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September 14, 1842 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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Gen. A M. Provost; Recorder of Heeds, Penrose Ash : Auditor, Thomas E. Crowell. Esq. A lad. about seven years of age, by the name of Patrick ^imth, was drowned yesterday afternoon, between 5 and b o'clock, at th* foot of Walnut street. He was playing with his brother and several other lads who had just come out of school, when he fell from the wharf and disappeared. A little girl was drowned about noon, by tailing overboard from Manderson's lumberyard, in Kensington. Not much was done in stocks to-day, prices much us mry nave ueen lor several nays. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT" The College ot Medlrlnu nud Fl??rm?ry, Ktlahhskrd for the Suppression of Quackery, BEli TO IN'KOHM ALL PERSON'S DF.S1ROOS of ob'ainiug medical advice, that on remitting the mm ol one dollar, with a statement 01 their case, they will be supplied with one dollar # worth o! appropriate medicine and a letter ol advice containing full direction* a* to diet, regimen, Ac. All letters must be po?t paid. Address W. 9. RICHARDSON, Agent. Principal Ottice ol the College of Medicine and 1'harmacv, 97 Nassau street, N. Y. N. B?The Coxsvltiko Phvsicis* is daily in attendance at the private consulting room* ol the College. Hour* from 10 till 3 o'clock. 0&- C Ll RE HUGH'S SYSTEM OF SHAMPOOING, dissolve*, dissipates, removes and cures scurf and dandritf from the head bv one application of the Tricopberous or Me heated Compound. Principal oitice 905 Broadway, up stairs. B il lness prevented and the hai' restored to its original str-ngth an I thickness?or no charge?by the use ol Clirehiigh Trico..herons or Medicated Compound. Principal ottice '105 Bread way, up stairs. Grey Hair preventel and the original color of the hair restored by the use of tClirehugh's Tricopherous or Medi cated Compound. Office'itlS Broadway. (&- IN THE FALL IT IS IMPOSSIBLE, OWING to severe changes, to preserve the system in a healthy condition ; many persons tneie are who contract colds at this season, and never livo to see another spring, but full beneath Hie grasp of consumption The diseases to which it o.ves i s origin is slight colds, then coughs and night swats , many Buffered colds to become seated on tliem. Those who have been so unfortunate as to contract ej.iifrI, ??l I, ,. .. I . . >? p..,,.... un.1 V ..?0... ... . V .. . , .. V IUWIIIIIICIIU iu f4? ... . .... Sons. 45 Division-street, aa I got some of their Hoarhound Candy. We hare tried it, and can say it is one of the best remedies known for coughs and colds. It contains an active calharlic, an! as pleasant as ordinary candy. Its active melicinal properties is so pleasant to the taste that children cry for it. We recommend this article to the suffering? the effects of procrastination rests with themselves. Agents: Alfred Hill, '.208 Urcenwich-streut , Rnshton and Aspinwall, 1)0 Broadway, 10 Astor House, and 86 William-street, E. Chasteney, 140} Bowery; Barmora and Agnew, 300 Hudsou-street; Hays, 130 Fultonstreet, Brooklyn. The Genuine Extract of tiarsaparllla, Prepared by THE COLLEGE OK MEDICINE AND PHARMACY Of the City of New York. CQS- THERE IS NO ARTICLE IN THE MATERIA Medica, of which so many spurious and inert preparations, have l>een offered, as Sarsoparilla. Indeed, many members of the medical prolession go the length of denying in toto, the efficacy of this invaluable drug, and they nave been ledti this disbelief of its virtues, by the w retched mixtures which have been and are at present palmed on the public, as genuine extracts ol the article. The College desire no stronger and more intelligible proof ol the worthlessness of these mixtures, than that evidence which is afforded by the very advertisements of their manufacturers. The frequent extravagant pull's which are thrust before the public, bear on their front the impress of the most impudeut quackery. Powers are ascribed to Sarsaparilla which it does not really possess, and certificates of alleged cures, represented to have been effected by its use, are paraded at length, whilst every educated physician, well knows that no such results could by any ixissihility have followed from the use even of the most carefully prepared extracts of Sarsaparilla. It is under these circumstances, and in accordance with their extend d plan of suppressing all descriptions of medical imposture, that the "College of Medicine and Pharmacy" offer to t><e notice of the public, Thf. Gbxuixf. Extract of Sarsapaiiilla. This article has been prepared at great expense, according to the new process f the Parisian pharmaceutists, and is confidently denomina'e 1 the only really valuable preparation of Sarsaparillanow offered tor sale in this country. iv^^vuri ?uu me atvivc |inuv;i|itc ui uic oinuax ojjicivalis ?the best species o( the root?the College have incorporated that peculiar modification uf sugar, which has been termed elycyrrhizin. In the "Extracts" of the nostrum-venders and certain drutrgists, the common extract of liquorice is the chief ingredient, and can readily be detected. B i it is proper to stale that in most eases this extract of liquorice is adulterated, and contains copper derived from the pans in which the decoction of the root is evaporated. The College wish thus particularly to guard the public against the pernicious tendency of mixtures, containing large quantities ol this |x>isonod liquorice. The " Extract," prepercd by the College, contains also an appropriate quantity of the peculiar crvstallnahle principle, obtained from that valuable vegetable bitter, Gentian, (so nailed from Gantius, King of Illy ria, who first discovered its great virtues) A small |>ortion of the active constituents ol the Lmrus Sassafras, another vegetable, whose efficacy a* an alterative and purifier of the bloo i is well known, has likewise been added. These several articles have be n incorporated, and their peculiar principles romi?in ? hji?h|y concentrated form, and the re. aub tonic, uiieqiiall'-d for power and efficacy. The College merely ad I the following extract from the editionjust published of Brande's " Practical Dictionary ol th>- Materia Medica ? " This article has been prescribed in chronic rheumatism?in obstinate cutaneous eruptions?in indolent ulcers?in glandular affections?in diseases of the bones, attended by dull aching puns, tumors and nodes?wasting of the flesh?and it has proved a valuable remedy, and has sometimes effected a cure where other alterative' have been long administered in vain, and when the diseased state of the system has '?-en of many years duration. In the after treatment ot syphilis, and in cases where mercury has injuriously ifec'ed the sy-tem, it possesses powers not hitherto ohetrred in any other article uf the Materia Medica." Sold in sinolk Bottles, at 7Scents each. " lis Cases of half-a-doiex Bottles, f3 AO. " " " out: dote* " 6 00. Cases forwarded to all parts sf the Union. N. B.?very liberal discount to wholesale purchasers. U) umri "I me c um-|;e, W. 9. RICHARDSON, Agent. Principal office of the College, 07 Nassau St., N Y. 1Kb CHILD BURNT-FLORENCE MAHANY, of 140 Leonard-street, was burnt on Saturday last by its riothf taking fire, so that the Coroner's inquest was held yesterday morning, and a verdic' returned of " death by accidental burning " Now we venture to assert, that il they had bad Dilley's Salve, from 71 Maiden-lane, to apply the instant the clothes were removed, this cnild would not have died, unless the vital parts were destroyed at first. How long will it be before every lamily shall keep this remedy always at hand t fc??TO SELF SHAVING GENTLEMEN POSSESS ing a s'rong beard end tender face, the Metallic Tablet and Strop o G Saunders is the only article now in use that w 11 obv.ate their difficulties. A most convincing proof ot their utility is, that the first cutlers in London, v;r Coimau, 1 11 <ymar*et?Millikin, SOI Strand?Lowcock, 34 Corn hill?Thoriiball, 114 New Bond-street?have thein for sale, and recommend the use of them with their own cutlery. N.B ? t he Metallic Tablet anil Strop has bean in use for the last twenty five years, and certificates as to the superiority of the Stop Irom the following scien'ific gentlemen, are at present in the possession ol the inventor. Prol. Griscom, Dr. Mott, and Gen. J. Tallinadge, President ot the American Institute. Retail price 51, $1,30. G. Saunders and Sou, 103 Broadway. {jt^- AROUSE! WHIGS! AROUSE! LIFE OF Hemy Clay !?the Extra New W'oi Id, containing an oriental I.lie ol "Itarrv of the Wnel " nr.u.or-,1 una*. I.a auihorny ol the Whig Committer of New York, and intea,led for circtilati n in every hamlet in the Union, ia now ready, and lor sale at the office No. .10 Ann street. by the 'ingle copy, price six and a quarter ccnti, or at (6 per hundred. It 11 embelliiiheJ with a Full Length Likeness, handsomely engraved from Franquinel's celebrated picture,representing Henry Clay Heated in hi* itudio at Ashland. Order. from t ioin'dittoes and Clay Cluba (enclosing ca*b)are requested to be forwarded imme ilately. AJdr.t* J. WINCHESTER, 30 Ann itreet, New York. For tale by G. B. Zieher, 87 Dock at, 1'hiladelphia; Redding lit Co. 8 State ?t, Boston; Jones, .Museum Buildings Albany, and all agents througuont the country. Q&- CHATHAM THEATRE?The attractions at this popular theatre continue undiminished, and the result is ciow.lcd boutes nightly. This evening Mr. Wood, the celebrated panloimuiist, makes bis first appearance in the popular drama of the Dumb Man ol Manchester. In addition, the fcticcesslul drama of the Butchers of Ghent, and the admired farce of the Hecret, are perlormed, with a cast embracing the entire strength of the company. (&~ KOMSTOCK'S VK'tMIFUOE WILL ERADIcate all worm* in children or adults with a certainty quite astonishing, and sells with a rapidity almost incredible, by Comstock It Co., New York. Tooth Drops, Kline'*?cure effectually. To he found only at 71 Maiden Lane. 0^ HEADACHE.?Dr. S|>ohn's Headache Remedy will effectually cure sick headache, either Irom the nerves or bilious. Hundreds of lamihes are using it withirrunt joy. To be hail only at 71 Maiden Lane. O^-.THE COMICAL ADVENTURES OK MR. OBAdiah Oldlmrk, illustrated with two bundled ludicrous Engravings, is issued this morning, in an Extra Double Br other Jonathan, and rail be sent by mail lor news, aper postage only. Price IJ cents a copy ?10 copies for one dollar. OBlce UM Nassau street. TO SOUTHERN AND WESIERN MERCHANTS.?Your attention is requested 10 the advertisement in another column of the Canton Tea Company ? Their assortment (particularly Houqua's mixture) are fine flavored and free from anything impure or deleterious, nnd are worthy their inspection, as being desirable lor private use or lot customers. Their de|>ot is at No. 121 Chatham st, a few doors above Pearl. Herald Bulletin of New a. The Herald Bulletin ol News is kept at the north-we>t corner of Kulton and Nassau streets. On the arrival ol the morning mails, at "ight o'clock, A. M.?and also of the evening mails, at fonro'clock, P. M., the latest intelligence fro si ail |>arta of the world, may be lonnd on the Herald Bniietm Board, at l his cornet. Let every wayfarer stop and read. Advertisements of all kinds taken at the office. Herald Usnsrsl Priming Office. The General Printing Office, capable of doing all sorts vi y\ .1UU|,lucn m uooKa, pnmpnit'iN, niim, rnraa 01 an deecruttiona, ii now open at the Herald Building", entrance (rem Naeeattetreet-Joeepli Elliott, Printer. I l?IO!VICY MARKKT. Taraday, Hrpt, 13?6 P. M, The Stock Market has been heavy and an increased disposition to sell has knocked prices down a little. Delaware and Hudson fell }: Long Island J; Harlem I per ceut. The progress of public opinion in relation to the late award in the case of Boorman, Johnston v Co., has in dured oueol the referees, Daniel Lord, to publish a pamt.K lul I it l?,l ' A f.'ndirnlinn nf lii? A t&'nr.l " mere title of the publication indicate* that public opinion condemn* the course pursued by Boorman, Johnston k Co., as well as that of the referees. As the public understand the mattor, Boorman. Johnston k Co. acted upon tha legal advice of Mr. Strong, and that before the case was referred, Mr Lord was retained by them as counsel. That fact should have prevented Mr. Lord from becoming a releree in a matter depending upon his own advice. Suppose he had awarded against Boorman, Johnston k Co., what would those gentlemen have said I Why, sir ! it was by your council that we acted, and do you now condemn us for so doing I Mr. Lord had no alternative but to decide as he did, an 1 as an npricht man he should have declined the appointment. The only disinterested referee, James O. King, Esq., promptly decided in favor of Little k Co Mr. Lord's hoak is a mere repetition of )<oints long since placed before the public. It is a sophistical attempt to sustain a wrong position. Messrs. Boorman, Johnston k Co., in their statement, denounce the Board of Brokers as all that is dishonorable, and particularly as a nest of gamblers. If we admit this, did not Boorman k Johnston know it when they went into the Board, through one of its members, to gamble in stocks J Now suppose those honorable gentlemen had preferred gambling in any other manner, and gone, for instance, to a faro bunk, and staked $00. and lost , w ould they then have exclaimed, "Vet! I have lost $60, but you must collect it legally 7" In such a case, Daniel Lord, and other lawyers, would have decided that their course was entirely according to law, but the world would have said, "They meant to have icon illegally, hut do not wish to pay ills'ew e? 11 v f9 ??.. R.memau lelsnstn.. (. Pa eos. ?ls.. .Snob San?. U'll, UUV......U, ?. ivw. ?a7 ui? i...i >iu^> wa< for bona fide investment, and not 011 (peculation. What difference did it make to them when the trainier wai made on the hooka, ?o that the possession wai?secured to them, and they in receipt of the dividend*? Clearly, none. The design of making use of a law quibble to back out of an unfavorable speculation, is fairly brought home to them, aud part of the odium will rest on Lord k Newbold for sustaining them. Mr. Lord in hi* " note," states that he was absent from the city, and did not kn >w that the sabject was matter of public interest. This is a very singular statement, when the subject was daily a matter of discussion between himself and others, par icularly an eminent Baltimore lawyer at Saratoga Springs. We trust the next pamphlet, instead of being a " vindica tion," will be a " congee" to public opinion. The following is a statement of the affairs of the Frank, lin Bank of Columbus, Ohio, which resumed specie payment on the Tth inst :? Flistus Bans or Colpubui, Stir. 7, 1842. Resources. LiahiliHtt. *recie, $33,27R Capital, $412,28? Notes of Banks 11,338 Surrlus, 68 RS't Funds in New York, 30.000 Circulation, 137,322 Other funds, 7,81* Due Banks, 1,251 Due by Banks, I 177 Drafts on time, 18,612 Discounts, 159.659 Depositee, 69,146 Due by State of Ohio, 317,750 ? S'ocks, 83.082 $708,883 Ileal fcstate, 11,169 Expenses, 1,338 Balance in suspense, 10 $706,883 Tho Banks of Whec ling, Va., are fully prepared for reiumplion?they may, in fact, be considered as virtually resumed at this moment, as they pay specie freely fer their notes. ' 'The following is a return of the banks of South Carolina, on the 81st Sept. and 1st of August, 1812 Banks or South Carolina. Sift, t and Ac oust i. .higmt 1. Sept. 1. I.oani. Specie. Loam. Specie. Bank of State, 831,117 131,931 821,510 98.191 Branch at Columbia, 78.5,042 8,775 783,088 8,790 " Camden. 413,762 504 415,882 638 Southwestern It iilr'd 468.514 105,183 413,170 102,95.4 Planters' It Mech, 812.533 141,1.58 870.888 142,766 Union Bank, 768,594 73.570 740,005 65,701 Total, 4,109,895 461,125 4,077,786 419,047 Circ. Dept. Circ. Depr Bank of Slate, 666,133 495,732 615,269 430,980 Branch at Columbia, ? 85 458 ? 79 648 ' Camden, ? 29,068 ? 34,926 Southwestern Railr'd 237.912 216,203 254,002 238,201 Plant-r.'St Mech's, 227,125 171.452 216,765 137,507 Union Bank, 2.801 168.601 5 956 141,089 Tout, 1,131.972 1,166,515 1.091,993 1.0:0,351 87 By recapitulation, these aggregates give the following result* 4,nri,895 4,077,788 Specie, 453,2^2 495,679 461,125 419,047 Circulation. 1,126.064 1,415,909 1,133,972 1,091,993 De|>o.ili, 1,274.723 1,311,197 1,166,515 1,060,354 Their exchange movement is seen in the following ta ble :? Jan. Feb. Mar. *1ug. Sept. Domestic bills, 422,7*3 504,130 448,933 266.276 208,262 Foreign, 42,326 41,638 174,709 84.327 40,651 465,035 545,768 623.642 350,603 248 915 The following is a comparative statement of theatlisirs of the Banks of New Orleans, on the lat inst., and on the date of the previous return :? Banks or New Oilcans. *1uguit I, Sept. 1. Cir. Dep. Cir. Den. Built or Louisiana, 120,(111 218,811 120.730 297,R93 Canal and Banking Co., 222,27} 8,346 187.860 11,171 Carroll ion RR & B ,nkin? Company, 27.610 32,096 21.960 32,409 Citizens' Bank. 291.96} 386.931 293,903 5.30,1(10 CitvBnk. 267.510 240,017 217,065 207,291 Commercial Rank, 128,700 38,100 110.985 72,856 Consolidated Association, 278,160 231.669 261 200 250 931 Louisiana State Bank, 27.7,562 416,216 231,239 360,896 Mechanics' and Traders Bank, 66.V5 103,069 48,263 101,569 Union B ink, 211,785 533,780 215,815 473,917 Total dollara, 1,922,083 2,413,110 1,733,114 3.365,318 .htelt. Sptcir. .hirh. Specie Rank of Louisiana. 5.2 >8.0.53 237,349 5,351,758 311 497 Canal & B .okliiK Co., 5.297,675 1.449 5,336,829 68,012 C rrolltou RR (t Bankinn Comnanc. 2,395,693 11,419 2,389,341 10,137 Ciiizeni' Bank. 9 682,074 32.607 9,(82.143 14,376 City B ink, 3, >78.571 107,398 3.126 571 103,508 Comm*icial Bank, 3,977,500 19.209 3,962,418 76,687 Consilidaled Association, 3.184,154 90,561 3,070,588 89.787 L ui.iana Slate Bank, 2.8U.076 148,751 2,822.013 232,965 MecU'nica' and Trailers'B nk, 2.632.2fl> 108,155 2,615 337 121.916 Union Bank, 10,79:1,081 107,317 10,067,868 150,331 Total dollars, 49,319.590 901,737 48,228.173 l,2i'8,433 These aggregates, by comparison, give the follow ing result ,1iifiitl2. Sr pi 1. De.create, Inc. Loans, 49,317.590 48 228,173 1,119,4 7 ? Specie, ? 