) MONDAY, Al 10% o'clock, u corner of Cliff an<l Fulton it. Dots, Chernicnls, Perfumery. It. -Tin- 'lock of III* above articles in the ?iore, comer of Cliff and Kulton ttreeu, w ill be olil without reserve. I Also, futures?ilieIves tt'sss cases, fancy articles, lie. Compiisiuc an uncommonly cisoicr and purr assortment ofllie best driiys, chemicals, perfumery and fancy articles, aud general ' variety of the most superiot goods in the line. Also, scales, J beams, show cases, numerous drawers, paintings, desks, iron chests, counters. Ice. Bale positive. TUESDAY, At Id'i o'clock, at 'lie auction aooms, Ettrusive Sale of Dry Goods, Clothing, fancy and pledged Sri le Irs, I III IK > I s . groceries, | ei III In. ry , JtC. BY RIKLL St ARt I I. AKll s, Tl f.SUAY. ( At lu% o'clock, at the auction room. Wines, Lii|Uors, Srgar*, Ike.? Consisting of very choice . south side Madeira, Duff Gordon's pal* and hrown slicrrv. Port and St .Julirii claret, champagne of favorite brands; Dupuy brandy in bond, cordials, sperm candles, Havana and Print tpr srgart, various hr.uids, with other articles hi the line, to which the attention of private families is iuvited?to be sold in lots to suit purchasers. Also. Bollinger champagne, suclior brand, just lauded, superior to any wine in no lot Also, 10,0011 unpolled iTinri|ie Si gars, 10,0110 Cuba do, 12.81*) half Spanish do. Also, brandy, alien) and Madeira wines in demijohns of five callous each. WEDNESDAY, Es-A At 10,'. o'clock, at sales room, Eleitant Furniture, Pianos, Ac. THURSDAY. 1 At 10% o'clock, at the anclioii room. Droit*, Medicines, Perfuinrry't futures, lie. leine the entire ' contents of a family drue stole. Sale poiitiv*. PETER EAIRCH1LD, Auctioneer. Store tfo- 9 Spruce st. MONII\Y, An;. I nil. ' M irslijl'j Snlr?At lit o'clock, ihr conii r of Broad ami Water streets, by virtue of .in iifciition, the righlille ami ill* trriit of John l' Waters, of, in aud to tin t 'ominercial Traiti- i portotion Lin . foi forwarding pnsatngertfo Buffalo, coaipru- ] in, obi third < f said establishment, consisting of diali|gd < Mo r office farnitnre, tkc. , it *r IIF.NRY JOHNSON. Marshal. , aft FOH EA8TPORT. CALAIS, ST. AN dL H.Nnll*DRE WH & ST. JOHNS.- Steamer HUNT- \ a* ~9 I'L UU .1 I I Passengers will leave Boston every Friday, at I0(v4 A. M. in the Cart of the Eastern Railroad fbr PortniKrath, from which place tlu y will he coureyed by the well known steamer Hunt* I rata to thi aboi 11 lacca, t J Returning, the Huntress will leave Sr. Jokns every Tuts<i i\. at j \. M. and K liti "i t it 2 P. M. andarnvein PortsinoBth on Wednesday in time for the 4 o'clock train for Boston. * Fare to Kistpoit, $6 I Calais and St. Andrews, $0 SO . ; ; 81 (Meals extra.) 1 This route offers to persous seeking enjoyment, many in- 1 dueementa?a country abounding in tine lakes and the most choice fishing ; also game of all kinds, with other attractions * interesting to sportsmen. a7 2in r aA KXCI KSlO.N TO IIAHLEM, on Sunfygn .-?<gdtv afternoon, lith August?Far** 12)? cents? / sgJ txt -J mm... ,M,W Hfrtrnho^i J At OlhJJF.LL, Ca| tain " Richard Yates,will leave the pier foot of Gonnrrneur st. at two o'clock?I'ike st. 4 4 past 2, Roosevelt st. K past 2 and Delaney 3 o'clock?Returning, wi'l leave Harlem at half-past five. The above trip will alforu to the citizens of New York a fine j vie w of the F.ast River, Ilurlgatc, and the various public buildings, at Black well's Island, the Long Island Farms, ike. an|*J lt?ic , _%rr~] sgj\ CHKAl' kxi;uhsion to tiik ska . bass hanks, okk