Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 15, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 15, 1842 Page 3
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Iff' PHALOX, 214 BROADWAV?There ii not a ater 01 aaraeut to the person, or one better calculated to iw to advantage the exareasion|of the feature*, than a >d head of hair. The discovery of bow soon the loss of i mott valuable auxiliary to personal beauty rnav be rered, has been a recent triumph of art, and to no "one are indebted for its achievement so much as to Phalon, o?e wonderlul improvements in this branch, and his exordinary imitations of nature, have won lor him the apdiation of the public and the award of several premiums m the American Institute, lie is admitted to be witha competitor. Thalon's ventilating wigs are thi ne is ultra of the art. No individual can hy a casual exination when on the head iliscover the difference beer i them and the real hair. Each hair is inserted irately, and the ease with which they are made to tit head, formed as they are on auotomical principles, has fer been arrived ut but by this distinguished artist. K/-" THE GREATEST MAN LIVING *- Dr. Chas. rary, of Macon, Ga., says Sherman's Lozenges are bout except ion the best medicine in use. He cures idache, auil palpitation in a few minutes, and coughs in ;w hours. Where they are iudicated the lozenges Opee like a charm. Physicians are generally adopting e |>opular medicines in their practice, because its opeion is increased, while its nauseousness is entirely ol>ted. Dr. Sherman's warehouse is at 106 Nassau street, > door ubove Ann. NEW YORK, AUGUST 13, 1943.?GunU:-1 had ' *11 foi a luiif^ time severely aitlictel witn a severe >ugh, accompanied with pain in thu breast, also ditfii ult " 1 a severe pain in my head. I was attended by r. Gairy, of Plennington, New Jersey, who pronounced y disease one of the worst cases of consumption, and said i*at! was beyond the reach of me licine. I was subsequentattended bv a physician from tha Centre st. Dispensary, ho made but one or two calls and stilted that my case was > bad there wns 110 use in his repeating his visits. I also i?d \ arious kinds of meJicine, yet to no avail, until I made seof the llorehound Candy made by you, when after us<ig but a small quantity I was so much better as to he able > do light house work, and the pains in my head and side ave also left, and I can breathe with perfect ease. I still Mftinue to use the candy.and consider myself in a fair way recovery. I am yours, respectfully, JANE MAYER, 133 Elm street. To Messrs. Pease St Son, 45 Division street. {1(7- RHEUMATISM! RHEUMATISM!'.?Here is lother.?Thi.s certifies that Jast soring I was attacked uhja Rheumatic alf'ection in my legs and hips, which (ion any change of weather, almost laid me on my back, id was a source of continual trouble to me, when seeing i advertisement of Dr. Henry's Vegetable Rheumatic yrup, I bought a single bottle, which lias perfectly cured le, and I am able now to stand all kinds of weather and spot urn, without being in the least affected ?Wm. H. /nite, 85 6th Avenue, New York, August 7 1K4'J. Call at tko office and we will show you many more cerfa ales, and some of them from persons who have had the or.t forms of Rheumatism, for five, ten, ami fifteen years igether?with about forty names and residences of perms perfectly cured, and all within the last seven weeks. The only office for the sale of Dr. Henry's Rheumatic yrupis No. 38# Bowery, corner of Houston street. ftT- THE MERMAID?GREAT EXCITEMENT? Vheraver we went|yesterday, the Mermaid was the thief ipic of conversation. It has been secured for exhibition his week at the American Museum, w here it can be seen .ithout any extra charge, although we understand thu lanager pays one thousand dollars for the privilege ofexibiting it for one week. This monster of the mighty eep is by no means a beauty, but it is the queerest sped ess than forty thousnnd persons sue it at this museum this .'eek?at all events, it will tuke a regular army to raise aoney enough to repay the manager for the enormous um he pays ior the brief possession of this monster. Alarlne Pavilion. Rockaway, 3.1 August, 181-2. {ft?- FAMILIES CAN OBTAIN PLEASANT ROOMS it this delightful watering place, by addressing the subcriber at McCoun k Clark's, S3 Wall street. a3 lOt IIIllAM CRANSTON. U. S. Siur Noiith Carolina, > July 26, 184-2. S (Hj^-TIIE NAVAL GENERAL COURT MARTIAL, iow in session on Iward this ship, here y order all the vitnesses in the cases to be investigated, and the accused, o be punctual in their attendance, daily, at 10 o'clock? Mindsy's e?*g)ted. A boat will be in waiting at the Batery bridgdyfct half past 9 A. M. daily. CH. H. WINDER, Judge Advocate. Herald Bulletin of News. The Herald Bulletin of News is kept at the north-west orner of Fulton and Nassau streets. On the Rrrival of the nornirig mails, at eight o'clock, A. M.?and also of the ?vening mails, at fouro'clock, P. M., the latest intelligence rora all parts of the world, may be found on the Herald Bulletin Board, at this corner. Let every wayfarer stop tnd read. Advertisements of all kinds taken sit the office. Herald General Printing Office. The General Printing Office, capable of doing all sorts ti printing, such as books, pamphlets, bills, card.-i of ail fescrintious, is now open at the Herald Buildings, entrance "rom Nassau street?Joseph Elliott, Printer. The New York Lancet. A few copies of the first volume of this work, handsomely bound, may now he had at the publication office.?Price $-2. City Despatch Poat, 48 William Street. Phin.-ipai. Orricr..?Letters deposited before hllfpul 6, hull-past I J, an J half past 3 o'clock, will be sent out lor delivery at 9, 1, and 4 o'clock. Branch Okficks.?Letters deposited before 7,11, and 3 o'clock. will be sent out for delivery at 9, 1, and 4 o'clock. ALEX. M. OREKJ, Ageilt. MOXEY MARKET, Sunday, August 14?0 P. SI. The committee of the board of brokers appointed to deliver a public opinion oa the conduct of Messrs. Boorman, Johnston & Co., will probably report in a few da) s. There is a strong feeling among mercantile men, which, probably, will also end in an expression of public opinion, to save the honor ef the city from the discredit thrown upon it. It is in rain for commercial men to atfect to ' rown down repudiation at the west, by refusing to trust people coming from a repudiating State. Those persons may well answer, that although positive dishonor has not yet overtaken the public securities of the City and State of New York, yet they cannot stand on a very secure foundation,after repudiation for legal quibbles has reached the grade of her first merchants, lawyers, and bank prcsidents. It is true, that none of the firm of Boorman, Johnston k Co. are Americans, but they should be made to conform to the usages of the community in which they lire. When Mr. Biddle, some years since, statedjin one of his famous letters, " that the only reason which made the New York Banks continue specie payments, was that the l?w was imperative upon them," "we looked upon it ns the sneer of a disappointed financier, from whose grasp the prey had escaped. The late decision of Mr. Ncwbold, however, goes too far to prove that Mr. Biddle Vas right ; that honor, integrity, or sound pjinciple, had less to do with the matter than the behests of the law. When the auctioneers and jobbers held a meeting at the City Hotel on the 38th October, 1S38, with John Haggerty, Esq. in the chair, to request the banks to suspend, extend their discounts, and take safety fund money at par, the Bank of America made answer that " they would do all they can to relieve the merchants, hut must continue te pay specie." We hoped (hat the ohlicalitn to pay arose from a moral sensoof duty, but now it appears it was only a legal obligation. Mr. Newbold, and his direction, Johnston and others, stood looking over the barrier interj>osed by the law between their bank and dishonor, with longing eyes, into fields of insolvency and depreciated paper, where these jobbers were alluring them to come. They . .. . an i i t\ i 1111 iuu siroug.anu niey dare not venture. Doorman, Johnston St Co. asaisted by Mr. Smith of New Caitlc, Kentucky, have found a Haw through which they can creep out of their engagements, aad yet keep under the shadow of the law. When Mr. Boorman ia applied to fulfil a rlaim, just in equity, he with trembling hand, and a true Shylock chuckle, ex claims "it is not in the law," "1 cannot find it in 'he statute." He proclaims to the world that ho will do nothing without " the law," and in this he is backed by the Bank of America. Dealer* coming to New York are, therefore, to understand, that they must do their business with a half dozen lawyers at their backs. Woe be to the luckless wight, in whose contract a legal (law may be discovered by the retained council of ? high minded" merchants, and their principals. All this is to tie countenanced by the community. 