Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 28, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 28, 1842 Page 1
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TH Vol. Vm.-Ho.ii3T 'Wliol* Ho. 9UH9. REGULAR PACKETS! NEW UNE OF LXVEIU'OqL PACKETS, alfrom Now Tork on the 2ilh and Liverpool ou tho 13th of each month. m ^v7?m Nt* T??^ . Ship SIDDONS. Cautaiii.E.B.Cobb, kith Aujco.i Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Derwyator, tSth Srptem*r 8hij> UAIllUl K, Captain Win. Sknhfy. ?lh October. Ship ROSC1US, Captain Johu Collins, ?ilh November. Knox Livv.arooi.. Ship OARUICK. Captain Wm. Skuldy, 13th Anga.t. Ship ROSCIU8. CW plain John Collina, 13th September. Hhip 8IDDONB, Captain E. B. Cobb. 13th Octolw-6. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Depeyitaij 13th Notrm'a These ships are all ol tlw nrst Class, u|iwanu 01 lew uiu, uum in the city of New York, with such improvements as combine Sat spaed with unusual comfort for nasseuger*. Every care beau taken iu Uw arrangeinaut of tlieir accommodations, e pare of passaga hence is $100, for which ample stores w ill be provided. These ships ore commanded by experienced masters, who will nuke every exertiou to give general satisfaction Neither the captains or owners of the shije will be responsible for any letters, parcels or packages sent by them, unless regular b lis of lading an sigued therefor. Thes aipa of this line will hereafter go armed, and their peculiar construction gives them security not possessed by any other but vessels of war. For freight or passage, apply to E. K. COLLINS It CO.. M South sL, New York, or to WM. St JAS. 6KOWN It CO.. Liverpool. Letters by the packets will be charged 12>i cents per single aheel; 60 cento per ounce, and ue ws|>a|iers 1 cent each, gul-lr NEW YORK AND HAVRE PACKETS. {SECOND LINE.) m. m, M M. Tn^nil^of tins Im^olTliereaue^eave Nei^^jrl^u the Island Havre on the I6tli of each month, ax follows : Eton New York. From Havre. The new ship ONEIDA, ( 1st March ( 16th April Captain < 1st July < 16th August James Knock, f 1st November ( 16th December Ship BALTIMORE, I 1st April I IfiSt May Captaiu < 1st August < 16th September EdwariLFunck, r 1st Deccem'rf 16th January Ship UTICA, (1st May t 16th June Captain < l?t Septemb'rt 16th October! Frederick Hewitt, < 1st January f l?th February New shipST.NlCOLAS, t 1st June \ 16lh July Csptain < 1st October < 16?h November. J. B. Pell, ( 1st February ( 16tn March Tha accommodations of these ships are not surpassed, comtuning all that may be required for comfort. The price of cabin passage is $100. Passengers will be supplied witii every requisite. with the exception of wines and liquors. Goo-ls intended for these vessels will be forwarded by the subscribe is, free from any other than the expenses actually incurred on them. For freight or passage, apply te ?a BOYD A HINCKKN, Agenu, 9 Tontine Brtildiuga. FOR NEW ORLEANS^ LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS. M. M. A ? Kor the butler accommodate ui of thlpperk it isiutemTed to i (irsiiafrli a ?hin from this nort on the lit. Ml. Ifth. lith. 20th. Mid 2Jtii uf each month, commencing the 10th October anil contiuumac until May, when regular days will be appointed for the remaiudi-r of the year, whereby great delaya and disappointments will In prevented (luring the dimmer mon'lu. The following ship* will commence this arrangement : fttup YAZOO, Captain Cornell. Ship OCONEE. Captain Jackson. Ship MISSISSIPPI, Captain Milliard. Ship LOUISVILLE, Captain Hunt. Ship SHAKSFEARE, Captain Miner. Ship GASTON, Captain Latham. Ship HUNTSVlLLE. Captain Mumford. Ship OCMULGEE, Captain Leavitt Snip NASHVILLE, Captain Dickinson. Shiti MEMPHIS, Cuptain Knight. Ship LOUISA, Captain Mnlford. These ships were all built in the city of New York, eiptcssj for packets, are of light draft of water, hava recently been I wly cta>pered and nut in splendid order,with accommodations tor passengers unegWslled (or comfort. Tltey are commanded by experienced masters, who will make every eiertien to give general satisfaction. They will at all times be towed up and Sbwn the Mississippi by steambosts. Neither the owners or captains of these ships will be responsible for jewelry, bullion, precious stones, silver or plated ware, or fcir any letters, parcel or jwekage, sent by or put on beard o( ttiem, unless regular bills of lading arc taken for the same, and the value thereon expressed. Eat freight or passage, apply F.. K. COLLINS k CO.. 56 Sonth st.,or HULLIN k WOODRUFF, Agent in New Orleans, who will promptly forward all goods to tlieir address. The sliiiM of this line are warranted to sail punctually as advertised, and great care will be taken to have tne goods correctly measured^ ro4 OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. m- M- A T^HE "ot!1^lTSjE of Pa3S^m?Liverpo<^u^Rereafter he A despatched in the following order, excepting that wheo the day of sailing falls on Sunday, the ships will sail on the succeeding day. For New York. For Liverpool. The SOUTH AMERICA, (June 1 July 19 616 tons. < Oct 1 Nov 19 D.U.Bailey, (Feb 1 Mar 19 The ENGLAND, (June 19 Aug 7 750 tons, < Oct 19 Dec 7 ?. L. Waite. (Feb 19 April 7 (July 1 Aug 19 890 tons, - Nov 1 Dec 19 J. Rathbone, March 1 April 19 The EUROPE, (July 19 Sept 7 610 tons, Nov 19 Jan 7 E.G. Marshalll Mat 19 May 7 The NORTH AMERICA, (Aug 1 Sept 19 618 tons. ' Dec 1 Jan 19 A. B. Lowber. ( April 1 May It Tha NEW YORK, (Aug 19 Oct 7 900 tons, 'Dec H Feb 7 T. B. Cropper.(April 19 June 7 The CAMBRIDGE, ! Sept 1 Oct 17 850 tons, 'Jan 1 I"eb 17 W. C Bamow. May 1 Jgne 19 The COLUMBUS, Sept 19 ?*>v 9 790 tons, Jan 19 Mar 9 G. A. Cole. May .19 Ju|y 7 Punctuality, as regards the day of sailing, will be observed as hrwtofore. The price of passage outward is now fixed at One Hundred Dollar*, for which ample stores of ever* description will be provided, with the exception of wines and liquors, which will be famished bv the stewards. GOODHUE It CO.. 64 Sonth it, C. H. MARSHALL. 38 Burlin*-slin, N. Y. jc34 jyh BARING BROTHERS h CO.. L'pool. NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL REGULAR COM MERC1AL LINE OF PACKETS. Sailing to and from Lireri>ool, Weekly. M- M. M. oCWSTABLlsHEIM'ASSAGf^JFfrlCE, 61 HOUTH STREET. The subscriber in announcing his arrangements for the year IB 12, appears befope hit friends with sentiments of sincere respert for the able support lie has received for many years past.? lie likewise wishes to call the attention of those intending to send lor their friends residing ill fMiglsnd, Ireland, Scotland and Wales; that they can at all times he accommodated by tliii line, by weekly opportunities from Liverpool, aa well a* by all the well known different linea of packet ahira, tailing to anil from Liverpool on the lat, 7th, 13th, lSlh and 2jth of each mouth throughout the year. It haa alwaya been the study of the snbscricer to hare the emigrants <hown civility, and despatched without delay, and shoae who tend for their friends may rest satisfied that every due anddiligenlattention will be given by the Liverpool agents to those sent for,as well aa all who may embark with them, and should any of those whose passage has been paid not embark, the money will be refunded without any charge. The subscriber feels a ideaaure in making knowu the differ ent shins by which his passengers came out during thr last year, which baa givan general satisfaction, and that lie has considerably extended and concluded his arrangements for the yrtf 1812, The following is a list of ships Skips Scotland, Robinson. Ships Alabamian, Lane. Fairfield, Wilson. Printice, Hopkins. Frankfort, Russell. Tyrone, Speare. Glutei! Glover, Howes. Wales, Watts, iberaia, Wilson. Westchester, Ferris. Alfred,Cheever. Osceola, Chillis. Clifton. Ingertoll. St-. Cloml. Emerson. l.ouisvilU, Alleu. New York, Niyen. Sebietkie, Emerson. Warsaw, Griffiths. Oswego, Wood. Ocean, Willard. Talbot, Storey. N. Hampshire, Harding. PaWtiea, Oooil manaon. Robert Isaacs. Tnieman. Virginia, Eaton. Euro|ic, Batchelilor. S. Jenkins, Seymonr. free pasaage from the different porta of Ireland and Scot land, can also be secured, and drafts furnished for any amount, payable at the National and Provincial Banks of Ireland anil their respective branches, and also ou Messrs. J. ft W. Robinsou, Liverpool, which are paid free n" any charge, throughout the United Kingdom. For further particulars apply to JOHN" H?ROMAN, CI Soulh street, or J. It W. ROBINSON, Ifi Qoree Punas, and '"Ifi No. 1 Neptune st., Waterloo Deck. Liverpool. STEAM NATIOATION BETWEEN ANTWERP AND NEW YORK, . VM? SOUTHAMPTON. BELGIAN STEAMER BRITISH QUEEN, , , , F. r.TCBHOl.T, CoWMATSOrn. 