Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 18, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 18, 1842 Page 3
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(tfif^DEDICATTON.?The French Catholic church of St. Vincent de I'aul in Canal itreet, will be dedicated on Sunday, til at in?t. by the Rt- Rev. Bishop Hughe*. Tu prevent the exce** ol people who would crowd into the building, if it were left open iudi*criminately for all; the Truitee* will issue ticket* of admission torus many a* tinchurch will hold. These ticket* will not be sold, but u collection will be taken up alter the neimon to aid the church, when it is hoped that the simutaneous offerings ol the assembly will be liberal. The French resident* and those who subscribed towarderecting the church, may obtain tickets of Mr. Binsse, 40 Beach street; Mr. C. Oignoux, 11 William street, and at Delmonico's restaurant. The Rev.Drs. Power, tjuarters, Starrs and McCloskey. will distribute them to those el the pewholders of their respeelive congregations, who may desire to be present. NUMEROUS AND INDUBITABLE PROOFS ol the efficacy of |tho*e preparations of the College ol Medicine and Pharmacy, whicu are adopted for the cure of a peculiar and dangerous class of diseases, can now be furnishe.1. Let all who would avoid the deceptions and injurious effects of quark medicine* and mal-treutment, obtain the preparations of the College. A speedy and effectual cure is guaranteed, if the directions ol the College be faithfully observed. See Advertisement. W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent. Principal office of the College of Medicine and Phar [From the Journal of Commerce.! (j0- DELICATE AND SUCCESSFUL OPERATION. Dr. A. C. Castle ha" replaced, by a most ingenious piece of dental mechanism, the |>ortions of the upper ami lower jaw hones, anil their teeth, in the case of one of our Navy officers, who met with this severe casualty from a double charge of buck shot in the late Florida campaign. The operation was very skilfully performed, and the patient has now the use of both jaws, to the same extent as lielore the injury. Dr. Castle lias also a paste for filling decayed tender teeth, peculiarly adapted for nervous persons, as it is put in the tooth w hile in a soft statu, without any pressure, and becomes as hard as the tooth itsulf. His oince is -JilT Broadway. 00- THE LOUISIANA, JUST ARRIVED FROM Rio, brings large orders for Sheripan's Lozenges. Their great virtues are known and appreciated in that distant country. Rev. Mr. Anthony, who was cured of consumption by* these Lozenges, said'they ought to ne in every family 011 the inhabited globe, and from present appearunces we think they soon will be. We have but one aim in making them known, because we know their merits.- Dr. Sherman's warehouse is at lOti Nassau street. 00- THE REMARKABLE EFFICACY OF THE CELEBRATED TONIC MIXTURE, prepared under the direction of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, has now been established in a immense number of cases. For invigorating the system, restoring the appetite, and infusing new lite into the frame, this grateful remedy is unrivalled. Let the debilitated and nervoui try a single bottle, and he convinced of the jxitcncv of the medicine. Sold by W. S. IUCHAkDSON, Agent. Principal oitiee of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy 07 Nassau street (W- THE HAIR.?It has been demonstrated that oils and all oily mixtures are positively injurious to the human hair. Spirituous preparations, extracts of tonic roots and stimulants, strengthen the roots, and cause the hair to grow rapidly ol its natural color ; and if the grai or dead hairs are plucked out, they will not come in gray when using a proper application to keep the hair free from scurf, and stimulate the roots to action. All oily matter has a directly contrary effect, relaxing and debilitating the very vessels that should be strengthened. The Balm of Columbia we have heard extolled far above any other articles for this purjiose. and the fact is notorious that it is becoming an indispensable article for the toilette, ami of the ladies in particular. Its perfume makes it n desirable article to all, whether the hair needs preservation or not. It causes the hair to grow fast aud curl beautifully. There is an immense quantity ol this article sold. Those who have used other articles have abandoned them for this.? This is the only original article, and no recent inve.ntion has yet began to equal it. We say all this from a sincere conviction of its truth. Call at 71 Maiden lane, where it may be had. OCT- "THE RESTORATIVE PILL," FOR THE cure of diseases incident to the female sex?The "Antibilious Pill,"for the cure ol all diseases of the liver, Sic., and "Sir Astley Cooper's Pill," for the cure of dyspepsia, cutaneous eruptions, rheumatism, pains in the bones, Sic. are meeting on extraordinary sale; and the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, under whose direction they are compounded by regularly educated chemists, are encouraged to hope that their efforts to suppress the vending of inert and positively injurious Pills, will soon he crowned with triumphant success. * W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent, Principal Office of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, 07 Nassau st. ft?- STARTLING FACTS.?llun,'.reds of children and adults are lout yearly with worms, when some other cause has been supposed to be the true one. It is admitted by all doctors that scarce a man, woman or child exists but what are sooner or later troubled with worms, and in hundreds of cases, sad to relate, a supposed fever, scarlatina, cold, or some other ailing carries oil the flowers of the human family?while, in truth, they die of worms ! and these could have been eradicated in a day, by the use of a bottle of KOLMSTOCK'S VERMIFUGE, at the cost of a quarter of a dollar ! To be found only at 71 Maiden Lane. ft?-PRE8KRVF, AND REGULATE, NOT DESTROY the constitution by paying no heed to the diseases which arise from comparatively slight causes. These causes, like a small leak in a large ship, which, though small at first, increases in size, until it causes the destruction of the vessel. Thecausenof the diseases to which the human frame is liable, either arise from overexertion, colds, or an Impure state of the blood ; thus proving that in order to enjoy good health, it is only necessary to commence stopping theleak while the pumps are able to keep the ship afloat; but when consumption once seizes on a person there is no medicine that will so readily relieve them, and cleanse the blood and system thoroughly, as the lloarhound Candy, manufactured and sold liy J. Pease A Son, 46 Division stree.t. We have observed upon the wrappers w hich arcompany this preparation, a representation of the Good Samaratan, which we consider quite appropos, as they may justly be styled the Good Samaritans of this age. They have agents 110 Broadway, lOAstor House, 36 William street, 16.'> Greenwich street, and 3 Sixth avenue.? Agents in Brooklyn, Hays, 139 Fulton street; Handly, 13 High street; Crocker, corner of Atlantic and Pine Apple streets; Mrs. Berry, 4 Sand street; and Stiles, 163 Fulton street. ft?- FIRE WORKS THIS EVENING AT CASTLE GARDEN.?The Bombardment of Vera Cruz, which was received with tremendous applause on Monday Evening last, together with minor pieces. Admittance 33 rants. THE MERMAID?CROWDS OK VISITORS.?One constant, uninterrupted crowd of ladies and gentlemen throng the American Museum day and night. The chief feature of attraction at present is the lady from the unexplored mansions of the briny deep, w hose christian name, as Winehell would say, is Miss Mermaid. Without all cavil, this princess of the waves is the most unique and unexampled curiosity ever submitted to the inspection of the public, and although Barnum pays one thousand dol lars per week for its exhibition, it w ill prove the luckiest card he ever played. Thousands of other curiosities are seen here, as well as the performances of Winehell, Cc. teste, Miss Rosalie, tho Gipsey Girl, Ac.?all for twentyfive cents. Marine Pavilion, Rocsawav, 3.1 August, 1343. ft?