Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 16, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 16, 1842 Page 1
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TH Vol. VIM.-?Mo. ?H3 ?WiioU Mo. 3070. REGULAR PACKETS." NtSW cin'e 6P llvfirpdol PACkFt*. To ailfrom New York oil the 25Ui aad Liverpool ou the 13th ?/ each month. ^ ^t^a?5 Naw^^aa^ Bhia 8iddon9. Cautalo e. b. Cobb, ailh Auiui' Slap SHERIOAN. Captaiu F. A. Deoeyaier. ?th Septrw'r Ship OARRICK, CapimnWm.8kiddy.Mjh October. 9hi|> ROSCI178, Captain Johu Collina, 25th November. h hoM Liverpool. Ship GARIUCK, Captain Wm. Bkiddy. 13th Au*u?t. Ship ROSCIUS. Ctpllia John Collnu, 13th 8c|*einber. Ship SIDDONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, 13th Octobefi. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Drpeyater. 13th Noiim'i Theae ahipa are all ol'the tint rlasa, upward, of 1000 toua, built in the city of Nrw York, with audi improvement* aa combine ? a ..^,o.l taiirli Hiiuiiial Mmfnrt for iiailt>llLrt>n. V.vttrv rarp has been taken in we arrangement of their accommixLuoiis. The pace of passage hence is $100, for which ample store ? ill be provided. These shipa are commanded by experienced masters, who will make every exertion to give general satisfacNeither the captains or owners of the ships will be responsible for any letters, parcels or packages sent by them, unless regular b'lls of lading are signed therefor. Thes nips of this line will hereafter g j armed, and their peculiar construction gives them security not possessed by any other but vessels of war. For freight 01 passage, apply to E. K. COLLINS 4t CO., 56 9outh St., New York, or to WM. <k JA8. 6HOWN It CO., Liverpool. SLetters by the packets will be cl arged 12>x cents per single ett; 50 cents per ounce, and news|>a|iers 1 cent i ach. aulJr NEW YORK AND HAVRE PACKETS. (SBCOtfD LINE.) Im^lai^of thisTn^wMl hercalteMeave Nev^^rinjii the 1st and Havre on the ltth of each mouth, as follows : From Nrw York. F>om Havre. The new ship ONEIDA, I 1st March ( 16th April Captain {1st July \ 16th August James Funck, r 1st November t 16tk December Sbip BALTIMORE, I 1st April C 16th May Captain < 1st August a 16tli September EdwRriLFunck, f 1st Deccera'rr 16th Jauuary ShipUTK A, { 1st May k 16th June Capta,n a 1st Septemb'r \ 16th October: Frederick Hewitt, ( 1st January t 16fh February New shipS r.NICOLAS, 11st June t 16th July Captain < 1st October < I6lh November. J. B. Pell, ( 1st Februaryf 16tn March The accommodations of these ships are not surpassed, combining all that may be required for comfort. The price of cabin passage is $100. Passengers will be supplied with every requisite. with the exception of wines and liquors. Goods intended for these vessels will be forwarded by the subscribers, frae from any other than the exi>eMes actually incurred on tW rorfreightor^^a^ta^ ^ at 9 Tontine Buildings. FOR NEW ORLEANS. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS. m. M Forn^Toetter accominodation of slug|Hiv it is intended to desiHi'i'h a ship from this port on the 1st, 5th, loth, 15th, 20th, and 35th ui each moiuh, commencing the ltlth October anil continuing until May, when regular daya will be appointed lor the remainder of the year, whereby great delay* and diaap|x>iutmeiiU will he prevented during the turner months. The following ahip> wi I commence thia arrangement : Siup YAZOO.Capuiu Cornell. Ship OCONEE. Captain Jackson. Ship MISSISSIPPI, Captain Hilliard. Ship LOUISVILLE, Captain Hunt. Ship SlIAKSl'EARE, Captain Miner. Ship OASTON, Captain Latham. Ship HUNTSVILLE, Captain Mumford. Ship OCMuLGEE. Captain Leavio. Snip NASHVILLE, Captain Dickinson. Ship MEMPHIS, Captain Knight. Ship LOUISA, Captain Mulford. These ship* were all built in the city of New York, expressyfor packets, are of light draft of water, hare recently been wly rigipcred and put in splendid order, with accommodations lor passengers unrqttelled for comfort. They are commanded by egperienced masters, who will make erery exertien to give Seueral satisfaction. They will at all times be towed up and own the Mississippi by steamboats. Neither the owners or captains of these ships will be responsible for jewelry, bulliou. precious stones, silver or plated ware, or for any Icltrra, parcel or package, sent by or put oil board ol Li tin, unless regular bills oflading are taken for the same, and the value thereon expressed, k'or freight or passage, apply E. K. COLLINS It CO.. 56 South at., or HULLIN fc WOODRUFF, Agent iu New Orleans, who will promptly forward all goods to tlfeir address. The snips of this line are warranted to sail iiunctually as advertised, and great care will be taken So have tne goods correctly measured. m4 OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. <m M'"PHE TJLdTTWe of Packet^or LiverpooWilMiereafter ke -L despatched in the following order, excepting that when the dayofaailingfalL on Sunday, the ships will sail on the succeeding day. For New York. For Liverpool. The SOUTH AMERICA, (June 1 July 19 616 tons, < Oct 1 Nov 19 D. G. Bailey, f Feb 1 Mar 19 The ENGLAND, (June 19 Aug 7 756 tons, < Oct 19 Dec 7 B. L.Waite. (Feb 19 April 7 The OXFORD, (July 1 Aug 19 SOU tona, (Nov 1 Dee 19 J. Rathbone, f March 1 April 19 The EUROPE. I.July 19 Sept 7 61U tons, 'Nov 19 Jan 7 E. G. Marshall Mar 19 May 7 The NORTH AMERICA, Aug 1 Sept 19 611 tons. .Dec 1 Jan 19 A. B. Lowber.l April 1 May 19 The NEW YORK, (Aug 19 Oct 7 900 tons, ' Dec 19 Feb 7 T. B. Cropper.l April 19 June 7 The CAMBRIDGE, , '.Sept 1 Oct 17 850 tons, '.Jan 1 Feb 17 W. C Barslow. May 1 June 19 The COLUMBUS. Sept 19 Nov 9 700 tons, '.Jan 19 Mar 9 G. A. Cole. May 19 Ju|y 7 Punctuality, as regards the day of sailing, will be observed as hegrtofore. The price of passage outward is now fixed at One Hundred Dollars, for whicn ample stores of everv description will be provided, with the exception of wines and liquors, which will be furnished bv the stewards. GOODHUE It CO., 64 South St., C. H. MARSHALL, 38 Burling-slip, N. Y. jslt lyh BARING BROTHERS It CO.. L'pool. STEAM NAVIGATION BETWEEN ANTWERP AND NEW YORK, P7jJ?S O VTHJl MP TOM. BELGIAN STEAMER BRITISH QUEEN. f. Eyvkhoi.t, Commander. The days of departure of this well-known Steamship, have hern filed as follows : From Antwerp, From Southampton, From New York, On 4th Mav. 1842. On 7th May, 1842, On 7th June, 1(42 nit, 10th July, " 7th Aug., " 7th Syrt. " l#fh Sept. " 7tl> Oct., " Price of nasssee, meals not included, to Southampton or Antwerp, $70?Steward's fees, $2 62^. The meals will be served on board, en the plan of a continental hotel, in the best manner, and at fixed and moderate prices, passengers being only -barged when partaking of the same. The pr'ce of passage to either of the above ports can also be rnsaied i( preferred, with meals and steward's fees included for $97 62i? cents, exclusive of wines. An experienced Surgeon accompanies the ship. For freight or passage, o^r?i^ fart her ^inforimuipn, aptly to 152 (m* 41 Beaver street. NEW 51.Y RAILROAD AND TRANS PURTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. --"'Are rH?cc> From the foot of Cenrtlandt street, New York. (Every day?Sunday nfcr rpted.) Leaves New York Leaves Newark At I A. M. At i P. M. At 7* A. M. At IK P. M. 9 do. 4 do. 9 do. 3% do. 11 4\ do. 10X do. i)i do. 8 do. 7 do. 8 do 19 do. ON SUNDAYS. From the foot of Liberty street. Leave New York, Leave Newark. I At 9 A. M. and tK P. M. At 12 Noon and 10 P. M. NEW YORK, ELIZABETH TOWN, WESTFIELD. FLAINFIELD, BOUNDBROOK, SOMERVILLE, Ac. Lesve New York. Leave Elisabeth Town. 9 A. M. 7 A. M. P. M. (Si A. M. 4 " 12 M. 4?