Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 6, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 6, 1842 Page 1
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Canada Riots?The terrific and long-continued riots among the laborers along the Wetland Canal, (at St. Catharine's, Jcc.) are at last quelled. It seems by the St. Catharine's Journal of the 27th August, that, when the riot made its outbreak at Broad Creek, " one of the magistrates of that vicinity had the firmness to do his duty, and immediately made a requisition for a company of Incorporated Militia, at Hsmilton. which was promptly sent him; with Uhese, aud a number of the inhabitants which lie collected on his route, together with the Marines nnd Bailors belonging to H. AI. steamer Miuos, he made a sally upou the rioters and completely dispersed them, but not before tak ng more than two hundred of them prisoners, whom he marched triumphantly into Dunnville. All but eiglitv-five were subsequently discharged. Eighteen ol tne latter are confined on board of the Minos; the remainder waiting a further examination, previously to their being committed to jail to take their trial at the next Assizes for riotous conduct. Much praise is bestowed upon Mr. Thompson, the magistrate, and the military and others who aided him, in effectually breaking up this formidable and lawless gang ot brutal rioters.** St*axoi Story.? Borne man in West Broadway, 't is said, has kept a beautiful daughter in confinement in his own house, for the last five years, on . r ? ' : AlfL.t I a I account 01 religious opinions, v* nui imve me |hilice done about this 1 IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! The College of Medicine and Pharmacy, Established for the Suppression of Quackery, 0(7- BEG TO INFORM ALL PERSONS DESIROUS of obtaining medical advice, that on remitting the sum ot one dollar, with a statement of their case, they will be supplied with one dollar's worth of appropriate medicine, and a letter ot advice containing full directions as to diet, regimen, kc. All letters must be post paid. Address W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent. Principal Office of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, 97 Nassau street, N. Y. N. B.?The Consulting Physician is daily in attendance at the private consulting rooms of the College. Hours from 10 till 9 o'clock. ?K7- THE KREMLIN DINING SALOONS, NO. Ill Broadway, corner of Thames street, opened on a strictiy European plan. At this unique establishment, breakfast, dinners and suppers can be procured at seasonable hours. The daily bill of lare is made up from every delicacy the markets afford, and at moderate chniwe Particular regard has been paid to the selection of wines for these saloons. Private parties can be served in the private rooms. N. B.- A variety of soups ready at 11 o'clock A. M. (I!?- WHIGS TO VOUR POSTS! THE BATTLE BEGUN?LIKE OK HENRY CLAY.?The Extra New World, containing an original Life of "Harry of the West," prepared under the authority of the Whig Committees of New York, an<l inteuded for circulation in every hamlet in the Union, will be published This Day, and for sal" at the otlice, No. 30 Ann street, by the single copy, price flj cents, oral $5 per hundred. It is embellished with a full length Likeness, handsomely engraved from Franuuinet's celebrated picture representing Henry Clay seated in his studio at Ashland. Orders from Committees and Clay Clubs (enclosing cash,) are requested to t>e forts anted immediately. Address, J. WINCHESTER. 30 Ann St., N. Y. {C7-WE BEG TO DIRECT THE ATTENTION OK our readers to the following communication, addressed to " Messis. Rowla>? & Sox, .'0 Hatton Garden, London," whose advertisement apjiears in another column. Gentlemen,?1 have much pleasure in being able to inform you of another case of the almost miraculous efficacy of your Kalydoh. I am a young man twenty-one year's of age, and have been for the last seven or eight years tormented with having large sores and pimples on my face, tor which I have advised from time to time w ith the different doctors of this and the adjoining (Limehouso) perish, to no effect. I was last induced to use y our Kely dor, and after having used very little more than two 4s Od bottles, have the happiness to inform you, lhat they are all removed, aid have not left the slightest trace behind. I am, gentlemen, your grateful humble servant, H. LOWTHER. Pexxv Fields, Port.ah. 13 21 ftr?- ANOTHER CHAPTER ON THE HITYIAV HAlll?Certain chemicals, combined with precaution, and applied according to directions, will have the tallowing effect on the hair, viz: make it grow dark from the roots, stop its falling off,and effectually eradicate all scurf, dirt, or dandruff from the scalp. Such a combination is Jones' Oil of Coral Cirrassia. We know this, but here is further proof from these respectable persons. WM. TOM KINS, Hi Kmg street, N. Y. J PEARSON, Navy Yard, Charlegtown, JAMES GILBERT, Houston st. N. Y., J. F. TOLLAND, State St., Boston. SEA-SICK NESS AND HEAD-ACHE CURED BY Sherman's Camphor Lozenges. They hate been fully tested in so many cases that none can doubt their efficacy Persons subject to fatigueor lassitude, will lind one or two lozenges to give new life and vigor to the debilitated systems. Those attending large and crowded parties will find an occasional use of a Lozenge will keep up their spirits and enjoyments for a long time. Many, in these warm days, suffer from drinking freely of cold water, and are induced to take some brandy or wine to counteract the effects, when one or two of Sherman's Camphor Lozenges will afford much greater relief and not cause sach unpleasant symp'oms. 106 Nassau street is the place to get the genuine Sherman's Lozenges. QQ- RHEUMATISM IS EVERY DAY DISAPPEARing before Dr. Henry's Vegetable Rheumatic Syrup. Here is another certificate: ? These are to certify that about one year since, I was ta acn wan mi1 iiucumniism in an my linms, nut m my shoulders it ?u the worst, ami no had w as it that I could not raise my arms to my head. Sometime* 1 did not tleep for the whole night, but walked the tloor incessantly. I had at different times not less than a dozen doctors, but they did me not the least good, and I thought 1 never should get better, and had given up all hopes, when seeing an advertisement in the papers of Dr. Henry's Rheumatic Syrup, I procured abottle which helped me immediately, and less than three bottles have perfectly cured me, and 1 can with confidence recommend it to any one who is similarly afflicted. JOHN COMMUNS, 13 rearl street, near Whitehall street. Naw York, Aug. 31,1S42. All are invited to call at the office, where will be shown above fifty names, and about thirty certificates of persons In this city who have been curred of rheumatism withiu the past ten weeks. The medicine is for sale in this city, at No. Bowery, corner of Houston street. In Brooklyn, at Stewart's, No. 75 Fulton street; in Newark, at Trippe's, No. 293 Broad st. 0(^-TO THE PHYSICIANS OF NEW YORK Ur.sruMF.s :? In the must respectful manner we ask your attention to me loiiowing :? We have the agency for a Salve by a Mr. Dalley, that, while entirely innocent and mild, will take out fire and heal burns?saving lite in the most distressing and dangerous cases, with a facility and certainty entirely bey?J any other remedy that has ever been invented or discovered in medicine. We know this is an assertisn that you must admit it you once witnessed its effects. We are determined to make the people of this city know this tact, and we ask to do it through you. We ask you to let > our patients in such cases know it. We will give it to the poor, and to those able to pav you for jour visits, rather than it should not be used in rases ot distress. It shall be taken Irom the boxes and done up as your prescription, without a name, in all cases where you wish credit of effecting the cure ; and we positively "assert that no application known or prescribed by the profession, has one hundredth part of the power of this salve in stopping the torture of a burn or scald and healing it rapidly and healthfully, and it never can do harm. \V# do not know the composition and cannot therefore make it public?but is that, we beg to ask, a sufficient reason for you to refuse its use ) By it we csn assure yau several lives have bean, and more can be, saved, where other human aid cannot cure. Respectfullv, COM9TOCK St CO , 71 Maiden I.ane (^AMERICAN MUSEUM.?This is a grand gala week at