Newspaper of The New York Herald, 12 Eylül 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 12 Eylül 1842 Page 1
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TH Vol. VXII.-?Ho. ?Whole No. 3103. OCULISTS." DOCTOR J. FRANCIS' CELEBRATED EYE WATER. NO. 18 BAKC*. Y 8TKKKT, within two doon of the A?tor Hf- > Hi? i>re|>aration? are a perfect cure for all inilain tn.Kory v- Me ofCh?r eye. weakness of i'#W. never fail in rei ring nebulas 01 the longest standing, without "'"^ ^CERTIFICATES. ^ ^ I certify that Jacob Valentine, a youth of about fifteen veara of niff, brought to my hotiae laat fall, ap|?arenljy blind. H? called on uie to-day, and?lat?a that he haa been the patient ol Di. J. Kraocia. whoae treatment ha? been the *ana, under Uod, ofiestoring lilt light. -"j"'"". R.ctor ol St. George'i Church, Bcekman it. Thii it to certify that two of my children were ainictetl with diseaied rvn fora length of time, one of them wai almost blind with nebulas, coveiiag the tight, Every remedy was retorted lo without anv good effect, aud despaired of them ever being recovered, 'l^iey ire now [rfrfectly restored to light by Dr. J. Francis' celebrated preiiaration. DANIEL S. JONES, 499 Pearl itreet. I wai ulnimt blind for twelve ye?n, and in Ave weelu, under the ikilful treatment of Dr. J. frraacis, my light is now per fectly good and itrnng. MARTHA BROWN, 177 Forayth itreet. 1 certify to the above being a true lUternent. iEOROK BENEDICT, Paito of the Stantou street Church. I wai nearly blind for tw? ity yean with a cataract in each rye ami trom the uie of Dr. Fraucit' wouderful pre|>aration for that dijeaie, my eyes are now perfectly recovered. HESTER JOHNSTON. 41 Eldrid(;e ?treet. We, the undersigned, lumug witneiseif the aitouishiug efficacy Dr. Francii' preparationi lor diieaiei of the eye, unliesititingly recommend them to the notice of the public, ai valuabl remedies. Duncan Dunbar, Paitor of McDoug-?l it. Church. > M. Cone, Paitor of the Kim Biptist Church. Jot ii Peck, Ageut of the Home Mission Society. Jscno Biouucr, i'aitor of the North Baptist Church. Jojkeph Andre ade, Roman Catholic Priest of St. Peter's Chi?ch. Numerous certificates can be teen at the office. Prepared and old only by Dr. J. Francii, 10 Barclay itreet. New York. Artificial Eyei inserted, which cannot be distinguished from the natural, without giving the slightest pain. Dr. J. Francis reipectlully informs hit fricudi and the public, that in confluence of the increaie of his tnuineit, Dr. (Jleuuy, Member of the Royal College of Stirgeom, London, and of the New York Medical Society, hai joined him. and every confidence can be placed in hii profvismnal shall a* an Oculiit. _ Office hoiire from 9 A. M.. until 6 P. M. jylO 3m*c DISEASES OF THE EYE. ?> mr mrisiiv ' OPHTHALMIC *SURGEON, No. 207 BROADWAY, Entrance in Fulton Street, opinisite St. Paul1! Church. ATTENDS TO DISK A.SES OF THE EYE, AND ALL THE NECESSARY OPERATIONS THEHEON. OFFICE HOURS FKOM 9 TO 6 o'CUJCK. Having com >leted his studies of 5 yean with ull. ELLIOTT, Oi'ului, and beeu subsequently cngaged a* hit aisistant, R. K Dioiay isenabled to undertake the treatment of all diseases affectini; the organs of vision. Terma moderate ind graduated to the uature and extent of the disease. Permission is given to refer to his late instructor, and alto to some of the cost eminent Professor* of the Medical Faculty in New York. N B. The poor treated gratuitously au4 lm*r DISEASES OF THE EYE AND EAR. 192 RROADWAY, Corner John street, up stair*. J SHANKS, M. D. retperlfMly announces to the public' that for thu better accommodation of hit patieuU from abrouJ, aj well as those of th? city, he hat removed hit office ax above stated, where he will attend Irom 9 to 2 o'clock, daily, to (lie treatment and cure of all diseases incident to the human eye and ee.r and the diseases of Women and Children. From J to 5 o'clock daily, will be devoted to cotuultations for the cure of miscellaneous cases of disease ill every departmeat of medicine, including tliMtc of a private and delicate character. Doctor Shanks, in order to acquire the confidence of ttrangers, and to guamutee the public against the remotest feeling of imjK>sition and quackery, begs leave to state that he it a prac ltioher of medicine of 14 yeart'duratiou, a graduate of the Uuivemty of the city of New York : and that hit iuauguial ditsertation for tin dearee of Doctor of Medicine froin this Uiiivcisity, entitled " The Human Eye, Anatomically, Phiuologicaily, aud I'athalogically considered," elicited the highest approbatory encomiums from Profestor Mott before the attetufced council and | mfetaort of this learned University, during the public examination and defence of the same. Dr. 8. regrets the necessity he it under in adverting to these circumstances, so repugnant to the delicacy of every truehearted physician ; hut the duty he owes himself, and the regard M is MM to ha\ e tor tile preservation of the pnblie nslhh. imperiously demand that he should sneak out. What ! mutt the regularly educ .ted physician, who has s|wut years in the study of the knowledge necessary to qualify him for his art, and whu holds the sealed testimony of learned and competent authority before whom he was examined to practice such? muit he?I respectfully en<iuire /?remain silent lu Ills office, and allow himself to be tliurst from the legitimate ground of his scicntitic exertion, by the bold, presuming reckless quacks?? N? ! I. fi-r oue, will not lubmit to it. And in order to place thi? subject before the public iu a proper light, and in such a way as to direct towards it the public attention in the strongest possible manner, I propose to publish immediately my views more at length on this topic. Those of the public and the profession who are disposed to second my efforts, will please call at my office, and subscribe for a copy. The ex]>ense will uot be more than a sixpence or a shilling. au2l lm*r tailoring. removal. PHILLIPS' CASH TAILORING ESTABLISH MENT, b temoved from 145 Broadway to No. 7 Ajtor House. economy in gentlemen's dress. Garment* of a most Elegant and Kaahienabie kind ft a saving of 60 per cent for cash. rT,H? advertiser di wis it unnecessary to retort tj the hecki neyed system of giving a list of nominal prices, presamina that, the length of time he nas been established, together with the extensive pationage bestowed on mm, will prnvi a sum cient voucher for hu capabilities. Possessing the advantage ol bring connected with an extensive cloth establishment in Europe he confidently assets that he can furnish clothes which, on comparison, will be found lower than any other house making up the best descriptions of gentlemen's dross. myl Jm S. PH1LLITS, 7 Astor House, Breidwar To The ladies. FASHIONABLE MILLINERY OOODS.?The propriei tre^s, Miss 8 KING, daughter of the celebrated Carl King, offers lor sale a most select and choice assortment of Millinery (foods, for the spring trade, never as yet presented to the publie, both as regards the quality and cheapness of the articles The assortment consists of the following The celebrated SILK HAT, CALLED CAPOTTE D' worn bv La Duchesse D*Orleans, of France, SHED SILK, ENTIRELY NEW AND ORIGINAL STYLE?And Lawn Hals do do?An entire new a yle o Hat* called " MODINE CAPOTTES. ELSSLER COTTAGE. Parisian and English FANCY STRAWS, of the fineit texture, ui great variety. rZ : . .ft.ll..;,. I..I: r.1 with acall, and eumm her elegant and varied stock of Millinery for thenut'ho, before they pt>rch?e elsewhere, a* u will o? a rreat saving to them in price and a great advantage ai regards the variety and guality of tbe good*. MI38 S. KINO, Magazine de Model, au?J lmr 293X Broadway. american macintoshes. PHKSK Water Proof ?irments, as now being I'uruished at I i>ur est bluhmeut, are, in every |?>ssilile respect, fully equal to the imported, either Frmch or English, and much better intde up. The style of cut and fit is such as will bear comparison with the most exquisite of the imimrtad coats, .tnd are now generally preferred. Dealers supplied ou favorable terms. Gentlemen who prefer, may be measured and garments cut to their taste. Remember?Day, 45 Maiden Lane, is the only nuuuficlurer of the real American Macintosh HORACE H. DAY, Successor to Roxbury India Rubber Company, fcl lm*r Warehouse removed from 125 to 45 Maiden Lane. southern"and western merchants, ESPECIALLY those now iu the city, are respectfully reminded that they can procure new, pow* rful and highly llavor?