Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 11, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 11, 1842 Page 3
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system is dealing, permit! the sale of more good* then cu be promptly paid for Instead of good*, ipecie mutt be largely imported to pay for produce, particular cotton, for which the eoutherm factor* and dealer* very generally refute any thiug but oa<b, specie, hard dollar*. The old system of buy iug cotton with bite*,or "drawing po*U" in New York i* broken up, and before business become* very extensive, the specie must come from abroad in payment of produce, and find its **IV nnrlK in thi> itiirr ktuiit tfrtiiii" already here. When that time arrives, there will be room for new import! at profitable rite*. Sw'ee at the Stock Exchange. $1000 Ohio 6 par et, 1870 7J 50 do 16% l;"0N V City 7't, 1852 lotU 2.10 do ICS 25 Del & Hudson 85% 50 Long I* land R R 50% 23 dp 05% loo do b60 5l 12 Ohio L k Tnm 62 25 do 50% 15 Look I .land 89 175 do 50% 10 do 60% 200 do _ bM 51 50 Button k Prot tOO Hi iO Patertou R R il 50 do 030 85% 25 Sloiiiii.lou R R b30 18 50 Harlem R R .15 16V 25 do ?J0 17% 50 do ch 16% Second Board $500 Ohio 6'. 7 3 25 Farmer.'Loan 18 .50 . on< Ialand 50% 100 do 18% 50 do 51 75 do .60 18% State of Trade. We cannot notice any material improvement in bu.ine.a not with.landing that the number of stranger, ip the city 1. constantly on the increa.e. Shipping particularly la dull. Freights are aa follow* :? To Liverpool the rate* are 3-16 a Jd for Cotton : Ashes, 1 As per ton ; Naval Stores 1. 9.1 a 2. ; Flour 1. ftd a Is 9d, with only a moderate amount ollering. To London, Tobacco is taken at -25. ; Flour 20 Sd; Naval Stores it 6d a Js; Measurement goods 30. per ton. To Havre, freights are extremely dull and the last packet was not above half All ?*u. i nerr 11 no uouvu uik * *??R j ^iirs arc iiiKen ai a 10; Rice, 10; Measurement (, $10; Quercitron Bark. $19; Whalebone, Jc, and Tallow |c. Cotton ?The late advicta.with ? small stock, have eiused an advance ot J to i per lh Very little is doing for export, aalea 1900 Upland and Florida at 6} a n?; ].vm Mobile a 9}; 1060 New Orleans and Tennessee 6} a 9}?total, 4460 ha lea. Coffro.?750 hags Laguira sold at Bj a#} eta; 1400 bags Rio, 7 ' to Sand 9} eta; 350 hags Cuba, 8} a 9; 300 hags Sumatra, 8 as} cents, 4 mos.; and 1400bags St Domingo,at 6} 6} and 6} cts per lb. cash. Piwiiisni.?The demand for both Beef and Pork lias be?n tao lerate, without change of price. Lard has been in request?6000 kegs and 000 barrels have been taken for export at 7c, hol lers now ask an advance, say 7(c. Hams in request at 6 a 7c. Smoked Beef 7}c. Tickled Hams 4} a 6c ; 16 hbls Beef Rounds in pickle sold at 5c. Rict ? Sales for the week 350 tierces fresh beat, lair to good at 60 a 2 75 cash, and 150 tierces old. .Sugars.?Prime Sugars are in fair demand and sales have been made at an advance of 1 a ljc per lb. 100 hhds St. Croix sold at7} a 6c- 500 hhds Porto Rico, 6] a7; 300 hhds Cuba Muscovado, 5} a 6; 140 do New Orleans, 6} a 5} ; 0>0 boxes brown Havana, 6 a 6{c; 300 boxes white do 7} a 8}, 4 mos. Corn Trade. Flour continues to decline in this market. We hear of sales of Canal at $4 60 a 4 67} ; Ohio at f t 56 a 4 67, and Richmond County $4 60 a 4 67. These prices are barely sustained. What wheat there is in market is held at 96 a 103 cents. Rye brings 68cents, and Jersey Corn 59 cents. Sales o' Wheat at Cleavelaad were made ou 6th iust- at 70 cents, but the receipt of advices from Europe to 19th ult., unsettled the market. The advices show that the harvest is progressing verv satisfactorily in England, and that the condition of the new wheat it so" good that the old wheats are likely to meet a material decline in price as we have before Hated The only sale of flour reported at Cleaveland was at $3$. It is beginning to be apparent that the present low price of breadstufTs in our markets will have a very material effect upon the production of grain next year. Already have many farmers ploughed up some of their wheat fields and we learn that it is the intention of most farmers to cow one fourth less grain the ensuing season. This can have no effect on the prices fortius year, but must necessarily have its influence upon those to be paid throughout 1343. But with three fonrthsof the growth of this season Flour ought not to go higher than $5 00 a barrel in this mar. ket. Cotton and Sugar Crop*. The prospect for abundant crops of Cotton and Cane in the Attakapas section of Louisiana, is beyond all account excellent. Nothing is now dreaded, but a superfluity of rain, as in such case the cotton bolls will fall off and the cane delay ripening. The manufacturing of sngar will commence early, most of the planters having planted largely this year. Several of them, we understand, intend to commence grinding in the latter part of this month. Philadelphia Cattle Market. Beef Cattle-?876 in market, sales at 4 to 5c; a few extra sold at 6jc; 400 were bought for the New York market Cows and Calves?'270 at market; sales from $16 to $24 ; extra sold at $30. Hon- 460 at market, sales at <44 60 n*x She?p?1170 at market, sales at$l 36 a $1 871, extra $3 37^. married. On the 10th instant, at All Saints' Church, by the Her. J. Haight, William Oeell to Loviia, second daughter of C. J. Gayler, Esq., all of this city. Died. On the evening of the 9th instant, Fea*ces Moose,aged 83 years, daughter of the late Lambert Moore. Her relatives and friends, and those of her late brother John H Moore, ana of her brother-in-law,Adam Trcd well, are invited to attend her funeral, this (Sunday 1 afternoon, at half past four o'clock, Irom No. 7 College Place. Passengers Arrived. Havee?Ship damaxoo? G Fisher and lady, Frederick F's ier, Franci. F .h'r, Misse* Elizabeth and Catharine Fisher, Masters Oeonrr and Edward Ft.her, Mrs C Henry, L A Mnrin, C Holmes, J B Clement, T Dtiatrnlurch?and 13 in the steeraer. HALirax?BHe Acadian, at Boston?ELxa Whitmore, D W C Rots, Robl Havward, oi New York. Forelga Importations. Havre?Ship Kalamazm?JO hkts wine Diederich k Lrnatil ?8cs china DUkD Hsvilaud?6 cs Fabrequeite (k co?2 D C Potter?d Haniden k co?3 F Hardrop? I W I,aurts?60 baskrtt wine It bales willow ware 23 tons asphalt 14 bbls paint 1 case to order. M A RITIMEll^R ATDT^ To Ship Masters. We >hall esteem it a far or, if captains of Teasels arriving here, will give to Commodore W. A. Bassetl, of onr news fleet, a report of the shipping left at the |mrt whence they sailed, the vessels spoken on their passage, a list of their canro, and aav fcreigu uews|>a|ierm they may have. Commodore Bassett will board them immediately on their arrival. We will reciprocate the favor in any way. To Correspondents Abroad, Onr correspondents in foreigu ports are respectfully requested to send by every vessel all the marine intelligence they can obtain. Nautical information of any kind, Irom any one re aiding at home or abroad, will he thankfully received. PORT OP SRW YORK, SEPT. 11, IMil. sin kites 5 4t I moos sits 10 34 it;iv IS I hioh silts 12 41 Cleared. . Rhipi Jane Ros, Merrill, Ndbr Orleans, J P Elwell; Cathsliue, Berry, ChaMeston.?Brirs Sabine, Merrill, Campeachy. Nrsmilh, Leeds Ik. Co; Neurilas, McFarland, 9t Johns and Mayagues, PR. do <Uf\ Terimchore, (Br) Calliton, St Johns, Nr. Dunscomb It Beckwith; Otter, (Br) Dill, Halifn, W Tucker; Homer, Watts^ Savannah, John Ogden; Leonora, Collins, Wilmington, NC. do; New Jersey, Brown, Darien, G*.?Sclirs Ninnis, Baymore, Norfolk and Fredericksburg, A BCooleyltCo; Roe. Smilh. Washington, DC. do do; Westcott, Vance, Baltimore, do do; Thaddeut, Bedell, do; E A Stevens, Briggs, do; Heroine, Coatvs, do; A B Cooley, Camp, Philadelphia. A B Cooler It Co: Maria, Honking, Petersburg; Sultans, Irons, Addison, Me. Badger It reck; Compliance, Loomau, Boston; Cornelia, Nichols, do; Page, Nickersou, uo; Giecian, Chase, do. Arrived. Ship Kalamazoo, MeCerran, frem Hasre. Aug. 9, with mtlse, to D. It A. Kingslaiid. Spoke lOih ult. off Bill of Portland, ahip Mary Kiogsland, from New Orleans for Havre. 7th inst. on Georges Bank, barque Gibraltar, J1 days from London for NYork. Ship Floridian, Pratt, from Ivies, SDd 31 ilgrs from Malaga, with 210 bushels salt to E. D. Hurlhut It Co. Off Malaga, spoke barquABrvis, from Palermo for New York. 20lh ult. 1st 34 30, loa 37 M, spoke barque Cambridge, from Bomnay for Liveri'Oql. British brig Hebe, Roberta, 14 dayi from St. Johns, NF. in ballast, to order. Schr Montaoo, Crowell, from Salem, with hides?bound to Albany. Schr Helen, Mtrton, 3 days from Plymouth, with fish, to the masur. Below. One ship. Wind SW. Whalemen. Albion, sailed from New Bedford Olh inst. for the Indian Ocean. A letter from Lion, of Providence, reports Newton, NB. 10 mos out, 1100 hbls. _ __ Brandt, or NB. ww at Fayta March 10, with 600 bbls oil. Spoken. Gibraltar, from Hondo* for New York, Aug 31, lac 43 30. Ion 54 12. Knrclgn Port*. DiLHOt'inc. Aug ??Arr Isabella, Dsltou, NYork; 12th, Janet, Flatter, do. YaanouTH. NB. An* 35?Cld Cygnet, St Johns, NF; Mary Ann. Churchill, NVork. 