Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 3, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 3, 1842 Page 1
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I II TH Vol. VIII.?No.443 WI?ol? No. 30U4. REGULAR PACKETS. NEW LINK OF LIVERPOOL PACKET*. To arllroai New York mi the 15th ?od Liverpool ou d?? ISth of tack manlk. m m M ffit Ship SHKRJDAN. Capuin F. A ajiiji OAKRI' K. Captain Wm. Hkiddy. Mth October. jRut kOSCH'S. CupUiii Jfchn Colluu. Novembn. Ship SIDDONtt. Caotait E. B. Cobh, aath December. Knots Livvaeooi.. Ship ROSCIVS, Captain John Collins. IJth September. Ship SIUOONS, Captain E. B. Cohb, I3U? October. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. DcpiyMf, ISlti Novem'r. Ship liAKUK K Captain Wiu. Skiddy, IJth December. T'.es ship* art ill oftlic lirst class, upwards of luuutoiu, bnill in the city nV V* York, with such iininroxi-ments as combine treat speed with unusual comfoit for jiasscngers. Even* care has twi n taken iij tne arrangement ol their accoinmod itious. The price of passage hence i> $100, lor which ample stores w ill be provided. These sdiipa are commanded by experienced maaterm, who will make erery exertion to give general salufactlon Neither the cipiaitu or ownrra of the ahipa will be reapotuible lor any lettrta, parcels i iwrhxgee scat by them, nuleaa regular b 'la of lad.utt are signed the vefor. For freight 01 ie>M|it, *t*|M y hE. K. COLLINS Ix CO., W South it., New York, or to WM. A JAS. BROWN Ik CO.. Li-erpool. Lertera by the pack eta will be cl aryeo |2X centa per single akeet; 10 centa per ounce, and m wspaper* 1 cent each. s3ec NEW YORK AND HAVRE JACKETS, (SECOND USE.) 4& ?8t iTM^hil^if this Iiu^wmThereaftc^^re Nev^^rP?u the 1st ami JJ ivre on Uie 16th of each month, aa follows : from JVeut York, from Havre. The new ihip ONEIDA. ( 1st March i |gth April Captain < 1st July < lath Auitust J'tMita. Kiuick, f Ut November ( Ibth Deceinbei Ship BALTIMORE. i 1st April X 16th May Captain x tat Atigu? v I6i'< September EdwardFituck, f 1st Deccem'rf 16tli Jannary Ship UTlCA, t lat May I 16th June Captain < 1st Septrmb'rv 16th October Frederick Ht Witt, (1st January f 16th February New ahipST.NTCOLAS, l 1st June l 16tl> July Captain < 1st October < lbvli November. . J. B. Pell, ( 1st February f 16tn March The of com mod at ions of these ships are not surpassed, combining all that may bo required for comfort. The price of cabin passage is $100. Passengers will be supplied with every requisite. with the exception of wiuesond liquors. Goods intended for these vessels will be forwarded by the subscribers, free from any other than the expenses actually incurred on 'hem. For freight or passage, apply to at BOYD Is HINCKEN, Agvnta, 5 Tontine Buildines. FOR NEW ORLEANS. LO^^^A^^^E^^^K 9' 2Jlii ut each mouth, coriinw ucing the 19th October ami COhDDDills nits I M ir, when rrgular days will he <i|>pointed for the remainder of toe year, whereby great delays ami disappointment* will bt pieaeutnl during the Rummer months. The followiug ships wp.! commence this arrangement : Snip \ AZtiO, Caiaiiin Cornell. (snip OCONEE. Captain Jackson. Ship MISSISSIPPI. Captain Hilliard. Ship LOUISVILLfc, Captain Hunt. Sin,i 8I1AKSPEARE, Captain Miner. Ship GASTON, Captain Latham. Ship HUnTSVILLE, Captain Mumford. Ship OCMULGEK, Captain Leavitt. Snip NA81IVILI.K, Captain Dickinson. Ship MEMPHIS, Captain Kniglu. Ship LOUISA, Captain Mulford. These ships were all built in the city of New York, expressfor packets, are of light draft of water, hare recently been wly e.,g>peredand put in splendid order,with accommodations or passengers uneqiMled (or comfort. They are commanded by experienced masters, who will make every exertion to giv? Seueral satisfaction. They will at all timca be towed up and own the Mississippi by steamboats. Neither the owuen or captains of these ships will be responsible (pr jewelry, bullion, precious stones, silver or plated ware, or foi any letters, parcrl or package, sent by or i>ut on board ol them, noleaa regular bills of lading are taken for the same, and the value thereon expressed. Far freight or i>a*sagt*, ami] y fc* K. COLL1N9 & CO., 56 Smith ?t.. or HULLIN St WOODRUFF, Agent in New Orh ans, who will promptly forward all goods to tlfeir address. The ships of tliia line are warranted to aail punctually as advertised , and great care will be taken So have the goods correctly measured. m4 OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKET^ jjy My fPIIF. GLDLftxE of Liverpool will Hereafter be f dgMstehed in the following order, excepting that when tlie ling falls on ttuday, the ahipc will sail on the succeed- | For New York. For Liverpool. The SOUTH AMERICA, (June 1 July 19 616 tons. < Oct 1 Nov 19 D. G. Bailey, (Feb 1 Mar 19 The ENGLAND, (June 19 Aug 7 750 ions, ( Oct 19 Dec 7 B. L.Waite. {Feb 19 April 7 The OXFORD, (July 1 Aug 19 900 tons, < Nov 1 Dec 19 J. Rathbone, f March 1 April 19 TheEUROrE, (July 19 Sept 7 610 tons, Nov 19 Jaa 7 E. G. Marshall Mar 19 May 7 The NORTH AMERICA, Aug 1 Sept 19 619 tons. 11 Dec 1 Jan 19 A. B. Lowber.f April 1 May 19 The NEW YORK, (Aug 19 Oct 7 900 tons, Dec 19 Feb 7 T. B. Cropper.f April 19 June 7 The CAMBRIDGE, i Sept 1 Oct 17 850 ton.-, \Jan 1 Feb 17 W. C Barstow.r May 1 Jqne 19 ThO COLUMBUS, (iSept 19 Nov 9 700 tout, '.Jan 19 Mar 9 O. A Cole. t May 19 July 7 I'utietu.Jity. as regarrls the day of salliug, will be observed sa hi se'oiore. J'ke price olrasaage outward is now fixed at One ll'iii irm I).ill in lor winch Ample stores 01 ever* Uescripuon w 11 i e \ rovidrd, with the exception of wines and liquors, which Will be furnished liv the stewards. GOODHUE at CO .64 South st., C H. MARSHALL, 3S Builiug-slip, N. Y. je?4 lyh BAKING BROTHERS U CO.. L'pool. NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL REGULAR COM MERCIAL LINE OK PACKETS. Sailing to and from Livcnmol, Weekly. _ ^f^STABL^i^'ASSA^u^GCE, STltr BT. The subscriber in announcing his arrfn^ements for the year 1842, appears befope his friemls with sentiments of sincere respect ^for the able support he has received for many years past.? e likewise Wtshes to call the attention of those intending to send for their friends raiding in Eucland, Ireland, Scotland and Wales; that they can at >ul times he accommodated by this lUHi, Uv weekly opportunities Crpm Liverpool, as well as by all the well known different lines of paeket ships, sailing to and l??>ni Livrrjeiol on the 1st, 7th, 13th, 19lh and 23th of each month throughout the year. It has always been the study of the subscricer to hare the emigrants shown civility, ami des;ialchcd without di lay, and sliose who scud for their friends may rest satisfied that every due and diligent attention w ill lie riven by the Liverpool agents to those sent for,as well as all who may embark with them, and stioind any of those whose passage has been |>aid not embark, the money will-be refunded without any charge. Tim subscribei fcela a pleasure in making known tlie differ rot whilst by his paueuger* tame out diiriug the last year, wltich has giv-ni general satisfaction, ami that he h is considerably extended and concluded his arrangements for the yea! IMA The following is a list ot ships ? Shi|is Scotland, Robinson. Ship* Alahamian, Lane. Fairfield, Wilson. Printice, Hopkins. Frankfort, Russell. Tyrouc, Spe.tre. lliurell Gloym, Howes. Wales. Watu, Hi hernia, Wilsou. Westchester, Ferris. Alfred, Chen or. Otceols, Child*. Chiton, lugersoll. St. Cloud, Emerson. Louisville. A"en. New York, Niven. Bubieskie, r.uiermn. Warsaw, Griffiths. Oswego, Wood. Ocean, Willard. Talbot, Storey. N. lUminlurc, Harding. raMhea, G loumanson. Robert Liars.,Titietnait. Virgini i, Eaton. Europe, Batcneldor. 8. Jenkins, Seymour. A free (iissage from the different port* of Ireland and Scot laud, can also be secured, and dralts liirni.hed for any amount, pay ible ul the National and Provincial Br i Its of Ireland and their respective In inches, and aLso on M issrs. J. & W. Robinson, Liverpool, which are paid free o" any charge, throughout the United Kingdom. For further particulars rpply to JOHN HERDMAN, 61 South street, or J. It W. ROBINSON, If. Gon e Piazzas, and auIt) No. 1 Neptune si.. Waterloo Pack. Liverpool. STEAM NAVIOi^^^BE^WEEN ANTWERP ANI) NEW YORK VTA? S O UTIIAM PTOS. BELOLAN HTKAMKK BRITISH QUEEN. F. Ktcsholt, Commawof.i. The 4ivt of departure of this well-known Steamship, h?vt b; rn fuedns followi : from Antwerp, From Southampton, From New York, On ?ih Mgr. I84?. On 7th May, l#4j, On 7th Jane, 1?? d>?' 