Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 25, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 25, 1842 Page 1
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TH ? !. VIII.?Ho. A** Wliol* lo. 9083. REGULAR PACKETS. ~ " tfEW LIME OF UVTRI-66L TArtlfiTk T? alfrotn Naw York on the 26th and Lirerpool on the l*h qf tuck wurUJt. _ m. &L ML tik NiwTmT Ship SIDDONS. Captain K. B. Cobb. 36th Aw>' , Ship SHERIDAN, Captaip F. A. Depeyater, ?th Septem r Ship OARRICK, tdpuiu Wm. Skiddy. JBth OcwberShip R0SCIC9, Captain John Collins, ?Slh NoTrmber. Kaon LinarooL. Ship OARRICK, Captain Win.RUddr. IRh Aowt. Ship ROSCIU8. Captain John Colliua. 13th September. Ship 81DUONH, Captain E. B. Cobb. Uth Octobr . Ship SHERIDAN, Cepuun F. A. Drpey.Ur 13th Novem Theae ihine are all of the in! claes, upward* of 1000 loua, bnilt i_ .l_ _i. Vkt..? V?.L uirti ani'li imivnTitmpiiIi ha romlniic m UH Uiy Ul ilBW lum, ? ?I Sat ipwd with unusual comfort Tor oasssngsrs. Leery care beeu taken id Um arrangement of tkf it accommodation*, a pace of passage henc* is $100, for which ample >torea * ill be provided. These slops are commanded by eineneuced maatera, who will make every ererttoo to give gsueial latufiction Neither the captain* or owner* of the ships will be respensiblr for any lrtten, parcel* or packages aeat by them, unless regular b lla of lading are signed therefor. The* nip* of thialine will hereafter go armed, and their peculiar construction gives them eeenrity not poeeeased by any other but vessel* of war. For freight or passage, apply In E. K. COLLINS It CO., 66 South at., Naw York, or to WM. k JAS. BROWN It CO., Liverpool. Letters by the packets will be charged 19)6 cents per single beet; 60 cent* per ounce, and newspapcra 1 cent each. auIJr NEW YORK AND HAVRE PACKETS. (SHCOJfD LINE.) ?& f#fy M M, iT^uip^if this Un^wHl liereane^esve Nas^^o^^u the 1st and Havre on tlie 16th of each month, as follows : _ From Nru> York. From Havre. The new ship ONEIDA, 11st March ( 16th April Captain < 1st July < 16th August James Funck, r 1st November! 16th December Ship BALTIMORE, 1 1st Ai>ril i 16th .May Captain < 1st August < 16tli September Edward Funck, r lat Deccem'rf 16th January ShirUTICA, I lat May t 16th June Captain < lat Septemb'r< 16th October! Frederick Hewitt, I lat January ( 16th February NewahipBT.NICOd.A8, i lat June t 16ih July Captain < lit October < 16ih November. J. B. Pell, i C 1st February f 16m March The accommodations of these ships are not surpasaed, combining all that may be required for comfort. The price of cabin passage is $100. Paasrngeri will be supplied with every requisite. with the exception of wines and liquors. Soods intended for these vessels will be forwarded by the nbscribenL free from any other than the cipenses actually incurred en them. For freight or passage apply te BOYD It AlNCKEN, Agents, al 9 Tontine BuildingsFOR NEW ORLEANS. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS. jk&L ^44* iaSfe jBSL j&&? JmmIL jgUSr Fo^uHieuer accommodation of shippers it i^ntended to despatch a ship from this port on the 1st, 6th, roth, 16th, 90th, mid S6th ot each month, commaocing the 10th October and continuing until May, when regular days will be appointed for the remaiiMlrr of the year, whereby great delays and disappointments will he prevented during the gpmmer months. The following hips wit! commence thia arrangement : Snip YAZOO, Capuin Cornell, fthip OCONEE. Captain Jackson. Ship MISSISSIPPI, Captain Milliard. Ship LOUISVILLfe, Captain Hnet. Slop 8HAK9PEARE, Captain Miner. sell ri.QTiiw C?,.!n r.thim Skip HUNTSVlLLfcTCapim Mnmford. Ship OCMULGEE, Captain Leavitt. Snip NASHVILLE, Captain Dickinson. Ship MEMPHIS, Captaiu Knight. Ship LOUISA, Captain Mulford. Thru* ahip* wen all built in th* city of New York, exprecaTifor packets, are of light draft of water, hare recently been wly r<g>perad and jrot in splendid order .with accommodations lor psssepgers unequalled for comfort. They are commanded by experienced masters, who will make every exertion to give general satisfaction. They will at all times be towed up and down the Missiseii>pi by steamboats. Neither the owners or captains of these ships will be responsible fj>r jewelry, bullion, precious stones, silver or plated ware, or frir any letters, parcel er package, sent by or put on beard ol them, unless regular bills ol lading are taken for the same, and the value theieon expressed. Far freight or passage, apply ETk7COLLINS k CO . 36 South et., or HULLIN It WOODRUFF, Agent in New Orleans, who wit) promptly forward all goods to their address. Thwstiiia of this line are warranted to sail punctually as advertised, and great care will be taken So have the goods eorrectly measured. ml OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. M M. M; 'T'HK OLlfflSjE ofFacRS!?LiTarpo^^^^Rreafter be A despatched in the following order, excepting that when the day of sailing Calls on Sunday, the ships will sail on the succeeding day. For New York. For Liverpool. The SOUTH AMERICA, (June 1 July 19 616 tons, < Oct 1 Nov 19 D.O. Bailey, (Feb 1 Mar 19 The ENGLAND. (June 19 Aug 7 736 tons, . (Oct 19 Dec 7 B. L. Wait*, f Feb 19 April 7 The OXFORD, (July 1 Aug 19 t tone. ( Nov 1 Dec 19 jTRathbone, ( March 1 April 19 The EUROPE. (July 19 Sept 7 610 tons, (Nov 19 Jan 7 E. 6. Marshall (Mar ? May 7 The NORTH AMERICA. (Aug 1 Sept 19 611 tons. ( Dec 1 Jan 19 A. B. Lowbcr.f April 1 May 19 The NEW YORK, (Aug It Oct 7 966 torn, ' Dec 19 Feb 7 T. B. Cropper. April It June 7 The CAMBRIDGE, ilSept 1 Oct 17 UO tons, ' Jan 1 Feb 17 W. C Barstow.f May 1 Jnne 19 The COLUMBUS, I Sept 19 Npv 9 700 tons, 'Jan 19 Mar 9 O. A. Cole. May 19 Ju|y 7 Punctuality, as regards the day of sailing, will be observed as hemtofore. The price of passage outward is now fixed at One Hundred Dollars, for which ample stores ofeverv description will be provided, with the exception of wines and liquors, which will be fttruinhed by the stewards. OOODHUE It CO.. 64 South St., C. H. MARSHALL, 38 Burlius-slip, N. Y. jell lyh BARINO BROTHERS <k CO.. Lspool. BTEAM NAVIGATION BETWEEN ANTWERP AND NEW YORK, VIJI?S O UTHAMP TON. BELGIAN STEAMER BRITISH QUEEN, F. Etcbholt, Commandkb. The days of dr partur* of this well-known Steamship, have been filed u follow* : From Antwerp. From Southampton, From N*w York, On 4th Mat. 1842. On 7th May, 1842, On 7?h Jnne, 1842 rtiw> 10th July, " 7tli Aug., " 7th Sept. " 10th Sept. " 7th Oct., " Price of passage, meal* not inclndrd, to Southampton or Antwerp, $70?-Steward's fee*. $2 62,^. The meal* will be (erred on board, en the plan ef a continental hotel, iu the beat manner, and at bled and moderate price*, |>aueug?ri being only -haired when partaking of the *ame. The price of iwssage to either of the abore porta can alto be engaged if preferred, with meal* and ateward'a fee* included for $07 82S crnta.eiclnaire of wine*. An eiperienced Surgeon accompanie* the ahip. For freight or paaaage, or any farther information, apply to H.W. T. Ik H. MALI, Agent*, a22tm*r 41 Bearer street. ' NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. From the foot of Caartlandt rtreet. New York. (Every day?Sunday asatspted.) Leave* New York Leave* Newark At t A. M. At I P. M. At 7X A. M. At 1W P. M. do. 4 do. 9 do. 3)4 do. 11 i\ do. 10K do. 5* do. < do. 7 do. I do 19 do. ON SUNDAYS. From the foot of Liberty street. Leave New York, Leave Newark, ^.t # A. M. and ibi P. M. At 11 Noon and 18 P. M. NEW YORli, ELISABETH TOWN, WE8TFIELD, PLAINFlELD, BOUNUBROOK, SOMERVILLE, fcc. Daily. Leave New York. Leavt Elitabeth Town. 9 A. M. 7 A.M. i 1% P. M. tX AM. 4 12 M. ' P. M. 5 P. M. The train* of the Somerville Railroad ( connect with the*e lines each way daily, Sundays etcepted. j Passengers are requested to pairchese tickets at the office, foot of Liberty street. < Fsre between New York and Elitabeth Town 23 cents. Fare between do and Somerville. 