Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 10, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 10, 1842 Page 1
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m i ??? I'M Vol. VIII.?No. ??0 Whole No. 3101. OCULISTS. DOCTOR J. FRANCIS' CELEBRATED EYE WATER. NO. 10 B AKC1. Y 8TKKKT. within two doom of the Att^r Hr? > fl?? preparations are a perfect cure for all inflammatory^ a** of the eye. weakueaa of si*ht, kc .m uever fail in rei riof urbalu ui theloo|eit lUadiui, without any inimical operation CKRTIF'ICATES. .1 certify lhat Jacob Valentine, a youth of about fifteen Yean ot aje, *?> bf night to my houee laal fall, apparently blind. He called ou Iiic :.-diy, and slates that he haa beeu the patient ol Di. J. Fraueia, whose treatment haa been the means, under God, ofiestorinit lua tight. JAMES M1LNOR, Hector of St. tleorve'a Church, Beekinan St. This is to certify that two of my children were afflicted with diseased eyes for a Irmjth of time, oue of lliem was almost blind with nebulas, coveting the sight. fcwy remeay w*j resorted to without any good effect, ami despaired ol them ever being recovered. ITiey are uow |wrfectly lestored to tight by Dr. J. Francis'celebrated preparation. DANIEL 8. JONES, 49J Pearl itreet. I vu almost blind for twelve year*, and in five weeks, under the skilful treatment of Dr. J. Francis, my sight is now per fectly good and stro|1.RTHA brqwn m ^ I certify to the above ^VoKoTbENEDICT. Pasto of the Stautou street Church. I was nearly blind for twt ity years with a cataract iu each eye and from the use of Dr. Francis' wonderful preparation for that disease, my eyes are now perfectly recovered. HESTER JOHNSTON. 41 Eldndge street. We. the undersigned, having wituessed the astonishing efficacy el Dr. Francis' preparations lor diseases of the eye, nnhesititiiigly recommend the in to the notice of the public, as valuahl remedies. Duncan Dunbar, Pastor of McDongal st. Church. S H. Com, Pastor of the First Baptist Chuich. Jol.n Peck, Agent of the Home Mission Society. Jacob Brouusr, Pastor of the North Bat tist Church. Joj^ph Audreade, Roman Catholic Priest of St. Peter's Numerous certificates can be seen at the office. Prepared and sold only by Dr. J. Francis, 10 Barclay street. New York. Artificial Eyes inserted, which cannot be distinguished from the natural, without giving the slightest pain. Dr. J. Francis respectfully informs his friends and the public, that in consequence of the lucrease of his business, Dr. Ulenuy, Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, Loudon, and of the deuce can b? placed in'hit professional stall aa an Oculist. Office honri from 9 A. M.. until 6 P. M. jylO 3m*c DISEASES OF-THE EYE. R. K. DIOSSY, OPHTHALMIC SURGEON, No. 207 BROADWAY, Entrance in Fulton Strvet, opposite St. Paul's Chnreh. ATTENDS TO DISEASES OF THE EYE. AND ALL THE NECESSARY OPERATIONS THEREON. OFFICE HOURS FROM 9 TO 6 o'ciXJCK. Having com >leted his studies of i yean with LtR. ELLIOTT, Oculist, anil been subsequently engaged as his assistant, R. K Dio-S.' II enabled to UtWUt the treatment of all diseases affecting the organs of vision. Terms moderate and graduated to the nature and extent of the disease. Permission is given to refer to his late instructor, and also to some of the most eminent Prbfetson of the Medical Faculty in New York. N.B. The poor trrated gratuitously su4 1m*r DISEASES OF THE EYE AND EAR192 BROADWAY, Corner John street, up stairs. J SHANKS, M. D. respectfully announces to the public" that for the better accommodation of his patients from abroad, as well as those of th' city, he has removed his office as above stated, where he will attend Irom 9 to 2 o'clock, daily, to the treatmeut and cure of all diseases Incident to the human eycandrer aud the disease! of Women and Chi.dren. From 3 to J o'clock daily, will be devoted to consultations for the cure of miscellaneous caaea of disease in every department of medicine, including those of a private and delicate character. Doctor Shanks, iu order to acquire the coufideuceof strangers, and to guarantee the public against the remotest feeling of imposition and quackery, begs leave to stale that he is a prac'itioher of medicine of 14 years'duration, a graduate of the University of the city of New York : and that hia inauguial dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Medicine from this University, entitled " The Human Eye, Anatomically, Phisiologicajly, aud Pathalogically considered,n elicited the highest approbatory encomiums from Professor Motl before the assembled i outicil and professors of this learned University, duriug the public examination and defence of the same. Dr. 9. regrets the necessity he is under in adverting to these circumstances, so repugnant to the delicacy of every truehearted physician ; but the duty he owes hiinselt, and the regard he is bound to have lor the preservation of the public health, imperiously demand that he should sneak out. What! must the rejp.larly educated physician, who has speut years in the study of the kuowletlge necessary to qualify hun lor hia art, and who holds the sealed testimony of learned and competent authority before whom he was examined to practice such? must he?I respectfully enquire 7?remain silent in his office, anu allow tumseii to up mum from tne irgiiiinate nrounu ui nu MatBtMMMIi by the hold, presuming reckless rjuacksl? No I 1. for oup, will not auumit to it. And in order to place this subject before the public in a proper liitht, and iu such a way as to direct towards it the public attention in the strongest possible manner, I propose So publish immediately tny views more at length on this topic. Those of the public and the profession who are disposed to second my efforts, will please call at my office, and subscribe for a copy. The expense will not be more than a six)>ence or a shilling. au2l lm'r TAYLORING^ REMOVAL. PHILLIPS' CASH TAILORING ESTABLISH MENT, la removed from 145 Broadway to No. 7 Astor House. ECONOMY ""IN GENTLEMEN'S DRESS. Uarmentkof a most ilegant and Kashteuable kind r t a saving of (0 per cent for cash. rpHE advertiser d? au it unnecessary to resort t J the hackJ neyed system of giving a list of nominal prices, presamina that the length of time he has been established, together with the extensive patronage bestowed on mm, win prove a sum cirnt voucher for his capabilities. Possessing the advantage ol being connected with an extensive cloth establishment in Eur>|ie he confidently assets that he can famish clothes which, on comparison, will be found lower than any Other house making up the best descriptions of gentlemen's dress, myl 3m S. PHILLITS, 7 Astor House, Broadway inn mm? t a nrt?ci 1U 1 nil. JUAUlHiO. T7A8H10NABLE MILLINERY GOODS.?The pronher treat, Miaa S KING, daughter of thecslebrated Ctrl King, offers lor sale most select ana choice assortment of Millinery Goods, for the spring trade, never as yet presented to the public, both as regards the quality and cheapness of the articles The assortment consists of the following :? The celebrated SILK HAT. CALLED CAPOTTE D'ORLEANS.aa worn by La Duchesse D'Orleans, of France, SHED SILK, ENTIRELY NEW AND ORIGINAL STYLE?And Lawn HaU do do?An entire new s yle o Hats called " MODLNE CAPOTTES, ELSSLER COTTAGE. Parisian and English FANCY STRAWS, of the finest texture, in treat variety. The Proprietress respectfully solicits the ladies to favor her with acall, end eaaunne Iter elegant and varied stock of Millinery for themselves, before they purchase elsewhere, as it will be a (rest savinc to them iu price and a great ad vantage as regards the variety and quality of the goods. MISH 8. KINff, Magazine de Modes, an?l lmr 293 ^ Broadway. AMERICAN MACINTOSHES. J'HESE Water Proof Qirments, as now being furnished at our establishment, are, in every |H>ssible res|>ect, fully equal to the imported, either Frnich or English, and much better made up. The style of cut and fit is such as will