1 ime was w hen a man, w he obtained money of his neighbor at the market priceof the day on his obligation, and then went forward and put in a plea of tistiry to avoid paying it it w as thought not quite the thing?indeed, a little dishonorable, and in fact some rigid moralists might say it w as no letter than picking pockets,yet in jierfict accordance w ith the law. lb reafter, however, no disgrace is to attach to any transaction that keeps w ithin the pale of the statute. The consequence of such progress in morality, is a fruitful matter of reflection for the business community. In these days of'repudiation and bankruptcy, we take much pleasure in stating that the money lor the interest due first September on the bonds of this State, held in London, was promptly remitted by the (ireat Western on the IIth ult. Thodebt of Georgia due abroad is about $,760,000. The following are the returns of the New Orleans bonks to the 1st inst Basics or Nrw Oni.rcvs. June 2">. July. Ilanki. f ir. Hep. Cir. Drp. Bank of Loui'iam. 137,Ml 299,991 IZu.OII 3IU.U41 Canal awl Banking Co. 215,905 222,775 ii 516 Carol lion It Ilk Bankins ?,.in[?ny, II,Mm 39,701 f *10 71.906 Citisens'Bank. Mi,7 m oil.797 City Bank, 420,11*1 539,6 9 267,510 240,637 Commercial Bank, 158,550 43,746 128,700 36.4M0 Consolidated Assort.ttinn, 404,980 341,199 278,160 231,699 Louisiana Stale Bank, 337,778 468,369 275,562 416,346 Mechanics' and Tradcra' Bank, 94,295 221,57 3 66.505 102,069 Union Bank, 299,190 722,225 241,78a 533,780 Total dollars, 2,384,162 3,355,06* 1,922,083 2,412,140 , k ?fi tell. Bptci*. Atiftt. SvcifBulk ot Loui?i*ua 1.793. ffi *?.*! - "J?!? ll?u*l .V. ItiiikiliK Co. 5,217.475 5,902 ? 1.449 Cirrollcou HR Si Bank- .. , >u? Comiauy, 2.38ft,358 10.74a - ".?? Citizen,' Bank, 9,870 (MM J7,II5 (111 Bank 1,081,829 163,861 ? 107,598 Commercial Batik. 3.773,283 24.016 - 19.509 ( otnoiidatct' Aasoci*- , ,, tjon, 3,1(3,387 58.621 ? yi.iSl Ijouitiniii^utr Bibk, 2,356,605 113.*.24 133,,51 Mechanic*' anil Trader,' Bink, 8,430,008 I I'J.UTI ? 10.1,(15 Uuioii Bank, 9,875,839 857,784 ? 107,337 Total dollar*, 40,891,484 1,088,8(7 ? 901,737 These aggregate*, by comparison, give the following result:? Muy 211 June 25. July 30. Loan., 47,851.330 40,891,(82 ? Specie, 1,741,526 1,086,847 901.737 Circulation, 3,007,310 2,381,102 1,922,083 Drposl e?. 4,177,807 3,355,000 2.715,322 The following table of the price* of the broken bank notes on the lit of June, 1st of July, and 30th of July, will ?liow that the creJit of the broken concern* ha* not improved :? June,. JnlyU Ju,yM.?;ti?M?. City, 6a 8 17*20 29*32 2211,ail Cartolllou, ?a? 25*30 2 *30 8,660 Canal, RalO 28*32 12*18 17.280 State, 8al(l 17*20 85*30 112.083 Commercial, (lain 28132 30*31 87,845 Consolidated, 8*10 30*34 46*50 141,230 Citizens' 20*25 32-.35 (0i58 280 Bank of Louisiana, spe'ie i>a>iiiar. 03,859 slechanics'and Traders', 7 * 9 132,380 I iiiou Bank 22*25 291.345 Total decrease, $1,080,217 This table gives pretty accurately the progress of discredit. The aggregate circulation outstanding has decrease.' from Juue 1st, to July 30, as appears by this table, 1,086,347 or 33j percent, yet the discount on the bills has increased to the same extent. This simple fact speaks volumes for the wretched condition ofthefasset* of the banks, there being but little or no demand for the bills to pay bank debts, even at 30 [>er cent discount. If the bank debtors will not or cannot avail themselves of such an advan tage, how can the banks expect to collect those assets in a specie currency ? A detailed statement of the assets of the Hank of Orleans has been published, the results of whisii are as follows ;? Asssets us they appeared on the books of the Bank the day it was closed, amount to? say, $938,014 IS And that the liabilities on the same date were '394,077 88 heaving a nominal surplus of dollars, $633,9.16 39 Since closing the institution, $18,960 86 has been collected on the bills of the bank, which reduces the liabilities correspondingly, bringing them down to 343,117 3-100 dollars, and there is a further sum of $6,639 33 for payments made in current funds, for the credit of the liquidation account. These assets ol $938,014 consist of 633,933 bills and notes, one half past due, 44,000 Gas and Carrollton Bank s'ocks, $100,000 real estate, $3,360 specie, and the balance sundry items. The circulation now outstanding is $306,334.? This bank is in as good condition as perliups most of those suspended, all of which will go into liquidation before December, leaving only the Bank of Louisiana and the Gas Bank. The business ofNew Orleans must, therelore, be done ci.? > ?? ?.i have done before, derive a circulation from the banks of surrounding States, because there are none whose standing will not be destroyed by the specie movement of the crops at New Orleans. The demand for specie for that quarter will, therefore, probably be great, when the new erop3 shall have come fairly lorward. The start once given, and the whole machinery of trade will again be in motion on a firm basis, without a National Bank, and in spite of those theoretical gentlemen who are determined to have no property hut that which may be granted through the all-powerful edicts of a board of directors presiding over a great National borowing machine called a National baak,"great regulator,""supplyerofa uniform currency/ or any other cant name signifying anything but the real functions of the concern, which is to borrow the labor, the wealth and the proceeds of the industry of the working classes, and lend to "gentlemen of high standing," politicians and financiers, in whose opinion national prosperity consists in supporting the few at the expense of the many. Corn Cropa and Trnde. We give below what further intelligence we have received of the crops :? New Hampshire.?The Kecne Sentinel says, that much of the tine crop of rye in that vicinity, it is feared, has been injured by the continued rains. Carada.?The crops throughout all that part of the country are most promising. Wheat is rapidly falling beneath the scythe, and will be an average crop. Hay is nearly all saved, and in fine condition. Mairx.?They have been visited by a severe hail storm in York, Maine. At Konnelmnk not less than 3000 panes of glass were broken in the dwelling houses, &c. Vegetables in the gardens destroyed, and somo half dozen barns Mini u.nri uuiKiuigi were mown uowu. We now add a few items from a few markets :? At Rochester, oivflie 1 -2th inst. the new crop was beginning to come in. IT (iocs not command over 68 cents, and that is given rather grudgingly by the buyer*. The millers are not willing to buy much as yet. The receipts at Cleveland, Ohio, on the 10th inst. were 0,913 bushels w heat, d,347 barrels flour, and 692 bushels corn. The prices of the best descriptions of wheat were well supporte 1, commanding readily 90 rents, and one sale, at 92 cts ; but inferior sorts were less sought after and sales have been made at 76 cents. The sale* of flour were in suah small lots that we omit nuotation*. There w as but little disposition to take hold freely until the price drops to $4, or near it. The daily receipts of now flour at Buffalo began on the 9th inst. and although the aggregate of each is light, and the desire to operate but indifferent, w e must take this as the commencement of the} fall trade. During the fii st week in August, the amount of western produce received at this port was light, yet fully equal to the de. niand. A few cargoes of new wheat had been received, but the majority ol the grain was not of such aqualit) as to command anything more than the ordinary prices The last sales were made at 83 cents per bushel. The aggregate Lof new flour received there thus far was quite small. The first invoice w as taken at $5,25, but the market could not sustain itself at anything over $5. Of course ordinary common brand*, although inspected,must range still below this murk. At every point flour is turnbling down headlong. Wc expect to *ee it at $4 in as many weeks. At Cincinnati it i* already at $250 per bbl, and it certainly can be transported there at an expense so a* to bring it within the range marked. Corn stands firm at 35 cents, at which 1000 bushels were taken ontheSth. Oats are nominally worth JO cents a bushel, but will probably be at 15 before the close of navigation. New w heat, at Springfield, 111., brings only 25c to 30c. per bushel. At Alton, itis selling at 45c. for specie, and at Qtiincy 37}c. At Baltimore, on the 12th, flour went down to $4 94 a $5, anil wheat to 00c to 100c. New flour and new wheat had begun to make its pppearance in that market pretty plentifully. All this'has affected this market, and prices are going down rapidly. Flour is at $5,25 and will soon bp lower. There is new wheat in murket.but we know not the price. New rye has sold for 63 cents. There is no corn here. Canal oats are worth 31 a 32 cents. Sqles of oats have been made at 26 cents, lower than has been known in this eity for forty j-ears. Indications like these tell to what point prices will go ere long. Foreign Markets, Niouano, (F. R.) July 23, 1942.?We are now without any arrivals of red oak staves and itigar shooks, with headings, so much wanted. The first arrival will command $45 a $50 per M tor the former, and the latter $2 50, cash. W. P. boards will still command $3J per M, payable