Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 27, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 27, 1842 Page 3
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The Grand Island operation was a (liferent ail'a.r. That mysterious spot of land situated amid the roaring rapid* ol Niagara, has been the sceuo of many curious speculations?all of which hare gone to destruction as surely and rapidly as the whirling waters that wash the island, leap over the mighty fall below. The first, if not the moat ridiculous, was the well known attempt of Miyor Noah tn assemble there the wandering tribes of Israel, over whom he was to preside as high priest. He attempted to raise money from the Jews of all nations for hi* own aggrandisement. Some few he gathered together, and addressed them in the theatrical costume of ilichard III., borrowed lor the occasion Irom the Park Theatre. All would not do, however; the material point, tbeeaah, was not forthcoming, and the speculation failed. The next was tho revolutionary speculation, and Grand Island became the head quarters of those -i c...iailia;rmrn war. Thai failed. *V liu W2UICU IU ^WTIIU ? / Then came Daniel Webster, E"q., towering at the head of a mighty spesulation, hacked by hi* eaatern friend" and satellites. Grand Island was to hare been the " F.l dorado" where, by vigorous application" of paper promise", and the endleis multiplication ot papar securities, cities were to grow, and business increase until the Island might be covered with guineas in payment of its soil. To start this great blessing, however, money was to begot. Casting aliout for a suitable concern on which to operate, tha American Life k Trust Company was selected as the favored inititution. The well known financial talent of Mr. Duer, who could not only manufacture any amount of paper promisee, but get people to take them, rendered the thing highly feasible. He was one of those brilliant intellects of these latter day* who ac? tremblingly alive to the wickedness and folly or ' siroy mg credit and ruining property hy demanding payment of promises. He was surrounded by a few noble hearts o( the same stamp. James Boorman, Esq. for instance, who has lately refined so l'ar upon the credit system, us to make tho statute tlie sole test of the jusMce of a claim. Before these people, Daniel Webstar, Esq. appeared, and he argued so forcibly, and described the future glories of the Island, its prosperity and profit' and above all, the great uational blessing that it would turn out to be, with such irresistible energy and effect, that Duer, Boorman k Co. planked down $2?0,000 of the stockholders' money without winking. What has become of that money does not appear, but Grand Island is there yet, the Niagara rapids still roar around it, the bleak winds of winter whistle over its waste and barren surface; but tha castles, the property, the busiucss, the profit, and tne blessings 10 grow upon 11 oni 01 uie loan 01 me American Life k Trust Co., have, like the " odor of nationality that hang round the United States Bank," passed oil' with the vision o< the projector. Nothing has ever grown upon either Grand Island or Chatauque lands, but " small potatoes" and " noxious weeds." Retort ok the Committee of the New York Stock and Exchange Board, in reference to the Contracts for Kentucky Bank Stock, tending between J. Little k Co. and Boorman, Johnston Si Co. At the regular meeting of the New York Stock aud Exchange Board, held this day, the ftfllowiug Report was adapted with but two dissenting voices. The Resolutions appended received the unanimous concurrence of the Board. B. HART, Secretary. New York, August 03, 1843. The Committee of the New York Stock and Exchange Board, to whom was referred for consideration and review, the controversy between Messrs. Boorman, Johnston Ik Co. and Messrs. Jacob Little & Co., together with the decision of the majority of the arbitrators in relation to that controversy, respectfully report : That the statements respectively submitted by the parties to the arbitrators, agree upon the following facts:?That Boorman, Johnston & Co. purchased, through their brokers, ol Messrs. Little A Co., On 22d Oct. 1839,300 Kentucky Bk Stock at 70 90 ds and Int. I" 23d " " 100 " " 70 " ?' "26th ? " 100 " " 70 " " In all 400 shares. That at the maturity of these contracts on the 20th, 21st and 24th January, 1810,the books of transfer were closed, having been shut at the ordinary period for declaring a dividend, and not reopened in consequence of the discovery of the Levis frauds. That previously on or about the 15th January, 1840, Mr. Sampson, ona of the firm ol B. J. 8c Co., called and informed J. Little 8t Co. that they aheuld be ready to receive the stock according to contract, but that as spurious stock of that institution was in market, they should receive none but such as could be established to he genuine. Nothing farther took place until the 27th January, when Mr. 8. again called and stated that their principal directed them to call for the stock, and that they were then ready to receive it. Messrs. Little<c Co. replied thatthay would deliver on the following day, but remarked, that they could only do so hy power of attorney and certificate, which was refused as not a legal transfer. From that time nothing appears to have occurred between the parties in relation to this matter, until recently, when the books of transfer having beun re-opened, and Messrs. Little Ik Co. having made the necessary arrangements, notified the brokers, through whom the sales were made, of their intention to deliver the stork. On the refusal of Boorman. Johnston & Co. then to receive it. the contro versy and the decision of the arbitrators have arisen, together with accompanying facts, which hava so recently occurred as to need no recapitulation. The matters in dispute appear, by the admission of B. J. k Co., and by the decision of the two arbitrators, to be narrowed essentially, to this point. That no delivery could satisfy the contracts but a transfer at the day, on the books kept for that purpose by the Bank, or its agents. This decision, your Committee believe to be contrary to every rule of right, which can with propriety he applied to thit case and rely upon the following among other grounds, to sustain them in that unanimous opinion: First?It is clearly coutrary to the rules and regulations of this Board, and the practice which has always governed under them. We hold these to be a proper and legitimate authority in the premises. The Stock and Exchange Board has been organised for a period of five and twenty years. The object of this institution was to facilitate the purchase and sale of stocks and otker public securities, by creating a common point, at which the dealers could meet, for the transaction of such business. Since its foundation, It has numbered amongst its members men ot whom we may be justly proud, as distinguished for their enterprise aad public spirit, and for their high standing in the esteem and confidence of their fellow citizens. For their government in tho transaction of business they have formed a code of laws, suggested and approved by long experience, and as best adapted to the cases which arise in that business. They are intended to be based on theimmutablo principle of doing unto others as we would they should do unto ns?not partial nor exclusive in their operation?bearing alike on buyer and seller, principal and agent, excepting ia the penalties, which can, of course only bo applied to those who assent to them formally? and these give an additional guarantee to the public for the faithful execution of its business. These rules are not secret; they are in the possession of every member, and open to the inspection of any one who transacts business through their agency. Every branch of business has its peculiar laws, governing in its appropriate sphere, and we claim as fkill a juris, diction for ours. Furthermore, we contend that B. J.k Co. have voluntarily placed themselves uader this jurisdiction. They assume a contract made by their agents ; made at the Board and subject to its regulations; and they formally guaranteed its fulfilment, to the same extent as their agents were hound to do. If their acknowledged agents had lx^en accepted, and continued as principals, could any bouorable muni have justified their employers in subjecting them tc the penalties they would have incurred ? Could B. J. k Co. have refused to protect them t We further contend, that a delivery as required by B. J. fc Co. was not essential, because the powers of attorney and certificates tendered by Little k Co.. (and necessarily guaranteed by them,) were, in every conceivable respect, as valuable and available to the purchasers as a certificate in their own name. We cannet imagine any use that could be made of one and not of the other. B. J. k Co. could, therefore, have suttered no detriment from receiving the stock in the form in which it was tendered to them. They were entitled to nothing more, and bound to receive this, er await the opening of the hooka ol transfer, became they knew when they made the contract that the bank hail the