Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 17, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 17, 1842 Page 3
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KICMImh. North CaRoi.iia?Lorofocos have 26majorit) in joint ballot. Alabama.?Locolocoe have 32 majority in joint ballot. Illinois.?Locofocos have over 25 majority in joint ballot. Indiana.?Our information, a* yet, is imperfect; when we get full returns, that ran be relied on. we will "plentifully declare the thing as it is." At ( resent, C hapnian continues to crow; but it is thought, by some, he is not "out of the woods." Our exchange papers exhibit the following as the result thus far H'Al'if. Oemucrat. Senate, .? House, 41 15 to be heard from?last year 7 wings, 8 democrats. Kkntti kv.?"The legislature will be whig,though with a reduced majority"?Cin. Gaz. Missouri ?The Gazette, generally good authority, says "there is no doubt about the result in the State?it will be lorofoeo." There are no returns received from which any opinion can be formed.? At St. Louis the whigs were beaten, but the quesrion was not purely political. Nibdo'r.?Ever alive to provide tne beat class ot amusements lor his numerous visitors, we observe the proprietor has entered into a short engagement with Mrs Fitzwilliam and Mr. Buckstone. The former is die last ot a race that placed English comedy on the highest atep of the ladder?the latter is well known and fuvorabiy as a dramatic writer, and his quaint style of acting makes you laugh "spite of yourself." The monopologue of "The Belle of the Hotel," is a gem of the first water. Mrs. Fitzwilliam's wonderfully rapid assumption of various characters, is equal to any thing the late lamented Mathews ever did. Torn Noddy's Secret is an admirable farcetla, in which Buckstone plays his original part of the usher with inimitable humor. There will be a great garden. Go early. Express to Hartford amd SrRiNoriEi.n.? Harnden's branch line to these places U now in lull operation, and has proved to be truly valuable to the merchants as a means of communication. The Weather.?For a wonder, we had another day without rain yesterday. 'KJ- Timothy Ilaskenshas been released in Providence HheHB inland. (BT-OLDRIBQE'S BALM OF COLUMBIA FOR THE Hair, from Comstock & Co.?Its jiosilivequalities are a* fol lows:? 1st?For infants, keeping tho head free from scurf, and causing a luxuriant growth of hair. 2d?For ladies after childbirth, restoring tho skin to its natural strength and firmness, and preventing the falling out of the hair. 3d?For any person recovering from any debility the same etfect is produced. A'-Uh ? If mad in infancy till h good growth is started, I it may be preserved by attention to the latest period in life. 5th?It frees the head from dandruff, strengthens the roots, imparts health and vigor to the circulation, and prevents the hair from changing color or getting gray. 6th?It causes the hair to curl beautifully when done up in it over night. No ladv's toilet should ever he made without it. 7th?Children who have by any means contracted vermin in the head, are immediately and perfectly cured of them by its use. It is infallible. I had been bald about five years?no more hair on the top of my head than on the back of my hand, and my head covered with a thick scurf. In this situation, about the 10th of August last, I began using the Balm of Columbia, from Comstock St Co. from 71 Maiden Lane. Since which 1 have used two and a half bottles of the Balm, which has fully restored my hair and freed my head entirely from scurf. My head is now covered with fine, flowing long hair?which any one may see by calling on me at Stamford, Connecticut. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! The College of Medicine and Pharmacy, Ettahlithed for the Suppression of Quackery, (B7-BEO TO INFORM ALL PERSONS DESIROUS of obtaining medical advice, that on remitting the sum of one dollar, with a statement of their case, they will he supplied with one dollar's worth of appropriate medicine, and a letter of advice containing full directions ns to diet, rngimcn,Stc. Alllettars must be post paid. Address W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent. Principal Office of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, 97 Nassau street, N. Y. N. B.?The CorssuLTinrj Phviiciax is daily in attendance at the private consulting rooms of the College. Hours from 10 till 2 o'clock. Something New, HUNGARIAN TALES AND LEGENDS. Romantic, Chiralric, anil Supernatural. (KJ- By Miss Pardoe, author of " The City of the Sultan," he. Ac. &c. This romantic and exciting work was published in London July 15th. The first American edition will appear early next week, in an Extra Double Brother Jonathan, embellished with a splendid engraving of the caarying off of the Brides of Venice by Moorish Tirates. The engraving has been executed in the finest possible manner, expressly for this new work, and is print ed in letter press separate from the work itself, to ensure for each number a clear and beautiful impression. Price Ity cents, or ten copies for one dollar. WILSON Sc COMPANY, Publishers, 16-J Nassau St., New York. Bulwer's Novel for one Shilling. godoTphin. BY THK AUTHOR or "Y.AIYOIYI " PILII1U }" "THK OilOSSID," StC. A DOUBLE EXTRA "NEW WORLD" WILL be published on Wednesday, August 17, containing Bulwer's "Godolphin," oneof the very best works of fiction rier written by him, and one which, having originallybeen issued anonymously, has been the least ltnown and read of any of his productions. It Is a book of wonderful talent and beauty, and of pervading interest and power, and every one is advised to read it who wishes rich entertainment. PRICE ONE SHILLINO ! Agents and newsmen are supplied on the usual terms. Orders by mail, enclosing $1, will receive Nine copies, or Twenty copies for $-J. OQf-OKFICE 30 ANN STREET. Q&- STRIVE TO SAVE?'TIS GOD'S OWN GIFT. ?Dear Sirs?The duty of my profession has exposed me to colds, asthma, and other pulmonic complaints incident to this uncertain climate. I have been deprived of the power of preachina by hoarseness, and it is my firm con. viction I should still be so had I not made use of your invaluable hoarhound candy. I tried it for a few times and my lungs were healed, my appetite improved, my voice clear, and my constitution evidently improved. 1 thcrej fore have no hesitation in adding my recommendation to the many who have experienced the efficacy of your clarified essence of Hoarhound < :andy. W. C. HAWLEY, OS Crosby street, Chaplain Citv Hospital. No medicine I have used has afforded me the relief that I have experienced from Pease's Hoarhound Candy, and 1 cheerfully recommend it to those troubled with coughs and colds. To Messrs. J. Pease & Son, 46 Division street. Agents? Rushton It Aspinwall, 10 Astor House, 110 Broadway and s6 William street; 166 Greenwich street; Owen, 3 Sixth Avenue: Sands. 70 Kulton and corner Broadwav and Chamber street, Hays, 139 Fulton atreet, Brooklyn ; Zciber, 97 Dock street, Philadelphia, Pa.; Redding, 9 State street, Boston; Haldeman, Louisville, K'y.; Haviland.Harron A Co., Charleston, B.C. 09- AT A LAROF. AND ENTHUSIASTIC MEETING of thcplectors of the Second Ward, favorable to the NationalAdminiatration,held at Jonei' Second Ward Hotel on Monday evening, Ang. 16, in pursnance of the recommendation of the General Committee, Eli B. Forbea, Esq. was called to the Chair, and John P. Hall, Esq. was ap pointed Secretary. The call of the meeting having been read, it waa rewived that the meeting proceed to elect five persons to represent thia Ward in the General Committee. Whereupon Samuel Strong, Isaac M. Phyfe, Eli B. Forbes, C. Stanton, and J. P. Hull, were elected such committee. Upon motion, it was further resolved, That the committee have power to fill vacancies. It was further resolved, That the proceedings of the meeting be published in the Hetald and Union. F.. B. FORBES, Chairman. j. t. Hall, Secretary. Q9-MAID, WIFE, OR WIDOW ?The Mermaid at the American Museum is attracting more public attention than Fanny Elssler, or any other female, ever commanded in America. It is the talk of the whole citv, and all we have conversed with who hase seen it, declare that it not only is all it is represented, but that it is decidedly the most wonderful curiosity they ever beheld. No parson should fail of seeing this princess ef the deep before her departure for England. A variety of performances take place at four o'clock this afternoon, by Winchell, Coleste, Miss Rosalie, Ac. Admission to the whole is but 28 cents. 