- FAMILIES CAN OBTAIN PLEASANT ROOMS at this delightful watering place, by addressing the subscriber at McCoun A Clark's, 63 Wall street. a3 lot HIRAM CRANSTON. U. 8. Shit North Ctioiini, ) July 26, 1842 j (fif- THE NAVAL GENERAL COURT MARTIAL, now in session on board this ihip, hcre'y order all the witnesses in the cases to be investigated, ami the accused, to be punctual in their attendance, daily, at 10 o'clockSunday's excepted. A boat will lie in waiting at the Bnttery bridge, at half past 9 A. M. daily. CH. H. WINDER, Judge Advocate. Herald Bulletin of News. The Herald Bulletin of News is kept at the north-west corner of Kulton and Nassau streets. On the arrival of the morning mails, at eight o'clock, A. M.?and also of the evening mails, at fouro'clock, P. M., the latest intelligence from all parts of the world, may be found on the Herald Bulletin Board, at this corner. Let every wayfarer stop and read. Advertisements of all kinds taken at the office. Herald General Printing OJlire. The General Printing Office, capable of doing all sortl of printing,inch aa books, pamphlets, bills, cards of all descriptions, is now open at the Herald Buildings, entrance from Naaaan street?.Joseph Elliott, Printer. WHITE'S MAGNIFICENT DAGUERREO- ' TYPE LIKENESSES.?One of the great, and in fact the only cause of complaint made in reference to Daguerreotype Likenesses is, thatlas taken by artists and photographic professors generally,they are not sufficiently graphic and life-like. Mr. Edward White, of No. ITS Broadway, has, by the invention of a very superior apparatus succeeded in removing this well ionnded objection, and the likenesses he now producca are, for all necessary purposes, quite as valuable as the best and most costly painting or miniature that can be procured. Mr. White n rooms are immediately opposite Howard's Hotel; and his charges are very reasenable. MONKY MAIIKKT. Wednesday, August 17?6 P.M. The Bales at the stock hoard have not materially varied in their general character. Indiana S'? fell J ; Long Island rnsa j. It is stated that Mr. Watt intends to call a meeting of the Harlem stockholders to pass resolutions on the condition of the Board of Directors, many of whom, it is alleged, own no stock. This movement is opposed by some large holders of the stock. At Charleston on the 13th inst. there were sold at auction 100 shares of the Bank of Hamburg, at $34 to 38, a $48 ; 32 shares of the Union Bank at $40} per share. It is stated the Citizens, Consolidated, Commercial, Canal, City and Union Banks of New Orleans will he imme. diately put in liquidation by the Attorney Geneial. Those that may hold out and sustain themselves are supposed to hetheBank of Louisiana, the Slate Bank, the Mechanics' and Traders, and the Carrollton Bank. We yeatarday made some allusion to the stock of the State of Kentucky. It seems,that in 1840,the Legislature of Kentucky authorised the Secr'y of State to issue fi perct bonds for a loan of one million and a hall of dollars,for purposesof internal improvement. Soon after the passage of this act, or about two years ago, the Secr'y of State issued a large portion of thefts bends, in sums of one thousand dollars each, numbertsd regularly from one upwards. Since January last, a new issue ol these bonds, got up on dilFerent looking paper,signed in the usual way, havecontinuued monthly to multiply in this market. Some of these new issues bear date as late as the 1st ol August, (the pri sent month) ; and a few day s since some of this Jate were sold at the Board of Brokers ; but were refused to be re. ceived by the party on whose account they were purchased, on his discovery of the fact. The numbers attixed to these new bonds of the 1st of August, run no higher than 1143 ; when, on comparing the numbers with those of the old bonds, issued two years ago by the same Secretary, under the same act, for the same purpose, and as a part of the same series, their numbers in some instances reached as high as 1176. Showing greot irregularity in numbering the bonds of the same series. This is a very singular circumstance, and indicates thet something is wrong somewhere. If only one bond of this new issue stood discordantly numbered, we might suppose it had been issued to supply the place of one of the old bonds mutilated or lost. But, we learn, the interest on some new bonds, with lower (numbers on them than the old bonds, was actually paid on the lirstufJuly last by the agents ol the State in this city. They did not discover this curious ami suspicious irregularity and discrepancy between the numbers of the new anil old bonds issued by the same man, under the same law, and Tor the same object, till within a few days past. When they were np|>cnlcd to, to know it they would pay the interest on the bonds thus irregularly numbered ; and they replied if now due, they would not do so, 'as there might possibly be duplicate bonds alloat with the same numbers on them, issued apparently for the same loan. They at all events thought it a case which would reqnire an explanation from the Secretary of State of Kentucky, before they would agree to redeem the interest on these irregularly numbered bonds. It was on the ground of this decision, the purchaser refused to receive the bonds bought on his account, and the broker who negotiated the purchase received them hack, and refunded the money. An explanation of this strange affair will be looked lor with interest from the Kentucky Secretary of State. We hope his explanation may prove satisfactory. In the mean time we confess there is serious cause of anxiety on the subject. In our article of August 3d, on the failure of the State of Pennsylvania, we] pointed out the alarming indications in the State of New Vork, that a career of debt, extravagance and ultimate repudiation ami ruin was about to commence under thu uneasy and feverish longing after fancied improvements, engendered ami fostered by knavish politicians. We did not then anticipate however that the next message of the Governor would have contained the identical recommendation w'.ii. li constitutes the first stop toward repudiation in Pennsy lvania. During the lust winter the State endeavored to borrow money at t> per cent, and failed in consequence of tho discredit arising out of the fact, that the projected expenditures of the State exceeded its means in the eyes of all,reasonable men. In consequence of this statu of things the Legi slaturo pasted a law prohibiting the issueof anymore stock for internal improvements,and solemnly pledging the surplus revenue of the State to redeem the stock, issued lor sums obtained to meet the arrearages duo to the domestic creditors. This law so far revived the credit of the State that it was enabled to borrow the money wanted ami the seven per cent stock has been at 3 per cent premium. The message now contains the following recommendation :? I recommend that the legislature rescind the law directing the discontinuance of the public works ; render to the New York and Erie railrord company the aid necessary to enable them to recover their credit and resume their operations; and direct the fiscal otticers of the state, instead of reserving surplus revenues from the canals for the payment of debts due at distant periods, to apply such revenues, with the proceeds from the national domain, to theprosecution of the public works, upon the plan before submitted until the works shall he completed and become productive; and provide other and additional temporary means, if necessary, for that important object. Here is a recommendation from the Chief Magistrate of the State of N. York to re|>oal an act on the faith of which the State has liorrowcd money. What kind of legislation is this which enacts a lawto obtain money, and when capitalists are caught in the trap and the money squeezed out of them.theconditions on which they lent it are sought to he repealed 1 What is this but repudiation I What is he that dares to come forward and thus sport with the honor of the State of New York? He recommends taking the money helonging to state creditors and lending it to a bankrupt company of speculators who have already obtained ^>3,000.000 of State stocks, and injured tho credit of the State $-20,000,000 by forcing those itocks upon the market. Furthermore the Governor recommend* pushing the public works in all directions. The great success which has attended the construction of the Erie Canal in the State of New York, has been indirectly the cause of immense evils, not only to the State of New York, hut to many other States. People of sanguine temperament, excited by politicians, have been led to suppose that because the Erie < anal connecting the vast trade of the lakes swollen hy that cf western New York with the Hudson river, has been eminently profitable, that a work projected by|any association of idle speculators must of necessity be not only profitable hut a great public blessing. This idea, developed and encouraged by the stimula ting influence of paper money, has ruined Pennsylvania and lias goaded New York to the point of bankruptcy. Under this mania, as we stated in a former article, Pennsylvania spent $36,000,000 lor various works. Of these works the receipts and enpenditures in ten years was as follows:? The aggregate revenue lor ten "years, 6,181 ,<'24 " " expenditures " fl,094,-206 Excess ol expenditure, $619,503 Add average interest on cost, 1,000,000 Dead loss on the public works, $1,613,68*2 In addition to this vast amount of money expended by the State,the following works were got up by private enter' prize; all equally valueless and equally absurd:? Motsrv KirrsotD is Pkivatk Etsrxaraisrs or Istfsmi. Impros rmen r ix Prxjssvi.taxia. Tidewater CrimI, l.aoo.noo Delswsr. and ChessNewcastle & French- poke Canal, 1,000,000 town Kaiitosd, MM),(Hill Pnil. U Wilinimttnu, l,U00,l?.0 Union Csual. 