Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 24, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 24, 1842 Page 1
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TH v?i? vm.?no. ass .?wimu * *. REGULAR PACKETS. " Mfc LINE ?tlVUMlJI. EAtltET*. ~ * itttn New Toik ou th# ISth ud LitctjwoI ? tke lMi af tack m*ntk. ? dft lift ift Skip 81DDONS Cuxai" K. B. Cobb, ?lh Anpin Bbip SHERIDAN. Cit>uiu K. A. Dtpaytwr. 2Jch Sfptoa'r Ship (JAKR1CK. Capiajn Wm. SkidJy, 2Sth October. Ship ROBCHJIt, Capua Jahu Collin*. Ibth NoTanbrr. Krou LncarooL. Skip GARIUCK. Captain Wm. Sknldy, 13th An(nst. Skip ROSCrUS. Captain Jotui Colliu*. 13th Srptnnbvr. Ut.... w 1111 id t V N ranfjin K R. (.nhli. Ilth Ortnbt*ft Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Depeyater, I3lh >b?u'i TUm? stupe are all ol'lii# tral claee, upward* ol 1000 ton*, bunl to the city of New York, with such improvements a* combine groat speed with unusual comfort for passenger*. Every carr baa beaa taken is the arrangement of their accommodation*. Tlx* pace of pannage hence i* $100, for which ample *torr* will ha provided. The*e *tup* are commanded by experienced maaten, who will make every exertion to give general sanefaoUm Neither tha oapuin* or owner* of tha fhipa will be reepatuiMa for any letter*, parcel* or package* aent by them, utile** regular b'fl* of lading are signed therefor. ffite* nip* of thi* line will hereafter go anued, and their peculiar rouairnrtion give* them security not poe**?*ed by any oibt bat veeeel* of war. For freight ot passage, lpnly to E. K. COLLINS k CO., 56 South at.. New York, or to WM. A JAS. BROWN ft CO.. Liverpool. Latter* by tha packet* wiD be charged ltfc cent* par *inglr aheet; 5* aenla per ounce, and newspaper* 1 sent eacb. ?ul3r NEW YORK AND HAVRE "PACTCETS (SECOND LINE ) M. M. M. M. lTw*lupei>f thuhu^wST b*r**n*^*sre Nav^TornS tht lac and Havre on the Igth of each month,** follow* : From Nrw York. From Havre. Tha new ahrp ONEIDA, L lit March ( 16th April Captain t 1st July < 16th August Juni* Knock. f lit November f 16th Dacamber hip BALTIMORE. I Ut Apnl i 16th M*> Captain < lat August c 16th September ?,dwarfLF"unck, f1st Daccem'rf 16th January hip UTIC A, I 1st May t 16th June Captain < lat Septemb'rc 16th October Frederick Hewitt, ( let Jannary f 16th Kekrnary NawahipST.NICOLAS, i lat June I 16lh July Captain < lat October ( lflh November. J. B. Pell, ( 1st February ( 16tn March The accommodation* of these shipe are not surpassed, combining all that may be required for comfort. The price of enbin peerag e ie $166. Passenger* will be supplied with every regain te. with the reaepaoa of wlue* nnd liquor*. Oooi* intended for (he*e vessel* will be forwarded by the anbsenbttx fro* mnn any other than the expenae* actually it> Ourred an them. For freight or naaaage. apply te BOYD ft HlNCTtEN, Agent*. U ? Tontine BJjiJing*. FOR NEW ORLEANS. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS. M. >m> M For & UeOer aeeonunodano^7 *hipi>ern it i^utTaded to di apnl* b a ship Nam thi* port oisth* 1st, 5th. Nth, lSth, ?th, and ?th ef each month, oommr ncing the 10th October ana continuing eeul May, when ragular days will b* appointad fee the re mnmitr* of at* year, wunir greet uiiyi ug aiuppouitrnvnu will b? pmeotM during the ^ummer moe>he. The following eh||x wfil commence thu acreage meet : Stup YAZOO, Captain Cornell. Ship OCONEE, Captain Jeckaon. flhlli MISSISSIPPI, Captain Rilliard. Chip LOUISTlLLt, Captain HueL ?Lp 8HAKSPEARE ,' Captain Minat. Ship OA9T0N. Captain Laihain. Ship RUNTSVILLE, Captain Manifold. Ship OCMULUEE, Captain Learitt. Sup NASHVILLE, Captain Dickinaeu. Blip MEMPHIS, CatKaih Knight. Ship LOUISA, Captain Mulford. Theae ahipa were all built ta the city of New Tork, expreaajfnr packets, are ef light draft of water, hare recently been wly ecprpered end pat in splendid order.with accommodations far paasaagen unegrfaUed lor comfort. They are commanded by eujwrieeced aamn. who will make erery exerueu to (ire eeneml eatufaetioa. TUey will at all time# be towed up and Iowa the Miaaiaaippi by ateamboata. Neither the owuem er eaptaiua ef ihete ahipa will be retpontihia Lu jewelry, hellion, preeioaa alonaa, lilrer or plated ware, er SJr any latum, parcel er package, rent by or put on beard of them, enlace regular bflla of lading me taken for the aame, mid the Tales thereon eipreeaed. Per freight orneeeage, apply HlrLLIN k WOODaufr?, ^jut1'!" New OrjM*. who will promptly forward all good* to tRair addreat. Th? ahipa of thia nna ara warranted to sail punctually aa ad artUad, and gruat mrt will ba taken to l%ve the gooda correctly maaaurad. ir.4 OLD LLNEf"LIVERPOOL PACKETS; m mm ' rHI OL^^LINE of PacaeC^or Lirerpoo^^Tuieraafler ha A despatched in the foil owing order, eiceptiag that when the day of celling fella on Sunday, the ehipe will tad on the succeeding day. For Naw Tork. For Lirerpool. The SOUTH AMERICA, (June 1 July It IK toei, < Oct 1 Nor IS D. Q. Bailey, f Feb 1 Mar IS The ENGLAND, (June II Aug 7 7M tone. f Oct 19 Dec 7 B. L. White, f Feb It April 7 The OXFORD, I July 1 Aug IB M tone. < Not 1 Dee IB J.Baihbone, ( March 1 April IS The EUROPE, July II Sept 7 <10 tone. Not II Jan 7 E. O. Marehall Mar II May 7 The NORTH AMERICA, (lAug 1 Sept IS 111 tone. ' Dee 1 Jan II A B. Lowbet.i April 1 May It TIm NEW YORK, I Aug 19 Oct 7 904 to Da, Dee 1* Feb 7 T. B. Cropper. ( April It June 7 Tbe CAMBRIDGE, Sept 1 Oct 17 tM tone, '.Jet 1 Feb 17 W.CButowj Miy 1 Jane 19 The COLUMBUS, i, Sept It No* t 790 tote, , Jan It Max 9 O. A. Cole. <; May It July 7 Punetaality, aa regard* the day of tailing, will be obeerred aa hemtofore. The price of uaaaage outward ia now fixed atOne Handled Dolltn. Tor which ample atoree of eeer* description will be peorided, with the exception of winee and liqaora, which Will be ihrniahed by the atewaida. GOODHUE A CO.. C4 South rt., C. H. MARSHALL. M BurlinreliD, N. Y. jell lyh BARING BROTHERS A CO.. LspoolSTEAM NAVIGATION BETWEEN ANTWERP AND NEW YORK. VIA?SOUTHAMPTON. BELGIAN STEAMER BRITISH QUEEN, F. Etceholt, Comtaiepcn. The dart of departure of thia well-known Steamship, have been Axed aa fonowi : Proaa Antwerp, From Southampton, From New York, On tth Mar. IMS. On 7th May, IMS, On 7th June, llli Ma.. 10th July, " 7th Aug., " 7th Sept. " l#th 8ept. " 7th