Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 20, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 20, 1842 Page 1
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TH Vol. VIII. So. ti-49 ?WhoU No. JIOHO. REGULAR PACKETS. NEW CINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. T*? t.-lfroui New York on the 2Mb iM Liverpool on the 13th of ?ach month. Jfly NkwTUH^ . A Htuo SI[)DON8. Caolaiu E. B. Cobb, lilh Au?oii Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F A. I), n. yater. fcith Septem r Ship OARRU K, Captain Win. SkiJJy. 2ith October. Ship Host It s, Captain John Colliiu, ttlh November. From LivEuruoi.. Slop UAKHH'K, C aptain Win. Ski.ldy, IJlh Anim?t. Slop ROSCIUS. Cap Lain John Collin*. 13tli September. Ship SID DONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, 13th Octobe*. SIliu SHERIDAN, Captain K. A. Depeyaler. 13th Jfctera'i The?e ahipa are all ofthe lir*t claaa, upwards of 1000 tom. built in the city of New York, with ?uch iin|*ovi-inrul? u combine great (|>eeil W itli uiiurual conrrfort for i?wueiigrra. Every care been taken in the arrangeinent of their accommodations. The pace of pasiiage hence is $luu, for which ample stores * ill be provided. These slops are commanded by experienced masters, who will make every ciertiou to give geueral satisfaction Ntither the captains or owners of the shii* wdl be responai NIC I(ir any irum, .? ... gular b II* ol lading arc signed therefor. Thcj ni|? of this line will hereafter g j ara.ed, anJ t! eir |*caliar construction gives thein security not possessed by any oilier but vessels "f war. if or freight or pas-age, apply So E. K. COLLINS k CO., 5fi Sonth st., New York, or to WM. k JAS. BROWN k CO.. Liverpool. Letters by (he |ufkt ts will be charged?cents |*r ili.?'lc anset; SO ceuts per ounce, arnl nrw simper* 1 cent each. aulJr NEW YORK AND HAVRE PACKETS. (SFCOND LIXS.) ffifv ^fly The slops of tins line wif! hereafter 1 eire New V irk on the Island llavru on the 16th of each month, as follows : From Xerr York From Havre. The new ship ONEIDA, t 1st March t ifith April Captain <LtJuly < l?ith August J uuies Kunrk, f 1st November( 16th December Ship BALTIMORE, i 1st April I 16lh May Captain < 1st Auitust < Ifilli September EdwardKiinck, f 1st Deccetu'rf 16th January ShipUTICA, fist May f loth June Cartain < 1st Septpmb'ry 16th October! Frederick Hewitt, ( 1st January ( 16th February New shipST.NlCOLAB, t, 1st June I 16th July Captain \ 1st October < lCsh November. J. B. Pell, ( 1st February? I6tn March The accommodations of these ships are not surpassed, ruin, bininit all that may be required for comfort. The price of cabin passage is SUM). Passcuyers will be supplied with every requisite, with the 'inception of wines and liquors. Oooua intended for these vessels will be forwarded hv the subscribers, free from any other than the expenses actually incurred on them. For freight <wpassage, apply to BOYD k rtlNCKEN, Agents, a8 9 Tontine Buildings. " FOR NEW ORLEANS^ LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OK PACKETS. despatch a ship from this port on the 1st, iLh.tuili, lith. HOtli, and 2illi oi each month, commencing the 10th October anil continuing itiuil M iy, when regular days w ill be appointed for the remainder of the year, whereby great delays and disappointments will h? prevented dmiuk tin- summer inou'lis. i tie Iuuowiug ship* will commence this arrange incut : Snip YAZOO.Caiitain Cornell. Ship OCON EE, (.apt.mi Jackson. Slup MISSISSIPPI, Captain Milliard. Ship LOUISVILLE, Captain Hunt. Ship 8HAKSPEARE, Captain Miner. Ship GASTON, Captain Latham. Ship HUNTSVILLE. Captain Mumfoid. Ship OCMULGEE, Captain Lr*?itt. Snip NASHVILLE. Captain Dickinson. Sliip MEMPHIS, Captain Knight. Sliip LOUISA, Captain Mullbrd. These ships were all built in the city or New York, t xpreas> for packets, are of light draft of water, have recently been , wly rig >pe r e d and put in splendid order,w ith accommodations lor passengers unequalled for coinfort. They are r.iimnauded by experienced inasicis, who will make every exertien to give Seneral satisfaction. They will at all times be towed up and own the Mississippi by steamboats. Neither the owners or captains of these ships will be responsible for jewelry, bullion, precious slottes, silver or plated ware, or for any Inters, oarerl or |<ackage, sent by or put on hoard ol them, unless regular bills of lading are taken for the same, and the value thereon expressed. For freight or passage, apply E. K. COLLINS St CO.. 56 South st., or HULL1N it WOODRUFF, Agent in New Orleans, who will promptly forward all goods to tKeir address. The snips of this line are warranted to sail punctual)y as advertised, and great care frill be taken to have the goods correctly measured. mi OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. M <??& rPHE OLD LINE of l'acKetjnor LiverpoolwiTniereaftrr be 1 drsimtchcd in the following order, excepting that when the day of sailing falls on Sunday, the shi|>s will sail on the succeeding day. For New York. For Liverpool. The SOUTH AMEllICA, t June 1 July 19 616 tons. < Oct 1 Nov 19 D. (i. Bailey, f Feb 1 Mar 19 The ENGLAND, fJniie 19 Aug 7 750 tons, < Oct 19 Dec 7 B. L. Watte. ( Feb 19 April 7 The OXFORD, I July 1 Aug 19 800 tons, < Nov 1 Dec 19 J. Rathbone, f March I April 19 The EUROPE, I July 19 Sept 7 610 tons, \ Nov 19 Jan 7 E. G. Marshall f Mar 19 May 7 The NORTH AMERICA, I Aug 1 Sept 19 618 tons. < Dec 1 Jan 19 A R'Lr / A nril I M?V 1ft The N?W YORK, t Auk 10 Oct 7 900 tons, < Dec 19 reb 7 T. B. Cropper.f April 19 June 7 The CAMBRIDGE, t Sept 1 Oct 17 850 mui, <Jan 1 kcb 17 W. C Baratow.f May 1 Jane 19 The COLUMBUS, I Sept 19 I*iv 9 700 tuna, < Jan 19 Mar 9 G. A. Cole. ( May 19 July "! Punctuality, as regards the day of sailing, will be observed as hevMofore. The pnce of passage outward is now filed at One Hundred Dollars, for whirli ample stores ofeverv description will be provided, with the esception of wines and liquors, which will be furnished by the stewards. GOODHUE fit CO., 61 South st? C. 11. MARSHALL, 38 Burlinit-slip, N. Y. j.21 lyh BARING SHOTI1ERS fit CO., L'ikxiI. STEAM NAVIGJ^^^^RTWEEN ANTWERr AND NEW YORK, VlJl?SOUTHJtMP TONBELGIAN STEAMER BRITISH QUEEN, K. EvCgHOLT, The days of di partur* of this wall-known Steamship, have hi en fised ns follows : From Antwerp, From Southampton, From New York, On erii Ulav, 1842. On 7th May, 1812, On 7tli June, 1842 iliu . .. 10th July, " 7tlr A jr., " 7th Si pt. " 10th Sept. " Tib Oct , " I'nce ofpassage, ineais not included, to Southampton or Antwerp, 570?Steward's fees, $2 62N>. The meals will be served on board, en the plan of a continental hotel, in the be ,t manner, and at Ujted and moderate prices, passengers being only -barged when partaking of the same. The price ol passage to cither of the above i*iit* can also be rngsscii if preferred, wilh meals and steward's fees included for $u7 62X cents, eselitsive of wines. An experienced Surgeon a -companies the .-hip. For freight or passage, or my further information, apply to H. W. T. Ss H. M \LI, Agents, a22 6m*r _ 41 Beav-rstreet. NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANS PURTATiON COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. flam ftvsai 8B& aIH Fare nilitcetl to Its cents. From the foot of Caurtlandt rtreet, New York. (Every day? Sunday Mfcf ei^'d.) Leave* New York Leaves Newark At I A. M. At i 1'. M. At 7* A. M. At IK P. M. 9 do. 4 do. 9 do. 3K do. 11 4X do. 10X do. 5\l do. 6 do. T do. 8 do 10 do. ON SUNDAYS. From the fool of Liberty strert. Leave New York, Leave Newark. At 9 A. M. ami IK P. M. At 12 Noon and 19 P. M. iculr vniiu vt imhptii town- wv.utvi el.t). PLAINFIKLI),BOCNDBKOOK, BOM'ERVILLE, Si.:. Daily. Leave New York. Leave Elizabeth Town. 9 A. M. 7 A. M. 2\ r. \1. 