9t Jour. NB. Sept 4 ? Arr P I Nevins, Baltimore; Sih, Nannie n, Philadelphia. Hai-irai, 8ept2? Sid Wanainco, Baltimore. Arr Bridget, Boston United State* Port*. F.AiTro*T, Aug 31?Arr Bnuiidary, Sliackfnrd, NYork; Sept 2, Sunn, Pittee, do; loir Norwood, do; Edw Preble, l ettlngill, do; Chief Sachem, Matthewa, do; Olire, St John. NB ? Slii 2d, Charles lluinhi r'.ron, Barhatloes; Stn, Advocate, Bermuda. Ba!?O0H, Sept 6?Arr Sr Helena, Htrlow, New York. Cld Newcastle, West Indies; 7lh, America, South America. N?.w?f*rroRT, Sept 8?Sid Hebtr, Pouct. Arr Pocaaret, Georgetown. Boston, Sept 0?Arr Elitabefh Bruce, Havre; Acadian, Halifai; William, Havre <ir Oraee; Eagle, do. Cld Emily, Juremie; Oipray. Ai r 8th, Historian, Hull, Eug. Nkw Badfo*d, Sepi 8? ArrL wren e, Albany. HoLMa.s Hoi.r, Si nt 5?Sid Hen Warren. Arr Catharine Krawer, N t ork for Windsor, NS; H Lawrence, Philadelphia for B lalnn; Hiral. Calais fur N York; I'lato, I'hiladt 1 |ihia for I'novinF.wcr. S pi 7?Arr Vesper, Norfolk. Wm Hart, Philadelphia P incers. Rondout; Prnvid n e, Kietiti, and Com;*tent, NY'ira; 8 h, Mary Ellen, York Kieer; Powliaitan, Philadelphia; Star, Albany; Harriet Dart, Delaware. Sid Midas, PHii.aOKt.rHia, Sept 18?Arr Nidus, Gloucester; Lenity, Prnvid. uce; 8urve>or,do; Fulcrum, Boston Cld Lottery, Kingston, Jam; Danube, Hi John, NB; Ada Eli/s, Tori Spain, Tun: Lode mil St Kim, r *li*outh, Jam: Cinderella, Button: Larkin, tin; (Lb, New York. Arrived in tile Schuylkill, Siroc, I'i inn, NS: Tlienin, Newburs, NY; Suvanuah k Phcbe, Jer*?y City; Henry, Providence; Cornelia, Lady Clinton, and W Yountr, NYork NoaroL*. Sept T?Arr Gardner H Wright, Philadelphia; Amiiaierndi, Holloa; Cleopatra'* Birje, Boiton. Sid Richard, Bniii.n. < iiaai rirnn, Sept ??("Id Richmond, Lireixonl. At Quaiiatine, Andrew Scotr, from H.tMn* Savaviv*?i. Sam o?Aw KrMlulo., Botton. New Oilu?, Bapt i?Cld Trraton, Drown, NYork; Joaephine, Bo-ton. \VANT1CD?Aaitaatiou by at oung nirl to take care o( cjiildrrii, or du Ktrurrel hou?ework (or * small fdiniiy in th? e- uutrv or eitj?food raierencca firm. Addle at a liue to thie office. aCSttrc Tdt VM1L1KS HOI S?i -(II TH.t'.i the W, ,t A Kurope ?A reipr,tahlr fern lie, II yrara of age, wither to ob'ain a |??rmant n'aim ttlon at ararottrraa, in aganteel family. (Mi* wonldjiretar going to ?uro|>e, Tat would accept of a good offer t nap South or to the Waat Indira. The beat of refermeet trrrii. Add: .aa A. A. A. boa "C>, np|>er Pott office, N. York. Or A YOUNG MAN, who is thoroughly acquainted wi h Bookkeeping, and Mercantile huouesa geueraliy, having acted for many years as general clerk in a merchant's e, now wants a situation. To nvhoom rraiiriaiu?immmn attentive and educated clerk. he trusts that he would he found useful. He know* th?* French language. Has good references, kadtAMHilbni to lbs >iof, will bo ? lisflsd with Um n 0 moderate salary?say $1 per week. Address Inquirer, at he .flfioe of this paper slO 3l*r / OFFICES TO LET.?A comfortable suit of offices with or without the store-oom o-? the same tlcor, to let in store 61 South st. Apply on the premises to n o JOHN HUD MA i*. j < S.?There is aiso a first rate sail loft to It t in same store. slu ec "THE GRAND NATIONAL PHOcESffON to reprl th. A insult offered to the American Pc pic, at the diuucr given to Lord Ashburton, a special R-pre en<ative of Great B'ltain, ou a rectui great uafioiral o- caaion, wheu their President waa jeered, and Queen Victoria cheered, will form and proceed from the Park, ou Monday, Sept. 12, 18*2, at 12 o'clock, precisely. PROGRAMME. 1.?Band of Music and National Banner?The Graud Maishal and his Aids. 2.?A superb t "image, drawn by ten rray horses, with a Banner i us en bed with the uatnes of the ten Presidents o! the United States. 3.?Eiecutive Committee of Arrangements on horseback, with white scarfs and bauner, as an advauctd Guard of Honor to the Ltdiesin carriages- . 4.?Twent -sit Carriages, representing the twenty-sii States and b?,?ring banners inscribed with their names in the order of their admission mt?? the Union ; each e mage containing Jour L (dies in while, witli a boy bearing a whits banner inscribed w ith the rejected t >&;!, " '1 he President of the United Slates, ' and accompanied by two gentlemen iu white scarfs, as an Equestrian Escort5.?B nd of Music and Bai ners. 6.?Military Companies as a Guard of Honor to the Lidies iu the Car lages. . , . , ,. 7.?Fire Corni?anies, taking precedence according to their numbers. 8?Various Civic B nevolent and other Societies, Assooa tioua iUulCiiiiriiaon loot, to tdke order hv the directiou of the u.auu Marshal. to whom utey are requiaicu to report u|>ou their arrival in the Park. U.?Committees in Carriigrs. in.?Priv.ilr Carriages. 11.?Cartmen and other Mounted Citizen*. II.?Printing Pre**, printing aud publishing a Patriotic OJe, written for the occasion. Linn or March.-The above detachment* of the proc< ssiou are r* quested to uumMt at twelve o'clock, and to commence the line of march precisely at one o'clock, P. M., thmURh ihe ea*t Rate to Chatham atreet; up Chatham to the Bowery ; up the Bowery to Bleecker atreet; down Bleecker to Carimue atreet; to fludaou atreet ; down Hudaon to Canal atreet ; up Canal to Broadway ; down Broadway to the ?uuth gale of the Patk ; theme up the eaat walk to the front of the Cit, Hall ; whruce the latltea will be escorted iu tht It carriages to theit reapectire house*. ..nd the iproci aaion terminate in a Public Meeting, at which an addrt as aud resolutions will be read. [Signed by the Etecotive Committee of Arrangement*.] JOSEPH HOPKINS, Grand Mtrahal. M ornitiR Poat please copy. all 2t r T*0 THE CAKTMEN OK THE C.TV OF NEW -I YORK.?The tartnieu of the city of New York are re(jueated by the general committer of arrangement to assemble, on horseback, on Monday, the 12th init., in Centre tract, the right resting on Chambers street at 12 o'clock, at noon, to join the grand "procession to resent the insult offered o the head of our republican government at the Ashliurton dinner. By order of the Committee. slO 2t*r JOHN R. PETERS. Chairman. HUJN Kl^U ES' WHOLESALE ANiTRETAIL HAVANA AND PKINC1PE SlGAR STORE, Basemert 51 William Street, Between Wall and Pine Streets, all 3m r NEW VORK. Notice to Straroers. F. GIBBINS, HAIR CUTTER AND WIG MAKER, 27 MAIDEN LANE, Corner of Naaiau Street, all 1m r NEW YORK STRAW GOODS. T BENNETT, 39 John and lll^f William streets, im porter and manufacturer of Italian and Eeglish Straw goods. respectfully informs his custome's from the Sout.i and elsewhere, that he has on hand * splendid assortment pf ladies fashionable straw goods, suitable for the fall season, M.Italian, Rutland, French tud English Duuslables, black Florence Braid, Prince Albert, Schell, Schell and lm,>erial, and line Tuscan Bonnets. all lui'rc LEARY & CO. HATTERS, ILL introduce the Fashion for the Season, on Friday, 9th all r NO. 4 AND 5 ASTOR HOUSE Lodgings upon the European plan.-To Single Gentlemen.?Two suites of aiurments are now vacaut at S4 Broadway. Gentlemen deiiroua of making arrange nenu for the winter, would do well to make an early application IS 2weodiatrc BRISTOL'S SARSAPARILLA. Manufactured and aold by the proprietor, c. c. BRISTOI , Buffalo, and for sale by hit Agent, WILLIAM liURGE ', Wholesale Druggist, Not. 10 an 12 Cortlindt at. aud IBS ^Greenwich at, and by tne principal Diuggist* throughout the Union. This preparation has now been belore the public about seven tears, during which time its reputation has been steadily and rapidly advancing, until its present and deserved celebrity his b> en attained?uor is it stationary at even ihis altitude ol estimation, as th- evidence of each succeeding dav clearly evi Cee. Many of the first Physicians in the country nave voluutuily borne witness to its supeiior efficacy of value, as their written ci rtificates, now in the |k>isesiiou of the pro|irie tor, will show. Testim ini ils almost innumerable, from persons who have been benefitted by its use, or have seen i;s ined cm.I virtues tested by lh?ir friends, arc also in pgaMMM of Mr. Bristol, which move how many, how virions, and how extreme have been tff instances in which, by its operation tin sick and the almost despairing have been restored to health ind haiipiur s . BRISTOL'S SAKSAPARILLA is a rare and invalusble combination of vegetable remedies of tstab'ished medical value, and from its peculiar proi>erties is almost infallible in all complaints that arise from impurities of the blood, from the morbid action ol the absorbent and glandular systems, fioin constitutional idiosyncracies, heieditary predisposition, and in general all chronic and long standing infirmities and irregularities of the human frame. To enumerate all the diseases in which it has been fonnd tu be a aovereign remedy, would be to make this notice much toe lengthy, and we can only here suggest lo the reader the value and importance ol this preparation, aud refer him to advertisements in the pnblic papers for more detai'ed intelligence respecting its efficacy, in nearly all cats a of complaint except those of the must ordinary orenicmic and epidemic character. The proprietor desires ouly to have att< ntiou generally directed to this article, confidant thit its rar virtues ouly need be known to be appreciated; that it will stand ihe test of am trial, and that increased usefulness, aud added popularit,, must be the direct reanlt of its more rxlenJed acquaintance. Anion the iiumi rous letter daily received by the proprietor of Bristol's Sarsanailla. the following is selected, m-rclv to how how this article it regarded: and the increasing drmind for this invaluable Medicine by the dealers in this C'ly, as 'he application coinri from the well know n house of A. B. it 1>. Sands, Druggists, ol this city, who have line* advertised their own arlirle t > the whole world, shows conclusively that the article is all it purports to be. (COPY.) Ns:w Yore, April 20, 1812. Mr. C.C. Bristol, Buffalo, N. Y Dram Sir? We have been selling during the year past coasiderab'e quantises of your Extract *f Sarsaparilla, aad think from the account we hear of its virtues from those who have used it, that the sale in thia city may be much inert ased bv paying it mora attention in advertising. Our arrangements are such with the different papers that we can hare advertisements inverted on much better terms than most others pi soil more conspicuously. If you would like to muke an arraugement with us lor tilling it more rxfensivt. we think it could be mads of much advanlage to ii h \V. have now four different atores, three of them in ition in the city for retailing, anil one for wholes.. 