7} cent*. _ NEW YORK. RAHWAY AND NEW BRUNSWICK. Fare reduced. From the foot of Liberty street, daily. Lease New York. Lear* New Bruuiwiek. At 9 A. M. At 7* A. M. ?Jd P. M. 11 A. M. 9 P. M. Fare between New York and Nsw Brunswick, 75 cents. Rabway, jo cents The fsre in ths tk A. M. train from N*w Brunswick, and 43d P. M. train worn New York, ha* been adnred between New York and New B runs wilt, to 50 cent*. " and Rahway to " <#n Sundays the 7X A. M. trip# from New Brunswick is omitted. I's*scn*ers who procure their rickets at the ticket office, reset re a ferry ticket rratis. Tickets are received by the conductor only op the day when purchased. anil Sn*? FARE AND FREIGHT REDUCEO MAIL Ll'^'l^R PFoWbENn.7S"P BOSTON, via STONINOTON AND NKWroRT, conpoaed of the following superior steamer*, rutium, is cotaveetjoti Willi the Stnningtoti and Providence, end B,*<on and Providence Railroads? MASSACHUSETTS, Captain Comatock. RHODE ISLAND. ? aptaln Thayer. NARRAGAN9ETT, Captain Woolaey. MOHEOAN, Captain Vanderbill. One ol n*h will leave New York deify, (Sundays ettented) fmrn Pier No. 1, North River, Bart ry Piece, at five | wk, P. M. A**AWnKMr!?T?. fcThe RHODE ISLAND, on Monday and Friday, for Stoning , loo. and I'neaday, for Stnmngton. Newport and Providence. Yl,r MASSACHUSETTS, on Ttieadar and Saturday, (or Stonioglon, New|>ort and Providence, and Thunday for Stnn,nK eeOfan on the arrival of the ateamera at Stor.ington, I j may take the Railroad Can and proceed immediately to rrovi denoe and Boston. ... Freight taken at the following much reduced rate* To Boaton, on goods weighing forty pounds or uwarda to he cubic foot, at ?5 JO put ton, and on meaaurrmedl gooda 7 eenu tier foot. . , To Providence, on measurement gooda J easts per cubic 1 foot, and apeciflc articlea a* per Uiu to be obtamd at office a toad war. mJlgmx < E NE FfE LONG ISLAND RAIL ROAD~CO.--Dttnng " (da; Kockaway ?raaou. and until further notice, a tram of Lara wiJI Uar? Jamaica at I o'clock in J9IQC^? the moruiM for Brooklyn, commencing on Monday next, the 2Jd mat. All other trains on the road aa usual. au21 lw*rc vwQ jfx?e^ort and middletoWn teamboat ROCKLAND will, OU am] after NliiaiUy, the lit of August, leuve Middletown Point (tide permitting) every Monday, Tuesday. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, at J o'clock, r.M. : and Key-Port at 3 oclock, r M. : and Now York, foot of Rubituon street, at 8)k o'clock, a N., every Tuesday, Wednesday, Tliursday, Friday?and Saturday at 2 o'clock, r.M., touching at Segume s Do . k, Stateu Island, each way. au24 Imr* OPPOSITION LINE FOR ALBANY. FARE REDUCED! ! CABIN PASSAGE $1 00 BERTHS. 7i FREIGHT TAKEN AT REDUCED PRiCES. aaMf) aA The commodious Steamboat WASHINGW^hf''^TO^ Captain J. M. Brown, having made 3EaagiSCjE_ irr tngemeuls to change her daya of leaving New York, will hereafter leave the foot of Rooinson street, New York, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday afternoon, at 5 o'clock, and Albany, every Monday,Wednesday, and Friday afternoon, at 5 o'clock, landing ou her passage each way at the foot of Hammond street, Newburgn, Poughkeepaie, Kingston Point, Cattakill and Hudson. For freight or noisage, apply to the Captain on board, or to D. RANDOLPH MARTIN. No. 1U Weststreet. jy 13 lm?c 0* FOR ALBANY. TROY and Inlenrediata places.?The splendid low pressure ^KweewiiCaiE-steamboat SWALLOW, Captain A. M'Leap, will lease the foot of Courtlandt st. This (ThursdayI Afternoon, Aug. 2illi at '? o'clock. Also, as above on Sunday 23th instant. The above it a substantial Boat, fitted up with Hegant State Rooms, and for accommodation u unrivalled ou the Hudson. au25r Tmm M? FOR KASTPOKT. CALAIS. ST. ANg. DREWS Sc ST. J OH SlS.?Steamer HUNT2K?IBSSbLRESS, Capt. T. O. Jewett. Passengers will leave Boston every Friday, at lOVi A. M. in the Cars of the Eastern Railroad for Portsmouth, from which place they will be conveyed by the well known steamer Heutress to the above places. Returning. the Huntress will leave St. Johns every Tuesday ^at 7 A. M. aud Eastport at 2 P. M. and arrive in Portsmouth on Wednesday in time for the 4 o'clock train for Boston. Fare ta Eastport, $6 I Calais and St. Andrews, $6 50 '* T 8 I (Meals eitra.) This route oners to persons seeking enjoymeut. many inducements?a country abounding in fine lakes and the most choice fishing ; also game of all kinds, with other attractions interesting to sportsmen. a7tm*r NEW A M A.N 6 NF.IV t(iR?i.-Fare Oulv I2>. cents ?The spleudid and commodi X^JEjcLnus steamer PASSAIC, Uapt. John Oiffv, being completely and elegantly refitted, comma need her regular tripe for the season ou Thursday, klarch 10?leaving aa follows ? Foot of Barclay at. New Turk, at 10 o'clock, A. M., and 4 o'clock. P. M. Centre wharf, Newark, at half-past 7 o'clock, A. M. and half past I o'clock P. M. On Sundays, lh? Passaic will leave New York at 10 A. M. and 6 P. Leave New Xork at half-past 7 A. M. and at 12 o'clock, M. (C7"" Freight ofavery description carried at reduced rricea. aulB |m*r aMM sg| THE MOST INCOMPARABLE Of flj~ T^j.?."jeEXCURSIONS is (o Hobokea.?A change JC?__Uta_K_of air and of scene is not only essential to health, but a great aourc-e of enjoymeut in the summer seaaau, to the residents of a crowded city. For this, unhing can cornier" with a jaunt to Hoboken, to those who ran lease New York only for a few hour*. Its shady and diversified walks along the river?the invigorating breezes f om the water?the picturesqi e beauty of the sceneiy?the many line and commanding views presented from the summit of Castle Point.and other points in these enchanting grounds?the romantic site of the Sybil's Cava?the delightful verdure of the Elysian Fields enlivened in the alternoon by aa excellent band ef music, all conspire to render this by far the moat favorite place of summer resort. Access is rendered easy by tha Barclay, Canal and Christoph> r street Ferry Boats, wliiah ply constantly during the day anil evening so IB 2w*xs uMft OA HEALTHY EXCURSION TO THE & ?nPy'^s?* FISHING BANKS OFF SANDY HOOK JEaJUL?The fast and substantial steamer Ul'ICA, Captain J. W. Hancog, will commence making daily excursions to the abova place, on Monday, July 24th, and continue to run every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, and leave as follows :?Foot of Hammond street at a quarter past t o'clock?Canal struct at half put 9?Pike street, JC. H., at 9-Pier No. 1. N. R., at half jwut 9. A Band of Music is engaged. Dinner and all kinda of rafreahments will be furnished onboard. On the return the Utica will remain at Fort Hamilton half an hoar. Fare 25 cents each way. The UTICA will make an Afternoon Excursion around Staten Island on Sunday, July 21th, and continue every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday, and leave aa follows Foot of Hammond atreet at Ijk o'clock?Cvnal street at 2?Pike street, E.R. at half past 2?Pier No. 1, at o'clock, P. M., and arrive in the eitv at 7 o'clock. Fare 25 cents each way. jy25 2m r 4MQ i?a OCEAN HOUSE, Lung Branch, Rumson, Brown'i Dock, Middletnwn, Eatontown Dock 3C3CE.and Red Bank, Shrewsbury.?The steamboat IOLAS, Captaiu Allaire, will leave New York from Fulton Market Slip, East River, every morning at t o'clock for Red Bank, (except Thursday, on which day the boat goes to Eatontown Dock.) Returning, will leave at 1 o'clock each day. The lolas will run as above, navigation and weather permitting, until further notiee. All freight and baggage at the risk of the owners thereof. June 24, 1812. je293mc KENNEBEC AND BOSTON. JSI The new and splendid steamer J. W.RICHMk-ltjSamgrfP MOND, Nathaniel Kimball, master, will leave the north side of T. wharf, Boston, every Tuesday and Friday evening at 7 o'clock, for Gardiner and Hallowell; and returning will leave Hallowell on Mondays and Thursdays at 2)? P. M., landing each way at Bath. Fare from Boston to Hallowell, S3 00 " " Bath, 2 SO Stages will be in readiness on the arrival of the boat at Hallowell, to convey passengers to Augusta, Waterville, Bangor. Belfast and Quebec. ITrsons travelling for pleasure will find few! plrasanler routes than this one to Quebec, as it runs through a comggy abounding in beautiful scenery?the roads are good, anaNRe hotels well kept?the distance 210 miles. jylO 2m?c EVENING LINE FOR ALBANY DIRECT, iMQ afl At seven o'clock, P. M., from the steamboat A " iS?between Courtlandt and Libarty streets. H tm mL. The steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. L. W. Brainard, leavea the above pier Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at seven o'clock, P. M. The steamboat ROCHESTER, Capt. A.St. John, leaves the above pier Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday seven o'clock. The above boars are new and substantial ate ftinflshed with elegant state rooms, and in every respectareu nsurpassed among the Hudson River steamers. For