Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 10, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 10, 1842 Page 3
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i?e, IU11 prieM are full J of a rent higher than at the date four I ant review. gi'jfte ?The market continue! heavy, though pricea reuaiu without alteration. Wo/uore?Sale* 64 lihdi of Martini<|U< at 16a ltijc, 36 ,1-lv New Iheria, 3d a .'lr; _'| New Orloan*, 19; "ft Ma;u:ie, 11 u 1ft]; ftfl I'orto Rico, part inferior, 19 a 90; and j t'uha MuacovaJo, 90c, all 4 mo* Sa-al >'oie??sales North County Turpentine at Yi SO; (pirit*, 30 a 31c. OiU Whale i? wanted. LinaeeJ la lirm at oOc.caah; j 3.m> oases an J ba*kets Nice sold at $:i 37 J a $3 so, cash .ud 4 mos. CornyTmde. We find tUnt pri,-<- of ftaur are a iix|>ence a I <rrul lower -day. Goo I Canal sells at $-1 6JJ a $4 lis. Receipts are i? y el not very large, but fully ?|iml to the demand. Orlet lion rome Willi the Hour to sell from the docks, as irices are too low to permit any extra expense to the miler iu the -liape of ?forage chare?s. It is not expected that Hour wi 1 go below $4 40 in this narket this year. Nearlv all the farmers in this State are tolling their wheat for higher prices. They ask seven 'hillings a bushel, when the millers cannot, and will not, tive hut six shillings. These farmers will hold till next ear, then glut the market, and knock down the rates to a ower point than lias been known for years, by which h?y w ill experience a great loss in interest and decline. In consequence of this disposition to hold back, we hink that the average prices over the whole Union will lot he under $4 aberrcl before n< <t spring, after narigaion opens It is now $4 16. This morning we received the following intelligence rom Buffalo, under date of the 6th instant: No Corn has ieen lauded there for a week, and it was twenty days ince a cargo of Oats was received. In the streets, farners were seen who had brought them iu twenty-Ave niles. nnil were glad to And buyers at 20centsper bushel, he ruling rate along the harbor. The news by theCalelonia, ut Huston, is adverse to the Hour and grain intersts, and will have the effect to bring the former to f4 in uun.ilti in'1'jn one w.cKi: out. Sales ol Rood supeilint? Ohio were male at $ I 12j before the steamer'* arrival wu announced. A cargo of Illinois wheat brought 79c, but it will recede to six shillings. Corn continues at rates previously quoted 35jc. The receipts of grain, at points along the shore, begin to grow large, which have induced the holders to seek lor a market in other [>orts. At Cleveland, Sandusdy, and other )>orts a short distancebevon l. Canadian contracts are closing at 75c per bushel. "Tlie receipts at Iiutfulo from the west, during August, lor lour years, were aa follows:? .htiiln IfiM. IBtO. Iftt I. 1812. Flour, bbls, 11,233 30.612 59,376 60,928 Wheat, btuh, 10,367 155,321 189,186 9T.770 Corn, " 19,628 15,798 28,771 17,738 Oats, " 11 027 ? 1,733 7,315 To which wu adil a comparative table, exhibiting the total receipt at that port from the opening of navigation to 1st September in 1841 and 1942 m.1rticln. 1841. 1842. Flour, bids. 416,881 354,903 AVheat, bush, 695,163 395,453 Corn, 95,027 198,500 Oats, " ? 170,691 We have received the report of the Montreal market to the tith instant, the same data. There had been a very moderate business done in Canada Flour ; the majority of transactions were at 27s Oil, 3 mos. In American the business has been considerable, nt prices varying between 25s 6d, and 26s 3d, the latter being the maximum rate, at 3 mos, lor the most favorite brands, and the former being for those held in less estimation. The opinion prevailed, since the receipt of the news by the Caledonia, that prices would rocede. Several cargoes of Ohio Wheat had arrived but we have not heard of any being sold, with the exception ol two cargoes of an inferior quality weighing under 00 lbs per minot, at 5s2^d per 00 lb. Good Wheat. ujito tiie receipt ofthe last news Irom Europe, woull have hroughtdsbd a 61 7 1; hut it will not command as much now. The prospects for the shipment of flour were very poor indeed. Provision Market. In the meat line we have only this to say?beef, veal on.l mutton, are no cheaper than they were last week. (lame is lower, and also pork, and is now quite reasonable. Fruit is plentier and cheaper. Peaches, however, arc yet dear. Speculators will keep them up till the North ilivrr peaches come into market. Then we shall have this delirious frsit cheap enough. Prices or Provisions. Berf, per lb G a 12)4 Cabbages 3 a -1 Port! r House Stakes 12)4? ? Beets, bunch ? s 3 Sirloin, lb 12 a 13 Houey, lb ? a 18 Bi et', |?.r cwt- Sl.50 a $i; Pork, per cwt $1)4* $G Mutton 5 a 8 Veal 4 a 6 Lamb, per lb 6 a 10 Fresh Cod ? a 6V Pork, per Ih 4 a ? Cellery, bunch 8 a 12), Blackball, " G a 8 Hickory NutU ? a 5 Flounders" ? a 5 Turnips, per bunch' ? a 6 Halibut, " ? a G Apples, bf peck - ? a 12)4 Salmon, lb ? a in)* Clams, 100 25 a 37)4 Striped Bss?, lb* 12>4a? Cranberries, qt ? a 8 Se.iBiss 8 a 12 Ens, 12 lor ? a 1214 Cap, Cod Lobsters* 5 a 6 Dried Apples, bbl ? a $1). Crabs, dot 12)4a 25 Dried Peaches, lb- ? a 18 Eels 8 a 10 Pigs, roasters ? a SI Duck lmr i>air-. 02)4? 75 Pickles, 100.... .. 50 a 62)4 Woodcock, pair - ? a 50 Pigeons, doi. ? a SI Fowls 32 a 37 Green Peas, hf peck? a 18V Chickens a 75 Potatoes, bush 25 a 37)4 1 unci*'* $1 a $2 Gooseberries, qt.? a 6 Fresh Butter, Ml IS *20 Kasberries qt "12X a 18 Firkm S....1U r 12 Muskinrllou perdoz-40 a $1 SmsaRvs ? a 8 Whortleberries qt- 6 a ? Sal id. qt ? a 3 B1 ickberries ql B a ? Radishes, bunch- ? a 2 Tomato*, hf |.?ck a 6>4 Cherries, lb 10 a ? GreenCom, per doz? a 8 Curuinliera. doz--'.? a 6 Tripe, lb ? a 0 Currants, qt ? a 3 Lima Beans, qt-'-IO a 12 L, I. Water inclloos. 25 a 32 Jowls 2 a 3 G een G ig s, hf pk ? a }?)f Swl Potatoes, bskt a 74 ri'.vers ? a 12'i Eric I'lum, hf peck- -SO a $1 Plums. hf|>eck ? a 37)^ Snijie, tier doz ? a 74 Blue Gages, hf pk- ? a 37X Peaches, per bskt- "$2*?a MH Domestic Market*. Macox, Geo., Sept. 1?New Cotton ia now arriving rlnil)- in our market, w ith a fair prospect that the supply will be larger than usual in the early part of the season. Our merchants are prepared to nay specie funds for all that is brought in, and wo have heard of but one load of new cottoa sold for Ccntiul. The prices paid in specie fun Is have been 6 J, 6 j aud 6J. The entire receipts of cotton of last year's crop, in this market up to the 1st Sept. wui(U67t bales. Cotton received from 1st June to 1st Sept. 1,184 bales, of which 67 are of the new crop. Stock on baud 313 bales. Coli-mrus. S. C., Sept. 1.?For the week there has been comparatively nothing doing. On Saturday one bale of new cotton was brought in and sold at 8^ cents. On Monday two more bales ware received, and sold at 7} cents. The quality ol the latter was quite interior. Married, At llabhardston, Mass., 6th instant, by the Rev. Mr. uniwi'ii, >ir. Arow?TU? s. Phelps, of New Orleans, to Miss Hism.T TukUFs, of the former place. * At Moriches, L. I., Mh instant, Mr. Thkrov Loire, of the firm of Wright v Lose?, of New York, to Miss Nancy Browis, of the former place. ? At Tray, Oth inst., Hon. Henry Strong, to Miss Sarah Elixir inn, youngest daughter of Latham Cornell, of the former place. Died, On Thursday evening, 8th instant, Elsie Jane, only dauehter of Robert M. and Caroline Patrick, aged 1 year and H months. The friends and acquaintances ol the family arc invited to attend her funerul, this morning, from the residence of her parents, No. 10 Monroe street. Passengers Arrived. LlTERrooi.?Packet ship England?Rev Geo W Warr, lady and servant, of Toronto; Miss Sarah Denny, Otto Rntton, Miss Anne Rotten, Mrs Elizabeth Lewis, Miss E H Lewis, Mrs Mary Maycock, Dr Wm Younit, New York; Mrs Letitin Andrews, Leeds, Enit; Mrs Anne Sefton. Liverpool; Miss Ami WMf, Baiih Ann Garner, Msrjr Oaf nay, MattaMs Msrv Banks, Hull. En,'; Sarah Ramsay, Carlisle, Knit; flias J (iilbert, Haitforo, ('.onn; J ltiehards Slid Isdy, Miss Sophia Richards, Adelaide Richards, Matilda Richards and servant,of London; Saml Marshall, Mis< Elir.a Marshall, Sheffield; Geo Clemaslon, John MrGlaahan, Montreal; Benj F Gurney, Shsf field; Fred A Richards, London; John Smith, Canada. Paaaengera Sailed. Llvcarnoi?Shin I M. IX. 230 in the steerage.* Foreign Importations. !. LivgarooL?Ship England?tffi sacks salt C H Marshall?9 cases R fit H f Iiivciit fit c?>?1 ensk O Btacy? 1 case J Napier?3 cks Pry or, Wilson a co? 4 I) Fry?1 J Hill?I llussell, Mathson St co?1 Barry fit Way?4 hales R N Tyson fit co?3 J Catlia ?2ck* I case Carmir hael fit Spencer?I case T Bates?3 hales J T fit O Garner fit co? I r,se Young, Smith fitco?4 do 2 casks Voisiri, Smith fit co?1c? 2 his 5 ck? J T DolM fit son?13 cases 14 his podfrry, Pattison fit co?19 cs A Mitchell fit co?I ck A fit H S Thorj?e?| N M Maiu?I W Barton? 3caaesC Adshead?1 do Fellows, Villi Arsda'e fit Cooper?1 Marsh fit Church?1 case | Coffin fit Bradley?? do 3 hales Lord fit Taylor?I case W Dixon ?1 B Strong?In Wat' fit Kosenrranri? t Bnrnhain It Baldwin ?I Wen man fit Wyckoff?I hale T A Huntington fit c?>?6 cases J Gihnn fit co?1030 b^ia 20 hdls iron Wet more fit co?26 cases 9 hales Sands, Fox fit ro?1 cask W Barstow?6 bars iron Collins' Manufftctlliing Co? 1 case R Wilson?177 boxes tin plates J M Bruce fit son?1291 bars iron 313 hdls do J H Aherl fit c?v?1 box D S Kennedy?I case J Martin?3 ckt Howard, McNabb fit co ? 