< P. M. 5 P. M. 9*< " The trains of tha Somerville Railroad (fo. connect witli these lines each way daily, Sundaye excepted. Ir.i**'-uK?n arr reqursiea to purcna?e uneu ai me omcr. 1001 of Liberty tlreet. Fare between New York and Elizabeth Town 25 rents. ?. A and 8omerville, 75 centA. NEW VORK. RAHWAY AND NE\fr BRUNSWICK. Fare reduced. From tht foot of Liberty street, daily. Leave New York. Leave New Brtiuswlck. Al H- At 7H A. M. *X r. M. II A. M. 9 P. M. Fare between New York and New Brunawick, 'J eente. Railway, j, cent* The fare in the 7K A. M. train from New Brunswick, aud 4V P. M. train kom New York, has been reduced between New York and New B runawick, to M cents. " and Rahway to J7X " On Snndaya the 7X A. M. trips from New Brunswick is omitted. Passengers who proenre their tickets at the tinfcet office, veceire a ferry ticket gratis. Tickets are received by die condactnr only on the day when purchased. m2fi 3m "FARE"ANCTRElGflT REDUCEt). "Tt K <J UL ARM A1L LirJE'FwR pY) Wd BOSTON, via STONINOTON AND NEWPORT , composed of the following superior steamers, running in connection with the Stoiiington and Providence, and Boston and Providence Railroads? MASSACHUSETTS, Captain Comitock. RHODE ISLAND. Captain Thayer. NARRAOANSETT. Captain Woolsey. MOHEOAN, Captain Vandrrluh. One of which will lease New York daily, (Sundays eicepfed) from Pier No. I, North River, Battery Place, at five oflock, P. M. A* agnate ms ist. The NARRAOANSET, on Monday, for Htonington, and Tlinrsday, for Stonington, Newport snd Providence. The MASSACHUSE TTS, on Tuesday, for Stonitigton, Newport and Providence, and Friday for Htnninglon. The RHODE ISLAND, on Wednesday, for htonington, and Hsturday, for Stoningion, New|?wt. snd Providence. Passengers on the arrival of the strainers at Stoningtmi, may take the Railroad Cars and proceed immediately to Provi dener and Boston. Freight taken at the following mnrh rednced rates To Boston, on gooda weighing forty pounds or npwarda to he cubic foot, at ?3 M per ton, and on measurement goods 7 cents per foot. To Protidcuce, on measurement goods5c?nta per cnbie foot, and specific article* as per urll to bo obtained at office 33 roadway. mllSmr E NE' NE RAILROADS & STEAMBOATS. PHKIGHT ANI) PA88AGK TO PITTS- I UI'UU. BiNor^'imr^^ ! Tin* proprietors of Bingham's Tiansiiortation Line tc Pitts- 1 burg, give noiitr (0 tlie Merchants of N'?w York, and alt otliri pursotu shipping to the Writ, that thrir line la uow in acti'r oprrttior Goods ooiuignrii to them (or arnt to go in their 1 line,) will be lorwarded with despatch. Owitcra or shippera of goods, destined for the Western States, who have no agent or consignee at Pittsburg, will 1 please consign their goods to William Bingham, Pittsburg, who will attend to snipping all such consignments without dnlay. < All goods should be marked distinctly on sacn package 1 BINGHAM'S LINE. 1 for ates of freight, which are as low as any other line, apply < o WM. TYSON. Agent, 1 No. I West street, opposite Pit r No. g, N. R. N. B. Passengers forwarded to Pittsburg aud Pottaville.every day, Sundays excepted. Refer to R. Crooks, American Fur Co.; S. T. Nicoll, I Front street ; Phelps, Dodge St Co., Fulton street ; Suydam, Sage St Co ; Wm. Rankin. Duryev St Co, Newark. inti 3m RAIL ROAD ALBANY AND SARATOGA. -NiaWBS t?R _arv? ? y sjs w Traveller* to Saratoga Springs, l.akr G.i rrr, Win'r:i;il 1 anil < Lower Canada, are informed iliai they will insure to diem- i selves an expedition* au<l pleasant conveyance to the i Springs by taking the K<il Ro t I cars at Albany. HOURS OK DEPARTURE. From Albany. From Saratoga. At 6 o'clock, A. M. I At 7 o'clock, A. M ' 9 " " " ' " 3 " P. M. | " 3H " P M. There is no change o! Coaches or Baggage Wagons, or shirting of Baggage from one Steamboat to another on this loute. Passengers on their arrival at Saratoga, w ill the I stage coaches in readiness to convey tnein to Lake Ororf* anil Whitehall on t Lake Ch*inplaiu; connecting with all the Northern anil Eastern Stage routes. t A Stage (for the convenience of passengers who arrive by the afternoon train from Albany,) leaves Saratoga at S o'clock 1 A. M. arrives at Whitehall in lime for the departure of the i Champlain steamboat of sune day, and bring < eastern trav Hers to Rutland, Vt. early in the evening. N. B. There are baggage wagons always in readiness, at Albany, on the arrival of the steamboats ami rail road cars, to carry the baggage of passengers direct to and from the depot and steamboat at the rate of6la cents per trunk or package, or 12>i cents for ordinary travelling baggage. The departures for the west are fixed for the season atTK o'clock, A. M. and 7 1'. M. JOHN COSTIGAN, Superintendent. Albany, June 27th. 1812. je27 3in r RAILROAD NOTICE. MARKET AND FREIGHT LINE. THF. NEW JERSF.Y Railroad"and Transportation Company have established a Freight Line between NewBrunswick and New Vork, which thry iutend to run permahently. Leaving New Brunswick at i)i A. ,\I. daily, (Sundays excepted) aud the fool ol Liber tv ueet. New Voili, at P. M. To country dealers anil nie.i.i..\nts the above line is lery deairable for the s|ieedy and cneap conveyance ol merchandise of every description, and more particularly to Drovers and Dealers in Live Stock, who can have ISO head of cattle conveyed between New Brunswick aud New York, the aaine day whenever required. The rates for the transportation of cattle, horses, males, sheep, hogs, Ac. and all other kinds of merchandise are very low, never exceeding steamboat prices. Merchandise xent by this lino is not subject to any extra charge in crossing the North River. The Company have lilted np a large storehouse at New Brunswick, adjoining the Railroad Depot, which will always beopen for the raceptiou of meichandise. Passengers purchasing their tickets at the ticket offices, will receive ferry tickets gratis. (17" Freight for Newark, Elizabethtown, Rahway, Westfiela, Plaiuneld, Scotch Plains, Boutidbrook and Sotnemlle, is conveyed by the above lines, and delivered the same day when received. ml4 8m* I NEW YORK, ALBANY. TIIOY AND BUFFALO EXPRESS OFFICE, 2 Wall strwt, New York. Mis . The subaeribers Imve established their Express Line through to and from New York, Albvuy, Troy and Buffalo, and the intermediate places upon the route,leaving eacn place every [ evening (Sundays excelled) for the speedy and safe transport ation of specie, bank notes, valuable parcels, par haves, bundles and cases of goods, the collection and inymeiit of bills, draffs, acceptances, fcc purchase ands'le of goods and pne dnce bv sample,and will attend promptly to such othe. transient business as may be rntiusted to their care. Arrangements have been made with the steamboats upoc in* | Hudson River and Railroad Com|>aiiies wast of Albany, for separate apartments and ears, thereby affording the greatest possible dispatch with unusual safety and regularity. au9 r POMEROY h CO STATEN ISLAND FERftY. Foot of Whitehall street. The steamers STATEN ISLANDER and SAMSON will leave New York and Staten Island every hour, from t A M to 7 P M. All goods are required to be particularly marked, and ate at the risk of the owners thereof. jyl OPPOSITION LINE FOR ALBANY. FARE REDUCED!! CABIN PASSAGE $1 00 BERTHS. 0 75 FREIGHT TAKEN AT REDUCED PRiUES. jgM The commodious Steamboat WASHING^-r^e>W?TON. Captain J. M. Brown, having made AwLarrangements to change her days of leaving New York, will hereafter leave the foot of Robinson street, New York, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday afternoon, at 5 orlock, and Albany, every Monday,Wtduestlay, and Friday afternoon, at i o'clock, landing on her passage eacn way at the foot of Hammond street, Newburgh, Poughkeepsie, Kingston Point, Cattskill and Hudson. For freight or postage, apply to the Captain on board. Or to D. RANDOLPH MAUTIn. No. l?a We.tstreet. jy? lm?c j OA FOR EASTPORT. CALAIS, ST. AN- ' DREWS tk ST. JOHSi'8.?Steamer HUNTT~ ttJEpHESS, CapL T. U. Jcwpft. PiiMfOifn wilt leive Boston every Friday, at 10^ A. m. in tkf Cms 0# the Kastern Railroad for Portsmouth, from winch III ICC tkav will ha MBVMraj Ira iha w??ll knnwn Hunt- { rest to the above places. Returning, the Huntress will leave St. Johns every Tuts- ' day, at 7 A. M. and Eastport at 2 P. M. and arrive in Portsmouth ! on Wednesday in time for the 4 o'clock train for Boston. Fare to Eastpoit, SC I Calais and St. Andrews, $6 54 '' r 81 (Meals estra.) This route offers to persons seeking enjoyment, many in- ' ducements?a country abounding in fine lakes and the most choice fishing ; also game of all kinds, with other attractions , interesting to sportsmen. a7 2m*r EVENING LINE FOR ALHANY ULKECT, : /.