1 he days of departure ef this well-known Steamship, have been fixed as follows : frofn^Sonthampton, From New York, OS lib Mav. 1343. On 7th May. 1843. On 7rli Jan, mo lorh July, " ' 7li, Aoi' 7th 8y*. IBth Sept. " 7ll, Trie, of not included, to Southampton or Antwerp, ?7(y?-Steward a fara, $J 6?J<. The me alt ml) be arrvrd on board, on the plan of a continental hotel, in the heit manner. and at Gael ami moderate price*. passengers heme only -harjteu when partaking of the name, Trm price of passage to either of the shove porta can alio he rngaaeil if preferred, with meals anil at* ward'a fee* included for $17 624 centa.eiclnaiTe of winea. An taperirnced Burgeon arcompeniea the ahip. for freight or passage, or any further infnrioa(ir>n, *rg>ly to If. W. T. * H. MALI, Airrnu, a23 tm'r ___ _ _ _i! Be m or street. FARE AND FREIGHT REDUCED. %.Ma* mam. BOSTON, eia HTONINUTON AND NEWPORT, composad of the following superior steamers, running in collection with the Stoningtou and Providence, and Boeton and Providence Railroads? MASSACHUSETTS, Captain Coinatoch. RHODE ISLAND. Captain Thayer. NARRAOAN8E1 T, Captain Woolaey. Si OH EUAN.Captain Vanderhlh. One of which will leaee New York daily, (Sumiayi eieeutrd) from Tier No. I, North Hirer, Battery Place, at five oTlofk, P. M. AanarxiBMcnta. The RHODE ISLAND, on Monday and Krtdai .for Stoning t on. and Tuesday, for Stoninapui, Newport and Prueidencr. The MASSACHUSETTS, on Tneeday and Baturdav, lor Huntington, Newport ami Providence, and Thursday for Htonhwton. Passengers on the arrival of the ttramrn at Hti.nington, may take the Railroad Can and |>roceed immediately to rrori denre and Boston. Freight taken at the following much reduced ratea To Boaton, on gooda weighing forty pounds or upwards to he cubic foot, at $3 JO |ier ton, and on mrnaaremrnt gooda 7 rents per foot. To Providence, on measurement goods 3 cents per rnbie font, and specific articlea as par tanf to ha obtained at oilier ? roadway. mSltmg E NE ' N RAILROADS&yi J^AMBOATS. VKEIGUT AND PAMSACI^ ' T? I*I1"r8BUKOt. ^ \-&r i-iiUUNjii -i riiTi "Mfti x 1*Pi i?l JhmSk The proprietors of Bingham's TiansporUtio,' Line ??i JJlJJJ berg, gire notice to the Me i clients of New York, iU . * -tire persons shipriac to the Writ, that their line it k"* ;?tL(ir operandi' Goods oonsigned to them (or sent to ?. line, t will be lorwarded with despatch. Owners or shipiwrs of goods, destined for the V ?ji{ Stales, who have no agent or consignee at I'ttubers, _ please consign their roods to William Bingham, Pitub. ^ who will attend to saippmg til such consignments withe May. All goods should be marked distinctly on eacn package BINGHAM'S LINE. Kor ates of freight. Which are as low as any other line, apply o WM. TYSON, Agent. No. ( West street, o|>|>oaite Pier No. 1, N. R. N. R Passengers forwarded to Fittsburg and rotuville .every day, Sundays eaeepted. Refer to R. Cumin, American Far Co.; 8. T. Nicoll, Frout street ; F1i?li*, Dodge ft. Co., Fulton street ; Buydam. Sage St Co ; Win. Rati kin, Duryee & Co, Newark. 1116 3in RAIL ROAD?ALB AN Y AND 8ARATOUA. Travellers to Saratoga Springs, Lake Get ryr, Whiteiiall and Lower Canada, are informed that they will inaure to themaelvea an espeditious and pleaaaut r-onrcyauce to the Spring* hy taking the Rail Ron I cara at Albany. HOUR!? OK DEPARTURE. From Albany. From Saratoga. At R oxlock, A. M. I At 7 o'clock, A. M " 9 " " " " " " J " P. M. I " 5X " P M. There la 110 change of Coaches or Baggage Wagons, or shifting of Baggage from one Steamboat to another on ibis toute. Paaaettgen on their arrival at Saratoga, will find stage coaches in readiness to convey inem to Lake George and Whitehall on Lake Chamnlain; connecting witli all the principal Northern aud Eastern Stage routes. A Stage (for the convenience of passeiigcrs who arrive by the afternoon train from Albany,) leaves Saratoga at 5 o'clock A. M. arrives at Whitehall iu tune for the departure of the Champlain steamboat of same day, and brings eastern trav lien to Rutland, Vl early iu efce evening. N. B. There are baggagw wagons always in readiness, at Albany, on the arrival or the steamboats and rail road cars, to carry the baggage of passengers direct to and from the depot and steamboat at the rate of t>'4 ceuta per trunk or package, or I2X cents for ordinary travelling baggage. The deptrtures for the west are filed for the season at 7X o'clock, A. M. and 7 P. M. ' JOHN C0ST1GAN, Superintendent. Albany, June 27th, 1812. je27 1tnr RAILROAD NOTICE. MARKET AND FREIGHT LINK. SMS tntfixsi NF!\yi"t)NsTVich; A*sLTNE#f6kk. 'PHK NEW JERSEY Railroad. and Transportation Comd puny have established a Freight Line between New, Rrunawick and New York, which they intend to ruu pertnabentlir. Leaving New Brnnswick at JX A.M. daily, (Sundays egceptcd) and the foot ol Liber ryctieet New York, at i\ P. M. suable for itie speedy and cneap conveyance ol merchandise of every description, and more particularly to Drovers and Dealers in Live Stock, who can have 130 head of cattle conveyed between New Brunswick and New York, (he same day whenever required. The rates f"r the transportation of cattle, horses, mules, sheep, hogs, tic. and ail other kinds of merchandise are very low, never exceeding steamboat prices. Merchandise sent by this lino is not subject to any extra charct in crossing the North River. The Company have fitted up a large storehouse at New Brunswick, adjoining the Railroad Depot, which will always beoiien for the reception of meichandise. Passengers purchasing their tickets at the ticket offices, will receive ferry tickets gratis. (Ty- Freight far Newark, Elixabetlitown, Rahway, Westfield, Plainfield, Scotch Plains, Bound!)rook and Somerville, is conveyed by the above lines, and delivered the same day when received. an 14 3m* NEW "JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. CySSS Pare reduced to S3 cents. From the foot of Cenrtlandt street, New York. (Every day?Sunday star ei*ed.) Leaves New York Leaves Newark At I A. M. At 1 P. M. At TX A. M. At IK P. M. 4 do. 4 do. 9 do. 3>x do. 11 4R do. 10H do. 5W do. t do. 7)? do. do 1* do. ON SUNDAYS. From the foot of Liberty street. LeiveNew York, Leave Newark. At 0 A. M. and tW t- M. At 12 Noon and 10 P. M. NEW YORK. ELI2A.BF.TH TOWN. Leave New York. Leare Elisabeth Town. 9 A. M. 7 A. M. *X P- M. 8S A. M. 4 " 12 M. 4If P. M. 5 P. M. 6 " 7 " 9R " The trains for Weslfield, Ptaiufield, Boundbrook, Somerville, lie., connect with the 9 A M, and 4|a P M trains Irorn New Yoik, daily, Sundays excepted. I Passengers are requested to purchase tickets at the office, foot of Liberty street. Fare between New York and Elisabeth Town 25 cents. Fare between do and Somerville. 