Newspaper of The New York Herald, 16 Ağustos 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 16 Ağustos 1842 Page 3
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L- -LUgagBg (gj- HO MANY OfVE THEIR SANCTION TO THE us# ut Dr. Sherman's Lozenges, that to doubt their efficacy would be ridiculous. Whoever ha? fpent an hour at his ottice, 106 Nassau street. anil seen the enormous business lw is doing, and hear the repeated prai -es offered him by those w no have been cured by hii lozenge*1. would think there was nothing in the w orld like them?neither is there, for head aches, palpitation, low n>? oi spirits, sea sickness, eouges, cold), dysentery , diarrhoea and fin er nnd ague. Those sullen ig Irom either complaint should go at once to the Doctor'* ofice, and get a box of Lozenges, and If th**y -o not cure them nothing will. Tofhc Halrf-Hcmled and other*. (R?- DOES ANY ONE KNOW A NEIGHBOR OR A friend who has been bald, and whose head it now covered with fine hair I One whose coat collar was covered with dandruff, though brushed every hour?which has now vanished entirely I Or one whoso hairs at early age were turning gray, who now has not a gray hair I Children whoae hands* were covered with scurf?whose hair w ould not grow, that are now growing the fullest crops of hair/ Some casea roust be Known to most persons. Ask them the cause, and you will be told, these things have been done by the use of the BALM OK COLUMBIA, frem 71 Maiden Lane. Of twenty years' growth is this article, its demand inereosing annually some hundred per cent?though when discovered uot opposed by anything for the same purpose, uow assailed by almost numberless muihroom trash preparations that will ruin the hair il used to any extent. Can more than these facts be wanted ?ref.rto'thc recommandations bv a list of names of respectability unequalled by any other article. Look at these things?buy this article. Stay and preaerre your hair by its use. or if bald restore it. Ladies, attend to' this ?hundreds in fashionable life are using it as the only article really (It for the toilet. Long hair is very apt to fall out. Ladies, use the Balm of Columbia in time to save yourselves the disgrace of baldness oy neglect of your persons. It is your duty, as moralists, to preserve the beauties of nature, with which a bountiful Creator has endowed you ?use the Balm, for it will do it. {K7- INTERESTING TO LADIES?The preservation ef the complexion from the burning pernicious inrtuunce of the solar beam, was lor ages a desideratum in Science. Half a century back ladies suffered most severely Irom the effects produced by excessive heat. The rapid progress of science has happily brought to light a discovery of the highest importance to the Female fashionable world. ff? allude to Rowland's celebrated Kaltdor?the auxiliary, friend, guardian, and protector of female beauty. In promenading, and aquatic Itartlet, our lovely country women arc shielded by Rowami's Kalvdor from injury ; and their complexions remain as seductively charming and blooming as the most florid writer could portray, and for which they are rrnowned throughout the world. 3 1116 19 THE REAL MERMAID TREMENDOUS CROWDS.?A most unprecedented crowd of visitors thronged the American Museum the whole of yesterday and last evening, the mostof whom were drawn thither by the announcement that Mr. Grirtin's Mermaid canght near the Fejee Islands, was to be seen there. Probably not less than four or five thousand ladies and gentlemen visited it yesterday, and including naturalists and scientific men, the expression of surprise and satisfaction was universal. ?It is decidedly tho most wonderful curiosity ever brought to this country, and notwithstanding the liberal manager pays one thousand dollars for the privilege of exhibiting it one week, we have no doubt ho will receive ten times that amount during the week. Winch ell, Celeste, Rosalie, the Oipsey Girl, and hosts of curiosities are here, all for 26 cents. ?K7- CHATHAM THEATRE.?Thorne being determined to render his theatre the most elegant in the Union, has postponed tho re-opening until Monday the 2'2d inst., as the extensive improvements that are making will not be completed before that time. A new drama of deep and powerful intereit, and for which gorgeous scenery is being painted, ii in active rehearsal for the opening night. Marine Pavilion. Rockawav, 3d August, 1842. ft?- FAMILIES CAN OBTAIN TLEA8ANT ROOMS t this delightful watering place, by addressing the subscriberat McCoun A Clark's, 63 Wall street. a3 lOt HIRAM CRANSTON. U. 8. Ship North Carolina, ) July 26, 1842. i THE NAVAL GENERAL COURT MARTIAL, now in session on board this ship, here'y order all the witnesses in the cases to be investigated, and the accused, to be punctual in their attendance, daily, at 10 o'clockSunday's excepted. A boat will be in waiting at the Battery bridge, at half past 9 A. M. daily. CH. H. WINDER, Judge Advocate. IlersUd Bulletin of News. The Herald Bulletin of News is kept at the north-west corner of Fulton and Nassau streets. On the arrival of the morning mails, at eight o'clock, A. M.?and also of the evening mails, at four o'clock, P. M., the latest intelligence from all parts of the world, may be found on the Herald Bulletin Board, at this corner. Let every wayfarer stop and read. Advertisements of all kinds taken at tho office. Herald General Printing Office. The General Printing Office, capable of doing all sorts oi printing, such as books, pamphlets, bills, cards of ail descriptions, is now open atthc Herald Buildings, entrance from Nassau street?Joseph Elliott, Printer. The New York Lancet. 0t>- A few copies of the first volume of this work, handsomely bound, may now be had at the publication office.?Price $2. ~ MONEY MARKET. Monday* August 15?6 P. M. The sales at the Stock Board were small this morning, and the general features of the market were unaltered.? Indiana 5's fell f; Ohio 6's, 1; Delaware and Hudson, j; Farmer's Loan rose I per cent; Long Island, This has been packet day lor the steamer, which sails to-morrow. The supplies of bills have been moderate and the rates are firm, but the remittances by this packet are not large. Private houses mostly remitted by the (Sreat Western, she being the favorite boat, and there is some disposition at this season to close business to go in the country. The short supply of bills has checked the movements of the banks until they "get more plenty. The rates are as follows :? Raves or Foaaiox Bills i.f New York. June IS. July l. ?4iie. 6. .li'ir. IS. London, f.V* 7 7 ? 7f? C1* ? 6K i Frsni-e, 3 37>4a5 40 5 37*<a338 5 37?,h6 12S ? *5 35 Amstaid, 39 a 39S' 3?Va 39 38 Ji* 39 38T, ?39 lUmbnrg, 35 a 3S 31?'?? 35 Stlla 35 3lhl *35 Bremen, 75\a 76 73,S? 75* 71** 70 75'4 a75X TheJBank of America received to-day, in gold, from France, about $360,000, probably the proceeds of bills remitted. The navy'office received a small sum of money on Saturday, to pay off"its dishonored claims. They boasted too much of it, however, and the funds were speedily exhausted, leaving a large amount unsettled. The acceptances of the department drawn for the supplies in Florida, and discounted at'Havana at 3a3 per cent worse than private bills, are now dishonored in the market; parties receiving these at remittances notify their correspondents to take no more such. By this process the wheels of the government are gradually stopped, w hat the result will be time will show. The condition of stock securitiea|has, by no means, improved, on the contrary new causes of distrust and alarm have sprung up. The most serious of which is the position ol the Federal Government. When the new administration came into power on the 4th of March, 1S4I, the expenditures of the government hail been brought within a very narrow compass, and the estimated receipts, including the public lands, were not only sufficient to meet those expenditures, but to discharge tho $4,500,000 of Treasury notes then outstanding, and which constituted the whole debt of the government. There was, it Is true, $9S,000,000, the savings of the former administration, deposited with the States until the government should reOllire il. Rut In litllritilnAiitinn U a mnnifoil In *Li bark according to contract,that it wai no longer reckoned among the meani of the Treasury. At the cloae of the year it appeared that the aatimateof receipt***** right; the revenue* having realised very nearly the mm stated by Con grew ; hnt the extra session had ?o far .raised the expcndittira* that the outstanding debt at the close of the year had been increased about $7,000,000. During the six months of the present year which ha* elapsed, the debt has been still further increased, notwithstanding that the tariff was raised in September last by '10 percent duty on most of the article* theretofore free.; This was estimated to yield $3,000,000 per annum. The revenuesfrom the cifttoms have, therefore, notwithstanding the great reduction of duties which took place after the l*t Jan. 104-2, been higher by $1,000,000 than during the same period of the previous four years, excepting 1839. This has not, howeror, prevented an^ increase of the National debt, which is now as follow* Nstiowal Dert or rat Uivitco States. Total debt, March 4,1811, iilMMO Debt of District Colombia snd old debt, 1 7n| 3Rn ' Rrrlrrmahlr Half int. ' ' Loan Sept. 1011, 1841 s?.j 16.000 ,, ' 3,213 oufl "Ml ? 