Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 15, 1842, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 15, 1842 Page 4
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it?Domestic Intelligence Airldriitu, dk-. tU. jiath f>om JiMriaa.? The train of Coal .. Mount Carbon on Thursday evening last, met .1 accident at the Orwigsburg Landing, which n n'd in the death of Mr. Warner, the conductor. Tin upward train eiwlMil) left the (Witch OMB where the tutu-out connects with lh< main road. The engine and cars were thrown off the track, and Warner, in attempting to jump, tell between two coal cars, the collision ot which killed him instantly. He has left a large lamilj Rt m ?n> Mi'rdck.?Abraham Kelly has been committed to the New Castle Jail for the murder of his wife, at Newport, Del.? Rum the cause, both tieing addicted to drunkenness. Short Passing.?Ship Horatio, Howland, arrived at Macao in ItMJ days from New-York, suid to be the shortest passage upon record. She did not reel topsails during the passage. The Eari v Losr.?A young girl ot sixteen, named Decker, was drowned in tie Chemung river a few days since, near F.lmyra, N. Y. She was fording the river on horseback, when tie horse stumbled and precipitated her into the water where it w as about three feet deep ; hut the current being too strong for her to maintain her footing, she was taken dow n and met a watery grave. A Lr.ii rams rm Public Album isrr at Niagara Fall.. The talis are clear?quite so ; but they do not hansu er my hexpectations. '1 got thoroughly wetted by them, and lost my at. When the whether is 'ot, 1 prefer looking st a heiigraving of them in the 'ouse S. L. EscLAJVD. Ft vi ral Discot RR?:?A very large number of ladies at the Light-street church, Baltimore, to hear the funeral discourso, delivered by the Re*. John N. Matlitt, on the death of the much lamented Rev. O. O. Cookinan. who iound a watery grave in the unfortunate steamer President. The discourse is said to have Wen a masterpiece of eloquence. Liskl Suit.?Tha editors of the St. Louis People's Organ, were prosecuted some time since for a libel by one C. I'ullis, and the trial took place on Friday week. The editors plead justification, and proved the truth of the statements made by them, and the jury without hesitation declared them not guilty. Thk Hiuhkst Mountain is thk U. Statu.?Mount Mitchell, a peak of the Black Mountain, in Buncumbe co. North Carolina, is t>,47H feet above the level ol the sea, by actual measurement. Michiqan Tasks.?During the month of July, $JA,000 were received by the State Treasurer on account of delinquent taxes. The largest |>ortion of this amount was in State scrip, the balance in delinquent State lionds, with a trilte of current fuuds. Salt ?In consequence of the expiration of duty on salt, theSCthof June last, foreign salt & now delivered at Oswego,on L ike Ontario, at six cents a bushel. From thence it is forwarded to the upper lakes on the Wetland Canal. As a consequence of this, the suit-boilers in the State of New Voi k are gradually abandoning their works. Mumlrum.?The following facts we had from the husband of the patient:?Mrs. Krkson had been confined since May last,at winch time sho had lost her infant child, with that most painful disease called the Milk Leg. She had, 111 all that time, bean unable to sit in a chair more than ten iniuutes at a time. AI>out a week ago she was mesmerized by Dr. Living, ami kept in this state about two hours. During this sleep her husband left her with the family, to visit his office on business. On his return his wife was going about the house, and has ever since attended to her household aifairs, doing the work thereof without the aid of a servant, with more strength she thinks than she had before being taken sick. If mesmerism will cure such diseases, there must be something in it?Pittsburg Daily Jim. Occultation or Bf.ta Vihoinius bt Venus.?This occultation was visible scarcely anywhere. This occultatiou was only partly visible (August 18th, 1S43) at the High School Observatory, Philadelphia, owing to the clouds. Advantage was taken, however, of a lew seconds, in which they broke away and displayed the planet and the star, to measure the bearing of the latter from the former, which, at IS minutes ami 33 second! past 7, wus found to be 137 35 N.E. The clouds set in ?o (Illicitly that no measuresol'the distance oould beobtained. By the Ephemerii the bearing should have been 130 33, and the distance 49 5. The actual path ol the planet w as 130 8. This would give the nearest approach ol centres 1 3. Accordingly, the occultation is believed to have begun at 7h. 33ni. 10s. P.M., and to have lasted about 4m. 63s. WosKisn Mis tskiso tin Lbap.?In Madison, Indiana, the Mayor is a cabinet maker, the Marshall a blacksmith, the City Attorney a plasterer, the Secretary a carpenter, the Assessor a pattern maker, the Collector a tobacconist. Ol the Town Council, three are tailors, two are carpenters, one a machinist, one a wheelwright, and one a millwright. It is ?aid the place is thriving, and the city affairs well amiably conducted. A Sius or thi Times?Sixty-seven stores are to let in Market street, Philadelphia, between Front and 13th streets. A poor married woman was telling a staid lady, some, what on the wrong side of fiftv, ol some domestic trouble, which she in great part attributed to the irregularities of her husband. " Well," said the old maid, " you have brought these troubles on yourself. 1 told you not to marry him. I was sure he would not make a good husband." "Ho is not a good one, to be sure, madam," replied the woman, " but he's a great deal better than none at all." Pvht Payment.?A late North Carolina paper contains the following queer acknowledgment. Singular people, these North Carolina folks. " June 51st, 1S43.?Received from the Sheritl of Parson County, N.C.,39 lashes in part of a debt due mefrom the Commonwealth (for bigamy) to be paid in two other anuual instalments. EDWARD A. CALLAHAN. We should think he would forgive the State the balance of the debt. Rorr. Wales.?Of rope walks in the United States, it seems that there are 333. The capital invested ill these amounts to *3,468,677, producing a value of $4,07S,3OS. It appears that one-third of these rope walks (ill) are in Kentucky; and that the capital invested in them is SI,033,130, or a little less than half the entire capital so employed. The value produced is $1,393,376, or more than a fourth of the entire production of this branch of industry in the United States. A Grkiy Olb Aue?A few days ago, Mrs. Dedniuii, of South Reading, eighty-four years old, performed a duy's work, the mere thought of which would make some of our modern belles turn pale. She rode from South Reading to this city in the morning, visited one of the Bott ,1, ??U ......B n ?mw IU III. JUUI.^1 days, examined the machinery; spent the reat of the day in riding over the city, visiting the cemetery and other places, and then rode to South Heading, and all th>3 in one day. She was attended by her daughter, her daughter's daughter, and her daughter daughter's daughter. Mrs. De.lnian is now receiving from government a pension for the services of her husband in the Revolution?Loire!/ %/ldrtftinr. Vrises still at Woaa.?At Saratoga on Saturday last, a married mau was brought up and compelled to give bail in the sum of $1000, to appear at the court and answer to the charge ol abducting trom that place a girl of seventeen years of age, the daughter of a worthy citizen. The gii 1 was found at Utica, and is now insane. Homicide.?The Frederick (Md.) F.xammcr states that a man named Samuel Johnson, has been committed to jail in that county foi killing a man named Dyderhoover, by striking him' on the head with a stone. The two men were harvesting, whea a quarrel took place, under the influence of liquor, and the fatal deed was committed. " F.vrar Mas is Kirt. tid to no his Dctt," and BeelTebub is expected to do his. Bennett, the seceding Mormon General, says of his late associate, Joe Smith, " if he is not destined for the devil, all I can say is, that the duties of a dev il have not been clearly understood." Situt Sexsibilitt.?'" Why do you cry?" said a bystander to a miser who was witnessing an execution" Alas!*' said the miser, pointing to the criminal," that is one of my suspended debtors?he owes me fifty dollars !" Uittisu Flesh.?A gentleman travelling for his health met with an amiable lady, to whom he paid his addresses, and was afterwards married. Shortly alter, he addressed his father in a letter, informing him that travelling certainly agreed with him, " as he had already-picked up a little llesh." A Cavital Toast.?At a temperance celebration on the 4th of July, the following sentiment among others, was drank :?"The Reformod Drunkards: we welcome them as the only messengers that have ever returned from the Spirit land." Sile is Ohio.?One man in Hamilton County, [Ohio, manufactured $9000 worth of silk goods last yaar, at ten per cent profit. St? amsoat Colliiios.?The Illinois and the Great Western run into each other on Lake Michigan last Thursday. Bath came near sinking. Fiihesmes.??(ine schooners from Grand Bank, arrived at Marblehead on the 7th lnat., with 118,000 fish, averaging about 18,000 each. A Htsasoe BaoraLLow.?At a ladies' temperance meeting in Newburyport, one of the members remarked that the temperance cause had been a great Mealing to her? " for," added she, " 1 slept with a barrel of rum for nine years?but now," she continued, her eyes brightening, " since my husband has signed the pledge, I have a man to sleep with, thank rkvl e tv,.., ?ii ..... ........ i-.i I their hands on their heart! and said?Amen. i Hiav Law.?The first sale of real estate in Delaware ' county, by the iherilt, uncethe passage of the Stay Law 1 took place on the 3<1 initant. The property brought sere- j ral hundred dollars more than it wa? valued at by the | juror!, all of whom reside in iti immediate murhbor- i hood. i Wi Mutoo* HI! CHASACTra?The elephant is not half as respectful to the fair sax as we thought he was. ' One of the specie! at Cincinnati lately put his trunk into a young lady s lajsom but it was merely to take out an apple. A Drt Sr? Alcott, according to the Salem Observpr, has abstained from any drink w hateTer, since the lit of January last to the present lime, and his health ha! never lieen bettor. We ahauld like to know how moist he has taken his food, and whether he has w orked at haying. Rvtir* ro slavrar Voli wtarilt.?Yesterday application was made to Judge Randall, of the U. S. Court, at the instance o( a black woman, a slave, for a certificate to enable her to return with her master to the South. After the hearing of the testimony of a gentleman who knew her to be a slave, the order or certificate w as granted. She was, very anxious to return, and expressed gratification at the decision of the Judge. From her statement it appears she has been at work for a long lime in this city, and was unable to realixe any thing for her labor ; and finally came to the conclusion to seek her old home Philadtl. ,1m. Stntiml. Mortalitt a an Sicxncss?During the first six montl.s of the present year the mortality has been great in several towns bordering upon both sides of the Coneeiicut river, in New Hampshire ami Vermont. The disoider most fatal has been a malignant putrid sore throat. Gradually has it extended to adults, and the disorder is, in the mi st cases, fatal w hen it falls from the throat to the stomach and lungs. Mvstreiovs.?Several "mysterious disappearances" have taken place within a day or two in Philadelphia. Thelastoneis Joseph Nelson, resident of the Northern Liberties, a man of quiet and orderly habits. He left home on Wednesday, and has not since been heard of. A K?i*l Kill.?Awn of Mr. Davis,ol Marshall county Va. about ix vts miles from Wheeling, was on Thursday last instantly hftled by the falling of a tree. He wis cuttine it down for firewood, w hen the decayed part fell, struck him on his head, and killed him instantly, lie wus alio lit t? euty > ears of age. Lot * Jaw. The Long Island Democrat saysA sou of Mr. Sampson Townsoud, of Newton, L. I, came to his death nxeiilly by the lockjaw. It appears that the boy stubbed his toe against a stone,occasioning a slight bruise, to w hich his parents applied some healing sals e ; it healed tin, aud 110 more notice was taken ol it until the lioy complained of u sore throat, w hich terminated in the lockjaw. His suilerings were short, but very severe. Wkjtkhs Raii.hoad.?Cattle are now conveyed on the railroad to Brighton on the following terms:?Krom tileenbush, $S [Ml -2000 lbs.; from I'ittsticld $7, and from Springfield fo. B\ this mode of trans|>ortation the cattle lose nothing in weight, and tin-i)uality of the beef is not reduced from mess to No. I as is trt*|uenlly the case w hen they are driven a hundred miles or more. Already tinannual sales of cattle, sheep and swine at Brighton, amount, it is said, to ?-2,000,000, and that without touching the vast tributary sources now opened by the Western Railroad. Short Woks.?A man named Scott Short committed suicide a fow days ago at the V irginia Springs. His name ought to have been Cutt Short. HOTELS, BOARDING, &r. Kngllsli Advertisement. notice to railway travellers. akderton's hotel, No. Uv? FLEET STREET, LONDON. Will hum 1 fording. Proprietor, Return* his thanks to the profession.'! and commercial gentlebmm, and the public for the liberal support he has received since occupying the above named lint?l am! by uniemitting attention to reuiii the patronage hitherto ? ? generously itforded. W. H. assures his patrons that uo endeavors shall De snared to promote their comfort, and flatters himself that f can compete with llim as far as regards Wiuos and Viands, it being his ambition to procure the choicest for the approval of his supporters, and conducting business on the moat Liberal system. Tm dailf bill ?i fare, < mtaiuing the arc itest variety, combined w ith moderation of* prices, cannot fail citing general satisfaction. Breakfasts (plain) Is 3d each; |pdjr?nrs iOs tid jierwetk. i'ntlic Meeting and Committee aeuM att fa* marshall house, OKOAUVvAV, NEW YORK.?The subscriber r? AJ cenily from the National Hotel, Troy, will re-oi>en the Marshall Home on the 3t)tli instant, as a hot* I ami boarding house ; it is undergoing a thorough irpair, and will he put in complete order, and famished in handsome style. The loca'ion is central, heiug on the wis iside cf Broadway .Na f the corner of Rc.tde street, a short distause from tf e Park and Post Office, and but a few miutit?-M walk hem Wall street and the business |wtrt of the city The rooms arc commodious nud pleasant, ami it is the intention of the host to accommodate the travelling coinmuniiy and boarders, in t manner that shall he satisfactory for thi prici i charged. Having long espcri ncc kg catering for the pnMir. taste, he can assure .ill thai may favor hias with their pat ougti thathia best exertions will b< made to pieasc; and tin* cituatiou, it is a desirable location for Boarding, and cannot but offer man? inducements to |a rsons visiting the city to make the Marshall House their lmma. The bar w ill be lurliiahed w it h choice liquors, and the larder with the substantial* and d< Lcieie* of the season, and with attentive ^rvaiite ami <?v??rv ri.iranl for tlx- mtui!'. .rt of Ma <m. j t.. t m undersigned hopes to inetit and receive a share of patronage. my 183in*c E S. MONROE. VTATIONAL f HOTEL?Tchoapitoulas street, N?w Of* leans.?This tine establishment, situated in the most central part of the city, has been reeentiy opened under the superintendence of the subscribers, with new and ample accomrno(I uions foi two hundred bo iroer** The parlors and chambers are furnished with neatness, if not elegance, and with scrupulous regard to the comfort, of the ocCOMUlt. The servants are all white, and have been carefully selected with reference to their capacity, honesty, and civil deportment. The wine cellar and larder will always he furnished with the best that can be procured in one of tire best markets in the world. The charges for board, with or without chambers, will be found of the most reasonable character. J. PHILLIPS k BKO., Proprietors. New Orleans, Julv 21, l.'U2. '1,1 i QENTLEM?N and ladies riding out ol town will vT pleasant stooping piece in Flat Bush, L. 1., about half way to Bat niw Coney Island, a: the Ice Cream establishment, opiositi the beautiful park <>i M.( I irfcson, Esq. jy20 I'm *r BO AUDI N G.?A few self ct boarders will be taken in a gin teel uid respectable family. Aonlv at No. 204 Fulton it m7 p ENTKEL FURN18HKD ROOMS to let O r *1' vT Gentlemen will Breakfast. Enquire at No. 11 Barclay st* a6 1 w*r TO LET TWO HANDSOME KOOMS-atOfl Cederstreet. Enquire 1- on the premises. jy2ft lin*re is mmmmmm FOR SALE AND TO LET jirt WHEAT SHEAF FARM ON 8 PATEN ISLAND pu KOH SALE.?A recent domestic bereavement basin JURduced the undersigned to otter his residence on Stated Island for sale. ft is situated midway of the outer hay og tlu sea shore, eight miles from the quarantine ferry; three from that of Rossvillc, and equi-distant from two others?Seguinis Landing and Port Richmond. The condition oi me larin, tne til* ut, value, and practical usefulness of tue improvements, and its pecufiai adi utagos arc sufficiently known It has been improved in a way to render it susceptible of sit farming divisions of thirty acres and upw ards each, including an appropriate alloltment of woodland. Rach division offering a moderately elevated building location. The cnmlitiqu ol the soil can at tins time be best appreciated as its harvest is heavy and now gathering. Terms to suit the purchaser, a* the object >s merely to change the investment for auother susceptible of equal product. iv 11 !.?* ? \v A si 1. L I V DIO Ai, KOR SAI.K AT rVBLTU XCCTTo? i on ilit* 15th ! of Atuntst,1 9is*? I* n nle ( r to I? ?t , i house itu it JyJL *t Far Kockaway, L<> .ig Ulind, within ? short distance oftheM irinv Pavilion, ^ud and ocean, end fronting on the main Kockaway road t is well adipted as a public board* i?ig house, being capsble of accominndatiiiz hundred or more boarders It contains from three t?> four acres of land, cultivated as a garden. On the premises is a new barn, he"cl, and Other out buildings, together w ith a well of lirat rate water. Tbe whole enclosed in by a in w pick* r, nale and board fence. I 1 lias a beautiful is dextended view of the oc an nnd the surrounding country. Tins pUce is a art tt resort during the summer season. It is considered perfectly healthy. The Mu s run to and from this place to tin Jamaica Railroad tv. ic. day. For further particulars apply to SAML. U. P. NOltTON, on the premises. If it should not be disposed of before the 15th of August, it will then be offered at public auction on the premises at 12 o'clock. Terms made known ou the day of sale. att!5*r 1 ?tm???up?BI II III I II PERFUMERY. , ORRIS TOOTH WASH?Prepared from the original re* Clival No.8 Oold street, New Yrok?Tlie Orris Tooth ! Wash is purely a vegetable preparation, possessing the propt r- 1 ties o Itiean.nj tho teslh 181 nct'.'i restoring the gama to a healthy state, and preventing any nupleauuU taste ?t odenr iu ; the montli, whether arising from decayed teatli 01 ftoti a de ; ruined slate of the stomach. It i? designed to be u cd with a tooth brush, and will be fotuid to ?u|ieraeoe the necessity of a powder, keeping tl i teeth clean and preventing the wrnriiui away of the gums fr <r< the teeth. \ It i? particularly useful in cases if spongy k'imi, lestoriog th? m to a healthy stale, and causing them to contract around the teeth. In painful affections of the tei th and gums, arising frein exposure to cold, it will be found highly beneficial. It is p;.rticnlarly serviceable to use the Orris Tooth Wash at night just before retiritv to rest. This m.thod is recommended by rmi* | nent dentists, as by so doing al! particles of food which accit- i mulate during the day are entirely removed, and the mouth i kept through the uight in a clean, sw, et, and healthy slate. Sound let th and white teeth are the m m valuable )<ortinns of poor humanity; but how many in gleet the attention necessary for their preservation, evtn w hen surrounded by all the means needed. Among these we know of limit* more pleasant and effectual than the Orris Tooth Wash?it eh uses and whitens the teeth, strengthens the gums, purines the inouth, aud sweetens the breath. We recommend its use to all, young and old?