1 our facilities are sach as will enab'e us to dispose of n >f it, i crhips, than any other house. We shall he much pleased to hear from yon on this subpet, oi if you visit N> w York in the course of a month or to, to tee you at ohr atoia 78 Knlton street. Yours, very respectfully. A. B. It D. SANDS. OPINIONS FROM MEDICAL GENTLEMEN. Biffalo, Aug. 12, 1837. We are acquainted with the preparation of Saisaiarllla, manufactured by C. C. Bristol, and having made use of it more or less in our practice, believe it to contain the ac ive principle < f Sarsaparilla. in a highly concentrated form, and as a preparation we esteem it as one of the best we hsre ever m?' with. J THOWBKIDGE, MD CYRENIUS CHAP1N.M D CHAS W1NNE, M D MOSES BRISTOL. M D JOSUH BARNES M D J E MARSHALL. M D J E HAWLET, M D AS HfHAOLE, M D A nuubEiii. >? u r u nJinnio, in u H R STAUU. From Doctor* Well* ml Cheney, resident Physicians it C-anandaigna:? CiHiraDslora, Dec. 17. 1138. We have freqarntly prescribed Mr. C C Bristol's prepirstion of Bvsapsrilla, in our practice, end have alweya fmind it to an?wer an <x ellrnt purpose in r un where Harxaparitla wax applicable. Uur knowledge of the article has not bean limited, and we can frrely a ay that is the beat preparation of Saraaparilla we hare ever used. RICHARD WELLS. M D, E W CHEENY. M D. The followinf at tract of a letrer from Dr. J. A. Hyd-, one of the oldest and moslreaperuble practitiouara in the weatam arclion, it given : YnrnaaTOWR June II, 1838. Mr. C. C. Bnalol?Dear Sir: I am nearly out of ttarsv|<arill t again, and, if yon planar, yon may tend ma two dozen bottles, by ttaga or cart, directed to me at thia place. I have frequently preecribed yonr Comiainnd Flnid Ettract ol Sarsioarilla for a f- w years paat, with muah advantage, in chronic aieeaaev. r-p-riallv III Scrofuia and idistui ua riitanaoiia affections, attended with acrofulouv habit. Also, in secondary syphilis; and in chniuic general debility, from almovt any cauae. It generally proves nsetul. I think your Fluid Extract the beat prrpa'ation of Sartanarilla I ever uard. With much reaped, yuan, tialy, J. A. HYDE. From Doctt. Hoyt k May : I _ PaLMvaa, July 1, 1811. Mr. C. C. Bristol?Sir: We have uacd your Extract of 8arxa|iari1la in our practice, and for diteaaea arising from an impure atate of the blood, and aa a general renovator of the aystem we esteem it as the beat article now in use^ jJoyT M p W.M.' MAY, Si'. D. ' From Dr. A- Miller: , , Rome, July 14, 1841. I am acquainted with the preparation of Bsrtaparilla mamifac ured by C. C. Bristol, of Buffalo, and having mule use of I to my practice, believe it to contain the acliae principle of SiravpanPa in a highly concentrated form, aud ax a preparation, I catrem it as the beat I have ever met with. ? _ A. MILLER. M. D. From Dr. S. C. Noyex : Colli**. Erie Co., July. S, 1811. I have been acquainted with Bri-tol'a Saraaparilla for a number of yrsra, and hive very frequently prescribed it in my P"11'lice, and hvve inviiiatily found it to answer the desiied < ffrct. 1 co nider 'he reputation ol the article established, and where the genuine can be obtain, d, I nave no hesi' ation in say in; that a til I of ila virtue* will autuin my opinion. H- t. NOYE9, M. D. Fiotn Dr. A. P. Cuitia : Attica, Ocnesee Co., July 3, 1841. I hive rrei|uen'ly preacribed Bristol's Barsaparill* in my practice, and have no hriitation in lecomm- ndiuc i t a? an article poaie iiiii! all of the active principle ol Barsapaiilia, and at a p.eparation, I think it the beat one 1 have eve mi t with. A. r. CURTIS, M. D, Oawroo, May 6, km i. We certify that we attended Julia Ann Van Dooier dirinc her aickncae, and we have no hesitation in *ayinR that her recovery may be attiibuted to the nae of B, Hint's Sar?ai>*rilla. P. H. HAHD, M D. H. K. THBItbKR. M. D. (A statement of the above case may he seen hy ca linn on Mr. WM. BURGER, 30 CourtUndt at.) Daniarr. July I. 1841. We, the nndrrtigned, phviiciant, ruiding hi Darien and Bennington, litem* treated Mr. E. Croat dnnng hit illneta, know (he aboee itatemeot of hit r ue to be true in til particnlare, and we hife not the leiut he.itation in aecribing hie cure to the ute of Brutol'a Saraaparilla. Indeed, we we tutored that thja me dicine waa th? meiu of entirely arrettiny and eiadicatinc the diaeaa*. IRA CR088, M D. LRASTLS CROSS, M. D. . ... DawM.Jotra.llll. '. is* "ndertiened. are panicnlarly acquainted wi n Mr. L. Croat, and are tu'ly acquainted with tlie facta at drawn up in ihr a ore tiatemro1, which we oeliree to be correct in all of Bristol's Haxsainirtlla th*t hit curt* aMrlTtCled STEPHfcN KINO, P. M. D men >ntre. JONATHAN DURKIlIl, Justice of the Peact. HIRAM H.CHAPIN. ALAN8UN KIHHKR, Justies of the Peace. H. P. HUT? UINrtON. J H. FLAGLKR. At tow, Jsnuary 17. 1811. I have been lately the physician to Mr. Mayuard, and was called to sou Mm dorian; his fllo n, tome tint b the fyli of August oi September last, ami I must say 1 was much surprised and astonished to sec Mrs. Maynard nfficutinK as nurse, and atlemiiint to his wants while he was sick. Her "sse was one that I was conversant with hut uever prescribed for; it was ProcidcutM, and for the most part or seven or tight Years she had been obliged to he conveyed about the house and nursed iu a crtule constructed or the nuriMis-. Un* til site coBSmeneed the use of Bristol'* Sarsapaiilia tier disease resisted the best medical treatment. I was frequently called to r.MiMi t Willi L) I (> ? III bet case, hilt the disi asc had assumed such a form that my o|iiiiion was, that medicine would have no effect in priMiucimc a cure, 1 am perfectly convinced that her recovery* is entirely attributable to the use of Bristol's SarsapariPn. JOHN M. HARRINGTON. M. D. Alde*, January 17.1812. I have been one of the atteudiug physrei tns of Mrs. Maynard for eirhf years past. Her disease Prolan tux Uteri of an aggravated character, and resisted all (lie agents laid down in our moat eminent authors. In addition lo remedial ageuls recommended, I prescribed various iustiuim-nts to no effect. I am clearly of the opinion that liei cure may be attributed to the lite of Briatul't Mars spar. III. OHOVK C. GAGE. M. D. Atom. Januarv IT, IH42 We have been acquainted with the cirrumtunrea of Mrs. MiMnrd'i in-kin as lor eight year* past, have always undertiiHiil iier cate as being beyond the reach uf medicine, anil hue been surprised within the p.v*t year to tee her about, and we are assmed thit her recovery is ttributable entirely to the use of Briatol'a S j tajiarilla. We are furlhrr aci|tiainted with the fact, that for lire yeara of the time of her stc?nest, >he wat < bliged to be c inveyed from one place to another ill the arma of her binhan I. and in fact, wlie.i the waa moved at all, JOSEPH KKEEMAN, Judge Erie Co. C. I'leaa. HORACE ST \ N'LEY , Justice of the Peace. II LITCHFIELD, Poatmaater. DEXTER F.WELL, Supervisor. S. It BUTLER. L I'. JACOBS. JOHN ESTABROOK9. Ahivtoryof h-above cain mty be teen by callinK ?? nbwe. [From the B.itiYoC >m n rciil Advertitir, Nov. 6, 1811 ] Air KaTRAoapiwABr Can..?The article lie'ow it from the pen ot oue of out oust intelligent medical men. whose statein lit t air eiitith d to the fullest confidence. The case lie details it r ally a r tnarUablr oue, and might well lure been supposed beyond li e Poiv, r of m ilicine. SateiiK Ut of the I hyaicinn who visited the Patient in person,and who waa t the time oue of the Editors of the Cotnmcr cial Advertiser. frit it rar- indi i d that fallen humanity is in ide to eiprricnce from the hand of Providence s > much severe an J protiacti d suffering, and tuch ml mill us and shocking mutilation, at hu fallen to the lot of lamri Wycaoff, a I d 1J yens ol age, now livii g in the town of Clerruce in this county. fames it the Son >f a farmer, tlie offspring of healthy and rePUtgble narantg, who h ire a Mriwil Family of NbMt children. Without any assignvhte cau?e, he w .a suddenly deprived of the acuta oflirariog tome teu ycair ince, which waa toon followed bv what waa probably an .atick of the dry gangrene. This apidly dea royed firai t ie pa'ate, the hoi r, ol the roof of toe m nth, and then a coi.iideiahlr portion of tlir uppt r jaw, upi>rr lip, and tlie wh .