2,000,000 Keluiylki I Canal. 3,700,000 Heading Railroad, 4,0()0,<;<SI Nomstnwn and tierI,filial. Canal is. Kill- m >n Railroad, Roil,two ' road, 5,700,000 hit.le helm vlkill, 500,000 Catiawiasa, Danville Port Dep?rtit Canal, 200,000 and PotU?ille, 1,500,000 Krankl n and (IreensLanraster and Him- villc, 750,000 hunt, 750,000 Coueatoga and Bald Eagle Narig'n, 500,000 carter, 800,000 Beaver t CIctc and, 1,000.000 Willi import Ik Kalalllossbu-ir St Tiova, 600,000 ton, 400,000 \V. st Philadelphia Rail- Valb y Hai road, 600,000 to id, 100.000 Southwark suial, 100.000 Total, $27,300,00(1 These works, some of them, will, in future years, be mode available ; not, however, until the interest on their construction will havedonbled their cost. They were all n.adr in advanee of tho ability of the country to employ I hem The name thing has been, an.l is in the State of New York. The time will come, centuries hence, when every county in the State will be intersected with rail roads, bringing every village and hamlet in direct con ncction with the great cities, and all in communication with the Atlantic border. Like the vast amount of capital employed in banking and other corporate companies, there were works enough projected to do all the business that could grow out of the industry of 60,(KM),(KM of people, instead of one-fourth of that number. The rejult has been previously the same as in Pennsylvania, of all the works projected; the Erie Canal alone hns paid its exjienses. All tho*other canals have been a bill of expense. No revenue has been derived from them, and yet the debt for their construction was increased from (September 19|8. to January I9*5. >13,799,706. The following is a brief statement of the entire indebtedness of the State at the rloso of the last fiscal year (September 30,1938.) Dkrts or thf Orvrati. Fi-vn. Lo.m d st '1 |h r rent Astor sloeX, $66I.',00 no Loaned at 6 i>< r rent Bank fund, >86,632 (3 Loaned ?f the ('.mil fnnd, without inter si, Htm nt.O 00 Total debt of the general fnnd, $1,938,032 43 Canal. Erie and Ch. Canal debt, 6 per rent, $1,711,314 12 6 percent, '>18,620 63 OiwfoCanal, 4 per cent, 421,304 00 Cayugaand Seneca, " 237,000 00 Chemung, 316,000 00 C oohed Lake, " 120,000 Oil Chenango, " 1,'I62,636 66 Black River, " 591 446 10 tlenaaee Valley. " 2,000,000 00 F.nla grment Erie. " 1,000,000 00 . 0,308,120 41 Tolal of Slate debt, $11 J6C.J52 34 Add rredita loaned to corporal ions. 1,497,700 11,763,812 Deduct due from general to canal ford, 800,000 , , . $11,043,862 Dedn't fund, on band, I 627 466 Toial debt, Sept. 1838, $7,426,387 I he debt on the Hth February, 1423, is ns follows:? Canal daht?stock, $16,443,199 Tempo-aty loans, 1,613,267 Arrearages to contract rs, 1,000.000 .. , , . , . 19,0.76,466 Mrneral fnnd debt, 1,933,92ft .... . , . 20,990,392 Add debt contracted lor incorporated eotoj.alues, and the meat of which, it ia now ap|>areut, the Stale will be obliged to pay, being 5,236,700 And we have a total debt existing o( 26 226 092 If from this wr deduct the imoinit of debt and lia- ' bi'ities on the 30' 1 Sept. 1838, of 7,426,387 It shows an increase of debt and liabilities in a lit tie over thrae years of 18,799,705 r or what puijiose was this vast debt rolled up' Nut one of all the numerous works completed pays its own expence* but the F.rie.t'anal Every new work constructed and every new dollar borrowed, is additional charge upon that w ork. The lateral canals yield now less tow ards their own expences than formerly. The Governor, with a most astonishing degree ot financial skill, recommends that the Stute be prevented frein assuming the payment ?f the mom ey loaned to the insolvent companies by continuing to lend them money enough to pay themselves ! This is indeed a novel mode of avoiding the difficulty; but how long it can bekoptnp is a problem. The Governors advice will have indeed but very little weight, but should the Legislature lend an ear to the improvement cry but for a moment, the State is lost. The breaking up of the Ohio Legislature, although a high handed and desperate partisan movement, is productive of much good, in as much as it defeats three bills which would seriously have injured the State We allude to the stop law, the hill to re-charter some of the twenty six banks whose charters expire next year, and the bill to borrow more money on stock. Any one of these bills would have been a matter ol permanent injury to the State- -the desertion of the members from their business i? a matter of small moment in comparison. Sales at the Stock F.irlinngr, ? 1(101! N \ St Me 7's, 1018, 100'-, II d ) llule.n, ll'i 1100 il> IIMi t, loo <lo II'a 5000 do ?bll 100 IIMI do ?nw 11 la i'?oo do si ioo'.4 ion du ?:io ii', 1525 do IIMI1, 50 do I I 5000 N Y State b's Kb', 111 do stiW 14l? [ >b0 tti'j 50 do Lone Idled, 51 2000 "rntnokyC'a, I860, 74?? :i00 do 5lla 7400 Cit) 7'*, 1852, loo'., 150 do bbu 51', 5000 Illinois b'a, 1870, 17 >00 do fill 51', 10000 do IS?.,' .50 do SuuiiiKloll, ?:KI lo'a 5 ?haa Ohio 1. and T, M 25 do Ii90 17>j 10 do Del Si Hud, I J Oof .Second lloaril. $5000 Oliio b'a, bit 100 alias Loui Island, 51 2000 Kmucky b's 74,Ii, 100 do 51'., 25 slim Mohawk 57 loo do SI1, loo do tons Island, 51?, St nte of Trmlo. The following transactions took place at auction to day under wardens' inspection, for cash :? (wiinny Cloth?130 pieces, at II a 12|c. lit nip?10 bales Sun, 1,1 Jj per.ton, I months. (doffee?14 bags, at ti j a 7 Cents. Pearl Barley?31 bags and barrels, 4 cents per lb. Demijohns?26 five gallon demijohns, 60c; 75 three do, at 40c; 75 two do, ut34c. Tamarind*?15 kegs at It a 3jc. Oil?S casks summer 46 60c; it bids, do, 45 a 47, cash. Tobacco?\ case hall pound lugs, 30c; 0 do line cut, lit a 17c, cash. Indigo?1 ceroons, 07 a tele, rush and it months. Pipes?60boxes, 0 gross each 15)c. tithes?The demaud for pots continues, at $5,60, at which aliont :t00 bbls. have changed hands. Holders require an advance. Pearls have further improved 12J cts. with sales of nearly .200 bbls. at $6,87J a $0, closing at the latter price. Heetirujr?1500 lbs. southern yellow was disposed of at 29J cents, rash. Coal? Sales are 150 tons Scotch, at f>4,60, 4 months; 120 of the same, $6, less I percent for cash; and 160 tons Li ver|Hiol flannel, on terms not made public. Coffee?Sales include 500 bags Draril at SJ a 0J Cents; 450 Laguayra, 9 a 9J, 100 Cuba, 81 a 9; 50 Java, II all 1 months ; and 200 St. Domingo, 7 ? rents, cash. Cotton?The cotton market is null, but prices have not varied The transactions embrace 050 bales upland at 0 a Hi cents; 200 Mobile, 6,1 a 9J; and 200 New Orleans,0J a 9j?together, 1050 bales. Corn Trade. There is a little better demand for Hour this morning, an ! prices are consequently firmer. Sales of Genvsee have been made at $5,25 a barrel. The receipts are rather light. ? The receipts at Cleveland are on the increase. That market is destined to be the entre port of the west lor lirradstutfs. Thepriceof wheat there continued wellsustnincd, and sales ranged from SO a 83 cents. No sales of Hour had occurred on the 12th inst. Twelve hundred bushels of corn sold at 31 cents. Wheat hod Seen rereiv e<l from various [ports oh the Ohio river, and some was sold at Akron on its route. The quality of the wheat from the southern sections of Ohio is much better than the earlier receipts of the new crop were. 1000 bbls. of Cincinnati hour sold at $-1 10. A parcel of Ohio Canal, in flat hoops, handsome order, had been offered at $1 26 without sale, and is now held at 41. There is but little disposition to purchase, excepting when the hour is known to have been very recently ground. Wneat at Rochester, thel5th,stood at 7 shillings, and nothing over. Considerable quantities reached there by wagons, besides a great 'leal by boat from the west, and south by the Oenesec Valley ('anal. It is very evident that wheat will he still lower iit the course of the week. The millers pay the present price with great reluctance, and it is only to keep their mills in ojperation that they do so. Flour has a downward tendency A sale of six hundred barrels took ]>lace this week nt 'f-i &??, and for which price it can be obtained by the single barrel. It is thought that before the week is out it will be still lower Oats are alsodown. We quote from actual sales at JO and 25 cts. Corn is dull at quoted prices. Foreign Markets., Aug. 3.?We learn from Havana, the Merchant's rice sold at lOJrls.; the I'rinca d? Joinville at IOt the Daniel Webster unsold. The cargo of the J. C. Calhoun remains in store here tipicnlil. There in no Muscovado sugars here?we have another Halifax vessel here with funds to purchase Muscovado,but must leave in ballast. Clayed sugars, 6 a 10, no demand-, eolfee 0 a "J, scarce; molasses J a I rl. Exchange