Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 6, 1842, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 6, 1842 Page 2
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MISCELLANEOUS. " MEDICAL AID. " DR. OREQORY, long aarntti m> d lo prescribe for ditwatci ?l in air oat or-. rend-. ! II Molt street. Hr hat been fana liar with thess complaints many yrart. and hariint I bn a a ptriicular and clo?aobserver of cauac and effect. he l.s? I obtained a th rough practical Knowledge of this brand of |K '<raaiou, which hat enabled him to iutroducr aomr yaluat e lrop-oreinenlt into hit practice. He doea not boeat of making ra[ n I and h'tt> cures but his aaristaction it t? perform thorough a id radical currt, and in aa thnrt a space of tint* at it can poaitble tie door, with advantage and aaf-tv to the ) at?mit: and geuerally speaking, it it uotnrcrtaary forme patient to oBaerve any chaug in buaiorat purtuitt. Hatty.and con.equrntiy imperfect caret are tnc aonrre from whence remit 10 many distressing catei ofc 'uteriitive or arcouda y syinpt mt; and the like retult f e.iuen'ly follows the oaa of mini advertia?d remediet ; lor th # reato'? that auy medicine, howevergood in the nr?t or primiry stages el the compla nt, aiiuot h .uppotcd to riert the nam p >wrr an I intlinuir oier the human avatemwhen lis adin Tiistaati n his m-er. lo g c miici-d; m l ilma while the patient u tw it! wipe .mdic.u* I ' day to day : hit disease, il uot chmgi ig to a chronic form, to iay th' leant, la very likely to te Iitiuale lu a jwruiaticnt debility, or perhaps something wore. Dr. Or-gory deeini it worthy to remark, that he has often been applied to for relief by patients w ho haviug been treated lor tv complaint ware duchtrg-d at heinjt cured, and thentelrei were of the opinion that it Wat r. ally so. A f. w dayt clajite and the dis-ase begins to show itself again ; in soma inata ice. onlyoccasionalIy, in ot .era again the r-l.p.e i? pertuaiicqi, induciug at length a chronic innammatio i, attended with other i .tilde rrterts, which It would be indellcat. to ih scribe in an advertisement. but which will be recognized readily hi C.e > one 10 afflicted, it u such a state ot things a? llm that t rut nate in stricture. and it is by surgical m ata oidvihaia tincture an ever b pennauent y removed. Not to, however. *.%i n t?-c enroll r intlainniati >n, or rather induration ; for in this 'a*, of lu niil.idv there u a cure, and that too, by miM an 1 mpfe nit-?a?. Oi. O u proud to ity thai h- hai <li? ?ovei, .i and bi muM to his aid, t remedy n vrr before used in these (lurs which ha* pro* diuc.**** til hi ev* ry iu*tauct whore it lii* b ?-o lpplied. a d ha* rffret*d caret iu c.ticf of from t to 15 ye?r * durttion This announcement i? uotmade /hr ui motive oi * -niiy tnd love of b<>a>t!..g, but limply to inform th ?e iu n *d of t?e r? in d wher< if inav be found. Thot?* seeking Dr. Grrgoiy aiil Inui st hit own house, (uoi a drug atote,) Nlo I t eet, about 150 yar i* f?oin Chatham tquir* All letters mutt be pott p tid. Dr. Gregory ha> published a little treatise on the above sublet*. pnee 50 cents, for sale by the author, and alto by >l? ?-rs. Sand*, Druagi*ts, in Fuiit-n-itreet, and both corners Broadway and Chambers-street, and in the Bowery at No*. C3 .mil 188 ; 146 Delancey, comer Suffolk-street, and 77 East Broadway, corner Market-street. au'i7 lm*in french ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS AND MATERIALS FOR FLORISTS. BRUN LA ROSIERK Si COUHT, 116 William streetPh* oinv successor of Bruu L ? Hosiere Ik Co. a* Pans, have just received, by the Havre Pick t Ships Siltie de Grasse aud ti e Sully, a large assortment of Sui*rior aud Foshiouibie KloWrrs, of th- latest Parisian styles. >o. 116 Willia n street is tne true and only dapot ?f those superior articles fiooi their manufactory in Poiia, Hue de Tracy No. 6 % The above rlrm has been lately declared by decree , of the T? ibun il de Commerce and the Cour R?yal, a? Pans, to be the oul legitimate successor of the firm of Brun la R ?sier?* 6t Co., ^ertican mactntoshe^ 'PHt.SK W.ter Pioof Girmeuu, as now being luriushed at A our est blishmeiit, -irr, in every possible respect, fully * judl t? liw imported, nth r Kr.-ueh or English. and n.ucli b?Uei intdeup. The style of cut aud At is such at will bear comparison with the tnoat exquisite of the imported coats, and are now generally preferred Dealers supplied on favorable terms. Gentlemen who prefer. ma\ be measured aud garments cut to their taste. Remember?Day, 15 Maiden Lane, is the only mtiiulaeiurer ot the real American Macintosh HORACE H. DAY. Successor to Roxbury India Rubber Company, tl 1m-r Warehouse removed from 125 to 45 .Maiden Lane. southern and western merchants, "P* SPECIALLY those now in the city, are respectfully reL miuded that they can procuie new, pow rl'ul and highly flavor. J Tea, of every description, ou very advautageou, terms, in pi.It ig -? .unable for private use, or for their regular customer., at <h; Canton I'ca Company's Depot, nn^f i>o. lai Chatham *t, IMcw york. BOARDING TJ OU9E Ml Pe?ri .trert, beiwt-. u B, ekin.u and Ferry street, i 1 Pleu.nt r>>o.'U with board?Gentlemen who prefer dining at a lata hour ca" h tve brrikl'ail at ten o'clock. au31 ltn*r the crystal, CORNER OF WALL $ BROAD STREET. Ye Couoiaearsand Epicures who throng the "Money" street, W h(-U you are dry, atop in and try, the "slock" that thera you'll meet; Well doom beat,to aland the teat, with any house in town. And wh le we do, we look to you, lor some ahare of renown. rPHE Pioprietora of the above eatabli?h"-ent will take a pride * lu r, dee.mng the above pledge, and thev will permit uo art cte but uir vary beat to appear oil the bar. A choice Lunch can also be foUud daily. au*l ltn*r hotel de l'europe, No. 8 Broad Street* THE Proprietor having removed to No 8 Broad meet, and J- opened this establishment lor the convenience ol lh* eat inc puulic. solicit* his mends and orh? rs to give hiin a call. E ery delicacy Ol the season ui i> be had lure aud every thing served up in the most recherche style, the bar is supplied wi h gtunl Wiues and Liquors at all times Tllilr d'Hote, a? 3 o'clock. CitizcBft and strangers will find this an admirable place to dim- down town, being so near bu*iti< ss. N. B. Private Rooms may be had lor parties or single gen lie men, furnished au20 tm*r Important to the" IITTDT I/^t rUD LjIVs. ALL who wish to ecouoiniae can obtain Clothing of the bf?t quality remarkably cheap, at 206 Canal street, one door wost of Hudson. Also, a Urge assortment of Cloths, Caaaimeres, Vest nigs, and Hummer Goods, from winch Clothing of all Muds are made to order ill the best inamit r at very reduced prices, 206 Canal str-et. je!9 3m*r HOT ANL? GULU SALT WATEK liATUs. TJABlNtAU'S NVw Hoi *nd Cold SMi Water B.iths, at av tlic faol of Desbrosaes stleel, (third pier south of CaiuA Mieel, North stiver,)are now open for the accoinmodatiou ol Kith ladies aud geullemen. Oim u from aunrue uulil 11 o'clock at our*' ie. B. The water where the hatha are stationed has beer drrpeued, which reodereit as paic as any other situation in tlx Ticimty of New York. On Tuesday's the Bath .a exclusive I) devoted to ladies ut Ul 3 P M. A band ol music* will be in at tendance every pic leant eve nine. Puce ol a cold bath I!i>4 cu wsrinbaths 36 je| ?n*r OR. CARPENTER'S PECK SLIP DISPENSARY. DR. CARPICNTEK is a regular educated physi ian and stir gtfon. aud received his diploma in this city in thr year 1813 is a grtdu itc of Union College; was a surgeon in the rm> ol rlie United States during the U e war, as may be seen by a n ference to the army and navy reguter of officers thertol; is a Licentiate of the .New York St tr Med. Hoc., ai d for ll - U?l f weuty-uinc years a practitioner of tiiis city; ha* kept Ins office for luaay years at .V>. i IVck slip, near Peril * id whit u in ?t .inpnriaut to know. is the fact, that in all delicate and pri* ?te diacM S, whether recent or of long duration, he is eiiaid t i.wwdv , ossc. Dr. d would moit seriously cuitinn the invalid to bewaie of the numerous catch penny nostrum* that arc continually para ih-d to their uotice by a h ?t of unprincipled and uneducated Km mien, a* also mtuy otherwise respectable druggists, who ve seen lit of lale to lanction the un|>o*ition by advertlsnn and vending as infallible specifics, their multifarious and dangerouscompo mils. < Hove important therefore to the eictims o( indiscretion, in the incipient stage of disease, to place theinselvts in the canof an ripvrirnced physician, on whose judgment and discrimination they may rely with confidence, as the issues of life or ilevstli are ofte.i determined by the list application in this for* formidable mtlady. Dr. Carpenter would aid that his ro ms and offices arc admirably ?dipted to the privacy of patients, and his charges will he found reasonable. Office open until 9 o'clock. au27 1mm CONFECTIONARY, ICE CREAMS, SUUA WATER, oV C . JBRADKN, No. 73 Canal street, is still at his old stand and wnl be happy to see his friends, as well as the publi' generally, and would inform thein that he coutiiiues to main improvements in Ins articles of Confectionary and Ice Creams winch have been so generally approved of, from their lieun purr and wholesome, as no deleterious articles are used in ,hi ntuufscturiiig of them, the sn,ei intende uCc oi llie whole bsini liudei his immediate supervision. 3EUAR3, CONFjlCI'lONARY, FRUITS, itc. ike. whole..tie md retail. Particular attention will be paid to orders for furnish ?ng liar ies or private families for Ice Creams, Jellies, tic., at prices to suit the times. O. dsn* ftr Confectionary from the country will be attended 10 with promptness and drs|>otrh. He takes this opportunity of returning his thanks for the liberal patronage bestowed, ..nd hopes to merit a continuance ol politic f ,vor. auil lm* ubOKGE W. DAWSON, Whotesalt urul ttetatt Furniture ami General Furnutting Warehouse, No. 07 Chatham street, corner of Uuane street, New York. tlTHERE he keeps for tale a lar,;e assortment of the follow'? lug articlei, vu.: Sideboard*. Bureaus, Bedste ids, (o!a, i iblrj, Chairs, UDict and Portable Desks, Class Cast s, Book ?. ami, l.ookim; Uloiri, Dimug, Centre, 'i ea and Pier '1 ables, 1'nuos, Solas, Sol i BedaP-mU, Beds, BiJ.lllic. i aiea?ter?. Mattrrun, l ,n?U, Oil Cloth, Mat Uni and hire Iroui, Wash .nanus, lonet Tabiea, candle Blank, Bureau Bedsteads Diessuig Buieaua, Sales, he. Alto, a Urn. assortment of mrii and women's Wearing Apparel, new and second handed A.I the abore articles are olfered to the public at eery 1 >w prices. in waat of Mid articles would find it to ( en adtaulige to make an early call at the abore establishment. "li pping orders punctually attended to and pocked id the r ,t nonce, and on reasonable terms. Mattresses, Bedding, * lor titling out vessels, constantly on hand. Al! orders 10 ihe above establishment will be punctually alt ''.led to and th.iuktntly received. ,'i. B.?The lugheet prices will he given for Second Hand r ' iture, slid Oeutleuien's and Ladies out oil Clothing. a card to the ladies. PAR.