sandy hook - i ^ VT> vf 12 1-2 cents each way.?'The substantial i :?t< aim r in APOl. F.O.X, Captain Peacock, on Sunday next, An- j gust 14th. will leave for the above place as follows :?Amos st. RVitCiuai 8 1-2, Pike 9, Delaney 9 1-1, Pier No. 1 North River '.i I-1 O'cltMSB. This boat caught 600 sea baas and 1000 paugicion Wednesday | and great net gas m iy bs ? xprcfa d this trip* J Those who bare never witnessed the capture of asea |M?r- , poiau will find this a good opportunity, as Captain Peacock is prepired with his harpoons. All kinds of Refreshments at the Bar. Bait furnished at i cost. an 13 If r , FOR LI VKRPrR.lL?to sail on the 16th instant?the ' WSWV A. I. British Bar ]i.i* COUNTKSM.OF ARRAN. AHkwb (Captain O'Bryen, i< w loading at pier 13 K R., will J positively he despatched as above, wind and weather perI mittiug. hor balance of freight or iw?<*age having: excellent accommodations lor Oabin, Second Oaui'i and Steerage, |>o*se tigers, all of which will be taken at the loweat rates, ap1*1 V on board, or to aul32tr JOHN HERD MAN, 61 Sooth street. FOR LIVERPOOL?Regular Packet or 13th of UjKjMrW August.?The well known rut sailing packet ship IRCilNIAN. Captain Allen, will sail poiiLivt-ly ?in the l ith of Allfllkil itm In r regul n day. This ship lias superior accommodations lor cabin, second cabin ami steerage passengers, who will be taken on moderate terms. For furtlu i particulars, please apply ou board, foot of Mtiden lane, or to GLOVER & McMURRAY, 100 Pine street, oift r corner South st. FOR LIVERPOOL?Packet of 19th August?The JgWWjVsplendid well known packet ship NEW YORK, MgkgmLapt. Tropper will sail punctually as above, her regular day, and has very convenient and cornlortable accommodations tor cabin, :oroud cabin and steerage passengers, which ' witl be taken at the lowest rates if early application he in ad c on board, or to W. & J. T. TArSCOTT, 43 Peck slip, nu 12 r corner of Mouth street. A&k- FOR NEW ORLEINS-K.r -kT-t-oiifi? unUr Line?Packet of 2oth August?The well known iif liisf"[ siilirig regular packet ship LOUISVILLE, Capt >i. Hint, will sail rn urtually ou Saturday, August 20th. Persons about to embark for the above |?ort cannot select a more suitable conveyance?her accommodations for cabin, second cabin ami steerage passengers, are fitted no in the most comfortable manner. Persons about to embark Tor the above port should not fail to mk* uiii| application, the muiriMr n* ner limited. For pass ige, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall I it at t, or to 1 W. U J. T. TAT'SCOTT, 52 South st., or 43 Peck Slip, corner Smith street. will succeed (lie Louuvillr, and sail on the 1st Sep', inber, alter which thi* line will tail every live days, an tuaal. au!2 r Aifig- FOR LONDON ?it. .u',, KcE t of it..- iothAuKTjHlrV';,,-t?The 'iin. class fast sailim: -hip WF.8TiJ5B?6B>, Capt. Moore, ? ill sail as above, being in* r rrjiu'ar Jay. Having sup< rinr accommodationi fur cabin, 2d cabin and steerage pass. tigers, |ier*nus intending to crnb rU Inuild make immediate application on board, or to tin' aiiinrrilN is. f OLOVER Si McMIIKRAY, IliO Pine at. an 13 r corner of Booth st. PASSAGE FOR LONDON? Packet 2tnh Aug. WfnKfVTht' splendid last fast sailing packet ship VVKSTjHSaftt-M INS'I'K K, Captain Moore, will nil punctually on Saturday, Any, 20,her regular Jay, ami has 'splendid accommoJatiotia lor ratlin, second ratlin, and steerage |wascrigers, who Will h'- taken at low rates, early application be made on board, or to W. *cJ. T. Peek slip, or 31 