Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 25, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 25, 1842 Page 3
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BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Baltimore. [Correspendeuce of the Hrrsld.] Baltimobc, Aug. '14, 1s4-. Mr. Editor? 1 have been conversing with a young geutleman recently returned from Europe, where he ha* been sojurning for the l**t twelve months,part of the time in Londen,another part in different portions of Germ any, and about sixjmonths in Paris, France. He informed me, without being aware probable, of the name of your regular Baltimore correspondent, that one among his greatest pleasures, was to peruse, which he did regularly, the letters ol "Roderick, as published daily in the New York Herald. He would rather at any time, he says, both when in Loudon, and Paris -repair to some reading room and emaminea file of the New York Herald, to see the news from his native home, than sit down to the most sumptuous dinnA, nor was this the case with him, but with numerous other natives of the monumental city with whom ho had the pleasure of meeting. Tho?e from other cities where you have regular correspondent*, when.abMnt from heme, of course seek for your paper with the same avidity for similar reasons, i mention this not in boasting as regards myself, but in reference to the manner in which your enterpriie is appreciated, not only in the naw, but in the old?the mother world. Let the Herald's cotemporaries put this in their pipes and smoke it. Tha whig State Convention is to convene in the Law Buildings to-day. tor the purpose of nominating, so far as the Slate of Maryland is concerned, one, who in their deliberations may be considered a suitable candidate for the next Presidency of these United States, i he delegates from the different counties, amounting to tame hundreds, are already in the city, and in the course of a few hours will be at their p-tts. Henry Clay, as a matter of course, will be the choice of the Convention. Political matters are beginning to ran pretty high?the contest deepens, and the work goes bravely on. We have but the two parties as yet. viz:?whig democracy and lacofoco democracy. There is to ba a great temperance maeting at Washington Hall this evening. The delegation of Hose Company No. 33 from New York Si to be present. Our Kiremen intend taking held of the flatter in right good earnest. Another aew Catholic Church of fair dimensions, to be called after St. Peter, is to be erected shortly in our city. The Rev. Mr. McColgan is to take charge of it when bleated. There ha* been hardly anything doing In flour. Holders are firm in asking $6 for Howard street, City Mills, and -Suaquehana, but purchaser* are not very willing to buy. The market it well supplied with wheat, and prices range from 60 to 99 cents, according to quality ; at this time, however, business appears to be at a stand. People are waiting to know the action of Congress and the Kxecutive in reference to a tariff. The impression it, that time* will 7;et better immediately if the bill as amended becomes a w. A new composing stick for printers, said to possess many exceiiem ana superior quantise, nu ueen invtmeu oy mr. Cbarlei Chiller of thi* city. We have strong oast wiud this morning, with a tendency to rain. Yours, RODERICK. Philadelphia. [Correspondence of the Herald.] Philadelphia, Aug. 34, 1942. Riehings, in conjunction with Miss and Mr. May wood, are busily preparing lor the opening of the Chestnut street theatre. The Arch street house is now without a " star," though it is still going ahead. The Walnut will open in about two weeks. Connor and Mrs. Sefton have just returned from Lancaster?they had a delightful excursion, and, playing only two nights a week, the pleasures of a two weeks country residence were not at all encroached upon. They are highly pleased, and though they did not realize any very large profits in money, laid up largely in the way of health ana recreation. Connor delivers a temperance lecture on Friday night at tho Philadelphia Museum. Full house, pretty women, and many good speeches, popular, and a host of converts, is the prediction. The French consul, Charles Picot, Esq., has appointed to morrow, at half past ten o'clock, A.M., for the performanceof the funeral service in St. John's church, in honor of the late Duke of Orleans. The oeremonies will no doabt be of the most solemn and impressing character. To prevent the assemblage of too great a crowd, special invitations to witness the service have been issued, and seats will be reserved for all who previously make kaown their intention to he present. Dr. Moriarty will be master af ceremonies. The oUcers of the First Brigade are ordered out to join in the procession to the chapel. Flour in this city has now fallen to $5, and it is even doubted whether that price can be commanded for any very large amount. Wheat is 86 to 90 cents. The operations of the currency and large crops are now showing themselves. These prices are not yet down to the lowest point. Several hundred dollars of Pennsylvania fives sold to-day at 40, after the board had adjourned. Wind east and some little rain. Niblo's.?The msh to this delightful establishment continues in full force?a steady stream of well-deserved patronage has set towards it, and the moment the doors open, the garden is filled with nil the beauty and fashion of the city. Such is the reward of enterprise. The Ravels ara nightly received with cheers, and their great exertions warrant the compliment. Te-night the new panto mine?a dance by Miss Wells?and the " Bailiii Outwitted." {JC^When will the explosion of the North American Trust Company take place 1 When that of the Farmers' Loan Company! When shall we have a Botany Bay 1 When will the State Prisons be large enough 1 If Mr. J. E. Beers, Attorney at Law, 15 Centre street, will call at this office,he can see the thing he wants on the cheapest terms. Another Eartih^'aee.?Antigua (W.I.) was visited by two shocks of an earthquake on the -24th of June. Thv principal injury dono was to the jail and House of Correction, the walls of whieh were somewhat rent. (By- THE NEW WORLD.?THE FIFTH VOLUME of the Quarto edition of the New World commenced on the 2d ot July last, and already are our files exhausted by the rush of new subscribers. But, in order to supply those who have not heretofore been subscribers, we have printed in supplemental numbers the whole of the previous par sof " Our Mess," " Miser's Daughter," and " Handy Andy," so as to furnish these works complete to sll persons remitting a year in advance from the present time. The character of our " World" it too well known to require exposition. Its ample pages are weekly stored with tne richest materials drawn from original sources, as well as with the choicest periodical literature of Great Britain and America. Most splendid Engravings will continue to be given, illustrative of original and selected articles and new works, by the best authors of the present times, will always promptly appear in its columns. Terms.?Three dollars a year in advance ; Clubs of tour persons subscribing together, will, by remitting $10 in current money here, receive the paper one year each. Any Postmaster, or other parson, who shall obtain five new subscribers, anil remit $16, shall receive a free copy so long as the list is kept up by them. Address J. WINCHESTER, 30 Ann-etreet. {(OP- FOR SEPTEMBER 1842.??ody's Lady's Book, Grahams' Magazine, Boston Miscellany, No. 8 Handy Andy, and No, 4 Hector O'Halloran, now for sale at the hook stand, branch Post office, where orders are received for books, periodicals, binding, kc. I Nightly Alarmed the Neighbors with my Coughlng. Brooelvw, May 16, 1842. UssrrLtMK* I have bean for the last year so troubled with a cough, ccasioned by having taken a very aevere cold, that I nightly alarmed my neighbors with my coughing, aud 1 was in constant apprehension of approaching an untimely grave ; but after utiug only oae fiackage of your Hoarhound Candy, 1 felt immediate reief, and aftar using about three packages of Pease's Hoarhound Candy, it performed a radical cure?my night cough have done, and I have no hesitation in saying that I attribute it to the use I hare made of your Hoarhound Candy. Tbeflretday 1 used your valuable Candy , it had the effect of easing my aough, so that I slept undistarhed that night, which is mora than It?ad the whole year previous. I am happy to say that Tease's Candy has entirely cured me, when physicians were ignorant of my disease. ALFRED A. HINE, 79 Clark st, Brooklyn. To Mess.