10th July, " 7th A'ig., " 7lli 8? pt. " terh Sept. " 7th Oct., " Price of luuMKtt, meala not inaJuded, to Southampton or Antwerp, i7l>?Steward's feel, (2 The m.ol? will be sen- J on board, on i!,e plan of a continental hotefTiu the beet ni viner, and at fixed and moderate prices, passengers being only -lisrrfed tsh'ti partaking ol the same. The |S W ol |'HU|e to either of ilie ebeire rorts can also be err 'red ,1 prefened, with meals and steward's fees included for b'.iT h2>a atnts,eacUiure ol wnm. i ,. An tiiyriilMI Surgeon ainiinp?ii)es the ship. For freight or pasasge, t^rurtlin ml.^oehOB^apFly to amtn'r 41 Be'"i??*street. FAKE"AND FREIGHT REDUCED. Bu<n'?.N,Ana sro!\MSM posed nf the following supeu-r. steamers, running in cnmieetgm with the 8t'>niii,t,m and l't' Vidcnce, sod Boston ai,d Providence Railroads? M ASSACHUBETTS, Captain Comstock. H1IODF. ISI.AN1). ( amain Thayer. N AR11A(?A N SETT, Ca|Ka,n Woolsey. MOilFOAN, f.apUin \ andcroilt. One of which will Icate New 7ork daily, (Sundays egeepicd) from Pier No. I, North Hirer, Battery Place, at five o'clock, P. ra. / ( . / u, . AmuNor.MEiiif. . The nUODL ISLA.N D, on Monday aud Friday, for Stoning on. end l'ue-d >y, for Stonington, Newport and Provioencn. The MASSAC'HUlETTfij on Tuesday and B.itorday, (or Rtonmgion, Newieirt and Providence, and Thuraday for Ston" {'a,s, ngen ou tlie arrival of the steainera at Stonington, ma) take the Railroad Cara and proceed immediately to rrovi dt ,ice and Uoston. I n u'ht tken 'I the following much rednced rates To Hoal.iu, on go ds wsuhiug forty pounds or upwards to he i ithid "ot, at trt W per sort, snd on meiseeeaiem goods 7 genus |ier foot. i To i'mtidejso*, no meeMvemesjt goods Scents per cubic f 14.1. It)' Kiwc.fic U'icleaae Ml Uuif to be obtained at olhae 2? a.A?< mil t.M.f ClO vL AFL.0AT?2W tiua sujkiIoi quality~Scotgb Cool ' for uli* by , . ULVVUUi McMUBIlAT, Id fbie ?t. ctr.of **th. E NE NEW MISCELLANEOUS. UNITED STATES TEA EMPORIUM, 121, la tt 129 Chut ham street. Neio York. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. 1 THK CANTON TEA CO >,PANY eonlinnu to off*r for -J- ??le new mid lra?i.iut Tual of ?very variety aii<t atyle.? Their a*?ortnu lit sneci&ily includes the moit delicious aud powerful grades of (rreen ami black, Every package bear* the * stamp of ueatutsa aud elegance, aud th* Tea* therein are to thoroughly secured from .fight <uid air .bat tt.cir quality and 1H)Wer will remain unimpaired in any climate. Their ajratrm ot prosrent ug business is perhaps scarcely to be eicelled It is ton tided u|?on the utmost regard M the runts of ihv caitrrn* 1 er, es|iecially with rt sprit to weight and Duality, aud unmai- ' le ohea4 n-?*. All purchasers are calhu upon to rctuiu any ' a'ticles which fail to *ive th?*m th fullest satisfaction, wlu.ii rh*? maii^v Willi... r..llv .. I nr..ii...ilv ? t i.rwlctl dmiiifrv merchants, publicestaldisiunruis, head of lamilies, ?u.i fhi|? I masters, w1.1 lind u a decided ad* autsge to supply from thit establishment. ( off ft- rmiitod Wit>' <Uf> Orderx lruin all iwrts of the Uuitou Billet executed with promptitude anil despatch. S s The otil> warehouse in America for the sale tf lloitqua's celebrated Black Tea. auil lm?r THE OLD UNITED STATES CAP. STOCK. SHIRT AND OILED SILK MANUFACTORY. JOHiN M. DA VIES & JONES, t'ccviaoa to LUKE DAVIKS at so.N, 106 William atrcet, curner John, Hew York. PURCHASERS will at all times liud the most extensive assortment it) '.he United States, of tne foll.iwiii;; aitlcles, ou thr most resonatde terms, wholesale and retail. Cars for gentlemen, youth anil < liildreu of velvet, cloth, me rino, silk, glazed silk, St.- St.-. Full and ,|tt trimturd with lur and plain. Arm MM Navy MMH ilM -ml undress caps. Stocks of every style and qutlily?of satin, bombazine, vest ins. Sic. made p ain trimmea w ith bows, cravat ties, Paris ties, dress apron stocks, Ike. Ac. The superiority ol our fraint s is well known by the lightness nrifrct lit. ense and elasticity of even st-iek. Shirts ol all linen plain -nd frilled,of muslin plain aud Iril'ed, with linen collars hosotns pud wristb. niL of the most appioveu patterns. Fancy cambric shiits ot all quvl itirs. , LtltlX collars and nosoms of every Sti le and quality, oiled silk, white, plaid and fancy, of superior manufacture. Ladies, misses and cj ildrelt's oiled silk aprous. Oiled silk medicated. Tor the cure of gout, rheumatism, Ac. Jar. a.nkd letiher, linen and muslin, suitable for harness and co.sell manufactures, cap fronts, Ac Ac. The ahove articles are made ttuder our own inspection, in the best oosKibl. m tuner and of such materials alid workraauthipai will be found on examination equalled by none. To which is added, a superior assortment 01 fancy articles of ! various qualities and prices. I Gloves, Bu.pendets, Cravvta, Scarfs, Umbrullas, Handker- I Chiefs, Hoisery, Craval-Btiffuers, Uusrd-Ch--ins, Under Garments ol every description and quality, Sh.ker Knit and Flannel Shirts anj Drawers. * i The attention ol th; public generally are invited to the ,j?ve 1 extensive assortment of goods, in my of w Inch are of our own i importation and will be sold ai such prices as cannot mil to suit. JOHN AL DA VIES A JONES, nu23 lm?r IOC William, Coiner of Joiin. STOVES ! srov ES IT BACKUS' PATENT BAREFIEH, OK FKUGAE HOUSEWARMER. rpHE Proprietor, in ottering tlds valuable stove to the public, A would briefly state some of the ndvantagts of heirimprovemcut, which consist chiefly in the follow ing particulars, viz:? 1?To obviate the evil of im- 5?To be capable of atfnrdpure a: d noxious gas in Uie iug a mild or an intense heat, burning of anthracite coal. 6?'To avoid all incoveuience 2?To generate and diffuse from.dust. a warm and wholesome at- 7?To preserve the air of the mosphere In places exposed to apartment pure and whole U 1IHJ> mill CUIU. Himf. 3?To lesson the risk of acci- 8?And to unite with all dent by fire. tkose excellent qualities. an 4?To be quickly kindled elegaut and durable article ol' and easily managed. luruiiure. This Sto?e is oonstrncted of the best quality of Russia sheet ion, ujion the cylindrical plan?the furnace or fire-i lumber occupying a part of the centre cvlinder, to which is attached an atmospheric Karefier upon each side, of a tubular form, and lined throughout. The heat that is creatrd in the chamber passes b? fwcou the linings of the two rareliers (or radiators as they .ire called] into the oase at tho bottom, anda curreut of air continually rushing shmugh the tubes, which are left open at ea< h end tor that purpose, carries a great amount of rarefied or warm air into the apartment. The purity and softness of the air in a room heated by this stove are peculiar and remarkable, the heat being diffused from a great extent of surface moderately heated. The heated air, on entering the wings or sides of the store,descends and spreads over the etittr urfice of the case at die bottom, keeping the colder portion i-l* the air next the floor in constant circulation? in the meantime preserving it < iiurtlv from contamination, rendering this Store perfectly safe and agreeable for a|<artmeuts of inralids, sleeping rooms Sic. Maoufac ured by J. St K. BACKUS, 41 Bowerv, NT. V. N. B. A new article of air tight stores, with rariliers ; also the new kitchen companion coo* stove, warranted equal to auy in use m this city. auffl lin*r TO DEALERS IN BLACKING. 1 THY IT ONCE?The Eureka Blacking?This is anewar- 1 f tl le of Blacking, and possesses qualities greatly superior to all other kinds n >w in use. . 