passage or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. BCHULTZ, At the office on the wharf, or on board, Passengers taking this line of boats, will at all times arrive at Albany in time for the first train of cars for the east and west. i yd FOR NEW ORLEANS,-Louisiana and New MMV York Line?Positively first ana only Rrgular Packet? JSHMlfiiThr very fast sailing packet ship LOUISVILLE, Capt. M Hnnt, having the greater portion of her targe on board, will sail as above. For freight or passage,, having accommodations, apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall st. or to E. K. COLLINS It CO. 56 South st Agents in New Orleans, Hullin It Woodruff, who will promptly forward all goods to their address. Great esre will be taken to hare the goods by this line cor reelly measured. As it ii probaole this ship will be despatched in all this week, persons desirous of sending goods by her, should ship them on or before Knday, the 26th inst. au25 r FIRST REGULAR PACKETS FOR NEWORLEANS, MOBILE, SAVANNAH AND CHARI KSTON ^FORN'EW ORLEANS?The well known regular packet ?fiin LOUISVILLE, Capt. Hunt, now loading foot of Wall at, I sails to-morrow. FOR MOBILE?The regular packet shin MARY FRANCES, Capt. Hubbard, now loading foot of Pine st, west side, sails to-morrow. FORSAVANNAH-The regular packet brig STERLING. Cant. Hamilton,now loading foot of Maiden lane, will sail on Monday, 29th. FOR CHARLEBTON-The packet ship ANSON, Capt. Barkmau, loading at Barling slip, will have quiek dispatch. The above are all hrst class regular packets, fitted np with erary attention to the comfoit of cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers^ at very reasonable rates. For passage in either of the above superior packets, apply to w a j. t. tapscdtt, an 25r 41 Peck (lip, or 53 South st, cor. Jones' lane. h'OR NElV-OULEAN8?Commercial Lin.?To MTJtVV sail on the 27th init., the superior fast saili"g packet MuSHa ship BOWDITCH, Crowell, master, will sail as above Iter regular day, and can accommodate in a superior manner, cabin, 2d cabin, and steerage passengers, at moderate rates, ife.irly application is made on hoard the ship at Pine-*t. wharf, or t? JOHN HERDMAN, a26r 61 Soulh-st FOR NCW ORLEANS?To aail positively on WTjaWy.Friday. 26ih inst. the smwrior, well known packet iiihkibship queen Victoria, cai>uin Maiiet, win iill at above, her rrgulir day. Thia ship's accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, is not surpassed by ?ny ship in port, her between deekt being fully seven feet high, ind in every other rrsiwct well calculated for the comfort and convenience of passengers. Captain Mallet is well known as in esperienced commander. The price of passage is moderate. Those wishing to secure aerths should make early application on board at pi. r 13 E. R. or to _a*21r JOHN HERDMAN. tl Booth st. fcgg- FOR NEW ORLEANS?First Regular Packet, MWfVwitl. despatch?The first claas fas' tailing parket ship IbJANE ROS8, Capt. Merrill, will tail for the above port wiihoiit delay. Freight and pasasge in this superior vessel will b- taken at the very lowest rates. Her accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers are not surpassed by any vessel in port. Persons intending to embark should embrace so very favorable an opportunity bv making immediate application on board, at Muiray't wharf, foot of Wall street, or to glover a McMl rray, an 24r 190 Pine street, corner 8outh. PASSAGE for mobile-First Packet?The wWW^-spl. ndi'l well known fait sailing ship MAJIV FRANJltvUkbl lS, Capt Hubbard, sail* positively on the 25th Aug. Haiingsplenilid accommodations f>r cabin, second cabin and steerage inuicnKrri.thoif wiihinitOMCUre berths iionld mike early application on board, IW o? WsH streel^or^to^^ au22r G I'eck Slip or 52 Sonh street. XAa>- NEW LINE OF LIV Ellt'Of 1L I'Ai'KETu? MKffVPacket of 25th Auzust-'I he superb well known pack-lair ' ' i * Cant, E. K. B. < "bb, will sail punctually as above. her regultr (My. . The accotninadalion* of ihe si ips of thia line, it i< well known, are superior in every restart to any other, rhey are all 1000 tons burthen and upwards, and are fitted up with every romfort and ronveni* nee. Prion* wishing to secure berths in the cabin, second cabin ox steerage of this favorite ship should not tail to make early lp* plicatipn on board, foot of Wall streer. or to n. */. a . i Ara^i' 1 a , ' ? J or 12 South ?t. corner Jonea lane Peraona wi thing to wnd for their friendl to come ontin lhl" packet or any of the regular line, can do ?o on favorable ?rm,i mil tho-ae about to remit money to iht ir fricnrU. can be aupplietl with tlrafla for any amount, payable on demand in all the principal tow ne of the United Kingdom. Applv aa ahoee. auTU r FoR LI Vk.HI'OUL?-i>r? Line tteg.nar kf T3^P"cllr' "f Aiignat?The splendid mr.ket alnp j|gfc44.HI[>l)ONS. I aptain K B Cobb, oi IUOU toua, will po utivrly sail aa above, her regular nay h r to ight or paarage, liaving accommodations unequalled lor aplendor t r c. retort, apply onboard, at Orleana wharf. Knit ol Wall street, or to 1 K. K. COLLINS fc CO M South alraet. Price of naasage $100. The iwcSet ahui SHtBipAN.Caitain A. Depeyater, of 1000 ona, will succeed the BlDDONS, and tail 2Mb September, her Kaeengera may rely on the ahipa of thia line tailing puneradly aa adrertiaed. aulOr W YO W YORK, THURSDAY M MISCELLANEOUS. THE NEW YORK COLLEGE OF MEDICINE AND PHARMACY. ESTABLISHED FOR THE SUPPRESSION OF QUACKHRY, U AS met with the most unprecedented success iiutr iu con XI menrement, lurticuUrly from the unfortunate victims of unprincipled pretenders, who are now daily (ituing strength slid vigor uudrr the judicious treatment of the College. The fnlloiirlni/ iir^ikirBlliiiia have alroa^v nhtamsi^ ? . aUhrirv tin. parajellecl'iu tile annals of medicine. THE UNR1VALLTED TONIC MIXTURE. A ceitain cure for all forms ofdyspepsia, low spirits, Iom od sppetite, lassitude, cutaneous eruptions, general debility, prsdis|K>silion to consumption, and all complaint* arising from a disarrangement of the uerviou* ayatrm. It may be also uaed with great success in caaea of ferrr and agne, and u a preventative te yellow liver. Hold in bottle* at tl and %1 each. THE ANODYNE LINIMENT. For the cure of rheumatic pains, colic, bryises, sprains, spinal diteaar, nrrvou* headache, |iaina in the joints, and inlinediate and permanent relief guaranteed. Sold in bottles, 7} cts each. THE PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIXTURE. For the core of all cases ol a delicate disease, or for pains in the bones, eruptions, sore throat, or auy oilier distressing symptoms, produced by an injudicious use of mercury, or by iiuarkery. Hold in bottles at $1 and $2 esch. THE AMERICAN ANTIBILOUS CATHARTIC PILL. For the cure of all drraugrmvul* of the liver, purifying the loud, eiciting the whole alimentary canal So healthy aodou, nd givi us new vigor to the vital powem. This medicine is utirely superceding the drastic purgatives of the nostrum "ndr"' THE FEMALE RESTORATIVE PILL. F?r the cure t f those complaints peculiar to the female sal, and to restore and preserve the regular action of the female organs, with lull directions and cautions ss to use, and sold in botes at $1, 60 cents, and 26 cents esch. SIR ASTLET COOPER'S PILL. For the cure of cutaneous eruptions, gout, chronic rheums lism, snd to improve the tone of the digrstivs organs. tf HE FRENCH ANTIPHLOGISTIC MIXTURE. Guaranteed to ure gonorrhoea, gleet, and all mucopurulent discharges from the urethra. Sold in bottles at 60 cents and *' CiChTHE PAPILLARY HEALING POWDER,. For tlie cure of sore nipples, snd superficial excoriations of the skin. Sold in closely stopt phials at 60 cents esch. The .above preparations may also be had of the following sub-agents in this city:? J. W. Basset, 641 Broadwsy. Dr. F.. M. Onion. 117 Bowery. Dr. King.287 Hudson street. Etias L.Theall. 