-t. J. Pease A Son, 44 Division St. P. S.?I had almost forgottvn to observe that my cough was so severe as to occasion deafness ?A. A. H. Tlxe Halr-Brwsre of Potaeh and Alcohol. (gy- IT HAS BEEN DEMONSTRATED THAT A mixture of the above, nick named Balm, is really injurious to the hair, poisoning, burning, and contracting the bulb of the roots. Tru it cools the head ; makes it comfortable, but to be sure, taste it; if it bums your tongue, w hy you are satisfied w hat it will do to your hair; but take Jones's Oil of Coral Circasiia, and apply it to a wound, and It will heal, and not burn it; this is fair. Now we think the publie have had proof that this scientific oily preparation, called Jones's Oil of Coral, it the finest hair restorative ever mada. We say this in answer to certain jealous nostrum venders, who know Jones's Oil will maka the hair grow, stop its fallir.g, curea dandruff, and makes light, red, or gray hair grow dark. It is sold reasonable at the American Eagle; 99 Chatham street, N. Y.; 8 State street, Boston; 87 Dock street, Philadelphia. {g/- ?00 DOLLARS REWARD?This sum will he Siventoauy chemist who,U|>on arialyration, shall detect ie presence of any mineral substance in Dr. F- Felix (Jonrand's superior Vegetable Houge. This favorite rouge is composed principally from fiowrra and simples, and imparts a ravahing carnation tinge to the skin, immoveable by perspiration, rubbing with a handkerchief, cloth. Ac. To be had only at 87 Walker street, one door from Broadway. Fifty cents per hottle. This is a splendid article for ooloring drawings and dyeing ladies' stockings flesh color, when diluted in water? (Jouraud's Eau de Beuty for removing tan, pimples and freckles, Ac. fl. Oonrand's Poudrr Subtle, for eradicating hair, fl. Oouraud's Vegetable face preparation 96 cants. ft?- BEAUTIFUL WOMEN SHOULD HAVE beautiful teeth, which Sherpan's Orris Tooth Paste will Jive them. It whitens and keeps them from aching and acay, hardens the gums, and imparts a delightful fragrance to the bre-uh, and is warranted free from all injurious properties. Like Sherman's Lozenges, it is unrivaled, and so admitted by the thousands snd millions who have used them. Dr. Sherman's office is st 108 Nssssustraet.S state-street, b'oaton, and S Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia. tjj- TEE BARK CLARISSA IS NOW UNDERGOin* repair* on my floating Balance Dry Dock at thefootof Carlisle street, hetweeu pier* a and ? N. K. I reapectfully invito Naval Architect* and Engineer* to examine it ; *cietitilic gentlemen are particularly invited lo examine it critically in reference to the counterpoising a* w ell or the whole lilting power of the dock. It having been indust iously circulated by the proprietor* of the " rival concern*," that thi* kind of floating dry dock had been u?ed in Eutope before 1 constructed mine, 1 will state that a model and drawing* of my dry dock was examined, together with models and drawings of other floating dry docks, in the very city in Europe where the floating principle was first applied to the purpose of raising Teasels, (in lflfli) and a premium of |A.not) awarded ta me for my model and drawings. If those persons still doubt the nationality of the invention, I can furnish the reports of three boards of engineers touching the qualities of floating docks in general. JOHN 9. GILBERT. Or?- THE FRENCH MEDICINES OF THE COL LEGE OF rHARMACV.?These invaluable remedies? the recent discovery of celebrated Parisian chemists, are etfactfhg remarkable cures of a certain class of maladies. Speedy and effectual in their operation, and requiring no particular legimen. W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent. Office of the College 97 Nassuu street. {ft?-0LDRIDGE'9 BALM OF COLUMBIA FOR T1IF. HAIR, FROM COMSTOCK & CO.? Its positive qualities are as follows:? 1st?For infanta L'?tti>inir tin* IiauiI fn?a? frnm crurl an<l causing a luxuriant growth of hair. 2d?For ladies after ohildbirth, restoring the skin to its natural strength and firmness, and preventing the falling out of the hair. Sd?Kor any person recovering from any debility the same effect is produced. 4th?If used in infancy till a good grots th is started, it may be preserved by attention to the latest period of life. 6th?It frees the head from dandruff, strengthens the roots, imparts health and vigor to the circulation, ami prevents the hair from changing color or getting gray. tith?It causes the hair to curl beautifully when done up in it over night. (H^No lady's toilet should ever be made without it. Ttn?Children who have by any maans contracted vermin in the head, are immediately and perfectly cured of them by its use. It is infallible. To be found only at 71 Maiden lane. Another Crisis 11 ft?- HIGHLY IMPORTANT.?The Whigs and Democrats are already in the field, canvassing lor their favorite candidates ; but whether the interests of the nation are best served thereby remains to be seen. Lord Ashburton has arrived in town, and our citizens generally accord to him the meed of praise so justly due him for happily terminating the long vuxed question ef the North Eastern Boundary. A public dinner is talked of by many, and this will, no doubt, be very gratifying to his feelings ; but we venture to say this memento is not ss pleasing to him as one of Phalen's superior gossomer wigs, which makes a man older than his Lordship appear quite young ; they cannot be discriminated from natural hair ; and we put it to our citizens generally, whether they do not owe Phalen a debt of gratitude which should call forth at least a liberal patronage. No. 214 Broadway, opposite St. Paul's, is his Emporium of Fashion. ft?- PERFORMANCES EVERY AFTERNOON? Owing to the crowds of ladies and gentlemen daily visiting the American Museum, to see the wonderful Mermaid and hosti of other attractions collected there, there will be rich and splendid day performances every afternoon, the same as in the evening, by Winc.hell, Miss Taylor, Celeste, and others, thus slfording altogether tho most brilliant array of novelties ever put forth at one place of amusement in this city for 26 ceuts. Next week Mr. Harrington, the celebrated magician and unrivalled ventriloquist, from Boston, will perform here, in addition to various other nov elties. ft?-CHATHAM THEATRE?We have aever seen Mr. Forrest play Richelieu in a more masterly style than he did last night, anil Miss Clifton's personation was benutiful and touching in the extreme. These distinguished artistes appear this evening in Dr. Bird's tragedy of the Gladiator, supported by J. R. Scott, and the entire strength o! tne company. The charming M ra. Thome also appears as Kate O'Brien, in the farce of Perfection. Herald Bulletin of Newi. The Herald Bulletin of News is kept at the north-west corner of Fulton and Nassau streets. On the arrival of the morning mails, at eight o'clock, A. M.?and also of the evenlag mails, at four o'clock, P. M., the latest intelligence from all parts of the world, may be found on the Herald Bulletin Board, at this corner. Let every wayfarer stop and read. Advertisements of all kinds taken at the office. Herald General Printing Office. The Oeneral Printing Office, capable of doing all sorts of printing, such as books, pamphlets, bills, cards of all descriptions, is now open at the Herald Buildings, entrance from Nassau street?Joseph Elliott, Printer. HONEY HABKET. Wednesday, August 24?0 P. 111. The operations at the Stock Board were to a fair extent this morning, and the feeling was generally better. Harlem rose } per cent;Kentucky 3; Indiana Farmers' Loan j. A sale of $10,000 Mobile funds was made at 66 dis. 6 months. There is a little movement in business, being the first symptoms of the fall business?many country dealers are in town with cash in itheir pockets. They justly anticipate getting goods very low, as befits the times. The movements indicate that a small healthy business will be done through the season, laying the foundation of a steady business hereafter. The following table showing the oncli'tinn llta KvaItok Kewb. tL I? OG1. Ml 1 ful Note? redeemed by the Comptroller at par :? City Bank of Buffalo, Commercial Bank.N. V. City Trust, N. Y. Wayne County BankFarmers' Bank of Orleans. Notes redeemed by the Comptroller at the following rates Stock ?1r. Stock and Eit. Jlc. A llesany County Bulk. 11 50 Binanampton Bank, 70 71 Bank of Glean, 87 74 Bauk of Lodi, S3 97 Bank ofW. N. Y., Rochester, 75 ? Cattaraugus County Bank. 85 77 Bank of Commarce, Buffalo, 7(1 ? U. States Bank, " ? 77 Mechanics' Bank, " ? 63 Krie Co. Bank, " 72 SO Phenii Bank, " ? 73 Bauk of America. " 78 70 Merchants' Ka Bk, " 81 85 Union Bink, " 81 ? Tonawanda Bank, 08 ? Tenth Ward Bank, 'Jl ? Farmers'Bank, Senaca County, par 74 Millers'Bank^Clyde, |*r 94 Staten Itlaud Bank, 56 ? Washington Bank, ? 35 ChelseaBank, ? 25 St. Lawrence Bank, ? 5(1 Strte Bsnx of New York, Buff, 30 ? Bonks whose notes are not redeemed by the Comptroller, but are redeemed at New York, at the follewing rates of discount:? 