*J Tea* of verv il?rscWptiou, ou very aiivant-i^roua terms, in packages wtiiiable lor private u?e, or for their regular customem, at tins (.anron Tea Company's Dej>ot, s2 lm*r Nu. 121 Chatham st, New York. fashionable clothing. I HARRIS, Draper k Tailor, Bowery?Would respect ?' limy inform nu menus *nu mf punuc, uiat n?* naa opened the ?tKiT? is a Clothing and Tai/onng esu'btiahmenc, and |il?*<lgrs himself thai every article manufactured to be equal in it) li BM woffciMiMhip la aa> u tha city, at pncaa to itil tl)?tnnes?having purchased hia entire stock at the preseut reduced rates. On hand ahooting coata, got up tu a superior atvie, cloth (Jirmvut* ihortcat notice. Terma, caah ou delivery. ho*29 lm*r SHIRTS. SHIRTS msde after the latest and mo?t approved French rntiercs. (..*?, i sntalouus, vests, ami nil under garments, made to Older at short r.otirc and in the most fashionable style. Oentlenu n's Furnishing Stare, 67 and W Maiden Lane, New York. 3nm*r WM. COLLINS. O HI RTS.?United 8ta?es Shirt Mannfactory, 77 William >t, O c >rn?r of Liberty, New York. Notict is hereby given to merctauU ami in general, thai the proprietor of ihe hove eMaMiiimimt has adn|Hed a new method ol iv anularturmil, wnn-:.euible? inm to >11 In* shirts at? die iiht rate than any other house m the eity. TIlU statement will be alllrmed hy the lilt ol'mices, a* follows Kiu Mualiu blurts, with Linen Bosoms and Collars, per do*. $7 50 Do, stitched in the Bosom and Collai*, per doz, y no Do, culoied, new patterns, large sizes, per doz, 7 DO A' n, a I true rj ii if i r v " l''-"tns and < olhrs romtintly "n hand, which will be offricil cheap for cash. ?D 1 in r rpHK cHKArBSTCARH TAILOR YKT!?PETtR V. A liySTED, Merchant T*''or> No. 1 Chatham square, cor Her of Chatham street, continues to make Clothing to order, in the neatest style, 10 per cent cheaix.r than the cheapest cash tailnrtnthe my. A good lit warranted, and hereafter no disappointment anlfi lin'r bah i'vimxd, ?c. J_TANNIN(iTON !k CO., Broadway, near Re id ?treet, IT Kenpcrtlully inform the Order of I. O. ol' O. F.( and their frir n.t'> uenrrilly tit it |t\? . irr now pr? |> ireil to eaectltr or.l>r? for Kli<? aiiJ DUDer* in th" mml aui>erior ?tyle for beauty, ilurabilii), and economy, having Silks made for the exprcst ocration that will malic the largest batmen without itliliguriiig it with a fieam. Si t cinoiii and Di-hikim can b? ?een at their fotablishmcnt, 293 Broadway, or ?eut lo any part of the Unicyi. For atyle, deaimi, and exeintion of worka of the kind, we re fer to Ihr Uelty'a B onier, No. 11,1, O. of (). K., as alao to Greenwich, No. trt, ilannony, <4, Covenant, Si, 1'erteverauce, 17, l?o Military Companies and Sunday School Burners, and tin* vicicMi ? St. Nil I .4 is, New hnglanil, St. Oeoige, St Andrews, 8t David, &c fcc. Winoow Shade* in great variety, fram f 1 each to the richest and beat, jianited bv the moat eminent arliata. Hi.,in?d (21.,,, , I *: r the ui?inier of the in^ienta, waninted never to change color, with many recent improvements for church window, and oilier public and private building', steam ms, jacket ?lii|i*,storv windows, 8u' Ice. Imitations ol Stained Ulau. paiuted ou muslin for church wmrtow?,very close imitation ol the real a very trilling expenae, or the alaaa obscured and painted in brilliant colors, vejry datable ami cheap. iy 17 r E NE NEW MISCELLANEOUS. UNITED STATES TEA EMPORIUM, 121, late 129 Chatham slrctt, New York. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. 'T'HE CANTON TEA CO viPANY continue touffer for J- sale new and fragrant Teat of every variety anil ?tyle.? Tlmr auortmi-K sneriaily includes the most delicious and |>owerful grades o( Orem and black, Every i>ack*ge bean the tamp of ueatuess and elegance, and the T?aa therein are ?o thoroughly secured from light and air that tt.eir quality and power will remain uuiinjuired in any climate. Their system o( prosecuting business is perhaps scarcely to he excelled. It is louuded upon the utmost regard to the rignta of the customer, especially with respect to weight and quality, and unrivalleil cheapness. All purchasers are called u|h>u to return any articles which fail to kit* them the fullest satisfaction, whi n the m?ue\ will be cheerfully and promptly icfuiided. Couutry merchants, public establishments, head?of lamilies, an I shi|? maslrn, will lind it a decided advantage to sapply themselves from tins establishment. ( offee roasted every day. Orders from all i>arts of the Uniteu States executed with promptitude and 4es|?tch. . , , .. V/" The only warehouse iu Amenca for the sale sf Houqua's celebrated Black 'l'ea. auiit lin'r THE OLD UNITKU STATES CAP, STOCK, SH1KT AND OILED SILK MANUFACTORY. JOHN M. DAV1ES & JONES, successor to LUKE DAVIES & SON, lOt! Wllllnm street, corner John, New York. UURCHASEKS will at all times tiud the most extensive asI sortmeut iu 'he Uuited States, of the following articles, on the most resonahle terms, wholesale and retail. Caps for geiiticoieu, youth and i hildreu of velvet, cloth, me riuo, silk.glazed silk. Sic. See. Kull and ,art trimmed with l'ur and plain. Arm* and Navy officers dress and undress o*|>s. Stocks of every style and quality?of satin, bomba/iTie, vest ing, tic. made plain, trimmed with bows, cravat ties, 1'aris ties, dress apron stocks, Sic. &c. The superiority ol our frames is well known by the light' ness perfect tit. ease aud elasticity of every stock. Shihi s of all linen plain mil frilled,of muslin plain aud frilled, with linen collars bosoms and wristb nds of the must appi oveil patterns. Kancy camhric shirts of all qual ilies. LinkN collars and bosoms of every style aud quality, oiled silk, white, niaid, and faucy, of superior manufacture. Ladies, misses and c> ildren's oiled silk aprons. Oiled silk, medicated, for the cure of 150m, rheumatism, kc Jafpaked leather, linen and muslin, suitable for harness ami coach manufactures, cap fronts, tie 81c. The above articles are made under our own inspection, in the best possible manner and of such materials and workmanship as will be found on examination equalled by none. To which is added, a superior assortment ot fancy articles ol various qualities and prices. Gloves, Suspenders, Cravats, Scarfs, Umbrellas, Haudker Chiefs, Hoisery, Cravu-Stiffners, Guard-Chains, Under Oar menu of every description and quality, Shaker Knit aut Klannel Shirts and Drawers, The attention of the public generally are invited to the abovt extensive assortment of uoi>ds, many of which are of onrowi importation and will be sold at such prices as cannot tail to suit JOHN M. UAV1ES Si JONES, auii lm*r 1W> William, corner ol John. "STOVES! STOVES!!" BACKUS' PATENT RARE FIE R, OR FRUGAL HOUSEWAllMEK. rpHE Propnetor, in offering this valuable stove to the public A would briefly state some of the advantages of heir improve ment, which consist chiefly in the following particulars, viz:? 1?To obviate the evil of im- S?To be capable of afford pure u.d noxious gas in the ing a mild or au intense heal, burning of anthracite coal. 6?To avoid all lucoveuienci 2?To generate aud diffuse from dust. a warm and wholesome at- 7?To preserve t'le air of the mospnrie in places exposcu to apinnicui pure auci wnoiu damp and cold. tome. 3?To lessou the risk of acci- 8?And to unite with al dent by lire. tkose omIiH Qualities, ai 4?To be quickly kindled elegant and durable article u and easily managed. furuuure. Tiiis Sto*e is constructed of the best quality of Russia sliee iion, upon the cylindrical plan?the furnace or fire-cham be occupying a part of the centre cvlinder, to which is attached a atmospheric Rarefier upon each side, of a tubular form, an lined throughout. The heat that is created in the charabe MM between the linings of the two rareliers (or radiators a they are called] into theease at the bottom, and a current of ai continually rushing through the tubes, which are left open a each end for that purpose, carries a great amount of rarefied u warm air iuto the apartment. The purity and softness of the air in a room heated by tin stove are peculiar and remarkable, the heat being diffused froi a great extent of surface mode rati-ly heated. '1 he heated aii on entering the wings or sides of the stove, desceuds and spread over the entire surface of the base at the bottom, keeping th colder portion of the air next the floor iu constant circulationin the meantime preserving it entirely from conumiuatioi rendering,this Stove perfectly safe and agreeable for a|*ri merits of invalids, sleeping rooms, &o. Manufactured by J. St E. BACKUS, it Bowery, NT Y. N. B. A new article of air tight stoves, with rarifiers ; als the new kitchen companion cooli store, warranted equal to an in o*e in this city. au2l lm*r BUTTONS, J JONES, 26 Piatt stieet, wishes to inform his friends tha his new style will not be ready before the first w?ek i September, but has on hand the Klats and Bevel Edges, whic he offers at the following price! Best Kuglish Brocades^ $2 60 ' French " 2 00 " " Twist, 2 00 " English ' 2 25 figured Satins, I 50 Mohair Over Coats, 1 50 Se/eral hands wanted. au!7 lm?r GAZO PNEUMATICS. mHIt ?tih?rrih?