Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 2, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 2, 1842 Page 1
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TH Vol. VIII.?Ho.2lt - VI holt Mr. 3WU3. ' REGULAR PACKETS. NSW LINE OK LIVERPOOL rACKET#. ,Jlfroai New Vork ou the 2ith and Liverpool ??the l*h of each ^^MteS NtwTon*. Ship 81DDONH Caeuiu E. B. Cobb, lith Aun?' 8hn> MHEIubAN. CapUn.K. A. Dei.ey.ier.XRbSeptem r MJo!> (JARHICK. Capiaiu Wm. Bkiddy, 2SUi October. Kip ROSCIL'9, Captain John Colline, lith November. Kaon Liv?:arooL. at monirir /'...tain VV..I Hlniiilv 11th Anvmt. Ship K8scW? Ci|iUio Jnhn CoTlitu, 13th Ke|>teinber. ginn HID DONS, Cuntiln E. B. Cobb, 13th Octobr6. Ship SHERIDAN, Capiain F. A. Deiwyster. 13Ui Nornn'i These illila are all of the iirat class, upwards of 1000 unu, built la the city ol New York, with anch imirovrmcnts ?' combine great apeed witli unusual comfort for jtassengera. Every care has bei-u taken in uio arrangement ol their accommodation The pncr of paasage hence la $1110, for which ample atorea ?P ha provided. Theaa ahipa are commanded by experi^soad masters, who will make every exertion to rite general satisfaction Neither the captains or owners ef the ships will be responsible for any Utters, parcels or aaokagna sunt by them, unless regular b 'ls of lading are signed therelor. The* aipe of this line will hereafter go ariaed, and iheir j.eculiar coustrtiction girea tliem security not possessed by any other hair vessels of war. ?or freight oi passage, apply So kl. K. COLLINS St CO., 56 South st,, New York, or to WM. Si J A 8. BROWN fc QP.. Liveriwl. Letters by the packets will be cl arged U'b cents per single sheet; SO eente per ounce, and uewspapara 1 cent each, auljr NKW YORK AN? HAT UK PACKETS. (SRCONV LINK.) m M. iTieaTupsof this hu^vHI hereafte^eTre Nf w^trkon the latarid Marre on lire 16th of each mouth, as follows : JFVum AVv York, from Havre. The new ship ONEEDA, ( 1st Marh i 16th April Captain < lit July < 16th August Jam,* Kunck, t 1st November f 16th December Ship BALTIMORE, 11st April ( 16th May Captain < 1st August < 16th September EdwardFunck, ( let DeeeemW 16th January ShipUTICA, I lit May I 16th June Captain < 1st Septernb'rf 16th October; Frederick Hewitt, ( 1st Jannary f loth February Kaw shipST.NICOLAS, t lat June I 16th July Captain < 1st October < 16ih November. J. B. Pell, . ( 1st February' 16tn March The accommodations of these ships are not surpassed, combining all ling may be required for comfort. The price of cabin passage is $100. Paasenv ,s will be supplied with every requisite, with the exception ol" wines nnd liquor*. Gooils intended for these vessels will be forwarded bv the subscribers, free tmm any other than the expenses actually mUnrred on them. Fur freight or passage, apply t* si BOYD It HINCKKN, Agem. 9 Tontine Bnildincs. fOR NEW ORLEANS. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS. Jvtm i For & e hatter accemmodution of ship|>enu it lsmtendrd to duanarch a ship from this i>ort on the 1st, 5th, roth, 15th, 20th, and 35th ul each month, commencing the 10th October ami continuing until May, when regular days will be appointed for the remainder of the year, whereby great delays and disappointment! will be prevented during the Rummer mouths. Tn* following ship- will commence this arrangement ; v a iron t- n fillip OCONEfc, Captain jacksou. Stup MISBISSim, Captain Hilliard. fillip LOUISVlLLE.Cantaiu Hum Sliip BHAKSFEARE, Captain Miner. Ship (IAHTON. Captain Latham. Blup flUNTSVILLE, Captain Mumfbrd. Ship Ot.'.MULOEK, Captain Leavitt. finip NASHVILLE, Captain Dtcklnaen. Ship \lXMPHI8, Captain Knight. Blnp LOUISA, Captain Mulfovd. These ship# ware all Imilt in the city of New York, axpreasyfor packet!, are of light draft of water, hare recently been : wly cuppered and pnt in iplvndid order,with accommodations lor ]>assengers unequalled 'or comfort. They are commanded >y experienced mastrra, who will make eetry exertion to give Ieueidl sawsfactiou. They will at all tunes ba towad up and own the Mississippi by steamboats. Neither the ownera or captains of theae ahipa will ba respontibla L r jewelry, bullion, precioua atonca, silver or plated ware, er for any Utters, i arc el or package, sent by or put on board ol team, unices regular bills of lading are taken for tha same, and the value (hereon expressed. Ear freight or passage, apply E. K. COLLINS It CO..* Booth at., or HULLIN ?t WOODRUFF, Agent in New Oilcans. who will promptly forward all goods to tlieir address. Tha snipe of thU fine are warranted to sail punctually aa advertised, and great care will be taken to have the goods correctly naaau red. m4 OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. M M 'I'HE OLD LINE of PackeU lor Liverpool will Hereafter be I despatched in the following order, excepting that when the day of sailing falls on Sunday, the ships will sail ou the succeeding day. For New York. For Liverpool. The SOUTH AMERICA, C June 1 July 19 616 tons, < Oct 1 Nov 19 D. G. Bailey, f Feb 1 Mar 19 The ENGLAND, I June 16 Aug T 7S0 tons, < Oct 19 Dec 7 B. L. Waits. (Feb It April 7 The OXFORD, I July I Aug 19 990 tons. - Nov 1 Dec 19 J.Kathbone, I March 1 April 19 The EUROPE, {July 19 Sept 7 610 tons, \ Nov it Jan 7 E. Ci. M trahall Mar M Mty 7 Tha NORTH AMERICA, Aug 1 Sept 19 618 tons. > Dec 1 Jan 19 A. B. Lowber. April 1 May 19 The NEW YORK, ( Aug 19 Oct 7 900 tni?. Dec 19 Feb 7 T. B. Cropper. April It June 7 TMtyAMDKIlJUl,, V?*Pl I " 8M tons, < Jig 1 Feb 17 W.CBrtow.fMiy 1 June 19 Tbe COLUMBUS, i Sept 19 No* 9 700 low, s Jan 19 Mar 9 O. A. Cole. (May 19 July 7 Punctuality, as regards the day of sailing, will be observed as kemiofore. Tbe price of passage outward is now fixed at One HundrsJ Dollars. Tor whicn ample stores of ever* description will be provided, with the escc|>tion of wines and liquors, which will be furnished be the stewards. GOODHUE It CO , 64 Sooth st, C. H. MARSHALL. 