power to close tne hooka betore ita maturity, and could exerciaethe power to keep them closed, as they did for a long period. If the bank had not these powers, then the recourse of B. J. It Co is evidently against the bank. Again, had Messrs. B. J. St Co. beon desirous te sell at any time after the receipt of this stock, in the way it was tendered, they could have done so equally well, and at the then current market rata. Indeed, it was the only method which they conld hare adopted. It is, in fact, the only one known to holders of foreign stocks. The absence of books oftransfer renders it the most suitable, and at the same time the most expeditious, mode of realising on this species ol property. Further, if a purchaser does not assume all the risk of such contingencies, as have of late years too frequently befallen all stocks, what does a bargain consist in? Shall it specify exactly the risks to which the buyer and thoae ! to which the seller shall be liable, and thoae non-enumerated be divided between lioth? In what way does a con. tract on time virtually differ from one for cash I Simply and only, in the advantage of the use of money to the buyer, for which he compensates the seller liy the payment of interest. All the accidents which may befall the stock after deliver) for cash to the purchaser, must inevitably be his loss. Shall they not he equally so. while held as security until the payment is made! In the instance before us, the stock was sold on ninety days credit, at the same price as could have besn obtained for rash. Could it have eotered into the calculation of either party, in fixing the price, that any other advantage waa to be gained but the convenience of thecredM, for which the interest was allowed as an equivalent? Suppose that B. J. k Co. hod required of J. L. It Co. a stipulation that they should be saved harmless from such a contingency as aid arias, or any other that might arise, to injure the value of the stock, would J. L. k Co. have agreed at the samorateor price? Could any price have ir.duced them to make such a bargain? And yet this is in reality what has since been required of them. Or suppose, as do frequently happen, and as waa very likely to happen in the present case, the agent having an order to purchaao on time, should not consider the use of the money worth, six percent to him, but should prefer to advance it hi.nself. and charge the interest to his principal until in funds, would he be satisfied to be placed in the position in which j.i.wi.v now ?? ? "' 'Kmc arguitktiv. Will aptily with equvl force to every caae in which atoo'ni are held a* collateral for the payment of monaya or other liem upon . them. Yoor Committee would aubmit atill further, that if the caae was entirely reveraed (Meaara.L.k Ce. the pnrrhnaera and B. J. fc. Co. the aellera) what then would have been the condition of the partieal Mesjra. L. ft Co would have been compelled to meet the contract?compelled by the mica undor which they were made. There could have been no eacape for them. Or had the Bank of Kentucky aucr.eeded by prorata of law, in holding the Schuylkill Bank of Philadelphia reeponaibla for these fraudulent laaueaof ita shares, collected the amount alleged to lie due, and the stock in conaequence has advanced to par, the aame rules would have operated.upon Meaara. L. k Co., and the delivery would have been imperative. Where then i* the equity of this emu it one party wa? bound so entirely, and the other not at all* Argument* of limilar tendency and equal lorce might be multiplied to (how the incompatibility of the decision of the majority of the arbitrators with the long tried experience of what is just ami fair in tiunsactions of this character; and that a (oemlng admission of its soundness, by silence on ourpait, would place in in the unenviable jk>sition of acknowledging our decisions hitherto to have been w rong, w hile it would, in future, impair the influence we have hitherto successfully exerted to preserve, at everv sacrifice, and honorable and punctual compliance wi'h all contracts -not founded in fraud. Your committee cannot take leave of the subject without adverting to certaiu paragraphs i i the pamphlet of Messrs. H. J & Co., designed to bear unfavorably upon thu association, by holding it up to public odium, aud inviting the censure of the community upon what they term its " Inquisitorial aiul Star Chumber" proceeding. Cases of aa ordinary character your Committee would be the last to commend to the notice of the Board, but where a respectable and influential lirm uke the one in question, thinks proper to go beyond its legitimate sphere, and condemns an institution, having ita origin in the wants of public convenience, conducted upon the most elevated principles of right and justice, it tiecomes the a few words in their vindication to the same tribunal railed upon to pronounce judgment against them. Wo are aware ot prejudices which exist in minds entitled to our respect, against our business. We express our conviction that these j rejudices are gieatly enhanced, if not altogether created, by the mistaken refusal of our lawgivers to enforce a compliance with ours 89 with other contracts. It" similarly protected, we think they would be more cautiously entered into, and greatly limited in extent; and it la chiefly the great extent to which the speculative spirit may be earned, that constitutes its evil. The Board cannot circumscribe the sxtent to which each member shall operate; they cannot enquire if the stock is in possession of the individual offering to soli, nor into his ability to meet the risks he incurs. They nrc, therefore, in no way justly responsible for them. Further,! he stocks of incorporated institutions, in which we chiefly deal, have been of late years peculiarly subjected to great instability and ruinous vicissitudes in value, against the consequences of which we can hardly be expected to guard, when those specially selected from the most sagacious, most experienced, and most honorable of our fellow citizens, have so frequently and so signally failed in thi ir efforts to avoid them. In regard to the charge that our business is conducted in a secret, mysterious, manner?meetings held " with closed doors," concealed from public view, Sec. 'Die simple truth, which can at any moment be tested, is, that our meetings are only secluded from intruders, and our proceedings from impertinent interruption, so far as is the compting room of the merchant, or the hall of every association. There is no obligation of secresy upon the members other thou his own prudence may impose. Our mi nutes of proceedings are carefully recorded, and open to the inspection of every one possessing any claim to see them; subject alwrys to be, as they frequently are, produced in a court of justice. The same misapprehension of facts has doubtless produced these charges, as has led to the inconsistency of complaints against our rules and regulations, simultaneously with the admission that they had aot been read, and of expressions of esteem and respect for individual members of our Board, coupled with the idea that they sanction acts which should deprive them of all claims to such regard. The imputation has been freelv urged against us, that we sanction " illegal transactions.'" We would ask if the multitude of engagements daily entered into by men in their mercantile, social, and other relations, and which dependent solely on confidence in mutual good faith and probity, are merely verbal, and conse i|UCiUl) CIIU1U)' Iicvyiu ui pivicuuvw u; mw, uia; nui with equal propriety be stigmatised as " illegal,'1 and if any honorable mind could view the infraction of them with leaa detestation in consequence 1 With these and every view that can present itself to their minds, your Committee report to the Board the following resolutions, as necessary and proper to t>c adopted in the case before them:? Resolved, That the contract for the receipt and delivery of the Stock of the Bank of Kentucky between Graham, Rollins St Graham, and Phalen and Searles, and J. Little It Co., were made under the rules and regulations of the Stock and Exchange Board, and are binding upon the parties in conformity thereto, and that the assumption of them by Boorman, Johnston St Co., in no wise altered the character of the obligation. Resolved, That the decision of the arbitrators in this case should have been given with reference to the fact that, the contracts remain precisely as they were when originsdly made by the brokers of Boorman, Johnston It Co. Binding upon them, they are equally so upon their principals, who "guaranteed them for their own account." H. G. 8TEBBINS, ) EDWARD WH1TEHOUSE, | JOHN H. OOURL1E, ? Committee. ROBERT J. LIVINGSTON, I JAMES W. BLEECKER, J Bales at tlse Stock Exchange, $600 Ohio 6's, I860, 72 60 do >20 83>i 1000 Kentucky 6*s, 1871, 77*a 10 do Ohio L It T, 60 I#00 do 77 10 do Cantou Co, 18 2000 do 70?^ 400 do Long liUud, 60si 1000 tin 6V>, 60 200 do boo 2864 NY Water Loan, ij^s 160 do >30 60S (1870 81 400 do 60>? 