[Boston Morning Post. The Orris Tooth Wash is the best detergent we ever used on our enamel.?[Boston Transcript. Kor sale by the principal dra::gi*ts in the citv mt r A. C. B. CHALLENGES competition with nil. The importance which all agei have to the Head of Hair in a clear indei of the value act upon personal figure, atid when by vornr eapri?iot4 in ik f Nitiire Ui6 Iuibuui form is deprived ol its fair proportion, Art i* resorted to, in order, by artificial means, to supply tlw deficiency Hence hive arisen those wonderful discoveries wmcli bid Nature defiance. Dar.y's Ventilating and Gossamer WIGS AND SCALPS, or rral Huns of Hair, which can be had al 1)6 Broadway, comer of Liberty strict, nn stairs. In all cases of failure in the growth of ILtr, BARRY offers a Remrdy.esclusively his own, unknown to Vulgar Tradition, rs. ...1 .1..I..,? V.i 1 1 . i . > i - . at ?'?? ' iicr ii "iiiiriiiiui III WT U.SIJTDU- 1 tion of Hair, will do well lo place themselves under hit sur vrilaucr. Frier* to *UII lite times. jy 12 6m*c i THE OPENING OK CLIREHUGH'S 1 NEW ESTABLISHMENT FOK HAIR CUTTING & CURLING, WIGS, SCALPS, I No. 201 BROAD WAY, CLIREHUOH lias, in connection with lu? prescut premise*, i opened a suit of Rooms consisting of a I GRAND GALIiKHY OK KASIIION, i appropriated entirely for Oriitlemen's hair cutting. This splendid room is fitted up in the style of Louis XIV. ol France. The 1 walls are in pnnnels, painti <1 after the manner of Watteau, Bonrhett, Ac., and in imitation of the lar-farm iLU iltelitt's ti|>eatry. 1 The show-raaes. mirrors, tables, ottoinans, Sir., are in the a sine ' Ityle of ornamental alto relievo, limslird in while and gold, I .rmm* a tout ensemble never seen iu this cuiintry. ma not sur passed tit Eor"l*;HIC LAD1R!p ROOM 1 is private, and devoted entirely to themselves,for hair-dressing, ( Rung on wigs, curls, Ac., and for consultation on'he growth mil health of the hair, and is fitted up w ith every regard to accommodation and comfort. : THE GENTLEMEN'S WIG ROOM it for those who wiah to be private when fitting on w igsmd ] lealp*. C. may here remark, that a* in every department of j ho profession, the eharscter of his work is established for it* superiority, so does he intend to make only the vt ry best w igs , and scaliit, and ask according to the times, the very lowest re- | numerating profit. . I Mr. (L wjl be found always "'at home" and will give Lis | sole and nitdiv ided attention to all who wish to change cotinte- , nance under the magic of his touch. jr22 r j RESTORE THE H U M.A N HAIR, j DALD HEADS AND OREY HEADS READ T HIS ? I In l?um hi liAir r-M Im r? i..r'*i| H' r aikI scientific r?Mr I Ih- |>roi.rii ti?r of tins Assure* you oil hi' w<?r?l, KrcAt number*corn*1 to lu? store wl*)sc h.iir this l?.i* r entirely restored. II. re , yon to gil e Jon-s'Oil ol l^jral ' ( ircaasta one trial, then jmlg, f.? yourself. II. pledges yon huworilltiallit it represented. These at. its '|tisdrtiea, it , will make the hair grow, (on the head, lace, body, or a-.v p rt 1 where nature intend.d hair to grow.) vt.v it. falling , nr. . nre srtirl or dandrin, and intkr I.u .1.. L i V..... t the roota ... rime Among ,h."??'t and tlfy thii, is W. Ho|ikins, 92 King vr.rt, N. S j Gilbert iew. r eller. Houston stre. t. N Y.. and T Power ?,,? , B, ,'klim L. I. We eonld offer hundred, of?tl?,, if we cho.,: |1'ui very reasonable, and it gives the hail the most delirious iltrk silkv appearance. Price only 3. lor I shilling. a bottle, three I sixes : sold by T. Jone , sign of the Amrri.-in Etg'r 82 ( list- . nam street, N. Y.: ageuls, IJ6 Kulton street, lit.. K|V1 ; s ue t .treel. Boston, 87 poeli street. Philadelphia, aitj lm?r , cj'o reLK SHAVING GENII.I MEN 1 stroug beard avtl lender fare, llit iletalic Tat>(< t ni.l Htroi I of O. Saunders is the only artief. now in n-.r IimI will . m t. ' their difficulties. A most convincing proof of thro utility is, I thai the first cutlers in London, viv : Col man, t Hay market' Milikin, 301 Strand; Lowcock, 38 Coriiloll: Thomhnll, 111 New Bond street, Inve them for sale, and recommend th< m with the use of their own en'.lery. jy!4 lm*c 0 SAUNDERS, 163 Broadway " MEDICAL. I)R. MORRISOV. NOKT1I 111 VJCK DISPKNSA U V . J0IK> i It street uear liftMiwicli.?D(. Mormon, Memner of tli Uiul College of Surgeons, London, and formerly Surxet nin I British Narv, eontiuurs to be consulted (Lilly on all disease, la ilclicile nature, ainl all tno.c distressing symptoms eousei u nujuiliciuui treatment, aud the imprudent u,, i I quae ^ medicines. Dr. M. has had an experience of tweuty wo yeais i> treating delicate diseases in all their various amir implicated bums, and I lines a mild, safe and infallible substitute I r mercury, eiadic.itimt tbe VHSNM vims with rrit.iinty, WItbout subjecting tlir |iatn ut to any risk or restricting luin in I itusual diets or pursuits while (us medicines arc agreeable inlastr and smell. IVrin Uf titobstructions in the uretlira. i Ji ll as strictures aud en111. meu'of the-prnst-ate gland, a-ct mpaiiied with much irritation and dull pain about these p..its, are some of the roi?iqnenoes of mal-trcatinent. Dr. ;\*. treat a strictures in a scientific minner, promoting ab-iori r o of the thicaece aircaUr , membrane without any tniu. CONSTITUTIONAL I KBILITV.?Thousands of yon tic men ate suffering from 1.1< consequences of indulgeHCC ill a sicret lie triictisc habit,ai (I whose nerves are further injured from tin use of ii strums, ii d pretended siiecifics, which stimulate j only to iiidut e icrcatcr depression. Dt. M. treats such eases on purely principles, and never fails in establishinx a cun?the strictest honor and confidence is observed. Letters post laid, and containinga suitable fee, will ensure j t'le cot respondent lull advice, and intdicine to sny part if the l/tuca, by his giving a history of Ins case in detail. 204X ir'ulonstreet Bear Greenwich. jv22 lm*r "PRIVATE CURE ALL 8UFKKKING under any of the symptoms of a secret disease, whether of long duration, or ol recent contraction, are confidently reft rrrd to Docrur Jordan's Specific Courses? No. I for the cure of (iotiorrlima, Gleets, Seminal weakness. file.; ami t- .ourse No. 2, lor Hit* juimaueut eradication of diseases. These courses are specially prepared to enable the patient to effect a private and satisfactory cure, without loss ol time or exposure ; to which end, each package contains e\try m dicine, wash, ., ever required ehhei lor internil or external n>t?aiul for the guidance and safety of the natient, is accompanied by Dr. Jordon's private treatise, " T he Monitor," wherein is full directions, with a plain description of the n??ture, symptoms, consequences and treatment of secret maladies ?tin remedies proi>er for their different stages?to which is added much \ Juable information, useful hints, and important advice, suited alike to the present invalid, and to those who having heretofori been unfortunate, either contemplate marriage, or have recently entered into that state. ft/3* The price of the Monitor is 60 ceuti One dollar scut, Post paiJ. ensures itsrecei tiou. UTT* These courses are admirably adapted for strangers, traveller*, or resideuts in the country, being complete, coin* pact, and guaranteed to effect a cure. 3T/ Sold for the proprietor only, at Drug store 60 Prince street, corner of Marion, 3d block east ol Broadway. Private entrance Marion street, one door below drug tore. j\ 13 1 in * , PARR'S LIFE PILLS rPO THK PUBLIC.?The proprietors of the extraordinary * medicine known bythe name of PARR'S L1FK PILLS have established a wholesale branch of their house in New York, at the Clarendon House, corner of Duane street and Broadway* The value of this medicine in bilious complaints, blotches on tnc akin, cholera morbus, dysentery, faiutiugs. foul br? ith, heait bum,headache, inflammation, indigestion, langour, liver complaints, piles, scrofula, aud numerous other ?li?t ases, may be judged when it is known that the sale in Kurupe has Increased to the enormous amount of 30,000 boxes weekly, equal to more than a million and a hall yearly. From its great ctlebrit> it is now sold iu almost all nt its of the a lobe, No medicine ever vet offered to the world, has so rapidly obtained such distinguished notoriety, and it is so gentle in its nature that it may he taken by the invalid, hoyvever weakly, being composed of the most innocent herbs. For particulars ol this astonishing medicine, together with the account of its remarkable and renowned discoverer, Thomas Panr, who lived to the extraonlinaiy age of I'iOyears?sec the book of his life, which may bt had gratis of all the agents in New York and other parts of the United States. The following are the duly appointed agents in N? w York? Rushtoii fit Aspinwall, druggists and chemi-ts, CO William bt. Ill) Broadway, and JOAstoi House Abraham Sand* fit Co. druggists an J chemists, granite buildings. 273 Broadway, corner of Chambers st. P. Dickie, 113 Broadway, corner of Lispemrd st. John B. Dodd, druggist, Bnudway, corner of Blceckerst, A. W. Badeau, Bowery Medicine Store, 200 Bowery. J. Ik J. Coddington, apothecaries, 227 Hudson street, corner of Spring ttrei t. K. L.Cotton, chemist and apothecary, 203 Bleecktr street, corner of Jooes street.* J. Wendovcr. druggist anil apothecary, 111 Highlit avenue. Brooklyn?Win. Armstrong, seed, drug and patent medicine w o. lion-..