73 cents. NEW YORK. RAHWAY AND NEW BRUNSWICK. Fare reduced. From the foot of Liberty street, daily. Lease New York. Leave New Brunswick. At 9 A. M. At 3? A. M. 4^P> ' 9 P. M. Fare between New York and New Brunswick, 73 cents. Hshway, 30 cents The fare in the 5)k and 73^ A. M. train from New Brunswick, and ?!k and 4|( r". M. tram from New York, has been re due ed. New York and New Bruuswidk, to 50 cents. " and Rahway to J7>4 " 0n Sundays the 1% A. M. trips from New Brunswick is omitted. Passengers who proenre their tickets at the ticket office, receive a ferry ticket gratis. Tickets are received by the condqctOT only on the day when pnrchased. aull 3m* EVENING LINE FOR ALBANY DIRECT, .AglUI eSI At seven o'clock. P. VI.. from the iframWi *0. Pfl..?"siS trier between Courtlvnill and I.ihertv streets. ?. The steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. L. W. Bramard, IciTei the above pier Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at seveu o'clock, P. M. The steamboat ROCHESTF.R, Capt. A.St. John, leaves tha above pier Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon, at seven o'clock. The above boats ars new and substantia! arc An fished with elegant state rooms, and in every respcctareu nsnrpassed among the Hudson River steamers. For passage or freight, apply on board, or to V. C. SCHULTZ, At the office oa the wharf, or on board, Passengers taking this line of boats, will at all times arrive at Albany in time for the first train of ears for the east and I Wf,t- i y< " OPPOSITION LINE FOR ALBANY. FARE REDUCED!! FREIOHT TAKEN AT RF.DUCED PRiCES. ..ess The commodious Steamboat WASHINGiS't^TOV. Captain J. M. Brown, having made T OC^arram.'cmcuts to change her days of leaving New York, will hereafter leave the root of Robinson street, ; New York, every Tuesitoy, Thnrsday, and Satarday afternoon, at S o clock, and Albany, every Monday.Wtdncsdav, and Friday afternoon, at 5 o'clock, landing on her passage each way at the foot of Hammond street, Newburgh, Ponghkeepaie, Kingston Point, Cattskill and Hudson. _ For freight or jiosssge, apply to the Captain on board. Or to D. RANDOLPH MARTlN. No. 183 Weststreet. aujfi Im'r _ STATEN ISLAND FERRY. ^oot Whitehall street. ^Cr^^^sSJ* TSrrtrlmn STATEN ISLANDER ill leave New York and Stiten Island every hoar, from A to T P M. All goods are required to be particularly marked, and a^ at the risk of the owners thereof. jyl_ apssl ^tearii r ll NT Passengers will leave Boston every Friday, st ltL? A. M. in di? Cars of the Eastern Railroad for Portsmouth, from which plsce they will We conveyed by the well known steamer Huntress to the above places. Re In riling, the Huntress will leave St. Johns every Tuesday, at 7 A. M.and Eastport at 2 P. M. and arrive in Portsmouth I on Wednesday in time for the 4 o'clock train for Boston. Fare ts Eastport, W I Calais and St. Andrews, S6 50 " #1 (Meals extra.) This route offers to persons seeking enjoyment, many inducements?a country abonnding in fine lakes and the most choice fishing ; tlso game of all kinds, with other attractions interesting to simtsmen. a7 2m?r KENNEBEC AND BOSTON. .Mtn jgM The new and splendid steamer J. W. RICHMONO, Nathaniel Kimball, master, will jC^CL leave the north side of T. whnrf, Boston, every Tuesday and Friday evening st 7 o'clock, for Oardiner and Ilallowell; anil re'urning will lesve Hallowed on Mondays and Thursdays at 2K P. VI., landing each way at Bath. Fare from Boston to Hallo well, $.1 M " " " Bath. * JO Rtuei will be in readineaa on the arrival of the boat at HallOWell, to convey passengers to Augusta, Waterville, Ringor. Belfast and Queber. fTrvina travelling for pleasure will mid few, pleuanter routra man this one to Quebec, aa it runs through a ciunMry abounding in bvaatiful scenery?the roads are rt'MHl, aiiWWn: hotels well kept?the distance 210 miles, jyio ?m*r dWBdoi hEALTHY 'KX( URHiON TO THE Ca '"ryTJ- FIHHINO BANKS OFF HANDY HOOK last ami subila ?lial learner UTICA, Capt.nn J. W. Haucoi, will coimnvnee milting daily ricui* ona to the above place, on Monday, July 2Mb, and continue T",14 Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, and leave a* follow?;?Foot of Hammond ulrevt at a i|tiarter |WS 110 doek?Caujd atraet at half past ?? Pike street, E. K., tt ?T jr rv' ' . '.V past 9. A Bwsd o( Music is etv .Pinner and all kinds of refreshments will Ih famished 21 uHr* *** r*u,ro Utica will remaiu at Fort Hamiltt I. w ?" honr. ?flts each way. liiiMiIilJ I ??"'"i ?ulj,1m Afternoon Eicursion sroond lvt"? lr - J"1/. J,lh- continue .rurT Toes** J&"?wrsST; hare 20 cents each way. jj2J"mr " QOU'.HE, Long Branch.ITumson. SdixSp B.nk; It i. kt'1?" B ' Wl" lw,Vr New Viwk from Fnlton Market slip, East River, every moraine at I o'clock for Red Bank, f eicent Thursday, on wlncli day the host roes to Eatonlown Dock.) Returning, will leave at 1 o'clock each day Till! Iotas will rnn as above, navigation and weather permitting. until further notice. All freight and baggage at the risk of the owners the-eof. Jane It, 1*12. ____ _ _ _ jrWtmr OiTLT?2M0sacii? Halt, Aahtons 8t Blackhntn's,factory Ailed, k' landing from ship Hh.-ridan, and (or sale in lota r? suit tmr' chasers, by R. K. COLLINS k CO., u23t jg South street. W YC EW YORK. SUNDAY MC jT miscellaneous! UNITED STATES TEA EMPORIUM, 121, late 129 Chatham tirert, New Yorle. WHOLESALE ANI) RETAIL. T'HE CANTON TEA CO .to PANY continue louffir far sale new end framiil Tin of every variety and style ? Tlinr luntngrni specially includes th?- most delirious and powerful giades of (in t u .iud Black, Every |>?ckaite bear* the stamp of uratnr?* and cleijanre, and the Tear thrrrin arc so thoroughly seemed Irom light and air ihat tteir quality and tamer will rrmam uaimjuiit-d in any cliinair. Their system of prosecuting business u |>crha|n scarcely to be excelled. It la fonndrd upon tlir utmost regard to the rights of IM ciastcnirr, es|irrially with mpret to w eight and quality, and unrivalled cheapness. All purchasers air railed U|mn to return any articles which fail to give tlirm the fulleit lattalaclion, when the moury will be cheerfully ami promptly refunded. 0 (Wintry I merchants, ntthlir establishments, headinf lauulics, and shi|? 'asters, will llnd it a decided advantage to an|i|>ly tlieinse Irca Jf 't lhi? raiabliihmrnt. , ? "ee roasted every day. ... 5\". -.m from all parts of the Uuiteu States executed with todd and despatch. '"n?llH. he only warehouse ill America for the sale if Hou. 'rated Black Tea. al2f lin'r qua a celei THE CRYSTAL, CORNER 4" BROA1) STREET. v- rn?,........ ?n. ' El'ict res who throng the "Money" street, Jvio-n you aie liry, ,0I"'' and lry'tlie "llock" that there you'll We'll doou" st test with any house in town. And wit le we do. we It. lo V?u, lor some share of renown.^ '['Hi: Proprietors of the ? ?m"n-eiu win n?e * pnue 1 in redeeming the above'? led??- "l,d !l,cv w.'" l^nnit no art c'e but the wrv brat *r on 1" * bar. A choice Lunch c?n also be found daily. *uM lw*r STOVEST .STOVES!! HACK US' PATEN t\ RAREFIEli, OR FRUGAL HOUS LWARMER. r|1HE Proprietor, in offering this v*. "able stove to the pnblir, a would briefly statesome of llieadt *".,s?vs ol ihrir irnproveincnt, which consist chiefly in the folio *"'C particulars, via:? 