'Bank of BufTalo, unc. Commercial Bank, Buffalo, 23 Clinton Bank, 30 Commercial Bank, Oswego, 33 Clinton County Bank, 3ft Lafayette Bank, city New Yotk, ft Lewis County Bank, 12) New York Banking Company, par Wateryliet Bank, 3.5 Those marked thus arc Safety Fund. The circulating notes of all the other banks of the State are redeemed at New York or at Albany af a discount tf ot more than one per cent. The ratification of the treaty with England has been hailed with a good deal of satisfaction, but has produced no feeling of improvement in paper securities, nor is it likely to do so. Neitherthc want of the treaty, nor the impending difficulties, were the cause of the general wautof confidence in itocks, producing a fall in prices. It arose from far other causes, via : the actual discredit of the companies, and States issuing paper credits. At no time has the fear of hostilities neon so great as to produce panic abroad among the holder* of American securities. This is evident in the fact that no disposition to fell stocks has at any time been very apparent. Notwithstanding the accumulating discredit, a degree of confidence has always been entertained among foreign holders of stocks, that something to retrieve State credit would ultimately lie brought abont. This state of things could not have existed for a moment, under serious apprehensions of rapture. In that case all hope,would have been dissipated, and as much as possible would have been realised at once. The signing of the treaty will not give means to insolvent States, nor broken hanks, nor will it increase the disposition of foreign houses to acknowledge the fairness of repudiation. The passage of the tariff law will have a good effect, so far as to make the manner of collecting detiee certain.? Its provisions are in a great degree pnfhibitive, and must seriously injure the agricultural, shipping, and commercial interest directly, while it will effect., unfavorably, the manufacturing interest,by promoting smuggling in foreign bottoms, on our northern frontier. Unckcr the new tariff the revenues of the government must be very small. If the ex isting rates ofduties had been legalized, the low rates with the reduced cost of goods abroad would have probably induccd large imports, and have yielded a sutfioicnt revenue. The exorbitant rates imposed by the bill must, of necessity, reduce the revenue. Nor arivthe high rates the worst 'eaturn of the bill. The greatest uncertainty must continue to prevail in regard to the amoi int of duty to he levied upon any particular article; no Importer can tell within 10 per cent what he will he obliged to pay. This uncertainty growa out of the nature of tlae valuation, and the extraordinary powers granted to the collecton tinder the hill, which arc coutaincd ia the lflth section, as follows See. 16. And be it further enacted, That in all cases where there is imposed any ad valorem rate of duty on any goods imported into the United 8t ates.and in all cases where the duty imposed shall by law be regulated by, or directed to be estimated or based upo'A, the value or the square yard, or of nny specified quan tity or parcel of such, wares, or merchandise; it shs II be the duty of the collector within whose district the s sme shall be imported *r entered, to cause the actual mark< tt value or wholesale price thereof, at the time when pure! pssed, in the principal markets of the country from which the same shall have bean imported into the United (States, to be appraised, estimated, and aicertained, and to such value or price (ball be added all costa and charge* except insurance, as the true value upon which duties shall be assessed. And it shall, in ever) such case, be thu duty of the appraisers of the United States, and every of them, and every person who shall set as such appraiser, or of the collector and naval officer, as the case may be, by all the reasonable ways and means in his or their power, to ascertain, estimate aud ai> praise the true and actual market value and wholesale price, any invoice or affidavit thereto, to the contrary notwithstanding. Section seventeen provides that the owners of the goods may bo summoned on eath to produce invoices, aocounts, letters, Ac., under a penalty of one hundred dollars, and that the decision of the Collector or Appraiser shall be final and conclusive. If the importer objects to the appraisement, the Collector may select two citizens to appraise the goods, and if they disagree, the Collector is to decide between them, and his decision shall be final, ' any act of Congress to the contrary notwithstanding." We have before alluded to this provision, which constitutes each collector in each port the sole judge of the amount of duty to be levied, and from his decision there is to bo no appeal. The actual invoice price may or may not bear the duty. If it does not, what value may be affixed it is utterly impossible to arrive at. Ooe thing is certain, that is, that the duty will be a high ona. Under such circumstances, the revenue must sutler severely, and with it the credit of the i/nvpmmun! With ika of the federal government at very low prices, it ii not to be expected that those of the several States will much improve. The high duties imposed will probably have the effect of causing the Western States to draw all their supplies of manufactured goods from CanaJa, and to send their pro duce that way in exchange. The following is an authentic table, showing the prices of the articles of produce at Cincinnati 1'aii-r.i of Flovh isn Wiiiikct at Cincinnati. 1839. 1810. 1841. 13-18. f. w. f. ir. f. i v. f. Juiuary ? ? 3 75 36 3 14 16*4 5 31 13X February ? ? 11 3 18 15 4 91 11 March ? ? 2 96 21 3 30 16K 4 66 13 A | ril ? ? 2 79 211W 3 77 17 3 98 llji May ? ? 3 Id 23S 3 74 l.i)< 3 98 I3N Jnna ? ? 3 12 211, 3 75 16 3 91 13)4 July ? ? 3 31 21)5 4 19 17 3 12 13 AutfUlt 4 75 40 3 8(1 21 4 62 17 ? ' ? Sept. mber 4 67 40*4 3 46*4 18)4 5 17 16 ? ? October 1 17 31 3 17 *4 18 5 18 15K ? ? November 1 16 30 3 78 18)4 5 23 15)4 ? ? December 3 95 27)4 3 59 17 5 35 15)2 ? ? Flour is now, at the heel of 'he season, at rates lower perhaps than ever before ; and must go very much lower alter the new crop gets forward. This must lead to large purchases for the English market, by way of Canada, and will bring back cheap gooJs at some rate. If the tariff is too high, they will come entirely free. We have received the following letter from Anthony Barclay, Esq., in relation to the use of his name by the managers of the American Life and Trust Co. The correspondence will speak for itself, and is perfectly satisfactory New Yore, Aug. '34th, 1042. sir? Only a few days ago you dH me the honor to name mo, in the Herald, as one of the Assignees of the estate and effects of the American Life Insurance and Trust Company. This morning I find my name in the Herald's list of the recent Trustees of that company. My nomination to the former station, and the continued publication of my name by the company in connection with tho latter, without my assent or against my expressed will, can hardly be said to constitute me an Assignee or Trustee. I resigned the appoin ment as Trustee years ago; and 1 disclined accepting tho office of Assignee, as soon as I was informed that my name hail been included In the deed of assignment. 1 send you herewith copies of three letters written by me on these occasions, trusting that you will insert in tho Herald to-morrow, such explanation as the case requires. I am, sir, Your most obedient servant. A NTH. BARCLAY. James (jordoi Bexxktt, Esq., Herald Office, Fulton street. New York, April 10th, 1340. To JoHfi Doer, Esq., Vice Presi ent, Ac. Dear Sir? Alter the receipt of your note of the -list ult., I called several times at the office of the American Life Insurance and Trust Co., but was not so fortunate as to find you there. Mr. Thurston has continued to send me notices. I assure you, however, that whatever my disposition might be, my engagements have been and are to this day, such as utterly to preclude my attendance. In this state of the case, I think you had better signify my resignation without further delay. 