Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 15, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 15, 1842 Page 1
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TH Vol. VIII.?llo. '441 ?WHol* No. 307ft. REGULAR PACKETS. ~NfeW LINE OF LIVERPOOL Tn iilfrua New York ou ihr tkh uid Liverpool ou the 13th iif tack tnanlh. ^fTTS NiwToIIr Ship SIDDONS. Cantain K. B., il'nh Atwust Bhip SHE KIT) AN, Captain K. A. Deiieystrr, 2ilh Sepleui r Ship UAH RICK, Captain Win. Sktddy. 25th October. Ship RObCICS, Captatu J.liu Collins, 25lh November. Haovi Liverpool. Ship (JAHKICK, Captain Wm. Sknhly. 13th Angnsl. Shii> RC SOIL'S. Captain John Collma, 13th September. Bnip ?Il)l)ONh, Captain E. B. Cobb, 13th Octobeti. Ship 8UKRIDAN, Captain W. A. Dci-eyster, 13th Novnm'a These shiia are all of the firit class, upwards of IWWlons, built in the city of New York, with such improvements as combine .mi ,,u,...l will, niiii.iial comfort for nasseiicers. Kvervcare Raj bcei Skn hi AS" rraugeinent of their accommodation*. I The price of pav. ige hence is $100, 11 r which ample stores will b* provided. These ships are commanded by experienced mailers, who will make every exertiou to give general sarisl'icM Neither the captaitu or owner* of the shi|<* wrll be respausiblr Tor any letter*, parcels or packsges sunt by tlicur, unless regular b lis of lading are signed thereto,. Thrs flip* of this line will hereafter gj armed, and their peculiar construction gives them security not |>u*sessed by any other but vessrls of war. For freight 01 passage, apply So E. K. COLLINS fc tO., 56 South at., New York, or to W.M. k J AS. BROWN k CO., Liverpool. & Letters by the |<acket* will be charged llili Cents per single ret; 50 cents per "uuce, and newspa|>eri 1 cent each, aulir NEW YORK AND HAVRE PACKETS. (SECOND LIVE.) iff& djf&this^^^^^Therea^S"^^e New^Tofffre the Island Havre on the 16th of each month, as follows : /Yum New York. Erom Havre. The new ship ONEIDA, ( 1st March i 16th April Captain < 1st July < 16th August James Kuuck, f 1st November ( I6lh December Ship BALTIMORE, I 1st April v I6tlr May Captain < 1st August < ll>th September Edward Eunck, fist Deccem'rf lGrli January ShipUTICA, I 1st May i I6lh June Captain < 1st Septemb'r* 16th October . Frederick Hewitt, ( 1st January f 16th February Naw shipST.NICOLAS, 6 1st June I lflih July Captain t 1st October t 16Sli November. J. B. Pell, f 1st February f I6tn March The accommodations of these ships are not surpassed, combining all thai may be required for comfort. The Price of cabin passage is $106. Passengers will be supplied with every requisite. with the eaception of wines and liquor*. ?ooils intended for these vessel* will be forwarded by the subscribers, free from any other than the e*i>e?*es actually recurred on thetn. For freight or passage, apply t? IOYD A rtlNCKEN, Agents. al 6 'Pontine Buildings. FOR NEW ORLEANS] LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS. Jfiy tlffy jfjjy For ft** better accommodation of ship|H*nL it i-s iutended to desiuitrh n ship from this poit On the 1st, 5th, nth, 15th. 20th, Mid 26th ot tiici month, cwwnMihy die 10th October and coetiimin* until May, when regular da\? will be appointed tor the remaimler of the year, whereby great deity* end disappointment* will b< nrevented during the ^mnmer mouths. The following hip" w*t commence this arrangeinelit : sill]) 1 A/iUU. 1HI'MIHvtinwii. Ship OCONEE, <. aptsin Jackson. Ship MISSISSIPPI, Captain Milliard. Ship LOUISVILLE, Captain Hunt. Ship 8HAK8PKARE, Captain Miner. Ship GASTON, Captain Latham. Ship HUNT8VILLE. Captain Mumferd. Ship OCMULGEE, Captain Leavitt. Snip NASHVILLE, Ca|>(ain Dickinson. Ship MEM THIS, Captain Knight. Ship LOUISA, Captain Mill ford. These ihipa were all built in thai city of New York, expressyfor packet*, are of light draft of water, have recently been wly rijipered and put in splendid order,with accommodation* lor |<askuagcrs iinet|tiblled for comfort. They are commanded by experienced masters, who will make every exertieu to give Senerul satisfaction. They will at all times be towed up and own the Mississippi by steamboats. Neither tile owners or captains of these ?hi|w will he respotisible lor jewelry, bullion, precious stones, silver or plated ware, or lor any latter*, parcel or package, sent by or put on board of them, unless regular bills of lading are taken for the same, md the value ihereou expressed. For freight or passage, apply E. K. COLLINS St CO., 56 South at., or llULLIN it WOODRUFF, Agent in New Orleans, who will promiitly forward all goods to tlieir address. The alii|n of this line are warranted to sail punctually a* advertised, and great care will be taken to have the goods correctly measured. ml UL1) LINE LIVER POOL PACKET^ ?& M. M. T^HE OLdTTVs'E of Packets lor Liverpoo^nini^eaftcr be 1 despatched in the following order, excepting that when the day of sailing falls on Sunday, the ships will sail oulhe succeeding day. F"or New York. For Liverpool. The SOUTH AMERICA, (June 1 July 19 616 tons. < Oct 1 Nov 19 D. G. Bailey, f Feb 1 Mar 19 The ENGLAND, (June 19 Aug 7 750 tons, _ (Oct 19 Dec 7 B.L.Waite. (keb 19 April 7 The OXFORD. (July 1 Aug 19 800 tons, < Nov 1 Dec 19 J. Rathbone, f March 1 April 19 The EUROPE, (July 19 Sept 7 610 tons, < Nov 19 Jan E. G. Marshall r Mar 19 May 7 The NORTH AMERICA. (Aug 1 Sept 19 618 tons. < Dec 1 Jau 19 A. B. Lowber.r April 1 May 19 Th# NEW YORK, (Aug 19 Oct 7 900 tons, < Dec 19 keb 7 T. B. Cropper, f April 19 June 7 The CAMBRIDGE, (Sept 1 Oct 17 W.fc B&rttow.? May 1 June 19 The COLUMBUS, I Sept 19 Nov 9 700 Iom, < Jan 19 Mar 9 O.A.Cole. (May 19 Ju|y 7 Punctuality, as regards the day of sailing, will be observed as heretofore. The price of passage outward is now liicd at One Hundred Dollars, for whirti ample stores ofeverv description wnl be provided, with ths exception of wines and liquors, which will be furnished by the stewards. GOODHUE fc CO., 61 South St., C. H. MARSHALL. 38 Biirlimpslip, N. Y. jeti lyh BARING BROTHERS k CO.. Lsi>ool. STRAM NAVIG^^^^^^WEEN ANTWERP AND NEW YORK, I'M?so urnJi mp roy. BELGIAN STEAMER BRITISH QUEEN, F. EVSSHOIT, CoHMISDfH. The dars of drparturo of this well-knowu Steamship, have hrsn fixed .is follows : From Antwerp, From Southampton, From New York, On 4th Mav, 1843. On 7th May, 1812, On 7fh June, 1842 /en*. 10th July, " 7lh A eg., " 7th 8y>t. " 18th Sept. " 7th Oct., " Price ornassaie, meals not included, to Southampton or Antwerp, *7(1?Steward's fees, $g 62*. The no als will he served on board, mi the plan of a coiitineiilol hotel, in the bert maimer, and at lixed and moderate prices,,enters being only hsreeil when partaking of the sainc. The pnee of passage to either of the above ports can also be rngifcd if prefsrred, with meals and steward's fei s included for $97 02* cenf.1, exclusive of wines. An experienced Surgeon accompanies the ship. For freight or passage, or any further infnrnmtJpn, apply to H. W. T. k H. MALI, Agents, 22 6m*r _ 41 B< averstreet. NEW JERSEY RAILROAD A^TTRANIL FORT AT ION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. From the foot of Courtlandt rtreet, New York. (Every day?Sunday nncvpted.) LeaveaNew York Leaves Newark At I A. M. At i P. M. At 7* A. M. At I* P. M. 8 do. 4 do. 9 do. 3*4 do. It i\ do. 10* do. 9* do. do. 7 do. I do 18 do. ON SUNDAYS. Fiom the foot of Liberty street. Leave New York, Leave Newark. At 8 A. M. and I* P. M. At 12 N.M.uniut 10 I*. M. NEW YORK, ELIZABETH TOWN. WEBTFIEI.D. 1'LAINFIELD, BOIINDBIUIOK, 80.V1ERVILLR. kc. i?,. i. Luff New York. Leave Elizabeth Town. 9 A. M. 7 A. M. 2l? 1'. M. IX A. M. 4 " 12 M. 4K P. M 4 I'. M. 9,\i " The trains o( the Swnervillu Railroad! o. connect with these lines each way daily, Sundays excepted. Passenger* are requested to purchase tickets at the offire. foot of Liberty street. Fare between New York and Elizabeth Town 25 cent*. Fare between do and Somervile. 75 cents. NEW YORK. RAHWAY AND NRV<r BRUNSWICK. Fare reduced. From the foot of Liberty street, daily. Leave New York. Leave New Brunswick. At ? A. M. At7XA,M. 4.V I'. M. II A! M. 9 P. M. Fare between New York and New Brunswick. '5 cents. Railway, w ? 