1?To nbriatr the evil ofiin- 5?To ]"> cajwble of affordrtire ai.d noxious gas in the ing a mil. 1 ?r an intense heat, u no lie of anthracite co*L 6?To* V01<1 a? mcovenieno*; 2?To generate and diffuse from dust. a warm and wholesome at- 7? l'o pro verve Uie air of tb o rnosphere in places exposed to apartment pure and who! cdamp ami cold. some. 3?To lesson the risk of acci- 8?And to unite wirh n|| dent hy lire. tkose exccllcidualities, an 1?To be quickly kindled elegant and ductule axtic,' ,e of and easily managed. lurniiure. This Slow is constructed of the best qualify of Hassia sheet ion, upon the cylindrical plan?the furnace or lire-eh imber occupying a part of the centre cvlinder, to which is a I lac |u.,j all atmospheric Ratelier upon each side, of a tubular fc rtn, ami liued throughout. The heat that is created in tl iei chamber passes between the linings of the two rarehera (or radiators as they are called] into the base at the bottom, anda c acre lit of air coot inn illv milling through the tubes, which are ieik open at each end (or that purpose, carries a great amount < fsamavdor warm air into the n|>artmen!. The purity and softness of the air iu a room In AVed by this store are peru'.iar and remarkable, the heat being iiff\iseil from a great extenl of surface moderately heated. Tn e heated air, on entering ill; wings or sides of the atove,descend bund spreads over the entire surface of the Pa?e at ilie bottom ,, keeping the colder iHirtion of the air next the lloor in constant. circulation in the menutimr preserving it intirrly from c arntsmination, rendering this Stove pcrfectly sale and agree iblc for apartmi nts of invalids, sleeping rooms, tec. Manufactured by J. It K. BACKt'S, 51 B. iwt rv, N. Y. N. B. A new article of air tight stoves, with rs tillers ; also the new kitchen companion cook stove, warranted equal to any in use in this city. au3t lm*r TO DEALERS IN BLACKING] rPRY IT ONCE?The Eureka Blacking?Thu is a new arA ticlc of Blacking, and imssessas qualities greatl ysu|icriorlo all other kinds now in use. It softens anil preserves the leather, iin;i artist I a brilliant IHilish labor required in the ns e of the common Blacking. It furihsr p< iifun that rei|iti*itr 10 lone *om lit for in the |*culiarity of the composition never becoming hard dry, or mositdy by see. Dealer* in Blacking ire reijueitcd to call and reca ;ive a sample of the aiticlr gratis. ? Peift ct satisfaction warrax .ted in every ca*c. Manufactured by J. M. JOHNSON. No. t 'Spruce *t. Near Nassau. New York. The firm of Burgess It Co. is this day dissoll i d liy iiiultial consent. The business in future will be conduct* d by au27 I in*in J. M. J OHNSON. XITcXrroliTS \fEDICATEJJ VAPOUR BATHS. 25 Con; rtlandt sueet. will afford imindiate relief to all those jwrso in who are aftlicted with lumbago, coughs, colds, Itc. Tlais changeable weather admouislies all to get rid of their colds as soon as possible. au2tlwr WAfCHES AND JEWELRY VERY 1,C/vV-lhe ,ub* v scrilwr is constantlv rectiviug, direct Irnun the manu In Hirers, all descriptions of Gold and Silver Leve. V, Anchor, Escapement. Leuine, and Verge Watches, ot ne\ r and splendid )>atlims; gold and silver pencils, gold cnai-s, k eys, kc.. witicli he is selling at retail lower than at auy other pilare in the eity. Gold Watches as low as 25 to 3(1 dollars each. Watches and jewelry exchanged or bought. All watches warranted to Veep good time or the money .eturned. Watches anil clocks repaired in the best maaner and warranted, at much let* than the usual prices, by one of the best workmen in America. U. 0. ALLEN, Importer of Watches and Jewelry. au23 lw*rc Wholesale and retail, 30 Wall st, up s (airs. " BUTTONS. J JONES, 28 Piatt stieet, wishes to inform his friei nls thai his new atylc will not be ready before the first wtek in September, but has on hand the Fiats and Wrel Edges, which he offers st the following vices Best English Brocade* J' 50 ' French " 2 no " " Twist, 2 00 " English ' 2 25 Figured Satins, 1 30 Mohair Over Coats, L 50 Several hands wanteil. an IT lm*r CHINESE LEMON BAT A N ENTIRELY new and splendid article for the Toilci, Ja- surpassing in fragrancy any article of the kind tliat has ever been introduced lato (his country. Every housekeepei will higldv appreciate it as an indispensable family invigora tor. Also, Lavender, Pine Apple, Vanilla sod Cologne, h'ghly fragrant?together with every variety of fragrant odors in liiniri form. Fit sale wholesale and retail at the Depot of Hrallh and Strength, 50 Canal street, one dot* east of Broadway. auJO2w*r A. V. H. WEBB. Agent. (JROLIUS* BOAT ESTABLISHMENT. 400 WATER STR EET, FOUTl DOOFA EAST OF CATHA B.1XX MARK IT. rPHE Subecrihei having in his raantifsctorr, and under his J- own immediat i su|ienntendeius, s nine of the oldest and most experienced!: xildem in this cftt; a nd the best of materials for building every description of boats, which enable* him to furnish, at the shortest notice, Boats of the most approved model and workmanship, on the most liberal terms. BUILDER of the Sultan of Muscat's Pleasure Barge, the Wave, Gazelle, Victoria, Atlantic. W akona, kc. Also, the Ann, of reekskill, Washington, of Poita hkeepsie. Duchess, of Slyde Park, Sylph and Wave, of MoS-le, Geo. fttswv-t, of .onitville, Madame Celeste, of New Orleans, kc. Also ? 'he sail boats Wn . Crolius, Fashion, l&anonl, Star, and LA wl Forrest, kc., I I., kc. jyttmeodoc GAZO PNEUMATICS. 'I'ne, suoscnoeria prepared toeiecttte oroeni ior trie Uazo I Pneumatic Hydraulic Machine, lor raising water any height or quantity, Irom mines, or lor waJerworks, by meant of vacuum ; and the simplicity of tha machine gives it a great advantage over any otbei now in use. au# !m*r a n. M pj?f ^ New If ore k Albert Rsil Koao Coatratvr, 2 Park Place , New York. VfOTlCE is hereby riven to the Slockholde.-s of the New d-a York and Albai^rltul Road Company, that the President and Directors have directed a call lor an lustalmi -at or five per cent on the Capital stock of the Company, pa yable on the fifth day of September neat. Subscribers resident in New York and Westchester, will pay their instalment to Joaiah Rich, Chairman of the Finance Committee, and Treasurer for the Southern District, 173 Front at. Subscribers resident in Dutchess, Putnam and (.o.'ambis counties, will pay their instalments to Jona. Akin Tate*, of the Finance Committee, and Treaanrer for the Middle District, in Pawling*. Subscriber! resident ill Renmelser county, will pay their instalments to Jonas C. Heart, of the Finance Committee, and Treasurer of the Northern District, at his offiae in the city of Troy. By order of the Board, a21 top 5 r JOS. E. BLOOMFIELD. Secretary. T 08T OH 8TiJLENl?Kentucky Bond, $1000.. dated 33d J-t May, IS!2, No. 1139. Bank Note tlOO, A, No. 738, July 23,1133, Alabama, at Mobile. 100, ' " 113, Feb. 23, 1R39, " " " 100, " " 116, Dec. 1, 1834, " " 190, " " 161, " II, w " " " 38, " " 731, July 1, 1836, " Montgomery. " .'<0, B, Jan. 1, " " " 30, A, " 2929, " 1, 1803, Ifl. D, " 198, July 23, 1833, " Mobile. " 10, B, Feb. 12, " " Tuscaloosa. " in. A, " 38, Dec. 13. 1839, " in, C, " 126, Mar. 1, 1833, " Montgomery. 3, 11, " 182!, Sept. 7, " " Decatur. " 3, A. " 1000, June 9, I83t, " Mobile. I I Small Notes. The above have beta stolen or lost in transmission by mail from Louisville, Kv. Brokers and others will please take notice

