Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 5, 1842, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 5, 1842 Page 2
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MISCELLANEOUS. MEDICAL AID. rVfc.?OH4?OORY , long aarasirmrd to r?r?acnb? 4dr dueiw i u ?? i yricate nature, rfsid-* at 34 Mott street. 1W ha* bean figidtir aitb tlima complaints many year*, and haeing been * pirucuUr and close observer of cause and affect, he has ied a th rriufh nrietical anowledft of this branch of hit i .??i?aaion, which has enabled him to introduce some valuable mp'ofirment* into his practice. He does not boast of making raj 1 and h?*t> cures hut his ns'tsfacttoti is to j*rforo? iboron /h and radical cures, and in as short a ?i?ace of time aj it can noasiblv te-(1'ine. with vdvaoa^r andsaf'lv to 'he patient; and generally spe ikinc. it i? notnrceasa/y for 'in- iwtin.t I'i? rliauir lu l.uiini pursuits.! cm . , feci ruf , An* (lit > ttrre I'rom whencr rrsull ?o mailt 'I ' ?-U|| nnc'uiiv. ir secondary sympt uns.und . .... . the Of mtn> adsrrt.s.d Y ,n^'r* ih , f.*-1*(i ?t it afty medicine, h .writr* " <1 ,h' !i m , si i-p , .'i the complaint, sun hi ?U| '" 'r' ' w|?n n, r *n I tnrturncr oter .In lutm-to ????? "? 4dm : . bee.. I" K ? '"i to, . ??- rt *1- i , u tlhwinc niniicne l',,m U),' mjf,',, very likely no: thnigi ? to ?chronic fom,U> <hl '' to t.nniiUte in 4 j ir.nanaui debility, or perhap. something W 0:' Or-?orv deem, it worthy to remark, thai ha b*? often be" artd, df't rrli.fbv i-t.ant. who havmgbeen treated tor t * compl .int. wen- J .chimed ? hem* rated. end the,I selves werd of toe 0|> won that it*1*. r',*JL *.?- A''v,,'*.>, elan,, ati.l th. di,e??" begins I" ahow itself again ; in tome intU .ee ml. 10 ot r ' *S*ln ,l,e * lTrn>? n-nt mduciug ?t J' * chrome nillanimatio atteudrd with O'her > nble efleets, which it would be indelicate to describe in an a l,. rti*-men', but whih will he recognized readily by e.e ) on. ..di eted. It i? such a atate of things as this that t.rir. nate in stricture, and it is by surgical m? ana only that a stM.tu, miverb ,, rmaaent.y removed. Not ao, however, wi h t e chrome inflammation, or rather induration ; lor in this sr.t, of |1> maladv there it a cure, and that too, bv mild and ' <? i. pioii.l to aay that he hat discovei,n ji ,j brOU,i.t to hit aid, a remedy u vcr before used in thsrfr rusei, which ha, prov d tucnesa ul in ev ry in.tance where it h.s b> i n applied, a d ha, effect-d cures m oases of from 3 lo la s r ' dur '.lou This aiinounceim nt it not made 'hr ugn moiiie of v nity and love of boa-ting, bin sim,.ly to inform th we inn cd of t.e r; hi d wher it ma. lie Ttioae seeking Dr. ifrrgo y -vi?I fi ,d lutii it hit own house, (not a ding >tore,) )l ilo t t uet, about loo yar .t fioin Chain,m squat All lettrrt mint be po-t p id, D.. U g irt has published a little treatise on the above subjects. price JO c uty Enr tal- by t e -uthor. and alto by- Messrs. Stud . Dru.gists, in Ftilti n-.treet, and both corners Broadway and Ciiambeis st eet, anil iu the Bowery atNos.03and I ftp ; U6 Delancry, corner Suffolk-street, and 77 East Br >,adway, Co ucr MarUet-st.eet. auti lm*in FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS AND MATERIALS FOR FLORISTS. BRUN LA ROSiERK Si COURT, 116 William streetPhe only successor ?>f Brun L a Rosirre & Co. a Pari*, have I just received, by t ie Hav e Pick C Blmia Bilvie de Grass** and U.c Sully, a large aaaoitment of Hupeiior and Faihioii-ible Flow. , of the I u? ?t Parisian ityln. .No. H6 Willia o itreet i< trie true and only depotol choie iupe >ior article, f/oin their manufactory in Puis, Hue de Tracy No. ? l'h, ab >ve firm hai been lately declared by decree ; of the Tribuiiil >'e Commerce and the four R.yal, a' Pa'ia, to be the out legitimate aucceiaor of the firm of Bruu la Roaiere^St Co., All ERICA N MACINTOSH fey rIMilL?K W%ti r Piujf Qtrmenu, as now bring furnished a? I oar est hlUhment, are, in every iHissibl* respect, fully pqual t?> the imported, either Krmch or English, and much better mtde up. The style of cut aud dt is such as will bear cotnpaiisou with tilt* most exnuuite of the imported coats, and are now Rriierally preferred. Dealers supplied on favorable terms (te.ifletneu who prefer, may be measured aud garments cut to than taste* IL mber?', 45 Maiden Lane, is ihe ouiy mi.iUlactUM r oi the real American Macintosh HORACE H. DAY, Successor to Roxburv India Rubber Company, s2 im*r Warehouse removed from 125 to 45 Maidm Lane. SOUTHERN AND WESTERN MERCHANTS, ESPECIALLY those now ill the city, are respectfully reminded that they can proeme Iicw, pow rful and highly flavored Teas of every description, on very advantageous terms, id pt.kigrs kUiiablc for private use, or for their regular customer*, at th- Canton Tea Company's Dei>ot, si Ini r No. 121 Chatham st, New York. HOARDING HOUSE 3ftl Pe*riF>ir?? ?, btwe- 11 Beekuinn and Ferry street. Pie^s ut rwO ?s with board?Gentlemen who prefer dimug at a late hour c?* h - w breakfast at ten o'clock. au31 lm#r THE CRYSTAL, CORXER OF WALL $ BROAD STREET. Ye Conoiaean and F.picure, who throng the " Money" atrtrt. When you are dry, atop iu and cry, tne ".lock" that thcr, you'll meet; We'll do our t>- it, to ?tand the teat, with any house in town. And wh lc we do, we look to you, lor to ne ihare of rcuown. r['HE Proprietor, of the aiioee'-ent will taku a pride 111 r deeming the ibove pledge, aud thev will permit no art e'e but tne very hcit 10 appear on the bar. A choice Lunch can all 1 be found daily. mU l>n?r HOTEL L>E L'EUKuPE, No. 8 Broad Itfilt, THE. Proprietor having rrraovtd to No 8 Broad ttret*t, and ntfd t'ns establishment tor the convenience of (Ik ?at ine puolio. solicits hi* mends and others to give him a call. E?eiy done icyot the season miv be had lure and every thing served ?i; in the m >st recherche st> le, the bar is supplied Wi h good \V\u< s <uid Lujuoisat all times T?"l? d*H"t? , 3 o'clock. UiCiftcas and s/auger* will find this an admirable place to dm down 'own, being so near tni-mess. V B Piivnte Rooms may be had for parties or tingle gen tie men, furnished au20 lm*r "Important to the PUBLIC. Al.L who wh i > economize can obtain Clothing of the b?it jn.ility lemnrkkbly cheap, a! ?#5 Canal .treet.onr door West ot Huils.m. Also, a large assortment of Cloths, Caaaiui. res, Votings, and Summer Goods, from which Clothing of all ki ads jr. made to order in the best manner at very reduceo prices, glta Canal atr-et. je!9 3m-z HOT A.N IJ OOLu SALT WA'l'KK WATHa. pABINtAU'S Nlw Hot and Cold Salt Water Baths, at Is the fool of Deshtossea street, (third pier south of Canal sueet, North Itnei,) are now oi>en fot the accommodalion ol both i.div: and Keutleiueu. Opeu from suurtse until II o'clock at _ N'. B. The watet where tiie bjitht are stationed has been deepened, w hich retidervit as pu.e as auy other situation in tlie trifiiMty of New York. Oa Tuesday's the Bath is exclusively deeoted to lailte-, ill til 3 I' M. A band ol iausierwill be in attendance every ! !< uant evening. Price ol a cold bath I2M cts, warm hath. 2'> lel im*. " DR. CARPENTER'S PECK SLIP DISPENSARY. DR. < AHPKNTKK is a regular educated physi iau and turg?N>ii( iiid received hit diploma in this city in the year 1813. is * graduate of Union College; was a surgeon iu the army ol rhe United States during the la e war, sra may be seen by a reference to the arm v und navy register of officers thereof; ua Licentiate of the New York St tte Med. Soc.. and for the list two in >-tune years a practitioner of tins city ; has kept his office for in iu}* ye i i at N ?. l Pecg *lip, near Feral and what is most impo a ft to know , is the fact, that in all delicate and nri.He duels a, w nether recent or of loug duration, lie is euacl- t effect spesdy and effectual cures. Dr. t . would moil seriously caution the invalid to beware of the nuinriotia calcli penny nostrums thatare continually para d' d ;, i i-ir nonce hy * n >st of unprincipled and unt duc,ti d pretend. s, a* tUo m my othenvise resectable druggists, w ho | Have , n til of late 10 sanction the imposition by advertising and iending as infallible specifics, their multifarious and dan j geiouacoiopo 'nds. Ho# importau- therefore to the victims of indiscretion, in the lu. ipn nt stage of disease, to plser themselvts in che care of an . siertenced phytic,an. on whose gudcinent and discriminsiion they may rely with confidence, as the issues of life or death are often determined by the lint application in this for formidable milady. D.. Cari? uier would a Id that hit ro mi and offices are admirably ad tpted to the privacy of patients, and hia charges will be found reasonable. Office opvu until 9 o'clock. an?7 lm m CONFECTIONARY, ICE CREAM 8, SODA WATER, tcC. T BKADKN, No. 71 Canal street, is still at hit old stand, a> rud *i ! he hippy to tee hit friends, as well as the public g. aei tliy, auJ would inform them that he couttuurs to make i,*incuts in lu> articles of Coufectiouary and Ice Creams, vliii h have been so generally approved of, Irom their being pure m l wholesome, as no deleterious articles are used in the m ,iui' c.uriug of the in, the aiipe'iutcudeiicc of the whole bciiif under hi - iinui-dials sui?e rvinon. SKOARS. COiFfcCTlONARY. KHU1T8, kc. kc., whole tale nud retail. /" Particul ,r attention will be paid to orders for furnish tog par ics or , .irate families for Ice Creams, Jellies, kc., at prices t suit the times. O d t. MC.r C uilectionary from the country will be attended to w ilh promptness aud despatch. He mi, opportunity of returning Ins thanlu for the libersl , tt.onsgi bestowed, .nd hopes to merit a continuance of puoiie t iro.- anil lm* "utAJRijrfcs W. DAVVSOJN, i V'lxoh ?air and i{flail e\un\turt and General Furnis'iinn H'arrhoiut, Xo. t)7 Chatham street, corner of /Jntint street, Xew York. Hthr. lie ueeim for sale a large .aaorluiciil of the lollow s ..V.V..C, M.. uiuc/waiui, Burcius, DeUklCdUU, LOl>, i Chair*, Oftict and Portable L>e?lu, (il.u> Uuci^ U(K>k _ . Looning Ol.u?e?, Uiuiiitt, Centre, i ea .um! Pier 1 able*, ^'i nv)>. Sola 4>?ftUledd?, lifd?, Dt Uiiiu^ rairrt?i? r?, Maitr. ?r.? iy4i,tU, Oil Clou., Malting dn?j Fire lroiu, Waah d . I niri I tu.*., oaudie Stand*. Bureau BeiUtean* ura u? b ir?