Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 20, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 20, 1842 Page 3
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New Origin*! Novel. 09- WITH SUPERB KNORAV1NO.?The New World of this day, August 'JO, u ill tie a magnificent numtier. It will contain, entire, The Chevalier, a Tale of the "Massacre of St. Bartholomew, by the author of " Henri Quart re. or the Dava of the League j" illustrated with an admirable engraving. A Chapter on Boys ; a capital original article, by Lincoln Ramble Mount Vesuvius, Herculaneum, and Pompeii, in 1S4J. an original translation ol great interest. The Science of Kissing, an after dinner Conversation. The Land of Dreams, a Report before the " American Club of Merry Laughers-'1 Voluntary protection and the Law of Copyright, an original article of great value ; Literary Thieving, Ladies' Comliaiuuii aud Lady's Book?Scrap Book, Poetry, Varieties, News, Sic. kc. kc. Terms?Single copies 61 cents ; $8 a year in advance. Ottjce 30 Ann street, New York. For sale at the olhce, Godolphiti, a capital Novel, by Bui wsr, and a number of other cheap worka?price 1'J} to jfi cents. (tO NOTICE.?The attent.on of the public is called to the auction sale of elegant Parlor Organs, which is to take place at hah' past ten this morning, at 304 Broadway. 09- TO RHEUMATIC INVALIDS?To-day we pre iau .1;su..s<i _I lmrohv that 1 have hail the rheumati?m for eight years, and (or a large Cmion of the time, I have been confined to my bed. ately the disease has been continually increasing, and so bad was the pain, that I have been obliged to take ninety (tmpa of morphine a day, (five drop* being a doze.) A friend informed me of Dr. Henry'f Vegetable Rheumatic Sj rup, 1 procured a tottle, and am now perfectly Well, not having yet used the whole bottle. CAROLINE RUSSELL, 13 Elm street. New York, August 11, 1342. Call at the olfice and see the cures we have made, and no person enn possibly avoid being convinced Wo do not wantany oneto purchase until they are satisfied, hut we do want them to take the trouble to investigate the merits of the medicine. We are not afraid people will inquire, but earnestly invite them to do so. We give street and number for every name, and many of them are already published in the back papers. The Syrup is for sale at'.N'o. 236 Bowery, corner of Houston street, in this city. In Brooklyn, at Stewart's Patent Medicine Store, No. 73 Fulton street; and in Newark, at Trippe"! Drug Store, No. 298 Broad street. To the Afflicted and to the Lame. cut- we would respectfully call the attention of those suffering from rheumatic atfectious and pain in the lames and joints, to Sands' Sarsaparilla? a pieparation which possesses the power of thoroughly renovating tli'-se severe afflictions front the system. All those who have availed themselves of its restorative viitues have borne willing testimony to its efficacy.?Prepared ami sold, wholesale anil retail, and for exportation, fcy A. B. Sands k Co. 273 Broadway, cor. Chambers st. Sold also by A. B. Si D. Sands, 79 Fulton,corner <?old st, and 77 East Broadway. Price $1. CH7- " NO PAYMENT UNTIL THE HAIR IS RESTORED."?Although the Medicated Lozenges of Doctor Sherman, at No. 106 Nassau street, have proved efficacious in most of the complaints to which the human frame is heirto, we have not known a case in which they have restored the hair to a bald head ; but wo have often heard the Doctor recommend an article, in which he has the fullest confidence from ocular demonstration, as well as from the proprietor giving personal reference to many of our most respectable citizens. It is " Beal's Hair Restorative," which is supplied on the above terms, at Guion's Bazaar, No. 173 Broadway. It is also offered for sale, for the convenience of those who do not wish to contract as above, or use it as a pomade, or to stay the falling of weak hair, for which'purpose we recommend it to the LadieB as invaluable. Price $1 per bottle, $3 per jar, which is sufcieat as a test in any case of baldness. 0(7- EUREKA.! EUREKA !?rhalon, of 414 Broadway, may well exclaim with the philosopher, and now the "time gives it proof'that he has adopted a mode of hair cutting unrivalled by any artist in these United States. The most admired fashions are constantly studied by him, and his display of exquisite taste on this branch of art has already earned for him well deserved praise. When we consider how valuable is the assistance rendered us in the setting off of that beautiful auxiliary of beauty, a good head of hair, we are compelled to award the highest approbation to Phalon for what he has accomplished. In his manufacture of wigs, and every kind of ornamental hair work, he may well defy every attempt to surpass him. The unanimous testimony of the public has already decided the question. The Italian Chemical Soap. &7- SO MANY INQUIRIES HAVE BEEN MADE to us about this, that we wish to give one and all an answer. A very celebrated Chemist in this city tells us that it is indeed one o( the most wonderful remedies for eruptions and discolored skin ever invented. Wc know from seeing it used, that it gives the skin a most delicious healthy clearness. We know persons who have been afflicted for years with eruptions, salt rheum, scurvy, blotches, pimples, in fact every eruption, and this lias cured, in an incredible short time It cures the bites ol mosquitoes, galiinippers, bugs, Stc., and is altogether the most wonderful discovery in science. It will revolutionise the human countenance, and by and by we shall have nothing'but handsome smooth face's,and clear complexions. It is sold quite reasonable by Mr.T. Jones, sign of the American Eagle, 84 Chatham si, N. Y-, or 8 State st, Boston, and 87 Dock st, Philadelphia. CK7- DENTISTRY.?Doct. Harvey Burdell, Dentist, has removed to and permanently located his oflice at No. 361 Broadwav, corner of Franklin street. Dr. Burdell would state to his friends and patrons, and to the public in general, that he is now prepared to render his persona] services in the different branches of dental science, and he pledges himself in all cases that dental operations shall be performed on correct scientific principles, and at pricci iaj.ii itivm.mvv- >uu mii.-mi.vuij. rivim * i-.,.*,* iui.ui iv an entire se? of artificial teeth inserted so as to avoid detec tion of the most critical observer, and they are also guaranteed to answer all the impo- taut purjioses of the natural teeth. THE REAL MERMAID?DAY PERFORM ANCES?A double attraction is offered at the American Museum to-day. Besides the wonderful Mermaid, which all who see pronounce to be the greatest curiosity in tht world, there will be a rich variety of performances al four o'clock this afternoon, by Winehell, Miss Rosalie Celeste, Gipsey Girl, Ac., which in addition to 600,000 cu riosities, a Baloon ascension. Ac., form the most valuable concentration of novelties for 25 cents, we ever witnessed.. Marine Pavilion. Rock4wat, 3d August, 1842. C7- FAMILIES CAN OBTAIN PLEASANT ROOMS at this delightful watering place, by addressing the sub scriber at McCoun A Clark's, 53 Wall street. a3 lot HIRAM CRANSTON. Herald Bulletin of News. The Hernld Bulletin of News is kept at the north-weai corner of Fulton and Nassau streets. On the arrival of th< morning mails, at eight o'clock, A. M.?and also of th< evening mails, at fouro'clock, P. M., the latest intelligent from all parts of the world, may be found on the Herah Bulletin Board, at this corner. Let every wayfarer stoj and read. Advertisements of all kinds taken at the office Herald General Printing Office. The General Printing Office, capable of doing all sorti of printing, such as books, pamphlets, hills, cards of al description, is now open at the Herald Buildings, entrance from Nassau street?Joseph Elliott, Printer. MONEY MARKET. Friday, August 10-6 P. M. The salos at the Stock Board have been as usual it their general character, but prices have not material!} changed; Kentucky 6's rose J, Indiana ft}; Harlem decli ned }; Long Island }; Ohio Life A Trust 1 perct. The Anahuac, from Vera Cruz, brings $14,000 in specie The ninth instalment, amounting to $107.123.67. or 1( 24-100 per cent on the amount awarded, will be paid at th( Bank of America on the 3Mh in?t. The ratei on all thoac State* where depreciated banl paper currencies have been abolished, are at the *peci< level. In the other section*, where exchange signifioi only the discount on the local money, it of course variei according to that discount. The rates to-day areas fol lows It a t v s of Barsx Notts asd Domestic Bills. Bank Nolti. Exchange. Safety Fund-- U* 1 July 1843. Security Banks- Jia 1 New England Boston ?Saudis U. 8. Bank ? a? Pensylvsnia >4al5 Philadelphia- -par a^{ " New Jersey Wa 1 Maryland- Ha5tf Baltimore par a ' Virginia - - - - - 3 a 3,^ Richmond -.