hear comparison Willi ths most exquisite of the imported coats, and are now generally preferred. Dealers supplied on favorable terms. Gentlemen who prefer, may be measured and garments cut to their taste. Remember?Day, 4i Maiden Lane, ia the ouly manufacturer of the real American Macintosh HORACE H. DAY, Successor to Roxbury India Rubber Company, .2 lm*r Warehouse removed from 123 to ti Maiden Lane. SOUTHERN AND WESTERN MERCHANTS, ^SPECIALLY those now in the city, are respectfully re imuuea m?i uiry c?? procure uew, pnwrriui aim highly tlsvore J Yeas of every description. on very'?l<uu|toai terms, in packages suitable for pnvstc use, or for their regular customera, at the (.anion Tea Coin|iaiiy'? Depot, *2 lin*r No. 121 Chatham at. New York. FASHIONABLE CLOTHING. T HAKIU3, L)ta|>er a. Tailor, StJg Bowery?Would respert" fully inform hie friends ami the public, that he haa opened the aoove aa a Clothing aud Tai/oring establishment, and pledgee himeelf that every article mannlactured to be e<|ual in style and workmanship to any ill the city, at prices to suit the times?having purchased his entire stock at the present reduced rates. On hand shooting coats, got up in a superior style, cloth Garments shortest notice. Terms, cash on deliver, antt Im't SHIRTS. SHTRTB made after the latest and most approved French patterns. < oats, i antalooae, vests, and all under garineula, inade to oider at short uotice and in the most fashionable slyle. Oentlemea's Furnishing Store. (7 and 69 Maiden Lane, New York. al 3m?r WM. COLLINS. SHIRTS.?Utilted States Shirt Manofactory, 77 William at, corner of Liberty, New York. Notice it hereby given to merchants and traders in general, that the proprietor of the above establishment has adopted a new method ol n sou factoring, whichenablei him to sellhiv shirts at a cheaper rate than any other house in the city. This statement will be affirmed by the list ol prices, as follows Fin. Mu.lin Shirts, with LmeuBosoms aud Collars, per ilov, $7 50 Do, stitched in the Bosom and Collars, per dor, 9 no Do, colored, new |?tierns, large sizes, jwrdoi, 7 00 Alto, a large 01 tjonoma aim t,onara constantly ou hand, which win be offered cheap for caih. >9 lm*r THK CHEAPEST CASH TAILOR YR+!?PETER V. J HUSTED, Merchant Tailor, No. I Chatham snuarr, cor er of Chatham afreet, continues to make Clothing to order, in the neateat atvlc, It per cent cheaper than the cheapen caih tailor in the cup, A good lit warranted, and hereafter no dua ointment. antfi lm?r SILK BANNERS, fce. TJANNINOTON ft CO., 293 11 road way, near Read afreet, Jl Reapectlnlly inform the (Iriler of I. O. of O. F., tad MM ir frienda generally, that thev are now prepared to etecute order* for Flag* and oauni ra in the moat attperior atyle for beauty, durability, and economy, having Hi I ha made for the expreaa occasion that will make the largest banners without disfigJiiug it with a seam. Speculum and Deaigna can be area at their Establishment, 99J Broadway, or aent to any part of the Union. For atyle, deaiitu. and cieciition of worka of the kind, we re fer to the Uetty'a Banner, No. II, I, O. of O. F., aa aiao to tlrer nwich, No. 40, Harmony, 44, Covenant, tt, Perseverance. 17, also Military Companies and Sunday School Banneia, and the aociniea 81. Nicholaa, New England, St. Ueorge, St Andre wi, St Davul, Itc he. Winoow Shadea in great variety, frera tl each to the richest and beat, painted by fhe moat eminent artiata. Suined Olvsa, after the manner of the ancienta, warranted never to change, color, with many rncent improve menu for church windows and other public and private building*, aleamfc. niv, packet hire, .tore windows, kc kc. Iiniuttona of Stained Glass, painted on mnalin for church windows,very clove imitation ol tha real glass,at a very trifling eipcnac, or the glass obscured and painted in brilliant colon, very durable and cheap. jy 17 r P! IV P! NEW miscellaneous! "" U.N'ITLD STATES " tea emporium, 121, late 129 Cluithani itrtei, Srw York. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. 'T'HE CANTON TEA COMPANY continue to uffri for A aale lit* mil fragrant T?a? o( every variety ami style.? Tliwir assortment specially mrludra the moat delicious and powerful grades o| Ureeii and Black, Every package bears the itainp of neatueas anil elegance, aud the Tt as therein are so thoroughly secured from fight and air ihat tr.eir quality and |iower will remain uuimpaired in auy clitnale. Their lyatein of prosecuting business la perh*|i* scarcely to be eacelled. It is founded u|hui the utmual regard to the rights of the cuatcmer, especially with respect to weight aud quality, and unrivalled cheapness. All purchaser* are called upon to return auy articles which fail to give them the fullest satisladlion, when the tneury will be cheerfully and promptly refunded. Country merchant*, publicestablishments, htauiof laniilira, and shipmasters, will liud it a decided advantage to supply themselves from this estatilishment. C offee routed every day. . , Order* Irow all iiarta of the United States escculcd with promptitude and despatch. The only warehouse in America for the sale sf Houqua's celebrated Black Tea. au2l Im'r tHE ?ANTJOILEU IILV MANutAC\?OR^.3H 1KT john m. davies & jones, successor to LUKE DAVIK3 A SON, lOG William ulrcrt, corner John, New York. PURCHASERS will at all timra liud the moat extrusive a>sortmeut in the United States, of the following articles, on the most resonahle terms, wholesale and retail. Cars for gentlemen, youth and children of velvet, cloth, me riuo, silk,glazed silk, Ac. Ac. Full and ; art trimmed with fur and plain. Arms and Navy officers dress and undress eaj>s. Stocks of every style and cpi dity?of satiu, bombazine, vest ing.Ac. made plain, trimmed with bows, cravat ties, I'aris ties, dress apron stocks, Ac. Ac. The scrr.HioRiTY ol our frames is wrll known by the lightness neifect fit. ease end elasticity of every stock. Shirts oi all linen plain anil frilh d,of innsliu plain and frilled, with linen collars bosoms aud wristb uds of the most appiovcd patlerns. Fancy cambric sliiits of all qualities. LlMity collars and bosoms of every style and quality, oiled silk, white, plaid, anJ fancy, of superior manufacture. Ladies, misses and children's oiled silk aprons. Oiled silk, medicated, for the cure of gout, rheumatism, Ac. JarraRED leather, linen and muslin, suitable for harness and coach manufactures, cap fronts, Ac Ac. The above articles are made under our own ins|>cction, in the best possible manner and of such matrrials and workmaushipas will be found on examination equalled by none. To which it added, a superior aasortmeul ol fancy articles of various qualities and pricea. Gloves, Suspenders, Cravats, Scarfs, Umbrellas, Handkerchiefs, Hoisery, Cravat-Stiffbers, Guard-Chains, Under Garments of every description and quality, Shaker Knit and Flannel Shirts and Drawers. . The attentiou of the public generally are invited to the above eileniive assortment of goods, many of which are of ournwn importation and will be sold at such prices as canuot tail to suit. JOHN M. DAV1KS A JONES, au25 1m*r 106 William, coruer of John. STOVES! STOVES!! BACKUS' PATENT RARE TIER, OR FRUGAL HOUSEWARMER. T^HK Proprietor, iu offering this valuable stove to the public, would briefly stale some of the advantages of heir improvement. ttliirh rotikii! rhi?*tfv in th?? fnll<*witw imrf irnl.t r? vi?'? 