2,139.000 April, 1(42, 1862 0 1 ..391,470 Treasury notes outstanding, 10,003,81(1 Actual debt, August, 1812, 18,971,1177 8t-.rU on the mailtrt, 10,4-13,321 Debt, actual and autlioiised, $29,330.198 Increase in 18 months, S2l.880,3<|* Thi* docs not include arrearages, protests and dishonored obligations, of which the fresidunt states in his mes" sage $ 140,000 arc Navy bills. We have not hit (tided them because the stock on the market will cover tliem if the money is obtained. If not tho same debt will exist in the shape of dhhonorrdjpaper. These arc the frnits of "extra sessions," " retrenchment*," and above all, " reli. f to the people." With this alarming state of things, w hat is the prospect ahead I Existing laws give away the hnd revenne*,which tinder proper ina'igemer.t might yield $3,000,000 per annum. The President in hi* message states that the enstome receipt* are $130,000 per week. This it 90 per cent ?n the imports under the present mode of valuation,w hich as we understand it, is to add SO per cent to the foreigu cost, deduct l-0th of the whole amount, and then cast the duties upon th* remainder. Thi* would make the import* bout $1,000,000 per month, or scarcely H per cent of the yearly average. If ttia i? the state of things unJer the prevention- Jutiea, what wouM it have been utder those proposed in the late iniquitousbill, vetoed I The Government cannot borrow an J hai no source of revenue. Such as'.a'e of th'iig* nu?t ?oon coroeto a criaia. Many of the States, in uddilioii to those already down, are rapidly approaching a similar crisis. These are Ohio, Louisiana, Alabama and Maryland. Ohio, with comparatively u small debt and ample means to meet that already funded, is embarrassed by a large floating debt due contractors lor work done, and with large public works commenced,and which will it require a good deal of money to finish. The bill w liicli we mentioned on Saturday as having passed the low er houscjfunding $800,000 of the claims of the contractors has already knocked the stock down 15 per cent. It waa at 50 in April last, rose to 85 and is now 70. $10,000 could not be sold at on. If this bill should become a law, the stock will be nearly valueless. The Banks of Louisiana, whose capitals consist of the Statu Stocks, have all failed, with the exception of the Bank of Louisiana, which is resjioiisiblo for $1,800,000of the stock- The balance near $10,000,000, must bo provided for by taxation, which is a question that involves a great .many contingencies. Alabama it similarly situated. Her bonks will scarcely be able to make up another dividend on the State debt. The eltect of all these events upon the Stock market is seen in the following table of rates :? Prices or Lkadixo Stocks is the New York Marki. i RedtrmRatr. abtr.jlHt.30. IHI1 July tit. United States, J.1. 1IMI 100 a 10034 92 A 9t 97 a 98 ' " 6 1802 ? 993*0100 98 alOO New York, 7 1818 ? lmP.a ?KM) a 10U>, New York State, 6 I860 100 alOOV '.?34a ? 8934a 91 534 ? 91*44 92 81 a 83 " " " 5 1815 93 a 95 90 a 91 89 a 91 " " 5 1846 93 a 95 90 a 91 87 a 90 " " 5 1047 93 a 95 90 a 91 87 a 90 5 la'iO 91 a 92 81 Va 85 87 a 90 5 1655 86 a 87 81 l4a 85 80 a 82 " " " 5 18.8 86 a 86>4 Hl34a 85 8(>'4a 81 " 134 1879 75 a 77 78 a 82 75 a 80 " " City 5 lire 81 '44 8534 Ofll 82 ' " " 5 water 8l3*a 8534 84 a 88 82 a 83 " " " 7 1857 ? a ? 105 aU? lol al06 " " " b'd?6 I year ? alOO 993?a 106 ? a ? Brooklvn City, 6 20 yra 100 al05 95 a 97 86 a 92 lVaiuylvama, 5 ? 79 aXO ? a 12 36 a If Ohio, 6 1870 91 a 95 ? a 82 70 a 72 6 1856 91 a 95 79 a 81 70 a 71 " 6 1858 91 a 95 79 a 81 70 a 71 " 6 I 860 91 a 95 ? a 81 70 a 71 " 5 1850 81.t^a 85 6234 a 60 60 a 65 Kentucky, 6 ? 81 a 85 ? a8l*4 75 a 76 6 b'dj I'a ? a? 30 a 50 ? a Alabama, dollar, 5 1865 ? a ? ? a 56 50 a 60 Arkansas, 6 25 yrs 59 a 62 30 a 10 Indiana sterling, ? 56 a 57 23 a2334 20 a 21 " dollar, 5?55 a 5534 2334a23V 2fl34a 22 Illinois, sterling, 6 I860 ? a ? ? a ? " doll, b'k loan, 6 I860 56 a 5634 21 a20>? ? a ? " sterling 6 1870 ? a ? ? a ? " dollar, 6 1870 55 a 4531 2034 a 21 17 a 1734 Del 81 Hud. bonds 6 1 yrs, 108 alOS'a 90 a 93 ? a ? B'k of Co HE. N.Y. ? a 98 87 a 88 7734 a 78 N.Y.L. & Trust Co, 150 albO 110 a 156 125 alio These price* are nearly nominal?the sales for inrcstmcnts being very limited. Sales at the Stock Exchange. $1,000 N Y 6's, 1861, 9034 50 shares Harlein, 30 13V 1000 do, 1862 , 90 300 do s60 lis 50oO do 5's, 1815, 90V lfO do 14'4 2000 Ohio 6's, I860, s60 69 50 do s3ll'4 1000 N Y City 7's. 1852, IOOJ4 50 do 1)9(1 II'4 90 slias Union Bank, 200 lOo do L Island, blO 51 ?? 35 do Bk of Com, 73 100 * do 10c 51 \ 10 do 90 1.50 do 51V 65 do Del & Hud, 86 100 do blO 5134 25 do snw 85V 50 do bl5 51 10 do 85 V 100 do 51*4 25 do snw 8534 25 do 5134 25 do Farmers'Loan, s30 16 50 do Paterion, 4m 47 25 do Canton, 19 25 do Stoiiingtoii, s30 1634 130 do Harbin, ?J3 13 Second Board. $1000 Ohio G's, i30 GO 130 sli-u Loi? Island, 5 I % 30 si. as Lang Island, 5l?i 30 do 3IJ> 30 do 31% 100 do 31'4 100 do 31% 300 do Jl>4 State of Trade. Among the regular merchants there are some indications of that improvement in business which must inevitably grow out of low prices and the abundance of money, in spite of all the discredit which overtakes paper securities. As yet the receipts of produce are light, but are on the increase, and will doubtless swell to an enormous extent when the harvests are over. Jlshtt?Fair sales pots at 3,50; pearls 6,76 8 5,87$. The stock of the former is 3,988 hbls.; of the latter, 1141 bbls. Htrsviax?Sales yellow -39$ a 30. Mttah?English and Scotch pig iron, $24 a 26; pig lead, 3$ a 3$ cents. Provisions? Sales prime pork, $6 31 a 5 37; mess, $7,94 a S- lard, 6j a 7. Rice?Is heavy ; sales at 3,27 a 3,75, being a decline. Cotton Trsulc. The condition of the cotton market has varied but very little since our last notice. The southern markets are very heavy, and prices generally tend downw ard. In this market,during the early part of the past week,a fine business w as done for export ; but the business fell off towards the closs- summing up as follows 2060 bales Upland and Florida, at 6 a 8$ cents; 1060 bales M< bile, 6$ a 94; 360 bales NewOrlcans, 6 a 9J; 360 bales Texas, 7 a 8? Total, 3800 bales. The state of the currency at the south, will of course influence prices of the new crop. The New Orleans hftnks will nrnhahlv peace ilnim* hmfneaa will, in* tion of the bank of Louisiana. The; are now mostly in the hands of the Attorney General. The Alabama banks are making ellorts to^ustain the credit ol their paper, but it has become too low to lie made available for the cotton crop, in the face of the sj ecie prices of Netv Orleans. The anticipations of a large crop continue unchanged. Corn Trade. Flour is down a peg lower in this market. Sales o' Genesee have been made at $5,18 a 5,26. Demand dull a' these. No corn in the city, and no price for wheat. Our advices from Buffalo are to the luth inst. Flour was then going off at $1,30, inspected, and orders were in the market for wheat at 90 cents. The recent improvements in manufacturing flour, enable the millers to convert lour and a half bushels of wheat into a full barrel of flour; consequently, they have a guarantee of a safe investment, notwithstanding flour is so much depressed. According to an estimate, even at 90 cents for wheat, the manufacturer has sufficient profit to cover freight, storage, insurance and commission, provided any dependence could be bad as to amount and the duration of time shipments will be made to Knrope at $5,50 from New York. The probability is that the market will be kept bars by the foreign demand for a few weeks, but no longer. We know of no fact so strongly illustrative of the wealth of America, in an agricultural point of view, as that relative to the produce of breadstuff's in Fi ance and this country. France produces 50 1,9-21,3.11 bushels, to a population of 35,000,000?America produces <509,13.1,559 bushels, to a population of 17,000,000. France im]iorts about 10,000,000 bushels?America none. The French consume more bread, and less meat, than the Americans. Heuca we have for export at least 82} per cent of our production. It is interesting to watch the agricultural progress of America. It is so rapid, and devclopes such vast resources, we deem it is safe to say that in a quarter of a century, or in 1875, the western world will produce enough grain to feed its own inhabitants and those of all Europe. Indeed the quantity this country is capable of producing is almost incalculable. Cattle Market. There has been some inactivity in the cattle market this week. The receipts and sales show a little difference in favor of the former. All told, there were