*r ia iir?*iif%rf<l In rfernte onlrri for th?* Ciai A Pneumatic Hydraulic Machine, for railing water an height or quantity. Iron minm, or lor water work*, by meal of Tacuum ; and the simplicity of the machine gives it a gre advantage over any other now in use. au9 Im*r " * v ' ??(*(, K Pite it. PHCENIX HAIR SEATING AND CURLED HAIi MANUFACTORY. rPHE undersigned have constantly on hand Plain and Damn I- Hair Seating for Sofas, Chairs, ('ouches and Music Stool Curled Hair, Wt bbine, Tow Cloth, Twine, kc., for Upholster White and Fancy Hair Cloths, suitable for Cap and 8toci Manufacturers; also for Brush Makers and Musical Inslrt men*., Sic., fcc. The following ate our prices of Ilai r Seating PRICES OF HAIR SEATING. PLAIN. DAMASK. Inch. Piece. Cut. Of all patterns. 14 40 42 ? 16 42 44 75 17 46 48 83 18 54 56 90 19 61 66 98 20 74 76 1,05 21 84 86 1,10 22 92 96 1,14 23 1 02 1,06 1,20 24 1 16 1.20 1.30 26 1,28 1,32 1,45 28 1,40 1,44 1,60 30 1,66 1,70 ? JOHNSON it GREEN, Phoenix Factory, 33 West 13th street, 5th and 6th Avrnus, au3t toc7?r Office. 152 Wiliiam street. SELF~COCKING PISTOLS. BLUNT Si SYMS, laporUn and Manufacturers, No. Chatham street, have on hand a large xisortmvnt i the Six Barrels If Revolving Sell Cocking Pocket Pistol These pistols have the advantage over all others of the kind 1 the impossibility of losing the caps, the nipples being placed i a horizontal direction, and there being no cock in the way < BMVmt itltihj as correct sinnr as witli Ilie nrdiuarv iiiatol (fun. The above |>iatoIm can be furnish' il lower thin any oihe in ihe market, at wholesale vr retail. We have as trr*1 a va" ty of other UiiiUa of Pistols a* can be found, with Rifles, U. I Muskets, for shipping *nd military; Prize Mmkt ti, do: Fon ing Pieces, single and double; extra large sire di.ulile and aintc Guns for ducking, together with Powder, Shot, Flasks, Bag Caps, Locks, Barrels, Sic., Sic., iu large or snwll quantities. N. B.?Country dealers are requested tocall ana examine 01 assortment before purchasing elsewhere. s82m#r A HANDSOME PRESENT. A VISITING CARD PLATE, beautiful!; engraved, ai 50 best ennamelled Cards printed for only $1,50. Cards < the best ennamel, printed from plates at f 1 i>er 100. A Busine Card Plate, engraved with the usual amount of matter, and I best Cards, at $3. Door Plates, S?als of ail kinds, Markii Plates, Labels, gold, silver, brass, lie. &e. engraved proportio ate with (he above. Copper-plate Printing of all kinds at II same low rale. Please call anil examine for yourselves, at JE1 VIS'S ('heap Kiigraving and Pr.nting Establishment. No. 2 Broadway, and S. E. corner of Greenwich and Courtlandt si sB Imtr " TO DEALERS IN BLACKING rPRY IT ONCE?The Enreka Blacking?This is a new a -I tide of Blacking, and possesses pialities greatly su|H)rior i all other kinds now in use. It softens and preserves the leather, imparting a brilliai polish with half tlie usual labor required iu llie use of the cor mon Blacking. It further p< ssesses that requisite so long sought for in ll peculiarity of the composition nevur becoming nurd dry, i mouldy by age. Dealers in Blacking are requested to call and receive a samp! of the article gratis. Perfect satisfaction warranted in evei ctse. Manufactured by J. M. JOHNSON, No. 4 Spruce st, _ ? ? , Near Nassau. New York. The firm of Burgess Si Co. is this day dissolved by mutuj consent. The business in future will be conducted by au27 lm*m J. M. JOHNSON. 'I'd THE LOVERS Ot SUPERIOR BLAl > I FA.H'lwuua's Mixture'.?This extremely deliriousan.i i i;a ralleled Tea, so highly celebrated in China and Europe Just in ported, is now for sale at the Canton Tea Cnmnnp Genrn Tea Establishment, 121 Chatham street, New York?in Ch nese packages. Prices 40 cents and I. an 24 lm*r DRESS BOLTS?Lalest r iTnch Style?Th ?I^S^^fiub?criber respectfully; invites t'-e citizens of Ne\ Y o>k, and stransen visiting the city(tn call at lit Fulton stree and examine a large assortment ot Dress Boots, made in th latest fashion, andoTthe ioest French cilf-skin, (ientlemen can hare boots made to order in the beat manne at tfi.OO per pair, warranted equal to any made at $7r't0, and a the uudirsigncd take s drawing of tne feet and keel* lasU fo each customer he can ensure an ea?y vet handsome fit. Constantly on hand, Faahiunable Boota, Iic. at the follow m reduced prices Heal Hkin Boots, from $2,25 to 2,75 Calf. J,DO to 6 (iO H.ilrBoots, 3,00 Qaitera, 2,25 Shoe:. 1,50 to 250 Pump* and Blippen, kc., pioportionably low. Terms, caa on dehrerr. JOHN L. WATKIN*. ?n25 Im r 114 Fulton st, between Nassau and Dutch. FRENCH fMPOHTED GAITERS .TTaTTTI l?r? of Fashion ; French boots and i>atent leathe shoes, dress shoes, Kaiters, walking shoes and inimps, for met boys, and childien. Men and boys cheap IkxjIs from $2,75, $: f 1.50, .mil $1 per pair. Men's shoes 7 to 10 and 12s per oai ovs' shoes 50 to 75 cent* and $1, and warranted ifood. Ladiei misses, and childrens gaiter boots, hiMkins' walking shoe., in slippers ol all colors and latest fashions, ties, hiukini and slipa, 75 cents to SI. food ti slippers Come and see So?d assortment of the above articles at 12 Can?l street, come 1 road way, and at 206 Canal St., north-west corner llmiton st at Walki r s. au24 lm*r f J!iv J en ~ f ,Y reajon thar A K NOX k CO. can assign for ?ellm? to many boot ml hoe* at the Clinton Boot ami Sho? Market, Mt Canal * northrait rorner ol Hodaon trrn?when almost e?ery bod complain* of hard time*, is, thai they keep foml? ,,f the bei fiua'ity and aell them at pricet to salt the nmri, nnd It arnni an if almott e?ery body hid found tliia out. If any wliorea this ilmuld not y?t ha*e lound out the atore, the looser the coma and try the aooner they wrtll reap the ad?anta?t. Almoi anything that i? named in tl.a bwl and shoe line, of any ?i? color or quality, c?n b? found here cheap. I anWlm'r A KNOX Jt CO. ?<M Canal it. W YC 1 YORK, MONDAY MORI MISCELLANEOUS U. S. CITY DESPATCH POST. POST OFFICE. New York, 26th July, 1842. HOURS of Delivery each day, (Sunday* excepted) at the Upiicr and Lower Pott Offices:? Letter* deposited before Hall-iMit 1 o'clock, A Ml IS " .3 " P M I Will be KDt out for deAt all the Stations before V lieery at 9 AM, and! 7 o'clock, A M I and 4 o'clock, P M. 11 " 2 " P MJ Let terx to be ?ent Free, must hare "Free Stamp" affixed to [I,< m, otherwise three cents will be rnt.erled of the party to w hom tlw letter is addressed. No money must be enclosed io Inters uitliM rn. uli-n-iI at r .? n??u/.n.?l I .? . ?.i !?? atationa (at all of which "free atanips" but he purchased At ti, )U I'er 100, and every inlormalion may he obtain*'1 on a|? plicatiuu at II* U|>|*r or lower poat olfirea. 