-a At seven o'clock, P. M., from the steamboat fli?nier between Courtlandt and Liberty streets. TT ar ig- The steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. < L. W. Brainard, leaves the above pier Monday, Wednesday, < and Friday at seven o'clock, P. M. i The steamboat ROCHESTER, Capt. A.St. John, leaves the above pier Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon, at seven o'clock. < The above boats ars new and substantial are furifthed with I elegant state roams, and in every rrspectareu nsurpassed among ; the Hudson River steamers. For passage or freight, apply on board, or to < V. C. 8C1IULTZ, 1 At the office on the wharf, or on board, I Passengers taking this line of boats, will at all times arrive | at Albany in time for the first train of ears for the east and < west. iy4 I sMM sga HEALTHY EXCURSION TO THE 1 FISHING BANKS OFF SANDY HOOK J iP ?The fast and substantial steamerUTICA, Captain J. W. Han cos, will commence making daily excursions to the above place, on Monday, July 25th, and continue to run every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, 1 and leave am follows :?Foot of Hammond street at a quarter I past 8 o'clock?Canal street at half psat 8?Pike street, E. K., at c 9?Pier No. l.N. R., at half past 9. A B?ul of Music is en- ( gaged. Dinner and all kinds of refreshments will be furnished | onboard. On the return the Utica will remain at FortHamil- 1 ton hall an hour. Fare 25 cents each way. I The UTICA will make an Afternoon F.icursion around f Staten Island on Sunday, July 21th, and continnr every Tues- S day, r riday, and Sunday, and leave aa follows :?Foot of Ham- I mond street at o'clock?Canal street at 2?Pike street, E.R. at half past 2?Pier No. 1, at 2X o'clock, P. M., and arrive ia the city at 7 o'clock. Fare 25 ccnuesch way. jyiS2m r /flOl _ OCEAN HOUSE, Long Branch, Kumson, ' Brown'* Dock, Middletown, Eatontown Dock > w. M w onl Red Bank, Shrewsbury .?The steamboat | IOLAS, t aptnui Allaire, will leave New York from Fulton , Market Slip, East River, every morning at I o'clock for R*d , Bank, (eicent Tluirsilav, on which day the boat goes to Eatontown Dock.) Returning, will leave at I o'clock each day. The lolu will run as above, navigation and weather permitting. until further notice. All freight and baggage at th? risk of the owners ihe-eof. Jane 21, 1842. ic2f)?mc kennebec"and boston. The new sud splendid steamer J. W. RICHC* -7v. -j? MOND, Nath-Jiirl Kimball, master, will IL?JkmL leave the north tide of T. wharf, Boston, T .I.. ....1 L\? I, , , i 7 oVI.wk P.,. . r and lUllowelf; and retiming wiilTraTe Hallowell on Mondayi and Thursday at 2KP. M., landing each way at Bath. 1 Fare from Boston to Hallowell, $:i 00 Bath, 2 JO Stages will be in readineaa on the arrival of the boat at Hal- ( lowell, to convey passengers to Augusta, Waterville, Bangor. V Belfast and Quebec. Flrtons travelling for pleasore will find 0 fewl pleaaanter routes than this one to Quebec, as it runs through a country abounding in beautiful scenery ?the roads 0 are good, and the rolela well kept?the distance 210 miles. J y 10 2m*c JiCT- IfoR LIVERPOOL New Line?Kegula , Mrjwypacket of 2Jth August?Tile splendid packet ship , JUiKbSIUDONH, ' aptam E B Cobb, o. 1000 tons, will po 1 uruyely sail as above, her regular uay. p-r It. ight or passage, hiking accommodations unequalled lor splendor < r c rfort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, Or to E. K. COLLINS ?t CO. J6 Soutn ireet. ? Price of passage $|oo. Ji poraet shin SHERID AN,L u I nn A. Depeyster, of IftoO J1 tons Will succeed the SlDDONH, and sail 2Jlli September, her J regular day. < ,,_****ngers may rely on the ships of this line sailing punetu- * ally isadyertited. aulir ' Poll HRW All LEANS?Positively ftrst and only ' IffJaV Kegnlar Paeket?Louisiana and New York Line.? Hon. TvTrV f"1 "ilin? ticket alyp LOUISVILLE, , wiifsail M above * portion other cargo on boaid, For freight or passage, having superior furnished accommodations, apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall st. or to > ? ii v F" K-ROLLINS It CO. if, South st. Great eare will be taken to have ihe gonda by this line cor . rectly measured. * Agents in New Orleans. Hullin k Woodruff, who will | i, forwunl .III I'm,,!, I,, f|? If mi|',r ' 1fit OLD LINE FOR LIVERPOL?First Regular ' 8h,p%F.W YORK, l;,?.lnf^,ti \ JgaiglMte " despateh.d as above, her regular day. Die aceom- ! iniHiaii ois for ealiiti, second cahiu and steerage paasengera by the Old, or Black Ball Line, are nnsprpasaed. For pasaage ' which will be at the lowest rales, apply to ' y JOHN HERDMAN, #1 South st. * N. B.?Passage from Oreat Britain and Ireland, via Liver- / pool, can as usual be secured by any of the line of packets, and ( nrsfls furnished for any amount, payable throughout the Unit ed Kingdom, by applying at above. auli W YO W YORK. TUESDAY M( OCULISTS. D O C TO R J. K R A NCTS"' CELEBRATED EYE WATER. NO. 10 UAHC. Y STREET, within two doom of the A>tor Hi l Hi? preparations are * perfect cure for all ntlnminatoryu tse of the eye, weakness of aiKkit, fcc., ?.a lever fail in ret run nebulas of the longest stnudiiiXi without tnysurxical operation CERTIFICATES. 1 certify that Jacob Valentine, a youth of about fifteen years >f a?e, was brought to ray house last fill, at>|iareiitly blind. He' tailed on inr to-day, and slates that he has heen the patient ol Dr. J. Francis, whose treatment has heen the means, under liod, oflestorim: his sight. JAMES Mil,NOR, Rector of St. George's Church, Beekinanst. This is to certify that two of my children were afflicted with Jiseaaed eyes for a lenxth of time, one of them was almost blind with uebulas, covriimt the sight. Krery remedy was resorted lo without any good effect, and des|iaired of them ever being recovered. They are now perfaetly restored to sixht by Dr. J. Francis' celebrated preparation. I was almost blind Tor twelve veer*, and in live week*, under die skilful treatment of Dr. J. Francis, iny sight it now per fcctly good and strong. MAKTHA BROWN, 177 Forsyth street. 1 certify to the above being a true statement. 1EORUE BENEDICT, Pasto of the Stanton street Church. I was nearly blind for tws ity years with a cataract in each ic and from the use of/Dr. Francis' wonderful pre|*ratiou for .hat disease, my eyes are now perfectly recovered. HESTER JOHNSTON, 41 Eldridge street. We, the undersigned, ha v in .'witnessed the astonishing efli:acy of Dr. Francis' preparations lor diseases of the eye, lulu-sir iiiugly recommend uicin to the notice of the (ublic, as rain aid remedies. Duncan Dunbar, Pastor of McDongal st. 4'hurch. S. H. Cone, Pastor of the Kiisl Baptist Chuich. John Peck, Agent of the Home Mission Society. Jacob Uiouuer, I'astorofthe North Bat list Church. Joseph Audreade, Roman Catholic Priest of St. Peter'a Church. Numerous certificates can be seen at the olTice. Prepared and >oltl only by Dr. J. Francis, 10 Bviclay street. New York. Artificial Eyes inserted, which cannot be distinguished from he uatural, without giving the slightest pain. Dr. J. Francis respectfully informs his friends and the public, hat in consequence of the increase of Ins business, Dr. Uleltny, Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, London, and of the New York Medical Society, lias joined him, and every coutileoce can be placed iivhis professional skill as an Oculist. Olfiee hours from 9 A. M.. uutil 6 P. M. jy 10 Jm*c DISEASES OF THE EYE. 11. K. DIOSRY, OPHTHALMIC SURGEON, No. 207 BROADWAY, Entrance in Fulton Street, opposite St. Paul's Church. ATTENDS TO DISEASES OK THE EYE. AND ALL THE NECESSARY OPERATIONS THEREON. OFFICE HOURS FROM 9 TO (> O'CLOCK. II tving coin'doted his studies of i years wuli uR. ELLIOT*!', Ocnliit, and heen suhseqiiently engaged as his assistant, H. K IJio.s is enabled to undertake the treaHnent of all diseases affecting the organs of > ision. Terms moderate and graduated to the nature and esteut of the disease. Permission is given to tefer to Ins late instructor, and also to some of the r.ost eminent Professors of the Medical Faculty in New York. N.B. The poor treated gratuitously au4 lm*r DISEASED EVES AND