eight hundred beeves, two thousand sheep and lambs, forty-five cows and calves, and " some swine."1 If any thing, beeves are lower?prices rangej fiom $4,50 to $6,50 a hundred weight. Sheep fetched from $1,50 to $4; lambs Irora $1,50 to $1,75, and cows and calres from $-20 to $38 each. The quality of the cattle was ' fair to middling." Married. On the 31st of May, nt the residence of Gen. Hamilton, Charleston, 8. C., Dr. Wm. Alexander Spasms, of Society Hill, Darlington District, to Miss Alicia Midliletow, youngest daughter ol the late John Middleton, Esq. of St. James, Santee. At No. 28 Hammersley street, by the Rev. Mr. Jnhpstone, Mr. Stxpiiek Haio, to Miss Jaxe Bell, both from Dunse, Scotland. On the 13th inst. at the residence ol James Arnott, Esq. Brooklyn, by the Rev. Mr. Curran, Johis Cossiuaiv, Esq. of the English Neighborhood, N. J., to Miss Mamia Ca?iedt, of this city. Bled. wiim^ i nn inn. nAiiH nuw, imant daughter ol John and Catharine Conroy, aged 8 month*. The friend* of Mr. Conroy. with thou# of hi* brother*, Mirliacl and William, am MfMthlly invited to attend the funeral, w hich takes )dace this afternoon, from hii residence, !W1 John street, at 4 o'clock. On the 1.1th instant Elizabeth C., wife of J. S. Redfield, in the 26th year of her age. On the 13th inst. Mis* Habhah Lvob, aged 70 years. Weekly Keport of Interment* In kite City "nd County of New York, from the 6tli day ol Au*u*t to the nth day of Auk., 1042. 31 Men ; 38 Women ; fiO Boys ; &i Oiria. Total, 223. DIAEAAS*. AIiacma 1; Apopleiv, 1; An#orism,2; Asthma, 1; Blredin* 2 ; ; Cache*!**); CholsrAlItifsntum AO: Cancer. 2 ; Conaeatinn of tlw Brain 2; Contun?|Uk>n.2l;l?An?lti>-,,2; hnlrra Mothiia 3, Convulsions, 5; Croop or Hi'ci, J; Coinrition of lungs, 1; Delirium Tremens. 1; Diarrhoea, i; Dropay, 3; no in J nt hcatl,P; do in the chest, I; Drowned. 6; Dysentery, 13; Debility, S; Diabetes 0: Eryt?p??Us, 0 ; hpilepsy 0;Ki <aasti(m? 0; rerer, 3 ; do roi riieraf, 0, do Bilious. 2 ; do indainmitory. I; do Scarlet,1; do T/pboid, 4 ; Fiaentre. 1 ; Gangrene o| hings, 0; I looping Cough, 7; Inflammation, 3: of threat, 1; of Brain. 5 ; do of Bowels, 3; do of Cheat, u; do of ile/?rt, rt; do of Limit . 4 : da f?f Liver, 1: do of Throat, 1 ; do of Stomach, 4; do ol Womb, 0; do of Bladde r. 0; Infinity I; Intemperance. 1; Jaundic*, 0: Killed or Murdered, 0: Lorkja* I; Malformation,0; Marasmus, 8; Mil format ion of H< trt.u; Menile.?,U; Old Ac*, 3; Organic Di>?'?t*r of I *1,1; Palsy, I; Premature Birth, 4; Rheumatism, 0; Ruj ire, 1; Small roi, 2: Scroti, Spinal Disease. Oi Sprue,? ; suicide, 0; Teething,7: ramor, ?; Ulcers, 0; Ulceration <.f fiitestiij-?, 0; Ulceration of the lhroat, 1; Ulceration of Brain, 0; Unknown, 3; Worms, I Under 1 year. Ml; I to 2 rears, 42; 2 to 5. It; 5 to lit, 15; lfl to ?V.\12 '1; M to ,n- l6; 4,1 "? *>. 7; SO to 60, A; 60 to 70. 9. 7 I to *tl,<<; tfl to 90 5, 100 and upw .rS, 0 ; unknown, 7. Totai ... , a rLACES or ISA TITITT United States, TO; Ireland, 19; England,* ; Scotland 3 ; Germint;, 7; h ranee, 2; Hwjt*eH*nd, 0; S,?n, I: I'rinaia, o! Bnli,h h'wmons in North, Am.-nca.O; West Indira, 2; Wale. 0 ; MadriraO; at sea, I; Unknown, 7. Of the above, there were from the Almshouse, Brllevue. 3; Hospital, Brllevue, 3; fswitentiary Hospital, BUi-kwrll'a Island. 3, Small rat, do. 0; City Prison, 0; City HostuUl, 10; New Jersey, Is LotW It land 2. Wastche.ier 3; Lunatic Aav-I 1 urn 2; Governor's Island. I; Rockland county, t; Wtatcn laland, I, Colored Person, a JNO. II ORISCOM, City Inspector. City Inspector's Office, Aug. IS, 1*42. Ptiwnffn Arrived. LirnpooL-Pwkn ihip Btr-phen Wltitprv*Mi? John Ban- 1 Vrson, of S hlit? I J; Mr ami Mi* Soui'r* i?' pn.;linJ, M' ??'* ' Mm Hiiepfirrd. u; Mr* Turn-no*. J C?ttt ?* II. Lo?d?p; ( V!r? i'ooihm, Mm* rojliu*, n Y?>ik; P.* n Van at*J.N?*w ? Jersey; C R ? olliin, of Scotland; D G.lkuon?and ISV i? lh* | H*\kk?Packi t ship Silvio de Gnwsr?Coonti*?? 8ophrj?r t Marigny. child and two st'\ nu cf New Orleans; Mi** g Martin, V.r Kcnb*-ll, Inly and ch;M. J *< , h !. }uin.,u'u*. f 1 i i !)? : ... J i. . 1 Pet A J- R Mahler, ?*%nI Sthmidt, New Y? tk; Da* ' \ IVfers. B Itnmifc; \ Kiiw ml K Frrd'k \V m Swritzeiluml?2V? in the j, -t?*?raito. , Livraeooi.?Ship 8outhc?*n?8 uu* U'?*mU, S.itnl O.born, [ jr. Ni v Y rk; Will Bci'lir, L)< j L altk , ircl.oo'.? .00 ?u tin' a itccn^e. v' Pamngern Sailed. Liverpool?Packet ship Virginian?Mr* foxall, Washington, D('; Patrick Flood. New York; Holme* Hopkins, J M Hornby, W L Metcalf, KngUnd. J Foreign Importations. Lntaroot.?Ship Rock'tirham?ti ra 7 hale* Wiidil. 8turge? 6c Shaw?11 bale* Sanli, Vox it c-?132 ton* coal Grinnel), 5 Miultiru 6c co? 19 bile* flux Hicks & co. LivaaroOL? Ship Southerner?12" > *irk? *ult 50 tons coal 1 Woodhull Minturi:?fi ?**k. a w 8i?i??* ft co?58 crate* k a < ildwi ii & co?(i w Chaiiucey 6c co?i Und-rhill & co?20 w it s. ? j Mcintosh?15 i Gooi!*'!?ii cn h Norns Aco?5do i sand*. Foi 6cc?>?i j Ellison?h hi* i \tider*on?2 ii Gihon r & co?i ck Sherman ik Hunter?tt r k uig-dand 6c co?25 Slid- i ton, Pltel|>? 6c cn?151 vtlliert 6c Donald.-n?ir.00 bars IGti bdls t Iron klgleatoii 6c Battel It?3 rr. |e? trnUe cscorsr* jarjue*? s 21 ca*e? Richardson 6c Watson?1 bales Jn<* r?buuon 6t c irt hale* Jno r lira*?2 cavs r . htrd*on 6c Watian?23 case* b and hi id i j w Harris?10 crkr wm !1 Ren i?2.525 hoxr* 2 c*k* ? :100 brick* Philip dodge 6c ('o?t c-'lc* ?i c* b 6c w Henchman? t i bale pea body, riu-g* 6c d? 3 do Wood, Jnhnsou & co?1 do Gortoa, Horfcea 6c c??2 c\ l AtVrrhur ?15 ck* 5 anvils 120 kits | Ibdls A s WHlnta?5 bis j g 8c T Garner st co? 1 cs Truman ^ 6c Hoffman?f I bl* Goitou, Hodcej 3c co?21 c* PetMy. Rifiri c 200 Has G B Moorwood & r ?11 U Wood. Johnston 6c Buriitt c ?2 ha'cs Godfrey, Patterson A co?'7 bl* Samuei Dennerton? 1 bilt s John Watson?3 do John Rohinsou?I do Richard Mora- a land?30 cast's Dorr k Allen?4 crate George Fulton?I casks t B II Halstead &t co? 20 bales and cases woolens Richardson & r Watson?50 do do?80 casks bleaching i?owJ<*r Persse k Brooks ?831 hoars 122 bbls 47 crates and hhus to order. t Liverpool?Ship Stephen Whitney?(Reported ye<0er.lay) ? ?1.80 tons coal 150 sacks sab R Hermit?1 pkgs Cornell Brothers ti ? 10 1'alinh & Stewart?13 Sands, Fox k ro?(, Watt k Rosen- v c rant 1?2 W Kawortti?15 W ( mper 8c c<>?1 C H Wejrman k oo?1 Bangs, Plart k co?5 B k It ltiueliman? 1 11 T Andrews ?1 Maimer. McCiowen k Hawes? 33 Wight, 8turge* k Shaw ?2 A Van Neat?17 J G Garner?I J M Towt?2 C Hunt?1 J D Leflferts?19 Pruyn, Wilson St Bothurg?21 Gorton, Hodges k co?I Ward, Sill k'1 honowoo?5 C Adshrad k co?1 AW r Sides k co?9 American kur co?12 Sheldon, Phelps k co?1 Fellows, Van Aradale k Co?30 A k 8 Willets?56 A Hurst?8 Thomas, James k Spencer?7 J Hudson?1 C Merritt-76 Ke?s- J lerkco?8 Free! and. Hoffman k co?4 Becar, Benjamin k co? I S Allev k co?2 Richards, D ?ett k Abom?2 T Hunt?1 C ? Pate ?9 N Nevins k co?4 C H Russell k co?3 Griffin k Pull- I1 maun?G Townseod It co?19 R Kingsland?21 S Denniston?1 v J Morton?31 Kissam. Bryer k sons?I Hasbrouck k cd?3 ? Smith k co?3 Reese Brothers?5 Richardson k Wilson??7 J f Edelston?24 8 T Jones kco?2 Wolf k Gillespie?11 J Mc- 1 Call k co?6 H T Ballard?3 J Cram?56 W Whitewright k co ? 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Loeschigkk Wueadonck?3 E Hen?1 G llesseuburg k co?12 J F Sheldon k co?2 A T Stewart kco?7 AkG A Kendall kco 1 ?7 W Pehl?1 Rose k Owen?1 A Foster?I Joly Frerca 4 Nolienius k Pavenatedt?1 C Celle?3 P Schmidt k Andrea?13 1 C Bolton, Fox k Livingston?I C Ahrenfeldt?2 B Graves k co ?1 J R St Felix?1 11 Bassett?10 Stephens?1 F Cottenet?1 B * d'lvernois k co?6 J C Kayter?I Ward, Sill k Thompson?I F * S Pfelfeferle?1 Mine L Pratt?1 11 llnster?5 Desartf?5 T VaIcniin?7 B d'lvernois kco?2 G K Mever?2 Boiscaau kRusch 1 ?3 J Rk 11 Mahler?2 J Born?II J A Voisiu k co * ?1 Colvill k Flemniiug?2 Point r Freres?6 E ll*-mmeilii)g?4 8 Luchaisc k Fauche?1 Goodhue k co?| Adams. Petrie k co?2 Briistlein, Koop k co?2 Cerf, Beer k May?2 E Bosaauge?12 1 II J affray k co?30 Benkard k Mutton?2 l/Hiuin.?2 Schmidt * k Andrea?12 M&lmazet k Smith?5 Win Vyse?I F Thompson kco?6 A Plankett?1 H Bohleu?1 Suydam k Ulydenburg ?1 k Taylor?11 Lane, Lainaon k co?5 Prate k Livermore?2 WkJ J atnrs?9 WmB Astor?1 R k H Haiglit k co ?1? Uuderwood, Teterel k Blaiu?13 Dorr k Allen? 1 Bt car, f uriij'imiii w, iir-i r a iiwiisr ? i lfiunoi oc ocnvntT?& *?! JtfiUtin?1 Bailly & Kitchen?9 Malezicu. Uourd & c <?I U Wen Biur?I W B Dr?|*r?2 Ballin it Sander?5 W Hubbell?1 ii M Davis?1 Felix Bondird?2 H Kscher?I kngler it Foley ?I Dufour & co?1 Hi lire Waiter?I O Hozat?2 Schnrchart, Farre ft co? I S St H Kohnstamm?3 J Mortimer 8t ?on? 11 F Umber St Damhmauii?1 J B H Esclier? 1 Dale Ik Maxwell? 20 to order. Domestic Importations. Nf.w Orlkzms?Brig Gibraltar?210 hhda sugar W Barnwell ?12 do 48 bhli molasses I) Hart. CharLkiTon Brig Damascus?115 bales cotton Bngart & Kueelarid?51 tcs rice Faber ft Bierwertb?14 bales cotton S Bronson? 