-iu?, 9*ie?, * . \ i tMvriuMai ol m?u <*u?i douieui Wearing A , a.ei, in* ii.ii iiAuat-d .? MHjti tritcie* at* o/fercu to u.t frolic *l rei> I ?? , . >ce? u. iu wiuit o! ftdid articles Mould Hue il lo Ut > nnkt au early call at the above estaoliah cut , , ..i. rOcii iuuctuAlly lUeuded to and p*ckrd ta the aiiu ou reasonable terms. .Mattresses, Bedding, dt ior i.uui* out vessels, constantly on hand. Vu <1. .n o tiu ibeve establishment will be psuietuallf att i it*d lo ami In tuklulC received. .. B.? I'ne mahest prices will be given for Second Hand l?un. in, sud (irutlemeu's oud Ladies .^t oft Clotron*. '-4* bill*? A CAtU) TO THE LADIES! L)AKiS JKf>J-Vl VKI.X>? fcS I ArtLISH %IE.\ f? .No. . '^u 1,1 ?>?. .u* (lout iro.i Hvtel ?r?fL-MHS. W u fc.1* r.iln, lAit Miit H furser of Uroaoa*) , " 'i'11""1' ' n?i luiilHi (.Mhi'iirri And u.t Lai'i ,riHidi) .i:A . i? r?-cu.ii,nunit?d th Ou.l>> .. .1 til* .iv., ,,r ' *I. uiirill, * ,t will uc.ul ?' ?- ?*?-* ? auJ MUjJtully Uiom ! do.. Viiv. '?*> i??oi in. ?i<.n tutu t?iruuttf?, Ui.i Ureas* t lwt*>. >. u. * , . u hid to ncr .it,,i. .i,,u ik J*!,,,, ,d ,H.rfrcl .1 .1, t, iu. tun uui.i. ol wot* ? a t 0 .| ?l?J .H'l,i? IV I1IM v|lfOV?0 -:al.UlM'iulrut? Bf?>id wd*, and lot and. ??v>r? >uvior4i .-rices .1114 .V rt. ?>f I.tis, r;>, fcm B,oak 4 B.? *1 ?' < '. ! . '">iiU.r,..rd,?.? 0^4.0,0,4., 4 ' ir "I " I oil' ? ?_ l OI* FASHION ABLE OLOTHIMT I liAit.'t J, lira,mi *. Ij.lot.btv, li - it i v? W oiaid r, t* J ? in I) iiitu.ul If. H.euJr <%ud ht pub lo, .nit h. lit, 0|i.||rii tuv 4o V* ?' I <o WilliII. A'id l'a loriud eaUbliann,. ir .,.,1 tdedd' . I)iui>?il ihn c?ot>' Afliolt m.mui iTIurvd lo b? rqu?l in . ,|. . ,<l wuini<u>u.tlip 10 auy in tut cu>, at tir.ctt lo >ou IS. t,oiv>?bound ,,ui> iao'd hl? t nlir. aloCK ai tli' I'rraeut r?l?a. . 'J i i.uJ K q.iinily ol aiitKilingC *!?. aoi up in a mprrio. atyl il u, cat*-dtw*., O ti ntcitu uiite up U ilia alioilrat uolloe. ivirm, raah on dai'.t. " " " SH i K i . -li.rv.* . tt; .iUf iJK wioet Fl u' ?t ft * r n n' t >? ill Jf*4<Wl|>tl?JU* Uui'lr I M lai *i U?- ^ ntee. ^ f no.thiue s? TV- a? niu O'J .o-adeu iaoe. corue i>f Wiiit.AU! at re el. A'lt.Lf A Vt t'fH.btNW VA71 VO? LO h ? \ i... ,r i.j,i , ir rc-niera to Ho { -j m,i It l?ctun< i.i iu valuable article, r li. ' . II nJ>i:icf C<)II|I,I i (, j i h it D\li**r. WU'5jpth? ,-,t,. A tovd lit w*n??uU, u.l htr??|.r, u? ^ vpmmmtm. hm lw.f -: ? *Zt HOTELS, BOARDING, &.c. Engllth AdvarttMnunt. NOTICE TO RAILW AY TRAVELLERS. ANDERTON'S HOTEL, No. 1&4 FLEET STREET, LONDON. William Hardiii(|, Proprietor, (turn* lii* thank* lo the professional ana commercial g*ntle01 h, anil the public for the liberal support he ho received iuee occupying ill* above named Hotel sud ho|?? by unrr.ittitig attention to retain the patronage hitherto ao generously fouled. W. H. assures hi* |>airou* that no endeavor* thai! a' -.uired lo promote ilieir coinlort, and flatter* hunaell that " ran. compete with him o far a* regard* Wine* and VMild*, it being hi* ambiliou U> procure the choicest for the | approval of hi* *up|Kirler*, and conducting buaiuea* ou the I ant liberal system. The daily bill of fare, containing the ,1c i'.oat variety, combined with moderation of price*, cannot ail . ivuur general satisfaction. Breakfast* (plain) 1* id each;* iv* 6d per week Pntlic Meeting and Committer ootua *2* 1m* LMVE POUNDS REWARD.?An advertisement appeared 1 in the Ohio Gazette in 1838 or I8W, for information relative to John Budd, alia* John Rooke or Hook, who left property in Carolina. _ Any person sending the copy of ihe advertisement shall receive the atmve reward. The rru*tee* or eieculorsof the said John Budd alia* Rook, are requested to tend particulars ro Missis. Wreford It Lloyd, Corrrsiiondrnts aud Adi ertiacmeut Agent* 22 Birehin Lane, Cnruhill, London. Rt-fei-'iice. Messrs. NeiUou it Co., Government Garctte Office, ((ueltrck. au 21 lin illtw r VVASHINGTONHOUSE FOR FAMILIES AND GENTLEMEN ' 223 CHESNTT STREET, PHILADE LPHIA. II J. HARTWEl.L. >iu 19 lm"r NATIONAL "HOTEL?Tchoupitoulas >ireet, New OrIcans.?This line establishment. situated in the most central partuf the ity, has bet* lecrntly opened under ihe superiulciideuce of the subscriber*, with new and ample accommodation* foi two liuudred bosrdeu . The parlor* and chamber* are furnished with neatness, if not . t< iMuce, and with scrupulous regard lo the comfort of the occupant. The servant* are all white, and have been carefully selected with reference to ineir capacity, henesty and civil deportment. The wine cellar snd larder will always be fnrtisned wilb ill- best that can be procured in one of the best markets in the world. The charges for board, with or without chambers, will be found of the most reasonable character. J PHILLIPS It BRO., Proprietors. New Orleans, Jnly 2<. 1842. *6 2m r aWEBSlER'S HOTEL, 31 Courtland street?Price reduced to SI per .lavThis Establishment, lately known a* the Otsego House, has recently been fitted up u Hh new furniture throughout, and undergone such alterations i> to make it moil desirable f r families and single gentlemen. V suitable deduction will be made to boarders try the week.? This Hotel is convenient to the Steamboats on the North river and the general business of the city. The proprietor pledges himself that no care shall be wanting ou the part of himself or ivants, and that every attention shall be paid to the wants and comforts of his guest. Ilis table will be furnished with the choicest articles in market, andalwavs in abundance. Thr public are ret|>ecfii|ly requested to call and see for themselves. oust 2| lm*r FOK SALE?The well known Coach Factory, to; Jether with the dwelling houses, and twenty four lots ..'Jiofground, situ>'e at Harlem, on the ith Avenue, between iWth and streets, and formerly occupied by John Stephenson. '1 he factory is a snbttantial two story brick building, 40 feei by 21)0 fret On 129th street there are five two story basement and attic brick buildings, well finished, each 20 feet bv 35 feet. Adjoiuing the dwelling nouses is a brick Carriage House 18 IV et by 34 f et. On 12$tb street there is an Engine House of brick, 18 feet by 3\f eet. Also a Blacksmith Shop 100 feet front by 28 fret deep, isilh futures, lie. The streets and avenue are regulated, cmbed, and guttered, and all assessments paid. The premises are in complete order, and ready for immediate occupancy. The same will be t'dd cheap. Three fourtns of the purchase money remaining on bond ann mortgage for a number of years. Appli to Andrew McGown, corner of 3d avenue aud 126th street, Hsr em, or to C. W. Van Voorhis, 36 John street,where n tn vp of the pmpeitv can be seen au30 4f r TO Lh'T, ELEGANTLY furnisher: rooms for single gentle bjW men, with breakfast, at 11 Barclay st. No pains will be "i'M ' to render the above rooms desirable. Inquire ou lite uremisea. aui6 1m*rc WATERING PLACES, &C. CATSK.1LL MOUNTAIN HOUSE, AT THE PINE OKCHARD.-1842. 'PHIS romantic and fashionable resort will be conducted dur ing the present season under the direction aud superiiiten1 nice of tnc subscriber. It has undergone a complete and Miorouf h repair, aud is new open for the reception of visitors. No effort will bit spared to maintain the deservedly high charac As heretofore, its tables will be furnished with every delicacy I list the New York market can afford; aud every possible attention that can promote the convenience aud enjoyment of its patrons will be promptly bestowed. The road leading to this t-ktahlishment and especially that part of it on the mountain, has been rendered jterfeclly smooth and safe. Messrs. A. I. Beach St Co.'s excellent line of stages will ran u heretofore regularly between the landing aud the Mountain House, on the arrival of the boats. C. L. BF.ACH, Proprietor. Jnne 13th, 1842. iel4 3mr QHARON SPRING? WHITE SULPHUR WATER may CJ be had ot the Agents, Dickson V Co., 128 Broadway, Risement Kootns.?For their unrivalled etticacy in all Khenmatic, Cutaneous and Dyspeptic Com.laints, sore eyes, debility, erysipelas, scrofula, liver complaint, affection of the kidney, krx, reference (by their permission) is made to the following medical gentlemen : HUGH McLF.AN, M. D , 4 Warren-st. Dr. BEDFORD. Prof. University, Med. Dep. Prof. PATTERSON, Med. Bep. Dr. WHITE.Cherry Vallev. N. Y. Prof. HADLEY, Es-Pres't Vied, College, N. Y. Dr. DELAFIELD, Bleecker-st. N. Y. Sold by Rushton (t Aspinwall, at their stores, Broadway, William street, and Astor House; A. B. Sands. 273 Broadway ; J. Milhau, 183 Broadway ; Souillard, Deiuce It Co., I'ark Row and 581 Broadway; E. L. Cotton, 183 Blcecker ?t; J. K. Chilton, Broadway ; John Meakin, ill Broadway; D. W. H. Miluor, 192 Broadway; H. O. Leeds, Fulton street, Brooklyn; Thomas J. Green, 399 Broadway; J. J. Coddington, Spring and Hudson street. je24 3m " "perfumery. BftELAZ & BAKRAUD'S Odontalgic or balsamic elixir, for preserving the gums and teeth This invaluable dentiI frice is now offered to the public, as possessing the proiierties of strengthening the spongy gums, cleaning the rnouin, and whitening the teeth, rrfirshing the palate and taking away all unpleasant taste or odor in the inuuth, arising from a deranged stele of .he stomach, smoking, or from decayed teeth In a word, it is beyond tin necessity of a puff. Makea trial j ariih a bottle, and it will sjwak for itself. i N-B. Each bottle b-artng the directions on the label. Sold !>v Messrs Souillard & Delluc, 581 Broadway and 2 Park row; Mr. H. King k Co. 461 Broadway, corner Grand ; Mr. Milhau. I m i M eiD _.i r .i i.. Messrs Kuititon 6t Aapiuwall, 110 Bioadway, 86 Williim a lid iO Aator Home. auis lir.'rc OKills TOOTH WASH?Prepared from the original recipe at No.8 Oold atreel, New Yrok?The Orria Tooth Wash is pnrely a vegetable preparation, possessing the propertiea n ftieamag tha teeth ml month tailoring the gam* to a healthy stale, and preventing any unpleasant taate oi odour in the month, whether arising from decayed teeth ot flora a de ranged atate of the stomach. It ia designed to be uaed with a tooth brnah, and will be fonnd to supersede the neceaairy of a powder, keeping tha teeth clean and preventing the wearing away of the guinj fr id the teeth, it ia particular!yuaefnl in casea of apungy guma, leatoringthem o a fiealthy atate, and canting them to contract around the teeth. In paiufnl affection! of the teeth and guma, anting from exposure to cold, it will be fonnd highly beneficial. It ia par ricularly aerviceable to nae the Orria Tooth Waah at night jnat before retiring to reat. This method ia recommended by eminent dentiata, aa by ao doing all i>article? of food which accumulate dunug the day are eulirely removed, and the mouth kept through the night in a clean, awect, and healthy ataie. Sound teeth and white teeth are the moat valuable portioui >f poor humanity; but how mapy neglect the attention necessary for their preservation, even when aurruunded by all the i.eana needed. Anion* these we kuow of none more pleaaani mil i-ITeetual than the Orria Tooth Wash?it cleanaea and whi i ua the teeth, atrengthrna tha guma, purifier the inuuth, am! iweetena the breath. We recommend ita ate to all, yonng and ild?