Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 5, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 5, 1842 Page 1
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TH Vol. VIII.?Mo. 94ft ?Wholi So. 30W>. REGULAR PACKETS. NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. T? iflfrun New York on the 24th awl Liverpool ou the 13th iif each m Mi m. M &? S.w Yokr. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Deneyster, ttth Septem1! Ship UARRICK, Captain Wm. Skiddy. ?Sth October. Ship ROSCICS, Captain John Collini, ttth November. Ship SIDDONS. Canlain E. B. Cobb, Dblh December. From Litrrpool. Ship ROSCIUB. Captain John Collina, IJth September. aiup SIDDONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, 13th Ociober. Ship SHERIDAN. Captain F. A. Depeystsr, 13th Nottra'r. Ship UAKItlCK. Captain Wm. Skiddy. 13th December. These ships arc all ol'lhe tirst class, upward, of UKWtons, built in the city 01? New York, with sach unpxnvemeuu as combine eat speed with unusual coin toil for passengers. Every care been taken in the arrangement of their accommodation. The price of passnRe hence i. SIM, lor which ample .tore, w ill be provided. The.e aiii|>e are commanded by cxperit noed maj'ers, who will make every exertion to gire general utiafac11 ile * Neither the captains or owners of the ahipe will be re.pensible lor any letteta, parcel, or jackagea .out by them, onleaa regular b;'l. of lading are .ignrtf therefor. For freight <v ne?. age, apply so E. K. COLLINS fc CO., 56 South St., New York, or to WM. It JAS. BROWN It CO.. Li'err^ol. Letters by the packets will be cl trged I2H cents pert-ingle sheet; SO cents per ounce, and newspapers I cent each. ?3ec ~ NEW YORK AND HAYRE PACKETS. (SECOND LINK.) m. M, m. & iTTXIThr this hn^wHI heretrte^frnve the 1st awl Havre on the l?th of each month, aa follow. : From JWib V'tirlt. b\nm Havre. The new ship ONEIDA, ( 1st Mwch ( 16th April Captain < 1st Jury < 16th Augurt Janes Funrk, t 1st November f 16th December Ship BALTIMORE. I 1st April ( 16th Miy , Captain < 1st August < 16tl> September EdwardFunck, r 1st Deccem'rf 16th January Shin UTICA, C 1st May { 16th June Captain < 1st 9eptetnb'r< 16lh October: Frederick Hewitt, I 1st January ( lfith February NewshipST.NICOLAS, I 1st June I 16th July Captain < 1st October < 16kh November. J. B. Pell, ( 1st February ( 16tn March The accommodations of these ships are uot surpassed, combining all that may be required for comfort. The price of cabin passage is $100. Passengers will be supplied with every requisite. with the exception of wiues and liquors. * Goods intended for these vessels will be forwarded by the subscriber*, free from any other than the expenses actually incurred nn them. For freight or paaaage, apply tn *1 BOYD it HINCKKN, Agents, 9 Tontine Buildings. FOR NEW ORLEANS. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS. FortneOrUer accemtnodauou of shippers it uitueinled to despatch a ship from this port on the 1st, 5th, roth, 15th. 20tlt, and 25tli ol each month, commencing the lftth October and continuing until May, when regular days will be appointed for the remainder of the year, whereby great delays and disappointments will ht pre rented during the \ummer mouths. The following ships will commence this arrangement : Ship YXZOQ.Caplam Cornell. Snip OCONEE. Captain Jackson. Ship MISSISSIPPI. Captain Hilliard. Shiri LOUISVILLE. Uaraatn Hunt. Sinn SHAKSl'KAHE, Captain Miner. Ship OASTON, Captain Latham. Ship HUNTSVlLLE. Cajitaiu Mumford. Ship OCMULGEE, Captain Leavitt. Snip NASHVILLE. Captain Dickinaen. fihvji MEMPHIS, Captain Knight. Bliip LOUISA, Captain MulfonL These ahipa were all built in tlia titty of New York, expressfbr pack eta, are of light draft of water, hara recently been i wly ctgifiered and nut in splendid onler.with accommodations ior passengers aneqiaaued lor oomfort. They are commanded by experienced masters, who frill make erery exertion to give Sonera] aatiafketion. They will at all times be towed up ami own the Mississippi by steamboats. Neither the owners or captains of these shlpa will be responsible (pr jewelry, bullion, precious stones, silysr or plated ware, or for any Ictten, parcel or package, sent by or pnt on board 01 them, unless regular bills of lading are taken for the tame, and the value thereon expressed. Fax freight or passage, apply E. K. COLLINS & CO..S6 South St.. or HULLIN It WOODRUFF. Agent in New Orleans, who will promptly forward all goods to their address. The ships of this line are warranted to sail punctually as advertised, and great care wiH be taken to bare the goods correctly measured. ml OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. m ?& '1'nii \jljU 01 racaeu lor Liverpool win nereaitcr oe A despatched in the following order, accepting that when the fry of saling falls on Sunday, the ships will sail on the succeedfiat day. For New York. For Liverpool. The SOUTH AMERICA, (June 1 July 19 C16 tons, ( Oct 1 Nov 19 D.O.Bailey, (Feb 1 Mar 19 The ENGLAND, (June 19 Aug 7 730 tons. < Oct 19 Dec 7 B. L. Waits. (Feb M April 7 The OXFORD, I July J Aug 19 Mb tons, < Nov 1 Dec 19 J. Kathbone, r March 1 April 19 The EUROPE, (July 19 Sept 7 10 tons, ( Nov 19 Jan 7 E. G. Marshall r Mar 19 Mty 7 The NORTH AMERICA, (Aug 1 Sept 19 61* tons. ( Dec 1 Jan 19 A. B. Lowber.( April 1 May 19 The NEW YORK, (Aug 19 Oct 7 900 tons, < Dec 19 Feb 7 S. B. Cropper.(April 19 June 7 )OE, (Sept 1 Oct 17 930 tons, (Jan 1 Feb 17 W. CBantow.rMay 1 June 19 The COLUMBUS, (Sept 19 ffcv 9 700 tons, (Jan 19 Mar 9 G. A. Cole. (May .19 Ju|y 7 Punctuality, as regards the day of salting, will be observed as heretofore. The price of passage outward ie now filed at Oue H'tuJred Dollars, Tor which ample stores ofevcrv description wiU be provided, with the exception of wines and liquors, which wil'.be lnrnished by the stewards. GOODHUE Hi CO , 64 South st? C. H. MARSHALL, 38 Builing-slin, N. Y. JeI4 lyh BARING BROTHERS k CO.. Ls|k>o1. NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL REGULAR COM MERCIAL LINE OF PACKETS. Sailing to and from Liverpool, Weekly. fijSSr &SS BCD^TABLISHEI^ARSAOE^JFVICE, 61 SOUTH STREET. Tlic subscriber in announcing his arrangements Tor the year 1842, appears befope his friends with sentiments of sincere respect for the able support he has received for many yean past.? lie likewise wishes Pi call the attention of those intending to send for their friends residing in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales; that they ran at all times be accommodated by this line, by weekly omyirtnnities from Liverpool, as well as Ly all the well known different lines of packet ships, sailing to and I mm Liverpool on the Ul, Tih, 13lh, I'Jtli and 26th of each month throughout the year. It has always been the study of the snbscricer to hare the emigrants shown civility, and despatched without delay, and shose who send for the - friends may rest satisfied that every due anddiligentattrutioa will be given by the Liverpool agents to those sent for,as well as all who may embark with them, and should any of those whose passage has been paid not embark, the mouey will be refunded without any charge. The subscriber feels a pleasure in making known the differ cut shine by.which his passengers came out during the last year, which baa given general satisfaction, and that he has considerably eilended a^d concluded his arrangements for the yegt 1842. The lollowiqg is a list of shipa ? nips Scotland, Robinson. Shipa Alabamian, Lane. Fairfield, Wilson. I'nntiee, Hopkins. Frankfort, Ruasell. Tyrone, Speare. ilussell uloyar, Ho was. Wales, Watts. Hibernia^ Wilson. Westchester, Ferris. Al/red, Cheevar. Osceola, Childs. Ciiflnn, InganolL St. Cloud. Emerson. Louisville, Allen. New York, Niven. Sobieskie, Emerson. Warsaw, Unflitlii. Oswego, Wood. Ocean, Willard. Talbot, Storey. N. Hampshire, Harding. Pantliea, Ooodinanaon. Robert Isaacs. Trueman. Virginia, baton. Europe, Batchcldor. S. Jenkins, beymonr. A free passage from the different porta of Ireland and Scot land, can also be secured, and drafts furnished for any amouut. payable at the National and Provincial Briks of Ireland and their respective branches, and also on M sara. J. Ik W. Robinson, Livevpool, which arc paid free o2 any charge, throughout the United Kingdom. For further particulars vpply to JOHN HERDMAN, 61 Roulh street. or J. It W. ROBINSON, 16 Ooree Piazzas, and SIM No. 1 Neptune at., Pack. Iiiitrpool. TEAM NAVIGATION BETWEEN ANTWERP AND NEW YORK, VIA?SOUTHAMPTON. BELGIAN STEAMER BRITISH QUEEN. F. EtCBHOLT, The t? of departure of thia well-known Bteamahip, hare been find u follow* : From Antwerp, From Southampton. From New York, On 4th May. IMS. On Tlh May, IMS. On 7rl> Jane, 1142 10th July, " 7th Ang., Ttli Sept. 10?h Sept. " 7tl. Oct., " Price of wnif, maala not included, to Soutk.e'npton or Antwerp, S70? Steward'* fee*, ?? 