this establishment ; and the novelties put lorth exceed in splendor and variety anything ever beiore presented here. The wonderful Mermaid remains one more week. Harrington, the unrivalled Ventriloquist and admired Magician, whose fame extends throughout the Union is engaged here, also the inimitable negro dancer, Master Diamond, Whitlock, the celebrated banjo player. Misa Taylor, the charming vocalist, from the Park Theatre, Boyce, the comic singer, Celeste, the pretty little dancer, the mysterious Oipsey fortune teller, and an almost unlimited host of curiosity embracing all the wonderful products of creation. There will h in-after be two performances every day. The price of admiasion to the | whole, remains at twenty-five cents?aheap enough in all conscience. Herald Bulletin of IVewa. The Herald Bulletin of News is kept at the north-west comer of Fulton and Nassau streets, tin the arrival of the morning mails, at eight o'clock, A. M.?and also of the even rig mails, at fouro'clock, r. M., the latest intelligence Iroai all parts of the world, may be found on the Ilerald Bulletin Board, at this corner. Let every wayfarer stop and read. Advertisements of all kinds taken at the office. Hernld Oenerstl Printing Ofllre. The General Printing Office, capable of doing all sorts of printing, such as books, pamphlets, bills, cards of all descriptions, is now open at the Herald Building*, entrance fmm Nassau street?Joseph Muott, Printer. MONKV MARKKT.~ Hnndtr, September 4?0 P. M. A synopsis of the late tariff hu been copied into nioit ol the newspapers, creilitedto an organ of the high tariff advocates. It may he proper to state that the table wns stolen bodily from thia paper, first by the Albany Kvening Journal, and then by the small pa|>er alluded to, some few additions were made to it incorrectly, and many blunders made in copying by the ginllimen who appropriated it to their own use. The transaction is, however, typical of the high tariff policy. The woollen manafacturers clamor for high duties upon woollens, and smuggle the raw material Their advocates clamor for the protection of industry,an<l thea they steal its results. The new tariff is not likely to improve the condition of the federal treasury, which is already in a singularly disastrous condition. The following is a comparative table of outstanding Treasury Notes Tioii-it Nut?? Octit. July 1. Jiut. I- Srpt- 1. Ihu?i addf t tci nf Frb. U, 111 I. 4,197.171 4,OT3,.77 Itr Jrrlnad .>f llial iuar, 103,202 23.373 4.8M.96T 4.04)7 84)2 3,0% 331) Ii?Ui'? of Jileisrv. 181?. 7,134),XH 7,43 ,764 7,307,110 H.dramed ..f thai ii?u?. 3.417. >87 2.333,749 !7IUM Grind total outiuodiau,', 0,077,04)6 0,003,010 8,771,990 Thia gives an aggregate reduction in the .amount outstanding of $131,019 for the month The arrearages due by the government, and to accrue during the present month lor interest, expenses civil and military, <u". Otr . were reported by the Secretary of the Treasury at $3,05.>,04)0. This will make the national Jebt stand as follow! :? NsTtonsL Dear ov the Txirsu States. TrrasarrBotesoutstanding March t, 1341, $1,300,004) Dent of District 4 alumina and old d?bt, 1,703,380 Total old debt, 6.303.380 Vne DtH. Rtdremaklt Rat, In! Loan Sej^C 1841, tutt 3 7-3 16,000 loll ? 3.213,0041 .. a -, .... 1*11 6 2,439,1)00 ? Al'Til. 1842, Ifitf 0 1.3H. 173 1 reasury note* ouisuiuliug, 8,77 l.WJ Actus! drln, August. l#ii, 1?,,011,478 Stock oo the m?rl>i-t, lo,to.').'itl Arrearage! a* above, i.Oii.oim Total present debt, $31,491,999 lucre ise .luce Match 1841, JM.y.M.VX The amount of stock upon the market, $10,4415,511, wan authorised to, be sold at any price, anil with a degree o' folly seldom evinced by |>ersons pretending to direct the pablic finance, agents were sent to Europe to endeavor to obtain the money on those terms at a moment ot almost unbounded discredit?when American creditors were exasperated to the highest degree by the repeated failure of States, not 'rom want ot ability, but from avowed want of will to pay. Their agents of course, met with not the smallest encouragement, and-at our latest dates from London,were on the eve of their departure for the continent to spread the disgrace of the government by hawking its sell-deprcciated stack in the markets of the world. In the mean time, by the late law, their powers have been roI yoked. Thev arc now no lonirrr at libertv to sell the stock at less than par, Tor cash at 6 per cent. The disposable amount is also cut down to $4,405,5.11, by the authority granted to the Secretary to convert the balance $ti,000,000, into Treasury Notes, and pay them out at par in discharge of the public debt. This assumes the shape of a forced loan, and it becomes matter of enquiry what will be the market price of theso notes. There arc many reasons to suppose that they'will greatly depreciate, and will then be purchased by capitalists here and at the eastward. The depreciation will be effected by the quantity to be issued, the manner of the issue, and the operation of the present oppressive tariff. The quantity now outstanding is as great as ever before, and they are already at } discount. This amount is to be increased by $0,000,000. These are to be issued to contractors and others, in payment of claims, in many cases of long standing ; and the government creditors are mostlythose who are not in a situation to hold the notes. They will be obliged to sell. The amount due them, according to the statement of the Secretary, is enough to absorb nearly all the notes, and consequently, it may be expected that the whole supply will come upon the market at a time when there will be little or no demand, except for permanent investment. The Treasury estimate of receipts from all sources up to January next is short of $6,000,000. If this whole amount wero paid in in Treasury notes, the outstanding amount would be increasod $1,000,000. That estimate was made, however, before the passage of the new Tariff, when the duties were much more favorable to revenue than ivn. liwi jc?i iiio i i tinsiiry uuies leu 10 a o pur ceni discount, but improved under the demand for custom house purposes, caused in some degree by raising the tariff in September last, 20 per cent on all articles theretofore free, which improved the revenue, and has caused the rec ipts from the customs to range higher during the first six months of the present year, than any year since 1336, with the exception of 1839. The new tariff is prohibitory on a great many articles that have before yielded revenue,and irom the best information, it may be estimated to decrease the customs, through prohibition imports about to the same extent as those customs were improved by the tariff of last year. This being the case, the demand for Treasury notes will depend less upon the merchants, and more upon capitalists. The latter have re >unu >u|tiicpai lurmgui percent hiock, wnicn is xne most desirable form for permanent investments. They ran get New York seven per cent stock at par, and Kentucky, equally as safe, at a rate yielding 7J per cent per annum, with a bonus equal to one half per cent additional. The remaining $4,000,000 of government stock to yield the same rate of interest, as the New York State 7's is worth, 8A per cent, supposing it equally as sate. The Treasury notes must yield a better rate to make them attractive, and this must be done at the expense of the government creditors. At low rates, there is no doubt but that all the notes will be taken up by capitalists ; conlid ^nce in their ultimate redemption is unshaken, and the amount of capital lying idle, particularly at the east, where, since the establishment of the line of steamers, an important change has taken place in the employment of capital. By the ease and rapidity of communication, im porters have been enabled to keep up their assortment of roods, and Still keen on hand nearla nna-hiW ni the a?ee1r that was formerly necessary ; capitals employed in the import trade are, therefore, much smaller, but oftener turned. In hardware, instead of ordering six casks of Birmingham goods, importer's now order but one, and their invoicas will average less than half the amounts of those formerly necessary to do the same business. This has relcasad a large amount of capital, which is seeking other channels of investment, and under the new tarilt, will, in some cases, be applied to the manufacture ofthose goods prohibited by the present high duties. This has already created alarm among the manufacturers; as an instance, wood