-, iHiFulton st. iSO |m*r NO QUACKERY ! Dr. browdkits compound syrup of Indian TURN IP, for the cure of Consumptions, Coughs, Colds, Spitting of {flood, and all other Breast Complaints. On account of the many nostrums claiming uni versal medical qualities, the subscriber has felt some hesitation in bringing the claims ol his medicine before the public. He is aware that, in his present undertaking, lie will be styled by the ungenerous a juack and his medicine (be its qualities sjet so boocL) quackery \ yet this will no longer restrain him from affording to the afflicted the means of sure relief if they resort to his remedy in lime. The Compound Syrup of Indian Turnip is in itself a certain remedy for inflammation of the pectoral organs, which, though slight if first, (as in common colds,J ofqpi results in con ump poll, ills experience authorizes linn Hi pulling his discovt ry in competition with any and all the multitudinous ap\iy of pimctMS that meet the public eye, confident a fair trial will result, in all cases, in the same attestations of its sovereign medical qualities that have been given to him by those who hit e atte it d its. worth In um. The most delicate lauy, in all ami every condition of life, may use this compound without the slightest risk or inconvenience. Ami in all of tliarrhtr. . summer complaints, of ordinary character, seldom if e vcrfails to produce tne di irep beneficial object. Duly appreciating the merits of other inydicities, and without detracting in the least from the inedic.ii practitioner, this remedy is offers d to the world as the b? t. safest and surest remedy for all affect ions of th? lung*and breast, that has ever made its appearance. He has in his i*>?aeaaioti the certificates of hundreds who, ifter sjtviidirtK money, and almost bereft of hope, luve rcwrttd to him for relief and found it. lkhysician> are invited to uae it in fMiIni'?ta affections, and in all cases where cough is left aft* r in* d# The proprietornas Aleuts in tlie prim ip-d < ?:.*? in the Uni* ted States Koraal-; wholesale and retail by C. II. UI\(l, '?\ Knlton st. corner CI if ; Gtiiou, 127, Dr. Crow ell, V.s> Bowery; Basse it. Ml, Dickie, 4i'J Broadway; Coddiugtoti, corner Hudson and Spring: sts. d3mi FEVER AND AGUE. Rl 811 TON A SPIN WALL'S TONIC M1XTURK has now been used for many years with great success, and tlie increasing demand for it affords ample proof of the efficacy of the preparation ; it has bcu used iu the vicinity of Ilailein, and tie western |?art of this Slate, wlore fever and **uc rrevail to a great extent,, and in scarcely an instance has failed to give the desin d r ief. If r; for sale wholesale and retail at the proprietor's stores C6 William street, 110 Broadway, and * 10 Astor House ; and also by ol the druggists throughout the couutrv. a6 2w*r THE PERSIAN PILLS ASSUREDLY HAVE healiii;; virtues which no other medicine iu this country possesses. Li t no one be discci 1* ed until they have tried the Persian Compound?they have raised from the greatest weakness and distress, to health and lai'pmess. Price 31 li cents and G2.Vr cents, two size boxes. For sale by J. O. HAY, wholesale agent, at Milnor's drug | it ore, No. 192 Broadway, corner of John st. Ntw York; retailed it Nos. 79 and 100 Fulton street. Also, Jew David's or Hebrew riasfrr! to remove tuinors. areas, king's evil, pain in the side, rheumatism, &c. 44 Married L idies" in delicate situations, find great relief from it. Also. The'Magnetic Battery, consisting o! Electric Pills, r 1 v ;. ! Plaster, Magnetic JEUher. No, l^f < nswnption, I Magnetic Aether, No, 2, Tor nervous diseases, inti mperanee, &c. s Magnetic jEther, No. 3, for liver complaints, Ste. < Also, a remedy for thrush, canker, and nursing sore mouth. < Call and see the Agent, J. O. FAY. (ye that sutler) at Mil- I tor's Drug store, 192 Bioadway, cor. of John street. New I York^ _ ___ jyll lm*c DOCTOR GLOVER BEOS to inform those who have recently takpiired if he lias j left the practice of hi> profession, that he^ continues t<? rib i ich isrt . re his iid as smii, Tb se siBcih 1 snd prot ranted cases which require practical experience to ensure success, have hern the particular objects of his study. The r? cent improvements in chemistry have put into his ban?ls several new and important remedies which have escaped the observation of the less scrutinising physician Dr. Glover's primary education enables him to keep pace , with the improvt incuts of the day, being a graduate * the me- ( dical profession. The unsuspecting s'-wiiBcr should beware of ( the host of self named Doctors : ml pretenders, some of who in ( i i . 1 el ccUof which tiiev are totally ignorant. Office, N v b - act, Ith ' 'i r from the Museum?office hours until 9o vlcck P.M. *9 IfP+f l)U. SOLOMON U LINE " | UTOULL inform hi, patient* and the public, thr. ke Kill ad'* heir, to hi, nm|K),ilinii, in receive no money i either for medicine or attendance uniil ihc patient i, nauifterl i with hi, improvement, and would inform them that he lew remoied from 118 Bio.nlway to No. S7 Headr ,treet. opposite i the Marshall Home, where he aolicita lh? attendance on the snove mentioned condition!, of all who have ,ntTerrd for a lo:;it time under diteasca eonaidered hy ihftn incurable. SOLOMON HK1NB, M. D. For the advantage .of all whowi.htn attend the treatment of Dr. Solomon Heine, I would ?t.ite that the otily Doctor Heine who ha* ever lived in, or had hi* office in Broadway, i? 1 the one uow residing at ,V7 Reade ftreet, opposite the Maishall MM. Thia Physician came to tin, country about eight yeara lincc. I have had the idea,tire of knot, tor him a in or that lime, and of witnessing many surprising cure, performed bv him?he i, .above the aire of x> year,, and i, the only one ' rif the name who i? a member of the medical institution, of the City aud State of Ntw York. B. W. WETMORK.M.D. 1 Swore before tnc, tins 27th day of of April, A. D. 1812. Rren Com of I1..J. t,.f.e?.. Dll. DAVID BHENNA hu tlx hnn< r of InformiM !> I friends tlx public thitt lie r *r.movc il from the Iranile Buildnm t?. 175 ( Ininbi ' st.ret, where he will, without the | ??e >( mercury, cure radically,and in a few days, the inontiii- < retrrateca*e* nt *y|ihilic diseases. Dr. Irniii't remedy is *h I tirely Irce from any cntri.sivc or pouou. u* mineral, &?<l when < taken according to hi* directions, will rem.'.ve the rwintbl t ly mploms whirh invrftiably follow the abuse (or rather tfic use) ( of mercury, amlother notions meilicinet ?o universally admne iatereil in thou e.vsi ?. Dr. Rrenna's remedy i* so simpW that it I can be administered without the least danger ?f bail consrjnencet, the |?tient being able dunni; the treatment te attend to hi* husim * and live a* nsual. Dr. Brenna'* pnrtire is not confined to the cure *>f tlx aboye iiseaae, but will continue to |{ive his professional adncetopa , [lent*, nd to adniini?t? r medicines on the homeopathic system, | the only one that has or can ever enre chronic diseases. ( OlSei hours, from 10 to 2 o'clock, aud froui S to 7 P. M.? Chambers street 174. iin Inn , UAI TH AUK, sTY'BBOKN THINGS. It nala.tth^t i ? Oonraud's Poudre Sulitil. will permanently eradicate all ? hair from the part where it i* applied, without the slightest in- t inrv to the skill?Warranted. To be had at the old ists- l blial.rarul, 0 * Walk, r street, one -door from llr.yadway. Ii -rr bi ti.e Ar.ntl.r <t : i li t (J iriti' Tiue ' Water of Ber.ntv will tho: mrhry i sterminatr tin, pim riles, freckles, and .all cutaneous eruption*, elicit a juvenile luallhr appi araiv. , and array lie hand*, neck and .rni* in radian' wh.:> i> lb w ire of ?| orion. imitation* of 1 hi* ri lehr -ie. i o.; ii inn; mill, r ,1 i.tihn . n't. rly ruinous to thi skin and completion. and by it* repellent action ' injurious to health. To be had aa above. One Dollar pi r hot|C' OOUHAUD'S VEGETABLE ROUGE " input* a delicate roseate rinse to the completion, iininovabh J hv perspiration or rubious with a limn r loth. :>0 cents per bottle. , (JOURAUD'S BIjANC DT.SPAONE, J )r Si nnish Lily Whiff, imparts * bright, purr, lifelike al*Yrs- c er whitem to fhr sk.n, t < I torn the injurioi*^ prnprrth h ir< , mrally romMnfd with preparations for th.* purpose. Put up in t -leg* lit boifs at 2,'I rent.-, r I*h. ) Aut Tit a?Providence, Dyr. Jr.; Albany, Guthrir-. Maiden t ane; Ni w llaven, Myn. } l?np? I street, Hirtlerd. W* II* k t Jumplirey; Norwich, W. Kaulkuorj Princeton, Seabrook; Boa i on, joriLtQ, 2 Milk at.; Philadelphia, Mrs Brown, 76 Chestnut t . .1 iKm (trav. IVkcepafr. iy!7 im?r' f pHHb I DOLLAR*?I I tOVOS'l nld inI foim those who are *.? i?ufoit*n *tr .t* to contract, any form ( f acviUin delieate du?m?? , that be has reduced his nrice ;o he small stun Of three JoIIam. Having recently purchased .1 argc a^ortment of the fery bc?t meilirinfi, w c?in afford the ante without extra charge. Tlni>, gentlemen, you perceive hat no extortion will be made. It would be tiseicu* to e*patu , U* njM?i? ih# many vvemi* iful eurev performed within tin- last . w vrars, they 1 re w II known. The object for u ntiring Lite ^ rir? , is to bring it within the ireatvs of every roung man to . Irca loinu lt fm?n tliis dreadful malady, na well as moderate : < monal gain Otfie- No. 91 Broad street, mrm ??f Stone. . rr?vnte entranee in Stone street. J. PROVUST.M D jylf 2w?c ^ POAL-IW ton. Livmj < Atiiiel I ml |nr hvIi- mi IoU t# n ^ suit purrl aser?,m.w landing Iron slop Siddona. Apply to ? atr LDW'b K. COLLINS, Ik Co., M South ttretl. } MEDICAL. SUPPRESSION OF QUACKERY ftrj-IMl'Uli TA NT ANNO UNCEMENT.-QQ THK (ftt-LKUK OK MEDICINE & PHARMACY KfcSPfcl TKl'LLV inform tin- cititeiii of New York that they hale upturnlcd Lite followiug SrH-AuEtsTS ill this city J. W. Bassktt, 611 Broadway. Dr. K. M. Orion, 127 Bowery. Dh. Hi >u. 287 Hudson street. Elias L. The all. ;>i8 Orand ?t. Dr. Newman, 132 Cherry street. \Vm. Armstromi, 181 p niton street, Bmoklyn. The Pre|>aratiou? of the College may now be h id of those gentlemen. Principal Offices of the College (or i Treinont Row, Boston. Principal Oflicu of the College for New York, at 07 Nassau street. By order of the College, jy21c W S, 1UCHRDSON, Agent. NOTICE. \ITE, the undersigned, actuated alone for the t.uhlic benefit. rV most earnestly caution the public from being impoaed