Oct., " Price of passage, meala pot ineloded, tn Southampton or Antwerp, $79?Steward's feea, $C ?X- The meale will be eerred on board, en the plan ef a contuientel hotel, iu the beat manner, and at fixed dnd moderate pricea, paaaengaie being only faaiwed when nartnking of the anme. The ptiee of passage to either of the a bore porta can alao be tKaged if preferred, with meals and auward'a fsea ioclnded for fS7 OX centa, excluaare of winea. An exparienced Sorgeon aeoompaniea the ship.Tor freight er peeaaga, oil ^Ihjjher nf^I to a23 (m* r tl Bearer atreek NT?W JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. From the foot of Cenxtlandt meet, New Eork. (Erery day?Sunday ami a pled.) Learea New York Learea Newark At A A. M. At i P. M. At 7X A M. At IX P. M. f do. 4 do. 9 do. SH do. U 4X do. MX do. 3X da. do. 7 do. do IS do. ON SUNDAYS. From die foot of Liberty afreet Leere New York. Leara Newark. UlllT. LttTt New York. Leave Klimbeth Tow*. I A. M. 7 A. M. i*rflr * a M. 4 It M. 4* P.M. ? P.M. TH? traim of the Somerrlllt Railroad C%. connect with the** Iidm Min way JtUr, Strode rv rMpMd. IWnger. i, Jp.r.bZ* ticket. at the offioa. foot of Ltlatty atwet. fan between Naw Tork and llmbath Tow* 25 tnta Wfcwr ?oiut rxhwaT4AND" N* Y*7BRI7N SWI C K. _ raw rtjani From the foot of Liberty tweet, daily. Leave New York. Leevr New Branewiek. At ? A. M. At 7X A. M. 4X PT M. 11 A.B. 9 P. M. Fare between New York and New Branewiek, ' vs eeota. Railway, m e?nu Re raw in the 7X from New Branewiek. aad ik ?. M. train Bom New Jork, hu beea mdoeed between New York and New BruaewK, to M eenw. ' and Rah way to |TK " n Snadaye the 7X A. M. tripe from New Bran* wick ia TEL. n who proevra th?irttclfli?t Km U9hft oAet, r#- I witf ft firry ticket intic. Tickets are r?e?iTtd fty the coo4w*tor amir on the dky whsn porch?<L ftsll 3g?? FARE AND FREIGHT REDUCED. -6S88-^8P6^-^ii51 ^RfflrarMAIL LI.rPPuH TVjvTDt.VfV" BOBTOS; via ITONINOTON AND NEWPORT, eeuipoeed of tip followrog aeperior etcainen, running ia eooueeuon with the Stouiugtnn and Providence, and Bo*oe and Providence Railroad#? MASSACHUSETTS, Certain Cometoek. RHODE ISLAND. Captain THaver. NARRAOANBETTVcaptain WooUey. MOHEOAN, Captain Vanderbih. One of which will leave New York daily, (Suuddya ere^UKj) from Pier No. 1, North River, Battery Place, at Ave AAaarraaMKnTe. ?The RHODE ISLAND, on Monday and Fndav, for Stoning ton.and I'needay. for Sfotnnfton, Newport and I rovidteirt. The MASSACHUSETTS, on Tneadav anil Saturday, lor Stonuatton. Newpon and Providence, and Thuratlay I'dr Ston""Huaengert on the arrival of the ateamere at Stonington, may take the Railroad Can and proceed immediately to Provi dance and Boa ton. ... Freight taken at the following much wdnced rata* :? To Boaaen, on good* wflghing forty poaad* or y warda to he en Me loot, at $5 M par lea, and on meaaaremeit goods 7 'ToKwe, O. reeneorrmeut good* 5 eenbi per cubic foot, and epeclflc article* aa pei tarif to be obtained at office S roadway. mJl gnu E NE NEV | LONG ISLAND RAIL ROAD CO?Dunnc ? . Rojkaway aaaaon. and onul further notice, a train of Can will leave Jamaica at 9 o'clock in .--wwZL the moroinK for Brooklyn, commencing on Monday next, the 22d lust. All other traiua on the road aa usual. _au2nw?rc .WQ >01 FoTKEY PORT AND MIDDLETOWN baJ?3*POI\T. The steamboat ROCKLAND wtll. RaJRJC.ou and aftsr Monday, the lat of August, leuve Miudl. town Point (tide permitting) every Monday. Tuaadu,, J eJnesday, Thursday, aud Friday, at 2 o'clock, ra. ) and Key-Port at 3 O'clock, r u. ; and Now York, foot of Rabinaon '"aat, at 8"^ o'clock, a every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday?and Saturday at 2 o'clock, r.M., touching at 8eguine's Do- k, Suten I lanu, each wav. _ au24 Imr* /oai FOR ALBANYn'ROY and uuernre ft- .Radiate places.? The solenoid low nraarur* SdCLitiuabnit SWALLOW Captain A. M'Leau, will Itave the foot of Courtlandl at, Thia (Monday) Afternoon. Aug. 22d at 1 o'clock. Also, as alios* on Thursday 26th instant. !?7" The abore are substantial Boats, fitted op with elegant State Room., and for accommodation is unrivalled on the Hndsnn. For fieight apply on board, or to 8. M. DREW, a the wharf saSic > OPPOSITION LINE FOR ALBANY. FARE REDUCED ! CABIN PASSAGE $1 00 BERTH9. 75 FREIGHT TAKEN AT REDUCED PRiCES. .fMa-l jgM The eonimodioos Steamboat WA8HINGfwS*V^d*TOX, Captain J. M. Blown, having mad. arrange menu to ehauge her days of leaving N'tw York, will hereafter l*?aie cite loot of Robinson street, New York, every Tueafoy, Thursday, and Ha'urdav afternoon, at i o clock, aad Albauy, every Monday,Wi dnesJav, and Friday afternoon. at 5 o'cl<?ch, landing on her iM.tsage each way *i the foot of Hammoud street, Newburijn, Pouuhkrepsie, KTingafon Point, Catukul and 1Iu?Uod. L\ar Cr..uUl Or .^...s*- ..-J- .? si., W 1 ? . ra RANDOLPH' ^iAK'l'i.>!"ui"W.'.'iTu" r" jy Mtm*c .wn a* TOK KASTPOKT. CALAIS, ST AV CW~ JJRKWS It ST. J01lS(9.-dieamer HUNTXMflBCaRKiA, C*pt. 1 . (i. Jl*??U, I'l.itiiirn will less- B- ?:>'>j eierv Frid-y, at lOHt A. M. in the Cars of ll.e Eastern (Lnlrosd for Portsmouth, froin which plice thsy will be consr yed by Lite well known .learner Hunt!* ? Co the shore place*. Returning. the Huntress will lease St. Johns eeery Tanday, at 7 A. Si.and Eastport at 2 P. M. and arri?< i" Portamouth on Wednesday in time lot the 4 o'clock train for B iston. Fare ta Eastport, (6 I Calais and St. Andrews, $6 10 7 8 1 (Meals estra.) This route offers to persons seeking enjoyment, many inducements?a country abounding in fin* lakes and the most choice Ashing ; al.o game of all kinds, with other attractioninteresting to sportsmen. a72m*r aWTt /dl?NKWARK AND 5JEW ToRn'-P... ?Ww .J* Only I2S cents ?The spleudid and comtnoili JE_flE_aaLnu. s'.esmrr PASSAIC, Uapt. John Oatfy, bring c?mi lately and elegantly refitted, commenced lis r regular trips tor the season ou Thursday, .larch 10?tcusiug as lollows '? Foot of Barclay st. New York, at 10 o'clock, A. M., and * o'clock. P. M. Centre wharf. Newark, at half-past 7 o'clock, A. M. and hall past I o'clock P. M. On Sundays, the Passaic will leare New York at 18 A M. and 6 P. Lease New Jfork at half-past 7 A.M. and at 12 o'clock, M. e Q7* Freight ofasery description carried at reduced [ rices. salt im'r .Mf) THE MOST 1NCOMPAHA.BLE OF aHIXCt'RglO.N'a is to tioboken.?A change JKL?