39- SQUIRE HART, OF PATERSON, N. J. SAVS, Sherman's Cough Lozenges cured him of a vpry troublesome Cough, that had baffled the skill of his physician for months. Two boxes entirely cured him, and he has recommended them to many of his friends, who havehepn quickly cured by them. It is really surprising how soon they cure, and how remarkably pleasant to the taste. Dr. Sherman's warehouse is at 106 Nassau street, one door above Ann. 09-FOR THE SUM OF ONE DOLLAR, Medical ad vice and medicine are furnialied by the College of Medicine and Pharmacy. The high character of the Consulting nhy tician of the College, affords the surest guarantee of the efflcacy of his prescriptions. Letters for advice, containing one dollar, and post paid, dulv attended to. WT S. RICHARDSON, AgentOfflce, 97 Nassau street. A Uood-looklni Man or Woman. (%} THE OLD, THE L'OLV, AND DE< REPID may rooster their nose at the young, the beautiful and handsome ; yet, what would they give could they l>e young again?(alas! we partly joke, and arc partly in earneat,)? they may l>e if they like. We have seen several lately, whoec akin waabrown, yellow, ahrivelled and covered w ith pimplea, freckles, and eruption*. Well, they have used the Italian Chemical Soap one week, and they've Jumped out <>t their skin; they have had such beautiful tuir akin* that - but enough?thia Certainly doei cure in the moat wonderful manner every eruption and disfigurement of the akin, and we d > advise all totiy a cake for aU centa. Vou can get it of Jones, sign of the American Eagle, ( hathum street, New York ; s State Street, Boston. S7 Dock street Philadelphia; 13* and 7? I niton street, Brooklyn. (0J- CONSUMPTION CURABLE.? A small woik with this title has appeared in Philadelphia, Irom the pen ol a very di.tingmsiied practitioner of medicine in that city, w bote success in lung disea-e has been remarkable. His remedies, so much used in Philadelphia, and the work, may now be had at the Drug store of Dr. Milnor, No. 1*1 n roan way, corner ouonn street. Dr Rose's PROPHYLACTIC SYRUP, for restoring the Lungs ; and, also, his Cou^h Syrup without opium. J Marine Pavilion. Rockawav, 3J August, 1843. (H7- FAMILIES CAN OBTAIN PLEASANT ROOMS at this delightful watering place, by addressing the subscriherat McCoun Si Clark's, 53 Wall street. ad lot IllRAM ( RANSTON. U. 8. Sine Nohth Carolina, > July 30, 1 -U'J. S 09-THE NAVAL GENERAL COURT MARTIAL, now in session on board this ship, here y order all the witnesses in the cases to be investigated, and the accused, to be punctual in their attendance, daily, at 10 o'clock? Sunday's excepted. A t>oat will be in waiting at the Battery bridge; at half past 9 A. M. daily. CII. II. WINDER, Judge Advocate. Herald Bulletin of News. The Herald Bulletin of News is kept at the north-west corner of Kulton and Nassau streets. On the arrival of the morning mails, at eight o'clock, A. V.?and also of the evening mails, at fouro'clock, P. M., the latest intelligence from all parts of the world, may be found on the Herald Bulletin Board, at this corner. Let every wayfarer stop and read. Advertisements of all kinds taken at the office. Herald General Printing Office. The General Printing Office, capable of doing all sorts of printing, such as books, pamphlets, bills, cards of all descriptions, is now open at the Herald Buildings, entrance from Nassaustreet?Joseph Elliott, Printer. The New York Lancet. 09- A few copies of the first volume of this work, handsomely Ixuind, may now be had at the publication iltice.?Price f l. MOM K Y MARKBT. Tuesday, August 1<1?(1 P. M. The stock market has been heavy to-day, principally owing to the unlortunate movements in Ohio. That stock fell i per cent to-day, sales at 67; Indiana 6's fell ?; Lonir Island ' Harlem rose 1. The State of Kentuckv is one of the soundest in the Union. Ill revenue* are more than eijnal to it* expenditure*, ami yet by some lingular ' mismanagement, it* itock is low in the market. The immediate cause is that the outstanding scrip, of which a small amount has been funded in a stock, which stock is daily coming on the market, and the stock has fallen f 86 on the 18th June, to 79 on the 7th July, ami i This matter ought to be remedied at once. The Navy Department here, have to-day outstanding claims upe .a. This is very gratify ing ; and it is to be hop. y will be able to persevere in meeting the accrtti obligations, notwithstanding the difficulties that suri idthe Tr.-usury Department. In the matter of th lain) of Messrs Tacoh Li' Si Co; on Boormau, Johnston k. Co., the Courier and F. irerol this morning has a communication,signc. taining the following :? " A studious and persevering ellort is in papers and by out door conversation, to agr attention relative to a contract between Litte Boorman, Johnston Si Co., for the sale ami pui stock, made in January, 1840. The agreement \?.. in 1 writing, and according to its terms, the stock was to he < delivered on a specified day. This was confessedly not | done, and Ihe seller a<lmils his inability to do so. lie was therefore the first to violate the contract?and if either party had just cause for complaint, it was obviously the 1 purchaser and not the seller. But the former, a week at- ] ter the day specified for the delivery, voluntarily agreed then to accept and pay for the slock?thus evincing both ' his own good taith and a sincere desire to execute the con ' tract. It was, however, still refused, the seller art/win/' l his inability to make the delivery. The purchaser then Stated his intention to decline the contract, provided, on consulting counsel, he should be advised he had a right 1 to do so." I We do not know who " Justice" is; but we are exceed agly sorry to see that in order to justify the course of i Boormau, Johnston V Co. a direct, unqualified and dclibc- | rate misstatement is resorted to,like that statement we have , italicised. The seller was ready to deliver, and in a leeal | manner?he had the stock in one hand, and the attornty provided on the lace of the stock by the bank itsell, as a meansoi delivery to meet precisely such a ca?e as this, viz: to enable sellers to deliver stock when the books were closed. In regard to the delivery, Messrs. Boorman, Johnston & Co. wore misled undoubtedly, by the unsound opinion of their retained counsel, who ought to have known that the delivery of stock by attorney had been decided as legal in the Court of Errors, 1:1 to 5. The case was as follows?('2-2 Wendell.) In October, 1834, Pierre Barker, of Buffalo, transmitted to Bartow, cashierof the Commercial Bank of Albany, 100 shares of the Commercial Bank of Buffalo, as collateral security. Before doing so, he affixed his seal, and put his signature ( on the back. This stock came into the hands of Kortright, who filled up an assignment over the signature of Barker on the back of the stock. The Buffalo Bank refused to permit the transfer on the books of the Bank, on i the ground that the charter of the Bank had a clause pro ' viding that "no transfer should be legal unless made on the books of the Bank." The Supreme Court decided that the transfer by power of attoraey was legal, notwithstanding the provision in the charter, and the Court of Errors affirmed this decision, 13 to &. This establishes Allly the legality of a transfer by power of attorney, ft the case of the Bank of Kentucky, hew ever, the transfi r | by J>ower is expressly provided for on the face of the stock, of which the following is a copy :? ( No. of Shares f?fo. of cVrtific ?te' <fX y2fl>ooo<fl mxx>o-jKi<) < OSaVIGNKTTIv: XVIOJIETTKX jO j >000<#a$, i Y A VKfNKTrK A ^ O V 1 V six xxxb '/ Be it known that JACOB L1TTL.C fc Co. areV Orntitled to Slur. s in the C-Mitral Stork of the0 J GBANK OF KENTl'CK Y, tram errahlr at said Bank bj A 1 Xthejsaid Jacob Little 8c Co. or h Attorney. y Witness the seal el 'tie t'r snlenl. Director I 0 t ) and Company of the Bank of Kentucky, and tin \ i ssal. > sitnatnres of the President and Cashier thereof./' y Lorisvn i.r., It Jnly, IBI?. y VGr.n. C Ow *T?inr.v, Cash'r. Vie oil Mi'Kxiuht, Pres*! ' } + + 0 < XviONKTTK;-: 1 ^ -. & This stock and power was rvpcatedly tendered in fulfil mcnt of the r.ontrar.t. anil vet it is nrp.teiulftil that Mmcora Little St Co. " pleaded inability to Jelivcr." Mc.ttrs. Boor < man, Johnston Sl Co. said they would take the stock, if | Mr. Little could write his name in the books in Kentucky. , A? woll might they have conditioned that he should carry the Bank of America to Louisville on hia back. They ' well knew the imposaibility of that, of which they made a plea to withdraw from the unfavorable speculation. It i is stated that they bought for investment. If so, why did they not buy for cash ' Because their "high minded principal," Mr. Smith, now a director of the Bank, want- 1 ed to take advantage of a probable rise in the stock, at the expenst of Mr. Little. The contract having gone against him, he seeks in the chicanery of the law an excuse for repudiation. Will the people of New York oncournge ] the growth of this exotic, repudiation, or will they root it out at once T j Great efforts are making by interested parties, to make the state of the commercial and financial affairs of the ( country appear in as had a light as jiossitde. It is stated , that expemsivo houses are rented for small sums?many stores and houses are empty?that failures occur?that business is at a stand?that property is depreciated that ship building has declined?and that the revenue of the ] country is next to nothing, the following being the New ' York custom House transactions for July Cash duties received, $230,000 Receipts of cash from bonds, 006,687 Debentures issued, 61,000 Debentures paid, 80,000 All these facts are apparently correct, and yet wc denythat they give other indications than those of recovery from the extravagance and speculation of former years. In 1837, flour was worth eleven paper dollars per barrel, and every description of goods, merchandise and property was advanced in proportion. All this had been done by the diseased action of a vicious banking system, the worthless nature of which is mnde self evident in the present condition of the catise of it, vi/.. the lata National Bank. When the process of inflation was going on, when bank after bank was created, when million after million of paper money w as added to an abundant circulation, causing the price* of goods and the Values of merchandise to rise, no difficulty was experienced, and no complaints were made. The great bubble exploded in 1837, consequently all those values that were fictitiously lifted, must sink hack. When the country was getting drunk, the operation was very pleasant. The operation > { becoming again fober it painful, ami should teach the lesson of temperance. The " expensive houses" are now empty, becauae the old inmatet can no longer live on paper credit*. They . go to work, and labor will not allont the tame style of living. Tho increased industry and frugality of the country hat e increased its material wealth to an extent never before equalled, a fact w hich is mada evident in the very low pi ices complained of. This abundance anil low prices ojien the markets of thu world to our enterpriie, the drat effects of which will be an improvement in ship building. Since the treaty with England has been signed, a number of orders (or vessels, connected w ith the trade of different countries of the world, have been given, anJ they will be otf the stocks in a few weeks. These vessels can be built at least twenty-five per cent less than a few years ago. Moses Grinnell, Esq., has a ship building of 1300 tons, which w ill cost near 'filO.OOO less than it would have done in l"3fi. Here is an undoubted element of future profits. 1 he same causes for this reduced price in ship building, viz : abundance of labor and cheap produce, are operating in every branch of manufacture, and pro lucinS goods lower than formerly. Those who make cheap goods now, ran undersoil those made a lew years since. The holders of the latter may complain of tfie fall, but it is a temporary loss. It is utterly in vain to expect to maintain future prices in order to protect present holders from loss. With a ship at $30,000 less outlay, Mr. Orinnell can carry for less freights. This : hould not be, however, cause of Smiplaint to his competitor, w ho built his ship in a dear season, and therefore cannot carry so cheap The abundant produce, at low pt ices and cheap freights will go abroad in immense quantities, and the returns will come back, not in goods, because prices of most loreign manufactures will rule too low to permit of their import? hut in specie, until the country is well supplied with a sound circulation. Availing themselves of cheap lalior, cheap produce, and a cheap raw inatorial, the manufactu- i rers will be able to sell at the low prices of goods, at a profit, and the farmer, although he gets low money prices lor his furm produce, will tec rive actually more than when money prices were high. The manufacturer will he entire 1 ly " protected" in the legitimate way, vis. because he can l ell ai prices low er than goods can la-imported for. This ( fn-t is sufficiently evident in the custom house receipts as given above. Notwithstanding that a high tarjrt" bill was [lending in Congress, the present low duties, with a 1 chance of having goods entirely free, was not availed of, , a ul a less amount of goods was admitted to entry almost :han ever before, in the same spare of time. It is very true that, aotwithstanding the abundance of produce, the w estern part of the State of New York icarcely ever paid so badly before. This is partly liecause of the harvest season checking the forwarding of produce, and because produce lias not yet found its full 'oreign vent. The new movement, based upon low priors, has, however, commenced, and w ill steadily grow. A few years since,one of the greatest evils that afflicted the government was a surplus rev enue, and Hip ingenuity of politicians was taxed to " save the country" by spending its monpy in some judicious way. The greatest evil now complained of, is too abundant and too cheap produce, epublic is certainly exposed to novel vexations, and tie. n afflicted more grievously than can be imagined. It is contended, in proot|that a paper currency is necessary, that Bank ul England bills are circulating in New ii leans. They have been current in Wall street for y ars, and fur travellers on the continent of Europe, have ever formed a convenient mode of transporting small sums. Their circulation is, however, confined to intelligent merchants in ail countiies. In the same way, the bills of the late United States Bank were current inChina, at the moment that the institution perished in insolvency. 1 - stock was always a favorite security in the portfolios the joint stock banks ol England, until disasters, re va^iiuiivc lawgiib iU?UI uciwi. paper of undoubted credit will circulate among com- ] mercial men. No paper is so pood, however, that disc relit may not overtake it. No paper money can for years ' igain take extensive root in the IT. States. Its currency must be essentially specie. If it continues to hold inter- 1 ;ourse with foreign nations, its currency and prices must maintain a level with those of other nations. The prelent inaction is the necessary consequence el the transition "rom high to low prices, and w ill gradually be sucoeeded >y a state of enduring prosperity. It is a well known fact in England, although an appa- ] rent anomaly, that when the price of bread is low, the lome markets for the manufacturers are the |moat active, i rhe reason is4very simple. There were 18,000,000 libls. of ] lour, worth in 1337, $190,000,000, consumed ia the country. The consumers of that bread may now gut the same pt&ntity tor $81,000,000, leaving a difference ol $'.'0,000,000, 1 to be upplied to other sources, purchase of manufactures, fcc. Sales at the Stock Kxclimigc. Slissi Ohio.'i pr ets, 1830, 68 100 H.irlem, sM 14 11)00 do 67t)0 do I4>i 70(H) Indiana 5s, k30 20'4 100 do 5l't II1, SOflO d stiO 20'4 M do "II1. 123 shits Farmers' Loan, 17 130 do Look Island, '.1 23 do Canton Co, h:i0 19 l"0 do 3H>?j 10 do .Vlohawlr, still 37100 do ?70 30'4 200 do Ilsrlrm, 14a 30 do sl3 391* 1(H) il l 14& KMI do atw 3?)v,, 390 do tw I4>6 Srrond Hoard !