South it. corner Jonri' lane. Drafts for any amount, payable oil demand without .It-count in all the principal towns n| England. Ireland, Scotland and VValrs, can at all times be bail on application as above. an 13 r jgit- FOR NEW ORLEANS?Positively firit and only Regular Purkrt?Louisiana and New York Line.? JBhHHm ' "he v,,ry, fit sailing packet ship LOUISVILLE, Cant. M Hunt, having a large portion of her cants on boatd, will tail aa above. ? For freixhi Or passage, having superior furnished accommodations, apply on hoard at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall at. or to K. K. COLLINS Ik CO. 56 South at. (Ireat care will be taken to have the goods by thil line correctly measured. Ait?nil in New Orlrani, Hnllin _& Woodruff, who will , promptly forward all goods to their au)3 r fagg- PASSAGL I'Oil MVtJllLEANS?Holmes's WOMfV. Line?First Packet?The splendid fast sailing well dKahMfaakonwii packet ship ALABAMA, Captain D. M Bun In r, will sail positively as above, her regular day. I lavini: splendid accommodations for cabin, second cabin,and s tee rait e passengers, for passaKr, early application should be made on txurd, or to W. St J. T. TAPSCOTT, all in r .3 Peck Slip. FOR BALE, FREIGHT, 0R< IIARTKR?The fcTTMrVvnia-rior, faat sailing, coppered, and eopiirr fastened AjKmRfaJiin CHARLES CARROLL, bnrthen per teitiiter, t 12 tons, built in 1828 by Messrs. Bergh <c Co. of live oak, lo cutl, and cedar for a Havre packet. She is in prime order, and may be sent to sea at a trilling expense. For terms apply to Captain Lee on board at Rector street wharf, oi to jyil BOYD Ik HINCKEN, 9 Tontine Buildings. a LOOK AT~~THI9.-Wanted to Sell or Kichantte 1 The siibsrrilier, wishing to <|uit the retail business, wants 10 sell or exchange his store for a small farm, from 13 to 19 acres, near water or railroad communication, not over thirty miles from this city. The store consists of a ' beao'ilnl stock of cut and plain glass Oirandoles, Astral 1 and Hall Lamps of every description. For a person bavin* the < same, or wishing to enter into a very profitable business, this j affords an opiNirtuiiity seldom offered, as the stoic is situated ' in one of the best twrts of the city, and the goods can lie removed. if desired. Rent modrratc, and has a very extensive runof custom, and stork vary saleable. 1 It will be exchanged fort farm, or lot in lower part of this 1 city. ' Apply at the store, 33 John street, or at J. STOUVENEL, Glaus Cnlter, 29 Gold street, New York. 1 The reason of selling is manufacturing. anll3t*r ' B~~ OAKD1NG FOR GENTLEMEN, at one of the pleaj ' santest and most desirable situations in this city, with pure country air. The rooms are clean and comfortable and hand- < somely furnished. Apply at 107 Third Avenue. The stages j pass every 13 minutes. anl0 2w*r ' ?JX N()TICE TO WAGON BUILDERS?The ink ?criber, Proprietor of New York Tatteraall*. will ' make liberal advance* in Ca*h, on all New Light 1 Wagon* aent to hiae itabliahment for ?ale. Builder* in the roimtry can rely upon baring every attention ' paid to their order*. F<<r farther particular*, aa to term*, fc?. apply to GEO. W. MILLER, ' auti Proprieto*nf 'r*r'?r*?ll?. m Broadway. j RKWAKD.?Loat from tha corner af VVarran 'jP'J ano Weal itreer, a Yellow Setter Dog, with atrel collar and bras* plate and chain attached toil, ( n* D. WriTuar engraved on the eollai?an*wera to the name Ilake. Return him to JAMBS WOOD, comer of Warren and Weal at. anlllt* t KNOLISH NfAfL rQTPfirfc.?Letter bag* bo Liverpool per Royal Mail