1?To obviate the evil of im- 5?To be capable of atiordCure a. d noxious ga* in the iug a inild or an iutnue heat. urnint; of anlliracite coal. 6?To avoid all intoveuieuce 2?To generate and dilfuse from .lust. a warm and wholesome at- 7? To preserve tlieairofthe mosphere In places exposed to apartment pure and wholedamp and cold. some. J?To lesson the risk of aeci- 8?And to unite with all dent by fire. tkose excellent qualilirs. an 4?To be quickly kindled elegant and durable article of and easily managed. turuimre. This Sto?e is constructed of the best quality of Russia sheet iion, upon the cylindrical plan?the furnace or lire-chamber occupying a partof the centre cvlinder, to which is attached an atmospheric Rarefier upon each aide, of a tubular form, and lined throughout. The heat that is created in the chamber passes between the linings of the two rarefiera (or radiators as they are called] into the base at the bottom, and a current of air continually rushing through the tubes, which are left open at each end for that purpose, carries a great amount of rarefied or warm air into the apartment. The purity and softness of the air in a room heated by this stove are peculiar and remarkable, the heat being diffused from a great extent of surface moderately heated. '1 he heated air, on entering the wings or sides of the stove,descends and spreads over the entire surface of the base at the bottom, keeping the colder portion of the air next the floor in constant circulation? in the meantime preserving it entirely from contamination, renderiux. tins Stove perfectly safe and agreeable lor apartments of invalids, sleeping rooms, tic. Manufactured by J. I.E. BACKUS, 54 Bowery, NL Y. N. B. A new article of air tight stoves, with rarifiers ; also the new kitchen companion coolt stove, warranted equal to any BUTTONS. J JONGS, 26 Piatt stieet, wishes to inform liis friends that his new style will not be ready before the first week in September, but has on hand the Flats and Bevel Edges, which he offers at the following prices Best English B rucades, $2 50 ' French " 2 00 " " Twist, 2 00 " English *" 2 25 Figured Satins, 1 50 Mohair Over Coats, 1 50 8ereral hands wanted. au!7 Im'r GAZO PNEUMATICS. '"PHE subscriber is prepared to execute orders for the Gato J. Pneumatic Hydraulic Machine, for raising water any height or quantity, Irom mines, or lor water works, by means of vacuum ; and the simplicity of the machine gives it a great advantage over any other now in use. au9lm*r " * "v "- tee, 22 Pine st. PHCENIX HAIR SEATING AND CURLED HAIR MANUFACTORY. 'T'HE undersigned have constantly on hand Plain and Damask a. Hair Seating for Sofas, Chairs, Couches and Music Stools. Curled Hair, Webbruir, Tow Cloth, Twine, tic., for Upholsters, White and Fancy Hair Cloths, suitable for Cap and Stock Mauulacurrrs; also for Brush Makers and Musical Instrument, tic., k.r. The following are our prices of Hair Seating :? PRICES OF HAIR SEATING. PLAIN. DAMASK. Inch. Piece. Cut. Of all patterns. 15 40 42 ? 16 42 44 75 17 46 40 83 18 54 56 90 19 64 66 98 20 74 76 1,05 21 84 86 1,10 22 92 96 1,14 23 1.02 1,06 1,20 24 1.16 1.20 1.30 26 1,28 1,32 1,45 28 1,40 1,44 1,60 30 I.C6 1.70 ? JOHNSON k GREEN, Phanix Factory, 33 Wnt 13th street, 5th and 6(h Arcana, au3l toc7*r Office, 132 William atrcct. SELF COCKING PISTOLS. BLUNT 8t SYM8, Importers and Manufacturrra, No. 45 Chatham atreet, hare on hand a Isrge assortment of the Sn Barrel 9 If Revolving Sail Cocking Pocket Pialola. Three pistols have the advantage over all olheraofthe kind by the impossibility of losing .he eapi, the nipples being placed in a horizontal direction,anil their being no cock in the veav to prevent taking as correct sign' aa with the ordinary pistol or (tun. The above pirtola can be furnish* d lower than any eihera in the market, at wholesale or retail. Wr have as great a variety of other kinds ol Pistols as can be found, with Ritles, U. S. Muskets, for slopping tnd military; Frixe Muskets, do: Fowlinn Pieces, single and double; extra large aixe double auii single Guus for ilucking, together with Powder, 9hot, Flasks, Bags, Caps, Locks, Barrels, he., St-., in large or am til quantities. N. B ? Country dealer* are requested to call ana examine our assortment before purchasing elsewhere, s!2m*r A HANDSOME PRESENT. A VISITING CARD PLATE, beautifully engraved, and 30 best ennameiled Cards printed for only $1,34. Cards on the best ennamel, printed from plates at $1 per 100. A Business Card Plate, engraved with the usual amount of matter, and 100 hest Cards, at $3. Door Dates, S- alt of all kinds, Marking Plites, Labels, gold, silver, brass, kc. kc. engraved proportionate with the above. Ceprer-plate Printing or all kinds at the same low rate. Please call and examine for vourselves, at JERVIS'S Cheap Engraving and Pr.nting Establishment, No. 294 Broadway, aud 8. E. corner of Greenwich and Courtisndt su. si Imfr TO DEALERS IN BLACKING. THY IT 4>NCE?The Eureka Blacking?This is anewar1 tide ol Blacking, and possesses qualities greatly superior to all nfli*r Until* nnw in u** It softens and preserves the looker, imparting ? brilliant polish with half the aiual labor rMiired in the use ofthc common Blacking. It further |h sscsses that requisite^ long tonght Tor in the peculiarity of the composition never becoming hard dry, or mouldy by age. Dealers in Blacking are requested to c^ll and receive a sample or the article gratis. Perfect satisfaction warranted in every case. Manufactured by J. M. JOHNSON, No. 4 Spruce at, Near Naasau^few York. The firm of Burgess 8t Co. is this day disso^d by mutaal consent. The business in futare will be eontMSo by au27 Itn'm J. M. JOHNSON. TO THE LOVERS OF SUPERIOR BLAI ? I c'A.? Howqna's Misture !?Thii eitremely delicious aim i i. ae ralleled Tea, so highly celebrated in China and Europe just im ported, is now for sale at the Canton Tea Company's General Tea Establishment, 121 Chatham street, New York?in Chinese trackages- Prices Aft cents and 81. a au 24 Im'r DRESS BOLTS?Latest Kiench Style?The subscriber respectfully invites t"e cititens of New York, and strangers visiting the city .to call at 114 Kulton street and examine a large assortment of Dress Boots, made in the latest fashion, and of the finest French cslf-skiu. Gentlemen can hare boots made to order in the best manucr at $6,00 per pair, warranted equal to auy made at $7,30, and as the undersigned takes drawing of the feet and keeps lasts for each customer he can ensure an easy yet handsome fit. Constantly on hand. Fashionable Boots, lie. at the following reduced prices :? Seal Skin Boots, from 82,25 to 2,75 Cslf 3,00 to 6.W1 Half Boots, 3,00 Gaiters, 2,25 Shoe. 1,50 to 250 I nmps and Slippers, lie., proportionahly low. Terms, cash "".Si'IL'/: JOHN L. WATKINB, ?"" I"!-[ 111 hulton ?t. betweeu Nuirni and Dutch. Pjyi?H IiVl PQHTED OAITtRB of >11 coA?"! *f*k,on i French boot. and |.ateat leather hov. 'an 1 rl.iM Un' ?Vr "V^ma ?hoe. and pump., Tor men, tJW md ? i" il, fi?:^ *12 *V* boot* from $2.74, tX B? 't L !." !?' Men ? .hoe. 7 to in and 12a ner nair Boe. .hoc.M tofjirent. and tl, and warranted good I adira ml..e?, and children. trailer boot., bankina1 w.lkiinr >?<l .Upper, -( all color, and ,i.e. and .lipa, 7J cenu to $1, food 4. .1 ipjerr. Com and ?ee a KOnd aMortment of the a bore article, at 42 t.nal atreet corner P'oadjeay, and at 208 Canal .... north-we.t coXV H?,Cn t at waiter? au>4 im*r ifv/iV^a? rnM^8-The only reaion that A. KVO\ 2t CO. can a.sien for .elfin, ai many hoo'e and -hoes at the Clinton Boot and Shoe Market, 2a. Canal it northeaal corner ol Hud,on ?trcet?when alino.t e?ery body complaun of hard time., la, that they keep rood, of the heat qua'ttv and aell them at price, to auit the time., and it aeema aa ifalmoat errry body bad found thi. oat. If any who read thi. ahould not yat hart lound out the ators, the aooaer they coma and try the aooprr they wdll reap the ad'antaae. Almoat eajrihing that i. named in the b Kit and .hoe liae, of any tiie, coior or qaaiirr, ctn oe louaa ncrr cnrap. uin im?r A. KNOX k CO 1904 Cuul it 1 W YC YORK. SATURDAY MOl MISCELLAN Ko r s U. S. CITY DESPATCH POS I Pl'ST OFFICII, Nr. Vuri, atthiKl). liu HOCKS of Delieery each day, (Sundays mciM) ? " ? Upper and Ln*tt Puat Olfiics.? Letters deposited before Hall-past I o'clock, A Ml " 12 3 " P M Will bo aent oat for <] At all the Stations before litcty at 3 A M. sod I 7 o'clock, A M sud 4 o'clor k, I* M 11 J " P M Letters lobe sent Free, uiusi hare "Free Stamp" sAsrd to them, otherwise three cmts will to-.!,. . i whom th< letter is addressed. No mooey ate-1 be eiscloeed in let tars unless re? islered at t >e principal otters. Lists ?