Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 29, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 29, 1842 Page 3
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Nuidi'i HaritMrlll*. Off- ITs OWN WORKS PROTLAIM IT-Lot the folio w ing ajieak lor itself : " New York, August 16, 1*U. " Muurt. Sands?Gentlemen : Owing to you a debt which money cannot pay, I am induced to make a public acknowledgement of the hem-lit I have derived from your (to me) invaluable preparation of barsaparilla. I was aorely afflicted w ith a terrible acrofuloui disease, hereditary in our family, which commenced on my neck,.and, continuing to apread, soon reached my eara, running into my head, and extended all orer my face, neck nrma, and low er extremities. I became a disgusting object to look upon. At timet my diatreaiwaa to great that 1 waa unable tn sleep or lio down, and the disease extending into my ears, aerioualy alfected my hearing. My face waa one continuous tore, from which a discharge of matter and w ater kept constantly ooaing out. People avoided Jme, aiipixiMog I hail the small |wx, or aome other infectious disease, and 1 was consequently obliged to relinquish my hlisineta. Notwithstanding I had the boat medical advice and tried dillerent plant of treatment, thediseaae contine l to grow worse, until I gave up in despair. Fortunately for me, I rhanced to lall in with a lady on l?ard a railroad car while travelling lor my health, who informed me that her son was at one time, in as had acondition as I w as. and that by using your Sarsaparilla he was speedily cured. I immediately procured the article and commenced using it, and now, niter having used less than six bottles, I am well and ahle to attend to my business. I send you this statement, as on act of justicp, only hoping it mayinduce the afflicted to muke use of the right medicine, and meirny sure ineinst'ive* muc-n ?uiicnng aiiu ex|H'nBf? Those wishing to learn luither particular* concerning my case u ill find me at No. JOT Greenwich-street, where it will afford me great pleasure to communicate anything in relation to the above. I am. with gratitude, your*, kc. AMOS DENMAN. Prepared and sold, wholesale and retail, and forexportion, by A B Sands and Co, 273 Broadway, earner oft ham hers-stroet. Sold alao ! y A B and D Sand*,70 Fulton, cor ner (iold, and 77 East Broadway, corner Market Price $1 Prooftlinl I lie Human Hair can be Restored. OlJ~ WE VOUCH FOR THE TRUTH OF THE FOLlowtng; the genuine can l>e seen at 82 Chatham street. Mr. J. Pearson,navy vaid, Charleatown, certifies, August 25, 1812, that his head was bald and hit wore u wig; that before using two bottles of Jones' Oil of Coral Circassia, h iir was growing on every part where he applied theoil. There are hundreds of others who certify that it stays the hair falling out, cures scurf or dandruff, and makes light, red, or grey hair grow dark Irom the root. Among them we perceive W. Hopkins,92 King street, N Y.; T. Power, grocer, Brookhn; James Gilbert, Houston street, N. Y. indeed, the public may rely on this, we have seen it do alt it is represented to do in lour cases. It is sold quite reasonable at the American Eagle, 82 Chatham street, N. Y.; 8 State street, Boston; 87 Dock street, Philadelphia; 139 K.ilton street, Brooklyn. We advise all to give it one trial. {ft- FOUND?THE CESTUS OF VENU8.-lti? incontrovertible that Oouraud's Vegetable Rouge is identical with that which the ancients,figuratively denominated the "Girdle of Venus. ' The effect of either lieing to render beauty irresistible?and, like effects resulting from like causes, it will at once be seen this position is fully sustaineo. Foitunate mortal,to have discovered that for which even Juno designed to become a suppliant! Greater than Prometheus, thou hast wrested from Olympus the secret af unfading loveliness, and a golden shower is the meet reward for thy enterprise. To be had at the original office, 57 Walker st, one door rom Broadway ?SO cents par bottle. This Rouge is an inimitable article forgiving a brilliant carnation to draw ings, and dying ladies stockings Sesh color. ft?-THE PUBLIC ARK NO DOUBT WELL AWARE ol the fact, that the Hoarliound Candy, manufactured by I. I'ease and Son, 45 Division street, is without exception :he best article for the cure of coughs, colds, asthmas, and consumption, now in existence. Being composed of twenty-five ingredients it is capable of curing various dis eases, from the fact that ifone should fail, another remedy under this arrangement supplies its place. When the tilood is in an unhealthy state and the constitution naturally delicate?when a cold sets in and no attention is [mm 10 ii, iavcr irequenuy ensues ; yet, in this state the Dandy is almost certain to ctrect a cure. Members of the Bar and the Clergy are the most liable, than others, to be affected with hoarseness and ailed ion of the lungs, from this tact of their being compelled to speak frequently and lor a great length of time. Yet we see, daily, hundreds of these men whose names have been voluntarily exhibited to the world as striking proofs of the superior efficacy of this Candy. For children suffering with the whooping cough, no better remedy can be possibly found. We consider the virtues of this Candy so groat that it cannot be illy sj>oken of in our presence with impunity. We once more sny to all suffering go to I'ease and Sons, 46 Divisionstreet, and purchase some of his invaluable remedy. QQ- CHATHAM THEATRE.?Judge Conrad's beautiful Tragedy of Jack Cade, or the Kentish Rebellion, is performed to-night lor the benefit of Mr. Forrest, who enacts Jack Cade ; supported by Miss Clilton as Mariamne, J. R. Scott as Wat Worthy, and the favorites of the company in the other principal characters. The perform1*0i's of Mr. Forrest and Miss Clifton during the past week have been witnessed by nearly 16,000 persons. In addition to the above-named tragedy to night, Mesdames Thome, Blake, and Messrs. Ilicld, Anderson, and C. Meslayer, appear in an original fare* by Dance, never before acted in this country, and entitled a Match in the Dark. Hernlil Bulletin of News. The Herald Bulletin of News is kept at the north-west corner of Fulton and Nassau streets. On the arrival of the morning mails, at night o'clock, A. M.?and also of the evening mails, at four o'clock, P. M., the latest intelligence from all parts of the world, may be found on the Herald Bulletin Board, at this corner. Let every wayfarer stop and read. Advertisements of all kinds taken at the office. Herald Umersl Printing Office. The General Printing Office, capable of doing all sorts of printing, such as books, pamphlets, bills, cards of all descriptions, is now open at the Herald Buildings, entrance from Nassau street?Joseph Elliott, Printer. MONEY MARKET. ffumlny, August 28?6 P. M. Is the Bank Commissioner to take anv steps in inveiti gating the authority under which officer* of the Mechanics'Banking Association are refunding the capital of that concern i What right have they to give one stockholder the choice of mortgages in exchange for the stock he holds ? Who gave them any authority to refund any of the capital stock 1 The proceeding is a gross outrage, and if tolerated, would open the door to the grossest abuse. An association of people subscribe bonds and mortgages to form the capital of a free bank, the stock becomes hen-'ily depreciated in the market, and then the officers in the pay of those stockholders take upon themselves to refund to a favorite stockholder, not the same property which he put In, but a choice piece of property worth in the market $1500 cash, more than the amount of stock he returns for it. The bank officers attempt to excuse the transaction, by saying that they received a greater number of shares for the property, than wus originally issued lor it. Carrying out this principle, the officers may mismanage and depreciate the stock, and buy it all hack for 75 per cent of the bank's assets. Who is to own the remainder I Are the servants of stockholders to use the joint funds of the bank to cheat the proprietors out of their property, ami then plead their own profit in justification I Such pretences are either the extreme of folly, or the most barefaced attempt at imposition. We recently made some remarks upon the debt of the State of Kentucky. The State of Tennessee bonds arc also exceedingly low in the market without adequate cause, that is to say, the State is in a sound condition, and there is no reason why it should be lower than that of Massachusetts or New York. The present outstanding debt of Tennessee is as follows :? Ttsscitcs Statk D?.bt. Mate Bonds issued and proceeds invested in Stock of the Union Bank of Tennessee bearing an interest of 5 per cent, which is pai l semi-annually by the Bank $500,000 00 State Bonds issued and proceeds invested in capital of the Bank of Tennessee, bearing nn interest of 6 per cent 1,000,000 00 State Internal Improvement Bonds bearing an interest of 5j per cent 361,166 66} State Internal Improvement Bonds ttearing an interest of 5 per