INFLAMMATION OF TIIK KVK L1US. ANY disease or weakness of the rve, or inflammation of the eye lids, can be uuicklyaud safely removed, by the use uf the ROMAN EYE BALSAM. Mrs. Davis, No. 77 Esses creet, has been cured of inflammation of the eye-lids and weak eyes, of years duration, by using only oneiur of the Eye Balsam. Miss Fitz Gerald, No. 2 Market street, had for two or three years been so much afflicted with weak and inflaininrd eyes, that at times she could scarcrly see to read. Her eyes hare been completely restored by this Balm, after all other means had failed. Hundreds have try its healing virtues, been restored to light, where almost total blindness, caused by excessive inflammations, had existed for years. The " Hainan Eye Balsam" has been a long time used iu private practice by the most eminent oculists in this and fr reign countries, and its astonishing efficacy in removing all disease, and inflammation front flic eye, has established for it a reputation far beyond the reach of auy other preitaration. IN DIMNESS OK SIGHT, caused by fixed attention to minute objects, or by along exj>o*iire to a strong light, audio the weakness orparlial loss of sightfrom sickness or old age, it is.a sure restorer, and should be used by all who find iheirsight failing without any api>arent disease, rut up iu small jars with full directions for use. Trice T7U cents. Prepared and sold, wholesale and retail, by DAVID SANDS it CO., No. 77 East Broadway, corner Market at, N. Y. Sold also by A B Ik D Sands, 7!t and 100 Fulton street, and by A B Sands and Co., 273 Broadway, corner Chamber street. JvM lm r TAILORING. REMOVAL. PHILLIPS' CASH TAILORING ESTABLISH MENT, Is removed from 145 Broadway to No. 7 Aator House. ECONOMY IN GENTLEMEN'S DRESS. Garments of a most .h-gant and Kaahieuuble kind r t a saving of 60 per cent for cash. 'T'HE advertiser d> tns it unnecessary to resott tJ the hackA neyed system of giving a list of nominal prices, presuming flint flu- Iptuftk offline- lip lita hpp rt galislilialiPil fiu'ptliitr with the extensive patronage bestowed on lum, win prove a sum eient voucher for Ins capabilities. Possessing the advantage ol bring connected wirh sn extensive cloth establishment in Europe he confidently assets tlmt he can furnish clothes which, on comparison, will be found lower than any other house making up the nest descriptions of gentlemen's dress, myl 3in PHILLIPS, 7 Astor House, Broadway LOOK OUT. He who steals my purse steals trash, But he who fustics from me of my good name Hobs me of that which not enriches him. But makes me poor indeed.?[Shakspeare. MARSHALL. AT HIS ONLY TKOY SHIRT DEPOT. No. 90 Chatham street, makes the above quotation, because others endesvor to filch from him his good name, fame, and reputation. We live more than once made public the many iinposit ona practised on dealers, strangers and others, in pursuit of our highly reputed Troy Shirts, Bosoms, and Collars. But now that immsitions are on the increase, therefore, we shall keep these facts before the public, which will expose imposters, and may rut off their wicked designs. Make no mistakes therefore. " Marshall's only Troy Shirt Depot" is painted on our awning ind window. Be |>articnlar, however, to see the tnfme " MarihallV'on our window and about our store. No. 9(1, oar onlyTroy Shirt Depot, is situated about 16 doors from the corner of Pearl and Chatham streets, and on the right hand side in Chatham street, in passing to the City Hall. Seethe name MARSHALL s _/J and von arc correct. CATALOGUE OK PRICES. Strong made Cotton Shirts, with linen bosoms, collars tnd wrist bands, warranted, at per dozen, $7?7 50?8?8 50?9?IP? 10 50-11?12?12 50?15?16?16 50-17-18?20?21?22 50-24?25 !ti 50?27?28. All Linen Shirts, i>erdoz. $20?20 50?25?27 50? 10?32 50?36?38. Plain Cotton Shirts, |w r iloz. $5 50?6?7?7 50 ?8?9. Colored Shirts, pei dor. $5?5 50?6?7?8?9?10- 11. Collars jnst received?In addition to onr former large stock of tollars of every description, 1000 dozen, all Linen collars, at iO cents per dozen, 62c?75c?87c?$1?1 25?1 50?1 75?2?2 25 ?2 50?2 75?3?3 25?3 50 and 4 00, including our >iew atyle. Marshall's Byron Collars, which have been so highly approved if. These goods, with our plain and ruffle bocoina. can he bund jt many of the principle ready ma le linen stores tnrough>ut the city, andjat the manufacturers, I[7""Marsriall's [C^ only Troy Shirt Detail, No. 98 Chatham street, New York. We taution dealers and others against the many mistakes that have >ecn made of late, in consequence of seeiug ticketed prices in inmr of the windows. Recollect, no marked or ticketed irices are to he seen in oil-window. Bui remember this the tut of onr store, with the prices attached, will be circulated for .he benefit of all. These circulars only may be seen in onr window : and, furthermore, we advise again, see the name and lumber, Manhall'a, No. 98." No patronage asked of those who beat down. jyl5lrn*c TO THE L'ADlEsT FASHIONABLE MILLINERY GOODS.?The propne" trey. Miss S KINO, daughter of the Celebrated Carl King, iff. r> for sale a most select and choice aasortmcnt of Millinery .foods, for the spring trade, never as yet presented to the pubic, both as regards the quality and cheapness of the articles rhe assortment consists of the following The celebrated SILK HAT, CALLED CAPOTTE D'OR- EANS, as worn by L.i Due lie me D*Orleana, of France, SHED SILK, ENTIRELY NEW AND ORIGINAL STYLE?And Lawn Hats do do?An entire new style o data called " MOIHNE CAPOTTES, ELSSLER COTTAGE. Parisianand English FANCY STRAWS, of the finest inure, in great variety. i The Proprietress respectfully solicits the ladies to favor her filh acall, and examine her elegant and varied stock of Milinery for themselves, before they purchase elsewhere, as it will be s great saving to them in price and a great advantage as eganla Uie variety anil quality 01 the goons. MISS 8. KINO, Magazine de Modes, jy2? Im*f 291* Broadway. IMPORTANT TO THE ! PUBLIC. A LL who with to economize can obtain Clothing of the hett tl quality remarkably chi ap, at 205 Canal street, one door vest of Hudson. Alto, a large aatortmeut of Cloths, Cattinerea, Vesting*,and Summer Ooods, from which Clothing of II kinds are made to urJer in the beat manner at eery reduced rices, 205 Canal atr-et. jel9 Jm*r SHIRTS. 3HIRT8 made to order, after the moat approved French faahiotia. Gentlemen's Garments of all description* made to rder at the shortest notice. -Qr.nJlfmen's Furnishing Store 07 and 69 Maiden lane, corner f William Mreet. Cm'r __ WILLIAM COLLINS. A CARD TO THE LADIES. PARIS DRESS-MAKING ESTABLISHMENT?No. i l 77* East Broadway, one door from Market street.?MRS. J V. H. JEFFERH, late Miaa S. Purser of 293 Broadway, a et|iertfiilly informs her former cnatoniera and the Ladies c chorally, thai she baa r. .WMMMIMd tli- Dreas-makimr busi- f ipsa at the above-named establishment, where the will ilerote ier attention to their service, and conliih utly assurea tlioae allies who may favor her with their patronage, that Dross. a. doaka, Habits, Sir., enttrated to her skill, shall be deliver ( ,1 ao perfect in style, fit, and finish of workmanship, as not o be eicelled at any of the 'moat approved establishments * Jroadway, and for much more moderate i>ricet. ? MRS. W. H. JEFFER8, 77* East Broa.. n N. B.?Masters, Miaaea and Childreut' dresses made to order J' it the ahortest notice. a2 imh STRAW GOODS. T BENNETT, 19 John and III* William itrrita, im- r porter and manufacturer of Italian and English Straw [nods, respectfully infortna hit customers and ihe public in ? [enerrtl thai he has on hands splendid and eitenaive aaaort- f, nent of ladies fashionable straw goods, which he offers for ? isle at very much reduced prices, viz.: French tnd English r, timetables, Italian Rutlanile, Fancy Hchcll snd Imperial (a ? ery fashionable and beautiful article) fine Tuscans, Albert Straws, Ice. Itc. 1 Also, an entirely sew article, the White Siberian Hair 1 lonnet, which for the tOuimer wear surpasses all the styles as ;et introduced, being eitre nely light, durable, white and bcuuifnl, and will clean as well as a tnscan. a5 lm*c COLLECTIONS on all psrts of the United States, made on ^ tho most favorable terms, by 8. J. SYLVESTER, 22 Wall st. I. sU I and IM Broadway. RK I 3RNING, AUGUST 16, 18 miscellaneous. french, enolish and classical academy. No. 7 DIvUloii-street. TN consequence of the entreaty of a number of iwtron* whoie 4 children fre.