< 'be stations (at all of which "free stamps" mty b< purcbts.dat $2,30 per 100, and eecrv iiilortnatl.o. ma . plica'ion at the upper or low er lwwt offlrrs Stain|e issued by (lie late City Despatch Post will be rereisrd It is ladiepeaeahte that the number of the nsidi uce should be stal< d ia ail leu, rs sent through this Post. The Post Mastrr solicits the earliest iuu-rtaati?n should any irregularities occur. JOHN LOKl.vlLR UHAHA M ?u28 ly ec post Master THE TWO GREATEST INVENTIONS oP THE AGE. KENNEDY'S COMPOUND VEGETAHI.E PREPARATION K'OR The treatme nt and preservation of th?- Heir; the > ul. infallible preservative against baldness, and a errtaiu m? for all disease* of the scalp, such as dandruff, olira inHuk'I. kc. 4ic. S:c.. including all cutaneous affections. This article is i r?p\red with great cart by the inventor and proprietor himself, after a study of tan years, during which hit tune has been almost exclusively devoted to the perfeciiou of this incomparable irticle for thi benefit of the growth and beauty fthcHasi I the meat time, m tni nostrum* intended f I s*m< , havi isenand died, while this r<; uces in the i u 11 \ ik r ot manhood?and is destnx d to live as loin; us a line head of hsir u duly prized or its cleanliness and beauty ndunted. Lei th %* who h.ive these desires but give it a single trial and lie h%? no fears for the milt. It #nly rsoairM to m known so w imw* . i tud, tod \\ n i i ciatoa the prop i<-: ?r *x|m jibrswjffljfrom ^iQertuQipublic,and ub it not I n - is not afraid of getting out of patience. Nearly five liuudied certificates, t< stifling to its virtues, in all cases for w ich it is intended to be used, from the most inghly rt-spect ihlr indiv idu ?ls in * a, i-?u? purl., iu thr l' n r.l States, the Canada*, Sic., can be seen at the office of the inventor aau manufacturer, No. 1 Pine street, New York. INVENTION NO. 2. The iccoiiil invention of modern timet to ?hirli we wrnuld respectful Iv call it te in ion it KEN NEDY 3 CELEBRATED PREMIUM CHEMICAL HAIR DYE. the fir.: ever 10vented in litis country. This article, as can be testified to by a large number of oral and verbal recommendations.. i*su|?erior to any thing of the kiud imported from any part of the world, and is rapiuly supcreding all ottier nostrums loi changing the color of the hair and whisxer* to a beautiful dark brown, or et black, from tUxen, red, grey, or other objectionable color, in a single application, without affecting the skin. The above Hair Dye was exhibited at the Fair of the American Institute, held at Ntblo's Garden, and received the first premium, as being superior to any other exhibited. It in i y be obtained at the fulluwiiir i>lar?>* !?R*il*v W.r.l* C.n \1 . Lane; Lrary s? (Jo, A.X01 Hou?i.; 03 Bowery. corurr Walker; 338 Bowery corner Bond itreet; Tilftny, Gourd it Kiln, 2.30 Broadway, .ml at trie manufactory. No. I 1'iue vtreet, New York. au30 1tn*r GEORGE KENNEDY. TENDER CHINS. ANY GENTLEMAN .inay be instantly relieved from all pain dunn.' the npertticu of aliav 11,jr. ov applying liia raim to the MKTALIC TABLET RAZOR STROP, invented by G. S luudeij, which aunercedct tne uecraaity oft hone, and by which the moat uu.killul can alwaya prodvce aa keen and smooth 11 edite aa the razor could by any poaaibility eilnlnt under the moat experienced hand. It it the only effectual meant which the art ?f man naa yet deviaed lor giviug to every one an opportunity of suiting lot razor to Ilia 1 hin with the aainc ceriainry aa he eau mend a pen to suit hit own hand, which any peraou will be ihowu by bnn;ing a dull razor and tryitu the Tablet before purchasing. Retail price of the brat article of Str j> and Tablet. SI and SI 30. aul7 lm*r Bold at O. SAUNDERS, 163 Broadway. TOUGH BEARDS'! PLEASURE IN SHAVING aecured by the uae of Chaplaan'a MAGIC RAZOR STROP, with METALLIC HONE, formiug one of its foursiden. with which every |?-raonmay keep hit razor in perfect order, whether ac tea or on land. It presents four facet, each of ditfeieut jliaiTeiiiiif propertiea, commencing with the Melalic Hone, of ten mnea the rower of the ordinary hone .and hushing on the timple calf akin. Retail pricea 30, 73, 1 00, 1,23 and 1,30, each according to outward arze aud finiah. The performing |>art of the 75 cent atrop being tame aa one at SI, 10. Wholesale' pricta S3,50, $1, S<>, $7,30, $9 and S12 per doz. L. CHAPMAN, No. 102 William atreet. N. B. The perlorinmg pari of my 75 Cent atrop warrauted to be superior 10 George Seundera' beat, at $3 each,ami the money returned if the purchatei be diaaatiafieil. au33 i iii* r IMPORTANT TO THE PUBLIC. ALL who with to rcouoimze c?iu obtain Clothing of the beat quality remarkably cheap, at 205 Canal atreet. one door west of Hudson. Also, a largt assortment of Clotns, Cassimevft, Vesting*, and wnnw floods, from which ( l> (thing of ^ 11 lii-itis in made u- order m the be*t inamu r at v,ry i' l prices, 205 Canal street. i?l% 3m*r t rsu vr?oa wltiv l vvuiivm ... vu l- u u i> v 4 Switifrl?oi-A?T one who has ever known or heard of this individual, or of a (arson if a similar name, will ftaasa communicate thef act to me, aa tlii* information is of imiiortance to tome of liia family. Hii real name was John Gabriel Verren ; but in a foreign land it may, like many other uamrs, have been changed,or become corrupted in its spelling. He came to the United States in the year 1781, and he is su|e posed to have resided in the State of Pennsylvania, and to have died there ; but as no trace ol him as yet has been discovered, the informal ion received by me upon thesubiect is probably incorrect, and I now use this means of makinc a general inquiry throughout the Union. at end Im'r P. F. STAIOER. Philadelphia. Pa. THE CRYSTAL, CORNER OF WALL fy BROAD STREET. Ye Conoiseurs and Epicnrts who throng the "Money" street, When you are dry, stop in aud try, the "stock" that there you'll meet; We'll do oar best, to stand the test, with any house in town. And while we do, we look to you, lor some share of renown. THE Proprietors of the above establishment will take a pride A ill redeeming the above pledge, and they will permit no article but the very best to appear on the bar. A choice Lunch can also be found daily. an24 lm*r CHINA, GLASS, A~ND EARTHENWARE. 8 ASTOR HOUSE. FRENCH Porcelain Diuuer Services, 111 pieces, f2i OA White Granite, do do 112 do 13 no French or English Porcelain Tea Sets. 32 do too Dinner Plates. French Porcelain, per dozen, 1 91 Do do Ornuite, blue or white, do 1 AO Soup, do French Porcelain, do 2 nu Do do Granite, blue or white, do 1 00 Tea Cups and Saucers, (24 nieces) French Porcelain, 1 10 Egg Cups, do do 37 Glass. Cut Wines, per dozen, from 1 10 Do Tumblers, do do 2 OA Lemonades, handled, do 2 21 Table Cutlery. Of the finest descriptions, in sets or dozens, at the lowprice oftl2theset. Just opened , a handsome assortment of Toilet Ware R._ SIMPSON. N. B ?Agent for the sale of Simpson's Eir Comets, for the relief of deal'nwss. <t Im* rr GEO. S. SOREM fc CO., S6 Beater Street, Iui|K>rU-i? of French aud English CORSETS, Just received 10 cases per Montreal, consisting of a large assortment of the above article, particularly suitable for the American market Also leases of SILK FRINGE, containing a large assortment of every color aud width, which are offered at extremely io^ prices. City retaileri and country merchant! would do wrlltoesaminr the assortment befoic purchasing. M In* rc. A NEW & IMPORTANT INVENTION FOR THE LADIES. VTR9. LOVE, Corset Maker, No. 68 Lispensrd street, respectfully informs the ladit-i of New York and its vicinities, that she lias iuvrtited a new article for the ores' rv itiou of the health and strength during pregnanes-. This Abdominal Supporter is perfect in its application, acting as a support, and preventing all strain npoo the