8)4 A.M. 4 " 12 M. 4S r. m 5 r. m. X The trams of Jir Somerville H.tilroad Co. connect with the?? lines each way daily, Sundays eseepted. Passengers ars requested to purchase tickets at the office, foot I of Liberty street. Fare between New York and Elizabeth Town 25 cents. (MI* between do ajid Somerville.75 cents. NMV YORK. RAHWAY AND NEW BRUNSWICK. Fare reduced. From the foot of Liberty street, daily. Leave New York. Leave New Brunswick. At 9 A. M. At 7)4 A. M. 4 a P. W. It A. M. 9 P. M. Fare between New York and New DrunswicU, 7j cents. Hahway, 50 c< nta The fare in the 7K A. M. train from New Brnnswick, and i\ P. M. train Bom New York, has besn culnced between New York and New BrunswiH, to 50 cents. " and Rahway to 37)4 " On Sundays tho 7)4 A. M. trips from New Bmnswick is omitted. Passengers who procure their tickets at the ticket office, receive a ferry ticket gratia. Tickets arc received by the conductor only on the dsy when purchased. null to ? ^ FARE AND "FREIGHT" H ! ;DUOEI). mma BOSTON, via STONINGTON AND NEWPORT, composed of the following superior steamers, running in cotffection with the Stonington and Providence, and Bowon and Providence Rill roads? MASSACHUSETTS, Cataatn Comatock. RHODE ISLAND, Captain Thayer. NARRAOANSETT, Captain Woolsey. MOIIF.OAN, Captain VanderMH. One of wliien will leave New York daily, (Sundays rtccpted) from Pier No. I, North River, Battery Place, at five . clock, P. M. AbnatvorMKriT. Tha NARRAOANSET. on Monday, for Stoningtou, and Thursday, for Stonington, Newport and Providence, The MASSACHUSETTS, on Tuesday, (or Stonington, Newport and Providence, and Friday for Stonington. The RHODE ISLAND, on Wednesday, for Stonington, and s.turilay, for Stonington, Newport, aud Providence. Passengera on the arrival of the steamers at Stonington, may take the Railroad Cars and proceed immediately to Provi denee and Boston. Freight taken at the following mnch reduced rates :? To Boston, on goods weighing forty ponnds or upwards to he cubic foot, at (5 50 per ton, and on measurement goods 7 cents per foot. To Providence, on measurement goods 5 cents per cubic foot, and specific articles as per tarif to be obtained at office 22 roadway. mJUmr E NE NEi OCULISTS. DOCTOR J. PR A N CI S' CELEBRATED EYE WATER. NTO. It BAUC1. Y 8TRICET, within two door* of the " Astor Hf > * ? (In preparation* are a perfect cure for all iiiliammatoryC aae of the eye, weakness of sight, kr., a-, inter fail Hire* (lug nebulas 01 the loii(e?t standing, without anysursicai operation. CERTIFICATES. I certify that Jacob Valentine, a youth of about fdfeen year* of age, was brought to my house last fall, apparently blind. He called on rue to-day, and (late* that he ha* been the |iatlelit o( Dr. J. Krancia, whose treatment ha* lieeu the mean*, under Uod, ofiestortng his sight. JAME3 MILNOR, Rector of St. George's Church, Beekman st. This is to certify that two of my childreu were afflicted w ith diseased eve* for a length of time, one of them was almost blind with nebulas, coreiiug the sight. Every remedy was resorted ta> without anv good effect, and despaired of tliein ever being recovered. They are now perfectly leatored to light by l)r. J. Francis' celebrated preparation. DANIEL S. JONES. 4<? Fearl street. I was almost blind for twelve years, and in five wet ks, under the skilful treatment of Dr. J. K, an CIS. I.IV Sight Is now per ftctlygood and strong. MARTHA BROWN, 177 Forsyth struct. I certify to the above being * true statement. ,'iEORUE BENEDICT. Pnsto of the Stanton street Church. I was nearly blind for tws 'ty years with a rstaract tn each eye,and from the use of Dr. Knoth' womlerlul prr|?tation for that disease, my eyes are uow perfectlyrecovered. HESTER JOHNS i ON, 41 F.hlridjte street. We, the undersigned, hat iug wituoased the astonithiui; cffieacy ot Dr. Francis' i reparations lor disease. of the eye, unhesitatingly recommend them to the notice of the public, .u valtmbl remedies. Diur an Dnnhar, Pastor of Mi DottgaT st. Church. S. H. Cone, Pastor i f the Kiist Bapti it Church. John l'eck, Agent ofth" lloun Mission Such ty. Jacob Br ruuer, Pastor of the North Bartist Church. Joseph Anrireade, Kotniu Catliulic Tricst of St. Petri's I CWh. Niinurout certificates ran b* at the ofiiee. Prepared and 1 sold only 0) Dr. J. Francis, lu Barclay street, Ness' York. Artificial Eyes inserted, which car not be distinguished from the natural, without giving the slightest |>aia. Dr. J. Francis res|rectfully info, uts his trie.ids ami the public, that in consequence of the incresre of his business, Di (Jlrnny, Member of the Koyal College of Surgeons, Condon, and ol the New Fork Medical Society, has joined liiin, anil every confidence can be placed itshis professional skill as an Oculist. Office hours from 9 A. .VI., until 6 P. VI. jy lb Jm'c ^DISEASES OF THE ]EYE. II. K. DIOSSY, OPHTHALMIC SI RGEON, No. 2(17 BKOADWAY, Entrance in Fulton Street. opiw>*ite St. Paul's ChurchATTENDS TO DISEASES OK THE EYE, AND ALL THE NECESSARY OPERATIONS THEREON. OFFICE HOC ICS FRO*M i) TO G O'CLOCK. Ihving completed liis studies of 6 years with i)ll. ELLIOTT, Oculist, and been subsequently nikrafed as his assistant, R. K Dio?sy is enabled to undertake tlie treatment of .ill diseases affecting the organs of vision. Terms moderate and graduated to the Ditvi im eftteiri of the die Me. Permission is given to refer to liis lat^ instructor, ami also to some of the most eminent Professors of the Medical Faculty in New York. N B- The poor lr< ft ?l grrtuit'Misly au4 1m*r TAILORING. REMOVAL. Mill i v i nui n a on t* ii ad rxti i fom a di ion rniuiiuro vncn iahjwivuiu Doinxuaioa MENT, li n mured from 145 ffroa>lwav to No. 7 Aator Home. ECONOMY IN GENTLEMEN'S DRESS. Garments of a moat .levant and Kashienable kind r t a saving of 60 per cent for cash. rIMIK advertiser d? ms it unnecessary to resort t > the he.ckf neyed system of giving a list of nominal prices, presuming that the length of time he has been established, together wilp the extensive patronage bestowed on mm, will pruvs a sum eient voucher for his capabilities. Possessing the advantage of being connected with an extensive cloth establishment in Europe he confidently assets that he enn furnish clothes which, on comparison, will be found lower than any oilier house making up the nest descriptions of gentlemen's dress. mylJm S. PHILLIPS, 7 AstorHouse, Bruadway TO THE LADIES. IPASHIONABLE MILLINERY GOODS.?The pronrie" treu, Misa 8 KING, daughter of thrcelebrated Carl King, offers lor sale a most select and choice assortment of Millinery Goods, for the spring trade, never as yet presented to the public, both as regards the quality and cheapness of the articles TV assortment consists of the following The celebrated SILK HAT. CALLED CAPOTTE D'ORLEANS, as worn by La Duehesse D*Orleans, of Krauce , SHED SILK. ENTIRELY NEW AND ORIGINAL STYLE?And Lawn Hats do do?An entire new style o Hats called " MODINE CM'OTTES, ELSSLER COTTAGE.'Parisian and English FANCY STRAWS, of the finest texture, in great variety. The Proprietress respectfully solicits the ladies to favor her with acall, and examine her elegant and varied stock of Milliners for themselves, before they piirrhme elsewhere, as it will be a great saving to them in price and a great advantage aa regards the variety and qnality of the goods. MISS 8. KING, Magazine de Modes, j>-22 lin*r 293H Broadway. IMPORTATTT TO THEPUBLIC. ALL who wish to economize can obtain Clothing of the heat quality remarkably cheap, at 2fli Canal street, one door west of Hudson. Also, a large assortment of Glows, < Mimares, Veatings,and Summer Goods, loon which Clothing .J" an ri uus art* inaue oruer in u?e utm manner hi * ? r v rr<i<i< u prices, 105 ('anal ?tr*et. . iSHIRTS. QH1RTS made to order, after the most approved French O fashions. Oeiitlemeu's < Krmeim of all desmiptious ovade U> order at the shortest uolice. Gentlemen's Furnishing Store 67 and 69 Maiden Una, eorner of William street. at Im'r WILLIAM COLLI NB. A CARD TO THE LADIES. 