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September 15, 1842 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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TH Vol. VIII.?Ho. 295 -"Whole Ho. 3100 MISCELLANEOUS. Tlih iNEW YURK COLLEGE OF MEDICINE PH ARMACY. SUPPRESSION" OF " UU ACKER Y. HAS met with I he most unprecedented success unci- it> com mrurrmtm. particularly from the unfortunate yictuns o| unprincipled pretender*. who are now daily gaiiiiiuc ?lrr.?f'h and Titfoi under the judicious treatment of the College. 1 lie following nreiivatioiu liav. already obtained a telebruy iuiUrsRIVALLTKU'TONIC MIXTURE. A certain cure lor all form" of dyspepsia, low apirUs, loss ol appetite, lassitude, cutaneous eruption*, general OtDiltty, predisposition to consumption,.and *11 complaints arising from a disarrangement of the nervious system. It m.^y be also used with great success ?n rases of fever and a^ne. and as a preventative t? yellow lever. Sold m bortl"< . t SI auJ $2 each. THE ANOPYNK LINIMENT. For the cure ol' ihtuinatic paint, colic, bruises, sprains, spi* nal disease, nervous headache, pains ill the j? iuts, and immediate. uid I'ennan-ut relief gu.irauteed. hold iu bottles, 7?cis ",ChTHE PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIXTURE. For the curt- of all cases of a delicate diiease, or foi |wm? in the boues, eruptions, sore throat, or auy other distressing *ym|>toina, produced by an injudicious u?<- ol' Mercniy, ?'r by ouackery. >v?ld ill bottles at $1 ami each. THE AMERICAN ANTIBILOL'S CATHARTIC PILL. Forth* cure of all derangements of the liver, purifying tin. Ioi>d. exciting the whole alimentary canal to Wealthy actiou, nil i.'i*m< new vigar to the viul pnwei. This medicine u otiiely superceding the drastic punratives of the nostrum endera. THE FEMALE RESTORATIVE PILL. F?r the cure ol those complaint* p?-i uli ir to the temale sex, and to restore and preserve tiie regular actiou ol' tlie female organs, with lull direction* anil cautions a* to use, and sold in boxes at $1, 10 cents, anil JAcenti < ach. SIR A8TLKY COOPER'S PILL. For'he enre of cut ineous erm'tious, gout, chronic ihouma tism. Mid to improve the tone Ol the digestive organs. THE FRENCH ANTll'HLOC.lSTIC MIXTURE. OuaranitM d to are gonorrhtr , gleft, ind .ill mnfo|Hiruwnt discharges from the urethra. Sold in bottles at 50 cents anil u*c"THE PAPILLARY HEALING POWDER. For the cure of sire nipples, and superficial 'iconations of the skill. S?ld in ciosely stopt phials at ?>0 cenu each. The above preparations may also be had of the lollowini sub-agents in this city:? J. \V. Battel, 6U Jrojdway. l)r. E. M. Oui-jn. 137 Bowery. Dr. Kin*. 2S7 Hudson street. F.lias L.Theall, il8 Urand street. Wm. Armstrong, 184 Fultou s?eet, Brooklyn. P.incipal office of tlie College for New York, at 97 Nassau trcet. Br order, an28 3rnr W. S.RICHARDSON. Agent BRISWITS SARSAPARILLA. Manufactured ?nd sn'*i by the proprietor, c. c. BRISTOL, Buffalo, and for sale by ni? Agent, WILLIAM itUUGE '<. Wholesale Diuggist, Nos. Ml an J2 Cortlandt st. and ittil Greenwich st, and by the principal Diuggiats throughout the Union. Tins preparation his now been helore the public about seven years, during which time its reputation has been steadily and rapidly advancing, u ittl its present and deserved celebrity_ lias been attained?nor is it stationary at evea ilii* altitude of estimation, aa ill- evidence of each succeeding day clearly luntarily borne witness to iti supeiior efficacy of value, as their written certificates, now in the possession 01 the proprietor, will show. Te?tim?ni ill almost innumerable, from persons who have been benefitted by iu use, or have seen its medicinal virtues tested by their friends, are also iu possession of Mr. Bristol, which move how mauy, how various, md how extreme l>ave been the instance* iu which, by iu operation the sick *ndthe almost despairing have been restored to health ?ud haui'iurs-. > BRISTOL'S SARSAPARILLA is a rare and invaluable combination ot vegetable remedies of established medical value, and from its peculiar properties is almost infallible iu all complaints that arise Irom impurities of the blood, from the morbid action tithe absorbent and'glandular systems, Irom com.i: I loual idiosyncracies, hereditary predisposition, an I n general all chronic and lone standing infirmities and irregularities of the human frame. T? enumerate all the diseases in which it has been tomid to be a sovereign remedy, would be to make this notice much lo>? lengthy, and we can only here su.gest to the reader the value and importance of this prejuration, and refer him to advertisements in the public papers lor more detailed intelligence res|iecting its efficacy, in nearly all cases ot complain: except those of the inost ordinary or endemic aud epidemic character. The proprietoi desires only tA have attentiou geuerally directed to this article, confident thai its rar virtues only need be known to be appreciated; that it will stand the lest of anv trial, and that increased usefulness, aud added popularity, mnst be the diiect result cf its more extended acquaintance. Among the numerous letters daily received by the proprietor of Bristol's Sarwi|iarlla, the following is selected, merely to show how thii article is regarded: and the increasing demand for this invaluable Mtdicine by the dealers in this city, as the application comet from the well knowu house of A. b. fit D. bends, Druggists, of this city, who have since advertised their own article to the wholr world, shows conclusively that the article u all it parports to be. (cory.) New York, April 20, 1812. M>. C. C. Bristol, Buffalo, N. Y. Dcir Sir? We have been selling during the year past considerab'e quantises of >out Extinct !' Sar?a|urilla, nud think from the account we hear of us virtues from those who have used it, that the sale in this city may be much increased bv paving it moi? atteution in advertising. Our arrangements are such with the different pajiers that we can have advertisements inserted on much better terms than most others pa and more conspicuously. If yon would like to make an arrangement with us lor st llmg it more extensively, we think it could be mi,de of much advantSe to ns both. We have now four different stores, three of em in the best location in the cit> for retailing, aud one for wholesaling, end our facilities are such as will enable us to dispose of more of it, perlm|>s, than any other house. We shall be much pleased to hear from you on this subject, or if you visit \?w York in the course t*f m atosik Or #o, to *>?- ** ou*stoie 7? Kulion .iruet. Yours, very respectfully, A. B. & D. SANDS. OPINIONS FROM MEDICAL GENTLEMEN. Bvmto, Aug. 13, 1837. We are acquainted with the preparation ol 3arsa,>aillU, ma nufactnred by C. C. Bristol, and having made use of it more or less iu our practice, believe It to contain the ac ive principle of Sarsaparilla, in a highly concentrated form, and as a preparation we esteem it as one of the bt*l we have ever me' with. J TKOWBttlDUE, m D CYREN1U* CHAP1N.M D CI1AS WINNE. MD MOSES BRISTOL. M D JOSUH BARNES MD J E MARSHALL. M D J E.H.\WLEY, m D A 8 SI itAOl E, m D a Miller, m d f l Harris, m d HR STAiiO. From Doctor* Wells and Cheney, resident Physicians at Canandaigna:? f iHANDAinp*, Dec. 37, 1838. We htve frequently prescribed Mr. C C B.iuol's prepirariun of Sanaparilla, in onr practice, and have always found It to auswer an txiellent purro^ in cases where Sarsaparilla was applicable. Onr knowledgtfof the article has not been limited, and we caa freely My that is the best preparation of Sarsaparilla we have ever used. RICHARD WELLS. M D, E W CHEENY, M D. The following extract of a letter from Dr. J. A. Hyd-, one of tion, is given : Y irioirows. June 11, IS3S. Mr. C. C. F.istol?Dear Sir: I am ? irly not of Sars ipariili Again, an , if yon please, you may send me two dozen bottle*, by staiire or can, directed to me al this plaoe. I have frequently prescribed your (Compound Kluid Kitract ol Saisariarill* for a frw yean fail, will) much advantage, in chronic diseases. especially iu Scrofuia and obslintta cutaneous alfrciions, UtcuJed with acrotu<uu< lubiu Also, in secondary syphilis; and in chronic general detilily, from almost .in> cauu. It grnerilly proves us"Hil. I think your Fluid Kitract the beat I>reiiaiiitttn of Sarsaoarilla I ever u?ed. Witb much respect, yonrt, tiuly, J. A. HYDE. From Docu. Iloyt Si May Palmyra, JulyS, 1841. Mr. C. C. Bri?tol?Sir : We have used >onr Extract of Saraa|?rilla in our practice, and for diseases arising from nn iniI'Ure stale of the blood, and aa a general renovator of the system we esteem it aa the beat article uow in use, D D. HOYT. M. D. WM. MAY, M. D. Prom Dr. A. Miller * Romt, July 34, 1811. I am acqunnted with the preparation of Sirsaiurilla manufactured b. 0. C. Bristol, of Buffalo, and having made use ol 1 in injr practice, believe it to contain tV active princinle of Sar aaparilla in a highly concentrated f.irm, and aa a preparation, I esteem it as tlx; belt I bate ever met with. A. MILLER, M. D. From Dr. 8. C. Noyei: Colli*!, Erie Co., Jn'y J, 1811. I hav, been acquainted with Bri tol's Sarsaparilla for a number ol' years, and have very frequently prescribed it in my practice, aud have invariably found it Ui an?wer the desired effect. 