1 am, Ac. (Signed) ANTH. BARCLAY. New York, April 19th, 1341. To John Di es, Esit-, Vice President, Ac. Dear Sir? The reflection I have given to the. request you made of me last week, to revoke my resignation as a Trustee of "The American Life Insurance and Trust Company,"? has only serted to convince me of the impropnqfy, on my part, of such a step. Betides the motives 1 before assigned lor my resignation?which still existwthe lapse of time since I first signified it to you,?my subsequent entire absence Irom the Board,?my consequent wantoi participation in the conduct of its affairs, aail total ignorance of them for upwards of a year,?render ma unfit now to interfere with its concerns. Moreover, my return* to tho Board would leave me without excusu to the stockholders, for not having given my attention to the interests of the company. I am |>erstiaded that you must perceive the force of these motives for declining to withdraw the resignation. In adhering to my determination, I feel the less reluctance, because I am assured that my attendance could be but of little service. I am, Ac. (Signed) ANTH. BARCLAY. '16 Broad street, July 14th, 1341. To Dr. Macaclat, President American Life Insurance and iTuci co-? wail street. Dear Sir? Reflection hat served only to coafirin the views I represented to you yesterday morning. I thereforo take the earliest opportunity to communicate to you and Mr. Tab man, that I decline accepting the appointment as one of the Assignees of the American Life Insurance and Trust Company. Having come to this conclusion, I abstained from opening the envelope of the assignment, which I now return. 1 am, Sic. (Signed) ANTH. BARCLAY. Halea sst the Rtock Exchange, 1000 Kentucky 6l,?. 1871, 77,V 25 do HA 1000 do b60 71! 75 do 85 V tooo do boo 77V 150 do R5 2"00 do 7H 20 Farmers Loan 17V 2000 Illinois 6's, 1S70, 18 15 do I " V 4000 do 17J,' 10 do r % 5000 do b60 13 25 Harlem KR ?G0 tV 2000 Indians 5"* 21 150 d> iCOMK 10 Mshstun Bk 61 :?K1 do 15S, 25 I)rl Si Hudson sOURi 100 New Jersey RR a 1 j lis 10 do 86V 50 StouioKton 16 40 do 86 '4 Second Hoard 50 Bus try Ins Co 120 25 Hsrlem RR 15V State of Trade. The lall business la-gins to start. The appoarance of a country dealer i . how ever, not, as formerly, the signal lor large sales at any price, hut the dealer keeps his cash in his pocket, and buys only at the lowest rates, and then buys but very little of the cheapest descriptions. This is the true wrav. Coffee.?the demand continues moderate, and the sales are confined to parcels for home use ; they include 5 a 600 hags Brazil, at a 8f cents; 300 Laguayra, 9 a 9J ; 150 Cuba, 8j a 8$, 4 months; and 500 St. Domingo, 6} a6jc, cash. Cotton.?The advices per Britaunia have produced in this market a rather better feeling for the article, and some buyers for export have been induced to come forward to a moderate extent?in prices, however, we have no change to notice. The sales embrace 1000 bales Vpland and Florida, at C a 9Jc, 300 Mobile, 6} a f?j; and 650 New Orleans, 6} a 9J?together 1950 bales. Jiaoal Slortt.?All the good North County Tnrpentine received, say 2700 barrels, has been token for export at $9 60, cask. Spirits Turpentine has sold to the extent of 170 bbls, mostly from the wharf, at 30 a 31c, 4 months, the principal portion at the latter price. The salsa of rosin for export are 1000 bbls common North County st >103, and 1000 No. 3 Wilmington, (1 15J,cash. Flour?Has fsllen nearly 95 cents. The sales, there being no European demand, are in lots for immediate use, with an occasional inquiry for shipment to the West Indies, British Provinces, kc. Holders having submitted to the rnluction noticed, ab't 5500 brls good new brands (Jene?e? were run oil in lots at $6 15$; 3 a 400 new round hoop Ohio, $5; some new Michigan, fi 06$; and 500 bbls new Troy, $6 03, these all being the closing rate. New Georgetown is now coming forward quite freelv; 600 bbls sold in l.._ - nil -I- ? ? .-..nll'.r...l at f. Of, ami iui* iii 7?J? ()ij, liui |?nK,rii.iw tivo a< vuiivv.. ... ?, - ? . some ?e understand hu hern *old at that price , 2600 Richmond City Mill*, to be made from new Wheat, Maxall and Oallcgo brand* recently received and now on the way to South America were ditpoied of a *hort time tince, by contract, at fS AO, ca?h, delivered here. Jersey Rye flour now *ell* at $3 621. Supply imall and demand light. 300 bbl* Jer*ey Corn Meal, being all received, *old at $8; and 160 Brandy wine, $3 00 cash. Pa**?nger* Arrived. Havar.?Packet ship La Ducheue d'Orlrana?Baron d'Hanferine. Consul of France for Philadelphia; Madame d'H interine and child. Master AiifutU d'Hanlerine, Matter Minrice (I'll <nterine anil two tervanu; Madame 8 rratt and aerran', M* ter Uly*?e? Meynie, Miaa Aiiauttine Meynie, Philadelphia; Outta.r F Chatelain, Switzerland; Dr Danl J MacOowan, NYork ?M in the tteeraife. I.iri arooi.?Ship Tremnnt?Mr Oilleapie, lady and 3 children, J Wilton?MA in the atierarr. Foreign Importation*. Htrai?Ship La Ducheato d'Orleana?I pkg W 8 Campbell ?1 I' A II Renatild k Co?I E Jaroatay?1 W A Coleman?I Young, Smith 8t co?I A W. iaamann?1 St-bant k Bouchet?I Miaa Leuard?1 Beiikaril it Ilutton?1 F. Boaaangc?I Schmidt k Andrea?2 H C Hchrieber?I H Pnata?I J Pimard?22 HarItoui k CO?2 II JafTray k co?0 Adama, Petrie k co?( Monod Krerea kco?j A Ho?t?I L Pied man?236 Hy Duflot?I Jidy K re ret?4 F.ngli r k Knlei-12 C (Jignouz I nr-l Becar, Be*jamin k co?3 Aiiatin, WilinerduiK k co?I Wahl k Larii?I F Bloruleati?1 Brnn <le la Roaaiere?11 A Plnnket?I Bailey k Kitchen?2 W II Horatman k c< I N Lennie k CO?t Sivovc Oroabv kco?2C F Lutcher?2 Pfeiffer fc Wi**tnann?3 C H Ahrenfi Idl?12 P D Mailer k co?7 Benlcard k Hotton-S V Colliard?1 H F'.acher-l C Law.on k co?27 Vmher k nambman?10 Warber# Ic I) -nm?fi Edonaru k Adolphr?I () Hour vV co? I A Br rife r?2 Ward, Sill k Thoro|?oi??2 Hy Babad?5 B liley, Ward k co?10 Jicqnclm k Allien?11 C H Patten kco -1 w Yitfany?I W B Aator?3 Sheldon k Serrntt?3 R k H Haijrht k co?10 Lane, Limsori 8c co?19 Frave fit Livennore?4 W Vnn Renitelaer?I C Vilade?I J 3 Jacnuermond? 1 A S Permt?1 V A Lohne?2 J C Kayaer?I H PtrtiiWM I r S rfefferle? 1 J P Croaby?1 Tiffany, Ynnn* k F.llit? I Mr Afllt'rr k cr^-l Rote k Owen?I Balet k aom?2 Baaaett k eo?0 F'. H Wej man k co?1 (? Boar? I C Oreen k co?3 W B Or??2 E M l)t?iet?a F Sheldon k co?3 A T Stewart k co?d F. I* Strange?13 A Bailer?I Raltler k co?I A Kirachfield?I C 11 Joly?t Loearhigk k Wiwndonck?1 L B StimUi?IH Wet ner?1 B A Mnufr? 1 C Kay?I U K Meyer?I S E Erreu putsch?1 8 O Hue?I A k E Warburg?2 Boucesta k Rusch? i J iU H Mahler?17 J A Voisin It co?I G F WooHhe^d?1 J Mortimer k co? :t B. rri k K< ?'?k?I A K Mtimow-J T Valuntin? 1 Townaend, Hharplti* k sou? > Nevin* k co?2 Gardiner, Colly Ik co?4 E Ksum'?I E B Strain*?6 II Cherrolai It co? 7 A VV Thotnu-1 Lauuoy, Somdaan k Morau?9 C*ffe k Melben*?13 Wight, Biur^e* k Shaw? 9 Beuarri k co?12 J H Ft Felix?1 Uuatrwsod. T<ieril k Blain?2 Vorwerk?13 Mai in v setJk Smith? 1 Mrs Clint Schostir?3 Deraismss k Bollard?10 E Fiedler?? W Schmidt k co?b Malezieux, Uouid k Co?9 i,achai*e k F tuchr?0 K HenntrlitiK?1 V Duraud?I Colvill k Fleruiut;?2Clark k McCoirnick?2 F H Meyer?3 Boucenu k Rush?3 A Stoua k co?3 A R Waller-1 W V\at?2 Schuchiidt, Farre k co?2 Spies, Christ k ct>?10 to order. Bremen?Bark Constitution?2 cks 3 c? C G Guutliei?2 pk* C AhrentVldt?14 L k H KohusUrnm?8 C W Vorwick?1 J W Halbertou?M F.ckhart k Mark?1 Liffkiu k Schriber?2 C Mullen?1 A Uolker k 00?13 Oelrich* k Kruijer?6 boxes 4 catki to order. Domestic Importations. NK?()Ru.??.aK;nti ? i- ? n? ?? ? wni|' v/inr^u?owi'ui t\t\ irt?u liTJtruaie. cotron Robcit 6c William*?12 do John J CUco?7 hhda tobacco W Aguew & ?on?l H L MaitUtid & co?18 to onUr. MARITIME HERALD". To Bhtp Mantera. We thai I esteem it a favor, if captains of vessels arriving acre, will give to Commodore W. A. B assert, of our news tlvot, l report of the shipping left .t the pert whence they sailed, ilie vessels spoken on their passage, a list of their caign, and any foreign uewspa|?rs they may nave. Commodore llaisettwill aoartl them luunediately on their arrival. We will reci; roe ,;e the favor in anv way. To Correspondent!! Ahrnnd, Onr correspondents in foreigu |ajru are respec'fnlly re<|Uested to send by every vessel all the marine intelligence they can >btain. Nautical information of anv kind, from ,iuy our iridiug at home or abroad, will he thankfully received POUT OK NEW VOKK, Al'lil'ST J?5. IM 4 stttr 6 22 | MOOTS 0 26 ire sets 6 48 hiiih wuti ii 8 Cleared, Ship SiJdons. Cobb, Liverpool. E K Collins k Co.?Brigs liyder Ali, Derrick, West Indies, Alsoplk Diauucey; Tyhee, Ofden, Charleston, (leo Bulkley; Buenos Acres, Like Dmgo I, Me. E Richardson St Co.?Sclirs L L Sturges, Biker, Alexandria, DC. Stiiryes St Clearinan; ludr pendeuce, Stuart, Kail River; Benj Bigelow, Baxter, Bosteu; Victor, Hallett, do; Mail, Loring, do. Arrived. Packet ship LaDuchessn d'Orleans, Richardson, from Havre, July 26. with m.lse to Wm. Wlntlock, Jr. Snip Tremont, Gillespie, 52 days from Liverpool, with salt, to W. It F. Jaqnett 1268 bushels uo to order. Ship Xylon, Emery, 4ft days from Havre, svith tndse, to II. II inland. J7ih ult. 1st J7 6, Ion 34 37, spoke vs hale brig Annawan, for Msltapoisett, out 1) months, with 200 bills oil; 30th, 1st Sit 23, Ion 39 CO, spoke whale brig John U. Dodge, of and I'm Proviucetown, out J months, UO lib's; 'ilst, lat 38 23. Ion 39 20, spoke British hrig Joseph Orne, 74 days from Coast of Afiica for Liverpool?ilie captain had tlit d 40 d iss before; short of IIIovisiona, supplied them. 22.1 inst. lar 33 69, Ion 69 26, spoke brig John Crosby, froin Martinique for Bangor. Ship Europe, Barker, 36 days from Liverpool, with unite, to Sainl. Thompson?206 steeragr patsclig-rs. 36 miles east of the Hook, saw bark Delaware, of Boston, standing NIC. Slop Agnes, Cameron, from Ains'erdarn, Julv In, wirh uul?e, to Pfeiffer Ik Wissmaun. 31st ult. lat 46 32. Ion 28 16, s|mke bark Triton, of Castine.fiom NOrleam tor London. 13th insl. lat 43 30, Ion 63, spoke hark Ktrmebrc, of Hallowell, for the West Indies; 22d,lat 42 20. lou 64 40, spoke British brig Elizabeth, fin Bs'bndoe* for St Andrews.