[Boston Morning l'otl. The Orria Tooth Wash ia the beat detergent we ever oaed on urenamel.?[Boston Transcript. For tale by the principal draggiata in the city ml r A. C. B. ( iHALLKNGKS ccmpelition with alt The importance VV which all ages have to the Head of Hair ia a clear index of the value ael upon personal figure, and when by aoinr c.prieioua freak of Nature the human form ia dt urivrd of ita fair proportion, Art ia retorted to, in order, by artificial meant, to supply ihe deficiency Hence have arisen those wonderful discoveries which bid Nature defiance. Bariy's Ventilating and Gossamer WIUS AND SCALPS, or real Httpi or Ham, which can be had at 146 Broadway, corner uf Liberty elreel, up siaira. lu all cases of failure in the growth of Hair, BARRY offers a Kem?(lv.(>XL-luiiv#lv his own. unknown in Vulsir Pr?ptifi<?.i ? srd those (o whom Nature haa been bountiful in her d.tiribution of Hair, will do well to plac* themselves under hia am eilaacc. Prices to suit the timet. }y ll(m*c fkfc deklNINu i>F CLIKEHUGH'S WEW ESTABLISHMENT FOR HAIR CUTTING & CURLING, WIGS, SCALPS, &c. No. ? > BROADWAY, CiLIKKHUGH ha?, in connection with hit present premises, ' opened a suit of Rooms consisting of a GRAND GALLERY OF FASHION, ipnroprtaled entirely for Gentlemen's hair cutting. This splen did room is fitted np in the style of Louis XIV. of Franee. Tlx walls are m panm-ls, painteo after the manner of Watteau, Boncheti, he., and in mitatinu of the far-famed Gobelin's tapestry Tile show-cases, mirrors, tables, ottomans, Ac., are in the aami style alto relievo, finished in white and sold, for it oa s rout ensemble never seen in this country, ana not sot tested ir Eon pe THE I.AD1KN' ROOM . pnr si*, so.i devoted entirely to themselves,for hair-dressing fit tin* on wiys, curls. Ac., snd for consultation on the growth t.d health of 'he hair, and u fitted np with fsery re yarn rn a r. ommoslati and c mfort. THcC ORNTI.EMK.V'li WIG ROOM is loi thorn who with to be private when fitting on wigs and .all . C. nav here remark, that as in every department ol hu p-ote.#i. b, the character of his work is established for ite ?upersonty, sr. does he intend to make only the very best wigs and scalps, and ask tceordiug to the times, the very lowest re'nun* .alms profit, Mr C. w d be found always ' at home," and will give his sole and nn ivided aiien'ion 'o all who wisn to chance couuienaace under the magic of his touch. jeH r ? RESTORE THE human hair. B*rlS "--.0s. A>">.?RKV HEAD" READ THIS - _ . in imr nti nt rviloff<1 if proper and inenllfic ff* medartarr applied. Thi- proprietor of tl&ii mmio 9U/"* I word. thai grett uninb. neon- 10 hi? ttorr wh.we h?lf In" "a entirely restored, lb fe.juettt you t<> give Jntiet Olli'l W" l.imnH oiir trial, thi n judgi for ynintlf He pledge" you Ilia word it it all i< u reptetenietl. Tiirte on- ' n?*llfie?i will make the hair <? *, (on the head, fir. , iy t rt where nature intruded Hair to grow,) May < ? tilling oiit, ."Mir I icttrfor dandriff, ind mik. Ititht,red,or gray hen (trow dark from tha root* in tittle. Among t ie number* who have n?ed it and rrrlily thu. i? W. Hopkiua, '1 Km* ttrt rt, N. Y., J. tJilbert.jcweller, Ho" ttreri, N. Y.. and T. Power, grocer, Brooklyn. 1, I w? t nM offer hiindredt of other if wo choee. It u told ? ?* rwaamkMe. aud it gieet the hair the mini drliciout dark I ilke ?one it. mcf. Price only J, J or I >hillin*t tbottlr, three | . ?. .i^tfWT, Jowot, tign o? the American fcagle, U ChatL-T-niit rf T Vtrntt, 119 JMilton ttreet. Brooklyn,1 S'ate I ?%!?.; ?T Doek rreet. yhili'*el|,ti|^^^ ?ifilm'f I 7- Pr ijT |*g towa CTrTrrooT 1'nikel vo??, IwaaU in NR* to 1 ly V, ..r.-haa. i? now landing Irom ?lujp Siddont. Apply to I ^nit-purchjge,;bn?? 9i fc , j, 8onth WW. ? medical. "deception prevented. TMIOSE wt.o with to know who Dr. Heine, of NewYork, ia, u many rum era pnbliahed under that name, hv ihoae who hare uo right ao to do, will ideate (irat rail at the County Clerk's office, rumiot lU medical recorda, aud are if any Dr. lh toe but Holauou Heme ia aulhoriaed to practice; 2d, if he ch irgea for neither medicine or attendance till you are aatiahed with your iui|irovement, he ia the Doctor; 3d, if he ia a German who apeaka but little , Engluh, and w ill promiae to cure \ on. no matter what vnar diieane vitn at* riuhr SOLOMON HEINE, MJ)., 57 Keade street, umxjiUe ihc Marshall House. aul4 lm*r PAKR'S life pills yo THE PUBLIC.?The proprietors ol the eitraordtnary * medicine known bv the nsme of PARK'S LIKE PILLS htve established a wholesale branch of their house iu New York, ?t the Clarendon House, comer of Dnanc street and Broadway. The value of this medicinr in bilions comp'iiuis, blotches or. the skin, cholera morbus, dysentery, faintings, loul breath, heart bum, headache, inflammation, indigestion, langour, liver complaints, piles, scrofula, and numerous other diseases, 1*17 be judged when it is known that the sale in Europe hs-i mer .iced to the enormous amount of 30,000 boles weekly, equal I: more .than a million and a half yearly. Eroin its great celebrity it is now sold iu almost all iisrts of tlie gluini No medicine ever yet offered to the world, has so rapidly obtained such distinguished notoriety, and it is so gentle in its nature tliat it may be- taken by the invalid, however weakly, being composed of the most innocent herbs. Kor particulars ol this astonishing medicine, together with th account of its remarkable and renowned discoverer, Thie? mas Parr, who lived to the extraordinaiy age of 150 yea is?see th> book of his life, which may be had gratis of all the agents 1 In New York and other parts of the United States. The following are the duly appointed agents in New York? Kushton Ot Aspinwall, druggists and chemists, 86 William si. 110 Broadway, and 10 Astoi House Abraham Sands St Co. druggists and chemists, granite buildings. 273 Broadway, corner of Chambers st. P. Dickie, 113 Broadway, corner of Lispenard st. John B Dodil druggist, Broadway, corner of Bl> ccker st, A. W. Badeau, Bowery Medicine Store, 260 Bowery. J. it J. CoddiuKton. apothecaries, 227 Hudson street, comer of Spring street. e. L. Cotton, chemist and apothecary, 203 Bleecker street, ciy-ner of Jones street. J. Wendover, druggist aud apothecary, 141 Eighth avenue. Brooklyn?Wm. Armatrong, aeed, drug and paleul medicine warehouse, 184)4 Fulton at. v3fl lin*r NO QUACKERY ! Dn browdeits compound syrup of indian TURNIP, for the cure of Consumptions, Coughs, Colds, Spitting of Blood, and all other Breast Complaints. On account of the many nostrums claiming universal medical qualities, the subscriber has felt some hesitation in bringing the claims of his medicine before the public. He is aware that, in his preseul undertaking, he will be styled by the ungrneious a quack, and his medicine (be ita qualities ever 10 good,) quackery ; yet this will no longer restr liu him from affording to the afflicted the means of sure relief if they resort to his remedy iu rime. The Compound Syrup of Indian Turnip is in itself a certain remedy for inflammation of the pectoral organs w hich, ihough slight at first, (as m common colas,) often results in consumption. His eiperience authorizes lum iu putting his discovery I,, rnmiwill,,!, u>t'njnv.l.,lill ft.- m? It.I n.l i,...... area t nfiu n that meet the public eye, confident that .1 fair trial will result, in all cases, in the same attestations of its sovereign medical qualities that have been given to him by those wno have attested its worthbv use. The most delicate lady, in all and every coudition of life, may use this compound without the slightest risk or inconvenience. And in all cases of diarrhoea, summer complaints, of ordinary character, seldom if ever fails to prvuluce the desired beneficial object. Duly appreciating the merits of other medicines, and without detracting in the least from the medicai practitioner, this remedy is offered to the world as the best, safest and surest remedy for all affections of the lungs and breast, that has ever made iu appearance, lie has iu his possession the certificates of hundreds who, after spending money, and almost bereft of hope, have resorted to him for relief and found 11. I'h\sicisus are invited to use it 111 pulmonary affections, aud iu alfcasee where cough is left after measles. The proprietor nas Agents in the principal cities in the United States. For sale wholesale and retail by C. H. RING, 63 Fnlton it. comerCliff; Guion, 127, Dr. Crowell, 286 Bowery; Bassett. 