muscles, and tne consequent fa tigue and eshauatinn of the whole system. It will preserve the form lu all its youthful symmetry Nothing that has ever been inverted offers an many advantages as cues this Abdominal Supporter for invigoratiug the system against every accident attending gestation. Mrs. L.has secured a patent. She begs to refer to the following eminent gentlem?n of the Medical Faculty:?Br. Francis, Dr. I'ond, Dr. McDonald, Professor Uillman M D. Professor Parker, M 1), A. C. Castle, M I), Dr. Ne'son, Dr. Moore, J. W. Francis, M D, J. O. Pond, M D, J. W Mourn, M. D, J. Neilson, M D. Country merchants and dealers supplied wholesale with Corsets, Uelts, and krtcea, on advaatagaou terms. so imjr PATENT PRESERVED PORTABL E MEATS AND SOUPS, AIPARRANTEP to keepany length of time ill any climate, *' via: lobsters, halibut, shad, salmon, oysters, and clams, beef, mutton, veal, duck, chicken,'urkay, beef soup, mutton broth, chicken aonp, 01 tail soap, mock and green turtle soup, vegetable soap, grren peas, mnshrooms. carrats, turnips, prrimpt, tomatoes, milk, sc. Ac., manufactured and sold wholesale by WILLIAM MULLANE, s4 lm* rc 82Si Nassau st P O MERoV A CO '9 NEW YORK, ALBANY, TROY * BUFFALO, CHICAGO AND CANADA PACKAGE F.XPRES9, leaves every Evening. Sundays eicrpted, lor the Office No. 2 Wall street. New York. an 17 r TO KAIL ROAD CONTRACTORS. OK ALED PROPOSALS iu writing will be received by the bv Mnhrwrk and Hudaon Rail Koad Company, until Tuetday the 6th day of September neit, at noon, for constructing a new aretion of Hail Road to avoid tr.e inclined plane at Schenectady : commencing at the Company', atore house in the city of Schenectady, and intersecting the main liue, about three miles from said city. The whole work lu be finished on or b? fore the 1st of April nest. Proposals mnat state the amount in grow for contracting the I. ?o;U. in. ti. liny all materials, .scenting iron rails. Plana and specifications of the proposed work, may be seen at lhe Company's office at the head of the inclined plane at Schenectady, rroiioaalsto be addressed to WM. BANKS, Preat. au29 t?6r. Office No. Si Broad street, Xa w York. ECONOMY. ELEGANCE, AND GOOD LI71NG. rPHE undersigned has,at ^grent fipfinr, fitted np one of the 1 largest and moat splenntd Colter and Eating Houses in New York in which one hundred persona at leaat ran ail down lo an earellent and aiibatantial breakfast, dinner, and lea, [from the choicest sn|ipliea of the markets, with a bill of fare not ei celled either aa regards ipiality or number of dishes] by any hotel in the United Stales, and varying in prices from aix ernta to one shilling and eighteen pence |ier diah. The purest Java and Mocka coffee and the very beat teas, and served at only three oenta iwrcnp. And all other refreshments in proportion. The waiters are uniformly civil and polite, and every visitor may be assured of feeling in this establishment i|Hite "at home." In fact, every detainment of the business is under the superintendence of competent overseers, whose sole care and attention are directed to the comfort and conveniences of easterners aad raesw. HENRY OOSLINO. Proprietor of the French and Ametican Eating House, Nos M and is# Nassau at, between Jehn at and Maiden Lane, r. 1.?Open Sundays for breakfaal, dinner and tea. jeM iani IRK I RIVING, SEPTEMBER 10, L MISCKU.ANEOl S THE MEW VoBK ~ COLLEGE OF MEDICINE P H A KM A C Y . ?.*! ABUNHK.0 tt>? TMt WPPK kSk <?F Qv ACKERY. HAft Met mi* Ike mm ??.???? "I?M> 4 Mr Ma mn ite CM wmo' imx'u'i fimm iw rfimn ixfme d 1 IMWHt < Mate iMl re ?U> ? |rf w.!> (>,Maa atieefUl 1 %?1 ?.#"? <*> i ike ,aAn net aaaiia-irf of Uae Celkeea 1M | mt??Uc|<yicihHM *)? ' 'cimm ittomiir ? I Tl'""' | Hft A reiteae rere tw> li. >? > .1 a. ,? ear a, Ha I? wt m> uk, imcmmjc. w?>?i niow eeur el Art < i it f. r*? MmAmI* NMM|4ii? mJ ell i'* w| i? kwu Irrl a Iimiimhi m at* mh<?m iim>? la Met t? Am cerA nil mi m'f a mm <( freer act mw, mmd mc eraaUtltr ? i a fc a. ? M m S lo t ?r J ftt eCch TMt. *V)|i?\K LlNMt NT ? >< ttie CM mi rta Miu pm m. mMc, traor< MUlM. a?e a) Am*wniim lui Cm *? mm ?u> ,.ruete mrn-i immi aaete mm pcaameel relief |??a?Hlt * u it fe. litre. t1 r? ?THft FABIMAN ALTfcftATIvr. tfllTtftr. fat ttr emir m ill rwi g| a All* air Amw re iw mm m ite turn, inmcmm mm ihnM. m mi *<m Mrwii nac Inane, icmmij t? Ml lacJkkid Mr 4 r< niif, ea t| .ear t?(T *m > Wellee <l fti war ftt rarti THE AMt.HH AN AN tlftll 1*1 ? IA TM ARTK HI L fiiihm ran olill it leuft, rtrilMA It* .Unman rual i.. Wdini lllliM *? IT It" i nal (Ma* T'-le mIvM IC rllrrlf M^rrcrAaag Ite Arm? |iai|<Kara .4 itw unarm* reAera | > r tto cai? <1 ih r'*i |w?al < i m tana I- mi I and lu r?MMt aad fMMm tto eeaulal ar'.'U M da- l>aul> ? I. lu : ! I -alMill ! >, MiMNII bolaa a< fI. M ceaia iad t> 'Mil. ? (?. KIK A*Tl.S V ? i>u??HH r?LU. Cm >In rm ^ r?iwv? mMMt iwl, ilmN ilw IMMI. and U" IBM*"'* tto UIM of tto J,4 % ... o'ga.w THK KHFSJ II AvrirttLii .f?T?? mixtcrk UiuiMfil !? ' < | 'H <ir* ? ?i. |. tad *1 am ifaiibM IikSmin Ami i(w rniikn. laU ia Mat at Kuala aad *'*" "THE r.AHLCAKV HI ALI*tl fOWDll Kortlie ear* of aon> ui|-, tea aal aaivrfc al ar.rtaliuaa o< thr akin. Maid la Hoarl) at?.|* ,Kuala at 1* >? t?l The aboae ataiwiMiuaa aia> alao to tod id tto IvIUa oa autoa*. uta ia Inia rn ? J. W Baaaet.tot Jroadaraf. l)r. K. M. Oiai >?. If? luaarj, Dl. KIU4, in lladaou aitael. Kliia I. I'toall, III (I >ad alr> I Win. Armatronat, III h il at?.. t, B> Alin Principal otter "I tl.f < oil. *e (ai N?a V k. al fT N aaaau atraet. aII28 Jmr * A HU HA?D?0* A?aw M'KltHAI IN I i \ i Ida. \ 1 auul. ol'our g.MMl cita. loan* ?.| f.*ul I , ki>. >>? I -a tome waaka jraal aulTrriiul a< >?ia dia i).,.<tui >a? n |m I. tloaiu* of til.- Iki-faiaed " rerrapiu Couch " Tto " Aifui fc*.r. ia now. howraar, oaar, and <?aia aio 'to . f. ?d ?. II."I' : i: know V ?r mainory, "hiuixa iua Itai" an ai tto !' <i?a . aiao tto on i.rietor, oneofthr iniaal littl. f. 'I .? iu i hiiateaaM, fVM \V J tare. Now, than, aim * > or lipo lu tto Turtle Soup and .t.-ak line . tto alalia at ' tondytoa fatten upon Jolui, to |rI ! ukJin guariutet 1 it i \ . ' Ire Boi,M 111 pune, aud a t.vst* 1 the umiuiii* lull ih tickU the |iaUu ofthe veriest uscho limlkviMTirtli Km ?J every <U> dunr* thf wtw. ' *f ~~ EPICURES! EPICURES Y.tu I HY * r|MIK Suhsi nb? . i f k ? nm <?i Blew A ind T?* K>ck, -i N ?. 8 B ? put i t house No. 6C4 Broad way a i w N where In- till continues to serve ?| all ? ! ? vi/?(i.iiif . I'..?il:r . h i*ti fc- \ celebrated Mill Pond, Hhrrwshuo and all ??...?. or pickled, which obtained the |<< iuiuih at the last Aounal Kan at Niblo's. Having titled uj> a svloou unequalled in th? ttis. wh? r? * >? tlenen and their families visiting Niblo's, ran w??i? the arm! %i propriety, has .? . \ ! u . . in refreshments ai the) way call lor on if **>>iiafcl* irrei. N. B.?Cluba and Prit <te Parties w ishiag room#, ran be accommodated as above, by *7 1 in r JtW.I II I I N I'.Vt K JmI ST.GKOKOK'V IIOTKl i uvTW laU adopted 111 this establishment is bv all mmu Ui? m??ti a^J0Lcouveuitnt aud economical, (inrleiurn ?U) in* iaa ti ? huuat* can make arrangein* uts,either for the room* and our . . t ? meals, or for full board; the) iu iav? then meals t? d'hote or separately, without any rt'ra charge, or the. r?i. hire rooms and call at the rrfrvcl iy by the bill I fair, the prices of which are very moderate, Bjarders will also be received at from i<> $l? |wr * k according to ilie rooms tht\ ina> select, uking In* k' ? any hours in the mornitig, dining at the public tabl* i sei>rately, and have tlieic tea at any time before II oil.Hk *1 uighr. The table d'hote, which is wi ll known for the ibundanr* . variety, and choice of what i? m tioJ 'hi it, i? iimitin ? u?. lueiice for those who prefer a filed l?< ur, and air food of a f I table; |?ersous living uptown will also find it very consruo nt The pro; patrons,availing themselves of this opt?ort?n>M> i i n<lri ih* i BIACen thllkl, a lid t?? llviU UkMC ?M iimv d? ?irr In |?