1 consider the reputation of the article est tblisht d, and where the grnuini c *u be ohtaiu.-d, 1nav? no hesitation iu saying that a trial of its virtues will sustain my opinion. S. C. NOTES. M. D. From Dr. A. P. Curtia : Attica, Genesee Co., July 3, 1811. I have frequently prescribed Bristol's Sarsaparilla in iny practice, and have no hesitation in recommending i t a? an article poetessing all of the active principle of Sarsararilla, slid as a puparauon, I think it the b??t one I have evei mi t with. A. P. CURTIS, M. D, ?sr - /_ L ..... O?w*oo, May t, 1811. ??c..ri.n> inn nr mtlHIM llllu AlIU Y*ll l?oo*eI nunng htr sirkneaa, and ?c have no hesitation in saying that her recovery mav be attributed to ih? nir of Biiatol'a Sar?i|??'illa. P. II. HARD. M. D. H. K. THVRbKR, M. D. _.(Aetatemfi?t of the above caa? may be seen by ca liniz on Mr. WM. BURGER, SO C?nrtlaadt it.) , . UARiKir. Jnly 2, 1841. We. the underaigned, physicians, residing in Dririenand Bennington, having treated Mr. E. Cross ?luiitav hia illness, kuow the abjte itatemenr of hn rue to betrn- in ill particulars, and ,r u5"i'ie 'east hesitation inaaciibing hia cure to (lit- uae of Bnatol ? Saraa; jril'*., Indeed, we are aaaurrd fiat this me dicine waa Uie of utirely arreatim; and eiadicating the diaeaa-. IRA CROSS. M D ERA8TUS CROSS, M. D. ...... . , Damn*. Jolt 1,1WI. We, the nnderaigned. are particularly acipiain'rri with Mr. E. Crr,??, and ar>-In I; ac i mnte I with the fa> t* aa drawi. up in the a ove arateinen', whit h we tielieve to be correct in all rcapecti. aid w? aie aaaured that it wai w 1a through ih agency of Bristol's Saraaivirilla thit hia cure waa effected STEPHEN KINO, P. M. Darien >ntre. JONATHAN I>UIt K EE, Jaaticeof the Trace, 111K A M H.CHAPIN. ALANSON KISHKR, Jaatice of the Peace. II. P. HUTCHINSON. J. H. FLAOI.ER. At.tow, Jinu.iry IT, IfM2. I have been lately the physician to Mr. M i\n ird, ud ?,ia called to aee him during lua illnesa, somo time in the moktli of August or Septemlier last, and I mnat aay I waa innch Mirpriaed and aatonialied lo aee Mra. Ma> nar.l officiating aa nurie, ami attending to Ma wanta while h* waa aick. Her aae waa one Mat I waa conversant with hut never prescribed for; it .* u Proridontia, and for the inoat pad of scveu or i fcht yeara ?he had been obliged to be conveyed about the hniiae and nuraed in a craille Constructed 'or the purtioa-. Until ahe commenced the uae of Briatol'a Sarcapaiilu her diaeiue resisted the beat medical trr-rnnent. I w aa frequently called to cmp-.ii t with I)| Gage uiher cue, but tin- div aae had assumed such a form tint my ftpiniou waa, that medirine would have no effect in prxiucing scire. ... I am perfectly convinced that her recovery ia entirely attributable to the uaeol Bri'tol's SaraapyiHa. JOHN M. HARRINGTON. M. D. At.nrn, January 17 IR12. I have been one of ilm .ntendin* phyarciaua of Mra. Maynard fnreinhtyeara put. II >r disease waa Prolapsiti Utiri of .in aggravated character, an related all the agents laid down in our moat eminent authoir. In addition to remedial agents recommend d, I | retrrihr Various ieatruments lo no effect. I am clearly ofttie opinio i that hei cure may be attributed to the uae of Briatol'a Sarsapar.111. .. _ GROVE C. GAGE, M. D. Jannarv 17, IIM2. We hive beeu acqiaiated wuh the circumstances ol Mra. Maynanl's sickness for eignt yeari past, have always undei0 E NE NEW lood l*-r Ciie u beilic I ryuud llie reacli of medicine, and have be? ti Wrnnifd h ifhir the past year to see her about, and we are assured that her recoverV if .ttributable entirely to the use of Bristol s SirsaparilI ;. We are furl her acquainted with the fact, that for five ye? is of the time of her sicaneaa, the we* ebl'jed to Ik* c HtVeye c from our U? another in (he arinaot her luishwl, and i i fan, when she wu moved at all. JOSEPH FK? KMAV Judge Erie Co.C. Pleat. IIOIIA4 K SI ANLEY, Justice of the Peace. H. L1TCHH.1 LD, Postmaster. DEXTKR Ka KLL, Su|?emtor. S. H. BUTLKlt. L P. JACOBS. JOHN KSTAliROOKS. A history ot ihe above case* iniy be seen by calling an abive. XH r?m tlie B ifTtlo <J<?rn-n~rci *1 Advertiser, Nov. (I, I Hi? ] x Exthaordi*art Cask.?The article be'ow it from the pen of one of our mo?t jutelligeut medical ineu, whose atatrmeutl a*e entitled to the fullest confidence. The ciae he drtails i? r-ally a r markable one. and might well hire been auj>posed beyond the power of m - diciue. Batemcntof the rhyjiciau who visited the Patient iiijwrson,and who Was t the time oue of the Editors cf the Coinuu-r eial Advertiser. frit is rare indeed that fallen humanity is made to e*|>erienee from tlie hand of Providenceao nich severe md pn tMti?1 *utfenng, ."i I uch calamil ua and allocking mutilation, aa lus ftlleu to the lot of James Wycmiff.i I'd 1^ yeas of age, now livi?*g iu the town of Clarence in this county. James i * the soli of a farmer, th* offspring of healthy and reputabh parents, who nave a Moeroos famti] oi robuat child* ren. W ithout any assignable cause, he was suddenly deprived at the aeaae of hearing mm tan yeaia since, which ^ soon followed by what waa probably an attack of the drv garnerene% This rapidly di i i >yed first tfce palate, die bones of oh f tiie in>uth, and then a considerable portion of the upi*r.jaw, upper lip, and he wh de of the nose, both bones and cartifege, as Well as integument*,. It would be difficult to ii.a.iiie in what way a more unsightly deformity could be impress* d upon the 'human face divine.* This frightful disease ceased its r* ages on the lace after several imtfi, to renew them again in other parts of the system with greater and ino:e destruc tive sevrritv. Some two years sjfo, a M black spot.'*?as the intelligent mother of this most unfortunate eh Id tolu the writer of tnis?was observed nod r the nil of t? l? biz toe* This on nons appear" . ihi precnraoi of i second attack I f?u fr*nc, n ic lually extended ovtr? e) fool rad leg to within feui inch - Dl llie k M>*?. A Sl-IUiatlOll thru look [>l UM', Bill III Jut' roll f- ' 01 tiiii-- both limbs dropped otf Tin fioiirrt of the ri.lit hand wtrr tin*ii attacked by ton consuming malady, whirli i xtendi il U? witinn a few iucht s of the slutild.r, and hi 1-11-'ill the n.lit arm it-It to the ground like tin dead branch "f a living The disease ih> ii howed ilsrjl at tin- elbow of the left arm, and on llie left s!io::lder, producing xtetuive nloliation of th- bones, The integuments of Uio light ?ide, near ihe ecu. re of the ribs, ar,d of the ri^ht eye, wire also affected witli the unit destroying complain? in it* incipient stages. On ex iiltiuiui; tlir hoy, who, noiwiths:anding lie it diafaud mutt-, is really intelligent .mil sprightly, the greatest m? >e! lo inwM.h w it was possible for a cm* itulion ?o very fe> Me at.d lih lrsi, that the lyittmvu rapidly falling to piece* fiom the de ith of its pruts, could when redact d to a mere fragment of humanity, I. dd out, and prolong for ye ir? a miserable < xuteiicc. btringe as it r ay ill. wt lound this, pi'.ce of a child sitting at the isiune-r tabic with tlie rest of the fainrly, ami l< cdinif himself w ith meat, rclASoes, bread.and tlie like, with an evident rt lish ol'the hi ill) ni \1 Hn stumps of liinlm, which latelv' presented a hltlei'ii- masa of eating ulceis, .ire now ht*lingover kindly, and nothing but the scan are left o tell the injnry dbne to the left shoulder, and the |>arlstliat surr ;iii d the ligl.teve, the low r jaw, anil the frng'iit nu of ears still giowing on the head, the apt taranci of w hich we shall not attempt to d-stri e. The certain check given to this terrible spreading and hopeless inaladv ?tho removal of the itteiibig protracted p-inaeve-r excited by irritable fmigeous flesh conut cted with dead animal matter?tlie quiet sleep, increased strength, and stable cunvalesence so manifest in the i*rson of James?were