n.-t.L .Li. 3.II-- OS " ? e n- . i/ 1111> I ami' ? aiiua, wurisuu, aj utys nuni 1SIO II'" Janeiro, with 1)712 bags coffer to Brown Brothers & Co. Vessels left not recollected. Brig Padiug, for NYork, Jailed same day. Btrlt Sagamore, for do, sailed 10 days before. 20th inn. spoke schr Samuel, oi Bath. Ship Oswego, Wood, from New Orleans, aud 20 days from the Bar, with cotton, to Josiali Macy St Son. Bremen bark Constitution, Thorman, 44 days from Bremen, with indsr, to Oelrichs St Krugn?32 passengers. 3d inst. lat tG If., lou ? 11, stroke ship Tamerlane, from Liverpool for Wisrassett, out 13 days; 17th, lat 42 30, lou 78 3, exchanged signals with a steam ship steering east. Bark Z. Ring, Rose, 42 days from Bremen, in ballast, to Sturges St Clearman Bark Newburvport, Janvrin, (of Salem) from Antwerp, and Flushing July 17, with mdse, to master?130 steerage passengers. 31st ult. lat 27, Ion 37, spoke brig Antigua, of and from Sltgo for New York, out 11 days. 20th inst. on Oeorges Banks, sjioke schr Orion, of Gloucester, fishing. Brig Androdus, Ritchie, from Roclielle, July 12, with 299 lif cks ion .JV 100 bbls 2,cs to 8. T. Nicoll. 1st inst. lat 36 37, Inn 40 6, spoke whaling brig Columbus, of New London, with tiOfl bids spm oil, out 12 mouths; 20th, lat 38, Ion 64 7, spike ship Time!ion,_from NOrleans for Hamburg, out 17days. Brig Giraffe, Eldridgc, 10 days from St. Thomas, with 170 ceroous tobacco 347 hides to AymartkCo. Schr Eineliiic, from Demarara, touched and sld 12th for Turks Island; Viola, for Boston, sld 12th; brig Mountain Oak, for Turks Island, aid 3d. Schr Sisters, hence for La Guayra, |>assed Sail Rock on the 12th inst. Neapolitan brig Hindis K. Celestina, Strach, 78 days from St. Petersburg, and 46 from Elsineitr, in ballast, to order. British brig Scotob Lass, O'Neil, 8 days frotn Halifax, in ballast, to Dunscoinh tg Beckwith. British brig Brilliant, Parker, 10 days from Windsor, NSwith plaster. British schr Lady Msrv. Axtell, 13 dayt from St. Johns, NFin ballast, to Diintcomb at Beckwith. Schr Alfred F. Thoru, Marsh, 8 days from Wilmington, NC. with nsral stores. Schr Sarah Ann, Atkinson, from Cumberland, N8. grindstones, to Soule, Whitney it Co. Schr Edmund, Gtecnbow, 16 days from Calais, with lumber, to master. Below. One brig, ttnknowu. Wtrtn Bolisu? Brigs Emma, Wait, for Maracatbo; Norman, Pratt. Dunkirk; schr Chas L Vote, Mayhaw,1West Indies, anu otliets, at anchor iu the lower hay. Wind NE. Marine CorTfipondencr, St. Thomss, Aug. 13, 114 '. Vessels in pott?Bark Volga, from Barhadoes for Turks 1 >1r.nd, csl'ed off for freight, none to be had, proceeded; brig Pacific, from Philadelphia, d'sg; Montevideo, Pierce, NYork for Ctirscoi, arr 12th, <iisg; Ftanees Jane, Baltimore for Ht Johns, PR. t* sail about 17th, disg part of cargo; Hartley, Barhadoes fur Alexandria, sailed 12th. Schr Mariauna, Oliver, from Baltimore for this port, struck nti Auigada 10th Mist, about 9 n in, and it is supplied will lie a total loss. Capt.O. arrived litre yesterday ia hit boats, with hit crew. He states that when they left her, her back must have been broken, and her decks were raising. He immediately returned to the wreck, after seeing his agent, to tee if any thing could be snved for account of whom it may concern. No blame whatever can be attached to Cap. O. as he waa completely deceived by a strong lee current. General Record. For LtvxnrooL.?Packet ship Siddons will sail to-day- Her lrtter bass cloae at Gil|>in's News Rooms, in the Exchange' tliia rooming. Brni Aroo.?The brig before reported ashore below the Bodkin, proved to be the Argo.frotn Baltimore for Rio d> Janeiro, harms run aground on the 21st, about 7 r. M ; bu' through the assistance of ('apt. Prince of the revenue cutter Forward, she was lightened of 130 bids flour, by which means she was to set off and proceed on her voyage, next morning, after reloading. Notice to Mariner*. Custom House, i F.ilsartowii. August 2(1, 19(2. { Notice is hereby siren that trie light vessel stationed near Tuckernuck Shoal, in the Vineyard Sound, has been removed from her station for repairs. Whalemen, Sailed from New Bedfoid 22.1 nut Alexauder, for the Panic Ocean. A letter from the Zephyr, of NB. repo-ta her at the Sandwich Islands April 24th, 18(2, with 1800 bbls spin oil, bound to Japan, all well. foreign Port*. Havana. Aug 12?In port.Wm Engs, Andrew 9cott, C Colon, H W Tyler l.evant, Elizabeth, Margaret, Prince de Jotnville, Plvmonlh, aud others. Trinidad, Aug 5?In port, Emel'ne, from Philadelphia fbr St Tiiomaa, seeking freight; J W Caldwell, from and fur Baltimore. St Johns. PR. Aug 7?iii port, Condor Ward, for NYork, same day: Water Witch, Baltimore, 4; Mohican. Phlladelphi'. 2; O II Wright, do, 3; Ruby, do, Ids: Isibclls, McKee, lor N York, do; Mary, just arrived from St Thornaj. Delaware, lor Arecibo, sailed day before. United State* Port*. Thomaiton, previous to Aug 19?Arr Talleyrand, Healev, Havre. Porti-and, Aug 20?Cld F.meline, Cuba. PomsMor rH, Aug 21?Arr New Hanpskus, Cadiz; 22'I, Mary St Susan, Liverpool; Francooia, Junta, NYork; Milo, Boston, Ui.ouccsTrn, Aug 19?Arr Aurora, Philadelphia; 20th, S ('. Phillip*, do. Sid Samuel, NYork., Aug 21?Arr Wm Wilson, Philadelphia vi* Boston; Angeretta, NYork. Cld tflrk. Edw Burley, Africa. Sid Trrmont, Georgetown, DC; E II Hcrrick, and Elizabeth, New York. Boston, Aug 23?Cld Cordelia, Trinidad; Belize, Belize, Hond; M.izeppa, Sisal and a mkt; Loehiel, StJagn; ,Y maoon, NOrleaus: Chester, Portland; Alcenua, do; Amaru, Phjladrl phis; Cinderella, do; Henry, Frederickthurg; Homer, Cscar, and A M Hale, NYork. ? Fall Rivtr, Aug 20?Arr Isaac H Borden, and Alice, New York. P*ovmr.Ncr, Aug 22?Arr Gem, Albany. Shi Time, Suffolk, Va; .Vlarv, PhiladelphiaBnrsTOL, Ang 22?Arr cora, Norfolk Hid Brarulywinc, rluladelphia; Cherokee, NYork. Nr w Havkn, Aug 23?Arr Moselle, Albany; Lady Fciiwick, NYork. Sl.l Relief, do. Phii.adh.phia, Aug 24?Old Monongahcla, Liverpool; John X Oossler, Monterideo, Calcutta, (ic; Madrid, Kalmmiih, Ja; Sulla, Boston; Pent, do; Harriet, Portland ; Washington, Bridgeport; Evelina, Pnn?like?|?r. Arr Queen Victoria, Trinidad; Elliot, Boston; Nile, do; Emperor, Taunton. Arr in the Schuvlkill, Wassnn, Pictou; Gen Lt Pirrltr, Norwalk; Charlotte Ann, Proeidence; Hutri Rights, Wm l'?nn, Elir. belli. J O Meyers, and Vincent Barkalieii, NVork. Bsltimobe, Aug 29?Arr Eliralieth Hall. Bremen; General Pincknev, St Johns, PH; Bermndian. Trinidad. CM Jatnei Power, Nassau, NP. Alkia*idri?, Aiir 20?Sid Martha Kinsman, Salem; Phetix, Boaion. Richmond, Aug 10?Arr Chaa Pitman. New York. Below, Charles, do. NonrnLK, Aug 19?CM Arabian. Gibraltar. In Hampton Roads, Hleiglitz.Trom Havana. 2(ltn?The Frances Ann, of Ro?i an, went up James Rivet last evening. 21?t?In Hamp'on Roada, Alexander, from Jamea River for Liverpool. The ??, Cook, hound to Rotterdam, ia on her way down Jamea River. SavattTtAit, Aug 19?Sid Eacel, Shapter, NYork. PrusALoi.a, Aug 6?Cld Mary Kimball, Boaton; Brazos, N London. Mobile, Aug 16?Arr Mobile, Williama, NYork. New Oblesns, Aug li?Arr Coluinbiu, Boaion; Heuiiett.a, Galveston BREWER AND MALTSTER. A PERSON that has heen brought no in ontaof the most e* tensive Breweries in Endinburgh, Scotland, is desirous of procuring employment as Brewer and Malt-tvr and general manager. Advertiser can produce the highest trstinaoniala as to rharacter and qualification. Addieaa A. B. C. care of Mr. Wright, Ram's Head, Kulton aires t, New Yerk. au2S It#r THIRTY DOLLARS REWARD. AY0UNG MAN about su or seven and twenty years of age ; about j feet 6 inches in height ; dark complexion ; no whiskers ; rather stout made ; speaks French and German ; calls himself an K.iurliahmaii : anil irocs lav this name of I.eaais Collinaon?haxatoleii from tha premitet of No. tl Brahman it , quantity of clothea, (notify, and with a ailvar lever hunting wateh, and likewise * ifltf! muff hot lined with gold, with K, A. Hitue eiigravud upon the lid. Whoever will eanae to be ?