50 cents The fare us the 7X A.M. train I mm New Bnintwiek, and IV P. M. train from New York, has been rcilueed between New York anil New Brunswick, to 50 cents. ' and Rahway to 1I7X " On Sundays the 7X A. M. trips from New Brnnswick is omitted. .... . Passengers who procure their tickets at the ticket office, receive a lerry ticket (ratis Tickets are received by the enndaetor only on the day when imrchas* d. m2fi In,' KAKK ANi> FEKlOHT kkdi i:I-;I>. BOSl'oN^vii STUNINtifoNAND NEWPORT**" posed of the followiint su|ierior steamers, running in eoitiection with the Stonington and Providence, and Burton and Providence Railroads? MASSACHUSETTS, Captain Comstock. RHODE ISLAM), Captain Thayer. NARRAtJANSETT, Captain Woolaoy. MOHEOAN, Captain Vanderbilt. One of which will leave New York daily, (Sundays riccnted) from Pier No. I, Nortli River, Battery Place, at five tRocIt, P. M. A**aivov.?i*ivt. The NARRAOAN8ET. Monday, for Stonington, and Thursday, for ftonintton. Newport and Providence. The MASSACHuSET I 8. on Tuesday, (or Htonington, Newport and Pror dence. and Friday for Stonington. The RHODE ISLAND.on Wednesday, for .-Mnnuighm,and Saturday, for Stomagton, Newnqit, and Providence. Passengeva mi the arrival of the steameri at Stonington, may wke the Railroad Cars and proceed immediately b> Pmvi dcnce ami Boston. Freight taken at the following much reduced rates To Boston, oil goods weighing forty pounds or upwards to lie eubic foot, at 15 50 |ier ton, and on measurement goods 7 cents per (hot. To Providence, on measurement goods i cents per cubic foot, and specific articles as per tarif to be obtained at office 22 roadway. mJl 4mr i. E NE NE RAI LRU AI IS \ STEA M BOATS. KKKKillT A \ L) l? A SIS At; K, TO PITTSBlIRO. The proprietors ofBinghatn's Transportation Line to Pittsowz, ptf notice to the Merchants of New York, and all otliet persons shipping to the West, that their lint; i* now ill active operation (roods unsigned to them (or sent to ko in their 1 line, / will br lor warded with dniatrh. Owner* or slup|>eri of goods, destined for the Western States, who have no agent or configure at Pitts burs, will please coruigu their good* to William Bingham, Pittsburg, who w ill attend >o snipping all fitch consignment* w itliout delay. All co.wis aliould he marked distinctly on eacn package BINGHAM'S LINE. For Met of freight, which are aa low a* any other line, apply o WM. TYSON. Agent. No. 3 Weft ttrret, opposite IV r No. 2, N. H. N. B Paaaengt r? forwarded to Pittsburg and PotuvtUe,every day. Sundays excepted. tlcler to H. Crook.., Ameiican Kur Co.; 8. 1. Nicoll, Front street : Plwliw, d.nlg. s; Co., Kitlton ?trret ; SiiviUip Sage tk Cu ; Win. Rankin, Duryef fc Co, Nrwaik. mii Uin RAIL IIO.VI) ALBANY AND S A UA'I'i )<>A. Travellers to Saratoga Spring*, Lake G.. r/c, Whiunall and Lowrr Canada, are informed tint they w ill insure t?? themieIres an etpetlitii'U* and pleas rnt < rmvt yance to the Springs by taking lU* K vil It n * ca ? u Alb iuy. HOURS OK DKPARTlfRK. From Albany. Frrm s w ttoga. At 'i o'clock, A. .M. I At 7 'clock, A M 44 3 44 r. M. I 44 3}t " P M. There is no change of Coaches or Baguu'.;e Wveong, or shiftin u of IJ aggage from one Steam boat to auolher on thi ; toule. Passengers on tlieir arrival .it Si.atoirn, u ill liud stage coaches in readiness t*> convey tuem to L tkt- t i ?orgc and Whitehall on Lake Ch?inpUin; connecting with all the |?iinci|ul Northern ami Eastern Stage routes. A Stage (for the convenience of jNUirngcn who arrive by the afteinoou tram from Albany,) leaves Saratoga at 5 o'clock A. M. arrives at Whitehall in tune for the departure of the Clnmidaiu steamboat <?f s one day, and brings eastern trav llers to Rutland, Vt early in the evening. N. I). There are baggage wagons always in readiness, at Albany, on the arrival of the steamboats and rail road cars, to c irry the baggage of passengers direct to and from the depot and steamboat al the rate of'.'i cents per trunk or package, or I'2\ cents for ordinary travelling bigea^r. The departures for the Heat are fund for the season at7)? o'clock, A. M. Mid 7 P. M. JOHN COSTKJAN, Superintendent. Albany, Jane 97th, 16<3. 1 ? '''' ' ~i< aTluo^IT wviuET MARKET AND FUKKillT LINK. NEW 11151'N'sW ICK A \ ! > Mi IV YORK. rPHK NEW JKUWK.V Railroad *nd PrmAporf/trion Oompuny hive cstahli !.? d . Fie Ait Line between New Brunswick and New Y?nk, which they tuieiid to run perinakentl^r. Leaving New Brunsw .' h a: A. M. daily, (So:. l ?y.? ceptril) and the foot Ol Liber } rivet. >- ? York, at 21? r. M. To country dealers and me..v.- es the aboie line i- xtj detiinhle for the ami cee.ip conveyance m tnereh.inilist of cvggy description, ami more particularly in Drovets ami Dealers iu Livr Stuck, who ran have I Ml head ol' rattle convey t] between New Brunswick ami New York, the name clay wlu nevei icuuired. The ratei for the tra.isjioi tat ton of cattle, horses, mules, sheep, hugs, (itc. and all other kinds of merchandise are eery low, never exceeding steamboat prices. Merchandise sen: by this line is not snbject to any ertra charge in crossing the North River. The Company have lifted up a large storehouse at New Brunswick, adjoining the Railroad Depot, which will al ways heopen for the reception of merchandise. Paaaauxers purchasing their tickets at the ticket offices, will receive ferry tickets gratis. [T Freight for Newark, Eliuhethtown, Railway, WestI'.eld, Plaintield, Scotch Plains, Boiindlirook <vnd Somen ille, is conveyed by the above lines, aud delivered the aamc day w lien received.^ mil din*1 NKW YORK, AF.BANY, TROY AND BUFFALO EXPRESS OFFICE, 2 Wall street. New York The subscriber* have established their Elpru.s I,ilie through to and froin New York, Alhiny, Troy and Buffalo, aud the intermediate places upon the route, leaving earn place every evening (Sundays excelled) for the speedy and sale trans|ioriation of specie, bank notes, valuable parcels, packages, bundles and cases of goods, the collection and payment of hills, notes, drafts, acceptances, &c.. purchase and s; le of goods and produce by sample,and will attend promptly to audi ollie. transient bitsiuess as may be ent'Usted to their care-. Arrangements have been made with the steamboats upon the Htidsou River and Railroad Companies wast of Albany, for separate apartments and cart, thereby affording the greatest possible dispatch with unusual safety and regularity. aii9 r POME ROY k CO. STATEN ISLAND FERRY. Foot of Whitehall street. Ti?e steamers STATEN ISLANDER and SAMSON will leave New York bmiI Sraten Inland ? rerv hour, from R A M tu 7 P M. All go wis are required to be particularly marked, | ami ay at the ri?k of the owner* thereof. j y 1 OPPOSITION LINE FOR ALBANY KARE REDUCED! ! CABIN PASSAGE $1 no BERTHS. o 75 FREIGHT TAKEN AT REDUCED PiliCES. oij The commodious Steamboat WASH1NG& __V ' *1*TON. Captain J. M. Brown having made T Wai^wiLnrr mgetnen's to change her days of leaving New York, will hereafter leave the foot of Robinson street, New York, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday afternoon, at 5 o clock, and Albany, every Monday, Wtdiiesdav, and Friday afternoon, at 5 o'clock, lauding on her p.iss.age earn way at the foot of Hammond strrrt, Ne whutgn, Poughkecpsio, Kingston Point, C ittskill and Hudson. For freight or jHnsaee, apply to the Captain on board. Or to D. RANDOLPH MARTIN. No. 182 West street. jy 13 lin*c aVvi OA FOR EAST POUT. CALAIS, ST. AXA.?DREWS & ST. JOH^S.-SteamerHUNT^ nt-ua Cspt. T. U. Jcwrtt. Passengers w ill leave Boston every Friday, at 10!* A. M. in the Cars of the Eastern Railroad for Portsmouth, from which place they will be conveyed by the well known steamer Huntress to the above places. Returning, the Huntress will leave Sr. Johns every Tuesday, at 7 A. M. and Kastport at 2 P. M. and arrive in Portsmouth on Wednesday in time for the f o'clock train for Boston. Fare to Eastport, $G I Calais and St. Andrews, pi 50 '2, - 81 (Meals estra.) This route offers to persons seeking enjoyment, many inducements?a country abounding in hue lakes ami the most choice fishing ; also game of all kinds, w ith other attractions interesting tosjwirtsmcii. a72m*r EVENING CINE FOR ALBANY LIREOT, At seven o'clock, P. M., from the steamboat A-.?-HsLsItcirr between Coortlandt and Liberty streets. AT M g. The steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Oapt. L. W Braiuanl. leaves tin above pier Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at seven o'clock, P. M. The steamboat ROCHESTER, Capt. A.St. John, leaves the above pier Tuesday, Thursday aud Saturday afternoon, at seven o'clock. The above boats are new and substantial are furtft-ihed with elegant state roams, and in every tespuctarcu nsurpasted among the Hudson River steamers. For passage or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. 