that all the Rank Notea are stamped Massol It Co.. 29th July, I8t2, and will detain the parties who may offer them for aale, and give information to S.J. STLVESTKR, an21 Iwr 22 Wall street. SaVY OPftct-.i New York, Angnst 22, 1112. { SEALED PROPOSALS will be received at this office unlit the 37th nutaut^at 3 o'clock, P. M. for furnishing the folI iwing s|ieeifled materials to be used in the construction of buildings at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. , All the materiala to be delivered at such pert of th > Navy Yard as may he designated, on or before the 3tb ilav of He|e t. mber neit, subject to the approval of the Yard (napecuir. . Proposals will he received for llw entire list, or separately f<ar : either branch of It, endorsed. "Propositi lor building materials.11 ! LIST OF ARTICLES. I 16 pieces North River blue curb stouc, 1 inches by 12?8 feet , long. 16 pieces North River hlne curb atone, 1 inches by 20?8 feet long. 280 fret of Magging, of the 1st quality North River blue stone. 1 223 " rut stone, for water table. V 1.30 " do for window tills and lintels. 10 " do fur door sills and iiniels. . 130 loads North River builiug stone, (one fourth i>a? founda- i, ti n.) , 1.30,000 Newburgb hard naviug brick. 23<l barrels Thomaston lime. 130 loads screened hnilding sand. 60 pieees timber, White pine, 21 feet loug, 3 by 12. sa ' ,1,1 ,ln 13 " 3 ,f 7. F 4 11 do (io -W '' 4 * 1 HO ho 2 i r. :i K in " do do ? 4 m. n 330 merchantable Albany plena. ti 223 floor plank, tongued and grooved. 4 30(0 fret l1. inch clear irine plaph. . a 1000 " 4 ** do do one hall .10 frrt Ion*. n 13 boxea X tin. , , . . , m S30 feel lint <|u?l'ty lead pipe, 2 inrhe. in the clear. gl 430 " do do 3 do do 000 Itaa I2d iron cat naiU. tl 100 " '"^^n^F.TMOEE. N.vyAf.nt, ' an?4 Vr Si Water atreet. 'a DIl.Lli OF KXMHANUR, on all |*rt? of England. Iielami and Scotland, mm in of ?3. ?10. ?13, ?20, to any amount, ? for .ale at 8. J. SYLVfcSTER'S, ?? Wall.treei, fo anU and lit Broadway. I u IRK I >RJNfING, AUGUST 28, 18 TAILORING. REMOVAL. PHILLIPS' CASH TAILORING ESTABLISH WENT, I removed from Hi Hkoj.lwsy to No. 7 Aitor How*. ECONOMY IN GENTLEMEN'S DRESS. Garments of a most .legaut and Kasbiauable kind rt a saving of Wi per cent for cash. '"PHE advertiser dt uis u unnecessary to resort ti the hack1 neyrd system of giving a list of nominal prices, prrsaminc that (he length ot tune be has Iwcu established, together with the extensive patronage bestowed on mm, 111 piovs a ?uin ch ut voucher lor his capabilities. Possessing the advantage ol being connected with auextrusive obilliestablishment in Eur >pe he confidently asset, that he can furnish clothes which, on comparison, will be found lower than any other bowse making up the best descriptions of crntleineu'a dress, my 13m P. PHILLIES. 7 Astor House. Broadway TO THE LADIES. PAAHIONABLK.MILLINERY GOODS.-The r-ropnetreM* M?m S KING, ibi .chter of ilif celebrated Cail King, J?trJ |F Jfjj * most aelecl 4U??J choice %atortmeftt of Millinery r wlf.V to tire public, both as regards the '4u.,lily and cheapness of the article* The assortment Jot>V<x of the following . celebrated SI HAT, CALLED OAPOTTE D'ORouoo flVf 5"r- by La Puchexae iVOrlratu, of Krauec , | syt'pi. ENTIRELY NEW AND ORIGINAL ",1 , .nd Lawn Hata do do?An entire new s vie o IlaU called " MODLNE CAPOTTKS, ELSSLEK CC^TTAGli.' a ' ariiianaud English FANCY STRAWS, of the ficeittei ore, in greatvariety. The Proprietress resixrctfullv solicits the ladic* to favor her with acall, and examiue her elegant and varied atock of Millinery for llrrinaelvet, before tiny purch:?r elsewhere, as it will lie a sat ing to the nt in price and a great advantage ai regard* the variety and quality of the goods. >1188 S. KING, Magazine de Mcdei, au23 lmr 293X Broadway. , STRAW WODST" "P BENNETT, 3d John and UIJ< William itrerts, imL . poiter end manufacturer of Italian and Euglish Straw goods, respectfully informs his customers and nic public in general, that lie h is on hand a splendid and extensive assortment of ladies fashionable straw goods, which he offers for sale at very much reduced prices, rir.: French and English Dunstable*, Italian Rutlauds, Kancy Sclrell and Imperial (a very fashionable and beautiful article) fine Tuscans, Albert Straws, Stc. Sic. Also, an entirely aew article, the White Siberian Hair Bonnet, which for the summur wear surpasses all the atylca as yet introduced, being extremely light, durable, white nndbeauIifis and will clean as wtll as atuscan. a.'> lin'r GUNS AND PISTOLS. ftj- EXC LUSrVELY. -OJ B JOSEPH, 14 Maiden lane, up stairs, importing agent for the sale of Erwlish. German and Freuch double and single barrel Fowling and Ducking Guns, from the lowest to the tin est qualities ; Pistols of every description,, for this and other market*, embracing one hundred different Itiuda, all of which he is now prepared to offer at the manufacturer's price*, being appointed agent for the largest houses in that line in Europe, which enables him to sell at extremely low prices. A large assorted stork of the above alwavs on hand. City and country merchants are particularly requested to call, previous to making their purchases. j>27 9m*r 8ILK BANNERS, tic. TJANNINOTO-N a CO., 293 Broadway, near Read street, *1 Ur?i'i ( tliilIy inform the Order of L O. 01Q. f., and their friends generally, that I lie V are now prepared to execute orders for Flays aud Banners in the moat su|ierior style for beauty, dm liility, and economy, baring Silks made for the express occasion that will make the largest banners without distiguriug it with a seam. Snecimeus and Designs can be seen at their Establishment, 293 Broadway, or sent to any part of the Union. For style, design, aud execution of works of the kind, we re I fer to the Getty's Banner, No. 11, I, O. of O. K, a* also to Greenwich, No. 10, Harmony, 11, Covenant, 95, Ferae re ranee, 17, also Military Companies and Sunday School Bauueis, and the societies St. Nicholas, New England, St. Geoige, 8l Andrews, St David, (kc dtc. Window Shades in (treat variety, fram $1 each to the richest and best, painted by the most eminent artists. Staiaed Glass, after the manner of the ancients, warranted never to chance color, with many recent improvements for church windows snd other public and private building", steamwets, packet shirs,store windows, tic tie. Imitations of Stained Glass, painted on muslin for chnrch windows,very close imitation of me real glass,at a tery trilling expense, or the class obscured and (minted in brilliant colors, very durable and cheap. iyl7r IMPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPER S. A FEW IMPROVEMENTS have been made upon Fi.k-1 Palant Novelty Cooking Stove, rendering it impossible that any difficulty should occur with it aveu when niauagt d by one who has hail no experience in the use of any kind of cooa stove. The Novelty Stove is the only cook-tova which h.t? been got up within the last three yean, apuu an entire new principle, all others being a combination of old plaus remodled ill patient, Winn some new name, as HWMMN to iurieasi the sale without any regard to utility or economy. The Novell v Stove i< warranted m al I r ises to answer IVStV MM for which it is recommended, or it may be returned and IM money will be refunded. The oven which is innch Isntcr thai common u as iierfect as a brirk oyeu. The fixtures which num ber more, snd owing to the [H-culiar construction of this stove, are nra-ty twice as larga as can be used upon any other of the same size. Among the extra fixtures are a lanre hoiler, measuring 39 galluntor l'e barrels; a large rotary griddle, which will bake 53 ordinary sized buckwheat cakes at once; a larite tin , oven, suitable for baking C l irg,- loaves of bread; a set ol' r.ngs suitable for anv sized kettle, Irnm a 2 birrel caldron lo a small bras, kettle. The Stm only nerds to lie rvimined lo com ince any one (hat its perfect simplicity- and peculiar adaptation to all culinary purposes, fully merits the high favor which it has^ained among all who have seen it in use. For sale only at frisk's Stove Establishment, 2(1.1 Water street. The public are cautioned not to be deceit i d by those who advertise their stoves as being "the same principle of the Novelty Hloiesd' as no stoves are made upon this principle except by Messrs. Fisk, or their legally authorised agents. References given at the store, 209 Water street, to over eight hundred [lersons who have them in use in this city. al8 tm*r OCULISTS. DOCTOR J. FRANCIS' CELEBRATED EYE WATER. M'O. 19 BAKU1. V STREET, wilkin two doors of the kv Astor He- s His prejwrations are a perfect cure for all inrlammatnryC 1 ase of the eye, weakness of sight, Ac., ?