all, and doubtlvs justly, attributed by his mother to the exclusive < ?e, for the last six weeks of regular portions of Mr. 0. C. BRISTOL'S 8AHSAVARILLA. Those who have witnessed the truly auspicious, and m ?t nnexpected effects of this medicine iu this very extraordinary case, are u animous in the opinion that had it been early administered when the disease w as comparatively small and feeble, and the constitution sound anil vigorous, it could not have MM to pre* ent one of the greatest calamities that can a human being. C?.?TincAT?: of Gkn. Maitsi-ir.Ln. MR. C. C. BRISTOL?I have been acquainted with Peter Wyckaff for more than twenty years, and ha?e known his sou James from his infancy to this dav, and I do hereby certify than the facts set forth in the above, from the Commercial Advertiser, are correct. ORANGE MANSFIELD, P. M., Not. 2Cth, 1841. North Clarence, irie Co. Bloomfield, Oaklqpd Co., Mn., July 23, 1811 Messrs. John Owen k Co., Detroit: Gent.?Some time in the ye?r 1832, I was attacked with what was called by some of my attenriingplnsif iatis, th? Kinil's Evil. I immediately applied to a Dr. 7 hoinpson, who said it must be cut out; I then applied to another physician who ordered blistering. During my sickness 1 employed eight different physicians, and by one I waa advised to have my arm amputated, which I declined. Iv the year'17, mortification set in, when I applied to a root doctor, who appeared to help it some. In tiiat year 1 sold a spill of horses and two cows, and spent the whole of it, say $130, which only served to keep it back. I have used almost every thine I could hear of, without any great benefit. In July last, a cure was attempted by a person who, like all others, failed. The i xnense of all this has been at least tint). Frotn about four inches below the shoulder, to about the middle of the fore arm, there have bf en at least twenty holes, many of them as large as a silver dollar, and half an inch deep. In February. 1812, 1 accidentally came across a wrapper from a bottle of Bristol's ttars*i?nlla, and made tip my mind to try the medicine. Ou the 14th day of that month, I commmced using it, and used a bottle a week for two or three months,when I found myself to all apiiearance cotnpleLelv cured.Al any rate, since that time 1 have not fell any pain from it. No sores have ntwarml anil it i??ttia >nnnil ???! I <>?n I?Ka* %* ?!. tr at well .Tswith ihe other arm. I am so well satisfied of ir* superiority oVer ?very thing els- that I have tiled, that 1 mint earnestly recommend inv person to bruin us>ng it immediately who mjy br similarly afflicted. Your*, truly, WiLLlAM PEARSALL. Persons who have any doubts of the efficacy of this medicine, are iurited to call en any of the following City References before purchasing the article John <iile?, 301 Ff arl ?treet. Thomas Hugan, 208 Stanton itreet William W liriiiilfUpi*, 473 liWlli street Lloyd Bryant, No. lAvenneC. Wm H. Stinemets, 99 Cedar street Mr. Johnson. 2;> James street William i'tebbins, corner of Rivington and Ridge sta. Ricfard Smith. St Clinton street Robert H. Gordon, 13 Orange street Mrs. A. Hodge, 39 Ridtie st:iet William Wihon, 66 Lewis street M. Vandewater, 314 Madison street Lemuel Leland, (6 Hudson street I. G. Reed, 143 Fulton street, Brooklyn Mrs. Ward, 68 Bayard street J. W. Henderson, Vt Oraud street Junes McGill, 336 Grand street H. B. Knapp, 21 Avenue B?house 301 Fourth street John Culver, 191 Stanton street. rCT* I do not wish any one to purchase this medicine until they fully satisfy themselves that all that is said of it is true ; if. therefore. ihey will take ihe trouble to call on Mr. Burger, 50 Courtlandt streH, or at Milhau's ICS Broadway, they can ex amine substantiated testimony in addition to the above, which will prove conclusively that the article is what it purport! to be C.C.BRISTOL. Cai'Tiojr.?As the fame of this wonderful medicine extends, numerous preparations are springing up to reap a part of its reputation. The afflicted therefore should be careful, if they wish the true article, to ask for Bristol's, and see that the written signature of C. C Bristol is acrosj tlie cork of the botile. For sale by reputable Druggists and Agents throughout the conn ry. William Bnrge', Wholrsale Agent, 50 Court) amir street, and 1P8 Greenwich street, and at retail at the following places: Milhau's Pharmacy, U3 Broadway ; Hushton and AspinWill, 110 Broadway, 8?'? Wiillim streit, and IU Astor House; lames Svme.M. D., 63 Bowery, ; Robert Leggett M. D., 17 Avenue D ; B. Qnackenbush, 709 Gieenwich street, and A. Hill, 208 Greenwich St. sll Imr* F.PICURES! EPICURES! EPICURES! rPHF. Subscriber, formerly known as one of the linn of Blew A and Ten F.yck, of No. 8 Brotd street, having opened a v........ V.i -JU Kr,>i.' > (Viv IV,hi,.'. C.r.l.... where lie siill eont'tioes lo serve np all the Delicacies of ihe Season, vi?.?Oime. Poultry, Fish, Stc Sic., together with his celebrated Mill I'oikI. Shrewsbury and all choice Oysters.fresh or pickled, which obtained the premium at the last Annual Kair at Niblo's. Hating litted op a saloon nneqnalled in the city, where gentlemen ind their families i isitin^ Nihlo's, can, with the greateai propriety, have served op to their comfort and satisfaction,nidi refreshments as they may call for on reasonable terms. N. H.?Clubs and Private Parties wishing rooms, can oe accommodated as above, by ?7 lin'r JQ9KPH TKN EYCK. WINKS. BRANDY, AND HOLLAND OIN, MADEIIIA, in pipes, half do, and yj. casks, of suiwrior quality : al>o in gl is< ami on diangnt. PORT WINK, by the caA and on draught. SHERRY, in pipes, hlidn andqr casks, of thr finest qualities; also, lOqr cask* of superior Amontillide, the same on drnnglit. CHAMPAGNES, BURGUNDIES, HOCKS. CLARET, and va> ions other wines in glus. BRANDY?Otard. Dunuy & Co. best, in half pipes ; also, very old Cognac, on driiuht 10 pii?s double Harr Holland Gin. The above articles arc warranted pure, of the first quality. Apply to GILBERT DAVIS, 4J Pine street, 11 3t r comer William. SUPERIOR STROP. H'OR Surgeon's Instruments, Kizori, Penknives, Jtc., mide and warranted, by PETER ROSE, Cutler and Surge-n's Instrument Maker, No. IWilliam M, N. w York. To all those who have experienced the want of a K?od Strop, comhiuini( neatness and economy, the above is recommended, aud watrmud not to be surpassed by any yet offered t? the public. Having been engaged hi business as a manufa turerof Cutlery silire 1822, my tiperienre enables me to make an article that will suit the wants of the community, and if not approved may at any time be returned. They are so'd at the low price of 7J cents each, to accord with the times ; and gentlemen are respectfully invittd to call and examine them. I will here state that they are not a fonr sided strop with in-tallic hone attached, or an> such liHiiibu<; but a plain article by which a keen dye may be put u^on Rt/ors, Penknives, fcc. Rax irt ground and honed in the best manner, and warranted. Also, all kinds of Cutlery trade and repaired with neatness and despatch, by .R lw'r PETER ROSE. Caller fcc. A. PASTOR'S HAIR OIL. OR, COMPOUND ESSENTIAL OIL OF ALMONDS ?For dstr >ing dandrilT and ptrventiug the hair from coining out or turning, prepared by Antonio Pastor.Hair Cutter, 165 Greenwich street, New l org. This inimitable oil, lias been the product of twenty-lour years of experience, and lor the last sixteen years in New Yor ;, where I have been practicing in the Hair Cutting business, nnd the public may raly on it, that A. Pasti>r*s I Oil ia rli.. uliuli-inmi'il .ind best Oil for the (lair?make* it *ro? thick an<lloni{, prtventa IU falling off or turning grey, andi-ven if hair haa b itun to turn prey,. i? men a nuirislier t* tlie hair, that by uie it will reitorf it to ranitjrl color Alio pri-venta hair from becoming ahvleil, and il hair haa alivady shaded, which ia a gieat distigurem> nt to young ladiea, and if uaed for a short time, it will rotor* it to iu natiira I -.dor, clear the icnrf, and keep the head and 11 m c I.MU.i romota eyebrow* and whiakercd. A liberal discount made to wholesale imrchueri. l'rice jo cent* i>er bottle, highlv perfumed. A. PASTOR. ? ^?13w?r 1M Orn nwich ?t. N. V CONFECTIONARY, ICE CREAMS, SODA W A T E II, & C. I BRA DEN, No. 73 Canal atreet, iiatillat hia l?ld stand, and willI be hanpy to ate hia frit-mla, a* Well u the public generally, and would iniorm ihem that he continue! to make imiTOTi'tncnU in hia aiticlea of Confectionary and j,e <;ream*, which have bem *o gcnerallr approved of, from their being pore and wholesome, aa no deleterinua article! are uaed in the minntacturinK of them, the aupeiiuteiideuc* of the whole b< nig nndet hia immediate supervision. 