< sIihs Mohawk, 37>4 30 ?has Lnuc 1*1 ihd, 30 State of Trade. There is a little more doing in produce at auction. The following sales took place 360 bags Havana cottee, inferior, 6] a7J, 60 days, 30 boxes Havana sugar, 5c, cash; 40 lioxes and kegs tobacco, UJ a 4}, cash; 5bales tobacco, Cuba, 114, cat-h. Jlstm?About -200 bills of liots sold at Ml a ?.' fi ?L an advance of 12} cents. Pearls, 100 bbls. sold at $5,87} a 5, 94, also an advance. Cation?The cotton market is exceedingly quiet. flour?There is more doing in the market this morning ?prices are fiim at yesterday's quotations. We quote Genesee at $5,18} a $5 26, and Ohio and Michigan at $;> a $5 12}. Corn Crops and Trade, It is almost useless to quote prices, for they do not signify much now-n-days. It is perhaps enough to say that holders arc willing to submit to a decline any day. We give the latest intelligence we have received of the 1 crops m the country, and oi the trade in several markets In St. I.ouis, on the 5th inst. the stock of Hour was light, and hut little arriving. City Mills superfine was quoted at $2,75 a 3 25; Other brands about 25 cents less per bhl. Wh'-at was arriving slowly, and commanded 40 a 46 per bust el. Demand limited. AtChietgo, on the 5th, hut little new wheat had been hrougi.i in. The receipts averaged, perhaps, 500 bushels per day. Sal ss were made nt 78 cents. From 70 to 76 cents is tin lair q 'otation. Flour, $4,75 a $5,00 a barrel; Corn, shelli 36 to 28; und Oats, 16 a IScents. InCincinn.u, on the 10th inst. rather more than the usual demand ha,. ,akcn place for eastern shipments, to lie forwarded by way of the Ohio Canal and the Lakes Very little had been purchased for the south, and the ruling rate has been $3,03 a 3,00. The receipts of wheat, though considerable, w ere still much less than was anticipated. Purchasers were taking it as fast as it arrived at 50c. per bushel. Two good lots of wheat were afloat at Buffalo, on the 13th inst. for which 81 cents were offered, at which price a contract will prabably close. Sales of Ohio flour are making at $4 50. The Concord, N. II., Courier of Friday last, says that in all parts of the State the farmers have secured a bountiful English harvest, and that their prospects for a good crop of corn, and an uncommon crop of |>otatoes, are very good. Indeed, all over the country, crops that are ripening are better than wpre ever known before at this season of the year. Flour is selling extremely low in the u estern and middle States, and it will soon be very low here Corn will fall; rye do; and potatoes will not he more than 17 cents per bushel. Every thing else will be low in proportion. Married. On the 16th inst. by the Rev. George Benedict, Mr. 'hari.ks C. Pnscaun, to Miss list Ann Psnsf n, both of this city. Died. On the 14th inst. of consumption, Mart Senscr, relict of John Spencc, and daughter of the late oeoige .xiigiii. 01 uumin, irriann, in uir y?mi ui nn u^c. On the morning of the Hth inst. ol a lingering and J painful illnese, Mart, widow of John J. Uoome, in the t '9th year of her age. i Funeral this morning at 9 o'clock, from No. J64 Fourth j itreet. 1 PaMtngeri Arrived. New Oai.r ami?Ship Liverpool?Mrs Newman, Miss Heyer, t Muter Heyer?!i in the steerage. ri CiiaRLEstom?Brig Sullivan?F F Capus and Isdy, Miss K i. Boy kill, Mies M E Eaglestuii, Miss K E Usher, Miss C Carinn, Mrif A Boykiu, Mrs K Rayne, Mrs S M Earl anil sis children, James Elder, W H Barrett, R 8 Oakley, I' Hoff, W Srntt, I Silcos, J L Kgglestnn, C Foster, J P Salisbury, W Wair, S Smith, VV Marrow, S Weaver, I) M Ohatuirey, t apt J Willard, A if Piatt, A H Llunkin, F Kobie, A A Crepon, N , It,.in** II I Mr ' l.iske\ Uomesttr Importr?tIon . c New0rleaks?Ship I.i crjiool?13(1 hlids tobaeen let bbls J po.k Boorinan. John,tonk 92<isatks corn 2 bales moss 24i . 1,1,da tobacco Roberta St Williams?5 do J H & R R Boaslcj? f 17 I bis tallow 8 bales wool J Boyd (It co?5 hhdl tobacco Bechtel & Dryer?li hoses do I hhd beeswas 3 bbls tallow J Smith? r t?9 bbls wheat Allen St I'isson? li bsa oil (torn Wal.hA Mallory?I bos hooks H J Redfh Id?2 bbli L'reaar Id do ail 4'| kegs lard Duryra A Dracon-W9l pigs lead C M Roger. A co?7 bale. , cotton Oreenway. Hinry A c, ?II reels rope yarn Sailers A co , -I bs J Perere?2(1 Mils tallow Mernll A co?Idfi bbls wheat S t T Nicoll?2 H MrCorgiiolat.?M hhds tobacco 269 sacks wheat ( 14 bblsdoP J Fr.ineia-22 hhds tobacco i2 bbls pork Brush Aco ?18 hhds do t chest tools J Hinder? 1 bs rndso Jamison A Jan- ^ ford?16 Mils potash Masters, Msrkoe A c, ?2ifl pigs load W R , MeCullongh?247 lk? eon. K Paynirr-119 Mils wheal Roberts A Williams?I chest H Walt. rs-3 cs VV A J \ an Buskirk-30 } rolls matting G Histings A co?I case I Cottencl 1 S Oroy- ( don? I bos mdae P J Francis?ri buses candles i cues mdse to ( Order. _ CnA*L*?Ton?Brig Sullivan?102 tc? rice O Sutton?122 ?lo 1 hi *nerie Snia/iie, Robinson k ro?12.5 ball?*cotton John Mnrehead?do J R Lynch?61 Creagh Ik H?ydecker-9Ch*rl<* T . Luicher?97 T Victor fit Dnckwitt?10 do 101 tc* nee Henry S Leveiich?10 hdU leather James fellder?2 botes Meyer, Lwn li lj>kif J O Gregory It co?3 c? Towuacnd Ik Brother??bf tc I w?i w B Wairiner?13 catei Wm Y" " ** 'to " order. a ^MARITIME HERALD. Hailing lii?> ? ?f the titrani Ship-. raoM BitflLaND. aannnca Britannia, Hewitt Aug. 4 Sept. 1 Ctletloiiia. Au;. 19 Sri t. IIO. Weateru, lloakrn Sept. i Sept. ti Br_Qnrrn. L^Uult lnii. 10 On. ID Packets to Arrive, i Packet* to Hall. ?ri>m tivaareoi.. 1 for i.ivturooi. loiambui.Tule, July 7 I New Y.nk, I ruptT, Aug. It Slarrnlaii. Dr Peyalrr, July 1] [ roe roRTsMoi ea. khom roRTtMui'TM. \Ve-1uiiinter, Moore, Ang .1 itUiHaior, lint mi. July 19 | St. Janice, Selior, Seyi I Me.lnior, (hauiplie, July ru . ton tutu. imm m.vmc Uliea, Hewitt, Sept. I Mfilknfn, July 11 | Albany, Walami. S? t To Nhlp THnetere. We shall Mttcm II a lavur, il eaplatiie of veeatla arriTing here, will ^;i?r t.. Commodore W. A. Buaeitt, of net tiewa tleet, a report or tlir aluppiiiy; left <t I Ik- perl whence tin y aaile.t, ihe veoelv apoktrii on prosage, a liatof thru cargo, au.t foreign liew?|mpera th.-y nufv nave. 4 otuluiHlor* Burnett v. ill hoinT them immediately on their arrival. We will reciprocate the favor inauv way. To Correspondents Abroad. Our corrra|>on<ie Ma in forrige |**tt are- rea|H-r". fully ret|ue?ted to send by irrry rtial all the inarhir intelligence they can ohlaiu. Nautical inform,gum uf mv kinil, from any one renuluig nt home or abroad. mil he thankfully rrcaiveti. I'OHT Or' HKW YORK, AlKJl'ST 19. 1M?U. tun > tj| mm) ?sti i ]* U|t IKTt (, to I HIOH Win* 3 14 i li'nri'il. BvrW Poinoua, F.dwardt, Amsterdam, Karri*, Schnchatdt Ik Co; Cnuiilmcif Arrau, (Br) O'Boni, Liscrpud. J.ilm llinlman.? Brits lynacio, (Sicilian) Rii/o, Nspb . and Mrtsina, I. Palinieri; Albion, (8w) Huldt, Cautoii, U tormau, Johnston St l'o; Smyrna, fommc, Ihe.toti, II Hardand.?Schr Auyusl, Holmes, St Johns, NF. Foster St Niukersoii. liTlvcrl, Ship l.itrrpool, Airry, (of llitli, Mr.) 2.1 Java from New Orlaant, with nadai. I i DunhamI Dimon. Left on the Bar, slop Oswego, Wood, lor NYork. Brig Sullivan, Griffith, 10 days from Charleston, wall cotton rire, to Geo. Bulkley. 8ih imt. in the Hull', duiiuy a calm, rolled away the lore topgallant mast Neapolitan hriit Sr. Geo rye, Itomani, C2 daya from Bristol, Kng. in ballast, to A. Paliuieri. Schr Sylvia lligbee, lligbee, 2 clay a ftoui YVlgiiua, with wood, to master. Schr Atlantic, llobiuioii, from I'luladulphia, with coal, to matter. Schr David Hazard, Wat-on, from klilford, Del. vs'itb fruit, to master. Schr A.shells, Taylor, 3 days from Philadelphia, with coal, nailer. Schr Republican, Hoover, from Philadelphia, frith coa\ to matter. .?Schr Arabella, Allen, J d^yt from Philadelphia, with coal, to matter. Schr Frnucit D. Decker, Taylor, from Philadelphia, with coal, to matter. Schr Fair Lady, Tyre, from Philadelphia, with coal, to the master. Srdir M i(iiiim Ronum, Hewitt, from Philadelphia, with ontl, to tne.tler. Schr Ditpatch, ('oarsen, C om Philadelphia, wi h coal, to matter. Sloop AUiandrr, Silrey, fiam Philadelphia, Willi coal, to niaaler. Sloop Danl Godw in, Bavmore, from Philadelphia, with coal to tnaaiar. Urnernl Record. Bkiii Sri.aanin. of Sedyw irk, (toned into Now London] haa been abandon, d to the undetwntart, and it to ba told for the benefit of w hom it may concern. Notice to Mariners. The Light Boat Stationed at Partleli'i Rruf, Lony Islam Sound, hat been lately supplied with a new bell, winch may In heard at the distance oP 5 or 6 miles. Whalemen. Sailed fioui Mattapoisctt 13th intt. Dryade, (or the Indiar Ocean. Spoken. New York, 13 days from NYork for Uraenock, July 14,1st it 11, Ion 39 40. , . Oceanut, 27 dayt from Amsterdam for Jamet Hirer, Aug 6, lat 42 46 Ion 5? 30. rorrign i'?ri , iVnMFAi, Aiu G?Sid Ceres, (fi?m Bordeaux, repaired) New York. C'nltHl stales Porta. Lcbbc, Aug 10?^Arr Airlwrw Ring, NYork. Sid 7th. Neuvitas, do; 8th, Gulnare, Aletmdria. MiCHUi Tort, Aug 9?8hl Amanda, St Thomas and a mk(; Juan J de Cartageita, ; Patiiott NYork; Henry Clay, do,