- !*?% 2 North Carolina.- ? a 4 North Carolina- 2vaa 2% (Jeorgia ? a 3 Savannah 1H?I% , _ , Augusta IH* Ifti South Carolina.- 3Xa Charleston l*a 1H Florida ? a? Apalachicola .? a? Alaliama 60 aSJ Mobile 37 a39 Louisiana 60 *30 New Orleans- |?ara I pn Kentucky I a? Louisville. IK* 23?a Tennessee-- ... -I8K*? Nashville J a 6 Mississippi -60 a90 Natchex ..? a? Missouri 7 a a St. Louis .3 at Ohio 6 alO Cincinnati 3Ka I Indiana .- 6 a 7 pj, j Illinois -30 a70 00 ,sy MichiganG a40 Detroit 2!?a 3 The devclopements in relation to tha American Life 4 Trust Co., caused great astonishment to-day. The cxcla mation now is, where is the North American Trust Co. Has Sir Horsly Palmer got through with it yet ? Where i the Farmers'Loan 7 These will Ise coming in due time They each contain, like the American Life & Trust, th .1*nf a nnliti^nl nor?v fryvm c? _ SRiniwu ? - vv...|M..? , ? V ? "VIII U State or Governor, down to editors, pipu layer*, singers and balderdash writer*?each hi* proportionate loan. JoHi Durr, E4, the worthy President, i? the *on of on eminen financier, one who go', up the first " corner" in Wal street. There waa at that time but one bank, the Banl of New York, and he attempted a " corner" in it* stock and failed. " Cornering" wa* then a* much behind th age, as Governor Reward'* Erie Railroad i* behind th present age. *1/>ropoi of Governor Seward, llis famou " enlightened message," hi* " brilliant view* of the fti ture," that " unparalleled State paper," which recotr mend* the immediate prosecution of the Erie Railroad, i scarcely before the people before the expose of the coit pnny appears, showing that hit excellency's public spirit ed motives are to connect his lands and lots in Chatau<|u county, on the shore* of the lake at the termination of th Railroad with the city of New York. These lands he ha mortgaged to the Tru*t Company for $310,000, and wit! truly statesmanlike sagacity, he recommends the immo diale construction of the Railroad " at any cost," in ordc to raise their value. The Grand Island speculation, ii which Messrs. Webster, White k Co. embarked so largt ljr, It appears, Is pledged to the company for $3M,00< Daniel Webster, Kaj., itrppoil into the tkoet of Mgjor Noah, in hii patriarchal capacity, on Grand Island. It iltH'i not appear, however, whether the tame Richard the Third'a coat, in which the Major paraded before hit people, wa* worn by Daniel Webrter before the board of directors when procuring hj? loan. The English houses connected with America will yet be uitouiahed at the complete hollowneaa of the bubble* of their own raising. Their credits, their loans, and their competition for American business, backed by the Bank of England, set on foot those wild speculations, the fruits of w hich they now grusp in those valueless assignments, fhey have failed to get any hold 011 the property or industry ofthe country, and they reap a just reward. 'Jjhe evils they sutler are less than those which they and their agents have inflicted ujHm this country. The condition approaching to anarchy which our affairs now present, are the fruits of the paper bubbles raised by them. We yesterday gave a part af the assets ofthe Baltimore American Life & Trust Co., at the New York oltice. Wc will to-day proceed with the property assigned to secure the debts of the company to certain English houses, and their agents. First, however, we will sum up the debts of thu leading individuals contained in the report of yesterday :? John Duei*, E*<|., indebted $307,830 Anson Blake, Esq SO,004 Thomas E- Davis, Esq 6.H25 Daniel Webster, Esq 5,014 Grand Island, probably Webster Ik White's speculation 267,990 Willis Hall, Esq 36.000 Joseph lloxie, Esq 14,100 Morris Robinson, Esq 1,900 Charles A. Dsvis, Esq. . . 66,203 Benjamin F. Butler, Esq 6,452 James Watson Webb 1.000 J. L. Si 9. Joseph 106,357 The leading names in the list annexed below, are as follows : Richard F. Carman, alderman - 10,000 W. 11 Seward, governor,Chautauque lauds, 133,900 77,040 < ?? " farm at Auburn, 9,500 Total of W. H. Seward, $210,340 W. G. Bucknor 20,000 Col. James B. Murray, Esq 24,000 J. Blunt 3,000 K. Whittlesey 15,000 Joseph Hoxie, Esq 032 Farmers' Bank, Orleans 37,500 II. F. Talmadge 77,250 Messrs. Watt 23,000 We will now follow with the different assignments. The first is a number of small obligations, assigned to William Bard, in trust for Magniac Smith k Co. of London, amount 165,475 To secure Morrison Sons t fn T.nnOon .TrtTnhli. gations, amountingto 909,167 Included injthis list are the following names Property purchased under the foreclosure ol the mortgage of Frederick Whittlesey, for $9,000 do C. Moncll, " 40,000 do N. Darrow, " 40,000 do Wm. Willis, 1.650 do Wilmot O. Willis, ? 1,360 do Danl. D. Field, " 6,000 do Wm. H. Le Roy, " 60,000 do Ambrose Stevens, " 12,000 do Abraham Varick, " 125,000 do Jeheil Hughes, " 6,000 do John McVickar, " 16,000 do Tbos. Murphy, " 5,000 do Jona. Little, " 2,760 do do " 2,750 do Charles M. Baxter, " 2,750 Tortion of do Anson Blake, 5 houses, valuation, 9,000 Property purchased under the foreclosure of the mortgage of Paton Harris, for 1,500 do David Anderson, " 6,000 do Jo " 2,650 do taken in settlement from Thos. K. Davis, at a valuation of 21,676 do do do 6,000 The remaining assignments are as follows :? Schedule assigned to William Bard, William S. Wrlmore and Richardlilsop, in trust for James Morrison, of London, per\Jl greement duted3\st December, 1941, and for the other holders of Roberts f Curtis Bonds, so called. No. Mortgagors. Jhu t of Prin. 315. Levi Kubbell 74,269 2 360. William A. Woodward 20,000 304. Charles Henry Hall 60,000 503. Peter G. Stoney, Executor 93,000 370. Isaac R. Harrington 65,000 i $312,269 2 1 Schedule of Securities assigned by the Jlmerican Life InI 17.1,. 1 I.- r-i. I ??>?>.< UMU >u aimn J. Kingsford,for his benefit. No. 346. Henry Eckford'? bond and mortgage, for $9,000, upon which is due of principal . . 7,500 74. Beverly Robinson, bond and mortgage . . . 16,000 339. Edward Kellogg, do tor $*7,000. upon which is due of principal 9,000 71 Dan. Allen, bond and mortgage, for $3,600, upon which is due of principal 7,966 I Property purchased under the foreclosure or the mortgage of Isaac Osgood, for ... . 4,600 i 314. Wm, O. Bucknor's bond and mortgage. . . 70,000 i 125 shares of the stock of the Ti ust Fire lni surance Company 13,500 169 shares of the stock of the Hudson Fire Insurance Company (collateral to the note of A M. Scnermerhom for $10,000). 16,800 78 bonds of$l,000 each of the citj of Macon 78,000 363. Henry F. Tallmade and others, bond aad mortgage on pro|>erty of the Locomotive i Engine Co., Poughkeepsie 30,000 ) $183,364 ' Si hedule of Bonds and Mortgages assigned by the .Imerican ' T.ife Insurance and Trust Company to IKm. Hard, in trust for Messrs. Smith, Payne 4' Smiths, of Ixmdon, to secure the payment of certificates of the Company, due .Ipril Id, 1840, for ?34,000. No. Mortgagors. .1ml. 30. Peter L. Vandervoort 13,000 33. Frederick Phillipee 10,000 03. Samuel Oouverneur 16,000 I 31. Anson G. Phelps 4,330 166. Matthew C. Perry t 3,500 507. Thomas C. Love 5,075 fleo. W. Lay, bond, secured by his interest in the Chatauque County lands (amount due Jan. 1, 1940) 68,858 68 Property purchased under the foreclosure ' * of the mortgage of Benj. Clapp, for 7,000 do J. Lay.jun., for... 10,000 Property taken in (settlement from Jame* B. Murray and Thos.E.Davis, at a valuation of 34,300 ) $160,183 Schedule of Stock? hypothecated with Robarts, Curtit 4 Co-, fyondon, as eecurity for the payment of the Bonds of the 1 Company, amounting to ?168,073 7d. 9 Bond" of the State of Tennessee $331,000 do do Kentucky 439,000 i do Territory of Florida 200,000 do City of Macon 24,000 do Farmer*' Loan and Trust Company. 24,000 l $938,000 Sundry .Qssignmcnli made hy the Jtmerican Life Ineurance and Trust Company, and not hereinbefore mentioned. To Fletcher. Alexander 8c Co., London, to secure the pa) ment of a debt due to them of ?27,875 1B?, 7d. and interest. } The bonds of "William H. Seward, Trumbull Cary, and 9 Ahm:'M. Shermerhorn, together with their interest in the bonds and mortgages, contracts, and unsold lands in Chautauque County, assigned as security therefor. To Smith, Payne 8c Smiths, of London, to secure the payment of the certificates of the Company for ?16,030, ' due July 15, 1840. 