15B do253 tea I hf do rice to order. Charleston?Brig Zoloft?12 hluls 102 bxs sugar Durham Sr. Moore?100 birds do Crocker, Sill St Warren?101 birds 30 boxes do K Hogan?1 tierce do Minturn St co?13 boxes candles to order. MARITIME HERALD. To Ship Blusters. We shall esteem it n favor, if captains of vessels arriving here, will give to Commodore W. A. Bassett, of >ur news licet, a re|>ort of the shipping left at tire iwrt wlretrce tbey saileil, tire vessels spoken on tlreir passage, a list of their cargo, aud any foreign newspapers they may nave. Commodore fl useltwiii boanl thein immediately on their arrival. We Will reciprocate the favor in any wav. To Correspoiirlents Ahronrt. Our correspondeuts in foreign jmrts art respectfully reijnesled to send by even' vessel all tbe marine intelligcucr tlicj can obtain. Nautical information of any kind, from any one residing at home or abroad, will he tliank'n'lv received. t'ORT OK NEW YORK, AL'CiUST IG, IN12. srn rises 5 111 Moos sets 12 39 tow sets 6 19' HIGH w ... 423 Cleared. Ship Franconja, Jones. P. r'smonth, Nil. S II Sise ? Brig* Trinacria. (Sicilian) Logans. 11.,d.Pitikn'nn fc. H.irt: (ienl MiiIm Miffm, Mriwuw. M earn fc TKwifmi! Kag'e, Kulh rton, Portland, Me. K CJ lhurslrn Si Co.?8chr Btliiinore, Woglam, Peteraburg. Arrived. 8lii|> Southerner, Palmer. I'mm Liverpool. July 13, with indae, to Woodhull ti Mintmu. Passed several icebergs on (he Banks. Shiji Rockingham. Penhallow. from Live rjaiol, July 1, with indse, to Orinnell, Minium k Co?2(10 passengeri. 30tli nl?. lat 43 JO, Ion <7 20, passed ?tnp HenPrick Hudson. Morgan, hence I. r London; 9tl> nut. lat 12 20, Ion 04, spoke bark Albeit Henry, of and from llostou for Ro'li rdain; 11 iii. lat 41 30, Ion 67, ?|>okt' fulling sohrs Swan, of Qioact ?t?i, and Sultan, of Welltleet. Ship Kmpire. Torry, from Havre, June 18, ir. ballast, to the master. 21st ult. lat 18 20, Ion 25 JO. spoke brig Ark, of Newbnrvjiort. 2.1 days from Loudon for Bos.on. Bug Gibraltar, Jaquea, 23 data from Newr Orleans, with angiu, to Nesinitn, Leeds 6t Co. Sailed in co. with brig Wilham, forNVork. B ig Damascus, Chase, 10 days from Charleston, with cotton, to Badger Si Peck. Bog Zoloft. Cross, 8 days from Charleston, with sugar, Ac. to master. Ilelotv. One brig, unknown. Stalled. I'ti ket ship Virginian, Allen, for Lireipool, with 200 steerage passengers. 4-e lie in I liceurd. Ship Licoha, Barlow, <re|>orted yesterday) sailed fiom Whampoa March 26. Left, Henry Pratt, unldg; lanthe, wig c rgo; Olof VV'yk.ldg. At Macao 31st, Akbar, and Horatio; Cayuga, for Whamnos, in a few days; Panama, 139 days froin New York, and Root Knlton, 60 days from Caliao, anivedsame day. Also, U 8 frigate Constellation, and sloop of war Boston, arrived 23d, last from Singapore, all well. The Chinese have i rebuilt all the forts uhnve the Bognr, and several new ones.? Passed Anjier 3d May. The Huntress, Lovett, left day before for Canton. Passed St Helena July 6. 3d inst. lat 27 55, Ion 62 III, spoke hi ig Commerce, of Boston, for Porto Kico. Spoken. Ozennsanna, from Amsterdam for City Point, Va. out 30 days Aug II, off Georges Banks. Henrietta, Wilson, of New York, Aug 3, lat 30 10 N, Ion 69 10 W. foreign Porta. Qrr.m.r, Aug 9?Arr Leander, NYork; 10th, W G Anderson, Aberdeen: Huron. Liverpool; 11th. Alcyone, do; Karelia, WaterforJ. Cld in;li Kalegmrd, Liverpool; Nig< r, Sunder- . leads Caledonia, London: Victory. dot Druid, Bristol; llth, ( Britannia, Liverpool; Margaret Balfonr, Belfast; Superior, Pete me ad. I MoaTar.aL. Aug 12?Arr Royal Bnde, Dundee. Arfihio, PR. July 28?In jiort, Susan, of Bsltimorc, wtg orders, the only American. Vlilted Statea Porta. I'orti.avd, Aug 13?Arr Rmeline, Philadelphia. i ItARTFOHU, Aug 13?' l?l l.Alint, 7* York. < PhILADI LtRU, Aug I'i?Arr lurk, Boiloa; F?l4in4, Bremen; Caroline, Ponce; CIms Richmond,Newport; Red Jacket, < NYork; Nf * Jersey, Albany; Splendid, Savbrook; Antln* rite, Hartford. Below, John Odlin, Palm, alio Richard Rush. ("Id Seaman, Pemambticoand a inkt; Oo?rto, Jane Yates, and Scituatr Boston; K Tomlin, N? wark NJ; Notnj, Warehsin ? Arr in tlie Schuylkill, Dirigo, Lnbee; Banner, NYork; Copy, Long Uland. NnnroLK, Alia 12?ArrCanCo, East port, pot in for orders.? In Hampton Rnada, llob Roy, from Jamra Riser for London; II H Douglas do for Rio de Janeiro. Art llth, Magnet, Arrriho; Kxtio, Tnomaaton. 8ld from Hampton Roada, Callao, for Glasgow. Put back t* Hampton Roada, Byron, on accouut of the unsettled atata of ibe weather. OhaRi.fsto*, Aug 1?? Arr Merchant, Matanzn. Ost.r.svs, Aug 6?t Id Ville de Paris, Cowei and a I mht; Orleans, Columbia, and Iowa, New York. Arr Mania Cleave*, Boston. NOTICE.?In nnranance of the recommendation of the Ty- j lerOeiirral Committee, the Eli rtnrx of the Second Ward ( re requested to inert at Jones1 Second Ward Hotel this (Toes, lay) evening, the llttli inst., for the purpose of selecting five persons to reprasent this Ward in said Committee. I an 16 lt?k PPHE t IIEAPE8T CASH TAILOR YET!?PETER V. 1 A HUBTED, Merchant Tailor, No. I Chatham square, eoruerof Chatham street, continues to make Clothing to order, in the neatest style, 16 per cent cheaper thin the cheapest cash tailor in the city. A good tit warranted, and hereafter no disappointment. lull, I in* I \\T E WOULD diiect the attention of our readers to the '* Rhriimatir Endicsting Liniment, art i nasi liable article. S e adrertis. ment in another column of this paper, aniif lm*rc -yo my friend?"and* the ft nLiC-Be, ,Tc *Untiy inii' Tf l bvquntioii ukrj me touching l'u lite transition, in which I liav# hi rn ina-le to play so conwpictiniM a part, I he.eby request ill, who re all? tr* my well winhcra to avoid ?| e iking tome on the subject. My laige circle of frienot and acoaaiulaucff, ?*i?rh of mhom *dvi?e me to * different courni (doabtlfM with th^biit mrtivoi) prrpletet me to Hist, degree that I tind it impossible to pay any afu iiifOti t?? my t ?? rJ sinei<.( The siej>s f have tnkrn on my own jesfionsibiliry, or ? at the iistance o( tlk?e iiriacijii '.iiited \sitl? ? ?ai procrrdi 'a, to prove myself innocent of th- 'urge, n*\? bcui ,uivi?tel j) nr.v i'crs? mtors Infrt etiden : (against in . <'ors<q t i;rj. I have now idnced the whol- affair in the h awl < ol ci.ii . nl coun if I, Wiinsr advice I sl.nJI strictly Allow, and win* ill, ,r the proper tiin'- hriu? forward ?ncn i r f., will lull* r*r h- f5 llth in) innoctnct. i tTFHV HVSTKD. an W lfr a / hiAmber's Edinburgh joi t.saL-TIm her hsring msde arrange menu tai'h th > English ! u lis!,- j, ers of the above work is prepared to deliver ro uun-haaer* the volumes from 1639 to the present per??i ctlh* r >u uu.oUisor bound, nnd slso ibe w. ekly t.innb. m n... prc-i nt veisr to the litest arrival; t'rms of subscription H' on sutn.oi, fvrnnu- . eil b? mail or delivered in snvpvrt n'the crv. Office of the Chambers' > dinftiigo Ji?ni'l and the ', Commentary of the Holy Biul< ? > Nrss ii i. sulb eo<lJt*r _ iHH,iK)SEl_ Jj '1*1 iK OK! IIESTHI<|* -WiM |.e ' soil.!!, d st t ,. StuyseA ?ant Institute 617 B osdwsv, (iotn 10 to 12 o'clock, A. M sud from 7 till 9 o'clock in the evening commencing on Wednesday, August l7th. This snlenilid Mmieal Instrument lately introduced from Europe, plays the most brilliant over- lures and fantasias. Kinerrrmore correctly h?rinontr.rd mu- , ic can nerer be heard. Th- "plendor es well as the beauty 1 md flnish of meclianism astonishes errry Iteholder and attracts the curiosity and admirationOi ams'tUrt of !""**" ' * i Admittance U cent*. EXPERIENCE [70H FOL R YEARS ha* fillv tested (li? estraordiuarv vir" -I DR SUKRMAN'S MEDICATED L02*NJK9. Si?veril million lovihivr been sold,and given perfect a Li*fa- iiwii to *11 who hive used ihsm. PHYSIC IANS AND CLEROYMEN. jiwyeri, Professors, rich and poor. high *ud low?in fe^t, marly the wh It Atnelic&u people, liavt given thein tl.? ir , auction, and they are now last spreading tneir mflMeicei to very pari of the know n world. Drs. Hunter, Smith. K*|erf, V anderpool, Scott, and lour itiiidri d oth* r physicians in\*w York city alone, r*c?i)Bcnd <heamill's Lozenges, daily, in their practice. Sbeirnau" M?licatrd t.ozenges are never sold by the ounce, hut alw ays in loses, with his name attached. The D<>ct>r being an educated iiid i &in?ri?