8tam|ia uaiied by the late CityUe*|>.itch Foat will b? received. It u india^n-usable that the number of the residence ahould be atated in ail Icth ra seul tlimu^h thia Foal. The Foal Master avlicita the earliea' iuiormation ahonld any irregularities occur. JOHN LORl.VlilH GRAHAM au2ftlyec Foat Matter. THE TWO GREATEST INVENTIONS OF THE AGE. KENNEDY'S COMPOUND VEGETABLE PREPARATION. E*OK Tie treatment and preservation oi the Hair; the only " infallible preservative a*aiust baldness, and a cerlaiu cure for all disease* of the scalp, such as dandruff plica potnica, Ike. &r. Sic., including all cutaneous affections. This article is pre* pared wit li *reat cart by the inventor and proprietor himself, after a ktudy of teu y? ars, during which hia time has been almost exclusively devoted to the ptrleciiou of this incomparable article for the benefit of t!ie growth and beauty of the Hair. In 1 the mean time, many nostrums intended for the same purpose, b ?e arisen?oa (lira, while chit itjoitii m the luil ftpof o| manhood?and is dettinrd to live as louu -is a fine head of hair is duly prized or its cleanliness and beauty admired. Let those who have these desires but give it a rankle trial and he has uo ' fears for the re>ulL It enlv requires to be known to be anpreL Hated, indw) n oip rcciateathe proprietJrexpccutooMaui his reward from a discriuiiug public, and asks it not before?he is not afraid of ffettiujr out ot patience. Nearly five hundied certificates, t*-stif)iuc to its virtues, ilk j all caaes for w icfti it is inteuded to bt- used, from the most highly respectable individuals in various paru iu the United States, ths Can*das, Sic., can be seen at the office of the luven| torMUl Iflllfni fill. NnJ 1 Rwlpult Ntw York. r INVENTION NO. 2. The second invention of modern times, to which we w aild respectfully call attention, is KENNEDY 8 CELEBRATED [ PREMIUM CHEMICAL HA1K DYE, the first ever invented in this country. I his article, as can be testified to by a large number of oral and verbal recommendations, is sui>erior ' to any thin* of ihe kind imported from any pari of* the world, 1 and is rapidly superceding all otrier nostrums fin changing the color of the hair and whiskers to a beautiful dark brown, or et black, from lLxeti, red, grey, or other obiectiouable color, iu a silufU amplication, without alfcctipg the skiu. The Hair Dye Wd* exhibited at the Fair of the American Institute, held at Nibio's Garden, and received the first premium, as beinjf sui>erior to my other exhibited. It in iy be obtained at the (allowing places ;?Buley, Ward Co. Maiden Lane; Leary * Co, /Vstor house; 63 Boner)*, corurr Walker; , 330 Bowery corner Bond street; Tiffany, Gourd Ellis,'?>9 Broadway, uud ai Uie manufactory, No. 1 Fine street. New York. auMlin'r GEORGE KENNEDY. TENDER CHINS. ANY GENTLEMAN may be instantly relieved from all dtiritut (he oneratiou ofshavinir. by ajinlyiinr hi* razor - to the MKrALlC TABLET RAZOR STROP, invented by O. Saunders, which supercedes the necessity of a hour, ai><l I by which lite mo?t uiukillul e.u always prodrce .? keen ami ii smooth au edge as the razor could by <uiy )K>uiuility nxliibit [ under the most expnrieiK-vd hand. It is the only effectual means which the art ?f man has yet , devised for KiviuK to every one an opportunity of suiting his razor t> his i inn w illi the same ceriaiury as he can mend a |ieii to suit his own hand, which any person will be shown by briu^j inz a dull razor and tryinc ths Tablet before purchasing. Re. tail price of the best article of Str jj> and Tablet, SI and $1 30. 4 ;'.u 17 lm*r H ddat O. 8AUNDER3,163 Broadway. ir rrATT7 ll 111^ A .me I I it luuun :: ir TJLEASURE IN SHAVING secured by the use of Cliap T nao'i MAGIC RAZOR STROP, with METALLIC HONE, forming one of iu four sides. with which ?very i*r11 ton may keep his razor in perfect order, whether at sea or on laud. It presents four faces, vach of different sharpening pro15 perties, commencing with the Metalic Hone,'of u 11 limes the F power oftho ordinary honn.and flushing ou the simple calfskin ~ Retail prices 50, 75, 1 00, 1,25 and 1,60, each according to out' ward size and finish. The itcrformiug part of the 71 cent strop being same as one at $1,50. Wholesale prices ft],50, $4, $6, $7,56, $9 and $12 per doz. L. CHAPMAN, No. 102 William street. 0 N. B. The performing part of my 75 cent strop warranted to y be superior to George Sounders' best, at $f each.aud the money returned if the purchaser be dissatisfied. au'ii In^r . PHALON, n HAIR CUTTER. h T\rO,2H Broadway, opposite St. Paul's church, is the first to J-' introduce the fashion for the season, ou Saturday, 10th inst. slO lm*r NoT1CK to STHAMIiKkt. F. GIBBINS, HAIR CUTTER AND WIG MAKER, .27 MAIDEN LANE, Corner of Nassau Street, "> ill lm r NEW YORK. s IMPORTANT TO THE PUBLIC. ? A LL who wish to economize can obtain Clothing of the bes quality remarkably cheap, at 205 Canal street, one doo west of Hudson. Also, a largo assortment of Cloths, Caaai U meres, Vestiugs, and Summer Goods, from which Clothing o all kiuds are made to order in the best manner at very reduce) ,k [ohn Gabriel verren or werrev, a Nilivr^ , ** Switzerland.?Anyone who has ever known or heard o k thi? individual, or of a persoa of a similar name, will pleaat i- communicate thef act to me, as this information is of imnort ance to aomc of hia family. Hi? real name wa* John Oaorie Verren; but in a foreign land it may, like mauy other namei have been chanced, or become corrupted in its spelling. He cantc to the United 9tatea in the year 17JS, and he is sup posed to hare resided m the Slate of Pennsylvania, anil to hart died there ; butaa uo trace of him as yet has b*en discovered the iniormaiion received by me upoa the subiect is probabl) incorrect, and I now take ihia means of making a general in quiry throughout the Union. ai eod 1m*r P.F. BTAIGER, Philadelphia, Pa. THE CRYSTAL, CORNER OF WALL f BROAD STREET Ve Conoiseurs and Epicures who throng the " Money" street, When you are dry, stop iu and try, the "uock" that them you'll meet; Well do our best, to stand the test, with any house in town. And while we do, we look to you, (or some share of renown. rPHE Proprietors of the above establishment will take a pride J- in redeeiniuK the above pledge, and they will permit no ar t.cle but the very best to appear on the bar. A choice Lunch can also be found daily. au24 lm*r s C H I N AT" GLASS, TA N D EARTHENWARE. m 8 ASTOR HOUSE. lo URENCH Porcelain Dinner Services, IIS pieces, f25 (H ?r V White Granite, do do 112 do 13 01 rs French or Euglish Porcelain Tea Sets, 32 do t ll( e- Dinner Plates. French Porcelain, per doien, 1 9< S. Do do Granite, blue or white, do 1 (H I- Soup, do French Porcelain, do 2 IK le Do do Granite, blue or white, do 1 0( s. Tea Cum and Saucers. (24 nieces) French Porcelain. 1 5< Kck Cups, ao do 31 ar Ulasi. Cut Wines, perdoien, from 1W ~ Do Tumblers, do do 2 IX . Lemonades, handled, do 2 2! Tari.k. Ct'TLr.Rr. ,D Of the finest descriptions, insets or dozens, at the lownrici " of $12 the set. Just opened , a handsome assortment of Toile 00 War.. H.SIMPSON. N. B.--Ajrent for the tale of Simpson's Ear Cornell, for the l1" relief of <ir*fiiets. ?4 lm* re f; A NEW~& IMPORTANT 1N' VENTION FOR THE LADIES ? Vf R9. LOVK, Corset Maksr, No. 68 Lispenardsrr et, re spectlully informs tli ladies of New York and its vicini tiea, that she has invented a new article for the nreserv -tiots o 1? the health and strength duriiu pregnancy. Tnis Abdoinitia Supporter is perfect in its application, acting as a support, am. ?t preventing all strain ?i?in the muscles, and the consequent f? It- tigne and ethauitioo of the whole svstcm. It will preserve thi form in all its youthful symmetry Nothing that has ever been >e i"vet ted nffers so many advantages as roes this Abdominal " Sup|M>rU*rfor invigorating the system against every accident at. tending gestation. le Mrs. L. has secured a patent. She bees to refer to the follow T in* eminent tentlemin of the Medical Faculty:?Dr. Francis, Dr. Pond, Dr. McDonald, Professor Oillman M D, Professoi I'arker, M D, A. C. Castle. M D, Dr. Nelson. Dr. Moore, J. W. Francis, M D, J. O. Pond, M D, J. W. Moore, M. D, J. I Neilson, M D. , Country merchants and dealers supplied wholesale with Cor an Hold and hrari'i mi mlr^ntjfciini lt>rmt. Imtr PARIS V ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS I' T>Ri:N St CO., Ill William street, formerly Bmn, Larnstire U &. Co.?will open ill a few days, twenty cwi I'.ris Artifi cial Flower*. Feathers, lie., now landing from I ait arrival!.? e This establishment is recieving from their house in I'ans by i every Havre |?cket, the newest ?t> lei of flowers and fe-thers, it as they appear in that centre of fkshion. e This arrangement enables them to have constantly on hand a molt fashionable assortment of the alwsve articles IValinK by r far more largely in this line than any other establishment in s the city, they can afford to sell at the rery lowest rates and on r the ramt reasonable term*. Wholesale wareronms up stairs. K Also, constantly on hand, every kind of material! for flower manufacturer!. s3 Im'c is PATENT PKE3E I? VKfo PoRTABLh' MKATs AND soups. VITAKRANTED to keep any length of time in any climatc, ?v vix: lobsters, halibut, ihad, salmon, <>y?ters, and clams, h beef, mutton, veal, duck, chicken, 'urkey, beef ionp, mutton brdh, chicken ionp, ox tail loup, mock and green turtle ioup, vegetable aoup, green peas, mtiihrooms. carrcta, turnips, pit am pa, tomatoea, milk, *e. ?e., maiiiifirtured and aold whole7 aaleby WILLIAM MULLANE, ' ?4 lm' rc Itt'i Naaaan Hi ?; ECONUMY, ELKliANCE, AND GOOD LIVING. 