Wfg wind loth, Mary &t Elizabeth, for NYork. Frankfort, Aug 2?Ait Cliutnn. 'Burks Inland. Sid 9th, E Blake, Mont' video; Ori ma, Kayal. Portland, Aug 13?Arr Calcutta, NYork; Example, do for \1 mhias. Glouckstcr, Aug 12?Arr Grand Turk, Suiinam. Salfm, Aug 12?('Id Eliza, India; Henry. Baltimore. Arr 13th, Fairfield, New York. Sid 14th, Eliza. Cld 13th, Uoxana, Para. Boston, Auk IS?Arr Constantino, Liv? rpool: Cyclop*. New* visile, Eng. .Telegraphed, Walpote, from Livcrprol. i Id Victor, Gibraltar; Beej Franklin, Philadelphia; Jit.per, New Vnrk An I4ih, Aculjin. H lifax. Cld I3tn, Elliot, Philtdel '.I*. II < inns, Albany; Friend* NYortu Nf.w Bt boord, Aug 13?Arr Mary Bright, Baltimoie. Sid Johanna, (Dan) Rotterdam. Arr 14th, Rowcna, Bay River, NC; Eagle, Virginia; Superior. NYork. Corinthian,uo. Hoi.mi s Holf., Aug 12?Arr Colombo, from .Baltimore for Boa toii. Fall flu an, Aug 13?Arr Independence, and Caroline, New York. PnoviDKNcr.. Aug 13?Arr John Jay, Philadelphia. Shi Mill', ami Champion. NYork. Am 14 th, Yankefc, NYork; James LhiiwIk<t, do. Sid Queen, Baltimore; Sylph, Apollo, Clio, Ann Ehr.*, and V trima, NYork. I'l111.4pi:i.i'm!a, Auk Hi?Arr Pearl, Boston; Oregon, Newrx>rt. (Jld Arrow, Btrbadoes; Mohawk, Gallio, Win Pit!, Alunnha, and Stisan, Boston; Henry, Providence; August a, N Haven; Po?t Boy, Uuincy, Man; Rebecca fk Abigail. Taunton. Arr in the Schuylkill, John Odlin. J H Cheney, and Orosimbo, f'ictou, NS; Nicholas Biddle, Vewbars, NY: Washington, Zvrviah, Roc, and Republic, New York; Acnsah D, rroviUiicp. Baltimore. Aug 14?arv T I Ncvios, St John, WB. I'lJ Impulse, KluUston. J-i; Maria, NYork. Sid Katharine J Rotterdam; Ana. Rio do Janeiro and a mkt. I u On Atrlclnre and ha Curt. *T*HE FOLLOWING REMARKS WILL P(,AC<R BK * FOR K the public a few most deeply interesting facts.? Firtt. That the disease railed 8True runt, ii o/veryfrequen< occurrence and often exist* in persons who are not id'ths lean aware of it; nert that a eery erroneous notion prevails re specting Stricture, and that ignorant advertising people tnk* a had advantage of this erroneous notion; then, mat there art three particular circumstance* hu which a Stricture way he always known?and in the last plans, thaf the rure of Stricture i* certain, free from pain, and generally accomplished in a very lit flat ime. With regard to the lirst of ?l?e?e remark* *? It is well known that Stricture is the result of a badly treated Oonirrhea If, for nfctance, that disease is suffered to Conlinne on from month to month, it slides into a glest. Now, there is no.pim or inconvenience in gleet, and therefore it is ofti n suffered to n ni.iiti imb-linit? ly. But i' sin uld I? k.i? n that gleet implies a chronic inflammation oft lie passage, winch naturally terminates in thickening, and this thickening at one l?art or other of the passage is stricture ; and, further, that although stricture may thus re n.\in unnoticed for a length of time, it is far froin l aying dormant, but is the hidden cause of many serious maladies, not only of a sexual, but those also of a avr"ons and dysfteplic kind. But what especially leads the attention off from this disorder is the idea that stricture cannot exist to long as no impediment to the How of urine is observed, which is quits a mistake. A stricture often elists for years without producing any very striking change in this respect; indeed a diminished or interrunted stream of urine belongs only to the worst of cases, and it is to prevent this very state that these remarks are published. The advantage, however, which ignorant advertising people take of this erroneous notion is very cruel. Every body knows how men of thif disruption swarm about this city, and that they will sell their nostrums as long as anyone will buy thern. Now, it is a fact, and one which every real physician will immediately ackuov. ledge, that all the medicine in the world, alone, can never enre a stricture. In proof of this, nothing is more common the- for the writer to be consulted by persons who have been tak j?g all maimer of things?as colored drops, ind lulls, and cordials, and the like, for many rriourIts together, but whom, on seeing the real nature of the ease, he has cured in as many days. . 0. With a view of preventing these imfxisi t ions, there fore, it teems d? sirahle to lay before the public a few plain circumstance* by which a Stricture may be kjiowii, which can be easily done ; for although the symptoms of this disease are numerous, there are three of especial import, and these thrre|may be itatedjvery briefly?they are the following : The first relates to 7he manner of urinating.?It has been already said the stieam need not be much diminished or impeded. But observe attentively, after it is finished and the clothes are readjust*d, vyheth?radrop or two will ever steal *wav,so as to wet a little? nothing is morr indicative of stricture. The next is The time a Gonorrhoea has remained une:ired.?\X is difTi :iili 10 say now loug a IfODOrrna* or uierc may run inu mn produce a stricture, for out* is mini ally more disposed h> stricture than another j but, as a general rule, if it should tie suffer* -1 to gf? on beyond sis weeks, this alone would afford sufficient (round, st least, for the suspicion of a stricture. The last i >? The effect a strictur# h*a upon the mind.?The *ff?ei of Stricture is to depress the spirits, and to lessen both bodily and activity. This also it one of its most common effects. Not, however, that it is seen afike in every individual, hut it is 10 common that the writer rarely sees s case of stricture (mid le sees manv every day) in which the patient does not complain nor* or less, that ne is not so capably ofbusin#** as formerfy. It s gratifying also to witness ti e uniform r?Mfl oi spines, and the disappearing ol other maladies as tne cure progresses. With regard to the cure of Stricture, on this subject it is sufIcieiit to otmerra (and it is stared with confidence tnd pleasure) that this is ct lUin, free from pain, and generally accomplished in a very littlr time. So much as this couhl not l ave >ccn Itdvanced sons years ago; but such ha been the tin ravetnerit mi this art, mid such f he oractica) eiper<enee of the writer that he can hOW accomplish the cure f stricture to as iisny days aw t>r?? crly it d? m ?nd? d mou hs Tne writer also begs to sta e, that for to ?e who wish to unleriake tne cn a themvlves, he h i published a li.'tle Volnm*, :ahed " The Private Treutite" in which not only stricture int the cure of all those delic te diseases which require e--pe* rial care and privacy, is directed in the plainest manner. It s tdvi able, ho we * c i, that those who susiwet a'strictore, if i*?s*?de, should nnsult the author personally. and nothing willsui?.ise th?-m m re than the ease ami ?-rrtaiut> of his means of :ure. Separate r?'Oii?s, also, are ari&iig'd for those who may i ?ve to wait a little. It only now remains to say a wont or two on th# w ?oiinl ?m which tlie public, ami especially struouers coming to this city, nay rely with confidence on Wh ?t has been sdruiCt d. With his view Dr. Ralph begs to slate that, beside his rank a? gradiste of Edinburgh, lie. kc.?he has been engaged in tin cur# sfthesr diseases, both in hospital and cttv practice, for more ban thirty years, ami has published two ? ditiobs of a work eg. irrssly on tnrm.?Also that he has testimonial lePters from the nost eminent physicians in Europe fo th* most eminent in lanerica?as Sir Astlev Cooper to Dr. Mm ri' New York, Jr. rhysick, of Philadelphia, and others, and t'>ii he is limited to refer to almost every Physician of eminence in tkis i)r. Ralph is consulted at his private residence. No. 8ft (freerivich stieet, towards the Battery, at any hour.?He may ilsnbe tonsil I red by |?ost. Tne lirtU volume above ref?ryd to is one loilar a 17 lm'r THE PRIVATE TREATISE. T^HIS i? a little volnm. on certain delicti. dictate., by Dr. 1 RALrH. in which the mo.t ?