1 The interest of the Company in the lionds of W. H. Seward, Trumball Cary and A. M. Schermerhorn, and in the mortgages, contracts and lands in Chautaque County, assigned to secure the same, after payment of the debt to Fletcher, Alexander A Co.; and in the bond of Geo. W. Lay, together with the bonds, mortgages, contracts, and lands, also in Chautauque County, assigned to secure the payment thereof, ;after the payment of the debt to Smith, Payne 8c Smiths, hereinbefore mentioned. To Peter Harmony, to secure the pay ment of the bond of the Company for $30,000, mortgage upon hotiae and lot No. 41 Wall street. To James Brown, to secure the payment of the bond of the Company for $25,000, second mortgage upon house and lot No. 44 Wall street. To James Brown, to secure the payment of the Com , pany lor $36,900, mortgage on property in Brooklyn, purchased under foreclo- re of the mortgage of A. Blake To James Morrison, London, to secure the payment of the bonds of the Company for ? 14,300 sterling. Bonds of the New York Dry Dock Company, amounting to ?47,000. To Wilhelm Willink, Jr., of Amsterdam, to secure the payment of an advance made by him thereon, upon which 1 is now due about 33,000 guilders. '* Sixty bonds of $1,000 each (sixty thousand dollars) of ' the Farmers' Loan und Trust Company. * To Brown, Brother* St Co., to secure the payment of the ch-ck ot the '"ompanyon the Marchanta1 Bank, for *1,369,07, due 3th July, 1612. B 7oo tharea of the ?tock of the Mechanic*" and Trader*' 'f Bank of New Orlean*. I. 500 Jo do New Orlean* flat Light and Bank, a ing Co. (the said ?tock? having been received by the Comt pany a* collateral ?ecurity from J. L.k a. Joseph Si Co.) j To the New York Life Insurance and Trust Company, k to secure an advance made to the Company. The bond and mortgage of Hamilton Kish for $1,30*. ' To secure to Richard M. Blatchford the payment of certain obligations of the Company, amounting to the sum of e *9,300. * The bond and mortgage of ffm. H. Seward, as trustee I- of the Company, up ,n certaia property railed the Underwood farm, at Auburn, to the sai 1 R. M . Blatchford, amounting to *9,300. " Abo, a certain mortgageof Ebenezer Catlin to William i- 11. Seward, a* trustee of the said Company, for the sum of t. *1.100. And, also, a certain house and lot in Auburn aforesaid, conveyed hy Thomas W. Jones to said William 11. Sewo ard, trustee a* aforesaid, subject to a mortgage to the State s of New York of *300. i, Here is a curious assortment, tlovernor Seward, R. M. i. Blatchford, Joseph Hoxle, James Watson Webb, and other r advocates for internal improvements, and loaning money n to rorpontc companies, seem to have taken possession of i. thi' concern, the capital of which was about *2,000,000. If Governor Raward gets 10 per cent ol.tha capital of th* Life St Trust Company, how much ought he to get of the ^ V.rie R&iUoad capital? We will, hereafter, refer to these items, and enter a little into their history. Sales at the Stock Lnhaiige, j! MKWliidiaua y. 10 do Harlrrn, Iiw 14>* * WHO Ky Stale ti'?. 1871, 73 30 do *30 14 , do blO 73 Mi do 14?{ J000 ?r ? do 7,X 100 d? 14S ??NY7>, ISt, 100Ji XI do s3 11 La illaliaa Union Bank, Ilk) XI do Lone lalalid, 31 Tl do BkofCom, an 100 do b30 41 | ti do Vtre'a Hag Ass'u, 3b 11X1 do bCO 31 j 2.1 do Del h Hud, 87 X) do 303d 4 23 do w30 1)6 111 do NJersey HU, 62 V 6 do Olno L It T, 33 73 do ralclson HK, blO 47 i, 3 do Uaotoii, 19 3d do 16'a | 23 do Mohawk 37 t Second Hoard 26 aha* U S |iu Co, 73 XI *hra L Island, t>30 307? 130 d i Manhattan lias, 62 XI do Harlem, s3 14"i ( State of Trade. 11 This week closes with some little indications ot an im- s proved trade, on the cash system. No credits are given, n Speculators can no longer obtain the property of others c to sport on, w ithout an equivalent. Cvfftr?The season has arrived when there is usually u demand from the south ; there appears to be now a little y movement- The private sales embrace 1100 bags Brazil, SJ a J; O00 bags Luguyra, 9 a 9J; 300 bags Cubs, Sj a 9; h 130 bags Java. 11; 800 bags St. Domingo, flj a 7]. j* Cotton?The market continues languid ; there is. how- *| ever, no decline stated. Riiv.rt kav.. il.o in .1- 1 most all purchases. Sales ot the week : 1340 U"fauds, 0 a 8}; 400 Mobile, 6} a 9}; 500 New Orleans, 6} a 9}. Sural Slorti? Some 5000 bbls. have been sold, for $'4 30 II for North county. cl Oils?Sales ot about 3000 bbls. whale, for export, at 34$ w a 33 cenjs; 40,000 gallons English linseed, for export, at ( HI a 84} cents, cash. 3^ Provision??Western pork is selling at H for mess; 6,37 hi prime; Lower county 9,40 and 7,50, beef 7,50 a 8; prime S 3. Lard, 6] a 7 cents for western. 41 Mulassss?There was a sale yesterday of 60 hhds. onli- |, nary New Orleans molassos at 19} crnis. A tea sale took place witn the following results, six A months, payable in this city, to be made satisfactory to the sellers. Hysois. cfs. els. {"! ;t0 chests, 76 10 chests, 33 j '' 34 do 75} 58 do 61} ,| 33 do 56 113 do withdrawn (j. 34 do 55 & Yofisu Hyson. 1* 40 half chests, 90 40 chests, 65 h 40 do 7a 30 do 54} 163 do 70} 40 do" 54 v 176 do 70 43 do 54 il 10 do 49 6 do 61} 1* 10 do 57} 16 do 50 8 169 do 77 16 do 47 V' 34 do 66} 909 half chests, withdrawn 103 do 56 755 chests, withdrawn \ 16 chests, 66 Hysois Skin. 1' 17 ehests, 50 SO chests, 34} I* 17 do 44 113 do 34 S 18 do 44 46 do 33} 14 do 37} 10 do 33 38 do 33} 40 do 34 " Oi/nrowDii. 7 3311). boxes, $1 10 23 1 jib. boxes, 40 63 1 Jib. do 40 120 do 46} . Imperial. ' 10 half chests, 63 334 chesti, 03} v 63 chests, 64 100 13lb. boxes, 46 fi 70 do 64 b Oolong Pore hong. d 20 half chests, 70 20 haU chests, 74 PoUCHONG. 23 chests, 36} 40 hall chests, 47 40 half chests, 47} (< NlNGTONG PofCHONC. 21 half chests, 43 88 hall chests, 40 30 do 42} Pekoe. i 94 chesti, 73 = Souchong. , 10 chests, 40 143 chests, withdrawn s 10 do 39 : Ningtono Souchong. 30 half chests, 33 90 half chests, 33} d Corn Trade. n There has been a little better feeling in the market, and j prices have improved in consequence. Oenesee sells at li $6,31. J In Baltimore, on the 17th inst. Howard street flour was selling at f>3,00 from the stores, and $4,87 from wagons. Wheat was down to 9.1 to 95 cents, and corn at 53 a v* cts. n The late rains raised the waters of the Saco river till it 0 overflowed its banks and did much damage to the crops in -i Maine. The bridge across the river at Kryeburg was car- ( ried away last Thursday, and about fifty tons of hay, that n had been cut on its intervale, in Kryeburg and Conway, / but chiefly in Conway, were swept otf and destroyed. Corn and potatoes, however, and, in fact, all root crops, f promise well. v It is stated in the Quebec Mercury, of the 16th instant, (( thut during the ten days provious the weather had been dry and warm, and in some parts of the country the far- 8 mors begau to complain of drought. Haying was mostly over, and this crop, throughout Lower Canada, was 11 abundant. Some barley was cut in the last Wtek of July. c It was a good crop, as well as rye, peas, and Indian corn, ^ w hich is now sown in great ouantities in the upper dis- s tricts, in ionsequenca of the failure of the wheat from the fly or the worm which it deposits in the ear. Oats are c changing color, and are luxuriant. The small patches of j] three months bearded wheat sown late, have generally escaped the fly. The bald four months wheat is attacked ( as usual during the last nine or ten years. Potatoes hare missed in some places, but the crop will be an average. Altogether, the crops thioughout Canada may be said to be abundant. There will be plenty of food for the inhabitants of North America, and the producers will readily part with a share of it for labor. We regret to state that in Wisconsin the wheat r.rop is not as good as it promised to be. Upon harvesting, it is found to have been injured by the rust. The late wfcMt is very badly hurt?the very early hut little Krom Michigan we learn, that, notwithstanding the low pri<ethat onr farmers have received for wheat the two past years, and the j>oor prospect for a better market this year, there is, it is 1 relieved, at least one-third more wheat raised this season, in this vicinity, than any yeur previous. Hard times cannot check the "industry of the farmers.? A'l'/rt (Mick.) Republican. Provision Market. We have the usual fluctuations to notice in the vegetable markets. It is useless to give quotations, as the prices of the morning are not those of the evening. There is more steadiness in meats, for the reason that they are not quite so perishable as fruit, and that there is n better understanding among the butchers than there is among the hucksters. We quote beef at 7 to II cents a pound, and other animal food is in proportion. Seldom if ever has there been such an