62M. The mr*l? will be erved on board, on the plan of a continental hotel, in the bett manne r, and it nifd And moderate price?, ivaitogcri being only -luuied when partakinc ol the *ame. The price of paeeagetp either of the above porta can al*o be encaged if preferred, with meala and ifeward's far* included for It/f 62X arnu,exclu*ive of wine*. An experienced Surgeon accompanic* the rhip. For freight or pannage, or uj further inforuiatKm, apply to H. W, T. It H. MALI, Agent*, aS2 6m*r O Bearer street. FARE AND FREIGHT REDUCED ~ Regular mail BOSTON, via STONl.NOTON AND NEWPORT, composed of the following aupeiur steamers, running in cnitice tion witlitlie Stouington and l'u r.dence, and Boston and Providence Railroad*? .MASSACHUSETTS, Captain Gomstock. RHODE ISLAND. Captain Thayer. NARKAOANSETT,Captain Woolaay. SlUHEGAN. Captain Vanderoilt. On* of which will Imti Npw Yiirk daily. (Sundays ?* erptrd) from Pier No. 1, North Hirer, Batter) Pine,, at fire o'clock, P. M. _ Aanaieor.MgirTa. The RHODE ISLAND, en Monday and Friday, Tor Stoning on. and l'ue<day, for Stoniagton, Ntwporl and Providence. The MASSACHUSETTS, on Tuesday and Saturday, (or fltoinug ton, Newport and Providence, and rhnraday for Stonington. Pasjengcn on the imnl of the ateamere at Stonineton, nay rake the Railroad Care and proceed immediately to Prori denrc and Boaton. Freight taken at the following much rednced rate* To Boetou, on goode rrttghing forty ponnde or upwarda to he cubic loot, at $5 M per ton, and on meaaurement goo da 7 Cents per foot. To Proridt^tce, on mcaearrmeut goods J rente per cnbic (hot, and apecilic artirlea aa per tarjf to be obtained at office 22 roadwav. nil kgr pOtL AFLOAT?tM tona enpetior quality Scotah Coal V for aadr by f iLflYF.R h M.MITHRAV 110 Pin. st. raw. of Booth. E NE WEV MISCELLANEOUS. UNITED STATES TEA EMPORIUM, 121, late 129 Chatham street, New York. WHOLESALE AND HE.TAIL. rPHE CANTON TLA CO > I'ANY continue to offer for -I sale new and fragrant Ten of every variety and style.? Their assortment specially includes the moat delicious and powerful frades of Urreu aud Slack, Every package bear* the tamp of iteatneaa and elegance, and the Teas therein are so thoroughly secured from light and air that their quality and power will remain unimpaired in any climate. Their system Ol prosecuting business is perhaps scarcely to be excelled. It is founded upon the utmost regard to the rights of the customer, especially with respect 10 weight and uuaiKy, and vurivalIn i cheapness. All purchasers am called upon to return any articles which fail to give tlv m the fullest astiaisstion, when the uiauey will be cheerfully and promptly lefundciL Country tr erchants, public establishments, hi aa , of lainilirs, an.i shipmasters, will fjiul it a decided advantage to supply themselves from this establishment. I offee roasted every day. ... Orders tiuui all parts of the Umteu States executed with promptitude and despatch. Py" The only warehouse in America for the tale af rlouqua's celebrated Black Tea. au>4 lm*r THE OLD UNITED STATES CAP. STOCK, SU1HT AND OILED SILK MANUFACTORY. JOHN M. DA VIES & JONES, SlICCKSSOR TO LUKE DAVIES & SC?v', 100 William ?lml, corner John, New York. U UHC HAS E US will ?l all limes find the most extensive ssT lortmeut id 'lie Uuited Stat- s, of tne following aiticles, oil (be UMMt resotvahle (inu, whulmlc null rtUul. Cars for gentiemeu, youth anil children of velvet, cloth, me rioo, silk,glased silk, kc Ac. Full and , art trimmed with fur .tinl |>laiu. Arm MM .Navy officers dress and undress cajis. Stooki of every style and quality?of satin, bombazine, rest in*, kc. made plain trimiueu Willi bows, cravat ties, Paris ties, dress apron stocks, Ac. kc. The surxRioaiTY ol our frames is well known by tke lightucss peifect tit, case and elasticity of every stock. Shiri s ol all linen plain ~nd frilled,of muslin plaiu and Lilted, with lilies: collars bosoms and vvristb lids of the most app; oved patterns. Fancy cambric sliiilr ot ,rtl qu it ities. Limit collars and bosoms of every style and quality, oiled silk, white, nlaiil aud laucy, of superior manufacture. Ladies, misses and el ildren'a oiled silk aprons. Oilcd silk medicated, lor the cure of /font, rheumatism, kc. JarraNFD leather, liiicu and muslin, amiable lor harness and coach manufactures, cap fronts, kc kc. The above articles are made under our own inspection, in llie beat possible m inner aud of such materials aud workmanship as will be found on examination equalled by none. To which is added, a superioi assortment ot fancy articles of various qualities and prices. Ulores, Suspenders, Cravats, Scarfs, Umbrellas, Handkerchiefs, Hoisery, Cravst-Sliffocrs, Ouard-Chains, Under Garments ol' every description aud quality, Shaker Knit aud Flannel Shirts and Drawers, The attention of the public generally are invited to the above extensive assortment of goods, many of which are of our own im|ionation and will be sold at such price* as cannot tail to suit. JOHN M. DAVIES k JONES, au2Slm*r loti William, Corner of Joini. STOVES! STOVES!! BACKUS' PATENT RARE FIEJi, OR FRUGAL liuUSE WARMER. rPlIE Proprietor, in offering this valuable stove to the public, 1 would brielly state s.vine of the advantag.s of Heir iinnrove mcnt, which consist chiefly iii the following jMiUcul.irs, vir:? I?To obviate the evil of im- 5?To be capable of affordpure aid iiuoom gas in the ihg a mild mr an intense heat, burning of anthracite coal. ti?'ir*avoid all inioveiiiciice i?To generate and diffuse from dust, a warm and wholesome at- 7?I'o preserve tire air of the urosplwre in places eti>osed to apartment pure and wholedamp and cold. some. 3?To lesson the risk of acci- 8?And t > unite with all dent by fire. tkose excellent qualities, an *?To be quickly kindled elegant and durable article of and easily managed. lurunure. This 9to*e u constructed of the best quility of Russia sheet i ou, upon the cylindrical plan?the furnace or fire-chamber occupying a part of the centre cvlinder, to which is attached an acmospheric Karefier upon each side, of a tubular form, and lined throughout. The heat that is created in the chamber passes between the linings of the two raretiers (or radiators as they are callrdl into the case at the bottom, and a current of air continually rushing through the tuiies, which are left opt 11 at each end for that purpose, carries a great amount of rarefied or warm air into the apartment. The purity and softness of the air in a room heated by this stove are yieculiar and remarkable, the heat being diffused from a great extent ef surface moderately heated. 'J lie heated air, on entering the wings or side* ol the stove.desceuds and spreads over the entire surface of the 'rase at the bottom, keeping the colder portion of tne air next the BOOT in constant circulation? in the meantime preserving it entirely from contamination, rendering this Stove perfectly safe and agreeable lor apartments of invalids, sleeping rooms, &tc. M.mufac nred by J. 4i E. BACKUS, it Bowery, N. V. N. B. A new article of air tight stoves, with rarifiers ; also die new kitchen companion cook stove, warrauted equal to any in use in this city. au2l lm*r TO DEALERS IN BLACKING rPRY IT ON' ' ? 