Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 11, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 11, 1842 Page 1
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TH Vol. VIII.?Wo. 81 Wliole Wo. 3I0'4. RAIL RUA DS & SfrKA MBOATS. NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. From the foot of Courtlaudi rtTeet, New York. (Every day?Sunday iiarepted.) Leave* New Yoik Leave. Newark Ai I A.M. At I. P.M. At 7* A.M. At Hi P. M. ? do. 4 do. 9 do. 3>4 do. II 4,\ do. 10)4 do. iSi do. ( do. 7)4 do. I do 11 do ON SUNDAYS. From the foot of Liberty atreeL Leave New York, Leave Newark. At 9 A. M. and 1)4 P. M. At II Noou and 10 P. M. MHV YORK. ELIZABETH TOWN. Leave New York. Leave Elizabeth Towu. 9 A. M. 7 A. M. 2* P. M. as A. M. t " ia M. tS P. M 5 P. M. 6 " 7 9\ " The ttainafor We.tfield, Plaiufteld, Bouiidbrook, Soineiville, lie., connect with the 9 A M, 2\ and 4^ I* M trim. Irum New Yoik, daily, Sunday, ezcepted. Fare betweeu New York and Elizabeth Tow nil cenU. Fare between do and Somerville, 71 rents. NEW YOltK. RAHWAY AND NE\? BRUNSWICK. Fare reduced. From the foot of Liberty street, daily. Lease New York. Leave New Brunswick. At ft A V1 At A VI 2* P." VI. 7# '' 9 P. M. On Sendaya '!'< 5^ ami 7X AM. tnpa from New Brunswick and 2\ P. M. train frcm New York, an* >mitted. Kaie tn-twreu New York anil New Brunswick, 75 cents. R-diway, M ceuu The fare in the S>? and 7,^ A. M. tnun from New Bruitswick, and 2J^ and l\ ?. M. train from New York, hai been re dnced. New York and New BrunswirSt, to JO cent*. " and Ilaliway to 37H " Passengers who procure their ticket! at the ticket office, receire a ferry ticket gratis. Ticket! are received by the conductor only on the Jay when iiurchaaed. null 3in* FRKIG1IT AND PASS AUK TO PITTSBVRU. fevnifeffi -ggjp Tlie proprietor! of Bingham's Transportation Line to Pittsburg, give notice to the Merchant! of New York, and all other porioni shipriug to the West, that their line is now in active otwralior Hoods consigned to thi m (or lent to jo in their line,) will be forwarded with despatch. Owner! or ihippcrs of goods, destined for the Western Statea, who have no agent or consigner at Pittsburg, will please consign their goods to William Bingham, Pittsburg, who will attend lo snipping all atich consignments without delay. All goods should be marked distinctly on eacn package BINGHAM'S LINE. For vea of freight, which are as low as any other line, apply o WM. TYSON, Agent, No. 8 Weit atieet, opposite Pier No. 2, N. R. N. B. Passengers forwarded to Pittsburg and PottaviUe,every day, Sundays eacepted. Refer to R. Crooks, American Knr Co.; 8. T. Nicoll, Front street ; Phelps, Dodge it Co., Kulton street ; Suydair, Sage & Co ; Win. Rankin. Duryet & Co, Newark. rnti 3in RAIL BOAD?ALBANY AND SARATOGA. Trv^^V^^^^iall and Lower Canada, arc informed that they will insure to themselves an eipcditious and pleasant conveyance to the Springs h> taking the K lit Roa I cars at Albany. HOURS OF DEPARTURE. From Albany. From Saratoga. At 6 o'clock, A.^M. I At 7 o'clock, A;i M " 3 " P. M. I " 3H " P M. There it no change of Coaches or Baggage Wagons, or shifting of Baggage from one Steamboat to another on this loute. Passengers on their arrival at Saratoga, will find stage coaches in readiness to convey tnem to Lake George and Whitehall on Lake Ch-mplain; connecting with all the principal Northern and Eastern Stage routes. A Stage (for the convenience of passengers who arrive by the afternoon train from Albany,) leaves Saratoga at 5 o'clock A. M. arrives at Whitehall in time for the departure of the Champlain steamboat of same day, and brings eastern trav. Hers to Rutland, Vt. early in the evening. N. B. There are baggage wagons always in readiness, at Albany, on the arrival of the steamboats and rail road cars, to carry the baggage of passengers direct to and froin the depot mid steamboat at rhe rate of tij? cents per trunk or package, or 12)? crnls for ordinary travelling baggage. The departures for the west are filed for the season at 7B o'clock, A. M. and 7 P. M. JOHN COSTIGAN, Superintendent. Albany, Jnne 17th, 1112. je7>3mr RAILROAD NOTICE. ~ I MARKET AND FREIGHT LINE. asxga eaaeaaato^Hl NEvPifRu/sTv*^ ^tTN^f^nrk, '"PHE NEW JERSEY Railroad and Transportation ComI I am y have established a Freight Lina between New, Brunswick and New York, which they intend (o run pennahently. Lear log New Brunswick at SX A. M. daily, (Sundays excepted) and the foot of Liber tvifcrret. New York, at 2\ P. M. . To country dealt'ri and meiitianta the above line 11 very desirable for the rpeedy and UNf conveyance ol merchandise of every description, and more particularly to Drovers and Dealers in Live Stock, wlto can have ISO head of cattle convey d between New Brunswick and New York, the same day whenever required. The rates for the transportation of cattle, horses, males, sheep, hogs, Ice. and all other kinds of merchandise are very low, never exceeding steamboat prices. Mercltaudise seut by this line is not subject to any extra charge in crossing the North River. The Company hare fitted up s large storehouse at New Brunswick, the Railroad Depot, which will always ropeu for the reception of meichaudise. Passengers purchasing their tickets at the ticket officea, will receive lerty tickets gratis. jfT" Freight for Newark, Ehiabethtcwn, Rahway, Westfield, Plaiuneld, Scotch Plains, Boundbrook and Somerville, is conveyed by the above lines, and delivered the same day when received. suM 3m* OCEAN HOUSE, Long Branch, Rumvoii, Brown's Dock, Middletowu, Eatontown Dock Sb?JCjE-iiel Red Bank, Shrewsbury.?The steamboat IOLAB, Captaiu Allmre, will leave New York from Fulton Maraet Slip, East River, every morning at I o'clock for Red Bank, (except Thursday, on which day the boat goes to Eatontown Dock.) Returning, will leave at 1 o'clock each day. The Iolas will run as above, navigation and weather permitmig. until further notice. All freight and baggage at the risk of the owners the-eof. June 21, 1M2. je293mc AMj^TdS HEALTHY EXCURSION TO THE ft ayUTje FISHING BANKS OFF SANDY HOOK XsJCiZs-Thr fist and substantial steamer UTICA, Captain J. W. Hancox, will commence making daily excursions to the above place, on Monday, July 24th, and continue to run every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, and leave at follows Foot of Hammond atreet at a quarter past I o'clock?C tual street at half pitt I?I'ikr street, E. R., at ?Pier No. 1. N. H., at half past 9. A Band of Music is engaged. Dinner and all kinds of refreshments will be furnished ootxwyd. On the return the Utica will remain at Fort Hamilton hall an hour. rare 2} cents each way. The UTICA will make an Afternoon Excursion around Stylcn Island on Sunday, July 24l)i, and continue every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday, and leave aa follows :?Font of Hammond street at IX o'clock?Canal street at 2?Pike street, E.R. 11 11*11 |UUl < 1 in 1IO1 1, *1 ? iiui.a, i . .a., .an .11111 the city at 7 o'clock. Fair 2i cents each way. jy25 2m r aMM FOR KASTPOK1. CALAIS. ST. ANfi^M,a?DKKWS AST. JOHS'S.-Btuamer HUNT IT r UL'j,i 'r '?I'minifrn will leave Boston everyFriday, at 10*4 A. M. in th* Can of the Eastern Railroad for Portsmouth, from which place they will be coureyed by the well known alrarnrr Huntreaa to the above [4acra. Returning, the Hunlreaa will leave St. Johns every Tuesday, at 7 A. M.and Easlporl at 2 P. M. anil arrive in Portsmouth on Wednesday in time for the 4 o'clock train for Boston. Fare to Eastport, $6 I Calais anil St. Andrews, 96 5 'I. ? 8 1 (Meals eatra.) This route offers to penoua seeking enjoyment, mauy inducements?a country abounding in line lakes ami the most choice fiJkina ; also game of all kinds, with other attractions interesting to sportsmen. a7 2m*r KENNEBlCC AND BOSTON. sn The li'W and splendid steamer J. W. RICHfe . i^N'nd* MONO, Nath-.niel Kimball, master, will sMAdK. leave the north side of T. wharf. Boston, every Tuesday and Friday evening at 7 o'clock, for (iardiner ansl Hallowell; and re timing will leave Hallcwell on Mondays and 1 huradaya at 2)4 P. M., landing each way at Bath. Fare from Boston to Hallowell, $3 00 " " Bath, 2 60 5e* w intcadincaa on the arrival of the boat at Hal '"well, to convey paastngers to Augusta, Waterside, Bangor, Belfast and Quebec. fVrsona travelling for pleasure will Tuid fw ''' ?