0000 Illinois C's, 18 104 do Palerton, >30 49 60 shu Del St Had, 86 60 do >,00 49 26 do >38 83K Second Board. No Sales. State of Trade. There is a fine business doing, but the dealers who are in the city came here with the expectation of getting roods very low. The prospect of the passage of the prohibitive tariff now before Congress, has caused holders of goods to be firm in their demands, which consequently retard* basinets. Jithei?'The market has been active, and at improving prices. Pots sold at 6,63 }; nearly 1000 bbls hare changed hands. Pearls have rone up to $6, which ther command freely, and many or the holders decline selling at that. Adrices from Havre to the 3d, quote Pots at 46,60a46f. Bettwax?About -2000 lbs sold at 30 cents fur southern yellow. Coal?Liverpool is selling at f6 to 7}. Coffee?The sales of the week have been as follows :? iiOOO bags Brazil 7 a 9$; 560 do Laguyra, 9 a 91; 300 do Java, 11 a 11}; '200 do Cuba, 8) a8j; 500 do St. Domingo, 6} a6}; 700 dodo, 6} a 7. Cotton?There has been a better feeling in the market, and prices have been mora firm. Sales as follows:?13.00 bales Uplands, o a 8}; 600 do Mobiles, 0} a 9]; lOOOdo New Orleans, Gj a 9}. A tea sale took place with the following results. Terms approved satisfactory note* at six months. Hyson. rf?. cfr. 35 chests, HO J66 chests, 54$ 25 do 78 360 61b boxes, 52 8* do 63} 179 131b do 52 6U do 59 Vol'iso Hyson. 33 half chests, 99 33 half chests, 54 72 do 82 146 do 52} 10 do 75 470 do 62 10 do 74 36 do 50} 21 do 72 174 do 50 39 do 70 73 do '29 19 do 58 10 do 79} 36 do 55} 1899 do withdraw u 47 do 54} Htiiis Skin. '29 chests, 471 86 chests, 36} 31 do 39} 96 do 31 iMrtMAL. 11 chests, 90 300 61h boxes, 50} 131 do 41 169 131b do 50 Ot'KrOwncn. 6 chests, 97} 300 8lh boxes, 63 136 half chests, 48 26 do 62} 43 do 47 349 do 56 Souchoiso. 98 chests, 45 50 chests, 38 '206 do 39 K do 31 246 do 38} 0Arm Soscifowri?2'24 half chests, 40. CsMrov Soocnoko- 238 half chests, 52}. Obanok Pkc co?47 half chests, 53]. PoucHono? 200 half chests, 40. Cassia?4900 mats, 20. Provlalon Market. We state for the information of the poor laborer, thai good wholesome meat can be bought in the country market for six cents a nnmul ^Several ahops about the upper part of the town are celling pork steaks at 7 cents. Thus, by degrees, will produce assimilate to the present depressed state of the times. Butter is the onlT article now in market that can be called dear. Vegetables are pouring in from all quarters. Melons begin to be fine flavored, and arc sold at reasons lile prices. I*atcts or Paovisions. Beef, per lb- -6 a 12)4 Cabbages ? a S Porte r House Stakes 12)4s ? Berts, auncli ? a 3 Sirloin, lb 12 a II Honey, lb ? a IS Beef, per rwt flt.50 a Sfi Pork, per cwt $4)4a So Mutton S a 8 Vral t a 7 Lamb, per lb 6 a 10 Fresh t od ? a 6'i Pork, per lb 4 a ? Cellrry, Punch 8 a 12H Blackttsh, " 6 a S Hickory Nutts ? a J Klrindrti" ? a 5 Old Potatoes, buahel? a 17)4 Halibut, " ? a 6 Turnips, " 23 a 5o Salmon, lb ? a ISjf Amies, " ? i)l Striped Baas, lb 12l<a ? (Au. 100 23 a 37)4 ( ape Ca?d Lobsters- 8 a? Cranberries, qt ? a 8 Craba, dor l2V4a ? keys. 10 for-..--? a 12K Kris 8 a 10 Dried Apples, bbl- a $l>| buck 12 a 23 Dried IVaches, lb- ? a 18 Woodcock, pair 3s a 4 Piss, roasters ? a $1 Kowls 32 a 37 Pickles, 100 -. M a C2)4 Chickens 77)4a 78 Pigeons, do*. - - . ? a SI Turkic) $1 a V ttreeii Peas, hf peck? a 11)4 Kreili Butter, lb It a 20 New Potatoes, bush.? a 30 Firkin 12 a ? Oooarbernes, qt.? a # Sausages ? a 10 Rasliemes qt -l*)%a)8 Batad. qt ? a 3 Muskmcllou 12 a 12 Ibulishes. bunch-..? a 2 Whortleberries qt- 6 a ? Korrlgn Markets. ICofTfipoodffrH'f of the Ilermld.1 Batavia, April It, |tt4J. To "riir. Editor or tnc Nitw Yoaa Hr.aALt>? drax 8m? There bains a direct opportunity to the United Htatea Wr# improve the conveyance for continuing our advices Bince our laat. por -Roliin Hood," under date of IHth Jan. the tranaactions In produce have been confined mostly to agar: about 40,000perols of good Batavia quality have Iraen shipped to Europe at flO a I'lOJ per pecol, whicn.with the low freighta now cnrraut, will make the costs come lower in Europe than for tome years previously. The new crops of this article promise well. Of coffee there remains only a few thousand pecola of the last crop; 5,(100 to 10,000 pecols could be secured at 14 a 24]. Shoulld the new crops come in early to market, the .-rate will no doubt go down materially. The next month new coffee nvist begin to make Its appearance, and should the demand be as small as we anticipate, wn think we are warranted in aaying that prices will be reduced The whole quantity of free Coffee this year will not vary much from 100,*00 pecola. In Biimatra coffee, aince our last, the price has iiot varied : flS a 10 have been the current rates. We have the pleoaure of adviaing thai we expect the daily announcement of a Government Tin auction, and we are assured thay will be eontintied every three months as formerly. None of this article having been otfcred for a long time, the vnltie is nominal. Rice, whic If has ba^n shipped to Europe to some extent, u scarce and high, but the uew arops are promising, and in the course of two months we look for lower rates. Imports of all kinds ate exceedingly low, and generally without demand. Specie continues high, as may he seeu front our quotations. We have seldom seen so i'ew draft* on F.urope uttering ss for the past 4or 3 months ; ft3 on London is readily taken, while there is nothing ottering on Holland. The Trading Company, which drew Creel) last year, have this yesr druwn nothing- Dates from the U. S. an* to '2?th December, via Anjer, per Ann McKim ; from Singapore to 1st inst. The Sarah Parker wastheonly American, and would probably load for the IT. States here. We shall hare no American vessel after the departure of the Louvre. Wc temain. respectfully, Your most obedient servants. Dlari'ltil. On the 4th iust. by the Rev. Dr. Stocking, Mr. Nixson Mow sv, to Miss Sonus L. Tilsis, both of this city. * Died, On the 23th inst. suddenly, Hrsav Jackjos, aged 00 years and 13 days. The friends of his father, (ieorge 11., an 1 those of his brothers, Samuel J., William A. and John M., and those of his brothers-in-law, Samuel Brown and Charles Hose, are invited to attend his funeral, from his late residence, 1S8 Henry street this afternoon at 4o'clock. At Cittnfuegos, Cuba, on the 1st inst. W. V- Huooiat, of Philadelphia. Paisengers Arrived. LivvarooL?Packet shin (Jorge Wssliinvtun?Wni Wild, James I, Todd, i\rw York; Roland l.atour, Ueimiliy; Kobt A Clark, I,eland; B B Arkwrighl, England?ami 209 in the Bremen?9hi|i PyUtcl?h Burchard, Carl Sehenrk, J Jagrr, H (Jangeiihaiuer, Mm Hldburgliatucr, Mra Hirschmanu ami 4 children Miaa Mary Schouol?172 in the steerage. New Orleans?Bog Slade an<l lady, H C Bradley, JC1) oitnan, II Hubbard, J A Wlirner, A K Aken. Foreign importations. LlvrarooL?Ship (J orge Wsshiunion?100 tons iron Coolry St Smith?1 iikg M L Samuel?1 J A A-1 ?6 A McFarlaiia?'J Koulds, Stobo ken?60 J K Heiricl;? 1 Alilra it Saltier?I A Mathey?I D W Craves?3 F W Steiuhrenuer?7 F A Huntinrton it co?9 Smith, Thurgar it c >?5 Harvey it Slagg?3 (' A St Q F Ereraon?2 II Irvin?I II Ibbclton?1 Townseiid, Saye it co?3 J it I' Hayden?4 F T Luijuerr St sou?2 Appletou St Ondrrtlouk?14 Paton It Stewart?2 E Hum?5 O Stacy?I J Nal>ler?5 Crimu St co?I J Kidg way?IS I'eaboriy, Riga* Itco?24 Gorton, Hodges St co?23 (lodfrey. Puitisnii It co?I W B Bend ?6 J T Engrave?2 W \V Cheatei?I Soloinan St Hart?I II T CoOptr?I J A Newhold?0 D St S W Peal it co?8 Kiaaam, Bryce St Jouea?'i J Robinson itco?i A F I.agrave?I Brinckerholf. Catiiu it Oak?A Wniinan It Wyckotf?4 Jos Hndaon? 28 Butterlield It Fiahcr?10 D Oakey it son?5 Nevins It co?111 C II Ku.sell St co?1 < Potter?I UnlEii St Pullman?1 IVrate St Brooks?8 Stoti" it co?I C Kobinaon?1 Hall Brothers?A M Thomas?5 Wight, Sturarea It Shaw?15 J It J Cos?I Carmicliael St Silencer?2 Uee HUcy?10 ImtIis St Scott?5 C Adshuad it co?16 8 T Jones?2 J T Syiencer?2 J Pedsoiicelli?59 J.wiah Macy it son?I W U Hunt it co?3 Lord St Tay lor?t Holiershaw It Jonea?1 James Palon itco?3ti Sands, Fo* St CO?18 W Whitew right St c<>?4 Steele, Dealer St Bush, of Boston?16 J Edrlstou?1 W II Horstmau iteo?3 H S Ballard?70 Giiniiell, Miuturu It co?5 Win Wild?165 to older. Bremen?Ship Pylard?I cask 22 bis O Alirenfeldt?5 Meyer It Stuckrii?1 E it T Poppe?1 trunk J C Mnller?2 bia O it F Schumacher, Turks Island?Biig Wampaiioag?6750 bushels salt Badger it Peck?52 bxi6 cks hay- water A J IVuiiton. Trinidad Dr. Cuba?Baik Ellen?533 boxes sugar Peter Harmony St co. Ct'Rtt 0*?Brig Tain O'Shanter?100 hhla salt 17 tnus Nicaragua wood 111 bales skint 50 do nudder root J Fonlk it aon? 21 Panama hats J Iloyer. Domestic Importations. New Orleans?Brig Orleans?Wheat, lead, Itc. to W R McCullough, J M Dcnmati, Goadhur itco, Robt Bachr, Johnsou It son. MARITIME HERALD. To SUIp Blaster*. ffr shall esteem it a favor, if captains of vessels arriving hare, will aire to Commodore W. A. Bassett, of our news fleet, a report of ilie shipping left it the pert whence they sailnl, the revels s|M)hen on their passage, a list of their cargo, ami any foreign uewsp;i|iers they inay have. Commodore Bassett will board them immediately on their arrival. We will reciprocate the favor in anv way. To Corr?