1 It softens and preserresthe leather, imparting a brilliant ' l>olt?h w ill half the usual labor required in the use of the com- 1 inon Blacking. It fur her |h ssesses that requisite ao long sought for in the peculiarity of the composition never becoming hard dry, ur mouldy b>; age. Dealers in Blacking are requested to call and receive a sample of the article gratia. Perfect Xatisfaclio i warranted in every case. Manufactured by J. M. JOHNSON, No. a Spruce at, Near Nassau. New York. The firm of Burgess St Co. is this day dissolved by mutual consent. The business in future will be conducted by au27 lm*in J. M. J iHNSON. Nkw Hons k Rail Road Company, 2 Park Place, New York. N'OTICE is hertby given to the Stockholders of the NewYork and Albany Rail Hoad Company, that the President and Directors have directed a call lor an instalment of five per cent on the Capital stock of the Company, payable on the fifth day of September uexl. Subscribers resident in New York and Westchester, will pat their instalment to Josiah Rich, Ol airman of the Kinaue, Commit!, e, and Tiiqtsurer fm the Southern D'stiict, 172 Front st. JSunsciiOers resident in Dutchess, I utiidjn and Columbiacounties, Will i?r .their instalment, to Jons. Aitiu Tiber, of the Kill. .Di e Committer, and Treasurer lor th .Middle District, ill J Pawling,. Stibscnb n resident in Kenmtlaer WlWtl, will Mf their instilments to Jonas C. Heart, ol the 1 .nance Committee, 1 and Treasurer of the Northern District, at his office in the city I of Troy. By order of the Board, attsepjr JOS. E. BLOO.Vl FIELD, Secretary. buttons: " J JONES, 2C Piatt stieet, wishes to inform his friends that his new style will not be ready before the tirst w ek in September, tut has on hard the Kl its and Bevel Edges, which be offers at the following price* Best English Brocades, $? JO French " *00 " " Twist, 2 00 " English * 2 2J Figured Satins, 1 SO Mohair Over (.oats, 1 JO Several hands wanted. an If lm*r daguerreotype APPARATUS. JOHN ROACH, OPTICIAN, 72 NASSAU 8THEET. rPO ARRANtiE a Peifeci Camera JJbscura. requires some A knowledge ol' Optifts Person* wishing to procure an inatrument will therefore tindil to their ir.trreat to purchase of an optician. .au30 im?r new extract of RARS -PA"ILLA. THE COLLEGE OF MEDICINE AND PHARMACY UAVE just prriwrd a large quantity of the tluid extract ef f f Ryrstpaiilla, according 'o a new and protracted price", hy which the active principle of I hit nimble drug has b.-en obUniwd in a much urger uroportiou and purer form than by any of the comi.icn modes of pit paration. The root has been * lerinl . f trie best dualitv?wtiich is thai produced by the Smilax atfcinalis (of HumbnIJr and Bonplaud, I and gtowt on the hanks of lb.. Rill. I Magdalene, near B yoripie, in SoUtli ' America- .. The hhflliC mhy tlOaS relv on the genuine and condensed ettract ol Ihis rficacfnus root. The value and i xtraoidinary les to native powers of this med'ciue, when property prepared, are well known. Cases of scrofula, node-a, (tout, cutaneous disease, hrated state of the blood, and syphilitic complaints, will be most essentially benefited by the use of this new and ele gaiil preparation., : Sold ib targe bottles at 75 cents each. I Incaaea containing one dozen bottlea, 16 '> ' Do do Sir - ait bottlM, $3 50. I W. 8. RICHARDSON. Agent. i Office of the College of Medicine and Phsrm.icy, I aulfl I w la 97 Nassan street, N. V. GAZO PNEUMATICS, i rpHE aubacnberla prepared to eaecute orders for the Ohio 1 Pneumatic Hydraulic Machine, for raising water any I I height or quantity, troin rainea, or for water ?oraa, by meant of tacuam ; and the simplicity of the machine girea it a great advantage orerany othei now in hae. _ aii9lm*f ' "-'-ntae, 23 Pine at. TO THE~t<)V*KRft OFinjPF.RI&R BLA> v t rAHowuia'i Mixture I?Thi* eitreaiely delirious an i ?r- | rallel'd Tea, so Uglily celebrated in China and Europe Jnat rm , ported, is now for sale at the Catiton Tea Company's General | Tea Establishment, 121 Chatham street, New York?in Chi- . tear pack igra. Prices 50 rents soil St. su 2t Im'r DRESS BOC TS?l.atesl French Style?The 1 ^^^BVsn>iierihor respectfully inritea t<<e citizens of New | Vo^TTam! stringers visiting the city^o ec.ll at 114 Enlton street j and egamuie ' rye assortment of Dices Boots, made in the lateat fashion, old of the finest French calfskin, G- ntleme.i can Imze boots made to order in the heat manner | a* SC.00 |ier pair, warranted equal to any made at $7,JO, and aa , the undersigned tag. a draw ing of tile feet ar.d keeps laat 'or each cnitomrr he can ensure an easy yet handsome lit Constantly on hand, Fashionable Boots, kc. at the following reduced prices >Seal Skin Boots, (lom $2,25 to 2,75 CalC J,170 to ft 00 Half Boots, 7.00 Gaiters, 2,25 ' Shoe;, 1.J0 to 250 runii>a and Slippers, kc., liioportionaldr low. Terms, cash I on delirery. ' JOHN L. WATKIS rt, < a?I5 1 ul r 114 Fulton at, betw e. a N n? .,i and Dutch. ! KRttWCH IMPORTFlFUATrKRB of all CO- J Wrs of Fashion ; French boots and patent leather shoes, dress shues, gaiiera, walking shoes and putnps, for men, no>% children. Men anifboya cheap boots from $2.75,$8, >3.50, and Si per pair. Men's shoes 7 to 10 and 12a i?er pair Unva shoes 50 lo75 rents and $1, and warranted good. Linrt. images, agri rhiVdr-na gaiter boots, btiskiiia' walking shoes, rid Slippers of all colors and siz-a, lateat fashions, ties, husltins, and allps, 7j cents to ft, good 4s slippers Come and see a coed assortment "f the aboee article, a> 42 Canst street, comer 1 vu il.*V> * Canal at., north-west comer Hudson at., 1 at Walker a. _ au^l Im't | it vJ? v l f-r! "" O'lly rca on that A 1? ?. for .filing to many hoots ftiiiT!?r>M atihr Clinton Boot ami &h,?e Mtrkt-4, 2?l Canal ?t. ntirtjirabI corner ol Hidiun tretf?wh+i. a1iooc> a%rr\ body co<H|>laiu? of bar' time*, u. that thar good* tha h.'/t ,iaa'ity and arlltMm rt pneec to alfit the hmi it if rflmitt <v?ry b mv Hnnl I on ml thin ntu If any who Tail' ! lhi? dliuHl not \01 h*T?* imind ?>ui the mot*, thr en?>arr thri ?' crime ^hI tiy lb. KNim r lb** Will .?ay ih* ad'aiiUgf AJrooaf anv thing '!?? ( it uanied id tn? boot nul ?hoc lime, of any aufr, ' 1 tofor or f(ualjty, tan be found baii ch?*D, -tu20 lm*i A. WflOX k CO.^tw #dMdite W YC YORK. SATURDAY MC MISCELLA N'EODS U S. CITY DESPATCH POST. Pi >*T OFFICE, New York, 2*li Jul y.tWZ. [TOl'RSof Drlieery e?ch day, (Huudayt uicepteJ) at 'be I I Upper and Lower Fml Otfuea:? I-utter# deiiouiled before H.ili-pasi o'clock, A M) 12 3 " f M Will be icnt oat for deAt all tke Station# before li?err <t 9 A M, and I 7 o'clock, A M itio | o'clock, P M. 11 " 2 ' r M Le?ter? to be lent Free, muil burn "Free Stamp'' affiled to ihem, otlierwiir three ceiiti will be Col ecte.l of the part) to rth..m tb. letter i# -ddressrd. No money inn I In ,-ucloiril in leiten unleu re late red it t ie priiiciiwl oilier?. Lul# "t the .t :ii ma (u -ill or whien "fo e stamp." in v bi p ..relit. V at J'.M) per 100, iiiil r?*ry inform *Uon may b? obtain?*1 o:.. ;> plira ton at tlie upper or lower noat iiAoti. Stimji. iuuuil b, i!i?- lair CityDe.|wtch Peal will h* rwriviil It it iiiditp. uaable that (hr numliri of the r. aidt lice ahould be iltli il in ail It tt r? let I through till* To*!. The r.l.t Maati r aoliciu the earli, a' ininrination ? i mid any irriiiul.uit r? occur. JOHN LOHI rlER OH VHA.M ?u23 ly re I'oat DOMHKOY St CO '8 NFA&TorKTai B\NV. TKul I BUFFALO, CHICAOO AND CANADA PACKAOE K.VI KESS, leaves rWty Evening. Sunday a excepted, lor the abut * named and all intermediate places. Office No. 1 Wall tin ct. New Vorli. an 17 r t<? railTuoad contractors. OklALED PROPOSALS iu w riting will Ik* rtft-ired b/ the O ukJi Hudion BmI Rom < mu my$ uniiI Tuesday ilie 6th day of September nex , at noon, i??r constricting a new section ol itiil ltoad to sinbl i e inclined piano at Schenectady : c mmeiicing at the Coin^*ny'? store house in the city of Schenectady, and inteisrotinq; the main line, about three miles from said city, The whole work to be finish* d ou or bt for** the 1st of April next. Proposals must state the amount in grim for constructing the whole woik, inclu-'in; u'l materials, sxcrpting iron rails. Plans aud specifications of the proiMS d work, may be seen it ihe Company's office at the hcau of the inclined plane at Scheuectady. Proposals to be addref* d to W.M, BAVK9. Treat. an20 ts6r. Office No. 55 broid street, New York. THE TWO GREATEST 1N V ENTIONS OF THE AGE. KENNEDY'S COMPOUND VEGETABLE PREPARATION. F?0R Tfe treatment and preservation nl tin- Hair; the otil> infallible preservative against bildnrss, and * crrtain turf Tor all diseases uf ihr sralp, mi Ii ia d timraff, nlica potuiea itc. kc. Sic., including all cutaueoua atfection.. Thi. article i? prepared With great car hy tlir inrrntor and proprietor hiimrlf. liter a itudi of ten y< a'<, dining which hi. tiinr has Wen almost exclusively devoted to the iierfreiioti o* thi. incomparable article for the benefit of t ie growth and beauty of lite Hair. In the mean lime, manv noatnimi intended for the same pur|>o?e, have ariaen "tnl di d, while ihi. rejoieri in fiir full vigor ol manhood?and ia dr tint d t.