Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 9, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 9, 1842 Page 3
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n<l " great public benefit,' would put his Excellency "l lanili in immediate connection with the Hudson river and the Now York market. These lan.U, obtained by the gra tnitoui labor of the Chautauqua settler*, would be doubled in value at the expense of the whole Mate. Already fit.000.000 have been thrown away on it. and if these dininterested guardians of the " dear people" have their own way, tiorernor Seward's Chautauqua lands will cost $3 pel hea I to every m.iu, woman ami child in the State. Hales at the Stock Exchange. 1500 N Y State TV 1819, 10l\ 25 Del &. Hudson, bids 85V XL!1 ,?L J? JS. I860 , 81 25 do cash 851, MKHi Ohio 6 ?, 1M0, 7'IS 26 Farmers' I nan IMS <000 4o 6 >, 1866, 73V 10 Aub fc Bvrsense 86 1000 Kentucky 6*s, If7l, 78? 226 Mohawk KR. 6 ino. 28'. "WO do 78>J 26 d? caah "MW di b.TO78S 126 Harlem RR, 15V 1000 ( ity 5 ?, 1870 , 82S 60 do 16'. ?OU do 82'J 60 do b60 16 S 2200 do 7's, 1862 101', 26 Stoniugtou RR. I7S 1000i Illinois 6'?, 1870, 18*. 26 do HS 20 Bank of Com, 82V 16 do 18 26 do 82 26 do >30 18 Second Board 100 Harlrm RR. ,3 I6H 50 do ?30 16V 6*1 do .16 15 100 do >6}i 100 do boa 15V 60 do ' ?3 16*. 10*1 do 16S 76 Long Island, 60V State of Trade. There is but little doing generally at auction. The following sales were made :? Cotton Hogging?3927], 1] lb, at 14]c; -29,077] yards do at Uc; 157,000 yards do at 13J. .Sun and Hemp Hogg in*?866-11 yds superior, 1] lb, 13]; 13 pieces 1 { lb bagging, 14); -27 do 2 lb do, 15], Gunny Clotkg-1800 yds, 14]. Hnrtapi?'H) pieces?16 40, 8 to 8] Osnakurgt?5 pieces 24 '25, 7c; 5 do OsnablirgR Pucks, Can?u*??6 pieces bleached, 13]. ( anr(MI f adding?1433 yds, lie. Hurlavs?UM vjs 28 inch, 61, 1*46 yds 45 inch heavy, 1?}In cotton there is tome speculative demand. Sales about 'J00 bales at improving rates. -IsAss?Sales since our last of lOObbls of pots at $5 .17J. No tales of pearls have come to our knowledge. Cotton?Sales yesterday of 600 bales. h'tour?There is no alteration to notice. We quote canal at *4 68 j a $4 76, with little or nothing doing. Corn Trade. No change has taken place to-day in flotir or grain. We continue to quote Genesee a. Jt4 68 a $4 75. Annexed is an account of the flour and wheat arriving at tide water on the trie canal, during the fourth w eek in August, and the totals to first September Hklt flour. Bah H'heat. For 4th week in August, '41, 52,714 10,206 " " " " '42, ' 51,845 60,155 Allow ing five bushels of w heat to a barrel of flour is 10,921 barrels for the last week in August, while the decrease ol flour is only 860 barrels. Hbh flow. Beh Whtat. Total to 1st Sept.,'41, 781,147 164,866 " " '42, 844,379 383,926 Estimating five bushels of wheat t* a barrel of flour, and the number of barrels for each season will stand as follows Bbli Flour. 1641. Flour to lit of September, 794,1-20 1642. " " " 717,964 This shows a decrease of 76,766 barrels in one year. It seldom happens that the wheat and corn crops are lioth remarkably good the same season, the one requiring the most rain and the other the most heat. Now, however, after the most luxuriant harvest of other grains, w ith which a beneficent Providence has loaded the fields of the husbandman, has been housed, we have the promise of a prolific supply of corn. Brighton Cattle Market. Sept 5.?At market 476 Beef Cattle, 1000 Stores, 4300 Sheep, and 750 Swine. Prices?Beef Cattle?The prices obtained last week lor a like quality were hardly sustained; a much less number were sold at the highest prices. A very lew extra at $6. First quality ?4 60 a $4 75; second quality $4 a (4*46; third quality $3 a (3 50. Stores?Two yearold at $7 to $12; three yearold at $14 to $20. Sheep?Dull. We notice lots sold at the following prices, via : 50c, 60c, 75c, 92c, $1, $1 12, $1 25 and $1 33. Swine?A lot of old Hogs at 3c. Lots to peddle at 2$ a 2jc for Sows, and 3$ a 3]c for Barrows. At retail from 3 to 6c. Married, At Bcllingham, Mass., on the4th inst.,by the Rev. Mr. I-ovell, Mr. Mahlox Apoar, of this city, to Miss Maria Hall, daughter of Simeon Barney, Esq., of the former On the 6th in?t., by the Rev. Dr. Sprague, K. C. Fitvtr, to Miss Clarissa CoitUART. In Cambridge, Washington county, New Tork, on the 4th inst., Mr. E. T. Kento*, to Miss Lucie N. Cods, all of Cambridge. At Brooklyn, 6th inst., by the Rev. F.A.Farley, Mr. Joh* H. Faior, of this city, to Miss Emflirf. Augusta Blossom, of Brooklyn. Died, On Thursday, 8th inst., William 9tf.vf.kson, of the firm of Rock wood St Stevenson, aged 36 years. Notice of the time of his funeral will be published in the evening papers of to-day. August 13th, of a short illness, at Dunfarmlin, Scotland, Mtrret Sharp, youngest brother of the late Robert Sharp, of this city, aged 44 years. On Wednesday, 7th inst , Sarah, wife of Thomos Love, aged 39 years. Oil Wednesday, 7th iust., Wm. Borgmoct, aged 46 years. P use tigers Arrived. Havre?Packet ship lows?Mrs Alexander Roen, Mrs Josephine Tavelles, Master Tavelles, R Dillon, T Daloney?83 in the steerags. Passengers Balled, Hatbk?Packet shin Albany?J J S Donnell. Baltimore; W Phillies, Boston; Mr Dutremus, France; Capt Cogswell, New York. Foreign Importations. Hath*?Ship Iowa?I pkgs C Bolton, Fox it Liviagston?3 Cerf, Brer it May?2 D C Porter?13 Prave Ik Livermore?lfl Lane, Lamson St ro?6 Drlmotu?J Young, Smith it co?1 Cottenet St Fleming?I A Cormier?5 F H Meyer?2 Morgan St Mutuant?I R Jaffrav St co?3 Bailey, Ward St ro?8 Jari|Urlin St Allien?I T B Bevta?? C Rieraoe St Co?i Lambert St co?7 t lieeroUl St co?7 T R St II Mali?260 W Thomaa?11 Caffe St Melben?II J R St Felix?11 C Valentine?2 Nevins St co?8 Wight, Stums St Shaw?4 E M Davis?3 W B Draper St co?3 W Burnt?2 Richards, Baaaett St co?1 A T Stewart?3 Fabrrquette, Fila St co?I E B Strange?2 A Barbier?2 T Ahrenfeldt ?1 Splea, Chriat St co?2 Schurhardt, Farre St co?I Sonteyran St I'errot?I H Thnra|>eeltrn?I F Cot tenet?t Renard St co?2 Moran St Ialiu?19 F A Voiain itco?2T Val-ntin?3 K Mcncke ?3 A St C Warburg?I Warbnrg it D.tnne?2 Bourry d'hemois St co?I E Decoppet?1 Becar, Benjamin St co?3 J Haggrrtv St .on.?4 F A Huntington itco?8 Umber St Dambmann?3 EnglerSt Foley?2 Morlot St Scheffer?I J B Jacouenot?16 T B Capiiett?13 Moran St lalin?5 C Dorr? 1 F Mahler?I A Plunkett?3 F Colliard?1 T A Rahi?3 Remme?100 Maillard & Couaenary?77 T B Zimmcrmann?1 Deraiamea St Boizard?2 K.ngler St Foley?1S Renard St ro?I L red rasa?2 H Hennequin ?I E Bergotia?I Boiaceau St Kusch?I Cheviot?5 Malmazet St Smith?3 Bruatlein, Koop St co?2WH Horatman It co?2 Larhaiae St Fonche?3 H Boker?5 F S Brhlraaingrr?I Pillot St Le Barbier?10 C Bouchet?1 A Homer St co?1 A Patterson ?1 Coolidga St Haskell?1 A R Theriott?1 C Gignoax St co?1 R H Haight St co?1 Adama St co?I D Mat well?I A Seignette ?I E H Cranahe?1 F Th< rspecktn?1 E Leopold?I Boiaceau St Ruach?1 Foaaard St Williama?I A Eachcr?3 C H Schroder ?2 Richarda, Baaaett St co?2 Moran It lalin?I M Mantin?I T Bearhe It co?1 Schmidt St Andrea?I A Rolgcr St co?1 C Fay ?1 B tie la Roaairre?I A Lennig St co?I F Bouchard?I Allison St co?I A S Kendall St co?1 TC Farr?1 J C Howe St co? 1 RB Montgomery?21 to order. Glasoow?Bark Lady of the Lake?20 bxa magnesia 130 tons coal 100 do pig iron 1 truss milae to Older. M A RTTTMF. HF.H A T?n To Ship Marten. We shall esteem it a favor, if captains of Teasels arriving here, will sue to Commodore W. A. Basactt, of our news fleet, r. report or the shipping left at the port whence they sailed, the Teasels spoken on their passage, a list of their cargo, and any foreign newspapers they may nave. Commodore Bnssett will hoard them immediately on their arrival. We will reciprocate the favor in any way. To Correspondents Abroad. Our correspondents in foreign ports are respectfully requested to send by every vessel all the marine intelligence they can obtain. Nautical information of anv kind, from any one re siding at home or abroad, will be thankfully received. I'OKT OF HKW YORK., SEPT. 0, 1S?S. sua S 42 l aioois sera n 51 sua sits- III hiok Witts 11 ? Cleared. Brigs Orates. Sloane, Jamaica, David Higgins; New Orleans, Aldeii, Mayaguex, Badger It Trek; Chalcedony, (Br) Card, Si Kitts and a mkt, via Yarmouth, NS. T Winmeft; Dvsengana, (Veii.nilian) Dautonr, Margarella, A) mar It Co; Gipaey, (Br) Gowaiia, Nrwloundlaiid, J St (J I.aurir: Frances Athby, Kanilall, Mobile, E D Hurlhut kCo; Sterling, Taylor, Wilmington, NC; Ann, Kltlridge, Boston, H Underwood.?Sclus Ann Hvman. Tqttni, Newhern, NC; 9outh Carolinian, Howland, Brauloit, NC; Zion, White, Baltimore. Arrived. Packet ship Iowa, Prll, from Havre, Ang. J, with mdte. to C. Bolton, Fo* It Livingston. British bark Lady of the Laka, Jamison, from Glasgow, I7lh July, wilh indae. to order?M passengers. Schr North Carolina, Smallidga, I days from Cutler, Me. wilh 100,000 Iret lumber to Nramith It Leeds. Sekr Meridian, Race, 7 days from Luhec, with plaattr, to Soale, Whitney It Co. Schr Martin L. Smith, Jewett, i days from (Jeorgetosvn, DC. with flour, to W. K. A C. Huehcock. Schr Stephen T. Young, from Brandy wine, with rorn meal, bound l? New Haven. ? . Schr Mai^. Williams, from Newberu, NC. with naval storvs, '"schr Galena. Abbott. 