%*t tlir winter wilh comfort Ibni ttiain ?Ui 1 \\f II furiiuhtrd rooms, r.s ?Th( price #1 i nn v it the tnMe dl^otf ie 2? i h '111 IS |?M I'lM'l . : ; ? ? ; I jmL TO LET?TKr irfitrr put I tl?* !??>? N?? *3 ? rrm dtr street, till the 1st of Ma,. He tit U> a centre 1 family SJtL >ow. ? v ?fl _ NOTICE TO WAGON Bl ILliKHH?The mu -leiT^ scriber, Proprietor of New York I'mterialU. wil ' ' -? make liberal advauccs in Caih, ou all New Ligii i Wagmieseut to his* ?Ublishmrnt for sale. Builders iti the country cau rely upou having every ettenuoo paid to their orders. For further p&rticuhra, as to terms, lie. apply to OEO. W. MILLER, suti Proyneto- v v ''' "-r.alls. <4#> Broadway. ARCHER'S FALL FASHION FOR GENTLEMEN'S HATS, WILL be introduced Saturday, Sept. 10th, 1CW, at hi* J^*idd -.tJlwL, ..'04 .III i ><l < ?.e-u?% II li _ N I \s*t WM. H. BEBEE & CO., HATTERS. 178 BROADWAY, (UNDER THE HOWARD HOTEL,) MANUFACTORY, NEWARK, NEW JERSEY. fS RESPECTFULLY inform their friendt and the public J^w>that (hey have otieued * wholesale and relal Hal .in) ap Warehouse under the Howard Hotel, where they will keep constantly on hand the greatest variety of Hit. ever offered fi r sale in the city ol New York. Not to one quality and price, but many as twmty different iju^liti. of < Jenta Fashionable Hau; and with their facilioes for their business, which thcpublic in general arc acquainted Willi, ibcy think it uiiih cessary to aay more. The Or nil e men of New York are reupectfully invited to call and examine for thetn.elve,. N. B ? A splendid article ol travelling truuka, valeaea.aud hags, lor aale at manufacturer's |irice?. >9 J. FLETGHER, HATTER, fl NO. 4 WALL STREET, will have hi. Fall Fsshi.n J^?ready on Saturday September 9lh, when a superior style will be offered to the 1 ublic. s92t* rc HATS, ~HATSTHATS."" rC FALL FASHION?The subscriber invites the attends* tion oftl.e Bt au Monde to his beautiful, graceful, and tasteful low bell-crowned Hat, being the only really fashionable artic le of the kind eitant, though lie cannot e jwet but 1'ial imitators will spring up, arid claim the benefit of Ins own original conceptions. To say these Hats surpassany thing of the kind in point of style, finish, and graceful appearance, is to claim uo more than is warranted ny an experience of twenty yearx in the business, snd he invites gentlemen who study grace and fashiun, to call and examine for themselvea. A large assortment of Travelling Trunks, Carpet Bags, Hst Cases, and, in fact, every thing necessary for a jcnllrniau's travelling outfit, may also be found at E. BLOOMER'S, 179 Broadway, aulO Im is#r Opposite Howard's Hotel. HATS" FALL FASHION?1842. \ ^ w ?yi. DA.1 i yv wuuiu rrnpccuuuy can inv iiwnjwuwi d^^lii* friends,cn?town and the public in general, to his assortment of HaU of the Fall up with a particular regard to neatness, style, and durability. Persons about supplying themselves with that indispensable article of dress, and who study taste and economy in its selection, would do w? ll to give linn a call, believing that the within Lamed low prices would fully satisfy thern of the snbscribrrs pretentions to sell cheap, viz:?Short napped silk hats at $2,50; moleskin do $3; black cassitnere do $1,50; iieutria do $3,50; beaver do $4,50. Also on hand ?jentlemen's traveling ami dress caps.children's velvet,cloth, and ancv caps, youths and bovs hats and caps. sR I in 1 * r WM.BANTA, N?>. 130 ( hathavn st. TO EMIGRANTS AND OTHERS* iahiug ntr> J To a young man, or a man and his wife, having a small capital of $300, an opportunity ow offers which seldom presents itself. Any our possessing a good disposition, and having a knowledge of farming or gardening, aad willing to work, may hear of a safe and lucrative investment,and a comfortable home, by applving to Mr. Robert Marlies, 478 Ore*nwhich street, of whom full particulars may be knowu. Application to be made between twelve and 3o'clock. __ sg St |r PARIS* ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS BRU V k CO., Hi William street, formerly Brnn, Larnsnre fc Co.?will open in * few days, twenty eases Piris Artificial Flowers. Feathers, kc., now landing from lut arrivals.? This establishment ia reciermg from their houae in Paris byeve^ Havre parkrf, the newer styles of flowers and feathera, aa tlie y appear in that centre of fashion. This arrangement enables them to haveconstantly on hand a most fashionable assortment 01 the above articles. Dealing by far more largely in this line than any other establishment in the city, tliey can afford to sell at the very lowest rates and on the moat reasonable term*. Wholesale wareroomt up stairs. Alan, constantly on hand, every kind ol materials lor (lower manufacturers. aS lm"r is rP RAN SPAREST"'TNI) "WATWXBLE' WHSDoW k SHADES.?The auhsrribers have on hand the largest ami moat varied assortment of French aud Italian painted Window Shades, of scroll, Oothie, iuulsctp, and plain centres, an t for sale lower than can be purchased at any other establishment in the city They vary in|<rice and rjualitv from the moat magnificent French iMintiug ever imported in the country, to the cheap Italian style, aa low aa 8s. each. Also on hand, a large atock of and Linens for win Iowa, of varions patterns, futures, kr. Togethe- with a general assortment of all de a ripuillia III I imoKK'ty truiMia, Delia, .riaiirraaea, i.niuiui, Curtain Materiali, Gilt ornamenta, lie. For aale at remarkKile low pricaa. SOLOMON* HART, Upholarerere, lie. ake?.Hlm*rc 187 Broad way, oppoalle John atrert. \\r AT' HES \,Nn JEWELRY VERY l.< >W-The aab"* aeribrr ia ron?u?tlv rec.miur, direct Irom the manufactnrer*. all dvacriptiona of Gold apd Silrer Levera, Anchor, Kaaapemrnt. Lenine, and Ver*e Watchea, of new and aplendid iwttema; (old and ailaer peneila, gold rhai a, keya, lie., which lie ia arlline at retail lower than at any other place in the city. Gold Watidira aa low aa 25 to Jo dollara each. Walchea and jewelry eachanK* d or boocht. All watehea warranted to keep yood time or the money returned. Walchea and clocka repaired in the beat manner and warranted, at much laea than the uaual prtcea, by one of the beat workmen in America. O.C.ALLEN, Importer of Watcbea and Jewelry. I auJJ lm'rc Wholeaale and retail, 10 Wall at, up atain. IE Jfc A. A 184*. Washington Correspondence. W ashisotom Cnv, Sept. 7,1812. A Correction?Musuti/t/num in Congrtu?Peculiar S >mol - Murt of the (Jlwtl?A gotxl Landlady? V"UHf Mr. Btunrtt and L'ol. H'tbb?Singular ( in mum?Intrigue* in Aim York?Office Moldfi usI Office St lira?/Jr. St mill?A Practical Mi*ix DEAR lifcNCRAL? 1 r? tret thst my allusion to a flirtation uoticed in the Wist End toe other day, between two conspicuous ,, h is be? a construed to point to a grave and revei end w lug Senator from the seashore oi MisHiaii'i 'I not gentleman has, to he sure, received in- iieKree this winter in the school of gallantry, sad, d reports be true, has been both fortunate and i tavorrj, :>ut in tiie pr< sent instance there was no ulIubior to luiu, but to a younger and more dashing southern gentleman, who is ut once a poet and philosopher, and says of the world nud its pleasures, " tin* i- mine ovster, and I'll eat it." 1 would not t'iUsiii t" .i .y one, nor, in noticing an amour, in nti g ie, or a display ol gallantry, would 1 be . ut, rutood a* pronouncing llie |>arties culpable?not h! 1 am tic am etu ; 1 bow tothe influence of beau>nd hold hmi heartless who can resist its temp/ no HeMi,.*issi|>|iiansurea singuir - nud ol p dill,aud always contrive to gum 11" r 1 v, .'i wine |.,rm or sther. However vanaiit ,-'u i*, lor years thai Stale has sent men I -' ! mark ii>> lor their alleniions to the ladies. !' i * ' and l:aia, I lie loriuer Scliutors, and were much belter known n it:- *al<H>nw ol the lair liiaii in the halls o| t ongrr*#, and on more than one occasion got into very pretiy dillieultiea; then there was !i"i*ou ? 