screws and butt hinges, important articles of import, have now a specific duty laid upon them equivalent to an ad valorem duty of 60 a 70 per cent; consequently the import must cease. This bounty is so high, that it will tempt new men and new capital in the trade, and the old manufacturers run the danger of being ruined by excess of competition, while the government is deprived of its revenue. Already the liveliest alarm is felt upon this subject, and when the temporary interest which grew out of tho supposition, that holders of goods would be benefitted by the temporary rise of prices consequent upon high duties, shall have passed away, all parties will join foi a modification of the present tarifi', and the instability of the revenue laws will continue to be a source of insecurity to merchant!, and consequent stagnation of trade Corn Crop. We aee it itated in the Kocheiter Post, that the crops in that vicinity do not realize the anticipations formed before harvest. These representations are in consonance with a certificate now published by several agriculturists of neighboring towns, wherein they say that the straw was cettainly heavy, and the prospect fair lor a heavy yield ; but those who have thrased in that region, find there is only nbout two-thirds of an average crop, while the wheat is not as plump as usual. The certificate to this effect was sigued by ten farmers. Domestic Markets. CHAM.riTow, Sept. 1.?The operations in Uplands have been quite extensive, when compared to those of the previous week, prices however have not varied materially sales at 81.7s. 74. 7. 6 A. A cents. There ha* been nothing done in long cotton article- The stock on hand of all description* amounts to 301 hales of which about 2Q."> hales are on sale,a great proportion staine.l. No new feature in the Rice market- Demand moderate and holders willing to meet buyers. Rales at %i a $0 -V16, principally at $2 3-1U and Of Rough luce the quantity is lully adequate to supply the probable demanw between this and the forthcoming of the new crop. New Orleans, Aug. 37?Transactions in cotton continue limited. The market for the new crop oiiens with low prices, and a poor prospect that they will speedily improve. The stock ol Sugar in the Levee is very much reduced. The estimated quantity it from 18(1 to 3Mhkdi. Males at prices varying irom 3 te 4j cents. Thi- files of Tobacco this w eek have reduced the stork to atiout 2.M) hhdt. w ithout change in prices. We understand that the demand has been chiefly for Xd at I ] a 3{ cent*. f.ntc.t Atlvlrri RECEIVED AT THE NEW YORK HERALD OFFICE.^ AatY'uvM.V.Aug. fi Apr'il 1 Antigua July I Manilla; Marfn 11 Bombay May 21 Montevideo July J Batavia May 20 Marttihain June ,_i Bermnda Ally. A Matanr.ia i"."' I" Bonaire April 9 Mayaguea Jo y Buenoa Ayrra July 10 Mararaibo July IS Baliia July 4 M J"'" 3 Brine. Hond. July 24 Neuvitaa July 111 Barhadoea Aug. 2 Naaaau.N. P. June < g"?o'? May I Oahn, 9. 1. May I Berbire-.. Feb. 20 Pana Aug. 1, l a|?* llaytien July II Port an Prinre Aug. 14 ,<ur?r"? June 23 Ponrr, P. It. July 2b Cieiiftiegoe Aug. c Para Inue 4 Cajtnaguna May I TYrnainhuro July I Cararraa May 17 fctnama Feb. 20 (.barret July 1 Ki 1 >.e Janeiro July 21 1 May 13 Singaiore May .'1 Calcutta June A Sydney, N S. W. Aug. II Uemarara June 3 g,. Helena July 10 Fty?I Aug. A St. Tbomaa Aug. 13 Gibraltar; Apnl 19 Hi. Barta Jan. 3 Guayaquil " beb. 13 bt. Jago dr Cuba Aug. 12 Guayana, P. R. July li St. Johna, P. R. ..-Aug. 1.1 Gouaivea Aug. I St. Croii July til ililveaton Aug. 1 Sr. Martha May 4 Havre Aug. re St. John, N. B. Aug. 14 Havana Aug. 24 Surinam june x Halifaa Aug. 31 Tampiro June 19 leremie May 19 Tobaaeo . . June n Jarmel July II Turks laland - Aug. 1J Kingafnn, Ja. Aug 9 Tnmdad ile Cuba- Aug. 14 London Aug. 19 Vera Crut Aug. 13 Liverpool Aug. 19 Valparaiao April 13 f?2?7.T.v::.:::<a?? fisav.v.::::::#K?B PHMn(?n Arrtred. LiTiirtoi?P?i krt jlnji Uuitnl State.?Mr Frrrl.uul Mr* Briilou, of New York?IU in the >lrrn|t. I1>ii!it-Bri| Frtuni Amj ?S Swrrirr, U 8 Consul ?l Guayaquil: Don Kranciaco Vila. anil Won Ksfael Dorrs,of Hsvim. Foreign Importations. 1*i%kri?ooi ? Ship United Stitei?loo t??ns coal 1180 sacks sail H Renin t ?6'J pkgs Sand<. Foi Ik co?'J O U Shepiaird?1 M H Ash ?4 IbboUon. Pace & co?2 Tracy k Allen?1 ll A Johnsou ?5 Wenman k WyckoB? 3 Jas Pamn?1 Gillespie k Stedwell ? I I J If k T G miner?2 Adreae. Hay den k co?8 Peabody, Kigusk co?10 J T k G Gainer?1 G Httci?3 Carmichael k S|h iicc?3 F'llowa, W?d?worth k co?8 F T Ferruaou k son? 2 Abm Van N<HHI Danl Fnr?22 M? Oowni k Havs?I J Napier?3 J k J Co*?3 C trmicnael k 8|?ence?2 J M Bruce k son ?'? F Tome* k son?3 G II 8w-?rd*?I N' Sinitli? 2 J k J Co* ? I W A Morrisou?4 J Hudson?1 G P Spciice?I J (? Beriian ? J J A Near bold?UO bdla iron J *1 Bruce &i ?oti?M>8 bara 10 hdU iron J H Abeel?18 pkics J A Alcock?I Jas Rogers?8 J Gilivit k < )?Smith. Thurgar k co? 1 H Pardon-?2 W B irr ?3 W N Seymour?5 J Kobiusnn k co?15 A Mitchell?1 RicharilvD k Watson?7 C A k G F Krersou?8 S T Jones k co?I Smith, D?"?dgo ko>? 3 A II Newbold?1 11 inner. Me Go wen k Hiya?I Thoa < ^oonei?I K Toiiu. v ton?(5 Lord tk Taylor?I Nrrini Ik ro?I W WliMrwrnrhc?I H S Ballard?I Mark Levy ?5 H T Joiie. k co?3 W II Cary It co?I Corliea, Hwydock k c.>?t K A Lotui?I W H Horalman?3 Ward V Atkina?3 InkIis Ik Scoii?| Clrilliu 4t I'ullm.n?1 11 Cro wilier?20 csati 3 Dairft io ortier. TrifbTE?Ship Tallahasnre?88 bl?U nerd PftrrJ Franc la? W 11 <Jv !) ? -;I ? >>?11 Tin-* W.ilkn? : H K*cliau|?t r?1 trunk w ikk km j* v kimia. Havana?Brie France* Am) ?ft* bit tujrar Mtitland 8c ro? 173 do 3 bale? fobucco A Koi?iere?t l>? lioodhu.- \ ro?22 do u-iurs Mr)ei lk Sturlu n?2 do P Ainoui?8 c? do W H Thorn** ? I do L Slaniilini?10 boxes do Dr Peytter 8c Whitmaisli?3 cs uid*e I* Pou & co?1 coffi-e null (i L Meicham. MARITIME HERALD. Sailing Days of the Steam Ship*. rilOM eni1lahd. nun smfbics. Caledonia, Lotl Sri*. 17 (J. Western, Hosken Sept. 3 Sept. 29 Acadia, Ririe Sept. i Oct. I Br. Queen. Eycklmlt Sept. 1# Oct. 7 Columbia, Judkins Sept. 2U Oct. 16 Packets to Arrive. Packets to Sail. from liverpool. for liverpool. I'lutnl Stairs, Briuoi), Aug. 1 Itoscoe, Hulllrsmi, Sept. 7 Kugland, Waite, Am.'. 7 S.Whilnry,Thompson,Sept. 13 FROM PIlRTKMOl'TH. FOR roHTSMOl'TH. Quebec, Hebard, Auk. 10 Montreal, Tinker, Sept. 10 Philadelphia, Hovry, Auk. 20 Gladiator, Britton, Sept. 20 from havre. for havre. Iowa, Pell, Aug. I Albany, Wataon, Srpt.fl Kranroia 1., Ainawnrth, Aug. 9 Silvir dr Utasae, Sept. 16 To Ship Masters. We ahall eaterm it a favor, tf captains of vesacla arriving here, will give to Commodore W. A. Uasi.rU, of our newa fleet, a re|iort of the shipping left at the |M?rt whence they sailed, the vessels spoken on their passage, a list of llu ir cargo, and any foreign ucws|iapera they inav have. Commodore flaunt will board them imincdiauly ou ineir arrival. We will recinroeate the favor inanv way. To Correspondent* Abroad. Our correspondents in foreign jioru are resiiectfully requested to tend by every vessel all the marine intelligence they can obtain. Nautical information of any kind, from any one re sidtug at home or abroad, will be thankfully received. PORT OP NEW YORK, SEPT. 5, 1844. tl'j risks 5 36 | moo:* si: T 6 32 aim 21 i hiih waTCS 9 19 Arrived. Packet ship United States, Brittou, from Liverpool, Aug. 3, with wise, to R. Kermit. Ship Tallahasaee, Oshnrn, fr m Trieste. July 6, and Gibrallar Aug. 7, with indse, to Taylor fs Merrill. Left at T. ship llliuoi., Ereletgh, for NYork, soon; hark Ho|>e, for Gibraltar, | 3 days; brigs Qiuwy, and Tuscany, wailing cargo. At G. brigs Caroline, waiting cargo; Globe, ju.