St? amer t'ohiinbia, from Boa ton, will * eloae at llarud -n't Expretaand Fe-cign Letter Office, 3 Wall atreet, on rfonday, Auguat lith, at U to 5 o'clock, P. >1. anIStlSthr HARNDEN k CO. (JbiJC REWARD.?Twenty I'm I' dlara Hewnil will be paid dp??J for *ncli information *? will lead to the conviction of In* thief who dug up and carried awav from the Court Yard of the dwelling of the uiidi rt'gned.nn the night of the llthinatant, two Balaam of Fir Tree*. ?uir.3t*rc MOSES MAYNARD.'Jr. 41 Union Place. NOTHF.H MATCH KA'K i HALLKNOE A? < BI'T- " ED.?DOrion not a.itiabe i with th< laat race which took place at faa'le Garden, Aufftietffth, lia* challenged Robert* again, lo row the aeine boat an I the aanic di?t*t.ce from the tame place, which r,a* been accepted, and if will come off thia afternoon, ai I o'clock. A< much cacitemcnt i* raiatmg lietween the |?artiea. great ?|ku1 mi) ho >*(iect?d. anH He ll/ANTF.D?A aitoation hy an K.nglinli girl, a* a chamber- 1 tt maid, or to do general home work?good city reference f can be given. Inquire at W Alien *treet, in the rear, an 12 It'll! | GAZO PNEUMATICS, T'HK, *ub*criber ia prepared to eiecnte order* for the CJaao ! A Pnenmatic Hydraulic Mai'hine, for raiting water any ' licignt or quantity, (rom mine*, or (or water work*, by mean* t of vacuum : and the aimplicity of the machine givea it a great < advantage over any othri now in nar. I"1*/ _ ** * "M *"?"'**, 22 Pine it. VAVLCK SJIOK.?flic "inlocriber* have a few of the firtl Voliiine of the Boaton Mltoellany, elegantly bound, conT2tplt nnin jt"fl fngi wn:n, 3C i>]?ci of twiptilar mvuic. the futhlon* from Jtnnary to .July ?nr1usiv??th^ whole m*kint one ol 'he most de titrable an<! interesting Books that can be i found, cheap for c*?n. i BRADBURY, SODEN k CO. 127 N??*au at. N. Y. 1 anil f?t*r and 10 School *t. Bo*ion. I OPANIHH DOUBLOONS, Engfith silver and Bank of j sr England Note*, bought and ?old at J 8. J. SYLVESTER'S, * a"13r _ 130 Broadway and 22 Wall ilreet. LI ILLS Op K.XCH A N< IF., on all pari. of England, Ireland 11 and Scotland, turn* tn of A,V CIO, CIA, ?20, to any amount. H for aale at S. J. SYLVfcSTF.R'h, 22 WallMreet. J ail 13 r and 130 Broadway. in UT K.STTHaXIA j I AM S- About m Wr.fph*!.. Ham, of f AMUSEMENTS. N IBI.O'S dAMUEJl." "" ' TRIUMl'HA NT SUCCESS! lite dorsum* Comic Pnnlotnimt of TDK NIGHT OWL. In which the wlnde (nice of the RAVEL FAMILY ami COMPANY is brought into action, is nightly received crowded Salo'ina, with ENTHUSIASTIC A Pr KGB AT ION. THIRD NIGHT OK THREE-FACED FRENCHMAN lIONDAY EVENING. August lith. tlie |>rrr<irmancrt commence eiactlj at K lock. Willi A GRAND OVERTURE. After which. THREE FACED FRENCHMAN. Kipliav I Beanjnur, Gabriel Ravel Mens. Gotinaid, Jerome Ravel' lisdin, ... Auloiue Ravel Therese, . M'me Venn Quarter ol an hour's intermiaaion will be allowed lor Refresh menu in the Grand Saloon. After which, 10th time, will be produced a magnificent Comic Panlomiine rilled MAZUI.ME, OH THE NIGHT OWL' Matulme, the Night Owl, Mr Wells Chevalier Banana, Jerome Ravel Kinile, Gabriel Ravel Marlon, Aaloine Ravel Balihiavm, Mum Dauvergtie Mariana, a poor Peasant, M'me Jerome Havel Julie, Iter daughter, M'lle Doulreville Zulnna. a Circassian Slave, Miss Wrlls To conclude with a view of the Magnificent Palace of MAZCLMK! The Whole to O.eel.oU w.,1. THK rROMkN AUE~MU81 ' ALE. !t /' The proprietor respectfully i:. forms the public, that in compliance w ith the wishes nf mimi-mii ?isitor*. tin* much su'liiired part of the etitrrtaimnruli. will l>e given alter the perrnrmancea in the Saloon are over. AetlUK Manager, Mr. Chippendale. Musical Leader and Director, Mr E Wootf. Tickets?50 cents Dmws open at aeveu o'clock, Kutertaininenta to commence it null'. ~ CHATHAM T1IKATRK. If /" The public is re?