|ieedy end private of urc are .tilted in the plaine.t possible manner. There i. no I iti of patient. that doe. rot highly v.lue thi. little book : lint hone wnoM complaint ha. been .offered te conln ne on from nonth to month, are .till more deeply interested in it?the no oi ?neh delay., and the proper means of cnie being rareh'ly explained. rri;e$l. D . Ralph also begs to state that he i? consulted at hi. private ejidmee, Rg On enwirh.treet, at am honr. With a view however of obtaining the confidence of .Iran;er? coming to th?? ritv, he b<-e, here to repeat, what he h?. fated in mother column of thi. paper, under hi. remark, "on frirture," that bt.ide hi. rank a. Graduate of Edinburgh, 8te. te. he ha. been engaged in the cure of the.e, rmth in lo.pital andj city practice,|for more than thirty yean, and haa inttli.hed two rdtlioii. of a work eapre.aly on them. Alto thai p' ha. Mttimoiiial letter, from the most emin. nt plty.ictan. in r'.itrnin to the mi ?t eminent in Ainarira?at Sir Avtley Coo wr to Dr. M?tt of Ni w York, Dr r'nt.ick of Philadelphia, .ml u her.; and vhat hi i. permitted to re i r to alino.t every pliy.i tan of eminence in thi. city. Communication, by pott am -?r.'fully replied to. aultlm* ~m j NOTICE"TO WAGON BUILDERS?The .nb" JjajN acriher, Proprietor of N. w V ora Tatter.all., will ft > A make liberal .dtatteia in Ca-li, on all New Wagen. sent to hiae .tabliihment for .ale. Dnildrr. in the cotuArvran raly upon having every attention vaid to their order.. Eorfnrllier particular., a* to term., fce. apply to GEO. W. MILLER, IPiti rropn?toT o*kLV. T?u?taaUi, IM Broadway, AI ("I ION S A 1 k> "FT iHUUAil DLLL I Stores sVos. 13 .$?n ani> 3*y h^tUuu t'rrri I WEDNESDAY, At 10)4 o'clock iu the .tie rooms. Large viol nit usitr salt ot t aluablc household furniture < til descriptions. S|ili ndttl < attaint, Cai opyt ami llWo'cloc preci.ely, in lh. Kullun street lUm will be villi, with iters! wilheut reserve, the Celebrated Uueeu at' b? dslvad which has cost so imm and afforded so much amusemrul I W illi the curtains, drape no an.l ornaments Alto, another elegant mahogany bedstead. with curl aim I hanging* tud oraameuts. Hanie nine, a splendid i> luhe. French bedsteads, with gilt canopy, while draperies, bed, fil iMsoca, ko, Also, IU hair malt rasa < ?, 1'ini quality quills, it' I Also, 1 superior piano Irte. Also, 5 piano lortes. by order of the sheriff. FRIDAY. At 10)4 o'clock, at he auction aooais, ; Eitensive Sale ol" Dry Goods, Clothing, fancy and pledge. t articles, Segars, groceries. jierfumerv. Vc. Also a large additional lot of choice Dry Goods, suitable fo the season. Also, London cloths, cassimerea ami vestiiiKs Also, 5 s|.It n.lid <uus, 1 truly valmble ship chronometr r, gold Isver watches, (kc. SATURDAY, At 1(1)4 o'clock in she stle rooms. I its s.i. .,1 glstiat fumitars, by catalogne, comptli ing new and second Iniul lionseluild and cabinet furniture i all its varieties, in line order. Also, by order of the, II piano fortes. I) v II 1 I I 1 c. 1111 11 a it 11 ^ w *? * WM ^ UL.AIVII/P, wi DNKSday; At 10jK o'clock, at nalesroom, FJegant Furniture, Piano*, Sic. THURSDAY, At 10,o'clock, a! flu* auction room, Drug*, Medicines, Perfumery, Fixtures, &r. being the entin contents of a family drug store. Sale poiitive FRIDAY, At luvlf- but lu o'clock, a splendid assoifineut of Plants, con fisMpdr of OI< iiid<M?, in full hlo< m, Birds, Ate. BV K. J. BKAUNS. Stove 139 Fulton street. STOCK OF DRY GOODS AT AIR TIOV. THIS DAY, Wednesday, August 17th, At I* ill-pa ;t lu o'clock, at 732 West Broadway, formerly Chape! street, between Duane and Thomas it. The large and \ tillable stuck of Dry Goods, contained in sail store, consisting in part of? Blue, black, brown, gr en and mixed cloths, cmaimer's vesting.*, sattinets, gainhroons, merinos, bombazines, lasting* silk and cotton velvet, silk aid satins, French and Kngli?l print*, silk and cotton hose and half hose, silk, cotton ind horse skin gloves bleached and unbleached rru-lins, whit" and c? lored cainhries, ailesla*. linen sheeting, common slid fine shirtin;, checks' pi ids, driIlsf ll miiels, 6te. *ilk lid let's, pongee, Cotton and Prussia do scarfs, sewing silk. s|mol cotton, thread, ribbons t suspenders. Pearl and other buttons, Jk.e. fee h inir well worthy the attention of the trade, country merchants and others. Ssh positive. It* TII THk ri 1.1 K -W \ VT.RLY I INK -Ti. attuut. .n * of the und' mgiit d haviuglheeu attracted by a scurrilous hand hill recently put fo th by Jo&eoh Glenat. of Philadelphia, (now running a liiu '.of Omnibus*** on tin- Waverly Line route under the name of the Kighth street Line) a s? use of what is due, not only to myself, hut to that public which ha* hitherto extended to ine the ino*i liberal and encouraging support, compels me to make ihe following brief statement :? In the mouth of March last Mr. Glenat cdied on the under* siutud and expressed a desire to enter into co-partLi r*hip with him in the AV avcrly line, at the same time representing hirn1 self to he a rn <n of wealth and entirely out of debt, with the sin. le exception of a bond and moi'gage of $.'>000 for the pin ' chase money of a pice- of ground on which his stahb s wire located. Relying implicitly on his ?>tatcim tit as an honorable man, I aocoidingly entered into co-partnership with him, au* 1 w is no* a little astonished at a rumor tint reached tin : city iti ?h? month of May, ensuing, that Mr. Glenat hai fiile.i. In a subsequent convert ation Mr. Glenat infoiin ed mr tint In- should be compelled fo get an exten 1 tion or mike an -vsignment Under this assurance, 1 d? . Is v i'd nation until Mr. Glenat'a continued and unexplainei absence from the cit> hd me 'o entertain the liv- liest fear* les he should use tin fir ..'a name in the settlement of his own af fairs, and thus involve me with himself in utter and hopelea | insoiven y. Uodei these ciicnmstancec I proceeded to Phili d- Iphia, with a view, if possible, to ascertain the precise siiu.t lion of Mr. Glcnat*i tflairs, and on investigation I found hai I instead of owing but $.AuOO, as he had sol em ly assured mi ? fir diftereht were the facts. In fine he ha* subsequently tailed liis creditors together, and made an exhibit of hi* affairs, in which he presented a schedule of his liabilities amounting to S20.6-13 15, to satisfy w hic h he exhibited a schvrinle ol property it hisowu v.dilation, amounting m $31,513 29, worth in cash, prob :b!y less than half that sum. H vimt learned thus much in relation to the aff iirs ot iny rich partner, nd that he was ntii??ly unable to fumi.oh the balance of his stock, according to our aiticbs of agreement, I reiurntd to this city, and advertised i dissolution and delivuied hack to him all Ins stock. With those facts before them, the public will be enabled to set ajust estimate upon the loose statement and c nteinptible inuenuoes contained in Mr. Glen it's card. His sneer-about my claiming to be a benefactor of the dm r people, an lie calls the public, ait* lainnless if not contemptible. The public know that I caused the reductiou of the fare, and they have patroni ?:d and sustained me in the most gratifying and liberal ma un r. a!7 2t? re __ (J. W. HOMAN . TENDER CHINS. ANY GENTLEMAN may he instantly relieved from all pain duniiif the operation of shaving-, bv annlying his razoj to t ? METALIC i ABLET RAZOR STROI ', ItiTen e<i bv G. Sounders, which supei cedes f- e necessity o'a houe, and b\ Win h the most unskilful can always prodvtt* as keen and smooth ii edge as the razor could by any possibility exhibit under the most expciienc?d hand. It is the only effectual me ins which the art af ma 1 nas yet devissd fovlgiving to every one an oppo.tunity of aiiiting h.s razor t his chin with the same cer aiury as he can mend a pen tc suit his own hand, which any person will be shown by brii?4 UK a dull razor and tiving the Tablet before purcha-ipg. mi; Wn*r Sold at G. 8 AUNuERS, 168 Broadway, p AMELIAS.'AND OTHER RARE PLANTS AT AUC \ i ION.?A. LEVY w ;ll -II o i Thursday morning, .tt 10 E o'clock, at 151 Broadway, a rare collection of the tollowint Plants (Jiinelias, Chandbrii, Colrillii, Bealii, Imbrecata Drlecatissemas, Pert u rats, L*dy Hume's Blush Nobilisscim Paxtonia, DonkeUria, Fiancofurteusef, Ochrolenca, Tricolor Swet tii and CBIesii. Rhododendrons Athoreum, Rtissellea num, Riuaell'* Oraimcllonifn new; Alt* Cl.irencis and Phoetn; Azalias, Alha Phoenicea and C->coinea: Rose Li Marque; Agrinjiina, Russellnna(i cvillii, tkr.; Dahlias. Con nneror of the World in bloom, with other choice green l.ou*< 1 riant*. ? Also, 1200 Celery Plants,of a new and su|*?rior pink and re kinds imported this year for the first tim*?are considered tii I most drlLcious ever know n in Europe. This collection ha been cultivated by VV. Russell, Fiotisl, Brooklyn, and will b all waranted genuine. If required, the Flint* will be packed properly for Europe o NEW YORK GENERAL NEWSPAPER AGENCY OFFICE FOR THE UNITED STATES. TO PUBLISHERS OK NEWSPAPERS IN THE V. S 'Dim undersigned liaie opeued the above office at No. 26 Broadway, opposite the Park, for the purpose of procuring tub cri prions, advertisements, and collecting Bills in th city o New Yori. Also, as Agent* for the different Periodicals, and Worki ol Literature generally. Publi?lier? of Newspapers and Periodicals will readily perceive the advantage of