8EOAUS, CONKhCTIONARY, FRUITS, he. lie., wholcale and retail. attention will he paid to ordera for fumiah ing partiea or private familiea for Ice Creamt, Jclliea, ke., at pricea to auit the timet. Ord<fs ffcr Conlectionary from the eonntry will be intended to with prIVnptneas and despatch. He take* thia opportunity of returning hia thank* for the liberal patronage beitowed, and hope* to merit a continuance of public favor. auil Ira* w rc YORK. THURSDAY MO: *7 MISCELLANEOUS V. S. CITY DESPATCH POST. I't 1ST CFK1CE, New York, 21th July, 1812. HO' RS of Dtlivrry each da> , (Sunday a r scepted/at the Upper mill Lowi-r Pott Offici . Letters posited before 11.ill-pan 8 o'clock, A Ml " 12 3 P M I Will be tent out for deAt all Ike Stations before > liverv it 9 A M, and I 7 o'clock, A M I aud 4 o'clock, 1* M. 11 " 2 P Mj Letter* to be lent Vive, must hart' "Krce Stump* aflited to til in, otlirrwiiK three ceuu will be col.ecteil til" the |wrt> to whom til < letter is adjusted. No nioury inu.t be t iiclnwd ill Iriteis unless rt istered at t .e principal "(fifes. Lists ol ilie stations (it all of wliicha "free stamps" in iy be pu rchas.' (1 at $3,M |>er 100, and every information may be obtained o:i a|>plica'ion at the upiier or lower Post offices. Stnoips issued by the late CityDespifcli Post will b? received. It is indispi usable that the number of the r< sidi lice ahould be stated in ail U tt rs set t through tills Post. The Post Master solicits the earlii-st inmrruation should any irregularities occur. JOHN LOlllMKR GRAHAM au23 ly ec Cost Master. THE TWO GREATEST INVENTIONS OF TilL AGE. KENNEDY'S COMPOUND VEGETABLE PREPARATION. UOK Tt e tieatinf 11 nnd preservation ol the Hair; the only " infallible preservative against halduesft, ami a certain cure for all diseases of th'* scalp, such as duidratT, plica |?ottiica, Hie. v<c., including all cuf*neotiH affection*. This article is preput d wit hrfrrai can by the inventor anda proprietor lunself, after i study ol'ten year-*, during which his time has been al:.i ' i( I) I voted I ' i: i i i.. iuciimp i ibl? e fo th< b n lU or tha growth and beamy of the Hair* In the inej'i timr. manv lust'iun* inteudeid for the ?nine purpose, hive ariaeu ?tid di d, wlole (hit r joiccs in ti e tall ol III It-hood? IK if foliv. s? l.tisir ,. . r.s... ?... .1 ol I. i, t. July prized Ot iu cieauliueii an 1 beauty admired. Let tli? who lmve these desires (?mt ^ive it a single hi il ind he h*s no* for the result. It Milv rin)ii>rei to Ik- known lo be ai?pr?latfOt ud wktu 10 'i? rtciated the pron<ict.>ri ipecit lc 1 Miin In* rfw.ui Iroui a ducetninu public, tnd .is lis it not before?he is not airaid oruimu; oui of patience. Nearly live bunded ceruncates, t?-stif>i:iff to its virtues, in all rases for w ieh it i? intended to be used, from the in oat highly rmperuble indiviiknh iu various i?arts in the United Stales, tl.w Cauadts, fccM can he aeen at th?- office of the uiveiito* and in iinuftclurur, No. 1 1'mcstreet, New York. INVENTION NO. 2. The second invention of modern tiim s. to which we w wild rnwttnllT caii attention. is KENNEDY S CELEBHAI I D PREMIUM CHEMICAL 11AIK lAE. the lint r*er illvi nlid in this country. 1 lit* article, a. can be testified to by ft large :iumber of orul.tnd wrbal reroniinendatious, Msupuiior to iny tliiuK of the kind imported from an\ I'tit of the world, tnd is rapidly superceding all otner nostrums fntchaiitfniK the color of tlii* hail md whitaer* to a beau'ilu! duk browu, or et black, from ll ten, red, grey, or other olmctiuuable color, iu a 3i:'uIw an'.'lic Jtion, n ithout itfectitu 'lie alciu. 'i he am. ve Hair Dye w ts exhibited at the K.iir of the American Institute, held at Niblo's Oardcu, aud tec i.ed the fir?t premium, as In ini( superior lo iny oilier exhibited. It in y be! winit places :?Biiley, Ward & Co. Msidi-n Lane; Leary ? Co, Astor house; C3 Bowery, corn' r Walker; 340 Buffery corner Bond (treet; TUf.uiy, Gourd St Ellis, "ii'i Broadway, .;nd at the manufactory, No. 1 Tims street. New York. au30 Im* r GEORGE KENNEDY. TENDER CHINS. ANY GENTLEMAN may be instantly relieved from all pain during th< oner tiou of having, by applying hU nsm to the MK 1'ALIC TABLET ItAZOli STROP, invented by (* Sawders, which iu re reed i tint] of* boot, mi by whiidithe unskilful ran always prodvee as keen and smooth an edg* as the razor could by any possibility exhibit under the most eij>crienced hand. It is the only etirctual means which the art ?f man nas yet devised for giving to every one an opportunity of suiting his razor uhis c iiin with the same certainry as he can mend a pen to suit his own hand, which any j?erson will be shown by brurj* inz a dull razor and tryinx the Tablet belore purchasing Hetan priee of the best article of Sir aud Tablet, $1 and $1 60. an 17 lm#r Sold at O. SAUNDERS, 163 Broadway. TOUGH BEAkDS !! PLEASURE IN SHAVING secured by the tine of Cha|>man's MAGIC KA/OR fe'l KOI', with METALLIC HONE, forinuu one ofiu lour side*, with which every person may keep his razor in perfect order, whether at sea or on land. It presents four faces, each of di'terent ?!hin'emnx properties, commencing with the Metalic llone, ol it n times tin power of the ordinary hone,and fmshinx on the simple calfskin. Retail jirices JO, 7S, 1 00, 1,U and I,SO, eac'< according to outward size and finish. Tne performing part of the 75 cent strop I being same as one at (I,SO. Wholesale prices $J,id Si, So. $7,SO, $9 and (12 per doz. L. CHAPMAN, No. 102 William street. S. B. The performing part of my 75 cent strop warranted to be sujieiior to George Seunilers' best, ni $3 esch,and the money returned if the purchasei be dissatisfied. au.iS lm*r PHATON X AX A ' ' vy .LI I HAIH HITTER, NO,214 Broadway, opposite St. Paul's clmrrli, is the Tint to introduce the f ishion for the season, ou Saturday, lOlli iiiat. _?10 linV Notice to StR4n<u:rs. F. GIBBINS, HAIR CUTTER AND WIG MAKER, 27 MAIDEN LANK, Corner of Nassau Street, ill lm r NEW YORK. IMPORTANT TO THE PUBLIC. ALL who wiah to economize can obtain Clothing of the be? quality remarkably cheap, at 20) Canal afreet, one dooi treat of Hudson. Also, a Ur<n assortment of Cloths, Caasimeres, Vrstings, and Summer Goods, from which Clothing of all kinds are made to order in the best manner at very rcduceu prices. 205 Canal street. ie 19 ,1m r THE CRYSTAL, CORNER OF WALL tf BROAI) STREET. Ye Conoiseurs and Epicures who throng the "Money" street, When you are dry, stop in and try, the "ttock" that then you'll meet; We'll do oar best, to stand the test, with any honse in town. And while we do, we look to yon, lor some share of renown. rPHE Proprietors of the above establishment will take a pride L ill redeeming the above pledge, and they will permit tio ar ucir uui uir very ur?i io.ij?j??*nr on uie Dar. A cnoicr launch can also he found daily. nn'2t lm*r c HTNA, glass, and EARTHENWARE. 8 ASTOR HOUSE. 'C'RENCH Porcalain Dinner Ssrvices, 115 pieces, f25 00 T Whit<! Oranite, do do 112 do 13 00 Krenchor Kugliah Porcelain Tea SeU. 32 do 4 M) Dinner Plates. French Porcelain, |>er dozen, 1 <M Do do Orauite, bine or white, do l On Soup, do French Porcelain, do 2 On Do do Granite, blue or whife, do 1 on Tea Cups and Saucers, (21 pieces) French Porcelaiu, 1 id Kmc Cat*, <io do 37 Glass. I Cut Wines, per floien, from 1 50 Do Tumbler*, do do 2 On Lemonade*, handled, do 2 25 Table Cutlery. Of the liiicst description^ in ?et? or doxeoi, at the low price of $13 the set. Just opened, a handsome asso'trnent of Toilet Ware. * ? SIMPSON. N. B ? Assent for the sale of Simiwou'j Kir Comets, lor the relief of dullness. tl lin* rc A NEW & IMPORTANT INVENTION FOR THE LADIES. VI RS. LOVK, Corset Mak?r, No. t>a Lispeuard sir ec, respectfully informs th j ladies of New York and its vicinities, that ?he Ins mi. nr. (I a new article for the presort Iof the health and strength dining pregna:icr. Tim Alxl mini <1 NfporltrItunfiitii iti appflcatioa, aeti ?m rapport, ami preventing all siiaui ujioii the muscles, and the consequent la tigue and eiliamtion of the whole system. It will preserve the form in all its youthful symmetry Notion; thai liaj ever been i"V?i.ted offers so many advantages as does this Abdominal Supporter for invigorating the system against every accident attending gestation. Mrs. L.has secured a patent. She begs to refer to the follow ing eminent gentlemen of the Medical Faculty:?Dr. Francis, Dr. Pond, Dr. McDonald, Professor Gillinan M D, Professor Parker, M D, A. C. Castle. M D, Dr. Nelson. Dr. Moore, J. W. Francis, M D, J. O. l oud, M D, J. VV. Moore, M. D, J. Neilson, M D Country merchants and dealers supplied wholesale With Corsals. Belts, and hr -ces, on advantageous terms, s6 tmjr ' '!?? Aiitl-AnguJar System of Writing. GREAT REDUCTION. FROM TWELVE TO SIV DOLLAR! ! yrn. BRISTOW ol Loudon, re?pectfullv inl?rmi the Ladies iV1 Orntlemennf New York and Bro .klyn.that hi* cla*ses have commrncrti J'tr the aeason, and that he has tioi'cr.D his Terms one nail',?to Six Dollars! A< adkmv No 235 Brodawav, wear Parr Place. Oentlemen of all a?es are positively taught in twelve It tsoni,