*"t*r routes than this one to Quebec, as it runs through a country abounding in beautiful scenery?the roads are good, and the notels well kept?the distance 210 milea. _jyJ0 2m?c gyENlNO L1NE FOR ALBANY DIKKCT, At seven o'clock, P. M., from the steamboat I 'ft betwi-, n Conrtlandt and Liberty streets. The steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. Srainuvd. Lases the above pier Monday, Wedursdar. sud Fnday at Severn o^cl^svck^ l nc s;r?mu<7iii nuvni.o t Pii\, uapi. a. Bl John Icavm the above pier Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon ? seven o clock. ' The above boars arv new and substantial are ftnnlthed with elegant state rmiiw, and in every reapectareu nsuriaaaed amone the Hudson Hirer eltamrn. For passage or freight, apply on hocrdyir to At the office n? the wharl, orVn bomV Tuaengen taking thia lint of boats, will at all timet arrive at Albany in time for the dm train of cart for the eaat and *?" iyt OPPOSITION LINE FOK ALBANY. FARE RF.DUCKD! ! FREIGHT TAKEN AT REDUCED PRif E9. I The commodious Steamboat WASHINGfl.. ' i l-'^'TON. Captain J. M. Brown, having made SEw^flbaE. arrangements In change her days of leaving New York, will hereafter leave the foot of Robinaon street. New York, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Ha'urday afternoon, at J o'clock. and Albany, every Monday,Wtdnesaay, and Friday afternoon, at i o'clock. landing on her passage each way at the foot of Hammond street, Newburgfi, Poughkeeiisic, Kingah-u Point, Cattakill and Hndarn. For freight "r i-osssse, apply to the Captain on board, or to D. RANDflM'H MARTIN. No. 182 Wejt street. anZfi lm?r tSt- FOR MOBILE.?Firat regular Packet, with diek*WFVl'rleh.?Tr.e first class fast sailing Packet Rliin LO ... 3 a i . ... 1T??.l, .? ?ill ..i! .. .hov. **iVi'rlrcotnmoiUtiOtH fo. rahjn, 2d cabin and fccngc passenger. are too well known Co rcliii" - cnmmtiy:. Prrson. intending to ctnliaik .honld make immediate application on board, ue?t tide v'Vl K k'Sl^MUItnAV, ,gr lOU Pine u., cor. Smith. tftMMftV c m 'H NEW \ ' >I(K AJaBANY, jPRoT * BI7TALO, CHICAOO AND eXNADA PACKAOE EXPKEH8, leave, every Evemosc, Burnley* aicepud, lor tha aeoic named end nil iatermtdUte place*. 0?~* No. 1 W.ll .tract, New York. anlTr E NE WPl Ll?i? OCULISTS.' "" DOCTOR^. FRANCIS' CELEBRATED EYE WATER. NO. ! BAKC". Y STREET, within two door* of the Aslor Hr > Hie preparations art; a perfect cure for all inflammatory u ik of tiic eye, wtrituru of nrKt, he., r-?i never fail in rts ring nebulas of the loosest standing, w ithout any surgical op* ration. CERTIFICATES. I certify that Jacob Valentine, a youth of about fifteen years of age, w?? brought to my honse last fall, ai>|>arently blind. He called on me lo-d iv, and states that he has been the patient of Dr. J. Francis, whose treatment has been the naeans, nuder (Jod, oflesturuig his sight. JAMES MILNOH, Rector of St. George's Church, Beekinan St. This is to certify that two of my cnildren were afflicted with diseased eyes for a length of time, one of them was almost Mind with nebulas, coreling the sight, Every remedy was resorted Ui without anv good effect, and despaired of theni ever being recovered. They are now perfectly lestored to sight by Dr. J. Francis'celebrated preparation. DANIEL 8. JONE8, 4AS Pearl street. I was almost blind for twelve years, and in five weeks, under the skilful treatment of Dr. J. h rancis, iny sight Is now pel Cecily good and slrouj.^^ BROWN, 177 Fonytii street. I certify to the above ^^^ROe'bENEDICT. I'asto of the Stauton street Church. I was nearly blind for tws ity years with a cataract in each eye ami from the use of Dr. Francis' wonderful preparation for that disease, my eyes arc now perfectly recovered. HESTER JOHNSTON, 41 Eldridfenreet. Wr, the undersigned, lis*nig witnessed the astomshiug efficacy el Dr. Francis' preparations lor diseases of the rye, unhesitatingly recommend them to the notice of the public, as valuabl I remedies. Duncan Dunbar, Pastor of McDongal ?t. Church. S tl. Cone, I'aatur of the hirst Baptist Church. John Peck. Aernt of the Maine Mi*.ion Soci-tv. Jacob Brouncr, Pastor of tlir North Ba tut Church. Joseph Audreadr, Roman Catholic Priest of St. Peter's Church. Numerous certificates e?n he seen at the office. Prepared am! sold only by Dr. J. Francis, 10 Barclay street. New York. Artificial Eyes inserted, which cannot be disliiiguisht d from the natural, without giving ihe sliKhtest nam. Dr. J. Francis respectfully informs his friends and tbe public, that in consequence of the increase of his business, Dr. (Jlenny, Member of the Koval College of Surgeons, Loudon, and of the New York Medical Society, has joined him, and every confidence can bp placed in his professional slsill as an Oculist. Office hours from 9 A. .VI.. until 6 P. M. jy 10 Jin*c DISEASES OF"THE~EYE. D if mns^v OPHTHALMIC SURGEON, No. J?7 BROADWAY, Entrance in Fulton Street, opposite St Paul's Church. ATTENDS TO DISEASES OF THE EYE. AND ALL THE NECESSARY OPERATIONS THEREON. OFFICE HOUR* FROM 9 TO fi o'ctXJCK. Having completed his studies of 5 years wuh nR. ELLIOTT, Oculist, and been subsequently engaged as his a-sonant, R. K Dio?s ' nenahled to undertake the treatmcut of all disca-es affecting ihe organs of riaion. Terms moderate and graduated to the nature and extent of the disease. Permission is given to tefer to bis late instructor, and also to some of the most eminent Professor* oI the Medical Faculty in New York. N B. The poor treated gratuitously snt lm*r DISEASES OF THE EYE AND EAR. 192 UROADWAY, Corner John sireef.uji stnirn. J SHANKS, M. D. respectfully announces to the public' that for the bcttrr accommodation of hit patient* from abroad, aa well aa tlioae of th- city, he ha* removeil hit office aa above atated, where lie will attend Iroin 9 to t o'clock, daily, to the treatment and cure ef all diseases iucideut to the human eye and ear and the diseases of Women and Children. Kioin 3 to J o'clock daily, will be devoted to conaultatinns for the cure of miacellaneoua caaea of disease in every department of medicine, including thoae of a private and delicate character. Doctor Shanks, in order to acquire the conrtdt nee of atratigen, and to guarantee the public against the remotest feeling of impoaition and quackery, bega leave to atate that he i* a prac'liioner of medicine ofH years'duration, a graduate of the University of the city of New York : and that hia inaugural diaaertation for the degree of Doctor of Medicine from this Uuiveiaity. entitled " The Human Eye, Anatomically, Phisiologically, and Tdthalogically considered," elicited the highest approbatory encomiums from Professor Motl before the assembled council and professors of this learned University, during the public examination and defence of the same. Dr. 8. regrets the necessity he is under in adverting to these circumstances, so repugnant to the delicacy of every truehearted physician ; but the duty he owes himself, and the regard he is bound to have tor the preservation of the public health, imperiously demand that he should siieak out. What! must the regularly educated physician, who has spent years in the study of the knowledge necessary to qualify him for his art, and who holds the sealed testimony of learned and competent authority before whom he was examined to practice suchmust he?I respectfully enquire ?? remain silent in his office, and allow himself to be thurst from the legitimate ground of hit scientific exertion, by the bold, presuming reckle?s quackshNo! I. for one, will not submit to it. And iu order to place this subject before the public in a proper light, and in such a way a* to direct towards it the public attention in the strongest possible manner. I nroposo *o publish immediately my views more at length on this topic. Those of the public and the prolession who are disposed to second my efforts, will please call at my office, and subscribe for a copy. The expense will not be more than a sixpence or a shillina. au2I lm*r TAILORING. "REMOVAL. PHILLIPS' CASH TAILORING ESTABLISH MENT, la removed from 145 Broadway to No. 7 Astor House. ECONOMY IN GENTLEMEN'S DRESS. Garments of a most .logant and Kashiauable kind rt a savins oi b<) per cent for cash. t-pHE advertiser d? ms it unnecessary to resort to the hacka neyed system of giving a list of nominnl prices, presuming 'hat the length of time he has been established, together with the extensive patronage bestowed on mm, will prove a sum cient voucher for his capabilities. Possessing the advantage oi being connected with an extensive cloth establishment in Eurape he confide utly asset* that he can furbish clothes which, ou comparison, will he found lower than any other house making up the best descriptions of gentlemen's dress. myl3m S. PHILLIPS. 