|r,of the note, both boiiet and cartifege, at well aa in'egnraruU,. It would Ire d-ffi-ult to i-ravine in what w ay a more unsightly ilefoi inity could be impressed ution titer 'human face di* ine.' This I'lgntln! due am caused its n aget on the lace after several montl t, to renew them .'gain in other parts of the ayttem with greater and tnote destructive ev. rity. Sonic two ytars ago, a " b'aclc st>or''?as the intelligent mctier of this most unfortunate eh Id told the w r.ttr of this?was observed und- r the nail of each big tire. This ominous appearin r was the precursor of a second attack of gvngroiie, which graduallv l Stt ll led OV* resell f. ot and lee to wifhin fmir inches of the kef*. A'epilation then t >ok pi ice, an-l >'< dae course 01 timr b >th limbs dropiied oir Tin- lintrn of tlir right hand were thru attacked by tt-is consuming malady, whieh extended to v? ithin a f w inches of ti p shoulder, and at length the right arm fell to th- ground lik>- tin- dead branch of a living Tne disease i ht n allowed its- If at th elho w of th It-It arm, and on the left ahonl ler, producing extensive eexfdialiou of thr bones, A The integumentsof the light aide, near the centre of the ribs, and of th- ii?l t eye, w-re alao aff. cted with the nmr de<ro>ing e* tnpl out in its incipient itaitn, On rxtniiriing the by, who. tiotwiths'>nding he ii deaf and tr.utr, ia really intelligent .,nd spughtly, the greatest marvel to ua w m, Ii -w it was possible for a cotitiitulion ao very feeble and lifeless, that the system was rapidly tailing to piece* from the death of illpart*, could wht n reduced to a mere fragment of humanity, hold out, and prolong for year* a miserable existence. strange a* it ra?y seem, we lound 'hie piece of a child sitting at the uinner table with the re?t of the family, and feeding himself with meat, potatoes, bread, and the like, with an evident relish of the he irty m-al. His stumps of limbs, which lately presented a hideous mas. of eating ulcets, are now healing over kindly, and nothing but the sears arc left o tell the injury done to the left shoulder, and the parts that surr used thr igbteje, the lower jaw, and the fragun tits of ear* still growing on the hsad. the appraiancr of which we ahull not attempt to d scri e. The Certain check g ven to this terrible spreadiug and hopeless maladv?the removal of the itfeie.e i.rotrsrred ti?ios*ver excited by irritable fiinxrou* flesh connected with dead animal matter?the quiet sleep, increased strenrlh, and (table cotivalesence so mtnifest in the |>erion of James?were all, and doubtles ju-tly, attribut. d by hii mother to the exclusive "?e, for th? last six weeks of regain portions of Mr. C. C. BRISTOL'S SARSAPARILLA. Thoae who have witnessed the truly auipiciont, and ru <>t unexpected effects of this medicine iu this very extraordinary case, .ire unanimous in the opinion that had it been early admintst-red when the disease was coml>aratively small and feeble, and the constitution souud and vigorous, it could not have failed to prevent one of the greatest calamities that ran lief .1 a human hems. Crktikiimte or G*t?. MatSivtcLu. MR. C. C. BRISTOL?I have been acquainted with Peter Wyckeff for more than twenty years, and have known his son James from his infancy to this dav, and I do hereby certify than the facta set forth in the above, from the Commercial Advertiser, are correct. ORANGE MANSFIELD, T. M., North Clarence, Erie Co. Nov. Klh, 1841. Bi.noMFict.n, Ovklvnd Co., Mn., July 23, 1811 Mrasrs. John Owen It Co.. Detroit: Gent.?Some time in the yetr 1832, I was attacked with what was called by some of m\ itleii'liuxj'hi siciaus, the Kind's Evil. I immediately applied to a Dr. Thompson, who said it must he cut out; I th*u applied to another physician who ordered blistering. During my sickness 1 employed eight different physicians, and by one I was idvised to have my arm amputated, which I declined. Is the year '37, mortification set in, when I applied to a root doctor, who appeared to help it some. In that year I sold a span of horses andtwo cows, and spent the whole or it, say $130, which .oily served to keep it back. I have used almost every thing I could hear of, withonc any great benefit. In July last, a cure was attrmpted by a |ierson who, like all others, failed. The expense of til this has been at least $300. From about four inches below the shonlder, to about the middle of the fore arm, there have bten at Irast twen y holes, many of them as large as a silver dollar, and half an inch deep. lu February. I8S2, I accidental y came acrnaa a wrapper from a bottle of Bristol's 8 irsaparilla, and made up my mind to try the medicine. On the 13th day of that month, I commenced using it. and used a bottle a week for two or three months,when I found myself to all appearance completely cured. At any raie, since that tiinc I have not felt anv pain from it. No aorrs have appeared, and it teem perfectly sound, and I can labor with it as well si with the other arm. I am an well satisfied of its sul>eriority over every thing e!.e that I have tried, that I most earnestly recommend inv iterson to begin ns:ng it immediately who miy br imilaxly afflict* U. Y'?unr truly, W.LLlAM Pfe.VRSALL. Persona who have any doubts ofthe efficacy of rhia medicine, are turned to call an any of lite following City References before purchasing the article John Oilea, 301 Ptarl street. Thomas H >gail, 203 Slant in street William W. Randolph, 573 Fourth street Lloyd Dry ant, No. I Avenue C. Wm H. Slinrmeta.90 Cellar street Mr Johnson, 21 James street William Stehbins, corner of Kiringtou and Ridge sts. Ric ard Smith. 82 Clinton atreet Robert H. Gordon, 13 Orange street Mrs. A. Hmlge, 3'.l Ridge st eet William Wif on, 0* Lewis street M. Vaode water, 3M Madison street l.emnel L-land ,86 Hudson street I. O. Heed, 143 Fulton street, Brooklyn Mrs. Ward, 88 Bayard street J. W. Henderson, !f8 Grand street Jaines McGill, 330 Grand atreet H. B. Kuapp, 21 Avenue B?house Mil Fourth street John Culver, 191 Stanton street. \<y I do not wish any one to purchase this medicine until they fully satisfy th-m?eivt-? that all that is avid of it is true ; if. therefore. they will take ilie trouble to call on Mr. Burger, iO Cuurtliiidt street, or at Milhau'a 113 Broadway, they can egamine substantiate*' teatimony in addition to the shove, which will prove ccu lusively that the article is wlvt i' purport! to be. C.C.BRISTOL. CsUTion.?As the fame of this wonderful medicine eitenda, numerous preparations are springing up to reap a part of its reiota'ion. The afflicted therefore hoold br careful, if th-y wish the hue article, to ssa for Bristol's, and see tint the wniTTcw signature of C. C Bristol is across the cork of the bottle. Forsale by reputable Druggists and Agents throughout the conn ry. Wdham Burger, Wholesale Agent, 30 Cnnrtlandf. street, and IPS Greenwich street, and at retail at the following placit: Milhau'a Pharmacy, 1W Broadway ; Rnahton and Aspinwsll, 110 Broadway, 88 WHJI<m atreit, and 10 Aator Honae ; fames ki.-we. V n ci Riswerv HnK#rf l,rfrpfr M. l).. 17 Aveiiut* d! ; B. Qinrkenbuah,709 Qieeuwich "treet, anil A. Hill, (01 Qreenwichat. *11 lmr I?SMICV HOARDING SCHOOL iutlif country." A Udv r who ii an experienced teacher. wishes to lai>e into her ftmiK ait ch hlren ai boarders an,! scholars. She will spare no |?ius to reader her house a pieasant home to (he |iai>il and loadlance them tn their studies Every proper .-mention will be paid to their health and inorala. The location 1a very healthy and retired. No day acholara admitted. Terma moderate Refer to?Mr. Charlea Snndford, No. 7 Cedar at; Mr. A. Arnonx, l?i Fulton at; Mr. H. Hun', No.# Chamber at: Mrs I'eet, 7i,j Greenwich at; Mra 8 nnera, Houston o| posit- Eldrrdge at; *lrs. Cumberaou, lid Lanrens at, and to Mr. Joline 1. Butler, It; J,dill at. where tritne will lie made known. s9 2w?re LATEST FASHIONS!?PARISIAN DEPOT.?MRS. VA.NDERI'OKL, No. ii7)fc Broadway, haying completed her arranireinenta for reeeivilut the earliest faahiona, off- ra her aervicea to ladiea of taste, who are desirous of economiainft in articlra of dress. Drraaea made in eenteel atyle, $2 no Silk 3 00 Every article of drear now in vogue, may he had at the lowear remunerating prices, and she tlaltera herself that ahe can anit tre tastes or the moat faatldiona, aaliafied that llmae who may favor her with a call, will gome again. alO lm*r LADIES!?A gentlemen of domestic habits wialiea to pro care lodgings that may meet hia viewa. Any lady oi amiable mannera, with uo incamhrancea, having aparttnenta to let where there are no koardere, and who won hi be willing to aid the advertiser in rendering a home agreeable, nav make such an arrange menl by addressing Robert K. Mnndec, Paik Poatofllce. a9 I' e J F.ECHES, CEECHtS.?Just rereived several thousand a-e L,rccnrn. ?or Mit at a very mw price, oy J. ALAYOLOR. 106 Bowery and f Jt*r 47? Brotdwty. TTNCURRENT MONEY of ?ll kiudt purchaaed at the beat v market ratea, by 8. J. SYLVESTER. (10 *9 Wall at. and IKI Broadway. ( <OLLECTION8 on all |tarta of the Dirtied Slalea, made on the moal favorable (rrma, by 8. J SYLVESTER. 