on London, I I; New Vork, 1 pr rent pm. Married. At Washington city, on the l-lth inst. Lieut. Horatio O. WmoHT, U. S. corps of Engineers, to Miss Lot'ist M. ISmoionn, daughter of Samuel K. Bradford, Esq. ot Culpeper, Va. Died. On the 16th inst. at Brooklyn, Miss Ax* F.i.ira, only daughter of Winat P. Ben net, aged 04 years. Funeral will take place this aftrruoon at 4 o'clock, at 95 Fulton street. The friends of the family are invited to attend. On the 71st inst. after a long and painful illness, Mr. Joseph Hii.l, in the filst year of his age. His friends and acquaintance, and likewise those of his son-in-law, J. Lawall, are requested to attend his funeral, fiom 11 Orand street, this afternoon at 4 o'clock. On the 17th inst. alter a short illness, which she bore with Christian fortitude and resignation, Roaaxxa, wife of Patrick Skitlington, in the 15th year of her age. The friends and acquaintance* of the family are respoctlully invited to attend the funeral, from her late residence, 441 Stanton street, between Willet and Sheriff streets, at 4 o'clock this afternoon, without further invitation. On the morning of the 17th inst. at South Brcoklt n, James, only child of Then, and Sarah Dent, aged five months and 14 days. I'aasi-libera Arrived. London?"aokrt ship OUdiator? Mrs L Moywood. Miss MaywooU and servant, of Philadelphia; MrsW J Hyilop ?nd servant, Mr- Paine, N Guiilr, Mi?? M G Britlon, New Vork; Mr? Thorn*: Bullitt, C G Bullitt, Master B Alexander, Louis ville. Ky; K W de Kankou, lady, child and two servants, Stockholm; Mr Guilty and lady. D Crawford and lady, Mr B-sseit, Mr Donald . u. England?87 in the steerage. Havre ?Packet ship St. Nicolas?Mrs Emtio ltosset, Tanl Dronin, of France; Jn-eph Russell, Mrs Louisa J Grreaongh, Mm L uisa Luke, Sand B Foster, Boston; Re? Lot Jones, Mrs LiietWarJ. three children and tervsol, New York; Misv Theresa Walsh Philadelphia; Dr John C Terry, Georgia; Anthony Brrnaril and lady, New Orleans; Benj Sooltard, lady, child ana servant, A mailt Berthcnld, St Louis; Stiles Burton. Illinois? 160 in the stei rare. Liverpool?racket shin Sheridan?Edw K Collins, Esq. and ladv. Miss Mary Ann Cop ins, Master Henry Coir Collins and two servants, Albert Christie snd lady. Win Christie, Aljss Caroline Rowland, Geo B Dorr, Uiiah Hendrit ks and lady. Mias Alice Hendricks, Miss Rosalie Eliza Hendricks and tivoarrvants, David Brown. Mr Duffc. all of New York; I.C Hubbell and lady, Master Julio Httnbell and servant. Mobile; Mr Boyd, North Carolina; Dr Eualis, South Carolina; Capt Craddock and latly, Misa Amies Craddoek. Canada; Mrs Huldulph, Mtaa Amelia Biddnlph and servant Ireland?and JP1 in the steerage. Ltv erpool?Packet ship Columbus?J W Hindv and lady, Providence; J Kavanah, Capt Burrows. J llolinr a, New York; J Crawford, Manchester; J O'Cotin r. Upper Canada? IJ5 in the steerage. Liverpool?Ship Ondiaks?I' Doylr, B Maaimiliau, of IT...,,.. ... rh Nrw Oalica*s-Ship Brunswick?-Mr* Seager, Capt Grant, Capt Clark, Meter* Mills, PriolanJ, and Edwards?3 In the steerage. Moiilk?Ship Margaret Forbe*?C W Tircomb. PanenKori Nailed. Halifax aivd Liverpool?Steamer Columbia, from Boston ?For Liverpool: Henry Holland, of New Yoik, Wm Vdtirc D McClagae, r and Mrs Lvell, England; Mr and Mrs Shade, Mr Murdoch, Canada; M De Sal icoy, M Ducos, Paris. For Hilil'ax: Wm Fowl*-, Jr. Alexandria; A Bell; W W Sprnce, Baltimore; M and Alfred Mitchell, Nantucket; C A U'Aranju, Taris; Edw Lawson, W N Hoffman. Jaa Pry# u, John Nott. J as Tohiu, MraTobin, Miss Lotelanb. Ililifax; Lt R Davie*. T C Herbert, J Fotbei, R ?y *1 Navy; R#*v Denis Mackin, St John; Chas Richardson, Can?da; Jas McFarlane, England. Ferelgii Importation*. I anto!*? Bark Cynthia?13,162 pkg* teas 151 piculs cassia 128 rases |?ontfee silk David Filigree, of Salem?2 caeea silk* David Moore jr. do?3 do Harnl (JiMr.cs, do?I trunk silks and )a<|tiere I ware John M Cofln. Lofinopr?Ship Gladiator?II pkgs Jas McCall A co?61 F W Ik 8 Barstow A ro?4 John D Weudle?3 C C Ring?6 Wm Vyse?2 J Mortimer jr A ro?a J C Muller?2 Young, Smith A ro?2 Jaa Hall?IS Baring Brothrr* A co?37 H Jessun?6 K Baldwin?in More wood A ro?2 J Miller?3 L Lang?4 D Iladden A soi.?I A Smith? 2 M Enesbriug?5 Duchrich A l.i-inan ?70 Clark A McCarmin?0 O B More wood A co?5 R Martin A co?12 Gary A ro?1 Adams, Petrie A ro?1 F James A son?1 Ward. Sill A Thompson?I D F Ditrand A co?1 J Morton A cc?I W J Morrison A co?I Paton A Stc wart?I J F Willi ams -1 J 8 Hewitt A co?I W Leach?1 White A Sheffield?I W If argil nes?I Goodhue A co?I I) A Dp eton A co?I L Adams? 1 F Hacker?2.70 tons chalk G.innell, Minlurn A co?230 bale* hemp 18 cs 30 jar* mdse to order. Liverpool? Ship Sheridan?100 tons coal 2.01 sacks salt K K Collins A co?| csk Geo Stacey?I Bangs, Richard* A Piatt?21 pkg* Paton A Stewart?1 J A J Cox?1 B H Halite ad?3 Joseph Clarke?4 A Van Neat?8 Wr?ghf, Sturges A Shaw?3 A R Van Nest?II Jas LelTerPi?8 Field A Kellogg?21 G ?dfiey, Pat- ] tiaon A co?78 Sands, Fox A ro?10 Hams, llalstead A co?ti S Thompson?1 Saml Denniston?2 Jaa Paton A co?17 J Lcr A ct I J Mortimer A i I A Hirst II Wm Whiten ianl 11 \ McFarlane? I H H W Shaw?2 Pcrsae A Brooks?in J Mac\ A son?10 llichard on A Watson?3 Bnnckerhofl. < atlm A Gale? 12 BAH Hvght A ro? 1 Gilbert A Donaldson? 5 0?born A Lit* tlr-23 Van Wagmen A Tucker?1 Baldwin A co?I T Bromfleld?3 S Conover?5 Smith, '1 hurgar A ro?2 Kissam, Bryce A Jones?3 F. A R Clark#?2 Jo* < onnah?1611 Congdnn A co? 26 ft ig I IS A Scott?4 Neeius A oo?18 Tooker, Mead A e o?'? WalkffA Bi thei I Ja W I Chas M< il1 16 E Html 1 Adshrad?2 A A S Willets?3 Thos Hunt A r?,?2 W G Hunt A ro?2 Richards. Bassett A A born?.7 D Oakev A tons?2r? Bntterfield A Fisher?3 Sheldon, Phelps A co?2 Smith,Wright A ro?18 J McCall?II J A J Stewart A co?2 C Shavrocka?I J Cain?I H Jcssop? 2 E Dervlng A co?21 J Ferguson?6 Kessler A co? 3 Willison, Whitewrignt A co?3 Hall Brothers?I S A I. Holmes?2218 bars iron Wm Shields?1561 tin plates Phel|#s, Dodge A co?13 pkgs to order. Liverpool?Ship South America?7 ikg* Richards# n A Watson?3 (Jre?-n A Cram# r?3 Want, Si.I A Thompson?16 Peabody, Riggs A ro?I I H W m iill A una?J? Gorton, ilrpl ?c?licv? 1 WmCripptSto?2 CU/k* " * *' % Whitewrirht k co?I Bruyu. Wiltou k Vast-urg?6 J k J ( n -) I'.ioiiSiSt. Wdii-I H,;iI . ^ >1.1^- I' s I. , Foi k 11.ill k ?6 J Giltou k i ?>?3 Hwtki kO*< n-l Win Wbtu* bead? I S Cochran*?I A W Sj i?*? k co?6 A ( nation k ton? 5 Ha'kicd k Dd>k?3 S Thompson?17 Win Whitewnght?J W ' W Ch?atei?J A A LagTOVt-?1 Newttadt k Barucit?7 Green ' k Pullman!*?2.'i Htok? ?, Gil beit k in. 11 Hi l?ar< 20 bill* iion x Pierson k co?2104 bar# do k? rut v k Btccker?1 rku W 11*\cnck? 1 Inglis k Scott?i 1) Hadilcn k tun?9 J Hudiun- 1 j ThoniptoitJk Wetlirrald?2 A Hirst?I J Comub?3 lord k 1 Taylor?'4 1. Dexter k Uuth?10 A Mitchell k co?2 Danl Okcvs * *u??A Wolfe k Gille?ph?21 S BilUrn? I XX' 11 B? ml I' ?10 Stout 5j#?3 J McCual k *:<>?12 J D Stansbury?17 J k c 11. Iii.ll.-*> %4M Wuyi.? i k Tucker?0 Ncviu# k Cto-;-2 11 11 Dicksnii"-!! Ibbi, Tliurntr It co?J Bithrtiebl k Fishei?.?' B I nt; I id k li W Unite?3 T P ncer?231 tnlla iron I I' M Bruce k ton?472 bi.r* do J 11 AbeUkio?2loo ?acks salt C n' II Marti all?120 to order. t Lmkhpooi?Shio Columbus?2 c*?cs hardware 1 ca?k do ? H Mi ll. Mattison k Ta>lor?1 bo* Ku'low, Wtd?worfh k co I ? I c&ak hardware Van Waifin r k co?1 case ind/.e Wich', l|1 S'urgisa k Shan?7 do J <? k T <?trier?<> bale# woollens <*< G?rlun He dge* kco?10 r> ind/f Gndlrr) , P itt i.on k co?I ri boxes 2 case* do 2 casks hosiery Or a i>|<*s k co?I iiu* steel t <' 11 Marshall?l.'i ci uid.'c W Whitewright kco?4 c# linen# i B bales do Kicharchon k Wataon?2 ci s hardware Mark* k Church?lea lu* iaus Wickhain, Ilutchiiunti k c??Icatui B dies Francis Jacques ? I bale 2 c* iiolze Joseph Hudson?lies do Kutu rtield k Kisbrr?3 cs md/.e Richards, Battel t k A bom 1,1 ?3 do Thomas Hunt k c* ?2 Codiu, Beadlex k co?3 KeusU r k co?indoles I bit woollens Hriirv S Ballard?2 ct hosiery John Napier?I do James LeflVrts?j c? m?lze 1 parcel pain n s ,J. llall, Brothers?19 bit woolh n* Thot Maviotl k Son?2 bib s 1 shoe thread Gabriel XV (mil?2 ct linens 3 bale# do a double do do In* list k Scott?2 c*ks scrt w* Nathan Suiirh?2 ? lib s i'" N Ludlow kco?1 rik hardwaie Fellow s, Van Andalek Coo* i*1 per?2 c# 1 ble Mtdze Nei ins k co?1 bis woolens 3 t s tusiian B Gorton, Hodges k co?8 csks hardware 1 b x d<? it Kings lam I J? k cc.?3 boxes cnuous Foulds. Slobs ken?| hits I rs woisicd { < H IWell k co?1 i o* (inifink Pullman?13 ct irulv 13 bit . do Sands, Fox k co?2 do Pa.ot. k Stewart?I csk A D ? n n i iuirp4:?:s cs Hiti/c Jo?(-i>h < nuu h ?! c&k hardware F Tymes St Sou?1 c* ind/*' Fuller St Bander?2 tru .*? s woollens er .lames Wood, sen?5 III I bhU smalts White St Bhi IfieI*'?I case . mdze 0 box** do J Gihon St co?6 b<>x * do Smith, T* uiv^r St J* co?II do Birm*. Hals?