6 days from Washington, NC. wilh nav.l .lores lo Mitchell St Co. Schr Julia, Vangilder, J days from Wilmington, NC. with cotton, he. to J. Oeden. Hailed in Co. with brig Hen. ami achr Alert, for New York. Brig Albert, for New York, at the Bar, "tt r Alabama, Caaey, from Newbern, NC. with naval atorea, to Bloaaom h Co. Hchr B. 11. Bradley, Jonea, from Swnnaboro, NC. with natal atorea. _ , , Schr Planet, Carpenter, from ( ape ( liailei, with potatoes, to "'schr Surinam, Wilaon, 3 daya from Virginia, with wood, to Dehr Mary, Chaae, 7 daya from Maehiaa, with lumber, to the "'schr Caroline Hunter, Btokely, from Ca|>e .Charlea, with |>otatoea, to matter. Schr John Loner, V irginia. Below. One alnp, one brig. Marine Correapondrnce. Datt.r Gcomuaw Orrim, ) Harannah, Geo. Sept. 4th, IS47.S Arr Gaielle, Liverpool; Clinton, Lyon, NYork. General Ileeorrl. SHir.WatTciinTm.?Two more lighten with goodi, hare come up from the VVeatcheaicr. Bang Louiaa.?The Baltimore arrived yealcnlay morning Lorn the Louiaa, with mcrchandiae, he. Another achr came up the day before with part of the L.'a cargo. Hch> k,lima MaacaoLR, of and front New York, bound to Baltimore, was er.rk..l nn r .na Mav Reach near t .ane lalanil on the morning of the Vh nut. She baa telueblr cargo of extorted merchandise, eOMIcnen 10 different iwrton* in Baltimore. ill of which has been oli-ly lainled, |iart in (ood condition, end eomr partially wat, anil ttored at tlic Atlantic Unti l, t'apr lil* ainl, mlum to the Older of thnir concerned. The fteeel it hull ami dry at low tide on the hanch, and apjieara to ba coutl* denthj) damaged. but br timely attention and contiderable ex* jieittr the ina> be got off. Lavki lira.?A beautiful ahin of HO 'one. wit launched at MaMapotreft on the Oth mat. bne it intended for the whale fishery, to be commanded by Capt Joa R Tiber, and la called the Jote|>h Meiga. Alao^a thi_ji of 110 lone, at S'r ? Bedford. She | to I*- comtaauUeO oy cape i uroer, ami is caiieu me Janus. Whaltmtn, Arr at Nanlucbut 3d in?t. Tyleston, Atlantic Ocean, with 2X1 bbls spoil. Siaakc July II. lit 39, lou 39, Hint, Bristol, clean ?hail s|?okeu Juno 21, off Florcs, Troy, rlo, 30; July 19, lat 3d, Ion 39. Orm. rrovincetown, 210?had >|>olirii July t, off Tercrira. Hoi*. NB. 480 (repotted at Fatal July II, 100;) Joshua Brown, Provincetown, 20; Emeline, NB. clcaa; 9th,off Florra, t'.nlu rwoo'l, Westport, clean; 95th, l?t 39, Ion 41, Nlaracaibo. Plymouth, 60?had siKilicn July 19, off Florra, Pavilion, Edgartown, 300 ; 31st, lat 38, Ion 41, Pnitinuniiet. Sippioan, clean?in ti uded to cruise until Sent, atul itirn go South lor right whales ?had s|i?kcn June 8, off Fayal. Willis, Maitanoisetr, clean; 26th, at Fayal. Helen, Ncw|*irt,95; Aug 27, lat II, lou 61, Alexantler, NB. 5 days out. The Rhine, at Kdgartown 2d inst from Atlantic Ocean, reports Sarah, Matta|ioisett, 3 moi out, 10 ttbis; heard from, Deborah, Edgartown, soon after sailing, iobhls sp, Arr at Edgartown itli ins I. Clarkson. Nantucket, to complete fitting for Pacific Ocean. Letters received in Nanluck 't from Benj Starburck, Payta, report off Massafuero March 20, Statirs Nanf. 2300 (previously incorrectly rr|K>rtetl 2WMIJ Hector. NB IJ00 (do do do I700:> touched at Payta April II, Russell, Dartmouth, rleant 16th, E Starbuck, Naut. 60; sld fin P. April 7, Potomac. Nant. to croise on the Coast of Pelu for 3 months, all well; 12th, Christopher Mitchell, do, lot); at Callao April S, E Starbuck, Nant. 60?had sent hoin- 120; Lafayette, NB. 1000; S Robertson, do, 2*1; Orion. Nant. 300; Cora, NB. 60; John Adams. Nant. clean; Os-orue. Slomngtoii, IKK) wli. Touched At TsleahuRns from 1st to Itlh March, XarraganseH, 2.Vt; Persia, NU. I(N, bound on a cruise; Menkar, Newport, clean; Martlu, do do; Martin, Fairhaven, do; Golcooda.NB. IM; heard from at m. Marcli 20, lat 27 S, lJr tU Hush, Warren, 160; 2Jth, Navigator, Nant. JUO. Spoken. Swatara, from Now Orlram for Liverpool, 21 daya ont, Aug 31, lat 3116, loir 71 19. Foreign Porta. St Thomas, Aug 22?In port. Stranger, from Antigua, just arrived, St Johns, PR Aug 23?In port, Frances Jane, and a sohr, name unknown, to sail negl dav for Baltimore; Mary, for Norfolk. Tunas Island, Aug 30?No American vessels in port. BannaDocs, Aug 22?In port, Montevideo, for Bonairr, in 2 days. United States Ports. Machias Pout, Sept 2?Arr North America, Richardson, NYork. Wtg wind 1st, Forest, Talbot, for NYork. Banuor. Sept 3?Arr Mary, Coomts, NYork. Old St Marks, New Haven. Portland. 9e|* 6? Arr 5th, America, Dyer, NYork; Harriet. Tiller, Lubec for NYork. Nkwhurtport. Sept 6?Arr Ooriuth, Rotterdam. Boston, Sept 7?Arr Oeu Warren, Philadelphia. Below, Arab, from Antwerp; Liou, and J H Cheney, Philadelphia; 1 bark and 3 brigs. Cld Wave. Riod? Janeiro: George, St Marys, Geo; Thorn, Philadelphia; Benj Bigrlow, Bsiter, New York. New Bvdford, Sept 6?Arr Industry, Baltimore. Nantucket, Sept 3?Arr Col Simmon", Albany. Holmfs Hole, Sept 3? Arr Garland, Long Island for Boston; till, William, of Marbleltead, !9 days from Aug Cayes for A 1 "iiauripnia; lien warren, no, Edoartown, 8ept 4?Sid Catharine, Randall, NYork. F all River, Sept t? Arr Angeline, Philadelphia; I H Borddu, NYork. Providence, Sept 6?Sid Zerriah, and Palmos, Philadelphia; Benj Franklin, NYork. Bristol, Septfi?Arr Laurel, New Bedford to load far Norfolk; A rion, Providence to load for NYork. Sid Sally, Albany; Jtli, Cora, Norfolk. Newport, Sept g?Sailed, all the wind bound vessels in port, except Sarah Ann. and Girard. New Haven, Sept 5?Sid Judson, Demarara; Kuarkee, Philadelphia. PhiLaoelpiiia, Sept 8?Arr Norri? Stanley, Turks Uland; Norfolk, do; Iucrrase. NYork. Cld Ann Filiza L. La Guayra via St Thomas; Wm Thatcher, Barts; Nicholas Biildle, Bridgeport, Ct; Amanda, Agaw >m. and Oneida, NYork; J St W Errickson, Boston; Caspian, do. Arrived in the Schuylkill, Amos Birdsall, Urands wine. Niagara, Wm H Fiirimr, Wm Penn, Family, J G Meyers, Champlain. and Sturgeon, NYork; Squire Si Brothers, Providence; Charlotte Ann, Stoniugton; J T flattie Id. Bristol. Baltimore, Sent 6?Arr Vigilant, St Johns, PR; George, Newport. Cld Amazon, Cadiz, Gibraltar and a mkt. Alexandria, Set* 5?Arr Kate, Barbadoes. F'rk?ericrsbpro, Sept 5?Arr March, Boston: K.xile, New York. Cld Leonidas, Halifax; Atlantic, do; Philanthropist, Boston Richmond. Sept 6?Cld Konohasset, Bremen; Tiber, Bristol; Arr Louisa, Boston; Daniel Francis, do. Norfolk, Sept 5? Sid Georgians, Bedell, NYotk. Charleston, Sept 3?Arr Burliuglon, Irom New York for Cuba. Georgetown, SC. Sept 1?Arr Fanny Coit, New York; Hannah, do. Mobile, Aug 31?Cld Mobile, Williams, NYork. New Orleans, Aug 30?Clu Adeline Eliza, Hopkins, N York. Arr Solway.(s) Havana; Lelia, Galveston. ANTED?Three or four girls for the purpose of making ** artificial (lowers. None need apply except those that understand the business thoroughly. Apply at Madame BF'.SCHOR'S, 73 Chambers st. >83tlrc XATANTED?A partner iu the mercantile business, the locavv tion it pleasant, the business lucrative, and the atand in every particular will be fouud desirable. A cash capital of three or four thousand d< liars, and unquestionable testimonials of character. Sic. will be required. Please address 8. W., through the Post office, stating when an interview may be had. s 1 3t*r ANTED?A situation by a young girl to take care of cliil'* dren, or do general housework for a small family in the country or city?good relerences given. Addrrssa line to inis omce, sEtitirc UAMILY BOAKDINQ SCHOOL in the country.. A lady F who is an experienced teacher, wishes to lake into her family six chldren as boarders an.! scholars. She will s|>are no pains lo render her house a pleasant home to the pupil ami t oadvauce them in theirstudies. Every proper attention will be paid to their health and morals. The location is rery healthy and lelired. No day scholars admitted. Terms moderate. Refer to?Mr. Charles Sandford, No. 7 Cedar st; Mr. E. Ariinux, 145 Fulton at; Mr. H. Hunt. No.9 Chamber st; Mrs IVet, 7G5 Greenwich st; Sirs Somers, Houston oi>iiosit? Eldridge it; wis. Chamberson, 156 Laurens st, and to Mr. John J. Butler, 16 John st, where terms will lie made known. s9 tWrc BOARD IN BOND STREET ? A ge utlr man and his wife and a few siuitle gentlemen can l>e well accommodated with board and pleasant rooms, at No 2 Bond street. Persons wishing board for the winter, w ill find this a desirable plane. sfigwjec T OST? On the 7th inst. from No. 5 Albany St. a green Parrot, La with a yellow head, and wings lipped with bine ami red feathers; supposed to hare down towards the Battery. The finder will be suitably rewarded by leaving it at the above named place. stl 31 Jr TEACHER OF THE FLUTE. TMONZANI.55 Thompson street, gives instruetioas on ? the Flute. Terms $13 per quarter. si lm*r T ADIES!?A gentlemen of domestic habits wishes lopro' J cure lodgings that may meet his views. Any lady o| amiable maimers, with uo incumbrances, having apartments to let where there are uo boarders, and who wonla be willing to aid the advertiser in rendering a home agreeable, may make such an arrangement by addressing Robert K. Mandec, Park Postoffice. at) 3'.