-iiryd physician, and a ineaiberof the Medical So. t 4twYon, givnAdw U , Nyl alio* s that no others enjoy. COUGHS, COLDS, CONSUMPTION, I Vsthtna. Tiu ituesk ol t!ie Chest, Whooping Cough, Cough atrnding Measles, and all affections if the Longs, are immeditelr relieved by Sherman's Couch Lozengas. They entirely m? tii recentea tafew boui i. tnd oftrn moat il <nnug cases of CoMumption yitid, as if by magic, to their hapry 1 nmience, as ru the cjscj of Die Rev. Mr. Anthony, the Rev. At. Streeter. and hundreds of others, even where they had I iceu given up as inenrahle. WORMS CAUSE DEATH To thoetands, without their ever being suspected. Children ind adults often suffer much from them, when a lie* of Shernan's Worm Lozenges would give Dicin immediate relief.? iundrt-ds of instances have come to our Juiowledg*, where Wfeone on die brink of the ar-vr. fast wasting away, and the 'hysician* tr\ing their skill In \aiu, and resorting, at last, as he only hope, to Sherman's Worm Lozenges, which have re- i tored them to health and happiness. How often have moth- 1 rs called at the Warehouse and (loured foith their thanks and I leasing* for the restoration of the if deaf beloved offspring, * ^fever before has a nerfect remedy been discovered for trie en- t ire eradication of all kind* of worms. II r4, l ALt ll A11U.N, ?owneas of Spirits, Fatigue, Fainting, Desi ond?n<^r, Nervous 1 jisnases Kinerally, and Si * Sickness, are nil subject to the urative pro|x*rtiea 01* Sherman's Camphor Lozeuget. They ' ure severe headaches, fee. in (en minutes. In fact, they opeate like a charm, and 110 person should go to sea without them, H s they are infallible in ?ca sickness. Persons subject to fuigue, or attending ciowded paitim, will iinii them to relieve 1 Item of all lassitude and oppression. Warehouse I0f? Nassau street. Ageti ?Church's, 1*18 Bow ry; Sand's, 77 East Rrnadway, and corner Clnmbius and I road way; Codington, 227 llud?ou; Kushton and Aspin wall's liree stores, and !;Pl Fulton street. Brooklyn, 8 State street, lost on, and 3 Ledger Buildings PhiUdelpliii. aulfir PARSELUS& AGATE, ' >IANI FAl'Tl KCHS OF ELASTIC STOCKS, ? A\l)SUSPENDERS, LINEN DRAPERS,.Vc. ' rHE SUBSCRIBERS, in addition to their former stock of fashionable Koods, are constantly receiving by every new rriml from Pari uid L m Ion, a sup ly f the most rich ind II diioiiable ScarlV. ?nd Crsv.its. Their assortment of iVhinmv J ue Stocks, Scarfs, Crasau, r< ady made Linen, Gloves, Sin- ' lenders, Hos ier> . and all article* appertainiiut to a Reu?It-man's * nardrobe, are rich ami varied. They respectfully invite their 1 Id patrons and strangers visiting this eity, to call at the old 1 1st blishincnt, so long and favorably known and make their se- t ectious. PAR5ELLS k. AGATE, 211 Broadway, * aulO lm*r Ik;tween Park place ami Murray sL * >?)(! REWARD.?Lost, su . aed to f ive been drowned ( pwv on the 3d instant, in the vicinity of Pier No. in East | tiv*r, a Lad about 15 yean old?can be easily .'recognized by trying no thumb on the loft hand?Ind on at the lime a check j hirt, white pantaloons and straw or chip hat. Any i**rson mding the body, will receive the above reward and the thanks ] if his friends, on application to 1U16 r W. .V J. T TArSf OT P. 13 Pick sli( pO CAPITALISTS?A PARTNER WANTED.?The i Advertiser is desirous of disusing of the one half of a I aig^e and flourishing manufactory, established more than twen- ' ynve years in the city of New York. feorne additional cash capital is w anted, in order to extend he business and prosecute it to more advantage. I Auv one having about ten thousand dollars at command, ton Id find this an opportunity for investmc nt rarely to be met vith. References will be made to houses of the highest standing, ao the responsibility of the advertiser, and the most aiti 'HCtoy evidence afforded cf the safety and profitableness of the buiness. , Communications with real name, addressed to Bo* 254 I |>*r Post Office, Now York, will receive immediate attention, nd he considered strictly confidential. mi 16 eod3t*r RHEUMATIC ERADICATING LINIMENT. TMIIS Liniment, from its penetrating and healing properties. 11 wint&toa t<> endicitft (lodlnilBott effectually?til I Kkiutane or InfluuBfttory pains In ui almost incredible snort I iprce of time. So very numerous are the nostrums accompa- J 1 hat the public art exlrimely slow (anil j Hat I y too) in apprr- i i aline any new article, whatever may be in utility. Home of he mo.l respectable |witons intUis community ran bear joyful ) cstimony to the vstouishiuK effect. of this Liniment. But as msitive proof, every bottle ofthlt Liniment will be uccnmpa- . lied with a guarantee to refund the price of each bottle in all ' ases where it has been faithfully applied, (acaordimt to the riuteil directions) without producing the desired eradicalivr ffects. For ia)e only at the Dejiot of Health anil Bliensth. *Jo. 60 Canal atreet, one door cast of Bmadwray. audi lin-re A. V. H. WK.BB, Agent. MEDICAL AID. Dr. Gregory take* litis opportunity to remark that he is very reuueiitly applied to under circumstance* indicating some it*fe remain* of the compDint still.lefl, which show* itself ?uly occasionally. Such case* as this fremirutly prove to he Atooded with stricture; of mi net as wrll as the ntntlf tricture, the patient had no idea, notwitlistaiiding die s> mptom nay have existed a long tony, and a stricture had be. n in progress several months. It is in such case* as these that Dr. Gre,orv has Im-i-ii *uciT*sful toad'*grer hithe rto liuhraidot. In naking this assertion, it may lead some to a*k, why should Dr. G. accomplish readily that which other* have failed to do? The answer is, that having had the adtantigc of a very extendd practice,he ha* had opportunities seldom enjoyed to investigate the causes of which these *> mptoms are the effects, and hat he has discovered and brought to his aid a remedy never ? to re used; and besides this he has a greater variety sf iustruTieuts for the treatment of stricture than is to he found in any iher collection, embracing 'Jd differ.-nt .-i. , ,oid mi in he ?ng over 100 valuable instruments, including all the old, and many new and original inventions. Dr. G. has published a little hook on private complaints, which lie sells for!?0 cents at his residence ; it may also be had it the drug stores of the Messrs. Sands, in Fulton street and Broadway, corner Chamber* street, aud at Church's Dispensary, I8H Bowery, corner of Spring at. Dr. Gregory'* resid. nee is not a drug store?it is a private bouse, and is amply provided with separate room* for consultation. lie may be found at borne during the whole of the day and evening. atttG It* r THE COMPLEXION^ SKINT orvnrT A WTVC Tr A r "\7r\rAi? XVW VV \J O lYAii I U\J 1\* An Kaatern Botanical Dlnoovcry of Surprlflliitf Kfficacy. AS A CREATOR AND CONSERVATOR OF THAT most distinguished cluina of ft male loveliness?a trantparent fair skin, Rowland's Kalydor may be said to exert an almost magical power. Composed for the moat part of Oriental balsamic exotics, to tlie utter exclusion of all mineral admixture, it is distinguished r.edirin illy for ira extreme bland, purifying, and soothing action upon the skin ; and, by acting upon the pores and minute secretory ? email, earns la <11 import tiea from the ?uifare, allays even' tendency to inflammation, and, by this means alone, effectually dissipates all redness, tan, pimples, spots, freckles, snnburn, and other unsightly cutaneous visitations, so inimical to female beauty. Its constant application will change the most bilious complexion into one of radiant whiteness ; while to the neck, hand, and arm, it bestows a delicacy mdfairness, which in continaed use happily protects, with evt<y appearance of youthful charm to the most advanced periods <>f lilt*. It is invaluable an a renovating and refreshing wash, during travelling, or exposure to the sun, dust, or harsh winds, and the heated atmosphere of crowded assemblies. To gentlemen afflicted wifh a tenderness of the skin in shaving, the application of the Kalydoi will be found to allay all cutitular irntation. Rowland'* Orion to, or, Ptarl Dent Ifrlcc. This is an efficient White Powder for the Teeth, solely prepared from Oriental Herbs of the most de lightful odour, and of sovereign virtue for streiigthcuing, preserving, and thoroughly cleansing the Teeth. It eradicates t irtar from the teeth removes spots of incipient decay, polishes aud preserves the enamel?to which it gives a |H-arl-like whiteness; and. above all, from its Uninfecting property s, gives sweetness to the breath. As an antiscorbutic, the gums also share in its transcendant | owers. Scurvy is eradicated from them, a healthy action an 1 redness are induced, that offer to the notice of tlie medical pi ictitioner the most indubitable sign* of their healthful state. CAUTION.?On purchasing, Beware of Counterfeits!!!? See that a small label is affixed to each article, hearing the names of the subscribers?thus, "Messrs. DODCiK, GUMMING k CO., kc., Only Agents, New York," witlmut which, iiou* .ne inline. ''1 Iw <l( I)r CLUB BOAT WAVE FOR SALE. THiK CELEBRATED six-oared Race Boat WAVE, victotorious in several closely contested races, built i?v Giolius an the inost apj ruvad model, aud iu the best maimer?in first rate order, and will In- sold complete, at the low price of $l<d5? ' iren lU ROLII j oWatei st in 13 co<l?;*i OIL! OIL! OIL! OIL!! ULKINCD GAMP OIL.?A new and splendid article is ' inst received by the subscribers, and is now offered to the >ubfic at a reduced price. It burnt with a brilliancy surpassed iy no other kind, and being free from od >r and neither smoke nor forming a crust on thcjwick?it will be found not in ft' a pleasant but an economical oil for all purposes. Grocers md Hotel proprietors are jiarticulaily invited to try it. The inly depot in ihecity, aud where ;t it sold in any Quantify to mil purchasers, is **t 8AMANOS i BROTHER. Also, the article Fancy Soap. an 13 2m*r Pi PER WARE HOUSE Print in P i| < i II sin . Wi ting Pa|**r of all kinds and finalities Hardware and Cloth Paper Wrapping Panjr Binder's and Bandbox Bonnet Boards English and American Tissue fstirr Playing and Blank Cards. For ?afe by PKKS8E k BROOKS, Pa;?cr War, house. t> I Lihertv r*et. au15Mr liftween Broadway and Nassau *f. s EW \ ORK ANU I | v ERI OOL REGULAR COMMERCIAL LINE OK PACKETS. Sailing to and from Liverpool, Weekly. m fib"LTJ'K^TABLISTIKT VASSAGK OFFICE, CI HOUTW STREET. The subscriber in announcing Ids arrangements for the year 812, appears befope his friends with sentimeuU of sincere res?ect for the able auptmrt he has received for many years oast.? fe likewia' withci local} the att. ntion of those intending to end for tlieir friends residue; in England, Ireland, Scotland aid W ill . '!