22 Wall ?t. ill) ami |W Broadway DEWARD OF to?A younf man, aged at veara, would IV diapov of hi? aerncea to a Merrhant, Manufacturer, Newipai>er Pnhlnher, Auctioneer, or any one reuniting a confidential elcik. for $0 per week. Advertiaer if none of your nice lary gentli men, too pro id to boist a bale ofgooda wben nacra ary? *< been . n.'agi d aa general clerk wph laat i mployera. (now failed.) A line left at the Herald, n ytt or lower Pott Office*, for A. W P., ahall meet with attention. ?IQ3t*m PHALON. n AIR ' UTTER. NO, 214 Broadway, np, naire St. Panl't church, ia llie firat to i troduce the faahion for the aeaaou, on Saturday, 10th mat. > 10 Im'r _ DALTIMORE OfN?JO piiiea White'* Baltimore Old. JJ 100 Barrel* Rook li?n. 100 Bimlc Fmiiklin Oin, Old an,, or rery op? nor p WHIT? ?*) ?o<l 31* f No. M Front atraatFOttTLGUEiJE KEMAI.E PILLo. 'T'HESE frr-famr ! and ealebrntad Pilla, from Portugal, ere L *^W| |*reeiva, to be obtyt^ jp tbia couptry. Bat advrrtge STEAM SHIP NEPTUNE?('APT. WM. ROLLINS To Iritf thisnoi! Oftuifr 1-t at 4 o'clock 1?. M. FOR CHARLESTON KEY WEST, HAVANA. NEW ORLEANS, ANb OALVEKT0N. TEXAS. ,, This ahiji *?l iKMiiirely Iravc d;ubove. 81n can iiptrhlv J accommcx!*Xe 2^0 j aasnue,, lu the cabins and ?Uie room- a id < w H take a frw in the ateera*''-. AUo, a small quaoiitT oflifcht ' rrcight. for whicli or an?lv on board, at the Tokacco Inspection pu r, K H, or ai No. ?i Wall street, where a |?l*n ??l ' die aute rooms may be seen. t The NtI'twne lus been i?eifectly oveihauled, anil is in f? at rmir orurr. i n?- iu-hm At IliI rin dutf | ortr w ill be but ' nrniary, lo land and to receive ti::rr*, *ud it t* niirc't-J 1 n&aseugrri by her mil be landed at New Orleans by 12th October. J. H. BHOWKH. Wnli &t. - ?? """ FOR CHARLESTON. HAVANA, 1 x^fipBiKKY VVKST, NEW ORLEANS. AND l EZ^OAl.VKSTON, (Tessa) to sail it tlir Huh ' October, at 12 A M.?The Weil known and * uw?Bi^fca favorite .tram .hip NEW YOKK, J. T. W right, Commander, ha>ing been put in complete ordur, with new wrought iron shafts, At- , will positively leave for the shove porta on the day specified. ' The New York, hating beensu|ierb1y fitted no, with saloon state tooms in addition to her eibtiis. offers supeiior accommoilalioua for the i of passengers Passengers going ill this boat mayjsafely relv upon the well known skill vol attentions of her Captain. For Intht freight or passage, apply on board, foot ol 9th street, East River, or to C. MO ROAN, or H. HUBBARD, k CO. 37 Peck Slip. j N. B.?The New York carries sufficient fuel for the voyage. I Passengers for Key Weal, New Orleans, and Galveston, will have an opportunity of tisitiug Havana, as the ship will lay then-two days. *ttonlO}rc " STATEN ISLAND FERRY: , Foot Whitehall street. &SAY The steam boats STATEN ISLANDER and SAMSON will leave New York and Stateu Island every hour, from I A M tn 6 P M.. 12 noun escept-d. All goods are lequiri-d to be |?rticularly marked, and are at the risk of the owners thereof. r3r .MM MS For KEY-POft'-FAND MIDDLEToWN Ar?1*01 NT. The sfernnhnaf ROdKI- 41% D will. ami after Monday, thr lit of August, leuve Middle town fouit (tide permitting) every Monday, Tuesdu/, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, at 2 o'clock, p.m. ; and ? Key-Iort at 1 o'clock, p m. ; and Now York, foot nfHuhiiisoii i street, at o'clock, a m., el cry Tuesday,Wednesday, Tliurs- , day, Friday?and Siiurday at 2 o'clock, p.m., torn-limit at Se- i guinea Do k, Sutcti LI oi l, , o h way. au2t Inir* i aMj, NKWAIIK AM) NEW \ OKK.-K e fir?*-,11 "vM* Q"lv l^ki cents ? I he i|deudid and commodi jL?all " on, steamer PASSAIC, l a^t. John (Jitfy, bnug completely and eleg intly refitted, couirneiie d her regular tri|? lor the season ou Thursday, i lurch 111?leaving aa follows-? Foot of Harrliyst. New York, at It) o'clo I,,A. M., and I o'clock, P. M. Centre wharf. Newark,at half-past 7 o'clock, A. M. and h If past 1 o'clock P. M. On Sundays, tie will leave New York .t IDA. M. and I P.M. Lea?e Newark at lulf-past 7 A. M. mid at 2o'clo-U, P. M. O" Freight of every descriptloii rarrit d at reduced | nrei. an 18 lm? r , PASSAOK. FROMA NO REMITTANCE To UUEAT 1 DUITA1 \ AND IPvELANL) WEEKLY. rpIIE suhscrd-ers coiiliuue to make arrangement to bring mil 1 MMtngVIS 1 "in the old count". . hv ships ol tklfklttUM, all American,built,and commanded (?y men 1 nig and fiiorably known ill the r, id.-. The TIHrh c--ui|'i>.sii g Ms dm Mil WStt Illy from Liverpool, consequently all uunecitsary delay to passenders is nvutded Persons alir ui to make engagements for frinuL to ' mu rate the em uing season, will stuuy their own interest, and the interest and comfort of their friends,by makinitsuch cngagcin nts with th? subscribers, as no i tncntr or psins are spared to earn that preference which has for many years been extended to them. As has always been customary Willi this line, when the parties settled for declinr coming out, the passage money is promptly refunded to those from whom it was received, without deduction. A free passage per steamboat from thr carious port* of Ireland and Scotland, to Liverpool, ran likewise be se lured. For farther particularsapply to SAMUEL THOMPSON. Old Esfahlislied Passage Oilier. 273 Pearl St., Orto C. ORIM8HAW ?t CO. 10 Ooiee Piazzas, Liverpool. Drafts and Eichansr at tiglu, and lor any amount, are also furnished on R. C. Glyn It Co., Bankers, Loudon, C Grimshsw It Co.. Llterpoo1; the Northern Banking Co. nd National Bank of Ireland. .National Uaiin of Scotland, payable at their respective branches; as follows:? NATIONAL BANK OF IRELAND. Athlone, Diingarven, New Ross, Btlliua. Emus, Roscommon Hallinaaloe Knniscortliy Ros rra Br I fist Fermoy Miito Boyle Gilaway Tallow Carrick on-Suir Kilkenny Thuriea Cashel Kilrush Tipperary Caatlenar Limerick Toileti Castlrreagh Lnngord Tuam Charleullr, Louirhrea Waterford ''onmnl Milrhellstown Wespoit Cork Monte Weilbrd Dublin N? uage NORTHERN BANKING COMPANY.. Belfast Lurgcu N T Limerary Derry Armagh Ballemena Dowupatrick Maghr rafelt Clones Lisburn Coleraiue NATIONAL BANK OK SCOTLAND, EDINBURGH. Aberdeen Fortwilliam Kirkwall Anslmtt..., r:,I,el,..,Is I.alieholtn Andrie Glasgow Lritli Baoff Grmtown Lcwick Bathgate Harwich Montrose Burntisland Inverness Nairn Castle Douglas luversry Oban Dalkeith Iuveakeithiug Portree Dingwall .!< >>u <>t iVrlli Dumfries Keith Stirling Dundee K- I sob Stonawsy Falkirk Kirkaldv Slormuei-s Fin real A|i|>ly aaab.ire. ?9 lm*r ^ BLACK BALL, OR OLD LINK OF LIVEKPOOL PACK KTB?For Liverjiool?The only reireJvkjwltelar packet of I'Jrh September, is the splendid regular packet ship COLU MBU8, burthen Rifl tona, Capt. Cote, will Ijositively anil on Monday the 10th of September, her regular "fa e arrommndations of the Old, or Black Bill Line of Pae- I Weta. for Cabin, aecond cabin, and Steerage passengers, are well known to be unequalled by any other Line or ship loading lor the above port. Those wishing passage in this favorite Packet, should make application on board, foot of Beekman street, or to the subscribers. Terms mode rate. ROCHE, BROTHERS It CO. SJ Fulton st. alt r Neat door to the Fulton Bank. FOR GALVESTON. TEXAS-To sail nosiifjfV lively lit October.?The new and splendid Bark AhKp STAR REPUBLIC, Captain J. J. Hendley, lira at Pier 13 E. H., is now ready to take freight, at low rates, and will sail positively as above. She hassuiwrb Cabin accommodations for 10 passengers, and can take a number in the steerage. For freight or passage apply on board, or to >11 to ol?ra J. H. BHOVVER, 75 Wall at. NEW ORLEANS PACKETS?For New Orw3M^lc"iis?Stsr Line?First Packet?The well known JVUgflEnvery fast sailing ship ECHO, is now loading for the above port?will take what freight may offer at tue lowest rates and sail wi h immediate despatch. The Echo will be succeeded by the packet ship Russell Glover. These ships are decidedly the finest,packets in the trade, and will h? succeeded weekly by other shim of the same class. G.iodt finwirdetl to oorcare will tie shipped free of commission, and all goods destined for the interior and consigned to our agent at New Orleans, will bs forwarded per first conveyance. Ships of thu Imp will not load unp r nun 13 iec warer.coi.i"f|upntly will not be detained on the Bir, and they will all take a /teamer up the River. For freight or passage, ontha lowest termi, either iu the cabin, aeeon'l ctbiu or steerage, having anperior accommoda. tioni, apply on board, at Pinr ?t. wharf or to OLOVEli It McMURRAY, ?IOr 100 Pine at. corner of South. UNITED LINE OF LIVERPOOL. PACKT KHf^VETS.?Packet of 13th Sept. The apleudid, well JjuttHBakuowii. fast sailing packet ahip TAltOLINTA, ('apt. J. U. Smith, will tail positively aa above, her regular day The accommodationa of this auperb packi t for cabin, second cabin or stserage passengers, are very rnpeiior, tier betwee? decka are fitted np with every attention 10 the comfort of passengers, and nnniuall d by any other ahipnow loadiint for the above |H<rt. Persons wishing to unite economy Willi comfort, can h ive a well furnished table in the MCoiui c .bin on verv reason ible term-. Those w ish sit to berths should make eirly application on board, foot ol D iver s'rer.t, or to W Ik J. T.TAPSrOTT 43 l'.clr alip, sl"r or 52 S mth^st. 01. Jones' Lme. FOR Ll\ ERPOOL?To ol..7,"th Ht.h S-p rmrfVfyber -The a.iili ir y.chl FORHKAD, Captain JWaaKaPtukr i e. is intended to be dcapat In d as ibove. Tills vessel lias ele; ntl furnished accominodat ons lor a few rabin pas-enge>s, who Will be tak-n ntvcylow rates Persons w ishioit an ecooomic 1 to the old 0 u dr , shon'd not fail to inspect the accommodations of flit - be lUti'nl vessel, (it will re sy 'he trmblei st Pier N". fl E. H. For passage, apply to W.fcJ.T TAPSCOTT, 43 Peck slip, s9r Or 5.'South street, corn r Jones'Lane. ???