7 Astor House, Broad way TO~THE LADIES. PA9H10NABLK MILLINERY OOODS.-The propr.a " treiys, Miss 8 KINU.daug nter of the celebrated Carl Kina. offrra lor sale a most select and choice assortment of Milliuery Goods, for the spring trade, never as yet presented to the pnblie, both as regards the quality and cheapness of the articles The assortment couaista of the following :? The celebrated SILK HAT, CALLED CAPOTTEJJ'OK LEANS as worn bv La Duchease D*Orleans. of France . SHKD SILK, ENTIRELY NEW AND ORIGINAL STYLE??And Lawn Hau do do?Ao entire new ylc o Hats called " MOD1ME CAPOTTES, ELSSLER COTTAGE.'1 Parisian and English FANCY STRAWS, of the finest taxtare, in great variety. The Proprietress respectfully solicits the ladies to faror hei with avail, and examine her elegant and varied stock of Mil linerv for themselves, before they purchase elsewhere, as il will be a great saving to them in price and a great advantage u regards the variety and ouality of tbft goods. MISS 8. K1MT, Mag.nnede Modes, an2J lmr 293H Broadway. AMERICAN MACINTOSHES^ X^HESE Water Proof Otrments, as now being furnished al our est >bliahinent, are, in every possible res|>ect, fully ei|ual to the imported, either French or English, and mucr better made up. Thr style of cut aud fit is such as will beat comparison with the moat exouisite of the imported coats, and are now generally preferred. Dealers supplied on favorabh teims. (tenth men who prefer, may l?e measured audgarmenti cat to their taste. Remember?Day, (3 Maiden Lane, is tin only manufacturer ol the real American Macintosh nuiiAUCi n. UAI, Successor to Roibtiry India Rubber ComiMuy, *2 lm#r War* house removed from 125 to 45 Maiden Lane. SOUTHERN AND WESTERN MERCHANTS, ESPECIALLY those now in the city, are respectfully re minded that they can procure new, powerful and liighlj flavored Tema of every descttption, on very advantageous terms in packages suitable lor private use, or for their regular custom ers, at the Canton Tea Coin|>an>'s Depot, ?2 Im't No. 121 Chatham ?t, New York. FASHIONABLE CLOTHING. I HARRIS, Draper at Tailor, 62if Bowery?Would rrspert " fully inform his friends and the public, that he has openri the aoovc as t Clothing aud Tai/ormg establishment, an< pledges himself that every article manufactured to b* eijual ii style snd workmanship to any in the city, at prices to suit tin times?having purchased his entire stock at the present redirect rates. Oil hand shooting coats, got Up in a Stipe NO style, cloth Garments shortest notice. Terms, cash 01 delivery. ?o79 lm"r SHIRTS. SHIRTS made after the latest and most approved Frenel nitterns. Costs, i antaloons, vests, and all under garments made to order at short uotice and in the most fashionable style Gentlemen's Furnishing Store, 67 and 68 Maiden Larir, New York. >3 3m*r WM. COLLINS. SH1RT8.?United States Shirt Manufactory, 77 William it corner of Liberty, New York. Notice it hereby given tc merchants and trailers in general, that the proprietor of the above establishment has adopted a new method ol v amifactur iug, winch enables him to sell his shirts it a cheaper rate than any other house in the city. This statement will be atllrmrii by the list of piices, as follows :? Fin i Musliu Shirts, with Lineu Bosoms and Collars, per dov, $7 it Do, stitched in the Bosom snd Collais, per doz, 9 W Do. colored, ne ? oatlerns. large sizes. Per dot. 7 IK Aim, * large um.itityol Bosoms and Collars constantly on hand, which will he offered cheap for cash. >9 ln.*r TH '(HUT** CASH TAILOR YKT!-PETEA V .Men liant Tailor, No. 1 Chatham sguarr, cor *ifr Chatham street, continue* to make Clothing to order, It the neatest style, 10 per cent cheaper than the cnea|>est caal tailor in the city. A rood fit warranted, and hereafter no di* so,-ointment. ,?|r )mar r T A vM.aio^J,1^ BANNERS, he. HA.NNINOTON fc Co., an Broadway, near Read atreet iv;.. ,i !' ctf?.ll>r 'nf?nn the Order of I. O. of O. F., and iliei IV pf.,!" i lh*t thay are now prepared to eiecute orderi dnrahiloe V' i B?nnf" "? the moat anperior atyle for beauty e?mn the} *" VT""^ lJ"Bilka made for the eiprr.a oc wit ha sea rn l?*est banners without distignriug i ?lK5i5L0.,ve^?!2i!?SW,,be ?*" *C 'heir Establishment 293 Broadway, or aeut to any part of the Union. r or style, design, and eiecntion of works of the kind we r? frr to the Getty's Banner, No. II, |. o. of O F. .saTso t Greenwich, No. 40, Harmony, ?, Untenant, Ji, PerUrerance 17, also Military tympanies and Sunday School Banuers an the societies St. Nicholari, New England, St. George, St An Wiuoow Shade* in great variety, f,.m (1 each to the richer and bnt, painted hy the moat etniurnt artiata. Stain.d Uhaa, after (be manner of the aneianta, warrant*' never to chance color, with many recent improvement* To church window* and other public and private building., atram enia, packet ahipa.atorc windowa, ke kr. Imitation* of Btained painted on tnnalin for ehnrcl window*,very rloee imiution ol the real glaa*,at a vary triOiui axpenae, or the glaaa ob*cured and painted in brilliant color* rrrr durable and chaep. jy 17 r w yo V YORK. SUNDAY MOR MISCELLANEOUS. UNIT Kb ST A i'KS TEA EMPORIUM, 121, late 12tt Chatham gtreet, New York. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. fHE CANTON TKA COul'ANY continue to offer for 1 sale new and I in. run Teat ol every variety and style.? Their assortment ttieciaily inrtndes the most delicious and |?iwetful Ktades <1 UNM M bl.u k, Every package bears the stamp of neatness and elegance, and the Teas th-reiu are so thoroughly secured from light and air thai tt.rir quality and power will remain unimpaired in any climate. Their system ot prosecuting busiursi is perha|>? scarcely to he excelled. It is (ouuded upon the utuioat reKard to the rights of the custrmer, especially with respect to weight and duality, anil unrivalled cheapness. All purchasers ate called upou to return any articles which fall to give them the fullest satislastion, when the ttieuey will tie cheerfully aud promptly lefunded. Couutry merchants, public esuhltshinrnis, head?of lamilies, and thi|>masters, will bud it a decided advantage to supply themselves from this establishment. I offee roasted every day. Orde-a Iruut all parts of the Uniteu States executed with proimititude aud despatch. ID* The only warehouse in America for the sale sf Houqua's Celebrated Black Tea. aulll Im'r THE OLD UNITED STATES CAP. STOCK. SHIRT AND OILED SILK MAN Lb' ACTOR Y. JOHN M. DA VIES & JONES, I'CCtSSOR TO LUKE DAVIES a SON. 100 William Mtrcot, corner John, New York> PURCHASERS will at all times find the nioat extensive asaortrneot in 'he United States, of the following articles, on me inusi reiouai'ir ierin<*, wnoimie anu rt'Mil. # Caps for grniUuttti, >? uth and c hildren of velvet, cloth, me rin ?, silk, elazed silk, kc flic. Full and tart trimmed with fur and plain. Armv and Nav> officers drew and undress ?%? . Siocks of every si> le ami quality?of satin, bombazine, vest in?,kc. made pun. tiimrmu with bows, cravat ties, fans ties, dress apron stock*, kc. kc. The superiority ol our fraim-s is well known by the lightness peiiect tit. r.ue and elasticity ofevery stock. Suim ol all linexi plain -n l full* d,of muslin pUiu and (filled, with linen collsrs bosoms and wnstb nds of the most appioted patterns. Fancy cambric shirts ol all qual ities. Li.Nfc.r< collars and bosom* of every style and quality, oiled silk, white, idaid, and fancy^of superior manufacture. Ladies, misses and el ihlren's oited silk aprons. Oilkd silk, medicated, for the cure of four, rheumatism, fee. j.