_SLwK_ol air and ol scene is riot only ra.ential to health, but a great source of en^oymrut in the summer saasen. to the residents of a crowded city. For (his, u 'thing can compare with a jaunt to Hoboken, to those who esn lease New York onL-for a few hour-, lu shady and diversified walks along tha riser?the invigorating brerzas f on the water?tin picture**]! a beauty of tne^ scrncy?ih- many fiu.* _and com utuuiuc Ti- ws ufcirnuu irora in- summit OI tiille roint ami other point* in tlieaa enchanting ground*?tha romantic ?ite ut the 8, bit's Can?the delightful verdure of the Elyaian Field* enliTened m the afternoon by an excellent band ef ntaaic, all conapire to render thi* by far the moat favmita place ol'rummer reaort. Acceaa ia rendered eaay by tha Barclay, Canal aid Chrittoph. r street Ferry Boata, which ply constantly during the day and evening anl? ?w?re ask HEALTHY EXCURSION TO THE AT^HLTae FISHING BANKS OFF SANDY HOOK jEm3Ku2E>?The fast and substantial itaamrr UTICA, Captain J. W. Uancox, will eonunence making daily eicuraiona in the aboec place, on Monday, July 26th, and coulinua to run every Monday, Wedneaday, Thuraday and Saturday, and leave a* follow* :?Foot of Hammood atreet at a quarter peat I o'clock?Canal atreet at half past I?Pike atreet, E. R., ai 9?Pier No. 1 N. K., at half peat t. JuBad of Muaic i* engaged. Diauar and all kind* of refreahmeot* will be furtiiahed onboard. On the return the Ulica will remain at Fort Hamilton half an honr. Fare 25 crnta each way. The UTICA will make an Afternoon Excnraion around 8taten laland on Sunday, July 24th, and continne every Tueaday, Friday, and Sunday, and leave aa follow* Foot of Hammond atreet at o'clock?Canal atreet at 2?Pike atreet, E.R. at half paat 2?Pier No. 1, at IX o'clock. P. M., and arrive in the city at 7 o'clock. Fare 25 cenlae.ich way. jy2S2mr gS OCEAN HOUSE, Long Branch, llumion Cm Brow n'a Dock, Middletown, Eatontown Dock Red Bank, Shrewsbury.?The 10LA8, Captain Allaire, will leave New York from Fultou Market Slip, Eaat River, every moraine at 0 o'clock for Red Bank, (except Thursday, on which day the boat goes to Eatontown Dock.) Returning, wilt leave at 1 o'clock racb day. The Iol te will ran aa above, navigation and weather permitting. until farther notice. All freight and baggage at the riait of the owners tha-eof. June tl, 1(42. je291mc KENNEBEC AND BOSTON. .MM ml The new and splendid steamer J. W.RICH*n>^mP MOND, Nathtniel Kimball, master, wilt Xa>dCZ> leave the north aide of T. wharf, Boston, every Tuesday and Friday evening at 7 o'clock, for Oardinci and Hallowell; and reaming will leave Hallowell on Monday* and Thursdays at IKP. M., lauding each way at Bath. Fare from Boston to Hallowell, S3 00 " " " Bath, 2 it Stages will be in readiness on the arrival of the boat at Hallowell, to convey passengers to Augusta, Waterville, Bangor. Belfast and Quebec, raaoni travelling for pleasure will and fewj ploesauter routes than this one to Quebec, aa it raua through a country abounding in beautiful scenery?the road* are good, and the hotels well kept?the distance 210 miles. jylO 2m*c " EVENING LINE FOR ALBANY DIRECT, ygSI At seven o'clock, P.M., from the steamboat f'" between Conrtlandt and Liberty atreeta. SmdOL The ateamboet SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. L. VV. Brainard. leaves the above pier Monday, Wedneaday, and Friday at seven o'clock, P. M. -rw_ r?. a a. *-?? 4 ?vra?.iA/?w , I)?<OIC'1 * A. Ob <*01111, IWfCT the above pier Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday aAernoou, at en o'clock. The a bore boats are new and substantia) are farokhed witL Megan t state roems, and in every reapectareu asurpassed anion* the Hudson Riser steamers. For passage or freight, apply on board, or to , _ P. C. SCHULTZ, At the office on the wharf, or on board. Passengers taking this line of boats, will at all timet arrive at Albany in time for the firat train of cara for the tut and weat. jy< in**- FOR NKW ORLEANS,?Louisiana and New tfffVW York Line?Pnaiurely fint and only Regular Packet? ^ MfasThr very fast tailing packet ship LOUISVILLE. Capt. M Hunt, having the greater portion ef herearga on board, will tail aa above. For freight or passage, having accommodauons, apply on board at Orleans wharf, font of wall at. or to ?. K. COLLINS k CO. 36 South at. Agents in New Orlaaas, Hullin k Woodruff, who will promptly forward all goods to their address. Great care will be taken to have the goods by this line cop reetlv measured. As it is probaDls this ship will be despatched in all this week, persons desirous of sending goods by her, should ship them ou or before Friday, (he 36th inst. au34 r FOR NEW ORLEANS?To sail positively on tgSfV Wednesday. 14th inst, the first class fast s.iling pack* jflfilSeetship QUEEN VICTORIA. Captain Mallet, will sail sa above, her rrgnUr day. This ship's aeeommodationaffo. cabin, second cabin and steerage l*avengers is uot snrpaswd by any ship in port, her between deck, being fUlly a.ten feet high, and in every other reaiwet well ealculat' d for the comfo rt and coaveniencr ofpaaaeugrri. And Capt Mallet is well known as an esperirnecd oommander. The price of passage i? modsrate. Those wishing to secure serlha should make early appli cation on board atpi. r 13 E. R. or to aa?3r JOHN HERDMAN. 61 South aC FOR NEW-ORLEANS?Commercial Lini?To (MV sail OK the 37th inst., the saprrior fist sailing (racket JBUHEw ship BOWDITCH, Crowell. master, will -rail as above her regular day, and aan accommodate in a superior manner, cabin, 3d cabin, and steartge passengers, at moderate ratoa. ifoarly application is made on board the shin at Pins-st. wharf, or to , t JOHN HERDMAN. a24r 81 South-st FOR NEW ORLEANS?First Regular Phckat, MnV w'th despatch?The first elaaa faat sailing packat ship JbHULJANE ROSS, Capt. Merrill, will sail lor the above port wuhont delay. Freight and paaasgo in this anperior vraael will be taken at tha very lowest rates. Har accommodations for cabin, (second cabin and steerage passengers are not surpassed by say vessel in port. Persona tutending to embark should embrace an eery favorable an opportunity bv making immediate application on board, at Murray's wharf. Toot of Wall street, or to GLOVER A McMURRAY, _au 34r 100 Pine street, corner