* uttfc'.iM-tlAKINtl KS i' \tlLISil.l K.N r?No. ?#;? Y ^ u. . vy, door Ir<. 1 Mark.-1 ?trtet.?MRS. W. n- 1* MH, l ite Miss R. Purser of Bnwdway, rfH?rtl.iiU> lulor.nt her former custom *r* And ti.e Laul'? geuef \1. j. uml ?ii? ha* re-coinmenc-d the UteM-in tk 111-4 uijiMM* 4f Uie AVovc-ti I.ued etublu^m. ut, where sue Will dctof Be*4ll?0Uou 10 their tcrvice, and confidently aitarc* thoiludu j wlio may Uvor her with their patr.>nai(e, tfnt l)i *? ?, Cloaka, ! .bit*, fee., eutr wted to her skill shall be dilirer cJ to .wrfect tu aiyle, tit, and ftuifth ol workmanship. as not |.? b eict l.ed it 411/ ol the most apptotrd rUtbliifuneuU Broaiway,and lor nu^in?K myrtle ..noes MKS W. H. Jk.Pw>.HS,7!S Km. Brotu ti U.-Mut.n, .litres and Childreua' drrwe. in id, 10 ordrt at ih,- ah??rl-.l notio?.__ ?3 lin*c ka.sh10nahle clothing": | llAHHIi, Draper* Tailor, MX Bowery? W eiihl rt't|>erlJ . Hi |y inform lil? fntWH mid Hi* i>ub ic, chat In- lm opriie i lie .nor. .i ? Clotniny aud Tailoring r-atihlithm,-in, m,.] nlciltethlMtUlli'l ,v?iyuli?? manntae lured to be equal ,, at vie and workmanship to ?n>- in the city, at prices to tan th. runes?having |iurfinmed his entire .lock at ll?- pr??HI reduce "ol; hand ? qusnnty of fhootiug coats. gotup in . tuperio style,cloth cap. c|o*k?, fce. , ? , U omenta nude up ?t III. shortest notice, lerms, rash 01 deliv.ry. ?? * '"ft SHIRTS. SHIRTS mvir to on).*!, alter the moat approved krcuei 1 unions. lienilemen's iianneni* of nil deceptions made n order at the .Worte.i uolice. lieoo. men's Kurmahiug Store ft and OT Maid- o lot,., come of VViilisin street. al ImV _ WU.MAM CQI.MNH. Wit VV'IIJLD direct tKe attention of our r .der-* to tin Kheuiu.tic Kr..dn-Uinc Liuuneni, an invaluable article ee a Ire,in- meat in another coinuiu of this paper. in id .llll|^^p|,^y cash "Tailor tet. utis v I llll "i IE L), Merchant Tailor. No. I Chatham .quire, cor to . ; I h'tti ml tirei t, condone* to make Clothing to order, in II,, M . . in I ,-r rent cheaper fh in the ( hi q.< it tailor in Hie rity. A g>>od fit warrantsd, and hereslter no ditppointmeut. anl? im*r HOTELS, BOARDING, &c. KugiUh AdvcrtlMiuanl. NOTICE TO RAILWAY TRAVELLERS. ANDERTON'S HOTEL, No 164 FLEET STREET, LONDON Wlllinui lUnlln^, Proprietor, lti tnms his thanks in the professional and ooinm -icisl geutleni-u. anil llir public for llie liberal ?i p|?u t he hat rscrlTsd nice occupying the above named Hotel. ?ud hopes by unremitting altruiiou to reuiu the inerouaite hitherto so generously afforded. W. H. uiurri Ins patrons thit no enrh avots shall ur snared to promote their comfort, and (tatters himself that '* " can com|<ete with lutn as far as regards Wines and Viands, it I;# nig his ambition to biHCCSt for the .ppruval of Ins supporters, and conducting business on the moat liberal system. The daily bill of fare, containing the grestest van-.ty, combined with moderation of prices, cannot rail ii\il:l general aa'isfacliun. Breakfasts (plain) Is Id each; . lie.or. 10, 6d per Week. Pntlic Meeting and Coinmittec 1. uouss a 26 )tn * FVh I'D! 'N US H K WAHL).-An a.lve rtisemrDt RpiHfared in the Ohio Gazette in 1838 or I8'W, lor information relative to John Budd, alitv John Rooke or Rook, who left property in Carolina. Any |h r??>n sending the copy of the advetucment shall receive the above nw ink The truster* or eiecutoraof the uid John ladd iiin RooIl are requested to tend pariicnlir? to Mean. M'refftrd & Lloyd, CorrnnnudfiMi viid Advertiftinent Agent* 2*2 Birchin Lane, Coruhiil, London. Rel'e it-nci . M'-hs; ;. N< ilion 6c Co., Unveinn.cni ui/fiw umcr, <4 u neck. au 21 Im djkw r_ Washington house FOK FAMILIES AND GENTLEMEN ! *223 CHKSNri STKKI'T, philadelphia. H. J HARTIVELL. ?nl9 lm*r National hoTkl ?Tchoupitoulas street, New Oilcans.?'This Ann eatablishme lit. situated in the moat central part of thr- city, ha* Let* recently opened under the sui* riuitcndence of the subscribers, with new and ample accommodations foi two hundred boarders . The parlor*and chambers arc fuiaished with neatness, ii not i legance, aud with scrupulous regaidto the comfort of the occupant. The servant! are all white, and hare been carefully Selected with reference to their capacity, honesty aud cir'ldeportment. The wine cellar ?nd l&rdtrwill always be fanJfhed wi:b the best that can be procured in one of the best markets in the world. The charges for board, with or without chambers, will be found of the most reasonable characn r. J PHILLIPS & BRO., Proprietors. New Orleans, July 21. 1812. _ a6 2tn r WKBSTKR'S HOTEL, Tli Court land street?Price reduced to $1 per nay.?This Establishment, lately known as the Otsego House, 1ms recently been fitted up e\v furniture throughout, and undergone such alterations as to m.ike it most desirable f r families and single gentlemen. A suitable deducti- n will b' made to boarders hy the week.? This Hotel is rouvrnietil to the Steamboats on the North rivet and the general business of the city. The proprietor pi djies himself that no Care u)?a.ll be wanting on the part of hinuell or sei vaiit*, and thatevery attention shall be paid to the wants and comforts of hi* yu?st. His table will he furnished with the choicest articles in market, andalwavs in abundance. The public arc res|K-cful)y requested to call and see for thcmselvca. aug 24 lm*r a FOK SALE?The well known Coach Factory, together with the dwelling house*, and twenty four lot* of ground, Mtu t'e at Harlem, on the 4th Avenue, be* tvi een l2Hth and 129 It streets, and formerly occupied by John Stephenson. ....... The ftctory it a substantial two story ^rick building, 4(i feci by 290 feet On ]2<Uh street there are five two story basetneill and attic brck buildings, well finished, each 20 fret bv Si feet, Adjoiuing the dwelling houses is a brick Carriage House 18 fietby 35 f et. ., . Un 12>th street there is an Engine House of brick, 18 feet b} 35 fret. Also a Blacksmith Stop 100 lieet front by 28 fret Ueep frith fixtures, kc. The streets aud avenue are regulated, Cui bed, and guttered, and all assessments paid. Trie premises art in complete orOer, arid ready for immediate occupancy. The same will be sold che ?p. Three fourtns of the purch~st money remaining ou bond ami mortgage for a uuinbt r of years Apply to Andrew McGown, corner of 3d avenue aud 126rh street, II tr em, or to C \V. Van Voorhis, 36 John itreet,where a map of the propeitv can he seen au30 5t*r TO LET, ELEGANTLY furnisher rooms for single gentle men, with breakfast, at II iiarrlay st. No pains will be Jl^L*Pared to render the above rooms desirable. Inquire ou the premises. *ul6 lm*rc "watering placest&c7~ CATSfULL MOUNTAIN HOUSE, AT THE TINE OKCI1ARD.-1812. rrtttlS mm.nlir ami last,, o, is III resort will be rnndlieted dlir A in# the present ?? asou under U*e direction aud supvrintendance of tnc subscriber. It has undergone a complete and thorough repair, and it new open for the reception of visitors. No effort will be spared to maintain the deservedly high character which it hat heretofore acquired. As heretofore, its tables will be furnished with every delicacy that the New York market can afford; and every possible attention that can promote the convenience and enjoyment of iti paurous will be promptly bestowed. The road leading to this establishment and especially that part of it on the mountain, has been rendered perfectly smooth and sale. Messrs. A. h. Beach & Co.'i excellent line of stages will run as heretofore regularly between the landing aud the Mountain House, on the arrival of the boats. C. L. BEACH, Proprietor June ISth, 1812. jel* .1mr SHARON SPRINGS WHITE SL LPHUK WATfcH may be had ol itie Agents, Dickson Hr Co., 12A Broadway. Basement Rooms.?For their uuriiilled efficacy in all Rheumatic, Cutaneous and Dyspeptic Complaints, sore eyes, debility, erysipelas, scrofula, liver complaint, affection of the kidney, iiev, reference (by their permission) it made to the following medical gentlemen : HUGH McLF.AN, .VI. D., 4 Warren-at. Dr. BKOKOKD. Prof. University, Med. Dep. Pro!. PATTERSON. Med. Dep. Dr. WHITE.Cherry Valley. N. Y. Prof. HADLKY, Ex-Pres'l Sled. College, N. Y. Dr. DEL.AF1ELD, Bleecker-st. N. Y. Sold by Rushton ik Aapiuw&ll. at their stores, Broadway W.H..... , t ..... i ..,.1 A ,t J,r II A n Sn ml. 1)7 1 H ,I. way ; J. MiihiU, 183 Broadway ; S uill.ird, Drluce 5c Co. Para How and .'*81 Broadway; fch L. Cotton, 263 Bit e eke r at ? J. K. Chillou. Broadway ; John M'ftkin, 511 Broadway; D " W. H. Milnor, 192 Broadway; 11. G. Leeds, Folton street f Brooklyn; Thomas J. Green, 399 Broadway; J. J. Codding ton Spring and Hudson street. j* 24 ?n? I'EKFl.M KKY ~~ MEUZZ $ BA RRAUD'S Odontalgic ur balsamic.klixir, fob pi? cr% ii?u' the gum* and teeth This invalu ule denti! ' frier i; now oife red to the ; ub!ic, as poss?*si,i icr the properties i ) of strengthening the sjjonffy /turui, rbi-iing f!?r :n >n T?, and I w hitening the teeth, rr freshing tin* l ahit mm! taking iw.tyall I unpleasant taste or twlor in the inin't, ?i i.^ fro.n ad* rang'- <1 stof he stomach, smoking, or tin deca* ? ?] .??i' I i a word, it it* beyond th* necessity of a puff. Make a trial with a bottle, and it will sj>eak for its* It'. N B. Caeh bottle b' anng th? dir* ctions on the label. Sold by Messrs Souillard & Delloc, 581 Broadway and P?rk roo : \lr. II. King It Co. 461 Broadw \y, corner Grand ; Mr. Mill.;- >, 183 Broadway; Messrs Gunni, 173 Broadway, coiner Cortlandt Messrs Hushron tk AspitiwalI, lit) B?oadw.iy,C6 Willisin and 10 Astor House. miI5 lrr.