|?ctfullv inloriiied that this ever farortte place of entertainment willre-optn for the season on Monday night neat, August loth. Dining the recess n will unleigo a thorough reliovallou, such u will render it the most e I L'ailt in the United Stales?first rate Artists have been emplov u for a length of trine iu executing designs of pi peculiar na lire, which, together with the novelty and talent to he present* d, will increase the latne ol" this Theatre, am! cause it in stand dime and unrivalled lor theatrical representation, which it ha litherlo done. The designs on the Tiers are as follows :? 1st Tier?American Battles and Victories, achieved at s# printed by I'. drain, sen. nod J. R. Smith. 2<l Tier?'The Likenesses of the Pieiidrnts of the United States, by P. drain, jr. Id Tier?Ulorious American Achievements on Land, paint >d by J. R. Smith. To these splendid designs will he added, a beautiful ACT )KOI, displaying the engagement between " The Ccnstitu1011" and ' 'The < Juerriere, and a New I urtain. Both of 1 which have been painted by P. drain, sen. unde Those immediate direction the decorations will lake place. au9 Ctr AURIOAM HVIBVn AND GAHDKNb CORNER OK BROADWAV AND ANN STREET. J opposite 8t. Paul's Church. P. T. BARNUM, MANAGER. INCREASED NOVELTIES!! WONDER OF CREATION . for One Week Only?Day Visiters admitted in iheF.ieniiig Free. Flattered by the immense patronage bellowed U|ion this rsablishment by a discerning public, and bung determined tu pure no eseftions in securing every attainable novvlty, the nmager ia happy to announce tTiat he has, at a most exlraordinavy ei|rnK, made arrangementa with ilia proprietor of the trratest curiosity in the woild the RKJil. MERM.HD I Exhibibitrd during the past week at Concert Hall, in Broadway, when* hundreds of Naturalists and other scientific gentlemen beheld it with real wonder ami amusement, and publicly c?prilled their conviction of the existence of this wouderful mature. No Extra charge for Admission to the Museum. Wiliclirll. the comic drollrnst, in eight characters?the diply dirl cau lie privately consulted?La Petite Celeste, Mis Ro aiir, naiioou Ascensions, Aiuinu L.auy, unry UIMi Dionnr and 506,000 curioaitiaa. H)iv performances, Wrdnrnliy and Saturday, at 4 o'clock.? Admittance to the whole 2J centi, children half price, an 11 r A CARD.?The public ia reapectfully informed that the New fa York Museum will be clo.ed]in the evening till the exensive alterationa and improvements are finiified. It ia the iniMitioti of the aitbacriher to re-0|iep on or about the 20th of Annit, and pledget himself at that time to show the public one of be moat tnaitntficent mid ri fined places of amusement to be ound ill the United States, U. H HILL.. aul2 lm*r A MERlCArTTHKATRE, Walnut atreet Ladies and Keutleineii desirous of entering into engagenenta with this establishment for the ensuing season, will .lease address their comuiniiicatsona (post paid) to CHARLOTTE J. CU8HMAN, or a5 2w r E. A. MARSHALL, Lessee. ~MAGNIFICENT ATTK ACTION. SEA MONSTER ; SEA DEVIL. T'HB GREATEST NATURAL CURIOBITY IN L AMERICA.?The proprietor of this immense specimen legs leave to announce to the public, that he hat for Kthihi ion, at the Bowery Amphitheatre, the Sea Devil, which was mptiired on the 26th April, 1842, in