a bold, frtr, exneilHiout and finished bu*in< ss-like style of Writing, no matter how bad, illegible stiff, or cramptd the writing may be. Awd the Ladies A oeat and hatidsome, delicate and fashionable Kuiining Hand I* Twelve Ka?v Lessors ! VISITORS in New York can take a caurie ill Three p*^? !?Mr. B. is to be seen from 9 to I A. M.? "r from 4 to i Evening Classes from 7 to 9. BooK-Kr.crixn , Taught on a superior method, by double and single entry, scientifically and practnallv. i ^ \ c i r?i 8TF.NOGRAPHY. A new ayatem of the Art of Wiitinx Short-hand, fortakinc Leciurea, Serniona, Trialj u Law, k. fcc., t.oxht peifectl) i by Mr. Briatow in one coQrae of leaaona! it i:U Bi"<dway. N. B.?A work of the author ia presented to every pupil for j their |?rmamnt mide. ?4 Ii?*rc PATENT PRE8ERVED PORTABLE MEATS AND SOUPS, TXTAKRANTF-D to keepany len?th of time in any climate, *v vit: tobatara, halibut, ?hid, aalmou, <>y rer?, and clama, beef, mutton, real, dock, chicken, 'arkey, he*f aoup, million broth, chicken aonp, nt tail ioup, mock ami until turtle ?onp, vefetable ?oup, tfr. en peai, nuuniooma. carrem, turnip*. p.rampa, tomatoea, milk, lie. fee., manufactured md aula wholesale by WILLIAM MULLANK, ?_4 lm* rc <2.*^ Naaaau at ECONOMY, ELEGANCE, AND GOOD LIVING. THE underaitfnedhaa, at AfTaa} ?ipen?e, fitted np one of the JL larurat and moat aplenoid Coffee and Katini; Houaea in New York. in which one hundred p- raona at leaat can ait down to an cicellent and aabataaual hreaklaat, dinner,and tea, [irom the choictat suppliea ofthe market*, with a bill of fare not ei celled either aa rerardi piality or number of di*h?aj by any hotel in thn United Statea, and varyink in pricea from kit centa to one (hilling and eighteen pence |>er diah. The | ureat Java and Mocka coffee and the very bent teaa, 4;id served at only three lenta per cup. And .til Other refreshmenta in proportion. The waiter* are uniformly civil and (?dite, and every viaitor may be aaaured of feeling in thin estaMi >hment |iute 'at home." lu fact, every department of the buaineaa ia under the anperintendence of competent overaeera, whoae ?ol* cant and attention are directed to the comfort and convenience! of <-nstomera and sneaft. HK.NRY OO8LINO. Proprietor of the French and American Katina Honaa, Noa 04 and 64 Naaaau at, between Jahn at and Maiden Lane, r. 8.?Open Sondaya for breakfaat, dinaer and tea. je30 Jmr IRE I RNING. SEPTEMBER 15 MISCT.U. WI O! >. NOTU K:!!?N K\V AND UKliYT INVI.V I TION?KKA.\< i.V- HIGHLY IMI'ROVKD MAMKOLD Wlll'l Mt.?liy this womltiful invciitiou a letter ami duplicate Can i f writlrn in our operation, w itli niort ease ami prrater facility thaii a aiugle letter witli *u ordinal)' |hu ami mh. To the mercantile., ami travelling part of the community, 'Lit (ml) ureal inwntiou is <>t inlmite value, a? it ia a great savlngoi timk, tkoi'hi.e ami ?:xi"t:Njr. The principa advantage to be ilern oil Irom llie iiiuululU writer u, that aeouy of the document maylt kept ?uli?t any additional troublu to I he ?i lit r, ami ?ilhout any necessity ol oiitig either an inkstand or a pen. The instrument use 1 fur writing ii an .urate o.iiiil. nnh'viii'inK ir n..v, I.i- .. ? I.'..- i....b. inauraw e otficet, merchant*, men of busineaa HCUerally. lawyer*, ponmailen, editors, report. rs, public officers, and all who may be desirou* of preserving copies ol the ir It item, document*, &c.t *ithan imineusc sating of tune, and the satisfaction o! having innMi c pyol what th y nave written, ttin will bt louud invaluable. Kpinna's .V)amf< Id Writer ha* now been in successful op?*ration two years, during which time the proprietor has ha 1 the pl?aeure o? receiviug the utifeigucd approbation of all win se observation it hat nine under. At the Ute lair of the American lutiitut*', the merits of the article were eianined into by three,of trie most able chemist* in the country, who pro* noanced it to be i very iugeuious and useful contrivance, and not habit to change color by exposure to air, moisture, or ch*mieal agents. Consequently a inedal was awarded by the institute. The proprietor his lately inadt great improvements in this aiticle. The paper it of the bestmiality manufactured in the United States, bun*; made for the Maui old writer eipressly to his order. Therutiugof them, which has for some time been thought impoittible, hat at length been bioiwht to perltcti n, for which a copyright has been secured. The copying books are bound 1:1 a variety of forms snd sues, varyiug iu price Iroiu M) cents upwards. Kiati tiers >tud Conutry Merchants in general will find it to their advautage to procure the article, as they n.eet with a rradv'tile. A liberal deduction n ad, to those who buy b> wholesale. Newspapers or magazines throughout the country, copying the above entire, vv tliout alteration or abriugemeiu liu? luduu this uotice) .md irivin. it twelve inside iuseitiou*, thall receive a copy, subject to their ??rder, by sending ? paper, contuning the advertiseim ut. 10 the otnee of the subscriber. LKWls KHAN CIS, 83 William street, s13 lw*r Corner .vlaideu Lane, New York. DR. M ol< KhSUN NORTH K1VLK DIM'KNSAKY.&iiH Kulton street near Ureeuwic) ?Dr. Vlorriaon, Aiemb < < 1 tii K y&l Colleu? of Surgeons, London, aud formerly hnrveon 111 the British Na vy, coiitiuuet to be consulted dully on all d.teaae. im delicate nature, and all thote digressing s\inptoms cousequciit on injudicious treatment, aud the imprudent use 1 J quae i medicines. Dr. M. has had ftneiperieac ?>t twenty wo jrsni 11 treating delicate diseaaes in <tll their various aiuh implicated lorini, ami utes a mild, s.ifc and infallible substitute 1 ? r mercury, eradicating the lenereal viius with certainty, without subjecting the i?*tu n: t? .?;i, rlak of raatrieung him in I emil dieta or parsuits while niA medicines are agreeable mtasteand smell, l'erB nmif olialiai I mm in the Bfatbi, aueh aa atrictarea and enI *rK. nieutof the pros f ate gland, a->'( uipann d with much irritation and dull pain about these par is, are tome of the coimeauencea of inal-Ueatrnellt. Dr. iVj. titits strictures in a acientilie 111.inner, promoting absori no of the thicac&td ti'culai int inhraue without any pain. CON ST IT I TIONAL DEBILITY.-'Thousands of you:* men are surtcriug from tic constvjuerifea of indulgence in a si cret destructive habit,ai d whose uei Vet are further injured from the use of nostrums. 11 d pretended specifics, which ttiimilate <till> to induce greate r depir-ssion. Di. iVl. treat* such cases ou purely principles, and never fails in establishing cure?the .strictest lienor and confidence is observed. Ltttfrft port i ud. ind containing mitwi fet, will ensure t.'ie correspondent lull advice, and medicine to any pari of the Uiuca, by his giving a history of his case is detail. 204)4 Fuloq street near Greenwich. au30 lin*rc DOCTOR GLOVER " BKOS to inform those who have recently enquired if he has lei! th< practice ol his profi ion, thai he cobIhium to prescribe for such as require his aid am usual. Those dillicult aud protracted cases Which require practical eX|*.*rieiice to ensure success, have beeu the particular otyects of his study. The recent improvements in chemist?y have put into his hands several new and important remedies which have escaped the obser v&tiouof the less scrutiuisiug physician Dr. Glover's primary education enables kiin to keep pace with the improvemt uts of the day, being a graduate iu the medical profusion. The unsuspecting stranger should Ik* ware of the host ol self named Doctors .tud pieicnders, souie of whom aspire to be 'Uthors of little boous upon subjects ol which the s are totally iguoram. Office, No. 2 Ann it?private entrance, 4th ?ioji from the Museum?office uours until 9 >_ U?ch P.M. s7 lmT 'TERRAPIN LUNCH.?Gourmonde' Qui Vive! ThouA sand* of our good cits, iovrrs ol ;ood tare, have been lor OBM weeks past ufferin wwn das piiouunieu from the closing of tne l'ar-1'ained " Terrapin Lunch." The M fltful levir." is now. however, over, uaJ again roar ihey "feed well, ''lor be ii known tint tin* John Adaan.of Kuicknbockcrnumory, "hauga liis hat" uoat the Terrapin ; also the on'nrietor, one of the iioe>i little fellows in Christendom, y'clept W J Oarr. Now, then, smack your lit* ye cormorants in the Turtle Soup and ?t?ik line, the intutle ol 'ban iy,' has fill, n upon John, to perfection, iu good ration and drinking niav be ir?in guaranteed at the Tenapin. A single look iui > the old ' Ire Bos," will ap|?ease the hunger of him with the shoit purse, aud a taste of the genuine at half the Old prices will tickle the palat?