< fel lb . i in it <11 tinn w ai < < mmdited b thi ine, by weekly opportunities from Livened, as well ss by all ha will known different lit,#-& of uacket thins tail.ik-m ami rom Liverpool on the l*t, 7th, 11th, 19th and 2*>th ofracTi month hronglioiit tin* vear. It h u a1w4>-? rx en tin* study of th? mbifriffr to have the migrant* ?hown civility, and de*p*r ho I without delay, sad hose wrho jiend for flu ir friend* may rest MY lifted that every* lite and diligent attention will be riven hy the Liverpool au-fim r? those tent for,a? well a* all who may embark with them, nu *11001(1 any of tho*e whose pannage has been paid not cm ark. the money will he refunded without any charge. The subscriber feels a pleasure in making lenewn the diff? rnt ships by which hi* passengers, came out during the last yew. rhieh has uiv *n general satisfaction. and that he liu c rmilersily extended and concluded hi*amiu'--menu for the yc# IMS. ['hi following \ > * lint of *hi|?* ? lhi|M Seotland, lli?hin*oii. Ship". Alahamian, Lane. Fairfield, Wilton. Pnntice, Hopkins. Frankfort, Kn*?ell.* Tyrone, ^peare. Hnssell (ih>vi r, Howes. Wsloi, Watt*. IHicmh, Wilson. Westchester, Ferris. Alfred, t'he ver. Osceola, Child*. wr?t Imon. Iin:< r.oll. Ht. Cloud. Kineraon. I.oui.ville, AII.'II. Nr* York, Ninon,, Kmenolt. War?aw, lerifllth.. (jjirego, Wi? .1., Willard. StATilhot, Store v. N. IUmj?hir?, H.rdimr. ??*4fr*ntH.'.t, (, HoWrt i?i -fi, Tnirm.n, Viriiini i, Eaton. EtM|K, Batcheltlor. C** S. Ji nkin-, M yu.uitr, A free p.' ? fmin the different rorta of Ireland and S< .tMill, ran *l.v> h- ., cured. >M drift, furniah.'d for any amount, ivildc at the National and I'mtincntl Bank* of Ireland and llelr r>'>|ieciit hramlir., ami ahoon M'-ur., J. It W. Hohiuail, Lucri red, which arc paid free nj any charge, throughout kf Kingdom. For further particular, "jiplV to JOHN II Kit I)MAN, CI South itrert. i>r J. It W, HOBINHON IC Oorec Plaiaaa, and anlit No. I Neptune at., Waterloo Dock, Lin rt.- I Jjfft- PX( KF.T FOR ilAVKC-(*,ro7a Lin.),-The noMFW?l ip UTICA, kred'k 11. will, M uter, will .ail rn VWHSHatlie 1.1 Bep'emher. BOYD k H1NCKEN, Agenfa. a} 4 Tontine Building., \; I i()N SAI.KS. Wy~THOMAS BE1U {Startf W<n. 22 Ann and 111 TUESUAV. \x o'clock, it ?h tinioi aooms, ? s .i t 1)1 ?; mm1>, Cloihin , fancy ind pltdfvd article*, lu]uo?, groceries, perfumery. kc. A1 > a large additional lot of choice Dry Goods, suitable fur Also, London clotlia, ciK^im?r?< anil votings. Also, 5 spitgmt*. l truly Vdlmble ship chronometer, 2 ;old liui w itches, kc. WKDNKHDAY, At 10Li o'clock iu the sale rooms. Large ami extensive sole of \ alutldc h<>u.-? hold furniture of ill description*. Spit udid Cuits . Ca . . Brdiu \ . 'clock precisely, in the Fulton street store will Ik- sold, with regret, w ithent reserve, the celebrated t^iiecu of Sheh** h#dstesd, w hich has cost so large s mini sod afforded so much saauseineut, witii the rich curtains, draperies and ornament*. 11 in thai eh | on mahogany beds tea*), with curtains, iiaiigiuu-i and ornament*. Sime time, a splendid polished French bedsteads, with gilt CSliopy, white draperies, bed, piliiastn lu . Also, in huii rnattnisses, lirst quality quilts, kc Also, 1 superior piano forte. Also. 5 piano fortes, by order ?>f the sheriff. BY H1KLL k ARCULARlUfcL tuksdayTAt 10Jt o'clock, at the auction room. Wines, L'quors, Segars, kc.?Con isting of very choice lonth side Madeira, Duff (1 >rtl??ti's pah aud brown sherrv, Port it.d Sr J it 11 ei? claret, champagne of famritc brands; Dm uy brand) in bond, cordials, sperm candles, Havana and Principe a gars, various brand*, with .other articles in the line, to which lie attention of nrii atK f.i-i.ilie* i* invifed?to h. -ntd in l.iU in uit i urchas?-rs. Al *o, Bollinger rli UOjUgue, anchor I tan J, nut landed, sui**iorto ,'nv vine iu mailtt t AUo, 10,000 imported Principe Segars, 10,000 Cuba do, 12,000 ?11 f AUo, brandy, sherry and Madeira wines in demijohns of five ; illoofl ? fcch. AUo, 7 dozen Old Madeira Wine, been bottled a numb* r of rears. WEDNESDAY, At 10% o'clock, at sales room, Elegant Furniture, Piano*. fkr. THURSDAY, At 10% o'clock, at the auction room. Drugs, Medicine*, Pe?futnery, Fiztures, 4tc. being the entire ontents of a family drug ston . Sil#? lmiitive FRIDAY, A.t half-'Ust 10 o'clock, a splendid assortment of Plants, con5 UHlig of Plunders, in lull bloom, Brds, ke. M. W A K D, Auctioneer NEW YORK GENERAL AUCTION MART, 110 Broad wa\, Corner Liberty street. A PC i ION NO flCE?FishionabU Furuitiire, Famishing Ci- Articles. China, &c.?A. C. HUMBERT & CO. will sell Phis (Tuesday) Moraine, at. 10 o'clock, to pav advances :? )ne doz 3-1 French do, I dz full, French aud 10 plain and eccen lie mahogany rockers, 3 splendid wardrobes, fi spring seat aud ufted sofas; dressing bureaus, plain and with m?rble tops, >ook ra?e*, centre tabl*, mahogany painted and enclosed wash* land", ladies'work tables, looking glasses, mahogany French ledsteads, wire safes, &c. Furnishing Articles?AUo rich ormolu and bronze girandoles, ienuan silver forks and butter knives, block tin Frenin coffe* potl.&Q, French and English China? I while granite dinner set. 131 ps; blin* m ik? (!?>, 1U | , 11c 11 ui f mil tl< \v i -I l?-a tin! i.ob t > Is. I desert set, bronze, 13 ps; bronze bower pots; several elegant French docks, w arrauted timekt epers, and several imuis vases mil flowers, &c. Toilet Perfumes?Al-o, a small invoice of choice and genuine imported French toilet perfumery; together with simw be.iuii* ful framed oil paintings, and other articles of ornament .ml i*e. The attention of housekeepers and others is particularly in* vited to this sale, as affording an excellent op|*oriuiiity to |?u re base. Thursday Morning?lmnorted Pure Wines, Havana Hegars. Stc. (kc. part a private stocu. Set Auction Head Courier ana Evening P-"?t. HulClt*r in'a >1E U'aS," a N ifot l'i ERR \REPLANTB \ f U/CTION.? A. LEVY will sell on Thureday rooming, at 10% o'clock, Mt 151 Br adw iy, i rare ^imlleeiioii of ^the^following Delecatissemas, Pectnrata, Lnly Hume's Blush Notulissema, Pax to iiia, Donkeliijia, Fianc?fnrteiiie?, Ocliroleuca, Tricolor, Sweefii and GHesii. Rhododendrons Aihorcutn, RusselleaLiun, Russell'* Grandellnnim new; Alfa Clarencu ami Phoeii Cfum; Azalias, a Alba Fhoeuicca and ^Coccinea; Rose La Marque; Agrippina, RiusflliauaGreTillii, &c.j}D thlias, ( onriiiemr of the World in blooin, with otlier choice greenhouse Plants. Also, 1200 Celeiy Plan La, of a uew amlsuperior junk and red kinds imported this year for the first time?are considered the moat delicious ever known in Europe. This collection has keen cultivated by W. Russell, Florist, Brooklyn, and will be ill waranted genuine. If required, the Plants will be packed properly for Europe or my part of the United States at a low chaw, an 16 3t*rc Wr- .KOll ALBANY, TROY ;i>?f ituerm#; je diatc places.?The splendid low pressure 5EL??r steam boat SW A LLO W, ('apt ill A. M'Lenn, will leave the foot of CoUrtl&ndt si. This Afternoon, Aug. lOthj al'> o'clock, and Friday lDtli, al 5 o'clock. [Cs The above are substantial Boats, fitted up with elegant State Rooms, and for accommodation is unrivalled on the Hudson. Ker freight apply on board, or to S. M. DREW, a the wharf aulG yaZl 11E A D-QU A UT EUS?5's? Regiment N. fl. ' iT* Y. S. ltitantry, Company A, Tompkins BIjc*, la. Mayhcs, will proceed t# Fori Tompkins, SlM'-ii Lland for six days Encampment, on Wednesday, 17th ?nst. on board the steamboat WAVE, from pier No. 1 North River, at Sjf o'clock, P. M. The Wave will leave the Euianipment every day, hllr*pist 7 A. M., I and half-past 5 o'clock P. M. Leuve New York 10 A. M., half-past J ana half I ast (i P. M. stopping at the Quarantine every trip. N. B. The Wave will make her excursions to the Lower Bav on I he half past 3 o'clock trip, landing at Fort Jlxmi'ton. Fares, each way?To Quarantine til4 cents; to Encampment 123a cents; to Lower Bay 123a eenu; to Fort Ilamiltonn 25 Ci !i* aulft 3t*rc PASSAGE FOR LONDON? Packet 10th Auk" wWWr^The splendid fa?t fast sailing packet ship WESTj?s5klilfc->l IN'STK It, Captain Moore, will sail punctually on Saturday, Auk, 20,her regular day, and has 'splendid accommodations for cabin, second cabin, and steerage pasaengers, who will be taken at low rites, early application lie made on board, or to W. UtJ.T. TAPSCOTT. 