* d St co?3062 bars 20 biPs iron P ersnn S* co?3 a mdze F S ftchlevinu* i? 2ul) boxes tin |>1 tr* J M Bruc* St Son?23 c.j lo hies trul/*' Win Whitehead?11 c.s cot threa W ci Whitenruht?10 chain cables Wm A y mar S* co? Jfto bundles sheet iron Stok* *. Gilbt r. St c. ?t bx? mdze SatrU, Fox St co? 3604 bars iron 188 bdls bar iron J II A bee I St co?-'I* hud- yware 2 cases d?? JO tons orrel! coil 2160 sacks salt II Marshall [ ?120 bx?tin {date Phelps, I)od*; St co?1218 bar* railroad iron, 2c.? !.? hardware, I) biles Carp. tin0, 4 blei I t c$ mdz*, 1 ca*!t J cutlery, 7 cs mdze to order. " Havhi* - ? Ship St. Ni? h.s Lease- V t'aillciix St Sou?I Spies, I InLi St co?2 T* wiumuI, Simple St <n?16 Boicean , St Hindi?<? b ^otlenet?I II Bahad II T II St I Mali lei?I * Habeshaw St Jon*i-lT Valentin. 1 T F II.- |H iiaid St co?1 Ucrri St Ive. |r?I < I). iu-h? t?lOWiiuht, Sfur^n / St Shaw?12 T H St F lis?1 F A llmitiuKtoii?2 II t'hevrolat , St co?1 Luuay. Tourdcau St Moran?17 A 1'a^irlli?I M M n.tin?I Youn Smith St co? 2 I. 11 . Latiuou St .? 1 :> I'r4\? St LI Livermort?13 L'nderwood, Titer. I St BUin 1 S II S St F A Wood worth? I B* car, Benjamin St co? I), i d u ?14 Moran St Iseltit 1 A lluer?1 Copi:miT& D? Mautcuil .1 F W ? Schmidt St co?18 Ma)maz> t St Smith?30 Hargous, B?? ?her> St I co?I Brustlb m Koon fit co?2 Lauibcit fit <1 .jut ? 1 D oout B otlic.s?| Toe pudiu fit Alii m-^-G Bail* y, WirdStc*.?' Bui i de lo R >*ieie -2 Coutan St Pillivuj t 1 I) Appleton St * >?1 I'Olrille St Fleming?2 K. K \1a*??u?'1 l)??rr St Allen?S F M m- 1,1 uin St co?in (' (li^uoiu St co?1 (' II Sold?1 B? 1 ?r<! St Mm.- ol ilon?3J Nurici?8<" Pa\cn&c<>?2 T Dupr* -1 I. B Biii-s* St ?l co?1 F A LoliHfe?7 T (' Kay ei?I Kn^ler St Foley?2 K li*>ssank'*?I Birbier St Viv 1 *-1;?11 Adatru. P. tiic St <ro 13 Bei> I" k ?u; St 11 ii* foil?II F 1 olliard?I PW;U??n?.{SDuniul?11'? 1 - ,l' r?e Frerra? I H Dcraimnes?I T < b urr Stco l6Lach <ih St '' Fiucht?H K Henerlinu?I Molmieux. G Timl St co? 2 T Milhail?I A F .Nloiuion?I F IF 11?1 ^Tbersy>c* Ud?? I W.i-lui^ St I)amm<?3TC Kruiciipiltch?I ilifl'meixter St co?I li 1 111 St I.*>;in -ii \\ yyie?2 A 8t D Warburg- 6CJLaw n.v 4 Loeacbijtk 81 wisendoHK?l HcRseiib.- n St co?la Boiceuu St Rusch 6 K Berlhoud 1 Pe*inent? a II I lftray StC*>? I H ai Jelilie?(/ Abrenlets '? Scli.icfiudr, Favr? St co?7 I. Gold- V schinidt St co?2 H:\libulh St Schaby 3 (i F May r?2 A fit K !' Waller?7 K F Newball?13 I mb. r St Datiibniin?2 11 B hm t " St Ablon?1 W B Draper? I*. F Sli ld??n St * - -.1 F Ihunlaid- 0 ] Tiffany, Vouiik' St t A lis?2 F. B Strang ?2 A T Sf.ari St c??? I S Hanker?II H Wiener?10 B D'lvemon St co?I b". 1-ippold " ?27 J A Vol-, iu St co?I Bcrlhiuid St Vuille j F 11 Meyer? 1 ai T Fay?1 T A Hiiniinuton St co?21 to ord* r. Manzami.i.o?Bri?: Leonora?272 I'l^* cede 1 600 do in a ho;* my L 40k? tons fuslic 7 ?l?? esepeno wood 4 hlids 21 hbl.s molasses 17 in hdl ; palm leaf 30.} ceroona 10 qr b\s srnais D.inl Cintih r. 1 Nkitvitas?Biii; Portland?318 hhds 03 tcs 20 hbls molasrci 1 II0I1 at Owen?68 bxs neuarx to order. \ i>oiueatlc Inaportnt -*Nf.w Orleans? hir? Brunswick?8U0 bars iron Roher's & r Williams?66 hhds tob?cco Bnorma 11, Johnston fit co?n ,1 Huntcr?9 H L M itland?18 Newbold St Cruft?11 P J Francia?309 t| hales Roberts St Williams?1 hhd W Airio w St son?100 bah a 5| O Mills?'766 sacks com R P Buck?33 bob oil 8 do lard 2 do urease 2 bxs Dnry. a St Greacon?I copper pipe 4 bali-s Barslow St Pope?181 bbls 374 half do U Nicholl?1G0 hampers bottles 10 J order. , New Orleans?Bri? Lau a?(>22 sacks corn 3 pkes 138 bbU naval stores to De Pcyster St Whit marsh?122 bhls wheat 16 do starch 280 sacks wheat J R Milbanks? 3 casks o| btles hair F S Fisher?34ft sacks corn Perkins. Hopkins St White?1 hn* ( f.?*i 'hton?1(162 sacks corn It Uachc?1039 pigs lead Bcn.i H Field. ** Mobile?Ship Margaret Forbes?GO bales cotton Phelps, Dodge & co?63 Center fkco?33 J McCullough?25 Windsor, Gale 4k co?17 Pillot &. Le Baibier?t? A Mr Lean?OH Stcbbins 4k Brouwer?21 J II Tallman?10 boxes K Field Ikco?1 bdl 120 Maiden lane?I bile Persse & Brjoks?2 trunks A Hiell?7 bn I J fit N Briggs?12 bales James Lee &. co?17 Daniels ?Nt>?5 ! Greeiiwav, Henry 4k co?5pkgb Bai iett 4-t Mather?12,Oimistav?3 2 pkgs J B Taylor? 1 pes bagging 15 bales cotton to order. , MARITIME HERALD. ] To Ship blasters. We shall esteem it a favor, if captains 01 vessels arming hi here, w ill triv ? to ( mnimodore W. A. Bas-ett, of our new* Reel. a< a report of the shipping left *t the |*ort wheuc* they sailed, tin w vessels spoken 011 their passage, a list of their cargo, an ! foreign newspapers they may have. Commodore Basse:t will n? board them immediately on their arrival. We will recipru >! f? the favor in anv way. To CorTi-spoiirittitii Abrou(I. Our correspondents in foreign j^orts arc respec'JulJy re.pit ted to send bv every vessel all tin* marine intelligence tlusy can obtain. Nautical information of anv kind, from any one re- 1?< siding .if home or abroad, will he thankfully received. $ PORT OK \ KW TOBK, iOeUMT IT. IMS, ? V lljtf RISKS 5 13|mo?* sets I c SlJIf SETS 46 I Hunt WATER 'j 'j\ ? r . - g Clearrd* 1 Ships Chandler Price, Dunlevy, St Petersburg, I) H Robertson; H Allen, Gallowav, Charleston, Geo Sutton; Empire, Torry. Bull, vie.?-Bui, Rood, Ward, Havana, M Taylor.? Brigs Wilson Fuller, Cobb, navannsh; J Peterson, Green, do, John Otfdeu; Fanny Coit, 13earse, G org. town SC; Rocket, Ktiowlton, Boston.?Schrs Talma, Couklin, Richmond, A 11 Coolev & (\?j L* onrine, Koapmdo; (' K Thome, Smith, Wilmington, NC. .John Ogden; Compliance, Sparrow, Boston; Cambiidge, llall,do. A rrlvetl. Packet ship Gladiator, Briftnn, from Loudon and Portsmouth. July 14, with rndsc. to Griunell, Mintiirn Jk Co. If.tli 11 It. la* 40 20, Ion 9, passed a Havre packet; same time, sp he brig Thn . Youngs, of North Shields; Pth, lat 19 12, Ion JO .'.0, ship Lady Catharine, of borham. 4th inst. lat 41 4, sent the boat alongside M'an island of ice, obtained a supply for the use of the ship, ami brought tome of it to port; 6th, 011 the Bank q board, d schr Inquirer, of Plymouth, w ith 2100 fish; same time, schr Yatico, of Marbleheau, 9000 fish. J Packet ship South America, Bailey, from Liverpool, July 20, with widse, to Chas. H. Marshall, and Goodhue 4k Co?162 passengers. Packet ship Sheridan, De Pejitcr, from Liverpool, July 15, with indse, to Edw. K. Collins & Co. No date, on tl?e Banks, spoke fishing schr ('has. Henry, of Bucksport, out II days, with 700 fish. Picket shin Columbus, Cob. from Liverpool, July 12. with mdse, to C. II. Marshall, and Goodluic & Co. No date, lat til, | Ion 45, passed nine large icebergs. Lat 41, lor 58 20, passed h J steam ship standing east. u Packet shin Sr. Nicolas, IVR, froin Hirre, July 16, with r? mdse, to Boyd Ik Hincken. 20th 1111. ofl Scilly, p . ;>rd one <f al the London packets, standing east; 27th, lat t5 20, Ion 29 40, 1 parsed ship Adam Lodge, of L verpool; 29th, lat 45 10, Ion 25, < passed ship Geneva, of New York, bound east. b Shin Oudiaka, Cl? hi.;, l2d.i\sfrom Liverpool, with mdse, to ii John Herdman. 18 h tilt. 47, Ion 21 20, *|>oke ship George u (Jasper, 1C0days from New Zealand for llavre, with 2900 bbL oil. From Ion 46 to 53, saw large quantities of ice. n Shin P.?ri? II. I*... .. fr?..? I-C. SI. 1.... - I - I. w irfi mdse. to T. F. Youngs. 30 h ul?. 40 2, Ion 38 38 u spoke whale brig Carroll, James, from Boston, 45 days nut, no b oil. 1 4th imt. lat 10, Ion b 20, spokr .ship Plato, from Philadelphia for Rotterdam, 5 day* out. ?i6 passengers. r Ship Brunswick, Webster, (of Brunswick, Mo.) from New Orleans, an<l 17 Hays from the Bar, with cotton, r?? F. (J. Tbum- p ton. Left on the Bar. ship Oawrego, Wood, for N? w York, an bark Leodes, tor London. 6tji inst. oft" Double Hfwd* d Snot Keys, snoke ship Ti noleon, from New O le.Jiis f i Lon i n. Shin Manare Forbes, Pre sCOtt, (of Boston) 22 oays from Mobile, vi itli cotton, to master. Baik Cynthia, Johnson, (of Snh-m) from Canton and Macao, . March 22, with a full can,'1 of ir is and silks, to S. T. Nicolh ! Vessels left before retried by the Lticonia. April 23, in the Straits of G isj?ar, passed an American ship hound on the Chini '! Hi ?, showing: Llford's Nos. 03 and II?(Joseph Peabody. of i 8 Bern.) 26th, oft St. Nicholas Point, passed an American ship I hound to Batavia. Passed through ihe Straits of Sunda April ft 27; on the 28th, passed a large British fleet, consisting of l.'t or rr 2e sail of men of war and transports, destined for China- Ship ri Shepherdess, of and from Salem, arrived at Ceylon with a cargo h of ice and apples, (date not recollected) av is to sail in 10 pi days for Bombay. Left no American vessels at St. H* lena 8ih July Ship Louvre, for Bos tow, sailed from St. II. 2 d'jn previously. The Cy ntrvia experienced very severe off the Cape of ^ Good Hop? . A I irge number of Knglinh ships were off the Cape from 30 to 40 days, with continual gales Irom the weftwan1. Norwegian bark F.milic; Ancherson, 55 days from Norway, ^ with 300 ions iron to Schmidt & B.ilchen?55steer passengeis. ) Lat 46, Ion 45, passed several icebergs. Brig Leonora, Cellini, fioui Manzamlio, July 15, with main - i cany, fkc. to J. Ogden. Left brig Angola, Bel!, for Boston, o ^ days?the only American. brig Portland, ('lough, (of Portland) 10 days from N -uvitas. Cuba, with molasses, to Nesmith, Leeds fk Co. Sailed in en. with brig Friends, Clay, and left c, .