|urul this ichool, the uioImmkiomI will rontiuuc li? iiutnictioni Juiing the coming racaliou*. and by th#*e mMia open au armor to lho?e who pre fer achool to racaliou. I Or int.-lit of till* iiutitulr ia a rapid and I bo rough knowledge of the Freurh and Eiigluh 1 tliguaa't-i, Mallie malic*, Natural Philotophy, Ike. The atudrnt of tlir Latiu and Oreek will, in a *hort time, be prepared to enter College. The Krenrli being the predominant branch, will of cour*e be *|K)krn in the claues. The *ruion cominenee* on the lA of Augu*t, yet pupil* may obtain admi??ion any time |?ienScan make u convrnieet to *rnd them. The term* are moderate, a* will be *een ill the circular*. kj n m. t. *" LUX, Principal. N. B.?The Evening School i* o|>en for young meu only. jy?2w?r ASPHALTUM AND MINERAL TAK. john lovvitz, a f No. 3 Wall-Street, HAS constantly on hand natural Asnhaltum Hock and Minet ^ ral Tar, which are^ used for the following purposes uaiurua miu murWitlKS. Flaring ol Buildings and Cellars, whore the exclusion of moisture is required Canals and Bridges. Piers, Wharfs and Docks. Vaults. Batlia, Aqueducts,Reservoirs, Sewers. Terraces, Roofing. Coating of ires wi rk, to prevent its oxidation by air an water. Coatinit of timber woik, used at railroads, kc. Markets, slaughter ho ises, and Bonding warehouses, where he iselusion of vermin is required. jvtlmeod*r |OHN GABRIEL VERKEN or WEKREN.s Native of ** Switzerland.?Anv one who has ever known or heard of this individual, or of a persua of a similar name, will please communicate the fact to me, as this information Is of iiniiortance to some of his family. Ills real name was John Gabriel Verren ; but in a foreign land it may, like many other names, have been changed,or become corrupted in its spelling. He came to the 1 niled States in the year 1786, aud lie is supposed to have resided in the State of Pennsylvania, and to have died there ; but as no trace of him as yet has been discovered, the information received by me u|x>a the subject is probably incorrect, and 1 now take this means of making a general inquiry throughout the Union, at eod lin"r P. F. STAIGER, Philadelphia, Pa. ECONOMY, ELEGANCE, AND GOOD LIVING. rpHE undersigned has, at agreat expense, fitted up one of the A largest and most spTelflnd Coffee ami Eating Houses in New York, in which one hundred iiersons at least can sit down to au excellent and substantial-breakfast, dinner,and tea, [from the choicest suppliesoflhe markets, with a bill of fare not ex celled either as regards quality or numberof dishes] by any hotel in the United Stales, and varying in prices from six ra nts to ohe shilling and eighteen )x?nre jier dish. The purest Javs and Moclta coffee and the Very best teas, anil served at only three oeuls per cup. Aiul all other refreshments iu proportion. The waiters are uniformly civil ami polite, and every visitor may be assured of feeling in this establishment quite at home." In fact, every department of the business is under the superintendence of competent overseers, whose sole care and attentiou are directed to the comfort aud conveniences of customers and guests. HENRY GOSLING, Proprietor of the French and American Eating House, Nos 64 and 66 Nassau st, between Jeliti st and Matdeu Lane. P. S.?Open Sundays for breakfast, dinner and tea. jelft Jmr JNTRE8S.?UndeTihe"caTeof PROFE880R WEBSrE K a ol Harvard University.?t ambrulgr edition ol LlEdlU'S new work ou Organic ('hemistry ill its applications to Physiology and Pathology. Kilitril fiotn the Author's Manuscripts, by William Gregory, M. D.. (ke. The only correct and authorized edition will be that now limiting at Cambridge. For this edition the author and editor have not only supplied all the corrections and alterations, but new and additional matter not contained in the London edition. To the Cambridge edition will also he prefixed a biogiaphical sketch of Proleaaor Liebirg, and an account of hta other works. The delay in the appearance of the work here has been caused by the non- rrival of the last pagea ; these have now been received, and the work will be out in a few days. Persona drairont of obtaining the correct and perfect work will address the publishers, Messrs. James Munroe aud Co 134 Washington street, Boston. BuiTo.x.Juty 26, 1012. a3 Haw 31 r 811.K BANNERB, Ike. IJANNINGTON St CO., 293 Broadway, near Read street, J 1 Respectfully inform the Order of I. O. of O. F., and their friends generally, that thev are now prepared to execute orders for Flags ami Banners in the moat superior style lor beauty, durability, and economy, having Bilks made for the express occasion that will make the largest batmen without dislignring it with a seam. Specimens and Designs can be seen at their Establishment, 293 Broadway, or sent to any part of the Union. For style, design, and execution of works of the kind, we refer to the Getty's Banner, No. II, I, O. of O. FT, as also to Greenwich, No. 4J), Harmony, 44, Covenant, 33, Perseverance. 17, also Military Coinpauies and Sunday School Banueii, and the societies St. Nicholas, New England, St. Geoige, St Andrews, St David, tkc Ike. Window Shades in great variety, fram $1 each to the richest and best, painted by the most eminent artists. Stained Glass, after the manner of the ancients, warranted never to change color, with many recent improvi mcnts for church windows and other public ami private building*, steam?. an, packet ships,store windows, Sic Ike. Imitations of Stained Glass, painted on muslin for church winitows.very close imitation of the real glass,at a very tnthug expense, or uu glass obscured aud painted in brilliant colors, erv durable and cheap. iy I7r QPLEND1D DISCOVERY FOR LEARNING TO 3 PAINT AND DRAW FROM NATURE.?Amateur, may see, at No. 231 Broadway, next door to the American Hotel, a number ol samples of |>aiiitiiig on wood, velvet, silk, muslin, piper, Ike. k.r, by a process for which the inventor has received a premium of two thousand dollars from the French government. The imitatiigts of nil paintings are so perfect that no | is inter can imitate them without learning the process. By this method, any artist or other |ierson may learn, in a very lew lessons, to iwint with oil, water color, miniature, and al-o many new and handsome inventions, to a perfection difficult to understand without seeiug the samples, or taking a single lesson of Mr. VICTOR ERNKTTE, (winter to thr courts of France, Russia, fcc. The Artiste will remain only till the 13th of next month, when he intends returning to Fiance. Specimens may be seen af the above address. Jyll lm#e PATENTS?AMERICAN A .NO FOREIGN OFFICE, l and Agency of the United States Patent Office, No. 22 State street, Boston. This office has been established in Boston for tlie past ten years, and inventors are informed that all business relative to the preparation of caveats, specifications and drawings, assignments and other |Mp< rs, and proc uring patents, is here transacted with accuracy and despatch : and all personal trouble, as well as cx|ierues of a journey to Washington, and delay there, saved to them. Attendance here is altogether unnecessary?a model, which may be sent by Hariideii's Express, and a snort explanatory letter, being sufficient. Patents secured in foreign countries, and advice g Tenon all legal and scientific matters ret|iectiug ihem. The facilities of the subscriber, by his ver' extensive library ol books on patent laws, and rare mechanical works, fcc,, enables him to afford evid. lice and opinions for nits at lew, for infringements, he., which would bediffirall in other respects for pai ties to obtain. All model', See., forward ed to the Patent Office, Washington, free of expense. II H. EDDY, Civil Engineer. The following is extracted from letters of the Commissioner of Patents in 11139 :? To R. II. Eddv, Esq.? Sir " i have to renew the assurance of the high respect I entertain of your agency for paten ees. So far as I Lave In ard, they have expressed themselves satisfied wilh your services; and justice to yourself compels inc to say, the hnsiness ol your office, so far as it is connected with this department, evinces much skill and great assiduity. Yours. respectfully, H. L. V.LL8WORTH. For all further information, apply to DAVID GARDINER, Agent of Patent Office, No. 2t Pine street. New York. a2 I m r 'M'OTICE TO CRF.DI TORS.?The Assignees of Ideeasse. d-~ Mierge tk Co. being ready to make a first payment, the credi tors of the said firm, arc requested to call on Monday nest, 15th inst. at 303X Broadway, to receive their proportion. F. O. BEHTKAU. < A, ... AUO. JUROSSUV, \ Assignees. 