43 Peck slip. n- V> Sonlh al enrtiiT !? * Draffs for any amount, payable on demand without Hi.count in all the priucioal towns nl E inland, IreUnd, Scotland and Wales, can at all tiuica be had on application as above. an hi r KORToN DON?Packet of the tOth A ??t?Thw WPJIa'P^-wt'll known packet ship WR8TM INSTKlt, OeorRe mastt r, will positively sail as above, her rvffu* rar day, K r passs.'e.-haunu' eacellent accnnnnoilations, apply on boaidorto JOHN I1MIDMAN. r,l South ?t. aulir KOK LI vRkroOI.-facUet o! I'jth Auirust?T^e .pletniid well known packet ship NEW YtlUK, aBBMakahiai't. I i |>i < r will sail punctually as above, her reK"T" da> , and his very convenient and comfortable accommodations Tor r.ihin, second cabin and* passengers, w hich will be taken at the lowest rales if early application be inadc on board, or to W. St J. T. TAP*?COTT, 43 Peck ?)ir, nl2 r COInet t South Street. BLACK BALL. OR OLD LINK OF LIVER POOL PACKKTsS?The only regular Packet of BUbMh Che 10th August.?The new Mid elegant rtgular TiTi. Pa ket Ship NEW YORK," burthen lirm tons, Capt. Thomas B. Onpier. will sail |x?sitivejy on Monday, the 19th ina tan I, her legplar day. The accommodations of the Old, or Black Line of Packets, for Cabin, second cabin, and Steerage passeiig*-ra, are well known to he unequalled by any other line or ship now loading for the above port. Persons |rvoct eding to the old country, will find it to their comfort and advantage to choose this favorite packet for their convey ance ; and as a number of her berths are now engaged, early application is requisite. For passage, apply on hoard f >of of Bet kinnn street, or to ROCHE, BROTHERS & CO. 35 Fulton at. at r Neit door to the Fulton Bank. FOR. NEW ( Mi 1,K A Ns? First P^ket-Only WfjWrV^'dar Line?Packet of tilth August?The well known pi mmtailing regular p icket ship LOUISVILLE, Capt M. Hint, will sail pi nctually on Saturday, August 20th. Persons about to embark for the above jxirt cannot select a in m i r kit t Rf< i ?i in".! fa cabin, second cabin and steerage paaa agora, ?ia Atted ajpta '!> moat comfortable manner. Persona alxmt to embark for the above |H>rt honld not fail to inak- early application, the number being limited. For passage, apply on hoard, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall atreet, or to W. & J. T. TAP8COTT, 52 South St., or 43 Peck Slip, corner Soulh street. The well known packet ahip ALABAMA, (.'apt Bunker, will succeed the Louisville, and sail on the 1st September, after which thia line will anil every Ave days, as usual. an 12 r KOU CON DO N?Hegiiia'i Packet of the 2mh AuJyegu?t?The firsi class fast sailing packet ship WE8TJriBMSf MINSTER, Capt. Moore, will sail as above, being her regular day. Having superior accommodations for cabin, 2d Tcahjn and steerage pan*1-niters, persons intending to embark should make immediate application on hoard, or to the subscriber*. ULOVEK fc tacMURRAY, I (HI Pin. ?t. Mfts f corn* r *?f South ?t Ajgfe- I'ASSA(ih Ki>H NES* Oill.KANS-IIclin.v; VfxVWLine?First Packet?The splendid last sailing well J0ijyfl?aknown packet ship ALABAMA,Captain D. M Buu kt r. will sail i?oaitively as above, her regular day. Flaring splendid accommodations for cabin. second cabin,and steerage passengers, for passage, early application should ho mad i do rd, or to W. St J. T. TAPSCOTT. ttilO r _ 43 Peck Blip. FOR NEW O RLE AN 8?With quick despatch? w?*rVTh" elegant ({UKEN VIC"OKIA, ? ?i rain Mallet, will sail as above. She Imn aupenor accommodations for cabin, second cabin ami steer* aye p*asetiyeis which will he tak? u at the lowest rates^if parly appliratioii is made on ho ?rd the bin. at pi r 14 E. R. or to . IOHN HERD HAN. Gt South *?. to let. f- A KIimIAM JjY famishc room* t.>r smith gentlemen, with hrnkful, al 11 Barclay it. No |.gnu will he j"/B -f ' to render the shore roomi desirable. Inquire on thej r mice*. auti lin'rc BOARuINO Kon OKNTLKMKN, at one of the phta aantrat and moat desirable liiu.itinui in tliii city, with pure country air. The ruornt .ire clean and comfortable and handsomely furnished. Apply at 107 Third Avenue. Tin- stages pass every 15 minutes. aulO 2w*r ?T\ ! '>!; SAl.K?The well known trottinir liorae J^ssJ^t OTTAOK BOY, H yean old, perfectly sound, and ' ' fri.m Ills disposition tiring kind ami gentle in harness and under the aidil e, combined with Krcat speed, having trot* ted a mile in harness in J nt. 42 seconds?is every way d. siranle as a road liorae. Apply to TOWNSEND St SCUDDKR'8 Htshle, auli 2t*rc op|io?ile Kulton Kerry, Brooklyn. <1 NOTICE TO WAOON BUILDKKB?The snb scriber, Proprietor of New York Tattersalls. will f 1 J i make liberal advances in fa h, on all New Light Wsc' tis ". nt to liise sVablisbrnvnt for sale. Builders in the countrycin rely npon having every attention piid to 'hr ir ord rn. For further particnlari, a* 'e terms, Stc. apply to tJK.Q. \V. MILLKK, an i| Proprieto- ?' v v tU's-wslls. Its Broadway. (iAZO I'M'.I M \TICS. tpHK sobss riher is prepared to err rule oners lor tlw tiago Pneumatic Hydraulic Machine, for raising wafer any height or quantity. from mines, Or tor waterworks, hy mems of vacuum . ?nd the simplicity of the machine (tin s it a great advantage over any othei now in uar. ant lin?r * '" "M " ?ot?e, 22 Pine at. pAltT.Oll BOOK.?The subscribers have a few of the first 1 Volume id tin- Boaton Miscellany, elegantly bound, r..n' lining 12s|dendid sr. e|, * pa^es of oopular music, 'he tasinoos from J inuary to July inclusive?the whole making one of the most desirable and interesting Books that can be foaml.che ui for cash. BflAOBUK Y, HftDK.N h Nissan st. N. Y. an 11 tiff end 111 Behool si Boston. QPANISH DOUBLOONS, English isilver and Bank of k' r.ngland Notes, bought r.d sold at S. J. SYLVESTER'S, '"13 t IT Br. id way and 22 Wall str.e' 1J11,1, OV EX< HANIIE y Ireland " and Scotland, siiins in oi S5. Clfl. 1.15, a.20, to any amount. s. J. SYLVESTER'S, n Wall, wilt and W Broadway. BANK NOTK. PAI'K.K? ,n 'Ml she. la Bank No', r . ' " 4. itboti minufacture, a very sitjie ior article, ju?t received, and for sale hy rKRHSf. ?. BROOKS, an 13 r SI Liberty street. I't ?KTUU I J list Ft VIA I.P. Ill-La r^'faiMd and etlebntfd rilla, from hwupii A prrGfit#, to b* obtained in thin country. Set* ni'yrtinntht lut foltmti " f" " l\ll J AMK8~aTeXANI)K.1t HOUSTON has removed ' ' his Caaitntma O???? ?. '* ' H?mm Bi'iuntiso corner of Nassau aud Ji3 e2}mioac ' ^MLSKVIKN 1S7^ NIHLO'M ( AHUKV. TRIUMPHANT SUCC1>S ! TV Gorg?*u? Comit I'unt<miime of THE MOHT OWL, In w' jcIi tin- whole force uf the l?A\ r 1. VA.Mil Y COMPANY i? Ixouiihl iitfo mtiun, i mj.tlt . < ,i crowded Sdnoi, , wi;h KNTHl'HIASTM AITK<:HAT; ON. THIS KTENlNUiAnv Itth. the pelt rictbce. c? nxitiite r?''tl> Ot o'clock, with A UKA.N OYI ICI I'UK, P..', J,,i. bl THi. J KiHT K* .1*1 , FEATS ON THE THiHT ROTE. Be Uie H*Tel V?mllv?llii < I irlee WinMica Weill will then dine*th' (. 11A< HVIENNI'.. Quarterol' au lw>nr'i uiUiu iukju will I allowed i j . , ,i lileiiU iu llo (iraiul Srlor n. To be followed hv A POPCLAR OVERTURE. Alter winch, IIth rime, will he produced am nificent C' imc I'auloininie callnl MAZULME, or; THE N10HT OWI ' Msiolme, the Night Owl, VrMellj Cheealier Bariauo, J. T^rne ?**?>. K??|, trahr.el Ravel Mac loo, Aoto.n. IOt.i UahAiM.Mn, Moiis U ?u\ervit? Mariana, a noor Peatant, MJjc Jerome IU*t I Juli**, h*r daughter, Mile DfmtreYiile Zulima, a < im-sun Slsve, Mi*i VVells To conclude * itii h th w nf the Magnificent I alar* ol MAZt LME ! The whole to conclude with THE l*Hl)NiENADE MUHM'ALfc. t/- The iiroprii tor rrsi^et fully in forma tht public, that iu compliance with ih# hUiha^i' uuiner: in v mittjfi. this much u.'miifd pari o! the entertsiitimtrtiU, will be givtn alter the ncrforwuncp* in ilii* Saloon *? ? oyc;. IT/- Mr*. FANNY KIT/WILLIAM, and Mr. BL't k SiONE arr engaged. Acting Min uter, Mr. Chippendale Musical Leader aud Director, Mr P- Wooir. ?? * imcu? nu Cfnu l>m*a open at seven o'clock, Entertainment* to commcm-n a! nikt. VAPXHALL GARUKX. THIS EVENING, Auictiit Ifith?To commence .it 9 o'ol.iclt Willi disguises ! OK, HVN^WJlY MATCHES. Jenkins, Mi Burton | Lord Losrwi II, Mr IUII Toiii|ikiii<, Russvll | Lvd. r, 1J IUi?y Emily,. Miss S on is Favorite liish Son*?" Boys of Kilkenny," by Mr M.> so|> ! Alter which an lutermias.uii of lis.I'm In nr. To conclude with the WANDERING MINSTREL. Jem Bags, Mr Burton I Herbert Carol, Mi M ?iap MrCniiknin, Bellamy | Mr Twerdle, s m ;,t Pegjcr, Mrs Mossoii Julia, Miss Somen Mrslrinkiint, Mrs Jackson Tickcla cents. AitlKHICAN BUHEIItl AND GAIIDI M? pORNER OK BROADWAY AND ANN ST1!> KT, Y-r opposite St. Pstil's Church. P. T. BARNUM, MANAGER. INCH LASUM NOVELTIES!! WONDER OF CREATION . For One Weak Only?Day Visiters admitted in the .i. Free. Flattered by the immense I?iti ousk'e bestowed upon this establishment by .1 disceinit'K public, and loin* denim.111.1 i? siwre no exertions in sccuriue every attainable noselty, tL" utan t^cr is Isai>i>>- ro aunonuce that he has, at ino.t es 1 . m nary expense, mad,- arrangement* with the propri tor .1' ' greatest curiosity in :hi \? 