38 Builing-slip, N. T. Jo*< lyh BARING BROTHERS k CO.. LV>ol. wrvr YORK AND LIVERPOOL REOULAR COM MERC1AL LINE OF PACKETS. Sailing to and from Liverpool Weekly. M M. 0k M TJLDESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE, 61 SOUTH STREET. The snbscriber in annoancinx his arr*npemrnti for the year 1M2, appears befope his frirndi with sentiments of sincere respect for the able support he has received for many year* pail.? lie likewise wishes to call the attention of those intending to cod for their friends residing in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales; that they can at all timet be accommodated by this line, bv weekly opportunities from Liverpool, as well as by all the well known different lines of packet ships, sailing to and from Lirerpool on tbe 1st, 7th, 13th, 19th and 2Jth of each month throughout the rear. It has always been the stndy of the subserieer to have the emigrant* shown civility, and despatched without delay, and bow who send for their frieuds may rest satisfied thst every due aoddiligentattcntion will he given by the Liverpool agent* so those sent for,as well as sail who may embark with them, and should any of those whose passage has been paid not emberk, the money will be refunded without any charge. The snbecribei feels a pleasure in making known the differ est ship* by which his passengers eame out dnring the last year, which has given general satisfaction, and that he has considerably extended and concluded his arrangements for the year L843, The following is a list of ships ? fektps Scntluid. Kobinseu. Ships Alabemian, Lane. Fairfield, Wilson. Priutice, Hopkins. Frankfort, RuaselL Tyrone, Biieare. Russell Glover. Hews*. Wales, Watta. Hibaroia, Wilson, Westchester, Ferris. Alfred, Cheever. Osceola, Child*. ClifXeo, IngerselL St. Cloud, Emerson. Louisville, Allen. New York, Niven. Ssbieskie Kmersou. Warsaw, Griffiths. Oswego, Wood. Ocean, Willard. Talbot. Store*. N. Hampshire, Harding. l'wwhei, (1 >. xlaianaoa. Robert Haae! True man. Virginia, K .ton. Europe, Btlcnrldor. 8. Jenkins, Seymour. A free pmiwr from the different porta of Ireland and Scot land, can alaobe necnred, and dralta furai?hed for any amount. I Ryable at the National and Provincial Banki of Ireland and tir re spar lire Imnchen, and also on Maaar*. J. k W. Robinaon, Liverpool, which ar? paid frea o* any chaise, throughout the Culled Kingdom. Far farther particular! apply to JOHN IIERDMAN, ?l Sooth atraet ar J. It W. ROBINSON. 16 Oorea Piaaaaa, and PUB No. I Neptime at-. Waterloo Pack. Liverpool TtAk! NATIOATION BETWEEN ANTWERP AND NEW TORK, rjJl?SOVTHAMPTOH. BELGIAN STEAMER BRITISH QUEEN. _ , F. Evobholt, COMMarvDBl. The d?ya of departure ?l Una well-known Steamahip, hare been flxad aa follows : From Antwerp, from Southampton, From New York, On ?ih Mae. IMS. On 7th May. IMS. On Ttl. June. IS42 '*w? ? ISth Jnly, " 7th Aug., Ttb Bejw. lath Sept. " 7tl> Oct., " Price of raaaare, maaia not incladed. to Southampton or Antwerp. iTfr-StewanTa fee., *2 The meala will he rAvrd on hoard, en the plan of a continental hotal, in the Wat Winner, arid at tried and moderate pricra. pna<emt<re being only "banted when partaking ol the earn*. The prce of paaaage lo either of tha above porta can alio be u?gen .f preferred, with meala and ateward'a feea melnded for 807 S2H aenta.eaclnaire of winea. An oaparienaed Surgeon accompaniea the ahip. For freight or passage, or rny further information, apgily to H. W. T.A H. MALI, Agenta, sSISm'r 4_l Bearer a treat. FARE AND FREIGHT REDUCED. REGULAR MAIL LINE FOR TKOVIDENCE AND BOSTON, via SW.NlNGTON AND NEWPORT, comEi of the following aapeiur atcamera, running in roiateewith the Stomngton and 11< vidence, and Boeton and Proace Railroada? MASSACHUSETTS, Captain Comatock. RHODE ISLAND. Caputs Thayer. NARRAOANSEfT, Captain WocRey. MOHEGAN, Captain Vander?ilt. One ol which will leave New York daily, (Sandayi eicepted) front Tier No. 1, North Rivtr, Battery Place, at five o'tlock, P. M. Aiiaianr.Mrait. The RHODE ISLAND, on Monday and Friday, for Stoning on, and l'ue>diy, for Stontturtun, Newport and Prove ace. The MASSACHUSETTS, on Tueadav and Saturday, (or Stomngton, Newport and Proridenee, and Thuraday for Stoninwtcn. rumengrrt an the arrival of the ateimere at Stoniagton, may mite the Railroad Cars and proceed immediately to Pruvi derne and Boston. Freight taken at the (Mowing mneh rednred ratea To Boatun, on gooda weighing (hrry pminda or upwards to h' collie SmW, at %5 X per ton, atfd on measurement goods 7 SiE&jusBrsr sous sunt mil Mar Jfc" * E NE NE1 MISCELLANEOU'S. ' UNITED STATES TEA EMPORIUM, 121, tor 129 Chatham Urtt, Aim l'or&. WHOLE9AI.R AND RETAIL. THE CANTON TEA CO-.PANY eouliuoe to offer for E Mir or w and fragrant Teai ol rrery earirty and atyle.? Tin I r aaaorttm-ut atwciaily m< ludea the moat delicioua and powerful grades ol (rrreu aud black, E?rry package bears thr stamp of uraturia aud elegance, and th? Teas therein are so (liLkrouL'hlv uu>artu) iVrtin iiirkt aanil ?ir alunt t? ? ir <auahl v* wild |n>wer will remain unimpaired in any climate. Their system ol prosecuting busiucas is perhaiu jcaiceiy to be excelled. It is touuded u|K>n the almost regard to ttie rignts of thr custrmer, especially with reaped 10 weight and quality, and uurivallu i cht.i, iiran. All purchasers aia called upon to return any articlea which fail la ?ive litem the fullest satisUeUon, when the money will he cheerfully and promptly refunded. Country merchanta, public eslatiluhineius, head of tamilira, and elnpinasters, will find it a decided adrantagu to supply tlicmseiree from this ritabliahinunt. t ofTee roaaced erery day. Orders Irom all parts of tha Uniteu Sutaa executed with promptitude and deipatch. . [n* flu only waruhouao in America for the sale af Hon;uii celebrated Black Tea. ?u2f lin'r thkTold united states cap, stock, shirt AND OILED SILK MANWACTOKf. JOHN M. DA VIES & JONES, SUCCltSOB TO LUKE DAV1E8 ?t hon, 100 William attes t, comer John, Sew York. PURCHASERS will at all times fiud she moat extensive aa1 soilmeul m 'die United State a, of toe following aiticlea, on the most reaonahle terms, wholesale and retail. Cara for gentlemen, youth and children of velvet, cloth, m? rino, silk,glazed (ilk, Sic. ke. Full and ;vt trimmed with fur aud plain. Army and .Navy oflicers dress and undress caps. Stocaa of every style and quality?ofsatiu, bombazine, rest ing, kc. made plain, trimmed with boWa, cravat liea, Paha ties, dress apron stocks, Sic. ke. The acrgmuxiTt ol our frami s is well known by the lightness peil'ect fit, esse and elasticity ef every stock. Shirts ol all linen plaiu andfrilli d.ofmuili* plain snd frilled, with linen collars bosoms and wrutb nils of the moat appioved patterna. Fancy cambric shirt* of all qnalitiaa. Lltvxtv collara and bosoina of every atyle and quality, oiled ilk, white, plaid, and fancy, of superior manufacture. Ladies, misies snct c) ildren's oiled silk aprons. Oilkd ailk. medicated, for the cure cf gonr, rheumatism, kc. JaPrAKCD leaiher, lineu and muslin, suitable fer harness and eoaen manufactures, cap I roots, ke kc. The above articlea are made ninler our own inspection, in the best possible mauner and of such ma'eriala and workmanship as will be found on examination equalled by none. To which is added, a superior assortment ol faney articles of various qualities and prices. Gloves, Snspendcrs, Cravats, Scarfs, Umbrellas, IlnndkcrChiefs, Hoisery, Crarat-Stiffners, Guard-Chains, Under Garments of every description and quality, Shdter Knit end Flannel Shirts and Drawers, The attention of the public generally are invited to the above extenaire assortment of goods, many of which are of our own importation and will be sold at such prices as ranuot tail to suit. JOHN M. DAVIES k JONES, auiS lipBr IOC William, comer of Jonn. "STOVES! SluVES!! BACKUS' PATE XT IIA RE FIE R, OR FRUGAL HOU8EWARMER. rPHE Proprietor, in olfering this valuable stove to the pnblic, A would briefly state some of the advantages of heir improvement, which consist chiefly in the follow ing particulars, viz:? 