having a Permanent Agency in this city, for the transaction of their business. And as the undersign? u will devote themselves exclusively to the above business, they hope, by their unwearied pirsoinl attention to the same, to merit the confidence and patronage of those who employ them. JOHN W. KELLY, ANSON FORD. The following Gentlemen have kindly permitted tit to reft r to them, for our character, capability. Ike. William L. Stout, Thomas Snowdeii, George I*. Morris, Robert C. Wetmore, M. M. Noah. James Conner. William B. fownsend, N. B.? All communications must be Post Paid, and address ed to KELLY & FORD, itcneral Newspaper Agency Office, No. 257 Broadway, New York. All the Daily and Weekly Papers published in the city of New York to he had at the desk of the above office immediately from the Press. Also ('ash Advertisements received for all the newspapers in the Union. su!7 3t*r A KOK ALBANY. TROY ami intenre diate places.?The splendid low pressurs l- i* SWALLOW. Captain A. M'Leai will lease the foot of CourtUndt st. This Afternoon, Aug 16th, at 5 o'clock, and Friday 19th, at 5 o'clock. rf7- The above are substantial Boats, fitted up with elegaiv Rtato Roouis, and for accommodation is unrivalled on the Hudson. Fer freight apply on board, or to 8. M. DREW, a the wharf an 16 an EXCURSION TO THE~>I*hTN(1 fe "Wy r J* B A NKS on Thursday Aug. l?rh?The n? w Ke*JB*2E-and snbstinti>*| steamer MUTUAL SAFE 1'Y, ( apt. T. I. D^vis, will make an Excursion to the Fish ing Bangs, leaving Dry Doek at fl o'clock, foot Market street half-past k. foot or Canal 9 o'clock, Pier No I N. R. half-past 9. proceeding to the Fishing Bantu and remain there from 3 tc i hours. A person will he in attendance with Line, $tr. Fir* for the whole Excursion 50 cents. Bait furnished on board. N. B.?This Boat w ill go as far East as any other Boat that advertises to go on fi-hing excursion*. anIV 2t*r Ml >1' At. EXCURSION I O PKEIfff K11,1..?Ti..- .tcamhoat JACOB BF.LL, C?>. "VliT Y?tn?, wil trior thr fool ?f ('html)rri Hi.-I, on kiii|..\ 111*1, rjtll int. ?t 1 oVIock, P M Pi r.imi int-nilin.- to join in'h?. E*.'iiraion will |.|i-.i?r obtain tlioir Ticket, of J. A. SPARKS, 111 Nuatu ttrert.orol ri' thrr of fbr Commit ce of Arruiurm i t*. L B WVMAN, 1 \V C. HILL. I A 1'tRKS > Committor. T J.GILLRLAN, I k O BURDETT.J aulT lt?r .yko -j. HEAD-QUARTERS?51.' Rettimrnt N Y. S. Infantry, Company A, Tomokint Blac **7 *r ' -f* M?vhf>. will inorriil to rort Tomp. tiu?, Si tro Llanil i i ?i* lm ? En ?mi." nit, on Weilnriday I7tii nst. on thr "imln'l WAVE fmm | in No | Nor li Hivrr, ?t 3g o'. loek, P M Tin- W it? wi'l Icarr tin' En .mi-inrnt ivirvil.i, hl'-paH 7 A. M., I *tnl lialf-i in I o clork " \i. L Ni-wr Y !< 10 A M , h ilf-|i*.t't and h?lj a?, tP M. I'M . nil! at II" ({iiarae'lm (-?. ry trip N. B Fhc Wave will m ne her <icor-i ? rn ih- Lnirn Buy on lit' half putt 3 , ' I, ck trip, I tiding in F->r Hami ton. Far , f-ich *iy?r? Qn im? tiiir fiVj < ml ;t Knonni-mi-n' li^Miiti; to L on Biy I2H cenu; to Fo 1 Honilt nn 2i ri iit?. mil6 3t*rc FOR LIVERPOOL?N? Lim H-rnU wFttV "I ?Vh Atiglivr?The vplendid packer ?(,i| JpSMtKlOnONB, ( mi' F. B ' nbb, oi IfWOton.. will po iiiiv* ly *-i11 n above, her regular u.iy Y r 11 lido r paaaage, having icromnodminnntinii lied for apland r in i fort, ip, ply on Inianl, at OHrun wharf, foot of Wall street, Or to K. K COLLINS A CO. V. Smth 'met. Price of parage SlftO, Tha packet vhip HIIF.RID AN,< It tain A. Driwyate', of 100(1 tons will tiirrrci] tin- SlDDONS, ami nail 2.'ith September, ht I v?*ffti|p.r d <v P iwuiirri may Mv on the abipr of thia line aailing puncm. ally ai vTveiviverl ?n17r ajc-a FOTf N k W 11HI.V.ANM?Poaitiwl) firat ami only Regular Packet? Louisiana ni<! New York I itn JiMtt|2a J'bc r ry fail aiiling packet a'jju LOl ISV 1,1.F. Caot.M If nut. having a large portion afTier carge on boa .d wi'l tail aa above. For frrigln or naa?e?e, having an|>erior fnmiahad accommo datiom, apply on tioaro at ()rl?an? wharf font of Wall at. or to F.. K. COLLINii h CO. M Booth ti. Great care will be taken to have the goodi by Ihia lint- cor rectlv meaaured. Ayrnfa in New Orleans, Hnllin Ik Woodruff, who wil promptly forward all gooda to their ariJreaa. aul7 r TO LET, aK.LKOANTI.Y furiiiahe rooma for ainale gentle men, wnh hr> akfa.t, at I Barclay ?t. Nopainavill b vpared to render the above rooma deairablr. Inquire o' the premuei. anl6ltn*rfl dt F'OR SALE?The well known trotting hora JJaOtOTTAGF, BOY, 8 ytara old, perfectly aiauid, an ' ' A ir.wn ina disposition Mm Irind and gentle in ham and under the saild e, .unbilled with great (peed, having trot ted a mile in harneaa in 2 in. 42 neenmU?1? every way drained' u a road home. Apply to TOWN SEND A SCI ODER'S Srsblc, anl i 2t rc oppoai'e ( 'n'mn ke-ri Brooklyn. HAVANA AND PRINCIPE SF.GARS. MRADER, 4* Chatham atreet, offera for tale 180,000 La Norma Segart. W.BOii Noval Prinei|ie. 25 001 Woodville. Entitled (O drbamufT "B^de. * f"" ,,or\ \ ^ bran liof Hgiatia ?ml rnncipeSesAia- jy20lmcod \ m i semenj s7 N1HI.O'* ?. ' GREAT ATTRACTION Tha Pr>iwi. lui In are-i , li ?>n i , Mr. F\s.NY H /.W.I I.I A . ..1 . \ >' F r Tin . Nyi.' O , l? v I . lor the * .11*,!*. 1.11 J Ell 4 p.- Ill kt I U U I) . They will have tin- honor oi inil.III. their lir.t *i i ?r.^.? 'J'hia Evenio* in a uew Moiioimlo. u* c*||ed I ' THE BELLE OF THE. HOTEL. ' Written ni'ii ??lv for Mn. Fitrwilliam by Mr Uucktrone. THIS ?VE.N l.NCl.'Augu.t l'tli tbr i*rfi rmauc?. commenc I r??clly at I o'clock, with 1 A POPULAR OVERTURE. A<ti r wh rh a B ulctfa call, i| TOM NODDY'S SECRET Captain Onr.ond, Mr Clarke | Tom Noddy. Ch.pptodaln luki?D. (uu origi ?1 cJufAutrr m Lo'?! .u) M-n .* ton* Murv, . Oibriilie, ? tHillw... j In which shr will an ?? P. t Oliarlt' ' an hou:'. tlll-riru.... a- / Or. . (1.1 (.1.I ll Alp wlni f. \ Oil A <D OVKH I I l?E. 2 To he f?l owadh\ THE BELLE OK TM HOT^L ! Oi.-A IV,I of 8n Om>|tT. ! Willi tevan Cliuwn, which will all be rotir hy MraFt.XWil i- liarn. .. Srenr?liiuriorol an American Hotel . Mn Filzwillivm will .i| a war as hemrlf and deltvar A PROLOGUE. , , , Thy Si* ( laiiucra ? English, Am?ricau, Scotch, Italian, lriah, French, by Mr. Fitzwiflinn Th? whole to conclude w ith THE PROMENADE MUSICALE. fC7~ Tlia proprietor restecilullv inform* thi public, that III compliance w ith the wishes of numerous visitor*, this much ni'mired pail ol the entertainment*, will I* liven alter the performance* iu the Saloon .re iivei. ? try Saturday Mr*. FANNY FITZWILLIAM and Mr BUl'KSTONE will a|i|?ar. "Viu.fc inaiiflKcr, iTir. *. nippcmlale Musical Leader aud Director, Mr & vvoon. Tickets?50 cents Doers o|*ii at seven o'clock, Kut art tinmen i* to commence at eight. \ AUXH ILL 0A1P1I, i T111M h V K NI N i? \ i 17;li?I 11 i;.1 ci- ?k wi th , THK LAWYER AND His VICTIM. Tactic, Mr Burton I Mr Hooker, Mr Kar/s.'as Victim Hall, | Mr Kniibum, Bellamy Mrs Dobson, Mrs Jackson Fanny. Miss Homers (\ rnir lush Bong? " Jlory O'More," by Mr Mo.-.sop ! After whi*'11 an intermission ?>lha.f an hour. To conclude with the PLKA8ANT NEIGHBOR ! Christopher Strop, Burton | Sir georgc, Motsop | Nancv Strop, Mrs Mossop Ladv Elizabeth, Mis* Honors Admission to the Q.inb'ii Free?Saloon 25 < ?'iit?, R*r CHATHAM 'I'M K A 1 OCT*" The splendid decorations of this 'I hn'ri are at length 1 coni|drt"?j, ami[it will positively opeu on MONDAY' NIGHT. The interior of the house presents a most splendid and imposing appearance, and relit cts much credit on the artists engaged in the detigas. 1 On the first tier of hoses are displayed the hcvenl engaremei ts of the Wasp and Reindeer, Constitution and Java, United States and Macedonian, Horuet and Peacock, Enterprise anil Boscr, Perry's Victory ?n Lake trie, ami numerous other naval engagements. (An the second tier the Portraits of the Presidents are beautifully and co redly depicted, and the designs on ihe third tier represent the celebrated Burl?sof Bunto r Hill, Cowm-n*, Yorktown^New Orleans, Lundy's Lane, Brundywine, Plaits: ' bu gl? ami Thames. I A splendid Act Drop, representing the engagement between * the Constitution and Guniere, auc. a new Curt;.m of ri* h green I drapery Hive h eti paiuted bv that eminent artist, P Grain, sen'r, and round ?b" bottom of the FilUrs * f the Proscen uin, widen while, tinted with geld, are correct likenesses *?f De: catur, Hull, Pmry and Lawrence. ' The Lhatham it now, without doubt, the most elegant Thet atre ttuH Ugiou aul7 5tr ] AJVffCKICAlf RIUIEVn Alto GAKDI pORNER OF BROADWAY AND ANN STHriT. opposite St. Paul's ( hurch. t P. T. BAKNUM, MANAGER : INCH K ASKP N* ?Y KLTIKS !! WONDER Or PEATION . 