*.,horw in the. Bay. Left ' brig New Orleans, A men, t-? sail in 4 days. ( French brig Ar/. , P? lort, tH days from Rochelle, with brandy, Ike. to De T iuney Ik Co. vr Btig Lama, Dunham, 30 day . from New Orleans, with corn, fn Slc. to De Peystcr fie Whitmarsh. in Bug Susan, Vesty, C days from Calais, Me- with lumber, to * Smith k Uoyntou. Brig Neuvitas, McFarland, 8 diys from Lubec, with plaster to order. Srhr Science, Fowler, 4 days from Baltimore, with oats, to master. Schr 8*ml R Paynter. Brittingham, from Berlin, with corn, to master. Pilot boat San Jacinto, Masenhurg, 32 hours from Himpton Roads. Below. One ship, two hiigs. Wind SSK. T General Keeortl. | Brio UlfCLk Sax, at Fall River from Pirlou, threw overhoard 60 to 80tons eoaJ on the passage. kl Shit SAreitihK, Hall, from Quebec 4th inst. returned to that r port "M 'I"' MBl, HI d<y. ?-? mi irinrit. Heard from previous to April 4, Obvd Vlitrh. II, Nant. with 400 bhls sp. a( Hpokfii?July IJ, lat 46, Ion 22, Halcyon, of ami for New dj London. di July 28, lat TO, Ion 41. Mattipoisett, of Maltapoisett, with 400 ? bhls nil. v? Spoken. Kneheslrr, 28 days from Havana lor CroDstadt, Jnly 6, off n, Km kill. ,lj; ^ Mary Ballard, from Havana for Cronstadt, July 13, off Fair ,.n Foreign Port*. Lin arooi., NH. July 27?Arr Quadruple. NYork. Qt i.ini . Auk 12?Arr Henry Volant, Ballyahantmn; Lorhli- *' ' >, ,N Y n r k. British Queen. do; I hie tliain, *1 Tli in is. t Id O, lilt, I . m,|. ,|l ; M' irlis, l.tvei pool; I in e . Hull, 11 lip, "ik ; I 1th, M aline i. OI.ol 'W; Marion, < "rk, ' ovrnanrer, loverpool. Aimn, no elate?Passed, Ami MeKim, 19 day* from NYork "i for Canton ; Pstsvii, Mau l, ,, -In port, l.uni re, I , B .it n, May I I'd It erl StHtr* Port*. I st sn, All* III?I Id Sir . N \ ork. I *110**, Aiw 9?Arr Tari|tii?. St Vslery ?nr Homme. II * i.i.ow t i t , A ii u II! -Air AI pi li . A" 'k i) i Bsioott, Ami 12?I Id Oreh 41 (new) "ortli Hico. ttt PoRTtatD, Aug IJ?Art Kranklii , N ork; tJingea, do for Calais; Hth, niu, 11 n re ; I lit' i, I sir tit l. N w York lor Ir o ( pert; Delaware, Plulailelpl i , I l.oi i It stun for Huhmond; Riehmoiid, New York i Thom*r,*riti; F,? itnple, do for Ma- A ehiaa. I* ,N..whi ttaroRT. Aug I', B-low, Aik, ftom Lotidnn?7th nit. Ill 17, Ion 14 passed the wreek of i hriy. inn-t onl leeewepiit *' , anrl tlr rl.s ns-pt, Sllppoo ,1 to he III KoP/lleh t imh. r I olr II Verse I I Bosto.*, Ans 10?Arr Lyooming,("ronstadt. ( Id I olumlna, JL (?) Liverpool via ILIifai; Canton, Bath, Me; J \V Paige, Balti- w iore: Kimr Philadelphia. Arr 15th, Wal|>o4e, Liverpool; Ha io?, Got ten burg. N? w Banr ri>, Aug 15? Arr Win Ru?*ell, NYork. Kim. ahioun, Aug 1'i?Arr N () Bournr. Chaileslou lor II. * h In* ol load; Cj b?W, N Vor? for Portland; Kmc* '?* , Philadelphia T i Button; Mont a no, Naiuemood for do: leguniicnnk, NY<ikl?n do, and rt maim d I5th. jloi.Mk a JIuLt, Aug 13?Air J<?* Atkins, Jeremie lur BoUoii: , I Prii'iit, r iiU'tuin. aud C*r??, Philadelphia for do. Sid III!', oloifitm, atltj Aroru. Providi n? r, \u? 16?Sid Kaglc, lotd for Cub#; I llordfu, I'luUdi I|?Kio. Brutoi , Aim I/-Sid I nurd, 1 laiaiia. Newtort, Auk h'??An lldi.l rm , fii?m Alexandria for ?-?ton, and ?ld -huu' da\;S ?,,|, Louisa, Virginia; Willard. mt idence for N Y ork. An 13th, K om*, rn>\ ideate for Alba* V. Sid lldi. 1 amito, Atl imv i d KiImiii. PHiLAOi LPHia, Aug 17?-Arr Walt r, Liverpool Jmw, New edlord; Wne, Bonton; Factor, \rw Vork. 11. Ion Win hatcher, fiom St Croix Cld Pour, Baibit!< ? , Will. St Bait-; ifanta, St Johu.NB; Olive. I'.-nijHjii; Treniout, John II m?ck, and Obi roil, ttoatt.u; II jet Piiiter, New Bedford; I u?-r, Work; Pilot, do; louii, Taunton; Ii.dine, Anthia* te, and Vulein, Albany. Air in the Schuylkill, (In- u, fu, o-ton; H William*, Jr^ey City. Baitimokk, Auk l>?Clu Herald, Weil Indies; 0;. lousv., io arn< a mkt. Shi Maria, N \ ok. Alexandria, Aug I'd?An Carroll, Thotnatfon. Sid Virgi* i, Batlmdoe*. Richmond, Aug 14?Air Dtposiio, Lubrc. Below, Cathane. Baltimore. Hid Niaaara, Richmond, aud Wcvmauth, N ork. Air 16th, Maria, Boston; Gladiator, do; Wm Henry, homaston. Norfolk, Aug 13?Arr Arabian, ( harlc*ton; Fienrer, R ij b lnuoek for Bos on?nut bar k on acceuol of hi .? I wind*? re its a large number of vessels .it the several anchoragei in th< n*ds; CLorge, F.istpo.t. In H^ui|>tou Roads, <? n Waningii, from James River for Loudon?-p?ts ?**tl in tin riser, James ljkir, hound to CoWes. I'iiarlkston, Aug 13?^"N1 (' Jhmiu, N York; Daphne, ( Br) I'lnarara; Frances, Boston. Sid Belviderc, Liverpool. Savannah, Aiik 12?(.'Id G B Lamar, N'Vurk. Sid Wandei. Boston. New Orleans, Aug :i?('Id Huron, Loudon; Don Quivntte vana; Anna Maria, Arr Rose, Liv? rpool; t liarlotr* . woastle, Me; Choctaw, ('utinc. A r ith, Kha. r, .Marilles; Helen Mar, Philau-'lplu?; Othello, Kingston Ja. MaNnsMHMaaMMn? m ujmwmmamr-wmvmB.**au MEDICAL AID. NR. GRKliOHV continue* to devote his entire personal attention to dist ases of a r miliar nature. He ha- henowI much study and attention in tin- improvement of the old ode of practice, ml thw result i; In has ureee'ed in disivnipg t new an* liary remedy, neirr before used in ?hL ue of rat tire. It is particular!v applicable 11 cases f f bur.anding, nub wherein many instances a * trie fine was up* >sed to Dr. O.'s residence is at M \lott tire , ihout I.'jm vards Inn I..I'll in M n I , i. I spi Olite ill'' ( I urch IP' js t It mr I hours ol the dry and evening. His charges re in pMV<-ran to the times. N ? 34 is not a drug store. ail '8 H*r important to ious R K E E p E U S. t FEW IMPROVEMENTS bavi Inn m oh upon FL!*' V |' t iip N n | , t'outii . u lein* it impo-'Mr it any difficulty should occur with if eve winnminsr d I ie who has hid no exnerienc* in the use of my kind of ro d bv0? Tiu Novelty B istho only cook t?vi which ha* n ijot up w iihin the I ;..t tim e years, upon oi rutin* n?*w inriph , ..II others bring a combination of old pi in* rem?>di*d patTrru, hearing some new name, as an incentive to tncrrt-e ir sab- without any regard to utility or economy. The NoI \ 8tove is warranted in all rases to answer ? very pn pno r which it i* recommended or it may be returned and he oney will be refunded. The t veu which i* much larger th in immou is perfect as i brick oven Thi fiitu i which nun I IllOle. filld ott itliMu the lieilliir i-niKlrn." .(' rl.iu i. . *?.' uta ly twice a?Tir*e n> can h?- used upon au\ nllier of tie line hi/ . Anion : tin* extra fixture* arc .1 large toiler, nu.tui12 39 gallons or lj$ ba reU; t large rota 31 2riddle, which will ike 63 oulinuy sized buckwheat cakes at 0110 : ?i large (in W'li. sin 1 a 1)1- tin Inking ti large loavt s of bread; ? set of r 114 ittahle for any W/i d kettie, fiom a 2 borel caldm.i t? a sinal 1 ras-i keltic. The Slo\ only needs t-> he examined t<> convince nyoiu (Kit ita pcitVct simplicityoid occult n uhvtition to h iilinary, I nil > merits the high favor w hich it ha- uaind amo??| If who hart * n it in 1 u F01 th I ri tovc Kit tblishment, 209 W .Ur strut t. The public are Canned not t'? be deceived by those who advertise tln-h stoves s being "the same p. i u ipic of tlie Novelty Stoves." ns no loves are made upon tins rinciple except by Messrs Kisb, or icir legally authorised agent-. lie Terences given at the s:orc, 119 Water street, to over eight hundred persons who have them 1 use in this city. atftlm"r rl(l- Mmvi -I HEX nur BOSTON --I. <Hei indOantif I men of acknowledged talent, desirous of cngag mcnt a? lis ebi sblishmeut, will 111 ike applicath n by li tter, port paid ic subscriber immediately. J. S. JONES, Lessee. Hp-ton Aug. 17, IK42 _ an ft 3ti?*Tr JXt KI. I SHI!' SHEK1D v >, 1- 111?\! en 1 RI OOL Con-nuiiets by this diip 1 lease send their permits on nrd, at Orleans wharf, (00: of Wall ft without delay. All goods not permitted in five days, will be sent to t ublie tall r 3EACON COURSE?TROTTING. The following J Sweepstakt are opcned to coint* off the Third Week in . pfi rnbcr. fclake No I?Mile heats, best 'I in 5. in wagons, free for all imr* never trotted for money?$V) entrance?half forfeit, $'}t I |ed, to go to the second best horse. Wagons and diie. ra to igh 300 lbs. Stake No. 2?Two mi'e he its in harness, free to. .*11 horses i ver won a purse ovei $100?"ne hundred *lit -n t?half lor i'; $7rt rtddi d, to be miv? n to the second he?t horse. Stake Ni . j?Ssrn** a? \ro. 2, under the uldle, S .?k< No. 1?Two in |e u at< in htrness, tr? lor all horse? L-ver won in oty?$j0 entrance?h.i!I forfeit; S25 added, to go th?- s coud be?? horse. Slake No. 5?Same es No. I, under the saddle. SttkeNo 0? Mi'.i1 heats, heat !< tvi 3, under the saddle, f< r ji t*? liever won a purse over $3n?