64B Grand street. Dr. Newman, 132 Cherry street. Wm. Armstrong, 1S4 Fulton street, Brooklyn. Principal office of the College fnr New York, at 97 Nassau street. By order, a3 r W. 9. RICHARDSON, Agent DISEASES OF THE EYE AND EAR. 192 RROADWA\, Corner John street, up stairs. J SHANKS, M. D. respectfully announce* to the public' that for the better accommodation of hi* patient* from abroaii, a* well as thote of the city, lie ha* removed hi* office a* above stated, where he will attend Iron* 9 to 2 o'clock, daily, to the treatment aud cure af alt diseases incident to the human eye and ear and the diseases of Women aud Children. From 3 to 5 o'clock daily, w ill be devoted to consultations for the cure of miscellaneous rases of disease in every department of medicine, including those of a private and delicate character. Doctor Shanks, in order to acquire ihe confidence of strangers, aud to guarantee the public against the remotest feeling of imposition and quackery, begs leave to state that he is a practitioner of medicine of N years'duration, a graduate of the University of the city of New York : and tliat his inaugnial dissertation for thr degree of Doctor of Medicine from this University, entitled " The Human Eye, Anatomically, Phisiologically, and Paralogical I y considered," elicited the highest approbatory encomiums from Professor Mott before the assembled rouncipaud professors of this learned University, during the public examination and defence of the same. Dr. 8. regrets the necessity lie is under in adverting to these circumstances, so repugnant to the delicacy of every truehearted physician ; but the duty he owes himself, and the regard he is bound to have lor the preservation of the public nealth. iui|<crioualy demand that he should sneak out. What ! must the regularly educated physician, who has spent yean in the study of the knowledge necessary to qualify him for his art, and who holds the sealed testimony of learned and competent authority before whom he was examined -to practice such? must he?1 respectfully enquire ??remain silent in his office, and allow himself to be thurst from the legitimate ground of his scientific exertion, by the bold, presuming reckless quacks?? No ! I. for one, will not submit to it. And in order to place this subject before the public in a proper light, and in such a way a* to direct towards it the public attention in the strongest possible manner, I propose to publish immediately my views more at Irngth on this topic. Those of the public and the profession who are disposed to second my efforts, will please call at my office, and subscribe for a copy. The expense will not be more than a aixpenre or a shilling. auJI lm*r CONFECTIONARY, ICE CREAMS, SODA WATER, flcC. JBRADEN, No. 73 Canal street, is still at his old stand, and will be happy to see his friends, as well aa tlie public generally, and would inform them that lie continue! to make improvemanta in his articles of Confectiouary and Ice Creams, which have been ?o generally approved of, from their being purr and wholesome, aa no deleterious articles ara used in the manufacturing of them, the superintendence of the whole being under his immediate supervision. 8EGAH9, CONFECTIONARY, FRUITS, fcc. he., wholesale and retail. Particular attention will be paid to order* for fumiah | nig parties or private familia* for Ice Creams, Jellies, kc., at prices to suit the times. Orders for Confectionary from the country will be attended to with promptness and despatch. He takes this opportunity of returning his thanks for the liberal patronage bestowed, and hopes to'merit a continuance of public favor. auZI Im* ECONOMY, ELEGANCE, AND GOOD U1W XilVT. THE undersigned him, at agreat expense, fitted up one of the A largest and moat spleBffld Coffee and Eating Honses in New York, in which one hundred prraoiu at leaat can ait down to an excellent and anbatantial breakfast, dinner, and tea, [from the choiceit supplies oflhe markets, with a bill of fare notes celled either as regards quality or number of dishes J by any hotel in the United Stales, and varying in prices from sis cents to one shilling and eighteen pence per dish. The (rarest Java and Mocka coffee and the very best teas, and served at only three Denis per cup. And all otlier refreshments in proportion. The waiters are uniformly civil and polite, and every visitor may be assured of feeling in this establishment quite at home." In fact, every department of tbe business is under the superintendence of competent overseen, whose sols care and attention are directed to trie comfort and conveniences of customers and guests. HENRY GOSLINO, Proprietor of the French and American Eating House, Nos 64 and fifi Nassau st, between Jehu st and Maiden Lane. P. 8.?Open Sundays for breakfast, dinner and tea. Je30 Jmr PATENTS?AMERICAN AND FOREIGN OFFICE, A and Agency of the United States Patent Office, No. >2 State street, Boston. This office has been established in Boston for the past ten years, and inventors are informed that all business relative to the preparation at caveats, specifications and drawings, assignments and other patera, and procuring patents, is here transacted with accuracy and despatch ; and all personal trouble, as well as eapenaes of a Journrj to Washington, and delay there, saved to them. Attendance here is altogether unnecessary?a model, which may be sent bv Harnden's Eiprrss, and a snort explanatory letter, being sufficient. Patents secured in foreign countries, and advice g.venouall legal and seientific matters res|>ecting them. The facilities of the subscriber, by his very extensive library 01 books on patent laws, and rare mechanical werks, Sec,, enables him to afford eviil. nee and opinions for suits at law, for infringements, Ike., which would be difficult in other respects for partiea to obtain. All models, be., forward ed to the Patent Office, Washington, free of expense. if H. EDDY, < ml Engineer. The following is extracted from letters of the Commissioner of Pstents in l?39 :? To R. H. Eddt, Esq.? Sia '" I have to renew the assurance of the high respect I entertain of yonr agency for Internees. So far as lliare heard, they have expressed themselves satisfied with your services ; andjustice to yourself compels me to say, the bnaineas ol your office, an far as it is connected with this department, evinces mnch skill and great assiduity. Yours, respectfully, H. L ELLSWORTH For all fnrthar information, apply to DAVID GARDINER, Agent of Patent Office, No. 24 Pine street, New York. lOP GAflftlEL VEllHEN or WRrtRES.a N.uve of " Switzerland.?Any one who has ever known or heard of thia individual, or of a person of a similar nama, will plsaae communicate the fact to me, aa this information is of imiiortauce to some of his family. His real name waa Jehn Gabriel Vrrren ; hut inaforeign land it may, like many other names, have been changed,or become corrupted in ita apelling. He came to the United States in the year 17(3. and he la supposed to have reaided in the State of Pennsylvania, and to have died there ; but as no trace o( in in as yet has been discovered, the lulormaiioa received by me upon tlir subject is probably inrorrxct, ana i now tsar nut mruu ol making a general inquiry throughout the Union, at eod lm*r 8TAIGEH, Philadelphia, Pa. C. L. INGEltSOLL/S BOAT ESTABLISHMENT. BOATS, Dinkey aail heats and nace boata. pleasure boata, Ac. Ac. The immense Boat Building Establishment of C. L. Ingersoll, 4W Water at, near Catharine Market, la one of the moat extenalre in the United States. Here were built the moat beautiful pleasure barges and club boata that I rare Boated on the rirem and lakes o( America. Also the barge for the Aatocratof all the Russian, aereral race boat for Asiatic Monarch*; the fancy boat called the John Smith of Arkansas, and the fast sailing boat lor Mr. O. F. Banning). He has recently completed a life boat on a new plan, which has been pronounced by some of our moat experienced nautical men superior to any exer before built. \l this establishment any kind of boat will be furnished with reeersed bottom, from a mould, in any way to suit the taste of the purchaser, of whatever form they may be. Ttie materials ara til of the best quality, pine hoards being no part thereof. A large assortment of boats ?f all kinds, including life boats, gigs, long, quarter, pleasure, Whitehall, sad race boata, may be always found at the maaufact sry, at prices much below what purchasers have heretofore paid, and a liberal discount