1 For One Week Oulj ? Day V '* . admitted in the Evening Fn' Flattered by the immense p lOtiige bestowed upon this es'ablishineiit by u disc, nm g public, and bt iiiadc term tit d u? spare no^ exertions in securing every attainable novslty, tlmanager is happi to a?in> unce tHat he ha ?t moit ?i:?ao;di nary ex,ens*, made* ..?> with li e propfietof ??l the great* *t curiosity in th wo ld lit RbUAL MERMAID I Fxhibibit.d durng the i a t w m k at Conceit Hall, in Broad way, where hundreds oi Naturalists and other scientific * nthmen beheld it with red wonder ami amusement, and publicly I *-Ypressed their con*iction of the eii?t*nct of 'I i- wonderful creature. No F.itra charge for Admisaioti to the Museum Winchell. the comic drolleiut. in eight charact* r<?the Gipsy Girl can be privately consulted? La t'eiit* t'eleste, Mis Ho* salu , Balloon Ascension*, Albino Lad), Fancy G1 is* Blowin/ and 500,000 cunosi'ies. I Dty perf irmauces, Wednesday and Saturday, at t o'clock ? Adm?ttaime to the wh'd' 2> Ccllts. children half nrie#? anUr MTT.l.'S NEW VOHK NimRCN A CARD.?Tli- public isrtsie tlullj iiifor id that the New ii York Mmmm will lie c o td'in the en-i i i'I d . i stensiv. .Iter*, iciiin and impiovemt lit an finished. I ? H i iutentiou of the sub-criber to r< > pen , n or nhsut'lo n ol August, and p'edgt him elf at that time to how in- | nl 'ic n- , . the tinmt magi nici iit and refined plices of ?mi.?ci,t in t .e | I.mud in the United Stste.. O. H HILL au!2 lin*r A MERICAN 1 HEAT RE, Walnut street Philadrlpliis.; - e Ladies and gentlemen desirous of entering ui'o engagei incuts ,v i tl i thi stahli-nnieiil for the rii.uiny MMOI, wil [ pleas, address their commuiiicat-oiis (pes'paid) to CHARLOTTE J. UUHHMAN, or a52wr E. A. MARSHALL. Leasee. MAGNIFICENT ATTRACTION SEA MONSTER ; r SEA DEVIL ,, THE GREATEST NATURAL CURIOSITY IN , a AMERICA.?The proprietor of this immense specimen # hegs 'mte to announce to the pnblic, that he has for Eshibi ' tion, at the Bowery Amphitheatre, the S a Deed, which was captured oq the 2Glh April, 1C42. in the Harbor of Chatianon, S.C., after a desperate struggle with 26 men in 7 lio.i'< Tlie proprietor of this monster feels confident t he lovers of the curious aud the scientific Will he highly gratified in viewing this marvellous production nl the might} nei t A C If, which was born after her capture, will also b? ei hibited. They may be visiatd by both sries, at they are not at all offvnsise, and every effort will he made to renderrhr el hibirion agreeable and satiafacuiry. j 17 lm*c i plI'Tl'RES FROM HPAIN.?Christ inspiring with the 1 Doctors, a chef d'euvre by Spagnioletto ; " The raising of f Lazarus "a line specimen of Gurrcino; ami s grand altar piece, " The Retnrrectinn of Christ," painted bi /urhaiau ; togeth r with other fine ptciures, are now open for Kihibition at the Apollo Rooms. 410 Broadway. Alio, a collection of Ancient Spanish Armour and Arms, amongst w hich is the awoid of the renowned I BOABDIL, The last Moorish king of Grenada. Open from I o'clock till dusk?Admit' nice 2S cents. Ifjc- A few line co|>ias from the Old Masters, for sale very cheap. anl4 6t*r cvh E~( IRC I1 ES I' Itl 11 N-NvilT~h?~eiiiThlic.t . n... Vtii i .. 1 isnt Institute. 647 Broadway, fiom l? to 12 o'clock, A. M and from 7 tilt 9 o'clock in the crafting, commencing on Wednesday, August 17th. This snlendid Musical Instrument lately introduced from Km ope, plays the most brilliant overtures and fantasias. Finer or more correctly harti.ouir.rll music can never he heaid. Tile splendor as well as the beauty and finish of mechanism astonishes evert behold, r and atiricts the curiosity and admiration of ainaH ms of music. r Admittance M cents. au)6 Iw*m PKRMAN QUARTETTO?The Herman ijiiartrtio takes much pievure to inform the | ublic most respectfully, that I they are now prepared for Evening Serenades in the Kmtlish or German Innguagr, on the most reasonable terms. For paiticulari, plrasr in,pure at Mr II. TIIORBKCK F., 121 Hester st. upstairs. aui lm"<' ; MEDICAL AIDT [ TNR. Gregi rV * this oppoitunity to rrinarlt that he is very . frequently applied to under > ircumstancrs indicating some little remains of the c.mpl out still left, which shows its. If only occasionally. Such cases as this frequently prove to be attended with s'ricture; of this fact as well as the nature of a stricture, the patient had no ides, notwithstanding the symptom ' may have existed s long time, and a s'ricture had he n gre?s several months I' is in such cases as these that Dr. Ore. gory has been successful to a degree hitherto unheard of. In mailing this assertion, it may lead some to ask. why should Dr. O. accomplish readily ilia' w hich others have failed to do? I Tlie answer Is, that having had the advantage of a very extend 1 ?d |*actice,he has had opportunities seldom enjoyed t;> invrati gate the causes of w hich these symptoms are the effects, slid tliatht has discovered and brought to his aid a remr. y never before used; and besides this he has a greater variety sf instruments for the treatment of stricture than is to he found in anyother collection, embracing 20 different species, and nnmbe iing over 100 valuable instruments, including all the old, and many new and original inventions. Dr. U. has published a little book on private complaints I which he sells fur M c, nts at his residence ; il may also he had at the drug stores of the Messrs. Sands, in Fulton street and i Broadway, comer Chambers street,and at Church's Dispensary, IIW Bowery, comerof Spring st. Dr. Gregory's residence is at S4 Mott street, shout 100 yards from Chatham square, nearly otiposite the stone church; it is a private house, and is amply provided with separate rooms for consultation. He may he foitml at home during the whole of the d*v ?udevening. anl7lt*r K W Ol 'I.I' ilnecl I lie attention of our readeis to the Kheuinatir End eating Liniment, an invaluable article. See advertia, msM in another column of this paper, an 16 Im'rc _ noMV IdIV k t o' s \t V YORK. At B4NV, J ft' Y, I BUFFALO ? MM A 4 <? AND C A N A DA i A' KAOK I EXrHKSS. leaves ever F.'.ilia, Sundays excepted, lor the alio, r name I d >l| ui'rrn rftaP p'scis. i Office No. W<11 street N'^a^Gilr ^ in!7 r ' BUTTONS. T JONES, *'Uli *1 , * ?hr? ! ? ? form hi In* .He 'hit J i nr* ' I" * dl ?t hf e?dy be'on ih* r?t w-rk lit ' Sri)tAinb?r, ut *?4? ? n h?id ihr Fl<ta am! B? v*| &d?r?, whu-li ?... 1 f*. s. fh? fnl!..* r.gaw. ? b.-t K.,';r,h"(i?7".rr?; % , M Frioch " 2o? iv i i T*,M' i 1*1 KilRllth 2 ,j Fim*r*d* Iida, I y> Moh. if Or?r Coat*, I S?,e-ml hands wauled. >iU|7 jrn r I OVETCOUBTBHIP AND ~M ARRIAGK.?M\?,e ?? I-' and R T?*:?ri<>nsin Love, i nn-vahip and Mirritg*?m mlallinb Otiid*-B <<>k for married -nd %i 1. te -o, ?, tn mart'- ? ofth. Hiimat im|H?rtai?<e to the human nfr B Eu n? B*cka d. M. D. Amon. (he thn.ft* ?il> con i'hr%<J i th work art. mii'ru ' ' f??riona importance to aiii. I* ? ! vtingmarittd p rs>'i???1 h> c ns? mi, and run * for ItM. ?The Ait of Meant t m 1 , <hij*? rh? danu? r of solitary practice, and how fhr Habit nuy , 1>? rein ved?1Th#* canst? of Lo?e arid le I ua\. vi a run <lv for eradicating from the s\at* m the aerd* \ a horvle** #r an Unhappy p??aiot?Offspring including in<>de? lor I * propitiation or prevention th* roof?Teatj for Knowing f'n* v * * o' inborn children?I iter mar ri ifp ? Peraona who ouxhr inn otigh ott to mairy?'The moat anapicumiiea* ? f,,r wedierk, ? , Trice 75cerita?For aale a( !? ? Bowery, ** >-?*iau, *ii-l fc I book ataud near by. , ? . Order* from the c >nnfy loaina a d- f a d r. ct? d to - HOLI.AND k ULOVER, Nrw t?> ? >y ? ' - ?'<" ? rnpy of the work, fining MMit to any oflnr I bii.o H * 9% r thr 0 ll*d*? ... I 1. 1 1 e Country Editor. who 1 ?M..h rh- -b-" ?*?'' < ? t M ' II ooi.i imnir it. will he ?ii|'pli?t ?"h the bo .k. *iiI4 lw -r _ , iniT. 11 K. A CKS i- 4" A Mil >9jlM '-I'KTKI V. I * HriTED \| err nan' i a? Ar. Nu lOMei *<|u ?.e, ror , neenft h?th?m .ri.' t. r, nil ' "* < -I. r, 111 ' the nralr.l !> '< I, r V? '111' i ,u J ?rW|f" ' h , imlor in ihr^. lly- A xo?d H( ? !'m 'l"" nOAKOl>0 For <>KNTt.1IH|flRnBr?^ , ? tf Mi.. mi mi?tde-imb'r ?""*apapaaMi wflKjW. (-111111111 If. 'f'h- i(K'in? rr r' mi and **r V ' di it fnriiinli Apii ? *t lil TliWl * PORTUGUESE FE.MALF|||MyCT^k THESE f*r-f*mrd *ml e?l*br*i?-d flit*. (aaM^HnjaL A m iwrcntT*. to b* obtained in tni* conntrv W8pjvSTy* mnnt on lh? laat colnmn - nK JAHES ALEXANDER H6I'SU U11 " u hia CoWttTLTIWO Otrrta ?. in Nrt. I UftftALD BUWK|P Corner or Nmm? and tea 511 ^ iA