614, Dickie, 413 Broadway; Coddington, corner Hudson aud Spring sts. au7 eod3mr DOCTOR GLOVER BEGS to inform those who have recently enquired if he has left the practice of his profession, that he continues to prescribe for such aa require his aid as usual. Those difficult and protracted cases which require practical experience to ensure success, have been the particular objects of his study. The ncent improvements iu chemistry have put into his hanus several new and important remedies which naveesca|>ed the obterv ii ion of the less scrntiuising physician Dr. Glover's primary education enables kiln 10 keen pace with the improvements of the day, being a graduate in the meilmal nrnfeasmi.. Tli. n.i.m.i.0 .l..,?l,l h.. ^ ?f tlit* host of lelT named Doctors auiTpretenders, some of whom aipire to be authors of little boom upon subjects of which they are totally ignorant. Office, No. 2 Ann at?private entrance, 4th tloor from the Museum?office houra until 9o ' P.M. afi lm?r DR. SOLOMON HEINE \\T OULD inform hia patients and the public, the he still adlo u s to hia ongiual proposition, to recti?e no money either for medicine or attendance until the patient is satisfied with hia improvement, and would inform them that he lias reinoitd from 418 Broadway to No. 57 Ileade street, opjiosite toe Marshall House, where he solicits ths attendance ou the oovr mentioned conditions, of all who have suffered for a long time under diseases considered by them incurable. SOLOMON HEINE, M. D. for the advantage of all who wish to attend the treatment of Dr. Solomon Heine, I would state that the only Doctor Heine who has ever lived in, or had his office in Broadway, is the one now residing at 57 Ileade street, opposite the Marshall House. This Physician came to this country about eight years since. I have had the pleasure of knowing him since that time, and of witnessing many surprising cures performed by htm?lie is above the age of 55 years, and is the only one of the name who is a member of the medical institutions of the City and State of New York. E. W. WKTMORE, M. D. Sworn before me, this 17.ii day of of April, A. D. 1847 Rkh?up Rkfp ( mn of Dr.di aull lm*e HULL'S TRUSSES. NOTICE TO RUPTURED PERSONS. PERSONS afflicted with ruptures may rely main the best instrumental aid the world affords, on application at the office, No. 4 Ve.ey street, or to either of trie agents in the principal towns iu the United States. Br careful to eiamine the pack |utd of Hull's trusses, to see if they are endorsed by Ur Hull, in writing. None are genuine, or to be relied upon as good, without his signature. Many pertons have undertaken to vend Imi'ations of Hull's celebrated trusses, and li.ousands are im|K>srd upon in couse(]lienor. These iinitatiom cannot be relied upon ; they are made by unskilful meclianics, and are i.o better than the ordinary trusses. Rooms have been fitted up at No. 4 Vesey street, exclusively ment, where a female is in constant attendance to wait upon female patients. au26 lm*r MINERAL WATER. ~ UKOM THE CELEBRATED RO?AL BAVARIAN T STRINGS AT KIS8INGEN. KAKOCZY WATER on the European continent, has the reputation of being the most chalybeate muriatic saline water known to the Medical Faculty. The Rakoczy has an acidulous saline llaror, and beiuft powerfully promotive of secretion and excretion, a purifyer, a stronu solvent, and at the same time strengthening without heatiuit ; it acts like Wieshaden.and Karlsbad (without injuriUK the stomach) as a potent diuretic, specifically upon the liver, the systems venar. port, and uterine system, and dissipating any existing obstruction. The disorders and diseases iu which this water has manifested the most decidedly salubrious effects, are tfie following: a) affection, of the mucous membranes aud obstructions iu the digestive organs, arising from local debility, combined with inactivity of the intestinal trac(us, want of appetite, flatulency, worms, bloatednesa, and obstructions in the liver and systems porta rum hemorrhoidal affections, against which it has proved a most sovereign rtniedy, likewise against b) hyi>ochoudria an spleen, when based upon organic affeclioH ; c) disorders of the chest and lungs, asthmatic attacks, from phlegm and sntci, c morbid deposits, such as gouty, herpetic aud psoric ; ) ilvrang.orient of the uteiua ; steui, irregularity in menstruation, too scanty or too copious menstruation, sterility, anomalous hemorrhoids, ft tor albus, in so far as these dii.rders originate from local weakness, obstructions and plethora abdominalis ; e) obstinate rheumatic and gouty affectious, especially wheu at the same time obstructions in the lower legion of the body, above all in the uterine system are discovered ; f) chronic diseases of the urinary organs, Blenorrhee, hemorrhoids on the bladder, spasms of the bladd. ,ue ; g) plethora and obeuity ; h) chronic cu ...... ...??? !) ? iiifr sain, wmcn maniirsia mi ll in 11 disposition to profnte perspiration, extreme susceptibility, a t> ndency to colds ; i) glaudular swellings, indurations from serophnla and other canaes. RrpuUt shipments constantly received. A fresh iupp.7 init landed tier Veuelia, via Rotterdam. Printed circula-i and directions for use, can be had gratis. FL H.IAN STRAUSS, 423 Pearl awiet, Sole Agent in tlie United States. To bf had alio of Mr- Forteubacn, corner of Reade and Hud on ?lreet. a2 lm?r LUCINA CORDIAL. TO THE AMERICAN PUBLIC. PT is now barely three years since the general introduction of the Lncina Cordial into the United States, and in that period it has uot only spread its usefulness throughout this hemisphere, and sustained the vaat reputation which it had previously ac<iutr ed ill Europe. but has als<7 added to the renown of its illustrious iuvrnlor by tne unrivalled powers >t has beau discovered Is possesa in the rare of incipient cmuninptirn The knowledge ol Its wonder! 11 influence m renovating aud invi.-orating the human frame, fiftt suggested tne idea of using it in this way ; and tha result is tl at a medicine has been added to the catalogue lot the cure of incipient ciminmpunn, which placet the diauitse, with due precaution, under the control of the patient. It ia scarcely necessary, at this period, to recommend the Lncina Cordial, as an all-suffici-iit remedy in case of Oleet, Fluor Albus. difficult or painful menstrti itinn, Incontinence of Urine, and v'l diseases ansing from dcMNtaliou of the system, where an impulse, or a restorative is winted ; aa throughout use United States it has taken precedence of all other medicine in such cites, and leaves nothing further to be hoped for ; its cures bsing speedy perfect, |iermanent, and effected without pain or trouble. Sliould there, however, be any person laboring under the aliove comidainti, who are doubtful ofits almost universally tested mrrita, I recommmend i.Mo them with all confidence, and on my own personal responsibility, feeling assured if they give it the required tntL that health to the afflict, d parries, and gratefulness to Ur Magnin, will be the result. But, as is also the case in Kurope, the immense American reputation of the Lncina Cordial, ia principally baaed on Its thoroughly investigated, indubitable, and generally admitted power to enable feaaales, who h.ul hern considered barren, to bear offa|irii>g. and to restore virile powers m males, when reduced to utter and ?|e , irrntly hopeless prostration, to |?-rfect health anil activity When 1 first received the agency of the Lncina Cordial, frnn, L)r. Maguin, notwithstanding Us imm. nle I rain celebrity, aad the great amnuat of respectable lestim-un that accompanied it, I declined committing myself individually, by giving any per tonal assurances in these particulars ; but now. after the enor nuns sale of upwards of one hundred thousand bottles, catlplrr with the receipt and certificates and testimonials innumerable in4 much kn .wledge founded OD i-ersonal ohse.vauon, 11 kn un Hesitatingly warrant it aa far etceedtng my must saturnine >r ever the illustrious inventors promises, in the fulfilment ol thr nost important ends fir whieh it is recommended, ,nd has he ome to instly and universally popular. T- be as evplicii a- possible, I repeat, and hold myaelf personally responsi tile lor me assumption, that the l.ucma Cordial < \n iiirig orate the Time |?wi n m maie*. and make rliem freandnrit, Where nature ha* been deficient, or when thev have been prow traced ov artificial meant; ?no ai*o that u ran erodncc tii*t?tvtr ot the *v*tem m lemaiet. who nau wen previously unfruitful and imagined barren, wnien will enable tin n> to bear t liililrra. I rearer that I hare to apeak ac plainly-, an ?nclt etccrdlhgly de lirale matter*, Dut leel called upon to do *n, leatitr *ht br ini*nnder*tood, and a* a full guarantee fur the treat re-Ta>naibili ty which I hare cheerfully assumed. With feelings ol tincere gratitude for the at tenure patronage which, a* the agrt. of tin Lnciua Cordial, ha* been heaped upon me in uiit country, I re mvin tne Public'* rtrv -ibedietit humble ?er??r.i, JOHN WINTERS HOLDKR wkl-L, M D. Price S3 per bottle. For *ah- at 09 Broadw.y, and 92 N'aaiac trcct. New York,and 9# North Birth street, niiladelpMe. an?7 l?*m TO THE LADIES. Vf ADAME CQSTEI.LO, Female Phyiirian, mil continues iu tolrtit, with astonishing luccea*, all diseases pernliar to Suppre?*ion, irretpilaritv, obstruction. itc, by whateTer cause produced, can w temored by Madsme C. in a rery roit time. Madame C.'a medical e*iabli?hiaant hating undergone thorough repair* and alteralioaa for tha better accommodation of her nu me roar patient*, *h? ujiow prepared to reeeiee ladies on the point of confinement, ophoae who with to be treated lor obstruction of their monthly period. I Maibime C. can be consulted at her residence No. 34 Lispen V..' ll *,w?i *?< uicieii regard loiecreif. i All cowmnnicauoDiUMl lfUert man be poet-pud; I ? MIlW^I I - * **v?r'' mmdIoaL suppression of quackery toy IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS0 THE COLLEGE OK medicine & pharmacy RbSfKtTfliLLx iniorm ine citizens 01 r*?w York that they have appointed tha following Bus-AnsivTt in this city J. W. Bassett, 644 Broadway. Da. E. M. Gfioif, 127 BoweryDa. Kimi. 287 Hudson street. Klias L. Theall, 548 Grand st. Wm. Aimitiono, 184 Fulton street, Brooklyn. The Preparations of the Collcg* may uow be had of thoae gentlemen. Principal Offices of the College for New England ,at 5 T wmont How, Boston. Principal Office of the College for New York, at 97 Nassau street. By order of the College. jv21c W 8. RlfcHRDSON, Agent. "SUMMER COMPLAINT. pvIAKRH(EA. DYSENTERY, or loosenass of the Bow-U cured in a few minutes b Shermau's Restorative Loiengov They are remarkably pleasant, <uid effect immediate relief?never haa an instance been known uf their lailure. FEVER AND ACHJE?Shermau's Loxengri for thia tediUIII anil distressing complaint, aie, without eieeiition, the only article known entitled to the uame of <|>ccilic; for they alwaya cure, end the clii'la dt a.;: return. WORMS?!i tofti children and adnlu, are infallibly deit cjed aH removed by Sherman's Worm Loienges?a milli m q9 crea sold yearly, and never known to fail. Warehouse 186 Nassau street. Agents?188 Bowery; V Eact Broadway, 2Z7 Hudson street, 110 and 273 Broadway, and 139 Fulton street, Brooklyn. jvtO r ?RUPT10NS~CTTRED~ AND THE COMPLEXION CLEARED. A MIRACLE TO CUR* ERUPTIONS OF THE TV SKIN?Sail rheum, frecljis, scarry, pimples, vrisii>elaa, blotches, morvhewtan, fever, six ts, bilea of insects, inusque t?i:s,Sic.,?10 rhaiue (he color cfd rk, sunburnt, yrllow.or discolored sk.n,?1 be Italian the .