1>AHIS DRESS-MAKING ESTABLISHMENT?No. -T 77 East Broad way, one door from Market street.?Mils. W. H. JEFFERS, late Miss S. Purser of 293 Broadway, respectfully informs her former customers and the Ladies generally, that she has re-caminenced the Dress-making business at the above-named establishment, where she will devote her attention to their service, and confidently ass are" those ladies who may favor .her with their patronage, that Dresses, Cloaks, Habits, &c.,'entrusted to her skill, shall be deliver ed so perfect in style, fit, .tad finish of workmanship, as not to be excelled at any of the fmost approved establishment! Broadway, and for much more moderate prices. MRS. W. H. JEKKERS, 77 * East Broau N. B.?Masters, Misses and Cliildreus' dresses made t > order at the shortest notice. a2 tm? STRAW GOODS. T BENNETT, 39 John and 1II){ William streets, im |iortrr snd manufacturer of Italian and English Straw goods, respectfully informs his enstomes and the public in general, rb II lie has on hand a splendid and extensive a-. ment of ladies fashionable straw g. ods, which he offers for sale at very mneh r I'uced rriees, via.: French and English Dan.tables, Italian Rutland*, Kancy Behe'l and Imperial (a very fashionable and beautiful article) line Tuscans, Albert Straws, Sic. Sic. Also, an entirely J"W article, the White Siberian Hair Bonnet, which for the summer wear surpasses all the sryl's as yet introduced, beiug extremely light,durable, wl ite and benutifn_ and will cleauas well as a tuscaii. ai Im *c m:T iTeapest c'asi i/taTlor yet i-peter v. Hl'bTED, .Merchant Tailor, N'o. 1 Chatham sipiare, cor tier of Chatham street, conti.. tin to make Clothing to order, in the neatest style, 10 per ci nt cheaper than the Cheapest Ca h tailor in the city. A good lit wai,anted, and liereatler no d.sapiaiinlinent. aulB 1 ill r SILK JiANNEKB, ke. TT ANNINGTON St CO., 293 Broadway, neai Read street, t' Respectfully iuform the Order of I. O. of o. E., and their friends gcuerally. that they are now prepared to execute orderi for Flags and Banners in the most superior style lor beauty, durability, and economy, having Silks madi for the express occasion that will make the largest oanuera without diifig'iiing it wiin a seam. Spetitneiis ami Designs can he seen at their Establishment, 29J Broadway, or sent to any parr of the Union. For style, design, and execution of works of the kind we refer to the Getty's Bantu r, No. 11, I. O. of O. F., as also to Greenwich, No. 40, Harmony, II, Covenant, 35, Perseverance, 17, also Military Companies and Sunday School Banners, ami the societies St. Nicholas, New England, St. George, St Andrews, Hi David, 8tc Ac. Window Shades in great variety, from St each to the richest and best, painted by the m< st eminent artists. Stiinvd Glass, after the manner of the ancients, warranted never to change color, with many recent improvements for church windows and other public and private buildings, steamO. en, |nickel ships,store windows, tkc Ike. Imitations of Stained Glass, paiuted on muslin for church wmm uwh.tciv cnj**: iuuiaumi ui me rem <t very' irmiu* e*i*nM, or tne jrlftM obtcnred and painted in brilliant colors, nnr durable and cheap. jy |7 r IMPORTANT TO" HOUSEKEEPERS. A FEW IMPROVEMENTS have been made upon Fish* Fatant Novelty Cooking Stove, rendering it impossible that any difficulty should occur with it evmi when managed by our wlio lias no csncrienc. in tin- tuc of any kind of cookstove. The Novelty Stove is the only cnokstove which lias been not ti|> w ithin the last three year,, upon an entire new principle, all other, hein* a combination of old plan, remodlr d in pattern, hearin* aomc new name, as an incentive to^ increase the ,ale without any regard to utility or economy. The Novelty Stove is warranted ill all cases to answer every pur|M>?e for which it ia recommended, or it may he returned and ihe money will he refunded. The oven which i, innch larger than common i, a, |>erfecta? a brick oven. The fiatnre, which number more, and owing to the peculiar construction of (hi, stove, arc iieaily twice as lar,o as can lie used 11)1011 any oilier of the same sire. Among the eitra flatures are a large boiler, measuring yi gallons or 1*5 haircls; a large rotary griddle, which will hake 13 ordinary sued buckwheat cake* at once; a large tin oven snitahle for baking 1 large loaves of bread; a set of r.ngs suitable for any tired kettle, Irom a 2 barrel caldron to a small hraas kettle. The Stove only nerds to lie rismined to convince any one that its peifert simplicity and peculiar adaptation to all culinary purposes, fully merits the high favor which it has gained amrmg air who have seen it ia use. For sale only at Kisk's ratove F.stahlishmeiit, 2f>!) Water street. The public arc cautioned *4 to be deceived by those who advertise their stoves as netng the same principle of rhe Novelty Stoves,1' as no stn ore made 11 |min this principle except hv Mes,rs. risk, or nw.??r-? . "Othorvsedagents. Kcferences given at the store, Water street, to over eight hunsirpd |ier,on> who have them in us. m llils city. alfl lm?r ' r o r a PI t ACISTs- A PA ktntejt want eb.-fty I ,n'i H"'I I" ?r disposing of the one l.slf of a and flourishing manufactory, established more than twenty-five years in the city of New York Some additional cash capital is wanted, in order to c,tend the busiiicM and prosecute it to more advantage Any nn? having about ten thousand dolla.5 at command, would hud this an opportunity for investment rarely to be met with. Reference, will be made to homes of the highest Handing a? to the resiionsiliility of the advertiser, and the most wilisfactory evidence afforded ?,f the safety and profitableness of the busii1pss. Communications with real name, addressed to Bo, 211 Up per Post Office, N.w York, will receive immediate attention and In considered strictly confidential. an in eod3t?r ' DOAlfDING.?A few select boarders will be taken In a gen C tcel and respectable family. Aoplv at No. 204 Fulton ,t 7 W YO W YORK. SATURDAY M< .\11SCELLA N BOOS. THE NEW YORK COLLEGE OF MEDICINE AND PHARMACY. ESTABLISHED KOR THE SUPPRESSION OF QUACKERY, T_T AS met with ihr nu?t unpracedt-ntrd jucccm iU com ii incnerineiit, jMrticuJ.irly from th. unfortunate victim* of unpriiiciplcd iirctruilrra, who arc now daily tcaitiniK itrenrth titil rixof under the judicium treatment of the College. The foNowimr preparations have already obtained a cclebricy unparalvlled ill the annals of medicine. THJB UMRIVALLTKD TONIC MIX ITKK. A Ccitain cure for all forma of dyspejtsia, low spirits, loss 0/ appetite, lassitude, cutaneous eniptious, general debility, pre* <1ii)H>siUuii to consumption, and all coin pi nuts arisina from a disarrangement of the uervious system. It n>.iy be also used with threat success in cases of fever and ague, and as a preventative ts yellow fever. Sold in botiles'at $1 and $2 each. THE ANODYNE LINIMENT. For the cure of rheumatic pauis, ctdic. btyises, sprains, spirt d disease, nervous headache, pau?