abundance of vegetables of ail kinds as at present. Corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, (peaches, apples, beans, pears, kc. are as plen- , ty, almost, as the sands on the sea shore, and nearly ns cheap too. With the exception of peaches, com, and fruit of all sorts can he had for a mere song, but not, perhaps, for a Tippecanoe song;as the hucksters prefer cash down. Corn can be purchased for ftfty cents a hundred, any where. As stated, peaches are a little higher than other fruit, because they are controlled this year by speculators. J We learn that nearly all the peach orchards in New Jersey have been purchased for this year's Iruit, and the market supplied as the demand calls for it, at high prices. We wish it cop Id he so arranged that consumers would ngreenot to cat peaches for a week or ten days. We rather suspect that such a determination would knock ,!o A n the price pretty effectually. Died. On the 19th inst. after a short hut severe illness, Joiix Trr, in the 67th year of his age. His friend* and acquaintances, and those of his son,John E. Pye, are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock, from his late residence, 61st street, near Cat"'* road, without further invitation Carriages will be in attendance in front of Oliver street Baptist meeting house, near Chatham square, from half past 1 till half past 2 o'clock. On the 19th inst. Johx Low, Jr. His friends and acquaintances, and those of his father 0 anil the fnmilv are invited to attend his funeral trnm ft72 Broome, nearVarick street, this morning at 9 o'clock. I On the 16th inst. at Frankfort Mill, near Utica, A** Thedkbics, wife of Jabez B. Crook, in the 28th year of her age, eldest daughter of the late B. L. and Ann M. Lo- senberg, of this city. Paterson, Newark and Long Island papers will please copy. * Latest A civ Ice a RECEIVED AT THK TTEW YORK HERALD OFFICE. Africa July 1J Macao March 31 j AuxCayes July 22 Madras April 3 ., Antigua July 1 Manilla March 10 y Bombay May 23 Montevideo May 16 Balaam March 30 Marinham June 25 t, Bermuda July 16 Matiuzas Aug. 6 Bonaire April 9 Mayagurz July 16 Buenos Ayrea June 1 Maracaibo July 16 Haliia June 8 Matautoraa June 3 r Belize, Hood. July 21 Neurits- May 28 t Barhadoet J'lly It Nassau, N. P. June I Bogota May I Oaliu, 8. I. March II Forbiee Feb. 20 Paris July 18 Cape Haytien July II Port an Prince Aug. 1 1 Curacoa June 23 Ponce, P. R. July 16 Cienfuegoi July 22 Pn-a luno I Cailhagena May 1 Pernambuco July I 1 C traces* May 17 tanam*---- Feb. 20 J Chagres July 1 Tut do Janeiro July 1 1 Cillao Jan. 22 Singa|Kire April 19 Calcutta May 1.1 Sydney, N S. W. Aug. 11 r Demarara June 2 Sr. Helena June 29 Fayal July 3 St. Thomas July 27 1 trihraltar April 19 St. Bart* Jan. 3 t Guayaquil Feb. 13 St. Jsgo de Cuba July 9 i Onaystna, P. R. July 15 St. Johns, P. R. Aug. I J (lonsives May 21 St. Croix July 30 I (ialreston July 23 St. Martha May t " Ha*re July 17 St. John, N. 0. Aug. II ' Havana Aug. 7 Surinam June 26 r Halifax Aug. C Tampion June 19 a Jeremie May 19 Tohasco June 27 J.icmel July II Turks Island July 20 t kiiiettna, Ja. Ju'y 9 TrinidaJ de Cuba- July 21 I London July 21 Vara Crux July 17 l,iver|iool July 21 Valparaiso April 15 La Ouayra July 17 Yucatan June 13 1 Lima March to Zanzibar March 11 I'nssrugi rs Arrived. ,1 Loxnos?Parket ship Montreal?Mr* Aslifnrd, Mi.s Asliford, J Mi** Kmdy Asliford, Mrs Atkin, Master Atkin, Mr Ovington. I Mr Walkernndjady, Mr Uoii?o ', Mr Palmer, Mr Ellis and f ...p, of London; Major W W C awley, TItli Regt II A: Lieut " Sti. rnefeldt, Swedish Army; Miaa Vaughan,Maine; Miss Ha- ? inilton, Philadelphia; Mist Warner. Connecticut; Mrs Marxian and child, Portsmouth, Kan; Mri Shepherd, two children and I servant, New Jersey; Mr Tyirrl, New York-and 73 in the h steerage. . , , . , , Vr.n Car*?Baric Annlmar? James N Jeiolemon, lady and child, MisaC Kg-r. Jas Pini.A C Shrmanski, Ira Muuson, S t / Iloyle, Alfr d Booth, John Mslbouche, Denis Bnault, A ' Malhrrbei. ,_ ,. ,, , lUvaz-Slup Hector-Mrs l ushing, J Cashing, M Charles, F H Caprial, M Estatda, P Sanlandren, Mr Kellogg?37 lithe ^ NrrviTsa?Urig New Orlea;is?John 8 Hill, Wm Edger, c Theodore F.dqrr, Richard Barhyttt. ...?? Nrw Oai.r.Ats?Shin Aubnm?Mr Doughty and lady, Mils Mary Barnes, F, Jones, J P Weaver, _ ' SavawxAH?Brig G B Lamar?Miss Sarah (JlarSjCapt Thos Alexand ir, 8 K Jolyison?8 in the steriaf* Hi ' Kcv Win-Schr Columbia?CajH rhillips, Capt Packer, Mr tickuey. Puwngtr* Sailed. ILis k-grooi?Packet ship New Y.nk?II M Boatwicf, < ha* '.yler, Mrs K.dgar anal 'daughter, G W Sillnnsu, Cliaa I* Kichrds, of New York, George Ferguson, 01 Rett B A, lady ami I,'Id, ( mull; Louis Plattley London. Kurrlgn I mportal Ion*. LONDON?Ship Mediator?73 pkx* Geo B More wood?II D I olden n son?19 Adams. Ketrir la eo?7 Jasrgi la Goddard?21 lodge, Cuinmiiiga ft eo?131 O Meyer la ton?I J Conuah?11 lorrisoti la b os? I A I 'let.Uud?'? \V Vy?r?iTStnith?1.1 M V ur-30 II W la S Baratow?J J D WendeU?2 C la J Wcai ii la Co?4 H "7 I) J J Aslor?I J Mortimer la co? I A litiiniilfci la eo?I J Mutton la co?1 Mr Colt?I DLitim ? lW Witil.?I S N Dodge?I Mr Fowler?1 Mr Keti?1 J Fryer -I J 111 ty?I Richards, Dassetl la co?1 Rose la Owen?200 mis cltalk J Gi law old?| plag to order. LltKRrooL?Ship Palms ra? 2'. flags C H Russell la eo?5! do rortou, Hodges la co?33 Tooker, Mend la cj?2 J RobeiUon la o?II Cameron la Uraud?1 Abm Siatrn?304 tons coal Martin Ir own?13 flags Wood, Joliiiioti la Burritt?2 J Hadley?ISO bss n plates 3719 bars irou Geo B Morewttod la co?2391 do G W ill.eld?307 liar* RR iron Heptiiuiis Cook ? U pks Godfrey, Palton la co?11 D Haddeii la sou?4 hlids E Cauldwell la co?#0 rates W Chauncey la co?20 cs 100 cks Woodhull la Mintaru? ! m ater casks 2 iron c tmbootea 1 medicine chest Glover la Mclurrav-220 fkg* to order. VkbaCrvi?Bark Auahiiac?$000 specie 53 cer'us cochineal 'ietor la Liuckss Hi?6 do $110 F de U Granja?f>94 otls fustic 3ti croons cochineal II bids cabadilla9 bales ?aran|iarilla IS tildes I < I fkg vanill a $7000 Hargous Brothers la co?HI hides Reukrd . CO?3 ceroams gam 2 bss ? nulla K Karck?2 hoses was liguri t lowland la Aaiduwall?17 bales j tlip MoIt la I'ollltx?lecn.ont ochinual Picabia la Manzanedo?4ium fioo.ll,.... a. aaai ill roil & co?-$IUQ R'?Miere & co?$1600 F del Hoyo?$2000 i 1 atrullo??2l doubloons Souteyran At Penut. Oporto Bun N'TthuuilM llan.l -111 n t islswim \V P.igi M) C Melefte?20 ( Saltou?10 cks brandy J G Ac F Bokta?2(jr li? w ilie K Olackburu?40 bbls do J S Euti?1 pipe J bbl* 20 cs ine lo order. kVKT aV Filffcii?Brig Atmawmi?210 bags coffee 1 case A Rosier* meo?05 bags coffee J 8 Brown?25 L I* Stafford? 11! N Stebbins?12 Mason Ac son?161 Howes. Godfrey Ac Homspn?16 E B Saekett?110 M Downey?7ft Si Maynard?120 iir ? ^bls Bluffer .1 Hogarth?505 bags coffee H W Del.ifield. Nhvitas?Brig New Orleans?253 bdls gnus 14 ca 63 bbls 81 1??U sugar 233 do molasses 15 trs5 bbls honey Holt Ac Ow en. Baracoa?Schr Pacific?i 10 Pales tobacco 200 bags coffee .ymar At oo. Domestic Import at Ions. Nfcw Oki.ka.h?Shin Auburn?3613 pigs lead C H Roger* Ac >?150 do eopiH-r F PhilltpjM?u?15'? bbls jx?rk Roberta At Wilan?s?143 do Sturg* s, Hoe At co?3ft do oil Bart let I At Abbou? I do molasses Jewell St Harrison?50 do sugar T P Stanton?76 o c< rn Everett At Battelle?113 do flour Dunham Ac Dunon?1?2 j Pel kins, Hopkins Ac White?530 do G Merle?10 do starch J , R Milbanks?lftft sks corn C P Leverich?96ft do It Bocli?12 ksoil stones i Hunt?21 do R Kiligslaiid?I box 5 baits cotton .ockard Ac Jacobus?3 do S Drapei?1 clo A F Know lion?11(1 hdi tobacco B<?orman, Johnston At co?6 cks beeswax J Maoy , sou?1 bbl E Lawrence?12 pes mill stones McCraeken Ac LilUgsUn?3 bbls sugar Aslilev At Fish?1 tlo N No?d?3 eases J [eury?4 Haddon It Taylor?6 bxs T Hunt?6 <? T Bawall?2 G Taylor?2 M Vassor At co?5 H W Ac S Hills?I Young Ac chult/.?I pkg K Altar Atco?296 hbls flour W R Ac C Hitchi)ck?6bx> 1 bbl whiskey 3 cks 25ft horns Jolmsou At Lowdea? 12 nigs lead 10 cks flaxseed 1 hlid 2 bbls beeswax to order. New Ori.K4*s? Brig William? 