1?To obviate the evil of im- 5?To be capable of affordnura aud noxious gas in ths ing a mild or an intense heat. 2?To generate and diffuse from dual. a warm and wholesome at- 7? To preserve the air of the mosphere in placet exposed to apartment pure and wholedamp and cold. some. 3?To lesson the risk of acci- 8?And t> unite with all dent bv fire. tkoae excellent qualities. an 4?To be quickly kindled elegant and durable article of and easily managed. furniture. T'nia Sto?e is constructed of the beat quslity of Rnsna aheet ion, upon the cylindrical plan?the furnace or lire-i hamber occupying a part of the centre cvlinder, to which ia attached an atmospheric Rarefier upon each side, of a tubular form, and lined throughout. The heal that ia created in the chamber passes between the linings of the two rarefierx (or radiators as they are called] iato the Date at ths bottom, and a current of air continually rushing through the tubes, which are left open at eat h end for that purpose, carries a great amount of rarrtwd or warm air into the apartment. The purity and softness of the air in a room heated by this store are peculiar and remarkable, the heat being diffused from a great extent of surface moderately heated. The heated air, on entering the wings or sides of the store,descends and spreads over the entire urface of the base at the bottom, keeping the colder porttou of the air next the floor in constant circulation? in the meantime preserving it ruirtly from contamination, rendering this Store |>erfectly safe and agreeable lor apartments of invalids, sleeping rooms, 8ic. Mauufac ured by J. be K. BACKUS. Si Bowery, N. Y. N. B. A new article of air tight stores, with rarifiers ; also the new kitchen companion coolt stove, warranted equal to any in use iu this city. Ml lm*r TO DEALERS IN BLACK 1 NO. rPRY IT ONCE?The Eureka Blacking?This is a new ar1 tide of Blacking, and jioasesaes qualities greatly sujierior to all otnev kinds now in use. It softens and preserreathe leather, imparting a brilliant polish with half the nsual labor required in the use of the common Blacking. It further p< tsetses that requisite so long sought for in the peculiarity of the compoeition uever becoming hard dry, or mouldy by age. Dealers in Blacking are requeued to call and receive a sample of the article gratis. Perfect taiisfaclio i warranted in every' csae. Manufactured by J. M. JOHNSON, No. 4 Spruce at. Near Nassau, New York. The firm of Bargees k Co. it this day dissolved by mnlu&l consent. The busiuess in future will be conducted by auXT Im'm J. M. J >HNSON. Nnw toss It Albany Ksil Kosd Connav, X Park Place, New York. 'M'OTICK is hereby riven to the stockholders of the New -1-v York and Albany Rail Road Company, that the President and Directors hare directed a call tor an instalment of five per cent on the Capital stock of the Company, payable on the fifth day of September next. BUDtcr.Ders resident in rsew lorn and westenesler, will pay their instalment to Joaiah Rich, Chairman of the Finance Committre, and Treasurer for the Southern District. 172 Front at. Subscribers resident in Dutchess, Putnam and Columbia counties, will pay thru instalments to Jotia. Akin Taber.of the Finance Committer, and Treasurer for Use .Middle District, in Paw lings. Subscrib rs resident ia Renwelaer county, will pay their instalments to Jonas C. Heart, ot the Finance Committer, and Treasurer of the Northern District, at hit office in tbe city of Troy. By order of the Board, a2laep5r JOS. E. BL.OOMFIEI.D, Secretary. " BUTTONS. J JONES, 26 Piatt sheet, wishes to inform his friends that his new style will not be ready before the first w ek ip September, hut has on hand the Flats and Berel Edges, which he offers at the following prices Best English Brocade#, $1 90 ' French " 2 00 " " Twist, 2 00 " English ' 2 29 Figured Statins, 1 90 Mohair Oeer Coats, 1 90 Several hands wanted. anIT in'r DAGUERREOTYPE APPARATUS. JOHN ROACH, OPTICIAN, 72 NASSAU STREET. tyO ARRANGE a Prrfeci Camera Obscure. require* tome A knowledge of Optic ts Persons wishing to procure un instrument will therefore find it to their bus rest to purchase efan opljcian. au30 m r NEW EXTRACT OF SARS iPAPILLA. THE COLLEGE OF MEDICINE AND PHARMACY TJ AVE just prepared a lane auantily of the fluid eitract ef I 1 Bursay unlit, according to anew and protracted proaeta, by which the active principle of thia valuable drug bu beta obtained in a much larger proportion and purrr form than by any of the common mode* of preparation. The root baa been atlecled of the beat quality?which ia thai produced by the Siutlar officinjilit (of Humboldt and Honplnud,) and growa on the bauka ol' the River Magdalcue, near Baiorque, in Mouth America. The public may now rely on the genuine ami enndenaed e?trael ofthis efficacious root. The valneand ritraordinarv lealoratiye powrra ot thia med*rine, when proprrly prtpartd, are well known. Caaca of arrofula, node a, gout, cutanroua diaeaae, heated alate of the blood, and syphilitic complaint!, will be moat eaaentially benefited by the ua? of thia new and alegatil preparation. Hold in larga hot ilea at 73 renta each. In caaea containing one doaea botllea, $6. Do do do ail botllea, $3 JO. W. 8. RICHAKOBON,Agent. Office of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, auiO lw ia 97 Nntsau a'reet, S. Y. GAZO PNEUMATICS. THt auberriber ia prepared to necute ordera for the Oaio Pneumatic Hydraulic Machine, for naming water any height or quantity, Irom mim-a, or lor water wurka, by lorana of vacuum ; and die simplicity of the machine given it a great advantage over any othei now in nae. an*tlni*r " ? '*** "-'eotee, W Pine at. CHURCH MUSIC?A Gentleman who h ia tied many y ear* practice in Church Singiug. would be glad of a airnSar engaitemcnt. Hia aervicca would be especially valuable to a chnrch, where PsalmouT ia ncrformcJ_wiihlrnt an organ. Any cougicgatlon wishing a person toeondnct, and who would tike nil interest in the improiement of thair singing, may apply tc B. V. L. at the office of tliia piper. ?u71 eml 3t*r DRES8 BOCTB-Lateat riench Style?The e^^Wauhaciiberresprctlully invites dm eitlfna of New tun! fiiminf a Vrge assortment ol Diet* Boots, made in I ?