u|srn hya pretender calling himsell Doctor, advertising end undertaking to cure certain diseases, by which many pwsnus have been (as we are credibly uilorined) deceived, and their money taken from them, and their lives jeopardised. We know indii idually that there u but oue i?ersou ill the city flnil rim lite who is a re nl.rle I... \l.?lf. <*al Society by tin- mmt ol FlKINK, ami he irsitlvs St No. 57 Kt-aile street, an (J is tin- same Dt. Solomon Heine who formerly lived at No. 175 Hudson street, a person who has, to our iuthrMul knowledge, performed I . rt at UtWt of eitraordinary and miraculous cures. We have no desire to injure any individual, bat we eonsiderjitu 1iiii>mhK doty on us as cit ictus, to prevent the publio from beinti iiiiivoh. d uiiou. HKNRV V. VULTKK, THOMAS HODOKRS, Jyl3 lm*c JAMKS H. VOSK. ~ SUMMER COMPLAINT. TVAKKH(KA, D )f8?NTEKY, or looseness of the Bow*U, xy cartsd in a few mumtes U Shcjn&ui^i luitonUive LoxcnL'fs. They are retty&rkably phmiit, and effect imnu -.hate relief?never has an instance been known of tlieir failure. FEVKR AND AGUE?Sherman's Lozenges fortius tediOU3 and distressing complaint, aie, without exception, the only article known entitled to the name of specific; for they always cure, ind the chills do not return. WORMS?In both children mid adults, arc iufallibly destroy t d and removed by Sherman's Worm Lozenges?ia million of boxes sold yearly, and never known to fail. Warehouse 106 Nassau street. Agents?188 Bowery; 77 East Broadway, 227 Hud on street; 110 aud 27.1 Broadway, and 13y Fulton street, Brooklyn. ivto r ERUPTIONS CURED" AND THE COMPLEXION CLEARED. \ MIRACLE TO CURE ERUPTIONS OF THE A SKIN?Salt rheum, freckles, scurvy, pimples, erisipcl&s, Motrin- . morphewtan, fever, spots, bite s of insects, inusijoetoes, 6tc.,?to change the color of dark, sunburnt, yellow, or discolored skin,?The Italian Chemical So.ip is really the wonder oftlie age. Well might the Medical Society of Paris call it a hies,iny. and its inventor, M. Beipruie. a philanthropist. It is curing thousands all over the States anu British possessions, It entirely eradicates eveiy eruntion or disfigurement of tlie skin, imcarting to the face, body, neck or arms a beautiful healthful clearness. No misrepresentation is offered. One tri d w ill suffice to recommend it to all. Among the many w ho ? i>1 en rurrii i>v mis, are llit- lolluvt ini; highly rei|iecfahle I ersniis Rev. T. S. Lover, Newark, N. J , (you are notified ill.u tlijs is no puffed noclrum, but a physician a invention,) M. I'alinrr, Brooklyn. Sold by T. Jones, sicn of the American Ku;le, 83 Chsilia.n street, N. Y., price SO cents. Miss K. IJaIn r, Brooklyn. Agents : 13*J Fulton strrit, Brooklyn , 8 State street, Boston ; 87 Dock street, Philadelphia. a3 linrPHYSIOLOGICAL MYSTERIES AM) REVELATIONS IN LOVE, iVX Couitsliip and Marriigt?an infallible Guide-Book for Married and Single Persons, in matt rs of the utmost importance to the Human Race. By Engine Becklaid, M. D. Anion tin things duly considered in this work srO m Iters of serious importance to single and young married persons? The causes of. and cures for Sterility?The art of Beauty and Courtship?The danger of solitary practices, and how the habit may he removed?The cause* of Love and Jealousy, with a remedy for eradicating from flie system the seed* ot a nope lets or an unhappy passion?Offspring, including modes for the po.jpitiatioti or prevention thereof?1 ests for knowing the sexes of unbom children?Intermarriage?Persons who ought and ought not to man y?The most auspicious season for wedlock, ike. Price75 cents. For sale at 92 Nassau street, cor. of Fulrou, .in.; l ' Pioadway. a2 lm*r MADAME COSTELLO. FEMALE PERIODICAL PILLS, guaranteed iii even* case where the monthly jieriods have been irregular, from colds, or other causes*. Their certainty of action has long been acImowledgt d i>\ the medical profession, andhundreds iSi.^t have uselessly tried various boasted remedies; indeed, so sure are these pills in their effects, that care is sometimes necessary iu their use, though they contain no medicine detrimental to the . nstiti Advice riven gratis to all who use the pills, by M ul one Costello, 31 Lispcnard *t, where the pill* are sold genuine. Price |l par boa. jy2i im*r M OS T EXTKAORDINAKV CURE.?If any have had ?! axbts, thei may now dismiss them, md the most incredulous may consider deafness as curable. Numerous cases of eur-s, and many of them very remarkable, by the use of " Scarpa's Oil," have br.-n published, but this caps the climax. Young or old, you mav yet recover your hearing. A ladv i'i Smithfield, rennsylvi%tia, and now nb ) x. 80 years of age, nail been gradually getting deaf for more ll an 40 years, so that it was next to impossible to mike her heir conversation in the loudest tones of voice. Last winter s ie was induced to try " Scarpa's Oil for Deafness." If is only necessary to add, that she has used two bottles, and that hei hearing is perfectly restored?she is cured. Any information in relation to the case, may be obtained at the store jI Dr. JAYNE, 20 South Thiol .street. Philadelphia, at whic i p' i e also the medicine is for sale. Sold in New York by the u"i u, A B U D Sand*, druggists, 19 Pulton stre< t, comer of (i !<!. and Pulton itiick whole* ale and retail; also sold by I avid Hands &. Co. 77 East Broidway, corner of Market street; Abraham B Sands it Co, 273 Broadway, corner of Clumbers street. Trice $2. jy2fl Imr THE PRIVATE TREATISE. HMII8 is a little volume on certain delicate d:?eates, by Dr. A RALPH, in which the most speedy and private means of can ire it id I in the pltlnctl possible manner. There is no cl -1ol | ttit nts that dot i not highly vslne this 1 itrI book ; hut those whose complaint has been suffered to continue on from inontli to month, are still more deeply interested in it?the cause of such de'vvs. nud the i i:m imeans of cure being carefully explain i Trice SI. Dr. Ralph also orgs to state that he is consulted a (his private residence, No. 88 Greenwich street, at any hour. With a view, however, of obtaining the confidence of strangers counug t > this city, ne begs hereto repeat, what he has stated in another column of this paper, under his remarks '* On Stricture," that,beside his rank as Graduate of Edinburgh, &ic. S*c., he has been engaged in the cure of these diseases, both in horniul and city practice, for more than thirty years, and has published two editions of a work expressly on them. Also, iie has testimonial letters from the most eminent physicians in Europe, to the most eminent in America?as Sir Astlty Cooper to Dr. M ?tt of New York, Dr. Thysick of Philadelphia, and otlurs ;aud that he isi>ermittea to re ft r to almost every phvsiciau of eminence in this city. Communicationsbv post are carefully replied to. Jyl> lm*c D 0C T 0 R B E LlTT l^OCTOR BELL Ji-vo(<? his ptrsonil attention (daily, until 9 P.M.) to the re moral of piirate disposes in erery itatir. All siifTtTiir'limit r pr.itrai ted rases, atfitrarated or unlurct -.fully treated by iuei|ierirnced or prtlendtd practitioner.?thu.e faboriu? under the dr.truclive . fleets of mercury or iitark nostrum., and all who suspect tire remain, of disease lurking in the .y.tem, may consult Di. B. always with a guar inter of a cure. y Persons contemplation msmsire, who hare been the suh| ect. of delicate diseases, may consult Dr. bell wil.i honorable confidence. Post paid letters, descrilung the case of person it a distance, hare hi. prompt attention. Dr. B 'a treatmen Herorernoses to suspicion, and is well known to be safe and permanent. [C7- Prirate offices K CQUKTLANUT STREET, two loots from Broadway. lyjl Irn'e MEDICAL NOTICE" ItJRT rUHLlBHED, THICK FIFTY CENT.*?By Dr. J Fawcett if 1% Fulton street, New York?The great Consoler for the Mind in Distress?a popular enquiry into the concealed causes tliat destroy the physical energy anu the ability of manhood, with observation* on the baneful effects of solitary indulg rate, local or constitutional weikuesi,nervous irritation, consumption, and on the partial cr total extinction of the re-proluctiv. pow* rs. The Dr. is also a Jthorof a new treatise which is exclusively written frir the sensitive female, who, w hile she Mn inks abashed at the idea of revealing her sufferings, may find in its pages ? confidential and capable .ol. 1st. Doctor F. continues to direct his attention to the entire eradicati#n of gounorhcea, gleets, strictures, nocturnal emissions, ivtdiips in it* worst forms, nervous irritation, constitutional debifit*, and all diseases Wrought on by solitary habits. Female diseases treated scientifically jytS 1in*c Office 1% Fulton street. MEDICAL CAUTION .?Patients seeking Medical aid should be exceedingly cautious in the selection ef a Doctor, for it is a serious fact alis ! too true, that of the whole horde of advertising Doctors (so called) in thi* devoted city, not more than one in six possess any legal right to administer medicine, nor are they by nature or education, by any means qualified to administer to the s*ck It is to he deplore d that such basr imposition is suflfered or tolerated in d?fiance of the law which makes it a highly penal >ff? nee to practice medicine or surgery will.out a legal diploma. Dr. Carpenter, however, has no (>ersonal reason to complain in the premises,afor sooth to say, from the late rapid increase of iuark?, and their miserable abortive operations on the credulous invalid, he has received more solid benefit than while the practice was confined to more legitimate hands. TothnoiTi i" iml deluded patient or victim, however, the ?onsr.jiiencei arc all important, a* the issue of life ami death too often depends on the first medical advice. Dr. Carpenter, although an advertising Doctor, came into the wofessioti through the front door of the tnnple?isa graduate )f Union College, a licentiate of the New York State Aledical Society, and for thirty years a practitioner of this city; ^ul his inly reason for advertising for business, so much contemned by he over sensitive on the subject, is to obtain money and cure he sick. Office No. 4 Peck slip, near Pearl street. Charges reason*)le. Office open until half past 0 P. M. a 6 lm*r HOT AND COM) SALT WATLK BATHS. O ABINKAU'9 NVw Hot ami Cold Salt Water Bath., at 'A the foot of De.hro?,e, .treet, (third |der tooth of I'und itrret. North Hiv. r,) are now open for the accominotl itinn of ?)lli l \dii-? a:nl (tf utlomrn. Open from tunrine until II o'clock it iiittht. N. B. The water where the hatha are itationrd ha* been > leepened. w hich render' it a. pnre a* any other aim ifion in the ricimty of New Vork. On Tueaday'i the Bith n t xrlntirely < leroted toladie. m til 3 P. M. A b. ml of rantic'will he m at. i endance every pit want evening. I'rire of a Cold hath ru, < varmhath* 2 V jel 3m*r I TO ?KCriiK THE ENJOY- ; M E NT OK THE HEALTH, ; pllKK Uvn (he numerous complaints with which it is assail- , P ed ilnriff the summer months, no discovery ever yet made n medicine h ? i attained the celebrity?the unparalleled sue- i 'ess, and so established itself in the confidence of the public I otli in the United States, West Indie.