-t arrived from N'<w York.? 23d tilt, lat 26 30. Inn 46 30, spoke w hale schr Exchange, of Ply! mouth, with 130 bbla oil?for home in a few days?wished to be reported. Brig Frances Amy, Park, from Havana. Aug. 21, with sugar, to G. L. Mearham. Left brigs Margaret, Smith, from Rith, disc; McLrlland, Orr,, do, waiting to disg; North Briul. Rich, from Boston, disg; Elixiheth, Remington, from Philadelphia, do; schr Henry, Auhl, for New Orlrans, same day, and others elsewhere reported. Brig Acton, Bust, 12 days from Ragged la'aud, Ja. with salt, to Dunham & Dimnn: 9060 bushels da Win. Dawson. Left brig Aldeharon, for N York, 3 days. 31st ult. off Hatteras, spoke ??, 30 days from Liverpool for Savannah. British bug Leone, Wuwold, 8 days from Windsor, N9. with plaster, to Smile. Whitney & Co. Schr David B. Small, Watlnigtoii, 9 days from Key West, with 200 boxes sugar to R. L. Mankind St Co?2 passengers. ocnr virviinan, >v alpole, z <my * Iron Norfolk, with Sturges & Clearrnaii?10 passengers. Sailed in co. with ?chr Vermillion, tnr Fall River. Passed a large brig ashore on Harbor, with Iota of mainmast?no lUuht the Angola, before reported. Bchr Alaric, Wheeler, 7 <lay? from Washington, NC. with naval stores. Bchr Berrren. Latourctle, 3 days from Baltimore, with mdse, 10 Sturges Ik Clearman. Bchr Providence, Crosby, 3 days from Folly Landing, with corn. Schr Two Pollies, i days from Havre do Clraaae, with mdse, to order. Bchr Rochester, Wise, 3 days froin Baltimore, with mdse, to master. Schr Reaper, 21 hours from Berlin, with wood. Sehr Arabella, Brewer, from tin wreck of ship Westchester, on Hempstead Beach, with 32 bates dry goods in a damaged state, and ,'jll | aarengers. Sloop Hickory Jackson, from the wreck of ship Westchester, with passengers. Sloop John P Rhodes, Rhodes, from ship Westchester, with passe agt rs. Below, One brig, unknown. [?7* The British frigate Wsrspite is at anchor at the 8WSpit. Ueiicrnl Record. Sttir Ws.stciis?tf.u.?At noon yesterday, when Captain Brewer, of rhe Arabella, left the Westchester, she lmd three | feet of water shove her lower deck, and but little hopes were entertained of getting her off. The steamer Mutual Safety was still alongside, tendering assistance. The Arabella and several other vessels, arrived yesterday, brought merchandise and nas sengeis from the Westchester. Whalemen. A letter from the ( alherw< Hil, of Westport, reports her one mouth our, on the Western Orotiiul, with 2 laree sperm whales. A let'rr from the J B Dods, of Prorineetown, in lat 40, Ion 38 10, r< ports s|>eakiiiK June 8, Carter Braxton, of Proviuceiowii, 05?was reported June 1 with 31, and IRth with 30; Pheuit. do. 6J?reported Jul) 20. GO; Pacific,do, 33; J Brown, do, 21. Heard I'rotn, no date, Creole, of Qiiincy, :60?had 110 at Fayal July ?, (Jem, of Prorineetown, 230; June 29. Snml it Thomas, of do, rleau At Floret May 26, Maria, Nant. clean. Arr at New Bedford 1st insL Junius, ftom Fall Rirer, to fit for whalintr. Mid Ftnelon, Indian Ocean. A letter from Marcella of SB. reports July 13, llrlen, New I-..., - - , r II UK 11II, I 1 uv inceio W II, -ill DUIft ; 1 > leWon, Nant. 15 nios, 230. A letter from the (? o Washington, of NB report* her at Rio Jam iro June I, with 400 bids sum, bound to River PI its. Letter* received at Nantucket report Japan, of that port, 7 raoi ottt, 350 ap. Hraidfrom on OfT Shore Oroond, no date, Chu W Morgan, NB I tno* out, 700ap; Oearge, FH. 600; in April, Mt Venion, N out. 1500 Spoken?July 23, lal 37, Ion 43 '>6, Helen, of Newport, with 90 bills. Spoken. EnlielJ, (Br) from Tampion for Liverpool, all hands sick but tie captain, was supplied with proviaions?Aug 35, off the D H Shot Keys. Foreign Ports. Livt arool., A"g 19? Adv Windsor Cattle, for Boston, 31st Middlesrx. do, line. London, Aug 10?Fnt for Ids, Switzerland, Chadwick, N York; lltli, Lclaiid, Boston Cld 17th, Philadelphia, Hovry, NVoik. F.t.siavrR. July JO?Air Mason, Cronstadt for Boston; <rustava.Oefle for do; Aug 2, Kazau, Konigsher* for do; Brothers, Roun'e, and Hinges, Cronstadt fordo: Nautilus, Riga fordo; nth, Vernon, Havana for Cronstadt; Rammohun Roy, Stettin for North America; Siberia, Matanzas for Crontlaal; Sazon, Boston lor do Mams, Ait* 10?Passed by, Tiberius, from Banttor for Boston. Havh?, Auk c? SI.i Blizabcth Bruce, Boston: 7th, Ansterlitm, NOrleans; 9th, Frnnoia I, Ainsworih, NYork; Kalamazoo, McCerran, do; Tv rone, NOrleaus; 12th, Moslem, French, NYork: H Hhcllon, Bdtimore; Fersi, United States; Palos, iloi llth, St Leon. NOrleaus. Vessels up. Aug I'?Kdouard, NOrleaus, 3l*t; Alt s Toitssiu, do do; John Holland, do 20fh; Clinton, do, 23d: Sea Lion, do. Sept I; Cre da, do, nth; Rappahannock, do, 10th; Taglioni, do, 15th; Nashville, do, 21th; St Clair, Casper, NYork, soon: Tuskitm, Spencer,do do; Panthea, Ooodmnuson. do. An* 15; Oneida, Funck, do, I6tli; Argo,, 2tith; Burgundy, Wotten, do, Set* I; Olyutpia, Clia'sInn soon- Narn,........ In S?..t a JViARiKiLLni Aug ii?Xrr km, James Hirer. Sid 1st, Cerrantrs, Boston. St. Mkhaxis, July 17?An Osceola, Boston. Cadiz, July 23?Arr Forrester, Harr'j 3lsl, Saxony, Antwr rp; Any 1, Huntress, do. Sid 1th, Berwick, Portsmouth; Jacob Perkins, Boston. Oihaaltax, July 23?Arr Clarissa Andrews, Malaga, and eld for NO'leans. Alkisirss Roads, July 28? ATr Alabama, Malaga, and sld 3 let for Cadiz. * Mntma, July 19?Sid Wm Toll, Mal ign Smyhua, July 27?Arr Ottomsn, Genoa. B iMnar. May 21?Sld Nanfasket, China. Calcvtta, May 17?Arr New Jersey, Boston Savour. May 7?Sld Asia, Boston; Isaac Hicks, Salem; 19th, Anto, Boston. HoisRt Tows, April 12?Arr Cyprus, Salem. Piotov. Aug 20?Arr B ingor, (s) Boston and Halifax, in 12 hours. Hsural. Aug 28?Arr Namthong, Baltimore; Bride, Philadelphia; 79th, Hercules, Boiton. Cld Oreat Britain, do; St Lawrence, do. II stays. Aug2<?In port, John Hale, from Newcastle, Eng. arr flat; Cri?to?al Colon, Smith, for NTork, Id*; Rita, from Newcastle, E. just arr, Andre wr Scott, disg; Wm Engs^or North or Europe. lag; D Webster, Tor Charleston, nmr day; Puwlmtan, of in'l from NYork, jmi arr; Oirgon, from do, pnl in lor water. (Jt'ATattuiL, June 1J?In port, Orpheus. Hill. The Canada, for windward, sailed 3 days before. United Mt ales Porta. Eastpout, Aug 28?Arr Challenge, NYork; 29th, Fidelia, Si John, MB. Matilda, d<>; Oread, Biltimore. Sid 28th, Father F.lir.a, do; Vtlh, Teaser, NYork. Cnati, Aug 29?Sid Diploma, Bs'llinore; Clarissa, Watts, NYork; Monroe. Fountain, do; Jefferson, rhiladehihia; llortenia, Alexandria; Robt It Rowland, do; Roacoe, Richmond; Forest, Harrede Grace; Baltimore, Philadelphia; Harriet Ful; Osceola, Comrini; Ptitveyor, Jones; Melritle, Kent, and Meridian, Race, N Yotk. Thomsitois, Aim 39?Arr steam frigate Missouri, Newton, Naw York, via Castiue, Belfast and I amdeii. Hid 29th, Kclio, Richmond. Bsaooa, Aug 31?Arr Brazilian, Charloalon; Hudson, Philadelphia; Grand Trtrli. NYork. PokTl.AStn, Sept 1?Arr Hanger, Philadelphia; 2d, Elira, Antwerp via Sydney, CB. Po*tsMopth, Sent 1?Sid Planet. Baltimore. NgwBt'HTPOkT. Sept 2?Arr Franklin, NYork. Halim, Hept I?Arr Martin Kinsman, Georgetown, DC; Napoleon, Alexandria via Martha's Vineyard. Sltl K.liiihelh, Africa. ( lit Id, Chalcedony, MontetMao and a ntkr. Bostoix, Beyt 3?Arr Paetntus, KichmnnH; Alvano. Dingo, Peruvian, and Sntnate, Pntladelphia; Casket Savannah; Maeslonougli. NYork; Ki t side, Ho. Signal for 1 ?lnp and 2 brigs.? Cl.l Dniilan. Havana; l.eonidas, Mataneaa; John CarverJBelfatl:Rnbi Wain, Philadelphia. Arr 2d, Allnee, NYork; Tempi ranee, do; Mary K.mhall, Penaarola; Svlph, Philadelphia; Wyoming. do; I'htiiix. Georgetown, DC. Nr.w Bmrinn, Sept 2? Arr King, AtAnlea, NYork. NAMTi rnKr, Sept I?Air Eliteoeth, Philadelphia; Senate. Ninth; Pilot, (In. Kmiitowi, Aug 31?Arr K.icliance, N York Inr Nantneket, ami rtmaina Sept I. PaoriDr.iecr, Be|it I?Arr Monitor. Philadelphia; D'-apatch, ("iitlr rliunk; PiMiwd, Bndge|?irt, Del; Jnnn NYnrk; Hamlet 'to. 8lrl lUrdacraotili, Alhnn ; Apulia, and Q, nl Hrainard, Si York. Bai.timor*. Sept 2?A'r Thamea, Havana; H T Hinckley, Bangor. Me; Francia, New Bedford; Cheaapeakc, Prnridcnrc; Marv, do. CId Pauline. Rio Jaueirn and a mkt. Bid Prompt, Boa'on; Token, do. Naarni.*, 9ept I?Arr Oeorge Brutol. Rl. Sid Abby Baker, Weat liidiea. In Hampton Roada, F.llen, IVom Charleaton for Baltimore; William, Harre de Grace for Boton GnaaLRaToiv, Sent I?Air Danl Wekaler, Havana. N?w Ounni, Ant 27?CM Eophratea, Cetta, \If ANTEI>?wiih ?h? coloring of V prnu Also, tome boys sboat th? t|f of title ro years, *s Apprentice* to th? ?iikm*iuk hiiiltssi. Good refereuc? r?quir?*I Aiip'> l?> No. 208 William ?tre?i. ^'*rc IMPORTANT TO FEMALES DR. BORTWICK, 75 Chamber irrrpt, pava iwrticular nttent ton io the treatment of the Diaeaaet of Women. Hi? aurora. in ruring th >e ob.tiu.tte ami iiaiuful female com|>laiuu whirl' haee ham. d the .kill of othera, fiat induced many to place themacleea under hit treatment. ailt*r CARl'FTING FROM AUCTION, I 11. f.OI NSBI.Kl It CO. 1 l(i Pearl atrert, haeajiiat real reived Irotn anrtton, a large lot of Car|>ctiug. and will tall them at the following low pricea 30 piecer Cotton Carpeting Irotn l(. to 3a. 30 do all wool, fur 3. and 3a. 64. 30 do extra Iwavy, from 4. to 6a. Aim auprrtine, three ply and Bruaaeta, w hich tliay W ill aril at great b in; una for Caih. The public will find it an objaclto call h- lore rurehaaiiia elae where. .53i>-! J H. LOt MBBERT It CO.. 444 faa-l at. CARLTON Hot SC.?Th m tyriaion of the Carllon II uae are no" pie| ared to make arrang. m< nta wiih farni Ilea or aitigle gentlemen for hoard fo-the winter, on term, to correaponu wiih the timet. BE.NSON St HODGES, aej Itnr |,-1.