* of the veriest anchorite. hme Ureeu Turtle served up this day, and every day during fcsoa. > ) iui i i A CHALLENGK TO f HK WORLD.-DR. J. GRAY. -V Ol'ULIsT, No. 22J Division street, New Y ork, from tiie city of Loud >iii?tiie only maker of the Aitiiicial Human Eye in tlit I uited Stiles, respectfully inform thou personsthai hat had the misfortune to have lost one of their eyes, that he ran ii . j i .i 11 in. mi i lo !" I, > "?? . m i m fa iiead, without naiu cither in lifting or wearing, st a moderate pnee. Dr J Oraj challengss the world to \ luce models equal to his of ditfereut disease* of the Human E>e, made by li.ui-elf, which can be seeu at his residence. l)r. J. Giav* gives advice, gratis, on all complaints of tiie eye, from.) o'clock uu'il io every morning, Sundays excepted. N. ??Artificial Teeth set in first iste *t}le, from one to a whole set, at a reduced price. A single Tooth, with Silver plate, $1 60?Do with G^ld, $3. 914 I w r ~ GUITARS. ]\i"ARTfN ItCOUPA, Guitar Mtnufarturers, 385 Broadway. Up stairs, have consi*uiily on hind a large s>sortment ol Guitars, of French, Gotman, and Spanish model. M. Ac C. would call the attention of Solo players to their Ters Guitar*, made after the model of Giuftani, which in brilliancy aud purity of tone are sui>erior, mid wry easy to the execution. The instruments are warranted perfect, and to stand any change ol cliinite, and Will be oxcUanged at any time shoald the y not prove satisfactory Strangers ar** invited to call aud examine tnem. Prices from $16 to $100. Sold, wholesale and retail. S. H ll.Hini Pftiitiniii1* to >fiVH I.Atinm [III lliA Oili(sr. jll 2in eod?r HATS" FALL FASHION?1842. WM, BANTA would res|iectfnlly call the attention of friends,customers and the jiuldic in Keneral. to his assortment of Hal* of the Kail Faltern,got up mill i |>articular regard to neatness, style, and durability. rer<oii*?bout iu|i|<lyiuK themselves witli that indn[>~usable article of dress, and who tiidy taste and (ttnomy in it* selection, would ilo Wi ll to give hun a call, belteviu* tlial the wulnu Lamed low price* would fully satisfy them of the tubacribcts pretentions to ,ell cheap, viz:?Short napped silk halt at S2.5A; moleskin do $!); hlack casiiineri do $1,10; neutria do $3,10; bearer do St.10. Also on hand gentleim u * traveling auddiet* ca|?,children's velvet,cloth, ami fancy caps, youth* and bos* hat* ana cam. *H Im eod'r _ WM. BANTA, No. 1M Chatham st. VKPHYR LMBKOlUtRV WOOL, best Berliu inanufac ^ ture?,bv the case or to suit purchasers. German Worsted, asiorted colors. < hine Worsted, do Bi rliu Emhroid ry pattern*. new designs and all makes. Si!!:, Cctton, Worsted and Linen Canvass, all widths. KIom Silk, complete lasortmeut of colors. < henille Cord slid working chenille. Purse tw ist, i^dd .ml silver thread and braids. "(lire Olae, for covering embroideries. Katicy embroidervd articles. Cords, tassels, fringe*. tic. Sic. Gallo 'lis, binding*, boot cords, 8tc Sec. Rcceired by late arrivals, and constantly ou hind, by EDWARD LIPPOLD, s6*.>d 1m* rc No Ml Willi III ,t, n? irJ.iim, up -* irs. CHINA DINN'KIl s7, i s-sifver .nifl'l ,ted W ,,. . .v. it OARDl.sKK'S New H uriiinhniK Warehouse, No. 24 John street, between Broadway and Nassau street. The subscriber offers for sale at the very lowest prices, a choice assortment of nvw and most desirable goods, in Ins uaual lloaue Kurtiialiing Branches, embracing Sheffield and Birmingham Pjated Ware: J a panne ry; Britnmia and Block Tin Wares; 9u(>erior ivory haudle Table Cutlery; Chun, Gluaaud Karthen Ware; Lamps, Chandeliers and Girandoles; Silv.r Ware, fcr.&c. B. GARDINER, slO teod^r No. 24 John street. JOHN <r \DKIK.I, VKRiTK"\"~WKItRK s. , Nun.- ? ! " Switzerland.?Amv one who ha* ever known or heard of this individual, or of a persoa of a similar name, will please coinrnuuicate thef act to me, as tin* information is of importance to some of hi? f*milv. His real name was John Gabriel Verren ; but in a foreign land it may, like many other names, have been changed, or become corrupt'd in its melling. He camr to the United fttates iu the year 1785, and he Is supposed to have resided in the State of Pennsylvania, and to have died there ; but at no trace of him as yet has b?en discovered, the information received by me U(>ott the nub ect is probably incorrect, and I now tale this means of making a general inquiry throughout the Union. ?i eod lin?r P. K. HTA1GER. Philadelphia, Pa. THA sNSPARENT AND WASHABLE WINDOW A 8HAl)fcH.?The sul>?crih+rs have on hand the Unrest and most varied aaaoriment of French and Italian painted Window Shades, ? f scroll, Gothic, landscai*. au<l plain centres, an I for sale lower Thau can b? pnrch?fd at anv of her ettabli>limrnt in the city. They vai^ in gmce and <|nalitv from the moat magnificent French painting ever imported in (he country, to the cheap Italian style, as low as 8s. each. AI?o on hand, * large atoek of Chintzea and I.mens f->r win lows, of virioua patterns, futures, lie. Tun'ht' wilh I general assortment ol all dearriptioua of Upholstery Oooda, Bed*, MaUrmn, Ctrtiim, (' "ruin Materials, (Jilt ornamenU, &c. For sile .it remarkable low prices. BOLOMON& HART, Upholstcrera, fcc. dMidlm'rc IS7 |)ro?l?iiy, nptmllp John ibrrl, U&NN8YLVANIA ' 01 l KMK? Medi i I !' , -I Filbert street above Kleventh, Philadelphia? Session of IHI2 -'<3 ?The Lectures in iliii Inititutioti will b- minted on the first Monday of November, and '.?e contiimrd until the first of March. FACULTY. Anatomy and Fhyaioloiry?Samuel George Morton. M. D. Surgery?<leoiv? M'Clellati, Si I). Principle* and Praciic* of Medieine?William Rush, M D. Institutes of Mediciae and Materia Medici*?Robert MontK< mery Bird, M I). Obstetrics and Diaeasea of Women and Children?Samuel M'Clellan, M. D. Chemistry and Natural Philoaophy?Walti r R. Johnson, A. M. fr.r.i?Muricnlation, $'?. Each Course, $15. Graduation, >30. Three years' atudy in the office of a resectable physician.and UdHMMi on two full roarsea of Lectin*. one if whi?|i mint he in this Institution, are the reqitiaites which entitle rhe pupil to become a candidate lor graduation. Tin examination lor Degrees takes place early in March..ind the ("ommencement is held with a* little subsequent delay as possible. The Faculty have provided ample Dissecting Rooms,fnrniaheil with eveiy requisite for Practical Ana'nmy, witliin the College Buildings. t> monatrator, 1*. ROSS COLHOUN, M. 0. Dissvrting Ticket, $10. The Diapanaar) of'lie College will be oiien-d daily (Sin day* excepted) during the montha of Mepteml" r and '">ctol?rrlotj which occoiona th* Professors will give Praetieal Instruction in Snrgery and Medicine, while the I'upila will be alao admitto) to the Pennsylvania and Pmlad I phin Hoapilala, on the aame terms with the Smdenis of other Medical Inatitutiona of this city. 8AMUKL Gr.ORUF. MORTON, Dean of the Medical Facility, \u23TSi9 tonovl'r N?. 431 Arch street. I Ell A , 1842. Wattiliigtmi l.orrra]M)inli>iirr. W.\siiiNi;TnN, Monday livening, Sept. I'J, 1812. Dratli of the I !"