*c T) ALTiSlORF. GIN?30 pi|*s White's Baltimore Glib te 100 Barrels Rock Gin. 100 Barrel* Franklin Uin, Old and of very superior quality, for sale by CAMPBELL P. WHITE. ?9 to<l 3 *r No^BO Front street. T EECHF.8, LEECHES.?Just received several thousand 1-k Leeches. For sale at a very low price, by J. ALAYOLOR. 106 Bowery and s93t*r 178 Broadway. URKNCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS.?Mr. J B. J.cque" mod. inannfaclurer and im|>ortrr ol French Artiticia1 Flowers, 63 Lispensrd street arar Broadway, has just received by Havre packet Sully, Duchess o'Orleans, and low*.alufl assortment of superior and fashionable flowers and feathers, of the latest Parisian atylea. a> Im'ec OHIRT8.?United States Shirt Manufactory. 77 William st, eorner of Liberty, New York. Notice is hereby given to merchants and traders in general, that the proprietor of the above establishment has adopted a new method ol a.annfacturing, whichen titles him to veil his shirts at a cheaper rate than any other house in the city. This stalemeut will be affirmed by the list of prices, as follows :? Fin - Mit din Shirts, with Linen Bosoms and Collars, per doe, $7 50 Do, stitched in the Bosom and Collars, per dox, 9 On Do, colored, new patterns, large sizes, per dox, 7 00 Also, a large quantity o I' Bosoms and Collars constantly on hand, which will t>e offered cheap for caah. >8 lm*r QTOLEN OR MISCARRIED.-A certificate of~depos.te ?7 of the Merehants' and Planters' Bank, Mobile, for $ MOO, which is supposed to have been mailrd Mobile, 28th Auxust. Persons are forbid negotiating any cenificate of deposite drawn to my order without done by me in person. C. 8CHMITT, . 63 Williun st, np s'nirs. New Yoik, Slli Sept., 1842. ?9 lt*ec REWARD? Stolrn from the steam boat Snntli Amertea on the evening of Sept 5th, as she was leaving iho whaif for Albany, a blue black beaver overcoat, velv,; collar, ruffs and facings,with woollen linings throughout?large figured buttons, linen sleeve linings, and hound with black t jpe. The coat contained a large pocket low down on each aide of the coat. In one ol the pocketa were two package! of papers, one addressed to Messrs. Edwards It Mend, Counsellors ate., Albany, Ine other to Messrs. Memos kCaggrr.of Albany. Five dollars reward will be paid on rrsloralton of the coat, and ten dollars additional reward will be paid on the conviction of the thief. A further reward of fiie dollars will be paid for the reeovsryof the packages. HORACE F CLARK, Sept ttli, 1842. 53 Wall street. N. B^?The gentleman who handed to the subscriber the packate'pf papers above mentioned, addressed to Messrs. Stevens k f', of Albany, heing personally unknown to me, will, by means of the above, become informed of his misfortune. i9 K*r \ CASTOR'S HAIR OIL. OR, COMPOUND ESSENTIAL Oil OF ALMONDS ?For dstr ying dandriff and preventing the hair from coming out or turning, prepared by Antonio Pasfor.Hair Outer, 165 Greenwich street. New tors. This inimitable nil, hss been the product of twenty-tonr years of ? x|>erirnar. and for thr last sixteen years in New Yor<, where I have been practicing ,nthe Hair Cutting business, and the public may rely on it, thai A. Pistol's Compound Oil is thr wliolrsomrst snd best Oil for the II ur?makes it iron thick and lonir. nrrvi-nti us falline off or turning ifrry, ?n3 .?m if h*ir his b-fun In tarn grey, iindii l.itarisnrr t? the hair, that by u?e it will reitore it to its n.turI color Also preterit. hair from heeomui* shaded, and if hair haa alr -ady shaded, which is a ifteat disfigurement to yonng ladies awl if used for a short time it will reitore it to its natural color, clear the scurf, and keep the head and hair eleau.oromote eyebrows and whiskered. A Itberildiscount made to wholesale purchasers. Price 50 cents per bottle, highly l*rf.tmed.R si 3w-r 165 Greenwich at, N. V . MOTT'S PATENT * | COMBINED AGRICULTURIST'S FURNACE AND CALDRON. THIS article is a Boiler or Caldron set in an Iron Sto*r or * Furnace, ?o constructed that the heat encircles the hoiwr to i(a upper edge. They art? jtortable, and can be removed ln>ll place to place, aa convenience or necessity may require, f ney arc adapted for all mechanical purposes requiring Wlf boilets. No Farmer or Planter should be without our. They are particularly useful for he&riug water for warm fcsths. "he fnllowiiig is from that distinguished agriculturalist, L-. IS. Bemcni, Esq., of Albany, whose opinion in such matters is generally received as Orthodox:-?** A good, cheap, and durable boiler has I on a been sought for by the farmer. Potash kettles, caldrons, and boxes, with sheet iron bottoms set in brick, hivs been used, as well as steam boilers of various descriptions, but they all take un considerable room, are clumsy ami burdensome. V or the last seven years 1 have tried all fthe abme named articles, and base laid them by and substituted one of " Motl's Fateiit Agriculturalist's Furnace and Caldmn." It will readily he perceived that it has many advantages over those set in brick. It likes up but little room, is light, and may be placed on the floor, and requires no foundation to support it. Besides being portable, it may be removed from place to place, as occasion or convenience may require?two men ara sufficient to remove it. It can be mad. to boil lull of vegetables in thirty minutes, and the second filling in t wenty minutes. In this I waa most happily disappointed, for I had always supposed that brick retained the heat better than iftw, arid after being once heated, would require lesa fuel to keep it b? iling. Another very important consideration, and will go far to recommend it, is, that it require* much less wood than one of the same sue and form set in brick, or even the box. with a sheet iron bottom, so highly recommended in some of the former volumes of the " Cnlttva#... W A s.swwl h? it t.b..*; -i 1-e procure It. ' Three Hill. Farm. (Signed) " C. N. BEMENT." Made in lize. varying from 1} to 150 gallon.. For .ale by J. L. MOTT,36? Water atreet anil .9 ltfr 15 Bowery. n RAND NATIONAL I'ROCJ&SStON.-Ai * vT ihr General Committer of Arrangements, consisting of a deputation of five from each ward, which convened ou Tuesday ermine, (he 6th inst. at the house of Major Joseph Hopkins. No. 7 Frankfort strrri, and adjourned to St. John's llill, for tin ; | if expretanuj tlx ! t!.i < uninuri cemintc the outrageous insult which was offered to ih? Republic of the United States and its Chief Mat?strate, it the atone r tiv? it to Lord Aehburtou on tin- 2d iust., it w?? unanimously Resolved, That a General Procession, terminating in i Public Meeting, expressive of the indignant helm* of all classes ol nnr citizens at the recent national insult, and ill vindication ol their patriotism and self-respect ?? Am? i k in ciCSXeus, he foiMl on Monday nest, the 1Mb inst., that a Programme of the same ' be prepared b> the Executive Committee of Arrangements, and fiuulished in flu' nuhlir wiurnaU nn ft.iluriiav iw *1 anil lbat tlu* L'ivil ami Military Associations of thocity are hereby invited to unite on this great occasion. By order of th?* Committee, ll I.LI AM SHALKIl, Chairman. N. T. Arnold * r..lari?? OrofcQK F. Tit >7 3tia rpo EM1QRAN 1 k SD OTHERS wishing a country life. A To a v? uug mau, or a tutu and his wife, having a small cai I'al of $301), nil 0| portunity ow offers which seldom preseiils itself. Any one possessing a good disposition, and having * knowledge "f fir mi' -?i cardi-ning, .iud willing l?? woik, ma\ hear of a safe and lucrative investment, and a comfortable homr; bvapplyio( i" Mi. Robert Marlies, 478 Gre*nwhich itred ofl whom full particulars may be known. Application to be in ule between twelve andJKo'clock. tS 3t $r_ MYSTERIOUS DISAPPEARANCE. A GENTLEMAN, aboni fortr*firi vim ?.f ?g?, laboring nndei mental derailment, left his lodgingson Monday list, and has trot since been heard of. In |?er?oii he is about (He feet six inches hi height, ratherstoutly built,and of dark complexion. He was clad in a dark dress coat, satin vest, black hat and dark pantaloons. Whoever will ifive any information concerning him to Mr, Shirks of the Police, or at 21$ Pearl street, will be suitably rewarded. sg2t isfrt PARIS ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS BRL'N St CO., 11} Willi,un atreet, formerly Bniii. Laroaare St Co.?will open ill a few rlar s, tweulv cue F <ri> Artificial Ktowrri. Feather.. So*.. now laudine from l..f .r.i>.1. ? Thi? establishment is rrcirvniK from their huu.r iu Paris by vary Havre iwckrt, the ncvril atylra of (lowers aud fe tilers, iu they appear in that