'i THK nnderiigned hat, at UTent ripen**, fitted op one of 0>e A larvrat and ino?t ipleriaid Coffee and Eating Ilnaaca in '' New Y?rk, in which one hundred i?-raona at leaat can ait down * to an eicellrnt and aubauntial brevkfaat, dinner, and tea, [from ' (he rhoict at anppliea ofthe market*, with a bill of fare not ri relied either aa regarda quality or tuimbrr of diahea] by any ho_ tel in the United Statra, and varying in pricea from ail cenla to l . one ahlllinz and eighteen pence per diah. The pur"at Java and a Morka eoffre and thr very beat tea*, and aerved at only thrrr t. ->ent* percnp. And all other refreahmrnta in propoition. The y wilier* are uniformly civil and (>olite, and every viaitor may bo it aaanred of feeling in tliia eatabliahment quite at home." In it fact, every department of the hnaineaa la under the anperintend drnce of comix-tent nverietrt, whoae aol* care and attention are y directed to the comfort and convenience! of cnatomera and * meat*. T^ENKY OOBLINO, ii Proprietor of the French and American Eating Hons*, Noa M and 66 Naatan at, between J?hn at and Maiden Lane. P. 9.?Open Sunday* for breakfaat, dinner and tea. je34 Imi IRK I VING, SEPTEMBER 12, ] MISCELLANEOUS. THK NEW YORK COLLEGE OK MEDICINE _ AND PH UMAfV. ESTABLISHED"FOR THE SUPPRESSION UF QUACKERY, HAS met with the inoit unprecedented success *ince iu com mencement, |<articularly from the unfortunate victim* ol unprincipled pretenders, who are now daily KaiuiiiK strength and vi*oi under the juilieious treatment of the College. lh? follow Ink preparation have already obtained a celebrity uuparalelled in the anuala of medicine. THE UNRIVALLTKD TONIC MIXTURE. A certain cure for all forma of dys|>epsia, low spirit*, lo?a ol ap|>etite, lassitude, cutaneous eruption.*, tell ml debility, preduposition to conaumptioti, and all complviit* arising from a disarrange meiit of the uervious s}stein. It may lie also uaed with great success in cases of fever and ague, and a? a preventative t? yellow fevei. Sold in bottle* *' SI aud (2 each. THK ANODYNE LINIMENT. For the cure of rheumatic |>ain?, colic, bruise*, sprains, ?piual iliaeaae, uervou* headache, pain* in the joiula, and immediate and permanent relief guaranteed. Sold in bottlea, 71 eta eaCl'THE PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIXTURE. For the care of all cue* ol a delicate disease, or for paiua in the boue*. eruptions, sore throat, or auy other distressing syiuptoins, produced tiy an injudicious use of mercury, or by auackery. Sold in Wiles al SI aud (2 each. THE AMERICAN ANTIBILOUS CATHARTIC PILL. For the cure of all derangement* of the liver, pnrifying .thi lood, exciting the whole alimentary caual to healthy action, nd giving new Yigor to the vital power*. This medicine i* ntirely superceding the drastic purgative* of the nostrum e"lle^,' THE FEMALE RESTORATIVE PILL. For the cure of tlioie complaint* peculiar to the female sex, and to restore ami preserve the regular action of the female organs, wilh lull direction* aud caution* aa touae, and aold in boxes at SI, 50 cenu, and 7!> centa each. SIR ASTLEY COOPER'S PILL. . For 'he cure of cutaneous emotions, gout, cluonic iheutna Usm. nnd to improve the tone of the digestive orv'ans. '/ HE FRENCH ANTIPHLOGISTIC MIXTURE. Ouanuteed to < urc gonorrliira, gleet, and all mucopurulent discharge* from the urethra. Sold iu bottles at Ml cent* aud ?leM THE PAPILLARY HEALING POWDER, Forthecureof lore nipple*, aud superficial excoriations of the skin. Seld iu closely stopl phial* atM cent* each. The above preparation* inav also be had of the followinif sub-agents ii' tliis city:? J. W. Basset, 614 3r<udway. Dr. E. M. Oiuon, 127 Bowery. Dr. Kins, Z87 Hmiviu street. Elias L.Thrall, MS Grand street. Win. Armstrong, 184 Kiiltou street, Brooklyn. Principal office of the College for New York, at 97 Nassau street. By order, au29 3mr W. 3.H1CHAHD8QN, Agent rp fcRRAPIN LUNCH.?(lourmonde' Qui Vive! ThouJ sands ol' our good cits, lovers of good lure, have bet u for soinn weeks past suffering severe disappoint men1 from the closing of the far-famed " TerrIpip Cnck." Tin " IdU fcvir. is now. however, over, aud ai;aiii ra?v they "feed well, for be it knuwn that the John Adams, of Kuickrrbocker memory, "hangs his hat" ui> at the Terrapin ; also the nruprietor, one of the liuest little fellows ill Christendom, y'clept W J t-arr. Now, then, smack your lips ye cormorants iu thr Turtle Soup and steak line , the mantle ol 'Sandy,' has fallen upon John, to )>erfectiou, in good eating and drinking may lie at:.tin KUdralite t tl at the Terrapin. A single louk into the old 'Tee Box," will appease the hunger of him with the short purse, and a taste < ?f the geuuiue at half the old prices will tickle the palate of the veriest anchorite. h ine ttreeu Turtle served up this day, and every day during the season. _ _ s6 lmjr EPICURES! EPICURES! EPICURES! MHIE Subscriber, formerly known as ouu of the tinn of Blew -s- and Ten E>ck, of No. 8 Broad street, having opened a house No. 664 Broadway a few doors brlow Niblo's Gardeu, when'he siill continues to serve np all tlie Delicacies of the Season, viz?Game. Poultry, Kish, <kc Su\, together with his celebrated Mill Pond. Shrewsbury aud all choir* Oysters fresh or iiickled, which obtained the premium at the last Annual Fan at Niblo's. Hating fitted op a saloon unequalled in the city, where gentlemen and their families visiting Niblo's,can, with the greatest propriety, have served up to their comfort aud satisfaction,sucTi rc!r< aliments a, they My call fbf on reasonable terms. N. B.?Clubs aud Private Parties wishing rooms, can D? accommodated as above, by s7 lin'r JOSEPH TEN EYCK, ?p NOTICE TO WAOON BUILDERS?The sun scriber, Proprietor of New York Taitersalls. wil f ^ y >_ make liberal advances in Cash, on all New Ligti Wagons sent to his* stablishment for sale. Builders iu the country can rely upon having every attention paid to their orders. Korfurtlier particulars, as to termi, kc. apply to GEO. W. MILLER, su 6 rroprieto* "f v ,v?n?r??Hs. 44h Broadway. A RnHER'S FALL FASHION FOR GENTLEMEN'S HATS, ("J WILL bf introduce?(I Saturday, Sept. 10th, 1812, at Ins Jf?old stands, 201 and VGO Greenwich at. i9 Iw'cc WMT H. BEBEE & CO., HATTERS. 178 BROADWAY, (UNDER THK. HOWARD HOTEL,) MANUFACTORY, NEWARK, NEW JERSEY, ri RESPECTFULLY inform their friends and the mibli J^Mhat limy have opened a wholesalu and retal Hal ami Ca Warehouse under the Howard Hotel, where they will kee constantly on hand ilie greatest variety of Hal* ever offered fc sale in the city ol New Vork. Not confuted to one Quality an price, but as many as twenty different qualities of Uents Fas! lunable Hats; and with their tacili.iea lor their busiuesa.whic thepublic in general are acquainted with, tbey think it unnt , cesaary to say more. The Gentlemen of New York are i?spec! lully invited to call and examine for themselves. . N. B?A splendid article ol travelling trunks, J bags, for ?ale at manufacturer's prices. >9 I w J. FLETCHER, \ HATTER, ! NO. 4 WALL STREET, will have his Fall F'.shioi J^">ready ou Saturday September9th, when a superior styU I will be offered 10 the public. ?92t*ec : HATS, HATS, HATS. . ra FALL FASHION.?The subscriber invites thi- atten Hon of the Beau Monde to his beautiful, gracelul, am tasteful low bell-crowued Hat, beinc the only really I ash ion able article of the kind extant, though he cannot e.jiect but tha imitators will spring up, and claim the benefit of his own origi nal conceptions. To say these Hals surpass any thin* of the kind in point o style, finish, and graceful appearance, is to claim no more thai is warranted oy an exiwrience of twenty years in the business and h? invites gentlemen who study ((race and fashion, to cal and examine fur themselves. | A large assortment of Travelling Trunks. Carpet Bags, Ha Cases, and, in fact, every thing necessary for a lentlemau'i travelling outfit, may also be found at It' HI llOMl'tt'O anSO Im U*r Opposite Howard's Hotel. ; HATS FALL FASHION?1842. I ft wm. banta would resp#ctfu|ly call the attention o J^Miis friends, customers and the public in general. to his as sortmeut of Hats of the Kail Pattern,got up with a particular re Hard to neatness, style, and