19ft lihds sugar Roberts At William*?13ft hhds 6ft tcs 100 bbls molasses C Huntington. Savannah?Brig G B Lamar?256 bales cotton G Collins? )0 cks rice Thomas Halcoinhe?14 do Union Line Providence tckets. MARITIME HERALD. To Sblp Masters. We ahall eateem it a favor, if cantaina of veaarla arriving ere, will give to Commodore W. A. Basaett, of our newa fleet, re|K)rt of the ampppn '*"fl at 'he P*l whence they iMlif the euela apoken on their paaa&ge, a liat of their caruo, and any jreigii newa|>a|wr? they may have. Commodore fiaaaett will oard them immediately on their arrival. Wu will reciprocate he favor in any wav. To Correspondents Abroad. Oar correMKinilenti in foreign |?rti are rcpeetfully requeued 9 tend by every vruel all the marine intelligence they can buin. Nautical information of any kind, from auy one reidiug at home or abroad, will be thankfully received. H1KT OK NEW YORK. AUGUST lO. !H*a. un 5 15 i moon jets 3 13 un sets- 6 45 i hk3h water 7 49 Cleared. Ships Westminster. Atwood, London, John Oris wold; Ville le Lvnn, Stoddard, Havre, C Boltcn, Fox ik Livingston; Dennark, Frost, James River.?Brigs October. Crowill, La Ouay?, W Whitaker; Joseph Ham, (Br) Micneucr, St Kills via rarmouth, NS. T Wiimiett.?Schrs C Cadmus, Curtis, Willamstou. NC; Phebe Eliza, Osborne, Alexandria, DC; Foam, Ldains, Mystic, II Underwood. Arrived. Pack? t ship Mediator. Champlin, from London and Portslouth, July 22, with rndse, to John Griswold. 9th inst. lit 4f> 0, Ion 50, spoke ship Harriet Rockwell; 11th, lit 41 41, Ion 53 ), ship T roj Ship Palmyra, Sampson, (of Boston) from Liverpool, July 1, with indse, to Wpodhull it Miuturn?225 passenger, (Jlover I McMurtty. 15th inst. lat 42 4, loll til 30, >poke British ship Llbion, of and from St. John, bound east. Ship Hector, Spencer, from Havre, July M, with indse, to E. ). Hurlbut it U No date, lat 43, Ion 53, exchanged signals vith bark Fanny, of and for Boston. Ship Auburn, Durfey. 15 days from New Orleans, with cot3ii, to Johnson Ik Lowden. Bark Anahuac, Wilson, from Vera Cruz, July 17, with specie, tc. to Hargous Brothers it Co. Left no American vessels. Brig New OrU*n*, Alden. 16 days from Neuvitas, with inoisses, to Holt it Owen. Left no American vessels. Sailed in o. with brie Citizen, Clay, for N York British brig Lavinia, Jamison, 11 days from St. Jobus, NF. in allast, to G. it J. Laurie. Left brig Telpsico, for Nov York, oon Brig G. B. Lamar. Saiiuemaiui, 7 days from Savannah, with qtton, to Scott k MorrelL 16th init, Cun HitterM BSE* 40 ailes, spoke French frigate Circe, steering NNE?could not inderstand w here from or where bound. Brig Northumberland, Dayton, (of Baltimore) 32 days from Dporto, wirh wine, itc. to order. 12th inst. lat 41 58, Ion 55 40, |x~>ke brig Czarina, 50 days from Riga for Boston; 14th, oil' St. * rges, spok< British bnf Dundee, hence. Brij Alice, Colby, (of Newburyi?ort) 57 days from Bremen, n ballast, to master?111 passengers. Briv Annaw >11. Woberton. 19 davs from Port nu Prince, with offee, to S. W. Lewis. Left hrigs Maria, Stetson, for rhilalelphia, lith Auk; Fairfield, Wilson, hence, arrived 28tl July: .clir Delaware, from Baltimore, arrived 3fllli. Passed, bound ii, brig Sea Eagle, from Boston. No date, 1st 33 3(1, Ion 74, poke lurk Pulaski, Id days from Boston for Charleston. Brii! William, Niekerson, (of Boston) 27 days from Nesv Oreans. with smear and molasses, to master. Olf Tortugaa, spoke ihin North Bend, from NOrlcans for Cowes, Si hrDivdt m, Darling, 19 days from Grand Caillon, La. with to bills malssses in? Idids sugar to B. K. Dawson, Left on the jar, schr Jos. Marsh, for NYork. Selrr Columbia, Butter-field, 12 days from Key West, with 17 :a*ks molasses to K. L. Maitland. Sehr Pacific, Smith, (of Warren) 13 days from Baiacoa, with offee, to J. Elwell. Left no American vessels. Sehr Edward Treble, TrttinKiM, from Alexandria, with llour o order. Sehr Sterling, Taylor, from Washington, NC. with naval tores. Sehr Regultis, Darling, from Wilmington, NC. with naval tores. Marine Correspondence. Office or the Khodf. Islatdkr, > Newport, Aug. IB, 1812. ) Arr 17th, Canonicus, London?has had hut three days fair vind the whole passage?saw a niimlrer of icebergs; Fairnaven, somerset for Norfolk; Betsey Richards, East Greenwich for 1hilsdclphia; Control, James River: Penobscot. Philadelphia; i' Fall River for New York; Nantucket, Nantucket or do. Arr I8lh, Cathvrtne Frazier, Piotou, for orders; Pilot, Barntable for NYork. General Record. Foa Lnwnojs.?Packet ship Westminster, for London, will ail to-day. Her letter bag' are at Gilpin's News Rooms, in lie Exchange. Shit Bhitamsia.?Cipt. Jamison, of the I.aviiiia. from S,lohns, NF. 7 th mst. report' that two days previous to liis de|.art* ire, a large ship full ol passengers, from Liverpool, belonging o New York, went ashore on Cape Race, and was totally lost. Tire passengers all landed in salctv, and took passage ill a vesel for New York. This is no doubt lire ship Britannia. Capt. *ook, which sailed from Liverpool on the 23d June, lor New fork, and has been previously rr|>orted on her beam ends olf ipe II U'e. Launch.?A sliip of .'jOO tons was laiinehrd at Newburynort aat Thursrlay. She is called (lie Ashburton, ami is owned hv lapt Wm Plummrr, of Newburyiiort, and Caiit Charles llill, .f Boston. Spoken. A large steam ship showing American colors, all sail set and inderftill steam, Aug J, Carysfonl Light Boat NW 20 miles? io doubt the Mississippi. Russia, of NYork, 8 days from Boston for NOrleons, Aug 7, Bt 31 37, Ion 72 10. Dublin, of Portland, Me.steering east, Aug 9,1st 33 10 N, Ion 3 10. Annstta, It daysfram Jamaica for London, Aug 7, lat 20 10 N, on 79 to. Rally Aim, of and from Baltimore for St Thomas, Aug ii,off lurrituck. Mary Bruce, of and from Philadelphia for Antwerp, July 21, ff Rcilly. U 8 ship Columbia, from New York for Rio de Janeiro, 3d Lug, no lat, 4tc. Foreign Ports. Liverpool July 19?Rid City of Waterford, Quebec. 20th -Arr Clyde, Tampico. Off port, John, from Quebec. Loriior, July X(J?t.111 inwards, aiii, iRewiounuiaiiu. Liu Janges, Halifax. Graveserd, July 20?SM Gibraltar, NYork. Arr Monarch, doatival. Sydrev, CB. Aug 10?No American rnirlr in port. St Joii.r, NB. Aug 13?Arr Selim, NYork. Quebec, Aug ii?Arr dumber. Hull: Susan NYork; IJth, Irilaimia, Newcastle; Macao, Belfast; John ft Holier', Liverool; Robert It Ann, NYork; Tagua, . Cld Chieftain, .iverpool. MtTtaiti, Aug 5?In port, John Hill, of Machiaa, Me. disg, o load for NYork, aoon. C'innruEOoa, July 22?In port, Sagadahock, for Boston, in 8 ays. West Coast or Ariict. about July 1?Grecian, of .mil for 'hiladrlphia, wtg cargo. The Ho|*, of and for New York, via Jape de Verdi, left Monrovia 21?t June. United State* f*nrt?. PoRtlarp, Aug 1??Arr Sebago. I'lolade-Ipliia; Lafayette, Pt 'ctre, Guad. for Bangor. NKWBfltvroRT, Aug 17?Cld Wm Schroder, Porto Rico. Glouc ester, Aug 13?Arr Franklin, Thom.uton for New fork: tut). Olivia Brii kell. Richmond for Portsmouth, IJth, kindles, Tlwmaalor for Richuiond. Sid 16th, Turk, NVork.? njiort, a fleet of eaatern coat ten. Salem, Aug 16?Art Jaeltaon, NYork via Boston. Sid Heaid, Africa; Koxaiia. Para. Boitor, Aug II)?Arr Lucy, Antwerp; Hebrew, Newcastle, Cng; John Carver, C idia; Anne Reynolds. Philadelphia; Mninment, Surinam; Thorn, do; Sarah Williams, Cienfurgoa; (osatn, Mobile; N O Bourne, ( harlrst,>u; Dover, Balnrnore; '; Acorn, L'Oricnr, Atlas, J it W Krrickion, Thru rcland, Win Wilton, and Knielinr. Philadelphia; Annroo, dobile: Megniiticook. St Marka via NYork; Cordelia, Cha'son; Edwin, Richmond; Montane. .Naneeinnnd; Gleaner, Baltinorc; Carroll. Havre de Grace; Vermont, Vintage, Yi?ii?i?irt, ml Oliver, Albinv; Pennavlvania, Salem, N.l; John B. A M tale, Fancy, and Trio, NYo.-k; Jisiitr, ami Wave RoiNiout.? ligntl for antig. Cld Odrnn, Chariest >n; Palm, Philadelphia; )aul Fiancia, Richmond; Mirch, Fredericksburg: Marietta, It a Yolk ; Splendid, do. Arr I7|Il Cong a re e, Charleston; J oh Vtkina, Jeremie; John Murray, Sidney, CB; Thoi Hooper, laltimoie. II titTroRD, Aug 18?Arr Mail, Philadi Iphia; Jane, NYork. "Id Leandrr, do. f'Mii.anr.Lrnia, Aug 13?Arr Ohio, NOrleans: Sarah Hand, o; Gov Robhins, St John, NB; F.iimre Roae, llartford; Elies Villiama, New London; Evelina, Boston: Sparta, Belfast Mc; ronsides, llartford. Ih low, a ship supposed the Thus P Co|e, rorn Liverpool; Madrid, Tnnidid de Cuba; Napoleon, St John IB. Cld Turk, Delaware, and Gen Scott, Boston: Henrietta, Jibraltar; A Marshall, N York; Republic, do; Victory, Brooken; S?pi ire it Brothers, Providence; Mexico, Troy; David mfliii, Cambridge port: Calcutta, Digliton. Air in the Schuylill, Mentor, I"iclou; Vandalia, Boston; Carroll, NYork;Swan, Inter Island. Baltimore, Am; 17?Arr Henry, Newunrt, Wales; Harriet, Vest Coast ol Africa; Architect. NGricvns: Ontario. M; tinis; Bergen, New York; D C Wilson, do. Cld Marina, Bull*. Alexardrla. Aug 16?Sid Napoleon, Salem. HicmmoIXD, Aug 16?Arr Casrn, Luhec. Sid ScadriB. Rtuor A seaman named Jamct Kirby, from the St He of Maine, hi board the John, fell overboard on Sunday night 1 \st, and was Itciwned. ( hari.eitor, Aug 16?Hid Callmnn, NYork; Ntuvno, Boxon: Frances, do. Cld La Grange, do. St? Orlf.ari, Aug 10?Cld Toplitf, N*w Yoik; Ca.l uon, loston, Arr Adahne * Elira, do; Marian*, Cap? d? Virdi NEW STOVE. 