()H MI V I I N D8.~Cuiun Bank and Southern Traat COM ? r....i~?Mua auiuilll CUI mo.I IBVOrARIe terms. _?13i*r N. 918 rAHK. 13 Wall .tract. "NASPIAN oyster vM.oON.-Tha Cm pifin Oyster yJ Saloon, corner of Kulton and*iu afreet* (limit r the Sun ojfice) Will b?? Opened thin Monday cuiutf Srptc ruber }?l? where OVSTERS ol'ihe verj- beat qualil} will be arrved iu even' *'>'e tosl*t 'l*r ta#,e of custom* r?. Families and shipping supplied on reaaon*?ble terms. s5 2t*rc ZLACf. DENTIST, ha* returned to the city, and may be consulted as usual, in the practice ofhis profession, at 102 Chambers street. Particular atieufioti paid to making full Pettof AiCiAcial Teeth, warranted to answer all the purposes for which they are intended, or no charge made. His long tti* l?erience in thai particular branch of the profession is a sure guarantee to sll who may favor him with a call. si 3t#r CHINA, G L A SS, AND EARTHENWARE. 8 ASTOH HOUSE. F'RENCH Porcelain Dinner Services, Hi piecat, |21 00 While UratiiLe, do do lit do 13 00 French < r Eutili.h Porcelain Tea Nets. 32 do 4 0(1 Dinner Plate*. Freueh Porcelain, i? r dozen, I m Do do Oranitr, blue or w hile, do I 00

Soup, do French Porcelain, do 2 no Do do Granite, blue or white, do I no Tea Cups and Saucers, (21 pieces) French 1'orcelaiu, I '0 Egg Cu|>?, do do 37 Glass. Cut Winea, jht dozen, from I 10 Do Tumblers, do do t 00 Lemonades, handled, do 2 21 , Table Cutlery. Of the finest descriptions, in seta or dozen., at the low price of 112 the set. Just opened . a handsome assortment of Toilet Ware. , R SIMPSON. N. B ?Agent for the sale of Sunpsou's Kir Cornels, lor the relief of dealness. .4 lot* rc The Anti-Angular System of Writing. GREAT REDUCTION. from TWr.lti TO SIX dollars ! MR. BRISTOW ol London, re?|iecil'ull v informs the Ladies and Gentlemen of Mew York and Bfo.klyn, that his classes have commenced for the season, and that he has reduced ius Teim? one nail,?to Si* Dollars! Academy No 23j Bkodaway, heao Park Place. Gen i U men of all ages are |K>silively taught in twelve lessons,. a mtta, J nr, MIT nil Hill* null lull,neil Ullsllu It-like Style Ol Writing, no matter bow bad, illegible stiff, or cramped the writing may be. And the Ladies A neat and handsome, delicate and la-liimiablr Running Hand In Twelve Easy Lessons! l[ /? VISITORS in New York can take a r.otirae in Three Days !?Mr. B. is to be seen from 9 to 1 A. M., or from 4 to 8 P- M. Evening C1 uses from 7 to 9. Book Kkcpinii Taught on a superior method, by double and single entry, scientifically and practically. 1 I \ I <N i? 1 C 1 f ?i STENOURAPHV. A new system < ( the Art of Writing Short-hand, for taking Lectures, Srrnioiis, Trial- ai Law, Si - Ike., I oiglit peifectly by Mr. Bristow iu one course of lesions! at SBroadway. N. B ?A work of the auihor is presented to every pnpil for their iiermaiieiit guide. si Int'rc GEO. 8. SOB E\ 4t t O., bti Beaver Street, Importeis of French and English CORSETS, Just received 10 cases per Montreal, consisting of a large assortment of the above article, particularly suitable for the American market Also J cases of SILK FUINtlE, containing a large assortment of eveiy color and width, which are odired at extremely low prices. City retailers and country merchants would do willtoeiamine the as-ortrneut befme purchaving. ?l Iw* rc. DEA FN ESS. INVISIBLE VOICE CONDUCTOR. tPHEHE instruments are to be obtain'd at R SIMPSON'S, 1 H, Aator House. Of a peculiarly simple eoustructioa, they merely require to be placed iu the cavity of the ear to give iminedi te relief lo ibis disagreeable malady. Persons, noii-residriiis of N. ? Fork eitJT, on the milMta of i dot >ais. can have a pair lorwarded by |Kiat, or if deaired' a single one for $1 M. N.B.?Ag< nt for the sale of SIMPSON'S EAH < OHN KTB. st I 111' le u > I'Urrr.L BM .viAiUL^-hA.'xr.' * ? J. P Brown respectfully infoims hi* fiinul^ ami the pub* lie tint Mr. gatriurl Dayton will take charge of the 0> sir* Struid for ilie ensuing so won. Ah Mr. Dayton'* attention wil* be directed solely to the Oyster department, the public may re*t auu ed on being *ui?|?lf d iu superior style. Tbe Shipoinn and Families furnished with Frr*l? and Pickled Oyster* ol il?e very best quality, on reason tble terms __ _ ??l3tis*m PATENT PRESERVED PORTABLE MEADS AND SOUPS. U WARRANTED to keep any length of time in any climate, viz: lobster*, halibut, shad, salmon, oy ters, and c| iirs, h?-?*f, mutton, veal, du< k, chicken,'urkey, beef soup, mutton broth, i hickt-n soup, ou l^il soup, mock and green tnitle soup, o-ijctiUf soup, green pc t? mushrooms. c.irr#<*, turnip*, p?rsuiiis, tmnatoes, milk, xc. Ike., manufactured niid sold wholesale by WILLIAM Ml'LLANE, st lm rc Na?^u st ADVERTISEMENT. ? Booksellers, lawyers, Ike., who have to translate any books, document*, lie., grammatically and correctly prom or into the, French. Oe man. or It dian lau/u igcH, are requested to appl> at the Herald ollce. Address W. at this office. st 3 *re UNCURRENT MONEY of all kiuds purchased at tha best market rates, by H. J. SYLVESTER, si B Wall st. and I'M Broadway. COLLECTIONS on ail parts of the Utitled States, made ou the most favorable terms, by S. J. SYLVESTER, 3? Wall sc. %3 and iVn Rrnadwa* BILLS OV E'XCllANCiE. on all iwrts of England, Ireland and Scotland, in sum* of ?V?)0, ?13. ?20, to any amount, for sale at 8. J. SYLVESTER'S, 22 Wall street. *7 and 110 Broadway MtV GOODS?.MART IN M. SVCITHTNoTiij IV?rl ?!~ * WOtlld respectfully l?n mr niriii >/! KfM HIK UX'MHCI* a?u, country merchants generally, to hit fre?h stock of Silk and Sta pie Dry Goods. which he is offering loriale at remarkably low price* for cash and acceptance*. MARTIN M SMITH, No. 112 Pearl at. thiril door above Old slip. N. B.?But one price named at this estahlishmet. s3 3t#r PARIS ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS BRIJN Ik CO., ID William street, formerly Brun. Larosure Ik Co.?will open in a tew days, tWentv race* Paris Artificial Flower*. Feathers, kc t now landing from last arrival*.? Thin establishment is recieving from their house in Paris by every Havre packet, the newest stylqp of tloweis and feMheit, as they appear ill that centre of fashion. This arrangement enables them to hare constantly on hand a most fashionable assortment 01 the above jfrticlrs. Dealing by far more largely in this line than any other establishment in the city, they can afford to sell at the very lowest rites and on the moat reasonable terms. Wholesale warerooms up stairs. Also, constantly on hand, every kind of materials for flower in innfacturers. *3 1m*c ia SHIRTS. SHIRTS madv iltrr till- Utrat ami moit approved French I?tierp?. Coflto, I anulnoia, veits, ami all under iMrmrntr, made to onler at abort notice and in the rnrt.t Taahiouable atyle. Q-ntlemni'i Furnialuiiii Store, 67 and 69 Maiden Lane, New York. _?3 3m-r WM.jCOLLINS_ THE COMPLEXION & SKIN. ROWLAND'S KALYDOR. An Eaitfm Botanical Discovery of Surprising E/Ucncy. ASA CRF.ATOR AND CON8KRVATOR OF THAT Ts- most distinguished charm of female lowliness?a transparent fair skin, Rowland's Kalvdor may l?e said to exert an almost magical power. Composed for the most part of Oriental balsamic exotics, to the utter exclusion of nil mineral admix i i- i <1. 11. Hihi!* ! medicimll> foi its i 111 m ' ' nd, purifying. and soothing action u|?on the skin ; and, by acting upon the pores and minute secretory vessels, expels all impurities from the surface, allays every tendency to inflammation, .and, by this means alone, efiectually dissipatesjill redness, tan, pimples, spots, frrrkles, sunburn, and other unsightly cutaneous visitations, so inimical to female beauty. It* constant pplicsfion will cl amrr the most bilious complexion into one of radiant whiteness : while to the neck, hand, and arm, it bestows a delicacy and fairness, which its continued use happily protect*, with ev?5-y aypearance of youthful charm to the most advanced jieriods of life. It is invaluable as a renovating and retresning w.itn, uiiring travelling. or exposure lo the inn. Hint, or harsh winds, and ihr heated atmosphere of crowded assemblies. To gentlemen sfflieted with a tenderness ofihe skin in shaving. the application of the Kalvdor w ill be found to allay all cuticular irritation. RowUnd'i Odotito, or, Pearl Uentlfrlcr. This is an efficient White Powder for the Teeth, solely prcpa-ed from Oriental Herbs of the most delightful odour, and of sovereign virtue for strengthening, preserving, and thoroughly cleansing the Teeth. It eradicates tartar from the teeth removes sjmta of incipient ducay, imlislies and preseives the enamel?to which it gn r-. i |ie.irl-like whiteness; and. ahoTc all. from its disinfecting properties, gives sweetness to the breath. As an antiscorbutic, the gums also share in its transcendent i owera, Heurry it eradicated from them, a healthy action an I redneia are induced, that cider in the notice of the medical prisetitiouer the inosl indubitable signs of their healthful state. CAUTION.?On iHirchaaing, Beware of Counterfeits See that a small label is affixed lo each article Ireanng the names of the suhsrriliera?thus, "Messrs. DODGE, CVMMINO fc CO., kr., Only Agents, New York," without which, non? are genuine. p7 If OwHwd(l)f NAV I \MclMiH n K. r * New York, Sept.