centre of fashion. Tin* arruiKemeut enablra tliem to hart constantlyon hand a moat fdahionable assortment 01 the above articles. Draliug by lar more I tritely in thia line than auy other eatabliahmcut ill the city, they can alfnrd to aril at the very lowest rale* and on tlie moat reasonable terma. Wholesale ware room* tip stairs. Alao, couatautly on hand, every kind o( raateriala (or flower manufacturer!. a3 lm*c is DAHIS MlCCTSTCRY st FANCY DRY OdODS-Ju.t A u|ieurd at 231 Broadway, neat door to the Amrrlc.tu Hotel, an aaortment of Krench Koada and I'aria Millinery, which will be void at very low prices for cash by MAD'L. K. BCAUBARD, Agent. N. B.?The customers of Mad'l B. ill and out of Ine city, are reapectfully invited to give her a call. *7 3t*re SUPER If >R STROP. t?OH Surgeou'* Instruments, Razors, Penknives, tic., made and warranted, by PETER KOBE,Cutler and Surgeon's I istnimriii Maker, ffo. Ill Willi mi U, N.w Y??rk. To all those who have experienced the want of a Rood Strop, combining neatness and economy, the above is recommended, and wamnted not to surpassed by any yet offered te tha public. Having been engaged in business as a turer of Cutlery since 1822, iny exi>erience enables me to make an article that will stiiltnc wants of the community, and if not approved may at any time be returned. They are so'd at the low price of 75 cents each, to aeeord with th* Iiium* anal ? .*??ar? ret|>eclfully invite<1 torall and examine thein. I wiii here state that they are not a four titled atrop with metallic hour attached, or any such humbug; but a plain atlicle by which a keen edge mav or p?t IfOt MIM, Penknives, he. Razors ground and honed in the beat manner, and warranted. Also, all kinds of Cutlery made and repaired with neatness and despatch, by s8 lw*r PETER ROSE. Cutler he. lyATl HF.S And JF.WK1.HY VKHY LOW-Theaub" scriber is constantlv receiving, direct Irom the manufacturers, all descriptions of Gold and Silver Lever., Anchor, Esaapeiiirnt, Letiine, and Verge Watches, of new and splendid imtterns; gold and silver pencils, gold chai"t, keys, Stc., which lie is selling at retail lower than at any other place in tins city. Gold Watcn es as low as 25 to 30 dollars each. Watches and jewelry exchanged or bought. All watches warranted to keep good time or the money leturned. Watches and clocks repaired in the heal manner and warranted, at much less than the usual prices, by one of the beat workmen in America. G. C. ALLEN, Importerof Watches and Jewelry, au23 lw*rc WhoUaale and retail, 311 Wall st, up stairs. NWK SAID.?The rrnort tha. H. N. Wilds, Esq., the great Boston Candy Man, was about to establish an Office in thii city, it n rw confirmed, as he has already selected oue of the most central locations in New York city, No. 13 Bowery, opposite the Bowery Theatre, where large quantities of Caudles have already arrived, and selling at If, cents per lb. ; and also t\e celebrated Indian Candy for sale, which liai acquired l r.?.. r .. I?I 1:.: - .c. u " sR 21 tr NAVV ASENT'8 OFFICE, > New York, Sept. 2, 1812. J PROPOSALS, sealed and endorsed "Proposals for Oranite," or "Sand," will be received at this office till 3 o'clock, P. M. of the Kitli iust. (or 2,000 I'eet of Granite, and 400 loads of screened building Sand. The Granite to be lengths ofi, 6 anu 10 feet, 12 inches by 12, tooled on three sides, and rough dressed on the other. Both the Granite and Sand are to be delivered on the wharf at the U. S. Naval Hospital, near the Navy Yard, and subject to the inspection of the Yard. Samples ot tire Granite offered must accompany the bids, which must slate the localiou of the t|uarries. All to be delivered On or before the ith of October neat. ROBERT C. WETMORE. s3 8tr Navy Agent. FRENCH LANGUAGE.?MANESCA'S ORAL AND " Practical System. The subscriber requests ladies and gentlemen who wish to resume the study of tne French Language to make immediate application, as the old classes are now reforming, and will commence iu a few diys. Anew evening class for gentlemen, and a morning class for ladies are alto now firming. L. MANE8CA DURAND, sfi 3tfr. 78 Franklin St., Jth door west of Broadway. $l(Ul()() MERCHANDIZE WANTED. AOtNTIiKMAN in V%illil| who ha* a good location f?>r ihu tale of dry goods, groceries, hardware goods, clothing, boots, shoes, hats. Sir. &r., wishes to purchase an assortment of the above articles, suitable foi a country store, say to the amount of Ten Thousand Dollars, and he wishes to pav for the goods in the same pay he receives for sales, to wit:?in notes ?f the Cbesaneake and Ohio Canal Company, dated 3d June, 1812,and pav able in twelve months, with interest froin date, at G |?**r cent per annum. The above rirsrn red Times'fire ante, fcfelntf interest andare due mless than nine months. Address box No. 2G1 Park Post Office. s7 3tis*r ^cYoImT Continues to be consulted daily, until 10 P. M. CONFIDENTIALLY On all 'elirate diseases, at his private offices, 4 CORTLANbT STREET. OECOND Door from Broadway, with the utmost confidence k' in all cases of a delicate nature, requiring prompt and safe treatment. Beiug a Regulur Practitioner, patients may relv upon receiving all the attention their cases may demand, with an assurance of a successful issue, based upon tne experience of many years piofcssional duties. Dr. Bell dues not advertise a S|II citic Drop or Pill for the cure of certain guarantees all iliat Anatomical, Medical, aud Chemical knowledge ran suggest in each case. Separate offices. Attendance till 10 P M. daily. st lm|r DR. FEUCHTWANGER'S /"tFFICE, No. I Wall street corner Broadway.?Mannfactnra-e er of German Silver ia sheet,and faultless castipgaqof Aque fortis, Muriatic, Nitric snd Pyroligneoua Acids : of Tin Solalions, extract Logwood, Labarraguis Chloride of Soda, of Lnnat Caustic, Pruasic Acid; Liver of Sulpher, Iodides of Iron, Lead and Mercury, Dasuerrotyiie. Cheinir.als, lie. Ike. Infallible Poisons for Bedbugs, Fless, Fly Paper.Corkroachf a Rats, Moths, Caterpillars; the compound chemical Whale Oil, Soap and Seed Protector; Platiua,genuine Harlem Oil, imported. s9 I m(cc IN libit V lLihl!. WUilBti 1 tVl.r.1 IliNVr. AMATlii FO R ^lOOT ^ r I hi- above course on Thursday, Sept. 15th. Three mile hears to subscribers. U. Woodruff uame, gr. g. David Crockett. H. Jones names gr. g Pleasure Boy. Same d iy, a purse, mile heals, best three in five under the saddle, will be given. Free fo' all trotting horses that never won a pnrse over thirty dollars. Kntrance lor the purse to close at Jones' Second VVard Hotel, on Monday evening, 12th, at 9 o'clock. ?9 lt'ec ARCHER'S FALL FASHION FOR GENTLEMEN'S HATS, rB ^ILL be introduced Saturday, Sept. 10th, 1812, at his J^^old stands, 201 and 260 Greenwich st. s9 lw*?c WM. H. BEBEE & C0.7" HATTERS. 178 BltOADWAY, 1UNDER THE HOWARD HOTEL,) up alyiuni , i^r^vy jliv1li. f* RESPECTFULLY inform their friends and the nublic' J^wvthal they hare opened a wholesale anil retal Hal anil Cap Varehonse under the Howard Hotel, where they will keep runs unity on hand the greatest variety of Hata ever offered for ale in the city ol New York. Not confin-d to one ouality and prire, but as many aa twenly different qualities of Genu Fashionable; ami with their faeill iea for th-ir business,which Ihepublic in general are acquainted with, ihey think it uuni ceaaary to aay more. The Gentlemen of New York are lea peelfully invited to call and examine for themvelvea. N. B ?A apler.did article of trvvelling trnnka, raleaea.and haaa, for aale at inanufactnrer'a pricea. s9 lw* XTlET dher, hatter, f* NO. 4 WALL UTREKT. will hive his F*ll. Fashion on Sittirdty SrptrmberDth, when a ?U|*rior style will off#-ml t<> tl'r | nhlif . : . . _ hats."hats, hats. cm fall fashion.?Tbe snbsc.ibcr invites the attentiou of the Beau Monde to liia b-?uiiful, graei lul, and i a, teful low bell-crowued Hat, Deing the only really laahionable article of the kind extant, though hi cannot e jvrt but that imitators will spring up, and claim the brncfil of hta own original conceptions. To aay these HaU ruriwaaany thing of the kind in point of ?t\ Ir, finish. .ami gratanu ip|>earance, is to claim no inorc than is warranted ny an et|>erience of twenty years in the business, and he invites itentli men who study grace anil fashion, to call and examine for themselvea. A large assortment of Travelling Trunks. Carpet Bags, Hat Cases, anil, in fact, every thing neceasary for a lentlemsn's travelling outfit, may also he found at E. BLOOMER'S, 170Broadway, auV) lin ia*r Oppoaite Howard's Hotel. r u a n v o. n n ij Ti n ft i oc vy yj . HATTERS, 1ITILL, Introduce the Faahion lor the Season, pn Friday, 9th ?? instant. s6ttiar NO. i AND i A8TOR HOUSE r"po MEPIt Vl7 I'H A( TITION ERB.?A iradnate of the ' Unfvenity of Endtnbonh, who ie also Licentiate of > lie College of Surgeons the re, w i<his to oht iin in assistaney to . Medical Prsctitioner in New York or it* vicinity. Ample testimonials of profrasional qualifications and character, will lie proilnetd. Please addrrss by letter to K M A., office of tliii paper. >7 3t*r BANK NOTE PAPER?50,000 sheets Bank Note PaperTof Canon m in iPicture, a very auralior article, jiiat received, PKRBSE k BROOKS, anljr 61 Liberty atreet JJUOAR?Met hhds prime New Orleans Sugars, in atore, and foraale in lota to suit purchasers, by at r E, K. COLl.lNS k CO. 56 South at. | )K. JAMES ALEJLANUElt HOUSTON has removed ~l bia ypjiaultiwo n??