|>prrhended the al>orr offender shall receive the reward. a 2., it r F. A. HIN8E. fl ORLANDO FISH Will 'introduce hi- Vail 3t\ le of Hats J^hfor gentlemen's writ, on Thursday, lit of S-jotemher. aulSlt"r _______ IT B'o?dwav. PACKET SHIP Slb^ONS, FOR LIVERPOOL ?Paaarn ger? by thia ship will pirate be on boa ul th- Steamboat Herrulei at Whitehall, te-dav (2Mh in?tant.) at 12 o'clock, noon,at which time the ahip will anil. Letter baja will clone at the uauaj placet itjl^A. M. a Mitt SUGAR?KOhhda prime New Orieana Sugara, for aale in lota to auil pnrchaarra, by eur. 2tr E K ' (II.LINW It CO. fl? gowth at DA' KET SHIP SHERIDAN, from Liverpool, ia rfiaohargr jng under general order, at Orieana wharf foot ol Wall at, O.ina irneea will pirate attend to receipt of th'ir goods. a nj lit PLATFORM SCALE for aale. welching VO poanda Price S?o. Apply at the Tin atore l<H Cherry atreet, fire iloorr IrtM Catharine. ___ WlH'r DOMF.ROV k< O S NEW YORK ALIIANV TRoV I BUFFALO, CHICAGO AND CANADA PACKAGE EXPRESS, leaver every Evening. Sunday* ricepled, lor th? abore named and all intermediate placet. y Office No. 2 Wall atraet, New York. au!7 r MICTION SALES. BY THOMAS BELL. (Stares No 1^22 ."fnti ami '.li h\iltjn llrnt.l FRJ DAY. At half-past 10 o'clock. Furniture Kale?Will be si IJ. tli> entire elrgmt furuirure ' contained ill the lourstory house'.)} Uidarst, near broadway MONDAY, A' lO.Si o'clock. at the auction room, l.aritc sale i f dry good*, clothing, fancy and pledged article#, | hardware, cutlery, groceries, choice wim a lO.OWl >?g .r., a truly | ealuable ship chronotm iter, made by Kuskett. tost Stitm, ,u flri- . order, can be >eeu lor tite present till day of aale at Sir O, | Waring's, watch maker, Fulton sr. Aleo, 4 splendid ItTfr watciiea and ode r ar'n lei I BY RIELL fc ARrULARlUS, SATI RDAYTTo.S o'clock. F.lega 11 Furniture, fiat,us. Sec. i R li. TIMPSON Auctioneer. AUCTION NOTICE-J uob S. Piatt's Second Fall Trade Hale o( Hardware, t utlery, ice , will take place on Thurs- j , dat , the 2lrli tn-t, at IU o'clock, i the Store No ll Piatt street, consisting ol Birmingham goods, asiotted: shell an,I heavy tootis; SneAeld cutlery, nr. knivoa and forks, pocket and ncnnirea, ?? usori, raxrrm, See. At,.), one sttt of lie cards cutlery embracing every variety. Also, spring track and Dotsn knives ' w tth sheaths. Also, f.> tiles and raspes. drawing knives, cliisaeta, Ac. Also, guu?. I'tsloles rifles, muskets, Stc Also, one cask i1 ory knives and foiks, Ac. Catalogue* will he nad> at li o'clock the day previous to sale, au2'J 3t*r M WARD, Auctioneer. f.MPORTED PURE WINES. Liquors, Scgsrs. Ac.?A.O. I HUMBERT V I O. will sell this a, tnW nVh.eL in their sales room 149 Broadway,. Corner Liberty street, in c??ntiiiu ti??n, a large assortment of the choicest wines in market, bring in j'Ai t a i>oiti<>n of the private stock of a gentleman going to Europe, including bottled and in demijohn*. Slierr. ? Y. i ?rt?' told, vintage 1817; do paU 1823; Crowle'i browne do, v rv nldanu fiu?-; Amontillado do, AnMadeira?J H.Wird, M ircn 5c Co's old Lo dou Particular, 1825; Eirkami Co'* do, 6u\ Put ?O >born's old nuiied M Tra li'' brand; "Harmon)" whi.e Port; r?d do, Sc<* Chiin?>.iKu? . Burgundy, fcc?-25 baskets champagne, coppinfgr\ brand; ch?mbertiu btira;niidy, in original cases, 20 c ses , Mil cat wine and cLiet, in casts and demijohns. j Brandy and Hum?25 D illon demijohns line old brand) ; 15 do j Jamaica ruin, Tery niot rior. Segars?5000 Regalias. veiy old and hue; 5000 old Havana, line; 10.000 Principe*; 7000 Heed Leaf, Sugars, Ike?500 loaves loaf sugar; 10 bbls, steam refined crushed do; 10 bids Porto Ricvuo. Also, Sardines, Brandy e Fruits, Ike, Ate. Also, seve ml cases patent India Rubber paste Blacking Thissalewill be found well worthy the attention of conau- ' men and tfoilcn mi?5 lt*n> A UCTION NOTICE.?The s ilo of gept? -I furuiturt ad 4 CI verti?ed for Thursday. M No. 91 Cedar *treef, will take 1 place w ithout reserve, on biidav, at 10,'ii o'clock, a TH( IB. BI- LL, Ant lit nti t A llO1! IOS NO Pit r. rgRJ ft , .. j, . Dn Oo >d and Matter'* Sto?k.?Tl u dav, at t?. n o'clock, at 17 Fulton street, by order of the SherilF, an assortment of Dry Good-., ( consisting of Broad Cloths,a white and r> d Flannel, Canton do., two bale a of brown Sheeting, Mucins, Calicos. I dies' long Ho?r-.misses di.t.\ **ocka, Vara Sr ekings, ditto H * . Lambs' *i "Wont ditto, 8cc. ic 6i Also, R**cei\er's *aie of H t* m' Brock, by order of the Iter, m-r, the entire S'ock of a H ut? r jj consistiiiji of Hats, Caos of various d? tcriptioii* ; Parasols, Bto ks Canes, Gloves, Militiry ditti. liockskia dit'o, lifts ei. box**s i.f Mitten* Binding and Boidi; Store Furniture a d k stares, Hatters' T-?o!a of rvm variety ; elegant msrhe-P'i Cou ter, Mahogany ditto , two Show i ms, bcc. fccc.; Cloth* ( iftfi me. JOHN 8NIFFKN, Aucioneer. an25 It*m (8a*c positive,) X\T AN FED?A situation f r a young woman of resp?cubi)i* ty, jiHl arrived from England. Stiould wish to engage , herself as hou^ennid or chambermaid in some reapectab'e family. Wages not so great a consideration as a comfortable home. Li tters addressed, post paid, to E. F., care of Mr. Hargrave, 190 Pearl street tie ir Beekmau, will meet prompt attention. au24 3t*t ___ WANTED?A woman to take care of children and do plain sewing. Apply at 413 Houston at. an23 3t*r ^ACTION.? All peiion-i in- ill* ii)in d rtgiiiu<r I ..> ?.? i 1111 i s; i ^ check. No. 21, for One Hundred Dollars, drawn bv A. Hodewaid, on the Bank of America, payment ol tlie ame having been -ir??j. au2l 3: Tc PaTer-a me.' Riilud Lt-tter ami Foojicap 1'aiwr, for ?al?- I ' ' in Iota to an it purchaser., at Yprv low i riv.pi, l>v 1 PER88K & BROOKS, > an2l r No.61 Liberty ?lr?i!t nlM90LUTION.?TliecopartnarihipherrTolore > aiming un- ' . cr ill" lirtn of Dull Ik Bracli i> tlii, day di.soWrd by mutual couamt, David Btarli i. authorisrd lo acllle thu bu.iu?? of said linn. Dalrd New York, August 22d. 18.2. I WILLIAM C. BALL, i iiaVMi nriru N. B. Tim biuiuo.s ?ill be coiiliuurd bv tli* mib?crlber. i aui.131* r DAVID BEACH. | THE OLD UNITED STATES CAP. STOCK, SHIKT, AND DICED SILK MANUFACTORY. JOHN M. DA VIES & JONES, SUCCESSOR TO LUKE DAVIE8 It HON, lOft Wllllnm itr?et, corner John, New York. ! DURCHA8RKS will stall time* find the moit extensive as- i A sortmeut in the United States, of the following articles, on : the most rrsonahle terms, wholesale and retail. Caps 0>r jrei.tlerm-n, routh and hildren of velvet, cloth, ine- . riuo, silk,glazed silk, See. Ike. Full and fart trimmed with far : and plain. Arm* and Navy officers dress and undress caps. I Storks of every style and quality?of satin, bombazine, vesting, fltr. made plain trimmed with bows, cravat ties, Paris ties, dress apron stocks, Ike. 8tc. The superiority of our frames is well known by the lightness J perfect fit, ease and elasticity of every stock. j Shirts of all linen plain and frilled,of nundia plain and frilled, wiili linen collars bosoms and wristbands of the most appiovad patterns. Fancy cambric shirts of all qnal ities. Linen collars um bo Mas of srsry style asd^ulityi dkd silk, white, plaid and fancy, of superior manufacture. Ladies, raises and children's oiled silk aprons. I Oiled silk* medicated* foi the cure < f r?.?it, rheuutttfsm, ke. J&ppaned lea'her, liti^jn *nd m'lslin, suitable for harness and c??ach manufactures, cap fronts, See &C. The above articles are made under our own itist*ection, in the best possible miuuer and of sncli tnarerials and workmanship as will he found on examination equalled by none. Ts wh?eh is added, a superior assortment of fancy articles of various qualities and prices. Gloves, suspenders, crav its, scarfs, umbrellas, handkerchiefs, hoisery, cravat-stiflfnert, guard-chains, under garments of every description and quality, Sinker knit and flannel shirts and drawers. The attention of the public generally are ?nvited to the above eirenaive assortment of goods, many of which are of our own importation and will be sold at snch prices as canno* tail to suit. JOHN M. OAVIE8 k JONES, au?.'> |m?r 106 William, corner of Jotw. TOU (7H~BE A K DST!~ PLEASURE IV SHAVING secured by the use of Chsnl m il's MAGIC RAZOR STROP, with METALLIC HONE, forming one of its foar sides, with which avery person mav keep his razoi in perfect order, whether at sea or Ou land. It presents four faces, each of different sharpening properties, corn men irig with the Metalic Hone, of ten times the eower of the ordinary houa.and flushing on the simple calf skin. Retail prices 50, 75, I 00 1,25 and 1,50. etc* according to out war 1 siz anil finish. 