* in the joints, and immediate and perinanciit relief guaranteed. Sold 111 bottles, 75 eta each. THE PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIXTURE. Ko the cure of all cases ?d a lelicate disease, or foi pain* ?n tin boo mce I it,or au> dt 11 rusling symptoms, product I bv a 1 injudicious use of tnercniy, or by quackery. Sold in Dottles at SI and $2 each. I nr. n.'ir.iu' /i,> a.i i i :i/vni i ibu, i Fori u. i ill di nu , ru is ui the linr jump in the io ni, exciting the whole alimeuury canal to healthyaction, lid giving new \ i/ r to the vital p< itm. This i? niir- ly* superceding tlie il; utic purgatives of th* nostrum t ,Ul rS' THE FEMALE RESTORATIVE TILL. For lin; cute of those complaints peculiar t ? the female set, and to restore an 1 preserve the regular anion of the female oryans, with lull directions and cautions as to use, and sold il boxesat $1, jQ cents, aud ij cents each. SIR A ST LET COOPER'S PILL. For the cure of cutaneous eruptions, gout, chiouic iheuma tisin, and to improve the tone ?>l the digestive organ-. THE FRENCH ANTIPHLOGISTIC MIXTURE. Guaranteed to ? nre goiiorrhcna, gleet, and ail mucopurulent discharges from ihe urethra. Sold in bottles at 60 cents and $1 each. THE PAPILLARY HEALING POWDER, For the cure of sore nipples, and superficial ?icr>ria'ions of thtf skill. Sold in closely stopt phials at .'it1 cents each. The. above preparations may also be had of the following sub-ay %nrs in this cit\ J. VV. Basset, fill Broadway. Dr. E. Al. Ouion. 127 Bowery. Dr. King.287 Hudson stre et. Kti.*s L. Ph<ail, Mh Grandstreet. Dr. Newman, 132 Cherry stretl. Win. Armstrong. 181 Fulton street, Brookly n. Principal office ol the College for New York, at 97 Nassau i street. By order, ?3 r W. S. RICHARDSON. Agent economy: elegance; and GOOD LIVING. '"PHE undersigned has, at jure t expense, fir r^d up one of the L largest and most splendid Coffee and Ealing Houses in New York, in which one hundred persons at least can sit down to au excellent ami substantial breakfast, dinner, and tea, [from the choicest supplies of the maikets, with a bill of fare not ex cellc d either as regards quality or number of dishes J by any hotel in the United Sf it?*s, tint varying in pi ices from six cents to out shilling and eighteen |>*ucc per dish. The purest Java aud Mccka coffee and tin: vyry best teas, and served at only three Oeiits per cup. And all other refreshments in proportion. The waiters are uniformly citil and polite, and every visitor may he assured of feeling in this establishment quite "at home." In fact, every departineut of the business is under the t>u|*r in tendance of competent overseers, whose .sole care and attention are directed to the comfort aud conveniences of customers and guests. HENRY GOSLING, Proprietor of the French and American Eating House. Nos 64 anil 66 Nassau ?t, between J?!m >1 anil Maiden Lane. P. 8.?0|>en Sundays for breakfast, dinner and lea. jr'Ul 3mr PATKNTS^A ME KUAN A ND FOREIGN OFFICE. -1 anil Agency of the United States Patent Office, ho. 22 State atreet, Boston. This olfice lias been established in Boston fur the iwst tan years, and inventors are informed that all business relative to the |ire|<aration of caveats, specifications ami drawings, assign neiifs and other papers. and procuring patents, is here transacted with accuracy and despatch ; and all |>ersoiial trouble, as well as expenses of a journey to Washington, and delay there, saved to them. Attendance here is altogether unnecessary?a model, which may be sent ky Hirudi n's Express, and a snort explanatory letter, brine sufficient. Patents secured ill foreign countries, and advice given on all legal and scienlitic mailers respecting them. The facilities of the subscriber, by his yer; extensive library ol books on patent laws, and rare mechanical works, Stc,, enables him to afford evidence and opinions for suits at law, for infringements, Sic., which would be difficult in other respects for iwrties to obtain. All models, Jtc., forward ed to the Patent Office, Washington, free of expense. K H. EDDY, l.ivil Engineer. The following is extracted from letters of the Commissioner of Patents in 1839:? To lL II. Eddy, Esq.? Sir " I have to reuew the assurance of the high respect 1 entertain of your agency for paten ees. So far as I Lave hi ard, they has e expressed themselves satisfied with your services; and justice to yourself compels me to sty, the business of your office, so far as it Is connected with this department, eviuces much skill and great assiduity. Yours, respectfully, II. I.. ELLSWORTH. Eur all futihsr information, apply to DAVIl) GARDINER. Agent of Patent Office, No. 21 Pine street. New York. ?2 lm* r ' Nnw Y ork Si Ai.ha-cy Halt. Roan CoMraisy, 2 Park Place, New York. NOTICE is hereby given to the btockholders of the New York ami Albany Rail Road Ooinpauy, that the President arid Directors have directed a call tor an instalment of five p< r cent on the Capital stock of the Company, imyable on the fifth day of September nest. August I, 1812. By order of th? Board, a21 aepi i_ JOS. E. BLOOMKIKLTV Secretary. JOHN C. COLT. Just published, a lull ami authentic Life of John C. Colt, now imprisoned for killing Samuel Adauis in New York. Sept. 17, 1841. This History is what it |>ur|>orU to be, uamrly. Authentic. The subject of this memoir from hi* youth to the day of his arrest orriipied a respectable station in society, and bis roving disposition led loin to tnvelover most of toe United States, consequently In met with many startling and romantic adventures, which are recorded in Ilia history. Korsale wholesale and retail by TURNER ir EISIIV II lr.u II.. ?a-... Price !i cents?t'.fl pages. anil it* re CH A MB EK8t E UIN BURGH JOURNAL.?The sulwcnhs r having made arrangement* Willi the English Publisher* of the abov- work isprepared to deliver to purchaser* the volume* from IA.T) to the present period, either in Humbert or bound, and alio the weekly numbers of the preient year to the lateit arrival; terms of i^isrriptimi $2 in pt r annum, forwarded bv mail or delivered in any part of the city. Office of the Clumber*' Edinburgh Journal and the Family Commentary of the Holy Bible?9J Nassau st. ante eodJt*r THOS. JONES. GUNS AND PISTOLS. fcf- EXCLUSIVELY. -0} B JOSEPH, U Maiden lane, np stairs, importing agent for the tale of English. German aim Kreneh double and single barrel Fowling andDnekuig Guns, from ihe lowest to the bn est qualities ; Pistols of evt-y description, (or this and other markets, embracing one hundre different kinds, all ol w hich lie is now prepared to offer at the man ufac'oyer's prices, being aiambiled a^eut for the largest houses in that line iu Europe, avhii ii enables him to aell at evtreinely 1 aw prices. A large aaaorted stock of Ihe above always on hand. City and country merchants are particularly requested to call, pieviout to miking their purchases. j>27 :tm"r C. L. INGEKSOLL*S BOAT ESTABLISHMENT. BOATS, Dinkey sail boats aud ra-? b< its pleasure boats, Arc. Sic. 