*]ion?lents Abroad. Our correspondents in foreign ports are respectfully requested to sens! by every vessel all the marine intelligence they can obtain. Nautical information of anv kind, from any one re siding at home or abroad, will be thankfully received. COIiT OK NEW YORK, AUGUST ?T, IN4d. sun 5 211 noon atsrs 9 28 IUV SETS* 6 35 I HMIH WITH 12 8 Cleared. HhipAlbree, Hinchman, Boston, J Edt*.?Bark Huron. (Br) Mowat, St Jonii, NB.?Brig Larinia.( Br) Jamison, Newfoundland, Gb J Laurie.?Galliot De Vreede, (Dutch) Wirrson, Amsterdam, Booueu Graves It Co.?Schrs Halcyon, Patterson, Apalachicola, Badger It Peck; Ales Washington, Dinsmqre, Pensacola, Hturges It Clearman; Josephine, Robinson, Richmond, A B Cooley It Co.?Ketch Cornet, (Br) Vesey, Lircrpool, NS. Middlcton & Co, Arrived. Packet ship Oeorge Washington, Borrows, from Liverpool, Julv 28, with mdse to Grinnell, Minturn Ik Co. 13th inst. lat 12 40, Ion SO, passed alarec iceberg; 2Sth, lat 40 20, Ion 72, spoke bark Panthea. of New Haven. Bremen ship Pylard, Weasels, from Bremen, July 19, with mdse, lo fi. It K. Schumacher. Hailed in co. with ship Isabella, and bark Atlantic, for NYork?spoke the latter July 23d, off the Isle of Wight, with loss of both topmasts. Bark Ellen, Copeland, 18 days from Trinidad ilr Cuba, with sugar, to Chastelain It PoiiTert. Left bark K'raukliD, Uibha, for Boston, Idg; brig Frank Clark, Bray, for Hauls Cruz, Cuba, lo load. Brig Wampanoag, Cotton. 13 days from Turks Island, with salt, to Badger It Peck. Hailed in co. with brig Pioneer, Means, for Boston. Left ship Congress, for NYork, 17th; brigs Star, lor Boston, 13th; Wm Crawford, Means, for Ellsworth, soon; sciir Emetine, Davidson, for Philadelphia, loth. HchrOnnoko, Green, for .Norfolk, sailed lllii. Brig Isabella, McKre, from Areciho, PR. with 230 hhdi sugar ki amoii <i i/iuuuoy. Lrn no American veueu at A. Al SI Johni, brigs Mary, to Mil soon; Trio, from Boston. arr Ijtli; ichr Vigilencr, hence, arr 12th?had UHMtmi tu n n) on the passage, bul received no damage. Brigs Rnby, McK<nr.i*. for Philadelphia, Irk St. Johns on the 15th; Water Witch, for <io, Uth. 24th. in the gulf, let i5, lou 73 30, eaprro nr. d i heavy Male, wind E. by S.?aidit aaila, ticBum Tain O'Shantrr, Alien, 15 daya from Curacoa, with kill1., Sic. to J. Koulk It Son. Lelt no American veiarla. Sclir Detjr Ch .ee, Thomas, tailed for NYork 5 day* before. Brig prleane, Smith, (of Richmond) 19 days from New OrIrani, with wheat, lie. to the matter. Experienced very ?e?rrc weather on the coaat. Schr Select, Johnaon, 8 dayt from Nrwbern, NC. with naval tores, ta Mitchell It Co. Srnr Botton, Parr, 10 days from Baltimore, with iron?bouud to Albany. Schr Maria, Hopkins, 10 days from Baltimore, with mdie, to Johnson It Lowdrn. Below. One ship, two brigs. Wind SE. ki.turiseo?Brigs Emma, for Maracaibo; Norman, Dunkirk; and aclir Clias L Vote, from the lower bay, and anchored at Quarantine. on account of bead winds. General Reeortl. Packet sHtr SiDnorta, Cobb, for Liver|iool, ia again detained until to-day. Her letter bags are still at Oilpiua, in the Exchange, and will cloae at half-past II this morning. Brio Theodore.?The mate and part of the crew of the Theodore, from Philadelphia for Jamaica, loat at Turks liland, liave arrived at Philadelphia. She struck on the reef near the remains of the steamer Medina, broke her rudder, canting her to leak badly, went over the reef, and run ashore on the island within a lew yards of thu lighthouse, Smr Card ace, of New London, which sailed on a w haling voyage on Tuesday last, got ashore on Hhagwam Reef, near Montauk Point, on Wednesday morning, ami was obliged to return to New London to reiiair. S< it* Maria, of Elizabeth City, NC. Butler, from Charlesion, with ri. e and tobacco, bound to Martinique, went ashore on tha night of the 25th uft. on Barbuda. Crew saved?vessel and cargo a total loss mSr.ha Dntuir IIealv. from Camden, at Edgartown, on the night of the 20th, at 10 o clock, stiurk on Hawet' Shoal, Vineyard Sound, Inn got riff aft* r throwing overboard 80 casks lime, with the nisi.ranee of a pilot boat. Whalemen. Arr at New Bedford 14th innt. South Boston, New Zealand, with 2100 bhla oil, 5c0 sp. Reports March 18, Caledonia, Stouingtoti. 1900 bills, Ml ap; t hins, NB. 2400, lino sp; 14th, Silas Richards, SH. 1350, IJUsp; 1Mb, Pacific, KH 1700, 70 sp; April 28, Omens, Nant. 1700 sp. I'hl at Boston 25th inst. Com Preble, Indian Ocran. Sailed from Sagharbor itltli inat. Huron, Croietlr*. Spoken* Alphoiiso, from Norfolk for St Johns, PR. Aug 9, no lat, lie given. Metamora, of Alexandria, bound to Baltimore, no lat, Itc. fiver. .... An American alilp with iiainted ports. April 21, ofl Java Head, bound into the Straits of Sunds. A snip with painted ports and across in her fore toinail, standing to the westward, Aug 16, lat 48 30, Ion 63 30. Pandora, from Aeois lor Boston, Aug 21, 1st 33 IC, Ion 71 30. Rarelgn Porta. Tusks Isi.amk, Aug 14?In port, t 'ongirsa, for NYork, 2 ds; brig , for Boston, same day; hmrline, for Philadelphia, in 2 davs. BiTivia, April I?In the outer road*, P.inliu-i, from Providence, and Elixa Ann. arrived dav before, bound up the China Sea. United States Ports. KaastrokT, Aug I#? Ait Newcastle, New York; Albion, Norfolk, WitcAtirT, Ans 23?Arr Tamerlane, Liverpool. Basona. Aug 22?Arr LUbon, Porto Hteo. CM 20th, Vrnetut-la, Aug C?ye?. . PonyxaoD, Aiik 24?No arrival or clearance. Slil 21d. Caroline, Cuba. NkwauavrokT. Aug 24?Cld Louisiana. Porto Rico. OLot'CKiTCk, Aug Si? Arr Hudson, NYork. Salam, Aog 21?Arr Elizabeth, Philadelphia via New York. Cld Wm Wilion, NYork. Sid AngerclU, do; 22d, Jane Sally Frances, tU>. BoJTOft, Aug 25?Arr Lnnvrr, Dataria April I, St Helena J*? 6; Rubicon, Spring Bird, Compliance, a,id Moaomoy, N \*rk; Wanderer, Savannah; Two Brothers, Albany. Cld Lnuiaa, Norfolk; Joa Raleh, Baltimore; Acorn, Philadelphia; Monument, Portland; Hollander, Rotterdam; Mara, Condon; Pervis. Montevideo: Olire Cltamhcrlaiii, Havana; 8man, Philadelphia; Tho# Iraland, NYork. Ns.w Bgnioan, Aug 21?At Tiger. Albany. Naistucbkt, Aug 21?An Champion, NYork. CnaakTowa, Aug 23?Arr Cornelia, from Philadelphia for Boat on. Pkoviocnck. Aug 2t?Arr Hope, York River. llaUTr nap, Ana 2<?Arr Phenia, Albany; Ironside*, Philadelphia. Slil EzeTiangr. do. PlIlLAPkLPHla. Aug 26?Arr Thoa P Cope, Liverpool; John Raringudo; Backus, NYork; Palm, Benj Franklin, and Fame, button; Oneeo, New Bedford. Cld Due d'Orleanv, NYork; DraiMtrli. VVeat Indiea; Yandalia, Halifax, N8; Na|>olenn, St John, No; Pearl, B'Mton; B dtimore, do; Monitor, rmvulenre; Red Jreket, NYork; Brand> wine, do. Arr in the Srhnyikill. Sylph, Delaware aide; Mary, Providence; Wm Hart, do; Red Aah, Pouehkeejiaie; A LoriL New Rochelle, NY; Merry, Boston. Also arr, Currency, Turks I land. BaLTlMnnr, Aug 25?Arr Ferdinand, Philadelphia; Jew. N York Cld Loniae, Bremen; tleo (JsrdinrT, Rio de Janeiro; Rochester, NYork. At.r.xvM'Hiv, Auk 23?Arr Sophronia, Barbadoea; Lncrelia, F.astpnrt. NmrtU, Auk 23?Arr Home, Baltimore for New Bedford; Sitvan Ludwig, Richinond for Thomavtnn; Larkin Mio", do for Nantucket; Georgians, New York. In Hampton Roads, Stantoa, from Rotterdam. KKAMSTRKS8. WANTF.D? A aiiuation *a aeamatteaa and dmaa maker by a reapecahle voting lady. The beat of referent-" can be given aa to reapectabilityand capability. Apply at 2M Fniton street. an27 3fr YIP ANTED-A Y. in< *1 in * itb a small capital wishing to "? engage in the Grocery and Provision kuiim t?, it desirous of taking an imereat in the same, with tome person already established, doing a good aafe buainevv: one down town preferred. A line left at the office of the "Herald" for "Boabdill," will be trletly rontitl. ntisl ami attended to. ant. Ifm t" PC ' I ft ..f all k 11,ilv pur, 1, i . ,1 <1. Cream N I I 1 ' pnrrhaaed at the beat rates by 8. J. SYLVESTER'S, autt in IN Broadway and 22 Wall street. NEW STOVES. I N r?uu>J. ,|i ^ in Stoti >, vi ce the tir< ,i have ntmdnri-d the I novel mo hod of heating the oven* by me iin of Tubia. uti the aauie principle that heat lo tr.e Locom? live tubular Boiler, vix:?paaiing beat through, ina'ead if an unil I lie malnial lo Le acleil u|>.>n. The lubt ? are framed luge Lher anil form the bottom of ihe oi i II, aud rau be lilted out ami in {through the oven dooi) lor the puipoae of i leaning,with at much facility a the grate ol au ordiuai" coal alove.The public a e ri quested to ea uniiie thia moat novel, in-?et simple, and moat |>erfect ovrti. Thet,- ia nothing of the etove kiud can compare with it. J 1? MOi'T, >vii*7 lt*m 2til Water alt eel and li Bowery. BUCKLEY~& SCHOFIELD'S EXTRA F.NE ST CAM CUT TOBACCO. rPIIE "ubacribera utauufactnre tliia unrivalled tilicle at llieu ' factory, Thirteenth vitrei near Broadway, New York, f" niiiiivtirei have pronounced it luutriot lo auy now before the l>u hlic Dealers auopliedou the moat adi aulagcoul terms, and a more liberal dtacouni made ihtu at any other establishment in the cottnuy. BUCKLEY k SCHOFJELD, Fine Cut Tobacco Manufaciuri ra, au27 2t*ni 13th atreet, uear B.oadw.ty. ~ TO DEALERS IN BLACKING. TKY IT ONCE?'The Eureka Blacking?Thia n a new ?rHole of Blacking, and possesses qualitiesgreatly anjierinf to all ot' er kiuda now in inc. It aofleua and preaervrathe leather, imparting a brilliant poliah with half the utual labor required in the tue cf the coattnuii Blacking. It fnnlicr pi ssetset that requisite ao long sought for in the pecwliarity ol? the couipoaiiion never becoming nard dry, or mouldy by age. Dealers in Blacking are requeued to call and receive a vample of the article gratis. I'erltct vatiil'actin , w irrauted in every care. Manufactured by J. M. JOHNSON. No. ? titmice at. .Near NaaS'O. New Yoik. The lirtn "f B 'rgevv tc Co. ia thia day diaaolved by mutuaJ const til. The business in Allure will be conducted by au27 lm*tn J. M. J I1NS0N. d..?tt RKVVAHli-l.llVV iaa't L.'n. ,.oVlo..!. 