Sonth. tdg- PASSAGE FOR MOBILE?First Packet-The splendid well known fast sailing ship MARY FHANJfHNKgC 19, Cspt Hubbard, sails positieely on the 15th Aug. Having splendid accommodations f,.r eabin, second cabin and alagrage passengers,those wishing to secure berths shoald make early application onboard, foot of Wall siieei, or to W. k J. T. TA^SCOTT, au22r 43 Prck Slip or U South street. iJHF NEW LINE OF*~Ll VEfil'OOL PACEE'TS^* mfJMPW Packet of 15th August?The superb well tnewumckJBfilbat shiu SlDDoNS, Capt, E. E. B. Cobb, will sail panctneily as above, her regulsr day. The aceommadationa of the at ips of this line, it i? well known, are superior in every reanecc to any other. They are all 1008 tons bnrthen and upwards, and are fittedap with every comfort and conveai'nee. , Pisoaa wishing to seen re bertha in the eabin, second eabin or steerage of thisfavonte ship should not fail to maka early applicaupn on board, foot of Wall street ,or to W. k J. T. TAP8COTT, 43 Pack .hp, Persont wishing to tend for their friend* to come out in thu packet or any of the regular line, ean do ao on farorable teflge. and thoat about to remit money to their friends, can be 'UPPlied with drafu for any amount, payable on demand in all the principal town* oQhe United Kingdom. Apple aa shore. ?"?fl r FOR LIVERPOOL?> w LK'?^r afMt racket of kith August-The .pl.ndid packet ship MlftflCsiDDONS. Captain ? B Cobb. o. 10W tone, will po itiyaly tail aa above, her regular uay Kr li-iglu or passage. Hiring arconunodahorta unequalled lor apfMidor or Contfort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of \Vall attest, or to , C. K.COLLlNS It CO.* Souui.ireet. Pnee of passage lino. The packet shin SHERIDAN.CuU.tin A. Depeyiter, of 1(*K ion*, will lureeed the SlDDONS. and aail 23lh September, hei leenular day. Passengers mar rely on the ahipa of thu line tailing pnnetnally

a* adrsrriaed. su20r FORIaVAT'INAH?To tail on tKe Jfi'h inatant, ?***> the superior fast tailing new barque WF.SKEAO, Jit?gWa*Capt Spnnlding, will poiitirely tail at aboTe, her regular day, and can handsomely accommodate a limited lium ber of t?cond caiun passengers atmoderat ratet, if early aprdication be made on board the barque at pirr 12 E*st Hirer or to j6hn,vian, sn?3r 91 South street. pIclCET SHIP 9T. NICHOLAS FROM lIAVRtr Consignees by this ship will please send their permits on boetd at the foot of Rector tt North Klrer. All guoda not i>* ran tied by the tld inatant, win be tent to the public store. _ auao r SALY?49M)aacka Rait, AshtoesA BUrkbura'i./actery tilled, landing from thir Sheridan, and lor tale In lota to auit pur chasers, b7 * K. COLLINS A CO., an Sty 36 South street. W YO IT YORK. WEDNESDAY ft Vice Chancellor'* Court. Before Vice Chanoellor M'Coun. Ana. U?Diccinoa?IitroaTanT Cm -i It- tlooaek and J. Blunt, omaetUaro of Altmandtr Hot oak, dacaoatd, T?. Iftkamiah Rogaro, ourviving amaautor of Archibald Uracil, dictated?Krom the pleading) an J petition" in thiioauae it appeared that the hoaee of Archibald Oracle k ttoua, merchanta.of thiacity, waa competed of Arohibalil Graoio, hia aonin-law, Charlea King, (now editor of the American,) and hit aon, William Uracie. Thu armor partner waa the capitaliat of the Arm- On Charlea King becoming a partner, hit father, Rufua King, advanced 933,000, whioh >lr. Uracie auppoaed to be intended by tna way 01 capital forCharlaa , but the amount waa charged by Rufua King aa due to him by Archibald Oracie k Son*. Daring the war, and immediately preceding it, they ware eataciaively engaged in lorwarding proviaiona to Europe (principally to the Britiah army 011 the Bpa.iiah petiiuaula) in American veaaela, owned by them, tailing under Britiah liceucea; but aeaerai of them were taken by Britiah cruizera, and the houae experienced a aevere Iom. Of thoae captured, were theahipt Eliza Oracie and Oionoko.ou their return from Lielmii, in 1813, having earned out cargoee for the tupply of the allied army, valued, with their return car gora. at ? 10,000 , thip Piacataqua, furniahed with a Britiah licenae, but captured notwithatandimr. and ordered to the West Indies, but re-captured by an American privateer, ordered to Baltimore, and stranded in the Chesapeake, valued at Jt'7.000 ; ahip I'allaa, alao with'a British license, laden with dour, capture I and sent into Gibraltar, where, under pretence of b ine an srmei^hip, aho, with her cargo, waa condemned and aold lor <13,000. They alao lost by veaaela seised by the Kreuoh government. In 1818 Mr. Archibald Oracle went to E igluud, with a view ol obtaining indemnity for theae aatd other loaaea. During hia absence, the junior partnera, (Charles King and William (iracie) acting at hia attonuea, mad over to Hufua King, for an alleged debtof $107,000, (of which the $31,000 advanced to Charles farmed a part) all '.he rcai eataleoi A. Oracle, consisting ol bouaea in winch they themaelvoa lived, a valuable eatateat Hell Gate, property in fine atreet, lie., at which Mr. Oracie etpreta - : much diaaatiafaction on hia return, but ratified the alignment aa hia aona had made it. lu 1)24 the firm had aucome run to hard lor monev that tue aenior, Mr. Oracle, had to borrow $e0 from hia brother-in-law, the defeadaut, to pay hia baker'a hill, being threatened that he could not bo aupplled uuleea he paid np. On the 27th April, la24, thehouae failed, aaaigning thei>- property to Charlea Wilkea, Jona. Ocodhue, end Jamee O. King. Immediately after warda, Rufua King sold the real estate, which had been made over to him?it brought $87,400, besides which there waa property assorted to have been aold but not placod on the list. Anou the ame time Mr. Arch'd Oracie pledged to hia creditor all tha claims he held against the French, British and other governments, for s{>olialions, in security lor the debts of tne i house, it being understood that the junior members of the firm should be released. Just previous to thelailure, the house of N. Rogers and Son. supposing Mr. Archibald Oracie still te be ewner of the reel e.Ute which Charlee King and William Oracie had made over to Rufus King, enderaed a note to the Bank of New York, on behalf ol Arch'd Oracia and 8ous, for $20,000, and had also endorsed for them at other banks to the amount of $10,000, the whole of which Rogers and Sons