1,208,153 ? 303,718 Circulatina, ? 1.733,111 188,969 ? Dupoxites, ? 2,365,318 380,001 ? Tho following table of the prices of the broken bank notes on the 1st of Juue, 1st of July, 30th of July, and 1st inst. will show that the credit of the broken concerns has not improved :? Circulation. July I. July id. Sept. 2. Dec. J nr. Citv, I7a20 29*32 Mali 50,145 ? Carrollton, 25i30 2.5*30 Iflal5 5,650 ? Canal, 28.132 I2a48 17a20 34,415 ? Slate, !7i20 25a3fl llal3 21,323 ? Commercial, 28a32 30a33 1 la 13 17,12.5 ? Consolidated, 3IU31 46 50 26a28 16,870 ? Cil zena' 32a36 46nil 38.21 ? 1,910 Mecha**ics'It Trad'a, ? 7a 9 3a 5 19,210 ? Union B *nk, ? 22.23 Ilal3 23 9611 ? Bk Louit'a specie pay'n ? ? ? ? 619 Total decreaie, 188,969 The Banks generally, it appears have been rapidly decreasing their outstanding circulation and its depreciation has consequently decreased. The Citizens'has slightly increased its circulation, and consequently the value in the market has not improved. Tho r ank of Louisiana pays specie. The specie held by all the banks has increased 33} per cent, in a short time, and under the pre ent state ol hmint'M will continue to do to Tor tome time to come. The preciou* mettle are flowing into New Orleans from all quarter*. On the 7th inat. the ihip Oastonhence, arrived with $111,511, to the following Arm* Blanchird.F. mrrfct'o $12,00<l F Frcy, 2VOOO II Relf, (cashier,) 3,000 A. St. George'*, 1,000 F. Omahl k Co., 20o Order, 000 Foicade k Co., 2,0 0 A. Lanfesr, 10,000 MelUudnn Si Co., S,50fl ??? 1 B. Story, 45,912 Total, $111,112 These.'are mostly cotton home*. At the?ame time every boat from up thn river brought boxe* of specie, and every arrival from Mexico inereasod the amount*. These facta ihow how invariably *pocie makes its appearance ( when paper it excluded (rom the market. Thi* change in the medium will cause prices of pro luce to rule very , low in New Orleans, but for that reason the exports will be greater and more healthy. It is undoubtedly true, that owing to the artificial ttate of the currency,heavy losses ] have lieen sustained by shipper* during the past yearns well as during two or three that have preceded it, audit may lie matter of surprise under the circumstance that the amount of Southern bills returned has been no greater than it has. Through the coming season piice will he very low, perhaps lower than for many years, particularly in the article ol cotton?but if purchased for cash and shipped as the effective demand abroad warrants,instead of according to the whims of speculation, it will be safe nno win no longer arep tun mercantile community in miipenae and alarm from ita continual vacillation. ftalee at the Htoeh Rir.hange, ttOOO Ohio s'l. 1220 7i\ lUHarlian R R .10 la WOO do ?60 72 200 do 11 | 3000 Kentucky 2'?, 127 1 71 125 do 17V 10 ?h?? M nha'tan Bk 01 23 do 17)j i 20 Union Btak 10IH * do >3 17V (7 Bk 106 25 .do ?nw 17 | '71 Bel k Hud>. n 25V SOLMand 660 51 100 Faimeri' Loan 12* If d? ?M 5oV i 50 do ?J0 1?X 300 do 50X 100 do 19 i Second Board. 50 ?h*? Harlem K R 17 25 tin >10 16S State of Trade. The Detroit Board of Commerce have resolved to charge but 12} cent* per bhl lor storing aud telling (lour up to 1st December. The former rates were lor storage, 8 centa per bbl, and 12} per cent: commission on vales. The present low price of produce induced this change. run following sales were made at miction :? House and lot So. 66 Allen itreet, 'JO by 60ft $0,160 Seven lota on 130th at. Harlem, between 6th anil 6th avenuea, $30 per lot 310 ytuicovado .Sugar?116 hhda Cuba Muacovado Sugar, 61 a 61 tier lb , 4 mos. Rio Cofftt?10 bags Rio Cotfce 6j; 44 do Cuba do, 6fa6j Ceuta. ?-l*Ata?Tliu sales amount to about 360 bbla of Pota at $6 371', and 100 of f'earli at $6 631 6 74* Flour aitd Grain?There is a demand for common brands of Geiiessee at $1 66|, and lor better brands at $4 614 Sales of about 4000 barrels Michigan is the same as Canal. Ohio, $4 60 a 4 63J. Southern is sold, mostly for shipping at $4 87$ a 6 lor Brand) wine and Oeorgetown. Cotton Crop. The St. Francisville, La., Chronicle of the 3d inst., says -.? that it is pain'ul to witness the destruction made by the last tornadoes. The three first daj s of the week we witnessed the severest gusts of wind and rain known to the oldest planters, which blew down tri-es, fences, and in fact, swept cotton and all be'ore them. The B iton Rouge Gazette, ot Saturday, stares that the armv worm the scourge ol the cotton fields, has reallv made its appearance in West Baton Rouge. Such had been the damages done by the worm, ihat our produce has been cut short at least one huu Ireil bales. Great injury has been done to the Cotton crop near Alexandria, occasioned by a continuation of heavy rains,which have extended throughout the cotton growing district. Tho rot has already destroyed hnlf the crop on many of the plantations. The Savannah Georgian say? that they have received a sample of that peculiar kin I of Sea Island Cotton,knawn as the Long Cream, which is now grow ing on Dawluskie Island. The sent that produced this Cotton was obtained at great expense,but the yield will abundantly repay. The staple is long and silky, ami adheres tenaciously to the seed. This specimen was produced by the prolific and beautiful shtuh, Oossipium Helena, and is well deserving the attention of jdanters. It is suitable for making the nnutt miii must aciicate musun<, laces, xc. We see by the Colorada Gazette,(Texas) that nine bales of new Cotton were received there on the 10th nit, the first this season. The crop in Texas will tie 100,000 bales. Domestic Market*. Charleston, Sept. 10.?We have no new feature to notice in thu Upland Cotton market since the 1st instant, at least so far us prices are concerned. There is, however, very little doing, as buyers have been kept out of the market, in consequence of the small stock on hand, and the light receipts, which have been but 367 hales since the 1st,'1-26 of which are of the new crop. The sales in the same time are 661 bags. Ol the foregoing, 170 are of the new crop, and sold at prices ranging from 7 to 8Jc per lb. There has been a little inquiry for Rice for the North and for the West Indies, but the demand has not been equal to the receipts, and for all descriptions under prime, former prices have scarcely been maintained, choice has readily commanded full rates, from its scarcity. Sales in the same time 773 tierces, at $2 1 tfi'h to27-!6ths per 100. The sales of rough rice since our la?t have been but 1461 bushels, at 66 cents per bushel. The same price was offered for 4000 bushels, and refused. Married, On the 13th instant, by the K>-v. Dr. Power, Sarah, daughter of the late M. Palache, Esq., to Rohkrt E. Kallt, Esq., late of G.tlway, Ireland. * On the 1:1th instant, by the Rev. Mr. Gonsalve, John Silva to Sarah Jane, daughter of William Smith Gray, all of this city. * Died. On the 13th instant, Emma, daughter of John and Mary Cunningham, aged 13 months. The funeral will take place this (Wednesday) afternoon at ft o'clock, from No. 8 Lumher street. On the 12th instant, Mr. Retard, of Amiens, France,in the 10th year of his age. Drowned while on a fishing excursion orf1 New Rorhelle. His friends and acquaintances an I those of Renard It Co are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, at 4 o'clock this afternoon, from No. 76 Broad street, without further invitation. On the morning of the 13th instant, Benjamin, only child of Francis and Julia Ann Clarke, aged two months and six days. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully requested to attend the funeral this (Wednesday) afternoon, at half past two o'clock, from No. 328 Madison street. Pasutigcrs Arrived. Savannah?Br'g Augusta? Mis Carter and son, Mr Mendcnhall? 6 in the steerage. Pauengeri Hailed. Liverpool?Packet shin Stephen Whitney?John You nr. Thou Yours. of New Vol*; Dr M K Noithall, Brooklyn; T Roger*, P B Rogers, P t- r*on, NJ; Wm \.?rris, Philadelphia; T Lloyd H tl?e> . Providence, Rl; L Benavides, F Rodriguez, Havana; Percv Cum in.'^am and Udy. Mt?* Duuderdale, England; Col Withrew, British Armv; Thoi Ferguson. Alevandcr Chart ra, Belfast; Thot llid m, Ireland; Jamea W Oitlan and lad*, Hugh FV uneasy, ladv and ? rvant, Ann F> une?sy. CatheKr n^nv, iLrt^\adatu.E>/\ trs*L? D >'<** ?EeppcW.* TbUJIll* y., Liverpool. FovcIkii Importation*. Havre?Shin Fr meois 1st?1 pkg Berri. Keese & ro?2 J R St Felii?5 C W Chomvr?1 Tow ml, Shtrpleti k son?J6 | Gaffe It Meiers?I H Bihsd?9 H Chevrolet k co?? Lninny, | Sourd* am k Moran?3C Valentin?I S Cochran?5 A F O't j Monro**?1 John B Morton?5 R k H H light k co?17 Prove k Livermore?I P S hcrmerhom?5 Lane, Lamaoo k co?2 Adams, Petrie k co?1 RentH kco?2 O Mi they-1 C Lnscher?I 8avoye. Crosby k Co?1 V Viel?46 Brusrlein, Koop k co? I Dernsmesk Boirard? I A Barhey?I A Rolk rk co?2 Ccrf. Beer k May?1 T Lah**ns k co?1 Mellv, Turner k co?I F Lien?2 Schnehardt, Farre k c?1 S k H K Jmaramvn?I Chs Ahrcnfeldt?7 F Coronet?I H I) raisme- ? I A 8 Perot?3 Jno C Ksy?er?I D iris k Tower?I Gtv, Lu sac k Noel?I Linn >v, ftourdeam k Morn?1 Wade k Pumeniier? I E Bnsaanv i ?7 C Lawson k co? 2 8pie?, Chrrt k co?2 E F Vewhall?5 F Omber k D imbm*n ?? 