8CHULTZ, At the office on the wharf, or nu board, Passengers taking this line of boats, will at all times arrive at Albauy in time for the first train of cars for the east and west. iyf .MM -aji HEALTHY KM I HSION TO THE TtL'^L FISHING BANKS OFF SANDY,IIOOK r 2EwmJ/Lm?The f ist ami substa itul steamer UTICA, Captain J. W. Haneos, will eommenee making daily rrrnrsious to the above place, nil Monday, July 25th, and roulinnt to run every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, anil leave as follows :?Foot of Hammond street at a 'purler |iast ft o'clock?Canal street at half past 8?Pike street, E. It., at 9?Pier No. 1 ,N. It., at lull past 9. A Bi*id ol Music is engaged. Dinner and all kinds of refreshments w ill be furnished on board. On the return the Utica will remain at Fort Hamilton hall an hour. Fare 1\ e..,o. ...1. Hie L'TICA will make an Afternoon Excursion around Stalin Island on Monday, July 2III), and continue every Tuesday, r rtday, and Sunday, and leave as follows :?Foot of Hammond street at IJa' o'clock?Canal atreet at 2?Pike street, E.R. at liajf |>ast 2? Pier No. l,at 2?* o'clock, I'. Si., and arrive in the city at 7 o clock. Fare 23 cents each way. jy25 2m r Ol/KAN HOUSE, Long Branch, Kumson, Cw "t*. ur Brown's Dock, Middletown, Eitmitown Dork i MT r ami Mod It snk, Shrewsbury.?The sleainhoat IOLAS, Captain Allaire, will leave New York from Fulton Market Slip, F, ist Kivrr, every morning at 8 o'clock for lied Bank, (except Thursday, on which day the boat goes to Eatontown Dock.) Returning, will leave at 1 o'clock each day. The lolsa will run as above, navigation and weather |iermitling. until further notice. All freight ami baggage at tha risk of the owners the-eof. June 21, 1812. ie2b1me KKNNKBKI AN!) BOH I ON .MM a,-a The new slid splrudid strainer J W.RICHCj. o [MONO, Nath-.niel Kimhsll, master, will leare the north side of 1'. wharf. Bo-'on, every Tuesday and Friday evening at 7 o'clock, for Oi.-diner and HalloWell; and returning will leave Hallowrll on Mondays anil Thursdava at 8k P. M., landing each way at Balh. Fare from Boston to Hallowell, $:l IK) Bath, 2 30 Staaea will he in readinesa on the arrival ol the host at Hallowell, to runvcy passengers 10 Augusta, Waterville, Btngor. Belfast out (Quebec. ITrxuna travelling for pleasure will Imd li*w| ple.niantrr routes than this one to Quelier, as it runs through a country abounding in beaatilnl scenery?the rosiU are good, and the hotels well kept?the dist&uce 2111 miles. jyin2it|Se ji^M 0* CHEAP EXCURSION to the Fidong i1 K r Built*. every day, eu'vi* Tumldj* and fn . hyi Firr 25 ccntv each way?Tnr *te.nn? r N AI'OLKON, ('a|it. Ilmrm, will run rriuUrly to the above pUrr every fair day. and leave aa follow*?Foot of Hammond *tr?ft nt 9 <f*clnrk, (.anal ntrf*'t qnnrlvr nut 9, Market street lull past 9, Catharine ferry Brooklyn &, pier No. I North river at in o'clock. On Tti* sdiy* and Fridayt the Napoleon will mike afternoon etctirtiom to Coney hUnd, landing at K?>rl H iniitMi and Math (tli.- fttrainlmat (*rn? ral J.irkson will continue to run to the name place every other day in the week)?and leave as follows h <h>i of Hftiiirnoud street at 2 o'clock, Canal street it a quarter past 2, street 2^,. pier No 1 at :i o'clock-Fire 25 cent* each way. The boat will remain at Coney Island one hour and a half, and arrive m New York by 7 o'clock. ? j14 lm*c """OR SALE, FREIGHT, OR CHARTER?The .w1 and copper fastened t HMinr .duo I H Alt I, I. St. A R It O LI., burthen per register, 412 tons bnift III 1818 by Messrs. B. nth St Co. of \,ve oak, lo cual, and cedar for a Havre packet, she is in prime order and may be sent to ?ea at a trilling e*|iense. For terms apply to Captain Lee on board at Hector street wharf. 01 to Jy21 BOVD St HINCKEN, 1 Tontine Buil.Bi.e. XJKP- PASSAGE FOR I.ON L>uSI-Packet 2mh Aug kVjM^eThe splendid last fast sailing iweket shin WFSTJSiaitMINsV) R, Captain Moore, will sail pnSctuaflyin Saturday, Aug, Ml,her regular day, and hat splendid accommodations Fir cabin, second cabin, and steerage passengers, who will be taken at low rates,early '.indication be made on board or to W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT, 43 Peek slip, or 32 South at. corner Jones' lane. Drafts for any amount, payable on demand without di count in all the piinripal towns ol F.ngland, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, can at all tunes be had on application as above, auli r W YO :w YORK. MONDAY MO] OCULISTS. DOCTOR J. FRANCOS' CELEBRATED RYE WATER. 1 NO. IB ItAK('1 V STREET, within two doors of the / Aslor lit - tiis preparations are a perfect cure foi ail J? inrlamm.ito. > U ase of the eye, weakness of sight, k<*., ? e, *J1 never fall iurct ring nebulas of the longest arotulinit, without ^ ,ui> surgical operation CERTIFICATES. 1 certify that Jacob Valenliue, a youth of about Itfteen years 11 if .';r, wu brought to my house last fill, aoparenlly blind, lie tr r.dled on tat- to-day, and .tates thttln* baa been tbt* patient >1 I*1 Dr. J. Francis, whose treatment li.ta been the tat-tux, under God, ofiestorinit hi* sight. JAMES MIL NOR, b< Rector of St. George's Church, Bt eltmcn at. This is to certify that two of uiv children were afflicted with ^ '.st 'I eyes for a biutl of tunc, one of the hi wis almost blind " with nebulas, coveriitK the aiuht. Every remedy was resorted to without anv good effect, and despaired of them ever heme recovered. They are now perfectly restored to sight by Dr. J. ^ Francis'celebrated preparation. C DANIEL S. JONES, 499 Pearl street. B I w ;a almost blind for twelye_ye irs, ami in five weeks, under R tn?* nkilltil treatment of Dr. J. r ialien, my sight is now per ei fectly good and strong. o MARTHA BROWN, 177 Forsyth street. cli 1 certify to the above beiug a true statement. 'IEOKGK BENEDICT, Pasto of the Suuitou street Church. I vis nearly Wind for.twe *ty year* with a cataract in each rv? h?i 1 from the ti ie of (Dr. Francis* woiMlerful pre pa rat. on for th ! disease, :nv ev. ? are now p< rfectly recovered. HESTER JOHNSTON, 41 Eldndgrstreet. We, the ntid^r-ti^ned, having witnessed the astonishing etfi- V racy ol Dr. Francis* |?re|Mntions lor diseases of the eye, w unlit ^niiugl} recommend theni to the unties of the public, as p valnahl retnedio. j Du i hi Dunbar, Pastor of McUxt14.1l st. Church. V S. H. Cone, Pastor of the First B ijitist Church. B Jul n P*ck, Agent of the Home Mission Society. S Jaeon Broimer, Pastor ol'tie North Bai tist Church. . Joiu-pb Andre ad., 11 oin\n Catholic Priest of St. Peter's J CimvcIi. Numerous certificates can be seen at the office. Preparcdand 4 sold only t?\ Dr. J Francis, 10 Barclay street. New York. V Artificial Eye* in e rted, w hich cannot be distinguished from the natural, without giving the slightest pun. Dr. J. Francis respectfully informs his friends and the nublir, P that in coti.?e<|Uf nee of the increase of his business, Dr. (ilentiy, V Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, Loudon, and of the New V ?rk Medical Society, has joined hi in, and every confi- 7 deuce can he placed in-his professional skill .\s *11 Oculist. Office hours from 0 A. M.. until 6 P. M. jy 10 'Jm*c j1' "DISEASES OF THE "EVE." 5 H. Iv. DIOSSV, ' OPHTHALMIC SITROEON, N<>. ^17 BROADWAY, fi F.?trance in Fulton Street, opn< ite Sr. Paul's Cnnrch. ti ATTENDS TO DISEASES OF THE EVE. AND ALL THE NECESSARY OPERATIONS THEREON. OFFICK Horns from 1) to tio'cijOCK. II iving com let* d hi* studies of U years wiili i)lt. ELLIO'I*!', f Iculi<1, and been snh*ie?|ueiitly ? ngag* d as his assistant, H. K l)ioo? uahlcd to undertake the treatment of all diseases afl*i cting the organ* ol vision. Terms mod* rate am! graduated to the nature ami extent of the disease. Permission is givr 11 10 refer to liL list/* instructor, and also to some of ?h" most eminent Professors of the Medical Faculty in 1 New Vork. N.B. Th poor in ted grvuit ?u .1. an4 ln*r DISEASED EYES 1 AM) UfFI.AMMATION4)l 'l'IIK KYK LID*. ANY disease ??r Weakness of th?- eye, or mil ainmat ion of I the eyelids, ian be quickly auil aalely removed, by the use i of the r ROMAN EYE BALSAM. 