%Pr ankd leather, linen aad muslin, suitable for harness and coarn manufactures, cap fronts, fee kc. The above articles are made uudrr our own inspection, iu the best possible manner and of such material* and workmanship as will bt fotydoneiamintnoi squllsd by boss* To which is added, a super .or a**orlm?aui of fancy articles of various qualities and prices. Gloves, Suspenders, Cravats, Scarfs, Umbrellas. Handkerchiefs, Hoisery, Cravat-Stiffntrs, Guard-Chains, Under Garment* of every description aul quality, Shaker Kuii and Flannel Shirt* and Drawers, The attention ol tli - public gent rally are invited to the above extensive assortment of goods, inai.y of which are of our own importation and will be sold at such prices as canuot tail to suit. JOHN M. )AVIUS k JONES, au25 lm*r IOC WillUm, comer of Jonu. STOVES iSToVESTT HACITirSi' PATENT n JUFFIFU OR FRUGAL HOUSEV'ARMER. rPHE Proprietor, in offering tins valuable stove to the public, -L would briefly stale s .tin-of the adt anlcges of lieir improvemcnt, which consist chiefly in the follow inn particulars, viz:? 1?To obviate the evil of im- i 5?To be capable of affordi ure aid noxious gas in the iug a inild o- an iuteuse heat, burning of anthracite coal. 6?To avoid all lucoveuience 2?To generate and diffuse from dast. a warm and wholesome at- 7? To priaerve the air of the niospheir in placet etpoaed ro apartmeuc pure and wholedamp and cold. aomr. 3?To lesson the risk of acci- 8?And ti mile with all dent by fire. tk >se eiceltem qualities. an 4?To be ouirklv kindled elegant and duiable article of and eaiily managed. turuiture. T'nia Stove >a constructed of the best qu iliryof Russia ?k?t ion, upon the cylindrical plan?the furnacr or tire-chamber occupying a part of the centre cvliuder, to wlucl is attached an atmoapheric Rarefier upon each tide, of a tu\dar form, and lined throughout. The heat that is created ihthe chamber passes between the linings of the two rarelirrs (eg radiators as they are called] iuto the base at the bottom, anda Orient of air continually rushing through the tubes, which aiwleft oncost each end for that purpose, carries a great amount ol rarefied or warm air into the apartment. The purity and softness of the air in a room lieak-d by this store are peculiar and remarkablr, the heat benif difflisH from a great exteul of surface moderately heated. 1 lie hvatcd air, ou entering the wings or sides of the stove,descends and sprrvL over the entire surface of the base at the bottom, keeping the colder portion of the air next the tloor iu const int circulationsill the meantime preserving it ? utirely from contamioatlol, rendering tins Stove perfectly safe and agreeable for apaxrncuts of invalids, sleeping rooms, 8tc. Manufac ured by J. it E. BACKUS, 54 Bowery, N. Y. N. B. A new article of air tigh' stoves, with rarifiers ; al? the new kitchen companion eojg store, warranted equal to vain nee in this city. au2l lin?l "BUTTONS. J JONES, 26 Piatt st-eet, wishes to inform his friends tini Ins new style will not be ready before the first w.ek in September, but has on hand th.- Flats and Bevel Edges, whtl. he offers at the following urines Best English Imew'i, $2 50 ' French 2 00 Twist, 2 00 " English '* 2 25 Figured Satins, I 50 Mohair Over Coats, 1 54 Several hainls wanted. nil7lm*r GAZO PNEUMATICS. rT,HE subscriber is prepared to execute orders .it the Gain 1 Pneumatic Hydraulic Machine, lot raisins rater any height or quantity, Iroin mines, or lor witer work* by mean, of vacuum ; and the simplicity of the nmchine fi<es it a great advantage over any other now iu use. au9 Im*r " ?*'?,i'?e,t2 Pine st. PHCENIX HAIR SEATING ANI) CURLED HAIR MANUFACTORY'. rPHE undersigned have constantly njhand Plain and Damask I Hair Seating for Sofas, Chairs, Catches and Music Stools. Cuile.l Hair, Webbing, Tow Cloth,'will', kc., for Upholsters, White aud Fancy Hair Cloths, suable for Cap and Stock Manufacturers; also for Brush Ma)rs and Musical Instruments, fcc., fcc. ' The follow mg are our prices of HdSrating PRICES OF HAIR BATING. PLAIN. DAMASK. Inch. Piece. O. Of all patterns. 15 10 I ? 16 42 t 75' 17 46 83 18 * 54 4 90 19 61 ? 98 20 74 i 1,05 21 84 6 1,10 23 1.02 r> 1,20 24 116 I) 1.30 26 1,28 ft 1.43 26 1.40 II 1,60 30 1,66 10 ? JOHpON Si OIIEEN, Phoenix Factory, 33 Weit 13th siet, 5th and 6th Arenas, au3l toc7#r Jffice, 152 Wil'.iam street. ; SELF COCKINl PISTOLS. BLUNT It 8YMS, Importerxtid Mamtracturrrs, No. 43 4'hatham street, have on ha a large assortment of the Six Barrels If Revolving SI Cocking Pocket Pistols. These pistols have the advantage rr all others of the kitid hy the impossibility of losing ihe earths nipples being placed in a horizontal direction,anu there ng no cock in the way to prevent taking as correct sign' with the ordinary pistol or gun. The above pistols dan he fur h- d lower then any others in the market, at w hnlesale or reti We have as great a variety of other kinds ot Pistols as ran found, with Kitles, U. 8. Muskets, for shipping ind militar Prize Muske ts, do; Fowling Pieces, single and donble; rati srgr size dnlihle and single (funs for ducking, together with wder, Shot, Flasks, Bags, Cain!Locks, Barrels, kc., lie., in rge or small quantities. N. B ?Country dealers are reqi ted to call and examine onr assortment before purchasing elss lere. sR 2m*r AHANDSOME RKSKNT. A VISITING CARD PLATI beautifully engraved, and 30 best ennamelled Cards prii I for only 81.30. Cards on the beat ennamel, printed from pi i at $1 per 100 A Business Card Plate, engraved with the us amount of matter, and 100 heat Cards, at S3. Door Plates, Js of all kinds. Marking Plates, Labels, gold, silver, bras . kc. engraved proportionate with th* above. Cnpper-idati -lining of all kinds at the f same low rale. Please call and ex ne for vourselves, at JER> VIS'S Cheap Engraving and Pr lg Establishment, No. 291 Broadway, and S.E. corner of Qnwieh and Courtlandt sts. s8 lm{r . TO DEALERS l! BLAG KING. rPRY IT ONCE?The Kurek^acking?This is answsrI tide of Bla. king, and pusseskjualities greatly superior to all other kinds now in use. | It softens and preserresthe (her, imparting a brilliant j polish with half the usual labor iuired in the ase of the com It farther |* nruti that reqail so lone sought for in the peculiarity of the composition v?r becoming hard dry, or mouldy by axe. Dealeri in Blacking are rei|nr|to call and receive a (ample of the article gram. Perftct pfactio i warranted In every Manufactured by J.M. J(^SON,No.i8i nice at, IS ear Nassau. New York. The firm of Burgess It Co. am day dissolved by mutual consent. The bntiueaa in futuivill be conducted by an!7 Im'm J. M. J'lHNfiON. tyO THE L,l)VF.RS OF frERlOH BLAt i t A - I Hoavuua's Miature'.?Tni (remrly deliciousain i i. arralleh d Tea, to highly celebra in China and Europe just im imrted, is now for aale at the ton Tea Comi>>uy\ Oenernl Tea Establishment, 121 Ctiatl street, NewYok?in Chinese p.vckigrs. Price! AO cents I >1. an 21 I m r UKtait But I'Lcni piench 8iyle?The ^^^H^vsubseriber respecil* inviti s i 'e citizens of New V oik, and strangers visiting rail at IM Fulton street and examine a large asaoitmi of Diess Boots, made in the latest fashion, and of the finest Inch calf-skin, O ntlemen can hare boots ge to order in the beat manner at $6.00 per pair, warranted eqjto any made at $7,50, and as the undersigned takes drawii|f tlie feet and keeps lasts for each customer he can ensure agsy yet handsome lit. Constantly on band, Fashioik Boots, lie. at the following reduced prices :? Seal Skin Boots, from $2,25 to 2,75 Calf 3,00 to 6.00 Half Boots, 3,00 (iaiters, 2,25 Shoet, 1,50 to 250 Tumps and Slippers, lie., prgtionaldy low. Terms, cash on delivery. JOHN L. WAT KIN 8, an25 lm*r lit Fnltoitbetween Nassau and Dutch. FRENCH I.MPh'ED OAITEHS of all cotors of Fashion ; nch hoots and patent leather shoes, dress shoes, gapers, want shoes and pmn|?, for men, boys, and children. Men and s cheap boots from $2,75, $3, $ I. VI, ami $1 |>er pair. Men'mes 7 to 10 and 12a per pair. Bov a' shoes ,'i0 to 75 cents and Hiid warraiited food. Ladies, misses, and childrens gaiter b? hutkins' walking shoes, ind slippeis of all colors and siziatest faahiona, liea, buskina, ami ali|>s, 75 cents to $1, goU slippers. Come and see a good assortment of the above ties at (2 Canal street, comer 9 Broadway, and at 206 Canal gioith-west comer Hudson sL, i *t Walker'a. ; "" * "" '