*, 1812. 1 IjKOI'OHAI.S, s-algcl ami endorsed "Proposalsfur Granite " I or "Hand " will be received at this offh e till 1 o'clock, P. M. of the 10th iuat. lor 0 (inn I'cvl ,,f 11,and 100 loads of screened building lllld. The Ortntt* to be length* of 6 6 an?i 10 feet, 12 inchet by 12. tooted on three tides. and rough dressed on the other. Both inn Granite and Wind are to be delivered on ihi wharf at the 17. 8 Naval Hospital, near the Navy Yard, and subject to the inspection of the Yard. Samples of the Granite offered must accompany the bids, which mnst si ate tbe location of the quarries. All to l?e delivered on or before the '> f I. of October rest. IIOBKKT < . WKTMOKK. si 8tr Navy Agent. rPO ! AILORW- l I* ed by T. Oliver, No 167 Broadway, New York are now compl-ted and ready for tale Also, his new edition on drafting gar m nfs. Terms?Tbe Fashions, with the iMitr rns accnmpanving tie* sime are two dollars: anv one wishing the new system for drifting p 'rmenta by sending five dollars post paid, will have the system and a plate oi fashions sent them. All orders, addressed to II. C. Oodlrey, 16 Liberty sf, will iv - , -?m, ' <if? ii ton tw-rc HANK NOTE PAPER--.vo.oon sheets Bsnk .Nor, rM*7. ?.f S.temhrf*e,B rryr^S%rEl2,B'rt6BOKs"T,<'' nllr 61 liihrtv street P-TTaL.? inn Ton, Superior Orirl Coat, now landing by ?hip V/ SlirriHmi from Lirarpool, for mI? in lou to toil piirrlin.m, by E. K- COLLINS k CO., tul} r M South strati. AUCTION SALES. I'HOMAJ "BKI.L. ( Store# ffoi tt Ann mil 111 Pulton ttrf i t MONDAY. At li?lf past 10 o'clock in the sales room. .xteuair* sale of sof.a, nicking and tewing chain, aofa bed., ottomans, diiaus, fool benches Ac. TLtSDAY, Al half past 10 o'clock in the sale rooms KlUoitVf Sale of Dry (Jnodi, Clullimi, (iledreJ irticlei, Jewelry, Ac. Ac A' 11 o'clock iu the Fulton tt atorc. Muii', Insliumcnu, Books, Library. Piauolortes. Ac.?AI?o, to which lIn* attention of profeesora, amil, un, Ac., i? called,the following valuable innaic, Ac., the property of a r< lebiated profrtsor, ?u:?numerous limited and mauttsciipt grand ovrrtuiea, Ac, Ac. from the beat Italian, German and Fnueh eoni|>o?ert. duett., ana, souks, Ac. forvoico and instruments, entire ope an old Kng iih tonga: melodtam* and ballet tnuaie. Ac . all choice ?iu the emphatic language ol the owner, "I never kept auy trash.'' Also, a variety of choice bnolu and musical instruments, not costly basaoon, two piano fortes, snd dulcrmer, one time, a apleudid gun, a valuable wa-ch. Ac. Sale positive. Alio?A valuable sni tun lathe, complete. WKUNKSDAY, At half-past 10 o'clock, in the salt % rnmn Comprising ?ait*ts; chair*; tables; bureau*, sofa*, iidehnards. book ruse*; *ardiobcs; co**thes; curtains. blinds; cornices; wa*listan i; a gfttfrtl illd ehoic< variety of suprrioi chamber, parlor and drawing room I uruiture, kitchen utensils, Ac. The famih graceries arc first late. At 10^? o'clock, at No. .'?! West Broadway, ntar ( hambeis streri. \t ill he sold a i arirl v ?l ? '. < ? t funn'ii;* 1 tery artielti. mini kmiu i?!u.i?<i four; ni il ju . .. autiful ?ofa*, io-Ii carpets, painud blind*. con eh I, ottonattit diviM and sofas to match, [2 matrasses, China dinner sets lot of Canaries, lamps, Ar,*Ar. all superfine. Also, French# hairs, bedsteads and rockers. BY RIELL k ARCULA1UU8. TUESDAY^ At half-past 10< 'clock, In the sales room, Wines,'Liquors.!Began, Ac.?Consisting of verv choice south side Madeira, Dull'Gordon's pale and brown sherry, Port Wine and St Julieii darctx champague of favorite brands* Dupuy biandy in bond, cordials, sperm <*aiulles, Havana and rriuci|te segars, various brands, with other articles in the line, to which the aiteutiou of private families is invited?Co be sold iu lots to suit purchasers. Also Bollinger champagne, anchor brand, just Iaudad.superior to any wine in inaikut Also to the Princqie Segars. WEDNESDAY. At 10^ o'clock, at 'he auction rooms, Elegant Furnitare and Pianos.?A large assortment of tha hest inadr fashionable furniture, including full and half Franch mahogany chairs; pier and centre tables; wardrobes; bureaus; toilet tallies; tufted and spring seat sofas; tockers; dressing bureaus, A?*. Piano Fortes?Several splendid j>iano fortes, by celebrated makers, combining all the modern improvements. THURSDAY. At 10){Vclork, at tha auction rooms. Elegant Oil Paintings, framed?Catalogues on the morning of sale. SATURDAY. At 10H o'clock at the auction rooms. Elegant Furniture, Pianos. Ac. T^OR SALE.?One of the handsomest bar-rooms in the city, C and the fixture*, with the lease of the house for four Years froin May next. '1 ??r above is a good stand for business, being situated next door to the lib ami 6th Ward Courts. The proprietor has kept the place for the I ist six years. The above will be sold cheap, if applied for immediately. Inquire ou the premises, No. 3 Duaue st. the oiiginal Star House. a&*t*r _ STATEN ISLAND FERRY. Foot of Whitehall atreet. I hr st?ain boat* STATEN ISLANDER and SAMSON will leave New York and Sntrn I .land every hour, from 8 A M to 6 I' M.. 12 Dooneicept-d. All uoodg are required to be particularly marked, aud are at the riak of the owne ri the re o f. > Jr fidA Km KEY-PORT AND MIDDLETOWN iS"'' HT POINT. The k roam boat ROCKLAND will, 'mli * *" and after Monday, the 1st of August, leuve M Kid let own Point (tide permitting) every Monday. Tueiduy. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, at 2 o'clock, p.m. ; ami Ke>-fort at 3 o'clock, p m. ; and Now York, foot of Robinson street, at 8^ o'clock, a m., every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday?and Saturday at 2 o'clock, p.m., touching at Segume's Doik, Stat en Ialand, each way. au24 lm/# ..Mfl jgm NEWARK "AND NEW~TOkK.-E.rf ? d* Only 12), cent. ?The splendid and cominodi J itrami r PASSAIC, ITnpt. John Oaffy, belli |T completely and elegantly refitted. commenced her regular lri|? lorlhe icuud on Thursday, t larch 10?leaving a* follow, *? Knot of Barclay st. New York, at 10 o'clock, A. M., and 4 o'clock. P. M. fceutre wharf, Newark, at half-past 7 o'slock, A. M. aud half past I o'clock P. M. Ou Sundays, the Tauaic will leave New York at 10 A, M. and 4 I'. M. Leave Newark at half-past 7 A. M. and at 2 o'clock, p. Si, (?7"' Freight ofevery description eariied at reduced prices. an IB |in*r TAI'SCOTT'S ?E>ERAL "PASSAUF. OFFICE, 43 PECK SLIP.? Pan ace for London, Liin&4i2ii verpool, New Orleans, Mobile, Savannah, and Cnarle..uu?I'ositively the first aud ouly regular Pack, ts.lo sail as follows in S member:? FOR LONDON?The packet ship Montreal.Tinker, on the 10th S>pr. FOR LIVERPOOL?The packet ship Eutaw, Thompson, oh 'he 5th Sept. FOR NEW ORLEANS?The packet ship Alabama. Bunker, on the 10th Sept FOR MOBILE?The lasckct brig Linden, Cirilfith, on the 10th Sept. FOR SAVANNAH-The packer brig, Philura, on die iih, S. B?nlwiryinjhe^'Oth S pt,^ ^ ^ , ? u , Catherine oil the 10th 8 nr. The above shipa are all of iht1 first class, and have unsurpassed accommodations for cabin. 2d cabin, and *te? rag? p? senger* who will be taken at low rate* if e 'Hy a plication p made 10 W.k J T. TAPS( O IT. 43 1'eck 8linortt8outh <(. N. B.?A regtilar succession of Packet* will be despatched to ti t WuatktyD pom, ih aitnl, froa thw ofoaa, *.< aa FOR U \ EIU'OOL?T< nil on the 7th Septrm wJHWrvher?The v ry superior well known fa t sailing pack Hp SOU FHKN r K. t 'apt Palmer, will positively tail a* above, her regular day. Can handsomely accommodate cnbi ;, se ontl cabin, and stev'rage ifUMUifni, li?vui| iincimii betw* en decks, the berth;; bei g htted up in a neat and comtort able m inner 10 a* lo secure evers comfort and c?