1 N REMODELING MY STOVES SINCE THE EIRE. I * have introduced Che novel in-thod >f heating the Oveus by tin hi of tubt s,on the - <!m? piiuciple that h* at is coiiiinuuieaied l?? ll?? Locomotive Tubulax Boi.? vi/.: passing heal through in Ml of around thi initariall ' a 1 upon. Tin niw ye framed together, aud from th bottom of th Oven, and car I*- Int. d .at nid in (through the Ovtu door) for the uurpoa* of * h uiitw. with m much facility a? the grate of in onfimr) MM stove. Tin* ia'of immense impoitance, ?u the tiuea of all atovea are-more or less liable to become foul after a few week* use; and many persons be ing at a loss how to clean them condemn the atovea lor that cause alone. These atovea are ao simple a child can uuderstund, to elf*cfive, that it ia alnv?' impossible to i take thtUl work wroug. Not w nlmUndiuv my Stoves have he? ii award* d premiums at every Fair, when in competition, these are every wav superior to thorn of former make. The ovens are much enlarged. Having a fouudry ender my routiol, the public are assured the stove* are made from the first quality of iron, and .if sufficient thickness to insure then durability?w ill burn either wood or coal. Country and city deal ers. and those w ho design purc'wviiug for ui*, am icqncsted t<> call and ?mtnine them, if merely to gratify curiosity. A w ritten warrantee will be given with every' stove retailed if i? ju? ated at the time of purchase. Price o! former inak? much reduced. J. L. MOTT, It re 201 Witer met t nid 15 Bow* i PRIVATE CURE. rPHK ATTENTION OF ILL Buffi iu|ond * symptoms of secret diseases, whether recent or protracted is directed to Doctor Jordan's i|n.ciiic courses. No. |, for the cure of Gonorrhoea, Gleet* and all urethral discharges ; and cottise No. t? for the prompt and permanent eradication of venereal disease#. Tbeae cotaraes iallv designed to i nable [ the patiaul to effect s satisfactory cure without exposure or suspicion, to which end each package contains every medirinc. I wash, fee. ever required, either for internal or external use ; and for the guidance and safety of the patient, accompanied !>>" Dr. Jord m's private treatise, M The Monitor"?'wherein is full directions ; with a plain description of the nature, ?\ mptoms, consequences and t re tment or sec ret maladies?the remedies proner for their different stages?'with valuable information uie nil hints and iui|>oriaut advice?suited alike to the present invalids, and to those who having heretofore been unfortunate, either contemplate marriage, or have recently entered into that state. aThe price of the Monitor is 60 cents?One dollar postpaid will ensure it free. The courses are each $3,4k), guaranteed to effect a cute w ithout further expense ; and admirably adapted for strangert, travellers, or residents in the country, Iroui their completeness and compactness ; and will be forwarded secure from observation. fj 7" Sold lor the Proprietor, only at Drug store 00 Prince street, corner of Marion, 3 blocks east of Niblo's. Marion is a ' ontiiiu it ion -mi nt r? i u mi lm*r HOT IvL D'EUROPE, No. 8 Ilroncl Street. rPIlE Proprietor having removed to No 8 Broad street, and J- opened this establishment for the convenience of the eating public, solicits Ins 11 tends and others to give him .1 cnu. Every delicacy of the season maybe had here, and every thing served up in the most recherche st> le, the bar is supplied Willi good Wilies and Liquors at all times table d'lbu. at \ o'clock. Citixess and strangers will liud this an admirable place to dine down town, being ho near business. N. B. Private Rooms may be had for parties or single genii emen^funiiahed. au20iin*r |) M KKT ship SHER1 DANFROM LIVERPOOL.? A i oiihiKiii*f? by this ship will please send their permits on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall st without delay. All goods not permitted in live days, w ill be sent to public 101. iul8 r BOARDING.?Three or four Gentlcineucan be handsomely accommodated with self-ron'ained Rooms and Board, on moderate terms, by early application at 63 Fulton street. au20 3t BILLS of Exchange on all parts of England, Ireland and Scotland, hi sums of ?5 to ?15 and ?20, to any amount, for sale at S. J. SYLVESTER'S, 22 Wall street, au 20 r ana 130 Broadway. /COLLECTIONS on all parts of the United States, made on ^ the most favorable terms, by S. J. SYLVESTER, 820 r 22 Wall at. and 130 Broadwav. ' KWBURYPORT BANK NOTES wanted at I S. J. SYLVESTER S. ll?80 1 130 Broadway anil 22 Wall street. A1TANTED TO KNOW if a purchaser could be obtained .'or a jmlgmeui against the ( UtOO Routt OfluMV III Courtlandt street, near Broadway, that rendered the secret s rvices to the party unbeknown to tke public?he is known a< a I otel keeper for many years. au20 lt*r The State or Mississippi, > Kemper County. ) Circuit Court; April Term, 1842. Charles Hatcher, Ml. vs. ) William F. Hamilton 4k > Attachment for $11750 27 Jioscow Cole. j pHE Attachment in the above stated c?se, having been reJ turned into our said Court duly executed, it is ordered by the Court that publication be made for six successive weeks, in l!New York II- raid, a nrwsoapcr publish,(1 in tile city of New York, notify iLg the said rMendauis of the pendency of this suit, and that tinier a the said deleudants shall appear on or before tlie fourth Monday of October next, being the fret day of the next terin o? our Court, nut in special bail, plead, or demur, judgment will be rendered against Yliemt and the property attached wi.l be sold to sitisfy the said plaintiffs demands. Witness, Mosr.s Ev ans, Clerk of our said Court, the 27th day of July, A. D. 1812, aud the seal of said Court au>0 w0w?r MOSES EVANS, Clerk HI' NT ERIE N DISPENSARY, ESTABLISHED IN 1335, No. 3 Division street.?The multiplicity of quack medicines and nostrums, the plurality which are in rented by ignorant persons, solely for the purpose of rucking the pockets of the credulous, without affording the slientest relief, but on the contrary an injury subjecting them to protracted illness, ending in dilapidation, and often total destruction of the constitution, would have piev? nted the proprietor im'ting this in print, out the established fame, the well attested excellence of the Hunter's Red Droim proved in thousands of cases, aud the r..,ncrL? ,n...i;,.ii>.. 'ir.t ...m, ... ..n ?v..? this cannot be classed with the above.and the reckless noatrumi id' unprincipled persons who imitate every medicine found to he truly valuable During the last R years the cMebrity of this medicine has steadily increased, ,ind not one solitary ease of failure has reached tnc car of the proprietor. It is not merely prompt in removing disea-es, hut is safe for all to use ; it is also convenient, and may he taken with the utmost secrecy, the patient pursuing his avocation undisturbed by its effects. The only effort for tnc sale of thia mi ilieiue in New York is as above Branch office No. 4 Sheldon How, South Blh street, Philadelphia, JV aTO lt*r DEDICATION.?The French Catholic Church of St Vincent de Pan! in Canal street, will be dedicated on Sunday, ?lst instant, by the Rigid Kev. Bishop Hughes. To prevent the excess of people who would crowd into the building, if it were left open indiscriminately for all, ihe Trustees will issue Tickets of Admission for as many as the ( linrch w ill hold.? These tickets vsrilt not be sold, but a collection will be'alteu up Vifterthe sermon to aid tlicChurch, when it is hn|>ed that the spontaneous offerings oftli- assembly will he liberal. Th" French residents and those who subscribed towards erecting the Church, may obtain tickets of Mr. Binsse, No 10 Beach street; Mr C. Otgnon*, 11 William street, ami at Deltnoniro's Kestaaraut. Tim Rev. Drs. Power, (Quarters, Starts, ami MrCloskey will distribute thein to those ui the |tew-holdersof their respective congregations who may desire t > hi' present. aullHt'r CHINESE LEMONIAAN EN l'lHELV new and splendiJ article for the Toilet. surpassing in fragrancy any article of the kind hats ever been iutrodti ed jjto thia country. Every hou?ekee|*?r wiilhigldv appreciate it aa an ind.apensable family iuvigorator. Alan, Larendcr, Tine Apple, Vanilla and Cologne, h'ghly fragrant?together with every variety of fragrant odors in liquid form. Y >r tale wholesale and retail at the Depot of Health and Strength. 50 Canal street, on? door east of Broadway. au>0 2w?r A V. H. W E B B_Agynt^ MEDICAL AID DIt. GREGORY continues to devote his entire pergonal attention to diseases of a peculiar nature. He has bestow ed much study and attention in the improvement of the old mode of practice, and the result is he has succeeded in discovering a new auxiliary remedy, never before naed in this line of practice. It is particular! v applicable ?n cases ol long standing, and where in many instances a stricture was aupjH?sed to esiit. Dr. O.'s residence is at 34 Mott street, about l.'iO yards from < bat ham sou ar?