on the usual rates will be made to those who wish to sell again. Please call before purchasing else where; you can then judge of my work?References. Jaa. VV. Hale, Sol i Agent, it Wall at. For adrqaAsement of boats, Ac., see Com ar It Enquirer and Naw York Commercial Adrertiser. jvffl Im'r HAVANA AND PRINCIPE SEGARS. MRADER, 4? Chatham street, offers for sals s 1X0,000 La Norma Segars. 31',000 Noval Principe. 13,000 Wuodville. X ,000 Rionda. E'-'illed to dtbeu ure. Betides a full atock of the choicest brands of Harana and Principe Begsrs. jvlO Imeod-c (. AZO PNEUMATICS7 r|'HE subscriber ii prepared to execute orders for the Oar.o i A Pneumatic Hydraulic Machine, for raiting water any , height or quantity, Irom mines, or lor water works, hy means of vacuum ; and the simplicity of the machine gives it a great advantage over any other now in use. au?lm*r ""w"r, 9* Pine si. WE WOULD direst the fsttuilion qi our rr.oeis to Hie Rheumatic Eradicating Liniment, an invaluable article. , ee advirtiw mem in another colnmn of this paper. mi 16 lm*rc /SOAL?100 tons Liverpool (Jannel iCoal, for sale in lots v/ suit purchasers,now landing from ship Biddons. Apply to a4r KDW't) H. I QULINB. A Co.. M Booth street. HOARDING.?A Tew select boarders will be taken in a gen < D teel and respectable family. Andy a? No. IN Fulton it ?T I IRE I [ORNING, AUGUST 25, ] UNITED STATES TEA EMPORIUM. 121, late 129 Chatham ttrtft. New York. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. T"HI? CANTON TEACOv,PANV continue to offer for J- uln new and fragrant Teat of even' variaty and style.? Thair assortment specially includes trie tnotl delicious and powerful grades ol Ureeu and Black, Evcrypackage bear* the stamp of neatueu and elegance, and th? Teas therein are ?o thoroughly aecurod from light and air hat tl.cir quality and l>ow?r will remain uannpaiird in any climate. Their tyatem of prosecuting bunnraa 11 |>erliape scarcely to be eicelled It is founded upon the utmost regard to the rights of the customer, esiwcially with respect to weight and quality, and unrivalled chea, nets. All |iurchatera aie called upon to return any articles which fail te give them the fullest satislaclion, when the money will be cheerfully and promptly lefundeil. Country merchants, public establishments, heads of tannins, an . shipmasters, will find it a decided advantage to supply themselves from this establishment. (. offre roasted rvery day. Orders from all parts of the Uniteu Villas executed with promptitude and des|iatch. [i jr The only warehouse in America for the sale sf Houqua a celebrated Black Tea. auH Im'r THE CRYSTAL, CORNER OF WALL BROAD STREET. Ye Conoiseun and Epicures who throng the " Money" street, When you are dry, stop in and try, the "stock" that there you'll meet; Well do our best, to stand the test, with any house in town. And while we do, we look to you,for some share of reuowu. T'HE Proprietors of the above rstahlish">ent will take a pride in redeeming the above pledge, and they will permit no art.cle but the very best to appear on the bar. A cnoice Lunch can also be found daily. au24 r__ BACKUS' PATENT RAREFIER,' ' A FRUGAL HOUSEWARMER. rpHE Proprietor, in offering this valuable store ts the public, J- would briefly atatr soma of the advantages of heit imptorement, whichconsist chiefly in the following particular!, viz:? 1?To obviate the evil of im- i?To be capable of affordKre aud noxiouj gas in the iog a mild or an interne heat, ruing of anthracite coal. 6?-To avoid all lacovenience' 2?To generate and diffuse from dust. a warm and wholesome at- 7?To preserve the air of the mosphore In places exposed to apartment pure and wholedamp and cold. some. 3?To lesson the risk of acci- 8?And to unite with all dent by fire. tkose excellent qualities, an 4?To be quickly kindled elegant aud durable article of and easily managed. furniture. This Stove ts constructed of the best quality of Russia sheet iion, upon the cylindrical plan?the fuumace or fire-chamber occupying a part of the centre cvlimler, to which is attached an atmospheric Rarefier upon each side, of a tubular form, and lined throughout. The heat that is created iu the chamber passes between the linings of the two rarefiers (or radiators as they are called] into the base at the bottom, and a current of air continually rushing through the tubes, which are left open at each end for that purpose, carries a great Amount of rarefied or warm air into the apartmeut. The purity and softness of the air in a room heated by this stove axe peculiar and remarkable, the heat being diffused from a great exteul of surface moderately heated. The heated air, on entering the wings or sides of the stove,descends and spreads over the entire surface of the base at the bottom, keeping the colder portiou of the air next the floor ill constant circulation? in the meantime pseserving it entirely from contamination, rendering this Stove perfectly safe and agreeable for a|wrtmeiits of invalids, sleeping rooms, Itc. Mannfac ured by J. it E. BACKUS, H Bowery, N. Y. N. B. A new article of air tight stoves, with rarifiors ; also the new kitchen companion coolt stove, wairanted equal to any iu use in this city. anil lm*r J. P. CARROLL'S !\ffEDICATED VAPOUR BATHS, ? Courtlandt street, l-'-f will afford immdiate relief to all those persons who are afflicted with lumbago, coughs, colds, Ac. This changeable weather admonishes all to get nd of their colds as soon as possible. an34 Iwr WATCHtrS^VNT)"JE\VELRY VERY LOW-fhe subvv scrilwr is coustantl" receiving. direct Irom the mama far turers. all description* nf Gold and Silver Levera, Anchor, Escapemcnt, Lrtiine, and V r nt r Watches, of new and splendid iiatterm; gold and silver pencils, gold chains, keys, lie.. which lie is si lling at ret dt Vwer than at any othrr place in the city. Gold Watches as low as 25 to 30 dollars each. Watches and jrwelry exchanged or bought. All watches warranted to keep good time or (h? money leturued. Watches and clocks repaired nthe best manner and warranted, at much less than the usual pricea, by one of the knat workmen in America. O. C. ALLEN, Importer of Watches and Jewelry, au23 lw*rc Wholesale and retail, 30 Wall st, np stairs. BUTTONS. J JONES, K Piatt stieet, wishes to inform his friends that his new style will not be randy beforw the lirat w- ck in September, hut haa on hard the Klats and Bkvel Edges, which ha offers at the following pricea . Best English Brocades, $1 50 * French " J 00 " Twist, 2 00 " English ' " J 25 Figured Satins, 1 30 Mohair Over (.oats, 1 30 Several hands warned. an 17 Irn'r CHINESE LEMONIAA N ENTIRELY new and splendid article for the , -*?- s'W|iassiiig in IragTancy any article of the kind that haa ever been introduced iato ihis country. Every hon?ekeeper will highlr appreciate it as au indisjiensable family invigora tor. Alto, Lavender, Pine Apple, Vanilla and Cologne, h'ghly fragrant?together Willi every variety of fragrant odor* in liquid form. K n sale wholesale and retail at the De|>ot of Health and Htrrmclh, 50 Canal street, on* door east of Broadway. *u20 2w?r A V. H. WF.IB . Agent. CROL1US' BOAT ESTABLISHMENT. 400 WATER STREET, POTTO DOOM EAST OP CATHARINE MARKET THR Snbacriber having in his manufactory, and nnder his s- own immrdiat vnpenntruderug, some of the oldest and moat experienced t lildera in this effy; and the best of materials for building every' description of boats, which enable* him to furnish, at the shortest uotice, Boms of the most approved model and workmanship, on the most liberal terms. BUILDER of (he Sultan of Mu ami's Pleasure Bare*, the Wave, Gazelle, Victoria, Atlantic, Wakona, Ite. Also, the Ann, of Peekakill, Washington, of Ponghkeensie, Duchess, of Hyde Park, Sylph and Wave, of Mobile, Geo. Suwvt, of Louisville, Madam* Celeste, oi New Orleans, lie. Also.? T|ie sail boats Wit Crolitu, Fashion, Zanonl, Star, and Edwi Forreat, k.c.,1 > . kc. jy23m?od*c New long It Aleaisv Raie Road CoMranv, 2 Park Place, New York. ^OTICE is hereby given to the btoekholders of the New I' York and Albairv Rail Road Company, that the President ami ninspfnrg Kav* rlimp(?nl a rail l/ir an inafalr*ta?**f nf Avn iwt rent Oil the Capital stock of the Company, payable on the fifth day of September neat. Subscribers resident in New York and Westchester, will pay their instalment to Josiah Rich, Chairman of the Finance Committee, and Treasurer for tha Southern District 172 Front st. Subscribers resident in Dutchess, Putnam and Columbia connties, will |?y their instalments to Jona. Akin Taber, of tbe Finance Committee, and Treasurer for the Middle District, in I'awlings. Subscribers resident in Renatelacr county, will pay their instalments to Jonas C. Heart, of the Finance Committee, and Treasurer of the Northern District, at his office in the city of Troy. By order of the Bosrd, a21 scp 3 r JOS. E. BLOOM FIELD. Secretary. LOST OR~BT0LEN^-Kentueky Bond, <1000, dated 23d May, 1842, No. 1139. Bank Note SIon. A, No. 730, July 23,1?a3, Alabama, at Mobile. 