-> live a? long u a tine head nl h *ir is duly prized or its cleanliness and In ni'.y admired. Let thoav who have these deaires but gire it a single trial ami hr liu no fear, for the re.ult. It enlv leqii'res to In* k%nwn t.i hr appreciated, and when so ap rt rialod the propust ir expects to obtain Ilia reward trom a discerning public, ..ud asss it not before?he la not afraid of getting out of patience Nearly fire minded rettlocates, teatify ing to ita virtues, in all caaea for w ich it is intended to Ik- us?d, from the most highly rcajiect.iblc individuals in various parts in the United Stales, the Canada, kr., can be aren at the nrtirc of the inventor ami manufacturer, No. I I'ine atreet, New York. INVENTION NO. 2. The aecond invention of modern timea, to which we would reanertfuilv call attention i* K P. N Kl) VM Pl'l PltMaTPIl PREMIUM CHEMICAL HAIR DYE, the"fi?t*Vv?'iiT. vruted iu this country. i his article, as can be (ratified to by a large number of oral and verbal recommendations, iasuir.-iior to any thins of the kind imported from any part of the world, and is rapidly superceding all other nostrums foi changing the color of the hair and whiwers to a beautiful dark brown, or el black, from tl.xcn, red, grey, or other objectionable color, iu a single application, without affecting the skiu. 1 he aliore flair Dye was exhibited at (he Fair of thr American Institute, held at Niblo's Uartleu, and recei.ed the Cut |>remium,as beitnt superior to my other exhibited. It tniy be obtained at the foil owing places B liley. Ward It Co. Maiden Lane; Leary S Co, /Valor House; 03 Bowery, corner Walker; 3'i0 Bowery corner Bond street; Tiffany, Gourd St Ellis, 2.v.) Broadway, and at tnc inamifactory, No. 1 Pine street, New York. au30 lm*r GEORGE KENNEDY. PATENTS?AMERICAN A.ND FOREIGN OFFICE, I and Agency of the United Slates Patent Office, No. 22 State street, Boston. This office has been established iu Boston for the past ten years, and inventors are informa l that all business refative to the prr|?ralion of caveats, specification* and drawiugs, assignments and other papers, and procuring patents, is here transacted with accuracy and despatch ; and all |iertonal trouble, as well ss expenses of a journey to Washington, oud delay there, lived to them. Attendance here is altogether unnecessary? model, which may be sent bv Hanider.'s Express, ami a snort explanatory letter, being sufficient. Patents secured in foreign countries, an I advice g venouall legal and scientific mitten respecting them. The facilities of liie subscriber, by his ver extensive librtrv ot books on patent law ,, and rare mo h .local works, tie,, enables hint to afford rvid nee and opinions loi mils at law, for infringements, Ike., which would be difficult in ather respect* for |>arlics to obtain. All model-, lie., fotward td to tne Patent Office, Washington, free of expense. R H.EDDY, Civil Engineer. The following is extracted from letters of the Commissioner of Patents iu 1839 To R. H. Eddt, Eih.? Six I have to renew the assurance of the high respect I entertain of yonr agency for paten ers. So far as I have heard they have expressed themselves satisfied with your services ; and justice to yourself cnin;<els me to say, the holiness ol your otnce, io i? .? it ii connected with thu department, evinces much (kill and great aaiiduiiy. Yours, respectfully, II. L. ^LL^WOR'rH. For all farther inrnrmation, aiiplv to D AVID GARDINER. Agent of Patent Office, No. 21 Pine street. New York. a2 lm*r rPRIAI. Oh BOOK SAFE*. ? 1 lie subscriber deems it ins -I duly (ii contradict a report which has been circulaird thai one of Wilder1! Patent Salamander Safes was destroyed at thv late tests of Safes, on Coffee House Slip?as Wildi r's I'att in Haleniander S*fr was not submitted to that test, but an irticb newly introduced, called the "Improve I Sjlitnander Safe," Ail attempts to an improvement upon Wildrr's Geiiuiat Proper.v Preservers have failed The contents of one has never been destroyed liv fire. They have withstood the strongest possible heat lor eight hours, in furnaces, while safes of otlii r n alters have b ? u destroyed by the same heat in lees than iwo hours. The Safe-so tried ana Committee's reports thereof, can be seen at the Irion Ssfe Store of the subscriber?the onlj place in the city where Wilder'a Patent Salamander Safe can b-r had, or made to order. SILAS C. HERRING, any) lwd liw ec. i:,9 Water street. CHINESE LEMONIAAN ENTIRELY new and splcmli I article for the Toilet. surpassing in fiagrancy any article of the lind that has ever been introduced ijto ihis country. Everv housekeeper will higidv appreciate it as an indispensable tainily iurigora tor. Also, L>vendcr, Pine Apple, Vanilla and Cologne, hghh flagrant?vogetliei with every variety of flagrant odors in liquid forin. V ir sale wholesal j and retail at the Ue|iot of Healll and Strength, 30 Canal street, ona door east of Broadway. an-02w?r A V. H. WEBB Agent. DR. MORRISON. VfORTH RIVER DISPENSARY 20iH Fulton street near t-N Greenwich.?Dr. .Morrison, .Nieieb rolthe R 'Val Collet, of Surgeons, Loudon, and formerly Jjurio on in the British Na vy, continues to be consulted daily Ou all ipse ise c I a Helicals nature. ..nd all those ihst/rssitig s-, mptoms consequent on ii|ju licinus treatment, and the imprudent use < fquac . medicine. Dr. M. has bad an rspcrience of twenty ' wo yea,s p treating delicate diseases in ail their various and: implicated lorms,and uses a mild, safe and infallible substitute I r mercury, eradicating the venereal viius with certainty, w ithont (subjecting the patient to any risk or restricting him ml isasuat diets or paisuits while his mediciuej are agreeable ip ta?teand smell. Perm.ujcntobstructions in tin urethra, such as striciares andebI trgesnenlof the iirualrate gland, v < nipanted with much irritation and dull pniu about rtiesc ji.arts.are tome of the conae;ucnces of mal-treitment. Dr. .... titatssuictnres in a scien line manner, promoting aDsori in ni tne tirca'er meinbrnui without any pain CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY.?Tnousands of yonng are suffering from Cn cnn*e<inencre of indulgence in n ?eerrl destructive habit,ai.dwhose nerve. are further injured from the use of nostrums, ai il pretended specifics, which slimiilatr nly ( induct' great.-r depression. Ui. M. treats inch < unrni nnrcly pathological pnncipl. s, and never fails iu establishing cure?the ftncteit nonor and confidence is observed. bettrri post pnid, and containing a suitable for, will i run re t'le correspondent lull advice, and im die use to any purl of tile 'Juion, by hi? giving a history of Ida case in detail. 204X Efilon afreet near Greenwich. an30lm*ic TENDER CHINS. ANY GENTLEMAN may be instantly relieved from all pain during the oiieration of .having, by applying hia ralor to the ME TALIC TABLET RAZOR STROP, inventetl by O. Saunders, which supercedes toe ueceaaity of a hone, and h which the moat unskilful ran aiwaya prodvee aa keen and smooth an edge as the razor could by any poaaibility exhibit tinder the moat experienced hand. It ia the only effectual meant which (he art ef man nas yet leviaed lor giving to every one an opportunity of auiting hia rator 11 hia chin with the same cerainry aa he can mend a pen to suit hia own hand, which any prison will be ahowu by brining a dull rsxnr and trying tne Tablet before purchasing. Retail priee of the best article of Strop and Tablet, SI and (I Ml. aul? lm*r Sold at O. SAUNDERS, 163 Broad" sv. TOU'VH BKAKDS!! DLEA8URE IN SHAVING aecnrrd by the use of Chapr man's MAGIC RAZOR STROP, with METALLIC HONE, forming one of Its lour tides, with which every |wr1011 may keep hit razoi in perfect order, whrlhcr at tea or on and. tf presents four lacea, each of different sharpening pro-urtiei, commencing with the Metxlie Hone, of ten tiinea rite nower of the ordinary h me.aud tinahing on the auri|dr calf skill. Retail prices 50, 75, 1 01'. l,3j and 1.50, each according to outward size and finish. The performing part of the 75 cent ntrop wing same as one al $1,50. Wholesale prices $3,50, Si, $6, 17,50, SO and Sit per dox. L. CHAPMAN, No. I0J William street. N. B. The perlormtng part of n,y 75 cent strop warranted to yr superior to George Saunders' heal, at $3 each.and the money etiimed if the purcitatei be dissatisfied. aii'!5 Im * r IOHN GtbRIEL VEKHEN or WERKE V, s Native oi Swilierlaiid.?Any one who lias ever knowu or heard ?