-*, and South America, ? ,s has Dr. WhrelviV B ii un of Mosc itcllo. as a inild anil safe ( cmedv for tcure of the various an I daugcrou* diseases, j ausrtf by in-l arising frntn a disordered state of the digestive ? rgans, io wit: dyspr|*ia, cholera morbus, colic, spasms, ( i ii i htca, cnvul i "is, n? i vousiit-ss, aud pain* in the bow els, i Ik efVccis of driukiic: -old wafer, the summer Complaint of t hildren. So*. &c. Tin sc are spec uily removed by this invaln- i hie medii iue?lU efficient and certain action has secured for it 1 he pUronage of every class in society, inasmuch that I)r A"he? le: licei ro twifh) old the secret from any mercenary mo < ives, b& ith it he rather fi.f sesto j re pare it Mm*elf, certain hat vears of experirnci in doing so must make it more pern ct I ban if he trusted ii to he prepared by itieioericueed persons. Certificates of intlnrutial persons, already puMi-hed, are sufieieiitly convincing, when they are voluntary on?*red, of their estimonit s in favor of its merits. Dr. W. has the gratift* } ationtondd the following eminent liersons asrclrfences : M i ?r C. Map. N U. S. A.5 Oeit. Ward, M. t... Westchester , :o ;H. n.O. P.Morris. W. P. IfaJlelt. E?q., Kefrhnm. hw. , f. B. D >dd, K*j., and many others of eunal sianding. 1 his , nedicina is for sale it Dr. W.'soffice. 33 Cfn enwirh street, w ho ( ,?ole proprietor. 11 may ?l?o In- had at (he following .getieieii: , Mr. J M Ihtii. M. on. Hn.htonh Ca.. M. P. Dickie, Mr. J. B. 5",I,| druggi.t., 1 hn l-otlfir1. l>r. Hart, Hml.on.t., Memri , '-d.lnuiou.,227 Hiul.nn ?l.; Dr. Ccttoi: ,2# >B!?*"krr?t. anil a( M r. I.rat I httnli-wller,.! Bowery; Mr. J. t . IVr.ferj ,(21 h Oi l ?(.; Dr. Xahn.kie, Jri-ey City; Dr. W. P. Blagrmr, Aranlic ?t. niiil Mr. |r? t.owe, Kulton ?t. Brooklyn. NO l'H. K.?The of Mo.catello i* not the or*- c rt?,? article utile,, accompanied w ith a p.tnphlrt containing * timerom te.timoniaD, a* alio direction* how it ihnnM h? n.ed alio the bottle, be in, itamped [T^Wheilcr'* or ? loecatello. wOl iyli !?*? 1 DENTISTRY. NO.3 PARK PLA< ErbNEDOORFHOM BROADWAY TO VISITORS AND INHABITANTS. TEETH ? I M PORTA N T NOTICE. 1HON8. MALLAN, Surgeon Dentist, of (lit-did established * x firm of Mous. M til an U Sons of London, Livt r|*>ol aud Pari*, beg* to acquaint the inhabitants and visitors of New r ?i for tl?* accommodation of his iiatient* and the pub lie, he has opetMftd au establishment at No. 2 Park PI are, out* uoor from Broad way, where Mons. M. may be cousulted daily. Attendance datlv, from 10 till 5 o'clock. Mom. Mai Ian Ik Sou return thanks for the rery liberal patronage tnev hare received, and continue to receive, particularly to the medical profession of New York, for their kind recouuneiitistry1*'11 advocating Mom. M.Jk Son's improvement in DenCELEBRATED MINERAL KOR FILLING DECAYED TEETH! Moos. M. fc Son continue In re(tore decayed Teeth, however larye or small the cavity, mikinic a .tuinu lino ?ouml Tooth, insUntly curing the Tooth, however |>aiiiful or sensitive, matchink' in point of color, the natural coru-a or enamel of the Tooth. The mineral is applied in a few aecouds, without the slightest pain, heat, or pressure, and lasts for many years, preventing the necessity of extracting, which is so iiyunou* to the human frame?that painful and disagreeable one ration has such a tendency to sliatter the constitution of delicate and nervous |>erons. INCORRODIBLE MINERAL TEETH!! Moot. M. call, tl.f attention of the public ami ri.itur* of the city of New York and iu vieunty to tf eir celebrated Incorrodible Mineral Teeth, which uai.t the drlelrriou. effect, of acid., and which are not liable to corrosion or di.coluratiou from nn dical |>ie?cri|>tion., cr any othei known cause. They never Wak or ? come loose?they have no uunalurej kIom?aretirraly filed without wire, or ligatures?uo bulky .iih.tanre in (lie mouth?mid ill every nartieular rrteinM. th? adjoining Teeth, in conformity of sliape and minutest shade of color. Placed from one to a coni|>lete ?rt, u|ioti the above improvt d and scientific principle, they are guaranteed to answer ?erv purpose of mastication and articulation, particularly the inability to pve the proper sound to the deuttligual doiblc consonant Til. They are so natnral in appearance, and no ligatures being used, and still so firm in the mouth, they defy detection br the closest observers. LOOSE TEETH securely and effectually fastened, arising either from the use of medicine or any other cause. ARTIFICIAL PALATES replaced upon a sure and scientific method. TO COUNTRY PATIENTS. SCURVY IN THE UUMS cured by a Lotion which can be forwarded to a. y part of the United Stales, with pro|*r directions for use, ai (guaranteed to answer. Also, a preventive and cure for the most fioleHt Toothache. TO THE PUBI OF THE UNITED STATES. M ins. Mall in it Son are happy in being enabled to announce that by the kind consent of three hundred of the first families of the United States, consisting of the first merchants, medical profession, clergy ami private citizens, to whom he can refer as to the superiority of Mons. M.'s celebrated mineral in preference to any other they ha*'e ever tried, ami in tin ir opinion the beat that ever came under their notice. Their other improvements need no comment. INVALIDS Attended by Mons. Mallan, Jr. at their own establishment. THE FACULTY AND PUBLIC Are particularly invi'ed to pay Mons. Mallau a visit, to see the specimens of llieii j V discoveries in Dentistry. MI g. MALLAN b SON May be consultedd from 10 till } o'clock, at No. 2 Park Place, one door fros droadway. CHARGES MODERATE. JUST PUBLISHED, Th? nineteenth edition of Mous. Mall all's Treatise ou the Structures end Diseases of the Teeth, to be had of the author, No. 2 Park Place. CERTAIN CURE FOR DEAFNESS. MONS. MALLAN'S SOUND MAONIF1EKS-INVI1BI.E VOICE CONDUCTORS?To enable |iersoua in' lantly, at an advencud age, and of forty and fifty years standing of extreme di afiu as, and of those who are only slightly dull of Hearing, to join in general conversation, and to catch the sound of a distant low speaker at a public assembly. They are the size of a very small gold seven shilling piece; aud w hen ill the cavity of the ears, they are nut iu the least iwrceptible, Uur more uncomfortable ilia.ii having a small piece of fine wool in its place. And although they are so extremely small, yet they enable those arilictcd w ith extreme deafness to hear, iu every respect, equal to those of most acute liearinv. To be hail of Moss. MALLAN & SON, Suigeoii Dentists, sole agents for the patentee, No. 2 Park Place, one door from Broadway. The above invention has been in use in Euroiie for some years, and is strongly recommended, being one of the greatest discoveries of the age. jy 13 lm*c GUIDE TO S()UND TpTd. JLADlhtS JNKKU NUT DESPAIR. TAIL A. C. CASTLE, Dentist, ,297 Broadway. New York, ' li.u a Marmosilicun Paste, for filling decayed hollow teeth. It ii perfectly harmless in its composition and can be put into the most tender tooth without pain or inconvenience, and with which it becomes impacted as one solid body, maintaining its original appeariuc* and uses for life, The numerous testimonials from ladies in the first class of society speak in the most glowing terms as to its efficacy. The Evening Post, 22d May, says?'Tt is admirably adapted for sore or tender tei th, and to ucrruus persons, and Dr. A. C. Castle operates on the teeth with great care and ability." The following, from the flew Orleans Picayune, Dee. 6th, sufficiently speaks of Dr. C.'s skill as a mechanical dentist: "Lieut. , who was employed ill the Florida service, during an engagement, had one side of his lower jaw and part of the upper shot away. It wan feared that the low would he i*rmatieiu. but meeting with Dr. A. C. Castle, of New York, an artificial substitute, with teeth, was made and fitted in, and the officcrhas now the perlcct use of this shattered hut itiiiMirtant organ, Dt. A. C. C. inserts teeth on the principle of adhesion, by atuiospherir pressure, from one to an entire set ot teeth." Toothache Pills, one of which put in the |iaiiiful tooth will effect a permanent cure. Dr. A. C.C. refers to the S|wnish Ambassador, Spanish Consul, Mrs. (ie'ienl (James, Dr. F. U. Johnson, President of the Medical, Society, and the several I'rolessors of the New York University of Physicians and Surgeons. DKAFS'EsS ?Drs. CsstlupndEdwards. Anrists, 297 Broadway, attend to the cure of deiflhcss, aud ail diseases pertaining to the ears. Acoustic,Drops, sure euro for incipient deafness, noises, or collections in the ear. jy8 lm*r THE TEETH. rPHE TEETH?A reduction of 20 jnir cent?Upper and lower sets of teeth inserted on suction or atmospheric pressure, so as to be woru with eas?* and firmu***s, from a single tooth to an entire set; all can be supplied with the best mineral teeth; toothache cured. For extracting tooth, M cents. Children's, naif price. J. Buskey, Surgeon Dentist, 27 Murray street. next door to the church, west of Broadway. jy'23 eon 3n?*~ ARTIFICIAL TEETH, ON THE PRINCIPLE OF ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE. MLEVETT, Dentist, the introducer into this country, in the year 1817, of inserting Teeth on the above scientific principle, as practised by himself ALONE, courts the attention of the puh'ic to his great improvement Tile established reputation of Dr easy, w ll known, peculiar, and scientific adaptation in supplying the deficietiei, s < I" the Teeth, and the unvaried satisfaction given, which he fully guirante, j ... II .. .. . ..., I ? -c .. . ,_.r... ami gentlemen who harp had arliiicul T?-?111 un.kilfully ?< t, or who mar require law for those dUi'laccd by nature. m. LEVICTT, Oentiat, 200 Broadway, corner of Warr- u st. opposite the rack. [I opy of a Letter from Judge Noah to Dr. Levitt.] Nr.w York, May 2tth, 1842 Dear Sir It is both a matter of duty and pleasure to state, that the set of artificial teeth ou the principle of atmospheric pressure w liieli you made for a lady iu my family, has succeeded in every respect, in appearance, comfort, and utility, and has given entire satisfaction. 