cent 1,1.03,750 00 ?1,016,916 66} The $1100,000 of State Bonds bearing an interest of 6 per cent - issued for the improvement of Rivers, but not yet sold arc not included in the amount of the State debt. The debt lias many y eari to run belore It falls due, and to meet it the State owns:? Stoak in the Union Bank of Tennessee. . . [$640,600 *0 n it-1 i- il... si k m . . ' if.Mi.1 in i' iint siiT neing proceeds of Bonds sold, and exclusive of the 9choo 1 Fund . \.000 000 00 Stock palil in to tin- internal Improvement Companies, by State Bonds issued 1,618,Sib 66^ , . $3,193,610 60 < If the rurplns revenue of the United States now on deposite with the State should not be recalled by theJUnited States, that sum may be added 1,363,200 66 $4,618,730 21} With these means addo.l to the annually accumulating profits of the Bank of Tennetf ee, under prudent and proper management, there can be but little danger, that a resort to taxation can be necessary to unable the State to meet it at iU maturity. The whole annual amount of the interest arising on the Bonds of Tennessee does not exceed $170,000 ; ami, as be* fore stated,the prompt payment of this interest is not likely at any time to fail, as ample and certain means have been set apart for that purpose. But should such a failure at any time occur, that is, should the specific means, thus provided, at any time fail, then as the faith of the State is pledged for Its payment,the means of the State resulting from its ordinary revenue, would be at once su bstituted in its stead, and holders promptly satisfied. But some may question both the ability and disposition of the State to do so. A few facts ought to put such a doubt at rost. The State of Tennessee owes nothing, save the amount of these Bonds. Taxation is very light in Tennessee ; so much so, that it ia scarcely lolt. Its government is administered with a degree of economy which makes its annual expenditures a mere trifle. The result ia that there now is, and there has heen for many years past, and there ia likely to be lor yeara come, surplus in the Treasury fully equal to the whole amouut of internet on thee* Bond*. Thui, in case of a failure from the provided sources, here is a fund on hand?alwaye on hand?fully equal to the annual internet, which the Legislature could at any timo direct to the payment of any unsatisfied interest. The Revenue and Kvj-eu Jiture-of ihe State, w ere, for the year etiJing October Hit, at.follow* : Ordiiiarv revenue, Uta.Hi K?irauriliiur> revenue, miscsllsiitoui rec. j,jU, Total receipts, $jtI,7U Balance in Treasury last lepnrt, lltt'vr.i Total me^, Legislative. S61.831 Judicial. fcT,ui7 iLxeciitiTf ni?d inucellaaeoiu, 341,3j0 470,848 Bilaitcr on liaud Oct. 1841, 8189.490 Shewing an excess of receipt* for the year of ?73,3P1, constituting an increase of balanse on hand. No Slate can w-uci ?im<* ui uiittin uitui inn, nen unun i?r ?uj?position that the Banks are inaolvent. The State of Tennessee, like, most others, fell into the internal improvement fever, and a sy stem was established in 1830, and --xtended in 1838, by which u heavy debt would have been created, but the Legislature took early and decided steps to check the evil. In the year 1840, an act was passed "to provide lor the reduction ofthe State debt," being an act to repeal all laws authorising the Governor ofthe State to subscribe for stock in any Internal Improvement Company. Under that act J>I ,600,000 of State Bonds that hadlbeen issued for negotiation to the Bank of Tennessee, to form part of its capital, were recalled and cancelled. The sums subscribed by the law of 1838 were as . Si fellows East Tennessee 1,400,000 Middle Tennessee 1,000,000 West Tennessee 1,000,000 Total f4,000,000 Of this sum 3,164,160 was subscribed, and as above stated in the debt, f>l, 616,916 of bonds were actually issued. The States liabilities to the companies, providing that the capital stock of each company is exha.uated in the construction of the works, amount to $-3,256,666, leaving still to be issued $729,750. This is contingent and may not occur. In point of population, Tennessee is the filth State in the Union. Her natural resources are v'ast, her trade and agriculture extensive and profitable, tastes light, and her State expenditures inconsiderable. Her people are not embarrassed. Foreign Markets. Havana, August 15.?The Hayne's cargo Rice was sold to the retailers at 10}, in consequence of which the dealers would not offer for the Thames' audit was stored. The Webster's cargo, after laying three weeks, was sold at 9 rials, being of poor quality. Tho import of Rice in July was over 1500 bbls, and leaves our market overstocked with the article, and there seems to be no prcspect of its being otherwise. in sugars nothing doing, wo quote nominally 4J a 4}, 8}?superior 6j, 9J a 04, 10J. Coffee very scarce 6 a 7J lor 3d and 3.1 quality. Molasses 4 rial Exchange?On London, 13 a 14 prem.; New York 2} a 3. N a hi-a bo, P. R., August 9.?R. O. staves in great demand, and the first cargo will bring $50 per M; W. P. boards $30 per M; cypress shingles $9per M; P. P. boards, no demand; P. P. scantling, no sale at whatever price; all the above payable in molasses at 8c per gallon, and sugars 21 a 2} per lb. Provisions, in small lots, aad well assorted, as follows : superfine flour $15 per bbl; corn meal, no sales; mess pork, $18 a $20 per bbl; butter, 18 a 20c. lard, 17c; hams, 20c; rice, 51 a 6c; codfish, small sale, 4}; No. A mackerel, $9 per bbl; long leaf tobacco 13 a 20c; manufactured do, 16 a 18c; mould candles, 10's and Pi's, 20c; sperm do, long 6's, 48 a 60c; cheese, 14c; sugar hogshead snooks with headings, 3} each; molasses do do do, none, $2 J; hickory hoops, none, $45 a $00; sugars plenty, at 2| a 2jc per lb; molasses do, 5J a 6c, per gallon. Ram?no price, no demand. Dkmkrara, July 17, 1842.-?-Gorn Meal, per pun., $22 a $24 ; Superfine Flour, $10 a $10 26 ; Rye do , no sale ; Carolina Rice, $0 44 a $0 4j ; Pilot Bread, $5 a $5 50 ; Navy Bread, $4 a $4 50 ; Kentucky Tobacco, $0 20 a $0 22 ; Manufactured da, $0 26: Sperm Caudles, $0 38 a $0 40 ; W. P. Boards and Plank, ?20 a $20 50 ; Do. and Cedar Shingles, $2 a $2 50 ; P. P. Plank and Scantling, $27 a $28 ; Inspection W. O. Staves and Heading, $45 a $60 , Do. R. O. do.. $30 a $.33 ; New hern R. O. and Ash Staves, $28 a $30 ; Tar, $3 a $3 *0 ; Pitch, $3 a $3 50 ; Spirits Turpentine, $0 60 a $0 65 ; Prime Beef, $8 a $9 ; Do. Tork, $11 50 a $13 ; Hams, $0 10 a $0 12 ; Dry Cod Fish, *ft4 a $4 56: Haddock, $3 ; Salmon, $13 a $14; Mackerel, .No. 3, and large, 3. $7 a $8 ; Herrings, $4 ; Cod Oil, $0 50 a $0 60 ; Sperm Oil. $2 a $3 36 ; Horses, $86 a $160 ; Mules, $70 a $110 ; Sheep, $10 a $13 ; Hogs, $0 10 ; Butter, $0 17 a $0 20 Cheese, $0 16 a #0 17 ; Potatoes, $0 75; Hay, $2 ; American Oats, $0 75 a $0 83; Friction Matches, 52: Cider, $7 a $8 ; Ale, $8 a $9 ; Black-eyed Peas, $1 ; Fallow Corn, $1 ; White do., $0 76 a $0 80. Corn Meal, per bbl. $5 50. Exportt?Sugar, D. wt., $0 6J a7j ; Coffee, do., $0 13 a $0 16; Cotton, do., none; Rum, old measure, (prf 34), $0 26 a $0 27 ; Do. do. (prf 19), $0 50 ; Do. puncheons, $0 67 ; Molasses, old measure, $0 23 ; Do. casks, $6 ; Old Copper, $0 14; Hides each, $2 a $3; Plantains, per hunch, $0 25. Exchange.?Private Bills on, or payable in, London at 00 days sight, $4 70 a $4 75 ; Bank do. at do. $4 PA a $4 88 ; Do. do. do. at 60 days, $4 89 a $4 93 ; Spanish dollars, scarce ; Old Doubloons, none ; Patriot do., none. N. B.?Wood Hoops, Soap, and Tallow Candles, are regularly imported from Europe on better terms than they can be from North America. All articles the growth, produce, or manufacture of the United States, except fish and fish oil, am admissible. The Crown Duties are not leviable upon articles from IV,., n,;n.L : Married, On the 4th inrt. hy the Rev. D. Stocking, Mr. Ni.i.sob Mownr, to Miss Soriiia L. Silbek, both of this city. * Died, On Sunday morning, of the whooping rough, Sabah Abb, daughter of William ami Mary Holme*, aged two years and two months. Her funeral will take place this afternoon, at No. 141 Chrystie street, at 4o'clock precisely. The friendsof the family are respectfully requested to attend. I<atest Advice* recf.ivkd at the new york herald office Africa Jnly IS Macao April 12 AmCayes Auk. 6 Madras Apiil 3 Antigua Jnly 1 Manilla March 19 Bombay May 23 Montevideo Juue 17 Batavm May 2f, Maranham June 25 Bermuda Aug. a M stanzas Aug. 5 Bonaire April 9 Mayagurz. July IS Buenos Ayres June 1 Maracaibo July 16 Bahia July 4 Matamoras June 3 Belize Hond. July 24 Neuvit.ii July .30 Barbadoes July 14 Naasin, N. P. June 4 Bogota May 1 Oahn.S. I. May I Berbice Feb. 20 Paris Auk. 2 Cape Haytien July ii PortauPrinre Auk- 1 Curarna June 23 Ponce, P. U. - July 16 Cienfuegoa Jnly 22 Para June 4 CarthaKcna May I Peroambuco July 1 Cameras May 17 binama-'.- Feb. 20 Chagret July I Ri i ie Janeiro July 21 Callao May 12 Singa|iorr May 5 Calcutta May 13 Sydney, N. ft. W.