* latent r.ahioli, and of the finest fta'tll? Seat manner OfUtlemcn ean hae* boo', mad* ?? onlei i? the heat imanner it *6 00 orr wiir. w%rran?*d rqual to hbt maOr at ana the nmde^signed take, draw,!, of ,h. W'laatafoe each cu.tomar ha can ensure an 'X the fidlowiM Constantly on hand, Faahiaoabla loot., *c. at the loiwwing redneedpncr. >- ??,ZJ to J.74 Cdf **** i.go to r, no Hall'loooa, ? ? to iw onte^ 8Upt"H>,U" P0^T0H^?^ATKIN^ ' aoM lg?r 114 Fnlton at between Nassau and Untrh. FRENCH IMPOHTED OAITEKH of all eolora of Ka.hinn ; French boota and |?tent MINI, du es ahoae, gaiters, walking sboei and ptjmpn, for men. boy., and rhild,en. Men and boys cheep boota from S2.7J, So. SI,50, and Si par pair. Men'* shoes 7 to 10 and 12? l>er pair ova'shoes JO to 7J rents anil fl.and warr luted food. Ladles, muiri, and ehildretia gaiter boot., hnafcint' walking shoe*. and slipper. ol all colors and site. latest fashions, tie*, bnskina, and .lipa, 7J cetitt to $l,goon la alipper*. Come and lee a coed assortment of the ahovr artirlea at 42 Canal street. comer Broadway, and at 106 Canal at., north-west corner Htitmon at,, at Walk. I a an24 lm*r ~ .ra an TOra-Vv.only re a. on that A. KNOX St CO. ran assign for telling an man) boota ami -ones at the Clinton Boot anil Hlioe Market, *14 Canal at. nortlieaal Comer Pi Hudson Titer?when almost e.erv body complains of bar I limn, is, that they keep goods of the h. at ona'tty and sell them rt prices to snit the times, and it arama as ifalmnat stery b"dv had found thl. not. If ?ny who ead this ahmiM not vat bar* Inaand ottt the store, the aoonerrhay SC.,jJU, f0W) VV YO N YORK. FRIDAY MORfr " MISCELLANEOUS U. a. CITY DESPATCH POST. Pi 'ST OFFICE. New York. JJthJuly, HOURS of DeliTcry each day, (Sunday* eacnpted) at llie Upper and Lower Pu*t Otlke* l.eltr r> u.-jioailed bt-fo'* Half-paat 8 o'clock. AMI l2 J " P M Will be nut ont for deAt all ike Station* be for# . tivery nt 9 AM. and I 7 o'clock, A M and 4 o'clock, P M. II t " P Mj Letter* to be ?cnt Free, mnut hare "Free Stamp* affiled to thrin, otlivrwiae three cenla will be col.rcted or the party to wboin tli* letter it addrrued. No money ma t be encloted in lei tan unlet* re uterad at t >? principal office*. Li*t* ol tbe *lali?na (at all of wliicb "free abnnpa" n??v be |iurcha*rd at %l,M per 190, and erery information may be obtained or. apI'lica'lou at the upper or lower poet office*. Stamp* luued by the late CityDeana'ch l'oat will he recalled It iiidi*i?<n*ablc that the number of the r>sid<ucc should be staled in a,l lilt rs el i through this Pn?t. The Pott Mutrr solicits the earlics' information should ur irrcgulurit es occur. JOHN LORlMKR GRAHAM ;ui28 ly re Pint Muter. OMKROY StCO'S NEW YORK, ALBANY, IHu* BUFFALO, CHICAGO AND cANAUA PACKAOK KXPHESH. t-rery Evhuiu*. Sundays eiccpltd, for the - named a???l all intermediate niacea. Oflice No. 2 Wall strwet, New York. m'7 r Tl) HAIL KOAL) CONTRACTORS. OLALLD PROPOSALS in writing will be received b.' the 1 ' Mohawk and Hudson Rail Road Cam p&uy. until Tu??ilay ihe 6ih d iv of Krirtrmber urvt, at noon, for couslructnuc new section of llol Km! to avoid tie inclined idano at Sjcneuectadv : cuiuienciug ul the Comnsuy's .tore bouse in the city of Schenectady, and inteneetlug Ui" main lino, about three miles frr.iu .aid city. The whole work to be tiiiishcd ou or b.fore the 1st of April next. Proposals mu?t state th- amount in (TOM for ennstruaing llie whole work, including ad nlMWll, lSMtiH iron nil.. Plans and siwcilicatious of the proftos.-n work, tnay he seen at the Company's office at the head of the inclined plane at Schenectady. PropMals to be addruis d to . WM. BANKS, Pre.t, an29 tsdr Office No. J4 broad street, New York. THE TWO GREATEST INVENTIONS OF THE AGE. KENNEDY'S COMPOUND VEGETABLE PREPARATION. UOll The treatment and preservation oi tne Hair-, the only " infallible preservative against b ildocs, and a certain cure for all diseases of the scalp, srvhas d in IruIT, plica potnica, Ac. A", he., including all cutaneous afTection*. This article is pr?pirtd with great can by the inventor and proprietor himself, altera study of ten years, during which his time haa been almost delusively devoted to the |icrfection of this incomparable article Ibi the benefit of the growth and beauty of the Hair. In the mean time, uianv nostrums intended for the same purpose, have arisen end Hi <1, while this rejoices in tne full vigor ol manhood?and is deslim d to live aa long is a fine head ni n <ir is duly Ijmed or its cleanliness and beauty admired. Let those wno nave nine aciirn um give 11 a tme'c trial amine nit no feaia for the malt. It <?uIv r*qu*m to d? known to be appreciated, and when ?Oftp ?rrciated the pTopriet >r t-xpecis to obtain hit reward from a ditcemia^ public, and aatit u uotbefore?he it not afraid of gettitig not or patience. Nearly fire handled certjncatet, t**?tir> itanr to its virtues, ic nil rises for w ich it it intended to be aied, from the most highly mpeeuble individual in various parts in tlie tfiked States, tht Catiad it, file., can be seen at the office of the inventor and inamifactuier, No. 1 Tine street. New York. INVENTION NO. 2. The second invention of modern times, to which we w ould reswctfullv call attention. i? 