1.1 ihe IIE.II. MF.RM. lll) ! during li e | .i twnk ar once.t II' way, where hundreds ol Naturalists nod mV. r 1- . men Mm Id it srltk real notid r and 1. . <a|irr>seil lli.-ir in miction of the c xistrlics ol ' 1 ill creature. N l'. ' 1 chsrue liir Ailii.ii 1..n to tin ' ! Wtnchellj tie comic dmlleti .t, in eittht 1 ' - oy VIU t;?ii lie I'll* ;tiri\ I-ODR,. H I J. I I . stlie, Balloon A*< in .ion-, l..? , I in? and 60(1,000 curiosities. Day performances, Wednesday and Sarin. Admttrnn' r fo Mi?- wl.oh- ? ? !?f ;. ? ?ldu ,i li.dl' ; HIL.Y/S NidW YORK J?H SM A CARD.?The public is respectful!) iulbrn. .l York Museum will be clo.i i?iu the evcfiii til? ?i tensive alterations itii?i improvements are finished. 1 tentionof the subscriber to re-optn on or abeut the v ? gust, and pledge s himself at thai time to show the inthe most magnificent and re lined place* of an: >? u IouihJ in the United States. (?. li 1LI1.L. an 12 lm*r A MERICAN THEATRE, .Walnut street Phiiu ?!; . Ladies and gentlemen dtsirnus of entering into menu with this ?stablisnincut for the ensuing < n, il pleas' address their cointnutiicnuons (post paid) to CHARLOTTE J. I U8liMA> , <-t r6 2w r K. A. MARSHALL, Lesst*. MAGNIFICENT ATTR iCTI< SEA MONSTER ; SEA DEVIL. rIMIK. GREATEST NATURAL CURIOSITY IN Y AMERICA?The proprietor of this unmeme ?i hogs leave to announce to the public. that he U 1 r I ?'.ibi tion, at the Bowery Amphrthc atir, the Sra Devil, ? hu raptured on the Sftk April, 1CI2, in the Harbor of ( I, S. Cm lAn a di IpTlltS BtraigN w nil ts MM n 111 1 Be The proprietoi of this monster feels confident that il lo? of tin; curious and the scientific will be hnghiv * iti viewing this marvellous production oi tin mighty ?i? j? A Calf, which Was born after her capture, will *1 *. hibited. They may be visited by both sexes, a*they it all offensive, and every effort will be made to reudi ? \ hibitioii agreeable an? satisfactory. PICTURES FROM SPAIN.-Chuat uipum.g with th.Doctors, a chef d'euvre by 9p*cnio|etto ; *' Tne r isiiu' of Laiaril*."a line specimen of (Jueicitm; and a grand alt * pu ce, 14 The Resurrection of Christ," pan.ud b\ /uibaian ; togeih with oth r hue pictures, axe now open foi Exhibition at the Apollo Rooms. 410 Broadway. Alio, a collection of Ancient Spanish Armour ai il Arms, amongst which is the awmd of ?>.? r. n .\v > J BOADUIL, The la-t Moorish King ofOrruiJt. Open from 8 o'clock till dusk?Admittance &'> cents. XT' A few fine co|iin from the Old Masters, fur i*1c very cheap. 11 fit* 1 GERMAN QUARTETTO?The Qui. .if ', uk . hJ much pleasure to inform tin i ublic must rev p. 11 nil - tint illev arc now pre|>?red for Evening Serenv.h , in tlo I. .u!> h or German language, on ilw ino-'r. i "imI.1. terms. K r i aiticulars, please impure at Mr 11. TIIORBE' Hi., 11' II r . up stun. ii).', I . THK NEW VOHK COLLEGE OF MEDICINE P H A RAM A C Y . KSTABLI9HED FOR THE STTPPHESSIt).V OF QUACKERY, HAS met wirh the most rrrrpre. .dented success since il* mm menerimnt, particularly from the nnforturiar' victims if unprincipled pretenders, who are now daily gaining strength arm viifot under the judicious treatment of tire College. The follownig preparations haV' already obtained a relenriry unparalelhd in the snnats of medicine. THK UN1UVALLTKD TONIC MIXTURE. A certain cure lor *11 forms ofdyspc|a,ia, low spirits, less of appetite, lassitude, cutaneous eruptions, general debility, pr, disposition to l onsnmption. aiid all complaints arising iroin a disarrangement of the uervions system. It inay in "ho u-ol with (treat success in cases of fever and aime, and as a pr vcuUlire t? yellow fever. Sold ill bottles it St and S2 en. I,. , THK PARISIAN A LT F. R A TIVEMIX T IMF. For the cure of all cases of a delicate disease, or for pains in the hones, eruptions sore throat, or any Oth. I distrr asing m| toms, produced by an injudicious use of mercury, or by quackery. Sold in boitles .it $1 and $'i each. THE ANODYNE LINIMENT. For the cure of rheumatic pains, colic, bruises, sprains, st iutlidise i*c, nervous headache, pains in the joints, and , diatraud permanent relief guaranteed. Sold in botth , 7J et* each. THE FRENCH ANTIPHLOOISTIC MIXTURE. Guaranteed to <nre gonorrhoea, gleet, and all mucopurulent discharges from the urethra. Bold in bottles at Microti and SI each. THE AMERICAN ANTIBILOU8 CATHARTIC PILL. For the cure of ill derangements of the liver, pstrify iug the Inod, exciting I he whole alimentary canal to healthy iu\giving new vigor to the vital powers. This medicine is ntirely super ceding the drastic purgatives of the nostrum eude rs. THE FEMALE RESTORATIVE TILL. For the cur*i of those complaints |ieculiar to the fenrsh ... ?, and in restore aud preserve the regular action of the I. mil.organs, w ith lull directions and ctiitinus as to use, mil sold r.i boxes at $' 30 cents, anil 23cent* each. SIR A8TLEY COOPER'S PILL For the cure of cnlaneous eruptions, goul, chrouic ihenri <turn, and to iinjirore the tone of the digestive organs. THE PAPILLARY HEALING POWDER, For the cure of sore uipples, and superficial excoriation', of the akin. Sold in closely alopt phials sr 30 cents csch. The .above nr'iiaratioiit may also be hid of ihe following suh-ag. nts ill tliis city:? J. vv. Bisset.OH Broadway. Dr. E. M. Guion. 127 Bowery. Dr. King, 287 Hudson street. Elias L. rheall, 318 Grand street. Dr. Newman, 132 Cherry street. Wm. Armstrong, IRt Kiilion street, Brookli i P-iucipal office of the College for New Yoik, : V \ or street. By order. _a3 r_ _ W. 8. RICHARDSON. A , ?r AfR. COOIKY'H WOR* TIIK ' 1 |\ i*I 1 m PT-.I .!published The America , in r.c)pt. " Kanilih i . . \ true ?n.l ihe Holy Land, iliirin the . < ?r I:: i . K. Cuoliy?Willi num. ....? ?ie I < :. ,,n,... signs, hv JuhusOD, v . (Ine handsome Bsovoi'iiii Price S2, 21. No other volume rsl Hit can give il rc ' i , fr of vihat lie would be likely to see and meet in e.v\p er book is uioie practirsl ami plain in it* pi. < w hit rlie traveller lum .elf will meet. Or lie. t . | r,' account to givs oftheir jonrtiev on |a>|?>r, and a. . .it ' i, ill convcisilioii. .Mr. Coedev hss tuil one r I, r citrle ami the printed p?it?.?Uro'her Jonathan. 01'all I'll- volume. on K.yypt It?\ yr| ?p. , work of Mr. Cooley'a is by mi lite mint attractive. I tlior ir'v n tin' nv-vt Kraidiir and ainii.iiiK pirttir I In i 1 ,i a It wiiiHi iSaelf n tin- Ammm travel! mnrr Patriot. We predict, without limitation, that the work will !i unprecedented alt-.? Hon fort Timer It ia a lively, amu.inir and piquant narrative i f 11 advetiturca in Kitypt. The book w ill undoubtedly I ? U. S. Oaxrtte. The writer ha* varied ao much the plan of hit wnii. ir il pnderettort, and .-tided ao many new firti. t-g.ther w i; I * mal adventnrea, that hit volume haa all the inlrreat of It> .? Hoiton Attn*. It overflowa with wir. satire and incitirut, f'.fyt t i? n m- ground, hut 11,e or >r tu anl il unlitwith American i-yea, and they give it icrfert fr- ,l.nvilty. He aivea aome hard ntta to tlw aAtCtad fcnz - li ' "idira whom lie i nemihterm , bat ao arte I natui. I i< " ' with all ita ke. ousts, that even tbt jn'jeri : ait he 1 i t ? .Nun. W a have n-it for many v day been " iii?rh vmu?- 1 1 ' ' ed and instructed, aa in the i crural nl fhia n-rrttrkaul- o \Vc have never read from .he pen ot a,- Ann'iran tn1 < anv thin, more fre.h, graphic. or ?i ml, rai y. ' '1 citing, tnan this aame book of Mr Cooler.?V .'-M"r?y It la ileh in inciilenta of trarel. We are villi** to ... reputation on th? opinion that it will com "nam. ,r ?r r hast In Stephana' T rare la in Central Am. rhniu'n JWafustne. . . , \V> recimmcnd thia book. wither a?r heatuu i to: reading |?uh!i<\ prrim ?*' l'"h* I'l^jure 111 \\? ? u>. nation*?- lioiton Tranxcripf* c This Will errt Iiilj be the book of tlia I'aeon; it i? A marie in in its eh.rtclr. mil ainnt, and will be heartil wrl rome'i hi all l-at th. a wtio.e ab.UFd.lie. It e or wh -e wit hen K wring#*?Sfrtwlni n. It m re?Hy oh of rh?- m?>?t runm* ami internum hook that ha* mad" if Mvr*mnef f"r % >me time.? Courier 4 Knifui '? It in: ?>f lutvfrat it I ?r ea^eed* any vn'onae m Oriental F tvil. we haro e?er read ?Baton Vnilp >f IVpfru*;' of thi* work ha* afforded tia high cvifi **.i Brooklyn Srw?. T??? anther seem* to hire struck oyt an rt tm-n r . and pi< rtn?*(! it aacoettfiiUy. imbue! with rich yeiu < ( h 'nor and fms*ea?ed of keen Hatiriogl |knvt-r*; an .\:m rkoi ! )i ,i?r; fh rr? is ,i (Ve*h ra* of st \! hi *?y aifnilaritv of i?.v ? . out ast??ni iade|*endt :ic** i- . ? v ritnu. whi hrantiot fill topical * a* w#*ll a< to in*trnct ? Brooklyn fcagtf. ... It i* otie of the raoet amusiiic *nd titeruiinnt hooka wc have had m on |?a?n! '' for it a large aale through nnmrronn edition* ?Y. Y. 1?*Tttia Mr. Cooler'# b<#(?h if emloeiitlr readeMa. and we owe ojr ohligationa to it for *?ndry hearty hurat? of latter.?A. V. torn. AJv. p APPI.F.TON It CO. P.iWi.W, an It3tr "^Iiosdway,

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