-? Aug. II Demarnra June 2 St. Helena- July 18 Faval July 3 St. Thomas Aug. II Gibraltar April 19 St. Barts Jan. 3 Guayaquil Feb. 13 St. Jago de. Cuba Aug. 9 Ouayama, P. R. July IS St. Jnnin, P. H. Aug. 10 Gonaives May 21 St. Croii July 30 Galveston July 23 St. Martha May 4 Havre Aug.. I St. John, N. B. Auk. 14 Havana Aug. 7 Surinam June 26 Halifax Aug. 19 Tampico June 19 Jereinie May 19 Tobasco June 27 Jacmel July II Turkalsland July 20 Kingston, Ja. Jnly Trinidad de (Tuba Aug. S London Aug- 4 VeraCraz--. July 17 Liverpool Aug.. 4 Valparaiso April IS La Guayra July 17 Yucatan June 13 Lima March 20 Zanzibar March 11 PMieni.eri .Sailed. Livearoqi.?Packet ship 8 iddoiu?Henry Cary. A It Kiugtold, Dr Oliver Bronaon, ladl and child, G J Tobias, Mrs Edw I Cobb, of Near York: Prot visor John Sstlock, of William College, Mara; H K Pratt, Pennsylvania; Samnrl Lunell and lady, Berkshire, Bng; Migm I O da Castilliarjr, Italy; R H Bartholomew, Henry' Spence Blundell, London; W II Ash, ladv, child and servanr, Sheffield; J M Somerville. Olaagow; L V Prtroin, France; Joseph Boitomly, Beirut. Ireland; Dr John Carlton Fisher, Miss Elinor Fisher, Quebec; Samuel Harvey, Montreal: Frederick Gilder and lauv, Cold Stream Guards; Robert Hutchinson, Richard Bell. Liverpool; J T Collins, Birmingham; J amea Johnson and lady, England; Geo Bromfrldt, Jamaica. Forel gn Importations. Cabton?Bark Olof Wyk?(Repealed yesterday)?132 cues pearls Win Stevens k co?17 pkgs China ware D P Parker, of lloaton?76* hags suga. D Dsshnn?3ft'i hf cheats 350 131 b Was 400 Clb do 24 I2lh ranni.te rs imperial tea 114 chests 816 hf do yonng hyson 114 chtsSOO I3lh his hyson 1823 hi chts 719 chu hyson skin 61 hf elits gunpowder 89 es silks 112 bvs md'e W H Weimore? II c? do Miiore Ilin* ir, Pliilad?Ilbxsscsmdse 24 clifs 102 hf do hyson 11 cs s'lks v 41 nvs nils 6311 bs?s sugar 64 hxi ginger 81 lm preserved da 488 bills ratUn 4 hxi leu 1 do indigo to order. iNaorano? Brig \ Vnod*lock?IBO hhil* ?ngar ISO do miiluirt Maitland, Kennedy Scco. MavatitTrT.?8ch r Oirard?11 lilida molaaaes A C Rouiere At ro?134 do mgar Aynur It ro?36 do 3 tierce* 1 bbl molasara to order. Curaco*?Schr Van Hckenir?25hidc*1050 pea batch wood 225 do lignum vilie J Koulk h son. MARITIME HERALD. fTo ?9 flip JWaiteri. We shall esteem it a favor, if caUamt of vestcli arriving hero, will rive to W. A. ltasnetl, of our MWi fleet, a rsport of the shipping left at the port whence they sailed, the vessels spoken ott their passage, a list* of their cargo, and say lorejrn Bewspapsis they mar have. C '>mmodore B<r<*ctt will ooairi them immndiately on their arrival. We will reciprocate tne favor in snv way. To Correspondent a Abroad. ??0.ynd"hv,!^~niLin fort'?n, l*>rt* are ir.peeTully requeued ..htain Jy.nMe.7iZr* * the marine intelligence they can X'" ., pZJZ. .H'rr*f":rv0f .""V kind, from any on. re riding at home or abroad, will he thankfully received. Mailing Days ot the St^am Shtp.T Britannia. Hewitt-. .."?? Calodonia, Lott Ang. 19 ShI.i n O. Wratem, Hoaken Sept. 3 qJ! Acadia, II >rie Sept. 4 ......... Oct I Br. Quern. fcyekholt Sept. 111 Oct' In Columbia, Judkma Sept. SO Oct! I( Packet! to Arrive. Packet* to Halt, rao?t LirrnrooL. I rn* imarw.. Un.ted State*, Brilton, Aug. I Cambridge, Baratnw, Sept. I England, Waite, Aug.? Koacoe, Huttleaon, Sept. 7 raoM ronT*Motmi. roa por-tamoi-th. Wellington, Chndwirk. Aug. 1 St. .lame*, Sebnr, Sept. I Quebec, Hebard, Aug. 10 Montreal. drifting, Sept. 10 raoM invar yon ftavar. Iowa, Pell, Ang. I I'tica, Hewitt, Sept. 1 Francoia 1., Ainaworth, Aug. t Albany, Wataon, Sept. I PORT OF NEW YORK, AUGUtfT *9, 1*4*. lU!f 5 r I BOOK 11 2 fJIt 73 illun W* TKB * * * IS Arrived. Brig W.mhLum k, B^ker, (of Satanuah) mJiysfmm N?gu? Ih>, PR. with moU?wt, to Scott *i MnmIL Aug. 23d and 24th. cinerieuced a very heavy hurricane fron E. to 8K. lost sails, bulwarks, billet head, and 41 casks of molasses, (art ol'her deck load. 26ih, I at 314U, Ion 74 60, i|>okr schi Grand Lland, from Norfolk for Boston. Dutch achr Vaii Nekeriu, Price, 22 days froin Curacoa. with skins, ike. to J. Foulk Sc Bon. Vessel* left before reported.? The V. II. out iuto ll niplou Road* 23<l, aud while at anchor experienced a very Heavy gale from N. to ne. 24th, iu a heavy sea, carried away rudder. 26th, saw a brig ashoie on Cape ll?*nry, suuk, decks just above water. 9chr Girard, Stevenson, 27 dava from Maya^'uez, PR. with molasses, to order. Vessels left Ik fore ie(?orted. Schr Niuetta, Bay more. 3 dava from Richmond, with mdse. N. B riots. 27th, off llarbor, passed one of the North Carolina packets, with loss o foresail, host andjibbooin. Same lime, saw a large vessel, supposed to be a ship, ashore on Egg Harbor, with Iter foremast Hlaudiug. Below, Two briga. unknown. Marine Correnpoiifience. Nant'sno, PR. Aug-9. Vessels in |?ort?Brig Millinokel, Hopkins, of Bmgor, ready to sail for Huruacoa, to finish lilg lor N York, to sail in 10 days from thence; English brigs American Lass, Idg for St Joi n, NB; Catharine, Outsell, of and for Bubtdovs, in 15 days, Idg with timber. General Record. Baku olof Wtk, Mcacom, (reported yesterday) tailed from Cautnn lith April, uud Java Head 23d Mav. Left at (-anion, ships Iiutlie, Steele, to load for NYork; Henry Pratt, Roger*, wtg; Horatio, IlowUnd, at Macao; Root Fulton, McMichael, foi Bdaniila, neit day; Levant, Foolk, at Mieto; lonMb al Hong Kong; brig Cayuga, Bisscl, gone up to Whampoa; U 8 shi|is Constellation, at Macao; and Bo.rtou, at Manilla. Spoke off th*' Bog lie, Akbar, b und to Whitmioa. Left at BaUvia 26th May, ship Logan, Woodbury,Idg. On the 26th May. hit 7 13 S, Ion 102 E, the O. VV. experienced a very heavy shock of an " earthquake," which caused the vessel to shake and tremble as if the masis would come out and plank off; immediately threw the deep sea lead over?no bottom. 120 fathoms line. plum up and down, so tint it could be no shoal, neither is there any in that vicinity: lie vessel only moving one mile sn hour at the time. Touched at St. Helena ami sailed on the I'lth July. Led whale shin Ansel Oibhs, West, to sail in three days for Fairhavvn, full of oil, all well. Biic Tuskar, Nutting, from Coast of Sumatra May 9th, arrived 18th July at 8t. Helena, and was to sail in two davs far the Mediterranean?she reportrvl the following vessels at Sumatra:?At Pulo Riah, Warsaw, Rhodes, half loaded; at Rigas, Frances Whitney, from Boston, Idg, to sail in about 20 days; at QusIIhIi Battoo, f'ropontis, Silver, just arrived; New Orleans, Hale, left Kabaguou for Eumpe, about May 1st, leaking hadli ; at Kcnegtia, George llyan, from Boslou, nearly loaded; at Muekie, two American ships, just an. manes uuknown?probably the Exchange,and Virginia, (Brem) before re|*>rled wtg cargo. The Olof Wyk tiperienced very severe weather oft the Cape ot Good Hoik-. Whalemen, Arr at New Bedford 26th insh Canton, Pacific Ocean, with 2300 bbls sp oil. Re|K>rts at Talcahtiaita May 20, Congress, of Nant. 30 mos out. 1200; HobomoU, Kaltnouth, 23 moa, 1030; Lexingtou, Nant. 20 mos, 1130; Mary, Edgartown, 13 mos, 300; American, Nant. 3 tuos, 200; Pleiades, Wareham, 20 mos, 2300? had stopped lo r leak, and would soon leave for home; Smyrna, NB.3 mos, 200 sp;, Wvrreu, 26 mos, 1100 wh; Danl Webster, Nant. <2 mos, 2000 sp; Draco, FH. 31 mos, 800; June 2, Virginia, NB. 20 mos, 1800. Simke off Massafuera, Feb 19, Harrison, NB. 6 iitss, 300; March 22, Chili NB 29mos, 1700; rers-a, NB. 12 tnos. 1100; April 8, Martha, Nant.8 mos, 300; 13th, Roman. NB. 33 mos, 2600; April 28, Catawba, Naut. 27 mos out, 1330 libit. The Srulh Boston reports?heard from at Stewart's Island in Feb. America, NBedlord, with 1300 bbls oil, wanting 300 bbls to till. At Rio de Janeiro July 21, Cadmus, from 8t Helena, with 1130 bbls wli and 80 do spoil, 8 mos out, to sail m a few days on cruise in the Indian Ocean. Minerva, from Ne tv Zealand, sld for New Bedford 20th. Foreign Porta. Rio dk Jvnkiho, July 21?In port, John Adams, (U S) Connover, for East Coast of Africa, 13th Aug; Ann Eliza, ol Baltimore, sold; Col Howard, Prentiss, of do, for New York, 23th; Moscow, from Boston, one; Navarre, for Philadelphia, in 12 ds; Dnaii, lor Loando, hlg; Kentucky, Willis, for New York, 8 ds; Mentor, Montevideo, 2; Saratoga, do do. United Males Porta. Eastport, Aug2u?Arr Emerald, Boston; Texan, and Emetine, NYork; 21st, lonis, do; 22d, Selim, St Jolia, NB. Lrntc, Aug 20?Arr Andromeda, NYork; list, Van Buren, Melville, and Forest, do. Maciius. Aug 19? Arr Example, NY'ork. Wtg wiud22d, i Camden, Aug 18?Arr Mary Hammond, and Lucy Blake, N York. Bath, Aug S3?Ait Empire, NYork; Kennebec, Cadiz; Noble. Bosrou. Gloucester, Aug 24?Sid Wankinto, NYork. Salem, Aug 27?Arr Sea Mew, Buenos Ay res 9th ul t; 25th, Thos Hooper, Baltimore. Boston, Auk 27?Ait Oak, Philadelphia; Robert Wain. do. Cld Sarah Williams, Cienfuegos; Lucas. Charleston: Coluinbit, Alexandria: Win M R ger*, Philadelphia: Isaac Franklin, Charleston; Albany, Albany; Compliance, NYork. Arr 26th, Aurelius, Liverpool; Win Pitt, and Altamaha, Philadelphia. New Bedford, Aug 26?Arr Harriet Porter, Philadelphia; Amethyst, NYork. Nantucket, Aug 21?Arr Saml Iugliain, Philadelphia. Sid Nancy Fiuley, Albauy. Kodak town, Aug 24?Arr Retrieve, Philadelphia for Gloucester. Ia isort 25th, toe above, aud Dodge Healy. Hokmes Hole, Aug 26?In port, Oceauus, froui Newcastle, Eng. lor Boston; Turk, Delaware, and Wm Penn, Philadelphia for do; Cottage, Gonaives for do. Fall Kivicn, Aug 22?Sid Sarah Louisa, Baltimore; Meridian. NYork. Baltimore. Aug 26?Arr Roanoke, Rio de Janeiro; Wm Price, do, J W Paige, Boston. Cld Florence, (new) La Quayra. Sid Louise, Bremen; George Gardner, Rio de Janeiro; Leda, do. Richmond, Aug 2j?Cld James Gray, Loudon. Arr Deborah Ann Soincrs, NYoik; 21th, Wave, Boston. Sid Ninetta, New York. Charleston, Aug 22?Arr Nile, Major, (late Quinby) from Havre 29th June. On the 31st July, (apt Quinby died of a pulmonary complaint, and his body was committed to the deep on the following day at noon Georgetown, SC. Aug 18?Cld Grandee, New London. Savannah, Aug 20?