*rc OKK13 TOOXI? WASH?Prepared Iront the original iv cipeatNo.8 Gold street, New Yrok?The Tooth Wash iS purely a vegetable preparation, |>ostejsing the properties o fale'.r.iag tht teeth ana laotth rectomg the guns tor healthy state, and prt venting any unpleasant t*ste e? odanr it I the mouth, whfther ariaing from decayed teeth 01 fiotu a Je ranged state o!" the stomarn. It is designed tube uaed withatooih brush, and will be lontiJ I t-< snia-ncde the neCMsity ofa powder, keeping thr teeth cleat and preventing the wearing aw.iy of the gums fr .n the teeth It it particularly wteful in cases of spungy gums, matoriug then to i healthy atate, and causing them to conlract arnmid thi teeth, in painful affectioni of the teeth and gams, arising front exposure to cold, it will be found hi lily beneficial. It e, par tieularly serviceable to nee tlie Orris Tooth Wa?h at night jus before retiring to rest. This m?thod is n .mnaraleil by emi nenl dentists, as by to doing all iwrticics of food which accti I molate during the day are entirely removed. and the inoutl kept through die night in .1 clean, ? it cat, and healthy state. Sound teeth and white teeth aie the meet i due.hie iKirtlolf J of , our humanity; hut how many neglect the ntteutioti no e ersiary for their prerenal on, rien w hen surrounded by all tin tncin needed. Among these we know of nonemorc pleaaan ml effn lu ll than the Urria Tooth Wa-di?ii cleanses and whi ri 11a the teeth, itrengthein the guma, purifies the tnoutli, am ' sweetens the nr> nth. W< recommrtidits use to all, young am ojii ? [Boston Morning I'out. The Orris Tooth Wash ta the beat detergent we ever uaed 01 1 nor enamel.?[Boston Transcript. For sale by the principal druggists in the city ni4 r A. C. B. CHALLENGES ccmpetition with all. The import-i.c which all ages have to the Head of Hair is a clca mdeiiif the v aloe act upon perron il figure, and wl, n by soirn capricious freak of Nature the human form is deprived of it< lair proportion. Art ia retorted to, in order, by anincial means to supply the deficiency Hence have ariaen those wondeilu diacoTenea which bid Nature dtliauce. Barty'a Ventilating and Gossamer WIGS AND SCALPS, or n al Ht.sos ok II sir, which can be had at W6 BnoanwsT corner of Liberty street, ut> atairt. In all cm * of failure 111 the growth ofllatr, BARRY offers 1 rtemedy.eaelu i*ely hit own, unknown to Vulgar Practitioners aed those to whom Nature has been bountiful iu her d.atribulion of Hair, will do well to place lluu,selves under hit aur vrilaticr. Puces to suit the times. | Jy 12 Gm*c THE OPENING Ob CLIttE HUGH'S IS'KXV KSTA nirlHHItlKNT FOR I HAIR CUTTING & CURLING, IVIGS, SCALPS, &c. So tof BROADWAY. ! f iLIRKHUOH li.v^incouiift'Ti- 1 with hid ,itpj *i\t uretniari W opened a suit nriliMmi i murine of a IliKANU OAI.I.KKV OF FASHION, appropriated fnlirfly for Gentlemen'* hair cutting. This ij l- n (lit! room is fitted up in the style of Looii XIV. of Franca. '1 In <valltare in panucls, paintra after the manner of, B"it -licit, Nr., ami in i nitation of the far-farm il < JoLirlin'i tapestry The rhi-w-r I'M, mirrors, I iblcs, ottnm sits, ktc., arc in the snnu style of ornamental altoreliein, finished In while ami sold, for una a lout ensemble urnnrrn in this country, %M not sar , ..( ii iir Eur. p Til F. I.AUIRS' ROOM is rrirate, and dcrotcd entirely to themselves,for hair-dressing iiiiug on wtea, curls, he., and for consultation otr the growU Hid health or the hair, and is fitted np with every rv'iira to ac ei uim.-d't'ia and mfoit. I IIsC liKATIrRMRS'S WICJ ROOM is for ilnoe who wish to be private when fitting ,>n wi;san< e l)*. 0. nav here rem irk, as iri every depsr-ment ol ' ? prefers it n, liie character of his work is established for it' superiority, so dors he intrnd to make only the far) best wit! uid scalps, and ask aeeoidiud to the times, the very lowest remunerating profit. Mi. ( . ? II |, e foind always ''at h -mc " and will give his sole and nn ivided attuntiou to all who wish to change rnuiifrt uauce nmler the rn uric of his touch# ie22 r > ? KESTOKE THJE hfSwrbJd 'nut. madses sre sialliJV r,ro 'I proper sud scientific reword that mil t The proprietor of this assures you on hi? 7aUnIvw!t Bbe eo"" lohu ,t"r' "bose h'tir this lia, t an saw. om .,, '.1 y to?"? Jones' OiUfCorul . ... iot roantll. He pledge* you u hH word it t* Ml it u represented. These nr* it* qualriea, n will nuki ill * hair kmw, (on the head, face, body, or any p rt , wIkm : *Um intend* J hair to gr??w)my iu falling our, rue rail ot dandrili, nd inak light,red,or gray hair grow dark from tb* r^ot* in imc. Among the number* who hare naed it and ceo i V Ihi, i? W. Hopkins,( 2 King ?trfet, N. V.. J. Gilbert, iewt . ti rt |! ?** -J ?n treet. N- Y., and_T. r??wer, gr??rer, Brooklyn. LI We ' ?Hld offer hundred* of other* if we cho*e. Itiasold v r\* re.i? <mb!e, and it , ire* the hatr the moat delicious dark liky ipitra^ncv. Price only 3, 5 or 8 shilling* a bottle, three ixei t told by T* Jog#*, aifcii of the American E*kle, 82 Chat* namarreoi, N. If. J n*arte. Ftlton ttreat, Brooklyn, ate term t. B.'.r , l> 4 *?'?ei I', il nh Mil ( iTYTl anil purclia*er$, now tanning,irurn abu> ffiddopa, Apply to gfc fcDYV'b K. LULL1>?, Il Co , 36 South street..* MEDICAL. DECEPTION PREVENTED. rPHOSE who wish to know who Dr. Heine, of New York, it, A as many cures are published under that name, By those who hare no ritht so to do, will please first call at the County Clerk's o Ace, examine its medical records, and see if any Dr. Heine bnt Solomon Heine u aulhorited to practice; %1, if lie I naifae icr neither medicine or attendance till you are patulied with your improvement, lie is the Doctor;, 3d, if be la a German who speaks but little English, and will promise to cure yon, no matter what your disease, you are right. SOLOMON HF.IN'K, M.D., 57 Rcade street, op|>osite the Marshall House. anU lm*r "PAKE'S LIFE PILLS TO THE PUBLIC.?The proprietors o> the extraordinary ' * medicine known by the name of PARR'S LIKE PILLS I have established a wholesale brauch of their home in New York, at the Clarendon House, corner of DuaMe street and : Broadway. The i.ilue of this medicine in bilious coinp'aruu. btotcliis ' oil to* skin. < Holettn morbus, dysentery, fainting*, loul breath, hear, bum, headache, ft tl tin in Hon, inuiKestioii, laugour, liver I r .rn| I. inti. i lies scrofula, and numerous other eliseaers, I# 17 be judged when it is known that the sale in Europe h*. ,n cream d to the enormous amount of 30,000 hoses week!''. eiiu ti | tt more than a million and a ball yearly. From its g at cele. billy it is now sold m almost all inula of tlu gl<C? No no di' citic ever yet offered to the vvorla, has so rapidly obtained such 1 distinguished notoriety, anil it is no grutle in lis nature that it i may be taken by tlie invalid, however Weakly, being cuin|H>sed of the moat inuoct nt herbs. i For particulars ol this astonishing medicine, together with the account of its remarkable and renowned discoverer, Thomas Parr, who lived to the extmordinaiy age of 150 years?see the hook of his life, which may be hail pialis of all the agents i in Ni w York end other parts of the Uuitrd States. | The following dulv appointed ig. nts in Nj^wV.irk | Uiuhton & A*|>inwall, druggi?t* and chemist*, bo wiiiiam su 110 firoadvsHV , and ll) A*tor ] Ionic Abraham Bantta k Co. druggiat? and cheinis's, granite building*. 273 Broadway, corner of Chamber* st. P. Dickie, 413 Broadway, corner of Lispcuard ?r. John B. Ootid druggist, Broadway.coruerof Biteckerat, A. W. iiid^HU, Bowery Medicine Store, 260 Bowery. J. 8l I. Coddingtou, apothecaries, 227 Hudson street, corner of Spring ?tre? t. E. L.Cotton, chemiat and ajHjthecary. 263Bleecker?irect, corner of Jon"* street. J. Wendover. druggist and apothecary, 141 Eighth a rentier* Brooklyn?-\Vrn. Armstrong, seed, drug and i>alt'Ut medicine ; warehouse, HHH Fulton st. y3fl 1ro*r I NO QUACKERY ! j DK BKOWDEIl'S COMPOUND 8YHUP OK INDIAN I TUH N IP, for the cure of Consumptions, Cotiglis, Colds, Spitting of B)?od, and all other Breast Complaint*. On account of the many nostrums claiming universal medical qualities, the subscriber has felt some hesitation in b.miring the claims of his medicine before the public. He is aware tint, in his present undertaking, he will he styled by the ung'tie.oin a quack, ami his medicine (he its qualities ever so goou.) quackery ; yetthi. will no longer restrain him from allot.Img to the afflicted Use up ans of sure relief if they resort to his remedy in time. Tin Compound Syrup of Indian Turnip is in itself s certain remedy for inflammation of the pectoral organ., w hich, though .light at first, (sa incommon colds,f often results in consumption, His tsperieiice authorizes htm in putting his discovery in competition with any and all the multitudinous array of panaceas that meet the public eye, csilident that a fair trial will result, in all cases, in the same attestations of its sovereigu medical qualities that Iptre been given to him by those who haie [t, si, d its worth hv O .1 . i The most delicate lady, in all and every condition of life, may use this compound avithout the slightest risk or insouve, uieuce. And inalf case.of diarrhors,. summer complaints, of ordinary character, seldom if ever falls to produce the desired | beuelicul obiect. Duly appreciating the merits of other medicines, and without detracting iu the least from the inedicai practitioner, this remedy is offered to the world as the best, safest and surest remedy for all affections of the luiir-s and breast, that has ever made ita a|ip, arance. He has in Ins possession the certificates of hundreds who, affr r spending money. I and almost bereft of hope, have resorted to him for relief and found it. Physicians are iusited to use it in pulmonary affections, and I in all cases where cough is left after measles. . The proprietor ua. Agents in the principal cities in the United States. , For sale wholesale and retail hy C. H. KINO, 51 Knlton st. coruerCli J ; Onion, 127, Dr. Crowell, 28b Bowery; Basiett. 614, Dickie, 413 Broadway; Coddiugton, comer Hudson and I a..