durability. Personsabout lupplymi themselves with that indispensable article of dreai, and win study taste and economy 111 ita (election, would do well logivi him a call, believing that the wiihiu Lamed low prices "woul fully satisfy Ulem ofthe subscribers pretenliona to tell cheap rii:?Short n ipped >ilk liala at $2,SO; moleskin do (3; black ca< aimere do $3.50; neutria do (3,30; beaver do $4,50. Alio on han gentlemen's traveling and dress caps,children's velvet,cloth, an fancy cap*, youths and boys hats and caps. ?H Ini end*r WM. BANTA, No. 130Chatham at. The Anti-Angular System of Writing. GREAT REDUCTION. rioH TWELVE TO SIX DOLLARS '. BR18TOW of London, reajiectfully luforms the Ladie and (ientlemenof New York and Bro oklyn, that his claase ' have commenced for Ihr season, and that he has kkdvcei his Teim? one naif,?to git Dollars ! Acadkmv No 235 Bhodaway, ivkar Park Flack. (ientleineii of all ayes are positively taught iu twelve lessons a bold, frtt, txiifdtltout and finished liusiness-like style o Writing, no matter how bad, illegible still, or crsunptd th< writing may be. A*d tiik Ladies A neat and handsome, delicate and fashionable Running Ham Iis.Twklve East Lessors ! . r IT"- VISITORS iu New York can lake a course in Thret I Days !?Mr. B. is to be seen from 9 to J A. Al., or from 4 to I j P.M. Evening Classes from 7 to 9. , BonK-Kf^ruo , Taught on a superior method, by double and single entry, scientifically and |>raclical!y. 1 I <N \ I > 1 C 1 C T stenography. A uew system of th?- Art of W 'itin* Hhort-hand, for taking Lectures, Hcrtnona, Trials at Law, kc kc.. tumlit iierfectly by Mr. Briatow in one course of Uaaona! at lii Broadway. N. B.?A work of the author is presented to every |>U|nl foi their permanent '4 lm*rc "confectionary, ICE CHKAM8, SODA WATER, &C. f URADfcN, No. 71 Canal street, ia still at hia old stand ? and will be haiipyto ?ee hit friends, a* well aa the public generally, and wonln inform them tliat h? continnea to makt improvement* in his ai tides of Confectionary awl lee Creams, which have been so generally approved of, from their beini pure and wholesome, aa no deleterious aitides are used in the nnnufarttiriiiK of thetn, the supeiiutendence of the whole btinj tinder his immediate supervision. 8KOARH, CONFltCTIONAEY, KKUITH, kc. kc. wholesale anil retail. Particular attention will be paid to orders for fumiah in^ parties or private fainiliea for Ice Cream*, Jellies, kc., ai prices to suit the time*. Ordf#t flfti Confectionary from the country will be attended to with prom|>tneaa and ilespatrh. Me takes this opportunity of retnrninK hia lhanka for the libe ral patronage bestowed, and hopes to merit a continuance 01 public favor. au21 Im? 'TRANSPARENT ANI) WAHHABLE WINDOW A SHADES.?The subscribers have on hand the largest and most varieil assortment of French and Italian painted window Shades, of scroll, Gothic, landscape and plain centres, and for sale lower thaucan be purchased at any other establishment in 'In i ily Tm) vary in pric? and r|iialit\ from the most mmflcent Freach painting ever im|iorted in (he country, to the cheap Italian style, aa low as Rs. each. Alto on hanil, a lame ......I. ..r i .?i i c. i ..e ? lie. Tojethe'with a guneral asaortment ol,all Hearnptiona of Upholatery Ooodi, B.'da, Mattreaaea. Cnrtama, C?ruiin Mafcnala, (iilt ornamenU, Itc. Kor aale at remarkable low price*. SOLOMON It HAKT, Upholsterer., fcc. aRcr,dlm*rc 1X7 Broadway, o|ipo?tte Jnhn street. \yAT< HKS AND IKWKLKV VKHV LO\V-The aiib*" acribcria conatantly rre> iving, direct Irom the mannlacturerm, all dcacriptiona of Gold awl Hil?ei Lcrera, Alienor, r,a Rpement, l.eniue, and Verge Warchra, "I new ;ind tplenmil intlertia; gold and ailaer pencila, gold char I, keya, kc.. which lie it i. IIiiik at retail lower than it any other place m the city. (Jold Watches as low a* Z'j to 30 dollara ?ach. Watches and itwelrv eichang>'d or bought. All watches warranted to keep good time oi th? money ietnrn*d. W'a(che? and clocks repaired in the ben mamier and warranted, at much leaa than the lineal prices, by one oftha beat workman in Ainericj^ ^ ^ Importer of Watehea and Jawelrv, au23 ln*rc Wholesale and retail, X) Wall st, up stairs. IERA 1842. MISCELLANEOUS. iiii mFhwTtt's VEGETABLE XlFE*MElilorjfES. r P M K 8 K tnt diriues are indebted for their name to their mini' f it andsensible ictioimjnri(Viagtb< springa indchanni Is of life, and enduring them with reuewed tone- tud vigor. In many hundred certified extra which have b**eu made public, and in almost every ?j>ecies of disease to which the nuinan frame is liable, the h ipi y effects of Dr. Moffatt's Life Hills and Phenii Bitten have been gratefully and publicly acknowledgt d bv til MfVOIIB bfli" lilted, Ihd who SI* p|VV|Mft|| unacquainted with the beantifuJJy philosophical principles u|m>u which they are compounded and upon which they consequent* ly act. The Life Medicines nrcommeud thimiilvea in diseases of every form aud description. Their first o|*eraliou is to looseu from the co'ts of tne stoin.cb and bowels, the various iinpuritics and crudities constantly settling round tin*m; aud to remove the hardened faeces which collect iu the convolutions of the small iafestinss* Other Btikiim only partially cleanse these, alld leave tuch fullei ted Ula-vteh behind I" , hi . habitual costiveuesa, with all its train of evils, or suddeu diarrhoea, with its immiurut dangers. This fact is well known to all regular auatommts, who examine ihe human bowels after death; and hence the projadice of these well informed men agaiust quack uieiitiues?or medicines prt pared aud heralded to the public i?. ignorant 1?? ons. The secoud effect of the Life Medicines is to cleanse the kidneys and the bladder, and bv this means, the liver and the limits, the healthful action ol which entirely dr'jruds upon the regulaiity of the urinary organs. The blood, which takes it? red color from the ax**ucy ot the liver and the lungs before it passes into the heart, being thus putified by them, aud nourished by food coming from a clean stomach, courses freely through the veins, renews every nart ol the system, and triuinnliMiiiIv mounts the butiiu-r of health. Dr. Mo/Vatt'* Vegetable Life Me dicines have been thoroughly tested, and prouounced a sovereigu remedy tor D>spe|>*i.&, Flatulency, P limitation of the Heart, Loss of Appetite, Heartburn, aud Hcad.icht, K< stlessuess, Latigour, and Melancholy. Costiveuess, Diarihusa, Choleia. Fevers of all kinds Uheuniatuni. uoul, bro|isy of all kinds, (travel, Worms, Arthma, aoa Consumption, bcurvy* l !< - luvticr* wte Soies, Scrobutic tiruptioiu, and bad Compltxious, Krui>tivc tempi lints. Sallow, Clow uy, and other dntakievsble Com" pleiions, Salt tilirum, ErysipUs, Common Colds, and Inlluenzi, Obstructions, Irregularity and all denudenieiits of the Fe.nale System, Bilious Fevers, Piles, Fever ami Ague, and various other diseases to which the hum.ui fame in liable. For sale by the proprietor, DR. WM. B. MOFFATT, slO Ivfis*r 37'i Bro.idway. N. V. JTPEaSE ?SOW" CELEBRATED Remedy f-.r Consumption, Colds, lie., known as Clarified Essence of Horehouud Candy. Thin pleasant medicine is formed by a combination of lw- uty-five diffetcul iiig? vdients, all celebrated for the cure ot cold*,coughs and Pulmonary Complaint*: and by its combination, it'ouc of these articles should he used separately and atfoid no relief, in the Extract of H.?arhound they are so amalgam tied, that the bene tit of the whole is experienced in one compound. Abjut three years and a half *go,ihis article was first brought before the public. It was heralded with uo previous announcenient of its merit or value, but it was introduced by the propiictors 10 the community, to stand by their decision as regaided its beneficial iulluence. Ti at decision h<u been attained in a manner almost unex|tectfd. The unsought acknowledgment of its worth ha* proceeded M'ONTA NKOlJSLY FROM THOUSANDS who have practically experienced its benefits throughout the country. Aud why is it so? Bfl* aus? the dial of its qualities in Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, Irritation of the Throat, Croup, , VVh >oiuug Cough. Asthma, Catarrhs, Palpitation ot the He<ut, Liver Complaint, Night Sweats, Dilbcult or Profuse Expectoration, ind ill DISK'.ASKS I.KADINUTO CONSUMPTION. has given it a value that no other similar medicine ha* ever reached. Complaints of the Lungs are the most