100, " " Hi, Feb. 23, 1839, " 100, " " 116, Dec. 4, 1M4, " " " 100, " " 164, " 117 " " " 50, " " 721, July I, 1836, " Montgomery. " 30, B, Jan. 1, " " " 20, A, " 2929, " 1, 1935, " " " 10. D, " 198, July 23, 1833, " Mobile. 10, B, Feb. 12, " " Tuscaloosa. 10, A, " 38, Dec. 13, 1839, 10, C, " 126, Mar. 1, 1833, " Montgomery. 5, B, " 1821, Sept. 7, " " Decatur, i, A, " 1000, Juue 9, 1834, " Mobile. 4 Small Notes. The above hare been stolen or lost in transmission by mail from Louisville, Ky. Brokers and others will please take notice that all the Bank Notes are stamped Massol It Co.. 29th July, 1842, and will detain the parties who may offer them for sale, and give information to S. J. SILVESTER, au24 lwr 22 Wall street. NAVY AOENT'B OFFICE,J New York, August 22, 1842.) S BALED PROPOSALS will be received at this office until the I7th instant, at 3 o'clock, P. M. for furnishing tha following specified materials to be nsed in the construction of hnildincs at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. All the materials to be delivered at such part of the Navy Yard as may he designated, en or before the 3th dav of 8e|e tember neit, subject to the approval of the Yard Inspector. Proroaals will be received for tbe entire list, or separately far either branch of it, endorsed '"Proposals lor building matsrials." LIST OF ARTICLES. 16 pieces North River bine enrb stone, 4 inches by 12?8 feet long. 16 pieces North Rivtr bine curb stone, 4 inches by 20?8 feet long. 280 feet of flsgging, of the 1st quality North Rivtr blus stone, 223 " rnt stoue, for water table. 130 " do for window tills and lintels. 40 " do for door tills and lintels. 130 loads North River builing stone, (one fourth paa foundati -n.) 130,000 Newbargh hard raving brick. 230 barrels Thomas ton lime. 430 loads tcrtened building sand. 60 pieces timber, white pine, 21 feet long, 3 by 12. 36 " do do 15 " 3 "r 7. 4 " do do 28 " 4 " 12, 4 " do do 28 " 4 " 9. 10 " do do 20 " 4 " 10. 530 merchantable Albany plank. 125 floor plank, tongued and grooved. 30(0 feet 1)4 inch clear pine plank. 4000 " 4 " do do one half 30 feet long. 13 botes X tin. 650 feet first iinality lead pipe, 2 inches in the clear. 450 " do do 1 " do do 600 lbs 12d iron cut nails. 100 " Id wrought iron nails. ROBERT C. WETMORE, Navv Agent. an24 3tr 85 Water street. /"CORPORATION NOTICE?Public Notice us hereby ?ic* ten, that uli oI \ ronerty for unpaid taxra will take place at Public Aartion, atshsr City Hall of the City of New Y?rfc, on Wedneaday, the29tn i.ay o| September next, at It o'clock, noon,and be continued!! > in day to ilay until the whole of said property ahnll be told,an 1 that the detailed statement of (he taxea, anil pro|?'rly ta bei >1 il.ia nubliahed in the New Eia, a ncw?|nperpriuted aiidpnbli il.ed in the city of New York. ALr i ED A. SMITH, Comptroller. Comptroller's Office, May! I IKE }< ?> lawtBf pttt c oTTTTN BAUOI'NO, BsTv K> >i?, Twines, Ac. 230 Bales East India heavy, 44 to 47 laches wide. MS) Pieces Dumb e, 44 niches heart ami light. 2i;0 do Oerman4l a42 niche* l>?lb pervard. Jflil Coils hale rone, various sites; Russia and American Dundee; Bride'port, American and East liuli i T? ines, lot sail makers, and hailing. Ac., kr. Kor sale on faeorahle terms for -aah, or approved Boston or New York paper. Apidvto CHARLES BALDWIN, 70 Wall It, nr. surra, au23 3t roderc Arenl for rhe awnera. B~ LEAC ill NO POWDER.?1T1 e anhsV r i he rs~ are Voir acnUi in the United Slates foi the sale of ' Boyd's" Bleaching Powder, aud are prepared to supply dealers arnl consumers to iny extent. Kor uniformity and strength they will lie found fully equal to any in thta market. PERS8E A BROOKS. au24 ttr No. Si Liberty at. ROARDINO EOR~OE N TL?MEN, at one of the plea D santeM and most deairable situationa iu thia city, wish pure ronntry air. The rooms are clean and comfortable and handtomely funnslird. Apply at 197 sThird Arcane. The atagea pnaa errry 1> minute anlt2w*| IER A 1842. Tile Treaty with Great Britain. We giro to-day the remainder ol thin important document. The coripspondence connected with it we shall, probably, give an abstract ol at a future time. ARTICLE III. In order to promote the interest! and encourage the industry of all the inhabitants ol tho countries watered by the Kiver at. John arid its trihytsfi^; whether living within the State ot Maine of the Province ol New Brunswick, it is agreed that, where, by the provisions of the present treaty, the River St. John is declared Jo be the line of boundary, the navigation of said river shall tie free and open to both parties, and shall in no way be obstructed by either ; that all the produce ol the forest, in logs, lumber, timber, boards, staves, or shingles, or of sgriculture not being manufactured, grown ou any of those parts of the State of Main# watered by the RJver St. John, 01 by its tributaries, of which fact reasonable evidence shall, if required, be produced, shall have free access into and ?h*V*li<T?l ?Vvaa aai.l rivnr .ml its tslh.tsri.s'' Kowlnw source w thin tke State of Maine, to and frqm the seaport at the mouto of the River St. Jdhii.-and to and round the Falls of said river, either by boats, ralte, or other conveyance : that when within the Province of New Brunswick, the said produce sha.l be dealt with as if it were the produoe of said proviucc : that, in like manner, the inhabitants of the Territory ot the Upper St. John determined by this treaty to belong to her Britannic Mgjesty, shall have free access to and through the river tor their produce, in those parts where the 'aid river runs wholly through the State of Maine; provide 1 always, that this agreement shall give no right to either party to interfere with any regulations not inconsistent witu the terms of this treaty, which the Governments, respectively, of Maine or of New Brunswick may make respect Ag the navigation of the said river, wuuMh banks tberiot stiall belong to the same party. m ASTICLK IT. All gMnts of land heretofore made by either party, within the limits of the territory w hich by this treaty falls within the dominions of the other party, shall be held valid, ratiAud, and conArroed to the persons in possession under such grants, to the same extent as if such territory had by this treaty fallen within the dominions of the party by whom such grants were made ; and all equitable possossary claims, arising from a possession and improvement of any lot or parcel of land by the person actually in possession, or by those under whom such person claims, lor more than six years before tke date of such treaty, (hall, in like manner, be deemed valid, and tie confirmed and quieted by a release to the person entitled thereto, of the title to such lot or parcel of land, to described as best to include the improvements made thereon ; and in all other respects the two contracting parties agree to deal upon the most liberal principles of equity with the settlers actually dwelling on the territory falling to them, respectively, which has heretofore been in dispute between them. I ARTICI.K V. Whereas, in tho course ol the controversy respecting the disputed territory on the Northeastern Boundary, some moneys have been received by the authorities of Her Britannic Majesty's Province of New Brunswick. with the intention et preventing depredation! on the forests of the said taritory, which moneys were carried to a fund called the " Disputed Territory Fund," the proceeds whereof it was agreed should be hereafter paid over to the parties interested, in the proportions to be determined by a final settlement of boundaries : It is hereby agreed, that a correct account of all receipts and payments on the said fund, shall he delivered to the Uovern- ] ment of the United States, within six months after the ratification of this treaty ; and the proportions of the amount ( due thereon to the states of Maine and Massachusetts, and any bonds aud securities appertaining thereto, shall be ' paid and delivered over to the Government of the United 1 States ; and the Government of the United States agree to J receive for the use of, and pay over to the states of Maine I and