( Id Savannah, Havana. Arr Prcciosa, (Nor) Bostou. New Orleans, Aug 16?Cld Ellen Brook*, Liverpool; Gan licleflft, Bordeaux. Arr Santa Anna, Galveston. SEAMSTRESS. 117"ANTED?A situation ?? tnnulrrti and dresa maker by a V respectable young lady. The best of reference ran be given u to respectability and capability. Apply at 201 Fulton street. _ au27 2tr Tlf anted?a Young Man with a small capital wishing to ? engage ill lb. Grocery and Provision business, is desirous of taking sn interest in tbe same, with some person slrrady established, doina a good safe business: one down town preferred. a line left at the office of the "Herald" for "Boabdill," will be strictly confidential and attended to. an27 l|in Great mass temperance meeting.?fb<Washington Pros|>ect Beneficisl Society will bold a Great Meeting, this ( Monday) evening, at their hall, under the Unite-,alixt Church, in Elmabeth street, near Walaer. The m- etinz will bo addressed by 8. 8. 8onthworth, Esq-, of this cite, and Colonel Wallaca, of Philadelphia. Kin. sinning from the ladies, Mr. Browrr.and Messrs. Dodge, Ft.. II ?n,l Clumber. ,.f I.- \t.rb... Tk, ..hi.. .. ... uectfully invited to attend. Be order, A. C. FLANAGAN, President. Fntivcts K. Bnowivg, Secretary. au23 It VfORMONISM OVERHAULED !!?On Tuesday, Wed"i nesday, and Friday evening* of the pi est nt week.Generil Bennett, from Nauvoo. the Tate Mormon Chief, and Mr. Bachelor, will unveil Moi monism, and display itt horrid features to the public, in the church, corner Drlancy and Christie street*. Tickets one shilling, to be obtained at the door, on the evi niugs of the meeting*. auM lt*ec W EST KB N BUSINESS DIRECTORY, rl",0 CONTAIN Twenty-three Cife* and Towns a* folA low* Altany, Ithica, Roche*ter, Auburn, Locki?irt, Senrca Fall*. Batavia, Lyon*, Schenectady, Bitigliaiiipton, Newburgh, Springfield, Mas*. Buffalo, Oswego, Syracuse, Geneva, Palmyra, Troy, Hudson, Ponsfikeipsie, Utlca, Waleil'Hi, and Worcester, Maa*. The name* of the 1 mines* men in whieli place* will be elated according to the busmen pursued by them. h"7""Thi* Directory will also contain Thiec Maes to wit: ?one of lb- North Ilivr r, one of the Route* from Albany to Buffalo, and the third will give the Konte (per We?tern Railway) from hoatou to Albany. The whole to he issued early in October, in handsome *tylc and at the excei dingly moderate price of CO-ONE SHILLING PER COPY-AG Snch a punlication, which will be ao highly useful to limine** men and traveller*, offer* the very be?l |Hi??ilile advertising medium, and effort* will b? made to circulate it in all We neighboring Stale* of the Union. The Ratee of jHetrtieing will he at follows Per page $2Y (which iloe* not evreeil the pner charged by the Courier 4c Enqui-er for one insertion, inside, of the ?ame pace;) half page SI I; quarter page, $7; eighth of aiinge, fil.'iO; ai.d for *maller advertisement*, I2>g cents a line. The printed page will measure 9% by tnche*. Ilf^NOTICE?All persons ill the City of New York, who may deaire to advertise in the above Directory, are requited to ap< ly immediately at the office of publication; and those hi other cities and towns may apply to tne appointed agent*. J. DOOliETT, JUN , Office New York City Directory, 89 Nasau st.,Sun Building. August, 1812. au29 If in O Y8TER8! OY8TERSf ! GHREW8BUKIES.?1 have received a further supply of the h-5 above choice oystera, the tame as those which were so highly praised by all who tried them, and further pronounced as good aa erer taatej. liurite iny customer* and the public to lavar me with a call. THUS. DOW.VINU, 215 Broadway aud 5 Broad at. N B ?Soft Shall Crabs and Woodcock. au20 2t TO K AIL ROM> CONTRACTORS. SKALLD PROPOSALS in writing will be received b/ the Mohawk and Htidsun Kail Road Company, until Tuesday the 6th day of September near, at noon, for constructing a new section of Rail Itoad to avoid tee inclined plane at Schenectady : commencing at the Company's store house in the eity ot Schenectady, and intersecting the main line, about thrc e miles from said oitv. Tile whole work to be finished on or b- fore the lat of April neat. Proposal* must stale the .amount in gross for constructing the whole work, including all materials, sacepting iron rails. Plans and specifications of the promised work, inay be seen at the Company's office at tile head of the inclined plane at Schenectady, i'roiiosils to be addressed to W.\1. BANKS. I'rest. au2> tsCr. Office No. 51 broad street, New York. AC HAL LKNO K..?M r kT BPKAiJUK will fight Yankee Sullivan for Mm a side, according to the regular isles of Ring fighting. Tne fight to come off in two months after Mr. Sullivan ligh s with Bell. Mr Scrague will be reedy to pul np a sufficient forfei .and actlle other preliminaries at theArena, 2U Park Row, on Thnraday evening at g o'clock. If Mr. Snllivan does not win his tight with Mr. Bell, this will not be considered a chalhnge : for Mr. 8 prague intends to challenge the winner of the fight lhal it to come off this day. New York, 25th August, 1812. I*. S. ? If Mr. Bell wins. Mr. flnrairne will lisiIr him for the same amount, and on the umr conditions as he challenges Mr. Sullivan sn? If c SULLIVAN HUZZA. SPRAGUE'S challenge was instantly accepted by the friends of Yankee Sullivan, and ahonld he he conquered by Bell he will fight liirn. That'? the way to say it. an? It*r fpltlAL Ol" BOOK SAFES.?The subarriher dc" ma it hit 1 duty to cnutradirt a report which has been circulated that one of wildet'a Patent Salamander Safea was destroyed at the late tests of Safea, on Coffee House Slip?is Wilder's Pateni Salamander Sale was not submitted to that test, but an article newly introduced, called the "Improved Salamander Safe.'' All attempts to an improvement npon Wildet's Genuine Proper.y Pieaerrers liavu failed The contenta of one has never been destroyed hv Are. They have withstood the strongest possible heat tor eight hours, in fnrnaees, while safes of other makers hsve been destroyed by the same heat in less il an two hours. The Sales so tried, and Commuter's reports thrreof, can be seen at the Irion Safe Store of the subscriber?the only place iu the city whr re Wilder's Patent Salamander Safe ran lie had, nr made to order. SILAS C. HERRING, au? Iwd liw ec. 139 Water street. f HARRIS, Draper k Tailor. 68H Bowery?Would reaper t fuily inform his friends and the pnb ic, that he haa opened the aoove as a Clothing and Tailoring establishment, aud pledges himself that every article manufactured to be equal in slyle and workmanship to any in the cily, at prteea to suit the times?having purchased his entire stock al the present reduced rales. On hand a qnanfity of ahnoting eoats, got up in a supeilor atyle, cloth cap. cloaks, kr. f laments made up at the shorteat notice. Terma, rath on delivery, ^ mW ,mer V. S. CITY HASP A TCH 1'OSl' I't >8T OKKICK, Nrw Yoik, t?h July. IMS HOURS of Delivery rifh day, (Suada>a eicei?4ed) at the Uwi and Lower Po?i Offices:? Letter* deposited before Half-paat * o'clock, A Ml ' II " | .3 P M | Will ba sent out for deAl all ike Station! I>r I ore t livers* t 9 A M, and I 7 o'clock, A M | and 4 o'clock, P M. ii y 3 '' PMJ I.rt lers lobe acnt hree, mmt liavc "Free Stamp" affiled to them, otherwise three rrnta will be col.ected of tin parti to w bom the letter is aJdirssed. No inonry must be enclosed in let tela uuleaa re isterrd at t if principal offices. Liata ot the Minnie (at all of which "fiec stamps" may toe purchased at $-\J0 |wr 100. and every information may lw obtained o.i application at the u|i|ier or low cr iiost offices. Slamps iaantd by tlic late City-Despatch Poat will b? received It la india|anaablc that the number of the r<skleuce should be latcd in ail Ictt. ra acl.t through thaa Poat. The Poat Muter aoti' ita the carlieat iniormatiou should any irrecnl.irit ra occur. JOHN LORIMF.R GRAHAM au28_ly_ec Poat Maatrr. BOSTON Miscellany , (Jraliam's Magafiur, and Lady's Book for 8 pleniber, and all the impular Magazines ol the day, for aale wholesale and rr'ail by BRADBURY. SODKN fc CO, 127 Nassau a* re rt, New > oik, and 10 School atre?t, Boston. N B.?Particular attention paid to orders from the trade. an27 I w* m PQsT OFFICE!. New York, Auiuit <8. 