1 hale T Hunt fit co?14 cases 8 T Jones fit co?10 boles 16 cs J McCall fit co?2 do I bale Parsons, Corning fit co?5 cases 1 hale H 8 Ballard?30 kegs mustard W B Glyde?2 hales J Wood fit son?I ck J fit H Chamheilain?29 cases W Whitehead ?4 do I bdr W Wheelwright fit co?I crate T Jamie*?2 biles J Robinson fit co?I case J B Ellison?1 trunk Mrs McDonald? 2 c tees J Connah?3 do Kes*|er fit CO?6 crates 21 hales 31 cases 3233 bars 40 hdls iron 2 cks to order. MARITIME HERALD. ro Ship Bloater*. We (hall eaterm it a 1 .Vyr, if eaptaini of veucli arriving h-.rr, wil'rive to Commodore W. A. Bvaaett, of our newi fleet, h rwt-r rt of the shipping left at the part whence they aaile.l, the veaaela ai>oken on their paaaatte, a I let of their cargo, aud aay foreicn nevvapuperv tlity mav nave. Commodore Daunt mill hoam lliein immediately on their arrival. Wc will reciprocate the favor in any wav. To Corresftnudenta Abroad, (>nr correaponiletiu in foreign |?orta art reaped (Vtlly reqneated to tend b^r every veaael all the marine iutelliitrnrr they can obtain. NtulicaT information of any kiwi, trom any one re aiding at home or abroad, will be thancfally rerei'ed. Tom ok nkw yokk, dept. 10, ig?st. tun matt 5 4 J1 noon serf on rtN ?ZT? 17 I HUIH WITtR 12 (I Cleared. Ship? Montreal. Tinker, Condon JJnhnjOria wold; Louisiana, Dewhii at. Kin ne Janeiro and a market, A Koaui at Son.? tlriga Moniean, L-e, Maranham and a market, E Corning It Son; Kaieon. 111.) Pitt, St Johna, NK.'K,Blt rt Tucker; Grandee, (Jjlehrtat, Thotnaatnn, Badger 4t Peek; I'nion. Mitchell. Norfolk, Nminith, Leed. fc Co.? Sihr. Friendship, (Br) Ma"of|i Barbactnra ?ia Vanronth, N8. W'm Daw.ou; Hope, Sineh?", Bermuda Nuniilh, Lcrdt Ac Co; John Hill, Inctall., B (it Ac Vote. .. ??* Arrived, r> England, Waite, from L'terpool, Ang. 8, with matt, to C. II. Matsli-ill and Goodhue Ic Co. Sailed ill ro. Willi ?In pa Shenandoah, Writ, for Philadelphia, and Nonanfum, for Huston. 1 !i t Iili bean IJdaca w. .1 of the Banks of NewI mi,nilend, with culm, and head wind.. Brig G>ormi i, Bedell, 4 day. froin Norfolk, with indie, to Surge. It 1.1 carman?I'J imaaeiuera. llri* Catco, \oik, 4 day. Irom Richmond, wiih md.c, to matter. SHir Kirkange, Simon, 1 day* from Suffolk, with shingles, to master. Sclir Augusta Lord, William*, from Philadelphia, with coal, to raaitrr. Sclir Margaret Aim, Paine, from Virgiuis, with wood, to nailer. Sohr Delight, Browm-ll, from Suffolk, Va. with shingle*, to master. S hi Cornelius C. Z abr.skie, froin Philadelphia, with coal, to j master. O. I.. f.Kitehs.ii from Suffolk V.iriit, I '"sciir A. B. Cooley, Allen, 3 days from Boston, with mdse, to Sohr Mail, Biker, 3 days from Boston, with mdse, to the Srhr New Rubicon, Eaton, from Philadelphia, with coal, to muter. St. Thoinu, Wilker, fiom Philadelphia, with coal, to muter. Sohr Doar, Clark, from Ocracock, SC. with shingles, to master. Sloop Vinrrul Barkulow, Taylor, from ScKuy(kill, with Coal ?heitind to New burgh. Sloop Seaman, Squires, with indae, lie. from the bark Louisa, ashore near Fire Island. Sloop Uarn. t Uuryea, Brown, with radte, lie. from the bark Louisa. LtphtrrCyprupendum, Phillipa, with mdse, be. from the bark I.onita. Below. One ship, two brigs. Sailed. Ship Southerner, Palmer, Liri rpool; Vcneiulian brig Desengnus, and others. Wind NNW. .Marine Correspondence. Office or thk Rhode Islasdkk,) NeWimrt, Sept. 8. 1842. i Arr Bill, Princess, Rond'.ut for Prosidenee; Florida, Delaware, NJ. for do: Financier, Bostou for NYork; Prondrnce, NYork for Providence: 7th. Vigilant, Providence forNYork; Arion, Bristol for do; Hero, Falmouth for do Sid 8th, all the wind booud vessels in port, wiud NW. General Record. Packet ship Movtheal, for London, will sail to-day at 12 o'clock. Her letter bags will be taken from Gilpin's at 11 o'clock. r-,,.. . ?r re.V.I..V r,Am v.v...i. r... St John, N B. full cargo of wheat, rye flour anil 160 bbls nppltrs, went ashore at 5 p m, 2d inst. on Split Rock, Musquash; rigging and | nt of thi < 11*0 cxp cte 1 to ve Mttd, Mtveml expected to he i total loss. Capt V. and passengers arrived at St John, NB. on the. M?the latter were rescued from their perilous sitution with the greatest difficulty, having been drawn up a bank of CO or 70 feet by ropes, Sic. by the exertions of Capt V. and his crew. The C. went ashore in i dense (H|, and had i branch pilot on hoard at the time. The steamer Nova Scotia proceeded to the wreck on the 3d, and returned same evening?she re ported her full of water, her masts out, and the hull expected to K-? to pu t cs same evening. .La '!?< h.?A su|trrior coppered built *hip, called the Enplira ia, ol' 450 tuns, was launched at Newburypoit 8tli inst. Whalemen. Arrat 7tli inst. Solon, from Atlantir Ocean, with III bbls ap and 20 III ktinh oil. Re|,orts nl Floret July 12, Cat Iterwood, Weatport. 130 ip; 30th, Columbia. NL. no oil; at Kayal 18th, Aiinawsn, Rochester, 200 ; 23d, Atlialia, Edgnrlowti, too. S|K>ke 10th ult. no lat. Sic. Annawan. llochrsler, 200 sp?took on boaid her 2d mate, Mr Slocum, who left Iter on account of ill health. Spoken. * Rhode Island, from Liverpool lor Providcuce, Aug 28, lat 43 30, Ion 31 40. Ville de Lyon, Stoddard, from NYork for Havre, Auk 29, lat 44, Ion 35. Franklin, from Portland for Madeira, no dale, lat 42 10 N, Ion 82 W. A brig showing a white signal with a red bullock, with adeik load of cattle, steering S, Sept 1, lat 34 40, Ion 70. Foreign Porta. St John, NB. Aug 31?Arr Olive, Philadelphia; Infanta, do; Sept 3, Woodlands, do. Below, a brig supposed the Charlotte Ant. Cld 31st Aug, Columbia, Philadelphia', Sept 2, Olive, Eastport. Ql'r.ncc, Sept 3?Arr Sylvia, ; Sored, Liverpool; 4th, Susan, London; 5th, Prince, do; Miramicni, do, Montreal, 9ept 3?Arr Merlin, Oreenock; Courier, Quebec. , OA vrlTnx. Alnr 4WIn imri PiiKa for V.\e Vorl* to ..It umr day. United Statca Porta. Banana. Sept 5? Arr Buenos Ayres, New York. ('Id Cerei, Philadelphia. Bath, Sept 3?Cld Partridge, Cuba. Portland, Sept 6?Arr Russia, Cadiz; Gen Scott, Boatnn. NFwnuaTfoRT, Sept 7?An Paochita, Pot to Kico ?ia NYork. Cld Heber, Porto Hieo. Salem, Sept f?Sid Three Brothers; Naumkeag, Africa; Banner, and Monlano, Albany; E H Hrrrick, New York; 7th, Salem, Cape de Vcrds and a market; Peraereraucc, Cherryfield. Boston, Sept 8?Arr Tacitus. Amsterdam; Lodi, Franklin, Peru,and Statira, Philadelphia; William, Aui ('ayes Itth ult; Kaitle, Fredeiickaburx; Mandarin, Albany, Trader, Lea|ier, Kitsibetb, and Jane Sally Frances, N York. Signal for 1 ship atid I brig. Cld Philena, Marseilles; Lucy, Paruamhuco and a inkt; Plutna, Charleston; Pearl, Philadelphia; Baltimore, do: Wanderer, Savannah; Jasper, NYork; Splendid, do. Arr 7th, Arab, Amsterdam: Francis Stanton, Hamilton Roads; ('hatham. Baltimore; J H Chenev, Lion, Home, and Fame, Philadelphia; Susan, New York; Cambridge, do; Nile, Delaware City. Weymouth, Sent 7?Arr Elliot, Philadelphia. Holmii Holt, Sent 5? Sid Oen Warren. Arr Catharine Frazier, NYork for Windsor, NS; H Lawrence, Philadelphia for Boston; Rival. Calais for NYork; Plato, Philadelphia for Salein. Fall River, Sept i?art Ezcel, Yautic, and Yankee, new York; Atlantic, Philadelphia: 4th, Angeline, do; Florida, Delaware Rirer; I H Bordeu, New York; 2d, Morning Star, St Thomas. Philadelphia, Sept 9?Arr Harriet Porter, New Bedford; John Randolph, Albany; New Jersey, do; Susan, Boston: Tennessee, Providence. Cld Globe, Montevideo: Hope W Gauby, Providence; Columbia, Peekskill; Vesta, New York; Congress, Boston; Ligonia, do. Arr in the Schuylkill, Larkin, Wareham, M iss; Atlantic, Fall River; Philadelphia, New York. Baltimoee, Sept*?Cld Hortensia, Embden; Midas, Montevideo 4nd a mkt; Water Witch, St Thomas; Orazaho, Balii* and a mkt. Sid J W Paige, Boston; Sun, do; Casiopea, Montevideo; Midas, do; Amazon, Cadiz. Savannah. Sept 3?Arr Wilson Fuller, Cobb, NYork. In port?Shins St Mark, from Liverpool; Robt Isaac, do; Howard, Havre; barks Precima, (Norl for Montevideo, ldg; Lagrange, Porter, NewYoik, do; brigs Caroline (Fr) from Port au Prince, rejig; Augusta, Livcrmore. for NYork, ldg: J Peterson, Oreen, fiom do. disg: fmnoiter. Batli. do: Oaaire. for Boston Ml. Nkw Om.kaivi, Aug 31?Cld Oconee, Jacksou, New York; Choctaw, Norton, doiEmprvaiario, Havana; A.ncricv, Carle ras. Arr Wm Penu, Tampico. IVANTED.?A partner in the millinery and fancy business. * " Th- advertiser it a milliner of the firit class, has a tliomuirli practical knowledge of the business in all it* department, detail and minutia, has a firat rate atand and all new goods, doing a good cash business and ia out of delt. Would he willing to ink a lady aa a t artuer or otherwise?active or ailent, who can command one lliouaatid dollars, more or lean. To a suitable l>eraon this ia a rare chance. Please address Fancy Go-da, at the Her dd office, stating what amount would be iuaeatrd and the ndd'esa, which will be attended .o Ail communications confidential. Unexceptionable reference given. slO ll*r TV' ANTED?Three or four girls for the purpose of making '* artificial tlowers. None need apply except those that undent and the business thoroughly. Apply at Madame B ESCHOK'8, 73 Chambers at. ?83tjrc \VANTED?A situation by a young girl to take care ol chil** dren, or do general housework for a small family in the country or city?good relereucea given. Address a liuc to K. at ihis office. s6 6ttrc rlv(\FAM!LIE? OOINO ROUTH, to the West Indies or s. Europe ?A respectable female, 21 years of age, wishes to obtain a permanent situation as seamstress, in a genteel family. Sha would prefer going to Europe, yet would except of a good offer to wo South or to the West Indies. The best of references given. Address A. A. A box 765, upper Post office, N. York. s'Of A YOUNG MAN, who is thoroughly acquainted with Bookkeeping, and Mercantile business generally, having acted for many years aa grnrial clerk in a merchant's office, now wauta a situation. To any house requiring an experienoed, attentive and educated clerk, he trusts that lie would he found useful. He knows the French language. Has good references, and to conform to the limes, will be satisfied with the most moderate salsr'?say $1 per week. Address Inquirer, at die office of this paper. slO 3l*r qvo7THE CAHTMEN OK THE CiTY OF NEW I YORK.?The cartmen of the city of New York are requested by the grneral committee of arrangement to assemble, on horseback, on Mouday, the 12th inat., in Centra street, the right resting on Chambers street, at 12 o'clock, at noon, to join the grand 'procession to resent the insult offered-o the head of our republican government at the Ashburton dinner. i> > unlf r <H ui?