Massachusetts their respective portions of said fun-i; < and further, to pay and satisfy said states, respectively, for all claims for expenses incurred by them in protecting , the said heretofore disputed territory, and making a survey thereof in 1833 ; the Government of the United States agreeing with the states of Maine and Massachusetts to 1 nay them the further sum of three hundred thousand dollars, in equal moieties, on account of their assent to the line of boundary described in this treaty, and in consideration of the equivalent received therefor, from the Government of Her Britannic Majesty. ARTICLE VI. It is furthermore understood and agreed, that for the pur- , poso of running and tracingthose parts of the line betwien the source of the fit- Croix and the St. Lawrence River, which w ill require to be run and ascertained, and lor ma- 1 king the residue of said line by proper monuments on the i land, two Commissioners shall lie appointed, one by the \ 'resilient of the United States by and with the ail vice and consent of the Ittlls thereof, and one by her Britannic | Majesty -t and the said Commissioners shall meet at Ban- , gor, in the 8tate of Maine, on the first day of May next, or ns soon thereafter as may be, and shall proceed to mark the linn above described ; from the source of the St Croix j to the River St. John ; and shall trace on proper marks the dividing line along said river, and along the river 8t. Francis, to the outlet ol the Lake I'ohengamook ; and from the outlet of said Lake, they small ascertain, tlx, and mam i>y uureiue monuments upon the land, tne line described in the firat article of thia treaty ; and the said Commissioners shall make to each of their respective governments a joint report or dec laration, under their hands and seals, designating such line of boundary, and shall accompany said report or declaration with maps certified by by them to be true maps of the new boundrry. ARTieiavu. It is further agreed, that the channels in the river St. Lawrence, on both sides of the Long Sault Islands, and of Barnhart Island ; the channels in The river Detroit, on both sides of the island of Bois Blanc, and between that island and both the American and Canadian shores ; and all the several channels and passages between the various islands lying near the junction of the river St. Clair, with the lake'o! that name, shall be equally free and'open to the ships, vessels, and boats of both parties, ARTICLE VIII. The parties mutually stipulate that each shall prepare, i equip and maintain in service, on the coast of Africa, a sufficient and adequate squadron, or naval force of vessels, of suitable numbers and description, to carry in all j not less than eighty guns, to enforce separately and respectively, the laws, rights and obligations of each of the two countries, for the suppression of the Slave trade; the said squadrons to bo independent of each other, but the two Governments stipulating, nevertheless, to give such * orders to the officers commanding their respective forces, ' as shall enable them most effectually to act in concert and co-operation, upon mutual consultation, as exigencies j may arise, for the attainment of the true object of this article; copies of all such orders to be communicated by each Government to the other respectively. ARTICLE IX. Whereas, notwithstanding, all efforts which may be made on the Ceast of Africa for suppressing the Slave Trade, the facilities for carry ing on that traffic and avoiding the vigilance of cruisers by the fraudulent use of (lugs and other means, are ?o great, and the temptation- lor pursuing it, while a market can be found lor slaves, so strong, as that the desired r. suit may be lung delayed, unless all markets be shut against the purchase of African negroes ; the parties to this treaty agree that they will unite in all becoming representations and remonatrancea with any and all Towers within whose dominions such markets are allowed to exist ; and that they will urge upon all auch Powers the propriety and duty of closing such markets at once and for ever. ARTICLE X. It is agreed that the United States and Her British Majesty shall, upon mutual requisitions by them, or their Ministers, officer*, or authorities, reflectively made, deliver up to justice all persons who, being charged with the crime of murder, or assault with intent to commit murder, or piracy, or aason, or robbery, or forgery, or the utterance of forged paper*, committed within the jurisdiction of either, shall seek an asylum, or shall be found, witkin thai (prritnriitA nf lhi> nfhpr- nrnvirlpil that tkiaaKull only be don* upon inch evidence of criminality an, according to the laws of the place where the fugitive or person so charged, shall be lound, would justify hil apprehension and commitment for trial, if the crime oroffi-nce had there been committed; and the respectivejudgea and other magistrates of the two Governments shall have power, jurisdiction, and authority, upon complaint made under oath, to issue a warrant for the apprehension of the fugitive or person so charged, that he may be brought before such judges or other magistrates, respectively, to the end that the evidence of criminality may beiheard and 1 considered; ami if on such hearing, the evidence be deemed sufficient to sustain the charge, it shall be the duty 1 of the examining judge or magistrate, to certify the same to the proper executive authority, that a warraat may is- ' sue for the surrender of such fugitive. The expense of such apprehension and delivery shall be borne and de frayed by the party who makes the requisition, and re- 1 reives the fugitive. I ARTICLE XI. The eighth article of this treaty shall be in force for five 0 years from the dateof the ratification, and afterwards until one or the other party shall signify a wish to terminate it. ? The tenth article shall continue in force until one or the other party shall signify its wish to terminate it, and no w longer. 'j axticle iii. 0 The present treaty shall be duly ratified, and the mutual exchange of ratifications shall take place in London, with- ' in six months from the date hereof, or earlier if possible. I> In faith whereof, we, the respective Plenipotentiaries, s? have signed this treaty, and have hereunto affixed our <> seals. 1 Done in duplicate, at Washington, the ninth day of E August, Anne Domini, one thousand eight hundred and forty two. ASHBURTO.N, [seal 1 DANIEL WEBSTER, [seal.] Six months time is aMowed for its ratification or 1 rejection by Great nritam. Vice Clianrfllor't (ourt< \ Arci.13 Jl. E- Hmmtk and J. WimM, erecttlert vs. AV y h-muih Rngtrt, trtrutnr.?Thi* case war alluded t" yex- j tcrduy. Mr. Roger* had already received part of hii de- t mand ont of an allowance made for unjust capture! by the Rritiih Government, and held a claim of $1*1,000 against the estate .,f Mi. G' icie, which ha* increased with interest, and ( barges of hia executorship to $71,000. Thia * sum, the C-urt of F rrom ha* dec idol he is entitled to. The " Vice Chancellor, in his order on Tuesday, directed that 11 Mr. Rogers should pay the balance of the money he hel l 1 belonging ta the Oracie estate In'o Court?that the taxed 11 coata on either aide should he allowed out of it?and the " reaidua paid by the cl< rk pro rata to the various creditoia ^ A Dai'smu among tht Dsad.?A man waa recently !1 arretted in Baton Rouge, on the charge of visiting thecemetery and deaecrating the tomha for the dead. He waa ^ hailed the next day, on the auppoeition.that being drunk at the time, he waa unconaclotia of the enormity he * at committing. LD. Prle* Two C?ati( Alkuf, [CorrMpondeno* of the Herald.] Albant, August 22, 1842. Review?i46th Rrg-tment? Horrort of War?Mmbordination?A. R.A.