843-"Britannia Siean cr? Letter ba^? foi Liverpo T, |ier ateanwi B iianni.i, from Boston on trie 1st September neat, will clos? ar the up* |>er and lower poat Hires mi W. d. rulay the 3lsi ins-am, at 4ha P M. 'I he overland rmsiaue if '8*., c-ids ou each sinitle I, t'er. mnai be ,s?id. JOHN GRAHAM, au28 3t*r I'o-t Master BHF.AD ! URfc'.AU ! BKfcHU !?For the poor, at thi old cheap rhop. Sti Ludlow alieet. ~ heir imy he had i.'? pounds of Baked Bread tor one .hilling. d i for siipcnce; rj e, five penny and ten|>enuy: hutter cracki rs til (>encr per pound. W. 11UL.MJLB, autt ?w*m 56 LuMow street. THE NEW YORK COLLEGE OF MEDICINE AND PHARMACY. ESTABLISHED FOR THE SUPPRESSION OF QUACKERY, HAS met with the imul unprecedentedsuccess since it* com mcnrrmenl, particularly limn tlic unfortunate victim* of unprincipled pretenders, who arc new daily gaining strength an I vigoi under the judicium treatment or the College. Tlir following preparation* hav>- already obtained a cek-bruy unt aralelled III the annnl* of medieiue. THE UNRIVAI.LTED TONIC MIXTURE. A critain run- for all forms of dy sjiepsia, low spirt's, loaa ol appetite, laaaitude, cutaneous eruptions, genrral debility, predisposition to consumption, and all complnuts arising from a disairangemeni of the Pervious system. It may lie also used with great success in cases of fever nod ague, and as a preventative I* yellow fever. Sold in bottles at $1 and $2 each. THE ANODYNE LINIMENT. For the core of theuinatic pa lis, colic. bruises, sprains, spinal disease, nervous headache, pains in the joints, and immediate and permaneut relief guaranteed. Sold in bottles, 75 ct? e,Ch'THK PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIXTURE. For the cure of all eases of a delicate disease, or for twins iu the hoars, eruptions, sore throat, or auy oilier distressing symptoms, produced by an injudicious use of mercuiy, or lit otiackary. fold in laittles at St and t'i eacln THE AMERICAN ANTIBILOUS CATHARTIC TILL For the eurr of *11 derangement* of the liver, purifying tin lood, exciting the whole alimentary canal to healthy action, nil giving new vigor to the vital powers. This medicine is ntirely superceding the drastic purgative* of the uoslruin THE FEMALE RESTORATIVE PILL. For the cure of those complaints peculiar to the female set, and to restore and preserve the rsgular action of the female otgatis, with lull directions and cautious as to use, and sold in boxes at $1, 5# cents, and 25 cents eseh. SIR ASTLEY COOrER'8 PILL. For the cure of cutaneous eruptions, gout, chronic rheums lism. and to improve the tone of the digestive organs. THE FRENCH ANTIPHLOGISTIC MIXTURE. Ouarsnterd to ure gonorrhoea, gleet, aud all mucoinirulrol discharges from the urethra. Sold iu bottles at 50 cents aud *' "ChTHE PAPILLARY HEALING POWDER,. Forthecureof sore nipples, and superficial excoriations ol the sitin. Sold in closely slope phials at 50 cents each. The above preparations may alao bo had of the following sub-agents in this ciry:? J. W. Basset, 611 Broadway. Dr. E. M. Ouion, 117 Bowery. Dr. King. 287 Hudson street. Elias L. Tin-all, 51 <1 Grand street. Dr. Newman, 172 Cherry street. Win. Armstrong, 181 Fulton s?eet, Brooklyn. Principal office of the College far New York, at 97 Nassau street. By order, au20 3mr W. S.RICHARDSON. Agent LUCINA CORDIAL. TO THE AMERICAN PUBLIC. r[* is now barely three years since the general introduction of the Lncina Cordial into the United States, and in that period it has not only spread its usefulness tliroughout this hemisphere and sustained the vast re(i" tstion which it had previously acqtm ed in Euro[ie, but has als<~ added to the renown of its irfnstnona inventor by the unrivalled |>?wers ?l has been discovered to poa sess in the cure of incipient consumption. The knowledge ol its wonderful intlucjice in renovating and invigorating the hisman frame, first suggested tne idea of using it in this way ; and the n suit is, that a medicine has been added to the catalogue lot the care or incipient consumption, which places the disease with due precaution, under the control of the intiein. It it scarcely necessary, at this period, to recommend the Lucini Cordial, as an all-sufficient remedy in rase of Oleet. V'luor Al bus. difficult or painful menstruation, Incontinence all diseases arising from debilitation of the system, where ai impulse, or a restorative is wanted ; as throughout the Unite. States it has taken precedence of all other medicine lu such cases, and leaves nothing further to b? hoped for ; its cures b ing itieedy. perfect, permanent, and effected without pain u trouble. should these, however, be any iiertori laboring nude the above complaints, who are doubtful of its almost uuiverull) tested merits, I rrcommmeud \J to them with all confidence, and on my own personal res|<misibilitv, feeling assured if they givi it the reauired trial, that health to th* afflicted parties and gratefulness to Dr. Magmr, will be the result. But as" is also the case in Europe, tip- immense American reputation of the luteins Cnrdfcil, is principally based on its thoroughly investigated, indubitable, and generally admitted power to enable females, who hail been considered barren, to bear offspring, and to restore virile (lowers in males, wlirn reduced to utter and ap parrntly hopeless prostration, to perfect health and activity. When 1 first received the agency of the Carina Cordial, fram Dr. Maguin, notwithstanding its immense foreign celebrity, anil the great amonat of respectable testimony that accompanied it, 1 declined committing myself individually, by giving any per sonal assurances in these particulars : but now, after the enor moussale uf upwards of one bundled thousand bottles, couple, with the receipt and certlflcasrs and tiwtimoiiiala innumerable and much knowledge founded on petsonal observation, I can uu hesitatingly warrant it as far exceeding my most sanguine hopes or ever the illustrious inventors promises, in thr fulfilment of thr most important ends for which it is recommended, and has Income so justly and universally popular. To be aa explicii as possible, I re(>est, and hold myself personally reaponsi ble (or the assumption, that the Lncina Cordial can mriv orate tne virile powers in males, and make them fecnndait', wnere nature has beeu Utficient. or when tliri have been pro, traced dv artificial means ; aim also a can produce thatslati 01 tne svstein iu lemalrs. who nan Dr.-6 pre-. iousl> uiifrtuifui and imagined oarren. wmcn will enable them to bear children I regret that I have to speak to plainly, an auch exceedingly d< licatr matters, but leel called u|o., in do so, .eatit might b. misunderstood, and aa a full guarantee for the great responsibili ty which I have cheerfully aasumed. With Iceliugs of sincere Iratitude for the extensive patronage which, as die agent of th< .ucina Cordial, lias been heaped u|a>n me in tnis conulry, I re main, tne ruDiic'* try oneuieni nomme trrvuni, JOHN WINTERS HOLDER WkLL, M. D. Piier $3 [m t bottle. For sale at 4S9 Broadway, and 92 Nuaai street. New York, and* North Siith atrret, fTiiladdphia. an27 Ira'm DR. CARPENTER'S PECK SLIP DISPENSARY. DR. CARPENTER is a regular educated physician and mr neon, and received hi, diploma in tliia city in the year 1113; i< a graduate of Union College; was a surgron in the army of the United State, during the la.r war, is may be seen by a reference to the arinv and navy register of officer, thereof; i, a Licentiate of the New York St te Med. 8oc., and for thelaal twenty-nine years a practitioner of tliia eity ; has kept Itia office for many yrari at No. I Peek slip, near Peral and what 11 moat important to know, ia the fact, that in all delicate and titivate diseases, w'.-ether recent or of long duration, lie ia enabled to effect speedy and effectual curea. Dr. C. would moat aerioualy caution the invalid to beware of lit- numerona catch penny nostrums that art- continually paraded to their notice by a lost of unprincipled and uneducated pretenders, aa alao many otherwise respectable druggista, who nave aeen fit of late to aanction the impoaition by advertising and rending aa infallible apcciftca, their mollifartoua and dangerouacomiMfindt. How imporUn' therefore to the victim, of indiscretion, in the incipient stage of diseaae, to [dace ihemaelvra in the care of an ggpgrienced physician, on wlir , and discriminalion tliey may rely with confidence, aa the i?aut a of life or ileatli are often determined by the first application ill this forformidahle malady. Dr. Carpenter would a id that his ro ma ami offices are admiraltly adapted to the privacy of patients, and l.ia charges will be found reasonable. Office open until 9 o'clock. au27 lw in ECONOMY, ELEGANCE, AND GOOD LIVING. 