* ( uminiui i . .10 2t*r JOHN R. PETERS. Chairman. rfFKICES TO LET.?A comfortable sail of offices with or a-e without the .tore-room on the ?amc floor, to let in .tore 01 South ?t. Apply on the pre mi.e. to JOHN HUDMAm. r. S.?There i. alio a firnt rate .ail loft to let in lamt .tore. ?10_ec FAMILY BOARDING SCHOOL in the country. . A lady -T who i. an experienced teacher, w to lake into her familv .ix chddren a. boarder, an.! scholar.. She will .pare no pain, to reader her house a pleasant home to the |>upil ana to advance them in their.tudias. Every proper attention will be l>eid to their health and moral.. The location i. very healthy and retired. No iUy scholar, admirtcd. Terms moderate. Refer to?Mr. Charle. Sandford, No. 7 Cedar at; Mr. E. Ariron*. H5 Fulton at; Mr. H. Hunt. No.9Chamber ?t: Mt? Peet, 765 Greenwich at; Mrs Somen, H uston* Eldridite it; wrs. Cumbemnn, 156 Lauren. .1, and to Mr. Joline Butler, 16 John at, where terms will be made known. .9 2w*rc Board in bond if&kct.?anathHi.mMa?A and a few .ingle gentlemen can he well accommodated with board and pleaaant rooms, at No 2 Bond street. Persons wi.hinc board for the winter, <v ill find tliia a deairable 1'lawe. .6 2w Jec Lodgings upon~the euIiopean plan.?to Single Gentlemen.?Two .nitea of apar rnents are now vacant at 84 Broadway. Gentlemen desirous of making arrangement, for the winter, would do well to make an early application .8 Jweodujrc IADIES!?A gentlemen of dome.tic habit, wi.he. to pro -4 cure lodging. that may meet hi. view.. Any lady n| amiable manner., with no incumbrance., having apartment, to let where there are no boards r?, and who would be willing to aid thr adverl'.er in rendering a ho ne air-rsUr. may make such an arrangement by addrraaing Robert K. Mund< r, Park I'oatnffier. ___ .9 Vn T K.ECHES, LftCHHS.?ju.t received aaveral thousand J-. Leechea. For .all at a very low price, hy J. ALAYOLOR. 106 Bowery and s93t*r 178 BroaHwav. XTNCURRENT MONEY of all kiuda pw/chaaed at the ba.t vd market rales, by 8. J. SYLVESTER, s 10 W Wall it, ami IV RmiidwkT. COLLECTIONS on nil parta of the Untied States, made on the moat favorable terms, by 8. J SYLVESTER, ? Wall at. >10 and t*> Brnadwa* RILLS OF EXCHANGE, on allTmrti of England, Ireland and Scotland,in sums of Xi.JCIO, XI5.X20, to any amount, for sale ,t 8. J. SYLVfc STER'h, 22 Wall itreet, >10 and no Iroadway UEVVaKI) Ob' fj?A young man, aged 21 years, would a? dispose of his services to a Merchant, Manufacturer, Newspaper Publisher, Auctioneer, or anyone requiring a confidential clerk, for $0 per week. Advertiser it none of your nice Isty gentlemen, too prond to hoist a bale of goods when nscesvVn rrutaged as general clerk with last employers, iwa* , ! A 'me left at the Herald, uoper or lower Post OHIoas. for A. W. P.. shall meet with attention. >10 Jt? m COXS' ,, Ms.?y5-NISHING STORES T II IWt? LAN<ft1AND BRoXliWAY. J. n J.JklvL" " nectfnlv to inform their friends, an I ,%n?ShSsrT^{r3f HL $;?' oannery, Plated Wares, wi'V^i h ire Irons, hlock tin llrns, Dish Cover*, kc. fcc u.teih'i "iih s general assortment ol article. in ,|?ir line. whChthiy are I ml need to offer at very low prices for <msh r ?h ,?t to pnrchaae ahoold ton ona'jt to call vn.l eiamliw for themselves. A large assortment of ihe newly invented I atent Solar Lamp*," )ii?t received. Th#f continue to manufacturr Silver War# in .11 N. B. Tlicyalao to inform their uienda ud the p?Mi? generally that ih v litre opened tl JI9 Broadway, corner of Leonard street, a branch of their eatahliahmenr, where any of I lie above articlea can be had at the time pricea aa et 13 Maiden line, They hare for aale, a nsrr article of Poliahinc Powder, aul-erior to any thin? hitherto discovered for cleaning ailrer and plated ware, plate glaaa, fcc. a 10 ?wr PHALON, II AIR CTJTTE R . ^f), III Broadway, op^o-ite 8t. Paul'a church, ia the fir?t to -t-" introduce the fashion for the aeaaon, on Saturday, 10th mat. all! lm*r LOOK AT THIS. AMERICAN TRANSPORTATION CO. GENERAL PASSAGE OFFICE. BOATH LEAVE ALBANY DAILY. DAI8KNGBS Forwarded, * iiltoat dtlty. to I Ult ra, ftl.Ui I CleaveUo I, Ohio, 11.25 lLiclirati r, 43,Ml Detfoii, Mich., S\7i Lockoort, S3.? I Chicago, 111., S9,M Buffalo, $t,JO | Toroi.U), U. C. Omeiio, Si,in, ami Pittibureh. And all i*ria ol the Weatem Country M. L. KAY, k CO.. alOltn'm 141 Liberty alrert New York. SrTTON & VANDERBILTS ARE Conatauilv receiving large aupplira of Clolhi, Caati ?m tad W Him . ? iurf imrtpuoi^aitiklt ftitki Coming aeavon. vanicli they offer at extremely reduced pricea f ir oath, at tliei wll known Tailoring Eatahliahmcnt, 420 llmadwcy, aecntid door above C iual at. Gentlemen arc r-'qiteated to call aud vixruitie their atnck before purehaarnf elaewhere. _?LJL?Particular attention paid to boya clothe*. alt) lm*r HIGH POLISH. LEE'S STEAM IMPROVED BLACKING ia now uuiver?ally admitted to be Ur aaparior to an, vet invented Tor ita peculiar prcaervivlive aofteninK <|Uilitiea to tin- leather, and for ita ri<iuiaile brilliant jet black luatrc, pio|i?rtiea entirely unrivalled. N. 11.?For the genuine a tide apply to the oulv Warehouae, No. 1 Joliuat, cornet of Broadway.^ CHAS. LEE, aio lm?r Komerly Lee k Thornton. ^ OTlCE.?The Stockholdrra of the Harlem Kail Koad Comp my are reqoealed[to attend a grtieril me, ting of Stockholdera, at the office of the Company, on T"eadav evening next the 13th September, at 7 o'clock, on lutiueaa orim|x>rtance to their lu are interval. New York, Sept. 10, 1842. FI.OYD T. FERRIS, DYKEKH St ALSTVNE, K. CHILLS. JAMES FERRIS, GEORGE LAW, T. DAVIS. A. HAMILTON, alO St ia'ec W. P. CHAPMAN. I AILS1 KAHH1UNS !?1'AKISiAN DEPOT.?MRS. L* VANDEIIPOEL, No. Brotdway, having completed her arrangementa for receiving the esrliest fashions, off-rs her services to ladies of taste, who are desirous of ecouoinisiug in articles of dress. I Miuliu Dft sses made in genteel style, $2 00 Silk " " 44 14 3 00 Every article of dress now in vogue, mav be had at the lowest r?-inniMT.ttlU'4 pi in s, on! she ll.itrrr.s hers-li th.ti dn* suit the tastes oi the most fastidious, satisfied thii those who in t\ fi\cr h?-r with a c ill. wi'l conic again. slO lm*r CHINA DINNER i and Pl.tted \\ uKr. Vt GARDINER'S New Furnishing Warehouse, No. 24 John street, between Broadway and Nassau street. The Mib.srriber offers for sale .it the very lowest prices, a choice issortmenl of nvw and most desirable good-., in his usual House Furnishing Branches, embracing Sheffield and Birmingham P.ated Ware: Japannery; Briiauniannd Block Tin Wares; Superior ivory handle Table Gallery; ( him, Glass and Earthen Ware; Latnns, Chandeliers and Girandoles; Silv. r Ware, kc. kc. B. GARDINER, slO teod^r No. 24 Johu street. CHEM' Fi RNITUre.?Consisting of mahogany^ rose wood, kc., for family use of the city and its vicinity ; also orders executed for the Southern market. A Urge assortment constantly on hand. All fnrn ture manufactured is warranted of the best quality, the most elegant ami newest American end European patterns, end tt lees than one h If the ueual prices,? n tcconnt of Kiviog small expenses, and tope (intended by the proprietor himself, and some of the first mechanics; therefore he is enabled to execute on orders with despatch ana w* ranted workmanship. Furniture of every descrit tion repaired and renovated to look equtl to new?charge extremely inode- I rate. i The public will oblige J. PESSOIR, with v call in their Alley, between Franklin and White streets. above Alley j I -o b* twven Broadway and Elm street* N. B ?All appointments by letter punctually attended too. >10 lm*r jT PE \SE & SON'S CKLEBRATKD Rrmrdy f.r Cnn.umption, CoUla, kc., known a. Clarified Eiwncr of Horrhound Cindy. Thii pleasant medicine i. formed by a combination of tw nty-five different iiiif ?dirnts, all celebrated for the cure of colds,cough. aM fllaWQary Complaints: and fcjr it. combination, li'one of these articles should ne used separately and afford no relief, in the Extract of Hoarhound tliry are ao amalgamated, that the benefit of the whole it experienced in on* compound. Ah iut three year, and a half ago.