> FIRST PACKET H OK MOBILE-Thr superior kW^rMlHiiinn, packet brig GROWLER, Capt. B. UN jMMNWm<ner, will be despatched for the above port on the 14th iiisum. This vessel ran handsomely acrommodate show forty second rahin passengers in the house on deck, and will carry the ims* sengers to the city wilhont lighterage. Those about to enibailc for Mobile^ are rcquc?ted to tiamii e the accommodations on board, at pier It f.ut Riser. For passage, at the lowest rates, apply to JOHN HEKDM AN. 61 South at The above vessel will be succeed d by the first class, last sailing ship BRUNSWICK, Capt. Mc Manas, to be despatched on 23tn inst. sdcc FOR LI VKRPOOI NF.W LINE.?Regnl ,r kfrlV Packet of 23th September.?The Splendid Packet iiMflCi.Ship SHERIDAN Capt. A. Dcpe>ster. of 1000 tons, will |msilively sail as above, her regular da". For freight or passage, having accommodations unequalled for splendor or comfort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. k. COLLINS It CO. K South street. Price of nassige, $100. The Packet Shin Oirrick, Captain William Skiddy, of 1000 ton*, will succeed the Sheridan, and sail the 23th Ortobei, her Passengers may rely on the shipe of thin line sailing punctually aa advertised. ?tr Jt<g- KOR HAVANA?To sail 20th intt.?'l he sujierior itfTffWwt ll known regular packet, coppered end copper fastJMaBfa ned brig MBTAMOKA, Aahbv, master, having the greatest |?rt of her cargo on hoard, can yet take the bulk of 200 barrels, and will tail positively as above. For balance of freight or ratiaye, having handsome furnished accommodations, apply on board at pier 13, E. R., or io _a5 tMilir JOHN J.TAYLOR, 79 Front at. XdHP- FOR LIVERPOOL.?The only Regular P.cgct MjH^of the ljth September. The first c'aaa fast sailing JMHtSSiPacketship STEPHEN WHITNEY,Caftf. Thompson, will sail as above,her regular day. Haling eery superior accommodations for Cabin, Second Cabin and Steerage passengers, persons intending to embark, should make immediate application on hoard foot of Maiden Lane, ortc OLOVER A Mc.MURRAY, 100 Pine St., cor. of South, Persons wishing to send for their friends can have them brought out by this very splendid ship, or any other packet of the line, hy applying at above st r FOR MARSEILLES?Packet for lit Ocrober? *dr**WTIir very superior copper fastened and coppered ship U7.U... Tk. ,,.rl .,1 T?*^TTr<Tit alretdy euirau<*d ; for freight of the b*Un?*e or for pannage, apply to BOYD St IIINCKhS, aullr 9 Tontine BuiMmg LOOK AT THIS. A ME RICA iV TR A XSPOR TA JVO.VCf> GENERAL PASSAGE OFFICE. BOATS LEAVE ALBANY DAILY. ...? RochrMer, O.W Detroit, Mich . M jwrLK"' e5 xtr: t/'c. ' O.wego, ?2,J0, *?'! Puubnnth. And .11 ,*.? "I .he W..un, Cm,..,10 lm"m U1 Liberty inert, N.w York. TVlLLirOF CHANGE, on of England, Ireland I O ,n.| Hcoilanrt. in inni of * V ?10. ?13 ?00, to an? amount, I for aalc tt 8. J. BYLVfcSTEH'h, aa Wall atrnrti ( HO uf 131 Brood w?y. 1 AUCTION SALES. BY THOMAS BFLU Soi.ti Jinn an<t 11^ button street ) " mondaT; At half-past 10o'clock. Hi the sales room. Extra tale of clothing, komI , fan > am! pieced articles, .cwclry, books, hosiery, hordwsrr. pictures, frames, guus.groics, >0 demijohns wiur, Hi,000 segars, S splendid wa'ih?,aud lumrrous oilier valuable watch*s. Also, 30 piece* Kuglish print*; also, shirting and sinetings nuslin, remnants cloths, cassim<res, vestings, kc, by order of hr Marshal. Also, a consignment of Hats; a spirt did Lever Watch; 2 rm.ks Clothing;! demijohus wine, lie.. ?0 splendid Window 11 tades. TUESDAY. At 10 oYlock, at 467 Broadway. Kite naive sale of ilrntlemea's Kurnisf iuir Articles, Ladies* Dresses, Ornaments, Jewelry, and French Fancj <<"odi. comuisitig all kinds of rich silk cravats, scarfs, handkerchiefs and nueas, nosier), IIIXI'I, rciium aim UUHIHU, ? lame las, in m> III ir elegant I'iiru Milv shins, esps, cane., fsucy buses, rh<? m, Jewelry, Hasnny duiuk utile cloths, with iid|4iih in match, rich |miuIi tie sine anil other silks tiir dresses, jacoui i . mil cambrics, parasols, Mill shades, fancy brushrs, show cut s, (lass ilo, counters, desks, nil cloth, kc. kc. WEDNESDAY, At half-past 10 o'clock in the sate rooms. Furniture Sale?A choice t valuable and ciUusivc variety of Irgant furniture of all descriptions. THURSDAY. At I0'd o'clock in the sale rooms. Paintings, Book 3 Piano Fortes, Furniture, kc. kc ?A very :hnice collection of valuable original paintings, both ancient ind modern, most ofthern iu rich frames, and beautiful subjects ; a variety of choice books, B iplendid piano fortes, tomt urnituic, music stools, kc. FRIDAY,' At lOks o'clock in the sale rooms. To Dyers, Scourers auil Finishers?All the machinery, a| (Brains, orrises, kc. for rlenniuK en improved plan silks, tnrrims, cloths, &o. BY IUKI.I. St ARCULARIUM, " WEDNESDAY'. At 10V( o'clock, at .'he auction rooms, Elegant Fumiturr, Pianos, ke. SATURDAY At 10)< o'clock iulhe salv rooms. Elegant Fumiturr, Pianos, ke. MONDAY, Sept 19 A' I0k? o'clock, at .No. it City Hill Place. A large and elegant auorlmt ui of II, u*. hold Furuittirr, ecu listing ofaph ml til satin dam ?k covered ilivans, on. m .us, s, as anJ chairs, piano, pier ami c- litre tables, l ie r glasses,warilobe, wilton, Bitusels and iu rain cupets, tlegat.l oil painlugs, mantel ornaments, splendid 2i dav clock, .astral and .mns, china dinin r and li i ,1s. , lissvtaie. silver am' plated .sure, French bedsteads, beds r.nd beddine. kitchni furniture, a jr-at variety of^recu home jluU, kc. Also, a flue us* or i in i ut I w iu?*. <'Htalouueson the m > i i- g < f -de. "wmTWrsHtHLKY, Auctioneer. Liorsr. FUKNI I UHK HALH-riinisdsy. 10 * J oY .<??<, i j stnrv fwu ? , No. |7 CliaiIron Cat hIo^iu* *' of vtlmldt- l"i?rum?i ? I,.c mI be?f in vl ? s; full fiiic'i - airs -lid sofi*. , |Mff tab'e* and 1 rse er if! t* e*. K < n < rr ?* y; handsome boot* C < <-, o.| pp-. i Ide idltr. Itl i * h ? h; I t ich gilt clock, c??si $ OU; ? nil ? - nd' l?r i lo um ch, gi lid ; eatre ch ndelii-r, cut drop*; v Itiiblo piitnuforti , Sioddnif r <er, co t$3L>uh?st fcugfisli 3 ply carpels, ru?, hu 's, oil p tn :s, &c. Also, b*<emctit and !? d room iurnilitr?, kil? I. n it mils, fit". Catalogue., ii- u tea.') at r'2 Fuitou s'rct t. nil It* r nOTTON AM) GRI&T MILLS?F r tale, titaat* at ^ Knu'-fon. Ulster rmiiii , New Yolk, ot?the w.iIch o! the Hoiidou' l/'urk, two miles Irotn the Noith or tlnd.nn llivt i ? Steamboats and sloop; fct . ply constantly to within :?u0 feet ??|* the .viill, to thence c-ii I boits?Tin' waters f the IVh'.wtre, NVversink and Rondo nt p? ur over the dim of tins rni'l?II ?\? been in . iteration ut t ] v? ?y r? c ntl\. Possession iintiu di t? ly. Title imiupiitabli ?W'i I be sold v* ry low and on very 8<lv,mu? K* v.os t?-rtns, to close a t mi. Apph to sIDec Pf KSSK ic BUOOKS, CI Lihcity st. DR MOFFATT'S VEGETABLE LIFE MEDICINES. THE8K m? di incs arc indebted for their name *? theii maniA feat and sensible aciioa in ptirif> iu*; the spring*and channels of Hfc. and enduring thrm with renewed tone and vigor. In ininy hundred certirud cases wliic i have been made public, and m almost every species of diseas** to which the human frame is liittde, the happy effects of Or. Moflfatt's Life Fills and rneuix Diners nave irecn gra'eiany alio puunciy uninm* ledger] bv tlie |)ersoiis b? nelirteil, ai d who are previously unacquainted with the beautifully philos rpliical principles upon whi.'h they are comi ounded and upon which they consequently act. The Life Medieines recommend themselves in diseases of every form and desciipt on. Their first 0|* rition is to loosen from the co ts of the stomach ami bowels, the various imiurities and crudities constantly settling round tliem; and to remove the hardened faeces which collect in the convolutions of the small intestiusa. O'her medicines only partially ileaiue theic, and leave such collected masses behind aa to produce habitual coativenesa, with all ita train ofevila, or Hidden diarrhoea, with its imniin-nt dangers. This fact ia well known to all regular anatomists, who examine ihc human , bowels after death; and hence the prrjadice of these well informed men agiinsl quick meiitiuee?or medicines pri pared and heralded to the public bv ignorant persona. The second effect of the Life Medicines it to cleanse the kidneys and the bladder,, and bv this means, the liver and the lunes, the healthful action of which entirely dipeuds upon the reyulaiity of the urinary urgaus. The blood, which takes its red color troin the agency of the liver and tl.e lungs before it pasaea into the heart, being thus purified by thein, and nourished by food coming from a clean stomach, courses freely through the veins, renews evety part ol the system, and triumphantly mounts the banner of health. Dr. Moffatl's Vegetable Life Medicines have been thoroughly tested, and | rnmmuced a sovereign remedy for Dyspepsia, Flatulency, Palpitation of the Heart, Loss of Appetitt. Hearthum, ami Headache, Restlessness, Langour, and Melincholy, Coativenesa, Diarrhcea, Cholera, Fevers of all kinds Kh? ii11ioti- in, ssout, lsro|<ay of all kinds, (Jravel, Worms, A'thma, and Consumption, Scurvy, Ulcers, luveter'He Sotea, Scrobutic Kruptiuiu, and bad Complexiona, K.ruptive C"mpl lints. Sillow, Clowdy, and other disagreaable Complexions, Salt Khi-uin, Krysiplas, Common Colds, and Influent i, Obstructions, Irregularity ntnl all derangements of the Female ftyatpwe, Bilious Fi nn. Piles, Fern am) Aem, and various otiit r diseases to which the human fiame is liable. For -ale by the proprietor, DR. WSi B. MOFFATT. 