-in al So.ip ii really the wonder ofthe aifr. Well might the Medical Society of Paris call it 4 blessing. and its iuveulnr, M. Bespmie. ? philanthropist. It is curniK thousands all over the States ana British possessions, it entirely eradicates eveiy eruption or disfigurement of the skin, imtiarting to the face, body, neck or arms a beautiful healthful clearness. No mMepreseutation is offered. One trial will suffice to recommend it to all. Among the many who have been cured by this, are the following highly respectable lientoiis :?Rev. T. 8. Lover, Newark, N. J7, (you are notified tb ii this is no puffed nostrum, but a physician s Invention, J M. Palmer, Brooklyn. Sold by T. Jones, sign of the American Eagle, 88 Chatham street, N. Y., price 50 cents. Miss E. Baker, Brooklyn. Agents : 139 Fulton street, Brooklyn , 8 State street, Boston ; 87Dock street, Philadelphia. a3 Imr* PHYSIOLOGICAL.VfYSTERIES AND REVELATIONS IN LOVE, i'-l Conruhip and Marriage?an infallible Guide-Book for Married and Single Persons, in matters of the utmost importance to the Human Race. By Eutine Becklaid, M. D. Aiming the tilings duly considered in this work are matters of serious importance to single and young married persons? The causes of and cures for Sterility?The art ol Beauty and Courtship?The dauger of solitary practices, and how the habit may be removed?The causes of Love aud Jealousy, with a remedy for eradicating from the system the seeds ! a hopeless or an unhappy passion?Offspring, including modes for the propitiation or prevention thereof?1Tests tor knowing the seses of unborn children?Intermarriage?Persons who ought and ought uot to marry?The most auspicious season for wedlock, Ike. Price 75 cents. For sale at 38 Nassau street, cor. of Fnlton, anJ 459 Broadway. u2 lm*i PARSELLS & AGATE, MANUFACTURERS OF ELASTIC STOCKS, AND SUSPENDERS, LINEN DRAPERS, Arc. qUlE SUBSCRIBERS, in addition to their former stock ol J fashionable goods, are constantly receiving by every new arrival from Paris and London, a supply of the most rich aud fashionable Scarfs and Crav a Is. Their assortment ol fashiona bin Stocks, Scarfs, Cravats, r>ady made Linen, Gloves, Suspenders, Hot ier>. aud all articles appertaining to a gentleman's wardrobe, are rich and varied. They respectfully invite their c|d |?trons and strangers visiting this city, to call at the old Establishment,to lone and favorably known and make their selections. PARSELLS fc AGATE, 241 Broadway, aul6 lm*r between Park place and Murray st. RHEUMATIC ERADICATING LINIMENT. THIS Liniment, from its penetrating and healing properties, I is warranted to eradicate (and that most effectually) all Rheumatic or Inflammatory pains in an almost incredible short space of time. So very numerous are the nostrums accompanied with certificates, ai.d professing to enre every complaint, that the public are extremely slow (and justly too) in appreciating any new article, whatever may be its ntility. Some of the mo t respectable peiaona in this community can bear joyful testimony to the astonishing effects of this Liniment. But as positive proof, every bottle of thia Linimmt will be accompani-'d with a guarantee to refund the price of each bottle in all caies where it has been faithfully applied, (according to the printed directions) without producing the desired eradicalire ..II...... w......I. - Ii? ..r ii?-i.e ._.| a ? l. No. 50 Canal street, one door east ofBoadway. au!6 lm*rc A. V. H. WEBB, Aitent. ~ MADAME COSTELLO. UEMALK PERIODICAL PILLS, guaranteed ill every case p where the monthly periods hare been irregular, from colds, or other causes. Their certainty of action has long been acknowledged by the medical profession, and hundreds that have uselessly tried various boasted remedies; indeed, so sure are these pills in their effects, that care is sometimes necessary in their use, though they contain no medicine detrimental to the constitution. Advice given gratis to all who use the pills, by Madame Costello, 34 Lispenard st, where the pills are sold n ?Ins Prici $1 |>er hoi. an26 lw*r ~~ EXPERIENCE UOK FOUR YEARS has fully tested the extraordinary virf tues ol DR. SHERMAN'S MEDICATED LOZENGES. Several million botes hare been sold,and given perfect satisfaction to all who have used them. PHYSICIANS AND CLERGYMEN, Lawyers, Professors, rich and poor, high and low?in fact, nearly the whole American people, have given them their sanction, and they are now fast spreading tneir influences to every pari of the kaovru world. Drs. Hunter, Smith. Rogers, Vanderpool, Scott, and four hundred other physicians in New York city alone, recommend Sherman's Lozenges, daily, in their practice. Sherman's Medicated Lozenges are never sold by the ouuee, but always in botes, with hit name attached. The Doctor being an educated and ttperienced physician, and a member of the Medical Society of the city ol New York, gives a character to his prei*ralioc s that no others enioy. COUGHS, COLDS, CONSUMPTION, Aithma. Tightness ol the Cbt it, Whooping Cough, Cough attending Measles, and all affections of the Lungs, are immedialel> relieved by Sherman's Cough Lozenges. They entirely cure all recent rases ilia fcw' lioura. and often the most alarming cases of Consumption yi< Id, at if by magic, to their hapi y innuencr, as in tnecases of the Rev. Mr. Anthony, the Rev. Mr. Strretsr, and hundreds of others, even where they had been given up as incurable. WORMS CAUSE DEATH To thousands, without their ever being suspected. Children and adults often suffer much from them, when a box ol Sherman's Worm Lozenges wonld give them immediate telief.? ....... u -?? ... ?... 1. i?i 1 iii rsons on the brink of the grave, fait wasting away, and the Physicians trying their skill in vain, and icsorliiig, at last, as the only hope, to Sheiman's Worm Loseuges, which have restored them to health ami happiness. How often have mothers called at the Warehouse and poured i'oith their thanks and blessings for the restoration of their dear beloved otfiiniug, Never before has a perfect remedy been discovered for the entire eradication of all kinds of worms. HEADACHB, PALPITATION, Lowness of Spirits, Fatigue, Fainting, Desi ondeiicy, Nervous Diseases generally, and Sea Sickness, are all snbuect to the curative pru|ierties of Sherman's Camphor Lozenges. They cure severe headaches, lie. in ten minutes. In fact, they 0|ierate like a charm, and no person should go to sea without them, as they are infallible in sea sickness. Persons subject to fatigue, or attending crowded parties, will find them to relieve tiiein ol all lassitude and oppression. Warehouse 106 Nassau street Ageii't?Church's, ISO Bowery; Sand's, 77 East Erosdway, and comer Chambers and Broadway; Codington, 227 Hudson; Rushton and Aspinwall's three stores, and 139 Fulton street, "rooklyn, 8 State street, Bos toil, and 3 Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia. au!6r MADAME RESTELL., DEMALK PHYSICIAN, Office and residence, HI Green P wich street, between Courtlandt ml Libeity streets, where she can be consulted with the striciesi confidence on complaints incident to the female fiame. Madame Westell's experience and knowledge in the treatmeut of obetiuate cases of female irregul my. stoppage, suppression, lie., is such as to require but a few days to effect a |>erfect cure. Ladies desiring proper medical attendance during confinement or other indisposition, will be accommodated during such time, with private and resectable board. " Preventive Powders," for married ladies, wlioee delicate or precarious health forbids a too rapid increase of family, will be sent by mail to any part of the United States. Price to a package. All Letters (post paid) addressed to ' box 868. New York. Boston Offire. No.7 Essex street." N. B.?Madame RESTELL would inform ladies residing out of the city, whose health would not admit of travelling,that she would devote her personal attendance upon tliem irj any part of the United States within reasonable distance, si lm*r FEMALE MONTHLY PILLS. (^WING to the celebrity, efficacy, and invariable auccess of VJ Vi ml:* in.. I! c f a-11 'a EVmalii \ 1 ftnt til v P.M. i.. .11 irregularity, snposession, or aloppagc of those functions of ualure upon which the health of eaery female depend*, tiuce t eir introduction into th- United Stitea, now about four years, eonHlMi| and imitation* arc con*tantly attempted to be palmed off for the genuine. Cheap common pi'ls a e putchaaed t twelve cent* a bo*, nut up in different boxea, and called? Female Monthly Pi(l*.n with theohjectof telling them, if possible, a' one or two dollar* a box. Females are therefore cautioned a.'ainst these attempts to lm|io*e U|ion them. It is sufficient here to stale that all Female Monthly Pills are counterfeits, except those sold at Madame Rrstrll'* Principal Office, M( Greenwich street, New York and 7 Fssex street, Boston. Pricetl. Madame Ki stall's sign iture it writieu on tne cover of ea.h box. N. B.? 1'hey can be used by married or single, by following the direct on* enclosed inside of each but. Bold alto by appointment at 281 Grand street, corner of Allen, New York. si lm*r jVf KDICAL, CAUTION.?Patients seeking Medical aid r'A should be exceedingly cautions in the selection of a Doctor, for it is a tenons tact alas ! too true, llitt of the whole horde of sdvertismg Doctors (10 cal'ed) in rhi* devoted city, not more than one in six possets any I, gal right to administer medicine, nor are they by nature or education, by any means qualified to administer to the su'k It it to be deplored that such base imposition it suffered or tolerated in deliance of the law which makes it a highly penal offence to practice medicine or aurgcry without a legal diI loma. D . Carpenter, however, hai no personal reason to complain 111 the premises, for sooth to say, from iht tits rapid increase of oaacks, and their mis-rable abortive ooemtioii? on rK. i?. rowiinlM,heha*NMitMaaoeasolid ufll than while the practice was confined to more legitimate handr. To the suffering and deluded patient, or victim, however, the consequences arc all important, as the iaane of life and death 'oo often depends on the first medical adrire. Dr. Carpenter, although an adv> rosing Doctor, pmr into the ( profaeeion tnroa|fc the front door of i.