5 Warburg k Danne?I A k E Warburg. Philad?1 A Fav?1 Boisce.m k Ruacb? I John C Kavser?3 J M Oj'penheim k co?| L GobLcli nidi k co? | O F M?-\ ? r?t AwB deiut? re. Philad?:i T A Vouin k co?s T R k If M ?hIt?2 G Heaaeubar k co?2 Easier k Foley?1 Foly Frerea?I Freie Brunner?3 H B kei?10 Lachai-c k F.mche?2 Malezi ux, Gourd k co? 1 Malmazet k Smith?2 H Eacher?I E F Hover?1 E II n?1 K?-ssler k co?3 G Hesseiiburg k co?I Spiet. Christ k co?I Klemm k B others? I L Bmue &ro?I J 'Cquelin k Allien?2 S H nrison, Philad?I Ward. Sill k Thompson?rj J Duprt ?7 C Payeu k co?l B-i lv, Ward k co ?3 J K 8r Feli*?I John Mortimer jr k ? ? 2 C Bolton, F x k Liviinf?*on?l Consul General of Franee?2 P.eirfer k Winmann? F f olliard? I B alie k co?2 Rout?I P Francisco?1 Brun de la Rossierejk ? o?3 A PI unit en?I P Valentin? I B-* nani A MAnnon?I F A Mr\>r-1 J C Fay?3 A R Ci#?raud?I W Vys*?6 A Si R Wiilrr?I B Bl mco? 1 Wolf,-* Q I Irs pic? 1 B^nj H Fifld?I W H Hors?m-mn A c<>?2 Rose Ik Owen?2 W B Drsper? | Wight, SrurgetA Shaw?1 Thompson & Adams?2 C B Strange? !| (o onlrr. Litrhpool?Shin Hcodsnd?3250 ?scks sslf 60 ton* rsnl O T TrimWU?<Ocr l? s Wm Ch'Uurr ?21 do K Cildwcll?I c\%" Clark Si Btinii?12 Richardson Si W.if son?I AIT Stewart Si co?1230 b*? tin Phrh*, Dodge Si c<>?J rs John Othon?0 cimc* A balei 0?dfrey, Pa'lison Si co?I* ck* C'ark A McCormick?6 c> Binns, Hal*fead A en?4 ck* D -nniitoii A DiiKmw ?I Tnwnsend, Say re A co? Oiklry, Loomia A cr? 2 his J Waliac? ? 116 c.ates 12 biles 31 casks 6 cases uidsc 1029 bars i36 hdli iron to order. Du^nrr?Ship M'd ra?60 caaei Cameron A Brand?1 boi mdae Fletcher A Scolt?120 chaldraut coal and 69 bales mdsc to order. Belize. II ?nd?Brie Pataey B Blount?10 ceronns indigo 7 do cochineal B Avmar A rn?ft do \9\ ton? logwood $ 76 st>ecic 2 bales ssrsipsrilla B Blinro?<3 o I keg tur l?* shell F AleianHer?$>6.50 <neri 10 bales sirs iparilla 17 tons brisselette It tons I off wood 11 hides I hi 'nrtle shell J J Lab ?uisse. Naquabo?B ig Mdlniokrf?1 6 hhda sugar 87 do molasses Maiilaud fit co?70 do33hhds tag r to master. Domestic Import at lone. Sac ait bah?Br in Augusta?16 bales cotton Barstow A Pope ?6 Ureen^ay, Henry A co?7 G Bron?on ?128 Victor A Duckwitz?201 H C Coleman?7 W Cook?7 T Ph I ?60 Taylor A Merrill?17 J Gih >n Aco? $6671 specie J O Winter?60 c*sks ri<e Bolion, Foi A Livingst ?n?2 bales J Foot?28 bbU \1 McMahon?1 nkg J G Gregory A co? 1 hot A D Russell?14 k? gs finger Hill A Qrowdy?11 bxs2 cks G Haggard? 1 b* Mrs Sawyer?2 bis 92 bales coit?>n to ord?-r. MARITTME HERA LI). To Ship Alaatera. We shall esteem it a favor, if captains of vestcli arriving here, will give (o Commodore W. A. Bas.rtt, of onr new. fleet \ reiKirt of the shipping left .t ihe |iart whence they sailed, ih. vessels spoken on their |*ssage, a list of their cargo, and an> foreiioi newspapers they may hare. Commodore Sassett will board them immediately on their arrival. Wo will reciprocate the favor in any w?.v. To Correspondent*. Onr correspondents in foreign j?oru are resiiectfully requested to send by every vessel all the marine intelligence they cai, ,.h,..n V.etie.l . ....... ..f L....I I.,, .... .idinii Hi hnmf nr ,brn?i|. will h? (hunkftillv rrr*ir?i. IH?HT OK W.W VOHIi, SliPT. 14, IN4H. >Ufi tut;)' 4 48 ioon SKTa 12 II tirw ?rr?- ft IS mow w? run 3 47 Clt-.reil. Ship? Polrnt, ( OflVri.n, Mor?? ill??, SrhmiHt It B Irhrn; Viri"ri?, Woodbury, Nt bunt. T F Y..iiig. & Co.?Barqtv Olof Wvk, M Button. Rii h ril.o i StCo ? Brig. Wm T. yior, H ?ry, ApaUchicnla; L Btldwin, B<wtt, I Savann.ih; Morn ng Blur, Merry. Georg? town, 8t.?Schw Kio, Onlting. Newbern, NC. M Pfitt; J Vv Kempton, 0?h.jrn, Norfolk; Dixlfr, Kmpp, Alexandria. Arrived. U. S. ?team frigate Mitaotiri, Capt. Newton, hut from Caatine, Me. Pfthtt ship Francor* l?t, A*n?worth, from Havre, An?. 9, with mw, to C. Bolton. F * St Livingston?190 sf' eraite na?*cn<cr*. S?il.d in ro. with ?hlp Tyrone, for NOrleans. No ?ht?, MUtli 9n(nU NW. JO mi'i i, spoke whale barque Reaper, oi ind tor Salnn, Irom the Pacific. Ship Scotland, II dnnson, T7 days from Liverpool .with mdae, ;o Oeo. T. Trimble?86 passengers, (Ihvrr k Mr Murray. 4th inst. lot 13 36, Ion M 26, evchang-d signal* with pocket ship F.meratd, tu nc*- for H ere. 6th. lat 12 66. Ion 60 2ft, spoke ship Birkrn1 #?ad, from Liverpool for St Andrew*. Ship Medora, Lunt. 67 day* from Dundee, via Newcastle, K., with coal, to maa'er?98 steerage pvtarnger*. Brig Pataey B. Blount, Howe. 2'i day* from Belike, Hotid. wi'h logwood, ?perir, Ac. to B Blanco. Left no American reaarla. 31*1 ult. lat 24, Ion 81, <|mke brig, from New Oileaiia for Gardiner, Mr. 12 daya out. 28th, off Lape Antonio, tell in Willi the 8,-ai l?h hiFanny Hooper, loaded wiiti angar Ind Arc wood, Irom Almiilato for Hatana, 12 daya our, in a leaky condition, ami wnhont prorioona, watrr or compaaa? auoplied ihrm wilh thr aame. Brig Millinoket, Hop' iu?, (of Bingor, M?.) 16 daya from Vagiiaho, PR. wilh ^gar, to ordrr. Left ?chr ???, Stnling, ol Newbcin, NO. ihr only American. B ig Au.nata, Liv-rinoie, gdaya from Saeannah. with aprei and C'H'oii. to niuntra It ('lrirtn>n. 12th imt. lat 38 I*, Ion 7i 0 a poke *hip ColCoii, of Boalon, II daya from Amtt. rdaoi fo. Hampton Ronda. Bru G orgiana, (new) Da*ia, from Portland, with plaatrr. t rnaaler. Brig R> hecca, McGnire, 8 daya from Wilmington, NC. with naval at tea. to r I. H-*iua St won. Schr Albemarle, Long, from Pitt'a Landing. NC. and 3 daya from the bar. wilh naralaror a. Schr Waahiogton, Dixon, from Waahington, NC. with naral i tore*. Schr Maoehatur, Worth, from Richmond, with flour, fcc. to kllan k Paaaon. Schr Wnlrotr Owm, from Hwanvhoro, NC. naval stores, to Or Prysirr it Whitinarsli Schr Ocean, Hodxct, J ihy; /rout Kajipahvunock, with corn, to master. Schr Volusia. Batt, Irum *? ... M with naval .f i t to nuitrt. Scrr Charles, Mtllory, iVnui Washington, NC. with ti.vval stores, to master. Schr A;Untie. Robertson, from H nrr de (jracc, with iron, to order. Schr John Marshall Millisai L\.n.. i ...a.-.. _on...?. to muter. Schi < outrol, Tomlin, 3 days from J antes River, with wood, to master. 8chi Chief, Van Name, 3 d?y? fro in Virginia, with wood, to n? ister. Schr Anthrocoi 1 era, Parker, from Virginia, with wood, to master. Schr Smith. Dunn, from Washington, NC. naval stores, to W??odh"ll MiH'nrn. Schr Merchant, H.cknun, from Folly Landing, with corn, to master. Schr Win & Henry, VcCan, from Capo Chirles. with i?otatoe*, fo m i?ter. Schr Caroline & Harriet, Lyon, from Virginia, with wood, to master. Below, One ship Wind N. Mailed. Ships Stephen Whitney, Thompson, Liverpool; Catharine, Berry, Charleston, aud others. flfiteinl Kecord. Disvstkrs at OiHuoar, N. C.?The Wm. H. Harrison, Jacob on, has been got off; she went to se c 3 1 iusl bound to N iHK.m, \p. h vmg on hoard lie p.t??engers and rrrw of i British si hr loot in the g de of the I2rh Jul- I *t. Tin* Ro ttiolc- , B titer, from N? wbrru, h und to W? ?l Indie , returned to Ofrnroke 3d iviug nt iwa\ her lorettwl in i severe gale of w ilid, about the 15th uh?lost . nt of lt? r deck load f lumber, ind some d m .ge ro the Ini'l. ( sp'. (). F r?,liun, of 'he < onffrstss, wrecked in the gaie of the ttth on Haiterns wh i Ul from the bruise* h*- !>o?*i*.-, ?l when the ship was lost, Was despaired of, i. r"Covering. Brio Oswkgo. of Waldoboro, before reported as missing, was uninsured. She had a cargo of about 250 tons coal, which was al?o uninsured. Notice to Mariner*. Custom Horse. { Ed artown, S- pi 9. 181*. S The Light vessel it shotted near Turkeuuck the Viur>?i-< nunnu, <i.?tihis n'Tii .puf.i), *111 f - II Iflc* lie T *t *ll< Ul J ou or about the I itk iiutant. Li witt Tilaitkr. Collector. Whalemen, Arr at Nhw Bedford lOdi nut. (J-?ml Turk, Allan? c Ocean, hat from W-stern I Jan U, with 80 hhls *p. S;>..k?- Jul* *6, I at 39 50 N. Ion II W. Bvr??n, Boston, I Ml up; A iir 11. I*' <9, lou 32, M NB 80 ?p; 11th, lat :8, Ion 39, 1'avilinu, F.Uarlowti, ilHI |> [ AI>o -?rr, Ansell G M?h, Iu l m Ocean, St Helent July 21 with 2300 bh's ip oil, full r ,u'n. Simke off Juhanu.i April 28. j Le B roil. M*ttai?oi?elt. all well, cle in, and *aw her t ikr one