10 Iwis'r 373 Broadway. N. V. J. PEASE & SON'S CELEBRATED Remedy f r Consumption, Colds, &c., known .\h Clarified Essence of Horchoutid Candy. This pIpMtiii medicine is formed bv a combination of tw- nty-five different iit 14 rdi'tit*. nil celebrated for; the cure of colds,cough* and Pulmonary Complaints: and by its combination, if one of ihese articles should be used scnarately and aflfn id no relief, in ihe Extract of Hoarhound they are so nmalg nit 'led, that the bcueiit of rtie whole is experienced in one compound. Ab ut three }ear* and a half ago,'his article was fust brought before the public. It was heralded with no previous announcement of iis merit or value, but it was introduced by the proprietors to the community, to stand by their decision as regarded its lienelirnl influence. That decision has been attained in a manner almost unexpected. The unsought acknowledgment of its worth has proceeded SPONTANEOUSLY FROM THOUSANDS who have Practically .experienced its benefit* 'hrougnout the country. And why is it so? Because the trial of its qualities in Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, Irritation of the Throat, Croup, Whoomng Cough. Asthma, Catarrhs, Palpitation ol'the Heait, Liver Complaint, Night Sweats, Difficult or Profuse Expectoration. and all blSEASES LEADING TO CONSUMPTION, li** given it a value that no other .imilar medicine hu ever reached. Complaints (if tlir Lungs are the mo.t dangerous. and at the Ultir time mo.t prevalent of all diseases. Our climate is moat iwruliar?it cli infra suddenly from extreme warmth to extreme coldness, FROM WET TO DRY, and it is from this chanfe in the climate that diseases sre apt to arise. Whrn thr blood is in an unhealthy state, and thr cnuatituton natutally drlicatr, if a r old arts in, ami no immediate relief t>ke? place, toe chances are altogether against the patient attarlteu; it is when remedies are taken in time, THAt DISEASE IS CHECKED AND LIFE SAVED. There is tto diseasr- hat may not be suffered to ft> such a length, that no medicine or physician in the world can save the .Tf.rL.-d Tl.w <l> .11 I.I lis re inr mhe red hv all ? that Safety" kor like * i?, to Ik- prepared in time. At the tint .ymptomio( Cold, Couah, Oi (Inline, the Cl.irifieu E?*. lice of Hoathoutid Candy SHOULD BE KKKELY USED according to th'idirci't'oni.finil in r wry cii' where it ia?o taken in proper time, the c -Id or cough will he broken up or eradicate"!. We feel it our duty to impreu ihia upon every one. I'edlert ai d not api-oinled Age fits ?nd none i* genuine unlets each package is inv?iiably signed J. Pease k on, 15 Diufi n street, of wlmm it can be obtained, wholesale and retail. The fol ovting are our State Agents li VV !< .iditu, R H o stieet, n n; U B Zieber, R7 Dock Philmlelptus; J ttoln rtsno, 110 15. iiftmre it. /lillinioro, Md; J J d>; on, 'tt? Hi Charles ?t N * t>r|. uis; Dunots k Co. Mobile, Ala*; C Tobey, Cinci .nali, Uhi ?; llavil uid, H wr w k A) let'.Charleston, H C; VV J Duval! 'JlaJ Kroad *r, f\ew.>ik, NJ;W N Haldtmau I* Kv; Pi. ,oy Telbu, D imit, Mt- liigsu; Peek Bl Spear, Burlin. ton, Vf; J. Anthony. V Jlaef'ti, C'uiu; J. Gtviior, Ricltinoiid, V i; F. T'tylo and VV. Fisher, Washington City, U C; J. A W?. r.wo"h Protnh nr?\ l< I; J b CiMiter, Montg<>mcry,Als; J Marline. Faretfevil , N C; ii W. Sothonn (Jorge town, l)C;C. II. If? tit, FimlericUslntrgh, Va; J. H.'Thompson k Co. W'.eeling, v?, All letters |H?st paid, i'irecird to J. I'KASE k SON, 45 Division street, wif' be pnnc mil y \ftendud^O* SUTTON A V ANDERBILT A HE Conatinflv rrcriving lain- ?upidii? of '"loths, Ca>?imerr, and Wooll-n? id every d >cri|>lion,aaitable for th* coming ?ea>nn, which they otfr r at i itfemrly reduced price, torca.h, at their w. II known T-iilotin.' Erlahli.hinciil, <20 Broadway, aecond door above Canal ?t. ()viu>einrn arc r.'i|ite?trd to call aud vi.imine their itock before I iirchaaing "Uewln n\ N. B.?Particular attention paid to hoya clothe.. _?IA Im'r HIGH POLISH. T EE'S STEAM IMPROVED BLACKING ? now uni -* Tfivally admitted to be Cur superior to any yet invented for ir< perulhr prestrv.irivesnft'-nin* <iu-ilitics to tlic leather, and fonts exquisite brilliant jet black los'.re, pro|*rties entirely urn rivalled. N. B.?For the genuine a tide apply to the only Warehouse, No. I John at, cornet of Broadway. ('HAS. LEE, *10 Im+r Formerly Lee Thomson. M OTICE.?-The Stockholder* of the Harlem Rail Ko.H Com^ p*?y ?rc rruMrttcd to at'rnd ||NtM Mttnol ,f Sinrlholdcri, at the office of the Company, oil T'i? (day rrrmrut ueil 'be 18'h September, at 7 o'clock, on btuinei. of importance to their (u'nre interest. New York, Sept. 10, 1842. FLOYD T. FERRIS. OYKEKS It ALSTYNK, K. MILLS. JAMES FERHIS, OEOROF. LAW, T. DAVIS. A. HAMILTON. I0.1tia*ee W. P. ? HAPMAN flLASft CCtTiNo RsfABLI.sltMKNT.-J. atonrenei ^ glass cntter, No. 29 Gold street, constantly on hand and of supply all dealers and others, at the lowest prices in this city, and wa-rutted the heat ?.f any other manufactory?such aa beautiful hall lamj* orevery astral limni and shades, drcantera, tumblers,champaign, wine glatcs.dishes, goblets, bow la, ceirriea, glass,lie. Itc. Oooos senttto any part of the country by any quantity free of packages and cartage, all articles match to pattern. Retail More No. ii John street, near Nassau st, slO !m*r qTRIkER'S soLItTIon 10R"nit"TlAUi-Whodi.imputes Striker's Turkish Solution, now the inventor is changing gray hair to its origin*! color every day. This solution is different from any yet offered, and cannot fail of superseding a I others, and possesses the great advantage o? heautif> ing the Itiiurinir its L'riiMfli. One trial wilt nrrua ?!*.. I ? _Xlm-.r that have used the hair coloring powder are reunrated lo waan th* hair well before Htriker'a celebrated aoI el ion i> applied. Hold and aptdied at 5 Chatham atreet, o|>poaile the Mill of It lorda, N. Y.. up ataira. alO It rh .r, KOIl s\l,l. A ianre grey horae Ifi handa lull, iia^ aoond, kind and i etitle. an earellenl family or dor f A ? i_tor? hnrae. will he aold low aa the owner liaa no war for hirn; ran be aecn at Hathorn'a atalde, corner Mercer at. and Waahinitton place. alt) it*r C^AHI-'ION HOUSE?The proprietor! of the Carboa Us Houae are no?pre|>arrd to make arrangementa with fami lira orainalr gentlemen for board for the winter, ou terma to correspond with the limea. BK.aSON It HODGES. Bed Imr BANK NOTE I'APEK?JO,000 alter U"Bank Note Paper, of Carton manufactare, a eery superior article, just reeeieed, and fot tale by PKKSSE k BROOKS, ? > ?l LltwrtT awl QUOAK-MO hhd? prime New Orleane Su*?r?, in itore, ?i?l ^ ?? r R. K. COLLlNg k CO. M Bonth ??. DK, JAME.N ALKAANOKR HOUtrilTv h-n-omrt* hie a**">*. I* No. t H*?4L^!JWJLDt^? AMUSEMENTS. BIBLOU (UltDKM. TRIUMl'HANT BUCCESS ! The Gorprcmt f'rmtir P?-?. -* v H ntvrninif CM THE MOHT OWL, V rl? MWMAN?vh- ",K,le1,orc' uf '*>< HAVKL FAMILY and CO Mr A.N Y u brought into action, ta nightly i?c?i??a i jrowilcil Saloona, with * _ _ ____ - ENTHUSIASTIC APPHOBATION. MONDAY KVKMMi, K?pt I2(h, ih^Eoirruioincitta will rotnm* ucr with AN OVERTURE After which rlruant ami diriur FEAT8 ON THE TICHIT HOPE, By ihr whole Ravel Ktmily. Aflt*r which rnr f'U#?lc O oopiny*. railed ihr TH REE ULADIATOflfl B> Gabriel, Jctouir and Anionic Ravel. Quarter of an lioar'a micrmiaaioii will be allowed lor llrfreah menu in the Grand Saloon. Alter which, 27th time, will be j'mdnced a magnificent Com e Pantomime called MAZULMK, OR THE NIGHT OWL' Mazulnie, the Night Owl, Mr Weill Chevalier Bariano, Jerome Ravel Kmile, Gabriel Have! VUclou, Antoine Ravi Bahamiuu, Mom Uataverg' a Mariana, a t-oor IVataul, M*me Jerome ltarel Julie, her daughter, MVe OoulrcviJIe Zultina. a Cireaaaiau Slave, Mima Wella To conclude with a view of the Magnificent Palace of MAZULME! The whole to conclude with A GUAM) INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT. .... . In the Krfrrahment Ha loon. Tirk#>r*?-V) cr-iita Doors open at halfpast sis o'clock, Kuterlaiumcnt# to corn men*- nf half juttl sevt u. CJIAtI!1AJI TMKATltK. TUB OLD I'HK tsT Klr.-^l NH1D ANU NO COMPUL 8ION ! Pit IJ>? reina. U[M>r? Tiir 24 cents. Kirat Tier JO cenu. MONDAY EVENING. b< i>l Gth, 164*. will te i?nlniii.*J Is' linn , tli' Melo Drammf THE HL'Ti HERS OF GHENT ; Or, Kl Mm-itMdfl C?iii|io. Pierie Drtlii n?, the K il Pieitlier, M. M'C niche 00 Girtiudc, Mi>. Ill ke Aft-1 wliich THE bl'IRIT OK *Jt>. Major Barit tapir, a lti v. Inn. nar) Mini, Mr W Jouni Mary ll.uiL tapW, M Hauiuiiviltr I'n couctuilr will. HIKE IN .NEW \ <>HK. Mr Wheatlo*e, W J on.a| Ktaiik, Hall K an .Viajilrw, Mi* Thome ft~?" Door* will open at7?Cuitein wtlliist at ittwrti i before So clock rrrciaely. B.'l Omcr n. III dally Imm 9 to J, where 1 irki'U Ural I f (mi'lia. ,1 aiiillilicrt aiiUrnl. _ VA( vuMx iaiio' x. n LI. EVI.KV PLKA-ANT I.YENINO, WITIIOI T ' MARGE 'I HE Sn' acr bt r l-avii's lull J1 -i il th '! i r n ail l"r d m'n_ I lUlliUi- hl.lulleut . ml Ilia ilk I II r lion t a art lord ini 11 avill ii i 11 ?ll r?i ri ; . ' r 111 . u t >ut*iday 1'ii Sniwliy . v- jt'i ill 'I riini II " ' 'i k n .1 II I oh Mot.* . i i ?i iline. 8. |.r. i.ill. i . Ailtiai i ' Ul? i'il>, Miii.n n In lunri.i will be I illI i Ii. .1, .1 L. G tt. ' . < ' in .mi' .. . 