1 lie Eureka Blacking?Thi? is a new article of Blacking, and |iotsetses qualities greatly sui>erior 10 all other kinds Dim in use. It softens aud preserves the leather, imparling a brilliant polish with half the usual labor required in tlit use of the comrnou Blacking. It further |M ssesses that requisite so long sought for in the peculiarity of the composition never becoming hard dry, or mouldy by nzc. Dealers in Blacking are reque.tcd to call and receive a sample of the article gratis. I'erfeci satisfactio t warranted in every case. Manufactured by J. M. JOHNSON. No. 4 Spruce st. Near Nassau, New York. The firm of Burgess & Co. is this day dissolved by mutual consent. Tho business in future will be conducted by au27 Im'm J. M. J iHNSON. New I on k Ausar Kru Koto CoMrsar, . 2 I'ark Place, New York. NOTICE is hereby given to the htockholders of the New York and Albany Kail Koad Company, that the Presideut and Directors have directed a call tor an instalment of live per cent on the Capital stock of the Company, payable on the fifth day of September next. Subscribers rciideut in New York and Westckester, will pay their instalment to Jnsiah Rich, Chairman of the Finance Committrc, and Treasurer for the Southern District, 172 Front st. Subscribers resident in Dutchess, Putuaiu aud Columbia counties, will pay their instalments to Jona. Akin Taber, of the Finance Committee, and Treasurer for the Mid dig District, in Paw lings. Subscnb rs resident in Reiwelaer county, will pay their instalments to Jonas C. Heart, ol the Finance Committee, aud Treasurer of the Northern District, at his office in the city of Troy. By order of the Board, a21 sep 5 r JOS. E. BCOOMFTELD, Secretary. BUTTONS. J JONES, 26 Piatt street, wishes to iuform his friends that his new style will not be ready before the first w ek in September, but lias on hai d the Flats aud Bevel Edges, which he offers at the following price* Best English Brocade#, S! 50 ' French " 2 00 " " Twist, 2 00 1-....ii.1. o os Figured Satins. 1 30 Mohair Over Coats, 1 30 Be/er?l hands wanted. an!7 Im?r DAGUERREOTYPE APPARATUS. JOHN ROACH, OPTICIAN, 72 NASSAU STREET. rPO ARRANUE a Peifeci Camera Obseura, requires tone A knowledge of Oi-ticta. Peraona wishing to prornre an in tmment will therefore find it to their interest to purchase of an optician. an30 im*r NEW EXTRACT OF SARS iPADILLA. THE COLLEGE OF MEDICINE AND PHARMACY TJ AVE jmt prepared a large quantity of the fluid extract af f 1 Sn'sapanlla, according to a new and protracted proceaa, by which the active principle of thia valuable drag ha* been obtained in a much larger proportion and purer form lhan by any of the common modes of preparation. The root hai been selected of the beat quality?which ia thai produced by the Sm?lax olficinnlit (of Iiumboldt and Roup land,) and growa on the bank> of the llivrr Magdalene, near Bajorque, in South America. The public may now relv on the genuine and condensed extract of thia etficacioua root. The value ami extraordinary reatorative powers of thia medicine, whan properly prepared, are well known. Caara of scrofula, nodes, gout, cutaneous disease, heated stale of the blood, and syphilitic eomplaiuts. will be moat essentially benefited by the use of thia new and elegant piriteration. Bold in large bottles at 75 rents each. In cases containing one dozen bottles, f6. Do do do six bottles, $3 50. ^ f _ W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent. Ofnce of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, ail30 lw is 97 Nassau street, N. If. gazo pneumatTcsT rpHE subscriber in prepared to eiecnte order* for the O i*o 1 Pneumatic Hydraulic Machine, for rai.nur water any height or quantity, from mine,, or for water work., by means of vacuum ; and the simplicity of the machine gives it a great advantage over any othei now in nae. au9lm*r _ " * "" " ""tee, a Pine aL TO THE "LOVERS OF7?lJPERToft BLai * i eAHowqua's Millnre !?Thi? eilrrmrly delicious am > i arrallebd Tea, ?o highly celebrated ill China and Europe jnst ?m ported, i* now for aafe at the Canton Tea Comiwny'i General Tea Establishment, 121 Chatham atreet. New York?in Chineae paakagea. Prices 30 rents and $1. au2llm*r DRESS BOCT9?Lateat French Style?The subscriber reapectfully invitea t'-e citit-n* of New V on, ami strangers viaittng the cityvtr> roll at lit Fulton street and eaamine a large aasoitment ot Dirts Boots, made in the lateat fashion, and of the fuieat French calf-shin, () ntleinrn can have boots made to order in the heat minuet at $6,00 per parr, warranted equal to auy made at $7,30, and aa the undersigned takea drawing of tne feet and keen* lasts for each customer lie can ensure an easy vet haud.ome fit. Constantly on hand, Fashionable Boots, Itc. at the following reduced pner* Seel Skin Boots, from $2,U to 2,75 Calf. 1,00 to 0.00 H alt Boots, 3,00 Oaiters, 2.J5 oiioe? 1,30 to 030 rnmi* and Hlippera, be., ixoporttnnably low. Tenm, eaah ondelieerv. JOHN L. WATKINS, " 1m r 114 Fulton at, between Naaaau and Dutch. FRENCH IMPORTED OAITERS of all coion of Faihinn ; French boota and patent leather J!' . i'ij r"' ihon and for men, ill *i' a, "' and boy. cheap boow from $2,75, $3, u i", fL'T? f?*r" M??'? ? >?? 7 to 10 and I2< per twir Boo thoea io ta 73 eenta and $1. and warranted eood. Ladiet. ????nl, InT "'Vi"00^ '".Win,' w .lkin? ahoe., tti'i a^Ilbw n,af??^L*a Wl laahiona, tie,, buikfal, and ali|?, 75 cent, to $1, aood 4> alippart, Come and kc a S'r^dwi'^^d a't S^rr.b0r|e ?nicle,J" ? atree^. corner 5 wilkrVs north*we* c? ?r Hudson *t., ?!?n ?-m- _im_ au24 1 m * r *vmr a L'V0" that A. *iTiT hoi at the Clinton Boot anrlltW M?tli*t" ;>olT;?naTi t! BOTthcMt C< rpcr ol HadMNI >lfl9l?whin slinm every body complain* of hard timet, is, that they keep goods of the best ijiiii'ity and tell them st prices to suit the times, *n<j it seems as if almost every body had found this out. If any who lead this should not ytt have found out the store, the sootier they come and tiy the soouy they *m\i reap the advantage. Almost anything tlut is wanted in the boot and shoe line, of any tin, eolor or (|<umy, oan be found h? ijchein.^ au2? lm*i A? KNOaIi CO..904 fftotlit. W Yd V YORK, MONDAY MOH MISCELLANEOUS U. S. CITY DESPATCH POST. Pi 'ST OFFICE, New York, 2Mi> July, 1812. HOURS of Delivery ?acb day, (Sundays needled) at the Upper ?ikI Lower Po?l Office*:? Letts r* aejioaiied befo'e Half-twit 8 o'clock, A Ml " 12 " " 3 " P m Will be ?etit out for deAt all ike Station* before livery ,19 A M, and I 7 o'clock, A M and 1 o'clock, P M. II 2 " P M Letter* to be arnt Free, tnuat hare "Free 81*0111" affiled to tbrm, otherwise three cent* will be col ected of the |>?rty to whom tb. letter i* addreaaed. No money mud be encloaed in leiteia unleaa re latered at t principal office*. L ?ta ol the atatioua (at all of which "free *t?ni|i*n may bv purchased at Ji.itl per 100, and every lllamiiwa m.iy 11 lllllallia'* oil ap plicaiion at the up|>er 01 lower ooat office*. Stamp* laaued by t!i* Isle CllvDesp.itcli Poal will be received. It ia thdia|>eu*able the number of the rtaidt uce ahould be anted in ail lett ra act I through thia Poat. The Poat Maater solicit* the e.lilies' imorinstlon should any in? Kunrit'i* occur. JOHN LOKl.vlLK GRAHAM au28 ly ec Poat Maater. POMKUOlT& CO S Nkiw YORK, Al.BAN Y, i'Ku7" ^BUFFALO, rniC \GO AND CANADA PACKAGE EXPHES8. leueaevery Eveninf, Sunday* excepted, lor the alene named and all intermediate place*. Office No. 2 Wall street, New York. aul7 r to"I: aTl road contractors. OKAl.ED PROPOSALSin writing will be received by the ^7 Mohawk and Hudson Koad Company, until Tuendiy ihe Clh d.i}* of September ilex , at noon, lor constructing a new aectiou ol Kail I* 7?d <" avoid tre inclined plane at Benem ct.iilv : CtiDimeui'iuif ut f 1 (laniiiniY1. mIopi- 111 th?