1 am, dear sir, your obedient, au7 1m*r [Signed] M. M. NOAH. miscellaneous" mineral water. From the, celebrated royal bavarian S!?RIN<i8 AT K188INUEN. KAKOCZY WATER on the continent, lias the reputation of being the most chalybeate muriatic saliue water known to the Medical Faculty. The Rakoczy ha* an additions mime flavor, and being powerfully promotive of secretion and excretion, a purifyer, a strong solvent, arid at the same time strengthening without heating; itacu like Wiesbaden and Karlsbad (without injuring the stomach).!* a |>otent diuretic, specifically upon the liver, the systems venar. |M>rt. and nlerine system, and dissiI*ting any cxUliug obstruction. The disorders and diseases iu which this water has manifested the most decidedly salubrious effects, are the following : a) aff. ctiotu of the mucous membrane* and obstructions in the digestive organs, arising from local debility, combined With inactivity of the intestinal trietus, want of app< iu . tl ittdsncy . wornis, bloatcdness, ind obstructions In tiie liver and?i?i; ma iiorurum hemorrhoidal affections, against which it has proved a most sovereign ri medy, likewise against b) hyiHichondri i an spleen, when based upon organic affection ; c) disorders of the chest and lungs, asthmatic attacks, from phlegm am! sinci c morbid deposits, such as gouty, ht r^'tic and ptoiic ; ) derangement of the *sjstern, irregularity in menstruation, too scanty or too copious menstruation, sterility, anomalous hemorrhoids, f! tor albus, in so far as those disorders originate from local weakness, obstructions mid plethora nhdominatis; e) obstinate rheumatic and gr.utv affections, especially when it the m tins obi line Uon in Um lower tegion or dn body, above til m th-utrrine system are discovered ; f) chronic diseases of the urinary organs, Blenorrhee, hemorrhoids on the bladder, spasms of the bladde r,atme ; g). jdethora and obesity ; h) chronic cutaneous disorders, debility of the skin, which manifests itself in a disposition to profuse perspiration, extreme susceptibility, a t? udency to colds ; i) gliuJuUr swellings, indurations hum scrophuia and other causes. Regular shipment* constantly received. A r.rwb mtinlv ,.-r ri. II v??? I'mileii circular* ami direction, fnr na*. can be had grati'. FLOKIAN STRAUSS, 523 Prarl atrirt. Sole A^eiit in the United St ite?. To be had alao of Mr. Korltubach, corner of Kvadeaml Httdaon *tnrrt. *2 I rn * r TO THE LADIES. MADAME UOSTEI.LO, Female rhvaiiiin, atill continnei to treat, with aal?ni?hiiut ?uecea?, all diacasci i?culiar to female!. Snpprraaion, irregularity. obnruction. he, by whatever canae oroiltired,can ne temoved hjr Mailam> C. iu a very aoit time. Madame U.'a medical eatahhahment haviuit omlrrjnnr thorough upairaand alteration! for the l?etter accommodation of her unntemnr patient!, .lie ia now prepared to receive Udiea on the point of cotilinemt lit, or ihoee w ho w lah to be treated for olr atruction of ^heir monthly period. Madame C. can be consulted at her reaidence No. 3-1 Liapcn ard at, at all limes, and with the atricteat reaird tnaecraay. AM^cnmtnnuicalioua and lettera muat be poat-|?i<h * CORNS, UUKN8. CORNS. (I Nnrray atreet, MONS. AND MADAME BE R HARD, Com Doctor9. from Par/*, j BEG LEAVE to inform the inhabitant* of New York, that t)r-y will he h ippy to wait upon all who may desire their | l?mce*. Moii*. anu Mad. Berhard hare been practicing in the united State* but a few months, and in that short time have re ;eifed testimonials from some of tnii most eminent *antlemen ind others, a* to the benefit and coinfort which they have revived since they have neen attemled by them. hey have the lonor t.) inform The public thai by a new and peculiar method hey extricate Hard and Soft Lorn*, Bunions, Lallosities.fcc. without cutting. Mons and Made. B, ? <> not attempt, to offer a lostnim requiring *ecre*y or laith to ensure it* efficacy; bat ontidentiy Asturr thoaa who may ffer from troublesome and painful Corn*, that they mi; have the satisfaction of carrying ?way the ir tormentor, the Com. in their hand*. Mons. and Made. B. have in theirpossession upwards of two hoiift.ind certificates from tho*e who have etpenence^ relief at heir hands. Mons. and Mvdr. B. have pra'ticed their profes- i lion for several years in (Germany, France and England, and lave ac joired great skill and much practical experience?a f.ict . Utcsted by numerous certificates from the most celebrated En dish, Erf nch and German physicians, as well as from several of c ine nobility and gentry of those countries, delivered to tin in e ifter four years cure. The operation will not occupy more c ban tin minutes, and the relief isso instanraiierus that the per- r ions thus treated can immediately put on their shoes and walk without the least inconvenience. Ladies and gentlemen will be waited ou at their own resi- , lencr, if they desire it. At home in the morning from 8 till II, and in the afternoon * From 2 till 60 clock. * Office at Boston, 151 Court at* jy!3m*r * lyONDERKI L DI^'GVEILS.-StnkTrbi Turkish Hoi 11 ) turn lor the H 1?r, w l it h v ill rliuuge grey 1l*ir to it* ori- h final Copt 111 ;t hwminnte*. This Solutionis different from r f offered, and cannot fail of superceding all others. It c * highly efficacious, srid possesses the great advantage of " Deantif yuqf the Hair without injuring its growth. Those who jouht its virtu -* are requested t<> liav*- their hair changed heore thev pay their money. If bumboes wouid adopt* this p nethoj, there would be no reason to complain* One trial will row the fact. Sold wholesale ;ind retail and applied at ? hat ham *t, opposite the Hall of Record, New Y?rk. an in ftt a T EK.t HEs L^.KCHEH !?A small quantity of Iresh hralflu Swedish L?tcb?*<, of large and middling *if.e, jnst re- n eived per brig Robert & Louisa, from Hamburg, for sale iu ti ny quantity by m O. A. 8t II. WITTE 131 William st. N. B.?Another lot daily etpeoted by ship Stephani, 1 ap t J rlor, from Hamburg. jy2fi lin*? d MEDICINES. t)R. SHERMAN'S MEDICATED LOZENGES. rpHESK celebrated articles have now been need for m arly A four years, and the k're pn*>f of their efficacy in removiuK the various diseases for which they are recommended is, that the demaud for tnem haa bean rapidly mereasmg, and Ceraoiu who have ones used them not only coutiuue their uae, ut recommend them tf their friends. COUGH LOZENGES. Are the beat medicines ill the world for courhs, eolda, con .umpaon, Mth^k^o^;^cou^^.^VMr,.c?.rcd. Are the only articles which never fail iu rrmovin* worm, ol e?crv deacnulion, both Iroin children and aili lt?. THE CAMPHOR LOZENGES Are a anrerritrn reinrdy for aea aielineaa and urrvnmheadache, palpitation, InwMM ol npirita, aiu) all uer' oiu ilu aaei. The Hou. Aaron Clark, Hon. Ealw. J. Porter, Key. Mr. Handcock, llev. Mr. Dunbar, of the McDouttal atrect Church, have uaed them. . ? , ...... Office 108 Naaaau atreet?AgenU, Ruahtoo fc A?i mwall'i three atarra; S<uda\ 173 Broadway 77 Eaat Broadway; CoddriiMtton, 2/7 Hudaun. c ANOTHER ATTESTATION IN FAVOR OF J. PEASE SON'S 1IOARHOUND CANDY. READ, YE SKEPTICS, AND BE CONVINCED. NEW YORK, July 2. 1812.?Meaara. Peaae & Sou, 45 Di?ision street?Sirs: Tne olyect of this certificate is to inform you and the irnblic of the benefit* I h^vr received iu a long aud tedious illness, fram the use of your Comixmiid Hoarhouud Candy. I have been for twenty sii< yesrs afflicted with a very severe cough, for the cure of which 1 tried numerous medicines, but fouud none that afforded me so much n lief as your Caudy. My cough has been at times so bad that 1 could not rest night or day. I found the spring and fall the most annoying seasons, as nothing I could use would allay the irntan?n* * was seized three years ago last June with spitting blood; I however partially recovered from that attack, and was quit* smart until September follow iug. This attack w as more alarming than the former, so that 1 Rid two regulvr physicians attending me, who told me it was useless to take any more me uicuic, as my ci*e they considered Uoj>eleas. I however made use of Phases' Compound Hoar hound Candy, and I felt the effects of its virtues in the easing of my cough and strengthening of iny frame. 11 am now able to attend to my work, and I feel grateful to you for the invention. I did not use the candy according to direction, but as much as I was able to buy, until you generously furnished ine with sufficient. You can publish this, and its truth will at all times be acknowledged by Yours truly, , Mrs. FRANCES HYATT, 9 Lewis sL Agents?Zieber, 87 Dockst. Philadelphia: Redding. 8 State street, Boston; luwla A Co. 57 State ?t. Albany; H aide in an, Louisville, Ky; Jobton, 36 St. Charles st. New Orleans: Dubois A Co. Mobile, Ala.; Pierce A Teller, Detroit, Michigan; Robinson, 110 Baltimore st. Baltimore; Havilund, Harrow A Allen, Charleston. S C; Peck A Sjiear, Burling, Vt; J. Anthony. New Haven, Conn; J. Gayuor, Richmond, Y?; F. Taylor and W. Figfcer, Washington City, D C; J. A. "Vvadgworfli, Providence, K 1; Avails at Waters, Troy; G. W. Ooiherin, Georgetown, DC; C. H. Hun*, Fredcricksburgh, Va; J. H. Thompson k Co. Wheeling, Va; Mr. Bull, Hartford, Conn; Williams, 68 Genesee st. Utica, N. Y. Each onvelo|?e of the genuine Hoarhotuid Candy is signed J. Pease It Son, in their own handwriting. All letters |H?st paid, diweted to J. PEASE A SON, 15 Division street, will be punctually attended to, aul2 lmr PHYSICIANS PRONOUNCED ME INCURABLE. GENTS Asaevarnl of your certificates are in the fonn of letters I have concluded In adopt the uuii' method to express my grateful thanks to you for the virtue* of your incomparable compound Extract of Iloarhouud Candy, a* ill mv case, under the Meaning of Providence, it has done wotideri. I have lor (he last three or four years been afflicted with aicknraa, my symptoms were severe |win shootinit through tlie top of my shoulders, and faintness at the pit of my stomach, dry and backing cough, great distress in iny back, much spilling of piatter i streaked w ilh considerable blood, loss of appetite, respiration often Very difficult?in abort my physicians pronounced my i or decided consumption, I continued in this state two years, sniffling it times, the ino.t excruciating agonies, and I at last gave up all holies of ever being cured. The first year 1 was under the care of owe of the most eminent physicians who nrououuerd my case incurable. I was suffering in luis state when my sou presented me a large package of your Candy, which, after I had used about two-thirds I began to feel its b. nefits ; and I am now elyoyilig better health than I have for the la.t five vear*. Hoping tins may be of service to others as it baa to me, I ain your grateful friend, Mrs. ANN GOODWIN. 