'J he immense Boat Building Establishment of C. L. Ingervdl, 4lk> Water st, near Catharine Market, it one of Upmost extr-iaive in the United States. Here were built thd meat I-. iii iuii piearan biy *nd cl.Pi boatsthat harefloatMi i the iverv and lakes oi America. Also the liirgefor the Autocrat of all the Rus.ias, several race b -at for Asiatic M narclis; the fancy hint called the John Smith of Arkansc.i. and llie fa^t tailing bii*t (or Mr. G. F. lianningt. He hut recently completed a life u<N>t on a ntw plan, which has betn pronounced by tome if r.ur most eaperu nerd nautical men SUM HOT to any ever built. At this establishment any kind of boat will be furnished with reverted bottom, from a mmid, in any way to .oi (he taste of tli- inrch.ater, of whatever form they may be. The mats rialt are afl of the best quality, pine boards being uc v.rt thereof. A large assortment of boats ?f all kinds, including Ill's boats long, quarler, pleasure, Whitehall, and rare lets'*, no v he alw ays found a! the manufacr try, at prices much !.. I A wh I |-sirs haters have heretofore iiaid, and .1 litis ral discount on the usual rales will he ma le to uiosr who with to t: II again. Please r ill before | urchasing elsewhere; you can then judge of my work?Heirrenct t. Jat. W.flile. Sol - Agent, IS Wall st. For adver Aseinrnt of boats, tir., see Cum er k En<|iiirer and Now York Commercial Advertiser. iv22lm*r HAVANA AND PRINCIPE SEGARS. MRADER, 4(1 Chatham street, offert for aai? s Ijn.noo La Norma Segars. .W.000 Noval rrincipe. 2.1.010 Woodville. 2.1,000 Riouda. Entitled to debenture. Besides a full stock of the choicatl brands of Havana and Prinripe Segars. i \ 20 I an eosl e (i AZO PNEUMATICS. rPHK subscriber i? prepared to otecnte orders for the Oazo Pneumatic ((jninunc Machine, for raising water any ; height or quantity, irom mines, or lor waterworks, by means of vacuum ; and the simplicity of tiia machine gives it a great aurant^Ki* over any outer mm in n?r. att9lm*r m A p,?*nl?e, 33 Pine it CLUB BOATW A VE~~ FOR SALE. rPHE CELEBRATED sii-oared Race Boat WAVE. victoA furious in several cl..selv contested racri, built i>y Cioliu* on the most approved model, and in the heat manner?in lira! rate order, and will he aold complete, at the low price of Sillran he seen at ' KOLII H'S, ton Water st. anil ?'Od'Jt*r w*s)r\ REWARD.?Loat, anp|>oaed to have been drowned 'J? ,m l'le ^ inatant, in the vicinity of Pier No. 10 Eaat River, a Lad about 14 yeara old?cm be easily recognised by having thumb Oil the left hand?had on at the time a chert I ahirt, white pantaloons and straw or chip hat. Any person finding the body, will receive tho above reward and the thanks ol his friends, on application to an 10 r W. It J. T TAPSCOTT, <3 Peck slip PAPER WAREHOUSE? Printing Papei ol all urea; Wn iiny Paper of ill kinds and qualities Hardware and Cloth Paper Wrapping Paper __ Binder's and Bandhox Bonnet Boards English and American Tisane Paper Playing and Blank t ards. For sale by PKR88E & BROOKS, Paper Warehouse. CI Liberty street, oil} Mr between Broadway and Nassau st WK Will 1,1) ditcfl the fall" tilioti of our readers to , the Rheumatic Eradicating Liniment, an invaluable artirle. ee advertise mcnt in another column of this paper. art 16 1 m re / tit VI.? hoi tons Livci| I f'anncl |<'oal, fot sale in Iota to V/ suit purchasers, now landing from slop Siddona. Apply to ?4r EDW't) K. I OLL1N3. h Co.. 16 South street OPANISII DOUBLOONS. English nilver srtd Bank of England Notes, bought and sold at S. J. SYLVESTER'S, an 1.1 r 1KI Broadway and 22 Wall street. nll l.S OF E.XLIIANUE, on all parts of England, Ireland I' and Scotland, sums in of 41, t in, i-li. i.2fl, to any amount, for sale at S. J. SYLVESTER'S, 22 Wall atreet, aul) and 110 Broadway. >RK E ORNING, AUGUST 20, 18 Memphis. ItlorrnipoudeQCe of the Herald.] <]' Mkmphis, Tenn., July HO, 1842. 8< Ex< itrniml about tbr Herald in Mrmphit?Theatre? '' Religion, $ > . tc Dkak BKNNirrrY The excitement anions ihe ladies to-day, in eon- n sequence of your publication of the " Memphis let- " ter," has been paralleled only by that caused by the H Presentation of a Banner to their (>et military com- y< panv, the "Memphis Blues;" the excitement among the gentlemen has not been paralleled *<?v 'he in- " vasion ol Texas by the Mexie nan ci was anxious either to enl; <s ?r rille, old pmtaloons, or a !y ' l' ' s< cause. t,j The Herald would have sold to day at u premium jv of 500 per cent, in almost any quantity : there were t.( very few questions asked, except " Have you got the (i last Herald 1 Have you seen the Mmnnhis letter 1" a "Who is the author of the Memphit Hi']" While ( these enquiries were buz/inn aroun'1 n no person it suspected that 1 was enjoyin ne-v. m j)( having " flattered these Volsces 1 al that 1 was hugximt mvself wit . . ing that I alone was pot^essc. , ! would give bo much to have ie 1 t( popularity ol the " Herald" . . u ' I ai Memphis ; every one tiere, nlu > i.. | i| beautiful, saint or tinner, belie My that James Gordon iieuneti stiiu ;. f f, (he News|>H|ier Press in the Uni' :ny n v\- i I i way that his mi" lb the in ih s t| business, cannot !>? e.,u died in the v, e is, indeed, u Reality, a Fixed Idea, i>cs.w <<t ot a ^ Head, a master spirit, which, like that of Mirabeau e o Napoleon, can see beyond thin poor present, even into the illiiuttable fields of ne future. i, Many thing* ol interest have occurred in Memphis ;i since 1 wrote to you, hut this letter must necessarily ;l Ie a bhort one, and 1 ean write of hut few factH|, A thestre has been completed withi.i a few weeks, 8 under the supervision of Mr. Potter, known fa,or- ], ably as manager of a theatrical company in Nash- (| ville, Vicksburg, and Little Hock; he has, with * few exceptions, a respectable company ; the ladies c are Mrs. Wright, and Mrs. jMcKauiiie, daughters of " old Jefferson," of Philadelphia. Airs, Wright is j a gentlewoman, graceful and talented ; her Conce|>- n tions of character are truly beautiful; her voice, ] however, is not sufficiently strong. Mrs. Richard- 5 son, formerly of the Park, has l?een playing a short ? engagement j she is too well-known in New York ( for me to write of her. The aotors belonging to the r company are Mr. Leicester. Mr-Wright, Mr. Trace, F who, by-the-bye, is most lamentably deficient in j grace, Air. Jordan, anu a few others, mere ciphers. \ l'rtter will probably improve his company lor the fill season?he is quite popular here, und if he ma- a cages economically and wisely, will succeed well. H Religion is flourishing bravely here, or the scut- f, blance of religion ; one new church has been erect- v cd lately by the Presbyterians; the Catholics are 8 now building one of a beautiful structure ; and the Methodists intend completing one sometime this t| year; they all seem desirous of perpetuating their o memories after Hamlet's method?" There's hope a l, great man's memory may outlive his life half a year, hut lut'p lurlir lip mnut KtiiM / hiir/vhoo tlioro " Hnr brink little editor lias returned from Texas, and us- |, sinned again the important charge ol watching over v the interests of fort Pickering. I, I have neglected the ladies in this unavoidably ; ) if they and yon will but indulge me for one week j more, Adieu ! In haute, yours, a Tunnies. n Auburn. [Corrrii|>?iid*iir.e of die Hriald.] ' Auburn, N. Y., Aug. 1(1,1812. h Mr. Tyler Hung in Effigy? Literary Auociti- d Hon?The Military Convicts?Trade?Crops,frc. " Mr. Bennett :? r I)ear Sir:? tl Without any preliminaries I, propose to give you a V brief view of men and things, of the past, present, * and to come. r Capt. Tyler was hung in elligy a few dnys ago, ^ and it boots, imntaloons, and other wearing apparel, Ij can be identified, as we believe they all have been, then the odium of such a deed, so disgraceful to the I parly concerned, so obnoxious to the spirit of true !J republican principles, will rest-where in deed and in J, truth it properly belongs. I do not pretend to say i who,or what party was engaged in this contemptible 1 and nefarious atfair, but I do 6ay and believe it too, J (and I am not alone) that no true whig ordemocrut f who loves the m.iiiitainance of wholesome laws,and good order, are blameable in this matter. tl The Sta'e literary association met here