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Steward, which was taken de bent u*e yesterday, and published iii this morning's Herald. Mr. Hamilton called the attention of the Court to the tact thai Mr. Steward recognised the copy ot the Report he offered inevidenac, us being in his handwriting. Li. Cask being desirous ot making some corrections in Itis testimony ot yesterday, was recalled by the Judge Advocate, and stated as follows :? "1 would state, that from last night's reflection, and from examining a book shown me by the Judge Advocate, ttiat the men I was questioned about yesterday were punished for gelling drunk on board the Kelisf, and 1 also recollect that the ineu who were punished for desertion ran at sail Lorenzo, nine days before these men were punished." Q. By Mr. Hamilton?What was the book shown you by the Judge Advocate 1 A?It purports to be an abstract of punishment from n book kept by the Master-at-arms. Mr. Hamilton said he objected to the Judge Advocate pursuing this course in speaking to the witnesses tor the detence on the subject ot their testimony, after it tiad been given, and showing them documents not in evidence, out of Court. The Judge Advocate replied, he pursued this courbo it order to enable the witness to correct bis own testimony without calling other witnesses to show he was mistaken in his testimony. Lt. Hudson was also re-called by the Judge Advocate at his own request, to correct his testimony, which he did as foilowa " I stated here the other day that the reports presented were both copied by Mr. Steward; at the time I had a firm conviction that it waa so; but 1 have since been informed that it is not so. He was sometimes assisted in his writing by Mr.Power, the Purser's Steward, in the cabin, and he may possibly have written one of those; I do noi know." Q. By Hamilton.?Hid Dr. Guillou keep a journal ascirected by the General Order of 13th September, 1838 I A?I saw no journal kept by him agreeable to that order. Q?Did you see his journal at any time and wDen : it so what was its condition 1 A?1 saw a journal at Honolulu; it was considerably mutilated; there were some leaves torn out. 1 think that was Dr. Guillou's journal; 1 hove no doubt ot it. Q?About what number of leaves were torn out as near as you can judge I A?I can't say how many leaves were torn out; 1 think there were very few in it that were written on. It wa9 a sinalljoumal I think. Mr. Hamilton then read the General Order promulgated by Lt. Wilkes, dated 13th September, 1838, describing the description ol Journal to be kept by the officer* of the squadron, and for which they were to receive extra pay. [This order was published on Dr. Guillou's trial ] Mr. Hamilton then read a general order to the commanders of the Squadron, dated Oct. 12, 1840, directing tuein to instruct the pursers not to credit extra pay to any officer engaged in scientific duties, unless he kept a competent journal, and further,that they should furnish ttie pursers with a list ot the officers, at the end ol each month, not entitled to the extra pa v. Q.?Was the extra pay of Dr. Sickles checked,for not keeping a journal? A ?Yes. Mr Hamilton re id a letter from Dr Guillou to Lt. Wilkes, dated Oct 10,1840, in which he states the portion ol his journal ihat had been cut out related to his urivate a Hairs, hut rciuidiatcs the idea ol his lournal being; mutijated. (This letter wan published on Dr. (iuillou's trial ) Mr. Hamilton read from Lieut. Wilkes' letter book, the order of the dale of July 15, 1838. to which was prefixed an extract of a letter from J K Paulding. Secretary of the Navy, dated July 14th, 1838, ana which formed the basis of the order Tne JrixjK Advocate inquired il Lieut Wilkes had the original of Mr Paulding's letteruieut. Wilkes said it was not in his possession, and he was willing to make oath to that effect. Lieut Wilkes was then sworn, and the following question put by Mr Hamilton :? Q ?Did you receive a letter addressed to you by J K. Paulding, Secretary of the Navy, dated July | 14, 18381 if yea, have you made diligent Bcurch for itl and state if it is lost or mislaid, and cannot be found A?1 did receive such a letter, and have made diligent search for it, not only now, but heretofore, previous to my arrival in the United States, and have not been able to iind it, and believe it has either been mislaid or lost. By Advocate?Have you a copy of the whole of that letterl A ?I have not. Mr. Hamilton then read the following letter.? NATT DAfARTMCST, ) 38ih March, 1930. ? Sia? The Department feela iUelf called up;n to explain an act of forgetfulnew, which, when Jt come* to your know, ledge, may occasion aomc aurpnae. Shortly*before the late seasion of Congrea* expired, Mr. Mallory 'presented a resolution calling on the Navy Department, among other tblnga, for Information whether any extra pay had been allowed the officers of the Exploring Expedition by authority of the Department. The reply was that it had not; the Department having loit all traces of recollection of the letter to you dated 13th July, 1938, in rrply to one of the 10th, In which you atated that Mr. Poinsett had promised your officera the pay of those employed on the coaat survey. An application received within a few days past from Tasted .Midshipman Cumuiinga, for extra pay while he remained attached to the Kxpedition, and referring to that letter, inducod an examination, frem which it appeared that extra psy had been promised to officera of lha Exploring Expedition "employed in scientific pursuits;" and how far this may apply to the whole, will beat appear on your return. When it is recollected that thie letter was written only twelva days after I came into the Department?obliged to cope with its laborious and complicated concerns und< r all the disadvantage* oi inexperience?the cireumstance ofita hav ing been so totally forgotten la parhapa not very surprising. I hasten, however, in justice to you and myself, to <xplaio this aitiajr, and to express my regret at this lapse ot memory. As, however, it is doubtful whether the Department possesses any authority to allow extra pay to the officera of the Expedition, the most pi udent and advisable course will he for them to let it remain to their credit on the Purser's books until their return. In the meantime, the subject will ba presented to Congress, if it should bo decided thet the President has no power to make the allowance, and there la every reason to anticipate it* favorable decision. The report* received of your progree* in ettsining the great objects of tne Expedition are very satisfactory, end afford strong grounds for believing that they will be accomplished la a manner highly honorable to yourselves and satisfactory to the nation. 1 am, air, very respectfully, Your obi aerv't, J. K. PAULDING. Lt. Comdt. Ctixs. Wiles*, Jr , Com'g. V- 8. Surveying and Ex. Expedition. Lt. Hudson's examination resumed. Q.?by Judo* Advocat*.?Did not Dr. Guillou represent to you, in May. 1810, tliat a medical officer could not attend to all the dutiea mentioned in Lt. Wilkee' order, and aek you what kind of a journal you wished him to keep, beaid*a the classifications of his department und meteorological inurnal! A.?Dr. Guillou came in my cabin ene evening and asked me what kind of u journal he was to keep; that he did not understand the order of Lt. Wilkes, in relation to the journals. 