I or inor* whale* on 'lie 13rh May; M ty 1s|K)Ue Mobile, Ml 930 bbl*?-reported M try Ik Martha. Plymouth, It? of Ap Mary's B-ink. with 90 bhU; \la\ 20, off Conner** Islands, spoke J u?e, Somerset, 8 mo? out, 200 wh and 50 ip; J me 1ft, oil Delaj go Bay, Richmond, Salem, 10ft I ya out, b mud into the bty.? Left at St Heleni, Napole*?n, N tut. 16 inn* out, 1900 Hp an I 500 wh, for home nest d iy; Hudaou, SII 2000 wh and 120 Hp, da do. The Napoleon reported off New Hdloid in Mav, Ma*<achusett*, N?nt.8 mo?, no ?p;Uncaa, Falmouth. ?8's mot, 1600 *pm 300 wh; H'*pe. NB. iOOsc md 1 rt wh; Heela, Sippicm, 7 inn*, 300 spm; April I. Anna, B i-tol, clean; Mercator, NB. 22 in oh. 650 h|? 200 wh; Nitomd. Sli. 7 mo*, 250 *p; H* roine, FH, oil not staled. Spoke Au2 II. lit 9 27 N, Ion 37 3 W, Reaper, Salem, 1000 hp, lor home?she left Talc huana in co. with Draco, FH I 800 tp. for a ouiae; renortcd Coral, NB. off Trinidad, no date, full, for home, would touch a' Pernambuco for water and suppliea Capt Howell, of the Fwnce, SH. was at St Helen*, ' sick, but recovering, and would return home soon; hit ?hip w as j out on a cruise. At at do 11th, Minerva, New Zealand. Rio de Janeiro 49 d?, with 1200 bhla oil. 150 sp, on bo ird. R por.'s at Idand of Feinando Newijha, Aug 6, Geo Washington, NB. with 380 bblt tp ?humpback ing. Also arr, Coral, Prnihc Ocea \ Talc \hnana 123 d&vs, with a full cargo sp oil, 2800 bb!s. Sid frn Otaheiti May 8, in co. with Levi Starbuck, Nant. 400 sp; William, T*lcahu*na, 100; sld In O. April 28, on cruise*. New Bedford, NB. 24 mot out, ICK10: left at O. Pacific, 9t Johns, 350; Equator, \B. 30 inos, 1200? lrakmv 7000 atrokea in 21 hour*. vn? Kflii >u ready to stop t r leak; Union, Hivre 350 wh. Spoke Nov 29, let 3 8, Inn IK W. Zone, Neii'. I50O; Dec6, lot 4 9, Ion 118 W, Cherokee, NB. 12 mm. 450; Unit' il States, Westpo. t, 300, Feb II, on the line, I* 115 VV. Geo Is Mary, Kilifirtowa, 13(10; Parachute, NB. 15 inos, 1400 wit400 ?||; 15th, Out rio. Nun. 30 ino?, 1700; Indian, London, 1400; 23d, Parker, V ft. 30 inoa, 1000; April 1, en the line. Ion 133 W, Nile, NB. iO mot, 600 liearil I" om Dec I, bit 4 8, Ion 110 W, | aac H .wlanl, NB. 31 ino?, 2100; Henry As or, Naut. 1200 30'h. Roilmill, NIt. I6^i inns, 1300; Jan I, on the lilie, Ion 121 VV, Frinees Henrie'l . \B 20 inns, I'lOO; Feb 20, same lat. lo i 120 W. Graiil'nle, NB. 10*4 mm, 200; 16th, Pacific, do, 18 moa.IIOOt 2.ith, Indi>, n, 10 mm, 2300 wli and spm; April 111, let 1 9, Ion 132 W, Timolron, NB. 28 inns, 1100 spm; Roacoe, ibt, 21 mm, 1800; Hmqui.dn, 9 inos, 500; Plieiiit. Nin',800; Foster, do, I5U: Feb'0, off O llipttpts I land-, Rs j >h, NB. 6 inos. 200 .p; la' 4 9, Ion 112 VV, I ah. Ila, do, 8ta mm, 2l)0; Goleonil i, do, 2o m i, 1150; a' Marquesas I<l uids VI nch 20, Cens, Wilmineton, !0i>. Npoki July II, lat 31 9, Ion 37 \V, Reaper, 55 ds fm Talcahiisnt for 9alein, 1100; Auk 31. la' 10 N, Ion 63 2tl VV. Hudson, of and for Safharbor, 2100 bills, 180 ?i ? reported on th line, Ion 28 VV, Milton, of and CO days from N B. with 120 bhls sp. The Rhiue, at Kile irtown. reports on Western Ground, July 11, lat 35 30 \, Ion 47 50 W, Leont las, 500 sperm; President, 150 bhls; 28to, Geo Hopkins, one small whale; I5tb, f.mmi, NB. clean; 35 40, Ion 41 50, Exchange, no bhls blk ish; Auk 6. lat 35 28, Ion 47 15, Ann Maria, Fall Rivi r, 400 sperin; July 15, lnxa, clean; about 20tli, Popmunuet,do; Troy, 30 spm; Auk I. Deborah, EdKartowu, 50; Gth, lat 35 10, Ion 13 20, Sarah, Mattanoisett, 40 sp; July, Fiaiikliu, Proviiicetowu, 50; Aug 9, lat 35, Ion 47 40, Malta|Hii?ett, 420; 23d, lat 38 50, Ion 55, Pacific, NB. all well. Spoken. Kinerald, from Eutport for Aleiandria, Sept 8, lat 40 N, Ion 72 20 W Mary Hewitt, of Tlmmaston, for NYork. Sept 9. Ocean, ( Bremen) Alexandria, DC. for Amsterdam, Sept 5, lat 37 40. Ion 70 56. Caribou, from New York for 9t Marys, Gi. An? 28, off Cape Hatteras. Rosalind, from Newport, Wales, for Baltimore, Sept 8, Nantucket NW. 60 miles. Foreign Porta. St Johss. NF. Aug 21?In nort, Marine, for Mediterranean, about Sept I; Olinda, from Salem, for Pernambuco, do, only American sessel*. Pictor, NS. Auk 30?In port, Piltrrirn, for Fall River, 3 days. npoKrn Il>r, in ihr Uut <>l Uaiuo, Voltairi-, or and from Tho . .ton for Ptft. JH. , _... A .... . Jifavs; Mar) Heleu, 8<\lem, 4. ?fpoken off port 21th, Tarquina, LudUm from NYork, bound in. St Thomas, previous to Aug 29? Arr Gallant Mary, of Baltimore,.in 1 was to nail m at <l?v for 8t John*, PH. St Johns, PR Sent i?SIJMarv, of Boston, for Norfolk.? In t ori, Trio, Idg; Alph< nao, do; Hero, win frt. Aux I'ayks, Aug 21?In p n, Adaliue, for Boston, 10 ds. La Ouayrs, Aug 21?In port, Corn Warrm/ton, of and for Biltimori-, via Porto Cabello, to sail 26th; Sisters, for N York, wrg freight. Caps. df. Vkrds, July 27?Touched, and sld Aug 3, Gentleman, Morris, from NYork for Arica. St Hflrna, July 21?Sld Tuskar, from Coast of Sumatra, for Gibraltar. Mac ao, Mav \!>?A ship ju-t anchored, supposed the Oneida, Swift, from NYork. United State* Porta. Machia* Port. Sept j?Arr North America, Richardson. N Y- rk ; ith, Juan J de t'artagem, K' liar, do- Pafr?ot, Cafes, do. Sld ?.th. Eve rgreen, Berry; Win Peini, Foster, and Forest, TiMmrt, NYork. Castink, Sept 8?Brig George, from Bingor for Newbtirynort, i" for? rep< ri. i cipais d, wi> tow?d m!.i this i?ort fetter* day, by the Rio Onn le and Spy, her mast being cut away.? Her lumber is discharging; her w verways are supposed to be J badly strained, Sic. 8hela\' in rather a bid idace, hut will be j tak- n up to the wharves as soon a? j>o?<ible. It i* supposed she must hiv sprung a l-ak, whieh caused her to tl|tset. Owi ' Hs %d, Sept 6?Sld Clinton, from Bangor for the West Indi'-s. Portsmouth, Sept 7?Arr Salu la, N York. Cld 6th, Washington, V< I csco, Teis??lias 28 tons w eight ? f cargo on board, and draws bur 3J? feet water. Sld flth, Black Hiwk, Baltimore. Arr Fred Pearl, Cilais. Gloucrstfr, Sept 9?Arr Washington, Dorer, NH. for Ti K?l Saly.m, Sept 11?Arr Quelle. Bissau, Africa. Cld 10th, Malaga. Africa; Post Boy, aim Phebe B.n'er, NYork. Boston. Sept 12? \rr J tcoh Stor\, An* Ca\ e*; Beiij Fnnklin. Republic, O osimbo, an I M ignolu, Philadelphia; Ontario, Curacoa?saw yesterday, flf CI-eat Rip, a stesin frigate steering S; John Marsh, A'tak siois vi t New Yo.k; Marion, Richmond; Detroit, Albany; Condor, do; Venice, Ro dour; O-car, WolCott, and H ?m r, NVw York. Cld Nepmne, Rio G ande ttid a mkt; Mo* rt, Ah xiadria. Arr 11th, A'mitt nice, Si Ubes; Don Juan, Pictou; Carh ton, NOrleans: 10th, P?lm, Philadelphia. Cld Man* Btinton, BiPimore; Ml*. sud Wm Pitt, Phi ladelph a; F?nc\, F ietid and Reesid?\ NYork. Nltw bkdford, Sepi 10?Arr H Walker. Delaware,; llth, Cornelia, NYork; Corinthian, do. Hoi.mks Hole, Sept 9? Iii port, Cilisto. New York for Portland; Loretto, do for Thorn afon; Got Bobbins, Philadelphia lor St John, NB: Bdince, NY ?rk for Gloucester; Van Bur? 11, Luler for VYork: W ,ve, Thomastou lor do; Venus, NYork for Boston. W.?d F hl,n*i.? - * ProvidrncS?pt 10?sl?| Powhatan, Philadelphia; Union, Baltimore. Arr 11th, Rhodf Maud, Liverpool: linogirp, l-?na Watiwriuht Washington. Charleston Packet, H?*nry I King, ami Olid-, Philadelphia: Victor . Jv< Lmpheer, J is L Lone, Tanke*-, Champion, and Peacedale, N York Nr.wroilT, Sept 12?A r 9th, Floridi in. New York: 11th, U 9 hriar Waahi igton, from Grtenporf, on a surv? y; Vermilion, F 11 River foi NYork; 9* I horn-as, Philadelphia for Newbuy port; 12 h, Yantic, New Vfork Providence; Moses Eddy, for Si York. Philapf-lpmia, Sept 13?Arr Espele'a, 9f J igo <le Cuba; Cobus. t, Bridgeport; Henry, do; Pre*idr-ut, NYork; Margaret, Prtlaod; Baltimore, Ltioec: Columbia, St John. N'B; Jimes Bsrhonr, Provid nee; Dolphin, NYork. Old fcmilv St J ago; O'eancr. Nidm, uml Squire & Brothers, Boston; Maria, L^w h rn; Wm A Caldwell, Porto Ri o; Arias, Long Island; Thcmn, Stamford, Ct; Wm Young, Piovid-tier; Henry, do; listr j pid. NYork; ft.ii.-t, do. Bai.TiMoRr. 8.-pl II?Arr Rrimu, RottrrdAin; Ft.nco?J?n. , Sr Johns, I'R; Bo?ion, ,n I F.-thrr. Bo. too; Emily EHicotr, La o i.yrs mid Porlo CaI>a|Io; F.IIia k Willi,m, Sfntiiiigfon. CI.I Mirhiron, T.-rry, NYork. 8M Krir. Riodr JAttriro mid ? mkt; Pandnr?, St Thom**; M.rv,*. Charl,?to!?, Id?Atr Ao.on baikm.n, NYork. Cld H Allen,Otll.w.v. do; Prrry, Thompton, do. Sid Fr.nklin Or. en Nrwp rt. RI. Nt* 0?, Sept I?Arr Ga.ton, Eldriditr, Ne? York; OFFICES TO LET.?A cotnforubl? >mt of offic -, with oy mtbout thr itoir-roon o > ihr,,m>' lb or, to let in itore 61 Boii'h ?f. Api>I> on the nre mi?.-R to JOHN HUDMA i. P 9.?There it tun a firit rate tail lofi to Irl iu tainr ttore. tin rc T 0DOIN09 UKW THF. EUROPEAN FLAN.?To l-t Hmirlr Orntlnntn.?TWn tuifrt of t|Mr menu irr now ?> ranlaiRi Broadway. Oi nil mm drairnut of miking aiiaini" in-nt* for the winter, would do well to make an early application >8 2weodt>$rc BOARD IN BOND STREET.?AgMill.m.iiaud hit wife mil a few ainule aentlemeo can b- well accommodated with board and pleatant roomt. at No 2 Bond itreet. Pertont wishing boird for the winter, ?ill find thia a detiralde plane. adkwtec UNIFORM FOR BALfe-Belonging to a Militia Officer who h is If ft the State. It is complete in ail it a rmrts, the luh eicepted; is in good order, and will be sold cheap by apply* imi it 119 i h it ham sf m ir Pi irl, alfl iw*r DOOMS TO LET lor Situ e OuntleBrn, with pirti-l V Board, or without, in a plmttnt part of the city, where every attention will be paid to ensure eomUrt, eithe hv me week nr month. Apply 20 I'ark Place. *l4:it*re POR BEAUfIFTINO THE COMPLEXION.-Church'a T V?-Krrah e Lotion, a Valuable preparation for emotion* ou ihc tare and akin. It imparts to the face, neck and arm*, a healthy juvenile bb om. transforms a aiHow completion into radiant whiteness, and renders harsh and rough skin soft and sm ?oth. It also entirely eradicates pimples, blotcnes, tan, inub*?rn, ringworm and scurhntie and curanenti* diaras- s. Sold in bottles at 75 cents each, at Iflfl Bowery, corner of Sj.rir ww-w?sH It r \ 11 If J i PRKSSl RK ^TKAM KNOINk Right florae fa. Power, for sal?