5 Mrs. Davis, No. 77 Essex treet, has beeu curt d of intlamma- I tion of tlit? eye-lids and weak eyes, of years duration, by using oulyouejjar of the Eye Bu) ?ahi. p yean beeo so much afflicted with weak ?iul luflaimned eyes, that at times the could scarcely Be*' to rend. Her eyes have t been completely restored by tins Btlm, alter all other mean* had failed. Hundreds have by iu healing virtues, been restored to light, where almost tot<?I blindness, caused by excessive ill- * flammations,had ?listed for \. us. The Roman Eye Balsam" has been, a lout; time used in private practice by the most t^iiicnt oculists in this and lY reign countries, and its astonishing efficacy in removing all disease, and inflammation from the eye, has established for it a reputation far bt yond the reach of any other preparation. IN DIMNESS OH' SIGHT < in ed bj fixed attention to minute objects, or by a Iouk exposure to a strong light. and in the weakness or partial loss of sik I it from sickness or obi age, it is a sure restorer, and should be used bv all who find theirstyit failing without any apparent disease, rut up iu small jars with fall directions for me. Price 373?cenu. Prepared and soldi wholesale and retail, by DAVID JhANDS & CO., No. 17 East Broadway, comer Market sf, N.Y. Sold also by A B He D Sands, 7'J and 100 Kulton street, and by A B Sands and Co., 273 Broadway, corner Chamber street, j y 14 I in r TAILORING. REMOVAL. PHILLIPS' CASH TAILORING ESTARLISH MENT, I. removed from H5 Bioailway to No. 7 Aitor Home. ECONOMY IN GENTLEMEN'S DRESS. Garments ofa most degantand KrtshianaMe kiud ft a saving of ?<> i tf cent for c kth. THE advertiser di ms it unnecessary to resort tJ the hackueyed system of giving a list of nominal prices, presaidtug that the length of time he has been established, together with the extensive patronage bestowed on mm, will prove a suin tient voucher for his eligibilities. Pojsesiinif tin* advance ot being connected with an extensive cloth f stablishment iu Europe he confidently assets that h.- can furnish clothes r, hich, on comparison, will be found lower thpn any other hou*?* making up the nest descriptions of gentlemen's dress, my 13m S. I'll ILL! ('3, 7 Astor House, Broadway LOOK OUT. He who steals my purse steals trash, Kut he who filtrirs from me of tnyegood same K"b? ine ol that which not enriches him, But mak?s me iioor indeed.?[Shahapeaie. MARSHALL, AT HIS ONLY THOY SHIRT DKPOT, No. 90 Chatham strvet, makes the above quotation, because others endeavor to filch from him his go id n *mr, I tine, anil reputation. YV? have mote than once made public the many iinposit on* practised on dealers, strangers and others, in pursuit of our highly < repnted Troy Shirts, Bosoms, and Collars. But now that impositions are on the increase, therefore, we shall keep these facts before the public, which will eipose impostors, and may cut off their wicked design*. Make no mistakes therefore. Marshall's only Troy Shirt Depot" is painted on our awniuK and w indow. Be particular, however, to see the name " Marshall's" on our wiudow uid about our store. No. 90, our only Troy Shirt Depot, is situated about 16 doors from flic comer of Pearl and Chatham streets, and on the right hand side iu Chatham street, in n-ssmg to the City Hall. Seethe u&rne MARSHALL* , and yon art correct. CATALOGUE OF PRICES. Strong made Cotton Shirts, with linen bosoms, collars and I wrist bands, warranted, at ih r dor.en. $7?7 .50?8?8 40?9?10? < 10 iO?II?12?12 50?15?1^?16 50?17?18?20?21?22 50?21?25 i 2650?27?28. All Linen Shirts, per do/,. $20?20 50?25?27 50? i 30?32 50?10?38. Plan- Cotton*, p? r d ?/. $5 50 -6?7?7 50 ?8?0. C olored Shirts, p*< dps $5?5 '<0?6?7?8?9?10-1!. Collars just received?In addition to our former large stock .1* collars of every desenption, 1000 do/en, all Linen collars, at 50 cents per dozen. 62c?75c?K7c?$1?I 2V?I 50?I 75?2?2 25 < ?2 50?2 75?3?3 25?3 50 and I on, including our new style. Mar.ih ill's Byron Collars, which have been so highly approved of. These good . with our plain end raffli bo?onM.i in be found at many of rh* principle ready mi e linen stm# - through* out the city, arufyat the inanuftcturera, \x~/"Marshall's V" only Troy Shirt Depot. No. Ml Chatham street, New Yur.%. We caution dealers andothers against the many mistakes that have been made of ate, in consequence ef seeing ticketed prices in some of the windows. Recollect, no marked or tickcr<d prices are to he seen in on- wiudow. lint remember this the cut of ourstore, with the prices attached, will be circulated for the benefit of all. These circulars onlv maybe seen in our * wiudow : .?ud, furthermore, we advise aga n, see the name and number, 11 Ma shall'-*, No. 96 " No patronage asked of those who beat down. jyl51m*e TO THE LATMEIS. FASHIONABLE MILLINERY UOODS.-TK propne" trc?*, Miss S KING, daughter of the celebrated ? ul King, offt r? lor sale a most select and choice assort*.- .?f Millinery Goods, for the spring trade, never as yet present! : to ')< publie, both as regards tne qualify and cheapness of the articles , The assortment consists of the following ! The celebrated SILK HAT, CALLED CAPOTTR D'OR- 1 LEANS, is worn by La Dnchesse IPOrleans, Franco, SHED SILK, ENTIRELY NEW AND ORIGINAL STYLE?Atid Lawn Hats do do?An entire uew style o Hats railed " MODIME CAPOTTE8, ELS8LER COTTAGE.' I r-?ri.inn jiil Knglith FANHV STRAWS, of the fineat te? turi' in neat variety. The Proprirtre'x reapeeWullv aolinra the l.i'ilc, to favor her with a rail, and examine her elegant anil varied itoek of Vfil'inerv fur themselvra, before they |iurehaae e lie where, aa it will bp e (reat Having to them in |irire and a (realadvantage aa regard, the variety and uuality of the good,. MISS S. KINO. Magazine de Mode., jy2J lm*r 193H Broadway. J T M 11 f\ 11 rr A ATT T* i~\ T LI C l iTi r u iv i l iv / i n & l PUBLIC. I ALL who with to ccnnomil- an obi tin Clothing of lb* best qunliljr rem.irk?hly eli'Mi', at ?5()j \aal street, one door wtrt of fluiUon. Al???, * Inrgi assortment of Clot hi, (,'imimfiM, V? sting*, i'id Summer <*ood*, fnnn which Clothing of ill hi?d* arr mail** to order in the tu.mncr .it "er> reduced price*, 20'? < 'anal street. je 10 3rn*r SHIRTS. ClflKTS made to order, after the r?o*f approved French tuliioui. (h- utlemen't Umn.-nt? of all descriptions made to order at ihe shortest not tee. CjfhfK men's Furnishing Store 67 and 69 Maiden lane, corner of W illiam Wreet. al Im r WILLIAM COLLINS A CARD TO THE LADIES. ' PARIS DRKSS-MAKINO KSTARLI9IIMKNT?No. 1 I VK Kut Broadwuy, raif door from M.rkel . MRS. 1 W. II. .)KKKKHM, l?tw Mil. H. I'nra.r of W3 Brnmiw.vy, ^ Te?l* ctfnlly inform. hor former cnstom.r* and tf.H'. " genrmlly, that ah. haa rc-cammtncwl Smi Biaaa laikjni l>iui- . nraa at uin ahoTe-minrd ("Ubli.Sint'nl, where ihe will ilrvot. ] tier attention lo tln ir Vrvice, and confidently a..wrr? iho.t j Udirn who may favor .her with their patronage, that I)re??r?, [ Cloak., Habita, Sc., entfiated to hrr .kill, .hall be deliver J, ..1 ao perfect in style, fit. aud fiiii.h of workman<hip, aa not , l>. atcclled <1 an/ of ihahnoal appiotaa tataMluMMIrtk ! Broadway, ard for much mart- mnden'rprice.. . MRS W. H. JKKKEHS, 7?X Eaat Broau I N. B.?Maatrra, Mia.ea and Children.' drea.ea made to order ,, at the ahortcat notice. a> lm?n f STRAW GOODS. i

m BENNETT, T> John and 111William .trr.ta, im- r, 1 porter and manufacturer of Italian and Enzli.h Straw good., reapertfnlly inform* hia ro.tome'. and the public in > grrir ral, that tic baa on hand a aidendId and car. naive aaaort- t mrnt of ladiea fwhionahle atra.v good., which lie offers lor c title at very much reduced price*, vi/..: French and Lusrlish ( D urn table*, Italian Rutland*, Fancy Schell aud Imperial (a t * cry fathiounlde and beautiful article) fine Tuscan*, Albert i Straw*, Ac. Ac. . . .. Also, an entirely aew article, the White Siberian llair ^ Bonnet, which for ihe summer wear anrp.tatf all the ?tylea as t yet introduced, beingeifre nely light,durable, white and l^an* a <" ! v\,,I . f \n. h5 lm*c I AI) I k S NORSK.. Th? widow ? I in cmim-nt physician < offer* her aeivice* to the Ladle* ) I tlii* city, lieinf fully ca t jwcitated bv long eipericnce. IVitini niala from the fiwt phy* I ician*, and reference* given. Apply* M4 Uretmwich atrect r jylt lmeod r ? RK EINING, AUGUST 15, 184 WATERING PLACES, CATSKll.l. mountain house, AT TILE PINE ORCHARD.?1842. pHIS romantic anu fashionable resort will be conducted dur? L in? the preseut season under the direction and sui?erinteiiuice t)l lite subscriber, it I us undergone i complete ami oronrh repair, and is new open for tin- reception of visitors. io effort will b* spared to maintain the deservedly high chaiacr which it lias heretofore acuuired. As heretofore, iu tables will be luruished with every delicacy iat the New York mtrket eau afford; and every possible ita ntion that can promote the convenience and enjoyment of iu itrons will be promptly bestowed. The road loading to this ilahlislnnt nt and especially that part of it on the mountain, has eu rendered perfectly smooth and salt-. Messrs. A. H . Beach & Co.'t excellent line of state** will run theretofore regularly between the landing and the Mountain louse, on the arrival of the boats. C. L. BKACH, Proprietor. June 13th. 1842. . 