last week, tl and were in sesion two days. Able literary addresses y were made, but the number in attendance was y small. There is altogether too much apathy existing ' on the subject of literature in this State and nation, * and it is ardently ho(>ed, that you may in a lew months, give this subject an im|>ctus and life which * I* nan lie ?ci in uuo ?,?Miiiiiy. A m- " feasor Hronson, well known throughout the country d uh a learned and scientific lecturer, is now in town. " He has delivered his fourth lee" ire. - ' has K called out u respectable hoc .n not 'I only interesting andmus' : <: .111 v eminent degree. His notion*- >! i;>j * trated by the "Manakin," are a , ?re ot mat er, e inind.'ohtnse truths, .1 toucn of Hie marvellous, and 11 with all interspersed with that rare commodity, but ' reldom found now-a-davs, viz: humbug. h The "Auburn Guards,'' a fine and wpII drilled Company ol lnfantry, commanded by Cap! Jesse Pegoine, former!v ot New York tii v.w '?'ave here today, on camp duty, a distance t" n : vrvre they propose to remain three tin >. . . o he regretted, the flower of the Coi , .1 mat K , is absent, and is not time to accompany theni. A ?i ' which cannot well be filled. The two convicts that eacap' . , 1 1 .y scaling the walls, about 10 or 12 t.,t at li rge, rusticating prohaMy lor ti.v -.ok out for them at tlie fashionable w? , but I fear the mineral waters of Avon .. t v?. u ill hardly cure those who are "iff * < s and sins.'1 Believe nie, Dr. Bennett, the hard old fashioned *! iVlcriPHnround dollars arc scarce with us, and but few of us have any fhing*over. The times,the tines J* oh dear me. the haul times arc yet spoken o.'with en ' intense feeling, running down about as low as t!ie c pooket. When all! when will these things conifi to " nil end! I have observed one tiling, that our nier- ? chants who do business on the cash piincinlc, (just v as your honor does) have done and all are doing re- f markably well, while our credit stoies are languish- '' iog. Wiiat is the cause ? They sell for large profits, trust and get trusted. What is the remedy ! Buy for c tali, sell at small advances, and sell fur cash. Wheat is worth from 7s. to 8s. per bushel; a ti tremendous crop lias been realised, and plenty of t| n-w wih'ui hi iimrKt i. v?nr principal wneai ouyer is Eleazor IliJIs, Esq., a heavy merchant, and an enterprising business mm. Corn alter all is too backward to promise much of a crop, to farmers tell me universally. The weather has been quite cool for the past ten days, more like October than Ausum. Yours, per sc, u. <>. (). Albany. [Correaiiondrnre of the Ileiald.] Ai.bamv, August 17, 1842. A Grand II'aiding Party. ^ DkaR HKN.NKrr :? r You and all lovers of " pure light," have heard of ' the great firm of Penniumn and Wickcs, of this our v good town. I will relate to you how the lirm has r been consolidated by intermarriage, and give you a > description of the wedding. The junior (Mr. Wickcs) last evening was united to the senior (Mr. IVnniman) partner's lovely daughter, Ann.I. J'.? Now, you see, while the lirm, under the direction j of Mr. 1'., will go on and make candles, Mr. Wickes will proceed on " his own hook" to make little Wick(e)s. Wc must not hope, of course, that there will be a very large supply of these Wiek(e)s, hut if Captain Tyler will only suslain a tariff, I've ^ no doubt Mr. W. will be encouraged to carry on the business, in which case, I promise faithfully to buy the very tirst \Viek he has for sale, and present it u to you as a plaything for your little Napoleon. This wedding has heen long expected ; and yet our fash- ? ionables were taken a little by surprise, some ten pi days since, when they received from the hands of a footman in splendid livery, beautifully embossed p envelopes, containing the (ollowing expressive notice, handsomely written on satin paper (Albany ll style) :? Mr?. Pcnniman request* the pleasure of Miss, Mrs. or 0 Mr. 's company on Tuesday evening, the 16th inst., tj at sf o'clock. y [ERA 42. Such a commotion has not been known 111 our uiet town hi nee the marriage o! the Kx President's into Mi*,.I?ea. All tlie milhnersnnd dress inakrswere in demand, and the shop-keciiers had a al benefit. Almost every yard of satin and lace in >wn was used un, and many had to send to New ork to procure dresses, Arc. for the occasion ; and lany a fashionable artiste of your city will have tason to lliunk Miss I*. for Retting married in these nil times. The eventful 16th at last came round? day such as we rarely know ut this season of the ear?bright, cloudless and serene?a pleasant jRiiry for the young bride elect. Towards even.1 _ /!__ ?i- ? Ut 1 1 ?? ..1.1 ik int* comiuoiiun 111 me nngiiuuruuou ui uic uiu alonie" became vpry great, the rattling ot many images, conveying tlie favored friends wh? were tvitecl to witness the tying id the nuptial knot; and le arrival of the clergyman, gave us to know that >on the " twain would become one." As the lock chimed the hour, (half past seven) the Ilev. Ir. Allen, (successor of ltev. E. N. Kirk,) a talenti preacher and moat agreeable friend, performed le services in a very expressive and happy manner, nd pronounced the happy pair " and wife." >h, it must be a real pleasure fobenwried by such man !?he feels so entire'y the full force and eauty ofihe service Jrhat when he is speaking, one Imost fancier his words of benediction to be proounccd by " inspiration from above." At about half past eight, these who lird invitations ) the party only, began to arrive. It were jrnposble to enumerate all the beauty, wit and fashion lat soon assembled in those nmph parlors; so v/e 'ill, at the risk of being called par'i il, mention a ;w of the inoti uttructiye and I'shionahle, begijing with the bride. Mios Ann .1. Pt nniinan, m w te happy Mrs. Wickes?hov shall?how can I r - ^ribe her! Bcautiiul. She was dressed in jierfect iste, li-*r lov -!y features all smiles, dark expre?ii e yea?" tell tales," speaking all the "joy she Mf," -herdark brown hair shading, but not conceding er fine intellectual formed bend: while the Oriiants, vainly niea"l to ad >rn, were themselves Horned The lovny sister of the brice was first on pr left, hardly second to her more fortunate sister ; lie looked " happiness personified," yea queen of appiness. as she is of hearts 1 could hut think hat jewels were useless lor those fair sijtors, who o beautiful themselves drew all the eyes of the entlemen, and caused many a heart to tlutrer. 