1 told him that the order had been promulgated, and was on the order book, where he could rend it, and it was so plain that there was not a midshipman in the ship but could understand it. ty.?Waa Dr. Guillou evar employed in mefeorological and scientific duties while under your command 1 A.?1 believe he kept the meteorological journal. Q.?Did not the conversation you alluded to, take place a few davs after the first order to send in the journals, after L)r. Guillou joined the Peacock I A. ?It did not. Purser K. R. Waldkon, recalled by Mr. Hamilton. Q.?Do you recollect having wen an original letter addressed to Lt. Wilkes, hy J. K. Paulding, f^cretary of the Navy, relating to rxtra pay?if yea, what waa the date of that letter ? A.?I remember to have seen a letter of general instructions from the Secretary of the Navy to Capt. Wilkes. In that letter he was authorised to allow the officers of the squadron extra jiay the same as received by those engaged on tiipcnusf survey, provided they performed scientific duties. To the best of my recollection, it i was dated July 14, 1838. Q.?Is the extract published in Lt. Wilkes' order of July lf>, 1838, a quotation or extract from that letter A.?It is a passage from that letter I Mr. Hamiutos read in connection with the fifth i specification of the first additional charge, a letter from Lt. Wilkes to Lt Pinkney, dated Cay of Islands, April 1, 184(1, forbidding him to ui?ke any rep his on the Flying Fish without his orders The Juno* Advooat* slated the letter did not touch the specification, as the repairs whieh Lieot Wilkee refined to pay tor were made an tha 10tb of Manb. iMft, nearly a month prsarfoua to the date of hie letter IER A MJ ???? ' ? 142. Mr. Hamilton read several iiemi from the bill 1 funnelled tor the repairs 10 the Firing Fish, which j he said Lieut. Wilkes refused to allow, because the , materials and labor might have beeu furnished by the quadron. Mr. Hamilton next introduced two lettens of the ; Stlt, and one of the 6'h April, 1840, from Lieut Wilkes to Lieut. Pinkney, giving Ins reasons tor not apinoving the account, which have already been published. ti?By Mr. Hamilton?When did the squadron sail from the Bay ot Islands! A.?On the 6th of ziprii irnu, iu inr ne?i 01 my rcuuncwuuuQ?State the amount [>aid by the United States lor tlte purchase of the Flying Fish in July, 183(? A.?The purchase money was #7,600, and about $1,600 were expended for reputrs. Q ?What was the amount paid for repairs on the Flying Fish in December, 1839, and does the account now presented exhibit the cost ol those repaital A.?About $2,000. It does preseut the account against the schooner; an item of #875 is here charged for provisions. Q.?How long was she at sea after the repairs were put ou her at Sydney 1 A?About three months. She went south on the second Antarctic cruise. Q ?Look nt the account of the repairs at New Zealand, and state what items could have been furnished from the Vincennea had she been in port A ?I find h re charged, canvass and boards, but not knowing what quantity was on board the Vin cennes, I can't say We had carpenters and urniorers on board, but 1 don't know whether they could have been spared or not Q ?Were not such repairs usually made by the mechanics of the squadrotil A-?Ihey were, except at Sydney? they were usually. Q.?Were not the articles usually supplied from the Vincennea and Peacockl A.?They were frequently supplied from those vessels. Q.?How soon did the Vincennea and Porpoise arrive at New Zealand after the Flying Fish, and was that the appointed place ol rendezvous for the re-union ol the squadron t A ?Ihe Vincennea two or three weeks, and the P? r oise one or two to the best of ray recollection. It \\ as the appointed place for the re-union of the squadron. Q?Did you, by order of Lt. Wilkes, check the exiru pay 01 pubseu-iiuuBiupman cimon r. mum, Decause he did not perlorni scientific duties ! A?I did, agreeably to the written order 1 received. 1 wan ordered to check, against him for not keeping n journal part of the cruise. Crotn-txiimined by the Judge Advocate. Q?Did not Lt. Ringgold procure some articles | lor the Porpoise at New Zealand belore the urrival i of the Vinceunes, and did Lt. Wilkes find tault with him tor having done so during his nbsence, and did he refuse to approve the accounts 1 A?1 understood Lt. Ringgold did procure articles for the Porpoise before the arrival of the Vincennes. Lieut. Wilkes did not find fault and refuse to approve the account, to my knowledge. Q.?Was it not a notorious fact that rthe Flying Fish was in a worse condition than the Porpoise after ihe return from the Antarctic cruise 1 A?it was thought she required more done for her. Q.?by Hamilton?Did not Lt. Ringgold produce vouchers for his account, and did he not receive permission from Lt. Wilkes to make those rep.iirsl A?He did produce vouchers; I don't know whether he obtained permission from Lt. Wilkes to make the repairs or not. Q.?by Judge Advocate?Did not Lt. Pinkney alsoproduce proper vouchers! A?He did. The order to check against t he account of Midshipman Blunt was handed the wi tneas, and he stated as follows: "I received orders on the 20th March, 1840, to check against the extra pay of Passed Midshipman Blount, from the 11th March, 1840, and until further oriiers. for not nerlormiria his duties in the squadron. He received his extra pay previous to the 11th of March, 1840; the order does not designate that it was stopped for not keeping a journal." Q. by Hamilton?Hid not Mr. Blunt keep a journal until the 11th of March, and whs not his extra pay stopped because he did not keep n journal ufter that date? A.?I think it was, in fact 1 recollect that was the reason. By Judoe Advocate?State as near as you can the contents of the letter front the Secretary of the Navy of the 14th July. 18i8. A.?It was sailing instruc tionsfor the Exploring Squadron, and 1 ain not certain, on reflection, that the extract I referred to hefore was in this letter; if it was not it was in one ac companyirg it. k is over three years eince 1 have seen these letters. Dr. John L. Fox called by Mr. Hamilton and examined through the Judge Advocnte. Q ?How long were you on board the Vincennes, and ia what capacity 1 A.?About four years. Part of the tin.e as Assistant Surgeon and part as Acting Surgeon. Q.?State as near as you can the average time Lt. Wilkes devoted to the duties of the squadron, and what effect his general assiduity had on hithealth? A.?He devoted his whole time to the du lies of the squadron, and did not reserve to himself more than five hours a day for sleep. He was irregular in his sleep, so as to injure his health; the length of time he went without sleep was extraordinary. CI-?Have you advised him that repose was necessary, and did he relax his attention to duty in consequence! A.?I have advised him to that effect repeatedly, but it appeared to have no influence on his course. Q.?Have you not remarked that you could scarcely realite that a man could perforin the arduous duty Lt. Wilkes did with so little sleep and recreation! A.?