the Harb ir of Charleston, after a desperate sMiggle w ith 26 men in 7 Boats. The proprietor of this monster feels coafidnit that the losers if the curious and the scientific w ill he hitrhly gratified in i.'Wing this marvellous production ol the mighty Jeep A Calf, which was born after her rapture, will also he ex libtted. They may be visiftd by both sexes, as they are not at ill offensive,and erery effort will be made to reudertbe ex ibition agreeable and satisfactory. jv 17 In^c PICTURES FROM SPAIN.?Christ imputing with the ' Doctors, a chef d'eitvre by 8|uigniolrttn ; " The raising of l.axniut." a fine s|?cimen of Giiercino; and a grand afterpiece, ' The Resurrection of Ch-ist," painted by Turbaian ; together ith other fiue pictures, are now open lor Exhibition at the Apollo Rooms, 410 Broadway. Also, a collection of Ancient Spanish Armour and Arms, sinongst which is tlie awoid of the renowned BOABDIL, The last Moorish King of Grenada. Ojien irom 8 o'clock till dusk?Admittance 26 cents. C7" A few fine copies from the Old Masters, for sale very cheap. au)4 6t*r STILL FURTHER PROOFS f"JK the efficacy of Dr. Moffat's Life Medicines in curing Li v ' ver Complaints, Dyspeysia and Fever an.I Ague. The following letter from Dr. Caleb Car|>enter speaks for itself, and ia therefore submitted without further remark :? Bristol, July 1st, IMS. Doer W. B. Morrax? 1 am a regular bred physician, admitted and licensed, and have like the rest of my prolessioual brethren, been prejudiced in favor of regular practice, so very peculiar to the physicians nf the present day; but having been an eye witness "I the curing of several inveterate diseasts by the Life fills and I'henix bitters, in my own family and in mv practice, I am constrained A recommend them to the use of every family, aa a whole i.ime, easy and powerful medicine?easy, aa they produce no ;riping, aa ia common for cathartics?wholesome, aa it ia purely rgetable?|>owrrful, as it may We seeu by a common observer bat it in a powerful maimer cleanses the blood from all impuriies, which is necessary in every diaeaae. And I Would also reommeml the Life fills and l*nenia Bitters to every unprejuliced physician, aa 1 am confident thai after a thorough kunwedge ot the medicine, physicians will use it without prejudice. Jnaer my prescription I have Witnessed the cure of one liver mriplaint, two of fever and ague, my wife of a sr? ere rough, ine child of worms, and persons too numerous to be mentioned vho have been benefitted by thia medicine. 1 have to high an esteem lor lh? medicine that I ask you to irnd me a hundred dollar boi as soon aa practicable. Voora with respect, (Signed) CALEB CARPENTER, Physician and Burgeon, Michigan. Eorsaleby r. W. B. MOW FAT, J75 Broadway, and by hi? I .ran III the ritv anil country jv 12 Imii'f THE NEW YORK COLLEGE OF MEDICINE AND PHARMACY. ESTABLISHED FOR THE SUPPRESSION OF QUACKERY, T T AS met with the most unprecedented success since its com fa mrncemrnt, particularly from the. unfortunate victims nf unprincipled pretenders, who are new daily gaining strength and vigor under the judieioua treatment of the College. The following preparations have already obtained a celebrity unI aralelled in the annals nf medicine. THE UNKIVALLTED TONIC MIXTURE. A eeitain cure for all forms of dyspepsia, low spirits, loss of ippetite, lassitude, cutaneous eruptions, general debility, predisposition to consumption, and all comidtinu arising from a disarrangement of the nervious system. It may he also used with great success