'Jext came the seeond bridesmaid, Miss Harriet v?k, bosom friend to both sisters, a ptiet beauty? til "know herbnt to love." She is sister to ltev. !. N. K?k, the celebrated preacher. Of course tou will say at once, and rightly, that she is higli'y iccompusnea, not nriuiuni, out aeep?noi oeauutoi. >ut perfectly pretty?adding to en accomplished nincf manners the most engaging;. Oh, what a wife he would make for a bachelor like myself, your tumble servant ! Last, not least, bridesmaid Miss i?yd, a statply beauty, the very bean ideal of icoft'a Queen Bess in Kcnilworth. The centre of little circle, she seemed " born to comniand" the ttention of the gentlemen; and she must have icen gratified to witness the happy looks of the faored few on whom she chose to smile. It is a rare ight to see so much beauty in so small a circle; nd of all the beauties the bride and her sister were be most beautiful?they laeked nothing. Yet the titers possessed beauties that they had not?all lively, yet not alike. The groom, an accomplished gentleman, one of ' Nature's noblest works," was ail that man could ie ; and all that observed his looks, when his eyes vere upon his lovely bride, could but anticipate a lappy future for them. The groomsmen, Mr. V?kes, n relative of the groom, from New York? dr. K?yd, brother of the queen-like bridesmaid, nd Mr. B? h?d of Troy, were so muchfascilated with the lovely girls beside them, that hey neglected their proper duties, and the uests were obliged to introduce themselves. Xi you not think, my dear Bennett,that they should ave " steeled their hearts," or at all events have rawn themselves away from their attractive parters to fulfill the duties they had been invited to erforni ? I know that you are acquainted with the ales of fashionable society, and respectfully suggest twt you lay down some rules for the guidance of oung gentlemen, as from the attention with which our remarks are read by thousands I am sure you an do much good in that way. Now do,and you will pceive the thanks of thousands of lovely girls. lie most engaging fthey were nil lusliionable unit enutitul) ot the many fascinating girls present were ] diss K. I? a, of New York, an accomplished muician, na her ahort performances proved; Miss li. 5?k?r anil Miss Helen Ch?v?r. of Albany, the. disses 11 n, of New York, Alias C , the diasea \r. V , Mrs. I' , Mrs. B , ind Miss M?-?, of Albany, Mrs. P?n?n, sistern-lawof the bride, Mrs. W- s, Mrs. S?th, and nany dozens of others whose names it were unneessary to state, for are they not h11 known to the ashionables of Albany? I must mention the three drs A n's, the clergyman's, tin1 lawyer's and lie banker's wives, all agreeable Indies. Among lie gentlemen were Mr. A n, the talented oungDr. Q?-?ush, Mr. C , Mr. II , Ir. P n froin New York, Mr. W , Mr. t , Mr. It- -, Mr. W?-?ins, (I should hove have mentioned Ins lovely sistetl and most four Albany bloods. The old gent, Air. P , nows how tilings should Iw done, and accordingly ad secured the services of a line band, and the anee, as you may suppose, soon drove awny the dolanieanaold folks,and then it would have donejyou ood could yon have seen the young people enjoy lieniselvcs. 1, being an old bachelor, pleaded priilege, and from my "nook in a corner" saw and njoyed it all, till, at the good old lashioned hour of leven, supper was announced. Oh, ye gods! lend hp a crow bar and garden rake On! i have it, 've engaged the "Industrious Fleas" to describe it; icre it is:? Oj rtci a la stew, Sanilwioil a la bam, Salnd a la lobster, Ditto a la chicken, Cocoa Nut cake a la Base, do pyramid, Macaroon* a la l'Apex, ditto, Ice Cream n la malted, Charlotte ue Kusae a la first rate. a i.a variovj kisns: ? Blanc Mange a la tremble, Orangix a la peeled, IVachcs a la unripe?green, Plumbs a la sour, Lemonade u la fever heat?warm. Wines a la total abstinence soc-oty, Supper ltoom a la too s oall for ccmfort. Alter such asupperas yen n ay suppose we (wh? at none) feh refreshed, anil went to dancing, un'il he arrival of the bride tavors on massive silver servrs, and the bride cake on pure golden dishes, whicn eing an almort hint! we only waited to see the utting of the bride cake, and contest for the rii g, rliich fell to the share ot Miss K. B?Jg?s, ol N>>w 'ork, before mentioned, and the party with kind nsneg to me iinj>|>y couple, separated. I he young ottple left for New York this morning; peace and .ippiness he witlitheni. PtSCATOR. Curious HcpEnscRirTioN.?The following direction was noticed upon a Herald which passed trough the I'ostoftice yesterday :? Away, newspaper, I bid ye flee. In Penii*ylrania, to Erie, To my fair friend, Miss M. Christie, A winsome elf; Who'll pay the copper* down for ye A* *oon a* myself. Uncle Sam will have to employ more clerks, if uperscriptions arc to run in rhyme. Itrvlrwof liook*, ikr, Thk utsownko.?Harper*.?These enterprising ubliahers have got out No. 2 of their beautiful libray of select novels. This contains the Disowned, no of the most charming novels that Bulwer ever rrote. Jt is beatitifully printed on good paper,pressd, cut, and neatly covered. I low it can be sold for 5 cents puzzles tia; it contains 21 sheets, and the aperfor this at the lowest calculation cost 16 cents. Nkw Music,?AtwiU, 201 Broadway, has just pubshed a very charminglsong " 'Neath the Willow ?ove, we'll meet." The music is by De Begnis, a nfficicnt guarantee foa its excellellence. Bankrupt 1,1st. SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK. Maver Seetmrger, pedlar, Now York, Sent. 71. (JaDriel I,. Dowon, (formerly Dolson (k Sherwood, New Windsor, Orange ('o.) Sept. \M. Ira Piatt, Au*terlit7, late merehant. Sept. W. Charle* II Ring. druggist, New York, (rompul*oiy, on >mplaint of John D. William*, Jacob O. Mabee and Isaac . Clapp, druggist* New York.) Kccle* Oilleiider, New York,(compulsory, on com|daint ' Charles A. Jai vis, New York.) Jamei lloey, merchant, Montgomery. Orange Co., (eomnl*ory, on complaint ol Crawford Mailler \ Co., Newurgh.) Henry Hull, late inkeeper, Troy, (compulsory, on comlaint of Thomas Sau*e, butcher, Troy.) Hlrarh Pinner, (a* an individual,) late firm Moritx (Konter) fa Pinner, Oermany, now of New York. An* lloac.h was yesterday instantly kill- j d by the falling of a quantity of lumber on hi* hrad, in fe yard of Mr. T. Sheldon, of this city. He wa* about 4" ears old, and has left a family to lament his loss?hltm. LD. " " . ' 1. Price Two Cents, Wa?klnflon? [CorrMiiondence of the Hertld. J Washington, Thursday, 3 P. M. The Treaty?Congressional Business?'The TarllT?Hartford Third Party. The Senate went into executive session on the Treaty this morning at a few minutes after twelve. The legislative business was of very little consequence. Mr. Wright presented a memorial fr the Albany and New York Railroad Company, asking Congress to jierinit them to import the iron necessary to their road on the same principle as heretofore. The monstrous Election Bill, which psseed the House in such a shape as almost to insure a veto, was reported without amendment, with a recommendation that it pass. The rest of the business was of a private nature. There is some opposition to the treaty, but not enough to endanger its ratification. The clause requiring this government to keep a naval force of eighty guns on the African coast for the suppression of the slave trade, excites some animadversion. But when this section is fairly understood and explained, ikonhi^tlAnaXolwIll v.nul. ?1._ . ?... ?J ?. v., ...? ..voijr throughout, taken in all its joints, cannot I'hii to commend itself to the favorable consideration of the whole people. The vote is expected to he taken this afternoon, or to-morrow at faithest. The House has In-en engaged all day on audible and utterly useless debate on the subject ot the veto and the several reports thereupon. Every tody is anxious to end the discussion but the speakers thenist Ives, and still the previous t|Uest:on is not moved. The Committee of Ways and Mca~s are pre| to report a resolution directing that the bill vetoed by the President be reported at once with tltc distribution striken out and tea and toffee made live.? When this matter can be got before the House, we shall be able to foretell the result. All isdonbi and confusion now?