>oe. i? N?. t Hr.aai.n Buildi*# m * + * U " ? STEAM SHIP NKI'TI ,\K-( AI T. WM ROLLINS To |ea?e thiajmi* Ortoher l?t, at 4 o'clock I*. M. FOB CHARLESTON". Kk'V WEST. HAVANA NEW ORLEANS, AND OALVESTON, TEXAS. This >I|I|I will poailivrly lea?r aa above. She can aupe rblv accommodate J.VI |?aeeiixrrs iu the ribmi anil ?Ulr ruomi. au<l w'll lake afew in (he altera**. Alao, a imall iiuaiititv of light frright, for which or ptf*?i^e a|n>|y ?>u board, at ih* Tobacco Inapecttou pier, K R, ..r at No. 7h Wall atrcel, where .1 ylau of the atate reome may be aeca. The Ncjounr haa been perfectly ovctliaulrd, and la in fi'at rate oiilrr. The delay at intermediate porta will be but mo > >? ? , , i ,u receive |?**seugers, ana u is ri|>rci?Q paueugera by her will be lauded ?t New Orleain by 12th October. J. H. BHOWKR, ?6lo ol*ic 7J Wail it. - ? FOR CHARLESTON. HAVANA. KEV WEST, NEW ORLEANS, AND (JALVESTON, (Teia?) to aail rn the 10th ~-^4241?^JyUJ October, at 12 A M.?The well known and ^^^^^ "*/?vorite sit-.tin ship NEW YORK, J. T. W right, Commander, having been put in complete order, with new wlought iron ahafu, Ac , will |Niaitii ely leave for the above ports oil (lie tUy specified. The New Vork, lia\iiiic been su|?rbly fitted up, with saloon state rooms in addition to her cabins, offers sti|arrior sccommo 1st ious for the couveuieuce of lusscugvrs. Passengers going in this boat r*?ay safely rely u|K?n the well known skill Vid attentions oi her Captain. For light freighter iMusige, apply on board, loot ol 9th street, hist Hiver, or to C. MORGAN, or II. HUBBARJD. A CO. Vf II IM KI V . . S7 I Slip. N. is.? I he New York carries sufficient fuel for the voyage. I assengeis for hey West, New Oileaus, ami Oilvestnn. will have au opportunity of visiting Havaua, as the ship w ill lay 1 here two day v. ?8t o olfltrc ___ STATEN ISLAND FERRY. Foot of Whitehall afreet. The .team boat. STATEN ISLANDER and SAMSON will leave New York and Statin Maud every hour, from 8 A M tu 6 I' M.. 12 noon neepl -d. All good. are required to be |utrticularly marked, aud are at the rl?k of the ownera thereof. ?3t .MO 'V K,Ky-rCJTtT AND MIDDLETOWN I OINT. The steamboat ROCKLAND wtll. 3C?after Monday, the lit of August, Iruvc Muldletowu Point (tide permitting) every Monday, Tueiduy, Wednesday, Thntaoay, and Friday, at 2 o'clook, p.m. ; and Key-Tort at 1 o'clock, r m. ; and Now York, foot ??f Robinson street, at o'clock, a m., eiery Tuetday,Wednesday, Thursday, Fnday?aud Saturday at 2 o'clock, p.m., touching at 8eKiniie'i Do-k, Si in ii l-l oi I, el-11 ? iv. in"! linr* THE w.ush I lint mi Imin; been ,,,1,1 and fl. g*M.r. withdrawn from the river, the Albiny route u 2?_?B_j?_.igaiii in tile haud? of the Did I.inn, which, without o|i|Hi*ition, would loon double on the present fare. Thilevent Will be prevented (if properly supported) by the WAVE, which haa been overhauled and fitted up espressly for the purpose. Her speed has hern much improved by the introduction of a new boiler, and she is everyway in superior order, FOR ALBANY?Landing at the foot of Hammond street, Nrwburgh, Poughkeepsie, Kingston Poit-t, Catskill and Hudson, auil at the Ilailro.iu depot in Albany, saving ihe ei|K-nse Irom boat to depot. Passage 50 cents?Beths .Vternta. Leave New York, Monday. Wednesday ami Friday?Albany, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The steamboat WAVE, Capt. Vauderbilt, will leave the H'eamboal Pier at the foot of Robinson st,to-morrow afternoon, Wednesday, August 7lh. at 5 o'clock For paasatre or freight, apply on board, or to JOHN BALL, 101 Barclay street.? Light freight taken low. sS ?t Jisre ad FOR ALBANY, TROY and luterireD?JMs-io-^*diatc places.? The splendid low pressure jE^jSCISKpSteamboat SWALLOW. Captain A. M'Lean, will lease the foot of Courtlaudt-st, This (Tuesday ) After coon, Sept. 6th, at 5 o'clock. Also, as alwve on Friday, Sept 9th. The above ta a substantial Boat, fitted up with elegant State Rooms, aud for accommodation is unrivalled on the Hudson. a6rc .MM NEWARK AND NEW. YORK.-Fare , sir""1!' liK cents.?The spleuilid aud commodi jC^JtftiCLous steamer PASSAIC, Uapt. John Gaffy, being completely and elegantly refitted, comma need her regular tri|ia for the season on Thursday, ilarrh 10?leaving as foln.Mit.e .1 V/,-1. .1 in n'.UA a M ....I i o'clock, P. M. Centre wharf, half-past7 o'clock, A. M.aml half past 1 o'clock P. M. Ou Sundays, the Passaic will leave New York at 10 A.M. and I P. M. Leave Newark at half-past 7 A. M. and at 2 o'clock, P. M. Q^r" Freight ofevery description carried at rednccd prices. an 18 Im'r m. m PASSAGE FROM AND REMITTANCE TO GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND WEEKLY. fPHE subscribers continue to make arrangement to bring out 1 passengers from the old country, by ships of the first class, all American, built,anil commanded by men long and favorably known in the trade. The vessels composing this Hue sail weekly from Liverpool, consequently all unnecessary delay tO|>aasengers is avoided. Persons abc ut to make engagements for friends to emigrate the ensuing season, w ill study their own interest, and the interest and comfort of their friends,by making such engagements with the snbscribers, as no expense or pains are spared to earn that preference which has for many years been extended to them. As has always been customary with this line, when the parties settled for decline coming out, the passage money is promptly refunded to those from whom it was received, without deduction. A free passage per steamlioat from the various ports of Irelaud and Scotland, to Liverpool, can likewise be secured. For further particulars apply to SAMUEL THOMPSON. Old Established Passage Olficr. 273 Pearl at., Orto C. GRIMSHAW k CO. 10 Goiee Piazzas, Liverpool, Draft* and Kxeliange at light, and for any amount, are also furnished on II. C. Glyn k Co., Bankers, London, C Grimshaw at Co., Literpoo1; the Northern Ranking Co. nd National B uik of Ireland. National bang of Scotuuu, payable at their respective branches: as follows NATIONAL BANK OF IRELAND. Balliaa. Eiinu, Rnirommon Ballinaaloe Enniscorthy H?* rea Belfast Fermoy Boyle Gvlaway I allow Carrick ou-Suir Kilkenny Thurtea Casnel Kilrush "lipparary Caatleiar Limerick X"11" Ca?tl?reaiih Longford Tnam _ Charleville, Loughrea Waterford onmil Mitchellstown Weapon Cork Monte Weiibrd U "bNORTHERNNBANKINO COMPANY. , Belfiut Lurgrn N T Limerary Derry Armagh Ballemena Downpatrick Ma|fherafelt Clones NATIONAL BANK'OK'SCOTLANB, ED1NBUKOH. Aberdeen Fortwilliam Kirkwa II A 11.11 rut lit* r (Jalafheds Langholm Andrie Glasgow Leith Banff Orentown Lewick B ilhcatr Ilarwick Montrose Burntisland Inverness >>?,rn Cattle Douglas Inverary Oban Daikeith Inveakeithin* Clortr/,# Dingwell Jebugh Perth Dumfries Keith Stirling Dundee K'lson Stonaway Falkirk Kirkaldy Stormneas Forreat ? . Apply as aborc. *** r tgg- FOH LONDON?Regular Packet of the IWhS'lt The firal claaa fast sailing packet ship MONTKEjatMafaiAL.Capt Tinker, will aail aa above, her r< gular day. Having auiierior accommodations for cabin, 2d cabin and steerage passengers, those about to etnbark for the above port should nvke early application on board, oryo^ HgRj)MApf %t)T 61 South at. TJCT?- FOB NEW ORLEANS?First regular Packet l*f9WShii>-Tosailnntlir 7th inst.?Tha eletiegant new MnaSZsPicltrt ship UNION, CapUinRuiaell will imailivel^ur^leTpatched aa aoove. This abipoffers a superior convey aiice for cabin, second cabin ami steerage |>a?aengers,an<i i? ( <>.itively the first regular packet ahip on the berth for tie above Jmrt She has also comfortable sta'e rooms in the house on leek for second cabin passengers. Passa.e will be made at the lowest rate*. Apply on board the ship at Murry'a wharf, foot of Wall street, or to JOHN HERDMAN, 61 Sonth street. The above shipwill be succeeded by thesplendid well known ship Rsjah, Cam'. Bangs, at pier 13, k,. R., to he despatched on the IMh inst. *9 "Ife- FOR LIVERPOOL?To sail on the llhh Septem- I UEyfl^ber?The fast sailng yacht FORHEAD, Captain jSpBbaPauKraiie, is iniended to be despatched as above. This vessel has rlegsntlv furnished accommodations for a few cahin passengeis, who will he taken at very low rates. Person* wishing an economiaal passage to tne old country, should not fail to inspect the accommodations of this beautiful Vessel, (it will repay the trouble) st Pier No. R, E. R. For passage, apply to W. k J. T TAP8COTT, 43 Pack slip, s9r or 53 South street, corn-r Jones' Lane. FIRST PACKET FOR MOBILE?The superior dHMV fast sailing, packet brig GROWLER, Capt. B. UlITT i . will be despatchi d for the above |iort on the 14th instant. This vessel call handsomely accommodate abant forty second cabin passengers in the house on dock, and will carry the |*ssengers to the city without lighterage. Those about to embark for Mobile, are re,|ueited to examii e the accommodation* on board, at pier 14 East River. For passage, at the lowest rates, apply to JOHN hERDMAN. 