11 : -i. JHARON 81'RlStiS WHITE >1 I .Til I U W ' be had ot tne Atfenu, Dickson * t'o., 12b Broadway, iseinent Booms.?For their unrivalled etticacy in all .heitmatic, Cutaneous and Dvsnentln I'mn. .suits. sore , e?, debility, erysipelas, scrofula. liver complaint, defection ithe kidney, flic , reference (by their permission) u made to id following medical ftulerrvn : HUGH M.i.KAN, M. I)., 4 Warrenst. Dr. BEDFORD. Prof. Utiiveraily, Med. Dep. rod. PATTERSON, .Med. Dep. Dr. WHITE, Cherry Valley N. . Prof. HADLEY, K*.Pn? t Med. Collie, N. Y. Dr. DKLAKIKLD Bleerker-st. N. Y Sold by Kushtou it Aspinw.ill, at their stoics, Broadw.vy, /ilium street, and Astor House; A. II. Sands. 273 Broadtv ; J Milh.ui, ll? I Broadway ; Souiilard, Deluee fct Co., irh How and 581 Broadway; r.. I<. Cotton, 2W3 Bleeeker at; , H t iiilton. Broadway ; John M?akiti, 511 Broadway; D /. H. Mil nor, 192 Bnadway ; H. G. Leeds, Knlton ?neel, r ? ?kl\u; Thomas J. Green, 399 Bioadway; J. J. Coddingfou, piitn in I Hudson treit. j. 71 3m |ATH HOUSE, LONG ISLAND.?Thu lou*" 3d w lit known boarding and sea hathiiiK establishment, having re* ntily undergone numerous improvements, among which 1* the rer'ion of sev? ral elegant suinm. r homes upon the margin of it- ocean, is now open ft* the receptiou of company during the tason. The great extent of private beach on this short?the rfect security in bathing, even for ladies aud children, (the athiiig houses being within a stone's throw of the mansion)? ?e shady, cool and delightful locust grove adjoiniug the house -the pleasant rides in the surrounding country?the excellent shing grounds and other soiurce* of healthful recreation and museinent?the beautiful view of the Ail inic ocean and the >wer hay, almost constantly euliveued by numerous vessels rriving or outward bound, render this situation in ev-ry reluct ii|M*.]uulled by any in tlie vicinity, lis accoinmodati..u> re am|ue, the rooms airy and the temperature, even in th? rarmcst days of summer, anything but oppressive. The confidence of conununioatioii and ilistan. e, (being but niuc mil0111 Brooklyn.) the access by stages at hours accommodated ? business render it peculiarly well adapted as a residence for eiitl< men of busiu -as iu New York. it-12 2m?r WILLIAM BROWN, Proprietor. FURNITURE. GEORGE W. DAWSON, fVholtsale and Retail furniture aiul General Furniching Warehouse, No. f>7 Chatham afreet, corner of Dunne street, Neit York. [XTHKRE he Uee|is for sale . large assortmwnt of the follow** ing articled, viz.: Sideboard*. Bureaus, Bedsteads, C0V1, T iblcs, ( Sail's, Office and Portable DesLj Gl.uis t'ast s, Book ' sen, Looking Gl .?wes, Dining, (Itnlre. '1 ea and Pier Tables, *i alios, Sofas, S 1 Bedsteads/Beds, Bedding. Paleaftei . Mat,-es-ir? < .r?ati, Oil Cloth, Matting aud fire Ir#ns, Wash Itwuds, Toilet Tabic ?, candle SUnds, Bureau Be.Lteads ssmg Bureaus, Sales, flic. Also, akwrgt assortment of men aud women's Wearing Ap>arel, new and second handed All the ibpTS IfCMtt >!' ofltr.d to the psMk at ver\ f>w pricev. Persons in want of ?.ud articles would find it to lieir advantage to make an early call at the above enurdifthle nt. Shipping orders punctually attended to and packed en .the hortest notice, and ou reasonable terms. Mattresses, Bedding, tc for fitiing out vessels, constantly ou hand. All orders to the above establishment will be punctually at nded to and thankfully received. N. B.?The highest prices Will be given for Second Hand i uriiitur.i. and Gentlemen1!! and Ladies1 east ntf f'lnthiu*. _*22Jjm-r __ GOOD SUMMER WINE. r B. 8TOUVENKL. Importer of French Wines of ' the most approved brands, Bordeaux Claret and other Vines. He has removed from his old stand, 61 Nassau street, a N<>. 21 Ann street, (mar Nassau) basement. Always on hand, the best and tmmtrcrAercAe Wines, St. Juian; Montferraut, St. K'teve, Lafitte, Modoc, kr. in barn Is, lilt casks and cases. Also, Champagne, various brands; Htiritudy, Hermitage, ke.; sii|?ericr Coginc Brandy; Inst quality iiu, Port Wine, Portugal :nid Spanish Wines. J. B. S. will also sell by the aoceu bottled Wine for private amilics, which will be sent tc? any part of the city, alao by the ;allon or otherwise, to those who may favor linn with their paronagc. No Wines are impure sold by him, as he imports them lire't. I (?7** J* B. 8 haiopened a boarding house at Hoboketi, oppo- | ite 1 C arden. on the main road, wheie is kept an as- | ortineut of h * t est Wines. Private parties supplied with good linnemid^lr* 1 ments. jvi? im^r PARSELLS & AGATE ANUFAOTUHKKS OK STOCKS, Sus; ru lers. Linen ^*1 Drapers, kc. have just received a very light and beautiful 'tock, exprei v foi lumntcr wear. Altp. a rich ind varied aa iortm> ntof Summer Sc.arls, Cravats, Silk, Linen Thread, and Knl Gloves, with i lance assortment of Suspenders,ready made Linen and Muslin Shirts, Linen Collars, Dress Fronts, gentle* men's under garments, kc., at the old establishment,241 Broadway , between Park place ami Murray *t. j\ 12 lm*c PUfTsSE 3e ITkoukST Vfn 61 LIBERTY 8TRRKT, bet wee u Broadway and Ta y~J Nassau street, offer for for sale lot Rl?>ck* IiUhhiack uwtrhlv. 100 Casks reiim 1 bask* t salt. 300 (-a?b Boyd's hleaching.powder. 30 Tons superfine sod* ashes. 2 Cases pat*. ut K*^vh? r. ?0 B ifes v'heftcrfirld factory brown "heelings. 7000 On ...ii pstrr.r li e brick. 20 Cask. 3 mid i K K blue stnalu. 2 B ties cotton ca-nettug three auil four yard* wide. 5 Bile* Machine blankets All of whie!i will Im- s?.M ar |.?v. si inmV . r piin?s, jv 17c NOTICE TO EXPORTERS OF COTTON. TIIK CONSUL GENERAL of France hereby notifies the f Shippers of Cotton to France, that in order to ob? rate all iiffirultirg with the French Custom Homes, and iu compliance w ith instructions he has received, a certificate will he rejuired it his office from the Collected of this port, when veslels are cleared for France, slating the place of growth of Cotton lad n "M bo, iid \? - I . m# Ini GUNS AND PISTOLST" 'Xrr EXCLUSIVELY. BJOSEHL 14 Maiden lane, upstairs, importing gent for the sah; o?English, German and French double and single >anel Fowling aud Duchiiiu (tuns, from the lowest to the tin ?( oQiJitM i jPiitok 1 lucj iptiou, for 1111 h md otlu narkets, embracing one imudred different kinds, all of which ie is now prepared to ofTci at the manufacture \* prices. heing qmotnted agent for the largest houses in that line iii Europe, irhii It uahles In in to sell at extremely low prices. A largo assorted -.lock of the above ?lw ay* on hand. City and country merchants are particularly requested t-? loll I" Ml \klllg 111'-I I 1 1 I I' 1 ' TO GUN DEALERS Guns. Pistols, *- articles 4fH? Hirisle B vrr* I Fowling Pi? ces liH) Double Gum*, imitation twisted 3ft0 do do retl twistr d ud patent Breech. tfiOO Pairi of i'lsiols?tt<*soi red?-100different varieties lb lies and Rifle- B* ieJ<?Locks nil trimm iiigs Game B 'gs?Powder Fl i?ks and Pcrcussi?n Caps Sporting articles generally. The ab?'ve articles will be sold it tiuhe ird of low piices, iy A. w spies & co. v ir? ini* c Prtrl?treet HAVANA AND PRINCIPE SEGARS. RADER, 4f? Chatham street, offers fur sal" 'H* 180,000 La Nonna Segars Ml,MM) Noval Principe. 26 000 Woorlville. 26 000 Riouda. Entitled to dr ben tare. t Besides a full stock of the choirs* iramls of llav;?iM Mil I'rni.i ;,? S, u ?. j y 20 1 ni'inl*c C. L. INCtEltiSOLLAS BOAT ESTABLISHMENT. IJOATS. Dinkey sail boats and nice boats. nleasort hosts, tw ' Utc. The immense Boat Building Estanlishrnent of C. L. ngervdl, 400 Water sf, near Catharine Market, is one of th? nost < ttcnsive in the United States. Here were built the mosi >eautiful pleasure barges and club boats that havr floated on he rivers and lakes of America. Also the harg** for the AutoTat of all th? Russian several race boat for Asiatic Monarch*; h fane) 1 ledth* John Bovith of Arkansas, nasi th is ilina it tor Mr. G. F B . He hsa recen leti 1 lifeboat on a mw plan, which has Keen pronounced by torn* >f our most eipero need 1, lotical utan uoerior t > any ever benilt. A l this est bl 1 In? ' kind of boat will be uifiishcl with irvrratd bottom, from a mould, 111 any way . < .., in fh< m flee mah 1 ils are ail ?ft'?e l**i quality, pine hoards heiiu no rt thereof. A Urge assortment of boats of all kinds including ife b. at*, gigs, long, quarter, pleasure. Whitehall. and rac? ><?