* nearly opposite the Church. He is .it home all hours of the day ami evening. His charges are in pronortion to the times. No 34 is not a drug store. au?(Klt*r WONDERFUL DISCOVERY. OTHIKKR'S SOLUTION FOR THE HAIR, which will O change grey hair to its original color in a few mmuLts. This solution is different from any yet offered, and cannot fail of superseding all others. It is highly efficacious, and possesses the great advantage of beautifying the hair without injuring its growth. Those who doubt its virtues are requested to have th-ir hair ( lunged before paying their money. If humbugs would take tins method there would he no reason to complain. < )rtc ti ia) w iii i row the fit t. Sold wholesale and retail, and applied, at No. 5 Chatham st. <>; post e the Hall <>f II. ..I. N< w Y >;l.. up stairs ml ft 'Jf r "I IMPORTANT TO THE OWNERS ~OF &c.?John Williams, Veterinary 8tirrespectfully informs his numerous friends ami the public, that he continues practising successfully on the different diseases incidental to fnaC noble animal the horse, at his oldest ibliihi d Viterinary Establishment at the sign of tht Golden Horse, No. 328 Broome street, a few doors east of the Bowcrv. New York. Mr. Williams to thanking his numerous friends for their kind patronage during a period of fourteen years ill his extensive business in this city, takes this opportunity of informing them he has considerably improved his Infirmary, and has fitted up a number of convenient roomy Ground Floor Stalls for sick H? rses, which will he attended t ? with his usual care, punctual lit y and attention. Tni la< t of Mr. Willi ims being regelarli educated and brought Up to the profession in the armies of both England and France, and having had much rxiwrirnce is a sufficient guapntee that, th >* entrusting him with the care of their Hones, may r ly upon the utmost skill and attention being paid to them. Mr. Williams would also suggest to his friends the advantages to he derived frjni employing him in thr examination ol Horses for sale. His services are offered to both the purchaser and the seller, and his accuiate knowledge of the perfect formation of the Horse cannot but prove beneficial. Sir. Williams' Infirmary is at No. 131 Chrystie street, where he is always to he found at d consulted, and where Horses committed to nis care will havethe fnll benefit of his care and long experience. His charges are moderate and suitable to the times. an 10 3t en 1 ?r . NOTICE TO WAGON BUILDERS?The sub I an acriber, Proprietor of New York Tattersalla. will f r 11 make liberal advances in Cash, on all New Light Wagons sent to Iliac stabluhment for sale. Builders in the country can rely upon having every attention paid to their orders. For further particulars, as to terms, fcc. apply to GEO. W. MILLER, iii n Pr<i| risto' ' N v 1 148 Broadway BKACON COURSE?THOTTI\<i. TV following Swee|iatakea are o|iein-I to come On the '1 bird Week in September. . . Stake No. I?Mile heats, best 3 III 5. ill wagons, free lor ell horses never trotted for money?$50 entrancr?half forfeit, $?', eildeil, to go to the second best borne. Wagons end (Mr, rs to weigh :I0<> Mm. , Stake No. it? Two mi'e heats in harness, free lo. .ill honenever won * purse over $100?one hundred entrance?half forfeii; $.50 added, to be given to the sernnd beat hone. Stake No. 3?S me as No. 2, under the svliPe, Stake No. 4?Two mile heata in harncaa,' free for all lioriea nner won money?$50 etilrance-hall forfeit; $25 added, to go to the ? eond bevl horac. Stake No. 5? Same aa No. 4, under the saddle. Stake No. 6?vlilc heats, liest tin .5, under the saddle, for horses hever WOti s purse over $30?$50 entrance, half forfeit ?P> added, to go to the second best horse. Stake No 7?Mile heats, best 3 in J, tinder the a'ddlc, $50 entrance ^ half forfeit; $73 added, to he give n to the second best horse. Fiei for hors, s never trotted for money Monday, Sept. 26?Purse $.500. two mile heats, iri wHgons. with in maid- stake of $500, half forfeit; $700, to go to the ar( Olid beat horse. Wagons and drivers to weigh 3t>n lbs. Entries for the above purses and slakes to clove at Randall Smith's, ]l Park Row. August 20, hy 9 o'clock P. M. Threr or more to make a race. UK.O. srirF.R. anil 2t? r J. D Me MAN. PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLS rPHEBK far-famed and celebrated Pills, from I ortnyal, are, wo perceive, to ba obtained In thia cnanvy. Si adwrnoo* l mom on tho loot colnmn " ' ~ ?''? AM U SEN 1ENTS. MIIID'H GARDEN. CHKAT ATTHA'TION ' !'*?' A l' I ? i;? -.?; ? , KA^NY HTZWILLiAM ?i.i( Mi BULkkMObK, VYI* positively lk>|>att for the I'.uadaa auii Eutoi* Tnaaday ntil Mr Backatoiie'a new l?l ironnlar I>un Drain a of lire Stf.iPI'IS'G TURTLES, l.i >?Inch Mr Buckatone ami Mra Kiuwilliam w ill tuaUni all llir 'liarar-irra. Al-n the celebrated ( amir Drama of FOREIGN .11RS JiSD SATll E UR.1CES, III winch Mra Klirwilliam will aualaiu lour original characters. THIS fc V EN IN li, August -<0. the Entertainments will commence at 8 o'clork, with A GRAND OVERTURE. Al'tor hInch will be irnaenud Mr Buckstooe'a highly popular t Duo-Drarna, called THE SNAPPING Tl KTl.ES ! O'-, Mi. anil Mrt. T. T. Tun int. Mr Timothy T?uUlu> Tiinma, Mr Buck.tour Mra Matilda Titnms, Mra hlUwilliam Aaai MKtr CmiIacTIX. Ml Km km* Yaw \.i? .i Lrtadna Eiaaiaila. Mra I"* *h?? %% itl ting h new Song, calleJ I tit Lift of a Dandy Mi** Ar..l rll.? Di?-*way, Mr Bi?ck?u>** Mrs tt'RUriie} fin Irish Ko* limiting ^ri With a Boost descrittfive of an Irish r o\ Hunt and Horse Knee. Sober Sam, Mr Buckatoae tO'd/ici ??i hour's mteriniasiou will be allowed for JWfrvaJiineiits in the (irnnd Saloon. . T? be succeeded by Aii OVERTURE, combining most of the beautifal Scotch Melodies. Arranged expressly lor this i subluhment. Alter wh*rh tl it- i oi ular vriti?K'al entertaini/ieiit, called FOREIGN AI lis k NATIVE GRACES. Sum Dueklaml, Uiickstune | Emily Staples, Mn FitiwUliam Susan Acorn, Mr* FitiwiUum " ""V* . , MU* Avres. I he w hole to conclude with THE PROMENADE MUSIC ALE. \L/~ The proprietor rrsi actfully ii,form, the public, that la compliance w ith the wislirs of numerous v isilors, this ranch ml mired part ol the entertainments, will be giv.u altar tha performances in the Saloon are over. Actinic Manager, Mr. Chippendale Musical Leader uud Director, Mr e-Wooil. Tickets?50 cents Poms open at seven o'elock, Eutcrtainmcnu to eommene* at eiirht. CHATHAM T'HKAi'ltK. FIRST NIGHT OK THETHATHAM. MR. K. FORREST and MISS CLIFTON, at Claude Melnulle anil I'uuhne. A New National Overture, written by kir Marks, Composer and Director, w ill he jdavi d durum the tiist display of the TRIUMPHAL ARCH An ojieuiug Address will he S|H>kcu by MrU. R. THORNE, written hv Jonas B. Phillips, Eau. MONDAY EVENING, August it, IM2, will be perfoimed the heautiliil plav of the I.AIJY OK LYONS. Claude Melnctte, Mr Forrest | Beau rant, 1 MrHiald Paulina, Miss Clifton Widow Meluotte, Mrs Jndali To conclude with the Comedy of SWEETHEAUT8 AND WIVES. Admiial Franklin, Mr W Jones | Charles Franklin, Hield Engeiiia, Mrs Thome Lnira, Mrs Hie Id Mrs Bell, MisJudali f:./*" Tuesday Second Night of Mr Forrest and Mils Josephine Clifton. ,ry" Pri ea?First Tier, 50 cents ; Pit, 25 cents ; Uppar Tler, S7 1-2 cents. [I~7~ Poors will open at 7?Curtain williisc at ijnartei befors 8 o'clock precisely. Bos Office open daily from 1 to 5, where Tickets may be purchased and places secured. The splendid decorations of lint Theatre are at lengt completed, anil it will imsiiively open on MONDAY NlUH'l'. The interior of (he house presents a most spleudid and uupua im; appearnnoe, and letlccts much credit oil the artists engage* in the designs. On the first tier of hoses are displayed the several engj^s met is of the Wasp and Reindeer, Constitution and Java, tups ted States and Macedonian, Hornet and Peacock, S.uitum? and Bosrr, Terry's Victory ou Lake Erie, and numerous outs, naval engagements. On the second tier the Portraits of the Presidents are Deauu fully and correctly depicted, and the ilesiens on the thiru tier represent the celebrated Battles of Bunker Hill, l ovieia, Yorkiown, New Orleans. Lundv's Lane, Brandvwine, riaita hurgh and Thames. A splendid Act Drori, representing the engagement betweea the Constitution and (Juriiere, and a new Curtain of richgreen drapery have been painted by that eminent artist, P. Grata, sen'r, and round the bottom of the Pillars of the Froacenum, which are white, fluted with geld, are correct likenesses of De catur, Hull, Perrv and Law retire. . The Chatham is bow, without doubt, the most elegant The atro in the Unoni au!7 5tr ArUJnltlCAN iiW?Ell51 AND UAUDENN pORNER OF BROADWAY AND ANN STREET opposite St. Paul's Church. P. T. BARNUM, MANAGER. INCREASED NOVELTIES!! WONDER OK CREATION.. Fur One Week Oiilv? Day Visiters admitted iu the Evening Free. Flattered by the immense patimnge bestowed upon this e?