.^^?4 HAHL) TIMrf-'l'lie only i-eaioo that A. St CO. cakntn for jelling in many boot* t and >ho*. at the Clinton Boojd rtltoe Market, 2#t Canal at. north.,lit mrner ol Hndaolilet?when almo?t**ery body i complain* of hard time*, i?, ? thay keep Rood* of the belt r qna'ity anil lell them at |?ru-i? auit the lime*, and it team* i- aa if almoii eeery body had fd thia out. If any whoread thla ihould not yat hare Inuijht the atore, the tooner they l? come and tiy the aooner theyl reap the advantage. Alrooat I any thin* that ia ? anted in tl rot and ihoe line, of any tisa, i, color or quality, rati be found* rhean. i ai*2?tm*r KNOX St CO J*. I Canal ?t. IRK I -I NING, SEPTEMBER 11, 1! MISCELLANEOUS]" u. s7cTtydespa tch post. rt 1ST OFFICK, New York. JJth July, 1842. HOl'RS of Delivery each da>, (.Suuda\s excepted) ?l the Umwr and Lower Post Offices:? Letter* deposited before llill-pait 8 o'clock, A Ml 12 " 1 3 " P M I WlU be scut out for tieAt all the Stations before V lieerv at 9 A M. and I 7 o'clock, A M 1 ainl 4 o'clock, P M. 11 " 2 " P MJ Letters to be sent Free, must have "Free Stamp" affiled to llnm, otherwise tbree cents will be ei l.ected of the party to w bom th' leiter is addir s?ed. No taunt y must be enclosed in laiters unless re. istered at t .e principal offices. Lists ol the stations (at all of which "free stamps" uuy be purchased at $2,10 |>er ino, aud every information may be obtained oa application at tiie upper or lower nuat offices. Stamps issued by the late OityDespatch Pc ,t will lit received. It is indispensable that I lie number of [lie rtsidtuct should be stated in ail lelt- rs set. t through this Post. The Post Master solicits the earlies' imormation should any irrrKularities occur. JOI1N LOUIMF.ll CsllAllAM au2t> ly ec Post Master. THE TWO (JkEATEST INVENTIONS O# THE AGE. KENNEDY'S COMPOUND VEGETABLE PREPARATION. F%QH Tf e treat me Hand preservation of the Hair; the only infallible preservative against baldness, and a certain cure for all diteases of the scalp, audi as dandrutr, plica potnica, fcc. lie. *c., including Ul cutaneous affections. This article if pre* pared with Krt-at car* by the inventor and proprietor himself, after a study of ten years, during which Ins time has been Almost exclusively devoted to the perfection of this incomparable article for the beuefit of the growth and beauty of the Hair* In the mean time, many nostrums intended for the time purpose, have arisen slid dit u, while this rejoices in the full vigor of manhood?-and is destin* d to livt as Ioiik as a fine head of nvir is duly prized or its cleanliness and beauty admired. Let these who have then* desirt s hut ^ivr it i single trial and lie has no fears for the result. It anly rcottires to T>e known to be appreciated, and when so appreciated the proprietor expects to obtain his reward from a discerning public, and asks it not before?he is opt ifrtM of getting oui of i atii ncc Nearly jive nundied certificates, t? stifling to its virtues, in all cases for w ich it is intended to be used, from the most httchly respectable individuals 111 various puts in the United States, the Cauadas, 6kc., can be seen at the office of the inventor sad manufacturer. No. I Pine sir* #?r New V,?rlt INVENTION NO. 2. Thr second invention of modern times. to which we would respectfully call attention. i? KENNEDY'S CELEBRATED PREMIUM CHEMICAL HAIR UYK. ?!>.- first ever invented in this couutry. 1 his article, as can be testified to by a lance number of oral and verbal rrcommrudationa, is saperior to any thin* of the kind impurtrd from anv part of the world, and is rapidly aupercedinit all otner nostrums fin chaiiieiuit the color of the hair and whissers to a beautiful dark brown, or let black, from t! ten, red, grey, or other objectionable color, in a sincle application, without afiectinu the skiu. The Hair Dye was exhibited at the Fair of the American lustulite, held at Niblo's Garden, and recriied the first premium, as l>eiiiy superior to any other exhibited. It uiiybe obtained at the followiiiK places Bailey, Ward It Co. Maiden Lane; Leary ? Co, Astor House; 63 Bowery, corner Walker; 338 Bowery denser Bond street; Tiffany, Gourd & Ellis, 2i9 Broadway, end at the manufactory, So. 1 I'uie street, New York. au30lm?r OEOROE KENNEDY. TENDER CHINS. ANY GENTLEMAN may be instantly relieved from all pain ihiriiut the operation of sharniK, by applying his raxor to the ME TALIC TABLET 11AZOU ST HOP, invented by G. Saunders, which supercedes tue uecessity of a hone, and by which the most unskilful cau aiwa>s prodvee as keen and smooth nu edge as the razor could by any possibility tilubrt under the BM ItMritlCH hand. It is the only effectual means which the art ?f man iim yet d- vised for giving to every one an opportunity of suiting Ins ra or t > his ehin with the satne certaiury as he can mend a pen to suit hi* own hand, which any p?r?oti will be shown by bring* ing a dull razor aud trying the Tablet before purchasing. Retail price of the best article of Str >i> ana 'i'anlct, %\ and ti $o. aul7 lm*r Sold at G. SAUNDERS, 16!) Broadway. TOUCH BEAkDS !! PLEASURE IN SHAVINO secured by the use of Ch?|inun's MAU1C HA/OK STROP, with METALLIC IIONE, formiujf one of it* four sides, with which .very i t'rsonmay keep hi* razor ill perfect order, whether at irtor on land. It present* four faces, each of diffeient slMrpening properties, commencing with the Metalic Hone, ol' it u limes ihc power of the ordinary lion*,and linthiiut on the simple calfskin. R-tail price* 50, 75, I 00, 1,25 and 1/tO, each MMHH| to outward sue and linith. The performing part of the 75 cent strop beiiik same as one at $1,54. Wholesale prices $7,50, $1, Sti, $7,50, $9 and $12 per doz. L. CHAPMAN, No. 102 William street. N. B. The performing i?rt of my 75 cent strop warranted to be superior to (Jeorgt Saunders' best, at $3 each,and the money returned if the purrhasei he dissatisfied. aut5 Im'r IMPORTANT TO THlT PUBLIC. ALL who with to economize cau obtain Clothing of the heti quality remarkably cheap, at 205 Canal street, oue door west of Hudson. Aim, a larg. assortment of Cloths, Castitneres, Vesting*, and Summer Oooda, from which Clothing of all kinds are made to order iu the beat manner at very redueen prices, 205 Canal str-et. je I't 1m- r JOHN G ABRIEL VERUEN or WEllKEN, a Native ?i Switzerland.?Any one who ha* ever known or heard ol this individual, orof a person of a similar mum, will plMM | communicate Chef Hot to me, as this information la of imiiort- | ance to some of hi* family. His real name was John Gabriel i Verren ; but in a foreign land it may, like many other names, li.ivt- MM llMlfd* or In MM corrupted in it* stalling. He camo to the United States in the year 1786. and he is su|?nosed to hare resided in the State of Pcunsylvauia, and to hart died there ; but as no trace of him as yet has b.en discovered, tlam w -.w,.. .1 1 a 2. U-k-l.. I incorrect, ami I now take thu mean* of making a general iuquiry throughout the Union. ai to.1 Im-r P. K. STAIOER, I'hiladeIphia, Pa. THE CRYSTAL, CORNER OF WALL tf BROAD STREET. Ye ConoUeursand F.picnrti who throng the MMoney" atrcet, When you are dry, atop in and try, the block" there youl! < i, We'll do our best, to stand the teat, with any house in town. And while we do, we look to you, for some share of renown. r|MIE Proprietors of the above establishment will t ike a pride A in redeeming the above pledge, and they will permit no ir* t.cle but the very l?e*t to appear ou the bar. A choice Lunch can also lie found daily. au?l hn*r CHINA, GLASS, AND EARTHENWARE. 8 ASTOR HOUSE. UKKNCH Porcelain Dinner Services, Hi piece*, i2.