^ts, in iy be .1 ways found at the msuufact rry, * prices much .. 1 n wh l psu haaavt hart baretof n mM, Md a libtnl ilii* !miit 011 the usual rates will he made to those who wish to tell I gain. Please rail before purchasing rLewhtre; you can then II dc* uf my work?Reference*. Jas. w. Male. Bol Agent, 6* Wall at. For advertisement ot mats, Jkc., see Com er Hi Enquirer and New York Commercial Advertiser. iv22 lm?r CROI.1IT8* BOAT ESTABLISHMENT. UN) WATER STREET, potjr hoop a east op catharine market"PHK Subscribe! having in his manufactory, and under his * own iinmrdial sH|?enntriiden?%e, some of the oldest and noat es none need I lildetr* in this city; and the best of materials or building every description of boats, which enables him to Ornish, at the shortest notice, Boat* of the most approved mo l? l and workmanship, on the most liberal terms. BUILDER of the Sultan of Museit's Pleasure Barge, the Vflve, (Ittulle, Victoria, Atlantic. Wnkona, Ike. Also, the Vnn, of Peekskill, Washington, of roughke epsie, Pitches*, of lyde Park, Sylph and Wive, of Mobile, Geo Stewart, of mnisville, Madame Oelest. of New Or Ives. Ike. AlsOj? rhe sail boala Wn Crolios, Fashion, /armnl, Star, and Ed?in Forrest, lie., I t., lie. jy2'tm - od *c DEARS ALL'S OAR ESTABLISHMENT, founded m t 1^31, at 102 Water street, flvt doors above Cntharini inar et, tin- only establishment of the kind in the United States, out nines to supply the Navy, the American, Russian, and panish war steamers?has supplied all the mae boats and club oats for the last four years?and baa now the largest assortment f oirs. sw?*epa, and aeulls ever eollected in one place. It. B ?The Bianch Oar Store on the North River side, is hut np, and removed to 102 Walt r street; and as I save all the inenat ! nm store, I will jell enough chesrx r to th< u wJm ;?me from the Nordi River side to pay ?hem for their tronhh Lice boats, club boats, oars and senils aold V) per cent lr?s luminal rear. 3m*e trrl'-er is telling all d-'tcriittiont o( gold and tilver iVatchct. g->U and tilrar | enrilt, ((old chaliu, li<*v?, Ju ., at reail, loW?i lh 01 at Ml* Other place m the city. Onld Watrhoa it low t ^"? t?> "'ii dollar* each. Watr.hea and t.welry etihanled or bought. All Watch<? are w^, ranted to keep good time, >r the money rrtnrned. Wttchea and Clocka repaired in the >.-it manner, and warranted, at initoh lea. than the iMiwil iinrn, jy one of the fllieit workmen in the city. O. C. ALLKN, Imlorter of Watchet and Jewelry, whole wit and ratal, SO Wall treat, opataira. jyJl lm?r IERA 12. Important Urrlnluu* In Bankruptcy. V. S. Circuit Court. Br lore Judge Belts. Several of the recent opinion* contain mo*t important point*. We present the latter in connection with the names of the petitioner! on whose account the decision! were made. John It". Hull and Mraham //. Smith?Compulsory.? Creditors holding debts due before the passage of the bankrupt act are rump tent parties to prosecute their debtor* to a decree ol bankruptcy. A purchase ol goods, by copai triers, on credit, with intent to a fraudulent insolvent-) , and a fraudulent transfer and appropriation ot such purchases, during the autumn of lain, as in this case (the parties still continuing partners)?render them subiurt f,i th.. tin, V I... 1..1U..I lui?briii,l,.i 1'nmmillid Ly one ofa firin, subsequent to the passage of the art. cannot sup|)Ort proceedings against bothfpartiMrs. The mere insolvency of a partnership, or the partners, does not au. thorizo proceedings ngiinst them as involuntary bankrupts, without proof of the commission of some act ol bankruptcy by the partnership. The term insolt rnry, in the 14th section of the act, is to bo regarded as equivalent to bankruptcy. .Mr. Uiitchcr for creditors?Mr. Johnson for bankrupts. John Ha,ley.?The ere lilors, in order to defeat a decree, must show that the bankrupt had pioperty at the 'ime ol his application, which ho knowingly and intentionally omitted to state on his inventory. Possession ol property anterior to that, unless immediately preceding tin time ol tiling petition, is not sufficient to sup|>ort objections.? A want ol good management, refusal to pay debts, or even il the property hail been dissipated ,md squandered dishonestly, will not ulf'ord n bar to a petition under the act. The purchase ol'a bankrupt's lurniture by his son-in-law at an execution sale, though the goo Is were left in possession of bankrupt's family subsequently (but not remaining with hi in at the time of the application) nor the purchase of his real estate at a mortgage sale by another sonin-law do not afford presumptive evinenco of an ownershipwliirh would require u bankrupt to account for sueli property on his schedule. Mr. Charles Morrell for creditors?Mr. Janson for bankrupt. Ilrotcn King.? Exceptions to objections that opposing parties have not pi eved their debts, cannot be made before a commissioner?they must tie presented to the Court, previous to a relerence. The strictness of practice in Courts of civil and common law; which legurd giminds of exceptions not presented in proper order in the progiess of a cause as waived, will not lie enforced in buukrupt pioceodings. Creditors (us such) cannot tile objections, and contest the rights ol a bankrupt to a discharge, without lirst proving their debts.?The terms "other persons and interest," used in the 4th section, are employed to designate those who could not prove their debts as ci editors, and do not embrace, but exclude creditors. Mr. Soars for bankrupt?Mr. Thompson and Mr. Fee senden for creditors. Dai-id II. Robertson.?If the purchase by a batik nipt ol a house and lot and a pay ment of $6000 thereon by him, and the conveyance of the title tin reupon to his mother, is fraudulent as against his creditors, still there remains no right of property therein which he is bound to inventory in his schedule as a part of his estate. Though the confession of judgment by a bankrupt to his mother before the bankrupt aat was passed may be without just consideration, and void as against his creditors, still it is a debt against him, not rendered void by the bankrupt law . An execution sale of the petitioner's furniture, &.c., under the judgment confessed to his mother, although made at his instance nud under his direction, divests him of title to the property, and he need not set it forth on his inventory. Biihsoquent possession and use of such property ns his own, may render the sale of ue ellect in relation to his creditors, but cuts olfhis right to set up title to it as hi, own. Mr. A. Nash for bankrupt -, Mr. Fessenden for credit- J ors. Carlos P. Houghton.?Where the assignee of a partnership estate buys up the notes of the estate at a discount, with his own funds, he is entitled to be plared as a creditor lor the lull amount on the schedule. Had the nobs been bought up with the trust funds, lie would not have been so entitled. Decree allowed. Mr. Sayre for bankrupt ; Mr. Joachimsgrn for creditors. John (} WCarty?Evidence falsifying an allegation that a bankrupt lost $.1:100 in the year 1899, is not sufficient to disprove the verity of his petition and inventory, it is also shown tint he had the money at a period nearer to the time of Ins application. If on the examination of a J bankrupt, his testimony is discredited as to a particular j fact, such lact can be inferred as contrary to his express assertion. An assertion made by a bankrupt's wife in his present e, and denied by him, cannot be given in evidence to iirtiie.ich tin-tcstimnnv of tin- Imnki-iuit. A vnlnnlhrt conveyance of property l>) an insolvent, before the passage ot the bankrupt net, to Ins mother and son-in-law, although under circumstances rendering the conveyance void as to creditors,divests him of personal right and interest therein, and he nee 1 not set it forth in his inventoryMr. A. G. lingers for bankrupt ; Mr. II. lloldcn for creditor. John Ely?Creditors who have proved tlieir debts, and " oth( r persons in interest," (thosehaving a prospectiveot contingent interest in the estate,) are authorised to Hie objections to a discrhage, and protecute them before a commissioner. Mr. K.H.Ely for bankrupt; Messrs. Benedict St Belknap for creditors. lluyal Hill nntl Jncnh Van Ko/ArcnAin-e V?Compulsory. ?The jurat subscribed by the commissioner need not contain a remir, when it could be sufficiently collected from the deposition itself, that the oath was administered wheie the officer resides. As respects a note being matured, the application to the eourt is the time the petition comes into action, and not the date ot its subscription or attestation.? The petition 011 its face must show that an indebtedness above $ 1000 exists on the part of the co-partnership, ft is not sufficient that the individuals, as such, on e mora than that sum. The petition must allege that the ucts of bankruptcy w ere committed il 11 ring the continuance of the copartnership. Amendmi nts will be allowed in support ol the justice of a case, w here eiror has occurred from misapprehension, on payment of costs. Mr. Van Vleeck, for petitioners. Mr. Joacliimssrn, for bankrupts. Charln Oaklry.?Petitioners cannot proceed ex parte to file amendments without submitting such to the Court, or ontaining the a?