-;. ... ,, l(j^mr DOCTOR GLOVER BEG8 to inform t]io?e who have recently enquired if he has left the practice of hit profession, that ne continues to incsrnbe for such as require his aid as usual. Those difficult and protracted cases which require practical experience to ensure success, have becu the |>articular objects of his study. The receut improvements in chemistry have put into his hands several now and important reinediee which have escaped theobscrvatioticf the lest scrutinising physician Dr. Glover's primary education enables him to keen pace with the improvements of the day, being a graduate is the medical profession. The unsuspecting stranger should beware of the host of self named Doctors end pretenders, some of whom aspire to be authors of little booss upon subjects ol which they are totally ignorant. Office, No. S Ann at?private entrance, Jth do..i from the Museum?office hours until 9 o lock P.M. afi lm*r DR. SOLOMON HEINE \XTOULD inform his patients and the public, the. he still ad?? hriea folds original proposition, to receive no money cither for medicine or attendance until the paiicnt is satisfied with his improvement, and would inform them that he tiaa remoied from 41R Broadway to No. 57 Reade street, opposite the Marshall House, where he solicits the attendance on the ioovc mentioned conditions, of all w ho have suffered for a long tune under diseases considered by them incurable. SOLOMON HEINE, M. D. K'ir the advantage of all who wish to attend the treatment of Dr. Solomou Heine, I would state that the only Doctor Heine who has ever lived in, or had his office in Broadway, is the one now residing at 57 Reade street, opposite the Marshall House. This Physician caine to thia country about eight year* since. I have had the pleasure of knowing him since that time, and of witnessing many surprising clues performed bv him?lie is above the age of 55 years, and is the only one of the name wno is a member of the medical institutions of the City and State of New York. E. W. WETMORE.M.D. Sworn before me. thia 77 1 day of of April, A. D. 184J Ru hisii Rrgn (.oin. of Deeds aufStmUe HULL'S TRUSSES. MHTIC V. TO ftilTPTITVtV.n PKRVOVHa "DKRSONH afflicted with ruutur** may rely u\m?u the beat A iu*lrum< uul aid the world afford*, on application at the office, No. 1 Ve<ey afreet, or to either of the a^-nti in the ; principal towns in the United States. B* caref ul to cx tmine the back pad of Hull'* trusses*, to see if they .are endorsed by lir Hull, in writing. None are genuine, or to be relied upon as good, without nit signature. Many i?*r>oiis have undertaken to rem1 Imitation* of Hull's oeJebialeJ trusses, and thousands are imposed upou liitoiiserjiience. These imitations cannot be relied u|?on ; they are made by unskilful tnechanirs, aiid are t o belter th.ui the ordi* us nr trusses. Honms have been fitted up at No. 4 Vesey street, exclusively for ladies, having ^st|?arate entrance from the busiuess depart; inent, wh? le at" le is in c usUnt attendance to wait upon fenuu patients. an26lm*r L MINERAL WATER"" I7HOM THt CELEBRATED ROYA1. BAVARIAN I SPRINGS AT KISSINtiEN. hAKOCZY WATER on the European continent, ha. the reputation of being the most chalybeate muriatic saline water known to the Medical Faculty. Thr Kakoczy lias an acidulous saliue flavor, and brim; I owerfully promotive ol secretion and eicrrtiou, a purifvrr, ? strum; solvent, and at the same time strengthening without heating; it acts like Wicsbadenaud Karlsbad (without injuring thr stomach) as a potent diuretic, specifically upon the liver, the tysRina venar. port, and uterine system, and dissipating any existing obstruction. The diaordrrs and distves lit wliioh this water iias manifested the most decidedly salubrintis efleels, are she following ". a) affection, of the mucous memi braurs and obstructions tu the digestive organs, arising from local debility,combined Willi inactivity of the iutcsiiual tracttts, vr ant of anpetin , flatulency, worms, bln.itcdursi, ami obstrut lions ill the liver anil systema iiortdtiiin hemorrhoidal afI feetinni,against which ii has proved a moat sovereign rimedy, likewise against b) hypochondria an spleen, when based upon org inic affection ; c) disorders of the ciu .it and lungs, asthmatic attacks, from phlegm and spcci c morbid derails, such as gouty, herpetic IN patMie ; ) niUMCMntof the utenat tem, irregularity in menstruation, toosciatv or too ropious menstruation, sterility, anomalous hemorrhoids, ll tor albus, in so far - th e dtr-idei < originate from local we tklicss, ob.ilrnctions .owl olethora abdomiualia; r) obstinate rheumatic and gouty adieu us, e.ja-ei.tily when at the same time obstruc* lions in the lev. er u gion of the body, above all in the uterine , syaiein are d; i averrd ; f) chronic diseases of the nrinaryorI garis^ filenorrhee, hemorrhoids on the bladder, spasms of the bladder, st Mir ; g) plethora and obesity ; h) chronic cutaneous diso nit rs, debility of the skin, which manifests itself in t a disposition to rrofuse perspiration, extreme susceptibility, a trncbiiry to colds; i) glandular (welling*, indurations from ! scrophula and other causes. I Regular shipments constantly received. n irrin supp,y ion lanui u ix-r > mcna, via nottcrilam. a Printed circul i *i ami directions for me, can be had gratis. VL )MAN STRAUSS, 523 IVarl strict. Sole Agent in the United States. To be ha I also o( Mr. Fortenbech, corner of Ruade and Hodson street. a2 lin "r ; LUG1NA CORDIAL. TO THIS AMERICAN PUBLIC. rf is now barely three years sir.;-* the general introduction, of the Lueina Cordial into the United States, and in that period ' it lias not only spread it? usefulness throughout this hrrai here, and sustained the vast reputation which it had previously acquit ?d iu Europe, hut has si,./ tdd-d to the renown of its illusliions inventor by the unrivalwd pow rs m has hem discovered t a goaseisin the cure of incipient con*i,ui| ticu The knowledge ol > its wonderful iutluenee in rr-iova'ins and invigorating the human trsnie, first suggested the idea of using it in this way ; and i the P suit is, a medicine has been addt d to the catalogue tot the cure of incipient consumption, which places the divinise, with due precaution, under the control of the patient. It is scarcely necessary, at this period, to recommend the Lncins Cordial, as an all-sufficient remedy in caae of Gleet, Fluor Albus.iliffic ult or painful menstruation, Incontinence of Urine, and all diseases arising from debilitation of the system, where an impulse, 01 a restorative is wanted ; as throughout the United States it has taken precedence of all other medicine in such cases, and leaves nothing further to be hoped for J its enres being speedy, perfect, permanent, and effected without pain or trouble. Should thi-re, however, be any person laboring under the alxive complaints, who are doubtful ol its almost umtersally test' d merits, I reeomminentl ntothem with ail confidence, and >11 my own lanoual responsibility, feeliug assured if tliey give it the recpiired trial. tint health to the afflicted parries, and gratefulness to Vr. Magniu, will be tlie result. B it, e< i? ilso the case in F.utO|e, the immense American reputation if the I.'tenia Cordial, is principally based on its thoroughly inr itigated, indubitable, and generally admitted |xiwcr to enable p ai.ih ., who had been consi.b reil barren, to bear offspring, uid to restore vnih |iower? in males, when reduced to nttur and up .1 nitty ho^ less prostration, to perfect health and activity. Nviunifust receired ihe agency of the Uucina Cordial, from Dr. Magnha, notwilhstanding it? immense foreign celebrity, and the giv-at ainouat of rsrapectuhle testimony tint a. i.miann d it, I.'... ,?. ..ii-. if. , - ? sonal lasuiancrs in :f:r e i*itieaDrs : but now. iftrrtlwruar mou sale or upwards ol one bundled thousand bottles, coupled ' with the receipt and ( "rtificslet soil testimonials ituiumrrvble, mil ipoeli knowledge founded on personal observation, I can tinh? aitatincly ? irrsnt itna fir e weeding iny most r.iiiKUini- hours, or ever the illustrious inventor* premises, in the tiilnlment ol the 1 mutt Im)-4)i I ml ends lor winch it is recommended, and has beer.nie s" justly and universally popular. To be as exp'icil i- / ssible, I repeat, and hold myself personally retpeiisi ble lor the assumption, tint the Lurma Cordial can invig orate me virile powers so males, and make diem fecund ent, wnere nature hu t> t n deficient, or when lhay have been iwnsi trau d OV artificial mesas ; sua also mat it can produce that state 01 the system in leinales. who land heen previously unfruitful, and imagined IMiren, wmcn will enable lliert, to bear children. I rear- that I liase to speak S* plainly, an sueli exceedingly de lu ate uiaiieia, but leel CalleU aims to d# so, leatit night he . u ?n i ids-r" i ' ', and as a foil soars wee lor the great re i irons, bill p which I have c!u erfully assumed. With feelings oi sincere .nti'.u le for the exu naivr psttouase which, as the ageni of tbr Lisi nit < 'rdi I. been heaped upon me in mis country, I re maiu. tee Public's very obedient humble <erv*r,t. JOHN WiNTKKS IIOl.DEKaVkXL, M. 1). Tiice II per bottle. For sale at tit Broadway, and '12 N? Itreet. .New York, and 90 North Sixth street, Philadelphia. au?7 ln*m ^ ^ ^ ^ MADAME C09TELL0, I'hyaiciin, still continues to treat, with astonishing succoss, all diseases i<eculiar to females. . _ . Suppression. irregularity, obstruction. ?c, by whatever csnte produced. can he icmovrrl bjf Madame C. in a eery sort time. \l d line C.*s medical rstabhshment having undergone thorough n pairs and alterations for the better accommodation of lier numerour patients, she is jiow prepared to receive ladies on the point of confinement, oruroso who with to be treated lor obstruction of their monthly period. t in. ? . can be consulted at her residence No. 31 Li | en ana St, at ail Umes, and with the strictest teg trd to secruay, Al. conimuuicauons and letters must be post-peid/ suJ?iw*r 1 ~ medical. SUPPRESSION OF QUACKERY , SO-IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT-GO THE COLLEGE OF MEDICINE & PHARMACY D E9PECTFULLY inform the cititens of New York that ? they hue appointed the following Sub-Aor!?t? in this J. W. Bauktt, 644 Broadway. Da. E. M. Grio*, 117 Bowery. Dr. Ki!?G,287 Hudson street. Elias L. Thkall, 448 Grand it. _ Wat. Akmsthono, 181 Fulton street, Brooklyn. The Preparations of the College may now be had ol those gentlemen. , _ Principal Offices of the College for 5 Tiemont , Row, B ostoti. ' Principal 0<fic? of the Collcse for New York, at 97 N&asaa street. By order of the Collece. j\21c W S. RICHRDSON, Agent. SUMMER COMPLAINT. pUARRHCEA, DYSENTERY, o: loosenest of the Bow-Is 4> cuied ins few minutes b, Sherman's Uestor 'tiie I. oxen ges. They arc reniarkahly pleasant, end effect immediate relief? ne ?er has an in-t.i ;i. i h,-? n ki. wu of their I .ulure. FEVER AND AGUE?Shriinnti's Lozeugi s for this teiliout and distressing corn|daint, aie, without eaceptiou, the only article known entitled 10 the name of specific; for llity always cure, md the chi'ls -1 u.'