- . tahlishinc lit by a discerilii g public, and bung determined te rpnre no, exertions in securing every attainable novelty, tha manager is happy to announce that he has, at a mo.t eilraordi nary expense, made arrangements with the proprietor of the greatest curiosity ill th. win Id the nr.s.h* nir,iini*iw : Kxhibibitrd during the past ?nk at Concert Hall, in Broad way, where hundreds or Naturalists and other scientific gentlemen beheld it with Ctrl wonder and amusement, und publicly exprtxsed their conviction of the existence of this wouderfu creature. No Extra charge for Admission to the Museum. Winchell. the comic drolleiist. in eight characte-a? the Oip ay Girl can be privately consulted?I a I'elile Celeste, Mis Ho salit, B illnon Ascensions, Albino Lady, Fancy Glass Blowine ami 300,000 curiosities. Day performances, Wednesday and Saturday, at 4 o'clock.? Adinitlanee to the whole 23 Cents, children half price. auU r ~ HlL1/? NGW YOHK 9IIJ8KUM. A CARD.?The public it respectfully iuformrd rhatth** New York Museum will be clo.rd in th? eveuin^ till the eitensive dlreraiions and improvements are finisfied. It is the inlent urn of the subscriber to re-o|iep on or about the 29th of AuI niist, and pledfccs himself at ihat time to show the public one of th< mod majroificent and renned placet of amasemeut to be ton ml in the United States. G. 11 HILL. .hi m laa+v rpHEMONT THE 1TRV BOSTON ?Lsdi? md Panda J men of acknowledged talent, desirous of engagement at tin , establishment, will m.ike application by letter, post paid te ll??* subscriber immediately. J. 8. JONES, Lessee. Boston, Au;;. 17, 1812. audi 3tii?rc A BOAT RACK ~ WILL lake place at the Klysian Fields, Hoboken, on Wed nesday, August 2it'\ 1842. A |'rur of Fifty Dollars will he given to four oared Race Boats entrance five dollars each which will be added to ihe pur e and given to the winning boat Also, n prize of twenty-live dollar, will be given lor a race between (wo pair of scull boats. This prize will h*frre foral I scull boals not esceeding twenty four lectin length. All boats w ishing toeuter for thi< race, will please to enter on or before Monday, 22.1 August, as no boat, will be allowed to cuter after that date. G.uileine wis lug to niter their ' oaca - ill pleass lo apply lo M. Mcl'AKTY, at the Elyxiau Fields, Hoboken. aul8 3tis*r TO Till; AMATKUKS OF THE ACCORDION! QIGNOR L. MARTINI having sticceedrd in bringing 11 tat k ' delightful instrument into eitensiveand favorable notice in Europe; and having developed the |M>wers and capabilities of the instniinriit in two Elvinentaty and Practical Treatises which have been extensively adopted in France and England, begs leave to inform the public generally, that he is about republishing copious extracts from the above works, which will shortly he issued from the I'reaa of Messrs Firth St Hall. SIONOR MARTINI will be happy to give instruction in the art of playing the Accordion, at hit residence. JO Pinal street, or at the reaidence of Pupils. And he flatte^^Hiacir iliat thoae Ladiea and Gentlemen who may avail t'iem<Mve* of lua professional services, will make rapid and axrrrable advancta, aahia method ia simple, dear and progressive. au!9 3m*r 'PHE ORCHESTRION?Will be exhibited at the Stuyve J- aunt Institute 637 Broadway, from 10 to 12 o'clock, A. M. anil from 7 till 9 o'clock in the evening, commencing on Wednesday, August i7th. This splendid Musical Instrument lately introduced from Europe, plays the moat brilliant overture* and fantasias. Finer or more correctly harrnonized music can never be heard. The splendor as well as the beauty and finish of mechanism astonishes every beholder and attracts the curiosity and admiration of ama'eurs of inuaic. Admittance 23 cents. au!6 lw*m GERMAN QUARTETTO?TheOerman <s|uartetto takes much pleat ore to inform the public most resjiectfull^', that they are now prepared for Evening Serenades ill the English or German lanvuage, on the most reasonable terms. For particulars, please impure at Mr H. THORBKCKE, 121 Heatrr St. upstairs. au3 Im'r PICTURES FROM SPAIN.?Christ disputing with the T Doctors, a chef d'euvre by S|>agnioletto The raising o Lazarus," a fine specimen of Ouercino; ami a grand altar piece, " The Resurrection of Christ," {tainted by /urbaran ; togeth with other fine piciures, are now open (or Exhibition at lbs Apollo Rixtms. (10 Broadway. Also, a collection of Ancient Spanish Armour and Arms, amongst which is the sword of the renowned BOABDIL, The last Moorish King of Grenadt. Open (rom 8 o'clock till dusk?Admittance 23 cents, j Alia fine copies from the Old Masters, for sale very cheap. an H 6t * r NOT HE It OF BULWKK'U NOVELS, lor 23 Cents.? HARPER Sc BROTHERS, SI Cliff street, will imbliah on Friday morning, the 19th instant? The Disowned?A Novel?By Sir E. L. Bulwer witha beauliful engraving on steel. Price twenty-five cents. Being No. tl of the Libury of Select Novels. Rtcently Publithed. Tel ham, or the Adventures of a Gentleman, with an elegant engraving on steel. Price twenty-five cents. Being No I of the Library of Select Novels. HARPER ABROlHERS resiN-ctfully announce their in tenlmn tojiublish an octavo ediiion of the standard novels,such as those of Mr. Junes, Sir E. I,. Bulwer, fcc. at the very low price of twen'y-five rents. Etch novel will b? comprised in a single volume, yet the type (brevier) will lie largr enough to ensure easy legibility. 'Hie piges will be in double columns. A volume as ill be published about once a fortnight, or oftene'r if occasion shall require. In this respect the publishers will be governed by the supply, whalevergood works ap|>ear will be promptly issued in the uclayo edition. The works introduced in this edition will be given complete without omission or anruigrmeui-aim in me neatest aim nana' nomest manner Tha neper will be of excellent quality; the sheet* will b?- dried anu nresieri, ?o that the volume* will be in order for binding ; and ?? the price it lower than that of my edition or form in which auch work* have ever been nub' Halted lr m or elsewhere, the publishers ci nfideully anticipate n i c-11 em our*'-. lU?nt I[fim11ic |r"h'ic. *ntn -)(,,* r pit lOlt.Al. VV.ltr OI, I ti?* w.ra > ? uaiivan. .m, I WII I I appear on Saturday, 20th mat embellished with 20 Htimnroua Engraving* from ihr pencil of Manning, the fruikihank of America, and othera; edited by arveral choice apirita. Price 6 cent*. Elton luibti.her and proprietor,OR Naaaan at. fan alio be had of Roll lit Co. I# Diviainn at; Kelly A Ford, 2(57 Broad way, A* ford, lot Broadway, and of all rea|wcuble new a ran dera in the city and county. iol'l?tu?r j 6 V K, COI HTSHli' AM) MAKRTA0K7-.VIyatertra ari l Retention* in Love, Courtahip and Marriage?an infallible Otlidr-Book lor married and ainje per?on?, in rnaltera of the utmost importance to the human race. By Engine Bccklard. M. P. Amotnt the thinttt duly co'iaid'red in thia work arc inairer* ofaeriona importance In single and young nyrricd l* raoua? 1 he came < of, arid run a for sterility?The A't of Be,ml) andt ourt <hi,a? Th danger of solitary practice!, and how the habit may he rem red?The cause 01 Lore and .'ealoltiy. with a remedy tor eradicating from thr ?)item the aerda era noneleasor an unhappy paaaion?Otlapriug. including modn for the |t? pitta lion or prevention Iher- ol-te.ti to. knowing the a, I*ew o an horn children?Internum e<?Pernnns who odghj and 'Ugh ont to matry?T'e "t au<picino seaaori (or wedlock, Stc, Price 74cents?-For .ale at MSI Bowery. *> Nassau, and tho "iKr the eoiiiitiy rw,,,V,,.?k%,tIU;fcdret0. thi,,omir'v*J'ditr'rawho publish the above and tern I on a paper . out ,turns it m "be with "a copy of the book. an 14 In *r TTOMKKOV *<<>? NEW Vt??tK, At MANY, I HOY, I III FFAI* >.< Hit AGO AND CANADA PAIKAOE E.V I'llE8B, b ivea every Evening, Sundry* eicepted, lor the atari e in inert aral all inlermeiliatr ilarr*. t ifflee No. 2 W ill atrvet. New York. aulT r ,J I tiAll?"00 liltdi prime New Grl-ana Sugar.", in atore and IJ for a de iti lota to anil purchn.ert, by , mi I * r E. K I (U.I.INS Ik CO. .'A H'nth a'. DM JAM EH ATKIANDkR HOI H'iON ha? rrmoToi his Co.naitLTIiru "Are. IS Vn. I ritOlKO rorntroi Nassau audi Ul rai IM

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