had to pay Thesu notes would not have bcea endorsed by tha latter, as they testify, had they sup|>ose<J the real estate had pasaed from the firm. On remonstiating with Mr. Arch'd Oracie in regard to it, he stated his regret that auch disposition had been made of his sstata, and particularly as to the charge of $22,000, at the same time remarking that if any persons ought to have been paid, it should have been Messrs. Rogers and Sons. In a conversation with one of the junior Mr. Rogers', Mr. Oracie told him it waa hard, but all should go right, 11 that he had already taken care of his father" This seemed to be ambiguous, but did not pay the notes, tha whole amount of which ($42,800) was paid by Mr. Nehemiah Rogers in cash, within a year. In 1327. Mr. Rulus Kind died, leav inr property, that portion which would probably hare fallen to Mr. Charlea King under ordinary circumatanoei, being devised to the children of the latter initead. In 1339 Mr Archibald Qracie died, when it wai ascertained that he had made his will in 1817 (twelve years before) and appointed Rufus King, Arrh'd Oracle, and Nehemiah Rogers, his executors, and Esther Rogers Oracle (his wife) executrix to his estate. According to the law at that time, executors were authorised to pay themselves in full for any demand they might have against an estate, even to the exclusion of other creditors ; so that the $42,000 paid by Mr. Rogers on the notes he had endorsed, with interest, was good against any monies that might come into his hands. In 1810, Alex. Hosack had obtained a judgment against Arch'd Qracie It Sons, which still remained unsatisfied. Whatever faults may have baen ascribed to Old Hickory, we believe pushing our elaiuis against France, Naples, Ac. to a successful issue, was not demurred to, evun by his very particular Wall street friends, and ovei $108,000 was awarded to Arch'd Oracie It Hons, by the commissioners under that indemnity. In 1330 (Mr. Nehemiah Rogers, the defendant, being the enly surviving executor,) a petition was presented to the Vice Chancellor bv the complainants, on behalf of the Hosack estate, ana othor creditors, soliciting an order to prevent this . money being paid into the hands of Mr. Rogers, but that it should at once be divided among the ciwditors. The reasons set forth were that Mr. Rogers had become very aged, and was unfit to take care of it ; and, moreover, it was believed he had been embarrassed, Ac. The Vice Chancellor issued au order directing that the money should be paid into Court. Mr. Roger* appealed from the decisim. He acknewledged to being aged, but not incapable?that, although born in 17&5, and then 77 years of age, for the lest 3? years he had not experienced a single day's eiekneae, nor been prevented from leaving hie house to attend to his business?that as to responsibility,he was worth $200,000 in real estate, clear and unembarrass ed, besides personal property, and independentef bis present claim?that he had always paid his debts, and had a right to the care and safe-keeping of the money, Ac. The case was carried before the Chancellor, thence to the Court of Errors, and it waa decided, on the merits ef the case being shown, that he was entitled to the cere of the money as exeoutor, and it was placed again in his hands. The matter then came back to the Vice Chancellor's Court, and the claim ef $43,000 made, with lntereet, and various expenses, amounting to about $70,000. This was also appealed from, and the cause again presented to the Chanceller and continned to the Ceurt of Errors. Judges Nelson and Cowan were in their places as members of the Court and expressed an opinion adverse to the elaim of Mr. Rogers?still the mgjsrity of the Court went in his favor, awarding him the amonat of his claim. It now cames back to this Court on the question of costs. Mr. Rogers claims abont $3000 as counsel fees paid to Mr. J. W. Oerard, and others, in prosecuting the cue. The Vice Chancellor, in giving his opinion, stated that Mr. Rogers had been very fortunate in obtaining the full amount ef his claim?he had done so through technical matters, and not by the force of equity?and could well altord to pay his own counsel feu. As to the complainants, they had commenced in behalf of all the creditors, but change 1 their position by claiming the whole $19,000 duefto them; they could net, therefore, have costs against the defendant. Ordered, that Mr. Rogers pay the balance into Court within 80 days after the taxed costs have been paid, that the clerk settle with the other two creditors pre rata. Bankrupt Mst. SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW VORK. John M. Flint, (keeper of the Pearl street House,) N. ior?, ma uoneoi ma late nrmoi rum m. pucn, Montgomery, N. Y., Sept. 34. SamuelC. Kiike, now of N- York, (debt* mostly dnein Southbridge, M*., Brookly?, and N. York, Sept 34. JameaA. Berry, merchant, N. York, Nov. a. William H. Elmore, clerk, N. York, Oct. 1. David Ford, Jr., cabinet maker, Canaan, Columbia eo-, Sept. 34. , 1 Newark, Ohio. , [Correapoodence of the Herald.] Newakk, Ohio, Aug., 18, 1842. j Great excitement in Ohio, and Great Mtetinge of the i People to contidtr the alarming date of affaire? J Gov. Coruin, fyc. The excitement among the people of Ohio, in consequence of the resignation of the whig members of \ the legislature, thereby nullifying the legislative departinentjof the State Government, is tremendous.? Meetings of the people have been held, and are now ' being holden, in every part of the State, to give at- i teranee to the feelings engendered by an act so ex- < traordinary ; and we have sufficient proof already t that the approaching political contest will be con- ' ducted wita an animosity, vigor and strife seldom 1 equalled in this country. j On the evening of the 15th instant, meetings of t both parties were called, to assemble at the Court ( House in our city, and it was feared that a collision < between them might arise; but happily an arrange- < ment was entered into by which the speakers on t both sides were to be heard, and no marks of dis- ( approbation to be exhibited, although the applause r was allowed to be as long and as significant as the i respective partisans might dasire. The democratic l orators who addressed the immense assemblage