-hia article wa> first brought before the public. It w.? h.rshleil wirf. no t.revimi. incut of iti merit or value, but it wu introduced by llir proprietor! to the community. to stand liv tbeir decision as regarded ill beneficial ilitlurnce. decision has been attained in a manner Umoat uiieijrerted. Tlie unsought acknowledgment of its worth hai proceeded SPONTANEOUSLY FROM THOUSANDS who have Practically experienced iu benefit* throughout the country. And why is it sol B-.ause the trial of it* i|ualitiea in Coiiichi, Colds, Hoarseaeas, Irritation of the Throat, Croup, Whooping Cough, Asthma, Catarrh!. Palpitation ol'lhe Heait, Liver Complaint, Night Sweat*, Difficult or Profme Expectoration. and all DISEASES LKADINO TO CONSUMPTION, ha* Riven it a value thit no other aimilar medicine ha* ever reached. Complaints of the Lung* are the most dangerous, and at the same lime most prevalent if all diseases. Our climate is most peculiar?it chauges suddenly from extreme warmth to extreme coldness, FROM WET TO DRY, and it is from this change in the climate that diseases are apt to arise. When the hlnod is in an unhealthy state, and the constitution natuially delicate, if a cold set* in, and no immeuiste relief takes place, toe chances are altogether against the patient attacked: it is when remedies are taken in time, THAT DISEASE IS CHECKED AND LIFE SAVED. There is no disease bat may u >i be sulfated to go such a length, that 110 medicine or physician ill the world can mo the person attacked This should b<? remembered by all? THAT SAFETY FOR LIFE is, to be prepared in time. A'the first symptoms ot a Cold, Comjli, oi 1 hilloess, the Clanlieu Essence of Hotrhoiind SHOULD BE FREELY USED according to thridiirct' -us,and in every case where it is so taken 111 proper lime^he old or cough will he broken up or eradicated. We feel It our duty to impress this upon every one. Pedlers and Confectioners are not appointed Agents, anil none is genuine unless each package is invariably signed J. Pease fct Son, 4i Division street, of wiiom it can be obtained, wholesale and reta'l. The following are our State ^getit* U W Redding, 8 State itreet, Boston: O B Zieber, 17 Dock *f. Philadelphia; J Robertaon, 110 Baltimore ?f. Baltimore, Vd: J Jobson. 36 St. Charles at. New Orlean*; Dnhoi* It Co. Mobile, Ala.; C Tobey, Cincinnati. Ohio; Havilind, Harrow It Allen. Ch-neetnn, 9(;;WJ Purall 272 Broad *t, Newark, N J: W N Haldeinan Louisville, Ky; Pierey Teller, Deiroit, Michigan: Peck Ic Spear, Bnrlinsiou, Vt; J. Anthony,N. Haven, Conn; .1. Oivuor, Richmond, Va; F.Taylor and W. Filher, Waabiugton City, D C; J. A. Wadaworth. Providence, R I; J B Co?ter, Montgomery,Ala; J Marline, Fayetteville, N C; G. W. Sothorm. Georgetown, D C; C;_ H. Huntt Fredc rii a.sruirgn, Vj; J. M 1 hompson * Co. Wheeling, V*. All Inters |>ost paid, directed lo J. PEASE 3i BON, O Divisimntrctt, will Ho punctually attended to. ?IOr_ DR. HENRY'S RHEUMATIC SYRUP, TS COMPOSED of articles entirely from the yrgetable king' dmn, and it acta solely by its wonderful pu'ifying pro|>ertirs. That it ?o acta it proved from the fact that persons who have taken the syrup anil at th? aame time have had ?ome other disraae in the ayiteia with rheamatiam.hare been surprised to find all gooff together. A gentleman at Weschester it now giving the syrup to hii yonng ion for Scrofula, or King'i KrilVaiid he ii recovering rapidly. Mrs. Smith, No. II York street, nalso (living it to her ton. a young man shout eighteen years old, who is getting well. This has been a inost deplorable raie of Scrofula. Mr. Lawrence, 69 North Moore street, was cured of the Kheiim tism, and at the ?anie lime of a cough which he had been troubled with for more than a year. A young lady, a school teacher, corner of Esset and Sunton streets, has been cured of an inveterate sick or nervous headache, which she has hid for twenty years. Previous to using the syrup she never escaped an attack longer than two days?oftrner she had it every day. She has not now hsd an attack since the firit part of July, the time she commenced the syrnp She can he seen at any (inn- there during school hours. We mention these iustmccs toshow the wonderfol purifying powers of tins medicine and its congeniality to the human system. But it is in rheumatism that we hoasi of it, and here we say it is noi only unequalled hut no other medicine approachea it in efficacy. Kor certificates of caret in this disease we refer the public to the hack immben of the Herald, Sun, Atlas, Times, lie., where will be fonnd more than thirty, with street and number of those who have been iierfeetly cured by this remedy. In tliia City It i? f,? Ij,. -IOC ll?,o, ..?.I In Brooklyn, At Stewart's, N*. 75 i niton street; and in Newark,at Trippe's No. 298 Broad st. *10 lt#r " DR. FEUCHTWANGER'S f~5FFICE, No. 1 Wall street corner Broadway.? Manufacturof German Silver ia sheet,and faultless castings-of A<1 ue fortis, Muriatic, Nitric and Pyroligiieous Acids ; of Tin Solutions, extract Logwood, LabarraguIS Chloride of Soda, of Lull It (' tualic Printo Acid; Livrrof Sulpher, Iodides of Irou, Lead and Mercury, Dairiierrotyite.Chemicals.Ethcr, Ammonia, Gratieilley Lotion, Chloride of (fold. Phosphate ol Soda, lie. Infallible Poisons for Bedbugs, Kleaa, Ely Paper,Cockroaches Rats. Moths, Caterpillars, mosrhetoea; the compound chemical Whale Oil, Soap and Seed Protector; Platiua, Palladrine, Ooldloil and Bronze, ireinnue Harlem Oil, imported. s!l lm*ec Huntehian DISPEN9ARV?established in 1*35?DR. HUNTER'S RED DROP, No. 3 Division street.?This sovereign remedy for the cure of all delicate diseases, can be obtained only at the a ore named office. We would gladly avoid lheex|>cnse of advertisements in the public joums's, if the nature of the disease would permit, but those who have been benefited generally feel reluctant to make disclosures ev.-n to their mo<t intimate friends, it therefore becomes necessary to keep it before the public, in order to benefir others whoae life and health is of equal value. This medicine has hecomr so popular that it ezciles the envy and cupidity of not a few coutrmptibl* iniodrd persons. We have hut one mode of dealing?our price is filed and permanent, for the rich or poor? $1 |>er phi si, which is warranted to perform a speedy, safe aud |iertnaneutcure, without any restriction whatever, m a'l stages and under all circumstanrsa of all diseases ofa pirate v._ a rs:.:_: ... . s ...C.,it rl... medicine i? told in Boston, got up by lomr unprincipled wretch. The tnie article cillliot be obtained in that city, norCharle*ton, 8. C., at pre?nt. ?10 11* m DR. MOKEATT'8 VEGETABLE LIFE MEDICINES. Theee mnli 'iii' ire indebted fur their n?mt to dieii men ifetl end sensible eeiioe in purifying thr springs end channels of life, end enduring them with renewed lone end rigor. In many hundred certified c ?ees which here been made pntilic, "rutin almost erery specie* of disease to which the human freme ie lieble, the happy elTeete of Dr. Moffett'i Life Pille end Thenif Bitter* here been gratefully end puhtiely acknowledged hv the peraon* benefitted, end who ere previously unacquainted with the beautifully philoeiphical principle* upon which they ere compounded end npon which they consequently ?ct. The Life Mrdicine* recommend themselrea in di*ee*e* of erery form end description. Their firat operation i* to |oo?en from the co'te of the ttom*ch end bowel*, the rertoa* intpuritie* end eruditie* constantly settling round them; end to remore the herdeued feece* which rolled i" the conrolntion* of the smsll intestinis. Other medicine* onlv pertielly cle*n*e these, and leere such collected messes behind as to prodnce hebituel eosti renew, with all it* train of erilt, or sudden diartinea, with its imminent dingers. This feet is well known to nil regular anatomist*, whoerjmine ihe linmin hnwel* after death; *nd hence the prejudice of these well informed men against quack mefitines?or medicines prepured end heralded to the public by ignorant person*. The second efT. ct of the Life Medicine* i* to cleanse the kidney a and the bladder, and b" this means, the lirer nnd the lung*, the healthful arti in of which entirely d'pend* upon the regularity of the urinary organs. The blood, which take* iu red color from the agency of the lirer and ti e Inngs liefore it pastes into the heart, being thus purified by them, end nourished by food coming from a clean atomich, contaea freely through the rein*, renews every part of the eyitein, atid triumphantly mounta the banner < f health. Dr. Motfatt's Vegetable Lif Medicines hire been thoroughly tested, and pronounced a sovereign remedy for Dyspepsia, MAt*l*1?cy, raipiuiioo 01 in* n?-?n, <> nupeuw. "I" " hirn, ana Hi ulichf, ll< ?ilfmuwi, L*rsour, and Melancholy, Gtwii^'utii, Hiarrliopa, Cholera. F'-vrri of ajt lindi Kin umatisin. <?out, ('.ropey of all ki.ida, Gratel, Woim?. A'thma, ana Coniumption, Scurvy, L lcera, Iurei-trir ki?i, Srrobulic EruptieD*, ami bad Complitione, Erupriv#h?mp|ainfa, Billow, CiowJy, and other diaagretable Coml'1-iiom, Salt Hli. nm, Eryaiolia, Commna Coidi, and Infiu' nzt, Olxtractluna, Irregularity and all dernngr mrnti of the Female Hyitern, Bilioaa Fever*, filea, Fever and Agile, and variona other <*laea?e* to which the homan frame ia liable. For aale by the piopr.eter, DR. WM. B. MOFFATT. ilOlvo*?r , Hi .idwray. N. Y. DALTIMOHK OlN-3*Mi^? White-* Baltimore Old. u mo H-rrela Rock (Jin. IM f.rr. I. Vrinkl.n ( Jr.. Old *f <l?f rr.y >ti| enor fnr ??le bf . .,. campbkLl p. white, ?