>nvenien? e. Tbose about to embark for llie old country .would do wt 11 to examine hei accommodations before engaging elsewhere. For p-*s*agt . which will be taken at low rrtie?, aiu-l v on boaid, at i Billing slip, ?.r to JOHN HERD MAN. *2r 01 South st. FOH LONDON?Regular Packet of the 10th Sent ?The first rips* fast sailing packet sliip MONTliESMllfiBiAL^Capt Tinker, w ill sail as above, her r gular day. Having superior accommodations for ctbm, 2d cabin and steerage passengers, those about to einhiirk for the above po t should make early application on board, or to JOHN HERD MAN. sir 61 South vt. KOR HAVANA?-To nl Willii itixf ?/'lit tujterinr aPUVwi II known regular packet, comieied and coppe r lastMUSmL ned brig M ETA MORA, Ashby, mister, haviugthe greatest part of her cargo on board, can yet ( ike (he bulk ofaou narrtls, andtwill sail positively a* above. For balance of freight or passage, having handsome furnished accommodations, apply on board at pier 13, E. R., or o s* t>0ihr _jJOHN J. TAYLOR, 79 Front st. XAjr- FOR NEW ORLEANS?First regular Packet rfgKrVShiie?To sail on the 7th iuat.-?The elcnegant new J^yfaiiMrKf t shin UNION, Captain Russell will 'positive ?ncr for cabin, second cabin and steerage imiritirtrittiid is positively the tir*t regular packet ?lii|? on the h< rlh for t*e above port 8h?* hat also comfortable sia'.e room* i i the house on deck for secoud cabin passenger*. Passa e will be made at the lowest rate*. Apply on hoard the ship at Marry'* wharf, foot of Wall street, or to JOHN HERDMAN. 61 South street. The shove ship will he succeeded hv th? splendid well known ship R-jah,Capt. Bangs, at pier 13, L. K ., to be des|>aiched <>a the lMhjust. *5 |>A88AOJC FOR NEW ORLKANS?Only Kntu WrwJ^lar Line?First Packet?The sph-ndid well known jNMMMregular Packet ship ALABAMA, Captain Bunker, will *aiI (KMitively as above, on her regular dav. Having splendid accommodation* for canin, second cabin, and steerage passengers, at.reasonable rate*, th- *e about to mobark should not fail to nine early application on board, foot Wall at or to W. it J. T. TAP8COTT, %2 r 13 Perk Slip or VI South vt. THE NEW YORK COLLEGE OF MEDICINE AND n rr a n i\f a o v r n a ft ivi a l i . KHTABLIHHED FOR THE SUPPRESSION OF tiUACKERY, HAS met with the moit unprecedented success since its com menrement, iwrtirularly from the unfortunate victims oI unprincipled pretenders, who are now daily gaining strength sil l vigoi under the judicious treatment of trie College. The following preparations hav. already obtained a releoriry unparalleled in the annala of mediciiie. the umkivall rei' tonic mixture. A certain core for .ill forms of dyspepsia, low spirits, loss ol appetite, lassitude, rutsneous eruptions, grn-ral debility, predisposition to consumption, and all complaints arising Irotn a disarrangi ment of the nervions system It may be ilso used with great success in ruses of fever and ague, ati.l as a preventative te y? Mow fevr . Hold in bottles it SI and 92 each. THE ANODYNE LINIMENT. For the cnre ol rheumatic pains, colic, bruises, sprains, spinal disease, nervous headache, pains in the joints, and immediate and (lerinanenl relief guaranteed. Hold in bottles, 75 cts each. THF. PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIXTURE. For the cure of all cases ol a d? lie ate disease, or for pains in the hoii.t, eni| tions, sore tliVoaf, or any other distTeasing symptoms, orotluc-d l?v an injudicious n?e of mercuiy, or by aueeanry Hold ill bottles SI and 8'' each. THE AMERICAN ANTIBILOUH CATHARTIC PILL. For tin- cure of all derangements of the liver, (unifying tbi lo.xl, i xcit.iu the whole alimentary canal : > ? tlthv action, nil giving new vigirtothe vital |>oweie. Tina medicine is ntirely ahpeic?.!'iig the drastic purgativra of the nostrum euders. THE FEMALE RESTORATIVE PILL For the cure of those complaints [M-culiar to the Irrnale sei, and to restore and preserve the regular aettou of die female organs, with lull directions and cautions as to use, snd sold in boars at 81, .'>0 cents, slid 15 cents eaeh. nrn A ~ 1 l.r. T *_ UUI Lli n riLh. For th? cure of ctiunrons eruptions. gout, fhronir iheums l??m. *nd to improve the rone of the digestive organ*. tfHK FRENCH ANTIPHLOGISTIC MIXTURE. Guaranteed to 'ure gonorrhasA, gleet, and all mucopurulent discharge* from the urethra. Bold in bottles at 50 cent $ and *l"rh'THE PAPILLARY HEALING POWDER. For the cure of sore nipple., and .uperficial eiconatiom of the mIiiii. Sold in cI'Mrly ?to|it phial, al SO cents each. The above nri paratioua may alio he had of the following stth-agent. ill triis city j. YV. Diwi.hi Broadway. Dr. K. M. Onion, ir Bowery. Or. Kiuir, 2S7 HiiJoin .trrrt. Elian L. Thrall, M8 Grand atrcet. Wm. Arm.trong, !81 Fulton .Weet, Brooklyn. I'rinripal olficr of the College for New York, at k) atteet. By order, auC8 3mr __ VV. S.RICHARDSON, Agent TO LI I cftl.EASf.-The Bril k Building No.71. Church, hetnrcn Watrrn and Chambera itrret, wi ll J^JLadaplc l for . .elect dry good .lore, or for a Lawyer's or Doctor'. nfTn Knqnirnon the premitea. wi St * r AwA III I.El*? A pari i i Broome .treat I A icr# plra.anl anil dr.nahle location for a J," Jg.ini.ill firmly. Al.o, a Rem. e| modrrn liuilt .mail two atoned houtc in Tenth ?tn et neai the Sialh Arenn . Hani cheap Apply at I Hi Naxau at. ?| air HATS, HATS. MATS'. f~g kALL k ARHION ? The anliao.ibcr inntea the attention of ti e B. ?u Monde in hi. heaiitifiil, rraeelnl, ami tasteful low bell-crowned Hat, nrins the only really l.ahionable ami Ic of the kind extant, though ha Cannot o jarrt hut that imitator, w ill spring up, and claim the benefit of hi. own ortRtna' concept lona. To aay tlic.i Hata .urnaaaanv thine of the kind in point of .fy tc, linuh, and gr ireful appearance, i. to claim no more than i? wan anted ny an c*|arience of twenty years in ihr huaineaa, nd h? iimte. gentlrmrn who itudy and fa.hi, n, to rail and examine for them.eUea. A large assortment of Travelling Trunk.. Ca-pet Bag., H't Caae. and, p. fact, every thing uecea.ary for a .? nllemaui. travelling outfit, may alio tie found at E. BLOOMER'S, 179 Broad war. auJO !m ia*r Opposite Howard Hotelcomet of Nassau udl i'1 AMUSEMENTS. PARK THKATKK. " KKDI TEfTFinrESTif A6~MlH8iON. b irst Circle ot Buiee,- cents. sc??l end Third Circles M cents Pit TIH ccuu THlV CVCN'INO, September Jth. will be perumx-d din Comity of SUCH AH IT I ft. Mr. Wsmiwton. Mr. Abbott. | Mr. FIm, Mi Sum* Mr. Macsmtfban, J. M l?ield. | Smith D.ummerr Browne Miu yirfitti'* Jtmnioo, . Mi** Hiior?ih. To confine with ROBERT MACAIRE. mt> w Hubert Msrsire, Browne I JeqUee Sirop. W H Williams Marie Mi** buloiu rTT-Doom open at 7 o'clock and the performance will commi ner at balf-past 7. ________ , MIHlio'k (1AHUKK. irWl'tTBiniTuVUC ? TTD A /1ir^?i TRIUMPHANT SUCCfc>.?* 7V Gorgr-nu Comic Pantomime <y ~THE NIGHT OWL. . ?h'rh th, whole force of the HAVEL FAMILY and LU.urA>l i> brought inta action, ia nightly racaitad lit _ v._, crowded Ssliwin, with tiiim *1AST,r APPROBATION. 11119 KYKNlNfj, S#j?t 5th, the KutcruiontoU will STS at d o'clock, wirh r? ' "AMPEVe*! Chevalier Lourdnu~ UaUC,n- (?bn., R.Tai NoC^of.b.T'l'u., J*roror Save! r nlin ' Leon Jatelli hi Franc oil Ratal A ?. Antoiue Ratal n !rrJ M'me Autoine Haval La C'achucha, by M'"*e After which, 23d time will L produced a m%uib".ui Oomi * KM' lliHnr <-jU? J MA/ LjVIK, OK THE NIGHT OWL Mainline, the Night Owl. y r Wrili Fmil Jerome Ratal M.r h.a Gabriel Ratal Bahamam, M ona'ua u'lVnrue Mariana, a poor Peaaant. M'ina J. romt lUral Julie, lit r dauahier, M'lla Doutrttillc Ziilima. a I Irtoion Slave, Mill Wella 1 o conclude with a Vi. wof the Magnibcent Palara of The whole tn conclude with THK PROMENADE MUSICAL E. TickeU?40 tratt Duma open at half past <i? o'clock, Entertainments to eomUleucr at half cast seven CHATHAM TIIKA'i'HK. BENEFIT OF MK. FOHttEST. MONDAY EVENING. Sept lih, 1842, wili be pcrformrd the Play <>f VENICE PRESERVED. Pierre, Mr Forrest I JafTirr, Mr J tt Scott Delved, ra, Miss Juae|ihiue Clifton III lliecourae o| the evruiuu, Two Overture* w ill be performed by the Orchestra. To courludr with tin- Ut autl 2d acta of THE GLADIATOR. Spartacus, E Forreal I I'luuarius, J R Scott Seuona, Mrs Blake T7" Tier, M cetita ; Pit, 23 n uu ; Upper Tler, 37 1-2 centt. 0 r~ UiHiri will open at 7?Curtain will rice at quartet befo 8 o'clock precisely. Una Oilier o|.en daily fn m 9 to 5, where TickeU may be purchased and placet, aeeured. NmHELL'i OLE MPR fllEAtEK. nnHE L tdies uid Oeiillrmeii ruaatfrd iu this ?