in our ] roduce; Cyprus and celar shingles $6 a $9 per M; codfish, small sized, preserved, $4 30 per 10(1 lbs ; mackerel, No.'3, $9 p.hi; mess pork, $19 a $20 do; butter, 19]; cheese, 14]; lard, 17}; rice, 6} u 6| per lb; hams, 18 j; mould candles, 20} per 11), 10'? and 12's; long leaf tobacco, $20; sperm candles, 50, long 6's. Our island produce is plenty and dull?Sugars, 2} a 24 lh. - 1 j/?. , - ?wj1 iui.i, iiu jjutf vr |?urcn?scrs. Rrchang??Bill* oil U. 8., no demand; Spanish douhloons, >17J; Patriot do, fl6J; bill* on 8t. Thomas, 9} a 3 per cent premium. DM. On the 14th inst. W*. Cumrrr., Eaq., a native offjermany, and for the last sixty-si* year* a resident of this city, aged 00 years. Ilii friends and acquaintance* are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, this afternoon at I oclock, from his late residence, 41 Wan en st. On the uvening of the 13th inst. Miss H avis ah Lro.v, aged *0 years. The relative* and friends of the fsnuij i <1 tli Masonic brethren generally, are invited to attend the tun-1.1, 'his | afternoon at 5 o'clock, from her late residence, .i Week mken street. On the 14th inst. at Brooklyn, after a few days illness, of paralysis, Oiorof. Prvmais 8. ott, printer, aged fifty years, formerly of Newcastle, England, and for man/ years a resident of this city. His friends and acquaintance- are respectfully invite 1 to attend hi* funt ral, from his late re udence, corner of Pulton and Fleet streets, this afternoon at 3 o'clock. Psssrngrr* Arrlvetl. Haras.?Packet ship Albany?Lewis (ianahl, A I. Herrmann. 1 Herrmann, of New Orleans; Andrew Harris, prance; 8 H Schuyler, Albany? I7S in the steeiaze. MaMsrRr)?Dirk Washington?Mr Oseae, Mr Papeke anil 'jdfj Mr Hrrtshrrg, Mr Hanenlsin, Mr Kracnt, Mr Ephraim, Dr Adler, Mr Drinsncr and lady, Mia* Deiff.-ner, Mias Tirestrn, Miss hnwetz, Miss p.lze?Hi? in 'lie steerage ,,, tifV!*0* ?"hip Lneonis?Anson U H Leroy, New York' Wm H Montgomery, U 8 Nsry. ?'"??re|Kn I nipsirt u< lot s. ;!AraT"K7 AiV A,5;"i,sv?',kK' Underwood, Tcterel & B! on ?II Don k Allen?4 Mouths?l Malhorin Si II. "YiTn ) I Ott Mnnrose-J Bouceaii St Hiiseh-A tl Derjrniir -I 11 Bahvl-lfl ow n.end Sharpie,, A Lannny, Sin dam A Momi-r, Si.",. Christ keo-1 C M Fearing-* Benard k en -II Pei'-rs. Ch.melon k hinder-jj Loe.ehigk V W.ssmdonek ?3 Thorspeeken It en?4 ? Fay?t Baillv, Ward k eo?) Deatouet h Crothese?I O Rorat k eo? I B .urgiirt?3 Ward Hill ft Thompson?I I. B Bmsse k ee?I Sniiteyran St IVrrol?2 l.all 11?10 J tf Kaher?68 Brusjlein, Kooe St co?10 K J a gray k en?90 B. nksrd St tlutlos?10 H Dnconnenr?I <' T hasher?I l.ennig St eo?10 W Van 8< lit St en?1 Mrcke, Plate k eo j J < Kaiser?I J I. Parish?I CJelalon. hand ken?3 F CnllsosV21 P Arez/.ana?0 T II Setuieidrr?10 llnsmgarteii k eo?I A I'lmikeit? I Bran de la Kostu-re k eo?3 Mcnsn k Benard?13 P Otnber St Damhinann?4 Warburg k D.nne?I Schmidt k Vindrew?3 Ward, Sill k Thompson?I P Horner?I QHnet? '/ h'ntillian k co?A E M Dnies?I W B Draper?3 Hotei, William, k eo? I P Bnudard?2 Tiffany*. Young & Ellis?R p Sheldon St eo?3 P II Meyer?2S T Deaart?I Perns? I H Dr raismes?I Bailey St Hitchi-u? 1 C 11 Hoyci?I Btnkaid St llui mo?4 J R k F (' Mahler?5 J H Albers k Born?* J O Sirs?J iloiirry d'lternuis k co? t J A V'tiuin \ co?3 C'erf, Beer ?i May?J J M Opiwiih.un k co?1 C Valentin?17 P A BriethUptfcCbuu-T I.achaise Si Fsuhi?3 t lleiiimcrliug?J Mal- zi, us. Gourd Si t<?I Foley Freres?t t ottenri?J L Ua5*hl?ig V Bartalon??< Lmmoo>I K w Blunt?:? i if ft gold Geo Newbold?211 nkjj* to order. IliMHrpr;? B?rk W n?3 i>kK# I (' lluv%ckco? i Bnuarl At Kiic-land?7 B d'lveriioi? < o?876 i>htt?Co?>|?y At Smith?1 | h? K C L;t*ial??9 Hciichi u At l'nk??rt?1 V Gcl?lijrd At c<Ludw ing At Goldacluuidl?13 \1 \Verckti'*'i*ter?4 I Li pi Id - ? H aNloriuif? I Warburjc At Dannc?16 Woll fc KenarTck1 K Holfmaii-1 T VV Sr.xtl: At c 4 F Km k-2 K ^V afkt?3 1* H Slfyrr?< Ntnuint, Ko?u*r fit co?17 A Solrad ?Hi S?-i!i v At SeVffiitt*'? 1 ' H SackBiaun?2 G A k II Wl.r ?1 r I \ iii^ \ son?i S '1' J ?u?At co?1 Col J B Murray?l A At K Wdrtur,'?I i AhrcnlVldt?1 L D.iuL)ie?1 Nolti uius At ! i viMiatedt?2 R Br? hf?1 K. hiord^r At Swit/T?9 C Mullcr?7 W Seht v. ' > i ? SiL At B iL ' u? I , ~ willow J II Fiber? 1 J < Kay?t*r?1 S A Leehteuhtira?1 Lowenbrrtf At co?1 Bern At K-1""?13 t" ordn. *-ll'rk Natchez?101 hlid l l hf do wiiu* K 11 LaCOtnbe?20 liluls do B Stmiilard?15 casks brandy J ( 'auwrll?30 do aiinetto (J B Morrwood At co?32 lif liluls wine Vilade?52 hf mm brandy % bbls wine 100 cs do 25 case* jrcseiecd sarditet to ofikT. MARITIME HERALD. To Sltlp Mauler*. Wc shall esteem it a favor, if captains of rcssi Is arriving here, will giie lo Commodore \V. A. B.uirtt, of our news fleet, a rejiort of liie slopi ng left -t tlie port whence tliey sailed, (he vessels spoken uii their passage, a list of their careo, and any foreign ni'Wspa|>ers they may have. Commodore B use it will board them immediately on lltejr arrival. Wc will reciprocate the favor in auv way. To Corr?'a|H>iiileiita Abi'ourl. Oar corrrsiMiudeiiU in foreign |*>rts are res pee-fully requested to send by every vessel .til tlie marine intelligence llley ctu obtain. Nautical infonnatiou of any kiod, from any one residing at home or abroad, will be thankfully received. PORT OF NEW TOEE, AKa s r I IMS. IU!t 5 10 I MOON SETS 12 9 rtf SETS 7 30 I HK.H W 2 57 Arrived, Tacket ship Stephen Whitney, Thomson, from Liverpool, July 7, withmdse, to K. Krrmif. r.icket ship Silvie de Gi'mssc*. Bumuvs, from Havre, July I, vviwh mdse, to C. Bolton, Fox ol Livingston. racket ship Albany, Watson, from Havre, June 27, with m?Ue. to Wm. Whitlock, Jr. 24th ult. lat 43 20, Ion 30. s|M?kc ship ' Holdeibottom.' from New O leum for Autmrp, 30 day* i out; 30th, lat 44 30, Inn 47, saw three islands of ice; 12th lti-t. off South Shoal of Nantucket, saw a ship show in.,' a white tlag w ith a black U in if. Ship Lucnnia, Barlow, from Wham|*?i, March 26th. Ship Louisiana, William Wolfe, master. Left Itio de Juue iro July 1. Ship Courier, Duggan, 18 days from Palermo, with fruit end mdse. to 8.. Broom * Co 11th ult* lou 31 to W, spoilt French ship Marseilles, from M otim-jue for B, rdraux; 12-rh, lat 35, Ion 32, spoke whale hark Ilichard Henry, Snow, of Mattapoisett, out lo days from Fayal md 8 months from home, with 20ft hbU oil; 17th, lat 37 16, Ion 3630, spoke Engli h schr Cesar, from Rio de Janeiro for Rotterdam. 22o, lit 9 17, Ion ! 10, passed n piece of wreck?the w ind being light, gut tin boat out and examined it; supposed it to le part cf the promenade deck of a - tcamhnat; it w t m t<!< ? f | it. I, , , .. md can I km I u ith COttOQ, It Ind the apiH'arance of having been in the water a long time, ai it was covered with barnacles and v i y mnch wo.m eaten, 28th, lat 13 13, Ion 49 30, at 1 p.m. passed a large island ol ice, iboat 7 mile? to leeward; it t 10 p. M. posted a large ship to windward of us, standing to the Eastward, supposed mi to bo < ne of the New York packets; at 6, srv? ral large islands of ice in sijfht to the SW; at 8, spoke whale schr Louisa, Cook, of Pro vincr town, with 75 bbls oil, ami a whale alongside?reported g eat quantities of ice to the westward; in the course of the night, pmtd several mountains of ice. 39th, .it daylight, a l >rge n mnt un of n e in sight?judgt d it to he 10 miles long ind 300 feet high; 30th, two more islands of ice in sight; 3Lt, a large iceberg in sight to windward. 12th in*t. lat 4021, Ion 68, at 1ft i. ml eacnanged signals with one of the 1 nion Line New York and Hstre packets; 13th, lat 40 20, Ion 60 43, s)>okc baik Tlios. Blair, of London, Ship Denmark. Front, (of Piovideucc) froin Liverpool, July 1, with 2500 sacks salt to master?204 steerage passengers.? Sailed in co. with packet ship Stephen Whitney, Thompson, for NYork. Bark Natchez, Snow, (of Brunswick, Me.) from Bordeaux, June 2ft, with wine, fcc to master. 10:h uh. l it 40 4ft, Ion 3ft. spoke brig Melbcrfore, from St. Jagofor Bristol, Eng?supplied her with piovisious; 30th, on Newfoundland Banks, spoke schr Salus.out 8 weeks, with 6000 fish. Haw a great number of icebergs on the Bunks?experienced light winds and calms during the whole passage. Left at B. hark Ohio, disg; brig Union, Mitchell, wtg frt. On the 17th July, Henry Ilalsted, seaman, p it "ii board by the U, s. Consul at Bovdeauz, on tccoont of ill health, as passenger, made way with himself by jumping out of the stern port at night. I Hamburg bark W ishington, Kruger, 42 days from Bordeaux, with mdse, to Schmidt & Bdbhcu. !7tk ult. lat 51, Ion 25, spoke packet ship Stephen Whitney, Thompson, from Liver I>i idi iur i> 1 ora. Sicilian brit; Amelia, Lavero, 60 days from Bristol, Eng. iu ballast, to H. L. Kutitli. Below, Ship Empire, from Havre, with passengers. Also, 1 ship aud I brig unknown. illarlne Correspondence. OrrtCE or the Rhode Islander) Newport, Aug. 13, 1842. J Arr 12th, Eagle, York River for New Bedford; 13th, Taranto, Providence for Tbomaston; Adams, do for Bangor, James Lanphier, NYork for Providence. Narvaro, P. 11., July 23, 1812. Vessels in port?Milliuoket, Hopkins, of Krankfort, Me. to sail for New York 13th Aug, ldg; Woodstock, Baker, of Savannah, for New York, lUlli Aug, do. General Jlceorsl. Packet snip Vixrinian, for Liverpool, will sail to-day at 12 o'clock. Her letter bags close at Gilpin's, in the Exchange, at half-past II. Ship AldkhaRon.?The follow ing memorandum was found enclosed in a hoi tie, picked up on tin lie xch at Clark's Point, on the Oth lust.:?" Ship Alileharon, Drt ? . 