$60 entrant** , half forfeit ?.'> added, to go to the second hesf horse. Stake No 7?Mile heats, hest 'I in 6, under lite saddle, $.70 lit ranee, half forfeit; $!6 added, to he given to the second best i-?e. Free for horses never trolled for money Monday, 8ept. 20?Purse $'dill, two mi le heats, in w.ikoils. filh an insidi stake of $60>), h ill' forfeit; $200, to go to the se* ond best horse. Wag ins ami drivers to weigh 'it'll lbs. Entries for the above purses and slakes to close at Randall imith's, 31 Park Row. August 20, by 0 o'clock P. M. Three or more to make a race. GEO. * PI' ER. aula 3t *y T D. McMAN. |>* ^L)i I#* i?f\ v*' . v. RED IIOU3E TROTTING COURSE. \ PURSE FOR $3"? VIile h? ats?best 3 in 7?To come off a This Day, at \% P. M. Entrii S. L. Re Forest enters s. h Kjdiraim Smooth. S. Long '* b. m. (*a<hioti. G.Jones M g. in. Lady Spanker. H.Jones " g. h. Pleasure Boy. JohiM/isr " s. tn. Lonesom*' rhoehc. [aulfl Ti*fc >* *1 VAAUABLK FARM AND CUUN I HV sTTT ai FOR SALE?That well known and \ 11 liable FARM late, the proiiertv of Major Janus Fort, deceased, sruv d four miles ? nth of the village of Pou<, oil the main >ad leading to Fishkiil, is now offered lor sal- It contain? bout 260 Acres ot#fir>t rate Lvd, well divided for si I farming iiiposes. There is an excellent Dwelling iiiwii it,!arge Barns, air-age House, Gram House, and ev? r> other ner*$??rv outuildibg. and also a goo?i 1\ nant H u?e. Near the dwelling i one of ihe mokt va uable spring i.i th ecountry, and the farm i * theiwis well water? d. Th? situation of th?? faun, its nearness t t a^t \ ll?c? . 'In u ililv of itt soil, the I u Id ngs upon r? II ak- it on* tin Riil ' i . i > i < icftta lay sbtre to in net with* To t tratli* nu of leisure or to a practical agri. uhnriit, il is alike desiia* \rx i lie laud is so litu.leJ tliat it will make two Will jitoporioiii'd laiins. For fn.lhtr israelii ir-, inrjuirr- .->i t|,? miIwi ib -r?, near the rcmise*. .DUN BODDEN, C O H N E LIU S W E S T F. H V E L T. Ell'OIM'l Au?Hit nth, 1812. sill TO LET, ELEGANTLY I'uTi.i.hi- room. for ?in.-lr geull. ;|B ini ii, will, br. ikl'st. nt I Barrlay ml. .V' I* i IIS w ill b' ^ in rendi'r Ilit' *bnve rooms ili-strsbl, I njiiirp oh n- , r- in'r^s. Riiiti i in * ro 30AHD WANTED?Wsiiinl in i onirt family, bond Willi 1 uriiisnrd loom for * Indt and y.ii'li-rn n woo Inn- an joint, Mtmtion i nO'-r tf. svriiio-. or Brooklin. The ||rn(l<* Kit din-sal bom l\ n Sinnliy. Tinrii meals t tie r i. rd to their room n: I tliei wi.h it. A rjniet i' imfort Idiimr is the obi- ' -l' And-ess with ferins, wliieh will b ltd fa ?dr*ae> itogpired to Jcmut, ?t thl* omc* mini it?t WONDKKKL*L hi COVKHV." JTHIKERN SmLLTION FOR THE HaIR, which will ' chamre L'rev h,i r to its 1! color in a le w .<.11110 s. This >1 ut ion ii ?liir?*r* lit I'min m y \* t oflVrfii, ilid cannot fii>! <1 i|xrr-i?mliiiff ?|| other*. If i* hLhlv e ^ciici tis .in;I |m)? u Kn: ?t adv .lit go of beautifying the hair w it limit injuring it* (With. Those wlin doubt its virtni * arc requested to h.r r th* ir hair t inged be (on payi.u 'mv|? money. It humbug would take ii< irii tli?d there v*or?ld t>e no rfmrni to cmnpl tin. r" () !# trial \*ii i r v. the for . Sold wholesale an 1 iw ail, and applied, at No. 5 Chathm rt >l?o*i o the Hall of Record, New Vo k, np.tar- n 18 3. i \!L PAINTINGS AT Al/CTlON.- I, VV~will ?!!. ' on Kn I? inn hunr. at 10?a '. lock, at 15! B oiulwaj, an in* new ot fine Oil Pi ming*, ?i.c cut and modfrti, ju t re reive nm Knr p- and never D en reii before this country ; arnmnc ein ar many original-, and are wor hv of ptrfictiUr notice, ill and ?ee tnci . nii>Gt*rc THE NEW Yi - it K COLLEGE OF MEDICINE AND PHARMACY. ESTABLISHED FOB THE SUPPH ESiiK>N OF QUAC KER V, J AS in. I with the innst unprecedented success since its rnm 1 mrtirement, particularly from till- victims of itiriiiri|.|c<l pi. trnili r?, who nr.- now Hulv gaining strength il viiror uuderthe judicious treatment of In.- College. '1 he flowing preparations hat already obtained a celebrity uttirilrlbd in the annala of mcdir in-. THE UN1UVAI.LTED TONIC MIXTURE. A rritain core for all forma of dyspep ii. low .pui s, lima ol ip. iite, lassitude, cutaneous eruption., general debility, prr |x>sition to ronsttinption, and all compla-nt* ariains from a satrnmti meat of tin nciviou, ijifini I' may lie .il.o used tth great aoeren in case, of fever and ague and as a pre Illative ta \ el low lever. Sold ill bottles at $1 and (2 each. THE ANODYNE LINIMENT. For the core of rh.umatir pa'na, Ci.'ir hrtiisea, iprntna, spiI disease, nervous headache, pains in the joints, and immep. and permanent relief guaranteed. Sold in bottle., 75 < t, rh. THE FRF.NCI! ANTirHLOOISTlC MIXTURE. Ouaranteed to me gniinrrhflM, gleet, ami all rnneni nrulent icharfra from the urethra. Sold in botrle, ,t .8 rents ami ""'THE PA ILLARY HEALINOPOWDER, For the cure I aorr .r|des, am] .upcrlicial e.riiriationa of i skin. Sold in r'r.s. ly -topt phi its at W rents each. The ahov. preparation* may alto be had of the following h-ag. nr. in this ci'v:? I. W.,611 Bronlwar. Dr. E. M. (Ini in, 127 Bowery. Dr. King. 287 Hudson street. Eli*. I,. I'll.*all, 51 a'Irand street. Dr. New m ill, 117 I In rry street. Wm. Armstrong, IRI Fulton ttu e>, Bro !;l n. I'rincipal office of the College for Nov York, at 07 Nassau cot. By order. i3r W. S.IUCHARDBON, Agent ItSfr- FOR lilMWIN -Pacli. i of the 'tic. t i.-isi-TI.. KMVwell known pae.el sin. WF.ST MINHTER OMk4ha\1ooie ms r. r.-a III 'it, I, .ajl salmi hern go r ?ta\, K r rw%<* " hniiriu ? V'elb nt *re? rtimnd*fi?>n?. v t oaid or to JOHN II t HU tIA N. 61 S. nllist. anlRr Ah. fames al> xandem hoi ?;i on ' Ilis ( roan i.Tiao <> ? ?? <" No. 1 Hc?aL? Btj met of Naaaau and ' leJJmttuC AM' SRM KN ''S. HIHLU'H UAHoica. TRIUM l'H A ST MTCCKSS '/Tic Gorqeout L'ornir Pantomime of THE NIOHT OWL. in which ihi* whole lnrr<* <>l ihr UAVKL KAMILY and t'U.MPANY i? brought into action, u> match runitrd i\ crowded Saloom, with KNTHl 8IA8TH API'KOBATIO V THIS EVK.MMi. .vu*mt hi, 'he Eut< rtaiunxuti will c?.mnonce ?l R> 'clock, wi'li A illtAMl OVKHTI HE. Aliir wlucii, the gorgeous New Pint, iniini . uimnl THE Mll.Lf.NEHS, OK, THE HENUr.ZVOI h Varnish, a Paint.r, ikjb.. D ur.rrn Sim .ti. a Koojtman. ? . , * ,, M'me Viriiuh, wi(f to the ! amtrr, ML e II. D> utr*t?ll? Clara, a younu Milliner, M'rn? Anioiii* Havi I sji.^w i hi an iM'Ui'a iui? rroiaaion will be *h..* menu in theCliAiid H?!oi?u. To be ?ncc< I 1 bv A POPULAIl OVKHTI h*.. \(fi r whirh, 12th rinir wiil b?- |?rodnei \ - maiftiilicaul tomi i'aiitiimiint < ailed MAZl'LMK. OH THE NIOHT oU I. M.t/.'iinu*, H?e Night Owl, ( .U in * miv i ?in id u \j | ilfn'nif 1X4' e! Euule, Gabriei R^vel Maciou, Ajuoidc Havei BhIiaim in, Moni Dauvergi.e M iriatia, j poor Pe>?aut, M'me J? rome Hnvrl .lulo, her an tighter, M'lle Doult'ville Zwlima. a l ir< :u*i n Slave, Mian Well* To conclude with h xi? w of the Mrtgiiihcclit Palace of MAZULMK! Tli'- whole to conclude with THE I'HOMhNADK MISK ALL fT"* The p'oprietoi r?siectlull\ it.forma llu public, 11 compliance with flu wiahr?<d uuimr u? xiaKou, 'liu a. lui it-d part of the entertain in i tits will he git en niter the ? e fornniicen m the Saloon are m ; Saturday Mr*. FANN\ HTZWILLIAM ind Mr Bi t K h l'ON E w ill r|.|*4r. Acting Manager, Mr. CI ; ,**ndal?? Mtnienl Leaner md Director, .Mr E. vvoolt. Tick, u?oQ c? n't l)oort open at teveu o'clock, EniertatninehtJ t< comnieno at tight. CHA'I H AM i HK vrr The apl'Midid decoiattont oi iln? I hearr* are at 'emu coini ht d, and .t will poM iv ly open n MON 1)A V > Hilt 1 Til* tutrnor op the h u e ? r. ?eii'* h uioet s| let did aud iui|m? iilk' ap, ear iiicl*, and a-u. * U inu..u rr a il , Hrti.taengufcc* in d? ki|thO On the fust tier ?f boxm are di*ila>?d tie *e Vt r*i ent,<t*. .lie rs oi the Waap and Heindrer, C. i st tulioi. at. Jan-, i ltd States and M cedom.ili, Humi and Peacock, r.u ri|< ttid Dover, Perry'* V ic.t.oi v on 1. g. Erie, *iM iid .. no a. cugag menu. Oil (In *#cond tiei the Tor'rut- ol 'h I' t?id i.u . fu!l> and co> reel Iy depicted, nd 11 ? !* .?? % . w , h, ui i ec?.|i; lie d le' rth vi D t' . ol BtUII ? Hoi ? ... V'-ri foW II ,N e W O i HI'*. I .!' V * * I.-tie H .,.?|V w ||i? it gli II'I Ph. in j A | ie did Act D.. re|?r?t? til * u?. i?i* ut ! the ( oiifctnuiO'U nd Gu> i u*.? , a id a n? w Uurdiu ol ri li>r< drnmrry n.ive been h> that emiic ut aiti*1, i O..Uu, cuV, and round It ! ttoni of the Pillar* I' 'he Pio c i. urn, which :\m v hite, tinted w it I? grid, are Cornet likenesses I l)e catu , Hu!l,P?ir and Lawrence. TIk- Chatham i* ?.ow, without doubt, ,ue most elega. t TheIn* ill the 1 II nil all I? itr CASTLE GARDEN. < iR EAT ATTKACTK >X ! ! An ther r? petition of ill Ct nd fc xhibi-ion of fht Honibm diHtitt of tin CityoJ I 'era Cruz, By tin French Fleet nudci Admiral B oidiii, nine. w#u? nui ved with unhoundi < .pilawse on p cMoih occaaimia. AD ilTTAME A CENTS. THE Git AND EXHIBITION t F F1REUORKS wdltak' place Tills EV EN I NO, August 18th, IS 12. The Evening'* E te tan menu will i ont<< tuoi at 8? 