# tod 3i*r No. CO Front itnou 1 STtAM SHI!' NKPTt'NK?CAIT. WM. ROLLINS T.I li aire thl. fxn' Ord.twr I-I, al 4 o'clock P.M. OK CHARLK.STOS!. Kk V WKST. HAVANA NEW ORLEANS, ANb (iALVKSTON, TEXAS. Thi* ahi(i will leave aaabovr. Sin-cu? vuiwrblv irconMMIi *S0 | uunntriiu iho cabma and aim* ruonia, and \v 11 take ? few in tlic *t*era|r Alan, a vmall nuauiiiv of liahl free lit, for whicli oi aii|,lv on boaid, at the T .' ac. 'i luapeovu I"> r, C rv, or at .-\o.7S WaJI atreel, where a plau of II.r .i ate r Hiina may be iceu. The Neptune ha. been perfectly overhauled, and ii infi-it rale order. 1 he delay. at intermediate join w ill be but momentary, to land and to receive pt?tenj;rt., and It i? eipeeied paa.eugera by her w ill be landed at New Or leans by lttli Ocijlrr J. H. BHOWKK. 74 Wall at. CHARLESTON. HAVANA, Js?2.Iv,NKW ORLILANS, AND LSI ON, (Teaae) to sail ru the 10th *<al2MjflalJOctob? 12A .\1.-The well known aud ^^^^^*?favonte .team ship NEW YORK, J. T. Wright, I'Ominander, having been put incomplete order, with new w roeght iron ehafte, Ac., willpoiitirely leave for the above porta on the day specified. Tlif New York, limine beeusup?rblv fitted up, with saloon state looms lu addition to tier e.ibius, offru xuietior accommo(1 at ions for the convenience of lusse tigers. I'&sse tigers going iu thia bout mav safely relv upon the well known skill Mid stteni tious o. her yapUin. For light freight or lwusage, apply on hoard, foot of 9lli street, Last River. or to C. MORGAN, or H. CO. S7 Peck Slip. N. B.?The New York carries .ufheient fuel for the voyage. Paaaencera for Key Wc.t, New Orleana, and Oilve.toii. will have an opportunity of viaitiuii Havana, a. the ahip will lay tlwre It? day*. a? to ollltrc STATEN ISLAND FERRY. Koot of Whitehall atreetThe .team boaU STATEN ISLANDER and SAMSON wiU ieave New York and Statcn Island every hour, from 8 A M to 6 P M.. II noon excepted. All good, are required to be iwrticularly marked, anil are at uie riali of the owner, thereof. ,3r aMQ AND M1DDLET0WN & vT"*if , ' The ateamboat ROCKLAND will. "el alter Monday, the lit of Aunust, leuve Middle town Point (tide permitting) every Monday, Tueaduy, Wednesday, Thuradny, ?n<l Kriday, at I o'clock, r.M.: ami Key-I nrt at 3 o clock, r M. ; and Now York, foot of Robineou alreet. al Ik o clock. * M.. everv Tiic.d.v W-.l,....,!., Tl?,?. day, Friday?and Saturday at 2 o'clock, r.M., touching at Seguitle's Dork, Stalrn Island, rach way. au24 linr* |T~1 jggk KOK ALBANY, 'I'HOY and Intern? e^A^r^?di?tc places.? The splendid low pressure 3^^JKwaL,>tcainl>oat SWALLOW, ('ai)taiu A. M'Lean, will leave the foot of Courtlandt-it, This (Tucaday Afternoon, Sept. Kth, at 4 o'clock. Alan, aa above on Friday, Sept !l:h. T7~ The above la a substantial Boat, fitted up with elegant Slate Rooms, and for accommodation la unrivalled on the Hudson. a6rc .MM ~ji NEWARK AND NEW YORK.-Fare , **|r. frOiily I2X cents.?The splcudid and commodi !EUC2e<>ui steamer PASSAIC, Uapt. John (daffy, being completely and elegantly refuted, commenced her leguI lar trii?forthe season on Thursday, tlarch 10?leaving as fol| ?Knotof Barclay at. New York, at 10 o'clock, A. M., and 4 o'clock, P. M. Centre wharf, Newark,at half-paatT o'clock, A. M.and half past I o'clock I', M. On Sundays, the Passaic will leave New York at 10 A. M. and 4 P. M. Leave Newark at half-past 7 A. M. and at 2 o'clock, P. M. Kreight of every description carried at reduced prices, an 18 lm*r m. ~$k M M. PASSAOEVrOM ANb REMITTANCE TO GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND WEEKLY. ' I -IIO suoscriuera ? "iimiur u> inane airaiiKrmnu Ul urillg out passenger* from llir old country, by ship* of the first class, all American, built,and commanded by men Ions and favorably known in the trade. The rcuelt composing thia line tail weekly from Liverpool, consequently all unnecratary delay to jrassengers ia avoided. Prraont abr ut to make engagements for friends to emiitrate the ensuing season, will study their own intereat, and the interest and comfort of their friends,by making such engagements avith the subscribers, as no eineuse or psint are spared to earn that preference which has for many years been eitended to them. As has always been customary with this line, when the |>arties settled far decline coming out, the passage money is promptly re'undcJ to those from whom it was received, without deduction. A free passage per steamboat from the various ports of Ireland ami 8collaud, to Liveriiool, can likewise be secured. For further particulars apply to SAMUEL THOMPSON. Old Established Passage Office. 273 Pearl St., Orto C. QRTMSHAW fc.CO. 10 Ooiee, Liverpool. Drafts and Exchange at sight, and for any amount, are also furnished on R. C. Olyn & Co., Bankers, London, C CJrimshaw 6t fa,., Llverpoo'; the Northern Banking Co. nd National Bank of Ireland. National ban* of Scotland, payable at their resiiecttve branches: as follows NATIONAL BANK OF IRELAND. Athlone, Dungarveti, New Ross, Billina, Ennis, Roscommon liallinaslo* Enniscorthy Rns rea Belfast Fermoy Sligo B lyle Gileway Tallow Ca.-rick on-Suir Kilkenny Thuries Cashel Kilrush Tipnerary Castleosr Limerick Tislee Ca-llereagh Longford Tuam Charleville, Loughrca Waterford fonmal .Mitclo llstown Wesnort Cork Monte Wexford Dublin N< uage NORTHERN BANKING COMPANY.. Belfast Lurgen N T Liinerar/ Derry Armagh Ballrmena Downpatrick Maglierafelt Clones Lisburu Coieraine NATIONAL BANK OF SCOTLAND. EDINBURGH. Aberdeen Fortwilliam Kirkwall Amtnither Oalaghtds Langholm Amine Glasgow Leitlr Banff Uielitown Lewick B ilhgate Harwick Montrose Burmi-land Inverness Nairu Castle Douglas Inverary Oban Dalkeith Inveakeithing Portree Dingwcll .lebugh Perth Dumfries Keith Stirling Dundee Kelson Stonaway Falkirk Kirkaldy Stormuess Forrest A|>|>ly at above. s9 lm*r BLACK BALL. OR OLD LINK OK L1VERjCfy^WPOOL PACKETS?For Liver|>ool?The only reguJjUaHfaxlar packet of I9ih September, is the splendid regular packet ship COLUMBUS, burthen SJO tons, Capt. Cole, will |K>sitively sail on Monday the 19th of September, her regular day. The accommodations of the Old, or Black B ill Line of Packets. for Cabin, second cabin, and Steerage )>assengrrs, are well known to be unequalled by auy other Line or ship loading lor the above port. Those wishing passage in this favorite Packet, should make application on hoard, foot of Beekman street, or to the subscribers. Terms moderate. ROCHE, BROTHERS It CO. 35 Fulton st. tin r Nest door to the Fulton Bank. NEW ORLEANS PACKETS-^For New OrbJSMfV'l*ans? ita. Line?First Picket?The well known JWMWMVery fast sailing ship ECHO, is now loading for the above port?will take wbai freight may ulfsr at tne lowest rates and sail wi h immediate despatch. The Echo will he succeeded by the packet ship Rusaell Olover. These ships are decidedly the finest partketa in the trade, and will bt succeeded weekly by other shins of the same class. Gi Kids forwarded to our care will be shipped free of commission, and all goods destined for the interior and consigned toour ag.-nt at New Orlcani, will be forwarded per first conveyance. Ships of this line will not load deeper than l3Teet water,col njurniiy win not ire a*- ariea on me r?ar, ana uicywinaii tike a steamer up the River. For freight or passage, ontha lowest terms, either in the cabin, second cabin or steerage, having su|>erior accomuioiia. tions, apply on board, at Pine st. w harf, or to GLOVER & McMURRAY, s"!0r [on Pine st. cornet of South. FOR LONDON?Regular Packet of I ha 10th Sent kflHMPy.?The first rlsss fast sailing packet ship MONTKEJJKalfl?iAL|Capt Tinker, will sail as above, her regular day. Havinc superior accommodations for cabin, id cabin and steerski* passengers, those ahont to embark for the above port should make early application on board, or to JOHN HERDMAN. sir (I South st. FOR LIV ERPOOL?To sail on the lAih BeptemMrjrjfVber.?The fast saili. g yacht FORHEAI), Captain ^PswiSBPaiiitrai-e, is inrended to be despatched as above. This vessel has elegantly famished accommodations for a few cabin passengers, who will be taken at vaiv low rales Persons wishing an economical passage to the old cuuntrv should not fail to inspect the accommodations of this beautiful Vessel, (it will repay ihe trouble) at Pier No. 8 E. R. For passage, apply to W. St J. T TAP8COTT, 43 Psck slip, sOr or 33 South street, com r Jones' Lane. FIRST PACKET FOR MOBILE-The superior ttHraV last sailing, packet brig GROWLER, Capt. B. UljiMHKwmer, will be despatchi d for the above port on the 14th instant. This vessel can handsomely accommodate ahant forty second cabin passengers in the house on deck, and will carry the jwsseugers to the city without lighterage. Thoee about to embark for Mobile, are reqnested to examine the accommodations on board, at pier 14 Eist River. For pasaagr, at the lowest rates, apply to JOHN hEKDMAN. 81 South st The above vessel will bs succeeded by the fir.t class, favt sailing (hip BHUN8W1UK, Oapt. Mcsunua, to oe > espaicneu on 2ith inat. ** X??