'TMIK undersigned has, al imprest eapenae, fitted up one of the A largest and moat apTefintd Coffee and Eating Houses in New Yurk. it which one hundred persons at leaat call sit down to an excellent and substantial breakfast, dinner, and tea, [from the choicest supplies of the markets, with a bill of fare note! celled either aa regards igualtty or number of dishes] by any hotel in tlie United Stales, and varying in prices from six rents to one shining and eightreu pence [tcr diah. The imreat Java and Mocks coffee and the very beat teaa, and serred at only three ?enis per cup. And all other refreshment! in pro|?rtion. The waiters are uniformly civil and polite, and every visitor may be assured of feeling in this establishment rjuite at home." In fact, every department of the bttaineaa is under the snjierinreiidr nee of competent overseers, whose sole care and attention are directed to tne comfort and conveniences of cnstomeis and guests. HENRY GOSLING, Proprietor of the Krv ncli and American Eating House, Nos (M and (6 Nassau st, between Jehn st and Maiden Lane. T. S.?Open Sued u ? fin breakfast, diiiHrr anil tea. ji 10 Imr jKNNHYLVA.NIA CUI.LL.ue?.Medical Debarment? 1 Filbert street above Eleventh, Philadelphia?Session of 18'2 -'43.?Toe Lectures in litis Institution will be resumed on the first Monday of November,>e coulinued until the first of March. FACULTY. Anatomy and Physiology?Ssn.uel George Morton, M. D, Surgery?Genres M'Clellan, M. D. Principles and Practice of Medicine?William Rush, M D Institutes of Medicine aud Materia Medicia?Robert Montgomery Bird, M. D. Obstetric and Diseases of Women aud Children?Samuel M'Clellan, M. D. ^Chemistry and Natural Philosophy?Waltt r H. Johnson, A. r'ars?Matriculation, fi. Each Course. $15. Graduation, $30. Three years' stndy in the office of a respectable physician.and an attendance on two full courses of Lectures, one of which must be in this Institution, are the requisites which entitle the pupil to become a candidate for graduation. Tht examination lor Degrees takes place early in Mtrch.and the Commencement is he In with as little subsequent delay as pouaible. The Faculty haee presided ample Dissecting Rooms,furnished with i >. iv retraisue for Practical Anatomy, within the College Buildings. Demonstrator, T. ROSS COLHOUN, M. D. Disserting Ticket, $10. The Dispensary of the College will be open d daily (Suna.,.. ..??a?.11 ,i ,.c a L.. ....i ?? whichoccaaiona the Profeaiora will give Practical liutrnction in Snrgery ami Medicine, while the Pnpila will be alto admitted to the Pcnnaylriniaand Philad- Iphie Ho?|>ilaU,/in the Mine li-rmi with the Htadenl* of other Mrdiial Inatiliitiona of thit city. SAMUEL Qr.ORMK MORTEM, Dean of the Medical Faculty, anflTfcS tnnorl*r N? <31 Arch <treet. T<0 THE LOVERS OF SUPERIOlOLACiTTEA I Hnargua'a MiltnreThi> ei'remely delicioo* and uni<arrallel d Tea, no highly celebrated in China and Enron jual imported, i$ flow for ?alr at the Canton Tea Company a General Tea ibliahmcnt, 121 Chatham atreet. New York?in Chineae jiack*gc*. Price*'ill cent* and 4l. ail 2< lm*r MA? III n'F.'BIi A N K F.TS,?J Bale* "I Blanket*, 31 iuche* wide; a good article, juat r. ceirrd and for aa'e by PKRitSKk BROOKS, to37m f'l l.ibtrty ?treet. (jTRA\V WRAPi'lNO PAPF.R. 3M0 Ream* of crown Had double crown Straw Wrapping Paper, an**r*llent article, ju?t receired and for aale by PhHSsE k BROOKS, an*7 u >1 LlWrty alt?t. Hardware paper?55 ktum of Hardware Paper, larioot lite*, juat receired and for tale by PEKbSB k BROOKS, an27 in 41 Liberty afreet, AUCTION SALES. I HOMAS BELL t jjf'HH Nat T> ?/?ti on?f US h\iltori ItTftl) MONDAY, A' II)H o'rlork. at the auctiou room. I.arge ulr of di> goods, clothing,fancy and pledged aiticlei, hardware, cutlery, groct in s, choir* wines.lo.ouu leg rs, a iruly I valuable ahip rliroumneiiei. nude t>\ Koakrtt, >o>t $mm, in tin I order, can be ae?u for tin- present till day of sale at Mr U. Waring'a, watch maker, Fulton it. Alao, 4 splendid Irvt r watchn and other article I. Also. a i|uantit v of Dry Hoods atil f lot long, together ? ith the ballauee itock of Perfumery, by order of assignees. TlKSbAY. At half-past 10 o'clock, at the *alea room. Second <ale of the raluuble itock of hardware and houir furnishing artirlca. t 'omiatiuK of a superior general variety of ail krudi of itoodi ; iu line. Alao, gum, piatoli, violins. plated ware, talde and pookal cut lery, Ac. Ac. WKDNKSDAY, At I0)<| o'clock, at .he auction room. Marshal's Sale of Furniture, tJiorerie*, Ac. i Comprising ther-uti-e furuiiiire of a genteel family giving up | housekeeping. Alio, nine tune, the eicellrut -.lock of a iab net loaker, viz. mahogany, |rriour and roekitrg chain, solas alld aofa beda, all Linda of tablea. bureaus and wardf lies, couchra. diaans, oltoinana, foot benches, curtain ornao.euU. iiatio fortea, rnunlii g-h- u?e di sk., hish poat and Fr? urli be< steads, marlde top tub es, wash itauda and toilet tallica, | liair c at I rr sat s, f, alher beda, palli sires, Ac. Ac. II \ HlfeiLL v \Kt I LAKU 7 i UfcnuA , At 10^ o'clock, at he action room. Wine*, Liquors, Segar>. #u:.? Con of vfrv ch?>ic? ?ourh tide Madeira, Dulf Gordon's p?U- and biow n >li? rn , I'oit \utl St Julii-n clan tx rh.?m[ ague ol lavorife breads; Uumy ! b audy in ootid, cordials, sperm candies, Havsn i and Priuc'i* ? gar*. v.?ri? us brands, with oilier a?tides hi the line, to which the attention of piivatu fan ili* is ipeited?to be sold in lots to suit i urchtiters. A! o, Bolli tt r champagne, anchor brand, just landed, stipe* riorto any wine in maiket Also, 10.000 imported Principe segars, 10,000 Cuba do, 12,000 II ill Spanish do. A so, brandy, sherry nud Madeira wines in demijohns 5 2*1l"ds each. an26 r ~ R^HTtivIpsCN. Auot oncer. AUCTION NOTICE?Jaeob S. Piatt's Third Full Hardwan H.ilr, will lake place on Tuesday, tin 30th mtl, ?r 10 o'rlocli, * No. 21 street, ami will cousi.t ol 1000 card, fine Sin llif Id cutlery, viz knivr., scissors, razor.. he. Alio, IMHI dozen Of rman silver (side desert and lea spoon*. Also, Nvm] pnnka,ia Um and Ms, missis. pocket and l i iikuiv s, razors, scissors, shears, he.; bowie and dirk knivps, vuii. and pistols. Also, 300 pickaxes assorted Hardware, consisting ol a general aaaoriment ol" heavy and shelf Koods, worthy of ihe coniitry as well as the rity trade, Catalogues the day previous. ,au26 4ti.*r Ijit IV ATE SALE BV HI ELL h A Ht I 1. Ail 11 S-Kor t Si e.Ev liana# or to Lease.?The elegant tlire. siory house and lot No. Iu7 Sr. Maik'a Plact . lot running through to'i h st, beina 106 feet G inches by 37 Let lj inches. This house is finished throughout III the most magnificent sti le. with German silver (Tales, marble statuary mantles, glass verandah ill rear three loicittg pumps iu kitchen for rprii'C and rain wab r; undtr cellar aud wine vault.; .oil vaults in front, he.; with double .tildes iu the rear on '.Ith street Coat to build Sin.itOA. The above ij in perfc. t order, and possession may be lud immediately. For partiruWri inquire >f Kiell h Arcularius, at tliair sales room. 301 Umadwat corner Duane stieet. nuttr CHEAP K.vci IISHIN TO THE Kl'SHINO BANKS.?The .teamhoat WA Vfc will Slw r makeaimcutsion on Tuesday, 30th instant, o the Filling Banks off-Far Hnckawa>, by leaving Old Slate Prison Dock at 8 Cnual st.ecl at half-pnat H, Pier No. I North River st 9 o'clock, A M?stopping at Slaleu Island a td Foil Hamilton. Fare 12l, cent- each way. N. B.?Bail will be furnished on hoard. aii2'.l2t*er For KEY-PORT AND .M I DDLETOWN POINT. The Steamboat ROCKLAND will. jLa^K_2.ou and after Monday, the 1st of Auxust, leuve Muldletow n Point (tide permittiuv) every Monday. Tuesdu/, Wedneaday, Thursday, and Friday, at 2 o'clock, p.m. ; and Kej-Port it 3 o clock, p ?i. : and Now York, foot of Robinson street, at 8Xo'clock, * m., every Tuesday,Wednesday, Thursday, Friday?and Saturday at 2 o'clock, p.m., tonchinx at Sr2uine'e Do k, Suten Idann, each way. au24 Imr* EXC URSION TO THE NEWBt ROH Vl wai-f AKWIIAI, KKUATTA. ? The steamboat 3CmK2.HIUHLANDKR. Capt. Wardrop, will leave the pier foot of Warrvn street, en Wednesday morning. August 31st, at half-jost 7 o'clock, for t ol Hammond street quarter before 8. Returning, will leave Newburgli immediately after the Recitta is over. F ire each way ifl centi. The Regatta will come off at 2 o'clock P.M. au2fi4t*r aWn NEWARK AND NEW YORK.?Fare ? jj*Only I2K cents ?The spleudid aud commodi W ~3T oik steamer PASSAIC, Uapt. John Oaffy, being completely aud elegantly relUtml, commenced her regular lri|is lor the season on Thursday, I larch ID?leaving as follows ? Foot of Barclay at. New York, at 10 o'clock, A. M., aud 4 o'clock, P. M. Centre wharf, Newark, at half-past 7 o'clock, A. M.aud half past 1 o'clock P. M. Ou Sundays, the Passaic will leave New York at 10 A.M. and 4 P. M. Leave Newark at Iralf-past 7 A. M. aud at 2 o'clock, P. M. H7" Freight ofevery description carried at reduced prices. au!8 lm*r _|din THE MOST INCOMPARABLE OF B. JnEXCURSIONS is to Hoboken.?A change Le4 V 1 0f scene is not ouly esseotial to health, bin a great source of enjoyin -nt in the summer season, to the residents of a crowded city. For this, n -thing can cornpar with a jaunt to Hoboken, to those who cnu lease New York onli for a few hour . Its shady and diversified walks lions the river?the invigorating breezes f om the water?the picturesqtr beauty of the seen-'y?til" many hue and commanding vi wt niesentrd from th s .inmit of Castle Point and other points in these eii'-hantiug grounds?the romantic rite of the S, hit's Cav,?the delightful verd re of the Elysian Fields enlivened in III afternoon by an ewellcn' band ef music, all couspire to render this by fur the most faVjiite place ot summer resort. Access is rendered easy by lha Barclay, Coial -n d Chriatopli r street Ferry Boau, which ply constantly during the day and evening an!8 2w*rc iAB FOR NbfW "OilLEANS",?To Sail Wednesday, rf*fV31st inst?Louisiana and New York Line?Positively SMMawslirst and oulv Regular Packet?The very last sailiug packet slop LOUISVILLE, llapt. M Hunt, will sail as I ab'Ve. ' For freight or passage, having handsome furnished accommodations, apply on hoard at Orleans wliarf, foot of Wall st. rto E. K. COLLINS St CO. M South st.. Agents in New Orlnaut, Hullui It Woodruff, who will promptly forward all goods to their address. Ureal care will be taken to have the goods hy this line cor recily measured. Shippers will please send in their bills of lading this day and to-morrow, and passengers will he on koird, loot of Wallst., on Wednesdiy, 31st inst, at 12 o'clock, at which time the ship w II sail. au29 FOR LIVERPOOL-Packet of 1st September? MrwVTlir well know * fast sailing imcket slop 47AM ?MMHimBRID(iE,Captain Btrslow, will sail punctually ** above, her regular da/. This ship has vriy extensive and comfortable areomm darions for cabin, second 1 abin and steerage passengers, at reasonable rates, if early application b- n ndc on boird, or to W. & J. T. TAP8COTT. an 20r 13 Peck si p. or ',2 ,,i, , -t, , nr,.er .Join-- line AiSS" FOR SAVANNAH?To sail on the 30'b inarant NNpSV1'" superior fa-t sailing m w barque WESKEAO, JW^KasCai t Spaulding, will positively it I as all >ve, In r r gular day, and e>n handsomely accommodate a limited num her of a, cond canin passengers at moderat rates, if e riy application ba made on hoard tlit- tempi, ai pier 12 F.'st River or to JOHN HERD MAN, au29ee CI South slree:. FOR LIVERPOOL?Old Black Bsll 1 "ine of MbjWgV Packets?Packet of the 1st September.?The spit nilid MllHks?ell known packet slim AMBRIDGE, Captain Bar.fuw, will lie despatched as above, her regular day. For passage either to or from Live-pool, having superior accommodations, apply to JOHN HERD MAN, Gl street. N. B?Drafts can he fti nished for any amount, payaklr lirouglaiu. the United Kingdom. Apply as akove ?u27in PACKET FOR HAVRE?(Second Line).-The MMRJy."hip UTICA, Fred'k Hewitt, Maatrr, will ?ail on JMMKbIIk' 1st Srpiember. BOVD It HINCKEN, Agents, a't > Tontine Building*. PACKET SHIP SHERIDAN, from LivtrrnioiTu discharg t ina under general ordi r, at Orlrana wharf foot ol Wall it Consignees will please attend to receipt oftlnir goods. ?.u26 r POMEROY A CO'8 NEW YORK. ALBANY, TROY 1 BUFFALO, CHICAGO AND CANADA PACKAGE EXPKF.89. leaves every Evening. Sundays esrepted, lor the shore named and all intermediate places. Office No. J Wall street. New York. aul7 r eft NOTICE TO WAOO.N BUILDERS?The sun. ' as ' srriber, Proprietor of New York Tattersalls. will ) make liberal advances in Cash, on all New Light Wagons sent to liise stablishment for sale. Builder* in the rely u|h>ii having every attention paid to theirorders. For further particulars, aato terms, Ac, apply to GEO. W. MILLER, au t? Proprieto-"r v 41* Broadway. HOTEL DE (.'EUROPE, No. 8 Broad Street. r"PllE Proprietor having removid to No I Broad street, and 1 opened this eslabliihment for the convenience of the eat mr public, solicits In* Inends and others to give him a call. Every delicacy of tlie season may he had here, and every thing served up in the most recherche style, the bar is supplied with good Wines ami l.i<|iiors at all times Table d'Holr, at 3 o'clock. Citizens and strangers will And this an admirable place to to down town, being so near business. N. B. Private Rooms may be bad for parties or single gen tlemrn, furnished. autO lm*r IMPORTANT TO THE PUBLIC. ALL who with to economize can obtain Clothing of the heat ijualily remarkably cheap, at 203 Canal street, one door west of Hudson. Also, a large assortment of Cloths, Cssaimeres, Veatings, and Summer Goods, from which Clothing of pHcea, 206 Canal itr rt. jel9 !lm*r MADAME COSTELLO. PKMALK PERIODICAL PILLS, guaranteed in every raae F where the monthly jierind* hare been irregular, from rnlda, or other cauaee. Their certainty of action h.i? lonit been acknowledged by the medical proieaaion. ami hundred* that hare utrlratlv tried rarioua boaited remtdiea; indeed, ao aure are theae pilla in their elfrrta, that care ia anmetimra neeeaaary in their nae, though 'hey contain no medicine detrimental to the cnnatitntion. Advice given gratia to all who uae the pilla, by Madame Coatello, 34 Liapenard at, where tlie pilla are aold genuine. Price t1 per bo*. aui? lw*r TO THE LADIES. DK. HULL'S UTKRO ABDOMINAL SUPPORTER. THIS new Inairumetit for the radical cure ofTrolapaua Uteri a- or Falling of the Wi.mli, by external application, tuperaeding thenar of the ohj-ctional Peaaary, ia recom mended to the pfflirted aa the meant of perfect reatoration to health, it never hiving failed of performing a enre, even under the moat aggravated cireumtuncta. The Snpt>otter haa attained a very high claracter in Kurnpaa w II at inthiaco >ntry. It ia adopted to the entire dilute of peaaartea.and all other |Miaful anrgical expedient',in ihe Lying n-Hotpilala of Landnn and Paria, and it uriiveraally r. commended in Europe by medical men of the highrat lank. In ihia country it ia tusfained by thp Iraduur m?mbera of the ftrnltiea of Tollegea and Hoapitala, and by all the eminent private practitioner!. Rooma hare been fnrnithed rxrliiatvely for ladiea, at No. 4 V*.a?v wfrPAf. Knvintr a ifnar&Tr ciifmnre from tht> hu?in<?a ..nrfmVnt, wlirro * lady i? in eon.tant ?ti'inl?n'f, lo apply Tniun and Bnpportera Ui female patienta. auM lm"r BOXTtOl V(l.?A If* aeircl boardrra will be uiron to a gn I teel and r'tiwFUMf family Annl* at N?. V?4 Enltnn at pAI'KH ? Am?' Ruled Letter and Knolarap Paper, for >al>' a in Iota toauit i nrcliaaern, at verv low i ritea, by PERUSE V BROOKS, an24 r Nn.SI Liberty ntreet f"[NCURRifNT MONfcY of all kind* pure bawd at the be.t market ralet, by 3. J. SYLVESTER, nil nt tt Wall at. ami IM Broadway. P*OU D'RIN EH WIRES-Oi, 64, and 71 inch Foadriner Wire. E from the m<??t appmeed manufactu itiK eitabliahmrnta ill England, jnat received and fur aale hv a .77 PER3SE It BROOKS, til Liberty at, fOKl'LuUfcOL t-biVlALfc. ftLaLCi. T^HESE far-fame I and celebrated Pilla, from Portngd, are, * we jrercetye, to be obtaiDft} |n thia country. See artTrrtjae meni an the laat column niV la BANK NOTE PAPKR-M,Mo'ar.eeta Bank Note 1'nprI, ol <' ttaon tnannfacmre, a r try taper lor article, j it at revived and for sale by PEH88R It BROOKS, aallt II Liberty atrcel. ??? I A Mrs KM EN rs. ftAUK ') HKATHK. " MEDOCED i lTir>> TJi- ADMIMtON Kinl Circle of Bo** , - ? c?o-. H*Co>d end Third Ciiclt ,? < rnu Pit JlS r. i ,l Oellary I.-', ci r.ti Tin- \i?iucrr b*r? moat it >|.criliiliy to aiicntuir* ilu: 11 r Piik Thi aire will ni?o for thejeaaon on MONDAY NEXT, AITOt'ATn. Wlieu w iil hi in rlLim-d t "li in .1 i i>. POOR GENTLEMAN Sit liolwit Bramble, Rurton | V ederrh IIi" 11 Mi*. Bn nut* Comet OIImmhI, I'lnc-ile | l.i, at \\ . rrh.i 'i i>, llarir Emily \V.Ttl.iiit' it, Mb . Ilildreth I'ii eijnelur w ?tii PAUL PRT. Paul P.y, Hiiiiimi | ( i I. in 1 W !e, I ;,..-ide Elita, Mi - Hut. hi 1T7* D?'iii? optit *1 ' uVlnitli ami llm 11 rtii'iu ii.i w ill .-out* MM H half-patt 7. ________ NIHUi'ii t. A K Unl. ff>* extraoVjdTnuy ATTHA<*TION.._ . TUIUMI'I I \ N'T 71' (It ('emir PilHlcWHrtlt 0/ THE M(il T OW L, In wlicb tl..- *1. I.VVKI. K AMU V i-r.d COMPANY I- i nn L. . I I !.'!. ii 'i iled ! erf* ! ii * 1...>ii. ? uh KNTHl'SIA"* i Ii Utl. l ATIO.N. MOND A V h\l- -i\i i "i y ni ri..iuoie:;t* * ill c n ;i HI. ' . ,1. t tll(A l; II'. ! II I m Ahi * i. 'J Hl" Wild (I : T! I M mi Duboi , K .i.iii It . I i i' , L, Haul J h>rd, <'ab-iel Rati I i., ,-i Jvl Wrllt Chun, A One HaVrl I Oltioer Ill.t.l M <>nt Serfeuli, Mi ll litturriii' I A J .il r, E'etin Serjeant, Jerome H-.v. I | Vi'n.e Sepi u) M'rn J ltafel Jan.ltn, M'ile Deutm .11Aflur .< ti eh. Quartet of ar,'t it.i.