* city of Scheii'ctadv. and intersecting the main hut, about three miles from said city. The w hole work to lit liuisln <1 oil or b< fort the Ul of April urat. Proposals most state the amount in gross for constructing the whole work, luclm'ing all materials, excepting iron rails. Plans anil specifications of the propos-if work, may be seen tithe C'oinp toy's office at the head of the inclined plane at Schenectady. l'roi>osals to be address* il to VVM. BANKS, Prest. auOT t?Cr. Office No. 55 broad street. New York. THE TWO GREATEST INVENTIONS OF THE AGE. KENNEDY'S COMPOUND VEGETABLE PREPARATION. POR Tt e treatment and preservation ol the Hair; the only k infallible preservative against baldness, and a certain cure for all diseases of the scalp, such as il uidrutf, olios potuica, Ac. 4tc. ike., including all cutaneous affections. Tnis article is prepared wit h great car, by the inventor and proprietor himself, altera study of ten years, during which Iris time Ins been almost delusively devoted to the |ierlertioii of this incomparable article for the benefit of the growth and beauty of the Hair. In the mean time, manv nostrums intended for the same purpose, h ive arisen siid di d, while this rejoices in the full vigor ol manhood?and is dustinrd to live as long as a tine head of fiiir is duly piized or its cleanliness and he uity admired. Lei those who have these desires but give it a single trial and he has no fears for the result. It eulv requires to Tie known to be appreciated, and when 10 ap rt ciateu the propi iet >r rvpecis to olitain his reward from a discerning public, and asks it not before?he is not afraid of getting out of patience. Neaity live litmd.ed certi' cates, t- s'ifi iug to its virtues, in all cases for w ieh it is in'eiided to be used, from the most highly resectable individuals in various parts in the United Stales, the Canadis, Sic., ran he seen at the office of the lliveator and inauufnciuier, No. 1 Pine street. New York. INVENTION NO 2 Tin1 second invention of mod-rn times, to which we would respectfullv call attention, is KENNEDY'S CELEBRATED PREMIUM CHEMICAL HAIR DYE. the first ever invented in this country. 1 his article, as can be testified to by a larite number of oral and verbal recommendations, is superior to any thing of the kind im|K>rted from any |urt of the world, and is raniuly superc- ding all otner nostrums foi changing the color of the hair and whisirers to a beautiful dark brown, or et black, from tl .sen, red, grey, or other objectionable color, in a single application, without affecting the skin. The above Heir Dye was exhibited at the Fair of the American Institute, held at Niblo'a Garden, and receiied the first premium, as being superior to ruy oiher exhibited. It m y be obtained at the full.-wing places i?Biiley, Ward h Co. Maiden Lane; Leary a Co, Astor House; 03 Bowery, corner Walker; 310 Bowery corner Bond street; Tiffany, Gourd 8t Ellis, 239 Broadway, and at tne manufactory. No. 1 Pine street, New York. auJO lm*r GEORGE KENNEDY. PATENTS-AMERICAN AND FOREIGN OFFICE, A and Agency of the United States Patent Office, No. 22 State street, Boston. This office has been established in Boston for the past ten years, and inventors are informed that all business relative to the preparation of caveats, specifications and drawings, assignments and other papers, and procuring patents, is here transacted with accuracy and despatch ; and all personal trouble, as well as expenses of a journey to Washington, and delay there, saved to thctn. AMMMIMN It ihogsthst unnecessary?a nodel, which may be sent by Harnden's Express, and a short explanatory letter, b, lag sufficient. Patents secured in foreign countries, auJadvice gvcnouall ,<gal and scientific matters risiH-cting them. The facilities of the subscriber, by his very extensive library- ol books on patent laws, and rare mechanical works, lie,, enables him to afford end uce and opimous lor suits at law, for iufringemeuts, fcc., which would be difficult in other respects foriwrties to obtain. All models, lie., forward ed to the Patent Office, Washington, free oftip- tue. R H. EDDY, Civil Engineer. 1 he following 11 extracted from letters of the Commissioner of Patent* in I81? To R. II. Eddy, Esq.? Sir " I have to renew the usurauc1: of the high rr*i?ect 1 eutertain of your agency for paten ee?. So far a? I have hi erd, they hare expressed themselves satisfied with your services ; and justice to yourself compels me to say, the business o! yout office, so far as it is connected with this department, evinces much skill and ureal assiduity. YuUis, lesi-ectlully, H L ELLSWORTH For all furthsr information, apply to DAVID GARDINER, Agent of Patent Office, No. 21 Pine street. New York. a2 lm*j TRIAL Ob ROOK SAFES.?The subscribe, deems |t his I duty to contradict a report which has been circulated that one of Wilder's Patent Salamander Safes waj destroyed at ths late teat, of Safes, on Coffee House Slip?as Wilder's Paten. Salamander Safe was not submitted to that lest, but an article newly introduced, called the "Improved S damander Safe." Allartemptsto an improvement upou Wilder's Genuine Proper.y Pies, rvers liavt failed The contents of one has never been destroyed by fire. They have withstood the strongest P visible heat toreiiih: MB. in furnaces, while safes of other makers have been destroyed by the same heat in less than two hours. The Safe* so tried, and Committee's reports thereof, cm be seen at ilie Irion S*lV S.ore of the subscriber? the only place in the city where Wilder's Patent Salamander Safe can b; had, or mide to order. SILAS C. HERRING, au29 Iwd 1'w ec. U9 Water street. CHINESE LEMONIAAN ENTIRELY new and spleudi l article for the ToiLtr. surpassing in Iragraucy any article of the kind that lies ever been introduced ialo ihis country. Every housekeeper will higlilv appreciate it as an iudisjiensable family invigora tor. .... Also, Lavender, Pine Apple, Vanilla and Cologne, h ghly fragrant? together with every variety offrsgrant odors iu liquid form. F >r sale wholessls tud retail at the Depot of Health and Strength, SO Canal street, ona door east of Broadway. au'/02wer A V. H. WEBB. Agent. DR. MORRISON. NORTH RIVER DISPENSA It Y iW>(i Kulton street near Greenwich.?Dr. Morrison, Men<b r of the R > yal Collegt of Burgeons, London, ana formerly Hart" on in the British N* vy, continues to he consulted duly on ill disease- (I delicate nature, end all thoae distressing symptoms consequent on injudicioua treatment, and Lhe im]irndrnt use < Iquac i medicines. Dr. M. has had an experience of twenty WO IWil i' treating delicate dieeaaee in all their Tarious and: implicated I or ma, and uses a mild, safe and infallible anbstitutr I. r mercury, eradicating the venereal rirus with certainty, w ithnnt {subjecting the patient to any riafc or restricting him iu) isusual diets or parsuite while nit medicines are agreeable in teste and smell. Perot UK-nt obstructions in the urethra, such as strictures end enI trgement of the prostrate gland, *..? i inpanied with much irriletion and doll pain about these parts, are some of the consquences of aaal-treatment. Dr. iV,. tieatsstrictnres in a scientific manner, promoting absori no of the thicker.! d siren la r membrane without any pain CONSTITUTIONAL DCBILITY.-Thontandiof yonng men are suffering from tic consequences of iiidnlgeuce in a secret destructive nabic,ai.d whose nerves are further injured from the use of d pretended specifics, which stimulate only to indnce great? r depression. Dr. M. treats such cases on purely pathological principles, and naver fails in establishing cure?the strictest honor and confidence is observed. Letters |iost paid, and coigaiuinga suitable fee, will insnrr the corret|?nident lull advice, and medicine to any part of the Union, by hit giving a history of his case ia detail. Vol', Fulon street near Greenwich. au3f) Im*tc TENDER CHINS. ANY GENTLEMAN may be instantly relieved from all pain during the otieratinn of shaving, by applying his ralor to the METALIO TABLET RAZOR STROP, inveuted hy G Baunders, which tunertedrv tlic necessity ol'a hone, and b, which the most unskilful can always prodver m keen and smooth an edge as the rasor could by any possibility axhibit under the most experienced hand. It ia the only effectnal means which the art of man naa yet devised (or giving to every one an opportunity of suiting hit razor 11 his chin with the same eeriaiury aa lie can mend a lien to I I 1 _l... I. .... , 11 h. ,Um. he ins ii dull raxorand trying tfie Tablet before purchasing Retail price of the best article of Strop ami Tablet, $1 and $1 50. aul7 lm*r Sold at O. SAUNDERS, 161 B.-nadwav.