. r-turn. WllllVji.1, kafn eliild-en and adults, are infallibly <1 ?tic>ed a?l removed by Sherman's Worm Loxengrs?a million sfa axes told yearly, arid never Irunwn to fail. Warehouse IOC Nauru (treat. Agouti?138 Bowery; T7 Ea;t B' aadway, 277 Hudson street, 110 and 371 Broadway, ami 119 Kulton street. Brooklyn. jV10 r ert7pt1ws~c ur ed~ and tup: complexion cleared. A MIRACLE TO CUR* ERUPTIONS OK THE fx. SKIN?Salt rheum, fieeljrs, icnrvy, pimples, *riii|H'las, blotches, iiiorphtwuii, fever, sped, bites of insects, inus.|uetoei, Sic.,?to tlt.ii.xe tlie color cf dark, sunburnt, yellow, or liscolored tlnn,?1 lie Italian al Soap i* really llic wonder ofthe age. Well miulit the .Medical Society of Paris call it a blrtsitw and ita inventor. M. Bcsprtnr. ? philanihropist. It ia curinu thousands all over the Slates and British |M>ssesaiotis, It entirely eradicates every eruption or disfigurement of tjre skin, imparting to the face, body, neck or arms a beautiful healthful clrainess. No misrepresrntatinu is offered. One trial will suffice to recommend it to all. Among the many who have been cured by this, are the following highly respectable persons Res. T. 8. Lover, Newark, N. J., (you are notified thai this is no puffed nostrum,but a physician's invention,) M. Palmer, Brooklyn. Bold by T. Jones, sign of the American Eagle, 82 Chatham street. N. V., price JO cents. Miss E. Baker, Brooklyn. Agents : 119 Kulton street, Brooklyn , 8 State street, Boitoti ; 87 Dock s' reel, Philadelphia. al hit* PHYSIOLOGICAL. VfYSTERIES AND REVELATIONS IN LOVE, lvJ. Courtship and .Marriage?an infallible Guide-Book for Married and Single Persons, in ^matters of the utmost important e to tin-Human Rice. By Eui?inc Berklard, M. D. Among the things duly considered in this work are matters of serious importance to single and young man in! persons? The causes of, and cures for Sterility?The art ol Bi iuty and Courtship?'1 he danger of aulitary practices, and how the habit tnay be removed?The causes of Love and Jealousy, with a remedy for eradicating from the system the seeds ol a hopeless or an unhappy |iassiou?Offspring, including modes for the propitiation or prevention thereof?1 ests lor knowing the sexes of milium children?Intermarriage?Persons who ought and ought not to marry?The inost auspicious season for wedlock, Sec. I'rite 7i cents. Kor sale al 92 Nassau street, cor. of Kulton, and 1.10 Bioadway. al lm?r p a rse l,ts & a gate: MANUFACTURERS OF ELASTIC STOCKS, AND SUSPENDERS, LINEN DRAPERS, tec. rPHE SUBSCRIBERS, in additiou to their former slock ol A fashionable poods, are constantly receiving by every new arrival from Puns anil London, a suptdy of the inost rich and fashionable Scarfs and Cravats. Their assortment ot fashions bie Stocks, Scarfs, Cravats, r- ady wade Linen, Oloves, Suspenders, Hos ier>. and all articles appertaining to a gentleman's vardrohe.are rich and varied. They respectfully invite their . Id i^trons and strangers visiting this city, to call at the old Est long and favorably known end make their selections. PAUSELLS Ct AGATE, 211 Broadway, an 16 lm*r between Tark place and Murray st. RHEUMATIC ERADICATING LINIMENT. rplllS Liniment Iroin its iieuetrating and healing properties, 1 is warranted to eradicate (and that most effectually) all Rheumatic or Inflammatory pains in an almost hioiedible short ?|wce of time. Bo very numerous are (he nostrums accompanied with certificates, and professing to cure every complaint, that the public are extremely slow (and justly too) in appreciating any new article, whatever may be its utility, home of the mo.t respectable prisons in this commuuiiy can bear joyful testimony to the Mtouishiug effects of this Liniment. But as positive proof, every bottle of this Limine ut will be accompanied with a guarantee to refund the price of each bottle in all cases where it lias been faithful I y applied, (according to tjie printed directions) without producing the desired eradicatire effects. For sale only at the Depot of Health and Strength. No. 50 Canal street, one door east of B oadwav. au 16 lni*rc A. V.H. WEBB, Agent. MADAME COSTELLO. FEMALE PERIODICAL PILLS, guaranteed in every case where the monthly periods have been irregular, from colds, or other causes. Their certainty o( action has long been acknowledged by the medical profession, and hundreds that have uselessly tried various boasted remedies; indeed, so sure are these pills in their effects, that care is sometime* necessary in their use, though they contain no medicine detrimental to the constitution. Advice given gratis to all who use the pills, by Madame Costello, 34 Lispeuard st, where the pills are sold gentiine. Price SI per box. au26 lw*r EXPERIENCE TO OR FOUR YEARS has fully tested the extraordinary virr tues ol DR. SHERMAN'S MEDICATED LOZk N(iES. Scleral million boxes have been sold.aud given perfect satisfaction to all who have used them. PHYSICIANS AND CLERGYMEN, Lawyers, 1 rofessors, rich and poor, high and low?ill fact, nearly the whole Ameticau people, have given them their sanction, and thev are now fast spreading their influences to Drs. Hunter, Smith. lingers, Vanderpool, Bcotl, and four hundred other physicians in New York riiy alone, recommend I Sh 'rman'i Lozenges, daily, in their practice. Sherman's Medicated I. ozrnges nre never sold by I he ounce, hni alwaya in buret, with hit mine attached. The Doctor bciuK an educated and ?*|K-rienced physician, and a tnemher of the Medical Society of the city o< New York, gives a character to hit prei*ratio; a that no otlu rt enioy. COUGHS, COLDS, CONSUMPTION, Arthina. Tightness of the ( best. Whooping Cough, Cough attending Measles, and all aflTections of the Luugs.are immediate!) n lieved hy Slierman't Cough Lozenges. They entirely cure alt recent cast > in a fewjiours, ami often the mott alarming catet of Consoinption yield, at if by magic, to their liapt y influence, at in thecaaei ot >he Iter. Mr. Anthony, the Rev. Mr. Streeter, aud hundreds of others, even where they had been given up a? incuiable. WORMS CAUSE DEATH To thoasandt, without their ever being suspected. Children and adiilta ofti 11 suffer much from them, w hen a bo* ol Sherman's Worm Lozenges would give them immediate relief.? Hundred! of instances have come to our knowledge, where persont on the brink of tha grave, faat waiting away, and the Physi o nis trying their skill in vain, and retorting, at last, as the only hope, to Sherman's Worm Lozenges, which haec restored them to health and happiness. How often hive mothers oalli d at the Warehouse and )aiured loith their thanks and blessings for the restoration of tli-ir dear beloved offspring, Never before lias a perfect remedy been discavered for the entire eradication of all kinds of worms. HEADACHH, PALPITATION, Lowness of Spirits, Fatigue, Fainting, Den on lency, Nervous Disease* generally, and Sea Sickness, are all subject to the curative pro|>erties of Sherman's Camphor Lozenges. They cure severe headaches, Ike. in ten minutes. In fact, they operate like a ch inn. and no person should go to sea without them, as they are infallible in sea sickness. Persons subject to fatigue, or attending crowded parties, will find them to relieve tiiem of all lassitude and oppression. Warehouse 1(16 Nassau street Agcu s?Church's, 188 Bower,; Sand's, 77 East Eroalway, aud corner Chambeis and Broadway; Codington. 227 Hudson; Rusliton aud Aspiiiwall'i three stores, and i:? Fulton street. Brooklyn, 8 State street, Uos-oii, Old ! L- d ;er Buildings, 1'iiil ol.-lpln ;<|U6r_ MADAME RESTELjl, FKMALK FHY8IC1AN, Office and residence, l:8 Orfen with street, botweeu CotirtUiidt nd Liberty streets, where she can be consulted with the Arictest conliikuee on com plaints incident to the female frttne. M idune Retell'. cxpeHenc i and knowledge in the treatment of obstinate cue. of female irregul rity. stoppage, suppression, &c., is such as to rO(|uiti> but a few days lo effect a iierfcct curt-. Ladies desiring printer medical ?tt> ndauce during confincmr .it or other indisposition, will b. accommodated during such trine, with priest* and mpectabli hoard. " Preeeutive Powders," lor married ladies, whose delicite or precarious health forbids a too rapid increase of family, will be sent by mail to any part of the United Slates, i'ner $> a icsckage. All Letters ([tost |..?id) addressed to ' box 86i. New York. Boston Odire. No.7 Kasex street." N. B.?Madame RESTKLL would inform ladies residing oat of the riry, whose health w oulil not admit of travelling,that she would devote liei personal attendance upon tliein in any part or the United Htalcs within reaaon ilile distance, si Im r FEMALE MONTHLY PILLsT OWING lo the celehri'y, efficacy, and invariable success of yiadimc RestelPs Female Monthly Pilla in all cases of irregularity, supr*'??ion, r r stoppage of those functions of nature u|H)i? w I lien the li?s?l<lrol' everv female de|>eiid*, since t cii iiurodu tion into ih- United St t^i, now about four ytart, counterfeits and iunt&ti ni art constantly attempted to b'palmed off for the genuine. Cheat comin ?n pi'ls a e pin chased - put uj iu di n boxes, mlcilh-d? ' Female Monthly Fills.^ wtlli the olurcl 01 selling them, it possible, a' one or two dollars i box. Females are therefore cautioned against these attempts to impose upon them. It is sufficient here to state that all Female Monthly^ Pills are counterfeits, except those told it Madame Kestell's Principal Office, M8 Greenwich street, New Y??rk and 7 K?