< On " White Granite, do do 112 do 13 00 French or English Porcelain Tea Sets. 32 do 4 00 Dinner Platea. French Porcelain, |>er dozen, 1 'U Do do Oranite, blue or while, do 100 Sonp, do French Porcelain, _ do 2 (Hi Do do Uranite, blue or white, do 1 00 TeaCups and Saucers, (24 liiccea) French Porcelain, 1 '0 1-22 * do do 37 <Ji.a*s. Cut Winea, per dozen, from 1 70 Uo Tumbler*, do do 2 00 Lemonades, handled, do 2 25 TalLT CuTLKkV. Of the finest descriptions, insets or dotens, at the low price of 112 the set. Juat opened , a handsome assortment of Toilet Ware. B. SIMPSON. N. B ?Agent for the sale of Simpson'* Err Cornets, for the relief of deafness. s4 lm* rc GEO. S. SOBEN Jc CO., 66 Beaver Street, Importers of French and English CORSETS, Just received 10 cases per Montreal, consisting of a large assortment of the shore article, |*rticuUrly suitable for the American market AI?o 5 curi of SILK FRINGE, containing a large assortmi nt of every color and width, which are otftred at eatreroely lo? prices. City retailerf and country merchanta would do will toe?amine the aaiortment befoie purchasing. at lw* rc. A NEVV^ & IMPORTANT INVENTION FOR THE LADIES. VTRS. LOVE, Coraet Maker, No._68, respectfulty informs ike ladiei of N'e w Vork and iti vicinitiea, that ahc haa invented a new article for the pre?? rv 'tion of the liealth and atrength during fMMMfi This Abdominal Supporter la .erfect in ita application, acti. g as a aupport, and preventing all attain upon the muaclea, and the consequent la tigne and eihauatiou of the whole system. It will preserve the form in all ita youthful symmetry Nothing that haa ever been i 'V-r ted offers ao rn any advantage s a> t'oes this Abdominal Supporter for inrigoratiug the system against every accident attending gestation. Mrs. L.has secured a patent. She begs to refer to the follow ing eminent gentlemen of the Medical Faculty:?Dr. Francis, Dr. Pond, Dr. .McDonald, Professor Uillman m D. Professor Parker, M D, A. C. Castle. M D. Dr. Nelson. Dr. Moore, J. W. Franeis, M 1), J. O. Pond, M D, J. W. Moore, M. D, J. Neilson, M D Conntry merchants and dealers supplied wholrtal* with Corsets, Bells, and hrsces, on advantageous terms. sd imtr TarTs" ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS BRUN It CO., Ill William street, formerly Drun, Larnsurr A Co.?will open in a few days, twenty cases P .ns Artificial Flowers. Feathers, Ac., now landing from last arrivals.? This establishment is recieung from their house in Tens by every Havre packet, the newest styles of flowers and fethers, sa they ap|iearinthst centre of fashion. This arrangement enables them to hare constantly on hand a , most fashionable -asortment or (he above articles Dealing by Isr more largely in this line than any other establishment in the city, they can afford to sell at the very lowest rates and on the most reasonable terms. Wholesale warerooms up stairs. Also, constantly on hand, every kind ol materials (or flower manufacturers. s3 1 m* c is patent prksehveo portable meats and soups V\/ARRANTED to keepsny length of time in any climate. " vix: lobsters, halibut, shad, silmon, ny tert, and rUms, | beef, mutton, real, dm k, rhirken, 'urkey, beef ?nni>, mntton I'n III, rhickcn soup, ?i mil soup, mock and green turtle soup, , vegetable soup, green peas, mushrooms. carrers, turnips, pit snips, tomatoes, inilk, Sac. he., manufactured and told .?.. ale by WILLIAM MULLANE, at Irn* re MS Nassau at ~ ECONOMY, feLKGANCfi, AM) dOOD LIVING. '"PHE undersigned haa. at Agrt at mnur, lilted np one of the ' * largest and most spTrtrnid Coffer and Katun; llouara in ' New Yerk in which one liundrrd peraona at leaat can sit down c to an excellent anil substantial breakfast, dinner, and tea, [from * the rhoiot st supplies of ihe inarketi, with a bill of fare notes " celled either aa jegards r|u ility 01 number of diaheaj by any ho- * te| in the United States, and varying in prices froin sis cents to ' one ah ill 11 ik and t iglileru pence per dish. The purest Jssa and a Mocka coffee and the very best teas, and served at only three Sents per cup. And all other refreshments in proportion. The waiters are uniformly civ il and polite, and every visitor may be t assured of feeliiig in this establishment ipnte "at home." In ' fast, every dei>nrtm?nt of the business is under the sn|ierinten- (l d nee of competent overseers, whose sola care and attention are # directed to the comfort and conveniences of customers and gur.u. IfENUY OOBlTNO, |, Proprietor of the French and American Eating Hons*, ( Nos t>? and 66 Nassau st, between iahn st and Maiden Lane. i, P S?Open Rundavs for breakfast, dinner and lea. jellltmi nOARD IN B(TSiD AFREET.?A grnlh inin and his wife ii I ' and a lew stuele gentlemen can be well accommodstid with r hoard and pleasant rooms, at No 2 Bond street. Pe raons wishing board for the winter, iv ill (lad this a desirable I plnoe. aSdwtec IE It A 342. MISCELLANEOUS. lilt M.W \-1|{ K COLLEGE OF MEDICINE PH A RMA C Y . ESTABLISHED KOHTHK SUPPRESSION OF (QUACKERY, HAS met Willi the most unprecedenled success since its coin lucncemcnt, particularly from the unfurl'mate victims of unprincipled pretenders, who are now daily gaUiiug strength ill'] vigor under the judicious treatmcnr of the College. The folluw iuir piriMratioiiH havi already obtained .? relebruy uup.iralellrd in the nnttaU of medicine. THE UNRIVALLTEU TONIC MIXTURE. A ceitaiu cure for all forms of dyspepsia, low spirt!*, loss of appetite, lassitude, culauecus eruplioiis, geu?ral debility, predisposition tft < onsuiriptioii, and *!! coinplvuts arising from a disarrangernent of the nervious system. It may be also used w ith great success in cases of fever and aitne, and as a preventative t? yellow fever. Sold mi bottles at $1 and $2 each. TIIK ANODY.NK LINIMENT. For (he cure of rh? umatic pa u?, colic, bruises, spr.tius, spinal disease, nervous headache, pains in the joint*, and immediate and permanent relief guaranteed. Mold in bottles, 75 tU each. ^ THK PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIXTURE. For the cure of all cases of * delicate disease, or for pains in the bones, eniptions, sore throat, or auy other distressing symptoms, produced by an injudicious u*e of mercuiy, or b> quackery. Sold in Dottle* at $1 and %'l each. THK AMERICAN ANTIBILOU8 CATHARTIC PILL. For the cure ol all derangements of the liver, purifying the lood, exciting the whole alimentary canal to healthy action, ndfiring mv vjgoi toiho Tiiid powen, This nsoiciBs is ntirely superceding the drastic purgatives of the nostrum enders. THK FEMALE RKBTORATIVK PILL. F"r the cure of those complaints peculiar to the female sex, indtornftorsand preserve dn regninr idtkw of the female organs, with full directions and cautions as to use, and sold in boxes at $1, 50 cents, am! 25 cents each. SIR ASTLKY COOPER'S PILL. . For 'he cure of cutaneous eruptions^ gout, chronic rheum* tism, Hiid to improve the tone of the digestive orcans. THE FRENCH ANTIPHLOGISTIC MIXTURE. Guaranteed to ure gonorrheal, gleet, and all mucopurulent discharges fiotn the urethra. Sold in bottles at .'?U ccurn and XI Mrh. THE PAPILLARY HEALING POWDER, For the curt* of sore nipples, and superficial excoriations of the in. Sold in closely slopt phials .it 60 cents each. The above pre i>a ratio us may also be had of the following sub-agents in this city:? J. w. Basset, 644 Jrosdway. Dr. E. M. Ouioii. 127 Bowery. Dr. King, 28? Hudson street. Ellas L. riieall, Grand street. Wm. Armstrong, 184 Fulton street, Brooklyn. Principal oliicc ol the College for New York, M 97 Nassau street. By order, au28 hnr W. S.RICHARDSON, Ageut rP KKRAl'l.N LL'N (' 11.?(iourvnondc ' Qui V?\< ! Thjll* I A sand* of our good cits, lovers of good (are, have been (or some weeks past "uttering *? vere disap|K>inttneu from the closing of the far-famed " Terrapin Lunch." The " fnful ftv r." is now. however, over, and again inav 'hey "feed wt II, for be it know* tint the John Adams, of Kuickeibooker memory, "hangs his hat" an at the Terrapin ; also the* proprietor, one of the finest little fellows in Christendom, y'ciept W J Carr. Now, then, unack your lips ve cormorants in tlie Turtle Soup and steak line, the mantle of 'San '> .' has fallen upon John, to perfection. In good citing and drinking may be again guaranteed at ihe Terrapin. A single look into the old *'Ice Bo*," will appease the hunger of him with the shoit purse, and a taste of the gelatine at half the old prices w ill tickle the |ialalc of the veriest anchorite. Pine Green Turtle served up this day, and every day during die season. s6 liujr EPICURES! EPICURES ! EPICURES ! rP I! E Subscriber, formerly known a* one of the firm of Blew A and Ten Eyck, ol No. H Broad street, having opened a house No. 661 Broadway a few doors below Nibin's Garden, w here he still continues to serve up all the Delicacies of the Season, vix?Game. Poultry, Fish, kc lie., together with his celebrated Mill Pond. Shrewsbury airJ all choice Oysters.fresh or mckled, whichobtaiued the premium at the last Annual Fair at NibloY Hating fitted up a saloon unequalled in the city, where gentlemen and their latnilies visiting NibloY can, w ith the greatest propriety, have served up to their comfort and satisfaction,such relieshineiits as they may call for ou reasonable terms. N. B.?Clubs ami Private Parties wishing rooms, can oe accoinJiio 'Hted AS above, by *7 lm*r JOSEPH TEN EYCK, <\ NOTICE TO WAGON niHLDF.KS?The / < I ncribe'r, Proiuielor of Nvwr York Taitrr.all*. wi I f 1 - ? makr libtral advance* in Caaii.ou ail New Lmh i IVdiiom sent to liia? atabltstiini'iit lor inlr. Builder* iu the country c-ni rely upon having every attention paid to thriroid.'r*. Kor furihcr pirticolan, as to terms, lie. apply to GKO. W. MILLER, all 6 I'roi.iietQ'"r v v IP, Broadway. ARCHER'S FALL FASHION FOR GENTLEMEN'S HATS, flj WILL be introduced Saturday, Se|*. 