111> u> a near iu the Capitol, but all tenderm*** .ii uie |<r m*hi ol a petticoat. The lolly ? ? ii a- "I I'renti*., whose mail is a.* stubborn as steel, yielded in t:?e minute* to the temptation ut a pretty loot and t 'Uitoifne, a tall, pale, t a*sinn looking permm, nd itie tiii.?t luaisuating man I ever met w Ilh, w aa a perlect devotee to the *e 1 ( )| the pre * at > legation, I < an only aay,that they are clever, very clever, 111 all r> ?pe< t?, and Mississippi, if she lia* repmiiaied tier bonds, and be in turu repudia- | led by all the world bemdes, will never be repudiated by the lovely wouiru ol tin* extraordinary me MM (.Hirfhral story t? all the talk. Humor says that forty I Harder a lell the house immediately, and that it ha? Hinf been ?<m rtaiued that the resectable l?uirwion of the establishment have long been at*air uf thr visitation, and could nrvrr br induced to occuj*y tbr aiwrtiiirut Thr figure waa areti ilirrr times iirrfrctiv diatiuet, and remained in clear outline on me wall for half an hour. Moat of the boarders are now at thr Kelay House, an establishment owned by the tele bra led financier, Dennis A. M'uth, ami ke|* muat r*i|?crbly by Mr* l^ow, the Iteal landlady south o! Baltimore. Mi* lia> your tairtrail hanging u(> ill every room ot her house, ke?-|w three tiles ot the Herald, and makes tier good, easy hurt.and atiiuae hiinaelt all day tiy drawing ilti iguiary caricatures of Iteunclt, jr , running Webb from one end ol Broadway to the other. These are distributed gratuitously to every |uisaenger, who buy* ag>aasol lemonade I will send you halt a dozen try nest mail. I'oor Webb ta loaded down with ina hoga nv stocks and bow le kuives, while *>ur little hero allies his foot to him at every iuui|>, j>r? ci?ely <>n that a|M>t where ladies wear their bishop. We ar* all on tin toe berr to ieatn ? hat you mean to do with the Aafiburtou clique ou Monday neat.? Skin them front head to foot?|Nckir and salt them down tor the ev i ration ol Mie present r?* e and the conteui|4 of iMwterity Measures are now on foot to a certain what j<art the office holder* really look in the atUir, and there i? at thi* moment "a chiei' mining ye takin'notes " He 11 strictly incog, yet will lie every where without l?-ing suspected, am! on the rraull ot he mission de|?-i?ds the fate ot llioae that now eat out ot the public crib. Three |>er?oua have arrived here very confideuttally Irom New York, ami hav had two interview* with the President, ami to my knowledge, since the dinner, titly applications tor other have been sent on Itrre, and hy aollie ot lio- MM men m youi city >? veral leading whig* have written on expressing great di +uat at the proreeding, ami giving in their adhesion to the captain So the world wag?; it in made up ol selfishness and deceit, and were it not lor the untie with which ever dear woman lights my |>ath, 1 would go hang myself in shame. We look to you General, to silt thin matter?unalite it?call lorth all the letter* and tix the ban of outlawry on thoar that have ditigruced their country. I-et them never show their wretched physiognomies, ?taiii|>ed with every lineament of inlainy, out of Wall street, that concentrated essence filtered from the bitter waters of Sodom and Gomorrah. A very pr- tty hoax was played off on L>r St well, IX I)., F. H M.andA s s , the other night, lie was knocked up st 12 o'clock out of a comfortable snooze?the line XT is a very temjierete man, but takes gin toddy lor colic?to pay an obstetrical visit on G. Street. He growled lustily lor ten minutes, but with a #"MI fee in view, put on his Boston wraptier and dashed off When he got there, rung the bell, called down the master, and explained the object of Ins visit, he ranie very near being kicked for his pains He returned home in no good humor, and found?what think yon. at the door of his office' ?a very pretty boy baby, packed in a basket, and smiling sweetly in its *!eri> The worthy Doctor, who has a soft sj?ot in lit" heart sa well as on his head, waa very much perplexed ; but having submitted the mailer to the < hurt h, has < oot luded t het. the little stranger. Tins is the <>a dil as I heard it at Walker's coffee rooms this morning Yours, faithfully, C. E. E HaBjrion. [CorrwpoiMUurr i>(lh> Hmld ) Kaitylox, L I., !V|ii Jit, IM2 1.1ft at Babylon?T^ir Girlt?7V HrralH My Dk*r Bcyxstt i It is with the overflowing spirits at health, with the buoyant elasticity of young life, that a person is lead to believe that, notwithstanding the villainy, rascality, profligacy, and wickedness ot this world, there is still something to live for?something that will make us at least indulge the thought that human happiness maybe brought uptaa level with human misery, if not in some lew cases above it. Let some of the care worn politicians, and brokers. and bankers, and speculators, throw of the mask with which long practised roguery has in vested them, and come here, and for a lew quiei days snuff up the invigorating sea-breese?they wll, for a time, at least, become new men Our old friend, Capt. I>odd, of sea fo>M memory, keeps a snug house, and his battel halt has no su perior in presiding over the domestic concerns She makes it a home for all who wish to tarry lor a few days, and all in the eating line that heart can wish for, finds a place on her table I>o come and try it. I believe this is almost the only place wh" 1 has not received a description Irom your gra|4iir pen. There ia every thing here that can gratify the wishes of the sportsman?dovi'chas in shundsiM e and the girls never looked le-tter Troy i? *< represent-11 hep , and tin parties to the lighthouse, and fh?> hi-nnli ar* fmiurnt and ...r ajtnn' \ " i paper i* received daily and a* regularly rend Yoan, trc, Jowiai* i tp*?lal ImlaM. Before the Recorder, Alderman Bonnell and Car man Sspt. ft?Henry Jenkm*, lor Wealing |wrw c?n taming #17 Irom Moee* I eamu, wan ? ?l u(. ?..r ait month- I h??iIi I "itl.-r- I -i Mlin worth dft from L. Thirlv iV < Richard Condon and Patrick rw-ngu*,charted with Mr.ilmjc a ,'uu of boot* from Jacidi ( Trnt y, taa* | acquitted. John C lleller. lor atealint ihrr. watch cm worth fflft from John l "tike, ?a month* lew.- | Johnaon lor beating hia wile, ihree month* Itavni ' South wick for ateahng a boat from ah top *1 wniorr?t , worth #15, three month* Pnter Ficet, hi* m com plice and "pal" waa aent up lor IS d?v- ' mho < Reynold*, black, for Wealing a aniall r??i! ui carpetin* from the rfitp C'ladiatnr, aent to nfv priana tea . daya. Margaret (train for stealing a bag of .i. wn front Sarah Smiih, six months hliaabrth I'urt, black, for Mealing #5 worth ui w - *naf apparel Mm Eliza Mill*? wan aent lo the city i>ri*on for tri dav? T. W. O. Karrel, charged with'*tc*hng a cow ( .ut, running at larg? belonging to Peter BUir, w a* di* charged. John Field, for aannuliing hi* wile and alao a city watchman, waaaent up fur a?i months each oflence. Bankrupt List. SOUTHERN DISTRICT Og NEW TORg William O. Hokre (of late firm !. Bowen and Co 1 merchant*, N. Y ; Bowen, Bokee and Co., nil M- [ l adeipnia, acc.) Nov. 17. . _ J. G. Brower and C H. Husher (firm Brower s?d Rusher) merchants, N. Y.,Nov. 17 e. Alron B. Crane (firm Crane and .Stran#) Carrm . Pittman and Co., Oct 8. 