TOU(tH BEARDS!! DLEASURE IN SHAVING .ecured by the use of Chap" mn'i MAGIC RAZOR STROP, with METALLIC HONK, forming one of iu four sides, with which erery person may keep his razoi in perfect order, whether at sea or ?n land. It presents four fares, each of dilfeient sharpening properties, commencing with the Metalic Ilone. of leu times the Uiwerof the ordinary hone .and finshinit <>o trie simple calf skin, etail prices 50. 75, 1 On 1,25 and 1,50, each according to outwar I sixc and finish. The performing part of the 73 cent strop being same as one at $1,50. Wholesale prices $3,50, $t, $6, $7,50, $2 and $12 i>er doa. L. CHAPMAN. No. 102 William street. N. B. The part of my 75 cent strop warranted to be superior to George Seundi rm' best, at $2 each,an,I the money returned irtbe purchase! be dissalisfird. ant5 lm*r TohN GaBRIEL VEMKEN or WEHKEV, a Native m "Switzerland.?Anyone who has ever known or heard of this individual, or of a person of a similar name, will please communicate thef act to me, aa this information is of importance to some of his familv. His real name was John Oanriel Verren ; but in a foreign land it may, like many other names, hare been changed, or become corrupted in its spelling. lie eamc to the United States in the year I7S3. and he Is tupl rosed to have resided in the State of Pennsylvania, and to have died there ; hut as no trace ol liirn aa yet has b'rn discovered, the iulorma, ion received by me upon the sule et is probably incorrect, and I now take lhi? menu of making a general lie nniry throughont the Union. ai r, d ! V?r P F. STAfGER Philadelphia, Ph. ECONOMY, ELEGANCE, AND GOOD LIVING. rPHE undersigned lias, at ajjreates.ienae, fitted np one of the I larui st and most spTeBuid Coffee and Eating Honses in New York, in which one hundred persons at least ran sit down io an excellent and substantial breakfast, dinner, and tea, [from the choicest supplies oftlie loarketa, with a bill of fare not ex relied either as regards quality or number of dishes] by anv hotel in th< United States, and varying in prices from sis cents to one shilling and eighteen pence per dish. The purest Java an.I Mocka coffee ami the very best teas, and served at only three >?i. A ml all other refreshim llts ill proportion. The wait en are uniformly civil and polite, and every visitor inay be assured of feeling in this establishment quite it home. In fiict, every dei*rtmt nt of the business is under the superintendence of competeut overseers, whose sole care and attention are W.d to ttT. comfort ud aoWlffo" Proprietor of Lhe French and American kiting House, Noe M and M Nassau at, between Jehu at and Maiden Lane. F. Oi?t? Sundays (or breakfast, dinner and tea. Jete 3mr I IRK I tNING, SEPTEMBER 5, 1 TAILORING. REMOVAL. PHILLIPS' CASH TAILORING ESTABLISH ME NT, la removed from 141 Broadway to No. 7 Aalor House. ECONOMY IN GENTLEMEN'S DRESS. Qui menu of <t most Jeuaut and Kashieiuibie kind ft a savinit of 60 per cent for cash. rPHE advertrserdi mi. it unnecessary to reaoit U the hack A neyed system ol itivinc a list of uominnl prices, presuming rhat the leiutth of time he has been established, toaelhnr with the extensive patronage b<stowed on mm, win prove u turn eient voucher fur hit capabilities, Possessing the advantage ol beitiff counected with an cxtcnaive cloth establishment iu Eur >p? lie confidently aaaeta that he can Tumuli clothes whirli, on torn pariaon, will pe found lower than any other house makm* up the bent descriptions of eeutleuvu's dress, my 13nt S. PHILLIPS, T Aslor House, Broadway TO THELADIES. {FASHIONABLE MILLINERY UOOUb?The" tre^a. Miss 8 KINO, daughter of the relebrared Carl King, ofiii lor sale a most select aud choice assortment of Vtillruery Goods, l?.r the spring trade, never as yet presented to the publie, both as regards the quality and cheapness of the articles The assortment consists of the follow ine Thr celebrated SILK HAT, CALLED CAPOTTE D'ORLKANH, ?s w?ni by La Onclieut U*Oileaus. of KI.uice t SHED SILK, ENTIRELY NEW AND ORIGINAL STYLE?And Lawu HaU do do?An tunic ucw a vie o HaU called " MOD1NE CAPOTTE5, ELSdLER. CUTTAOE.'1 rarisiaixaud English FANCY STRAWS, of die (Leaf tea tore, in arcat variety. riie Proprietress respectfully aolicits the lailina to favor hei with acall. arid exrmiue her eleitaut and varied ttock of Millinery lor themselves, before they purchase elaewhere, aa 11 will be a treat an vmg to tliein in price and a treat advantage aretarda the variety and quality uf the goods. MISS 8. KING, Mngarne de Mndea, au'<3 lair 293% Broadway. STRAW guods: T BENNETT, 39 John and 111% William itreeta, iinL porter and manufacturer of Italian and Engliah Straw tooda, reapectfully iuforma hia cuatoineta and the public in general, that lie ha* on hand a aplendld and extensive aaaortment of ladit-a favhiouable atraw goods, which he offera for aale at very much reduced pricea, vu.: French and English Dunstable*, Italian Kutlauda, Fancy Schell and Imperial (a very fashionable and beautiful article) flue Toacana, Albert Strawa, Hut. tic. Alan, an entirely aew article, the White Siberian Han Bouuet, which for ilie aumnier wear aur|vaaae? all the atylea aa yet introduced, being extremely light, durable, white and buautifu? and will clean ax wall aa a tuacan. ai lm*c GUNS AND PISTOLS. ;> EXCLUSIVELY.-CO B JOSEPH, It Maiden lone, up Hairs, importing agent for ? the aale of English, German and French double and single barrel Fowling aud Ducting Guna, from the low est to the fin eat qualities , Putola of every description, for iliia and other marKets, embracing one hundred ailierenl kiuds, all ol which he ia now prepared to ofTri at the manufactured pricei, being appointed agent for the largest liouaea in that line in Europe, which enables Inin to sell at extremely low prices. A large aaaorted stock of the above always on hand. City and country merchants are particularly requested to call, previous to making their purchases. jy27 3inkr SILK BANNERS, fcc. T TANNINOTO.N Si CO., 293 Broadway, near Read atreet, 11 Ue.pectfully inform the Order of I. O. of O. F., and their friends generally, tnat thev are now prepared to execute orders for Flags and Jtl itinera in the most superior style for beauty, durability, and ecuuomy, having Silks made for the express occasion that will make the largest banners without disfiguring it with a seam. Specimens and Designs can be arm at their Establishment, 293 Broadway, or sent to any part of the Union. For style, design, and exe< ntiun of works of the hind, we re fer to the Getty's B urner, No. II, I, O. of O. F., as also to Greenwich, No. 40, Harmony, 44, Covenant, 3J, Perseverance, 17, also Military Companies and Sunday School Banucis, and the societies St. Nicholas, New England, St. Geoige, St Andrews, St David, Sic tic. Window Shades hi great variety, frem $1 each to the richest and best, painted by the most eminent artists. Stained G! ss, after the manner of the ancients, warranted never to change color, with many recent improvements for church windows and other public and private buildingv, steam. .us, packet ships,store windows, Ike Sic. Imitations of Staiued Glass, painted on muslin for church win,lows,very close imitation nl'thc real glass,at a very trilliug eipeuse, or Uie glass obscured and painted in brilliant colors, ?-rv durable and cheap. iy 17 r IMPORTANT TO HO UN E KEEPE IIS. A FEW IMPROVEMENTS have been made upon Fisl ? Patant Novelty Cooking Stove, r. ndering it impossible that any difficulty should occur with It even when managed by one who has had no experience iu the use of any kind of coug atove. Thr Novelty Stove is the only cook-love which has been got up within the lost three years, upon an entire new principle, all others bring a combination of old plans remodlcd in psiiieru, bearing some new name, as . u incentive to increase thr sale without any regard to utility or economy. The Novelty Stove is warranted iu all caser to answer every purpose for which it is recommended, or it iniy be returned sud Uie iiitmey win i>t iciuuuvu. sue uTtru which is mucn larger inau common is as perfect as a brick oveu. The fixtuies winch num brr more, am) owing to the peculiar construe ion of this stove, are nca ly twice as htr* e as can be used upou any other of the | same size. Among the extra fixtures are a Itige ooiler, ineasmiug JO gallons or l1^ ?)