( hia individual, or of a pe.son of a similar name, svIII please oininuuieate thef act to me, Si diia information is of imiiortnice to some of his family. His real name waa John Gabriel iferrcn-, but in a foreign land it may, like many either names, lire been changed, or become corrupted in its spelling. He canic to the United Stales in liie year I7J5, and he Is sup. sMKd to have resided in the State of Pennsylvania, ami to have lied there ; but as uo trace of him aa vet lias been discovered, .he lulorma lee received by inn u|k>u Ibe sub'ect is probably ncorrect, and I now take this means of making a general inluiry throughout the Union, a I eod lm*r P. K. STAIOER. I'iiiladelphia, Pa. ECONOMY, ELEGANCE, AND GOOD LIVING. '"pHE undersigned has, at ^gn at expense, fitted np one of the " lar-.'rit snil most splenold Coffee and Eating Hnnsrv ip New York, in which one hundred iwrsons at leaat con sit down to an excel! -nt and snbstantial hreskfsar, dinner,and rea, [from the choicest siiia'hee of the markets, with a bill of lace not ev elled either aa r-Sards quality or number of dishes] hy any hotel in the United Stairs, and varying m rices from sit rents ro ine shilling uid i ighleeii pence per dish. The purest Java snd Mock i coffee snd the Very best tens, and verved at only thrt >eiiU per cup. And all other refreshim lite in ,.rop,iition. The niters are uniformly civil and polite, md every visitor maybe atlred of feeling in this rifsbtishmetu quire "at hon e." In ret, eveyy depart me it o{ tne husintsg is under the inp. riuteu* lance ot competent overseers, whose sole rate and at'ant ion ere 11reeled to the comfort olid aotr "on-nee* ot ,tuatiMm is and masts. HENRY GOSLING, rmprietor of rhe Ftvnchund American H" rrng House, JNos M and <4> Nassau si, Iwtween Jehn at ?pd Maiden Lane. P. 8.?Open Samlayx for breakfut, diUer and tea. jeJO Jmt ^ R. K I >RNING, SEPTEMBER 3, ~TAiL0MNG7~ REMOVAL. PHILLIPS' CASH TAILOlllNO ESTABLISH MENT, I> removed from Ml Broadway to No. T Ajtor Horn*. ECONOMY IN GENTLEMEN'S DRESS. UannenU of a uioat X Kitnl and h uhion.iUr ktuil c I 4 aaeiug of ?a |jet cent lor caeh. THE .idvi'rtiecr Ji in. it uiineceeaary to rceoit (J the tvr k neyed ryitrm ol diviu* a li?l of! pnfi't, i'p ?amin* hat the Irtlffll of time lie has been riL*l>li*hf-(j. toaeltwr with the aiteiuive |Mtr<iii?j[r bratowrd on mm, win jnov* a turn rirul euuclvr for Ilia capubilitiei. t'nisei.inif tin iiltMtMtr ol bciiid roiiwftrd with :ui eitt mive rlnth retiMiihmrtit in Eur !>< ir ronfijentlv aaaela that he can furmeh clothe* which, 011 iom anion, will be found lower than tuy oilier houer unkind U| lu hi .1 .leacrititiona of aeiitlt-iiieti'!. ilrt-.a. iiy l 3ui 8. I'HILI.II'S. "> Aelnr Holier, Broadway 1U iHU. LAIJIEIS. tfAWUONABLE MILLINERY GOODS.?The mine " IrcM, Miss 9 KING, daughter of the celebrated Carl King, .iff, ni lor sale a most relict and choice assortment of ilillinery Goods, for the spring trade, never a* yet presenird to the i>ab lie. both as regards the quality and cheapness of the arliclea The assortment coneieu of the following The celebrated SILK HAT, C ALLED CAPOTTE D'OR LF.AN8.JU worn hi La Duclicsv D'Orleana, ot France, SHED SILK, ENTIRELY NEW AND OKIOINAL TYLE And Lawn Huu do do?An mtire new . Ic o Hats called 44 M0D1ME CAPOTTES, ELSSLER COTTAGE.* Parmounud English FANCY STRAWS, of the (1 est lev ture, injru-at variety. The Proprietress respectfully solicits the ladies to favor in r with a call, arid examiur her elegant and varied stork of Millinery for themselves, be fore they purchme elsewhere, as n will he s gn at saving to tliein in price and a great advantage a, regards the variety and quality of the gmals. M1S8 S. KING, olagasiue de Modes, au.3 line 20J)j Bmadw.iv STRAW GOODS. T BENNETT, 20 Jolui and lll)? William it re, u, im porter and manufacturer of Italian and English S'law goods, respectfully informs his custome's and the public in general,that lie has mi hind i splendid and extensive assortment of ladies fashionable straw goods, which lie offers for sale at very much reduced prices, via.: French sod E gli-li DunsiaMrs, Italian Rutland., Fancy Scliell aud Inland (a ?ery fashionable and beautiful article) fine Tuscaus, Albert Straws, &c. tic Also, uu entirely sew article, the White Siberian Han Boll net, wliicn lor ihe sUinmei wear in r passes all he stiles as yet introduced, liemgcure nely light,durable, white .oid lie?utifo? and will clean as wi II as a luscsn. a5 lm*c " GUNS"AND PISTOLS. fJO- EXCLUSIVELY.-*}} B JOSEPH, II Maiden lane, up stairs, importing-agent for the sale 01 English. German aud French double aud single barrel Fowling and Ducking Guns, from the lowest to the tin est qualities ; Pistols of every description, lor this and other inarkeia, embracing one hundred dillerent kinds, all of which lie is now preparcil to offer at ihe manufacture,'! prices, being appointed agent for the largest houses in that line in Europe, which enables him to sell at extremely low prices. A large assorted slock of the above always on hand. City and country merchants are particularly requested to call, previous lo making their purchases. J> 27 3in*r " SILK BANNERS, fce. " HANNINQTON it CO., 291 Brn.ulway, near Head itrrrt, Respectfully inform lite Order of I. O. of O. F., and their friends generally, uiatlliey are mi* prepared to execute orders for Hairs and Banners in tlie most superior style for beauty, durability, and economy, having Bilks made for tlie express occasion that will make the largest banners without disfiguriug it with a seam. Specirm us and Designs can be seen at their Establishment, 293 Broadway, or sent to auy p irt of the Union. For style, design, and execution of works of the kind, we re fer to tile Clelty's Banner. No. U, I, O. of <). F , as also to Greeuwicht No. 4fl, Harmony, 44, Covenant, 33, Perseverance, 17, also Military Companies and Sunday School Bauueis, and tlie societies St. Nicholas, New Englaud, St. Ueutge, St AnJrews, St David, ttc itc. Window Shades in great variety, from SI each to the richest and hest, painted by tlie most eminent artists. Htaimtd Glass, after the manner of the ancients, warranted aever to change color, with many recent improvements for church windows and oilier public and private building*, stcarai. in, packet ships,store windows, itc itc. Imitations of Staim d Glass, painted on muslin for church w opto ws, Very' close iinitaliou of the real i; lass, at a very trifling xpeusc, or tile glass obscuied and |iaiutud in brilliant colors, verv durable ami cheap. iylTi "Important to ho.UsKKEEPEll s. A FEW IMPROVEMENTS hare been made upon Fi?<k*i I'.itant Nov.Ity Cookui* Store, rendering it impossible any difficulty should occur with it even win a m.uia^td by "lit* who baa had "?? eurrmct In the use at in? kind or oooi store. The Novellv Store is the only cook-tore which has been trot up w uhiu the last three years, upon an entire new principle, all others being a combination of old plans remodltd iu pattern, hearing some new name, as au ioceutive to increase the sale without any regard to utility or economy. The Novelty Stove is warranted in all cases to auswer every purpose for which it is recommended, or it may be returned and >he money will be refunded. The oven which is much larger than commou is as perfect as a brick oven. The tiituies which uum ber more, and owing to the peculiar construction of this stove, are nca ly twice as large a* can be used upon any other of the same aire. Among the extra fixtures are a Urge boiler, ineasuiing 30 gallon-or l>ii ba?rels: a larise rotarv middle, which will b.ik?; 53 ordinary sffted buckwheat cakes at once; a i-arije tin otiBi iiiiiUe for kddni I biy< iotrei of bnad; a set <?f r.Bg* suitable for any sized kettle, from a 2 barrel caldron to a small brass keitb . 