*ex street, Boston. Price Si. M idainc Result's signtture is written on tne corer or eiwh box. N. B.? 1'hey can be used by married or single, by following the direct oris enclosed inside of each box. Sold also by appointment at 281 Orand street, corner of Allen, New York. si Im*r MKDICAL CAUTION.?Patients seeking .Medical aid should be eiceedinaly cautious in the selection of a DENTISTRY. GUIDE TO "SOUND TEETH. LADIES NEED NOT DESPAIR. m. A- C. CA8TLE, Deitii:, 2W Broadway. New York, 11 a Marmosilicou Pule, for filling decayed hollow leelh. It i> perfectly h&rmleu in its composition, and can ba pat into the most tenner tooth without twin or inconvenience, and with which it becomes impacted as one solid body, maintaining its original appeaxioca and ones for lile, The numerous testimonials from ladies in the first Class of society a|>eak in the moat glowing terms as to its efficacy. The Kveuiug Poat,22d May, says?'"t is admirably adapted for sore or tender teeth, and to nervont persons, and Dr. A. C. Cattle operatea on the teeth with great care and ability." The following, from the New Orleans ricaynne, Dec. 6th, sufficiently spealts of Dr. C.'s skill as a mechanical dentist: "Lieut. , who was employed in the Florida service, dor iuk an > ugaa-emeiu, nau one siue 01 mi lower jaw ann Iran 01 the upper shot away. It waa ft nred that the loa.t would 1* |>ermat.i 111. but meeting with Dr. A. C. Castle, of New York, an artificial substitute, with teeth, was made and titled in, and the officer has now the perfect use of liiit shattered but iuiiiortaut organ Dr. A. C. C. inserts teeth on the principle of adhesion, by atmospheric pressure, from one to an entire set of teeth." Toothache Pills, one of which pot in the painful tooth will effect i|*-rinuneut cure. Dr. A. C.C. refers to the Spanish Ambassador, Spanish Consul. Mrs. General Gaines, Dr. K. U. Johnson, President of the Vh dical Society, ami the several Prolessors of the New York University of Physicians and Surreous J. Torrey, M. D? J B. Berk, M. D., t. Drlafield, M. D. Db-Ak NKsS ?Drs. Caatleand Kilwards. Anriat*,297 Br adway, attend to the cure of deafnrss, and all diseases per'aining to the ears. Acoustic Drops, sure cure for incipieut d.-afnesa, noise*, or collections in the ear. au. 1 lm?r THE TEETH. fPHE TEETH?A reduction of 20 per cent?Upper and 1 lower sets ofteeth inserted on suction or atmospheric pres. suic, io as to he worn with east) ami firmness, from a single tooth to au entire set; all cau he supplied with ihe best mineral teeth; toothache cured. For eitrading tooth, M centa. Children's, nail piice. J. Busier,, Surgeon Dentist, 27 Murray street, next door to the church, west of Broadway. jyg.l eon Sim*artificial teeth, ON THE PRINCIPLE OF ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE. MLEVETT, Dentist, the introducer into this country in the year IS:!*, of inserting Teeth on the above scientific principle, as practised by himself ALONE, conrts the attent milOf tkis puld ir tl his greet iinprosMM nl. The estaidished n potation of l)r Levett, Ills easy, will known, peculiar, and scienlilic adaptation in supplying the drficiencii s 1 f the Teetli, and the unvariedsatisfaeiion given, which he fully guarantees in all esses, wairauu his inviting the attention of the ladies and gentlemen who have had artificial Teeth unskilfully set, or who may require new for those displaced by nature. M. LEVETT, Dentist,tbO Broadway, corut r of Warreu St. opposite the Park. [Copy of a Letter from Judge Ninth to Dr. Levitt.] New Yohk, May 2ith, 1842 Dear Sir :?It is both a muter of duty and pleaxuie to state, that the set of artificial teeth on the principle of atmospheric pressure which you made for a lady in my family, has succeed given entire satisfaction. 1 am. deai sir, yonr obedient, au71m*r [Signed] M. M. NOAH. " MEDICINES. PRIVATE CURE. 'pHF. ATTENTION OF ALL Suffeiing under any of the A s> inploms of secret diseases, whether recent or protracted is directed to Doctor Jordan'* specilc courses. No. 1, for the cure of (iouorrhuea, OlteU and all urethral discharges; and course No. 2, for the prompt and permanent eradication of venereal diseases. These courses are specially designed to enable the paliml to effect a satisfactory cure without exposure or suspicion, to which end each package contains every medicine, wa.-h, (sc. ever required, either for internal or external use; and for this CukUnci' and safety of the paiieni, :s accompanied In Dr. Jorom's p-ifaie treatise, " The Monitor"?wherein is full directions ; with a plain description of the nature, symptoms, consequences and treatment of secret maladies?the remedies proper f >r th-ir different stages?with valuable information use fill hints and important adiice?suited alike to die present invalids, and to those who having heretofore been unfortunate, either coulemplatt marriage, or have recently entered inta that state. ( r* The price of the Monitor is 40 cents?One dollar postpaid will ensure it free. The courses are each S3,00, guaranteed to eflect a cute without further expense ; and admirably adapted for strangers, travellers ,or residents in the country, from their completeness and compactness ; and will be forwarded secure fiom observation. [C7" Sold for the Proprietor, only at Drug store 60. Prince street, corner of Marion, 3 blocks east of Nibio'a. Marion is a continuation of Centre. au20 lm*r THE PRIVATE TREATISE. rpHlS is a little volume on certain delicrte diseases, by Dr. A RALPH, m which the most sjierdy and private means of cute are stated in the plainest possible manner. Tnerv is no class of patients that does not highly value this little book : but those whose complaint has been suffered to continue on from L ... ,i. ...ii ,i 1? .,a .~ cause of such delays, and the proper means of cure being carefu'ly explained. Priit- $1. Dr. Ualphalso bees to state that he is consulted at hu private res i<U nee, S8 Greenwich street, at any hour. Willi a view however of obtaining the confidence of strangers coming to this city, he begs here to repeat, what he has stated in another column of this paper, under his remarks " on stricture," that beside his rank as (iiaduate of Edinburgh, Sic. kc. he has been engaged in the cure of these diseases, both in hospital and. city practice,(for more than thirty years, and has Eublislied two editions of a work etpressly on them. Also that e has testimonial letters from the most eminent physicians in Europe, to the most eminent in America?as Sir Astley Cooper to Dr. Mott of Ne w- York, Dr I'll . sick of Philadelphia, and others; and that he ia permitted to refer to almost every physician of tcmineuce in this city. Communications by p< at are carefully replied to. auI7 1m# CORNS, CORNS. CORNS. Q Marray street. MONS. AND MADAME BERHARD, Corn Doctors, from Paris. ID EG LEAVE to inform the inhabitants of New York, that XJ they will be h.ippv to wait upon all who may desire their services. Mons. and Mad. Bvrhaid have hern practicing in the Unilcd States hut s few mouths, and iu that short time have received testimonials from some of the most eminent gantlemen and olliers, as to the benefit and coinfoit which they MVS received since they have ly-en attended by them. They have the honor to ioform the public that by a new aud peculiar method tney extricate Hard and Soft Corns, Bullions, Callosities, lie. without cutting. Mons and Made. B, do not attempt to offer a nostrum requiring secresy or lailh to ensure it, efficacy; but confidently assure those who may suffer from troublesome and painful Corns,that lhe?may have the satisfaction of carrying away their torineutor, tln'Com. iu tlieir hands. Mons. and Made. B. have in their possession upwards of two thousand certificates from those who have experienced relief at their hands. Mons. and Made. B. have prarticed their profession for several years in Germany, France and England, and have acquired great skill and much practical eiperience?a fact attested by numerous certificates from the most celebrated English, French aud German physicians, as well as from several of :he nobility and gentry nt those countries, delivered to them afler four years cure. Tli* operation will not occupy more than ten minutes, and the relief is so instantaneous that the person-' thus treated can immediately put on their stioes aud walk without the least inconvenience. Ladies and gentlemen will be waited on at their own residence, if they desire it. At home in the morning from I till II, and in the afternoon from 2 till 6 o'clock. Office at Boston. 151 Pnnrt at- jyB 3m?r On Stricture saiul Its Cure. nPIlE FOLLOWING REMARKS WILL TLACE BE1 KOBE the public a few most deeply interesting fads.? First, That the disease called Sirictcrk, is nf vera frequent occurrence and often exists in persons who are not in the least ascare of it; nirt that a very erroneous notion prevails respecting Stricture, and that ignorant adcertising people take a had advantage of this erroneous notion; then, that there are three particular circumstances hu which a Stricture may he .in ays known?and in the last place, that the cure of Strictore is certain, free from pain, and generally accomplished in a very little time. With regard to the first of those remarks:? It is well known that Stricture is the result of a badly treated Gonirrhea If, for instance, that disease is suffered to continue on treni month to month, it slides into a elect. Now, there is no pun or inconvenience in gleet, and therefore it is often suifcri (I to remain indi finitely. But it should be known that gleet imj lies achronic inllairrmati f'he passage, which nalnrally terminates in thicket ' luckenin* at one part or other of the nassagci , d, fnither, ihat although stricture may thus re uai I Ira length of time, it is far from I lying dormant, L ne hidden cause of many serious ica!lilies, not only of a sexual, but those also of a ner ous and dyspeptic kind. _ But what es|ierially leads the attention off from this disorder is the idea that stricture cannot exist so long as no impediment to the flow of uriue is observed, which is quite a mistake. A stricture often exists for years without producing any very striking change in this respect; indeed a diminished or inter nrien iirram 01 unnr dciuux* ij mt- h?i?i ui vaa?, ?w it it to prevent thit very state that tlieae remarks arc j>ubushed. The advantage, however, which ignorant advertising people take of tliia crronroot notion ia very cruel. Every body knows liow men of thit discription swarm about this city, and that they will tt 11 their nostrums as Ion;,' aa auy one will buy them. Now, it it a fret, anil one which ever; ifat physician will immediately ackno*. leilge, that all the medicine in the world, tloin , can in ver crre a stricture. In proof ol thit. nothing is more common tha for the writer to be consulted by |>rraoot who have hern tal ng all manner of things?at c< !Ored tiropt, and pilla, anil rord.ala, and the like, for many months together, but whom, on seeing the real nature of the caae, hi: has cured in at many days. With a view of preventing tlirte impositioni, therefore, it teems to lay before the public a few plain circumstance! by which a Stricture may be kuown, which can be easily done : for althongh the symptoms of this disease are numrrons, there are three of especial import, and these three may be ratedjvery briefly?tln-y are ll.