35 il u - from Marseilles, lat 39 31. Ion 70 3(1, June 1, 1812?after a long spell of calms; ali we||. Passengers, 8 S W Mercer, J Cook?George Dunbar 1st ollirt r, Atkins 2d do." S]mken, Nicholas Hi,Idle, 8 days from Savannah for Liverpool, July 27, LI 39 .'i0. Ion 33 S3. Hudson, of NYork, 14 days from NOrleans f?r Havre, July 2n. Id 25 12, low 79 30. Mississippi, of and for Bath from St Thomas, Aug 10, lat 41, 1 106, Lafayette, from Guadaloupe for Bangor, Aug 10, off Nam tucket. Korelj;ii Ports. Halifax, Aug 2?Arr Clyde, NYork. Sid 3d, Acadia, (s] Liveipool. _ rnrx. au* w?Arr ucm, * una; rvoyai mure, L/unure: LuDiKtrt, Liverpool: England, N York; Lord S'auley, do. Old Scotland, Liverpool; Roger Stewart, Cork; Marys, London; Mary, do. Montreal, Aug 0?Asr Ann Maria, Limerick. CId 10th, George (lien, Liverpool. St Johns, PR. Aug I?In port. Gen Pinckney, of and for Baltimore, iu a few days; Gardner H Wright, for Philadelphia, do; Mohrgan, N York, do. St Pierre. Mart. July 22?Iu |?ort, Gazelle, for Salem, Idg; Brothers, N York, do. United States Porta. Bangor, Aug 10?Arr Peruvian, Wilmington, NC; Venezuela (new, 220 tons) Belfast. Portland, Aug 11?Arr Rapid, Curacoa. Sid Cuba, Rio de J <ueiro. Boston, Aug 13?Arr Sol dan. Liverj>o<d; Gwiun Evans, Pwllheli, N Woes; Noble, NOrleans; Marv Ann, Washington, NC; Catharin*. Cienfuegos; Tiberius, Norfolk. CId Bangor, (s) Gibraltar. Malta, Smyrna and Constantinople; Carthage, 1 ih/utta; Roinuhis, Savannah; Union, Richmond. Arr 12th, Belize, Belize, Hon; Annawan, St Pierre, Mart; Columbia, Georgetown^ DC; Lincoln, Alexandiia; Ocean, Blltimore; W M Rogers, Clinton, Atlas, and Challenge, Philadelphia; Democrat, .Marietta, Splendid, and Anaconda, New York; Vitacher, Albany. Nkw Bedford, Aug 12?Arr Pacific, Norfolk; Sachem, New York. Nantitkrt, Aug 11?Arr Augusta, Philadelphia; Copy, N York. Shi 12th, Eh/.ahath, Philadelphia. Holmes IIolf.. Aug 12?Passed by, Aurora, from St Thomas for Ellsworth. Fall River, Aug 10? Sid M'Donald, Halifax; Excel, New York. Providence, Aug 12?Arr Charlotte Aun, Philadelphia; NYork; 11th. Hokomok, NYork; Teciimseh. Juno, Champion, Helc ii, and Meridian, New Yora; Portsinouth, Albany; Sylph, Apollo, Clio. Ann P.liza, and Virion, Roudout. Came up, Minerva, Wilmington, NC. Philadelphia, Aug 13?Arr Due d'Orleans, Leghorn; Star, Monfego Bay. Jain; Maria, Rio de Janeiro; Jud*e Hitchcock, Fall River. Arr in the Schuylkill, Henry, New Bedford. Baltimore, Aug 12?Arr Betsey Ik Jane, St Johns, PR? coming out by I he Moro, spoke an U S brig standing into port, ail well; Curlew, Bangor* Me. ('Id (Catherine Jackson, Rotterdam. Sid Charles Wirgmati, West Indies; Wankinco, Halifas. NoitroLK, Aug 10?Arr Sidney, An cibo. PR?1st inst.cxpej rienced a heavy , alo of wind from NE. and lost sails, rigging, boats. Ike; Win C Rives, Gloucester. Chi Pallas, Kingston, Jam; Maiy Silshce. F ilinou h, Jam. A it 8th. Luctnd * Snow. Thomaston fo. Richmond?put in tn/tistress, having sustaitiea damage to boat, Ike. during the late NE. gale; M irion, Boston ?experienced a heavy NE. blow when about GO miles to the a tulfiward of Nantucket, during whi?*h lost mainmast, and kiisuined other damage. Sid Mary Jane, NYork. In Hampton Roads, Geo Stevens, from Havre; a hark and brig unknown.? A Dutch brie came in from sta to-day and went up the ba\.? Arr 7th, Spy. NYork. Wilmington, NC. Aug ft?Arr Sea Bird, St Thomas; IUpeattr,New York; Alfred F Thmn, do. CId Albion, St Doiniiuo. Charleston, Aug II?CId Nauvoo, Boston. Savannah, Aug 10?CId Wanderer, Boston. Sid Newark, NYork; Zenobia, do. New Orleans, Aug 5?CId Persian, Trieste; Michigan, Liveri>ool; Washington, Corunna audamkt; Mandarin, Genoa; Fruland. Cam|H*achy. Arr Oconee, NYork; Euphrates, Marseilles; Kenhawa, Boston. THR MEMBERS OF COLUMBIAN FIKh ENGINE A CO No. II, return their sincere thanks to Mr. Win A t.llor)', (comer of Greenwich ami Lsight afreet) for tin. liberal supply of refreshments furnished to tin in at the fire on Sunday evening August Hih. By order ol Cnmj>any. au'i It a R. LOOAN, Secretary pro tem. T OVK. COURTSHIP AND MARRlAUK.-MT.loriea ami Revelations in Lose, Coil-tship ami Mirria:;<?an iufi.lllMe I iunlr-Book for married ami tin. le persons, ill in .11--ra xfthe utinoat imiHirtan"r to the liuinan race. Bi Engine Berklard. M. O. Among the things dtily consid' ill thia work arr tnjtlers of serious importance tosiiul" and youngmarried p rson.?The CWMM or, ami rut. for (tenlit. ?T he Ait of Hoauty and U'#urt hi A?The <1 inter of solitary practice*, and how the hint may lie removed?The came ol Lore ami Jealousy, with a remedy for eradicating from the ay?p m the aeeda if a hopeless er an unhappy paaaion? Offspring, including modes lor the propriain orprevention thereof? Teat i for knowing lh" s< tei ol unborn .ill-en?Inteimarri >gr?Persons who ought ami ought ont to maiiy?The m >?t auspiciousaaaaoti for wedlock, St-', I'riee 75 ccnta?For aale at 161 Bowery. M Naaaau, an I the back ?t a it < I near by. Orders from the eonnfrv enclosing a dollar directed to HOLLAND St GLOVER, New York city, will necnre a fopv of the work, Ining aent to any part of the United State, or the < uadaa. ( >un try Editors w III! I - 111 i e 11 ihr a lei v e ami s? i 1 on a psp. r cont lining it, will be (applied w iilifa copy of the book, aul I w ?r OKELA/ \ BAHKAl D'S Odontalgic or Balsamic Klisir, " lor preserving the gum* ami teeth This invaluable dentifrice iv now ojferod to the publir, aa possessing the props rtiri of strengthening the spongy rumi, cleaning the mouth, aad w hitening the teeth, refreshing the palate and taking away vll unpleasant tnstr or odor in the mouth, aiifing from a derausdi state of the it itnach, smoking, < r from decayed reeth In a vvoid, it is hejoi.d lh? n. cessity of a puff. Makeatiial s uh a bottle, and it w ill speak tor itself. \ B. I'.arh bottle In anng the directions on the label. S. I.I by Messrs S milliard Jg ll-lliic, AO I Broadway Mid ' I'ark row; r. II. King St C >. <01 Broadw ay, corner Grand ; Mr Milium, Ifi Itrnvdw. v; Messrs Oui(.n, 173 Broadway, come. M. -sis Ruihton Ik Aspinwall, 110 Bioadway, W William and 10 Aalor Home. suli lm*rc Vf I \ I \ i I ill < r U \ 1 LH ' Ol.'lll -.1 jVI a. McDOt HALL. II Park Place, would respectfully inform those d? airous of mv.nff Likci?<-*sta, that he n prepared to etreute th? in iii ?i way not ofirn arrifsd at. T?? the tra> riling mul intuit ut public ho wuh^s nviitioii that Itii mt thud - to hire but - ua vfting, and to pr-du lika0 i with fidelity, or no tharg ? Prices rsryioi Irow 5ti . dolU i. Iff J)AI'KII U'AItK.lIoT'SK?lbi"t' i Tipcr of Wn1 ling I ?j" i of all kindu i pislitief Hardware and Cloth Taper Wrapping r Hinder'* and Bandbox Bonnet Board* English and American Tisane Taper Tls> ing and Blank Card*. For sale by TER98E * BKOOK9, Taper Wsrthowts. til Liberty airest. 1 wiiiitf between Broody v" ' p HEAT TEMPERANC E MEETING.?The WashingvI i1111 i, I'i -, . feints - r Bi i 1 v will incftmi Thi?(MoA4ayj Evening, *t their Hell, untier the I in?i-iAAiut Cliurcli, L Eli/. ib? t!i stre< nejr Walkrr street, at H o'clock. Piur 9im?ioc mev bu eipectcd from the Ladies* H' m Coin* riuy No. 19, Mr. E ower. Mr. Murphy*, Mr. Missing, iud Mr. Iluriiett. Addresses by, Mr Walker of England, Mr. O'Connor of IreI it ml, Mr. * ainighau of W^iiiingtou, and Messrs Holmes and Wit rof this city. The public tr? rwspcctftr iuvited to attend. \. FLANAGAN, President. i? K. Druwm , S. it v. aulS It WANTED?B> < rrsj thlt rwui-st iuduntrinu-. man, t situation a* Fartner or Porter The b??tof . itv an i country references can be given. Please apply at 99 Gobi at. n *sr Frankfort st. *ul5 h#r R. COOLEY'8 WOUE?THE AMERICAN IN KGY l*T?J it *t published ^ The Americaii in Egypt, with Ramble* through Arabia IVtr? and tin- Holy Land, during the years 1839 and '10?by James E. Cooley?with numerous *t??l engravings, etchings and d? signs, bv Johnson, Sic. Oue handsome #vo volume, 610 pages. Puce $2.3fl. No other volume r&taut can give the rendc r so true a picture of what he would be likely to see and meet in Egypt. No,other book is more practical and plain in its picture of Precisely what the traveller himself will meet. Other travellers have one account t?? give of their journey oil pa|*-r, and another to relate in conversation. Mr. Cooley has but one story for the fireside ciscle and the printed pJge.? Brother Jonathan. Of all the volumes oil Ejtypt that have >et appean d, this work of Mr. Cooley'* is by lar the most attractive. The author bos given the most aiaphic and amusing picture of life iu Egypt, ** it presents itself to the American traveller.? Baltimore Patriot. We predict, without hesitation, that the work will have an unprecedented sale.?Uoslon Thm ,. It i.? a lively, amti on.: and \ i?|iual narrative of the antli?