> never fail in res ' ring nebulas of the longest standing, without any surgical operation. CERTIFICATES. I eertify that Jacob Valenline, a youth of about fifteen vean of age, was brought to my house last fall, apparently blind. Ht called on me to-day, and states that he has been the patient ol Dr. J. Francis, whose treatment lias been the mesus, uudei IL,.I nc...>?v;- nui'? Rector of St. George's Church, Beekmanat. This U to certify that two of my children were afflicted with diseased eyes for a length of time, one of them was almost blind with nebulas, covering the tight. Every remedy was resorted to without any good effect, and despaired of them ever being recovered. They are now perfectly leatored to sight by Dr. J. Francis* relehrated preparation. DANIEL 8. JONES, 499 Pearl street. I was almost blind for twelve years, and in five weeks, under the skilful treatment of Dr. J. Francis, my tight it now per fectly good and strong. MARTHA BROWN, 177 Forsyth street. I certify to the above being a true statement. OEORGE BENEDICT, Pasto of the Stanton street Church. I was nearly blind for twe ity years with a cataract in each eye and from the use oPDr. Francis* wonderful preparation foi that disease, my ryes arc now perfectly recovered. HESTER JOHNSTON. 41 Eldrulge?trert. We, the nndersigned, having witnessed the astonishing efficacy at Dr. Francis' preparations lor diseases of the eye, nnhesitningly recommend them to the notice of the public, ss valuabl: remedies. Duncan Dunbar, Pastor of McDongal st. Chnreh. 8. H. Cone, Pastor of the First Baptist Chnreh. John Pack, Agent of die Home Mission Society. Jacob Snunsr, Pastor of the North Bartist Church. Jn^p^Andreade, Roman Catholic Priest of St. Peter's | Namerous certificates can be seen at the office. Prepared and 1 sola only by Dr. J. Francis, 10 Batclay slrret. New York. Artificial Eyes inserted, which cannot be distinguished from I the natural, without giving the slightest pain. , Dr. J. Francis respectfnlly informs his friends and the nuh'ic, that in consequence of the increase of his business, Dr. (Jlettny, Member of the Royal College of .Surgeons, London, and of the I New York Medical Society, has joined Mm, and every confi- j dence can be placed inhis professional skill as an Oculist. , Office hours from 9 A. M . until S I' M. jylOtm'c DISEASES OF THE-EYE. ! II. K. DIOHSY, OPHTHALMIC SURGEON, ' No. 907 BROADWAY, i Entrance in Fulton Street, opposite St. Paul's Church. I ATTENDS TO DISEASES OF THE EYE. AND ALL THE NECESSARY OPERATIONS THEREON. OPl'ICE HOtTRS RROM 'J TO 6 O'CLOCK. Having completed his studies ef 5 years with DR. ELLIO'l*!". 1 Ocwlist, and been subsequently engaged as his assistant, R. K irnmy n enanicn 10 unnrrtaie me treatment oi all <tiaea*e? aP fccting ti e orrram of riaion. Terina moderate and craduated to the nature and eitent of the diaeaae. Pcrmiuion it gi?en to refer to hia late inatraelor, and alao to otne of the noit eminent Profra/iora of the Medical Faculty in New York. N.B. The poor treated gratnitoualy an< lm*r DISEASES OF THEEYE AND EAR. 192 BROADWAY, Corner John slreet, up stairs. | HIIA.NKft, M. D. re?|iectfnlly annoiincea to the puhKc' < ' that for the better accommodation of hia patient* from ibrnad, a.i well at thoae of the city, ha ha* removed hia office m above atated. where he avill attend from 9 to 1 o'clock, daily, o the treatment and rure el all diaeeaea incident to the human ye and ear and the diaraa-a of Women and Children. From t to 7 o'clock daily, will be devoted to cniiatilutiona lor the cure if iniv" on* raa'.a nf dia. v - i., . i. , i ; : '' line, inrlndinK thoae of a private ami delicate character. n Doctor Shank*, in order to acquire the cooftd, nee of atranera, and to guarantee the public again*! the rcmotrat feeling n if imfioaition and qnackery, Irega leave to atale that he ia a rac irionrr of medicine nflt year*'duration, a graduate of the tl Jniveraity of the city of New York : and that hi* inaagmal laaertation lor the degree of Doctor of Medicine from thia ~ 'nireraity. entitled "The Human Kye, Anatomically, Phiaio- I] "Kicallv, and Pathalogically ronaidrred," elicited the higheat pprobatory encomium* from Pmfeaaor Mott hofore the aa- (1 enabled counciUand |Tofc*?ori of thia learned I'mveraity, dur- ,, it tlie public eiamination anil defence of the unr. Dr. S. retreta the neceaaity he ia tinder in adaerttnt to there *' ircumataneea, .... repujrtuuit to the delicacy of every true- d carted phyaician ; but tne duty he owea himrclf, and the reard he ia bound to have for the picaeivation of the public . eallh impcrioualy demand that he ahonld upeak out. What! el mat the regularly edncalrd phyaician. who naa apent yeara in 11 Mttnay of tin knowledge ncceasary to qualify lum for hi* art. ?. nd who holda the aealen teatimony of learned and competent .. Iithority before whom he waa examined to practice auck? l" in*i lie?1 reapectfnlly enquire 7?remain ailent in hia office, bl nd allow lumaell to Ire tlnirat from the legitimate ground of hia nrnlifie rxcrfion, by tl>? hold, preauining recklraa .pucka'-? r Jo! I, for on#, will not atthmit to it. And in order to piece ita anbiect before the public in e proper light, end in inch a hi rey ee to direct towarda it the public ettrminn in the a irony eat oeaible menner. I .iropoee to publiah immediately my eirwa lore et length on thie topic. yi Thoaeor the puhlir and the who era diap/wrd to H cood my efforta, will pWaae cell at my office, a id auleiciiba r, 'tecopT- The enpenae will not be more than a alienee < r a iillm* au21 Im*t 11 IER A 42. Wuhlngtviii (C?(re*t>?u<ieiice of ihe Ilnsld) Washington, Friday, 3 P. M. The Tariff-New Proposition Rejected? Lsiid Bill Amended?1Treasury Notes. The tariff bill instill pending before the Senute. It is expected, however, that it will be disposed of to-day. Mr. Rives this morning proposed a substitute for the bill being substantially that offered by Mr. Ingersoll in the House, and which was voted down by a large majority?that is to reinstate the compromise net as it existed on the first of Januury, 1810, with the provision that all duties shall be paid in cash. Coffee and tea are taxed twenty percent. Mr. Riven accompanied the proposition with a full explanation. Mr. Camioitn said he should vote for the amendment; but if it was adopted, he could not vote for the bill in that shui>e He thought, however, that it presented a basis upon which a pro|?er revenue bill might be matured. Mr. Kva.vs hojied the amendment would not prevail. Its adoption would prevent the passage of any tarilfat the present session of Congress. It was a question of revenue or no revenue. If the bill which came from the House was rejected, there was un end of the matter. Mr. Preston thought differently, and should vote for Mr. Rives' amendment. Mr. Walker moved an amendment to strike off front the duty on tea nud coflee, and to tux gold and silver plate. Theamendiiu nis to Mr. Rives' proposilion were all rejected; and at 2 o'clock the question was taken on the proposition itself, und it was negatived by a vote of 13 to 31. The House have passed a bill rej>ealing the 7th section of the Distribution Act, thus leaving distribution unconditional. The vote stood, ayes HM? noes 86. It is not intended to carry the bill through the Senate. The object merely is to furnish a salvo to the wounded pride of the whig members who gave up distribution under the alleged dictation of the President. The Committee of Waysund Means have reported a bill limiting the sale of the stock of the loan to nar, and authorizing the issue of Treasury notes to the amount of 6 millions, if necessary, in lieu of the loan. The house is now upon the remedial justice bill, which is to be disposed of in a few motnenls. ine ireasury note um is 01 me greatest importance to the government. It will extricate the Secretary of the i'reaaury from the fangs of the brokers, ana eventually cause the loan to command a premium. BaflUo, [ CorrMjioiulence of the Herald. J llt'FFAtjO, August 23, IH12. Improvement in Trade?Wheat?Flonr?Money? Camp Meeting?Amuscments? Niagara?Pomeroy't J-Jxyrcss. Deaii Bennett :? Since my lust there has been a visible improvement in trade, both upon the lake and among our business men here, this being a season when western merchants come for supplies, of whom there nre many here at present, the times not warranting a trip to New York. Daily, large quantities of grain arrive here from the West; a small |*?rtion only seeks a market here, 1 it being mostly purchased at tne various points west I by eastern millers, and those at Black Fiock. Flour 1 is beginning to come pretty freely, being generally, ! however, consigned to eastern nouses. As yet 1 1 cannot learn that any very extensive contracts have I been made for wheat, some few only to deliver at 1 90 cents. Flour varies and is unsettled, dealers ' being extremely cautious. 