* cheap t togetrer with the gearints, shafting, ani e*erv thing complete. Thesime ?nav he < on on the premises of Greenwood, Poppi-we'1 V Co , 34R Fifth st re't, com'-r of Pitt street. Knot ?old at p'ir&te sale before Thursday m il, if will on that day be sold at public auction. F ?? fu itber pa?ticnl <rs, enrjinrc of JwllN LOMA9, Airorwjy, lie. ,14 u?r III Fult m ttrcct. < VTf.VB ; M.W9 F.VOLI9M NEWSPAPERS? i i* " B. i|'? Lii? in L?'i hwi.' " Tllottrafeil N'Wt " t " Punch,"?" SinRP'?" 9?tm?t,"fce. i Full filet ?re received or rvery ->tesmer, tad for ?tic at the N. w.Offi.e Nn.4 A.iH tl.eet.Nrw T rfc. I Pertont rriidim in i.sntds, will fi";Uhu a detirablr placet-. e"n 'heir order* far anv | apera i u Inherl on the Continent. { A L-t'e. Bvg i? kept here f r ih Liverpool Steamers, arid a l? rial m*ss*nir*r despatched to Bo?t >n. T e " A'tiaf,"a monthly Ladies' Book, $1 per year?2 shillings singl** copy, is for tale here. Th Vvh?g Monthly R view, (now in nreis,)|* no per rear ; ?infle number* 30 cents. Agents supplied at reasonable rates for all of the foregoing work*. E. B. TUTTLE, Agent. I lilmaod*! No. 4 Aun strttt, N. T, ! T OVK. t'OrRT-HIP AND MAHHIAQE.?Ju?< publi?'i'J ed, Becl?|.ir<U Phyainlogoical Myalrriesand R?;T?UU?iii lu Love, Courtship awl Marri ige, aii inTalIabl#* guide-book *??r mari i?d tnd tingle peraoua, id mattere of the ulinoat importance to the hum hi me. Amongst the thing* duly consolered in this work jre?Causes of aii I cur*** tor barrenness ; Offspring, with mode* for preveu: tioii <ud iucreaae ; T ? art* ?! be*ut> <uid courtship ; The daii/er of solitary pracicea, a id how me habit mav h removed aud it* ? Beets cured ; The cause* of Love of Jealouay. with a ' remedy for ei?dic*ttiig from th? mind ilie aeed* ol a hopehaa. ] or aii u"happy p>?sion, itc Sic. Translated ?rom the third j I Pariaediti Hi, by Philip M Howard For ade at 102 Na??au atreet, price 75centa Order* from the couutry, tncloaing * dollai; direct d 10 HOLLAND fit tiLOV r,H New Voile city, will aecure the work bring mil to any part of the L int- d H at ? I ii I4-Iin*r FEMALE PHYSICIAN, 34 L1SPENARD STREET. MADAME COS I ELLO need hardly sure that hrr Periodic ?l Pill*, for the cure of all th-; diseases oeririar to fe1 m.ltti ro sttpsrtoi to all others, o? thai they eve now the oily i our* rec? mni?ud?d by th - medical faculty in theii private practice; isthes fac tare udKcientli tui m t.> the tt lie in J general.^ t'<fu illy celt braird it Madams Costello's Sooth tint ! oyi"??|)l foi tee Iking children; which almost immediately lull* the irritation of the gum*, ?n?l i* a cermin nre\eniive ol con, tuitions; lod likewise her Nipple Pint. " foi ion nipples; whfc his so good as to Im?i Rothing to he attired, tad *s each | u fhe most j?opul ?r article in he c Untry. i AH Midline C\ medicines are patronised by the medical j faculty, which ia non then cm Km setd of the i <>nt ums of ii) | ol her imituora however thev may obrain a transient notoriety i through the newspapers. Post paid orders for medicines front all parts ol the (Juit< d States, attended to. Terms?Periodical | Pills one dollar a hoi?Teething S> rup, filly cent* a bottle. ; Remembv that Madam* Cosietfo is the only leaitimat" hied I Ftjnali Physician in New V? r . sii l??*rc A CARD TO THE LADIES. PARIS DRKSS-MA KINO ESTABLISH \1ENT-Nu. Tt% East Ii" id way, one door from Market street.? MRS W H IKKKKHs. |sti Miss s. Ponei of M Broadway, e.HpHf tl'iill) inform* her former customers and it Ladi? s j tenenlly, that she ha* re-commenced th? Drest-makiiut bu.*i! uess at (he abovr-noned establishment, where she will uevnt* I ?e" attentiou to their Service, tnd eoufideiitly assart*" thus* j idles v\ i? man Isvoi he* with their patronage, ibsl Dresses, Cloaks, ii bits, kc., entristedto her skill, shall oc deliver ed so |>erfect in style, fit, tad finish of workmanship, <u mt to be eicelled at any ol the most approved establishments in Broad way, and lor much more modente .-rice* MRS. W H. JEFFER9, 77* East Broadway. N. B?Masters, Miases and Children** dresae* made to order t the shortest uofice. sl4 -ii?*r yORK BAY OYSTER SALOON, by B. B r it tin, R) Nat* sail lieet, b- tween Fultmi md J ?hn *treeta. His place is plain and clean, and I think will take the lead. Oyster* served up iu every *tyl?* ; pickled by the hunded or thous md. and families suniditd with nv*t*r?. I?v 113 I n*r ft B1MTT1N. NAVAL GENERAL COURT MARTIAL. ALL WITNESSES iii the Cuti und^r mvesnguiftn before this Court, are hereby ordered to give the ir attendance daily ou b )Uid till* ship. Bv order of the C *u?t. (Signed) CHAS. H. WINDER, Judge Advocate. U. S. Ship North Carolina, ) *13 Iw r Heptemwr ll'h. 1812. S TM) PRIVATE FA VII LIES.?A g* ut'eman alio li*i had louts eiperience at a Teacher, wishes to engage with a family where instruction* in penmanship, arithmetic, book kee|v unr, English grammar, geography, history, and mathematics, would be considered a* a r?Miiun ration for hi- board and wa hing; or he would d? vote a portion of hi* time to tuition, on the moo moderate terms. A !?nr addressed t?? '' Hen y?t this office, will be promptly intend* o to, u?d specimens ol writing, plain ?nd ornoriental, will be produced. City reference of the fir?t re?pect*hi'ity given. *13T*r ENRY SCOTT, 217 Wat. r *t., N.Y.. keep, constuitI\ on hand ageneial Mortment of Pickle*, Catsups, S uc? s, Sic , Preserves, Jellies, Brandy Fruits. Sic., wholesale and retail. All orders for Shipping and Families punctu dly attended to. H3 2in?r PAKIH F \NT.Y GOODS (IS Broadway, ab.v. Duuie.? The Subscriber hu? ju?r ecOve l. vtli* late arrivals from F auce. a choice select on of Fill Good*, which be oilers for sal-, whole*ah? and retail, it v r> I w piic s. The O >oda jre all of tne very latest fashions, ielecte 1 for fhe City re a l business. Ladies will dud it lo their advantage by calling and examining fur themselves. * 13 lw*r FAMILIES GOIVOSOUTH, to the West Indies or * Furop* ?A respectable femilt , 21 y**ars of age, wiehes to oh'a in a p-mianm' si/u itiori as seain*tre<s, in a genteel family. She would prelerg-dng to Europe, vet woii'd accept of a good offer to go South or to the Went fmlb? TK? r?r..r. ences given. Address A. A. A. bos "65, upper Post office. N. York R Or DIA O FORTES TO HIRE-O. OODONE. 40.<X * Broadway, between Wa'kerand LLpen rd streets, keeps a lar*e assortment of PUno Fortes to hire, froin three to eight doll ir.: p? r month. Also, Foreign Music of the latest Operas of Italy. Siit. A. Btgioti's method of sittg.uf. Solfeggi'* for one and two voice*. Rnmjn String* forH*rp?, Violins, Guitars, kc. All kinds of Musical Instruments repiired. sl4 end lre*r FRENCH BOOKS AND KNGRAVfNOS-A. LEW * will sell on Thursday ?veiling h? 7 o'rlork, at 151 Broadway, an invoice of French Books, with a handsome variety of Engravings, to close invoices. Also, various curious Ornaments. Oil Paintings?just from Europe?oti Saturday evening. Regular sales of Plant* every Thursday morning. sit 2t?r A CHALLENGE TO THE WORLD -DR. J. GRAY, OCULIST, No. 221 Division street. N? w York, from the city of London?the only maker of the Artificial Human Eye in the Uniti d States, respectfully i*?form< those persons that has had the misfortune to nave lost one of their eyes, that he can place <11 artificial eye in, so as to open, shut, ami move in the head, without pain either in fixing or wearing, at a moderate price. D J Orav dull- niff ft the world tn iifruhie** in Oil. I a equal to hit of different disease* of the Human Eye, tmde hy himself, which c in be teen at hie residence* Dr. J. Orav Kivt.s advice, jjrati?, on all complaints of the eye, from 9 o'clock until Itt every moraine, Saodays excepted* N B ?Artificial Teeth ?et in first iate ?tyle, from one to a whole set, at a i ? laced pr c*. AstniU Tooth, with Silver plate, $1 'jo?Do with G Id, $3. n 14 lw*r POST OFFICE. New York, 13th September, IM2 ? CALEDONIA S'e tn^r?Loiter hut? for I iverpool^ |>er 15th uiMai.t,!' 4^r. M. T*?e oveilanl |?o?uige of locution each ing'e letter, mint >>? p?id all 2t r JOHN LORIMER GRAHAM, P. M. 1 ARRIVAL OF THE GREAT WESTERN. CLIREHUGW, IIAIK OUTTKK. ON thr arrival of tlii, .tr.nn.r, ?ill rrorive " The F*ihion?," u they ?rr 10 h-mloptcd in L>'i(|on mid P*rii '''in wjnirr. ,nd lliey will be exhibit, <1 it hi, Or.n i (1 tilery of F 20) Broadway.ui>ilaira. ,i< xt*r nlSSOLl/TION.-fhe firrrTof WALLISk VOLZ. ?m dissolved o.i the l.t o. Angnx l,t. by mutniil c n? lit. All lemon, indrbtril to lb- will | le?e mike |w>m. nt lo F Wnlli,, by whom all out.i luilinr are.mot, will be eitled. (Si.nrd) F. W A I.LIS. W. VOLZ. F. WALL18 will rniitimie to crrv on the b 'siness u bit own 'cenu i tt the old ?ttud, 120 Fnlt ni ?lreet. Auiill t 31. 