>> adventures iu Egypt. Tin In - k will undoubtedly lie popular. -I*. S. (iazeltt. The writer has varied_ho ranch the plan of his work from his pr< ueceisors, aim ailUril so :n my new l ift togetl) r with per- I s j lift I adventures, that hit volume has all the interest of novelti .? Boston .'lllni. Il nvertlows with wit,s.itir? and inciu. iit. Egypt is no new groudd, but the author has viewed it unlike his predecessors, with American ryes, and they give it perfect freshness and novelty. He gives some hard hits to th? affected English dandies whom he encounters ; bat so rood naturrd it his satire, St all all Its krruucaS, that even the sill jrct must lie amused by it.?Sun. We have not for many a day been to much amused, interested and in tructed, as in the perusal of this letnaikable woilt. We have never lead from the pen of an American trateller ny thing more fresh, graphic, or viual, iacy. i>?.iia-t-.t- and elcittns, than this same book of Mr Coolcy.?X. I". Min or. It is r ich in incidents of travel. We are willing toiisk our reputation on the opinion that it w ill command a sale npisl at |. a-t to Stephens' Truels iu Central Ann rica.?Hunt's Merchant'? Magazine. We recommend this bo . k, without any hesitation, to the rradi g puhlic, premium; them n little plc-sure ill its cxaavination-?Hoitnu Transcript. This will certainly lie the book of these, on; it ii toils Americau in iis character and spill'-and will be hearnl) welcomed by all hilt those absurdities it exposes, or whose w ithers it wrings.?-Standard. It is really one oftlir moat curious ami interesting hooks that lias made its appearance for some time.? Courier Eiu/uirer. In p out of lutereat it far exceeds any sohime of Oriental Fiavels we have ever read.? Huston I)oi/;i Mail. Tl >e iieru l of this work has afforded us Inch gratification.? Brooklyn -Vetcs. The author seems to have struck out an entirely new pat h aid pursued it successfully, imbued vs itli a rich vein of humor and possessed of keen satirical powers', all America!) at heart; is a freshness of style, an easy similarity of maimer, and a stem independ-nce in his w , itiin:. w Inch cannot fail tn please as w cl I as to instruct ?Brooklyn Eagle. It is one of the most am a oils: and entertaining books we havehad in our hands some time-we predict for il a large sale through numerous editions.?Ar. T. Herald Mr. Cooley's book is emiuetitly readable', and we owe onr obligations to it lor sundry hearty bursts of laughter.?N. Y. Com. .ldr. D. APPLETON St CO. Publisher, au 11 3tr 201 Broadway. UNITED STATES CITY DESPATCH POST. UOST OFFICE, NEW YORK.?The Post Muter OencI ral being.desirous that all City Letters, commonly known by the Dame of Penny Letters, should have the adv.uita-e of the most rapid delivery, has ordered that a UNITED STATES CITY DESPATCH POST should be established ?itli three deliveries each day : with a view therefore, to pu t the same into immediate operation, the Post Master of thiacity has made au arrangement with Mr. Alcxavdkr M. Oikiu, the prop ietorof tin- City Despatch Post, by which lie discontinues tkc same and surrenders the property, b ite* and arrangements now in tue by him to t-he Post Office Department. The Post Master ha) secured the services of Mr. Orcig, in con* flexion with Mr. Wili.iam Si vMorIt, who will superintend this Department. An addition il number of sworn carriers have been employed to carry the City Letters, wholly independent of letter* received by the .Mailt. iNntiae u therefort hereby given, tluit all Letter* placed in the boxes at tin* vaiiou* stations, together with all the City Letters Jrpos ted either in the Post Office or in the Bnurh Post Office, w ill be under the charge of the Department, and will he received for rapid delivery at the hours mentioned below. Letter* addressed to parties reining Boxe? at the Upper and Lowe.' Tost Offices, w ill be deposited in tncm a* heretofore, unless a request is made that they be sent by the City De*i?atch Post. STATIONS. Letter boxes are placed at one hundred stations in various parts of th< city $ ind all letters dep sited therein, will be pjise* tually delivered three times a day (Sundays excepted), at three cents each; option being given, either to free the leiter in the inaniu r shown in the following regulations, or leave the |>ostage to be collected of the parn to whom the letter is addressed. POST-PAID LETTERS. Letters which the w riters desire to send free, must have a free stamp affixed to them. An ornamental stamp has been prepared tor that purpose, and may be procured at either of the Postoffic* s and all the stations. Tl?" charge will he :*? rents par dot n, 01 ftttper Inndrtdt tha reduction of price for the l irgi r quantity being made with a view to the accommodation of those parlies sending a coasiderable number of circular*, accounts, Sic. All lftters intended to be s?nt forward to the OtneralPost Office for the inland mails, must have a free stamp affixed to them. UNPAID LETTERS. Letters not havirg a free stamp, w ill be charged three cents, payable by the pirty to whom they are addressed, on delivery. Letters and newspaper* aduressed to the Editors of the pubic Pi ess, will be delivered free. REGISTRY. No Money mi st ok put into tiif. Boxes, unless registered at the U|>ih;r Post Office, where .1 Registry will be k? nt for Letters, which pirti i may wisli to place under special charge. Krte S'aiuim must b?* affixed to such Letters h?r the ordinary postage, and an Free Stamp must he affixed for the legislation; hut all such Letters must be s|k cially deposited at the principal office, i The advantages offered by this plan are? First?The secure and prompt transmission of all regit tered Letters < outaining any special notice or matter by which means I Liral evidence iii.iv he obtained of the due deliverv of the ami*; ami tlie ininu><lnte itp?i>a'ch of nay Letter or small liaekage rr<|uiriiiK instant delivery. Secondly. Tin- certain anil espeditiotu delivery of Mercantile Letters ami Circulars, of luvitations and Replies, (either under Krae Slimpor unjiai'J,) and every description of Commercial, Professional and Social Correspondenc-; tlms lirinuing the most distant parts of the city, ill effect near to ca n other, and providing the incaus of constant intercourse at a very moderate rate. HOURS OK DELIVERY, At i iik riii.\cir.ii, Onict.s Upper Post Olfice, Park, and Lower Post Office, Merchants' Exchange, every day except Sundays. Letters deposited before U}i o'cli elr, A. M. wi,l he sent out for [delivery al !i A- M. " liH " M.. " 1 P.M. ,. 3" o p .. 4 AT THE STATIONS. Letters deposited before 7 o'clock, A. M. will be sent out for delivery at !l A. M. " II " I P. M. " " 2 " 4 " Limits of the U" 9. City DespatchjPovtx will extend to Twenty-Second st. an IJ Iwr JOHN LORIMER GRAHAM, Po<t Master. MEDICAL AID.' A LL those in need of medical aid of a certain description, a*, should without (ail obtain a copy of a little bookentitled the Rubicon, writh engraving*. This lit'lc work wa* written and published by Dr. Gregory in 1839. In 1811 he published a second edition, with many valuable improvements and altera* tions; and in 1812 it has h? cn still more unproved and enlarged. Tin- engravings are beautifully do?ie,and arc accompanied with suitable explanatory remarks. The author is now in extensive city practice at 31 Mott street, nearlv opposite the stone church. Hishavi- y been constantly engaged i:i combatting diseasesol this character for many year* past, enables him to treat bin subject not only theoretically but practically correct. The patient is here guiced in the selection of remedies according to the respective circumstances and condition of the case. T?? pirn shows to f e reader the ordinary symptoms occurring in common cases, with the best method of cure. It then shows what other symptoms may and do frefpiently happen, with appropriate treatment a nd remedies, to lie adopted in case these bad sympt om should occur. The price ol the book is fifty cents. Dr. Gregory takes this opfiortuiiity to remark that lie is very fr?-intently applied to under circumstances indicating some little remains of the compl out still left, which shows itself only occasionally. Such cases as this frequently prove to be attended with stricture; of this fact as well as the nature of a stricture, the patient had iio idea, notwithstanding the symptom may have existed a long time, and a stricture had be. n in progress several months. It is in such esses as these that Dr. (iregory has been successful to a degree hitherto unheard of. In making this assertion, it may h ad some to ask, why should Dr. G. accomplish readily that w hich others have failed to do? Tne answer is, that having had the advant ige of a very extended practice, he has had opportunities seldom enjoyed to investigate the causes of which these symptom are the effects, and I lint h< lias discos ered and brought to lii.% aid a remedy never before used; and besides this lie has a greater variety sf instruments for the treatrueut of stricture than is to be found in any other collection, embracing 20 different species, <?mJ numbe in* over 100 valuable instruments, including all the old, ami many new ami original invention*. The bo?.k may alio be had .it the drug stores of liie Mtairi. 