- KOR LlVERPOOL?NEW LINE.?Regular WriMPVPwli't of _2Sth September.?The Splendid Pieket jjMMBfaShip SHERIDAN Capt. A. De|*yater, of 1000 lona, will poailively aail aa above, her regular da'-. For freight or paaaage, limine accommodation* uiif|uail>-<l for splendor or comfort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, fool of Wall (treat, or to E. k. COLLINS & CO. M Sontli (Heel. Price of ruunage, Hon. The Packet Shin Oarriek, Captain William Skiddy, of 1000 tona, will auccecd the Sheridan, and (ail the 2Sth Octnbei, her regular day. Paaa-nger* may relv on the (hipa olthia line (ailing ptini tually aa adrertiied. (Or FOK LONDON, N'-w Orlaana, Mobile, Saaan ,n?h, and Charlratoii?FOR LONDON?Tha packet a hiii Montreal,Tinker, on the 10th Sept. NEW ORLEANS?The packet (hip Alabama. Bunker, on the 10th. Sept FOR MOBILE?The packet brig Linden, Griffith, on the 10th Sept. FOR SAVANNAH?The packet brig, L. Baldwin .Baxter, on the 10th S pt. FOR CHARLESTON?The packet ahip Moon, Haya, on thelOthSiPt. Tlie(e aplendid pack eta have rery aupeiinr accommodations for cabin. 2d cabin, and ateerage paiaengera. They are all regular linea, and will tail |i?nctiiallv a? above. Th'iae there fore who about to viatt either of the above jiorta will do well to (elect one ol'them, aa the price of lutiaagr ia rery low and the number limited, Thoae wishing to (elect bertha ihonld make immediate application on board, or to W.kJ T. TAPSCOTT. (Br 43 Peck Slip or 32 Sontl^vt. ACat FOR HAVANA?To mjI Mlh inat.?Tha au pert or roly^well known regular packet, coppered and copper faatWwifa nnd brig M ETA MORA, Aahhv, inaater, having tha created part of har cargo on board, can yet talk, the bulk of 200 oarreli, and .will tail poaitively aa above. For balance of freight or paaaage, having handaome furniahed accommodations ap Ply "O noaril al pier 13, K. K.. or o _jijt?Otlii_ J|)][N J. TAYLOR. V) Frontal. FOR I,IV ERrOOL.?The only Regnlar P.oJrrt wHfflWof tlx* 13'h September. 1 hi- fir?t c'a?? fiat .ailing 1 ' .hip STEPHEN WHITNEY.Capt. Thom|? aim, will .ail u above, h-r regular day. Hiving ?rry .unerlor accommodation. for C.b.n, Second Cabin ami Bteerrg' pai.rnger., permn. ritrinhnit to embark, .hoaldmakr immediate application <<n board font ol Maiden Lane, or ic GLOVER ?t McMURRAY, 100 Pine at., cot. of Month, P?rton? ?tailing to .end for their friend, can hare them hronaht out by thia rery .plei did ahip, or .ny other packet ol the line, by applying .a a bore .0 r "jJJ. FOR MARMEILLE8?Packet for at Octnb-i? KTyjfVTlie vr^' .npenor copper ft.tened ami coppered .hip tTi I I!<|\ ? /4f ?? 'inn i, "-tas'SK&fBS* , '"* iw-i'i .Z| r [ ^. .1 I ** 1 MniMin-> u ia AUCTION SALES. HI ll,,iV,v> UK.LI. ( 9t?m Sat. V .inn ar l 111 hilimt ttrrtl.) 8 ATI'HU AY. At lO'c o'clock at tin auction room*, fc'.ateiuite cod Valu-.hle aaaorlmrul of Houwbnld and ('abinet Furniture, ef ail deacriptioii.. Alto, 100 fair |iart fiin.h'd lud m ilia rough, VV,i:uu blind., Thi. lot i< a fine chance for manufacturer, or other.. Al.o, a Teriety of coot* .econJ hand furniture, rrmorad for convenience of .alt-, I la.t ,l._ C.I-. ./ .1 ' ' " ' " - inc vraiam c < ? (lie |>ien(IIU HllTtilUrtl ItOJli 51 Wt*t Broadway. MONDAY, Athalf.,ast 10o'clock, id the sales room, E'tra of clothing, d*y good., fancy and pledged article*, jewelry, hook*, hosiery, hordware. picture*. fratn**, guns, gne ceiic*, 20 ill tth,]ohm wiue, So.t'OO srgars, 1 splendid wa'chw.and uumerous other valuable watches Alto, 30 I'lere* English print*: alto, shirting and sheetings musliu, retrnauts clotlta, raasimeres, vestiugs, Ac, by order of lite Martha). TUESDAY. I At 10 oNtlock, at 467 Broadway. ! Ettenair* tale of GeuUrineu'* Furnishing Article*, Ladiea' Dresars, Oruainenl*, Jewelry, and French Fancy Hoods, comprising all kiud* of rich ailk cravat*, .car!*, handkerchief* and I stocks, hosiery, gloves, collars and boaoma. a large assortment of elegant Pari- made shirts, cap*. caue?, fancy bote*, cheat men, jewrlry, Saxony table cloth*, with napkin* to match, rich poult dc tote and other aillu far dresses, jaconet* and cambric*, parasols. *uit ihade*, fancy b.uthe*, ahow caaea, glaa* do, counter*, dealt*, oil cloth, Ac. Ac. WEDNESDAY. At half-past 10 o'clock in the aale room*. Furniture Sale?A choice, valuable and extriuive variety of elegant furniture of all description*. BY"RIELL A AROULAR1UB, SAT W HDAY, At 11 o'clock, at the *tor? :il5 Broadway. Store Fitti re*, Ac ?Con*i?t of splendid pier glass. 83 by 6.1 Indira; 4 elegant chandelier*. 30 chairs, 4 desks, tables, large and small; t Targe ?to*e w ith pi|>e; I lloe A Co.'* patent copying press; awning, |tackin? tmxey Scc.^ At 10X o'clock, at .'lie auction rooms, Elegant Furniture, Pianos, Sic. SATll IU)AY At 1044 o'clock in the sal* rooms. k'.t?e.,,f v.,,,.,..,.. nt?k... MONDAY, Sept 1#. A' 10X o'clock, at No. 14 City Iiill Place. A hrer anil elegant assortment of Household Furniture, ecu silting of splendid satin damiak covered divaus, ottomans, scC.ii and chairs, piano, pier and centre tablet, pirr glasses,wardrobe, ?iltou, Brussels and inrrain carpet*, elegant oil paintings, mantel ornament*, splendid 31 day clock, astral anil ball tempt, china dinner and tea acts, glassware, silver and plated waie, French bedsteads, beds and bedding, kitchen furniture, a great variety of green huuae plants, Ac. Also, a fiue assortment of ?ines. Catalogue* on the morning of tale. by uiell andarcularius. At 11 o'clock, at 345 b oadw iy. A8SHJNF.ES' 8AI.E of the furniture of an eiteusive dry goods store, of I tplendiil pier glass, 83 by (tt inches, 4 elegant gilt chandeliers, 10 chairs, 4 large counting house desks, tables, large and small, 3 stoves and |>i|>e, I Hoe A Co. patent copying preaa, awning, packing boxes. Ac slO_ll*eo M. WARD. Auctioneer. Elegant fashionable furniture-a. c. HUMBERT A CO. will sell this morning at half past 10 o'clo, k, in iheir sales room, 149 Broadway, corner of Liberty street, a large assortment of best made furniture, including half ano full French mahogany chairs, tufted and soring seat Freuch and square sofas, wardtohrt, dressing and plain bureaus, enclosed washstanda, Boston and mahogany rockers, marble top Centre tables, Ac. Ar Also, Frenco and English china, dessert, lea and toihlseta, girandoles, cut tumbles, tahle cutlery, feather beds, Ac. Actio It* m C'lVl'TON" ANlf I iHli'P M ILL S-For^saie,-iiluate Z ^ Kingston, Ulster county, New York, on the waters of the Hondout Creek, two miles (rom the Noith or Hudson River? Steamboats and sloops Ac. ply constantly to within 300 feet of the Mill, to thence c soil boats?Tiie waters of the Delaware, Nevr rsink and Rondout pour over the dam of this mill?Have been in operation untd very recently. Possession immediately. Title indispulablr?Will he sold very low and on very advantageous terms, to close a Mutt. Apply to slOec _ PERS8E A BROOKS, 81 Liberty it. T?0 THE STOCKHOLDERS OF THE ELIZABETHJ PORT AND NEW YORK FERRY COMPANY.An adjourned m'etiiig of the Ftockholders of this Company was held on Monday, Sept. S, to receive the report of the Committee of Investigation ami Conference appointed by the Stockholders at their former meeting. Major Wm. I hetwood, t hairman, calUtl the meeting to order, and appointed D. R. flnli.ll I letup The Cha rinar. having nated the object of the meeting, Mr. Edward Ki 'logg presented the minutes of the last meeting from the former Secretary, he not being present. The proceedings of the former meeting having t>een re?d by the Secretary, the Chairman suggest* J 'hat *n amendment to tn? resolution for adjournment presented by Mr. Morrison was ne hi "irucr correcuy 10 una-rutaini nu necm n ae Chair man. Wliereupon, ou motion of Judge Little, the said rcsoIn'ion was amended by inserting aft-r the word " chair,"decidi-il that the vote be taken viva voce, which vote waa taken mid carried by a I trite in ijorily?whereupon, the Chaii man declared the meeting r-irularly anjourned nntil the J'Ji day of Sept. neat. T'-ia amendment wai carried. On motion of Mr. Morrison, the minutes werefurlher amended by sirik'tig out all that related to an informal meeting held after the r-gular meeting had adjourned.?This motion waa unanimously cariled. The Committee of Investigation were then called upon for their report?whereupon the Secretary of that Committee presented and read to 'he alerting a report of their investigations and discoveries^ whereupon Mr. R.Kellogg, one of the Investigating Committee, requested that the r-port be laid on the Utile until November, the legulartime of the election of Directors, when he would present a counter MMt. This was the cause of considerable debate; when ail amendment waa offrreu by Mr. Bream llml tlie report be laid on the table for the present, uhi-ili amendment was lost, as was also the motion of Mr. Kellogg, to lay thr report on the table un'il November. Whereupon a motion waa made and seconded, that the report of the Investiitatimt Committee be accepted, which was carried, with only one diaseutiuir voice. Ou motion of Mr. Mo riion it was then Resolved, that copies Of 'h< lUporI e-pial to the uuinber of Stockholders, be primed, and the expenses incurred by the Committee of Investigation be . aid by <h- President of the Company, upon a d'afl of the Chairman of the Co?amitlee. Alter considerable dobat- an amendment was offered that the Printing of the Rei- rl and.lie I pay incut of the ex|ienae< be voted U|ion separately. This amendment was carried. tlie Committee of Investigation, when Mr. tlreer interpoaida luck