'J hv i*r forming part of the 75 cent Strop being tame as one at $1,50. Wholesale prices $3,j0. $1, $t>, $7,50, $'J and $12 psr Ml. . L. CHAPMAN. No. 102 William street. ' N. D. The perform.n? pait of iny 75 cent ?irop warranted to 1 he superior t<? Ororgc Saunders* beat, at $3 each,and the money returned if the pur?T?nsn-r be dissatisfied. au25 lm*r ( rPiUS Dav is published, by V. Quarre, a new periodical A entitled THE ARTIST, A monthly L?di*s Book. Tli? work will be composed of lite* r?ry articles by the inost eminent American and Foreign an* thotli The emhelliahmcnta o<* " The Artist," which will be more numerous than in any publication of a similar nature, are in an eutireh new style; inste?d of being mere engravings in black, they will pr sent the tirillia*?t huea of nature; tne Portraits, Flowers, Landscapes, n d Fashions with which it will be oniami nted, w ill be clothed in their appropriate color*. "The Artist" will contain colored eiigMviuw* of the latest Pari* Fashions, wi'h minute descriptions of them: and n?w and well selected pieces of Music by the most celebrated eom|*>se ra. Suhs-iiption?three dollars per annum, payable in advance, for which one numb"r will be regularly supplied every mouth. Subscriptions received at the office of " The Artist," No. 61 Rrad'- Street, near Broadway , New York. N - o ?The n?ture of this work, and the great care with which it will be executed, will compel the proprietor to publish only a limited number of copi a, and h cannot th reform, with any certainty, engage to furnish the numbers of "The Artist," ncepting to subscribers *u24 lw?r OYSTERS! OYSTERS!' r HAVE this day commenced on my famous Shrewsbury * Oysters Tney are noted as being superior to any thing that th" market can produce. All loveis of a good article are invited to call and try them, (particularly strangeis,) as it will be to thent * rich treat. Thev may be had at tne old establishm^n', 5 Broad street, and nt the branch 245 Broadway, second door south of Murry street. THOS. DOWMINO, 245 Broidwy. N. B. Fresh Woodcock always on hand. au23 tf "medical aid. DR. OREUOHV ci'iitinne* to devote hi* t-nrirr peraonal attention to diaaaae* of a i naiure. Hen* heatow ed much itndy and attention in the improvemt-nt of the old mode of practice, and tlw r??olt i* lie ha* uccee-Vd in discovering a new auxiliary remedy, never lirfor* n?rd in Ilia line of practice. It in particularly applicable nam of long Handing, and where id many Instayrr* a atricture waa .upjhihciI to exiat. Dr. O 'a reatdence ia at II Moll atreet, about IVI varda Iront Chatham aouare, nearly oproaite the Church. He ia at home tinn to the time.. No 34i?i>?t a drug store." au?.1> lt^'PO TJIE PU BLIC.?Caution? riiri* an iftklf called 1 "Knlmatnck's Vermifuge" lately nut iu circulation b\ the houacof Colmatock .V Co., No 71 Maiden Cane, New York ?itr, which i? well calculated to mislead the unwary. The medicine tor died ta put up in neailv the tame style of bottle*, wrapper* 8tc., at that of the Vermifuge prepared by n?, and upon the outer wrappei it n uaerled to be the "tame aa Fahur tockV It hat alto been ilated in the advert itementa of thu rarioua article in the New Voik Journal of Commerre, that "Yahn> stock', it tuppoard to be the tame article ' Our Vermifuge hat been very eiteniirely known throughout the wap'erii country for more than ti n yeart patf, and owing to ita infSnai, worth, nit gained ai, enviable reputation which the maker* of Kolmttorkt Vermifuge are aeeVing to profit by tu calling theira ih* eame. Wo inott po.itirelv declare their tfatement to be inenrrert, for none beaidet onraali ea are, orcaa be, arnu i'lted with the lOvrediei tt which romiKise the getinitie FAHNE8TOI K'S VERMIFUGE. unleaa indeed nnr Vermifuge haa lieen tran.ferred into bottlet and mirked Kolmatorh'a, whieh may hate been done 10 aome eatent to give it a character aa Meaara. CnlinHock k Co. have within a \ **r i>a?t purchased of ut n, wardt o( one hundred groat of the gennine article. It ia to b- hoped that a ditcerniug lublic will frown upon tnch mean attemp'a to profit by the well earned rei titatiou of our valuabla medicine, 11. A FAHNRHTOf K A CO. Pittsburgh, Prnnaylvania, Angmt O, 1(47 >?Ji lw*t ~ _ NOTK K TO WAUON BUILt)F,RK?Thesuo irribcr, Proprietor of New_ York Tattrrsalla. will M .'A make liberal advances in Caah, on all New l.igh I WagniH tent to Iliac atablishment for aale. Bnildrra in the rnamry can raly upon having every attention paid to their order*. For further particulars, aa to terms Itr. apply to GEO. \^. MILLER, ail h IV"; ri *'?.- ' * 1 ?*IU. 41s Brrxtdwfty WIU'll Ni. I'AI'KHH?-,H00 rrttui* ruled and plain Ltftle r Paper; 750 do do do Foolscap BOO leUM Am mnI m?p? rfme Flat Cap 500 da Kngliah Copying Paper l??0 d'? Atie sn j??*rftne m? dinin blue and w .ite 200 <in do di? demy do d > Al?", a Urge assortment of 6 tvelope Paper, for ?il? at very lew priest by I'F.KHAK & flllOt KS vWt _t?ibe* V street. \\7 111) diapnit Striker1* 1 irkmft Aolittimi now the in% njo l% ^hanging tray hair to its orini al rolor every day. Un> I believer* rail and *ee at No. 5Chatham trret, up stair*. an21 V r I qm>* tii'fT iovkk^Tok scpkhior blacktraL Howftu.; Mivtii" ! ?'Thi? egfremely deli? '<>?? - tnd imparrallcb d Tra, so highly cr-U l>> ated in Chun and Knrone Ju?t in?* ported, is now for safe at the Canton Tea Comn ?ny*? Orneral lY a Establishment, 121 Chatham treet, .New York?in fnik id ft. II liw RANK NOTE PAPER?MAMahatU Hank Now P ?> ' l AJ Carson nun ifarturc, a very stipe ior artud,. JP*"" and for aal# by PERflSE A BROOKH. .,,11, Uhertv atreet._ FOKftdCngdie' ' THERE far (km. I and celebrated KlI*, from A we |frc, iva, to be ol?u^(din,th'? 1country. : tent on th* last column * AMTSEMEN IX OA RK THEATRE.?The pubTio it respectflnlty lefoiwwd I (lull iliis tlacatrw will be opened for the season on Menday August ?Hi> uisUnt. ' Trie I tdirt n d (rut etnen engaged for the ensuing iriwoti ere n oun ted to meet Ln the Green Room, on Krnlsy I <4>i inilic Iokikoi. THOS. RaRHT, etigir Hug? Mary. NIBLO't UA HI)K.1> TKIUMPHANT 8UCCE.S3!! The Oorgtoiu Comic Puntomuiu <J~ THE MOHT OWL, In which the whole lorce ol ilie RAVEL FAMILY u4 L'OMI'AW is brought lata action, is nightly iNMr?l by crowded Balooua, with KNTHL WASTIO APPROBATION, mid tVtNlNU, August 26. the Eutartammaau wll commence it I o clock, w nil A UKA.ND OVERTURE. Alter which A ovmic Ere no.. \ ..?de?ille will jjieg be peeMdlMI. sailed TUE BAILIFF OUTWITTED. Williams, k raneois Havel I Vlorthca'cbe, Mod Dsu'rrgue L.siauri, Joroine Kern I Daniele, Mom Carle Ltutril1 A toine Karel J Anna, M'me Frrui Miss Welle will thru dance El Jaleo da Xeree, Iduartei ol au huur'e intrrnneeiou will be aliewaO lor tte(raah> menu in llie Ortlid Heloou. To lie -ncreedeil by AN OVERTURE Alter which, 14th tipir, will be | roomed a magnificent Coal" raniomum called MAZULME. OR THE NIGHT OWL Masulmr, tin Night Owl, >1r Walla Chevalier Bariano, Jerome Ravel Einile, Gabriel Rare! M.iclou, Ae'oine Kara! Bahamrun, Moos Daurerga Mantua, a iionr Peasant, M'me Jen,me Herat Julie, her daughter, M'lle Jpoutrerllle Zuliuia, d ( irei eilau Slave. Mies VV.II? To ceiiCiuilr with a rtrw of I lie- Maguilicaut i'alace Ol MAZULME! The whole to conclude w.ti THE PROMENADE Ml 8'CALE .T- The proprietor iraLerilully informs Uu pablie, that te tompliencc with the wishes'^ bunnnui tisilun, ikie mud. n inired pari ol llie entertainments, will be gireu altar the parormancea to the Saloon sie over Acting Mannger, Mr. t-hipie-ndale Musical Lead, r and Director, Mr aWoott. Tickrta?M cents Doors ofien ?t ..eveu o'clock, It eight. _ _ TtttATEE. THIS EVENING, August 26th.*1841'. will be neefntmsA til* 'rag*dy of THE GLADIATOR Ipxitariis, E Forrest I Plinuruu, J H lc?tt Senona, Miss Jos'p ir,? Cliftoa in the course of the ettoiiu, Two Ov rruret will he performed by the Orchestra To coot lude with the Coagndy of PERFECTION. "unties Parigou. Uli Id?Sir Lsw Paragon, WJu Knto CrBricn, Mrs Thome XT" ' ii Fir?t Tier, JO cents , Pit, at c< ijU ; L'ppst rier, 17 1-2 cent's 07" Doom will op?u sl7?Lu.txiu will rise a'quarter be > e clock iri cine I > 11 * Office o,*n tUily from 'J to J, ?bn> Ticket US) iurv|iaa?ii and \ laces ?, cured AfttfcCRlC&IV Ml'MEl'M AM) <- " "NORNER OF BROADWAY AND ANN STltl I ^ opposite 8t. Paul's! hurch. P. T BAKNUVI, MANAGER WONDEh Ok" CREATION koi One Week more ! XT" ln"cons<K)uciice of the <u>meii?e cri wds of Ladies end Gentlemen ubicli have l isitej the Museum during the lea tveek, and being aware that thi unuds of persons base be* unable to see the MEKM AID, who are desirous oi doing so I In- Manager Ins. st an imvietise expense, msde arrangimui! with lliir proprietor to exhibit at tin- Museum, for cue week more, tlw greatest curi. eity 1U ill. world the REAL MERMAID ! No Extra charge lor Admission to the Museum. In order to accommodate the immense uumber of visitors which daily stt*ud here, there will, this week, be a splendta DAY PERFORMANCE k.VEkY AFTEKNO6.N, commencing at 4 o'clock?the nerfoiiuunccs in the uay bain precisely the s me as lliote in the even rig. Positively the last week of Winchell, the comic drollerut, who will api>ear is eight rhartcu a?Miss Taylor, the borul -ocajist from the Pailt Theatre?La Petite Celeste, AlMnn Lad), B.illoou Asceiuioos, Fancy Glass Blowing, and 500,00 ( turto.ities. Admittance to the whole. Museum, Garden and enteitslnnents, 25 cents?Children half (nice. auKI