'hi tweeti the wlurfwlurp the ?tcam< r Troy landed her pisst nger* from Albany and the Wavrrlv Houer, through B ircl*y*stfe?t, a Lady's (Jold Watch, inarlud inside W. M. to A.M.; 1828,"* w ;h amended theretoa Gold Ho? k to the form of a Lyrt . ser with iraru* is?i gold cinigrette a goldhta t.vvfth hair inside Whoever returns he above toMessr*. Orrmbee & Ca; ter. Waverlv Hoo??, 5f> B toad way, will receive the above rewaid. av27 2r*m GENERAL MEUC'HANDI/E AGENVYTSo. 70 Wall stieet, oppo&itc Jvunul of Commerce office. The undersigned having the advantages of u< arty twenty ycais ineuMnliie experience in this cit> offers his services on reasonable terms, to mtrcliase wiih funds of acceptable character ; to sellers. acy description of Groceries,.Fruits. Bagging, Hemp. Flax Twines, Cordage, ltags, Oil*. Spices ?nd Drugs Order-, from out of town uuut be post paid, when immediate .attention will be given to thein. aii'27 lt*m CHARLES BALDWIN', 70 Wall s\ TNSUBANi E ig.ui,Fire and Bsiffi .?\.?The Bqin'able laA surunce Company, No. 4d WaH street, (nearly opposite tin Merchants Exchange,) with a capital of1 JOP.OOO. insures at the reduced ratea agaiu?t loss and damage by Fire, every dcsciipiion of property. This Com|4.nvalso insures against loss or damage by Burglary and Robbery, donnc ths absence of tha oeenimats, and . 1 >ting of their hoiU?v All losses promptly adjusted and paid. LAMBERT 8UYDAM, President. JnrRrH Strong, Secretary au27 11 r BOSTON Miscellany, Graham's Magazine, and Ltd>'? Book for September, and ail the popular Magazines ot the day, for sale wholesale and retail by BRADBURY, SODEN A CO. 127 Nassau str? ct, New York, and 10 School street, Boston. N B.? Particular attention paid to orders from the trade. au271 w*m ____ MEDICAL AID. DH. ORKOORY , long icciwtcmed to prescribe lor diseases of a prlratr nature, reside, at 31 Mott Mrert. lit has been familiar with tlitse complaints many years, ?ud hating been a particular aud close observer of cause and effect, he haa oMained a thorough practical anowl.dgo ?f this branch c.fhi, Iirofrssiun, which has enabled him to introduce some valuable mpeorements into his practice. He does not bo ist of making .. till Slid Inure cure, hnr hi. .. fi.l act , in i. In iierl'mm lb. - rough anil radical euros, anil in u short a s;itre of time as it nil possible be done, with advantage andsaf. ty to the patient; and generally speaking, it is MtDtmNtynrtM patient tOollJCIX any change in business pursuits. Hasty,and consequent!y intprrfect cures ate the source from whence result so many distressing eases ofCNNHtln or second iry sympt una;and the like result frequently follows the u?? of many advertised remedies ; lor tlits reason?that any medicine, however good in the first or primary stages af the complaint, cannot be supposed to esert the satne power and intluence over the human system when its administration has been long continued; and thus while the patient is swallowing medicine from day to day : his disease, j| not changing to a chronic form, to say the least, is very likely to terminate in a pi rinaiient debility, or perhaps something worse, as for instance, a strictire?-how many hundreds thenmay be at this veiy time taking medicine under circumstances that, appear discouraging, when, if the real facts of the case were known, the disease might prove to be a stricture; and should this be 'lie rase, it is important for the iwtient to know that one medicine nl ,ne never did, nor never can cure a stricture. It is a well known fact that the patient may, have a stricture many months, or even years, without his knowledge, andwithout any eflr t, escept to increase the time required to make a cure. Those victims i f indiscretion or misfoituue, who arc about to select a medical adviser, would do well to call and obtain a lit* tie hook treating entirely on these complaints; it is a small pocket volume, containing much valuable information; its language ia very jdain and easily understood. Price M) rents. Dr. Gregory's residence is at3t Molt st. about 100 yards from Chatham square, nearly opposite the church. He does not limit his attendance to a few hours, but may be found at home at any hour of day or night (observe that No. 34 is not a drugstore;) Ilia rooms arc well arranged for the reception of his p.uirnt-, and his charges moderate. The Book may alto be had at Band's Drug Stores, in Fulton st.; at the cornrrof Chamber* at. and Broadway; in thr Bowery, No. 63, corner Walker at., and No. 188. corner Spring at.; No. 77 F.sat Broadway, and 146 Delancey at. comer Suffolk. au27 I in in LUCINA CORDIAL. TO THE AMERICAN PUBLIC. r? is now barely three years since tee general introdudtion o the Lucius Cordial into the United States, and in that iierioit has not only spread iu usefulness throughout this hemisphere and sustained the vast reputation which it had previously act]at ed in Kuro|*-, but has also added to the renown of its ilfustnons inventor by the un/tvalled powers >i has heen discovered to pus sess in the cure of incipient consumption. The knowledge ot iLs wonderful influence in renovating and invigorating tiie human frame, first suggested the idea lit using it in this way ; and tha result is a medicine has been added to the catalogue lot the curt of incipient consumption, which places lite disease with due precaution, uuder the control of the patient. It is scarcely necessary, at this period, to recommend the I.uciu. Cordial, as sti all?ufftri'-iit remedy in .-ase <>f Gleet, Fluor Al hos, difficult or painful menstruation, Incontinence of Urine, and all diseases arising from debilitation of the system, where at impulse, or a ra?torative is wanted ; as throughout tha United mtx.-s ll ills ratten fir 'n timer 01 mi tuner neuirmr in inri cases, and kirri nothing further to b? hoped for ; its rur? In in; speedy. perfect, permanent, nntl effected without pain ui trouble. Should thi so*, however, be nny iierson laboring u, . the above comrl lintn, who irr doubtful ofits nlmont univeresll) tried mrrits, I recniummeml y In tlii'm viilh nil confidence, anr on my own personal r< spousibility, feeling asviWtd if thev givt it the required trial, that health to the afflicted pailies ni.d giatelulurss to Ur. Magrin, will be the reniilu But. as is alio the case in Euiope, the immense Amcnfsa reputation of the I.ucina Cordial, it principally basi'il on its thoroughly inrchtiL'ated. indubitable, andgenerally admitted power to euabls IV males, who had been cotuidered barr?n, to bear offspring, end to restore virile powers in males, when reduced to utter and ap lurentlv Ii0(>elesa prostration, to perfect health and acnvity. When I first received the agr'tey of the Lucina Cordial, from Dr. Slogniu, notwiilistanding its immcnsef oreign relehrity, and the (ficat ainoaat of respectable lesliiiiouy that acomponied it, I declined committing uiyself indiridnally, by giving any per sonol assurances in these particulars ; hut now. tftrr the eoormous aale of upwards of one hundred thousand bottles, coupled with the receipt and certificates and testimonials innumerable, aud much knowledge founded on |iersonal observation^ I can urn hesitatingly warrant it as far excteding my mini santpitne lioj ex, or ever th-' illustrious inventors promisea, in the fulfilment of the most imiKirt vnt ends for which it is recommended, aud has be come so justly and universally po|?ilar. To he as explicit as possible, I repeat, and hold myself personally rcxponsi ble for the assumption, that the Lucina Cordial can invig orate the virile imwers in males, and make (hem foenndant, wnere nature has been deficient, or wnen tliey have been prostrated dv artincial means ; anu also that u can produce that state 01 tne system in lemaiea. wno usu in en prrv musly unfruitful, and imagined Darren, wrucn will enaoie them to bear children. I regret that I hive to apeau so plainly, an seen exceedingly de Urate niatten, but leel called np >n to do ? >, ieatit ought be misunderstood, and as a full guarante# for the ureal responaihili ty which I have cheerftr'.y assumed. With feelings ol sincere I latitude for the extensive patronage which, a?the agelit of the .ucina Cordirl, has been b'aded upon me in mis country, I re main, tne Public's viry obedient bumble, JOHN WINTERS HOLD KB WELL. M. D. Pi ice 13 per bottle. Kor aale at AM Broadway, and 92 NaSsac street, New York, uud Of North Sixth street, I'luloib Iphia. au27 ! * ___ 1)R. CARPENTER'S PECK SLIP DISPENSARY. DR. ARPENTER