* rels; x large rotary griddle, which will bake 53 ordinary sized buckwheat cakes at once; a 1-arce tin oven. suitable for baking 6 lance loaves of bread; a set of* suitable for aiiy- sized kettle, from a 2 barrel caldron to a small b:u* kettle. The Stove only needs to be examined to conviuce any one that its pel feet simplicity and peculiar adaptation to all culinary, fully merits the high favor which it has gained among alf ivh# have seen it in use. For sale only at hsk's Stove Establishment, 209 Wat#r street. The public are cautioued not to be deceived by tiiose who advertise their stoves as being "the same principle of the Novelty Stoves." as no stoves are mad# upon this principle 'except uy Messrs. risk, or their legally authorised agents. References given at the store, 209 Water street, to over eight hundred persons who have them iu use in this city. 418 lm#r OCU LISTS. DOCTOR J. FRANCIS' CELEBRATED EYE WATER. JSJO. 10 BAHC. Y STREET, within two doon of the ? Aslor lk > (lis preparations a.e a perfect cure for all latiaromatoryC ucofthe eye, wtilitieii of tight, kc., . , never ft'! iu rri ring nebulas of the looted stauding, without inysuigical operation CERTIFICATES. 1 certify that Jacob Valentine, a youth of about fifteen years of age, waa brought to my houae last fall, apparently blind. H. called ou rue to-day, and state* that he haa been the patient ol Dr. J. Francia. whose treatment has been the means, undei God, ofieatoring his sight. JAMES MILNOR, Rector of St. George's Church, Beekman at. Thii 11 to certify that two or my cniltlreu were anneli d with diseased eyes for a length or time, one of them wts almost blind with nebulas, coveting the sight. Every remedy wu retorted to without any Rood effect, and despaired of them ever being recovered. Tdiey are now perfectly mtored to tight by Dr. J. Francis' celebrated preparation. DANIEL 8. JONES, 499 Petri itreet. I wat almost blind for twelve jre irt, and in fire weeks, nndei the skilful treatment of Dr. J. krancit, my tight it now per feclly good and strong. MARTHA BROWN, 177 fonyth street. 1 certify to the above being a true statement. "IEOROE BENEDICT, ratio of the Stautou itreet Church. I wat nearly blind for tw? it y ye art with a cataract in each eye and from the ust of Dr. Krancit' wonderful preparation foi that disease, my eyes are now perfectly secorered. HESTER JOHNSTON. 41 Eldnd^e street. We, the undersigned, having witnessed the atlonithing efficacy at Dr. Francis' preparations lor diseases of the eye, mihsaitniiigly recommend them to the notice of the pnblic, at valuabl remedies. Dtincao Dunbar, Pastor of McDougal at Church, f* H. Cone, Pastor of the First Baptist C.hurch. Jo) n Pack, Agent of the Home Mission Society. Jacob ifenuner, Pastor of the North Bat tiat Church. Joseph Audreade, Roman Catholic Prieat of St- Peter's Church. Numerous certificates can be seen at the office. Prepared and sold only oy Dr. J. Francis, 10 Barclay street. New Vork. Artificial Eyes inserted, which cannot be distinguished from the natural, without giving ihe slightest pain. Dr. J. Francis respectfully informs his friends and the public, that in consequence of the increase of his business, Dr. Ulenny, Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, London, and of the New York Medical Society, has joined him, and every confidence can he placed in hit professional skill as an Oculist. Olfice hours from <1 A. M? until 6 P. M. jy 10 lm#c DISEASES OF "THE EYE. n vr ninftMV OPHTHALMIC SURGEON, No. an BROADWAY, Entrance in Fulton Street, opposite St. Paul's Church. ATTENDS TO DISEASE^ OF THE EYE. AND ALL THE NECESSARY OPERATIONS TIlfcREON. OFFICE HOURS FROM 9 TO 6 O'CLOCK. Having com dcted his studies of i years with uK. ELLIOTT, Oculist, siul been snhsequently engaged at hit a-sisianl, R. K frcting the organs of vision. Ternu moderate *ii?l giadnaled to the MM.IMItMMllMjKNMi reimiuion is given to refer to hit late instructor. and also to some of the most eminent Professors of the Medical Faculty in New York. N B. The poor mated gratuitously au4 tm*r DISEASES OF THE EYE AND EAR. 192 BROADWAY, Corner John street, up stairs. J8HANK9, M. D. respectfully announces to the public that for the better accommodation of his patients from abroad, u well as those ot th* city, he has removed his office as above stated, win-re he will attend trom 9 to 2 o'clock, daily, to the treatment ami enre of all diseases Incident to the human eye anil i ar and iMMMmsf Women and Chndrrn. Fic.m 3 to J o'clock daily, will be devoted to consultations for the cure of miscellaneous cases of disease in every department of medicine, including those qf a private and delicate character. Doctor Shanks, in order to acqnne the confidence of strangers, and to guarantee the public against the remotest fat ling of imunition and quackery, begs leave to stale that he is a prac'i'ioncr of medicine of 14 years' dr., ation, a graduate of the University of the city of New York : and that his inaugmal dissertation for tht decree of Doctor of Medicine from this Univnsity. entitled " The Human Eye, Anatomically, Phisiologically, and Pathologically considered," elicited the highest approbttoty encomiums from Professor Mott before the assembled i ouncil and | rofessors of this learned Uidversiry, during the public examination and defence of the same. Dr. 9. regrets the necessity he is nndcr in adverting to these circumstances, so repugnant to die delicacy of every irnrhearted physician ; hut the duty he owes himself, and the regard he is bound to base for the preservation of the l'"blic health, imperiously demand that he should sjieak out. What! must the regularly educsied physician, who has spent years in the study of the knowledge necessary to qualify htm for his art, and who holds the sailed testimony of learned and comi>etrnt authority before whom he was examined to practice such? . i r it.- I?remain si ent in his office. and allow himaelftM be tliur.t from the lefinma'e ?round of hit tcirntific eaertion, bv the Imld, pretumiiiit leckleti iu?cktl? No' I. for one, Will not mhmit to it. And in order to plae* Ihu mbpect befire the public in ti proper Imht, and in such * way- aa to direct towardi it the public attention in the ttronitett poitible manner, I propose to puhlith immediately my tiewt more at length on rut topic. ... .. . Thote of the public and the profetuon who are ditpo*ed to tecond my elforu, will plca? call at my office, and tubecribe for a cony. .The eipente will not be more than a iii|ience or a shilling. aull lm*r I ERA &ao lew Haven, Conn. [Correiiionilrnce of the HermlJ,] New Hivts, Aug 20, 1842 Vale College Comment ernent?Meeting of the Alumni?Syeeciut?Dr. Ditkeon't Oration?Beauty and Fashion?Violation of the Seventh Commandment ?College Uoteiy, 4*r DbaR Bkioadikk General :? It see in j to be inherent in the nature of man as he Uvea, moves and has his being in the nineteenth century, aa lie travels and participates in acencHof mirth, festivity and fashion, to communicate to you the result of his observations, and have thein recorded in the racy columns of that most ieliritous and deservedly jiopuiar journal, known all over lhe wide universe us "Bennett'sHerald"?The Herald! the most lively ipirituelle and entertaining companion in solitude, the most charming vade mecum in society, and the most faithlul and only true record of all that is puasing in the beau tnonde around us.? Whoever reads the Herald regularly and attentively may remain in perfect seclusion, and at the . ame time be perlectiy convcrsum with every incident of interest or importance that trauspires 111 every department of life, troin the enlivening scenes of the gay and giddy saloon of the most fashionable watering place, down to the petty and contemptible arts of Wall street financiers and the brave und chivalrous deeds of notorious six-penny editors. What a paradox ! It is uoue the less true ! ! My last wus directed to you from Saratoga, containing a rapid skeicn ot the most animated scenes vvlitch 1 witnessed there after our separation in the piazza ot the United States. A tew days subsequent to the date of that, 1 returned to this place, to pane Commencement week, beneath (lie cool refreshing shade of the broad and overspreading elms, for which the quiet and well-behaved city ot New Haven enjoys saeh deserved celebrity. What an intellectual (!) banquet is crowded upon you here during the short space ?f three