8 uid*. in Fulton street and Broul?*a>, corner Chamber* street, and at Church'* Di*?^n*ary, JKfl Bowery, corner of Spring ?t. l)r. <#icgorv'? residence it nuts drug atori?it is a pritate house, ami is amply provfdi d with sep-ratc rooms for cmnnillr. tion. He ma) be Ton ml at home during the whole of the day and evening. ante lt#r TO THOSE IN I EHK8TED.?Deeming it iocumhentupa m eVeiy person, at t? r having derive J benefit frr m the use of a medicine, and been raited at it were from the verge of the grave, to proimgat* the ghtd tidings to aM tufT-iing as I was, for none could he, to all appearance, to near death and be raised to the enjoyment of health, as myself. In the* Tall of IB! I I was taken with a rough. Flow# ver incredible it m.iyajH P? r. I raised over a quart of matter in twenty-four hours, r-isH blood at sundry time*, pain through my cheat, left side and 1 . ,i. . ul r hectii md night aweata, my bowels became loose, feet and legs swelled, and to every amiearance beyond recovery. It was impossible for me to lay. I was obliged to In propped up hi In d to obtain my rest; couched almost incessant! . I wa? removed ' ? the country, thinking to rtctive some benefit from tlie advice of a very eminent physician,who after ri) ing hi< utmi??t skill pronounced me beyond cure. My foully with grc .1 diflTn ul*. nought me back to the city, being v. i > much exhausted. On my arrival, my family thinking I w as (lying,sent for my form, r idiysician; his opinion I). ing so. licit* d, he said, is I was told, he would not he surj risea if I did not lis?- t wo hours, and I believe lie thought I was tin n eying; he told ine my lungs were pretty much gone. We then forth* first time heard of the many wonderful cures (flfrcted by the use of the Canuinaulia. Anting thoir was the fixatorstii ii of Mr. F. W. Williams. ouster writer, upon whom my wife called; his appearance corresponding with nis words,gave us encouragement. Hiving given up all nope* af recovery, I thought I could try if, as ti * harm would be rea'ued in my state from the use of \|?e medicine. I then commenced faking medi( md received i bene Hi (Vom i bo'tle; alter taking four or Ave bottles, I was enabled to walk half a mi'e snd return with a firm step; my appetite became good; could eat roast beef or anything my appetite craved; before Mking tb?? article, I could not keep any thing on my stomach, however simple tnv diet. I now weigh nearly m v* usual weight, and feel well. I hoi?e every person afflicted si I have described, will use the ?am?- remedy. Tli re is no doubt in my mind hut there will be i cure effected I will be very happy to rcc ive all those (hat will call ?n m?at inv residence, and will endeavor to give ample satisfaction should this not prove satisfactory. Yours, si ith respect, JULIUS C. SMITH, 21 Bedford sf. To Dr. H. C. Thorp, 132 <treenw ich I ine, c?ir. 13th *t opposite the Bth avviioc, N. Y. City, County and State of N- w York, is. Julius C. Smith, of the said cirr ah ?ve named, bcin^ duly sworn, siiih that the facts as stated 'n t!* above communication signed b me and dedicated to \)t. II. < . Thom, are true. JULIUS f . SMITH. Swum 1 ? fore me, the 21 <t day of Jn'v. IH42. W L MORJtlS, < >m i Ih eds. pOI.LKf i'lONS on all iwrta of tin I nited States, mada on the most favorable terms, by 8. J. SYLVESTER, 22 Wall st iv13 r and 13*1 Bfoad way. ol/OAh???hi hhils prime New Orleans Sugars, In store and O for sale iulois to suit narchatert. by ault r K. K. COLLINS Ik CO. 56 South *t, AUCTION SALKS. MV THOMAS BtLL. {fitor ft Sot. ?? .inn and IIS Fulton street.) vondavT AMP j mVIm n corner ??Ti litT and Fulton if. Drug*. ( hemtculs, P? rftimery, list.?Tin* *t*?ck of (! ? ahove aiticle. in the store, cuiuei of f'liffaud Fulton streets, will he sold wilhout reservv. Also, tixfHres. -' i ? I v? . bUii i i.??. fancy irin , 8tr. Comi?ri?itie an uncommonlychoio and i*u. h.-uUiik ut of tin \ < drugs, ch? micals, ,?rrfuinery and fancy articles, mid general variety of the most j11? r good* in the line. Also. scales, i una, aliow east?, ; ' .erous dnw?-r*, d* ?k?, iron clu v.?, counter*. Su . h !e i*>sitiv?\ TI'RSUAV, AMii^oY'o. at'he auction aooms, Extensive Sal of Di>' >d.<, Clothing, fancy and idedgtd articles, li<iu< , groceries, rfnmcrv. Ate. Also a large additional lot of choice Di> Goods, suitable l*o? the season. Also, Loiidou tlotlis, c issimcrt s ami ve-fiin,* Also, A splendid gum, 1 truly \ .limbic ship chronometer, 2 gold Isver vs itches, 5wi . WEDNESDAY, At l(Aj o'clock in the sale rooms. Large and eiteu&ive sale of valuable household furniture of ill d<scriptions. Ala ?. 5 11 i?" forts i b) ordii of tb< ibsiif. BY RIKLL St AKCULAH1U8, TUESDAY, At 10>t o'clock, at the auction room. Wines, Liquors, Segar*, &( .?Consisting of very choice south side Madeira, Duff Gordon's jiale^aud hroHii slierrv, fort I <1..? ni y 1111r*u ciareu oiaiiijognr 01 iavorile oranus; impuy I b-andy in bond, cordial*, sperm candies, Havana and Principe I srgars, various brands, w>11)1oiher arth Irs 111 the line, to which t he at t?-r: 1 ion of private families is invited?to be sold in lots to I suit | un l? ?? r.s. Also, Bollit.ger choru tgm , anchor brand, juu landed, sii|?crior to any wine iu market 1 Also, 10,000 ini|?orttd Priuciiw Stuart, 10,000 Cuba do, 12,000 h ilf 8paniih -I . Also, brandy, sherry and Madeira wintsiu demijohnsof five gallons each. W KDNKBDAY. At lOfo o'clock, at sales room, Elegant Furniture, Pianos, See. THURSDAY, A( 10 o'clock, at the auction room. Drugs, Medicines, Perfumery, Fixtures, Sue. being the entire . mtsnti o( 1 family drug store. Sale poiitive. PETER FAIRCHILD, Auctioneer. Store Xo? 9 Spruce st. MONDAY, A11 Marshal's Sale?At 12 o'clock, M. %t the corner of Brond and Water streets, by virtue of au xrcution, tin* right, title and interest of John P Waters, of. in and to the Commercial Transpi t tion Lin for lorwaid if passengers to Ii0Uo. comprt ing one third of said establishment, consisting of desks, and i tn office furniture, it^r HENRY JOHNSON, Marshal. 1-<>K LONDON . U- t fiht gn;I, Angus*-'Tire JNT^vPV u Itnown packet ship WF.STN1INSTKK, George c~r ft if. i\l" in master, will positively sail a-. above, her regip lar uay, For i?a*&age,*>hai ing ex?*elh nt acci inmodations, appl^ on boaidortoi JOHN HERDMAN, 61 South st. FOR LIY fc.ilP' IOL?to aail on the 15th instant?tiie jMWV A. I. British Ilirji.c COUNTESS OF AHKAN. jjppw?p Cvptain O'Bryeu,-h w loading at pier J3 fc'. II.. will positively be despatched as above, wind and Weather permitting. For balance of freight or |>a sn.f, having excellent accomj modations for Cabin, Second Cabin and Steerage, possenj nn, ill of which will be taken it tfa 1 iw< ?l ran . ap* ply on hoard, or to Ml ' JOHN HERDM\N.6I S nth itn I ?fi?? OLD LIN I* FOR LIVERPOL-Fi t Regular JnrFflPWPacket Ship NKW YORK. Captain Cropper, will 1 r v 1' despatched as above, her regular day. J lie uccoinmodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, by the Old, or Bl.*ck Ball Line, are tinsprpasscd. For passage, which will be at the lowest nt**s, njppl^ to Jliri.N lir.KDAIAN, G? South *t. N. D.?Passage from Great Britain and Ireland, via Liferpool, ran as usual be secured by any of the line of packets, and drafts furnished for any amount, payable throughout the Unit ed Kingdom, by appl > m. .> il.o\? . M I FOR LIVERPO<)L?New Line?KnguJiT wWvfV' M ' ' ' 'h A11_ u r ? 'I 11 spleiidid packet ship I)1)()NS, < i| taoi E B Cobb, <u 14)00 foin, will po sttively sail as above, her regular day h r freight or passage, having accommoditions uoequ tiled for spfandor crt i *<-ir, *p? ply on board, afQrleans wharf, foot <>r W ill street, oi to JO. K. COLLINS U CO. M South street. Price of iwusage The packet shin SHERIDAN.C n.liin A. Depejmter, of 1000 tons, will succeed the SlDRONS, and sail 2.0th September, her regular day. Pa?se inters mav rely on the ships of this line sailing punrtually as advertised. aul6r FOR NEW ORLEANS?P..siii\cl> lirstand only KTt?rV Regular Packet?Louisiana and New York Line.? firitfir The Very fast sailing jacket shi LOUISVILLE, Cart. M Hunt, having a Urge portion other cargo on boaid, will sail as ab< vc. For freight or passage, having superior furnished accommodations, apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall st. or to E. K. COLLINS & CO. 66 South st. Great care will be taken to have the goods by this line correct! v measured. Agents in New Orleans, Hullin St Woodruff, who will i promptly forward all goods to their add rest. aui.w FOR LIVERPOOL?Packet of 19th An pa t-T e Wr" known packet ship NKw YORK, j?Ryiiinlp6?Capt. Cropper will sail punctually as above, her regular day, ami has very convenient ahd comfortable accommodations for cabin, second cabiu ami steerage pissi np i.s, w hich w ill he taken at the lowest rates if early application he made on board, or to W. & J. T. TAP8COTT, 43 Peck slip, an 12 r corner *f South street. BLACK BALL. OR OLD LINE OF LIVER h/NlwyPOOL PACKETS?The only regular Packet of jnedbmM the 19th August ?The new *nd elegant regular line Pa. kct Ship "NEW YORK," .burthen 1100 tous, Capt. Thomas B. Cr>pper. will sail positively on Monday, the 19th instant, licr regplardty. The accommodations ot the Old, or Black Line of Packets, for Cabiu, second cabin, and Steerage passengers, arc well known to |>e unequalled by any other line or ship now loading for the above port. Persons pioceeding to the old country, will find it to their comfort *nd advant.u? to hoote thu favorite picket for their COlive>auce ; and is ? number of her bertha are now engaged, early application L n q,ii*ite. For pan sage, a. ply nn board foot of Beokinan street, or to ROCHE, BROTHERS Ik CO. 35 Fulton at. at r N* \? dooi to tin Fob 11 11 ink. FOR SEW oklkws-F.N r^.i-n.h wJrSrSuUr Lint ? Packet of 20th August?Th?