r HIIils'M HEW YORK. ni'MUDN A CARD ?The public is respertfully informed that the Ntw tY York Museum will he clo.ed iu the evening till he exensive alterations and improvements are finisfied. It is the locution of the subscriber to re-opeu on or aheut the tthh of Aurusl, and pledges hnn,elf at that time to ehow the | uldic one of .lie most magnificent and utiued placet of amusement to he lound ill the United States. G. II HILL. aul2 Im*r to "the" amateurs of the ~ ACCORDION! QIf!NOR R MaRTINI having succeeded iu bringing that or delightful inlrrument into esteiuiveand favorable notice in Europe; and having developed the powers and capabilities ol he instrument in two Elementaiy end Practical Treatise# tehich have been extensively adopted in France and England, legs leave to inform the public generally, that he ia about remblishing copious extracts from the above works, which wilt ihortly In- issurd from the Press of Messrs Firth it Hall. 81GNOR MARl'INI will be happy to give instruction la heart of playiug the Accordion, at hit resilience, ? Canal itreet.or a'the residence of Pupils. And he flatteaYhAaelf hat th.we Ladies and Geutlemeu who may avail t'ltmatves of lis nrofessioual services, will make raoid and aereaahla a/Waa. :ci,'uhii method is simple, clear ami progressive. null Im'r PICTUKE8 FROM BPAIN.?Christ disputing with tSn Doctors, s chef bv ripsgninlrtto ; " The raisin* o Lar ou?," a fine specimen of Guarcuio; sod a grand altar piece, ' The Resurrection of Christ," |*iuled by Zurbaiau ; trvgeth wi'h otli-r (tic pie urea, a.e lion o|>eu for Ezhibition at Mc Apollo Rooms 410 Broadway. Alto, a collection of Anew lit Spanish Armour and Anus, vinougst which is the swnid of ihe renowned BOABDIL, The last Moorish h ins of Grenada. Own from g o'clock till dusk?Admiliano ZJ rents. C/"" A few fine copies Iroui the Old Masters, for sale very cheap. angt gt*r GERMAN Ql'ARTETTO?The German Quartet to mueli plea lire to infirm the (tibltc moat respectfully. that they are now pre pared for Evruuig Serenades in the English or German lanetitiip , on 'he inoar rra?nnshlr terms. Ft.r particulars, please inquire at Mr II. THOKBECKE, iii Hester sl upstairs. auy lm?c hotelt de l'europe, IVo. 8 Broad Street. ejajlE Proprietor having removed to So B Broad street, and 1 opened this establishment for the crinremence of the sal uur public, soliciti his friends and others to fire him a call. Every delicacy of the seaaon ma> be had h. re and every rhiiic served up in the most recherche sty le, the bar is eoppliaa wuhgooil W ties and Liquors st all times Tsnle d'Hote, at 3 o'clock. Citizens and strangers will find this an admirable plane to line down 'own, being so near business. N. B. Private Rooms may be had for parties or single gen lrtnrn, furnished iu20 lm*r BEACH'S AMERICAN PRACTICE OF MEDICINE. " Every one may nou< be bit nurn Doctor and Surgeon, at rheap rate, and enjoy j round mind in a Ittniif body." JUlt nbridcemrntol tins work. railed lh<* FAMILY PHY* S1CIAN, or the Kv fohui i> System op Medirinr, U now nearly compleie<l and will aoou be ieadv for delivery The work i* eomulet d IN NINE PARTS. part i.?'the means of preventing disease and promoting health. fart ll.-GSIttlU principles op the eeformed practice of medicine, and indications op cuss. fart iii.?internal diseases. fart iv.?surgical dis eases. fart v.?mid wife he. fart vi ? veoetarle materia medica fart vii ? fll a r slacv and dlt pensa toh v i or compounds fart viii.?diet for thk healthy and the sick. fart iv.?outlines of anatoMT and physioloot, with illustrations. affpndie. Those who wi*h 10 rvmi ihemseiica of tiiis Treatise ou the Relormed or veEftable System, wil fin it to their interest M ptt-chiue th? work, lr in writ ten in he English Lain usge, and adapted 10 the rapacity of all el*s?e? It may he h id of the author. 223 Biwery, New York; also o( bo iksellera g*n?-r*?ly Tne objert ai'I nr. Family Phvsk ia* i?t?Apeat that hvdm m*?nster, QUAl'KEKY, both in enoouc of th* Probation, and to subautiue a plmin, simple and practical system 1 medicine, and which cures diseases without Mercury, the lutmet.ot fhe Knife. It may be had of the antnor, 22i Bowtiv, New York; al-oot hook sell* rs generally. AGENTS WANTED?T?? fircilila the above work ir eerry town and city in the United Stair*. All let'sra to be poaf paid. Rit33 2t*rc RHEUMATISM, DR. HENRY'S RHEUMATIC hYRUP i. cunng every case of Rheumatism aronnd. In short urn. th it Ji?wr?e liwfli scarcely be known of, or if kuuW u cared, for. Tuiny who utt not taken the trouble to investigate it. merits we ?ay yon ere suffering . torturing disease whru an hour spent in raak^M ti>?iuii let about it would convince you that it < your owu f Oil hat you have not br.n well before. Call Upon some of these persons and y.u will be astnuished at the wonder* which it na already performed. Mr. Je*ae Hind*, ill Get uwich sod I2J Broad afreet; Mrs. Ruaa.ll, 13 F.Im streett Mr*. Angel. 373 Eighth street; Mr Dttnare*t, 37 King ?treat: Mr. E twarde, Athrueaum Hotel, Broadway. J'din Cuuiming*. 13 IN>.I street t Henry Millar. 36 J ime* itreet; Mr. Liwteoce, 69 North Mo?r* slrr?t; Mr. Washl?rtnn,( butcher) JSX Elm itra.t; Mr*. Griggs. 96 Avenue D; Mr. White. 83 Hiith Arenue; Mr*. Street**, corner Third Avenue and Seventh atreet; Mr. Kyere, liuir., at ?.une (dace: Mr*. Coffey, Hill si re?t, two door* west from 8th Avenue; Mri. Murphy. 99 Cennon meet; Mr. Marahall. 187 Uiviuylon street near Attorney *treet. And if you wi*h more call at the office, wheio we will aire v&u the name* of oth?ra, every one of whom haa been cured within thu last icven weeka. Not a day |>a*?e* without one railing to aay they have b*eu cured hv the u*r of the medicine. Look In the hark number, of the Herald and Sun, and you will aee a large number of cerli Urate*, which if they were not signed,and the Dumber given, a peraon would scarcely believe. But there they are, aed wa inrftr any one to call at the numbers giren and prove our statement correct. For sale in this city onH at No. 286 Bowery, comer ol Houston *treet. In Brooklyn, at Stewart'* Patent Medicine Store, No. 73 F' lton *?reet. snd in Newark, at Trippe'? Drug Store. No 298 Broad itreet. anil 8ti'*t nmt FOR SALE?A two and a Kalf story house, contain flir ing .*> large room* with fireplace*, and five bedroom*; and .l^Efive building lota, 2J by 132 feet, which are arealil id out ina beautiful garden, situated at Hempstead Hrauen, L I., bout twenty miles from New York, en th. L I Railroad. Can lie sold very low imrn< liately for cash. I quire et tbe proprietor, MARTIN WARMIJTH, au5i2l-r llemnutead Braur h. L. I. DRESS BOt TS?Litest French Stylu?Thu ^ ^Vanhscriher rrspertfully invitea the eititeus of Nuw Ymi, and strangers visiting thu city,to call at 114 Fulton tiruet and elaminn a large assortment or Dress Boots, made lu thu latest fashion, and of the finest French ealf-ekie, O' titlemen ran have boo'a made to order in the beet manner ar Vi.tiO per |*?ir, warranted eqntl to any made at $7..W. and a* th# iinil?*r*iuni><l tikpa flr.4u.1n1/ nf th* fret ftflii k? *i t lull lOf "(ti customer he rati ensure au rasv rst handsome fir Constantly on hand, Fashionable Boot*, fct. at the followint rcdurt d pnrra 8e?l Skin Boots, from $1,21 ta 1,71 Calf, J,00 to 6 00 Half'Boota. ?? Oaiters, Shoes. 130'O , Fuinps and Slippers, ice., proportioiwtjfly Irw. Term., tath on delirery. JOHN I- wax kmib. au2i Im'r 114 Fnlfnn at, between Naaaanand Dutch. FRENCHIMPORTED WAITERS of all colore of Fashion ; French boot, and ,stent leather .!?? ., dress shoes, ysi'ere, walkinf shoe, and Pnmpsforn,*ii. boys, and child en Mm and hoys cheap boo:, from 12,71. 13. 13,30, and $1 per pair. M-n'? shorn 7 to 10 and 13s set .sir. B is .hoes M 'o li rent, .r.1 *1. and warranted ?ood L.die. miss. ., and children. Emtter bo^. bn.bmi walkina shoe., and all,.peri of all colors and .if., law at fashion, ties, bu.ktos, .ml slim "lit' <?slip|a-ia and se. a irnad aasortmmt ..f the'above article, at 12 Can ,1 street corner Brnadwar ** anil ?t., north-wrat corner Hud ton it., at Walker's. auiM l?*r IIAKI) TIMES ?The onlr rea?nn that A it ''O can sasien for scllina ?o many hoofs nnrt fro*' ?tth? </lir?t?>n Boot and Shoe Mvkrt, *M Canal ?t* northeast corner of Hudson whctt lo?o?? trtn Wy complain* of har tinrn*f ii?, that tkiv kf#p *ood* of the h**t f|in itv and sell th*r*? #t prices to suit fh?* and it teema a? if almost r?? ry It J had found this on? If any who cad this iliovld not ytt hare found oui the tort, the sooner they coma and try the aoont r they will reap the sdyantare. Almost anythinfi that if ? anted in the boot and hoe line, of any stic, color or gnaltty, can be found hew 'heVs. r-cs ?.. c _i . .1,20 |me, A. KNOX It CO. Ml Cyml T\V. JAMKS ALtJLlNrir.K irot'SJON h? tsnfhnl Lf hit Const!LTmo nWloa. <? N?. a MaastD Bninota' corner of Nassau aadf Ul ! IMS I