- templi is^iradaate of Union Colli tte, a licentiate of the New Yorlt State Medical Society, and foi thirty yearaa oraetitionrr of thii city; and Itia ] only reaaon for adrertMing for busineaa, no much < outemued by ( :he over sensitive on the atihject, ia to obtain money and cure | the aick. Office No. 4 Peck alip, near Pearl afreet. Charges reaaona- J ble. Office open until naif peat 9 P. M. a 6 lm*r | I aK. DA VIU Btt f.N ,N A : honor "I inl'oiining ) I - frienda and the public th < t I?h is reinoeed fioin the Oranite Hnildiog to 1?) Chambers ?ti r i where he will, without the < ua? of mercury, cttre radically, i i (in a few day a, the moitin- I eeterale caaea ol ay phi lie diseas. i. Dr. Brrnna's remedy ia en < tirely free from any corrosirr or usoD' tu mineral, and when tak-n recording to his direction, will remove the nainfcil ayinpto :ia which invariably follow ti e abuse i?r rather ii^uc) I of aweary, audoiher uoaiona medic lira so universally wPfffhistered in r.iaes. Dr. Uremia a i mcdy ia so aiinpW thai it can he admiiiiatered wirhont the It dainter of Itad couae^ aneticra, the palp jit being able ilurt^ tne licatment to attend hi mi4 Miami <?ana nre am nsual. 1 Dr. ir?'tinA'* Practice it not confined to the cure ef tlm abort dmca*?, hut will continue to give hi& professional adrice to pa 1 bents, and to administer medicines on the homeopathic system, < '.?e only one that haj or can errr cure chronic diseases. c Office hour*, from 10 to J o'clock, and from 5 to 7 P. M.? Uiiambers street 175. ;*l lmr T? NEW Y6KK IAVaL|I)8.?Dr. Jump. iHUviaoW, i 7?? Al"*ny,son of the Pounder of the Tbomsonian System t t>f Prictice will, by particular request be at No. 343 Broome ?t. lor a few dav?, where lie may be consulted by ttieh patients at t witb chronic disease, from which they can find no t relief from other sources, especially dyspeptics, fonr-fiftha of which he thinks may be cured under fifty years of ace. a?7 lm*t DENTISTRY, GUIDE TO SOUND TEETH. LADIES N'EED HOT DESPAIR. T\R- A. C. CA8T1.E, Deuti*:, 297 Broadway, New York, has a Marmoailieou Paste, fur tilling decayed hollow teeth. It i* perfectly harmless in iu composition, end cm be pat irto the moat tender loath without |?ia or inconvenience, and with which it beeoiuea impacted u one rolid body, maintaioitif iu ""fr "d nw? for lile, The uumrroa* leaumo iwiiva iu nr ursi CIBU Ul lorinj ijh-u III inr uiu*l glowing tensu aa to iu efficacy. The Evening Post, Mil Msy, any a- Hi is admirably adapted for sore or tender teeth, and to nerrons persons, auj Dr. A. C. Castle operates oB the teeth with great care and ability." The following, from the New Orleans PieaynBe, Dec. 6th, sufficiently s;>eakt of Dr. C.'a skill as a mrchauical dentist: Lieut. ?, who was employed in the Florida service, dor uk an engagement, had one side of his lower jaw and iiert ol the upper shot away. It was feared that the loss would be per maiieut. but meeting with Dr. A. C. Castle, of New York, an artificial substitute, with teeth, was made and fitted in, and the ulucer has now the_perfect use of this shattered but important organ. Dr. A. t. C. inserts teeth on the principle of adhesion, by atmospheric pressure, from one to an entire act of teeth." Toothache Pills, oue of which put iu the painful tooth will effect a permanent cure. Dr. A. C. C. refers U) the Spanish Ambassador, Spanish Consul. Mrs. General (James, Dr. h. (J. Johnson, President of the Medical Society, and the tereml Professors of the New York University of ITrysicians and Surgeons J. Torrey, M. D.. J B. Berk, M. Dm E.Delafield, M. D. DEArNEsS.? Drs. Castle and Edwards. Auruu.JTT Br adway, attend to the cure of deafness, and all diseases pcrViuing to the ears. Aconslic Drops, sure care for incipient d.-alness, noises, or collections in the ear. au:f lm*r The teeth. rPHE TEETH?A reduction of 20 per cent?Upper and 1 lower seta ofteeth inserted on taction or atmospheric pressure, so as to be worn with ease and firmness* from a single tooth to an entire set; all can be supplied with the best mineral teeth; toothache cured. For eitracling tooth, SO cenU. Children's, naif price. J. Buskey, Surgeon Dentist, 27 Murray street, nest door to the church, west of Broadway. jy23 eon 3w * " artificial teeth, ON THE PRINCIPLE OF ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE. MLEVETT, Dentist, the introducer into this country to the year 1835, of inserting Teeth on the above scientific principle, as practised by himself ALONE, courts the attention of the public to his great improvrintut. The established reputation of Dr Levett, his easy. Well known, peculiar, and scientific adaptation in supplying the deficiency s i f the Teeth, and the unvaried satisfaction given, which he fully guarantees in all cases, warrants his inviting the attention of the ladies and gentlemen who have had artificial Terth unskilfully set, or who may require new for those displaced bv nature. M. LEVETT, Dentist, 280 Broadway. corner of Warren st. opposite the Park. [Copy of a Letter from Judge Noah to Dr Levitt.] New York. May 24th, 1842 Dear Sir :?It is both a matter of duty and pleaaure to state, that the set of artificial teeth on the principle of atmospheric pressure which you made for a lady in my family, has succeeded in every respect, in appearance, comfort, and utility, and has given entire satisfaction. 1 am, dear sir, your obedient, au71m*r [?igned] M. M. NOAH. medicInesT" PRIVATE CURE, HTMIE ATTENTION OF ALL Suffering under any of the A symptoms of secret diseases, w hether recent or protracted is directed to Doctor Jordan's specific courses. No. 1, for the cure of Gonorrhoea, Gleets and all urethral discharges ; and course No. 2, for the prompt and permanent eradication of ve- i nereal diseases. These courses are specially designed to enable the pattanl to effect a satisfactory cure without exjioaure or suspicion, to which end each package contains every medicine, wash, Ike. ever required, either for internal or external use; aud I for the guidance and safety of the patient, is accompanied by ' Dr. Jordan's private treatise, " The Monitor"?wherein is full i directions ; with a plain description of (lie nature, symptoms, i consequences and treatment of secret maladies?the remedies i proner for their different stages?with valuable information use < ful hints aud important advice?suited alike to the preseut inva- i lids, and to those who having heretofore beeu unfortunate, either contemplate marriage, orhave recently entered ints that state. if?". The price of the Monitor is 50 cents?One dollar postiwid will ensure it free. The courses are each $3.00. gnaran teed to effect a cure without further expense ; and admirably adapted for strangers, trmrellen ,or rcaidenta in the country, 1 from thcircornpleteneaaand compactness ; and will be forwarded secure from observation. [t^T" Sold lor the Proprietor, only ac Drue atore 60 Prince strict, corner of Marion, 3 bloclta eaat of Niblo't. Marion ia a I continuation of Centre. au20 lm?r I THE PRIVATE I TREATISE. THIS ia a little volume on certain delicate diseaaca, by Dr. > RALPH at w hich the moat speedy and private mcana of I cuie are atatrd in the plainest jtoseible manner. There ia no cl <ss of patients that does not highly value this little book ; but those whose complaint has been suffered to continue on irom | mouth to month, are still more deeply interested in it?the cause of such delays, and the proper means of cure being careful y explained. Pri :e S1. Dr. Ralph also begs to state that he is consulted at his private res idence, 88 Greenwich street, at any hour. With a view however of obtaiuiug the confidence of strangers coming to this city, he begs here to reneat, what he has stated in another column of this paper, under nis remarks " on .stricture," that betide his rank as Uradnat*- of Edinburgh, &.c. V... I... I... u I ... ,1... ...... ,t ,?. .. .1... I., hospital and, city practice, |for more than thirty yean, and ha* < published two editions oi'a work espresslyou thetn. Also that he has testimonial Inters from the most eminent physicians in Europe. to the most craim-nt in America?as Sir Astlev Coo per to Dr. Mott of New Yorli, Dr Phy sick of Philadelphia, and others: anil that he it i>ermitted to refer to almost every physician of if mine lice in this city. Communications by post are carefully replied to. aul7 1m* CORNS, CORNS. CORNS. 6 Murray street. MONS. AND MADAME BERHARD, Corn Doctors, from Paris, BEG LEAVE to inform the inhabitants of New York, that they will be h.pnv to wait upon all who may desire their srnces. Mons. and Mad. Berhard have been practicing in the ] United States but a few months, and in that short time hare rereived testimonials from some of the most eminent gaullemen and others, as to the benefit and comfort which they have rec-ived since they have Keen attended hy thein. They have the | honor to inform the public that by a uew and peculiar method liiev extricate Hard and Soft Corns, Bunions, Callosities, Itc. ] without cutting. Mons and Made. B, do not attempt to offer a nostrum requiring secresy or faith to ensure its efficacy; but i confidently assure those who may snfTer from troublesome and j painful Corns, that they^msy hare the satisfaction of carrying away their tormentor, thd'Cora. in their hands. Mods, and Made. B. have in their possession upwards of two thousand certificates from those who have eipertenced relief at j their hands. Mons. and Made. B. have pra' ticed their profession for several years in Germany, France and England, and bare acquired great skill and much practical experience?a fact ] attested by numerous certificates from the most celebrated English, French and German physicians, as well as from several of the nobility and gentiy of those countries, delivered to them after four years cure. Tha operation will not occupy more than ten minutes, and the relief is so instantaneous that the persons thus treated can immediately put on their shoes and walk without the least inconvenience. Laditjs and gentlemen will be waited on at their own residence, if they d< sire it. At home in the morning from 8 till 11, aud in the afternoon I from 2 till 6 o'clock. , Office at Boston, 151 Courtst- jy8 3m*r t On Stricture and Its Cure. 1 'PHE FOLLOWING REMARKS WILL PLACE BE- ' 1 FORE the public a few most deeply interesting facts.? ' J-it'll, ytiaf Me disease called btmctvmc, is of very fret/uent ' occurrence and often exists in persons who are not in the trail 1 aware of it; next that a very erroneous notion prevailI re- J specling Stricture, and that ignorant advertising people take J a had advantage of this erroneous notion; then, that there are { three particular circumstances by which a Stricture may he ' ,<m ays known?and in the last place, that the curt <tf Stric- 1 tort is certain, free from pain, and generally accomplished I iti a very little time. With regard to the fint of their remarka:? 