days! The most capacious intellect cannot concoct it, und the greatest literary gourmand weie he to attempt 10 taste of all the rich dainties prepared for him during this annual ftte, would certaiuly succumb to an attack of indigestion. First of all was a large meeting of all the Alumni present in New ll.iven, held in the Mineralogical Cabinet, before which, a song, written by Percival, was sung by the stentorian lungs of countless Theologs, and sundry distinguished individuals made speeches, to wit:?Koger Sherman, Gov. Swain, of N. C., the far-famed Denison, of meteor memory, und last, but not least, His Excellency Willis Wurner, lugh treasurer and door-keeper of the Trum- I bull gallery. Un Tuesday evening, the 17th, the literati enioved a rich treat, in the sulendid oration I I of Prof. Dickson, of Charleston, S. C., before the | Phi Beta Kappa Society. It will be unnecessary to indulge in protracted eulogiunis of this masterly j production; suHice it to say, it was a chaste, beautiful and elegant piece of composition, and fully realised the most exalted expectations of the most fastidious judges. Oil Wednesday morning Uhcle Ben, as he is familiarly styled, read a report of near two hours in length before a large assembly of the Alumni "on tile present condition and tature prospects of the College." lie interspersed it with numerous attempts at wit and humor. Ou Thursday morning about day light the ponderous church bells disturbed the slumbers of the whole city by their loud and prolonged ringing. At hall past 7 vast crowds of old and young maids, besides men, woincti and children rushed in one broad phalanx across the "green" to secure the most eligible places, to witness the displays of genius which liad been heralded abroad by the "order of exercises" at Commencement. The house was lilled to overflowing, us usual, and the idea of hearing unytliiiig was preposterious. The inspired words, the outbursts ol eloquence which fell from the hps of the beardless Solomons were drowned by the bustling and chattering crowd. The display of beauty and fashion, Dear Beunett, in which 1 know you take more interest than in anything else, was far inferior at this Commencement, to anv 1 ever attend ed before. P? rhaps this maybe attiibuted, however, to the immense squeeze and the great neat of the weather?for I defy any set of charming women to look pretty if they are stowed and packed aw hv like so tnuny herrings, and their dear little laces bedewed with perspiration, which rol s in huge drops down their Hushed and burning checks. One of the nieces exhibited was a farce, written by Mr. E. C. Walker, of Michigan. It exhibited evident marks of genius, was well acted, and was received with roars of applause. Some ot the other puritans looked ut each other, smiled, and were shocked, because it savored rather too much of a theatrical exhibition. The valedictory was spoken by Mr. B in place of Mr. H , of New Orleans, who eloped a few weeks since with the gay. dashing, fascinating, accomplished aftd beautiful spouse of a certain highly esteemed lieutenant in the army, who was absent at the time on dutv. The blushes which lit up the delicate cheeks of the New Haver, beauties when they first heard of it, have not yet suhsiderl. The old maids held their breath, and in frequent coteriis the matter was spoken of in a half-suppressed whisper. Some shook their heads and accompanied it with half finished expraMtoaa of pity, astoniahiiMttt and horror. Some laughed and some wept to think that such a scene could transpire in the goodly city of the Elms, where the eye and lip servants of the Most High imagined they exerted ?uch a powerful and controlling influence. We had hoped that our graduating class would have gotten up a ball for the entertainment of the citizens and strangers who are fond of such delightful and harmless amusments A desperate effort was made ; but, alas! the odious spirit of bluism was predominant, and the project was consigned to the " tomb of the Capuieta." The Blues were too indignant, the beaux became indignant, and the belles were wofully disappointed. Next year we hope, however, for better tunes. The card table, that precious relic of by-gone days, around which lingers so many glorious recollections, has been handed down, in due form, to the succeeding class, but the bass drum, alas! that sacred treasure, which has only come down to us in memory, has been stolen by some of the lynx-eyed tutors, and is now used by the Faculty at their weekly conclaves, to celebrate the expulsion of some unfortunate Soph, or still more ungodly senior. Th- n..11.> rrirtK Holiufrtr hft? nl?n hp#?n nhrnirntpH and the sacrvd old Club captured. It may now be seen suspended in the Domine'a room as a trophy of victory, and a proof of the periect humility and submission to which the once glad and blithesome student has been reduced by the all pervading spirit of tyrannical blueism. Yale is no longer what it must once have been ! Converse with any graduate who left its walls ten yearn ago, and you cannot fail te be convinced of the melancholy and direful change which every thing in and around it has undergone It is yearly fast losing its identity, and it is indeed sorrowful to think to what a state it will be reduced after the lapse of a few more years. As far an the actual number of students is concerned, the college never has been more flourishing The class which was graduated yesterday numbered 105, the largest which has ever graduated since the foundation ot the institution. Tor Yale Literary Magazine, a periodical edited by the students,is -till conducted with pristine enthusiasm,and judging from the selections ot editors made in the next cUs-, we have the assurance that it will not lose any of its claim to a liberal and generous support. Thus much for College gossip. Dear General?by the way.why we.reyou not with us during the festivities which hsve just terminated ? A rumor was circulated, and very generally credited, thHt it was your intention to vi.-it us in our seclusion, enliven us by your presence, and participate in the unusual gaieties of the wee k? Imagine, then, our great disappointment as we pro I ceedeci to me oom 10 greet ywu mm >? mr comi", and learned, to our sorr- w, that the report was either unfounded, or that you had changed your resolution. Wc intended giving you a grand complimentary dinner a la Box, if you had gratified ua with your presence; and when you hear this, I know you will sincerely regret that you did not c<*ie?en ! I feel confident you would have enjoyed yourself much. _ We have had a rich miceesm* of moat entertaining amusement*, among which may he enumerated Clay caucuses, Temperance meetings, Metcalf concerts, and other humbugs} also ("amp meetings in prospective. Yankee II ill is with us, and intends to convulse the community with laughter to-morrow evening. I was much astonished to-day in reading sonu insignificant papers from " down cast." to see it stated that Gov. Dorr was now in New Hampshire ! Is it not a shame to tamper thus with public conrt deuce, and attempt to hoax and lead people astray with regard to the Governor's whereabouts 1 1 am I anxious, once for all, to lay this mooted question at rest, and gratify the universal curiosity. Th< hero of that campaign, which tried men's to/ft. is now in this city, leading a very quiet and retired life, under the immediate protection of His Excel i lencv the Governor. The initials of T. W D. have not heen saen in public on his trunk, neither has i any one, as far as t know, shaken hands with him in AMl'SKMK.VIX LPAKK THKATHK. *V?jtU Es (IF ADMISSION ' W Ctito. JLP --a (A* Pries Two Cents ! the street; but still the know ing ones say he is here, and nothing but a devotion to the cause oi sutl'rage prevents our citizens from handing hirii over, and pocketing the #8000. N>-xt week, the lovers of good mnsic anticipate % rich treat The Aliases ?haw, who are so favorably known in the world of melody, aie to glacden ti.e musical amateurs oi our city by a ditpiay of their lalentu ; and ciguor Antopuini has also pioniiaeo to lulfil a short engagtmtnt doting the tttme tl the month. He wilt be sccon.panied by Mens. Chstel, the celebraied violinist, ana M. lhoibecke, the well known performer on (lie piano telle 1 tegtet exceedingly that 1 shall he obliged to torgo the picaaure of being present on tho?e interesting and delightful occasions. To-motrow 1 leave tor boston, withtheview of attending the ctmnitncenieul at Old Harvard, which lakes place on Wednesday next. I heat it is to be intellectual?brilliant in the extreme. Heat aasuttd, then, 1 will nut Isil to give you a lull account of it, according to promise?ot beauty?fashion?gaieties?soreea, Ate , interspersed Willi names, dates and comments. Can't you join me there in your unitorm ol brigadier ol the Nauvco legion 1 Coine?I'll be over,o>ed to meet you again. The weather at this place is mo6t delightful The town is full of gay and ta.