(icrhaps. however, something tnay transpire in the course ol the afternoon. If the proposition ol the committee of Ways and Means tail, nothing can be done. The brief and hasty allusion in the Herald a few days since, to the mercenary, dilapidated politicians at Hartford, Connecticut, and the mtiltiy and | insincerity ot their efforts in behalf of the administration of President Tyler, has thrown the entire faction, consisting of a dozen halt-starved office seekers, into a pitiful state of contusion and dismay. These neoule cannot deceive: the President. He is not iol>c iiumhtiggcd by the hollow professions of corrupt, incompetent a.nd selfish men. The truth about the third-party men of Connecticut may as well be told now as nt any other time. They have neither the power uor the disposition to do any thing for President Ty'.er, and he is aware of the fact. The democratic party ot Connecticut will sua lain the administration, and the feeble folly of the new oliice seekers cannot be of any avail, no matter what shai>e utlaira niav assume hereafter. The indelicacy of one of the Hartford emineariee. in boasting about the streets, that the President haa promised to give hint the othce of Postmaster as soon as Congress adjourned, even if the story was true, would excite suspicions of his integrity, and those of his associates, llut when the fact is known, thai the President has made no such promise?that the statement of the oiiicc-seeker is & fabrication, what is to be thought of this man and those who encourage his misrepresentations^ Navy Ccneral Court Martial on board of tlui l'? 8. ship North Carolina. Friday, August 10, ISd'J. Trial or Lieutexast Wiiui costiscsd. The Court met puriuant to adjourninent, and tho Preaident handed the following tette r to the Judge Advocate, which he had received from the Secretary of the Nary since yesterday's adjournment Navy Dlfartmlk r, > 17th August, 184'J. J Sir :? Belore the Court proceeds further with the trial of any person connected with tho Exploring Expedition, it in deairablo that itihould ascertain w hether or not any portion ofUre journals or other document* of the expedition, not now in the possession of the Court, will lie required as evidence. If it he found that auch evidence will be required, the Court will plaaae auapend proceeding* in auch rase until it can be produced, and report the fact to the Department. I am, air, respectfully, Your ebullient serv an t, A. p. upshur; Cum. CsARLia Stewart, Preat. Oen'I. Naval Court Martial, On hoard U. S. ship North Carolina, New York. Alter some informal conversation between the Judge Advocate and the accused, in which the former stated that it was necasaary before the Court could proceed further u .11. fl.? Iriol .1' I,! Will... * V. ?i I? E - -r (Ik; Vincennea for lft.18 and 1HJ9 should he produced, the Court was cleared and remained with closed doora for upwurils of two hour*, to coniider the letter of the Secretary of the Navy. When the doora were again opened, Mr. Hamilton, counsel tor Lieutenant Wilkea, aaid that the Judge Advocate had informed him that he had been instructed by the Court to ask Lieutenant Wilkes for the rough logs of the Vincennea for the whole cruise, and he was instructed by Lieutenant Wilkca to say that he had not the loga in his possession, and that they had been sent on to the Department at Washington. Mr. Hamilton said, that a'though ! the Court had not the rawer to compel the accu -ed tc iurnish evidence against himself, yet Lieutenant tVilkcs had no disposition to keep any thing back that micht be deemed necessair on the trial. The smooth lugs of the Vincennea had been sent onto Washington with these ( the l'orpoae. The latter had come to hand, and wer* now in Court , having been procured from the Department by tli?i Judge Advocate, and therefore it was reasonable to suppose that the logbooks of the Vincennea were likewise in possession of the Department, and under the control of the Judge Advocate. Tiie Ji'out: Anvoi att replied that he had lieen informed bv the Department at Washington, that the logbook ofthe Vinei unes had never been received by the Department. The logjof the Vinccnncs to June, ldSO. was what wis required, and he would ask Lieutenant Wilkes II he had the rough logs to ihat pe-iod of the cruise in h'( porseuion. Li ut. W'lkks replied that some of the rough logs of the Vincennea were now in Court. r.nd'hat he had sent three of them to the Depai tm-nt at Wc-h>'iigtoii, ct the request of the Judge Advooatc, before the charges against him worn made out. lie stated that he had no tispo-ition to keen back the logs, journals, or anv other pacers connected w ith the cruise, but rather wished that they might bo produced. He waa willing to testify that the missing rogh logs were aot iu his possession in this cit\ . and the Court had before them the tact, that lie ha 1 sent Mr. Stewart on to Washington for ti e purpose of procuring them, who states that aftor n diligent search oi five hours, he was not able to find them in the boxes at Lieut. Wilkes, House, and, therefore, it is to be presumed they are in tho hands of the Department. Lieut. Wilkes here read from his letter book, an extract of a letter addressed to J. K. baubling, Secretary of the Navy, andduud*' Oahu, Sandwich Islands, November It), 1810," staling that he had despatched to thr Deportment by the ship Lausanne, the " smooth logs of the Vincenne*, Peacock, and Porj.oiae, complete till the 31 at October, 1H40." Lieut. Wilk<* offared to call Mr. Howison, who packed up and pu' the hoxe* on board the Laiiaanne at Oahu, to show w hat log* were aent by her. The loga of the Porpoiae, continued Lieut. Wilkea, were aont in the anmc ahip and the ime boxes with those of the Vincenne*. The former have been found aalely slowed away at the Department at Wathington, and we thua have prima facia evidence to ehow that the latter have alio been received by the Department, and hava been probably overlooked among the many boxe* connected with the expedition. The Judge Advocate, Mr. Hamilton, and Lieut. Wilkoa, had aome further informal converaation in relation to Ion hooka, and the Court adjourned till to-morrow (Saturday) morning, 10 o'clock. V. S. Marahall'i Ofllce. At'orat 19.?A complaint waa entered yeaterday by ( apt. Wcbater. of the ahip Bninawick, againatone of hi* aeamen. charging him w ith an aaanult and attempt at revolt during the late voyage from New Orleana. The man waa arreated and committed for examination. Special Session*. Before Judge Lynch, and Aldermen Pnrdy and Hatfield. Aiiovit 19.?Catherine Martin atole >4 worth ol cot ton gooda from Luther T. Stowell. and waa aent up for two montha. Michael Pheeny, a boy, for atealing >1,7* from Mrs. Catherine Gardner, wa* aent to the Houa? of Refuge, jeter Ward, a aailor, who aaaaulted a watchman named David Hennion, wa* aent tip for two montha. Benjamin Andrewa, black, w aa convicted of stealing a silver watch and a pi'me of amall change from John Oh I, ol the tow-boat htackkawk. and waa aent to the Penitentiary for throe montha. Jane Jackaon, black, w aa aent up for twro month*, for stealing some crockery, fee. from Maria Thompion llenry Nathan waa tried for atealing a gold watch from William Bloodgood, agent. Mr. Bloodgood con Id hit tell exartlv how be lo*t the f.rticle, hnt auppoaed it had been taken from hi* bed room o- somewhere'. eUe. He w aa convicted and ami nr for tour mon'h*. Henry Brown, wlino John Smith, and Henry Williama, blacka, were tried for atealing a blue co?t and aa'in vest from Edit ard Evans, tailor, of < eil*i-atre-?, and were aent tip for four month*. Their counsel appealed from the decision of the court in order to try the cause in the General Sessions. Brown was also tried for atealing an umbrella from Roland Burdict, and sent up for two montha. Mranra.?A letter from Prince Edward,'Cajvert Co., Md., states that a man by the name of Alfred Miller, waa killed on Friday night, .ith inat, byj a negro man named Sam Jenney, (a alave of Dr. Lock L. Wewns,) with a fence roil.

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