1 Money is somewhat easier, there being no difR- ! culty in c?btatning accommodations on good short 1 pajier. Ohio and Canada funds seem to Form the ! circulation, mixed with a sprinkling of "Silver 1 Creek," " Bunk of Lyons." and " Chautauque < County Bank"?the two last find a circulation here 1 1 through a certain broker, who has some sort of a 1 family connection with those concerns. There has been held for a week past, about twelve I miles from this city, a camp meeting, which, although not differing materially from other assemblages of the kind, called together on Sunday a large crowd from here and elsewhere?it was estimated that from 10,000 to 12,000 were in attendance. The meeting was conducted in accordance with former usages?that is. preaching, exhorting, singing, (fee., pretty girls and old maids, married men and their wives, young men and old bachelors joined in the usual routine of singing, shouting, exhorting, fee. It was curious to see the peculiar effect each seemed 1 to have, upon "being born again"?it appeared to be ' quite necessary that each new convert should roll * and tumble upon the ground, shout and sing, to 1 strive each apparently who should outdo the other ' in making the loudest noise, until complete exhaus- 5 tion released them, when the elder brothers would * finish the scene with a hymn applicable to the oc- f easion. There seems to be no lack of sincerity [ among them, but it strikes me that however much J these meetings may benefit the cause ot religion, ' they are nevertheless productive of a vast deal ot i sin and immorality, as was apparent on Sunday last, During ttie last two weeks we have had all sorts k of amusements. Two Circuses have been here, which, together with the Theatre, have been crowded. But it seems as if this had in the meantime been the grand centre of all the black-legs of the j country, from the card-table down to the thimble J rtg ; and all will rejoice when they are gone. The '' Theatre is doing a good business?the manager ' striving to produce all the novelties as they come ' out. J. H. Kirby. from the Chatham of your city, r is playing here with good success. Travel cannot be said to be very brisk?however, there are some few who can afford to visit Niagara; yet the. absence of all amusement has prevented many from remaining long at the Falls. Only one of the large hotels (tne Cataract,) is now oj>en.? Lord Asnburton'9 suit, are at present rusticating there?his lordship having, it is understood, given ^ up his intended visit, ulthough I think he would not regret it. as the change which has taken place there and elsewhere through the country, since his Lordship's visit, many years ago^ when ne travelled ^ the route from Oswego to the Falls on horseback, would be a matter of astonishment to him, besides presenting proof of the enterprise and go-ahead ? rmtnre nf'oiir nonnle. ti The Government express, which threatened to ,] Irive ofl the present private cnterprizc of Pomeroy fc Co., has proved a complete failure?nothing hav- 31 ing been heard from it for the last eight days. Po- g meroy Jir Co's, on the contrary, still goes forward end ? s the moat in favor ; it brings the Herald, which . we always receive in advance of the mail; this is d srought about by the exertions of your excellent o rgent Mr. Hawks. t< The explosion of the American Life Insurance tl ?nd Trnst Company, as set forth in the Herald, V shows un some of the transactions ot some gentle- a men in tnese |*irts, which is anything but interest- ?' ing to them, but highly amusing to tne community generally. The assets look rather actually, imrticu- n larly such as those of your friend Col. Jas. Watson si Webb, " of the regular army." Yours truly, 9 Erik. 9 ????? w AliHuiy. |,, [Comapoadeuce of th? Hsrslit.] fj Ai.sahy, Angus! 26, 1jm2. gi Albany Republican Attillery?Bloody 8fM?Albany ki Bus/true* Corp*? (}(rvern?r?Le/faint ure?Mi** * Mama?Hutrhinton Family?.V. V. Members? T< Fon Steamers, tpc. tr< er iRNKRAI. BiJiwrr:? ^ DHARSIB:? My letter which a|>t>eared in Thursday's paper aused <iuite a sensation in military circles. Every hi pectator of the scene conferred it to be a faithful nd accurate descri|>tion of the events as they took lc lace. Capt. S had nothing to say. The quev oi on has been taken hold of by the Brigadier Gen- a< ral (McCabe) and will be investigated. Barney J J 1 says he don't care a straw, ns his duty was v\ one, (nor would any patriot have hesitated a mo- <h lent did they imssess the courage) in obeying his of nperinr officer in arresting a turbulent comnian- fn ant. Capt. Strain is military store keeper, and has W; targe of the N. Y. S. Arsenal?an important trust, ot e ought to have displayed more /eat for the sercc by showing his discipline in executing orders, I longh to hi j own disadvantage There are three I rothers of them?nil military characters. The Ms- I r keeps the Saloon in Mainen Lane, an excellent } utse?he is polite and attentive to all who visit m. Pei Quite a mistake was made in one paragraph a.b?l Ml stated the " Captain" would have dogged f apt- Xh were it not for his sacred calling and black ^2 at?it should have been "Chaplain. Ifowexer, cle*b was my fault, i>erhap8. It may not be customary ^ LD. ~ i ... ^ Price Two Cents, lor the troo|? in the southern counties to need a spiritual guide, anv further than their canteens supply ; but riere, Willi such ferocious lellowa as compose the " Hftth" anil "21t>th," all the prayers of Maffit, Knapp and flon. and very Kev. Geo. Cooko, would suffice scarcely to keep tnem in order. The " NBth," under command of Col. Frisbee, are encamped on Washington Parade ground for three days. Ry that time he hopes to drill into them a little ardour and science. We, togethcrwith ladies, went up yesterday to witness their manoeuvres. Twelve very handsome tents were pitched for the officers, two for each company, and a inarkee for the Col. and stall. The crowd was immense?we coma scarcely get n place for our ladies, hut through the kindness of I lit- Adjutant we were tit last setteed. The regiment hud been but one duy on the field, vet in that time they hud progressed rapidly?they felt so proud of their skill as to imagine they were tneA. It. C.'s. A line of sentinels w ere placed around the troops and tents, und notwithstanding the extreme pressure and crowd, one of the guard was disposed to put his bayonet into one of the prettiest toes that ever graced lovely woman ; he felt ashamed afterward and kept at a distance, but I will remember him. Chanlain Kofus K. Mc g stood in the centre, dressed in