-hmnable sttangera, many from the South. A majority of these are staging at Allis's hotel, which is very lull, and which is one ot the most comfortable hotels 1 evet was in. It seems to me that every thing eats sweeter here than in New York orold Virginia The only gicd mtal 1 Have eaten since I Jen tne ujd Lommioii. L>o con.e down and see us, Bennett ; niid il > ou | ut up at the Tontine, with your lady, you will thank me tor naming it. There has been a grand meeting ot Odd Fellowa here, but 1 doubt it any knows what it w as about. (JoDOLTHIN. Saratoga Springs. [Corrernoodeuce ol the HeiaJd.] Saratoga Springs, August 24, 1S42. Approaching Cloie a) the Season?Visitors?Ball? Dropping a Bustle?Accident?Invalids?Politico. Dear Bennett:? As ysu some time since expressed an intention of visiting this place in company with your accomplished lady and la jevme tdileur, we have all been on the que nice in expectation of seeing you, but nnlortunately our anticipations are not realized, and our only solaca for the dissnppointment is in the pleasures conferred by your representative, tha spicy "Herald," which, as ever, abounds with topica of the deepest interest. As the season is drawing to a close, and cold weather approaohing, the urrivals of visitors ara daily lessening; still the village is all hie and gaici|. ? c aio ijunmnu a i mo v ni?cu unci Hotel, decidedly the most popular house in the place. There are about SOO guests, consisting ol the tun trom various cities 111 the I.won, aim stvttal foreigners of distinction ; amongst whom it is tuniored is the Count de \ lllter-, under the assumed name ol " Kobenson." Ills graceiul hguie and line countenance are the adtmratioii ol ah lauus. Air. Paulding, late Secretary ot the Navy, is also here, accompanied by his lovely niece, Aitsb O?d. Last evtniug we had a grand Oati, winch waa lull and fashionable ; 11 was uitenued by many guests ot the bouse, and several trom Congitts and Union Hall, 'ihe dancing commence*! ai an tally bour, with a lavorite quaurille, (a pretty vt Lucie of qmei coquetry?the suudeii breaks,*hen sun.tnoned to the duties ot lite set?the luuimuted ton \ use when the music tills up the pautet?the giacuui notion?(he sotl light and the Uiagic accessions ot dowers and perfume?how much may be said and tell during uquaunlie) it > outu be in vain loi me to attempt to p rticulatise the many bcautitui l.curies present, iour city was well lspteseuteu by tba Misses L e, C r, Li e, A?C. 'Ihe beiie of Lutchesa county. Altss O r, attracted much attention She waa atlited in a dies* of while aaim?tuber hair she wore a cainatiou?the hue of the flower was not deeper than her cheek, as she extended her beauntul tiaud tor the nance to the tall and majestic Air. fi n, who, it is said, is soon to lead her to the hoiy auar. at about X o'clock the company reltreu?the countenances 1)1 all uealli&ug wiui uciigni ivi cuuitig t> culertaimenis Q,uite a laughable incident occurred during one of the cotilhciio. li w ce no more or teas i hull a lady's droning that indispensable arucie of femule apparel, a "bustle." She wasexirenieiy mortified, and her sad nuslortune leceived the liveliest sympathies of all. The "thing" was eagerly snatched from the floor by the gentlemanly iVir. H?y, of Albany, who intends presenting it to the Museum for the inspection of our descendants. A party of ten or twelve lames, and as many gentlemen, etarted for Lake Saratoga this morning, with the inieniion of enjoying a sail upon the beautiful waters; but they were prevented by an accident which came near proving very disastrous! One of the barouches, whilst descending a hill uear the " Ten Springs," was overturned, und one of the occupants, Mr. Stewart, had his arm broken in two places All the rest escaped unhurt The paity immediately returned to the village, where every attention wa.< rendered the sufferer. A less number of invalids are here this season for the restoration of their health, than has been known for many years previous. Whether the change is to be attributed to the waters, which it is said are not as effectual as formerly, or to the hard times, 1 know not The eccentric Mr. B., of Boston, havmg been advised to drink freely of the " Saratoga waters," obeys the instructions of his physician in rather an odd manner. Not yet being a member of the "Tee-total Society," ana finding ihe mineral waters disagreeable to the tHSte, he takes a mixture of about three dropp, added to a glass of brandy, which he is confident will remove his complaint." The " Pavillion" is to close on the 20th September ?Congress Hall and the United Slates on the lat October. Union Hall w ill remain open until the 1st November, being a month later than usual. The subject of politics is discussed quite frequently here. Some curse Capt. Tyler, and others justify him in vetoing the Tariff bill. His friends seem to be more numerous than his enemies. A meeting of the latter was called lust evening, which was addressed by Mr. Dyke of Buffalo, and a Mr. Anderson of Baltimore; both of whom I am (old are disssppointed office Beekers. They were, of course, loud in their denunciations of the Captain," which amounted in the end to just nothing at all. Yours, sincerely, koth. Sharon Springs Pavilion. [Corn-a|>on<lence of the Herald. J Sharon Strings Pavilion, Aug. 26,1842. Lift at Sharon Spring!? The Company, Brigadier Gen J. G. Rbnnktt.? My Dear General ? My invitation*, hitherto to induce you to visit Sharon Springs have failed ; yet, be amured that all who have tried the efficacy of those MineralWaters one of heavens best gifts, to the afflicted with Rheumatism, and cutaneous complainta particularly, have uniformly been cured, and many others as more particularly set forth in advertisements, for which those waters have no equal in this Union. The crusty old bachelor, heretofore sour in temper from the gout, the dtspairing old maid, peverish and fretful, here become cheerful, animated and pleawant company. Imve a large company, consisting of many of our merchants from Albany, New York and Boston, every grade of the military and naval officers, amongst whom I name Major Van Buren, Commodore Hull, and the Colonel of the regular army, luxuriating on mountain mutton, feeding the maimed calf with choice bits Ws have a successinn of concerts and cotillion parties, lectures on ancient und modern history, &c. On the anniversary of Commodore Hull's Battle (a few days since) be tween the Constitution (Old Iroh Side*) and tiurriere, thcfe was a concert, and ns the old hero appear*' (who braved the battle and the bre'-zc) the hand struck up,See the Conquering Hero Comee,and on his returning, we gave nine times nine cheers, which echoed through the surrounding hills, ana imde the welkin ting On the first of September we are to have our dinner dreaned Irom the flames produced from the crutches, Mick*, and easy chair*, that have accumulated since this nofl opened, and have heen piled up carefully. In the evening a splendid hall takes place. . , Once more I invite von to participate in our enjoyments,vour lady and la jeune editoT; view our scenery, and hoilmg-rpring, which tnrns a wheel of 7 feet diameter, and pumpa iis own wrier into ths l^rge ci.-ferns, which auppliea the bmhs Take a batn and your aumtiier journie* will finish with rclst; a bottle of old Port, and a Csid m?naf*ulta waits upon you. Just atop up by the railroad to Canijohane; you won't intrude on your friend, Adolbub*cs.