-?V. R. O.?A. U. O?W. A.?Grand Fight?Overthrow of Artillery, $v.g-c. Mr Editor:? We have had a grand review and witneaaed a sight which we hope never will be repented. It was known through the city and county for aome weeka that the "seperate Battallion of Artillery attached to the Third Brigade of Artillery" of the State ol New York, were to meet in grand array and practice previous to our general muater in September. At one o'clock on Saturday we wended our way to tha Arsenal in Broadway, near Gen. Van Renasslaer's, and found on the ground the Albany Republican Artillery, Do Van Renaaelaer Guard* Do Union do. Watervliet Artillery, drawn up on the aide walk,preparatory to having the roll called. First stood Maj. Strain's stall and the troo|? as above named in their order. The Commandant proceeded to place the tallest men the in first rank, who happened to be u Lieut, of the Wa ivituci vvmpaiij) a iou m\ iuuicr9 wmcn waii resiMrd in a most decided manner by Captain Strain of the A. R. A., who insisted that nis company should take precedence, being the oldest company and best drilled of any in the State. The Major instated upon it, and ordered them to fall back one pace in the rear to let him in, but Captain S. drew his sword md threatened instant death to a man under his command who obeyed any one but him. They pre;ented arms and refused the W. A. Lieutenant to -nter, so he returned to his place. Upon this the Major placed Captain S. under an arrest and orderud Lieut. Van O'Linda to command them. The officers of the A. R. A. refused to obey him?they tad the highest regard for Lieut. Van O'Linda as i soldier and a gentleman, but gave him warning lot to interfere with the prerogative of Captain S., is they would follow him to every hazard. Seeing hey had gone too far, the officers of the A. R. A. remonstrated with Captain 3., and compromised the matter so far as to consent to admit the Lieutenant ot the W. A. to take the place, hut assured him they would move from the Battalion at the earliest moment possible. Capt. 3?? being considered under an arrest?as his officers refusing to obey their Lieut., Mai. Strain ordered Lieut. Barney Humphrey, of V. K.G., to take command? (Capt. Carroll of V. K. G. having also been arrested,) Capt. S. became furious, he drilled his men in an excited manner, and addressed them; says hs, " Will you surrender the rights and honors gained in 1812 to a set of boys who were in leading strings when 1 was a commissioned officer! Will ye bo dictated to by a boy, who, to show his authority, rules us with a desnotic swav 1 No! we will dia liret!" Says he, "I heard of this four days ago. Citizens told me that the A. it. A. would be arrsetsd, court niartialed and cashiered : but we will show them what stuff we're nude of. I can flog the Maor and all his staff, and after that the rest of tho battalion! Hoys, stand to your rightB? never sajr die by !" The Captain stepped un before him and said, " Capt. S , you hate insulted the staff, and through them, me. Was it not for my sacred calling, and my black coat, 1 would flog you on the spot." A rush was made by Lieut. H., of the V. R. (j., who obtained possession of the sword of Copt. S. and broke it; then the A. 11. A , V. R. G., A. U. (?., and W. A., all mingled in a grand combat. Swords waved and wizzetf through the air?bayonets shone and flew about?citizens hurried to the light?windows flew up?maidens shrieked?and ruin stared the finest of our young men in the face. Ail this time the Major was calm and cool?conscious of having done but his duty. Through the interference of Quartermaster John P n, Adjutant and Justice of the Peace David M y, and Alderman Chap n, order was restored?muskets brought to a shoulder?swords presented?and the troons dismissed, ?im dir. The cause of so much excitement originated thus:?A preliminary meeting of the battalion was held at nine o'clock A.M., in the arsenal yard, and after calling the roll, they were dismissed to meet It 1 P.M. All went home except the A. R. A., who remained to pitch quoits. During the interval they lost and won, and the winners went oveT to n grocery to drink. About one o'clock they went over, and marched by the tap of the drum. The Major coming along, and thinking Buch conduct to be derogatory to nts battalion, besides being tho hour of meeting, he ordered them to stop and meet in the line. Tney refused, saying it was not the hour, that they would when they got ready. At one they took their places, very excited. We presume the Brigadier-General will break up the battalion, and place them in the "bloody 246th Regiment." It was their first review; and, through jealousy, four of the finest companies in tne State have sealed their own downfall. Mset every officer has been arrested, except those of the U. G. and W. A., who, to their praise be it said, used every effort to counteract the trouble. Very truly yours, VANDERBRrOQINS. Uric;. Gen. J. G. Bennett, New York Morning Herald. New York Lkoislature?On Tueiday the Senate pee, ied a bill, districting the State by single distriots, unaninouilv. The following ii the apportionment reported by the Senate committee. The rule adopted by the committee was ;o divide no counties but New York :? Dill. Territory. Population. I. Suffolk and Queens 8'.',798 'J. Richmond and Rings 68,073 3. lit, 3d, 3d, 4th, 6th, snd 6th wards, N. York 80,746 4. 7th, 10th, and 13th wards, do 70,604 ft. 11th, 14th, lftth, and 17th wards, do 73,670 6. 3th, 9th, lflth, and IJth wards, do 67,031 7. Westchester and Rockland 60,661 8. Putnam and Dutchess 66,333 0. Orange and Sullivan 66,360 10. Ulster and Delaware 81,310 II. Columbia and Oreene 73,606 13. Rensselaer 60,360 13. Albany 68,603 14. Washington and Essex 64,714 16. Schenectady, Saratoga and Warren 71,340 16. Fulton, Hamilton, Franklinaad Clinton... 64,681 17. St. Lawrence and Lewis 74,636 18. Jefferson 60,084 19. Oneida 86,300 30. Herkimer and Montgomery 73,306 CI. Otsego and Schoharie 81,986 33. Broome and Chenango 63,133 33. Madison and Oswego 83,637 34. Onondaga 67,011 3ft. Cayuga and Cortland 74,946 36. Tompkins, Tioga and Chemung 79 307 37. Seneca and Wayne 66,031 38. Monroe 64,903 39. Ontario and Livingston 77,641 30. Yates and Steuben 66.A03 31. Allegany and Wyoming 70,638 33- Oenesee, Orleans end Niagara 66,183 33. F.rie 68,46* 34. Chautnaque and Cattaraugus.. 76,647 The bill having been read twice, Mr. Ri-nca moved that tho Senate do now go Into com nittee of the w hols on the same. Carried. The committee of the whole, Mr. Root in the chair, hen took up the above bill. The bill was gone through and agreed to without debate, inil ordered to a third reading. On motion of Mr. Woaxs, the bill waa ordered printed. Mr. Faci-aasa'a resolution, suspending the Joint rule so ar as to admit a proposition, directing the Comptroller to >o?tnone the sale of the New York and Kria railroad until he first Tuesday in May next, was also adopted, by a vote f 33 to 6. In the Houae, the Question of receiving petitions waa atisfactorily disposed of?Mr. Hathewey having withrawn his appeal, on the aasurance of the Speaker that he . ould recive petitions, and the latter having stated te rha louse that he would receive them where there were no hjections. The resolutions reported by the select committee of sixen, protesting against the mandatory clause of the aportionment bill, and instructing onr senators andreprs ntati ves in Congress to urge its repeal, was undsr const, c ration the residue of the day. Oen. Dix addressed lha louse in support of ths resolutions, and was followed by * AajHir. _ Mr. Simmoni had the floor at the hour of adjournment. H Dcitm nv Daowvtso.?Yesterday forenoon, William ^m (craey, a carpenter, waa drowned at College Point. In ^B ompany with another individual, he waa about going on ^B tiahtng <'*cnr*ion. The boat waa anchored a ahort dia- ^B ance from the ahore, and Doraey awam to It, and graaperl ^B t the bow, when hr waa observed to turn back, awian two ^B r 3 atrokrs and fink. Hii body waa recovered in abont ^B r>rty minutia. The coroneta tnqaeat were of opinion ^B hat bia death waa occaaioned by congeWion of the Drain. ^B -Fluthing Jnur., Salut ilay lait- ^B A Bat Tr.?The Boaton American complaina, and with H rood reason, of th" conduct of a watchman who arreeted ^B i respectable female, and carried her to the watch-house, ^B rirrely became she WM retontjMbomO in the night un- ^B ittcnded. A wetchman haa no right to arreet any perron, ^B mile or female,passing 'he atreeta at any hour of the night, ^B tiles* "itch porions diaturh the public lience. ^^B \y Evriaf.?The arrival of voaeel si this port, direct -om London, ia, in theae daya, an event of iinrommon ocurrence, and la therefore worthy of special ootloe.? he brig Canonlcua, Capt. Joehua C. Bigley, arrived re on fVedneeday laat, alter a paaaagr of at*ty-three iya from London?in ballaat tf*u>j>ori ChrrrtcU. ^B Act torn?An accident haa occurred at the I*ottaville ^B Inea, by which two men loft their Uvea. ^B