of , people, met together to consider a new and unheard f of attempt to annihilate legislative power, were the 1 Hon. B. B. Taylor, the senator from this district, I and Col. McNulty, a distinguished representative r from the county of Knox; and the whig orators 1 were, the Hon. William Stanbery, formerly a mem- f bar ol Congress, the Hon. Simeon Nash, senator t from Gallia, and Mr. Convers, a member of the j, House. Messrs. Stanbery. Taylor, and MeNulty ? made very able speeches; Mr. Nash, a ao, so, one; t and Mr. Convers about the poorest that one can conceive. ii On the evening of the lflth, Mr. Taylor, Mr. Me- 11 Nulty, and Col. Parker, addressed a meeting exclu- * sively democratic; and last evening, the 17th, the " Hon. Thomas Ewing, late Secretary of the Trea- b sury, and Henry Stanley, Esq., a distinguished ? member of the bar, addressed an exclusive whig o meeting. Messrs. Ewing and Stanbery occupied ? themselves almost exclusively with attacks on Mr. 4 Taylor, and replying to Mr. T.'s speech on the 16th, 1 and that gentleman, after the adjournment of the whig meeting, replied to their remarks. I neglected to mention, in my last letter, that his j? Excellency, Governor Corwin, delivered, on the ? lbth inst, a literary address bufore ths Calliopean j Society of Granville College, and afterwards a poli- . IlOnl eAAAok In tka oilivuoa nl DpttntfilU a viflflfA six miiM from her*. In hasts, yours. ' " L'OccwKcr*- J c RK HEB 10RNING, AUGUST 24, 1842. MAP OF THE NORTH E4 H H^^S] > ^SEuKSm A TBEATY 1 channel which divides 8t. Oeorge'sl To settle and define the Boundaries between the Territories ! lan J ,? thenae, ?P .th? '"t Neebrik * .1 TT : JO. . j t l n e 1 a , St George's Island, through the midd of the United States and the Possessions of her Britannic | thence west of Jona's Island, into Majesty in North *1mtrica, for the final suppression of to a (>oint in the middle of that rn the African Slace Trade, and for the firing up of Criini- abovo 8t; George's or Sugar Islai . - . . , ... priate and assign the said Island to fugstires from justice, in certain cases. thence adopting the line traced on Whereas, certain portions of the line of boundary be- commissione s, through the river ! tween the United States of America and the British do- Superior, to a point north of lie Itoyi minions in North America, described in the Second Atti- hundred yards to the north and e'ai cle of the Treaty ol Peace of 1783, have not yet been as. which last-mentioned island lies nea certained and determined, notwithstanding the repeated ]>oint of lie Royal, where the line m attempts which have been heretofore made for that par- missioners terminates; ami from pose: And whereas, it is now thought to be for the interest point, southwesterly through the mi of both parties, that, avoiding further discussion of their between He Royal and the northwe respective rights, arising in this respect under the said th mouth of Pigeon river, and at the treaty, they should agree on a conventional line in said through, the notth and south Kowl ] portions of the said boundary, such as mav be convenient of the height of Land, between Luk to both parties, with such equivalents and compensations Lake of the Woods ; thenco along th? as are deemed just and reasonable : AM whereas, by the lion to Lake Satsaquinaga, and throng Treaty concluded at Ghent,on the 24th day of December, to and through Cypress Lake, Lac du 1814, betw een the United States and His Britannic Mnjea- Croix, Little Vermillion Lake, and 1 ty, an article was agreed to and inserted of the following through the several smaller lake.*, strf tenor, vir.: " Art 10. Whereas, the traffic in slaves is irre- necting the lakes here mentioned, to concueable with the principle* ot humanity anit justice : Pluie or Rainy Lake, at thoCaudlere And whereas, both Hi* Majesty and the United State* are the Commissioner* traced the linctot! desirous of continuing their eHort* to promote its entire ern point of the Lake of the Woods?t abolition, it is hereby agreed that hoth the contracting line to the said most northwestern poi parties shall use their best endeavori to accomplish so de- 49 deg. 93 66'" north, and in logitude t sirable an objectAnd whereas, notwithstanding the from the Observatory, at Greenwich laws which have at various times been passed by the two to existing treaties, due south to its ii Governments, and the efli.rts made to suppress it, that 49th parallel of north latitude, and ale criminal traffic is still prosecuted and carried on : And the Rocky Mountains. It being undi whereas, the United States of America and her Majesty, water communications, and all the in the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and the line Irom L ike Supe- ior to the L Ireland,are determined that, so tar as ?ray be in their pow- and also Grand Portage, from the shor er, it shall be eflectnally abolished : And whereas, it is to the Figeon River, as now actually found expedient for the better administration of justice and open to the use of the citizens ai and the prevention of crime within the territories and ju. countries. risdiction of the two parties respectively, that persons article in committing the crimes hereinafter enumerated, and being , , * fugitives from justice,should,under certain circumstances, ? rr to promote the interests an be reciprocally deliverod up : The United States of Amo- dustry of all the^ inhabitants of the co rica and Her Britannic Mnjesty, having resolved to treat the Ri\'l'r St. John and its tributari on these several subjects, have for that purpose appointed within the State of Maine or the Pro vi their respective Plenipotentiaries to negotiate and conclude * ' _ agreed that, where, by th a Treat)', that is to sav, the President of the United States |,rc*ent treaty, the River St. John is has, on his part, furnished with full powers, Daniel Web- lin? of boundary, the navigation of sat, iter, Secretary of State of the United States, and Her Ma- and open to loth parties and shall in . |?rty, the Queen ol the United Kindom of Great Britain J"' "7 either ; that all the produce ot and Ireland, ha?, on her pait, apixjinted the Right Honor- |u*n'>?ri timber, boardi atavei, or slur able Alexander Lord Anbb urt'on, aPeerofthesaid United ture not