1241. ,11 It "re HOUSE OF REFRESHMENT: No. U ANN STREET. r|MlK Proprietor of this establishment continues, a* heretoI lore , to stipjily his customers with the delicacies of the setton, served up in the best manner. The quihtyof the fiindi, ami bit very moderate chavgec, en evident from the natttrjnc iM'iOiiatfe which th- public are id eased daily to award liim His-flo U lial* H -, as they hiveheretofore been, ro in-fit its I continuance, and to aeeur- to his house that remit ition for e* CHI' lire mid %c i"timo U'ion whi ti i' hu lor "*? long ii time mmntaineii. A.the proprietor i> n lo'ivrrconn cte.lwiih ny o'her enab', ne will pay Ins sole ami umlivkeil sitcnHon to the b i trrrsts of thl* notnc, sti'l .pare DO pnin* for -he m<iuten*Dce nf its well-'arned r?i'tit?tii>ii. >11 lm*r I O \N OF (ZW.onn TO PAV A KRK AR A < i 1K-i TO aj Contractor* a xl Other* ..n the Public Works.?The Commisaioneianf the Canal Fund, bv virtue of ?he art ntiiltd "An act to provide for paving ih" d?nf i'd preserving th credit of th- Stitr,w passed Mich 29. 1812, her? hv gise notice, ?hat if.iled i?rot>nala will be r*ceivd until Wednesday, ;he 28th dw of September ins'anr <t 4 o'dor k in the afternoon of h?t day, for i loan of Two Hundred and fift T ii?.tnd Oullani, for which tT?nfcfeTih|e Certificate* of x'ock will be i ii-d. in rhe i, m of THK PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK, b'-aring interest *t the rite i f 7 i?? r cent j?er annum, pivah'r quarter! >,,and the principal rim humble at the idea ir* of In Commissioners of the Canal Fund . fter the 1st July, Ifli'i Ir i< to he understood, that the Coinmusionem ire to he at liberty t? fake 4 leas snm, if 'he offer* are nor sneh as in their o. niion are advantage' lu ro th?- iutereatc of th? State The proposal* may b" for the whole or any par* of said loin | not le*> than 1>10,WO ; all pro otal* to be sealed up and endorsed " Loan to pav Arrearages ?o Contractors and others on the Public Work*," ami enclosed in an envelope, directed to the Comptroller at Alb :ny. Th- money i? to he d- poaifed in the City of New Yoik or Albanv, .as an til he directed b> the Commissi*mrs. T??e strn k will he issued r th* Minha'tan Com pa av, after UfOc'obsr, hut to hear interest from the da e of the depor-te on the The stockholders r siding in the 1st and 2d Senate Districts, and those re?id ng our ot rh- State, wi'l rec? ive the int rest on the Mom hH<l r?y thefn, qusrf rlv, if the B mk of thr M ?ubn ran Conn winy in the city of New York ; all other stockholder* if 'he New York St tie Bink in the city of Albany. Dated Canal D*jv?rro* nr. Albany. > September 12 '81? J A. r FLAGO, Comptroller. H. YOUNO, S. cretarv o<" 8'ate. GE'l. P BAMKEK A'lorne\ 0*n*r%l. NATHANIEL IONES. Snreejor General. H fo28 r TITtMAS KARRINOTON, Trra urrr. TO THE LADIES. MADAME C09TELLO, Phvticisn, till) continue* to treat, with aatouithintr tuccett, all* |>ecu liar to fcmalca. Snpprettion, irregularity, obstruction, he, by whatever eanar produced, can Be lemoved by Madame C. in a very tort lime. Madame C.'t medical eatabltaliment having undergone thorough r> pair* ami alteration* for the better accommodation of her nmnrrour patienti, ?he ii,no? prepared to receive ladiet on the imint of confinement, or ihnae who with to be treated lor obttructinn ol 'heir monthly period Madam.- can he consulted al her reaidence No. 34 Litpen .rd tt, at all tine*, and wilh the itrictett regaid totrcretv. A*' communications and letter* mn.r he loOMniil 14'm" rc tnOO KEWARD.?ORO?S? 8PECIKIC MIXTURE.P'-)**' F *. the Cu-e "f f>ormorrh(?.i, Olectt, Strictures auh inaloifoui rni,i|i|aiLta 3 I the out: it 'generation Of all remediet yet diacoverrd for tit tbove complaint*, thu it the mott certain. k make* a speedy and permanent cure, withoutt he least re triction to diet, dnnk, etroturr, or change in application to b'; tinest. We five no long qnackish recommendation* to decetae lh? public. If !he mediruie doet not not .peak for onr ball tiieak for it. Our object i? to notify where n can be bad. and the proprietor challenges a ?iiiglc catc of recent Ooiinorrhma to be brought, in which the imtttire will uot effect a rapid cure, nndera forfeiture of tVK> Till. I' a diteaae that unfortunately p? ri idet all ranks of so eiety high, low, rich ind |>onr. matrimonial and tingle Thej are here presented with a remedy hy which they c.n < nre themtelve. wphont the Icatt rS|>osure in the thortiWt lnn< |Hittiblr L'..., I... !._ .1...... e.tinor In, eoto roe f...1 ir - .1 .C.L mnlore it taken *1 night on going to bed ?hm raimtrd. Il i* put on ill botHea with foil direct inna accompanying It, *1 SI a bottle- One bottle laata week, which generally cnrea? many ore cured in twojiyi, 1 For tale only at Win. H. Milnor't, IIS Broadway, eorner ol I John atiect, oppoaite Franklin Home, New York; J .Jonra corner of Chetinet and Seventh atrreli, l*hiU>lel|ihiii; and at J , M Smith') in WhMihimi itreet ItMn, -it lm* WIGS. T MANIOHT, WIQ MAKKR AM) HAIR DRF.HftKR. ' 9(1 H-oadwav, N. Y ? 0 urea to inform the ruihlie gener-ly, that he iaitill to he found at hia olil aland, wtiere he will he iappy in gi?e them a trial of hia akill in the tonaorial art, Hia nimttahle atylr of Hair (lilting ia * nerajly acknowledged by he beau monde of the city. He would alao call the attention of atranger> aiaittng the city, o hia aU|ienor WIUH, which are n"t aurpuaed lor neatneaa and ini,h, deci iaing the moat terutiniting, ao nearly to th- y rearmtie the n itural hair. Fancy Article-, Perfumery, kc. of aupt jor quality. , Tcrma in accordance with the timet. 90 Broadway, a J ew doora above Wall at. t!3 Im'r J ranT TO\~ anD~DRIriT MILLB-For tab-, aitutie a' i-' Kingaton, (Jitter count', New York, on the wafer* of'he c Kondnur Lieek, two milei from the North or Murium fti" dteamhoita and aloop* V. . ply conatan'ly to within i leet ol a< he villi, tothenoe cinal boat*? Tne watera of the Delaware. * Nereraink and Rondont |mur over ihe dam of 'hit mi I?M Veen in operation nut'I rrry recently. Poaaeaaion imrnMt lately. r Title indtapn table?Will be told very low and on very ada anU- tr teuaa tetma, to clear ? Liberty ? > A LES. BV T HO MAC BKl-L. I St rrrt Sot. 22 and ll'j f\Ji?n itreet I WEDNESDAY, At half-|?a*t IU o'clock in the tale room* Furuituir Self?A choice. i?lu*bla and tiuun variety of circuit furniture of all dracriptious A to, tharii ir* Hock of a Cabinet maker, and tha fumitmje 11 j lamilv gmiig up hou? keeping I'M RHDAY At 10*6 "'clock in the aale roonn. Painting*, Bnok3 Piauo Fort- *, Fuinour , He. He.?A eery | choice col taction of valuable original painting*, both ncirnl and modern, m"*t of thrin lu rich frame*, iuii beautiful ?ub ircti ; a r iricty of choice broke, t pleudid piano lurtca, soma furniture, inuaic atoola, ^ ^ At 10)6 'clock i" the tile room*. To Djrert, Scourer* and Fni?hei>? All the machinery, apparaiu., ore *ea, He. fo. cle iuiug ou unproeed plan tilkt, mennot, cloth*, he. _ _ , . . , . . . Kiira tele of Clothing. Dry Good*, fancy and pledged erti! clrt, KW'I \ hookt. hoiieiv, h-rdware, |iietniea, frame*, guut, groci riat, HI demij .nil* wine, 20.0P0 a>-gara, 3 tph udid watched I end llll in, Ol - r 1.1-1.1 Alt ', TO nieces h ugliah Prints AI?o, slurring .ii.l tli rung, muslin, remnatttr cloth, ctati mcr-s, vesting., St.'. by nrd- r of th<* Marshal. Alto a t..n?i* mi-ut of lit u; s splendid li ear watch, 2 franks of clothing, 2 ib utuohut of wine, tud 20 splendid window shades. Alto, t Pvrgr lot of remnants of cloiht. fMtiiauw, triliup, trimmings ho-ierv.Sm. Alto, the remainder or tho stock of Fi 11?'I? goo-Is ff. in B' lllwf BY KIELt St AH< I LAHItS, "W? DNESDAY, Ai I0t, o'clock, tl in auction rooms. Elegant Furniture, Pi.r. Stc. THURSDAY, ' A' 10S o'clock, at ill.- aiieiion room. Clothe,Cat.luieir., Satiiuen. Muu.ttUue di L-nes, Lam goods, Sty. SVTI KDAY At 10V|o'clock in the ,nlr rooms. Elcgtut Furtiituie, Pianos. Itc. MONDAY, S. in A' IDS o'clock, .1 >o. It I 11y H I! Plact. A Itrgr and eleg nit asi rtment . f II u hold Furniture, oca titling ?f ti l ud d -atiu dtm ak covert rl divans, ntt.ta ilw, tolas an J chains i'lauo, pin ami r litre tahl- a, |.irr gi aascs.wsrde robe, w i ton, Brussels a id in ton ci-iieta, elegant oil naiutirnrt, inaulcl oruaineute, splendid 2. ilav clock, astral an-1 halt lamps, china ilium r and lei eta, aliasware. silver alio i I vied ware, French bedsit* la, bedt and lieildiuy, kitchen furniture, a g r- at variety ofgroru house t'lanta, Stc. Also, a fine aaaoriment of wim t. Catalogueson the mo'iiing <f-ale. BY S. ORAPF.R, Jnnr. Store it William itreel, earner tj Pent. FRIDAY, Se,,( Damaged Cargo of ih, Banjui- L utsa?At 10 o'clock, ia the tore 27' Fmiiii stiver. In- , under inspection of tha ward em oi fx* port, for the bet efit of who,,j it m*yi coiftm, the entire cargo of the barque L*.uia?, from Marseilles, c< nouiing of? 3ih'iiri olive oil, 3 do almond oil, 163do brandy, 535 do cat win*, 10 halt pip* a r*d wine, Ri bbl*, 2.5 a*?s vin*? K-r, I'tfi ?io h juori, i:?0 do aimi?e|te, *1 do cologne, 10 do oerfumt iy, 133 do preserved frui's in d?> ehampagii*, 52 do imic-lli, 10 do white beer, 25 do Dutch cheese, 15 do looking gl ;tfte>, 6 do rnusi al boxes. 