dangerous, and at the same time moat prevalent ?!"all diseases. Our elimatv is most peculiar?it changes suddenly from extreme warinlii to extreme coldness, FROM WET TO DRY, and it is from this change in the climate that diseases art apt I" IMMfe When the hlood is in an unhealthy state, and the constitution naturally dtlicatv, if a cold sets in, ami no iminvuiate relief tikes place, tne chances are altogether against th? i?atieut attacked; it is when remedies are takeu iu time, THAT DISK ASK IS CHfcCKED AND LIFE saved. There u no di?eose hat m i> not be suffVicd to go such a Isiigtn, that no mediciue or physician iu the world c?u ?av? th? 1 p?jsoii attacked. This sh uld hw rernemhered by all? THAT SAFETY FOR LIFE it, to be prepared in time. At the first symptoms ol a Cold, Cough, Oi t hilluvss, the Clariiieu Esseuce of llo*rhomi<l Cauuy SHOULD BE FREELY USED according to ihetdirectious.aud in every case where it is so takeu in uroner time, the c?ld or cough will be brokeu up or eradica* tea. We feel it our duty to impress this upon every one. Pedler* and Confectioners aie not appointed Agents and none 1 is genuine uuless each lockage is invariably signed J. Pease Ik Hon, O Division street, of whom it can be obtaiued, wholesale and retail. The followiug are our State Agents O W Reddintt, 8 State street, Boston; G B Zieber, 87 Dock st. Philadelphia; J Robertaon, 110 Baltimore st. Baltimore, Md; J Jobson. 36 St. Charles st. New Orleans; Dubois Ac Co. Mobile, Ala.: C Tobey, Cincinnati, Ohio; HaviUnd, Harrow it Allen. Charleston, S C; W J Duvall, 232 Broad st, Newark, NJ; W N HJdeman, Louisville, Ky; Piercv Tellei, Detroit, Michigan; Peck tk Spear, Burliu^tou, Vt; J. Anthony.N. 1 Haven, Couu; J. Oaynor, Richmond, Va; F.Taylor and W. Fisher, Washington City, D G; J. A. Wadswonh, Providence, R 1; J B Coster, Montgomery,Ala; J Marline. Fayetteville, N C; ii. W. Soihorm, Georgetown, DC; C. H. Hunt, Fredericksburgh, Va; J. H.Thompsou II Co. Wheeling, Va. All letters post paid, directed to J. PEASE to. HON, 45 Divin ii street, will be punctiiallv attended to. *10r SUTTON & VANDERBILT ARE Constantly receiving large supplies of Cloths, Cassl meres and Woolleus of eveiy descripliou.stiilable forth* p com in? scatou, which they offer at extremely reduced pricei p for cash, at their w# II known Tailoring Establishment, 4JK 1' Broadway, mood dooi ibo? Caoal at. d Gentlemen are reuuested to call and ciarainr their stock be ?* fore |?urchiuiiiK eliewheFC. '? N. B.?Paiticul ?r atu ntion paid to boy? clothct. >10 lm* HIGH POLISH. J T EE'S STEAM JMPHOVED BLACKING i* uow um Li verially admitted to be rir nprrinr to any vet invented foi iu peculiar preaervacire (ofteuing qualities to the leather, ami lor its eKjuiiite brilliant jet black lu*tre, properties entirely- unrivalled. N. B.?For the genuine article apply to the only Wareho??e, No. I John at, cornei of Broadway. ClIAS. LEE, _?10 I m r Formerly Lee ill Thomson. "LOOK AT THIS. AMERICAN TRANSPORTATION CO. \ GENERAL PASSAGE OFFICE. BOATS LEAVE ALBANY DAILY. i TJAS8ENGKS Forwarded, * itliout delay, to Utica, SI,in I Cleavelan I, Ohio, $5,25 Rochester, $3,00 Detroit, Mich., $\75 f LocUport, I Chicago, 111., $9,50 i Buffalo, $3,50 ( Toronto, U. C. $5,00 Oiwefo, $2,50, and I'itlaburith. And all parta of the Western Country. M. L. KAY, k CO.. [ ?l() Im*ni Ml Liberty atreet, New York. ' HENRIQUE S' WHOLESALE ANu HETAIL HAVANA AND PKINC1PE Sc.GAR STORE, htskmrit si William strkft, , Between Wall and Pine Street*, , all 3m r NEW VOHK. STRAW GOODS. u rP BENNETT, 39 John and 111*^ William (treats, im A porter and manufacturer <>f Italian and English Straw goods. respectfully informs Im enstome's from the Soutj and elsew here, thai he haa on hand a splendid aasnrtment o "J ladies fashionable straw goods, suitable for the fall season ? vit. Italian, Rutland, French and English Duustables, blacl d Florence Braid, Prince Albert, Schell, Sr.hell and linfierial and fine Tascan Bonnets. si I lin*rc LEARY &T CO. HATTERS, WILL introduce the Fashion for the Season, on Friday, 9th instant. .11 r NO. 4 AND S ASTOR HOUSE. ' SUPERIOR STROP. l?OR Surgeon's Instruments, Razors, Penknives, he , made " and warranted, bf PETER ROSE, Cutler and Hurge"u's Instrument Maker, No. 189 William it, N.w York. To all f those who have esperienced the w ant of a good Strop, combins ing neatness and economy, the above is recommended, and warranted not to be surpassed by any yet offered te the jmMic. Having been engaged in business as a tnanufi tnrer of Cutlery I since 1822, my eiperience enables me to mike an article that will smlthe wants of the community, and if not approved may at any tune be returned. They are ao'd at the low price of 71 I cinta each, to accord with the times ; and gentlemen are respectfully invited tocall anil evamine them I will here state that they are not a four sided strop with m> tallir hone attached, or any audi humbug; but a plain article by which a keen edge mil li. put upon H.t/.nrs, Penknives, kc. Razors ground and honed in the belt manner, and warranted. Also, all kinda of Cutlery made aud repaired with neatuess and despatch, by s8 Iw*r PETER Rosr, Cutler kr. OR, COM POl^ND ^!s S E N TIA L' OIO F ALMONDS ?For ilstr ying dandriff and prrveuting the hair from com ? 1 i.. ? r H.i. fkiiiw l?. Greenwich atreet, New tor*. This inimitable oil, hsa been the product of twenty-four year* of eiperienac, and for the last sixteen years in New Yon, where I hare been practicing in the If/tir (Jutting business, mid the public may rely oa it; thai A. f'*?Lor's I lomponnd Oil is the wholesomest and best Oil for tb** # Hair?makes it crow thick and Ion*, |>retent? iU falliac nilfor turning Krey, and even if hair h aa b kuu to torn fit jr. > ?uch a nourisher I* the hair, that by use it will restore it m its natural color Also proents hair from becoming ab?^?d, and if hair hia air ady shaded, which is a ifrest diaftgu*cinciit to young la| dies, and if used for a short lime, it will?*stow it to it* narura ' color, clear the scurf, and k?ep the la w and hair clean,nromole eyebrows and whiskered. A liberalI discount inade to wholesale , purchasers. Price M ceuU j*r Dottle, highly ^^gYoR kq iw*r Oret-nwich at. V. V . DlT FEUCHTWANGER'S nFFirr. Sn. I Wall atrcM rornrr Brn?ilw?f.? MunnfVrtnr' t <r of German Silver la ahrrf ,?nd I .ulil.ruatnujy.l Ai|Ue f forti? Muriain', Nitrir and PvndiKner-m Aridi : ..r Tin Molu1 tiom. rtltnrl Logwood, UUrrajma < ld.,nde of Hod?, of Lull it C*u?iir. PruMic Acid; Liver of 8nl|MrJodKhi of Iron, Lead mid Mer-ary, Dwuerrotyne,Ch?*mirala,F,lher, Ammonia, Orntifillr)' Lotiou, Chloride ol <lold, Phos|ili?M of ttoda.lkc. Infallible Pniwinn for Bedhngi, Fleaa, Fly Paper .Cochroichea Rao, Mntha, Caterpillar,, moarhetoea, the ronijinand chemical Wialr Oil, Soap and Seed Protector; llaliiia, PalUdrine, Ooldloil and Bronze, iieimine Harlem Oil, imported. Ia9 lm*ec I1R. UAVlD IIREiNNA i n (he honor of informing hi, ' ."-il ?li. wihli. tl>> i I ?Hm? removed from the iiranit* i uiIiIirk lo 174 Chainbcra aae - > where he Will, without the inof mercury, enre radically, i ti'in a few daya, the moatinTfterateraaea of avphilic diaeaa I. Dr. Brmna'a remedy i? ?-ti tirely free from any forroaire or -1 laououa mfcieral, and when taken according to hi? direction, will remove the rainftil ymptoma which invariably follow ti eabuae (or rather the nae) of mtrcury, audother noiiona m>'il 4 met no univeraallv ?dinm iitared in thoae caaea. Dr. Brenna ? medy ia an aimpWi thm it can't* admiuiatrrrd without the I < danger of bad conaeqnencev the patient bein? ahle dnnn-tne treatment to attMid to hia baaineaa and liee *a nanal. Dr Brenna'a practice ii not confined U> the core af th? above diaeaa*, bnt will continue to fire hi* profcaaiona! *dno? to pa tH'DU.and to adniuiiiUr medicinea on the homeopathic ay atom, the only one that haaor can rrer core chronic diaeiaei. Office honra, from It U 3 o'clock, and froui J to 7 P. M.? Chamhera atreet |75. _ jMlmr /^ OAL?100 tons Liverpool f^nnrk Coal, foi aale in lota to aait poreliMi-ri now landini from ?hip Siddona. Apply to 41 ItDW'b.K. COLLINS, It Co.. it South itrcet. *. * - 455*5 -r" LD. Prlc* Two Cull Ulo dc Janeiro. [Corr?poiHl?nc? of tJie Herald.] Rio dk Ja-nkiro, July 22. 