being manufactured grow no Kingdom,a member of Her Majdsty's most honorable Privy ?' the State of Maine watered by the R Council, and Her Majesty's Minister Plenipotentiary en a 1 ' tributaries, of which fact reasonabl Special Mission to the United States; who, after a reel- required, he produced, shall have fr procal communication oftheir respective full powers,have through the said nver and its tnbut igreed to and signed the following Articles the State of Maine to a ^ ? ? at the mouth of the River St. John, a article i. Falls of said river, either by boats, raf It is hereby agreed and declared that the line of bounda- ance : that when within the.Province y shall be as follows :? the said produce shall he dealt with a< Beginning at the Monument at the source of the River duce of said province : that, in like r it Croix, as designated and agreed to by the Commission- tant* of the Territory ot the Upper S >rt under the 6th Article in tne Treaty of 1794, between by this treaty to belong to her Britai he Governments of the United States and Great Britain : have free arm** to and through the hence, North, following the exploring line run and luce, in those parts where the said narked by the Surveyors of the two Governments in the through the State of Maine, Ac he. rear* 1817 and 1819, under the fifth article oi the treaty of The remainder ol the treiity Bhent to it. intersection with the river St. John and to keeping on our part a small ni he middle of the channel thereof : thence, up the middle ?r A frica f..r the if the main channel of said river St. John, to the mouth ^ ?/ ?f Alr,r.a,,0r w,,ipr', if the river St. Franeis ; thence, up the middle ol the "Tbm ?'?y" nothing in regard to 1 thannei of the said liver St. Francis, and of the Lakes does not mention the right of seal hrough which it (lows, to the outlet of the Lake Pohena- Mtves, nor are the questions of hot) [amook ) thence, Southwesterly, in a straight line to a cific side named in the treaty, voint on the North West branch of the river St. Six months time is allowed for i John, which noint shall be ten miles distant rejection hy (ireat liritain. rom the main branch of the St. John, in a straight ina, and in the nearest direction ; but if the said wint shall be found to be less than seven miles Mork Damaok ny furiHTNIlo ?1 rom the nearest point or summit or crest of the high- South Weymouth, (Mass ) while andsthat divide those rivers which empty themselves d0w on the afternoon of Sunday, Ji nto the river m. Lawrence from those which fall into the ()y lining and expired immrdi iTLu m "."^hm!ne from thirty-nine years old, and has left a he said summit or crest ; thence, in a straight line in a /n,.n \ i , aurte about South eight degrees west to the point where _ . !*7 , 7 u it . he parallel of latitude of 4(5 deg. 96 min. north intersect* / w'ffgs ?> 'hat vicinity had torty-si he south west branch of the St. John ; thence, southerly hy lightning on the lltli mat , out < .y the said branch, to the source thereof in the highlands one. They had taken shelter fron t the Mefiarinette portage j thcrffce, down along the said a tree. iighlvid* wiiic.h divide the waters which empty them- During the severe thunder nho' elves into the river St. Lawrence (rom those which lull mirln l,.i ti... i?, ,... vi- i. ri .. atothe Atlantic Oooan, to th* heal of Hall's at re* m ,y jightning. The el?*< trie lluid < Uenoe, down the middle of s-iid stream till the lifiathu* ofi nil?**r window, -tnkincun aged an Intemcta thil old line of bound-..' '?"?>*? end w|1() |.tV,nK upon a iarkedby Valentine nn'l Lolhnu previously to the year , , f . . ? J 774, at the 4Mb degree of north latitude, and which ha* ?f w ,10'1 " as nPar 'l>r * oen known and undoritood to be the line of actual ditri- spread in all directions to almoft i ion between the State* of New-York a-..! V . m.-..nt en hi>it?". throwing ?>fl plastering -n t1 ne iide, and the Briti.h Province of < anada on the other: room*, tnd finally passing ofl th nd, from -aid point of intersection, went nlonif tl.a ?:ud wall. The lady wm found in a si IvidinK line a* heretoforeJkoowu and underwood, to the fV( }1Pr j,njr much burnt, and parts roquoi*. or St. I-awrence Hirer. tirularly her lower limbs, blisterei srticlk it. was on fire. Remedial measure It 1* moreover agreed, that, from the place where the resorted to, and ahe is now in a fait >int commiMioner* terminated their labon under th> Vnother lemale and two children t ixth article of the Treaty of (Jhent, to w It: At a point in ( r .v ... .. h . he Noobrtk channel, near Muddv lake, the line .hall run ^ ato andalong the ship channel, between St. Joseph and ^,r /. l&f.' malt was it,J"n^V It. Tammany lalanda, to tha division of the channel at <>r .. children were not otlierw ear the head of fit. Jossph'i Island- thence, turning east- badly frighten* d. b iftcen or tw rardly and northwardly, around th* lower end of St pair all damage to the house?7# feorge's tr Sugar Island, and following tha middle of the 1 Gaz. t ALD. Price Two OmIi, lSTE U> IIC)L >1>AKY. Tom St.'Joseph'" Is- LrttUlature of New York. channel, nearest to In Semite, Monday, putitions were presented for ail to lie of Lake George ; the New York and F.rie Railroad, for a repeal of the last. Mary's River, emption Law, and for various other matters ; hut "the er, about one mile party" laid them on the table, declining to act upon uf id, so us to appro- of thrm. the United States ; At 12 o'clock, the Senate took a recess for the pnrpoeo the maps by the of organizing the Court for the Correction of Errors ? 4t. Mary and lake After a few minutes sitting the Court adjourned to twelve il in said lake, one o'clock on Saturday, and the Senate wa? again celled to ?t of lie Chaprau, 1 order. On motion of Mr. Corning, at i past 12 an ardoursir the northeastern mont was carried to enable the Select Committee ou the arked by the com- districting bill to complete their Is' 'w, and report the the last-rnentioned next day. iddlo of the sound In Assemble, the Speaker's decision that the speeiel bsstern main-land, to siness of the session was alone in order, sod Mr. Hum) said river to, and j pltrey's appeal therefrom, occupied again the whole day. Lakes, to the Lakes On motion of Mr. Btsr.s, the special order, being the e Superior and the Report ol'the Apportionment Committee, was laid on the i water communica- ; table. Yea* 48, nay s 47. h that Lake ; thence After debating the question of printing the Governor's Bois Blanc, Lac la | message with the documents, the usual number of which Lake Namecan, and were finally ordered, the discussion on the appeal waa rants, or streams, con- j sumed, at times with considerable feeling?the Speaker that point in Lac la petsisting in his decision, and Messrs. Humphrey, Bakar Fali.