12th August, 11112. au!2 lw*e NOTICE TO CLERKS, and all Other persons whose business causes them to be constantly on their leet.?By calling at the old excludve Boot Store, 141 Chatham street, they ran be accommodated w ith the invaluable article, ROGERS METALIC ELASTIC HEEL BOOTS, warranted inevery particular, and at the same price of the ordinary Boot. The following are some of the many advantages tne Elastic ILels have over every other kind :? First?The elasticity adds greatly to the durability of the Boot. gccoudly?They make no noise in walking upon the pavement. Thirdly?lhey prevent Boots from running down to the heel. Konrthly?They enable the wearer to walk with much less fatiane. h ifthly?They do not cut or tear carpets as do iron or nailed heels. Sixthly?They can be worn with comfort by those having lender feet. As nsual, constantly on hand all kinds of Boots at whelesale ?nrl rruil, gt maniilacPirer's 'trices, jy t2eolm* Ornci of JtrrtnoK i??. CoMr??r, New York, Aiiidiit I, 1812. THE Board ol Director! of this in,tituti?n have this day dA dared a semi-annual Dividend of seven |ier cent, payable "*) the stockholders, or their legal representatives, on and after die loth insiant. Transfer books closed from 6th to 9lh instant inclusive. altt r OKO. T. HOPE, SecrsUjr. "~V( )I,LF'.t "PIONS ?The Hpbsciihers will Collect Note Drafts, Acceptances, Certificates ofDepoeitrs, Ac. (through Me*?ra Harnden A Co. from New York to Albany) ti|mn any )t the IdH.iwing places, and guarantee retnms to the city of New York, In from fix to eight dayt. Uuca, Canandaigua, Syracuse, Rochester, Auburn, Batavia, Geneva, Bufialo. Rrrrnv n;n : lErasmus Corning, 1 bourns W. Olrntt, Albany. POMKROY A CO. 3 Wall street, New York. fl PttlMt State and Market streets. Albani Ni ? lie fc Ai.natsr Kan. Roan CnMpasv, 2 Park Place, New York. OTICE is hereby (riven to the Stockholders of the New La York and Albany Rail Road Company, that the President nd Directors hare directed a call lor an instalment of five per cut on the Capital stock of the Company, payable on the ifth day of September ueil. August 1, 18-12. By order of the Board, alt sepj r JOS. E. BF.OOMFFELD. Secretary. ^ORPORATFON' NOTICE-Public Notice is hereby given, that a sale ol | roperty for unpaid tales will take place t Public Auction, atf ic City Hall of the City ofNew Verb, n Wednesday, the 28t i cay o( September neat, at 12 o'clock, oon, and be continued'! i m day to day until the whole of sain roperty shall be sold,an I that the detailed statement of the ites, and property t* bet I (I,is published in the New Era, a ewsp- per printed andpu'ili si.en in the city of New York. AL.Y < ED A. SMITH, Comptroller. Comptroller's Office, May I 1842. je25 Iawt8ept2g e DO NEW YORK INVALIDS.-Pr. JoHN iTTOMSON, 3 of Albany, son of the F under of the Thomsonian System f Practice will, by particular request be at No. 313 Br -oine st. ir a few days, where he may he consulted by such patients as re afflict, d with chronic disease, from which they can find no elirffrom other sources, es|>ecially dis|ieptics, four-fifths of rhich he thinks may be cured under fifty years of age. au7 lm*r JtTRITIN'i PAPERS ? not) r. w ruleil and plain I.*rt?r ' v Piper; 750 do do do Foolscap Son leama fine and anperfine k lat Cap VK) do English Copying Pa|>er 100 do fine superfine medium hlue and W lite 200 do do dis ilet^iy do d i Also, a large assortment of Envelope Paper, for sale at very aw prices by PEKflJK A BROOKS, jv* 61 Lib? i y street. IERA 42. Lexington, Ky. t [l'urifi|K>u<Jriicc of the Hrmld.] 3 Lexington, Ky., Aug. 5, 18-12. 1 The Kltitions in A'entwky?The Local Groundi of the , Contest?Animal Magnetism?The Methodists? i Religion?Henry Clay at Church, tfc. ' Dear Bennett :? ] In the absence of your Lexington correspondent, ( * hose business has called him from the city for a I slmrt time, I have undertaken the task of keeping the j public inlormed, as to the manner of doing up things ( in our neighborhood. < Our election, which has just come otf, was not 1 canvassed upon any question of national |*>lilics,but the diversity of sentiment u|>oii local i|Ucstions, sucti us relief laws, &<*., gave great animation to the contest. Ainongsl the measures projiosed for the relief of the country from its deplorable condition, was the establishment of a Commonwealth Bank. This was one of the most prominent measures upon which Mr. Wendover, one of our most clear headed financiers, rested his claims to our votes; and for some days previous to the election, hissuccess was ao evident as to alarm our money lenders. They saw, in hissuccess, the inevitable and speedy end of their golden harvest, and forthwith took the stump against him and his bank. Rev.Dr. ??, who, it isthought, never before dreamed of charging less than 10 per cent per unnum for his money, intimated that in future his demands would be lowered to 5. Similar intimations were made by Messrs. H , B , C , and others; and so great was the influence of these gentlemen, or rather of their money, that Mr. Wendover was defeated. In religion, as well as in science, our progress is onward. Animal Magnetism is accomplishing wonders in our city. A young stranger, who recently came amongst us from parts unknown, and, who is giving leatures to our citizens almost every night, has explored this science so far as to be satisfied it was not wholly unknown in the days of the prophets. And Dr. C.. who is by no means an enthusiast, fancies that he sees, very distinctly, the traces of its footsteps in the miracles wrought in the days of the Apostles. The Clergymen are giving way to the lorce ot its truth, and some of them have succeeded in putting a large portion of their congregations to sleep in thirty minutes. Brother , a few days since, had great difficulty in arousing Ins in time to be regularly dismissed. Our Metnodist friends are doing well in their beautiful new church. Brothers C and D , are engaged, with laudable zeal, in striving to get up u revival before the meeting of the annual conference, which comes off in Lexington next month. My no- [ tice of the Methodist Church would be incomplete, j were I to omit a well merited castigation which they received at the hands of Mr Dearing the other day, on the subject of going in debt beyond their ' ability to pay. Oar Cumpnellite friends are always wide awake, and occasionally make inroads upon the other I churches, by robbing tliem of of a member?indeed I tliey seem to be fighting a little too much under the . banner of king numbers Their ranks have been , thrown into some little confusion by an aspersion cast by some one, upon the charactnr of one who it seems, is in the habit of walking inhiH sleep, and in one of his excursions in the dark,got into the wrong box. It is thought he may have been under the influence of Animal Magnetism. It wus announced last week that the Rev. Alex Campbell, was in the neighborhood, Hiid would preach in Lexington on Sabbath lust. At an early ] hour lhe College Chapel was crammed with ladies i Shortly after the service commenced, the stir about 1 the door indicated! be arrival of some distinguish ed 1 character. The aisle was at once cleared, and sign made to Mr. Campbell to stop, and presently Mr. Clay walked in. As lie approached the foot of the pulpit a scuffle commerced, in which the principal membereof the church took