'a 1 .. i I i '.A u . i .1 1 i e wi! kn m at t? ii'lanco l,i t.:i- i\ Oiiit r. i i 11 l ? oil. . - *e 'J i i i' limn if ll 11 o'clock _ l w iiltALl'OKl) Ju.NEH. A ' .( ? ' , i. i!:i . >Ai> G AM- .IK A OK Kt . K AHTS. riOKNKI! Oh Klii *' V. v AM' a Till ET . M ep.-o !< S.I I liuri H. i. ' I'l'lM'M MC AdKil. Ol>AND GALA WEEK ! Dot' HI V. Vi J l<A? ID i.sS ! ' ! . ?. K? , - O i.e. I'c.llfOKMAM E-> 1W l? E KVEhV DAS. Mr. li mm ton, ilu ,i ?i* i.oi dim YentrtP?jio . .Mr. Wiuchill, the Y'-nkei Dr lierist; Mi . flood, llie 11 ; ihi i. i nil t, I.a l'i in; ' ibsie, llie be utilul D ".-Hi'; ?i .Viipilous H |'%y Hiil; 11 lli on Ascinsiois, a D> n ol Ei-ina ; MO,000 Chip hi ii -. VEHFORMANCES TWICE EVERY DAS', eomni' io ink at lour o'clock ami hall-p -t hi ien. I'. Si. On vim till i llie 12th in>t., in honor of I lie U eai Celebration, Ten Brlloou Ascensions will lake place ai intervals, throughout tin The Admittance to tlir wlinle, Museum, Garden ami elite.laininriits, twenty-fit e cents?Children half price. all r Hllili'k NEW VOKK MUSK I'M 212 Bioati way, apposite City Hall. Tremendous Attraction Increased IS unity .' t rPHE eiteiiHive alteia'iinis anil decoratioi'i being unw com a plele it will positively o|a-n on Monday, Sept, nibe 5th. First ap|iearanr - of Mr. yVI.SICHELE, ilefineator of Scotch, Irinli, Dutch, French, Yankee ami oilier characters. Mrs. MOSSOF, the celebrated Vocalist; Sir. DUNN, from she Tri motit Theatre. MONDAY EVENING. SEPT. Jth, and duririK the week, the alwv? talented and |x>pular |e-rformers will appear in a aeries ol pcrfoimani.'ea in the grand Pictorial Saloon attachnl to lllia establinluiu ut, which has been rc-decoiated and emhellished by the first artists and made wortl y the present great patronage of the fashionable public. Mr. WiiKhell will introduce a variety,of original, droll, quixncal ana laughable personations and iiiiitatioua. The first hall will be lurnisheil with icecream, confectionary, fruit and every delicacy the market can afford, under the eu|*rinlrnd lure of Mr Kenaud. A lull and efficient band of music will always be in attendance. Faucy glass blowing by Mr. Owens. The tenants of the iorrai, sea, and air; mineral wondura, and the vast number of portraits of American worthies. An Egyptian mummy, iuiierfect preservation ; trapped in its ancient cerements and fully 3,000 years aid. Pievions to and af tcr the performances, experiments in Electricity, witii one oflha most laiwcrful machines in the world. [Ce Performance ul 8 o'clock?Tickets 25 ct?.?Children half price. a 12 lm"r GYMNASTIC EXERCISES. W FULLER respectfully informs hi* pmiils and the public generally, that nis Gymiuuiumi, 20.'> Greenland 29 Ann streets,are now open for the season. A Junior Class it about brinn formed at both ihc establishment*, at hours to suit the convenience of scholars. For terms, which have been considerably reduced, study at either ot the Gymnasiums. The Fencing Department will be under the superintendence of Mr. Char lea Dclaney, Professor, and Teacher by appointment in the U. 8. Navy. I 8|>airiiig taught n% usual. s8^2wjr DAGUERREOTYPE" APPARATUS, NEW PATTERN K. A. AllTAULT k CO., 168* FULTON STREET. rPMlS beautiful ait lis* armed at inch perfection, that two A lioura instruction i* .nflirrtit to obtain a penecl knowledge of it?which will he Kitrii Kratia to those who |iurchate the ap paratus at the store of F. A. Artanlt It Co. 1GJ!!4 Fulton atri e t Price of the apparatus complete Tarlft from $25 to $100 Alto ?Acroinatic Lenses, French plates, hyposulphite of Hoda, tn imll, bromine, chloride of iodine, chloride of gold, ite. Alto morrocco catea, anil a ifood tnpply of new framrt, filled and Kte board. F. A. Artanlt it Co. are constantly receiving from is all hi mil of fancy articles of the lateit invention. au26 lm?r DAGUERREOTYPE APPARATUS. JOHN ROACH, OPTICIAN, 72 NASSAU STREET. rpO ARRANHE a Perfect Camera Ohsrura, requires some A knowledge of Opticts. Peranns wishing to procure an inttrument will then fore find it to their interest to purchase of an optician. au'lO im'r GUITARS. yi aivi 1^ on-ui I ;i, ummr .?i uimciurrn jo.i onwiw.i) . up *Uir?, hare on html a large a.ioilinent of Guitar., ofFrruch, Ueitnan, and Sp.uiih model. M (t would call tut at eution of 8ntu platen t? their T;-if. Guua i, made after the model of Oiulaui, which ill hrilli ttcv and iiuuiy of tunc arc >u> trior, and very ca>y to the circalion. The instrument! are war-anted perfect. and to land any change of rliimte, and trii he exchanged at r.ny time !huuld tin y nut prove latiilartarr Btr.ugrri arc invited to call and eiaiiitne them. Price! from $15 to $100. Sold, w Inderal. and rctnil. 9. B. Con pa I'outiuuri to (jive Leitoti! on the Uuitvr. all la eotr*r FTUTE & GUITAR. I VI 11 PHI1.1PE KH.N9T, ProfeaHiuoftlie K'ufe U it.r, an i " i itunt Conceitii?? bt t ? announce t bin friend. -1? 1 pub, lie that In- bun out \ ubiinbeti hi- ,v ' Hondo Mil t nrlor t -r I ?uilar, wlii' b will be found well wo'ihy the attention of t'.-c j t? itner or .tin >i?'ur, from i'.s briny well ?? anted to mat nvtruj : i?f and c Iculai. tl not on v to tilu i-r bur ro afToni iii?mictKMi. hin Ron ?o, wiib several nti'.cr I'li'thiii* i ire art hit ccin|*o<?in n "for the i.uitir*' are to b* oui^ii i Mi. Ernst'. residence t>8 Cajdl urtef, when be conn:. < . ro (jiir Itiiuis on f eabove jnitiUinrfit*. f| .'ltn*r TEACHEE OF TIIE FLUTE. 'I' MiiNZtM. Vi .treri, giv i ?on t. the Kiutu. 'i'eriH* $15 c r quarter. i9 3in*r ~ TO Tin: AM ATI-: i lis OF THE ACCORDION! OION'OH 1. Ma It'll I ?? $ fu ib ?l in muintf thi k' (leltifhttul itMtruim lit nit' \t? m l i-vor.*!nV notice I Europe; and hav my d<-\< I . ?'d th , .i.nJ cx| 11??I?ti of the iitslrutur-1 t in two E ? n? u v?y mi F, u:ic .1 Tiritiifi which have been rltrusivi-l adop ? .! m Fi .. ? i i<l England, bee* lei\e to nilortn the public K?-inTilly, If t -1 hi? it about re* publishing Copinu* extra' ? tr on the iliovif ?? rkv which will shortly h? UaUed from lh?* Prrn ol' Aii*?si - h i ' X 11 ill. SICiNOH MARTINI will b*- happy togi.? iiMCiucti^n in ihe art of pUyiug the Accordion, at hit reticence, % Canal street, or a' the re*id? nee of P |?iIt. And h ilstier* mm**.'If that those Ladies aud GeutJtinru who may avail t'irriiar Ives o his professional services, will make raiud aud agreeable advao era, as his method is simple, clear and progressive. ail 19 3m *r C'Ql I REWARD-Ami. n 'mm the steam boat South Amenc!><?U en on the < ?<mnn of S' |if Vh, n? she wat leaving tho wlniffor AlbMiy.* blue black b< -tvt r overcoat, vein l collar. . nffs anil facn.g? with ssoollrn linitagtthrotigln utt?l.-.rgr fistnn d liuttoiu, line . s!e.-.t I intngt. anil bound with Mark tale. The .oar mnlaitiMl a large pocket low down on each side of the coat. . , , In one ol the pocket* were two pat-haves of pane ra, one addressed to .Messrs. Edward* A Mead, Counsellors Sir., Albany, trie .Ilherro Messrs. retries StCagKrr.ol Albany. Kite dollars reward trill be |?id on restoration of the coat, and ten dollars additional reward will be (said (in the contiction of ihe lluef. A fuitber It ward af die dollars will b? paid for the rerota ry ot the packages. HORACE K CLARK, Sept Bib.lMJ. 13 Wall street. N. Bk?The n-nlleman who banded to the subscriber the parka?e of patient above mentioned, addressed to Mestr*. Stereos k Ca*?er, of Alban>, being i-ersonally unknown to me, will, by means of the above, become inl'orroeeofhU misfortune. *9 11?r SUPERIOR STROP. ^,ORiSui*eon,* Iiiatrumetiii,iRj?*oriv< Penknives, lie , made ami warranteu, uv il i r,,n nuut, i inter ana nurgenn a Inatiumrnt Maker, No. 1? William u, N.w York. T?alt thoee who hare etpcrieiict d the want af ? Rood Strop, com binins oeatneaa and economy. the above it reeommrnded. and warranted not to be aui|wgeed by any yet offered ta the public, tiering been engaged in buainraa aa a inamifa. turer of Cutlery ?ince in my ezpertence enablea me to make an article that will tint the want* of the commanity, and if not approved may it any time bo returned. They are tobl at the low price of 7J eenta eaeh. to arrnrd with the timer ; and gentlemen are reapectfnlly invited to rail and piamuir them I will here Mate that they are not a four aided atrnp with m-lallic hone attached, or any attcli humbug; hut a plain article by wliicha keen edge my be put upon K-izora, Pmktiivea, fcc. Razor* ground and boned in the beat inannrr, and warranted. Alao, all Itinda of Cutlery made and repaired with neatneaa and deapatrh, by * lw*r PF.TER ROSE, Cutler he. A. PASTOR'S HAIR OIL._ f)R. COMPOUND E9SENTIAL OIL OF ALMONDS y ?For datr ying dandtiff and pr- venting the h.?ir fo>m coming out or taming, (irepared by Autumn Pa*ror.Hati Cutter, 161 Greenwich atreoi. New a or*. Tina inimitable oil, baa been the product of twenty-lour yean of eipeririiee, and for the lart rizteen year* in New Yore, where I have been practicing in the Hair Cutting bnaiaeaa, ami the public may rely on it, that A. I'aator'a Compound Oil ia the wholeaomeat and bee! Oil for the Hair?maker it grow thick and long, preventi it? falling "fl'or fuming grey, and t ven if hair hna b -gnn to turn nTo ita'natur** nouruiMT 10 inr rour, inmi uynur 11 w... . --, . j ,fhA,r color Alio proont* hmr from b*C*mtnf ro voiinr Itpurchurri. Pfiff JO < ?nt? v ^y^^xSTOR, rtJw.f J?JOr???w??h?t, N. ?.

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