-,rr us.. mill be alio* 'd ii - I in-', menla in tin- (innij Hxloou. To be nifrrrilr;! by .AN OVERj UKE Alter which, 15th timr. will be i i xiucail amagnificent C 'tr.i Pantomime rail, d MAZULME, OR THE NIGHT OWL ' Mazulme, ti e Niche Owl, Mr Weilt (1 lit*valit i Btriaco, Jerome Ra*?l Enule, Gabriel Ravel Mactou, Anionic Have), Mont Uauteran Mariana, a laior Peatant, M'uit Jerome Rnvei Julie, her daughter, M'llc D.utreville Zulima. a ( ireaaan-n Sieve, Mitt Wellt To conclude with a view of the Maguii cent Palace of MAZULMEI The whole to conclude will THE PROMENADE Ml'8.". ALE. r7r.Th. proprietor rt-iirctfully informs the public, thai I compliance with the withea nl uumvn ua vititt.ra, this macl a..mired |?rt ol the entertniuinenta. will be giTen alter the per formaneei in the Saloon art net. Acting Manager, .Mr. hippendalu Mutical Leadtrand Director, Mr r.Wnotl Tickets?50 cenIt Door* open at aeveu o'clock. Kut> riumneuia Co conn. it. at etitht. CHAfHAM THKA'TRH, BE v EKlT OK >1R. ? . KORREST. MONDAY EVENING, August 2ntli. 11)42, will bt th , 1st of jack i Ale. Jack Cade, E | W .1 Wortby, J R Srott Mariatnii.e, Mu J Clnton lu thecoune of the evening. Two Overluret will lit-performed by tlie Orcheatra. To conclude with the Ea rn nf A MATCH IN THE uAKK. Capt Ceuitne., Hield | O'Eliui, Blaka Ellen Martden, Mr> T<(orn? Pii et? Kiral Tier, iO centa ; Pit, *5 cruu ; Upper Tier, n 1-2 centi. II / ' Doort will open at7?Cuitaiu will rite at quartet belo t o'clock precisely. Box Oilier open daily from 9 to 6, where Tickets may l>? pnrrn*??tl alio place! Mf urrd. VAVXHALL GARDES, GRAND BALL NIGHT. THIS EVENING, Auguu r'Jth?To . eminence at I o'clock in the Saloon, with the v-nnb-v ilie of LOVE IN HUMBLE LItE Intrrmiaainu m hour, after which A GRAND BALL, In the op ii garden on the Featira) Floor. Tickeu 25 renti. To-morrow, Tueaday, Benefit of Mr. Browu, Oficei of the Garden. au29 ll*r<(| CASTL.E GARDEN. SPLENDID EXHIBITION. La?t night but one una ar*a?n 01 (lie grand BOMBARDMk NT OK THE CITY OF VERA CRUX, By the Kreuch Fleet under Admiral Baudiu. Which h*f been pronounced to be owe of the moat magnificent ipcctaclrs that bat ever been pr duced in thu city, com priiinic among oilier fiiea the inoit choice aud rare, one of tha uinst .uoeih,,grand aud impoaing diaiday* that haa ever been achieved by the Pyrotechnic Art. The grain! rxhihuiou of FIREWORKS will take place on THIS EVENING, AoruaitSih, IMS. Willi the following new and beaatilul pieces**THE PRIDE OF AURORA. Du'iug me evening aeveral .mall MGNTGOLFIEH BAI.LOONS Will a ceud fiom thr Garden. A beautiful niece km wn a. the INDIAN PALMETTO. A beantitul aud in-ignilicei t piece called the CHINESE PLANTAIN TiGE. A lira and auperb pier, called THE FLOW E K OF PEKIN. LARGE MARINE SIGNAL LIGHTS. The whole to conclude with ihe chef d'envre .d Firewoik, callrrl the BOMBARDMENT OF THE CASTLE OF ST. JUAN D'ULLOA AND CITV UK VERA HI Z. yj*ADMITTANCE i5 CENTS, Children hall-price. .11120 IleC _ _ _ AMERICAN .ill'MMl'M ANf> GAUD . ? ?' CORNER OK BROADWAY AND ANN STRIKT ouiar.ite St.Paul'*! hurcli. p. t. bahnum, manager. WONDER Ob i UEATION. Incrrusrrf K.i citttnent. ||jh" lu c6nh<-f)ntin v oi'ti.'- ii i.icii-c i ,invi - <? I.'a,lie . ru d Gentlemen which lav* vi-.itrd the Muv mil duiiik ? l:i?t week, and being aware tl. it u u '. ?t j.? i?-??u-* !. -\? 1 n unable to ire the Mfclt.MAll), who uo m >h u< ?*1 doin^ , the Miaafci rli . . 1 with the proprietor to exhibit t th.- Mi . tun, f?-i ci \ ? L more, the ureateNt curb >> in t v il.l RK.1L Utllir.L'IU) / No Kxtra rho;,* for A h> -on u? tin- V inn. In order to arcumniH! it?* T11?* unrnm ninelu r of visiioi-t which diilv ntr-'inl hen-, tl>rr< will.tb * w.d. !? / NpJcudid day I KIIKOH\J A * < L t VKK\ ii- J kknoo.V commcnci' v if InVI.i t-ih . it ?u..srir* ? in in i?mj k precise h the a ru llm ? in th. ? n iv Mr H mil ton, the c? I lm vu i.ui i \ rtnl <,?I -f fiom B?? ton, is m.M.v i aJ t'i v. r i i. I. j . t?. I, who i ail be eon. ii tci'in r : tu !?? ",. * 'i lyh r, tin vm Aiist h iii the I' 1: t e?I ut l ilivt < e I SIP, UIWliO bill', r A'C 1Mb f <1,. Blow oia, ami 'kxi.iniii curiosities. Admittance to ih< whole, Vlii'i iini, Girfn snd cnteri.ininriits, Z'i cents?U i dirii lo ll p'ln a HIM.'S NE \V TOHK if i Vl l M 2J2 B oadway, opposite City Hall. IN order to complete the ct'tnsivr siteisiion- ad iu 'o incuts which are n .lergoinc ''h snhacTibri ?> I ! >hli, to drf. r openm.- nnil MnmUi. S . tnniier ltk-M uiat lim- itpledges Sun elf to show (hp | U r our i f the no ' tuau m it and re lined idicea of aiiiusruu nt to bp I ui,<! m On- United Sutra Nothing shall i r wtnling to make this *c'"vlitltuii nt one which will keep iu aland a* not only ca enisled to "tutto , but lustrnrt. All offensive rxoihiiinua rigidly avoided. V v. iy department managed niotrwilii a apiiittu pleaic than for mimediate gain. The Fiiat Hall, braidra brinit filled with the mn.t choice and va uable apt cimrnanl N ture and Art that ran be produced in the vi oild, will be furniahed with ice crt ama, c? nfr. titvnsry, fruit, >in<'every delicacy the market can afford. To accommodate 'hoar ladies and kc lb men who faror us with a call, a lull and efficient Bawl of Slueievill always be m attendance; and in short every thing will t r to make this establishment the most delightful resoit for tho>e who seek amusement sad instiuciion romhined. The Lecture Hooni lias been repainh d and decorated, and there will be no entrrtainm-nt p odu rd th ra which can fail to amuse or instruct the most refined. For particulate see billa for n it Monday. suit lm*r TO THE AMATEURS OF THE ACCORDION! SIGNOR L. MaHTI.M having succeeded in bringing tha delightful instrument into ratensiveand favorable notice I Kurupe; and having develoiied the iiowers and cansbilitiss of the instrument in two Elrmrntaiy end Practical Treatises which have been extensively adopted in France and England, bets leave to inform the public generally, that he it about republishing copious extracts from the above works, which will shortly be issued from the Press of Messrs Fi'th It Hall. 8IGN0R MARTINI will be happy to give iu heart of playing the Accordion, at hit residence, M Caual street, or ar the residence of Pupils. And be ftdleisuaivlf that those Ladies aud Gentlemen who may avail t'lemsulves o his professional terriers, will make moid and agree itila advan cct, tt hit method is simple, clear and progressive, aul't 3m*r DAGUERREOrYPE APPARATUS, NEW PATTERN. V. A. ARTAULT It CO., IM* FULTON STREET. nnHI3 beantifol ait haa arrived at inch perfection, that two A hoars instruction it ?uflout toobuia a pen eel knowledge of it?which will he aieeti gratia to thoa" who pa re ha ae the op Piraluft at theatort of F. A. Co. I68H FnlUm at reef, rice of >he anparitua complete Tiriri from to 10 $100 Alio ?Aeromafic Lewi, French plates, hyposulphat* of Hod*, tri poll, bromine, chloride of iodine, chloride of gold. lie. Also. inormoco easrs, anil * ?ood wpHr nrw fminrs, gthedaad paste board. K. A. A'Uult k Co. are constantly rreritiag from raris all kinds of fancy aiticlcs ol tbe latest invention. au?8 loi" r GERMAN QUAHTETTO?1Thr Orrmaii Quartrllo lakes much plra?arr to inform the ( uhlic moat rraprctl'nlly, that ihey <re now |>rr|*rr<l for F.vening Srrenadrs la the tudiah I or (Jrrman lanaiia#e, on tin* moat n-awnable terms. For |s?rticiilars, pirate impure al Mr H. THORBKCK t. lit Hester at. upatana. aeS t?n*r rpHkTTNKWBt ROH ANNUAL RLOATTA. whteti was ' niinuidrd to mar off on the I7ih inat. Iiaa barn . otliomd until Wrdnradti, thr 3lat. Thrra ara to he three Racea tor, amounting to Four Handrail and seventy Dollar*, to be aw.rdrd to tha aurraaalul competitors in Golal. Kint Kacr? for thr Nawbnrah Amatmr Association Purse of ID), by si*oarrd hosts. to Or distributed aa follow Firat Pnte |ISj aaeond SM>; third JtO, arcond race (or the Villa*# Purs. of fit}, by fou-o< red heats, to hr distributed aa foilowaJ?Firt Prise, f 100: second $u>; third $2). Tnird Race lor the New Windsor Pnrir of $?, hy rcifl*? Firat Trite $3}; arcond $ IS?diatancr to br rowrd, thrar milaa and repeat. Thr rare will take placr in the Bay opposite New Worth, at 2 o'clock, T. M. Ciaht of thr neighboring towns and Tillages ere toeitrd to join in tha Regatta. Rule* and mentations to govern the racr will be annoaoead in a faw days. All communicationa on thr subject addressed to JAMtl BV'.LKN AP, frcratary of the Nrwburjh Amntenr Association, will br proinptlv attrndrd to. VV?l.nwk Aot. S 1 Si9 ??SC ilS. THIS Day ii published, by V. Qnarre, tto|.? a new periodical i 1 entitled THE A RTIST, A monthly Lady'a Book. Tin w< rk will he coinpn wd oflitertry article, by the mo?t eminent Ameritiii and Foreign au ho,?. The embelliahneti't of " Tor Artiat, which will he mote .mmetoua than in any publication of aaimitM nature. Mr in an nhrelt n? w ?lylr; inaterd of heiiu mete cntcravinxa in black, " they will preaent the brilliant hnca of nature; tW Portrait,, Flow era, I.?n?lsct|.< a, *\ d Kaahiona with which it will he mm nenfeil, will be elm bed in thi ir ayvrovriMe color., "The Artiat" will contain coin d enzmrin ? of the lateat Pari* Kaah>on?. wt'h mirnte da?cri| t ona of tin o. and n- v? and well .elected ptecri ' ( Mnaic by th,. moat celebrated compt Mil. ouhariiplion?three do" ra per ani nm, payable in advance, or which one number will hr rernlarlv untitled < vci month. nbarriidiona leceivrd .t thu office n " "I 'l- Artiat," No. fit Reade Street, near Hrmdwav. N. v* Vo U. Note?The nature id tliia wink, md the ureal care w th which it will he cxecnttd, will . impel the rroptiernr t jnih iah onla ? limited nntnhcr of e. pi a, Old h cannot Hi refnre, w lib any eertaintv, ensraye tofhrmdi the nnnaWra of "The A tiaf. ' r\ rrptm* toaubacrlbera ao?.t lw*i l\K. JAM KB ALKXANDKIl HOlsTuVh icinovr t l-7 hit t'onauLTtrio flSww.- i., N.,. t llc.ini.n It n.ioa? cornerof Naaaan andt te2juin.ic

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