n part, for the honor of giving him a seat. The mosi sanguine hopes are entertained by the brethren, that ne may yet become a member of their church; and the day is anxiously looked for. when they will have the pleasing ceremony to perform of giving him the hand of fellowship. The object olMr. Campbell's visit .mongst us was to collect money for the support of a College he is building up. His stay was short, and his behavior to the pastors of our other churches was so conciliatory that they looked at each other as they passed in the streets like misehevious school hoys who had just been reprieved from a whipping Yours, Arc. Sa.m JVrcif, Jr. Hempstead. [Correipondenre of the Herald.] Hempstead, Aug. 10,1842. Pleasures of Hempstead?Ladies' Fair?Religion, #* James Cordon Bennett, Esq.? Hear Sir? Wishing to get rid of the noise and heat of the city, I wended my way to the Long Island Bail- i road cars at Brooklyn, which conveyed me to this delightful village, a distance of 21 miles in about < two hours, having passed through the young nianu- I facturing village of Eart New York, Jamaica, Brushville and Clowsville. ' Immense numbers of our citizens have resorted to various parts of Long Island this season ; and no 1 where in the vicinity of New York can there be J found a more pleasant place than this. Being situ- \ ated within a few miles of the ocean, the air is sa- ! lubrious, and at all times ten degrees colder than in "Gotham." Daily parties are made up for fishing and hunting excursions in the bay, which abounds in game of every description. In this village, which contains about 15<I0 inhabitants, there are three churches and five public houses, the best of which is owned and occupied by Boberf Anderson, and is decidedly the best hotel on the Island, as his numerous guests will testify. At this Hotel splendid balls are given every Thursday evening, which are attended by the elite of the place. Before quietly settling down in your magnificent establishment in Fulton street, (to make us a visit. I shall remain here until about 10th September, and will guarantee you such a reception, and such sport as you will have cause to remember all the days ot your lite, which, for your own happiness and ihe best interest of society, 1 pray God may be extended until "life ! shall cease to charrn." i This day a Fair is being held at Anderson's by 1 the members ot St George's Episcopal Church, the \ proceeds to be applied to the relief of the poor of the congregation. J he most active in get'ing up this charitable affair is Mrs. G n, the lady of an eminent lawyer in our city, who is now absent in Europe?Misses O k, and the fascinating Mrs. i L g and her amiable sister from New York, and ? Miss T n, daughter of the historian of Long [ Island. A spirit of rivalry has for a long time exist- , ed between the Presbyterian and Episcopal churches i of this place, which has called forth all the eloquence and power of the contending parties. There c has been quite a flare up between one of the ministersof this place and his congregation. There being one of the most lovely women of this place concerned in the affair, I must retain the particulars for your n private ear, or wait for further developments, which 1 will probably occur, and which will be rerherrhr. There is much that I would like to write, hut not knowing how this will be received, I will await the f result of this. So adieu. Lorenzo. h My kind regards to Mrs. B. and la jeunr Edxteur. Portland. [Corrnpondenc* of the Herald.] ', August 6, 1RI2. Portland?lit pltaturtt?Thc Collector of the port? [> vi party fit nit noiut?i'igni novtr aurvry. r I >kar Bennett? , As your valuable paper cnniams the latest and * best information of every thing and every place, f 1 send you an account of the doings and sayings in [ the dehghful city of Portland. And a truly delight- ^ ful place it is?broad streets lined with trees?splcn- I did man-ions and women?oh, the most beautiful t women in creation. You cannot conceive the de- J light with which I lounge along the shady Rtreets on j a sunshiny day,eveing askance the grou e of beauti- , ful gills that float nlong them Hut aside from con- j struetion and the ladies, Portland has very extensive claims to our attention in lhe magnitude of its commerce and in its beautiful bay. It is the pnnci?al seaport of the I'nited States, norlh of Bo-ton? lore vessels oi all sizes and descriptions are built and sailed to every port of earth. r The society is wealthy and fashionable in tlieex- tremc. Last evening (Aug 5,) a snlendid party was j" given by the collector of the port (Mr. Cummings,) ? and assembled in his magnificent rooms were all * the beauty and the fashion of lhe city, t >h ! it was w a perfect iam ; no possibility of moving out of the g, general current that set from room to room in one |f dense stream. The beautiful dresses?the beautiful .j'.'j women?the inspiring music the well dressed gen- w, LD. Prlee Two Cent*, lemen, nil combined to form a scene that dazzled md delighted I'uon entering the room 1 recognized he gentlemanly host, and shortly after, by ami ot ;reat perseverance, made my way up to the lady ot liu - rwt U'ttfl n-Pfi Veil hv Mm. t\ Willi alt lie matronly kindness and dignity of manner, that endere bar the idol of bercircTe. On looking about, nv eve at once discovered the belle of the evening, Mi?s l)***e, of Staten Island,who splendidly attired; surrounded by a group of admirers, was dispensing ler smiles in a manner that made many a heart iche. Seated near, was her friend, the charming widow l)**?**g, all light, and life and lovelinessihe worshipped centre of another shere. These lathes were decidedly the belles, in vivacity, in beauty, in the tasefulelegance of their dresses, they held the undisputed palm. At this moment the music struck up, the partiesmoved off, the quadrilles lorrned, and all was floating in light and grace. At a turn of the dnnce, 1 discovered tfie two Misses (' p sisters, and both magnitieent beauties in the florid style, large, languishing and superb; they moved through the ligures with the voluptuous grace of oriental beauty. Among other distinguished beauties, 1 noticed Mrs. L****?, MissD*w,MissR.. Miss \V., and a host of bright and joyous faces unknown to me. Among the gentlemen were ihe officers of the I'nited States brig Consort, of the Kevenue Cutter Morris, and of the First Regiment Artillery, together with the gentlemen composing the commission for the Light House Survey, in whose honor I understand the fete was chiefly given. Now that the subject is started, one word in relation to the Light House survey; it is one oi those iniet, unostentatious measures of President Tyler, hat conceived in wisdom and executed with ability, confers, without noise, great good upon tliu country, ana strongly contrast with the paltry die>lay for political effect, that basso long disgraced lie opposing parties for power. The fact is notoious that our Light House system for some time nist has been a mere farce in its management; no ittention has been paid to the rupidiy increasing wants of our fare at marine, and the stations have ? iren chietly selected where most convenient to furuish some political partizan with a contract, and some stninp orator with a desirable birth. It is really astonishing that such wretched constructions and execrable lighting apparatus should disgrace the coast ot a great commercial nation; there ib some consolation, however, in knowing that the evil is in a fair way tor reform. Mr. J. w. P. Lewis, un engineer of great experience and capa city, and who has long given the subject undivided attention, has been appointed to survey and thoroughly investigate the notorious deficiencies. It is to be hoped that speedy action will be had on a subject of such vital importance to our commercial interest The cutter Hush is appropriated for the survey, which is finished from Eaetport to this place, ind snows in a strong light the utter inefficiency of ihe present system. In my next, I shall give you some descriptions of :>ur eastern coast. Wanderer. Centcry Plant.?One of these extraordinary plants, that