* well known Tfcuf'"' sailing regular packet ship LOUISVILLE, Capt M. Hunt, w ill sail ?t in itially on Saturday, August 20th. IVrsops nhout toemh.iTk for the above |>ort cannot select a more suitable conveyance?her accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passenger*, .ve fitted un in the most comfortable manner. Persons about to embark tor the above jmrt should not fail to make early application, the number beliif limited. For pass igr, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or Co W. & ). T. TAPSCOTT, 52 South it., or 13 Peck Slip, comer Booth strti t. The will known picket ship ALABAMA, Capt Bunker, will succeed the Louisville, and sail on the 1st September, after winch this liu will sail every live days, as usual. mi If r FOR LONDON?Regular Packet of the 20 th An'?The first class fast sailing packet ship WESTINSTER, Capt. Moore, w ill sail as above, being Hiving suiwrior accommodations fir cabin, 2d cabin and *tei tare posse uperi, persons intending to embark should make immediate application on hoard, oi to the .subscriber*. ULOVKllfc McMURRAY. IW) Pine ?t. I'l'r ruriifr 111 Sdij'h PASS AOtT f61T~NliW OR LEANS?Holmes's kfrfVLine?First Packet?The splendid last sailing well iiwjfi a' it i packet ship A LA B A M A, Cafptiiti D. M Bun k* r, will sail positively as above, her regular day. Hiving sfdendid accommodation* for cabin, second cabin,and steerage iiasscngcrs, for passage, early application should bo made on Doird, or to W. St J. T. TAPSCOTT, aulOr 43 Peck Slip. FOR NEW ORLEANS-WiTh tpiick drMiufchWrrJdVTne elegant well known packet ship QUEEN VIC WWhSsTORIA, Captain Mallet, w ill sail as above. She In . suj trior accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage p*s?eugers.twhich will betaken it the lowest rites, if parly application is made on board the ship, at i?i r 11 K. K. or to jv24 JOHN HERD MAN, CI South st. ijbS P OFFICE, NEW VOIIK, August 13th, 181 ?COf LUM Rl \ STEAMER?Letter bags for Liv rpool, |?er tr- iner Columbia, fioin Boston on the Pith August lust, will clooe at the upper and lower Post Offices on Monday, the 15th in?t, Ht P. M. The overland postage of 18% cents on e ach sin..!' 'er ft inustb* raid null Itr MOHN LORIMKR GRAHAM, HOARDING FOR GENTLEMEN, at one of the plea tJ santelt and inost desirable situations in this city, with pure country air. The rooms are clean and comfortable and handsomely furnished. Apply at 107 Third Avenue. The stages very 15 minun . au Ml Iw * r FOli SALE?The well known trottin horse JLaiJ {^COTTAGE BOY, 0 y? nrs old, pt rft c ly sound, and ' 1 / j..from hi* disposition being kind and gentle in harness and und r the aadd e, combined with great s| eed, having trotted a mile m harness in 2 in. 42 seconds?it every way d> siranle as a ro id horse. Appi v to TOWN SEND & SC UDDER'S Sub!*, auf5 2i#rc opposite Fulton Ferry, Brooklyn. NO I'll K To" \VA(?O.N III 11 1)Y.KS?The??t) J/aifN scriher, Proprietor of New York Tattersalls. w ill O A i? make liberal advances in Cash, on all New Light wTkoris selit to hue stahli-hment for sale. IIniId*-m in the eouiitrvcau relv unoii having everv attention p.tiil t ?their orders. For further particular*, as to term*. k". apply to OKO. W. MILLKR, nil 0 Proprietn- nC VT v 4|fi Broadway. it G) iIVffL HE WARD.? Lost from the c??rn? r < ! Warren >^"OJ Nr |AWfRf street, a Y? How Setter I) ?, with /) JY *(< el ^Hhr and brass plat< ami chain attached to it, w ith Jim* D. Wi'itlakk engraved on the collar?answers to the name R?ke. Hcturii hiin to JAMES WOOD, Corner of Warren end West sf. a?? 1t 2t^_ ENGLISH "MAIL N(TTICK.?Litter bags for ETvTrpool Ha per Royal Mail Steamer Columbia, from Boston, will close At llariui. ti's Express and Foreign Letter Office, J Wall street, on rtonday, August 15th, at *.* to 5 o'fhclc. P. M. ml it HAWND1 N N ' O O- > K l!K '\V \I(D ?T\yent>-fiv? Dollars Rewa d will j ii1 W+'fJ for such information as will lead to the convirtioti of the thief whodu/ up and carried away from the Court Yard of the dwelling of tin* tmdersgucd.on the night of the 11th iosUnt, two 11 ilsam of Fir Trees. anl'!3t*rc MOSE8 MAY NARD, Jr. 11 Union Place._ \ NOTHER MATCH HACK CHALLKNOK ACCEPT-^Y. KD.?Dorlon not satisfied wilh the last race which took place at Castle Garden, August 6th, his chillcnged Kobe its again, to row tli? same boat ami the s?me distance from the , i iai which i ,' d, ud it w il!? oin j fl this site moon, at I o'clock. Ah much excitement is existing het we en the parties, great apori may be expt ctad. au!3 Ite "Deception prevented? rpiK)SK who w i lt to know ? ho Dr. il< ine, of New V ork, ? *, as many cures arc published under that name, hv those who have no rijilit ho to do, will please first call at. thy ( ounty Clerk's ifire, examine its medical records, ?nd se? if anv D . Heine but 8n]nmon Heine is authorised to practice; 2d, if he i h io,'? lor neither medicine of ?tt? lid am till \ ou arc natisfied with your improveim lit, he ss tin Doctor; 3d, if h?'is a German who sp akshut lirle English, ?1nd will promise to cure you, uo matter what your disease, you are right. SOLOMON If KINK, M.I). 57 Read* street, opposite the Marshall Hoiue. an It lm?r GAZO PNEUMATICS, B'HK subscriber is prepared to execute order! tor the O lfto I Pneumatic Hydraulic Machine, for raisin* water any height or quantity, from mines, or for watt r works, by means of vacuum ; and the simplicity of the machine gives it a gn at advantage over any othei now in iir. in 9 lm*r 22 Pinr st. pATll.OH HOOK?Tie subset iber* have a few of the ftrsi Yrtdume of the Boston Miscellany, elegantly bound, contaming 12 splc ml i 1 ?tee| engravings, :|fi pages of popular music, the fashion* from January to July im In ive?tne whole inakinx him of the most desirable ami interesting Books that un he found, cheap for cash. BR \DBURY, BODES' k CO. '27 st. N. Y. '* r n.l Ie Se||M.?| I; * in. NJ YN1HII pOUH OONS, Knglish bin i.d Bank of O England Notes, h Might ami sold at S. I. RYLVKSTKirS. ?n13 r Broadway ami 22 Wall street. I) ILLS OK EXCHANGE. on all parts of England, Ireland *' and Scotland, sums in of C5, lift, C15, t*i, to any amonut, for nale at H. J. SYLVESTER'S, 22 Wall street, and 170 B ?d wa Xir KSTPH A I.I A HAMS V I rno 'W. .inhilM II 'f '* very *ii|* nor Iinnlily, whole.alf ?IKI laiporwo ?nu for tale by J.C. MULLCK. 79 Te.rl ?. ??Jl*r , AMUSEMEN rg. NIBIAVfl GAKUEli^ TK1I;MCHANT >rCCKss!? 'Pie Ooriicinm Comic Puntimtimt of THE NIOHT OWL, In which lli? whole fone of the RAVEL FAMILA COMPANY u brouflit cito is mclt'ly wrmj crowded S?|.sint, with K NTHl'SLA >TH APPIiOP \T|ON. THIRD NIGHT O*" THREE-KAI Kl) FRENCHMAN UN'PAY EVENING. Aui"-t 14th. the mm t mam-re cum ntCMCr > tly ' " rlnci . with A GRAND o*-LICIT UK. AHi" ?hii li, THREE-FACED FKENCHMAN It ii out I Bt .nil our, Gabriel Ratel Mom. Uolinard, Jeionw R??el lfatiiii, Antoiue Karel Tltereer, M m? rum Unartri ul nil hour'e inlcrmieeion will he alloweil lor llelrriti menu in the Giami Salttou. After which, tilth time, will be produced a inatfinhcmt C tunc Pantomime ealled MA/t'LMK, OK TIIE NIUIIT OWL' Matulu.e, the Ninlit Owl, -Mr AS eJ? Chevalier Uariano, Jerome IU?el Entile, Onbnel Ravel Merino, Anloine Ravel Bahamntn, Monn Daiivergiie Mariana, a noor Peasant, M'ine Jerome Ravel Julie, Iter iiniiKliter, M'lle Doutreville Zulima, a ( irraaeitn Slave, Minn Welle To conclude Willi avow of tlir Maeuifici iii Palace of MAZl'LME! Tli''whole lo conclude with THE PROMENADE MUSK ALE. IT/*" The |>rppr loi roi ecttully ii.foruu tin public, that in compliance W'itli the wieltee of iiumrioue \ iailore, line luurli < mueil pari ol ilu t uirrl liumenU. will be iciteu alter the perform vlicre ill the Saloon ate over. ActlliK Maliutrr, Mr. Chipitendnle Miuit .il Leader and Director, Mr r. vvooii. Ticket*?40 c tile I) >ore opeu at eeven o'clock, Kutcitnimr.euu to eoinmrnce t .iol.t CHATHAM T1IKATHK. tC7*" The public it respectfully iutormnl that ties ever favorite place of entertainment w ill re-opt II (or the inunii mi Monday night next, August 15th. Dining 'hi' recess 11 will unirun a thorough leuovalion, sut-h as will lender il the most el i ;-anl in the United States?first rate Artists have been .ii.ih.v ed I'ora leintlh of lime ill eiccuttug designs ofta n i na Hire, which, to|{rlher with the novi Ity and talent to he present ed, will inerease the (ami- of this Thea're, and cause it tostatnl alone and unrisailed for theatrical rvprest utalioii, w hich it us hitherto done. The designs on the Tiers are as follows 1st Tier?American Battles and Victories, achieved at ?e p tinted l?