//< of thr Pmii/rnt?Funeral Ctrrtnunits. The White House is again shrouded in morning. i It is now just seventeen months since 1 had the painful duty of sending you the particular* ot the death of General Harrison, witli an account of the attendant funeral ceremonies. On .Satuiday evening last, the beloved and estimable wife of President Tyler, died at. the Executive mansion, surrounded by herfamily and Iriends. On this alt> rnoon we were all summoned to pay the last tribute to departed virtue, aud condole with her alllicted family on the mournlul event. A numerous company ol the friends and relatives of the family, and citizens ot all classes and parties, assembled by public invitation, in the east room, at lour o'clock, where divine service performed over the body of the deceased, by the Rev. Dr. Ilawley, of the Fpisropal Unnrcli. The collin, covered wall a plulii velvet pull, was placed in the centre ot the room, with no uihcr accompaniment than the delicate and appropriate one, ot vases oi natural llowers. The President and his family were seated at the head ol the collin?the members of the Cabinet, foreign Ministers, Clergymen, members ot the b?uate and House ot Representatives, and other Government ollicers, occupied seats on each side ot the collin; and the room was filled with a concourse of the la- | dies and gentlemen of Hie District. Toe t-cene ! w is .t very solemn and aiiecttng one. Alihougu Mrs. Tyler had labored under illness for some years ' past, she was a lady of great virtue, inestimable 1 worth, and most tenderly beloved and respected by 1 all tier lamily and acquaintances. She was the sis- 1 ter ot Judge Christian, of Virginia. The body, * will be conveyed to-morrow morning to the family 1 burying ground at Williamsburg, Virginia, itccom- 1 pained by the President aud lus lamily, with several of his personal friends. It is understood the Prest- ' dent will then repair to the Kip llaps, at old Point ' Comfort, to remain there for some time, both tor ihe ' purpose of retirement in this season of grief, and ' also tor that ot relaxation troni the arduous cares ot hisstatioii to which he has been unremittingly devoted for nearly a year past. (>n tins late ulHicting bereavement the President has the sympathy of the entire community here, which has been plainly evinced to-day. In the Herald of the lot it, there is a statement by your correspondent, E. E E., of an alleged hoax purporting to have been played off on Dr. bewail, of this city. 1 have made inquiry on the subject? no sucli incident has occurred to Dr. S., nor has unything to atlord the slightest shadow of touudation lor the story communicated to your correspon- ' dent. I beg von to correct the error into which your correspondent has unintentionally been betrayed by the talse information given him. Dr. S. is an esti- 1 mable man, having many friends, whom you will ' oblige by making this correction. 1 Crot on Water, Aklimuton House, Sept. I I, 18-12. General Benneti':? Sir? I noticed in yesterday's Herald that a stranger in the sllaue of an eel. three teet liinir mnrle hia un. I>earance in one of the tubes conducting the water Irotii tlu-street to a cellar. Thts is nothing more ill,in must be expected What is to prevent eels j and alt othpr kinds ot fish, from entering the tunnel , at the Croton darn'! It you wire the mouth, wnich , is the case, you only impede the access of the water, lor even then, small tisli in millions will tind their way through to the distributing reservoir, wiiere they will breed, and where, any day, can be | seen thousands ot fish from a quarter of an inch to < MX inches long; there are, no doubt, eels in ahun- I dunce. Now many of these must die in the pipes, and you and those who use the water, will have ' animal matter held in solution. I should sooner have the tisli la another shape. This is a circumstance, however, that cannot be uvoidcd, aud weighs but little against the great advantages to be i derived from the water. The remedy isthis. Let each family have a filter of white sand, through wnich the water can pass as it comes from the cock, which, it occasionally renewed, will make the water perfectly pure. A box one foot square, and lour feet long, filled wilh sand, will answer the purpose. To prevent fish getting in, however, the tubes should not he attached to the side, but to the top of the pipes iu the street*, which 1 presume is not llie case. As this is a matter of great moment to the citizens, you will do well to notice it. The Croton water, without filtering, will never be as pure as the Schuylkill water at Philadelphia, as in that city hardly any impurity is pumped up to the reservoir, fish of all kinds being scared away by the motion and noise of' the water wheels. But with filtering through sand it can be made almost 1 l'M,v "am, "fl ii i" CAurmny BUIl. To destroy the animal matter in the water, there should be a gallon or two of pounded charcoal put in the ttand filter- Water for lumtly use can be Hi- 1 tered during the night. ' Respectfully, . James Arlington ?? \ Marine Court, < Before Judge Hammond. Seit. 14.?Charles Del Vecrhio, Jr. vs. David Frit, ( IVillanl Frit, in u! Henri/ John ton.?This was an ' action of trover brought against the defendants for levying upon proj>erty alleged !o belong to the plaintills. It apjx'ared that the d'-fendants (the Kelts) , had previously obtained a judgment against Charles , Del vpcchi}, Sen'r., and indemnified Johnson, the | oflicer, in levying upon the property, for taking , which the present suit was brought, and which the plaintiff claimed by virtue of a bill of sale. It ap- ' peared that Johnson went to the store of the plaintiff, in which these goods were placed, and which had previously been occupied ny llel Vecchio Son, and told the plaintiff he had an execution against them; that he was going to levy upon some goods in filestore belonging to a third party, when the plaintiff stepped up and showing him some looking glasses, told him. if he wished to levy, that property, (th?* glasses) belonged to him, but he did so j at his |ieril ; that Johnson answered he whs indemnified, and should levy, upon which lie took away the glasses. No evidence was given against the de- | fenoants(Felts.) After a charge from the Judge in , favor of defendants,-the piry retired, and in about an hour returned into court with a verdict for the ' plaintiff' against the defendant Johnson, for #42 damages. . Henry P. Harber, for plaintiff; Wm. M. Prich- J ard, for defendant. General Session*. Before the Recorder, Judge Lynch, and Aldermen t Balis and Bonnell. h Sei-t. 14.?Trial for publi thing an obtienc jHipcr.? ' John Vandewater, impleaded with Charles G ( Scott, (who pleaded guilty to the charge, through his counsel, C W. Terhune, Esq., who stated ne f would put in affidavits in mitigation,) was then put H u|<on his trial for publishing a filthy and obscene pa- ^ per, called " The Flash." c The District Attorney read an admission on the ' part of Vandewater, mnde bv his former counsel, ' Richard Voorhees, Esq.. that he was one of the d publishers of the "Flash." The District Attorney ? said' it was imnecensary to read the articles, they were headed, " Things so plain that the blind may ' see;" "Correspondence between Moll Quiff and ' Sally Wright;" and " Houses of ill-fame." I' Mr. Price contended that Voorhees was not the counsel of Vandewater, and had no right to make J* the admission, lie then admitted that the publira- ^ tion was obscene, and introduced the father of the J> accused to show tliut he had discontinued his coa neetion with the naner. as a plea in mitigation of punishment. , The jury found the prisoner Ruilrv, and'the C ourt said he would be Bentenced on Friday next. ai Another o/' the utimc J<iih\*y.?4itoT%n W. Wool- * dridge was then nut upon his trial for publishing a p' similar sheet, called " The Libertine." s< The publication of the |>a(?'r was then admitted * by the *cens"d, through hin counsel, J. \I. Smith, a M a 'J he District ArroRNKY said the only point for the e itiry to determine, was, whether tin's was an ob- [' scene paper or not, nnd proposed handing the paper it to the jury. h Mr. Smith objected to this course, hind contended a that the District Attorney was bound to prove by o witnesscson theatand that it was an obscene paper 'I The District Attorney said that it he wr-rc to ' ask a witness on the stand, if it was an obscene pa- '' per, lie could very properly refuse to answer Those 'V who bourht the i>aper and gloated over its cont#nts, "< would be very likely not to consider it obscene, ''' while th" Jecent inan would lay ir down after read- ";l ins; the first two lines, lie declined reading die "" pa|>er, as he thought it too obscene and until to lie K" read in court; besid-s, it would become part of the > record, and the re|>orters of other papers, it thev saw fit, could re-publish the articles lie mifht re-an. The title of the pa|>er itself, "The Libertine, sumciently indicated it* character. The content* were entitled, "Memoirs of Celebrated Femalea-Julia "? L D Prlra I'to Ccnta king, of Boston;" " Htstoiy of Elizabeth Kollins,' both being substantial histories of the seduction of those females; " Matilda Rollins, alms Matilda I .luiels, nliut I hitch Till;" "Emma Cooley:" "Catharine Alley, hIius Kate Hall " Count Alfred IVOr*ay,a Child of Nature improved by Chance:" "t?apho " Seduction and abandonment"'J he Confirmed Wanton.or the Wanton's I>athbed;" "Wife ri. Mistress "Caroline Amelia Augusta, Queen <>t