61 South st The above vessel will he succeeded by the first class, fast sailing ship BRUNSWICK, Capt. McManus, to be detiwtched on 25th inst. s9ec JtdKg- FOR LIVERPOOL?NEW LINE.?Regular fcMMrV Packet of 25fh September.?The Splendid Packet flPpMEaR^hip SHKKIDA.N Capt. A. Pepeyater, of 1000 ton?, will |K>sitirelv tail aa above, her regular da v. For freight or paaaaife, having accommodation? unequalled for aplendor or comfort, apply on board, at Orleam wharf, foot of Wall ?treet, or to E. k. COLLINS Ik CO. 56 South .treet. Price of paaaag'*, $100. The Packet Ship Oirrick. Captain William Skiddy, of 1000 -? -11 \ .1... Ul ,1... ncl-.Kn. lis r regular day. Paat?nger* may rrtv on the ahipi of lliis line tailing punctually at advertised. a#r KOH LONDON, New Orleans. Mobile, 8avan hTTjl^nah, and Charleston?FOR LONDON?The packet jjpSJBbr'bip Montreal,Tinker, on the 10th Sept. FOR NEW ORLEANS?The packet ahip Alabama. Bunker, on the 10th. Sept FOR MOBILE?The packet brig Linden, Griffith, on the 10th B< pt. FOR SAVANNAH?The packelbrig, L. Baldwin ,Baiter, on the 10th 8 pt. FOR CHARLESTON?The i>aeket thip Moon, Hayt, on the 10th 8< pt. Tliete splendid packeta hare very tuperior accoaamoilatiotu for cahin. 2d cabin, and ttrrrage passengert. They are all regular lines, and will tail lainrtuallv at above. Thote theie fore who about to vitit either of the above portt will do well to elect one of them^ai the price of intsage it rery low and the numh< r limited, Thote withing to telect hyrtha thould make immediate application on board, or to W.kJ T. TAPSCOTT. sgr 43 Peek Slip or S2 South at. FOR HAVANA?To tail 20th inat.?The tuperior t^WVwell known rrgular packet, coppered and copper faatMMvimm ned brig MET AMORA, Ashby, matter, having the {re.itrsi part of her cargo on board, can yet takV the hulk of 2nn arrtla, and will tail potitirely at above. For balance of freight or paaaage, having handaome furnished accommodation*, apply on board at pier 13, E. R., or in aitMUir JOHN J. TAYLOR. TO Front at. &S- FOR 1,1 V K it POOL.?The only Regular F ? ' MRHV"' the 31 h September. I lir Una C'aea i?i ?" ? I STEPHEN WHITNEY-, I ai?. Thomt JinTwiTl ??il aa above,her regular day.. . . 11 iving very inferior .crOffiinodaMom for CaWlt, secouu Cabin and Steerage paaaciigera, per?ona jitniiliii* to etnbarlt ahnuld m tit- immediate applicatinn<vti b''"''1 ("?! u,, Av Lane, or tc OLOVER k McML RRAY, loo Pin* at., c?r. of South, Pr-rtont W|ahinft to tend for their friend, mi luve them brought ?>nt Hy thu rerf iplendid ?hip, or my other packet of the lin**, by .tpplying * *bore lil? A kOK MARSEILLES? Packet for lit October? The very auiierior copper fattened and coppered thin JSCIltMINERVA. Winalow, Maater-The major |*rt ol rr^TnT7i? n I re id v e nfafr? slor freight of the hRlanee or lor ?<> * mscKKS. Agent. au3lr 9 Tontine Building PuRTLtruE5E FEMALE PILLb. rpHESK far-fame I and celebrated PilU, from Portugal, arn I we perreiTe, to be obttjfK4ju Una country. See autertjae ment on the lot colnmn * wj i* ,, auction "Sales. BY THO.MA8 BELL. ( Store/ Sot. t2 Ann and 115 Fulton /treat.) krtbzt: o . r ? rJ o'clock iuthe tale rooms. 8i!Sof E'^no Fortei, V altitble Paintinf*. Softs, ('ourhui, *c?Tell ?|?1?iiuiu rt>?ewood a ml mahogany piano fortes, b the most approvrtl makt r?, some by order of a rereiver. A -?o, a number o. choice ancient aud modern |*aiutiu?*,sofas, chairs, Couches, louutfes, French divan*. 9tc Ac. SATURDAY. At 10* o'clock at the auction rooms. hvtensive and Valuable assortment of Household and Cabinet F urtiiturr, of ail descriptions. TUESDAY. At 10 oYlock. at 467 Broadway. Extensive sale of (Gentlemen's FurnisHinr Articles. Ladies' Dresses, Ornaments. Jewelry, and French Fancv Goods, comprising all kinds of rich silk cravats, scarfs, handkerchiefs and stocks, hosiery, gloves, collars and bo to ins, a lance assortment "i ncKani uni maae smris, caps, cam*.*, laucy ooxes, chess men, jewelry, Saxony damask table cloths, with napkins to match, rich poult de sole and other silks for ureases, jaeoiicu and cambrics, |>arasol?. ?un shades, fancy brushes, show cases, glass do, Counters, desks, oil cloth, kr. kc. BY RIELL k ARCULAiUUbT" SATURDAY, At 10^ o'clock, at :he auction rooms, Elegant Furiiitore and Pianos.?A large assortment of the best made fashionable furniture, including full and half French mahogany chairs; |iier and centre tables; wardrobes; bu eaus; toilet rabies; tufted aud spring seat sofas; rockers; dressiug bu* reaus, kc. Piano Fortes?Several splendid piano fortes, by celebrated makers, combining all the modem improvements. TUESDAY. A? 10K o'clock, at the auction room. Wines, Segars, lie. M. WARD, Auctioneer. Elegant fashionable furniture, cut1 lkky. glass and china-a. c. humbert It co. will sell this morning at half past 10 o'clock, in their sales room, 140 Broadway, corner of Liberty street, a free assortment including Half, three quarter t anu full French mahogany chin.*, tulh .1 ui 1 -pi ,ii.; s? it sofas, plain and cxc? n'nc r ?? I? < ?. Boston do, painted and enclosed mahogany wnshstands, dressing bureaus, wardrobes, breakfast aud dining tables, marble top centre tablet, French bedsteads, feather beds, toilet tables .laic work do, fee. Also, table cutlery, furnishing articles, lie. Sale without reserve. The attention of stringent is ptfttCUhrly invited. Also, 12 doxen best French crystal cut tumblers, several eleg-ut painted and china tea setts; one pure white desert sett, girandoles clocks, kc. lie. Also. 6 dozen Han is k Sous, London, best M*4fira iu cases. N. B.?Purchasers intending to ship hrir gbous, can have lliein picked with care and expedition. s9 lt|ec R. H. TIMrsON, Auctioneef. f AHGE SALE OF GUNS. RIFLES, PISTOLS. A-' BOWIE KNIVES. kc.-JACOB 8. PLATT, will sell I liis lJay at 10 o'clock, at the store, No. 21 Piatt street?137 cases and lots ofthe above, comprising single atid double barrel Guns (all of English manufacturer*) of every description ot brown, mottled, imitation Ad real wire twist, and Damascus barrels. Also, double barrel (inns in fine brass bound cases, with apparatus complete, suitable for sportsmen. Also, English belt and dueling Pistols in cases, with apparatus complete. Also, tlmt and percussion Kitles of superior manufacture ; among which are some of Cochran's pateut. Also, 3oo fmc Dowie Knives, with heaths, tooth-picks, daggers, St*. Also, Pistols with Bowie Knives, fle'e. Sic. to which the attention of purchasers are directed. Sale peremptory. Terms?6 months for all sums over $100 for approved endorsed notes Catalogues are ready, and the goods can he examined to the hour of sale. *9 lt$r AUCTION NOTICE.?Sale of Plants in continuation.? A. LEVYwill continue the sale ofW.Russell's fine plants this morning at lOK o'clock, r?i Broadway. The nm wttl comprise many Of MS most select kinds. N.B.?A. L. will have r? irulsr sales of plants every Thursday, which will give an opportunity to those who may have a surplus number, of taking this advantage for disposing of the same. s9 lt*c. Hy v7 r'l ue of A mortgage I "will expose t- sale, a' No. 74 Allen street, a yellow Cab, on Friday, the 9th day of Sept. inst. at 12 o'clock M. ?8 2f r HENRY THI8QN, Agent for Mortgagee. THE NEW YORK COLLEGE OF MEDICINE AND PHARMACY. ESTABLISHED FOR THE SUPPRESSION OF QUACKERY. T T AS met with the most unprecedented success .luce its com II mincemrnt, particularly from the unfortunate victim, ol unprincipled pretender*, who are now daily gaining: strength and viuor under the judicious treatment of the College. The following preparations hare already obtained a celebrity unparalelled in the annal* of medicine. THE UN HI VAULTED TONIC MIXTURE. A certain cure for all forma of dysjiepsia, low apirila, lost of ap|>etite, lasailude, cutaneous eruptions, general debility, pre iiis|?