13 do kl^s and f ir'hfiiwue 3 do cliiun ware, 15 do {viper, 2 do pointed paper, 4 do umbrellas, 4 do hats, 55 do empty bottles, 27 jars almonds Id do feoraU, 3 do eisenc- of an.) lo^es, 2 do toys. 2 do capsules, I do quii.ine, 2 do abiyuthe, 28do s?lf m* ?t. I do sabres, 30 do artel, 3 do a itranu i', I do anchovies, 28(1 do pick c?, 6 ba?k* '* cloves, 8(1 heirs p int, 12 hales uepp r. 10 !?? c ?rk, 5 do *um'C| 7 do uier chandise. * 0 do blank* ts mo c*?verlids, 1 do iMi dins, I bala cor-til, 1 b"x cr\ socal, 1 do images, 3 do a*ah iter ornament*. 15 cases tab'e marble 2 o marble t* u-s. ft 00 square matble, 1 nack -rgc bonks 4''/tnrssilk lu** , 4 fIuuks shoe? , 4 bl L flour of m?(ld r, 165 b? xes lenn n% lie. 8i? . 8cc. a 14 Jt*r O' o TTiolunYaT.P, Ohear. POHITIVK Clival KKY m IF. '' V 356 1 OT8 IV * theVillme of Willi * n-?l u*vh on Thur-day. Sept-mber 15 h, at 12 ' I ck, at th* King's (>u?itv H- tel, (m *r ne Peek Blip Ktm .) Williams'u <h? ituoe biw?*n Sou h S-xth str-*-t and Willinm?b'"gb Roul, n I lying on vie ibbiu Mari ahall, Moor**. V*rt', I'ook D? Dcvni*., Mor ell and Smith I streets, 0?ah^m menu**, Nvwfowu road and the Williamsburg I load The, will b sdl singK a"d i*i parcel < .Maps m *y be seen at th?* Kinu's Countx Hotel. Wilhamsburgh : Frai kliu Hruie B onahn ; Merch iPa' Exchange, New York, and at the sales ro.-n. *?f WILKIVS * ROLLINS, sll ?tis**c 11 Broad ?l?eei, S- Y. AUCTION NOTICK-Kp.i.nir s*!e .0 v.h. feb*e Kurni. tur , tins Day. i the large Room., 32 -?nn,and 115 4* uiton st r< et. Also, Venetian Blinds, WmI? 8*ai da, &e. II r THO A* hF lL, Auctioneer. A~UCT10'N NOTICE-RIEI.L * AKCULAHIUS .. .11 sell mi Monday, e?o?. If), ct I OH o'clock ?t No. 14 Hly H*11 place, a large a d snl'iidid aaaoitnieiit of Househol Furniture consisting i f I 'an* nude rosewod set. crimson end white figured i*tln da ma k covered, conraining 8 rha<rs? ofa, with pillow* and foot benches, pier and recess divans, 2 fabo ret* and I ottoman*; al-o I rosewood ?rf, blue and sold figurril *atii) d on >sk, containing 11 chair*, 2 r niche , with pillow* in match, I pier d.van anil 2 tabnreis; alto spb nil d Brussels [tailor, and s air car, etimr, V) leg nit oil piintings with ei|e n irr IVamc*, mantel ornament*, eleg.qt 21-day clock, on< el*gant rose w . oil piitno w irdmbe, centre, dining and iiatah'e*, ,i? ral and hall lamp*, china dinner and tea acts, glaai woe, I an!id sterling stiver tea set of I piece , silver and pie rd ware, French bedsteadi, beds and bedding, ktchni fnruiturr, greenhouse plan's die. Also a small assortment of very superior wines. Ca'aiogun on the morning of sale, when the goods can he exaininrd. s!3r AUCTION?To he sold It No, 1 6 Fulton streat, in the city of New York, on Wednesday, Sept. 14, 1812, at 10 o'clock, A. \1., aa elledsive and elegant assortment of Furniture, principal! , in- ih to order Such an opportunity of purchasing the heat warranted Furni ture at a moderate price never haa occurr- d, and probably never will agiin, a- the only reaacn the sale likes place is, that the concern must be closed. The arr-cles are all made by Messrs. Ogden, of Klil ihelhtown, New Jersey, the extensive and favorably known cabinet manufacture is. Tntre will be do reserve. The attention of Southern and Western Furniture dralera is rranestrd tn this sale. The article* ran be vie wed at any timu before the sale, on ihc pre'itis-?. sl2 2t*r J. MKSKRVK it CO., 116 Fulton ?t.. N. Y. Wr^TsHIRLKV Auctioneer. AniiTlON NOTICK IIOUsR FURNTTURt HALF. ?Thursday, Set t 15th at 10 o'clock a 1 lore house. No. j 17 ('.lon atre.t?(let dier-ie sale of valuihle Furnilnr* | boils' t of hist makers?full French chairs and sofaa, ^i.r table* K'nrm n srrrrur)", MIQIOBM I) OSOM, one pi?r table, plate uWm b*.-U ; Uif* rich gilt clock, cost $'00; pair c*ndcl,ibr u to match, girandoles; centre chandelier, cut nrop*, trtlu'hie pianoforte, 8'odoart maker, root $326 ; horn Eu*cllth3 ply carpet*, rugs, hu?t(<, oil paintings, Stc. Alao,biscmcnt and bed-room furniture, ki'clvn utrnniU, Catalogue! now read) at I22 Fultou atr et. ?14 lt*rc " NEW FRENCH GOOUS. TO MILLINRKS AN'O Dl'ALEHS.. EB. STRANGE, U3 Walkrr i'i*rt, h?i rreei?*d by S Ian Harm i aetata, n**Mr fonda, at.<it,df'>r *i*v I r\*U* PLUMES. FLOWER^, l"A1 TKHN HATS, CAP SI'Klrrt ll' . cart-lull. irle. I? ?I, lad of lit* !>< ( Quality, which he o r for file on farofablc A'an, a lull ?i|>plv of new MATERI ALS foi F1ow*r nokrn. *14 H-r ARCHER'S FALL FASHION FOR GENTLEMEN'S HATS, . ("J WILL be introduced Saturday, Sept. lOih, lit), at his Jp^olil stand*, 201 itid 2f>0 Orernwicn St. *9 lw#ec " WM. H. BEBEE &"CO; HATTERS. 178 BROADWAY, (UNDER THE HOWARD HOTEL,} MANUFACTORY, NEWARK, NEvV JERSEY, fa RKSPE< .TFULL Y inform th? ir frinnda an I th* rnhlic. Jj^^lhal lhe> liavropr rd , whnlcaaU and retal Hal and ('an Without*- iinil, r >,. Ho-.rH U,?.l .1? - ?. coiiftpntly on hsnl iin? ur?**test variety of H?U i v?r offered for mI? in th? city ? New V?rk *N<>r confined to one nu dity tnd price, bur is m*nv a* twenty difVYfnut qu-ilitirs of O-u?s Fa?bloimbl" Hit*; <ind with tlifir facilidrs orthwir basinets,wMeb flirpubltc in ic> u* ral nr+ scqniinted with, ?hrv dunk it unnrc***h*?t?o %nv more. The gi nth m?n of NewY-?rk are respecttull\ invited t-i call and mrinr for themteWea. N. B ?A aplei.did article ?< trivelliug truukt, %) **. nod baas, for sale it irunufv tnrerS prtcei. ?ft 1 w itai^s-hatsth ats. fa FALL F ARHI?>N ?The tnhse.ifirr insiteatha ?t?nlion of ike B> u Moule 'o I,it b-?utifnl, rrarelul, and taateful low bell-crowned Hal. neiiig the only really laabionable article .if the I. mil t Haul, th< u^h he e jwft bat that imitator* will spring ui>, ami claim thr benefit of hia own orighna concretions Tn aay ihe.e Halt luriwa^anv thing of the kind in point of title, finish. and graceful apprtnnee, it to claim no more than i. warianied n> an eiprriance of twenty ytart in the biuinrM and li? Hiaitra gentlemen who study grace and (ashi. n, to call and ria nine for tin myelin. A large assort mi-in of Travelling Trunks. Ca-prt Bags, Hat Cases and. in fact, tiny thing neres sry for a isntlaman'a travelling outfit, may also V found at E. BLOOMER'S, 179 Broadway, au*) 1m ia*r 0|n? site Howard's Hotel. lea ry & err hatters, WILL introduce the Fashion for the Beaton, on Friday, 9th instant. HI r NO. 4 AND 5 A3TOR H0U9S. STEAM SHIP NEPTUNE?< APT. W\l. ROLulNS. To IrBVf tin. 110 Orto' fl l-t, at ' "Wot' P M. FOR rilAHLESTON. Kk V WEST. HAVANA NEW ORLEANS, ANb OALVESTO.N. TEXAS. Thia ?li i' will imaitiaely l*av* a. aboy*. She ran anperblr accmmodate 2A0 i a?arn<erain lb** cilnni and bt'1 "mm*, %iid wTl i*k# IVw in the .fe?ra?- All",! mill quinnn of tie lit ftw'trht, for which or pa<aa*?, apply "n hoard, at th. Tobacco I.iaprcrion pier, E R, or at No. 71 Well it reel, where a i>Uu of trip lUtr room# ma v hceeen. Tin- Ntp'ttne h?a b-en pe-feetly ovuhaulyd, and i> in A et rmip order. The drlava at interm*diate porta will bp but momentary, in Inid and to reeriee |naaeeeei*. *nd IT laetja C'ed paaaenKt-ra by her will lie laud d at New Or'earia In l2tti October. J. H. BSOWV H, adtoojerc 7JW.1 at. - _ FOR CHARLESTON, H!VAVA, ^fifPlKF.Y WEST, NEW ORLEANS. AND t^OA'.VEsTON, (Tea*.) to .ail < u the 10th C?n\i\tMU October, at tAM.-The well itfim ship N ? W YORK. J. T. IV riielif, (O ntirniidsf t hi inic been put in complete order with lew wftiirhr iron ?h*fr-, lie . will |?>titirely leave for ihe shorn, ?orU tni the d*y specified. The New York, havintheen superbly fifed an, with saloon it te oo * hi addition to nwr Cabins, offers superior iccommoUtions for the of passengers Passenger* going us his ho*t mav safely rely upon the well known skill \i-d aft* n ons o! her Captain. For light freight or passage, apply1'*'1 x?trd, foot ol ftth street. Cut Hirer, or to C. MORN AN, or H. HUBBARD, k I p. 37 Perk Slip. N. B?The New York carries .nlfrnent fuel'for th' roya^a. Py?aen*pra for Key Wrn, New Orlearui, and GaljMtoit. will nave an opportunity of vrailing, a. the ?nip will lay here two day. ,?'ooll?tre OVLV FTEOC'LAH OPPOSITION FOR IAi ' '^*r rid* ALBANY?Landn c ? {;,r" ' n,m 3UKX.IIWI Ilr.,1, Nrwhi.rfh Pn.?rhhcc,,ie. hi,.K,t..n Point, rit.liill and Hodann. aivl >' the RailrObd Dcl?>( in Albany, navinKihe eipenw-froj" Boat to Depot. c:?hM. ?|-B;rth. s? C?nta Leave N>* York, MnndnyjW'rfne?day and Friday. Alhunr Tiar?rfay. THbammv and 8*tunlay. Tbr Ht-amboar WAVY (V uin VanderNlt, willI Inti tha Sr. amhnat Pi' rat lb' fnn' " binaou atreet, thli A fir-moon, Wednesday, Bept: Mtb.atJoeloch. ..... Fnr mmr " ?v?'?bt. apj ly on board. Light fr> ifhr taken low. ?H If rr ?j?. L'.MIKD LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKJukEI'S-r-rk-l . f i?-h Sept. Tb- a.detrdld, w-ll WKi."' ?>' - vailing ,rrloi ih p TAROLINT\. ' el J O. ">mith, will iail poair >ely .1 ibo e, ner regular The accommodation" of ihn ?nperb packer for cabin, tecond bin or aleenur- pa<aeng?r>, are TerT ?n|>erior, h-r between ecka are linen np with every attention to the ..nmfort of |?angera, and nn. qnallrd by any other ?hip now loading for jbw ?> ?? port rer?out wiahint to unite ototomy wiin fomiort, *n h*vt n well furnished tablr in tha ?f eond rabin on rerjr raaonxhl* term*. Thoa* wiah>nc to select berth* should lake early application on hoard, foot of poyev street. or lo W kj. T. f APSCO I T 43 Peck lOt or J? South (I. cor. Joaot'

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