England"New HooW;" "The Magic Column "?which appears to be a vehicle for assignations ; " letter of Adeline Mortimer to her Lover." The |>.t|wr id dated July 1, IH-ll Mr. Smith replied at great length, and contended iliat the |>a|? r should be read to the jury, and witlies-es should be examined to prove its obscenity. It might be the opinion of the majority of the public that these very articles, the of which had been read by the District Attorney, were calculated to subserve the cause of virtue, by pointing out the effect* of vice. If a book or publication was to be lildged by lis title, or the selection of isolated passages, there is scarcely a publisher but would be liable to prosecution for obscene nublications. and many of the works of Moore and Hyron could not be detended with as much propriety us the articles named by the District Attorney. The counsel closed a very able speech by calling on the Court to require the District Attorney to do niB duty, and read the articles charged as obscene, and sustaining his charge by testimony. The District Attorney replied, and contended that matter that wasnst necessary to he set forth in the indictment, was not necessary to he read in Court. The only thing necessary was for the jury lo judge of the obscenity of the paper from its face, lie was not compelled to read more lhan was on the face of the indictment. Me said, ralher than be -ompelled to read every filthy, lewd, and obscene matter that might he brought before the court, lirough these and other publications, he would reiinn his office. He did not mean to apply these renurks to this paper, or thiow out a threat that he did lot intend to do his duty. Mr. Smith rejoined in some truly happy remarks, n which lie defended the grounds he nad before aken, and was quite sarcastic and severe on some >f the remarks of the District Attorney, and said he wished to skulk from doing the dirty work, for which lie got paid, and throw it ui>on the jury, who were compelled to attend here gratuitously. The Court decided that the District Attorney was bound to read such parts of the paper as lie relied on lor the prosecution. The District Attorney read from the paper the articles headed "Matilda Rollins, alias Daniels, alias Dutch Till." and "Catharine Alley, alias Kate Horn," and rested his case. The defence culled no witnesses, and Mr Smith made an able and judicious defence of his client, in a s|>eeeh abounding with eloquence, in the course >1 nmuil nr irau social rtllll-'ICH nuu r AlIltClH irOIU he iia(?er. The District Attorney closed the argument in a wwerlu! speech, in wnich he forcibly depicted the consequences that must ensue it these licentious mjiere Wdre countenanced and allowed to exist. the Recorder briefly charged the jury, and adverted to theblessingsof a properly conducted press, uid of the evils of an abandoned and profligate press. The jury after an absence of five minutes,returned a verdict of guilty. The Court then adjourned till Thursday morning ll o'clock. Maink Election.?The following are all the returns we have from ihe election in Maine. The vote if* a very lean one, and the average majority ibout the same as last year. The democrats have unquestionably carried the day. I84l. 1813. Fairfitld. Kent. Fairfield. Hohmmn. Portland, lo.'U 1078 969 998 "ap? Elizabeth, .>? I 48 297 28 i'almouth, 176 19(1 Ili J 131 kVestl.mok, l!?li 244 426 131 Cumberland, 139 126 120 ha 8103 16HS IWM 1373 One Democratic Representative gained in Falmouth. From Tc (mT "Trf.movt Hons it, Gai.vf.ston, ) Aug I7.1H42. J Dkak ?I ortived here yesterday on the r^an Bernard, one of the Texas war schooners, and found that a search after the Texas army would be as difficult as Stephen*' fill 11." , ...I- BU.CII.HICUI Ul Central Amenta. 1 found on the island a lew of the " dissectn members" of' an nrmy once destined for the conquest of Mexico, but now in pursuit of something to sustain nature. To sum up matters in one word, the bill authorising the President to call out volunteers, and take command in person, has been vetoed, and the army has been disbanded. Daily straggling parties of the volunteers arc coming in, without clothes or money, and without a prosed of getting to their homes. The blame of this ' hnmhug expedition'' is to be placed somewhere; he citizens place it on the President: but one thing scertain, it isthe death blow to the Texan cause in he United States. More than a regiment of young men from the Jnited States, urged on by a noble and generous latriotisin, have left their homes to embark in a ause dear to every freeman. Many of them left heir all to engage in it. and how have their sacriiccs been rewarded! Why, they have been basely lecetved, and turned out amidst strangers, with icarcely a prospect of getting home. My company, among the others, are coming in by mrtiesof three or four; but when they get here they will meet with friends that they gained by their genlemanly deportment, while stationed on the island. I have some provisions here, which will place hem in a much better condition than any other company in Texas. It is thought that the navy wijl ilso !? piostrated; at any rate, if it is kept afloat, it will only be to acton the defensive. The volunteers who have arrived, state that Corpus Christi is now in the possession of the Mexicans, which is corroborated by Colonel Aubrey, who is now in this place. I should not beat all surprised if the indecision of the Texians brings an army into their country, which will force them into a war. At any rate, the thing is evident that the Mexicans are on th# frontier. Yourfriend, ThomasN Wood." Florida.?The war is so far ended that at the ast accounts front Apalaehicola, the citizens were lolding a meeting, caused by an alarm that 70 Inlinn* wpr<? within ???VMn KT ? .v.. ...iivo vi me i'i'itc. iimr I'allahasse they had plundered Home houses. Billy How-legs has come in at Tampa, seeking ernn for the Southern Indians. Tiger-tail ana Jctehatchie are said to he in. The Augustine Herald, of the 22d ultimo, sayi hat the present plan of the commander is, to coax he Indians to the South, by the establishment of a rading store, and try the effect of words, before igain resorting to stones. We wish every success or the experiment; but have not yet forgotten ?urloosahatchie. The editor remarks further, that Sam Jones says le would as soon be killed there as go to Arkansas, is he would there have to expiate for three murders. ?Ve have all along been of opinion that one great ause of the obstinate resistance to emigrate, waa hat many of the renegndes from Alabama aad Jeorgia, nad committed such offences against Inlan law. as to render them more ntraid of their wn brethren in the we?i than of our forees. At St. Augustine, on the 23d, two companies of ie J?th regiment, with several ortioers, ana two Inians, arrived in the steamer Cincinnati, from Fort lerce, Indian river. This post being broken up. there is no station of lute men on all the east coast of Florida, south of t. Augustine. Mariners had better, therefore, at lis stormy season, give the land a wide berth, as sing wrecked might prove unpleasant. shanfitvw. Imposition.?a number of stone cutr?, chiefly Irish, and many wiih theirfatnilies, have rrived ln-re the past week from New York, i"i tlieir ray to Lafayette, to work on the canal below that lace. They state that they were engaged by a per>n calling himself G. M. Nash, No. Peck slip, 'ho advertised in some of the New York |W|>er?, nd by hills pouted up through the city_, that he was uthorised by Messrs. Vloorehead < o., of />at?ytte, to them to come out here to work on ie stone locks on his division of the canal. ^ ash, api?*ar.?, maile each one pay him 9" *', lor which e furnished them with a ..assage ?s far as Toledo. nd gave them a card with.hisnwne, and the address f Moorehead \ Co., which he said would se. ,,re lem a passage on the W.abash and brie canal to layette, where the latter gentlemen would pay leir fare' ?nil give them employment. Messrs loo re head <V Co deny all knowledge of the transitions of >ash, and have no work for stone cu'tera, 'r li- ks on their 10b being of wood. The unlortui\r men are miicn to be pitied, as they have been riuced to come here by false representations and muses of high wages, and bring on their families, d now find themselves without money, and with hooes of employ. [f Nash was not guilty, but was really employed individuals in this State, it is a duty ne owes to s community ioexpose them.?/brf IVrtyne Srnti~ , Aug 27th. A

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