10th, 1812, at his J^*old stands, 204 <tud 260 Ureenwicnst. s'J )w*ec WM. FL BEBEE & CO., HATTERS. 178 BROADWAY, (UNDER THE HOWARD HOTEL,) MANUFACTORY, NEWARK, NT' ?V JERSEY. (X RESPECTFULLY inform their friends and the public d^^that they have opened a wholesale and Hal and ( ap vVarehonse under th * Howard Hotel, where they will keep constanily on hand ihe greatest variety of Hats ever offered for sale in the city ol New fcork. Nor confuo d to one fjuality ami price, but as many as twenty different qualitit s of Genu Fashionable Hats; suu with their lacili.ies for their business,which thepublic in general are acquainted with, they think it unm cessary to say more. The Gentlrmeti of New York are respectfully invited to call and riamine for themtelves. N. B ? A splendid article of trivelliujf trunks, valeses,aod hats, for djle at insnnfart irrr's prices. ?9 1 w J. FLETCHER, HATTER, fl NO. 4 WALL VPREET, will have his FaII Fashion ready on Saturday SeptemberOili, when a superior style w ill be olferr d to the i ubfic. s92t*rc HATS* HATS, HATS. n FALL FASHION.?The suosc.iber invites the atteii linu of the Bt au Monde to lu* b"e utifu I, graceful, mi J tasteful L?w bell-crowued Hal, otiug the only really fashionable artit It of the kind extant, though he canunt e jn-ct but t'itt imitator* will spring up, anil claim (lie benefit of hi* own ongiua' conception*. To My these Hat* surpass any thing of the kind in point of tyle, finish, and graceful appearance, i* to claim no more than i* warranted oy an ei|>erieuce of twenty year* in the business, and he mi ite* gentl. men who itudy grace and faihitu, to call and examine for ihetnst Ivr*. ^ A large assortment of Travelling Trunk*, Carpet Bag*. Hat Cases, and, i i fact, every thing necessary for a yeutlernaii'a travelling outfit, may al*o he found at E. BLOOMER'S, 17!)Brondway, au30 lm i?*r Opposite Howard'* Hotel. hats _ FALL FASHION?1842. WM, BANTA would respectfully call the attention of J^^liit friends, customers and the public in general, to his assortment of Hat* of the Fall up with a particular regard to neatness, ityla, and durability. Persons about mpplyirig themselves with that itidisp usable article of dress, and who study taste and economy in ila selection, would do well to give him a call, believing that the wiihin lamed low prices would fully satisfy them ol the snbscrilieia pretentions to veil cheap, vix:?Short napped silk hats at $2,60; moleskin do S3; black casstmere do $3,50; neutria do $3,60; beaver do $4,60. Also on hand Ifrntlemeii's traveling and dress ca|is.children's velvet,cloth, and fancy caps, youths and boy* hats anil caps. St Imeon'r W.VI. BANTA, No. 130 Chatham st. The Anti-Angular Nystrm of Writing. GREAT REDUCTION. prom twcltr to six dollar* ! JVf"- BR'STOW of London, respectfully informs the Ladies aYI and Gentlemen of New York and Brooklyn, that his classes have commenced / >> Ihe season, and that he has liDUCtn his Teims one naif,?to 8ie Dollars ! Aladkmt No 236 Brooaway, rear Park Place. Gentlemen of all ages are |msitively taught in twelve lessons, a bold, frtt, txrtditioui anil finished husinrss-like style of Writing, no matter now bad, illegible stiff, or cramped the writing may be. And the Ladics A neat and handsome, delicate and laahionable Running Hand In Twelve East Lessors 1 VISITORS in New York can take a course in Three Days !?Mr. B. is to ba seen from 4 to I A. M., or from 4 to g P. VI. Evening Classes from 7 to 9. Book Kfetiro Taught on a superior method, by double and single entry, scientifically and practically. 1 I <N N | <N ? 1 C 1 f 1 STENOGRAPHY. A new system of the Art of Writing Short-hand, for taking Lectures, Sermons, Trials at Law, kc ke., t -tight perfectly by Mr. Bristnw iu one course of lessons! at 236 Broadway. , N. B.?A work of the author is presented to every pupil for I their |>ermaneiit guide. s4 lim'rc "confectionary" ! ICE CREAMS, SODA WATER, tt C. I T HI) I f \ L' VI %J.. ?-. /' I .1 is .till .1 Li. rt 1.1 .t.?J A uivni/Cii^, iiu. (j V'?u?i men, n inn ?i III? "(n >mhu, J and will he happy to aee his friends, as writ aa the ptiblK- * Urnrrally, and would inform thrin that he continues to make 1 imfMifmtnU in hit ai tides of Confectionary and Ice Creams, J which have hern So fenerally approved of, from tin ir briny 1 pare and wholesome, aa no deleterious articlea are uaed in the ' manufacturing of them, the supeiinteudence ol the whole twine under his immediate supervision. SKOARH, CONFr.CTIONARV, FRUITS, Itc. kc., wholesale and retail. '< ;;7~ PartiruKr altenlioii w ill I1"."1 10 orders for farniih t itiv; i>trtiea or private fainilirr lor Ice Creams, Jellies, kc., at " pricei to sail the timet. fc Ordrfri (br Conlectieoary from the country will be attended [o with prionptnas#and despatch. e He takes thia opportunity of returning hia thanks for the libe- ' al patronage bestowed, and hotui to merit a continuance of J uiblir favor. au?l lm* ' TRANSPARENT AND WASHABLE WINDOW 1 I SHADLH.?The subscribera hare on la-rid the larger and nost varied assortment of French and Italian luniited Wirid"W lhades, of scroll, Oothlc, landscape and plain ccntrea, anu for ale lower than cau be porcliasq^ at anv other eauh i lirnent in he city. Tlicy vary in prica and quality from the moat inagmiccnt French painting ever im|x>rted in the country, to the heap Italian style, aa low as *?. each. Also on hand, a large took of Chintzes and Linens for win Iowa, of various patterns, itnres, kc. Togetlie-with a general assortment ol all decriptinna of Upholstery Hoods, Reds, Mattresses, Curtains. nrtain Materials, Hilt ornaments, kc. For sale at remarkhie low prices. SOLOMON k HART, Upholsterers, kc. sHcadlm'rc lift Bro.dw i\ ppo.iii lolm street. \ V ATI IIKS ANI) JKWKI.RV \ KKY LovV-Thessib- r '? amber it constantly rrci iving, direct from the matin lac- 'I iirers, all descriptions of Hiild sad Hilvei Levers, Anchor, Ks- '' 'r ni-i.v, 1,-mur, .Ilia T crur n.iuiir*, Ol IICW .in(I ijilflHim atterna; *ol<I and ailrer pencil*, gold rhai *, keya, Ac., which e i> ??llmg at retail lower than at any other plicr in the city, told Watcne* aa low aa 15 to JC dollar* each. Walche* and welry 'Tchanged or bought. All watch" warranted to keep _ nod time or the money iet"rned Watchei and clocka repaired nthetieat manner and warranted, at m?ch leaa than the twnal W 'ricet, by one of the ben workmen in America. Jj O. C. ALLEN, Im|wrt?rof Watcheaaiid Jawelry, J?l' aulB ltn'rt, WhoUaaie and retail, *> Wall at, up iter"- i # .*. * L D. Prtr.c Two On la Kuom Mkxkjo.?The New Orleans Courier furlUbhesa few additional items of news brought by the Win. Penn, from Tampico. More than 10?f Mexican or Spanish seamen had bet a pressed at Tuuipieo, and sent to man ilia steamer which arrived at Vera Cruz from Lnglnnd about the 19th ult. About 800 troops marched from Tanipico for Mntumoras ten days previous The Wni. Penn was chas'ed, but not overhauled, by a Texan armed schooner on the 23d ult. There were at Tanipico one American, three French and three English vest-els. Some of the natives boasted that they would overrun Texas, and not stop till they got to Waahington. Santa Anna was becoming more popular than ever. The " New Orleans Advertiser," says:?The intelligence from Mexico, gives good reason to believe that Santa Anna is seriously bent on warlike operations upon a comprehensive scale. Hie intentions are involved m mystery, however. Fifty iiiuuthsuu mm, u in b?iu, urr aih iwiy uiiuur nimr, and further augmentation* are making in their military force. The navy is undergoing a re-organtzn tion, and is strengthened hy tlie addition of several ships and steamers. This preparation is ostensibly to reconquer Texas. It would he singular it the real ob|eet was tear with|he United States. The Crescent City says:?We learn that great preparations were being made for sending an overwhelming force into Texas. They me increasing the Navy, and daily augmenting the large military force underarms. All cia.