>siiiuii (i) c<HiftiiMi|>ii<Mi, auu nil cuinjii^iuu arniiiK innn n disarrangement of the nervious system. It may be also used with great success in esses of fry# and ague, and as a preventative te yellow lever. Sold in bottles at (I and $2 each. THE ANODYNE LINIMENT. For the cure of rheumatic |wms, colic, bruises, sprains, spinal disease, nervous headache, paius in the joints, and immediate and |>ermaoent relief Kuarsuteed. Sold in bottles, 71 cu each. THE PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIXTURE. For the cure of all cases of a delicate dis< ase, or for pains in the bones, eruptions, sore throat, or any other distressing symje torns, produced by an injudicious use of mercury, or by ouarliery. Sold in Dottles nt $1 and $2 each. THE AMERICAN ANTIBILOU8 CATHARTIC PILL. For the cure of all derangements of the liver, purifying tin lood, exciting the whole alimentary canal to healthy action, nd giving new vigor to the vital |iowers. This medicine is utirely superceding the drastic purgalives of the nostrum enders. THE FEMALE RESTORATIVE PILL. For the cure of those complaints peculiar to the female sei, and to restore and preserve the regular action of lie female organs, with full directions and cautions as to use, and sold in boics at $1, HI cents, and 21 cents each. SIR ASTLEY COOPER'S PILL. For 'he cure of cutaneous eruptions, gout, chronic rheuma tism, and to improve the lone of the digestive organs. tHE FRENCH ANTIPHLOGISTIC MIXTURE. Guaranteed to ure gonorrhoea, gleet, and all mucopurulent discharges from the urethra. Sold in bottles at 10 cents and '"C THE PAPILLARY HEALING POWDER,. Forthecureof sore nipples, and superficial excoriations of the skin. Sold in closely stopt phials at 10 cents each. The above preparations may also be bad of the following sub-ageuu in tnis city:? J. W. Basset, 644 3roadway. Dr. E. M. (Juion. 127 Bowery. Dr. King.287 Hudson street. Elias L.Tbeall, 548 Grand street. Win. Armstrong, 184 Fulton street, Brooklyn. Principal office of the College for New York, at 97 Nassau street. By order, .?0oim, w >RifH4Rn?nN a...?> PENNSYLVANIA COLLEGE?Medical DeparttmutI Filbert street above Eleventh, Philadelphia?Seuion of 1812 -'43.?The Lecture* in thi* Inatitution will be returned on the firtt Monday of November, and be continued until the firat of March. FACULTY. Anatomy and Physiology?Samuel George Morton, M. D. Surgery?Oeonre M'Clellan, M. D. Principle* and Practice of Medicine?William Rush, M D. Institute* of Medicine and Materia Medicia?Robert MontgOM-y Bird, M. D. Ohttetric* and Diteaies of Women and Children?Samuel M'Clellan, M. D. Chemistry and Natural Philosophy?Waltt r R. Johnson, A. M. Fees? Matriculation, Si. Each Course, SIS- Graduation, $30. Three years' study in the office of a respectable physician.and an attendance on two full courses of Lectures, one of which must be in this Institution, are the requisites which entitle the pupil to become a candidate for graduation. Th? examination for Degrees takes place early in March,and the Commencement is htld with as little subsequent delay as possible. The Facnlty have provided ample Dissecting Rooms,furnished with every requisite for Practical Anatomy, within the College Buildings. Demonstrator, T. ROSS COLHOUN, M. D. Disserting Ticket, $10. The Dis|>ensary of the College will be opened dally (Sundays excepted) during the months of September and tUctober,on which occasions the Professors will give Practical Instruction in Surgery and Medicine, while the Pupils will he alsosdmitted to the Pennsylvania and Philadelphia Hospitals, on the same terms with the Stadeuts of other Medical Institutions of thii city. SAMUEL GEORGE MORTON, Dean of the Medical Faculty, au23T&8 tonovl?r Nu. 431 Arrh street. rPERRAPIN LUNCH.?Gounnonde' Qui Vive! ThouA sands of our good cita. lovers of good fare, have been lor some weeks past suffering severe disappointme n' from the closing of the far-famed "Terrapin Lunch." The "fitful fevtr," ia now. however, over, aad again may they "feed well, ' for be it known that tha John Adams, of Knickerbocker memory, "hangs his hat" unat the Terrapin ; also the pronrietor. one of the finest little fellows in Christendom, y'clept W J Carr. Now, then, smack your lips v* cormorants in the Turtle Soup ami steak line , the mantle of 'Sandy,' lias fallen upon John, t?* perfection, in food rating and drinking may he again guaranteed at the Terrapin. A single look into the old "Ire Box," will appease the hunger of him with the short purse, and a taste of the genuine at half the old prices will tickle the palate of the veriest anchorite. l"ine Wreeu Turtle served up this day, and every day during tlu h non. 16 Imjr epicures! epicures: epicures: fpHE Snbacriber, formerly known u onr of (he firm of Blew A anil Ten Eyck, of No. 8 Broad atrret, Mm opened a home No. Wei Broadway a few door, below Niblo'a Garden, where he (till eont'ntiej ro aerve up all the Delicaciea of the Sraaon, viz?Oain?. Poultry, Fiah, lie. lie., together with hia eelebratrd Mill Pond. Hhrewabury and all rhoiee Ovalera.freah or nirklrd, which obtained the premium at the laat Annual Fait al Niblo'a. Hating filled nn a aaloon uneqnalled in the city, where gentlemen and (heirlamiliea viaiting Niblo'a, can, with the greatrat propriety, have aerred up to iheir comfort and aatiafaelion,auch relre.hmenla at they may call for on rraannablr lerma. N. b.?Clnba and Prirate Partiea wiahing rootna, can be accommodated aa above, by a7 lm?r JOSEPH TEN EYCK, pAHLTON HOUSE.?The proprietors of the Carbon U-* Houae are no? prepared to maltr arrangementa with familira orainglr gentlemen for board for the winter, on terma to cnrrea|ioiid with the timra. BENSON Ic'HODQES. aei I gar a_8T. GEORGE'S HO'i El .'.Not;I Bmadway-The plaji la"t adopted in tliiaeatahli.hment ia byall means the moat convent-nt and economical. Gentlemen ataying in the home can make arrangemi nta,cither for the room, and one ort w meal., or for full board; they etn have their meela at the tablo d'hote or aeptrately, withon I any eitra rharge, or they ran hire rooma and rail at the refrectory , by the bill of fare, the pticea of which are very moderate, Boarder, will alao he received at from $8to $12 per week, according m the room they my *ri*ct, wm miinhm *ny honrv in the morning, dining at the public table or aeparately, anil have their tea at any time before II o'elork al night. The table d'hote, whieh ia writ known for the ahnndanre. variety, and choiee of what i? aerved on it, ia another ennveinenre for thoae who prefer a lived hour, and are fond of a food table; jieraoiu living up town will alao find it very convenient. The proprieton, grateful for the liberal patronage I hey have met with, are dianoard to nae their beat effort* to pteaae their patrona,availing tliemaelvea of lhi< opixirtiinity to render their ineere fhanka. and to invite thoae who may draire to paaa the winter with comfort and economy, to pay a viait toaee onr airy and well filrniahed pooma. P.H ?The price of a dinner at the table d'hote it 62c. The hour ia preciaely 1'?. aMtfr NOTICE TO WAGON BUILDERS?The aaD -LewO icnhtr Proprietor of New York Tatteraalla. wi I - > make liberal advancca in Caah, on all New Light Wagena aent to hiae atabliahment foraale. Builder* in the couutrycan rely upon having ererv attention paid to their order*. for fnrther particular*, aa to term*, lie. apply to GEO. W*. MILLER, ??i Propneto* v J.rr.aa.iia, tt* Broadway DAGUERREOTYPE ADD4DA TTTC! ill 1 il I1A 1 U kl. JOHN ROACH, OPTICIAN, 72 NASSAU STREET. rPO ARRANOL ? Perfect Cimcn Obtrura, rrquirea tome 1 knowledge of 0|>ticta. Prraont withiittf to procure an i inurnment Will therefore find it to their ir.tere?t to pure hue of en optician. hu:io iin*r COAL YARD For Bile.?The leue mid Aituree, withlhe *ood will of a yard that will command the eale fW?""h oj 2000 tone. To a perton with ?!) ? or $0000 capital .the ?bo" I>reienti t eafe iiiTr?tment not often met with. Addreae, wiui reel name, Anthracite, boa 7M lower poet offlce. ?' ? ? AMl'SKMENTS. PARK THKATRB. REDUCED PRICES ?FAl)Sl!8?iON. Pint Circle of rwiii. Srcoiid awl Third <-ircl?*? 'A ceul* Pit T7V4 c?nu (j.illro MR BUXTON'S BENEFIT. "v?"uu THIS EVEN1.NO, September 9th, will be perfuimed ih. Comedy of THE HlVAI.H. Sir Anthony Alwulutc Placid. | Capt Abaolau, lli..w?e Sir Lucioui O'Tlincr, J M Field I Bob Acrr.,^ ^ Burion ' Mad II* Sleplian will dance F.KJaleo dr Xerea. UK It NC>< HT WACHTER. Albert, Abbott | Frnlrrich, Burton .'"/""Doora o|*n it 7 o'clock anil the performiuce will eomint ?cr at haU'-put 7. jviBLo'8 (iAHDK.'S. IT7" EXTRAORDINRY ATTRACTION..^ TRIUMPHANT SUCCEt^!! 7Tu: (iviqtou* Comic Pantomime cf "THE NIGHT OWL, In which the aholr forre of the RAVEL FAMILY ind COMPANY u brought into action, u naachtljr receiretl by , rmwilril Saloona, with ENTHUSIASTIC APPROBATION. THIS EVENl.Nu, Sept 'tth, the Koteruinmenu will commence with AN OVERTURE Aft rr whl'h the popular ?livrrtisem?nf of til? TilHEE CHINESE ON THREE ROPES, By Gtbriel, Jerome and Autoine Ravel. After which LA PCNHION DE MA S(EUH. Mont CARLO anil Mile CAROLINA will sustain three 9 characters. To he succeeueu oy Pa* de Deux fiorn La Svlnhide, by Mitt and Mr H Wells, and La Harabanne, by M lie Doutreville and Mont Keriu. Quarter o| au hoar's intermission will be allowed lot Kefreeh ineuu in the Grand Saloon. Alter which, 23d time, will be produced a magnificent Comi Pantomime called MAZULMK. OR THE NIGHT OWL ' Maxiiline, the Ntfht Owl, Mr Wells Chevalier Bviauo, Jerome Ravel Emile, Gnhnel Ravel Maclou, Anionic Havel Baliam^m, Moot Danvantre Mariana, a imor Peasant, M'me Jerome Ravel Julie, her daughter, MM!? Doutrevill? Zulitna. a Circassian Slave. Mi?? W?IU To conclude with a view of the Maicuificeut Palace of MAZULME! The whole to eoncluile with A GRAND INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT, lu the Refreshment Saloou. Tickets?50 ceutc Doom open at half |uat an o'clock, Entertainments to com meii" at half |kut seven. CHATHAM THEATRIC. THE OLD TRICES RESUMED AND NO COMPUL SION ! Pit I2>* ceins. Upper Tier 21 centa. Firat Tier JO centa. THIS EVENING, Sept 9th, 1842, will be perlormed the play of MOHLEV ERNSTEIN. Morley Kniatein, J R acott I Count Liebcrc, lire I <1 Helen Duham, Mrs Thorne Juliet Carr, Mra Hiehl After which BLACK POMPEY. Potnpey, Rice | Mr Led|(er, W Jones Mri Dobbi, MrsJudah To conclude with FORTY THIEVES. Ali Baba, W Jones | Cassim, Anderson Morsiana, Ert Thome OT/"" Doors will open at7?Curtain will rise at quarlei before 8 icolock precisely. Bos Office oiien daily from 9 to J, where Tickets may be purchased and placrs secured. MITCHBLL'S OLYMPIC THEATRE. ill Ilro.olwey, New Yolk. Will open for the Fourth Season, ON MONDAY EVENING, SEPTEMBER 12. 