1 he Stove only needs to he examined to convince any one that its jH-ifcct simplicity and i*cnliar adaptation to ril cutirary puriwes, fully merits the hicli favor which it ha* gained among all wit* haV" set n it iu use. For sale only at Fi*?k's Stove Establishment, 20'J VV.itwf street. The public are cautioned not to tie deceived by those who advertise their stoves as being "the ^imc principle of the Nov?^ry Stoves." as no stoves are m.vb* Qpoa this . rincipie Except f, y Messrs. Fisk, oi their legally authorised agent*. References given at the stop , 209 Water street, to over eight hundred per?ous who have them in use in this city. <*18 im*r oculists: doctok j. francis' CELEBRATED EYE WATER. \TO. It BAHC.' V STREET, within iW" J'oni of tin ' A.lor H< fii? I reparations arc a pvrfect cure for al' inflammatory am-of the eye, wrakness of si^ht. He., ,. never ftil in ret cm* nebulas of the longest ilanUlux, withrm 'uysurxicil u|? raiiou CERTIFICATES. I certify that Jamb Valeniine, .youth of about fifteen year. of age, wis brought in my house I'll f.ll, apparently hi ml. II called on me to-day, mid .late* that lur lias been the patient ni l)r. J. Francis, whose trrumi ut ha* been the means, ande <fod, oflestonuK his sixhl. JAMES Mil,NOR, Rector Of St. George's Church, Beekmiii st. This is to certify tlmt I wo of my children were alRiclcd wit'. li.cHicd eves for a h iixth of tune, one of them was almost hlitui with nebulas, envettug the sixht. Every remedy was retorted SO Without any good effect, and de.paiied of them ever beinc recovered. They are now perfectly restored to might by Dr. J Francis* celebrated prvp.ratioa. DA MEL 9. JONES. 499 Pearl sweat. I was almost blind tor twelve years, and in live weeks, undei the skilful treatment ut Dr. J. k rancit, my sixht is now pet fectly good aud slruue. MART;!A BROWN, 177 Forsyth street. I certify to the above being a true statement. JEOKGE BENEDICT, Fasto nf the Statuou street Church. I was nearly blind for tws ity years with a cataract in each eye and from the use of Dr. Francis' wonderful preparation for that disease, m> eve* are now lmffeutly recovered. HESTER JOHNS TON. 41 Elihuftre ?u-et. vVe.tiie un h rsi.ireil, havin. v>iuiessea tile ustotnshiiiK r tfi icy ar Dr Francis preparations lor diseases of the eye, uuhestl >:it*<iy recmnmeud them to the nolle of the eslu.ihl remedies. 1,1111 -ill milium, rutin ui .IKI/IIIIKni II- aaiUTrn. w tl. Gone, Pastor of the Fitsl Baptist Chutch. Jul ii Park, Agent of the Home Mmion Society. Jacob Bkouucr, l'nator of the North Ba list Church. Joypli Amlrcaiie, llnmin Catholic Priest of St. Peter's Chweh. Numerous certificates can be seen at the office. Preiwred ami sold only o> Dr. J Franc u, 10 Barclay street. New York. Artificial Ey;e? inserted, which cannot be distinguished from the natural, without giving ike slightest pain. Dr. J. Francis respectfully informs his friends and Ike nub'ic, that in consequence of the increase of his business, Dr. (Jlenuy, Vleinlierof the Koyal College of Snigenna, Loudon, and of the New York Medical Society, has jollied liiin, and every confidence can be placed in hisprofessioiial skill as an Oculist. Office hours from 9 A. M., until 6 P. M. jy 10 )in*c "Diseases Of the eye. H. K. DIOSSV, OPHTHALMIC 8UROEON, No. 207 BROADWAY, Entrance in Fulton Street, opposite St. Paul's Church- . ATTENDS TO DISEASES OK THE EYE, AND ALt THE NECESSARY OPERATIONS THEREON. OPriCK H(?TT*h FROM 9 To 6 o'CI-OCK Having com deled his studies el i years with ult. ELLIOTT, Oculist, and been snbsequently eng .gcil as his a-sisuiii, R. K Dm s is enabled to undertake ths .ica'meut of all disea-es affecting the organs of vision. Terras moderate and graduated to the nature sou e*tenl of the disease. Permission is given to refer to his late instructor, and also to some of the moat eminent Professors of the Medical Faculty in New York. N B. The poortrsafed gratuitously eul lm*r DISEASES OF THE~ EYE. AND EAR192 BROADWAY, Corner John street, up sthirs I SHANKS, M. I) r>t|u'ctfullv snnoonces to the public' " that for the hotter arrntmnooalion of Ins patients from abroad, a.i well as ihoee of th? city, be has n moved his office as above stated, where he will attend from!) to 2 o'clock, daily, to the treatment and cure of all diseases Incident to the human eye sad eat iud that diseases of Wom.r. and Ohndren From 3 to 5 o'clock daily, will he devoted to coneullations for the cure of miaerllaiieons rascanf dieeaee in every departm-M of medicine, including 'hoae of a private aqd delicate ehe ncter. D-wtor ShViks, in order lo soplire the confid. nee of str irgcrs, and to guarssnlee lha public against thv remotest feeling of imposition and quackery, begs b-avc to stale ihst hi is a wrac liiont r of medicine of It vasrrs' duration, a graduate of the University of Ike city of New York : auil that his inaugural dissertation for th decree of Docror m MedfciOC from this Univeisity, eutitled " The lluinao Eye, Amnionic illy. Phistologically, and Pathalogically considered," elicited lha highest approbatory tmcoiniums from I'rofesaor Mntl before the issemb'ed rouncil and | rofessors of tins learned University, diiringthe public ax immatinn and ilefence of the same. Dr. S. regrets the net:i.'sit)' he is under in adverting to these dircumstances, so repugnant to 'he dellcsey of everv trtieImarled phyMcian ; but th? duty he owes hnisell, ami the regard he is bound to have lor the preservetion of the public health, imperiously demand that he should speak out. W hat . mntl tne 'ecnlnrlv educated ihysicrao, who hw spent years in the studv " ths knowledge necessary him tor h>s art. ind who holds the sealed testimony n' le ilOe.l and coinpetshl antloriiy before whom he was eguninod tq practice -ui k? most he?f respectfully e-quite 7?remain si enl in Ills i 'lice, i and .How iiimselfto be ibu. .1 from the Uginma'a round "f his sen ntific ui Iliou, bi tin bold, presuming racklaM qu eksl? No' I f , one, will nor submit m ir. And in order to puce this sski.ct bef.ff the public in aphqwr ?"d in such a way as to direct towards it ilic pwiijr altrnfon in the str. r.grst p isibls manie r. I propose to publish itnmedlatsly my views 1 m.o e at |c;igtliol( th s topic. TV s* isfte pnblic iiw the profession who are disposed to vcniid my cCoita, wIli please call it my ulfice and ?ub?cribe for a copy, Tne opens# will not be mure than a in pence or a stuAuig. < auJI lm*r I , . him a I F. It A 1842. Tiik Willi? Anni'ai. Rcoatta mm oil' on J ' Wednesday in the bay opponite that flourishing town, and wan witnessed by several thousand ei*-c- j tutors', and among them the beauty and lash ion ot , Newburgh, as well as the adjoining towns on the | river. The stream was dotted with beautilul sail | boats, anions which we noticed the Scud, the Arab, the Foam, die Whim, the Viola, Arc., filled with | Indies and gentlemen; and scattered about the bay were aoine hundreds of slooj*, barges, cockboats, broad sterns, skills, wlieriies, canoes, and butt enders, in which were crammed specimens ol creation ol every color, size, shajic, aud character that could be collected together on such an occasion The four stake boats were placed in diamond form, and the distance to be rowed was three miles aud a quarter. The wtr.d blew strong front the southwest, and created a short chopping sea that was quite unfavorable to the speed of the boats. First Race.?This was for the Newhurglt Amateur Association purse ol $>'235,to be contended for by six oared bouts, and distributed as tallows:?First prize $125?second $t>0?third $"Jl). The signal gun tor lue boats to be in readiuess was fired at tweuty minutes past one, and (he following bouts presented themselves inline in the order inserted:? Ihe New Jersey, nearest the judges'boat, Columbus, Ragle, Dim ness, und tiuhutea. 