1?1 -"Jwra LD. Prlca Two Oanta ( eneraJ 8eul*na. Before Recorder Tallmadge, Judge Lyncli. and Aldermen Carman and Bonnell. James R. Whiting, E*y., District AttorneySkit 9.?Obsctne Prints?At the opening of the court, James M Smith, Kwp us counsel for the publishers of the Whip and Flush, slated that he was not reudy to proceed to trial, and asked the court to set them down for Wednesday next, which was grunted by the court. The ease of Scott and Vanderwater. publishers of the new Flash, wan also called up, ana a postponement also grunted till Wednesday next. The counsel for the parties in the above cases, admitted the publication of the papers named, and the only ouestion that will devolve in the trial, is whether the matter published is libellous, or whether they contained obscene language. Libd on Srnator Mr Roberts ?On motion of Messrs. I'urvoy and Price, counsel tor Oravio de Attellis Santangelo, who is charged with publishing a libel against Samuel McRoberts, United States Senator trom Illinois, in a pamphlet relative to the loan of some money to the former on Mexican Bonds, was allowed to go ntf till November next, in order to allow the defendant time to obtain copies of certain public documents from Washington, and also evidence by commission frontMatanzas. Senator McRoberts was in attendance in court. IVta/ for patting Counterfeit Monty.? A German named John Shuftze, was tried tor forgery in the second degree, in passing a #3 counterfeit note purporting to be of the Greenwich Bank of this city, upon Wm. Hogan, of 99 Greenwich slreet^on the IJJtli ot .Inly last, in payment tor a glass oi liquor. On arresting iiiin at the time, another note ol the same character was found in one of his pockets, and some change in silver. The defence proved a good character lor prisoner by a number ol German witnesses, and there being no evidence to show that prisoner knew the bills were counterfeit, the jury returned a verdict of not guilty. Trial of IVm. J. Sue Uin/?. ?This person, who stands indicted as one ol the editors ol an obscene sheet called the Flush, which was published some months since, was called for trial. George B. Wooldridge was called as one ot the witnesses, und staled that several of the articles that appeared in the sheet, offered by the District Attorney, were written by Snelling. The Distiict Attorney then read several extracts from the paper to show its general character. Snelling defended his own cause, and stated to the jury that the article relative to Tom llarnblin contumed uotlung that was obscene or indecent; that there was no proot that he had written any other article in the paper. The Recorder charged the jury that if the character of the paper was ot an obscene nature it was all thut thejury need know in the premises, us there was no special offence charged beyond that. Thejury alter an absence of half an hour, and returning into eourt once to ascertain some points of evidence, returned u verdict of guilty, und he will he sentenced on Friday of the third week of the court. (Mis Allen mid William E. Boss, were arraigned on two new indictment* and remanded to prison. The Court then adjourned to Monday next, at 11 'clock. /' rjiitnl Rrivrnizunct*.?'The following persons charged with crime, not appearing, their recognizances were declared forfeited :? James Farrell, indicted for bigamy, and bailed by Richard Voorhees, Keq. Harris Schwubach, lor stealing $'50 worth of tin pepper boxes, block tin castings, iron spoons, Arc.. Ironi Augustus Thomas, of 03 Nassau street, bailed by Moses Saunders. John Morris, indicted for picking the pocket of losepli B l>oc,ol u wallet containing money,in June lust, and bailed by J. It. P. Chamnlin. Harris Schwubach also indicted for burglary, in breaking oj?-n the premises of Augustus Thomas and Patrick Mornn, and bailed by Moses Saunders. Patrick Wind,indicted lota nuisance, in keeping a number ol cows hi a stable in the 11th ward, and throwing the manure into the street, huiled by John Hrnnnon. Bernard McNoinee, lor a similar oflence, bailed by John Kelly, and Thomas M'Cortnick, also bailed by John Kelly. Patrick O'Connor, Philip Conner, Simon Stylos, and James Sullivan far beating Janies Behan, ot 20 Cherry street. William Kennedy, for assaulting Fat.ick I bailed by Win. H. ltavenport. .1 aines Rogers, tor assaulting ltichard Uglow, bailed by Wm Ihibbins. Conk ling Pearsall, lor beating Charles Morris, bailed by Shran Kanally. William Hanly, Samuel Durham, John Dermudy. John Stugg, George Barber, Thomas Huker ana Matthew Matthews, lor beating and bruising Thomaa t^uinlan. CORPORATION NOTICE.?Public notice ii hereby given that a Sale of Property for unpaid Ta*e? will take place, at ooblie auction, al the City Mall of tl>? City of New York, on Monday, the ith day ol Dcreinbcr, Ittt2, al II o'clock, noon,and Ih continued from day to day antil the whole of aaid property ilnll Ip tulii, iuiJ llin the tlrliiletl lUtfmfot nf (ht* laiea, and pr"ia-rly lo br ardd, puhlnhcd in the Ntw Era, a newspaper I luted and published ill the city of New York. P. I). WILLIAMSON, Comptroller. < ompiroller'a Office, Aug. 30, 1843. >8 luw 14w /CORPORATION NOTICE?Public Notice i? hereby gi?en, that a sale "I I roin rly fir unpaid tales will take place at Public Auction, atcwie City Hall of the City of New York, on Wednesday, the 28t i i.ay ol September neat, at 12 o'clock, noon, and he continued'11 m day to day until Sic whole of said pru-erty ahall be I that the detailed alatcmeiil of the taiea, and property taWnl *1 ,i? published in the New Eia.a uawsp iwrpiuiled audpu'ci al.i .1 iu the city of New York. AO IKD A. SMITH, Comptroller. Contpiroller'a Office, May I 1848. Je2i Iawt?epl28 c KUKIUIIT AM) I'AbSAUR TO PITTS. IltlJAtt. ieawfc mn? Tfl The pr ?pne'or? of Binah .in'a Transportation Line to Pittsburg, gist notice to I be Merchants of New York, and all other pemona shi, i in* to tin Weil, that their line ia now in active ??ratkor O uli consigned to ihem (or aeut to go in their i.e.i will he lorwanhd webdespatch. Ownera or eht|iprre of a oris, deatinrd for the Weatem <11 n, el, hi,' no agent oi consignee at Pittaburg, will Ii-aa# C uwign rbeir yooda to William Biughain, Pittsburg, Oho will attend to aaipvuug ail auch consignments without delay. AH a -oda should be marked diatinctly on eacn package binwham's line. For a'es of fre.rht, which are ae low aa any other line, apply WM. TYSON, Agent .eo. > wra ifrrrt, opposite n.r ,-*o. j, .1. it. N B l'?Mi?rr< forward. d III HituburK nil l'otunllr,t-*rrr Itt, h?nda>a nfr|?aj. Refer lo H ( rnnh., Amerrraii Par Co. ; *. T. Nicoll, Front atre.t : rhelpa. !) )? k ( ?>., KikMNirttj Buy dam, ?<|r l I Wi (< til ' . . V I N. i? ,1 . Ir.i HAIL BOM) A1. H AN Y ~AN DBA RATCHJ A. Lii?t I'auada. are rwfoeward thai they Mill ineure (<> (henu|m an a 1-edit*. Me ami |.le?e< nt r onreyaiice to the Hi-rttic> hy taking the Rol I n tears at Albany. KolH? OP DUAIIT1RK From A)ban> From Baraluja. Al* o'clock. A M | At T o'clock, A. M "I ? f M I ' J* " P M. There m 00 (t?U' ufCoacln-e or Baaaay Wajoua, or ahiftna nllHC?Cr from on* a .e.n h.iat to another 00 thia tout*, r waeieje ra on ihetr arrraal at Raretnaa. Mill ftml slaye roarhea ' .?ar> tuem to l.akr O Whitehall on I.aha < mid.III. c . weeftaaa with all th< principal Northern awl Malrra kuar inaauia. A *taa lb* iiarmeiwo of i.e.. nam who arrire be III. af'ra?n train f> Albany .) |eae?s ftaratoja at } o'clock A >1 Mint at M i y' .ll 111 tune for ih departure of the I t, ,111(4.11. ate '? at of aame day, aad brtaje eaalera trae. Ilera to JaHa^ Yl aaili la the e teniae N B T> are kiriui M?J na alMar* in readiueaa, at AlWoe., ?a the airreal -4 the steamboats aa<l rail road rata, lo car* r? the hajjaae >1 I Mae* oyer* direct to aad from the depot ead teamh- M at the rat* .4 ah re 11 (a ,wr weak Of |M< ha?r, or reata lor ordinary traeelltnj baNKh The deoartarea fw the aaeat are heed far the eeaeoa if fid a'ekark A V aad tl M JtMlh IOBTIOAN, Ba| ntitendaaL Alhaary Jaer fhk. HH 1 eft MM r kaiukuad Mmot MAKKH.T AM) FMMOHT LINK ja.lTRB! V ~'frR Afi S'nrTtiTTV: 'I'llF. M W jICHBKY Hailroad and Traaaporutnm fit*; ' fae? haee eimk.ithed a kreijh* Ltae brtsreea New) Bra aad N.m York, Mhach Baay laaead t? ma re "assent la T r ,Mn mm! a* ?*? (W ^ ? * ? - r ^ ** Hl?hU l?* lit. I|?.4| 11.4 .?/??. ? '*??? ? * !"' I"! WtiTIRT'uie Irm ^MWW?. **? t'l'7". "**** Wa . ' ?B Ik* inl ?ll i*t?r k.?4t ti mrnhamt mm tmrt VZIi?. < *?> **m at #m Mk? liin, Wtd > ?d. RliaakvttMnara. lUfcwtr W*a??gi^lc^335rLrr.35 3222. >m. ^ i 11- li Jelai iNr eremM?n4elNe?i fw ?+**, M < ?* * Irn ian?B^7*y@r--*? ?* ? -? ag. Ml fHM ?.. t?t Sum*

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