418 Cherry street. To Messrs. Pr.asr. St Pots, 45 Division st. AGENTS?Rusbtou St Aspinwall, 10 Astor House, 110 Broadway and KG William st; Smith, 371 Greenwich: Washhum, 285 Greenwich st; Holdeu, S20 Kivingtou st; T. Martiiir, Brigham, corner Hon*'on anil Aremie D, Dnggs, li8l Broadvav; Stone,corner Hudson aud Montgomery st, Jersey City; K. Blake. Statin Island. Agents in Brooklyn, Hays, 130 Fultou St; Handle}-, 15 High st: Stewart, 75 Fulton st; Berry, 4 Sands si; Crock, r (ItCo. Atlantic and Henry st. au!2 Imr tTEBIO'S ORGANIC CHEMISTRY, Camhriduf. Editio.n?JOHN OWEN, Cambridge, will publish in a few days, the lirst and only authorised American edition of this work. For this edition the translator. Dr. Gregory, lias fnrnisheil new matter not contained in the Loudon edition, or any other, together with the c, rinectr d sheets. All the errors of the early LoudoH copies are retained in llio New York public; tion, advertised as correct. au!2 Itawis3wr TOM A RRIED LADIES' "VfADAMF, RESTELL'9 PREVENTIVE POWDERS, f'-*-?These inraluahle Powdershave Ireeuuniversally adopted in Europe, but France in (auricular, for upwards of thirty years, as well as by thousandsin this country, is being the only rnild, safe, and efficacious remedy for married ladies, whose health forbids a too rapid increase of family. Madame Rested, as is well known, wis for thirty years Female Physician in the two prtncipal Female Hospitals in Europe?those of Vienna aud Paris?where favored by her great experience aud opportunities, she attained (hat celebrity in those great discoveries in medical science so specially aJapti d to the female frame, for which her medicines now stand unrivalled. as well in this country as iti Europe. Her acquaintance with the physiology and anatomy of the female frame, enabled her?by tracing the decline aud ill health of married leinales. scarce in the meridian of life, and the consequent rapid ami often apparently inexplicable eauses which consign many a fond mother to a premature grave?to their true source?to arrive at a knowlerfge of the primary causes of female indis|iositiftns?especially if married females?which, in IWIR, led to the discovery c I her celebrateJ " Prereutive Powders." Their adoption .aas been the mesns of preserving not only the health, but ev?n the life of many an alTeclioiiate wife and fotul mother. The advertiser feeling the importance of this subject, and estimating the vast benefits resulting to thousands by flu ir adoption, would most respectfully arouse the attention of the marrieJ, by all that they hold near and dear, to th> ir consideration. Is it not wise* and virtuous to prevent evils to which we are subject, by simple and healthy nu-aus our control. Every dispassionate, virtnons, and enlightened mind will anhtsiratirurlv answer in the affirmative. 'Plus is all that Madame Res tell recommends or ever recommended. Price five dollars a package, accompanied with full and particular direction*. Tlrey can be forwarded by mail to any part of the United 8t'te?. All letter* must be po .t paid, and aifdressed to MADAME RESTKLL, Female Physician. Principal office. Ma Oreenwirh street, New York. Office hours froin 9 A.M. to 9 o clock P.M. Boston office No. 7 Esses st. jy23 lm*r "SAND'S SARSAPARIL LAT" FJ offering to the public a new preiwration of SaruparilM, it is witli much pleasure the subscribers are able to state that after devofllig years to laborious chemical experiments, they have succeeded in extracting the essential principles on winch the active virtues of Sarsaparilla depend; by the construction of a new, scientific, and iugenions apparatus, invented expressly for this pnipoae?the successfnl o|>er*tion of which in extracting the virtues of the trite Sarsaparilla, renders it one of the greatest discoveries of the age; aud after again combining tliis extract with other articles selected from the Materia Medi ca, it is farmed iuto a comiHiund that has been proved by oracriv. I -xperieuce to possess the important power of immediately arrest ti.'the progress of disease and restoring the patieut to l>erfect health. All diseases arising from an itnjmre state of the blood, or habit of the system, such as Scrotals, obstinate Cutaneous Eruptions, Pimples, Chronic 8ore Eyes, Rheumatism, Ringworm, enlargement and pain of the Bones and Joints, stubborn Ulrofs. Sypilitic symptoms, and all dtaeaaes arising from an injudicious use of mercury, are speedily cured by its use. The patieut, therefore, who uses litis preparation, has all combined that can be usetal for the removal of his complaint. The afflicted are invited to try it at once, mid appropriate to themselves the benefits this invaluable medimjie can hratow. Preparedand sold by A. B. Sands it Co., flj Broadway, cor. Chambers at. Sold also by A. B. 81 D. Bauds, 79 Fulton st.cor. field, and by D. Sands, 77 East Broadway, cor. Market street. Price $1. jy 17 lm*c HIND'S DF.POT OF WEBB'S BURNERS, IMPROVED, at 114 Grand tt., next door to the Broadway House.?The subscriber rcsj?ectfully* informs hit friends and the public in central, that being the inamifaaturer of those Lamps since their introduction, he has,now brought them to thai perfection which makes them superior for cheapness, cleanliness and brilliancy of li^ht to all others now in existence. From his long experience in the business, and the facilities he |n>ssesses over ail others in th? trade, he is enabled to sell st 50 to 75 per cent lower than formerly charg< d by the dealers, and hopes by this great reduction to merit a share of public patronage. The great difficulty here- , Tofore existing in the trimming, so universally complained of by all that have used them, is now entirely obviated by the invention of a Paten' Trimmer, so that a child msv put them in perfect order for burning, witiiout the least trouble. A superior quality of Camphine, at 4s. the gallon, generally old at 5h. aud 6s. which affords a light more brilliant than anyother substance now in use. at an expense to the customer of lens than one half of gas or oil. It is safe,in no way explosive, drops no fire from the wick, and leaves no fire upon it; it is cleanly, leaves no grease marks, and if spilled on clothes or furnitxire, eva|M?rates entirely, like alcohol. The lamps once in order, need no snuffing or raising of the wicks, but merely require to be kept clean and be filled as often as they buru themselves empty. Also, Camphorated Gas, Chemical Oil, and Alcohol, at reduced pricatb Lamps cleaned, repaired, wick'd and altered to btixn ca midline. . Astrel Lamps bronxed and rrgilt. Country mercliants and all others who wish to procure a really splendid article arc respectfully invited to examine his extensive assortment before purchasing elsewhere, being confluent thai ihey will find it to their advantage. N. B.?Constantly on hand, a general assortment of Kitchen Furniture, Stoves, lie. he.; Tin and Copper Hooting, Gutters, Lc.oleis, and Job Work in general executed at the shortest notice. JAMES HINDS, au7 lm#r HI Grand street. MADAME RESTELl,~ T7HT.MAI.K. PHYSICIAN Offlr.. and nu n...? " wich street, where she can he consulted with the strictest I confidmee on all complainti innih ntjto the human frame. I Madame RcstrM's mode of tri-itment in all cuei of irregttla rity or suppression of tlioae fnnctiona of nature ii|ioii which the | health ofrterv femalrtdepends, it such as to requite hut a Vw ilaya to effect a |>erfect enre. Ladies desiring projier medical att? ndance during confinement or other indt(|K>a ition, will lie accommodated during such time, with private and respectable hoard. " Preventive Powders," for married l.adiea, whoa" delicate or precarious health forbids a too rapid inrreaae of family, will lie sent by mail to any part of the United States. Price S'1 a package. All Lettera (poit paid) addressed to 'boa 808, N. Y. city,' will he received. ^Boston Office. No. 7 Esse* street. jyg Im^r dAw PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLS. ISTKtCTFD AJSD eHrraRKT) B? VI. DK BOUDF.LOhlUE, M. I)., LISBON, PORTUGAL. "IMIE Scientific combination of inttrediciita of winch Niese a Pills are composed, have made them the wonder and admi ation of the world. They are known all over Knro|ie to be he only preparation eser discovered that haa proved aivartably ertain in producing the monthly tnrna. Their certainty, in all ases, being such that thee mnat not be need during pregnanev. Or though always mild, safe, ami healthy, they are certaiD to imduce miae.arriage if naed during that period. The directions are translated into English jutd are enveloped vitnd with the seal of the imimiter,atam|ied. Kach boi consins the signature of M. de Bntidcionue, ami the English di, estnma have the signature of Dr. F. MELVEAU, authorised K> nt far the continent of America. They can he transmitted by mail to any part of the United li tea. Letters directed lo J)r. F. Melseau, t?* if. New fork, will meet with immediate atteution. All letter* mnat e post paid. Sold by apimngment at 120 Cherry, near t .athaiae street. Price 13. Half boles 18 No halt noses "ent hy nail. ,1 in'- d&w PUBLISHED DAILY BT JAM 10 S GORDON BBFFBTT, L W. CORNER, FULTON AND NASSAU STREETS. Tnr. Nrw Yoifk Hvrai.d?A daily paper, issued every Horning of the weak?price two cents par copy, f country ?wl?criben fumiahad at the tame rata, for any ?prcific |>*rio<!, on remit tinea in ndrance. No p*p*r aant, ai lest paid in aavuira. Tnr. Wr.r.iir Hfjuld? hm?ad arrry Saturday morning M ina o'clock?price six and a f uarttr renin per copy? furnished ? eonntry subscribers at 13,25 per annum, in advance, or at t>t sme rate Ihr any specified period. CoaaueotsDKivTs are rerreested to address their letters to smsi Gobdow Bbwwett, ProrretOf and > drtor???d til ot| ITS M MhM HI to MM PHI