1H42. Flour?Seizure of'[Bark Mary?Coast (f Africa, Ruinot.Ayrtt, fyc. Tiuvn i tahtuvm Urvvvrr- ? My Lokd:? Flour?stock on hand 3<),<JU0 barrels, price nominal. H ichmond $19, Baltimore #16. Coffee?the revolution which it* thought is near at an end, baa considerably stopped tha supply ; the price is about from 5 to 7J cents on board. The all absorbing topic of the duy in the seizure of the bark Mary, of Baltimore, which ship sailed from that port in December, 1840. It appears on a former voyage ttae captain hud been offered a very handsome charter to Europe, which he was obliged to decline, not having permission of the party concerned in the United States; however, when lust at home, h? agreed to give his friends so much |?er month, and lake the responsibility of loss, and so forth, returned to Itio, accepted his former oiler, and proceeded to Europe; in London, he chartered lus ship to lak* a cargo of powder to Montevideo, in which port .i i ... ' ..l.i n . lllf L'UIgu rv.lJi OUIU i.. i.iuuvDi.jiMin ajum, the captain ilirn demanded tux papers, which wir? refused uuiil he gave $10,(HK) bond iliut he would not land from liis ship, the said powdsr, in any port of the Argentine iiepublic. In this dilemma, a second vessel was chartered to meet the Mary off Cape Frio ; the vessels met, transhipped their cargo 111 bight ol an liuglislt man-of-war brig, and made sail immediately to the southward ; the Mary then came into this port, and was chartered for Mozambique and Canton When hall loaded, the captain applied to the American Consul for a certificate to cancel lus bond at Montevideo, which was immediately given, but he scarcely lost sight of the Eagle, where he wen'* to seek protection and assistance, before the Consul repaired to the Custom House and made an agreement with the collector to pay a ship's bills and seaman's wages, and h? would give information that would condemn one oi the finest vessels in the port, which was accordingly done?the ship seized?the captain taken from a sick bed and put in prison, trom whence he wan taken in ruther a peremptory manner by his friends, to the great surprise ol the Consul, wlio has t-incs resorted to every |>ctty device to assist to condemn the ship, *uch as questioning and taking affidavits of drunken sailors, promising them all their pay, &c.. ?Vc.; alter poor jack was well puiui>ed, the Consul sent to the collector for the dollars, as per agreement, ;when, behold ! they were not forthcoming, and the reply was, the ship would be condemned, and he would pay nothing, which raised a row between him and the Consul, w'ho has let the little brown man put his finger in bis eye. The best lawyers in the ptacc are employed, and the captain's friends appear to be conlideut they will clear his ship, lie is a nephew of Judge Duval, late of the United States Supreme Court, by whom he was educated, and is a gentleman much esteemed here ; it is also reported that he is to be united to the daughter of a nobleman ot high standing at thi* court, who is using all hit) influence with the ministers, and taking a public and decided stand againat the saizure of the vut-sel The last new* from tha coast of Africa, i*> a high-handed measure by tha British ships-of-wur, they having landed, made a. seizure, embarked all the goods, and one thousand two hundred negros, and sailed to Lemerara, alter having set tire to the buildings; some ol the merchants here have lost as much us each. By the arrivul of the bark Chenango, from Buenoa Ayres, we have intelligence of the Montevidean squadron having bombarded Martin Garcia, and passed on up the river to aid and supply the army in the interior. Brown, with his best ship, is aground on the quick sands. Flour at Montevideo, ?15 per barrel. Knowing the columns ol your far-lamed Herald to be open to all, these remarks are offered, my Lord, by your Lordship's most obedient and humble servant, CoMM?KCE. Rochester. [Conr?pondFuce of the Htmld.] Rochester, Sept. 8,1842. Office Stefan?Abolitionist*?Captain Tyler?Mi* i thodiiti?Clay McUingt, Sfc, ' Gen. Bennett :? Sm:? r In publishing my last, you omitted the names ot a couple of tremendous orators. Perhaj s it was well; for my friend Dr. K. is of such retiring habit, that a. r modest blush might have invaded the lace ordinarily 1 worn by him. Rochester is "as comfortable as can be expected." Since my last, Tylsr's spunk-seems to have declined a shade in the breast of some who seemed his warmest friends. Can it be the design to manufacture fa. vor with the Executive for some " cold wittles " or "oldrlo" within his gift 1 Let such depend on it that themselves only are deceived by such a subterfuge. Captain Tyler will "front face," " forward march," without the aid of such corporals. I charg* no one with interested viewBin the late movements; some I know ask nothing, want nothing, but conscientiously support the President from convictions right, and devotedly love him for his noble, inco* ruptible integrity. tohalllnow ftfllynti, sir, such nie( duilj increase 1 Western ? Yolk swarms with such ; the farmer, the mechanic, the laborer the honest and intelligent of all classes thank <5od for a wise and honest Executive, during these times of trial and general embarrassment, brought on by th* madness, folly and wickedness of those now gnawing the file beneath his triumphant feet. A venerable snow top, whose right arm wielded a keen blade for liberty, said to ni^ yesterday, (and i his eve lit un with new fire, and strong emotion ' shook his old timbers) "Young man! Liberty has I enemies in high places, but they are foiled ; they , thought to strangle freedom and grasp her spoils in the'midst of general anarchy,but thank God,a champion guards the treasure." Miss Abbv Kelley has been attending an abolition convention at our city ; the way she knocks the male brethren about is not slow. She is extremely interesting, but not very pretty! Do you think sol A trained negro mimic attempted to take off the holy doings of Southern christians. The convention finally broke up, after having condemned to Tophet all who ventured to disagree with their halinesaes. When will foola l<'arn the madness of employing / such moral suasion! The Methodists have be?n holding a long conference, we have meanwhile reformed considerably; coz why! there are two or three hundred ministers here, real roarers ! the poorest of whom can checkmate Old Horny, though he do his worst ; but I like the Methodists ; mnr- nious brethren, and more dear sisters than in all oiIn rs put together. It is said they are trying to pass the distribution bill. \fr is doing wonders in animal magnetism. All the Methodist ministers in town heard him last night. Bat the poorest brother there can beat him hollow, for he could put a whole congregation asleep with half the fuss. At the Inst meeting of the fathsrs of a considera..e n , Dieponion vi iuib wny, nuiwiiiiaii i-j jircsruicu ? resolution to change the name of Clay street to Tyler street. That won't make you collector of the port, I reckon. Alderman'! Bold thought, though. It8 uaeleaa to conceal it, Captain Tyler ia more |>opular among honest men than all the old haeks put together; he iathe praise of the old patriot, and the young love him. Last evening several members of Congress were here, and tried to raise a little steam for Clay, aided by some hired song singers; but some rascajly locos presently commenced singing the old "Tippecanoe and Tyler too." O! horror! Hot iron ana cold water! Vinegar and nitre ! Soda and acid! 1*40 and '42! what a commotion it made? hisses, groans, but nobody wan frightened; although bloody noses and buck shot were talked of, nothing done. Sir, your obedient servant. I*TIKNDC. OmERVATORY.?The friends of Harvard Colleg# are undeavonng to raise funds to supply the new Observatory with the necessary instruments in u;i11 ita nnw wnrtr n t Ikcv* Co*fins.?They have commenced manufacturing iron coffins at Pittsburg. They are said to be handsomer, better, and cheaper than any other. A Novci. Visiter.?The American steamer Bangor, Dunn, from Rost?n, bound to Constantinople, to ply as a tow boat on the T>ardanc||e?, from the Adriatic to the Caspian sea, put into Pictou day morning to repair some injury done to her boilers She previously called at Halifax for the same purpose, but it being; ascertained that the damage could be repaired with much greater facility at i ictou, she accordingly proceeded hither-accomi) i ing the passage in thirtv-si* hours -wllre nuire to remain a week to *ee her boiler* sumc y repaired.?Pirtoii Banner

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