black?chapeau, sword, spurs and stars, with arms folded a. la Napoleon ; his position w as peculiarly striking, for several remarked the resemblance i have t ulternoon attended a review of the Albany Burg esses Corps, commanded by Lieut. Geo. Vance, ami assisted by Orderly George Humphrey, which took place, at the Capitol Park, before Gov. Seward, (small potatoes) " commander in chief of the army, and admiral of the navy of the State of New York,"?a vast number of spectators?his lion. Lieut. Governor Prudish, (our future Governor.) the very Hon. the Senate, and the very disorderly Hon. the Assembly. The troops looked extremely well with their red coats and bearskin ca|*, though rather Anglais in appearance. Our guardian friend Bob W seemed to feel all the w eight of his resjiousibility?as usual. Hob can stand anything hut a woman's smile; but that, his valour backed by redcoat and bright buttons, large cap and all, lias to succumb to. However, to the Burgesses our ?ity owe much for their efforts and example in raising the military pride of our citizens up to the standard which it now occupies; and when strangers see much to admire in passing through our goodly citv, they have seen hut half it they have not seen the Burgesses. Long 1 trust may they occupy their high position?at all events, " vivr .< ? Burgesses ! " We are here, as you say, music-mad. We have had the Tvrolese, with a series of concerts. Now the "Hutchinson family" ure all the go. They are from New Haiii|>ehire? three brothers and one sister. uneducated iu music, but said to excel the " Kaincr family," in the melody of their performances. Our citizens have generously given them a complimentary benefit, which is to come off on Monday evening, nt tlie I'emsle Ara<t?mv I .u?t Sunday afternoon, they assisted the choir of Rev. Dr. Sprague'a church, and after the dismissal of the ongregation, but before they left, the H. family arose and sang two anthems, which delighted every one. One was "Lenox," an old tune, hut charming in itsexecution ; there was no accompaniment, simply their voices, which rose and filled the lofty building with sweet harmony. Add to them the concert of Miss Hloman and sisters?Johnny Cooke's and Iceland's bunds on every pleasant evening, und 1 think you will say that we have sufficient music in our ears, if not in our souls. 1 dropped into the Legislature a short time to-day, and found "confusion worse confounded." in every tense of the word I think some of the N. Y. delegation are the most consummate fools ever sent bv an ntelligent constituency into legislative halls. One it them cu|>s the climax in this particucular. He s up on every question before the House, and what iart of his time is not spent in annoying sucii ladies ts are present, (I have authority for saying so,) and with whom he may be acquainted, he is on his feet o the annoyance of all the other members of the House?as he never delivers an original idea, unless it is to trv and carve out a congressional district that will eenif hitn to Congress?which would be original indeed. .Thare are many ladies who wait upon the ieliberutions of the two Houses, as alao many distinguished strangers, llorsley Palmer was among the audience, and listened with a good degree of attention. The S^enate are through their business, and adjourned immediately on organizing, whilst the other House rjiends the day in homilies on the constitution, by Paul Grout?dissertations on liberty and Gen. Jackson, by Davezac?the yeas snd nays upon a frivolous project of the gentleman from New ^ ork, Mr. Townsend, or the dignified braying of the long-cared Mr. W. Hut when the thunder of the "Admiral" is heard, or the rattling of the small arms of Simmons, Dixand Humphrey, are echoed, all is attention?each member lakes his feet from their resting places on his neighbor's desk?a messenger is despatched to call the Speaker, who is jhaffering with the apple woman in the Hall, and jrder again reigns. The gentleman from Herkiner wishes to offer n resohjjon?the gentleman from Monroe objects. The gentleman from Walerford isks unanimous consent to offer a petition for the lupnression of seduction and adultery. The Speakt decides 'tis not in order. Mr. f^warkhammer spirals. Mr.O'Hullivan contends it is always in order. Mr. would lay it on the table. We come icre to?louder! louder!! by Mr. SwackhBminer. Vnd there, Mr. Editor, you have a synopsis of half " hour's work in the "Assembly" of the " Empire" Stale. 1 have extended this longer than was anticipated? mt would onlv sav that our line nf iron ateomer. re " in lull course of successful experiment." The Hack Diamond arrived last evening, in two days rom Philadelphia. Phe pawed the South America ast evening about half-pnst six, at a very rapid rate. Upt. Robert F. Stockton deserves great praise for laving accomplished so much for our coasting busttew. Another military and legislative touch in my next. Adieu, mon ame aurevoir. Vandkhbruwoins Boaton. (Corretpoudene* of the Herald.] Boston, Aug. 24,1842. literature? Tariff'?Manufacture*? Trade?Ratlteay?Canard Lint?French Steam Line?Havre Trade?Ship Mozeile?Protpert*. )ear Bennett? This is commencement week, and the city is sually full of strangers, attracted by the literary ex. ibitions at Cambridge. All the hotels are overlowing. The merchants, however, wear very ombre faces, and in State street there is more loom and anxiety than there has been since the uspension in 1837 The factories make no diviends, and men who have their thousands and tens f thousands in manufactures are at a loss for funds r> go to market: goods sell at various prices, and he disgraceful proceedings of the polititcians at Washington have so depressed stocks of the firmest nd best established companies, that you can careelv give them away. This city has from sixty to eighty millions in lanufactures?has built up flourishing towns and piling villages, and made a home market for 40,000,000 per annum., of the products of other fates? has been able by its income to build railnys and loan to the Government, and hold up its end amid 'he ruin of other sections. But it is now iltenng under the grow mismanagement of Com ess. What is to be the end of all this 1 Nothing reps up the place but the western rnilroad The estern merchants axe buying here: several thound packages of domestics were sold last week at ry low rates, a Urge part of which take the west n road. About 13110 tons of goods weekly enter le city by this route, and the iacreaes of the two iads from Boston to Albany is understood to be rvr $20,000 per week The Cunard Line is doing better, the last 'ought 103 passengers and earned over $23,000 ny ie run ; n fnirbnsiness these dull times. Pome of the intluential men here hnve been entraining the French C^rnmiwimiers^snd^intmg >i iu mem me ary uock, ncpm Ivantages of the port, not lorgettiiw the direct line, nt I suppose the NVw Yorkers will fry to pursusde iem that the longer route is preferable. At all tents the trade br twecn Hoston and Ilsvre is on :e increase. The Moselle brings over 800 packages dty goods, tbe largest cargo imported this season r>ni Havre into the I nited Males. If the tariff" were only property settled this place nuidnow go ahead, und it deserves to, for it is full enterprise and public spirit. ^ ours, As.mopeiui Hankrupt Llat. SOUTHERN DISTRICT OK NEW YORK. idwHrd P. Heyer and Henry A. Meyer, (firm P. fe. H. Heyer,) extensive hardware dealers, ?rl street, New York. This is a fresh and vainly estate, never having been previously assigned, e stock of goods on hand lias been appraised at l.tJOO, beside* large assets in stocks, notes, hoak 'ts, fic.?Oct. 8 tsher Kobbine, N. Y.?Sept. 2U.

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