'clock, w ith 8IGK.iL ROCKETS, Which will br tired it i Uiv.tia uiiiii Vu e.,oc *, wIkuUimEx hil i ion will i-otnin* nee ith a favor' piece*, yt# tithe PVH.1MW or ITALIAN STREAMERS \ he U' ful I I ee klu v i. THE PASSION J'J OH'ER ! A ph ndid and itiiiuing poc called THE KALEIL)ESCOPE ' A m w i.d hiipeib inec* c Urd THE rLOJVFR OF PEKIS I U LAKGK AIAUINK SIGAAL LIGHTS Will illuminate the (Jaiden ]?re > ioua to tm Battle Piece. The whole to conclude with the Chef D'Ouvrc hire works, which was received with universal appiobati u on the Fouith of July evening, calied BOM BAH DM H \T OK THE CASTLE OF ST. JUAN D'ULLOA AND < II V OF VERA CRUZ. By the Fieneh Ficet under Admiral Batidin. Band commeticea rt ball'-piat aeTeu o'clock* mil i \ A U X 11 A LL GAHDEN, A FAR I)?MR. JACKSON S BENEFIT TONIGHT. The Three Greatest Comedians on the American Stage appear, wi haliost of oiht r atnai tiou. THIS EVENING, August 18lh?To commence ai 0 o'clock, in the S loop, with the comedy of THE EAST INDIANS. Matthew Hh;trp.<et, (f?u thia uight only) Mr J. 8 Browne Sam Sharps* t, (for t"ia night only 1 W. H. Williams Kogrun, (lor tnia night oul>) Mr burtou After which a Comic Song?Mr Burton. Comic Song?J. S. Browne. Comic Song?W. H W illiam*. .Mr. George Jamieaon will give hit Imitations of celebrated Actor*. To conclude with the f r? e of TURNING THE TABLES. Jack Humphrc y?. Buiton | Jeremiah Bump*, Browne Pall) L*rkin. Mr* Moasop No poatjionemeut o?? acc? unt of the weather. A 'in ^hi'ii to the G ml- i. Free?S .loon '.'.I cent*, It^r A i%l IVII O * V ' " * * * ' - ?4. iin ' ? ?p.* ?? an; (..MU; . v pORNEK OK BROADWAY AND ANN ST KILT, v./ opposite St. Paul's < lurch. P. T. BARNUM, MANAufcll. INCK K A SKI) NOV KLTIKS !! WO.NDKH OF CREATION.. For One Week Only?Day Visiters admitted in the Evening Free. Flattered by the immense patronage bestowed upon this ? stablishment by a discernii g public, and being determined to spare n3 exertions in securing every attainable novelty, the manager is bappy to announce that be has, <tl a mo ' extraordi nary ex,ense, made arrangements with the proprietor of the greatest curiwitv in tin world the RMI. MKRMJilD ? F.xhibihit<(1 during the in t wet k 't Concert Hall, in Bro d way, where hundreds o Naturalists and other scientific gentl*meii beheld it with real wonder and aunt* uieiit, -mil publicly wprt sc.e?i tln-ir conviction of the t xutenc* of tl.i* wm.deriu creature. I No Extra charge for Admission to the Museum | Winched, tne comic ur lU tr>t, i. eight char ci* ,? L? (* p sy Girl cau oe privately consulted?La i elite (eh ft, M..-? Ko salt, Bdbon Ascensions, Albino Lad?, Fancy Glass Blow ihp and 60(i,000 curiosities. I)iv pert"irmar.res, Wednesday and .Saturday, at 1 o'clock.? Admittance to tire whole 26 cents, children half price, aull r Hlu7u NKW YORK MCSKim. A CARD.?The public t? respectfully tiiiormed ih.?. the New .York Museum will be clo ed id the evening till dm ? xtensive alterations ami improvement? are rinisficd. It i* the intention of the subscriber to re-opeti on or aowut the 29'h of A.ikitsi, and pledge.-1 himself at that tir a to show the public one oi I the most iwurntfjceir arid refined places of amusement to h?l-mnd in the United States. CI. II HILL. A ft I 9 I ... S r Avf KICAN 1HKATKK, VVjifnnt ?trew Phtladtlpln*.?Ladies ami gentleman desirous of entering into engagements with this stablisnmetit lor the ensuing season, wil pitas, address their c minimi irons (j ot' |?-it)) to < HA ItLOTTK J. ( UhHMAN.or i5twr K. A. MARSHALL, Leute. A BOAT RACE 117 ILL take plar. ar the J? 'yaian kbMs, Hoi ok*", on We*.'. ** nrsday, Augnst 2lt ,1842. A piize <#f Fifty Dollars **ill betiven to loti r oared Race Boat* eniru ice I've olios each, wtuch will he added n ho pur v a,.d given r the wmnn. boa Also, a prize of ivn ill) -hv?. dailir will In . iv*n ora rac i tv\.eii AO|i ir of t. ill: boils Thi- prize will t Or ? f.?? all * u!l boats not e seceding t v. ei ty f,?u feci in length. All boats wishing'O' nN-r for thi race, will | le ts'* to n cr on or b- ore Mouda , 22d Aiuu t, a> no ho. t w ill b ?I lowed toente after tha d O n l< m w m ing ty u ? r ?b ?r o - ill pleat.? to apply lo vl MeCARTY, at ;h- tijiimi K c d-, II Ii- kui. ia?r AlAiiMUChN'l A'I I l? m ION SEA MONSTER; SKA DKV1L I'lIK GHKATKST NATURAL CI HIOHI'I > IN * A ilKRICA ? I'be pupiietoi o| this m memo pt nioi. eu > e ve t(. announce 'othe pnbli . thai he has fi r Ext. hi i ii. it tin B -wer> A } h th# i!i? , tht Sea D ?1. whi I, wr ptined ??ii lie 2ftlh April, 184?, in :h?* Hi.hoi ?.f Clu es n C., aft< r h iI A|?ern' sfmu u V with 2b im n n 7 Bo ?. 'l he pro rieto' off ?s miote feels e??r hd'Uit that th- loter* if li e cumm- and ft citnil v* t JI le hi M} graft ii view itig tl in mar* i lloit' pr"?:n? ' mil ill th# iiiuhfj e? \ 1' If, which wa- born iltei hei c .dure, will ?ls< e'* nibifcd. The. maybe vision!hj liorh sexes, is th# > ai? ,n? at Ii off* nsire, and every effort will he made lo n infertile l hibi' -n airiee hie .?r?fl ?arisf-ro-rr j P I ljK T' KKS FROM 8! AlIV?Chi is i*pu i.?k w ith in? A L) ct'-rs a cht I d'? iiv e hv ^psgnioh tto ; The raisunr o I La/.aiu.,'' lira* apt-rim ii of Gueicnio; ami a graml nlta pnee, " Tht ii Riir^eCtiori "I Christ,w piiuted by Zurb? an ; t ?ae?h wi'h oth r fine | ir ur?s.a e now open ft r Kthibtiou at the A, olio R ?om- 410 Broadway. Als , i collection of Alien lit Spanish Arm ur and Arms, amongst which is the aw d of h. p Downed nOABDIL. rhe last Mooiith - irise of Grenada. Open from fi o'eh>ck till dusk?Admit' mce Z't ents. r^r' A Ii w fine copies from the Old VJasters, for sale v. ry cheap. _ ^ _ avtftt*. * ptlK OH I1K8TRION?Will bt eshibited at tht Btuyvt ' I istifii't 617 B osdwav, ^Voin 10 to 12 oVIock, Nl Old- from 7 till f) o1. I. ck ?ii the t v niug c?mrn in ing on Wt dtiesday. August i7 h Ttiis snlt ndi-l Musical I i<tru>ii nt lately introduced fr m Euo p* , pla>s the most brilliant over tures a:id l mt?-iaj?. Fine or im re correctly haru onized n u -nil finish of mi chauum vtmii -hi a err -y behold. and attract* the ciirin*itv ml adiniratiouof amatcnn of mu?lc. A limit i a n- 2 . r-nn. in 16 |w-m r^KKMAN AH'i ETTO?Th? Quaictto ukt-a VJ mntli plra mr tn inf rin tin* j ublic moat ri-.j*-. ittullv, that ihcy rr WW | rrpart'il for Evr ninn S.-renv|c. in th.- KiikIi-.Ii or German InnmiiK., on tin- moat n aamiahli- ti rmi Kt.r iaiticnlir., |i mm Mr H. THORB ECK f,, I2i Hritrr it up itaira. an.', |,?a, \U E WOULD chieft Ih.' attention ill our ri adnra to the ?* Khitim.itir Eradicating Liniment, an invaluable dicks'r ailveitn. mem in another column of this paper, null, Im"rc hilMK.Illl'V'M OK NEW YORK, A I U A \ V I finV, A^0, C,UCA(i.? AM) CANADA I'AI KAOld 'o\ I KhSH, )?*.?v? ? vvry Evening. Bun<U) rtcepted, for the aboie named a? d all intermediate plate*. Office No. 2 Wall ilrtet, New York. an 17 r 1 OVET f Ol HTHHIV AND \1ARRIAUK.-Mv?ferie* and Kf Tfiaiionim Love, Courtship and Marri ?ye?an infatlihL I Inidr-B ok for married and tin lr person*. in matters of th?* utmost imiMirtanrf to the human rare. Bi E'Wiw Berklard, M. D. Amonw rhr things duly consul' red in fhi* work are matter* ofaeriomi importance to single and\<>ung married p- r?o?*-The Cause* o*, and cures for ?ter.lif> ?The A't of B*-at?fy ?"d f ' ?r' ship?The daiiy* r of solitary pr*< tires, and how the hahit rn?v he rem Ted?Th? cauie ot Lore and Je.i! u?y. with ,? rvuuuy for eradicating from the *\stem the sei ds fa honelesa r hh Unhappy passim ? Offspring, including mode* lor the propi'ia turn or prevention th reof?-T?'*t- for I*now.iur the si ie* ol nu horn e|?ildr li?I'ltermarri g? ? Pemon* who oV*lit sad 'mgh o: t to mury?-Th?* ni wlaunpiri iai?rii( n t_? weotec.k, ?r. |*iic?- T.'i ce t#?For sale a- hi- Bowery. 98 Nassau. I the bnn'v stand ii'-ar h). i ii i . i Order* ?V?m the comi' v en losing a d.dla dr cted to HOLLAND -V (il.ttVK.rt, N. ? > >.. cMy wnl ?. c?r. a ...p, ..fill. work, bcin . ?r I to any port of the l.niicd Rtatea or '' t i' n'tr, V.ilit'"? wI "hli''' **?? above nn.l ii nil on i paier r?tlt iit. will h-"''I Pli'd With a copy of thr book. lit tw ?f _. rpHI < Hi \''E- I ' AKI! IAII.OK YE i I III * I P.If. Merchant Tailor, N". ICbath-m pu r, cor net of Chatham afreet, c ntl nci t-. make l.lot'ih u to ri' ' IJ ,i nci'i-it it\. In | cr c.nt cheaper than the chr*i*-'.f mil tailor in the city. A good fit warranted, .nil hcn-alk no iliaippoimmcnt. nl6 Im'r ROARDI .O FOR ORVTLEMEN, <u owe <>i thr phS ' O fintt-it ind i itdi nrnbli -itn..tiniii ih thi. citv, wrh pure country ir. rhc rOnn.- -rr ch m i il ccmfortanl*' i n 1 anu. m ly t'uiiiiil. .1. Applj it 197 Tl ol Arcne. ^ ' K"? not) ij ..iniitc '' r FOHTlHtUESE FEMALE PLLL5. PUfcXE Mwill mil cl. .1 Oilfro., . are, ?< p n cifc, In be nbtiincd in thu -ouiitiy. St'; ? in . incut on the i??l column **" - uil S

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