-ses of citizens are made to hear a part, either as actors or contributors in lite alhiir. Contributions are levied, taxes imposed, and men drafted?in short, every step is being taken to su|>vly both men and money for a vigorous and formidable campaign against the rebellious Texana Galveston, August IS ?A party of gentlemen, seven in number, arrived here yesterday trout Aransas flay. They have been 011 a scouting expedition on their own hook, and have done a pretty tair business. On this side of the Nueses, they encountered a putty of the Mexican spies, about titty in number, anil attacked them. The engagement was short?the citizens of the " greatest republic on earth" refused to come up to the scratch. Twelve ol the spies were killed, the remainder taking to their heels. Un their [lersoos were found consider uble stuns of money, which you may re.-t assured were removed, no constitutional scruples preventing our boys from pocketing the de|?ohiies. The spies were urnted w ith beautifully silver mounted guns, and had they been men, would have giveu our jairty a warm reception. Fiver in New Orleans ?The Bulletin of the 3d instant says, "We made ev ry effort yestcrdav to ascertain the reasons for belief in an approaching epidemic, and although we cftnriot say we ourselves ure convinced, we must deem thut appearances grow more threatening every day. Conversations with several physicians have made known to ua divers canes in private practice. Perhaps w?* may number sixteen new cases as having occurred yesterday. It is a consolation, however, to know thar they are generally mild, and yield easily to prompt and proper treatment. West India Mails.?It i? announced in 'he Plyinou'h (Eng.) papers, that twelve sailing packets are to be brought forwurdforcommnc'on, i? convey the W. India mails,in place of the steam* r*,otdinar) merchant ships huvmg recently anived in 'lie channel with later dates than those by the steamers. It is reported that the Steam Company. < it wincing up, will he losers to the amount of half a million derItng. The company will probably not ue caught " ateaniing it" at such an extensive rate agum very soon. Land Pirates.?There ore several islands in the Mississippi river, between the States of Atkunsae and Mississippi, which have been long noted us har nors lor tlie most desperate villains vvtiicn miesi tne the southern country. These scouu re!s are ever ready to perpetrate any crime, the most revolting to humanity ; and but a few years since there were but few flat boat-men hardy enough to lay uj> lor the maht at one of these haunts ol banditti. Not unIrequently has it happened that floats loaded with produce have been decoyed to the shore, their crews murdered, and the boats sunk to prevent detection. The Anawun, on her pai-sage up froiu New Orleans, observed, as she passed Montgomery's Point, tour dead bodies floating by. They were evidently mutdered, as large and ghastly wounds were seen upon their bodies?they were so offensive that they were not taken up. These men were, doubtless, the victims ol the scoundrels ujion one of these islands. femaf.E Heroism?In a beautiful little clearing surrounded by extensive forests, on the f-nglisii river, above the mill of A. C. Moore, Est] , in the town of'Moores, is situated the newly erected cottage of Asahel 8turks, a hardv pioneer of the wilderness. business requiring the absence of Mr. Starks for a w erk, his wife and three small children were the only occupants of the house. As night approached, a large half-famished wolf was discovered near the house : the door was closed, but the wolf crawled under tli" floor of ihc house, and by constant growling so alarmed the family that they took refuge in the garret. He retired to the woods at the dawn of day, and Mrs. tSturks sent her Iitil** son to Young's, at the mill, for a gun, which she charged heavily with buck shot. At evening the wolf again approached the dwelling, when Mrs. rttarks raised the window, and taking deliberate aim, shot the wolf dead on the spot. She puttered only a slight iniurv by the heavy recoil. So much for the Whig matrons of Mooros.?PUMiburg Whig. Firk.?The barn of Mr. i..i Clark, of Cornish, Me., was struck by lightning on Saturday last, ami burnt to the ground with all of its contents?consisting of 20 tons ol hay, 50 bushels of wheat, and 150 bushels of oats. A boy in the yard was knocked down without being killed He jumped up, ran into the barn after two cows, which were in the Haines, at the risk ol his lite. He also went under the barn and drove out two hogs. Lose $550?$150 insured. 8TF.A.M NAVIui^W^BPrWEEN ANTWERP AND NEW YORK. VL1? S O V Tt MM/TON. BELGIAN STEAMER BRITISH QUEEN. K. KyCEHOLT, CoMMiSDU. The day* of Jt i?rtui? of this well-known StMmihip, hue Been filed a* follows : From Antwerp, From Sonthampton, From NVw York. On 4th Mav. 1*12. On 7th May, 1PI2, On 7th June, 1842 lot It July, " 7tl' A"*., 7th Bipt. " tnrli S. pt. " 7th Oct., " Price of pa?*s;e, meal* not included, to Bout) a>npton or Antwerp, $70?Steward'* feet, $2 82t<. The mrala will be icrved on hoard, en the plan ot a Continental hotel, iu the beat manner, and at hard and moderate price*, l -uaeugera being only "barged when iiaitakinit ol the tain' . The nrtre of ntssnre to either ot the above norta can also bo 1IKif prrfarrrd, with meal* and ?teward'? fees included for f'l7 52^ ccnt*,e*clu?ive of ?? An e*|ierienced Sur??nn accompanie* the ship. For freight or pcuagc, or ui further inlori.Mtiou, apply to II. w. T. St H. MALI, Airi'iiU, a326m*r tl Br<??i?tr?ft NEW-YORK AND LIVERPOOL REGULAR COM MF.RMAL LINE OK PACKETS. Sailing to .ml from Livrnmol, Werkly. jfe. & m. W^?TABI.fsTTfT^,AS?'AOt: OKKICE, 6l?oCTn STREET. The wbwribrr 111 annoiincitik hi* arrvnirrment* for thr year M2, appear* befope hi* friend* With *eutiinent* of ?inrere reflect foi thr able *upporl he h*? r arrived for inany year* j*?i.? h likrwiar wi?hm to rail thr attention of thoar intending to end for thrir friend* ruaidinu in Encland, Ireland. Scotland nd Wale*; that they ran at all time* he accommodated by tin* iuc, by weekly omMirtuiiilie* from Liverpool, a* w. II a. by all lir well known different line* of |>ai krt *hip*, a iiling to mil rom Liverpool on thr 1st, 7th, 13th, 19th and ittth ol each month limine hunt the year. It ha* alway* hern the atudy of the auhaorirer to have ih# migrant* *hown civility, and de?| alclird without delay, and hoar who vend for their friend* inay re?t aatioied that evrry ue an I diligrulattention will tie given b> thr Liverpool ivent* n those sent for,a* well a* all who may embark with them, nd *homd any of thoae whoar |>aa*ase has hern paid not emlark, the money will be refunded without any charcr. The subscribe! feel* a pleaauie iu makui* known the diMrr 'lit ahiiia by which hi* p***rntfeni came ont dunu* the la*t ) ear, vlurli lia* gn -*II crucial * tlKlacuou, and th?t he ha* ilr extended anil concluded hi* arrangement* for thr ye?r 1*4*. I'lie billowing i* a list ol *luna ? , Ships Seotland, R binton. Sliip* Alabamiaii, L me. Kail tie Id. Wilson. Printer, H-rkin*. Frankfort, Kti.vll. w'T."*' Kn.arll, How... ,wr!. ?, Wallta. Hibernia, Wil.on. W?l, (i? rr on.. Allrrd, t'lirrver. ?WU,i tClifton, !,.la-noil. *' ' '""''i Loni.t ill., Allen. Jff'w 7^ iv,Tn" Sobieikir. Kmrraou. S O.wffo. Wood. <>"? W'11?"1-.. . Talbot, Storey. V HanW.ire, Hardin* I'.nthra, O Mlm.inon. Robert I.a.c, Tr-iomen Virginia, Eaton. Europe, B.tcheldor. S. Jf-nfcina, Seymour. A fret- p*??ife from the different porta of Ireland and Srot and, ran alio lie .retired, .ml fnrni.hed for ? > amount. ..y.ble ?t the National .ml I'rovinei.l B i k. of Ireland and heir irapeelire branche., and aUo on M ??ra. J. A W. Robinrm. Lieeriionl, which are |*id free any rliarije, IMMfnuit ie United Kingdom. For further particular. apply to JOHN HERDMAN. *1 Sonih itreet. or J. A W. ROBINSON, t6 O.rre Piaxaar. and v :i. V i \.i V. i ilno D.?k, Liverpool. I-'ilt IllO I t.N'K.IKO?The .iiyrnoi packet .hip rffyCHARLKS CARROLL, Lee, oiaiter. will MNKBw,th prompt dr.itatch. ForTreyih. Or paaaagr, having Mendid.ceommodaiion*, api ia BOYD HINV'Kftn, ,1, D. H. KOBKHT80N, l? Maiden L?u<.

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