-ent of the opposing creditor. Decree vacated as irregular. Mr. Morris for petitioner. Mr. Joacbimsseti, for creditors. .laron Mrahamt.?A petition need not be presented to the court simultaneously with its nttestion ; and its being sworn to nine days before presented, allords no bar to it? If property is acquired by the bankrupt in tin1 intermediate time, it must pass to the assignee?Objections to legal paints w ill not delay a reference to n commissioner a> to facts, unless there is irood cause for takinir the h eal point*. The procrastination on tKi? account will not avail in the present case, ami the Court refuse*) to refer the objections to a commissioner. The case being on the docket !or a final order, decree of bankruptcy granted. Mr. Brady, for bankrupt. Mr. Joachimssen, lor creditor *. Creerge II". Annie mid Kinr'inr, hit wife.?The assignee aci|iiire>. as to the wile's propertv, only the interests the liti possessed at the time ol his bankrtiplcy. The note belonged to the w Ife, (given for propert v owne I by he- I eforc marriaee.) nnd, nlihotigli out payable to hit* hand or bearer, ba t never belonged to him, or In en place, in lis posse-sio i. Note restored to the u ife, but vs ith oira, 'be assignee, under circumstanced, being entitled to proved. Vlr. I'. Clarke, for hankrup'. Mr. B.inney. for assignee. <in>r%n IJccrmore.? Objectors must take an order on the oeket tor li aiing it It in two dav ? on |?>inta of law. am , if m point of fact, rniMnfer on filing 'hem for reference to a commissioner.? Objection-- filed against adeem of bankruptcy cannot (w blent an express order at the tin e) ? he employed against the application for n discharge. Tie bankrupt in this rase having been guilty o' laches himself, and asking favor to correct omissions, the case will lie overfill the day after to-morrow, when the creditor' will have leave to show cause w by the amendments should not be permitted nvnc pro ttine, and final decree entered. Bankrupt in person.?Mr. A. Benedict foi creditor*. Charlrs H. Drlaran?An assignment ol all his estate in 18.IB, and giving in it a preference to fictitious debts to his brother, does not bar his discharge under the bankrupt act, unless admitted in proceedings?the collection not living in anticipation ol bankruptcy. Putting a fictitious Iclit U[>on the schedule* by a bankrupt a* ju-t and owing by him, is admitting sueh deM against his estate within tint" mischief" and meaning ol the statute. The cr ditors, in this r a e, have failed to prove a ebt on the sch bile for $.1000 to be false and fictitious. Declarations 0' the bankrupt at the time of his lailitr" in 1*3*, and immediate!} then-iift* r. that he had means to pay all his debts, is not sufficient to prove a fraudulent concealment, ami without proof nf liis subsequently having property. Decree ol dischai go uliowisl. Mr. W. M. Mitchell lor petitioner. Mr. Edmonds for creditors. /)?ni>/ F. De'arnn.?Objections had been filed by a niajirbv, in amount, of < rediton, but were not followed tip On the other hand, Mr. Delavan possessed a majority of creditors, as to numbers, in his favor. The f'ourl overruled the o!.|. 'ion iml : l-riio of .fix charge. Mr. W. M. Mitchell for petitioner?Mr. Kdmonds for creditors. Mark Haakt ? Creditor* on- re?tricte<l in their objection* to a discharge to th- nsrlictiinrs designated by the statute. It cannot he stated for conac against granting a discharge, that he had not fully described hi* creditors or estate in hi* schedule?the en litors must prove snrh, in order to be effectual. It is not an admission of " a false and fictitious debt," to put a debt in contestation, and insisted nimn hy the bankrupt to have been discharged, as being due to the lull amount claimed hjr the creditor. A petitioner stvlinghimself merchant, and not having kept regular books for several year*. the latter fact will not allect his discharge, unless it he proved he was prosecuting mercnn.ile business nl the time. Discharge decreed. Mr. (;. VV. S.infold lor bankrupt?Mr. A. Benedict for creditor. John flaiyrr Smith, and nlhrrs. -Compulsory.?The estate of an involuntary bankrupt comes within the jurisdiction of tha Court, on the decree heiag allow e l. Injunction is the pro)>er mode to prevent a debtor oartlng *w ith his estate, and creditors can invoke it, hut inch will be guardedly granted. Adequate indemnity must tie furnished to the defendant, incase the petitioner* do aot prosecute their petition to a decree of bankruptcy. Injunction i allowed. Maynarit Ihang.?A bankrupt, when examined under oath hy creditors, has a right h) way of cross examination hy his counsel, to give explanations or corrections of statement* m.vle on hi* examination in chief; but hi* counsel cannot examine him at large and draw substantive evidence from him in support of his petition anil against the objections, as in the ordinsry cross-examina tioti of witnesses. His answers arc evidence only in tbo LD. Price Two Cents, particulars of discovery inquired o" by the creditor Thn lormer examination of a bankrupt btjlore u matter in chan eery, is competent evidence to be received by the commissioner, and declaration* by the bankrupt id ?ucli .ormet examination may be uaeil to qualify or contradict hi* atutementl on hit petition and schedule in bunkriipti y. Kor bankrupt, \lr. ( liarlet Sherwood; for creditor*, Mr. George Bowman. Orvin Brown? Tacit lien* by attorneys and counsel recognised by the local law, on general principle* ot law, are preserved by the second tertion of the bankrupt act. An attorney has a lien on paper* ol hi* client in hit hand* covering the general balance ol cost* for professional services, unUts deposited and accepted lar a apecial purpose. The transmission ol hi* papers by the bankrupt to the attorney.? ith o view to prepare pioceenings in bnnkruptcjr, anil with intent that they should pass to the assignee, does not tnukoa special depovite, w ithout the assent ui the attorney. Note* being mentioned by an attorney on a schedule a* part of t..o bankrupt's estate, ia not a'uaiver ol his lien to them The presentation of a petition in bankruptcy is an inviolate dedication ol tin estate to hiscreditors by tlie bankrupt, w hicli is made tmul and .tleclual by passing the decree ol bankruptcy. Nop,mutes in favor itl'i.artuMilur rr./litrarc rnn uricn tilinunioni which will nttach ujam the estnte, except | ursuuiit to tko provisions of the Wh section. The lien ol the attorney ceases with the entire termination ol the iutertat of km client in the assets, unless his services ar< ronlinued at the instance of the assignee, anil his costs alter that,la come a debt merely ug.dnsi his client personally, 'J tic hen ? extends also to the associate counsel. As the attorney 'a privilege is ordinarily limited to taxed costs, no lien should hs raised in hchall ol counsel, as i iruinft third parties, exceeding that unionnt. ihetouriguxi no opinion as to the lien on papers between counsel and hi- iient alone, where the counsel does not act a,m as attorney. In the present case,attorney and counsel's taxi d costs lui stivice., upto the application in bankiuptcy, to he paid l y the assignee out of the notes in question, and also the coats ot reference Mr. Field for petitioner; Mr. Waddell, assignee, in per'lark Mont: ami Hirsch Pinner.?The Court did not discuss the question whether foreign partner*, ulter they hail dissolved, and arrived in the United f tati s, could heroine voluntarv bankrupts here, in respect to debts, creditors and estates entirely lorrign. As lo the joint petition of the present applicants if the 14th -<c. ol the ai t n applicable at nil to thecaseof voluntary haul rupts, i isoniy where parties are partners at the tinie ol liln g the j etnn n. No numler, less than the whole ol o lirm, can petition for a decree of voluntary liankruptey under that in lion, and it is douhtlul whether the application ol that tertian is not limited to cases of compulsory bankruptcy, in respect to co-partnerships, in cases ol cumpulto'iy bankruptcy, the sunic reason would not exist loi restricting proceedings to cases of existing partnerships. Proceedings in bankruptcy cannot to conducted in the united I.suds of parties who have no common interest, and do not seek a common decree.