1 It ii well known that Stricture i> the reiult of a badly treated ' (Jonirrhea If, for inatauce, that disease is suffered to con- 1 tiuue on from month to month, it slides into a gleet. Now, 1 there ia no.|iain or inconvenience in gleet, and therefore it u ' often suifered to temain indefinitely. But it should be known ' that gleet implies a chronic intiamuiation of the passage, which 1 naturally terminates in thickening, and this thickening at one ' part or other of the passage is stricture ; and, further, that a!- 1 though stricture may thus re nain unnoticed for a length of time, it is far froin laying dormant, bui is the hidden cause of many I serious maladies, not only of a sexual, but those also of a n?r- ' oua and dyspeptic kind. But what especially leads the attention off from this disorder is the idea that stricture cannot exist so long as no impediment a to the rlow of urine is observed, which is quite a mistake. A ' stricture often exista for years without producing any very < striking change iu this respect; indeed a diminished or inter- . ropted stream of urine belongs only to the worst of cases, and j it is to prevent this very state that these remarks are published. ' The advantage, however, which ignorant advertising people 1 take of this erroneous notion is very cruel. Every body knows how men of this diacription swarm about this city, and that they will aell their nostrums as long as any one will buy them. Now, it ia a fact, and one which every real phyaieian will im- i liiruwiciy aciuu^ifa^i umi ta mc mruiciuc in vnr wwriu, i alone, can never c"re ? stricture. In proof o( this, nothing it j mors common tha for the writer to b? consulted by persons ? ? Ih> have been tal ng all manner of tilings?as colored uropa, , and pills, and cord.lis, and the like, for many montns together, f hut whom, on seeing the real nature of the case, he has cured in as many days. ? With a view of preventing these impositions, therefore, it r seems disirable to lay before the public a few plain circum- e stances by which a Stricture may be known, which can be easi- (j ly done : for although the symptoms of this disease are numer- >, ous, there are three of especial import, and these three n.ay be v stated|very briefly?they are the following : The first relates to v 7ne manner of urinating.?It has been already said the stream h need not be mnch diminished or imiwded. But observe atten- , tively, after it is finished and the clothes are readjusted, wheth- 0 eradropor two will ever steal away, so as to wet a little? r nothing is more indicative of stricturr. Thenextia r The lime a Gonorrhoea hat remained unctired.?It is ditft- tl cult to say how long a Gonorrhoea or Gleet may run and not tl produce a stricture, for one is naturally more disposed to stric- ^ lure than anollier; but, as a general rule, ifit should be suffered tl to go on beyond six weeks, this alone would afford sufficient f, ground, at le.ut, for the suspicion of a stricture. The last is? The 'Jfrct a ttriclure hat upon the mind.?The effect of p Stricture is to depress the spirits, and to lessen both bodily and (j mental activity. Thia also is one of its most common effects, ri Not, however, that it is seen alike inerery individual, but it is |, so common that the writer rarely sees a caae of stricture (and j, he sees many every day) in which the patient does not complain ,| more or less, that he is not so capable ofbusineta aa formerfy. It n is gratifying also to witness die uniform rerurn ot spirits, and * the disappearing ol ouier maladies as uie cure progresses. e With regard to the enre of Stricture, on this subject it is suf- |, Hcient to observe (and it is .stated with confidence and plea- 1 sure) that this is certain, free from pain, and generally accom- ?i plishid in a very little time. Bo much as this could not have fl been ladranced torn- years ago; but such ha? been the' im pravement in this art, and such the practical experience of tlic writer, that he ran how accomplish the cure cf atneture to as many days as formerly it demanded month*. _ The writeralso begs to state.'thsr for those who wish to undertake the enre themselves, he lias published a little volume, . railed " Th< Private 7Vcotise," in which not only stricture, ?. but the cure of all those delicate diseases ? ch requiri ei|>e- J ciil eare and privaev, is directed in the pi .1 manner. It is advisable, however, that those who susie. .trictur -, if rumai- T' ble, should eoiisnlt'be author r rsonall,. a,id nothing willsurprise them more than the eaa, and certainty of his means of cure. Separate rooms, alio, are arranged for those who may C| here to wait a little. It only now remains to say a wool or two on the ground on which the public, end espeeiallt st. uigTs coming ts this city, may rely with confidence on wr n tas been Advanced. With F? this view I)r. Ralpli begs to sta't that, beside his rank as gradntle ol Edinburgh. has been engaged in the cure '* of tnese diseases, both in hospital and city praetice, for more ^ [nun rhiriv yean, am) has published two editions ofi work rx- j [ivetsly oil them.?Also that he lias testimonial letters from the 5 n >st eminent I'hysinaiiS in Knrops to the moat < min?nt in 1 Anxrica?aa Sir Astlry ('o iper to I)r. Molt, of New York, 5j Dr. rhysick, of PhiMdrf|>hia, and olhrra, ami that he la permit " ted to refer to alinuat every Physician of eminence in this _ &r. Kalph is consulted at his private residence. No. M Greenwich street, towards the Bittery, at any hour.?He may alss be onsulted by post. Tns little volume above referred to is one lollar. al7 lm*r i TEllO'rt oftoANicJTnk^lsfRT, <;ai-r..t>oTTir- ? L? Tiort?JOHN OWtN, Cambridge. will pnbluh in a rw days, the first and only authorised American edition of t, his work. ? , , h'or this edition the translator, Dr. Urenory, has furnished nj if.* marter not contained in ihe London edition, or any other, lo oueiher with the connected sheets. , .... ea All the errors of the early Louikin copies an retained in the kew York public! tien.advertMed as coned, j, auia iHwwiwi m ATTESTATIOK IN FAVOR OP* HUgJ*8?N-S HOAR XT E Vt^ p?^? Viii.i. ' of this certificate is to in form yoti and the gablic af the benefits 1 hare received in a Ion* and tedious illness-frum.the use of your Compound Hourhound Candy. I bare been for twentv-?ai y?an afflicted wki? a very, term oonth, for the ciire of which 1 tried nnmeroits medicines, bat louud none that afforded me ao mach relief h yuur Candy. My cough haa been at timet to bad that 1 could not rett night or day. I found the tyring and fall the moat annoying teatont. at nothing I could uae would allay the irritation. i wai ceiled three yeara ago last June with .pitting blood; I however jurtially recovered from that attack, and waa quit, amart until September following. Thia attack was more alarming than the former, ao that I had two rrgular physicians aitrudiug me, who told me It waa uaelesa to take any more medicinr, as my ease they considered hopeless. I however made use of Peases' Compound Hoarhound Candy, and I felt the effects of its virtues in the eaaiug of my cougn and strengthening ol iny frame. I Jin now able to attend to my work, and 1 feel grateful to yon for the invention. I did not use the candy according to direction, bat as much as I waa able to buy, until von genrronaly Airmailed me with sufficient. Vou can publish this, and iu truth will at all times be acknowledged by Yours truly, Mrs. KRANCE8 HYATT, 9 Lewis at Agents?Zieber, 17 Docket. Philadelphia: Redding, g State street, Boston; Rawls k Co. 57 State at. Albany; Hjldeman, Lo uisville, Kv; Jobaon, 36 St Charles at. New Orleans; Du ImitkCo. Mobile. Ala.; Pierce k Teller, Detroit. Michigan; Kobiuaou, 110 Baltimorrau Baltimore; Haviland, Harrow k Allen, Charleston, 8 C; Peek k Spear, BurlingLVt; J. Antho ny, new Haven, Uiiiii; J. Uaynor, Richmond, V?; K. Taylor and W. Fisher, Washington City, D C; J. A. Wadsworth. Providence, K I; Weeds It Waters, Troy; O. W. Gotherin, Georgetown, D C; C. II. Hunt. Frederickshnnch, Va; J. H. l'liompaon 81 Co. Wheeling, Va; Mr. Ball, Hartford, Conn; Williams, 60 Genesee st. Ulira, N. Y. Lech envelope of the (rnulnr Hoarhonnd Candy is signed J. Prase U Bon, in their own handwriting. All Irttrrs post paid, directed to J. PEASE It SON, 45 Division street, will be punctually attended to, au!2 loir PHYSICIANS PRONOUNCED ME INCURABLE. f' ENT8 As scleral of your certificates are in the form ol letters I have concluded to ado|>t the same method to express my gratefnl thauks to you for the virtues of your incomparable compound Kairaci of Hoarhouud Candy, as in mv case, under the blessing of Providence, it has done wonders. I have lor the last three or four years been afflicted null sickness, my symptoms were severe pain shooting through the top of my shoulders, and faintnesa at the pit of my stnimch, dry and hacking cough, great distress in my back, much spitting of fatter streaked with considerable blood, loss of appetite, rrspMgion often very difficult?in chort my physicians pronounced my case decided consumption, 1 continued iu this stale two years, suffering at times, the most excruciating agonies, and I at last give up all hones of evei being cured. The first year I was uu uer the care of oue of t.ic most eminent physicians who proui.uticrd my case incurable. I was suffering iu this state when my son presented mr a large package of your Candy, which, at ter I had used about two-thirds I began to feel iu benefits ; and I am now elyoyinij better health than I have for the last five years. Hoping tins may be of service to others as it has to me, I .nil your grateful frieud, Mrs. ANN GOODWIN. 4IS Cherry street. To Messrs. Pease It Soft, 45 Division st. AGENTS? Rushtou It Aspinwall, 10 Astor Hons#, III B:oadwsy and 86 William st; Smith. 