ia .a regular educated physician and surgeon, and received his diploma in this city in tbr year 1811, it a graduate of Union College; was a surer > in the army of the United States during the la.e war, ?s ma; e seen by a referrnre to the armv anil navy reghter of officers thereof; is a I.ieeiriate of the New York Htite M>d.8oe., and fur the last twenty-nine years a practitioner of this city; lias kept hit oftcr fir insr.y vrirs at No. f IV. k slip, u ir Peril and whit is most important to know, is the fact, that in all delicate ami private diseases, wVrther recent or i f long duration, he is enabled to effect speedy and effectual cures. Dr. C. would most seriously caution the invalid to beware of thentimerous catch penny nostrums ihar are continually rareded to their notice by a li >xt of unprincipled and uneducated prrtende.s, as also mauy otherwise respectable druggists, who have seen fir of late to sanction llir imposition by advertising and vending as infsllible spccifici, their miiltifsrioiix -lid dan* gsiousromponds. How importan' therefore to the victims of indiscretion, in the incipient sisgr of disease, to placr themselves in the care of ail ei|>eriencfd physician, on whose judgment and discr.mination tliey may rely with confidence, as the issues of life or death arc of'en determined by the first application in tlds forformidable malady. Dr. Carpenter would a Id that his ro mi and officex are admirably ad ipicd to the privacy of i*tienu, and bis charges will be fonnd reasonable. Office open until 9 o'clock an27 l-o m BILL9 of Exchange on all parts of England, Ireland and ioaih.j ii, nf n in civ inh i'-oi man,- a for w bat S."J. BYLVESTEli'sT u Wall vr7,7,"" ' an 27 r ?n'l '7* Broadway. TTNCUR.RF.NT MONEY of all kind. purchavvd at (helie.l v/ market rater, hy 8. J. SYLVESTER, a|7 m I1 Wall at. and IXn iiwalwar. Vf ACHTnK BLANIvRl'i.-J jfaln of Machine Blanket*, I'l 21 incher wide; a good article. J'tat rtttltril and for aa'e hy PKRSSEA BROOKS, au27m 81 Libitty atreet. (jfllAW" WKAPPINO PAPER MHiO of crown and tr double crown Straw Wrapping Paper, an excellent article, jnat rrreired and or - ale by PERSRE Ik BHOOKH, an27 h 81 Li baity Ureal. HARDWARE PAPER?50tl Rrutit of Hardware Paper, variooa .irr?, itut receited and for aale hy rEKtaSK k BROOKS. an27 m _ _ 61 Liberty atreet. tfOUDkl NETTW I RES-,. i,2, and 72 Inch Fnndriner Wirea " from the mo.t approved mannfaetn iirir eatahliihmenra in England, jnat reeetv.d and for aale hy a .27 PER ARE fc BROOKS, dl I.ih?rfy at. pAPKlt?Atnea' Ruled-l etter and Fool-cap Paper, lor aale T in Iota toiuit pnrchaaera, at vcrv low i ricea, by PF.RSSE V BROOKS, an2l r No. 61 Liberty atreet EROY k CO S NEW YORK. ALBANY. THoY * BUFFALO, CHICAGO AND CANADA PAC KAOE EXPRESS, leave# every Evening, Sundaya excepted, lor the abo.e named ami all inte rmediate place*. Ofllee No. 2 Wall atraet. New York. atlIT t PACKET SHIP SlDnOffi, FOR LIVERPOOL ' gera by tht* ahip will plraae be on board lb* Steamboat Hercn'ea at TVhi ehall, ihi< day (27th mat ) at 12 o'clock, noon,at which time the ahip will tail. Lett.. Riga will rloae at the usual plncca at 11^ A. M. __ _ a28 Itin FA< KKT SHIP SHERlDAN, ftom Liverpool, ia diaeharg I ing under general ordrr, at Orleana wharf foot ol Wall it ( onxiynrea will pb-aai- attend 10 receipt oftlieir good., ii2Ul HORTl-OUkSK FEMALE PlLLo. tpRUK fit fame I and relehrat. d Pill*, from Por-ngtU, err, I |....., or, ro i, ..htamed -n Llna eonntry. u> lo-.rrttae ment on rhe I wt rplimn " * ml I. iAA' FOR UV EII POOL?Packet of Vat Severn t.-rtrFTrFWThe well know laai aailing packet ahip CAM JjgantlKwBRlTRIE,I'apuiii Hiritow, will aatl pnnrtiially aj above, her tegular day. Thia ?htp haa very extenai re and comfortable arrninmoda tintia for cabin, accond cabin and atvvragv naaaengrre, at iraaon able ratea, if early application be wade on board, or to' W. A J. T. TAP8COTT, an 2(r II Feck slip, or 12 South it, corner J one, lane. ????????mm AUCTION SA rES. i ? I hOMAC Br.!., ' Hot Ti *h.n and 115 FVlion HrtH.. SATIRDAV. At lt){ o'clock in the tile room*. Eiteliflva and Klegar t Sale of Furniture. of all descriiitjotu. comprising a general and superior satiety of all kinds of household, kitchen anJ cabinet article*, hedi, mattress,S, i irreti, I looking glasses, svanlrohea, burc-ua, noiaa, stdrboaid china, i glassware. Iam|>* oil i loth, piano loitea,lkc. MONDAY, At I0H o'clock, at Ilia auction room. I.ante tale of dry goods, clothing, fanc> and pledged sitnles, ' hardware, cutlery, groceries, choice wlite*, 10,bed iee-r<, a truly raltiable ship chroaoniriter, made hv Hotki tt, oat (Ann. ( ,? ' order, cau be aeeu lor the present till dar ot sale at Mr <i. I War'ug'a, watch maker, Fulton at. Alao, 4 splendid leaer w urn aud otlit r aniclei. TUESDAY, At halt-past 10 o'cl-ck, at the aalea room. Second aale of the valuable stock of hardware and honae 1 furnishing arliclea. WEDNESDAY, At iuSg o'clock, at ,'hr auction rooma, Mtrahal'a S.ile ot Furniture, Oiocerica, kc. BY R1ELL A AHUULARIUiT SATURDAY, At half-past 10 o'clock, at the auction renin, 1 Elegant Furniture and Pianos?A large aaaortmcnt of the Iteat made fashionable furniture, including Tnll and half French mahogany chairs, pier aud centjc tables, wardrobes, heilsteada. tui: let tattles, timed and spring seat sofas, rockers, , reusing : bureaus, kc., ! AI?o, Parisian perfumery. | I'iaao Fortes?Also several splendid piano fortes, by ee It-In ated makers, coinbiuiitg all tho modern impr'-vemrnu. I Alao,two very good parlor be fold without reserve. I Alao,21 Neat's baud botes. Also, one large book-case. Alao, one Freuch cradle urge ronnttnc nouse uesit. TUESDAY. At 1US o'clock, at :h? auction room. Wines, Liquors, Scaari, Sc.-.?Cou itting of very choice couth side Madeira, DulT Gordon's pale and brown slierrv, fort ami St Julirn olarelv champagne of favorite brands: Duruy bisndy iu bond, cordials, sperm canjlca, Havana and Principe s-itars. various bratidv, with other articles in the Uue. to which the a'trutiou of piivat* fau.iliea ia invited?to be sold in l?ti to uit | urch .sera. Al Bolli eer rhamiague, anchor brand, lust landed, superior to any wine in u aikel Alio, 111,000 iinpoi ted (Vinci) c irgarj, 10,000 Cuba do, 12,000 11 11 S|uiniih do. A ao, Drandy, aliegr aud Math tra w ines in demijohns 5 galloda?arh. ,'iVO r ! A. ifTiPlMftON. Auctioneer. " J A UCTION NOTICE?Jacob 8. Han's Third Fall Hardwa ware 8?l., will take place on Turaday, the 30th inat, at 10, a No.IlPlitt aln et, and will consiat nl I Obi) cards ( fine Mhcttirld cutlery, via knitct, scissors, rar.ora. Sc. Also, libo doarit German silver table desert and tea spoGitt. j Alto, several packages knives mid forks, rarvera, pocket and i < nkuire?, rar.ors, scisso , shears, Sc.; bow ic and dirk knivra, guns aiidniatola. Also, 380 packages assorted Hardware, cote Mating of a general assortment ql' heavy and shelf goods, worthy of the country a, well a* tin: City trade. Catalogues the Hay ? previous. ,au2G 4tis*r NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TR INSJ. PORTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. : From tl.e foot of Courtlandt vtreet, New York. (Every day?Sunday uat epted.) Leaves New York leaves Newark Vt 8 A.M. At I P.M. At 7)4 A. M. At IK P. M 9 do. 4 do. 9 do. i}i do. 11 1\ do. 10R do. 5R do. U do. 7*4 do. 8 do 10 do. ON SUNDAYS. Kiom the foot of Liberty afreet. Leave New York. Leave Newark. At 9 A. M. ?nd (Ry. M. At 12 Noon and ltl P. M, slCW YORK, ELIZABETH TOWN. Leave New Yorlt. Leave klizatxib T"Wn. 9 A. M. 7 A. M. 2% T. M. Hi A.M. 4 " 12 M. 4R r. M ^ P. M. 6 " 7 9\ " The train* for Wealfield. Ftainfield, Boundbronk, Somerville, Sc., cotitteci with the 9 A M, 25* and 45k P M trains from New Yotk, daily, Hundaya excepted. Passengers are requested to purchase tickets at the office, foul >f Liberty street. , Pare between New York and Elir.aheth Town 24 cents. riir 1M nrru no IU1U DOnttTVIUC., fj CVIII*. NEW YORK. BAHWAY AND NEW BRUNSWICK. Fare reduced. From the foot of Liberty atreet, daily. Lease New York. Leave New Bruuswick At 9 A. M. At 3? A. M. * ..M- 7*, :: 4X " n>tf ? " 9 P. fll. Fare between New York and New Brunswick. *5 ceuta. Rthway, 30 centa The fare in the 5X and 7>< A. M. train from New Brunawick, aud IV and <Ji M. train from Nrw York, haa been rt dticed. I New York and New BmuawiA, to 30 centa. I " and Kahway to 37K " I On Sundaya the T/i A. M. trips from New Brunswick is t rented. I Passenger! who procure their tickets at the ticket office, receive a ferry ticket iratis. Tickets are received by the eonluctor only on the uay when imrchased. anil 3m* LONG ISLAND R.YIL'KOAD CCL-Dum* A^Li, theRockaway season and until fur tlx r notice, a MmHE train of Cart will leave Jamaica at 8 p'elock iu 79ESEE? ihafotniijt for Brooklyn, commencing ou Monday neit, tli.