vo'e, stating that such a rotr required before uuy of the fkldlOf the Company could lie nNfMMl Bat to the question whether such a vote had been taken ou all appropriaff*ft fffJjMf MUllltlT 1 certain $999, it was replied, with thai we (the meeting) had nothing to do. The chairman decichilli that a itock vote muit be taken ou this qneation, appointed Judge Little and G. O. Sheprrd aa tellers, when 169 roles were |K>lled for paying the exjienses, and not one recorded ag vital it. The minutes of the last meeting having been again called for, the Secretary reported that they had here taken from his table, and that he found thein in possession of Mr. Edward Kellogg, aui that he had called twice upon Mr. Edward Keilogg for lh> m, but he refused to return them?whereupou thr chairman requested Mr. E. Krllogg to return the |>a|>ers belonging to this meeting, which h- again refused to do, say ing they weir his private property. Whereupon, on motiou of Mr. Mreiu, it was? * Resolved, That the proceedings of this meeting he published in the New York Courier 4c Enquirer and Elizabrihtown Journal, signed by the ch.ti-m in tnd secretary, and that this meeting do now .milium?and wat carried. N. B.?As the Report ol the Investigating Committer will be iiubliahed in a few days, we reler to III at for particulars and explanations. Signed WM. CHETWOOD, Chairman. D., Bec'y. slOlt'r MEW YORK. Sept. 9th, 1B42.?My Dear General:?YesterJ-v day moruiug, in perusing the columns of your paper, (which I do as regularly as I take my coffee) my curiosity was somewhat excited . v observing a singular notice in your advertising columns, addressed to " Boarding House Keepers and Parcnti," and stating that a great party nr gathering was to come off in the evening. 1 resolved if possible to get an invitation; in this I had but little difficulty. I accordingly repaired to the house early in the evening; was met at the door by a good looking Irish servaut, but from the nsture of my reception. I aiked whether a fee for admission was required; nut on asking, she replied in the negative, saying that all was free, (for this night only-.) On entering the mansion, I su introduced to the refreshment mom first, and was soon asl.ed " to liquor," and being in want of something to warm the inner man, 1 did not refute. On I tauie in our cornc r nt the room was set out * variety or tlecsnttrs, containing, u I afterwards learned, the most costless hitch winr? down to the commonest Kin. The folding doors were soon thrown open. ?nd I was introduced to a portion of the party already assembled, composed mostly of very respectable looking and modest sewing Kirls. and two or three gentlemen.? Hardly a word passed lor about twenty minutes, until the entrance of the mistress of ceremonies, in all her native dignity, looking a little disconsolate from disappointment, as her old lover had nnei|iectedly left the city, and is now residing in a small village near Worcester, Mass. All appearances of sadness were soon dispelled, as the maty dance commenced and the liquor began to flow, and a'1 |?rtook of the s|rarkling bowl, and participated in the enjoyments of the evening with an air which might be expected of a |rarty of such accomplishments. In tine, the hostess managed the affair with good skill, and closed the scene and dismissed the party with an affectionate motto, " trusting lasting friendship in all." Vour's till death, sioir-r KfeKS ABF.DNEOO. GLASS CUTTING ESTABLISHMENT.-^. Stouvenel. glass cutter. No. 29 I'esrl street, c initantly on hand and offer to supply all dealers and others, at the lowest prices inthis city, and waTaritrd the beat ..f any other manufactory?such as beautiful hall lam|is nfevery site, aatral lamps and shades, decanters, tntnblrra,champaign,wine glgics,dishes, goblets, b?wls, celeries, glass,1st. (tit. Goous sent to any part of the cuunur by any quantity free of iwltagrs and, all articles match to |ialtern. Retail store No. IS John street, near Nassau st, 10 1 m r ^ STRIKER'S BOTTDTRW*FOR"THE HAIR-Whodis(^pnlea Striker's Turkish Solution, now the inventor it changing hi tv i?air to it* origin*] color ? ftry diy Tins lonittoi i? different fron any yet offered, and cannot fail ?.f superseding a I others, and possesses the great advantage o? beautify iug the hair without ii^nring its growth. One trial will prove the far'. N. B.?Those that have used the hair coloring powder are reflllfsti'il tn wain th? h*ir w*ll Kpf.irn Slrilipr's d?*l*hraf. *-d an lution it applied. Sold and applied at J Chatiiain itr.-et, oppottte the Hall of R-cordt, N. V., up t'tirt. to J: rti ?n " FOR 8ALK?A large grey hnrae 16 handt full, anund, kind and entitle an eirellrnt family of dor i I horae, will be told low at the ownrr bat no nar for him; can be tarn at HatllornS ttablr, corner Mrrrrr at. and Waahington place. tlO Jt*r UNITED LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKWrytrV. KTS.?I'ackat of Ulh Sept. Thr >|ilri<did, well fiKI AT. fM ff J>>ckrl >hip TAROLINTA. i.apt. J. (J. hnnlh, a* ill tail poailively aa abo.r, Iter regular da 7 The aerommndatinna of (hit tuprrh parket fo' cabin. trrond rabin or alaerage paiaengert, are eery taiwiior, her between ilrcka are htteifnp with every attention to the comfort of paaaeagera, and une.joalied by any other thip now loading for tha aboee |K>rt. Pertona withing to unite economy with comfort, can hare a well furniahrd table in the recoaa cabin on Terr reatmitMr leimt. Tlioae with rsg to teltet bertht ahnuld make etrly application on hoard, foot o( Dorer afreet, or to W kJ. T.TAP8COTT ? Peet alip, tlftr or ii a.infh at. ror. Jonrt' Lane. a^t ArLTON FTcJCfftT-The propria tora of the" Car lion cV IIout.- are no? prepared to make arrangement! with fami Ilea nrtingle gentlemen for board for the winter, on terma to corret|H>nJ with the timet. BK.aSON It HODOEH. tel liar A. PASTOR'S HAIROILr\R, COMPOUND ESSENTIAL OIL OK ALMONDS V ?for dttr ying dandnff and pr~*enting the hair from coming nut or turning, prepared by Antonio Patfor.Hair Cntter. 16) 'ereenwieh street, New gorg. Thn iniir.Hr.hlc oil, has been the product of twenty-lour yeere of eiperieme. end foi the lout suleen years in New Tor*, where I here been practicing lUthe Heir Cutting business, .ind the public mey rely on it, that A restore Componnd Oil it the whole.,,,,,est end beet Oil for the lien?makes it grow thick and long, prevents ite fellmc off or turning grey, end teen i| heir hee h gun to rum grey, ie ench e n in richer U the heir, that by oee it will restore it to ire netur-l color Aleo pre rente heir from becoming shaded, end if heir h%e elr ed; eluded, which ie a itre:,t diehgiirement to young Iedice, end it need for a short lime, it will reetorc it to IU neturel color, clear the ecurt, ?nd keep the h- ad end heir eleen.oromote eyebrows end w hiakercd. A liberal discount mede to n holes Ij purcharrra. Price 50 cents i*r botrle, highl / perfumed. . A. PASTOR, ""'l IIU 11 enwicn at, V V. IJANK Ml IV, PAi'Ptl?sq,ooo slice's Benk Note Pete-, of .menofecture, s eery superior article, jnsl reoened, end for eele by PLKHHE fc bR?>01C". I an Or 41 L thertT SI rent | QUOAH?Ml) hhde prime New O-lrans Sogers, in store, end I ^ for aa> in lots to suit purchasers, by tgr E K > tif.t.TNS ? CO. M Booth si. t V U I A UVB A I L' , , vrilil il/ll'UlllN.' I,*. rem.lVe.l '> hit Corvit'ltittu ?'? N" I IIciald Buildiwo corner of Nmu aikU iellminie I AMUSEMENTS. PARK TIIKATHK, PWH ES ( K ADMISSION r int Circle of , , Sri ond ?nH Third Oirrlrt & V.?, o. lurr' :; ': :; v.. v.-.fts THIS EVENING,, 10*, Hill far SHE STOOMT'O CONQUER V' V ' Boitou I YoiinK Mil low. Browne I ouy Lumckii, fl*?jde | Dig*ory, Wnliw, Mim Nerillr, Ml*? Buloid DKR NOCHT"w A CH TE R Alhett, Abbott I Frederick, Burtou ft >-Doors open at 7 o'clock and lite j enormauoe will commence at half-past T. MiniAT* 77Ahue.1*. IT7-KXTIIA()r7)1M1V attraction..^} E. B. GIBBINS' BENEFIT. THIS EVENlNo, H?i>t 10th, the Entertainments will commence with AN OVKKTUHE Afli r which PLEASANT DREAMS. MrPorrnlae, RadclilTe . Oliver, Chippendale Uncle Bi|tK>. Stafford I Waiter, Clarke lohn, T Pl.icirte I Mil Porriditr.Mra Brordlty Boota, Lyvrre | hally, Miss Clarke To lie iiicceetl In- a (iraml Duett lor Klute ami Hauthoia from the Opera of Norma, by Siguor Rauialti ami Ue Ribaa, (Juarleioi an hoor'a intermission will he all. wad lor Kelrtsh menu in the Grand Saloon. Duiinc which a beaut itul ibaplay i f EIRE WORKS To tt rminatc with the OKAND ITALIAN KANTOCINl^ In which will be exhibited Magnificent Dances, Chinese Juggling, ha . he., by a company of wouilroua mechanical perforate is. The whole to coneluilr with A GRAND INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT, In the Refreshment Saloon. Ticketa?50 ceuta Doors open at half past ail o'clock, Entrrtainmeuu to com m'-nc at nan pui ?eveo. CHATHAM THKATUt,, THE OLD PRICES RESUMED AND NO COMPUL 8ION Pit 12K ccnia. Ujwr Tier itl centa. Fir?t Tier 10 ccuu. BENEFIT OF MR. RICE. THIS EVENINO, Sept loth, 1(42, will le performed the mere of WEUUli: HERE'S A GO. Sip Latkina, Rice | Tallow, Slcrena Melpomene, Mra Blake After which LIFE IN NEW YORK. Mr Wheatlore, W Joues | Frank, Hall Rote Maydew, Mia Thorne T<> be followed by 8ARC OPHAOl'S. Oincer Blur, Mr Rica In whirh he will sin* JIM CROW. To roiieliiile with THE HYPOCRITE. Msvtworm, Mr Hi e | Dr Caul well, Anderaou Charlotte, Mia Blake ITT- Doora will open at7?Cnitain will rue at quartet before ( o'clock prrciaely. Box Oflice o(icii daily from 9 to 5, wlierr Ticketa may be pari'hai'd and placet arc urn! AMERICAN Ml TT-T ??', i TlFi > a ANA/ ' OALI.EKY OK FINE ARTS. pORNEH OK BROADWAY AND ANN STRUT , op|K>*ite St. PaulN Church. P. T. HARM'V MD A.O P. OBAN I) OA I. V W't IK : MONDAY, Sepltinhei llli, aoo i ?