- Joint petition disallow e?l. Mr. Charles Edwards lor creditors.?Mr. Joaehimssen for petitioners. \nvn I General Court iHnrtlnl on board the lf, S. Ship North Carolina., Aug. 13th Tnti or Liei t.U. K. Piwkjiev? Costihid. The Court met pursuant to ad,joiirnnient, and the Judgo Advocutu proceeded to read the minutes ot the w hole pro cecdings on this trial. Lieut. Piskxf.t then requested that Lieut. Wilkes might be called upon lo verify two letters which he desired to put in ns evidence, being two ol those received bx him fn m Lieut. Wilkes, and which drew from him the rsjlies which are alleged by Lieut. W. to contain coutcmpiaoua and disrespect I ill language. This was accordingly done, the li-tters being read to the Court, and Limit. Pijikxkv was then called upon for his defence, # which was read by Dr. Palmer, ami commenced by stating that the accused hail joined the expedition wi'h glowing hopes of promotion, and with a full confidence in the pro mises ol Lieut. Wilkes, with whom he w ix pi i viou. ly personally unacquainted, with regard to promotion, " But alas I gentlemen," is the language of the defence, " 1 turgot that he u lio had once violuied the chastity ol ruak must have made himself its enemy forever." It then | ro reeded to state that the Pilot Boats ol the Expedition u?rc those the most calculated to distinguish themselves, and this had been proved to be correct by the history ol the Flying Fish during her Antarctic cruise. Yet Lieut. Wilnes' first act was conferring the command ot those vessels upon Passed Midshipmen,in spite of the remonstrances of the Lieutenant, and his own promises w ith regurd to rank, anil the accused had not been appointed to the command of the Flying Fish until Lieut. Wilkes hud lieen warned by the fate of the Si a Gull ; and the morlilication he felt at that circumstance, doubtless hud effect on his conduct towards the accused, and w hirh on usioued him to address s rebuke to him in such n niHiint r that he thought it his duty to report it to the Hon. the Secretary of the Navy, which report had been detainsd bx Lieut. Wilkes for upward! ol a year. It then proceeded to comment very tevtrely on the letten anil testimony of Lieut. \Vlike!, comparing his statement! in his letters with his evidence before the Court, and both those w ith the evidence of other otticer!, which had completely nnd fully disproved hi! assertions, both as regarded the neglect of the accused and the alleged tilth of the Isold of the schooner on the 23d Sept. which it w as proved thst Lt. Wilkes could not have seen as he hud sworn, and also that it had been cleaned and whitewashed just previously. It also remarked on the statement ol Lieut. Wilkes, that he did not give or receive verbal communications, which was disproved by the letters of Lieut. Wilkes and the testimony of Lieut. Hudson. It then proceeded to comment on the conduct of Lieut. Wilkes, on receiving a protest from the accused resix-cting the command ol the schooner, which was forwarded through the accused'! counsel, officer Lt. Long, to w horn Lt. Wilkes remarked cn receiving it, " that he was not aware there w ere any Hankj in Terra del Kurgo," taking no furthur notice oi it lor seven months, und such were the lei lings of the accused a- the iasulting manner in which he had la-en treated, that he had been afraid he should he accused ol a want ol manliness for bearing it m the manner which he had done. It commented severely on Lieut. Wilkes* testimony as to ths boatsw ain's mati-.romparisg it with his letters on that subject, w hich had been rend in court. The s[?e< itii s-ion of exhibiting the letters between the 1st May an 7th October, had not been proved ; but the accused desired to state that he had studiously concealed 'h- m Iror ait but those whom he consulted for advice; and as to tbo charges being sent in unsealed, he did it lis an art of courtesy to his commanding otii< rr, nnd had sent them through a third party to bcenabltvl to prove that tbev had reached him, the necessity of w hich w a- i endero ev ident by Lieutenant WiJkeV as ertiun?"that h did not 1 now what to do with them," and "tha he should take no notice of them " The neglect in not keeping a w ntc.h, he considered ?#- explained, an-i tl e negh-ot in surveying vv as also disproved. He then vv nt e-i to coninicntoi. 'he evidence of I. ieuteiiunt Wilkes with ngtoc o the testimony toihe repairs on the schooner, vv'ni- a he stated be k it vv "from tenernl report vert to rent e r . e ?< hm-t rr nor* flashu." an nib ua'ion vi hi-h had ' sen-t - le., ; - proved. He l leaded guilt;. to not kn'|?< i in il.t.ut -aid (tint h>- hut no iidetrion id dim gut > nr -u* or. < -?, nor did he believe be had Hone o, m il h M ? roved he one he h'nl kept bo nnieh'- u a* he-i li i -.l amed of it; and he thought if the member I 11. c n had ttie in-pc 'inn o' the journal* k*-pt, ihey nil i ' Mr j heiTrefer par" o. tlieir 'b< am- gr . . \ . irh h? i i I destroy . <1 hi? ; and I e tine ' I. i -eandalnu* rnednrt v a? much ? i rrine. I'ho <ivh r.hargWwas not pro*- I 1 chad -Iio<vii hnt he uhp not a man tin r- . i..j i - w. Thin eloiieil 'he defence, ? hi h u a- an m - written document, showing 'he H em n v and lna friendA ni'tant 9urg?>on Palmer, to he *?1 no men 01 iter. Theconrt una then cleared,and when re-opened,adj urnis! till Id o'clock on Wislnmday morning, ? hen tin trial of Lieut. Wilkea will he commenced, on -en chanf -?, preferred against him bj Ass't Surgeon GinUnii and Lt. Pink ney, and to be supported, as u e understand, by nearly all the officer* ol the espilition. Thi" trial, it i- also expected, will expotc to view all the operation" of the squadron, the quarrel* with, and the allegisl ma-sneres of the native*, fcc., and will doubt le?* he highly in'e-eating. Tint Ii.ijv >i? Bor*r)AitY?The O in- -*->ior - r- '"o Incite the l.inda gr.,nfc I by the U itc r-Morii noi?,having made the principal part of Ii n onnorth of the line dr wn due wert from m 'iitherly bend of Ltlf* M c.iifan, claiuie I b\ Vi*. a.-i her boundary, by the ordinance ol 17$7.f>ov :ni>i Doty,ol Wiw ontin, ho-rent a letter tot-ov m. notifying htrn to refrain from a-i -cling pu .iia ain!-for the ue<? of that Stiiie, within,tlie tt--ri'> r rl, i e i ny w i-connn This Race Riaih. - I'h Stork va, i i L ' Ingcrsoll, and the Jacob Kaitirn. I? W'h Crolius. A Ru?rHi *i.? Pinniin.?Onedaylast week, a man was employed ricking hay in his mas'er's field, n*f |w bridge, Devon, Pcnn., when a circumstance took nl < ? of a most awful nature. The atmosphere, which had heen sunny, became clouded, and a heavy showerof mill tell. The man continue 1 his work, throwing the hay Iroin tho ground to the top of the rick, but in a moment o passion he raised the fork high in the air,and ?w ore that A'mighty Ood might come nnT rick the hay, for lie would not. At that Instant, a flash ol lightning, attracted hy the iron prong of the lork, struck him to the earth, end on being raised, the unhappy man w as dead. Js not this a le.son for the Masphemi r 7 Ilmikrupf Mil. SOTTIIERN DISTRICT OF NT,VV YORK. John II. Smith, late men hant, V V ., (Compulsory, on complaint of Cutler, Cook & Co.) Injunction orderisl. Israel Brown, ,V. V'.. Sept 31. Friend Lawrence, N- V.. Sent. Ift. Andrew C. Wheeler, bntcher, (late firm Andrew C. Wheeler fc Son.) V. V., Sept. 15. Jotham Parsons, Brooklyn, ship master. William K Kimball and ( harlea Reilfield, jr., (late firm Kimball k Redfleld.) Michael Brown, N.Y., Sept. IS. Joseph C. Ackerman, merchant tailor, N. V., (late firm Smith A Ackerman,) Sept. 15. Uirhard It. Lansing, late wine merchant, N. Y., Sept. 14. William M'tleorge, Tarrrtown. merchant, (eompulaory on complaint of J. Ik E. Earle k Co., N. V.) F.ldredge Parker (late firm Oardner A Packer, kiepera City Hotel,) N. V.