-\ from which and Taylor, speaking against it. ho most northwest. Mr. Smith said, that from that unfortunate moment hence along the said - when the Select Committee was appointed on tha stiMeat nt, being in latitude of apportionment, on w hich we were called here, we had 15 deg. 14' 38" welt been struggling to get into order, but had plungnl deeper ; thence, according | and deeper, until we had arrived at the point where an , uiltl, tVw. Iiiiimue, in ....l.. ! n ...... n... I >!..( .... I _ - _|_ ..... I ........... ,.P|r..r,M.,..u.i i,.|llllW?| ng that parallel to out, but some wheels were off. A week had been apart srstood that all tho in vain attempts to get right. He believed aa od^jor*. iual portages along mnnt would give time to put the wheels right, ake of the Woods ; rossihly the House might then come prepared at least eof Lake Superior to do business out of order,if not in order. Ha mavad te used, shall he free ndjourn. id subjects of both The yeas and nays being called, the House refused la aJjotirn?7ft to 13. The debate was continued by Messrs.Tarnoa, Haressa* . , nnd others, when the Speaker stated the grounds of his d encourage the in- ; ,|?ciaion: and added, that the effect of a reversal would, ha untries watered by )iis opinion, be, ta throw open the whole sabject of I,seises, whether living |#tion, and the House would be bound to take ap the em nee of New "runs- i ]t.njar wj,ere it was left at the close ofthe last session. If e provisions of the the hou?# should sustain the chair, they could releeeel declared to la lie | themselves from the difficulty they were in by a motlaa i! river shall be Tree reconsider the vote by which the special busi'aeaa of tha 10 way be obstruct- ,e,lion wai lai(1 on th, ,JabI<.. ^ tin lornsl in logs, ^ motion by Mr. Hcst to lay the tppeal on the table, igles, or ol agricul- WM ^ b # y(rte 0f 33 to 63; as was also a motion to ad. 11 any of those parts j0Iirl)i by ? vot, 0f gyp, noci not counted. jver St. John, oj ny After soma further remarks by Messrs. Stsbb, Htbtssb, le evidence shall, if poI^ BnJ olbprti and a question of arderiaisad by Mr. ee access into and Towsibjio, which was deeided by the Speaker to be out ef anes, having thi ir orderi tbe vote wtl taken oa the appeal, a d the decialoa nd from the sea|Kjit 0f tf,,. speaker decided to stand as tha judgment ef the nd to and round the ,, b? t0 |T ts, or other convey ' ? of New Briinsnirk. i'Hv Asmt PsowoTiawa.? Bs rvss 1 Coaraaaan it t?b I if it were the pro- Pi rsinoT on StasTi?Colonel W. J Worth, of tbaBth nanner, (he inhabi- r.-g<ment of Infantry, to be Brigadisr Oaneral by bravat, It. John determined t.,, gillnntry and highly distinguished aervices as reaannic Majesty, 'hall minder of the forres in the war agaiDSt tha Florida lariver for th-irpro dians. to dam from March 1st, 1343. river runs wholly Captain W W. Morris, of the 4th regimaat af Artillery. to be Vlgjor by brevet, for reliant oonJuct on several ?oprovidea for the < avions, nnd general efficiency In tha war against tha ivnl force on the Finn la Indiana, to dale from Janaary fTth, 1837. of the "lave trade Captain flohert A- demon, Captain of tha Id regimaat of Ihe Creole case- Artillery, October 23d, 1841, to ne Captain he brevet for -fhinff vessels fur esllantrv, and succeaaful Conduct in tbe war againat Us cmng vrwii mr FlorMa fn,)ia?t to datB from Xprll M l|#H uidury on llie t a- captain Frederick Searleto be Mnjor by bravat. from the oath November, 1830, the day whan he received tha ita ratification or wound under which ha i* now suffering, agreeably to tha nomination. Captain Jamas R. Irwin, 1st Lieutenant of tha 1st ragb , , n_ , mint of Artillery, May 31st, 1813, and Captain in tha staff >arKCr liryant, of j?jy be Captain by brevet, (or gallantry and sitting at a win- good conduct in the war against the Florida Indians, m ily 25, wasstruck date from August 21st, 1836. lately. He was Captain Oeorge Andrewsof the fth regiment of Infaafamtly. try, to be Major by brevet, ror gallantry and goed conduet itates that Major In the war against the Florida Indians, to date from Dee. VKi"t*Lieutenant John F. Lee. of the Ordnance Depart.1 . !V ment, (late ol the 1st regiment of Artillery,) tobeCaptain 1 tlie storm under , .... .. . - . ? in w?r iij umn, ior KaiiBxirv *wj sm'u - -arnin.t th< Florida ln<1innn, to <Tnf^ from January 37, I8S7. wet on Nttnnfay First Lieutenant \V.!I T. tVslker, of the 6tb rvgimrat H King win struck of Infantry (1st Lienteaant, Fetirmry 1st, ISW.) to bo lit rnwretl the West Lieutenant by br-vet. for gallantry end good conduct In M Indy, Mr. Kind's waragslnat ikeFlorida Indiana, to dale from Decam- ^B inflow" luVrhon 'J- t Johnson, of the Corp*of Toyo- I inflow, and I[hen Engineers, to be C?|rfain by brevet, for gal lasevery part of the , on"occasions in the war against the Fionde laan front and norf- date ("rum July 7, l*3S. rough the collar Flr?t Lieutenant William Alhurtia.of theSd regiment of ate ofinreniibiii- Infantry, to be Captain by brevet, (or gallantry and good ^B Ot her hedv >mr- cnBduct in the war against the Florida ImUaiii, todate rl arid her o'illow fmm March 9, ItMI. h' wore orom ."lv Heeeml Lieutenant Dotigliisn 8. Irwin, of the ad regl were promj I mv-rit oflnfantiy, to ba Firai Lieutenant by brrrct, for gal ^B way Of recovery Untry and good conduct In thv war sgaintt tba Florida ^B Fare in toe cnnni- Indians, to data from September 7,1M). ^B ih tha person in- by iht explosion, DtracstATio*.~-We saw aa able bodied nipti sold yea- ^B laa aflccted (ban tarday In tha Aroada, (br 1100 In speele " wtiheat a bhetn ^B fy dollars will re- '"h. ?"d with a good title." !a tha palmy daya of ragaara ^B taicMtrr (Mail.) ry the same bo} would here brooght *1000 at leer So ^B we go.?AW Orltant Pf*r