'J lie Mew Jersey was tire tavoriie at the start, the signal lor which was given at twenty-six minutes pust one . o'clock, und amid the shouts ol the sjieetutors, and a lively air from a band ot inusic, the bouts hounded { forward, almost leaping from iheir element, from J tiie force of the strong and sinewy arms that prorel- ] led them forward. The Columbus and Gallalea , came in contuct soon alter the start, us also the lormer and the Ragle, but they soon cleared themselves, while ihe Mew Jersey and Gallalea took the ieud and kept it the whole distance, coming 111 111 the following order:? 1. New Jersey aOm. 35s. J. OdlRleu . I 'JOui. 44s. 3. Dutchess 31m. I Us. 1 4. Ragle aim. oos. i The New Jersey was declared th winner of the ' first lmai, urid in lue second, which followed in 111- ' teen minutes, she took Ihe lead and kepi u, wimnug 1 the heat by about three lengths only. The time ol this heat was? ! I. New Jersey aim. 5s*. i. (Jalluiea ? aani. (Ms. The New Jersey was therefore declared winner of the first prize of $125, and the Guilutea the second of $!k). They were manned as follows:? .Vctr Jersey, built by Seaman, und manned by J. Seatnun, M. Chmmens, C. liritton,A. Post, L. Johnson. Georee Anderson, and A. Seaman, coxswain. GaUatea, of Mew burgh, built by lieu, ehauiburg, [ of tins city, and manned by John Buird, Martin Lyon, Archibald Darling, Aorabnrn liowea, William Doherty, William Hawkins, and F. Guard, co.vswaiu. The Eagle and Dutchess then started again for the third prize. The former took the lead. Kept u, and won the heat in the following order:? 1. New Jersey 3'lm. OOi. 2. Duchess Xiui. 16s. The lutter having come in third on the first heat of the race, the boats were ordered to stari again, but the Ducthess refused to go, and the hagic was declared the winner of the iturd prize of &o0.? These boats were manned as follows :? A'iigle, of New York, built by benjamin Shamburg, and munncd by John \ arick, John l'latt, James Kven, TL Scott, F Dobb, T. Jones, coxswain Uulihtt?, of Hyde Dark, built by LroIius,ai?d uiaiined by James H. Filing, A. bloomer, G. Polliamu", if l'erkin, N. W'oolsey, Win. l'olliamus and Win Wedell, coxswain. Second Race.?This was for the village purse ol $ld5, by four oared boats, to be distributed as I dlows First prize $1U9; second tlurii S&* f following boats presented themselves in line at tinfiring of ihe signal, and in the order here entered:? Duane, Fashion, George Washington, (a new bout) J. (f. Clinton, The lone, Morgun S. Kurnliani, llciiry Robinson, and Passaic ^ bout called tin I nknown, that was entered, did not start. The Washington Was the favorite, and won the heat with ease; the boats coming in as follows :? 1 Washington 13m. lila. J. busne . . . ,-i3in. 3-is. 3. Robinson '13in. 3fw. 4. Karnham 31m. 00s. 6 J. G. Clinton 15m. 00s. The lone. Fashion, Hrid Passaic, gave out, and the Washington was declared the winner of the first prize. According to the rules, the Clinton bring the fifth boat, wan distanced The wind at ihis tunc was blowing fresh from the south east Hnd the tide nuuu. The Washington rind Dunne ponn started again for the winner of the first prize, and the Robinson and Rirnlmm were called in a few moments to row for the thud. \ The tour boats thus contending in different races ' at one time created great interest among the crowd f The Washington heat the Dunne with apparent ease, r and one of the Robinson's men giving out.the Furn- ' hatn won the heat. The Wat-hit gton was therefon 1 declared the w inner of the first prize of $fl(IO; tli i Duane ol the second, 8fi<); and as the Kobiu.-on re fused to start for the third heat,the Farnham was de t clared the winner of the third prize of f>'25. The \ time was as follows:? f 1. Washington 27m. 27? 2. Dunne 2t?m. 6I?. F 1. Fninham 24m. 42s. c a. Robinson 26m 16s. t The boats were manned as follows :? (ieorgt fFaxhington, of New York, (new) built by 1 lohn Let/, and hi ninej by John Lud'am, .Tame ' Ludlam, Anthony Ludlain, Henry Taylor, and Sam ' uel Falmerston coxswain. s Duane, of Jerse y City, built by Seaman, nnd 1 manned by C. TJritton, M. Simmons, S. Anderson, 1 S Johnson, and A. Seaman, coxswain. Morgan S. Farnham, of Newburgh, built by 1 Chambers, manned by R. S Hunt. Jidin Stewart. ' Win. McTurk, N. II. Hawkins, and J. R. Sayres, 1 coxswain ' Henry Robinson, of Newburgh, manned by James F Mozier, John Mozier, John Wurd, Charles F June, and George June, coxswain Third Race ?This was for the New Windsor ' purse of $50, by sculls, the first prize of $35, the se cond $15, and the following boalsstartea: TheCro 11 lius Houkenisiiivy The Josephine of \Vw burgh, and Modern Maid, and Dew Drop, of Fish kill, although entered, did not present themselves The Hookemsnivy was decidedly the favorite, and considerable money was bet on odds of two to om ' in In r favor. They had scarcely left the starting I piiiui, uuwrvrr, uriore II was eviueni IIUll Ilic "knowing; ones" had been deceived, as the Croliu- ^ took, the ie;jd nud kept it the whole distance, varv 1 ing from three to ten lengths, until passing the third "fake boat, when she increased the space between them,mid at'thejudges'stand was two hundred yards ' on the lead The Crolius was therefore declared the winner of the first heat, and beta were now* offered on her of three to one, but no takers. This heat was rowed in the following time 1 Croliu* 1Sm. 1-J*. 1. Hooketimtivy -J9in. I9?. After a lapse of fifteen minutes they started again, hut the Crolius won the heat with ease, and was de- ;v elared the winner of the first prize of #d6, and the fr Mookemsnivy of the second of ?15. g These boato were manned by the following oars- fi men :? , ai The Crolius, of Xew York, built by Crolius, and fj nnuined by T. and J. Tcneyke. di Hookcnunivy, of New Jersey, built hv Seaman, and manned by J. Seaman and William Post. w The Washington was im re based from the Lttd* m lam's iintm diatf-ly rffter the race, and inay now be k considered the crack boat < I the six oared class A' the conclusion ?f the races,the prizes were presented i* to the succi I ill crews by Captain II. H obinsi.n, and as tiie sun whs reclining behind the western hills of * Orange, we stepped on hoard the steamboat H'k'n- (j lander, and landed safely in the Commercial firnpo Vj rinm in company with many hundieds who hsd v.*- ? itcd the scene of excitement and plei.sure. w Nkoro Thixvks ? The Minden (La.) GaiOttc of [ the ?>tli says, that two white men were arrested w m this vicinity, having in their possession four fine ,| looking nezrors whom 'hey hail decoyed away trpru . c a widow lady named Itavis, residing in Chicot 0 county, Arkansas They were pursued by some men from Chicot, who, alter a few days hard tiding. ^ came upon their ramp below town, Ht n branch where they had encamped on Saturday night The whetewn-D endeavored to efca(>e bv lekintf to th" in fnjsfleH, but k shot or two from 'be rifles of taeir pur K suers soon caused them to cry for quarters Th--y ill Were brought in'o uvvu and immediately o* . *: and are now on tliet way back from whence 'hi t 1*1 CRtne in possession of the negroes. Their nannr -*u arc Ind-rson and Pre no SiunKS ate plenty -t F-ll Kiver and in tlb' ' v r ^ O ie was killed on I'nursd y afternoon, wJigH' 'g. |f 2H0 pounds, and rm asm ing over seven feet tn length. m L I). 1*11< p Two Crnli, 1.metal Naval Court Mat tlal, on boaid Hip t', 8, tiblp North Carolina. Fbiday, ?rpi. 2, 1SJ2 Trial or Lie it. Chablas Wilkes, to.vriMJAit. The Court met at 10 o'clock pitcin^iy. nil th? meml"rs present, with the excej tion ol Commodore Kidgely, who watt preveuted Iroin atteiiUing in (. iist.quem e otlllneM*. The record o| ilie trial was read over by the Judge Advocate, when the Court adjourned Uil toluol row nioruing at 10 o'clock, when they \? ill meet /irnJornui, and adjourn uniil Monday, wiien Li lit. \V'> will present his deleuce ii possible, it not, on Tuesday. The Court is enjoined hy law lojneet lroin day today (.Sundays ox. epled) until ilie tindli.g ol u aentt lice. Tn connection with the proceedings of yesterday, we have reciivra ihe follow lug it tier Irt tit Passed Midshipman lilunt, who, III coufeequenct* ol the evidence bring closed, c Uld not he allowed lo make n- ... ..... -i Hiv < .ifiuiiawuii cuiiiaiuru uicivtli !. li re lln CeUlt to-day :? New voiik, 8?pt. 2d, ls4J. 8111? I beg that you w ill give the following an insertion in your \ tiluablo (taper :? It was kiatru 111 evidence before the Court Msrtial on board the North Caroliua y esieiuay, (bepi. 1st) l<\ it. U. VVahlron, Pin < r, I', s. N., that "ho it-collii n... ci.