- 22d tntt. All other trains on the road at usual. I auSI Iw*rr OPPOSITION LINK FOR ALBANY ' FARE REDUCED!! I FREIGHT TAKEN AT REDUCED PRiCKS. yrm The commodious Steamboat WASHINGQ|i "tH-.J?T()N. Captain J. M. Brown, Having m.ide arrangements to chance her days of leaving New York, will hereafter leave the foot of Robinson street. New York, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sa unlay afternoon, at 3 o clork, and Albany, every Monday,W, dnevlav, and Friday afternoon, at 5 o'clock, landing on her passage each v ty it the foot of Hammond street, Nr v.'hntt;n. Cirachkeepsie, Kingston Point. Cattskill end Hudson. For freight or posssre, ap* ty to the Captain on board Or to D- I RANDOLPH <' VKTiv Nojfi? Wen street. anSoJm-r .MWt ftsT EXCURSION TO HAKLEMfon Sun" SKA,'. J* day afternoon. 2Slli Aticu<i?F ire 12^r,nts ? 3E==JKJZ.The new St. amho t JA< OB BELL. Cait'in Richard Vales,will leave the pierfooi id G uvrrneur ?'. ?t iwn o'clock?Pike st. L past 2. Roosevi It st. *4 nasi 2 and Delancy ? J o'eloek?Refnminpr, wi:l leave Harlem at hall-; a t fire. Tlw aiwva trip w>ll aiford to ih>' citi/i-u-of New York a fitte view of the East River, Hurlira'e, and the various public buildings, at Blackwell's I. land. llie Long UUud Karma, it-. a?27 lt*m ! POINT?' Th^steamhoat ROCKLAND will! ! ^ ***" w ? and after Monday, the 1st of A'lgnat. leuve Middlctow n Point (tide permitting) every Monday. Tuesday, Wednevday, Thursday, and Friday, at t o'clock, ; and Key-Pert at 3 o clock r si. : and Now Yorlt, foot of Heuimon I street, at R >4 o'clock, A M., cv cry Til aiUv.M ednrsday, Thursday, Friday?and Saturday at 2 o'clock, r.W., touching at Srguuie's Do k, Staten IdanO. each way. an2< 1 nir* ' u71 KX< I RSION T(> I ilF.~NK.WB~l RtiH ! ANNUAL REGATTA.-The ateamboat * u./iui a vnt-n I apt. Wardrop. will leave the pier foot of W*mn ?treet, en WedntMlay morning- Ahipuu IE. o. S. .. I T o'el.vnL IT 1 I Ion- li. Returning, win Is-are Ncwburgh immediatelj' after the H?mu I* over. Fire eich way JO cents. I The Regatta will come off at 2 o'clock I*.M. aula, 4t*r A***!! xa FOR KASTPORT. CALAIS, ST. ANflcx*Hj^3?DRKWS it ST. JOHSiS.?Steamer HUM* T "T" Capt. T. G. Jewctt. Passengers will leave Boston every Friday, at 10)< A. M. in the Car* of the Eastern Railroad for Portsmouth, from which place they will be conveyed by the well known steamer Huntress to thr above places. Returning, the Huntress will leave St. Jo' us every Tursday\at 7 A. M. and Eailport at I P. M. and arrive in Portsmouth on Wednesday in time for the 4 o'clock train for Boston. Farele Eastpoit, $6 I Calais and St. Andrews, $6 'M i-L- " _ 81 (Meals extra.) 1 Ins route oners to persons seeking enjoyment, many in luccnieiits^-a country abounding in fine lakes ami thr most choice fishing ; also game of all kinds, with other attractions interesting to sportsmen. a72m*r '~NEifARtt AND nKW vftlik,-ra-e ? ^e Only |2J4 cents.?The splendid and com modi w " ? sir.imer I'AMHAIC. Uapt. John (taffy, being completely and elegantly refitted, coiutnsnced her regular trips lor the season on Thursday, i larch Id?tearing as lotIowa ? Foot of Barclay sr. New York, at 10 o'clock, A. M., ami 4 o'clock, P. M. Centre wharf, Newark, at half-past 7 o'clock, A. M. and half past I o'clock P. M. On Mondays, the Passaic will leave New York at 10 A.M. and 4 P. M. Leave Newark at hulf-pasr 7 A. M. and at 2 o'clock, P. M. (jy Freight of e very description can led at reduced prices. iiiiIR I in r amq mok "the" most Incomparable of i. E XCI' RB1 ON la is to Hoboken.?A change mr ami ol scene is not only essential to health, but a great source of enjoym-ut in the summer season, to liter resident# of a crowded city. For this, UHhing can cornpar with a jaunt to Hoboken, to those who can lease New York nnl'-for a few hour-. Its shady and diversified walks along the river?the invigorating f om the water?the picture?p e beanty of the scene y?th- many flue and commandite: vi ws lursented from lit s inmit of Castle Po.nt and orlier points in tliese enchanting grounds?the romantic -ite of the S, hit's Cave?the delighifal verd-reof the Elysian Fields enlivruetl iu th- sftrrnoon by au evcellent band et music, all const-ire to render this by far the most far jiite place ol summer resort. Access is rendered easy by the Barclay, C iiusl ai d ("hrisloi h r street Ferry Boats, which ply constantly during the day and evening anIS 2w*re KfeNSEBEC AND BOSTON. .MM a|| Th- n--w and splendid steam or J W. RICH^ **>swds MONO, N?th-.niel Kimball, master, will ^CmsBEiS^ leave the north side of T. wharf, Boston, every- Tuesday and Friday evening si T o'clock, for Gardiner and Hallowelf; and re urniug will leave Hallowed on Mondays and Thursdays at IK P. M., limling each way at Bath. Fare from lotion to Hal'oWell, tl 00 , Bath, 2 JO I Stages will be in readinees on the arrival of the host at Hal- , lowell. to convey passengers to Augusta, Walerville, Bingor. Belfast and Qnebcr. Arsons travelling for pleasure will find few pl-asantrr routes ihan this one to Quebec, as it runs through a r-ouBtgy abounding in beautiful scenery?the roads are good, and for hotels well ke|U?the distance 210 miles. jyl0 2tn*c _ xlgy FOR LIVERPOOL?OM Black Ball line of Packets?Packet of the 1st Hrptember ?The spli ndul II koawn packet shin CAMBRIDGE, < iptain B i> t Ol, <aill l,e drtpat< bed aeabove, lis rregulai day. For passage either to or from Live-pool, having superior accommoslations, apply7(> JOHN HF.RDMAN, hi Mou,h street. N. B.?Drafts can b- furnished for any amrnnt, pivable hrouglion. the United Kingdom. Appl y as shove su27m A6X- FOR LIVERPOOL-NEW LINE.?Regulav MrVVyPack-t of 2Jth September.?T)m Hpteodil Packet JmBKb'sIi p HHERIDAN Capt. A. Depetster, if lAflft tons, will le-sitiv. ly spi| as above, her regular da . For fieight or ini't1*, n*?m* wrnmmmminni nncqua l<il lor aidendnr or romfort, apply on hoard. at Orletna wl.urf, font of Will a t re a t, or 'o K. K. COLLINS St CO. 56 South atreet Trier ol monrr, $lflO. 'The Facket Ship O.rrirk. fxpimu William Skiddt, of 10W) totia, will anccerd the Sheridan, and Mil the 15th Oetobri. hei rern'ar day. rata m.-T? may re It on the alii) a of thin lino nailing pnerln I* It p tdrertiacd- _ ratSi l? . FOR NK.W OfU.k'.ANft,?Lnuwiana and "Ne* njH> York Line?Po#itivel> first ami only Regular Tar kef? pNUtk < be tpiv few nailing paeket nhip LOCfSVILLfc. Cept. M Hour, having rl?e greater portion of hrr cargo on board, will aail at above. For freight or | Manage. Having appommodabont, apt?v board at Orlearit wliart, font of Waff >. or to , . fc. K. COL!.INS It CO. % Aontbat.,, Agenta in New Orle.ant, Hnllin fc Woodmtf. oh" **'' promptly forward all roodn to tlieir addren?. . flroat ear* will he taken to have the gooda by ihi. line eor rvrtly mrji?nrr?1. 441,,l I As it is pTohwolt this ship win h* fh py<** '* m j'' . , persons of wfMlloic **<*?< *r ,,rr- ,hfmM r this ctay. ! kTlR HAVANNAII-Toaail^uu th.^7'b intian. . rSffCTTy, and can haJJ.aa.ely t",f "*Hr JToh . ber ol a.roud caoin pa-ien*?rt at moderal ratea, I early appli ealion he made hoard the barque HKROMAN. MH#e 61 Soath aunet i gggggggggggg-f'" AM SI MKN l'>. PAHK THBATRb! RKUI'CED I HlCEs IiF ADMI-MON. Firtl Circle o| Butrt,. - Ij cenM S.-cond *nd Third Circlet <*nu Pit tih >. ?'? fjtltcrr UK c< ru 'i'lit- Mutter tx-K< matt rttpectfully 10 ittBoaitr* tl.-t Ui? ['ait T|,. airr * ill oieu tor itw on MONDAY NEXT. AC OUST ?. When will b' urrformrd Col- imii'i romrii) ol tin p6oi? OEM LE.N AN Hit Robert IwiiMf, Unitun I I- i, B .ol., B- j Jornri OIUpoH, I't-c tl. I I > to M tot . ti_". 1: ,-ry Emily Worthuifton. Mi < HiUlnth To (ioiir'ite ? i :i J'aI I- I III f ,ul P V. Buit'ti | 1 tl r.rlil-t . ru.-..'e Eltrtt. , , , . Mo- Bit! f "^Ooor?or? n 7 t/cloclc ana the i enornuurr will com* ikhcc At 7? _ n inuu e? Co- vaudeville NIGHT -fel OJf-fcXTKAOKDlNRY -ATTRACTION MR. T. PLAClDE'b BENEFIT. On which occasion he will be a**iste.l bv (he tollowing enu nem aitisls, who line in the handsomest volunteered th'-ir valuable rvicc? ? Vis* < 'tubman. Mm 8. Cuthmaai Mrs Ttiiiui. Mm At r??, Mr. Biown, Mr C Howard, Mr Fulur, Mr Clarke, Mr Ratcliifc, ui Mr 1 But. THIS EVENlNu, August 27, the Fmntiiiwntr will commence at I o'clock. widi A GRAND OVERTURE, After which HIMI'bON It CO. Mr Brum); y, C Howard | Mr Peter timpaon, Brown* > o?U r, Clark* MrsBrsinlrv, Miu C Cuiliman Mr. Simpson, Miu h Cuahmao Madame La Tropjie, M;ss Ayres I Mi* Futrflau, Mr? Ttmm (Quarter ol an htiur'a iutern.isaiQu will u .ili>a?ii lor heRrii > menu in tht Grand br|i>..u. To he -tiere-ded l<> AN OVERTURE. After w h ch. BAKCOPH \UUS. Ginger Blue, Mr *Me In wr.ich he will amz JIM CROW Or Ox'en, Fisher I Captain Rifle, W Clark* Charles, Clarke 1 O'Leaiy, Ratcliffe Patent, T1 acid I Porter, Wilevn Lucy, I Sui.n, Mr* Broadley The whole to conclude Wirf THE PROMENADE MUSICALE. E7 The proprietor ecu ectrully inlorma the public, that ts ;cfnpiiar?ee v.irfi the wishes > ( iitliuertn? viaienn, ihir m?c i* mired |>art o( the etitertninmcnti, will be given alur the nerorinaiicea in the Saloon are orm. Acting Manager. Mr. Chippendale Mtuiral Leader aud Director, Mr I. Wool!. Trekati?JB cent* Doors open H w.rni r.Vlook. RntertainmetiU to commence t right. CH ATM A.7I TUKATRE. THIS EVENING, August 27th, 1842, will be pcifoimed the tragedy of M ETA MORA, fletamora, E Forrest | Hoiatio, J R Scott Nahmeokee, Mi?a J Clifton In the course of the evening, Tw.i Overture* will be performed by the Orcheatn. To eoutlutle with the Operetta of NO SONG NO SUPPER. Endlr*>, W Jonca|Ciop, Hal Mergarrlta. Mr* Thome * Pit es?P irat Tier, 10 cent*; Til, tl ceuu ; Upr-?