blooms but once in a hundred years, is being exhibited at Albany and another in Philadelphia. UNITED STATES CITY DESPATCH POST. POST OFFICE, NEW YORK.?Tlie Pott MvttrO-nc * ral benuf tlciiroU9 that all City Letters, commonly known by the name of Penny Letter*, should have the advantage of the mott moid delivery, ha* ndned that a UNITED STATES CITY DESPATCH POST thou Id be vtublith* d with three detiverie* each day : with a ?irw. therefore, to | ut the tame into immediate operation^the Pott Master of (hit city lias mailt an arrangi-ine til will> Air. A i noni n ,M. It mm, the | >ro p if tar of the City Despatch Post, by which he discontinues the same and sum ndeis the on perty, b >*? and arrni|(rmrnt> now in nte by hirnto -lie Post Office Department. The Poat Ma -ler has secured the aervicea of Mr. Gieig, in rou! nesinn with Mr. Wii.i.iam Seymour, who will superintend thia Department. An additional number of i?i rn carriria liars been employed to carry the City Letters, wholly nidi pendent of Lettera received by the Mails. Notice i? therefore hm by given, that all Letters placed in the boxes at the various station", together with all the Cltv Letters depot ted either 111 the Post Office or in the Branch Post Office, will be umln the charite of the Department, and will be received for rapid delivery .-it the hours mentioned below . Lclters addressed to parties reming Boxes at the Upper and Low*.' Post Offices, w ill he deposited in tnem as heretofore, tiniest a rei|ueat it made that they be sent by the City Despatch Post. STATIONS. Letter boxes are placed at one hundred stations in various parts of the city, and all letters dep sited therein, will i?e pune tually delivered three limes a day ( Sundays excepted), at tbres cents each; option being given, either to free the letter in lh? manner mown in tin; follow illy regulations, or leave the pottage to be collected of lb* part- to whom the letter is addressed. POST-PAID LETTERS. Letters which the writers desire to send free, must have a free Hlanijt affixed to them. \n ornamental stamp has been prepared for that purpose, and may he proenred at either of ths , Postofficta and all the stations. The charge will be 36 cents dozen, or $260 per hundred; the reduction of pries for ths larger quantity bring made with a view to Ihe accommodation of those parties sending a considerable number of* circulars, accounts, (tc. All It tiers intended to be sent forward to the Gem ral Post Office for the inland mailt, fmust have a free stamp affile d to them. UNPAID LETTERS. Letters not having a free stamp, will be charged three crntt, payable by the party to whom they ire addressed, on delivery. Letters and newspapers addressed to the Editors of the pabc Press, will be delivered free. REGISTRY. No Monet mi-st be tut into the Boxes, tnless registered at the Upper I'ott Office, where a Registry will be Itent for Letters, which parties may wish to place un ler sneciaf charge. Free Stamps must be affixed to such Lerers for the ordinary postage, and an addiiio at Free Stamp must he affixed for the regittitlion; hut all such Letters mu-t be sot daily dejKlsited at the principal office. The advantages offered by this plan are? Firtt?The secure and prompt transmission of all teen tcred Letters containing any s|>ecial notice or matter bv which means legal evidence may be obtained of the due delivery of the tame ; anil the immediate despatch of any Letter or small package requiring instant delivery. Secondly, The certain aud ei|*diliotll delivery of Merranlile Letters and Circulars, of Invitations ami Replica, (eitln r under Free Stamp or unpaid,) and every description of f'oin mtrciai, i niiciiiiiiMi aim onciai i orresj orou nc ; mil* oringiijk the inost distant narti iif the city, ill effect near to rah r?tlier, ami providing the means of constant intercourse at a very moderate rate. HOURS OK DELIVERY. At thk PniNrifAt. OrricK* Upper Post Office, Park, and Lower Post Office, Merchants' Esrhange, every dav except Sundays. Letters deposited before 8>< o'clock, A. M. will he sent out for [delivery at 9 A- M. " 12K " M.. " 1 P. M. ' 3 " P. \T. ? 4 AT THK STATIONS Letters deposited before 7 o'clock, A. M. will be sent nnt for da[livery at 9 A. M. " H " 1 P. M. " 2 " 4 Limits of the U' S. City Despatch .Posts will extend to Twenty-Second si. soli l? i fiinv LOKIUKK (IH MIA M, Pott Matter. PARSELLS & AGATE Manufacturers ok stocks. suspenders.linen Dra|>ers, Stc. have fast received a very liiflit anil beautiful 'took, expressly for summer wear. Also, a rich and varied as lortrnetitof Sumrm r Scarfs, Cravats, Silk, Linen Thrvad, and Kid Gloves, with a large assortment of Suspender*,ready made Linen and Muslin Shirts, Linen Collars, Ureas Fronts, gentlenen's under garments, Ike., at ihe old establishment,211 Broadway, between Paik plaee and Murray st jy 12 lrn*e GUNS AM) PISTOLS. 9C> EXCLUSIVELY.-**) BJ08EPIL It Maiden lane, up atajrs, importing agent for the sale of English. German and Krcneh double and single tarrel Fowling and Duelling Guns, from llie lowest to llie tin tsl qualities ; Pistok of every iltiscriptinu, f r this and other narked, embracing one hundred different kinds all nt which le is now prepared to offer at the manufacture 's prices, being imiointed agent for the largest houses in that line iu Europe, which enables him to sell at extremely low prices. A large assorted stock of the above alwaya on band. City and country merchants are particularly requested to all, previous to making their purchases. jy27 3mar HAVANA AND PRINCIPE SEGARS. Pf RAD Ell, 40 Chatham street, offer* for sale *A lift),000 La Norma Saltan. 50,000 Nofil Principe. 25 000 W?od?ille. 25 000 Rionna. Entitled to dcbfiiturt. B*?ule* a full stock of the chniretr tol Ha* ill i -ml I run 11 S. K , , . ,0 , ? , G L INGKItSdf jt?5 BOAT ESTABLISHMENT. } OA 1 S Dinkey anil and fine*- b<MU. iilciuuri boats, k*' * kc. rhnmnifiwf Boat Building Establishment of C. L. ngersoll, 4W Water *t, near Catharine Market, it mi. of the lost extensive in the I niteal States. Here en-re hnilr tr>?- most eautinil jurature barges and club boats that ha?> Boated n lie rirert and lakes of America. Also the barfe bu rh< Aliorat ol all the Hussiat. several race boat for Asiatic Monarch*; 'l.!i,'An?Tr fjdlwl the John Smith of Arkansas. and the fast, ailing boat for Mr. O. K. Banning*. He hit recently completed life boa; on a new plan, which baa been pronounced by tome f our most ei|?enenced nautical men superior t? any ever beore built. At thin eAf<?hlishmmf any kind of b??at will be urt?i*bcd with reversed bottom, from a mould, in my w iy to nit the taste of the purchaser, of whatever form fhejr may be. I'lie mate 11 alt are ail of the beat qualify, jnntr board* bt-iiu no art thereof. A large aasortmciit of boats of all kind*, in.-ludiug ifc boats, gig*, long, quarter, pleasure, Whitehall, and race oafs, may he always round at the manufactory, >i |?rirj * much lelow what purchasers have heretofore raid, and a liber ?l diaount on the usual rates will he made to those who With to tell gain. Please call before purchasing ilsewhera; yon cau then udfe of my work?References. Jas.- .Hale, Sol - Agent,* Wall tl. For adtotrifement of uwita, lie , tee Com er k finquirgr and New York Commercial Idvertiter. j\2> lm*r GROLIUS' BOAT ESTABLISHMENT. 1011 WATER STREET, FOUR DOOF-A EAST OF CATHARINE MARK XTrHK Sgbtcribei having in hit manufactory, and under hit own imm# dial superintendence, tome of the oldest and oar ciiierienoodl iildera in thit fitv; and the best of material! r building every description of boats, which enahlea him to rnish, at th# shortest notice, Boats of the mosi approved mo* I ami workmanship, on the m >st liberal terms. BUILDER of the Hultan of Muscat's Pleasure Barge, the ave, Gar.elle, Victoria, Atlantic Wakona, Ike. A'?o, the an, of Peekskill, Washington, of Pougrlikecmie, Duchess, of rde Park, Sylph and Wive, of Mobile, Geo IttW, of Miitville, Madame Celeste, ol New OrL-act. kc. Also,?* ic sail boats Wit t rolius, Fashion, Zanoiil, Stir, and Mi ForTeat, lie., I J., lie. j}33mtod*<;

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