-1 think I have. That is my im predion. The defence here rested. Mr. CotTHotJT, readied by the Judge Advocate. Q ?State wnetheryon wa* in the water at Clermont Tounerre on the 19th of August, 1838; if yea, whetheryor was attacked by the natives on that oc casion, and if they attempted to kill you with their spears. A.?I swam on snore with some trinkets in my hand that I might propitiate the natives. Thet retired some fifty or iixty yards up the beach I advanced towards them wnen they turned ana rushed townrds rne with their spearp, putting them within six inches o( my face, making the most hideous facesand yells. I retreated backwards unit! I jtoi to the edge of the surf, when I sprang in. Why thev did not kill me I cannot tell; they certainly could have done so with the greatest ease, and I thought at the time they would spear me When J sprang in the water two or three of them threw their spears at me, and they stoned me till J go; to the boat. Q ?Was you armed, and what protection had you from your countrymen in the boats! A?I was entirely naked, and had no protection whatever while on shore. I went unarmed hoping best to conciliate the natives hy that means; the boats were out side the put! from forty to fifty feet distant. Q ?Were any of the natives wmunded in the at tack, and how 1 A.?After I got out to the boat, ivir. i.>orm iirru a biiui. irfvinun 10 in?i, m Hiioinrr point two or three shots hurl been fired from Captain Wilkes'boat. Captain Wilkes fired fir?t, anu immediately nfter I saw a native wounded in the fare, washing the blood off in the crevices in the rock. Mr. Peale then fired, and 1 think shot one of the natives in the lrg. Mr. Peale fired again, 1 believe, but will not state positively. The natives then retired slowly uy the beach, two of them having hold of one that had been shot; he appeared to limp. O.?Did yon not land on thatisland the day before, anugo about it Without molestation 1 A ?We did Mr. Pickering and Lieut. Case, Passed Midshipman Blunt and myself, and one or two oihera were on shore about half an hour, and walked all about the lagoon without molestation. Q.?How f?r was this lagoon from the shore T A ?Perhaps twelve or fifteen hundred feet We might hive landed on the dav of the attack without molesration. if we had landed Ht once, and not have laid off thusexciting the suspicions of the natives. Q ?Did you nee any native* on the day you first landed? A ? We did not are any native*, we had no idea any were there, bnt they weVe wen from the boat?they might have easily cut us off if they had attempted it, as we wers dirjienwd about, and far from the boat. Gunner Wii.lia.msox, recalled by Judge Advocate; Q ? You have stated you had a conversation on the 19th, about land : did you afterwards look for the appearance and could not find it 1 A ?I do not recollect oflooking for it. I was sent below by Cant. Wilkes to assist in getting out a hawser to tow the ship off. The Judge Advocate said he rhould like to examine Purser Specden in reference to the two reports, as he had been informed he copied the one having the word " morning" in, hut he wa? not now on board Mr. Hamilton said he wished to introduce Lieut Wilkes'journal lor a specific purr oar, and for that purpose only, to show that the journal does contain an entry of having seen land on the 19th Jan., 1940 I The Judge Advocate said he would not object, if [ Lieut. Wilkea Would introduce his original letter | book, in which at about p 130, the account of this ( transaction is contained, whert a whole parngrai h f had been erased, and a new one interpolated end ( written on the margin. . , , . Mr ILuirLTov said the Judge Advocate had no tight tri make aueh remarks . . , member of the feurt inquired hew the Judfu LD. I'? li * Tw u l'?nU, Advocate ascertained the tact oi the eraituea and interpolations being ou a particular pege oi that book. The JiDaa Advocst* replied, he would call tha l>craon who gave him ihe intormation, ii the countal ior the accused would connect to it Tlic Court was cleared to consider the cpplicaticn of Mr Hamilton, and on the re opening ot the doors, the Judge Advocate announced that the t. ourt hud decided not to admit the journal in exidence, inasmuch a* it wasditlereat ironi the logboik, winch is a record of all events: undthat ihut partof the journal is not evidence that the entiy was made on that day. It was staled that the evidence was now closed on bothstdea. Mr Hamilton coked the Court to allow hnn until Tuesday to prepare lint defence, whith was granted, and tin* Court adiouiucd till Friday morning at 10 o'clock Court of Common I'l?n*. Before Judge Ultliot fler. ?htt. 1 ?Honora Mu'ijv(tn t?. John O'LvmuO? Arpiiu'r anJ Buttny.?The plainiitt lured patt of a Itouae ia Laurens atreet belonging to iiel< ndant. | She was about 10 remove, and words occurred at to the rent, and the deliver)' ol the kese, *hich ended in a regular row,'causing murder io be called, ui.d ihe ntuet citizens in the vicinity to be greatly alarmed, ic. J\1 rs?. Mulqueen aliigo that the * ai ?isailcd in a most unbecoming manner; while he, on the other hand, contends that he was not near tier, having been pu.-hedupin a comer during the occurrence by another woman, a friend ot Mrs. Mulqueen's, and held so light b) her that aiihough he tried, hard he could not get away. The j;r> gave a rerdict for plaintiffcf $-19. For plaintiff, Mr. Dunaher. For defendant, Mr. Major. Court Calender?Tills Day. Common Plfas.?Part 1?Noe. -15, 1<>7, 109, 111, 113, 141. 115,117.119, 121. 123. 125. 127. 131 Part 2? N'os. 98, 1U), H?2. Ki4. Ii.i5, K8, 110,114, 2, 11?. 