* Tier, j7 l-l cent*. ITir Door* will open at 7?Cattain will lite at quaiver halo B o'clock nrrciaely. Bo* Office o,>eii daily from 9 to i, where Ticket# may h* purchased and placcsset u.-i d. AMERICAN MCMKiriR AJVH RARBEIV pORNER OF BROADWAY AND ANN STRFE ve- opposite St. Panl'r Chnrch. P. T. BARNU.M, MANAGER. WO.vDER OF CREATION, iur One Week more ! [L/' In'cousequcucc of the immenae crowd* of Ladies at. Gouilemen which have visited toe Mneum dniing the la* week, and being aw.ire ihat thru.and* of p.-isoos bet* bee unable to see thv MERMAID, who arc desiroua ol doing ?o he Manager has. at an immense eipeuaa, mad* arrang*#r*nt with the proprietor to exhibit at the Museum, foi on* weak nore.the greatest curiosity in tin world the RtlAL MERMAID I No Etrfa charge for Adn.iasion to ill* M usaumIn order to accommodate the immenae number of Traitors which dsil " attend here, ll ere will, this week, be splendid DAY PERFORMANCE 8VEkY AFTERNOON. ,v......,vut.,l|rtMwnurii?uic rfiiorinanccs ?u u>* amy oam precisely in* ? me m tho.e in the even Off. Positively the last: wt>?n of Winehell, the enmie drolleiist, who will appear ir eiyhi eharaeie.*?Miss Taylor, the pnpul vocalist from the I'auk Theartr?La Petite Celeste, A Initio Lad) ,t Bdllcou A*rtiuioiu, Fancy Glass fllo*iu?, and 500,009 curiosities. AdmittAUce to the whole, Museum, OarJtn and eutertainmcuts, cent*?Children ||*|f price anIO r Mai/8 HEW VOKKlnCsKVM A CARD.?The public is respectfully inforr i d that the N?w York Muimm will lie clo rd in the evening till die eiriisive dltrmltom and improvements are finished. If is the inrhfion of the subscriber t?* n i |?cn on nr ahuut i lie 2iUh of Antust, and pledges him .elf at lli.l time to -hi w the I ublic out .| lie moil manoficent and r? Hued pla??s of amusement t" bu lound in the United Htatea. (). II HILL. oul2 lin#r to thu' amate1ks of tiib ACCORDION! STONOR L. MaRTIM having succeeded ill In ingiua; I ha delightful internment into esleiisivt mil favorable notice i Europe; andhaviuii drreloncd ll.e power, and cepab'litirt of the instrument in two EltinenMiy a lid Practical Treatita# which liaee been eatensivelv adopted in France ami Engl ma, beat leave to inform the public ip nr.rally, that lie is aboul republishing copion. rstia-n liom ibe iIkiv r works, winch will shortly be issued fioin tbc Pi-saof Messrs Fiitli St Hell. SlUNOlt MARTINI wilt lie happy to give inw.ueiion in the art of playing 'he Actoidioo, at hit reaideuce, lp C?!-I street or a- he r? aidi ncr r.f |>_ptls. And h* flitters U f-Us If It it i hose Us dies and Oeirflt men who n ay avail the n .tin s o hi. piofrKsiottal service., will in o r i .1.1.1 al.ll . . , .Mc a m rea, a. bis method it simple, <dear and pro.i. .ive. aiilb im't DAGUERRKOTYPE APPARATUJS, new pattern. F. A. AKTAUL'i fc CO.. I6KH FULTON 5TRF.ET. 'T'HIS hrAutjfui Ait ha* Arrived At aitrh perfection, r wo J hours niKtiurtion is sutHc nt fc oht.iiu a perfect know!- dge of rl?which w ill lie riven g aus to those who purchase the app.jlu at the atoie of F. A. Art ult k Co. Iflk'j Kelton sires t. Price of .lie anpirsrni rom| lete varp-a from ?>S 10 $l(ifl Also ?Ariotnatic l.snie., French nlatcs, hypoaulpnair ot Mods, tv|. poli, broinuu .chlorine of iodine, chlo?i V ol k >l<J, Ac. Alto, inorrocco cases, and a good supply of new frame., (sited ami untie board. A. Artault h Co. ire constantly rrceililia lions ran. all kinds of finci articles ol the latest invention. au7? lei* r fj ERMAN HUAKTETTO?The (Verman tduartetto lake* 'a math pleasure to inform the public moat respectfully, that they are now pre|iar< il for Evening Serenades m the?nglith nr German language, on the mot' reaaonahle terms. For pajtirul.irs, please laiuire at Mr H.fTHORBF.CKE, 111 Heater af. up stairs. sui lw?c rpO~ PROFEHrtORS A N U ~ AM AT fcURS OF THK a PIANO FORTE.?The Misses HOWAN 1*1 respectfully ( > infoim i.rjfr.sora and ?inat>-urs of the nianofarte. that intending vliortfy to for Europe, iht will dispose ol at moderate price, to suit the times, mm. upright, square and fraud pianofortes, in rosewood and mahogany cases, makers, Niinns, Dubois k Htoddart, of New York, and Btoddun of S 'he square, London; als > several valuable oil pointings. Mav be rl amir, ed ., r their reaidenoe. No. ac wliii, stnat rrHK NEW BTRGH ANNUAL RkOaTTa, wMrh ra A antv>n tided In come off on the 17th iitet. ha* WfD postponed until Wednesdns, the 31st. There are in be thru- Run lor Pritrs, amounting to Four Hnndr-d and seventy Dollars, to bo awarded to ikr successful conspetitoii in Uold. Pint Race? for tire Newburgh Amateur Association Pur*e of aitoared boits, to be dirtril.u.ed a> follow.:?Firat Prise f ItS; second %K: tlmd JTO; sirnnd race for (he Villa** Para of flU, by fnir-o- ml busts In he diatnhoted *i fnllnwe:?'Fitt Pnte, SUM; second S'-O; third 42V T'ird Hare for lb* New Wind or Purse of 470, by sciJIw-Fifit Prise ?3i . second $14?dtetanoe to he rowed, three mil** and reneat. The race will tab* plare in the Bay opposite Newburgh, at 2 oVInelt, P. 1M. Onbs of the neignbonn* town* aad villages an laaited to join ill the Regatta. Rnlea sail regulations to govern the rare will b* announced in a fewdaya. All rninmanicationa on the subject addreasrd to JAMKS BELKNAP, Secretary of the Newburgh Atnatenr Asam istinn, will be promptly attended to. Newburgh. An*. S, IMJ. salt tt'r MMHS Day is published, by V. Quarrr, F-aip, a new periodical I entitled THE ARTIST, A monthly Ltdy'* Book. Thu work will b? conpottd of laterary aniclra by the moat eminent American and Foreign anThe embellishment* of " The Artist," which will be more nameiona than in any publication of a similar nature, are in nn entireli new style; instead of lieing aieie engravings in black, they will pr-eeat the brilliant hue* ol nature; the Portraits, Flowers, Landscapes, u.d Fashions with which it will be onsu ment-d, will lie clothed in thi ix appropriate colors. "The Ariisi" will contai i colored . ngrsvin.s of tha latest Parii Ir ish'on*. wi'h minute description, of tntni: and n-w and well seh rted pieces of Music b> thr most Celebrated contpcsers. , ? Huhsciiption?threa dollari per annum, payable in advance, for which our numb-1 will he rreulariy supplied erery month, "libel riptinns lecp'vcd *1 the office of " The Artist," Na. M Resile street, near Broadway. New York. N'te?The n-ture ot ihis work, - ail the great care w'tk which it will be eierntrd, will compel Use proprietor to publish only i limited numbc of copies, md he cannot th re fore, with say certainty. engage to furuish the numbers of "The imk,* a* repl in* to subscribers naM lw*r BREWER AND MALTSTER. A PERSON that hat h?en brought up ht owe of tha meat eg tenure Breweries in F.ndinbttrgh, Scotland, is desirous ef irocnrin* employment at Brewer and Maltster and general manager, Advertiser can prod ere the Highear tretimooials as to hirscter and qualification. Address A D. C. care of Mr. Wright, Ram's Head, Fulton sire?t, New Verb. sn? ]'*r RHEUMATISM, DR.HENRY'S RHEUMATIC SYRI P Is cu>m? svary esse of Rip minium around. In I short time this disease hwill scarcely he known of, or il lirvwn csrsd for. To an r who save not taken the trouble to ihvestigiTe its merits we say you ere suffering a torturing disease in knur speni in making tiuiuiiies slntni ii would Cnuviiict Jou tliat il ' i""' om* ? list you hare not been well before. Call Upon some of these ersona ami you will be astonished at the wonders wntcn ir ha already porfonped Mr. Ie..e Hinds. PI Oreenwichand 127 Broad street; Mrv Russell, 11 Kim street; Mrs. \ 1 Eighth street; Mr Demarest. J7 King .free'; Mr. tdwa d., \theneanri Hotel BmaJway f dm C arnreini.i IJ Peat I v ret Henry Miller. A J m.s street. Mr. f/?'** m,. ,,' ' meet; Mr W- Ma.t..ii,(b?f' ' . vl'^EIm^traen MtjOr^ga. M A?.nn I>; \?r. WW . corner Third Arrnit villi > vtrith afreet; Mr. liven, iniir., At -am. place; Mr,, C .,TfJ*. MPh reef, two door* woat from ftth kernoe; Mra. Mnrphy. ? Oniion alre'l; Mr. Marshall, ir Kivin. too nrrri near Allow |' 't<""t. And lfy< n wnli in t II nt the n(fc.- , ?her* w " 'II ? '" v;'?t tln nimniil utlarra, rrr/nnr of w hom ha? '' ro" " Within the la>r pirn weeka. v,.t a bay j*t*ara without 01, rati,ng to ?*> they have tieen 1 uml hv the Mltf'k' medicine. Look in the hark number.* if the IleraM ?"d !* ?* - ?',J vo" will aep a Urge number of rrrliAratea. which if they were nut alien I ami ihe ,iumber riven. ? pr raon W' old aearcely believe. Uur there they are, an,! we iur'te any one to evil at the mini hern riven and prove nnr afat inent c? rr, >:t. kor aale in ihu city onlv at No. tw Bower;, poiner orllonatoti Atreet. In Brooklyn, at Htewait'a Talent >lei/ieine Store, No. 75 k ltnn nener. <i?| jn Newaik. a' TVi( l-'v f>ra?? Btoee, No. TUT Brood atreet. aultt 7ii "r an > I ; li r. TO vi \V;o\ n'i m etr*JT^ aerihet, Pronriio t nf ,Vi w York 1 iilera?:la. will make liberal ailvvneea in ' h, on all New l,i,;h t vv v?ri? vent to hive 1 I fro le Btiilrirra in the rouiitryein rely iljion having every attantion t ael to their mil , .. Fot further 1 irtieiilaTv, a* ro term*. It* apply to GEO. W. 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