- following : The first ri lateato TTit manner of uritutting.?It hat been already said the stream need not be much diminished or iin|irdeil. But observe attenUrslTi after it it finished and the clothes are readjusted, wlietlieradropor two will ever steal away, to at to wet a littlenothing ia more indicative ofitricture. The nest it The lime a (Jnnnrrhoea fiat remained unrured.?It ia difficult to say how long a Gonorrhma or Uleft may run and not produce a stricture, for one it naturally more disposed to stricture than another; bnt, as a general rule, if it thould be tnffered to go on beyond tlx weeks, this alone would afford sufficient ground, at feast, for the suspicion of a atneture. The latt is? The effect a ilriclure 'i?t upon the mind.?The effect of Stricture ia to depress the spirits, and to Icstcu both bodily and mental actisity. Thit alto it one of Us most common effects. Not, however, that it it teen alike in every individual, but it is 10 common that the writer rarely tees a case of stricture (and he teet many every day) in which the paiirnt doea not complain more or lets, that ne ia not ?ocapable ofbti.incta at formerly. It is gratifying alto to witness she uniform return ot spirits, and isocmh, lor li ifl r sernai* i*ci . iw irur, iiw ui uw "",?'r hoide of advertising Dortom (?o called) in ihi* devoted city, not more than one in six possets any legal right to administer inedirine, nor aie they by nature 01 education, by any means qualified lo administer to the s?ek It i> to be drnlored that aneli base imposition if suffered or tolerated in defiance of the law which makes it a highly |< offence to practice medicine or tunii ry witi out a legal diploma. Dr. Carpenter, however, ha? no jersonal reason lo complain iu the premises, for footh to say, from the late rapid increase of quacks, and their miarrahlc abortive operations on the credulous luralid, he Ins received more folid benefit than while the practice was confined to more legitimate hands. To the suffering and deluded patient, or victim, however, the consequences are all important, as the isane of life and death loo often depends on the first medical advice. Dr. Carpenter, although an adver.niiig Doctor, carac into the profession through The front door of the temple?is a'graduate of Ciiion College, a liccnl! rteol the New York State Medical Society, and for thirty yearsa practitioner of tliia city; aaid his only reason for advertising for otiainess, so mucli contemned by the over sensitive ou tin suhject, is to obtain money and cure the sick. Office No. t Peck slip, near Tearl street. Charges reasonable. Office op< ,1 until half past 9 P. M. a 6 lm*f DH. DAVID BRENNA > u the houor of informing his friends and il a pnolie ill: i I tliaa removed from the tdrauite Building to 175 Chambers stie t where he as 111, without the use ot mercury, cure radically, . I c in a few days, the mostiuvi teratecases ol syphilic iliseas t. Di. Brenna's remedy is en Inely free frmn any corrosive or t isou'-n mineral, and wheL taken according lo his direetiois, will remove the nainkii symptoms which invariably follow n eshusr tor rather the use) 'i mercury, auuorner iiiixto-is men eiius so unieur*'e,ii mummistrred in those Cues. Dr. lirenn i? i inedy is ?o aimpk thai 11 can be administered without the I i \lanirer of had tome qneticet, the patient beinir ablo durin tne lioatment to attend to his busmen and live at mad. Dr. Krenna's practice is not confined to the core ?( th? abo?e disrue, but will continue to give hi* professional adticatopa tienta, and to administi r medicines oil the homeopathic system, the only one that has or can trir cure chronic diseases. Office hours, from 10 ta 2 o'clock, and from A to 7 P. M.? Chambers street DA. J*1"" 'TO NEW Vofilf INVALID9.?Dr. J; iH.n 'I Ho vifiuis, ^ of Albany, son of the Founder of the 'i'homsoitian System of Practice will, by particular reuueat be at No. 313 Broome st for a fi w days, where lie m.iy be coiiaulted hy such patients as ar .'llicti d with chronic disease, from which they cm tmlno relief from other aourcea, esiwcially rlyspeptica, four-fifth* oI which he thinks may be cured under fifty years of axe. u7 i in - r I With regard to the cure of Stricture , on thit tulnect it is sufficient to otm-rve (and it it .steted with confidence and [denture) that tliia it pertain, free fiorn pain, and generally acpomp( it lied in a Ttry little time. So much at tilit could not have been* advanced torn, yean ago; but men hat been the im prwvcmrnt 111 this art, and tneh the practical experience of the w riter. that he run now accomplish the curerf itricture to at many days at birruerly it demanded imihlht. Tht writer alto begt to ?tate ,'llut for thute who with to undertake the cure tl euiielvea, he hat | uhli-hed d little volume, called " The Private Tttatter," in which not only stricture, but the cure of all thote delicate (lis. atct which require e?i? cial care and privacy, it directed in the plainest manner. It it advitable, however, thalthote who inspect a stricture, if nostiblr, should eontult the author personally. and nothing willsurprite them more than the eatc and or rtainty of hit meant of cure. Separate rooms, alto, are arranged for thote who mayhave to wait a little. It only now remains to ny- a wo;d or two on the ground on which tnc puhlic, and especi illt ttt ingert coming to thit eiry, may rely with confidence on bat been advanced. With thit view Dr. Ralph begs to state tuat, betide bit rank a* graduate ol Edinburgh, Sic. Jtc.?he has been engaged in the cure oftneie diseases, both in hoti it il and city practice, for more loan thirty years, and hat published two editions of a worketprestly on them.?Alto that he has testimonial letters from the .nost rminent physicians in Europe to the most eminent in Americi?at Sir Astlev Cooper to Dr. Molt of New Yoik, Dr. I'hyttrk, of Philadelphia, and others, and that he it permit fed to refer to almost every Physician of eminence in thit city. Dr. ltalph it consulted at hit private residence. No. M Greenwich ttrer t, towards the Batti ry, tl any hour.?He may site be , eontulted by pott. Tna little volume above referred to it one dollar. a!7 lm*r I IKBIG'is OIlUAMf ( HEJIIH I HY, liaMnniDoa fot U Tlon?JOHN OWLN, Cambririee. will puniien in a lew ilayn, the lint and only euthorieea American edition of ihi? work. _ . . . , For ihn edition the truulntor. Dr. Grrfory, hn? fnrauihed ri" w matter not contained in the London edition, or any other, fom rlier with the eheeU. . , All the error* of the early London eopiee are retained m the New Vork public tion,adv?itued ea correct, t'til mwutwi medicines. another attestatiW IN FAVOR OF J. PEASE & SON'S HOARHOUND CANDY. R?AD, YE SKEPTICS, AND BE CONVINCED. NEW YORK, July 1. IMS.?-Mann. Pease li Sou, ?J Dieiuon stream-Sir* : The oqjert of this certificate is to inform you end the public of the benefits I have received iu a long ami tedious illness, from the use of your Compound Hoarhound Candy. I hare been for twenty-aia yean aNictod with a eery seeere couth, for the cure of which I tried numerous .........ur. ..?uuu ?oue mat inaroM me so maeh relief u your Cindy. My cough has hjwp it times so bid ihil I could not rest night or diy. 1 found the spring ind fill the most annoying seasons, as nothing I could ase would allay the untition. i wis seized three years ago list June with spitting blood; 1 however iirtially recovered from (hit stuck, and was ;uitt smart until Beptruibei following. This attack wis more alarming than the former, so that I had two regular physicians attending me, who told me It was useloas to uke any more medicine, u my case they considered hopeless. I however made use of reiser Cntn|H>uud Huaihouud Candy, and 1 felt the effects of its virtues iu the casing of iny cough and strengthening of iny frame. 1 am now able to attend to my work, and I feel grateful to you for the intention. I did not use the candy according to direction, bnt as much as 1 was sble to buy, until yon generously furnished me with sufficient. You can publish etiia. and its truth will at all times be acknowledged hv Yours truly, Mrs. FRANCES HYATT, 9 Lewis st A unit?Zither, 17 Dockst. Philadelphia-. Redding. (State street, Boston; Rswls It Co. 57 State st. Albany; Haldeman, Louisville, Kv; Johsou, 36 St. Charlesst. New Orleans: Du hois h Co. Mobile, Ala.; Pierce kTellei, Detroit, Michigan; Hobinson, 110 Baltimore st. Baltimore; Haviland, Harrow fc Allen, Charleston, 8 C; Peck It Spear, Burling, Vt; J. Anthony, .New Haven, Conn; J. Osynor, Richmond. V?; P. Taylor and W. Fisher, Washington City, D C; J. A. Wadswonh, Providence, R I; Weeds It Walesa, Troy; G. W. Gothem, Georgetown, DC;C. H. Hunt, p rederickaburgh, Va; J. H. Thompson It Co. Wheeling, Va; Mr. Bull, Hartford, Conn; Williams, 61 Genesee it. Ulica, N. Y. Each enveloiw of the genuine Hoarhound (amdy is signed J. Pease It Son, iu their own handwriting. All letters post Kid, oiiccted to J. PEASE h SON, 45 Division street, will punctually attended to. aull Imr PHYSICIANS PRONOUNCED ME INCURABLE. GENT8 *7 A* %v v?r?l of TOOT crrlificaUft arc in the form oi letter* I have concluded to adopt the tame method to exprets my grateful thanks to you for the virtue* oi your incomparable compound Extract of Hoarhound Candy, a* in my cur, under the blessing of Providence, it has doue wonders. 1 here (or till' last three or four years been afflicted with sickness, my symptoms were severe psin shootiuu through the top of my shoulders, and faintnras at tile pit of my stomach, dry and hacking cough, (treat distress in my back, much spitting of matter streaked w ith considerable blood, loss of appetite, reap*htion often very difficult?in abort my physicians pronounced my case decided consumption, I continued in tkis state two yean, suffering at times, the most excruciating sgonies, and I at last gave up all hones of evei being cured. The first year I was under the care of oue of toe most eminent physicians who pronounced my case incurable. I was suffering in this state when my son presented me a large package of your Candy, which, af tcr I had used about two-thirds 1 began to feel ita benefits ; and 1 am now enjoying better health than I have for the last firs years. Hoping this may be of service to others as it has to ma. I am your grateful friend, Sirs. ANN GOODWIN. 