118, 120, 122, 121,126, 132. sjrrttf ior Cot rt?Notes of issue lor the Inquest Calender of the September term mu*t be lilcn ?a or before the fith inst Review of New Hooks. Willjird's United States ? Bvrru, PhJadrl' phia.?Thi# ia a new and beautiful edition of one of the beat books ol the kind on the hLtcrv cf thia country. Ucok of Caqe Bt*ds.?Dukt, PhVatftlj'hia.? This is a capital book on tho subject of v. hich it treata. All cage birds are fully apokac of and Co* fcribed, with their habits, mode ol treatment, and every thing necessary forthoca to know who are da* circus to keep singing birds. Kami's Chemistry.?Uarptrs Urothtrt.?h i? only necessary t a say thut this is the best work 01. Chemistry in this or tiny other country; it showa bow tba science can be made available tor all practical purposes. It is written a clear and cotnprcbcnsiva style. Dvnuu-'s History of Fiction? Cany Hart.? A CHpital book. It is principally a list of all iha celebrated worka ?f fiction, chronologically airjngcd; rather dry, but exceedingly interesting. It commence# with the details ot the old I gypiian lonmuces, and goes laigely into an account t! ths Oreek and Roman romances The act ount ern es down through the age ot chivalry to the days if Italian romance. A lull account at the Italian Tale# is followed by very graphic dcicriptione of iha various works under the seveial heads of Spiritual Romance, Political Konmnee, Hnd Heroic Romance ; and couclutfea with a faithful account el tho moot celebrated French und English novels, ltahouid bo in every library. Scott's Misceli-anies?Carry Hart ?Here r.r* three verv beautiful volumes, containing all the imv cellaneoua writings of Sir Waller Scon which hnv* never belore been published in the United tiata*. They are exceedingly curious and una'uaLleJohnson una?Carey 4* Hurt.? Anothermost bean tiful volume, forming a neilect sequel to Bo?well. It is lull of newly told and original anecdote* of th* old Doctor, some ol which ure v? ry curious. F?r instance, on being shown a nuked statue of Venu?, on the edge of a pond, in the Earl of Litchfield'* grounds, he cried out, "Throw her into the pond to tilde Iter nakedness and cool her Ihscivk.usih-ss." There is tt fine full-length likeness ol the Doctor. Geokc;e St. George Jilian?Caiey 4" IJarl.?Everv one has heard of thia inimitable wink, Ly the author ol Valentine Vox. It is only necessary to say that this edition is got up in the most Iienutilul style imaginable; and that the sieel plates are fat superior to those in Charles O'MalJey, or any subsequent work of that nature. Democratic Kxview.?This work deserve* encouragement, and the publishers tal-.e gmat pains to make it popular. The arhcle 011 the Ancient, Feudal and Modern Banking Systems, is an admirable one. The lines bv Whitder nn Fnllen ?n>l ifc uncle 011 Duelling, are excellent. The portrait ia not a first rate likeness of Cambrelcng. Knickerbocker.?A glorious number this; and most beautifully got up. The "Quod Curreepoadence" is inimitable. The Editor's Table is excel* lent. The Reviews of Books are partial aud very poor. Ladies' Companion ?This contains two excellent plates, but the fashion* are frightful. "( harles Willet," " Lints to Mother Carey's Chicken.-." "Sadi," and " Mrs. Jones's Son," are excellent. Mrs. Sijourney, Embury, and Ingraham, are also contributors. Our Mess?Carey Hart.?Nos. 15 and 10 of this inimitable work are out Hector O'Hallo'a>?Jpplrton.?No. 4 is ont. The illustrations are supetior to the Philadelphia serials. Handy Andy?AjfJetam ? No. 8 is out; the tela improves with ench nnm^-r. but are there not two many half naked ngun a in the illustrations! I Use's Dictionary?AppUton.?No. 13 of this | invaluable work is out. No mechanic, artisan, or professional man, should be without it Life or Washington?c'mry, 16o Broadway.? This iathe cheapest edition of the bast life of Wmoington ever written. Illustrations to Washington's Lir*.? 7 127 Naitau.?This is one ot the most beautiful works ever attempted to be got up in tbta countiy. Buy it. Plain Calculator? Manly, Orr, ff\ Co , PMla.? A good book lor young arithmeticians. Southern Litbrary Messenoxr ?The September number keeps up the reputation ol this very abls work. The play of Riego, the Genealogy of Ideas, the nrticle on Madame de Genlie, the Greek Dramatists, and that on Napoleon's wars, ate all admirable. The poetry is aiso of the firt-t cluss. Fourth Boob or Natural History ? Turner Finhrr, I Broadway.?Tfus is beyond all question ihe bent series that ever a|?pear*d on these subjects Every parent should buy them. Lady's Musical Librai y? I urry, 155 Broadway. ? \o. fi is Ollt. It II the rhesiM**r mn.i k~W.A-.? ? nnd valuable musical periodical ever published it is ol a quarto aise, and contains nearly twenty pieces ol new music for 50 cants. Niw Music ?Firth <V Mull hare jast published hree most beautilul but ade: " Lveleen 0 Moore," ' Katty O'Lynch," and " Minona A-thore,'' also "Peer s Parade March," "Jessie,the Flow er of Dunb line," and the "Cot neat the Wt od,'* tt e music, by rhgnor de Begsia. They arc the sweetest thing* we bave beard tor many a dav. Hewitt. 239 Broad* way, hat published a capital comic b?ilau?"but three months yet I've been u wile," the inus.c by \V. C. Peters, one of the best compos*-!1* in this country. AtwiH.fc)! Rroadway, has nl?*> published a very tine song called "'Neath ttie Willow, leva, we 11 man," music by De Bogota. 1>rownk[).?The body of a German, supposed to be Albert lVquier, was found in the Ohio river, at Cincinnati, on the Ifith inst. There wa* on hut person a snm of money in gold Rnd silver, s qimn tity of SS(. Lotus City Scrip, and two drafts lor fi750eacli; also several valimbla pajsrs, dated at M. Louis. Not Dead.?Mrs Dewey, who was reported to have died by the burning of the railroad bridges, u not dead, buf getting better. More Ptabbtno by Nnotion it PKrusDELmtA ? An Irishman named John Carroll, was severely .-tubbed a night or two n?o, by some negroes. Thr Mart Carver schooner, anp Mtruer?A correspondent at Cartine writes that Capt Ilobert MeFsrland of that town was sailing matter of schooner Mary (Mrver, and t- supposed to have been murdered with the rest of the crew, on the coa>t nf Africa. Letters, dated March 26. were received from htm by the s>mie mail that brought news of thn uitrder, on the 26ih of April. CapT.rHrwell's resiience is in V ssalborough, in this county, where is atHicted father resides. Hi* wife i* the daughter if Joseph K Abbott, E*i , of Augiwtn. His oca. ifotiona are highly rerpecuble, sod the ahocgu.f mtastrophe bsa carried danp affliction r* an aw enaiva airola of ralattOM and friatada.

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