-.t.m uy that I'ahsoil Midshipman Blum's ein.i pi) w..s?u>, , . 1 \ order of (,'upt. \V ilki'H for his ( asscii Nluthij mm mum ) not keeping a journal." My journal will unsvti lor itsell, and is Nig Hid by me, and Uioiight up to the last da) I did duty in the Exploring Eapediti >u; nor did 1 evtr leLuse to Keep a journal during the cruize. 1 instiled in my journal, at one time, when my apartment in the ten ago was in sueli a condition an to beuoarcely iuhahitahle, thai "I should he cumpelh d to defer writing up n<) Jemnui until I could find a proper place." From the passage atose die rder lo stop my extra pay. it was stopped Iiom the last date there in ni) journal, nor have 1 et? r asked lor or received one cent 01 extia p.) since. ites] -cllull) , ) our ob't sevt, 81.11 ON KKA8KR BLLN'T, Passed Midshipman, U. 8. N. Assistant Vler-lliant't'llur's Court. Belore As.sis.tnnt Vice-Chancellor Hodman Skptkmbkk 2.?Important 1 txcisiuN.? 1 he schism 11 lite itciorined Dutch Clmn.n, in t-'ure) ih-stieet, md 1 he ddticulty which occurred there tome m.v or levcn yeam ago, ure laminar lu the ininils ol inosi jf our rentiers- A dispute took piuce between Henry I'nble, uml others, the oiu L>o?tu, and Jucoh K. Miller, and others, the new bourd ol i rusteeu, both claiming to be the legitimate board ol the church. The case involves about $11)0,000 worth ol properly, and w as thrown into chancery about ten yeaie ago, by the lirst-iiuiued parties. The tiuai argument ot (lie cause took place in June last, and occupied number ot days. .\lr. George Wood and .Mr. John Graham argued the cuse tor the complainants, and .Mr. Clinton L)e Witt lor tin- di lendunts. Tire coniplainauis aver dial ilic church was forrn;d in the year 1703, us a Dutch reforn.eU chuich, it was the old budding thai formerly siood ru Nss>1111 street, bat ween Joan-street and .MuiUcn-luiie,] aid immediately became connected w ith ami suoectlo the synod ot lioiluud, to which ail (lie Dutch thurches 111 ibis country were at that nine uiittched. a 1772, by leave ot the a other church, a separate mute orgauizutioii was totuu d, loniuiuiiig the iiaiidards and confession of iti<* iwnl ctiurch.w mob ire caivumstir. in 1826, it is contended, the ueeudants began lo depur from the iniCiiuvli of iho founders, by introducing l.tUhtrun hoi tunes mid preachers, and annulling Tutheran members lie ciiurcb, uniil luey tinally acqum d a mujoiiiy iu lumber , proclaimed the church imJ? penueui, and jstiibiished it an u Duihc-run or Aiinciiiaii cbuicb, bus jiosscssiiig themselves ol the church properiv, -vbereupon complainants and others ot the old chool organized separately under ihe name 11 me jermuu Reformed t huich, uniied themselves again villi the by nod ol die Reformed Dutch t hutch, ind cuinmeuced this suit, seeking re-postessncn ot lie church properly on tne ground that Uicy an the rut successors of me lounders, and itiut the dclendnita have diverted the estates truiu Uieir proper ihannei. The latler deny the allegation, and uielbt lint, although the church had heeu hi one time conlected with the judicatories ot the Reformed Dutch ihurch, the union was purely voluntary, and liable o be dissolved at pleasure. The Assistant V ice hancellor gave a learned and elanorate opinion, xhihiting much research, und is Inch would tie well worth publishing at length by some ol our Ithgn us japers, ihe history ol tiie Uhriatiuii church ben - ;one into, Arc. lie declared luut tliete 1 ad bttn no departure, by the detenuauts, tr> in tne run.nurds nftailhof ibis church at ilic lay ing the foundation stone of the old building in Nassau street, m 1765, and he could not tind ihat the lounoers ot tut church gave the properly to he mid in perpetual alliance with the Dutch Reformed church, or clothed it with an ujchangeghle trust. Ordered, that 'he claim ot tin- complainants cannot l.u sustained, and ihat the Dill be dismissed, with costs. Court of Common Plena. Before Judge Inerahani Sept. 2.?Kdwarti T. (Ay his g>tuirth <i,) w- J'nnrs Ui'fiin?Amuu.l unci Bullay. ? The plitiaiff is u tin'* little fellow, son of Mr Aubery, J'.ok tow?the deiendutit n master baker, doing bn.--itess at 77 Hudson street, and ti tall, poweriul lookng man. On the afternoon of Saturday, 3d July, iU.some lire crackers hail been given to the lad, ml h" stood near tbc corner of Park Kow .nd Ann treet, setting them oH. The defendant happened 0 be there at the time with In- hor-e and b ikei's vagon, and had to su-tnin the usual Fourth < t !u'y -vc jollifications, several hoys being entoei <1 in t-noying thein-elves with sjiiibs, ei ekers, the or . ii-iol?. &e. It did not appear in evidence, however, that any struck his horse, and certainly none hrown by young Aubery. Me was seen dcliberatey to take a large whip from his wagon, drive round nto Ann street, leave hi* horse and cart there, and eturn to Park Row. lie went behind the little >oy, and struck him several severe blows with the vhip?the little fellow ran, but not la-fore he had ;ot si"Verely beaten, large welts being left from the uts of I he whip <m his legs, Arc. the unsacrs-hy teeing so poweiful a man thus usine a child of II rr 12 years old, interfeied : the f?th"r of tnc h-.d :arne up, and seem* the affliction of his child, euus d the defendant to he ciini' d to the police i fflce, .vhere he was held to hail to k''ep the pence The rre/seqt action is entered lor dum>$es. 'I he urr [ave a verdict in favor of the plaintilffor 950,win- h arries, in addition, some (Hi o; i(70 costs, the c.uw 1 iving heen a long trme before the court. EorfMirTriffl Mr O: W (ierard and -Mr. E. Ketchim. For defendant. Mr. Barber. Bankrupt 1.1st. SOUTH-UN DHIRICT OF NEW VORK. William Nunns, pianoforte manufacturer, N. Y., Jet. I. Russell E Glover, shipmaster, N Y., Oct. 8. Stephen W. West, slevadore, N \ ., Oct. I. A*h. B Perkins, tailor and reimrter of fashions, *. Y., Oct. 1 George L Killam, dry goods dealer, M.Y. Oct. 1 Edward IS. Huntington (late firm Huntington & V; N Y , Oct 1 Mason R Rfmvnine. eh-rli N V l"W.? 1 Charles .MrWilliams, Cairo, Greene Co., Oct. 1. Court Calender?Monday. Common F'i.kas.?I'.irt l~Nn* 8 14. 65, 69. l*itrt 2?No# 134, 2, I 137,ISM, 26, 28, 34, 48, 12b. Fl RTHkR FHOM HIE FlOKU'A IlVplANS MnRK Ia ssacrks ?A letter (lilted August H, 1(M'2, sent <>m tfen. I.evt.?. KniHit to the Governor of Georiti, says :?On the 11th iimt , a band <>| about forty idicin warriors, well supplied with fire nuns and nmunitiou, invaded the county ot Lowndes, I illed vc men, and mortally wounded six other? Accicnt seems to Lave hindered thin from being t ina*icreot wotii"u ami children, n* i? usual wuh -urb retches. Five men had gone out on a bunting trfy- th? v wore ambuscaded and three ot tin hi illed. The Indiana proceeded to the nrure-t p.'u .ition, killed a wlute man uud a negro, an., niorilly won ided another They fl -d, hut were cur i'-d by a force of ci'i/ens gathered in n moment, nd overt iken near runlet A hat'h en*nrd w;in ( nhttnl advantage, as the Indians were the ,-t;r ;-u st. They were, however, driven into h swamp, ail. Wot in'b order, No 2b, declaring th?i hostilities dthin the territory of Florida had censed, near# data le 14th of August, three day? after the inasfeaere in ,owndea. His ex plots have only caused a t- w (fetches to leave tne peninsula of Florida, where ley had no w hile people to mutder, for a more ouYOMirnt stand nr-n o>ir frontier, (lint the blood f Georgia might still tl w-. ?e have ,t ^in and g.itn protested against this method of tcrmiustiug ie war in Florida Vbry Hid N'emitBotts ?On the night of the loth i t , the bari: of ' )?iii?i T g'l>\ K*-j , -ud fbr ih 1 m o'ir?the litter m the ten mo v ot John Harman, ;r<iiuw*|l town sip, Pemwvlvsiiiu. weie d -stroy I by rr?. The k>?s of .Mr T.i^uc is es. muted at 1,$*) .n t<>| Mr Harm.u n mill SWkl li ipp.ned that they *ver* set on fit- be UiC*e ?? i.iri 'oneii maliee: and \lr? Tnotre on. t"lr m neighborhood. and bet son, a young io*n ..bout cntv ve.irs rf ise- tiarr been ?rresud on sucviH? <Jf being the incendiaries, and commit.?d lor ai. J

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