418 Cherry street. To Messrs. Pp.asE It Pots, 4S Division at. AUKNT8? Hushton fc Aspinwall, 10 Astor House, 110 Bioadwa; and 86 William at; Smith, 371 Greenwich: Washhuru, 2fi'i Greenwich at; Holden, *20 Rivingtonst; T. Martine, corner 21st at and 9th avenue; A. Pastor, 165 Greenwich street; Biigham, corner Hotis'on and Areuue D, Drigga, 681 Broad?a?; Stone, corner Hudson and Montgomery st, Jersey City; e,. Blake. Maun Island. Agent* in Brooklyn, Mays, 133 Put ton at; Htndley, li High st: Stewart, 75 Fulton at; Berry, 4 Sanils si; Crocker lit Co. Atlan'ir and Henry st. aal21mr OIL! OIL! OIL!OIL!! TJhFINEp LAMP OIL.?A new and splendid artiel* la av just received by the subscribers, and is now offered to the public at a reduced price. It burns with a brilliancy surpassed bv no other hind, and being free from odor and neither emitting smoke nor forming a crust on tljt.wick?it will be found not only a pleasant but an economical oil for all purposes. Oioceis and Hotel proprietors are particularly inritrd to try it. The only depot in the city, and wh?re :t is sold in any quantity to suit purchasers, is at SAMANOS <k BROTHER, No. 4 Wall at. Also, the article Fancy Soap. au!3 Im'r "to the ladies. Dlv HULL'S UTERO ABDOMINAL SUPPORTER. '"PHIS new Ins'riimeut for the radical cure of Prola|>sus Uteri J- or Falling of the Womb, by external application, superseding the use of the objections! Pessary, is confidently recommended to the edlicted as the means of perfect restoration to health, it never having failed of performing a cure, even under the most aggravated circumstances. The Sopporter has attained a very high character in Europe as w. II as iu this country. It is adopted to the entire disuse of pessaries,and all other painful surgical expedients,in lite Lyingin-Hospitals of London and Paris, and is universally recommended in Europe by medical men of the highest rank In this country it is sustained by the leading members of the faculties of Colleges and Hospitals, and ky all the eminent privat* practitioners. Konms have been furnished exclusively for ladies, at No. 4 Vctev street, having a separate entrance from the business department, where a lady is in constant attendance, to apply Trussi ? and Supporters to female imtients. au26 lm*r PARR'S LIFE PILLS. Fit impossible to calculate the man) benefits to the human race which must result from the discovery of Old Parr's recipe. The fine herbal medicine w hich is compounded from its direction lias, in thousands of cases, been tried and proved to be the most efficient remedy of the day. Nor is it conhned in its ruefulness to the diseases of the poor, for it is sonitht by, and found in the medicine chests ot the more wealthy classes of Ort at Biit tin and various psrts of the continent ol Europe. Ar a farnilv medicne it is um uu tiled, and is all powerful in removing bilious and other complaints arising from the derange menl of the ailiuient?ry- duets, ami in porift irii the blood. It is certain in the core of the more delicate complaints incident to fi males, giateful to the taste, aromatic to the sineII, ana at ths same time s > gentle in its operation, yet so efft eacioas, that 110 female ought to be without so great a boon, left them by ita venerable discoverer, Old.i'arr. It has been but a short lime before the public, yet the proprietors have received numerous applications for'he Pills from various parts a', the United States; and have had gratifying testimonials of their good effects in removing diseases prevalent at this season of the year. To all ill- re fore who are afflicted ami in bad health, we would say go to anv of the undermentioned agents, where the Genuine Parr's Life Pill; may be had, vii:? Kushton Aspinwall, druggists and chemists, 86 William St., 110 Bro dwav anil 10 Astor House. Abrsh-m Sands St Co druggi'tsaud chemists,granite buildings, 273 Broadway-, corner of Chamber at. P Dickie, 413 Bioadyray, corner of Liapenard st. John B Dodd, druggist. Brow way, corner of Bleecker St. A W "adeau. Bowery Medicine Store, 260 Bowery. Sj me M.Uioine Store, 63 Bowr ry, earner of Walker it. A B Tritder, cor Fulton and Water tts. Horace Everett, druggist, 367 Greenwich st, neit the comer of Franklin st. il l <i;?-,.i? *<n II...1 ... ...... _# Spring strti't. E (. Coiiun, chemist and apothecary,903 Blreckcr it, corner of Jones rt. J Wt-mlorer. druggist and S|>othrcary, 141 Eighth avenue. Brooklyn?Wm Armst.oig, seed, drug, and pateuf medicine warehouse. 184>fc Kultonst. _ And wholesale, at the pr prictor,i office, J. ROBERTS t CO., Clarendon House, corner of Duana at and Broadway. au31 lm*r HIND'S DEPOTWEBB'S BUHNERS, IMPROVED, at 114 GrandsL, a-e next doni to the Broadway House.?The subscriber respectfully informs his friends aid the public in general, that being the manufacturer of those Lamps since their introduction, ha his now (nought them to that perfection which makes them supaaor for taiatntu, cleanliness, and brilliancy of light to all others now in existence. Krom his long experience in the bu sincss, and the facilities he possesses over all others in the trade, lie is enabled to sell at M to 71 per cent lowr r than formerly charged by the dealers, and hopes by this great reduction to merit a share of public patronage. The great difficulty heretofore existiug in the trimming, so universally complained of by all that have used them, is now entirely obviated by the invention of a Paten' Trimmer, so that a child may put them in perfect order for burning, without the least trouble. A superior quality of Camphine, at 4s. the gallon, generally sold at V. and 6s. which affords a light more brilliant than any other substance now in use, at ?n expense to the customer cf lexa than one half of rax or oil. It ix lai'r.iu no way exploeivt, <liops no fire from thi wick, and leaves no fire upon it; it is cleanly, leaves no grease marks, arid if spilled on clothes or furniture, evaporates entirely, like alcohol. The lamps cnce in order, need no snuffing or raising of the wicks, but merely ! o-qnire to be kept clean and be filled as often as they burn ; ihrms'Ives empty. Also, Camphorated Oat, Chemical Oil, and Alcohol, at reduced prices. Lamps cleaned, repaired, wick'd and altered to I l.?.? I.In* Astral Lamps bronzed and regilt. Country merehauts and all otners who wish to proenr* a iwally Splendid article are respectfully invited to examine his t? tensive assortment before pcrchasmg elsewhere, beinit eontV i ent that ihey will find it to their advant 'ge. N. B.?Constantly on hand, a general assortment of Kitchen Furniture, Stoves, Itr. Sic.; Tin and Cupper Rooting, Gutters, Lenders, and Job Work in general executed at the shortest me bee. JAMES HINDS, auMm*r II t Grand streetTO MARRIED LADIES. MA.PAMK RESTELL'9 PREVENTIVE POWDERS. ?These invaluable Powders have been universally adopted in Europe, hut France in particular, for upwirils of thirty years, as well as by thousands iu this country, as being the only mild, safe, and ethcacions resmdy far married ladies, whose health forbids a too ra|iid increase of family. Mail one Res tell, as is well known, sets for'hirty years Female Physics m ;n the tssro principal Female Hospitals m Europe?those of Vienna rod Pans?where favored by her great experience and opportunities, she attained that celebrity iu those great dii. ovi nee ID medical science so rpecislly adapted to the female frame, for which her mediciucv sow stand unn vailed as well in this eyUUjr as in Europe. Her acquaintance with tne physiology and anatomy of the female frame, eiicblrd her?by tracing the decline and ill health of married ternsles. scarce in the meridiau of life, and the Consequent rapid and often apparently inexplicable tauses which consign many a lotio mother to a premature grave?to thear true source?:o arrive at a knowledge of the primary causes of female indispositions?especially of married femiles?which, in 1IM, led to the discovi ry t I her celebrated " Preventive Powdeia.'' Their adoption naa been the me ana of preaemni not only the health, but ev?n the life of many an atfvctionate wife and fond mother. The advertiser feeling the importance of this subject, and ea limiting the Taat hetieiTts resulting to thousands by theii adoption, would most respectfully arouse the attention of th< married, by all that they hold near and dear, to their consideration. Is it lint wise and rirtuonsto prevent evils to which we are subject, by simple and healthy means within our control. Every ilisoassiosivtc, virtuous, and enlightened inind will nnht silatnigly answer in the affirmative. Price five dollars a package, accomoanied with full and particular diiections. They ' an he forwarded hy m al to any part of the United States. All le'ten must be pn-t paid, slid addressed to MADAME RESTELL, Female I'hpsician. Principal office, US Greenwich prei t. New Vork. Office hours from 9 A.M. to 9 o clock P.M. Boston office Mo. 7 Esses st. s 1 lm*r PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLS. M. VK BOU DKLOQUE,'fc^LlsBOV PORTUGAL rPHE Scientific cotnhinauou of ingreilieiits of which Ibei* A Pills are composed, have made them the wonder and adnii, ration of the world. They are known all over Europe to bs | the only preparation t rer discovered tliat has proved mvanahiy < rt-iin ill prodnring the monthly turn*. Tkeir certainty, in nil caaea, being meh that the* mtul not be nard daring pregnamv f>>r though alwaya mild, $afc. and healthy, they are certain U> produce miscarriage if nard daring thai ix-riod. Thi' directions are translated into English aa.l ate enveloped round with the aoel of the importer, stamped. Each bei com tori* the aiguntnre of M. dr Boodeloone, and the English di| nctioua have the aisnatnre of Dr. K. MEL VEAU, authorised a tent Irr the continent ol' America. They can be traiumittrd by mail to any part of the United Stales. Letters diiectrd to I)r. K. Melrean, boa 24, New York, will meet with immediate attention. All letteia^niaai be poet |*id. Sold by appointment at 120 Cherry. near Catharine street. Trice ti. Half hoars $J. No hair boaea seat by mail. a4 Im'i dhw PUBLISHED DAILY BY JAHK8 OO R DO IV HKWBIBTT, N. W. CORNER, FULTON AND NASSAU STREETS Thii Ngw Voaa fir a aid?A daily r?per, issued ero.y morning of the week?pries two crntt per cepr- Country mi ambers fnrni?hed at the same rate, for any a|?cific period, el a remittance in advance. No paper sent, or leas [via in advance. Thi WrriLt Hbhald?k?a?d every Saturday morning at nine o'clock?price eta and a quart tr emit per copy?Innn.i.ed o c nntry ?nbaerihera at It,?1 per a no am, in advance, or at the ?i ra.' for any apoBiSao period. IvtluroiiDtiiTi are m.iav'hal to addrcaa their letters te Jambi Uobdois BamvaTT, Proprietor ad Edlter Sad all ea dfra ee koeteeea eM be POM ftdt '

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