> I'. Grain, sen. aud J. it. Smith. 2d Tiei?The Likenesses of the r esidents of tha United Stale-, by P. Until, jr. 2d Tei?Glorious American Achievements on Land, |>uiut ed by J, R. Smith. To tlie-e splendid designs will lie added, a beautiful ACT DROP, display imr the engagement Ire: ween " 7 he Constitution" mid ' "I'll.- Gueiriere,"and a New Carthiu. Both of. which have been painted by P. Grain, sen. unde whose immediate direction the decorations will take place. in!6tt _ VAl'XHALL GARBKN. THIS EVENING, August 15th?To commence at 8 o'clock with the comrdv of the JOHN JONES I Guy G< odlttck, Mr Bnilou | John Jones, Mr J. H. Hal 1 Eli/.', Mis J.1'k.on Jriiliv, Miss Homers Alter which on intermission of half an hou . To e. nelnde with STATE SECRETS Gregory Thimble well, Mr Burton, 'il which he will sing " The tjaei r Liule Man " Colverton Hall, Moisop | Neville, J. H. Ilall Hedgedioir, Bellamy | Ilohett, Simlh Maria, Mia Jackson Letty, Miss burners Tickets 25 cents. Ii*r CASTLE GARDEN. SPLENDID EXIMBITTONITE FlREWORKS. ADMITTANCE .'5 CENTS. THIS EVENING, August lltli, PU2. Bombardment of the City of I 'era Cruz, By the French Fleet under Admiral Bauiliii, which was greeted uirii unbounded applause. Together with ttlie new and beautiful pieces of the Chinese Plantain Tree ! < ross of Malta ! Indian Palmetto ! Palagoniau Glory ! ! With large 4 III. Rockets, Ike. For further description, see hill, ofthe nay. Ur ANK 111 CAN niMKlin AM) LAllDI As pOllNEH OK BROADWAY AND ANN STREET. U opposite St Paul's t liurcli. P. T. BAHNUM, MANAGER. INCH EASED NOVELTIES!! WONDKK OK CREATION . For One Week Onlv? Day V niter. admitted in the Evening Free. Flattered by tie- iinmrnae patronage bestowed U|Hin tbi* el tablishint ni by it di.ccrnieg public, and b< iug determined tw spare 110 exertions in aecurmg every attainable novelty, tlie manager is happy to announce that he has, at a mo.t extraordinary, inade ariangementi with the proprietor of the greatest ruriunry in the woihl the RhU.1L MKRM.'lll) ! F.ghibibitid during the past week at Coucert Hall, in Broadway, ^where hundreds ol Naturalists and other scientific genth men beli. Id it with real wonder and amusement, and publicly exprtssed their conviction of the existence of this wonderful creature. No Extra charge for Admission to the Muaeuin. Winehell. the eotnir ilr-illeiiit, in eight characters?the Uipsy Oirl can lie privately consulted?I.a Petite Celeste, Mis Rosalie, Ralloon Aaeensioui. Albino Lady, Fancy Olasx Blowluv and SMj.IIOO cariosities. Day perfoitnaures, Wednesday and Saturday, at 4 o'clock.? Admittance to the whole 25 cents, children ball" price, aull r HIL.I/8 NEW YORK MUSKV.II A CARD.?The public is respectfully informed thatthe New York Museum will be c!o edfin the evening till the ?itensive alterations aid improvements are firiisficd. Jr is the intention of the subscriber to rr-open on or aheut the W?h ??f August, and pledges l.iti. ' If -ti that tiin* to show the \ uhlic one of the most niair? dice in and r lined places of amusement to ha iound in the United States. G. H HILL. aulS lin*r A MEE1CAN 'I HKATKK, Walftit stmt Philidslpi Su? -A Ladies and gentlemen desirous of entering into encasements with this establishment for the ensuing season, will pltast address their communication* (isist paid) to CHARLOTTE J. LUSHMAN, or o5 2wr E. A. MARSHALL, Lessee. MAON1 FiCENT ATTRACTK>N. vSEA MONSTER ; SEA DEVIL. rpilE OHEATERT NATURAL CURIOSITY IN A AMERICA.?The proprietor of this immense ipecimeu begs leave to announce to the public, that he has for Exhibi tiou, at the Bowery Amphitheatre, the Sea Devil, which was rpj fined on the 26th April, 1842, ill the Harbor of CharJes'ou, B.C., altera desperate struggle with 26 mm in 7 Boats. The proprietu. of this monster feels confident that the lovers ofthe curious and the scientific will he highly gratified iu viewing this marvellous production ol the mighty deep A Calf, which was bom . after her capture, will also be ex hibifed. They may he vi?in*d by both ??? xes, asthry an not at all offensive, and every effort will be made to render the v\ hibirion agreeable and satisfactory- J' 17 lm*c pK TUKKS FROM SPAIN.?Christ disputing with the J- Doctc rs, a ch? f dYuvre by 9pagiiinlctto ; " The raising of Lazarus," a fins specimen of Gucrcmo; and a grind afterpiece, *' Thi Resurrection of Christ," painted hy Tnrbaiati ; togethwith otlvr fine pictures, are now open lor Exhibition at the Apollo Rooms. 410 Broadway. _ /Ms >, a collection .ii Ancient Spanish Armour and Arini, amongst which is lh< swo.d of the renown, d BOABDIL, The last Moorish King of Grena'a. Open (torn 8 o'clock till dusk?Admittance cents. / A few fine copies from the Old Muteri, lor sa'e v?ty rheap. anMtt r THE NEW YORK COLLEGE OF MEDICINE .AND PHARMACY. ESTABLISHED FOR THE SUPI'llESS10N UF QUACKERY, HAS met with the most unprecedented success since its com ineueemcnt, particularly from the unfortnnat victims of unnriiiripled pretenders, who are now daily gaining streytth ?nd vigoi under the judicious treatment of ttu College. The followinir preparations hav- already obtained a eelehriry uuparalelh t! in the annals of medicine. THE UNRI VALLTEI) TONIC MIXTURE. A re,tain cure for all forms of dy?|iep<ia, low spirits, loss of appetite, lassitude, cutaneous eruptions, gen-ral debility, predisposition to consumption, am! all compTsmtf arising Irom a disarrangement of the nervions ssst- tn. It may he .ilso used with success in cases of fever ami ague. and as a preventative t# yellow fever. Sold inho't!.- t Si and $2 ens li. THE PARISIAN ALTERA! IVE MIXTURE. For the enre of all eases of a delicate di-cac . or for pains in the hones, eruptions, sore throat, or any other distressing symptoms, produced hy an injudicious use of mercury, "r by ouackery. Sn'd in hottles at Si 1 and St u h. THK.ANOPYNE LINIMENT. For the cure of rheumatic paws, ci.'ie brums, spr-in-. spill-I disease, nervous In o|,ti he, plins ill Iti'- joints, ami inlinediateand per mane tit relief guaranteed. Bold iii bottles, 7.'i els each. ITHE ERK.NCH ANTIPHLOGISTIC MIXTURh . Guaranteed to ?nre goiiorrl ?a, gleet, and all mucopurulent discharges from the tin'lira. Hold in bottles at ' ? cents and $1 each. THE AMERICAN ANTIBILOUS CATHARTIC TILL, For the cure of all derange menu of l he liver, purifying the I.rod, exciting t he whole aliioeniary canal to Wealthv action, nd giving new vigor to the vital power*. This medicine is litirely super Ceding the drastic purgatives of the nostrum THE FEMALE RESTORATIVE PILL. For ths en re of those complaints peculiar to the female sex, ami to restore and preserve the r. gnlar action of the female otgans, with lull dip Ctions and cautions ils to use, and sold in boxes at St, id cents, nnd ticents each. SIR ASTLEY COOPER'S PILL. For the cure of cutaneous eruption*, gout, chronic rheumatism, ami to improve the tone of the digestive organs. THK r.M'II.LAKY II E A LI N< I I'll W DKTl, For the cure of sore nipple*, and superficial etcnrntiooa of thi skin. Bold in closely stoin phials atifl rente each. Thei?bove preparations ra>y aim by had of the follow in,; nh-ajrems iii tin* city:? J. \V. Bn?et,M4 Broadway. Ilr. E. M. Iini *, 127 Bowery. Dr. Kinir, 2H7 Hudson street. Elias L. Tl.rall, .11,'! ' strciit. Dr. Newi i*ii. III i lii r.y street. Wm. ArniHtiouK. IHl Fulton Uri el, Brookly n. Principal office of the Toilette for New York, at97Na?seu street. By oriler, ?3r _ W. 8. RICHARDSON, A.;ent CLUB BOA']' WAVE" FOR SALE. TIIE I KLEBRA1 RDstx-osrcd Hare Bmi WAVE, eictm A torioun in several closely contested races, built t>y violins on the inosi approved model, anil in the hc?t manner?in first tate order, ami w ill he s U complete, at the loss price?if $1 them he seen at I'ROLlUfi'S, 10(1 Water ?t. auI I e. rl:i. *r OIL! OIL! OIL!OIL!! DEFINED LA MP OIL ? \ new ami splendid "'i",1" jtint rrcfiived by tlm tnbacribrra, and i* now ?ii< rru f?? iiw public at a r<*?lu."vil price. Itburm with ^ bilbaoey. ^mpaaaml n> no other kiiui, ami beiiur fr**e from fwjor aii'l neither tm11 tin* aiii Ue nor forming a eruat 011 th?.<wirk?-if will ?> ' hmiviu not oalj i p| i int but in i it mil il forall pun u ano Hotel proprietors are pa/ticniaily invityd to try it. The only <le,ml the city, and *jjr.ra? a vo's i"BR *' suit inirelmsers, is i HAMANOS ?t Bill) rHML Al<"' '>" rnl,r *"Pj_ W??W?r YOl II E -HEDBKR? ATKINS, I i> p,?r I wifli rl>> old 7 "rtsi n Lunch, s'luouocee, w li picas'] re Ihst he still 1 Monday neat, the I.Wt in-< c.pipriic lintel lir Broad way, ?l ss hieh time and place In- will h r " happy. In receive his frieudi and entertain them in tile if n I f, , r|c.ljC\'? ?llll."'"'l'r HVVK Ntl'PE ' n,0!.(, .he, U Ba.ik N 'P., . ?<? * I i ,o.oii n iimfacture, a very sttp inr article, n-' re-eiyeJ, H ??l for sale hy PERSSE If BKOOKS, siller ?l l.iberlv street. PuitTUnUBB FKMALK eiLLS. tJ'HESK fsr-fametl and celehrsied Pills, from Portnesl, arc, H A we perceive, to he obtained in this country- tirr advertise merit on the last column ' ^ _ ml is M DR. JAMES ALV.XaRDER HOUSTON has removed B Ml PoSll'LfISS (J.rir . In Nn 1 HtSSI p III II UINO corset of Nassau and Ff j?2 }m ius c H

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