*?tabli*himnt, * lor the eit?uii?K ?eB?o!?, ate/* quested lo inert in the Greru Room, oil Tuesday ne*t, Sept. Cih preparatory to (h? oi*nmg of the Theatre oil Monday, the Wth in?t. *\ Iwr _ W MlTCHKLL^Maua?er_ A.ilEitic A N HVlStM, HARDEN AbD OALIiKIIV OF FINK ARTS. CORNER OK BROADWAY AND ANN STREET. opposite Si. Paul'* I liurrh. 1'. T. BARNI'M. MANAGER. GRAND GALA WEEK ! MONDAY, September Mb, ami every day and eveuitif duiiu* thia week. KjT It is w itli no small dritree of pleasure and pride that the NIaiiager calls public s'tcntioll to the TREMENDOUS ARRAY OF NOVELTIES pur forth hcie thi week, including the WONDERFUL MERMAID, Mr. Hsrrnio.n.. I he ll?.i a... 1- .1 Mysterious (tipsv Ui.l, Mailer Diamond, tile renowneti and unapproachable Ethiopian Utnoit, Whi'lock, th. unrivalled Banjo Pl?m, Miss Tij*lor, clip aicompluhed Vocaliai the 1'ark Theatre, Mr. B. Boycr, thp no at popular Comic Singer in the ruunlry, La l'mu Crleaic, the us.-uuiul Danreuse. BALLOON ASCENSIONS from the Oardrn on the top of the Mu euui; JOO.OOO cuiioaitici anil hoattofoihrr aitr ictiona, unv.hies, anil tmusemetila, for particular. of whic SCO hills of the ri-\. PERFORMANCES TWICE EVERY DAY. commeiiriii, at lour uVlork anil hall-past seven, P. M. The Adinitian-'e to the whole. Mtiieuin, dvO< u anil outer tainmruu, will remain at only twenty-five cents?Children half price. af r hili.'h new York 2'?2 Bioiidwiy.npnoaiti1 Citv Hall. TremenHout Attraction! Incrtattd Novilfy /' rTWlE t !i?*usir? alieiB-iuiu anddt-coiAiioM being uow con plate it will positively o|>en on Monday, Sept. mbe 5'h. Fir*t appearanc- ?j|* Mr vv 1 \CHELL, delineator of Scotch, Irt?f?, Dutch, French, Yankee aid oilier ?haractera. Mrs. MOS9UP. tne celebrated Voca ist; Mr. DUNN, fioin aha Tremont The J' re MONDAY EVENING, SEPT 6th. and during the weeh, the ahov* talented and popular p-Morniers wil app* ar in a aeries <?l performances in the grand Pictorial Saloon amehd to tins citable huii nt, which hi* been re-decorated and embellished bv ?he first artists aud m nle wnril.\ the present great pa rouof the fashionable public. Mr. Wiucnell will introduce a variety of oiigiual, droll, quiiricwl anu laughable i*ifton?uons and imitations. The first hall will be furnished with ice cream, confection try. fruit aud every delicacy the man et can ?ff"rd, under the uptr intend ore of Mr Keu*tid. A full and efficient baud of music willalwavsbe ill attendance. Fancy gla*? blowing by Mr. Owens. The tenants of ihc_fore?t, sea, and air; mineral won iUrs. and the v si number or portraits of American worthies. An Egyptian mummy, in perfect preservaiion ; - rapped in ita ancient rriPirit nts and fully 3, 000 years el J Pievious to and af Ut the |tfrfornaucri^x* erimetits in Electricity, with one of tb? most powerful machine* in the world. iifx Performance at 8 o'clock?Ticket* 25 eta.?Children half price. *4 im*re TO THK AMATEURS OF'THE" ACCORDION! SIONOR L. MARTINI having succeeded in bringing! ha delightful instrument into extensive mid favorable notice i Europe , mid having developed the powers and capabilities of the itiftirainent in two EUmeuUiy and Practical Treatises which have been extensively adopted in France aud England, begs leave, to inform the public generally, that lie is about republishing copious extracts from the above works, which will shortly b* issued from the Press of Messrs Firth Ik Hall. 8IGXOR MARJ'lNl will be happv to give lustmrtipn in the art of playing the Accordion, at his residence, <*C Canal street, or a? ihe residence of Pupil*. And be tUtteas nunw If ihat tho?? L-idies and Gentlemen who may avail themselves o his professional services, will make ranid aud agreeable ad van ccs, a* htt method is simple, clear ana progressive. FLUTE & GUITAR. Mil PHIL1PK KRN8T, IWr??i of the Flute. O.iur, an l>.trnt Concertina Im-K" to .iiiiounrr to his friend. .nd nubile that ho haajunt published hi* urw "Hondo Mihuirr" for the ituilar, which will lit- lound well wonby the attention of Ilia learneroi amateur, Irom it* b< iuic well auapted to that inalrutnent and calculated not only to please but to afford nutructioa. Th?a Roado, with aavi ral otnai plaaaiM piece. o. lit* < < tniHMition "for the yuifar" are to be lound at Mr. Rrual'* residence M Canal ?tr? el, where he continue* to (ite leasou. on t e a bo* a *13m*r DAGUERREOTYPE APPARATUS, NEW PATTERN F. A. AHTAULT k CO., I6?X FULTON STREET. rPMlS beautiful art hat arrived at such perfection, thit wro 1 hours instruction it surtir, nt to obtain a perlecl knowledge of it?which will he given testis to those who purchase the up I--trains at the st?>r?? ol K. A. Artault k Do. 168* Fulton afreet Price of ihe anp ritus complete varies from #25 to $IOO Alao ?Acromatic Lenses, French plates, hyj?o?ulphate of poll, bromine,chloride of louiue, chloride of cold, kc. Also morrocco case*, and a good supply of Be w frames, gilled and riste board. F. A. Art-tult k Co. are constantly receiving Irom aris all kiud* of fancy articles of the latest invention. au>6 lrn? r GERMAN QUAKTETTO?The German Quartette lak'-a much pleasure to iufortn the public most resj>ectfull^r, that they are now prepared for Evening Serenades in the .Eugh^p or German language, on the most reasonable terms. For ftartlrularj, please inquire at .Mr H-JTHORBECKE, 12I Hester ft. up stairs. aii5 Iih?c SECOND ADVENT. Dn. HAKVKY'H QUIETUS-A rsmplet published to how the absurdity of Mr. Millrn doctrines respecting Christ's Second Adient, it now out and for sale as follows, ?i?; ?at 278 Pearl at. 3SJ Ormd at. 7>. Bowery, 169 Broadway. 32 6th avenue, and by tlx editor, 16* 6th avrtiue. Tins work will be found a sovereign 'em dv lor the Miller iHania. uow so pn valcut in our land al lw*r PHCENIX HAIR SEA TUVIi AND CURLED HAIR MANUFACTORY. THE Iiudrrsi'{ued have constantly on band Plain and Damask Hair H n11use for Sofas, ' :<Hir?, Couches and Music Stools. < ml-: Hair. Webbing, Tow Cloth, Twine, lie., for Upholsters, iVIute anil Fine, H or Cloths, suitable for Cap aud Stock M inulaeiurer.; also for Brash .Makers and Musical lustra meiits, 4t , k' The following a.e our prices of Hair Seating prices or hair seating. PLAIN. damask. Inch. Pieea. Cat. Of all pitteraf. 15 40 41 ? 16 42 44 7J 17 4ti 48 13 It 44 36 60 19 44 66 96 20 7| 76 1.05 21 44 86 1,16 22 92 96 1,14 2:t 1.02 1,06 1,30 24 1,16 1.20 1.J0 ?. 1.2* I.32 1,45 21 1.40 1.44 140 HI 1,6b 1.70 ? JOHNSON kGREEN, riio*nn Factory, 33 West 13th street, 3th and 6th Arenas, Sill I toc7?r Office, 152 Wjl.iam street. a. pastor's hair oil. Or. compound essential oil of almonds ?For dstr t ing dandiiff and pr renting the hair from com ing out or turning, prepared by Antonio Pastor.Hair Cutter, 1*3 Greenwich street, New torn. This inimitable oil, has been the product of twenty-lour years of esperimae, and for the last sixteen y. srs in New Ynr , wh<-e I have been practtci g,tithe Hair I 'isttirxr ami ll.P tsllKIlP mil' rell* nti iv itlki A J' tslor'. f omfotuid < til la * holes. .mcsTsnd Ywit' Oi'l for thr . malti'i it iro* ihif* wH long, prfvvnli its falling off 01 turning grry, siiil* vsiiii Ksir hss h run to turn grry, is toch a iionrtahrr to thr h??. thai by usr if will restore 11 fo in u.tiir-l color Also presents hair from becoming shadrd, ?nd if hsir hat already shaded, which i-. s gimr disiigurt im n' ro young laitirs. iu.1 II turd for a short nmr, it will reslorr if fn Us imursj roUrt clear thr scarf, and keep the h. ad and hsir clrau,. romots i | .>!>rows and whiskered. A liberal diirouuf insdr to wholesale purchaser*. Prier V) rruts |>rr botilr. hiahlr orrfu o?d A. PASTOR 111 lu>r Ml St. N. > . ?n . NOTICK To WAOON Bl'll.DJ.R8? The Tat. /XiO acrihcr. Pronrie'or of New York Tatt?raalla. wi I make liberal idraaMi ?n <a*h, on all New Ligfc f Wmnna ncrif to hiar f*bli?hrnent for *ale. Builder* in the coantrycaa npon baring every attention paid to their orders. For further i?*rtfruhiri, aato terwa, * j HI ft Propnero* ~'K> v 44^ Broadway N~~A*9AV ~Ai I HKAT :? Na*aiu *tiret, by Mr*. Mnneur ?Ma recently Men titled up n% a center! retreat on the Kitfliak |jan The B?r anp|?ped wnh choice t?<anoe??meal*. "rlnhe*, kc* fiirni*heu to order ai all hour*. Al*o furni?h? d r"0?* hf the nay or wtrt Stranger* vmtiiK the city will find thi* ? central and toairablc location, aa rvary attention will he fiean fo their comfort and convenient#, and charge* mod#rain ?*nein?itoa a call al lw*rc "fortl&ttlide pemale mlls. THRSt Air-fame I and oslebrstod Pills, from Partwgsl, arw LRSB-xu****-*\r~'' sr