1842, The Exterior anu Interior of the Theatre have been thoroughly re-decorated and embellished, without regard to expense or iiimir, mm u is oeiien-u mat mi elegance nl Design and Splendor of Decoration, the interior of tin- Little Olympic will bear com pariaon with that of any other Theatre >n America, while the more essential ailrantaite* ofseeing anil licsri"g iliitinctly may he enjoyed here in |ierfectioti. The embellishments mi the criling nnd fronts of the boxes re main as originally paintrd by Sic Gnidicini. The gilding by Mr Marcher. The crimson damask hangings and upholstery, by Messrs Bums and Trampir. The decoiative painting by Mr Steals. THE ENTERTAINMENTS Will as heretofore comprise Original, .^original, Erratic and Operatic, Logical and Mylho logical, Musical and JfmusingBurlaaaua Burlettas, Far-fetched Karces, (all the way fiom Emope,) Tragical Comrdirsand Comical Trogedirs, Pastoral Comical, Historical Pastoral, Tableaux Teriffic and Thrilling, Life-like and Laughable,with Songs, Sentimental, Bacchanalian Ameroso ana Comic, and Dances of every description from the Grand Pas of the Divine Kanuy to the Double Shuffle of Dusty Bob. THE COMPANY Will consist at MM MITCHELL. Mr Nickinson, Mr Graham, Mr Walcot, his first appeaiance here. Mr Baker, Mr Ererard, Mr Dunn, his first apiitarance here. Mr Clarke, Mr McKaau, Mr Rosenthal), his first appearance here. MrBarnett, Mr Davis, MRS TIMM, Mrs Mossop, Mrs Watts, Miss Singleton, Mrs Everard, Miss Roberts, Miss Clarke. I>*r first appearance here. NIr? G Loder, Mrs Cooper, her first appearance here. Miss Ta) lor, from the Park Theatrr. Mrs Montgomery, Mrs Barnctt TilE ORCHESTRA. Leader, Mr Marks. First Violin, Mr G Bristow Flnte, Mr Kyle Second do Ayliflr Clarionrtte, Bristow Violencello, Musgriff Double Bass, Loder Machinrry by Mr Burns Costumes by Mr BUckbum Properties by Mr Roberts THE PRICES WILL REMAIN AS USUAL. Dress Ciicle, 50 cents I Upper Boxes, 15 rents Pit, 1 shilling | Private Buses, i Dollars [! ~r~ A limited number ol Sraaon Tickeu will be issued on application to Mr Corbyn, of whom seats and private hoses may lie secured,si the Box Olflce which is now ..pen daily from trimill four. |L~/"The Police Arrangements, which are full and efficient, will be under the direction of that well known officer Mr. Stanton. [T7"Thp Doorm will be o|>eoe<l at 7, and the performances will commence at half-put7, every evening. a7r OALLRRY OF FINE ARTS. pORNER OK BROADWAY AND ANN STREET, v opiioaite 8t. Paul*! Church. P. T. BARNUM, MANAGER. OHAND GALA WEEK ! MONDAY, September ith, and every day and evening daring (his week. O- It it with no amall degree of pleuure and pride that the Manager calls public attention lo the TREMENDOUS ARRAY OF NOVELTIES put forth hrre this week, including the WONDERFUL MbRMAlD, Mr. Harrington, the Great Magician and Ventriloqniat. the Mysterious Gipsy Girl, Master Diamond, the renowned and unapproachable Ethiopian Danci r, Whitlock, the unrivalled Banjo Player, Mias Taylor, the accomplished Vocalist from the Park Theatre, Mr. B. Boyce, the most impular Comic Singer in the country, La Petite Celeste, the beautiful Dsnaeuse. BALLOON ASCENSIONS from the Garden on the top of the Mu<eum; 500,000 curiosities and hosts of other attractions, novelties, and amssemants, for particulars of whic*' see bills of the day. PERFORMANCES TWICE EVERY DAY. commencing at four o'clock ami hall-past seven, P. M. The Admittance to the whole, Museum, Garden and enter tainments, w ill remain at only tweul\-fi?e cent*?Children half price. a< r HILL'HNKVV VORU rfdfeftUM. 252 Broadway, opposite City Hall. Tremendous Attraction' Incrrmted Novilty 11 tyHE rilrnsive altera'ions and decorations being now com -I plele it will |>ositivrly open on Monday, September 5th. First appearance of Mr. WlNCHKLL, delineator of Scotch, Irish, Dnteh, French, Yankee and other characters. Mra. MOSSOP. the celebrated Vocalist; Mr. DUNN, fiom she Tn-mont Theatre. MONDAY EVENING, SErT. 5th, and during the week, the ahov* talented and popular performers will appear in a series of performances in the grand Pictorial Saloon attached to this establishment, which has been redecorated and embellished by the first artists and made worth y the present great patronage of the fashionable public. Mr. Wilichell will introduce a variety of original, droll, quiziicaj and laughable personations and imitations. The first ball will be furnished with ice cream, confectionary, fruit ami crcry delicacy the martet call afford, under the super intend nice of Mr. Rrnaud. A full and efficient band of muaic will alwava be in attendance. Fancy glaaa blowing by Mr. Owena. The tenant, of the forrat, ara, and air; mineral wond.ra, and the trait number of portrait! of American worthiei. An F.gyptian mumirtr, in perfect preservation ; wrajtped in iu ancient cerementa and folly 3,000 yean aid. Pieeiooato and af ter the performances, etpenmeutr in Electricity, with one of I he moat iiowerfiil machinea in (lie world. [Cy Performance at 8 o'clock?Tickets 2i eta.?Childran half price. a 18 Im-r GYMNASTIC EXERCISES. WFULLKR ruuptet fully inform* hi* pupils snd thcpablic generally, thai nia Gymnasiums, 205 (Jrcpii and 29 Ann utrerti, arf now o|)pii for the irason. A Junior Glut ii about being formed at both (he establishments, at hours to suit the convenience of scholars. For terms, which have been Considerably reduced, apply at either o' the Gymnasiums. Tne F ticing Department will he under the superintendence of Mr. Charles Drlaney, Professor, and Teacher by appointment in (he U. S. Navy. Spairinir taught as usual. si Iwjr DAGUERREOTYPE APPARATUS, NEW PATTERN r. A. ARTAULT It CO., I6?H FULTON STREET. rrlU8 beautiful art haa arrived at auch perfection, that two A hour, luilraction ia snfficent toobtain a perfect knowledge of it?which will be siren S'atis to thoae who purchase tin ap naratua at the atore of F. A. Artault k Co. IUH Fallon atree t Price of ibe am?rrtua complete varies from (21 to $100 Also ?Acromrtic Lrnaea, French idalca, hypoaulphate or poll, bromine,chloride of iodine, chloride of gold, kr. Alao roorrorrn cue. and a good of new fr.m,,. ?>lt?.l ...I f'*'' k \A- Artiult k Co. ?rr comuniiy rrri'mnn from ' L. kin'" "?f??cy ?rticlr? of the latest iuvmtioo. aii?f? lm* r FLUTE & GUITAR. \1 ^ PHILIPE ERN8T, Professor of the Flute, OmfAr, an j. . I1Concertina be** u> announce to hit friends and rmbHcthat he has iutt published hit new "Rondo MiliUire" fnr the guitar, winch will he found well worthy the attention of the earner or amateur, Irom ita being well anapted to tliat instrun V ? not ol,'y lo pirate but to afford instruction. w*'h several other pleasing pieces of his composition for the guitar" are to he found at Mr. Ernst's residence M t anal street, where he continues to give lessons on tr.r shove instruments. si Jm*r TO THK AMATKUKS OF~THE ACCORDION! QIONOR L. MARTINI having succeeded in bringing tha delightful instrument into esteDfive and favorable notice l Europe; and having developed th# powers aad eanabihties o I the instrument in two Efenaeutaiy and Practical^Treatises which have been citeiisivefr adopted hi hranee and England, beg* leave to inform the public generally, tbut he is about republishing copious esrrsrts from the above'works, which will shortly l>. issued fromthr I ress of Messrs hirth k Hall dlnVQR MARTINI will be happy to give instruction in the art of playing the Accordion. at his residence, no Canal Street, or a'' he reside nee of Pipits. And he flatter* ninwe If rh.It tlinse Ladies and Gentlemen who may avail t'n mselves o In? i -?f. ssicial services, will make rapid and agreeable ad van cc? aj iim >?? tticfi it simple, cit-*r and profmtivt* an 19 J'?'* r_ ?? irt K)R RALiC?Th? I'ntnrn of w.ll .Mu.wd portor fiwW how, ^ui(abl?* for a jrocrry store, and haviaf food rnn ,;J JflL' i < u?tom. It will b? ?ol?l chc*|> for ' "ii r*Mon?nl? |rrm<, an tltr (.moo', retiring. Th? rent it rery low. Apply .?tl?U olfirr. -f ?r? Adt~ TO LET?Tltr greater part of tha Tioute No.MCe dar atreel, till the lit of May. Rent to a ganteal family

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