371 Greenwich; Washburn, 285 Greenwich st; Holdcn, 220 Rivington st; T. Martine, corner 21st stand 9th avenue: A. Paator, 165 Greenwich street; Brigham, corner Hous'on and Avenue D, Driggs, 681 Broad av: Stone, corner Hudson and Montgomery si, Jersey City; E. Blake. Statru Island. Agents in Brooklyn, Hays, 139 Ful ton st; Hundley, 15'High st: Stewart, 75 Fulton st; Berry, 4 Sands st; Crocker It Co. Atlantic and Henry st. au!2 linr OIL! OIL.! OIL! OIL!! T>KF!NED LAMP OIL?A new and sulendid article is IV imt received by the subscribers, and ii now offered to the public at a reduced price.. It burn* with a biilliaucy surpassed bv 110 other kind, and being free from odor and neither emitting smoke nor forming a crust on theiwiek?it wilt be found uot only a pleasant but an economical oil for all purposes. Uiocers and Hotel proprietors are particularly invited to try it. The only depot in the city, and where it is sold in any quantity to suit purchasers, is at SAMANOS & BROTHER, No. 4 Wall at. Also, the article Fancy Soap. auli 2m*r TO THE LADIES. DJa. HULL'S UTKRO ABDOMINAL 8UPPORTKR. rpHI9 new Instrument for the radical cure of Prolapsus Uteri I or Falling of the Womb, liy external application, superseding the use of the objectioual Pessary, is confidently recommended to the afflicted a* the means of perfect restoration to b) altli, it uever baring failed of |ierforming a cure, even under tip- most aggravated circumstances. lire Supporter has attained a very high character in Eurnpn ss w. II as in this country. It is adopted to the entire disuse of |'i --arirs.and all other painful surgical the Lyingin-Hospitals of London and Paris, and is universally recommended in .Europe by medical men of the highest rank In this ;oiinlry it is sustained by the leading members of the facultiea if Colleges and Hospitals, and by all the eminent private prac;i:iiuiers. Rooms hare been furnished exclusively for ladies, at No. 4 Vciey street, having a separate entrance from the business deiksrimt uf. where a ladv is ill cnllstAnt attendance, to annlv rrwu-i and 8U|>1 sorters to female patients. au26 lm*r . PARR'S LIFE PILLS. IT is impossible to calculate the man) benefit* to the human * race which mint result from the discovery of Old Parr'* re:ipc. The fine herbal medicine which is compounded from it* luection has, in thousands of cases, been tried and proved to he Jie most efficient remedy of the day. Nor is it confined in its Li .efulocss to the diseases of the |>oor, for it is sought by, and found in the medicine chests ol the more wealthy classes of 0r< at Britain and various parts of the continent ol Europe. At a family medic ue it is uneoualled, and is all powerful in removing bilious and other complaint* arising from the derange n.-iil of the ailimentsry dnrts, and in purifying the blood. It is :erlain in the cure of the more delicate complaints incident to fi males, giateful to the taste, aromatic to the smell, ana at the irrne time s igentle in its operation, yet so effecacioai, that no female ought to be without so great a boon, left tlicui by ita vaserable discoverer, Old Parr. It lir s been but a abort lime before the public, tet the proprietors have received numerous applications lor'he Pills from various parts o'. the Uuitcd States; and have had gratifying testimonials of their good effects ill removing diseases prevalent at il ls season of the year. To all th refore who are afflicted and in bad health, we V'luldsay go to any of the undermentioned agents, where the Ocnuine Parr's Life Pills may be had, viz:? Kushtoti St Aspinwall, druvgiats and chemists, 86 William St., 110 Broadway and 10 Asior House. Abrilnm Sands 8t Co druggi uand chemists,granite buildings, 273 Broadway. comer ofLhamber st. P Dickie^ 413 Broadway .comer of Liapenanl st. Js.liis I) Dodd, druggist, Brov way, comer of Bleecker st. A W 'tadeaU; Bowery .Medicine Store, 260 Bowery, Svirir.' Moicane Store, M Bowery, csrner of Walker it. A II Tripler, cor Fulton and Water sts. Horace Everett, druggist, 367 Greenwich st, neat the comer of Franklin st. i ? j iyi>utjiii?i?u, aixitiiccu'it.i, zct nuu.ou icrcet, corner or Spring slrtx-t. ? L Cotton, chemist end apothecary,263 Blocker it, corner or .1,lilts it. I Wemlover, druggist and apothecary, 141 Eighth avenue. i ooklyn?Wm Armstroig, setd/dtug, and yateuf medicine wan home. 1UIH Fultonit. And wholesale, at the proprietor,* office, J. ROBERTS St CO.. Clarendon Home, comer of Duane ft and Broadway. au3l Jm*r HIND'S DEPOT f}F WEBB'S BURNERS, IMPROVED, at 114 Grand st., k' tit it door Co the Broadway House.?The tubscriber respectidly informs his friends and the public in general, that bmng hi manufacturer of those Lamps since their introduction, he las now brought them to that perfection,which makes them suM-rior for cheapness, cleanliness, and brilliancy of light to all it hers now in existence. From his long ex|>erience in the bu lilies*, and the facilities he IKissesses over all others in the rade, he is enabled to sell at 50 to 75 per cent lower than forncrly charged by the dealers, and hopes by this great reduction i' merit a share of public patronage. The great difficulty hereotore existing in the trimming, so universally complained of >y aU that have used ihem, is now entirely obviated by the int hi ion of a Patent Trimmer, so lhat a child mav put them in h rfect order for burning, without the least trouble. A superior quality of Camphine, at 4s. the gallon, generally mid at is. and 6s. which affords a light more brilliant than any illier substance now in use, at an expense to the customer of ess than one half of ras or oil. It is no way explosive. I>.,ps no fire from thi wick, and Irares no fire upon it; it is :h anly, leaves no grease marks, and if skilled on clothes or u Uii'iir, c-nivtii? ciunriy, lim' mioiiul. J nf lamps OOCe u order, need no muffing or raising of the wicks, but merely e<iuire to be kept clean anil be filled ai often aa they burn ht-mselves empty. Alto, Camphorated Oa?, Chemical Oil, and Alcohol, at rrluced pricea. Lamps cleaned, repaired, wick'd and altered to ii"n eamphine. Astral Lam|>a bronzed and regilt. Country merehanta and all others who wiah to procnre a redly splendid article are rrapectfully invited to eiamine hit ev e' sive assortment before |H-rch&sing elsewhere, being conJi< nt that they will find it to their advantage. N. B.?Constantly on hand, a general assortment of Kitchen furniture, Stoves, &c. 8te.; Tin and Copper Roofing, Gutters, -eiders, and Job Work in general eveented at the shortest lue iee. JAMES HINDS, au7 lm*r 111 Grand street. TO MARRIED LADIES. ITADAME RKSTELL'S PREVENTIVE POWDERS. ' ? ?These invaluable Powders have been universally adoptau n Europe, but France in particular, for upwards of thirty years, a well as In- thousands in this country, as being the only mild, ale, and efficacious remedy for married ladies, whose health orhids a too rapid increase of family. Madame is well known, wis for thirty years Fenale Physician in the two principal r einale Hospitals in Euupe?those of Vienna and Pans?where favored by her great \|>erience and opportunities, ?he attained (hat "celebrity in lose great discoveries in medical science so specially adapti d o the female frame, for which her medicines sow stand uun ailed, as well in this country as in Europe. Her acquaintance rith tlse physiology and anatomy of the female frame, enabled n r?by tracing the decline and ill health of married lemsles, |U mawJian Af li/V fKss r,.n?.onu.,. -J i ften apparently inegpticable nam which consign inauy a and mother to a premature grave?to their true source?to ariv<* at a knowledge of the primary cauaea of female indiapoaiiona?eapeclally of married feint lea?which, in 18011, led to he diaeovery C I her celebrated " Preventive Powders." riieir adoption naa beeu the merna of preaerving not onlyhe health, out ev?n the life of many an atfectiouate wife and and mother. . .... The advertiser feel.lift the of thia anbject, and ca imating the east bvneuta resulting to thouaanda by their adopii n, would moat respectfully amine the attention of th- marie J, by all that they hold uear and dear, to their eonaideration. it not wiae and virtuousto prevent . vila to which we are snb ct, by aimple and healthy means within our control, tvery i'.imaaionate, virtnona, and enlightened mind will nnh. aitat gly answer in the .affirmative. Price live dollara a package, ccomnanicd with full and particular dncctioua. They an lie forwarded hy- mail to any ;>art of ihe 1'iiited States. All Iters must be poat ywalaJ, and *dd.-i ?sed to MADAMK HFA"KLL, Female Physician. Pr.ueipal olfire, III Greenwich reet. New York. Office houra from 9 A.M. to 9 o clock P.M. latmioffice No 7 Faaev at. al lm*r PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLS. MvawTED and rrtr.rar rn n? 1. DE BOUDKLOtdl E, M. U., LISUON, POHTTTOAL. PHK Scientific combination id ingredients of which ahrag I Pills arc composed, have made them the winder and admi) noii of the world. They are kuowu all aver Europe to b? i only prr|<aration ever iftacovered that haa proved iniKriably in po.during the monthly turn* Tki ir certainty, in afl nea, being auch that thev mint not he naed during pregnancy r though al waya mild, aafe, and healthy, tlvey are cert-ou to iduce rniacari'iage if naed duriug that period. The directions are transited into Fngliab ,?a l ate enveloped end with the aeal of the imi>orter, atamped. Each liot run* ma the signature of M. de Bondelomir, ami the English lilt ctiooj have the atsnartre of Dr. F. MF.LVKAU, authorised ;> lit far the continent of AuMnea. Phcy can be transmitted Iff mail to any part of the Units d ates. Letlrra directed to Dr. F. Melveatt, boa (I, New oik, will me< t with immediate atti ntion. All letlertmiot H! ureet. Price fs. Half bom S3. No hull' Ko*e* <ent by Ml. ?4 lm,r Hit* PUBLISHED DAILY BY .IAMK8 ftOROOX IIK.NKK TT, . W.CORNER. FULTON AND NASSAU STKKE'l ?. The New You* Herald?A daily paper, i?*ned tiny ormng of the week?price f*x? rent* per copy. Country inbriber* furmahed nt the niu rate, for any *pecifie period, . a r.-mitiniiee in ndrence. No pe|?r wnt, <u ieea iexJ in ndrnoce. Th?. WcctLt HcRald?hened erery Saturday morning nt Be o'clock?|irice rix and e vuer/rr cm/t per oupv?furmahed c inntry rnbnrritx ra nt ft.? per nnnnm, in advance, or atlb* ror rifr for nuy specified period. CoHnR?ronoici?Ti nre requested to addreu their letter* to iHti Uonnon BriritETT. Proprietor and Editor?end ail w| sutaawawlifMiaV tr* ^e

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