< iy '. . o i i ie-ii i .n ;n.; this W' ? k I IT?" It U with no small dnrr-e i , and mid. i ,i tin. Msnager call, public "'t'-iitinn to < e TREMENDOUS ARRAY (1 >V1 L'l ICS put forth lien- ilii week, i U. -iif ihe WONDERFUL" .vi'V Mr. Hirrineton, the Great Mairiei n ?< ' VtMHI(K|Ui?l. the Mysterious (i'puv <Jirl. Matter Diamond, the renowned and unapproachable Ethiopian Dancer, Whii lock, lilt- unii railed B.uuo Player, Misa Tiylur, the accomplished Vocaliat fiom the Park Theatre, Mr. B. Bnyce, the moat popular Comic 811nfer in the country, La Petite Celeaie, the tie-utilul D.naeuae. BALLOON ASCENSIONS from the Oarden on the lop of the Mil cum; 500,000 curioaitiea and hoata of other attractions, novelties, and amusements, for particulars of whif are hills of the d-ty. PERFORMANCES TWICE F.VERV DAT. commencing at four o'clock and hall-jiaat acveu, P. M. The Admittance to the whole. Museum, Oarueu and enter tainmeuls, will remaiu at only tweiitv-fn e ceiila?Children lull f price. at r HlltLt'tTlfKW YORK Mff'HEUM 252 Bmariway, opposite City Hall. Tremtndoui Attraction! Increased Nor?/(y/' MMIE estensive altciatious and decorationa being now com -k plete it will positively open on Monday, September 5th. First appearance of Mr. wINCHELL, delineator of Scotch, Irish, Dutch, French, Yankee and other characters. Mr*. MOSSOP, tne celebrated Vocalist; Mr. DUNN, fiom she Tremont Theatre. MONDAY EVENING, SEPT. 5th, and during the week, the above talented and popular performers will appear in a aeries of performances ia the gramd Pictorial Saloon attached to tins establishment, which has hern re-decorated and embellished by the flr?( artists and made worthy the present great patronage of the fashionable public. Mr. Winchsll will introduces variety of original, droll, uuusical and laughable prrtoueliona and imitation!. The first hall will be tarnished with ice cream, eonfeetiontry , fruit and even- delicacy the martct cat, afford, utMlrr the superinteudinee of Mr. Hanaud. A full and efficient band of music will always be in attendance. Fancy i(lau blowing by Mr. Owena. The tenant! of the lorrat, aea, and air, mineral wonders, and the v.iat uumUrr of poitmts nf American worthies. An Egyptian mummy, in perfect piesi rvalion ; ? rapped in its ancient cerements and fully 3,000 years alii. Pieviousto and at tcr the performances, ct|>ennieuts in Electricity, with one of the moat powerful machines in the world. [C7* Performance at 8 o'clock?Tickets 2J CU.?Children half price. a 12 lm*r gymnastic" EXERCISES. W FULLER respectfully informs his pnniW end the public grner lly, that nis U/innasiums, 201 (ireen and 2*1 Ann streets, are now o|>eu for the season. A Junior Class la about being formed at both the establishment, at hours to suit the convenience of scholars. For terms, which have been considerably reduced, apply at either ot the Oyinnisintni. The Fencing l)ciartmi-nt will be uuder tlie superintendence of .Mr Charles Drlanry, Professor, and Teacher by appointment in the U. S. Navy. Spasting taught as u?ual. t8 2wjr daguerreotype apparatus, VCW RATTPttV V. A. ARTAULT k"cO."?A*KULTON STREET. THIS Iran 11 fill ait has arrived at inch perfection, that two <>- hours instruction it sulF.ct-nf toobuiu a perfect knowledge of it?which will be given gratis to those who purchase the ap iw ratns at the store o7 F. A. Art-iult It Co. If.fiS Fnlton sttsr t Price of ihe r.miarttus complete varies from 12i to $100 Also ?Acromatic Lenses Frencn plates, hyposulphate of Soda, tri poll, bromine,chloride of iodine, chloride of gold, lie. Also morrocco cases, and a good supply of new frames, gilled and paste board. K. A. Artault It Co. are constantly receiving from raris all kinds of fancy articles of tip* latest invention. any. Im'r DAGUERREOTYPE APPARATUS. JOHN ROACH, OPTICIAN, 72 NASSAU STREET. '"PO ARRANOE a Prrfeci Camera Obtcurn, require* aoine A knowledge of OpUct*. Pertoua wishing to procure an iuatrumcnt will tlierefore find it to their interest to purchase nf an optician. auM Im'r FLUTE & GUITAR. R PHIL1PE ERNST, Profewoi of the Flute, Ooifar, ah patent Concertina beifs to announce to his friends and pnhlir thai hp hm init inihli*h?il hit ?" 1 *H/-?varies VI ilsf ?ir-" fr?? ?kw guitar, which will be found well worthy the attention of the learner or amateur, from its being well adapted to that instrument and calculated not ou'y to |>leaie but to afford instruction. Thia Rondo, with seven! other pleasing pierca of his cr mposition "for the ituitar" are to be round at Sir. Ernstb residence Cansl street, where he continues to give lessons on tr.e above instruments. el!m*r TEACHER OF THE"FLUTE. TMONZANI. Ji 1'homiwon street, gives instruetinu on ? the Flute. Terms tld per quarter. s9Jm*r_ TO THE AMATEURS OF THE ACCORDION! SIONOR L. MARTINI having succeeded 111 bringing tha delightful instrument into eitrnsiveaud favorable notice i Europe, anrl haviug developed the lowers and cinabilities of the nislnimeiit in two Elsnieulaiy and Practical Treatises which have been eitrnaively adopted in France and England, begs leave to iuform the public generally, toai hi is about republishing copious extracts from the above works, which will shortly bv issued from the Pr-aa if Vlrasrs Firth h Hall. SIONOR MAKl'INI will be happy to give msunctieti in the art of playing the Accordion, at his residence, <Ui C inal street, or ai the residence of ' |.i -. And he f| tteca nim<? If that those Ladies and Oeiitlemen who 'nay vail I'.itrii ves o his professional services, will make . n .d u.d agreeable snvan cts, as his method ia simple, eli ar i n |, .grr live. aul9 Jm*r .-nrsia Ds ajL-TTiTi ?... i ," . ., _ . .... i. .. w. ..,i. ? ca on the rVrn'iK <( >?[> ' . - v? l? ? / wharf for Albany, a Mae black lo * net ,ii r. raffs at.d facings,with ullru liuu i. j ?I r.i Ux"t d ba'tona, lioe-> i:r?>i lim.ig , and v u ,, ? * i,,*-. Th* rout coma tied ? large i?>ckot iow di on n . 4i|i jidu of the coat. In ?pe ol ilir rotlte'a w rre two picknir* of p-i|>er?, one addrraeed to Nleiara. Euwtr.? k Mm', Co,in?-ll->r* itc., Albany, lac other toMttin. Mernea kCi||tr, ol A'oanv. Eire dollar* raw*rd will be paid on restoration of Ihr co*t, tad ten dollar* additional reward wilt he paid on the couriction of the thief. A further rrward *f fi>e Jnllan will hr paid fot thr trroti ry ol the packages. HORACE F CLARK. Sept 8th, IMS. 53 Wall ?trr*t. N. Be?The ifnllrmin who handed to the sabM-riber the packate of patier* shore mentioned, *ddre?*ed to Meaar*. Steve na It t'aracr, of Albany, being personally unknown io me, will, by me ana of the abore, lieoome informra of hia m'afortuae ?3t*r STOLEN OR MFSt.'ARRIED?A certificate of depnaite of the Merrhanta' and Planters' Bank Mobile, for IrMO, which!* anopoaed to ha?e been mailed Mobile, 2ith Auvutt. Person* are lorhid negotiating any certificate of dei>oaite drawn to my order without dnae by me in person. C SCHMtTT, 63 Williun at, ui> a'aira. New Yoik, Eth Sept , 1648. ?9 |t?rr EOST?On the 7th iust. from No. 5 Albany at. a green Parrot, with a yellow head, and wintra tipped with blue and red feathers; stip|Mi*ed to hare Itowa towards the Battery. The finder Will be lllltahlv rewarded hw leiriae ,t ** it- iSaii n.meil >*? - - - - ? -u nil r^D ?UPERK ?R STROP. L Oil Hur^ron'? Initrumrnt*, R?nn. Prntnirn, kcm?I* * ?ml ?nrr?iit. <l, by PETER KOBE, Cu'Ur ?n?l ln?lru?nrnl Maker, No. I? William ?i, N. w Pork. T-tll those who have etpcriunced the w,iot ofa good Strop, com bluing neatness and economy, the above is jeeommended, r.nd winrintfd not to be surpassed bv any yet offered t? me Having been engaged in business a* a inuimfs tare*" of i uvlary since 1821, my eiperience enables mr to make an article that will ?nit the wants of the community. and 'J tot approved may t any time be returned, f*huf are so d at the low price of 75 Cents each, to >iccord with the times ; and gentlemen are respectfully invitrd toeiH sndfttmme them. T will here stare that they are not a fonr sided strop with metallic hone attached, or any such hnmbut; hut a main article by which a been edge may De jmt U|X>nHaaors, Penknives Ate. Razors ground and hoiwd in the best maimer, and warranted. Also, a!I kinds ?I l#utlery men*- ami repaired with neatness and despatch, by nt,m?? ^ *8 IW*r PETER ROSE, Cutler kc. NAVYA<7kptw Yirwcr.i ? ? . ? . ? .New Vork, Hspk f, 13 il. I pl!OPO?ALS, scaled and endorsed ''rmpoisJi fur Granite," I or "band will be received at tins office till Jo'docluP >1. of the lOin iust. (or fi l l of Granite, and 400 h> ids of screen- I building Sand. lin (t,.nr- l?? he lengths of.'i.t? xn? 10 fr??r, 12 inon's bvll, fooleo on three nidss, and rough dressed or the Oilier. Both'.nj [viinite ntui Si k-? ,i.l. on ih? wharf at the LT.H N?v*l H flPiUl. n?*r tlx Nary Yard, ?H ??b)?ct to tk% inapec ion of the Y\ro. Samjdet of thi Granite offered miwt accompany the blda ifMch mniit wtni* the location "f the qnarrtc j, * All to br dcllrcrrd on m ^WITMORK^ a3 *r Nary A?ent

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