in cases of fever and ague, and as a pretentative ts yellow fever. Sold in bottles'at tl and (2 rash. THE PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIXTURE. For the cure of all rases of a delicate disease, or for pains in :he bones, eruptions, sore tbroat, or any other distressing aymp:oms, produced by an injudicious use of mercury, ?r Wy itiarkery. Bold in bottles at $1 and 12 each. THE ANODYNE LINIMENT. For the cure of rheumatic pains, r.dic, bruises, sprains, spii.iljdisease, nervous headache, pains in the joints, and lame lisle and permanent relief guaranteed. Sold ill bottles, 7i cts Guaranteed to cure gonorrhoea, gleet, au<l all mucopurulent lischtrges from (hv urethra. Sold in bottle* at 50cruts and tl each. l'HE AMERICAN ANTIBII.OUS CATHARTIC PILL. For the curt- of all drrangrmants of the liver, purify nn the ood, etciting t hi' whole alimentary ranal to keallhr action, nl airing new vigor 10 the vital power*. Thia medicine ia itirely auper ccdinir the draatie purgatives of the noatrum >oden. THE FEMALE, RESTORATIVE PILL. F"r the core of thoae complaint* pccnliar to the female aca, ind to reatore and prrserve the regular action of the female ugana, with lull direction* and caution* as tonae, and aold iu toica at tl, 40 cent*, and 24cent* each. SIR ASTLEY COOPER'S PILL. For the enre of ciiianeoua rrnrtinna, gont, chronic rhenmaism, and to improac the tone of the digestive organs. THE PAPILLARY HEALING POWDER. For the cure of tore nipple*, and superficial ?iroriation* of he akin. Sold in clo?ely stopt phiala at 40 renta each. The iabore preparations may also he had of the following lib-agent* in this city:? J. W. Buiel,Mt Broadway. Dr. E. M. Oninn, 117 Bowery. Dr. King, 287 Hudson street. Kliaa L.Thull, 443 Grand street. Dr. Newman, 142 Cherry ttreet. Wm. Armstrong, 134 Fulton street, Brooklyn. Principal office of the College for New York, at ft Nasaan treet. By ordet, Clr W. S. RICHARDSON. Agent CTlTB BO AT WAVE FOR SALE. THECELEBRATED sia-oared Race Boat WAVE, vicfo2 t irioua in severtl closely contested races, built ny Ciolius in the moat annroyed model, and in the heit manner? in firal ate order, and will he aold the low rrice of tlt>? an be seen at CROLIUB'S,4W Water at. null eod3:?r OIL ! OIL! OIL! OIL!! DEFINED LAMP OIL?A new and splendid article is Cv just r-ccircd by the subscribers, and i* now offered to the uhlir. At a rcdui rd price. It hurtif with * bflllinncy snrpAMod Jy no other kind, and being free from odor _ And neither emitin* iinoke nor forming a rruit on thffwK'kpit will b* louml not Iy a plrasani but an economical oil for *11 pamoate. Orocer* *nu Hotel proprietor! are particularly infitoo to try it. The only depot in the city, an-l ,i a \V)S k Vll^T,IIF R V l? in- purchasers, i* at ? SAM A la OH fc BROTHER. Abo, the article Fmcy 8o*p. anl32m?r N OTICE-HERBERT ATKINS, for many yeaia connected with the "Id Teriamo Lunch, announce*, with 'lessor*, thtl ha will on Monday neat, the 14th mat. open the Hotel 14? Broadway, at whit h lime and place he will h? moat lappyitn receire hi? friends and en'crtain them in the good old "hiimedatyle. auHeodtt'r OANK NOTE PAPER?40 (W0 sheet* Bank Note Paper, of l? Carson manufacture, a very suite.ior article, jest received, ,,d for tale hy PF.RS8E k BROOKS, SB Mr ?l Liberty ateeet. f OK.TUUU E?E FKMALH lPILLo. PHESK far-famed and celebrated Pills, from Portugal, are. I Hr prrceite, to be obtained in that country, wr AdtrrtiMrnt on the 1 A*t colnmn ml an

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